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Armchair Expert Live from Nashville at Andrew Jackson Hall. November 1st, 2019.

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he's. Not it's so he's unjant oo, man, men, I alwas Jis, debating Munsul Missa, always be the word s I I'll play with them, but I sat a man in Meedly Doesdo WOS him than and when he then this bloon, I ve me. I AE man, we gon NIT in a MA, DOW no go inmn, Aii, Migosevaesib Oher then be and Lunsubile MAX. But o is some satisfaction. You don't Flin that boot. It is Oe down. H, he's a not Chairit's. Oh Liseno chance go Manmo e ey, don't no may ou dony D E, Tak Ann and as we Unc
Sy the thank that my o, you no oo, crazy, the child, an I'm crazy for cryin and I'm crazy mm deu.
U o fo oo me Noe, misabel them and mor go o YO gods. Thank you! Oh my god. Ying hows everybody up there Amon ever Hoh, you Guas, we loved NAS, will so much Wes Tery Comin here why's the
here I went out for jum. Those were dark days, Ahm but this town has become enoh for me only second, with Austin Texas, I mean this is such a wonderful place, my wife posted that C M, AZ or Samteas of the country's examptens may. Five years in a row, fell love with HAW to bees, chicken princess Jacken. What I loves in my life ye are used. The nes tes is here he's the monhe, told me to AUD Ir my business man Jervy, listen to the show lod
friend's year. Jis, the wonderful wonderful city were so excited to be here, and I brought a little friend with me see as Miniatur an Sighs and maximinian. Oh Monocere, Une e whe. Here what min? I was southern well en ye for a southern jold returned on the Brodegal Doar. That's right! I wish you hadn it worn heels, so they could really get a sense of the dimorphism. I now an ave't, a good five inches right now that I don't normally have lege as anyone scared. I might injure her just by me next to her as Ben O, I'm powerful enough that I can take. It so the kind folks
lazy boy ha donated olgarnitur for us and we will be donating this after the showed Tohabitemper he man ride so we vell want to come to Nashral for a while, but we very much wanted to come and get to talk to somebody that was significant for the city. Loff and low and behold we we landed ourselves a queen, o Yallio, legitimate Nashville, Quaint AK. Every nomination imaginable she ried Rememacntyre for best female artists of the year. She is a the toast of the town Martin,
MI, no, who is go ie. Thank you. What again, what a nice welcome? Think you so much! a gang here knew that you loved Drownd features Ma Yo a Artof. All is that needle point or macramay? What is tha needle pin? O point? U Orwell? Very nice think he didn't want now. You've done a million live shows in your day. If you ever seen a crowd of nicer human beings and their mataries. Never never never gat, so good ones If you feel a low you to step out, Infro of the armchair on Ery hals takes care. Ats are all yethers, so Martin.
First and foremost, we were shocked to hear that you would do this. First of all, what there's no wind for you. There's hen, several thousand people, I'm a big van of SHO I find that really hard to believe it's very at herself. Rather, it is very flattery or you, Po Kast person in general. I have just started getting into pipe casf Oll Carryi hasted Hollo eat my a year, aha, so am you know we met on the said Apparenthood and on a few membore? Yes, yes, yes, yes, we were friends with them. Our friends with May and Mi'Ll may wear men. Yes, oselh a so we came out to a to go on set and I met you in the rest of the cast. Your May Witman is probably our favourite human being on planed, er's, amazing YE and in fact, her ex
Friend's brother will become to the nine thirty showed Dhat, Sir, neither here nor there now haha you've been a natoral nowfer. Ah quit a long time. Yes, since but eighty nine, nineteen, ninety nineteen, ninety, so that's thir! That's twenty nine years! Fas mouth now cope onces out be thirty year. Yes, and tell me why his NASH feels so fantastic, as, as I've been travelling through town and talking with my friend Hughie you pretty man at this place. Is I git so feelir her sounds like we are gon a Pess Abot, o er ye ha. No Inathal has been such a small city. Noca has had always had this really small town Fiel and I'm I'm from a very small town of about a hundred and fifty people, a hoting cans and he Kansas SOA. For me, I'm not really a sity girl. So for me, moving here was like all. This is cool. I can handle this, it's like Eeverybody's, really nice and you get around and it's easy. An
You know that's Alln Arways. I tell her Hhet's over, so I may I go out of town for the week an they come back into MIKE what is happening. Now for us on the outside, who visit it disappears to keep getting better and better better than so many amazing restaurants Yar as TRU you bought a Cranin barrel. We heard we guise theinggratulations on the cratn barrel Herno as a really big day. It was the owent to the grand opening. Oh icreyed Barlfann. Was there a Wa Ther a line like for Thea? I phond wit their people around the block for great bail. It was an exclue part, oh no, not shided. It was at like a pre grand opening, so I got invited. I was so happy they had wine oh lo, not a shop, an it's great did do. Did you get a discount
Thinkit, it is Al H, I would hope so AE. They pried put pictures of you in the paper en Sata. I was I've been on like twitter for years saying we need a Craton Barrelin new. This me re, Becausemi ha you've climbed that mountain is hor. Another Jane you'd like to see a hukea felir. Maybe we can help hem out you, God. Gboy, I assume we do. We just got one know or you did just got one just a few months ago we boy caught it because Monocand Ire pro gave er a rise. Would that said we fugky Wob it o it's so hard to not eat it's the hardest. Ethical thing we, gentlemen, faced get really Cruly. We will sit around and talk about what we're missing now on yet
We haven't mien idigit for a while, and I still wanted every day just say us and we've lived yourselves and said o, I think they're, the pro gay now yea. I, what will find the headline that'll have his only wane la a GA confirmation by his ear. So in the most rustrating thing, as our very best friend, jest rollin, he assed lose Es Pia is at vugking gets. Oh cu comes by the house, sometimes Martina, ten twelve chickfullets yea AR like what are you doin wher, we're not eating a yousion, a be your hes for you, yes and he's, 're too good. I don't care worly hangee up, it's very upsetting. It's very upsetting. I know an other one thing will happen, is on ununset, for my tevie show. Sometimes the kayers order it Wy Din'T De Som, my money. I didn't give any money to them. Now, hang so I call I'll com. I mentormous me like. I got seven hot ones coming in and Wel.
Sit there and devour them all a evintually? I will eat it when I'm home in Georgia cause. I feel it it's noting to go away in Georgia, all kasallis ucetwhat YO. I yourself hee me in Georg, no one a I I so good Yerl covered there. Um now youre from Kansas, in your from I didn't realy even realize them. I had Nov r to the town. So I soon di was small, but a ha hundred twenty people. Then a hundred and fifty Fifty one, so it's possible to sleep with tempercented that populate a why it's rare that you can sleep on hembers and to sit a city, but you it could get done. I want a long Wain I abittet I graduate with tin people in my graduating class for real. Yes, I always say I graduate in the top tin in my clapha thid Notor but that pram ye was it in a fumbles hh. It was pretty bleak Jea, but it's like Goond your brother do not. I mean like I' I've known these boys since kindergarten, so
I never dated anybody in the actual I school ridew do like a dairy queen or anything nearby noo. No, I'm talking about Riggnbaerel, no stop light! No Zob like win dirt streets. Ahu there is a few church, There is a liquor store. And I exmatched apest of IC and then about it o while and you're dad your mother and father owned a dairy farm. I was really young out when he had the dairy farm. Er's roably, you know he e doing that when I was about five or maybe seven, and then it was just a wheat farm. Oh Weave arm and also he got a weed farm, not well now adays Prodaly Is it legal hear intimacy, know on Ne Ollers Hill here, Hoca CO? You know Make that a Chickflae slide down Gilpreen a how boy a little dimbeat couple, Eutiblls.
You'll forget what you stand for h, but you're Dad Woll FIR Swall? U, if you were five or seven, did you actually like milk cows at that Oup and I've milked a cow, a cow? he had only now like I am. It was 'n Ub a reg. Thing, but I did go with my sister- we would go down to the pasture and we would round up Ouse and Drive im down the lay or walk. Down the lane to the barns of my deckat milk. Due Stad. It all is at something that you would want your kids to have her your lay as ye. I do actually at growing up in that really rule safe. You knoww, me and my brother would get on our bikes and ride all day, just total freedom and also haven't shores like physical labour chores a few and having animals to care for you. I really miss that for them in and I would love to go back and live on a farm This is o micaw, but also you have kind of first hand experience with the food N, which I think people would be helped to recognize ye now, like I read the book called on killing about how
we're kind of all fascinated with death and average kid work watches like a million murders by the time, their aid on tv, normal tv, this sans theory. Was you know we used to Grammon Grampa yous to die at home, we buried them may be in the back yards. We doubt with all that we actually processed meat on our farms. We had a first hand, relationship with death and the whole circle o life in them, when you're completely removed from that. You just become like ersely fascinated by it, because you don't have any connection to it right. Ye yef you'le good about death. Proy Manel, I have seen a first Ann was webeasd to have one time a year where we would no put up chickens and so Yang. You def Lin, get to see that first hand end in my mamwould, go through the whole process of plucking them and Ya My great grandma had him, and I do remember Whatcho my uncle Kell won in boy. They get busy for a long time after their death. Ah Runnin Rouit Likeaess. He heart yheir, head door, I'n Rowd, the chicken, the Hetsga, that's a real name! Give me up.
I've, never seen chickens, more active, sorry, Monocotiam, more strikes against Chikfaro is you're right. A siculary is not Tadlick and Sogea, not daring well, but your fatheris staird to Makyoug cabins in any Actuas Serted selling cabinetry in some Whan ye, and he was a arpenter like he would build houses and really come just whatever needed to be done. You know: install cabinetree fix up bathrooms, build houses. He was a carpenter YA and you used to is as Hypocryphal or that you, you kind o, spend a ount time with dad in the shop and that's maybe where you are introduced to to country music, TA yea dad also had a country band as a hobby, so he was a guitar player. He still plays and sings as a hobby they're all right, Darrell, and so there was always Ena music around our house and it was usualhe rely to country, music, earnest, tub, Hank Williams, the Redalan
Patsy climbed, and then also he got into the outlaw country. Oh that's! Where I living ye ye. I was going to sing a whale in songs in then I ran out of um of a confidence. Oh ha ha ha ha ha he's gesing sing, lone some Mornary Mein, and then I pulled the flog gear. How still Mya got to Dectes ITT Mies, yes, So there was always music around the house. Always he always has a band, a the hobbyester sting at the Banwen wows Wat, seven years old, and ban right in his band the Shisogi, ah Martina's real last name is shift. I shouldn't say real noticely Ra John, who I met originally Huwm up that your maid name is ship a ha and said the a was the shifters toithe Shiff and shifters, so could't be Cewter at's a family name, the shifter Amley Navia and my mam ran the sound board, my dad Pla, guitar and sang it was the band leader I played keyboards and saying my younger brother guitar and teelbazar and sang had for a while. My older brother played drums so
s a family. You knows we would go out on Saturday night and find this like Aband school building. We just have a dance for four hours if Peop would come from. My around bringing their own big, coolers and people all ages like from little kids to. Gramon Grandpa, and we just play music or our hours and they two step How would you promote that show how Woald people know to come to the Bay, Unwillings for some Hawl town in Amaltaof E, didn't need radio advertise Englishes for the Valily Rihe, so seven or Ight years old. Were you too young to even be nervous or were you never, sir? Did you feel protected by you know the safest group of people you could be with that help to be out on stage with here I just loved to sing I staid hone OAS four years old. So for me, it was just who I was. It was I did and and people seem to like it- and I got me with my parents, and so I didn't really think twice-
Itright right in tin, yer, your your role. Kind of increased throughout this process is initiallyou. Just Sanguin Ne'D in play keyboard writ you taking lessons in what Ye Ogeso is a kinol. I casi'm imagining like the Jackson, five o. It's like I'll. Look at all these an noseahz. I ants this one's name, Michael ah, I' put him up front. Let's get him to there' me more songs there in Michael's, Wheel House, like was it I mean not to put your uply brother family members in a uncomfortable situation, but Was it obvi, as you should be like us, get her? Let's push her to the front. I don't know because I think it was just so unique oh now? I think that I was the only little girl that really sang in that area and did it Unera Rbasis, and you know I unique and different, but my family's very talented. It wasn't really I pushed me out: Frot Atd was come of an equal opportunity, a
a haunitulation, and did that make you popular in town to that help. Aming Ely at Nineo classmate. So it is a relief. Yoing can fall in any of my stereotypes about like Jockson perhaps in socies in what now but Dit did it help TI be like known in your community. Is this Monkey say no! No. I think it made me a little weird, oh dear, no, because only because in a town. He knows sports, is so the centre everything yo like I said, I The only one doing this not that I yetd I had friends in stuff an I was not like an outcast but it was so different, but at the mtime. We took it for granted and it was just the way it was to the mixtim. She well. If your entire families doing it, there's nothing that unique about it. I mean from our pon that's a very unique experience to be in a family band, but yeah, that's just normal, and when you
doi net. Did you at what pointed you have aspirations to do this professionally or or did you he? I did, when I was a t, major or even before I had always just loved to sing. I was the kid that would be know. All other people had sports practice. I would come home from school. We lived ten miles down a dirt road, so whene were home. Your Kun O home was like. You could run down, play the Dio games at the corner stall aride. So I would just on records, and I would NG, along with Linder, Runstet Records and bonny rate records, and later you Habenetour records and hearts and Yo Hadd? U sing for hours, because we didn't have a vocal teacher, Myho Little town. So that was really how I learned to sing, which is trying to match the tone and the itch in the nuances of those singers YU, and so you not can remember, friends would come stay all night and they be like lets. Cam me go anside and play, and I was like no don't
I and listen to Ye Hur Fahaa a you knew Beracoude Inzi Nalya. You did no, while God I'd love to hear that if you ever played that live, that would people's minds. If they came to see you and you just ripped Aultbert Couh Hoh YA, considerate- think about Ity so great so you went from the shifters, a very wholesome family band and then you went, you joined a rock band or maybe formed the rock ban and Tille T and Guis buckle up for the name of the rock ban.
The penetrators, oh atha, Thaae you're, like when these disny stars that lay the toatheo like. I must yet now Hoha. No, I play the Thinias COL. I was so Naty Fut. I really you know these were older guise, o, I imagine Theh ha ha ha ha most penetrators SEN to be on of Abes theykin. My clear thousand ask if I any rekin of family friend as a Reever, and so I went on the road and I didn't I did not know. I had no association. I thought Joe Penetry penetrate you with their MUS, so rock an raw ha h, verse with Thour, music and then later in the evening. I didn't know I wother I dot ha har ha and we You rode around in this van that have
hole in the floor with the hufa and we may throw your drugs out if the cashs are coming an the I remember one time we're going to play a week long at this slick holiday in or something young to put all our money together, we bought it huge jar of peanut butter, Jarr, Jelly and a loaf of bread, and that was going to be our food for the week for the week- and we were gin o share at all R Verybody was like stop taking so much in a butter la you know HO af TE ofterfall en anywhere the gig fell through and we ot stuffed ourselves on Pertoneh SA. We howled were you during the penetrators to keep saying the haray or um. I was the overunder of museum penetrators, as at Leas a Dozueys, a YE and to see you aneything to Hell in Ther Aea. I was Seventeen seventeen were you the lead singer, the penetrators awey of Courseddy. O covers, or did you of original song? We did mostly cover, as we did hard.
In Journey Pat Benatar, yeah, like and this is what MIDAS La ladies eighty four eighty four who prime time to be singing some Benetar at a holiday and express, or they won't even expresses? Yet? Do you remember of the tap your head? What the Arante was for that Wev long residency. I would love to know a, but it was in like the seventy dollar rain. Hem Thar Howley a HU did you have any aspirastions go to college. Well, yes, moved to Hutchinson, which is about forty miles away town about forty thousand people and I work to the dairy queen. Oh here, Wi Go, I know it. Eri would be in a shore. You worked itfiderically ow, you are not indian or are you you don't seem to be indian? You don't know this wbamonica. Unfortunately, as I he had a boy. She liked said he would be
Erbut she Heclinic as her family worked at Deriglee, which they dinan they didn't o Saiy Junnan. It was a stereotype and let your gonncapial know has a monk is unfortunately, indian H, o no. I brieved her on everyone's eat. Nthe city back o ye, I cu cat get all YO out is got Yras Ha Whe worked at Dirry, Cloer Todary, Queen I sing in this the penetrator is et ha ha ha, and I went to this junior college o. For one semester because here's the thing my school was the exact opposite of a college, Chool, I guy. I was now the woman and students yet the year I graduate there with thirty four kids in the four grades of high school my good then the bon he havs don them out sports, where they Blake Tennis, eight man, Fafall Relemo, oh waw, asked Balin what not, but the good is. If Yor give Eve Shiddies athlete as a kid move, there there are gonna play
said they're going to have to play who elsol they play. I mean many years later I was watching fooble with my husband, and I was like what ereal teams are going in and out he's lhike rithers of I Fensive Cem in I offin upo her my poor eyes. Ll stay UT there play the whole ha ha. I raly ripped tickets at the front of the Hixt Adium Zo and Pararsa H, Dodium Thy ill. He her Hinnh, ha ha ha ha the field Hea, so you were over the Dhue and the blizzard has just come out by the way yet That's like eleast, shaking up the whole paradise as Gacole. That lane at Busterparfey was. My fate means o love that I'm alerging Devenince and OLS stilly TE choice a year. I don't care extra hod Gflina the year of the blizzard off top your head. I, don't I disremember when I was like Likain seventh grade, that shit hit the front page. Am I ride it's in that Zonar, yet Aller how to make a blizzard. You had to do the little curlicue
beable to do that before he could wait on people ohh gideral. You know and did you hold the blizzard upside down and if so, did it ever go wrong? I didn't do that alking now en you yes in and I feel bad for them go to a dairy queen. We only go on family vacations resorts like twelve of us and we'll order twelve blizzards, and then I was like Reese's peanut butter CUP banana Oreo Cream pie, silk labs and imight you can rarget the page and treat is give us the damndering. They look good. I don't even know why I I want to be so thick. Yes, like dinti, more soupe with a fork. They really want you to dig into this blizzard a Hakhe Drots extreme I saw you're workin over it, Derrys Homward and there grain I'm trying to go to college, but I have them so overwhelmed and confused how to do it. Aha, I was living off campus. What en NER an.
Had a campus, but I was living and in a little duplex. You know that cost me two hundred dollars a month. He just didn't understand like the whole scheduling thing, and it was just overwhelming to me. So I only want a semester and then I an go back, and I really wish that I'd stuck with it but well. Nor what Think it worked out. I everything done out. Pon everything seems fine. There is the penetrators and me news of Cerasiaza Dieur. She asked the penetrators are ling in a wait so long as you do all right learn Trodea biology or whatever now The penetrators unfortunately broke up, ah and then you formed another group called the double Traitors, no, no, no you is
but they called Lotos or something peaceful you in the other way. Yet did why sing? I Beng called the works, the works, which I sayng. You know. Ah whin you stand money rates. These are favine swings, I know wit. May I didn't KO any better. Did you do dance with somebody? I did of Wat O Daans was Hem Midy, wis! Somebody who knows me are Yo he gott, you always sing in front of our like a Graysayr's YO art in an do hand hopes that, shall it sounds so bad she has to fix it. No, but I I man tuning into the band that you formed where you then met your a wonderful husband who I met back stage. John Klot, I sing in a band called Lotus, you're right five nights a week at this club and I had some into having some vocal issues, and so I had to take a Lole the time away from THA band plus way in a and two nights. We can siter five and the clubowner came to me and said ah by the way you
to do more interaction with the audience. So I think that we're going have you give you a wireless MIKE and you come out and sit on people's laps and that's own safe. You laen ENY, ply LO a girl of haaha ha ha. M. Also, you look very unstable on stage, so we put a pole up in the meadow a just feel greatest stablize yourself in a circle and all you seem to be switzen up there. Sujusn whyo drop a layer while you're stableeyes in yourself. Who sthouhgran, I decided, put this band together on my own and that so I met my husband cause. If somebody said John MAC Bride has a hearsal space so much- MA call he's just build T and you can rehearse your band there and I said cool, so I went and did that and met John Annam or Ban never made it out of the Hearsal Space O Cae, because
was dealing with a bunch of babies Lhin. I was eighteen years old and I was the only one that had a car and c if these are twenty five, thirty year old men, and I had to go round and pick them all up at ha, Ppearance ha ha ha, so I'm I've got it stacked against me from the GIGO. But we rehearsed and our biggest dream was to do the Holliday Ancircuit sure right, so we gnot a guy an agent from, Kansas City named Frank literally he had a trench coat o Cra, like very Ady cared ha ha ha ha ha. He came down to see us and he said you know I've a got yo this Wik in the holiday in in Missouri and wee so I band, imploded I go to my husband, we're just we rependes our daiting it, but he lived in this warehouse where the rehearsal ace was o haa. This is a No Jha ha ha. It is eve. Li with his mag know he lived. Ere Y was like WI a Pana car. As so I, said to him.
I don't know what I'm ghing to do. I think Frank is Een, a kill us he not any happened and John said you may call it I'll call him for you. There again, I said, really because I was so used to being on my own and taking care of everybody and everything and paying all the bills, and- and I was a keed ally. Do that you cough that for me an HE w's again on for yeneh, johnseys, Frank Joh MC bride. This ban angle, makeit ha ha, hah, ha ha ha ha ha ha a Yearo, a ha ha I, you hung up that phone yea like what he done for dinner or Hof. Now just became really good friends and I would go the after my set finished at the club. As I was still singing in that band- and am I not three in the morning and we just talk and hang out and we met like? A month later, we started dating a month after that we got engaged. Ot it for a year ahead. So
conventionally terrible plan Yev Ary cause, we will get engaged on day, thirty art long for this married life. But you're, one of these cases, if it were worked out because you guys we're married since ninety ninety yeah yeah, eighty eight thirty one you all my God, thirty one years are all actually of graduate very they tune for more lives. Show after this exciting commercial break. We are brought to you by frame bridge of evil. Listen to this show than you ve heard me talk about frame bridge and make it here afordable to frame your favourite things from ourt, Princs and posters to all your best photos now the holidays fast approaching frame bridges. Also the perfect way to give ridiculously easy and thoughtful gifts, and just minutes you can turn a photo from your phone into one of your best gifts ever here's I do it. You go to Framebridge that Comen upload. Your photo preview, your item online in a variety of frame, styles or so,
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Then my dad decided to sing in the battle of the bands at this club, which he never did, the entire time that I grew up. We never did a battle of the bands ah how bud he like Everly one to do this, not to come and sing like sure and ' I set in and sane countries at which I had been singing rock and pop and stuff and ajus. It just hit me like its hunt of bricks. I was like this Swhat. I want to do cause. I h'd sing. You know ll of this different kinds of music. I dll love to sing L different kinds of music, but I hit me. I said I want using country, music and o move to Nashval and I told my husband and he said, let's go God bless John Ye Rei. Thank you, John for Co. Signing on that Nolton. We just interviewed the avid brothers on along yea. I we love them and I
You know they went on a little journey to like they left Concord North Carolina and they kind of went into punk. And you know at some point: they came home. They like figured it all out that they were already sitting in like of the fertile ground of great music. I'm just curious when you were originally set your sights on rock or pop music Did you want a shed where you are from or can you remember why you thought that's where you should go you're just young? I think it was a rebellion oho. No, I think that I I grown up singing kind of what my dad wanted me to sing and then just felt like when I got, high school I wanted to be on my own. I was so ready. I I moved out the day after graduation, aha to Hutchinson, aha or seventeen years old and just wanted to be. On my own it can ask, as you said hard, you said, Pat Bennatar, maybe Jouh that was in that Maya. So I would also imagine that at that time there was a nice offering of pretty powerful females in
space in the rock space like you are young woman, and here you got all these like you know, anjon general. These women had herd crushing in Ther rock stars. It is very empowering night jus wonder if that was at all part of the appeal. Yet, was totally the appeal were so so strong and never forget when I first heard heart break er by on their Uncasy Casoms top Fortyand. I was at my grandma's household in clothes and I was like what is that. Like she was so just strong and powerful and like a rock star- and I don't know ho, I was definitely drawn to that strength. Dia Ye and I could I coud be trolly wrong, but it might my idea of the history of country at that point feel? I can never early eight ees in stuff he still had like, male female domain and country. I even thinking about a backstage cuz. I was thinking about how much is probably changed in your lifetime and in your career,
some of my favorite songs are, like am yo she's, a good hearted wom men and love Wer, the good timin man. She loaves him. Inspired of his wicked ways, an Shedons there's. Many songs of the guys is going, I'm a terrible husband God bless you. I wrote this song for you, I hope or good yeah. I mean dozens of hits yeah they all but list the Ladys there having sex with it. And so I just wonder if you are conscious of that or again may be, I'm ill informed and obviously Dolly was always a really powerful woman and there there were those people. But it ust seems like you and a batch o gales really took this thing forward. A bit yea I can remember hearing Reba, who I love and love growing up I can remember when she had whoever's in New England, through with you, I love that song, but I can remember even as a young woman going. What are you doing like
You ain't no room for this guy year, even Joe Lean, which was just saying, which is my one of my all time. Favorite arms is please don't G, my man, because you can it's a little victime a little passive, the little like whofux. His guy he's got his pick between Joline and Jellyfart Dollycor, and was I Burt Rannles as Thot o that songs of e? I don't know who had that heard of that cachet again. Yet think in the nineties middle nineties early two thousands we had a ton of men on Contry, radio, Siing really smart songs, very strong female points of view. I was Agas as part of that which I was so grateful to be obyar. Not you guess you a big big part of that, and I'm really grateful for that. Ges. You know was so important. I feel like for young girls to hear a strong female perspective on the radio We don't really have that now. If you Lake
right now, there's a bit of a void for that. Do, YO, P, Taylor is, is quite a Finomright YO, don't do we call er? Do we consider her country she's goine of a cross over a or no you guys? Ke her but she's not contrary is at it right. Were members O Edwards Splet O? Can we low er oh, I love her Loverrutch and she's so talentedye, but she definitely made a you know, drew a line in the sand and said I mould be a papartist. A ryshash has been doing and being acutely successful at it ye. I love ht song that was written about me. Do yo that's AL mean
haha ha ha ha. Oh now's go iwas, really good, nely, really good. No, knowing Ows Het goes UN he's so tall and hansom is har, he's so bad, but it as is ow way. That's that what Wha in the verse Hidal was Dag Shepard but as though Abel inthing any won't know who that was so. They made it imbivolent I'll, be Jack. Checking that so please get her on the phone and I lairhards Bowell. So you know I thiack anyone ive talked to whose successful, there's so many pieces to the puzzle. Right, you have tailent, sgray your t singer, but also your hard worker in your picking up the dipshits who live it with mom and dad. Part of the equation: Luxie huge part, part of the isn't that that's the part you have. I have a hard time talking to people who are aspiring actors and la it's like will do everything you got to do and then just kind awake for to get lucky.
Kind of needs to happen at some point. Right So if I have this right, you guys moved O Nashville, but John your husband side note about John. I met him meadembak stage. He parenthood and I SAS thing. I did a good jab backing like a sound engineering said not at all I didn'tvir E. I did. I din't know what you are doing on my idea. Neither I did learn one thing in six years: they were just going no more things that I just hit buttons and ha eyed stab and I'd even say to them. Did you think there's this much still changing Whill, they sang ah down river by ah pays who he writes us.
Yet he was a pretty embarrass for me, but at any rate, ha dou, guys smoved an Ashvilme by some way or another Enterd on the particulars, but he gets involved with Garth Brooks, as that Kinar Howt happens. He was: is production manager use his production, Meanger Swhe's Designe in the hold chebing, and then do I have this right? You were selling souvenirs, sometimes at the show. Yet I did well. We were newly weds, we moved it. We got married an eighty eight in which a tall moved to Nathnal in nineteen. Ninety- and I didn't know anybody and I was singing demos and waitin tables, and he was out on the road with Garth Brooke says his production man gerlike, I said, and I was like How lonely- and I said you no Rkan Agig. I can do out there lik I to some. I can do on the Roadsi can travel with you, and so he went to the Murch guy and said my wife can she sell Murch? You know for Youne, he set sure so Ihve sold Teacherds for Garth for about eight months. Aha, at some boy he says you can open for me. If you get a record contract, Will he never told me, but I
s had em on my parcassnoas asking him like what was he thinking because 've never heard me sing. Ol Jerdder seen me on stage, but I did get reckia with our Sier records and he had John Alar O the house and was giving me business advice which should like of guarthbrooks, has giving me business as vice. I'm there Yeh he jus help me refinance my home, nay. He is very clever. An eh he asked me what I was working on the studio now and I think a little bit of something is well. If you know I would like to have you come opened, my tour for me, I mean one. You know I was like sure so when I did so Enty, seven shows with him whiling out. I have to magigne youts like someone just flucking hit the lights which, like a he placed to tens of Thous Zprebanie, it was crazy and Thit as Wellike like he had friends in low places. Thunder rolls like he was like on fire. Ye ya. Do think my single was out when I did our first show to De First Colorado. Aha Hejust took a leap of
you know. Aha, that's the kind of the part words like I you know do everything ye can in then hope. Garthbrook says e wellupin up for me and Denverh. He tells this story cause. I asked him when I was talking with him as like what happened and he's like Woll. I we were in Arizona and I was Lunte shirts and he was up on the bus and you could tell something- was going wrong with the Pia system it was about a hundred and sixteen or twenty degrees. Enaha gets an the anyway, I I was at the Merchstan, and I heard this terrible sound coming from the pier, which is my husband's p, a so I'l to my position. Rstand on them like. What can I do to help book? An John said: we've got some dry ice. I just needed a pull it and put and put it in fur of the amplefires cause Et'Ll cool hem off a while like go Quet, so I'm slee Barefoot, which I think is weird that I was so in Garth's teasherts barefoot. They agt that so be that of a my ter, whatever trill, so he wild. At the window, he told me he said I saw this girl
pulling these bags a dry Ece Satre bigger than she was now like. Who is that girl and his brother said that's Martina at Joahn, wife, and by the way she sells teachers for you ha TA, any civil. Whatever she gets she deserves. You can tell she hard worker eh and then. Thus, I guess you know when the opportunity came when I got a recordeal. He remembered that, and rewarded it. That's so awesome, so That's also Gatamonica story. Why I was going to say: I don't see it as a story of luck. I see it as a story of some one who is like. I will do anything. I will find the avenue and I will get as close as I can and work as hard as I can jeh. That's the trick. I think Ye M in a lobit, a lock, no a ha ha hah. So you Can I just ask that first show in Denver? I'm picturing, Lady Gagy, and them you know Escar is born.
Where she comes Oun she's a little two minute, she' Sim than Alsie's UG, hid hi. How nervous were Yo Debinumbern, all those people, and did you find your Gog AL moment and let it let it explode I feel like I was nervous. You know, but also sort of fearless of whom you know I was young and had just made this Albuman and I like this little short skirt and these white cowboy boots in this white fringed cowboy jacket. I don't know what the hell I wus TE in E Ler, but honestly The crowd had not dug it. Myconth would have been shaken, but you know you're, so young and you just goin for it at that point, you black out a little bit right. You can't a like go off I di in and recognize Homly people here F spend money and might be disappointed with my overall selection to night. It's overwhelming. Yet you can't think about that yer
so you you do. Seventy shows with him and then you just start right now in and then they just keep working and working and working right is the ride, it's kind of punch, they did write your career in that you have a stretch before kids then Ne Recalbra, and then you stretch after kid or just he still Afe kids, but you don't sang IOU Ye'D dip your tell back into it so that first Erea! Is it as exciting and as wonderful as I imagine, are you and John like pinching yourself? He had amazing it's hard work. You know he had to visit visit every radias. Tion of every city anduring a day, sometimes two radio stations and just the phone thephoners and all the press and promotion, but I was loving it because you know I was going to do. That but I will say that there were times when I took it for granted, op sure MS when I was tired, especially especially after I had kids, because I brought them on the road with me, and they were little littl, bees on the road, and I could remember when I had Delang my
hersdaughter. I was open. Brooks an done and I toured with him up until December twelfth and she was born on the twenty second o bo with my Sayou Warnin that many skirt for that show er now not at ul. You should have been, but basically with my second wine when she was three and ALF week sold. I was on a plane to the ac ums to sing cause. I had that opportunity and I had to take it. I got to appoint a think where there's so many exciting things happening, but it's human nature to Takit a little bit for granite and also just was just tired. You know it is just tired from being a new mom and with my third kid, Fourteen I took some time off Dere. I learnd my lesson. The did, you lecked out in that you started release and albums back when people still bought Outlesm, pretty significant levels. You've sold fourteen million albums today, maybe more that's bonkers.
But as the business is changed now or you know today for sure, and then I imagine gradually throughout that period more more your money, your livelihood is performing, is doing Sholl right right as on on Toor. So at the apex. How many days a year were you on the road doing shows bbly. Ninety eight. Ninety eight yea was by a big ear for us, guy meaning nine, nineteen, nine nof, ninety eight b, shalle shells, Oka and yet so then days of travel on either side of MAFF and so Do you have now here's what so? My wife, she best person ive ever met my life. I adore her. She is a mother of two and I seen her and Ha'Ve. Seen this to be common in our my business back home. Is that feels guilty at work and they
feels guilty at home. It's like if she's at home, she's like I should be in a woman who's out making a living- and I shouldn't have to be here with the kids and then when she's at work. So I can only guess I should be home. This is something dad's, don't even have to think about. When I leave em like Scionara Sucasses, I'm out for two days I'll sleep. Sixteen hours, I'll watch three movies on mine. I don't feel any gilt. And when I'm home, I'm dig in it and I love it. I never think of one source to be working. Does that you know it is a unique kind of guilt that working mothers have thrown on their shoulders. It you Russell with that. Definitely yeah I mean even the right, my kids, with me when they were little- you still feel like I don't know like your falling shore. It is just I don know why we do that to ourselves a word that came from yeownithaly we'll end to each other. I mean I Guis say this, but I definitely hear women say to my wife like:
oh, how do you do that? There's always like this little subtex or if she's on a red carpet they'd, never ask me: how do I do it ago? You have two shows an apokes. How are you parenting? They know him think about it, but with her they're, like all your unto, shows how do you do it ye it as it a Societ all en ice. Is all these little suggestions that or it was to remind you? I get us so many times and I still get us. How do you balance having kids in a career yo working momwe do we do it? Sometimes we feel I wore Killin it, and sometimes we feel it we're fallen. Shore is just go you the best you can and my kid think always really knew that thay. They were my priority and, I think, were Superwell adjusted kids from being on the road. With me, as long as here Notn, a ban called the penetrator, a weregota ha ha hah. So when you make a decision that you want to spend more time with your children, that means you're not on the road is much and that's a big source of income, but so that is just its own thing,
to wrestle with you and John Right figure out, but then also you're, aware. I'm sure that there's probably eighty families that you somehow affect why you go out on the road. That's not you and a guitar, that's hundreds of peoples in some capacity right there, vlihood, is in your basket. Become even harder to make that decision. It does. I was real ucky that I was able to put my band and crew on the salary ahas omepoint so that that alleviate a little bit of that guilt. You know, but You know into Lany start at kindergarten. I said when she sterts Kinergarden. We are cutting back IND, Jos Stew and weakens s. I really want her to have the same ov like going to school every day having her little friend routine. You know I was a room mother that was like so exciting. To me to be able to be a part of that and you
experience that I had where I had this fantasy of doing this, I knew what all that was can to feel like a new asgin if he like to be famous- and you has Gan o fe like to have a lot of money just knew I was gin. A wake up in the morning like the dog Dat, the Dor Tarta there. He is how you do that I do do that, but now, based on something else, asters there I'm going. I did find that I felt the way I was expecting to feel having accomplished dreams. I had set out for myself yet I mean on some level. I have this deep sense of gratitude for it and I know I'm lucky as hell, but the self steam. I thought that would accompany that. Jist din in my children. They arrived and I was like. Oh, this is that magic thing I had always fantasize about in it delivers like being in that room right, handing out cookies, theirs lean about. That's really something: to hang your hat on as a human right writer self Esteem, Wis and you're raising people
like what you do and say to them matters and in their forme and as people yeu know, so it is huge job, and it's one that I took, and take very seriously ye as crazy, rewarding as an Antalia gal at beats. All the stuff is in two thousand two. You release the greatest heats Ther, in three times platinum. But when you release- and I would like that first of all must be like. Oh my god, I have a greater say it like I can. I can do a great his head. That's just wonderful that so good part of being a musician. Isn't it you know. It is n't accomplished my ye and ik it's it's amazing. When I've put that record out id felt like every sugon there was bonafied t, you Knotomy wasn't like this two hids in the bunch of filler. Yet sometimes you say people yeing litle early on the greatest Hiff, ohorly can't say three songs and then the other one served knew to YE but for new songs on the air which were blessed concrete angel.
Shoot a camera when God here when we get the blues- and I think we would you be- and that was you mongers and you have been called- and I just want to ask one question about this: you ve been called the Celine D on of country, music, as crazy do's a noccur, you have being the Soline Dion of country music. Have you cloned any of your dogs? no that's Parpa strifes e e shid. I got em RON, ay yay ha, although I wouldn't put pad who know she has hev some Cloan CAT or Somburn ye. We cloned any animals yen, now ha ha a you gos they're building your legend Younorms any go DIS, some Crazyer sinner again at ye. How is women pool of champagne ers on them? No YU. Also, as I said earlier, you you or female vocalists of the year several times in Ye Tide, Ribemac, Intyre and
Can I do my rebemacatiime personation, for you really quicked? We all know yet him while he does it. I love her ant. I love her tootnol, get his face. I'll Brib a ragty bra as my full impersonation, I say her name, but I change it to bribe a Brack and brier. Ungry, the racke boy. You should why Miam Suk Ahons Ire, o my wife was housing, the the Warcho in a manner a mente rhebu. Ah I was so excited and she gave me like Latom Crew's level like Pere's, my full energy and she goes umbry with Rackembra Yos Wit, a no. I gouht, oh my god and I said to christen. I think she said her name, not RIBA, Braggan, Brier T
That really happened. I did not how clearly she knows her own name, but I swear to God. It sounded like Rul of Rackin Brihter a oh, you're good. What are you own, Scrubbs and now quick way than ever on? The show of gorse, so he' loved have her but her initials ill, say, B, B, B B, Marby Brieve of Rackand Briar. Have you I want to ask if you Gottinto, to be friendly and friends was so mere heroes. I me ask Razichly YE, am it's amazing and so gong to spend a lot of time with Lerettelin? Oh yeah, she's that she's just awesome, Anriba AAT Meat Whale and Jenning, oh and Willie. Oh,
do you watch. This show called tales from the TUR bus. Yes, you seen it eleven Yeh O case. So there's a whale. An waling got a two part episoden what they used. They interview the whole band and they tell you the history of the musician and then the animate of my judge makes that he animates the stories. It's so great. The first things ins, all country stars. Almost all of them have shot somebody and I gone to jail over it, but my favor heart was he sockin? the drummer of his band, and he he goes yeah you know before shows we were all you would take uppers and we all want to make sure we're on the same page. So I'm going around circle, I said Jimmy, wouldn't how many up or do you want? He said I'm on three. It said MIKE. What do you want? He said I'm on 3S, a good I'm on three. U hauls to ha ha ha ha, It was wild on less an I below my God, I always really fantasized about that life' style because it was Falkin Pardy an
Somehow they all had these awesome wives, an no one seemed to give a shed as a young man's like they figured it out there on yellow jackets and side winders and blue widows and black beamers and sommon pails and singing music. He was sweat like a mother for her own mayara. Can't find a pitcher, a whale in it Unlukly to stop out of a Sana SR. That's so true ha now when you met walen what that was in his calmer years. I'd imagine yea. It was. I opened a couple shows for him and my dad was he idolized Waylynd here, and he cannot look like him. He had the beard and the come along here and Wor, the Cowoy hat that was his persona, you know minus the speed and the ARAG Jurger though we know of but im. So when I met Whalen, I was like you know: so happy to meet you- and you just remind me so much of my dad, which is Pulme a terrible thing for me to say to Hamhe's Pirelike Nicey, but the
way. He took a picture with me and I got to see him several times after that, and it was just yea. I mean that kind of thing: meeting your heroes, first of I'mso shock that they even know who I am yes, ain't. It's so flattering ryatna. If you have head your Dan out to play with you, my dad got to sing on the opera with me. They n't know Litder twice yeah. I had a stay to sing and you know I was so nervous for him. He was fine, hi, he channeled his inner whalen, but it was like such a cool thing from for IE, for me to be able to do for him. Cousisdlds some Thye opper, the Yeu's, a kid and probably in a different place and time would have pursued a career as an artist. And so I'm standing there going, I'm son Sfor him and a corseet opened. His Matt has the Gatariy over the master singing in it. It's a go ya this guy. The time meet. I mean he knows Seon as what he's doing ye so sweet, able to share that with him, and my younger brother was playing guitar on the stage with me. So we got to kind of he now go back in time, a little
yea, that's so beautiful and it isn't it nice. We are talking out earlier. It's I get. You can get used to success and you can take it for granted and it's hard actually even sometimes internalized the good things that are happening in your life. But it's much easier when you see that you could give your dad an opportunity like that, like this in that kind, it is in that moment almost better than any moment. You have for yourself. A hundred per cent ja ya to be able TED Likmonica's, rich and famous. Now that makes me so much happier than a than anything I've ever done. She's guise in Yere at a bar with her to night. She should don't ask me: Fromhaha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha ha hah, but over your a career, you've, I'm sure been able to help other people and be a part of Herstory yeah, I didn't have E Intrud EF their sucses, but a little big town was opening act. For me all real, the very first starting out that their first albamout and was one of those
periences, where it was just. We clicked, they clicked with my whole band and crew and sent my family and you know sometimes when you go out on tour with an artist there's a seppery IOM that happens with us with ate. We were on the parking lot every night after the show, not until he till the crew would pack up and wed move on just just havin some drinks and talking and Listeng to music and get the all to the earth by the way and so talented, I cannot root for them. I'm so think what they may be took a from that was how to treat opening acts on unto another. They they're a position and your load just to be able to see there in what watched that star take all take off ye have you ever been in Willie's bus. I have yet what happens on Willie's bustdays, I love ha ha Willie's got like that. A kan he set at is right, like wherever his buzz is its legal.
Ah Exzactly Hap he's a sovereign nation within our nature. Now, as his son is using his bust Lucas, Nelson, oh he's Gaiar, he spent I imagine they don't even ham to light up in there any Marges Havey his UT the door and take a coupleo deep Breas I went out so Pildrimage Festival Interview Lucas from my podcasta. I walked on the buz and saw him before the show, and I left that Busfiel an come Hap Laha ha ha how did't even do anything. If is UST from the air you out, I'm fifteen years Ober and I went on to interview I'll, thank you ha. I I went in em, I want. I was going to write some project and I thought Cavin Smith, that writer director young Havinsmith, I thought o Would he knows a lot about superheroes go talk to him and so when do his office and he's like oh yeah, be happy to talk to you he's, like you mind if I smoke pot and white, no, not at all go crazy, I was in there for two and a half three hours, Talkingabout Superman with him. While he burned dubies.
I was riding home on my motorcycle and I was like I'm going so slow. I never ride this slow, I'm always in a hurry and I'm dislike. Thonmt think I got out a second year that all right on has I oh. I think I got free me. You're planning, like a meeting a month with a body Hur Upan, I gat a work with him nightly now on Yo Project, I'll, never write they tune for more live show after this exciting commercial break. We supported by best fiends, my favorite game, on my phone to distract myself while travelling or I'm bored at an appointment. It's a unique and exciting puzzle experience. Unlike any other puzzle game out there, you and I love, brain Tributoing who or playing it on our trip home from Nashville Y makes the time fly by lhey. Does it wind the
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the first one, aha coming up, I got ta, with Laretta or in the Lee a John Party was this weak and as you enjoy it, I love it. You know, I love it. I'm kind of an interver, so I oudn't know how I'd like it. I was celling Conal, but I've loved it and what a the most about it, is getting to sit down with these artists, for instance onparty PAM Rpamthilus, we've known each other for pencils, and I have known each other for years years, kind of have tr each other. GE, but I've never set down, had a conversation with Herja. So it's really fine to a I Dusgut Huck with Ben Skill and Amy Grant's. Oh no care anb coming up around Christmas time and
o have known them for years, but to sit down in this capassing. When I love about it, two, a Senkad people with her out of the promotion cycle, YE tder, not Justsang the same old sound by its. I think people see a different side of them. Ya in a different side of meek is is like this is just a conversation. Would Yeu, and yet I've interviewed, like friends, have had for a decade where, in this context, Allfas Sudd in were talking about stuff. I would have never known about them, or even my mother, like talking to my mam and going like ai guess, I would ask any one else. I was interviewing this question, so I know I ask you this question yet treally con special little cocoon Intwo! Isn't it ye ye? Well, that's fantastic! I look for dit now I once took about your charity work because I notice you you work with several deburthe spokes person for the national domestic violence Hotline or you at one time, Worea than Iwas Ar and a lot of your work is about domestic violence and I'm curious what drew you to that
it all started with the SIG. I had called independence day. Oh Amma ha an independence day really changed my life on so many levels like I can remember hearing that demo and feeling so passionate about that song oweited. We did the video is really like. I want to meet these directors and did Donme talk about this, because if Verenot can I do it in a really realistic hard hitting way if the record company wants to sugar coat at I'm, Disite dont don't want to do it, so we really made for the time, was a really hard hitting video cause, GR, pin a small town. Of course there was Prubly domestic violence, but Nobody knew about it. It was really swept under the rug, and so I had no idea really occurred to me to be honest and then the scope of it, and so recorded indepenicty. When I heard that song I was so enraged ignited this passion in me to try to figure out a way to make a difference, differencen, and so that's how that SART started working with like the National domestic Mistee
Hotline and a great teen dating website called love is respect. Icunar her feeling so on fire about this issue. Ye and not cause you had personally experienced or witnessed it, not Rea. I mean, I think you know as women. I feel like if we're really honest with ourselves, we've all been kind of Plis at the hands of a man. There's so many layers to it right. The angers think like Ohs, someone kicking some one's asss. Well, that's one thing: but the news, these layers of control right, Yongs and the's. Sliding an is all these things that us terrible. Men, do but it can start small right, like I read a quote of yeoars, it's like I don want hang out with your friends so like a verses like a step of isolation. Lengienture
getting your lady away from the other people in her life. That might point out. You know Paul's Kint, of an ass hole, Yeadds kind of the strategy wrote and and not letting you hint view with your family ry hots on the thone or havn't money. That's in your own control did you wat. Arkelli Documentar an? I did? Oh my guaen when you look at those steps, insist a game plan of how to do this and in that the other keeps ratching up. Then call me daddy now only come now I'll tell you when you can eat all these things, so people need to know o they could be in an abusive relationship or controling relaeship that doesn't may be. Have the physical, the physical aspect, YE Sometimes, when I'm performing on stage, I think to myself, statistically some one this room is being abused. Oh, most, certainly ye, and so I think to myself. What's Thebw thinking and also how brave of this woman to come here,
I'll, be able to hear that message and some people, maybe the ye knows we 'll, may be OD no't know in dependence day, but they JOD find themselves at a show and they hear it, and my hope is that gives them some kind of a man. I got so many letters about that song. Back in the day when nodes people still wrote family Erse and I mean just read over and over about the impact of that song. In my point, is I don't take credit for that, as I feel like, I was just the vehicle that that song flowed through to do its thing and world that it was meant to do and so lucky that, though, grateful that I got to sing that song, but it did make a big
France, for so many women yeah. Sometimes they would say I've been this relationship for ten years. I heard this summer, the radio I went home and got out. That's amazing, yeah yeah, that's amazing and its true that, because those folks are probably isolated to such a degree that weird led the only thing that might penetrate the bubble is a song or is a movie or is a show or something that can get in there and make them feel that they are not the only one going through cadets thing right. Everyone feels very alone and all of their own drama, and it is not their fault. You know- I have my mom on, which is my favorite interview. I know her whole past and I had to step dad that abused her, and I witnessed all that and the connect. I had was, I know my mob she's of fuck and bat as she raised three kids by herself and built this business and she's tought. She would get out the stop light and challense guies to fights and stuff. I mean she Wism a bee. She is a beast ah, and I
ever thought to ask her licke. How could you of all people have been in a relationship? and she said you know I was so ashamed to admit. I had fouled again, I had already been divorced from you dad and now I knew Myye House GEN Up to call my parents and say I did it again that shame I would rather get hit than have to deal with that. Shame and not Falkin broke my harm and I Histhought man, that is the power of shame and that's the power of people not sharing their imperfections in not owning all this. Many struggles that we all are up against all time,
so is tit, is o importan. It think YO. So much for being a part of that, I'm really happy that you spend your time and energy helping women like that. Will you guy his Nashville? We love you so much home. Oh, I thank Msana Higgers, a theatre, you crown of claws miniature mouths. Yegise are beautiful and I hope you'll have us back. We will lave to come back. Thank a guy! So much and now my favorit part of the show the fact Ject of my soul made momock of Tam and now fall boy want a town run on a Dinkie town. What fun food Prime. We aint ey dead, we loved eh of fair place. Ye is this: eustance it might beig christen thinks it's better right. I Nowil Eltit said or yea. No, I donly it's better, but I
it's AL on Aur it's in the same world. It is MIS. Eustace long so delicious and then on God, Huw Hughie Hest ses his insty makes me so happy yeah. I enjoy his company, so much use en as our friend that we got to see an nation at Onmyta AWD it my business man yap on my we so much he's so fond to talk to why at the party with your friend, Sir now my friends, my nice friends row o from thy beautiful, good, looking nice friends drove up and was really excited because one of them has been in love Martina, since she was just a little gal really, then she was so excited. She got to get a pitchur with her o ubier I's happy. It could give ATO, her e Orly. I gave anything to her but
I were a part of her meeting someone she love ye. I love I like that. I really liked Martina me too. Yes, she has like a some kind of like smooth. Nfidence that I really am drawn to me. Ta, yes, she's, very special yeah. I think if on MOE with her L B, Oha YE, the John was John T I was mam wer than your or two seeing that he sat to my friends, oi de IET, the whole time he was just like checking her. Oh, I hus thiage Zi was a hundred an Seventagus JA, Hahaa E. While there would be me, I was Lanning on Christing get interviewed Yea D. I am said your husband and wifething to do o hem. So so you said's that the average kid watches a million murders on tv by the time, their eight, the average child will watch eight thousand murders, and you got the eight number I was being facetious aeradings,
but that's a lot. Eight thousand before finishing alimentary school, oh LO, Haunty, b eh, I feel Gou impertinent time to mention Jack, Nicholson's Gray, Quot, if you Hak breast off with Machetti. That's p g. Thirteen, if you lick abreast its en Sie seven to ea you have I Ber it's a real good sod, I opener for what weed allow. What's what were threatened by ah enthroned by sensuality in not hacking a tit off with a michetde. I that's disturbing to me. It's so disturbing. You know some people were unde, Standably put off by the Richard Dockins Interview they felt like them he and or I or both of us were too harsh, of religion, I am stay in that I, come support of a people being whatever they want to be. To makes them happy so not being critical of any specific religion. But I do hate hop your
country is when it comes to sex. It really bothers me like so laden with shame, I think, is all about the patriarchy to think it's all the found ation of it all is males fear of women having pleasure nthem them not mean the one that provides it to them or their fear of being terrible lovers or incing ficant. Nothing, I think, that's the bedrock of it bes to this puritanical thing in the notion that being sent dangerous for sexualities dangerous ran. I think it a bid in mail and security. Somehow I like that's probably to I I'm sure, there's a lot of reasons and layers I mean thou are the stvalnerable when You'R, Gid and you're intimate with someone put in the most beautiful way. Imagine well or not, or you getting taken, Vanajove or you're getting Yeamr Senate of the sexual
tivity that happens on in America. That is something negat over a Criminal, daily Ray it's under one per San resolve. Violence is violence, yeah like loving, getting hidden a head with a bat at is: doesn't e grigtes the right right I'm getting shot, no one's Pompang Ot Cha Rais, but the vers vers Asse fast, ninety nine point, nine percent people ere being sexual, or it's a pleasurable experience, and in that ability is a beautiful thing, so saying to some on. I trust you to take me like this uncovered that's ot what a beautiful thing or nat somehow negative. I know I agree Insister riname that seems backwards for sure a study in the Journal of Pediatric says the average eight year old child spends eight hours. A e on media by age. Eighteen a? U S. Youth will have seen sixteen thousand simulated murders and two hundred thousand acts of violence. Il yous a
RA boy in they of the inern it they probaly also seemed six point: nine million sexual seas. Prothably bell! I don't know that those are Independ. Violence and by the way, that's the result of of assuring it into the fringes. Yeah Grai. You reap exactly what you saw like if you're you think of makings dirty and shameful than that's what you get and such a gin, a get GA doesn't mean youre, Discon o turn that section of your brain on Eli askin, a git like pervert, o e, exactly if irsized, yes for Clyvatized, yef you only if you leave it to people, have no regard for society to present it than you know. Ye I agree. Stephen's peelburg should be making a love making scene. You know I'm Suse has Untli Ye Hase. Yes, he has a thinging. Folx were sax elsies gazed on Fago Sax early, you not Herinnahino Ternteeno, whos, so bold and so fearless
no love making scenes ever there's a couple: rape scenes, yeah lad a great great sex hecharged date between of Vincent Vega and Umatherma's care could it be more romantic in section, but there's no physical, sexy stuff think it's a little disturbing that he's t showing that and then showing ray. That's kind of my points, those that all of these people feel much more comfortable with violence than may do with sensuality, even a guy as fearless as him is a fray of. I don't nof he's afraid he's never done it. I don't know whyhum, it does beg the question. Why there's no love making Saint Sanny Tarentino movie id sure, there's a love making scene in the Speelbortmamy there are their there has to be. Maybe I can't think: but but Laryout may be right, we'll put them in the list. Rob ' er. In fact rack is there? No love may con seen a true romance,
heeling to the screen play and the other was love making scenes. But I think that was all rudely scattered Tony Scot, which every one directed that would. She they have tons of womaking things seems like a top gun and dhase of Thunders beautiful Whil Makingscenes with Tom Cruze and he's her a Coll, Kidman and all thaut. Will do it, but I think Manan I think a lot of directors are very nervous about it. Get me an I. In my head? Most movies have love making scenes and not all like, ah like Sanny Suches, like girls, just desides that horse a nine YE, but I don't think like a lack of love, making scenes in MO I hung an essay at the counter three say your very favourite love, making seen one two through Graz Anatomy, oh grin em and he didn't say anything. Oh, I know mine bunes out of sight. Ih I thought we were going to stay at the same time. I was just curious. I don't want you to think too much about it. I just wanted you to see my favorite. Is this
n and grazes anatomy. Oh with make dreamy and Merdith e o Hodha yea Whor. Were they doin no Hass at a he Hathagens. Can I Wshaker M, details been loned on so Uch Sutho, but it was very steamy, so steaming that they were on a hospital bed. Oh geot whow, yet not a conventionally sexe, so listen o, onany, Defendeth, no Nonin in's yor hand. As one to know there was like a fa. Prom happening AL that Romantor and then they, the kind ofs escaped into this, Lexey Hoswild. He asked no that's for us. The most sex hy places like what sex esolic sexy on the beach. I think that's lame to sand up in your osse Hale and year, a Vou shay. So no, but it
had been leading up so much sexed hedge, you, that's! The real thing for me is like the sex. Hench has to be hi, palpable cut it with a Mun. He ass, say you're just like do I is the momers YE. I love Thor and then there's this music in the background and ROE I's ho well Neva and you like out of sight, which I have see Bam ye. I can name three that I loved out of sight. Desperan angel o desper, Thank you, Wabi Wil. I would have forgot that Desprwado so sexy nine in F weeks. Make your work and then also Angel heart cure, Maky Rorick could Land, a sex sene like you, can a man interesting. I, however, funk ahond sexy I mean for me they have to be in love. That's up! That's a pre. For me for me for you dog, I'm. He was in love with both the
the ladies that I just mentioned and also UN out of sight. They have a lot of where it I'm Yhat fogking build up and they can't be together. Cousd he's an outlawg, hes on Forc, Mary Alisan, a ew love Der Tod is good. Thingtlher's ever Ben Mone words like Bang yea. I would not. I don't not be on my list papa I'll, have to think Griesa Z up in the Firstin Oar want to see that let's compare Y till Hatsever and Chris throw some that her favoril of a native of lone making npray we'll see what happens to see what Hap er also Surra er ha ha ha I wondered how holiday in expresses start. Nineteen ninety one, the first holiday, an Whas, that's earlier than I would thought. Ninety one kasha Gge Desertsing, the mercials in two thousand? Well the hotels, open then, and then That was a very successful rebranding. If I can say
Relieving get it Witther s holiday and when Awas Arns is holiday and in fact they were the Competin Hotel and Stirgus Michigan were my grandparents owned. The colonial Motorin Holiday was the higher and one a half Theclon Ti Room was more fordable and then with such a long stand. Brand that I Hely needed? A re vamp like we were dislikely associated with their put their parents, went to Then they came out with a holiday and express, but is there still holiday and regular? I don't know that there is really. I don't know. I think her ask. There is yep, think there is certainly more holiday and expresses now robberies. Got irish Rilperg Solo Ye Hadon'T thinks of either you said: Robi Scotch ire. He said he n, which means nothing. Now I haven't you Knowyon ate e id do as dear don't think I was Unther O northwestern european Ulstern European on Whit, the English British and I
french and german Scandinae Hometwait was the English ore presented. Pull am twenty some er cent polish twenty three per cent british and Ia There. We go is that the Majora Benavoa? What was our Wholnty seven was polish. Also you or Polish in Yorke English, an you're, not Scotch Piscoo, sixty percent german and french Desadding Obtoly, two hundred You Han Askrate Jow to so eh. That's Excitinge dared Hugh Ankou Treary queen do you dairy, Queen Blizzard, came out in Ninetenenthe oh but Deary Queens went round since nineteen forty and I have to tell people so when you are telling the Stry Bout deary Queen and we go as a family and you're ere, doing this character of the guy working at Dariry Queen an your reading out all thus blizzards h,
You can't see e You'R, oll turning your hand, upsize down and you're, holding the blizzard in your hand and turning ups at on that's what they do when we go to dairy queen, but you you don't say, and you can't tell Oreo Sopine reagioning you are doing it again. Haha is that the keeping of my humans, as we all make the same mistakes over and over and over again said a cherchi. The monkeys are so so. Oh, Ewhit. I bout JO, Lea the Sancho lean soap according to pardon The song was inspired by a Red headed bank clerk who Florida with her husband, Carl Deane at his local bank branch around the time they were newly married. Oh in an interview. She all so reveal that Jolin's name and appearance AR based on that of a young fan who came on stage for her autograph once conflicting, it is E. She got the name Alu she liked. I right so is a bank teller that forted with her husband? That's what it's as of strong reaction
aif? We went somewhere in that the waiter florted with Christnene when E write a song about it. Do you pally, draw Picthre don't steal my wife, because you can to some MAS some one in her action. I mean unnotaking anything away from his Parton she's, the queen en chance. I love that song, I'm so glad you got jolls Thathat Bank Tellicks AR we got a great storn out of it, o ke that swift song is not about you. I mean I didn't with her directly and you don't know on'ly give me some hints. So tall, my all, yes, Sa Miss Hale. Yes, so bad ish, but he does it so well. No that'. I lost you. I had you sist shacking, because I thought it would a lost you in handsome, but had you ad, he so abendos so well, an SE, nothing in bad and do it so well, no, but Beole hing its about Harry style. Oh it is he the Aesal royalty, no, not Prince Harry. Oh, he is that
styles! I'm so silly! What's he? What is he he's a singer? Oh grey, one direction! Oh an actions and when you ear I'll play, that's whart, Oes. Anyone, British, that's famous! I assume as royalty guy that literally, why I thought he might be royalty. I mean sincere inna. I thought he was royal ye. You just don't know anything about royal. Harry styles. In her dated for a while. Hairy Styless of the fact that successful. That name is a testament to his is skill and talent, because his name is Herr Styles Ha Harry Styles, herrstyles, that's his name. I like there yo, but it's what I'm saying is. That's doesn't named to overcome Harry styles. I wonder if that Eve, sa real name Jesus. If he changed it to that, he Prorably did cause it's Caurse. I Wouldna be be loved Lill of hair styles yeah. He was right. He was right, one directions. He was Hugh,
it's the issue, the royal holiday, very Edward style so Harold Edwards thought Harry, I'm seen im. I had h a I r Go Cosle EMC, oh MIKE a. Can you look at Prince Harry and see if his name is Harold, I woul guess it's not antually Polly is cause. It's so fancy a so Royal Henry Charles Albert David Harry is short for Henry of Hankis too. That's interete the ones. I hate that Hank for him. I know I don't like that's a camer. It's at it's changing the name complete NIT. Yes, it goes h, a Thand, Henry's, H e, vechanged, the vowel. It's a new work. We we yer wenuar savory the new work. We greeted disagree with being nicknamed Hank. That's like Maggie Ashort for Margaret, which feels ra dove marce
Mared Largward Work Marges, also one and Margee Wouldwork never heard Margee Margy SH. Never ad Margie as an option Marge if herd, Maggie and molly I've hurt you know at word. I like tidilar to Tichule titular, I lovk I'm not a surprised it Bullnock, as it is the word tidan Ayshar, but the fact that it's the tital character, the titular Charactera at's, a real deviation from Titale character, the titular NEA I like it. I like it too, Wer, because it's the same thing. I'm objection to hang, but I'd like it in the case of Tichell or CAS to show the reason is cause. It has TI learned me, a a ligamore was called Tittiler o K, so di. You thought Selin Deon had cloned animals, you were mixing up, barber's Sryes and I was mixing up my devas yes and loing. Doesn't I look talker ha. I then weird she is likes animals all kindets
she's, an animal lover, I'm so disappointed in myself that I'm triggered by her. It's so embarrassing by Barbara or Holsoi. Your TUR by S'Lin, two wigs are also trueared by Barbara. I am fulth of em feel rich. Smart and educated in condescending and affected 'sall me it's into give nothing in Alia, and it's humiliating than I have that feeling and are you nonimol either of those Frey Umiliating? It is that's an embarrassing thing that I well dislike them cause. They are well spoken, yet she perform in a gal? That's a Kay, that's SE! Maley know, of course it's o ka. I met fault here Bu and is walking you through what I think in my head when Oshe's so fancied she performs in Gownsa may have like diamonds all over them and but so doop, it was. It's not stupid. You're allowed to feel how you feel, but slaw stupid. It is not fair because slon what you're, them is when I
accusing them of doing exact yess I Greeve Iacknowledge at all. The awareness of it doesn't change. My emotional feeling when I say my intellectual response is one of self earnest gar. But my emotional response, which I ignore, or it's specific. If, for I hav me a little bit that, this is just the truth. I guess. But if very dooms day doomsday to me that, like you, can know something's truee. True, then en to like it, doesn't really matter that you know it's true, no order of events a look at her I have an emotional feeling when I see her interviewed her and then at my I have to intellectually My way out of that feeling, I have that Do you like the feeling go away once the an intellect comes in both's interest,
because, like I magine hearing her talk right now and I think she is such an affected way of speaking like its so measured, imperfect and this, and so yet. I o still would feel like she thinks. I'm a piece of ship emotionally right, I'm like if I met her a Grocery store be grows stout that I was next to her. Then I may a poop y, my panthers dear o, it fir but then a intellectul, a know. That's ridiculous! I don't know this person. Shou Miyht, be the kindest most generous ad, most inclusive personalline. You know a lot o my I I figured tos sut the other day and Oi took me so ONG, but I had stepped grandparents that were wealthy. Then Us- and I don't think this is in our hat- baite batethought their son had married trash, a ha and when we are around them they were.
Down grows dau by us a and I thought it was really impactful Fon cor. The idai think like what wi've such a chip on my shoulder about people Mon S, probably just solely based on that few years we have our yeah and even he, the stepdad. He would remind that he had gone to better schools and my mom and he went in an engineering degree and yeah He was ome his pretty condese en he reminded us that we were in a different class than he was quite often array. Thus, Pror were the combe, I'm sure all these We come from a real place. It's all my issue it's stupid, but within that I'vereally been thinking a lot lately about like dressing nice, n, will act like dressing night, Nices implicitly of value I very much think that this is always been designed for people of wealth in class to
play that they are above. You, I think the whole thing is calculated. I wardrobe in dress. Is a way to delineate what clasher in in that way. I think it's a really stupid endeavour, um the Tis notion of worry as soon as I Gill away. Why tell me will you you dress up in YE honor this thing but's a yambup, but why? Why is that a way to be respectful of something a Yo put on this uniform for the uniform religious signal. A tuxedo is signaling, rich that's what noral people rent one to go to a wedding Roundi they wrent the actis bette- either ran ser yeah, but it's like they get to rent the. Evening were their high, I think, there's something implicitly wrong with the. I me that's fair, that's fair and the how basically a day that they can't afford in real life.
Your average person your poor ravaged persons like dumps o, this money on a wedding that they can't afford. Er or that a miniml, even if they can afford to be much better spent in vesting the house or something Yaung, every one could a grive for the Hogres. I is why are they doing it? Atd is cause they want to feel rich for a day. I don't know if they want to feel righk. I don't lythy know that that's what they want, but I think that is what's going on sic. They get to acc like royalty on this one day and they get to eat in they went normally at eat. Neget, you know it's all Rept Enclass stuff, I think, may I You think I think psychologically men, maybe this is tied in a you just said, but I think psychologically, people like having moments where they feel special on right and dressing up as a part of that? It's like part of the whole thing like I'm doing a
different to day you normal days and it's a special day, so we're to do things different we're going to do yesn a men. Never can it do. Yes, I'm with you all the way. Ri know I'm torlly with you and that's a valid thing to do, but why is it this all thing we're to do is emulate great Gatsby. Likewise in the special thing we're going to do is we're all going to dress up like our favorite characters from game of thrones at this wedding or y or we're going to do. You know X, Y or z of things. I love we all like everyone wants to be fancy. They want the train on their dress, to be eighty feet long, the princess, I think again, general. It's like. I want to look my absolute best for this special day. Something Tof, the ordinary? I agree and then ha Aramon im, I'm with you, but it's not how he is a ordinary thing to look rich. It's not to look is t look diff he normal and different than normal is dressed.
You don't do that. Normally. If I were overalls to wedding, it's like yei, I would do that all the time you want to be like a heightened version. I want you to get married in like um a rodio bar. That's not very me. But it's different. If you want special and different, you want it to be you. You. Should I married in a rodeo bar. I wish I had he shauldn't was there and that was the m yeah. This is the end. I guess like that about a country an western stuff, they OSE guise like this Coaton is killing me in this high society. You cry all day, they've always kind of rejected their fancy. That's true! It's kind of a staple of country, western music. They like the back of that pick, Trucktal get out, thoughting Cottonwood Fall
X, Snowin July, a ha surer, some Aimt Yangus, more country right. It's so funny. I mean every everything just triggers people differently, like that. Triggers me way more than cause you've Flaln in a dratic races, yack right YE, but I don't think. I do not think that all people who are tree or live in the country or like country, music or wheare, a cabo hat or races. I do not think that, but you know I just that's my immediate emotional reaction and when I see someone in the back of a pick of truck with that that I I get nervous at that's of viewpoint to yea- and I know business is not fair. Nfrederace Flagg plying the tipso exactly well fun time and Ashvell God DEM. I want to go where every year there meet it to me, that's like Austin Oone thing, so I got a shirt there way they talked about it. I'm that I love that I law Noody's hanky Torneys Citty BAR Noody's, Fran Cuita
there was a naked lady on the shirt her. Ches were out and I try to order you uncause, you liked it and his Sould. Surprises a dynamite, Dynamy, sure and your colors nudies. You could send us one for Dack, Heis, a large and he likes black and gold color or Bongolnia Ight. Well, you know again. We we had two great guests in natural that were both very big gets for us in M Honigratitude, for both of them near Mita, Staytoon for Dirk
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