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2019-01-17 | 🔗

Armchair Expert Live from Toronto at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre. September 29th, 2018.

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we're like meet Legal how many hits came out of Toronto. God there and like all right in my we're all like like late eighties early nineties, do immense much outside that too. I tried to incorporate them into the theme. Song will see how this goes here,
come so late that IRAN and meanwhile he's an arch. They, the name of aid, has not always been smashing.
That's me he's an answer. The latter had to go. We make things so complicated
unlike the somebody else, gets me for three. Then you partly ground breaking it, say anything and its ensue. Honesty and promise me and never got a fine he's. An ounce gave me search for me said no,
They worry, I mean stride. Soya bean me he's still went to the window. I'd love to see the one still the one then the only one So there was a good man.
He's an answer. All you guys. Can you even imagine having as much tail and is getting in the way are yesterday. After a heavy shawarma meal, you ate into Troy right to big big big play, dish warmer hop in the car thought of that idea and then just executed it.
Merle back everybody. Thank you, but you know I would I will draw on the stage I will dry and run here. I don't know we came for accommodation and then, and I played piano and he gets cried verbal seven minutes and I
I want to say one more thing before we get Goin I just tonight. I want you to think about why why we even do any this in its because our friends are still wonderful and that's the reason we carry on. That's the fun part of being on earth. My good friend Scotty's here tonight for Michigan. He came up from Detroit to see me I've copied everything I could from him he's the best listener I ever man will we met. I only sent messages. One way I didn't receive any modeled myself after him, and he is largely to blame for this experiment Thank you Scotty. I love you in Raymond now. If you're here was somebody tonight that you ve learned from and share things with now, you guys I got here from formulae. I opened up my carry on bag in the hotel room and there was a fuckin woodland creature inside
is she was wearing overalls and broader Monica men. You bigness olive gardener. The bureau barrette sticks everywhere. Oh my gosh, we feel so lucky to be here have all of you here lies its overwhelming majority. Cried I'm not gonna grab I'm dead, besides I'm not gonna Shelly. The new right? Well, I just want to
for I bring out this our guests tonight he said to me, and hunger meals pay my name out loud because your. Why in that's probably true, also you guys are you listening to show. You know my chequered passed with the tea essay and it's a testament What an actor this guy is that he was my favorite part of get out play. One of those p. Those t say those little vermin telling you to pull your pay, up and down Lil Rau Ray is joining us tonight. He's here, he's gonna come out from one side or the other get put your hands together for little ral. What do you think
are you in your name. I notice of the additives, will be they honest about it. Oh, it's gonna get even more deaths laughing but honest you're gonna hear about my pooping ritual. When I was nine years old jeez before you leave here. The best part about relevant he's never hurt shows who doesn't know that No one will be crying in twenty minutes. Isn't it This is an argument, as was the more honesty so about a week ago I e mail. I got rails email, which you steal to say: how did you get my man, abort rigour. I just tried it. The combination of Lille and Ral? and I knew what year your morn, seventy nine and then I just struck at all now is not in that regard
email you and then you go see me. You said when you email me: I've never met Dax before I know we have led by ever scrubbs and you are my movie guards day so whirling, it's not ever thought of man who had just not evil. It is great that was, a graph, already on unsafe and must be real crazy with means that it must be a triple layer? Yeah yeah, don't worry so you do email me again, but it if it was confused because I got a code name- is a co Nathan on my router. Is this real data widely either you got that decoding I gotta code name. I have to have a code name, as I explained to you, because I
bought my wife presence about eight christmases ago and when I feel that the form online I put my real in my view, e mail and then I read in the in the paper eight days before Christmas Dac Shepherd buys Kristen Bell Rabbit pen and she knew- and I was like well and that's where you got there hasn't arrived the merry Christmas and I thought I gotta do something so now I have a code name but doesn't made, it may occur. You think they're both names and- and I didn't know, lasers spam email that he has a packet of ok. It is, real good ideas with my business. It was to other people started hated museum. I you should do video memory. That was right. Maybe this is a really popular as we have over a hundred listeners,
and each lists for broad ten people, with some kind of you set out in free. If you get brings in that level, is like an M way. Show there all the ball That's all you know the final outward memory, only a fuck enriched by the time. This thing concludes. Yes, we ve never met, which is where I really appreciate it doing it. We ve never met. I may or may not be sacked wrath. My email, at best. And yet here used in an even more importantly, you just have to show due to show in here tonight. We hear ass. They went on Amazon on anyone's that Adagio do, but it was. It was intimidating and I didn't want to follow it its ongoing nobody that here, that's what you really got. Earn that money. When you do your thing like worse at nine couches, if you thought about. Maybe do in there
through this moment by backstage right. The magistrate backstage your dress were waiting Adam no hullo out. What's going on with this show phased out with my kids, and I guess I use is an accommodation. It's gonna be out of land. Is we're really seriously, though thousand amazing. Actually we not duties just little home. It was a moment literally, were UK likely a piano, and it has this beautiful melody. Do and you didn't address room by us to look at it just over a mirror and now This is how far you came in life. I won t ever done better than we have already been. You know now do any more as long as you cried one idea, so you were, did you you,
also get out. I assume and when I saw again out first, why, of course I love the movie, like ever announced, but I was so blown away with you, because you you pushed to the absolute breaking point and yet we're still dead real, and I was like this guy is. Really really talented, and I haven't seen you in your not twenty two and I got very curious about your journey to that point, because you clearly had a tunnel practice there and you are excellent. So it was With pleasure that I got to learn about you today in preparation for this, so ok, you were born in Chicago cigar. Was that Galileo is the West side, a good sign or a bad sign or a medium sized side. A bay was it a great is neighborhoods.
I had a really I really dont family like we did it with much Belize will really take far above my parents, by which I mean a thousand regular, mostly with delight I am unable to delight my dad. Was I everybody's days of you D, give like these things he came out. It was there was that it was they like, This is real. Tell her. You know, we'd all living above your parents, PETE, like other keys check you about a nice, ate my prayers and short everyday Indeed, I have my dad, you gonna give you gotta get up all your father, you require them almost nobody yet a neighbour kids gather outside your window and point out these not even leave in the nineties, because all my ideas like people were like surprised to see that it wasn't. It wasn't normal unaware live, but it now that that is the rule of your parents? Is they're going to drive you nuts? No matter what you have
friends of the lawyer, in LOS Angeles, he's, got a ton of money and a lot of nice cars and he's had a kid in high school and this? Guy has a ferrari, and I set my God fucking killed. You have been dropped off at high school. A ferrari like I would, if I would add, on an ethical things to get dropped out, That means all know. My son makes me drop of two blocks before school. Only guide dad is cursor. Ostentatious, like can't win my dad's Magnum welcome. I wanna get dropped off like a few blocks away next to me and my clung: station wagon getting dropped off like that is that I guess everyone's gettin rubbed off two blocks from school year by always bears by pairs through better. What does not answer you become apparent, you, your money. As you are you're and movies, you do stand up. Your sons gonna be humiliated. When you pick him up from a dance,
sandy humiliated me over. There is the threat to act as an Italian about so amino monkeys go to whip me. I went over Domini Blair's Google with demographic great make school where I may say makes. Maybe them Why didn't you it is. This is too difficult. Comes at a birthday party. Consider feel good. So it is me and we went to his birthday party and went against the ie, and then I hear people clap go go my also my David and uncertain Another is most evident. Why does your Google wait? We wouldn't you're gonna do
for the other. Joint rise above the gave that's com. A very complicated matter. What I do- and I bet you should be doing- is like no one here, my history, less avenue goods. I would stress that up Sammy Davis, Jr? Ok, you! Yes, I don't know what to do with the areas of the ocean this evidence available guy you're supposed to have so many moves. You don't even have it It is funny, though, right how your kids can embarrass you, because it's ridiculous, but like my five year old, if she's getting too much attention from adults, she talk, she starts talking baby talk book and, unlike my cannot stop there,
and I'm so humiliated that my five year olds, I speaking light. I mean you ve grown. You know, there's no reason I should be taken manner on crazies verse, dress was affair, it is dreadful. Now did you have siblings yes, I gotta younger brother who just get married man had a middle my little brother pathway of years ago of gas, but the meagre may say, but none of us is a really par for the course believe it or not. Yeah we a whole heap when he bears story to that's not good. You know, but you know somebody who is one of the strongest people are saying, go glaring. My belly was legitimately is either starlight. Do all the research new with the doktor was like the one on medicines has doubled
everything when it was now appreciate that a battle airlines that is one of our best carcasses of a body was made his last conversation, which was too because you have been a person with the information. So, like anything, I request that was so. Imagine me. I'm argued this crazy black family about what this man requested. Georgia. If something happened, he told you wanted me to have his car and is why we're on the ridge. You're gonna be a view people around. You know he didn't authorities that is that what he said, but I thought Good, like I do eyes request when he gets sick lies in what you are you you mean real two alone I do Pham. If I start looking crazy or my mouth is open,
take note of it was like. I was real Zagreb tell him of family, they people, let us fight to keep people like. Let me he say if you look crazy, bloody if Europe is a miracle, but we don't leave me alone, as we read about it, which is what I look My brother is the line we will laugh at. What ever was gonna will find a here already. Anyway, you can leave when we did that in such a crazy do it when we did pull the plug firing, lady passed away and all of us and this is what I knew this would I do you guys you are my brother, Tom guided, the leaden is having a portable always a crowd gonna head now. Could you family members. You don't know what to do too much. Emma auntie em occurs and they have as we It mother, daughter relationship will ate their their daughter in mother, but the really is likely maybe not describe in this way. They talk to each other.
Cover lays down doorway to merge ya got Mark is an historic Poland on a curtain my whole and see the big big girl. Ok, he's teaches hangin owning, oh boy, where's the landlord day we minority black women was alone. We all quiet started to argue yours like can I go, Damn you go right back with Mamma. We know we are near my other brother. The tears would hurt him is dying lab at this week. You're not my idea Beverly is thinking about my brother, like yeah. He would have been in that. This is a moment is what my brother's wishes we just reliable libraries z as you're goin up,
You have argued that you'd like data, I love just in time as regards the second Zeus. Abuses are that occurred in it with my damn is what like our strong It is a crying and hold. It is one. I know how deeply you can laugh in those guys. I'm I've been the person. Do who's been in charge of born plugin. I sent my brother, the most morbid picture. You can imagine what my dad was dying partners had to take the photograph. Lesser Deborah as my dad was sleeping and it was getting towards the end, and now I held a pillow up in front of his face was sleeping
I haven't everything you better? This is my rather than just time things up here in Detroit Dark, but I believe that we were like five minutes. Are these not hear you think those areas here? Let me like I was literally couldn't home the tax on all these years. That's crazy! That is with siblings languages. It is a human whatever. It is that you get even shoe nobody else. Oh yes, visually like when you see people getting in trouble in public for jobs, they ve made sure they should probably get in trouble, and I just compare that to the sum paid with my brother
I hope, no one minor none but the microphone our car ride, but but growing up in Chicago. There were three brothers Now, in my town, whenever there were three brothers, the youngest was nuts was yours like men, is matters cool like so we're because you think about three rather than we will really competitive to what's the age gap are used or may I just a couple years what is commonly baby two years, a baby to ease our baby scares me and now I was data around. He was horny I guess I don't want. Let's talk about it. Inordinately Warner
you're more, I wouldn't get added, but this is the current EU. They had says it is right. Now this is its authority. Were yet we really is saying, but I will play light. The video you right we'll play my mba lab like when I first came out. The whole thing is somebody want. I want again to words like you'd know you Can you make it push you to face? If you are using a happy about waiting? I would just like to celebrate with some guy it around here would like, unlike the bank there, we would like a bottle of illegal fight over the gay begin, but his late is good and I go punch. You are you. Are you been up brag about because it came a logical, haven't thirty four points?
Do people want lane? Were you in high school me like we're? U funny in high school, I was funny mark fresh me eyes tools, what really live my favorite ice coup and it is thought out private cars on our door, private school furs. Before I went to the public school, which was we a transitional. I thought I was cool. Of course I did. Two thousand nerdy worry is deemed to be cool in a private. Eripimus might be like picked on people who do didn't have the great legal. If you like Besides, all the opposite, I gotta reverse data was like a book. I readily six three is rather than here in my camera please do never read a book like. Do you not agree that it is not about creating at the back of my bed, are able to vote against it, but it was weird
like the nerve averse to basketball, dry others will a real gave room was from basketball, Basque, evaluate as we get the nickname Roma of my real name is Milton MELT Milton after which Milton my so I'm from a long line of Milton's, which is very, we counter intuitive bout. Six million straight now I broke the mountains with your kid yeah yeah yeah maybe have two million a bad name, Mamma a great name on a day like Milton Borough Milton Brand again. I have argued that even Milton Bramley Gonna learn no MBA Darnay Milton anything. They are no, no, no, no milk in Milton. So how do you do Milton and in what we re not naive grace it was best about trials gardener.
They did not order. My game also move about cars. Durio, that's will a recovery Play varsity when you always, we train of a process of illegal nerves, directed the glasses of Bob waiter ponytail. A lot has grown. That is the lesson that I have no idea. What are you always used to destroy? like we would live, got on a subject like erythema wise to move out she's a nerd. My wife, those ivorian I wouldn't leave. They often got less the dragon when they took their glasses off it was funny. Did you stated that combating terrorism is low like, please,
dear glance of reasonable without those was sixty years ago. No, no pain on phasing laugh is devoted to you also go like mine, with her she blows. The hair on you're like no way she's talking to me is that Socrates is so funny. So you're an athlete sounds very great athlete now, so I don't, I, like do really will try out one to see, as on to team play the cap to Israel Was there ever you, the drilgoes, or what I look like nominate Milton. Not I look. This is a little off topic,
But if you never met anyone that you know gave themselves the nickname doesn't interests. I know this was my example. I was somewhere and is due was like some brother blaze and I go now because what if I can call you believe you gave your stuff The blaze of playing a part of this is fantasy. Where you might know, how did you know? Did he tell you Maybe he just also soon come on notice that I restless they give their names themselves right presume We who knows, maybe I'm Vince big man does like maybe there's a day in your career. You go and whose office in your like you or flames on your shirt, for a blaze of near the rock awry. Like Hacksaw, Jim Dugan. There's no way.
You remember, has actually really creative other I've met, Hacksaw Jim to know you haven't, so I have to show our true tv. Girlfriends at a people is get series. It was over Tuesday a lot of people did the other day. I tell them all. Their applause did a very good. She. I love big fan will be much worse as though we are Hacksaw Jim Dugan Louis gauge come on what we did. We didn't. Pulleys brutalities gets oh, he's perfect, where we were actually like our sharper David CARE. Do now China, the police, to start the brutality that big baby that they may be needed? so as a police officer was dual role. We hire restless delay fight the police officers, mercury cell, so Hacksaw Jim, dug in a week. We
a weird Amano restless. Do I shall we are Roddy, Roddy Bible? oh sure, these last very funny. He was running. We had Jake the snake raw is actually might lay on me? Oh really, yeah! That's a good childhood! Green did it was lamb by J was grey. Eddie was there was a moment ago, thereby adding by alternative uses an egg Modi was the buggy by all dad. Did it president moves along zoom bad apple uphill. We were going to startle, probably we shoot is that we need this. We have to use approaching an omen taxes. Be that as it is now. My one of your draft. Often my g,
organ through some parities, the boys on tourism. Does your family call you little rural or the Milton Northern closely the mill? Do you know, he's rise for the milk, nobody. A nickname labelling. My nickname my family was terrorism, always had a nickname. Abbot nicknames is you're fucked when you're way out on the street cars like twelve or thirteen names yeah, but you know that you know, I gotta use milk now is annoys me like women. I d, in each of our members like em? All they want to really know you. I text you at two p M Milton and you did not respond
you won't tell me where you were between to inform Milton. First of all, is rail lady got up a few weeks to take up? I hesitate to tell you who were supported by because Monica gonna get very hot under the collar squirming intercede might away. Luggage lie of away luggage, spoiled your daddy this Christmas with away I got him, carry on and a medium sized Navy away luggage sacked. I love you didn't pick you decided to
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by the new comedy central series, the other two, which is very tasty. I'm really impressed with the show by comedy Central from the head writers of ESA now Chris Kelly concern Schneider in its on Kommeni Central, the other two stars, drew Carver Helena, York, Cased Walker and features Molly, Shannon can Marina and Wanda Sykes Isaac Marinos excited. I love him so funny. Andrew is easy. Big guy he's so funny the show follows carrion, Brook due back to twenty seven struggling to make it in New York as the to work towards finding themselves. Their lives are completely up ended when there are thirteen year old brother Chase dream becomes incredibly famous overnight. He becomes like a Justin Bieber and they can allow China. What's funny carry the elder brother is an actor who can't land any additions better than man and party who smells fart Brook the elder sister hasn't done anything since graduate from danced go eleven years ago, but
now that there are little brother is a superstar they're down to write his wave, at least until they figure out what they're doing with their own lives. The other two three: today's beginning January, twenty fourth, at ten thirty after the season premier abroad city on company central another great show enjoy so you're in, go in there. What aged you decide I'm getting in the comedy you're in a perfect city for that matter, Chicago's grace did not want to do it early at a starting tonight about eighteen relating only to start their number statuary stand up here and you stand up and about this idea of second city. I took some classes like colleges because I've never took an acting class and it is they might somebody's teachers. They teach you how to do so. I think you can maybe do naturally sometimes overdue, like
when I go to my friends, lay acting the chill cases that are used to that crazy teacher whose actor, also banalities teach anybody he really booking. So it is like a we're. Just tell me: what did you do like like going today? Lash and are making to cry crazy story about himself comfortable. I won't you described as broadcast like you, you couldn't have sounded a better in a shorter, more concise gray, the coach acted teaches maniacs do and what the EU is like, maybe offering cry with them out, even know about alive. I might do this a showcase or whatever I do know classroom differently but light. But you remember, your father came upstairs well well. Well! Well, knock knock knock varies the door weight that emotion, my while action. You didn't candy intimacy,
but you're doing for quite a long time. Yes, before you get on last comic standing but now he ass, a God. Damn it love Milton the fucking Milton when I say what you did your curiosity. What I did Let us come extent. I was only doing it of us a few years. The first time I did it. I was a few years ago. I did it twice, o unaware of the two thousand and seven years ago I did before actually really we have to act like a different person. The second time funny you funny version of years, younger first them I did more new into comedy and then by the time I did it again. Oslo, more polished is lousy. We got to the seminars and still allows nobody, but you're you're, twenty eight when that happens
He took out a quick Maya by twenty eight yeah yeah. Seventy nine. Sound, pretty large doing man just ignore air, we did it twenty eight! You ve been doing it for ten years here in our you Are you working on the road enough that you're like you're making living are yeah? I guess I'm wondering is, are you panic that any point? Is there any point we're like oh shit? Maybe I need to go in another direction now, like that. It's the good thing about starting on eighteen and nineteen had no responsibility added to that last chemist. And it happened. I was I just got married I dont come not married at eighteen. Twenty eight You just did Ben. I got there.
Ok, wait till you get more in two thousand seven you're born seventy nine Ewing, America, twenty eight, so I got married to a gap, it will soon become related, odor revenue. You know I love it furthermore, was building Does we hold hands will never go back, the kissing environmental, never defining a start as long as we can. What do you like December is good at that meeting? or bases its brevity, I gotta think most rock, of which I am afraid this after that my couch watch Iraq as well as about our guy, but as always like this like they did a little these areas like I'm, it doesn't mean Paypal, water like what we do in the shape of water is right when they was. I owe you a fish
Oh yeah, yeah yeah, I think, is scary on Libya come back and it is another move our hands. We both her hands. Ok, your fish! Well yeah this? What was its able honour, stable, Waterman, yet answered the question like what is it he was a romantic comedy, or rather a love story. It is ordered a crazy is Movies other was dated one. I wanted them, it's a testament to what a good, because I wanted them to hook up. You did. Why It was weird thing about. Look. If you show gas better, be graphic. Amandas wife does movie this, isn't we lost to us?
to the end of last year. You have a different way right now. It is sub areas like ok deficiency loading. It looks very noble and do what they do. Showed a quantity of fish, but as a european- and I know what I was concerned- That is now the early. I was so nervous like how was he going to enter her disease? It is hidden under a gale. I dont know about she's thieves. Him so much about the dvd. I was hoping you like more something I am one of the best Oreo I think. Maybe there is DVD Extra Lana, the real moments like a little. We are born
it's a real niece real these groups, people search and for that we are now, but when you get to eat when you get last coming standing at any time, and that's kind of a break out a moment for you yeah. You're, so difficult yeah? Let me rephrase it was terrible now that it was a day it was It was a great moment. I think you just do you just have a bunch of At that time I was taken away. Then I d like where boys accommodated it is common knowledge of their languages obliges all its saying. Ok, so you are getting in cards, but but with anything before twenty eight years old. I guess what I'm saying is I to didn't, earn a paycheck. Until I was twenty eight night, and it for almost ten years after making money wave of what it is. That would be like that. I'd be I'll. Let you well
do the interview, then I guess is much better than the major goes to relate. This is what I said programme after comedy like selling. Drugs. I am crazy reality, but, like first it's free, not the first time I didn't has evolved way. I just have a rule, Amnesia Ozma Promoter and I started a really really early scientists. They like I knew how to make money, and I do not like us, kids in areas like a labour to other comedians. We label back. Anna wings and be Google do really you two thousand areas the deliberate Elsa with, and then literally once you do want tv credible. It was this common view here, but unless we take our view, but that was enough to least I get more money around the country. What I was now you're doing fine out operate like up I'll bet.
Ellie raise a mood alienated hamley. They now- and I was on my work- will take any imo batch Gaga dazzled order, avenue I needed to moderate lobster tonight. What are you doing namely about last October, I'm lamartine, why I wanna watch added Brezhnev we're lapses. Clearly would not like you. If you don't, like my loves, peeled shouted graduating from you haven't in Canada, is a room. It's it's dollar garden of seafood. It really is everything at the small is crap legs. I don't know where reacted. Yes, hi grandma, Julia pisses me off bring me can't crab legs, but
You got four in the butter. They give you a lot of mine just so much better and it is a vehicle for the butter. Add dip everyday and ran last about an absolutely napped in whatever I clean up my face and you do not dislike red lobster. So you're kind of it is you do a reboot of living color? Yes, there was a big brain that was the big break to me, bilingual Hollywood it! No. I was like that some arcane army ways. If we give you that stand because it even air, but I still owe Dini never here we were young. We scared because I loved in living color, so many people came out there. Bonkers Genome, I wrote a show car name your adventure NBC either come after like say about a bail out. As the
I wrote them because I wanted my eventually could do to do. Eleven color- and I was thirty. Ah they simulator best are virtually cancelled, my god there rose you imagine what we beg, as they were very diligent vigil. Come true, but the issue has been cancelled. Oh my god, damn That is our tv words budgeted man knows. Is there What did you have any reservation about? I guess you didn't, because you had their their approval. They weren't a little bit like ours is a good idea and it was a dream come true, like I always added Laurie I ever bring. They show back yeah so when it came and it's a really cool story, do I get it was was a normal. They was auditioning people all over. The country is Chicago it was created. A lot of people wouldn't tell me anything like it was a secret until ran until real about our decision. It is one of the coup Calvin, emphasise these nay yeah comical looked of other things
are we to do more. We call me when you they auditioning nobody every day of real, Your compliments away. Is anyone with Doin it dead, dinner, ready. The only way it wasn't until they was looking somebody else you to click came in. I'm always shown a girl was Wanna produces a you know. You do just suggest another glitt, oh sure it was a mighty one post. It was a random person recording. Is that those kind of mad about? Maybe people must have you do banking supervision and that's the one debate. Selina, some random bomb. We do a stand up later more clips found a way to get in touch with me com. Energy. At the time I was up in a terrible data, Thursday day driver my car and met the gas patient this. While I short peak, we shouldn't drive my trucks light. You don't be late, Europe is what people are gonna, be bag and open it'll be known in she begged the encryption
What am I yell? An amalgam, big dogma You know you remember that nobody, no departed close your door are proud that chocolate I heard the Baha, I think they say Canada, so she biddable. What are these that I heard nothing? Then he said violently with Asia. Did you get that thought it was our bid, the Collar Maj GEN about because he knows who do the fix cosmogony. This guy knows at all passed by the commitment of the bank. I was on my way to charge that never mammal golden editing evaluating likely vowels a buy it now. Let's get a car from people live in color. They want you to come into your work with What is really slow, Youtube Video,
caning? One is the universal, and I went to New York. It's funny, given our dust. Ok it into your club and other New York, comic thousands showcase have family and friends there were no better, but just my manager, and am I go hard all states, it'll be? Would try and not the latter have created the boys. Nobody else, but I've been hardy. The united didn't control proud or whatever? I guess, I'll stage of life. What am I like? Those that? Will you just put everything in it air. Like me, you sweater These are areas where upper like apple, like given a hundred percent over five zero tonnes is ok is somewhat. Where is sweat is exactly I'm just saying with facts, just what's digress for one. Second, if you the act like you want you right out of the gates. Aren't you done?
look, I gotta find a rhythm and I don't even enjoy just so I can be in there for a while, exactly how I want the position I want rather gates gonna, be short ride. Thematic, Superman, six languages is very exciting, but sixty seconds No, not for you never mind you can stay in our go. Go, go, go really go. Question is still lacking. Again? method. I just got these online on really enjoy. You throw down a good for a minute here. We go when your younger brothers you're older, like no one, wants to have extra more in three minutes there like. Thank you thanks forget that over when I go back to The thing I want to do you know it s really do it is actually is merely that you call you break it up, you break it.
I bid you a mania care who you are you have you I google or, like I'm Goin thirty minutes, praise and never role which you out of your chest. You might kills about it. Let us dollars prior area. You like, Bateman an american psycho, look at yourself in the mirror and stuff But if I looked at myself in the mere I'd last so long, you know you have good Selvas theme of like watching yourself in a mere gives. You say, but I my ass. You know the boy was universally? Has there been a mirror? Why have I not that's? Why don't we,
there s a mirror is so the living color reboot doesn't air, but Lendup on the Carmichael show is that related in any way, no sew a living, color didn't are, and then that's what friends of the people having two of the cast members in living, color, Jermaine, Fowler and Jennifer Bartels. We decided just to do on sketched series and we made that decision of the Montreal. At the just last month, you're vessel, We are, as we found out they whether showed that it was idea. I was crazy, and on what we should do, our damn shoe and drugs data needed to do our bit in Hollywood for five minutes, my own, but now it happened. There
my manager now Abigail were set up a bunch of means. A New York flatter week at that time, not a shit, and we pushed it and first that we place a comedy central bout it in a rural piloted so honestly says the Sis Eleven color. I've been all some type of theories work limits that work is now. How does do you know Jordan, Pierre before get up here? So was again it's about the just last vessel was like, Four comics is them. Will we all made them? People are? Never member would be able to talk to also personally met Georgia with funny adaptability, and here he is and we just talk is shit to each other. I e mail box. If we gotta get this pocket money now that we met when we start talking about get out, wasn't until we, again it another change.
It was a year rota, router horrified that did you run Do you know where you been but started describing the movie online data. You really are. You're really real fair. You luck strains of sheep, will you make sure they give you a brief, but make sure we bring you in addition, in order, like our love them, man I mean when I look at the script. Just look like I talk here about about this. I am a terrible act. Sir there's look exist, like the words everything like this is a sound like me, I may come to find out, early life. Isn't that funny, because that that movies, the biggest thing in your where have you ever? We didn't know, of course, that now I dont think. But sometimes you know review to a marble movie LAO
I guess you don't go you by about before you ever body I book about. X. Men always wanted about you, We we wasn sure I was ladys. I wasn't she was exactly what was going to happen. I knew when I, when I booked it cuz when I booked it. I didn't want last free with Jordan. I was waiting on my uber. He, and he told me he was positively. Let me my eyes was tat is, but this is yours. There was bilby, we know with our vision of my own but I'm images walking for Ballade family. He told me that just so, we and I don't know why because I didn't know what this is gonna be Muslim, feel real good about an honest, won't know. Also nearly All of your scenes were comedic do so. You were shooting you you're in a bubble of you, couldn't just assumed a homo
please it's funny. Is the shit you're? She what you know it's funny this while love about that role in also does comedians me. You know a lot of tat. You get the silly is movie like this. It was, I was able to be light real and funny at the same time was like the humor just in a real of it. Yes, You mean you want, I think you're so great, an immense. Nobody is that why you again yours, you're out they're, gonna, fucking, goofy d, say agent. It could men like, Jim Carry thing in Yemen. I'd ever looked at his goofy describe it that way You do that this is a commodity and others. The doses that wasn't it, what does a regular We don't ideas. Aid is the regular beautiful, the bad passed with them, but We need to get it, but a man really it could momentum
bans crazy, could a bit you. There is a lot of low hanging fruit for you to take that you didn't take in, and I recognise that in I appreciated it and at all times, as I'm really gonna believe this is this. I could meet this dude at the t say whatever it was cool. I like it was a coup role? Will you yourself funny in there? We knew how to do funny and Joe and I will mean I was there's a phone call and other colleagues. I should like to make it up shit, o my dismal I won't. Let you domains is light is that it was a coup. Public dream. Yeah, I'm anything that is May says, and I love you for the end of any change, because he let me get a chance to Canada's you didn't see me last week. Ages gave me situations in this light. I would really do whatever you do. It does not gonna houses. I wouldn't like. Naturally, what would you say it is the body and you ve been telling them oh Diana. I me mainly with this bullshit but
but those are gonna. Just such a bloody waited in. So it's fun, isn't it when you get did like have your finger Finally, a word on somethin like that, especially if you get a chance to do The greatest. Do you like that, and there are you crazy, like you in that one in your lifetime? Why is it so special in it so amazing, but but to know that you had like little bit of your flavour and their Nego C c that play within this context of some authority. Brain is then a special kind of asked. We get on are still gonna pick him up Would there because it would have been a movie I loved. If I wasn't right can I make my watch? My? U everyone many other. These happens this day. But when I go back today, you know, maybe when I'm alone it is children.
Disallow yo, that's crazy. There. I was such an important part of this coup fail. And I didn't know we really didn't know that it was gonna, be there is this when we a motor premier and I walked out and people like ambush me what the fuck is not bad. You know we never now, but in a good way but it was really wanted. A cool is moments. I don't army like affair. Affrays has done much Movies is the right there, but am I I don't know amateurs you get a chance to myself. I movies I've. I've done stuff there. As a movie lover things out, label algal drew like tonight be able to life to dinner. Spoiler tat again went to China. We make. Is this something double bad? It is some doubled.
I'll pick. A random she'll live is the most common that I've always wanted to do, and I ve been really lucky that the people believe me too. Let me do like the green jobs, the yes and G is it across your mind? Like? Oh thank God that happened when I was thirty eight. Guess I wore asked me this I'll. Just tell us the Meda yesterday. I really am thankful for that, twenty value we would get out, get out and made it out somewhere, like all taxation, grown is books on don't ever they grow? I will entail he is a daily lives. You gotta go Univee life, not the too crazy. Like you just yeah, you excited about the work part. You don't get caught up and I put it in believer in God or anything so used to seem to be used at church? I heard it, but sums stuff will get suspicious to me at times
around like they're all right. I was allowed to have that until I was ready to have its a little suspicious, sometimes and of a suspicious. I mean, like everybody believed, if we want to believe. I do believe it is. I do believe a purpose more anyway. They. Just some days is land, which is why China to force anything let in I'll ever they work is deadlocked out like issue out on China. The Emma Fork is vastly people might use the abuses force they just I'm are forced to them are alike ass. Thinking there overly work for no lights, we gotta go. Make themselves we busy and only pick a whole bunch of things do language envelope with me. As I stand up comedy, wasn't my focus? and from Nair. While I was like this is wise, high school once again that this is on me cuz, I thought you don't believe in God, but because I'm a conversation we added a play must be in high school and I didn't Torreon? Where did his power get eyes? Glasses, Gratis Pasty is thought to be really
good in a play in a light. Laugh in it will stop. Our rule out like this, this, then I don't want to do my nose and our members didn't auditorium by myself at the other. Our students live whereby was gone, student and dark, and I was like you a God, is what I want to do and I was very specific ass. I wanna be a comedian when we act ought to be a writer. I don't know what a star are not know nobody, but This is just gotta, be it cause. I don't want to lose their villain again. Filling a body is engage in it. To your work is a feeling that you can never almost replace it was light. I've been run it. This was their started. Nineteen images run into us his dream, the answer you she This will use massaging that guy was now we say here she is vital. God, as he only
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a code armchair drawn up in a church overtime. Days. My pay, you know what I think about this because of their religion to put people in a box. In light of what I mean. What's it like documentary, Rosier Donnelly and add a fan He's on a ship in. You know that He came up the shipyards, Christians of con by yelling at the kids, and I wasn't they didn't pick a lifestyle ages, the kids of images yellow year, then we're gonna wanna be a part. Eight group text, but the real reason. What means just about whatever my belief is Emma faith and I'd love people, our judge, any You know that you do whatever you want to do as long as you good people, yeah, but it's AIDS interesting is used. As you said, you have two kids in eight nine in it's weird. You can have this
geography notion of all this stuff, but then you go like I can't. I've got a refined, misgives they're, going to ask me these things. You gonna go to make a decision. What am I going to pass on? What are the elements I'm going to say? You know that I still believe or grey in what am I gonna? Will you know skill you think about it as a key? You don't just get it from your parents ray you, have your grandparents. This believe knew about it, but which is actually a good thing yet, as I think it helps to make their own decision later. I just don't think you forest. Also they have questioned? I just want to add my own stop is this is all you need? The biggest thing I teach to them is is: is this faith in general, which I think is not necessary? Religions is more like believe in yourself and being can others eleven. Other people like it. This is a dream you go towards. Is this? The simple stock is, if you have smart, He is the reason why they ask the right questions at the end of isn't these only and Myspace might say you you know all about will not about me.
Grandparents on a weekend visiting them one baptize me southern Baptist and the other one baptized mean a catholic church. Either ask my parents maybe it's by fourteen those I gave you a freak out about my mother in law like indoctrinated, my kids would deserve, like doesn't even matter like thinking disappeared. On another decide now will be that we have a nothing the coolest things about me. What the future is now is that you do have access to just figure out what you want to do right now. You know why I think now, as parents, you know I generation of parents a lot more open to like YO. I can't Tell you what to do is I'm a level you no matter whatever. It is that now, on that topic of loving kindness to There's the most exciting thing I read about you is that you are in a car accident that ended in fisticuffs. Well, here's the thing!
Not only are we gonna steal asked us do like literary Dorothy. All the known Zog about. If you had a similar agafea going to say it does what it was read. Those like we first of all to who is in a correct remind us, but that is not what happened this do is. Is it was a true story, so I'm leaving dislike gay is there any final gaiters when Cleveland be go to state our carry had a great finals as well ere, I will go back to the hotel bobbing we give him ever am I am about to go. We gave a kitchen, whereas in like manner we could we engage you. One of us are taking. This is Ackerman, are running a tragic get through this would happen. Sacramento almost Chicago Chicago, so we go on my yo. Can we stop? It is Papa Jim in Toronto of guns.
When you're grounded in Romania's Chicago it doesn't people's data. Two runnels these nicer and we all its weight nicer, I'm from the dry, and we go on vacation here and as a kid I was like it's like a queen, dry too Secondly, any city in a major way. Download Google decently land that can't be does clean. Wasn't it. Like us, the ugly but you're not anyway, we gotta Alejo, establishes a fool and look at him. I think she's private car next year
I do love you, you forget my car, my we target. Do she gets out a car, a walk up to these. Like you, you forget, my card opinion are still in a country where it is about escalated to some say gives in her face. I get out the Carla Abraham was that it was the proud- and I guess you fuck above due to my car and a look of calmly and I'll, see, and I use they should on the bumper, whether what the fuck you talkin about factors sheet of paper should book Zulu, Pablo Picasso Governmental, my breath. What did she do should be a common in an age where the fuck up so now, I'm top of the hill. She paused Oh Chicago ghetto chick she live, but they should have done It is your problem not getting old a couple of without them.
Steady, this big mouth brother you taught or do they know motherfucker like Godaddy corn. I will leave my top. Do we go back to what I thought that you go any fucking where we ve pointed them. I do, but the unity of money is good as eight I'm not a broker. Establishing factors should be on my way. What was the solution? It is because we ve been doing this. You forgive me I am. I am. I lie rail. He's not gonna be appeased, walk away. We figure out a way to gloom, do some shit and Sakharov, so I attempted to reach to push him
he's a taller Gentlemen Vietnam's my ears were criminal court. The judge legitimate like come on four, You have observed. That is our war that allows lonely because out of those who make us, do you but will be I must point out of pocket. The critical was not guilty. What the fuck are. You will be pleased to learn about data. I see it now you have. You can win a case that people's deals in fuckin frightened. So I, like you know these- are like I'd, try to run away to spend a graphic promise slavery down what my boy we show I'm happy to see them. I realized what your intervention by Milton,
guards so the taller than was in black and talk to you a combination of amateur police, Garlic so they get Macomber look it up overnight. Bilaterally with the vote. He was on top of me personal shit like that. Certainly no, we already told you we got the story we get to the police station. I know a couple of police officers as she rightly like a real. What the fuck do. I tell mister. Again a lab initiated. I will we get you. Obviously we will not give you all night. The officers found who were the ones who arrested me? and I thought I d thy item big they're gonna go for the criminal court is gonna, be thrown out. We're fucked everything up,
made it become a thing was out. Dmz has police connections will refer I wake up in the morning. We call him a man July so that you want to tell me how much when they barely so I thought the utility of the kind tat about to do a story about what the fuck video lies, not a video burma. Famous enough. No fucking story. You know me, I'm just on a car makers. Friends are to be weighed up our heritage of livestock and a story It'll come in now and it's crazy story. There was a rose, raise thing and I got the car not does more about that. This work is crazy. All that whole them bit my ego, I would have to really do some Wayne. At that point, I gotta get said rather have people think I knocked someone other days reared the stories about not does not forget this due weight to the common set you up, DMZ store
no don't bug you didn't beat his. Does it There's you thought about me. Twenty happen: no, we do not close our eyes, I'm not gonna walk with all your money to also he wasn't even gonna press charges. Charging the until they found out is rather buggers own son. He's on the car magazine, Liberty, so did you get? What does we as long as a kind of a man and you get money if I hadn't even a man, eater lawyer, you know a b, the criminal case, and I don't think I'm glad you came back and sue me about the yeah. I think the criminal part of the judges
a newly bows being this area he's telling the story is that added at the test ban they asked him what you mean great. If there is like a guy, what was the movie like? You can't handle the truth, then great. If there was a moment words like Europe was the Laurel kick your ass I didn't want you to bring greater this. Madam, I witnessed eighty steal your thoughts about too. He was then up. I was doing yeah. She came up to me and everything you may imagine. Miracle is, if there be late rightly so, he knows yes, but because then a rocky bubble So you're honoured, you know a brazilian jujitsu. Is it's a very powerful discipline
yet in the Lebanon and now, but we still find a column refused to pay. Some might well legal leadership out lab. I give you have recognised. Peace of mind, whether my is now as much as usually get paid, actually have the recent like, because the worse the propaganda turned out with apologies to it. That is it hard data about Johns now and on the web is friends with. Is that of creating a k? Waited our talk about a bus, measurable next measure it is, it is insanely people like everything, the evidence it gives the result then so do these, but that's why you wanna keep has gone, and that gives you shit right, a feeling you should like try to order PETE.
From him. I feel like there's some weird wait for you to get rich, but I'd notaries Dona boys, because you know anybody about people. Did you know him I e at last and painted and will be ok. They might. He bought about already He thinks he's in a marble and get people who Jim, ok, me. Samuel, let another one A great like was literally just got his namesake commercial way. Hollywood it'll be ok. He's got like them achievement or die? But I'm thinking about Does that mean A brazilian thanks for now even knowing me, go
my e mail and then walking off stage walking right back on you so much fun, I'm so great You were going out here. You guys again, thank you so so so so much we would love to come back. We love Duranno, we love armchairs minds again, thanks low Ral produce, I beg you bomber back a bag. Is God thank everyone. Please stay too for the fact check. After this beautiful musical interlude by Bob Merv back, that was part of the life experience. Like an unlimited learn, is one today
dedicated to my friends. Taxes the latter, rain when a woman
This was why Yes, man. Nervous.
One like this, guess. Get enough, those necessary these plans, I was. once Yes,
why Where yes, thank you so much
welcome to the back check. Monica pavement, it's Saturday, I saw well, you know what they're gonna be airman Kay fundamental, when they, when inspiration strikes, ok, now out a routine, no one wants routine from me. Do that They won't like when I was driving in a nice thinking of some fun song and then I'll write your ten on the source. Gal saying, however, still to spread through you didn't even get that right. Of course, I don't get it right. There are only a fine eggs work that was so five on resource welcome Why did you bring that we just got over that nah, guy, you're detection it's funny, but he did have the text me
Let me make that I was up there. I really did I wasn't so many very codependent relationship with you may as well. Equal me under you, man. As well. Allow me as well or ouch, about me. I mean a lot more. You do yeah addicted to me on these yeah, I want all of em. I told you, I found the lounge bans yeah. I will love them I wonder me last year of your so sexy in them. I, like my Wednesday, the outskirts I have a little bit of a moose knuckle issue in my I gotta get a bigger size, but I have to be kept like there are certain guess I wouldn't aware them around. You know, I'm sorry, it's always a litmus test of how close you are with us. If I wear my one says to small me ones, these I'm surprised that I just not there and in all that time, really!
I used to be a real noticeable. Most knuckle like I dont think you could miss why mister or mountain disappointed and you and mom was not go. I don't really think of. You is being prude now she's dead. But I also don't wanna, be the guy like where there's six families hanging out in one of the only one in the dad's penises is very visible. It just feels in a prob it is a road rail yeah. It is, but I generally dont think of you, someone who cares about that arguing over a million one feel uncomfortable, though, with a willing partner. There's no rudeness, but just you know, friends, they don't they deserve around the market. Ferny knuckle the low Ral Laurel Little Ral Bird bar little round was in bird box. Everyone should go watch bird
Ecstasy, low ral, because this is the most popular movie in America? Yeah, probably I think so numbers. Why did we but they never released? more than they did release numbers one. I want to say they said like forty six million people watch it offers which that were a movie that would be like a five hundred million dollar movie within two weeks. Yeah. It's crazy licit talk. What movies that we but we really like can't cash and we all know well, which had I watch vice vice. That's really are pick so guide. We must avoid voice over the young, the break in a lot addiction issues. You think it's because of the cheese that you gave me. Don't blame me in the trees it for your dick yeah she's, my directions, great, it is pretty parks. Elaborate. I sound grouse and snotty. No, these are, if you like you just woke up. I went back, I have a little cord, so forgive there,
now, if you mister, I'm a little nervous, because I'm shooting a commercial this week, I'm a little nervous. I'm gonna get fired you. Oh I'm very nervous, listen you! The time you got fired, you didn't even get fire to listen eyes were now you absolutely huge, the fear of being fired in your just, never gonna be fine, have a fitting to Morrow Technically- and I I heard from the girl on Friday to get my initial sizes, but normally by now I would have heard from her again I have it loses grows, and so I might get fired just cause. I should give life rises or I might give when I arrive, because I sound not good you're, not gonna want to pay for. Eighty are no listen. You don't smell bad, then, if you don't know your voice who were well? You would never be able to tell that its eight percent difference of you get fired. You can still work here. That's what I tell myself it's true. I can still were here now I'm very, very happy to work here,
me too, from all round table Neuro, so he tell them really funny story about his son, embarrassing him at when they were somewhere with his sons. Friends Where will rail walked away to get like food or something and came back and saw like a bunch of kids crowded around in a circle? And he ideas like what's going on with his son and he was dancing On the whole, I re used conflicting yeah bows so interesting, because I never will
I've thought about that. If social, historical, countering the context that he took it, which of course, is correct, like he should have that instinct to be like? Oh no, don't turn all the voting yes, but but which is Bunny cause he's. Probably no. He said his son is one of probably the one of the few minorities there near persons of colors yeah so pie trying to fit in or be or whose, with Turkey he might love dams love attention. I now in its totally fine yeah out the historical context. And do you do you imposed a past historical kinder to someone who's enjoying themselves. This is the power of culture. The example I always try to give is in Papua New Guinea when they they greet little kids. They fondle their genitals, now neurons fondling, their genitals, inner pinup sexual manner. They just fondle each others,
when they re kids. Now have you lived here in some final, your genitals, your whole life. You will grow, but lots of problems that would be trauma cause. We that's the culture we live and where that what you would have been abused yeah, but if you're, if there's no distinction of abuse, you dont have trauma it's it's in emu. I guess what I'm saying is. Culture knows no bounds. These things that we think are in no intrinsically good or bad or this, or that there really are wrapped up in this envelope of culture, yeah dance, for people and their given your attention and clapping and feel good, you need to feel guilty about it. Now you doubt, except I wonder if he will later like. Who knows? Who knows? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know how it started like how did it start where he first started dancing for people and then they start a clap, but with so interesting. Is it
like every ten year olds. Looking for that thing that they can, they are and are gonna, be borne away by your would so if he had two if he had come over and his son was alleys on escape board and doing Ali kicks lives in a rose chairing, he probably wouldn't think anything of it. But it happens to be dancing. It also happens to be the group around tat. Maybe if that was a more, Multi cultural industry. We use doing a historically white activity, maybe even if it was a wide activity and bullets and with a bunch white people around the world? it, probably is why the singular hosts, PS. I I don't know it's just an interesting thought. I hadn't really thought about it here. Look if I were him
I feel the same way tat. The idea ivy be nervous. Melton Bradley is a game company. You second gas yourself on that. Then it is american boardgame manufacture, established by Milton Bradley in Springfield Massachusetts in eighteen, sixty wow. I'm pretty fascinated by people who create gamey tail there? Even one step we're the magicians, I think my magicians We are therefore here on an attractive sure. The weird do you like we're all we are again. Everyone executive is actually they covered the table. Person who sits in their room practices sleight of hand, as is the very specific personality type and then someone I think beyond that would be
some are creating a game in their head and now it is deep feels very introverted. Doesn't it yeah? I guess so I guess it. As you know, we ve taught frequently about Klaus. Yeah. Yeah lags, I dont know if we write what they hear, but not here, but in our law. Yes, in our life, Klaus, the greater sellers of catana enemies, german gas, and were very intrigued by Klaus. Yes, sometimes you referred to and one more thing we do, and if God and he became aware of us, because we talk about settlers that contain so much imposed pictures of it. That somehow were got to him all the way over in Germany and he sent us a signed game. Geologists cos in German and then we thought what if you want to play with, can you imagine, then? What did we oh? No, what if we won, we started thinking what, if we be Klaus-
his own game, crying? Oh, no, I pretended he was crying and German and it became a whole thing yeah, yeah, you're, never gonna beat somewhere around very. Where the most his mind. It's ok, square. Now you would be so sad and already hugging Klaus, that sounds nice year converting him, but he was, we decided, I guess the ultimate result was that we decided we would throw the game if we were playing with Klaus share share, but I We also want a zombie playing our very best to seek, as he looks We don't need to worry about this. He's gonna beat us I dont know I dont believe back just like the person who invented baseball was as good as making mantle. I know he's coming into play it so much in order to figure out all the rules, the end through still dice involved.
I mean I could be our luck. I played a lot on my phone over the break. I'm not allowed to play here, that's my role for myself, but I can play when I'm home in on the airplane, and I did, and it was so weird being by myself doing it. Because I know that there were a couple games where I started it and I was like this is not like that. You're gonna lose definitely losing and not really, because I did anything wrong. They put the two best paused before Miss your term. Not even spots was like nothing was getting old I'll die every time I got robbed buried. It was like all these things. I had a really fight. The urge to gardener, gay, ass yeah. I make myself go through with those two and I'm often shocked and winning those games. Ally, dinner. You didn't we now I had to lose
Let me like I'm getting a little closer and felt like. Oh I'm glad I didn't quick, but then I still love you boy to thirteen point like I do now. I dont you hate this about me. My favorite thing in the world is to win the game. You played a thirteen, but there is a way to get two fourteen point in wine and when I do that, I take a screen grab and I send it to you and you hate it, because I have won a couple different times of fourteen the three into odd arrive. Feel great. What that half of you, like Klaus, air, I'm celebrating, I had anything about you. You know you know now come on. Whales are not allowed to say the word head, any marble,
as you are raised him from high vocabulary, does the use they had all the times, though anyway, but there is no bad thing about you. Ok, so, oh you made a joke about his name Melton in use that it wasn't a good name, and you said the head is there there has never been MBA Star named Milton Raw Milton Doyle Milton Doyle sounds like an Irishman. Is it I dont believe he is because he's why our guy, He is, I think, still a guard. The long island necks. No now it will be here. I love you, I love you so much of the long island. That's probably have not been the lie of the Mets fur. Because it was a wise short. No, sixteen there's been ninety. Ninety three now that camp
the long island met since the New Jersey NET I bet it hasn't been along the twenties or something ok. I guess it renders do I've gotta go my face so that New Jersey Nets move to Brooklyn and lump went there. I guess the long island has said on the site that I saw there were still way. For this at all, but miles and all around the Mai borough Milton Doyle is still or star, as NBA Star. Currently Bud now now here. Our era the point I made my ology that we in biology or maintain that the point stands because my point, was that when a little oral grew up with the name Milton ends, cargo vows. Yes, when he in Chicago in the eighties, with the main Milton there was a bummer of a name in there weren't any mba stars, Nay Milton's. The point I was making was a user name on the playground in Chicago in the eighties, and now now
be easier because we got the sky and the long island Slash Brooklyn measures at some guy share. Doing Monica was a good name, a girl with Eden dislike the analogy totally fine, I hated it, but it was not like it sounds why right down the middle yet sounds right enough. Another it lovely to pronounce on the roll. No one stumbling when I go to text you too, to monocles pop up yeah potter view and Monica Potter, health MP yeah they Monica Potter's is why does it gets right tiers of black haired whitey yeah? My name is very lucky. I would say I could have gone a lot of different ways, my real last name much longer impediment Yeah has all these extra letters. I don't even know how to pronounce. It are some of the letters Nobby runnin around about yeah for our character, the whole number and my dad's dad
or my dad's grandfathers, somebody Fernando yes early, thank God, and so my dad's name is always been Patman but is actually way way way. Laundress I got really lucky. I wanna hear it so bad I'll find out what it so my goal at the end of this progress in twenty years is you are so indian your unrecognisable? you'll, be where he traditional indian garb he'll, be speaking one of the many dialects that all evolution of this body cast. You want me to I would be allowed to live here in person. You'll be Mama Sheila. Does that you're there? what was her saying. She said something that was very scary and then she said that wasn't visual check that you each other. While that was fresh and forgot about cross yeah
your memories been re J, while one of some of the supplements I've been taking. I know I'm thinking. Ok, methamphetamine gets probably that warning. You really have been taking adapted and rights. By building my memories thing is getting worse it well, that's the trajectory of memory and suggest gets worse and worse can gradually China fighter with these adapted to air. These powders mind seem to be working, maybe by members, to get bad so that it can come back up like a phoenix. Rising from the Tec. Anyway, mountain dream Mythology noted the phoenix Europeans, for I know everyone who read Harry Potter, knows about the Phoenix. I have not read Harry Potter emotionally looking forward to doing that with the girls, I suppose, but I want to do it on tape knows when I was young, I read it. I'm listening
We read books. I have a learning disability, as you have talked about a couple of million times on here, and I was you know. Book was hard for me to read them neither day or just dealt. I was reading her thee, the great Pixar movie about DS more, whereas where I see I can't say that either marijuana no, no, the day of the dead cocoa. Ok, I was reading whole go in. There were so many spanish words in there that were so hard for me to her now it was. It took the wind out of that bought. My long was sore after it took all my concentrate. I was Caput, is there a boot ere? You are able to speak in June Hence I don't know why you were enabled to speak in Spanish, be I think, of my ancestors germanic, genetically I'm predisposed to those hard consonant share. Yeah, that's hard. Sometimes those kids books are high
to read. I have that problem ten. I just think Terence pauses full of all these years, which is names or logs and goblins, like they all have silly names that I'm gonna every time I have to say where the characters names, I'm gonna have a hard time. Ok, I understand that thought me to read it to you That would be great hurry to two guys. I know how to pronounce everything on random a couple times looks yeah, let's start soon type, ok, so back to Milton's. Now I'm self conscious that I'm wrong about this, but I in my research I also found a Milton O Bell. Bradley Junior is the retired Major League baseball outfielder. I discuss of cautious because This person's name is Melton Bradley and Rob is saying. I'm correct, warbler gonna walk Bobby noses athletes and sports and sports teams in sports mascots. In particular, he shared lays without eyes shut,
lay was that by now as the blasphemy laws Omer, but little monsters the devil's that then I shall Devils New Mass got in. I thought his name was blazer some. He looks like he's on fire in going to hell speaking a blaze. Yeah there's a good transition. You talk about a person, a blaze. They gave himself the name blaze near and I want to be able to fact chickens. Say if his name really is blaze, but how can I do? That is the reason that you met one time some hairdo and but if he is listening, I'd like him to write to other than to, alas, tell us I am really is blaze because I believe that his name could really be blaze. I do if you saw me you wouldn't believe I know you said that I took some of that. Because some of it was well now I took out the description you gave because it's gonna be hurtful to some people. Why would I, sir?
religion, Jean no one's wearing truly still Darnay might be, and that does not make them right. So I had to take it. Guy anyway. So how do you describe people? You know? That's the problem because new describe thereby re that we want and what we need that describe. People in life is relevant to the story. It's it's, but it's not the tapestry. Now you can describe but you're saying the reason that you knew he was lying and Fulla shit was how he was dressed, and that is not true. It could be a good clue so miserable or try, I'm with you through a degree k, but there is some clothing styles. Kinda is aggressive? There was a popular one called affliction. Ok, that's that was in there was cut her here. Ok, you know there
There are some clothing lens catering to toxic masculinity it's ok to make fun of that interest. We need a place, a safe place to make fun of that will you be wearing a bunch of like real big steel jewelry in your face with skulls and stuff like tat you saying something right, yeah, but I'll give it here. I feel it and we're gonna, show people into being nicer. We also live business, not nice, to wear the type of gene relieved, his knees, but these affliction shirts basically said do you that was the name less to kill. Baby, I welcome back again yeah. So yes, but this is my fear-
Let me tell you really embarrassing story. I thought there might be idle right at all to this decision, and so you were true religion genes a little longer than he should now. I never wore them. I wanted sale, they were hot tea. I had a pair of more them all through filming employ a month. I was in true religion here we have it and style on the West Coast right. So how do we know what's happening with people? We don't want to judge their personalities based on the trend that through the street, look you everything your thing true and everything I'm saying is true, which is we need a shame. People were wearing aggressive quota methods are sending is fuck you. Let me tell you that my story- ok, I sell I once by an early tea, sir. It was purple and ahead of it.
Design. I had a hard on it and living in popular because they weren't attractive, but why did the more they weren't tractor I mean my my opinion, they weren't, but they were usually popular, which leads me to believe they were attracted to many people right. But you know it, but I probably didn't think I was attractive, but I probably heard the name and then I stumbled upon it and I wanted it because I guess I thought it was cool right and now it's so an era sing them owned. I wore it sure, that's great! That's part of the twentieth. Part about being alive? Is that you put yours, you, go out on a limb and try out a style many suffrages of later, and then it is really points out. How goofy we all are. It's kind of it is, but it's gonna cute of us all it stupid when we look back at her cell. Yes, you're right, but I don't. I would have been so sad if I was living
my favorite podcast and I was wearing it and your right, then, sir, and then my head, RO. My call leaders said that it was, but maybe you would be doing you a favor in that, if you're wearing you know the full garb? That is basically time the World You are I'm not vulnerable and I'm pointing out to you that. Maybe that's the message. We are sending and you can evaluate at that moment. All that is the message I wanted. It could be helpful here could be look, there's, probably a lot of people listening, ten or twelve. There are thinking, oh you're, wearing overalls, the big fuck you someone has the opinion about my overalls that I have about true religion genes with lots of rhinestones on packets yeah.
I hope they dont, because I love your overalls and I love your style and I think everyone should have their own style in boom is, if you know your intentions, like a doesn't bother me when people criticise my overall here about wearing them since tenth grade, you got my first pair car heard overalls and I just enjoy them. I'm comfortable people not liking them. He even my favorite, even of Howard Stern, went on a ten minute tirade about how stupid overalls are still love em. There were no pack. My decision aware them at all: it's trail of you if you fuckin of your feeling good today in your affliction teacher and your chrome arts jewelry in your true religion, genes than fucking good on you and not listen to me, enjoy your day Erika, that's a good take away so does Vince make man give names, tourists Larsen great question, good question. Now
think they give him to themselves, but then they have to basely get them approved because they can't have to buy the name document now. Called you really like the book are the Fucker furthest shall at their doing wrestling shall yeah. I read the man whatever it is called I wanna join as snake bliss are down called Steve, asked Jake the Snake Roberts. I couldn't joiners him Superfly Snooker thirty taken Knuckles That was one of the guys when I was a kid yawning other guys. When I was a kid there, unlike Jean I loved bigtime rustling Toby Toby were, of course under the giants. Number one, of course, but here are some of the folks. I like Superfly, supervised Snooker. The ultimate warrior attain the british Ridgepole dogs. They were twins, hacks, Jim Jim Dugan didn't care for him yeah. He comes up in this episode. Oh he does ok, then Lou Albino he put, he had the rubber
man's invading Lou Albino ok at iron, Sheikh racist, I think, against middle eastern drugs. Break loose Albano had some on tiny rubber bans in his beard and he made his way into Cindy Lubber videos Anna Cindy Lubber movie. I was love when guys ended up in these movies. I'll tell you another example. King Kong, Bundy loved him. He was second biggest Andre. The giant he ended up in gang movie, my brother and I love called the wanderers You know what else Lou for rig. Now it was then I love you man, four ignores not a became rested just for the record alone. He was anybody Diner Gilbert, and he was the hawk. The incredible write to me: it's all the same body, building and big time. Rustling here was the certainly there's a lot of cross pollination and migration from once more to the other
why just went to Adobe Debbie Raw man? Oh yeah now, and it was too loud for this man. If I went again, I loved the shell, but the rock and roll between the fight was so aggressively left. So I'd give you a wet with jazz in some of our other friends and Yan and I'll be eased all gazers come home and I was like how is it so there was too loud for me. That's how calmly- and I my french colleague, from how that's how we knew we were too old for Hollister, we'll tallest Hollister as a store in the mall. Ok, that we used to love. It was like, I think, owned by the same people's Abercrombie or something and ways to go there, a lot that was our favorite store. I was kind of sir for California, but rather be ok like allayed bag by, but a kind of retail crappy yap. And at one point we realise what we were to offer because, like it was crowded and in
loud and their end fell like we'd outgrown in we can tell by the volume right yeah, but I do want to go back to a rather looking with. Plugs running over the really enjoyed it with your plugs by then you one beaver touch your friends. You write men on enjoy you not that you just isolated exactly what my issues with the volume. I only go places to talk to my friend yeah. It's me it's just another setting to be doing their yeah. I dont want to do anything but talk, but is it next to people staring forward? either it's boring so boring, but honestly love com was concerts either. There's a handful of people, love seen, amounts do, and here they are definitely be able brothers I'd, love to see them and culture they or I'd really like to spectacular ear loves you an all out, yeah losin, steely, damn
any of these bans where the musicians are so talented, like their road musicians, are long time like they're, like steel, Indians, drummers, always the best rumours in the world I guess I love that, but be it in general concerts. No thanks, yeah and you always hear me say too: I don't even want to receive a bit job for more than one hour right, there's nothing. I want to be doing that long either. It's all too long, like this project's factor, this law too long, Ok, is there a red lobster and Canada? Yes, new. There is at least one read Lobster and Alberta Manitoba Ontario and Scotch Rwanda, ray congratulations, guys, yeah go get. Those cheesy biscuit was then there are a lot of canadian arm cherries and I'm really happy that they can go. Get those cheesy biscuit and I'd like to have this and see if they hold up. Yeah
behind I got older, we get the more I'm learning. I keep the arrangement of thinking that it's gone downhill and have now come to realize I might just my taste of changed. I don't, imagine how people are now, oh that we had the right Dangle sailor. Yak, that's kind of a win I flew was he's still really like I liked it wasn't as good as I remember, but they did not put heavy mammies on about bad. So I can't really judge, but it was good. It was really good. Well, what did at hand is the lettuce was. There was like two pieces of ladders they were not the most fresh, green I've ever seen, no difference we did ever delivered. We had, delivered and- and it's just something I never would have noticed like. I don't think it's that it. There was less. Let us the night there used to be. I think that's what they do and I never would have noticed in red hair about web, and now I care
Let us now still say was good. It was gonna cut. I wanted I'd have another area, but I will definitely make sure we should eat m in a burger king, ok and get happy. Man is ok, but I did my combo manners and catch up and it was fantastic. The ok see since so many people have come out of living collar. Aha, and our ability to really say who Jamie Fox, Jim Carrie Burma from Oil David. Alan Greer, Jennifer Lopez right she was alive. Dry girl, but you also have the brothers all three of our other rang. The Wayne brother came from in living color and I loved Damon yeah love. I really liked him somewhere do they call it a car heard or a car bonnet in Canada. Oh great clashings are part of the Commonwealth in England.
Call the bonnet yeah, but I'm gonna stay. They called a hood in Canada. Bade him good. Yet car heard is the metal part that covers the engine of an automobile. The term car hood is a north american term, used primarily in America and Canada. Hood comes from the old english word Hod, which means a hood a soft covering for the head. Interestingly, hood is used by british English. Speakers referred to the waterproof cloth top covering the passenger compartment of a car works. Weird me, yeah, a car bonnet is the metal part that covers the engine of an automobile. The term carbonic is a british term, is primarily in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, India, New Zealand, Australia, etc.
Bonnet body. I wonder when you become full Virginia and again if you'll start saying borne away to my knowledge, the only thing they're doing in India that I would label is a little bit outdated. Is shooting industry poor task that poor people, it's also cultural, do not that is holding a southern sixty minutes. They want to combat that they may build bathrooms. People still prefer to go outside because it so the driver went in society here. They want make their yeah it's a good thing, may get bigger. I mean I'll be on a social movement to stop it. When I was there, I did not. While I did not poop industry ochre event, didn't witness anyone doing that either there were tons of poor people, and I had a bad bladder
Action is now really bad into our how bad like hospitalized. Now, though, beer just heart really bagger here, cranberry Juicer no or may be bad, they were giving me coconut water, a feeling that make a work of art. When a water before cocoanut water was he really look about their very ahead of their Tonia. Will there ahead of their time with a treatment I think with like Ire Vader treatment?
my powders, or they are vague there. The ad adapted genes are only are yeah. That's love, something you know I would have said is complete, who, in the idea that Poncho karma no, my joint pain, was alleviated considerably, yellow unload, say that's my dad said the exact same thing when I was home just over the break. We were talking about homeopathic step and he said he said TAT. He would normally never think that thou whatever work, and it was a lot a boo. But then he said he had some experience where he had to go, and then they gave him some me some crap and it vacancies problem. Some bark offer some tree yap. Almost probable Are you an area hoboes and is growing? Wasn't Bomer? Oh you couldn't recalled the movie. You can't handle the truth.
Well is from. Can you now here a few good man yeah, that's it well! In the end, it's also. I want to say one thing: it was not appropriate to. You in front of the live audience, but had we been in here, I would have done this and I feel obligated to do this. Is he tells that story? I bring up him getting arrested and, He told the very end of the show, so wasn't really we're rapid things up, so you want to get into another thing and then also with it would have been a bit of a downer in front of the live awnings. But at any rate I did want to mention that story than I am laughing at these kind of laughing his way through about getting arrested after some white guy beat him up here in a very profound, a yes, I dont want to escape pass that yeah that that's the kind of thing that can happen to him that I just can't happen to me
Korea, India, here, like a successful comedian like him dealing with that I now he knows kind of telling enlightening ere. I don't really think it's funny about. His story was when he was always a master of the House as a great story. Teller, so is a fun. Fine quote: store a yeah. It's not a funds, don't know the kind of overall implications of that are horrendous yeah than the fact that some fuckin asshole could beat his ass in them. He gets arrest of forest. It's almost unfathomable that What happened like it's? It's a testament to. How are you big was it is ubiquitous. It is that he doesn't even think tat. Not even thinking of it in those terms is ongoing. That's life on planet earth from yeah. It also requires I ate like a strain to be able to let something like that, like girls of you, yes, I would never
or be able to do that. Firstly, New Toby born you met them June happened to me nine years ago. We sell all encompassing all way. Yeah yeah. I kind of like proof that you have the power for how much you're gonna let things effect you. I guess I gas, but also that it is no wonder you're going to surrender to it or not vocal about it, but you can do all things. You can add a defect, you and you can be vocal in changing air, but that was there was a bummer story, William in retrospect hurry. Well, I love you. I love you. I hope you feel better. Thanks, you're not gonna, get fired. Ok, the report will be giving a good report can act,
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