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2020-08-14 | 🔗
BONUS EPISODE with Michael Tubbs (the 79th and current mayor of Stockton, CA) is the second installment in a monthly series on dissecting the Black experience in America. Michael chats with the Armchair Expert about becoming the youngest mayor in Stockton’s history and the programs he developed to reduce gun violence and homicides in Stockton. He discusses the impact of his father’s imprisonment on his life and his realization that while people have the freedom to make choices, those choices are often contextualized by an environment in which they have no control. Dax then argues with Mayor Tubbs about universal basic income and Michael explains how an income floor can allow for people to take a risk and bet on themselves.
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Were wrong about the word from the armchair expert. This is a bonus episode in our continued effort to help with the many facets of black life's manner. Today we have an astounding person by then of Michael tubs. Now, if you want to learn a lot about Michael Tabs, you should watch the HBO documentary Stockton. On my mind, this cat is incredible. He be came the mayor of Stockton, California into thousand seventeen when he was twenty six years, all he's a wonder: candies of Fino Michael became both stuck to his youngest mayor in the cities. First african american mayor, Michael Tough, has secured over twenty million in philanthropic capital to launch the Stockton Scholars a place based scholarship that aims to triple the number of Stockton students entering and graduating from college. He has so many creative ideas so many wonderful relationships and just mind you, I'm Dyin Shepard and, of course, my beautiful co host Monica Miniature patent
so please enjoy the astounding incredible, charming and Fund Michael tubs and our continued efforts to promote black own businesses. I'd like to bring to your attention to breathe, Ojo, be our. I owe G o now. This is a very interesting story about Nancy Twine. Now Nancy who owns Bree Ojo three years into a stint on the commodities desk at Goldman Sachs Twins, mother died in a car accident. The tragedy pushed her to reconsider her career path. Inspired by her mother, a chemist who had developed a natural face cream and her grandmother who taught her how to make products with natural ingredients, she spent weakens in nights researching the beauty industry and two thousand fourteen. She launch natural hair care brand brioche YO that targets customers by hair, texture, wavy coyly dry or thin rather than ethnic city. It was profitable from the start in the revenues quickly grew it launched International,
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you two three four four that's right or you can go in person to thirty nine hundred Martin Luther King Jr Way in Oakland. California, that's right now have a go find me, which is aiming to raise two hundred thousand dollars to help sustain the open store and the communities that serve so check out. Marcus books, he's! Were you at your bedroom. It seems to me guess: Room Missis, Hamley colleague, David, Yeah. Well, that's fancies, immediate neighbours. From here as well. How have your duties change during this pandemic, which a routine like now its interests at government level, two wow rifle
or was it, gives me up early, some always on top of everything. Five, five. Thirty. It's me in here that's a pause span inevitably up. That's our real glass is half full kind of attitude, biggest trade are being as big borrowing between doing work here and work ass anyhow it also because we're going to have a starting march, like tenth, which is like a week before he went to replace, offer marched him to now near my wife had been filling our schedule, so I'm empathize with parents under schedules like I can by being hopes, I loved anyone. So that's where the biggest change is that we must work in. That also have to be like a public health issue, yeah learning about viruses. Instead, in contagion then search it. I didn't hospital saw the stuff I do, however, want to learn. Lessons have to learn yeah
we had our city on and he pointed out some really brilliant witches. He said you know of any occupation in government. Mayors have to be pragmatists, above all, like whatever their party allegiance is or their idealistic things like. They gotta keep the city running. I do find it to be true that it's like it's just a real rubber meets the road job Eighty per cent of the biggest pragmatists s heart where with strong values, but I'm always looking for out of the operational as it. How do we get a diet, principally with the resources? and I think it's best to stop them in my city. Council is forming public goods into Democrat, so everything we do has to be done and in spoken about and ways are super pragmatic and don't really tip off an ideology. But where are the other? For the most part yeah, and if you gotten like a jedi about phrasing, things in ways that you are conscious that won't trigger their identity. Don't you find that once we was identity is being called into question like building
over identity, yet I did it also people don't wanna Phil. I like something can be bad, but they don't like their bad, because something ever train changes bad. So I dont do it well all the time and the big issues when I had the time to think that's why the message in terms of like these values in his keep becomes said on, that we all believe that everyone should be treated equally rightly that in this instance this particular group has been treated equally. What you propose we do, I propose we do see, and usually that gets outweighs the support of the other governing officials. It's in the houses to community, sometimes lobby more difficult, but I found you say, as you said, that speaking in terms of Values in making a personal matter in terms of the harm, but in terms of the solution of this solution, you did this and you find Anna City level that there's no appetite for
growth. People nowadays are like if the pilot project is imperfect than we now want to fuck with it. I realized that build differently, for me, as always, starts with what this aspect was horrible said. The south pole is horrible. Dissolution is perfect. It's better than the status quo, which is a step in the right direction, and that's kind of my entire governing framed by when things are. It is terrible. We have to improve upon them. It's not funny perfect in him is. Maybe live it's scary
might test as a lurking, MR wisdom, but I've been part of what we have the world we have now is that people are so afraid of trying for better that we are to start with. A growing says quote: whence we know is a value we know is broken, which we know if it perpetuates and keep going it's more for rest intranet agent. Yet in its very much the you're going to miss a hundred percent of the shot, you don't take analogy. People have to have some appetite for like arrogant, try, Sutton and actually make it might turn out worse for minutes, ok and then we'll have to reassess unwanted continued to work on this health care to me seems to be the most obvious words like that. That thing didn't run perfectly affordable care act. Of that then run perfect in all three intermittent be borne satisfied. Then it was a failure. Not just seems crazy to me that we can go forward in any direction if our bar is perfection. The first time out some staff all the time that we
you have to be more bested and the problem being terrible than a solution being perfect and that we just have to realize that this is a horrible problem, and if we do anything, even incrementally one step better So why? Because just from being made for the past four years, I've been shocked at hand. Even the status quo, which everyone says they hate and everyone's upset about changing, be very scary and threatening and it causes all these weird feelings were folks, will vote against their self interest and vote against their own benefit, because it's different than what they're used to even know what they're used to is like killing them and yeah. What are some of the bigger battles? You've want in your three year May I ask you to brag? Basically I think basically, the first one is this:
reducing gun, violence and homicides. My cousin was murdered in starting, which is why I decided to come back and ran for office, though I am a pit blow when it comes to a gun. Violence begets in homer science and we hired programme. We have been running up ceasefire programme, which is at an end and space program that works, but we were seeing the results that we need to see and I waited to use our city council. My first. U S mare. We went from forty nine to fifty four. Size allows unacceptable. However, calling the police chief on New year's eve in having an hour meeting with him and several hundred things differently The sheer when added another program called advance. Peace was the base of Richmond. They caused some friction because it was a programme very similar to the programme we have by bringing in is an admission that what we're doing enough itself isn't working, and I was surprised at how so many people were so am against that they thought I was same. They were doing their job or they weren't they were sufficient for tyres ever were going to do it. So the problem
we similar Gully edition is I'd. Ask he pays The man that we identify as fellows, who are most likely to be victims of purchase violent crime. It pays them a stipend as a job to kind of help, keep the peace, but we've seen a forty percent reduction in the last three years. Both those programmes working in tandem, some very, very, very proud of that drives a real fight, change, Kenneth conceptions aroused or whose deserving do people deserve a second chance. Do we really want to spend time helping folks, we know at carrying weapons, but we don't have maps at somebody. Do we really want to give them a second chance? If that was what it's required to make us safer than we want to keep complaining about homicides? You complain about gun violence, not do anything to change it.
Well, you see boring administrative ego staff in terms of my turf or you SAM. I do my job, or do you guys finer bees? If why something's broken there's always a justified have theirs, but I doubt that there's always a reason is sometimes a raven telling. This is insane We had to make a move so bastard, firstly, the second ballot, I'm really proud of my staff. My hate me for saying this, but I am is, As the city people know, we declare bankruptcy and I was looking at the budget and I realize we spent a lot of money, subsidizing golf courses and I want to everything else. The golf subsidy kept going up. So when I caught fire fires in cattle, these officers and close libraries gossips he kept going up and those that, as the council, without always say during budget session, what's the plan to do
the gaps that life Gulf was like. That being so, I worked with as the backbone of all good economies, and what are you talkin about those up? But but what is it? as the parcel then Abacha mare little Kay, the south is very diverse. Planes are said to be upheld by fiscal conservatives cited away. His gossip is as sustainable. What's the plan- and there is no plan b- is going very keep going up every year because the fur made at the Red River part path Oh, my god, I'm really funny. I got there
so then. I just said: let's have a conversation about ending the golf subsidy, as in the city and was interesting, is took our forces in the city at the city right in his eye and then tomorrow, radius, practical reasons which are which were better but too that the city where one was an important neighbour head and it has given to the city of a large russia. We can only use it for recreation Recreation in golf means recreation and then the second was one in the more affluent area which was surrounded actually buy homes, nice homes, but they're all in the county, meaning they don't pay all the city. Taxes are going to subside in the golf course that booster prop and about the streets are needed to prepare generals and that it is easy
There's a lot happier: financial, I'm the known to me. Mad standing. The politics are so all we just went to bankruptcy. That's contain is good habits. We happy in the gossip, see it turned into a ward worth three. Their asides run about or say, stop maritime him they black letters. There was always conspiracies that marriage have tried to take on the golf course and sell its opponents. Wickham Housing there than mere- tells us how we deal with O Brien images like it sounds crazy, but, like people believed it, so I spent all its doesn't. Eighteen, it beatings learned a lot about off with a painful for her report. In our view, they level realise the point earlier whereby people they felt that their identity was being targeted budget he has a year. I black mare. Yeah come again and say we can afford Gulf that the ESA?
about a valuable when I play anymore you guy, what we care about the money. For me, he was even a cultural argument. You know that we can close libraries, we should get a clause on Gulf WAR that only three thousand people in the whole city use the golf course and across here last resort we got to a solution, and now the city doesn't subsidized about wars but to the community's credit and listen to them without an operator privately, who read, the guy was as a golf courses. The city wall. Celibacy won't do anything with it. It's gotta be green space and offers ended in five years if their private upward, by more than even the city, gets temper, revenue, meaning what was the losing I said, is now a money making one and I'm super proud of that. But I started everyone talking to be recalled. Everyone fighting soon be big egg. On my face, you can't take on golf course.
What is crazy to me still surviving firefighters heroes? Maybe we're still upset about that, but I am very proud to be absolutely those two things are some that the progress achieved is, I would say, as me: what's it like, we haven't gotten into x. I know it's triggering for you as it would have been for me, but your young is Falk like that. I held up as long as I could you do you think they re not something to be proud of, time, but I know from his movie that, like it's the first topic every time its kind, like when I saw you re like all you're married Cresson bow my yes now. Everyone knows yes, I am so anyways You're young, as hell, I think you were what were you twenty six or seven when you took office as the mayor, two thousand six hundred and twenty six, and I'm proud of that, you were twenty three, I guess when you became a councilman
twenty two look at us, Alexander, I'm trying to pad is a twenty two and twenty six. So, as I think of all these gifts that are intrinsically related to your age, I've grown less and less idealistic. My whole life, I think, that's a pretty natural progression, more adverse to change than I was when I was young. All these different things, but also to see signs with your name on it planted in the ground at twenty six. I guess we'll get forty. If I might be a land lad, but just now. So what is that like? For you? I mean you can tell you about all in politics. I know what to expect Papa, but when you see oh somewhat took time to hammer assign basically says I hate this person, what what's it like
what love is starting. As our city council saw out, I've had a lot of time, because that is a great city in that diversity, but I mean time is a first anything in twenty twenty that suggest that there's been some problems with with buys, as at some point how many history say: Blossom Council I have, as a young person on Council during Council, comic Be fifty comments. You say how terrible I'm more boy, oh boy, my first meeting of the council member was, with a group of folks form a part about council district who told me the run succeed from the city. They have hope for success. The word succession Yan up by first meeting as elected officials, wiping I received practice in terms of dealing with things. I bet it also understand. Yet parts exists such a weird thing in this country that
a lot of the attached to a personal but they're, not personal. I represent something to folk, so whether it's something people are excited inspired by or something that may be scary. But it's not me it's worth whatever this young black married when he stands to represent for ppl customer react reaction, I was worried about law. My people around me, my staff, my friends, family. Other people were there. Then. Oh, my god, Hey? Can I keep telling us what this is? The only profess anywhere in F is passing grade. Unique. Fifty point, one percent, which means point nine point: nine percent of people could hate your guts size. I say: stop we call, but you need fifty point. What would such as I travel were frozen said, always while he got seventy container, he wants them. May are all ham pain. What, with seventy percent of the vote, like a record and its high raw
I welcome our brag rag rag rag doll was pretty high by me, but there s also a pickle politics is a year and a half later saying, bear immersive at all. These recall campaigns that there are those who say answer to your question. I think a lot because my upbringing just realized. That's not always about you good or bad. What women people assassinate your character. It's really hard! not to defend yourself like people going. If you didn't do a. Why are you so hung up on his like what then accuses some things? Probably that it drives me bloggers and then people believe it and ass the thing, as is where cash range yoke of ok Michel said when they allow you got high a wider going, had there's still a vote that boy
anything because it looks forward to enhance our rumours of grow, particularly in Asia, misinformation. So that's. Why have things I'm trying to improve, as I have explained, the truth to people in a way to start responsibly, craziness but gives people facts are some response, the one that was to me the mouse insane whereas like what is his gagging to do? Was the birth or movement Rights Eve got up, My imagine just anyone is listening. Someone out of nowhere are seen you weren't, born in the USA, it's like it so stupid and you so clearly. No, you were that it doesn't feel like it deserves a comment, but then you see this thing gaining momentum and momentum, and finally, I allow MAX really have to do some actually have to prove. I was fuckin born here in just wrestling with like yes, you dont want to give those idiots what their, what they want, which is engage man
but at the same time wow it's thirty percent of countries believe in as I guess now it is on my plate. I got to dispel this even locally. There's like Merritt subs doesn't live in stock They have to bear the eleventh hour. How can you be the man and you like you, have to leave where do you live the Bay area? in New York. RO yesterday. My let me ask you, I would imagine, when people year about any town in California or any city, if you're in there rest of the country is send me a picture in LA or San Francisco or you believe. The whole kind of state is like the coast is, and I think it's really misleading for folks who've not driven around since California, and I was just in your neighborhood for the last seven days I was in Sacramento and then I was in Stockton than those that are racetrack foaming man, I've mark
around Sacramento and, unlike this, reminds me of a down south town. You know Randal yes, even more cars nor ballads and then start in right. I mean that the downtowns, like cowboy themed right, Oh, that women are you when you look at the demographic and very much reminds me of like gear. Indiana or some of the suburbs of Detroit Words, like pretty high disproportionately higher. These anecdotally, it seems high black population and then kind country boys, it it's a wheel, makes its not away. What can we speak to the demographic of Stockton? Stop is the most diversity in the countries that we have about forty percent lilac spoke. We have about thirty percent. Why people twenty percent asian people in ten percent after American? Also, it's not that's, not disproportionately high. My anecdote was wrong, but by say weird sort of cut a melting pot of cod
you're in a most beautiful way, but they always seek temple in this continent in south. Stop it. Oh. I love that fact starting its chairperson black was also ten percent Filipino. There are one point we had the large Filipino popular nation in the world outside the Philippines and stop. Did they bring goes with them? not guns, generates an area. I worked a lot of Filipinos available, even Ngos and I loved it and they all have a great ghost stories they have a good, thriving prior downtown called it a Manila which was like the driving place of commerce for everyone read by the Filipino community, the super diverse material. When I was a scrap of someone, yes, then saying it's a mix of urban and rural yeah, my family came from Texas, Cartier, Arkansas and Jackson Mississippi, and they migrated to Southern California. My grandmother's from bakers, you
nothing alive Afghan back and families and starting come from the south in love their white folks. It's nothing comes from the double from a bomb analysis refugees by Greece and in other places that you had this weird backs away. All town feel. Yet in this light very urban city, though it stranger fifteen thousand people, they have real big city she's, just a fascinating place to be did originate. Bein a like gold mining support town is what it's from yak all Russia because we're on the wire re, so ah funds that were finally for the capital is between Us Sacramentos, Cisco line. All this call is whether the Mississippi stop this year, Russia, the Pacific. Even today, I transportation of goods and services
the waterways. Are our main economic drivers back stems from sore the gold rush, and thus also was it so diverse of so many people came or forced to come to her work on the global stuff? While so you grown up. Mom was very young when she had you right, she was sixteen or something she was sixty was yours, very it yet and then dad went to prison is currently still imprisoned there. I don't know anything about the crimes committed, but when I just read that it was kidnapping, drug possession and robbery all bad stuff, but I also, as I really life sentence, I don't feel like a white guy gets a life sentence for that growing up via your gas. Prison for its move out alive, you I'm everything or they murdered somebody, the that's what I thought I thought, how he there had five kilos or he murdered somebody saw, was always petrified and terrified actually asking whether data I have by now. Actually why it happened,
Now this documentary to be honest, Jack is growing up. I didn't know that say about me. Ah ha opium judge me: that's a lie last, where my God, As I do, I don't know where he's at around or he lives indifferent city and something I would never say when he was in prison. Battling to your boys, were Green Bay. They always somewhere else bids you why it has been interesting hours as a policy maker is realising that already internalize, I don't wanna be about
as ever, be super good as happy as I'm a chart. I realise it is also policies that he's in jail for me about life because of the terrible to lock the weather thorough strike. If we try to live their circumstances, he claims for his arrest, which I found out and watching. The documentary was that I had a half sister with Bore with birth defects and died young. He had just been released when he was responsible forbearing. He was just release and have monies. We had three thousand dollars, so he s raw sunlight grandma. Are you afraid of science? Has he robbed a drug dealer? He knew from being in a street anywhere even have money in person when it tell because of chemistry, closely rules, the other? didn't realize that taking him to the bank was kidnapping the at that the money the guy had again buzzing for something else as part of his Plato,
but I hadn't shared some other folks know who are involved and that sort of from his medicinal, but also this from some other votes, is what happened for Lily three thousand dollars to bury his daughters I paid for from hill. It's the stuff around basic incomes have run from justice, now speaks even more sense club thinking my wild thirty years ago, things may have been different if some of these things happen in place. No guarantees both from his interesting report, came to play. Well, what I imagine for you again now, I'm projecting, because I had issues with my dad. He didn't end up in prison, but you know four deal eyes. He split in paid child support. I had a lot of issues with him there and then I found compassion over the years and realize, oh you so much a victim of his circumstance And now I have kids, my own are recognized the struggles I've met has he wasn't. I'm rocking that you know, and I guess is, that the older I get. I just grow more more compassionate for his story and step out of my own egotist,
evaluation of a man. I just wonder if you ve been on a journey similar to that a hundred percent, I think of it child most, shall you very self centered yeah I've ever considered how he felt. Lotta I never thought about. Does he missed me? He had been for him to lie about my leg like he's having so vacation and in then away from his side enjoying any chosen over you like that there was a decline decision at one point is that you want to see Michael or you want to go, hang in jail. He said, let's go to jail In other words, you really judge me because of him. I had nothing to do with him. You didn't see. What's my mouse Roma same if they work together, she had somehow maybe she'll, be less stress. Los Angeles seems to be giving our little things I got father's name. May I wish I could make a follows. A car for a father just make its to my mother
having lot at me, probably pretty unhelpfully, actually have child is be a super over achiever. I like cry when I miss one word on spelling test a blood pressure like eight nine year to not be a stay outside to be perfect. I'm not gonna be like that right. As I got older, I realized it's not really until I went to college and started reading about kind of policies and started reading about, and the structures and started realizing that individual choices matter, but they happened. The context of fireman that people don't choose the causes of a country were a decision that someone makes versus someone else, while wrapping gifts in consequence based off their race based off where they live. So that
talking been a painted, think that one or older I older, I just realized that like he by he actually may not be this global person. He actually may have made some terrible decisions by both totalitarian. Then I've been having a sad has been the kicker, if I'm God for three days for a business ship, but we could travel. I feel more above and beyond what about me. Seeing as he help her what's call em. I sat by war magic doing that for twenty five years the exact same thing where I had this baby and all of a sudden, the whole paradigm flip rose like oh. I always thought I was the victim, but now see how much I miss this child. I know I'm, MRS Child, more than I ever met my parents. I finally was like. Oh, he was the victim. I wasn't the victim, he missed something you can't get back. I feel terrible because
set up by the summer? He went away and that never taught you again. He went right and I would write back and he always women a visit I deny enjoy to the process of this. I voted for this time by visiting love when imprisonment is felt version. I M only. Did it two times in Athens, terrible about the others documentary I wished, I dogs and be it. So what are the first draft? He was in it. My first instinct was people back to Dancing year old. One say no wise in this tape is out now realize to your point. I would hate, for my son forgot only representation of me to be just whereby some things, but you will be added to the havoc invitation if he had no sums, are based off when he thought it when he fell exude on here as a he deserves the chance.
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Hu. I lay down in front a railroad tracks any day of the week, for I think I was trying to be the husband she deserved. I was like that dad he shit the bed on this, but I'm gonna be the guy that she deserved, and I just wonder how homage of yours is motivated out of like giving mom something that you think she deserved from the get yeah. I I realize I think it's kids are smart, so growing up living in the same neighborhood sing our teachers. Look at you or talk to you or talk to your peers. You realize that they're starting judgment of perception I also see it as our hard Burma, but ass. My grandmother word. I think I also had a very strong drives. Make them proud to meet them right to make their sacrifice his worth. It always want to feel like no other stuff. You're doing is going to pay off in always is Wednesday. They should provide for you have everything so distributed among the so yeah yeah lab
with a movie teenagers, whether why I'm as well yeah you're doing this had twenty nine and it's hard right. You know it's wanting eyes with his spouse and you're gonna have help in its work in art, and that's that yeah you're doing this had twenty nine and it's hard right. You know it's twenty nine with a spouse and you're going help in its work and thus adding to answer this question in the last one part of a process also getting older, so remember much beneath her birthday Now I ve been girlfriend servants like it's nice dinner, the worry evil in Skype or the emotional that was wrong outlined at twenty three Mamma had a seven year old Dad was like in jail and I might love this bow in this amazing mail is beautiful personally well how much of their life they die. And that was also a big wake up call for me to like know they were Robert if he has been in jail since he was seventeen by thirteen years and seventeen.
Raising the way that I can imagine, summits by Highschool, be the peak right, but that's it was about. The gas will be deaf the strong How approve a right, a strong desire to make her look good, but what's funny is that she's most problematic that's what I think than any other member state of the same day should, like oh I'll, find their way through my grandson away. Is by birth. I just go back to your your dad. I just wanna play some emphasis on the point that I think we all want so badly to make people in prison and criminals inhumane. We want a categorize them is not real.
Ball so that its easy for us to live with the fact that we know that there are bunch of people in a building a box closures. Yes, and so I think our brains try to justify it by saying like won't, they deserve it and they are not real. They don't have empathy and then so, it's really good to hear and a cow to have someone who's. There is like now, I'm a per resume is our it's hard to. Reconcile that that's our best option and twenty twenty is like that literally throw people in the trash can and then let him out twenty Lighter me like gutless, particularly now when the big industry, the subway earlier, the biggest super spreading places of covert nineteen. Hence I I was turning my wife a couple of months ago, an hour. He had a point now about mature, I'm ready to have a very basic elements that are less humans, grandfather from our fathers who get cold.
Eighteen. Yet, alas, laugh of this room is right that this terrible. This, how many folks in prison have Kobe nineteen, how nobody seems to care up sure they don't have a budget ventilators thy presence, I'm sure they don't have a name I see you, birds in prison hospital all using the very others like a guide cell made, is like dying in front of Germany's video in it like get me out of this room can imagine means stock six. What box was summoned dine of covert yeah? Ok, let's argue about some stuff. You are a proponent of universal basic income, I'm on the fence about it. I have some reservation and I think it might be the premise that I'm I'm bumping against and maybe not the actual policy, but I love raided. Tell me why you believe in that and what do you think I can do their work? I came in ass, a sceptic artist. I came in baking, but such as poverty and economic insecurity
so that's tab. So let's forget it will obviously be how to addressing. You must ask him up and basic income Magnum Stream project, although we were working on that site partnered with pilot, and what we found is that Portugal is that small five dollars a month to stand up to replace That's enough to allow work to go further. Jean sprawling has amazing, but about economic dignity. It's enough to ensure that everyone has the dignity to the other buried. Her daughter, like my father, was able to be able to take time off work of their sick, but because, if you look at the jobs that country so many people working jobs without protections, Bob hate him off without pay sick leave and had a conversation to be happy about doing those things as well. But without it we don't have homes were, I think, a currency comics license. I thought that was the first thing. The second thing was realized another. So much work, that's being done, but you know about women s not compensated as work life, folks who stayed home.
Domestic work. I can't, even if they did it next door, neighbor get paid by becoming young at home. They they go in for so many women staying home is a smart economic choice because we tell Giles be my way: jobs dependent for childcare drop in. I opening in another three that the issue is that that thought, In fact, people worked fish be finite. People should work what people my seat at work, but then I realized that the vast majority of people in our country who can work actually do work. Those who don't work our children, the highest group of people, not working or she'll children- that's how he lost, but also may have a disability also are formally folks who can't find work in that's all the jobs available actually are good jobs, see that so clearly now with folks are really going to work contracting covered yet a whole family, sick and still care pay for rent and still can't pay for the utilities. I think of
I thought you meant to your mom and her work at night, the giant I think of my mom and how hard she worked works herself to death and by the way we just got lucky like at any point. Had there been a medical thing had there been my mom got sick and couldn't get any point like there was never zero dollars and forty cents more in the monthly budget. Then what was being spent. So we just got low For you know, eighteen years- and this was created, many people are lily living life as a game of russian roulette in chance I went into people can afford why the family armor dizzy and then really began to be world, is looking at what happened in the past eighteen months and stopped in the others. The data says I people spend money, how we spend money in that's pretty intuitive, but the stories as one man's Hamas who told me the five stars above that's what you do. What did he say? I interviewed let out a job as it. Whilst you pay permanently people say we wait. I use the money. This is all that is left by the wayside.
Call Meir. I work retail, so I didn't have paid time off so for me to interview for a job I may be qualified for with me not to take time off work, that's not paid, which means two hundred and twenty dollars on my paycheck with no guarantee that I'll get to new job. But I can't do that to me the patient impatient he said with a false, does not for accession committed myself. Let me rephrase we got the job I've their eyes met, while I think from floor something's enough for people to take a rest to do the things necessary too bad himself, then you can actually get trapped in a trap and the situation there. We would have a bunch of the check has in place because she always had the money sat in a month, but bills are due at different times. So in her pay, the bills were always Eliza. She would needs pay this bill on the first. She gets paid the aid by sheets to short on the first. If you have to go,
but it gets or check all the aid to pay the blurring twenty percent side, nor how happy she was on Africa as a twelve year old machine paper laughing at the check out in places where they were never thought about this place again, you must never by she made upside, was evil wicked anxious at this place right here you ever go to in. So that's why I'm so passionate something almost or actually so another. Now, like economic story, this one lady said better There is a month was enough for her to smile. Like many gimme found guide us my ass, her manner to you, it was, he said, no matter what she was saying, that she was tall. She new dangers
two years, or did you get the money to get the dangers that she's with a smile for two years, but with a basic income by selecting its stuff, like that? That shows that while we live in a society with so much it were that same year, people everything we do say we can afford to give people a floor. What people do with that law is up to them, but I have people stress, anxious, unemployed people who are victims of the eviction. I thought he was a big dick. They paid no right yeah, but now the people with, because our two dollars three hundred dollars for dollar short of recycling paying back- and I think this is true, my head, the folks who are struggling to people who are his freeloading are worn out one or who have done by the base it. That is actually the exact opposite. I'd folks are workin. Incredibly hard, but the economy is in working.
That does not mean that they didn't have enough for basic necessities. Never luxuries, like red food. That clearly is awesome. Might do fears are, I believe, strongly in incentives right, I believe, and send that humans you what their incentivize to do. I don't they can get around that. So I worry that one we on the left, create these policies that are always well intentioned, sometimes end end up san revising things that were unforeseen. The classic example right is our welfare policy in the eighties and that we ended up. Incentivize is not getting married, which was not regrettable. That was our site on the left in so work were capable of those oversight. That's for sure, so I have that little bit of fear that my second thing is the premises. I've been told is- and this is probably mostly coming from Andrew Yang- is that our future,
Where is automation. We are in this collision course with nobody working and that we're going to have to figure out how to support those people and I kind of bought into that for a while. But then I ate you look historically and this predictions been made ten times when we, when we leave from the horse to steam power, we think eighty percent of the world's going to be unemployed and only go from steam power to the assembly line, and that's going to call. And then the computer revolution autism. But by the way we always figure out of work so hard and mean feels like it's a little bit defeatist, say we're not figure out how to work, so we gotta figure out how to pay people to survive. I appreciate folks who had the elevation frame in terms of those is technological disruption that happen that many displaced people may now, like every other technologies were displaced. What has happened in the history of mankind
but I think for me. I come for basic income differently. You downloaded stunning doktor king and got your king was hung about this nineteen sixty seven at a time when the country was merely on fire again, because a civil unrest thought about how as a moral argument it as an argument to global public good? Is that doesn't make sense for us to allow poverty when we have the means to abolish it, particularly at a time when jump basis is made thirteen billion dollars in one day right? You know that bagels good for you. I would love to make thirteen thousand dollars in one day and not sure where I am to do that. But if we can do that It is a way to have a social contract. It is that this allows for no bob, and I hear your incentives point as well, but certainly they found his eyes and mouth we found that that has not been
now to how does provide enough as it is, it is a little and I think, that's part of the trick rights like you almost got a fine, the exact dollar mark before which people go fuck it. I'm not gonna, go to war, and I agree, I don't think anybody gets a cheque for five around for the entire months. Like I'm good, you know. So that seems like a great number. I just wonder it must be variable per city. Obviously, deliver certain places requires certain amount of floor. Now. How did you find it I feel like I interpreted? maybe you you just went out raise the money for this fawn yeah I was able to. Work with economic security project pardon with them to him as test this idea, and stopping in that's happened, said the heat, I'm happy to use a data may if it works, I'm happy to speak about it, but speak about it away. Thy elevates human Davy is about agencies. I think the adaptation is robbing them of agency
the future is gonna happens as were hopeless to shaping and, unlike now, no basic income- guess folks, the agency to make choices husband money, but also to prepare themselves before if something stop it. They have arrived or waited for since you don't have to die to. I hate the fetus and I wouldn't be there. If I scratch my feet and then thing I would say I'd incentives? Is that having listened shutters wrong, we have people working again long hours and still can hey for necessities. I've been, I urge. Is it about me. I don't see why wouldn't work my way I d rather not worth that you're totally ray. I agree with that, but we even found ourselves growing up in that weird middle ground. Were my mom made enough that we didn't qualify for free insurance and yet we didn't have a jerk, you know like it so There's a lot of rungs, worrying kind of get fact it's not just when you're bored, not just when you're this or that they have enough
The guy to income is so important and I realize desert in target both in stop and that there's a lot of people who think they're middle class who actually art. Lower middle class are working for, but even still they don't qualify to make just above, what's necessary for all the programs we have, but they don't have to ask that they don't they make dollars to us about a thousand dollars more are still struggling and then have a lot to be said. Miss towards people who actually qualify for existing programmes are that's why I'm also bigs proponents. I found this thought that we had people making fifty sixty seventy K horse, I noticed father dies, is helpful, for setting for kids college are paying off, debt are paying off these stupid credit card is. Is that so many people, our society, struggle economically and use just a little bit of help master. Say: I realise that money is a function of time and the more money you
Have the more you on your time and I think, as apparent, I realise that the function of government should be to allow parents the matter who they are having to consider its apparent tat with your child in the way they do, that is to give people the ability to own their time and something I getting from floor makes it. So I don't have to work two jobs. I have to work terrible job? Ok, now I want to get into an area that I won't probably not lay out in the best way really know the perfect way to state. But I want to get into this topic of you going to Stamford. That must have been some cultural shottsford. I guess what I'm trying to broach is. Is there a route by which a young black man can do what you did with our goal?
in getting the upper class. Why tool kit none of its license? I think well, hearings that light were ok. There's a require you to hit the lottery, that's what I'm getting that like us, you're clearly brightest, fucken, certainly Stanford played a role in that, but also you, you were bright as fuck before you went to Stanford in it's just interesting that, like when we evaluate these systems, the systemic issues that we're trying to dismantle her, or course correct on you know how much of it are we still embroiled in in that aspect of it So the first thing I remember at Stanford being in class, more went back to my darling touch, my friends in saying let these people who are smart but no one very smart and me are you guys are going to staff, but also by monopoly on intelligent
different species, Miller, different species, hammer enough words? How people in stopping the talent and elsewhere are universal are always widely distributed, but resources opportunities are- and I think your boy- that's all the time that it actually nonsensical about sustainable to possess that a black haired us be born in the closure of the hits. Your racism have a mamma. Sixteen having father incarcerated has to have three miles working programme
super straight ass, you have high access, increase, cool and books, and things last saw it has to do. I was perfectly and school despising kinda crossings by having teachers who are racist, who have to save much money to buy a city, prep books to teach himself to prepare for as ITALY how'd you want. As eighty haven't meta woman alive to happen was caught up occasions gets like enough, you picture Stafford and then that person can lead ashes ridiculous. I think people like you and no bottom up both Weird Lee help an her right like there's this, like oh good, so tubs prove that this system is full of opportunity and an abandoned prove that the systems full of opportunity, but if it is again the percentages you're talking in a less than any one per cent,
sure, with all those things you just listed? Yes, someone can transcend that as fighting in high school. I really believed in his idea of exceptionalism. Now, I'm way even a word, exceptional liver conveys, our we understand its, not sustainable or exists extent should know it's it's way beyond It's not what's expected! That's why I'm the way people buy talk about structure so much and talk to you about it. Despite so it would have been able to achieve with a lot of help. The spider
All these things are still run with all these things to be changed and even the systems are benefiting from, like the fact that we now have retired about this now, like you'll, be terrible for by sides have laid up admission. That Stanford is because both his parents with the Stanford, then then Maples Hudson started justice. By that, that's it that's terrible! That's it's! Not! Ok! Nothing! Noise people been so real. I beg you get distracted from like oh well, there's one story but having people in this country are people in passing. Cursory are unique in that have a mare with someone up. I was incarcerated. This country in question.
More people than any other country. Welcome buys a whole millions and billions of folk accuracy cursory. So the fact that whatever's yeah yeah yeah yeah, I worked my ass off to get in use. Ie like I did not get their out of high school. I should say that at so part of its like oh shit, my girls could maybe go to you see allay like they could have a little just a little ten percent that I kill myself to get them. That's pretty tempting. On a taste that in I guess what I'm asking is. Can you a little bit see how the system perpetuated I once you're on the inside of the party you're variants, then advised to keep the door closed. A party is nice I met my wife, the nice, by getting my doubts about how you why people with a nice neighborhood I get it, I get one of the good schools I've met. My wife has ever been on the best results: lily only the mayor of stopping languages there's no way folks and stocking of like they.
Five year old, black guy, we're gonna go it stretched farming. I did so I get it. I can t remind myself that play some real things. Survivors go, it relies. I know you have is put purpose to your privilege and understand that there is enough for everyone's. You doctor horror, I think that's the shift. It's kind of like your operating with this zero sum notion rights as they once you're inside the party like if I'm gonna lose these privileges by letting everyone else in then again, I'm disincentive eyes, let everyone else in, but if we have an eat, those in this country, words like no now everyone can do it all. There is enough for everyone- and we can all have this great thing. I'm I'm now experiencing at the party open up the gates and let everyone into the party right. That's the goal ebbing part.
Is that why you think a lot of people like being special having allowed people like me, oh yeah, he only one night. I think for some people so worried that you bit closed the door and nothing that's why I'm so open to let the first thing I did a college with a programme to help create the planet. Pouch and half staffers students help them with applications as they develop. Let's get as many people here as possible understanding scarcely benefits nobody. I think pursuing other say that all hardy I'm able to enjoy because someone else was at the party and thought I'd like hey. Let me go outside for a little bit to make sure Michael touch to come into. It is rather like I didn't do the cyclist. The brainchild always thoroughly in the party got beat up outside The party bled Attaboy the pot. I did all these days
size it and go back outside. They make sure we get there side. Now you have nothing per asked. He's been a christian understanding that it's too hordes he might get, it is anti terror. Go to what you say. You Bobby yeah yeah. You pray hate this question, but I must ask what kind of aspirations do you have? How long can you be mayor Our term limits yeah. Yes, term limits are ready for reelection. Now, all guy formulating a member I get former years maximum. Do you think you want to go into some private world. Do you think you'll be more effect there? Do you think you want to become the governor of this enormous state, the eighth biggest economy in the world? What what do you want to do? Yeah? I think it is a good question. Its color bore more now about first I'll, say twenty four I would have spent well years and local government and most of those years are spent talking to cool people on umpire cancer at once. I believe that the elder satellite
just one percent of the twenty six very alive is not sexy alive. It's actually very annoying and draining the sum of its great. I we educate stuff that so I think after treatment for about thirty, for my wife and I would have a conversation about so the sacrifices were making in terms of my time hurts higher profile etc. Are we actually making enough changed and justify? Because for me, it's not about being in office? It's about the offices of the AIDS is a means to the end, the it being highly paid up. Warfare everywhere, opportunely structure, this country, so to say, thou say: twenty four doesn't love officer makes sense and we feel like ok, we'll be able to actually do something that makes us proud of what we are giving up to do it absolutely but being
partitioning going like chicken dinners, that's not appealing Ashby, but old guy. She do some things in fixing. He asked us yet, but also no, I spend a lot of my time talking to bolster the private sector folks, who employ lots of people. Folks invested a lot of companies foundations and give about a muddy folks were advocating in pushing for better and I've seen how each of them also have another place. I've been for me I'll, be just taken started, feeling out. What's the best way to actually make the changes, I didn't have the influence of the things I care about. It's gotta be either in government or media, in the private sector on philanthropy or some weird mix of all for the music, all the levers we try to pull to come and get the stuff on your stocking? Try to make it happen? Okay, so a friend of mine brought this
Yesterday I saw a lot of validity in his argument. He was venting about having watch some of the proceedings with all the Tec, guys on Capitol Hill right now, getting kind of grilled when he said in particular, is watching this one Congress. Man, I just grilling Jeff Basis or I just drawing them every name under the book and just inside in all ways, and my friend said you know, here's one guy who is fucking shined in this pandemic, you could have been better than I am dead right day of mobilizing away. There are six so successful their meeting, the needs of every consumer in America, and you have this fuckin overweight, ass, all rubber government is, if they're doing something spectacularly right they did. But what have you guys did with covert great job? You know how the fuck, how dare someone that's so ineffective? be yelling at someone who's, so effective. The IRA,
of that a little bit like we have income inequality and that's horrendous and that's an issue that needs to be solved. But to put all your ire about that under this person whose just really operating headache, incredibly I levelled. No one can argue that and make that person the enemy. Also, just again looking a bill gates and going you're. Ok, he assembled this thing and guess what he's given it all back? How else can we do things at the government can't do that other people can do he is. He has made himself an island one that can, whether the barrage of been salt in second guessing and he can make some hard decisions without war Chessy has so
I guess I see the value in some. These billionaires and I'm a little nervous of the left. Just kind of labeling billion areas is the bad guys. Now there are some fuckin bad guy billionaires, no question, but I don't know about having a class of people we Hake, Zeb succeeded when you think about all that. I think that the issue with a person or individual success, I think we should celebrate the issues with the system and they are operating within that framework Rules have evolved agreed to by virtue of being private governments of, doesn't issue the Finnish me bad, the cylinder, why would you have the right? God rails degrade the boundaries with which folks could be harsh, but yours, I think I don't want check people to be policymakers by they should be making the pasta that can help inform they can help advocate, but the fact that we expect them to.
Do the governments job Marcela, that's enough about mention just big lesson. No hate Jack Basin sees a smart guy right, but if we could find a way to exact beggars belief, they dollars. In one day. We have to go to find policies and laws that make thirty million people are hungry, yeah, my yes, she was now just bedsores, Elvis people there dear further might like a brother to me. Do you? man, that's a great idea. You working crowding have seen college, but this is having conversation. About. How have you been more stories like yours, possible, and how do you make sure your success will be felt by all the people who have been successful but I'll get without really? people about their ready right away. You said the regulation you're, not I M is broken the law there, no one's, accusing them of breaking any laws. Yet there thereon try all right. It's words makes up only one way: pick up ass. Well, aware, by them.
About the players. Reference should be made. The referee. This right is game has got out of hand. The mixture reinforcing alibis picture roof was involved, but it's not enough. We wonder why yell at the players diversified and is playing the game, and I think that now, but referring is hard, some people mad by ever get used to play the game with no rules and their rules. Maybe ten The data thirteen billion that may annoy you buy think as policymakers, you're gonna love at first I am also worried and other than the country where people success is demonized, where you are a bad guy, because you are successful. The I went to school today yeah, yeah, yeah, well you're, you're wonderful, you're, a very exciting for us to keep an eye on. In addition to doing a great job up there, you're just a really fun story to watch. Are you as much as you hated? Every conversation is about your age at you realize
he soon. I'm gonna give a shit about that. So I turned suddenly saw this time, someone! Yes, yes, I know I always complaint like you're busy this has now a little when there's like someone younger show. I had a meeting of a young person does actually I'm good by being. Luckily, for me as a right now, my through his positively once I wait. I'll begins in next year's budget. I am aware that true, every five years, all at the young man from stock was like Integra, something I would you like a multi. They beat gently talking about how to put you out to pass here with some golden parachute. Think he's asking if he'd losses there does not seem hunger as a family.
That's alone, I dont think by age has been such a gift. We because its allow me to work with all types of people, makes it by safe wrappings work with me for people like. I hope we talk to you again, because it's a great resource for us to have the kind of checking with these innovative policies. You're you're, try now absent these as I've therapies, I appreciate the good guy got well talk more about mom Janni novel. Two hours affairs when thanks again so much time- and I can't wait, start again solve your brother background. We get,
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