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Armchair Expert Live from Cleveland at KeyBank State Theatre. June 23rd, 2019.

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namolr how oll a failure from the insad per I won't a look. You like an animal eca, a my wholde existence is gone. Such an innuendo like what he really trying to say AO he's an onswer, ha ha ha. It's your Tay! Do what you want to do ye Ani! I can't sell you who sak in to the LAN at Aarerka a a bay downin, Uge em play that funking he's an otsh. I ho my wish, but you
set is Lik Contrains, oh, that YO wanted to you dream save Bir your weare. Is they small you'd never had to carry more than you can hole when you're out there gettin wig agit into? I hope you kno soon bad an loves. You an was the same day. Sto, yes, is MA got, am we ha ha? It's Smothat Li Nm Nosge
he's an od se Woo Marma he's an aunt ja. Et's me, beer, Ver he's a nod's woods, isn't not it. I, by way of marriage, have a deep connection to Cleveland because bot my their law and my father in law were raised here in Cleveland so Cleveland gave rise, Te Lory in time. They gave rise the christen and then christen produced the greatest things in my life Lingon and bellded.
Cleveland. Thank you. Ah, it was very hard for me to drive here to day from de droit and Nutges hang a left, an ten dusk Y to see Dher boy has is nearly impossible going admit. Another thing I have not eaten white castle in fifteen years I was explaining to the woodland creature how to as they are on the right, and I went through the drive through in number. Nine is twenty white castles Forthrise as though it will go with the number nine and she was LAK who's Goin to eat one emmers You and I are eating twenty numbers and by God we did on the right down, and so things are there could be a midshow accident just prepare for it. Speaking of my soul, mate, the
beautiful, Thove Ben, what of a maxim a mouth monou hello. So we are in a very Mony's rays, normally about the size of his rug and on when we come out into the real world in medromjaries, always overwhelming us WA esommodyn you now. I would try to tease you insu Orginises, but I will tell you h see too was a glevelandnative e se's. My sister law and I HU she and I shared the same stupid midwestern since he humor the whole time I Herenhood. One and three conversation was about parting. Please Monica
Boter NOM Mone Sgoin to stay. I think, for a long time he brought luggage r, all night. This milk- that's water. We serve warm milk here at arm chair ex Erally set him yif. We find that a neutralizes, the white castles box water, I feelik, I mat jog a lake well Getn, an old double o. What dare ye bring a Piago lakes in the shadow of cedar point. I love santar point. How frequently did you go to cedar point as a kid, because us Mishau Andrews minimally, two trips a summer or the summit, was a failure. Mom mom
now that I've never interviewed from over their whole family was in the audience. Ol families here are not my whole family. My two sisters at Juskin carried the oldest young as her Loared NED. They dn't want a, ohee hand. Seventy percent your families here yea a found. My dance here till he's here, is in my dad actually died on your brut, not M, your hath ridir room, my birthday, no, not nothin on your action for thank or the date of your birthday. So I always remember that daynot the day you were born. No correcty did he dine two dozen two, two thousand Tfor Ty Dozen four o k over my twenty ninth birthday. He was like he, by in a roon, this birtha and he ran up there a homuch over you all my doing, RA, ited Ilena, Yo Birdays. In seven days, NEX Sunday on my bed would return the favour, but he we wearly lost him. Ah so
now replainder. How many holpe frequently! Would you go there like once every six years my dead was an inventor and we din have Alama. But I'm even answers Siter, but you didn't go a lot. No You did beside Jaga Dog once a year at Thas Deromma School Pearis PICNIC, Olga Oh it o Wyhairsw money. Whis father was an inventor whohad if Imfal martials right. Do I remember that creat he invanily Cenverst flame, rtarding par wax for the many men people in America who are regularly driving through flames on their way to work. you know what he had figured out, that there was an epidemic of people not joined up for works because of the lls of fire standing between them and their occupation and he solved it Cleveland Way
tricks and he made it for. I dam not sure why I exclaimed not sure why, but he made up for a company. I thought I think they went under, though, and Ta factory caught on fire and the wax was not flame Rortar Non, but he really did Inven Morse end. My theory isn't that he was actually fearful of the car's catching on fire MO an just made for such a great commercial is Yo Yo put the wax on Any you dump lighter fluid all over it. Theyd throw a match on there, an never be like o, no, that cars roan and it was really high stakes and scary. if I's right when you invent a product like the Shamoi or whatever, as you Guis now iven, been it a few things the birth an tooth Brosina hallo. Now now now and in the a chest express Yas Sur. But I am curious if Wut your your mother, hoo who's here night, she worked at the hospital she actually start. While she worked a few loted jobs because he Haden help pay for I staff Husrand's Catholics Combute she actually started.
at the eye. You could square molle, but GI, leaning, the mall after itclosed. My zexu are sir, to learn her to act. Oh so she would clean Anne. We didn't. We were do our Homewark after school AF for Saint drums and my sister Jessica was a brilliantdisinsanely Brilliantt so funny they would dare me to get up and walk behind people and imitate them. Oh o k- and I was late, nine or eight er when I'ave let what order you're the oldest. I no no is Jessica, Mona, Cabigicary, Ogaist THA, second hold of Hiem or Thirdy Ye Basmouth on the fly. Oh fair. Yes, I can all this, but as the second child, were you like myself, I would have. I would let myself on fire to make my brider's enile Nare, you Kittin, I on know you're the second oldest. Oh, yes, ye! It's! It's great ye I loved, being a middle child. I wasn't start for attention at all, nor did I search it passionately in the public, umm and
that's why you like Lara ha ha ha ham right and fearful a lot youknown in anxious, an suffeling that Wben is taxitude to day. I didn't tex you from my bath Tob, but I was again just got Nowad. I had a full blown panics or of a legitimate distance of bring everyone up a speed silf. She hits me about two hours for the shew hay. Had a panic attack in the bath sub, and I are going o boy o k, Ol im. I knew you were gin to do this. I almost didn't I just I want you to know those who the hill lives in Cleveland baseball players. There are everywhere, we saw Gameh let out recently I got it go, find the basemel. Lair that I know nothing about Misyeur, Yoha ha, H, ha ha, ha ha ha ha haha. It was so rumor, Clanni Hae, a ha ha, I'm bi girlnow. No anyway said the ad, so anyways I just thougt,
got im and have to get a baseball player, and then I gin an have to ask that Fors the wear there now ye thinks I don't imant in armcharies, know much about Base Belc Ase, I don't know much of Ait it Basebell anyway. Hi was l thing I was trying to lik Ruminaging and then you showed up and and night IND. I was very grateful for them, but walked me through the panicate. I was sitting they or ovels and minalsalts. No, I ain't. You know I've bought back our child at home and we runovated it Rih thin. You did a show about them, Ee, a het you' welcome back pauler and bagpotter. To remember. When I was little, I would look the window or write on the lip hum. If I see my address ha ha ha ha ha ha. So you sisones a I thinkin dey Jos et us. You got your bath salts. You got your hole and I have made me have salts at ad. Fanzsgerdyaa ha was nory baths alts and relaxing that's what gave ing
anicall them. We've got no mystery. Don Cover Soh. I now ourselves get of every one, a Panica's act. They get a bad wrap those. I know a few people turn to Cannibal as a mom, bassaults and all the said. No one! So do it come man, Padmen YEM. You remember that people got high an bassalts and in eight other people I didn't know that Na Eigte bonel. That's news to me. They didn't fully consume them of that, but they attempted to in a air. He gave bathsalt to a ad raup, oh wow, and then I am o able people ye multiple different Situatios around the country, Countrywenon Masalts at trying to eat other folk takes you hungry for flash. I wasn't in their state of minds on a ture if they thought the people Wereld is how it has jaglate I'll. Do it myself or thou art I'll, find out clear in the tub and looking up the window that he used to look out and Nowse little kid, and I used to think that Lake Erie would go straight to California. Some
o Kohi thought at age like six between six and ten and beyond a raft. and I wall just like my dreams are Oggan come Cho one day I was very gembraty. You are still I ham I'msending eh hah, since I've seen him. Yes, I grat beli all changed yes y. ain't much. Those I'm very raw yep and, I think, is very brave of you, and I want you to know that if there was any place in the world to be brave in front of strangers at imfrna, jherries, because the beautiful and the thing that they like them Ot has gone. ability. All in light I mean the past three years have been Tei Moriar just wiped an I hate when factors ere T over like mele'stave,
Abad, counting crows hung her life in him and I love him by the land. Lawya that's coming up. They wrote a song about her sug, just the Orly Fread lightly, on counting Herw Ohn. Let me bring every one up his feet. So what your referencing is that, when we left parenthood in Eigh thousand thirteen fortings of Ilegan Sifteen fifteen. You were married to boys from on previous marriage. Liam and Dannim Tand a little girl Molly with your then husband, but Wi'Ll CALL Umpete. So PE gap we dont Nly, be it sticky pe. Oh, it was an orthopetic surgeon right and you are happily married and then
I'd mean, haven't, seen you and then you're like Walla Lot's change and that's what your referency Ranhk right. So in Innocs sitting in the tobe by used to think going to California Muskinneby. It was great and very blast yet very, very bless, but did you think it was going to cure some emotional thing that it did not cure? Sir YE and the fact that I bought back the house- and I grew up an it's kind of massicistic, but also away for us to dig deep and turn
ourselves inside Outsode were forced to heal. Inzemikg cent you and I think now everything is kind of happening. At the same time, I am forced to do that. It's a ton and then you also have to support your kids and you have to work, and you have to do all the things any other person would have to do, and it's probably a lot to juggle at once. I would Adam I never had like a lit of I mean I was always nervous, but not like anxious or didn't ruminate a lot. I was a scogo Gol. An a Sol am in a sense but I've always been like IND, weird but Lenkt in a great way, though thank him's. Yet not. I did now you and I were really drawn to each other. Yat shall I's only right, very mmature and LUT Afar, Joe suppose, Ye Ar say spiritual
ha ha ha ha ha ha her too other worldly, eah ha ha ha INDIGO children, Aride Ar Imself actualized, all those things ill Athen, but sitting in the tub. Isis looked up the window, an OME's Legt and I disterted falwling as thin where's. My raft, oh no, I lost everything like a lost. Make my store this year, that's incredibly by Vocus in two thousand fifteen, when we were working, Itly started, Monica Potter Home, and I witnessed you put UN of energy into that im. Passion you're flying back here, non stop and you are doing it with your family or I wish is very ill advised. I say that with love and someone as a child from a family business, it's very dicy Thad! I now now to haaater you had the interpersonal issues into a busy Hoom very Hart. Mea we it was. It now makes the whole on Oscend, but I love Peopley, lumping around people so want of amistorof friends. We can ask you,
SEM again at you haven't filled me an Ionetus and it's KT fun and exhilarating to do this in front of people. But to these shoes These are air Jordan! Fours hang when I was a kid. They were too expensive for me to afford in gives my high school had em and I ad wanted im and I couldn't have em so now, I'm buying them at every couple hours I buy AP pair. Ah, Hobes Somehow I will times travel in fourteen year. Old acks will feel wonderful and whole in all these laves now I've boughten were Bu and regular Bi Saes on Tem Hastunce, then Gejene, I I have purchased, button. Eighteen, pears at ES. It's not working now whant I've been to keep going. I'm ging, a cheap behind these shoe an hopes of healing the Fortyng eard. So I'm jest. I want to throw a theory out there that you wanted like to be one way. It was a
then somehow you're like if I go back to where I'm from an I have that house and I have a stored, I'm supporting the Familyrs I'm going to heal. All these thing me, I frant lit of the CE yer was he Avalery Hipmaya Yo'Re wrung a an ha Ye Goodron a Nat's called Hoardingthly. I indo that as well as you purchase as an Amazon in it's gettin I by two twos at length three in the morning and if I wear them ha, but it wasn't about stuff righ. I was about my Fath told me when I was three that I was going to go to California and its on tathe and become a movie star. So that's what I knows in a dill and I, thought a movie star was someone that wore like a sandwich board. You know frined Meckett, Atly. Eden Aose, but liked is with a big star on it and that passed out money Agod, which is kindly true Noha ha ha just go SAM Le, so dad is Dat's clearly
MER, writes an inventor and it's not the most stable source of income, or was it now. It was He would make inventions for other people and otheir companies because of his self esteem. He would all in the basement, which is partly. Why bought the house back when we Then there were all of his invention tables lbheare, which I now use. You know yeah pretty fun, and but what, when you share Sa an assuming dad recognized in you that you were a dreamer like he was a dreamer, and then you have that bond. Did you have a special bond with him in the family than who, too were the dream etracts when death says Yeure GIN a grup and become a move star and then I imagine you build kind of a whole idea of what that's then going to feel like and then the impossible happens in you. Do that? Did you get that sense of complete
inor closure, r running out right ring fordinally. It isn't really work that sight doall. Nobody now also it was funning as if he'd liked. I got to wherd with a lot of relingad people, but most of them for Someary. Then, maybe God just pulls all of us like Robin Williams in life. Hoffman and all in like yoursef all of these people that were different on the outside that that men, I would sit with them or talk with you at length about certain things as Shuld Bre very honest. Vaauan him the wory bubble on me cover and a'm working on mine of my spiritual. Yes, it's, like Marmuly Ed', drink little Gant like it, you don't like. I don't whyn. I used to drink a shid time after my dad died. You di be dead here like again think that's skin a help. oh, you just kind of delay lease me I'll, speak for myself. I Ofif. I can numb this feeling or this compulsion or this anxiety it'll be gone.
I didn't realize it was just like dumping your trash can in your back yard. You know eventually you'r getting go on the bagyacht. Itsh is dull sitting there. Unless the racoons got at. Will you pray that the raccos eat some of er? Hey, don't eat any and I'll live Nat in the market for Archer Ar Motioner Annat no e are not or like having a stack some a Thesree and Elenon and a with the big stack of like a ship tun of shit. Like all of your troblems and putting a big Glassol non it how's that gone wine's, got a spell over the's. A stick together ball up in your foot. Ye Tin, you gotat. You got to go Outo with T a chains Zow it some point ye. Do swhy you. I knew I've always nothice about you that you sometimes went to Elenon you don, not me who had only t out anyone, but it was, did you you, you went to. Elnemy is obviously someone in your life was and algoon or they ordied. You just go there Kause you alie of the cough
yer hah! I I'm army, Clelan and Myers Catholack had got frightened at eighteen, everybody. I know a ysian tributer, but all it or myself, o key, like I feel with my story: Whate going out in my life, it's good to talk about it. Wether in said, prussian anxiety. Everybody thinks that your life is one way nins. No well an the NAO set I'll go a step further, which is the sane we have in both of our programmes, which is like ye on Missus Brodes, a human, but you're only as sick as your secret. So it's your a Ein through life. Looking around, especially now on Inscrimu, like every mane I' got it together. Nobody is wrestling hour to hour with eating this bad food or drinking this bad thing or e know there is great
comfort, an finding. Now I remember when I first, you know an nay get your a four step, and then you list all these things that you've done wrong and then eventual you've got a saved to another human being and when you are about to say it to that person, you like, while this persons Gan a stand up and go your disgusting, an associate path, an you should be killed a mansion. That's that and then you saying it to a fellow alcoholic. In the look on their face, like yei. Did that Roun Ende, a EBE did her by eight times. Ah, yep you're welcome your human being, that's right and know: you're a messy grows, human being we all are, and there is there's great comfort in that as yet. I think so. It's Cury, though, really scary, but can I walk you through your story a little bit because Yes, I en AL, then I was it and tell me how great it's can and ha ha ha ha ha haha. The psychic tack Swelcome back to the show this was a part of your story, did not learn until I was researching you for this, which is its
interesting to know people for ten years and then learn things about them. What I didn't realize is that you had left here Cleveland you had gone Os Angeles and you hired on the young and the restless sweating. Her Yeh There is a theme that will I want to explore throughout this about your career in the the era in which you entered it, and then transition to you playing Christina Bravermen, because unfortunately, the vast majority of meat a has been women who their sole goal is to further the story line of a man in the movie right. So your a love interest, you're, a wife, you're, a girl. friend and you're just there to show up and go like you know: don't o and Harry think about t DS and then Hariry Doesnit over Hell. He wants tan off you're, not playing that role than you're expected to be in a bathing suit.
Ancing Relit was the case in the young. An the restles right is that it was one scene and I didn't want to do Ti Cybrion. Then it was Oun Wil De Day, Eir that I thought that Oj Trild preempted, that did you see I so you, Un Rake Ferguson, telling the t- l yes, but they had you slathered in Self Toaunt TI in her life, and it is, is Pret Jersey, shore too. So I shist like a grate everything I was trying to be Leese Saind, the girl in the swim. Soui ya was like so bad. It is not. You know we mean that's your certil you I whear bathing suits in your real life. When I say it, I will never you
the girl Lats onspring break in the wet teacher contest? That's not your personality! I was never that person my parents didn't raise us like that. We were like boys all four of us. I still don't know what sex he is. You know like since, or goint is a right divorce. You know, a lot of my friends were very right when they file they leave their lawyer's office and The'Re like UN tumblers or tindrils or humbles of ever Hora after this terrible experience, you move back home, you Yere like that's it. I hate this as you should of for that experience. Will I Aden, idenio so movies between and right after that I started working ad met Lok the Sonus of French from director and then Ye Di Mi Trefessional on my favourite Brath, when CO c er and then started to do film and then Tommy.
my first husband who were great friends whoms. Just let me say, Onmis Avery thing about you is that your real name is Monica Gregg broke off Grag Guies, pretty Ar Deve little name Gregg, the I'ms, that, after your aunt, Gregg or Grandma, Gregg S. All of my sisters have like these really cool, Meddl, Namelike, Jessica, Fitzgerald and Brigitte Rosere, carry O'Neil, Monica Cgragg. Aha, not even Gregory, Atd, even give min the whole rag, but they did throw two jees at the end. Right is out outfelled with double jees. OTO Ye, an g and an egg far. When could I love it because it's my grandmother's maidening Dorothy Gregg, who was also the It makes a lot of time in a lot like, but that you did you not move back to Cleveland forgot B
for the Coner Y. I saw you looking at. Your notes are like who gave me these now Hunp now, you're, absolutely right. What I gave me these notes, how dear you insinuate on farming, this Outto any, but I know I pack, the teacher, don't get mat it yourself ect. I could know hi moved back to Cleaveland as tommyand I went through Divore Ryan. I was trying to defelmnant. We've send you know whit. Let's go back to Cleveland, Danyan, Leum Bein School and bought a house in a same kind aryaman. Now I was able to go off in work. We decided that wantedon, the wax fell forning as I had to make money and you are getting in crazy opportunities, Rik Collon AIR, that's the kind of first huge movie that ear Hart of Leas, an you got a say: yes, TE, Conair Ight, yes, se any Nick Cool Nigaged story by Geance. Yes, is my favourite yes, so we would go and, as all of us would hang out, for he was so polite, so
mind so protective and not like that. Weird dragging yent with you wegg now I was I've given off the Fibe immediately with boys. We is that to say that you've never hooked up with the coastar. Well, my ma'amselr oga You'De, never hooked up with any one, but your two husbands, great for the record, are a head sex, ot, the Lpeople there, I sorry narly, go very Gow herd of they ere Morlike grips O Gigrelcor Purguo Wohat's Intehoma enoug Sore Sir, bollowed ye. Now you want a man of well stocked food, wise, Chisiana, like I am not a big actor person right. Yes, know that. I would say that was true with you. A Arenhood is that you got along very well with the crew, and that was much more yappy. Yan did you think, I was crew. When you met me Ye
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know how you found him to be, but I was immediately in I grew up watching, Mark and mindi. I saw man a ano of Nanananna lunch bag. You had a andon, any lunch, bys ye so kind of an intimidating figure. For me as a chomedean, he was like the youngest comedian Deaver break out at Sammit Succase. It is so many things. I cannot look up to him and then, within twenty five seconds, a meeting. The sky on, like oh, no he's just me, he's like a suffering human being and real as hell and he's sincere, refind them he's all about. I was really protective of him, unlike sole love. What I have to imagine why you was someone who have already said You are now Anon you, you probly like attics. Do you like attics, my said: she's never met an accid at Mary and Eshley. Well, IREA. I fea a time would much rather hang out with the guy. You know, Euclid Avenue, down town that needs help then going to
Beverly Hills, hotel Fras, I learn something you know what I mean because I feel like I feel like I'm them organic sense, not because it is a kind of patent which I am not just vat because think like we can hold hands and we can get through this life's care for each other Joe, but but the ultra we stick in me. The most euphemistic way to say is like. I just want to help somebody, but then deep under that often is we would learn an Allinon is like no Nsome one whose basically a Dempster fire. So I don't have to think about my ship cause. His ship is so loud that it needs addressing immediately Mymemas Lega. It is that's a good way to put it, but I also like a journal all of myself to and I would share it with that person like aha, like I need help too. Madam, what was the question o the Dempster,
on fire, my dear I could af fixed that oh ha ha by Eeha ha. I feel like no agraged felt like Unthemd til, who were saying those that you could feel when you met Robin your like oin him. When I had met him, he had just very publicly relapsed. He ad had like eighteen years or something, and he very much was day at a time, and at that point I had like three years of sobriety, so I was weirly in this position where, on that movie, he was like. What are you doing? Where are you going? I kind of need to stay close to you, which again was a very weird dynamic for me cuz. This is someone I idolized and I was like wow. That is the gift of this. Programm that me this Dipshipe Cabvy of service to the sky, I've, Foreshat and W
incredible Alanor, to be able to do that for an. I am Miss going to meetings because of that you know, but oneim. When I would go to the reanings, I would want to help everybody there ye then I would get like I wouldn get a little depressed, although they want to fix it and you're a caravam and the Eit, her going to be less the part dough that that's go to Bency right where you and you hit on board of a sinking ship and you just go down with it great Anita Go yo know what no in't want me to go at Anyfan, yer own Havvee down er I will say I dill personally have the Alenan thing I don't like when I have met people are clearly there on fire as a dumpser, I'm like cool Gimme ring when you' found the viry thing was sure and I'd love to be friends with he. But I can't join this. I don't know I think you're a little you're likely you're solling yourself, SOR Ind, that was my dad. My dead was Thatan
Slikin an now AR to get dealt that hand once an never gettin. Dout that hand Bagain so yeah. I know I know that I have other things: I'm super susceptible to codependency, wise, but not really I won't join the hurricane, but you, but you want a help. People, maybe you di, don't I'll been dead, honest here an ever. You ask me if you askd me for help. I will help you, but I will not goto help somebody who'se enward having any Dift for Howgrad. That's what I meant. Yeh Arinte. Our people, though, that find other people are like Oney, one, a fix his person, empers itout, asking him. I vexed that to me is a little pathological. I don't know, I think you do you're. Do it here. That's the whole point of your thing: but Al Ba. I think I gai, I don't known, I think, only through saying hey. This is my story of that appeals to you great. If not
but my wife and I will get an arguments all times should be a you need to call so and so and tell them they need, did get their ship together and go to a meeting or stepping under whatever Iti might. If they call me be the first guy there, but I'm not trying MO. We don't had to tell people what to do, but you are how you Needo Shud, you shutha ha ha ha ha ha. I can't say that to me anyway, we got at home a lot of Peopful an YE di en after take it Oga the program. Mi tell you o the thing Chan. I get so scared Aboutlickg. What if Feth Thursus? There's a person that might need be cold called their canar hurt themselves in you, just save the life and you'red Someoin like that, an I'mafrafother's fult that I can't also know that that also is great, but is also bad for me right right. Yet look if lucky
we come in every shade under the sun of humans. In that we need someone like you, we need some one like me, I'm more the pursoe, that's like Whach. I've done Gover, with a baseball back at that person on the Druggular's house, and I mikes Amea Amin, Neverfar DOT. You do, but I'm not like ay. I have't heard from you in three weeks that oy. I don't do that. Idln't iknow! I have become much more Un Protective just yes there, it walls uright. Now ye do you know, and my friends are here to night too, and I gasped AO youknow idon't. I we pick up R Iht where we left off, but I I'v length lost Friendschas. I don't am time for bullshit Y wine. I've been friends with these girls for thirty years well and fell. I SE was a speaks to your character and who you are that you've always had those people run. An's a've known you, you've never really turned your back,
Npanny Waner left anyway, an ire TIM to tell her E. I valso say for potentially to your your own self harm in that. My assumption is that you decided when dad died in two thousand two Arma. I'm gin to be dad. I'm going o everything I'm goiting, be dad and that's the big job to try to take our IND ant ant. You did ye, but I also started to do that. Lo e earlier in life, righter is Nat because I was I was liked like Ledica, I was born them, but I so so much like lady Gaga, but I am doom in something gooy. Oh you havpy this modern Movs o Looking it you SOF I like that movie yeteroe. I met much better than I am, as I ask the ass Yo
GE to the remake look at yer. Later. I think America's am for it the eye. Well, you do at the ends that does open the door up for me and tar'd have a sequel, The'Se gone in a dream see. the hall whole the Husetrith Gretit, the prequal a mere where both aggers are older. This is gin ower and of his develing and arranged any financiers in the audience. Please see us after the show for Lady Gaga could knew she could things. I cannot say so me to say patchems as Hiumungis Connershimungus humongous. I want to ask for me deciding like. Oh I'm, go, do television, but with my ego,
my own no noi, I got invited o the Big Party and now I'm not really seeming to get golld too much and now I've goin to go to the littler party, and that was but wheat wee both signed up for Barehood. Just when the cusp of Tivie becoming the new grate formanlings mot you how about listening to your agent, saying, Trustsas, Tievie's worth had and an the thing Onfusedly Hooloo and Emly, oh ye. No, I was in Ami Ter any like you got to make a Shauffer face book and I might I'm not even on face Wook. U now a show mive his book. Now you a beyon, a show on Yelpy, opand Yelp, to find a restaurant near by bit. They need to see you on that. Ap, that's action, good idea. I ins wit's one step away from my you. Let us get a call strangers in american entertain them, sir picking up Bone violent, random, Buckin, Tindigid numbers see we get put on a show. I ex will figuere on a monetize it later through
sore. I actually do that of you. Do help go people right in and I feel bad on. My Hyde High Sandy, who is this ha ha? I am like Monica sag, you know got your message. Has a coin God I know, then I got over Whelm in Sert a cry to YE may, but I have made really good friends that way, but they've never met. It is one way to make friends. Yet: oh oeline three og Lenin, my Lifeha o crystals can't cold calling, but did you a to fear that I have which is oh. If I go through that door, the t Vee door, I've got a shut. The movie door that'll, be that as this was kind of before people yer really Bau, Yan or one or the other? It was hard right. Yes, I turned out, and I wonder if you had this experience in life, which I have had a keep Worne
inover and over again that when I get the things I want to get, the result is never what I wanted in thin. These things I den at water was talked into or did as a favour end Uf being the greatest things have ever happend to I barlhy on to do parhoods by far the best thing of every Bote by Sed known Fora. Time for time. I said no four times ago I can't play AMA right not out of like. I think I'm too good, but I Plam um wrote it. No Li Yon have three kinsomling, but I how to do Thath ha ha, Alya and Christina was Insh all different than me, while she was Umperfect Baite, basically and sow when I meant, but She was yet she was wonder woman, but but what did did you find that it was the opposite experience as you are expect? and is notemin that you have deep gratitude for like Idyan beyond Ridea AB, the because in this is what I ams talking about the e you had.
the rare roll for a female, where you drove the story, we had whole seasons where the true a story of the season was you you at. Can, sir, one season that was the a story line a and you ran for some That off is mayor, Ie Hav, my seret. I forgot about that. Yes, en you made UT you men, a Luner mayor. These are not J His women are taking on in tv at the time or eve so tairly in Loch. Smaller percentage than Tood Man and the school. he or is IL here's a I do. I Anto be Chrissin a braver man. You did all that and I just tried to get back with the same woman for six years. So, spoiler. I got her and a build dat. Bidj Jehi Sand SE, my motors I go.
Have my house boaw? Didn't you cheat on her Wen? All in Minknnack and Weet, but she was Max'S- Tutor Behaviour lay Thereapes, Sou, Fucker Hsgo. She quick because of you, I know cause. I was ha ha ha on't, never Forgef YE, Ie Nover. Should you no one was Happ before me for sleeping with that year's sex use. Woman alive Helen was GUF, Zepper Disdecaher, let's be honest, go ta Y. One Conny thing can I they want anything about them, Minka, Gellything, so Christod. For better worse. We have bhave zero jealousy over each other owere watching each other. On t v looking up af people, in fact there have been moments where I have Ackt even had the thought watching Veronica, Mars or Dipp o the good place, an they. when Hearn Sedy are together, unlike kiss on Kism. Like I'm sucked into the story, I want her an ceeny to be together and I love it and I don't care an I
who she comes home to at night in an hour, and she feels the same way about me: exact, ah ho here. We go's Monarc upon and ha ha to sew Ye Yo Hearin him his dory line. Where you go with your brother's wife, I am Addino but watching that episode, where I hook up with Mingecelly Kelly and we're can the scene and what becomes really clear from the scene and as we enter it, and it's on mink us back in clearly she has no sure not. Nor does she have a browser on and so of course, in real life. They didn't take that out digitally she didn't have a brazier on really wantin, that scene or suberin the jell, and she, as goes oh d, not Mingo, Wis topless in the scene. You guide, ogay, I se their heads up on that Oh man was like should I ave? Should I have come home an like hay pretty good day it were,
Ah, I think it's good. You did not phrase it like ye. I just didn't know how to roll that out like her or I'm getting angry you're regun out in Hig. Am that was the nperson that it broke through and Shou have ye out next time: You'R Weat D Youdid. Did it hear ganes? I know yeu're can Nan. Now I always wonder if I got arouses your weaner n again, o h that the famous Jack Nicholson Quob, which is great, is that before love scenes with his coastars, he says Sorry, if I get hard and sorry if I don't ha ha H. He farther HO ho od. It's is a really gent way. Nei. Why many times. Have I told you if I had a brother, it would be men I had sat wheres. I thought we were the most brother and sister like, but we waren't even blood relate it. Maybe the rebou.
A we tell him now. Misus ketting and oh my e. You imagine I do you want to say I do think it was pretty much I'm agreed upon, because you are the only person in our whole caste that ever got any nominations and you got several ah that you, you RA, thunder more than any of us. I mean you got a you, want a critic choice, a word. You are nominae of her golden Globe. I I'm G RAA Rasi. I think for my first movi I directon I so you know you ere incredible on the show, and it was at so howful as a scene partner to be with you in a scene becut ye some of my favorite scenes with like we were wimurmerhows. I came over Dy Laundrywing on that huge fight that that was just like a very exciting I felt like I was having an experience, acting that I don't have very off EN anded to the Mthea, because I never said what was written I didn't either
theganwer, you Knerv as I was excited uling. She doesn't know the lines and I don't was no know I did. I knew her, I'm easing. I knew them the suggestions. I called the thing. Can I get the scis that makes you nervous about going at this negt shell, like goling, Aes a Warner be by Ine like having you know. I tell people af fronton in me for stuff a my. If you want a Guass, what I she did, the wait's written there's lot better actors, then Mealan that I give everyone else jobs. Yet me I have no, not mearly oll good, as that raft higher than guy they'll say exactly Wats written. no as great as Julia Robert Year, there Shemay Coss, Sollmore, shall give it TE versen a whale I don't know why I was nervous working wytheo as he talks too much. Maybe his
did filet you're my brother. I just want to disappoint you. U directed my favorite thing, I've ever done in any movie, any thing ever and probably will ever was that emphasise it was unbelievable. This kid is the most talented director area, your dear heart, yours, like every part of you just one end o that and you made me, feel completely safe and Assome's thang ye of that episodics, the episode where Christina shaves her head for the first time she is cancern or falling out besides shave, her head and that's the most unique ex I've ever had directing as well, where you and I were like o K. We got to do this and we don't want to be Sackrin, but we want to be truthful and we oneap it to be light hearted when it can be, and we want tad real as how when it can be, it was just TE lot fever
relaxed a lot of it, was unspoken which was the voyoue just hold MA in Guka, I'm Mak. I know I have one take with this thing cause. We only had one they built as preposterous bald head for her. She look like she was unserain't live o that that old sketch them the out the Martians. What was it that the big alconac we can In this whole episode be a cone. Had we got Throp mer, face ball cap on hers, T em mynight. If you had been walking aroun, this Humunga Kone on your head. I de I yos no will to grand yea Yo Den Megot. abaseball cap, real, quick, ha ha HU, o up at the end and then o shaving, that we only had like detting the right one ones: action YE didn't and I have Sha haha innosed. The Copa is also beautiul.
cleared when you direct LE something in your behind the matners, and it's very rare that you you actually get sucked into the scene as if you're just watching it dawn. I was so touched to be a part of that whole thing ar now, as Ayan most Pivorol moment. On'l ever tell Peter that Yermy Favorite, aha ha ha ha. I will never hold the man's tes no now he was really great so, but you were absolutely brilliant on the and everyone agreed in a way. Owt hat, you use you suck to me into your retracter beam and you made me better. You made those kids better. You made everyone better round, you an and you were the star aptly. They made you cry cancer and I a semmin you had that you harde to do all the heavy lifting you really had to do it all and needed a great job and e does all thing be a flatter that I was Amar Ugga. We ever will flick mhy sleeves as wisout that Shell, yet Asmonicas and legitimate fan of the show, and this mon I I was like I am, but he hit it
no make anew MAR there were so many dancing paw herer Arsum, be you know calling back to which you said earlier that most dancing scenes are without music was were those without musical some, where somewhere, like Larry Drilling, was really good at making sure we knew what song we were can have the rights to before we shot the episoca. So often you shoot one thing and then they find o o a p s. That songes Sofern Ty Gran E. I Sha'Ll GE when I aze that I'll think we ill Reannounced Hever's white band, something like that. Eric House was always fimily. What was another Maya, the lot of a fordable song him an he ain't, not a sheet of paper, an ego. You goes you like int, the Eep, as song as Wen, get a how Ui all that's terrible at's, a hair o Wen the Suns that Ferendis and that would be we woull do. Thatn see you knew and they would play it sometimes like when Larry directed the a or som as we just have a kond of a generic. Be that you better TAN, Yo Een, like you, has knew it, while fever
very at e or little do an he knew it inside of, but we did get lucky because it was a cast of fourteen people in m. At least seven of us like the veayance, which is racer, I always had. I always hid you have TE dancing cause it evern, why is she ter? You see me Dann, Ave enjoyed it ug ha ha ha. Did you have a favorite answer, Padman Whun, Yo Cly by your last name, I ked fever, fever's, really good yen He'Re as Gra everyone was grey ever almost soken on THA show. All the time is the BES Shar Such CE. I don't know whethert I wan there's a communic way for me to spend the Solvs Lae question o wit at armed in the Heit Al Hay. I don't want get too deep into this. What you're going through right now I justa some thing I know about your current situation- is that your husband meanly out o nowhere at fifty years old joined the Navy Athur. Ha ha ha, which one
in a pick which hot ussy in a pan. I just imagine myself coming home in Christingol hun I've just signed up for the Marines, and am I no long You can't say Irene's. He got a couple of kids in di you're. Just judo Esign up for the Marines, but your he signed up for the Navy and Navy Reservem, an eige, thirty nine. So because the cut off forty o ye in there just in the Micger time year. Did he see it come Shel. That was, like God, darn. That looks one. I gwade you. Football game and he got really swept up in the that's exactly how ithappen but it's exagy, you ere actually at the mall and the Guis were there in the hand. If you are a joing fellow young man like I will Ello Ameri, best and brightest. No one Tasse Inghes so accomplished, she's, so Subvergeon es an Earthpik and colleg surgeon he's Isgat as Embi a am I I barely graduated you wilt
school ha ha ha ha ha ha swer. That was that, but so we were Swere. So opposite were he's an o Chiev AR very cherebral. If I were to recommend a surgeon, it would be him bruts he's that good right. He is so GAD and then he's like got to join the Navy why not, but Yeu wanted to be and asked, or not also thror his as well What SA joined the Naviyyo be an astor, not what else o rviter. a crossing guard right that he jist, like the outfits or he likes Bow I'm so really I justneed it. If you can give me a tight, exs Ane tion of why he needed to join the navyat tan. I tell you something: oh doubtfully, we am a younger thing. You've forgot! Oh, he always wanted to be an act that was the number one thing he wanted to Ben. He did a fire fighter and Navy man. a seaman now he always did in his defence. You know you're getting attention and then you go to an environment where these people have the skills, and that's not
geell Sait, he's a god where he goes to work? Oning Hom Zars were like a Arnandia got a God ah Hazra aid, Sto esrecially. If he wanted to be in our circle, yes growing up, I think that's aren't miss, told nottils. I do jest want to know. You must have said Han walked in the house saw some sign up paper work. I see YO joint even listed, What was his answer? He actually came to me and said: yes, Summona, think if the paperwork's going through here Ar Jonnet like Itm like that's, so I went to the swearing in down in ELF Agundo, I think, is and um, oh, you are. You are supportive of it, and yet I was if Yo Ab an
I mean he am me, really takes pride in it and were just different. Peopers is different. No two weeks before my dad died- and this is also I am in such a space in the past two years or three yearso- it was December twelfth to thousand and three an as it. This was a whole total set up. My friends met this sky and Enous CE and said, which is my err. Future husband- and I just moved back to California house in the valley with Annie and Liam, and I and I hung up the phone on her my commute just because I don't want to be in a relationship, so that was December 12th and then, but we we met that night. And then we were together for to and my dad suddenly died at eight sixty four. So I think, if you're really going to like forty in kind of thing, which is what I've discovered through therapy and psychotherapy and Sykaiya tree and spiritual all of these things that you search for that you have to learn.
why you're doing a things you're doing or why? You did the things you did so not only to not repeat them in the future, but also to be a better person, and so I met him and then my dad died and I olong clung immediately go, and so I never dealt with my dead steaf, which is why am now just dealing with it? Ye now, Jis Kind O took the For him an lie. You'll be the vessel of that you'll Coroname is ourd. You know like em e guess, she's. So much like me dad because he's he he wears a whity shirt. Ry oh, my god, you peace standing up my gon. Dhad use Apeese standing Nop. He doesn't no
ha ha ha. Well, that's why he joined the Navys. Oh, I ahint you Guie Monacaboder, one of the loves of my life. I think all of you, guies were coming out to night as Ween a Humung is pleasure to come here to Cleveland an we hope. You'll have us again soon think you so Muchdmnwe you're afvorded by circle, Anit gl with a king in the middle at sea. I are K, U Ell Ut! If I love circle Cous I drink, fluid's, Compulsiove, you're, very Hydran, a Gallyus, an what so cool about circle is its a Mikes drinking water, convenient fun and delicious. The whole family loves it because it's a water bottle that has a flavored cartridge system.
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it out o your hand, I chink it skin of firmly sementic or e rest of the die hotel. I really love at song because this KY keep for daddy, who I followed in Sograma, discovered, he's a piano player and he does like in of traditional piano, Jes Scores, but with all kinds of electronic under pinnings. I love it An WY rain Almoll by myself last year in concert and you enjoyed, I enjoyed so much and then he's on an Anderson pack song, that's so fond so have for everyone, a bull, Yeh Jatiata is the song. If you want hear it and they did not pay us to do that, though, in fact they might sue us for having done it e it. Avonlea Cleaveland e IL took a trip to cleave LAN. Let's tell every one about her jaunt down to Clevela. Yes, Alases H see de ye. Remember the casses horres o coun. I forget we got the number, I don't know what was it? Seven or something- and it was
Tose are nine, maybe as number nine it was twenty white Sol always murders in four ryes? and I was shocked when you ordered. I said no, that's crazy. Ye thought I was absurd and I Wasl observe it. We did eat most. A yeavin will throug, one hamber or out when we got to Cleveland. So I think I ate eleven and you eight seven I think I think we draw a few. I think we art like three or Veu or yea ha Rumori went back into of them, though rush for the trash Gant, like as I was walking in the Trassh Kowns like Oonskin, to grab the sogy hatle RO so well. I now there's a soaking wat. I think that's really the what we love cause. If you look at the Emily's burger, what You'R Neama is like mass saturation of flew in Egrees, an Grannal's whate, oh and the sauce and Emili's er's a sauce in cassis. Not so much. Sagreet a thork. I call it a girl, a Goot, yet Mant well, take those soft little miniature buns and it saturates them, with wit, fire
men, honey, Hadd, an onion and mee. They become a gooe. I want that right now. I'm starving me too. It's almost a pace that they scored on. Oh, you are hating that I was saying that was that the atreferred Gil Gro over pay's ye, we Shal, we open a rist. We serve the hamburger in a bowl and you eat it with a spoon. It's like everything is so, de Yar has barely staining as e lot. O gale am an empoiding saying the word camo. I asked T a bunch cause. I know it's very triggeringyet don't like that. Wer OU go. I used to not like it now a'n find what they know your back to it. Yeh I'm like Gan. I can let words controlme. You know I like to drop the tea and call it Moys. would yer. I DOW that earse or better I living at were a thing. It's a double down on it. Ol it's worsed, his goad Sook its gros, so lets us go all the way: Cor. They's a Mois Briske, oh ye, a right, it sounds, grows: Yalf, Moys, Ill
and though I want to say that you know we had a mb, the equivalent of a Benny Anna, the Michigan he Adja stake. How's a Javane stake House, but was calmed Moy's take of Mo Ashire as Surte a Mois is' it when you read a as Emma why that's fine right like sword? That's not going ot cause anyone to feel gross, but if you know it's emol, I ask and missing the tea. Oh there's no ea er, my Moise would yet a e demoys. I think it'd still just be Emelie or something in noise as Emoi Z, the way you're saying Ater, word: Moise the thing about noise. And O. I as e Chack and poppin an im in front of that M. Morei the I'm spelling. The word without the last letter, o HU, and it should also make Mois Yeh WI. Yes, anyway,
so it's just a trick or brain like if, if we know it's belled Emma, why we don't care bsolutely right all aren't all the things the triggers are all imaginary. It's all like a cultural layer and nothing's objective at all. yeah. I mean, I think it's just some words trigger the thing. Otamoto AMOS an Anama appear yeah, it's Moistil Ides, so much because I've known it over the years at different times, but not enough to use confidently. Oh really, really. Oh, I feel very good af saying ere you bring it up. Quite often I always enjoy so Monica Mane, CUB, Horder, yea, you're, Coken Efusiner, who Monica's on the state. It was confusing and she members she came out early dumbar. You don't relly here, a episode, but she comes out early and then you say you said something about it, that's lath! n, so I think I wantd to clarify that people. You said I would try,
tease you in the guessing who the gas is but that's a joke because ever already saw her cause. She came out. Oh Qrite right, so I was introducing you one on a capadman ye. That's the other thing as he goes, both a Peaszacly, Porter Patm and two syllable peawords. It was a mess and so one was introducing you Monacaponter just strolled out on stage a little early she and she had a lot of accoutremon with her. She bout her purse, Ter person a Coat Yak Kas she win de source. I ain't like she was leaving fo, think some people dis, Thyt, might be blowing through, like oh she's, on her way out, but that's cools. She say I was stopped by to say Hidadecks and she lives a gleev wow. I write she WA her bag as she wanted to feel safe and have her things near by ride, but don't think she acscended a
zing anything out of that purse- I know ever hall- I don't recall her digging in at at any point Yeh, but yes, she's, my Tebee's sister and I got along so well with her on that show even both had a very stupid, mid western sensy humour that often involved duty arts in sex, jokes GR, inrulier tos. He esrego tons Anne YE, Alazomes she's, so good on that show incredible so You were talking about bath, salts and cannibals, so dare's a myth. No yes it on. May twenty sixth, my Emi police shot and killed a homeless man who was allegedly feasting on the face of another homeless. Man in a daylight attack on a busy highway before now infamous quote face eating Cannibal Randy Eugene was stopped by four police bullets, say authorities. He had gnawed the face of victim Ronald Popo down to his goat tea. The forehead was just bone said a witness, no
no Mauth police Sai that Eugene thirty one ohmons young, who had ripped off his clothes and refused police officers as stop eating Popo's flesh, shod behaviour consistent with ingesting the synthetic cocaine substitute known as bath salt basalts have been connected to arrange a violent incidents and spike and emergency room visits since they became popular sobly. Several years ago, last folled the Dragon Forcemen Administration, banned three chemicals used in bath bassals and thirty. Eight states have enacted their own bands incidents continue. This was a two thousand twelve examinations of rodens on these next generation. Bassal suggests that they are potentially just as ponent and addictive as the original they still won't make you crave human flesh with the nice Kihanti, that's from the silence of the way Adss trite Stavy couldn't resurve
Now they have when they first apheared in Get ha stations and in the street drug market and laid two thousand ten vassals quickly became the freaky drug of the month began making headlines famously two thousand twelve man tried eat another man's face and please thought bath. might be the culprit. However, the hungry gentleman in question did not have any evidence of bassalts in his system, so the cannibal instinct was likely driven by something else, such as an adverse reaction to another. UG or psychological issue. Nevertheless, bassals are still often associated with cannibalism and thes Ombi Apocalypse Oge so was a cannibal. Yes, was an on bath, so corrack, oh emeles, they said he was than IY had got associate Anne, but actual Anthere is more cases than just that. One oh there's a lot of Lin Lents and emergence your visits, but not Cannibal and Occanibalism, o gay one glad we cleared that Exirant leave dragget suit by Batsalk now makers of bath salts yea, we my
and I love baths Everonly Turst when you are eading the story I like. How is she turn this TI. That's not true, because what a claim that Someony ate some one's face, how are they andto find of the all? In retrospect, the face? fully intact. That's what I was Welli now and now I had ruled out that o eternsity was even a bath salt, so you dead Ohs, who I was just thinking like No'D. He mistake someone eating someone's face. That seems like I know, we're poor eye witnesss humans in general, but that's a big Well, unless he was like hissing some one's face really in ten Ouln Evove had Bloodyly he ever was kind of bloody and then he was kissing the face and some one's just ging, a looking around the corner. You might mistake that as canalism and actually its its affection, I just thought of one. I thank dug the
a crisus's motorcycle open face helmet. He scuffed some of his face off and a a ha. This guy shows upstarts Miseria, see piar in that it looks like his consuming as if as ye. I bet that happens. Iver that happens once a Daysh Ye Lote psychoaccidents are horrifying. You other scaring veil ye YE ummnroble you're not in trouble that skares me Amy you're, not, but it scares me ye. It is a if it goes bad. It's dangerous yet you're, not in a car, no mister, Ady on the Stellow e, a a wapiwa. We add to our list. Are your end fat check? I want to see per capita if it's any more life threatening o Rite, a Marcycle than a car, though that's interesting, a sincs like fifty thousand people die. Yere and car
Ccidents Ras O high. I that's some the number, but it's in them, tangs of thousands Jeh. I do wonder if it's even proportionately yere. We have to seling as the tittle Anish mors en not a inow when some does die in it. Like any time. Ane s an a motorcycle accident in alliy I hear about it, but people dying Cargsans the time they dos n't. Think of me immediately and sashare he got a actuals. I do you do yank as you fast Cardsere, an as get wory Valnow torly get et ere, it's a dangerous hobby, although ye it's a little sensational mading, their other hobbies of people go down from be amein Marithon runners and shit there Tay of hard attacks from ITN Ger asked the ball. Players is like Neething. Really we not sit in cherwall those sit, INA, Cherio blood clots. Travel lot is dangerous, oh Ebrub, and on their ye. More people, dye Bloodcloths, then
Then Ridi motorcycle. Does it no? No n? We can't do that because he CAD Yogain to Acto lose an activity that promotes blood cloths sitting to Mon eah, but no, no, that's no ones. How be I was like Faange Foghoudi, Asenses, b, to sit in this chair for our hours. But I was thinking about it and ininterestingly enough. I was a zipping home from Mark on a motorcycle to interview the psychologists who wrote you should talk to somebody Larie Gotleab. I was going to ask it this, but I forgot which is, I don't think I have clinical, the the but I do wonder if I reg lat my emotions a little bit with a because whe racing home remark and I'm like Hyperfolkus er, I'm going for astiaria Lobett and I do get my Drunnel Enup and a I feel calm and good
and I do wonder if it's become some patternama unaware of that. I like I need some dose of it yea. I wouldn't be surprised. So I went out Saturday with the girls. I went off Roding Neah and I dust see like a five minute rip where I'm like driving as fast as I think the thing can go without it being catastraphic yea and then I just feel great the rest of the day, but I don't know I f that's cause of depression like you pollyfield eally powerful doing that yet in control, Caere Control, main as a bryying doubt he Asksd, by a big dose of control, which I desire me lot an. I got a radte our detector to see that Yev out one as em driving. So much
towork back and forthe AR just now. It's hundreds of miles a week and I just think I pray need be preventedtive in my getting speeding tickets. So what is his mean exactly all right? Our detectors like a the one. I got skins, three ard sixty degrees, so it detective, a cubs shooting a rate, our gun at you from behind a alort you to any officer running Rade or Ansert ye God saing on the top of the wine walm. Is I, instead of Justlike going a little over thes lament not going crazy over this feelo that you've decided to just figure out where the cops are and avoid them. Yes, and you hear hears my the equation in my head mind, you I'm in the led piece o ship. I think I deserve tad not have to wait so up. It's Iam aware of hit o can but me. The equation is what I don'e,
Abin life is extra time, so I kan shave ten minutes off that drive both ways a day. I could really use the twenty minutes. I'd rather have the TW minutes to see my family see you could say. Well, then you put your put yourself arrests and never see them again. I get it, but I guess I've formulated this equation. Words like I'm on a dead open highway, the fourteen there's no cars on it. I'm gonna go fast as its time share and I feel that clock taking ethically were still in murky water here. For me, ass things Llo o k you go to Germany. They drive a hundred and ninety miles an hour. I rean it a poor. one time in Germany to go to the Te Nerber Grana ha and a chrisan, or going as fast as that cargo, six gear begause it's a eighty nine. I think in that car Gu
station wagons were flying by me with Ther whole family. So what I see right there as oll is this whole thing that it's unsafe to drive over. Sixty five is just horseship, its Absolut worship, that they have less accidents, an all that Robber, an after Genr ANG, how many hanvenings Iudsot o Byn now, when they have them they're, pretty catastrophic I'll, admit that but the dude they do have less per capita fatalities. Thele's af train people to drive better. That's not the point, I'm just saying I don't buy the premise, the premises it's unsafe to drive fast. I don't buy that premise. That's Horseship IND! I think it's safe for knuckle, Eads who are half asleep and our terrible drivers ye at a priciant drive over seventy, but me on a bed open fourteen five lanes, there's no reason. I can't go a hundred in a carlet's design to go a hundred. Ninety SU. I sought once I start
Y breaking it down on MIKE. All this is on a foundation of Bullship so now Jest to do. I want to Allw the rules. Is it ethically? Should I follow the rules? Will every one else is following the rules? That's where it sterts to feel like a whity, you persed on Itin TE, Tidle par Yead. That's the part! I don't love ye, I feel like. I don't have to go Aon with the rules. I don't agree with yea which is arrogant and n entitled Enog. They dlaner went Helv to stop signly four way, stop in the dead middle of nowhere and there's cornfields everywhere you can tu see why you can see the Fal three other lanes. for a mile out for her, let's stopin at that, stop sign Ths. I was designed to regulate the traffics and Onl gets hurt YAP it Ther zero traffic that proposition no longer holds any water. Unway
for you to blowh, I not think very fin. I will look, it's et actually not that thin, because what your saying makes sense, but it is assuming that you are extract capable than other people and yerguin as that you are and you are but, you also don't know what you doing that, how that impacts. Other people when you 're Te Roadl Lhad good argument. That's the argument Kristen makes, which is like sure you can drive safely at eighty five, but when you go by somebody who's going sixty it scares them, and I don't feel great about that. I knonw't, the only one yeah the main issue, I have with the whole everything you ve said. The only thing that I really don't like that you said is that you do Habin have enough time: because nobody has enough time this the same as me not saying I'm busy, because I'm everyone's Sy and when you start thinking that, like your extra
or you don't have enough time. It's nurse sister year Es Jus not taken into account that everyone's in that exact sime you're right, I do feel like. I have a unique lack of time. Yeactru is not tra or letse, then needs addressing here, O. So TAN will marme a remonce er family ye and but some we will do him more jobs than other people. That's a fact right! Sure! That's fot! That's true! Mo people how on life that causes them to feel like they don't have enough time. Your so shouln't. We then figure out. Oh there was a really fascinating thing, always on a show. Patriot, aha, that I watch last night it of all about public transportation and it was drawing this correlation between peoples commute time
having more to do with their overall health and crime ray all these other things Surston. That is like one of the key components to Happi a yes and I lese that. So if we were, if we were willing to give it that level of importance yebut. If we had transportation, you did spend a third less time in the car. Yeah letches be the goal for everyone. I like that yer, although we were a sheaven his conversation with some friends at the Hansen's house. You were talking about commute and car and stuff, and one of our friends Ben said, likes having a little bit of a drive like a twenty minute, drive that his time Yeat and it's a transition from like where your head is at work. Toa Halm, the Decompressian Chamberlayre, but when it gets in hour, then its a problem Othing mins, a compression because
I am I'm always trying to get to where I'm going as fast as humanly possible. Ga, it is a a neuroses, I think, yea. Yo, I think so tioccasionally on the occasional Sunday, I'll find myself just meandering somewhere and I go oh. This is not. yes, I do this less dressful Youow, oh e, so you that the year you had the story line with Minka, where you cheated on jasmine was a sexy so my alive, and she was the sexism eleven two thousand ten Esquire most and ten, and that a bestowed was two thousand eleven but maybe shashot it probably in fall. Surraned always erred mid season E. No, I like that episode you or he and were you really mad at Crosbie Geninomia, Peopoere really mad at Crosbie, and I thought that they would understand, as we are broken up right. No, you waren't Brok,
Oh ye ye now you're in a fight, we're all Cameg where an fight. I know that I interpreted as now. You are Nabra not but you're in a fint you're in a rough patch, the owern rough bed, you know I was a little confusing me. I git it dah a get it, but I watch a show and I like many of the characters on the show. I want all the characters to hook up, just as I like them all resumption is like. Oh, you like Gabby the behavior laid array, and maybe you like cry: be so young. I like both these peoples, could they kin or that's now a normal people feel at allgong? No, their vested in the relation Shab rods and most people don't feel like O. Just as you like another person, you can Chea on of partner Nareknow she's, always I'm really coming up.
Bub kiss Hera orels an dos as rough as a real ruff. Some exhibit be in the Corseeausk, getting sod, Harver care toad come back from it hard ye more real madomy. They really yelled at me on Twitter, the yell at me, a Asher Nat Crosbie dealed at me, yeah you're, a piece of ship ah Yea, I mean it's interesting in t v because overs AL your invested in the original relationship if that relationship is bad or on or something that may be your little more on board with some uncheating. But in this case no no de it was a very sweet relationship, so rod. So that is just ad to think like ach. Now, that's Goin to get RU in YE, an you're right and in Tief you see scenes of her wall, that's Hap
NAM. I me not emessarily you metter on, but ye you feel you're like us. She is doing that. You can see it with your eyes and then he's does an care, and you really wrigte. It is very hard for me to plug back into that mine set having lived a certain way for a decade. I just have a hard time plugging back in that wasn't cheating, there was a difference right right like wee like oh atinship's aren't sheating true into some people. They probably think it is, but I don't plooe very true. I don't know I just like o k. I want Cheaty and Killenor Eleanor to be together yeah, but If Elinor has a roll around Kirby Kurby. I Mike Algol, that's cool for them Ifondime yer. I me la lies, indifferent things happen, e show, NU, that's an interesting topic, y? I can see that argument being mounted
KE oll, a bisexual person should be entitled to be with both people as Thei sexual mey, an co him off huffn now, but not at the same time. That's jus as crazy as thatthing, so uni sectional person, know it would still be cheeting oho, but you cal maybe get away with it a little more. If you were just discovering this ye. And then it was like. Oh, I am also in love with Kirby what it hive to be in love what, if the just Camas Les racked in Tok Hurb as he's in love at Cheedy, she wants ta like livwucini forever, but then she looking at on Kirby one time she was like boy, those are beautiful lips and take a quick taste to those ah and then til Loveshiti. It seems to me like it's worse, if you're just having fun with the person. If your
heating. I likeive Eleanor Wha cheated on Shiedi O Meddlinet. That's a hard scentence! Sbet fell her shedid uncheety, ah with Kirby, because she liked Kurby bride. There. I had a few pops At dinner and got old, tipsy well, knowing that she like, like Tershe like WAN at I Foll, yes, she like saying out therm being around her and then she's attracted to her that I can like wallow that more than her, cheating on Cheedy Weth la OM's man Y, because he took a shirt off right, right right and then d she's like always had, and then she cheats, ote if she hooked up with Janic as Gencea, even a person, his tooking up with a robot cheaning have to ask Cheedy what he thinks he might not care if it's a roba ora but GEN Uchanized Riag such a human like Roby, and they built her to cheat with you know: she', like Wele
Hos they didn't make like up. You know they didn't make her a just a stick now, yet they made like a made a beautiful woman, an woman built like a brick brickshed Halye. So I have to imagine the architects of herd designed for some cheating. Well, no, what know my BEA ay all right. That's all that was it yet VR many. There warn't many fat now eaving that Pitchere. I thank you of Burney Sandersis, real, because, on that same tour we had just watched the debates and I launched a whole theory that Burney Sanders has an enormous pina. Yes, that was heur theory cause his hands are focking gigantic, their inordinately large, yet and then someone sent me a photo of a group shop with Barnini's in dress lax in there appears to be, I'll hand plessinches of Flace Don yeah yea. You can see it. There is pant, ah
I don't know that it's real, it seems too good. Bee yea yeah but tow what if it's real, whil wow wow wow. If it's really, you are right, shall we post that on her in Sir Gram account as of people can Weiy in UN, whether not its faygue? I don't know if I feel comfortable ther'd be a weird thing: he Nover. Like the said, I had a pig penus mo is more. I Waney won Te Takg over a big breenus o he that's more reason to sui some on, because we're just wholly making this up out of our own out of yore. I don't know, I don't know if he does. I just think he does right. Allegedly, he has a big plice fear. That would just be a funny thing. Sioux about Lick TE said I was a good chizu, be and Wa Wello KU. Now that's inye of her guise. No guise can be bummed ifs people were spread around town Thany at a big pealley, not and right, or a good kisser I'r. Not
I'll get that now I love you