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Armchair Expert Live from San Antonio at the Majestic Theatre. February 23rd, 2019.

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in three of them an hour in Texas. We can we love it down here and we are always so self letter that you guys come up to see us and here in Texas, as as you may may not know, we were flirting with the idea of buying contraption some very exciting. So this is a double whammy closure looking creature man, I got two guys- is our first time were drains. we might blow up. Using this thing, I feel that No, I want to go to the rat. I want to go to the ride here. We go
already going over the you did it. Antonio aren't cherries get the do more hours of distributed these five shirt the whole show business. Is everything ok, terrible idea? I dont think the majestic is feeling good about this. We have a very old friend of mine, I believe my oldest friend from show business. Yes, not errand, weakly and Everyone does runner Weekly might say what this son of a bitch flew from one Angelo today to come here with you
his hands and knees tale that he's funny. You probably know ambassadors legs Luther on small veil MIKE right. Man. I have here that's right what you're gonna do just so you know it's real online no hold on hold on hold on no one. No one said it was a real, the irish real take. My share of we were out of the way my I'll show you right now in my ears. Really you want to see my bank account do use for hens on that. Now that my great rate great, would you say my dear? I can hear him Superman before him
an array of erecting dysfunction, medicate, which I love yeah. Why? I think it's important, I think, now a lot of times when you're young start when I was young. I remember one. Masturbating look was frowned upon water yeah, why everybody said, oh, my god, that guy probably masturbates every one of my friends walks around on. Did you jerk off last night? I might well yeah yeah, but I dont believe that sea generational thing as much as you just got older. You know I'm saying, which was my point, that the erected things I think it happens to every man. I've lost borders when I least expected. Right out the gates, this conversation, I'm sorry, I'm just gonna standard which I believe in and the teacher can and we should in every started with bullets and excessive. Why that guy, staged by the way was like how please no lawsuit plus no lasting gentlemen. Third
RO. I owe you at least twenty bucks or something you get there. Did you get him in the eye, sir? What do we get your? I kindly did he talked to hit the woman in the head behind her and you let the gal behind you. Take it good. I gotta look out for number one. No one else is going to do a warrior. Michael mom. If have you spend any time in Texas in Texas mission I went to an adult summer camp. You did. I did about two years: We are likewise this guy's forty six years old on a summer camp. I just never went to as a child. I have a thing called arrest, the development, and it was the time. So I wasn't it was in taxes. We aims in Texas what what what part of it San Antonio,
I guess you're just outside. I don't believe it s. What are you doing? You know, I don't remember the exact name of the town I was in working on other folks. Were the adult kingdom some apples summer. I was the oldest person there. Ok, how much older than not their Melick fifteen years and one can activities happen at the care we had what's called color wars color color there's no color wars, yet different colors in throughout the weekend. At the end, you have this big activity this all these races like the archer and then someone tag someone they go down the slip and sliding play flip cup awhile and there's drinking involved. There is some drinking involved here and are you encouraged to hook up with other campers cause you're adults you hooked up in you just went back you're like well. This is my I've gone four times.
I know it's sad it sad, but it's actually really fonts. I've been a different states. They had won in LOS Angeles and in tone you. So I I wouldn't you remember. I there, the other two states. What's the other two states, you remember those yeah now swill, that's a great state tat can help me out here I'll find out. We are aware of the fact tat. I was also you said: color wars and races. You gotta be nervous. It got me so nervous, yeah, yeah yeah. There's this guy right here last night We are your unity. Is a concussion from that fucking give him a break. Just no one let em fall asleep, that's the most important thing by the way you if you had a concussion, because I had a pretty severe one and of course they tell you not to fall asleep and you you're. U get no
like for how long you know. Why are you allow the sleep? Yes do. You know my I'm concussion. Sorry you're concussions door. Yeah I'd like to hear I don't know, but I know other stories like when you download Xanax, when we were out towards one is rosy moms, one of the few friends. I still have that I did drugs we're so he to make amends to him for role. You invited me over one evening we were powdering our nose. well gentlemen, yes, and by the way, ok, you love sameness. You never do draw you. Don't I dont like drugs anymore. There was a time my life, where powdered minnow I took it, took some pills right. I might add some proclivities
why's. He should be pointing at me now one of his proclivity all. She taught me about words. There really have to monitor inevitable ass without words, but Tom you're concussion store. Ok, so I have been in a motorcycle accident in I in ripped attendance in my classical in so I couldn't use my right arm, but my buddies invited me wake boarding and I said why can't because my arm this and you can totally do one handed no problem, so I went and in I crashed was wake boarding. One handed and in I was with my body, even so we're on his bow and in I just met his buddy that day that you know this is Gary whatever so I'm wake morning I crashing come in the bow he's like I was pretty backer, so you feel you. I didn't feel like a punch in the face right, so I ve been I'm fine, so knobs and he starts wake Board and Gary is Buddy sort, striving in like
twelve minutes later, I'm like what lake in my life I live in LOS Angeles, there's no lakes. What is going on and I'm with a strange middle aged guy, and I go who are you anyway who the fuck are you and he got scared, and so it slows the boat down. Luckily being comes up paddles and I'm like who is this guy? How my Michigan button so he's? There's really! This is really bad, so he takes me back to his house where my mother is, thank goodness, and she takes me to the hospital, but on the way to the hospital? This is the last good cry. I have like a for real sobbing can't catch her breath cry, I'm in the back, see in my girlfriend freeze up front my mom's driving and go. I hate why my Michigan and went on that's all you're here for my birthday and I go oh. Why can't I
remember that she does all you're awake board accident and I think you have a concussion and I go okay, so like that episode of Aliens Island where you get hit and how the cocoanut I just need to get hidden hair with a coconut again, she doesn't like neither of them do and I go. I'm thinking that's kind of funny, specially for a guy he's got clear get a brain injury now since in humor about it, but not even of busy chuckle and I go- and I said that before in my mom goes about twenty times: honey and all of a sudden I realize, like all this is for real. I broke my brain and I go on this or whether they care about me the most always growing. Why am I a Michigan? That's terrified is terrifying. We got a cat skins
thing and then eventually the brain on swelled and it was been like a fourteen. Our ordeal aunt would look. Did you fuckers just share hi Jack, your interview, you'll talk, waiting, wear away, this show were store of it. I got about the concussion guy, I'm enjoying it immensely, there's one of the really fun part about that story. So when we checked into the hospital we checked into the hospital, the the the woman, the administrators said: where do you work and in my mind, I'm unemployed, because my my my memory base, it was gone for about three years in my mom goes. He works at tv and I go work at MTV egos yeah, have a show called Pont and I turned to bring legal Sean MTV coal plants. Can I go way what
but you see allay and remembers you graduated. You waited using and I got one of my own leans. If you're in the Sunday Cuban I get the three best pieces of news, I had had him in twelve seconds and I was just like corner relived. I was up in someone else's life. That's bad! Never heard of concussion spun like that. We're match what don't got. I want that's right. I want to enjoy things again. Will you fucking load up that can and buddy it's getting chasin I've had incursion hockey. I got knocked out Guy cross to me from behind. I woke up. The guys like these, where this and all these, whether someone with whom we remember that but my Well let me sleep, like you said that now that was that they want, because both had five major back certain areas. I wanted to get those directed to a lot of opiates, but generally not anymore, but
you ve had many. Many too many. I would argue back surgery, sure yeah in one of these back surgery. They put a considerable amount of hardware back their bullets, not some kind of scaffolding Right Julia and then you are like, like a month later right you're, like those ceilings, knowing what is right and I went to the door during a goes. I still happy looks at my am arising us no Michael. We did another mri here and you look absolutely normal. They, the fusion, is really fused, everything's perfect and I let a month go by pure agony and then I went back to same doctor, but he was on vacation, so his the other doktor look at them the MRI. Because more, let me look again: oh yeah. Here it is the device broke slowly like agreement states, the other
after Miss that I had broken device inside of me. All this group was now the rope and screw I'm a man like Robocop the Atom ass, a messenger. Yet in the now you just aegis head next surgery the other day he's they went through my neck and they they Toby. There's a slight chance. I go impotent. Put that among other things, but they go through my can. I put an artificial disc in there and he's like yeah going to be swimming in there and working out and playing hockey in a month, and it's now three months- and you know I feel like I have electricity running down. My ride can actually feel it, but I think they are I'll. Try something someone behind you and the airplane today, and then that was a rap you, like I'm done, turn my head all the alien, your private jet. No don't now, as it is private jet. That's not true! You, mother fucker. It wasn't really wasn't your praise now. My private jet business partners of you are very generous times, but why
this is the hardest thing Dax has ever had to say out loud in front of us. We ask you, as one would be so bad advice that we were on your joy. I know you're a very modest person, but if I said to the guy with the concussion hey pal? Remember your private jet! Do it. When you build hell, yeah model you get upset by that makes me income, which is why this class war, fair things, I grew up broke I go and then the bridge folks in town, I fell we're looking down at me gross family, who hung out with you when you are broke, my brow, my the Rosenbaum, that's right. Where my guide came friends we're Michael. I became free we re? We ran into each other at a like some kind of event and you're. The first famous person that new who I was I'll, never forget it. It was really really exciting because you had the shaved head, there was no mistaking it goddamn Lex Luther.
at this party and then you came over and you launch right into that. You'd caught the programme in you joint hilarious man, you're improv skills are just off the charts, I'm really impressed by it. I love to take you out, wasn't exactly like that and by God we hung now we starting out. I don't know what else give into because back in your day in yours, dad and a great husband in all these well, you ve got your shredding weighing owner a proper way. In order to achieve, I want to see her again and what you, but you got your shit together, when I saw you was like you were, you were dangerous you're, either kind of guy that if somebody said something you wear, somebody cut me off. I'd go due to go, want to pull over no no, but dad like hell, yeah pull over and I was like. Oh my god, you you are justly are tough guy and I went to your apartment and it was nevermind room apartment. I never wanted to go back again
but here's. Why? Because he told me this story well The dark story. I live in an apartment building. We have an alley behind it and it in the apartment. Next door had a game called the Santa Monica Trece gang in Santa Monica, and I saw them for years in the alley. I kind of knew some of their names and I was always nice to them. Then one Sunday night I was drinking by myself. Bri was in Michigan working and I had to run to you, know thirty beers or something by myself and I needed a pack of smokes. So I walked up to the Chevron gas Station and I'm walking away. I bought a pack of cigarettes and I You got some money and I got. I don't have any money any goes. When you give me them fucking cigarettes and I'll leave, the words are used up. Can I say what I think you said? Ok, you just said he was. I cannot mean that we keep pushing you go look. Do you met him at the wrong white boy,
I'm just where I would have been like stay. Consider myself, take it all you are. They call this hard humanism with the wrong guy. You now pretty much yeah and then a very bad fighting soon and then it ended. You know in the in the street, in Santa Monica Boulevard is three in the morning he went to go, pull a gun. I ended up on top of em. I was desperately hoping I could knock this guy out in the middle of all this. I started realizing I'm. While this is What killing someone's like? I'm it's just us too, and I want them to be unconsciously, doesn't get his gun.
in. I stop myself. Luckily, and then I got up and I walked away. There is one other interaction borrowings when I went to my apartment. I thought I was really ahead of him and I turned and looked back right as those going up my stairwell in he was looking at me and I went up my stairwell when, in the apartment called Bree immediately, if she knew she was up in Detroit knows, I only got one, those gangbanger strode among me really bloody in Burma and, as I'm saying this fucking cinder block comes through the window of my apartment, and I hear all the footsteps from the guys all running towards the apartment. I hang up on her a deadlock, the door. I have a shot gun, I'm on what name when one there's? No one wants all. They hear me going over gone over peculiarly there. I will kill you. I will give you the figures. They think, like. Maybe a murderer called to tell him themselves, killing people I m feeling all of evil, and this is why I never wanted to go back to his apartment folks.
the UN's Emma. So they are making the door I'm screaming. I have a shot gun the cops and, thank goodness, arrived very quickly. They broke the whole thing up, they took photographs, you saw the photographs in then you said: let's that's my house, it was let's go to my mansion. Mansion is pretty much. The eyes knows was over here and Dax. Just stood up like this. With his hand my hand was broken, data broken handsome, that's all right, just so lucky to have him have him alive. I regret that story. Gotta lying. I know now. I know now but anyways. So, Mr Michael at a very nice homey was gained. We employed like when you talk about my my out of money or supporting more thousands where free paralyzing, knowing where eight hundred it's not like it looks big it's a nice house guys and so yet what one
we went out in that we were. We, you didn't really realise yet that I had a problem. So we were party and we are proud of our nose and then you decided to go to sleep, but three in the morning. I think I know it's a normal time for a human being properly called, and I I say that I'm gonna go to bed and I went to bed and you say you do the same. I woke up and I had an empty bottle of xanax and you were gone and you said the next decade: ology would have actually what happened. Leave early, that you know I party to about for the afternoon. I ended up. You ended up somewhere. I think this is why you quit you needed a year. You have two thousand, I go to sleep, you, don't you keep that's right. That's the big big difference now before you are rich and had that mansion here from a small town, and in the Euro Hoosier at heart I'm a Hoosier users was last year drugs. She said:
spare me that got married yea. Did you know that there's no legal drugs. Those drugs preserved thought. I was drugs, but you're from us, small town, Indiana grew up in a small town. Burgundy Anna was like two thousand people. We were. I think, Evans vote, which is about eight minutes away, was ranked number and obesity and I think it was the most depressed city like five years ago, but I love going back. I love it. they manufacture the largest coffins. Hence the obesity but I really love coming back and it's really like it's. It's normal see it's for me. It's going back and playing with a ball and paying with the guys and L egg. I get caught up. Sometimes a mortgage much for me and it is an escape. I go back to my roots. You now, as you ass. I have to imagine your there's. Two thousand people- there is probably fifteen hundred other jewish folks
in Vienna, on down the street? Jennifer Burgundy had an ally. Yes, he was down there. Now was it. What does that mean? She was down there or worse. Now. Was that of being growing up? What being jewish fog in Indiana people there. You know: why are they even now, either We think it was the reason to make the baseball team, because I was a Jew. I think it was, but I'm not gonna say it out loud. They want to but I wasn't really religious, but I remember this one guy he's my friend came up to me. Blasting was paid pastelike. guess Rosenbaum, as I gazed at some about like don't don't you man or something. I go homage you because you're not at you and I go now- I'm a Jew. I guess
not a Jew. He started getting upset with Rosenbaum USA you're, not you're, not a Jew. Stop Rosemont, stop this is the most uncomfortable game. Do it was weird, but most people were cool, they don't like you know. Maybe they talked about me by my back and that that are even think it occurred to me until I was much older than, There were some give away names, we'll get you in high school vigorously that there were Jews. There were Jews everywhere everywhere there are everywhere now. I dont think I realise that there were some names that were a giveaway like a nice guy. What may be known that rose and bomb was
Clue year. Will my dad always says we are mad at me once I release this is truth? Has put your name rosenbaum? Your name is Rosenbaum yeah data. You have a concussion any goes. Your name is Rosen Bow. You are Michael rose and aims. So angry with me. What browser you can you imagine asked me my name? What's your name, but Michael Rosenbaum, it's so long of Zimbabwe, for example, yeah, but it gets so MAX. You didn't have anything he felt like you're. Turning your back on your identity, like hiding the Judea you're ashamed of being a chosen browser, you just that I was yet a mom and dad what what Adrian when they got divorced me. Another murder twenties, here's! My mom was in her second marriage that my dad was your second marriage, but I think I was I just moved out Caliph for now I got my first job on a tom or
show, which was ranked a hundred and thirty three out of a hundred and thirty three shows or shown, I think, in the history of health, but it gets worse than the man. He had a role Royce and I had a Volkswagen bus and every man may go Indiana how I and we would do the whole Johnny Carson and of so called this morning. A random, please worm in my, The way is there s a guy as Robin putting their warm and my group, and I was so album by the impersonation. I didn't hear the word. I write joke even within that personnel really do that impression. It's good thanks them here, stand and you're going to find out that Rosenbaum can do almost anybody that you actually have the real true. I do some impressions, but I'm not. Let's get right into one cell. I mean we could take the long walk there, but let's just say that you're you're friends with which was robbed Schneider really here, you're acquaintances with Y know who he is he's robs
Snyder yeah did a movie was Sylvester Stallone com judge dread. That's right now in the movie Rob told the story to me, and science tells us thirty years ago, once the long comes optimum, goes you up a great idea. at the end of November, Lucky you may say who Emma look at me. You don't say you are perhaps like like those liberalism. So who are you look a meagre, you are the girl. So rob immediately goes to the drag. Goes: hey dude slice common amity. Once you have to say, this shitty line like war. The law like what the fuck is, that Rob Rob Rob today's day. One
not filming Matt, for, like me, sly, will absolutely don't worry about it. It's over three months later down the road is gonNa Benda, because why see, learn rob I don't see a lie, rob alone and the loss of life, slide. I don't know, but I must say to you is governed by the way we talked about. but when you meet here heroes and there really cool you'd midst met alone, it was I was star struck and he was just and one last month's said because he couldn't get out and guardians Galaxy to, and he now I was there
the guy that James Guns, one of my best friends and I said to finally do a big movie with many any procedural over my face and I went to the movies solely to see Rosenbaum and I knew he was in a scene with lies online. Ok, there's theirs alone, there's rocky rose, mom's got where I'm, the guy, the last guy made out a glass in diamonds lines. I mean you are you're a extra say: you're you're, a doctor, Seuss Character, it you're, one of the Euro area is a strong and watching and work you watching your hero, work and ease up then he's trying to get these lines and he's got a lotta lines. He's like limited, rather than just don't do what the line is. No, I it's ravage you're the directory says sure no ravage. No end ravages risen ravaged
around the bogeyman removed this anyway. Ok, we'll do it over imposed production, Thou Lula. Who wrote this I did. Look I'll say lie, but I'm not going to get any just kept pocket it out, but I remember one thing: I was with him and he was just sit there. The only seem rather like a wine or two, and I'm focusing I gotta just spoken. Deliver I get to deliver the slide slice. Looking up at the ceiling goes. You know, you think one leg you nowhere in the future in space like they would have found a cure for rust. Why were you suffer flocked to pick out? One lie arose about this, but also
You know when you do something e g. I like that they put doubts all over your face, so they can track how you're fast moving. So when I first saw you you introduce yourself to him, you ve got dots all over your face it. Those who use both to be people love starting this guy does sellers roots they gonna do something looks too see GM. I feel good should cd. I said it was a joke rob because that line was in the trailer. I saw that movie based on that line. You're the one you yeah
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What now just continue to talk the whole time, but yeah fur, two, a pretty in real life right guys, no. This so I heard me some broccoli. I heard why then proclivities one thing I like about your impressions, you dont stare directly in people's eyes and do them until they have look away. Remarks about comfortable amazed believes we lose my borders, sometimes alike, yeah my life, trying to avoid. Yes, I do
I now I can't just change our Monica. Did the bureau of every story and also when do you? When did you learn? You are good at impressions and how did you learn? You were like outsail I'd say this the honest got your though not getting. I want sympathy here looking for it well, we'll see my pain. Hence I never had a date as a kid. When I was in high school go into a sentence which never went to a prom, never amateurs which centres, which is when the girl ass, the guy Sandy Hawkins, which is a jewish thing. You should be using that term now cause areas. Eighty Hawkins dance yeah That was why I guess it's called the sailors, nobody. So as a kid, so I just used to sit my room, parliament parents vcr bring it up to my room and like dub movies. And watch them and learn impressions and I'd watch. Sarah,
I will. They went on a day right, baby sit at my brother and they come home and go hey. What happened on personnel and I was like HANS browser like I'm HANS. This is draws together with you to pop you. I wouldn't do every character and the church, lady and there's a church chair, and I would do like you absolutely MAO's. My daddy always told me that Fernando don't beer smoke, it's not how you feel it's how you eat mile. I would always care about my back mash, but I didn't have a lie, and so what I did was my job for us. I just now that's true, but I just like that was my life. Just memorizing, like the trailer jaws, no creature has survived millions of years of evolution without change without view without logic. It is as though God created the devil. Give him jaws
good Jerry Removal, transfers. Are you running over. So back in Indiana, three days after the Santa switch, what can be using me, though, is you're very outgoing, and we were both young for awhile inner and our twenty zero. Reason we're in Hollywood, and we were single issue and no girls, like you quite a bit river, my van, Why you said something that stuck with me, and I always give you credit you go. You know. You like a sixth and looks at a time and personality. You're salad, eight
we're talking about yourselves. I was I give you. Actually I give you a seven in law and a nine percent and nine point eight. Whatever where's galleys were you're above me, I gave you like any or that's kind of you, but you said something like you said. I was always like I'm talking on the phone you girls like me in, I could get nailed and would shop in when I was when I was young. I was I was doing we're things like this and impressions and people didn't think it was twenty that your weird regulation until I did a play, an isolated Greece which everybody does. But I played a funny part- and I remember the popular cables as overlanders you're pretty funny, and that was the moment I realised as long as I'm someone else will be accepted. Europe has a good lesson to learn. It's really good.
How does it ourselves since that day? Nor should you so lazy? Did you play in high school and then you go onto which I learned today, which is so funny when I have like old friends on here, I learned stuff, but also the woody of seventy nine brothers and sisters that you're one of standards, but what are they are? My mom had two kids when she was sixteen and seventeen and that didn't go well and then she met my dad. Who is eighteen in the happy, and then she was twenty three at that point, with a five in a seven year over six year old married him, we really must be highs how it was illegally as european high. Actually seventy and she still thinks she's heart like you're. Seventy, you could be hot seventy, but I'm just like. No she's flirting with younger guys bear it for now, as you hang on heeded in MRS Rose and by no no way way way way I don't want you to turn army and think I have age ism. Let me just say this
as a child, my mother's, very flirtatious in front of other men and it drove my brother and I up a wall. Sure we went to my grandma wasn't one day as a seven year old and a thirteen year old are like moms flirting, we think she's having an affair with someone else or men probably went to my mother and she said Julia Gonna knock it off. You're not get out of the forty eight affects people. I think that has something to do with me. It's psychologically, probably me a little better than she told me that she's gonna leave and some other mother was gonna come when I was bad you put oatmeal my hair and mustard, maybe go to school. Let's see was now as I make held. I neer Blowin year blown by a lot of things, so I think I'd like to start. First with the old me on the mustard and the hare, did you have chicken box? No, I'm an old Indiana way of dealing with chicken pilots. What did
whose did in Indiana we did they so look. I think back now and I dont want to be the kid that goes. No, I was, I was bad. I was this that's. Why deserve certain things, but there was things that people did differently in the EU. He's in a day we're just you know it's not like. I got this crap out of me all the time, but you know I got a smack you're in there and light was barely one morning. My mom is going crazy and she tried to take a volume but didn't get in your system fashion. I guess you just go and she dumped oatmeal, my hair, all you do is you gonna go to school and miss, Camacho in the library class, goes this truce and bomb? What's in your hair, like oatmeal.
and that was what happened in one time. It was mustard. She always lass about it. If anybody brings up just out my guide, it wasn't a big deal. My guess, you don't have to go to fuck, it still mustard. No, so when you see do you get like triggered from that trauma, when you see Brimley go like were girls good Hey soon moves American, do you pay and eleven Gimme diabetes. Oh Margaret knew all morning, Roger Roger early, monitor your diabetes. Says, dial prudent, not only will program, you better have diabetes. If you're gonna call at diabetic, it's gonna The end word for diseases, like only be
or diabetes, cancer, diabetes, imagined feel outweigh the director and you could be like wolves, but I gotta go. There is an enemy among us rules, while the normal bourgeois over. Please, your boardrooms learned Albert Arbutus cock. What does it Wilfred for good? I say some wrong. No everything you're doing is perfect, you're all you're. So on point it's like ours is a normal commercial war, commercial reaching on it. That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. Look: it's Wilfred, its diet, bees, commercial, no. The sums on new bidders I had a grandmother had diabetes, you're angry as work, loser and soon come out on time goes mind: doesn't it old albinism aegis? Can we
try this listen? This would probably use your word is so much more. Can we just try diabetes gorgon? That's thank you and action under attack. America. A scoundrel goes by the name of diabetes or cat cat. Nor did it do so. That is good. Is rosy sly about Europe's ok. You find your way, and I learned this today about you and it shocked me that you spent a good deal. I'm a bowling, Green Kentucky, yeah we're about why? Yes, you know that I was there. At the same time, when I worked for GM, I was always and bowing green cause. That's where the Corbett plant was there's, no doubt you and I saw each other that dairy queen. So it's a tiny little town. and you're doing the aid yeah I started. It is allocated safety. I dont say it correctly.
The eight or for one million dollars and on a trip home on a private plain? I could not say, though Do you want me to veto you say boil it onto the majestic theatre. It says that the AIDS yeah you sell. Your line is yours We are and bowling green groggy in your doing whatever it thing acting and I guess dozens of sidestep it. You're acting you're good right, discover that you're you're. You have like a talent, the current, more than its here now I love your accident. I'm making funny they but you know I listen. I've there's one thing I haven't lost, which is kind of, and I talk to you about this- is I always nervous about things I wake up with anxiety. I was
always like trying to fit in. I was always to end this theatre department or bunches snobs, even like theirs I'm going green. Even in the bowling green fear departmental western Kentucky University was good and when it was some guy weren't, a baseball cat with Immense Jersey he's not an actor. I remember doktor Wit Combs, who became my mentor, but he didn't like me at first and I remember basic techniques of acting and we went in there and it goes through any of you here for just an elective, because it's an easy just raise your hand. I won't be upset at about six people, the dumbest six people in the world. What what an obvious and I was about to cause. I was trying to be funny, but I go for some reason I didn't that would have in the end of it, because please leave the classroom find. Another elective niggers here funny character, because this
we made us watch Macbeth before were about to perform its. We had to watch Orson, Welles pep I'll. Never forget this. This guide, John Jordan, and probably to listen to this he's just like lad, making do making jokes and being a college kid I was lucky enough be sitting next to doktor Combs Wit Combs during the thing and I just saw him eyeing and his face: getting a red and more rapid and he's getting really upset and farming under his breath. He would never shadows. you John it's right around the whole universe, it at all the age, her department, everybody farmer, because what is this all I told this story about you said: fuck, you Janjaweed billions being an asshole thousands of defence, but you you graduate. You make your way to New York and once
in New York. You somehow get your foot in the door over at music, television, do I have the story right, yeah, I'm I'm doing voices, but I'm not looking anything. I have a voice over agent S going story, I'm sitting outside this woman and she she sinner smoking, a cigar them smoking cigarettes and you know we're having to talk and she's like you're really funny, unlike our thanks goes given agent ago by a voice. Over agency is warming agent upstairs for the same agency that I was with pride did know there was a department for that. I was just doing voice over. She brings me up. I do this monologue and I remember like an on camera commerce. They want to know if I could do stuff- and I remember this thing from college rose like if you like, yummy things like peach parfait come on, live a little, have a cup a year ban for dessert.
you ban coffee. I remember this holding in her lap and having them silly she's, I'm sending you out and then she sends me. The MTV for this pilot they were trying to do is sit com with Jackson, Brown, Sun and Leslie Bib Poker. The actress- and I was my I didn't do anything and I just dont trainer, I method, love and I went in with, like a truckers, sure, didn't shower the night before had long here, and here I had crazy but tee, but we're tee o you got, you went and got fake tee. Well, they were just No. My actual real teeth were ok. Ok, I'm sorry there! They are it up at the time so and I brought it about it. Ships and I was reading during thing and she and all of a sudden ago you got the part you're you're, getting five thousand dollars for this pilot. I was the one of the best moments. My life
for sure yeah and an even need to get a concussion do exist in that you know and they didn't and they didn't get picked up, but they go. You know what we like you so we're gonna do of Michael Rosenbaum Thing, and this was what they tried can ultimate, whose now the president of common central they go. We want to do is show with. You is called working staff you go out into the real world and take over someone's job. I was a cat in Braun, Broadway I was, I was an original cat like they didn't do anything you can never tell heart of that show urges aside. Gig you had was a cat cats convinced, Andrew Lloyd, Webber's team. To put me as an extra in the background cats, and I had a serious conversation with Amigo. If you fuck this up, stuck up our show these the Yater goers see some mediator and if you do that, they want to see caps acts
but he was serious, do not fuck with this, don't F with Angela whatsoever, and I was convinced so they fill me getting and make up. In my tides and Tommy, I had a four hour dance lesson with a choreographer and really learn how to do. The cat was- and I was Tom Tom Residential areas, cat and I was, and when they sing memory. You know that I know that different memory, has. No, that destroys answer perhaps bad. This is that's paths desire. all the same, he sang songs, you doing it. I was there I stood up and that theater and that's all there is a moment. We all rise, and I should you not deaths? I guess all my theatre, inexperience sure started in the theater
I like it had tears, but are you wearing like caused way costume, make up armies? Well that can have a wig, but I was yours, weeping where people like one of the Kansas crying well cancer from Parma, so amazed that was nominated for atoning, then what sobbing? Because it was a gate you got infected they caught me like. Oh, my god. This is what I this is. My grandma wanted me to do, and this is what like this is. Cool man, I'm on stage and even though it's a shity like MTV pilot, it's never going to get picked up. I didn't care, I was like man, I'm a It brought yeah I'm looking all these people, like everyone, including me fuck, did you did you approach them like so hey of the show we just take doesn't pan out. I like to be one that how do you know I used to sing Broadway? Also you would you lips thinking? Oh yeah, they say you, I said don't
so there is one they set. The mighty will pick you up. I will I will pay a million dollars disease and voted to view lips thinking as it Rhine care. I dont know. It didn't get picked up back then I was like a darn, but then I thought it. The digging. Tat, I would have been like a reality guy that's on about. They always want to be an actor so that what I took a different career, although some yourself who did parked began algerian that old over eight August Satan There's no one you for a long time. I'm not say because we're here your show, I'm scientists from my heart. It's like you, watch your performance in parenthood and some movies I might hit and run and just like you, like you, you're you're, a fucking actor. My friend Rob was in my band left on Laurel any music out now, but its common. It's good to about. He goes.
You tell Dax Museum he's killing me man, I'm just cry my eyes. I go Ladys if Lottchen parents, because the Aguilar I wants to do, but I wasn't crime like you, be. I didn't say that he cried. He cried. I had some guy once go motivate those girl goes. Oh my god, I heard rate is things about you? You are alike. They will end in which start go on she's, like your bob liar so grace. Just like. Oh my god, it's not you! No is it that you have this bit right. I think it's you that has a bit that people up to Rosenbaum Airport is that where I was I want to sit in the exit row now I want to Sydney, but we requested, oh, my god, you're you're. What would it see you in? What is it that
saw you and you seem saving preparation, we are not in. That a good bit you'll be. Done now. Have you now people sometimes look at me, and they said this. I don't find insulting. Is that he's very handsome and a modern? I dont see it, but they go Paul. Road Are you see there and I'm not going to you? You could see us among older versions later Tipp leaving. I look like since later he. I really am. I really appreciate that tax time here with unites an amazing audience robs the year for use by the way I want on anyone's what does together, but if anyone dozens of Michael's podcast,
inside of you, it's really bans Aztec an Robbie Wabi lobbies is wrong. Thank you. Do we are all here, because I did your bud gas and it was so well run and I thought Rosa Monkey and make coffee whose doing all this money. This is getting done. All rob, and I said it can I steal him nice yeah and then all of a sudden, you got a million visitors and I got to say these. Thank you for that answer it, but it's free on Itunes, but I love you think you're going, let's go well. The script is flipped because we are inside of you equal rights about you really. I don't owe you gotta get this deep. Your first movie- and I dont really will I want to bring it up because my night, in the garden of good and evil prior Sue, Rosenbaum participating in that movie, he had long been a fan
colonies were blennies. Words was very specific scene and in the line of duty, is the line of fire in the line of fire, and could you just walk through the scene that caught your attend in that year? While there is a scene where Clint Eastwood says what eyes on a phone call followed John Malkovich, this care her- and he says you have around through with my ass, her mother Fucker amalgamate says no, what you couldn't possibly now frank as that they set my friend my comrades in arms, to my home, to kill me. I never. I too, you frank, and I never will so is it like. I have Kobe Bryant here and occasionally
make up your sound body. Have you always that wine, whoever rendezvous with my asshole mother, fucker variety through with my ass old mother fucker? It always struck? He was a little aggressor. it was an aggressive. So is that the most orthodox thing in the world- but I said Well- Clint Eastwood directed midnight in whatever Clint Eastwood, comes on the first things as which blooming ways he cast from tape. So I audition for it. But I didn't know the name of the distant from all I heard was goin. Ok, cool, hear this I've, no one and I read, put or southern action on it, and then a week later they go. They would like to see you again for that part, but so I walked in and
I read it again and again that they might get will plant would like to see you. Do it a little more subtle and I go planned click click watching the tapes because Clint cast from tape. He doesn't audition people, he casts from tape. So I was like. Oh, When so I did the whole scene and I went on sat when I got it. Thank God that was a huge mole now, my god, and he goes did I mean dreams come fuck intruded? He goes like this Wanna say gave a sensational audition and if you do, what you did, the additional be very happy. and I was like. Oh my god kill me now quit my good. This is amazing. So the first day on said I go. I have to ask you this. In the line of fire have a line. You say you have a rendezvous with my ass mother, Fucker. And I just want to know was that improve
Is that all- and he looked at me took along Biogas- might have added a thing or two smiled I was, God is a cool. It's a very weird threats like oh yeah. It feels like I'm gonna, take the brunt of that right. You're gonna have a rendezvous wherever that means kicking Ponzi intentionally. Poking her with the most vile herbal thing on my body, my asshole and I've universe. Today there and that'll show you you're gonna. Kick my ass off touch my ass, all poker. My I saw that'll be the Andy only. He could have said that. Why am I set it in a movie villa whoa, whoa whoa? What yeah? I thought I was going to say: hey. Would you tell me
it is right? Now you have a rendezvous with my asshole mother, fucker, so aggressively gay rights. Take two: do you say to me? I'm right. I do what you're going to regret this I'll. Tell you why you're gonna fuck, my ass old and I One of these is one of the world's weren't. Even that would have let you know what man you were going to revisit my a whole tonight. A peer review is wrong. I met a better word rock and then what areas like the assholes we're gonna meet. Secondly, behind the cafes somewhere, this declare abiding does pay, Burma solve other thought. I remember it. What about it? Man? Will you have a rendezvous mother fucker? How do
dress were a rendezvous. What's the case, did a movie and one of my lines you gave me we thought that's as far as you can take a line movie this a huge on the issue with my asshole mother fucker. It's so aggressive, so then we said: what did you just added the words lips to that sentence? What happens and so the first movie I ever made. I gave Rosenbaum this line, go and hit him with its in brothers. Justice, if you want I current thinking behind the other Naxa you have run, they ruined my ass whole lips, but rather Cooper me. May all everybody agnor neuron Hansen were instead is a comeback solely of merit,
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is they'll, say, kicking good old school kicking adults was a movie. They just put it this way. Taxes at the permit, and he was sitting there own front me. Any text me didn't turn around. He talks to me. I looked at my phone, it's this movie so bad. I can't believe I'm not in it yeah, but you get small this model small. Yet in dumb you know, used or used are made living our. I had a lot of debt before that, and that was when I first started it like. You know my father. I know I'm not knocking them understand. This is the reality. Don't my father was one of the greatest good three goes because we golly it might, I would say shit like that he was tough bombing, but he was like whenever I do too, this independent movies like so it's not a real one. It's an independent with by preserving what would tell me when you do major motion picture as whose in business
independent mood. You know that was one of those things, but when I got small bill it was the first time I call them and I go. Life is going to change my life's gonna change buckle. Really because I didn't, they told me how you gonna do the show or we are for this and has like I don't know if I could be corny. Super magna geek. They could do really wrong. I don't know if this is what I want to do and they said Listen, we want it kept coming after me, come said, and other pilots which big no sense there or comedies what you want an audition for this intense character. And finally, they go look seven hundred guise of audition for this, so I said to them to my age and never have both like this. I go. Ask him with seven hundred other guys are doing wrong, because I want to know what they're doing wrong. And my agent ask them: well, you want a sense of danger. We want to sit little charisma,
we want some common timing and I had three ages a dialogue and I go danger hobby funny right there and I'm an idiot and that's what I did and I went in. I had more competence and I've ever had, which I wonder why. Why can I always have their competence and I went in and the casting director was like. Ok, Michael sit down we'll get the candidate. argument to stand up she's? She gave me that look like you'll never work again you practice list. I just feel like I'm going to stand up and really powerful. This characters powerful, she's Take me ten minutes to red light outside she didn't I stuck to my guns. I went in there and I killed it and I walked out and I went home at eight to go to. The studio would like to meet you for you to read again and now here comes the big all I've ever had ago. You sat down. I
did this, why did this? It was out of fear. It was out of fear, and most I don't recommend this Sweden happen again. I said I can't I can't do it again. I will I'll never be there good. I was so good in that scene, I'll, never give them what they want. I can, and I just out of fear and soon confidence. I said to my agent- tell Terry wine- the tape somebody Dick use less loot there, but I say it was out of fear. I go of course he reiterated it differently and ice got about a week. Congo began as well. I never women for the studio and that don't ever do that now I never did that again. I was very lucky in bad advice on Airbus advice. It was out of fear, but it worked and it doesn't always work and has been honest with you again and then you is,
I met you, I guess probably around year for us, Joe Media and you at the point we were. You is starting to lose your marbles a little bit really yeah you hated having the shaved had who hated living in Canada. Well now I was meeting you goin. What are we talking about like ITALY of this house and their pain, a bunch of money and you're upset and you were Russell urinating may sound like a real asshole. No now, ok! Now I know it's the truth. You're not lying and I will explain: yeah Because I was very grateful, I'm a guy that always it's my work always knows my lines always on time. Never late doesn't create a fuss, but I didn't realize that when they said you ve been a shave, your head, it meant every last fucking here and I didn't know that if we have a seven o clock in the morning calls
I would have to be there for thirty. In the morning, because here the shape it and then put like three different layers make, banh it like I'm telling you I was in there for two and a half three hours a day and then a fourteen hour day and after about four seasons that twenty two episodes a year ten at ten months, I'm appreciative and have no great, but I was like starting to lose my mind and when the show wasn't filming you wanted to go, do like a comedy. You had to wear a fucking wig, which was under preposterous, hey the movies to sorority boys. I want I did that and I had about. I had a wig terrible wig, which I doubt that a rare the thing ever worked, slain a woman right and then I didn't really got bringing down the house was. If you watch this union,
take a screen shot. Go you look awful areas, freakin terrible net, but I just want to deal a colleague and stubborn look when you're awesome. It's your very appreciative and you're, like oh, my god, I'm finally making a living and paying for my mom's house and my brothers and everybody my family uranium. I never knew and eventually you're like like a job you just like I gotta just its it where's you down. it started to where I think, even more accurately, you get used to everything in life. So, however, excited you earn appreciative at some point it just kind of like the excitement of it where's. A concussion guy, but he's probably gonna work every day. It's like somebody like fuck work right Thank you all. You have to work any more serious figures, settlement out of me, but that show made my career gave me a career, me at least some stability saga by House get out a debt, I'm forever indebted friends with the creator.
try to find something now, so it's been a very blessed, but I do want to give to one thing that I think is, I think, you're different now from when I met you in a good way of good. Thank you and I think that what we talk about on this show quite in is that comparison is the quickest way to Haiti, so I am feeling less and all these things and you Thank you at all suffered at that time from comparison, Gimme Gimme a little example. Well, you left the shell and do you think you left the show, because or a victim of that at all honest to God. Never I told a story before, but everybody knows I. I had a six year contract and I did the show for seven years so I always say my contract was six. I did seven and I returned
the serious finale of the show I didn't leave the show I gave the more than I actually had to ok we're in a fight right now, Chiaja, so that this is a true. If somebody said you had a six year deal, I said, but I can't do it anymore. Get me and I left after four that's different. I went to the very end always is. National loved it. No one knew I mean I never put my shoe down, set thousands I was ready to move on so they offered me a three year deal come back and the president of the network- and I don't mind saying this but a he sat with me and I had been on the show for many many years. Where you from, and we started talking about things and Ngos I just want to tell you this Julian markedly says what happened? her career after she lefty are. This was before then she's making bill and on the next show the eyes good wife, the Alex.
Can I go. I sort of gotta. Just again is one of those confidence single out. I just didn't give a shit. I just go. That's never happened to me. I believe in myself how many goes well, I'm just saying that you're giving you know, I'm giving you an opportunity. Go. You gave me one I'm so appreciative of it and by the way was very hard for me to leave, even though, like I was. I remain for that last day, and I wanted to make a chair me. A part is knows you more than your parents, more than your friends the make a party every seven years, ten months a year. They know you every. She could write a book about me, but she shaved my head the last time then she took out. You know she took off all my makeup put a hot towel on me. We went outside the trailer and I looked at an alley: Costco who's. What what am I in the world go I can get to. It was the most re, if I could make a moment like that in a movie like act that good, but you didn't ask her for this. One word: work? They show that club, but an Oscar, and I wouldn't want that- was right,
wrong desire. It wasn't random I just looked at her and I go when I try to sue. I guess this is it didn't even come, I felt like I was saying I had been roofing gas or some other way. God why my lost it. She was bawling Jimmy! other and then the net show I got I called robot go. Please say your available, you haven't, we might make apart. Assure my mom, please please! Please may I'll pay you my money, what I'm getting please these do this and she did, and I got a lot of the crew from smaller, come over and show once I get the ass ever got everybody I lost him, but did did you have fear you didn't have any fear of like man, I'm giving up the source of income
No, I didn't I mean, of course you have fear, but you know it was weird things like. I was ready for the next chapter. As I you know, I I I I've done this since I worked at Mcdonald's back and Newberg Indiana. Every time I have a check, unlike ok, you could live one hour of this paycheck and then the next job. Ok, you live a week without working and then you can live three weeks without working. I think we ever as everyone done that. How long can I live on? What I have in the bank so then by smothers? Ok, you can now do this job. Now we can move on. You can make it two common, even try to go direct, a movie things. You want to still relative Leon you like in amid so eight thirty he's late thirties and, unlike now's the time just good chance you could live for alma. Maybe like at least couple years you have a couple is that you will just good and then transacts is doing well. So it doesn't just
I've got a private jet just so I said fuck it. Let's do mammogram always that our money, let's do it, and I what kind of naive and whatever, but I never really looked back. They never. Once that. I made a mistake. It's really admirable because I would be afraid to make that decision, but I'm probably more obsessed and fearful about money than you are. It seems, but what's greatest since then You did stand up for a year. You directed a movie, you have this podcast, you had a totally different show that was Superfund impasse. you you have its woods great. Is it's not like you quit that and then you are like I'm gonna. Do all this stuff and the need to do any of that stuff. You are, you did all that stuff, like you wanted to be a half hour comedy and you were and then you wanna do stand up. Neither of those things
I admire that. You didn't prioritize safety or money, like I probably would of well at look you're, smarter than I really believe that that's that's obvious year, waste more the both of us, but I was still smart, where I thought like you again. I have something I have so many, but I'm like. I have eighty D b, time I get bored and really easily. I'm not comparing myself. To divinity. I think it dementia read something it, but there is nothing eventually that resembled me at all genius best artist in here three are not comparing myself, but there was one little thing he would get. They would pay him a lot of money to do a painting and he wouldn't finish it and he would just go in his head. They said that he had already finished it in his mind and I was like that's kind of
internal active inch now, but I started going. I thought you know that's what do I do that I get bored so much you know what I always want to do stand up. I'm petrified. I have some friends or stand ups they're doing it. Why can't I do it? Let's do it and I just did it and I was terrified. I was throwing up Sadly, I was nervous, and you know, as I was when I play music, but you don't seem like Atom Lambert, you don't play guitar, like Jimi Hendrix am I I fight dawned on me like it should it dawned on me when I was younger, like if I had a normal mind that dude do love music, fucking, love, music. I I'm sorry for the amount of F bombs at thrown in the shares. Ok, I don't normally swear that much. I know, but I think this guarantees of text, bombs, are necessary, a mosaic after now on, but I thought ass man, you know what I'm saying I wanna play guitar
am I five friends who sit my basement and we're going to suck and we're gonna play music and a weird thing happened, a beautiful thing happen, we're playing cover, songs and were terrible not being funny we're awful were singing like you too, whether with where'd, you get that next exact figure effort, and so then my friend can't who is going to rural areas. Do you wanna go player opera? is so enthusiastic. He's almost offended right. Almost eight can we're gonna run over talk about you want to go Why do you ask me an hour, or so he goes problem
a sort of guy. If you met can't, you might see what overcome wants to play its not that funding we will play out, we ve done it. We went to Germany, we didn't talk, but he goes by which to our own staff Bre, but he's gonna sing. I look at timely. Goes. Oh! No! No no advocate rod is thanks, cause just learning how to play base. No, we man an end canst like Brown complaint transcript so like a fine,
same thing, nothing's going to happen, so I start writing some songs and we start to play some lessons. Were the cords and given the cords, don't start jamming and then am I about a year when I'm like, I don't know for stoned off our asses right now. I dont know if Adam Lambert with love this, but I am a liking, some of this, these tunes and then my buddy Jason man. He goes home and we open us open for us at the troop adore them. I absolutely not, because why not go I'm scared, shitless, not a single mom use. If it took us dude, I heard you you can you can play, and my and of course, cancer bra Algeria Brodie opportunity. James tailors play their very best to render it runs the risk of sovereign, and I guess this is why this shouldn't
climatic events. May I go, I gotta know what s my dreams I gotta make their dreams come true and deep down. my dream. Those like, I was so scared and we went on and we played three song all originals gotta stage and my brother didn't look at me and go you're awesome man you're so good. He goes. I've never seen. You and happy and I looked terminate it makes me actually tariff. Have you man? I have a good Remember that I go because I just never seen you have so much fun man and I got I google motion. You did it, I'm saying I'm saying is: if there is something to learn from watching you over the last fifteen years that we ve known each other, is I have a true admiration for your willingness to just keep trying and try and enshrine, and if that interests you pursue it, don't magic choose past
and over safety in all these things are just really admirable and I think you're prioritizing the right things, and I take my hat to you, but before I let you go, I am going to make way co doing this three days. This has come up. It's gone down. Here is concussed again, the Mexicans have the Alamo again a lot of shit, as happened. Well, isn't you have one story, I want you to tell in its we're gonna. Take you back to midnight, earned good uneven through chapter, but go back there again. We are these nets that the film that canneries is now oh shit, now given space using men, and I remember Clint getting really upset with him he's. Ok can I want you to go by the church is passed by the Jura. This, I don't understand you sing. Why would I do that? who are you glance? Is I got but I want you to go around aside. I just past
secure and guide hideous. All I'm saying is I don't know. Why would I do that? I'm sitting at this table right here and when you're ask me to do this. I can't understand guard damages. Get em a seed. Put it there. We're just answer my God If you knew her if he were to threaten him of the rendezvous with his asshole. I ask colleagues may see pattern asshole webs There is so many obvious chose to make about Kevin's, Maisie and ass. All that's what I'm going to do. So what movies is from? Well, I hope, fine is fine. Carries and has a transvestite in Sweden, another movie that I was in dragon, I'm playing a transvestite carrying a naked Charlie's thrown into a bath and which was incredibly difficult for me because she's beautiful and I'm a man and happy not to be gay. As of now.
And it's a scene one carrying her. She has cancer and I'm taking her to the bathroom and Jason Isaacs. Great actor were in the bathroom. It's a very we see very has eighty than nationals are buried. It wearing waited seeing heavy seen emotionally es. Thank you sergeant. That's relevant sums. Yes, it is relevant, causes an emotional everybody's, quiet, everybody's, real, serious she's, crying I'm serious, I'm not thinking she's. I'm attracted her at all. Canneries has these lines where he walks and he says SARA. I know doctors fuck any punches along and I go my gosh and the two comes over this irish director directed circle of friends, and he says Canada is everything all right It's great, let's do now to take. I shall not go.
or a rolling camera and action. Sir. I know doctors punishes the wall. Canada is everything. Ok seem a little tents and he's like knows everything. Ok, just to spread its lead. I got a snub, get good and rolling and action. Sir. I know doctors yeah. I think that was looking solely somebody's tat about one who is the difference on Sir all right.
Its barley, you you! You dig it to me through Tom, Arnold, here's my he's my paper on a show. I talked about what some very blast because was a first show the brought me to LOS Angeles Tom Oral he's, a friend of ours, dear friend, M Sons Godfather. We will happily would MAC one time in a guy. We gonna fight with a guy in front of a sea through a thirty two months beer at me. I ducked just like the t, shirt thing in a fuckin covered Arnold had to tell em beer side now faced by almost during sleep is like a molecular shut, your mouth anyways, so on the show. Cabin and Johnny Farley Chris Farley's brothers were on the show on the Tom Show, and we want so every day and they would just be another. Their car, like spitting images of him of Chris and. I was doing my seen on a Friday night from their lives to the audience and by the workers. Farley is my honest, admire him in Dudley. More from Arthur,
You know also prescribes that idle mine. I'm doing this part on the Tom Show. I wasn't. I was trying to do everything I could to be funny be memorable, and I had a few lines in this episode and I'm saying in the Tom and Allison everyone's laughing, I'm thinkin pretty funny, and now the laughter is too big, and am I then that's not for me, I'm not that fine. I look over and its Chris Farley my hero, walking. to the studio and he's like our you get to see everybody out and I'm like I have got. say something because I have three memorable always feel I have to make someone. Remember me short notice me like me BC. Let me see me whatever I want everybody go up
guy. You know why all the guys trying to get some time the babe around here just Pascal. He looks at me and goes and he runs up to make grabs. We puts me over his shoulder and runs through the studio audience smacking, my picture. If you go, I have a picture of me in him. I'm gonna headlong. We, it was just magical night. It was so funny and you just like damage. Who is this Let me just add a blast and it was a memorable member well my garage ma. Am you flew to San Antonio year spectacular you're funny? I love you, your handsome semira salad, eight point, seven and
everyone in San Antonio honestly, we go all around the country. Taxes is the shit, I'm not just placating you. We body love it here and we we all feel hours back. We love you so much. I think they're comin out there now my favorite part of the shoulder back check with my soul, Maiden Monica bad men, a little bit, I'm on it in my life, better fact, Jack by my side, obeyed armchairs, all I need a better mom bump bump bump bump yeah mumbo, number five, and that was from Lisette B
thanks. Lesabre lowers Cherry COLA, great suggestion, great suggestion. You know I like she used a song. The already had my name in it does yeah. Oh it s. The other does say a little better. Monica, oh, really, love that some. Ninety nine, let me do some fast Matthew were twelve years old, Shirley S urine twelve, great as entire grandma. I was told that I'm a girl, Jean Sera Boy, girl, Gmos. I know there's a girl is one more layer, Amazon or I hate it. When I think of a young genius, I go boy Jean, exactly girl genius. No such thing they thought, which is funny cause. Girls are so much better at school, than the wrong now sure yeah yeah
oh yeah, and when you think the boys cat China come on law, yeah seems to be called. So I really well great a couple. The kids are certainly get real good at math air, but MA standard boy probably starts caring in college about learning I don't even know this hearing that there are tons of kids that were like knew. They were college bound in my high school. They just worn as good as the gales at like reading and writing them. Yeah all that stuff so make a whole Zimbabwe how much anticipated long awaited Michael Rosenbaum, who of course has the podcast inside in I love you and I are Wabi, while Bobby Sleaze been producing that show for survival. Two three years now I'll be one or two years two year, Hugh years, guys check out that podcast them. You have an that's real good in Wabi water.
a lot on that one which really gonna aims, because he and Rosenbaum have a very funny relationship. Yeah. Well, I noticed in real life, Yo Wabi loves kind of his boss body lab is mean too. Yes, he's railroad, arrows and bomb is dismissive him They are really begins. Hands, yeah, but they're both in on it, though,. Yeah yeah, it's so fund a watch. Would you agree with that assessment lobby? Well yeah. I guess so yeah I was kind of startled by some of the phrasing Wabi Rob had arose and bomb shares this as a guest of ours of oil beak. Air fall over use relationship he decided superseded. Ah, yes, if I'm gonna get I produced, another pack has an you came it would be a brow. I would not treat you well know you dreamy well and I'd. Be a bright idea would be a much less behave. I'm speaking that we get to work together this week,
We did ya. Man has a very funny roll on blesses mass so far, starting on ABC April. Sixteen check it now really check it out. No funding, and it really is. You know there were some lines in there. I mean the whole last time you come up at me. It's a great role for Monica. She just bosses me around the whole time. It's really why why securing here in that role? There are we had a great day that was to tease me Tuesday, yeah we're all outdoors all day long at farmers, markets yeah my my favorite place. I love farmers market. Will the resolve to this set dressing? That was just props. You know an you wanted to by all the stuff in real life Hannah were making a little laundry list in your head. I was some good looking granola some micro greens that were really healthy and green, some really by laying artisan soap yeah,
but you know they were props, but but a bunch of those vendors were they were real vendor yeah yeah, one or other pan out for the wonder. When is the point of this, but ok Ghana. Hopefully you know their signage was idle. Now was theirs. in the background. I dont need these backroom deals work, but anyway we had a party is fine this life show. As now everyone has heard. We opened up with a t, shirt cannon, he's your zine first, I'm ever yeah. Thank you Ryan Hansen. For that idea, Europe great idea, thank you I'll, be up for executing. Oh yeah, staggered up beautifully ass armchair extra, it's a very nice weapon in you shot at first yeah came out. I gave the girls ass shot her around the world. Perhaps yes, you love the first volley they'd saying
fair, India, as we in warfare, would say you did a great job. Thank you, yeah. You launched right where you'd want to go, and then I got it. there and I got carried out. I got carried away, I shut it wants. Normally man feel eventful enough now. So then these are doing some tricks stance and I did a barrel role came up shot that went. Ok, that was the second. China was good of high. Some applause from China had only field my He got rarely. I lost control. I lost my head. So then I got behind a couch in the night, sprung up from behind the couchant rocketed, a teacher and shut it right. The second row reigned someone's I, oh my god, my The old time embarrassment in so public yeah seem at all.
Let you know I was laughing uncontrollably. You know, that's what I do when I'm embarrassed. True, yes, but I just like that you were laughing cuz, it was fun. Everyone was laughing. It was funny you man, it was such a big error right the book. What what was running about is what a bad job I did. You know gimme some on the far right. That's not where you shoot the teeth. Lillian MRI sat you're. Probably I bet you probably thought I would do something like that on accident. Yeah you're very safe. Why would never suggested you take the inaugural shot? If I didn't have total confidence in you? Well I'm just saying at the order. Guess who would of out of the two of us shot something into the psycho row? It probably would have been me well sure, save money on Until you factor in my showmanship me,
am I need to please and then you'd start thinking, while he might start doing a bunch of tricks, he's not he's not capable rehearsed, practised or trained for yeah. Any who we dodged a bullet, because the person wasn't a person literally dodge the bullet he dollars and then some girl on the bad guy, his ricochet buddy, I guess, but in whenever checking with her, I think she had passed. I sure hope man. I would never want anyone to pass. You know exempt of laughter. You know Gigi Alan is I know that name your gmail and was this nine. These punk rocker? Ok, in fact Todd Philips. First thing was a documentary. He made a bow g g Ellen was vile. He was the most vile man alive and I mean no use in and out of prison and then on his last tour, it was announced he was going to kill himself on stage and
someone from the audience with him. No yet lights and people wind. This are sold out. Isn't there there is, I mean, luckily, he oh deed, mid to our own die, so he forgot to realises during wow. You know you don't hear that statement very often luckily didn't die while he was gonna, kill so an somebody else. Yes was the. That was the professed plan. This is the type of thing I can't. I can't stand people who need so much attention than they're gonna kill themselves on state aid. We both from a couch with a high powered t, shirt and an MBA said Anne those people. So anyway, I do wonder if we we did promoter alive, shows by saying a couple: people will get shot in the face with a t, shirt, Canada people had still attend
you're just gonna you're playing the numbers game. At that point you got ok, let's see. The second row has fifty people on it. The free might miss he might get the first for theirs. dean and the Third Rosa. So my other one in a hundred and fifty that I'll get hit, some people might like those they might. I think you here your lesson idea. I hope that I will not repeat that now rosy, so a blast of a time so let us try- and we don't show just before that- dad to point out had to point out and then we ran over in about an hour later. We we interviewed Rosenbaum, but here Our concern with Rosenbaum, let's out I'm a little bit sometimes one of the last great entertainers on the UK and so the entire trip down there. He put on a performance on the airplane right, that would arrive old like an hour and a half comedy sat here. He was there on your leg. I think he was thinking laser
aimed in on you. He, where a pretty girl on the plane in and he wanted to win the over now. I just can only present needed so they're. Ok, what could be the mere beer partners and he gave you the full platinum package in a new light. Then ass, fine, even half a year, you were howling with laughter how we were wholly with Rob, but really be honest in between. How will we now? Ok? Thank you. Oh God grant. I was just whose objective about the tale, though I ween, although using his impression, is coloured by the fact that he's rose amongst boss an effort, all those stories, hundreds more so been, like God Monica, lad
That's gonna! Let you laugh at you only our hard yeah yeah. That's a good point! I'm right! At any rate, he was my concern, unlike first of all, he was so entertaining airplane. It was incredible yeah, but I get nervous, unlike the he can sustain this pace. He's gonna be dead by seven o clock, but, as luck would have it, we got him a hotel, room and inapt, while the other show yeah like a little baby the little baby boy. He went to kidnap and, I believe, even showered after tat, you really came out as a hot. He started as day a second time yet, and then he really delivered in the life. But then we have like about an hour before we had to go on and end, and I can urging him to pace it was happening again during our ramp up a gear. Right before you went out with consummate Aigner, I really respond now. His boy says rations. Thou is crazy. He does fifty or so have I
fifty plus silent where's. He did like ten Justin, our right and he had done twenty on their plan and he did it very scary, one. Why think when you talked about this, but he did a very scary wanna after all the plot of scary, A movie ebony did all the voices and then got really into it, and then I was scared for day oh war. I never really susceptible of horror. I know we watched a scary show yesterday lowers season. Two yes episode one and there is a huge pile bout. Why don't wanna give ain't? We know you all bear to hear a huge, perhaps bounds, of big big power. All my guy, like that? I said I hated hated them yeah. That was about seven or eight minutes after I'd regained might come. osier. I was scared for all those eight minute. Oh you were
when you're feeling that way. Do you want the experience to answer you like it joy? I know I wanted to end quickly. Oh, you do a glorious, it's not a good feeling. Now people like viewing scared for us. I think people like that feeling of pop out, but no one likes a residual of like do end and that die right now, no one likes that nobody can a leg unless that guy Gigi Alan. I bet you loved reply. I liked it avoids interesting cause. If you know you're about to kill yourself, you really, you know who's gonna, kill you you yeah now suddenly really be afraid yourself. I now it's complicated, we lost like do an odious take, but this is like something I shouldn't say as a woman, probably these were generally your boss com, but I wonder if I'd be sustained
and if I was not single apply, why wouldn't, I think, I'm only less scared. If I was with the Ipad apart is that Anti farmers You know, like you, need a boy or a girl, a boy, you just need a partner to leg through one's better than one on one, so your for eleven, I'm five anyway, any who know about it would be. There's nothing. There's like to try to embroil this in some kind of possessed of any value to the notion that if yes, you were lying in bed next to me, whose six three in two hundred pounds you be a fuckin dumdum, not to feel safer. So if you think being feminism being I may ass. Well, ok, Lahore, our language getting a little and ASEAN is preposterous. Of course, you'd feel safer. Lay next to it.
Our safety and my emerge. That's a real thing, we're just a bona fide, that's not where word this is heading of weaponry took over Papa Wolf while also no, I don't want it doesn't need to be a large six foot three person, I think even wars it doesnt but annoy same, would you feel safer with six foot? Three do next to him of course, yeah musing, myself, ample. I would ok good. We got through that bad! I mean like in life. Even if I'm buying
myself, I wonder if, like him, I'm in a movie and prevent a horror movie by myself or with a friend and there is a big pop out and then at last furs, eight minutes or something in my body. I wonder if that would not be the case. If I just knew right has had some men toll, I d that, like I'm not by myself, oh interesting yeah, I guess the answer to that would be. Did you feel safer when you were at your childhood home and you knew your dad was around all the time? Oh yeah, you dear, oh, you, God yeah, ok, so maybe we need to get him to move out here. He is a lot going. I love and a move out here and do a little political cow in a political commentary. Commentary on here, like once he's already bus abreast of amateurs out their yeah sure I'll buy one that by her came okay. So so
mom went to an adult summer camp and that camp is called Camp no councillors, but it since went bankrupt and lost two thousand, but also I'm a little sad that this episode didn't come out before that happened because we might have been able to save and cyber war may be, the folks who put that together what was to launch a new version help available more fiscally responsible. This go around, maybe they some hard less it so adult, and then too it's almost like you're. Well, if your whole objective is to behave like a teenager here, is that all adults exile running a business, you know you, can I gotta do it all you got. This makes me think of something might cut out, but I did a movie with someone who is playing on the verge of mentally challenged and they were a method. Actor in did worry that he was gonna like accidentally, purposely setters
apartment on fire, making macaroni and cheese or something cuz. He was so method and in character or just destroy his finances during that month is really still had to pay bills and stuff, but he was so methadone like did he write a check for like a million dollars of the gas pain? Why do you think he did go home and remain in that character? No, you probably got any they ate. I'd say that I think you do. You think he stated that character. Thou is ornament yeah, he sat in there and like yeah. I kind of derailing he's an incredible act and he is right about areas o before I forget. We edited it out, so it's no longer still out there, but in the crystal Leah episode, I wrongly MRS shrilly employ yeah. I think I could get sued for this. I wrongly said the actress who plays Lois Lane was in next to him, but she was not was a different at hearing lobby has Ellison. Mac was the real one. I just go straight
the girl who played Lois Lane in Baden, say name, then you do said the girl who plays Lois Lane when Rye abandoned its wrong yeah. It's totally wrong and out hate for herded. So what is clearly place? Chloe Sullivan? She played Chloe Sullivan on small model yeah. This is all coming full circle. Kosovars Rosenbaum was one of them. yeah leads of small. Yes, he was okay, so just I very much apologize to the real Lois Lane, yeah Erika, Durant's, arrogant, Lorraine, see. You did not join next to him that we know of no. I don't think so. We, Norway you arrested now you weren't or ass, now, could be an axiom way down now. Oh another thing is another thing out, so a lot of people are going, no rallies. I now trackers, but let me just say this. I want to say this. I concede that currently today they are,
but I am telling you a thousand percent. They were different restaurants in the nineties when I first started going to checkers in Georgia, because checkers sold Chile dog rallies did not email clearly got. They sell different things, as I mean razor different restaurant mistook it be owned by this Think about it. I hear uncommonly yeah. Not might that's like those same taco. Balin armies are the same restaurant, but you know they might be both owned by Hepsey, when Russia could also be that some of them have some things on the menu that others don't have occurred. Right. Item to Saint checkers. Was a different rest, they had partially dogs. They had all this stuff that rallies didn't have so, but now, I think, they're the same restaurant said: do you think honour barring he has since at the same rate, numbers iraqi masking asking because they have different name
aims. Men and honour bar has a trunk man, you that has the same matter, how I'd say might and yeah. Well that again we I know too much about how they make the sausage, which is, I know that they can't call more than six Houston's. A Houston is more, however, whatever the numbers in California, where you have to start printing the calories on the menu, so I'm inclined to say is a little bit different categories. I think a lot of them. What were Houston's got different names now, but I'm just ass. He knew thing, nor are they say, a garage, its own restaurant and I think they merged and now they're the same. Ok, that's my thought on. Do you think honour by inhabitants are the same thing you can do. You can go ahead, checkers acquired rallies and nineteen. Ninety nine were separate restaurants yeah.
When I was eating it, they want primarily I'm well twelve years old saw they were different. Another the same. He s great. We solved it, okay, so so, just to clarify you don't own private jet. I do not own upright, do no, but you, nor have I ever rented a private jet to travel and but you flown on, I have flown on private, yes here and we did fly on a private jet to this. We absolutely and the door became start without knowing I did dally it was kicked out. It was correct and I was exciting. There was very it was a very module. It was a magic anyway, I've always fantasize about kicking it or do you know I liked it wasn't like macho leg. He was so angry and any kick the door down. It was like very Mccormick
yeah. It felt very karataev and skills, very hey, skilled yeah, and he had a clear mind when he was doing at it didn't feeling he was lying or shot out of GMO girl. That J Mcgraw yeah. He was calm, cool and collected ice in his veins has dropped. That door was But if he had been like I'm so mad at me, just slammed the door and I would not have liked that right right, right road. I was, of course so jealous. I didn't get to kick it down, but of course I can't take it down ass thou, my plane. As you know, I wanted I pray. You complain. I would say that our high yeah, I barely would have. I would have done some negative trick. I am glad that the nap and yeah like toxic masculinity or what is it, what happened?
Throw appropriation if you scream pyre, that's my appreciation for the early years of the border ram. Okay, so he grew up and Newberg Indiana. He said I had two thousand people. He said. Evans, velvets close by was ranked number one no be city and was the most depressed city about five years ago. Self Newberg the population of Newberg, is three thousand two hundred and thirty seven in two thousand and eleven Evans Bill was voted. The fattest city in America rejoined. Also, though I mean I feel like every alot of people make this. This is like all these claims that everyone makes that's like my city. My college is the biggest ladys at my cities, the fact city- it's like, I think, every city in every school has that, like I've, seven,
I have said it one Houston, while I again probably not even true, but he s and took over Detroit for FAT, a city ray- and I remember feeling some loss over that sadness. Yeah in two thousand fourteen half a bed Evans, Vill resident said they were suffering one of the highest proportions. Nationwide like most of us said, were do sir suffering like most metro areas, fairing poorly on the well being and dogs Evans. Avail residents are less than the average american residents. Unhealthy habits contributed to their low while being residents in only two. Their cities were less likely to engage in behaviors, leading to good physical health. Do these things are so aid, if your miserable you eat course suffering and then embedded cycles back around that makes us more Europe not unhappy a miserable any more
What's the population of jewish people in Indiana, no twenty, five thousand two hundred and forty five, that's point four percent point: four percent yeah, so another huge not a Juliet mutilation? Prime gonna get a great battle in Indiana Jones Mania, not okay, so he said of the Tom Arnold Show was rang. Like the word show in history hooker and I looked some lists and it wasn't on any of the limits that are more shows. So who knows, but this all subjective you now certainly is. I wouldn't have said that
yeah. I think he met literally rang tee what he wasn't saying it was the worst show he was saying it was ranked users staving, oh yeah. I didn't like reading those lists. No Europe's well for me now celebrating peoples, Miss fires and Shaw mailers, even but they're, not even failures. The thing in the very other show on tv yard. I now a big accomplishment, I'm sure there's a lot of do that were delighted chips in do well. Why sets gonna think people like that's why these lists exists or the residues or you know like two: they like to celebrate people's failures, genially united people, to talk G lads, punchline, enjoy saying? Then, of course, your boyfriend has to even embrace that make them
when himself when he having it'll be morally like it. I know because I think it makes people feel bad. about their failures, and I would be a positive thing. I mean it's good, but I'm more assessment and howling more cynical, take on and as people who are afraid do try to pursue their thing, love, relishing and people's values, because it confirms why they're not trying Yeah, maybe I mean I'm sure, that's part of it, but I don't think this is good. I bet I think people like hearing about other people's missteps because it makes especially people quote- of them is the status way tumbling yeah and makes them feel
leg, and then everyone makes mistakes or everyone mugs up, but I do think that part of it just like you know. I think we ve talked about this one here. How some people like only know how to speak in complaints or negativity like if they come in, and you say how was your day is always some thing negative, more complaint and I dont think they're doing that refers. I think it becomes a habit, but secondly, I think they they think subconsciously that vat is way to connect. Like that's the thing we all share in the mad stuff. So true, why would you want to hear the good thing that happened? Yes, but that's true, everyone wants eat like the complaining is miserable to hear. Yeah yeah. I guess summers. Money must specifically to direct tweets I've gotten from guys like
what a fuckin bomb right and then I like look at their page in there. They have clearly been unemployed for like six years and in the end there moms basement than I think, the interest that it is this very like if I saw one of the Rockets fell for space acts, and then I found the scientists who had like a failed rocket before when to space like what a lose rocket blew up on now. I just we just don't know peoples or a. But no one is in a position to say that about anybody. So no, but I ain't. That is what I am saying. Is they like that something went wrong for you because ton of things have gone wrong for them. The other night. That's like that way. A working man, something it's bad. I dont think people should do that. I think the more negativity you put out the more you get us not helping you to do that and run you. Ok, you said say the Hockins is a jewish thing you have to do.
elsewhere. The girl ass, the boy yeah jewish, is not. Now you think workers safety is yiddish or Hebrew for princess its rhythm, anxious ass, the no safety is a jewish name. Ok, it's not you thing. Sanely Harkin's days, an american folk event and pseudo holiday originated by our caps, classic hillbilly comic Strip, Lil Abner, the inspired real, old, Ceety, Hawkins Events, the premise of witches that women ass men for a date or dancing growth, but just like Rachel, is jewish name. Rachel's, also nodded jewish name too, because lots of people are named Rachel that aren't jewish. yes once door. Oh one way that we didn't talk about, but that we definitely should have talked about is that twin you guys, MAC Kristen was interested in rose and bomb
well yes kind of they talked about it at length when he interviewed her on inside it ass a fur yes free for years. When they are both on sea W, they would see each other at these different events. You have to attend a high and they would always flirt with each other yet, but she wasn't pursuing them until she and I broke Then she called right. Let's see you were with rose and bomb at that again, where we first yeah connected and though she when she saw you guys before she knew you she was like arose in bombs here, occur. That makes me ass a that's interesting. Ok, so you mention James leaped in awe. James Lipton is the dean of the actors studio and
he host the show inside the actor studio, or he interviews, actors and it's really serious and it's very actor ie and there is a slight famous questionnaire at the end that he does by a french guy, aha, most super. He says he says it every time I used to whom I love that Shall I used to be a just tape, yet this is on broad. I think it is still on and on I do now. I too loved it. Oh and I could see where, if you're not an actor, it's the most pretentious thing in the world. I know, but I actually was introduced to buy and not act or person or real yeah. The questionnaire at the end is probably the best part. I know no more shown hands, most famous Diane.
There are already at our assessment. I seek as Robin Right pen was in the audience to and one of those questions the people Paul posed the question. Yes, if God exists, what you have said that there are literally gay, what are you hope? He says there and shown pens answer was here: is in a bar: two hookers are inside when they to rob and right path. Member or as I wrote a hall I mean that was doubly his answer. Maybe maybe I've imagine that use it, but I'm pretty certain. She was not all my guy, just like one of those things were like as a young, as I know that now, let's go that's so funny. Now you and your husband to say you're running answer as a great answer, but he's not like funny cell poverty was just real.
If nothing else, it was dead, honest guys, people should watch that shall bring about good yeah and I remember a couple times in high school theatre like they say our teacher didn't wanna like plan the day we want. I love there. I loved ass much a couple times, but have cried on that show. Oh sure I just watch it over and over and over again yeah. You know Bradley Coopers old thing whether cried on it he's one of them as a gas gas again going off. He went to that school Jani always asked a question. There's all this footage of him asking famous people question. I wonder what am I believe was was Deniro came in and Cooper got a question and harass the bow. Ah, how special that than they did silver linings. Playbook together, said so cool early link, us maybe mean he cried alike
kind of a lot on that show has of that. I'm short goals are gone gas that's so cool the ads avert. You meet thing to experience like if somehow my elementary school hosted some kind of show that I could I'm sure I would whales Algeria about that. You're. Going back to your lunch skills like a big one like going back to some thing ends, so groves. No, I think it's really normal. I know what you're gonna wanna see about like there ten year reunion, yeah, yeah yeah. I think people even like rent fancy cars and to monitor so this is, as it were so sad, a view about. Variety. Do ok see you said you don't think you can find brothers justice, but you can it's on Itunes yeah you can buy all new combined or
Polly rent it? I wonder who gets paid for that kind of thing? It's us Aurelia beyond that movie, a hundred percent Marilla, anyway. I shall look into it. Iona bureau, we boy They re all dangerously yeah chapter eleven. A ban would hit run hidden, runs part of a chapter. I think it is a pity me open road filed. Monroe distributed hit, nor I file bankruptcy in somehow. That movie is like on a auction docket. Why hazy No, I just own it on. I too, oh, oh, your own, about where it's alright, they get movie. I love you, so I really as its own. It's really worth buying and watching self love. It's a good movie by will say I was a hundred percent committed. It's a good, maybe that's, really really funny. I'm when I went to real life places, it did karate demonstrations
now how to do tat and did you say, hi ya boy think of the Algarve. I wasn't culturally appropriate God and at other dicey things but Mannheim. There's a lot of really guidelines, call which we talk about, that we talk about some of the lot or one spot if a craftsman, worldly yadda yadda, have you ever rendezvous with my asshole Leah mother, Fucker, yeah, ok, and is it divan she who wouldn't finnish paintings cause? He said he already finished, never his mind. I mean I didn't see anything that you know specifically, that quote, but he wasn't tories for never completing his war
oh, really is a wide range of interests, often distracted him in his perfectionism discouraged him from declaring a painting officially finished, often accused of being a helpless procrastinator. The problem wasn't the divine she wouldn't start work. It was that he was constantly starting work and neglecting to finish the ones here: Arnie but Gun. Yes, so agreements are highly reliable, characteristic, yeah, really fun to start things
through the Astor government as they, where you get hard. Yes, that's all that was all ok, so teacher Cannon, Rosa mom was spectacular. Now we really entertain, however, that all regions in the ideal there's one part that we had a cause. It doesn't mean you know it's visual all, but he had. He tried to do a thing where he stood up and he had me stand up and he was re creating something from his child. So he told me to do something and I did that it baby. It wasn't good, wasn't good direction. He didn't work. I didn't work out. Anna was a big disaster is a disaster which was actually really fun. It wasn't just crushing and many at all speed bump. With this
thing he acted out climb back up the mountain which he did re Alice great near alive. The high wire active life. Well, he enjoyed this and you wanna come see us we're gonna, be an alot of cities, commonality DEN sailor, San Francisco and that's always announce great love. You I love you.