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Michael Peña (Crash, End of Watch, Ant-Man, The Martian, CHiPs) is an American actor and musician. Michael sits down with the armchair expert to discuss his love of rehearsal, feeling like a man without a country and his experience overcoming the lack of Latino roles as an early actor. Dax wonders if he robbed Michael of the "actors bond" during CHiPs and Michael gives the backstory on his character in Observe and Report. Dax and Michael discuss how parenting methods have changed, Michael refuses to believe he's a movie star and Dax accuses Monica and Michael of having rhythm.

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Miller, everybody welcome to arm chair expert, I'm Dan shepherd. Mrs Manning. bad man level Monica red Man today, We have a body of mine on, I use my seen partner, right or die brother and chips yeah. So we came to know one another. Michael Paine area is incorrect really amazing actor. You ve seen him in so many things. In you remember how good he is he's perfect. I know this about you, you ve seen aunt man. He was the funniest part of that movies. Generally, the best thing about visas in his in crash hell yeah, I was- I was his big break out. Was it crashes in that Mars movie my boyfriend, Matt Damon, ah yeah, yeah, Veronica, Mars, He is currently
on Narcos Mexico on Netflix beyond all them scenes as well as he gathered and give you a real down. The road shout out he's doing Fantasy Island right now, with our top dog rye, enhancing their own Fiji, lady, making us voodoo taken us Jeff so please enjoy sweetheart Michael Paine, Armchairs Brodie by square space, not just a sponsor, They are who we went to to build a beautiful website that is highly functional, visually, attractive website user friendly and it was easy I am speaking on, while we wives behalf, does he really designed it elsewhere space? But he tells me it couldn't have been easier what the templates they use custom world class too
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Yeah. Definitely like I it's it's a eunuch. I took a Courson on communication, which was so amazing was like a fifteen, the fifteen things. Don't you need like me and others duplication and what's duplicate duplication with just like just like really knowing what the other person is talking about, being able to see it that will you understand it and acknowledging one of them like half acknowledgements, for instance, like when you, when you want people to keep going and talking like a right, you're really good at by the well. You know it's monies. I actually have to police myself on here, because sometimes when I hear these episodes. This is what I hear my had a hot yeah sure yeah got Atomic Ermengarde shut the fuck up tonight. This new thing we're I'm trying to do it. Literally, and I just want to look at my eyes, I'm with you right right right, but so do you have the added that out,
How do you feel somehow? Because what's that, just slows down words debts terrifying to me, because one a year ago now I know added it so overwhelming. I can't even stand like all might just shut up. I love I loved you like. I think we have to edited idea both my new to me too, because often this person is like looks inside just have to be like a Berlin. Listening is just sounds crazy percentages. Random persons had a girl little miles and then what's awards. Where does that now that we ve put that out there,
it is there that we might have in so doing video to see you can see that I am still held in exotic that you receive when, when you're talking to somebody internet, giving you any of those indicators, its acknowledgements basic acknowledgements, which are like your mom like you, can tell that they're not interested or if they go awry right, you can tell them they. Don't they don't know what you're talking about and so like there's, not a real communication, and I- and I took that course, because I wanted to get better at communicating, especially in acting, because I do that even in acting yeah just because I want to be in the moment you know like I want to have a real conversation as opposed to like me. Just you know, memorizing something and then going off a memory. Will you have such a while you? I would you turn that ahem nervous and arrogant way to hot, because all children
that you're not not not warm yet, but you're nervous that you might get warm later, I'm perpetually living about twelve minutes ahead as I'm. Turning at the light on western as, Inter In that light I am grabbing the clicker for my game, I'm still a half mile from home, but do you do that? so how many minutes a year of mobility through you that I have my finger on the handle reforms on p, O Magi Language was, while I'm still be, I'm trying to anticipate that. I'm trying to make sure that, like that it that I peed just as its finishing fiction Absolutely I heard as sweet spot of peat. Why like are we trying to shave off seven eight minutes of our day by being like debt efficient, like german train, cut out errors? I guess I don't, because we don't have time for four flushes as well, but I didn't do it isn't those again thank my best frontier weekly will always if I'm being in You can hear
he'll yell flashes coming like he never does the peace during the wind down knows I'm about to surf Washee. I I I I noticed that I almost just like my signature. Like I made a car, just decision one day to like not wait for the floor, I remember. I was like why my wait around for the flush. Sometimes my discipline does kick in and it's almost like, it's almost like. What's that it would take care different trains, binding that, like just quits drugs who, like Johnny boy or something like tat and is it you know what I'm gonna quit drugs in you're like you know what I'm looking to flesh it this time so I'm just gonna, let irrelevancy as the new me as a right that exactly, but It is. We are choices when I was a kid around this, I'm time, like I started working at the bank, then maybe that's what it was because our you know are breaks were so quick and I was,
working do you before. I was working at a factory as working to full time jobs a sixteen year old and not because out. I was I needed to make money to get to go to prep school right, you're, the razor spectacular state, that's what makes our so tired. I know, of course, that, as usual, those jobs and other data during the summer I had at another job Nina during actually nigh didn't I just light there for some. For no reason I was in sports I want to quickly to derail into that cause you and I did a form three months of pressed together here in unity. Similar. We have all these similar overlaps. I started noticing in doing combined interviews with you and it was. It was weird. I was able to kind of here myself through you, and I was wondering if that happened. do you so one thing I think you and I are both proud of- is that, like we kind of grew up on like why might where I'm from like dirt road kid
Like you. I know shitty single mother, like all these challenges and an eye, so I find myself like weaving that into question. Can people never like yeah, you know like, all this was be fun to play a cabin boy come from wherever I like it. I like a lay out my story here then I would notice, you would do it too, and I might add that we both do this thing. Does anyone really even give a shit? and you know what like I when I was when I watch and I'm gonna do right now known. what I want. Somebody being interviewed and they get asked a question. You like questions, gonna call, but then it led somewhere cool Unlike our, then it's almost like their tapping into the subconscious of what they really want to answer. right you know and then so I go on that ride. Because I remember I was did that the one with the south when you interviewed Seth, Rogan, Rogan, ah, ah psychological Do we not left and right now is fantastic
You know, I thought that was so cool and then that lead. You started off one in what you know talking about cancers and lay down just making this up. And then it need all of a sudden. It was like you're breaking down comedy, and that was really interesting to me. Well, that's why, like the podcast thinkers when we you- and I are on these- because this is phenomenal- ones like about like a lost in translation moment. Viewing went to Miami specifically to do latin speaking media here then, it would be on a couch with an ear peace and Michael in the hose would speak in Spanish. Then I would just sit. There are the Superdome? Look. phase and I'm listening to the translation. That's quite delay and I feel like I'm on an interview and Mount Everest and there's a satellite till. Then it was just a very surreal experience. Yeah You know I was cool. I saw like that. You know the ten year old Dax like Yahoo, like it look like you were very comfortable in a moment and then after after
I got through speaking Spanish. Like me, me me: what am I going out all totally earlier about great as it that's a great quality does not want to be more comfortable doing that, because I've had do that with no other actors at maybe dont, speak Spanish, don't even understand spanish. and their anxiety. You are like. Loving. This will also, I think he was compelled, If you remember cause I had linking with me who, at the time was maybe only three so here she is, I don't did even men to like a studio watching me get interview and then put on top of that that they're all speaking it. For language than me, and I'm sitting there like a dumdum right, is kept thinking what it looked like through her eyes as well yeah, but they had, as do somebody silly things rule we raised remote, controlled, Carlyle yeah, this is the greatest press, you're Monica because everywhere we went there is a challenge and I'm very competitive and I very fragile
my name's dewie, as Eu Idle in pain, you beat me and every single, even lines that I am objectively Polly, better ass, for whatever reason said, a very bad clearly like like on paper, are much better than you own remote control cars in has raised them. Like there's no question, if we you and I go, you know that's just one thing: I'm gonna probably be better at than you in their millions injury, but for a day on latino speaking show. I can't drive that fuckin remote, programmes or lying thing? This is worth being greater. Grown up, poor really came into play. We both had messed up cars and I was like I tested out mine and is like ok. If I go it's it always just goes left I'm just gonna put your right all the time and you are trying to make that thing go straight, anything goes straight. Ngos dry and I just I just role with the punches where you're like this is insane. I actually do this in your telling people you're
as a May, absolutely whom who can occur in real life racing on bragging, left and right. I'm also. I've also put myself into a position where I have to win this like this is I do it. If you beat me, it's gonna be humiliated right and then of course, I was in my head and you destroyed me in that, but then we went, I mean also doing it so publicly. We were in Philadelphia. Remember we went to a seventy six years gear and they made us, can each shooting free thro, his us- oh my god. Oh my god yeah you Roy me. What is in this kind of like a what was with any little game. I thought to myself, I'm like there's there's a couple, successful actions that I always that I was bring with me that, like work like I'm, not a good basketball player at all. I have no handles or whatever, but I member, I watch a video like twenty years or somebody that same someone said when you bounced
and the release of a view bouncing the basketball down to the ground is the same release that you use towards the basket. So that's what I did just just on a whim and I was making a bunch of free throws underneath this you're actually in in I've gotten this info, not just from you, which I don't know, but I believe, but from many other people that a great golfer in glove itself, bucking mental right. It is the EU verses you in the moment of impact is so it It's got here. Am I emphasise here that I feel like you were able to block out the fifty thousand fans? you dialed into some kind of Zan for your shooting, so you probably shot. However good you can shoot me. Are you just call yeah and am I gonna beat Michael there? Fifty thousand,
people watch and I'm kind of good, a basketball, and I have made a good on paper. I should think again be like if you and I went and did a golf like some kind of golf contents right you're going to go into it. I think it was gonna. Destroy shepherd this guy. I need only law any about Gunnar and words because I grew up like I was right. when you know- and I remember that when I went down state, I wrestled in front of like a fool stadium. Like again, I was down champagne or banner and it was at a state. School college in the stadium was full, smells like. While this is how it is, and I was I was a ham and, to be honest with you, I didn't even know. I was like a super quiet kid growing up like I wasn't shy. Necessarily but I'll just quiet, because I was always the new kid I went to twelve different schools. and so when that happened, I shoot I try to show I got beat. I gotta show off a little bit like
like peace, like with your moves me like, are just look like an athlete you know and for some reason it affected the other guy I did when a couple in and when the crowd was a come on MIKE. I We got into it my foot off for that and I got let an adrenaline rush, which made me stronger and concentrate better. So I think that I mean that that happens like in and golf tournaments the worsening running golf. To try to fuckin murderer it yeah. Isn't it well? No, not really. I mean, I think I think the only thing that does is at it you, you know that you're gonna be nervous right and then so you just let it be. whatever I'm gonna be nervous, just like when you are acting on enough, you get nervous, but am I I I do feel nerves allow especially when I and oddly enough, when I really do a lot of homework and because it,
in a day you want to entertain people you wanted near you wanted or, or you want to, you know, have a great performance. You know we're good or whatever is good, as you can possibly can, and so there's a lot of pressure on that. I put on myself because I've said it so much because I'm dreaming big possibly could be. I will add, though, to your case which is semi certainly differs for minors. You are quite regularly in movies, where you're with somebody you likely, I the list or look up to as an actor. You know you do kind of good movies with pretty darn big actors, so it imagine there's that extra, layer of wanting to be good, our nerves, because Bam decided. Yeah. I know for sure, like I just did a movie with Bradley Cooper, ok, right and united even dates back, like I remember, doing a movie with rage, MC atoms and I think she's, like really I mean she's, been
nominated saw my getting she's doing what I thought. I was likewise she's really underrated MAC. There's a couple times where MIKE I can, with only motions acting in this way, really amazing. He or she mean this. You know, and I thought while water, how amazing it. You know that and then, I remember I did a movie Don Chino. You know he was talking to me and I was I wait. What do you mean what you say Oh, oh, I'm sorry because he was so natural how he is so I can do. I do. I intend to look at somebody strengthen what they're doing well, because anybody can be a critic and it would mean Oaken just totally new taro and performance down. What did they do? Right? Yeah, you know we'll. Just even if you look at where you am, I really didn't start here exists two dozen foreign. You been doing little rules here and there since ninety six. I guess there but crash two thousand for that's kind of the break out performance for you
yeah in that movie. You have cheat holes in it. I, but your great people- and I literally in virtually you're the only other, led character that no one knows so really act. Everyone knows everyone else. The idea that I wouldn't I mean it was There was a lot of people and I was living in a place smaller than this. Then you know then his attic here. So I would just like you- and I was I was super nervous man. I was super nervous, but then I said you know this I want to do. I just want to do this and I just wanna. I planned everything out. You know, and at that point I haven't kids, I am so I had to do research on how it is like to have a kid, and so luckily, for me my brother had just had his first kid Angelina Jolie.
Is it to his rather named his daughter Angelina, wherever Angelina Jolie Love me like I'm, giving such a hard really trying to give you something you like Angelina Jolie within a mile, the terms elegant. Anyone like people was it wasn't it wasn't, it was an angel in, and you know it was Oriana. Ok, yes, we'll talk about it later, but it anyway I went to go vision beneath my brother's, like a really good. Looking dude, you know remain. He was like. I was really nice girl, older brother, yeah, grossly Damn you know that guy and he was like one of those like you know. Dues were like he always had his hair.
down with jail. You know to mean open sure, like yeah yeah, olives knew my day. You could see, you don't need shavers Chasse, maybe I'll get your. Maybe maybe does the image that I have my brother, but you can see his chain. You know what the tan. Why, madam you still a handsome easier handsomely date, he's a cop gaze copies and then When I got home you know, I remember even just the first day I said no cuz. I got to do some research, his hairs, the chevy looks like its breath sittings. Look. I guess he slept in four days, you know and then his who markets
oh, I was correct his breakfast and then we sit down and he just hold that little baby for like an eternity and she sleeping in his eye out, look look, look, look, look! Do so as a tension completely went from him, Look in the mirror loan. You know how he is: Germans, Chasse, TED, ten minutes, maybe plucking it This kid- and I said I can play that that I can do my just put to all the attention on this the person Yan and then I have just read a book about on Buddhism and where you know they believe impasse lives. but not, and then they they spoke to a kid like they ve been here for millions and millions of of years or whatever it is, and I thought well, that's a really cool thing,
and inside you know, when I went to the audition I said: here's what I want to do, which is a little different looking to talk to him like a kid want to talk to him like somebody at a bar, you know and then that's that that's basically what Or do you remember about more months ago, I text you, as I just happened, to be flip for, first and foremost, that movie was my introduction to you an eye for an eye loved that movie. I know it's a polar as a movie. It is. It is what have even on thing. It should have one best pitcher, because it's too many coincidence is, I think, that's the critique of it, but I fucking love that we care about the coincidence is that you sent me so I sent him a picture maybe have you seen crash Monica. He I have. I dont know this lightly, I'm not that I'm not your file, I'm not like blown away with grape. Whatever me more saying lines in front of a camera, he's fucking beautiful, not moving to the point where like. I had shields as a twenty five year old dude
but she knew interact with that little girl and then and I ve been There is an end yet was on a few months ago, I'm just flipping and inside your walk, into the room for that scene and, unlike on, why remember this a good scene and they're all over again, as I, oh, my god, how the fuck did you do that? What were you? Twenty five for Serbia I mean had allows like fifteen years, goes like twenty six and twenty seven yeah is incredibly what you know. It's crazy was one of those times were like you know, you know you do research when you don't know how to do something and everything came together for their part and I'm really proud of it out of its great forest. But am I It was one of my proudest performers, if that makes any sense, because I live through that, like I lived through a lot of racism, I remember when I went from like the ghetto ghetto, where I grew up with just north of pills in which is really nice in Chicago,
yeah my scary, but I loved across three from Douglas Park, which had literally it had four different opposing gangs that were always fighting and like half might relate to people getting stabbed first day of kindergarten. Like some need some kid was trying to establish a crossing guard. You know it was. It was one of those kind of places and that will be done, You know you don't know you're living together until you leave it Yale that interesting, exec, others just life and people are actually happy shore and engages in then, a tragedy happen, and then it was this kind of tragedy. It wasn't like divorce tragedy, even though it felt as bad. You know to some the kids you know crying whatever is like your friend died. You know, or you know your friends out with it anymore. They moved, they won't always lie to the kids,
and then, when I went to the school and we moved to a nicer place which is lower lower middle class. I got called like speck. I go back to work tree, and this was, I remember, being really confused and thinking. While this is really like. I standing near I why these kids being so mean to me, and I had to fight a couple times and you know the seventh greater. It can really hurt your heart out, God at an elegant, little being exclude, threatening Junior highness restart eating, for me at least really COM so am, I included all their school groups is like an elementary. It's it's not really that obvious, but junior. I people are dating people going too far. These things are, I mention your eye insider. The outside you get the angels aware there are so when I, when I think of all the racism stuff that lake that's going on in the country. I don't really think about the adults that are suffering
stuff, Khazars, Sentner ways. You know the meaning commie names. I don't care like me. what I'm worried about. Is the kids tenure? Okay, There are just coming into their own and liked her at home at night crying because they think did there not that different and then all of a sudden, this big you no person say go right, some honky or nothin raised earlier, but it's gone both ways out did ok, I mean it's not one. There's day like it, it's a double standard for the black sea. Rowan out the red carpet either yeah, I'm. I think it's, I think it's a lot of will right now. It's like it's like a lot of white people. Doing but my my wife, who is white, guided when she was a kid from from all these mexican girls, you know, and it will give you she Grubbin ally. Yes, she grew up and allay she's. Like I'm. I kick your ass thy word and we charity stars, so rigid? That's what I think of you don't even know.
we got here by the way, but as far as the fund, that step does, I think about, like the poor ten year old kids, who are just coming another their own. There are suffering and crime in their rooms at night. That's what I think, but more woods interesting is when you did that raw like I can't imagine you were aware, then, or maybe even aware now that you're the beginning of number wave because black we Had many black stars radically have definitely been excluded, yet there have been many black sars. Where the time you when I grow up there are many black stars right. I did. My first movie would sit Deportee o real. Inga, that's when I got an acting you're he'll get your neck. Fight that I was working at a bank at the time and I was going to go to Depaul University Business School and my best friend's mom says you should be an actor cuz you're good at imitating, and I used to do these limitations for zero dollars and twenty five cents.
like imitate the nun or the need other than the priest or whatever, and especially the prep school, they would pay me twenty five cents for these things, and I, and unlike our great I can buy a turkey sandwich face of love, disturbed, you do do really good impersonations cite another thing. We was more psychologically, not exactly a real impersonation but more psychologically tap into yeah. I guess they would say this thing you know and in this area that's how I got. I went to an open call and seven auditions later hours. Testing for, like the lead kid I I I was who are. Apparently it was horrible at the audition, so they stuck me in his featured extra, I made it if you hold on when I didn't play no, but you still there is to be in something. How are you I was eighteen yeah. That's too me out about like
If there's a couple times, I was in the background on the news grown up yeah like there's a guy like a hearing and others. There's a cherry seed spit contest controversy during the Cherry Festival, the outbreak. In the background I was completed in in one my age group. Now, as I felt like, I was filled up and down a utilitarian like the vote on the new data, I remember I was I was in the paper because I took second and city in Chicago for wrestling a home and I had a broken knows a dislocated thumb and I and glad of a had black I then, and I was so happy I like I look like bit of suppressed alone in the picture. I was so happy to take second place and then my mom says you I couldn't Russell Why does it work as you have a broken noses dislocated how you're gonna die? You you're getting your mom. She was a social order. She was a social worker. Yes, she was an emigrant. She came to the United States.
In her twenties eyes. She she, I think, only one of the six great in Mexico and then she's. She finished high school. You all the way up the high school HANS. I remember as a kid heard. You know like up going where there are like after school and I'm just waiting for her to finish high school, all the times of complaining like a little bitch and your mom betters yourself, yo my mom better, that resolving idols result a video game exactly and then she did. She go. a diploma and Shoe Uganda jobs, social worker, which was really going, she would basically help how blind people try to better there. There living situations and sometimes have to take the kids away if there were crackheads or what not yeah and so we'd have to get it car, just re solve sometimes show again in the garden comic. What what Let me like the kid was dirty is how in like kind of blood,
Isn't there something you know when you grab? That's the thing like, so there were moments where I lived in the really you know the welfare apartment, and you might be to your point about being a kid you, like others, is life. Plan earth, Brian there's always a worse. If you sell there's only ego, you can always visibly see someone's, I obey their fucked up. They they got it right and it can help you get you throw like at least I like that can be. I we don't have the Mc Mansion, but at the same time now exactly, but oddly enough, you know. What's funny I did when I went to prep school merits, Highschool Chicago, which is great school, where they told me a lot of stuff, the most depressed kids and I saw rich kids cause they're dead. Like my dad, even though he was super tired, I didn't. I didn't see him all weeks, just like basically my mom, I'm now
understand like he wasn't really round, because he was working so much said, like pay for the bills rye and put his to prep school me and my brother, my brother's Catholic School, would you daddy? He was. He worked at a place called handy button which he used to make buttons in a factory manassa, think of so called as they had. These huge machines, ass, a kid you're like while these are like transformers- and you know he, but he would come to a couple of like football games and like wrestling fangs. Keep himself awake at those that years, it's exactly not enough and they were there and then there were some. kids were like the dad's. Just never came around yeah yeah. They They were, there were, am I a and they were the like in a freshman year, like you see that taken at all by junior year, like they were like factors, and then they start to make trouble. Yeah, yeah law, harmonies super rich people who we know here no way we're like. I just thought, you'd be happy
right, but do you know game they there's like what are they doing life? You know to mean they have everything that they need to not going out and struggling in like accomplishing something like. Do you remember your first, like good, paycheck old idea, yeah arrived about. I told me also inappropriate, like you know, tell me what you made and when I'm without a panel remembers with Michael Rosenbaum, got the comic suit. So I got the offer area and how much it? Oh, my god, oh, my god that much money, and I told him immediately I'm in a time one of us I couldn't keep a lid on an idea. Me I only thy only was like that, with my brother cause, we're so competitive overhang. Jerry was Did I got two thousand dollars brow hasn't did shut up, I'm a gap, as I gotta go to. eight in there we are supported by
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eighteen. O Lee on a tv show right there in your childhood. We're like wait. A minute, wanna do looks like me, is on tv, their men, that's in seventy nine Seventy nine, which is currently you know, and but you still and then you and what Edwards aims almost see that was my guy Edward James almost like. I was happy that and that's why I like. I change any of the of the names into a latin name, even if it does a start out that way, characters that you characters. I characters that I plagues, unlike I think, maybe it'll inspire some kids, why some people that are latin, but I remember when I watch stands liver. How inspired? I was you know when he was teaching calculus is inner city. Kids beyond. I ended up in high school taking calculus, and yet I barely past it or whatever. So I went to school them, because it's fucking harnessed to the effect that they felt the need to go to a good school. Like did you need to get a good grammar school to prepare for the kind of high school
I went to write. You know you did you feel underwater when you got the unbelievably, there was a huge learning curve and I was just playing catch up for like the first two years. What was your reaction to that because I could see it giving you either in Are you already complex are also making you like? Give you a good chip on your shoulder. Reelect now fuck you. I know I am elzevir. one. It was the first when you got an important, very already complex yeah, because I you know, especially with somebody, has like such a great vocabulary. I as like, why this person's much smarter than me, even though like I'm, I'm great mass like it definitely like made me feel insecure and then, when I got the Hollywood I was like. Why was I was really insecure, because I I I didn't have the vocabulary, but I wanted to be a good actor. I want to be a good working actor, but you know what every different genre and be able to.
Be effective in every different genre and and and I hadn't had to study a lot more than than the other guys I write, when you did crash up to that point you had played like gangbanger number one gangbanger number two gangway three key words in your way, as I thought about it, it's totally true yeah. I guess you started. but we're going back number five of our and your one of our water goes change your life, but this man I want deck. I always gets again later I hear competitive at what ever level you're right. You are really look again later due to my youngest, our work and our brow, and am I going to fuck up that Nypd Bluebeard Am I going to want to work on my New York Accident data like then I come in
almost like I've got again later. Just like that, we all what I was when I was going to arrest made it. I did notice, you were an MP. Am I pity blue, like eight years apart, a bunch of times dared like now I was more than it was more than that. I was different characters, let always unanimous korean resumption of their life whatever, and then I, Remember I made up a gear and you know what, if I'm going to play gang bangers MIKE, I don't ever want to be an actor in arise for so I started play music and then,
also- there is a couple things I'm like and then, if I'm gonna play and again manner a minute, I'm going to apply all this. You know all the did. My teachings studying that I was doing like Sanford Miser and all this acting technique. Monoplane, like a real person right and the first time that I did, that was crash right Whiting crash- was kind of a real revelation for a lot of people. I think that in its a testament to both you and broadly Paul Haggis that it was the e each is really generic trope of the ALA gangbanger the shaved had bribe, and then you saw all this guy has a kid nor the sky loves his kid like you like it
really. I thought I was really powerful and I think right up to that point. Maybe I miss the movies along the way, but it seem like latino characters were largely filling the same role that black folks always had in the sixtys and Seventys I go. There can be the drug attic and the criminal and all these things and that performance, even though starting with that premise of you being a gangbanger and stuff like transcended that in a way that I think I think, shifted the whole thing. I think there's a lot of different roles b. written now, and I think that one of the first big starting points for right, I did it did change. I mean a change my career and I think that right now the generation they were living in his office. because I d, I can name like five, really talented latino actors. Now that are getting big league oh yeah. I don't think you could have done that in two thousand follow and you know what do you remember, that the breakdowns yeah yeah yeah yeah. Do I couldn't even believe it? I still have some of them,
where it is really Gwig when they make a movie or a tv show, they send out a breakdown to all the casting directors near listing the characters and what they're looking for the energy and a brief description of of of what they are so that you're like I could play this guy. Basically like the first I'd say: eight would be cocoa caucasian only be caucasian caucasian, yelling and then and then, oddly enough, like number nine would be like african american name. But right and then it wouldn't be until like fifteen there, it would say open to other ethnicities. Ah said the best I could do is fifteenth place right back in the day, and so that way, that's why I was like her out of this. Acting things can work out. I'm still gonna do for the rest of my life, but I just them. I might not have the type of success that I want to have, because I don't think it's out there for me via Linz Well, it's interesting, as I had about. I had all these mom
it's with you along your career that you are, of course unaware of cuz. You weren't with me, but of course crash was like my introduction, you, as I really really like that guy and he's really special. Then I saw this was part of my pitch to you. When I try to get you, then I saw him to watch and I was like oh dude. This guy's like a lead hero like a franchise. Do this is like a little latino, Murphy. When I saw forty eight hours, This guy's got charisma burn. He's a movie star that movie wishes. You were so great in that I just assumed you were those people. I guess, as you would do right, then, as we come to get to know each other like oh I've, never really seeing Pavia payment.
Michael Paine, yet in a movie really now that I know you and I don't think I've had that experience too often, but when we first started working on chips, run you when our opposites right, like I almost one in this way, like I weirdly think of myself as being at my best when I feel like I'm falling off a cliff and I'm trying to catch up. right like so. If I'm in a scene where I almost half no the dialogue that somehow ends up being my bet, so I don't like to rehearse at all in you loved her, we first are talking like I want to rehearse every day for a month leading up to write, and I was like
While what? How are we gonna? Do that? What am I going to do in these rehearsals blah blah blah in one of the fascinating things I learned about use we sit down for like the first time to rehearse in yours. You start ask me all these questions and I guess I'm like. Are you asking me as your seen partner or as the director in you go on talking to the writer? I always meet with the writer young, which is a very interesting thing that I had never met an actor. That does it. So when you do a movie you usually most interested mean the writer of the time, because, if you, if I, if I take a look,
the anatomy of making a movie. Everyone agrees on on a script and an year like, while this is a great script, I want a producer script producers gotta director why this is great script, great story. It's got a couple of things, but whatever bubble blob, but I wanna directed an actor. Looked at the team reads: a script seizes amidst the story. I mean it's basically ideas put together and structure in Estonia and structured and say you know what I want to do this movie. So for me I always What are the person that does you know like made up the story? The world created the story right and so to me. I want to know what they were thinking like. What would they were, what they were thinking, what they wrote and then sometimes they don't think it's like streamline of consciousness, and I want to know what's behind it right,
right and, if not like sometimes story of mine, my mirror that, and so I'm not afraid of rehearsal, gives rehearsing. It isn't to me like Satan, you know doing the same lines over and over and over again it's fort fortifying. like the pictures, stronger and stronger? So I know what I'm talking about, but also while we were hurting, you wrote some killer scenes. Oh yeah yeah. We deny the shooting the shit yeah like when we did end of watch. We were heard so much mean Jake Juvenile, whose fantastic man he was so great an and ran really like. Come you help me, especially with my confidence, a doo doo adventure. Also, when you doing so really gotta thank Jake for that. But there is there were times where we would it we would rehearse and we kept talking about the same things, the same things and then there would be a couple of improv scenes. What we talked about the same things are really didn't feel like it.
Right right and it always felt fresh, especially we could rehearse it a hundred times, but then, when you do it on camera, it changes oh yeah yeah, it was like when you were heard for the euro and an audition you're, hurt him or her summers and hers. You gonna in addition, and it's completely different. Yes and you gotta be ready for that yeah. But but yes, what's funny is my. My strength is almost the opposite. A year's which is my strength, is you can get to what I can do really quick like. I have a little zone that I stand and that then the only upside of his I get there really quick Arab think much about it right. I can just do it and then you are very much more building a house and it was really fun to watch how you go through all that and what you are we would just start shooting the shit now we're talking about whether you know people each other's ass is nor by laughing like very sincerely and then
now. This is the kind of thing they should talk about. No, my care only try to write up. I eat now seen yeah by the way I can't believe dared it. So, when appropriate. Like when I'm on my kid, my wife and whirling airport, like do man died. I just wanna title, I had asked to my family man is no, but it's true. It is true. I might even write it as I do that taxes, the Would it be like? That's is talking about himself like what you wrote my character. Like you, goes well. That's what twenty is like. These two characters are opposites, but really there just kind of I am all those who are again exactly every come two sides, maybe burden you. First of all, that scene was the easiest one we shot nor movie together
Oh yeah. We did at one time we're like all that's this than we did that and the very first time out the gates yeah. Let's do it to more times for fond yeah, but do it better just where we had a couple more different details in there, but that seen just happened just magically. I think they're right out the guy. I know you I mean you, I think you wrote a great scene will, but we that we were both so sincere about our points of view, which I thought was, but that kid see that's. What does the kind of thing that comes out of rehearsal gives because become a kind of a cult hit. No odd ships yak the biggest compliment that I think we both can get is there is a genuine that, like was scrolling through a nose like, I think, I'd like to like us trailer. Some he's look in his eyes.
put on ships like that's, really cool, I'm overshoot net, Barbara lumps it behind them. Ah now and then, and then he Nina he's done with a laugh and his ass off like cringing, make sure my kid whatever and then and then that ends his scrolling again phenomenal ships again give the forgotten. I would I be away through laughing. But oh, why again? Ass though I would have a new cartwheels down the Isle of Man, but you would not have been hiding you at a steady, I would have to have them on their shoulders. I wrote that the ten year like that that there was that that was made, but
no? I would be curious about your experience. If you had to summon all up. I had an experience recently that was allowed me to experience what you had experience in the movie the way over. My colleagues will. Let me just start by saying that I think you and I had crazy chemistry like you to have it or you don't. We had so much fun, though generally we did have fun, but I would say from my point of view, I fell off them We are making the movie that I wasn't certain you ever truly trusted me. I felt like you were thinking he's full of shit. He's not this nice or something to me where I felt like you and I fell in love was on that press to her. You know it's funny. Did I'm like. I always like loved you. I think that year, like an awesome person, unkind and,
you probably saw, was just my nerves, ok and like my anxiety of of that's, why need to prepare like the way that I do too to be able to you know just pushed through the nurse? yeah and so you're, probably seeing that also in an and then and then I'm also lenient. When other actors are acting up, I ask myself: is it nerves? are they had excited they stared and milk dude? I really come on man. I rang need this happened. Nino, you you'll, see, actors to God, man, I just like other guys, just a little nervous. I totally get it right, get it as a very benevolent placed, viewing it for what they. But it's also the reality of it. the reality of it and Alex. I was nervous a little bit every day. Will there were things also that I would want you to do that? We're onto your comfort zone, like we had to be big, pretty often like overly big right leg by were dragged back
yeah or not, but see that's like, but I did the movie right and I remember: Our thinking on like I and I liked being uncomfortable when I'm when I'm filming, if that makes any sense, because that was uncomfortable and and then, when I listen to you say things I think I work I didn't I didn't. I never said I am. I know I'm not doing that. I always process it, unlike ok, home again made that real for me home again so you can tell me. I want you to do this. You know doing and scream at your brother, unlike ok, when we can. Why am I gonna? Do it like what how wise, how that can be real to me rang? Who you know what I am and then I get ideas about it and then so I'm figuring it out how it's going to be real. For me, oh okay, so I came to a very wrong conclusion, but this was my conclude. So I recently was co starred with some and they were directly for the whole project there and what I
started immediately. Feeling was, and I missed it- really bad, which is the one of the funnest things of being an actor as it's you and your scene partner, almost verse, the director in a weird way. Even if you love the director, you want to do exactly what they're you're trying with your scene partner to go like what are you and I going to do in here? But what are we going to create? There's like this the companionship, unlike this shared goal in your begin to agree upon it, you gonna let compromise you gonna talk about it and then you're gonna executed together right and it's like partnership. You have, and for the first time I experience whereas like oh, no, this person already has an idea of what this is supposed to and it doesn't really include me in this person figuring that out rise. It's the director is the nature of director. They have a global view of what the thing supposed to be that another job, yeah yeah, and so it did it, doesn't allow for
you- and I too, have that experience. Where we decide what it's gonna be as actors. I mean a directors, gonna keep us in a box for it, but you and I, as actors, are going to decide what is going to be right. But for you you were kind of rob that, because I too had this glow. A thing of what it was gonna be. I was, I really think I was robbed about it, because we we we were rehearsing so much, but you didn't feel like. Like that experience you and J cat. You don't feel like I kind of didn't, allow that to happen. I could see where I'll be guilty of having not allowed to be as much hours it's too actors in the soil, here's the thing when we were rehearsing changed a lot of stuff. The egg is that all happening, and then we it'll happen rehearsal right and then once you started directing I gave you like a guy, gets kind of the attitude. Like. When I didn't want to do something I would give a director, but what it might gostar so you're like. But I'm you closed,
am I right now you're right now, the director dude, I don't ever want to do that. You like, I, will just do it for me, ok for me and like overnight, but I dont like there was once a coup There was one time in the ambulance whereas, like that doesn't make sense to me, you're like just say it and I'm like I needed execs exerts bent out of shape with, and they were civil sensitive that you like here's the thing that really hurt my feelings, I might do to her he wants to bring the airwaves messing about edged. So I went to children's Elliot learns. Hospital lazily again gave presents our right to kids. Now do next. I we do. They call me they always that only value that so fun, it's great because They don't want to sit around talk about how sad it as they just want to have
I found a good living in the ghetto there. Are we talk about how poor I am like do, let's outlets, I want a distraction. Yes, so I go in there but Dick the comical thing, of course, is no. These kids know who I am, Turkey? If they don't want, I knew I think you're being invited because you're famous, but you didn't you- do as you're working on behalf of their security like will this nine year old does not get it. It's gonna be a strange tall grouping, white guy that walked in here, but there is a really funny moment. So the nurse who can tell me before I went and each room like this is Kara she's. This year's old Bob Lot in India. We walk into one room in before we get in. She goes like this is David. There's gonna be hard. He too he's been here for three weeks. He said. Maybe three words to me. So you'll have to do the heavy lifting, ok great, so I walk in the room is a fourteen year old kid.
in a wheelchair he's like playing a game. I then he looks happening goes ah now and I go. Oh my god he's a gypsy goes. I love chips, the other guys, way better as you do. Otherwise we and I go Oh yeah, yeah, Michael Pena, yeah, he's a much better actor than me and he goes yeah. I love him. Will you tell him that I love exams the next week. I will tell you: it was the greatest sieges would straight ass. They took my legs out. Did where you heartbroken going in I know that your dad ride like now, I'm like I get. I get like Terry I'd, looking at a good,
a limp commercial, the electric so like somebody gave up so much or even like of anger, commercial doll, people about to make love, I'm like maybe I'll, do that I wouldn't have to workers. Do you know I ween expecting to feel bad? right and in then, when I get in there. Of course, I'm like I'm definitely cognisant of the fact like all these. These parents or programme be spending Christmas in here, but then I am also hit with the fact that fear fear such such a powerful thing, like my fear of ending up there with my kid is, a thousand lads is biggest get, but don't you recognize in practice which, always happens with things you're afraid of when you're walking through life. In your experience in these things that you're afraid of when you're in them, you just taking the next step in your put one foot the farther in years, trying to smile through it,
we're getting through and so has kind over. One would like you go into the room, not aerials that sit round feel bad for themselves. Their sick parents are making jokes, the kids are making jokes they're talking about fun stuff, and I was like oh yeah. We are resilient mother fucker. Like. We were afraid of a lot of things, but when we get in them, you just keep marching in. I don't know, there's something about it that I found to be. It just gave me a ton of gratitude and I weird weirdly left me optimistic. Opposite one. I thought oh yeah like I am my mom was sick, grown up, and so I have to her and I was like by the time I'm like. I think it was like it started when she was like. I was like five years old from five till about the time that I moved out. She would like to two times a month. I think another out in like calling the ambulance and blow blocks You know my my scored started suffering because we do not first was hours ago. I really want to be okay here. She'd asthma ties diabetes and all these different you know elements and,
she is like an auto immune doing or what you know she got on some pills. Ok, right issues, suffering depression gathered some pills, but then you know she, I think you're up, I'm shoes on Prozac and then, but she had a very bad doktor bid that those Tellier like Joseph suffering through all these different kinds of sight, facts and they were given more more pills and more pills were soon enough, that we had a daily regiment. Where was affords roar boy and it was like you know, as a twelve year old. It was like my mom's talking the walls and like I don't I don't know telling these. Don't you because I don't think these are Edna like now. You know what she needs this and then right so yeah anything for the insurance right anyway. So what I was going to the hospital quite a bit so in a been a bad away, I just kind of got used to it right right. You know you're, like ok. Does the life and limb led, ok, cause she was talking about which he was talking about different things in the wall or whatever else, a row of it nor clean out right. Oddly enough,
kind of like it's funny. I like life, helps you become prepares. You referred to be an actor or too like in a life of escape. You know which is acting in pretending in you. Trying to you know, entertain before what not is, as you know, Talking to my mom, what she's gonna talk about all these crazy things is I just decided to play with her right. talk by these things and then like like they were real thing because that's real for her. And now I think I'd lie enough at that help me. But at the end of the day I was like it was a. It was a story about hospitals you get used to him and then you just try to you know, try to do the best. Oh yeah I've been in the inner couple, different you're, so tours, and I've been Afghanistan were guys, got killed and you sit on the flight lion they're, bringing guys back and how a cavern you gonna look around at the other guys did you go? like oh yeah, you get used to anything bribe. You know like you're, you're kind of you have
idea in a movie what that scene would look like you're looking at the soldiers and like all, that's not they're, not playing the parkers like this guy should be cry in this case, should be leaning on this guy and then it you're detonators certain reality to it that it doesn't play out. That way where I am ones like me, we ve seen in a bunch of Times Agora before really chips. I know you want to go back, but I just but I was in a sea that's right you're, you nervous I did I was. I was just trying to be nice and, as I came in a university, a cat or anything like that, then Dax comes in his eye,
Well, I like the river. Oh yeah, that'll rid our unlike what is that rhythm, of course, any you're, giving our little rhythm, and I like the little rhythm, jointly nice rhythm rhythm and most in most and I can see, I can seem like X, Ray vision for rural connection. Then somebody who is really thought about like However, it is that you are thinking about Mozilla like that rhythm. I mentioned we heard that work towards that kind of dynamic. Will you guys actually had so much rhythm that I remember at or rain it in a little back in Prague started you guys we're like making plans?
It was all right. I remember using asking like what you do and later in the year again in Canada. Swept up into his magic. Is charm and remember as I will you still pretty scared, you shake him. I know not anymore. Males are very much divided rhythm nation going blotter than in my sister tissue. Use a low, intimidated working with you cause you a lot of things with my sister tat. She was so nice by the way she was really really nice. I really like work, whether yet, but you it's funny cause you there's no way you ever go to yourself. Oh I'm, now the actor people are nervous around that eight summit. Happily, that guy, you know, you don't know me and Karl. I m sure how to preserve that so weird, because I'm I'm I'm so like I'm not like. How can I I'm not like nervous, but I definitely have that performance, energy and
and so I have that going and I'm just trying to accomplish something. So like I an to me, it's all about chemistry, chemistry, United, went the back and forth in the real communication. So I dont, I guess I don't notice that will that's by the way. I think this is where some people get in trouble with not knowing learn in a position of power, because it's it's really weird, you don't ever see yourself as being the person he used to look up to You you are that person, you don't seem to have awareness of that which is again how you could not even know what effect your having on somebody. Eighteen there we are ordered by rang rings mission is to make neighbourhood safer and we recently we saw too these stories. Recently. Roaming ring one was p. Twenty two, the very famous mountain lion, lives across the street from our House, Bulgaria are famous celebrity Van Ryan. Celebrity Mount lion was captured on someone's ray.
Rarely in the neighborhood across the street and you'll be twenty, do just kunak rules and in their front yard, got my intention. That's it anything you made aware of by rang and makes your whole neighborhood safer. You might already know about it. There, smart video doorbells in cameras that protect millions of people everywhere, but it also can help you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world of there's a package or a surprise visitor. You get an alert on your phone, you can speak to them and Crystal Clear HD video in a two way, audio feature which makes ring top notch as a listener. You have us I shall offer on a ring starter kit available right now with a video, doorbell, emotion, activated, floodlight came the starter kit as everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home. Go to ring dot com, Slash Dax! That's ring dotcom, Slash Dax.
No, I definitely, I definitely don't think of myself like at all humble well? The thing is: is that its taking me like seventeen years too, like be a working actor, I mean I've been out of her like over twenty years, and so I I know her it is and how hard it was to like even get to be working actor that I dont really focus I've, never folks, unlike any of that kind of stuff, and it's not real to me because I, like you, you ve, experienced that even on the other side of it, though words like you, I mean you, what's the fury What do you know? What did this is crazy because, like you know, member, I told you I work with Bradley and I was like, while this is really cool, what I dig neurons his blessing the beginning, because I was- and I just needed some cash to live.
And I wanted to do good and I was like I had a check list of things that I needed to do tat too, to be ok and the basics? It's like talking listening, substitution objective, your goal, Bob did I hit it acquires merchant? and I would grade myself on these things, and so I was so busy into doing that that, like all this guy's bird famous cocoa, cocoa, ah ha yet too, I didn't I I was I was worried about my stuff so that I didn't notice and now that been doing it for over twenty years, I've seen somebody like Bradley like while he handles dialogue really well, it come so easy to whom, unlike in I ask me like it did comes he just read that a couple times and he can, you know, say a bunch of dialogue and say it great yeah, always great diction, great the days and weeks french, yeah, he speaks renewing Ladys picked it up that guy, the I know he's a sum up, his dear verbally yeah verbal savant, yet lighten the knee,
I can start sing. Another no earn it's amazing gay like what can he not? I know how you have at her question and so on. but if I'd boarded a flight to New York City at some point- and I looked in the cockpit and he was flying ago- yeah I'm sure he's lying film in a movie. Where he's gonna be a pilot and lonely, you wouldn't be surprising year that hey you actually here against sharing in the land the shit out of this plain. I guess I won't be nervous. So now that I'm older and I know how hard it is to to make a good movie now. I appreciated tenfold, you know remain like I did a movie. Would Kate wins, let not an eye and she doesn't change anything. Really. She kind plans it out gym lives. In the moment she she make some really strong choices and that's what she does, what she did it and that the end of day I was like wow. This is amazing Maybe I'm I've been doing wrong. My entire life, you know, and and so there's different people that, like that, like now, that's what now I'm starting a little bit nervous
Enough MA am wondering, are you know you're in that class? You have to have some right. I note that identity is this a Griggs it you know, I mean I get to store to stuff you know, but I'm just so E M, just so eager to being a good story like in a good movie. You ever do when you're in American Hassan you're, like christian bells. Just I mean how can someone be as good as that? Guy is everyone in the movies. washing Amy items is under way. If you walk in and by the way what you do is harder. I think I'm way worse, when I have very little did you hear anything? I was soon it should be so nervous because, like you said, out, I would have no rhythm, not written language, we're going to get it go. We can't get it. You didn't hear yeah and like their memory like- and you know after when you're doing a tv show right. I asked you about it. You're, on in your and like after two months, you're like you just wake up
You know you knew memorize your lines in the end you know, unornamented got make remained rather like no, not me. I memorized three months before we gonna shoot. You know well chosen iraqi government We are all doing well now, there's a lot of their raises. Give yeah, it's a? U you you admit that you? U what there's gotta the beginning, but now I died. I do like while my while this person- and will you ever You have a healthy. You have had, at least in the past, a healthy chip on your shoulder. a chip on my shoulder. You would you say you have a chip on you had a two. I had a chip on my shoulder. I think I did cause it's been. It was all based on insecurity, which is really weird because, unlike I never felt I was good enough. You know I mean I never felt like I was. I was good looking enough as China bring enough and then
and then now, when I meet somebody, that's really charming. As a man, I can't I know I like. I can't compete with this person's. Obviously, like a beautiful person, you don't look. I'm like. I can't compete like off this person's funnier and like man, that okay, I'm just going to take second place and be fine with it, and then it sucks when you're stopping you know in something in your life, you gotta be the do and then you're like gonna take second place him those stories, but you- and I have some moment some parallels witches. We both love to party hard in a younger years. He arise the idea- and probably, I think, rooted in some of the same like it just needing relief from the frustration of what an uphill slogger, what my life was just not good, sir. I I battle boredom to man cause when you're its rivers so depressing to try need. I had roommates caucasian roommates and they would go from unto me
He for acting advice, you know remaining, there would run lies in what would you think what you do here that an end their auditioning for like that storing roles in Essen- and I would call my new agent managers, aser is there any way they? Neither not looking did you're looking for caucasian. Now, like I was such a bummer that who is depressing and I did it mainly out of boredom. Could you like drugs right. We both like drugs, the army, but it was mainly like like if we wait. There was drugs like early on liquid age. You think I'm sorry when I was thirteen all thirteen somewhere down when you know, like all that ecstasy stuff sure do and hard drugs and again it was like out of loneliness in over then mainly like. I guess my biggest my biggest thing was like boredom, I think, is the biggest evil. For me,
You know and then smoking weed on my own and something that I really regret cuz. I did it too much and then I like, I got anxiety from it. I never I never had anxiety ever I never got nervous for anything. Life and then one day a just showed up and it was like after smoke and so much weight and drinking and frying my in over. I might my nerves are what not, ah and that's why you know what I'm done. I'm ok right. I've done enough! That's why I will domino his annual eastern use all here and is an awesome it's the best, but now he's becoming his own person. We're like me, not normally they're like asking you like advice, and you know, and you know daddy, can you help me with this and tell me with that and now he's just becoming his own person, we're like he's having play dates, A harder with his friends were, doesn't need you very much and yeah, fine craft and fortnight Malaysia
ah you know and what he's he's an avid reader you you said this about him, which will you use, is so cute that he's a nerd. John Knightley right, yeah fucking loves book because he reads like a thousand pages. He can read a thousand pages a week, I'll, that's panted. Now it he's really I've been around I'm here he's really cute and he's shy a little bit a little bit of which I think it's. I think it's really cool and you know he's growing up a little bit friendly than I was raised like I was tryin. My dad was trying to make me to us a macho man. Yeah but we had to like fight in our neighbourhood. If not, you get your aspect even more, so it was out of necessity and him. I definitely want to keep that that that shyness. You know like that, and you were you, don't have to be a tough guy, you you don't have to prepare for a shitty world yeah exactly, but no
you have to be real with them, because it's hard out their yeah. It's not that easy, but it is interesting, is where I think we're you and I are of the generation that we're in a transitional phase where we're gonna we're gonna, not teach our kids, some of the stuff we were taught, which is appropriate, the world's gotten a lot safer. He doesn't liver, you daddy, that doesn't live where I lived. You know that it's I'm just trying to guide the kid you know what I mean until I talk to him like a. I guess, like a crash weight like that, you don't like I remain, and so it it's a lot harder and it takes more time to talk too like talk to him and and wide things are or are not a great idea to do. You know me really explain its women. Have a conversation is much easier to be. Don't do that right. Just don't do it here and there and if you point, if he even says you punish him in the fucking now skywards first gonna win, that's what you do to me.
On Monday, I write your countrymen than what I am a firm believer in the leg, especially when you're a kid grown up in the ghetto, like my dad Tommy D, like if you're gonna, even if you're gonna get your ass, kicked, make sure that you hit him in the nose horrid. You can roads great advice back. It really is me, I'm gonna feet which our guide did get. My ass kicked a couple times on my arm, but if you dont like and I lived in a shitty neighbourhood, if he didn't stick sick up for yourself, it was This can happen everything they were like a werewolf. You know you let go. I can. I can pick on the skiff forever I remember it was in third grade. I moved to this new of Exchange Casper and there are some do there was like thirteen years old and third let's go in and he can't we unto a fight, and I just get him in the nose ass, hard ass. I could and then he never pick dummy again, even though he beat the shit out of me somehow. Monica now are you about this night trunks,
Her grown up that pessimism was allowed an option here for me: now where we grew up manager did only was. Are you there? You know this can happen every fucking day. If you do they do so. What's that paper did this is The list of the many amazing things you ve been in place, one I touch down on a couple of them during a flatter you, a lot you're gonna be uncomfortable, it's gonna be great, for they cannot be great for you. I love it. I guess I'm just gonna walk you through this. This is gonna, be the m. The readers digest version of the ride, the pain, it takes so does crash. We're talking about that. These amazing you, two million dollar baby, was like working with Clint man. It was ass if it was arson but again. I was so naive. I gotta I dunno. Knowing that way, you work the less inclination wants it using answer questions. He wants a fuckin shoot that seen in get to launch.
Right. Does he want to talk for a long time about the writer is a direct? Ok. You know ok, employers. I have a new nor have they got a small part net movie right either. You know, but I dont always that, by the way, I don't always like rehearse rehearse rehearse rehearse. There's some that you just one of each one of you know get in there get in there and start with with your instincts or whatever, and I keep doesn't sinks. But then I think it's much cooler when you, when you get get into deeper, It's weird. You ve not really been bad, which is frustrating like it was a go through all these movies, you kind of fantastic and all believing you shit, the bed on a movie is, are you can think of a you're like I sucked in that? Well, I remember I got felicity. I did flimsy again. There was in two thousand, and it was one of the like this when I started getting excited for acting because before I just did for the money on like I just want to get paid near. You know, especially given the ghetto knows I go to forgive me. I can make like five figures, the as a swede
wait there and so yeah exactly so felicity I had a great audition and it was, as you know, my part was humorous in a handsome comedy to it. Whatever I sought sober and when we started foaming it, I remember the first day we know we were filming, We did like sixty takes all unlike a scene were like, may we really needed to go going again. My I don't even know what these reborn excited. No one else do ensure comedy so horror, dude and I did not know what I was doing, and so I definitely sucked in that show but you haven't had a movie where you like, I just in it and in Paul it out
or maybe you tried something that maybe then translate deeper going down the wrong path? No, no! I don't! I don't think I did like you know. For instance, like I wished at lake, I wish I was better in some of them making Leggin Caesar charges. For instance, I thought I thought I think I could have done more research and gotten a little bit more personal with with the feeling of because my parents were farmers in Mexico. I thought maybe I could have done little better alone, that's a he. I mean. I can't really even think of the comparison of what role could get offered to me where I would just be like. Oh man, I gotta be perfect. I mean for you to play Caesar chive, as it was tat his guests,
was not like good. You know. I talked to Diego lunar butter who directed and he's like this is disguised not like a charismatic guy. He doesn't these really great a great speaker, you know, but he definitely was motivated and do you know he got something accomplished and he had like the massive speaking too. I mean like listen to him. and he was not a charismatic speaker as I go out we're gonna do ass. They worry about a guy like Erasmus because, like what the man, what are we going to do? I was kind of stuck with that idea. That's one of em, dear God, bless you for even take him out on. You do shooter with Walter, yeah. That was one was an intimidating. No, no! Now, for you I was am I don't know, I guess it was just you know we like you, we ran a new super Barney. Similar really have allows for yeah he's a great idea. Now I am his. I remember
the one thing that I do remember from shootin at thing is that, like he took me to a country club golfer. He already goes. I got like Griffith Park and all these shady tracks and I went to this place worlds. I like majestic when everything was perfect. I Knighton I'd never been to a golf courses All this is one of your few indulgences, because you're Isla very modestly fact when I was picking you up to do something about picking up to do rehearsal, cause I live by you and be given Parma. skies. Keeping a fuckin real is how we have their lives design by design data momentum, Brown do favors pledges. That's a thing there. I remember I looked. I look myself up on Google to see them net worth. Ah Hotmail twelve million? As you gotta be shed, you got year, they did. They think that you're.
Super. I know I had a similar experience where my mom, like air, no seven christmases, Ngos like explaining you no net worth that that website how she sought, unlike the daily shown She keeps talking about, and I wasn't acres me I'm like did. Did you do you put my name in there like, of course, if she's bad obsessed with it, she goes yeah. It's Aylesworth she's like ten million, but I really do put Coricidin there's like yeah. She was worth ten million I guess you think we're we're twenty million and we haven't like by you, a brand new cars like maybe like only they must think I'm a fucking asshole. I know the exact, but you did observant report, which is really the first kind of big comedy swinging. To think I was the only comedy swipe, assuming that I took an
I I was so nervous, our you there, but also, I believe, so weird to be nervous, but have fun at the same time, and I audition for Jody Hill, who directed that movie and knowing that like South Rogan, who I think is awesome, was can be that movie as a young man. This is really nerve racking and I came up with this character. At an overall, I grew up like in black church show on your character talks. I love yeah. So, unlike I grew up like I was the only mexican dude and, above all, black wire, not the only. But I was like one of very few and so like I, I remember I saw this do agates characters. I saw this documentary about pimps and basically like in a camera pans up and you see dresses, but it's a bad. So the gestures are abandoned, the dirty and then he keeps panting up in its this. Do like weighing on a red.
suit, with two prostitutes side when dinner, one of them's doing their nails or whatever, and that the document is its total at. I guess that I said he's totally lay just setting this guy up in his eye, Gabriel May, at a time in their lives the seat of the pin, maybe getting urban and do just legitimacy. Man, you down You betcha, the rules on villages and of a global there was too little, but that I love your badge. Have it like a man, and I and I and I kept rehearsing, that of my own, like a cared to like that, like what they would Carson, sound or whatever, and finally that audition came up and if they were wanting an eminent come on guys, like all my guy homes acting street, and I said well MIKE. I'm just gonna. Try it man yeah, but I remember I prefer my hair game like twenty pass. People love
moving old, how we work any other people are constantly come on up to college kids, love that movie yeah. It's really is a very polarized movie, because either like it and really really love it or you absolutely hate it. Also people hated somebody would absolutely hate that movie bewildered. They are on because it so dark, and there I think. Maybe they did they had the expectation of like such Rogan be like that lovable guy, you know, said like, and it gets tricky like you guys, yeah and you get so big. You can kind of yeah, that's wrong. The thing your end and in an even if it's good right, even if you go to like, like I used to love Mcdonald's, I ever Cannabich dolls anymore, but if you gotTa Mcdonald's and you want to delay or fish Right, and then they give you a big MAC. You know that you're, like it it's big macs are fantastic.
Had the honour of yours specifically a whopper it's from burning, and then you like fuck this whopper. I wanted a goddamn, flail finished it right. I think that's the way, Zenos something might think of it in you so based on that- is that how you ended up unease pounding down there? I think so, Jody erected a bunch of earlier or if not all them yeah you dumb and but I always imitate somebody. Yes, this is like your thing in the in fact, were telling me you're. Imitating me in chips, yeah yeah. I found it to be so bizarre in interesting, as I don't think, I'm an unattainable but yeah but like others their certain ways: the weight that the way that you set up certain phrases, that I used, because I'm like coming in to say this out that, oh, I don't know
like that that vibe, that is an item like four princes. I can end the watch. I was imitating my brother boa because that's the way he is like a really charismatic dude and he has his way of talking here and then he he's not I d get deep on you. Sometimes you know, and in a more reserved than that, when he came to the screening of chips in Chicago Monica and he brought like thirty five people are so fine the questions they are asking in the queue, and I were just fuck with us. There are like those I'm like budget drunk, I ate max. You know you're, not a fuckin. Like man I like making the fog movie, which they can make, use very good and they would say shit like that. There's a whole action also other altogether. Oh that's gas bidding is burned on purpose. They were just asking you questions
you really feel like an asshole, unlike these road MIKE Mike Mike Mike Factory MIKE like it. What do you do? You know my crashes. It make too much talking talking, you guys are the words and I remember he liked chips, which is a huge feather yeah really like money. The movies are now now he's he's that guy and he's like cordon jokes- and I forgot we told provocatively tonight- This is what people would be so manifest in bringing up which was aunt may serve God. Which you I mean you really using the word stole movie but boy? Oh boy, did you fuck it did you just come on a left field What now, what I was imitating? This dude Pablo, who out of who has a weird way of talking and he saw positive, and I remember I did choose stories
like I remember one time coming ominous, a game in which it would have to watch this week in his eye. I went to jail there. Someone you know like priorities. I dug out of jail. Honey is like a ghost. I would add that I wanted to say about this. I say using theirs. no sign of what a weird when the time is right. It is I you know what my father there, the other efforts of other bed. There movie resources of my soul myself. It is yet. I knew you sallies of. No, my! What in his egg star maps are MIKE airlines, prostitution, but there I don't even know I was doing as it is just a gig autism scenes and MIKE I could do this on my gun to some dude car MIKE I didn't I was like, yeah, but what thereby forgot there. You know, and so that's another one that I was just obsessed with
yeah because I just get up. What are you gonna, like like civil right? Just the thing that mean my brother. Do my brothers? It a fantastic mimic, one one of the first mimics they didn't. I think those, because a lack of will carry To be honest, my brother, would come in and then talk to me about stories of his great storyteller about high school. Oh sure like a big time getting these big cookies and then, like you, don't he has his white girlfriend? Unlike what? named Unita. Pam might do. that's exotic. Does it was exotic way, although is one of our many conversations? Rehersal is like what your type in you and I are like my tape. Is you take me you and I why girl blonde hair yeah? I won't like four eleven out of school year for hers haven't yeah Iver. I remembered like guinea that when I did say PAM it was as I went to this. When I first went to maritime school,
I was like, I still had an accident, and I are unaware that accident. Why? But I remember, I said to my body in way able what will the seconds name right there? You know the exact ones which ones out one like the one day with over the pink thy back.
To name who PAM, I think to myself what an exotic me the name of a cookie. Those brain would remain as I dislike. Deathlike names like straight off online tv, you know already like us, they use the names and tv and suchlike like what is your host was actually later Vanessa. It's hot air, but imagine like the most bland name. You could ever have your pamphlets me like Alexander yeah, no minor languages, as only a Diana and in need of Diana would be like. Are you know what she liked to do, but you fucked up you look like they did you gonna make. Our forecasts show why. Why are you fucking my girls, remember that has ever been said, but like it did you, if you had a latina girlfriend yeah Nicky more,
You know my skin and then yeah like there was there were like half he's. Ok, I mean marriage like Germany, shoes, this- is why is it again? The name is Bree she's, pretty white, oh yeah he's anyway you're beautiful, very smart, yes, humours margin take much shit right now we need the exact wishes. Galleron great girl, man be off my my best friend, yes, she's awesome. Why one is really quick, your dad, you remember they were married through most of all that right are they still. There has Delmar a mom passed away. When I was a kid I mean no one else. Can we know that nice, you actually turn out or where I got a man it was. It was like in made early twenties right yeah, the din. Did your dad you're dead lives in Mexico. My my dad, those back and forth layer, but he lives. What is is italian girlfriend throw Z, Panther you're, a movie star,
I'm not a movie star working actor. Ok, man, I know you're down it MAX Van Cicero. You would you would label what you're doing as movie star it's so weird. I dont guide. Definitely no bigger myself that way, but I appreciate it, but the dad must know the dad dad doesn't watch a lot of stuff on my ok but as he is like what's his relationship with you view in this, is mine blame? If he left MAX the girl as a farmer and went to Chicago in the seventies, and his son now is in a movie with Brad Pitt. Is it not blow? minor he doesn't really because he you know because he had the word so much we're not like super tight. Ok so you know he's never been the LOS Angeles to come visit me he has now. dude in twenty three or four years. Is that not heartbreaking? That would make me sad. It is but that's just away,
the cookie crumbles man, you know I mean I I basically was I mean I was on raising myself for whatever, like you know, when I was a teenager, dealing, there's different cultural expectations of like what relationship someone who was born in Mexico and came here anything there like a different law, he's eagerly Leslie S? He was just meant to support right. You know an American. I were just talking thought that that was his job, which he did it. eleven? He, those kind of your job is gonna your job exactly net, so he supported and now I kind of like in a weird way, forgiven em for not being you know, and now our or a kind of becoming more friends. And and to be honest, it was it'll, it's a little forced sharing exit.
got to call him up and then, whatever like he's, seen my kid, maybe three times or whatever, but that's just you know that, like sometimes life just is like that and you just have to take it I'm liking. So I have a good friend. You know that that the paid for me to be where I'm at right now that's a very healthy evolve viewpoint. I had a lot of daddy issues and things I was resentful at him about. I was not that grace graceful. How really now is like? Why can't you be the fucking guy? I want you to be fair. I deserve this browser. I was such a loner and didn't like acting like, as you know, like you, know, uncommon, or whatever like ie. You know, and you know like it's all comedy Baltic has now you know doing this- is it can be lonely, Yankee laughed like at the end of the day, it's like you, wanna, be good in the only person its root liking, gone Agnew, classing, do whatever, but look litter
did you just have to work on yourself? You, but you ve got this incredible ride and don't you want your dad to say? Oh, my god, I'm so proud, Are you blown away by what you ve accomplished? I dont. I guess I don't really need it. You know a guy like I did. You know what people like my work on my debts, really cool more for me, I'm like what well, how can I do something different? How can I make the game for me exciting You know what I mean like I still, I'm still getting better. You know like I'm like going to work with a vocal coach now to like work on my diction and that's going to take me a year or two right. Of learning yeah. That's the thing to like. I do like obsessed with them to start going down a rabbit, hole, I would say, Arabin open, eyed long and earning a rabbit home. While you are ok, narcos dear, you're in right now you hear that
I'm in right now in its, I was really nervous doing that you need to do that price. Because in my mind, like the de wasn't like that, like the d, a portion of it wasn't like the strongest abortion for aha right without first season. The duty played Pablo Ass took everybody by store. All my god was he made so go to the pilot of the first season of narcos is that I think the bus pilot of ever seen my life. It's mind if I remember watching that watching it and thinking while this is almost they captured Latin America. Better than most movies, o honour, preside. I could not believe how good this was. The richness, the collar yeah I've deal, began immediately that humanity all that stuff like it, because you know when you do
movies, they don't want you to sweat or whatever, or they put that fake, sweat right. When here haven't I bid Europe. Yes, wedding, yeah, exactly men like you have the that the salt staining assure you know remain what you're like out. It's a real shirt awhile over there doing it, and I had met Eric Newman. Who was a show runner that shown as I go with and what could be Cameron. I read his Nunez bile on Wikipedia and then time gesine. I thought, while this is really amazing, zoo your plane, a real life only allay the agent NEA, exactly who had a chip on his shoulder and was very stubborn in the way that he wrote, and you know it, oddly enough, I thought I'd like man, I as an actor, I think innately, even if you're doing it, grammar whenever you like. I hope people like what I'm doing help people liked a character that I'm doing
and then and then, while we were filming, I was at you know what I'm going to play like this guy who, if they don't like me, fine as long as they respect me, which was a big thing for me. Cuz, I interest you You know you want to add some humor. You wanna had some things like some. You know like pet, the dog kind of thing oh yeah. You know you better dog in a movie forget about it. They ve all of you. I know that you I gotta yes M dog, they might you gotta get undoubtedly did you. I received me scratch and I felt that I can like he appeared island of Again- and I d like to hear your plane an assassin. you're, giving your little port or like a grub. Oh my god, you lay out a dog lovers are going to be like
figure. I shall leave it. May then the dog of the woman, your cheating on your wife with alive. Then you have to kill her rightly ass, the door. Then you dig it out. We realize you're watching the blood of the dog. That's right! That's what you're crazy, but Monica, and I want to say that the first episode This is an area where the EU and its totally gray research programme and three because the first two are always establishing right episodes, but always USA is it's totally good and then soon as my pain he gets on our aim. You're, like all ok, now I'm fucking paint a man does not a big on anyone else, but of a? U R. Predictably, as you always are like fuckin electron me, some good advice, she has a very bonkers how good you are dead. wheelchair was dead right. I can't wait for you guys to watch it like in and get into it like you got to get in. The like three is really amazing, shot like a movie
I'm definitely good eyes unknown the whole way, but you shot in Mexico City yeah and you know what my parents were Adelina. My parents are mexican and I consider myself like a mexican American and when I got there what's so funny, is that they think you're like you're an American will, you ve said is indeed so funny, because I just assumed, oh you Speak Spanish, you're latino. They love you. This was even we went down and did those Latin tv shows you? I know I don't get it ass. They think I'm a fucking American with a bad accent air there. They they until that I have an american acts and even though I spoke spanish first, raw- yes, I it's it, they can tell when you're like born from the latin country and because you speak Spanish so quickly. Oh the blogosphere, where, as you know, the small words at liken, you can fully eggs expressed herself and then, as soon as I speak, spanish, and I think I did a pretty good job there. Like
your Megan Colonel Gaddafi, move that by the way What does she deal where you're not as a key, do not fully accepted here? Then you think. While these I got my vagina Mexico they'll be Amber. This was open arms and I know you're like a man without a country and a we're there should there should be a movie about their legs in limbo or something yeah yeah. on the depressing that you weren't le. I assumed yours celebrated by all Mexicans. Now no not at all. My oddly enough, you know, you know, was really famous stairs like all the soap opera actors, yeah those guys com. Hush they love their desires. They I mean irritating,
remember growing up in and we at six o clock every day we will watch they study, you know which was done novella and am then we would get it into it. So bad, like we thought that was some of the best acting at all times, it's just as good as good fellows like the waters around the waterfront needs to pump it up a little bit style would do is go mumbling. Was this guy mumble? In other words, a passion baby grab that woman for farmers, by the shoulders agar while you're talking to it. I remembered like there is like some stupid like bloodlines, like you know like this woman was me, and it is other woman. I remember that she threw like, like Battery ass. It was like smoke into my mom. Can that really happened? She's, like
like, dare you gotta be aware battery acid? Now, there's always crazy things that happen and tell him in a well is that we really believe can happen. Do you nervous at all working in Mexico City if you like, I would be alone nervous. I think I've under these, like I have a fear of kidnapping or something I've yeah, into that sequesters yeah? Why didn't help like death, like the location manager, got killed
that is not how oh, why that was in Colombia right no, no, that was in Mexico. Oh, it was tragedy, man, it's awful the eyes. They beefed up the security, and so that was a good thing that they did that because you like, when you dropped, sat, did you were you with security and stuff? That was whether bodyguard and I was with an assistant, and I was with a driver. Ok, specific driver, aha hooking it out ass. She unyoking can definitely weave in an out and out of love. You have been your driver down their yeah, oh man. I remember the first time did. I think we did all we did a promo for chips. Guy pick me up in like a station wagon, unlike what is that it was so fucking fast there and he wanted to make me make it known.
He wanted to get arise out of God. It ran through the Zionist, like noses just suggestions, role throughout the I've. merely suggestions. We got the FARC in Santa Monica in twelve minutes. yeah. I like how the hell did this happen? If it don't work like the lights that you're allowed to to drive through it like Redline, so you can drivers, Ireland, I am rather did he knows all of them with a merry should be said. What I was. I was The intermodal. I was like this mother Fucker Chinese on my way, privilege why a man so Narcos Mexico is out. Now you don't give a lunatic. Russia's man he's a beast right, dude and ate, like I don't know how big of a star this guy was, but like women, absolute little adore this guy he's very sexy,
I think you sexy Monica and not now. Ok, you're, not sure who here yeah, I'm at unsure bad like to see a picture. Secondly, we aim and wages and movie eaten momentum being at the moment than he was one of the two, thereby let their both good look there, both hot as hell and sexy oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I do recognise him and yes, of course, good. What am I gonna taken like I'm, a little chubby right now, I'm taking pictures with this guy and then you can see your like, while these guys just click really much better. Looking now we'll ledges, we think we could both agree that there's no way Diego Luna is an ipod cast somewhere in he said now, Michael Paine, yeah or Dac shepherd than showed someone
ensuring that person when oh yeah? I would love to see that no one's ever held of a pitcher of either us and someone like what up there like Albania, I had such a fund life experience with you, I mean we had a full year. gather in it was Self House right and I'm on the other side of all the heartbreak of the experience. But there were just so many moments where, like we went to that task, we tested at ninety one We would arouse amazing to night we had here. He bore partying, we opened up against abusing the base. We're doing what I thought with due by the way, people that their moves can make forty million, and then it makes two hundred million a year and then it literally it in that movie got a little Raby and our movie the app.
As all hands little hand in his. It was there that men also you not also the old man, was the young, the not them meta dubiously, I. What was that ship, the power injured, our rangers yea amount swing in that one came out swing in land, so literally so go way. Was eighty unbelievable man like that those we was made so much money that its any took every demographic and it was. It was just talk to go against those guys, but the life experience was really phantasms great, the I loved it. Man if that had been a gigantic Hannah. When visiting your talk me on peace in Mexico City with security, detail directing something I'm great, but your crushing. Now I'm happy is hell yeah Ryan. I love you and down. I hope you'll come back in here when you from one of the numerous movies at Europe's part of Russia. I adore you also save, however,
now, my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soul- mate monitor bad men. My name is fact fact fact: I want to check check, checking that the facts, facts, facts and go, do you have in Heaven Heaven when seven eleven Levin lavender bumper. What's this silly panic, it sounds it's bad? Wouldn't that thing you haven't haven't: haven't yeah Merrimac, MAC Mash, each other's back fact. I think it's really Miss Merrimac MAC Mega dressed in black black black, that, however buttons buttons buttons are down her back back back, you haven't The only thing I do anything I want the very pro heaven rhyme you really really big its brought. You rather have an ad by Heaven. Well, I don't remember, but that really brought me back to being a schoolgirl old.
Yeah the playground, we're even smaller mouse, oh very What is the name of a baby mouse? It did should have a really cute name. Will stupid whiskers there which he knows you think they're too, for real. I do, and I think it's preposterous- that I think rats or disgusting a miser too horrible exact. there are the same, and if I'm being honest, I dont like either when I ve been you're, more Michigan, buncher roommates. In always, in the cleanest place it wasn't. The nice apartment was above this charge keys or a Michigan Avenue in that, We are a little mouse that lived in our house hat and it did the same thing every time we would be all watching tv two minutes ago. It's it here, it's here, then it would just cross the living room in stand in this in stare at us until we would look and then it would run away really make. But if we wouldn't look forward, it would just watch us watch tv previous colleague Ralph.
The little mouse rail from the books are was much like having Ralph live with us rent free. We had a tenant, basically at a cute little mouse room. That's fine! Maybe that's why I like em. They know I was scared, them or no? No, no. No. This mouse was the size of a m to ping pong balls. I always had this thought I was gonna like open my eyes and a male, and I repeat my pillow just watching me silly yeah, that'd perturb year it didn't cause. You know it's funny. They dont associate mice with biting me. What about droppings man. If this thing was the size of a ping pong by Irene, I would have been to see its dropping Earl even scarier the over. They were all so my roommates at the time to being. There was a period where we had an embrace this occupant when we are trying to carry out a course and of course, because they are all vague, enlightened mousetrap was completely out of the question should remember
so they had. We had for months this bucket in our living room with a little ramp up to it and peanut butter at the bottom of the bucket, and that was going to be the humane way to capture this thing is really funny when we want these ideas and then why so you can and then you what you toss it out. I'm Michigan Avenue what you think its survival odds. Are there yeah busy thoroughfare? Well? Well, that's I didn't know that you had pets Maria mice, pets and no idea could you have other pets growing up? we had, We women, my mom and dad we're married and we lived in the country on a couple acres. We had a german shepherd that just made himself our pat He was the neighbors dog, but always hung out at our house and eventually that neighbour just brought over his dog dish. Bag. A dog food near alike, are yours,
in his name was dog, the german Shepard and them my mom's favorite story to tell about dog. Was that being a german shrubberies very protector right. We lived in that country to kiss your shepherds, perhaps so my mom a hurried teen. Was she at that time was a stay at home and I played in the sandbox all day long right, I would always be outside with my tanker trucks, and my mom would be cleaning the house in doing dishes and making meals, and she would just probably every animal twenty minutes glance outside to see that I was still in the sandbox. so she glanced outside it at some point- and I was not in the same then she went outside and then she's like we're running all over the yard, informing this long, driveway and then middle role. who's the road we live down and then eventually she heard beeping and stuff she
out to the row now, I'm in the row of years old, I, with my talk, truck There is a line of traffic in both directions, and dog is just circling me and I mean people would get out to try to move me. His hair would stand up and he would bark and chase him to their car and then he'd run back and then just circle me what a guy! boy, what a black mommy? What bad boy Dax in a nice boy da you can't be mad at a hearing in his talk, is out to the asphalt reform. You like my back you ve been reforms have avoided. You ve just escaped death, the citadel off, and I can't even I dont think I have you heard- that theory of mine gay Thank you died all these time. When you die for final and then you go to the pearls it's not like? I guess they died. It was a good life, and here we are in the map. Person laugh,
Oh, you think this is the first time you died. No, no! You die when you are too. You died when your six year, nine any, which flash and show you, maybe not the actual death, but just remind you of that yeah. Really, you think you let you lived through that role over accent, the medium of? U S. Twenty three on eighty miles an hour here. Did you think you lived through that her? He I like. Theory try, I dont think is through our air Force- it's not true, but forces now well, they mean this conversation makes me, feel scared and superstitious bet. keep having it ay. I don't feel like. I remember that any deaths yeah, ok, they're good. Then you ve got a bunch like free lives. In a video game. You really only twenty three lives. I must be getting towards the end yeah. I know you know what I I decide about myself. What is because I'm scared,
Something's gonna happen all the time that that's just that's my burden like the thing is not gonna, be my boy, and made them beer that I'm gonna expire. mature, early yeah, just like living with. That is the thing I'm tasked with not actually getting it. I have to be honest, there's something about my theory that I find comfort in lake work, because you, when all is worrying. You're gonna be saved from something tragedy that that that's the whole point of it is like yeah I am probably not gonna have an aneurysm now, even though I am constantly afraid of that, and then that's the thing I have to struggle with this. This constant fear that I have to overcome not the aneurysm, but I I gotta find some comfort in that, because I'd rather, I think, I'd rather have a bad man had they aneurysm.
but here's what crazy about worrying about an aneurysm if we just really work this through of let's get on the chalkboard and work out, the man. Ok in Aneurysm Eads foam and you're you're, not right but there's you won't know you had an aneurysm, so you're you're. Not! going to know you had an aneurysm nor you gonna feel sad that you had one but my peers. Let it be so you know that, but I know that now me now. I know oh that that suffering is gonna, be Poor boy does you won't care, be like what a way to go, and I know I guess I can remove you from my? U should doc the remove me from your fearless, because I don't want to be a part of any of your fears wall ruminate on that I do want to apologize publicly to people in and was quite ironic that we talked about me Sophronia
for a very long time on the Sarah Silverman Upper episode and then one and or both The US got to chew on some gum in fact check almost as if it had been planned, the fuck with people. I now believe me I didn't like it was just an oversight. It was a complete oversight and were very sorry and the problem is we're not afflicted by media. chewing gum in the MIKE. I don't mind one bit now. I am curious because people complained, which is the right in a free liberal democracy to do so, Sir, but it can be misleading. I start thinking. Everyone- has me so phoning easy, but I actually enjoy the sounds of chewing like even when Sarah had brought up the guy from the fish sex movie, that he would you those hard Candia was literally my favorite part of the whole me. He would manipulate those hard candies in his chambers. Air doesn't bother me all I like it, you in fact like it. So I wonder if
Are we isn't that ninety percent would enjoy hearing us eat a big, Dag woods? and we're John here and there were we're not doing that because of the one per annum year, which we have more data. It's ok. We get we're going to steer clear of any food or garment our mouth, but we were thinking about doing a food podcast, Edwards What about the challenges of that? Because you know earning you'd want to be at the restaurants, explaining what you're eating and all that stuff there be boiled after my fall now be talking and everything in the end. That would be fine with me, but I'm wondering. Would seventy percent of the population hate that it's a waste of time and also self conscious about my car or, like my voice, sounds we're in they may not like that they may trigger their me. Sophronia you, my lord weird boy not, but that you never know. You don't know me we'll pay knew we had, I all sweets we might pay.
currently working with Ryan heats and right now Fiji at re, those lucky bastard, I'm married? They both have kids not with there It's just swimming in the ocean is free human. Means unplanned earth like either pitchers unanswered. Grandma makes me I hate him, hey where I love both of them. I'm glad there working again. I know our friend The uneven seems are really getting along too funny of two friends You don't really know you're hoping for the best of, but it could take a turn hood and that would be heartbreaking. But now it seems like it's. It's going like gangbusters down there in Fiji, he was oh likeable. I mean. I know I've met him before. Obviously, would you seem together, you, you guys, will first of all seen foreseen by nurse informal yeah, but I did notice if we are to talk about the sailor day. You know like no six or seven times throughout this I wore
see that money has a certain opinion of someone when they arrive, for maybe it just no opinion air known in invisibly. Her her whole body posture changes in jeez looking in their direction in a certain way, and she is a smile on her face and I've seen it now, seven or eight times, and it's so fun for meat, a witness, and this is definitely one of those times yeah. You had just this really warm happy smile listening to his story and it made me so happy. I feel like he he just me in me feel so compter ball. Yet he's not avoided toity highfalutin, even though he is such an esteemed act or any kind of carry himself like a fuckin brat totally we now genuinely seems to be completely unaware of his status. That's what my fax, ok gray is. He thinks
He is not in the same terror as these people use work, Where is so wrong he's completely on their level ya and he's a big movie star Vs Ie and I've seen em and scenes with the best of the best. I'm always is drawn to looking at. I know I can keep my eyes off of his soul was also vanegas. He was saying that these two, like soap operas spanner soap. Opera Tat, no balance telling events- and I was thinking how ironic, because if that was his first foray into acting into watching people, act like she is so natural, oh yeah, he couldn't be more understated here and just it is crazy about. That, too, is that I think, if I have, I have any zone I didn't think I'm good at is that I think I'm pretty natural I am in. We have completely opposite approaches.
to get back to TAT, which is a fascinating like his naturalness is very, very complicated. Oh, you want steadier yeah. Well, what's really funny about him is he comes across very natural and easy and understated, but he he's all who is doing a character? Yes, a horizontal, it's not like when I'm natural acting it's because, I'm just being me dear me, do and I'm saying other words, but I'm me in here never doing that. So it's so impressive to be that now sure why all doing a character the revelation to me midway through chips when he said I'm playing. For many of them
bizarre, and I guess now that you pointed out some of the things you do and I guess you have picked up my cadenced Stephen Hughes also doings and physical, physical things. You do I wonder, I should now I've seen the movie eleven hundred, but it's hard to see yourself, like it's all very hard to pick out. This reminds we want the funniest experiences I ever had. It was when they took, and I were in level one or two of the groundlings The day had as an exercise. We got assigned people in the class and we had to go improv as if we were there, per year. I had the same me got me and so neat gets up. Any starts. Improvin any starts moving spam, thickly around the stage. Lass arms are widely, it looks ring the accuser and everyone is
laughing, I mean it was the most unanimous. Oh, he now back of any of the people who were doing one another and I went there and I was like for real- that's spot for me. I know, or can be very it's hard. Yes very revealing eye opening. He asked yes, I think I already told this story on the pod cast. I had us almost exact similar said, situation in college. We had the first week of my freshman year, first acting class. We all had to pick. Names out and then that Friday we were so the comment as that person- and I was this girl- and it was so- accurate that she cried. But now Our joy now await the joy. Did you feel
terrible. Well, I felt dear boy am proud that I did a good job. I like doing a good job in some of the things that you have left well, it was because an end because everyone knew was her quickly by they she's, so special she's. Wonderful, and there was nothing does not like. She didn't like have like a dream some laying yeah. I say there were real doom. The invalid knossos she's have their, but she sort o K. Herself in a kind of like I don't know, It's me yeah. I go wallflower eager table yet which images and the way she walked. It was just like her shoulders were a little bit like turned in her head was like always a little bit down, and so I think it came off, is sort of like a sad person right and then it made her saddening. All I ended up being one of my best friends,
remember when I am got just walk down and he has a special why he has the most specific walk I really mailed in their day to day was that he was laughing so hard ass. He was like there's no way, it's that. Preposterous tat. You are like bad. It's I wouldn't even know was those of you from the ways now think just entered the room. It was good, I think, menu. Do me, and I thought that was incorrect. How guy remember I know you walk, I told you I can. I can always tell walking down the hallway in the house yeah most specific bitter patter. I do. I wonder why noise is it's almost like you walk like you. Bout side is I'd like a penguin alone that kid this. This fact
check. Second minority gave one that was only kind of fact is slim swimming slim, fax. Almost nothing ok, so he he mentioned a character and train spotting that quit drugs, but he could remember his name. He said, may be Johnny boy. Am I think, it's sick boy, sick boy, yeah super good, looking actor that was date the Angelina Jolie after they did the weird roller, scary movie or hackers move Ronnie Miller, genially Miller, Johnny Lee Miller, link that laid sick boy. now rob here's your opportunity to get on that. Might so you're going noticed something we, I think I thought it was weird that you can hear the background. You know he's here and now. You're gonna hear him in Quadrille, Phoenix, sound, quadratic, stereo sound, maybe not, don't have an answer to this. Did you gonna get?
Johnny Miller, correct, ready, and I think he was romantically linked to Angelina Jolie at one time he's very attractive, The picture I just saw so fucking heart, it's crazy. Okay, so I call didn't he goes. Do you come MIKE? I do sometimes cousin, brother calls in my ear. He you know you that's the thing you ve knows about me. It's like my friend Andrew Epinay, everyone Commander Pinnate, but when I found out his parents, com, George or world order, go These Greek you gone. George are horrible. I've only called George. since, as I wanna be on that ameliorated tier I get that. I understand that, if some he calls me mine. Aha, and we're not close enough. Unlike you should be doing your I've never called you. Mom will you're allowed. Why appreciated? But it doesn't.
All right from here, you never have done that now and in my mom doesn't either. She calls me money. I, like morning, air yeah, well Kristen needles Rooms, Grissom, a lot of different people have things that are inside versus alot of her friends. run a commercial collar, cable, linearly career, they colored cable. I now and I don't I don't either aim. The funniest was my step, dad always called a crass ryan, the only other person that calls or crisis Jason during from Veronica Mars. That's where I crags me up on your people, Color Chris somebody else called her Chris, the other day and oversight. marry my mom no your mom was it Ryan It might have been Ryan Hansen, maybe did it cause he's in spending a lot of time, with Jason during the Dutch quite likely so that parents, We want to cause her bell yet, but it seems I've noticed sick of heard. A couple. People refer that all Carly Causer Beltu
I called her my baby. maybe wife when I'm I bring about her gossip fear of what I'm sending them. some cargoes telling stories to no one. I'm typing, I always take care, be the ads the easiest. But the other thing about Cristiani Bell is that every one cause our Annie? She is not Chris, from her family, everyone for Michigan calls or anywhere and at any rate in fact, we went, however, when I was back in May again in May with Delta. I start by hers. sisters, how's, Sarah and arms house Tom and I were outside talking about Christian and he was calling your christian and insert came and she goes what. Why are you doing that stock? all your christian its end I just thought weird, I don't know he Vinos. There is Kristen. Yes, she is any he had. So. Finally, they feel like I'm calling her.
age name. I mean it is her name right when it all workers, definitely her name. yeah ok around it, gives me Dax a lot of my friends in Detroit call me dad shepherd your mom cause. You Dac Sir, the tax or those minded man some days. I call you back see. Sometimes press has got cause, you Dac see an alert Athos but at home and Shepherd I'm a single further calls me Dax. Oh, you know I kind of like it. Some people call me pad men, and I like that, yes, going by the last name- is very cool. Nato does that the years- and I call TAT quite often talk. It's gonna make me guys sports thing, even though employed team sports, I think that's where it comes from. Maybe coaches always like Smith, Bailey Jenkins, it's kind of us sexy move Carson and by their last name. Yet I agree that something sexual about it. Ok, so he mentioned Buddhists and pass lives, and I was like
Do they pass lives, but then do isn't dolly? Why don't you I don't know nothing about Gluesome other than the whole craving thing which I like in life is suffering near, isn't the Dalai Lama always somehow the spirit of the like? Isn't he read well there's more. There is new Dalai Lama's, but is not the same spirit. I don't think So I don't know, I don't know enough about it either. I to learn more about Buddhism now be to it seems like they. Ve got some shit figure to retail. You mean you ve all or area. Does the best job of explaining to date for me and diminishing they can have on your roof. nobody said woods commonly known about Buddhism. Is life is suffering right and he said? Well, that's that's really incomplete. That's not! Actually what Buddhists are saying they
are saying that the humans desire to be in a different state of mind at all times is the root of suffering. So, if you're uncomfortable- and you want to be comfortable, it's actually the craving of comfort. That is suffering right in that, even when you're happy your mind naturally goes to what How long am I going to feel this happy? How long will this last will it get higher, and it's that internal racket, that dialogue of wanting to either extend happiness and pleasure or or end discomfort is where the real source of suffering lies? And then, if you to accept all the stature in and allow your body to experience him that diminishes suffering here, because I find it to be very true ere. I agree. I thought that was an.
thing, but I think it's night now near rebirth is one of the foundational doctrines. Buddhism along with Karma Nirvana and most share some boot, its traditions, assert that no self doctrine means that there is no self, but there is inexpressible south which migrate from one life to another. So that's more like the Spirit, I guess it's like you said I don't know about the dialogue, should invite the Dalai Lama to explain this to thank God. I love ere it so funny. I'm I'm triggered by the Dalai Lama lie because I'm I dont believe that here
men should be treated as deities are seen as deities or more special than any other person. Air and probably the Dalai Lama doesn't see himself that way. So many other people do that, unlike guys, there's there's. No, you know there is a God walking round Implant. Thank it feels like it just feels like ie, no hero, worship of the worse variety scientists, always like he is probably a lovely Hurseton and I pray would love everything he has to say, but I'm just like you're, not special. I want to say you're, not special yeah. I understand that it is a long comfortable to give like blind. Yeah worshiped, to someone who maybe talent earned. those aren't. They aren't you ve been here before the Dalai Lama yeah, but I agree, knew you feel bad about the Pope. I assume to my big reservations about that.
the even more than the Dalai Lama has, but also, let me just say the cynical sight of me as well as like will the Dalai Lama's so enlightened? Why is it always would like movie stars? They? They can't be the highest wrong on the spiritual, transcendent spectrum in Buddhism that would warrant his keeping them as company. Link. It feels like. Oh, he succumbs to the same thing. Everyone else's like he wasn't bodies light with Richard Year. Like idea, that's not to suffer. I don't know he's always about celebrities it that features icy. If we add the teachers that you're gonna see are the ones of him with the labour or that UKIP primate the argument that, like the Dalai Lama's trying to spread a certain message and that these people, I find that message, probably as a means to an end. It just feels a little dice sure yeah you're, right, yeah It's weird the label that the Pope's easier for me to dislike, because you know there are business which bothers me in the roman catholic church.
I think, as the biggest landowner in the world today in other so much money, funnily enough in that crazy or new life I already have any at an hour it struggling to me, although I dig the New Pope me, I can hear he can't got me near. I just don't think human should be, I waited on that level. I only know you're right anytime. You have that it's a fine line between courts, origin, I don't understand why the Pope doesnt have sex and stuff. I guess it's not Pierre, but it is the piercing. People can do well, I mean yeah. That's that's the problem. It's all wound up in this year, why's that pure that's bonkers. I know, except that I mean sex, does complicate. things studies. We made our boys for sure I don't think, a person whose whose
his lonely and does it is not permitted to have a partner and experience life on our planet. Earth and a partnership should not be guiding the people on planned earth. It seems like. Will these persons living in this very artificial, arbitrary structure so that person doesn't even have a grasp on what? People are doing, I think, when it's trying to say may be as their sacrificing nets to be closer. To this year and also that maybe they they aren't tempted by this same Hugh men, which is ordered bullshit seeing the results of all things have normal relationships with other hand- and so I mean to me it's the that Bert exam earlier. It is not a way for people to live now a great way to go now.
Leads to some thousand report makes you happy? That's awesome. I am genuinely happy if the Pope makes you happy and if the book says things to you that resonate in your life and it makes your life better than an offer that need to end the diver yeah you said it never happened that someone held a pitcher of either a view and thought lake. That's such a sexy person named on fate and that's not true you don't think. That's you now find someone that said they looked at a pitcher now. I know that that's not true, leaving anyone's had changed me on these yeah ideal. I think they were. Damn it just needed a change. Ok! Well, thank you. So much for having an opinion of me. You're welcome. But my point is I dont think anyone's ever before I was famous.
Ever was. I walking down the street in a woman turned back one. Eighty to check me out further. I don't think that's ever how I know the eating. You don't know that that's true and I didn't cause, I'm I'm turning wanted to look at them and I've never seen anyone looking back here and now tagging drawing, would enable Friday, because I've gotta go personality, and I can and soon the lawmakers it can dad and then, if you want, you can leave your friends wrong. But Friends named acts and if he does a dance and you might lay within that's it, that's all right. Let's is really, let's finish it up on just again AEGIS loved him and it made me so happy because when I love someone and then measure miles meets that and then she loves him. I just feel great about the whole thing. Yeah. It was so exciting to do that scene with him, I'm just going to say he was very like kind
The EU is an actor. I oh yeah, only about him there a very of course. I felt like my head about me, I'm sure you're doing only stupid three hours. He thinks I'm just here cause. I know damn right right away and I'm your baby sitter, but I wrote the role for you now to sir I wrote it speaks. I knew the I wasn't like. Oh, let me throw you out. Ro Movie, I wrote it for you with you in mind the whole time yeah, but I still think you know he's big movie star in a heap, and he knew that I was your baby sitter at that time. The tomatoes, your baby sitter and not your baby sitter, yet the movie was somehow inundated with Ex babysitters, really quick about that
you were in it, Carly was in other other people were in it then also. I was why, Jim Fargo in the music was unbelievable, unlike whoever is choosing the music for Fargo is a genius. Why look her up in its maggie? Who? ironically, I met doing the freebie because she was Mark Do Plazas Bay, we said yeah and then gone under she's like the most recognised, talented music, Please everyone in the world now in Southern she came in and did some music stuff on Chechnya, and then there was a third. There is another person that was somehow is like the rise of the baby. I felt really good yeah yeah. I know it's so nice Ba was kind I just I think I always like when I work with actors who really go out of their way to make that person's Agus got that one scene feel good in special Peter Cry
says the king of gleaming feel so wonderful he's so nice. I try because it's the hardest thing to do to come in a scene and, among my dear it's way way harder than being think we as hard as verily? I can't get your random me rhythm in your momentum, going there but it was a great and I was ass. I felt so lucky scene with him. He has really floating we have here is a must not through it is, and I could show you the footage that I cut out using is asking you on a day later that we go. That's because I think you came in music, I'm sensing, some rhythm camp, that I want. Michael Paine. We love you two pieces, love viewing them podcast. I love you mantra, Mouser View in raw bomb, good first time on the microwave, some Kingston,
but all in all, not terrible thanks