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2019-04-22 | 🔗

Norah Jones is a Grammy award-winning American singer, songwriter, and pianist. She sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss the trajectory of her career, her commitment to music and dealing with public criticism. Norah admits she is attracted to musicians and Dax, in response, declares his rudimentary knowledge of drumming. The two talk about the value of relationships pre and post-fame, they bond over having powerful single mothers and Norah plays music for Dax and Monica making them feel like their live in a matrix.

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Welcome to arm chair experts. You're nervous for my transition guest Do our gas, that is a clear goods, were really clear, clue: Nora Jeer, my favorite monocles favorite, and definitely one of my favorites. I love her! So much was such a treat to have her here thought I was and what it was a mainframe. There was a rainy Sunday evening to right as a gloomy Sunday evening, and we got into the attitude we got cosy. Can we really nervous to ask her if she would sing? We were delighted that she said yes and then she romanticized us what happened? Monica
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I have to waste any time before bragging about your hot deal. So before you travel check out h, o t w I r e dot com in book for less that's hotwire dot com for forced our hotels at two star prices. All bookings are fine in all get out there and see our country he's now, nor I said I wasn't gonna say about I'm gonna save you're, so overwhelmingly beautiful person. It's really exciting. Well, that's always a nice thing the year so dont ever not sailor, loving! Ok, you know what I'm finally have, as we have female guess on as we need to get older
you're, like more into it like late with tackling late we had there is over, went on and I was saying it and she said: are you kidding? I might like bring it? The faculties trail the absolute area, and I guess I wonder, though, because I think for actors in comedians being labelled as pretty nonstop seem: it's getting in the way of what they want to be seen as which is like talented as an actor or communion, but I gotta imagine that doesn't really extent music music does it. I mean it's never bad to be pretty. I think it might depend on the percentage the kind of music there making what they're trying to put out there but yeah I mean I have this friend one of my oldest friends Davies after he sees me plays a swede. I looked beautiful you hot up there like ah thank you and I'm like how did it sound he's? I see. I know you want to hear how you looked. First is sound and second, and you sign a great but like I don't know it just kind of funny,
if I d stand or I do a comedy movie, I could give a fuck if you think I'm forty just please tell me I'm mildly. Attracts me. I like I mean it's so annoying to me. Sometimes I wish I could just be like a dude and you know just run out on stage. Not over think sure thing I'm wearing so dumb, but you know what happens when you ve been doing this for a long time now, and do you feel that you still think about all that as much as you may be used to in your younger no. I dont really give a fuck as much in our wireless but work. I don't know you still just one aware something flattering a guess you wanna Rusty Austria, minimal idea? For me, it's always telling my hair just gets sweating Frisian, so it's like I wish I could just where hat
right, maybe I will do that, will assign you really cute has just start you and your and our maybe you could use your last couple hours here to check out o king really find a hotline for doors. We haven't cute little thing on the back. Your head right now is it as such are anchored. Shouted is basically had a Jason. It's like a little, and I know it's like a merry tuna doily haggard share because it don't look at my hair. So you know it's really exciting. For me is that Monica was really over the moon that you're coming and then so as a region you I have no idea, you were half indian and model yeah Hunter pursue India, the hundred percent. I have even that's why, up of anything out, she's twice as good as you should be retained at India. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Georgia, so ok,
You're southern ITALY, I argued in Bulgaria, Squire Hamley, Southern India has re, he's a southern india. Ah, yes, your both southern Yarmouth, I'm a Texas, half India, but but you started in Brooklyn yeah. I was born in New York yeah and zero to eight ya know it's three o anyway, it actually wasn't Brooklyn. When I was here my mom's for Roma, and so we move back down the taxes to be near her family, when I was about three p m, I'm sorry mom and dad who are married they just days when their separate ways at three. No I mean they never lived together or the dinner Marina Dad was a ravishing car use a very famous musician and they were they had a long relationship. But you know it was very unconventional. Aha,
like a rock star of sort replaced the tar here I mean he. He was kind of a unique person because he became this big huge influence or Georgia. Send him then became sort of associated with the Beatles and he played Woodstock and he became us. She added with this whole. Our cultural thing that was going on back and was he the gateway for the Beatles to go to India was embarrassed that I'm a little I'm a little foggy on that like exact details, but am hate. He and George became very close. You listen Howard Stern by chance at not a time, but I have he plays regularly this this. I guess a greeting from George in it damn it's him going with peace and love peace in love. Please stop writing me fan mail addressing all of Us Rand's any, but it always starts with a season. Love is low and kept. Basically those rules that right and so every time you
really shitty news to give someone you to start by saying with peace and love and love, and then say some really aggressive go pressure to eat, but how to your mom soon she was a concert producer yeah, that's how they met. She produced a sharing in Dallas when she was living in college after college recently, so the other together a long time, but anyway, I grew up with my mom and I never lived with them, and then I saw him growing up here and there and then I didn't see him for a long time. So I'm really bad about per day Do you not here, but I just reading your thing as I also my mom Deca divorce. Had three half was very busy with a lot of it for a long time. He died in two dozen twelve, your dad dialogue that yeah I had a very kind of very, very sweet last three months with him that was quite healing and bonding in those very cathartic. Are you talking as you or me right, I don't know. Maybe you talking about you yeah, my dad. I do. Those ok seem so similar here in my day, was early around and then at the latter there
end of his life. He was crazy, cathartic, a wonderful uniform and then I happen to read that you were kind of a strange from dad and then you want to India. Well yeah I mean when I was eighteen, we gotta get back together, you, dear yes, I'd in growth per annum. At all. I saw him scraggly till I was nine and I didn't seem at all times. Eighteen, we didn't really speak. So there is a long chunk yeah and then I went to visit a monopoly. The team and I met my half sister for the first time aware and she's two years younger than me and so was intense and then, since I was eighteen, we sort of became a family worked on our relationship and I'm I'm I'm lucky. He lived to be ninety two because the only time then to sort of get normal about iron and sort of we repaired our relationship. You knows best, Ok, so desert now parallel breaks down a time. It's your day was ninety two. My was sixty two senior damage in quite mature.
He had you right. Yes, he was. I think it is fifty nine wow what a virile man my younger, I am sorry I was eager allowed. His dogs is drawing near Harry, whose desire tat, nor a german that what has happened up to now, but you know you like he was a classical any immigration or so he really wasn't. You know Rock n Roll Canada. He was a very serious insanely, brilliant musician em. So like a sweet, little man when I met you anyone executive, but when you came into it at eighteen, did you have some resentment? Oh gosh, I had turned the baggage You should yeah you're entitled to that. You should get a dad. I mean you know it's funny. As you get older, you get more perspective on things and Anna. One, having kids two rows of that really put a lot of things into focus. Yes,
like I don't know Monrovia this like it for ever. I thought I was. I was kind of resentful that my dad had missed out on my child and then about a year and having my my first tell those like. Oh my goodness, he was the victim of its own, where it would be way worse for me to miss my child's life here than to have my dad miss my life, but it took me having kids to realise that yeah. I know I mean life is not black and white and it's complicated and it's interesting the deed. I was gonna do matter now, even though they also kind of don't you think it's. It should just be one thing, but I don't know I feel like were presented this option of two either right. Everything offers like who gives a fuck you or to dwell on it and let it steer everything we do in life, and I think there is something in the middle yeah there's a big mental yeah. It's like it is important to recognise. Like I deserved a dad, I wasn't I should I was entitled to that exactly also
gave me. Probably these great characteristics yeah right, I am now you are who you are because of how you were raised and then also towards. Then you can grow like I, it's it's impossible to navigate life without some wreckage exactly now. You're gonna get it one way or another did mom remarry ever or no and a mere my mom. We were rethink families. You know it was just me and her and were incredibly close and she's amazing in and intense, but whom his wish your baby. She was a bit o my god tall too, I'm shrimp. You know my dad was short aha shortly as well. Have I'm five one and she's five ten green eyes. She had like flaming huge red afro when she was in a note what you gorgeous back in the day and she still is very striking. So Robbie must have a game.
Like Crazy, hasn't conventional pairing white woman in an indian man, maintain myself like yeah, much taller white woman so and he was fifty nine and she was fairly what in our twenty user, thirty's uniting sooner twenty you're, so he's us, I mean on some young man. I guess that contact for my mom's got here. She's, like ups, you know Oklahoma taxes, spare fire. She definitely does not take any crap yeah. Where did she have boyfriends when you're a kid really really? Now I think you know I had a aren't who had a lot of husband. You know she saw a lotta, not great situations. I think she just focus on issues also so busy working in raising me. You know and working hard did she continued to work in music and taxes was she became a script supervisor? Oh really has worked and commercials alot in Dallas
and she became a real stated hand and she went back. Squirm came a nurse. Oh yeah she's, a cell starter in pretty confident. It sounds like a script supervisors for people who don't know our people a movie set who, in their making sure both the all the way. That being said correctly button and even more importantly, the person who use their left hand to pick up that mugs when you shit another it's as there is, generally speaking, a script supervisor person of the type that euro- oh yeah. I remember circulars person in which she a meticulous like that was everything tidy. In I mean it wasn't like we're yeah she's tidy, but not not necessarily like listening. Hurry, condo, you know about that, but yeah. I guess I'm so the.
I believe that everyone in the world knows Marie. I now it's just a verb. Now I'm gonna go very kind of you share my closet, the average speaking of small she's, two inches taller. I saw a theatre in real life. She makes me look like a giant rooted in its shocking, wonderful she's, a powerful little to our ears. So did you Grubbin Adela suburb? I did and grapevine taxes is with airport is oh ok, but it was tiny, though, when I was growing up, there was a Mcdonald's and little tiny movie theater and nothing else, and now she's like this huge, huge, huge place. Ah so the u dont to me, read immediately like India and I think you would read Italian or something did it. You find that you stuck out among the southern white folks down there were everybody, Who is our mexican? Nobody says you know, taxes, alot of skins and all my friends, the voice.
I have a mix, I mean it wasn't a super white suburb, it was pretty mix voice was between Dallas and Fort Worry and town. Before I mean it was kind of white by eminent and there were other people of color for sure, so you didn't feel excluded or I didn't feel excluded. I felt a little like I mean nobody ever knew what I was now always would say things like what are you you know, and it's always kind of a funny thing I'll. Well, I'm a human, you kind of think of what he answers and then okay, I know your ass. Have any of them. Have why oh yeah yeah? I can. I thought you actually were meaning like war, Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you snowboarder? Nobody, your anonymity, they were working, they were was a kind was funny kind of funny. Money goes on Monica. I have debated this on here, which is its of course that's annoying in
Monica, nor has exhausting it's just because you will recognise immediately what they didn't want from you, but it's like why in wines specifically there as he Monica where you from where you re a fragment, I'm from Georgia Self delusion, but then there like, oh no, but where are you exactly where you can get really agro about it? But I went through that phase and then I realized like it's just somebody being curious about you and it's really not a mean question. It can the annoying, but it's fine. I mean I've had people, I'm curious, their ethnicity and, unlike it is worth quite often it's because it's something uniquely attractive and your lies. You think they're interesting looking in its not a mean thing, it is. It says so much about where you're coming from personally in your own confidence of emotions, I was Saint Monica like I would die for someone to be interested in nothing meet me curious. What brand of hung
the idea was anybody ass? Now I never ever Zack. I guess. Maybe that is really the great positive ways. If your, why it's boring- and you don't even know it's ours- is another really that go about. Where were you pushed into singing, or is it something that or music, I should say in general? Who were you lead to? I mean your mother must have thought well, her dad is incredible musician and I think I was so interested in it from such an early age. She just cut encouraged it. I would we went her like a methodist church. He knew and am I saying the church choir since I was for so, and I got the solar, because I guess I was good. You are all there is always someone for humility. Oh yes, you saw me again at a house also cover rule dork like I would. I would follow the instructions like she was now. You want to enunciate
I like over. Did it you'd have hope so comical act, but it had good pitch in and she encourage means gave me solos in it. Developed from there. The my wife similarly discovered at a very young age and then started learning. You know all the technical aspects of it which still astounds me that she can read music and do all those things and was where there was there any elements of it that was challenging, or did you just was at fish to water? I mean it was natural for me, but also my mom got a piano knows about seven. Finally, because I wanted to take piano lessons on what you want the two. I know we're like really wanted to please mommy how older they five and for I guess I was a little odors Isaac and what this and then she got the piano. I start singing lessons and I immediately wanted to quit all they want to pack. It was annoying. It was like school all of a sudden and in it I didn't want to do it.
I said I'm dyin and she she did something that I still think is really smart, but she said you made me get a piano. You wanted lessons you're going to take for five years and then you can quit. I don't care, that's fine, but you have to take for five years. Then, if you ever want to go back to can and you'll have a little bit of a foundation at those pretty smart in hindsight it worked for me. Obviously, yes, although you were a maybe I'll, let you know Your seven origins over seven, even worse, so what she was pitching. You was your whole life year, a percentage wise that was, figured out like if I say six more years show she'll go fuck you. I don't think I had a choice, my mouth pretty tall and scary, but I cleared immediately after here's how you do, but I mean I enjoyed it and I took theory lessons along with a private less and every week there had theory lessons every week, which was crazy: the academic,
music and rear museum. What's math right kind of like other mastiff here you're in judge, you ever watch american idol and it was popular urinary just brag about my life, so they would be singing in my wife. Would like sheep start using words it never heard. I am right in my mind, I'm kind of like she's a little force It means coming out of a tv Seeger. None of this can be totally right in by got every fucking time and go through the judges. They would say anything and they get to hear comic. It would be verbatim related gas because they both have that like deep, deep technical knowledge in she would have to change your pants after they agreed I'll, hang out ass to her. That's like his closest she'd every at him. That's so funny they took her off. The market is spoiler here, so I can ask where you consuming alot of musical
Are they going always wear? My mom had good taste to like she would always play Re Charles and read the Franklin records. I was then all these first like fifties, music, and then I got an unpopular yo prowling around like nineteen, ninety or general. That's quite ok, so you were likewise sixth graders. Ninety six months or years older than you are leave selling Tiffany I wasn't into their within alike. Bilbil. Oh sure, you being a wee bit. Eighty then I got really into like Nirvana and the violent fans and that kind of step, and then I got really into that kind of when I sat plain piano, then again it really into jazz, and then I just kind of disappeared from pop pop music and also at that time in the nineties there was like this huge resurgence of
jazz musicians who amazing, ah you liked Billie Holiday here, the real, let all real staff in sad stuff, real sad that I've always been really and sad quiet about obviously biology. I used to me sad winked his courage, you because it fell good, not because I was a depressed like sad person, but I just loved it right emotional, like good. It's great yeah I get my son recently is almost five is like Mama crying feels a good. Sometimes we know, I hope, you'll be dead out a sweet, though so do you think you were not very emotional in your life, and that was an outlet or you just were in general, and that was an extra knives plenty Emma here. I was way more and am now. What kind of guys were you attracted to an ice cold like did you have a type? I was pretty boy.
Crazy are good for you, and I think I like that. You know when you grow up just with your mom and you gotta have that sort of need along. Yeah. I know I was always in the boys. Even since I was a little I was. I always had like a crush on some merla in high school. I had creches on a lotta dude, but also I was in like marching. Band junior lies a real dude Louis for replanting, marching outer sacks. Oh no shit, yeah, oh my god great line. No, I wasn't a savant, but in great line has footballers? some marching, mammas hued rights and you had no interest in sheer. Actually I try to be a cheerleader in six. Graham, my mom said: no, it wasn't feminist and offer. Maybe she feels somehow inherently not feminines? Yes, you do. You want me to be a cheerleader, but I think it has a lot to do with like it was expensive. You buy a lot of clay. In writing. De men like all this stuff nearer to her.
She Cholera asked her why she by really need her head Erika, there's a few questions because I'm dying to know if she was a bringin dudes around like how did you that's a whole others how she had it positively shut down the aspect of her life? What I mean you have kids imagine I would be fucking if I were to signal that I will find time. I fuck. I promise you. I was working hours into this and get me so much. Is he still isn't everything? Oh yeah see, I'm really grateful. My mom has got bored of me. Finally, now things just go right by and in that to me feels health. It you here, I think it's healthier do not read and his staff that's not confirm. He came
You know me right, but but I also view that, especially now that I've kids, we I could watch my little girls- do that something their greater I'll, never not want to watch their sweet. It is yeah yeah, I'm so that that's organisers put organ to earmark that that that's a mystery to me how Mama's meeting her carnal needs, but that, maybe, though- and I never thought about that- because my mom was a single mom to use- you bet your ass- you meet those carnal needs. Maybe I made up my mind without a secret. I, like that, I don't know about you, bet your ass! Each israeli help it's interesting a sheet. She she had a child with someone who she must have immediately recognise was not gonna, be totally available. I mean, if you so you're gettin, deep, manifest I'm the same theirs there. I want to have theirs alone. Air of maybe we should go to a therapy really. Why you're pretty super curious? Why I do all the things I knew at that's my biggest interests is like not out of like any kind of
shame mean, or anyone use like I'm most curious about. Why we do the things we do nicely, let until it says with things like there's a hiccup like a woman, going you no eighteen years without boyfriend. That's me like, oh. I need to know about that. While I dont know that that means she never had it any guys. I just mean there is never like twenty friends around. There were never deeds around. You wanna hear some kinky, what one he's fucking solo vacations to Jamaica wow. You come back with her hair in corners stuff, and I happened to her down. Marriage she'd have a deep, ass tat and corn rose in. I just looked happy as hell things happened down. Things happened good for her, I'm so glad we didn't suck every last bit of joy out of her life scared suit your boy,
crazy and did you ever leave like long term boyfriends in high school, I had my first boyfriend was my senior year Algiers a drummer, so pretty much once I ended up moving from great find a dallas in tenth grade, and I went to this arts highschool. Oh yes, which changed my life. I mean it was completely different than money. Then in football yeah you feel like you were like home, like kind. This is where I belong. You I didn't feel like that. We take as if we were all weird kids, every single one of us in the best way, of course just mention artists. Now I saw that you had attended interlocking yeah. I went for summer camp twice you're, so I'm from Michigan and it's like an hour camp yeah. Do you know what he's are met? In Hollywood? Probably two dozen people that went to an Earl I've never met anyone in Michigan who only artists, yeah yeah. I don't know, I'm sure they clearly exists, but how does one
and find in our luck and down in Dallas. Well, my mom. Whenever I quit piano, I got into jazz. She found through my sex. Anti turkish merging, been found. This jazz piano teacher in Dallas seem to embody. She was she had like happier and she was a jazz piano since she was great and I started taking lessons from her and she went in Iraq and me out with a scholarship and got me up. There would did you like it up, there is probably the best I've ever had in my whole life? Oh I'm so happy to hear that, and you know you walk around and you would hear people practising in these little practice head I mean you're in nature, but you're in music and people dancing around and acting around, and I took an art. Class and artists were really cool and I took a dance class in the dance teacher was amazing. I mean it was so fine, you have you fall in love
Ray trip there. I am. Ah you generous that I learned from my own office tell you this an hour later, but I'm guessing below ice right now in the garage. I don't see a plane and had a really be entered on. The two point: four will occasionally I find a groove and by myself and I will hit a four or five, but I cannot demand heretofore been now I won't be. I will in practice what a monarchy came. You start by the guy destructor here that had already embarrassed boring as the goals to get your cheeks read for yeah, I just imagine being at the summer camp. I don't know. I just seems like a really romantic places of anti. I was in love with the saxophone player. The first share. I think this girl I was
friends with started dating soldier, and then I got into this based player anyway. Yeah I mean I've always been at the people who were into something about whatever their doing right and hopefully good at it yeah. It's really always attracted it's hard to watch people be great at something yeah. That's why I'm always nervous for people who Mary musicians, because I think you go see. I'm stage in your watching the think they're superpower yeah, and you feels this way and then deeds than the day David Browser teeth and take it up in the morning like it is all sorts unravel may have enough. Have you ever had someone watching perform in then approach you and express like been attraction to you and then had this fear of like I'm, not a bill to deliver
for on this thing, you just fell in love with nine. Ever had that good for you, you know you deliver good, he has a funny. Am it makes a lot of sense I have to imagine those guys like an arrow fucking David. He wrath in the seventies up there and spandex young around breakin balloons with karate keg and see as moose knock on staff and then, who knows maybe the guy's boring as hell in. I had imagined having some anxiety that, like you're different person than the ones really tiny. Now I mean I'm also like I'm not like David Lee raft firmer you now. I dont really crazy. You know if I was that kind of intense prefer. Maybe I would feel that way, but right have also been in a lot. A longterm relationships I haven't had a out of single meeting due to after chosen hooking up at all? No, not really.
You are the dude for seven years right from two thousand to two thousand seven. Oh yeah made may an old based plan right so I was with a girl for nine years and it was the lake pours. The mother fucker for ten years in a one better apartment then got on television and movies and make money, and when we broke up, I had this bizarre fear of like while the next person who meets me is gonna meet the successful me, and I don't like that. You won't now why they, like you, maybe and also they won't know like the really you or something yeah I had. I had like this deep fear of it. And I remember, as a very infrequently cry would like to do more, but I was watching internals sunshine and aspires mine the best, what a movie the best melancholy wallowing feeling in the world
yes and when their falling in love in their broke and all they have as a flash lightly in and they go on the snow and make angels I was watching and I started. Bawling sounds like that's how you fall in love? That's a you know. If you have something it's trail like eaters, a shithole rat trap apartment and you find love, that's love, it sweet, but you know it's still have and what you do. You know how it is now you you break it down and, and you get to know person well enough and it all becomes transparent in the end you might take a while, yes, and in I would argue Who knows me as every bit as well as Bree ever knew me, even though she didn't live with me in this shithole apartment. When I was a drug attic cell, but but I did not have that fear. Yeah energy mean yeah, stay to her. There we are supported by baroque linen.
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I wanted, or did it ever cross your mind like is its skill set. I should be picking up if I won eventually monetize assembled to make a living now, because when I went to that article intent grade, I started? I was a musician from then on and I just was men. Everybody at that school can adjust was what they were and am. I started doing, gigs an eleventh grade and when I went to college I got this weekly gig at a restaurant. I just stumbled upon it and I got paid enough to make my ran every weekend. How liberating I mean it was great. It was also cheap, ran back here, and it was, I mean it was pretty curse living in Dallas and the fact that I am I was a young woman, probably, and I sang it- was actually just a piano gig, but they let me sing because, as it can, I sing a few songs in the set each type like I would sing like every fifth song, so I wouldn't sing every song and it was the best practice ever and it's the reason. I is the way to learn how to save him.
I can't get this kind of like coordination issues. You know just do it at the same time. That's kind of how I got it together and are you a romantic by nature? Did you have like a vision for your life? Is a jazz singer. I knew that. That's what I loved and I cannot that's just what I do. I guess what I'm really asking is like. Did you have a romance signature of what it would be like to be Billie Holiday, and did you think that you're life needed to be on some kind of dark trajectory to be the artist you now be? I mean that's interesting aspect here is in high school. They would do her like a black history programme. Arafat me way an M one year addition and they pick mean a thing,
and be Billie Holiday and at that time I loved Billie holiday, but I don't really know not much about her and I thought I would sing you know. I don't know one of my favorite song she sang, but that wasn't the deal the deal was using strange fruit, and so that's what I did in the programme and my teacher Netter James. She was great sheet. You taught me a lot about bill, She's gonna put track marks you're on the future of Europe, and I didn't know I didn't. I just know that much about her life, so I don't really understand the deep sadness of where all that came from her. I was kind of surface on that stuff. Ok, so I dont think I felt that way but you are ever nervous that you're gonna need some kind of pathos to be the engine that was gonna drive this kind of like mass myself idea. Now I didn't how healthy of you I know. But let me I had plenty of packaging is like I reckon cowskin, maybe arousing. I need to live in a fucking trash
Like others I by very much the came to that yeah. I don't think you can do past tense of circumvented. Speaking to come to that something more to. Did you graduate from university of now? I did two years I realize I don't wanna, be a music teacher and I didn't want to take all the classical classes that it would have taken to finish and get my degree and all the academics are moved to New York to me that was pretty awesome. Do you living anywhere else? Twenty? I did actually known Jesse Harris. Or because you met him act in right now at the university he came down with some musicians and we just became friends and he we kept in touch, and so, when I moved to New York, he was Connally. My guru heater took me running, took me living room and he's a songwriter, so I meant they songwriters. I got in the sun running as our plan guitar and an eye color just got into different staff revenue. Quick, you found employment very fast.
Yet again, I think the whole leg piano bar, like singing amply piano in restaurants, was probably the best thing for me to make any money. But boy was pick out from that taxes. Could you give it away why Circus New York is New York and nobody, then I'm your father, Don't care musician, every guy, but I don't need you you need them here am I played in some jazz clubs and my played a lotta restaurants, and then I pleaded the living room and I realize I don't wanna play in these restaurants anymore prisoner. Because they're they're not actually paying attention our and any was not good. Man got enough money right in them. Food wasn't that could help I've ever gimme. That staff me I'll, give you the staff and- and I decided I wanted- await table sending money instead of make music to make money. You know yeah. I wanted to make music to my music, and so I started playing the living room and doing music. I wanted to do in writing, songs and playing for tips. Aunt em.
Having a ball. Did you did you immediately make friends and you have little social network? We are a long windows, Zeiss came for the summer and the intention was to come back to taxes and go to school, but I didn't and my mom was really pissed yeah. She was so mad now, though other cited the summer and then about November. I started to get really depressed, just like eating my feet, links and really sad and Rwanda. Good options. Are you really, and so I call my mom and I was really saddening. I think I'm gonna come back over things, giving I'm just gonna get a job and then, in January the bag school and crying ass. I sat in my Mama's. I ll
just give it a year what you guys you give it one year and then you come and give a lawyer, and she was wanting me back so bad, so TAT was also conical ha. I like her alive, oh she's, wise the report. You have to wonder how many people in that same situation, they went back home, I mean, but he who moved to New York. After that I remember I was well you'll, get depress me her here, but don't worry because my mom's that fight yeah, it's a big lonely, in a way, but am I was playing at em the living room which s aim? We were doing stuff, but I was also still doing a couple. Restaurant gives here they're m this friend of the base pairs. These his wife worked at em. I and she saw me- and she set up a meeting for me with Bruce Lenoir at Buena Records, because she some into a jazz gig, not the living room gang which was more songwriters
right. You and I was really excited yeah and am now occasion as the second and I ask you this- was there any pressure for you to completely jettison but I would just imagine meaning you, and this is what two thousand one or something here. So you twenty two is twenty one, because I met her on my twenty first birthday gig, which was playing at the time with my boyfriend, the base player and my ex boyfriend from college drummer, really weird railway right of free, but it will all good, but am yes cars, twenty one in them. So was there any pressure at that point too, like steer you into pop you, I mean first line of all is ahead of blue, so definitely not from. In fact, my demo to him include one regional Jesse, her song, which was not tat and then just two standards, and he asked me if I do want to be a chess anger. This other thing like a pop singer as oh, no adjusting our
because I was sitting there in his office a year and I also wasn't sure yet so he did, he do use a smart guy and he ended up being such a mentor and friend timing to a demo deal and he gave me six grand to go back in the studio and an sort of find myself a little a high, and I was really cool because we didn't get with produce earning. We just went in with this band. I have with Jesse and Lee, and we recorded six thanks, and one of them was the version of donor wine that ended up being on the album when we ran we Winton. He finally decided this isn't really jazz, but I think it's cool ominous sign it because I think he was on the fence because it wasn't straight at wiener right there was, but John or were you had announced? Chemist in her songwriter IE, but that that involves a healthy way a lying now, but we didn't singer songwriter Harare.
Reiner leader, two thousand right here. I don't know it was kind of like in between Russia and so in a way like the fact that it wasn't straight of Charles was a hindrance we, but around to it and dumb you, you didn't put out you're, come away with me, a woman two dozen to and what kind of expectations did you have. You must have love the album I did, but we cannot have a Wheatley remade it when with great producer, but it just wasn't the demo iii stuff with better somehow and and we ended up country making it with a reef Martin and using a lot of them. We stop those pre stripped down. I did love it and I was excited about it and I thought well. I think this will be a good start. You now, and everyone was consistently shocked by how well it did the first week we sultan thousand copies in them by the end of the whole cycle and the craziness, it was
It's crazy, you're told ten million copies the first year. I don't know, idea I'll, tell you obligatory you, I'm gonna break, but I'll bring, but not an them yet cells, ten million and then it also gives a Grammy nominations. I just please walk me through six Branford them all and then there immediately thereafter like what is I? Can you even articulate what that experience is? Like I mean you just new working like a dog, because there, the record label is cashing in on all of it in a throwing more radio promotion, because it's doing while so you have to do, I mean they definitely worked. The record is not like, it was a drop and everybody picked it up. They worked it and then the more I picked up the more they worked you you know I mean yeah, so it was busy. You worked a lot and it was about a year from the time the album came out to the with those Grammy's awards. So it definitely was like a as far
the album build. It was like a full year of just escalate, more good news. More good news. Morgan here was crazy by wasn't the happiest time in my life. I would imagine your rights, because it was just a lot of work. Then it was intense our family issues surrounding in Reno, having any moments real like who I'm I'm happy man a highway that I dont know I'll, be able to get off like where you haven't any kind of like fears of Europe overseer anonymity going away yet little bed. I was so young, the males. Twenty to twenty three. I was very just sort of shell shocked and did you think o? This will continue for life or we like. Oh, this is a complete fluke. I dont know why this happened. Like were. I definitely felt like I felt like what we did was special.
I was proud of it and I loved it. So I knew that, but I definitely felt like I was a complete fluke that its old so much yeah yeah. I guess you know: I've had a lot of different actors and staff who will have a huge here they have. I have at times felt fraudulent, like oh, I had that yeah. I had that at the grand means because, like Bruce Springsteen- and it was a lot of heavy people in and then a lot of pop stars to and only would away where tries lack dress, I mean you know you're, I felt very accidental, but but I didn't feel inadequate musically, which was good beer. I felt confident you know. Maybe it wasn't everybody's taste or maybe it's different, but like I felt confident in that way, but yeah every other aspect of it. I felt very like an accident
I said this thing in a sofa I felt under the birthday party, not at all the case. I would like that weird awkward, you guys to eat all the case who are you? I have imagined? No, you are embraced by everybody where you everybody was so kind it. Well, it's not. It wasn't like polarizing music. Either it's not link. You know you could have had some album. That was, for whatever reason, kind of polarizing or triggered people were. They rely on. His person thinks there hot shit, it's not like you're, crushing with them its moves and create Nino crazy. Stu. Yes, so imagine those people maybe have a rough ride where I was very calming music- and you know it was not long after nine eleven. I think people needed it in a way, but you know there's always a backlash when there's some success and you know before you learn and not read the internet, it can be
intense when you're young, its intense you gotta, learn it though right you gonna, learn it in there's a lot of noise, so each stolen and turn it on your. I stupidly had a Google alert for my name when first got on tv. I want to know everything. Tat was said about me, but I was so excited. People were saying things about me and then really quickly out, like a miserable everywhere of all time. I look at the world, so I learned how to shut that off very early on you did before social media got big even in our. So as this was like two thousand too, I stopped I stop. Looking investor yeah all had then was a Google alert, and that there is still stuff is nothing like. It is only with big Myspace was out yet the hour. It wasn't Puget right arm. So can you get that amount to get really crass by some people stand there, but I'm obsessed with money.
Would you use a darting Gideon that money when it started coming in or you like what the kinder was it? The most exciting thing to have like Ben struggling and singing for people, eating fuckin t bound Baked Alaska, not paying attention to. I was so lucky that I got him before, like the music business start having money right, I mean Brian, the wire. Yes, I was like one of the last people to self physical. You know that bulk in so it is super lucky. Were you scared it wouldn't last, or did you got by a fuckin, sweet apartment or anything about a swede, apparently for you- and you know, I didn't know that glass is definitely not not expecting it to last, but I also made will not super extravagant. I didn't like go blow at all. You know you're in war,
it must have been again in my own experience. I found it to be a stress her for me to have gotten recognised while in a relationship I didn't feel like. That was the easiest thing for our relationship and what I mean Oh, oh, to be to be the famous one in the outer shell? Yes, that's definitely struggle right. It's hard for the other person can be hard for the other person. Does your gun, in places in here see someone that yours, significant other, has met seven times? Only will never another aim yeah I nor laugh he ever it can be tough and then it's like it's not like you do understand and empathize, but you can never really understand how it is so. Will you gotta go miracles?
belle! Well, you that's the end of the incident. The antidote yeah. Did you feel this crazy pressure? Was it was a debilitating at all to have had that successful of a first album
I thought about it a lot and I somebody said to me: she read some interview. I don't know who was: it might have been resolved with some really good famous advice where he said you know enjoy it, but just don't ever look at it head on, and I thought that was really interesting and that I took that advice and I tried to take that approach. What does that mean? Do not look at someplace the fame? The success part not look at that part had on its there. You can recognise and acknowledge it, but don't take it into your bones as the thing, because what is the thing for me, it's the music and it always has been. I was never try to chase ahead. I certainly didn't think, don't know why I was gonna, be a hit me, that's a good song, but it's not like what you would call a head what time right. So I knew that chasing a hit or a hit record. Wasn't
be the right thing to do, and I knew that I didn't want to just remake the same record. So I thought I'd just you know I just play music and try to find some good songs and I started that I really was a new songwriter. The time I only had two songs of my own on the first record, and so I was really getting into songwriting and- and I was working on that my craft still a so young, so I try to focus on that and that's what I did and it was best thing for me. Also. Maybe the hear hear something I'm wondering did you at all with all that crazy success was part of you feeling guilty, like? Oh, I didn't write all this stuff now because I came from interpreting old chest standards riding come from that side of things I mean. I think I eventually got it
like lakes insecurity, because I read some stupid comment or something that was seen any real. If I'm happy at some point, I had that in my head for short by young, I hadn't really care. I mean I'm in an interpreter. I'm a singer. And a musician, and I I do believe you have to own a song to really convey and sing it, whether you wrote it or not, and I follow on those songs. You know you're. So Managers were use healthy van as you are now. Are you a transit housing in your current view, point of all this, the twenty three year old you, or were you genuinely that at peace with all of it at twenty three? I wasn't at peace with a, but I was way way healthier than I think most people would have been at the time and I think it might be because my mom really cannot. I think she saw a lot of shit being with my dad and being around that famous thing
she didn't play that so did she come get involved with only I inadequate closure. She is. She was very involved not like a momentary anything but very like watching my ass if I got online line, I heard about it and media not only her about, like my boyfriend at the time of despair and also my my one of my own best friends became my term manager, then became in my bed. They were watching me ass. Writing. I had people watching me from every angle, making sure I'd and neck like a jerk, and I still act like a jerk, sometimes but lotta people pulling me down to earth constantly water. Your jerky moves really can't imagine I mean back there I mean I got super impatient and angry and new drugs
whatever, but yeah I mean I'm I'm pretty mild and in that way I'm not totaled. What year did you do your sixty minutes segment? God? I think that's like two thousand and seven okay cuz. I watch the shit out of that. Oh, my god, will first vial of sixty minutes. Favorite show on television it made me. I was like I found it to be very unique Emma in a very nice way? I was really well. What was it was a day. It was a profile as they do on. Sixty men fell saved that third act for like something fun and fluffy what're. You gonna take all these walks, or did you go back to your home for it? Now we were near that's my generally. My favorite part is like Pelee will be draw on the streets of bearing some backwater town in their point out their family house and stop gap. I love it. I like it so much, but yours was like um. I remember thinking
Mars watching it like, or does this person hath? How did they get this compass they seem to have like you are young? You seem kind of unaffected by all of it and you're not falling further the trappings. I certainly will have your age with money and all that stuff- and I was the only I wish they had answered- was like what I'm asking you now. What was the foundation? What how on earth were you staying at the very tricky seed and navigate the explosion of attention in Europe, you go and all you you're a human right with an eager mixture near you seem to be doing quite well. I was wondering like: what's the secret, I don't know I mean I just I don't know who did your segment by the way
Baker it we had her. We see your hair, I mean it was cool. I just don't like how close up they get with interviews now they want to be like other nostrils, and I know I don't know she did ask question. It was like a got. Your question like she like Red, a bad review and we want to see my reaction. I mind. Dad come on man right. You want me to do that to you like why here did you get defensive? It hurts Does feelings come on? I'm a human like. I don't need anybody to kiss my ass, but you have to go out of your way to hurt somebody's face yeah and when I click the kill, her she's leaving a nice. Is people she's a spark? Fine, don't announcement now she's cool it with other, but I know it using. I want him saying once went back in the days when I had a Google a word, I myself tat, I get a fuckin alert back. Shepherd can't wait to read what this is about its in
Boston, Globe and I'm looking at it in its an article about politics and I'm thinking. How am I gonna be in this article right, and I guess at the time that the newspaper had predicted the winner of an election and this writer further the Boston glow said. We are. We are on record, predicting silencers, gonna win the selection, but we should also admit we also predicted Dac Shepherd was gonna, be a big star, like D Billy go out of your way like I have nothing to do with politics. This person is gonna axe to grind with me off, and you know it interesting. I ended up. We met person. I was angry and I'll be take me to send, like I don't know what I've done to you. That you'd have to include me in this political article and then he kind of direct messages me back, and he goes. You know what man you're right. I don't even really know why. I said that an
guess when I wrote it. Of course I didn't think you'd read it and then spice some crazy thing. If we find out he's sober and I'm sober awe, and then I, under as five years later, I'm an airline dating a girl whose working there I fucking went to copy. What those do that create and the only thing it helped me understand his lady. I'm assuming the worse intentions, possible, fiery timing and then in fact, lotta people. Saying, should have the calf they don't even they did their late. They thought about it in that. Second, it's like We assume that writer thought about me all the time what a hack giddy actor. I was young. I know that moment while typing his deadline. He threw some stupid out and you know it, but I then learn from that. Why I don't have the self esteem to navigate injustice, soom everyone's lovely in general view. Now now, can you like area something, and it could be our praise and there's like one line of something that's a little critical and that I am here I the power
Rob something negative is infinitely driver than the power yeah yeah, oh monarch, and I will talk about here. Even if someone writes a glowing review of this park has often no start with. I can't believe I'm about they this by that's what you hear it doesn't really matter that they have. No expectation is that they were assuming the worse than they were shocked to find out. They didn't throw up while listening. I now I feel we are, but that I mean that's what makes us sensitive humans and artists and even non artists probably would feel the same way. The exact critique debt there appear or whatever. So it's your job, it's your job, the thing that critiquing job, even though we're entertainers- and you know it no, but it's kinda, weird to be constantly like judged. You know anymore. I'd are you in your case even deeper, because the product is you you, you sat down and wrote:
oh yeah that, like all twenty thousand people getting together to deliver, if someone says yours, socks like that's, is closed to your soul is anyone's ever gonna get to power. Witness right Zachary, like I read one review once on my second record, I had a song I was prepared. Even one review said it was really cliche and the words were bad inasmuch ass. The sun bad still like when I play its. It's like people favours serpent, makes me happy, but here I still hear them back in my mind, will now and now media has shifted so much even them from when you were first, our totally where now there it's they just need traffic in negativity, attracts more clicks, it's true, so they're kind of fact, even if they would like to do something.
Yeah they're gonna their rewarded incentivize, to write that most terrible headline possible seal reed. It's a vicious, noisy cycle right now and it's it's just kind of ruining. Are you on social media? Now you're? Not I tried it a couple years ago. I try to do Instagram. I don't want to be that famous. That's the thing. I don't want to be super recognizer. I have loan really under the radar for in or so years, and I dont want that a change. If I saw you at a restaurant by working over said. Oh there's nor Jones people don't recognize me a town or if they do not bother me, but it's nice and what's my life, I tore and I hang out my kids in my family. I don't really want to put them on it. There, though, I don't know it didn't, feel supernatural to me, and I think that's obvious one is not natural to somebody you kind of contrived, so we are going it even though Europe performer you dont.
It strikes me as an extra work by nature. I mean yeah, not must have had a few drinks and were in the bar and were hanging out yeah be totally silly, but I'm not I'm. Not. I'm not like. Look at my picture in a right. Stay too diffuse there we are Supported by the Chrysler. Pacifica is basically like a transformer inside. Ok, it's got stolen, go seeding, an storage system, so you can easily fold that second or third row in the floor to open up a big flat surface area which I like to do so stone. Go assist, allows you to slide the front seats forward to git easy access to it. Floor, bends, hidden bins and also, if you know, parallel parkins, not your thing. Take your hands off the steering wheel and let the parallel in perpendicular park assist park. The bus
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most most Grammy's by a woman ever did that at that time feels signal to win like you. Would it what were the Grammy, something that you watch door that you I think I watched them. I don't think I ever thought only when increasingly I guess I just never thought that, but am I mean it was huge, is a huge moment and the record had already been huge and as a goal I mean it's already here so wherever, but I can't I couldn't, will imagine how much huge guy after the grim. Oh, that was a bit that that is helpful. The outer bumping actually does, or at the time, yeah now and when that happens, you like best pitcher after the buy it now, it was crazy, indeed you so tourism the biggest audiences you play for in that period. Well, because the music is what it was tat, we were pretty cautious. We weren't plain stadiums,
has it it wouldn't have worked, oh that C, Mon Ami and yet again, and so I'm a greedy low piggy yeah. I view told me I could sell seventy five thousand tickets. I pray I would have been very tempted to that, would have been a mistake because animate unite. My managers at the time were smart enough to know that, like you want to nurture this artists in for lunch, every not like just me, although many rate, the second will again to you, are working in a different paradigm. You I, which your album was generating money like nowadays virtually half too, because that's their only revenue- yes, really here right, so that another nice thing about when and where you were when at all happen, yeah yeah into do like that aspect of it. Am I really liked it? I got really exhausted sometime after that, and I I shut down- and I was really is just like. It was just overwhelming, just the amount of work we were doing there
cuz we were trying to cash in on all that work or they were- and I was just kind of doing what I was supposed to be doing, and I finally like had a little bit of a breakdown of the. Can we just not do I'm not doing any more interviews were selling a quit, making me work for it yeah. It's done. It's gonna ruin. Yes, that's what I said: it's gonna kill the golden right, I'm not having fun anymore, and can we please stop and take a little breather, and so I can enjoy the music and I started enjoying it more after we stop doing all that. Like every last interview, we could before
sound check and losing my voice and the large you it does its only your mom's, a people pleaser, which could be a really great idea to pass on to you. Are you people, please urge? Are you fine with boundaries it? I am a bit of a people pleasure. I want people to be happy. I don't want people to be upset with me, but I also have that mom streak Emmi. That is now, but it s a balance. Ryanair, ok! So I'm just gonna fast forward, so you put out several albums. You end up again. You know what to say but ass, it is you ve solved. Fifty million albums, that's crazy. I didn't know that fucking fifty million- that's like my my jackson, shit. Fifty million album some guy for that context, or is there a point where you, because my fantasy of this would be with the success of that you could actually go now,
do this exactly how I want to do it because really money is not a factor anymore. Did you have that moment in your life? Here I mean, I think, that some time after the first lacquered- maybe during the second or maybe it was after the second, but I think it's actually after the first record, I went back to the living room and I started playing with friends. I started a country ban in New York, with my friends cause a little Willie's and we played a tiny clubs and that's how I kind of kept just like fighting joy, playing music and less pressure, and that's where I sort of worked Stefan realise ok, I can still do this. However, I want doesn't have to be big potatoes every time it can be whatever did you feel pressure, though too, for it to be big? Potatoes
steal your words now, because I I I was just coming off of like the craziest thing and I still haven't waited that much time between records. You know I'm innocent when no one way for ten years and didn't give them a record or whatever row label I mean. So I just can't yeah I'm a musician like musicians. We just play music well, not play music more, but I would argue that most people that have had the success you have had an chasing it. This is what I was almost eighty before we start recording, which is the actual only example. I can think of my mind is like any better like you seem to now be you're doing what I d better decided he's like. Oh, I dont like the stadium thing and I for me to love it. It's gotta be this time
anything and he seemed seemingly is quite happy doing the thing he does that. That's what I think. I've finally realise that I do whatever side bands I want. Sometimes we play tiny club Sunday, like put our albums with decided last night I play with one of my favorite bans some bits and we're like so inspired and fired up right now to play music together, because we ve been doing it a few months of it. Now we're like writing new songs and laying small clubs and we're gonna go record. I mean it's inspiring its exciting keeping it fresh and new and doing different things in it doesn't have to be this big huge deal. Every time makes it able to be spontaneous and fine and the media- and I think that's what's also kept me- grounded like what we're talking about before and not sort of facing some crazy thing, because, if not always real, I mean the monies renewable energy and the
clicks are real, maybe like on the internet, but for me I mean it. I just wanted to be good and fun. Yeah. Do fine, though, that I think this is to potential hazards to creativity, and I think one of them is money yeah. You re like it's hard to stay hungry. Yes, when you're safe. For me, I think I mean if I hadn't made money, I don't know how it would have been different. You know I've, think because I made money first, I was able to avail plan. We have made the money, and now I am able to just sort of find out what I really want to do. You know riding at and it changes my taste change. My an inspiration, my influences change eagerly, and I I
you know I can do it. The other thing to me that seems like a pitfall. Two of creativity is just age, define that as you get older its harder and you do need to feed have you ve younger musicians like this being in a ban with younger hungry people help I felt like this last year has been incredibly created for me, so I think it comes in waves and I remember being really depressed. I got really depressed after my second record and I asked I can't I don't know how to write songs. It's not and I'm not really doing anything, and I remember I called at the time I was talking to Ryan adams- any kind of help me through it. Nice. If you just got to go fishin everyday, but then I realized over the years. That's not exactly my process. What I realized is it's: okay, it'll come back when it comes back, it'll come back and they can come back hard. The creative
it's kind of like a marriage- is an air, but when he laughed again, how are you and another five years you're not in the doldrums yet but look fate. Would you know really long term relationship? You have to have the confidence that combat it blows right now, you're not connected, but you know why I gave two months: we're gonna, we're gonna work and been the largest show together, we're gonna like yeah, no you're right. I know what you mean yeah, that China and I over that, like panic of no creativity, and so I come and comes in waves and I think, with age so far I don't feel like I'm losing one gonna throw now another theory at you, too, is is, I would imagine this wave of current creativity could likely come on from when you have kids in you. Take that like the? U gotta,
focused like a mother fucker on that first year, writing and what you're a second child now to two and a half years of what once like you know, they're, not literally dependent on your brass alive. Does it feel like a long winner and often the sun's outlying, accurate yeah. It does disposable you just now hairs mark is not imbros near I I my husband had this idea. Actually it was his idea in and he was right and I've been doing this thing where I don't wanna do a whole albums cycle in like take my kids on the road for a year, I mean they love going on there. Oh, but I do want to do it that hard, I don't mean to write I that's great, I'm lucky I decide, and you know albums are great. I love albums, I'm not you know, I'm not like never gonna make an album again, but every discuss a short attention span.
Cutting me. My attention span is so short. Now you look, I don't If I can tell you how I do, but I don't listen to the looked right you just yes, it's silly interesting now like? I would have never thought I'd consume music. The way currently do, but I hear something I gotta get that song then I'll, listen to the other nine, like just snippet of it and of one kind us jumps out at me than like. I didn't know who MAC Miller was all mean either Spotify, just like added him to my alma got. So I just I love equally and I saw on one of his post that this guy had died at you know he was decided. Look always this guy who died and I like her ones, holy fuck and then I just went over to Itunes grab the three songs. I liked, then, as the got a little tired I'm I did a little deeper went back to Itunes grabbed a few more now like slowly of collected, like thirteen songs of his, I love, but that's how I'm doing it
yeah or you go, and they recommend serve this somewhere, don't you like, and then you discover all this stuff, that is amazing. I've discovered so much old music to from all like suggestions for you, it's cool is like you're discovering new music. We also discovering just old, ass, obscure music, that is insane vandam. Your friendship circle, largely musicians, largely ok, and I told you I play the drums. You know my will have something tat ass, a sister of communal shoulder, I'm gonna go our friends but yeah. I presume you promoting something right now I am well so I was like I was gonna getting I'm yet singles after you're putting out so I put out force over my goal is to legislate. I want to be home in my kids. I want to travel and tour sporadic
and enjoy that, but not like overdo it, and I want to go in the studio and collaborate with other people and like stay interested and try. Different things have collaborated with a lot of people in the last fifteen years, and it's always brought me somewhere else right wing. I am open to doing stuff Anybody and an appointed room virus should spur us. Try new things in a super safe show away and releasing it and moving on, now and then, when I tore him and have some new material to and its great and what is your husband Don T play music Ovida just play music together. Sometimes we do, but I mean I think, our favorite time playing the dealers just at home, like one of us, will get on the drums and and one of his old get on our coming. That's where we both really wanna play, drove sink it of course near its cool right. Exactly three kids.
But if you don't give a shit, though didn't care they're, just starting to be fun and and play music and and like any q, any grew any five and If you're old girl in America would cut off her pinky on her hand to hear Princess ANA Financing new song from frozen all day long houses, she learned them, they don't give us, you know where's, your parents are like you did. They may not be cod and and of it now, but it will affect them as a human and when they are on a dull, they're gonna be very grateful that they grew up and that environment ya man can imagine a cooler environment to grow up in one. That's like constantly music. Years ago I know, feel lucky jars of your children. I mean yeah. We try to keep it fine and you kids are too and want to an almost to an almost right boys, girls, a boy and a girl, a boy you got both in the boy. Just love mom like crazy
right now is a real daddy's boy. Oh you are here. I mean he loves me, but right now he's like with so few. We did this costume party for School and we are also sarcasm. So what are you your cousin? I wanna be taddie. Ah, my dear I was so dirty war is allows fallen off my equivalent to that is that the five and have you will now would die if you sheep annoy said this, but for your on the face where she wants to marry me, which hang in there. What we literally said like two weeks ago, Earlene embedded nighttime, she said daddy, can you divorce mom? I don't like absolutely. Where shall we go on a honeymoon in the news get to pretend where you gonna go? Oh wonderful, and so I know that you,
but I want to know what would like what do you do for fun? What are your Hobbes? I take a pottery class. We may do weird. Ass masks now set my therapy. What kind of mosques are we talking about Now I ve got one that turned out to be Satan and the language and goofy long nose long tongue. Hang my georgiana our. How can I say I still feel like music is my hobby. I mean because that's what keeps a fun do you have any current favorite musicians right now that I, like boy, no mere hereby I'm I'm kind of like a million in this panel player on that, if your peaks of all your peaks yeah about like these all musicians from the thirties, these media uphill? Did this? It was just beautiful music dimension to live in. You did a song was to library, I don't you dear that's on also that all me a play
list of song. Oh my god, there, oh, my god, yeah! That's it! I'm having an out of body experience right now and soon the new day. I now wait a minute, I, oh my God, Monica. Why do you know who that cat fur I've made? That is my single favorite song soon, the new day ass, it was fun. I wrote a script first line of thing. Is you don't you often put what music comes first before the scene in discrepancies soon a new day by to live the sun. Does it make you wanna fuck? You have apparatus whoever heard at those great, but what was that I just wanna nerd out for a second set of fun experience. Here is fine. I mean I I just went into the city and he already had it all mapped out. So I just saying my god, I keep himself. I'll, be disappointed? If I go, and I have heard that a long time are it won't what what's next
Are you playing anywhere and coming so pleasant it and it's like up and we got together any ten years we ve been together almost my friend sash adoption and Catherine, Sasha and I got together to sort of learn how to play guitar and so cuz she's, a singer and piano player and singer, but we basically just booked these gigs in New York at these. At this pool hall and and did a gig every week I wear a hat and like a city guitar for years until we came back, I was actually try to lead, prevent anyone from knowing it was. Actually you was I going right. I want him, but he knows me right. So nobody did. I mean eventually we kind of got a thing. Either we became abandon it, and now we have this whole thing in were we're like oh, I mean it's so fine right now play with a ban. It just being in a band is especially when you have the chemistry.
That's good. It is so good. Well it's what like, even on these guys, who retire from then I fell, the people think over. They misses the spotlight, but it's like people who have spent their life on a team along its really depressing to not be on one of those team yeah. It's really free I need to go out there and have three strong personalities, and I just beer. If and when he does it's a really fun band that they are hilarious, people and them over the like I've. Finally, learn how to play guitar and last night, we played I've, been plain drums on a few songs and now we're switching instruments again to kind of learn a new thing but it's inspiring we're all riding a lot, a new songs for the ban. You know it's like when I started running song I just kind of did whatever came to me or were or was inspired by whatever is listening to, but now it's funny how, when I'm playing with certain people, I start thinking in terms of writing like almond right the song and then, as this will work with this group of musicians. You know,
I may bans. Are you in right now currently? Well, that ban? I have this bank other little will is that they were sometimes that we have played in awhile, but we just did this willingness and thing for his birthday. We played. We played a couples thanks for called the Little Willie's after willing us all. That's railways, but, but both of these two bans are kind of country, but also their Barbara, and this it's just fine. Did you or you brought a guitar I gotta go. What's your willingness to play a song, I'm willing to place? I don't really know what organize your perfect question again. You can cut Italia. Please asked me a perfect question. Ok, what one I heard that song. I didn't come, oh yeah, I would like to see mean she didn't orgasm deal out of here, because can I just is that a common question its if it's just like a joke, may I say it sincerely, because let me tell you why I can build like a whole emotional case, how one would end up writing that song, because men are so obsessed with, did you can like it?
Thirdly, our whole sell their whole self esteem is going to collapse at eighty orgasm and I can imagine being a woman who love the guy and, like I'm sorry, but it doesn't mean anything why I can imagine writing that song ass. You, like, I know, more news taking making a big mountain out of that. I never thought of it. That way, you know Jesse wrote the song so well. Did here not come back, I mean Jesse, really easy versus yeah. You won't like quite go into detail and I dont than ever asked him just like the song and we did it quick and it was dying. You have all, but today I was I was seen to watch with the lyrics on the screen here, like really trying to investigate what I mean. I was like my way I leave here or in its totally inconclusive. You could either way I resigned aware what I mean is that good thing that's on the EU should interpret it, how it makes sense to you yeah.
I love that ought to me. I was like others makes no sense in what a lovely person she took the time to say like I don't know why, but everything's gonna still love you maybe next time. I words really finding see your you. You are open plain, but you you're not sure what saw me would play. Let me do this new sound economy due and also because it is like a travel. The tires, not great hey. It's the place. You lab dunes, a man that is closed now, we'll stay and loved
she smiled maybe we just tell who were dead. If Thou wilt rather Wales, we have together as one still at school. As you know, you don't know things You don't know, love you, don't know you don't know you known.
This is one so look to pose to look to the valley, the again Mozilla and believe me, cheese is you'd. Do you know a thing? Do you don't know? So you don't know you don't know you, you don T dream and you don't know you don't know
how come you don't know? You don't know you, you don't know you don't know you you don't you know. No. You know. I was having a whole family while I was just like. I have seen a picnic Emma Grassy fee yeah. That's when it doesn't know what your songs I am immediately somewhere else and also there's Ramsay em. It's a period peace for me to decide. Picnic was like fifty in Texas. Yes, absolutely remains axes way come on. I do it's. It's definitely come
free right. I mean it was his son. I wrote for that. Vampa summits, Thea Witches country, adds a new song, so yeah, it's fun is following it together and talk newly right or what others are you using? You say you gonna play an old one. I complain on one I think, you're doing just fine, I'm a guitar. I mean you think kind of things, but I I mean I just I'm kind of limited country songs. On the guitar hours on the piano. I can play all kinds of different courts that I dont know HU. I have a question for you. This is just a weird question most of my friends who play guitar and saying when a thing and play guitar, they stare at you, oh yeah. If you know that would musicians like if either your house, they like stare at- and I know when I play guitar ice- their people-
I don't know stared over there, yet ok, I stared at anybody either bill really creepy doing. Thank you. Vs would seriously really common yeah leaders want skew, still look at people. I do weird stuff like access. Well, I just did this Dolly tribute the other night and I did the sought the stall LISA. Germany do the course I do. What do you think about jolly that songs and my top ten of all time, jellies, genius, beautiful and I cover it recorded it with the little lilies the country ban, all real yeah. We always it's like it's like every favour, sign care who you are my south, indian stepmother, Isabel
Ass, would jump Dolly Part Relays, love love there I mean, like everybody, just loves, Dolly everybody. I did this song. I sing a song on a dollar tribute out, maybe fifteen years ago or more, and she liked my vote love it. So she asked me to say it with her on the country musical word or your services forever go, and I and she was so and and generous and look at, is she was so sweet and took me to dinner. I M told me: I could your hair, make a person and do my hair make upon her tour bus with her so get toward tour bus and she opened the door and swam like Football Jersey and Barbie here, such as the most open kind sweetheart, but this is a song called the grasses blue is from this bluegrass album. She did maybe like two thousand and two and its it's just a great song
the thing two, since you say it's over me I can make less and less polluting levy are pursuing its too that mounting level. Just yes, I'm her miss
the scheme is glee and then go much care an inch where the fine, the lobby in one just and Marvin sanity is blue.
There s no names D. It has been through and the sky and then and swans law. Negroes
is green, I'll, see you and say. Who my view is never met my beautiful zone where Lydia, what fucking trickery have you and I pulled up off that Nora came year. His see I had that on my way over, I was what is
my life, this is all about. I have really really are you going to do is ask, and I just said that you would come sing for me. So beautiful me things for asking you now. I'm excited right now play music and if we are really financial assets has singers yeah makes me so happy. Thank you. Yeah I mean really. I was thinking yeah. I remember watching sixty minutes and I really kind of fell in love with her and then fucking she's on that old, shity, couch, vars, singing right now so one of us rescued someone in our path. We are, I didn't earnestness lifetime I'll. Tell you that nor thank you so much for coming crazy, crazy, nice that you came in saying for on a rainy Sunday in Lausanne. Thank you. It was fun, shit it
and now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soul maiden Monica bad men. Do you know why then does better doing girl didn? Thank you. I love that saw me too, and I'm glad I had the gumption to ask her footmen orgasm, because I really convince myself, I think, of a very plausible reason. It was entitled that right is all this pressure on women to orgasm. My certainly pressure women orgasm one, a man of war on the same historical out, I love it. I would prefer that they would orgasm. While that is fine, and sometimes they just don't and guess what sometimes and I mean once every three years, I don't and it's never up comment on the other person's performer hard. Not to take it. That way
because we come so easy as guys dear, but the way you know no one knows what's happening behind the scenes. Did you just point poet? in the toilet. An hour before exceeded, anticipate this kind of fun. Right that could happen is different things. You could be heavily sedated you now. This had a surgery, oh well, yeah. I think in that case people afraid I have a lower bar. That's true, more see, someone taken a personal. I probably would very sensitive well me to lady. You access me told me yesterday that I have a very thin skin and those like you're telling me the home of Israelis, and then I don't know lady. She actually was suggesting that you'd Dormice, it was, was thin and yeah really yeah. What what kind of clues beginning that it's that? Well, she tore big chunk ear. Skin all that was nervous or of what has happened down there. That made you say that you know we're talking about my private partial,
well, we're being very like went about a delicate she's, an expert in private parts, ok, email, privates, so she's in a lot of skin, and I guess minds just thinner than what was his used here. Was this her red like so she's got the wax on their she's about won't you you're skin is really them. Then ain't to get some napkins give that happened just before she pulled. You will hold on hold on hold on what ledges warm this up and get it off me and the Un Convention all right. What would you say like? I could recall your skin of what we know she just it was. You know who is after it was actually post housing, waxen frontiers whose courage shown in German and she was plucking she's doing Plato, gas should first, she gets in. There was some why oh yeah immense she goes at it with some tweezers. Sometimes it's a mix of after wax hard work
an tweeting. What is like a thousand dollars fiscal makes me dollar sixty dollars, ok, town of agency. That's why I don't know, you're so funny, look I'll be bad about the price of getting that's kind of indulgent. Or do you get waxed every week now having to go, acts quarterly now, Jesus, I don't get effect. While we only one already then you can go now. You have a condition of four times a year. Do you know now I could never. I dont know what well look at my hair on my head, a good indicator of what's goin on roaming. Other you! That's that's right! Foot long, ere! Yeah! Oh, are you? If I let it go? If I do quarterly, that's what it all that well, but even when I say quarterly, what I really mean is four times a year, and that could just mean you go every three weeks in summer. We're gonna be in a lot of our swimwear and then you can just found it in for a month. I don't know, I don't know what program your I now but Sammy terms times.
It is. I normally I Polly once a month, ok, so twelve years, so that seven hundred twenty dollars, That's not bad! So does not hearing tourism fast man. That's terrible! That's a lot of money, handy hill, Did she say there's anything you can do to make it thicker and what is that something? Anyone I do not imagine down there. You one have like a packet Durham. Skin you know to pack in Germany is now a packet terms, a group of animals described by. Can you got rhinoceros hippopotamus and elephants or hippopotamus the idea that they are all pachyderms real, real, thick skin Do you have thick skin yeah interest and interesting so did they? Aren't you too have like Packard Durham? I wouldn't want that? No Oh, I don't think so. I feel like it would denigrate your ears sensitivity. I think I can go a little bigger, but probably don't want to get too thick and down there right right right, but it is then she's right suffer
all of it! we're notional, an physically right right, right, woods, party or charm, you're feeler, that's nice! Chair! Do you think I'm a playground of people want to be mean they would call someone Packard, Durham, Pussy, but sailor here comes Jenny, pachyderm pussy, I hope nobody, Bang Matt, also deep caught out there now read the deep cut. Yes would require a very deep cutting through that package Burma's, but I would be both proud of the purse for being so inventive and scientific about their insults. And then I would be sad of course, goes down. The mean mean things unless it was super desirable net culture. It might several super desirable and ours. I dont know too have just normal skin, then packet, Burma's below the waistline well again,
picturing like the cholera hippos, no lawyer collar NATO allies to five times thickness in one area. That seems a little off putting. I think we all agree. I will I ever weird question: can you tell the difference between thickness when you have all the earth explore the am now I couldn't there's no egg guess whether it was like a millimeter thicker one point: two million hours there. I guess you would only be able to help. It was so thin that you could like see their insides or when you touch it abroad and vice versa. If it was a packet, Durham style that, like you just did move you know it's just please. I was just not malleable. It was like a letter, rawhide bomb or a mould yeah, like some other, more gallop cool com. I bet my whack, sir, as seen that she seen us back a nervous you anything at the moment. All see valley
was this back enormous. Well, Monica What we are seeing down here is nothing be worried about. It is put his pack enormous and we're gonna use alight acidic cream. Elegant our slowly enough or the thing that our own? No, no, you won't feel a thing that the package services that fact that you have had imagine his peggy. Burma's can look. Let's get off that where a poor, Nora Johns, that's not the fangs arguments obeyed while she's. So how can we talk about pretty? She is in real near you already talked a ton about our people are gonna, be upset about that in front of her. I didn't get oh shit. If you did they can't you, I can't be upset for her. That's true they well well, although they will, but they came here right, they can, but they shoot. Someone did that
you someone I make I lashed out. I clap backs along, like didn't like that. You said I'm here to please when we are in the live show when and I went on the sole tirade about our young women. Should you and I and I wrote what you should have written- is that you would feel uncomfortable saying that which is fine for you to feel Monica did not, and you can't, I must tell you get merrily not here to please yes and your empowered, and you thought he was cute and you wanted to say whatever you want to say like when you what I said it in reference to damn we're talking about your boobs, and he said it makes me happy just knowing that we're talking about your boobs. Oh yeah but you I like, like art, thou art, it is you said it in you liked it in that, and feminism is telling how people how they be reacting bags than is saying what you don't like it. You don't have to do the things you don't like you know. Another beautiful lady said something real
only about bout. Emma Watson, Burma, Watson, very famous from the tyrants partner, call rack gas easy here that episode you not mere like turns Positano Harry Potter, men offended, it's very is finding it. I'm looking over your chart here, your x rays came back everything so I must be going right now. You do know that you have edginess Peck, enormous or yeah. I didn't know that actually, ok, great Ben. I know because I can't feel anything down there. It's numb and things, get trapped and use it to open pickle jars instead of Sharia Party track. Ok, Emma Watson, feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with its about freedom. It's about liberation, it's about equality. I really dont know what my tits have to do with it, so it actually really relevant Lucas where she was shown some tea
hear something really try to famine. Job to my most desirable, for this could be a reactions mobility. Is she really did Zog had like a low cost. Something I dont want making a lot of what was your ellipses back up anyway. Legally we were talking about, but we like the quote yeah anyhow and yeah. Well, I got real, you know, I don't know I don't. I can resist clapping back. My own defence were boy. If they see that amendment interim mouse. I go straight at that keyboard pop up. Thank you. I do like it, but you don't have to do that, and you know what you know how I know. I'm really not here to please, because I dont care that that person said that I don't care about pleasing them, no also in feminist is not stowing your sexuality.
Permanently, if you want a whole out your sexuality and flirt publicly or be provocative or player, all that's in your empowered, that's not an time eminence yeah. In fact, I would say that very the family should be thrown away now. This is why people together, I have my word anyways. What we were talking about words and phrases that we can't use anymore. We haven't use any more rights and I would learned one I had learned when recently that I couldn't remember, but I was just reminded of what it is and it was so as you down the river told you down the river right, sulky them most. In short selling wave, yes, that's events, everyone, not only is it right but but hold on one second k, so just because it has its referencing historical thing. That happened. What makes that right
just to say we were treated like a slave. You can't not say you are treated like sleigh, its minimizing that experience and making it something super frivolous and nothing can't sure, but you can go army is its people say, and I am I think they should be able to say. Like paper king, they worked me like a slave there, but that's that's still talking about slaves in. You should still be safer. Yeah, ok, but look at me I'm just. Let's give an example suggestions. Gypped anymore, because its rapid, it's in reference to gipsies, giving people bad deal Zack. I so that's a character assassination on gypsies.
What makes total sense, what you wouldn't say right so did on the river there's no negative characterisation about anybody is just like a reference to something network like a back bourgeois backroom deals. But again it's it's. It's taking something very serious and admit think of minimizes that by just making it this, like frivolous phrase that we used to talk about not an important thing. I just heard You can't say so me down the river and I think it I'm not gonna. Just someone tells me hey you're, not to say that anymore and I got ok, no problem, that's not my nature to just go. Tell me I can't say somethin. I go ok, gray. I want to know why in just because you say oh has as its a you know. Historically, it's about sleep he was. I still need more. I still need to know why just referencing slaves is entirely.
Off the table because we do it all the time yeah, but is but slaves. There have been a ton of slaves in history by Israel. This is talking about a very specific american slavery situation. Ok, but even with the mouth, I would one slave be worse are better than the other. If it's ok, so when I say they work me like a slave burger king, I they warm Tom, referring to the egyptian slaves. Why is any better like slavery is a concept and use it as a reference point to be about some here. I think. As long as what you're the point you are making n n y you're referencing. Something is exactly that to acknowledge that it was terrible. Then I don't I don't see is undermining and I see that our usual undermining, because whatever you're talking about is not the same thing as getting sold down the river. Your life well right in all oh they're, killing me at work. Doesnt really mean they're, killing news that we have all these expression, but one thing
was forced on another person who the other thing is not. The other thing is something that happens in life. That's not the same thing. Ok, there aren't erased complications all over this country, because just generally people are dying right, but there are from slavery and the fact that that happened is still causing problems. The again I just I see why Egyptian be said, because it's a character, assessment and gypsies so that I get that I'm I'm I'm just not getting this one of them. Swine and I see your point there, but it doesn't seem negative towards anybody any explanation other than that, the root of that its expression is enslave, or do you think that black people in this country are affected by slavery, by one person. Of course they are okay, so that it does winder offended that someone references one of the aspects of slavery and making it sound like it's, not not that big of a deal like whatever your reference saying when you say so down the river is like
same as through me under the buzz its aims. Are these it's either all hyperbolic? I would need to hear somebody, so they could explain what's offensive about it now, I'm not understanding, I guess for me. What I don't understand about these conversations is why why do you need that? Why can't you just here, because I don't blindly just accept what people tell me without any kind of exploiting its their feelings? Yes to me, this would be an I guarantee. You would reject this. Jewish people told me you can call someone Hitler anymore, because there was a real Hitler in their real Hitler killed. Their ancestors, so no one's, lousy Hitler, Timor, that's the exact same thing. What what now we have a guy who represents evil incarnate now to call politician you don't like Hitler undermining what a jewish persons grandparents went through. Those things are not related and anyway in search. So if a jewish persons,
you can't say that anymore, because my grandma, I would really need them to walk me through how its hurting them anymore, sure that they're not just trying to have a thing to have some control over in life that they can just declared the Jews can't declare that were not allowed a reference Hitler and other people. Do you remember that I mean to be honest: if a whole bunch of jewish people said Ino, it read it triggers something really negative for me when I hear that I'm very happy do not say it, because what does it matter to me? If I'm sorry, if I keep one phrase and my vocabulary or not, it doesn't. If I know that it's hurting a group of people For this a reason it is, they are feeling something negative by hearing that I'm happy to not be a part of that that's great
I don't believe in there. I believe POL pot is a historical figure and will call people that are bad Stalin's and pull pots and Hitler's, and just because certain peoples, ancestors, were the ones who died and it doesn't take it off the table. It's exactly how we use hyperbole snow. I don't, I don't think where's reaches our erratic. Eating things like the reality of the slave trade out of sight around equating the reality of it, it's still in history books, it still something everyone should know about, but when you're, in your view, thing it in colloquial way mapping it onto something, it has nothing to do with minimizing it. Do you think that by using that word, It minimizing that event that when people here that human beings were traded like livestock. That then, he doesn't have the same power anymore, that it's been minimal, that we don't think it's horrific. Well, I don't think that's the outcome
and I would argue whoever said this, that that's the outcome. Really need them to walk me through that, because I don't think there's anybody in this country who thinks that that's not a big deal to say that, because salt on the river has its historical roots in selling slaves that doesn't make it raises, it doesn't make it anything. It just mean all you ve done is figured out the etymology of it. So congratulations, but until someone adds a new layer to explain to me how that's hurtful yeah. It is if we have different opinions, but we could invite that gal on here and she could tell me why should say it. Ok, Nora her dad ravishing car, her sweet poppy, in June, nineteen sixty six, while still a member of the Beatles George Harrison met indian classical Musician Rubbish Shankar in London and became a student of the terrorist
Harrison later said that for himself the music was like an excuse and that in reality he was searching for a spiritual connection with the culture of India. The associate then immediately brought Shankar in indian music, unprecedented popularity in the West, while Harrison's introduction of the city our into the Beatles sound inspired a new genre known as raw go rock. Maybe anyway, because you said, was he the gateway provide the Beatles went to India sounds like he only Waterloo that yeah so different style, like Rocky now in the star verses, a guitar, Daphne because my vision of it, my thumb, stereotype image in my head, is someone sitting cross legged strumming? That thing I think, that's how I've largely seen this the tar being play. I never seen anyone like spinning around you're, jumping off of martial stack, amplifier air could happen. Now is sure I know now on unwieldy. It is how
what was he when he had Nora? She said she thought fifty nine, whose fifty eight but then turn fifty nine, pretty pretty much immediately the next month. That's pretty so all the means, and fourteen fifteen years I could have a Nora Jones is a baby. Should I think we can reverse the larvae recreational vehicle so interesting that her life and her relationship with him yeah? I wonder so. He died when he was ninety tears. So how was she all? This was a nurse sixteen years so that twenty four thirty four to see an already had success. So he got to see that that's fine. I hope he huge success to huge
yeah, when the biggest Selim of an era where people just want buying CD, she still was selling millions and millions of people were banks. It is then re know as well as I recall that sixty minutes I watched for they made a big point out of how how diminish the record sales had been over the last ten years and that she was like a anomaly in that still a tunnel copies hard copies. Ah Cosette was two thousand to that that first out and came out, which was, I guess, yeah by then o was already Napster. Yeah people were file sharing already, let's true, you could buy things on. Itunes is out here oh yeah. It was still a cause. I remember it. Two thousand to I would have been in high out of twenty five twenty six and I would have been a fresh
man, I think, and we were indeed we were making like Mix CDS Mannheim, either with Napster and stuff, but still c d, s still cv players and stuff right. Does your car stereo at that point in a blue tooth or anyway, to play an mp3 raw how to get it on some tangible year at nice? The compact disc- and I always would, by her see these as soon as they came out or you were renewed start Burnham Burnham making mixes. I never had that ability. I've had to get friends to do it all. I had one of those duel these wires were. You could make Maxie be very complicated, as I recall, yeah yeah, but what what a pleasure to be other make a mixed c d near the people in my school who can do it? It was like a big deal had to request and make years last long
did they charge. Was it like? A twenty dollar deal remember paying for those blanks, warmth, free. That's they couldn't made similar money. Maybe they did- and I remember oh How Taulas Marie Condo? I said she was two inches tall and that hold up not quite according to Newsweek. As for foot seven. Ah, q, which makes sense I mean I have seen her in. She was much shorter than me. Yeah five, an adventure sure yeah. While I now that's a big, she said I kill you see us yeah, you're, a crush on her yeah he's adorable. I can't help is a pervert to wonder what it's like to make love to someone that small, you know, maybe more delicate. I guess stating what does she has been scan? what was the second earlier yeah? What I didn't say I got my country
grew and grew into a yeah sex change. Now I bet she has most delicate thin again using that amazing photo shack in his girlfriend right, oh yeah, oh my I mean I want to not even for sexual raised now. I know just curious. I want to watch them, make love so bad shack if you're listener I've. Just please invite me, and so I can just watch what what's going on ergonomic golly. I now are all the physicians opened. There are other ladders involved. Is there like elevated bedside out bake until all the positions? Now, we'll certain blogging dog easy. I'm gonna require your right. They can't signet doggie cells, gonna Rick. Why are some kind of a little stool or platform for her? Even if he's on his knees?
If he's on his knees on the bed, she's gonna wind of loud, he could be on his knees on the floor. Ok, ok and in that of them every they have kind of a low slung bed a bright says: a normal high bed, plus her knees and he's that tall? All I've told you my story about picking me up like a baby right I'll, never forget that! Never had that. My feeling is that an adult first am, I ever met almost walk into a premiere and westward, and I was behind him and I jokingly said like get the fuck out of the way. Little guy or something o thou ass, really test, whether or not he might know me, and then he turned around any started laughing, and then he grabbed me by my humorous by both asked my arm in lifted me, like you, lift a child up looking at a child rights, and I just got scooped up into the air.
Looking down at my Daddy Shack Awe- and I was thinking man, I'm tuner pounds need just did a fucking Deltoid straight armed live this guy is so strong wow I was. I was having so many emotions gratitude kill me. Then he knew me going back to myself as a bit. Maybe you now! Yes, I did you see the movie. We were all Goines. Everything was firing, a loved it. If he would have. Let me sit on his lap. The whole movie I write me. I think that if he had lifted me up knew what he would have used to me
for us now would have gone flying out. I think you're right, you would have to have a good firm hold on your humorous is humor. I so that you can fly up in the sky. Yeah I'd love to see him through you into a pool. I be scared by building a genuine take over muscle memory, drudges stabilize yourself in the air and does now it happens. I've told you touch her too many times that you dont balance yourself ass, the a point: that's the trick: ok cat! So our morning, you might have to tell me that my aim, because methods skin- I very triggered by that by what I thought you would like. My mom, Can you are now no? No having to repeat oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'd say that checks.
Anyhow, I loved you to repeat myself: I'm enzymes are broken record of them. Stores tell monster so like you you forgot Nissan, allow auto raising. I can't wait to tell you again how you enter attorney. I backs I'd love to tell you every day for the rest, your life, I now, where is different? Now we are, as we found out with that lead. So you know river, oh yeah, loudly about that more bite. Ok, she talks about how she wanted to take piano lessons about her mom bought her a piano and then she immediately wanted to quit. It happened to me, but then I did Quare. And I'm so upset, and I wish my mom made me take lessons by the ear. There's no make my mom anything bad. A being my arm, you are impossible,
the make do something that you don't want to do get real that such here you don't even succumbed up. Dear, providing you're gonna succumb to parental pressure, not parental, but I definitely o disk succumbed. Oh, I love another not see, and another fact is that you said: what's that the past tense of sick com, you said Sir came and then you said I don't think you can do past tense, but the past tense succumbed blue or a lawyer, I didn't come like a lot. I sit. I would not succumb to parental pressure ever or appear, but I really was a big waves Oliver. So if I knew that may panel teacher was gonna require me to practice at thirty minutes a day. I had to do that right, so I did do that. I just hate
but I assume you quit your mom didn't pull the plug on this right. You go now on doing this anymore. Right yeah, Yes, I wouldn't lose your mother. I went answer. I wish you wouldn't have. Let me do that. Do you really do it for five more years, but do you really think she could have done? I don't think so. I think you were listening to her in that way. No, I was, I think, my mom see this is so embarrassing. I had a piano recital that went horribly awry gone so embarrassing. I had a mushroom cut, hair horrible dress, also Fervors Farm on added. My whole family came My best friend Julia came an ice ages was in front of all these people and I was playing and I messed up, and then I just sat there all on as a frozen statue for a long time.
Ok, no one came on stage to give you a hog. Eventually, my teacher came ok and was like helping me wait at four. You played a formula: we had a sickly, Papa did my hand on side, and then I completed it, and then that was that it was horribly embarrassing for me and my family Monica yeah. We ve had a breakthrough here. Why I've never heard that store? Oh really, will I dont repeat stories you, you shit, the proverbial bad now bigtime amounting to my list of destinations in my time machine. So, as you know, I'm going back, I'm sleeping with your grandma. Doubts over the Oregon, sleep, monarch, Sheila share and then an abounds over that risk. They are now going to be there one second and give them a mushroom haircut hug. Now I wouldn't have. I bet you looked so keep your mushroom
now look at all now, then I would make a joke to cut the tension and then we would have went out and guy scream, but not a dairy queen couldn't abandoned me. I clean out now somewhere else no really been feel someplace in associated with wasps. You know what that is: Baskin, slurry one Waverley! I'm I'm sorry that happen. It's ok We should have my Bible, authors noted for him. I was prepared. Oh, I should have. I didn't know. What I would ve been horrible. My hair was already to thicken mushrooming. Not only would we would get you the beta blockers out, the Hare stores hair treatments and how are they erected dysfunction: medication, Well, although her mother used to hear just seaward takes you
yeah. It was bad others that the last day you ever play the piano. Probably I remember. I think that that when my parents are probably fine with me quitting Gazeta want to sit there anymore, horrible recital sure after that, anyhow wire time on my mushroom, I want to see some pictures of the well there's a picture in my parents. Foyer the art, like one of their own a group family photos. We have is of that day, maiming and now, oh boy, but should take a one before prowling Robert E Lee.
Her lock in interlocking is in Michigan. It's an arts camp is also an arts boarding school so that you could go therefore boarding school. I think our friend worried that oh yeah and people- ok, you said you'd enough. Myspace was out when use when you like started and when and around the same time she released her first outcome. So Myspace was bounded in August, two thousand three more first, album came out in two thousand and two and punked premier in two thousand three o o Connor was all around the same time. While we were both having our moment. Yeah, ok, what type of regarding our british yours I have! I mean you keep referring the grand dolls.
I'll get here leading capacity? Amazing? You mean, I know we ve had this conversation, but you mean bloomers are called bloomer some Michigan they were called grandees. Are you sure Oh yeah yeah. I let me look up the word grandes on ok, we'll run those is the area between the innocent scrotum. In a mail on between the anus and a woman. That's a rundle May I also say that the area of fabric is called a Gus. It high millimetres, look up, grandees grandes, call them. Spain keys. I think that's one too was his bank
formerly like that. What you under the skirts of yeah, you, ok grandees as grandes in underwear brand name, possibly in abbreviated form of reg grandees. So I shrugged in shifted, like my grandes, were too tight. That grandes is that brand of underwear that then became oats in the Oxford dictionary origin. Ninety nine, these from undies influenced by the name, Ridge, Grundy, an australian India, pretty Sir Kay he had his trousers and his grandes round his angles and also so there's just sing Andy. Is there so much so whenever it my high school, they did. Did the girls different called those grandes. But what can I do about that? I guess I'll need one of those people
come. I says he felt talk to me about it without ass. He was a year later. She was in them compound, which was the cool thing to be an because they dance like fly girls, but did they were skirts? I think on occasion I don't know. Don't know anything about this topic and I know everything about it. So I do have to just say that ok, ok, lasting real, quick yeah. It will take him an eternal sunshine and you know do the p? Oh really know you or do they not know you post in pre fame, and I was just telling you a story about a friend of mine who revealed a piece of information about me that made me feel like why how he were really knows me Anthony it, my friend Anthony what sort of a throw away but it fell, but if,
oh, really nice to feel like. Oh my god, there are people in this world who really know me ya at really felt good you're, a member like dedicated enough time, actually pinpointing what precisely I mean by that I mean part of it, for me has a lot to do with the ten years of struggle and the one bedroom of our world likes. I know exactly what you mean bar guy yeah yeah like if I could win you over, then I had nothing to offer like I couldn't get you. On tv. I can't buy you dinner. I can't do anything if anything here by mean dinner, but even though this is necessarily relegated to fame, because sometimes I feel like that, like oh who ever I end up with, is knocking them like. No, who I was when I was in college or when I was before, then I was a different kind of a different person at that. I, like the things about
that person I like, and I don't really have any more right, some of those qualities. So that's gonna ordering a bummer yeah I just think everyone has some evolution than have been parts of your personality, get sort of discarded along the way or they can and sows the some people. Oh may never see those elements of it. Where is there and then there is also the added like guilt of like oh Bree earned this ride. What do you mean like Bree was with me through all the hard stuff right and was by my side and help me feel safe. Nea S put the rent with me yeah, and if any one on earth deserves to be a recipient of mine now good fortune, it would be her. Yeah, but I don't think anyone's thinking of partnership like that, like an old thing,
she's thinking like emanistic this out until he becomes a person, I want him to but com for sure you already are that person, you were that person or she wouldn't have been with you. That's very true. I just think when I newly single, I had two thoughts of your site, so weird some can meet me now as a success is in my mind, I am not a success for the majority of my life and then on top of that, oh man, the person that deserves any of this good stuff is her air. I see witches,
Arms I do I do. I just think that she probably believe she got all the good stuff. I think you're right, yeah outing. She gives a shit yeah, you do in plenty. Fine about were provided us now, you're saying let it just those things crossed my mind when I watch eternal sunshine, air and our single. Now I don't think about it. All that much right now makes sense, but even then happen within Christian I, so it's fine autonomy still happened in my life. She still new earlier version of me. It's all there. That's all I love you. I love you.
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