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Armchair Expert Live from San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. May 31st, 2019.

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Spock. We have never ever ever done this in front of this. Many people, I feel like gonna Russell Mania. For I mean what an arena were, and I think they do like monster truck jams here and for real for real for real. This is fucking bonkers. I'm a scumbag- and I don't deserve this, but.
My partner in crime deserves all of this. Please put your hands together for the look this guy's we wanted to come to the city on the bed Susan Trolley, city, city, civil, how Lombardy three ok we have someone who I think embodies everything that is glorious about Opel in California w the mail
yeah, maybe some kinda, skin guys earlier when you say bellowed we're different ha. Now, you're sure. When I saw you tonight, I saw that your shirt says: I got my freedom papers and Mobile Alabama. What does that mean global companies, or so my dad's, Robin Alabama? very handsome man. If you guys, you check out United States of America. Yes, sir, you go back to Alabama women within his father's in it in his father's six, six in just a bona fide straight tat, red level. Ten year he's, as many women said, omitted and men he's a snack these islands.
I was thirsty is hell watching that episode. I know they showed my dead. The treaty does not tweets. As I heard you so you know I don't get these tweets, I get likely. You seem like a brother. I would call you fire trouble exactly brother ear. brother. They let you went back to Alabama Motu. I would like to buy I go a lot, but I took the show there. So Mobile Alabama is famous racially two things. It's the birthplace of Marty, girl people. and it's the place where the last slave ship landed, and so in my book I wrote about that and I wrote it's hard as hell to capitalize on being a push the last slave ship land. It does really help tourism right. You couldn't tell a lot of shirts that I got my freedom papers and Mobile Alabama. It's like a drunk bourbon street shirt you'd, but I got bourbon faced on Shit street. Yes, my favorite
from going about it, I got bourbon face, none should get it Why are they laughing than Monica? Maybe that's because any she's, the boss, the weirdly, I didn't event with Bill and Melinda gates. They bring about your high school students in and talk to them about it had a yearly letter. They talk about good things, these Austrians who competed to get there the whole great thing and one of the bill gates Melinda gates, people there like a team of people. I should hope so yeah. bill gates, doesn't read your book, but one of his people to, of course, any hands. Be this shirt. That's as I read your book, and I totally forgot by writing that in my book, and I was like what this we do. You know I wrote the book in like a fever dream in six months. I didn't really remember as it that's funny. I thought it was funny but yeah, and then he showed me in my book read said that nothing now your book, awkward thoughts by mobile rice. Did you write that cause? You were ninety or did you find out like I can get a kind of a nice advance in them
annex like I gotta turn this and how did it work load of a letter from column? Be ok, Cray, a little mix man? Yes, I always wanted to write a book. I got a chance write a book as happened right book, but then it was like we need this book in like six months, because we don't really know if you're gonna be famous in a year of hats, Firstly, the United States like maybe this doesn't go that much longer my cousin engage Emerson, author. They talk about like it's time for me to write my book, so I'm where'd you go off line and I'm gonna spend time a Joshua tree and I'll be back in a year and a half with my book right now. Like on the road in vans, filming United States like quickly I can get my Paypal mobile about. You are from many many places right. You you're brought home from the hospital to Palo Alto. Yes, go on down kid. You ended up in Boston for awhile. What age did you move to Boston? I saw a simpler to. I was a baby
removed Indianapolis for my mom is from. Could you say a lot of places? This is foreign, then my mom got a job in Boston, Salute Boston, then my mom got tired of Boston, specific style of racism This is a very specific style of racism, yet about gag. You too, I did say so then she's like I would like more of a MID west where system. So we will check cargo fairer, share like race racism with a smile yea I, but then we would Chicago. My dad lived in Alabama it's gotta be somewhere and I didn't really like Chicago at that point, I moved to live my dad for tuna for Use Mobile Alabama. They move back to Chicago or greater to my school. Ok, so Your mom and dad ever married. My mom and dad we're never marry. I gotta be real, careful JANET's here his mom, a matter backstage and she's not to be trifled with, no she's not to be fought with she We'll come up here, if need be to say our he said. Do you know the now, and I said no,
Shame on you! Yes, she did at that, which is why, because it was like three minutes after she's like oh, my God likes you star, struck at war at wet and then it was like you're wrong. Yes, I under delivered for sure. Ok, so can you please tell us this specific Boston and brand of racism, because we talked about this a bit on the on the show, which is, I love, Boston, we all of Boston, but I feel often when I'm there talking with white transport, guys like there's only one probe, question before it's like. Are we going to go? There are you you know the norm? I'd rather not yet it's like a mosque liberalism, I would say, cause it's a blue that is so weird about it. Is it's a hyper lives? Liberals like we, don't really. We have some of that out here, but it's like the liberals that will put you in the face. You know for not being level enough. Yes, yes, but it's also. there's an undercurrent of just one of the first sitting.
America landing. So racism was like sort of they sort of way don't early racism in Boston, Record got it out here where it was like now, it's perfect, it's kind of proprietor, so Bosman still got like this. Is the original recipe cocoa, sweeter and thicker. It's like it's a sweeter thicker racism in fact make sense like the you do when they go, this, is our you'd make a coke from nineteen twenties? Yes, yes, Boston Racism, its authentic. It's really! you can take it in the sauce. This My mom hated is that even some of the black people are like everything in Boston where every white persons like what family came over the Mayflower, but even the black like will. My family was
by by people the the Mayflower, like a really it's a real confused good for you all that moving around you're like a basically a military kid which can result, in my opinion, in one of two things, you're, probably super good at new situations in meaning people and all that or you're a psychopath, which have meant a lot of those two year It's probably just so much you don't know who you are aware, you're at the first one? No well, when you went to these, but no I didn't well, but I would say to blend into the background and despite the victim six four two hundred and sixty pounds handsome is far as worse since my dad, but answer was your dad outgrow into it, but I can pretty much sort of disappearances creation could that it's not like serbian rooms, and so it would not be in the middle of things, even though I am also like a target because of racism or these schools, you went
The predominant I mean I would we would move Randal out. I got a lot of private schools, but my mom was like we're moving tomorrow and so would be like ok they just go to the schools in the neighborhood, and so I would do a lot of different schools, but I said I always had a feeling. I'm not gonna be here that long. What was your technique where you were found That is that we know you weren't great island I was a Larry's by which to brush. I am still see Russia, it just I've yourself to a dead above shy is really cute. Isn't it You start with everybody nor park, as I've listened. Actually, care played out with me, like I'm special, What are the warm harangue? I've? Listen! Don't have episodes. Isn't your thing to open me. I mean it's working a little bit and probably my legs time they get on midway through I'm sit next to come out of this no ordinary, shoddy. Ninety three nice.
When I have a guest on the show that we have not met and we mean in the green room, there's a kind of cute little cat bans that goes well. My trying to figure out what can miles music history is, and then I found it like really like fish bone. I think we might have some common. There is like little things came out throughout. I feel like I was one of those kids and this was the new school. a very good in that situation, like ok, I'll, destroy Belinda, and I get I don't even like Fishbone, I was just going to say active at ever forty five minute, I'm good at like pretending. Talking about a kind of my career brand name, I mean I abide sacrilege, I'm a huge fan fishbone, but I'm a big Wikipedia person like what you say. No look. I know a little about a lot of things right, but you knew Jijiu Energy, but that also that's an AIDS thing. Now now known, most dudes. I knew and discredit. But here is that it was in here
It was an AIDS thing for sure, I'm in school, as you are moving around. Can you remember what you're tactic was? Did you play sports? No, ok, great. Not funny, knows port shy. I was funny Edison areas. You are right and funny notes enable no, I wasn't connecting. Maybe Emma psychopath quickly. Moving towards the other category in Romania. It was it hard, I'm an only child, so I'm very fine with my own company, ok I'll make sense. I dont need other people around. My wife if a similar and monica- and I were just talking about this- like my wife- will be at a very busy party with all of our best friends Joe go upstairs and Rita. for twenty minutes about a person. Does this a person who is secure in their own company Zeus, way more or less. Dependent than I am a good bye
people to your house. Is you can't read a book? I'm sorry, you're gonna have to find another time to read a book than when you invite people three weeks out to come over our patterns. There were two: only children, one was christian reading about the other. Was this later who was taking a nap on the lawn while we're around him talking and I could hear less and then the oldest were also very predictable, very rule following yes, yes and then the middle children, you right aha or try like entertain everyone here, all that and ham and cheese it back to you? How did you do with with gals or not What is going right in the other things, not very good at Nintendo? Anything I was ok,
you're. The only kid you didn't know up up down down, left right, left right, even up you're the only person playing counter with three lives. I mean Odin intended to run it from the video store. of the video connection and I can handle you being giants here, but if you can't afford in ten dollars is gonna bring it all down. Well see America was founded. No, I mean I was a super fan of comedy from way back in the day. I am of the aid extra to remember the first cast aside. I live only. I watch live in a city, but I remember I remember when anyone whose, like the guy in the back of the scene, I'm like one they let him talk and then slowly worked his way up to the front. I am a big fan of comedy also grown up in the eighties.
can we use everywhere, stand it. I was abused, stand offence to that was, and then I was also at the same time a huge martial arts, France, Icelandic, more starts classes, so I would leave school gothic more Sarge classes hold on a second exciting. What disappointing can we spar oh boy for the listeners at home he's doing a lot of intimidating just years. That's what's up moments, high no boy eyes. When I was a baby, this is gonna movie tie up. Is it so? It is like that Great? I don't feel insecure about pronouncing you name. It's all me. I just want to own it right now. I think, as I get a lot of people have a hard Germany, but it's also releasing aim to say are not so well in that its now,
there's not like mine syllables, and I feel you ve ever to that. Are there like of commerce? Did you ever go by Walter? I did you did I ask that you stand or by moved around a lot, so I was always command. My daddy was Walter. I was always come out at home, my family, my mama, no economy. What are you trying make me angry in big trouble, now not been job like specifically to to make me. I like Walter, like just ass, I knew what their relationship was like. That's not so pretty well yet too, like middle school high school and they would like just read your name off of the role they were given from them. Strader, let's say Walter baby. I will actually that's fine I'm not gonna, be here that long it'll be fine, yeah, it high school, my friend my best friends, you, let me know school. Why doesn't Jason's numerous Walter did someone I d come and like come out is come out to him. Did he think you were trying to reclaim some? in that light into from cash, is Clayton Mohamad Ali accept Yanks. If there was a reverse,
Mohammed, Ali with by cash. I gotta go back to my home, You know in honour of having you. I got a bell tattooed on my ring finger them back, he doesn't. Everybody. Ok, now fallen for I hate to dwell on this, but usually what did we do about? Girls? from the second, I was twelve by only two priorities in life was drive a car and have a girlfriend. But rather than my own. I don't have a driver's license, still my goodness rarely oh, my God, portal psycho. By the way you have been, the gate and you, like some day I'll, be able to pull out my phone and get a ride whenever I want, and now here we are a few people, you know we are fear, robot cars. We could be done with DR yes, I I just didn't. I didn't want to talk to girls. What is I mean I wanted to, and you know
I I mean there is a point which I thought. Maybe you should be one of those people who doesn't date that's diluted. Do we bought like? Maybe it is destined for the you know. You know don't when your kid you like isn't with anybody here of any sex or gender and really like live around the world, now envious of that adult like men. Would it be great if this were to be only by yourself, while my wife's airship right? Let's go see here in person those he'll? Remember, yes, sure it all worked out. Your wife's beautiful, I manner she knew, and I ended up- is hardly the person when she's a popular person right, definitely immediately. I thought that when another might now she's girls popular their c drive. Yes, ok, all right! I am not happy about the no license thing. You're not really gives in my wife put driver kid somewhere out divorce. Her ok, just throw lack. I wore it. Why don't you ask why? Why don't you have one?
come out about, says, really taken a diversion, as I know, cause he's so he's gonna go, I'm blind! That's! What's next shy known intended blind, I never felt so bad gorgeous six would for genius comedian. How do you get to be a great if you dont experience like you know, sadness, that's probably mirrors price stories is a similar born in a whorehouse I was an early childhood. It wasn't negative intended is very similar. Back. Are you a bit of a historian on him? Yes, designer biographies, one of the great comedy autobiographies of all time well in, and I got these early VHF tapes of some of his sets in New York before he was super popular in one of his routines. He was just like you also, did. This is like seventy two year evenly. Others like this, a little bit more
they were freaking out and then he just goes into how everybody sucks Dick Eventually- and I was like that- was my experience. He hit mean elder that's all, it's called live and smoking, and it's him sort of work out. How do I be richer prior on stage? Yet it is a very famous, like four comic, if you kind of want to go through that phase in some level like when you just say whatever you want to say on stage and figure out the stuff that works in this up, that is used. That's one, the boldest leaps I've ever seen, Nobody! Seventy two is someone identifying straight. Yes, even now would be a pretty bold statement for a heterosexual sister industry them. I follow up car.
Now I did so and did you did you at any point when you are at this age? Did you think I'm gonna try to pursue? There's? No. I really didn't feel like. I didn't hear you sergeant comedy: I didn't live near country club. I didn't know what a country club was. It seem like too far off and I really at that point was like I'm gonna be the next crucially. That was my plan all right, so we didn't cover what discipline you are training, and so I started out like a wreck centre in Alabama like type one dough, some guy who claimed he had a black boat, but who knows there, but then later in Chicago, I found a school. They taught Wing Chung, Kung FU, which these original style so excited about it, yeah is obviously up there with prior is like Ursula's. I had a prior for me, I'm just personally, and he lived in San Francisco now borne deserves this go lived in Oakland
wait a minute, Anthea rent these old, how I did not like to hear and see no got Travolta apartment. Did you end up and Bruce? I'm a lot like winter. Nineteen, oh yes, everything he does. I try to like. I'm a do that. I see the inward all the time. The do you not. I don't even know that about you. I say when I need you, but I think he probably said it more. His life and I said in my life he's like a kid uses catch me like, I use it like human like where we need to know my inward here. It's a straw spice rearing city? It can be overpowering sometimes when none a rice krispies the catch up. Do you like movies? I, like someone who's, that lets a perfection,
classic I may as well. The best Moliere migration area becomes antibiotics in SAM Jackson. Speeches are among the best speeches ever made in any moving quickly turned, you know, is a great writer of screenplays. this is kind of was fun about these conversations leave we ve got pregnant pause and that was a major ally. Well, it's important to the story. Now I'm on the high wire- and I gotta choose my words perfectly so those speeches were so good. Can a white dude right those speeches it turns out? White people tend to do a lot of things, almost everything or almost everything, Monica. What's your Cyprus, sidebar they do. A law, white people specifically white men gap can use. Can you say why boys,
Why would I prefer or monkeys are crackers hunk area, blue, eyed, devils, blue eyed devils? Are you with more general bigger than the one more time and again, let me explain to you people of color or white boy. My merely persons by two expires I gotta go, are heavily on. This was really great ass. My transfer to go bad continue. What were you gonna say so give guarantees you can do it You want to do when you're like I. I guess what I'm asking is its there is me when I'm watching I might, while he handed that's a lot of black actors and he wrote the words
don't know where I stand on that its very tricky. But yet I love his movie, so this is an exciting thing to figure out. Why think? There's a thing I think is the problem is that you can like things that you like, that, aren't necessarily worth defending. Oh yeah, I totally agree. Yeah? I think you can like attempting a movie or not like it, but there's a thing we haven't decided now that these relate to social media, the people's like them to defend the things they like day and have inherent goodness yeah so tat people can drop the orders. What do you want to you can like it, but then, if I got absolutely too much inward, you have to be like you don't understand, knees on sand and now the blood his influences are from japanese cinema. You don't do that shit, but people get really dug in integrity knows what has he gets dug in defending himself yet like to just write your movies directive and whether they like it or not like what? What
you say, have his answer and that was like. Oh, I don't know, I'm a racist if he just jump right to it, then I almost feel like the debate about whether he quarter shorter, whatever is kind of weathermen, just the problem of the word races that people have is that you think it's one thing if you say he's a racist You should have aligning him with like the clan, but there are levels of racism and racial and appropriateness. Hundred percent dislike is dangerous to point out, like David Dukes proudly different than turn Tina sure but David do. I believe I love Glinda, GINO movies or without a question. He's love em. If you had to go to sit with that, how does that make? You feel that you feel you think so I went to see jangling chained kind of collective bargaining. Did you get there like a black guy slavery movie. You gotta go check this out, airfare cause. I know why you don't worry about. It is also my brand. So so I went to see.
and there's a moment where am I seen the homely wants an end. I there's lots of it that I enjoy Jimmy foxes. Amazing Christoph waltzes, like an amazing actors, we again speeches grating but as a model. There's like, I think, Jimmy Foxes, like hung up side by his balls. You something weird is happening and I'm having Israel visceral, like I'm a black guy who has balls, and this is slavery. While that looks horrible, and next year too, like young, why girls who were like what does he Jamie foxes As you know, the relay are by, I have to say I was a little in girls, I've just say: but no minded singled out in a different situation I might be in that area, but not against the backdrop of the horrors of american slavery. I think, if I could walk you through, I was like this is almost too much. Do you think we're you see his penis negatively this area- I might have gotten there, but there are things like to change my girls, who were like pain, ass. They would like red and I'm like a sword having flashbacks transatlantic
I pray it didn't go ahead of my systems like the fact that a lot of winter Tito's three sorted does it is a sort of an emotionally sorcerer becomes a blank slate. people so to put on wherever they want to pull. It was many people described. It is slavery porn, but there was a kind of a bunch of those in that same period, whereas, like very weird cathartic thing like twelve years, a slave even was just like. Is this how we're processing this weekend it for me to amuse? They write well acted, well executed, a match on release nice guy, but I would like our is the message that slavery was bad. I got it. We're people walk out of me like, oh, my God, slavery was awful. Your high school with
the different xbox like so for me, there's a part of it. That is like we're not all having this discussion at the same level. Yes, sometimes it's hard, because there's a buying Neri option on the table, which is racist, not racist and you'd, there's no room to own it like four for us to grow beyond its content did you see that Michael more documentary who to invade next and he goes around the world and like any country that had a great idea, he decides he's gonna steal and bring back to the U S and he goes How many you want to do in Germany to remember the Holocaust is the kids in school for a month? That's all they study the kids have to pack everything that they would want in a small little box and that's all they're going to own for that month, like it's a dedicated time where they recognize what happened, and I think for us to start that type of process there has
be a little bit of safe ground? I guess words like you: can own your biases and on and come up with tools to correct that, if the only options are I'm a nazi or I'm an ally that doesn't leave a lot of room for people to own whatever level they have? I think that I think is free, but I think there's differ between being a racist and being Nazi. The wardrobe like a a job like, I think, we are going round. The word Nazi lot: that's a specific person, employees is exactly how the wardrobe, where I feel like raises, is like Are you hungry I'm a little bit hungry? Are you races, lobby racist stealer me like. We have to accept the fact that I think the problem is this happens with with white people. A lot is there so much fear the word racism that there's no room to be like these are ways in which you are racist, because they think that that Amelia lines and what the clan you wanna talk about, something that can raise defensiveness. It's like the stakes are, I'm gonna be labelled as a Nazi versus
I'm going to own this, whatever three on the spectrum, I end and then be open to coaching and learning and changing, and probably gonna dig on that. I'm not a nazi because our fight to the death that I'm not a nazi, but people also have to like be ok with being feeling bad asking questions following up like. I think the problem is that you it's a shame, is ok people want to run away from shame. Shame is a motivating factor to change. I've been a me several times, and I learned it gave me I'm actually put Sheila. I like getting a beat around the Bush, nanoseconds, shame on you, but You did you sort of wit, ok, and then you guys, targeting? I asked her to tell me about exactly, and I think there's not enough of like tell me about it, like I had a friend Martha whose like basing was like. You can't talk about racism and make sexism worse, you're being sexist in the world in here, and I was like no I'm not Martha and then it becomes like. Well. How much do I value this friendship? Do I believe
person is smarter than means in this area and you I have enough self care that can sit here and listen to without falling apart. and the answer for me and then what was I do so for me, it's like when people accused me of things I'm now of the point of like did I wouldn't we think that through took me, tell me about it. America's original sin is racism, and people want to act like It was all in the past when history is not a series of doubts and dashes its line. If there were connected to all these things. Oh, it was five I can t go in reality and people today in Chicago they couldn't by house in the seventies right deserves coalitions. Render I mean there is a ton of very recent step or even me? I grew up learning. Oh we had slavery. Then this angel, Abraham, Lincoln, came by freed all the black folks and wasted It's so everything's good and and then I read grain,
and I was like. Oh no reconstruction was almost gnarly or than the war and they were shooting black people who are trying to vote here about that. Like I heard all good our share cropping. It's like slaves subject owes money we were. Can we go about this labour? That is the benefit of movies like twelve years of saint, even though it's eye Rowley when they're like. Oh, no slavery is bad, but if they didn't know that in this helped them know that it's still I'm. One of aware not the movie is great, is a good movie. I just feel like. I just meets an indictment of the education system that people would have to walk out go man, slavery was exactly it is anyway. The only good thing out I help we can get because of this, in time and this to a result was out. There is also what we call for a veil station, yes I love that data and for me, it's like, I think the thing is I felt that the time is likes to average slave is about people.
Instead of that serious back a long time ago, right, where's river stations, like Leslie S, bed, is more today, right now so for me, is that we have to talk about it and now like and also we have to not feel bad about AIDS is, you should make changes for, but you can't get caught up in, like the shame spiral amended This, yes, socially able go yes to turn. Has some things in this that are racist, perfections, good, stay tuned for more lives show after this exciting commercial break. We brought to you by Grove Collaborative now. Monaco allows Goin up mom, you suggest spatter bleach in
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you might be in another outcome: do it there? When you do my mobile? Also, you can be exactly out through the whole thing and Mandarin known also is a thing where there were a lot of kids who grew up speaking Chinese in their house, who were kind of taken for the easier, which I'm not mad at him. By the way. In my mind, I pictured that was the only people in the class and then you looking for Bruce Lee Movie Also, I wasn't motivate because I think I made a portable mistake, bigger your dad. He was the insurance commissioner of Alabama. Yes, he was. He was right. There is also the chairman of the Swiss Reed was three years that those are pretty huge accomplishments in the seventies, and we now know that stuff happened in the nineties it when I was sort of like already person. Ok, ok, like I grew up with a dad who lived.
mom's house like in the back room whose moms house a hoss half on employed for Tiger Fer, a poet and had attained by the jacket and wake PIG, seventies afro. Looking like Doktor John Vacation, I would like a big giant Buick Inner and that he has not cost of being a tan. yeah like all I do. Is this an ant, video and fine, and then, when I was like a little older, he realized oh wait a minute, I'm a loser and like got a job at the bank, is like a thirty five year old, like Junior, tell it has worked his way up to when he like got recruited to sell insurance. It wasn't a loser, virtually Billy was, but he was not a guy who's accomplishing much re. Suddenly, like the lights, which click the music. I gotta make some things happen. So if you met my dead today, you would not know that that was the same guy who's like now like his casual closer like polo dockers in like these are my casual loafers united mean like he was a
Miller highlights champagne a beers drank in areas like I dont, like this wine, that that was he does pointed out when you dropped out o yeah as he had like it takes forever to go through college. He he thought like based, like uterus, you were supposed I school, so he felt like people go to ivy school. Set so I sign is now set, and then Europe later the drop out and go back to Chicago takes unpleasant second city, and that's what you did he hesitated and how long did you stay in Chicago? Ninety one move to hear ninety seven. In what brought you here I mean I'd sergeant comedy and ninety four to Chicago Standard comes here was not that good. At the time it was out of the deep with the boom crashed and there was just not a lot of opportunities.
So I like to cereals, we may even moved to New York or San Francisco, which New York it was too much. Yes, I was this guy and moved out here and Gallagher Guess set at the punchline comedy club, even though I had no business getting one, so we so I went to the points I gotta get set, which can get it s such a cargo comedy clubs like oh apparently here, I'm a star, moved out here, not the case, but the sounds like a comedy seen as just always turning outbreak media. So when I got here like Patton, Oswalt, just left Dave Chappelle would like come and saw the club, but nobody knew who he was outside of the club. I would just sit in the back and watch all these people like come through, and I would like I got to see all these great
comedians and sort of people who are on their way up and like get better in the club? I spent a lot of years trying to figure out what my voice was. I wasn't funny enough just to be a common who told random joke to figure out how to be a mighty version of binnacle mean in you. What what how soon? Indeed, you become a kind of politically oriented in Europe Comedy really. It was like when Barack Obama's are running for office like suddenly a black eye was the news every day and the things I was reading, we're like making me angry and then I started. Do I want to talk about it more and stage like. That's when I really got like really believe you wanted bobbed all the wind. Yes, I was so mad as a black. Our enterprises at what are we come to. My mom is very political and military, as I had it in my life all the time I thought it was like ran away from it, but then, when that happened earlier like pulled into what would you say? Is your big break? You do you're, one man show and no one seven. basic, whatever seized with reverent Kevin Avery. To do some shows for troops. No girl you are so too are now not that's it.
Version. This is like a book or who's got some gigs. Ok, it was sort of like this thing, we're like as a local guy who knew a guy. They would just send your that gives them a military base in Okinawa and they didn't. Ninety minute shows me cavalry he's gonna. Do forty five minutes and we would like we heard it was great, it's great. It's their entreat you first class and someone told me too as somebody who had done it so I reached out. Tom roads who had done it he's. He lived with air and he's either goes played all over the world, and I said Tom, Hausa gig he's like that's the worst gig I've ever done as like. If it's for here we're gonna die. That's a break your fantasy of the USA to her, but I've done to those in it's not really the four seasons either there aren't. They just excited, though well yeah yeah, there exists You gotTa Bradley Goober, which I did once very excited to see him TAT was my mistake. You didn't bring rather Eurogroup. Rather we were just two on famous black boots occur like
older than all the guys because of Ali with the private in the military and the first night we were like. I like I'll, go up first cuz. I want to get it over with and Kevin second cuz. I don't see how you do it so that I bomb for forty five minutes Kevin went about me. We were like I was like. I think I ought to go first, every night, so I can get it over many years. I came back going after balmy, for we can economic. Is this what to do for a living? And so then from that I was Michael. What would I do if I was famous and as I would have a show that was daily show, but about racism in America? And so I couldn't do that, but I rented the Sheldon Theatre, which is right across town and started with a projector doing powerpoint and telling longer stories and jokes. The first night Melissa was my girlfriends. I was holding the projector in her lap is heated up. He gets yellow, burn Gallo Bernhard so and then that very quickly, like the medium
we are talking about me and then, like a few years later, Chris rocks on me in that into being the big. The official, but we came to the shell yeah, I didn't show new in New York. Now I knew a guy who's that Chris Rock. I told him about you and he looked you up on the internet and thinks you're funny, but I didn't know using a shop when I think somebody, I think, maybe somebody new he might be there. Nobody told me which I'm happy about, but do the show, maybe in New York it was great, it was a fun shows, won't show you like me. I really know what I'm doing. I walked back stage and then suddenly, like my manager, the time walks back with his look on her face. Like he'd seen a ghost I don't like what's wrong with her and then behind. Her is Chris Rock and I realize oh, she seen the ghost of Christmas. Because he's he's that famous like you have you famous people he's an extra level we as it, so you floats backstage and suddenly we ll talk for a few minutes and he is like he's like, but he's like. Where do you live?
experiences, go move and most was pregnant diamond, like I think we're kind of embedded for the time being, but and then, after that, he called me like a couple months later and basically from that call. He helped me at my first tv show televised on a fat on ethics, and now, how does that out is? Are you end up on CNN, based on that show? I have to imagine here that show like people pay attention to what is crucial is producing and we had a couple things at work, but it like it is never clicked and then he got cancelled, but it was this thing we're so they have taken all these general meeting and they think you're that the wrong guy. So if you don't have any idea, what I got upon came down came doubt when punk come to doubt I started getting meetings at studios and I would say, seventy percent in the meetings that the guy love you like, I don't know how you guys stay alive. Doing those stunts, didn't you get shot with a bulletproof vest on and then I'm like. That's Johnny Knoxville and I
I wasn't on Jack asked, but this seems to be going way. fuck, I'm lucky to be sitting here. You go to a movie roles for me. You were actually happen, but I have taken many pictures where, at the end of pictures like this class love that many many many many many many people are showing pictures of me going. We met the drama from the roots and their friends are going. Oh, my God failure! racist many many many, you go in there. Are you Jupiter show to a bunch of places? No, I this is the thing the firstly things that have my career after years and years of, like struggling in like being like back like theirs and copy gloves, and nobody whatever not sell, comparing it better, like the first. You shows Chris sold Tully biased at lunch. With like the head of effects. I was even their right of course, so this coming all three
he had sold. Seen in a pilot for this show that would be with a starring a black median for this travel show documents, users, nobody was attached to it and they were looking for somebody. So when I met with CNN, they were like. Maybe you could do this thing, so I was like I don't know, maybe, and then then I end up doing it, but yet so I didn't have to like the first episode of because haven't seen it you how you must watch it. You go in you meet with the k, K K. Yes, a couple different branches yeah became plans at the clan yeah. I talk about the clan kind of a lot, Monica hates it because now let me first acknowledge I'm in a position to build a laugh attic. Is I'm not the victim of it? So I just let me on that really quick with that said, it seems like a bunch of fucking losers, flame dungeons and dragons, like their names. Just keep getting longer and longer like theirs was like the Christian.
crucifix brothers of the clue, clubs, clan chapter III, Dolly was like twenty five titles. You know a hundred ten pounds, no teeth, they have to revisit. There's like that, the royal they're all like the royal knights of the honourable because because they're making it a lot of central organization, that's approving your clan membership right, it's more like a like. A club team remain like that's. What we need are club team it's illegal, muddy, yeah, exactly it's not! The pros racism is it's. The semi professional raises so yeah, so when we got the show with their like. It's gonna, be shed a black eye travel around two like places Eve you shouldn't go and they were like pitching like the Rodeo country Club, like the golf clubs, and I was like what about the clan, you have demonstrated this. Let's do it at the time. I knew I needed the job, but also knew that if it didn't go at least, I would have a good story to tell yeah
about the time I filmed the clan after effects. Khazars allows that with affection I felt like I was allowed to do what I wanted to do. There is people who sort of in getting in the way of that, because was new people put me in the position of mediating my voice, and I allowed them to because I was new and assumed that people to set my best interests at heart and in show business. As you know, they don't- and I heard you talking about this on Trevor now. The first season was just all white peoples. Read all the crew is white like they were maybe a couple Pierre of color, but all the decision makers are white deeds right and when we did that episode there, like what the plans that we can only bring white people like why we letting the clan decide like that's weird right, but can also be shy, seven, more episodes in never change, and so every season I had two like really like Bob up up up, but we need air black people and women.
He knows about, but up perhaps some south asian ones, and there, like you in higher Y know that, like the crew photo from that last season to the first is very different, because I was like actively speeding drum now? What was you're out of ten ten is like you're gonna jump out of an airplane without a parachute zeros real sobs use massage were you actually fearful already like these are bozos bozos can have gone back both in fact they did have guns. When you showed up, we told them no guns, they had a gun, the security Guard, who was Mexican American, but they told the plan he was white, which was funny because clearly was not a white guy. Like sounds good to me,
but he's clearly put him in a Garth ways: leisure he's a shade lighter than me quick, dated newski outta. This idea was appear, but he was like. Don't worry that guy does not use that gun. You'll be fine, as if that doesn't give me confidence, like you, Gomer Piles, it share the. I was afraid, because I dont know what their plans It could have been good reputation. We have is a great opportunity for them to do something. Balls, yes, or would we showed up like you? I got over the continents in the episode I walk out. You dislike phalanx of clan and like across and after walking about a hundred years to get to them and in the episode oh shit! This is a good idea. I wasn't joking actually was saying allow I realise that is out loud until I saw it like oh shit, this was not a go. Did you ever? Am I mean it was? The USA is like my first day on the job I met. A bunch of crew had never met before first day on the job jitters Anna went across burning rights. So, like your first day at the new,
This attitude unpack about that cross, burning. There's super christian. I mean the bringing definition Christianity, I'm goin under Self Declaration at the integrated themselves? Grissom? Yes, it's weird that they burn the big symbol, but ever let's not get bogged down in there. I guess what they call. It cross lighting, I'm going to ask you to defend the logic of unknown, and I realized I would thank you. I feel like we just turned a corner, but but I do think we have a similar stance on this. In people did accuse you of plants forming those people right, yeah above arguments on time about like? Are you giving people a platform? I mean first, my lot as languages come up since trumps election. The whole idea of a european platform for me, here's the thing. I respect the fact that if you're watching me come to the clan in your personal actually knows history, that it doesn't mean anything to you. But if you like, of course, to the clinic this into a lot of black like wiping
and again at the clinic this, but at the same time I'm getting others it for me all this sort of feedback from white people, another people like I had no idea and so every episode they should have two different conversation, in house conversation and the outhouse conversation or again you american history acts at nor looks pretty sweet there. At the beginning, these jack's looks great box or shorts you're like looks pretty good, Then you see the real I've clan you're like where's, that nor, oh
dont join this organisation. Does it's a bunch of both those that did no dungeons and dragons was a game they gotta just play, but but, but that that it in this sitting in particular- and I find myself in monica- gets mad at me because again, I end up being a little more vocally critical of the left, because I'm on the left- and I feel like lecturing the right, we'll, never get me anything. I don't think it's my job to steer the right. I don't think I am any sway over the right. I do think I have a modicum of sway over some people that were kind of already on the similar page, and so I feel like us, get both motherfuckers on the podium and see who's got the best idea. That's how we decide what the best ideas
but this city in particular Berkeley in particular, has been Barclays awesome. I will say only school better than you see. I I'm nervous about them, deciding which people can be heard in which people can, but you have a slightly different opinions. So I want you to educate me and why you can only choose if you're educated, by what I say I can educate you myself, You do, I think you just come. Food me was a line of David Carroty is knows more Morpheus from the matrix sort of converges it. So I think we with our Berkeley, retained by Like Berkeley like not letting certain people speak. There's not like this sort of like it's. This are this so Burke wood, which was, I lived in Berkeley the time it was a school that was like when this person comes. Violets comes with this person right, whether this person is bring it themselves or whether this person is encouraging. It like ankle
turn rightly spoke at Berkeley before and nothing happened, but when it became a thing we're an culture is sort of like playing this. All right thing will now. This is different, and so for me, it's like at the end, It's a school has students, they don't want to die yeah, and so it's not like it's just a stage in a blank place, it's a public institution at the school there s also the figure out like well when these people come to pay for this resource, illuminate the more cops- and you know it loudly just like when this happens over me, like people act like these schools just sort of these blank canvasses when every school is therefore differ. reason. At the end of the day, they're there to educate their students. Does your dude, who teaches at Berkeley in the law school John Woo, who wrote the George W Bush torture memo? He teaches there right now, but guess what does not
riot breaking out every time it gives a lecture, so he teaches there so we're not talking about just different voices and because all these schools have more conservatives- and you realize it's about the fact that there is a certain brand of things- are to be identified, as conservatism that is actually much more trolling then well is actually like putting forth comparative ideas. Tat, I mean I'm of the opinion that both parties and pretty much been hijacked by about five percent on the far end of the shoulders, to some degree, like the ship that your red nuns, whether that bank becomes a headline that that's not any of us, whose high I mean I'm not I'm not asking in a leading way but whose which voices tat might have hijacked left. I guess one question the people that would say your platform in and eighty nine in spreading the clam. That's we're gonna get picked up. People want to write,
about your show more than they wanna write. What ninety seven percent of people said about your site is the nature of click media. That whatever is the craziest proposition, is the one that's going to tracks, but I feel, like those voices aren't voices that are leading the left. Those voices are people pursuing clicks like I don't see those voices are being actually the leadership of the left. I see those is being media, voices and people who are like. Why not a frame this in a way that will give me clicks. The people who are leading the left are the people in power who have the money, who don't actually have an interest. I don't think a lot of times in progressive change. They have an interest in keeping their jobs are now having to show. How is that change your life? So every here's, the thing that's great
because it CNN it sort of EU bickers network. I didn't grove as a kid. What's internal I'm going, I hoped to when they get a show in the cable news network. You didn't. I didn't I didn't answer when I first came to me with the idea of like doing this. Parliament see it in the only thing that made it makes sense to me was that there were shows like Bore, Dane and Micro and Mortgage Berlusconi's laying, but I still is like it's weird and I'd be on CNN but the great thing about is even if you hated you and opinion an airport looking at it. Oh yeah, that's the most unintended yeah. Viewing that I do. I probably consumes somewhat CNN. Then I never knew
do, but they are using, and I love it being in a place where you like. That's so I've seen people simply pictures on twitter people like standing gates at airports like looking at me talking to the clan like. So it's a big megaphone to speak, from which I appreciate, I feel like every season the show, sharper and smarter and people resonate with it now hear from people all the time that, like families watch together, teaches want to use it in their classes at an intended for that. But people really connect people with the ideas and its also, this great thing that I feel like. I don't know that I can have a lot of energy then show business, which is why I'm not running into couldn't turn Tina movie. Ok, but I just don't think I dont think I'm an actor, I'm not an actor. I see but go ahead. So I think, like this is basically the only job of being on tv regulated I can have. Where do you live in a perfect era where meat is here now, which is like the greatest thing ever? No, I don't think I would have the career I had if not for being in the twenty first century. I'm really pay
the work. I do. I'm proud of my kids know about the work I do. Even they don't want to show their pretty bored by it. But what are they there? One three: what he's ain't? One! Eight! Four and a half, and almost one ok and all Girls- will we make girl or an all girls club. You're the best, as you think my stars every day that I don't have any boy yeah. I don't get punched out, one someone's yeah you're just prefer to be quietly shunned, yea I euro,
in your book that you are grateful that you don't have boys, because there's a conversation that you would not want to have with boys, or so I said I was very fond of boy. Was the idea of having to have the conversation that my mom had with me when I was like ten now that your ten in your black boy you're? Basically a man? Yes, so this is super fascinating, I'm interested in like what is the under current of a lot of the racism again, as you pointed out there, so many layers to it. But I definitely think one of the things is that many white men deal emasculated by black man. There's a weird masculinity thing going on, and others like to slavery in the fact that black people had to be seen is less than human,
in order for you to make them into slaves, because you are christian, yet they have to be the ultimate other and at the same time you need them to be big and strong unstrapping, and you need them to do work. So you need a ten year old to be working in the field, even though its tendency not a kid he's a peaceable farm machinery. At the same time, then it becomes this thing about, while these people are like doing other physical labour in my life and suddenly becomes a stay here. It's like. I can't treat you like a person because you need to be a piece of farm equipment, and so then it becomes about emasculating this big, strong physical person and making the women feel like their property, because you can't connect to their humanity. then that goes to reconstruction and Jim Crow and black lives matter in the cats in the cradle. In this respect, then, a little man like you just so it's all I need is coming home, go mile. I don't know when will getting now what
good, so your mother sent you down settlers in your ten years old, but that's not how you do it happened within our members. We went to we're in Boston where the racism is. As we know, How is it that in the serbian tangle we gotta like like the kind of drug store I would go to buy like a cracked magazine and a candy bars my MIT age, while close enough? Why might go about myself to do it and so she's like when you come into a store like this? You have to make sure that you only touch things that you're going to actually buy you dont shop with your hands. You don't pick things up and put them down. You have the only touch things you actually want an you see that guy over there he's looking at us. If that's a store, detective he's going to follow you around the store he's looking over. Like me, I just happen to be standing here,
he's going to follow you around the store, be aware when your hands are at all times and when you walk out, make sure you paid for everything. Don't accidentally take something cuz, it could end up badly for you right and what is your when you hear that? Do you think all this is bulshit or do you go over? This is just life on planet earth just a little bit like my mom's, making a big deal out of nothing and then, when I was fifteen, I was literally like thrown out of a record store. Cuz I've been hanging out too long, and they just would like tired of seeing me in
well in their defence. You also whereby a creed album, that's true that sure, and I was singing anyway I bought or so like, and then there's been things my life, Riga, no Mamma notions talking about, and I'm glad she told me sucked, but I had been prepared for them. I have daughters. I can already see this conversation coming down. The road which is I don't ever want to be victim blaming right. I don't want to insinuate that it's their responsibility to not have a guy rape them dude responsibility to act like human with all. That said, I also need to tell them the reality of the world we live in, like I read Missoula by crack our studies, like fifty cases at Missoula, everyone, those cases everyone's blackout, drunk like that's a reality like I need to say that to my daughter's like hey. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, and, unfortunately, this off
it happens when everyone's spoken annihilated and yet that's it we're conversation that have what my daughter's? Because, again, I don't think it's their responsibility to not get raped. I think it's guys responsibility not to rate girls, and yet I need to educate them on the world they live in, but I think those things go hand in hand. Just like you wanted teacher kids, how to read you, don't you can walk out the world like not knowing a red ass, a reading helps you get through the world. This is my daughter's like. I want to teach them how to be better best arm to navigate the world right, and part of that is like making sure that you tried you put yourself in the best position to succeed. at all times, YAP. Here's how you do an arm bar the knife in your shoe, you don't owe me
you know your keys can go to your knuckles and you know here's I throw parts. I feel like all these things and also in bad things happen. It's not your fault that the world can do bad things really means. I think, those that you think can exist at the same time. That's thing about raising the boy that, unlike here's, the Irish, don't feel like I was. I dont know how to do the boy like I didn't grope, I'm not the tip. I can't tell you how the boy shit, because I don't know other boys whereas I know enough of the boys to tell my daughter's like yours, the boy shit. You know me like a fox, yellow, so bet your ass, though fuck you. Yes, I feel like I'm, I liked being a double agent. and turning against the dew commanders and now I fuck jello but anyways. I fucked EL, on our scientists about it, but I do for you. they won't leave you behind reset it didn't work out its own, the Kool aid immediately.
Then I got a rash and thought I had a venereal disease. They went to a free clinic and got a boner in the woman's face. When she told me what labour jello she like you're, all caught up, the cliff notes. Sorry Jana. I know your mom still here. that's. Actually, when I want to talk about last jello in Russia's which what your favorite Jello labour is to have sex with you, he we stay tuned for more live show after this exciting commercial break arm, chair expert has brought to you.
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me for four months this year and she's my number one girl- and I attribute anything- that's good in me to my mom and the more I embrace the stuff. She taught me the better. I do in life in the more people. Like me, let me what did you get from mom and are you grateful that. I'm not grateful for my mom and anyway sporadic. So we ask about for their larger brought. This up. I've been trying to tell her for a long time now my mom, certainly when I was a kid I was very comforting. The mama was my best friend, even at an age where it felt like that's weird figure to prom, it wasn't inappropriate, have your daughter's ass, you know Mary them, you know they haven't, has been very them yet I guess you're relationship is as good as mine is reminders.
Can you explain to me how to get my daughter's proposed to me? That's my six year old when she was three, we went to a wedding and we were walking up and the people are getting married. She said that she wants to marry me that was great, but my four year old, my youngest top, that the other night cause she's daddy. Will you divorce, mommy and marry me and soon ass? He records Rosen three. We get that money, We just need one more frozen and you- and I are here. This picture your wife coming home from like well, that was one frozen three and you have on your bags package. Oh, it's a rap on more than frozen reality. Yes, so I guess. it was, he would go. Are you leaving it and I would go? Let me answer that question with another question: is there going
frozen four my mom was very much encouraging me to dance to the beat of your own drum or she deserve always. Let me believe that things were going to work out. If I just want to pursue the things I want to pursue
she also wanted me to learn how to read but like when I dropped out of college. There wasn't a sense of like oh no, where my dad was like. Well, you don't fucked up now boy where's, my mom was like she actually signed me up four classes, second city, because she was like you always wanted to do this. Let's do this remain, so I dont think she thought necessarily where I am now, but she did think you're smart enough to your figures. Only it's important me that you pursue things you want to pursue, because I think she's been a lot of her time in early life like not pursuing things, one pursuant to do which will actually had to do like like when she was like Robin Indianapolis, my Mama's honour for its separate, but unequal in all sorts of things are awful, so she had to do a lot of things is to get by that by the time she had me later in life. At that point it was thirty five, which now is like Prime Kitty ears, but she's like made a choice to have a kid and was
great clear about the fact that I want you to be able to do whatever you want to do in that. Without pressure from me. Well, you know and pressure her family to do the right thing gap and she will totally appreciate that applause from how I can tell one other thing we have in common. My mom sees a gangster and I am so grateful to her in so many ways at the top of that list is, I then was attracted to people who were also opinionated in strong motivated in driven and all these things, and so I ended up with a carbon copy of my mom, and you know younger and prettier and unattractive do are sexually. I'm weirdly grateful that that was the woman than I first love than that. That's who
it up as a partner and did you find that that kind of drove you found yeah? I think my mom's greatest compliment to anyone is that you remind me of me, so my mom told Melissa. Like you remind me of me now, nobody's wife wants to be thought of as a replacement for their husbands mom you imply, but she gets the idea that most certainly strong wills accomplishes when we started dating. We were like thought of his like sort of a power couple it, but now because of fame announces the people seer offers like oh you're, the white wife, or do we not cover that? My wife? Why so, I must say, is like she's got a phd in critical dance studies forgotten they mathematics they ask for your feet. You know she teaches a: U s: every city she's a brighter for the Saracens Chronicle, so that she's doing a lot of things. Why thank your wife and I think, your lovely mother- and I think my moment- I think other women that have helped make us not piece of shit. It's very easy,
To be that way. Yes, your mind is when we're leaning into pieces of shit territory and go and like at the outset, we have one threat that has not been tied. Why don't you betray fascinations? Just I've been thinking about it. night, suspicious Melissa, so excited right now. That's what you want you over there uttering now. I have the driver's license when I turn sixteen. I live in Chicago my friends on driving licences as we covered earlier. I did that data lots. I didn't have to take Ladys out, ok, so glad to go, get that intend? Oh you were borrowing. I walked in the video store, both uphill, both ways, and
and so my driver's license lapse. I'd ever got comfortable driving. I moved out of the barrier and if you ve heard of Munich in part, but we have those things that here here and there and then my license expired and I started getting state ideas and then I never really got comfort wine, the wheel and then people are eyes like there's no bus that goes over there like whenever you like, trying to go someplace they like and I like. You realize that poor people have to go clean. All these houses, there's always a bus Lima go somewhere, it's not always convenient. I would like land and allay. I would like to take the train to union station goes most was that you see recited the translation. I would take the subway away, then transfer to a personal. I think I'll have meetings general meeting. we're gonna go directly back in a week off exactly yes to you three and a half ago. We need to be validated. No. I took up my transfer. You know that I am a big fan of public transportation, our eye, but it also it's like one of the things that members are now going to talk about. My driver's license
Let's get bringing it up so thanks for that. It's never too late, and I really want one we'd like to see you get it, but it doesnt have happened tonight your mouth. Thank you. So much remain our gas. You were having a new job. You you mean a bad man myself, you guys an honour to be here in front of you. Thank you so much for the fact check. We want you to check out some music from Matt Nathan sin. Who is a part of the wide experience in San Francisco, and we were delighted haven't. We want you to hear one of songs that he played for us he's performing used be from his album sings. His sad heart out everywhere now
still got the same mon still jack the car you hey still fight with my father. Still stay out soon still leave the back door open still let the dog is. Maybe I'm deep down hope you come back to yell at me like you used to do just stubborn, in the past, yeah Close was made and then as a phd in oil used gotta king is bad and a phd in we used to be
and when you write your movie carried the sweetest details feel free to call me and right how I made you share the ground underneath the show the devil is in the deep Is he and I got a real good luck? We used to just stubborn food? in the past most closely. Samuel, as these gotta king, that's bad at a phd in joy used to be
you know, I says in history, but I've gotta keep says bad Phd annoying used to be. Well, we will answer, was closed and settle the matter.
Says still used was made in memory. Gotta keep says: TAT used, gotta king, bad and a phd in the way used to be and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, maize, Monica bad men back check back again, checked directive. Let's begin I want to before we launch into this, because you have an interim Monica Roy,
do and I would feel terrible if I didn't say what W Kemal Bell had out in the market place, he has a great book the awkward thoughts W Kemal Bell. He also as a Netflix Special private school negro check that on a netflix, then his CNN show, which we talked about a lot during the park. Has united shades of a man Erica season for on CNN. It just ended, unfortunately, but you can do get out. We bought it on Itunes yeah. When we wonder Muslims around here. It's really fun show me ass, a unique per se. Yeah yeah, yeah Gawayne interacts with people's very disarming liked and the law we like them very tall. Gentlemen, tallest I've ever seen what oh well, that's gonna, check that for ten years and all jazz come out six four according to his birthright injustice, six six, the too tall in
this taller, but I actually think just six five, because we ve had this conversation recently where he says he feels like you, six sex. We think you sick sex, but when he measures at the doktor had six firewall guy was very definitive when you measure at the doktor yeah, but also Conan, O Brien, was in here and he is six eggs cross got like four inches of hair to good good point. Maybe All this goes in the organised debate about your height are either pervaded the sexy. The same car hairs me is: it really helps it. Maybe of yours was JAG it at the top of Meda JAG out time straight up Those back glad against the now has a lot of volume had area which does have volume, but it does while the contour of your per idols and you dont, do your bags a blue, your bangs out like when I was an eighth grade. You might look five five, although I think that would just be out Take a visor lunar. You gotta go up, go real high. There I'll show some pictures array,
I'm a year by shoes, your hottest girlfriend onawandah Rank people's hardness. As all you do Ms all, you do is ranked emails hot ass. You are always, people at TAT hour on line on online. I only say people's number, which really high. I only knew so. I ll keep a positive I've, never come on here and call someone to maybe but tat. Leave. A tell us now to tell me: can I care about but they might, I wanted just get excited for a second. I now see that you found your other flipped lop. Let's go sliver say I know it's what I found one of them in arrant sandal deck as we were leaving the house are from our Vegas. Yeah we're back in LOS Angeles, everybody a mixed
it's sad words mix for me. I do love this studio. I love being in the space and more excited is to be in hearing and that's a b I hated here. I won't be back on that Well, I hate it. He asked the war ice. Is everyone thinks and hair? So yes, we're back what a trip we had a trip. It's a real even over there on Western Lake Michigan Coastline. People like hearing about our vacation or of their like okay? We, yet you have a fun vacation, annoy the wider me I think, may be here. What is it a form of expressing gratitude. I am expressing gratitude very lucky to have been on that train handsome. Ah, in the eating earlier on the beach? You said I dont, like anything you ve said on here as well, and I have already said on here after you said that that I don't find that to be helpful to me to hear and then
You said it again because you called me a sex chinchilla right, couple times. That's right. I couple times- and I said hey I don't like that is, if you like anything all this, does not exactly what ok what happened we started list many many animals that you could be. We were all sitting around in a circle doing what our animal totems could be sore guessing in every gas that we had for you. You didn't like now yet, and I said she didn't she's, not gonna like any of the animals. We that's to that totally not what happened at all. Oh, that's how I remember what animals to people's it. I didn't like I said- I I don't know. I said a fox at one point, our eyes we're just gonna have debray. I guess I set a fox, but a new set of Fox makes sense. That's always edible me being an animal totem animal. I think you were telling
the story about sex chinchilla, you told the story and then we were done telling a story and then, you're playing cards? And then you said it, you call me and then said I dont like that, and you said you don't like anything. I said why don't like vat revenue laughed, it was funny that was appropriate time. The laugh it keeps coming up in it bothers me, ok I'm sorry, it feels like no matter what animal we guess for you. It's a pass So you can't even tell me one of the animals that talk big you're talking to animals as a quality care. I, Sir, that's good. I would never have said you. I don't like that. That's totally fines recall their yes a bad. No, I don't! I don't think it's a bad.
No one called me you're very you are mistaken. I think I would be interested to hear all the animals people thought I was no one said anything after we talk about Fox and then sexual was its own thing. There was a stand alone beyond the exact same time during the same comes as it was during the same day, but it was off the same conversation. And it's fine. I I just wanna know I mean I dont think you were talking about just the animals, I want my real opinion of. You is no matter what animal I'll say: you'll! Try to think of the worst thing about that. Like I don't understand your huge objection: the sex chinchilla, my really down into super cute animal in your disgusted by it. So I think that, yes, I'll no matter what I say is a negative, and I do think that I think you're trying to find a negative and whatever
animal buried him specifically in animal conversation. I time in life I'm talking about all things worry. Your assessment of your physical attraction is potentially in the army, may think you're completely delusional, but how you look and then I think, when we Talk about anything related now you look that you're trying to turn it into something negative, and I I do have that opinion of you. Ok, that's fine that you have that opinion, and that could be true. That, probably is true, but I guess My question is: if you know that something is Gonna trigger me feeling bad about myself. Why would you say it one Alden, don't no one to you, react and then I'm M reminded of what, when I want, is calling you a sex, panther or a sex chinchilla. Anything I'm not for eight months expand
not the same. There is already a chill out rotation on the park and no one called me a sex panther and I got upset about that- would have to go back and listen Do you believe that I said what, if Ben called you a sex panther sex kinship? Can you help me? you know. I know you're sitting over there and you know sailors broader from Anchor man room about me. Our with sex, giraffe and then thank your Angela came up for you, yeah, no good animal that people were to be considered was brought up front me, which is fine. If they go back and listen I'll note, and I concede that I thought they tried on a bunch of names. Ok and then I think sex chinchilla was the funniest in it hurt your feelings, and I think it's so obviously means nothing. Whether we call you a section, Schiller's sex, leopard or as sex.
Why does, though, what no it still preposterous? We are arguing whether or not reality can be called a sex. Giraffe yet already starts off his polio, but his conversely easily horses did old members should react to be upset that I'm saying sex giraffe. If I called you a sex giraffe would you be upset? I think you would, I think, whatever animal I would say to, you would upset you and you're trying to make an objective claim about what animals sexy or not, but I started with calling someone, I think, very sexy, a section Wrath NEA, which no woman's really necessarily dying to be confused with the giraffe. So it is to me started on a preposterous premise and then, if I call you a sex chinchilla, it's just funny. In. I understand your feelings or her and I'm sorry that they were, but for me it was funny from the get go
was never an evaluation of your actual looks or what annually resembles in. So I think we have different sensitivities to that. Yet we have different sensitivities in general, and I am just saying that I dont think- and maybe I'm wrong about this, and you can tell me it cause if I'm doing- and I really wanted to stop- I think I do. fairly good job of not try to exacerbate your sensitivities. You MOSS, because you never bangor me or her. My feelings everyone. You ve been happy when I've lost. That's the only the end. I brought that up. Yeah yeah, I just said oh bring that up, because it felt more like a broad. A painting with a pretty wide. Brush of my personality that I dont like anything and I don't find that to be,
Who at all do I just meant what thing animals out tat you like a lot of stuff rectangle family is love. Em love, em square sandwiches words in his sandwiches even had a year along skinny sandwich Coney Island. Well, that was a nice sandwich where we call about US We are calling day Andrews Zimmermann. He maintains that it's a sandwich anything between Brad. I guess he said he had some strong opinions about. cookies and crackers and yeah sandwiches. I agreed with him here. said: while someone and our cue innate in Minneapolis, master is animal cracker, a cracker or cookie, and he felt very strongly. It was a cookie consumer Macedonia And I agree with you that is, I think, anyone's really on the crackers side of the debate. If you never met anyone,
you don't my favorite crackers. Are we wanted you like crackers and cheese, animal crack, animal crackers and a sharp shark shadow is my favorite? Maybe they kids would say that to get away with getting some free cookie asked I am going to get a box. A cook is, I bet, I wonder when they created that product there, like we can't com, animal cookies, cause parents on by their casualties, honey, just crackers. It says it on the box hurried Ladys who had their weekly fifteen minutes of watching the cute like gotta Ogilvy, part of the room downstairs like six empty box They animal drag on hundred crackers came from England, where they call cookies, biscuits or crackers that makes a little bit of sand. That does not ideal. Remember having a real laugh when Numb errand and bullets.
dean and I were in Venice, ITALY on our little european adventure. Aha, and we had an english roommate in our hostile and he was sharing his chocolate. Digestive biscuit with us or about hugging the wishes, and they were cookies, they're just cookies, and we thought what an unappetizing description they were called. Just that it bears job digestive, biscuit and all day, weekly Blake Cadmium, like a really gophers. I just want a member you'd unwrapped the paper and there is twenty or thirty digestible slathered in chocolate. fuck yeah where's, my arm of anyone in the mood for digestive biscuits, no thing, I think I'll, just stick with water, no living animal,
you should have gone the whole way in called them animal digestive bit. Skype. Not only do you think, there's something medicinal for your Lord gastrointestinal track, but I also think there specifically. Veneered and made for animals Oh yeah, right, animal digestive, biscuits thousand. That selling sent me give a horse. Winwin blockage I'll show you We would only eat too were those because you be afraid to eat too many little boy, you're, cornea, diarrhoea, explosion, more explosion of Iraq, diarrhoea record. Had I reckon I miss him video near when someone harness Rio's on my steps. Idleness, farewell! That's you, ok, oh so he said, Mobile Alabama is the birthplace of Martinique, Raw that is
true congratulations. Mobile. Before New Orleans there was mobile Alabama, the birthplace of Mardi GRAS in America, Mobile founded by Roman Catholics from France and one thousand seven hundred and two was home to the first mystic society, which held America's first Mardi GRAS celebration in one thousand, seven hundred and four fourteen years before. Orleans was even founded pretty morons there really has stolen mobiles thunder with Marny raw card, took it over, stole it driving of appropriate Brian. The did the like Pepsi well now. Has Coke still driving out the key Morlock Kleenex as Iraq's excellent primate, cab horse, Xerox, too. Oh yeah, that's true, and always on. Everyone just causes Xerox machine folks at Pack Bell or whoever might have been in that racket like we ve invented that thing I guess it's all in the night
this is a theme in this fact marrying his key every day, three digestive biscuits, we did get into some Orioles on the trap line to spoil, Marcel black and white digestive, those kids to turn digestible has had its by Oreo when we learn the whole history of Orioles wheedle debate, my airport right, I was very wrong very, very We were saying how old are oriented- and I guessed a hundred years ago- Can I guess I was right. You said something like one thousand nine hundred dollars like no way the technology to make those digestive biscuits couldn't of existed before one thousand nine hundred and sixty just imagining it being them like an injection malls and allow our bow gear, and it turns out, is pre. Nineteen hundred marked six nineteen, twelve o change while gotta wrong. Again, I can tell you one hundred seven years. All I commented that will
of Orioles field based bonds or us. You know Malcolm makes her to continue these two Oreo Digest Biscuit Perfect, companion, PETE! Well, I patient. Well, no sign that response, or so it's fine. It's not good for your body. Well, first now, messages for sure yeah. I think a lot of people are lactose entire there's this doubts or their nine b plus per cent for Asians yeah That's me. Seventy five percent for African American about caucasian well varies whether they had a hurting ovulation or not, but the celtic and Irish all them they ain't. They did a lot of hurting, but mostly like. Where the you see the lowest percentages in the Middle EAST. Could the better ones have been hurrying? Those cattle remember. I said that didn't make much sense to me about Asians, because,
like in India, there's so much yogurt consumption and Indians or Asian? Well, so I don't agree on so it's confusing as to why Indians and Asians would have lactose intolerance. Well, the Asians. I'm talking now mainland China, Mongolia, Japan, they didn't unheard animals. There a groan rice as their main sub systens model? Yes, so just how long you been hurting air stillness tray with the other, it is confusing, although does the lactose go away in that process somehow have not seen lactose free, yogurt, but I think now because you can get like two per cent yogurt right yeah, most yogurt is legally skim ride without stove,
toss it s what I mean so, yes, we must have an air for sure, but I've never seen lactose free yogurt, which leads me to believe that some others not lactose in younger. I look it up for next time. Ok nexus, the mystery hugger, so Coup MAO's mom asked you if you knew about them now and you said no and then she said, shame on you! That's right! It is a militant African, ash, analyse movement that originated in the nineteen fifties among them. Kiki you, people of Kenya, sorry famous, pronounced, that the now origin of the name is uncertain, advocated violent resistance to british domination in Kenya. The movement was a spell The associated with the ritual oats employed by leaders of the kick key Eu Central associate and promote unity in the independence movement in ninety
fifty the Mau Mau rebellion by british authorities in October, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two after a campaign of sabotage and assassination attributed to mom out terrorist, the British, a government declared a state of emergency and began for years of military operations against Kiki. You rebels at the end of nineteen. Fifty six more than eleven thousand rebels have been killed in the fighting, long live, but a hundred Europeans and two thousand african loyalists more than twenty thousand other kiki you were put in detention camps or intensive efforts were made to convert them to the political views of the government. I e abandon their nationalist aspirations. What do you think about passive verses, violent resistance, peaceful versus? So what's interests is I'm a big proponent of peaceful? As am I a protest, and I think
We have some historical evidence that it can be incredibly effect powerful. I E Gandhi, yes, Martin Luther King, and at the same time I can say I would have an impossible time accepting that if I was being put upon by the man, I can't imagine I wouldn't fight back or feel like. I have a right to fight back, if you're, using by I feel like I can respond with violence so very complicated. I totally understand that to understand them TAT, the other I dont think its help far be. I think, ultimately, what turns the tides is generally seem. Humans is human yeah, like the footage of the fire hose in this ass, the beatings. Those were the things that people I think we're like. Oh, my goodness, where monsters and look what were allowing yeah, I know you like a bunch of you will kick. The man's ass on tv is not credible. sympathetic to exactly. Oh, it also feels like ok will Europe.
Doing the same thing. So it's not. My responsibility is not my approved you, I'm human. By giving my ass kicked on tv rioting come back here. Yeah also there's been examples of vital Working the irish Public Army that seem to bring negotiations and peace talks, the tabling that some I was effective. I mean also war is violent wars or industry. By come now majored in east asian studies, of course, and said than I did all research on east asian studies, but does not include in the year by the word. Yes, it s, so actually EAST Asian, I don't know it should probably does at present, but its labelled specifically east asian to get rid of the Indians on it?
Probably myself, we're not going to trouble you with a need in this valley. Bullshit, you mean money there. What's confusing, do they use it from people regularly called native Americans? Indian? Ah, the way to distinguish was to say east Indian, as opposed to Hell. I reckon India that's what I said right. So you were getting this word Easton they're married to a permanent like it, because it's really the western edge of age It's very easy under even consider will again its eastern Europe. That is very much a west of China. Ok, it's duly! It's done yes, I don't want to. I don't wanna totally we the eastern, how around throw you got your your charge were right there plug that prick in while you're computer boots up, so you do spent almost two straight weeks. Their weekly about recline. Do you enjoy hers, so cruel
It was his father and son. Together it was his cell grey. He is he's eleven per cent. I like, oh, I guess he's always laughin and smiling. He is a great laugh and really funny farts too, although the one you ve decided they ve gotten a little. Is these loser back he's around are nowhere near his aim? Is I only want one far, I think you're right and it wasn't one I was hoping for wasn't one always described and junior high were girls. Those q, Q huge area than average heart is the higher the railways high yeah yeah, you guys are really have fun tonight. There is very sweet, little noise, now son annoying here you guys talk about how hot you on your coffee a dairy queen curve. Ten minutes I was, and the table Europe, but I could hear just send this out
ages laughter did so much it hurt. his stomach in a way that has it hurt my stomach decorative lan, our whole thing was we. We want the coffee, so half it's gotta, be so hot the coffee. We want to the point where we want to pull up those eight working, welcome, Derek going. I take your D. Ancona walked to the window, just right up. In the report we hand them a binding in the binder is gloves for them. The handle the coffee eventually, once they get a hot and then a laminated instruction hot enough, so we want to be so that we can do whatever you do don't hand me. The coffee hold the truck up an hour. They tell gave me put it in the delegate with the guy now? My question is about the coffee. It's it's about. Do you think something just gets heightened because it's you too, like I think, give views Are they going down this rabble hole with? me or Charlie, perfect and Charlie, or even like Ryan, like
Laugh does when it would not do what is happening with the there's, a strain of absurd that he and I like it like it's the same every time. It's like we'll start talking about what should say in a car. So sad, the more barring the example could be the funny or is it just keeps building and building see this month in Cuba, the new Chevy VOLT has four door handles and if I may, build though most malaria is that could be. In this add a man doesn't am yeah yeah. I think it's funny,
I think you like the thing you're talking about by think there's an added thing happening, even if the eggs conversation were exactly verbatim with another person. I wonder I don't think it would be the same. Resolve many Roma yeah, maybe with school so form. I back. The EAST Asia Harvard awards the most degrees in east asian studies in the United. Stay but Kalamazoo College. A car kalamazoo the name of the NOME king sell anything like literally clown call ages and by the way, Helms use a great place, nothing bad about comes now. If I told you like, I did you know that open up a zoo in its only kangaroos, and you go what's the name of an angle. Kalamazoo you gotta makes perfect. Jobs were resumed, Kangaroo, Kalamazoo Kangaroo, their welcome the Gale Careless
the Kangaroo Zoo. What's tricky because its Kalama Z, they're all their said. It is yeah, Cow Alamo means to know if it was Kalamazoo Zoo is, is it will? Was like a native American originally which likely as not east, Indian, no native American, because we have a lot of native american towns in in Michigan. Now after native, you know like I think Sheboygan, is why am I not Kalamazoo sounds like it Maybe it is out of the two zoos there and it just means and never how soon However, is it to anyone
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, College and Smith College, have the highest percentage of degrees awarded in east asian studies, eyes percentage, but not the highest amount. That's harbour! Ok! More about! the station studies, seven hundred and twenty two total degrees were awarded in two thousand. Sixteen, that's it yeah. I think so my God, so maybe Harvard leading the pack with like thirty five is exactly that puts now, in a very puts them in a very exclusive club, it does, but he d drop out o good, so he does not have a degree from abroad is even more exclusive club of people who majored and dropped out of it. I dont know thou cause it can. It seems, like maybe a lotta people who would take that
would drop by having a lot of people drowned, but because they give any like no India wait. I finally came up, I think, there's a lot of confusion about what constitutes EAST Asia. Gonna be eighty percent China, so come out said the he started. His political comment when Obama was running for president- and he said he was getting angry about stuff, then you made a joke. You said why you wanna Bob dull to win ok yeah, but Bob Doll was not running against Obama. Oh no! You want my came. Who know this Second, I'm not as LA la yeah. She Doll was Clinton, ok, Bob Door yeah. I of course voted for Billowy Clinton, sure I did Joy dole on the campaign drowns, he was very likeable than you went in Syria live and stuff and he always had a hand in his hand. Yeah that was so young, something ok, you're very or nothing.
No. I was of the thing. He saw a rumour that Bob Door has rammers, Ok moving on anyone know actually not moving on, because I was in, I think, fourth grade during that election. And we have. We will just chew it. Oh God, Yeah I've learned regard only Sophronia restarted, Marconi omens. This whole thing is this: an add things, Marconi Digestive, smack anyway grade and we were learning about elections, and I remember we were given, which I wish they would do this now. I wonder if they do in schools or they'll basely. Give you a questionnaire enough to answer questions about what you think and at the end,
ITALY. Tells you if you're republican or a democratic or a libertarian, and who you should vote for a Clinton was my guess. Right after was filling out. That's what I received my questionnaire. but I didn't want it to be Clinton. I wanted it to be bobbed all because I was in Georgia, oh and is he from Jordan now? This is the republic and care
Anna that until most people want to Bob Dull do when there, rather than I wanna Bob Daltonian allows I wanted to be like everybody, but I didn't really because, according to my question area, wanting Clinton aware o interesting ass, he went into it thinking you're going to land on bobbed. All I want is desperate Tamar hope to, and then he landed on Glenn wow, we just listen do upon Kazaa, which you can remember was on stuff. You should known as about the fairness ACT. There was conducting fairness doctrine and innocent Roseanne can see the validity of both sides for sure. So, basically that some radio became popular and there is a finite amount of stations ban with available, they had to get the government in there to controlled, suggests it and get monopolized by one voice, and I wish this information being spread. So they made all these
all you can at present a point you have to present. The counterpoint knows I like that that for online- and it really is a very fundamental conservative liberal debate, because its does the individual have liberty in for amendment rights, or should we curb those rights for the betterment of the whole population and one's interesting? As I I can't say that I am one or the other. There are debates forum on one side of it and there's other debates or on the other side of it, and it's kind of like a gesture, a pendulum for me that swinging in some situations, some contacts. It seems I lean liberal in that way, like I think ultimately, yet the betterment of the masses in some cases are definitely worth whatever for individuals wonderment wise, the radio bandwidth. Ah, then I'll be another argument. Whirling no usually are allowed to say when you know, I think it'd be nice to have me force to see both
besides right now, especially well correlates perfectly with us becoming completely by fewer occasion, country with our eurasian of these rules were really just say. One message you can add a tory lies, you don't have to give any opposing perspective, and I you know, I think, it's to the detriment. The collective yeah everything so divided. But it's I feel like it's been that way for a long time like when I would like rain the current my dad when I was little and he would listen to Clark Howard, doesn't do you no car, Howard owner messages to Georgia thing, but he was pretty cool. Servadac will, by the way, this also happy in her only eighty seven in the last bit of it were completely abolishes under a bomb. His administering right, remember you saying yesterday was that it was abolished under Obama, but cable tv been well. Yes, it started.
in heavily eroded in the eighties because of cable to gather. Wasn't finite bandwidth anymore, Tuesday. That's really all that's all! Ok! Well, that was the biggest audience we ve ever. Did it done a show and from yeah that's rye is gigantic and there it was it felt like. As you said, and this episode like a monster truck we're out of New York, we needed pirating yeah, like the teacher cannon, which is normally a real spectacle in an event to observe a little less than what we must also allow me was fire power that we needed should have definitely shots and rockets up in the air, and if we had now yeah the arm farm tracks heart rocket,
So you know that was just fourth of July. There was when we get to see a lot of good fireworks in the most beautiful, serene setting. It was there's a bunch of boats docked in the bay in a big long, pier. Lane on SAM, the air is not magic. I then, the next day we some more I'll, be right in the lake here we're watching the skyline Chicago lie: yeah, I know, is very, very cool, and I was saying that I love July Fourth,
and it makes me great for them. Lotta people sacrificed a lot of things so that I could grow up here yeah. I feel very, very grateful as well yeah. It's a good place to be despite its problems is the best place is response we like the most. I love you. I love you.