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Nick Kroll (Kroll Show, The League, Big Mouth) is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer and Dax’s favorite person to run into on the street. Nick sits down with the armchair expert to discuss his inability to stay awake, his first game night at Kristen Bell’s house and how his family’s wealth informed his current relationship to money. Nick talks about his most informative working experience and Dax shares his run-in with Mike Tyson. The two bond over a shared proclivity to say the exact wrong thing, they debate which car Nick should be driving and they discuss puberty in all its glory.

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I everybody welcome to the armchair expert. I am Daniel Shepard and I'm joined by many bad man at eight today we have a very, very fond guess: he's he's kind of What would you call it? Monica Canadian? Nobody knows a comedian buddies easy he's really loved. You know what would you call the universally love, but now it's more like he's comedians comedian. That's exactly what I want to say about him like. That is not what I pay. Your romanians Wagner. Crawl. I love net crawl, yeah yeah he's had a Broadway show is at a bunch. Different shows he's got a great show called big mouth on Netflix. He had his own showed and crawl show. I love him, he's the sweetest guy ever. I would just bump into Moreau my neighborhood in he was always the best at a sidewalk chit chat and he was nice enough to come. With a very busy schedule in regale us with all kinds of funds and some are felt moments, so please, enjoying net crawl.
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the only problem. I could see that kind of talk want. You can hear me just my argument was I have had. Can you hear me yeah. So far I have the arms and visionary, which is then this is embarrassing. I love here my voice through then interesting is I'd I'd. I get that love hearing your voice through how had its mind than I can hear. You cut me out of the mix. Yeah already have your own cops, you don't we actually could do. I mean I don't think rob sophisticated enough new, but I bet he could take you out of the headphones and leave me and I am not suggesting that eurozone might wiring. I dont like wearing I'm just practically speed. I don't like it because I'm I spend hours of my hair every morning, and so I don't wanna, then even the headphones on board as well, because it's hard to find someone to do a beehive hair. Do for me. Yes, yes, Do you drive a little, but now you took me out. That's the last thing:
how can robs monkey interact with the board? Ok, once again polar opposite. You didn t of hair work. I do it's all her work and you don't want to put the headphones on a fuck up you here and now in. Conversely, I, where I had you do, is I dont want to do my hair and when I get here put these headphones on, my hair looks terrible underneath won't. Where the headphones over the hat, I think Alex Falconry Dick. I don't you think that right to see what that may certainly do curious like if they, if they did pop up the volume to a mere entertained. Yes, that is the true at sea. I'm another like a real right? I dont like I do I do now. I mean I've. Read it really? What So what is screams is self conscious? Doesn't it hats? No, no headphones over really! There's this guy didn't show you what is hereby very balding disguise deeply in the ear, here's to a great why I fight for you.
For I know your I'm fighting for it. Ok go when did that start. Frizzle Nicole, welcomed armchair, aggrandizing gold watch, your hearing, globally, generous to a lot of people. I've noticed that you you tend to say? Yes, alot ha, I well, I said yes to the dress the show in a changed, my life. It got me an agent and in business manager. Him most early got me address. Them I know I am glad to be here. I that year shows one of those shows that I saw you started doing it like you ask me to do a feeling of underbrush, always yeah. I feel that way. Constant monitoring do the same thing. I do what I dont want to do anything you anything. Hundred percent things, I don't want no matter how great they are or how much I dreamed of being asked to do those things when I was younger yet once go do them on my car right home, Amazon or that that's fine. I liked that why on earth and my constantly dreading man, I don't know
I think we are constantly trying to ride that line of, like good time for yourself to do to not over extend yourself beyond things. You don't want to do in knowing that you, like, I only so much time in a day or I've, only so much mental or physical energy did to give out and then simultaneously being like. I needed do things or I will live in this like bubble. yeah, yeah, yeah and also, I guess, there's like an ethical thing for me, which is like I feel like we're on this hard proceed together. Be it how many you're just show business or whatever it's fuckin brood over, and I always everyone to trial you know should be a part of what everything they they do. Yeah Bell
more generous at that. Then I am she's great at it is. If you called on her for anything I she's done my animated show where you got. She played a pillow that Jason Antiochus had sex with an end. We can both agreed. Pretty cool of her she's princes are not like. It doesn't need more voice over what no she does not know she does not, and that for me, was a great joy to be like that we were going to have yet the princess honour from frozen, but by a thirteen year old boy. Yes, he has the best that showed. what's the imminent shut up, big mouth big mouth shut up. You are or were you honey? I was on sit down shut out there we go about with inanimated show, with our net and Bateman and other mature woods did right. Forty, green image, Hurwitz from arrested, devalue same creator. Writer, yes, and I thought I had like I thought, one of my first gigs and I was like I thought, I'd
eight it like I was done. I was like with the I was with the arrest of development crew yeah in their animated, Forte and and then at last, like ten after, your care. How many hi foods. Have you thought like? Finally, here. I am well, I was just think about it this morning before I before I showed, up here. Just like just mastery, in bed. Thank you, my being here and so that you didn't come to vest once you God, yes, exact. I wanted to unload before I got here so that when we got into it, the last of these five to ten year same saying I, but I ok well so I was thinking about the first time I met you and I realize that
I was on a show called Caveman YAP Hunter of your member that hit tv show Caveman unable see. I do in one of the few things I jotted down about you last night when I was reading about you is that I wanted to go over your quarrel about beaming cave man, what you said you called it the more important experience of my professional career, which I think is just what Could I hope you really said that I did say: ok, gray. I really do want as through that. Well, I wouldn't really quickly. We know, remember cave man. What was cave MA am sorry, floral was is show based on the guy go commercial which was hugely popular. Yes, this the commercials were very popular beauty. Virtually loved, heralded, heralded a tv show was very much
considered the opposite from inception on, it was thought it was a mistake and then, in an in when it was finally put out on the air it everyone agreed that it was in fact a terrible mistake. But I actually looked well so so to go back to the to the beginning of it. I had been in New York, for I don't know for five years, doing like commercials and making my own stuff to a stand up, Improv Sketch stuff- and I came out for pilot season. I lived in the open ah on bar on them so jealous yeah, and he saw the document we ve talked to buy at once, and he held last night at the Tokyo gratitude. I got here. No, no, I was reminded them of lower man. I was like in my late twenties and
I came out here and I M really quickly- you actually generating a living in New York by doing I'm in staff- and I was Julia, I was generating living, I was doing like come. I was impressed making much money doing stand up per se, but I was, I think, on best weak ever that boy and I was really doing commercials and rape your voice, overwork relying on our net story like our now. Yes, filthy riches of voice over actor before he got a real development ivory son for I was not filthy rich I was, I was making a live shark. Luckily my family's filthy room so made it a lot easier to stress very I was you know, making a living, but I really wanted to be acting, and you know tv in movies and so came out here my last I was living in the in the Oakwood
it is largely for child actors. For those you don't know it in when you say large, the you mean exclusively or can I also ask there a rounded like sealed, to file a little, but just the first of many times that for those areas, your time at the Hollywood complex, yet its valuable documentaries, people haven't seen its amazed yardstick fuck. This podcast go watch that turn off and or watch it real will do will do a directors cut like Mary. I am, I remember her, so beautiful young actor at the outer promise. What was her name Presley Ass, a cash precisely in the name of one of the girls and anyway it's it's quite an expert anyway lose my I asked audition and and I booked it, and I was so excited and- and I had to do so- was the Geico Caveman commercials. Once we got into shooting the show it was
four hours of make up every morning, fuck oh my god and and we and they were shooting. It was single cam, but it was. Being shot like it, shopping shot like parks and rack, or a show words like we gotta shoot nine pages today. So like we're, we're doing three cameras, everyone's kind of opening up to the inner I mean I I it was like we're gonna shoot this. Like the guys. You shot the commercials speck and go
or really town two guys, but they had come out of the commercial world and had made blades of glory and they were like we're. We're gonna shoot something really beautiful. Ok, which is great, except if you're in four hours, and make up a remark on since the deal, Bre anger shooting basically ninety hour weeks- and I was- I lost my fucking, my yeah- how how soon into the process do start. Having like an internal panic, they too, in the make up on the pilot for sure, by day too, we were shooting up like in woodland, hills were shooting forty five, fifty minutes rice and like that, and it was just so the best professionals for my life, because it was so hard hard at that moment in time, which was great because every job since then has seemed easy in comparison, but I also really like learned how to act. I had never been on a
show or a movie before that stuff right, like as I had this a similar experience where like, if you ve, not acted in a movie, and you shoot seen, that's fine, and then they tell you. Ok on this, take you're, gonna turn your body, ninety degrees and you go wait. I wasn't turn ninety degrees and you don't even realise that, like you can t all these weird things that are all these rules actually are mine, boy, yeah or just being like. I have to listen to the script, supervisor or don't need to listen to the script supervisor Roy. I want to change this line. Do I just do it take. Or do I talk to the writer or oh I have realised that the directors not making the decisions it's the writer is making- or I don't- have to listen to them. The sound guy who's telling me to like
like don't move papers because its ruining his sound. Like all of those things you just don't know until you just do it over. No even continuity, it doesn't occur to you can't be doing jumping Jack one taken then seated in the neck, and that's my thing is: I'm my characters always making a choice. It is just as things stand now. Yes, so I anyway so I fell. I learned a lot, but in doing the show I became friends with one of them I came home, was a guy named SAM Huntington, a Y know, San Diego he's, a beautiful guy he's a wonderful dude and our one of our first weekend of shooting the show. We say like I'm, going to like some party at Kristen Bells house- and I was now oh my god like I was so today. I was like an end and it was at her remember where it was up above them all here and you guys it's
I don't know how long you had been together that point. This is like ten eleven years ago, yeah we were just starting media and I think it is a game night, but I felt new itself felt new neighbouring grant. Yet it was a game night. It was running charades. Ok, we're running around that. How aha and I was like- I fuck, and made a brave like like a game. Ninety, a real Hollywood in that house was really impressive. I remember when I first went up. There was like where's the secret source of money, because this hats yeah, I was or was it. You know what it was all our nets. It was also remind he found a way to skim off the top of nets. Lucrative boisil curious that jet houses, email by James here was Tom. Arnold there, no ok! So then I know exactly what game like this was and it can I tell you weirdly, you were there the night. I realized I loved her
oh sincerely because she made a speech, I hope you are therefore when she was lane up the rules to the young. He went from this cute little funny girl to a fucking Nazi. She was yeah so rigid about how the game was gonna be played and she was basically yelling at people before anyone even objective as I have. watching this little five foot, one general army- and I was like, I think,
Oh what a weird mix of this is going on here is a great site of her. Now three amazing yeah, but she is- and I just want to say like when you say nazi- you mean literally, she talked about Rachel purity and I thought I'd like all the time, all the timescale, albeit a lot, and I know that she has forgotten yes, she's, a lot of the books on anthropology tree like added dominance of certain races and am yes, she didn't treader. She tried to measure it, but my degaulle, she got a face. Facial pragmatism school before you go back and luckily you pal, I did and I held so honoured, but so I remember that being the first time I met you and I was so nervous to ask your opinion in you as well. It was her party that I do remember being her party and thinking wow. This. this woman is so warm and welcoming, like. I hope this is what, like Hollywood like is like men and a new and a new guy, and I was trying to sell you guys out. It felt like I think, they're dating, but it does
the weird thing. I remember you like. Maybe writing your name in a drawer or something her show. All you know it was. His people that came over were encouraged to sign, underneath her cabinets is kind of like a guest book. Yes, So, yes, my name was probably written under one of the cabinet yeah, and I remember seeing that having like this is so cute, like I just remember thinking it was, but every eye. a very I have very fond murmurs of you and her and of that night of being oh, this is so very encouraging new me that, like people that you'd come too Do you like that? And people would be warm and welcome in areas like a community yeah a high and that- and it was like fun, it was a game night and it- and it was an- was probably the first game that I went to. I think me too, because I guess I'll just tell you up at that moment. I'm grown much more,
Ports are thank God, but at that moment I was someone who thinks everyone's trying to steal your wallet like. I would never host a bunch of strangers, so I'm there. I like this girl in there's people that she doesn't know, and so I am glad to hear that you don't have a bad pressure of me because I remember thinking like a whole lot of strangers. Emmy searched me a future, for that is what you are looking further hijacked your prison wall. It gets us you had Keystone something out of their own. Well, I did that either drawer. That side will that that makes me really happy, and am I definitely remember, SAM being one of the first friends of hers that I was like. Ok, I trust the skylight. Yet well he's like one of the swedish nice attitudes in the world, so we we did that share together and it was like it was in no way, I'm equating it in reality. To put it felt, like you're, going to war with people just cause the expiring, of those like you're, just in a chair
next to someone for four hours every morning all week and then are you claustrophobic by nature? I'm not costs are fully, but I have like some of the most sensitive skin I've ever had on my body. My skin is crazy. End the theme, literally my entire face and body being covered in later an spake fur who made me cry and weirdly the most claustrophobic was fake, tee oh yeah on time didn't have fuck with how you actually top it taught it. Far too. Now I talk, but I will be felt like my teeth were suffocating with feeling in the world. He felt cagey. It was so yes, so we did thirteen of those and then the writer strike then in it, and we already been camps, I mean like we had air the first six or seven, and then it was thanks. Giving and we got it.
We were airing on a Tuesday. Thursday was thanksgiving. We got preempted for the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on art is there airing men them the weak? sure thing: giving we were pre empted for the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. There was like more about the streets armchair there, arm. Chair is supported by hymns model, yeah. I love my hair. I want to but not so much also. You can talk about where I dont want other things. I think, as this by gas would be of nets, but all your love interests, although Monica loves boys, monocles boys with hair- that I really do you do. I am with nice, thick luxurious hair.
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is a comedian you're completely in charge of your tone right so you're in Manhattan, and I assume you're doing exactly what you want it yeah, and then even within the comedy world you can be snooty your cool or punk rock. There's all these things. You think you are right or I'm edgier than this. and then you enter the workplace right and I was coming out of the ground leans and I thought my sketches were more risque than other peoples and all the stuff and then the thing I'm almost got closest to do when was blues. Clues was replacing the guy relays clues so funny than in my mind I just had a compartment world like oh yeah. Well, whatever dude pages, is the age idea. Also kind of worrying, like all my comedy friends are gonna, be like Jesus. Christ reduce the blues clothes, but I feel like this, common crossroads at a lot of us get you re. Is you start getting the opportunity to work you devilish? giving too like go beyond the office or parks and Rex right eye, the gay, nor your often your blues, clues or your aeroplane, a cave man that didn't it in
did you have any record you Russell? What that at all, I have is commonly crag and I'm going to do something that may have been a little there. I mean I, you know weirdly, I really think that the show the came and show wasn't bad at all I am especially comparatively too, like another networks com that year any given year out these are actually not their bare funny. groups lot of funny people involved Iris it was not like who I'm so embarrassed. I mean it came It was not well liked and also anything where you're like in heavy make up or prosthetics feels not as cool yeah right but again, similar fruit. You it's like you just want to work, and want to one because you and me money to you want. You just need excellent hearing on the decline the latter right you gotta get on one of those fuckin wrongs way out at exactly, and I think it was like-
had been in New York and I had been making my way through that process of ok, well I want to try to get a commercial agent. I got a commercial agent mouselike. I want to book a commercial sort of booking So then it was like I wanna there's all these. each one. Those green screen shows, I love the eighties and then, but I was on the like awesome. A bad metal songs like and I did like ten of those and then I got invited to try it out to do best we govern. Then I got kind of Ghana together and all of a sudden, I was like sort of court of Gold on tv, and I remember I mean I remember seeing you on points being like how the fuck are you get punked? But how did you get on that? Like I'm, I felt so polluted or on the Althea me to an end. I think maybe we always all of a sort of feel that women I imagine now. Ok the outside them, probably dead wrong, but it seems like your little crew of guys in
man that you were doing comedy with seemed a little more inclusive and benevolent, from the outside. I think it's all ended up working together and there's a lot of charity among you and in you do show for each other? He asked up. I dont I didn't feel that way when I was at the groundlings are remember, like certain deeds book tons of commercials and I'll just crazy jails. In some people had agents and they did something's on curb your enthusiasm, and I was like I felt like there was a gigantic wall between me and them. Yes and I dont You, like any one, was like your grabbed, the rope. All you know he added that could be made. personality and that I wasn't like endearing myself, anyone to help me, but I didn't feel like it was like animals bringing someone else along for me. I don't know if that's groundlings culture earth that was Ella culture at the time or like, I think it all
You know you c b, I think inherently was built on a more because I was sort of straddling doing stand up and doing you c b stuff in New York, and I think you c b is of is a pretty collaborative thing. It's like you can't You can do a character in your own, but ultimately you need your group you're, you're, Improv Group or your sketch cryptographic, bring you up And I could be wrong with it seem like groundlings was more built a little bit like get your characterised together. You danger, I like getting unanimity a franchise committee. Yes, that was not that that was not the sort of the early for last the fees that I felt that you see be whenever I would polar the place is completely populated with people that she's worked with over the years, yeah and utterly goes out of her way to make sure people, yes, and she's, unbelievable that when it and it's it's just all tides rise, you known as at the all, both rowboats
our lifted by rising tide- that's that sounds good. That sounds really clear somewhat. In fact, that feels a rising tide lives all ships. Yes, I like that too. I, like all of these things, are really good, but I do think that that would there be a cottage industry where we take a really well known when emu, this baby words and maybe do like for small pillows, the payment of embroidered domain underwriters. That's the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, you kids. for an hour or rise entire lives. All show that you look at China Rita, very confusing Russia that our work with with a slogan that isn't quite right right. Sometimes that wakes you have more is confusing yeah email you like with the meme and also your awake, You have knowing your buddies, do taxi drivers, isn't it why and how different email is for beauty than eight a m.
Like I've. I've read the same email at foreign under you will that person was enough to get interesting. Do you feel that way? First thing in the morning when I wake up in the morning everything's twice as loud, everyone's trying to kill me and then an email, that's just a is seems like it's full of passive aggressiveness. I get that I will, or I will. Read its terrible that the were really wake up to look at my phone yeah because it gets your brain going. But then I I'm terrible at waking up so I'll, Like another half hour in bed, half leaping half going through the email I have just read in getting riled up or infusing, then having a dream about being likely confused and angry and men, but yeah it's, but a few. Four p m e mail is interesting. The car,
next of how you read something at four versus also in my day, right so like by four I've done a couple of things. I can hang my hat on the pressure of not failing in that day his past two years. When I wake up my brain starts. Jaime Europeans shit is that, where you start today, yes, I've now granite, much better over the years I have kids now The last five years. Really I wake up in a here someone meeting something else, so I can't even- and I have time to think about myself rise, the greatest luxury of children. But in general. Yes, my my darkest minute of the day is like when I open my eyes, it's your piece of shit, your lazy,
failure and you'll never be what you wanna be awe, and then I saw digging myself out of that whole with a list of action yeah. You know where they are today. You, like you, know, attacks you're. Alright, you yeah, never your gray as you're. Not a pc, I like me, go to wake up and I swear you should look at you. I am here. How did you get here? Yeah? Do you have any other in the morning the dark? I have been trying to figure out what time of day that hit me. I definitely have it good good cultivated you if you just while greater, but now it's Look in the mirror. I don't I'm never thrilled in the mirror and then but that's too, to live to just be having had a deep distaste, my physical up or is it would under, sell your level of self loathing that I've seen it, but it's you know I can't say that I am I'm like. I do vacillate through a day like idiots
start in the morning. Usually of like the people of some, we'll start today hopeful it doesn't start that way. For me, it's like fuck, I didn't do Ex wines yesterday and now it's looming on me and I've started. To do yoga, which I really love, but I will, in those silent moments, all realise the ten things that I have not done: and so some days I will finish like something like you, although it should be meditative and be stressed out, because the quiet has me my task scream and my head yet and have you ever tried transcendental meditation? I have not I've done a little meditation. I butt head space something about which I have enjoyed with them. Stop and don't write right. Do it well. before we had kids. So I solely did it because I worship Howard, Stern and he's
the big propose, cm rainy things had saved his life and assure themselves like ok, I'll, try this. If this do do you know what our yellow smokers and I both went through the classes, and then we started doing it together as a couple which was awesome because we would scheduled together and we would do. I can't speak high enough about It is fucking great if I made the time for it would alleviate Polly. Eighty percent of all that that racket, and yet some I'm a big one another, but again because of the kids. I'm not waking up by choice on Rowena was one of the Yelena boycott of rooms on fire. Yes, so I don't get to do this. but when I am writing something, and I, like you know, go dedicate a week at a hotel rooms. Gonna write all day, long I'll there again immediately. The benefits are awesome specially for me. If I'm writing, when I do that, like five pm one right, I've stopped thinking like I've actually succeeded in my brains, not active anymore. It's like a whole act of something I just get dropped in my head,
We as the craziest feeling that I had never gotten before uranium or it's like holy did he does that that that in that and then that's the end in the movie hourly crap, I got it five. Second yeah. I don't know where it came from, but it happened. You cleared out some of it, the fuckin dust or just it also gets killed It gets clear yeah. I think so much of you do it on a running right, yeah, it's a bunch of mental gymnastics, yeah it in you really just trying to get to a place where you believe that your brain can create the answers to all these questions, and that weirdly is the task believing that it's in there yeah and its endless anyone. You listen Howard and have him when he talks musicians and like it away like. Oh, we wrote this song in twenty minutes, yes that adheres washing my hand, the shower. I got hate you exactly and, and I think where they those about his day and that's what so amazing about them. That is even Orilla. That's waiting is gradually and with an idea about his palm garnish want.
I you know, I think I'm I feel like I'm I'd like to be. It seems like when you clear that space it does it sort of something something at the I'm gonna say this and I don't mean that this is something divine can happen, Yes, yes, yes, Major Bureau and denying island is no ties. Explanation, yes, yup and you could sit in a room me. No four, five! Then twenty hours with people being a crack crack crack and nothing happens. Then, all of a sudden in, like a twenty minute period, things unfold, for in view of activities that you found that stir that or in arriving some people like driving I'd dry. It does not do it. For me, driving puts me to sleep interests. I literally for real ok of narcolepsy by nine behind of have narcolepsy. I think, like Ireland, my eighty DE functions entirely, not unlike hyper activity of like oh I'm doing this, it's like I just like, like almost fall asleep like
I went and saw if I don't get to talk for within thirty minutes of anything, I will probably come close to falling asleep like I once saw Springsteen on Broadway this past week, right in here Incredibly, it is, and I am not a big Bruce Springsteen Pham respects the town, but I'm like I come from as suburbs in New York and you're, either. If you from the Tri state area you're, either a Billy, Joel Guy or your Bruce Springsteen yeah, I'm a village all right, I'm a Billy, Joel Guy. I don't know like how that happened, but it just that's how it happened, but I, so. I've heard a lot about this bracing show and it's unbelievable Furthermore, can we just say: I've seen that guy in concert the boss, yeah
work output is is something to behold. I don't know how old he is, but I wouldn't saw my friends in the show must have in three hours long he was sprinting Necrology ass agents lying on his knees. I thought how on earth is this guy do yeah he's alone on stage the show is two hours in twenty minutes, OC and he's alone on stage the entire time minus his. by joining amongst stage for a few songs, and then that's really beautiful to them singing together, but he's literally alone, on stage, so it's it's a monologue. It's a story. it's a song story, song story song in this is to ours and twenty minutes. Thou and he's gotta be about sixty. So my dad he's he's crazy shit. Gazing a beast he's of a physical is unknown abnormality, there's something genetic diseases, so you know you're watching something really special and your end. For me I am learning about the streets life and yet,
about forty minutes in? I am fighting falling asleep for sure. For no reason, I am deeply interested in what I'm watching you I'm listening to I'm enjoying it. Can I make a suggestion yeah? What have you brought a little pillow that talking to you so that no one here you, but you just hold its lips Emma Newspeak justly bring yourself back on lie literally, was in the theater and was quiet talking to myself. I've never done that before and I was like, I'm gonna. Try this ceremony, yeah. I know that's how that free, Jersey, New Jersey that's the thing is so I'd. I do like you doing yoga. I will go for hikes on my own. I read that you love hiking. I do love, I mean where we here we are in. The hiring of happened all the ass Angie I live. I live very close to a Griffith park. Aha, so I like
hi Observatory high eyes, yeah that whole the whole run of everything. Along that way, I get a young lady wants to meet you and she went to post up somewhere, like we're trail. Had you doing out an early when the euro is in one of the restaurants you are going to do. I love for you to just be hiking carrying your water. Can canteen swimming? Yes, oh, I use a why use YO drinking pouch yeah carry out in the bath, and I love the notion of just someone just sliding into your slipstream. Yeah hinges joining you! That's what I'm looking for! Looking hydro! That's the dream! Strangers interactions throughout a day! Surprise! You think you would be I did buy. That are scared. I would be I would be Neither excited nor scare knock. I would be here You know it's that feeling of like this, Can you see someone coming straight on at you you're, like ok, we're about to have this interaction? Sure like I, was walking
in New York, the password ghettos with Jason Mantzoukas. Mine and people see together. We ve done a lot of stuff together, people will come up behind us and and I don't have one of you been behind a may. I know it's about airy, weird feeling, agents from war arm chair. There guys. We appreciate the support from cash app. If you haven't heard, were switching the cash Epp, the cash app is the number one ranked up in financing it lets you do the most with your money, whether you, Paypal back by himself coin instantly, deposit your paycheck right into the app or receive, free custom cash card to spend your cash anywhere. You like, and now ash card is more powerful than ever with the cash apps latest feature cash boost the cash cars
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First and foremost, that no one should feel bad for us we're getting recognise right indefinitely. We have any one of the sides April fuck you get what you want it. Yes that acts. I totally agree that start there. Yes, I wouldn't sympathise at all with either. Yes, it lived here to tell you from my point of view what it triggers I'm, from Detroit Suburb, where I grew up, if you locked eyes with a dude at Dennys in the restaurant either. Here the way or you looked away, but if you both held that gaze literally you got to walk outside and fight like that's the interaction. Yes, it is a very proud of culture of pride environment. Yet, for me, someone staring at me uninterrupted and then, when I look at them and go like, I saw you staring at me and they just hold as if they're watching tv, I I'm just triggered intellectual fuck, I'm gonna have to this guy or laugh, you gotta look away, and then I dont want to back down the way it just. It is crazy place which is not their fault not, but it did
I'm, just being truthful, that's what's happening, there's a very primitive thing going on when you stare at me for a long time- and I look at you and then you don't look away or when you come, and grab me Mamma. Yes, well, I'm walking yeah it just triggers a like. I gotta defend myself. Yes, I, I come from the suburbs of New York. Me I have to be honest about myself and my leg little world. I did not. of that I did not have a culture of locking eyes it Danny Rowan, outside and fighting. Ok, I make largely conflict of verse just always the littlest guy in the room and so and so, The little guy in becomes instigator, and sometimes I became I just was the guy who was like I will either beetle this guy. Who will make a joke to put everything at ease, more I'll, be the little guy who me some sort of comment to make you feel so silly or stupid that you don't engage me further, because we both know I'm not gonna, I'm too small
to try to fight you, because I know it will not go well right, but I might be smart enough to either make you and endeared to me or make you feel so in secure that you retreat yes, but when Did we grew up in similar areas? were there fights in your high school regularly? Yes, there were heights in my like town and Emily admiring the movie theater, and yet there was some of that like an. I mean I remember when dealing women again, I want to look a private like I am not from the main streets, and, although I do I remember you know like like a group town and we would like go. I went to a private school, but then we'd go. like hang out with the public school kids- and there would be that moment of like hey we're, gonna fight, like one area that I had a hour, I did there's a novelty. Did this to me, but I M getting that's what you're saying I completely agree. Anyone who comes up and is
excited to see me or recognise whatever, like there's a reason we we didn't enter into this profession to be ignored, more convenient, invisible, but I'm full its like every other interaction and life there. Certain peoples whose actions you like and certain peoples interactions. You don't like you know absolutely nothing about. It is going into a bar and certainly you would not enjoy talking every person at that bar there's gonna be five people. You really quickly. Yeah I've they're gonna be off putting in whatever, and I have friends who I'm like. Oh we didn't know each other from childhood. You could easily He dude who I met. I met on the street, who I would on first glance not like at all, but you happen to be somewhat I've known for thirty years, and I know that you're, the fuckin best dude in our old piano- and it's just a very it's it's all context of situational like where you where and how you meet someone and I M making out with all
yeah. Absolutely everyone ideal of on the steps. I think that's a great way to cut through all the awkwardness issues given that mile or mild what he you for right now: big mouth, my raper inanimated showing conflict which is all about kids going through yeah, which is amazing that Now, if I want to know about how you ve got that Greenland, because I could see them going well, whose or because adults who will relate to this don't watch cartoons and then young kids. This is too something he I'm. The other did that conversation come on. It did and we You know I think the truth is Netflix has now seem was something like Bow Jack or a couple. The more adult animated shows that there is a man good for adults to kind of watch that stuff on some level
and this military nostalgia provoking for me? Yes, it is that feeling an ego, it's it's based on me and my best friend Andrew Goldberg, my best from from childhood, who ended up a writer for family guy, like we both sort of honor of you. Have at body when you were unlike seventh eighth grade who you're like. I think I like to be funny and you have that buddy you like to be funny doing you just I'm never going to win an academy award, but if I were to the entire speech would be about my best friend Aaron Weekly like find me, a comedic soulmate, yet seventh grade in like realizing, I was funny realizing. I was like funny not just the way that I repeated jokes, but that I was like had a point of view. yet weird and other kids seem to start liking that because he gave me this way, Confidence like the whole thing would be exile, every single thing, this era week what you might have sent. You may well not Academy award Bomb, certainly on track to do so, yeah doing a pike yeah. What about her and weekly air Weekly,
the manages lights, twelve properties, try to disarm. Last week we hung out all we funny dude the increase. We find in fact I kept texting Oh, I was there, I can't oh thirty seconds talking to him, were I sincerely where I don't start crying laughing so hard. And he's not pursued Kommeni. I don't even think he thinks of himself as a comedian via his foot your point of view. I guess I'm crying. Yet I think so Andrew was that for me, when we were that age an and then he ended up like now. I ended up do what I was doing. He ended up doing. He ended up ray for family guy, so he came. Thirty wild yeah. On a point that I know it really is crazy. So He came to me with more Lebanon, Jen Flacket, who were writer director team and who there. He was their assistant when he first moved away and they came to me. They they were like. We have this idea for show about the two of you guys in seventh grade
I cannot go into puberty animated and I it. Just as one of those things are immediately was like yeah yeah Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, so then we built it out and realize okay. This is really show about these boys. But it's really about puberty. For girls and boys and all these things, and so they were like MR figuring it out and Andrew was talking about our mark. jammer time out. They have kids in that, like you know who Andrews will the boy like the book, Anderson, like up like a hormone monster and and and and Mark was a world. It should just be the hormone monster intellect that should be the character. And they told me about him- We have a city like a hormone monster and I immediately was just like that and it turns out he came. I was like ok, there is like there's the hormone months or so I think that once we started to have that we were kind of like. Oh that's, that's why this show exists that animation.
Provide a the medium for which we tell very complicated nuance stories about kids going through purity, yet we have these hormone monsters that we have well there's a safety in the fact that the characters are animate yet ice if you're watching real twelve year olds. Do this he added probity. Scarier day sadly, in literally it is because there are like tons. that, besides were kids are masturbate. He and that's a rough wonderful having sex with pillows, others of and also you know like mark? First job was on the wonder years, an You do show about the wonder. Yours Fred savages gonna get older every year and you can only tell so many stories about that coming of age, moment, yeah and animation. We can keep that yeah. We can keep them in that area and space. Lisa Simpson has the same. Yes, Shia, so we But the question was: how do we find? How do we find?
Who is the show for what we found a crazy enough? Is that, like I went back to New York for my nephew bar mitzvah and he was like here friends, who were like twelve thirteen are watching joke as animated showed dirty it's like South Park or family guy yeah, and they were quotas, about me and then I went to like the reception and their parents who are like my brother's age, unlike their forties, you know are. Like we love the show to cause it's written by people their age in Yahoo com. You know cultural context and the rabbi did he did he rabbi ahead. If we realise that I was here and there The cool thing is that the show is v, I'm trying to be very, very funny and dirty and kind of dark.
But it is. The idea is to demystify so many of the aspects of puberty and sexuality that are things that people don't talk about, yeah to give kids and parents sort of a platform to talk about really hard stuff of well. This is one of my big soap box. Things is is as progressive we get in lots of ways the thing that we still seem to be locked in the eighteen. Hundreds with is sexual d in the fear of sexuality, in the fear of people having sex and others. And I can't understand I mean I am I The explanation is that we were kind of founded by you know, quakers impurity. As in all, this we're just gonna stuck around. But then there is this crazy, shyness about all of it, and I feel like it's the least talked about thing in our culture. in its still the scary it like this, ever since I had daughters almost we do. I run into a good look when their teenagers like what the mess being like
some do it's gonna fuck you're, the hunters First of all, it doesn't scare me, I hope to God my daughters are having sex in that their horny and they experience that and it's really fun. I only want them to be doing it, because their horny knock as they want validation arrival. Yes, but the notion that I wouldn't want my daughters to enjoy this weird gift. We were all given the only drug we get that doesn't fuck you up the next day, early yeah, This bizarre became really clear once I had daughters of like this crazy fear, and then I started noticing the culture of raising daughters. We tell them you're, so pretty you're, so pretty you're so pretty, but keep that thing you have your virginity safe, make sure the guys in love with you, the fucking pressure of at all, all that stuff is by Hungary's it's very it's a lot of mixed messages and its, and I think largely because we as a culture have not come, do be eddies with all of it, as it is exactly what you're saying and I think like we in doing the show we had done all
I think, culturally, there's a lot of stuff about boys like masturbating in dicks and stuff, like that. That is sort of out there, but girls and their sexuality account. Monaco talked about this before in tat case, I don't feel like there's an equal representation of male and female horning loneliness I agree, I think if you and she's like she is, she rightly dislike you move movie like American Pie, the whole premises The movie. Why opens his because he's gonna fuck apply? They never meant a single movie about a thirteen year old girl, yes jamming you come burner what happens in way out of this right now, you're right it s use of American Q conquer. It lacks a little sweetness pickle Earl. But I think I I think that, but in regards to that, like you know in season one of the show there's an episode called girls are horny too, and it's all specifically about.
the other girls get horny and that their finger at their bodies and we a girl meets her own vagina, has a conversation with it and it's a christian wig play. her vagina raids. It's been very important to us. In that way, especially because animation, I think, is such a eugenics boys heavy thing that we wanted to create something that address both things. So, like apple, to the girls Jesse Sir hormone monstrous, just like Andrea, this hormone Mansour my route off as this we got all the groundless coming through Ojeda stabbing each other in the biologists are murdered. My as light the opposite now realise that sees that bring you along yes roundly, so we anyway it was. It was very what was exciting me about this particular show in spending the time on. It was the idea that we were kind of talk. about something that really felt kind of important am I and give kids the chance.
To feel like they are not alone bright because I think that one of the major aspects of puberty there is no reason for me to have felt this. Why my mother's the most progressive open woman ever and she raised me, I had all the shame about jacking yeah, I would jack off. I was regularly trying to quit. I mean us constantly trying to quit. Jacking off, and I just couldn't yakking do. Yeah now is riddled with shame. They couldn't get through a whole day without juggernaut or like a one snuck and got the lotion on my mom's bathroom and industry. The shame that I had somehow ensnared, my mother and, I repeat the habit of mine yet and that its assent allows my God, I'm that I've got this smell. The association was intensive care, the veto arguing about the yellow yeah. I know I know
giving my penis very intensive care, but that's all you're, giving it intensive care but care care, but it so like season. Two of the show, the big new character that we add in is the shame wizard, oh wonderful, so David Soulis who is like, or if you watch far goes all year, a bad guy, HIV add the bad guy. We got him to be raining: wizard yeah, it's the guy with the tea. Yes, the EU already in a dream. He sources talks so are able creepy. So we got him to be the shame. Wizard we were watching match, show we were watching. pharmacies in three and in writing that character- and we just were like Bullets- is right it in his voice right and then we can have went out to him and he was like. Ok, anyway. It was really it's. So it's very gratifying to write it yeah.
It was so here's my question, and this is I think, I'm learning more and more. The more I talk about on here is my issue, so I do worry that the field of things we can make fun of her talk about his yeah thinking, right as we get more more progressive crush again, it's worth it. Yes, start by saying I worth it, but it does scare me a bit. that my purview sense of humour in a me to moment is just very. Yours. I gotta have really watch that They're, not gonna, monitor that and I also think do you worry about, like I've already created, comedy, that's an age that way Julia. Let me give you an example, and let me just say I'm all: am I fucking love, but I watched you do Bobby Bottle service last night. Yes, and you're talking. The woman is cheating sketch, like you, have a show like cheaters the out in your crying, which is over thirty zero super emotional, and then you go into kiss her doll things of hilarious tellers, his were making fun.
Dude like that, and we all know them and I was like cut. I wonder if today you write that same sketch at that moment in the sketch exists, or you gotta back off that music or should we just back up, I don't know, but this is in your cried all I yes, I mean, I think, we're I'm one. As we read a show about human sexuality, we're very We are now very, very aware of, and especially after this last year, because we wrote a bunch of before the ME to movement took hold, but even without even beyond that, we were already you're aware of like what is that? What are we saying about this sexual issue or dislike would pay. Bolivia or whatever to yeah, so I am very conscious of that now, every day as we right, I do look back on such characters there.
Things that I think I'm like is. How does that? How does that age will that age? Well, maybe not so well or more can I could I still play that character, yeah la because weirdly, I don't think Old necessarily connect all these doubts about by, a buffoon of a massage an as yet you are actually pushing forward here in my mind now I people could disagree, but I dont think you're condoning. I think your pointing out how proposed Yes, and that's why? I think for the most part, I still think I could do something like Bobby or that sketch, because in the end the butt of the joke is this. The before We have a massage in us, as you said. You know, I think, like I think, I just think we have to be much more thoughtful about, how and why we're doing a joke now, then we were ten year even five years ago. Yes, I, like it used to be like and we ran into this? Like you know,
malaysia- and I did the shore hello, you're, about to brainwash I'd like out data. an Idiot a fool. You know: white dinosaurs, aha, if we had a few jokes and their that we're like getting very good laughed that were like racists and that they were, these guys are telling their races point of view yeah, but there were a few of our more like. The audience is not laughing at this, for the right reasons awry rhino right. This is their laugh. yet this, or these guys are timeless and it's just sort of more races. Then it is a commentary on racism yeah, and so we have to lose those Jos, whereas five years ago we might not have thought about a bit like the last. Like they loved them, runs in everyone's here and realism. In also, you can make the mistake of trusting that everyone knows your heart, yes, careers, nuts. I make that mistake all the time. Yes here
Oh, I would never like I mean, would look we re. Are you kidding? I wouldn't fucking right now, but always came in here is starting to talk about like me, jerking off to thinking about coming in here that we're gonna jerk off again, like my, I am drawn Tuesday. I think you and I are both drawn to that kind of like what's the point, simply most uncomfortable thing. We can say yes, a mild form its rights, rightly you evaluate, was the worst thing I can say now. In fact, I I just move through life. If you could hear my internal dialogue, it's like everytime, I step up into a counter anywhere. First thought is what's the worst thing I could say in this moment that would have just ostracised me from this rite aid and then I am actively fighting saying that and that's just my brain. I have a similar. I don't know if that's everyone or if that's a specific sort of comedic, sensibility or like you work well orange its most people. I think we're so aware of the social construct and how we're supposed to behave in that we have all these rules and narrow, they're all arbiter,
are we can disagree with them, and so you just constantly aware of like how do I stay in the boundaries of this interaction ride you Monica youth when you step up to your router somewhere and the deeds got an Ipad Chinese think like do not say pirates now I don't have that is now. I really doubt I dont have the thing they your talk at. Have the. Let me see the most outrageous thing, there's only one outrageous as much as oh. This is the worst thing I could do. It void this. It's almost like I'm trying to hide if I'd landmines before I love, what are you That is a boy
Have you stepped onto many? Well, you know. I M from ITALY of it of my like my brand, is putting my foot my right. That has got it on many stories. You would be so mortify will, but that's part of it is an that's what's tricky is I think, if you or if you're someone who either I say the wrong thing, I dig myself out. I then have a great story about it. More I say the most inappropriate thing ends and I get a great sponsor, because I think we both of us of figure out how to, do comedy where you're like. Oh there's, a surprise and shocking that in some of the time it's well received, sometimes is not yeah you're. Like you Our aim was to take Harry's was a fine to find that line, yet in actually what percentages acceptable like him. striking out like two percent of the time, rushing kind I feel, like I gotta just keep going. I have that I had the with fact. I actually is So you see this was right when Caveman was coming out I.
I have a future He's I've, but this particular came over his coming out as in New York, doing press for it some journalists following me around for a night and a part of it He was like I'll go to you see being do monologues had ASCAP yeah I'd only done a few times that boy is a big deal very big deal for me to be there and be doing that show, and I show up and I find out that Aimee had booked. Someone else had booked Mean Aimee had booked out; Baldwin to do the shell, ok, and so I was like I was like: oh don't worry about this like bump me, your Baldwin, like an that's good stories. Anything else all that'll happen like guy up got bumper Baldwin. That's fine. Yeah Amy talks to outlook and was Ok, becomes automation. You know, I guess what can happen if you'll do the first, the shown allocated second- and I was like ok great again have acted, however bowl
or she that she's just lie. She would do that that she would do that to be like now, there's only at all or browse yeah lying on a we all at once. He I love this area like you ill disorganized or about it and then so. Baldwin then comes up as she's like out this his neck in and out, says is like what stories are you going to tell I dont want us to cross over at all now cause I'm a model, It asks you tell true stores by your life ass. We re says what stories you gonna tell. I don't want our stories to cross over an I let it out- and I was going to talk about my divorce- can Basinger, oh great, you really grace and he looks at me for a second and I feel polar walking away. I gotta get what is his fuckin kid doing and he looks you mean he goes. You talk about what a bitches
I was like he was doing a bit back with me, but there was that minute of like panic, panic, but it's that thing. It's that it's that in think, to say the wrong thing. It's Thirdly, if you get, you can think about it in a way that were adrenaline junkies, because the moment you make those decisions, it it's a let your adrenaline spikes, yet a moment, you're waiting to see how our boss, when who we know who is, can be aggressive women who, when the earnings called for yes, yes, that's it that's it! That's an exciting it's right. It was, but I immediately was. Why did I just fuckin say that right, I'm you ve done a lot of press in four people have not done You have to do these Hollywood foreign press days right in Hollywood form prices is a group of Ex Pat writers different countries that have little group here
suffice to say none of them are born in the? U S, yes, and so we were doing press for parenthood, and we had our our Hollywood foreign press day and one of the questions to Jason Kingdoms. A crater was why did you decide to make crosbie relationship in. Sure. Why did you hire joy, Bryant to be a black mom rang, and I said I got this customs. You know that the shows based on the moving in the movie my character, had a half black sun and once you have a half black son frankly we is painted into a corner a hand no, I'm so used to do in the other press from the three data for all Americans, which they would have clearly laugh known. I was joking and just see all these people writing down. This quote right that we're aided in order- and I go- oh my god, a guy just like this- is
at the right audience, stop you're. So now it it's over. It's done. I said it. People wrote down. It was certainly printed in Poland somewhere. You know my god, but I know that feeling it's like cause you're, also like we're all aware of what it has by as some people again. You know I'm not a raises yeah something, but no they don't know that their meeting some of them for the first time, and I say that with the stricken I can't stop now, do you? I think I have a handle on why I became funny. Did you think you have an idea of what? Where was it was there? Was there a self defence mechanism, and I think it was emits accommodation on the youngest of four so you're? retainers I was, I think, when you're the youngest. I think if you look around in a lot of young guests, mom thereof- in entertain. More wanting to entertain, I think, and now seeing my my siblings and friends and family with a lot of kids. It's there
something about the fourth like I have. I have three siblings they all have forecast. Oh really yeah, and so I've seen the fourth just is like their cause. Is it right? There are no easy there exposed to more there just exe. Both to their older siblings, they get more information at an earlier age, competing with people much more skilled at everything, TAT, Anne and also. I find that the older siblings get a kick out of the youngest because they ve helped shape that kid. Yes, so I think that was a big part of it. For me, I was also like tiny. I was definite I got into high school. I wasn't five feet tall when I got into high school, so I think my might defence mechanism
to defend myself, but also to charm yeah. You liked girls right. I liked girls, and I and I was like I'm- not gonna, get it cause, I'm I got the best body migrate or he slammed Don Diego. Yet it was like. I think I can make them last year, and that was a big one for me. I think give my so I would chalk it up and an EU, possibly most importantly, my family's is funny I've, like my my my siblings, are funny. My parents are pretty funny so mean. Obviously I get it. I came from a culture literally in and in my family that I think was humor. Was a major kind of mechanism for us, but it but and I think on another level it was a pure like it was the best weapon. I had. But do you remember ever having the specific conversation with yourself, because I actually remember at night? tenth grade move to a different highschool. No one knew me: I had it in
great. I was five eleven one, sixty five in in ninth grade. I is five things put three one. Fifty five, so I had lost ten lost ten pounds in game four inches at the his hair, due in the whole town, I had a terrible. Oh Mamma, my skin was a mess? The nose came in full force and dishonest skinny face and virtues great years, there's? No girl was at giving me any in right, and I remember looking in the mere like upset what I was seeing there and then this going look man. This is now your way in Leander, yeah, I'm just going to fuckin, really get charming, yeah like I have the dark with myself, and I remembered is thinking How can we hang it on this varies? So that's how health that, throughout that, the path you gotta I'll personality. Four year I I definitely had that throughout I mean I think I like I was that
any version of that. Aha, where I was like I'm never going to but it also then men, like I spent years like being the funny guy, the girls like to spend time with, but there's still weren't like into you in a frenzy yeah. I was definitely friends owned and Anne and rightfully so sure I don't like how dare they are good cause. I could see where that would lead me to a how dare they, like I'm puttin in forty hours a week. I am listening. You talk about Gregg, yeah yeah. I mean I definitely do that, but I quickly better A better or worse, learn that lesson in high school. After getting my huh broken my two or three times by the girls who I was friends with. Who liked me friend and thought I was really funny and then they like went like gave a hand job to the legs, a guy Mon Crossteam, and I was like ok and I learned for better or worse some lesson like you're getting friends own vibe, you're, a friend Nick
and like get out of I don't want to be friends with that right, like as all other times like. Oh I'm so deeply grateful that I have made this friend yeah but other times unlike know. The reason I want to spend all this time of this person is our own labour shouted with you. I want to get naked with the absolute we're not gonna, lay naked God bless. No hard feelings, yet I am not going to because its dishonest of the men because as and I think women do it. Sometimes what really men do it words like it's, not their fault I don't want to have sex with us correct gain. You are old them on the brain. Vaguely it's totally false, for ten years. I would love to just spend time with you. Yet would you, we are happy to do for a period am then you wanna get those clothes obviate, the horizontal? Yes, indeed, rascal around on old media hot summer, there myself? Ie is k through
I have great no girls like me all my buddies had girlfriends, that was very democracy and the nine through tenth grade I've had more time were girls liked me get. My brain is stuck in and I had an endless endless bottomless pit of wanting approval from attractive girls. Yes, sir, do you have complex at all, like oh yeah, for sure our happy large, but even if I could label some unpopular or or hot or out of my leg, I just Yazzi certainly do that yeah. I like we definitely covered it old somewhat in the show and in the first episode of big mouth, it's like he's in he's feeling insecure about a size, so he has the courage to ask out the prettiest girl in eighth grade, even a great above him dance, and she says yes and it It was a symbol of how I spend a lot of my life, which was yes trying again. Affirmation or validation for myself. By getting who I thought to be the most
tract of woman in the room or the most successful or whatever it is that and it's in hopes right that you will somehow for me it's that, while if that person would like me proved to me that I'm better than I feel like. I am yes and it doesnt work right known that can wake up next to Brook shields and you're. Like you look in the mirror, USC the exact yeah I've woken up, NICE Ambrose shields on the railways and essentially mad ever really mad. I've always be so unanimous that I'm not that he's not in there with a gun. I hope it's out there. There are numerous reasons of brochures aroused by the way. If I could pick a threesome bay behind unless they would be high, unless you be really cut up with him, she, yes, I have about it with heavy, actually that, for those I mean prevention is, is married to bridge shields and as a writer and producer and works with without a Mackay o Farrell at Gary Sanchez and is one of the fund.
Students around us and bird shields is one of the coolest purse. Women and whatever and but they're so, about a bit with hand. She, for I, don't know how many years were when we see each other. We say hi, we very quickly. so the lips and then walk away and not talk about it and like people will sort of like looking stipulated. That is to happen like we did it in front of feral one time whirling around here, what's up lives and then for us is like I am so one night, where am I a hotel in New York with couple my high school buddies I've known yes, it's twenty twenty five years and I see broke shield. what, by as he had she walked by other hotel wrong the lobby having drink separately and I go I go to my bodies- I go, watches
They don't know any. They don't know exactly. What's going on, I go up to shields and had hand. She sees me like five seconds before I walk at whom they have just been served to as the champagne, their toasting, each other, a wonder about getting sales, commercial, thereabout, toast each other and kiss, and I go hey guys and jokes embryos. Hey man stops toasting Brook except gives me a kiss on the lips are chatting, couple of french enriches the staring us she seen as do the bit. She knows the bed. She knows our role in this year on satellite to high school buddies are looking like Nick KISS Brook Shields husband, while he stood by lots like what the fuck is going on here this evening,
so we think of a time where I I tried that exact same move that you did in it backfired in the most horrendous way possible, and it was with MIKE Tyson- and this is true- I was in Vegas when we can punted just started Erin. I think it had only been on for six weeks ago to this fight now the hallway, leaving a huge on my shoulder. I turn around this gigantic dude says me MIKE Tyson wants to say hi to you and I oh my god, yeah, that's what it where is he Oxfam Thyssen intentions- I oh my god you're so funny on this punctual. I watch and all the time, oh good, you so great on this job. We, unlike you, think about all this stuff, and, unlike oh, my god, forgive MIKE Tyson area dams and go over the moon I really want to do the job and I go do your mind I said you could be on. The show anytime, you want is like a good. I'm gonna try to get all with somebody. Let's do this. Like all my get. You gives me a full hug that was a fight.
I swear to you Nick seven days later on a counter mba, all star game, in LOS Angeles, Paypal centre weight. the valet when we're leaving a sea fuck it might Thyssen sit by himself a home with my firm from Michael Rosenbaum. Go dude Rosy ire MIKE is a huge fan, is always national MIKE Tyson loves me. Let's go talk to him. I go over. To start with a real familiar hand on the shoulder I'm squeeze in his shoulder: hey MIKE how's it going meaning those who the fuck are you in my mind, I think ok showing me he knows how to punk people and I go ahead spot in great now. I'm sloppy pneumonia and giving so he is unwell and I swear to God and Rosenbaum could backed by goes your fuckin hint of me a break your head, open!
o mine, and I saw in his eyes what those fighters had seen like. I saw them the monster inside and I just like my body just went ice cold in we just slowly was pitched origin or of Zimbabwe's. I wound huge My head, I might say days ago. What do you think it was? I in key, must have seen an episode upon an elevator right right. The fight right was playing on the tv in that moment. For those fifteen minutes he knew who I was and then just data dump right did not. Remember me. That's. But he was in
He also has been very honest about having some mental swings yet different things and yes, dependency issue. So God knows what was going on in MIKE's why he was even by himself behind other, should in other words, that should have under the first pillar while Agora. Maybe I shouldn't go myself alone, as they have you got to Africa, and you see a solo water buffalo there like stay away from that when he's crazy he's been kicked out of his heard of thought that may buy that that that it has to be good MIKE Tyson. that must have been very sad, it was. It was really really memorable like I can feel my whole body of the way it felt when he set out break your fucking head did not do that to me right, Brookfield nor did broke she'll, see that no, yes, I do think I spent a lot of time trying to get that person. Now ever it wasn't whatever circle I was in and it is validation in what it is. It ends up being. It's like you are
You are trying to fill some hall or prove to yourself and others that you have worth. I definitely spent many years You know that fantasy of like yes, if I get, if I get this sort of night, if I get needed by this hurl and I'm but and it just never work that way and truthfully ninety percent of the time that whoever that Woman is or man is or whatever. Yet whatever your version of like I'm gonna get the person that much everyone think that I'm hot shit, yeah oftentimes is just not the person you act they're gonna, find whirling full relationship with that and Margaret I have talked about this a lot even worse As for me, I got off. I could just get their global like me than that girl likes me up
Then my brain goes Orton, as I thought you didn't. I would you like me to cause it didn't change my assessment of myself around, so I just learned that there is a day of bad judgment: guineas they're, not hot shadows. Why would they be with me? It's so fucking do their yeah yeah. It's me. It's like a kind of a thing of like you bring your baggage with you wherever you go yeah you know in it, and it is a weird thing of like, as as I continued to navigate figure this stuff out like at my age, I'm still like. Well, I'm still trying to search for them. Validation the greatest gift for you and I that we ve been able to maybe get a few of those thing. Yes, to find out it doesn't yes, because what give that you have access to that you ve access to that arrive, had access even have that realisation, because I think I'm still at home doing ex wire asean. I still believe in that I think so I think you we again it is
largely. I feel incredibly lucky for a lot of things, but part of it being like the idea of you know having some level of self realisation of being like I want to do this. They are meant to try to do this thing and for the most part of an able to do it and feels unbelievable the other side. If that is, you have to you like, oh things that I set out to accomplish? I compliment and I'm still kind of bomb. Now yes, is the is the other realisation of it. I I I do you come from privilege and so but I, but to do. What we ve done or what? What? What we're doing It doesn't really matter dinner. They may I haven't any military I had, but I've had plenty of it. I have not like starved like but to have succeeded doing the thing that I wanted to do it doesn't matter like where you come from, because at the end of the day you just have to be.
Funny or interesting or whatever it is, unlike if you're not thinking are gonna make it's a meritocracy. That's what I want, I sure hope Sony altering not now. I am wondering this because I've been working on this theory, which is I'm obsessed with money in a very unhealthy way. and I get better and better at every year I attributed growing up. No money. Are you says with money or you find with money the growing up money kind of take that pressure off the table little bit. I think so. I think it it's it's one of the true advantages of of having grown up with it. It just like it just it was It was not a thing that ever had to think about survival rates or where, how I was going to eat or how my family was going to eat it. incredible advantage and it has been
the way? I will say that money help me as so often that you can even own group of money exerting about ninety nine percent of people that had some vm. They then why just it's like the internet, just like there's no here by the way the internet says that my family has more money than it had to. I will just say that says: I am more money the assets like if, if you anyone it was gone out there looking on net worth like celebrity network, is now right, so I will say that, but I have, but it would be truly. It would be crazy for me to deny or downplayed, because it's just, I might it's part of who I am it's part of like how oh how I became whoever it is that I am so. I think too, about one I never had to. I have not been unhealthy. the obsessed with it, because I always had it too. It allowed me to. make decisions about the kinds of things I wanted to do in my career. That allowed me to be more picky answer.
regards, then I guess it wasn't. Like my mom needs healthcare or fuck. I need to like. I never, took me. I never use my parents money in two like help, pay for my life at all, but I always knew that I didn't have to buy them jobs that I didn't want to buy them. A house yeah stuff like that, which I knows in readable advantage that said, I ll, like nice, things yeah. What do you like like? What is your? What? What are you embarrassed to say is be like today say that, like it took me years, but it's like I like to not fly calmer, a coach, a hot, There was at some point like some years ago. I don't know what it was like. Six, seven years ago I was like I will not if I do have to. I will fly business class right. Yes, yes, you were, you looked at each other work as we have a funny story where
Didn't had in her contract for a movie she did Elton, like X, amount of first class tickets for the family to come visit right right in the way be framed. Monica and I was the head. My three Europe had a plus one and in business cause, my three year olds, plus one a bit his glass, which is that really the case, but we pray that way, I got my first time. I'd ever find first class. So I, had she was like my Richard gear, and I have heard a woman, but that is not, If any one size first class, they will feel that exact same way. Oh you're, not a money thing. It's like if you ve had few stumbled into that experience is hardly ever want to go back to drivers are doing being crammed into fucking washing machine NGO in us by guides, and I, like growing up, my parents would fly business.
Her first or whenever we always flew coach like our so whatever like. I do think my parents did a good job with us of creating some semblance of what the value of the dollar as a weird way. There are certain things that I'm not cheap but I am like I won't drink like many bar drinks. Yeah, of course, is hooked. It makes me bill gates, yeah millions. Reality, though Googe is guilt. Free pops, open twelve dollars shot. I know or like a warlike, you know strands like I'll drink. If I wondering sparkling water I'll drink it, but like pay, for water at around their certain things that I just them weirdly like, but I I will go to the same restaurant and spend eighty dollars on a stake in nothing twice about right. So it's just a very weird sense of like
What airlines monthly subscriptions like. I will not pay a dollar four pandora, really, don't know why. I clearly have a dog. I have twelve dollars a year to. I know it's so still I, but it kills me. I will get those subscriptions and not use them and then, like so angry with mild elves that I've done it ends like so there's stuff like that. That's crazy, but nice things. Do you want to have a nice house? Do you like? I have my house, my I love my house. It's it's not crazy. right, but it is for me it is perfect and I'm or Four ok right now, you're cargo. I love cars, okay, so I driven a it's my time and allay I've had a bad. I gotta Therefore caveman I got a previous, then I got a bad thing. Paul show where I didn't at First Subaru inside of the show.
And so part of my deal was like: I want a car, so I got a lease on an outback, ok yeah, which was fine, lovely car. By the way I just want to say brand wise for you. That feels like a really consistent view, go for you two had Subaru out back yet one of my Hobbes is picking were, I think, now the type traded be driving. Yes, I just wanna say right there that works from yes, the ok looking at me in my like redwing boots in my car heart, my foe, a man of the people, but not at all, Vivier like you like to camp, but you ve never been camp. Yes, yes, I didn't give out. Like I love to hike, I dont like camping. I do I do dearly loved, a hyper, that's just loved Ike and I love being outdoors. I dont like way Yup in a sandy tent right, that is my assure without a toilet. Yet hereby so then there, I got a little out a three by the way right. I wish I were to cut you off.
The with other brain. I feel like as a balls I for you is as out. Ok, so it's so the little audio three, it's the diesel, aha, which again one no it ok, it was turned out not to be diesel, it's part of their or was diesel, but the emissions if because governing, rocks wagon aims like Jack. I'm so that at least is coming up now. So the question is: where do I go now? I thought about a few different things out, like others, the Chevy vault like where it's like. Oh! This is another ecologically sound car. It's nice but it doesn't say much about me. It seems like you new. Then there is the out. The e tron, which is that is the sort of hatch back bread and then there's the Tesla yeah and, and I have and so those are sort of where I'm trying to figure
You think I'd teslas to flashy for you when you said it. I could yes ends in your voice. Yes, I thought that was too so that was, it entails right. So that's! The thing is like it's like. If this is a thing about money where you're like I'm like Ike, I have worked incredibly hard for long time yeah. I am a man, a single man. I have the money to do it. Yeah you don't have preschool payments. Fiscal payments in it or anything and an eye. All I do is I mean I work all as much as I can but I can argument you yeah. If we lived in New York this would be a different conversation if we live lived in London. This would be a different conversation, but we live in a city where you're gonna spend a ton of your life in your car and you men in your death bed, and if someone really tallied dead, Your literally have gonna spend a couple years in your fucking car. So why on earth Would you ever not get them? most favourable environment for you to be spending all that time,
Yet if you have the money? Yes, it is but for me it's like I'm always in the car, so I can get in this thing that excites me fuckin ay, that's at such a life gift. For me. Yes, like it, it's not ego. I don't want anyone to see means something expensive, but just a thrill of driving the car I have is this little will vacation. I take on my way to turn this. What could be laborious? and taxing until like this funding I get to do and how we do it at do have you driven the tests? I view we have Kristen has the out the acts that Algeria S young? Do you like it up? It's not for me. It's an awesome, fucking right super great for the kids, because the going doors go up. I don't have to bend over yeah out at all that stop the AIDS great for me, I'm superintendent motor sport erasing. I have here a rumble yeah. I'm sorry environment. All, I can say, is christen night together equal a normal verse, These car, they re. Yes, he's carbon opposite! Yes, it's it's on ethical me, but that's the truth richer.
But I just want to say, like you you're the two places you're going to be the most in your life, is your house in your car year make make whatever for you? That is for you deserve that yeah. I will thank but I have left here went to the test for the alleged shifting rather now held your hand, I now in some paper. I know I need it, but I am, but I think that partly it is there's a level of what do. I do what or what but then and then there's the outward prick the option of what does it mean to be a guy in a way with the tests? That is a real thing for me, yeah, which I shouldn't be concerned about it is illegal, appearance of it of like what is alike like look at you know, You personally seen anyone arrive in a test. One thought jeez really know I've seen a few people who, like I love and respect a couple, women who have one like. Oh, oh, you ve got a test yeah, ok, yeah, because in my mind it's like the like. It's like that.
The aging Hollywood Jew, Guy, who, like wants to show me how fuckin, Hot shitty is so he's got his Tesla yeah. That's how I that's the invisible yes view. I have it the eyes on me, I would have the exact same thought, process CM and I'm dead on with that
yeah, but I would remind you, like I try to remind myself no one's gonna think about net crow, pure. Yes, that's corralled, yarly, no one's gonna, valuable aviators, yet because their thinking about what they arrived and yes right, that is the truth. Yeah we're all too busy yeah world who no longer taking a critique of as a no one's ever gonna. Think now, if you pulled up in a rough, are yeah? Isn't there ostentatious? I dare not acting as the responsible lad and it feels responsible when you see some and driving test yeah. I think so just there's something funny. It might be stuck in my head from like three or four years ago, when I saw a few due to tests on animals like came. I also I have had the so I have a for I know, friend in whose really really successful trial lawyer. He has a ton of amazing cars, were all Superman cars, and he his son, you drop em off at school in his dad. It's a gap, pull over. Don't drop me
at school, he would force him to drop him onto blocks for school because his dad under Ferrari yeah. This couldn't be more polar opposite. The my upbringing like I would have gave a due to hand job to be delivered to school and in a ferrari out, just like the coolest thing that could have happened yes and now we're here and it's completely flipped on its head, and I got to humiliating to a son arrive in a four hour in it's just that. You recognise how how how much of its are crazy.
Cupid Mental contract, if that could be polar opposite in one state or the other. Oh, I am. I grew up like that. Kid. Ok, where you bear as the like what I was arriving and you don't have anything flashy that he had a limo up, what her other than a yellow, Homer S, ain't a limo yeah. Now, if you were a kid, if, if it was happening now, it would just be like a car with a dry, it would be a town car whatever, but this is like the eighties. Yet your minute, Mr Drummond Yad. Yet I would pull, and I would be so
what a regulation that is amazed. It was now and again I am not saying woe is me in the nineties known. I know I got no wonder you're I carried over railroads way but like and I'm the opposite. Like my mom's Chevette broke down, drop me off and his friend you're, like heiresses house, and I want to arrive at opposite Verna. Well, that's what I did have this idea like, because it doesn't because I'm not a cargoes are going to find a legal Mazo right now, just when all the way lean ban, I wouldn't do it, but I would me, the thought Godfrey my own ego. I need to buy like a fucking, you go and just force myself to drive there for a year with the windows down and radio up and just own. That whole thing is, I am I too much of my identity is attached to that. All things considered, I grew up in Detroit cargoes
yeah it's all about getting that sweet car, yes and then saying you and you feel like you're like I made it, I get to go, get the cars. I want as why else. If I dont like what others symbol is there for me to prove yourself, I've got you does it work or now it does now what what I would have waited with what didn't work is. I dont want to be seen and it actually like a really of noxious, sixty six ac cobra yet and that this car I had a poster of unwarranted so bad. I don't know how I feel like a fucking asshole right. Like I pulled up to a movie, I was working with lived isler and I received my parking spot and she looked at me in this currency goes so much
It's not enough attention, for you are much intends into you need, oh, my god. That is what it looks like yeah never drive this arrogance I haven't, I may lead in car, but no would know it's amazing, so the Uno Flash appeal to, but it's got good. I know its the fastest Sudan and the word yes. Yes, yes and I love yeah, that's great and when it starts up my balls rattle in a way I do, I feel like a like a silver back guerrilla come in through the your game, I feel You, like a little in my life, audio three, like a little back in Poodle, Eu Little Polo run and those are really cool. Do I really really likewise, I've enjoyed it. I but you're right. It is this thing you spend so much time in, but it is these things. What me and we can move on it- is that it is.
No matter where you are what you're doing eyes that I can't see that I feel like our seeing me self conscious years, we never yeah yeah. You can't really do anything to prove dear you, to stop being self conscious, yeah. I don't think anybody dislikes themselves No one dislikes you as much as you absolutely. I only have a couple more questions than you can go Do you watch commenting Not so much I mean No Isn't that interesting, you I don't know what that is. I don't know it's like it's two things, one I feel like you ve, probably someone else's progress of this, but inside, you all you do is make comedy it's not then come home. It's not a release, right relief to watch comedy. I also and in doing so, for me, all I feel like I'm doing is looking, as is the mass yet watching the sausage be made yesterday and I'm just like stand of special
or sit com. Or anything I'm just watching a being like. Oh that's, good man like they re the equation. Here works nicely. You dont derided ton of joy from it. You know get lost in right, yeah, Andrea, like oh. I would like to be that order while the why they choose that person or why did they judge that angle? This isn't well executed data. So yes, I recently in the last few years, gotten more into watching sports again, which I had fallen way off of aha cause. I'd feel. No. Can to you. You have no idea how that sausages made ray. I don't I don't know funny. I don't feel any like me. I don't care I dont consumers either, which is always people going. Are you watch it? As we watch now gave some our shock? They don't want you, but I only like dramas yeah. You know, I love love legal drugs really like all this double like could be further from what I've created. Yes, that's interesting, yeah, but I do find it to be kind of consistent among us. What, with the exception of fucking love as easy show,
master and Master of NEA, because, again that's I've never done anything even remotely like that. He will then is less com, immateriality harmony in his attacking and weep? We definitely on big, now try to take some of what he did and in the concept of like sort of cod, tapped episodes about immigration, this one's herons, this one's about religion, this once did that within big mouth were like ok, this one's about. You know getting your pay This one is about shame this one's up things that general ideas now, but you I I I get it You know I like it Lana. I was just going to the ideological. I watch Lana the two shows that I've watched this in the last couple months or Atlanta and high maintenance LA haven't, want I mean, That's terrific is
I saw a man on a paw, yet the confidence of down Glover, unlike I've, never more jealous of inhuman for sure on level yeah, I denounced the last skeletons of a new set of urban like hey, I wouldn't you knew I wish then I wish at me. You know it created Atlanta now cooler than yours, and I did that yeah you know in the thing to that I most it might. About him just to backtrack. I think that thing you said it. having grown up the money not being is obsessed with it and in its helped. You choose correctly. I've noticed that about you, like that something I admire. You, like I look at you and I go while disguise really just in it for the pursuit of the thing itself, which is so awesome, impure and think of just now come to. Like you know, I didn't shit for money. Many but at any rate I dont know we're down. Glover got this confidence, but it's the most authentic thing. I feel like I've up
like the Vienna View, is so Fuckin laser being clear is obvious. Though real it we're. the parallels, my experience in like lower middle class white trash neighborhoods? In a way the house's looked inside the way people hung on the couch tribunal for these periods on things Oh, my god I was, and I was in the white version of that area in itself. I did just connect my my spidey senses are like. Yes, the thing is dead accurate here and it's so cool right. When I think- and I think with him- it's what's been interesting is like he. You know he came at a time when you he was that you see be upright citizens Brigade in New York, when I was sort of he was a couple years, younger, me but came up innocent our time and then you know I was right or thirty Barton, goes to community and then starts making music, and you know he did a lot of things out and I don't mean an outlet.
You didn't out loud. He was not embarrass me like I'm gonna, I'm a rap or now Ryanair browsing, ok, Donald! Your ram were now yeah and then he's like I'm gonna make short films and it was like ok, Donald, your future film and then in unembarrassed confident enough to do things and maybe not do them perfectly yeah, but have the confidence that he was going to learn how to do them. In all said he makes like, a land where he makes that this is America, video in your like whew. This is fully realise now yeah and he was not embarrassed to try and maybe not do perfectly and seems then not be self conscious Yang that were like fighting actively it's very impressed. And I have a ton of an How can it becomes so attractive to like all these thoughts? We have about how we look or how would car were? whatever he human
video, this is America. Well, that's the sex he's gonna marry yet like. I can feel yet like that's this most attractive man in America right there, because that someone who just fuckin, oh what they are and it's out loud, as you say, and in its ended so perfectly realise and confident in his own skin here and now, as estimable yeah in it and in every act nickels, and how the fuck is that guy leading man his whole life you're like if you break it down you're an alien, and you just look at headshot like now that guy doesn't get through the system, oh no, the whole evening about actually videos gambling. Due to you again I that is ultimately that is ultimately. What is interesting, I think, is some version of self confidence of we, as we spent the last hour and have time, but how or not yeah, but I'm getting there like I've made progress. People go like will treat me like suppers hating yourself, don't it's I'm just aware of it. I think eyes similarly and feel the same way. We asked
It's like you, there's nothing wrong. I think them the greatest power you can have in defeating it is to acknowledge it and begin to remove through it. yeah and always gonna, take one step. Angola is, is me com, if you like this? Having that secondary layer of thought? where you go like this is serve as your monies from homeless into the shell yeah, several of them do yeah and they like. Second, I can. Well. I can only imagine that if you went to her go with me. You're like shut the fuck up to your six three yeah. You did date. Jody Pit, says yeah blah blah. global model that eyes pull by. Thank you thank you. But then I try to say like totally acknowledge it. I agree with it even more of proof of like. If I am this self hating, as is six to white dude in America and slammed in blue wide FF
This is a human symptom area is not about what the reality was as much as how I felt and unperceived cause I'm making decisions based on how I feel unperceived things not unreal. What are you if I will making them on reality? I wouldn't have had any of the problems of air. Yes, oh I've. I think that's very true and I look at a lot of my life is similarly of like I know I know I have been blessed with one of the really good lives and then the fact that it still at I'm stuff. For me, I have, I makes me, have great sympathy for the vast majority of the people who had a much how forego of it than I am yeah. The thing I didn't get too, but we can talk later, but is at your history major. I love history of a single favorite history book that you read recently who favour period of history. Up up up up. I ll see to F a favor appeared in history. I'm I mean
right now and I haven't done much reading on it, but I feel like we're early, twentieth century for sure, like art and stuff, like that, like early twentyth century art, I'm obsessed with of like lady team May. Eighty nine is like nineteen thirties, more modern art of what we would think of as like Picasso enmities and an Cuba's them and futures and all that stuff. I love I'm like a very much into that period, but also historically, I've been looking at this point. the time that wherein right now, as almost like pre war, or one weird. in word, isolationism and like rise of sort of fascists in tendencies of sorts- and I see so, I believe, there's thing and I haven't actually done a ton of reading on it, but I believe that there are some interesting parallels going on right with that moment. In time- and then- but I just
I just read: I've read a few of randomly read a few world were to issue era books recently. If you read on blitzed now they know it. I know I've heard the name of it, but what is it? Is it drugs in the third Reich? Wow? That's all some ideas are is that you are like over the counter methamphetamine yeah in eighteen. Thirty, six keep on Serbia and the german troops were fully fully messed up to kill us yes, Dana for, like seventy two hours, no problem dna Hitler himself, which I didn't know This was like a full blown junkie. A junkie, junkie junkie had a doktor with him at all times who shot him up many times throat. I, what, with methamphetamine an icy co down, speed, balls, uppers, Downers relays regulating them all day, long and ass, he got deeper and deeper into that. He stopped going out in public. He stopped making speeches. He lived in that
go right in the bunker he became obsessed with the thickness of the bunker and he was living in a bunker that was like six feet of concrete and he had one built. That was like thirty two feet thick of concrete, that's what even of dying in its it. The description in the book was that is, if this this sum so make cube, fell from space and landed in the mountain top like he couldn't get in thick enough. Gunk reveal they can. I use us like a math had he was a full blown drug acts and just stopped everything that he had been doing and used are watching all those decisions that I had read about in other media world war, two books, but now comes a little more salient like what was going on. Personal effort was used track. Marks were so bad that they couldn't find veins in him to shoot him up anymore. I'm just half wild stuff that I didn't realize you were all human. Everyone ways you even handlers, EVA Hither, has had some issues it would have whatever Douglas was even Even Hitler had some character gleam?
I think you so much for coming, and I want to say- and I would have normally lead with this- that I can only bump into your own town. Yes, always on my favorite things, a duke as you and I want to sit at the corner of a hill hearse unless we ll see how you will shoot the goddamn share yard and wanting I have it's always a pleasure chat with you now recorded for time for for posterity. Has always a pleasure is always a pleasure. Seeing you around your when used our one, and I see your email I'll be thrilled, oh yeah, because you need one outcome I'm hard all right, new cry love your very a very you human being you in my report, the Padman, yet complete, belonged to bump bump bump bump you can be built he's drunk so
I was ass, saying how much I enjoy the live performance of that song by my good friend just Roland, and he has been generous enough to grace us with a performance live in the I reckon armchair expert and I thought we would share that with you before we get into the fact check were also hosting a video of the performance, because it is a very visual experience as well as auditory. So please enjoy my beloved six foot, seven red, headed friend, jazz rolling.
Compare, belongs Thrummmm, Schiller, optional haitian hopes and saw how to compare pay longs throughout that comment effect is how do you set me not by me last week that up? How do you set ten needle song? You re. In fact he saw how come they pay long term should hopefully Hazel hopes and saw how to combat be long term back comments that these parties have mean be lamby. Lovey lack who love parties that mean be larger than either party saw. Hey compatibility, served up to leisure hopes on south african people, long term political matter. These. training, and now that I have our baggage jack. I guy you ought to know by now wanna get it realised that there was a really jewels, I'm not doing a great job in it, but I just I was finding things at rhyme with czech fact. I can there was a song raises, trade and menus my god. I gotta start over.
Now. Ok, I love you every I'm so excited to talk to you about the facts in their crawl is very fine episode, air. So Monica was this fact. Heavier fact: Light episode, fact, media over medium actually. programme the latter's ogre fact, mine eyes like that like great, so Neck It is a lot of These facts are clarifications because Nicholas was very sarcastic, oh, oh, can I dont want people to walk around. Thinking like he was on, yes, says to the dress: ok, ok. It was a joke right right right, he was not on say, asked the dress that I know of no say yes to the rosy I'm gonna tell you all went out its own glad evil. Now, let's start their yeah, that's my! in fact, since the dress is a reality, show untill sea or they follow shit, man again they go down, I climb, fell bridle bright.
Storing New York. Ah, now imagine this came in the wake of bridesmaid success there like. How do we do when we hooker, our card up to this. I believe you have been waiting. four brides, but this is an old share August. Thirty, forty years on the air, yes sixty or seventy years since tv is inception, address was afresh on tv, ok right now, I have two factors: that not true. Now. Is the outlets not bury ourselves half a year? Others like people who work there and then people coming in and buying draft respective brides. Yes and ok, I can't be certain, but I'm one of my friends. High school was on. I say yes to the draft that so exciting. She was honest, show like this, where you had to go and like you picked out your wedding dress. Ah, she got a really fancy I got a little distract away or become impressed
because I'm not interested in dress is were weddings, but I was noticing that you're you're you have beautiful make upon today, ain't here, which is not to say I don't like you, might even more thou make it is it the change in the listeners don't know, there's an that's, because you were filming something really special to baby. I got something very core and as it did you decide in India. Is it a secret tenants, but I could say you're gonna, be I'm a good place in giving away any plot points. Yeah. I guess I'm allowed to you. I know its own borders promoting the good places show we live in the light of the good. I was so thrilled to be asked to be on it very guys. don't get too excited you, don't have one page monologue? No, no! No! You have to shoot. I, like I always said I wish I was just wait. Across in the background Irina, any any scene in sopranos that maybe a partisan, my love, that's exactly how the sixty six percent of the people in this room have been on the good place.
What's your shit together yeah it was, it was no you'll. Never hear me do is pronounced robs last name. I don't care if it was to win ten million dollars. There's enough, Fucking Vienna in a why palace I saw it ass. I saw you say any who anyway. It was special and I felt I feel very grateful. You look fantastic banks. But you know what I wish she was listen. When I talk about dresses cause, I listen when you talk about cars. Yes, but I've also giving Europe many rides in my fast cars in huge negro and many of my dressing up your while you to share. I got your hair Nicholson best weak ever ah ha, Thus we ever for young listeners was a show envy age wine where
they would have comedians command and talk about the pop culture sort of events of the week and it was funny, and it also had a lot of like really really good people before they. Sort of handling raw, sheer and rob you Bowen Polish Tomkins. They were all on then net Martin Lawrence occurs rock. No, now these they weren't guys guys were they. Weren't but the other guys I said were on it and it I mean it was on page one: did you watch it and if you up so dear you're, ok, so So the girl in the Hollywood complex document documentary aid, we love was named cash Presley, but her name was present ok, yeah so use. Moreover, saner name as if he were her teacher. Doing roll call right the area, so raw mental, now Hollis drowned at me. I'm documentary list,
just read out a good you're. You're awake good Duncan supping unheard, unlike encouraging them to be on the good place over gauges beyond the measures on tv S. Do it's easier. Ok, so the conversation about single cam and know what that means. But not everyone knows what Single can me and genes. Single camera, but that was the people come here. I exaggerate you intolerable single gee. I can explain so say like I love Lucy right or all these really traditional sitcom, Basically, all comedies briars The two thousands were what we would call multi cam chosen in what's happening? Is when their filming the scene there's a bit, in three and five cameras all running at the same time, and
playing their acting out towards the cameras. Your only seen one side of every room and live audience. There is alive audience in the cameras, not dumb ever crossing the line in filming back out towards the audience. So it, but that changed now, there's been a lot of very popular single cameras shows, and it just means that shot like a movie a shot. The cameras there's four. fewer and they ll one side, and then they turn around and relate the other side, and it takes a lot longer to film yeah and the good places a single can. It is how button doesn't mean that these with one camera, that's the deceiving thing. Maybe I was many cameras, but traditionally they did original. Yes, because film was expensive and nowadays, dad is cheap, so there's no reason not to have a few cameras running and it still seems an makes go much quicker
ok. I get to explain something I'll love run I'm sure AIDS all great cause that comes up as at the game night that make went Christians house or any while AIDS is such a fun game, we still play it all the time and Ryan and Amy Hansen's house was, as I play. all those who want to now and I'm gonna go play this weekend. You have to team multiple teams. However, may, depending on how many people you have let's say of ten people I've generally blade with three teams. Are you able to present a bigger party other and your house, so you have two or three. teams but they're all equal distant from each other and the key rightly ass. It were distant exactly and one person norms every single person makes a list of ten charades movies. Tv way, songs, books,
and you may ghost of ten one it's one person's list, those first, this is my last I would goes in the centre of those teams I put on my list. One person from each team would come to me. I would say the first item on my list: little mermaid men, then those three people would run to their teams, do charades road, traditional charades. Please explain lags here, because this is how you do she was Madame explaining running sure. It's not at all. I just don't. I didn't want you to explain. Sri Lanka may seem a little like agitated off by no, no, not at all said. Let us assume people know what Sharif so you D charades no talking and then whoever gets it runs to the middle person. The list girl you and gets the second clear for.
Scan for a scamp runs to shreds and so on and so on. So what which ever team complete Soulis first gets a point, but really. Fun is if you play for contact trade, which is what we played at Christians House, they two teams get though their clue at the exact same pending their both running than you can tackle. Somebody me you ever gets the your chair. Monoculture first gets the clue first, and it will be noted that arm Tom Arnold tackled the in some a whole holder in any hit his head on a cabinet. I thought the candour is gonna break is much like that seen in America movie where he shoved the head through the camp. I thought we Lawsy in summer holder. Anyways continue game nights, a big part of our life. You're a nice little circle, our social life. We have friends that love,
a game nights, as do we get to go to them often, and it's really fun yeah. We generally what you say. We will will play a game called celebrity, which is really really far. Nor have we play range raids, we're robes and villages where Wilson villagers empire for on account of my favorite game ever I won't go and at how to play back as a few complicate, I don't even know how to play warplanes, but what's the funding more, we we have the words and you gotta, you ve heard named code names. That's a blast and recommend that are now hands all fine. I met you at a game, nine dances, now at your house. At my house, Cameron's birthday I had a drink in my hand in you, me and spilled everywhere, and I thought, though, the end, I really dead but actually there is now going on now the amendment alone, people are asking, I dont, know
For that I want to say I do, but I do I don't know I do remember. We use filling a drink when we hugged at one point, but I wonder remember that was the first time that we man I think I was yeah. Ok, but but I will add this on. A lot of people are curious about how we know each other and they ask a lot from your interview you, but that's all commie. We ve already done something special that will be unveiled at the appropriate time. Yeah, you mention and throw palm tree, which is the measurement of the human individual. That's what it is that you do your job in what? But it was a and actual field within anthropology and, like a division, know all this as a tool of physical anther power. There was, there was culture,
the biology there was archaeology. There was prime ontology in anthropology tree was its own thing at sea. I know just in Anthropology buddy was eradicated, it was it was added it out, because Anthropology was so misused during the third Reich rearing. Guess all these different measurements, facial price, criticism and stuff. They started being weapon eyes by Hitler. and use to perpetuate this, the myth of the Ariane and so It was, it was so Miss used and that that it was just eradicated entirely as a discipline within topology Tristan yeah. Will you see just said it again? Facial pragmatism? and I looked, I was looking into that, as you said it during that and
but they would measure from like the top of your hair aligned to the Tipp, your nose right and then the Tipp, your nose Cheer Jha, and then they would. You know, divide that in your face and they had all these different breakdowns of racial groups and where their features fellow their face and how much there forehead jetted out and how it yeah yeah, but it was, there, was also looking at all these other differences to how many olfactory glands you have dished incisors. There is all kinds of details being recorded as data tat it. Yeah. They finally said that someone said why on earth are we hussies these differences. That really don't mean anything, the matter, the devil and I found was pragmatism- is the positional relationship of the mandible or MAC Sola to the sky. until base were either of the jaws protrudes beyond a predetermined, imaginary line? In the coroner plain of this,
skull. So unlike how fire your Georgia South in relation to your maxilla now. Majesty blues clues near almost sate. Those clue. this was an american children's tee. He shall those nickelodeon. Ninety ninety six as well prepared Ok, that check out yeah, but, but I think they they re cast the original may dead, ok yeah, they dared dot. The first one was Steve. Everyone knew Steve, ok, ok and then in two thousand to he was replaced. Donna, then, who is Europe, he's still replaced ha. I wonder why everyone knew Steve is very popular as popular show, you must have. It was really happy. Somebody must have happened, although maybe his contract was used up,
please I got enough blues gray eyes. We got a three year having I'll do you think it was do think they're here to catch the robber? Should I- I hope so yet you know guys it's a hot night in LOS Angeles and arm. we're recording a name which is really weird for us too, because everyone schedules got so we're also why This is a little scatterbrain this whole thing, but anyways we have other windows open we're. Getting a lot of amber, Noise YAP, boys who is with us I have written chauffeur preschoolers, it was the animated doll, Was there any a dogma in blue and
Do you even know about that? You have, I told you, know everything about blues Mozilla addition for air in a minute is watched. Blues clues in my brother was very palmed about the notion that until it actually would be interacting with Blue yeah yeah, if the audition did they have for ten dogs no Now, unfortunately, now that's how you waiting getting weaker yeah you would really, but that if there is a pretence as I do, I really do really well pretend dog tat sort of thing the phrase is a rising tide lifts all boats, you are another one, clear, ok, and you guys also so that hey Jude was about his penis hey dude is not about him, penis it is about balls now hey page, is
is a song that Macartney wrote to comfort John Lennon son Julian during his pants. horse, oh yeah, went to visit me and to visit Cynthia Lenin arrived after they got divorced ass. He went to visit Cynthia and Julian and on his right there he came up with a dude. Oh that's, nice. He has been down you're goin on that point. I guess he yeah run around them, birth, Springsteen sixty eight LISA Samson is eight- but by the way, a blunder big time on my the CID heiress episode. I said if, if they did that the zip code, there would only that if the site is six long, it only allow for ninety nine thousand inhabitants, but it would actually allow,
four nine hundred and ninety nine thousand. They also raised that fact. You did. Also, then you add alphabet in there and that ends ass little bill. You hire someone send someone broke down the mouth for me today allows I was off by factors of just billions, I'm so sorry. I miss that I didn't I didn't even I didn't even check that did. I blew past it, your job, golf lotion. Is intensive care yet ohms. I vaseline intensive care, your jack off lotion. That's what it was. That's really intends many lines in the market for a nice I breathe. I hope that we get a jack off illusion as a sponsor an actually encourage us to refer the JAG off lotion yeah.
This episode armchair Export is now away my own dating back off lotion. They don't why. what don't women do you lose your lotion, yeah a cat. Well, you could. You could use like a lubricant, a sex lubricant. A euro saw elevation, oh not a lotion. I got you, I got you I was using I lotion as a blanket term for anything that was lubricating is like listening. Either at the grocery store house. Analogies react! I think, you'd have some rash. You since infection Ghroghrank, yeah factions, so don't do it the other way. There's other things you can use Monologues at ass cat, he told the story about how him out I dunno about doing man lives at ass cared so that ass cat is is sort of the flagship show you seem to be in
Nor can away it is the big show on Sundays and Saturday's, it was a hurry. Leaded arises. One night is free, one. Another night is paid yeah another, always, although so cool about the man. You see these approaches and yeah yeah. The line for that Sunday, ass cat is in the same people get there like five hours early line and end is pretty crazy. It's really cool, it's the best improvising in the theater and they come, and there is often a celebrity Managua Jist. They call him a knowledge as you're always wondered of Limburg about. We did not a real well again, they invite a celebrity monodist to come and tell monologue cell stories about their life, based on whenever word, the audience provides, and then they do him improv off of that it's an honor. I wanna do it some day, yeah I'd really like to do it here.
anyway, so as well by the way I just read I was reading today I wish I remembered the details, but I M Nick talk a little bit about his dad's business right as a corporate private investigator. which is why is there was loaded with that the company has yet, but his I just saw that their investigating right now, something really pertinent in the news and I notice his is brother- now runs that comprise AUS Bernini, that's funny! Oh, I know exactly what the story was. There is a crazy story today in the house, rapporteur that there is a scam going on where they are convincing people that their Amy Pascal or all these other big time. titans of industry females in their getting people that are like one guy was a photographer and they do this woman's posing as Amy Pascal Sheikh convinces him to go to Indonesia, and
I'm start scouting to do a shoot and she says just pay. You pay an resubmit, you're receipts and will reimburse you and the guy racks up like sixty thousand dollars and things, and this has been done to hundreds of people in the company. That's investigating. It is Nick crawls dad's company, whose now being run by the brother of rain, Mr Drummonds, I didn't know who that was. Mr Drummond. Excuse me Drummond. I didn't know who that was it. the millionaire on different strokes. You knew where different structures Roy yeah, but I don't think I watched it- you didn't know in Arnold. Arnold was led by Gary. right right. Radio, but are you were anyone to meet him? Did you love?
the I loved it was really great yeah when you're a kid yeah Gary colonies say what you talk about. Wilson just landed every single time. It still is not. That is still in the cyclist when they already interesting, and even though I was into a black child, I was a poor child, worked as a fancy. Fulfilment show for me that this notion that this rich guy would would adopt me and I'd right around the limousine on the Upper EAST side. It sounded like the concept alive. There are a lot of shows when I was a kid about. Just kids mean rich, because there was also silver spoons s, prance fresh brands of Bel AIR, but ye I loved silver spoons, because he had a train inside this house is your game. We learn zero ha ha. I say. Oh, my gosh, I forgot about Europe.
you're right and then everyone thought I look like Ricky Schroeder. When I was a kid. We have always said that to me, we and the same White Swatch Watch here I never watched that either always I was before my time anyone, but I was not even now. even now, don't even Albania, now childish Gambino. This is America, which argue talk a lot about Donald Lover and being very, goodbye by his talent- and this is America comes up, and that is that one of his new songs and an increase at a ball music, video, really impressive. So as an american thematic, pretty pervert really is so Is you said that your car is the This said Dan in the world, and so
I mean I read you the top thirteen in Utah maybe if you think it's right, you- and I believe you ok. I just want you to hear before you even read it. So I don't and offensive there so many ways to evaluate this. There will be top speed. There would be easier to sixty there be a quarter mildly. Like there's a lot of different ways. You could say some was the vast forego at him with this list. Ok, I'm on the task TAT time NASA and who I am top ten. Ok Volga number one, a two thousand eighteen, Dodge Charger S, Aren T Healthcare, two thousand fifteen ass in Martin RAP Reappear were rapier, replied, ass, Rapid, I would think, would be that we use in financing is not that word p Idee three too then fifteen Bentley flying spur for two thousand fourteen or span that panel
PAN Amre than America. Camera turbo ass over five years fifteen Bmw M five thirtieth Anniversary Edition Sixty thousand fourteen Mercedes Benz ease sixty three am G assign bore That's is your car? Seventy thousand fifteen Mercedes Benz as sixty five Angie, eight two thousand fourteen Jaguar, Ex F R S, nine, two thousand fourteen Cadillac see tee ass. We were monster tend to those, and fourteen hours are seven. That's what I have here Those are probably based on their list. I'm guessing that that's at top speed thing, yet he wriggled out have speed fast this year, but I make my mice at angles here to sixteen three point two seconds and I think that the fastest and a world zero sixty time in Sudan,
guy and had Tesla actually might even be faster. Like the one hundred version. I think that may even be three seconds zero to sixty its electric, but but the test, the top speeds, not that great we are back, that's the guy. That was that there was anything new We can argue about anything, that's true. It is only an almost yeah. were we almost did about the game night, In his day there's one another guy about our interpersonal relationships. The memory is not as good as yours. I do believe that was at one point, but I dont think of forty three is as good as yours yeah. I also don't imposed kids my memory, so hot and sometimes I feel like when you bring up member your.
evaluating how much I care about you basin. How much I remember that I dont identity they eat always makes me feel sad when night, when we have interactions where I am, I don't remember the thing and then I'm afraid you think I'd. I don't remember that it was an important to me, but it's just a lack of memory. I think we were about to fight over there and I don't care they. Do you remember the asking? If you remember all those Roy almost I don't. I don't care if you remember that that wasn't the signal we barely talked because even our honour, wonderful vacation was water. Vacation we all took right, has now no last week Yale, I'm for families, thirteen kids, twelve. dolls, yeah just about last we never left this house. It was great. but one when I was saying when I am fully recognise that you were a very special genius and it was
We started arguing about Adnan Alot in cereal, and I felt like even that may be had gone sideways. Those like the right is hurt your feelings that that was now thinking. Do you have a memory of us having in conversation before that that was ignored again, that I had forgotten dealing those are well, we ve started really clicking. Maybe I ate them up I dont you don't have to I don't I don't I don't run the specific moment. That is a lot of people in our friendship group and I'm I have opinions about them like Monica nice person, Monica obviously hard work, but then the delay lightning bolt of white, oh I wanted, demonic all the time. Yeah, that's a specific moment in a friendship. Yeah me it was when cereal had come out yeah. Maybe I don't I don't remember anything specific, remember that, precision while, but I don't remember when that was on the timeline and aid,
in my head. I had already felt that ok, but I, don't know. Maybe I hadn't me up, I feel like we used to talk in the kitchen in the morning a lot but everyone that was right? When I started it was cereal was on the hours pretty early and yeah yeah yeah I don't remember, but I it should certainly don't care that you have there by what I care about that. I don't know why you would only care if you are like. Oh my god. here before that we had this amazing debate about blank now and I thought that about you for a year now use out that about me, who also that allowed. Why I get? I wonder You completely at random biotic Smart, how life arcs always I love you and congratulations on your place.