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Armchair Expert Live from Detroit at the Fox Theatre. June 21st, 2019.

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work is say it again he's announced Caesar goons, you just keep shoe over the boy. I guess you say Make me feel this way he's an hour
lack of land stage. Now, I'm back in my life. Still he rang see dilemma he's follow me within the ones in few Poland, in the see you were nobody else, but
Sweden, sweet hear me, that's a name. Shame It always be this way about the name of theirs. Till the morning light forget about the worries on you, man, you can leave them all you two rang the rock the boat rang the Bell. I want to work the mirror work, the mirror of work middle, I won't do change position. I wanted to stroke of stroke it for me stroke as very
very sexual, when the something strange J in the neighborhood Who can you call southern win in the dongle who you're gonna he's?
You do me some key points. You might well well well give Eu Epa Bow while you peel GPA, Mick Mick. That's all my work can music just so ran Anderson, badness sat to what
we I've got. NI. No I've got a rhythmic when you leave it said: son you're gonna drive me to drink, and if you don't stop Durban, that hot rod Lincoln is one that came out of the trade just a few months ago, Yes, c c c he's an answer.
yeah you got was shot one opportunity. Would you can't just let it go he's he's you guys. This is incredibly surreal periods for me too, come here, my all alive.
Seen shows seem people up here and to come back and to be here and that all you guys came in support of AIDS overwhelmed me. I thank you. Oh god, I'm many one surprises this evening. The first of which I have never really desired to to in an award like you know, when a me or anything, I don't, but I have long fantasized about winning solely to do a single thing in that single thing I'm going to do tonight. I am standing here for one reason I met somebody. When I was eleven, and up the point that I met this person I was convened,
others, a version of you that really isn't suitable for this world, no one really should be exposed to it, and then I met this kid. Air weekly This kid who for the first time in my whole, life made me feel like ours, exactly perfect how I was And he gave me all the confidence, that I then took towards the rest of my life. I dont mean era weekly. I am mom. I don't what I'm doing, but I'm not here this person I connected with and such a level of cellular levels of said. I've never felt closer a human being. I was alive. Be weak around him. I was led to be brave around him. I was allowed to be affectionate with him. All the male approval I ever desired. I got from him he's the most simple
person in my life please, but I love you that was miserable forum. Thank you. So much for being a part of that. Ok brought another. Special guest. Is miniature, but she saw so on Monica. Yes, what you don't
and about the relevance of everyone being here tonight, is that they basically committed a mortal sin in Michigan and they're, not at Bob Seeger. So just you guys paying care is really earlier. You see play some Bob Seeger got a little bit and cancer, yes of arrive. We have a couple thank yous. We do have a couple. Thank yous, young lazy, Why is a lovely supporter of ours? most furniture in every city We don't it to build society of Saint Vincent, send a you going Thank you. We want to give us the lovely kind folks at Chrysler who make the Pacific yes ass. We love that ride. We tool and around this great nation and three Pacific us in life has never been better. We now
The good car when will drive it here in Detroit in car country yeah, and feel proud of it yeah very proud, proud. Earlier today I wrap myself up Newton. Some brook linens got behind the wheel and let it ok so asking someone to fly here from laws enters its along fly. Yes, I'm so just want everyone to recognise what a lovely human being. This was that he said yea out I'll. Do that yeah? You guys probably Norman's from six feet under you,
probably know him from nine hundred and eleven. Most importantly, hopefully you know I'm as my older brother on Parenthood, Adam Braverman, aka Peter before you sit down cuz it might get lost, it might get lost when he said sound. Is anyone here, prepared to accept that he is not on steroids? Are pity me. Look at these book imply. Oh my. Goodness they barely fit in the Pacific This is my first podcast well you're, breaking your podcast on Jerry tonight.
That is my home coming. I was like I can't resist. I wanted to tell us about it and you wanted them on special people have ever worked with, and I adore you and I want to celebrate the shit out of you for the next ninety in its local soccer. Now you and I man, I guess now. Ten years ago you shut the pilot of parents yeah, and new you as neat, obviously from six feet under, and it was such a specific to write. Like he's involved, we need jogged law in every girl. You may you had sex with, isn't that roughly what your character was? Basically, you can crosbie yeah. They had to pass the baton. Eater pointed that out a couple different times. He said I'm a little jealous watching you play Nate on the show, but when we met I had meant that version
you on tv and then I was meaning you in real life, and I was trying to kind of figure out like who is this guy? You drove a pickup truck. Ok, he likes utility. Maybe he works on things. Maybe get a big dog he doesn't want to write in the cap could have any of those things and then you're playing. And I say this delicately- a fucking nerd, the shell, like Adam Braver men only. Colored, shirts and tucked in time right. He just wanted to be. The best husband, the best of the best brother, the best son, he could be that nerdy parties hot would come to find out. It's cool cool and heart again. This is ten years ago I was thirty two, your thirty one. It was a gear shift for sure from six feet: Odoured parenthood, yeah and then I can only assume
it's worse from your side, cause you're like this guy's on a reality show or a dance around naked in front of Jessica Alba. That's who I'm about to work with? Well, I had met your other, yes, it or who everyone here probably knows before meeting you. I had Movie called we don't live here anymore, which you probably were sound. The dvds in the lobby pick one up guys it. It was Sunday ants and so got a ride to the airport. From this woman, very friendly, very warm seem like she's, probably an excellent mother, attractive and she said you probably know my son Dax so embarrassing here so I said I don't, but I said that is a very unusual name.
And so, when I met you, your reputation, it proceeded, do not buy what you done right by your mother. I would prefer that she were the thing that preceded me at all times their introduction, but what's really crazy about that. So much of this is going to come full circle, several of the people in this audience we're at Sundance for that whole thing that I just want to illustrate what kind of person Peter causes that that was four years before I met you probably a reinforced, and he said to me I'm your mother, Laura, you remember Murder name that what kind of cycle path? Is this kind that he would remember in that situation. Someone you does your happen in a car, they're gonna drive you somewhere, and I thought, while Europe much better person than I am
and in that turned out to be true, of course, of the next seven year, yeah lateral, regularly astounded with your character. But ok, we do this pilot together at an old from your perspective. But for me it was a very, very special experience right out of the gates agreed I think it was the first time I had entered a scenario where my ego was somewhat manageable in that I was very happy to take a backseat to you or Craig T, Nelson or Lauren. All the shows on the pilot I just I was maybe the healthiest mental have ever been for a situation like that where I was like, oh cool, I just get to be a part of these people who are really incredibly talented and I'm shocked, I'm even here with you guys, and so what was your kind of well? I came into it. I had done a show for two years called dirty
see money which originally was was not called dirty. Sexy money was a good show for those of you who saw, but it was originally called the darlings and it was meant to be a satire of wealthy american families of people and the first the first season that had just been cancelled, and I got a phone call from Tommy Salami who directed the pilot and then also from a woman named nor O Brien who worked at, and we see it was a wonderful experience to start. We had a great table red and when Craig T Nelson walked in the room and looked at us all you could just gonna tell like this is gonna, be a good time yeah, but during the shooting of the pilot of parenthood, Nora O, with whom I worked previously, and she was like the best type of person to be a network head, because her belief was that she worked for the audience. She didn't work for and b c
However, that was her per viewpoint and the first time I met her. I was doing the many serious in New Mexico and she came up to me and she said I haven't av em like Nate on Civilian, on six feet under your character, died ultimate The UN's boiler alert yeah. He had an hour. Arterial, vainest malformation is brain which basically like lead doing. I reckon anyone should be allocated to and Nor had had this procedure where they basically open your skin, want to go in and the kind seal this thing off to try and keep it from exploding equally. So while we were filming the pilot there in San Francisco shoe shooting baskets and somebody past the ball in she wasn't looking in iter in the head and Craig was in the middle of telling me some stories about when he was having some substance. Abuse promise me her David heard them Cronkite Island,
coke stories. Radio Gerda and somebody started screaming medic, and we thought that somebody had fallen off a rig or something like that, and then I heard somebody screaming Nora Southern Craig and I took off down there and she's lying on the basketball court and unfortunately, during the filming of parenthood, nor passed away right in front of us and the basketball court, but it was an interesting period and in my life, because an challenging relationship of my sons, mother, I was putting my time between Sonoma, an ally, and this incident with nor passing allows a sick. What am I doing with my life? I'm it first It was just the shock of seeing my friend exit yeah. I wasn't in that scenes was an argument, but I heard, but I had only met her for five seconds at able reed, and I think I was probably just more in a gossipy nature.
Oh my god I heard below about you know and then, when I started talking to you, I realized. Oh you, you have a relationship with this person. I I need to shift gears and recognize like. Oh, this is yet was that it was a very hard moment in the shooting of Iraq. We had a couple more days to shoot and I was I couldn't feel the ground beneath me when I was walking. It was just an unbelievable to me that that happened, but just to jump bad? It was when we came to refute the pilot with law and back and allay of really quick what people knows that originally Maura Tourney played some brave woman. Whatever our narrow affairs are, you know my own name servers a brave woman yeah your love we realise girlfriend replace
Lauren who we adore, but but Maura after the pilot, and she had done an incredible job. I thought she was excellent. Pilots jumpsuit then got breast cancer diagnosis. She had to drop out of the show and then Lauren came in and took over the role we had to reshoot for third as a pilot or whatever, but it was the scene that we shot The swimming pool give member that yes, yes, yes, I mean you, you had some nice dives off of the the hide. I have noted a triple india, but it was. It was that particular seen at this. I had that little click us we're gone since the moment I remember from that poor is when you're shooting generally, especially on that show, because there are so many of us you're wearing a wireless microphone in, and you have this big battery pact that you have on your generally on your belt. And we were in the swimming Pool and Craig tea was about to tell me one of his ranch stories and he goes well. I got to Thailand, it are you might
I'd like to work, another court orders when people like wonderful them now you're from down the road like. What's twenty is Peter candidate. I drove him all around our beautiful suburbs and very, very proud to be from here. It's some it such a great I don't say that in a pandering way, I feel like I was so lucky to be born here and raised here and I'm driving around shown the lakes and everything in these crazy houses and took him to cram. Brook like. How could this be his school? I don't like. I don't know either there are somehow went here and I didn't so you said: well, I guess We never came here because, if you're from Minnesota, why would you come here to the exact same thing as a very solid point? Just western end in the Great Lakes Lakes, pine, trees, deciduous truce, low cloud ceiling under storms, nice people, yeah that
I will say no one ever lived up to the stereotype more than you as far As- little bit out are much better is what does I'm proud to be from here much better people in Minnesota by a long shot? You live up to that. Now you don't grow up in Saint Paul right. You grow kind on the outskirts, While I was born in Alexandria, Minnesota, which is a quiet lake town up north, and then my parents actually move to Detroit Lakes Minnesota. Serendipitous it where, where I live until I was almost four years old and then we lived in his cousin Cathy's house in Minneapolis. Until we move to house which we just so year ago, twenty seven twenty six year on street and rose Ville Minnesota right next to Saint potent. During suburb, so its middle middle class, lower middle class working class upper yet and dad has a really unique distinction of having been drafted twice, both enrolled work
to end in Korea. Yes, I can never live, to my dad. My dad grew up in a farm in southern Minnesota in a town called Smith's mill. He grew up with electricity or indoor plumbing until he was sixteen and then when he Eighteen, he was that an army uniform on a trip ship heading to Germany to occupied Germany. So my dad was lucky. He was born in nineteen. Twenty. Seventy just missed having to go over. The face, any action became back was going to college and he got drafted again for career. That seems impossible. I feel you should be wanting down on that. That was his lot life and the other some interesting correspondence which my cousin Jeff, who lives in Idaho, dug up, and one of them was about because he grew up in a farm and yet a dog and a gun and help with chores before school and walked a school. All these things that
he was not a big fan of the military right in we had to go and twice. He did not think that that was a natural way for a man ass. He put it in this letter. He was writing back to his parents. You know this is not a natural way for a man to be a fascinating to me to see my dad's regard. For you know what what we doing. This was not my choice: yeah Anita I've, gotta therapy. Unlike you're your most happy when you are in choice when you're choosing what you're doing and life, and so these two times where my father Basically tat. You know it's like go. Do that do you have any sense, though, of what his personality was like an door, his mental health prior to go? we will have been. I found out some interesting things about my dad before he passed away, so he had a couple sisters that passed away in his youth before he was. Born. His sister pearl died at a very young age and after Pearl died. I found out just in the last. So my dad's life that his father had him
in a crib bed. In the room with his Mama dad until he was five. I didn't know until way later, while because I think my grandfather was Gluck, we're not gonna lose this one right, and then, when my dad was twelve, his older sister they died at sixteen goodness and he was no stranger to ignore what the animals on the farms in birth death and all that stuff any kind of hadda. No carve a natural way of looking at the world. Now think he was a pretty happy guy. He spoke there romantically about going to the dance hall and he really when they had alive band and they didn't have to play the phonograph amid the kids get together a dance, and yet he worked at a three to joint. Would they only could serve to beer alike, Utah, all the worse, all here these yeah yeah we're trying to get drunk. You turn out possible. After that time, I make the joke, sometimes it shortly after I was born. He checked himself into a mental hospital, but I dont know what happened.
In the military years or whatever, but he was a social worker, we're liven up in lake country in whatever was gone out with him? He needed to check out for a little while, and that was one was really really young right. So you don't have any memory of that. Obviously I Remember my mom taken me into the closet, show me his shoes and let me put my feet in his shoes and things like that, but my mom for a copy it is pretty much alone. You know my dad. We take the train from up north down into the city and see my dad, and I still have it's funny. I have this little leather wallet that he made when he was in the mental hospital, and I have it on a shelf in my place up and said in one day, lords What is this we have to have this year Yes, we do need be gone before that all other goes on and I explained through what it was and what it meant to me, and she said: ok, we'll leave it right. There
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king. I recognise yeah beady my favorite, my favorite girl from my dad ever have eighty. We both had really complicated fathers. Son relationships, yes one thing in this- isn't based so much in my dad, but there were a lot of drugs around when I was a kid and there is a lot of step dads and there is a lot of violence and you learned really observe where people are out in their temperament right at all times. You get caught a really good at reading. I think people's temperament and what what's ahead in you, you have that yeah yeah. So my dad, you know he was pretty volatile and you never knew what it was coming us was not like. In the household where you get. You know I'm thinking about like Saturday night Fever, where everyone Travolta gets his head. Like slightly, I spent a lot of time on my hair. Just give fitness how you doin, that that was not my dad I can't remember what it was, but there are some evening or some bickering at the table. All of a sudden, my dad stood up with the plateful spaghetti and it
like it was happening in slow motion, but I just remembered this plate soaring across the kitchens hitting the cupboard, and I am we're thinking to myself using words. I thought that's what a plate of spaghetti These smashing against the sly, but everybody just shut. Now you know it's real quiet yeah he does what he has to do. Now we go back to various admiral. Isn't it yeah like I've, never acted, that wine from my family, but I do fantasize about really just blow and my lid one whirling dervish style around the kitchen smash it its authority in liberating. Doesn't it does, but we grow up around it and you don't really understand that. You just think if you're upset enough, that's ok re right, so there was a time
when we were driving in the car and my sister and I were the backseat causing a ruckus and when we got home but a knock, you your heads together to knock some sense. India, when I look at each other like what reason why something that's gonna work, the area attack. Similarly, it all happened in slow motion where we're there. We get home and sure enough. Dad grabs us- and I remember, seeing my sister's face too slow and thick here. Who Do you think this is what it looks like a smash into exactly opposite. It got real blurry, it's just you saying that reminds me my dad's occurs on. I am on a ski trip to traverse city, and for some reason, your driver city, Jerry. First of all, we love it. Someone, you know, someone wasn't driving up to his high standards in my stead
mom Tammy was driving and he's like pullup poor mother, Fucker super snowy roads. Why Papa one wonders. Motherfucker play around there's mother bug. Might there was not a small man, usually three hundred pounds He hung his entire body out the window of the car in the winter, unsavoury snowy rosy screaming goes. Doping are well mean, like almost losing control of my brother, and I urge is in the back seat, we will one day carriers can we get other there few incidents, where my and by the way you love your I love my dad so much like. I said that I can't live up. We love his lifetime and you know it's just a funny thing grown up at the toughest guy in the room. You know like yeah, he loved kids use a great family man, we're the Vikings game, This is the old stadium outside. There are
college students in front of us who were drinking and then there as a family next to them, and that dad was taking exception to the fact that these college students were drinking and they were getting into a little Becker session, and my dad didn't like it, because he wanted to watch the game. Our boy all of a sudden. My dad stands up and said and looming looming over these people. You are shut, the fuck up, Broccoli call your asses No my dad we just kind of look to mom and shut down you know that's what I was going to ask. Did you ever feel like hey MA, you get it do something around loose cannon are not really you felt like it was beyond above her pay great. Well, in public would never do anything because of the social situation, but at home she kind. I had his number she'd withholds.
Oral. Who have we had been saying you had in tank and we were all thinking, I didn't have to say a couple things that she could do: she's Norway. Jim, Proud, Delaware I'm talking about it. I ve it over she do that and then she had to pull out the heavy artillery. It would be this you're acting like a baby, and then going back so my my there's father supported our family, while my dad was in the mental hospital. So there is a certain love and support he felt from her family and she was beauty,
four beautiful woman who kind and sweet- and I mean my dad- was too where he was Loudon abrasive. She was just sweep and positive and she would lie to you if she thought that there might be something that you know was true. That would hurt feelings about was hurt them like better to lie than hurt somebody's feeling. Right now is my mom, of course, you're tall enough to place are on the bad exactly so, but when she com a baby, he just red and just to hurt, but he had no comeback rise. Storm out of the room. It's a pretty I'm Judo move because anything. You then do you seem even more baby like exactly or just confirmed the right area that was set now so now. I'm curious, there's something I know you that I find very bizarre. A great way, which is, while all the kids were choosing to pursue basketball and in baseball and football you were like. You know sport is gymnastics
I didn't know that only goes there was photo on the set at parenthood of young Peter in what we call the outfit the letter, I think you're right of subtle, leotard, singly Mason a single it was a wrestling single it, but I guess we just I don't know what as we too tight, and then you have the tank to me. A guide. Well, when you go to buy them their identical to the unseen leotard, says the difference is next to the leotard. Eminently attired SEC manufactured in the same line is and labelled leotard. But there was a pitcher of young Peter crowds in eighth grade. I believe your fourteen in you had these balkan heavy weapon guns, big, big bulging, biceps and eighth grade. No one had biceps in my school to like the ones you had from gymnastic in where I got into gymnastics, because I wanted to be applied.
Walter. I supporting the amendment. We are three and, in my dad was the baseball basketball football guys. Why was I wanted to do something different than him? and it just so happens that, when I was in high school are high school coach are too great. Coaches mark curly is a fantastic pommel horse, gymnast and then Fred Keefer, who had gone to these, have received Minnesota in credit. Strong for awhile. He held the world record enhanced and push ups, and that the guy, who would train us? What was that number in the hundred? my goodness. I d like to say that he Etienne push up. Amazing guy wrote his bicycle to work in Minnesota, even in the winter, awhile taught calculus and was the gymnastics coach. When I learned that you are gymnast, I don't think I thought of it until recently, but I I chose a very specific path, which is I decided in elementary school. I'm just not gonna be on the travelling soccer team,
can a date Amy, I'm gonna have to pick a different route is Amy here. I imagine in an arm chair it forever. Robinsons, girlfriend or so jealous Trevor was a bona fide and so is Amy and they were in love forever. They data like four years of elementary schools, wow bother, but when I when did junior high. I made like I remember, making a conscious decision. I'm like I'm, going punk rock I'm going skateboard fuck all this other stuff, I'm not going to be embraced by the big. Empted thing, but you do it. Did you dire heritage of about that sort of stuff? What I had It is what we would call a. It was about two feet long and back shaved on the sides, long bangs, in a spike on top. Yeah good Davy, Crockett hat it looked like a perpetually had one of those omber with bangs era.
We would come over in the morning. I would stifle his hair for him with a can of extra strong one that endeavour seven b fuck announced can just with a hare. Drier was so good at it anyways. What do you think? like idle words. Like I reject you, so you can't reject me. I mean not exactly dammit bucket, I think, smaller. So I remember there is a day when I was a sophomore in high school year in Joanne, Smee Checks, English. Here. We are memory, for people's names is against a radical, yeah, Ed and Todd setter said paid. Everybody let's turn our chairs around. So when she comes back in raw, facing the other way, so they I did, and I didn't savage prank I know in times dude. What do you do it? You gotta turn around it'll be hysterical and I said, tat its laughed funnier. If one person
Nice? Where they were all face than the other way, and I sat there like I was the star pupil with my hands folded on the desk. Miss me she came in and she had a big love. She had a laugh, but I would do little stuff like that may be, but I was not didn't. Have any spiky hear anything like that? We're? U popular for lack of a better term. I guess so handsome is all get out so yeah down our yet I was I was the student speaker that our graduation, so that says, allow my my two best Friends from high school Jeff Maguire was our valedictorian and he went to Harvard and then my buddy MIKE Duty, who is a basketball player? He went to MIT use and electrical engineer, and then I went to cost Davis at all college in Minnesota. Yes, a of people realize that Goose Davis AGO Service, its get aid, often the name for crying out loud right on Fortunately, I.
Openly thought out loud about this. You know they had these cores commercials for awhile. The remember these not too long a few years back and they were like trying to get you nostalgic about the history. Of course, they're like evil. Of course a third came to from the Rockies and decided we must tackle these Rockies creed, course, beer and aid. Of course, let's just Well, I'm a cars or go by the middle name, so so Gustaf Adolf, was the king of Sweden and they thought if they just Latin, raised his name and built a college it if you like. Taxes, Shepherdess Maximus shepherdess. So you into this really esteemed college the harm The MID west the country and while you were there, you study the English yeah I did. I started out pre mad at you know what I wanted to do so I thought. Well. I guess my parents would be happy if I'm a doctor, yeah most are
I worked really hard. I was gonna be b calculus when I dropped it and the professor said you gonna stay in your getting a b plus, and I said I can't stand it work and so hard. I don't have any time to drink beer and chase girls right but I wanted up English major but, as I started doing theatre one play high school but did really enjoy than my sophomore year. My buddy Matt Baldwin said he lets condition for this play and it was a story theatre by Paul sales, which he took a bunch of fairytales. They politicize them in the nineteen sixties is anti war protests. So I got a part. He didn t speak to me for awhile chair and then there are two great professors at that college. I did American Buffalo. We did Carol Churchill's Cloud nine. We did my sister it with care Churchill's cloud: nine, which kind of sealed the deal for me in the first act. I play a woman in the eighteen hundreds in the second act. I play a guy in London, it's all about gender roles and how we understand who we are Cynthia go through the theatre. Professor, had us read: Kate, Millet, sexual politics at the time and
a very interested in how we understand who we are, who we think we are society wants us to be an unearthing, who you really are, and I found that that particular play in that particular experience- really lead to introspection, also under banning the people around you. Unlike what program Where they operating on and do they want to be, do they not wanna, be what struggles are they having with the world that there, while also I'm a man? You mean you were probably drawn to and again this is this other parallel that I love is that you- and I we like our secret time go on Sunday I flew to New York to do a bunch of press this week. I got to that hotel room in my first thought. Was: yes, no one's look in time to do whatever the fuck. I want it's just this visceral volcano. That starts bourbon, and I mean I don't know what I'm gonna do, I'm monogamous and sober, but in my mind
I might go watch them at least by heroin in the park. I might No, I just I'm Why am I love it's so visceral? Because I'm us both blasting cursed with a mother who really loved the shit out of me and she had really high hopes for me, and I am grateful for, but also it came at the burden of. I wanted to live up to her hopes for me. There a lot of weight to that, and so I had this weird weird dualistic life were in high school is getting good grades, but then she got a town and we throw rangers at the house, and you know there's two different versions. Me, one that was walking the walk and the other that was going back shit soon, as I got out of sight of any one else. Liquids, what are you
I got here last night and Peter Doherty been at the hotel for a while, and I called him- and I was like wow and make sure he's doing. Okay and he's he's flown all the way here I wanted like. If you want to get a bite, or whatever I knew half when I call them like he's in Heaven, he's gettin weirdness Brooklyn in sheets, it's fun. Computer crowds. It's time, you don't need me, but it does need to check in and make sure that was happening. In fact, your deepen Peter Grass right so that one of the great things about grown up in the Midwest, got a basement to hang out and you can go down in the basement, When your little you know you can go down there and you can fantasize and I could get away from my big sister and my little brother, all these things, and so I definitely enjoyed drawing up a fantasy life of my own as a kid in a small three bedroom one bath house, my brother and I share the room since the day he was born and the basement was dank mouldy basement
my refugee, my grandma, our lab kept the play boys down there, so I found it way down there quite often Now we had a neighbour for a little while, because my parents played cards they play poker and bridge. My dad was a very good card player and the neighbors they go back and forth and play cards, but the neighbors were younger, they're kind of hippies, and there was a closet in that house, and there is pornography. In is too little. Sometimes, if I went over to the house and the parents got busy with the neighbors talkin, I could go into that room. Little mission open that closet and look at their pornography method of pornography. I feel so do feel ever feel bad for kids, these days that it's like horny boom, I'm watching sex fact that I was on it as your it was like worthy. Where did I hide that Playboy smuggled in my duffel bag, home from public Bob's house.
I hit it so! Well, I can't remember you know it was a journey. Was a commitment you earned it you're fucking earn knows BB said what was your duality? What was what do you think the cause of that was, Well, I have, I have a lot of them, but in above my parents had passed away and it wasn't until they they passed away. That I understood how much I was still trying to impress them right that when it's taken away, it didn't matter as much to me. How well I doing in my career or how I could help them or how I could help my siblings or anything like that. It didn't matter as much. So there's a better recalibration. The last couple years, my mother, just a little less than two years ago, passed away and like it's been weird yeah. What it taken away- and I know you ve- lost your father, some kind of get it like that audience of your parents is really important. Yeah, in terms of the duality for me, it was when I was in high school. I had some happened. It was like a shocker opening or some
suddenly my mind was on fire and I was questioning everything around me. Everything I read everything anybody said I was having a difficult time sleeping all the constructs, all the definitions that I saw before me. It was like a Salvador. Dolly painting melting clock faces is, like I don't know if I can believe anything. Yet I was watching everybody go around in their programme, do the thing is my mom made us going to church every week and so cannot get. I too was kind of obsessed at that age of light which of these rules. Are we really supposed to be following? Like what is the penalty? If I don't do this or if I don't go to college, I like I just I was really preoccupied with like really are these concepts we ve got to buy into. I don't know someone, users Morgan part, I don't know what you're talking about acts gonna be on us. For the first time I tried pot, I wasn't, junior High was on a ski trip, oh and
and I swear to you when I came back to my shoe basket I returned all my rental equipment. I was not at the wrong shoe basket. I had a relatively new pair of a deed is they were white with blue tribes and they were gone. Also, we didn't have a lot of money. I was terrified to go home without my shoes. I looked round looked around what ever whatever? No, so I'm walk into the bus in the three. Pairs of socks that I have, I just put them all on in Owen, like walk to the bus, and I I get on this bus and there's this ninth grader there It's great bus only get off Cindy Mitchell was their cheese, ECHO let em on issues were stolen out at night, great, both only get off so little stone, my arm or I get off and I got to walk another whatever. It is two hundred ft to the next bus. I get on go home, but that was the first time I tried pot and
I think I lost my shoes and had this experience where I had to go home, and I tell my dad that I lost my shoes. I didn't smoke pot again until I was in college. Really you were just terrible. You'd lose your shoe. Well, I was a job and eyes I'd love to suck on their do be with you I just got these sea. I don't think it's worth. It we then what's next, we try to get on the bus. They don't want us on I'll pass in college, a Corey Corey Petersen. We both took a lot of biology courses and he went up the bio major, I think, and anyway he gruesome weighed up in this, I led in this apartment. We had on main street and Saint Peter Minnesota, and he had hold them down and they were in the kitchen. We had this really cool railroad style apartment, just one room after the next and my aunt and uncle and come to see this play and they're they're in the kitchen. I was thinking up. Please please, please don't see those
my parents are there to and on the way out. My uncle Howard looks answers whose American, a plant remit it is bitter false are, is applied, scientific guard on their now. Listen you you and gonna end while you, and get a masters degree in acting and then eyes right. I've known Peter now, for ten years, and I found out something about him yesterday that just blew my mind. It was so exciting. You graduate I'm sure, there's of many events before that in this, but this motherfuckers on Beverly Hills, nine or to one all right, son, Amar Graduates, gently. You weren't a man episode, but one episode, but did episodes and he was dead Eighteen who was the forty five year old on the show.
Andrea, some beers. In will you weren't? You want you dated her on the shore and rely on the show can I tell you the best part of who we play They were in love, but they had a big big issue. She very liberal. He was a concern. Oh wow, that is a big issue. She said I heard conservatives are bad and bad beginning a rank was dying to analysis. Surprisingly Dax. I haven't watch this episode of quite some. I recommend it. He's my eyes and I was in New York for six and a half. Hours. Yesterday my plane was delayed and I watched the hell out of it. I think I want to four times in a row she's like well, I heard cans, over those are bad in bed and he's like you want to find out, they stood up
sighed, the restaurant they just started making now us sloppy, and then they like finish. This is how I was wrong or whatever it was Hot is now really hot crossing the ILO It brings country together so we need right. Now we need stable, Democratic Republic in Combat hey, renewing a peach appear. I wasn't people now underlines in ITALY, I'm assuming you weren't a gigantic fan of the show like I was because you are in your twenties. Well, I just come from doing a year with Karel Burnett little don't show called Carolyn Company back and ninety ninety and she is awesome, you loved, I loved her. Yes, and no you go, I mean, I'm sure there is a bit like that. It it she's, achieves a truly lovely human bear, a campaign of nice things about her. We had a very interesting experience
wanna be a downer. I feel like I've done a lot of data storage. That's. Ok, we chose often sad right guys, My son was born in LOS Angeles. I was going to pick him up at the hospital or bring him in his mother home. It with the elevator doors opened, as I was going up to get them Carol. Burnett walked out, we haven't seen each other for a while. I was doing six feet under and she was watching and choose very effusive about the show, and she asked me what I was doing at the hospital. I said why just had a child picking up my son. She gave me a big embrace and was gone, and I found that a couple weeks later, she was there visiting her daughter, carry Then passed away, but but honestly can't tell you Carol Burnett. Is it just a fantastic human being is awesome? I got from working with her two nine or two. I think we have made a gig, I'm not quite sure, and from no ego to like those people
do they deserved, could not agree more. So you do that nets this exciting. For me, I just want to mention that, but you didn't you, do it These are also Monica. Do you know this guys, guys guys buckle up and was on friends why we go wrong? He was not on Frank. You, a pink psych. Get out of my city, what I mean thing to do to me, I thought he was on four friends. Never did you re, then fuck and work to do screwed again by Wikipedia you weren't on friends, I was not unfair. But there was a character, unwilling grace that was based on me when I was doing a show called, if not for you, I shared a double banger for those of you. No that's a trailer with two rooms with two writers rob Louder Steen and the lovely in late Ellen
soon and I would around with them they were writers on Carolina City, Robys, Gay Ellen straight. There are both convinced that I was into them all. What a great triangle. So there is some purpose Go to bed will grace which rob and Ellen were riding on this and heavy wrote this about our experience with you think of that into each of us. Would you do the part at the time I couldn't? I was busy two and six feet there's some episode of will and grace. Where who played you, I can't remember to actor, whose name I can't remember: ok, was it a cast? Member from by chance now never my around. Now, your big break is succeed under pressure prior to that sports night, but your six feet under was huge. But I mean that that gets you three m. Nominations that get your quote up. That's in the bosom of much money you get paid Peter and I have is the whole time we were apparent- had we're both obsessed,
with our number you roll. This out on a hike? This is how started and I'm just going to say celebrity ex found. That celebrity. Why had a bigger number than he did and it was really bent out of shape. You got it so that we started talking about Bernie made off and people like that. What one of the things that you attach to in your head about yourself worth we came to me Where is it that we are ripping on that of the trail? But then it started. We start digging into our own version of my number is it that makes you feel good and not feel good and like, but the shit that you attach to that is not so, one of us will be losing the script about, will be kind of sniffing, our own farts and the other personal just go. Main number to kind of bring us back like get your head right, everything's golden yet so it took a little. Is a little safety valve my number? How did you,
be on six feet under likely. I assume you just you our decision for that they saw a bunch of people doing audition for both roles. Didn't you I did so sports night was a terrific shows errants orchids first series and I found out, I cancel cancelled and I just bought a house that look like a talk about you, well, that's Josh, Josh Molina. I would play a lot of practical jokes on each other. Josh Charles was involved too, and he had some friend to work in an architectural magazine I bought this. Basically adobe style home, and he had written in this architectural magazine that I'd purchased. This taco bell that looked like it had elephant tiresome I didn't like above a written in the same article he had he had planted that before performing and sports night that I would warm up in my dressing room by singing along to live levied a local
I can t see it. Oh yeah What was your nickname on parenthood when you dance fever, our neighbour the river, so you initially wanted to play Michael's role right right so shortly after the sports, freaking out about this house. I thought, oh, my god, I'm going to I'm not going to be able to afford this house. I got this call Allen balls hanging to come on adjusted for the series free HBO and he asked me which role as an addition, for I thought it was kind of trick question and in a way is like one of the brothers was gay. One was not at the time I felt very strongly. Is that Matthew Shepherd that thing it happened, and why I mean you familiar with all right: you got drug violence. Will you can't stay? Are the weeds Kenya? it's hard for me, but anyway, because remember Matthew, Shepherd radios, terribly, killed by a bunch of homer, So at that time
There are looking at another person for Nay paired with my David but Michael C Hall yeah, what a badass it is. Is it totaled that is so talented, but every now and again the perfect actor and the perfect role come together, and I think Michael C Hall of David Fisher is one of those combinations, is perfect, for that is the way things worked out. I really when I look at Frances Conway Richard Jenkins, Lorn Ambrose, Michael. I myself. It looks like a family like they did a good job, Gaston that family. Yes, in every one was phenomenal on that and I'm wondering, as that show picked up steam became kind of an awards. Darlene and again you are nominated three times for an amazing. Do you start having fantasies of grandeur like? Oh, I'm, probably going to be the next bond
because that's where my head would go. I mean I don't know we we made that whole first season before any those episodes aired. So we made that whole for season and in a vacuum and we were all really into it and then it aired- and it was weird because it air- and I think some others nominations stuff rolled in the other did because nine eleven eleven to two thousand one boy and now very sorry, but the very thorough in winding road, I think it was in the wake of the spanish flu I don't know that I did and then and then and then I was having a kid. The beginning. The beginning of the second season was when my son was born and that kind of shifted folk because you're, like I'm, not gonna, now, on my limited time off of that, show go be in another state or country. In a movie, though,
I turned a lot of work down during those periods of time to spend time with my son, which I look back and like anybody could have been changes. Diapers knows it is through the body he went. The other way I don't think I like to raise is that it is absolutely true that, in terms of energy and in terms of that early binding, it is really important. I guess I just now want to go to the fact that you and I and you ve- had a really long, successful career minds. Marginally successful, but I have been doing, is now for sixteen years and I I gotta say without a doubt best six years stretch of my life profession. Lee ever on parenthood. Fur. However much you guys, Did now, however much you liked it, it was then doubly is fun. Making it it was. Nice is most loving place to go to work every day was so beauty.
And Peter was our leader. I dont say this lightly. Peter was our leader. He was the guy. You remember my mom from three years before, which is still mine. Blowing. They never heard him talk shit, never talk shit about anyone at work, kind, benevolent, just patient with directors he directed it was a joy to work with him as director. It's really easy to evaluate and actor if their super flashy and they seem really good. It's a more interesting thing to start noticing how other actors are when they are in a scene with a certain actor and you sucked me into your jet wash and you infected with me with a little bit of your skill, and I thank you and I credit you- for a huge transition. In my acting corneas, that sounds you're gonna, be
And we're gonna find something that no one even thought of in the writers room and they knew would happen every single time and it was such a beautiful joyous experience so thank you for that. You made me so much better. I know you made everyone in that task better and that to me is a true amazing. After that you can convince me it's happening. That's how powerful Europe Force Field is you have to Ok, thank you for those. We words. Thank you for those words, I loved you. That you on that we had a lot of fun together. We also had a lot of fun of the scenes we get to push each other's buttons. Ever forget one day Dax an IRA They recording studio or crosbie him an atom,
We were supposed to be really be going at it and we were encouraged sometimes to like. You know, God script a little bit and have some fun and actually coming at me with a bunch of stuff, and I was looking at him and I just I'm just going to push this button and see what happens and you were standing there getting all human at me, and I looked at you and I said boy you do need attention in your face is like you're. Like all it's, my colleagues, I need an endless attention and approval and attention, but afterwards, like it was like we're both so site, as you were saying like we're all gonna what're you gonna to do this together and when was it and why you run Van lose now teaches at Columbia. Natasha Yale said this and I think it's most brilliant about acting on its part of what goes into me, trying to connect with other people and am acting. He said what happens between two people is always more interesting than what one person is doing and if you can energized that space
you'd and other actors that you're really listening to each other and you really affecting each other. The audience frigates, they're, watching something you're just in it and that's what you know. I always try to do, and I think that we achieve that. A lot on parenthood, That doesn't mean you pulled me into that bubble so often and really help me just find my normal voice. We approach it opposite, like I do something that you don't do, and you do something I don't do my thing is. I have to really think of a real thing. That's happened that is comparable to that thing, and I replaced that right. This fake situation, with a real one of them through an that's how I do it in year, the opposite right. You commit to the fake world so deeply that then it becomes real where we were at and why you, the random Lou thing. Was you deeply imagine those circumstances and then there's also the
physical stuff, we did it and why you about opening up your breath and troop Matthews who taught the Alexander technique. I don't think I've ever talk to you about this, but, like he'd, been violate your body and like move. It inspires and things like that and suddenly it beyond this table like pounding your fists in a rage, he would actually unlock as we and I believe this now, because I've gone through it. We store memories and pain and even laughter different things in our bodies, and that can be let loose if the right person and these people were amazing it and why you, but he's he's dead now, but troop I'll boy, sorry, I know I don't know I know, but we knew he was dead because you brought his name a guy's dead. I think I'm going. We all now we can predict what he had out of out of body periods is roused floating, seeing. Everything like I would have new memories unlocked, dear like all this kind of stuff times. I let me like, oh my god,
like I'm, not really alive like right now. I'm really alive because he be connected all my nerve endings in everything and why you program at that time was, was amazing, no one's one funny story we had because we get along. I would say perfectly for the whole six years and have continued to after, We had one daisy moment and it's really interested in it learn about it. I think I called you like a year ago, I had heard a podcast that explain this phenomena in so my Group of friends here in Detroit away, we would show affection for each other was to do something to the other person that no one else could get away with like. That was a signal like we're in this. I just let you do something to me. I would never let him what to do I mean sexual, just one jump it just a preface it that only you and Josh Charles has. This happened to be not not what you're gonna talk about, but there are times when you're with another actor, and you find them so musing, you just start to laugh and so with Josh on sports with you and parents,
there were times when, like whatever you were doing, I would just start to like start to get the giggles yet and we it real it back in sometimes and there's this long. Also all add this fund tradition of all the Bert Reynolds Movies. When he's Damn della wheeze when they would crack each other up the smack each other in the face. So yeah? You know this is your, so we get the gig learn about something like take three take. Fourth, we can't get it and we're just look. Nature. There were laugh or laugh or laugh alone or smack Peter in the vase. And I immediately see that's not for him. He Oh now, you didn't say anything then pull me is a few days later, you hey. So here's
I need you to ever hit me and I will more divide. I was so fucking embarrassed in my mind, I'm like no. No. That means I love you and you can hit me let's hit each other. We love each other and I listened to, and I really is old, that's what I was doing I was I was like signalling to you were beyond the great engine rival, whatever we have some deep and we can help each other, by the way, that's why, when I can up here tonight I decided to give little twenty percent or pick him up off the floor crack a couple ribs. Where coming we'll Peter crowds, oh, it's been one of my probably just the greatest strokes of good fortune of ever had they just getting on that show in the be able to learn from you and and and just be supported by you and it's just something I'll cherish forever. I've been asking you to come on this show for friends, day, one even pushing me off kindly
be a little shy. Sometimes you can be shy, but when you said up do it in Detroit, it's my hope, Cumbria hours, so nice, nearly one of the best examples of a man I've ever had in my life, and I look up to you, sell painted, try you may my twelve tonight. I beg you better browser like you Detroit. Thank you, barber back you, MR we love you so much we are supported by hems itself time in these guys that are covered up their bald spot with a hat generally throughout the fall winner in other safe to keep that had all time and keep a secret to themselves but summertime. You go swimming
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What does manner to the folks wrote hang on Lucy, I am now it's fuckin Lucy now was all confidence and even bringing up the song of your further inquiry you got me nervous and self conscious and sir and defensive yeah. This is not enough Peter Ground, Yeah you're, worried about the Peter Grouse experiences that he was in Detroit a day early for the showing You Peter and I are hung now yeah. We got showman, Detroit, a little better self funding. We got ourselves, some fried chicken and grasses fried chicken yeah. Oh await these deep bride, pickles their white. Frankly not gonna, get a handle on right. There hop and out of the latter, but really she warned you that it was gonna, be too high to weigh any just wouldn't way. Well, Conway
while wouldn't way, wouldn't Conway wouldn't way, and then it popped right now it was too hot for your mouth is everything she said: aha Remit, pickle bounds and balanced on the table before landed in my lap. It was a mass a war that just a good example of well paid our view. I couldn't way who would go anywhere enough? That's what it is we switched on how a dead guy was so fine Peter is the bass knee, as is the nicest person, yeah, I think he's the nicest person is then yet still and finally there are dangers alone, What do you mean? Well, like he still he's, not side, Bulgaria, boring lies with look: that's a lovely car, older persons No he's gonna mischievous side, rather better word to use to describe Piquet Pierre yeah and is very thoughtful and interesting.
Whatever he adds is he's an incredibly dialed in Congo. Nation is any ass. You a lot of questions and he remembers stuff about you. It's very thoughtful yeah. I can teach you exit me recently and said he thought he saw me on the street, but it wasn't me: oh, was now. It was a fake outbreak. Mama COS, rolling around the neighbourhood is right. You want to see that person. What if it was me, what, if others who dares to me, I split or I was having a stroke, oh, Well, then, why would you be a stroke now allows an area where there's two a reason I didn't know it cause. I was having a strong ok, I was any more light: deigning to veto and sorts. An errand twins were you're separated at birth and the other Monica was raised on the island or something and then made her way less feel to find you. She will see your sister
oh she's, looking for me. Well, that's what's words are yours. Looking for Danny, I, like the scenario better, that she just ended up here. Oh yeah, like one of those old twin studies, were there were separate at birth and the emperor, the exact same job in the same building saying that happened husband. Yet the husbands have the same name and stuff that Valley TAT came. You're, a real will do a subsequent factor so yeah Sophia we had I'd chicken, and then we went to get pony dogs. After our show, that's right in a tasty tree. I need you to I am one must ordered you to in Europe. Saying, I know, insisted on ordering. Maybe a tale of aid to a caravan bordeaux about the tricks had happened at Lafayette yeah. They imagine, if remained a real show when you go in there. First of all, there are many of us eating the guy brought up the whole order. In one thing he had played stacked along
shoulders and wars but arms were out. He was spread Eagle with plates everywhere. Share, he read the whole order. Dozens of hot dogs in french rise again that was impressive. That was on one magic trick. I was more of a circus trick me, sure it's so could be magic because it seems impossible and equally like a Harry potter style. Magic were all right in using this power for something totally or the arms are actually thirty feet out. Where are you stand your actual arm based off magic, We then needed another magic trick. Were he? What did he do? I get pack, it took two toothpick and he made them and do a v, and then he put a fucking fork at the other end and then vote on the top of a pop can in somehow this an shade was anchoring. It's incredible, do heads of do nothing was falling yeah. I was, I think we d thought
we have yet we did, we did find it will post it. Ok, It was fine and it was fun to go to a place that you love some yeah and my son was error, which is amazing, your weekly you, I came on stage. For women one point once again: the Africa cause airports and by Anders insanity, banks how he rather seven up and then Allies will excuse. My eyes met for listeners, a cow that sick. If it sees Q babies Martha. Why me? Why did you take a picture of weakly and the others followed huggin, but it is back- oh great, that's great some areas. You can have a nose anonymity, so Peter you now you embarrass me in front of Peter once when I first, started working for you. Peter came over
I was in the kitchen, any he just popped eggs. You guys we're gonna, go on a hike and I introduce myself. We were talking and then you came in and said: oh my god. Monica Relax like think he used the phrase hold your water, which I don't even know at them, in spite of herself and hauled sure water, and then he said, Monica a huge parent had five years is trying to flatter. I wasn't trying to, but it is an exaggeration cause. I was playing a really cool. Ok you're. I seen him out. Oh, oh yeah, ok and then you spoiled? Why? Virginia to make him feel real good and I take it as and you saw- was a super fan of Monica near an extra. Oh, my god, I can't believe you're hold your water yeah budgets that are, the person might then feel like now. I'm the fan, and I was someone talking to him earnestly a sleigh yeah. I do a lot of things where it would make me happy, assuming you have been I'm wrong, often
because I would love it- is now leave her and came over the kitchen. I would not want to tell her that I had a fuckin strawberry, my tool box, but I would love it if you told her for me I wondered and now I loved her out in it, but I don't wanna, be awkward, say myself of USA Ibm, oh good. She said yeah, it's a little different. You understand, I know you're, not a fan status, wise, your on the same page, the demand for you as the person. That's like fine with being fan, I think part of that is cause. You yourself are established I mean I understand why you think that I don't think that. Personally, I think when I love someone, I want them to know, and sometimes it's too awkward to tell them when you first meet them, so someone else told them for me. I want them to know. I love that these affected me. I really want them. Denial sure I feel so if I ever just deem it to awkward for me to come out with it. I'm generally great
prison. Does it all the time? Are we talking to someone at some function in sugar? Oh, you found your boyfriend. He loves you Bob and I love I like that yeah, but I do think there is a little bit of a difference of the baby, sitter verses you I do. I know doubt. My area him but He knows that. I love him yeah. He should know the so we talked about. His character, hadn't av am, which is also, the woman on parenthood. Had yes, the executive yes passed away, sadly, and av em. Arterial, Venus malformation is an abnormal can action between arteries and Baines, bypassing the capillary system this vascular anomaly is widely known because of its occurrence in the central nervous system. Usually so we brought a vm,
appear in any location. Although many av aims are asymptomatic symptomatic they can cause intense pain or bleeding early to other serious medical problems. So? Those capillaries must be regulating the flow and whatnot I'd. Imagine of its bypassing the capillaries and there she becomes too much blood. I guess sound, like sea ice. Scared, or even for me, please now thanks and we could have em there s him too money, and then I Just think of how are you my reason, awry capillaries capillaries here can one a puppet you cash tubular. I too feel Turley. Do you believe you used to say that totally tubular now? Are you down on that was off limits in my Oh, I told you vizier my brother's set the rules or what I was about to say or not share
So is that, like I've talked about here, I didn't like Michael Jackson to older, because we were a prince family. We like prince, he was the new Howdy, Michael Jackson, although drought, it even nodding yet Michael Jackson, like Why is my mom was like now? We like rolling stones, not beetles, whereas talking about the eels were too, I wanna hold you. He gave a camera. Intuitive seems like your mom and love. That knows Mc Jaguars like but he ain't a man as he doesn't smoke. The same cigarettes is me, he's just trying to make girl, pregnant he's like him up banging and smoking cigarettes, and they are talking about like having candy and in your mom is like that. No, my mom's, a naughty girl. Slice holding be she likes being affectionate and sweet and nice yeah virtues she's a rule around you and that she wants to get into the sheets. My mom, You can order oath. You can like you can like both like blackish new policy should not be just
using one or the other thing like any Highschool thinks so others, these gales Inert Bobby sorry. So. Whatever the fuck, they were, the steamed in irons. Skirts and my mama's, like none, are more and drag re seen rolling stones. I get the whole thing I wanna. I want a man who smoke cigarettes all that stuff she was. She was gonna Naughty blew up that typewriter in school. Picked out a since it was just do g for her. Some are rated music chair, vs, so told tubular was way to G for my brother, and so for I never said it, but I just think general it a hindrance to give yours this identity that, like I'm naughty or I'm clean, are I'm this or I'm that, because you miss out on other stuff by just saying like I'm not into that, because that's not me,
Oh yeah, the idea, the urge to identify with the tribe and seek out a tribe and be tribal yeah, I think, is pretty destructive, but I also think every one of us as it yours happened. We surely that was your tribe what those people here raveled with them, but I wasn't like I'm a cheerleader, so I am not are see you now. I was trying to like make myself one thing and then that's the whole identity, and I think I was definitely drawing to straddle bunch aligns. I hung out with all the artistic kids yeah. Those were my main group of friends. This no borders escape orders and one, but I also had some popular friends home with you I think you are you learn more if he had taken more ok, you said that you did a triple lindy off the Diving board and a triple lindy is now a real thing. It's not it's from the movie back to school. Let's ride me Dangerfield, that's right in another area, did you watch it online now
you must is one of the funniest thing, so Ronnie Dangerfield, who obviously by any one's account, does it looks super athletic now now January, the eighties and advanced age, unease rotund and he goes to join. His son goes away to college and he wants to be with them and It turns out. He has like an amazing diver at one point in his life, and he was the only I could do the triple Lindy and he does the triple in the ends. This stupid is as funny as Yeah. The slow motion these like Gibbs Thumbs, in the middle of a rise very eighties, comedy funny egg, Well, you said that is If you really did that and then you ve said it before in the other, things, and so it's not a thing does not happen now just means an incredibly impossible die. I checked with the theme divers about them.
The triple India Multiple did. They know. Asian mediately was from the movie now. Neither of them dared to said now. That's not real right. We're gonna watch the video like that trouble, and let us do so here said his coach one of his coaches. Fred Keefer was a world record and handstand pushups up at one point. Currently the world record of handstand pushups in a minute in a minute. The about seems to be the standard of how they're doing mass is it this enthusiasts in Armenia. Thirty seven handstand pushups in one minute man. Veil memo in Manville mammalian, o twenty four five years of age. One of the liberation yeah
member of the meal. Thirty seven am I. I was expecting it to be above sixty, I now it seems kind of underwhelming. Although imagine powers one of the old, their impossible yeah yeah. I ain't one minute. Will you know if you do a military press with the bar? But when I do those girls, at twenty five on each side, the bars forty five. Ninety five pounds tops. One eighty, you know you do him. He could rip amount, Scott Johnson, he was kind of the king of the handstand pushers outsource. Amaze yeah, indeed, usually get the mood to do him when he was drunk so yeah we be drunk out else on it seem leaning against the wall, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, bang any of those great trapeze is as a result. This is your friend Scotty, Scott Johnson, too bad. We didn't record, how many he could do in a minute he could pass the world record.
You bet he's also forty eight or nine now, but I'm saying I was you guys had done that then, oh, yes, yes, I dont think you could ever done thirty seven, but I do think he was in the eight to ten. Wow ready growth. That is good. That's really get those envious of the day you to practise on your own in your bed no. Instead, I went straight to a defence that my arms or way longer than his, and it would be harder for me I gotta do something now you don't think again to listen. Give it up that nobody can do something. He can't hear. You definitely bested me and I had excuses here, school Gustavus Adolphus. He said then Gustaf Adolph was the king Sweden, and then they sort of latin eyes the name, but Actually his name was Gustave Adolphus, though it were gathered. He went by Gustaf aid off grew yeah.
So actually that was his real name. That's really close to Gustaf Adolf, which would be I like Adolph, in spanish. Matthews milk is made it that's true, you wouldn't want to say that very much of your name was goose Adolph currently in you went down on a vacation to Kabul, or the Yucatan you kept saying introducing yours of me. Goose Dave us it's unlike me. Like you want aid me they may Yamaha as goose the aid off with you. I'm going with, could yet confusion? Oh he said that when he was a kid, he would go down to the basement. His base. Man, unlike have on time and span, size year and I could just relax tat. So much. First of all, we a basement. My husband has and there, but I would always just spend so much time in my room at the door, closed living out fantasies ya, all
Day long, the idle, quite a bit afraid size into my room is well it's interesting. Creating these lives- for myself the kind of acting amount of you ever ACT of Al Bilbil, I think so dearly. I gotta see a powder keg that Vendee purse and you had mimic point out thousands of now I was a shallow, like that was now it was like real fantaisie. Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, it is my honour to take the role of prayer, didn't know what was there anything like that? They were, like, sir, of them were future fantasies, but some are just like current and just like act out the way I wanted my life to be sought. Boy like this. Would You talk out loud though I think, but I can't remember exactly if I was talking to our. If I was just talking to my head right, no Kyle can't come I don't know I interest
She needs draws a figure out an example of how you do that to explain. I was horrified is hard to explain. That's what makes it interesting. War is also make an underlying to explain your, but if you're like eight zero over morning needs no explanation, I did too but living out some fancy. He's real time in your room that that ripe for winning, ample. I know what I can't really give you one, because they're not concrete and I am there was a long time ago, but all remember right would you put on us And song, or anything or an outfit nine alpha. Ok, I think there was music involved, but it was just like the way I existed in that space. So I didn't feel like ok, I'm doing this, our who you ve always right. You got two daydreaming, then, all of a sudden, your kindness beam, person. This is Jose, he's your anesthesiologists he's gonna, put you down and then I'll make me.
Vision. It's gonna be a very short procedure and then we're gonna. Have this hip replaced no time fantasize about a hip replacement? Albania, Sir oh, I was yeah explaining? Oh, your patient was gonna proceed. I think I've Anna a lot of Alec acting jobs. Oh sure, we review some scenes as mayor radical size Ex ante. I think sir I'm coming home, just getting ready pretending that someone knocked at the door or something Maybe I don't want her to what happened just one minute. Yes, I'm just finished. Packing my bag for a trip. I'm gonna need two minutes the strain of lines. Yes, my death We find! Please do pull the car around. I should be down and fifteen, and now I'm not a weird grown up in these that's light years.
You sound high fully when you are talking like me. You excellent, I think, of people who liked acting in high school, I think of it in doing it using Vorhees. Yes, I'm doing like being fancy I don't do that anymore. Fantasize, like that you're, not much. Either. I do still, though I still not merely with the frequency I used to, but I used to as a hobby, embarrass myself in the mirror. Did you ever do that? I would like make weird gross faces in the mere until I actually induced embarrassment like why look so rose and embarrassing, to arouse mildly, addicted to doing that. Caging by, but now it's only once every like four months of my reason in and out of the bathroom and begin ready, and then it just crosses mine to look in the mirror you that idea, like really glad tell me why you like really gross phases and do some weird activity. That makes me embarrassed, but I do like in value seen self induced embarrassment,
we're done even a man now, while you know Bear assessments, the feeling that I avoid the most in life right. So I would never do that. I dont think to do it like you used to do it so much how strange, but I can't imagine I'm alone you're going, I kind catch my kids doing in a low, but now catch Lincoln in the mere like going like trying to get herself to finally being, but I I don't know she's trying to be embarrassed. Then she likes embarrassment either from my vantage point was- That was my exercises that no one likes me an embarrassing that so I kind of like I'm afraid of being a barrier. I'm gonna do and yeah I'm gonna, confronted kind of eminent those thou, so workspace remained. The mere show me to be in the mirror with you, because I gotta let my face guide the
Would you be able to do that to allow somebody else viewing at our now? You are good at this point, doing it so long. I trusted you like me you'll get chills, though, because I would give myself chills like. Oh my god. What are some saw me. Do the exact move, my body in a way I imagine would Jim carry, did all growing up yeah yeah. We see how far he could push were also we're. I love them. I hope he bore guerrilla should again He was allowed to an with Andrea We can remember last name Zachary man right planet. It is a sexy conservative. Okay, so There was a willing grace episode about him about Peter, oh Then he told us he said his two friends, one was gay, one was straight and they both thought he was hitting on them all right, yeah! That's it
season. One episode, sixteen yours, mine or hours all grow club or title, and the description is While writing the elevator grace meets Peter, who is new in town and is moving into the building they get. Pointed and he invites or to a house warming dinner later that day, I will meet Peter and he invites them as well. Both will and grace think they're up for a romantic date, but instead end up in the same apartment competing for Peter's attention, I'm looking for clues as to whether Peters Gay or straight, when they finally, to which one of them is dating, he expresses that they are just friends and not interested in either of them. David, knew some played Peter All I know interesting is the episode I got fired from unwilling grace that was virtually the same storyline they both there, I was attracted to them. Oh interests, Danny. I think they ve gone very honour that well more than once may be interesting. Well, yeah, that's fine even used his real name, Peter, which others no mixing up the again really climate gap here
That's all that's all year. Fun was had by all and Detroit. Oh yeah, I told you, you know, is the most nervous. I've ever been for alive show was at Detroit yeah, because I knew my mental trick. I like mental trick of imaginary ones naked. Why don't do that? But I do have this. I can put up a wall put up a wall where I go if I'm terrible tonight again strange ample Florida yeah, but I was in front of a lot of people. I know when loved TAT S good and all that so. I was kind of stressed for that show can rely yeah it's much easier to perform in front of strangers. And something happened that I feared would happen and I felt guilty sense though, I show almost a month ago, which is my ex girlfriend girlfriend who I love. My whole heart had planned a kind of get together the words and then I felt I wasn't positive Peter would
how to go to an after party with a bunch of people. I knew and he didn't and then I couldn't go and then I think I hurt her feelings. I feel really bad about it. I guess this is my public, about a adds. High sounding it'll bring everything about twice a day. Still you just car and to her about it and get some closure on workers are not really. Nor do I showed you right, but what I should do I love you. However, thanks for the advice
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