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Part 1: Monica and Jess Love Boys with Dax Shepard

2020-02-14 | 🔗
In Part 1: Monica and Jess Love Boys with Dax Shepard, M and J sit down with the Armchair Expert. Dax knows Monica and Jess better than anyone and he uses his previous knowledge to help diagnose individual and collective dating patterns. He asks Jess about addiction, his propensity for sex, “dating” rituals and he asks why Jess isn’t leading with his superpower: personality. He talks to Monica about her tendency to overanalyze, her pattern of wanting people she can’t have and not being attracted to people who find her attractive. Dax gives tips on how to navigate this social experiment and he gives M and J a challenge to complete by the following week.
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Aye aye Monica a k, a miniature mouse. I love boys, but I don't have one and in fact I've never had one. I could probably count on two hands how many days I've been on in my entire life- and I decided it's time to change that hard armed groups in our move was true and then the opposite way of Monica our current comin over hands in Amerika hungry people over sex with and yet I still don't have a boyfriend, and I want one an armed acts and I love Monica and just in so many ways they have partners, and that is a huge mystery to me, because they're both incredibly attractive so fond so smart and have so much to offer So we decided to do was examined these unhealthy patterns and bring an experts and outsiders to help critique us. Advise us guide us pretty much Cobb
shit on us, so that we can find the romantic complaining that we're looking for. We started this, thinking. It was going to be just Q little dating challenges that we would go on and talk about and laugh about turns out. It is very hard to be vulnerable in real time in public, so like we were meant to size, pathological, one how much you want love got. You can't even get the sentence. Zau just eat around it's a little self, and why do I want something and then why? I decided to. We must put the chairman, the water, for the sharks to come by Veronica Lake. So apparently I have to join Riah sweetie legs. You don't even have a kiss. I hear anything frontal lobe issues in the We pushed up raw local tat what you should be doing, serene every night robs to uncomfortable. For this, please enjoy part one getting to know Monica Jes with our dad
deck shepherd money. You know they don't like How can our mirroring each other's hands do thing? Why do you have a theory summits only in here Miss Phoebe, are so well to what is gonna, be a fine and thrilling experiment where we have long tease the notion of Monica loves boys yet and there
you and just realized what a diamond in the rough you have sitting right in your hip pocket. I feel it is a big section of the country that doesn't have a good gave friend or doesn't live in and a town that has a gay area and then largely oblivious to all the fun stuff that Monica I have found out. Yes, I did tell when I was doing this today at the gym, do tell them right away that someone raise at Hy Vee. They can drink out of someone's glasses and fine like the liner? I someone's mom just said that to a friend two weeks ago, Two thousand nineteen that someone ready heavy and they said
make sure you don't drink out of his glassware anymore own, and now we are dealing like death, a headline from nineteen. Eighty now I did Joe, but you never now. But if I say this is not that Pont CAS it's not, we inevitably be an exposure, probably through the gate. The gay dating scene is missing a man, but primarily these two loves in my life. Both are without a long term partner, current yeah. I don't want to misrepresent your position. You I'm a little nervous. You ve got me, am I the heels come out and no sooner is more right. I don't make you nervous now, and I have no wish to deliver the, but no you dig up each come with different. It's all suite of things, so you and I have gotten into all kinds of naughty business together area is, I feel, safe to be really naughty with you yeah and you ve got me a couple, I'm still a couple times. Governments it not enough big ones, though will Mark has been on the business and a summons as well. I feel like I have to ask,
and then, but you guys are both you balls love I mean Monica very known for loving boys but dunno. Just another Jes loves boys too, and I got to say one of the things I applaud most about your appetite for boys is it's. Why fucking when we're watching, shows right Monica and it's the villain he's got a limp Now we are supposed to look repugnant and just like, I think I have come back. I think I'll fuck em, who is it over the craziest one recently that we are watching in he was get, will definitely the stranger things guy
of course, but that's area while others guys, I am a gorgon, there's organ the Vienna Big Dick. You know yeah NOME king, what those guys out of jail, you're, not kidding. That's part, I'm not kidding now get deeper. Yea are out there ass theirs guys at the Jim that I called that's my boyfriend and that, like that's, my regular boyfriend, because his cattle like three or four big flaws, and then there's other guys and at one point my train or goes just who Would you not fuck, like others play that gave rise, and I will not people in your not a lot of guys. I wanted to just preface you have, Issues and I have issues they're pretty much, the opposite one shoes, or maybe there the same ones, but there are manifesting and dreamily opposite way is less and we will over the process of this a show exploration. Yes, expiration, we're gonna, deep dive into
why we have these things and why there manifesting the way they are more getting give each other Alan judges at the end of each apis sewed, so that we can avoid the out of these patterns that are causing us to just be in our same space right. We want to grow, that's the armchair expert model right evolution. I presume you bring in experts who may well because I'll have opinions will work, also interconnected. We are most opinions. I would have apply between what we found out when I click the type you and I have also no arguments chess over the last colony we ve been friends, six, seventeen years nineteen nineteen years very few. Arguments. The ones we that that were actually emotional is when I have been critical of who you day or critical of your approach and dating that cuts to the quick when we have that. Yes,
in in. Similarly, when I Monica you- and I have them there, they get emotional. Pretty quick relationships are kind of your offering your whole self to someone or not offering our whole self. To someone like me, and there's nothing more vulnerable ivory tower of some one that has never had a relationship problem, and this has been the hottest girls and married the hottest women in an election. Nor should we? U Guiana their records it also. We will dive into it. There's a whole other area which have talked monogram millions of times of this gay issue with feminine and masculine and top and bottom and grind and tender, and what did they gone through in their gay experience that they have a great I mean I was very lucky to not have a lot of address. Percy was now adversity, adversity, I'm really pretty, but use you're. The members and another says, is many words incorrectly, as I do which, as revealed itself to be indifferent to the
and so I say I'm the latin phrase for tit for tat: Prince pretty quick quid pro quo. You did a quid pro quo, did it, but I would say the close are you are to somebody in the better? They know you and the more you feel like. They actually know you the harder it is to shrug off their assessment of you. You know I give. I have like a third, dear friends like Dax Year Blank right, it's kind of easy for me to go like they. Don't really know me yeah, but it gets it gets harder. When, when someone knows you really really well a makes, an observation only think yeah. I think that's true,
I also think you can know someone really well and because you know them so well, you get locked in, like I could be locked in as someone to you in just can be locked in a someone to you as well, because we presented herself a certain way to you for so long. So I think it's hard to accept change from a person you ve been around for a very long time, certainly in just a ring of Europe's read so by my recollection of maybe I'm wrong, you read to long term relationships. Jos, Jove, three boyfriends, total one, three months, one eleven months and one broke up but think about gender, so maybe fifteen months, ok, and who the first woman you're what age? Thirty five thirty five for I lost from Juliet thirty, so we're starting with the pretty honest assessment of the situation, which is neither viewer and long term relationships. You'd, both like to be in long term relationships,
or do. Is that even drew? That's, not the poor into the point? Is this not the bachelor? No one's getting married the end of this. Well, we don't know- maybe maybe I'll, be the last challenge, but the point is to get out of the rights to break the pattern. Those are the hardest things to do in order to grow. I dont look at any one in my life and I go. I need that I think that I have created an amazing group of friends and family members and an amazing life I do think I'm my best self. When I had a boyfriend. I think I get into trouble and I think I get a little mischievous when I have more time a man, but when I have time to focus on someone else instead of myself, I like myself better, but I don't need a boyfriend, but I definite- want one. The gay thing was very interesting to me. I had no idea really am likewise ever call me Jessica, like I was the star basketball player and they had a girlfriend, and then I didn't understand it really.
And then I was also buying these Guys- ninety dollar genes and singing the national anthem. Before my own game and like there was this thing we're in nineteen eighty, whatever seven, prevention. Ninety, I didn't understand it really being gay was very, I think, that's a thing but I didn't understand so that was all through high school like when you are masturbating at that age. What were you thinking about? I think guys, I think guys but I don't know I've being gay was what I've always thought about guys: seminars for ferries five to play around this, this kid in sweetener, remember we just started was normal. I didn't think it was like what gay wasn't that was later on eighteen and nineteen, going to West Hollywood and go to access or these itching over bars and like. Oh, this is a lie. Lifestyle. This is this. Is where Glitter in this is this in that one. I kind now is an ideal which I didn't understand for very long them during the groundlings, and then it was now the unjust funny. I wanted me. I was eight years there I was. I was four classes a week.
I was a one dimensional. I would do gay characters. I would flirt with strict guys constantly like outing areas, get where you openly gay, I think I what yeah I was like when I met you, you are openly gay. I dont think I ever was in the closet, but I never had a boyfriend and never kissed a guy, we're sex rash. Was this one dimensional funny guy with a bit of a stomach sits around my mouth. And yellow t love? Is this time as it was a cute? I thought I was really cute actual say like I, I thought I was so cute until I actually got you one of my things. I did want to think about why I always needed these straight guys, approval and always wanted to make them think. I was not a typical gay person which was through my whole life which was early nineties in and when I met him and ninety eight or ninety nine at that wow. I remember you don't remember just like. I need this person,
would write letters to ducks in class just need this person's approval, so much which I didn't want from women and or gay men. Still to this day. The gym like there's plenty a gig as of June, that amendment Talky knew, but those too straight one. I want them to think of me being gay as the third thing yeah, you got to be first, I want to underline that guy super funny he's tall he's right where he's a jot, all these things and then, like happens to be gay. That's so cool there, so many theories, have for that? One is there unobtainable if you can get them to like you, that what an exhibit of of your attractiveness of someone who would not get yeah is. Is it that or is it that the Straitness in Mate Lee is, is exerting some kind of masculinity in your attracted to masculinity? Like you have a theory, and why that's the prize or them both
you know what I really want in a perfect world in my lifetime, which I don't see it happening, is what girls are doing their dating girls for years, and I am being lesbians and then going back to being straight, like I want straight guys to do that. I want there to be a fluidity in the Big World Birmingham Langley right, yeah younger people are bare fluid, but I, a bowling. You can hope that four guys who aren't contracted to men, but you will still want that. Oh no, it won't be the guys who are fluid right. Ruggles, don't want this guy who doesn't yo you're right you, it's inherently set up to be a disappointment on some level, by only like lesbians. You know right, there's, probably only so many issues people have like. Maybe they re like five actual issues and their just getting disseminated indifferent. Ways and they're, getting manifested in different ways, but I have all those issues, yeah
You know, you said I think, maybe we'll find out it's this same side of the same coin, yam which ultimately on the outside and on trigger anyone. I do think it's the same thing and then just manifested in completely Airways but from the outside. Looking inside Jes dates a lot and date is a strong word for what you're doing, the conventional day. People are thinking from you now on hearing that now sure it's the best friend where it is, it's a throw gaze in the wall and, let's see what hits and I'm bleeding with sex, sometimes and I'm leaving with date sometime when they are pro pro pro dating only I'm really heavily what let's have sex first, if there I'm only sex, I'm only this and I'm like, let's meet at a bar first so I want them to be. I be I why I visited whatever they are. I want too. I want them to be able to hold their own
White House and a bath I was like. I want them to be able to be cool in public, that I can meet my rad friends and also be a beast in bed to really having you're having a lotta sacks. Yes, not a lot is as much as I used to I mean there is time where I came out of thirty. I was twenty eight guys a week alone. Lunches do them. I found that guys so seven times three would be twenty one times for be twenty two for some I'm for South seven in one day was my all now. Ok Ray is a long time ago. The folks, but don't you think you got three phases of this in all- never go away, did streaky
was. An error is a period where Eden FUCK for almost a year right or or her all. I was fat their ago, but it is streaky. It's like there's a lot and then there's none and then there's a lot and there's not unlike look I'll I'll, say it just as is incredible relationship with drugs and alcohol, which I couldn't maintain that you can party really hard, but you don't have the frequency. Right, but you can go hard. I don't, I think hard is what you did. I've seen hard in some people's world and Monica world. I can go hard right, yes, but not enough that I've seen in this community. Slash hard for me is going three days yeah, but I can go three or four days a week. A lot right right. I think what we are actually doing. Your revert directive of the conclusion, maybe a little bit disk, explain like that
just backs like you, your streaky. Ok, sometimes you don't fuck alot sums, have you forgotten, register fat guy, but you're nervous, you're right trying to protect whether the conclusion of that is your radical, not an attic innovation even said the word. I know what it is like. The facts are I've known you for nineteen years? Sometimes you forget ton and then sometimes you're, not fucking frog. What I feel to me like a year right, yeah, you got a kind of taken those things and not try to add just one. Means. Maybe I've never been single for this long, so they're starting I had so grand. Swell was Gregg and that ended four years ago and the boyfriends are for that. Everyone just landed in my lap, and I thought this was easy, so for the last four years have been interesting from me that it's just not happening. I thought that was some
that just happens? Did you meet any of the three and I'm gonna limited to two personally desgas I've met tell ya out into met the eighteen year old right. That was three months, and that was actually I needed. That's so much that was so exciting and he had been out seven years, and I was only out sexually five years as much as that age difference was difference. He was an amazing lesson in holding hands in writing to their notes, like being in love and tangible yeah, I'm gonna, Laker Games and He should have flowers like I needed that at thirty five years old I have that, like at sixteen years old, like most people do, are problems yeah, so I'd love that relationship, but but the two that I'm familiar with, did you mean either of them online, both yea everyone on line? I met TIM on grinder and I met rag on tinder, grinder and tender and tender is more dating yeah, yeah, ok, but it's the same people and that's what I'm saying now
they're just do showing whenever new thy themselves, indifferent pictures and nicer bios yeah. But I love seeing that there are both because I'm on both and I'm trying to pity each other against each other sex. Sir, dating well and they're. All doing that, and I was wondering when you see that somebody says, are only in it for dating. Do you mean Neatly assume other bad embed sometimes cause. I feel like that's what I would think their night you're, just interested in dating, because they probably know that there is a high problem. Billowy that they're gonna entered these situations where sex is going to be first the table and they are like? No, I don't want to do that anymore or reorganising, there's a lot of guys like that, but I also think, even if your gay you're gonna fall into a stir, the type of like wait. I want to fuck all time and he's a dude if he should want to fuck all the time he doesn't want to find out. Why doesn't he want to fuck all time, as is Russia's like you, just like some stakes,
yeah they're, like aerial two zero tonnes of men in general. All that aren't true, that we ve decided arch through their not for everyone at all times have sex with my last eggs, till five or six states in That's why I worked in a way. There is something to be said, for you know, cherries, and that twisters cherries in the juice are waiting, for the cherries and save it out for the guy and I don't know, there's you saved again saying rain and leave them leave some leaves thing, I never leaves them in an Jim. Leaves the money on the table. Yes, you can get it later. I don't know you guys, I'm onto something, there's the saying spectators well now, building of you're gonna get them the cow
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It's also relevant, say to you guys you to just a Monica, live a blocked from each other, which is fine, and you guys oft in a couple nights. A week got too happy hour for gone tonight right after this yeah, so you too, There are like girlfriends, you guys go out to happy hour and you talk about guys or relationships and all this kind of stuff in life share back, but I'm gonna have to be pc here and say it doesn't have to be clarified, What if a guy in a girl can talk about these types of things? Oh, I would, I would describe I his girlfriends again, that's It's a stereotype! I that way go the reality. Even them both doktor, Wendy, mobile and doctoral, say guys, don't like to look at each other in the eyes. Talk like. If you have a son, you should take on a walk or play basketball. Have there been trained years, so that is the real
the world we live in. Hopefully, will train boys differently, but currently it's rare for two guys to go out and look at each other across the table like to do it. I like that yeah, but I was also by a woman- and I didn't you know whatever I don't. I know that what I am doing is the most common thing sure, but I'd like to make one more comment and I think labeling it as girlfriend talk, is not getting closer to that, but under habituating ok cause, I don't wanna be girls. Another thing that why do they want? You guys got too happy hour all the time and you really have funding you have like www wine, something land, sometimes role the days journey, will never I'll tell you what role does. Basically, it's pure spirit. You pick your spirit and then they can choose your own adventures. He could get something in a goblet. That's creamy! You can get something on the rocks more like an
fashion. You can get a mule, that's gonna come with like ginger and they walk at you and then they describe it. This is a penicillin as honey bourbon and then they display bill for you, but every single roll, the dice they have to walk over and describe it as you, gonna wanna face title now's. Surprise Bowery been going so long that we're like our goblet red velvet like we'll know, then may I know what's in it, we know the servers. I act bring a lotta dates. They are too so now there like them up thumbs down like a lot of first dates. Are there because a block away from my bed? Yes, I guess we're going back to the girl, France. They are, I think, the real in two I went there is it for me, whose jealous of you guys being single and getting to go out night for a happy hour, the irony and being jealous that you guys can drank walls that, right to me it sounds like sex industry like you guys, meaning for cosmopolitans and talking here deserting where I get extra jealous-
ok, no Monica youth for the people have heard it. The Denver alive show we kind of got into your history with boys. Yeah touched touch. Will we know there was the boy and junior high that you liked and at the swimming pool he said he liked. You would economy be with you, because your parents worked at dairy queen gas. That is a big bad, now met and I would argue a pivotal moment for o is a watershed moment for water. It was it was it just confirmed all the things. I was a fool Edward true, but was hoping that it wasn't true. You, like I'm, going Then this is working there they're, not aware of the fact that I may actually and then he just fuckin, crashed all the volume Slam Don T dad I'm very upset about that story. But you know what. If it wasn't that story, it would have been another story. It would have been something else to confirm. The thing I was
afraid was true cause. It was true, but my long it was true. Well, my pal, you do now work a dairy queen, but- and I m sure would be hard for you to have any empathy. For him, but I also imagine he liked to you and he starts thinking or, if I'm with her, then Gonna be ex like people are gonna, say: oh, my god. She her parents were good dairy queen, so he too is operating. Others fear he got caught in that fear right. He obviously was afraid, but of course I can be and pathetic to a poor. I mean sympathy to appoint raw ride of that. But let me ask you because you are already nervous about being other yeah. If you had taken a liking too the one vietnamese guy in Europe
school, do you think you would have gone fuck? I like him, but I dont mean another thing I don't need to be. The indian girl dating the one Vietnamese got, of course anything that might happen to you. I guess that's what I mean about it didn't happen, because my self thing was so strong, I'm privacy. This is a horrible horrible thing, that's true, but I would never have been attracted to someone who wasn't when I deemed higher status than me the group we want to be yeah yeah, so I would never fallen in love with the vietnamese guy that age, you don't think would have. You were seated next to the Vietnamese go and he saw telling you about how much you loved goodwill hunting and then he watches the movie on his eyelids that you would have been like, oh my god, now perfect, but there's no way. I would honestly, I would have thought. Oh no. This must be something that
Others do he's is now I pick a new movie. It's me, then. I can't tell anyone that I, like that movie rights, so far, but it's horrible, its ill is horrible, but its long been my theory and I've set it to you many times and set it on many times and have witnessed it in real life. I think post the swim party you miss when people are hot for you, like it really goes over your hat. I've observed it you shaking her head now I have observed. I was vindicated, improve. And write one time. Yes, I dont know how on earth. You could still pretend that he wasn't attracted to you when you guys, when on dates and made out in another, he was attracted to me like the parties. I think he was. I dont think people go on dates with will they weren't attracted to at the Party Ireland. They have a lot of options. He has all the options. Also you gonna party, I'm scanning eighteen people are attracted to, and then I go
what the party, but I'm saying I already know the people I would have sex with, but I would not. You could have scanned without you, knowing that your heart now you're nice, boobies and a beautiful face and then move on, maybe just because it was ensuring a lot attention to me. It's already clocked but I also see she has a terrible muscle memory of basically the lad time. She acknowledged someone had those feelings, because you did know that boy like you, which is why you said dear friend, you we were floor
we would like to show their load that why it was so painful is it felt like? Oh I'm never going to be able to have the thing. I why men has this thing. I can't control eyed the links that to the rest of my life, you for my own clarification when that happened, you think to yourself. Oh, he didn't really like me and ordered you think. Oh he likes me, but he can't be with me because I'm other that ok, so you did accept that he liked you yeah. I did ok good, but here's the thing you're out voted your heart. You have. Fucking rocky, but deeds get boulders. Looking at you. That is a fact that just a fat gases thinking, why astronomer getting a boner le now I guess I I think they think it, but I dont think in this day and age now people have really flirting and coming up like it is so much more nuance now like in the eighties guys would be groping Europe,
grocery store they weren't men. I was thrilled You just want to date. I mean talk about that, but you he was was three hours. And it was nice- and I go- did you flirt with you in your like? I don't know, but their wise, it this more hipster ninety two to two thousand- now just nineteen nineteen eighteen, ninety nine, they are all a little bit taking a step back and it's not going to be like nice tits, like you're, saying in writing. Rescued me yeah, like Brian, I came out of the river there in Austin, the guy said you got all the right share, no one's role, and I know that many of you are saying that anymore after you, ve dairy queen, how did you shut down? You know you shut down? Ok, so yes, that's a great question: better than all mine now have you ever been jealous of our friendship? No really happy for your friendship. Oh good, because I really thought both of you need each other alot.
Could she is the ultimate rule follower per year, the ultimate rule breaker, He knows how to have fun. He knows how to be care free, not over think stuff, you like Icy, arises being very beneficial for each other. I've always thought I am so grateful when you guys met that you hit it off really quick enough like this is exactly who each other needs. One of the end of this plan Guess you guys fucking, sometimes harmonica laughs at my jokes. I seek really hope that you think she's a laugh at mine like that we're all. We know we have as yet only like seeking wants. You go, but the world LAB, and they just do it again, and if I go like forty she's already throwing you now and I'm so jealousy utterly brother. The men are based primarily
Oh brother of these, are you shut down get so I kind of shut down, but I dont think I knew eyes down and really what happened is I thought that I was just picking people I liked, and I couldn't have them like. I would pick Richard a party. He was a senior who was a junior whatever he was. He was older than me by homely grades, I think to occur, except when he was on the football team and he was so cute and I would like to draw pictures about Richard Cardy amount, clarity and MRS Unhardy like I would do all of that. My friends and I would like make each other pictures. Trade them in the hallway about the people we liked and staff. The thing is like we would do that, but my person was always a fantasy. I was never gonna be with Richard Cardy here.
Know me. I was a stranger to him and my other friends would pick people who they were friends has about. They would right, MRS bubble, but they would date. Those people, ok, but really good, Is it possible that they were setting more realistic expectations and newer? Yes, I think that's what was happening is I was picking people subconsciously. That was gonna confirmed this again idea. I had the Lange on would not want to be with you yeah yeah. I think so too, and I do the same thing with these guys of the jam or these three p fuller, yeah yeah, that's a very kind while yearly. While, while I and here's the part where I'll just jump towards the end, which I see in both EU its maddening to me, it breaks my heart. I could start crying that neither of you understand how attractive you're in the deepest deepest deepest way and indifferent ways. But it's this
same and its heartbreaking, and when I see that about J, I see that about Monica its intense its intense in it made element. Makes me angry. It's all the narrative. I didn't sardine. Do they say yeah, guys in the gagging area. This way up up up up up people dont like that, it's and that's what I, as I set my thinks, you hi, I'm gonna, miss self fulfilling prophecy disguise we're like me. It is maddening, it is interesting that this is happening because I've seen that a million times when we're talking. I just want to kind of shake you women. I hurt you to an already is sixty just as the tall friend we only around six five people tags eyes, a freak scientific terms, a freak the barometer of all things tall in our life like if we see a giraffe they go. I think that's too jes it your rapporteur is synonymous with tall. I will say one thing, though: I think we are
secure in conceded bodies, there's a part of us that are very confident and there's a to g the position that is interesting, because we we don't difference doing confidence. Self esteem. You guys are held confident you're, both smart enough to know that you can't pursue comedy and be insecure on stage. It will not work you're, both smart enough to recognise that year, Monica Smart enough to know that you have to walk into a audition exude confidence and shake the person's hand and look in her eyes and be self assured, but that mean that you go. And look in the mirror and go of course that guy, like would like me back rather like two completely different things. Yes and then my complain about you, which we owe this is where it always gets heated between you and I is you're, an absolute unicorn and then you're trying to play a game that is just pedestrian and for everyone and
so frustrating to me and you ll say in the gave me only people are more aesthetic Babylon. I know all the reasons, but in my mind you just said it. Don't talk when you're, not in the shape you want to be in, and you fuck a lot when you're in shape and the least the least it's a hundred on the list. If I was listing things about Jess, even when you're at your peak physical fitness, I was telling a friend of mine about Jess or on the spot. Yes, I've talked about you eleven hundred times, never ones, as I mentioned earlier, in good shape. I don't give a flying fuck It is the least interesting thing about you, sillies magical thing about you know, one that knows you and loves. You would even list how you physically look in a list. It's like me thinking, people like, because I'm a good driver ripe at someone that has been known as the funny guy, and that is fun, run parties or make us laugh Do this joke Jes or be this thing you
well you don't have any. I wanted me my want to feel like me tonight. I have exactly I have always since I was young has been sing that song, breathing Esther owed all and I'm not for me. I love that poured out you, but I want to be touched. I want to be like do decades, lips amazing that guy's hair, I won a Roma hands user. I want to go his hand and, like I everything I want, is physical. Yes, I have exactly thing we ve talked many times, and here I would want for someone to say after they met me in order he's hot What is maddening when you say it, I'm so sorry! I love you so much, but when I first met you, that is all I thought you were this type wifey with your cat in your tan and
funny and you're, just like you we walked out, and I saw a rising- is at Hand- is fuck. We watered down desire. You got on your motorcycle, it was me and, as our teacher and three was head over heels and I'm like six m, I love him ass. Second, can you sick and she was gone for you hard I'll, never forget it. I ll never forget it the differences, I believe in your insecurity cause. I know you well but your insecurity in that way has not stopped engine. It round. I was about to go down that path, which is now here's where allow grant both of you there's a difference here. You you weren't being you in high school, so you aren't having the experimental phases I was where I was very insecure: ninth and tenth grade anything. I look like a monster and it was too skinny and I had fucking acne zits its my mouth
dye braces on okay and then I had a perm on top and then long straight hair and back and I didn't have the fucking Jordans and all the z cavariccis. Everyone had the all listlessly but I was able to experiment and is try, say hi to a girl and being very confident in trying to not, even though didn't believe in the moment, trying onyx character, where I was confident in a grant you you didn't have that I dont see expect you do have done what I did, which was. Ok, I'm not betting. On my looks that's off the table. I dont feel good about my looks I have, but I can make people of me with my personality and I get the experiment with that and it worked. And then I also say to you: it's not it's not the same. For you either, it's not fair to you Monica because in general. Guys aren't gonna date, a girl based on her personality first, so even in the depths of urine security, I agree that it's more challenging for you,
What I'm just gonna be the smartest best funniest girl in the world and the jocks gonna wanna. Take me anyways, so I recognize it. Both dynamics are different. I was able to find a confidence based on my personality were I believed I could land any girl. I was lucky enough to be straight white male in the high school, where I could experiment with that. You really content, you really can it. So those are the handicapped. Some give them true! No, if she doesn't think she's hot. I think she I am addressing I. If I can A little bit honest. I think you think you're a little better than everyone and I'm not I'm saying, maybe a team of a royal, but I think it's more specifically. You think I want the best, one in the best ones. I like me, yeah
That's what I mean it, I'm not sure. Yet yours definitely don't think you're better than people in life. That's not what I meant. I think I know what you mean and that I do think there are a lot of people that I'm not attracted to yes and doesn't even think I know that from life and experience. Maybe this has been another learned pattern of, like I'm just gonna turn that par off You know I used to as every girl did. We went to like a party like you're picking like who's the one I'm gonna like this party that so many times and then you know that gets so eggs. Ah staying when nothing comes to fruition and things are coming to fruition for everyone else? A! U turn things off, but again you were you were one point you admit picking guys strategically out of your league, so there be no
expectations are certainly ass. Yes, yes, I so I went into that conclusion yeah in so I think when you do that, you do shut off your rate are for the guys that Would like you and you I know they don't try to find your way in two people This is where this is. Where just is right, I do feel like you deserve the best I do, I think that's a great thing is that there should be an hour. Of my leg. I dont know better. I do then feel like there is we are supported by athletic greens. I love athletic greens. It is an ultimate daily, all in one health drink with seventy five
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through line of you think that two, yet that oh yeah, that's what happened you're in this one specific. That is to say this house was dirty way. Why, when you're like he got back to whereas apartment ngos kiss and then you over because his house was really dirty and add a faint. I know monitors ounces dirty, never there well again, because I had all these years of picking people who or not really gun, even pay attention to me, because they were so good for women. We stars of your school yeah, then they started to pay attention is like. Oh, I was wrong. I picked the wrong person because I miss a value. Did their status in a PR act like a little bit unattractive when people are attracted to me, so don't get it we can jump into each other's bodies,
for this challenge. I we child is your own body, swapping channel this amazing, as we have that literally the opposite comforts. Only look- and I ask you: so we'll column MIKE Mike was high status and all the ways an you like them There's a period where you are really intrigued by him again and you thought, while he would never like me and then a prove that he likes you at what point during that process where you like, I don't know if I like them as much as I thought, because I remember is allocated leaving weird it's how you came back and you are like we hung out all day, and I found out like he's just dumb the full of himself or is this that there was no red flag? No there wasn't he didn't he. He was grey confine and engaged, but is more serious than that, but my I dont think I ever like ten relay
I think I picked him like I want, like I did in high school when I want until the party and I was like- oh who's, the single person whose the hall, the highest status or most whatever again, this is subconscious. I'm not right! Think it's disgusting move. We know it You should reserve any kind of judgment about how you feel all, but you could say it's not productive, ultimately, but to say it's disgusting or your bad or le shitty person. Could you have these I think as well. I think it's a habit. I'd love to break, as I don't think it's healthy, I dont think its leaning anywhere anyway. So I think I did that and inside picked him, and
it based on nothing. So then, when I started to get to know, I'm always like oh great link, he's good, but I'm not really super attracted to him. I want you to feel that thing that I felt maybe twice or three times, which is that butterflies thing excitement kind of in love thing that would make you want. To go on a third or fourth date with whoever that person is, I guess, may entail yeah, that's interesting as I have. I have a different opinion on that, which is that's a dangerous barrier of entry. Preface to say mind Gregg that, Fifteen months was not realistic. It was nine. It was a ten, it was everything was fine. Cross country was scavenger. Hence it was five. Six five hundred, he was a ten. He had four percent body fat, this person that look
like this in this status. Liked me meant everything to me anyway. Didn't wasn't going to last and he was twenty six years old and it wasn't going to go anywhere, but that feeling took me and evolve me to something that I've never felt before, regardless if it was healthy or not. I love that experience that and it was still a pivot point. In my life. So even if it's not healthier healthy, I want you to experience some kind of even bad break up where you were. I cried for six more than any of this stuff that people have done at sixteen years old and eighteen years old in twenty two years old that I've barely done. I want you to sperience at some point- and I was, I guess, pointing out as I think we suffer from one and the same liabilities, which is yours so pragmatic you're, so go granted that you're evaluating our first date, whether you could marry someone or not spend a lot of time. Yet even that an
I would just say in anyway. That's like trying to get sober for twenty years is like you can. Just get sober today and then tomorrow you can be out over, and so you can just beyond this date, and you really don't have to a valley wait anything and you can you're allowed at any time to be on that fourth date, that fifty eight that sixty eight go, I'm not having fun anymore right and I'll end it. Now like the allowing yourself to not had things off at the pass, because your pretty sure they're going to certain way in, I just think I have suffered from that in the past, and I probably MR knowing really good people and in my own experience meeting carry was a thunderbolt lightning experience, meaning Bree was a thunderbolt lightning experience meaning Christian was not a thunderbolt lightning experience in it was an until a bit later yesterday and
this morning was a finally got that bolt of lightning, but then somehow, the most sustainable of those three. What did it did the thunderbolt com, or did you just realized like? Oh I'm, in love with there? I thought this person is I want to talk to yeah. Does voices she's funny ass? She can banter this really fun and they can just be that and then I do remember like you know a year and going my god. I feel the way I felt about those other two in weirdly. I feel like this is the earlier version like I now have decided. I love everything about her in. I may be dinin that first
supposed to. I love everything about this person and then slowly you're like oh. I guess I don't love this and I don't love that I feel like if I had to do it at fourth time. I think I would prefer the christian approach for it's like just chill just enjoy the thing that you like. You have no idea what level of traction you might have eventually, because you have this bond eye thing, We all can admit, attractions all mental there's. Nothing objective allowed am and so there's no sane, what you would think as attract you can't say that something's, attractive or unattractive right out of the gates. I dont think you could have gotten that thing. If you didn't have those other five girls or those other things that have led up to that, that high school crush versus the thunderbolt verses. When you were single on having the wild time your life in your famous ginning girls and then leading to Christian that resolving dating
logistical and, as he has been, has to call I yes, that's your story so beautiful, but those twenty girls before that, where the step stone in a great way for you to maneuver your body. What you need- and we don't have that experience yet and we try and my spaghetti on the Wall thing is probably not healthy, but I'm hoping I sell out I clean legs. I think you guys are taking opposite approaches hundred regime, which is why this will be interesting. Total opposite approaches, yes, and neither getting the results you may be want correct, Yanks, happy yeah, and I'm wary to think that having relationship is the holy GRAIL. I am weary to say that we're whole knothole incomplete as people, because we are, the only single people in our group bad lies they why that doesn't even applied either of you. It's not like either view
sitting at home in your bed rooms going. I meet somebody now my life's incomplete. As of now superficial busy. You don't even isn't, even like your maybe even daily or weekly, even aware of the fact that yours, go I'm on the APS more too much or I would call that is definitely something I would work on. I don't have time to be here, as is almost its own, that its own thing would definitely talk about delays, yeah, that's taking it's kind of all consuming for you talking of four or five different guys, which ones can be a date and going in second and third dates, and one guys on available, because he just came out a year ago. It is like We are a couple people. At the same time, I have been in the exact head space back when I was single and had Myspace I know so. I know what you're talking about and it is nearly all consuming.
For me, it was impossible to check my messages at the end of the night to see who responded fuck that I'm checking all day long sleeved someone sent me a pitcher, or I mean it's just on before me when it's on it. I'm all heard when you compare yourself to me a lot. I know you are lie because I'm that I'm his example of an attic, I'm the thing that makes them feel safe, that he's not an adequate in anyway. That's half of what origami sobers those run on a people that were worse than me right. I'm the person everyone's comparing them. That was it. I just. I feel you bond with me. In a way that we bonnet with twenty years ago over drugs, and so text and we're not those people anymore, and I still have some of that but would be. Can I ask you cuz that you defend this a lot and you protect us a lot and I'm just asking you what, if you were addicted to those apps in sex? What does that say about you? What do you think that says about you to say yeah, I'm addicted to those things I would have to
admit that my life was unmanageable and that I would have to seek help, and I dont feel that do you think that makes you something different like you, don't wanna be an adequate, but I'm an attic was so bad about me. I like it dull giant. That's the word I like to use the EU. That is why I will learn late away, aware yeah like or a worst case scenario, I'm I'm saying to you that I think you might be something. I am not ashamed of this. So I'm just curious what the water, the stakes that you were inadequate or not, I don't know we'll find out what our arguments have been in the past and what I get a little heated about. It's when you tell me to put ugly pictures of myself
on on tender instead of really hot created ones or die? Don't I now, when I saw you said, put a regular picture without that you said no one puts regular pictures. You said ugly, ok tells me you hear ugly and he said a real picture, not an ugly pitcher and I'm gonna say a point there that's too much more honest pictures, not you're. Sorry right well grown up pitcher. Yes, a hot pit are your high road, any of your room. Pictures are gonna. Be that no one saying that mutually exclusive, but when you put a pitcher from fifteen, years ago? Fifty ok, I did every three months ago I left the guy's house and is really we had sex, two weeks later I go running out again is like our I mean I might hook up like a three some? I don't think I want to do. I want one if you get a hawk I'll, join you guys, each update your pictures,
well is like it was the worst, best thing at it. Just went through my veins, because I've been plenty of dates lately in real dates were there I would like in not really match your little aggressive for me and I was like cool. I love that myself. I was, I think, I'm aggressive and I'm a lot and I ordered eighteen advertisers and I really fast and I'm just that's me an idea. It in bad- and I am a cool good luck with everything but when he said update your pictures, yeah triggered your dark, just awful and great, and I smile I go yeah prize should do that and then I blocked. Where It's a lot it's this is so layered on layered, so sometimes my trigger with you Dax is that it's it's a blanket statement. It's just you should do this, and I go other so much more underneath it like. You said where the river starts instead of wording It ends you know, and why
We're doing this and that's why this is so exciting and nerve racking for me, and I think it's gonna be really cool, but again it s your friend. If I saw that you were trying to regularly compete in the Gay Olympics as a sprint. Her, I would say to you. I don't understand why you're trying to compete with sprinter when you're a phenomenal basketball player. That's one three gold medals in the Olympics, which you have, but you're, just as one old man, I have one eight miles on a gale, and now there is nothing about. Their model is also ready gap diverting map I'm saying that there are a thousand guys in our maybe a hundred thousand guys and allay that have better bodies than you. Why on earth is that what you're gonna fuck income on ITALY, because you still because that's why, more people to these dates, and I do do well on these dates, because that's my thing,
to get them on the dates unique. Now, there's a guy those guy now now get those guys you do need to have those Here are some guys, my pictures or that bad and I've their current plans, so embarrassed plenty of guys. I'm going multiple data and plenty of guys, I'm having sex with multiple times with those pictures being fine. Just Europe. You're starting right day, you're missing by now the boy I know started dating airline, one thing and you get a buyer, that's in the market. For that thing, in that's fine, you're right. Those guys do want to fuck the version of you. That's got. The law was body percentage fat. There's no argument there. I totally agree with you, but, I would suggest that the person you're gonna end up growing old within a fuckin swinging chair. That's not what they're going to be in the market for they're gonna. Be me meaning
Kristen insane that personality and must be with that personality on a fuckin rocking chair, and so I am not expecting any. One of these guys than when I did, I think, is the least funny or vonder be around. Maybe their body is the best thing about them and those people should live in. Some people of shooting personalities and there are there not brighter funnier fun to be around, and maybe their body is the best thing about them and those people should live in the Jim and the nation so have brought us that yeah both ass to your your thing, you can you, by the way, I'm you can. In great shame on I'm telling you not to be in great shape or that not to be an aspect of you, but I definitely just think it'll always be the last most interesting thing about you. In the least, among many reasons at someone were honest when their life with you first at we're, trapped in, we want that We don't think we are as an and in theory I love those things. You're saying in a hundred percent would in a pervert
world wants that. You also in all fairness it just an experiment. You ve never tried where vacation were we on when you said, met heaviest point was it of all brok? If you took your worst pitcher from Vol Brook its next Monica were ripe. Stoop had pitcher. I know my huge stomach coming, and in a common said, suck it in Jes was one of my country. France, said who also felt variants here about their appearance in so what I'm saying is what we know for sure I could be dead wrong, you'd be dead right that be great. You ve never tried that experiment, you never lead with the war. His physical version of yourself, fall Brook and then we're gonna call. It fall Brook Fall Brook physique scene who wants to God to dinner with you and then when you, into their dinner there, like so many others goes so much thinner and realise that school is over delivering already in your life
Fuck. I got a lot allowed. You'd now cause he he'd when on a date with the fabric, I'm free to be me, Does anyone have that experiment? You ve never gonna dates with guys who want to go on a date with you. After seen, ballpark, we just don't know. So it's all. Radical and it's all narrow, denouncing challenge. I oh yeah, ok, so as they are really give each other challenges jests and at the end of each episode and then at the beginning of each up, so we will reconvene about those challenges and how they went and all of that and at the end of this episode, will start with Dax, giving us a challenge. Now I mean I'm inclined right off the cuff to say, because I think you guys have such opposite approaches. Switch bodies. Dwell basically like I'd like to see more go on two dates and the next week to life and I'd like you to only gone one day, and I would like
I like four set up. I would like for a year and a half or said I do. I would like for you just to make a list of what you want the guy to be, and it can include anything further ok, so I am in love, five or six guys in rotation right now, so this should be a new person, gotta go up with a new personalize. Only a monster oh man. Well, look d and savage talked about this. Not it is a secret that guy's can have sex a lot more rice rate, guys and dance averages take away which we loved was make the world safer. For women in the one I have sex is much because they want to you. There is a phrase of such aiming in the danger to them, so what we get to see with guys were both parties feel very safe right, an horny as Hell
so you can talk more and then there's there's apps and even I think I do think this is relevant before we get into how your date's go. I think people need a precursor to something Monica, and I were absolutely fascinated by and loved- is that some of the cultural norms in Grindr Dating is someone may come over and they may step into your house. So this is my truth: yeah the lead up his great there's a lot of sexting we're in a forty men span. So how long the and take you to get there, sometimes algae PS, how far they are away. Their driving over I'm getting ready made your duty, I'm doing a make sure my my right, I'm making sure that everything set up definitely cleaning up my room bit. I throw a lot of the seven cause it then I'm downstairs- then I'm downstairs pacing checking my breath, then I'm tech seem a little bit there pulling up. I just I get a lot of justice,
marked, then they pussy quivers a little bit further. Just here, yeah pick you for the just parked Huck. I meet them halfway through my courtyard, so I want to see a good lighting like I want to see a walk. See, if he's bringing it love, somebody why your backpack, like also get right Do you have a car their driving now? Nothing because I drove them, but I would do ya know so. Their walking up there that's telling their size. Up, I'm sizing them up. They get in the four yea still saying all sizing up. How are you doing good man. I was DR not too far awesome duenna a water now bottled water. Now, sometimes they want to water lot. At times there like now, I just had one I had one in the car or their holding one pages. Then wages flood start making out right then there's grabbing there's touch nothing I'm going down to cause I'll get Dick picks, often just pictured my parents,
it's me, I'm feeling for quality of life, I'm feeling to feed see if this I'll get a match up. I feel as I yeah all that making out making out little ground I like em down is like ear. You want to go upstairs and then other times yes other times, I'm not feeling it and he was, I get it men and they they quickly but their clothes back on their grabbed. The short nice meeting you very jovial nice very like this. Happen. A million times were used to this, and that has happened to me right round the flip side again and is not down to put too fine a point on it, but is generally like you say I don't think it's a match its pretty immediately after you ve seen their penis right you don't I say yes, but yes, young, and so what I find amazing and so different from my experience. Hooking up with women is, if I were to ever,
looks at a woman's vagina and then a me stand up and go we're not a match. I have to assume that woman would start crying and it would be a very emotional ride for then I got you hours were little you'd, be it you'd. Moreover, is again and just that right there tells me this is fascinating as an anthropologist. This is a completely different courting cultures, again, not we're not saying all gay guys do this, but in your either culture you're emerged in is dramatically different than the one. I was, and I find that fascinating. I love it if your judgment of it is completely different and I think it's very interesting that geyser, like you're cool, I get it. What I think I like and what I do like about it is that for me I don't think about it afterwards. If these people were leaving- and I was like I shouldn't have done that. I feel bad about myself.
Was, I mean to him. I have none of that either. That makes me sociopath or it's just transactional. No, I think I can really do think it is transactional and I've never ever had a real bad experience as far as you know, violence or, scary or robberies, which is what most people would think about. You have so many people coming how's your actual how's yeah. That's liability. What I do. I think that the truth is in. You know what the responses of they just go like no problem, dude, that's great! No, it can Take that that. Well, I I think, that's the truth. Now yeah, it's that it's the culture that's been set up. You guys both to know what your address you, both to know that there is a chance at this. Isn't gonna continue pass the water. You know you but No girl is ever entering a scenario where they think that might happen, and so
then that's horrible to do to somebody if they dont know what they're getting themselves into, but I do know that tender for women has been used as more of a sex site for straight guileless gap that girls are doing these hookups granted that they might want a cocktail before, but they are, they know what they're informed, but there now expecting to get rejects erase on their body part, regardless of the other that are a we do agree. Male and females are way more similar than different, and that's when exaggerated, how different they are. You just think also this is in whether that societal and how we raise boys, but there that's a male female difference. I, yes, I dont think lesbians and gay things like if lesbians meet the following. One of em looks at each others, but China says we're not match. I think that still gonna be of big issue. Yes, yeah, yeah yeah pretty heartbreaking issue. I had a guy like
Keyser so say six cents. I saw that all these pictures of all his pig there's a sunglasses on and he got my house at night with sunglasses on and then he went up. We are to my room in the sunglasses run and unlike oh no glass eye, it was end Bligh. Now you would at a stick. It was He can't hear arrival. I condemning such horrible but yeah like a disfigured ogre. I an ace metrical, I'm ok. Now how did the glasses come off? I asked him, you ask any slowed and he showed you and indeed yes, Ache, like all port of no put about condom on, I got further and then I could in and I just say I've I've done pretty aren't stopped. You have stopped when I stop. Sometimes I go away to further than I ever should have when I was no yeah, like maybe my instincts or kick let your train,
but the lights ray you're drain it'll take over. I feel bad because I'm like jazz, you should have just done. But I must therefore say that to a string with all my god it be like if you didn't want to or even a guy probably billing do that you're better than that you ve never, said you're better than that. Just well. You didn't want to sit down. I did it. I like had this correspondence with a gale over the internet and she had sent me a lot of pitchers India. Is she, and I was attracted, do what I saw and then she came over to a hotel room. I was out and I opened the door and I was like ok, oh boy furry other pictures, or at least fifty years old, but damn still her. It was hers out a catholic it fuck man, you know. Maybe I didn't even really consider that
those weren't even her at all right, but it was much much different upon arrival than it looked in the catalogue, and I was like tough shit buddy, you got yourself. From this position in you're gonna have to live with this woman, because that's what you promised her and I did it, and I was like God. This is what a lot of women feel like. Sometimes like I'm just going through this in I faked like I came, and then that was that in it was dark, he wondered what a hang over I was like. This is dark when either that or I think I have for some reason and sorry. I have no sympathy of crude oil and I do have sympathy for joy, ass in these situations, and I think the difference is, I think, there's this idea, and maybe it's not true act has probably not sure but there's this idea that like this is the only way gay guys can like meet each other is through this, so it feels like well
guess, he has to do that where I don't feel like that with you I feel I didn't know you are horny and you wanted to have sex and you got to so good for you and look. She didn't look like she s herself but use pretended to overturn you, but you know like and for some reason in horror is, I don't think I dont think at any point, do I think I deserve sympathy over the whole thing. I'm just saying I found myself in a position either we will find themselves in an eye. It wasn't within me to go all I dont think I'd like to any right right, re I'd rather do this thing. I did not want to do it yet. It is also interesting as I will combat traumatic for a girl absolutely and I don't think it's traumatic free I know from attic for you it wasn't. You will ensure manic enough for me that I was the next day. Like you know, of course you got in that situation. That's the right
judge of your behavior like this- is how I know the behaviour is because I have wreckage. I'm going out me seven, a situation that you know wouldn't of new otherwise happen. If I wasn't acting kind of adequacy right is only going back to my hotel people. I've had a three hour conversation without a bar, I'm not shocked when we get into the room all of a sudden ok, so our challenge is for me to know. Eighty three days in one week that is allowed, The reason I felt safe. Seen too is I feel, like I've already fielded like five people who are trying to set you up a certain people like it. There is kind of a stable of people that people are trying to set you up with her
Isn't there will you went on one date? Should I go on that same, I allowed to go on a second. There have to be you gonna second day can shall have to initiate this cause. It's she has a weak, Debbie Thou, be really interesting views at the data I'll have to set the date. I have no choice lighting as exciting lobby was laughing and I wonder what bothers me: topics on the table laughing about our aid Ok, so you have to go on to dates. In seven in his dreams, because exactly been on how many in your whole life may be too dominant, Have you been on your whole life, like five? Probably my thought, five flacon so feel it's amazing stomachs. I love you so we suggest, as it can only go around. This is allowed to talk to other all these other people. Now I think you should dig. Oh we got off and I think in the day
leading up to take a lead in this day, and you should make a list of what you want and somebody I can have anything physical, so you Tell us all these people, you haven't rotation they here am I a movie. I have comedy exempting pills for seventies, cool cool cool, this. We, like, I said yeah, stroll sure I've been there. There were I'm doing. Ok, let's do it. I got it from you. You just he could down the road he like. Oh, I get fucked, you have a sick father, you could you say a guy, you spend time with my dad and you couldn't take it all down the road just one week. All your hey where's was video Jessica. The next Tuesday I dont know whose is harder, because yours, unchecked petrified of yours in your narrative in your land. I am, I think, mind, might be impossible I'd like that about mine. I know really is nothing physical. So your list, It's gonna be because I don't make someone are productive,
whatever your list is. I don't owe Ulysses minors, fannys number one or smart funny, smart, silly, sure, silly, Cathy one, do you want to tell the time that we made out, or did you tell that already observed, set it on here, our measure, but yeah. I mean in a nutshell, just our first meeting at the groundlings you saying what a good basketball player he was, and I said why I'm definitely a better one on one basketball player than you and you go, there's not a chance. I would destroy you and I'm like. I would definitely be you at one on one and you said all right, let's make a wager we'll play one on one to eleven and if you win I'll, give you a hundred dollars in Iraq, yeah you're, very broken, and if I rain on a poor, poor girl. I knew exactly where does zero and then, if I win if to make out with me with tongue- Ah I originally time period like a minute or two men. It was nine seconds or ten seconds is a long time. Ok-
and we were in backstage at the growing so there's plenty of people that slut there's a lot of witnesses menu, said fuck yeah shook my head and almost heard it in our k and I, as I walked away, it was revealed smile like the Joker like he doesn't even know what is in it, and I and I didn't magenta did so we get to the outdoor court. You destroy, Lloyd me, I'm a lawyer and I want to say it was like eleven to to There then you're said you got mad. Ok Russia, three and in Europe S other equally play the second game, eleven two five and then I don't even think about high but think yeah and then another eleven. The two. So three game to eleven crime, then we made out yeah there was some one else there Caitlin was then the accurate lose their so was safe for him rivalry of each yeah. It would have felt different form. I think that if we are in your bedroom together, I would not like to refer to my what
What is the reason why you wanna tell people about when we basically made out when you swallowed my movie oh yeah yeah. What did we do mother on the other show. But yes, we are driving to the podcast gas and I was in the morning and I needed a sip of something I saw you at a period in your cup holders who now, sir, I went and I just started chugging in you panicked. It don't drink that in my first thought, was others alcohol in it she's protecting me from relapsing. But Monica drink? You know in the morning early morning imperative that we argued about this Sweden for quite a while ass, he did. I had Cyril judgment of that. As I o I mean she's on time. Everyday she's sharp as hell, there's no wreckage. You're fuckin unmanageable happy about this. They were either because he said I'd be like
Ok, that's ok, she clearly or should together- and I was I know- no. No. If you taste alcohol, that I put into a small, tiny Perrier that I'm doing. King in the morning in secret. I want you to be concerned about that. Got well. Look I think. Ninety nine times out of a hundred there is definitely a red flag with the person has a big problem. Yet now I have spent nearly every day with you over the last six years, and I can see you don't many wreckage or on ability in your life. So I would have to say this is interesting This is like Seth Rogan who smokes we'd all day, but as productive and a great husband. What who am I to say that that is inherently wrong if there are down stream problems as a result of your your Perrier with vodka in it, then I'm going to be very concerned about you and want to talk to you about anyways. Is you know, Jess it's cuz. She had Luke.
Very several times- and I just drank hearse her spare- that's why she panted no idea and all So it goes on to say what I guess my fantasy of you. Is it because you login, and that can the way I do like a fuckin hillbilly was completely off the table. Drinking was far more. The day why you drive around like I was sick. I know we say, but I just that was that was outside of the Roma possibility. I numbers you mean, like you more because I wish you cleared your throat like an ox like I'd you only time and had flemish use, Don't you in the morning I'd like to hear you clear out that carbon some two mainly in our lives growth. We love girls thing is I loved? My do. Add lying we're gonna talk about your do that on here. That's a cliffhanger, further agree that deserves of three episode arc, because it was a three month long or die
you guys say so many nice things about all of your friends and from one of the outsiders at listen to all the time of US friends want to say how much we love you and that we, we think the same things about you. We love, smiling and hearing you guys talk about all of this because we feel like we're in the living and I love us and say that to maintain or Monica loves, boys just loves boys and I love both of them. Selves. They soon for the exciting results of this challenge. It so funny cause, I think, for most people listening its proposed that either sounds hard. Emilius mass you're gonna go with them on Tuesday and then Saturday big deal in you. Really, just one data weak, that's going to be achieved,
honestly that I would have to cancel tonight. Like I was happy hour, I was having a guy. I can't have sex either right take the time you were going to be fucking to make you a list of things of what you want in a partner got it. A loving I live here.
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