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Mae Whitman (Parenthood, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Hope Floats, Good Girls) is an American actress and singer, but paramount to all of that she is Dax's sweet bebe. Mae sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss her 28 year long career as an actress, how she juggled acting and childhood, and she doubles down on her undying love of Taylor Swift. In this lovefest, Dax gush's over Mae's superior personality and Mae talks about her experience doing full nudity on stage. The two of them reveal their salacious plot to have more scenes together on Parenthood, they reminisce on a very specific facial expression that brought the two of them together and Monica and Dax debate the tired topic of how to pronounce Caribbean. 

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Welcome to the armchair expert, I'm your friend act, Shepherd joined by my lovely co, host Manic, Patman, smooth, that's insane. Asked in yeah appear, that's how men ban would say. Oh they were manic appeared me also uneasy on maybe like I like you like, yes, Podcast Mnemic, appeared mean he could be. It means I told you want him us in that strict club in not Thailand, and there was in Austria lions there for those it was mostly authorized me also add. I was brought to this trip club by three women who were the partners of the cast of hang over a thousand like named robbing when all is really trying to do is get out of the grossness that tie Strip Club anyways. I was in his tie Strip Club and I keep hearing trees. We creese behind Please be failure, and I heard about twenty times before I realized the Australians yelling Crosbie on E numbers.
because neither here nor nobody is there because pioneering and there we have yet another lovely member of the brave woman clam joining us today may Whitman you're gonna hear me gush all over her about her incredible talent and just overall sparkly nest. She's one of the greatest people on planet earth wrong over the right yeah, then you ve fallen over their absolute abs. Sodium likeable Angela you'll hear the origin. If by some freak occurrence, you Our both was on on twitter and you noticed wheeling call each other baby, indeedy that'll, be explained henceforth henceforth, henceforth so buck lab put a on your bonds in joy May Whitman ARM, chair exe. It is sponsored by sleep number. I in the universe, sleep number bed, I absolutely infatuated with this bad, my favorite eight hours of the day, or when I mean that thing it adjusts firmness my side Chris inside REACH, our own setting my sleep number setting this ninety, I like it, firm Christians down and said
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professional relations married divorce, free, married Father Giles. Let me just start by saying that nothing can compare to the pride that a father feels Baby comes home all grown out by other parties. You are you're efficiently grown up last May Man is here, and I think this em there's some rope prerequisite knowledge before we start talking, because we are in to an annoying level. I think that our co workers have a lotta inside slang jar, a lexicon chair, let's start, would be Didi Flats, we need even more of the invalid sick too, and this is really better suffer much I don't know, but you were my always my parents. Yes, Kristen made me ass, quick
we adopted later in a dark demanded a family. You know what, in fact, I think it is right for the pilot one went on vacation together to the Sequoia was only one on vacation and when you were like this is exactly the kind of baby we ve been in the market. For these already girls doesn't even where diapers all the time. We only have to do our duty calls but ill, and then so that's that's. Because that's easy to follow. You are our baby and we are your parents yeah, but then somehow you started calling me Debian, probably like in a baby, accelerating has started somewhere or other people have like a trash. Can next Monday listen, so they can appear about four hundred times, but really a lot. But usually you started. Calling me me Didi, which I love and cherish it's a moniker. I hope to have preferred wolden am I am gravestone I mean. Don't even we started we're going to talk about your movie right
am I know all about it? I think that's gonna be like an hour for pay off of this commerce. Hang in there then I'll get behind All of us. You know I was thinking about that Sequoia Trip and one funny thing that I was thinking about was how just how badly you kicked. My everyone's ass, in scramble to the point where it was like shameful. Like yourself. You know I always loud? I was like ok and I would get a thing you're in there. I didn't expect to beat you, but I didn't expect to be like really leg ashamed of myself that walls. It was really darling, hi guys implies. That was earlier problem. I'm sure my ego away from me and I probably could have just once Finally, and I will probably really want to impress you work, I mean you they meet everybody way like eight hundred or something like I was like a insane, but anyway, you're you're smart,
but at length when I'm hearing is that you had this game that you loved and cherished, and then I just shit all over it, because I had to prove how good I am yeah. I apologise to you and everyone else have ever done that too, but it is back to baby So so he s a use, our economy, Didi and like it then just made since that I will call you baby place and then so on the set of parenthood, which we run for six years together, we only called each other BB indeedy and then Peter Crowd was alive, jealous remember express some some disappointment that he didn't have a you baby talk handle more didn't. We try to then didn't we sort of trying to make people eating, exactly what happened! Thank you because his name's there's with a p Peter. We thought we'd people's unnatural men, like you, are even anyone occasionally can't do us any relay baby, you're, tedious, very mad at you. So
They found a way to play along you didn't you tried to play us against each other a lot. I remember there was always that where he was like you'll, never believe what your deeds, about you earlier believe you just trying to point. Than the well that was his exact strategies them, but you know I never for a second thought. My baby was out there trashing firefight, evil uncle p p. Tell me the truth for five seconds. That's what I expect. Young people are ok, but so I just want to start from the very beginning, not your beginning, although we get there, but so you- and I met up in m- reveal California, where we're staying at a hotel that we affectionately renamed. The woodpile right at its remit is not far from that, like the one fan or something It's the wood arm. Now we would argue that there would not be something else: that's an old sailors by the wooden arm, so we met there
we didn't have a lot interaction at like the table ray we all did together. Will we get to know each other and I'm not a ton interaction like at the hotel everything, but we were getting into a transfer vision Van Ryan transformation unwilling, unwilling universe. You're getting in a van scholar to Fucking ran You were like in the third row the van right, and I at that time assumed you your twelve years I think that's why I won't know you're twenty one as it turns out, but that's a surprise to me because I think you're, twelve plain someone that's twelve or for Anna, like I was pretty close some of your miniature yeah, and so I didn't realize I was doing this right, but yes, you do you remember what I was doing physically or integrating immigrants. Apparently enemies are long. I care my tongue out of my mouth. You claim. Is this what you claim, as I was standing at the edge of the door like women,
tongue out of my mouth like all this. Yes, I look over and what I think is a twelve year old is mimicking. the stone movement that I'm doing it looks very perverse. When I see her, But again I don't even know what are you doing here? I don't know. I think I dont even know to this day when I was why minds on the night before you- and I still do that- probably like six times a week. It's a great way to punctuate certain really is especially if you're like rambling, and you just can't talk yourself. You just ended with a nice, the guitar now yet your about, but you can t really. I now want to taking it. color than on the latter, will absolutely better wearing yeah. That's the move, so I look over in your like mimicking, clearly grotesque, funny thing about. You said something like: what's up her
right, but it is only a dead guy up very provocative and weird, and I immediately had this like panic. This moral panic of like a twelve year olds, engage you me and with the term further to the inner tongue out steadily a term of endearment, for would be able for now. You know I'm I own. I almost exclusively hang out with permeated. people I want to be a horizontal mean of the kind that break the law or now is a good natured perverted as yes, a vigour for her and all things genitalia then so anyone I just want to walk, I wanted I'm. I bring everyone up to speed about my like mine, meaning you be becoming to understand who you were in Russia. are the gates. You just hit me with calling me a pervert. You had your tongue in your mouth. I thought you were twelve and then go to my great relief. You are twenty one I think, as I was talking to you, I'm like I'm trying to make this all kosher
and I think I asked how old you are and then I was just so relieved that you're twenty mementoes after the fuckin raising am I here in twenty one. Here we go Bianca globally are grown up now. How do we do this pilot together and then the pilot gets ordered and we go to universal to shoot the first season of it in very soon into filming with you. I had this thought that was like why is this child better than all of us at Aldi? No, no! This is you're going to have to adjust stomach this for one. Second, you were by far my favorite actor on the show. I thought you were the most talented and I used call you, as you know, lovingly I'll call you the female gamble, fini the I think you're a fucking be so, but but but it was confusing to me, I'm like. Why is this kid better than us and then I went home and I and I looked you up and I come to find out that you were a baby actor.
World, they were a very minor Maisie driver. My baby, I know a very famous baby actor and then I go. Oh this girl's been doing this for fish. ten years. That's that was longer than I have been acting at that point. I think I was like night in nine years into not even what two thousand nine is five years in the fact that a way if I was twenty one eyed already written sag fur How much longer than the fifteen I was saying I joins, I got two too. I know, and I was so delighted to find you, like my bag, car and saying, like ninety nine, for her fucking, better late at all. Crazy is yes, though you are come to find that you had been acting forever and yet this incredible career that was much better than all of ours walks over
Frankie Nelson, of course, the agriculture you are a who's who baby it's a different future laboratory. I think you're, ok, so your first professional engagement was at two years old and you did a voice over four Thyssen. Chicken crack great product I mean. Did you feel great about love checking out from the beginning? I know you didn't waste silver shoes. You do that too yeah emerging dealt. Could you say what the problems are not even being able to read and having to do it yet won't steal? My mom is of waste over artists. That's like her main thing and so path. Pat music passed her last name.
really name all I'm. U S icy k, that's always been music, critical, doesn't matter, and so she took me. I remember the first situation to happen. I used to go with her around and liking other waste overcrowd as very fine and everybody's, really nice and inclusive and funny. So I would just hang out with them and I loved it in one time she took me to an audition and I was sort of hanging out in the like waiting room waiting for her and I just had a little panic attack. I guess, and I ran like busted in the audition room crying and she sort of call me down and they will again you she's cute, you wanna do a little like you were going to. Basically, those you want to do a commercial and my mom was like no and I was like gas without even really knowing what it was. But any time my mom said no, I was like. Oh I'm doing it the real manner that I have small
memories of it. I remember the I remember they when I got my first commercial edition was was a couple months after that I remember it. Or my favorite little mermaid dress to the other. I feel good about it and I and I remember the director sort of was like he had all the kids sort of lined up and he was kind of China get some funny stuff out of my guess, but he came over and sort of said. Like that's a nice, you know Lion King dress, you have or something- and I just looked at him square in the eye- and I was like What are you some kind of knucklehead hired me hundreds Bob early about money and that's where we're exist? Roy one of the most frequently used terms be right. I call both girls, no, daily. You know that I dont home in India, softening up a little bit, but but it's mine blowing in: u dont noakes, you dont have a kid, but Monica they both have a child together. Can we do
and I can't really imagine higher getting or do anything undermining one now now she did she does this bitch wanting brushing guys. You won't tell never best my day about bad inventing. I will show now it's pretty weird. I don't really know what was going on in my little brain. I do know a united. I went to school, DE. I would like very desperate to learn and to talk and have I spoke. I had my my mom says this is really perverse, but my mom says my first, which is not really ascends cause. It's not a real thing, but my mom says my first Conan Goats sentence, Sir, my first speaking, words was at five months. She says I was sitting in my little thing. He and I just looked at them and said a raw egbert and they re. then I learned a raw egg birds and many items we like
our motor village jotted down. My parents were broiler lot idea that I mean that you gotta recovery, severe memoir shower. Ah, he really does pretty much summoned up. I mean look at me, I'm like laying on account guys. I just we were in kabul- and I brought me new blog guy, I mean I couldn't get my eyes off the baggage and early jumped news. I missed every sons, I never mind what I did was turning those fucking pages. I read the whole booking thirty six hours. How are they have in allowing cover for american indian unwanted lovers? She just paces it out so well. You learn what a wrong egbert is last literally That's gonna be my rose ahead as this land lay dying, was really something behind their head. That was the right path.
I shall say it again when Ireful Argo Raw Egbert. First of all, let me point out Monica and you are too took part in a chair near me, then a late night founders, twenty fourth nineteen, eighty eight Heaven. All your one sub said Europe is owing to Montanans. Will I didn't Your wife or ones is. Can we record that Europe is in Asia? Guy? That's! My name is low birth either loud and clear, but but you for something that was You know twenty one when we met- and I was I guess- thirty- two or something you knew every reference that I knew, which was always very weird to me and I suppose a lot of that has to do with having grown up as a baby and sat any, I know your peers were people that we're talking about that kind of stuff totally. I do think that's where that why you're crazy like nice to meet you just rosebud.
I mean granted a lot. I guess actors know that movie on WWW. And the transparent regard like I just not bad for giving away the spoiler if everyone on the planet doesnt, Webster yeah. I think that does have to do. I mean it's. If it is it such a funny thing to be like old and be in school and sort of. I definitely always felt wives go. I had friends I loved, I wasn't leg miserable or anything, but I definitely was always a little like how lucky I love that joke about this hand box. You should now another language I felt a little like: let's just get up to see, there's the nice to have out there, and it is also hard when your leg of yours, my mama Joseph Gladwin, Herald a mug. I just feel like. I also had maybe yeah it's weird when you're at school, and you also then have legal call time the next day and your leg sure math, but I gotta six a hammer about work, so it's just you know
and I think it is also my parents are very. They item need I'm an only child and they sort of I'm very closely. an eye. They were always sort of very open with letting me see things, and I wanted to try things and watch a lot of movies and I actually there's so much so that it was hard to know when to stop. I remember one of the most famous stories our household was when I was probably about seven. My I wanted my dad was like you know we should work. a classic movie. Let's watch jaws and I was like a great. I love that kind of shared Jaws leg. Let's do it MA, am you and me, and we, like I remember we All sitting on the couch and my mom was nervous. She was like this is about idea an idea, and then you know you see the shark announcing whatever zoom loser, robotic shark
there is an and then then me, I guess he forgot about this part. There is the part where a visa, the dead guy's face pops up in the window of the shed the sunken ship, and it's really scary, upsetting and popped up, and I just like my face turned white may turn to my dad and when great daddy. We still they had ever heard somebody messes up, not re daddy. There was a limit. I still was a child. You, your parents, who have had the pleasure of meeting a particular your dad Jeff, who I affectionately referred to as Tony, because this motherfucker looks identical: Johnny Hi Sandy having its own break. As I don't Anthony, neither tone it or not, and Anthony Yoda me that he's a big time totally theatre any, and he is one of the lovely if he tries I've ever met now. Unlike an anonymous, politics are not using this. This word in reference, whose policies, but clearly, yes, you had a very liberal up. They country did you like an adult, for the most part,
absolute what I can gather yet absolutely and in a way that it was. I feel that the communication and I never really had anything to rebel against, it was all very based on logic and of course there were times or are they just said so, but their vote on or whatever else, but it was always. I never felt leg. I couldn't express myself and have those conversations with them like. If, if you know I would go up to them and say, listen, there's this concern, but it goes pass the curfew, but it's this and I'll be with these people like if I clearly communicate something to them. We would always work it out, I'm sure they're. This episode is brought to you by hello, fresh. We ve just come off of feeding frenzy of hell offer Cavalry Monica yeah, it's been really fun and taste Did you get into last night? You're telling me was delicious only get I made the sesame beef talker
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represents three girls, one key balanced, but if I I I rapidly was under the impression your parents were still Mary, but I am sure all the goods are that that emu shouted they just broke down in tears on Wikipedia is the Of course, when you are three- and I got like lightning bolt through my heart- is that I went to Whitefish Bay High School in Wisconsin on my Wikipedia. Oh! You do and I have no way of most people rose known imagined. I was like. I grew up in Michigan moved over to know. I don't know why the hell that's honour. It also says I'm layer in a national tentatively witches leg. I can barely fuck em all but my pants on re, but that's not to say that you want one baby a player reactors as some this might be predicted, don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia my thought process was always shit. There divorced they carried them.
Like the mayor. Of course, they do their so evolve. A kind of was in keeping with how Tony is in my mind, sheriff they did, they still would have done the same thing. I think they would play it out. Pretty pretty cool they're, pretty mature amazing, but I don't wanna under cell how much your dad looks like Tony again You gotta have your everyday, the omby Amby, elevated ass. We should, if you're ever visiting California new bump on the job. You will think you met Anthony Hopkins you'll tell people that you mention any Hopkins. I have the real know best because he's a carpenter any never, whereas anything other than tee shirts that he is cut. This leaves off of, though playing my favourable urgent meeting, Sir and his fuckin rockin legged dope dirty beat up nine a night whose motto is sons guns out sunlight does not use any law. Sir Jeffrey, let me what? Where do you think they got this theory on raising you? Why do you think they were so really
acts they older parent yeah. They were early thirties when they had me which definitely something I've always found to be a sexy option. Just because I mean I'm so like out of it that I dont know. I M getting better I'm getting to the point run like starting to understand how someone could possibly conceptualize humming a child Maya, I think yards a big part of it. Was they just they were more. They were further along in their lives and their mature. the process in their communication style and everything also they're coming here. Bees, though what we already know, my god I mean my dad. down there green herb dollar, they approach the hot dogs, Never answer my grew radio. No, I don't. I would never arena, but they are definitely major. Hippies like on my mom went to college in Denver and my dad grew up basically from it. I mused fifteen he jumped on his motorcycle. Do you know my dad did even have a driver's license for a regular car until he was thirty eight
He only had a man when I grow nice. Can you hear me so regalement is fifteen a motorcycle, any crews up to Berkeley? And he literally me up there and moved into Berkeley, Rep Theater and lived in the sound booth and that all the lighting and tech and build other sets for their shows for like years. So he was in the sick, like sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine in Berkeley summer of love, lorries, try not to think about a byword surprised you still with us. I can't believe you survive, yeah bad behaviour, I'm sure that went down and probably because he had witnessed so much shit. He probably feels in then he ended up just married him. Like a normal doing. I think there can be informative. Like me, you know what people get through
everything's not as big a deal total, I feel like I haven't, got over it and found it like. What's your whole fuckin deal your parent now calmly, ass, I say we I mean you have been for a long time and you ve always been my daddy but like what some of those shit that's like really started to sink in well, I would just say that if we take Christian, deny right as a template and girl, ok will she did everything right. She like went straight to college, out of her private school and then she followed the rules and yet in new drugs and cheap, you know did everything right and then I did on almost every single thing wrong and we both live in the exact same house, so you have to go like
others a million ways and end up in the exact same so odd salute you know you could really get stressed out over all of it, but I think there is no one can say: were it's all gonna end? I don't panic like about trying to do the right thing, all the time that's like so unlike will, but what's that I try to gather all the data and obsessive we pour over to make every single right decision and I think you're right as you can order your starts. You start to be like sign pick the wrong thing, on your I'm still where I there is an illusion that there's a right way, yeah, which is trying to say, but it is true that there is just the way you're you're doing, That's what it is easier for can best if we have a single example of the person that was like they did it, there was may now that I, although relations as well as George, I'll, say: I'm not a leg turn this shit back on you, but I remember, you guys were first having a baby and I just remember being leg. There is no one. You know you know. My parents still say this about you every time I you come up,
My dad is literally leg whelp. If anybody can do it and make the perfect kids again literally, you guys have always been, and in the vein of, like you were saying, having encouraging imperfections and all these things. It's like you guys have such a sick balance going and I've always been like those are the correct you grow, you learn. You try things you yourself out, you express yourself, you talk about things and that something I really value to. Even when we are unfair, had because you know it's hard is you're sort of growing up you're like how much do I share? What do I would ever, and I really believe it was so helpful for me to have you to communicate about. You know difficult yeah. I just wanted to know. I'm like the world over his error, because you know I just really think you guys have had. I mean I remember too, even just one thing that you done where was was when it was one Lincoln Lincoln was little and she was kind of stressed out issues like two or barely and she was kind of having like a panic in the living room and you are,
middle, telling a story, and you just turn during your leg: hey Honey, like I just need to finish this story. You wanna go have some alone time and just feel your feelings and she was like, and I was wondering I got it like the most adult thing, I've ever seen. She literally went in her room and like took two minutes and MAC out like Fuckin rifts has it here is like here saying tat. Sorry I, like people will in when we just had a childhood psychologists on a couple weeks ago, which was relieved me. A lock up. People have been critical, my approach with that, but, in my opinion, adult need fucking do it's about time. You I mean who minutes out in these three times a week I needed just go into a room in fuckin catch. My book to lay down and then browsers a little bit. So I think I think fuckin pauses are great able at this time are labelled as a pause, and there is nothing negative it. That is if it gets crying there her beyond their crimes of something significant. Further crying, as they didn't get
this room. You know yet, while it you need to do that on your own. Yeah figures should have totally in my worldview and you get them. That's like a practice for them in the future. Is that it's ok for them to be like I'm feeling some kind of way. I need to get the fuck out of here for a minute and go deal with major ya. Think your gas and I'm fires on this kinda go get no room without our genes. Correct so that you know when, when people talk about- and I find this to be very pervasive among actors with kids when we all talk is people not one their kids to be accurate. You had its way and I even if they are actors themselves. You know I have its very complicated thought process, but but what I will say is you people in the world. They read about Lindsey Loan, him that that makes headlines and in others there is definitely a plenty of childhood actors who who went straight but weirdly I've, I've known a tonne that haven't in, and I always point to you like what you say. Our boss was wrong. Howard
You couldn't be more well chosen, I fucked up town, I am kind and all these things, and then I worked up early on with Josh Hutcherson when he was twelve, eliminating, turned out to be a great kid and seen with Jonah Bobo's in the movie. So there's certainly as many examples gap. Here's what I'm curious about, because the one thing that is tricky when I've been on movies, where there were were kid, is the star the kid can't help but recognise. Oh these people work for me right now, that they work for you, but but but they do everything there doing is to facilitate you to eventually go say your lines round. You become a little bit aware of that, and all things designed to kind of k and yet it is easy for us to do. That thing is possible in so as a kid did, you ever have this in the sense that that was happening in and then how did your parents are? How did you
prevent yourself from becoming a megalomaniac honestly. I really feel like a such a huge part of it. Was I mean again, I'm so lucky that I started when I was young because launches that you did a man lives, a woman like when you are living as yours or archives don't we came out in early may came out and yours there, and when I was six probably I was more. I turn five on Monica was five or maybe ten. for the last three years. yeah. So that was- and that was actually a great guy- was my first movie in your main Ryan's baby S and ending ourselves, That is actually all of this to the how I got download again. My like this is really does. This is a big tell the how I got them, move you there's a scene and at where Andy is trying to talk about what happened and how MEG Ryan is it's a movie about alcoholic ends, he's trying to talk about
and explained to me sort of what happens and how she has to go away. Rehab and all these remember that and I'm just like listening in the kitchen and etc. So this was back in the day, which I feel I can do as much anymore, but where they would like fuckin build a giant sat for a screen, fast and it was like the whole thing, and so I remember where it was my first time and we're on this sad and it was Lee Notes is set in the morning and so props had set out like a little. You know plate of legs fate. You know apples on the table and the risks. The induce or whatever- and I remember the whole scene and I'm supposed to just sit there and listen to what he sang and that's like the whole concept, and so apparently he was talking and you know a sort of emotional and unlike- running, and then I just sort of like they saw my eyes.
Moreover, to them to heed of food in him, and then I like slowly trepidation still looking at me. I like range Sunday arriving too little night like humbling the food, the entire because- and I like queen of the entire area under this scheme, and they were like. Is she? Oh, my god, she's fucking eating at you eating they loved data plan idea crammed. I remember I leave that their dead. I didn't orderly is now that is something delta where he is going to grow. They love you, I got me a healthy love for food will weirdly and I'm gonna get lofty about it, but what you are actually doing is the thing that the decisive mic paradigm that Marlon Brando brought to screen acting, which was
aware of your environment, dont being a salary in real life like he was the first person ever adjust. His chair was seen like everyone else actually set down in his perfect I now or when he said. The glad thing you now and on the waterfront, when even recent jobs are glove picks up any kind of puts it on. I read that that was debt that just tat she dropped in rehearsal by accident. She was a girl just for us forget about the line he just in the middle of leaving. Now what will come on real world of war. Why? Why do you always take the mistakes? A little cold was afraid. Listen to me a letter yesterday. You know that Israel,
it is this. Do you are like you are living in the member states? Now is my father. I have also has the story, but so that was like a big and then again you know I think for me it really was about. It was like about perspective and it always has been like a low. We were your parents specifically going so may you say thank you to those people, hang up your wardrobe at the end of the year. I like the light things but never about it was never. First of all, though, the auditing part later, how was always something that did just come from me, but I had an incredible acting coach, which will tell you more to really help to me when I was little bite, but basically it was like. I think I always had the perspective of it almost felt like it so hard to explain its leg to me. Those sets worse, so huge and we are all on the same team and we're all it felt like this giant like I was on that shows
haha hope for years, and I just had the best time like exploring. I would let just at lunch just run through the sets and fine Minos. Look in the drawers and Arabs EC scalpels in big babies and throw woman you know, Dumford blood everywhere was like so funny Everybody was sober. Saurozoic only warn all that respectful Mobile It was very much like the whole thing up. Isn't it just like the perspective that I always had, which I still have in, and I still feel luckily, I'm glad I didn't have to sort of wrestle with you know in both on the acting side of not being self conscious, it's much harder for me now too late hour, Shen or whatever else, but I'm thinking about a million things as opposed to tell you your main humming aware of your identity, totally right. We are very tricky that ain't really you're not trying to convey your identity.
just our ear, just yourself an eye and you just fuck him eat apples when you have a lively wants an end. You know, I think so that that is one reason. Why is just sort of again my parents were so good about teaching me sort of respect and politeness and professionalism in just the kind of tricks of the trade, exactly hanging up your wardrobe, like the things that you just do naturally, and- and I just you know honestly of a huge part of why I loved acting so much was the experts variants of meeting all these incredible people and having all these adventures and you really build a family. I mean I used to just fuckin hysterically weep at when I would there's something it was like days of inconsolable like I still remember where we finished independence day, we're legs filming and in the a lot is that Israel up the world after I blew up the world my bare hands and I remember they gate they sort of everybody. Cunning gathered around because you know you do a picture rap and everybody collapse in my was literally lay
screaming bloody murder. Lady is like, and I went around and got like every single persons phone number and opening up all your or go like just so upset. I mean when I did friend. I just wonder where you were you a fan of friends. When you did the girl piano Monica recorded every single, on very bizarre. There were dvd worded. Every episode had thirty two tapes. I found my last tabled the other day I am moving so was packing and I found it Vienna had a colored hooded system by sea, and I are even- and I was hoping by like emotional or like arousing Rachel America. That was a huge fan too, but I was like seven one. We almost always Monica, maybe they're, Monica talks to me about friends like my heart- is tearing it like the way she disliked
light and her eyes yards like it is her childhood it it's her rosebud friends nor arose but- and I choose, I can listen to her talk about her. Her love of friends special. I found that it's got. You know I never wants to show. I'm sure it's great, but what I have noticed is it's it's it's. most people. I really like his Amy Hansen too, is just obsess yeah friends country really quick story about that play it. So when I first started dating Christen, she had this big house and she had like eighty five people that live there for free, which org, triggered all might like Yama. These people are taking advantage of you they're all they're, all vampires. You know I was I don't trust anyone. Why do you? But there is already on edge and then so you know that the dvr back. Then it didn't have a lot of space and then so I went to watch this show we had recorded in come to find out. The entire fucking dvr was taken up with friends episodes right. So I is me at my ugliest, I'm like who
the fact is that if we are friends you don't need to record. It is on all day long turn on the tv it's on it does. It need to be recorded like I've, just such an asshole, Amy Hansen rail. She goes I I recorded and I meet legal. That's ok with you, the sure you'd do certain opposite. you bet. I wanna watch does make sense to reconstruct felt like generally on you and on the land emeralds. Ninety zero fan I can tell you that I mean that it for me, is that an Frazier? Those are the ones that I mean we're so little were you like? Did you want to be one of the latter are lying is like what was the concept because I barely remember, but I was like sassed and I'm like It obviously wasn't getting like the complicated sexual nuances. Ordinary or world arise advised us, but I feel, like I don't know there was just something about it. I don't need a good show, Gazelle Eames Wrongs and I definitely got had the Rachel
two percent. When I was like eleven, I got the Rachel you had actually about a really good hairs, really got a lot to me. I'm on the woman who deserve no. I panicked, and I was like some so hysterical when I got that part. I remember way, dreaming hurling! I mean you, don't like me getting dukes a hazard as a six year old I am being thrown at totally argues the volume of Magna Bihar Java. Can you imagine truly? I literally was thinking about the other day and I was like it's crazy. I was sitting in Like Chandler is Apartment and Joey the partner like energy interests, because if I were I not that kind of now I like it, but they make you know the whole concept was. I was there and it was also clothes like a big up his own cause. It's when you find out about Monica girl scout cookie obsession who has remained after her
literally like yeah was so sir. It's the coolest thing where you were you ideas about my hunches. Knowing you you weren't nervous for those movie roles, you did yeah, I'm were you nervous about friends. I was nervous about friends because I was so excited to meet everybody, but I have to say at close quarters. It was the first time I did that format my body and everything, but I was so. I literally made everyone likes skull, be Christmas, ornaments, really was so nice to me. They let me come and like Jennifer Addison, let me Ethan dressing room and let me around they all gave me like tour recent wanting to alarms and help make because if they gave me their first born children who know what it was, everybody was so kind and like warm and welcoming- and I still like I that's another unripe hysterically- cried, I wrote them all like long. when I wrapped in a whole range of I was about. I think it was eight
actually did it yeah yeah. Second great yeah. Second, graves review, you didn't Stop your bicycle. I won't get yourself my by all your trust me the next day right back on and that's the weirdest yeah. That's the part for us who didn't have that childhood that that's really hard to Korea. So what is the transition from being an environment where you're totally celebrated in like your unique gift is, is loved and supported, and you're, making a dream you're mad or having a dream. Literally lightweight. My life is good a menu with that then the transition to to
normally I who or what was that you do you remember that being a bummer, you know, honestly it sort of felt like the again it's weirdly. I don't know why I'm lucked out I've again I had such grounded parents and I think their whole thing of like keeping my perspective. It just felt like it felt like war like work and play that I the whole time I never saw any dynamic. It didn't feel like it was anything ever didn't, didn't feel centred around me weirdly it when I was in the same level with every but he always and it just felt like we were making this we're all playing. In the via was always they always. They also really did had like serious vetting processes where they would really like. My parents would talk to the film makers and talk to the other cast and before we agree to do it in a kind of get the vice of the tall arrival in May sure. It wasn't gonna, be sort of ragged, roman, poems new phone, exactly God, and so that was that was really great. So there never was sort.
Like I just didn't, know where you're going to a normal element, Roy Wine tutor. No, I went to a normal elementary school from kindergarten tenth grade. Elementary school works. Well now I know there is a thing: isn't it if the whole at an element, one big Kayser. I didn't finish by congratulation. Thank you. your honor, multiple degrees, it's fine did you ever like. If you're it at school I was being mean to you re like girl. I just definitely I just someone on the episode away on a little girl scout eighties rides and let that make myself feel better, but at the same time it did just feel like a whole different world, and you know, Again I was, I didn't, have the perspective to ensure it helps. with the bullying and again I have like my parents, so I can always talked about everything were really good about you know,
ah, but I still was a kid. I was still really in everything that I was Anna was very president in all my situation, so it didn't. I didn't have the wherewithal to be completely leg. Fuck, you I you know, I welcome what you were you at school I was like you. I was really fine. I skated through toll, probably I would say, grade. I was like very frizzy dirt. a very like tomboy, always in digging in the dirt. I was really into bugs. I was really like into science like pretty nerdy stuff, but I cannot stay out of everybody's way. Enough only regret what did the kids at school C4 What was their reaction to that? There's a couple kid sire,
we're like that's pretty cool and enable the photo. They still thought it was cool. When I what one I was acting sort of for a while when I was younger, it was like. Oh that's cool. She gets to do this kind of thing, and then you know you hit the high school. It's all the same, shed its like whether you're doing it or not. It's you hit these periods of, like you were saying that identity situation. Where your start to become aware of things- and Wherever you are, that's tough and I think that you were gonna dollars. I wouldn t, I guess I kind of clicked in or it was mostly like you think, you're so much better than us. and I was like I'm literally digging for worms in a box of mud like death,
I d like to preach along on this thing. So can I just love leave me. I love that you just said you think you're so much better, because I've been thinking about this a lot because we all feel less than around certain PETE right, and I just think that expression, you think you're so much better than us that the real sentences, I feel so much less Romeo, give people good on the fact that you know you feel less around garrison. They don't we don't know what they think totally may think that that's true, but the more important things that I, feel less right around you total net, something that you can address here right now, because- and I think about this- a lot- and this is something you voice. You always tells me so much with per healthy perspectives and stuff, but the concept of seeing something but not get letting it have a piece of you and not something. I that's really helped as you get older is like I've started to just back so far out of situations that when something doesn't feel right, I just immediately look inward and I'm like a cable whatever. This is why
Am I having such a violent reaction to it when it actually doesn't have to do with me? You know so that solar, when done of urine, you can look around you and then there's ten people. Nine other people are having that react shallow. It's a pretty good indicator that it's your thing in their yeah yeah nine times out of ten. You can just let it go. It's not here. You're concept Tina the exit, the example I love to give his like. If the times that we ve had like a dinner party right and in less than twelve people came and then eight of them laughed and there's four people left in the kitchen talking and then slowly seminal go like. She noticed that when the girls I she'd, like she's brow, You mean about her house, all the timely and then you ll notice, the three other people didn't notice that and then I'll go lie. I didn't know that mark dude, hey, could you need more attention like it in and what you just start hearing is like it's, it's my It's you, I'm like the police for someone who wants a lot of attention. Isn't I want all the fucking totally, unlike all micro, he was. I try
be funny or around is listening, basically road as their areas of me. I think that is exactly the thing you notice the things that sort of you struggle with just ping ping paying and drive you crazy, yeah you and then, when they even one I've noticed that and I go oh my god look at us. Us therefore, like all that happened is like there's no consensus. about whose annoying or who want attention is only your thing and then, if you look at the world that way in the world is just the world yeah. You know there isn't any one that subjectively anything just how your reacting to the world and not for you. Change the world I won't change mark wanting to attention. All I can do is changed Dax, yeah attempt or I'm always gonna hate being around the mark, The worrying! That's ok, I think that's another thing that soothing about as you get older, is kind of like not having so much emotion, all damage and being able to sort of it's ok to you can still love. People in this was something
Khatami early, on which I'm still tell myself, and I really money rather than nano. Isn't it true that you did a lot anne, but you know this. I remember talking you is it major about somebody that I was struggling with. Their whatever was- and it's so much about that, what expectations you of people- and I were you saying you can't expect people to love you the way that you love and I was left that was my brain explaining what is tricky for me in the past. What has ruined relationships is that I have a list of five things that I do to show people I loved, and so, when someone blatantly does something, that's almost the opposite of allows five things. I interpret that as I don't love you I wouldn't have done now and I have had friends. You, like you, know their hooked up with a girl. I was in love with her whenever, after we broke up, and that is not part of their think- that's not how they show that they love some ass to its
would be different if I did it to them, but I'm doing it to badly in and that's important, if not part of their their vocabulary of love and not something. You know that I I set it just felt like it really set me free, because I realized that you can still love people but no certain things about them and no not to expect you just it helps give you a more complete picture who they are and then, if it doesn't completely line up with you being your most vulnerable self, then you can put them a little further away from you on the spider web of your light of his knife. Others, like the I wanna, go to Fuckin Arby's with that guy totally do whatever right and then there's people that all I want you. There were my kids born nuns, vine and applying to have different tears of people. It's just so worrying and I do I think, that's exactly all that in general, just the concept is had the insecurity in all those things in general. It's just so it's it's a double edged sword of one year fearful. It just makes you wanna cling onto everything and hold on
grudges in bloom, be upset and have baggage all these things and then, when you are just filled with love, you have enough to spare where you can give some, but not let the negative stuff come back in your little Munich. safe zone, yeah it in a way. We have an expression. That is, expectations are resentments waiting to happen which are lost. So it's like any time. You have an expectation, yeah odds. Are it's not gonna be met? You know the! Even if you have a house, your building, you have a car, you would I anything in life. The second you kind of set a hard expectation, you're pretty much going to be different, absolutely shortly thereafter in someone's got to be to blame yeah. Now I really love that a lot, and I think that that again sort has helped me over the years back to being a child actor and what knock as I definitely I had a lot of good times in school, but I was like I was Blake bullied pretty hard and had some really bad immense artisans experts that stuff
around six grade and a kind of referrals right. There's there's a difference here. If its work were guys are terrible than theirs, their spears were girl, oh yeah, guys we're about. Unlike ninth grade for me online, but girls were about e g. I feel like an junior high girl, Sir Gideon Elise Demoniac, got started. Giving like a little caddy were. Telephones were still trying to like the outer. Allow me with your they weren't smart enough to like do something. MAC availing in an evil. The way girls can did they throw blood all over your head, say: you're, the broad prom queen and right now I wish it was like they showed me into a lockers and the lesson that no is more just like
like a major donor and leg being, I would like eat lunch in the bathroom just like stupid shit that I was going to save time right now is to see I still do that works really one in one end right out the other open up one wants to God. Do I wish you? I think you know it's just too the the whole balances of the thing. I think it did help me to have perspective about costs. I just never. I was never very self conscious. That was what was. Might the burglar matured Europe as an actor? I would so yeah. I didn't have that self consciousness, so it was tough when it started to come in and kids sort of started to be awake, actually you're that smells like. Oh, my god I am is about you know was like that kind of thing, but for the most part it all felt pretty even doubt, and I think she didn't really hit the fan until a tenth grade, which is when kids were really starting to leg, buckle down and be not the best. So right goes like your money to meet people either low,
They loved his glory, they loved you. I happened to love Junior hides the greatest seventh grade like a looming layer of Mercosur, everything over and over again, I don't like the way they have been that it happens, just parted being I haven't growing universe. Dance. You remember well, on six May When I got a junior high emission engineer, I was six through a definite already kissing. At this point, you up, I started kissing pretty hard core and six greatest my my girlfriend sash across it was an eighth grade, shoes, so foxy, as always tell you also elementary no girls like me at all. They all hate me and I was I was, departing road as hell. No, I was like dyslexic in winter. disabled. I was nine feet tall and two hundred and seventy two I was like those too big and couldn't rain. You were not a hundred and seventy pounds. I was so big. I wasn't a hundred seventy pounds in an alimentary, but I was I was in fact my mom told me like when she went in the kindergarten numb little play. We are to put it
are we saying we were all pigs? She heard two different parents whisper like how many times is that kid flunked like it look like I was three years older than all of us, I was with a big pop up about, but for whatever reason doesn't really matter, I did. I didn't, have any girl action in L, a mentoring than I am I, when I went to junior high, my brother like took the reins he's like your beer get sidestepped. hell, yeah you're wearing combat boots your skateboarding you're wearing this flannel shirt at all, as an ideological showed, it was like a movie where they take the girls glasses, augmenting, her hair down and cheese and sees all that I should have a junior high- and I was like I was his hip- is fucking guy for a couple years ended in in office and the most popular grown school liked me Sasha and then quickly there. I Did these Valentine one of my number, since I was going to basketball games and just making out for two and a half hour older age, all I would go up there sure and I was afraid to go under their blogs. I thought it would hurt them like getting with filth.
Like I attached so tightly. For me to get my hand between the good is that why you're in their skin felt like? It's gonna be hurrying their backsliders grab onto the material there. Before break up the brow I wouldn't make really ever yes in four, like thirty may, I was doing some deep, deep, french kissing and a lot of over the bra haughtily rise. Second, basing the french kissing was lake, while back then I don't think it'll give better than an early make out a cask. I felt like what is this feel beyond his like actual like russian as of Lake Rio, where I got over the place. You know boner, Those were sadly yeah you have on your. I liked junior high media raising liquidity. Girls. Are really online until middle school.
So what do I like? It's? It's not like. They just didn't like you. They didn't like boys No, I can tell you my friend Trevor whose, like my cool friend in elementary, he was dating Amy. Who is the house growing countries like three years they like breach Valentine aiding, is not yet they weren't hokey. Now they just like decided, that's my boyfriend, but yeah. We didn't like each other in our railway disbursing altogether at new monitoring no. I feel you I'm using only via the pick a year to be good. Isn't what I'm telling you I agree? I agree. I yeah have any of that. I was now. When did you start French, kissing french kissing? I flee. Remember I got a feeling you're hot, to try it
It was like a little concerned about that. All that stuff about it made me feel then it was in vain. I have like a real problem. I remember in fourth grade. I still feel bad about those things like that. enforced grade sweet, Alex Martyr, Osanna hours if you're out there, I'm sorry you deserve this amount is bad. I still really, I he wrote me. I will never forget. You wrote me a love letter in science, glass and I was so angry. I was like fuck you're going. We have to think about just disgusting feelings. Were it was letter like the most beautifully written like you're? The answer that I was in your fucking know me focusing on site. I was Oh in areas that I was curious and marched up to the teacher- and I was like you gonna fuckin- do anything about that's cause. I can't focused on my work with this perverse behind I like from reaped
my parents that thing I like a phone call that I was like losing. My mind, why do you think I think I'd like not? I was not used to the by that's point. I was really not interested. I liked kind of blending into the background and I was like, in short I we didn't want to think about any of that kind of stuff. I just I was not interested in thinking about opening up the the category active around. I did not want to even go there and I didn't, I think, I'd so didn't understand it that I was just like you have got to go somewhere. I didn't know again in this kind of goes counter d, like your perception of you, think a kid raised on the Ceta Round, all adults and railway Yazoo yeah. I kind of of the opinion of this. When parents dress out about like their kid sexuality, yeah I experienced its just person, it happens when a happy and it doesn't really that doesn't seem to be influenced by like what your friends and we know what our cause. I had friends buddies. Who again during this high light of my life, junior high soldiers, were horny sound,
Toto and other guys who had girlfriends we're good, looking and really seem to be mature. They weren't they didn't want to do that, and that was that. I think it is itself personally, I think, you're telling right and then you know I remember when did so. When did you come out all started when I remember I can occur, online in about seventh grade. I started. I remember I I literally always always work. Lots like it was just not an issue is like the only thing I gotTa Panzer shoes cooler. much of their parents and their legs sort of pan thoroughly. Ordered lake is doing or resolve when I m not clam Dinger about something of what you can do, some unseen and grow further and I feel like so. I would like it there, but it's basically like us. Court outer grayish is colossal and I loved him.
I love them well, only they lie in the dirt ere. I was gonna like very. I was doing those busy like looking for snakes and member grass and severe amateur colleges. Really sad and Oh then I remember this girl Jennifer one day being like he, you never ever or ever gonna, where a skirt- and I was like that- True, I wear them all the time and she was like you actually dont, even onus garden. I was like you'll see tomorrow I went home and I think we got it do the universe like me and my mom go and get me a skirt. Just over wrong and the day after that, I showed her wrong. And after that I like, doesn't look egg as they still at you wear shorts under those birds. I was like jokes on you guys. I look great, but I feel even better Anything going over the women who are the four met, these women and Qatar. You they have the. What is it
He jobs the top power I hydrochloric wherever and whenever the whole floor to ceiling number- and I don't mean events by this thing under the under that. Do you know that under that their wearing should now and all like, they were super super expensive brand name. Calling them under me. Call in you and backward yeah. Lastly, thing on the outside Burke hundred I just had to have it be like the utility I needed the utility, but that sort of was when I was like. Ok. Well, that's very kind of you. I guess I look kind acute and I think desiring to be like a park ranger at this point. Ices dilemma sparingly. We know each other, that's my second, that's my career as a mark ranger. You regret, I think so too, being by myself twist up a little do behind Nonjuror visited me just like starting fires for murder.
The gate in its annual about realizing. You ever saw my career, yet its psychological thrillers where the guy realises he's our latest shutter island. My name is mainly verve. Add me, you just you get to the bottom of your even finding roaches. We know them Gonna be Marilyn's. Areas are so much, but so I think it started and I remember the first time which is due to the hot partisans. I was high enough about your cool. I remember I was at the roller rank and there is a really q boy who I liked and everybody liked, and he was the best rollerblade her and he was on hockey teams and he I had was wearing jeans from limited to the had stars on them and he was leg. I, like your genes literally the star was like on the knee and he touched my me and I was lying like I couldn't believe it is actually a man. I remember like off like a few roller accessions. Later he kissed me and I was
kiss and share his tongue down my throat so far and I hit him. So they always yelled. I didn't know what ain't Lula I didn't understand and no one had ever even explain that you were going to do that. I thought it was just like us, simple mouth, to mouth, no problem an smacked him so hard across the face and that I would like our societies to like me Denmark is now men, design and whirling and air, and it was like my high school junior high school wafer. Oh that's really. I want to bring up one of my it's gotta, be my top five Youtube videos of ever seen in my life, and it is you as a baby. talks on rosy o Donnell. Can you believe relapses tonight well yeah, raising them your with Sandra Bullock in your plane, her daughter at that point in hopes slopes, I assume you are promoting. The movie right must have did she was brought you loved Sandy when he was. He was my best friend
who's, your best friend, and she really like again, I'm now, I'm lucky you like on this but I must now I have a kid who I adore and eat lunch within my true learning Many people were girls. Good me see, ironically, time are not good wagon. Girls are gonna, be ok, so I know, but it's so funny to me, that leg back in the day. I remember my parents would like walk me over to Sandy's trailers. Idyllic trust me. I have lunch day like I have to be over there in ten minutes, and they can they be like sorry if she's very annoying- and I was just like you guys- are so Syria's relating Japan likes to blame. I'm sure you really. We did, and I remember we talked about Syria shed and it was like a relationship stuff and just like do we talk about everything she would take me out
like dinners and waiting I mean it was like Charlemagne me feeling carbide even leave as nonsense. We haven't slept but, as you know, is like highly hypocritical so lucky allowing living sex industry just the do. Well, I what I want people to look for in it, because I know you so well so far from you to watch it, because what I see one, watch it now. I wonder if you have any recollection of this, is that you're very fucking, smart in your very intuitive, in your very perceptive in there? There is a point in the interview word. They start treating you little q, a new turn a little bit like loading rose, he's trying to have a sides with Sandy about how adorable you are but you're like he does is my brow. I mean I didn't want any yes, yes, I am imagining you're thinking like whatever Poland. Her aside, like jokes, I like what A friend you like
you think, I'm this little kid, but we're fucking going to cobbling you're you're, not really obvious to me when I watch it when it turns because they think what I don't see any thought could she knew very well, but Rosy thought it was going on. Your head was even like trying to call out later, he's giving me a leg has but its money too, because it's also like there's a vibe of lake profession, wisdom. Under my little tiny leg fate cheeks were I'm leg. Sort of, like guys, will keep us on the rails, television anyway go astray, I'm giving and like sand. These kind like Sandy's off you're giving me a little joking urgent, shed. I even give her a look. A couple times are like That's fine tat, no time like the weird little tens, and I think that interview where she asked me. Why would I want for Christmas? And I say a stairmaster I actually is, though, still want. I wouldn't be so happy to bar that from pigs. Casket was not at all after
all these years, mark my words, but what you are so fond of watch, because you're just you're too smart and your two perceptive, but what's so funny like you, can only be smooth. Our Enzo, so perceptive at that time? Does you get you don't have the wherewithal to go like I now it's time for me to play my role together, you little kid who doesn't understand no which, by the way it never gets easy to play Iraq as an you'll, find yourselves isn't adult actor in. Weird, like I don't know, I'm assuming when you were out like promoting wallflower, like their people, have their roles in Germany,
if the rules in the moving them, they also have it out promoting ray and again, I've been lucky in that, like my rules have varied so much, and I had been a dream for me that I never felt totally tight cast, except for type being type passes linked. The weirdo where I, who I always got to do something really different, and I got me a chameleon and had a different haircuts and meat from people above also that kind of is one cool element of being sort of a little off guilders. I never felt like I was like jammed into one box that I couldn't burst out of blue book, but if I have to say one thing, I have observed that I have observed in new during parenthood which on couldn't be more sympathetic to this. By the way. This is the kind of thing that would trigger the fuck out of yes, I feel less than easily
I see that little kid on the couch, and I see that, like the part of that little kid carried over to parenthood because area like me, many of the people there don't recognize. You ve been doing this for fifteen years right and I think even the network to some level is like your plane a fourteen year old on the shows that they feel like they're gonna, have their going. Let us say over how your hair is, where closure wearing right, where's immediately. Try that with me, because I was like a third. Two year old dude in a kind of new they were getting. When I heard me like, oh, he was to be the wildcard yea once every Erelong, whatever that no one ever saying to me by my hair, but they did at the beginning at least right, it didn't try to micromanage those things and I think you're probably dined scream motherfuckers I've been doing. two decades. I know how I want to hear my God do. I deserve the same latitude that fuckin crazy Nelson gear,
nor indeed did that hurt you a bit when we first started on parenthood. You know it's it's so weird thing. I think people do just tend in any situation to judge a book by its cover. It's like a, the thing that we do and we are talking about that as far as like identity, and you never trouble when, because you are young, you are female neural times That's right into the big difference, and I remember actually my dad sort of teaching me that I remember, as I did sort of start to come into my own sort of consciousness. I remember there B. I remember there was this. One product does work now and I was like sixteen or so, and I was the second lead and- and I remember there was our our base camp a deal was this guy and he just probably like early thirties, and he just
couldn't have been dripping with more resentment and sarcasm towards me, like everything would like this progress than if it yeah he just was so leg and then you could just tell and ice, and I was like what the fuck I'm barely know this guy and I might talk to my doubt about an he was like you know: you're gonna have to fight this on everything that you do just because you are here look really young. You are young and your tiny irritating and your woman. I remember he just said the way he just like he's, like the way that you prove them wrong is just show them. that that's not who you are and that you are a professional and that you're gonna what you do and you are kind to everyone- and you are- you- deserve to be like a bird and treated like a human being back and forth. You know I unites. They think there is just there's preconceived notions in every job in every situation and I think there is especially when it comes to actresses or young actresses, whatever it can happen that way, and so you know I just try to power through it, and
I think I love well. First of all, you never stop fighting gas. Now you ever rolled over surrendered, so you know, I am surprise. Everybody yeah just like that kind of hard to dominate, yeah and monitor I wasn't rough, but thank God you did because your character was such a fund Ellen. I used to get such a bang out of because they did it. Ultimately, let you do it fuck you want. There is a couple of things were your way and glasses era, this I know a washing machine. I love a bell and I were at home and we would just be loud if any hostile able to going on and we were at the same time just so proud of you. because you have such conviction that this regime would wear glasses dynamic
Beverly was an accurate portrayal of like people going through identities that eighty with low appropriate who you were playing in the time. You never see that that was something I loved. So much on parenthood was like young. You don't get to see that age of girl. We don't get to see them going through the weird it's always like. I am after college or like just got Attica. It's like they don't get to see that we in between where your leg, who the fuck am I what am I wearing? What do I want to do? How do I do? How do I become the person I want to be, and I was so low He also there is there. There is. There is these conventions and again I sympathise with people who run networks, because it's all such a fucking, he amble so they're, trying to shore up any potential liability. They
and so one of these things is like hair people's hair has to be this way. I mentioned now facial disease, weird little yeah, tent poles, as you do that either they ever talk about needing member really gave the only thing that ever happened was trailing, and I had a big war over me shaving my beard when I got married to joy on the show. He really wanted me to shave my beard and my argument was every character and the show is shaped Beard like that's like like Croatia, would share. The atom would share his beard, but that's where you have across me on the shoulder won't shave his beard for a wedding. Whatever more love could not be had for Larry Charlie, I brought my fucking little more than he is our king and our saviour yeah. And I hope he greets me at the pearly gains. That was the want. Maybe one of the only like battles we had ass. I was like now man, you have seven not well. You have thirteen other cast members that well
excluding you that how you by the rules loves you have the vulgar, that's not point Bulgaria, but that was it. I don't really get any kind of shit. I mean, I think it's great. That was you know, and especially as I work more and more and of course I always remember, Lauren being like you're. Never gonna haven't this good again your leg and then it's really like that's the thing I loved about that job. So much I mean, as of all the millions of things at all, What about that job? But one thing. I think that there is very little to say right, as is the great job any of us and will ever our. I really believe that are so strongly. Would you like to show. I hope you take pleasure in knowing that we even less making more than what out her anything. We could ever express that words cover express, it meant the world and I I, when one thing professionally I loved about it, was that when something didn't make sense, I never felt aside from a rare disagreement or whatever, but I never felt forced to do or say anything without having had explained to me first in a way that made sense and if you didn't and if we couldn't figure it out, they were fine to change. Yanks doubts
thing negligible, so I gave us a tunnel ownership over a totally which makes you wanna take more care, a really something tv more than the thing is a writers medium. It's where the writers have the mouse control The writers are movies, generally, they ve written it beforehand and then you're off a year later, shooting a thing, and then I must say, but tv is really run by writers, name all the power, and so because of that, typically on tv they dont. Let you fuck with what's written rat, that's pretty much the Bible and you stick to it, whereas I'm parenthood and in Jason Kingdoms, who create the show. He very much encourage us to do whatever we want and you, and I would have so much have seems right. I mean it required Larry, trilling too, like come gently remind us. I will this scene is although fine doesn't resemble at all what his post I know, you're driving find you will get you no one had any idea. We got to set up this one or two things, the boy. We just have some of his nose like I now something I treasured so much that we had were able to have their relationship on the show, because
we really were. I was like many crosbie. Amber really was the wilds card of her thing, like we related to each other, the most and at all the times that she needed somebody like an adult quorum code. Tobakcre up, it was always you like they. We had a very similar slatted allude and sensibilities. I felt like I was such a special relieve. We we push this for about six years, but we we made the argument that certainly in some areas of the country, you know people date their needs. So why is there no tears outlining its hands, but maybe not Craig? Albania is missing, there's always them online childcare, minor Asian by we I mean ultimately not because we want we will try to do each other, but mostly because we wanted every seeing the other. So we thought if we could just can't we just kept trying to light and it was like monkeys, Do they just never stop trying to break out of their enclosure? We didn't we kept trying to find like a crack where we could somehow somebody
you and I should be a come all the way and is being recipients, the other I'm pretty close. At least I mean I remember in the finale railway, say something really funding. I was. I was that's right. You say, like you say like I have a question for you and I'm like. I can't marry a shot in the eye, but also you know, then think the luncheon at thing that was usually you and I would tweet like inappropriate, stuff rare, and then I would. I would forget it it's easy to forget that for people they might only they only no one may be, as related ran. Munich, of course, don't feel related had all but the people who are rising up. It was very disturbing the imo we would joke about the lad even with miles people were like upset they were going. Are you wearing my I mean? There's there was always miles below the guy's, your house. He still does J still lives at your own gas. Exactly as though there was our minds of conspiracy theories, but that's going on, I think even nurtured a cup or one point out. I'm gonna give you all these years tomb
paper people of their livelihoods are rarely they're. Gonna fallen, begging for our yeah. It's too bad. I still kind a wish. That's what happened We are reminded of your leave. Those of anger is grounded lines, Bosnia leavings possible, but yeah. I think that that was like, thank God the whole. What and again you know that, thank God that they listen to us, because that's how You know all the luncheon itself came up and everything else, and I remember where I was standing when I wake aggressively pitched the luncheon educate homes outside and he was just like. I could just see in his eyes like so much love and also so much like. Please stopped. Yeah. Take your aggressive yelling going. We had. We have seen that thing. I even have a picture of the scene posted on my instagram in its there's only things we felt many of them where, where Peter in May and I would be in the control room of the latter. Yes, Santa Monica Zooelogy apparent allies watch it. Almost every night to voters illegal soothing. I love it. Yeah really wanna watch it from Bulgaria.
but anyways we'd have all these scenes at least once every couple weeks we be in there, and we have to be listening to abandon its plain and they're. Not plainly. We happen to be acting superpower around this tiny, as as is that is we got deeper into the years of film in it you and I almost we couldn't get through the means right. We are raising each other me about light years during their couples. There are a couple of this was a shower. I am full blown crying, but I'm not sure I guess it. Why do you think I'm going as I'm laughing at heart and trying to make my mouth at me if there were both pinching each other's legs, areas that are only likes veins, popping out of my forehead, Mister Crow funny? If I now lucky yeah, we really are so when you after leaving that show you you did in rapid succession a bunch of movies, one of them which I went and saw which was perks of being a wallflower than yours, so so great in it, and I wonder at any point: did you have some
when that you were trying to be, as there was an actor whose career you thought you were aiming at or you are aspiring to have and did your movie roles fulfil that or feel like it moved closer to that or not what my acting coach by the way just sit there that out there for him Andrew Hungarian, the whole concept of I got. I went with him on my personal view, announced for because I couldn't even read yeah and I had saved so we had to, and he was such a genius at. This is another reason why my perspective as great as he really incorporated a lot of games and sort of metaphorical things without them, knowing their metaphorical. There was a lot of leg. He would play catch with me and talk about now see about about the ball and how you gotta keep your eye on it and when you catch it you know you always make sure you look at the other person before you throw the thing. So it's like the moment. You know you got it. You would always make sure the person is paying attention and that you really receive what they say. First before you throw it back like lots of stuff. That was really help for me as a little kid
but I don't shoot your pants on user, but how is it that was always number one don't always follow out, but I think you know for me, he's always called me his his many Judy damage, which I really judges like the longevity and the kind of again the chameleon, none of it off just being able to do a bunch of stuff- and I think that's always been my dream- is to play weird imperfect. You know crazy people all over the map, of course Sandra Bullock. I always have adored and looked up to now and again I just I just want to be doing this for any one of the things. I think you do it's great, but you will we untouchable like around three hours ago area, but you know what one of the things I've I've always been happy for you about is that you it's very easy. If you were here you're in the pursuit of this career to make your entire life, because your constant
fighting for a job and you gotta get this guy get about you and I don't know how you are so well adjusted. Unhealthy do have done this year. You ve made a ton of time for real life. Ever since I've known you here, you ve data. Do that in different states in you and spend a lot of time mare you. You have this crazy passion for music, so you spent a good deal of time either surrounding yourself with musicians are. I sing in your own stuff and what I think is great about that is it is my own personal taste, no disrespect anyone there are. There are many actors that I don't enjoy watching cause. I honestly don't think they ve never been anything but an android. You know there's a couple of a very Academy award winning unlike female actresses. I can think about up my head that I'm, like I dont, think you ve done anything, but I am your entire life. I just don't Billy by and then occasionally a guy like I'm Russell Crow, albeit maybe not the greatest Kosher hotel room with when he is that from personal experience.
No did he make my maxim went ahead with a phone. How might we not really beggar grass? They might have some anguish yeah, but when he came on during the first time. I saw him and I guess that that movie, maybe Mulholland, wasn't gladiator now neglected avow going from all sides, but anyway it's it's all its it set in Hollywood in the thirties or whatever anything from a private he's a cop, and it was. He shows up to this colleagues, a guy's beaten, his wife. I lay confident alike eyes, oh yeah, I so much and he walked up to the porch and he looks at the gunners when's. The last time you dance with a man does like. Of these mother wars knocking down murmured, says not. Do he didn't get like stage fighting train totally and others like this is a real man, gas, whose tangled ass many a driving us. This is something that's palpable beyond that I can feel so. I think you have that may think you're you're living this very color.
What kind of bohemian life and it's kind of like Pirkl percolates upper bubbles up in and when I watch you perform my God is a girl with a whole bunch of interest in yeah yeah. I mean you're right that that is something and again I was doing my parents always really helped me with. Was the perspective that your end again for better or for worse cause, I'm sure I'd probably be more, maybe having a really strong dry? brings you more work, are bigger work. I dont know by me: they they really were always like your personal life and health and love does come first and in and it has to when you're I mean, at least for me and the kind of person I am in a united sensitive, and it takes me a lot of time to process things, and I need that energy goes out very quickly and it's hard to sort of build back up. So it is
no ads. For example, when I was I remember when I was in school, there was some big movie in eighth grade that they were offering me, but my school was going on a field trip to Washington DC and I was like why I don't want to miss it and that's what I want to do and there really great yeah so do that so is like that was always encouraged as not letting I think it's hard to cause this industry, especially you feel I give you leave for five minutes. We are gone and it feels like the only thing in the world like it's. The that sort of tone is, boys like yeah, what I don't care if it's your grandmother, you are all you got. A modification in Britain would have for like there's a sort of this tone of, like obviously, that shit doesn't matter, and this should come first and I think, having a nicely deeply ingrained. You know family feeling, in thereof, like that's actually not the way I operate and that's ok. I can you know, do my thing: it's it's like you're saying it does help me become a balance person and deadly of mourning given more to relate and put behind my, Why are you so attracted musicians? You ve dated about twenty five,
revise our now you're talking about. Are you hurt, I feel when I got the car that's what the gains Irma S gonna Arma that's worth waiting The girl under other ways so much that now entering no, it's called a guitar good. When you see a guitar, I hazy, turkey- and you start like fluff up your hair a perfect, my ear nose while you're through time No more me! Why did you? Why do you do you like? What do you think you ve always been attracted to them? Is that something like that? You will clearly love it and you doing like you have a fantasy that maybe you should have or could have gone and done. Music yeah, I mean, I think, if I wasn't. If I hadn't been an actor, I probably would be laying or a park ranger that's on the table. I think I definitely would have probably been like all over the place with my full sleeves of tat.
Whose hair all over I mean. I love so rock out you know when I was a teenager, I was like listening to like weird like hard core and stress fully. Emma. I was all over them out, but I definitely music is leg for acting, as is its me. It's everything that I am it's like in every particle of me, but their music is like a big league passion, active passion of minutes. What, get excited about, and I love singing and playing music a bell, and I both we ve, been brought to tears, you guys you wouldn't leave em over these assholes. I'm just saying, I remember, I was sitting on the mantel fireplace and offline some tunes it's a little ever like did so much that I got self conscious that, like all Christians of professional singer,
I'm like openly weeping over amazed at the most beautiful thing about her, and I really like I was so into a guys. I had a moment Rosa, hey, checking whether your y know, you think she's a good thing or between you, and I hear much better than what I and the whole thing will tell the frozen people please, my god. I felt so fuckin self conscious singing in front of her. I was actually The best thing I have ever heard in Europe being like nobody. I know what you re, seeing in the quality that you have, that makes you could singers exacting quite mixture, good actor, witches you: are your own brand lay on using you? Don't sound like anyone else to me, you you're not trying to sound like what I want. I want my. You know Bell in our you about this I'll go like I dont dig musicals eater singers because they go through a college and they learn online like every other musical. These undertakings-
by the way, I'm probably wrong about that statement, but that is how I feel about it. Where's like you, I go. Oh this gale just open up her mouth, that's what came out. I have tried to make it anything else and you play the guitar really well tat. We know it's like the most vulnerable thing ever like I could stay could do any acting situation in any place it's the most vulnerable. For me. If the thing that I like for some reason, I remember when I did that scene where we in Ireland Open might my eye was like and it was those trestle took as it was like my brave or my family was sitting right in front of me. Then my whole crew fan Are you I'd known for all these years was watching and then my like actual family and friends game and sat in the back and watched, and I was truly like ours, Rodya Lobnoe, following your uselessness of mark. I well I right that's actually my boyfriend at the time Landon Peg.
Peggy love Piggy, piggy. Special singer. Amazing musician, he actually wrote it for me, which are so called due to have somebody that once could kingdoms kind of found out that I could play guitar and saying he was like all: let's bring this into it, but it was great with land and he wrote a couple songs cool I gotta go. Unpopular sons were definitely coffeehouse. Relief are still here then I really lulling. Another coffee, shop, Leave me be young falling for you not a lot of my range where an so yeah, so he wrote it, which was very cool, and I was happy to have that resource. Did you do for Poland of rail in a play? What play so I did play called the mystery of Levin sacks by Bathsheba Joanne that opened in one run on New York. I remember now and then I did at the taper, pure
my name a forum at one year, nine hundred people- this is mostly leg, was weak earlier twenty minutes ago Normally I would like to say three there's a guy supposed parenthood, Post parenthood yeah windfall nude on state every night. Bree nigh everything on I ain't shows a week. Please explain that it was actually really
unifying you know again, I haven't done any nudity on film having like that, so that was. It was an interesting thing, but the thing I really loved- I was never I've never actively been against it. It just any sort of like everything in my career again, it's if it makes sense to my heart and it makes sense, then it I can do it. It's just sort of never felt in Portance, I eyes so, but this this script I really loved, and it sort of about these, these it's a family and also the daughter and her best friend, and how their basically their sexuality is formed over the years and expectations at all these things and sort of she there's this scene where they are in college and they ve been best. Friends were forever and she's, always thereby so intimate alright, and she's. She basically begged him to have sex with her. She bags that she's, like begging him to love her she's, like it makes perfect sense. I mean more basically in love. Why won't you just do it?
oh fine, she's, trying to kind of convince him and they ve their drunken all this stuff, and she has this like really vulnerable moment where she just ripped off Her clothes and his legs begging him with tears in her eyes and, like you know, is to have sex with her and be in love with her, and he won't do it and it is a kind of forms, her whole thing of shame and pain and everything. also it's a kind of it it for her yeah and its end again. It didn't feel it's. Obviously. I was super urges the whole time ass, Minos, weirdly difficult with thinking about your body, like as I would, if I gonna situation like really gonna, get my stomach enjoy totally You can't help think about airline fuckin being met again at the end of the day, I just was kind of leg outside, This is what it is, a long standing their naked in front of not very long. I it's weirdly was almost more vulnerable to be in my underwear because it's like suggestive like you're, like Lou, there's two things
here which again, unlike what is a concept of like american nightmare, about like nudity and everything else that then I'm lonely naked. It's really not! It's! Probably like a solid thirty second son, I'm standing air in front of him. Go get eternity, I it's a fucking, it feels like a fuckin entered, but the Reno. Then I go get covered up in a better anything else, but it was weird. It was literally like the build up was so stressful and then once I did it, I was like I felt free and I felt like yeah this is, I am a human being. I dont are you all union? What are we all do annex about here always is a recent invention. It's totally everything just life suggestion, but I could, but I remember, like you know, of course, to a lot of the people in the audience. Worked older. Apparently, rather more comes. I gave them a cue to as to when to arrive, as I did
with anybody that we don't want to be an absurd, brownie, clear messages you, and rather than goes out there. You know you just tell me that nobody needs that, but it was. It was actually amazing and it made me feel, and you know the other thing is its momentary. There's no pictures, there's! No, it doesn't take people out of scare you, though, in an era where everyone's holding out, for I mean I was lying around shame on them. If you do that in a nice theatre with a thing like you any not whatever, if it is, it's like you ve seen it yeah, the mental picture. Sure do I but yeah, I'm not I'm not excusing anyone's Geiger ever but boy. If you could just spend a few hours in a seventeen year old boys, mind, that's imagine, makes sense yeah. I can see some. You know teenage just be unlike the boy tolerable home. I gotta remember that, whereas I think earns unlike phones are a problem in that you know, I'm so like I'm ready to move to the big ranch in the sky and stop
all the technology outside with a shotgun and, like you know my eye cows running around or whatever right disclosure wish drop one. four hours, and why do we need this kind of art in the middle of an issue on women guy every night, but did as as these on how many shows that you were united? Vienna was not on for almost two months and it was eight shows a week ogres so that a lot of times aid. That's extend my original idea, women owners of you so long ago, I've everything's do marathon. should actually fast man. Look. He was excited about it, as though so did towards the end did. Do you can forget that that's even a thing like tat. So when I was directing chips- and I heard anywhere Else- bear naked- and I had like you know about Crown Royal bag over my.
I can balls and in so you start off, would like the robots and tell her own royal bags, really a vision, and then they throw me against the wall like three times and eradicate an online. Tell him you were they move a lighter and I find that every three hours, I'm just the fucking Crown royal bag, is the balls of come out. Israelis are on the head of the penis in a shaft and his balls, and unlike just talk here, we were any. I just totally forget. As I was driving home, then I was like you know. Someone could complain it was. It was rich. Genuinely I just four guys. I concentrate and other things, and I really is the Miller that year nine our get. I was naked other like an hour of it. You don't even think about it literally at innovation, feel flattered or upset you to invite me to this Really it should ensure got off there's a little bit about the next report on meat as soon as you might be naked, and then parliament should say Cyber Benin, Togo order. You help me where's our war inside the I now both christian symbols,
She was in hair yeah and you know the end of hair. They all get nay. I am, I sprang up and down the audience and shift Justin. me like that she had a boyfriend thine own use considerably older than hers. You d, like a thirty eight year old man or something college than she had met after her performance and hair, and am I honey. I'm sorry! I don't trust! You want a nineteen year old, frolic up and down the aisle weird and then take her out for a tropical saw something now has anyone ever he's sure yeah you as a Frenchman? No, actually nobody, nobody, nobody cared! like hell, I'm like hey, I didn't get any nice days after that I was at school. I liked it and then this is to last things. I want to talk to you about you're in trouble. You I've never seen someone love something as much
Did you love Taylor? Swift? Can you just tell us what is it about you're going to tear kit there's that to that everything with rain regulars enough already. You have a major lady borne fruit. I can't, even when everyone does the everything else, I suppose everyone likes tailors were, but you when you pop on her music. I witnessed it in the trailer. I think my first Finally, another instrument area is you putting on a dance routine, her music, and one day when it first started. I thought oh she's. This is like ironic, you're very off be loved zennor. All these things, and then this is straight up. middle holes, I America, Mcdonald's Apple pie in a guy. You love. This compromise is because you, some at such a talented songwriter, you and me love for me, I love it. Having daughters now, love it, I know he's
Tal enhance amaze me so, but it cow disease minors. so yeah, the red ribbon, rosy cheeks, the other areas. unbelievable song they're, all I'm telling you the girl can do at the hell. Can do it she's just a great songwriter, she really homes. Have you seen on cancer? Well, a lot I, Video travelled to see now that I have seen her I went to. I went twice for her last album looks united around. If you become friends with I actually have- I mean I'm at why dont see her every day, but we definitely I've. We have they. Also, you know Jack ants and off Rachel's brother, yes, writes a lot of her stuff, well mounted albums and that this whole ass album. He did. He wrote in like
her on and produced a lot of stuff and everything in holes like my brother. Obviously so we definitely had were a sort of running in similar circles. At some point, five hung out with her and she is excellent. amazing and very cool, and indeed you. What did your love for her procedure interduction liked? It She know Europe has to hear very public about. I now have talked about the rest. He probably must have gotten a bad lived from me. I mean I was I do remember that, like the one I thought I was gonna meet her for the first time. I was like what the fuck do. I wear A truly was like all glory layer. Like words, what I do I m o should, I believe who should I have a fast out just like I truly was like how do I and then, of course, once I just relax, she was like the most normal we'd like talked about like feta cheese. I was like the most enormous com situation ever does, like I mean suggest Joseph
you find because there are people that I'm obsessed with publicly right and I love them from their malignant stuff. Like Brad Pitt like I can't stop talking about him. I just think about a million times on em take assured in everything is in lying all these things and is so there's a handful of people that I felt that way about and then have come to know them in real life and, of course, there almost never are they. The party ass I have in my mind and then it but at but then I decide to keep separate, so I still have still have some these people I hold in my head to different versions of them. I love- I still loved the movie- that's cool to do. I think it's going to do that. I mean I was in general is generally disappointing. Requisition rapid deployment figure. You're on a pedestal. It's like a classic thing. Yes, it's too much. Yes, it's like I'm out of tune Monica the story. You know I used to watch party of five and I was in fact
go pain whenever Campbell would have like it was. It was soul, crushing how in love. I was with her on the fact that I am sitting in Fuckin Dumdum Michigan, while she's out California. What am I doing an era we are clearly meant to be together and it was. It was heavy on my soul and then I finally matter I was in mate talks movie produce she was in. It matter. The crafts this line in the morning for breakfast and I had been linking all mine. I was an actor on the scene and I thought that was really cool. Then just I am struck a day and like a kind of mosey adopted the craft service line and then like trying to strike up some small talk. And she was like hi. What are you going to have for breakfast and I was like? Oh, I think, I'm going to drink my breakfast would I thought Oh funny might me, and my colleague, friends that was funny inch. The look on her face is: like alcohol you're gonna drink your breath,
such a balloon. I might just pull down my pants anything ordered and pride of our and that their data and waved it couldn't have gone world. It was so embarrassing near big chance, but in my mind that girl that I was in love with from tv wanting to love that Ratline little dismal renegade he's an accurate, is also an outlaw renegade. Meanwhile ass, you like I just got up like I have a job to do the things you do. Man that's diverse ways. I met met Matthew Lily because they were dating at the time of the visitor and set Bulgaria's mother Fucker started talking to me and my? Oh, my god, he's such a better match for her than I am. I think, a moral over this guy he's got a gun on you. He over delivery. I was large yeah yeah yeah, I digress
but I got so angry. I think you're right that that does happen off any. Yet again, I think it's. It is separate lanes like I love to hang out with her and I'm so like a genuinely think, she's she's, so nice and so kind and really cool every time I come out with her and she's very, like inclusive show, is like if I'm in town or some Michel invite me it's very very nice, but also I just literate the M her big, I think she musically is so, and you know I actually did get the chance to talk to her about it. At the dinner that I met her out, which was cool, it wasn't like scary I knew I was like. I can't hide theirs. I can't me like sorry. What is your name we get like, and I sort of just was like she was talking about herb new, album or some element of it, and I was leg you know I just want to say. I think it's really cool that you, I've been affair of course, for a long time and I have grown up and had my musical pace of change so much, but I find that you're really able to
I'll keep all your fat, retain your fans and grow and friend involved, but also bring on new fans like that. It's an amazing thing. You know, and it was like totally normal and she was tall issues like thank symbolic on this kind of talked about production value as a cool shit that I was curious about. So that was a big relief that you know she was that cool, and I do this thing. She is excellent. I think her music is really great We lover. I want you to answer and I really implore everyone to go into my answer, Grammont in southern, I suppose you do a deep dive in that idea was not like flexible. I can't imagine he, I think, you're a year you look like you're on Molly cultural and you are in your new rail or it smells like all the fuckin take out boxes of you had there in your dog. Can Chechnya I mean you what what does that mean? You never know that by sea. Are you are you? Are you have in fact loud tat? Today is the last time I danced ok. Well, for I let you go May when men lover my life's taxation
Maybe my small really this and Monica Canada tested this. So we have a lot of wonderful people that listen to this podcast and they always are our vocal about who they want to be on an hands down. I mean like a factor of ten year, thus single more requesting isolating happening around here. That's all regular! Email morning tar, the car, it's so nice yeah. I get up and leave the mouse. Why? Because everyone knows that you guys love each other, so my austrian, their excited the boy and people really really like like your new show, love my new show. Only the radio fun. First of all to be back on NBC. I know it sounds like I'm like reading as yet no real we filmed in, we did the pilot universal, and then we actually found Lana. Ok, I loved Lana I
wired and longer city and not want to relocate very that's the thing that is really fucking heart URI, locating first six months of your life, I'd sort of was leg, They had the same. I think I can do this to have been a good tat. What I and I was leg I am still trying to like reintegrate back into normal life, so it came back twice since the times of thy taxing you like her, What the fuck are you alive? I didn't even ice too. I literally am I got. This has been the first week that I've been home right actually like being able to go out and do stuff cousin. But after that I went to New York and we have to press for a long time like you're, just so all over, but I mean, thank God, I'm doing it with like the cool women, S Matt Willard, obviously, but all the coolest casting Christina Hendricks and Russia, who I fuckin somewhat only Christina hundreds in person, is even there In my view, this is only the euro over delivers she's the most beautiful. What I've always been like. She is so
beautiful, and I remember I met her once in an elevator at a hotel and in New York and she we had done a tinker, bow movie together, but we never met Yorkers maze of voice of tinker being by the way no asked? Yes, I am awaiting her well and she, she was an in one and she can it was like hey. I just want to say I'm a fan of parenthood and you noble and I worked with got like looking up at her. We rosing Earl Blue eyes. She is the most beautiful from that moment. I was just like totally obsessed with her and she has the best. style and she's. Just so cool and she's, like I mean she's, so you'll Mart chill as far and she's very mean ready to. I was very lucky because that show it's a it's. It's got a very interesting tone, it's like very community, but then it gets very dark, very quick. so it's hard anymore again when you're away from you know, when your away from your home in your family
for that long, as does very difficult- why I was like, thank God. I have these people and on. You know that in this job that because otherwise I would be totally skirt, but we were such an excellent team and we loved doing what we are doing so much, and I think this shows really great It has elements of parenthood too, which is what I love is that its leg it starts out. You think it's gonna be the slave, grounded family drama, and then you know of the women's sort of get swept into a tornado of stressful shed that gets out of their. They got up very out of their element, but it also always is grounded by their love for their kids? I play a mom, you do only its own. I had a kid at sixteen Plain, Lorelei, I'm place bait under your lying or alarming era. I M like ripping everything, often my performance from Lauren way. How do I go? That's a government to I've rip everything offer you love along Rankin jailers. I've been Jello is hard to not be she's Alice. I just cheapest cheese. idle most easily,
your dad, I'm just your lame and expand. Looking rigs, That is a though I may I may say is my favorite text in the world are from makers it up. They always start with either hey you handsome peace, a ship which is my affair, Marine ever pay you handsome pieces and then all you're, telling me how wealthy I was. I think you are funding
all of you see me in a talk. Show like we're, may will catch manufacturers. She won't say: hey. You were financial, so sexy. You look so rich on that away like those extra hands in peace leader and I can add rivers, lakes, and I mean I'm like wearing like swipe. Imagine looking ass God given agreements, I have to comment on it, but but but user I dont like she is really wake my hero yeah. I just think she's, just a Moslem loved she's, so amazed and she so amazing in every category. I mean enough already its leg: the Novel The thing I mean: listen, I just I'm being selfish, that I wanna be everything to you and I have to settle for being a tv and that's a beautiful on title to have a fake, those job, but it's the one that at the end of lake the movie where Europe
dead and buried in the ground. My will weep upon your grave every day and put flowers and be like. I wish you knew that you are more than german idea and a new and more appealing ray beside throwing you're about your throat bottled while throw my great goes down matters like, although disrespect every wish I ever had for you as a good baby. Alison sweetest angel. Maybe some I let you aren t. Thank you for having me and I will I'm gonna come back and sing a song you wanna go there? Anything is a long time. Parenthood fan that you want to ask me and I'm again, They are all anything else that I need to tell you about later. You may there whether Monica really filled the whole that you love, because Monica my sweetest BB now too, I feel good about we Her internationally, like hell, you like, when you goes when I'm like you guys, would be the greatest friendly gangs are both my soul, mates and after you get there, we could have a three way saw my thing that has fallen.
of that and we are united in the Maghreb Wensleydale still does my mom and aim is what happened yesterday. So I'm gonna have a week off in two weeks, so I decided I taken Lincoln on a trip when she was three just mean her. We want to North Carolina and, as I've always deltas turned so I booked a trip yesterday to go to Michigan and I come in and she's eating dinner and she her food may she loves the EU might again so I say to her I go Delta. I just bought. Their trip were going Daddy daughter to Michigan for a week, and she goes. Oh, my god can I finish my by
Don't we were leaving right then? What's he got nervous, you wasn't gonna be allowed to happen and thereby than I have ever seen this mix of panic and excitement of. Why didn't you say no issue? It has had a nice girl she's, like? U turn on your own words like that is incredible ends up Bum Navvy New and in what he knew and procreating with yours. So lucky yeah, you name it gotta come asked me formally, we're gonna have the damages by man Tonia, let me walk you down the aisle absent or I wouldn't think real who takes call you what, if why are on one arm and Tony's on the other? I can't imagine you here and I would be sobbing maddening
His eyes can hold hands as you walk after you drop me. I'm just hold each other just hope, each other each other. They tell you something about yourselves yeah. You have a real affinity for dad, of women like really I'm absolving. What's your dad, as he tell you noted, is really what are you doing? No, I don't. I don't have that with everybody. I think you boulders such exceptional women. I love talking you both so much and I just think your dad had to play a huge role in that. Like really proud of both of your dad you now being created to like crazy firecracker funds, more intelligent, yeah, provocative, strong, opinionated sweaty, and I also can't you noted- is too I can't help, but imagining what it would be like to be either of you. Tat might be so happy now I've either my girls grow up to be growed up would be like you too. I would just be a man
I mean so proud to have either we get ready because Gonna beat us unlike us, but also be able to be capable of leg, being Marshall, our human CS. I am sure they will. Knowing you and driving popular right relays on Moldova. I do pretty getting cars. That was always somebody. I love it. I don't want you, but I'm not even went through a race track lies in real time without that, as if it was like a lifelong career that I live like I'm, like a history scars couple hours spoke increase. How did they come about? I don't know you you in writing me and we went in state it like this. So Winkie has told you, I'm not the valley and we fundamentalist out he's yours lose the sickest shit.
I remember when I do member. I was literally like putting on my blinkered a change lanes and I wasn't Irene like a cool seven hours like looking than they rearview like checking. The driver was actually like you're you're gonna have to go through. This is a point for you to go faster. You have to drive fast. Like I say to you is like really and then I got in your car member and I you lookin kick my ass, a really turkey, Who really has real power in Europe and I will times got out. I was stumbling. I love. You will lose your for. Finally, now just making me happy but making alarmed. I hope I was helpful armchair people of the world because I feel very lucky to be here and you are the number one arm chair expert. You really used to give it to us good all their lives. You suggest hook and low, and I remember, hang enormously listen. I know you like in the beginning, it really would fly out- and I remember being like damn like taxes really falcons open it up, and then I remember one of the first signs I came over and hung out with you in garrison increases
just did not take it. Prison was like TAT, shut up. You know what you're talking about. Nobody is asking for your many hours like links turn on bank. I was like. I am, of course, views baby let me come back and see us again. I learning use my report was present member you and with a strong, fair, please Bp Long computer hang marrying her home belongs you're gonna, go humble in Bombay embalm, our friend. just Rowan as the most incredible he was a grew up in Sweden and he knows how to sing piping along shocking stacking. Having, but in swedish its launch Grumpy S with a p at Vienna, well well.
this song in guys it's my favorite song, I've ever heard a human sing. I wanna hear at least three or four times a week and am all this to say what we're gonna make him come in here and sing, pip you're, wrong, shrunken yeah or a post of any other doing yes, when he goes under his home corporate Hindu, too humble whore you need have any him do it here with the angers and started to really great lacks is only doing at about thirty percent justice back at best. It's one of the performance of the century. Ok hit me with some facts, Earl Eighty, so you have referred to this hotel, the woodpile, oh sure, sure, in this episode and Erica's episode. Ok, keep calling it the woodpile simply not the name. You know it's. The wood fin, hotel and casino. No, it's just the word been hotel, but guess what it's not the would offend hotel anymore.
It's not it's gone through a name change, Hyatt House Emory. Well, who had house has taken over good for them there gobble up all the woodpile room to a couple. People are upset about it on the enter web. Hey will speak favourably about high when you like some kind of card like if they gave us an arm chair cars, I go, bananas go to any high in the world, would not even be willing to perform like if we are to talk to the concierge as experts for five minutes to pay first day. Like a leg labour trade yeah aside, you wanna know what he's very title. Does now. I have principles. Auction okay, I referred to it as principal you're, very principled. Thank you. Do you think I am yeah, absolutely lots of integrity. In fact, our good friend just a few things to pity launched from Sir, are you guys, often have an ethical debate,
then I over here, yeah easel lose either have as many principles that I get isn't. He is people like him I make this can be done, is I believe them cause here that song he's got that song. When you got that song, it's like having a book a black Amex card. Try! Ok, the term rosebud is mentioned from Citizen Kane yeah. That's when I was gonna. Arms are jobs, as are other it's from citizen Kane. Can I just I just want to walk you through exactly what happened in my head. I in no way was trying to steal your thunder. Ok, I was, I was thinking out loud issue referring to rosebud this. The more now I want to say that either but from citizen Kane just make sure I was on the same page. With the there was an air it was. It was an attempt to connect with you. That's ok, you cause. You it's arose from where they want in the chocolate factory. I can imagine those of you
You heard what I was doing all this is going to say. I do know that rosebuds not from all along in the jungle. It was never sent an opposite when it is from that's from citizen Kane for people who don't open and most people do now. But I just wanted to be clear, And if you don't know, you're not stupid, now you're still very bright, but everyone should see that movie. It's always ranked number one or two in they. If I listen all these other less it's fantastic, I saw the thing for I think it's brilliant. I saw a Nightrobe print, you see a lay in a film class and it was over. I mean I don't think it's better than cost the Blanca, which is usually number two I think, has a bank is better than Citizen Kane, a lot of these movies are evaluated in context, though, like how much a bummer barriers they broke, the headquarters didn't yeah, yeah vesture is on my fave, but that but the protagonist of of citizen Kane
he says, rose but quite often moving. You dont know what it is all. I can tell you now why, but if you are sure you ll find out, you said your boss year, Miniature Bass was run Howard and that's just cause. He produced parenthood signed to be clear about that. You didn't like Oh, he didn't like dear taxes. Norwegian order as to cleaner room or washes tyres are anything correct here, very nice guy. He visited twice. I think it is lovely both times yeah, he seems willing. I kind of kind guy in cool, very clear, like here, keel dad I bought it. Will you you're the one who's the coolest? Then she was of a cure.
No wrong he's he's a kill dad it here. I want those names or even you'd. Never ever he's always wrong. How Ryan just even say the name. Long in reference to him feels peculiar. I mean this means probably Ronald yeah, my buddy Ronald Howard, you no wrong. Ronnie Rendre adds weird, who has a name like that oh there's, all kinds of, unlike my Jackson, Jordan Name- is this Michael Daniel Louis down Daniel. They look like call, they knew they lose them. Louis, you guys the new down Louis movie. I mean he becomes these people, it's crazy that Amy Handsome comes up in the past we now been kissable, don't know who Amy Hansen is Amy Hansen is our dear friend and wife to our other. Dear dear dear friend, Ryan Hansen, film, on television storeroom handsomest,
r O Brien Hansen several times on television anyway, there are bodies and their work is twenty. Six minutes ago, Amy just gave me highlight soon: yeah yeah, I just came from her call her warm embrace, she's very attractive to she's and credible mom. She so generous with their time great personality or more could you want. I agree, may said she was bullied and you asked if they dumped pigs. But on our head, that's reference. Carry the horror. Films carry road, no weird sexual fantasy of mine right now. I just want to be clear thinking they could go either way. The good things are clear and very slow yeah with you. Ok in Europe, like middle school transformation, high school middle school, I'm you said your brother gave you a side spike yup on page six brood
the hair cut, but not like a weird penis thank using any one interpreted as that, my own brother game, european history of Europe, recently. It was like you eat. You part your hair and the sign, and then, at the part you you cut it shorter, in spite, and you also saved besides the other side's reshaped on a number two setting wow, that's perfect at that. You asked if coup lights were pants or shoes, their path, I'm I'm basically wearing them right now and early behind them, but the modern english use of the word coup lots describes a split skirt or any garment, which hangs like a spur to put his ass fully pants. Oh yeah, ok! I know I love that. I know you are now, if I see it
good I'm excited, and now, when I see that its pants unless excited- yeah. I am, and I guess that's just my reserving yourself per view. I am sorry that I let my attracted told the women and men the shape I mean when I tried to do all are on the way, but I'm very tried to do their shape. When I see a skirt, I think hey, maybe the window blow, who knows could be like in a ferrari dry by in the middle of nowhere This is why we have to have them because people, ideal wandering around your eyes, just wide open waitin for the wind to blow like a big care on the subject. I am always look infer, Impala, ok, but the victorian era, long split, skirts or developed for horseback writing also that women could sit astride a horse with the men saddle rather than writing side saddle worker dipshit,
exactly yeah. You know the women still right, side saddle and now Bangkok on those motor motor scooters, the mopeds I they Lange is cause. They dont have collapsed area, the biggest cool I haven't made that Far EAST, but they they do right sides him in the men, are just ride. That shit out of those things are up on sidewalks there in the curves and is one of the more exciting things you can witness here very clear. What's interesting as well, that's a great that's a great barometer led! This is came up. I guess it priorities, my love, her motor sports is actually higher for my love of Siena Skirt blown up because when I was witness that our priority is seen if they're going to crash, jumping off a curb and I'm not Thinking about the up the possibility of this scourge, me, I'm alone up, so they say you're thing a little less per red than we thought a few minutes ago. Maybe equally is probably, but even more obsessed with motors wars
Maybe this is more telling of my more exports obsession than it was my lack of perversion right and having that still very high, ok see used the term clam digger. and according to urban dictionary it's gonna be sexually announced, not baggy, pants and is right. I think of clam diggers is floods and you can't blame niggers, because when you go to dig for clams, you roll up your pants up to your Shan and then you paid out into the water, and you know the european Sweat guidelines in the pants. Yet the patent is a you call them clam decorous because their higher alright but their baggy, but they end they ended the car.
You're wearing Clam Texas Rangers watches, you want to call em clamouring cool Lula exists, kindest. Let people on that would make the pebble over. In response, I get to clam digging out. That's that's right. Through the throat lozenge coming out of the package and nicotine bag appeared ending at the half they give a feeling of the caribbean islands. I am wearing them right now. You look very caribbean new, say caravan, her! when I say you're looking caribbean cause, I would never say you're looking Caribbean that right at all. When you would, I say we took a vacation down of the Caribbean, but I would not say that you look caribbean. Oh, I am the opposite. You are yeah, I would say we went said
the Caribbean. Well, I'm gonna answer this riddle: European Islands Caribbean attached, let's, let's reference William Ocean, Billy Ocean when he said colonel, now we have no idea move. no more vulnerable, so he says care of being queen. Yet, as the adjective yeah. So I gathered I would do yeah and Caribbean is the place groovy clean James really doing so. Will you understand my back and forth lawyers,
I definitely mitigated myself when I brought the pro William Ocean and when you got the things they are happy. I oh, but also it's a game in which the object is to find parking. Clam, digging, o real and another a yard or end at the New York thinkers right in the need for New York thing. You need me right near me. I am really. Is that your braggart start? I found the third. Is that you're really good at what else your ethics are on point integrity of the other? There is a third or two you can, good things. I use your confident woman's part of Europe's attractiveness in your Caribbean this, caribbean gleam, that somewhat sock, if it was called the queen? Now it is current notes, Kara Quaint Cairo
that's crazy cause! I'm things are now. Imagine. Will your motion thing in it, but then Imagine him going Caribbean Clean, that's how I think it s care where, as in fact check your facts. factor here, rebellion Queen, caribbean, Queen now we're both. burn down on genes that's on it. But what if I was we're having the same dream intake of dream and queen man, an exact, Reimer, NOME, Exam Jack right
an m and still a success. Yet still is successful. In spite of that. Incredibly, successful, ok, the quote floor to ceiling wardrobe that muslim women, where they were three there's three different garments. Garments. Thank you. Yes, her job said the head. That's the herpes yeah! It's often overdressed gallic the head, the head scarf. the Neck Cobb, Nikobob, Neck Club or Nikobob. Ok I'll, find out why or carbon is avail if you're gonna compliment someone's new club or Nikobob, maybe just and figure out what the word is before you council, please, ok, that's all I'm pronounce suggest for accelerator
I should have done. I'm sorry my order, Hyena figure that I can't do it. I can do, and I interviewed now you two patio pernounce. Oh I do that all the time, but you do here so don't an interesting life. You haven't when you when you, when you leave my site and I d a curious what you're doing. I now know that you're learning on a pronouncing son, you too, I am, I feel, less bad about how much work now get me the rescue you new friends is valuable. Are you gonna? Do the rebellion against me CAP Army Cobb? Now we know does that? Well, I was those real ten fact check your own. Winning
Cobb does every living thing you bloody me go further to recall. Ok, it's avail for the face. That leaves the area around the eyes clear, Guy K and the burka is the most concealing its a one piecemeal that covers the face and body, and often just leaves a mesh screen to see through, and they have that or on sex in the city. They have the thing You were talking about when you said they were like she announced up under their closure sex in the city to me, yeah the movie they go and that's that's a paw point. I would say a small point, but permanent, but small, but mighty plot point
and you also is the labour rights, and this will do carries a poor man that I dreamt about having an apartment that looked like a really that was, oh, my God, that's. What's on your vision, board yeah an early on actually literally think that picture was on an actual a vision for let's go. and when you imagine that you're living there are you having a ton of sex and drinking cosmopolitan amended city you're doing all those things that part of the fantasy or just the physical space it's the day core is. Let me tell you when I fantasize about being and dukes a hazard. I dont want the General Lee. I want to jump the fucking generally over a fall in our collapse. Bridge. I want to do the activities that the dupe boys or do not want to run from the law on a flat and hills and strain the curves
no, I dont cause. I was first things. First, I drink a lot a cocktails with my friends, so I do that and I live in a city. Yes, I have. of those things checked off men also, I was more than Aden girl. I was all that and a big care for big man. Ok, we were a little unclear on when maize full nudity happened. It happened in two thousand sixteen February, that's from the play opened and we shall soon like London on New York and opened in New York at Lincoln Centre, originally glow time to be neutrons age February juice. To sixteen and it was an ally yeah. She was a great whether varied temper of NEA, not too hot you wanna, be a language law, apply all the drafts right war for one.
it's not as big a deal will your nipples would be erect, which I think that's my rig visually stimulating for the audience you want. The bad are to be able to see him anyway. That's right now, so you talked about nudity and hair cause you suppressed in that it has a. Why are they getting nude and hair the musical until I found out the scene takes place at the end of the first act during the song? Where do I go and one of the main characters is contemplating what he should do about being drafted in the Vietnam WAR and its a song, not just about choosing ones path in life, but also about the horrors of war and the decision on whether or not it's worth dying per country. Heavy
Das K. Then they cast joins in on the size and its during the last part, and they all come out naked. I guess it's like expose. Ninety, I don't know how it really relates to a down. Now he had still unclear here. I think it is just some director is like an old spice up that somber exploration of mortality in war is a skater ruins dicks tidies bonds, get em all out just prayed a mighty right. This ok, the tent swift son, you guys were singing, is called wildest dreams. You lover so tall enhancing Miss Eyre Belinda. That's the way and the Taylor Swift, album that Jack and now produced a lotta songs on is her nervous when wreck called reputation, and he also CO wrote her duet called I don't. Wanna live forever
and their friends. No love connection documented love connection. At that I now I have to imagine of hours work in close proximity to Jack on the piano singing sharing connecting me spiritually poetically, that it would lead to physical contact and that some especially if we got that song just perfect and we listen to play back then I feel it became on year and then every time the here that's on the radio they remember cell raising its perfection horizontally. Waiters enjoy this coyness interruptus. Ok, that's why I love you. I love you gonna! Take you out of the song. Yes, please caribbean, queen, just bar genes.
My group Mazda me. I'm shocked that that its Kara being me word, I found it Why would the legality of this is that we did not permit clear what is egg forgiveness? I dont know because it sort of the non ethical thanks, the boiling Lean William Ocean. yeah yeah. I can see in my mind
The little girl It put antagonizing. Jeremy and clean come on no fucking great based and you could think of how much Folliot her song tigers, their screeching metals?
laser beams. I've seen those a perfume bottle of yours for broadcasting. The man he barely so It doesn't dear me, leave me doesn't like drops sick of love on the run that he had the right. That sounds like no more love on the Rhine. Beam, like you think here of London. European, like a Caribbean, Caribou Corfu,
Philip wanna go arabic when we were wrong old rope. cool the new rule, Jane feed, no more love on this land That's all.