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2019-12-12 | 🔗

Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, author, speaker and podcast host. Malcolm joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the value of gleaning information from other cultures, growing up in a college library and our inability as humans to read others. Dax claims that Malcolm is our most referenced person on the podcast and Malcolm shames Dax for using the derogatory term of “jogger”. The two geek out over cars, they talk about how media shapes public perception and they give credit to people they met early in life who affected the trajectory of their lives.

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Well come on along an armchair expert experts on expert holy smoke. Stub yes. Rain bogle, your seatbelt, Malcolm Gladwell, is here Malcolm Gladwell. Of course, the other five New York Times best sellers. He has the unbelievable podcast Monica are obsessed with revision. Is history? Let it you know him he has had a million, but I've referenced him the most on the spot. Guess monocle! This fell that at the end, in fact check. He was included on the time one hundred most influential people list in TAT. It is one of the foreign policies, top global thinkers who wrote the tipping point. Blank outliers, but the dog saw it David and Goliath in his new book, which is phenomenal and honestly, you should listen. Do on audible is talking to strangers it such an immersive, wonderful expiring. Malcolm glad. While I love you thanks for coming, please enjoy the genius from up north, Malcolm Glare.
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Nobody has been reference and more on this podcast than you. I bring you I d, think I'm on my way through a single episode of the show, without reference in one of your books, I'm very touched. I think you you and John Crack power, or my all time, favorite nonfiction writers? Do you have Such an amazing, give you put it in such a delicious wrapper that something about your structure that I am able to retain a lot of what you write. I read tipping point ten years ago, I still remembers all the stories with such detail. I've been dying for this and I just want to appropriately love your pillows, because
I really look up to you and I think you have such a unique give sunken were very flattered you're here here in Vienna, and we like to publicly thank Adam Grant for arranging. Yes, yes, he told us that he was a gave her and he is a give her any delivered yeah he is massive gave her. I was my favorite item. Grant exercise is to email him an count seconds a correct any so busy in any still is able to do it is on a year you really edible, but I have to give you a lotta crackers. He put us on a joint you mail. My assumption was, I bet a bath style here back from him in about ten days like yoga. Should. I should probably respond in a mental illness ruminate. Upstairs for a week or so and finally I'll do it, but you are right on top of it as well. The respect here flows both ways. A and B would Adam ways in the prudent thing to do is to spawn immediately. Can you know
Just do it at him says it. I figured it out for pretty much always works out. We'll do use honey. Your own terms, I mean he's kind of the ultimate connector isn t he is three. Would Adam I've actually reprogramming its target, atoms and learn. What am I gonna Adam is. There is actually the case, but then you realize oh he's, actually a really really brilliant academic and serious action. It's taken very seriously and they discover some other aspect and then I discovered out he hates talking about it, but he was sick. A world class Iver is yours, all american diver. As as a kid, I just feel like the further you pro the more accolades you uncover with him yeah. He of course minimized his diving expire. Minimizes yeah, then do you see he posted some Youtube? Video of him, diving, like two weeks ago. We all know that it was very impressive.
Because everyone fears that all aging jocks an emanation, jock yeah. We all feel that It's all gone away, for I was evidence the only more impressive one was. I was once talking to the dean of the Business School Colombia, who is a very accomplished serious, jamaican guy in his I want to say late. Forties, really fifties, and then you go on Youtube and you see him dumping on some like as a grown man, and I are not anything a fifty year old knees. Yet like other reality, he pretends it's a great effort. It is like exhaustive, which you can tell a shower. I feel it her? Jogger rights are not a jogger, your runner code ever I'm so desire. That was you. I mean it's. That's like I can't do it running the early dismayed,
U S communicate unheard of all its. I think that is a lucky. I am kindly disposed of. That's yes, you are, I runner, you broken four minutes in the fifteen hundred. I am not so long ago that city I worry of fourteen or fifteen or something I would have broken. Four minutes has like an eighteen year, old, ok, but close to find This is a fourteen year old dancing rabble there is a certain personality type. Would you agree that that is drawn to long distance running you mean plotters. There is human beings they're kind of plotters, which averted yeah, you can spend a lot of time with yourself. You write your own thoughts, our a comfortable place too big bring them sometimes for what six hours or something he's crazy marathon runners. What a terrible
continuing her an area for extended periods, you have to be not afraid of your own company. Everyone like to be a or any enduring sport requires. I mean cyclists are out for a lot longer than runners dna very social rights younger in a pack, a new draft people right, wingers teamwork, yeah so but runners yet you're off by yourself or extended period of time and as such the solitude. It's also I have to imagine in your head you're like quit. Now I'm not gonna quit knowing as we do that like there's a battle going on. Is there not to keep pushing yourself? Well, there is, if you're running flat out, but not really, because if you're in serious training, you never push yourself to the point of utter
Justin. That's a mistake. Right you're, always stopping shy of that point. So if you are in a situation where you're seriously weighing whether to quit, you're going too fast rise right bid, except in a Reno in a race sure, but in training, you should always be capable of doing another repetition or another mile or right you're doing a properly right. There might be a little bit different of a mindset, because when I'm jogging- and God knows, I can only jog about three miles and one of the miles. The third mile is just an absolute court case in my head. Whether I should continue on or stop its maddening, it's mine game, I fear of exerting, but maybe that's what separates like real runners, jobbers job. Slowly the auto jog reserve you're saying I could even palace job as I dont know, you're gonna treadmill, maybe once a week in three miles and I mostly live waits or do you really think?
Noticing I realized I see days are pumping out dad he's wearing the rather tight teach. Your nose say to sort of showed up. You know by referring put the car cover life. Everything about early is driving down. You know, like oh shit, never whatever Scollard Santa Monica there's always this dude with their perfectly cut torso, who is hugging. You know in forty five degrees with assured us that is, it is. Are you really under in such a hurry show the world here you hit, the Huber now Monarch has been with me and what s interesting is identify would straight mail but Monica vehemently we see a guide dog with his shirt off. I am like an eighty sitcom craning my neck to what oh, my goodness, Monica look at his quads and look at us. I am like one s, laughter, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! I just tried to look fine. When I take my shirt off on tv,
really the whole go, and I have said many times. I have no desire to be strong. I just want to look strong here, you're in a world which places a premium on those kinds of Yeahs presentations of evil the choice and as much as I fantasize about lifting a car off somebody is never presented. Self I've never really found that I needed superhuman strength yet and I'm forty four, so I don't know so far. I think I'll pick the right lame. I am most generally interested in, why people find their way to the path they did more than I may be even em the path around. So they have kind of a unique background that I'm gonna theorize gives you a fun perspective on people Americans in general, specifically, but the fact that you born in England and then you raised in Canada and then you ve now lived in New York so much and then, as you just said, you're out here a lot. Do you feel like you,
or background has given you in the way that there's a lot of great canadian comedians and I believe it's because they understand so well, yet they are on the outside. So they have this great taken us. They can observe us yeah. What is it not a fact about why the symphony canadian comedians and then is that you can get away with things cause you're, not a threat. So not only do you have your size perspective really important thing strike you as odd that people who are native to that situation dismiss but more than a year from a little tiny country that no one scared of so like you can see the most outrageous things in whose, Are we going to be threatened by your right and so this freedom that comes with big an outsider? You have your russian or one of the perceived threats we pray. I wouldn't think was that funny that you are marking us right. He had yet appeared what, yet, if it
the cold war here and you were you know some? Yes, exactly there will be an issue I was feel like. There should be a general agreement about what the kind of cut off for insignificant is in country size. So Canada's with Candlestick thirty two million or something I forgot. A little less orb on par with California stay is idea. They should be like below a certain point people she just. We, like you, consider you If the Dutch say something getting it terribly upset because, as the Dutch here, some licked Liechtenstein median says something we're like an area, and you know if someone from a German says something Germany is concerned yeah I'm getting upsets the somewhere between the Dutch and the Germans. I feel it goes a line. I would like to stay on the bottom end of that line, so it becomes a great asset to have these. This kind of outside perspective, but then, at the same time I could imagine that also come with me. First say when my favorite,
It of yours is on Dyslexia cause. I am dyslexic and I had a horrendous time through K through five. And found my weighing junior. I then became a good student later, but I had gone I put the knowledge that oh yeah you're twice ass, likely to go to jail of fear or be imprisoned if you're dyslexic, but then you revealed your also twice ass likely to be a ceo. Can I is it doing roughly right, but the labelling yours you're, better conceptually, that is correct, the murmurs wrong zeal. Nobody, so maybe it's a curve. It's like dyslexic are overloaded at the tales of the curve, more them in prison, more of them supervision whereas nine dyslexic are a normal belcour with most of the people in the middle, and I found that to be very comforting and wonderful acid dyslexic in there story? You articulate you getting nervous I'm! I am so happy that you're here, because you talk about this stuff,
all the time and you are getting it probably a little wrong, so I'm so glad we're going to get all the answers, but I think I would I interpreted that point was his struggles. Hoping mechanisms in and having to strengthen other aspects. I can be of great value in your life right just sell my friend, David Epstein. I've heard this brilliant buckled range. I uses the phrase in his book strategic, difficult in David and Goliath. I talk about desirable difficulty in both these similar notions of. If it's too hard, it's a problem, give too many problems. You can't get ahead, if no problems, it's a problem, yeah right you. What you want is something that that, in the course of being challenged, the right amount, yours forced to be those for you will learn things in a more profound way. You will investigate your own strengths and weaknesses.
More aggressively does all kinds of good things that happen from, and I feel like the reason that such an important point is that a lot of people think that what preparation for excellence is is the removal of death Multi right, I want to give you the very, very, very best endowed with overly resort, environment imaginable, Vienna, Alot articles Randal, want that you, you wanna, have something that you have to wrestle with and I think parents like myself? We are incredibly privilege so were now in this bizarre situations. Ricky we're almost trying to manufacture obstacles are challenges for our kids. You know my wife and I does having two little kids and we have money and we have time and all those things and it's kind of like I got to figure out like what, you know how. How do I make sure not robbing of them of the opportunity to develop these copy mechanisms and skill sets Qana challenging but where going with it is moving
Now. What were you? Six yes went to Canada from England when I was six in Dad was a mathematics. Professor and mom was a psychotherapist and a writer and Mama's from Jamaica. Mom is yes, to get even with a net little bubble? Mom has a different perspective, probably right as a different perspective. She deficit has hit us, I body laughing, because my lovely mother, who is very very much with us she does. She has the benefit of many many different perspectives raised in Jamaica. You know educated in England, Meriden Englishman, move to rural Canada. I mean yeah and then also is it H. Thing is kind of fasting. My mom was born into a house in the middle of nowhere in Jamaica, with no one,
trinity. You know, under plumbing known, had a car and then end up in an early forties early release. My mom was born in north nineteen, thirty, ok and then end up in the twenty first century. Modern canada- I, like I dont, think all of us in this room will not see. I doubt will not see that much technological and social movement and in our life times free us from zero electricity to- and I found TAT he allow is kind of a lot is it might be the sweetest spot of that? Your answer, everything you know we're always patio doesn't it back- is where the general that will witness most eyes. Like a kind of now, I sort of thing going from no electricity to the for us, the most immediate imagined, a prospective. Someone of her generation has, on top of all the geographical and cultural movement, this crazy thing of
you know growing up with horses and Bucky's in now taking jets across Europe kind of thing. Yes and then landing in point of your phone and then a car pulls up in front of union. You didn't go. Are we want em? You were really give my mom hasn't gotten do, but she had time to marvel at person. Well, I've just me, more and more like we travel a bunch for the Show- and I always say like we're, getting close to tell Fourteen I mean we're really getting close to like you, wake up somewhere, you know in the morning and you go to the airport and then you can really just be anywhere in its. I try to be conscious of it like it is an incredible accomplishment that we can be anywhere on the globe there. Now it's really exciting. What I find that you point out often- and it seems to be a theme through many, the boxes how bad our intuition is quite often how counter intuitive results of studies generally are, and I think you often question a lot of assumed things which I really like an
trying to think about what causes that, and I was wondering, do you think us using all this technology that has been amassed over centuries give us a false sense of our own intelligence, like is that part of the problem cause him. I was an anthropology made. The primary specific. That's what I was interested in ended, the difference doing a chimpanzees intelligence and ours compared to a chimpanzees and a mouse. It's not that big of a deal or just fractionally smarter than chimp right, but other people have created stop it. That gives us kind of this bolstered sense of arm intelligence. Is that part of why we think we're so we are, I mean we are massively overconfident and a lot of a modern psychology is simply the attempt to catalogue the degree to which we are
of a conflict or over overly in all of our own abilities. My most recent book talking to strangers a big chunk of that is trying to dismantle this degree of self confidence is like you think that you can sum up. Stranger. You know usefully inaccurately in the space of one encounter the chances are you can't. Yeah. I think you can tell a liar. No, you can't you you all those things that we need to be reminded that we not good at these fundamental social asks the. Moreover, the proximity did. The person actually can be more misleading than space from. Like you, you cite different examples where the people who met Hitler generally trusted when the people that never met him face to face were more objective and better at knowing who he was yet look. We're really bill to do in social interactions as human beings is date, this to say all of our systems.
Optimized for romantic encounters right using mates for figure known, but in that realm were pretty good its. It is possible to know very quickly whether your attracted someone right yeah. That's we have that down. We ve been optimized for, but when we try and transfer them at two non romantic settings we get in trouble like you know. I am constantly amazed by think we're in the middle of you know at the process of choosing our presidential candidates. The mythology that surrounds choosing presidential candidates is the mythology of dating really, when you think about a people found a shopping. Will I want this person? Why? Because with their factor this saying, is that the person, I would date right under military dating the president. If you would you to imagine a more perfect selection process,
It will be one in which you never met any of the candidates. It is not useful to know that Peat Buddha judges, five, eight, to know that Elizabeth Corn is a woman to know. Then Joe Biden is below eighty years old or however old is none of these facts have really help you I mean discuss. Them was a does it mean that they are more or less impaired than someone who's? Seventy or sixty a menu The other is a wide ranging item eight year old does, in fact, if you look at the history of american presidential candidates, I did this once in super obvious analysis. You go back a hundred years every single person who has ever run for president with for exceptions, has been a middle aged white protestant male over six feet in height right for exceptions. In the last hundred years. Jimmy Carter was short. John F Kennedy was Catholic, Barack Obama was black and Hillary Clinton was woman. Everybody else was the same thing
what do we keep choosing from the same incredibly narrow, because we can see them you don't we want to date? the Tonga, her light, haired young, I write it. Then I try to figure out what percentage of the american population is a a white while protestant guy and it's like Dietz less than ten percent so which using the most important job the world and even ten percent of the population I'll, send you made it. You made the point brilliantly I can remember which book, but at the but but starting to audition orchestra players by a boy in addition right, a sheet between the musician in the animal, judging them and how much that aims the outcome o re getting auditioning so similarly, like the music, their point has nothing to do with what they look like it. Nor does the president's ability to guide the nation or set policy have anything to do with what they look like yeah, but it is an It's a little more subjective, then music playing
you know, I don't know, know enough about music but yeah. I guess you're right. Kristen knows if something's, correct or near you can use your hearing whether something sounds good or not, but what policies people tat want to push through or but they care about is more subjective. I would say that still leaves the question wide open of whether that subjective judgment you are making is helped or hurt by being able to live. But the person right we totally yeah, I'm not going to believe. I think it's gesture is just making an already subjective decision hopelessly subject: yeah yeah you're getting confused over the fact that someone's good looking and dry you eat the truly useful to go back for years to the last presidential campaign and read through a mainstream publication. Like pick a hundred newspaper articles from the New York Times about Hillary Clinton at Random, between twenty fifteen and twenty five
steam during the race for the nomination and the presidential campaign, and look at how many references there are two the way she looks or to some extraneous fact about the fact that she is a woman, though you have some and you realize what if we didn't know what you look like or that she was woman how much easier and clearer, with our choice, had been. We wrapped ourselves in not talking about her hair stuff. They were art, about her hair style. Oh sure sure sure are the Palestinians who is well in talking to strangers. In, let me first say I prefer to read your books even on a big consumer audio books a blessing and nine as I fall asleep, but but your books I'd like to read with my eye because I feel like I retain more of it and I'm constantly citing incorrectly as were learning today, but I would urge
people, someone urged me like hey. I know you want to read it but try the audio book which I've gotten in it. So fondly listened too because in an hour I will tell you the first person I've, I'm aware of that done this. So any time that you couldn't you're, gonna quote somebody in the book in the audio actually exists of the person. You played the audio during audio books or if there is the traffic, stop, someone get shot in theirs. Dashboard footage will hear it then becomes a kind of multi media experience in its profoundly more enjoyable than just hearing. Someone read the book so first foremost love it. Last year we em we licences song from genome, Thus the theme song we had scoring and we had and the result is until very recently I was so allowing more audio books than physical books No. Normally it's like ten percent audio books really the overall aim at around fifty percent, while which is unheard of I like it. So it's like it's crazy.
Thing that I really made an audio but yeah prior to this one coming out. What had been your prior just assume as an author who sits down in types, my keyboard, you kind of one. That red with the eyes did you have any new actually does rather people listen, no, yet why I agree because it gives it you guys, and set it so well produced in it, just it's so much more engaging to hear the people you're too in about like your own limits of empathy, me here in Utah versus hearing the woman during the traffic. Stop is its night and day. There is so many good examples, but this one is a chapter the chapter I talk about torture and I'm in reviewing the guy from the CIA who did the water boarding. Oh it's really important to hear him, so I'm not paraphrasing him or just getting him. You hear him in his voice at its own pace, describe to you what happened, and I think that's really crucial, because it would be very easy
for me to caricature his position or in some way to slanted or Zack Nuno, I would like the reader the listener. The whatever the ADI consumer to get a clean impression of the skies, because I think he made some. I ultimately do not agree with his position, but I don't dismiss him either. I have not noticed him out of respect for someone who tried to serve his country is faithful as he could. He ended up doing things I like, I said I, We disagree with, but I dont do not in any way doubt his. In his hand, Geraghty their intentions. It is really important, as a lesser that you hear it in his words in his voice you detail a situation where judges who are avail awaiting whether or not to grant bail to people or set bail or who they're gonna, let out who they're gonna put behind bars. You say that they created an a algorithm that evaluated all these cases that these judges had done in that,
In general, they are twenty five percent better at predicting who want to commit a crime or who would be a good person to not the add on about the algorithm. Algorithm was better than the judge. Yes, the superior by at least twenty five percent, which is very significant right. I think any Jonathan Height way I We believe that we as individuals are just terribly on objective, but that we do create systems that are pretty darn objective or signals Firstly, more objective than us, and so I have this kind of leaf and systems, and I have some I'm scared about just humans making decisions, so this ay I thing is interesting in that we are nearing a time when we could probably deploy a I, as judging that kind of thing, Can't you see these ay? I stories in medicine that their better at identifying cancer one at home. Here is my question because you love challenging so much and I'm drawn to that as well. By making those decisions, but do you think having ay I make these decisions force could lead to us not challenge
in any more breaking paradigms. Push! things for because we're just offloading or outsourcing that thinking and we would just shut off altogether our evaluation of that. How good the system is you I'm not a someone who thinks we should turn over enormous chunks of our crucial decisions to machines. To the contrary, I think that would be disastrous. The point of that chapter in talking to strangers was not to celebrate how good the algorithm was it deciding which defenders deserve bail. It was two point how bad the human judges are, so algorithms have all kinds of other problems must be clear. What what's important to note here simply is that a judge unaided by any kind of tool who is asked to make a high stakes decision about how dangerous it
and it is in a bail hearing in ten seconds- does not do a good job. That's what I wanted to prove so someone who is trained and whose job it is, size up strangers, does a terrible job. Emphasising exchanges with it says to me is not too: we should throw out the human and replace them with a computer. It says that we have to get better. Is human rights? Machines cannot make consequential decisions about whether people deserve their freedom are not that's crazy right, the only way will accept the legitimacy of the legal system is if those high stakes decisions are made by human beings met. So there are two competing things here. There is accuracy and look
intimacy. They are not the same accuracy and legitimacy are not the same thing. I got the same so that my willingness to accept the judgment of some institution is based on two factors. One is how accurate are they had rendering judgements? Do the appropriately tag the guilty and appropriate tag, the innocent? And secondly, how much credibility do they have? Are the people who I believe in Russia as a kid I would respond to scolding from my mother. I would not respond to schooling from a stranger in a street even at the strangest state was correct, right revision, It has no credibility. They were standing in my life. Why would I do what they say? My mom I'm has enormous credibility. Even when she's long ride with submit to her authority because she's my mom right to that's credibility over accuracy. So the judge has all
credibility. Aha, the eye has the accuracy. The answer is to combine them yeah to train and help judges to use these tools to improve the accuracy of their decisions, while maintaining their human credibility. That is the the ultimate ocean. Whenever we discuss these things, This is way too much either or one that sort of thing that I love most about your books, which I feel like they are always investigating on some level, which is all these, that we would love to be binary are just simple not by Mary and so often were pursuing two conflicting ideals that Best will be some compromise or some new position on the pendulum right that we all feel good about. When I say I believe in systems, that's the thing that I think you detailed so perfectly. The korean AIR example, which is my prime, my favorite chapter in your book on TAT all the time we talk about it
the notion that this pilot co pilot relationship, how effective it is preventing disaster in how much culture- he's a role in the dynamic in between that relationship said to me. That's an example of a really great system that has been devised and when you detail how they were able to go into korean air change. The culture chain, how it works and get this amazing outcome. It gives me so much hope for humans. There's somebody thing you get discouraged about, but taking a system that complex where they ve had five bastards in the air and are about to lose their right to fly through Canada. All this stuff could be worse in error that they that people went in there actually figured out what was broken and fixed it. I just fine hugely encouraging for us, as it is as little monkeys. Yeah state Furthermore, if you dare
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right, that's the kind of, in that sense, the Koreans learned from western notions of power distance in a very useful way, and by the way, the correct response to that stories, determined and say: okay, now what can we learn from the korean kind of sweet of cultural trade? because they have enough left to teach us as well. I mean those heartbreaking one right as the brazilian pilots who are circling J, F, K and running on a gal and Libya on Colombia, the running out of fuel there They keep saying in these mitigated ways that they're they're running out a few on air traffic controllers or new Yorkers there like pretty ballsy in their does not really listening there not, and then the club don't just stating hey. We got a lamb now and then parallel with all that IBM data that you can rank people and how fearful they are of authority. My getting that clearly, yes, how respectful of authority Yes, in the new just start, plotting
Things on a graph in their almost is perfectly correlated whether they're gonna stand up be no. That would be that's a great timeframe for culture to be implemented in the airplane com. Bet, but then obviously there has to be some converse thing where people that are afraid of authority. They must have some other benefit that there are sections of our lives we could use to adapt right. There has to be some upside of their oh yeah. I mean my favorite example. I have a really good friend whose israeli Israel is famously. It has the lowest power distant score. I think in the world. In other words, the Israelis have the least respect for authority and hierarchy of any more than us away. Oh, why do you was possible only with the Israelis? I think Germans are really low or dutch decent, other Europeans who are really really low on that, as opposed to you know, Plumy, it would be very, very high.
Mexico, a very, very high, some of the arab countries, be they who she was describing. This friend of hers is really friend of hers. It comes to America, comes to a Fourways, stop sign, no part of the full stop makes any sense. There is people willing stop can see the right of way to somebody else just because that prison got there. First, he's like this makes no sense What do you think it was those allows you will learn. She tried and fail to explain its causes, because, if you have give no kind regarding the hierarchy there's a part of your cultural mindset, I've always tops and easy easy seriously. Lex experience because it it's a hierarchy that is established in the moment Just tell me who got there first, another hilarious israeli story. I love is really stories. I collect them,
I bet you normally and they would have. These patterns were going on his night patrols instead of disputed territory and its night, so they tried to quiet cause. You're, like hunting for all kinds of beggars in a normal army. You set a problem because you have someone using commanded the petition and he says to everyone else, be quiet and because that person is the boss everyone's quite well these in his release, these fifty fifty them. You know the private marching at the back Isn't the ito? He doesn't the concept of a hierarchy so he's a chattering away like a mill. The night and the dog, the barking at those could have really are yeah don't chain of command things we take for granted in her eye? Cocytus are very difficult in in countries where is saved him. Why is Israel one of the most on Japan, Euro countries?
precisely for this reason he how right no one's waiting around for an opportunity to come to them for for the boss to give them the green light. To just mean that resolves this extraordinary flourishing of create I feel like I was born to be as railway and well. I went Germans and you love Journal too much. Do you think of the levels of power distance have to do if its cultural, liquid Germans, they may have had some bad authority situation so maybe they're learn till they were actually does not actually clearly doesn't mean rebel, wanted to mean you and respect you gonna dwindles will be part of that I mean parliament might be a reaction, but also its function, of something that's quite separate from their history, which is just your social structure that these are countries with very, very low economic inequality. I was gonna say in Germany in particular, like the labourers are very empowered and mayor. Even I work for General motors for
fourteen years and we would have car shows where Opel Vision of general motors would come over here and I would watch how they treated their techniques versus how we treated our technician. Generic technicians were treated with the same esteem as the engineers were. Watches is unheard of here. In the, U S sight, the engineers are geniuses, whatever they say, the technicians should just execute and never questioned listing. I I build a house ass head of an eye and when we got these windows I mean they want super fancy windows, but the windows came from Germany so to spot windows. I say where you'd by window so like Marvin are pillars of, but every lake too here's some guy from Germany- shows up to like checking on the windows loyal anyway he's not some fancy senior he's Linley a guy from sums
I'll town and rule out any show who comes on a tour of everyone in the northeast who, as the windows it so german like Peter, we think a mid level guy who has given this responsibility. On every area last him or her office, but like that? It's true it's to that kind of armed, that's very, very true of of german culture to really annually something we could learn from in his country, yet we do a minor digression and cars Riyadh. I'm a mass of cargo. Are you? Are you notice that no thy? The first thing I read every morning, our like you know car sites, Carlos really bring a trailer. Oh, I love bringing Tyler delight July neck. I really love and you love me I'd like the car drivers cite the car magazine say. Yes, I had no idea. I suppose I need I own. I did what your taste
his iron and a collector. Knowing your present itself? No, no! It's quite I have in our vote, and Gulf are ok. I have a two thousand and three Bmw. I'm fine lean, seventy three mercedes to eighty two and a box- turgid, yes, oh wander off us about reveals this why you want to find this incongruous, I'm turning? I get. I love it. I guess you're just the cerebral. I think of you, let that always as a kid I was so obsessed with cars. I decided in nineteen slate seventies early eighties. I said I would collect a brochure on every car made in the world and I succeeded with one I still with one exception, the Russians made a car called his zeal. I did not get a brochure for his ill.
Will they don't need brochures goes you're, not really. Advertising arise. Had everything else. No kid I here I have been what what model year was it ticks? Seventy nine Seventy nine terrible you're to be collecting brochure, no low point in american, very mono. No, but the cars of the seventies were badly may, but they were beautiful gimme. Damp of when you love from seventy nine at dinner. Eleven of that Iraq gorgeous that's the gorgeous. You know there's a lot of three four hours or illegal that those those of aged. Well, I I have no time for Fridays, but what do you suppose stew? to us and my idea of a perfect cars. Is my Volkswagen go far That's my gun up. Thirty, five thousand dollar car that drives like summing twice pensive, yet only totally stealth. You don't know. What's this, in its IRAN. Get me out of people drive with I'll tell him. So when you take the gulf,
and they get into the coffers of the item. So, mostly as you just observed outside, I love sleepers, so that has the Ella say motor out of a city, S Viet has a supercharged six point: two leader vitiate, that's seven! I ask that in that Riyadh, seven on a horse power at the wheels in it has I'll come I'm looking at you, my rearview mirror I'll, tell you what car we just meet with the whole family and that my the best laughing hysterically and to sixty in my in station wagon can't take me absolute absolutely, but my lie about my children's life on it. You're gone Malcolm I'm. Looking at you, my rearview mirror, although you occur, we dispute with the whole family and that my wife was laughing hysterically and I was like the right partner. We pull up the next to a brand new Mercedes g. DE I am sure you know the key, the little cedar. It's beautiful wait. You took fat off the line. We were amalgam, I'm promise you we were dead fucking even for about it half know mile weighing about
slowly started creep and ahead of me in the guy was laughing hysterically. Who is driving and we were all in there with the kids. It was a highlight. You're like we are so off top Monica feel afraid away, but I know not wane about. How are you driving again praise see she foundling or though sheep I've been I've been to get her to fall over the car she's. Like I dont like cars, I don't care, but she thought she loves. The three hundred Sl Mercedes, the Goal wing sheet covered this car comedians in cars getting home the immense work. That's where my knowledge comes from those really pretty speeches. You might want to save a little bit of a few million bars, because if that's generally may take something I can't afford no one I learned about. You already knew about you today that you were very, very driven as a child. Right in your father was a professor in Canada and you have access, and he let we would let you room freely in is red and
turn around the university right. So this is a little bit like your example of bill gates being convey. Currently borne next to a labour. It has a mainframe when no one else has a mainframe here. You know this is a unique situation. You found yourself in yes, I guess so it's funny cause. I was thinking about this one of the reasons them out analyze it I interviewed for our music box. Flee from the child, oh yeah, and because he has is really lovely book out and the book is all about growing up in EAST Hollywood, Hollywood of the seventies and how he was essentially unfair, did end from the age of eleven on, was just roaming: the streets of nineteen seventies, Hollywood, of course, necessaries, whose nothing like today is the name dear lazy time, Emily dislike every degree. Every kind of madness is going on in this way, and he is a clear these little kid. First, half of it is just about what it was like to be a tool
of your old, essentially roaming, without supervision in you no end in sight the two laden heroin and when you are talking, you know this be clear compared yea I was about to Rome in the library of a university. Had ass, yet been the you know, the h m three or one section of the fit right Liburnia, but a very unique pursuit for someone of that age. Would you, We do that a lot of eleven and twelve and thirteen old friends their day dream of a minnow. The perfect afternoon was not walking all of a library. It's true, I is a little unusual. I grew increasingly uninterested in school, the institution, but increasingly interested in learning a high. It didn't seem too
that learning, either exclusively or even preferentially took place at a school, rather it soon to be far more efficient to do it. On your own more to go someplace where there are tons and tons of great books, my my parents, to their great credit. It got to the point where my mom would write me fake notes to get out of school, or she giving us and she would leave the date blank and out she gets gimme. A stack ah filled the date owing why I was so complicit in my kind of absenteeism because she knew that's what I was really doing was I wasn't like flee. Right right, I was actually begin the light. We or at home reading something can open and they had a friend it's funny. If I can continue with the fleet comparisons,
you don't flee, describes, meaning Anthony case, as I think he's in high school there like fourteen or fifteen ends, he talked about how the minute they met, and this is the relationship that will define the rest of your life, that it's not that it did. He did things with Anthony age. Did. He wouldn't have done by himself is that the combination of them was sort of on steroids, young and EAST Ikey was at this electric thing, where the two of them have this connection. For the moment, lay eyes. It is it's insane love story here and they just feed on each other and give each other permission to explore the ever more adventurous and that's how you get the music of the chilly peppers less than ten years later it six years later, you learn gettings at its extraordinary quit apart. And kind of counter to your ten thousand, our role now to point that out
unlike the Beatles who went in practice, the Germany, this is almost the opposite, each other. They pay a lot of music before they got to that point. But Europe is the don't think it's a good example of that phenomena. But I had the same thing I hadda. I met a guiding Terry Martin when I was fourteen or thirteen in chemistry class and it's my version of ethnic hatred. He was discs enough is both his parents and adapt when hadn't gone even graduated from high school. He D had this pure more than pure intelligence. He had the sense of adventure he would explore any, idea under any circumstances at the drop of a hat, and he had no fear of ideas, and I I had never met anyone with that. I mean it was like it's a funny grows. Reading fleece thing I was like this is my Anthony Keaton
do you know what you're saying it, I'm almost crying and I'll be out about it, I'm here bunch but minds errand weekly. I met this kid when I was twelve years old and I am not a comedian. If I don't meet this kid, we gave each other permit We are all I cared about. Was his approval in every one else. Just fell by the wayside in. If I was making air and laugh, I was in Heaven and we just build this almost shared. I Kennedy that ends with me. Here I am not here without that person idea, and I never have for people. But if I have a single piece of advice, it's like find that person you're young find the person that you permission to be you and if you can give permission to them to be them, remember like tarried I and his cause. It would play endless games of risk a monopoly in a minute. He said it just makes perfect sense. It never occurred to him that the rules that you were given you'd any.
The nation to follow. You couldn't replaying monopoly on the board with the pieces and the things, but we can t We make up all of our own rules from scratch and every time we play we if we want to, we can play in a different way is an iconic liability is just a kind of fabulous really it and not to get. You said right, but you must question you dont need him you're, probably on a different trajectory right. I am not here. If it here is there? No I'm doing something far more conventional? Yet, still like intangible thing of life. Worthier like there's all this preparation. You have a scale certainty of an aptitude but then used in the luck, intervenes eating meat, your soul, mate and what happened Erin Weekly, but he still my this trend, and I love him. So much is tat. Is he is easier than to arouse a tender professor of history? Harvard University and Larry. I for her work soviet history.
We had here, namely books that are hundreds and hundreds of pages long and years in them I'm he's very, very, very serious scholar, it's funny, because what I took for him was his sense of mischief You know what you know Margaret Mischievous profound on he's the fuckin institutions now yeah, it's like I stole his saw a baby. He still mine everywhere, you trader is have traded. That love! That's one of the things. I think. Why so drawn to you as a writer ism. They just feel like since I can remember always looking around Goin everyone's agreed to do this this way? But as anyone questioning why like are all these rules, are, they are the divine. Do you know like I've already, been obsessed with which of these rules? Should I be following what one should I ignore? End I don't know if I'm unique in that or whatever, but I just every time I read you, I I think yes, you're somebody who would take the most basic premise we'll ascribe to in question it. I also want to point out for people cause. I think
really encouraging your kind of a shitty student right like you, you got out of firstly, a Toronto, and you couldn't get into grad school that that story a park for real shadiest I mean I never went to class Well, then, I would say that it is due to present day badly in the causes that I cared about. Ok, so I once again, I didn't go to university to sit in electrical and listen to some, but that's not my definition of university. My definition was going to the library and doing stuff on my own and then talking about it with friends. I worry I won't. I wanted the kind of social experience of learning and the access to all those resources, but I wasn't there. Listen simply. Let me list to this day. The notion of going in listening to someone talk is that it is not my cup of tea again So I see now me as a dyslexic who can get anything from the written word. I love people telling me stuff. Like I love it, it's like my. I can retain so much
from listening to somebody more than say raining often. So I you have such a different relationship with a butt Maybe you can already answer my question, but I was just wondering if being that driven and focused at such a young age, was that isolating at all I have an arm chair theory that may be your desire to challenge the status quo. Couldn't then, because your observing a status quo, they didn't include you in your got critical of it. I mean this is like a varied. Psychological nosey, assisting never thought about this before it's funny, I suppose
Formerly I was something of an not an outsider, but a kind of mean. When I went to college. I was two years younger than my pure group: will you graduated orally yeah? So candle has thirteen years of in those years, thirty years of high school, so I was sixteen o. My peers were eighty out Davison. Sixteen eighteen is enormous, ruled on the difference between twenty one and twenty three year. So in that sense I did feel, I suppose, a little bit on the outside for social reasons, but I I wasn't suitable where I never knew felt that I was I selected know. Some people clearly have that kind of chip on their shoulder or that perspective is needed on the outside looking and maybe it was because I. That's one of the gifts of being an athlete. If you would ask me to fourteen thousand one hundred and fifty what I was I would have said, I was a runner right. I wore the auger No
right, that's it that's an identity as our young I'd. Only then yeah yeah. I was sufficient from yeah greeting of you. You subtract that it's a very different states, a different story. I think I think it's so interesting retrospect to look back from addled hood at how enormously central sports are. This think, particularly when you think that there's nothing at stake like right point: zero. There was little one percent of people who do sports in high school go on to make a living out of it right right in ninety nine percent of cases you don't even keep doing it passed incident you don't like my window as a serious runner was four years for Em Pino. It's like a tiny fraction of my life. I mean I still run now, but not race in the way did back. Then I don't sell them as you know, but this little for your window of activity had this lasting imprint.
On twenty fifth of your life, probably yeah in a perfect world. Yes, oh you're gonna make it two hundred here lean you're smart. These are all these all right, you so predicted submit it hadn't, even a really useful. Ok, how do you curate the stories that support your thesis in your book? Do you find interesting stories along the way and earmark them and then later try to place the men, or do you go out with your thesis income across them like? How can you draw from such different periods in time? looks like as I'm reading the current one, of sudden were in Montezuma in court. Has a story so I'm just curious: how did these drastically different you know, they seem off topic, but they find their way into supporting your thesis. Was it a chicken or an egg, its changed ever since I started doing religious history, my podcast, which is spectacular by the way. What are our favorite one is the token
The aim is Rome. I can remember where, on the road I was when I heard the audio of the rose- and I repeat, it is still heartbreaking. It's crazy that I haven't heard this one, but the one you did on memory. People talk about non stop. I wrongly was talking about the other day thinking it was about this book, you are right there. That idea, like I just heard so many people, reference, that everybody believes that yes, the YAP, what those are two good examples of so the Sammy Davis Jr One does not begin with an idea begins with my friend Charles chose Randolph, You know him he's been right now, the big short ah me to love it coming up bombshell dying so good, but away. Oh, it is, but the
kid been Shelly surround Margo Robbie, Kate, Mckinnon John lift our boy, but I smoke shall smuggled out with like a script that so dense and brilliant and anyway, Charles is one of the best friends chosen. People who would never has an uninteresting thought Lily will go to did it's embarrassing. I will go to dinner with a monopoly twenty years and I take paper. Pen ended, when he's not looking like scribbled so chosen just one. This is you. You have to listen to this rust also, that was the most people. Yet he saw some believable and, like you know he has his own theory about it. But I was this thing I think I have to do something with it. I don't know what it is there, and so I listen to
listen to and think about, think well. What is the story here? There's gotta, be it cause it in all of those episodes of revisionist history. You tell a story, but there's always a deeper point that I'm trying to make and yeah that's examples of you start with this story and the story appeals to on some emotional level and it has its own inherent power, and what I want to do is give you a reason listen to it even more closely. That's the point stating for more arm chair. If you dare We are supported by door dash Monica Vienna long at work or tough day at school. I still stuck at the office tree south after the meal you deserve and have your favorite restaurants come to you with door dash. Now I was sick, you're, sick person and one get sick. You lose my appetite always while my way back with some crispy french rise from Acta.
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By one all, access pass and get one free gift at master class, dot, com, slashed acts, and this book is written. This was the first book talking strangers written since I started to into podcast and it was written in a very different way than my previous books, because it all of the chapters I start with the story. The book is framed around the story of Sandra Bland, one of the most high profile of those of the cases that began with Ferguson. I just heard about that. Case and watch the dash. Can video of the whole incident of her arguing with the police officer at this? This is about what I'm talking about right now. What I what I wanted to extract from I didn't know. I just knew that I wanted to tell a story about what happened, but a sigh, the road when this couples over this young, black woman and things go awry yeah right.
And then the story you mentioned about the cuban spy and how I I ran a process for a long time ago, there was something about it that was though, or some kind of an unbelievable, that this woman was the highest levels of the American. Tell Albert eighty nor baiting. You know it FBI Age and she's a spy the whole time for Castro and nobody, no issues. A fucking shakespearian court on honour at her desk is basically sick imo, don't wage metabolism, but those and then I began to really, Oh those yours, it's sort of the same story. It's about our inability to comprehend so, in that case, you you were aware of any like this. Has some significant somewhere right and the more pieces? I start adding the more stories I feel they fit, and I can tell a serious what I wanted to do was to
to tell you will walls, you read it. Look like a like you'd right, a college paper is: is there like a White board? How are you managing the writing story? Chapters different chapters- sometimes I'm not sure but they go la. I assemble them over time, but I met him. Go back and revisit see no one rewrite and rewrite and rewrite, but they kind of fall together like their Montezuma stories out at the very end. Ok, when a friend of mine by the book and just said: where does this begin? Where does what is the first great talking to strangers story and, of course, the first greater the stranger stories Quartet Meeting Montezuma in Mexico in in an unnatural Monica. Just he points out that if you look at the the wars that happened in thirteen countries, fourteen honours its largely neighbours fighting neighbour and then all of a sudden. You have this, as a Spaniard goes to first western or go to Mexico meets the eyes TAT king and they have a conversation, and they have no idea there working through. So many
this is, leave nobody, what they say and they completely misunderstand each other Cortez gets Montezuma hundred percent wrong. Ends in one of the great a janitor genocides wow now, you do you get the same, I sense that you get the same level of frustration when you see a problem presented to the public in the two options here recognize immediately- that's not getting to the source of this problem in working to expand. My time, resources chasing too avenues that are not far enough upstream to fix this problem. Do I met uniquely maddening when I observe problem
this being so here's one David thinking about, and I might do an episode of revisions histrionic. So my brother is elementary School principle in Canada, Ontario and every year. He goes down to the big international principles Conference Sol over North America and he always comes back. He says so weird you goodies conferences is like this all of these sessions for principles and teacher retention on the great problem trying to keep teachers in the workforce because they all leave is like my brother's, almost sixty principle, Philip thirty years, whatever sick. I only had one teacher quit on me my entire time. They came back the next year, so he's like, I don't understand, assist where. How do you have a profession is revered? Is teaching it everybody who once they start wants to leave his is. The answer is very simple: in Canada. They don't do that because we pay them properly and regarding them, what
a huge matter. Why are you guys spend so much time agonising over the problem of teacher attention, when all you have to do is take a step back, picked them properly and pay them properly, because we don't want to. I can make it a job. People compete your exact, but he's eight years. People lined up outside the door to be teachers yielding system if it meets its Canada, so like another planet leg just up there and they ve had cut banished to conceive of this problem in a very different way and we are still struggling you're decades later, with o doing everything but pay people enough to wanna stay on the job, It's so obvious. It's obvious. Can I throw one at you Yucas? This is one that bump for me recently. This thing cycled through my liberal silo that I live in move round through an I'm married to a fellow liberal right and she
for me the things it was and this disturbing and it was a story from a photo. Journalists who started working in New York in early, her career. They were taking pictures of black people who had done either been killed The crime scene, snuff. In than the editor, I think of the times they sat a friend said: look stop taking pictures of black people. That's never gonna at best, it'll make the fifth page of a newspaper. So that's clearly well document I I have no issue with that, but the conclusion of this was look. How racist the paper is am my thought was. Let's also think that this may be more a problem of empathy, The readership of the New York Times is predominantly white people identify with people that look like them on the front agent if they dont see someone that looks like them there might not by the paper. Are I dont know that we go We hung about the issue on the right problem: more clearly
let me just say I think it goes without saying it's absurd- that black people's lives should make the front page. That's clearly a problem we need to fix in a dear ass. My issue is just how do we fix it? An address it if we just hey this is raised to stop being races. Will that result Yet the result we want I'm more concerned about the danger of every time african Americans are represented in the media. It is in the context of of some criminal event right, like the percentage of african Americans who are criminals is tiny. Most black people are as solid to citizens as anyone else here, yet the way that they are, if all you did, if you are a martian coming down- and all you did was watched, the news and movies ends gap that his papers. You would think that there was the criminal population. This country was entirely black and a spanish right last turns me more. So maybe if their replacing these these dark pictures with a more balanced
rail of black people's lives. Then I am all in favour of it. A little restraint on the subject of associating black people exclusively with criminality is you. I think that this has the image of young black men been so polluted by this kind of selective media attention, the other just every Evans is assuming these kids are thugs. They have to deal with this stereotype as young black men every day, and it must be so career save to be someone who is a professional architect. Then you step out of the office nor of a sudden you pay people consider you is like that. I don't know. Have you read whistling Vivaldi are heard of that book. There's a book about Race relations in America call whistling Vivaldi and it starts with a kid leaving maybe like long beer or something a kid in school, and he realized when used can on the streets going home at night, and you know he's a kid is:
a hoodie like any eighteen year old is that people would cross the other side of the street keep their distance from him, so he started whistling Vivaldi, so and no one crossed like once. You know they placed him in a different Rome. Then they felt at ease it. So fascinating is the same person the whole time. It's really interesting. Israel into that is ok. Bear with pair of never read questions as is very breath. You have me so you me a titter. Serious homework was done at the fucking love you, it's rare, that I worship people, but you smart use, you and J C and who has a bill Murray. Ok, what do you call for this book? One of the things
thought of Wallace, and he was man. Our communication is so subjective, it's so steeped in cultural cues that minimally, we should hope to recognize it. Other people are communicating with us through tons of layers. Is the golden ultimately be patient and sympathetic to other people? Is that part of it? That's the whole thing. That's the whole thing I mean the whole ideas of talking to strangers is that when you talk to a stranger as if in the end be, cautious and be humble dont, be in a hurry chances. Are you are getting a prison wrong? You are attending to the wrong cues. You do understand the context in which they are speaking to you. I could go. Oh, no not just give yourself a chance to revisit that set of impressions and that person there It's also a helpful to recognise like Europe as absurd to them as they are to you like, there's an equal amount. In both always in both directions of kind of miscommunication, in probably mostly good faith but gone sideways. You know, I can't read
going like I am sympathetic to everybody in the story like no one has the all knowing sphere in their hands. You know we're all as equally confuse generally yeah Monica was your list of questions do I see is. Do you think it's possible for people to really overcome their collection of bias sees that we accumulate overtime link in those seconds? You have a stranger. No, I mean I think there are some people who are better added than other yet obvious, but there. If that's true everything that we do. The problem is it's impossible to accumulate all of the necessary information in that period of time. So if I'm talking to you right Now- and you look profoundly uncomfortable, decided because I'm making you uncomfortable or your uncomfortable for some reason that I don't know right I may never know, and that you don't want to tell me- or that is deeply person, and I have no way of knowing which
and is a vast difference? You may really enjoy talking to me, but something happened this morning right in your life. It is yours struggling with ends here, It was so that level if you and I were siblings. This would not be a problem right right. I would know the context in which you are from, but because we are strangers here. This is too much ground to cover. And in their example I just gave. What's always amazing is our default? Is always oh it's about me. Right allowed only were projecting all of our own stuff on it till, whereas I would argue that probably ninety percent of the time is not about it's not about us at all. It's about something you know in the grand scheme of things is an infinite list of things that could be driving your moods yeah there's a great idea.
Put in a book, but by great example. This is so quite Leonard. That's basque. Bob learn on a planet when he was drafted out of college gets an interview with the Phoenix sons who are thinking of drafting and very high, and afterwards they say no and attracting. Why? Because, during the interview, nineteen euro quite wearing a suit was sweating so profusely that they could see the ring. Then his armpit and they like when we want to go to school, underbred I'll, give no knowing what is under pressure than quite right. So why was coy sweating? Will I don't know the equally been hot? not one it is a phoenix even Leonardo. Beatings could have now want to sit in alone. Cannot add a fever could add a fever again. Meanwhile, the issue that is, of course the Jura, marriage or the Phoenix sense has lost
Lee hundreds of hours of tape, but he can use to evaluate who I let it as a basket on there, but he chooses in that moment in that direction to prioritized the bit of information. He got his for himself in the moment. The right you can't get away it was. He has to make a judgment about him. Yeah I saw a white and quite was swaying through his shirt. I don't want that guy. You write that that is a mental demonize that guy that GM. I feel it is essentially human mistake that we may get without with a stranger what and also that the all things are equal. So his is pressure level on a basketball core where he has this insane ability, talent, practice. History, verses me in a bunch of white deeds. I'm assuming their white here in an office that these aren't even related threatens right, yeah, yeah yeah. I mean how many night yet how many nineteen year olds, who are going for a job interview in which literally tens of millions of them
as our at stake would not be doing exactly what he s had been concerned. If he wasn't, nor has it yeah. What's the matter with the right where's here you don't you care my breakthrough person I was. I was the director of a movie, my mother, I invited my mother to work on the movie, is a low budget movie and she was doing craft services say quit his paws had some respect for taxes, mother, this fantastic. She came and helped she's the best, but also elsewhere too hard. Could she demonstrate with two? At any rate, it was such a breakthrough. For me, I have the title director, which means I'm the top person on that pyramid right there. There was a p that had objectively a terrible, Personality when he talked to me these very condescending, I was never in the right place. The right time. Somehow he was the boss and I was doing think right now. Because I had the official title director back. I never bothered me ass if he has a bad personality, that's what's goin on here. He can
it now, my mother, who had a role that wasn't the highest as she couldn't stand the skies aiming at Are we to do this to me? Do that and I might or might not always, I feel like you if I didn't have this arbitrary title of director, whereby I don't feel threatened at all, I would be thinking the exact same thing about this guy, who thinks he's better than me. He's bossy me around bar, but I just would like always gotta personnel keep moving and was like. Oh my gosh. If I could walk through life just feeling like I'm the director at all times, everyone's behaviour would be exactly what it is just that their behaviour of this funding I want to know your experience with becoming famous. The real experience right. I have to imagine there's pros and cons. I can already guess what the pros our for you as someone is, super interested in people having access to people who are very interesting. Is that the highlight of it all? Yes, although being famous, doesn't give you more access to interesting people
come on no yogi. I can promise you any human being in LOS Angeles, that receives a phone call, nurses and says mountain. Why wants me with you? I can promise you Ah, bikers taking me any person named the person you're gonna meet with you. I M s bows, but my point was it: there are a lot of a lot of interesting people who gets this. Assuming that the most people are, the people who are the highest of the food chain are another hardest defined targets to get access to. In fact, most interesting people are actually very easy to get access to write. In my experience, your interesting. This is a kind of largely a function of of how Close you are to the action in whatever you're doing so when people get too high up there. No longer that interesting, because those are the tasks from the other, just like TAT is not don't have that kind of was interesting is specificity. What's interesting is detail. This happened to me yesterday was not interesting as well. When I was twenty five, the last time
was a normal person this. How D ass yet doesn't help me, I'm not interested in when you were twenty five right. It's like I don't know. What's going on. I think it's funny and if you look at talking to change this book, all of the most interesting interviews that comprise that book are issues that I garden if I was a total unknown, but they were not contingent on having a recognisable profile. I would say the special thing has simply been that I can now control my own time. Direction in you know I'm on my own, I can be my own boss. I can make my own choices. Have that's? That's the kind of gifts, that's the amazing thing here and that we know when you can wake up in the morning in what happens in a day is up to you. I to meet us the greatest feeling in the world and what about more because I think we both mom for me, number one love of my life. I don't know if you'll go that far, but I you love your mommy credit and hers b, you're writing do whatever your writing inspiration here, one
I'm watches, because I remember watching you on sixty minutes. I guess it was probably a year ago or something thrill the sea? You I only read, I don't think I've even seen a photo of you wanna make out. This is the guy so very sending me what was moms feedback from seeing her son and sixty minutes, because, as someone who left Jamaica went the England then went to Canada and then her kittens upon sixty minutes. I have to imagine I am not convinced by mother ever so, How do you see? I grew up with our tv. Oh so my parents got a tv very rarely in life and in fact, what they got a tv because I bought them a tv, but then they objected in classic very much my mom, my mom was I bought, receives you'd like except it ass. It was. She is too big me what it was like to plead across when it is too big. She was well if the neighbors saw that they would think that I was putting her ears,
so you take the tv smaller deviate. She watches like a british costume dramas. Ok, like other down down. There will be no a BBC detective sure, alas, the deck that kind of Oh, I didn't know that lay shall actually has a show shall say: I'm it's Friday night To my mind, oh and I assume as something to do with b b c. He will listen to stuff that I've done on the radio, she's an audio press Marshall or shall read stuff about me, but no soap, it s your question. Yeah. Might I think my mama's yeah she's a mom. I mean like it's all good, but she's happier. If I call her I mean year, given the choice between Malcolm winning, the Nobel Prize for Literature, Malcolm calling here, I think she would ask calling will in training. As I have that question, I dont think its healthy for parents to be fans are there.
Children of seeing that with their friends of mine, who is the parents or bans that does a very unhealthy dynamic. My mom still things on a piece of shit and Anna I think it's a good. It's a good level like she still thinks. I'm a little house come back, which is good, but I guess I'm more asking the question probably coming from the position of being a parent. Now and imagining just watching my little girls on sixty minutes at some point they get. That would do to me and recently island this theory for Monica some Monica Father, move from India when he was twenty two to Atlanta met. Monica mother had a child. He, he is a structural engineer and had daughter and now the daughter does She does in LOS Angeles, and she makes money and she and it occurred to me recently
Oh I'm! Not in my simulations, I'm in her father knew. Why should I am Eric out my character? Inner bothers was I never even consider not ever concise. There actually deliver this, the most immigrants story of I now I could give its well. That's the architects are king, it very their not being created. When they are lying in the age of the only year, Breakin appeared by not having a project based. You have as the only correct in right now. I do not in deep learning I'm going to medical school now, no rule trail here but everything else about that is cutting the tasks to be. We had em my dad had an unbroken string pursues a math professor at Universal Guadeloupe Yeahs, an unbroken string of indian grass students from like nineteen sixty nine
I too, like nineteen, but with a mid nineties. I think he had like to Non Indians la one after the other yeah. I grew up with us on Friday night. It's going to his graduate students for dinner, and you know I lived growing up in this. Oddly indian immigrant world, is, I wasn't, allows in the world of math graduate students at a mass universe, the sort of hilarious yeah. I mean, I think that they would have want me to do something predictable. But only because of the security element to define the only because a plus beak will see there, but I think they're so much happier now that, like things, are working out- and it's this weird other path- that's not predictable, like I think they would pick this now, knowing that it all worked out, but there, for those scary were you're, it was for your parents. Dinner,
mission, there was really no alternative to predict. What path was the only that the only path, the anxiety? That was very that's the interesting here. You have the freedom of our generation's removed from that kind of yeah pressure will Malcolm I love you! I hope there will be some reason, revisionist history, that you need a mid level comedians point of view on something I bribed I buy, you thought very objectively, a mid level and that which is Great lifestyle are not complaining, but I do hope that I'll be called upon, damn always at your disposal should you ever need are hardly even you do a story. Guys married a very famous women who make more money than him? That's a very unique experience. It. I've had a front rosy too, so just on throwing it all out. There are any time you call. I am at your disposal, their books. Nominal? It's so so good, listen to it listened, listen to a new Malcolm, are very good at reading your own, your own writing. So some people,
There are varying levels of execution on them, but you you, you do a very good job of reading and that's all thank you so much, yeah I like it when you write another blows, really: foot, ok and again Monica to Monica is at your disposal to am here Rob Europe! Thank you. So much now my favorite show the back checked with my soul me, a bad man, No, it's only heard on the truck ride to sat long. Can Egypt doomed do I know now? I didn't do anything it came out. I remember I don't know what I was. Maybe thirteen I should now like shit. This is a song about walking like an egyptian yeah. That's what this Somalia and that's a totally normal subject matter for a song yeah, Then I got curious about the other lyrics and the law.
Looks really are all over the place. They cover a lot of territory, they do, here are some of them ideal. Ok, I felt like it was worth screen grabbing broke. I was here. Ok, all the old paintings on the tombs they do this. And dance? Don't you know they move too quick. They all fall down. Unlike a domino, domino awry a bizarre men by the Nile they the money on a bad girl, old crocodiles. These lamp her teeth on your cigarette foreign types with the hookah pipe say your way, you look like an Egyptian. We know that blonde waitresses take their trade, they spent around and they crossed the floor there the moves. You drop your drink and they give you more all the school kid so sick of books. They liked the pie
Can the metal banned when the buzzer rings their walk? Unlike an Egyptian all the kids, marketplace say away away, walk like an Egyptian here's gets in the police. You ready. If you want to find all the cops their hanging out in the donut shop, they sing and dance spin. The clubs, crews down the block, all the gene Chinese with their Yan. The party boys call the Kremlin and I need no away away all why just kind of touches on all the different groups: police, children, Chinese, Maybe a kid wrote that saw feel confident feels like eventual words, cottages thrown in some of the sentences, don't make sense. They don't really hold up to critical screwed bomber, but you knows a great song. That's not take anything away from the who are then, who knows? No, I the poverty or
Now that the authors of this too, I know- I don't know it vague bangles. Bang goals the Bengal TIGERS. You will be not feminists. If you were critical of the song, making anti anti feminist our way to be critical? That's all it's a feminist wows by all women Ivan equal opportunities. Critic. Credit does make me a feminist cause. I critique women and men equal. Lee is bad well hold on hold on. We normally on record as saying that spares developing look. It is quite simply a song about walking like an egyptian and then I got carried here's. While I looked up the lyrics I got curious, did they mean historical, Egyptians or modern day, folks in Egypt.
I'm, I'm leaving your horse historical Petra ass. I mean they're there ass ASP, whose it's always crossword clue who killed Cleopatra ASP, Three word: yeah workers come up all the time. It also raises cause. It's like pretending that Egyptians used to walk with their hands of king wild? Judging from the hieroglyphics, I think they determine the better it is kind of a cool man walk everywhere. They let one in France, one in back, stuck their hands. I'll get man made their chin racist. Well, can you be well? I guess you could be races against the store What people, I think, they're mine there are more talking about cartoons Oak, you know. I'm salmon in her tune is based off a racist stereotype of Egyptians.
I mean I, I understand what you're saying, but it just there's nothing inherently negative about walking the way they were portrayed to walk, itches curious. Well, it's these people dont know how to walk regular. They walk with their hands sticking out. Both sides could apply for the good of rum, pre empted, the asp to strike like. Maybe that was a decoy with the hand out from our so that the DAS would strike be out of venom, and then they can proceed with caution, but still proceed safely. How or what the ASP get confused and think those hands were a snake or another asp yeah. I think that would be the gall oh it's too, but they wouldn't strike. Then they're, just like ours is just another snake friend of mine, some not gonna, come out of my letter, inducing there any police officers that were really liking. The song, like the first half of the song and then also like all the cops, are and don't and shops lightweight. Why are we in this house? This is about area, tells the doors Jupiter since then,
I'm a little upset, there's no reference to ask sir in their real excited because they more like run like an Egyptian there. If there is an Spin Baldy already running, I would assume how they ran like based on Are they warn? I imagine it's very. Like Cambodia, scary, pompous at best. Ok? Well, but this is not know tat, although this is the exact kind, a topic that Malcolm might find some for and then actually makes some great conclusion. We just don't have that power of conclusion. Now we doubt worms confused the more research we kill. Way more questions. Now me too, and I had this morning when I heard it he is the best pack. At all. As I've said and I'll keep saying, the decision is history revisionism
revision is that as I why I listen to, I think three of them on the right. The sandinistas weaken yet neither ones I told yet all the ones- and I love my view to hear one. That's not incredibly stimulating and dig into the one where he takes the else all injuries day, Malcolm to exert yeah. Ok any does poorly. What the episode is about why we in America, Have these standardized? Yes and how we test based on time, meaning and all the other has no actual translation into life right, no reflection of the workplace! Yeah, it's worth listening to more generally, the one I'm acting and they say action, a person does hit the stopwatch, Liddy mean to make sure. You are under thirty seconds well either. Another random teasing on Commercials- you do have to be well, do in a certain amount of time, Ozma.
Now my beer worked, but my dear war, you're, lucky beer, guess that a guess, love yeah you and my boy you're audition I dead in, so we think now, We have been here beer before every screen a store network tat year. He all the big one day. I think that's a healthy way. You go about live like I need alcohol to to succeed. I have beer magic beer, specifically that gasping. That's right her back and say: can you please by a whole lot of beer on your way, but there's two in their, which means for auditions, pretty flat yeah. I think you have be you a drink, a flat, bearded, Booker, network shell right, so you get for additions left in the fridge. Does Bare go bad once you open it, I mean it it just
stay still worse and worse, but I don't know that it gets poisonous unless it's in there for anything, you know a year something age, beer sheriff. Ages beer. Sometimes when occasion calls for, I do have some aged beer. Do you like how now called from two thousand fifteen a cat? Like a bourbon county, goose Island, that's meant to be out to use was to buy it and then let it sit for five years. I may not necessarily five years but that our current age, they d, opening the venture, No, I mean you didn't get it in the fridge and let it a all around Europe must now then their stout to southern, really robust beer. Is the alcohol content going up as it age? Fourteen percent already? Oh, why so you might get adapter like twenty. Maybe we shouldn't have one of those beers before an audition.
I think so I think I shall I shared hushing, show up. Ok, I will ok good well. Congratulations that you knew that someone talking on a megaphone or some years, some outside. Well, everyone war on another field trip today. That's why there's some sounds or field trip here. I feel about the fourth field trip you suddenly. Malcolm was a delay. Oh, my goodness. It was so exciting to have em, and then you are attracted to him by war I had only seen him on sixty minutes. Sure, and then in real life I found that he had a real devilish sparkle in his eye. He would like look at the side of his eye. You said I he would sign. I you in a very in war and that you, but just any I'm saying yes and it was very flirty
I'm not saying that he was inappropriate or that he now learning laughingly. Now he had very playful eyes very flirty eyes, and I left the interview going. I bet a lot of women, love, Malcolm yeah, yeah, get a real smooth confidence in rule bloody, playful eyes just sexy. That's all I want to say about him in again. You might think why talking about how sexy he is he's intellectual and he's got a lotta, but again, this is what I would want him to think about me. Well, We hardly things I was sexy. Do you think he did Yes, I know, I think everyone Arnie knows he's so smart and interest staying in all and curious. Already knows those things, so you are attempting to display something: maybe people don't
oh, I'm I'm I'm roundy. Now people's perception of him, yes, Amy's very, very attractive, yeah, flirty, playful and with his eyes the idea do. Would you want him? Do it concluded yours taxi sexy. I want to conclude y know. Sometimes I don't know I will say I were. I guy started growing more more curious about what Malcolm looks like with his shirt off, because I was thinking was running. These great distances, I'm sure, is gradually basil the air I loved. Ok, so you said that no bees been reference mine, the pod cast than ham there. That's on trail. It's not now. Chris stand. The mouse sow guy, that's fair,
becomes eight or nine times in one up. So ok, so I always say non family members K. Sure. Let me thank the thing that claims are made about That was just about to say? Well, we make about SAM Harris. Sometimes I say that I must say I mean you may be set it to Adam. I think you said it is settled a few times, and so they can all be correct right unless they were dead, tired in language, the likely not likely not. So I don't Oh, who is eminently there too, and I guess you really more than mean is that I feel a key more than anyone else shaped how I think of different, things, because he is so good at pointing out all these different things that are counter intuitive and I'm lost drawn the things that are counter to hammer entail color into. But let's see two ass now wait. You sad are ok, I won't say his name, but I'll be like oh, but it's like the korean airline pilots and I feel, like I'm always referencing his heel. I d
yes, his ideas in trying to reach it's them as my own I try to giving here there's no one else. You ve had on that. You poached as many ideas, I think that's probably true that we could say- and we could say, ok how big as the population of Canada, he said. Thirty, two million thirty seven point five: nine million wow, that's not a lot, oh it's now, let's rainy, merely tied with California, right cow biggest California in that region, thirty, five million already million, while that's another factor that forty to fifty point: five, six motherly: not goods were always early on a leash. California count care for a healthy fish largest economy in the world. I am so proud of it. I'm so proud of. You know what I thought was interesting as his dad is a math professor and his
but his Mama psychotherapist wire, yeah and he's just the perfect, combo. Yes, because he has a real aptitude for statistics. He loves dad and happier Math dad's. Yes, that's the math, Daddy and then he loves the Social Sciences net them mommy, that's their psycho mom! we a psycho but not in a negative none of share, or we don't know our ok he's gonna hate this. If he listens Malcolm you, stop. Oh yeah have the corrective fast why that's excite me now, I'm like walking a shot from Michael Jordan have feels, could answer
good. Ok, he said every single person, who's ever run for president with for exceptions, has been a middle aged. Why protestant male over six feet, I said Jimmy Carter were short. Kennedy was Catholic Obama. Black and Hilary was a woman. Benin say like a modern, earn the hundred years or less Hondo, and I am they proud of this. I thought of someone on my own before looking up. I was, I ha. I wonder how all that person was remember Ross Perot GO year. Five, five around, like you, a mouse with maximum horsepower. That's right! He was only five I've and so Malcolm sorry, There's a fifth and and then I saw it going down a rabble of heights now The quick- I just wonder if he would say this captains
This programme is an independent. Would he say of the major parties is at this point I would certainly there some some bozo running for you, know the pink already resigned. That's like that runs Bureau was an actual candidate that took votes from t shirt, though you does. It say that about like the french french random raw. He wasn't a french friend random. No, no! He was. He was a legitimate to mainstream yeah yeah. Who do you think the tallest president to ever live here? Yes, our Abe Lincoln comes right to mind. That would be in my run. That's correct, yeah, ok, sixty six for you will they say he had got. I wish I could remember the name of a right now, but they believed that he had this Genetic disease that really tall people have
for your aorta blows up. They say he would have died, anyways cause. He had this disease in there's all these markers like his his gaunt face and a couple other thing how much do you take on genetic disease? Does more fans young fan, Martin, When I read that in high school, your comments I had Marfa send somebody six Lorraine, habit, yeah asking how ya ganglia do busy looking those are all the criteria Your doctor will look at younger. Do physique jack. The young Marvin dude Neuro Martha. You have more fan, but it doesnt effect anything. The council that I order just explode at their most must be well Martians, die prematurely by a lot but a bit and made it through shot in the head, but he was all dish
Oh how old, I think he would probably they they say he would have expired shortly there. After from this Marvin, due to the Smart Z, have from his case of those you know, I'm Hilary was on stern ass. She was on last week. He asked her who is the best president ever and she's Amelia said Abraham Lincoln, You said not George Washington, she said well, he would be second, but but definitely able Like you, we ve just look at what kind of conviction and coordinated and cook to make the decisions here. Maybe we were ultimately ripped the country and have here first Gerda greater. Now why you're Marvin's actually may make you have exceptional character, can Bertram S? Probably you have there. Ah also in her mind and, furthermore, one more glue, even now,
c mon now I've I've I've had some do for some moments. I think we all have a moral ganglia there when you're ganglia in you like say, lose your balance. You can immediately veer into do face territory. First of all, I've maybe never seen you lose your back like when you bumped into that door of time, something there is then do fussy about it. Isn't like gesture. I had done that you'd, unlike what a difference now now known. You don't think sound out its equally do fifty. If you lose your door, you look great bouncing off that, nor does it was just as little person like point was almost like a card or is it had? We would have done it. We were like folded up into a pancake on the ground or summer arms would have been flying. I think equally cartoonish different characters in the card to ride so do for see none the less.
But you you don't have ganglion S. Well, though your tall, you don't think so now and like either does jazz. I would Never ever describe him until you showing work, although them that's gonna, love that you said that ok, so Abe good honest Dave was six four I got a hunch whose second there's a bunch of people that are five eleven in five eleven and a half, that, I think are rounded sure older in those dress, heels What are the like? George W Bush? Who is fine? eleven and a half, ok, so he's lying, though J was real, taulas well I'll, be J, yeah and then guess who's. Third, so I'll be J was such ass. I can he's six foot three and a half l b J and who do you think is third either,
turn up setting answer. Well, then Nixon Throb, o tromp. Ok, that make sense you fix three I would have thought is well that may be Fifty are when he was not seated in his wheelchair was pretty tall six to ok, in better at this than I would have expected a girl like. I feel it is, as you know, when you launched jeopardy and sometimes there's a category, nearly idleness mountain ranges. Can you don't think you know anything about it and then you get like three and out of the five and you feel like a million now ass. If the idea is that George Washington is happening as he, six tail is well these tied for for a long time, but a lot of people, their spy people type for four. Ok. So anyway, it's all interested it is. It is. Do you see this big, wrinkle and minor, nor dawn? Yes, you do now it's huge tiger, don't see it was right there. You got your chin way up in the air. There's no wrinkles, it's all flattened out here. It's across my whole mad
on its enormous ok, I noticed recently I mean I've noticed in my whole life had it forever. Ok grown Are you really started looking at it recently in thinking like I hate that I gotta figure out a way to get rid of all like a corrective surgery, her I, like it again my neck removed just put the head directly on the shoulder to shoulder logo get you might want to have them. Auto shop that look before you go through the procedure, I feel bad about it. Unkind and I blame being short for the wrinkle. Ok, because I've been stretching my name for thirty two years, especially when I was a baby and I'll, be right, reneging on longer no neck is always my neck size and then the skin is getting stretched and then causes wrinkle. Ok, this theory, is: is good as any other. I guess Do I have any you have none?
Why? This big protruding Adams Apple about a tiny bit because you're just sitting in alarm or little crunch dollar crunch here. Are you don't have any wrinkles? Ah, my MAC anywhere noise my face legal sugar. Where all over this? at my face I may there's no ring watch was dismissed with me and I'll point, all of it up for you and also you all the things on their that right now a symmetrical and you'll gambling do phocaean Marfa, the reads very Marvin: listen! You're, like a little boy. Ok! Thank you. Look I'm doing fine for forty four I got a guy can complain. You look like in point thirty. Four year old jobless. You saw me due to just two years older than you. I know Look older than me? Will you look like you're twenty four? yeah! You know about twenty six.
You will know that we all carry. The words were rub Gerardo you're, forty, two o my no surrounding area doesn't have any wrinkles. Even I heard a little neck pop. Did it just crack? Ok robs the next. Nice seat of the Morocco Rainbow smile, ok, youthful, ok, I have some sad news. One of my first Scott deleted bow now, but I dont know what it is. It's the lost back, oh boy, so so. There is just one more fact and it's gone oh there's more, there was one in them. Oh indeed, I remember that in writing an it didn't our control? Z? Yes did not work, then work wasn't meant to be a percentage of people who do sports in high school who end up making
a career out of it is point zero, zero. One is what Malcolm said and then the statistic is fewer than two percent of and see doubly student athletes go under professional. I go on to be professional athletes. Virtue in college Here we are so I guess not even the right man. How many I was really will make you. How can I I guess I can't even were really test they could, but they'd have to check every single student athlete I think, would be very simple: they would dumb they take. The total number of student athletes should be easy to get and take total number of career positions in professional sports NASCAR. Oh it's three hundred to one does the man I would do that would be the fat if you gave me this is a project daughter, that's what I would do, but what about like student athletes is such a range
you could be on large, really treasure. Rash span might get over a year now thirdly, the world? Now, if you're listening in your freshmen stick with it, you could be the odds oh yeah, sure the. As I read the I beat the eyes, I urge Urim your employer is a entertainer, that's almost impossible to you, but I'm not a professional cheerleader. Well, or are you our went to find in Germany is the thing you're alone on the drive you I was thinking about some of the stuff I used to deal with. Body yeah in cheerleading em, how I would just never ever do that now. Even attempt Do it you right in all add two. If someone caught you by the pussy now probably be very aware of the ash, whereas in the past,
ass. You just shrug that. I think I was still a where, when it happened in and not aware way, right like like someone brush your shoulder. Yes, but you just don't have time to focus on your inner routine, but now, if you were just doing a recreational in some caught, you by the pussy, even light weight that probably yes having a just be a little different pearly but especially Dana's. They caught him by the heinous having really waking up now, where's the view do its part of it like That's intentional, sometimes Billina now the but cheeks yeah, but it's all. I guess it's certainly someone's finger stabbed your bought hall. At some point. In that long career, I'm gonna, say Paulie, not because you're wearing bloomers an short you were there like the kitchen in have most year budget in their hands. Then there there their fingers they can now and they just pulled. That, like they inserted Jessica, quick,
below is yes. I probably happened right and then you're lying whatever you don't like everyone out to be a fence of even talk about in arms. Ain't like what a waste of time out about it will not even out of embarrassment. Give get over now. I know I think, no one, why would you bring that up? You're busy oh performing perform but now do you think you could get a quick Jabbed bought hall? Was someone's index finger and or ring finger or middle finger for that matter? You would be like. Oh, I do think that is the case unless they're saving my life, when there are sticking their finger up, then I probably wouldn't notice. Still all Well, that's good! Now, yeah case I have to rescue, you know like. Why would catch her, but I'm afraid I'm gonna poker but yeah my index, don't stop yourself, I won't I'll catch. You have more worried about the rest later. Ok, so you know we talk about this all the time that the article a bow, how papers dull
put one of her black people on the cover our home and you always orphans New York Times ahead and I'm trying to find it, and I can't find it and I'm just nervous because we keep saying New York Times and I don't know, that's that's very fair. And also all add. My point were stands regardless of whether it's that that the point is there there under represented and is that an indictment of racism or is an indictment of empathy ear? Who buys the paper yeah? That's the that is the point There are facts and there they you're, throwing air loosened. Lowly dont know are true and I'll. Try to figure out. If I can, I know I'd love to increase in life. We confront asked Kristen relation, he doesn't know. Ok, so you see that my dad moved from India to Atlanta, but he didn't. He moved from India to Chicago to Kansas City
to Atlanta wrote to her the MID west. While they're ok see you said your amid level comedian. Anyone know I'm no you're, not all measurements, but might mice movies iron measure mainly mid level successful in because our mid level success now this aren't. I am mid level comedian. Now our sunken funding Always take your Marvin's and get out of here. Ok, I just think of top level you ve got. Servants, bonds your welfare, all's, anyone I'm leaving out your south welcomes. I apologize. I, like all you in other there. There are like the top tier comedians. You know you're well. Are you worked all those people wouldn't even saying? Why are you here? yourselves. I dont think you appraising myself as mid levels a very healthy perspective. Robert Ory
I'm in the NBA. I want love, are you in the NBA you're not mid level? Robert Ory is not a mid level battled my role, you would agree Walmart nationally speaking, but in the NBA he's upper mood level. I think if you are in the NBA you're already the top top topped hop level, then I guess with in that. If you on all rank, you could ok, but doubts equivalent to what look, I will then I agree with that argument. Now. That's the idea ball ok, we'll my God, Malcolm Gladwell birthday came For me, I know no want em day. Why now? Thank you, Adam Grant. The thing: do you Adam you beautiful, so of a gun thing, begun: email, Malcolm about cars, o five. Merci, if I can get some bruin, what is it?
Mean plunges friendship. Why some fine? I want mine seeing that Gazer his playfully dance across my face a few more times a year. You love is I I do now, I'm back to walk like dipshit. You know there was also a popular song when I was younger. She's got there the David. I know that one and my father was nice enough to explain to me what that song man now, I'm MRS his interpretation, but you know They were saying, though the one was very cooked up. Did she big eyes b? big round pupil like Betty Davis, also its act assign about drugs here about a gay albion, all jacked up like that, his man she's less romantic yeah bundle good! That's my dad's impression. I don't. I don't stand by their dont sue me. Whoever robot increases icily Rex, it's him Carnes, ok, there's verse, chill tease, you show any
you sound like someone called up, yeah he's, got any Davis and also some things ass, a doktor s shall expose you when she snows you snows powder those. While you wait, she snazzy you can but he Davis she's a Hoover. Ok, Blessings to Malcolm gas was do you guys praise be under his eye? This is I mean it's almost Christmas time. Yes, I wish My jingle are here until we don't have your mouth Dingle bells sound like he impossibly, gets wow merry Christmas in progress
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