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Mila Kunis (Black Swan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, That 70’s Show, Friends with Benefits) is an American actress, producer and self-proclaimed armcherry. She sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss her immigration to America at the age of seven, her commitment to exploring various roles and her personal evolution to knowing her worth. Mila talks about her decision to openly embrace her flaws and Dax is shocked by Mila’s startlingly high level of adjustment. The two discuss Mila’s relationship with her family, they share tools on how to avoid conflict and per Mila’s request, Dax shares a very intimate story involving Jello and an STD clinic. 

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Hello, welcome to armchair expert aimed at Shepard and sitting across for me and a pair of green khakis in black. a lot about by Monica Pattern and manic a bad man Today we are going to talk with well. To be honest, this is the first time we ve had a guest on. Who is a bonus? I'd aren't cherry like a super arm cherry? Yes, there's a big fat, big, big, big, big, big fan. In fact, when I was working with her handsome handsome husband Ashton future. She would pull me into a room and just give me the what too, about the previous episode, which I found very flattering yeah and she agreed to come. under one condition that I tell a very humiliating story, fair that unveil at the end. I hope that most people come, on from here on out, require that of you. But I told him
harrassing start yet kind of a good gimmick, yeah I might No, I won't run out of embarrassing stories his I'm almost I'm doing a real time daily, rather new and every day you almost once a week. I have something I'm kind of embarrassed about. Maybe that's a human thing now. I think sound although we did established in a brazen Khazar is because I put my pants a bunch of times. Canada demonstrates and I'm a little too adventurous up our idea oil tackled. But sometimes in public. At any rate, just so delighted that mean coolness, is our guest today and she is so fond. And seemingly just carefree about, tell on time. is refreshing right, yeah yeah, she owns her being. Body or use energy as a great way and her mind her body and her my shoes, I want to say on that point plan she's, our first female guest, a p. First of all, with it
in the attic share. That was a big big development and I applaud it is a big day. It was a big day for everyone and thank you meal in please enjoy. Miller, coolness. She's amazing. Also, please check out the spy who dump me, which is her new movie, and it comes out August thirty, two thousand eighteen. the year of our Lord Eighteen, what if this case in two thousand nineteen. That would be a real long lead the island. eyes next summer get ready for the spy who dump me please enjoy meal acumen arm chair is supported by chairs dean guys. You remember when set Green was here and we were talking about Chaz. The Incas there's billboards, Oliver Ella Inch has dean, appears to be the ill Jim, a child of south Green, and I, if you put our faces in a blunder you're, going to pour out a delicious Chaz dean, Smoothie Monica, we ever had
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I'm kodaks for thirty percent off he's in there. I just wanna. Before even start. I just want to applaud you cause you're, the first person to pee in the room with all of us in where does everybody else? Gotta pee today does not pay go right here in my life goes you're gonna get sued and that's how it goes yeah. We normally step out for yes, but not for me. Have you gone in here while we're all not one against us and because you die you everything you if I was no doubt Monica doesnt be very off Like I get word and again I am, I know I know I don T kill appeal out either they know that they can
for a long time allowing whenever he allowed check sure about this devilish, I guess I'll back jacket, but but you then you ve never done a podcast which is kind of crazy. At this stage of the game, because you prefer, millions of things since they ve been popular. Yes, I guess I feel like a kind of new Maybe I'm late it again. I don't know do you know I think they're having like a moment, but I guess likely it. Probably cereal brought a lot of people and you never listened to cereal. Now the idea, but I dont located, is applied cast. I guess: ok, woollen I listened to cereal and I would like to years ago I think in the early stages of pod cast my when I best friends was doing like a super nerd pie Catholic call that now, like our jump on- and we talk like world of Warcraft right, ok, Sweden's ten years ago, because you really liked tat, we ass your leg, so down
and then I heard about this guy Mark Marin, Uruguay, what the FUCK pod, girls, yes and South, so one of my best friends two years ago, is like you have to do this Mark Marin Podcast, and I think I was like what the fuck's more like. What and then she's, like while Obama did it now like. Well, then it must be a legit, that's a good still having done it, but then this when I asked might like. I I think I'm pretty much invited myself over here and let us be clear, Oda and would also no yes. I did a lot of time. We have been trying to get everyone here, but in addition to being the first person, yeah go number one in front of all of us. I think you might be the first Super Pham guest we ve had. First,
or do you, because I know your mom, who being watched at exactly that's true, as you know that so you're in even bigger fan, the guys I'm an open, faint like I'm, not even in did not like how often I bid came out. I waited on one thing I wish lists and I have some issues at this year. I will I did five episodes of the ranch this year. In my view, our part of Friday nights when we taken from the live audiences, you would come with the kids in New Delhi, and then come up to me and I need tat, need ten minutes debris. The episode and I dont know why tickles me so much that you like it cause you're. So great there's something about you. That's a result. early stern yeah I'll. Take that all you know what it is. It's like the ability be vulnerable. I just think you're. Just so honest with you, you are it's a really interesting trait that you ve developed and I well. I also wanted you on because I had her
you and stern. In long before I had about it as you remember, I emailed De Oro attacks, you D say I'll, never forget I was in thousand oaks on a writing vacation- and I was down in the jim- and I was like I always us- Miss Stearne when I'm working out you're episode was on and it was fantastic gets in my top ten favorite in those cell. Another thing is when I'm the fan or something I don't wanna daylight itself, Riley's like a little candidate about doing this, that industry and for years without, like I, don't wanna despairing. What was your reservations, because I had very specific ones but adding starting out talking about my personal, my vagina, my hair, nice things that Mama, like whatever stern, brings up on my can talk about that. Like yeah. That's what my reservation that mine too, as I updated a couple. People that were famous recycling always want to talk about exactly in my strategy was like peace, basically a hungry lion and I've got a feed him. Some me in so I didn't want to offer up my love. Life yak cause it's,
are you willing to look? The hardliners sounds like a. I was arranging. Attic who got kicked off a talk shows the news I that's delicious in so I was able to say yeah, but I think I just got took place in my life. I was like ok and I I'll open up like I have nothing to hide. I also became a little bit more confident and who I was I owned by mistakes. I think I had to come to a place where we it's ok, to be fought. Like yeah yeah. I think we have a lot of things in common in that we ve been in public relationships and also we ve had children in the public, and there are things that I look. I can now that I was so bent out of shape about that. I'm a little embarrassed. I was so bad shape, like Marines since we were engaged for a long time- and I had this- is like death, on one level of panic that some of the press was gonna, find out. We were engaged at every single question on every red carpet. Christen ever did was gonna have to be talking about that bubble, but now it's just. I was really wound up about
keeping it secret and then telling my feeling Mirza. You can't tell anyone in and now my who on earth cares. Why did I care so much exactly the same? Do you have that same? We were. We only got who asked in an eye. Yes, we work easing erotic about keeping it yeah. I guess I'll, probably a massive fought. Were we alienated? So many friends, I'm sure right, oh yeah, it is give up on the outside. I'm like oh, spoiled brat This is what you want and bought a lot, and I would I totally get their critique of elderly, but for me it it's like it's it's. The lack of control in power, like I I'd, be happy to give people with a lot of what they want, but I just don't like when someone else's making their decision for me like I'd, love to post a fun video of Christian Nigh on Instagram, share that with people, but I dont want some stranger deciding what moment I want to share yea moments get stolen from here yeah in yes, it's the lack of control. For me at least like the powerlessness over like oh gosh, I dont have any say
in this. You know it becomes really overwhelming. I wish I could break it down more, so I I think, hears the biggest difference for me at least I started when I was nine year, so my career didn't happen overnight. It's not like you know. I came when I was twenty out of college, and I have this aspiration to be famous Orton main evening. I genuinely just loved paper tat. Yes, that's all there was no concept of social media. There was no concept of pop ratsey, like at nine years old. It's just not something unicycle, my god. I get to not go to school right over and I go run around and see. No cell pay less shoes. This laws, like it just didn't they use, I love braided, like you, you have an activity you get in here the scene and you have to pull it off and you like units a little kid to have some kind of domain That's your competent in is so reward you a hundred resigned. I went through school. I went to public school, I was like I got my shit down like I was happy, everything's great and then in
everything was fine until you know I would say the rise of Paris Hilton, that's what I would call wait this industry crumbling on a home and is always help because to me he was the first person that created ugly news, but it like little just spread, felt content just felt it was like it in. I wasn't even aim it was his mane, and so it allowed people to be mean. It was the first form that I notice like this whole concept of trolling didn't exist. I really didn't. Internet was and based on like talking shit, what happened? Was you started because so many things happen out of popularity in this industry, such a popular aspects, grasp onto it so loud and so all of a sudden you had very accessible to be just like us, weeklies or ok magazines. That was once a week of Zimbabwe once a minute. Additionally, I add that that the US weeklies in the stars and all these different publications they are also owned by other publications that require cooperation
actors and musicians. Maybe insofar as like these still do interviews, they wanted to put someone on the cover right so that there's there some wine that they had a little bit navigate whereas pair. films! Never getting a sit down interview agenda for Amazon anyways is really nothing at risk for that person to theirs. there's, nothing you're behind a computer. Yes, it does. No, there was no person behind the concept, has no money behind it. There was no board and never had defect. wherein, like oh I mean about probably not have any access to any these real ever again, whereas US weekly couldn't really afforded due to an end and that I think, was like the downward spiral effective like than now. Nowadays, you read magazines and and and none of its even it's not even just like fake. It's just not plausible news right, so anyway, so blah blah blah. My point is: I think that that's where I started, because in addition it on stuff right, but I think either your ocean told me that you guys, like old people. Now all we have the pleasure of an old shitty car
a guy with so many other things for the EU strategies. I've ever her when we started dignity, I would even call dating but ass. You never tell you like what happened and in our the truth of our relationship. You didn't give barely any has he's respectful and that's not it that's all. I wanted. I wasn't asking them a bunch about logo, knowing the husband sensitive as I was reared also, I had heard the story and stern, or what I believe is the story you can arrange into each other. You are looking at him from behind I, like you, Garros I to feel mojo erudite ethical answering, but don't they Let me just give the reader largesses is, and I have a funny story that I hope to bring up at some point about this. But you got you met when you are fourteen years old, he started doing the seventy show. Yes, he is twenty. He was twenty because do the math XO so scared. To tell the story tat, I would become across the ultimate pervert, but I can't wait to hear I started working with him in two thousand to and I came to the seventy shall speaking
that motherfucker body such as you do that Do I came to the show you where ninety nine to guarantee rack tragedy? I was twenty seven I was like wholly smokes. is an eleven. Ah, my dashed in, like my goodness, there actors on the shows like unbelievably good looking, and he was like like always so obvious. Was there not attract those people locked the EU at at fourteen years old? You were kid, but I didn't mean you at fourteen. I met you, a nineteen behind yours. How does it gets, and I was like white lies in any one on the show dating her orange released actively trying and if it is really funny that day, they had you in this this little compartment that you were a kid totally and then I'm sure you had your own compartment that action was in all of them were in this income. like there was no sexual
anything yeah with any one of us, even though everyone that shows very directive given look, maybe not brother. Oh yeah, others insisted, yes, l very much so people say, but we really did but like asking you to do my homework. for me like the royal yeah sort zoomed supposed to say, there has to be like a huge smashing. of a paradigm for you guys to ever end up in the sack together so that you can take it from there. So you are at a party right. Yet so we didn't see each other. For years we talked on. You know, AOL The messenger Georgia lover we kept in touch that we were taxed each other once no We, like has everything you know, have hope. Everything's get like checked him with one another. We genuinely cared about each other rights as human scared. You spent seven years of near the point. Was half your life pretty yeah. I was exactly for real quick. What was your aim name?
Oh bug, right, but way. Cutie Greek, like you and I would very early time nine leisure to remain- was copy cake check. Oh my god, you guys are so very clearly rid of labour. To remember my goodness I was asking, but he's so has it isn't really get so so so we didn't see each other visually, your, I would say, probably take Taylor, you, while you ll, be able to have run into each other anything we want in the same city. We live in different parts of the world. Whatever reasons we just teacher, but my favorite part is you, you started feeling rhythm from back of somebody's right have a little, but it's a queue at accidents, but I was it was the golden globes for her, and I was that stated backstage another guy. I guess I'll have a drink like out whatever dislike bombing around, and I was a drunken in this very tall, very good, looking staff
you're, a man walked by horizontal aware what a good looking like from like uses, but he's very and sell my guy down for daily, like built very while he's annoyingly. I now y all angles. I e mail aware: yes, yes, please kissing, he's a fucking good. Looking to things once I went on a family vacation with him, we spent a week together in Idaho. There were a couple thousand photographs taken. I was given a dvd of these photographs, I'm going through my maybe look good in seven of the house and encourage your looks. but I mean ready for a runway and all thousand would have been worse was on the ranch this year. He's like hey. Can we just take it like a selfie to throw up on integrated, promote that you're on the shone, like yeah? Of course, this. Fuckin asshole holds the phone down ways like me: he's in the worst lighting conceivable shoots up our noses and isn't. Ok, good goody shows it to me. He looks like Fucking Robert coming down a mouth and a super power, and I look like a like crack.
I looked like sure, you'd, like white shirt at midnight, the omega the luxury. This guy has it because it s good luck. You just shoot any angle of his face. Yeah, it's very hard work. Is there any ways, of course, fellow, not the US, not surprisingly, as a very sexy solely when he turned round, and I would like to let you know what I like it. I got myself my taken out and then to that point I can play in closing them once we started hooking up is like the old Anything here asked me in our house: We ve been together now six years. I don't have long been yet the only things Erasmus like the way you have this outcome. Oh really, yes, because I caught late, because that was the hidden name. It was something like as a whole me I was lying out goods like you, can't that's, not that's weird and as like. Oh what call you lately weird. What do you call him will not come back asshole, whatever comes out now, but I don't. I don't know I'm gonna Iowa Congress or you do
that's what it around when they are causing concern and isn't it had only met ashen crack, the actual everybody is parents, everybody calls and Chris. So it is a weird prisoners, the same thing prisons Annie that they say Europe in and out of these two versions, and then you come back in the did you do need endearing when you're calling him Christmas. I allocating didn't. I tell you when I M an HIV can doing it and then I find it doesn't respond uttereth at home. If you go annex XI responds, but if I go crazy, he created nuthin, he and I were the only thing we sponsor interest in the end, if you call em ashen in front of his family at it's almost like, you know the fake version of him rapidly, so we, How do you go, though, from the silhouette is, is got u thunder, yuruk and then you're lying, throw up in my mouth, then some and then we decide to year and then, if it did, he is, he ever walked through. What he is holding was ok. What did he he's? What happened to him?
What happened? What he was like, I guess from his for which he was here, but it was like. Oh I'll, have the same version of like that's, not the same little girl that I used to know right, so they decided to me, up on a blind date was someone else with some so interesting wondering what I'm asking them then that I didn't show up. He plan that you don't have the neighbouring and I hope that a while, consoling you from being, even though I was being stood out by our you know where this will have all you didn't know that that was happen. Now it all is the most beautiful story that our country sixty that one day will be told. I can't tell a, but if that person, fatality, possum, ok, so so yet here I set me up on a blind it? I was unaware of at his house for house warming, the person goddamn it. Had a wedding didn't show up, I remember this is happening. That was the night that he and I hung out so to speak. And then arms you get all tipsy. No, so myself
Oh wow of fully clear it was clear exactly what I'm doing here is the very first when you are involved in Ireland. Are you like? The point is so weird I'm about to kiss his person and over twenty years, and kissed him before. Remember I kissed him for seven. No is like a really weird, none of Now it was a real kiev, yeah yeah, indeed. It immediately feel different yeah, oh fireworks. Oh my god! Damn this maiden if my beautiful lip he's, which I kissed for seven years but never appreciated, I don't I will I'll say this. I, while I was single, never spent the night at any guys house. Yes, this was the only time that I have spent the night at somebody's house. All real. yeah stages we are supported by sleep number, which is a better actually lay on every night and get a beautiful night rest do gallop.
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is, I think, you're with my colleague for a long time, maybe nine year having seventy years and from a young age in them by my math and when I'm learning I Wikipedia we ve only got about a year off between fashion to have a single for two years. Oh you were yes, my question is you get enough horse planned? Yes, ok, thank goodness it was it. You have an italian lover. Did you have a lover idea of an arabian nights? We did with again for me and I, like probably to your version. like my husband's or version of like single ours. Is this? Do you discussion of yours is grouse both as mine was we ve made love together, as I'm sure you have drive away. None of this was that way, but it was really a single ok, yes say you already there mangle new. Oh you weren't, ready them ass. You like find a boyfriend No, I mean earlier in these two areas of yours. I note your open for business torrent.
open. Oh my god, I love it. I advise our can in what what you had to summarize again, I'm going to screening numbers are sharing or framework I ask that gross gross, but I curious. The impressed then edgewise. Where were you? Where are you aggregating these? These lovers from like we're you meeting these people you're hooking up where they destroy coast, hours and stuff, and not necessarily, but they were all they were all somebody that had something to lose. Very nice, said it was all done. You know I didn't. I had a horrible break up I had a horrible horrible horrible break up. and our own amendment. You are very sad over it. No, I thought that like I ask all my twenty with a first submitted and that kind of some in their taking a long time to come out and be like yeah. You know why I was a dick. I accepted my own it now and it's fucked up what I did. It's part of what I didn't fucked up, how I did it, and so when I got to be single, I was like I just need to figure myself out
I genuinely need to know why I did what I did and like regroup myself as a human. So I just did that and subsequently, after six p m was open for business I didn't want to date. I didn't want to be taken out to the movies I didn't. Why was all about it? And I would like you know I just wanna till I got time for myself, but then also like you know about physical physical. So are you able to? Forgive yourself? Are you? Is that can easily? Do you know it's hard right, super hard beyond it? Have you for giving yourself? You know it's been so long like. I feel like enough times gone by. I think enough. Mutual friends of Vienna been like every He kind of forgave everybody, the art like the. What went down yeah, I guess so
Probably in the back of my mind, I don't know that's what you killed. One of my own united people. Don't know that for environmentally than urinary murdered in cork and you know what I'd tricky Did you two myself, because I am I love self loathing and shame yet I do it's a very comfortable spot from any shouting and I just tried it. I give a friend of mine, the exact same mistake, and I imagine that friend telling me that yet in how forgiving, I would be it how much had urged them to forgive themselves and how just kind of loving I could be to a strange. Or your things in a all the time in shares, or am I oh man, I know how much it hurts, but you know it it's. U can forgive yourself in your human and bubbled up, so I tried to trick myself into imagining that someone's telling me this thing. I've done yet how much differently I'd view it yet which others what happened? I did have really great fanfare. They tell me that
its. Whether not, I believe them right so like a decision is acting to be like. If you had a girlfriend again, do you and in she's I did I may gave for the greatest. advice is right. I myself couldn T anyone who gets into relationship at seventeen or eighteen or whatever? You are you're? Not. Maybe it's a sixty without some mistakes are just not a hat, and I don't know that there's been a human, that's done that yeah it'll be so easy to recognise and someone else like yeah man, Yes, what you are guilty of being a human being? Who yes in a thirty five, I can look back and be like. I was twenty, but a journey five might all be totally year total. We guess it's been over many years now, tenuous right yet for sure I think everybody's a much better place. I assume everyone knows about you, but for those who haven't heard Sturm, you have that from my point of view, one of the more peculiar childhoods one could have you basically just parachuted into America right, you resolve,
seven years old and new left soviet Ukraine. Yet, and you started cool. What's thirty hours after you landed next year, I do want to demand more than you have memories of soviet Ukraine You know. I said this. I think so much of my memories are memories that either created from stories. Are my parents toll of visual photos that I see ass? I have that seem so I dont worry. I want to say of course I do. I dont think idea right. You know what, for the first time this past year, lashings like let's go back to your oh and as a gay, but I only want to go. My parents can go and was at this whole thing, and so I was shooting in Budapest and am, and that was only like a three hour flight may be less than to go to China, to Ukraine and so We went to my hometown and we he ended and he was likes.
yet another method, but I wasn't. There was no over whether there was a statue of you in the ribs as available here, but how it better not have really the most famous words, never come under that. Tell you, however, that Russia does not many of us left, but I did. Remember how to go to the grocery store, for my part said no to the point. If I did, I have memories went to my house and always another, oh, if I go down the street and make a left, I my school, but if even the most parents were like yeah, that's their muscle made me feel good. Yes, I am clearly have because now that you have kids do not live with this panic, I always do or take obi having the most amazing experience with Lincoln, like we're on a daddy daughter to somewhere and right at the peak of my happiness ago. in four weeks. She's not hurt. My brother had analyzing heartbreaking. I have the best like whatever three we,
and the girl like white, and I went on this adventure in them yesterday as a body. Do you remember who, like I don't know why? Yes, but maybe you and it was so great in order to tell myself it's only members that I remember you now, but it's heartbreaking data, and I can't I can't waiting to think language. One is you're. Gonna start recline again, I know everyone like look at US magical experience and there, like a patrol like they don't really to air their pitcher things really interesting, because when my dad died, I ended up getting a few photo albums that were in his basement and it was looking through it. Like, oh, my god, all these memories. I think I have our memories of these photo yeah. It was a very sad yeah realisation that labels expose and have to be sad and memory. The memory and desire that good one who cares houses in a later asked it here. I think that, like that that some regions like I have announced for yourself man like I cried boss,
yeah that jacket, but I bullshit, but I dont think maybe some psychologist book will say otherwise. I can't imagine my three and a half year old one day, recalling the fact that she and I went to target right. I don't think that that's gonna happen. Will you Just in general, you have a good bullshit meter which we're gonna get me. You, yes, I just as when I read defining characteristics when using you have a pretty good, bullshit amateur, you know it's Daphne defined. how long's it been productive, dear, let nobody I've I've known. This notice is about you for some time that you have a pretty like many well mere beans. old, something everyone's going along with it, and then you, like all sound. I feel like shit out. You like you, have a motive I can I can. I can smell your motive me now. I can smell this that also happened later in life. Ok, when I became transparent by get my late twenty
he's as I will, and I want every mother fucker to be transmitted like why. Why are you pick talking like? I have this like problem now. It's like, let's just all be honest, is the problem that happens is one we're not gonna do everyone's barrels. So what is this bullshit? you're feeling me like that you know, but, but sometimes why am? I thought, police and people like me my to be like a grade crazy hamster wheel were along upstairs, but but you and then I guess you would be in first or second great when you're seven did you, sir, and second in in you ve said you don't really have any memories of that riskier ill. I down and my mom will attach too. I one point realize I think I have a chunk of my life, but I literally can't we call a day of issues like out and savage I can tell you line as they go details years. You cried every day, really everyday cry when he came home from school and I like clear demand is rigour, obviously a lick of English. Now unbelievable and all,
Almost all my baggage I believe comes from can learn through fifth grade. I mean it's all the chips on my shoulder and think I'm trying over common proved to people all started their yeah. What things do you think? What did you pick up in those five years? billions resilient, I think so may I say going into college. Looking after I like an asset for school like the first line. The second line was imagining blind and deaf at the age of seven and that's the best for then I can explain like all the same you can hear and you can see and then somebody takes all your senses away from you and you're in this world, where even the food doesn't tastes the same the sounds aren't familiar. Visuals are completely jarring things: work, but but what? What was the thing, I guess so for me was being funny. But like the way I kind of like I started to connect with people through kind of being funny language. You
when you do you at least remember when you started to have a couple friends in elementary school. So the first girl as I was friends, but she had no choice but to be friends, have made their way to score she spoke rushing an English, so they were like you have to be friends with our policies, for the internet was Maria and she ultimately became one of my best friends and I still once in a blue moon doctor and tax with her she's got. I think three or four beautiful cage is like in the other great. Like I didn't second grade, the principle are the vital. However, this worked out. There are like you have to be her translators, to help her and you know it having a guy like you yeah, so the poor kid had no choice but to heavy load. What became finally became super close an example for her now do, as I say, beer lower here, Maria Sacha and I'd. I dont know what her those her maiden name. I know she changed her name later and I said I feel Osaka and her family became really generous,
oh really really kind where they they hadn't emigrated from Russia's well yeah. They have you like a couple years earlier that point as she spoke English a little bit and I was a freer brother, even older brother yeah, it was heard from others many aspects about my brother that I didn't appreciate till I was much older, so we came here, thou seven. That would make him thirteen fourteen law. What of what an age? They are completely excluded yeah. and we share the room. Oh great, he went to college and he was always so nice to me. He was he was an ice, and so I and my parents were like wherever you go, take your sister and he was like a guy Never, like you never argued He never was like that older, rather than I picked on his. Never he was incredible. You're gonna tomboy, because of that because of him right you're, my little sister is gonna tomboy. I think you are what you you know surrounded by men made by those like wild she's hanging out with me,
then we're gonna go on play, basketball and soccer and you're not going around the world to bear workshop now let him play with the right right. What did you ever get good? Did you ever feel ITALY? Oh, my god, I've I've of acclimated end. I have friends now yeah and by third fourth greatest voting list. Ok and when your little, you pick it up really quite right, and once you spoke English, you started interacting just fine with all the other kids terrifying and you start acting immediately after you learned English than kind as it was kind of my parents yeah. I was I'm when I did really quick question: why did your family even come to allay of all the places to pick leaving here? Oh, you know back in the day, back in the day we came in a refugee religious visa. Right because you got your review? Is DNA weren't as accept and so we came in a religious visa and oars or religious asylum, and so you have to get requested based on where you have him.
The family requests your present now you're feeling main you gotta main. If your family friendly here and we have family now, ok says I can tell you and you guys I would just from again I've only been around you and your dad like four or five times, but I have been around you guys at your house in that premiers. Instead, user crazy, close, look in a wonderful way on the outside, and do you think that that was forged in this? Like you guys got drop into another planet janius, you stay close entire sitting on Britain somewhat. Are you on healthy Siberia every bit? But again I was heard team like windows us against the world. Yes said: yes, yes, It's the same idea on the strife and when you we have each other. In my you see the struggles, not it wasn't like the struggle of my family was like shielded from it, It's not like. I wasn't aware how poor we were right. It was like inclusive struggle like we're. Gonna get
This together, like we are doing this. As a group, we are your family and my pants protected my brother and I don't get me wrong, but but to a certain extent we like, but wait a second work yeah yeah, and so when, when you kind of rise from that, as a group, we get ever take that away from the family with a very small. Emily Miyage, very boring and my uncle. I of course talk to your dad why that is please very although in the area he's gonna love, dad my battery, is Ferchar MAC characters. Are my men also like love? who was the. Romania was right behind. I was talking to him my mom you're, a little shy she's, like tiny blonde blue eyed little inertia. Is really well with him My dad and I d like to ask him whether he likes me really my good
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because your family's around so often do you guys find that, like whether it's his family visiting or your family's spent much time there, you you get in bed at the end of the night, they ve all laughed and then just the bitching starts. You start listening like did you notice Ginerous when she said this, he said this in our house, which really funny is our own parents triggers way more than the other person's parent away, rigorous right, so It is that the case for me it is for us in its not even further by anyone by anything policies this guy itself. logging in China. I am like I literally get triggered I, unlike what are they like a firecracker? What everyone, unlike like months, I'm off a miser like air nitrate glycerin just waiting for a straw? Yes, it's very easy, ok by me, and they take them gay. So I've been have just walk out of the room and, like I don't start the by everybody
and ass an icy met. My can you believe this isn't like. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about literally, is like a saint. clinical ADHD. Ferocious things like a rabbit. He has like this really he's just eat, in keel he's great Andreas Schwab, Muslim Magnum State LAW has got some growing bake it I'll. Do it we all know, but he is very rabbinical totally, but the way by like interaction with people and emotions, he figured out there's lots of flies. Well. How sure I am very Irian Jaya and there I like this, a passionate other people say reactive, whatever the dear me he's, not reactive right up Telling them that they want to wake him up and belated react he's a bit senor and acid in they are meant to be together. So in your life,
Melike just blow off and he just sits there and he's like no, I was just going to say: don't you feel cuz recently I've been feeling like this so much like. Why do I have to care for Brianna Conversation and we're having an argument? Why do I care enough to say it? Why do I have to talk right now? This is you, and I are the same and I don't have to answer, for example- that add value haven't. I don't know, I don't know why I have to prove my point. Lay I don't know where this comes from, whether it's right or wrong to prove it nay, even literally, goes why goods from having not felt at this point in your life totally, but You have the same thing. I have ever mantra my Heather's, like the conversations go in there and I just in my head, I'm going your opinions not needed here. It's not really Does it have the opposite? Are the same? As you know, she Falcon she's gonna opinion for this reason that we need to be asked, and doesn't he really doesn't? Hume literally will be like I asked him. Why do you speak up and goes why it's right sized? It's like all these things. Don't really deserved this much passion
our concern. It's like I don't know. I mean I find my passions to be the most important someone someone triggers an argument in in a field that I'm incredibly passionate about. Now I have a hard time, not being reactive and I'll work on it. So much you ever took me yeah. I just but it's all myself like shut the fuck up like I literally have the catch myself and be like stop it stop it. Does it matter and I've gotten so much better? I really do think politically is where I might add, and I disagree sure and them, and they ve got into place one like I just in the native nor this because they get triggered so fast yeah. I have to physically look at another thing. It actually start going through the details of that object on gas and oil and I'll get the fridge. I noticed the handles have some let em some butter on them. I gotta wipe off, but it has to be physically. I have to add the physically me there and yeah and I'm like. Oh, I needs again
care. Wash my hands like I'd literally just have to just walk away from the situation and then hopes that when I come back, it's done yeah. I also try to remind myself, especially that political stuff, it's like I'm, going to be honest with myself. What part of my life is politics really taking up I'm going to vote every two years? That's going to be my full say over all of this right. I can argue single day leading up to that vote. But my power in this democracy is, I get to go, cast a ballot. I'm gonna do that. I'm going to sleep on that duty! Beyond that, what am I gonna do I do. I need to tell every single person I interact with where I met politically, because because I'll tell you why I do like to understand where they are white chances, are we going to argue with you and appoint chances are more likely than not to neglect and say the three of us would vote yes vote. Similarly, sure, let's say you don't I in especially in today's world. I can't understand why, right now- and so I just need to understand
lie which is where it like. The arguments are. I like the trying to understand why that's all, but I think it's a total fallacy that either of us will ever convinced component of our political. So I'm worried about me is is where there is a complete waste of time. I wouldn't tragic. Vince. You devote my direction. I just need you to explain to me right quickly how you benefit from person. Ex Morocco can't help a poke holes and but that is not just saying because it makes sense to wrap you set yourself. They suggest. So why bother? I know you're angry. I just want to go back to your a little kid and then you get enacting very early, one thing that I think is: wonderfully ironic as the first couple. Things that you do as a russian immigrant is on. You do Barbie commercial, didn't you couldn't get more american men get right to the first few things you did are just like. You might well have been baking apple pie for a living.
Lots of hispanic commercial skies cause you're getting aroused often is old, Tina could as a little tan, Did you once loses its real? I pray it is already looking. It may be that you lost your role as a is a jewish, anti russian immigrant racked eating, get casket moves to America at seven years, old, legos. Basically them ionize guys. The story Lisbon strategy being asked by, but a silver lining. I got has, as the races tailors panic, my movie at the time. You know those assets will special back in the day is called make a wish. Molly and Molly was like the russian girl that comes in America. I didn't clearly in the russian and also carries like a cast this her liking, nemesis and civil. Still the same price Jack today's agenda for now than the gale that they passed. I is higher as Molly the title character.
Was she a russian jus milk should now. I think it is a plus all can strike blonde. Ok. Grass- Nordic, why Yes, that's really funny ended. You take that hard, eulogies Viking. If I can get cats in the role of me I don't think I care neuron Baywatch couple times, while repeat as did
and character one. Yes, do you know that you can either ways great. They were like www flock of your plane. You know that in care, ok, but also have been funny. They didn't realize your hiring you over and over again that you would be formed by the way I dont know. I may know me: you didn't care, but mainly experts to get out at sea were you. There would definitely happen. Know nothin attention Zimmermann's in their own way how many nine euros at the time where our item now so what what what different characters you plan they, while I'll tell you ok. So in the first time I think I was ten, maybe somewhere and I played a girl in a classroom and we're on a field trip in one of the characters. rarely get swept off into the ocean. Rescuing after Rhine and get help ogre acting job number, one with Baywatch archives. Acting job number two was during the PAMELA Anderson years, because I know this because everyone,
shut up to set? It was littered with my dad, my grandpa, every mail and my family like all day you and they dig up and down, and it was, I played a. wait a blind girl who gets lost in the forest and needs to be rescued and then falls into the ocean Maybe I don't know either by some wine growing for its own, who rescued you ass, a half his son his son, a man and then maybe this is so long ago. I really don't remember, but somehow I end up in the water, or maybe I was always like the logic. Does it make sense? Your blind how're you Monday morning in the water causing damage required pilgrim holes in themselves. The fireman fuel my dream would be to be carried out at the surf by Housel. Hoff. Never to have a
Otto with David has alarmed you are here and a photo of payment. Anderson, oh really wish anguish kind. You everybody was every so nice to kids. That's why I'm a weird perspective as too like people in his interest, because people have always been so nice to meet you. I was a kid yeah and then okay. So then, at fourteen years old you get to seventy show and lore is that you say I will be turning eighteen. They want. They only want to hire adults, obviously cuz it's hard to film with kids for the hours, so you say I'll be turning eighteen, which of course, you weren't You did turn anything, but it was four years later they did not have the violence in our arrival exercises contracts. Before you go to the final process, I give you eyes and said ended. There was an aspect of white studious ether and their legs data is either fourteen right in you were going to a public school right Fairfax I was going to lay this centre centre, for which studies on eating street, must Famagusta and ninth grade and shot the pilot and
Great then add the show got picked up in there like yeah, you gotta go, ok and so that they take medical arraign. I'm then I went to her facts amounts of public. I swore both public icicles. Ok, oh yeah, the public has been so. What was it like being in high school and also mean on a very hit horrible me show it's real dominate the horrible in what way, because there's no about our amendment and it is at the very beginning- and I have to do it now, because I felt myself about say it does a driving nuts when you're like on stern, and he keeps talking about how good looking you because I feel like somebody. My questions are thoughts I have about you. They involve the fact that you're very attractive- and I was like- is that aid. Is it sexes, bees uncomfortable for you, but I can only look at things my own filter, which is I'd love to be on a show where they're telling me how good looking I am for an hour or so I can't relate to not wanting that, but I also recognize maybe does that get old people the right answer as yet acts that, but the truth is now ok, because I'm thirty five, I have to say
young people, thinking that another tragedy lego, there's no version of Wifi Hokosa because boy, you feel like you for saying. So I very much so appreciate a good compliment. Ok, I have nothing against August this one I want to get this. This is work comes into play like your ear super fucking, attractive in high school you're hot, beyond your on tv. It did look, it's not like a super. Termed existence. My friend the see. That's like he's, gotta get ready. City videos tell me why, because I didn't think I was how I was just a jealous. No, it's just that it's a weird, so I think, like there's a perspective that used to happen a bike. If you're on television, you looked a certain way on film, you look a certain way and photos look a certain way and snow Day look like when I went to school like I showered, but I'm sweating and some went to school and said. Then there was like a whole thing of like Now, if I can buy and sell side now, it's now I'm. Sorry I didn't go through final touches allows, and so people can like my
Nobody ever more let down visually speaking here. I also really was so like a leaf bloomer. Ok, so I really do not like own my it would easily sexuality working to say I was so young, but like own my body so much later in life? Were you boy crazy? not at all. Not enough lie, not interested. Labour or really is a win win. Do you start liking? Boys have like sixteen dvd sixty, probably eminent but I didn't like boys before, but it you're Goin dates now high school boys. Never did anyone ask you out. Now they didn't now my city, a teacher, Linda Resnick, forced her sign, Michael resonate, to take me to prom. Oh to the rapid problem guides and how is that so awkward hated it. I can see what is available on my good or Mikey
I am being sixteen in taking you to promise me about air, saying I don't know, I think, being in a late, embarrassing. I think mapping and allay probably would have been different. If I was I going a problem, and I were people very well, you Nl Aids and it comes across as like that whole theoretical you're so conceded a new idea like oh, you think, you're, so cool right. We talked about this couple weeks ago, which is like that person. Things are better me, the real emotion is I feel less than around this website, where there is no real, fortifies Eve Marilyn's eyes, always like. Oh my god. I hope that people don't think this about like where you goin out of your way to let them know like hang on very low maintenance of farm life, so that I literally would take a shower not, but I make our plan Let me answer be like bright, accessible, yeah like look, I'm so normal, but you had a group of girlfriends, or at least the Korean Kristen, that you're still is your crew right and that was forged in ice. elementary element. Resign very lucky. Remember I'm not a transplant so like so many people in a way are the ultimate transplant. But after
years old men like I like to think I got an ally. My writing come at nineteen with an aspiration to be an actress leading. Oh, my family behind you know, curetting a homo, Cooper friends in a whole new life and at home yourself? So all my friends from when I was ten, but some of them, No, it's interesting about that is actually more respect for people like you, because I left everything that made me happy incomparable yet. So, if I was out here and I wasn't making it, it was such a disaster like what yeah, why go through all that and then also not make it, whereas I do feel like it so, my hometown around a lot more comfortable in a lot less motivated. So I weirdly have more respect for people like you who are from here. Who did it? I think it's just a different outcome. I do think that the reason that I didn't get into drugs and I didn't get and sale of alcohol. I didn't- I didn't have that because I don't have the pressure. Did you guys, though, having
our relationship with drinking your parents, like admirer on my russian stereotype, they drink vodka stuff and is on the table totally, which is wide. Never there wasn't a big deal right, ok, murmuring romantic permitted to if you want to do. I think I want plasma got to try beer sure, and then I tried and I like the new like well, that's gonna, be a problem about the end of that right. I think they wanted me to try and be like yeah. I tried it, but I've. Never it just wasn't. I think, because I had some neither passions and life it just wasn't Yeah just wasn't something that I got wrapped up in, not to say that in smoke, we'd that you know the minimum guarantees, but he just wasn't Europe. we knew you'd want we'd, because you said you loved world of Warcraft or whatever the hell out of Warcraft yeah. You got it that's a nice companion. Pierre was having a lot of time. I find a video game and certainly helps to be had I right. Yeah yeah yeah before can clarify ok, so it was there. Anything
What about going through? Essentially, Nobody in the public eye on that show? Yes, we in what ways. How did that? How did that you just for very self conscious or visually, but again is as before the property crisis. I think I can say myself very lacking before social media, so wasn't like I needed photos of Mysel Road show my like figure whatever it is that now people feel like they have to do. Yes, I never had to do right, so the only awkwardness was like you know, gaunt getting pimples all the time and being my god, I can't believe I have to shoot, maybe all rely ass. I had some very severe pimples child and I would have been more of my life. My house, I can imagine miles and miles to see these due to my all period is recorded. I found in. Are there any episodes in particular? Were that you're like? Oh, they didn't to that end and I've never seen a single episode. Ok, that's very healthy. Why is that? Never no interest or because it never was like,
think be ever so young. When I started, I say that I think it makes a huge difference with how your outlook on this industry transpires. I didn't look at. It is like an art form right. I looked at it as a hobby. yeah, I also because a hobby I don't need to dissect it sure are you parliament, even looking at it as commerce, either it wasn't innocently fund? Will you Where are the fact that you are like making a bunch of money? Isn't it you weren't net? It didn't crush him. I like allowing a few years computer like now leave how Akhabbu Lamborghini met literally word the most incredible human. So we were super poor. I was making money, they could taken. A certain percentage are legally, they didn't, so they just ass. We were still poor. and I was making money and I didn't know. I had no concept of finances in time and in so doing just living life and then my parents were making money and then we see living a better life and about, but none of my money got touched until I was eighteen and then my dad. What ok, Sola and all
sixteen hours like, I need a car. I knows like. I really want this fort explore and he was like now gosh and then just so I take the bus. Discussion Lorna Corvette Yankee, maybe take the bus he did innocent. Is this correct that your dad to this day won't let you buy him anything? Cracked there's now got in a place where they were it because he loves ashen so much more than he loves me yeah she went has allowed him to pay for dinner. Also he wasn't ready for dinner, but that's it like a man. Respect thing right. That's a male! Oh he's! Now the patriarch of this family and I gotta get past the torch to him, or he kind of knows that it's not just my my right right that, like a little bit like a better understanding of like I think it's a weird respecting use like another I'm gonna, I'm gonna! That's how you say without saying and I'm gonna, let you be the man of this family now. I think it's kind of clearing yeah, but one thing
but your father, I not allowing you to buy your kids. You could buy him a very nice house, you could did. I you tried right said. I have two thoughts. One is what Amazing stand up guy, they don't do my mom and dad. I want to point out to not just made out my mom and dad. I stupidly get hung up on Dad's desirable, dad I'm upset about them. You, like your mother, and I just put her both of them amazingly cool yeah. That's one thought I have work, what principled people of integrity? That's awesome. Another part of me is like humans. Minds are so fucked up like enjoy this shit. You know that's like whatever weird thing it, whether it's pride or it's a sense of you, don't do this cuz, your kids like there's enough. we're gonna, be living very comfortably. What a silly thing, we get hung up on her head that we would deny or academic their comfortable gear, which again is cool,
That means when you say who thought it's like one. As I have a ton of admiration for the other Burmese. I know why, for two weeks in fucking, The time of your life in a fashion that so we ve learned that we have to give Nonreferral your presence. Enamel choice by tax. I had them all a real example of a non refundable project. Africa Oh man, we find about not again, I feel like I've got a girl, we gotta go and I ll lend their like anywhere. They D been accepted at thereby, but like some stuff that you can't not accept it can't be like I feel, ass be wasted, which are even more pain. You gave you like what, if I get you know, don't question arose, get them whatever cannot be returned. Yeah, very smart hack, YAP under my thinking, Camper
more things we can get for them that they can return down. I mean you know their incredibly generous people, so pretty soon after you get seven show you also get cast in family guy, yes. Yes, a year later, the mapping nobody watch the shout at the beginning. Laws even cancelled writing. Uk whack yeah its careful twice once cancel buyback, secondhand cancelled for like two years it was cancelled, lay in the fact tat the swung airline, but it was certainly can't for a year to indifferent network or something of that aid. Always a fox was fought by I mean it was like nobody watch what happened. We did it for like two three years and was cancelled for two three years, a vacuum scandal, and then I found I was brought back on the news really interesting. as I wanted. This little show that probably almost wider Nelson Montague Trimly Jefferson, but I can't imagine most people associate you with family guy. That's that
if there are listening things they know about you, that's gonna, be long down on the list, but that's the secret lottery ticket of your career. Isn't it yeah? That's sacred thing, we're all dreaming about it's like. If you known in the big fuckin frozen. We can predict that you you couldn't put it frozen, everything that is one of those things worthy are chasing. Yet. It will never have ass swiftly to stumble upon it. Yeah then your bike. So is it one of the things you have the most gratitude Force Breed optional, jammer, one right. I will I be recorded that show everywhere around the world. I don't even have to be in LOS Angeles Little in America to record it and it's like vehicle weight as gig and my characteristics. shit on the whole time more times than out of an you described your character as the scapegoat of tv series is literally gets physically, sat down by her like that, she's that the poor thing barely appears. So I go in once in a blue moon record for our, maybe and you like thank for five episodes in one hour themselves like a dream,
this dream inside me. Did you become closer Seth through being on the show, he was always around whether you with the other values be around all the time is now he's not always left us all. Good for south is now becoming a zone movie star, ok, grand that's what he used to be. He used to being the booth with us to another voices out sometime over, like other people over there. He would is red with your when workers, you must erecting them too. I assume or use we have. No money. Is writing direct aid, the time? Ok so what you're on your insides Seth Macfarlane suddenly or allow. Yet, during your ear tenure on the seventy show, you did several movies correct some of those movies under my arm higher about some of them didn't turn armed. I like to think when you're fifteen there's no such thing as underperform. Yes, but But what I'm curious about is doing that where you had a few misfires, were you
getting discouraged. Now you will never get this wasn't something that I looked at as a misfire. I really like good will, the young and again I wasn't ping, There was no matter. I was fine. I looked at. It is a fun hobby job! It wasn't something that I put pressure on myself to have to be the number one advisers like aren't getting hired the movies independent me they weren't finance because of me didn't get release due to my name and I didn't have any press for them. It was a very different world. Ass, a bird you know- and this is has evolved even since this time, I'm talking about two thousand to wish and then There was a kind of hard worn trajectory of your tv star yet again, a couple shots at movies. I just remember the friends people like they all, through it and you like who who's gonna, have a movie career ass, Jennifer, honest indeed in some of them didn't write so but but none of that was on your mind during that period. So I'll tell you during seventies. Now
at all. I was like, while I'm gonna, do this and then going to figure out what it is meant to do my life right and then some news is coming to an end. I think I was like twenty more or less a twenty one. Twenty two. When the show ended, ok, but at nineteen eighteen nineteen, that's gonna go to college. Haven't you want to use your labour, my second until eight and then transferred to Le Maire amount and then that been deferred for like seven years, ok and looks like a scientist theory class at you, sell, ay and, as like use, Not for me I was a gray, but, like I can't visages too much while working full time does matter stories. I eighteen our role they was. I asked my parents for permission to not go to school and to look at this industry as a career option, and my parents at well. Ok, wilder up to that point, the you didn't think that will honour you dont, like I didn't. This was like very much like. I keep getting hired another so unique. I don't of its unique
different perspective, Niner unique is by the way, if you gotta pick for your kid, how they would experiences thing. This would be my picture of my kids, which is like you, never had any stakes on now aren't like. Oh, I gotta do this in these movies gotta work and this is gonna, be my career. There are no panic. I've seen this with child actors around me, so their panic, the parents or pan. I can't I can't Panama hat upon. I can't work full time bad. They act like mine a hobby. You also probably had saved some more money, the maid, but they must have thought more fuck, she's, fine, This is the amount of money we could make a lifetime tunnel. We're gonna, get put our perspective for sacrosanct was arrested. Sylvia eddies life in my pants, like that she's gonna, be ok for a second
so they allow me to go in and differ from college opposing to make it a career. So a team to your point I stop looking at this industry is a hobby and was like ok how we can ensure a spear, and so I knew Seventys is coming to an end and back and back whatever. This was ten fifteen twenty years ago, I've already was like ok, so so you can actually another show In addition, I am like I'm not going to another, so no ignoble, you that's why nobody really shown I'd like now and then, like ok, there's like I'm gonna go in addition for everybody Everybody only remembered me from seventies. Nobody was like aware of and the industry as its ability to put unit. Back then not anymore. I don't think we're like if your median you just a comedian, if you tell me you just tv- and I was like- I just had this urged to prove everybody wrong. That's what happened so then from eighteen to twenty two. Whenever got Sarah Marshall, I got some are,
Because they couldn't do another movie for job and judge was though you don't issue for knocked up. That's why I didn't get a correct, but I remembered you yes for their Catherine, IVO Character for the young. Yes, I had to go unlikely improbably, like Southwell Genesis before anybody new and you I felt a tiny bit young s. What I was going to this moment. You know it's one of those situations where it where I'm sure that's part of the reason, like you. I have waiting with them so those clearly something that, like we're, really loved you and then ultimately, yours, like so little where's, that a twenty year olds getting knocked up. It's a different story. Right, yes about haggle. You like, oh cools, you really want to have a kid, but didn't have a chance. So this is an all bad, but Medina Diningroom, like more weight, is fucked up. Her lie like maybe not the same. You didn't happen and men when ass, their Marshall happened. Then it was like a case that its ourselves and that it was like a great and now you're gonna just do remain the comedies sure right now, and so I think, because I kept pushing back, I learned so
much more about myself and the ability to say no word is cool about. Sarah Marshall. Is that the day, because of your damn sure, had the ability to cast pretty much anyone they wanted and either of those roles, and they did choose to go with two actresses? Who were just tv actresses using quotes? You can't say I think, those a kind of a core move on their part and I think that their whole found She was based on television and so vehement freaks and give a man. A marriage is not like prejudice against tv film comedy. grandma like above all, things this whole group and his whole team. I think were the exceptional back then, and how was your experience on ceremony? the best time ever alone Valve Alan love. Right, yes, it was, there was like being a camp, but your camp was fully paid for luxury like it was in it will experience? Who did you bond with the most? I'm really glad was right, what a fine, but I still take the jack you. So
Does he sent you really mean birthday? Tat always unlike mean an aggressive like pop rap likened bonded over? Like me? No the fact that we all know every single pop Zambia hastens Christian. These birthday tax. It's like Euro vapid piece of shit, your career as well about their self funding. He used to write an hearts Cusack in Algeria, we like the most beautiful thinking card and then across the whole party right fuck, you read it in those tasty little innocent pack and I now makes it all. I love him. So was the somebody, so that movie that that worked huge in that and then that was very much a break out role for you did you was their someone's career at that moment, you were now. No answer top not vision into stereotypes. I don't know I guess I've got nowhere to go if you're completely Margaret. I think that as well. existing. There was an actress. You are like that's the shit now beginning
what he was doing his enemy. I didn't and be in a romantic comedies, and it took me forever to do another one again, because I just want to people wrong. It was that I lay concept of good. This is me my career, I dont want to be famous. I just want to keep working and sounds like the only way I can keep workings if I keep doing different aspects. This industry, not over saturating it and not being annoying, and so that's me some people to secrete, but that's my one tactic going into does like longevity Riah like those nobody there good emulate other than like your obvious actresses, who are still working like. I just want to be working and doing things, I'm proud of right, and that was the one thing that has like whether this movie does it well or this movie tanks. I realized early on its Adam, I control, yeah. I can go and do the best I can do and then what gets Frankenstein in the edit room is is not. I have no control over.
I might as well be handed over Libya, so I for myself, for I and so forth, was like. I want to pick projects that inspire me that I can grow from that. I can learn from that. I want to start. I sat with people that are better smarter than I am thinking, educate myself from and then be like. If it's a failure, I still benefited run lots of nuclear Energy I went and saw that movie at the premier accompanying Kristen. We just had started dating when that movie came out and I thought there were to kind of miracles of that moving one is Kristen. Is the antagonists she's, the bitch you cheated on that, and I could she was so likeable. I was so weird to like have compassion for the bad guy, the villain in care like removed by her when she was sad everything that's me was huge accomplished. and then you- and I even remember as we are just starting to day I was I I got a really monitor how many common
sending out loud about media, because I thought you were spectacular thinks that this is going to be the phase of the interview that makes you very uncomfortable because to me there's there is back to back. Performances rose like oh, my god. This is my female Russell Crow, You are so unbelievably natural and real in Sarah Marshall, which is a kind of heightened reality. but then, beyond that black swan, which you weirdly get free, Sarah Marshall right, I dare new reality, had seen her and now in thought. She could do this another Blake, a jet appetite that I think you know people innocent israeli help, learn from like certain aspects of these humans. They allow people to break stereotypes, tat otherwise would be handed to the young, but I will say, prior to box one I was able to do another movie, that was a drama, was filled with incredible actors that I will always be.
back these two directors for hiring may come from veterinary was that it was a book of July and it was an eight year old man and myself. You know like how did I get into three humans like it was such a crazy aspects of that happened right after I had that moment during the table. Read of the judge, those are ok. Robert, only junior robber, double hull build above Thornton Vincent in Africa who let deck shepherding here is a veritable Maybe I was like one of those, whereas economic ETA came over doing this, but what the facts movie about like it, wasn't so clear perspective or not, and I would like what are we to a man who knows right? Then? Then then, before was released, a book of Eli enable Covey lousy. How did I get my? of into this we humans and then blocks one head right, so I went to see black swan for two reasons. I love there. Anyone asking movies
and Natalie Portman had been my number one. My whole life had a pitcher over my toolbar. Closer regarding the hanging posters. If someone was now apartments, I go to see her. I'm her number one fan yeah. I think her performance is dawning s amazing, what a beast yet, but I am more within the first twenty minutes am, I will hold on I'm not interested now department meal is sound, I mean that serious began again I felt like I had the kind hamper how I said this dressings. I think we watch it together, but I was like. Let me just say I think my favorite performance of ever seen an actor do is If you are in the wrestler I'll, never see the ressler, I think, would Daniel day. Louis's does. Cool. I cannot comprehend what he does. He becomes other people and these accents and all that shit, but
no never one I'm watching Daniel they lose, does a trigger a memory of how I acted in a situation in theirs, the ressler where Mickey work has trash the store he works at him and then it gets. Was Van he's been fired and he looks in the rearview mirror and I just know: ninety nine point, nine hundred and ninety nine percent of actors would have looked in the mirror and done something shameful face in like you know, bruited, and he looked at himself and he, Are you laughing at himself because he was so embarrassed by what you just did not only have had their moment like twenty times. Words like I do something humiliating than I gotta go p. I just see mice reflection in the mere, and am I only just such a disaster, and I start living in it brought me back to that. I had that feeling watching you the entire time in black Swann. This is a real human being. This is our I'm watching a real human. Be totally forget it you. This is a real person, you just so natural in that movie.
unbelievable. I don't really know how you did that. I think the really tempting thing would have been to do, for you is oh I'm. In addition, errand ascii movie I've got a really act. My ass off. Like that cross your mind. Like I gotta I just. I just think it took a lot of courage to go in there and just do the thing you did did any of this kind your mind I led daring guy, may I view this. I'm pretty sure does one million different characters in the current floor. Having dared Ella, get this character every which way possible in every case and was very challenging while we were shooting it yeah. How does your ego take? great at this I'd get defensive pretty easily. If I saw aphelion secure on that, then I get combative a little bit later. Are you in that scenario, soberly out of light? Barely I ought to say, but I will say this
about there and I think, do before we start a production. He was like listen, this character can go any which way and we were Hearst and we did it every which way we did her polite mean evil crazy, not greatly night every which emotions those like an acting class We will have to work and would be like, so I guess we'll just do it every which way and you just have to cut it together, because it was to such a weird character to play a y know how she is like you don't, because it such a b manipulation, even if you lay the audience and so and I will always give daring credit for he works with his actresses in a very specific way. And what is that? What is that? ouch, he break them down a little. You know he's like you do take great. Let's say you, you come into the room, becomes a day hey. I forgot my briefcase in here and you do that once and then what he says cut and what does he say when it comes to very quietly Europe occupation, got cut your appeal,
Imagine I would answer. I would like to have a baby, It is not that mean there is what are the loveliest nicest flimsiest human beings on the planet in a suit we're chill and that nearly ass dark ass people wanting to me he would just come and give you like two to two words you do or towards its anything from them like enumeration, will largely be we like. Ok now you don't really like her. You think she's a bet on just walk away. oh, really simple, vulgar it's not like aggressive towards how you previously had done it. It's a different hake, you think of it. This way, that's good at that when you think of it this way, and so because the character with such a weird like a shrill, my religion, when we were her said he was like what he thinks, she's really saying, every single line. He made me breakdown and be like what are you saying what she said
with an element that justifies every care to have it in a movie, the death, my character that may or may not exist. Yeah it's in there could even lead to the thing I was argument. Work people end up just acting waging much there like every sentences, like some life ending declaration yeah, but but you didn't do that. Nobody also. You know it's weird thing. I because I think I've been doing this for so long. There's somebody actors that come to work in. Actors, and they want to make sure that you know, and you know that their reactors and they are serious actor everyone to do like this is amateurs, and I am the polar opposite like I. Heat that environment? I might we don't owe me to act like we're always acting like it's ok to just chill the fund. Our do you think that comes out of a few theories. Online actors do that
Why actors act like their acting to hear whether explaining to you how much research they did, how much practice they justify digital voting act like a real actor. I think so many egos get involved and I climate emigrate actor. I do so much work and you need to respect me because I'm the best- and this is why the best and look at what I do know be quiet sit there only wear black. Don't look at me. Look away like in your life whom I got. This is the worst environment. For me to be a year. I have a couple of years, one else. It's silly fucking job. you almost feel silly on some level you like white. This is the job. I got to say these lines, someone on a piece of paper for a fat camera. That's passed. You no pointed at me, so there's cumbersome, weird guilt built in like this can't be it like. This is all I gotta do so I feel guilty or fraudulent That's what I'm doing so, I'm going to do all this extra work to justify that this is a job worth, do green or something like there's some weird. You feel a little fraudulent like you can just be. This could
so I got to I got to like. I got to do to make this really complicated to justify. Why I'm getting this big paycheck just want another one. Is we all feel scared? We all feel like? We don't deserve to be there. We all feel outclassed by other people's, basically telling everyone else around you like I do deserve to be here. I have this back story I went and hung out with almost people for seven months, like you're, almost the ear almost Like cutting a number heading, my house, I dont mind people doing homework right. I actually think homework trade who show much homework. I do so much more than a shop. Does that may throw it all away random, like whatever happens, gonna happen. I know what I need to know right done. That's not my issue, my issue, that we will come to set an onset or like I'm serious actor, and so my through behind. That is not necessarily all that. I think it people think if they don't act serious than they won't be taken seriously. I think it's as simple as that like what I just shoot on actors, but also defend them and say we have the only job on set.
We will fail at our job many many times in from the whole crew. It's not like that that the lighting guy they go all operate. Aunt, Kate turned the ten k on an eternal turn the line on an won't go on. Then he puts another court tries and it won't go on and we all stand there for twenty minutes watching him try to turn a light on these failing, failing family. If that happened to that guy You have some weird shit, yeah associated with that job. but we do we fail at the job in front of all these people sometimes, many times in a row sometimes thirty times in a row and it's a very can lead a lot of fear. Two hundred yet so am. I am sympathetic to people who we too. I think that this there's times when you just wanted to be quite like I get it it's just I d like always having to be so the asking me say, and you had you: ve had exposed relationships of directors, not explosive, because eight, but I've had hard relationships. I'm just gonna stay
It might my observation, but you is Europe Bawler, dear you're, like I've, seen you on the set of both bad moms, like you have allowed ownership over that space, you're very outspoken. you seem to have boundaries year, you're, just the eat, your assertive hats in it in a very good way. I think in a healthy way, and I'm curious did- is that something that developed or the always been? That way is that the russian immigrant girl, that's just got a lot of fighting her? Is it your parents? Is it were you were you in work situations where, after fact you like I got a fucking learn to stand up for myself or is it is natural to you or is it Oliver? It's all the things I think like if you're gonna break it down psychologically of what led to it? Probably Oliver. I guess I do it's consciously it's all I I guess I dont Amanda
aware of that. I am certainly not that's the gods on. Do you not know, but I think that I respect my job here and I think that I respect the people that that I work with an end. That's it like we're all they are trying to do the same thing and if I show to set nominee asshole, why should anyone be nice to me right, sir? I tried to just be likenesses. Do this: let's do this while acknowledging our southern, let's move on and paint or go home and zero families. Vs outer that's assertive and that maybe I don't know but I don't know that I don't. I guess I think, you're a sort of giving so I do and what regard then. I think male actors get away with a lot and I I think a lot of actresses, don't for whatever reason, because it's a male dominated industry, they dont feel empowered to be just as lot of a voice as anyone else's. So I think it's its unique when you see a woman that feels that that recognises her contribution, her value in her
power in the scenario and uses it, but what am I think? I think I think you do that. But what am I doing? I guess I'd this genuine question. What do you think Do you are outspoken answer regarding what but say bad moms? Ok, can I take happens Yeah me you're, not going over to your chair and start texting and wait for someone to come. Tell you what they think the thing should be you're going on, and I think it should be this year, you're very vocal involved in why what it should be? Ok, now I understand I realize it: I was what asserted you're, not a passenger on that no but graphic me, a very long time so I'm curious about now, because it is very unlikely that didn't quite understand this demands. I think there are people that are you, you you're in a very small group of people, that's male and female. That are a! U can use the start, you're you're the face, that's on the poster and movies get green, let based on you, and I There are some women that, even though there that they don't ever own, that the power of that or or or
you norms, ain't. I do know you're saying it's so funny pointed it out. I think it took me and I ain't I was it is, and maybe this is gonna get me in trouble. It took my husband for me to have that really yeah, Look ok, interesting, yeah. Tell me tell me: how did you could say that entails asylum layer to that? There is a second layer to this that that come up. So much of my confidence in who I am in what I am capable of your contribution to think my contribution comes from, ashen sand eels. You can. I recognise that many because everybody, it's not like my other partners or anybody might never did its it. Some you don't say like lead by example, area, when you look at him and when he saw updating- and I realized how he how he held himself, how he did business, how he spoke to People- I was like wall so like I've said this before in the past, but I'll break this down really small negotiating.
We'll go because that was a second part. Partners can come up with, because I've also observed in you that you know your value you get paid, what you're worth yeah, which is also rare, so I'll, say this, and I say this to ever: and I think that I learned this unhappy. Learn it in my life, I'm bomb that I learned it later in life, but ok when during this industry, a messenger Adrian publicist lawyer of a bunch of entities that are working for you all around at all times and you let them do their job. Ok. So I come from the school of thought that led the agency, the agent imagine a manager. The Lord visit said I stood back and I was like just heard me they worms was to go I'll. Go to my addition, I'll act out, and then I get it. You know whatever that's my job. I started astern and ears, like that's nice job and as I could he mean- and I was I cannot comment. I would say something about like a job when offering a job, and he was I get on the call and as it but my players on the com there doing the thing and eagles get on the call another. Can I get on the call rhinos like, of course you can and it wasn't until he told me.
Not only should I, but that I could do, that everything changed from a and they sorting out on all my calls. I will take note- and I was like I don't know this word means I don't know what put his paw. If I'd had roused distributors great, even plus twenty, like what are these things, and I would literally like beer, my computer as these conversations we're happening and start like researching terminology that I should have known when I was twenty and I didn't, and so why somebody else be fighting for me when I can barely fight for myself and you lose your walk away. Yes- and I and that's one, I think everyone happened for me was when I walked away for the first time, refugees it's really really tricky. The wage gap is air, real thing, obvious thing, yet
but it is also multi. Faceted witches is challenging for people they wanted to be wanting any other. Certainly huge part of it is massage any that men don't see. Women is having the same value as men have. So that's a big chunk of it start by saying that, but in our industry in particular, people are gonna pay you one penny more than they have too much. Is a fat studios not trying to pay someone equally they're, not trying to pay any one fairly they're trying to, You for as cheap as humanly possible an eye witness this with Bell. We at the time where we had similar movie careers. I was making twice as much as her. I didn't provide twice as much value that we all agree on that but I would say no in she just wouldn't say no. It wasn't in her nature, so part of this wage gap that exists within our industry. There's massage any there's a lot of bad things. Also, we need to educate women on their value and
hours. I know on some level rise, hell yeah, it's abuser, unfair that you guys would have to start acting the way we do business, but it is a market it just a man. You can't be mad or sad at him. I think that the people that can say no should say now can I think it's unfair for me to ask a woman who has done single mom, who has to raise your child to say now. I want I wouldn't, but I do right. So I am in a position where I can say now and that's what happened. I began a physician. I was able to say no, and so, Then you find out the true value because by the way they have a number they have of it, We specific number were that the project no longer makes sense to pay. You x amount of money. You have to do this amount of business whatever, but that number is known and its real simple of you walk away the time that then they're gonna move on, which also happens. what you got a role that I saw and that's what I was ok with, but I was only ok with me because I had a partner that said it's ok right like I no longer fell,
I was alone in this, and so it was a really weird interesting situation, and I don't think that this is I want this to be misconstrued is like you can't walk away unless you have a partner. Now in life. I do have a very different perspective, but at the time the reason why was it to walk away. They gracefully and happy with decision, regardless of that movie, did well or didn't do well. Here is because that somebody going you deserve more write another. I didn't think that they deserve. before, but I was so scared that, like, if I didn't do this, that we were gonna, think I'm a bitch or people think of me as lesser that there are some gender stereotypes that are worth mentioning. Witches are a women think fucking. God are generally the compromises in a family they're the ones going: ok, son, your yelling at dad and dead you're doing this and here's a middle road for you guys to pursue men,
fortunately our like fuel to test our stronger, like no, let's burn this fuckin thing to the ground: it's it's bad! It's not good, but men don't do deals on emotions, correct women do yet that's a big. yeah that is its and whether we will your superpower is your emotion. That's what makes you infinitely than us in many many ways sore, but it's I think it's ok to recognise it as a potential liability. When, when demanding your worth, it is it's a. He has different. I've never seen a man be liked emotionally, Drain from ideal happens right design, but, like I, take everything so personally and lie counterpart in life. Doesn't runner and that's a thing just like I think that that's just male female also does so much business, which is where I learned so much of this fund really does happen from like lead by example, and my example on business. All of a sudden was my house,
yeah, and he he himself has done very well for himself. He's generally always done well in all deals. He he just has that innately in him to know what it is taxi, educated and south. It wasn't me he has other people do is deal for him and so like you can say that he does well by the circumstance that he's telling you whatever it is. The truth is he's simply educate himself from the ground up. You learn how to make a deal. He learned how to vet a company. He will learn how to just do other things. Like normal people go to business school mark. Was there a job in Europe have the name, but was there a job or after the fact you in holy fuck they were all making acts and I was making Y yeah that happen. It happened and then they walked away. It's kind of him kerosene, rye and some level. It's like way is I've been condor, something YE ass. It was so like just like a weird fuck you and I was like wow.
Big fuck you to me, but you know what it's ok, because only granted. Maybe but again, that's that's where I would go. It's not a fuck. You too, you they're, gonna, pay everyone. The least amount can't, say really Amazon. No wonder you now! I can turn around happens right, unlike let's say, there's like another one. That's maybe gonna happen, you're like all right, we're, gonna, fuck and even the score, and this one rate island there like. No, then you go to shape. My friend. Well I mean I don't know you. I walked away when I I'd Lena weird way feel like it, and then a really good time in my life, and I was very humbled by it beyond like ours, like it's cool, you're, gonna one it. It is unfair that you basically my recommendation, is you're. Gonna have to act more male in these negotiations and you're gonna have to
say: fuck, you I'd rather not only male habitat me. I won't get here about. Historically, male within our, I don't think it's fair that that's the compromise, but I also think the market is what the market is here. I think that sometimes actors is going to like I want this or actors and but you're, not worth that. There is amazing. There are incredible programs out there that you can literally just type in the name and all tat exactly the probability of how much I mean he's gonna make if we combine these actresses together. This programme does exist. It is in this industry and if you will follow it, I haven't
problems? Don't follow at the answer, they'll be like the low about the female resented the time. Yes, I understand this does a movie that up that without mentioning aims that we were trying to make, and it was the director myself into their actress- and it was just the two women in this was maybe five years ago there was a little bit before it like the whole, like let's make old movies by women for women with a male director to Ladys myself and someone else, and in so many students pass one will be tested in past. but assuming passenger I will, but what its two girls in a movie was incredibly well known any relevant while respecting of random the algorithm in it all worked out, and there are like right but who's the man right right that there is no man, it's just ass lady. Did you bring bad moms too, as tax? No, you didn't, who does hired as the eye, we were, as I read it when I was pregnant and was a whole other cast by their actresses, where
as was already it at all, and I erratic I call for mine red end with this is funny you just had a baby you'll find the script funny allows like already may write another dishes of really find it. Yes put it aside, never to be talked about ever again, and then a second to somebody knows that goes is really funny script. That mines would happen to undertake a blah blah blah blah bout, another, ok, and then they came to me. Ok, so you somebody else dropped out of it, but it was the first movie did after I take a minute often, and how long did you take up trees? Were you nervous during that time, at all horrified of doing the two years or during the winter in the two years New York New, I started a tv production company, I was so stopped, it was good God I had the best time, though I mean you're anomalous and a lot of ways like I'm. I'm I'm very happy for you that you didn't have that panic of, like God, I'm gonna be forgotten only. I was ok with me for that.
at that moment are jealous of anyone. Know no one like. Let me tell you I look at this mother fucker. Brad Pitt honour. I look at the sky help me out money anymore, I want you to look in my eyes and now my favorite Chris Pratt. While I love him, the no writer director actor. Donald. My I look at this in some and I go home teal into. Could you yeah, it's infuriating that the dancing and singing and directing the writing in the acting it's like I'm in wonderful way, I'm so intimidated by that guy's talent, his genius. So I feel that way about anyone and professionally ok, fine aspire! You
I have to say that I think anybody that that steps out of their comfort zone and takes a risk. Anybody form like I always is forcing the pops up is like a bleak Bree Larsson. Who would make an actress within decided to? I think directive any time anybody decides to step outside their comfort zone and dry, something now I was trying to be incredibly inspiring because I think that's the scariest is when you get so well respected for one piece of craft and then you're like me, you know what let me do something else in this industry that makes you so vulnerable, but there's no one that you, like you ll see in a girl like you. I am embarrassed even be in the same businesses them like what they're doing verses. What I'm doing. I hope you know what you're so healthy. You know what I can. I can really look at people. I really can't envy like they're doing great without having to look. I myself am belike. Why am I not right IRA, like I, that's really grants really great,
I don't know, maybe another version would being give me no a little bit. Nice too, like have a little fire light. Did you did you see the defiant ones? I did I loved it update inasmuch as I was loving it? I was like Euro lazy piece of shit, who are you? What are you doing? Look at Israel, are you doing? I know I looked at and I find it a little Adriano during that same lights, and may I didn't do it? is it com, then we will make bad ones. Then you embezzler, they you work well together. Cause bells the same. Why it's delusion in like manner for the lock you try clearly on the train path. Guy. What's the difference you let them dares to say this, but I'll say it. I didn't see Lollo land until yesterday in the plane
Jason. I live for years and said what I saw and I voted for the matter, but a great and Emma Stones ass. I can clearly voting for love, love how you someone I if I were you, I might think that about so. My point is, I didn't. I was like. I didn't see this movie, but I know em, it's gonna be amazing in it was like a stone and then yes from the plane I was watching, does not like She did such a green job, I'm so happy for her, but you like that's my genuinely think that like why, what am I gonna aspired to do be like and then I won't be myself. You know I'll do you either up? I would imagine a lot of fucking actors watched you and likes ones like I'm fucked. I think the way I look at been small. When I saw a wedding crushers as an aspiring comedian yeah, I was trying to become an actor. I summoned losing fantastic. He said every anything that can ever be said the jobs over its. I'll, never rival that it's over that
I like your Rachel Macadam in the Emma Stone and like a general like anybody, be like their doing so fucking great you're, like I think that the more of them that there are out there in a diverse setting the more excessive delay this industry will happen, will vote. We are absolutely on the car right home from parties What are you most likely to replaying your mind and be critical of all the damn set that I said? Ok, so most you put your foot in your mouth and all the time. Ok I'll say things in later life, I've been so it I've been lucky enough to be the recipient of one. That will remain nameless, but it gave me such pleasure to get a call for me. Those like, oh, no, I put my foot vows. This is gonna, be had to has trips, and I just was I You know it maybe happiest as that's. Usually me I'm somewhere. I say something I shouldn't said, and then I call somebody in it was so fun to be on the receiving end of a call, and I never gave
for me as a whole hundred, which was so lovely cause. I've also had that died, whereas, like I've tax it someone didn't risk by American. Oh, it was about him. Yeah lacks an assembly and then I literally the conversation ended shoppers and walked away. Now, as I did, I do like I had a moment of like like our panic and ancient into action. I need to call them that you, you know it's ok. I know I I I I myself have ended up being. Thank you. Took it fine the hours I loved anytime, anytime, something's someone else it generally have as it may. It is makes me elated with gratitude that is. Unlike all, this is normally me. I'm usually calling somebody in going out. She said this, so there is that it. So so my thing is when I'm driving home from party, unlike dude, let someone talk
I I like every time I leave somewhere. I'm like you talked ninety percent of the time. You were there and I'm so embarrassed by a thing. Is it over talking? If it is, I think I I just like conversations and name. Don't think that I realise how much I add to the conversation literally, and so my friend pointed out not that long ago we were in a double date and dumb and a friend of mine, a girl that he was seeing. We are meeting here for the first time later adding with their we leave the date and other children very talkative and then the next day new and as I have much to say this, because you and shut the fuck up and elsewhere. I was so inclusive. I gotta get out of your question that you like, and then you can answer remember noted Maybe maybe I have a tendency to voice my opinion,
but you know what I've been around junior talking again. I hoped I pray. This is what people's take away from me, as is the see you is so enthusiastic in that too, he is very endearing. That's no! It's like it's like when you talk to me about the broadcasts you you just
goin on this issue are some she's, so enthusiasm I loved this could go on for three hours and I enjoy because your confidence in your sound. Yes, that's exactly right. However, they depend on whose the recipient assure she could just be. It's come off. It is a blow hard like oh she's, most popular garriga. She should talk the whole night riding. Actually you perfectly conflict yourself. Are you like what I guess? I just think that I'm being retained by and that's not a lot of people so when I started dating Kristen it took years before by the way, living disclaimer. This is from my point of view. This could be all delusion and my have, but but but from my point of view, it took years before people embrace that christian iron item. I think the first half of the people like what is she doing? What the way I yes will look, look at a thing, that's hanging
of your head. Seventy two percent of people said they would not want to date. Me fear me people if we open you look for now. I do asked America would, you know, should Dax increasingly together, it would be. The reverse number eight would be. Seventy two percent would say. Yes, none of this means anything but I'll just say that I do think people no. No, no wise America sweetheart with a guy have only seen play a dumb ass rikers. I'm mostly made a career plain. Damascus,. What I feel like there was similar blow back at first with you and ashen. What was there? Ok, so I dont have social media. Ok, oh good, for you right now. What are you so help it yeah yeah, so they're probably was ok and I was the shields.
from it by him. Then I send you where I knew there were in. We were precautions of this. I guess I didn't realize what they would be. Brows like this is either go. One way that they do so here is my prelude to this I told my mama, seeing we were driving up Laurel Canyon and other Mama Italian, dating somebody and your shoe. They tell me and ass if you get a brace yourself for this one and show that another, no formal brace yourself, I'm dating asked in culture and achieve literally was like shut the fuck up in Russian or another. Now I'm serious, I also may be in love with him and she was like. I can't I don't quite like there are so many thoughts that she couldn't process, incidentally, was just like what isn't he we? What's because there's somebody versions of his light. The people thought he was known was a hundred percent in denial. you have been on the inside of him for fifteen years.
How do you know that's showers together, but I knowing him knowing over fourteen years, he played a domain son. Seventy show plays a dumb ass currently on the ranch bit. His sweet spot do the same one I know he's fucking brilliant. I also know that I dont think is obvious to the outside world. One of the hardest working human means of ever met my life, where I find to be very attract. Anyone that's industrious, I think, is an attractive, an admirable. So I dont think those are two components of his persona that people are largely aware. They think you The fucking revelation from black Swan, Mary Kelso or some people do. I think that people, just it was just such a bad we're trigger where, although I guess I'm really wasn't aware of this, but I want to say that he was come enough of a divorce was postponed
a post of office, but I think there is a lot of misconceptions about the divorce and because you are very private respectful, he wasn't gonna, go and say any more. We can adjust latin rumours, be rumours, and so people believe in the rumours that the owners, let him have this new personnel and by the way, amazing choice. I don't know that I could have made the same shows how to defend myself optically, it's not credible and he never dare to dislike. I'm just it is not easy to get going on about it, and so people have like a weird perception of who he was. based on rumours that he didn't correct because he never sure go to Hell. Disrespectful to the other examples show you to send a letter b, and so do you know it didn't matter too, because I knew the truth and we wanted to this relationship super transparent with one another. So we knew a hundred percent each other sports. We knew exactly who we were. We must actually emboldened everything and we were like accepted for who you are and its autumn it doesn't make it.
prince to me what Jos blow down the street, then yes, it's never the way that I lived. My life- yes, I just want to add I don't it never bothered me like. I never thought that I got what like is much as I respect. Kristen thinks she's the catch made, never felt less than that. I was so lucky to get her. Oh no, I deserve her. I never felt that it deserves. Yes, so they didn't bother me it, which is something I was aware of it, and I was like oh there's articles like how did you know how on earth did he get her? There's those things I'm that they're out. I think the only thing that I got was like you know how even like I'm. Your man was like has more to do with like infidel, but in our athletes, like you know, wandering I'd like whatever may be less than like. How did he get? Hirsch lay was less than that evoke our like coming first divorce would beg. You know like should stipulate that muddy water yet, but you have to go.
just kids wonderful on board and that little is one bear the holy smoke in recent years, I almost brought in by the way I was like when, as I know, Let me like this. I'm used to chaos. Yea lie so, We have now made me tell the story few times twice. I have only made twice. This was the agreement that I will come and sharing. If I found it I'll horribly, embarrassing story andreasen. so when I was a kid there is a really popular movie called real genius without him, and there is a bad guy in the movie and at one point they stated the bad guy in the movie, Hey Chet. Why were you naked in your room with a bowl full jello, and I was only eight or nine, when I heard that- and I thought oh that would feel nice to put send some jello there and you know
My family didn't eat jello, so we didn't have any in the house so, but for- an plus years. It was in my head that that would feel nice to have put your penis in some jello, so finally move Dalai, I'm in an apartment, I'm all by myself and also just occurs to me. Oh my goodness I go. The store right now and by Jello. I have a car. I've got money. So I go to save on drug store in by Crazy luck. There are running a sail on Jello via five it is for an hour. So I guess I give five by the yellow is, unlike this is gonna, feel awesome. I'll probably want to do this kind of often I go home and I I make out what is called a Mason jar full of Jello. Ok I make it I've? Never I will hold that's all. I've becomes part of it, so but how many I make this batch of jello and aid.
even realize like this. Shit's got a cool and I was well as making it I'm getting aroused. I'm thinking like I'm about five minutes away from making love and then come to. I don't know this needs to chill in the fridge. So then I put it the fridge and then it just sit there in my lazy boy, my apartment waiting to have sex with his job. I think an agonising how long it's taking the cool this jello downright so finely it's ready. I go into the kitchen, I pull it out of the fridge I dont like take it to the bedroom or anything online. Do this here, which in many ways I gotta do. It would have felt weird to take it to my bed and do it right now would have found me? Yes, Madame I hear all playing around with it. So I am sure that the retired apart I thoroughly opposes it over the air. Has everything else is vital. So I put my penis in those Mason joyful Jello. I give it a couple of homes within a couple of pumps: I'm just humping coup,
the whole thing is design right. There's, no, there's no resistance, there's no more action, just sloshing my penis around in a jar of red water like this. fleet disaster, there is red water all over my floor of my kitchen and I just throw the thing in the sink and unlike what that was a disaster I wake up the next morning. I'm going p and I see my penis. I have like some splotches am I feel like. Oh, my God, die in yellow attached itself to a sexual. Try made a disease. I have seldom disease that die has adhered to and expose some disease. I have I'm convinced I have a venereal disease, hey. I have no insurance so I go to an allay free testing clinic and I go in there and they put me in this little behind the curtain. I hang you know, others going, ok, so
the doktor comes in, and I can only assume that this lady graduated from medical, a minute and a half before she walked in the room. She had to be twenty four in sheep as a hand. When I tell you she's a ten, I mean she look like melian blacks want more attractive. So I stand up May I speak to you at black slot machines. They had already established and is theirs and is now reference in it, but I Would you want to know that, my goodness this, the doktor is a ten and so She goes out what's going on and I said well and I'm not going to admit that I fucked a glass at Jello. So I said oh my girlfriend and I were beer, meaning with Jello inflation, I'm trying to make it very medical when she goes ok, I said you know there is jello involved in an oral sex and Molly she goes. Ok. Will
see. What's going on, she gets on her knees. I'm standing, I pull my penis out. She grabs at she lifted up. She looked, and she says to me: she looked up at me and my eyes and I'm says what flavour was the jailer and I go strawberry her and she goes I like raspberry and I became one hundred and five percent erect immediately she goes. I like raspberry and I will get us ranging boner straight interface to the point where she kind of like had to back up a little bit, and she goes that's nothing. You have a rash from the gelatin. You don't have an ass tb and she let me go on my way, but she said I like rather, and I got fully hard interface stories out over our now I've been made. Girl Bree? Yet she then moves in more living together for about
a year occasionally after dinner. She well want me to make some jello and I know I'm not in the mood for Jello disease. ok and then, like a third time, do you want some jello? Finally, that after a year of being together and she's offer Jello like five ethical honey, I don't like Joe, I hate Jello, I'm never going to want the Jello. She goes why you fear or boxes of gelatine tallow and it go because I got the I thought there Jello. I bought that Jello to have sex with it and it didn't work. I don't know I didn't throw the boxes away. There are only worth eighty cents, I don't know you like. Ok, you had sex with some jello that still Moreover, I was still in the governing. How can you be so happy ass, dozens, dozens raspberry. Sadly, coming on vs rises to hurt, you know. No, no one would say that with Edward
it can hand was twenty ITALY if a clerk in a sexy way. I got a boner at one like there's, no way you're telling me I'd like raspberry with your face by my penis, and it's not gonna end you now. You just isn't sexual stuff like that which she devil may have said in this house. Had she not I really just fucked a glass of jello. Do you think she would still said I like raspberry behaving like oh he's now you see, as we know these guys having sex with dessert kitchen. Could be related to the bed well. That was my jello story telling you that you're here, because you have a movie the spy who dump me coming out August August, what Yeah we're going down the object of August for about it's like you, then where's thanks, fourth or fifth, whatever their days, the Friday Rangoon, it's a big,
action comedy with Financing Committee is rightly the I watched the trailer lodging. I make an in August there. Thank you too big. This is for me a cape Mckenna whose you're crazy funny representing one of the most brilliant, smart, interesting humans. I've ever met really yeah just said about talent and away where you watch your oil great. it. Also not you know. Sometimes you give people like. Oh, you expect them to answer questions a certain way and economics predict Why, then they are the way they are away: yeah she's, the antithesis, everything every time I was like oh now, this is gonna go down, and I would ask her a question. Should answer complex earlier homer, but it was also that's great, yes, but also the action in the trailer look dynamite like motorcycles out, if I saw that was dry, nor even so, our action with the same guy's dead bond other bottle and are movies a comedy, but our action is like very lives it shot like an ax movie.
Take my don't play professional anything's. I play a girl that works at the shoemaker. Smells Ok, I made her smile Vienna Link in LAS Vegas it plays, I can sparing actress enlightened, Lusby less, and so we are too shocking girls trying to figure out her life and we go on this adventure shares your boyfriend Numb shoe and it turns out he was in sight. practice or yes or no other wine or beer boyfriend in the movies. Just answer yes, government right do you enjoy I love him. I didn't know you had a sexy mother, fucker, anyone it rides motorcycles and only when you now interesting. You have done a lot more of these great images like super game. To do absurd, share good, very good, looking guy in the body point very lively resembling tat. I know some like that. You know
I wouldn't know out again now that brandy in early life, how I love men's bodies there he seems very fit. He takes care of himself. Yes, he does enjoys, go to Europe to shoot it. Yeah three months in Budapest or whatever the numberless Buddhists. Passion is two cities right, blue impassioned. It is divided by a river Yeah denial that Africa, life unbearable island and a buddhist item mostly workin, the pesticides. I did bad months too, and then for a month to month. Whatever that questions and then the next week I flew everybody to Budapest raw about whenever gonna do it again. Here there are thousands of it was worth it was. It was an unfair situation for him because he saw to work here. and going back and forth now he was just up all night. So the way the time difference happened was he would be during the day with the kids right. We had nanny, so it's not like he was going by myself and went help and he was with the kids.
in any doing activities and going Albina, whatever keeping everywhere busy and then at night he had to work so he barely slept for whatever it was three for four months It was amazing. Never once complain about anything, and I was like I was right in wonder Bob. I guess I talked about getting the sitting on a safer with people and I didn't expose who the people were, but it was you you said you didn't care if you ever really say, as it can be a little shout out, but when it was such a lovely thing to me who salient I religion and almost always went down my eye when de Mulder yeah yeah yesterday. That gives, because you as you know, that's right. You said my friends do this year and it's just something that asked and I decided to do a monster, sell things, I'm not religious right at all right. And ass. It is when we certainly provisionally saw you from New Jersey or long Island is so I now at war. warned me I now that's gonna go I feel like I've got kind of a long island. Vibe is really weird you're born and raised in my life. I can not born and all that
I think that I didn't yeah. I don't know what it maybe it's him. combination Naomi boy, they want to sound like a valley girl when I was a teenager, and so I fought against it so much, I think that one of the other way, but but Sayer I said I shall ask you already knew very religious, very religious jerry, to live to me, the one that is much anymore. I not religious whatsoever and, as I listen buddy, I love you so very much less like find a happy medium here, because that's not I I don't. That's not me. So we found a happy balance of like what I grew up with was tradition, and I think tradition is beautiful. Maiden thing is to be based on a book in tradition is what you make sure and so I've, but but to that point I also think that the stories in the book books, whatever you look at it, I think, are really beautiful moral story.
just look at them is like a right verses wrong. Your story telling aspect it's great variables, yeah. Yes, you don't need to start a war over. That's my argument against. So let's just keep. It is a really great story, inlets uphold tradition, and I love the idea of rigour. I of where we are in the world, regardless of what we're doing on Friday night, we take a minute to just acknowledged one another to acknowledge our children to acknowledge your family say I love you. You apologize for the dumb shit that we do and move on, and that's how I looked at should not to me about what did I call Sayer line, but it's a neat little reset for the family, because these, I think, resentments and general heavy piling of nature to them the biggest build on top of one another, and it seems like a really practical physical activity you can engage in two
two to regularly take out the trash. So what do you say? We give our edits if I did anything so we do so a couple things happen it and are not most about like ours ours is recover. Their faces and lamb blood debate process has become an everyday like covered perfectly imagined, well, landscape, Mars is yellow everyone way make out. When I left them, I don't have to allow the liner. Why do I dont have jail? I wanted to make a jealous primarily to breed and fuller temperature, What are you really do you offer? Should I am so normal about our hours long and require a lot of work? That's too much for me! Well, it doesn't it's not necessary you like it. Just not
the point of it as some for me, as a kind of. Why would we make sure Bobby about and all ultimately eyes like our kids are gonna get older and there are going to spend time with us just winningly what happened today? does that on Friday night you can have been with us right. That's all right. You like that to me was like Friday night we're all gonna get together and while just gonna talk and we can talk about the weak and we're gonna nobody's gonna talk my boy Bobby gonna wanna play video games. My girls gonna show me, but on Friday night we're all gonna sit down. look he shot in the eye and say I love you and what did you do this week? What did you do this week? Just we connect for a minute right, like that's the long haul right now, with the attention span of nets, which is what our children have arch about, is five minutes long and it consists of you liked to candles I didn't the religious aspect of it's like once in the mom once for the dad right, you like the light you can buy in the light you say, nice little prayer say a prayer for your children. You say preference
cyber the prairie the present Eu Hebrew. Yes, I will only say that the lighting the candles arrest actions that doesnt. Why it she knows. You know Sonia freedom. She doesn't MRS Barnett Aurelia enterprising? Yes I know that I can talk he just it's just repetitive, just repeated he doesn't know. These same thing stands out. It's like a little like a trick. Nobody track Say hears about prayer, but we say that prevails in the prayer for the bread. You know we do couple blessings it literally minutes long and then we just apologize for whatever we did last week that upset one another and then resign of just move. It has done so in our relationship and over many years have been together. There's been no events like those El version of Monday. That relates to the past right, a lovely gonna be all relationships, have a big giant vault in their head, like longing to put that
vote. I dont may open this door and let all this out but finance cancer is aggravated yeah. I call if I have an issue, for instance. Sometimes I think that he's driving a little too close to the curb church, and so let's make a small issue that we have the unanimity that an unlikely learned currently rustling, like the curb, is right. There you clearly closet he's like I clearly been driving longer than you were female, but I will always say I'll, never not say like here's, a faint baby. This is making me fuckin crazy. If you say you're too close to the curb yeah you're gonna be saying that for the rest of your life and he's gonna always have argument against. Why? Yes, not If you go honey, I'm so scared, oh yeah yeah got any that doesn't stop, we have clear, does not arrive, because I'm your lady ever tells you they make her emotion, you fix it. If you tell me I'm not command of this vehicle girl, I could get within a fucking a sheet of paper of that curve and not hit it now. It's now are arguing Samantha yeah, so ice when site
we bother because I remember you and us pregnant. I was like you're trying to kill me review China, the worst thing, you're good sense like right now he makes it is like a specific part and mulholland that he very hastily wings outlawing fine. I want you to hear you say yeah, but I will always I've always been very much if I am unhappy got something in a relationship or friendship. I will always know for reasons other than like, let's just clear this up really fast cuz I've been in places where I have it and then I get resentful of, and then I expect them to read my mind yes and you know, be a psychic and know that I'm we all do. We really think our partners should retirement yeah and I dont like present Gb Passiveaggressive to me, is like a bitch I in peace, and I think that a lot of passiveaggressive comes from that. I think people their passer aggressors words one another, because you don't actually want to acknowledge the problems it doesnt passiveaggressive. I don't find you to be passive growth so that your very up front
I am neither there's been a long time coming. I think I speak for Monica, and I say we love That is why, if I love my mom was about twenty so bow advance. Bards again now get out of our first on cherry here and I think that deserves some kind of coordination. I'm never hairs area and have sex with it in the open air, bathroom and unoccupied dignan.
Now my greatest guarantee again very loudly and shortly thereafter, fish meal. I love you think he has learned everybody. Please please, please go see the spy who Don Fernando, thus promoting a movie yesterday. This is why I wish you luck in all this trouble. You I love you. How do you really? Are you ready rescued at all its other uses? Start you have see fights wherever they still do, yeah, I'm unfamiliar. Are you ready to check me? Yes with facts? Yes,
I started by saying cause. You told her that I dont p very much and I said yeah, I'm like a cam all, and then we were questioning whether camels, BP and habits of a human right, and I couldn't believe there wasn't much to be said on how often they p, but their p can bias as syrup because they retain so much water. Ok, so just like on maple syrup dribbling. Now, basically, I hope it's not a lotta maple syrup. I think you're right but they must not be a lot because making be letting that water our desire, recycle it recycle it until you get a deep, thick amber paste correct. What is it that the mosquito frozen in is an amber like from Jurassic, that's how they discover that the dna further
dinosaur, mosquito, had better dinosaur and got frozen and amber and sounds? Writes me. Ok found there. you're right camels can drink up to four gallons of water. At a time and the reason they can goes along without waters, because their red blood cells are oval shaped no Kubi an interesting. they can resist seventeen days without drinking water under a scorching heat. That's a great asset to have if you're you're habitat is the desert I guess it's out without saying it's pretty ideal. Yeah really worked out well, for them Cereal podcast. We talk about that little bit and norms such a good that such a good podcast. If you have not heard cereal, then though die, or this will hold a now. Don't don't go to,
I go listen to Syria or but but are there and then the spin off they have a spin off witches S. Town mouse. A man tat, really enjoyable but cereal original. Yes, I got asked where a lot of folks on twitter because we had mentioned it before and they know we disagree, and so people are wondering where we disagree in a mass and I've. I've been honest about that, which is why do you think he is innocent? I think you now you are saying that I am not. Even though does what your position is. No one here has had this conversation so often where I say that is not my position you just say he's got? He had an unfair trial, yeah yeah, that's true, and then I don't really care. If he did it, I didn't do it. He shouldn't be in jail right now. Ok, based on his trial. Ok, but do could. Could you say whether think he did or did it human gun feeling about it. I don't care
I know a wrong. It's ok. If I'm wrong a year, I feel terrible things sometimes guilty. I don't I don't know I don't know, but I wasn't Roger. They should get you on the dream, very good job. Have you done ever more and I the shadow of a doubt, yeah yeah yeah, the burden of proof. It's real ok, the world of Warcraft podcast she did is called one of swords. Podcast one is George yeah. That sounds like a play on words, but I can think of what the original cliche would be. yeah swords there, like some famous one run one one on swords. That's a mystery to me: I dont now be aroused gets being Q does, but I don't know what it's referencing one of swords,
I mean something in world of work. Some mean radical in some reference to most likely. So if you, if you want to check that you can do- You mentioned your honor writing riding vacation, and so I think that could be confusing for people, but you you go before when you would do right project. Writing w are eighty. I and all you think sounded like riding it bar. I Angie decide. I just happen to know that way. or tat common thing that comes up in my voice, dictation on my text messages because I deuce used the word writin alot, yeah, there. I guess it's a low probability word, so they always go to writing or I don't know I think correctly year, set when you pronounce it. You you're saying riding with a d writing their produce,
as opposed to arouse advance the cylinder thing about voice dictation. It really teaches you how we use. Be yeah, yeah, closure, em, there's only time for without we're gonna throw the metallic. Oh now that there's computers- Kids won't red anymore and was ironic. Is kids pray? right now more now than they ve ever written has texting so popular brought back. Writing but not grammatical writing, yeah yeah! I don't think too high of a standard ungrammatical riding if you're communicating like the goal of communications, communicating the other shit is like highbrow what eat, what he want to delineate between classes. I think it's an intrinsically a little. It's a measure. You know me. I got a chip on my shoulder about fancy people so
my only gets dead, tend to have some sense of grammar. Will there is a different? I dont have a sense of it and then choosing to disregard it like if your speaking with your friends and a specific way, yeah you know is not saying people should be texting, grammatically right. But in a very Lou Arbs, that's great, I go I'm glad they have short and totally obvious to tilt sobs and winner I support that when I was in middle school, I abbreviated everything before became a thing Do you think you started the yeah there the one thing I let me most about the fact check, as we can count on one drag. It urgently is my very fair by trying to do without bragging, and then you ask her
as you have you invented abbreviating. I just said I create everything which I do know is that I am invented it exactly this trap me. It's not really my foaming, speaking of which I sent you I wonder whether I was heartbroken was other heartbroken or incredibly flatter. See that someone is has a bow Deez nuts someone sent me a photo of a boat on a trailer traveling down the highway and on the back of the Deez nuts. Now it will save the sticker. Look really new to me. I know you want to believe it would be more comforting to believe that the person heard these not on the seditious episode and ran out. Name their boats is now that's what happened? I mean sure we could have independently come up with that clever name, but I prefer yet prefer that I had an idea that felt so unique that many other people have had I'm gonna. Let you believe what you want amusing than that.
About above these now four years are now well, you there's atoning. I desire you silly to think I wanna thought at these nods. I think it's silly to think anyone is the first to think up anything about well. Banana grumble using other people have referred to a gas at his high Randal filling up at its possible. If there is another person that that calls it a banana grandma, I feel like. I should be married. That person like that feels like star cross lovers well, because when he should hang with the guy wants these nominees or girl, it could be your new best friend
slash side, Peaceful Rosa hot Broad was like PAMELA. Anderson in the nineties is the owner of these knots boat. That would really put it over the time lag care. Would what that's like esoteric said. The hope that a whole conversation started because he said he created a word: yes, the the underpants, but it was underpants Gundhar pansy. Yes, in college, I created a product called gold, but gold alone, I wonder where the wonder where yeah what's that, which is where gold Bonn is, is like getting released. In your underwear I made for boys has nothing to do with me. Read out a maid of your own now, but
and was I get time- release gold, Bonn? Yes, ok, I'm not! Panties came pre loaded with a dose of gold. Again, where they disposable? Are you reloaded them that they have think like partner. Here, though now you know it is there was a silly invention, but now it could easily be an invention cause they have enough. They have like period. Underwear moves actually tell me more about period, but where are you? explanatory. Can I just say one thing about the word panties. I hate it when it's in reference to feed Well, underwear, I love using in reference to men's underwear. Panties, you don't like era the female. I know it sounds very purty in which is really funny because I'm a pervert I'm shocked, but I hate, if I over here, like an adult telling their child to Google
I owe you always want to throw all its sexual is innately sayin, alright, good in a sexual were now pennies. It sounds like something like a pervert who buys women's panties in the mail and then masturbates with them. What do you call them? Undergarments unmentionable underwear, mostly underwear or if it's for a guy, panties male pennies I'll, ask if I got a department store where your males unmentionable or males. Panties are like. I really want. I really want to refer to me on. These is panties I now so bad, but I dont think that they would approve of that. But I do call them me on these paeonies Boeing you're making a joke. In a story you say: Lake Inner she needed to change your panties. You say that I always say pants like also bring a backup Europeans or you're gonna need a chain.
your pants I'll never see again need to change your panties. That would make me feel like a or Mr Burns pervert arena of her learning. My second register, where, where nice panties allow, really it's up there with the word plethora for me, also paeonies Johnson, old town where nice aware that in general, ok, DEFCON One, you know I know I know I use it wrong, but I use intentionally wrong We submitted our societies, the opposite, like the common. The common colloquial is to say DEFCON, five, meaning them yes alert, but in reality the defcon system. Five is most safe yeah one is scariest, but nouns we're its counter intuitive to say we were at DEFCON one. If you like
I was bigger than when you said: DEFCON One are used correctly, yeah, yeah generally I'll, say DEFCON five, because I think in general people don't know the defcon system. then I'm workin on what it is: fine graduated levels of readiness for the? U S military! This was all during the nuclear states of large increases in severity from death can finally severe DEFCON one most, air. Don't you disapprove of that system and our first, I think one makes total said it does. Yes, Thanks vibes always more than one now right. Well, then, you think it a bit being more scary, tornadoes ascend the scale like a chief, five or whatever The only system I know about that. The increases in intensity as you go slower in numbers. Is this stupid deaf concepts?
what about about great a grades of burned. I use the thousand just about to say your third degree burn. Thirty. Eight were first degree burn is the worst. I believe you firstly, murders, worse and second degree, murmured agonizingly feels like you're getting closer to something, but I guess you get. Closer to new air annihilation? In all these cases, death you better bring a backup pair of panties because its get DEFCON, I'll see? You also, no doubt all bless. You feel a little bit of an outburst for Monica. There were some kind of declaration. I dont know what it was, but it was his strong,
That was a deaf come to me and I was not there. I was, I dont have big sneezes. You had terrifying changes thanks you do this really scare me that occur if they are crazy. Also over her heard me throw up. Yes, I have it's it's. It's quite zones like someone is rustling account of their death had and your sister has been just a tiny- sneeze of anyone. I've ever met in my life. Probably as a reaction to growing up with me with the sub noxious Nancy, says your mom has a similar studies have yet ass. Hers is in reaction to the FBI, does have a flock of us knee it's an earth. It's a ground shaken you get it from her, so to Clare, fine. I just want to clarify, because we talk about Annie and Kristen and about Christians name is Kristen.
Its Kristen Annie Bow, but or is it an Kristen? An bell is what it is and, Ashton's middle name is asked here, so I just wanted to clarify that she does went by her middle name for so long because you didn't like Kristen exactly do and then she changed her mind euro as people do not have any road of booze would have taken off as much as christian Bill what I think would have been the same. I dont believe and everything was Margaret pupil plants or something and even more so. Why does your unforgettable at her fair, using this new actress, Margaret pooping plans, you go away Have I seen you Demille either? No, if you further mourners rising, I played her weight. Who's got again. Is that the one is he and top gun? Now that's great grief, splash bands.
ok at what age do memories start forming. So this is there's this phenomenon for mobile debating yeah phenomena. Plural. I almost feel like phenomena. Singular whirl. the phenomenon is, that's definitely singular broker there. As an oh Brad, there's an episode of Oprah. I think choose: how can a J K rounding up over a booby bring yeah yeah yeah. She was talking to J corralling, I believe and She said the word human on thirty times in this in our view, and she was pronouncing it phenomenon because she's English, no Oprah was almost booby pants, Oprah Booby pants was saying:
so often and so bizarre early, every two or three seconds in and Anthea. I really got a big Kate, but now I have our team reading it- and I am saying it like the absolute yeah like laboratory, gray advertisement, fur strange phenomenon known childhood amnesia, so kids nor member events before the age of three when their small, but by the time there a bit those early autobiographical memories are lost, so they d do have the memory when their little that which is interesting and then, in a way which is sad for apparent. Well, it's ok. It is ok, and I am what I tell myself as the important thing is, that I remember remember, but it's nice when the person you love, can reflect back on this loving moment. You guys had together and then you can maybe
reminisce on it and that remember. We just had this conversation last week about the hugging in spelling of the drank, and you said that you get nervous that. as I think it so important to share memories. That's exactly why I'm nervous is. I know I recognise the value in it. I am sad that I can't meet you. There are sometimes it makes me feel bad, but you also it doesn't. It doesn't mean you don't love you yeah, so it so it's the same thing. It doesn't mean just because you don't have to hold the memories, but the impact is unfair. I'm ok, but so new researchers put the starting point for amnesia at age. Seven amnesia, this purely amnesia, certain so early memories, it you really have their saying now, don't start till seven, oh Jesus, why shouldn't take the girls anywhere can really flown in my ear and pick up the pace and a couple years? Yeah, that's good to know.
Scientists have long wondered about this about the cause of this baffling memory, loss and thought that language development might have something to do with it. but even rats and other animal, show a similar amnesia without language abilities. So I'm some canadian researchers floated a possible cause that the precipitous growth of new cells in the hippocampus, during infancy, known its narrow genesis. When brains are busy growing lots of new cells, they dont storm memories that would otherwise be lost they're, making their honour crimes, and so so that's it. Oh, my god, ok said the movie. She did make a wish Molly where she was the hispanic girl I washed up. Come it on you too many. Everyone should watch that immediately its so amazing
in what way and how aged yeah it's RO in this club, it's this girl Molly, who definitely is russian by the way are so don't need appealed to like it. She was a russian girl are only credit on. I am deeply ochre, so she good thing she got it exactly, but then what the part that so start up phase of Sheikh Yassin, people's whistle with said that the core, is Molly at a birthday party and she is going to eat some cake and then she changes from mine. You hear a russian voice in her head of sheep changes her mind, and then people at the kids are like wire. Enshiu eating like hey, owes its own. it was a covenant with the hour is a jewish thing. Tat S been kosher, its Passover. Ok, she can't, but meal meals character is freely. The should or just
mean do I saw me, I means improved racial pejorative, ethnic put your ass. She says she said Molly what oh they said my? Why are you eating the cake and meal said? I know I, my lonely cause Jews won't eat at Christians, houses and, if a Christian, etc, Jews, House Jews. Spray, the place afterwards and third, the silverware and the garbage What is not Brill, she was just a mean, mean bitch. She did she look. Wishy passengers span thing the kind of the liner and she inches. She was given a lax anything now. She was still attain a born here. the! U S, I mean, I guess it's the backs round and they know it. I only saw one small click. Ok, ok, sir. She said
for that seventy show they knew her age before she went to network and so for people who don't know that is during In addition process, your tv for TB, exactly First, first, you normally go and innuendo and forecasting director than if they like you, they bring you back to read for producers and then sometimes you have to go and again for produce the servers and then the final step in the audition is to read for the network. So, ABC or who have whatever a studio is making that show. You go into a big, and then they make you sign your contract before you yeah see that you know what your life could be like for the next ten years whenever and then you go in and it's a big, normally a big large space and filled with a very important people on it stressed You ve done that. No I've never done. I all I've ever known how to do it.
Oh yeah, you got you had a network audition, but it got cancel Yannick cause. I jinx it I wanted to celebrate so much that you were getting called back to network. It was so exciting and I I got carried away in an aging state, probably now, the Good NEWS is outdated. Yachting, while the shooting of beating go in that cast you guys they chasm for even got. There was a little butter yeah, it wasn't has anything. I dare say that is true, and shells mentioned the studio teacher. If you're under age onset, there's a teacher there that teaches you school, as required by law, seashells dimension, that that her parents were really generous and did not take any of her money. While she was working as a kid
So, in LOS Angeles in New York there is a law called the Coogan law. After a little boy actor yep his pairs took all his money, oh I see this as a law for child performers designed to safeguard a portion of their earnings from when they enter adulthood. So the law requires a child actors employer to set aside fifteen percent of the earnings and trust, often quoted Coogan Account and JAM yeah, but so, as only fifteen percent, I would have thought it was. I thought it was higher than that. So technically they your parents, consent. spend three money yeah, that's a little trouble and I now also trembling that Steve Coogan could just maybe withdrawal from these announce yet payments. Could you have access any of the living the of them loopholes so
Family guy got cancelled shortly after the third sees in which there in two thousand to it only right, it actually cancelled ones, but I have like a really weird run: a leg couple hours it's here than nothing and then some episodes here just like had a very, very weird thing for a while, but in the many got cancelled one time now. It's like the second most successful cartoon ever right behind the Simpson. I know that I don't know. Yes, it's very obviously anger at the profitable, very cash cow. The pink video with Channing is the sun is called beautiful trauma. The defiant ones is it documentary on its veto for part documentary that Doctor Dray
Jimmy I mean, and this very very, very good, very tasty yeah, it's inspirational worth watching for sure you talk about the Jello and That's based off of real genius. You said, and then you said, I got the name, I get it now. I could think about us telling story, but let me guess is: was his name can't yes fuck you wanna come chat, I knew I was buoyant too in an even I tell it story better, usually, but that fucked me up that. I couldn't think can't in the moment. He says what about that time. Thank you naked with ciao, but he doesn't say his name, so Newman have dig you don't have to incorporate that, but his name is at hand and it's a good name. For that character. Do you imagine, can lowering his panties and just having a bullet rose,
yeah, I thought for a second. Maybe Chet was a nickname of Kent and I didn't know what what's really funny is what I also had our time doing is that movie was called real genius There's another movie that I always confuse the title with in its called re, weird science. Oh that's what I thought in the bag. Weird. Science is check. That makes sense. I also got those to confuse in my head when you were talking about this year. This isn't robber, dying, junior and weird right. First, my obsession when Robert Downy right yeah, that was Anthony Michael Hall in Africa of the other guy's name, be invented women, they like Frankenstein, a woman and she's got powers and yeah. She changes their lips and chat. We remember the lovely actor
The chat by never seen it all. You have it now, but about the Mormons show those on HBO. A systematic use, also in two. big love, big love is also an titanic. We'd Isaac happy. I know the older employees dad and big love. You may not know him Bill Paxton, Bilbil Einstein was chat. It was one of his first roles. This book packs an intact Hannah. Yes, he's at these are part of the investigative team. That's doing the modern day reflecting back on use. Also, and now the tornado movie Twit yes, that I now more than all that use us, we dude and he died prematurely Last year, yeah It is very sad that use a real sweet. Did I get the moment? I am a few times look. I tried to find this out and I couldn't really, but I feel pretty sir.
in saying that Jello Kin reveal venereal disease, but the that they die. I urge itself to enact somebody lesions that were unseen now now now will you, did it all the call breed get her side of the story. Did Crusher mine like tonight like liquor, article in the new Yorker, where you'd call and follow the urgency of like this holds water. No, because the brie portion of that story is mine, now. It is that she offered me jealous several times over the years there and I declined share and she was growing suspicious of. Why had so much If I didn't use an act that our ally tankers, I couldn't waste it now. I could because my own life is my position now on waste, but back then it was different. Even though the war wasting it. He did you thinking you had maybe one day I'll either jurist.
Come over, who loves jello, I just once it's in the trash. I know that really serve no purpose share. Did you ever think like? I shall just try it one more time, now, because I knew I didn't like it from when I was a kid every now and then on selling lard Pina Oda, I'm getting here now. I was pretty demoralized by the whole x for his men. It landed mean free, STD clinic, like God knows what will happen the second time it was a bear. Its is bad of an experience, sexual experiences. One could have that you you you try to make love to something that doesn't work. You feel it. An idiot, and then you get an std from it. Let's go didn't get an as I did get a rash fry yeah, No, I would say it's my worst. Sexual experience wow, that's what's good for you
ok, just and throw body fat. You said five percent. I obviously don't know the it's, obviously not a number on the internet, no one saying, but they did a g. You said he's five. Nine may be one hundred and sixty pounds, zero body fat. Well, carved out a marble. Isn't it basing that on is the best I've ever gotten to in when in Rome was six. Percent body fan, and he seems to be leaner than me in that movie, and I don't know that you can really go much under like four four. I dont think any we should try. We should ask Charlie, he would know. Charlie Curtis are my oh, my physical idle. Yeah. The perfect time calendar account people sometimes look at the pictures on Instagram. They wonder what's happening than the background, there's a lot of questions about the white boy
behind you I raise more and that is really comprise with long before we have had one of these pike ass. We just put down like a bunch of names as a dreamless. That's what you're saying there we ve gone through some of those two light air and then Europe's seeing just my own personal things, I'm trying to do is pack for glamorous for Thanksgiving what should happen a year ago and origin is a place. I want to go, get my testosterone measure and yet some tv projects on working on but yeah. It seems to be of interest to a very small percentage Well areas if they ve seen the calendar in the window, that is a ten up calendar I made for Dax of our friend Charlie every and I'm so at last worth right. Yeah you're, too obsessed with him to write a gap. you. Why do you objective the obsession
Did you want me to like myself reality? Why, away once with this social media, I dont think its healthier fetish eyes, a body like that. That's nice yours because you're never going to have that body says you cancer in Samara, lilies body, you and I don't want any good. If I do steroids, because I have to prepare for a superhero movie, I could for a month or two look. like her. I don't mean your body can be great. Ok, I mean your body is never gonna be Charlie's by your body at a challenge examined your knife sneeringly, and this is a part of the problem exists. This is at issue here, her body at its peak could be perfect and wonderful. And fully muscular I dont mean you're, never gonna be Charlie. I mean you are in your body He is in his body
not possible. I do have a similar endo. Skeleton were roughly the same high in shoulder with, so I feel it is need to pack about thirty five miles dangerous mentality for anyone to have our. You disagree with own your body. Will I own my body, I'm just here you fucking dear you haven't, got eyes areas. I don't want them to be looking at a calendar in saying I could be, but you did I agree with loving how people certain people look already objecting to that I just knowing Murray. Madam you don't know how much I love my soul. Have you had one away gas and in a fairy occupation? Yes, I want to walk down the street one day in feel what it's like to. the strong is him and physically imposing. I want experience it is I dislike the aesthetic, I think its awesome. Looking he looks powerful like he could,
run through a brick wall and Russell Alliance. I love the aesthetic, two. I know how miserable working out is it's so much more miserable. My opinion than reading a book and becoming educated, it's like physically painful to work out at the level he's doing so, I'm just in awe of the willpower and commitment it takes to go through that It's like one people crop climb, avarice or are, or Travis Pastrana, doing back flips like there's it's a d play of willpower that just I admire, because it's it's its painful. It's not an easy display of welfare. It is one I just want you don't want people I wouldn't be unhealthy here, look ways that they don't natural, yellow, exact, very fair. Should all strive to love how we look.
without naming you can be the healthiest version of yourself like you can watch your body to look re legends of Burma. me as if I have a what I would say as a great diet, warlike, I'm eating very hell, in good amounts of protein, and I'm watching all sugars and all these things, which I d just believe, is healthy. and I'm working out four or five times a week, my natural body types to be one. Eighty, five, that's what it is tat genetically. I wish that that same lifestyle of for me was to ten right. I think that would be awesome, but it's not your right. That's not me! pretty tight, little yellow, look like, let's put it on me, I doesn't matter what kind of shape but I'm in my buys. Never gonna like Amy. Is everything Yes, not scatters, big, beautiful bunch. Cheeks sorry
yeah, we have different Lahti novel yeah. We have from bodies you're right, you yeah you're right. Do you think I guess it's universal male female yeah? I think so. I just want people to be kept. Ok, ok, the river separating Budapest is the an you. Fucker originate in Germany break my maybe I don't know if you're Germans got the Rhine and Danube, any you were talking about Chaba, but you said Sayer,
and then say it or is there is the meal that marks the beginning a pass over at cycle once said, that's on every Friday. Now that show that all right, that's great! Thank you for your continued due diligence, Aragon wonders gonna publicly acknowledge your work loaded, greater than mind. You have to go, listen in research and bring this up, and I appreciate the time is now right to feel like you, ve learned some things, but you and I have both learn things we voting for They have come up with alternatives that yeah. I was wondering what point your brain to stops. May I now feel like I've gotten there. I just love you me too,.