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Men's Bodies with Kumail Nanjiani & Rob McElhenney

In this episode, Dax invites Rob McElhenney (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet) and Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, The Big Sick) into the attic to discuss their obsession with male bodies. Dax remains shirtless through the duration of this episode while the three dissect childhood insecurities that led to this predilection, their opinions of the perfect male body, body dysmorphia, societal influences on females vs. males, and not being in on the joke. Rob mentions the high point when a stranger wanted to take a shirtless picture of him and Kumail reveals a tidbit about his abs. Monica commends the three for talking openly and vulnerably.
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Welcome! Welcome Robin armchair expert, I'm Dan rather and joined by Maximus me. I wish I had whether girl, ok Risa and to take them. welcome alarm, Jerry expert, I'm Dan, rather I'm joined by monsoon. Monica now take three the more glow in the dark, Georgette word I'm Dan rather I'm joined by me on a common soon have I now run along home. I miss my calling as a weather girl. Today we have to move. One of arms is one of my great brows, returning guessed, but both of Amerika turning gasping. At any rate, rob Makko Heavy and Command Johnny in this whole episode, everybody literally and exploration of the male form is an episode on men's bodies. has told through the male lands. Yes with three probably unhealthy deeds definitely
probably definitely I'll, maybe one say unhealthy, but I'm skewed skewed, sir some This more fear, man, we really get into it with you re. I hope you know you. If you're a female in your, not super into hearing about the striations of the deltoid, hang in there, because it really reveals more about us, doesn't it Monica for sure but not just you but the general. I think male obsession and inhuman obsession with physical Yes- and I also just want to say quickly that Kemal has a new show on Apple Plus, which is called little a mare TAT Little America Rob also have the new Sean Apple plus called mythic quest, Ravens banquet and commenced got movies coming out of courses in the new Marvel tunnels, which is November,
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is your shirts will be. I will say that you will see I'm not going to die in the kindness you look great well, let's get into tat, we get abs. I have thought always be Are you I'm about eight pounds over prime right now, really yeah? What's that two weeks I'm getting a week, I could get off eight pounds a yes vote. water and stuff right. You can lose waterway real quickly, the Sl we do not is going to be the best. When I was thinking about what you talk about so many things on my head, I got so overwhelm that I had to stop thinking about my heart started racing because you just too much, they on the titanic as little many things. We are serious about it. You're leading up to this house like what is the framing of this episode, what
the point of it and I dont know I feel confident will be revealed, but I don't really know what the point is other than let's hash out our obsession with the male form yeah. I think its overall just an appreciation for the nobody alarm! Sticking to my leather checksum shortlist whole! Much rather is gonna, be some ups. There's gotta be some downs, guys it's not. I think I think that it is mainly down you'll, be a little windy here, Sir, is there some potholes as an average shirt on that's right My shirt is off in my goal. Is that all the shirts will be off by the end of this? I am not saying I won't get her just waiting for the right of all about not going now. Can I ask it, haven't leaving it is it because- and this is where they think it easily enter into the body to morpheus yeah. What once you start ass, you know you looked better, you can accept it,
what's happening here, because you must certainly have the best body in this one or I'll say that this morphia thing is one of the things I wanted to talk about, because I see it affecting me so much and I really have to fight it. Yes, all the time yeah I put these pictures or is right, and it is something you want to do what you like waiting waiting in like one. I could look better. I could look better look better with the week before Christmas and I was like now. The stakes are too high when I took that picture, and I put it out, I was like. I don't really look that That is truly the story. I do when I see my ELF, in the mirror. When I take my service, look at myself in the mirror, I look great for five seconds and then I fucking swear. I see my body change in front of me. See it change, then I just see the flaws that got the oblique sword door were all that shit right. Yes, and it was from the reaction to the pictures that I was like. Ok, this clearly something wrong with me. Yes, in your
case it, starts its role in a superhero movie. So you want to look up, their pay any money going to do everything humanly possible to do it on the forest wrong. I was playing a model super here. I didn't want to also be like the first shrubby super here. ok but we're not counting Black Panther South Asian. Let's have it ok, ok, ok and then in robs Kansas bring our speed. It started as a joke, and then quickly, you're no longer in on the joke, and that's the beauty of this process? Yes, dear suggests, he here, co stars were kind of pointing out that to you All part of a gag how ridiculous this would it be for me to get in incredible shape I'm looking around and I'm watching these movies or tv shows where people seem to be in incredible shape. It's one thing: if you're superheroes another thing: if you're like up a pizza delivery guy or something no, but if the actor knows he has to take his shirt off, he's going to get ripped- and I know is that this is what was happening
I thought, while we should make fun of that, you know, and then what happens is you you get so into it, and you become so obsessed with it because it becomes a way of life because you are giving up so many other things, and then you feel so good and then you you look good, but only you in some data mother do really for do you really only for all I heard from was great deeds and gaiters. That is all. That is what unites straight Andy. Do there's! No love for the male form. The idea yours was, I thought, was first of all their whole season NATO's very funny, but I remember when you were doing this transformation out. Charley was like I dont get. Why he's doing it like it's like pointless? He would say- but then in the show, when you're right look, I'm in great shape. Everyone, like I don't know utterly death its pointless. Yet You really do you wrote. Your real reaction was into the show yes, but even
have been met in that way, still not in on it, and some level yeah we'll get a most. You think you have your head wrapped around it there's still the moments. It compels describing where you're looking in the mirror and you're no longer seen your body and it is, it is affected. Your brain yeah definitely cross over into a different zone, and then you once it's over when the seasons over. Then you have to really reckon Zile. You have like a real reckon, look in an actual what that was like, as I just finished like three weeks ago, and do you know they they give you the best brains in the world, a train you every fucking day. They give you five meals a day and then one day they just throw you in the world. I don't know what how the fucking keep this up. So how do you deal with relief thing you're regimen in your diet, and all that I started drinking heavily women this help, because I wasn't really drinking a ton of alcohol while, while I was working out because in fact that, but really help me lose. The weight very quickly was because I was drinking so much like at least a wire
I wanted to us wine every night, so even just cutting out that amount of sugar help and my metabolism was so used to that amount of alcohol. So just doing that, then I say, to really lose a ton of weight. So when I stopped working out as much, I also started drinking alcohol, which you know I'm not necessarily. I'm not necessarily condoning. However, it was a lifestyle choice for me that helps me in my transition. Theirs. for this. There is a misleading sweet spot and post big training right for a role which is you quit you're, not on the regiment anymore, you're, not on the diet anymore, and then you get about a three week. Grace period where you're like. Oh is this when you body where I can pass that you and I may be wrong after I like it in their own right, it'll end, but it'll come back fast. That's true! That's the thing like I! So I stopped and then in fact, for me
other show. I thought maybe I'll gain a bunch of weight again just cuz. I feel like this character might be a little overweight and I I really couldn't do it and then I was like well, maybe I'll, just see if I can get back into shape and instead of taking four months, it took like three weeks and I could get right back what is while it's interesting me, you said there. It's really true that a three week sweet spot where you'd like up super relax I'm not work it out. As our I looked, the fucking same, I'm a great deal my life mine was, I got crazy and shapeless movie one in Rome and they all my shirt was seems were over. We went to ITALY and I have been training all that time. You know, sixties, weak, the whole thing started pounding pasta and as the biceps is blue, the belly didn't get, bigger totally happens, and this is the dream body. Could you blockages depleted? So when you need carves, you like pop up the best you look as the day after, like a horrible, cheap meal. I would look like look all like huge and vascular
ass, a lady. In other things, up there are alot of impressive components to that photo its border with their old renowned, as everyone knows about the photo Josh GAD came on and he told us about the pitcher and we looked it up, I had already seen about. Yes, I play our wow yeah yeah. Allow. I also add my own photo that you sent me that I cherished that I did put in my case. Are you sure I put it in you put it in the hardest thing is when you like been doing this and nobody knows, but you what people do now. So you could just like find the due to depreciate and we want to see something my entire text chain with coomsdale photo back for them in an idle show them anybody can say yes or no to so. It's really just like secret relationship that we have and that's what happens. You're like what who's gonna appreciate this and it's like for other, do because it's also very embarrassing.
wait a minute. You know there's nothing masculine, though that's the apex of masculinity was. We were children, you feel very affectionate doing yeah you're right. You ve really really care about it in a way that is not cool. You know the best want to reach out to me. I don't know: what's Chris Alan's Chris Avonlea, me and I don't know I've never met him still, but he like my email and was I hey? I know how much work that takes the powers that that was the best one at the rock commented, the instagram. Now, oh, my goodness, ok what I would like to poor little context here, so that people can maybe understand the steps that led up to this obsession, this morphia in appreciation. So as kids all roughly the same, eight yeah in so as I was like up to this interview, I was kind of thinking. We did grew up in a unique time period, so we grew up in the air
of heavy heavy steroids use where Mr Universe went from a hundred. Seventy eight pounds to two fifty right, the error of sorts nigger aloof original, now those guys were in our movies when we were kids, so we will one is that one of the first generation to be introduced to this body type that is preposterous by all measures, yeah yeah, that's right and that They must have played some role subconsciously or psychologically or on us, and I remember When I was a really young kid, I was big and doubled over half what wrestling. There was. Another thing I thought of that was a new thing area. Ultimate warrior was huge cod, yeah, there's there's, definitely take less. I suppose from that, but certainly like prior to that. If you look at whatever the idealized male body was, and you can go back like Spartacus. Look at Kirk Douglas, who looks like. I am sick man around. He clearly wasn't spending four hours a day. No look at Adam West is bad. My exact charge, while Sean Connery, who I believe at one Mr Universe in his life. He
You know, I don't know what he was one hundred and eighty and he looked great America like he could chop wood and jump over things right, but not turn a car over onto its roof. No and so for me it was never like an obsession where I was like. Oh, I will not look good unless I look like were I need to look like that. One day for me was a fascination with one day I'd like to do that. And then what happened was I did it and I was like. I may never go back that. Yes, the probable yes, It is really in the hours. You know what it took to get there and- and you don't want to have to go through all that work again to have to get, but I also enjoy enjoyed it like you have a goal, you setting a go. You wake up every day, your disciplined, you have a certain die. It's think it's a lot. I can. role. I must also have control issues, and so there's something I have
control over which is nice? Why do you think hard work generally results in some self esteem, some pride and it's not just the pride at accomplishing you ball. It's also! actually physically feel better like right. Now I have less anxiety than I've ever had I sleep better. The lack of stress like ours, doing this movie and I always get super nervous for like any job. I really was a nervous for this, the entire time I was thinking like eight nine hours and I and how often where you training, while filming cause I've heard that the rocks shoot schedule works around his work out. Schedule check, I am told, is a couple hours every day I we didn't. It did not work around my shit, my work out schedule. They did it, but here so it's interesting. If you guys, we want to get into the nitty gritty of its of the traditional split you do is like you do it ocean. Nepal are you started doing different body part rest right. What they did is this guy David Higgins.
was our train or on this my movie and yet a team of like do. They were fucking great. If you do a full body work, every single day and you dont rest to see your hit chest everyday day, or he showed every day you do a big like eight exercise circuit my pretty much did it every so there would be like over lunch you now, instead of taking lines, I would go work out with these guys and then I would eat lunch like onset. There are sometimes of their leaders. Switching over another seen it's gonna be an hour and a half, so I worked out every single day and then are the weakens our. go and head the body parts have felt were lagging on my own. They which were which were you know the vanity muscles here. You gotta hit the doubts. I work their way to take away the actor or just a one, hundred percent clear you're, telling me that you would work out on top of the worker. yeah. I owe you are two days no no, no, never gone the weaker. Ok, not today's! Ok, though, so Monday to Friday,
working with these guys every single day. What we do, nobody we would do a day of heavy a day of drops a day of heavy a day of drop people alone know what that means. A drop set people who are listening at this point, our XIX everybody. I. What have we learned? This drop that is, are you do a fairly heavy weight and without resting you do a lighter, waited there without resting? You do a really lightweight forgotten. Our wraps I'll, get out of and that's really get that fat burn your right and then on the weekend. We were supposed to rest, but I will go sort of work out on my own general role as the vanity muscles. Our do chest shoulders arm days. While you we're getting hit a personal record. Today I knew we were coming and I didn't work covenant macaroni. He went ahead. Put up three thirty today, bench Presley three thirty! third there, that was a clean, rap yeah. That is totally useless. Strength
Therefore, there is no use now Unless you we're gonna fly again, a major flying must about where they originated. Not, I mean that be great, but it won't landing on doing it intends to give him. That technology becomes available. You already found, for whatever reason, I'm really good at bench press. So I like to do it, of course, even when I went and was training for sunday- and I was asking my trainer errand, he was again I do in any bench, press has just useless and it doesn't look great on screen right, which was a bummer me, but now I'm doing a yard. I don't do bench. Press you dont know, I fucked up my shoulder doing it too many times and then I was one day we were shooting an fortaventura which is the canary islands. For a month shooting our movie, and there was nothing to do that. So when I wasn't shooting, I was just in the gym, I would do I did for our work. Oh it like Heaven, workers. I know
really does. Is we're the only things in life? I put my phone downpour I get in there and it's my our whatever and if I uncertainties Viking watching a motorcycle raise while I'm workin out, make it two hours. That's my best day of it was great without do like an hour and a half way training than they would be like the movement guy so delighted at I'm good at it, but like the martial arts classes in the movement passes and staff and a second intense work up so one thousand there alone- and I was like I dont know what my max benches, and so I just stop trying one rap and adding Waze adding ways adding waits than I did wonder, of one analysis. I get that didn't feel great I think I could do more idea. Why more? And they really fucked me out for a couple. Yes, I don't do it and I think we ve all been there where we heard something, and then we continue on.
You always know. I feel like when you working out with an injury anytime. You get it, you can go back and look at the moment where you knew you should stop absolutely ok. Now, now back to childhood, so there's there's the W W F, it's really Schwarzenegger and announced alone and that whole crew right training movies, those like testosterone, fuelled movies and then the flip side of around the same time was like die hard right. You look a Bruce Willis and I just went watch that again recently and he's. Certainly, a beef kick but he's not like the rip Jackie, just looks like a man, the English strong. He looked strong, yeah right and he asked. Carry so much charisma machismo and masculinity naturally and I'm watching that thing like wine, although I have that naturally, but I can pretend by packing on answer me: yeah yeah, all of this meat and in and then you have somebody like Arnold, who has both always got it all, but the okay, so the rock is the heir apparent that body type buzzy
the disorder Nigger I magazine size in just over outside I, unlike Dave, but he still lie but he's he's in that zone to yeah, but I think aesthetically they're all the same and that sort of big and cut guys. I just want them One of the things I like to do, one I'm working hours watch the rocky movies, because I find that very greatly raised. I'd, like you know, small white guys from Philly. Unlike that's me yeah, I could. I too can achieve things. I think we all agree on that work. For us we kind of we get off the treadmill at all. for me, cause Arnold, I don't know what it was to fifty something when he was at its height and running Coleman. Three hundred pounds when they got to that zone. I got less interest right, I loved. Are we tax it about this little Bab protecting women's bodies? I think Arnold laid seventies. pumping iron Arnold volleys, like the ideal male body type, all that's fastened away, I pass. I want drill down into that, because now we must be very clear about
So for me, what I'm saying is that's as big as a human can get in it still attractive. For me, that's all, filter. Ok, but I would not want to look like him and in the seventies, would you like to look like him now yeah hell, yeah, ok, great island re, loved, we're dead, that's great! I find that fastened great. I can tell you what body, if I could trade mine for a body would be ok, ok, so so wrong, Where were you my pig, a person or a mile body type, because I would say I think, a lot of size wouldn't quite do it for me right right, like more like the lean. The lean look, I suppose. Ok, this way like you got one large, I mean you will know how gunning I know we, you know we peaked at the same way. Ok, was that we're the exact same size? Oh really, one fifty can be sent
one fifty two we record of the jury were we were bought. Ones have to give. I used it to stand up to two nights ago and, as I gotta stages, Gaza Woody Way now that less than you and then he came up to me- twenty minutes late and music. What was your walking way? I know what that means. I'm high and I was like now it's like I'm like one hundred and fifty five now, but one hundred and fifty two was a wee wee. Look bigger than we were seen ass. That's that, if a huge secret than most gentlemen. I see Workin out and Jim around the country are missing. They think it's just all about gettin gigantic, but All these people? You see and marvel movies that you love the they're all Lena's vats, and that, I think, is the hardest part, at least for me,
Getting that lean is the well that's without the hold its all die it. Well, I m really like the the primo number one. All time body again from a certain perspective, but but according to my train or when he works with accuracy, says he hears the same thing over and over again, and let's let Monica guess I dont Brad Pitt, psychotherapy, Galbraith, fight club, I would say Brad Pitt Fight club probably he bread tall was six sixty easily, usually about your little short in your answer. Was your concern Georgia is considerably better looking Siamese. Can I wouldn't call, I would guess that he's probably a hundred and forty five pound, or maybe a hundred fifty pounds in vital, maybe less degree with the he's pretty small in fight club like IE, looks great but that radio, Guinea, your when you seem in the sure before the shirt comes out, we off you not really noticing much. You dislike guys handsome and what not only assure comes off you like, oh Jesus, yeah, yeah or he's got.
When I loaded arose yeah how's that are there. certain opportunities they have other than for it. So you that you're! No! No! I don't necessarily I'd Troy. He watched Roy we're watching that and being let their also, so up and shorn dissolve exe, optionally, homo erotic grounds I was dead into it. and yet was like this doesn't tuna for me, something it like it. He was the dinosaurs you long. That's where really put on. Most of that must the eyes they re enormous yeah. Unlike at I'm a look, not at the size, and I'm saying I should like this, but I don't Is it because it's too, like he's putting too much work into words, film on the ways and would fight club. It looks like that's just what he looks like yuk yuk, as I have a feeling that this, fucker walks around kind of look like. I have that fantasy to look at him in Dublin. Louise and am, I think, uses these genetically like that and then, if he puts any
into it. Then he looks like he does. In fact, I think that's right, I think he's just born like them. You know who else how things like that is. Chris, henceforth, ah yes in a genetic advance here, the genetic advance, everything is dad his dad. Just as like an arrow knows dad you cinnamon red carpet bag. It see that the whole family of huge arms you I just made on my shoulders to So what are these six seven or something like that? Any likelihood got great averages genetically like their ads. The shape of it is just Graham, is beautiful. Wait what do the work? lives. I know Caitlin, because when I texts it about the calendar, she responded and she sent me a cup of pictures and she said: here's a pitcher. My husband, deformed body. So that's her response. She has certain trigger words when she hears words like that,
hilarity Jack's. If she hears the term caloric in taken, she checks our hung like a game, we yeah, yes, Organic haven t I shall just Oh yeah, my wife and the same reaction completely over. She says my. Body has corner is now at the time that the Euro saying the nice window after you shoot for three weeks. For me, the nice no it. My wife was, though, like three weeks were every time she saw her body. She was surprised. O o goes a great feeling. Could I would see be surprised because I'll tell you, I don't wear assured around the house anyway. I know not what a waste of time, why? Why are you wearing one of you, like you, gonna cover on the four out of keeping with without walk into the kitchen? I would see her like notice each time, and that was a good now now she's like over. Every aspect is over it with gains
again like going to the G8, is that there is an underlying threat to it. I would say, if you're a spouse of someone getting incredible shake was one: is their spending a lot of their focus on themselves? There is an obvious vanity to it. Oh my god, she's, like you can't like walk by roughly the surface anymore, that's right so that that's one issue and then second to that is, I think they know on some level you're going to want to be appreciated for this and they're not going to give a fuck. That's not why they like the three of us there are ways than have certainly looks or for the guy can promise you so she's like yeah. Well, that's not what I was ever in them. Before I would have my marrying, and actually I don't know why you think I would care about. She said to me very seriously that if you had this body when we first met and hooked up, our things Sunday was rights. Yeah, that's fair! I think that's fair Leland said to me one we were lying in bed and she and we hadn't, opt in
Caitlin, said to me once we were laying in bed and she and we hadn't, talked to in. Like forty five minutes, we were just like reading. She was deep in thought or thought, maybe deep in her book and of his five or six minutes of silence, and she just turn some issues. She says I just want you to know. I do not find this attractive. Ok, we weren't talking about asking when was this. This was at my When your view on the by God, I so rock hard Every part of me was just like rock hard. I think that's part of what she didn't like it was like there's no yes, I love the more you are aiming for at its at its peak. The best part is when you feel like you: ve got a pump on at all time and you haven't even lifted in twelve hours. That's where you're trying to look outwards great about doing full body every day is that you have that pump constant, where I only do full body by the way
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going to be hilarious. The last degree of Kevin Bacon is a Spotify original fire regional, as in you can listen to it for free only on Spotify. So rob. Can you give us oh, a human, that you would trade bodies with if forced at on point not for height cause. I could forget it comes. But you do you wanna be as big as hems worth. I don't think you do not, while I also little so that hems worth is east tall, but he's not as big now that without disturbing you meet them in person, and you like you so skinny Mamma is this. Way we're moving. Why is he looks he offers so he is a massive human being. My I think, he's bigger than credit. He here what's Penza what project either But what like walk around way like yeah, maybe a little bit. He still feels like when you see him when you hang out with an person that he feels we're slight than you would think. Ok, I think I
met him only once, and I remember I was talking to him- it was hard not to look at aspects sure in my experience in my memory there were so big. Do ask I've asked many different men if I can feel their biceps or their chests I've done that a boy I love to get a big hunker, some guys by Saturday early bulging just cannot move around and manipulate it again in the interim I wish a woman had in mind hands down? Anybody in the history of mankind Dennis Rodman at its height vice? Ok, but I'd like guys years ago, most so Irene body ever Gaga. Look. This we are looking at a long as he was lean and all, but he also had some size to his shoulders were moved. The deltoid were large, Legs were phenomenal for a tall guy like that. He
He just has the best body ever. I think this is like when he was winning yes, this is fine. As the body can go before. You're like oh, the guy is a power left, her or a body builder I would say yeah. I mean the shoulder broad. You could land an airplane on and it's only useful strength don't you guys do these guys they don't move around, but he could do everything he'd Wally did he did everything when the legal rebounds, because he is a six foot, sixty six? Seventy, gonna get a certain aesthetic their rain, but I'm not ever going to be able to recreate back. I can't get the long, some look and more for the squat. but I'm looking at Wahlberg Circa. Ninety. Ninety three
film away I'll, be out euro film. Is that account? I don't know I don't care. I was looking at those pictures earlier today. Ok now, because I really distance was that gear up voted for this or was coming on your own you're. No kind of I also do just look up. Do this all the time ie to dozens dancing about those listening, I want you to Google. I want you yeah right now, Mark Wahlberg, Calvin Klein add an me first saw he is Jack's. Yeah he's got his size. Jihadi doesn't look ridiculous Adela cartoonish young, but it is on the verge for sure now. I think he's not like these great looking there. I want a big, the bigger than ok while adding Ray. I gotta you like in now a kid. Can we just go back really quick just for five seconds to to Pakistan cause. I want to understand s please so I
To imagine that the main import there was Arnold at that time. Arnold units opponent movies, love contained in that was my introduction. Yes, loved sly, all that stuff Bob commando, all these movies loved all these movies. The first time really remember, seeing a guy's body and being like a wild at something, Are you dont know, so it's a volume. movie and this guy was like my favorite actor and he did this one movie. They did this physical transformation for his name is Sunday that movie it was I'll call Nike plays the bad guy and it has always played a good guy. He plays the bad guy in it and he got jacked for it. If you look now everybody guys who project he was the first one. The guide, jack like that. Ok- and this would have been ninety one. Ninety two rain. He was a forest gotta get Jack like that, and I remember seeing him, and that was the first time I was like, like using a little guy. Why go from Philly? That's analysis
Ok, my people can do this. This is possible, it's possible now, when I look back and see him. He wasn't like that huge, but that was the first body that I saw of a guy that I was like Arnold is from another world he as yet under that was from my world, and so that was when they got me like super hoarding rights, priority. I really horny about it and now they're all super jack, and when I went to my trainer last year, first time too, he was exclude. You gonna, look like the guy. I showed him was now that guides another bollywood actor that I showed him. But What's his name, please demonstrate that Russian. Ok, he deserves a shoutout, mainly the. Let me show you what he looks like if I had to prioritize any group, it be the deltoid, time, I sees an actor with enormous deltoid I'd. That's what blows my mind right and you Jack means are up their unparalleled and he got like as Wolverine, he got better and better shape. All the time
each movie. He looked better internal tons of escalating through the deltoid like I can see the broccoli pattern right I think he got very deep. oh yeah, rocky or visit broccoli better. You don't know about it. I think he got out of all these actors, we're Talkin bout, the lowest like body fat presented. She got really low, I think, that when Caitlin found me most attractive was when we we were recreating out of a joke, we're recreating the mark Wahlberg thing, and I think you think she sent it to you for your guidance now calendar. Yet it's October. I think she like that version, because it was like I put on some size, but it was before I shredded down. So I have some some size and I hadn't still a little bit of a pushing so Monica. If I may ask yeah what is it?
I deal male body cinematic with I've been thinking about this. Since you got this whole time. I mean the only cross over the only person that you guys have said that I agree with is bread, PET fight club, that's the only body what about them. translate Dennis broadband, let me look that up. The only reason Dennis Rodman would be because exactly what you said, he's using those muscles all the time. So there's a purpose for yeah yeah make no mistake there, no permit any animals that you now will not attracted. That's for sure. But again I dont know from from my perspective on all think we're talking about attractive because if I'm looking for a man that I'm gonna be sexually attracted do yeah, I don't know where I live, I'm on the Spectrum Kinsey scale yeah, but in growing up in the gay community, which is what I did and I was always in the gay community- and I was the straw
boy. I always thought well, maybe I could, but it just never clicked. For me, was literally never attracted to a man. I hope that changes for us, where this is all leading in a dream. World is a return gag. We work out all day long and we have a lotta. We have a lot of things in common. I showed you shouted up, yeah exactly pod at every now, I think of like Ronan Pharaoh right. My look at him. okay. If I was going to fall in love with a man, that's like who I would be attracted to it would be that, but because he's so incredibly intelligent number one, but then also I'm looking at him and he looks angelic and he has traditionally more of a feminine quality right and so then, unlike like, oh that's, because I'm sorry right. Women get some had only very smooth than glossy young and moist, but end then
the course of the years narrow track. Yes, even that on paper on, like I know that I will should for, but I just don't was not willing to do just that pointed in my sign about do I mean I'm sincerely presented. We were that really wow you're being I now I want to see the dick. I see I wouldn't want to touch it. Ok right, don't wanna socket right, so I just want to call on you guys I would pull on it, but I wouldn't. I wouldn't then also get an just out of interest, my my for fun to see quickly. I could get a guy like as a tomorrow, then how how I know that I wouldn't assembly sexually roused by it. I will no, that I would not get an erection Roy yeah right now, so I'm enjoying it, but not, but isn't it we now know what it feels like to have a dick enormous? Well, I was no, I said so. I do ok of tension.
yeah. That's it s getting into areas one eye and forms all of August. I just want you both an instagram, become I just want you look, I want to know if your interest extends this, because I am, as this document? I actually I'm not, I'm not working for guys, but yet there's nothing. I enjoy more than watching a ripped athlete run in tight spandex and watching his dick bounce back and forth there. That's the video. I just sent you out Texas Tech Prodi. Here we go everyone. Just sent us it's one, just centres and Ryan Hansen, and I watch this video for about forty men. the straight when he was just a boom boom it's been buying and against the thighs. It's gone both ways, I've. Never I never actually look at the deck you dont its I've. No fascination with. I do for comedic reasons like I think it's the stupid suspended a human hair, male or female, its protrude parents. If you look at it, it looks, goofy is
if the damning richer than the rest of the body in its flopping around completely untrue, weathered the bad design it's a bad design. They should have like bone around like a cage around yes, and so I think it's so comedic, but then I look upstairs, and I just see two hundred and thirty pounds of muscle yeah moving down the forty in four seconds and I say that aesthetically I can probably still enjoy like an a nice juicy caught. Look out. Ok, you're much more than I believe, like a woman woman, would allow watch this with Caitlin and I'll be like. Can you believe that and she's looking at his torsos ran she's, not looking at looking cop at all? Ok, I want friends and end is something serious now. So this is a point. I've been trying to make two Monica, and I just can't find purchase in this argument, but us three or hear acknowledging that the only people that cared we got in shape or other men wheels, will acknowledge that in general women don't, like the body type were all obsessed with
right and we all our yeah hardy, watching these body building docks enamored is. She cannot like look at the screen. Right gender. We cannot look at right and so what I've been trying to point out two Monica is: we don't have a monopoly on this. Women are equally fucked up with the image they think men like in its perpetuated by one another, as is our fascination? Would masculinity is perpetuated by one another, which is so ironic? None we are aiming at what the opposite sex finds. Appealing I mean again. What's up, not to assert some women, love ready, Jack guys and that's great. I think it's a little different in that it feels like put women there's like entire corporations, whose job it is to make women feel that there is a certain type of body the like, so money and infrastructure involved with that, whereas for guys I think it's more like pure stuff, whereas for women, I think I think we as a speech.
the fucked up women's body image way more than we fucked up men's body. Well that now, because I just want to say the number one movie in the history of the world is ventures. and then the following nine movies, with the exception of Titanic, where he was skinny alma All of them include a very room, jacked dude I mean yes that Every boy in America's is consuming as much of that image is the women who are right while we're not getting as much as you by this product. It'll do, like in our world on Instagram were following all these guys. You know, I think, for women is unavoidable liked by this lipstick. By this do this does the diet thing is unavoidable magazines whereas for guys I think other and seeing those guys on screen, we can avoid. the pressure to want to look like that. You know that that's a very so I won't, but would you to agree,
with me that the model look for me, completely unappealing its, at all, what I've ever been interested in. Are you guys trust in the model. Look now commands the devil- if I like now, I'm not lying for. I do like a tradition like conventionally what you think I feel the same way about it almost like that that Caitlin does about my body, which is like hey, I like to see that you're here see right, so I could look at a woman and, if she's healthy and what that means is probably generally not to overweight or to underweight yeah. and I think about women that I find a attractive in its spans, all sorts of different body types and regardless of what the personalities I mean just purely aesthetically. Yeah, but in general I would say that no a person who like abnormal normal, walk around person, is sexier to me than someone. For all all the reasons affirmation like the idea that you even subconsciously pick up on the fact that this person is
so vain and they spend so much time trying to look a certain way that you're lizard brain picks up on it and says their desperate. and I think that when I see man walk around like that, and even knowing that about myself, I'm like we are so in secure and so desperate that we're trying to adjust our body type to fit sums some type of wooden Dick Gillis paradigm. And when you, I think you said you could say the same thing about any man or woman when you're walking on the street, and I find that less attract yeah, yeah. I guess I think sometimes it like eating disorders and all these things get framed as this is a result of the pressure of the patriarchy and I Just I only know my group of friends, I'm not done a huge study, but I guess I suggesting that it's kind of driven from within as our thing is driven. From within, but just because we are hearing armchair expert and let's just pretend rural experts for second- and maybe I don't know the answer to this, but from what I understand about specifically eating disorders,
Isn't that more based in control as well, and as is our thing right right us all, so the question is a chicken and egg is the control first and because you feel outcome force a myriad of different reasons, and then you find this thing. And yet you have all these societal constraints are pressures to find that particular thing and then adapt your control issues to that, or is it that we feel all of these pressures first and then the control? sneaks in I don't know. I feel like I'm not engineer than Monica. What do you think is the difference between the way that men are women are sort of FED like is internal Jane, yeah yeah. I mean I don't think it's men's fault that women have a singular view of what their body should look like, but I think it's societal Ligny comes from men and women, whereas I think men it generally just come.
from men. Like I don't know, any girl was lucky. She liked you step meet had there aren't there are, and there have to be some girl sure flora like that, but it's not like when you go to the mall the man a kids, you know it In short, we are supposed to fit a certain way on a girl like all of it. It's just all piled on top of each other. Rattled think it's necessarily if on a male problem, but it's a societal, but I've heard. I agree. I think that the dead That is a difference. If you look at the way that mail Americans are in women, Mannequin tsar, you know, I think that I think that's Historically, every single industry has been created by them. run by exile. Zambia curbing very generous laming us the exception, and I think it is a big component of it. I've had many girlfriends who knew the names of many super models, I've known the name of like three of them, Claudia Schiffer? Maybe
a gallon declare our and the crossword Linda eventually stood on. We are mine ends at like three. I know all about from that George Michael Video, now could name you I'm an old, twelve body builders. I know Chris Green was coming radical for anyone who rising argument. What documentary I wanted to see, I'm so bad. They think there is the thing to examine that. We don't know the names of the super models, but again we dont look at female fashion magazines and so much of its driven by vat that becomes kind of the ideal whose in vogue in whose, in all these gesine now, but we're not consuming those magazines. Man straight man, I'm not run. My friends are, but it's a thing it. you're saying you don't know any men who like models but me like Model plank men like attractive models. That's the truth that totally,
I would say that for me even endeavouring to look a certainly, I truly don't feel the weight in pressure of any societal expectation on I really don't feel that an end again. Maybe that's just have the privilege of having a fast metabolism and not really ever being super overweight, but I'm doing it because I think it's fun and weird. I feel like a computer, wish everyone I've ever talk to. You have the most healthy attitude about getting in shape out of all the men. I've talked to one unlike look a certain way. What in what way, I feel like that's what you're just saying right now before I interrupted you. that you sort of do it. Could you think it's fun and good, and you dont like feel bad about yourself? If you let it go, don't feel bad about yourself if you're not like looking a certain way film, you dont have a lot of guilt associated with food, so I think you have, healthier attitude to this, certainly than I do, but also to allow
the deeds I have talked about this stuff. I have a theory of why cause I'm not like him. If I get out of shape, I'm not happy. I've, unlike you out and I would argue, he's much better than us yeah. So for me I never had the face. I want aided by we need, I didn't have the face I wanted, but I was like. Will you can't pick up your face or I can control how my body looks like it was the outlet for my frustration with my face. I would I would say I was actually going to give the same reason except in the adverse meaning. I always felt like my thing. Wasn't that I was attractive was that I was like driven and smile and sometimes funny in, and I knew how to like, create things and right build things, but that I wasn't necessarily attractive so that, like becoming more attacks
with my body and then losing that was I get right, I'm just going back. The status quo meeting like I feel like when I see people who were re establish more often to women than it does to men, but people who are really really attractive when their younger and then as they age. They really start to fall apart psychologically, because that is so much The data there I'll yet opposition in their me ass. The answer to me: it's never been a part of my identity, especially because you know I'm not the worth right, so I'm not! I'm not gonna ever be in a marvel movies. On that really when I lose it all the muscle in my gun, whenever what the fuck I'm just going back to the way it was. But when you're on vacation. This is where hit me like what we're on vacation, I'm with other dad's, one of our best friends, Charlie across fetch him. This mother fucker, looks ideal, no matter what weighty, as he went up to sixty the sheer real dirty year at I what like his fucking traps, were swallowing his head. There was like rolls on top of the traps I loved and then when he gets
we know of it. So am I inclusion without all the time and I will be bombed if I'm out of shape and I'm around him sure I get that yeah totally to sixty. That's a lie. Yes, I'll get some pictures of him and his beefy a snow. Sending your way and again, I also smart enough Rob to recognise not one person that has taken a vacation. With me Dac shepherd came because I'm in good shape a thousand percent people want to be around me like my personality, so I agree that my value proposition. Isn't that rob? Do you and addictive personality or now doesn't seem like you did he doesn't its Greece? I think I'd do it. I think I do have discipline, but But again. I think this is a controls, and I remember like us talking to you, I'm Caitlin or just Caitlin about this, where you had gotten done this crazy transformation. And I hadn't and we would when we first met. All we talked about was ads for the forest. Like forty everyone, it so strong into Caitlin knows
So what you like obsessed with it within hunches acknowledges kind kind of it it and he was and that it made no sense to me that somebody could do it without being having that thing without having that thing without being obsessed with it without having, I think I just a building in an income part mental eyes, I'm in get. I felt I don't have a directive. Is the right word. I I I guess I just felt a measure of control over that particular thing. Then look at its also the benefit of having a lot. You know I was running a shows, a ring and the apple show em and also Sonny, I've got a lot of other things going on, so I have to serve compartmentalize, so I dont know if it was because that I was doing it in a healthy way. I think I was just made of overworked and other areas, and for Dick to create that that modicum of control I needed to complete till I you had this mission in you kind of bought yourself ten hours a week to yourself, that's gotta, be part of the appeal as well without
yeah, like you said it cause. I also I'll put on something I wanna watch. but whether it's a movie or I'm catching up on I was watching Little America and working out I know you need to listen rage against the machine which I also due from time to time, but I also look at just might I can do whatever I want yeah, it's like a plausible excuse to get my time. Yeah, I'm going bring up one thing that I remember about Caitlin, so the one time Caitlin was really attracted to your body was when you had gotten very heavy, a few seasons before and then you decided to start like lifting very heavy, so you you were quite overweight and then He turned a good portion of it into raw power, four muscle in she loved that yeah in so what I think is like that makes since an evolutionary way like that red is powerful, and the other thing reads just vanity and eyes:
said: don't worry, I need a little bit of fat to be able to survive. I'm aspiring I'm trying. I think when I, when I chart my body shape as I get older, when I hope to is almost like early John Goodman or even early, Antonio, like I used to Real, strong and now I got a little layer of fat, but the shoulders are still big. I gotta got, but my fuckin shoulders are big and that to me is, I think, worm hadn't yet, but you're pretty tall for like those guys of much shorter than you so you're you're, gonna, always look very late, tat night about whereby rather bad known, oh yeah. I remember, but let's talk about once upon a time in Hollywood for second cause. I love such her off upon up on the roof right and got over the gas I mean how. How does he still take a look at that. Not only not crazy body that just just very lean he's just made
MRS Mann, I had to my profile age on Riah. After I saw that cause, I can't you know you here he has me. I can't be that we there now that's real, She came home and changed from forty nineth of whatever is eighty five has think how how's Riah awful. I was on a for like a couple days so we have as other we have this other park as Monica just LE boys, thou relation with the bank s on basically at our relationship, and we have assignments at the end of each at the sudden. One of mine was to get on a dating app I got on Riah and I don't enjoy it, but I did it and I have my age so that Brad Pitt could fall in. There was rapidly ass in their him. Exactly though he looks amazing and he's a kind of the perfect amused, the Perfect movie star,
he is of all for me. Yeah. He just he's everything now. Can I ask you guys even know one another we met a game. Thrones premier litter, I'm not. He was not exaggerating. Our very first conversation. I think the first thing ever said to me was due, of Arabs. I really do think that I'm walking already. I don't know if it was the exact first thing I said: listen you guys all you're telling me I'm glad you said Google in good shape. Do you have apps I've always wanted apps? That is the first sentence. Can I remember turning to Caitlin and, unlike I like I'm gonna get alike. I remember being sort of ashamed because he would talk about that stuff. At these things, are we ready to events all the time without coming to get after the new text? From the months later, you like how's, that absent going announcing it's not. Man, it's time I have had of. I didn't know what they look like until until now
after a little a symmetric. Allied with that, I don't. I have no idea what we could. Sometimes when I wake up and down. I love that that's one of my favorite things I'm trying to think who has that where they have an eight pact, but it's just a little bit one one sights higher than the sort. It is low, That's like up it's like not aligned. That's great! Now, do you lose any sleep over that? I doubt does not bother. I don't alley I'd because you see your saying that were now. If it's not my fingers and make them symmetric what I the I'm stopping my fingers. I think something I would have never even thought about it. It's a breakdown that photo editing, your crowning achievement, though from my point of view, as the vascular charity, I just don't know how you went from almost no vascular, repeated that extremely regularity, Evan, fairly, vascular, my whole archaic, not the shoulders not allowed, but like my forearms, ok and even when I was really working out in shape every now and then you could see like a bicep vain shrunk down both you know a pretty vascular for that
some tricks you do right. I'll tell me. I ate Idee hydrated myself all over for that picture. Gray. Right now I took nitric oxide everything now. What is that you all nitric oxide, the pre work out? It's fucking growl, no dick in a huff that that is a night, you got sides of a pre work out. Are you just drinks? A beat juice? Ok, that's got it in their. Your body naturally makes it we can take supplements to like I'll bet it's visa dilated, so the thinking is, it gives you a little more stamina. We can work out more. Ok, I will do what they can. You is that your nose is what creates nitrous oxide over there. I, yes, that read your mildly. Doesn't convert nitric oxide, but I do know that you're Britain's your nose, so others no strip I wear some has. I went out to try to get that, allow if you want to try it. I did too much of it all in it. Like I start
Good, I loved it. So much does you look in the mirror Sunday, like veins popping, you know what was the side effects of doing tonight, I'm getting Rosetta my faith in my face started. Turning just cause. I most worth it, though right over there are moments when you're like I can handle that I now I now and at an age is getting worse and worse another I gotta an I cut it out and then a dislike worn away. I firstly, one believe just so my face literally like that is very important to me. Like a wife Look at how my face looked two years ago. It looks so different now, Yes, even from when I interviewed yeah, you hear that you look at your jaw like you got, I just I mean my body. I got really low right. Logistic looks so difference to me, the and I don't want to. I want to still have Arabs, but I really don't want like my face- did not work how sort of lead it looks right now. see now the opposite. So when I get his lean as you need it be for an eight pack which have done a few times, my face just caves in and I look terrible just
humongous, no soap, but again, and sometimes a man like kind of worth having that bad of a face did to have apps yeah. Well, got there in August right we're rehearsals for a month, and I was like doing a heavy caught and I was working out too and I started to look really good. and the producer was like, hey were a little worried about you. They were like you'd. Look like you really like leaning out too much. He was at your face is starting to look like They will come gay, you ve gone concave and I looked in the mirror, and I saw legal legislating. He was on my cheek, you don't like word landlines, yeah, yeah, now young I got an. I got that as well you did yeah. I had a couple of talking to that work. We go, we get it right, yeah and would travel Charley was doing at once a week and at one point he was like look man, you, you look sick
Oh you're, sick in the face and- and I said the Caitlin do I look second she's- that I've been telling you you look so also. I know that's when I start running one thing that I didn't even realize: wasn't cap: this is a benefit. I think it's about it. But one thing I don't even realize wasn't happening from the ages of about forty until about thirty seven man, every single day wakes up, when the erection re every now and then you kind of I forgot like a gentleman who just goes away, but then all of a sudden, I'm increasingly testosterone back to what I was. when I twenty and then the next thing. I know I'm waken up every day What's this yeah well, this is fun yeah right. I remember I. This was what it was like for thirty years and then I started to get depressed. Could first, quick second was like I could have done this at any point when I was in my twenties when my testosterone was like levels, work that like they are in their twenties, I could have done this and I didn't you, but that's what
me that I didn't care like. I really didn't care really in a real way up until about for five years ago, and that made me wonder. Why am I actually carrying now? Because I'm in the middle of my life, and because I'm starting to realise, like oh shit, I'm not gonna be able do this. You know your life. You went out my last window climate to take full advantage of it right now, like is this really, and maybe this isn't that forty interim or pulling back the onion but like? Is this really not only just a control thing, but is it a fee? euro of death lower. Thirdly, that's a big part of it getting older I've always been terrified of me, older, like I'm forty one but like I remain when I was like the seventh grade, I would look at the sixth graders black out there, so yeah. I always thought I would let lie about my age and shit. For me was part
it was I this opportunity- and I really wanted to make the most of it, but it was also knowing, if I didn't do it now, it just would not happen and I never would have looked the way I wanted to look when I was when I was twelve or thirteen hours at some day. I'll look us Well, you know you. Never I never got do it. Stay to arm chair diffused air we are supported by quip makers of the quip electric toothbrush and they want you to know that one single discovery that matters most for your dental care. It is simply this that, if you have good habits, you are good. That means brushing for two minutes twice: it
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thousand dollar incentive on Chrysler Pacifica right now visit Pacifica, an dax dot com to receive a thousand dollar offer. That's p a c, I f eyes. a m d, a acts, dot com for your exclusive. One thousand dollar offer on Pacific. Ok, so I have a very, very distinct memory of war. I decided I was gonna, get in shape. I know exactly where it was. I was at LA kinda that resort in palm springs I was with my mother. She took me there and I was probably twenty three and there were some older deeds on who knows a bachelor trip. Golf trip whatever these guys again. Who knows? Because I was twenty three, but I would guess they were about forty five or so one of the guys like talking. Then he just went down in ripped out, probably thirty plus pushups.
I remember thinking I couldn't possibly do more than ten pusher that guy is forty five, how fuckin embarrassing I remember feeling humiliated that that old man was doing three or four times he might pushups. I could do and I came home from that criminals like I have to get wrong. It's not just gonna happen. I must be. guy when I'm forty, via its also Harvey, did got long arm so pick away harder. Thank you for harder. Sir harder, be everything I started going to the gym. When I was fourteen or fifty you, did you remember? It was an exact moment where you like it's time to take action. I had very a very little shoulders. Some point, someone is called called me: chicken show Ok, I remembered me but look at a chicken children and he wasn't even he wasn't making fun of me. He would that's him down. He was like you have to shoulder the czech kit
The chickens actual down we're gonna neck, and so I don't remember if that was that happened in the next week. I went to the gym, but I do know that when I would go to the gym, I would think about that, and so I started going to dislike sports club by my house and it was me and everybody else was older except those one. Katy was my age fifteen and he was fuckin shredded. why he looked great you're. Does this disease that gives you does no sight if there's no legs medical downsize? You just have very little body fat and I demand a muscle. Have you seen these like kids, who are all like Jack of sit? Yes, I am a little kids or jack. I think this guy might have had that. Ok, brush, read it the only one, my age and then every one else was older than me, and I go like work out. He just has to be careful in cold climate sets, the only downside doesn't even those that I've had Pakistan he's fucking guided me yeah, born in the perfect.
Location, then so Rob was there a moment that you cause you work out long before. Started doing I agree that you I was just actually we were talking about moments. I was just thinking about like like what was my proudest moment. What was the time when I was like? Ok, I've achieved what I wanted to achieve at again. It stuck abject vanity, but we were in Mexico and it was like right after we were done shooting. So that was like to your point. It was like a week later I was like just in prime shape and so I'm enjoying myself and yet still looking pretty and this guy comes over to mean he says. I know this is weird man. Would you mind taking a photo with my wife? and I said now sure that other foreign up no big deal so whereby the poor and his comes over, she's, ok, ok and we stand x to each other and we take the photo Then I said: oh, oh, hello, darling you we want in the show when she goes watch out
I said what a common you no know. Do you not know sunny knows what sunny can I go? What did you take a photo would cause. You got the best, body, I've ever my wife. Next to you, while we took this photo, I went back to Kate when I was you got it, you gotta, go you gonna, go talking to you! Gotta meet this guy, you gotta. Why do I know right away? I would so preferred to have someone want to take a bigger than because my body was good than that I've succeeded in show business or by certain. I can only say that, because you have succeeded in showing yeah they're allowed either fuckin, whether last to the moon diary. My services were firing like, for, You think he wanted you to come into the hotel room and plough as well. That was like it wasn't a sexual thing. That's it was more just like aesthetic appreciation, just pure appreciation mending.
earlier, I realized like oh, I saw them and their group of friends like look at me in whisper and they wish- and I was a whole showbiz related. You know it wasn't my hope is that this dream Gouty will and then yes and then the guy said get my body was like making fun of you ripen you know like in a way that, of course like what's who's this fuckin toolbars and by the way he was right, yeah, Emily Idle by and then they started talking about my boss, we have already talked about for fifteen twenty minutes. And then then he started comparing himself when he was defending himself and then sure don't know what it takes to look like that that guys in the gym for six hours miserable the fact that my body, cause like out the Vietnam one minute conversation. I was like, as is pretty great,
come to the point of the interview where I think it would be appropriate to think he has to talk about some things that are coming out. First and foremost, rob your show is absolutely incredible. I watched you directed at the episode one of five, which I thought was just perfectly perfectly done. Much cause it's called mythic quest re ray the bank. Continuing your tradition of naming shows an absolutely baffling way. What what we try to do is confused people here. It's a great rather than the first one now dad here, but he directed you're gonna love, it is rumoured beautiful. Today, unseen was he ass. A meal is truly truly epic, me alive are we bought it? We watched it a dozen times it so great now, just as you look so great what you do, it's part of it, but it's just beautiful this episode. so fucking heartbreaking in so beautiful, I'm so proud Rob he did such a beautiful java, musics wonderful, it shot perfectly its acted brilliantly. Our guide, Jake Johnson, is the star.
That episode Phenomenal and the woman is Christine Yes, she's phenomenon from home at your mother right, it's a really beautiful heartbreaking episode of what is a really really funny. No, but it's in the middle of it, and it's just that wonderful taken up. It's like I stand alone, so you can watch that ever so without watching the rest of the season boats master another episode, I can't really baggy, I mean it's really fucking phenomenal and then come out of they all this body work was not for a comedy now now, but I have a showman apple tv plus took all little America when you're on Little America, I'm not on it. I just created in order to see you like this. It's ok, that's what I call me Emily Gordon my wife and lies in Barodia newly writer. We create
together and then we produce there, but it's a show. It's an anthology show based on true stories of immigrants to America, but it all but its fictional. I so so that's that's! that's their right now, so you too is sitting in this room. You have forty percent in the content on Apple, yes, I don't wanna, I don't wanna show off the word. The best reviewed shows on Apple tv plus by I would say that sir lead margin, that's great, and then I got a movie coming out with east array on April. Third called love, birds, little bird theatres. you- and I talked about that when you are here the first time that I absolutely adore her she's great. She just finished new season of insecure or so, let's note that that comes out in April to our heart, but the marble movie is called, it's called internals colonels and comes out November, six November sex as is so exciting to you, yeah man
I got way. I can't wait to see that what this is gonna be. You know whether all good that so you I mean, if I now, by Nino beside russian roulette right, does one bullet in the chamber somebody's gonna get. It I hope, not. I hope, I hope not us, but yeah. I was really fun to do to gotta crazy cats. Who else is in it. Actually the jolly. So my Richard Madden, Gemma Chan down Lee Leah Mchugh Long red laugh. Ryan Terry Henry very clear. I mean we had the best answer. It's the second superhero we're, like us superiority So that's November, six there was really really fun to in the it sector. Raising bananas concept like in the movies set over thousands of years. All really yeah. We're like these immortal beings. the years old says it set over like many different like time period. Is your superpower secret? No, I can shoot things from my hands the energy or energy. I should ever do from my hands. You don't
It's gonna muscles issued energy from your hand now, but I went and got an ok up and started with its complete vanity. It is its control issues than fucks. With your head, it's hard to leave that may be impossible. Believe it, but I will say this. One thing I do think is admirable both EU and then I'll even give myself credit for this is I like the notion that we didn't, except one version of life. I think that's aspirational like I'm to try that that's not me? I've never been that way. I'm gonna do all the work to see. If I can do that, I think that's cool yeah I was very proud of myself for doing it. Could it just takes so long, the processes, those slow and they just kind of-
The trust that is aren't you have many times going: Andras genetically I'm chicken show all day. I won't get there all things you're supposed to. I didn't think genetically I was ever capable of doing yeah. I mean look all three of us had the privilege and the opportunity to do something like this of the full weight of a studio behind. Oh my eyes, you have the infrastructure I'm in Cairo without so all that said, there is something to the de facto you have accomplished something. You ve changed something very dramatic about your life: am. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous, but to me when I was kind of in the middle of it- and I realise that I had completely transform myself- I realized like while I can take this and apply this to so many different aspects of my life like no matter how did called something is I have literally transformed my biology yeah, or at least my physiology, which is difficult and
proponent of getting an eight back. I have no position on that, but I am a humongous proponent of physical exercise into your point of view, having less anxiety and sleeping better, I mentally like forget the vanity that is a huge component but mentally. I have to do that or I think I'd have to be on pretty serious antidepressants. Yeah there's somebody two further. I mean I've been on a television show for fourteen years over new show. We got a lot going on and this is the thing that people ask me about more thou any. I kind of I have a show about like immigrant story than there like. So where the law is just. Things, people wrong fascinated with, like people are, like you probably think, of talking about the public. No, not at all. I want to talk about. There is not one woman list
to this, I don't mind there has been any or have been aware. I am so sorry. Mom had listened to know its fascinating. I will say its vote to talk about this kind of thing like this Well, I think that the same area about Anti islamic fuckin media I mean, I think the same thing will happen with this episode that happen with your show, which We think we're in on the joke. In people listening like: oh, they d There is no data there now listen, what you're saying and how serious they take it there they're not in on the job. The great. Why welcome at what level You guys, I'm so excited to be a part of the sum triangle of friendship. I hope we can do what we have lived together. What we got
I'd love to do that. We need to go to rob. We get older vehicles. Julia will start with bent press will serve our love. You guys, banking for him and now my favorite part of the show the fact checked, with my soul, Maiden Monica bad men now Michael MOB Now you do in We ve had a hearty hardy hardy launch. He how rich it was not under by Regan Plan, but we're off that for the time being, we get your brain all sordid, taken, obray lawbreaking, this thing that, like in the middle ages, the dark ages, data in a peasants they'd such scraps and just grain, let bake they could eat too rich of a video and it would kill them,
I feel like we just had a meal. There might kill one and or all three of us it was so decadent now and they ate like a rich people They die like a big aside of pig or some. This is relevant. This episode men's bodies all right. That's what you put in body is what comes out your butt, Where then also reflects your way facts your mental attitude yeah an aptitude. How are you feeling Germany's regret? I may germs, you think you have, now a billion. Oh, that's good. I think every humans carrying around billion yeah arms that I don't want to be on recording case. I'm right, probably ninety nine percent wrong, but I really believe this in my heart I hear so in case it turns out. I'm right. I want to be on record. Ok, I think we already had krona virus.
Ok, everyone and allay had this sickness ended December, the puking, just let me lay out my case, but I need to know which, when you're talking about but more land, I e that was part of it, but then it lasted for like six weeks in almost every one. I know in allay had this flu that lasted like six weeks, and it was the cough that held on forever. You know, I'm told me you had it yeah he's eddies. Thank you still have it. I mean I've been six since January. First for sure, rights but on the them Blemmyes lay my theory. I think we already had come virus and the people who went to the doktor during that time they're like you got the flu. They didn't test for corona by the seal, o v. Nineteen, its I think we already have it it. Just no one got tested specifically for that I think has already been global. That's my prediction. Also, don't make any of your life decisions based on what I
said I dont get sued by anyone. I'm not advising anything, because my arm cheer theory that we already all have chrome are as yet I don't think so. I think more people would have been dying. Early People are dying from influenza, but the thousands, but we just gods- influenza, they can tell that. That's the current flew strain. I think it's quite possible that women a person nursing home dies, Pneumonia they're not right in the results of their death to the lab to discover anything. I just think they go there They died in ammonia that happens to five percent of all people. I dont think they're doing an investigation, so using people die. as people an old folks homes do and no one's like all looking any deeper than that. But then you have this chinese doktor whose like this is a specific thing. Now and then they start looking for in when they look for it. They find it. Maybe
I don't know you don't know but I was around my grandparents through our old near and there still alive right, but it's only kill two percent, but there are sick and they would have definitely gotten if I was carrying well, but you may have no longer been contagious. Now has mice symptoms all started rider. that tie your sneezing coughing and boy, your nose or on them touching other remote control, there was around them It was very contagious virus right now, if I was carrying, which that would have been the time I was carrying, because when I got January first as when I started to feel symptoms, they were they would have been on and they would probably be now with us. Well,
That's all that's an interesting hypothesis make sense. I was around two extremely susceptible people, so if I had it most likely, they would about ok, they may have got. engaged in dialogue strong enough now Now that the very small two per cent of people getting die from it yeah and Jane Only those people are elderly or have compromised immune system. Yes, both things ply right to those two people. So I just there's no way they wouldn't have at least maybe they would maybe they would still. with us, will you calm as get sick when you left, I can call now my exert their sick. Two signals have of your grandparents about anyway, so you feel like we are headed idle and I'm
John Oliver said I am and again, not panic, but also, oh, where washing my hands. I am the doktor tomorrow, I'm not thrilled about that right, but you know what kind of doktor you going to general practitioner, oh, you should be concerned. Why even going what did they get it? What are they doing there? I'm getting a urine test and I also have debt the garage her for night, catching my seizure of his you're with a grievance yeah. so you're gonna give her still sample agreement or you're a year. Gap now do have two big idea: Tell her about it and I want her to feel bad I'll, be on your great a you know. I saw her about like five days before the seizure happened and I told her you know. Last year I was here I had this incident. those unresolved- and I don't feel right about it here and she was very dismissed
Tom? I heard his eye badly real bad, ok, alright! Now I dont think they're gonna learn anything without a stool sample I'm telling you are you listening to dig out there. I got everything leggings had about something funny to say about who always know I'm just saying I think we need to get in there. Look at your still for why to find what's going on that? Why do you think they take stool samples not further? musement of the doktor. Definitely don't do it for any. brain relate. Well. I should say that I guess I don't know: maybe they do, but they doll they do it for alike. Lower Gee. I one go on. It was because I had it what turned out to be key.
the infection, oh my god, and they voted through examining your store. I don't think they actually found anything, but that is something they requested. Her ok moving the male physique yeah men's body amends bodies is an interesting time that line for you are all of us. The I dont know how we sound, because I was in it and I am saying, is: I was affected by the disorder. We wouldn t cussing, but you were on the outside very wearily. So what was it like? your vantage point, yeah I mean it's just so clearly an obsession that, in my opinion, obsessions are good. My generally here when they can have good outcomes. Shore leave people who eat
If we help he will have a good outcome, probable, maybe more regular signs here, bad and same with exercise you can you can overdo it if its becomes an obsession seems like maybe you guys are all tipped a little unrolling of overdone. Ok, yes, you guys it or like torrent thirty pounds of beef cake stairway induce muscle there. That's not me, but if you're, just if you're all soon by which may you're not. I guess I mean you gotta, be when you're doing what command Did you hear what I did and when in Rome or what Rob did last year exactly the several months leading up to that yeah, you gotta have a one track. My mother only have to eat fucking, perfect and amusing. The word perfect as perfect for that and look of rye perfect, I now, but there is a specific way to eat to look like that. Yeah It is no wriggle room yeah. I just think it so interesting. Has it so internal?
it really has nothing. I mean I guess, you're getting some validation from some man, man, you, but it just has nothing to do, but why anyone wants to be around you. In fact, I bet like you were not as fun to be around when you are on that diet. I would guess right. I could barely anywhere yelling, no one Disney landfills would pass out because they incur anything I my meal plan right. This is what I'm saying. Then you just become a nuisance near obsessive minds. Do this. I have one too so I get out. I get it. Even one I'm exercising regularly. My am aware. I need to do this. This is good for me, but let's not been whose severe boy you, but when you at your streaking compulsive about it. So, like you, aren't home and you're gonna run every single day that you're home the Anna became my
it was not a tiny habits, big big, but when I say about severity, so at one point I felt like I was getting sick Karuna and I thought to myself like I was a real struggle in my head of. Do I buy always work out circular? It's not that. I believe that its raised, my body turban, kills. Germs light exercises good, so they eat a little bit of that is guided by pushing her body is not good. Ok! When you're sick, I got confirmation from a couple doctors out any ill. So I was just aware of leg. Don't be so stringent in this that then you become sick and then you can work out which, ultimately, I guess it did happen. Well do remember, jogging through Only when work outlaws, no, I mean I'm picturing you in your parents, neighbourhood jogging right now, which is the most adorable image
Give us driving Reinhard through the neighbourhood like. Oh, the deductions got a new verandah earlier and then I do see you trotting along Plodden one. I pity you and kind of up a thicker sweatsuit little baggy. Here and there a k draw string. Ok! Is that what you work out in? First of all, there is verandas. In my pants neighbour, Togo, to you see me more holes all the time they LOS Angeles, TAT. The imminent booby Europe, in Georgia's little chillier? So I thought maybe you had a big like rocky style sweats. Like mine, affect champion sweatsuit. Ok, now I was regular work, our clothes, yoga peril, yeah my regular hose Lou lemon shout out
You are also wrong. I worked out on the treadmill. Oh that's completely different sure than you guys will stay in your yoga. Attire, yeah lemons might lose anyway. Obsessions yes upset. You would do you think you're obsessed with that are now widening and general. My very obsessive person you, I'm just in flow I've, been in float mode for two years. It doesn't require, like chips, gypsies, five, six days a week, working very specific die than a cutting phase. Yeah yeah, I mean I want We think it people who are not in this industry do this. I think they might, which makes me boy fearful body builders. Do I mean I mean I, like your average person working at an office.
Can imagine why they word ass, my point, but I think they might, and then that makes me nervous, there's nothing damaging to your body to do that. What we were doing, I don't know, I don't think it's good for your body to go to these intent. spurts of physical change on the nod and the bulgarian and periods starvation led to longevity. I think shocking your bodies, good for your body person will again we don't have a dog. Around here and tell us, but I do even if we had five doctors, none of them would agree. I think consistency. Healthy consistency is what your body needs. I hope it was lovely having those to end as I like them. so much the US through the most lovely boy, Yad Mun boy is so Sean can't use far so should I have forwarded throughout this fact check.
The beginning, oh and I was waiting to see if it's gonna get to you, and I was delighted to dinner- Don't you feel like there could be a failure that you attach to your bottle and then the part which is passed through it there's some kind of fiber in their, whether its Scott Silver or one of these fuels in catches. the articles that smell and then use its gas pass through the matting, then the smell particles are like a building up in man, the filter, yeah yeah, throw the filter, presumably in the trunk we know in the toilet. You'd flush are you the ideal of our oh, ok or then you'd put it me out door trash can at the end of every night, but we were the filter. Beaks and filter then start to smell, before the vote. There would smell terrible, yet the filter would be attached to your anus cover
It's like in the older, germ Maxie backs. Ok, you haven't adhesive and it would cover your but all and then, as you fired at the airport has through and then in the copper and silver fibres, it would catch the molecules. That's thing and then, at the end of the day the filter were before molecules you, Germany, has a future, it would be so but I have like a sticky thing in your asshole all day: Pooh particles, We don't know that his do. Ok, you haven't beta tested the three of us. I'm inventing- and I hope I approve you- do wrong of the three of. As I know the most about having to put stuff up in You're, my genital area arrive, and it's not comforter, or even the most comfortable version of it. Ok and sticky version is now come
is not good at that's alleys. Even attached your underwear, this one would be attached your actual, in surface I'm gonna hang out and see vs behind an idle and I'm gonna wait for. If you know it takes weeks for you to enter, see vs only to see that the new hot selling item- deck, shepherds, fart filters. There is a line and I'm a billionaire and I'm gonna let in appointing the fort filters. You laugh. Ah, you are wrong. You're gonna pointed the used far filter during their new partnership ringers in its day, given all pointed at me, becomes gloves to remove and put on and off the filter, so very sanitary, and now now now there were to say Think about how many germs are on that filter I know you would you rather have them caught in your underpants and your Denham too. LEO dunams already acting as a gas filter
So I now whether you like it or not you to rob you're all yells clothing is a function. filters and I'll tell you you could know. I urge you to do It is at home tonight when you get into your me. Andy's you'll have a two. You always do in bed. Amelia read them off and then smell the fabric and I'll tell you that the particles will have been too. in their view. Here's what will happen if you're using and actually refer, filter, you'll Putin, bed, you rip your underwear of you smell nothing. Why did you have a filter on the blocked it before they go to your me, and you know when you pull off your me on these just the smell yeah. We all be trapped in the filter itself with its got Carper silver and it has c, b d maybe baking soda, oh yeah, I great I'm helping I'm helping,
Everyone is embarrassing gas. Everyone as they could be in that big, important corporate meaning and in just let it rip with the full comfort and safety of knowing that the filter will never exposure position. Ok, does the filter also filter ass, sound it'll muffle it now who stone there. Aren t face like a big idea: right, ok, Sean hiring. You said you think he was one hundred eighty pounds I confined to that and I can find a lot of this info about how many but how much people wade, obviously Ben. You thought he one. Mr Universe: Sean Connery began body building at age, a teen and from nineteen fifty one trained heavily with allowing ten a former Jim instructor in the british Army, while his official website claims he was third in the nineteen. Fifty Mr Universe contest. Most sources placed him in the nineteen. Fifty three competition either. Third,
in the junior class, or failing to place in the tall man classification, nobody, big systems, Gatt and Mr Universe yeah. What is that? I've never seen you nurse Rosemary Earls words and it grew so famous. Has anyone, Mr Universe, that I believe the most times until Ronnie Coleman? It's your cheer state championship, but its global and it's for everybody builder in the world, and they go and compete in different classes and they get on stage and they flex their judgment, proportionality and making sure they don't have oversized chess, but not big quads. You know they're looking for all that, they're looking for the cut the looking for the size, the proportionality, a panel of judges, I don't know where they get them.
a five year. I would imagine other weightlifter spun builders who understand and is a yearly event yeah, I'm just wondering where it ranks, because I've never heard of it. In my life, Mister Univer here and now you ve heard of like Miss America, yeah I just saw- was wondering if It's as like, well known as that, and I just don't know or will I think, every rob you ve heard of Mister Universe of recent years have having every boy noses. Mr Universe occur from about every boy. Let me ask for an attack my brother and ask him I know for sure, ok, three years as Neil, if he knew about guy ass, my brother canals we'll see what is NEO Patman check him out on Instagram he's I know I knew it. I knew no don't do it. I don't think so. What what you can't say? You don't think so when I just ask him a question, any answer, he said phrase it do. You know it
Mr universes? No Ella? Well, Mr Universe, competition, Are you serious, I think you're I would have interpreted as you know whom the car MR universes, which I don't know. have you heard of Mister Universe, competition. Now I regret giving you some business he's exerted. This is exactly my point, I don't think everyone knows about there's a guy. He said I ve heard of it why he does not what this will hold on. Ok, then just say: ok, what is it Now he now knows now he doesn't know he's. Look it up now problem. I think the way you phrase it's only you know who the current. Mr, do you know what Mr Universe is right?
Now you allow yes, it is exactly what you don't want to fight with you, but do both interpretations are realistic, naturally, not if then qualified and said Mister unit. Competition. He wouldn't then say I've heard of it. Why he'd say oh yeah, the body building thing? What are you asking occur? He does not know what it is, and I don't know if that's an age thing he's much younger than you analogue sorry these twenty four yeah so, I know more about a man. You any knows about Mr Universe. He said I do said kinder. No, what do you think he knows its body building you just listen to a fact in our union. Wine is second answer. His second answer is: he feels like an idiot, because then I said Mister Universe, competition and
said. I've heard of it why he would not say I've heard of it. Why if he knew what it was always a herd of her if he would do, don't get mad at me, I'm trying to really work randomly, or maybe he's heard like I've heard of it. Like Mr Universe, that's a thing: but I have no idea what it is aka until now you taught you time, heals above body, but now I'm ok. Do you my brother, I dont like reduce, store your sabre, ok, do they work around the rocks, workout schedule, I dont know about them. I do know I've worked with them. Several people that have shot with him- and I know a guy who directed one of his movie so that is the fact. Ok see how I say: ok, I believe you you're here for setting up and learn so wrong.
the rocks daily routine, though I looked into ok, I'm a real about other, oh great, before getting into the intense work out. The Johnson commits to six days a week is so weird to hear it, John, so yeah you need to follow his daily routine in the morning around, for I am, he arose out of bed ties up his running shoes. He always tie some four a m. I think this is a powerful go like you re going, that is there anything we can grant do agree that almost nobody wakes up before him. Most people don't melted butter asset. That does it mean he doesn't, and would you also agree that we so come quickly to a hero, worship in a box or full stories about people who are exceptional, sure Would you agree that he probably really commits to working out
very day? I know we days a week. I know we'd ended so crucial and important part of his life. I will hundred percent care. I know he works out at least a couple hours a day six days a week. He has two to look like that. You can't look like that and not do that. I'm times, polyester wake up before ok, ok in the morning on four a dot he was of bed ties up, is running shoes and heads outside for an early run. Answer doesn't always run around the neighbourhood, though, when he's filming abroad, he will be on the elliptical or treadmill at the hotel. Once he completed about thirty to fifty minutes of heart pounding cardio session, he eats breakfast after breakfast Johnson gets around to quote clang and in Bang and in the jet in every gym. In the Jim he commenced a full sequence to a specific area of the body, while the routine is always adapting to what he needs for a specific role or goal Johnson. Usually sixty four set.
And twelve wraps with the sixty two. Ninety second rest period, unless it's alike day, there is a lot more, that's the gist! Ok, but you can look it up. It breaks down what to do if anyone wants do I look like the rod. Examples. Great yeah raw say, though, that Chris hems worth was like six seven or something but he's six. Three, so is that he's not that taught me that is very tall blows the circle? Okay, so biggest move, even though you said biggest movie, the world is a vendors and then following nine, with the exception of Titanic, includes a jacked dude salmon are freedom. Ok, ok, vendors endgame, Amber Jack due to cross the border yeah two avatar, the novelty were jacked. She had like an insane body red big, but she did and then that do SAM Worthington Unable and he was boffin memory. Helots, I'm looking up just for my own could escalate
a vacation. Yet when they made him novel tier whatever he was ripped, but did they do s e g yeah? The whole novelty thing was also right Their bodies were, although he also was quite fit. Oh really, yes, the actor was careless and then the but the perfect dream world had to have the bodies were talking now. This is ham, does not ripped x ray you just doesn't like Jack Jack. Look at the pitcher of him. I sent you, he looks totally so yeah he's not like a beef cake. Yeah. Ok, but I would argue my point is the same that so much of the moon. He was them in that other world in the way they designed them, people in the knowledge tat world were ripped My only point was women. Think you have to look a certain way to do ex wines.
and my argument was so do guys guys have to look a certain way to be in a movie, and my prove is They designed the guys they designed them. That's the type that everyone wants. that's where they made it. Look that way. Ok, I see what you're saying the human doesn't look. Super Jack and the woman also looks super Jack in the world of this. It's not like the women look like slender and fee and then the man is jacked thou world everyone's jack, I'm always seem to be in the biggest movies in the world. You have to look Jack, so I think they they had created with computers and in avatar, but I I think that the ideal is still there. This, like jacked man, ok, three titanic you, which you addressed ready for star wars, the force awakens two thousand fifteen. That's not Jackson! Troika, five vendors infinity war
Jack Central six Jurassic World Jackson Control, you really got your I've got long movies, so much you made no sense, why loved it somewhere, he loved Chris practice prior Lovedays look and beef cake. He was looking very beef taking the matter now why? I love Chris prayer. I learn those practices so funny you but you're so loved whose beef could well. I just like that. He was there. Ok, seven marvels the adventures. I mean Jack, Sandro yeah, but mainly because these are all the same movie over and over again I support was knew. No, I mean these vendor, though he already mentioned three of Anders movies. Ok, eight furious. Seven! Stop codons built on the in the then diesel yeah. I'm a van age of all tron, ten black Panther Jack Fuckin Wall Wall, Jack right.
So avatar, yes and no Titanic in star wars you're. So seventy Brianna of the top ten projects under yeah you're right. You said your nose creates nitric oxide, so the vases dilate are gas. Nitric oxide is produced in the perinatal scientists, and his excreted continuously into the nasal airways of humans. This ano will normally reach the lungs with inspiration, especially during nasal breathing. Furthermore, in intubated patients who are deprived of self installation of endogenous nitric cos I'd sense. We interviewed coup mail her did you see the big red that arrived now what I already have a big red tub of Anne. Oh no, oh, I d acts has now why I don't wanna, be smart coup mail, but
and now I could be vain here now. I dont, like their ochre o, hang. It looks super unhealthy to have veins like that or look so help him. This is I'm saying about obsession. That's bad you're like ring stuff tier body that shouldn't be in there, so that you can look a certain way only reaches more of the stuff. We already law now too much of a good thing.
so a coup male said that their disease, this disease, kids, who have who are like super tracked me so there's no medical downside. So that's called my o Staten related muscle, hypertrophy discovery opposite of bad for free yeah, miles, Staten related muscle, hypertrophy, very hard to say so. Rare genetic condition characterized by reduced body fat and increase skeletal muscular size affected individuals have up to twice the usual amount of muscle in the bodies. The dream of some pictures looks had to see this like small kid. That's like jerked, yeah I'll show pitcher over this protein. Normally restrains muscle.
Ensuring that muscles do not grow to large. Oh and most people, Maya's TAT, unrelated muscle, hypertrophy, is not known to cause medical problems and affected individuals are intellectually normal. The prevalence of this condition is unknown. The only thing I could see as being a potential risk of that is that your heart is a muscle and it's not good when your heart gets exactly. As I thought I was gonna find something like that, but not the case so far. So just them like the muscles look at the picture. Ok, but this cannot be my dream. Oh, my god, this child, this child appears to be five years old. Any has fully formed by subs huge adults and eight pack impact or muscles in his fight and he's got big trap. Cinemas face looks like a little little boy cosy. I bet the kids in school fucking love at the boys.
I became a car. I were known as they do. Kids are me that my boys want to look like a geo. Joe figure in this little boy looks like, and so even if they want to be it they're gonna turn down. We got a column, and it was what we keep circling back and reinforcing them. The broader point, which is that boys feel differently about this thing, girls, like your opposed the vascular airy. Doesn't it eyes me, as we did already admit, it's all driven. My boy yeah: what is it about the vascular early that you like we'll, because people generally don't have pronounced vascular? unless the rip now that it's a nice side effect of being lean and lots of muscle mass, is it pushes your veins to the service? So it's a look. You can't get unless your fit in general. It's a spell
on its, but to me enter, I think, probably a lot of women and maybe some hopefully some man. It looks like that person should be in the hospital right now. It looks like their veins or about tax blood and blood. Gonna explode, our yeah yeah. I love that work. health is not a tractor which Rob said, Rob said that two on a woman he said healthy is what looks attractive to small or just healthy little one, we can say to big you now. I can only say that here there it is. cuz. You can say to thin we're like we're fine with that too big I feel like if we can say too small. We can say too big
two and we can a big difference between saying too big and too small and then like fat, shaming somebody or you know, people have a hard time differentiating that body. Shaming is such a big issue, because so long has been in the media and in image is being sold to us too big as like size, six, that's from which is so dumb, yes, but someone that fits the definition of Obese, which we was thirty, be a minor higher. There are very well known health conditions exactly so I also don't think I don't see how we can have a society where we don't say a beer. My over thirty isn't unhealthy when it is just factually unhealthy. I know I agree with that. I agree with that. I think you're bad stuff is like making a character assessment on somebody, because they there be a mine is over thirty right. Seen that says something about
they are or or excluding them, we're thinking anything other than that, since fact yet be a mine is higher than thirty here and that, once you have a be my higher than thirty you're gonna have increase of about four things totally. No, I right! That's all that was all I love you.