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Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) is an American musician and the kindest rock star Dax has ever known. In this episode of Armchair Expert, Pete sits down with Dax to examine his journey as a young musician, he explains how his son pulled him out of a depression and he tells the story of how James Gandolfini accidentally promoted his new bar. Dax talks about hitting his rock bottom in Hawaii and Pete reveals his connection to Muhammad Ali. They explore what it’s like to be a normal person turned role model, the inevitable infantilization that accompanies fame, how to balance artistic integrity and supplying a product, and Dax struggles to uncover Fall Out Boy’s vice.

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Hello, welcome to armchair expert. I am your host Dax Shepard today, I'm going to speak with PETE Wentz, who is the bass player for fall out boy, very popular band, a loved, and I know PETE socially through our mutual friend Ryan Hansen. I probably hung out with him at their house a couple dozen times and I he's Benda, our house he's a very, very nice guy he's got a couple kids in that makes Emma ideal double date scenario for us- and I didn't know much about him and I and I read a lot about him before the night. I interviewed him and I was excited to find out that he, like myself, has had some emotional trials up and down, and I had a lovely time talking to him and I hope you'll have a lovely time. Listening to us he's or less light
in your kind of like just Werner vetoes really popular in Germany yet and that's where they sound or playing at a Strip club their ran. They started to Hamburg and got like someone got, kicked out a thing from weed, and ah you can do a beetles tore him. I want to talk about. learning Rob Rahway on PETE, whence welcome to the armchair expert packets, hello. You really Grammy in Europe You mean to raw mourning for airline. Yes, I thank you for that. Of course, and it was really fun about this is I know you socially yes, which is a great way to just we're friends with Ryan Hansen and Amy Hansen, probably the most one cup, one LOS Angeles. Definitely in you, This were at their house one time, and I was like all that guy's, a rock star in
but you are so humble you're, like the most shockingly humble rock star, that it's easy to forget that you are one which is, I think, a compliment to you, man. I think that. because it's like a thing we're like. I want to know how you think about it, but I, like think of myself, the fourteen year old in the programme may, like I don T, think of myself. You know like yes, it's hard, own like I always always jealous. When I used to work mark an idle did you ever watch analyses and studies. So there's a man in every season of american idol where it gets under the final for whatever and they may go home to their small town and they take up a ride in a convertible there's, a raid in their waving in their crimes, in their like experiencing the adaptation and I've always watch that was such great envy. Thinking like I've. Never had that moment where I was like, I made it totally. Yes, it's happened,
totally you norms aim, but they a really seem to be able to experience that can you- the stomach that like can you can you connect your own identity to that level of success, one of the things being in a band that people sometimes do is like you go. To tell poor wherever they play. Your song makes me want to throw out clear anything. You like more, it's like yeah, because then I'm like the people think I put it. I don't know it all. It is a very confusing experience believing I can compare that his eyes a few different times. I've been flying like internationally and I'll be walking back and forth to the bathroom. I you know I did a? U S so too, or were we flew to Qatar or Kuwait whatever it was and on the plane they had a couple movies just by chance that I was in and on the walk back and forth Adam. I noticed like six different people.
Two movies thousand, and it was this all very confusing I kept going like all this was be exciting for them. I tried to think about all that would be cool. I would like it if I was watching a moving. I looked up and towing anchorages jumped up. Moreover, whatever was now go into. This shit are totally, but it it is all very confusing to, and then I'm like almond egomaniac. No one cares that you're on this point. You know, I always think of it in terms of like. What's the experience but he would want front like how did they view you? What would the experience be that they would want? Yes, I mean that's a very generous way to look at me. Like I remember I was in. I was at the Dennis Office right now in the elevator, and I don't know him at all, but like Jack Black was behind me, I'm getting out of the elevator. He just as is weird like look where it was like Look to you, but I got no one's gonna like you're Tellin tell anyone is starting to work like inasmuch as the perfect all I needed Romagna like it s getting
That's enough tsars stern talks about that alot, where, if your, whatever mildly famous and then you run someone else's famous there is- is awkward more we're here like y know who you are and then your kind of looking to see if they are really they know you. I would be thrilled the offer Jack black to give me a little yeah and it was like the perfect, like I'm really like a real weird face to you. When I really like we didn't talk at all, is grey ass. He gave you basically the experience you want yet from him. Yet I was so it was nice. Don't you think people just why an experience? They don't really care what it is. They just want to walk away with saying: oh, they did some person did this or they did that or they want a story there. Some,
I think you want a particular except me. You want to particular experience from like, like the rock you want, the like, you know like their service when they should be able to rely on Meda want to catch him on the day that he's deprives year or like off duty or some like that, like the off duty, you don't want to hear you. I think some people would be like. I met the rock and he was nothing like comes off like people want that to which is bad. I try. I totally agree with Monica. I think I think, ultimately you some party or bring knows I'm gonna, be repeating the story like the first famous person I ever saw was. Galen? Oh, he was at the corner of the sunset and that tower, and I was on vacation with, like my bodies from Detroit, and we pulled up to the light. let me first say, like others, a cyclone with Corvette wheels, who should have that word your hands and then its J Leno, so are telling him like rolled on a win win rattle ignoring them, and God bless him. He rolled on the window and he just left, presently and we're like only
love yours, cyclone, where the who the vet wheels and the many continuously stoked yak as it was a car talking that red agenda and then he's like many Florida and took off really fast and it was very, very exciting, but at any rate I do think when someone meet someone like that, They immediately go like one gonna, be repeating this to somebody right. So I have to have a conclusion. I can't just go like oh, I saw peat in an alligator and then people like and always a lousy shorter than youth already taller Toto. Was he a daisy lick? Yes, yes with Dick, or was he not a dick yeah in there's a lot of pressure on that person? As you come to a pretty severe conclusion about you and my return in it? So my first experience with a famous person, I think was we'd come out here we were living at the oak woods, homage outlets for our union and already awkward tsar, there's a great documentary netflix about it, and it's where every child actor comes during pilot season. some positive results.
the stage like all market, so we were We were out here. We go to me and hydrogen, who sings of all by we went to a show a scar show at the time and read the shell and we don't know we didn't know like the etiquette of, because there's like an etiquette, you see reason are aware, and so we see gold bird from the mighty dogs, who is the bigger guy the big guy and mighty ducks from a mighty good guy and we're going to gods, copper, You know you can hear us, but we don't know that. That's like not really do so we're saying we're pointing out I'm like wait, you close, he knows it all and I was not here is not responding like you know he clearly hearing over and over again some clues like year him go had not year and he's not do in any of it and then on the way out. You walked by us in his like quack quack fuck. You
oh yeah. You know that this is the greatest. Nor any gives you a conclusion and his greatest. You know yes, so my personal experience with this, where it occurred to me that that is what's happening is I was in LAS Vegas and I was a gambling one. I hope I can remember the every little step this way I was, I was gambling one night and then I was my cousin was gonna meet me. So it's a casino? So I tell him like: oh there's a nightclub. Their light want you meet me by the lying that'll be easy to find I'm there and I'm also, incidentally, wearing flip flops whatever's like summer and in Vegas in so I meet up with my cousin and then that's that the next night, I'm sitting at her like a black jack table in this girl likes me, goes like Oh, my god, I heard what happened to you last night and I go oh what happened? She goes they threw out a light because you are wearing flip flops. And I hope
No, no! I didn't go into light last night and she goes no. My friends saw you like your kicked out of white for wearing lit up, and then I started like really I do like armchair analyzes like what what why is that the story, and then I think hears what happened. I think the cousin said. Oh my god, I saw deck shepherd in line at light and then she went and cause I'm not. I'm crews, it's done enough to just say you spotted me like you, There might be more to this story. That is, you saw deck shepherd in life and then I think she's improving right. He was wearing footsteps, which was true and ass. He was
doubt cousin. You know right, and I imagine there's a lot of stories like that floating around about a lot of people year in lots of stuff like if you were walking by a place. Maybe we're kicked out of it or humanitarian aid if you don't like the holding it altogether like, nor did it all together and from your perspective. Unlike what do I want this like? What is the story? I want to walk away with from raising one. Was that super crazy? It's a little it's a little bit, but we had this. Bar that we so in like two thousand five hundred and six I would go to like bar New York with my friends who were not in a ban or whatever, and they wouldn't let they let like three of them. but they wouldn't let like all yes, always like well, let's just opener bar, because then we can all get at whatever we openness. It was just like diaper, so we openly in our city you I couldn't get a drink. I got kicked out of the bar my own bargain, but on the whole night, and we will I kind of like, We were nothing that we didn't have like it wasn't like. There was like a red carpet like
celebrities came out here. You know I was just whatever, but in the opening night of id James Gang of Feed, when all the my next door or like something and was caught like you know that You know I am gone, and so we they didn't reach will explain. That was what you didn't we're like. You know you might get kicked out of life for the flip last we don't know we lines, aromas, I've. A couple different occasions had drivers that had driven gamble for me to work right and then I think he part pretty good, ok, yeah, I hope that your party man you, but he probably doesn't know that he didn't go to exert on or at the time, but you grew up Your younger than me, which is a bummer for me, how much the yeah yeah four and a half years
told you you were you were born in nineteen, seventy nine! You are a summer baby and you are brought home to a Chicago suburb. Yes, that's accurate, yes, because here's a fun thing about being friends with you, and just again knowing you is as a human being and not knowing you as a rockstar. Is that I I I read a lot about you, and now I know a bunch about you and it is there. your dynamic as we're just friends, new enterprise, slowly told me a lot of things, but I can't I'm all ass totally yet, but your parents, if any of this, is correct, your mother was an admissions counselor, my father was a lawyer in they met campaigning for binding for his senatorial Korea. Yes, so just right there on paper that too me, would you agree. Monica sounds like the dream, in parents. They lighted, liberal, the educated, their professional. Do. Is it there hacked in Poland?
yeah, I was it like growin up with Doktor Huxtable was hers. I quite as perfect business pretend you know yet again, Hugson among men who are afraid Huxtable. I think that its front exotic talked more friends about it is like so we would like this so kind of like liberal family in a knot, super liberal. Why it was our wealthy kindness of yeah Caspian whatever and we weren't, and so oh. It was weird because my parent look, I didn't get. I wouldn't let a watch tv, a din, eats sweet Syria like my parents would like we would have to go to like the ethiopian restaurant, wherever which now, in retrospect it's getting piano lessons like thirty years later, you're like is dope. I can only hope here for my friends, but when you're like a little kid you like this there are twenty Mcdonald and absolute. So we were like weird you I mean
robbing Caitlin right? Yes, so Rob Millennium Caitlin, Olsen, unknown Caitlin forever in her mother was. Was super grown Ali. He had never had real peanut butter that our mother hadn't fuckin ground up. You know in the kitchen sink and it does it can create like a fetish. You can set aside all this trash yeah. If you dont want with the total we gonna backfires, you I mean when I left my parents house, I watched tv from me. Maybe like my job, I made this I just didn't have like. I was like tied up in it. Like the thing you said a kind of backfired because it was like. I had this idea of like it, like this land that I haven't really unit Howard on sugar, total formulae tv I similarly did something which is because we were poor and we live too far away from Detroit to be getting a good signal and we can't afford cable. So I watch very little. To go to friends, also watchdogs, a hazard and in same thing I got move to Santa Barbara and I stole cable from my neighbour nets? Virtually what I
for one year, is the subtle assume twelve hours tv today, yeah so also Europe? I don't really understand this explanation, but I want to say that it's. Your mother is addressed I am repeating Yak Afro Jamaican yeah that I would say that yes sure so. My mom, mother's side, your group your mother was yet Jim to he's, but his parents were Jamaican Colin Powell, my second cousin, really yeah yeah we'll be in even your. Grandfathers, very historic too, because he had some political. Thank you, was an ambassador, Sierra Leone, yeah yeah, that's pretty wild yeah! Pretty crazy! Did your mother go to Sierra Leone while he was in a mass, so my mom would like was a kind of an army brats. She kind of grew up everywhere, except he was an officer so whatever, but she grew up in ITALY and I don't have a choice,
Sierra Leone, but there's like this picture, I was just on my grandpa's house requirement. Anders is a picture of him on a plane. With Mohammed Ali. Oh, I am, and I was aware what is this in this a couple of guys and music does when, like I think, was who was but like was sending them around all african countries and be unlike use, I think it was that you should participate in the Olympic like them. It was to do with communism like I was like they were also languor yeah. They were on some like as a desert. Crazy picture somewhat on the Mahabharata least story was that when he would pay for anything- and this is likely to think about this in the context of we m m atm, like like Electra stuff was what it was, but that he would go when you went to the grocery store. If you like, spent two hours of the grocery would write a check because but he can't nobody cash Geneva checks ogling
the signature. Who is really super smart, rare, I work anything. I would a hundred percent do that right is ever smaller everything under like a hundred dollars. You think so and adapt sell, em something new or you think, we should? Certainly you can do that can't you know. I don't do it anymore, though, because I think checks don't like kit leg. It didn't work can we be the electronic banking or somethin right or no? I think, for many reasons, pray that might only be. I think people have phones now and then far brother of a photograph of the earth- and I were eager canceled check or voided check dreaming totally you just wilds may be like if I could hang out with actual rose outcome, Station over em over a photo any data- we yes, I've kind lamented about that is well probably which makes recycling brat, but it is. It is true. You you get this
while it's happening, like others, really doesn't have anything to do with me. They may or may not, even like me, if myself deems low, I'm definitely thinking that at the time- and I got all they just want something for their facebook, right and I'm offering to chat with them. You now time that they're not so interested in that, but you know whatever for us yank, that's everywhere! Now people just one pictures they want to capture every mode we'll ATLAS of rightly so. They want their own cultural capital. They want to contradict. You know they want some, that's gonna get everyone's ran and everyone has a brass, and how can I be critical that I wanted son of attention so that it would never played? I do tend to hate in others what I hate about myself. So I am critical but you ok, so you grow up in a pretty a fluent in what can a lawyer that he is a court. He was a corporate nurseries not go in and, like you know, standing up out Alonzo like unbuttoning or botany, and when I read, I really like so he when I was little in the eighties, he was a corporate lawyer.
Clean Curtis, which is lagging mergers, are doing intellectual property. I think it was a lot of like we can and say that this was I tested on animals. It was a lot of like, like but how it was our word it like that kind of stuff, but he basically it enters exists. kind of his influence, how I've parent a little better Sunday but like he was just now around, like literally wasn't around, that he was just working overtime and it took me until I was like thirty on his work, and I could like you're right. It's hardly like a generalised that as a kid now, because you, yes and by the way, it's not as valuables your time with your dad whatever those things worry, you guys had told it probably isn't ultimately, but yet I have a good friend who went to Harvard LAW and she came out here and she was practicing and then she had two kids and she said like either need to quit. I need to go to part time and her firm. Luckily, for her said, I will make you part time and for her part time
forty five hours a week? That's that's literally what part time and the lawyers world, it's probably from every front. I've ever had whose mental or it might be the worse Javelin Planet Rudy, crazy. You know our religious insane, you like the most hated purse, but so much and went from that too. and then he worked with a group that abolished the death DE in Illinois Oriel after that in the nineties and then after that he was dear Lord Northwestern, ah oh no kin, and now he teaches law some and then I'm again as one of those like, I have a couple friends that, like he has a job that I dont like really like. Our traditional we want. I don't really understand myself sure like I'm like, like advises liking hook up. You will like. I don't know how come you're so he's gonna like a consultant, yet in any any anyone who has a java consultants that the area. They are not real hard delight like you do you,
One of why and how do you monetize it like? If I give you a little bit of advice, yeah? What's that work yet how much? Why does she have to feign like it's working hours? To think of this advice, I mean I have no idea, but he was tell me, but so he advisers and now we'll with mergers, though he did. He work was one of many layers that did the United Continental merger. When it was, happening he didn't like use like I'm going to do stuff. You know you can't see anything. Yeah at all- and I make you could just put me something he was like you- we would get, it would be just slow. You potentially could do some really great insight or try yeah, and he was like date. Like there is an immediate circle would like, if you do any like any of these people, do anything I'm not in that circle, I don't like with it I'm three degrees of separation from, but then he'll like now, but then he'll tell me like use working with a snack company.
Had had a factory line worker who was pain in the snow. All death able didn't find out about until two years later snacks were out there. You know- and I know that I am critical of corporations, as most lived cards are, but I will say this, I often and feeling terrible for corporations that they ultimately our risk possible for the actions of some not job employ. They have let you can. regularly reading about it. Even the airlines right so however: the on the ground flight attendants handling. This debacle, that's now online- is that the company- it's like this pretty, and it's there was once really so. I am a little sympathetic to give all these people working for. You can't really control all these people. I wonder, can you are not because I wonder about like like like Disneyland, you don't
here about lads who had a good point. How I see the lawyer in your blood out here, it's beautiful, but with the growing up in this neighborhood I would say on the surface, it's like you're, you're sure you guys are financially right in the thick of it. It you're not feeling pour your mother's half lack. Our view is that a source of any kind of in that name, What is that then no big deal and nineteen eighty or is it a big deal? I think that its. I think that it is this. I think that it's no big deal in the way that, like there's, not issues with crosses on the lawn like anything, but I and I'd this is like I don't really know, is that I don't feel like. I fear, many what the guy and fit in the neighborhood you I mean the like people didn't actively make me feel
get in fitting. I just would like by don't look like any of you. I just don't feel like I didn't. You know I'm right right which, by the way, I'm it's too blonde and blue eyed- and I felt like I don't- belong anywhere. So it's like, of course, you're insane like. I have always remind myself of that when these topics of white privilege or anything else comes early, it's I get it because I felt like an outcast. I think it's like a very human condition. If you like, an outcast, even when Europe a Bulls eye of what should be fitting totally, It was written in way more than other kids were. Certainly, I was Certainly, you were I'm sure you, but it's like also like where you are in your own head, like it's. Just like a dozen yeah like that you're the prisoner of that. No matter what you know it wasn't like to me was not so much even like Paypal is never felt like any that stuff. It's just like being like, like a what kind of his we abusers like what is don't really like it, or not
and you know like, and I think that by high funpunk rock was like a bunch of people who, like we just don't really fit it anywhere. As we all do you like it. None of us look like each other whatever, unlike so like it was like dislike island of misfit. Who is gonna thing you that's what I try. I too was very submerged in me. Hard core seen in Detroit at an early nineties ends yet there, was this some weird I I get it all. I was like. Ok, I don't feel like. I look like better. That's working, so I'm gonna send a very clear fuck. You too, the whole system and I'm gonna have wiped out. By the way was unite unfortunate, relax, it's absolutely low price. My favorite here do Emma. Is you don't have to do a thing you hear me great yet was great, but yet I found like it was a way for me to get some power,
pack of going like we're fucked you I'm wearing size, forty pants and overalls, and I have dread likes on clearly telling you. I don't want to play your game. Tell him our part of it. But of course I did. I would love to have been homecoming king or something, but it wasn't my defence and then yeah. That group seem to beer. That scene seem to be popular. it would people who felt similarly it, but it will say an evolution seem to have happened in a round that time period probably started by like EMA, K and discord and all that where punk got kind of smart. Yes right yet so a lot of the kids were in the scene in the Detroit area were like going, you have em, mirror mathematicians Van members. Were you know our nation of Ulysses? These guys were dedicated to. You know, brilliance, and so that was also a cool moment, do also like being kind of em. Massage any was big and was thoughtful, yet our view being being involved are eating removed. My Krishna got big and, I go random, yea legos all it was all a thoughtful.
No no ah, but went away it was the big Chris, shelter, shelter, because he kicked there's a great Krishna core worked for anyone with all relay that guy from went away, wrote that's just crazy. Me, I'm parenthood, title sequence at you know we had to supply them with photos of ourselves in her youth, and I don't have a bunch of them, but in the title signals were parenthood. I mourn shelter, t shirt in like once a year I'll get a tweet from somebody. Why are you wearing a shelter azured, seldom shelter merged is really wild. Stunningly looks really relevant today. They like street, where knowledge, yes, it weirdly almost, is like pre that terrible line affliction year had a crazy, but its mass em cause. It's also very colorful. In turn, back my very favorite long, sleep, t, shirt of all time was a shelter white way oh yeah, totally media, I was actually works. Literally fell off my body as Laguna does either dead, that's Oh, I should not have to look into that. Maybe I could pick up some old germ cell to gear yeah,
that seem was really kind of fun it to be a part of it at the time, because I started going to shows with my brother was five years older than me and original having at my first show was twelve and we went to see exploited and that was fucking terrifying. Like I was going just approved my brother, I was a man. We were seeing dead, Kennedys and that the scene was still half NEO Nazi and people or combat boots was cruising the bottoms they step on your foot bubbled up, and then it became really beautiful peace. Here so I came in Chicago. I came like right or like any of my friends, so we had to like going to sneak downtown and go to fight a bull or whatever was, and we came like right when, because it was in Chicago is well. I was like NEO Nazis. were literally bead. Not of out of the scene people are like all year. They were like people, suppliers like never up, they were like beaten with. fears, yeah yeah like that little wooden, Sharps rights, Yazzi Remoter Riot and it was like in they were, you know, but
but after that it was. I was more thoughtful and it was the jurists. sick of it all when you are totally I don't know how that what their audiences like in Chicago in Detroit sick of it all, was right down the middle. It was either it was like half that new generation and then just half NEO nazis. That was the worst show ever saw where there's tons of fun totally like I said like, I think I came right at the end of it, wasn't going to like the guy go to took a brown stuff like that, but like yeah, they were like Rudy much gone item now I would have known you were being scared when you go to Agatho, shows when your little yes Member of the mafia, like what can I get in like what, like you know, and unlike wandering allowances and for a year in which the level of the march and I go in like is like a wall of death, would have like all stuff, you know and die, of this year and the fireside ball was great because it is this
of bowling Alley in Chicago and it had these pay phones. There were like about your ten feedback from the stage in the deal was you would climb up on the page now and then like had walk on the crowd. certain so stupid, but in such a weird like fire, lobby LAO yeah like that. We need this to like you, the crucible of youth kind of thing, you know and you could write, it was very young. Lord of the rings, you I'm sorry I'll order, the flies you, but you could ride on an experience like that for, like ten I don't want you show on a Friday night in you did crowd, walk or over the fog its call all week, the next week in school, like I don't care what Jack was doing, what our total, rushing out, they don't even know what's happening here- are totally totally amazing that's crazy like all these, like, powers and I like bought records based on my thanks lists and all this like expert, deep on all collected record year, all yeah yeah. I never that that never appeal.
gimme the collecting the knowing every member of every banned, all kind of stay. I now you start talking to someone, then I get insecurity was opposed irks. I don't really know who the first There was a guy or listeners yeah but, like I was just I was fully in It was like my coming age, or what I as whatever. When did you start playing music? I started playing NOS fifteen I played base because it had less rings. I don't like taking piano growing up. Could you read music? I could read music on a piano, but it's just different on a guitar or enemies. I mean I guess. Yeah like transcribing is there are different and then was our base where your emulating that you love no I feel like I got into it in the way that, like I got into it because upon rock, and there was like nobody who I was like. I like these, like local guys and then like. I did like guys like dogma, Kagan and stuff.
You know like or whatever like your growing up Did you ever neglected spectrum of is it you were listening, do yeah just punk, not as an a punk, but like my like the way I got into it was like the first music. I think but it was the first seedy about like those long boxes, was a sledge lives, seedy decade of aggression, I think and then he doesn't like metallic. And staff, and that was when you had the like order. Your it's from, like Blue gray, percent, like something like in a magazine where they would like have all these tiny sure it's new like looking at him. Well, you ever and it was they solo, take one one that Anonymous The industry is your point here. Yeah he's really that's about the only vinyl I have, as you have all that early all the early mattel down. I have loved your ass, I'm buying on at us in here. Yeah so like I was in him and I was into, but it was. we're so like the like Classic Rock, not at the time later on, I eyes eagerly listening to all your honor,
black Ziegler. What would you like to go? Do I love floods have one. Oh god, I love rolling stones, as a love, steely being like, I always looks deleting my parents low, steely Nan student like one of my arm with a call when you just have a blade I'd like a bootlegger there's, not I never listen. So it's like a weird they're gonna make money. Yet like if you haven't seen the godfathers- and you know I'm supposed to like know everything about alleged no nine still no still waiting for you now know, but not in a bad way like I just don't almost not anymore, jealous of yours. If you ve not seen breaking bad and you're gonna, get to stay out of your valet gonna, throw you will have seen gave a throne. Realities is experience at all. Yes and I feel like if you do ever open the door to steal it, and it will blow your mind. So does the media there were just incredible yeah musicians and so, weird, every Sunday, so different and they were very like tongue in cheek and what our hooker please try to get on with it
but let's stop this ring a little comfort Etienne billions in him. What do you think what you you play soccer too? As a kid I did so you are good at it. I was pretty good. that's what I feel the most competent in my life about at the time for sure, was plain soccer and open club teams, and I in in so you you must have felt included. that's right. You are on a team, so yeah. like I was so I was a kid soccer team that had like blue hair. Who- and I would like to congratulate like I was kind of I wasn't like popular popular. I was like friends with everybody? But I kind of think like in a weird where ghost, because, like all my friends were like these contracts, that winter, like other schools and south right, but it wasn't like antagonistic- you know me are like there's nothing if you like, you could look beat about my life and think it was like this. We would like and haggard legged. I think all the things that happened in all the votes were beneficial for who I became
yeah, like play soccer aloud, and it's like it's it's the thing I swear I'll its exorcism messed up kind of I I won't do it now because, No, I can't do it, he as well, so it's like I just don't even want to do it a little bit me an escape or yeah, Michael, you know, I'd be cry year. I tried yeah, and you know that, don't you just want to eco labelling have no interest in what it my kids rent I would do it. I haven't plates and second grade. So maybe You should get up, it's a lot about that. I won't quit globally, but even doktor is a little bit of a like fringe spore in a weird way: Ryan. That's where you would find dude that were super athletic, but they weren't Jackson. the Traditional yeah like a little more thoughtful. My school was weird because
about him was not very good, so logical, gravitated towards soccer already link yeah, and it's like interesting because of the neighborhood that we were in. Let your club team play the team that Walter Payton son was on it. So it was like all this life we will Walter Payton be at the game. I mean I kind of like kind of sweet when you started playing the base- and you thought: ok, I'm gonna. Do this I'm gonna be in a band. Did you at that time have like fantasies of stardom No because the stages that we were playing on were like literally like three inches here, whatever inlets times on the floor in a writer, and we had All these. It was like so ridiculous. We had this band So I had bans that I was in there all like had these like see of hay I got a bad Harker Ban names end and then we had this and one called falling with breakfast in the deal with that
and was the ban was so bad so because rude go and the always shows in the suburbs were like garages, and you know, like knights, of Columbus halls whenever and we would go and the deal with full english breakfast would go to the guy who's, throwing the shown black. Here we got this ban, we just jump on the shore. Oh or whatever, and rapid anyway, if indeed there was yet a planet, you didn't know how to play and we played until we get kicked off Show you play the instrument you gonna do, the challenge to each other. This is a challenge to the now it was a little bit about what who's a comedian that Africa yet a little hand he got out because I like it, just keeps going and someone has to pull the plug because the plausible knock it before and an after what everyone knew that was brothers did then we change the name. The human head do the same. It was like interesting. like whose spearheading accepting that the Lahti confidence yeah doubt would b. I would say that was not me. Those my buddy Isaac did that it was Isaac, a Fuckin party
he always like new that, like it was always that stuff, it was always. He always like knew all the likely always our contract punk raw yeah point. The allurements are ya: yet with super form, its art, but in the way that lie in every physical, never governor. No one ever got physical and never like it. Even the senator, because there was no. There was like twelve kids. You hear me, let me just like you like her. This is proof of this is a clear fuck you. But everyone here, I think so, so you weren't, really, you didn't, have fantasies of grandeur during that period. you just doing as you thought it would be fun I throw before on the internet. was not a thing right. Really. You like there was like email lists maybe or something them the most famous. Core ban was like now now hold. household name you earlier my cousin was. I lived with my cousin in his ban, which was current. Did you ever hear of current thirdly, try again and they were Ottawa than they were Gregor,
They were the rolling stones in Detroit. like, I, was certain they were fails worldwide, totally yeah, you could you I M bans for five years before your in armour. Angela, yes are. However, I say the scandalous, endless yeah. It was actually like. and are you getting good at base? I dont being so. I think I'm fine, I'm fine, ok, good, like not you keep time, yeah, fine uniformity and lessons or unlike it, wouldn't really about. That is the Spirit yes Norma, giving up there before. Right totally in India, you write. When do you start writing lyrics? not at all our man, man's wife, I was maybe do them in some of the bans but like not until Army Angeles again, because when I think maybe I went to a place of maybe isn't the case is a lot of the deeds. I knew who were really good musicians and high school, vague
He sat in a room for hours and may play back guitar tone. I dont know that people recognize what a lonely endeavoured is and how much it caters to people that probably have some depression like it's a great place to go, hiding it lost totally right. I don't it's a pretty common add through these kids who get grated instrument totally and all in all. I know a lot of stories about people with Qatar that are like immobile an injury immobilize because they take care of their parent, or would it like there's a reason that they're, like stationary arrive hours and they just how like yeah repetitive, but it also takes a certain like. Why would I am just again I'm guessing, but its relief in some way soviet year, you're you're not participating in a whole lot of stuff to put that much time into, because I would play the drums. I play the drums,
but accurately forty minutes, I would think like a fuck, I wanna go to get some coffee when my body Aaron, you know like I want to get out and tongue shit. I didn't I didn't. I wasn't yet dark enough. Do really be my room that long writing No people who ve gun, like like a thing John Mayer, may have done like super guitar by a kind of hanging out in his room and you and I don't, who have- and I also know people were kind of like I did that. Unlike now, I do some now you know when I you know who like this love it but like they didn't, become a guitarists because of it right, but it is trusting because there's a lot it a lot at times that the attributes that lead to these gifts be guitar or any kind of virtuoso musically or even actors right. It's really weird because the thing they did to get famous per se has not prepared them at all for being famous, because it was really an introvert pursue totally and, I think, even to some degree, a lotta actors, I'd think Jim Carry spent hours,
and for that mere just like you would, with a guitar totally and now all of a sudden, the result of that is like this super extroverted pursue and you are not equipped totally and I notice is alot of metal the factors that have become really successful and you you immediately through success occupied this kind of alpha role like like you're, the popular guy in high school, but so often these people warrant the popular guy in high school rights on there Oh, I reckon is why so many artists end up feeling fraudulent or that they be occupied this space that they just more trained to do they weren't they. Getting tonnes ass in high school another getting all these girlfriends, but within their insect Are these relationships cause? That's not what they did in it, just all kind of confusing total,
and there's not a nobody like hands. You a handbook label here like this is the way to. Nor is any one even being honest about the fact that, like a wildest on, I occupied the space that I'm not super comfortable and touches it kind of breaks. The illusion totally. Don't do that. I mean, I think, that one of the benefits for us at least or like Europe as a and has been like, is never really been an easy because we're like pop and rock like it- doesn't really work in any of em and every song that, like has ever been successful. Far for us along the way someone's like this is not going to work. You know like so it's been so there's never been a like this, like there's, never been a like shore thing that's been helpful because you constantly, still feel like you're on the outside. You know me I and an end to the good that makes me think of a question here, which is why are you trying to make music that you thought with work or were you trying to just make the music you want to hear, or was it some? Some of it was
in pursuit of success in some was just like other son. I want a totally depression, like when we went to restarted on, we were just we got decent really disillusioned with like, like the this cinemas wherein so we would like, but just played some ineffectively do stop it's like. Reverend Fun yet more reverend them, then they gotta. Let you get a little hoity toy year. What our answer wasn't: yeah it'll preach year during the whole period. I remember the eighty five. the conversations among the people on the scene was I who was a sell out late. I was such a big thing in there is an email as if it had an actual definition and it's like so good. Yeah, but what it was all fun in then we put out this. This record, where we been ah Arma or far outweigh, fall upon so like we. We put out this album that we like, ITALY had ten songs and now
like the whole, album Barbie was zero dollars and eleven cents, and we and that was it cuz. I was the only one who had a play and we recorded it studio en masse in Wisconsin mercy, here were they that Gordon Nevada garbage almost up, but we had no money. like an apparent, were really supporting like the supported us, but they were like not like shut the money is not playing upon rock band. right right and so rightly wisely idea, but I'm right, I remember they would get every weakens. Do you get a case of coke in a case of sprite, for us and one day we were like, instead of getting like the cases can we just get in return and airline companies. We didn't have any money in our sleeping on the floor or whatever, and so it becomes like. You know it. So one of those things where your leg well I want to make music that I want to make, but at the same time I know that are making art in a pop art, Then you surrender certain kind of
rules, or would it not rules, but there's like if we're gonna do that, like a lot of people, there's an adviser to yes, you do, I kind of now just think about when you are even if you're ready, movies mentally they have ever beginning middle and here how do people trick themselves into thinking? They don't need everything they fucking need that totally any like there's the day between, like being like I'm right in like a thorough making like a big, Vienna or I'm making like an art house for a year which is called you just gotta know what you're making and why you're making it- and you know what people are gonna respond to it's weird but are we for a ban? I think I think about this kind of jealous of actors, but I don't know this is a real thing. Ever is like we were talking about this uneasy. Ok, you and I will, on which thing, which is we all want to each other levied earlier out with no talk it all again, the I'm jealous of years Toto. Everyone wants to get to know. One thing I think of Alzheimer's, like I can't release without a paddle every weekend I will her profit from that again here, you rosy, but if I had written Brown
sugar I waited till I fuckin die total, That's what I'd, let alone we saw, what it's interesting blocking my Josie, maybe even like, is not exact opposite, but it's like can't go and make like an art house movie and then make like. The bureau's home movies, like every movie, like a record of whatever kind, the things that I do movies, everyone has to be like a big one, or, if you like, you got it yeah you screwed up yet another boy you have to be so blatantly. Aren't you haven't got like until you're gonNA, Heather Yale per totally, and we ve done that stuff before you know like where you like. This is literally and you're trying to send some pretty clear signals. The ale judge me by the old bar, but that yeah that's the thing that I get Joseph and also like you. Less so with music, but would like acting like your planet character, and then you can, I kind of like leave that character and go play a different character with our words with music like well. It's like,
character named me. That lie looks like me and change your hair, but it better stay. Kyoto came about. Aren't you know me, I guess so it better be really hard and I was like the metallic thing. Actually yeah did you guys party We were a big party in band. We came so I think that it was like two pronged was that we came from. We came The hard foreseen were like that. Wasn't like relieve the thing like those of the banned the we used to see like they weren't big party. I was gonna like straight at years totally and then we also had grown up on, like group are getting the first Erika Mann's grew up, unlike the behind the music, and he saw like they were all like theirs. None none of amend. Well, when you you know, you knew how they're all lags. If I say they don't make one unless you like a year, the barrier tauntingly yeah yeah, and so we did in
you don't like guys, would actually talk about their like hey. We gotta, we gotta cunning keeper shit together now. No, What was really a partner in the band like. I think that I and we get outta my job head but, like I ended up like itself medicated myself cause of anxiety, and but that was different. It wasn't in alike party. It wasn't nine alike rage. We just that, like we're, wasn't the band we were and we didn't. I mean I have to talk about it. We like these nerdy you guys, yeah, ok, so I was watching the behind the music of TAT Nugent. I remember like fifteen years. He wasn't he never as drank right and I'm like that so confused but but then he says in some the words I was addicted to pussy he's like that was his how he party right he that was morning till my right, you fucking Adele up to his second, I presume from Hawaii ugly one right there.
gotta, be like some outlet to adults or are you will listen to you? Guys are girls, not even I mean I think, little bit like not in a crazy if it did like maybe we rejected it during the band. We were like just doing it all the time and flying you like, but what is it awesome. Usa, that's great never seen near notice shows in that kind of stuff, but it wasn't like we just did in visit did become like when I did start like prescribe myself stuff, like I said, then it did get like weird and whatever, but like at time. No, it was just like we were he's like deeds in advance. That would like quote movies, do tat. It was his like. Not that rule yea, I mean you, don't want there for the lifestyle you and now, music, more Well I mean the lifestyle. Does I wasn t really, It wasn't like. I don't know what you're all debated. I assume you can imagine being you and then off sunbeam unto or like being successful, joy where's. The party away
this most recent gigantic party, it just like it it like never Never really was. Maybe that's like that. I, like her day right though yam and I feel it has probably know what yeah I mean. I think that so when we moved so what I'm so we dinner an album where living your goods- and I would literally, is so sad I would put a blanket over my head in my apartment at the upwards and I'd be like this is what, it's gonna, be like when you dead. Only you can't. Even think of this you don't I mean, like you, have a blanket and just pure dark. I would like you can't even there's. No, yet because you're not emu, to be able to think this is what is like one you're dead. Yes, and it was like that's how dark the awkward and like that was. I gotta house here when I got to how was years this I would say this is either o five or six ok, and when I got the house here, there was like
parties, because if we didn't go to college united, we weren't like so it was like making up for that and it was always like fish the parties and my like neighbours hated me just all like you know, but even at that point, the friends that I know you have at least then I'm aware of our like set green, your friends with New York, the crew of people, you're kind of Ryanair yourselves with, aren't you degenerate ones now either very dorky, ADA operating very Funchal, we're fine and movie. So in two thousand and one you uniform, fall out boy. You guys you and Andy and Joe and Patrick Rice, and how quickly do you become super successful? Is it? Is it abrupt or is it gray Joe now know its super gradual, like we played? so many shows where there is like five kids, the other and were there we didn't get paid Paden pizza layer, you know like it was. Neither is pleasant, Bakersfield think Jerry's pizza remember, but that we operate
pizza and like we just played, shows and like we would the internet wasn't what is now so we would sometimes show up it shows in they were like the show was cancelled. Well, I, like you, know that out and then, when it, then what happened was wee wee wee wee started it big girl, with kids, like with kids. in like beer, dorm rooms were like file sharing honestly like mp3, this website it doesn't exist in our ability to come after, and so we were like this ban that was like every one of our shows started to be like shut down by the fireman. Sure, whatever like where they were like. We re colleges and we were plainly it's a Columbus's wherever like wherever we could play but like it was, and I think it would be like a king gives somebody it's kinda like what's going on with low
The iraqi summaries hip hop as right. Now we're it's just every show was like well, we didn't finish. Our SAM was the time because it was like the guy Marshall or we could shut down or like a near riot like we were. While there is this This store Hollister used to you, so it was big, big big. It was big to do it stores like at the time and saw the store Hollister, which was like kind of like the surf version of Africa. Yeah you do, I really love there would not be any day would do its. They would let us play in stores and a lot of those instruments. Brazilian rules that you can't go here. You go here, he can't whatever, but the house there. They were like Google, it's a we would have people get on literal, surfboards and half of the crowd had a friend you I got. Imports put on board sorting out like it was just like in a mall and it was it was. It was literal may the idea and it was interest because same time like your average Joe radio guy, maybe
Oh mom and dad have no idea who we are yeah? I mean so it's like this like weird thing where you're like in between and that's kind of what was the tipping point turned it into the mainstream because, like we weren't, we wouldn't get played on the radio, otherwise the sun for not radio prolongs, yeah or whatever, so there when it did happen. It happens fast, like and when you re out there, you don't mean that it was a long build up at them like when it happened in her eyes and morally was do you for nine years got nothing then got pond, and then it was overnight, but they kept overnight, but at the moment, is not over an exit avenue and you re telling people this all the time, but in fact it was over the end when it did happen, it was totally over, but it feels we when people say like overnight, you live well. I had like a zillion years of like really sad, lyin Danny you mom Iraqis, just people just see you appear and now I come from their brand new they might suggest overnight. Mainstream successor goes.
And I think there's also just for a lot of us. on some level in our brain. We go with this, isn't because as much as I fought the overnight thing, it is true that, within a year of Pont I had bought. My first house we still currently live in my van girlfriend. I were like lane on me on the floor and from the fireplace like the first night. We have slept there looking around like this doesn't feel right? This is not how it works like we're on from a Michigan, I would have had to build my way up to this house with four other house right. This is bizarre right in that it did feel incongruous with what I thought was supposed to happen. totally, and I think that now and I would think that at times there is like times when the thing that to me: that's why because I like really do think of myself as the as like that you're, like the fourteen fifteen euro, kid or whatever we like the times like when, like the prospect, so like force together for some reason like where you're out and you you know like there's things that like force all recognise
and it's weird right because you like opposite extending their neoliberal this person, you like, I have kids that come up to me in there like nor any her less reason. I play drums from any really like that. like a shooting kid. I'm not gonna like. Oh, my god, I'm a guy like yes, it's in his room and like pretends to be any hurt. You know like in its just a weird thing than one zero percent. It is very weird, and then I ask of you ve done this, but there was a moment where, like five academy awards ago, I had been in a calm, he drew for years and we could not get fifty people to come to the shells right in this colony. Crew was myself, Melissa, Mccarthy, Ben Falcon, Nat FACTS and Octavius Spencer. Take Taylor, and there was an actual academy awards were the help was nominated that take had directed, Melissa was nominated for bridesmaids acting Spencer, was nominated for the help and that fact and was nominated for, writing the descendants- and it was this.
two layered thing where one I was like this is mine blowing we were on this calmly crew in no one comes yes and then the excitement immediately gave way to. Oh, so all these people. then revering and worshipping are just human beings and their normal guys, and maybe it took the whole thing down not for me yeah. So when you hear a kid say to you that they started playing drums causes as you say, you're dipshit body from high school doesn't kind of put everything in perspective a little bit like one how so I guess John Bonham was also a dipshit. The actual young say. Yes, I wonder whether you well yeah- because I mean it's like I think about it in it like Does it somewhat, but then I watch like so much that Spielberg movie and unlike wow, this guy did like it. If I think of like I did like one per cent of like this stuff, like he's done, they overrun
I like to keep yakking, got like to keep touching and making gold or to keep like the super. Here. I agree with you that there is definitely a strategy geniuses and I'm not saying I'm MIKE I'm unless impress now with Frances for COBRA for doing godfather book, there is a huge spectrum of people that you are following in the middle of an for some kid. You are fucking Metallica came basis. I dont get there my head yeah, but it's true, but you think ever because, like there's the like the Copa, Lucas was their class like yeah you mean like a my wow. It's like is there like. other versions of the unit like. Are there other versions of it and it just hasn't like gone on long enough or like blockbusters had become,
You know like well worth sitting in the neighborhood right that was built by one director sessile, be de mille where he owned this hole in the park rioters. Gay I mean, do you just can't imagine being bigger, I think, even in or even takes only Bert, Runnels Burundi was the biggest box office star, eight out of ten prison around that will never ever happen again, so their worth things that yap you just getting bigger totally unrelated, but but my favorite biographies tightness about John D Rockefeller. Again in one way to think of him as the first man ever make a billion dollars in if you, if you quite a billion dollars from nineteen fifteen to now really means he was worth like twenty billion dollars. But that's not an accurate way to think of his wealth really have to think about what the entire amount of wealth in Amerika was at that time, and he basically had about twenty percent of all known wealth. So now, if you compare that that someone has trillions of dollars, you're insane saying. Yes, that is
not like a direct proportion up to my way, Monica you're out of your hands for that Monica listen to what I said, and then she corrects me, as I am sure that you sit out into the tunnel shepherds inaccurate, but but I do think sometimes people there are people that will never be you'll. Never have again. You won't have Spielberg Ryan, I dont think, but I don't know I don't know. I just think. There's time budgets, we will never know until we haven't. We will never be a tv show like Roseanne or cause we, because there was three networks and irregularities. Thirty, eight million right we were wide right at the edges- won't have added total agent which really help The enemy is level I mean not in the actual way. We consume right, those types of things yeah, because I get out I would have liked to have but like, but but the allowing like people to like incubate enough, because you can write I cast all the otter now like it's just you and me like
played our first like that whatever, but if we have played our first show in front of the internet or in front of whatever he be bad. You know me because, like we didn't figure it out and I mean select as well- one thing: I wanted to talk to you about it because we both even learn such different occupations. There are parallels right, so there will be times were I'll, be lamenting about how much the film business businesses changed, how much televisions change in how I missed the golden rare right. and then another Diego will nobody. I d get to experience a lot better version of its relations is be grateful that I did you know one hour without a paddle that year I think Paramount had released twelve move. as well as your their released for and at the same time, every stew. was releasing fifteen movie, so they were making. You know a couple hundred movies. All these studios will now there's less studios. They make a third of what they used to make so in a way work is a mother fucker, so you, I would imagine at times, have to lament head.
You ve, been the same. Exact ban, follow up boy in the eighties. Probably? What a soul, forty million albums totally yeah Have you guys sold? You know all all day, like all twenty million. That's fucking, amazed, I would not at an. I was that, even though I recognise what idea, but I dont hugely successful, I don't know So here you two sold a hundred million yeah, maybe yeah You at times go like this. desire years. Sometimes I do, but I think of it in the way that, like I'm like well music as all our it's like, suddenly There's a point when music was simply a guy going door to door selling sheet music, no door to door and then, like you know, when records came, like I was like music's over, like we're, never going to, let you know whatever in like, or you know, I think about it with rock musical time, because I was reading rumours book it is, but There was a time when, like Susa Folk music, beautiful music, like marching. Bands like they were like this is the biggest music, and now
We know like one guy, we other normally also deep tradition right all along the Mississippi were jazz was traveling from Chicago down an oral dollars, because those bands were so popular internally on the river boats and totally and now it's, but now it's a religion. You know what it's like. I think it's just keep them informed for us over. For me, it's a little weird. we like straddle kinda like two areas where there is an era where we you know. I got other plaques in Europe alone, they platinum again I'll give you were on the Jetson. You know a guy. I saw the tail end of that, but then, like the internet, like our ban, wouldn't be what we were with without the internet in and so like it. It's both and it's really interesting because now like on our new record I'd, there is a group guys in Laos. in in in Nigeria and end who I really like their music, there's got MR easy and burn a boy. the whole scene, and I like talk to this guy
burn, a boy on what's app and his great, because talk to him and he's like his money, but you fuck with me. I brought follow avoided Deborah a boy in that area in two thousand eleven like I was like dope. I was a quote liberties like we couldn't have done that and then he work we worked together. You know, like you, Couldn T, I sat here, you wanna do there's no other hard. I think it's gotten property cool, really better yeah, I mean I worry about link with an eye you can maybe enter this guy. Think about this whole time. Is that like does a movie? How do you get a movie like, like e t made? Now? No, you can't you get right now I mean. The only hope currently is that Netflix said they're gonna make eighty movies and spend three billion dollars that if, in fact that happens, that will be amazing his day they are committed to making the movies used to get made. This is his whole section of movies. Neither don't get made these in a forty million dollar dramas. Even I got really said this. Christmas. I was watching home along with my daughter
and it's such a great movie online Everyone sought the movie theater, you couldn't have seen it at home and you have that shared experience, and I got like heartbroken that matinee they dont relieving make those movies are not stars like that can drive those movies and then no one, even those of the movie theater, and I was like that- is heartbreaking to me. But again the it'll be replaced by my kids, all have the same level of fondness for, and I have to constantly remind myself of that, because I argued depressed about all that yet Mikey it. My older kid does in use, as I wore a wifi like when you were little there's no way I mean like and then so interesting, because it out I'll talk to other friend through, like more made in their like. I wish there was no more Annabelle staff and the wreckers tourism like they just don't. They never had that they don't care yeah.
even the thing I dropped out on is that on a cell phones. Currently still when you hit the send button, it is a picture of an old phone right and I was thinking that to them that graphic doesn't even makes sense. No, that doesn't even better for them. There are no reason it shaped. My cat picks up a house phone, I'm picking up myself on and he looks into it. This time in other than ever. Even I can hear what they're saying it different thing so that, as I understand it, I don't want done about the music industry button. As I understand it, what replaced record sales is touring. That's where now began to generate more their money that accurate. Yes, I think that you to give a percentage of how much revenues is generated by the two reverses yourselves. What is that percentage I think an American not a good numbers guy, but I think it would be tours and murder. It would be like sixty or seventy. Aha, maybe its sixty, because, like there's also like brand,
obviously want to be involved. The music wearied out in your license yet museum, obviously sinks and stuff like that. Wherever Let's do we streamed and we saw albums so yeah. It's zero on all fuckin fan, yeah, it's a message really, weird you're, so it's like a mix them yet appeal to like a casual fan and like a kid who, just like I really only one a heroic playlist the war in again, you would know this way better than I but their yeah there's a couple genres of music where that genre base didn't evolved, the weight so a country, the country cells album albums they sell. Cities is a physical albums, yeah subsidies, yeah, which is kind of cool. That's crazy, yeah, I'm So let me ask you this: eventually, you guys do become quite large and you entered the Zeit Dyson,
I am aware of you even on anyone listening that type of music anyone. How do? How do how do for guys in their twenties share that expired? I just imagine myself in that moment having share my acting success with three other people. In my twenty idea, I could not have done it. Its wild men wild on every level, I'm sure as early as a question its wild, because its wild for a couple reason so its wild, because like in the negative way where that immediately any time you get any kind of success and heard him and often there's always people render like. I was like make this thing with me. You know like whatever, but there in it like four different peoples of Alexander, like that, you know, need him, do the yeah. You know what I mean that was happening. There was happy. Pressure. Also through no effort of Yawls. Some people are just popping. Yet it is the nature of like
assembled tv show yes, some people just whatever, yet they pop in your one of the people right, you get you kind of work, inordinately popular footing the base player, the yes absolutely and is because you so cute we have actually you gotta go see women, but yeah. It's a little we but at the same time like Patrick in me like make one good rockstar together, because he like doesn't want to do any of the stuff It has now he liked the meaning, like other problem, yeah hidden one was any it. I know yeah and even when I causes so's self assured and confident. He knows me that approval on attention. I think it's like an introverted Alcott more. He does not comfortable gate and want to do and now it's like evened out a little bit more, but at the time it was like use like you can be like my avatar, for that ok great so initially he was supportive of that go ahead if you're willing to do it for complete gear? Aren't they
He ever really. He never minded that you probably somewhere this some shit, we're like you're, like an interview. You like just stop asking these questions and ass. The. gas is now bathroom, others, no personal life or some other, like only you know, I'm sure you have the situation. I've had at a time when you go on a talk, show was a couple other members of the movie, they're gonna, but someone right next to the talk show host yes and that's basically there telling you who's the most popular and that Europe's or you may go. I remember we are promoting without a paddle. I sat on the third every single time I go set rain and and Willard him and me, and by the end of a four weeks, promotional too I was so insecure about the fact that I was on the falcon its guidelines, but then it yet you're on ladder. Men are your on these things in it still absolutely just never goes away, and you tell yourself I tell I told myself: oh if I ever got that level of attention that would be. You know what it's never ever has never know Solana Ba meriting to know that, never a black hole and I wanted to do
you can have Villa maybe a little bit but yeah read said Arthur when you were a kid like you, you have to read at first, we want- and that is that it's the Herman Ass, dark, ass, probably buddhist right, yes and ultimately, his his realisation. The way he finds all of his answers is is through gluttony, he like lives as a month, for a long time, the need, as there are many goes, moves. The sitting becomes wildly famous in six and not famous but successful and rich and fat and its weirdly through that experience that he found his way to his truth. Right- and I do think if you have the same- hang ups and insecurity that I have it so fortunate to have the access to recognise a while the focus of that's not cause, died, believing that that level of approval and attention would have made me feel good any given. I would remain in it forever
it's not here. You can't believe you I mean nothin, I never internalize it doesn't make. You feel better about your eggs. I thought about it before I'm like. If you have a Grammy, if you have this moment, none of it it just doesn't yes anytime, you get it. U like. Well, that's fine, but it's not. You know it's like undermining the hawks. Longer, I'm going over straight to that and so forth. From me. That moment was crystal clear. I had tried to get sober bunch at times I could manage getting sober. While I worked for the most part, I think, for without a pad. I was sober up until last two weeks and I I was sober freely accuracy, and then I was I went on vacation. This is my last week of drinking two thousand and four September. First is when I quit, but I went on this vacation because I was about to start this movie zathura and I had just finished doing a movie that MIKE Judge Directed- and I was about to do movie. That John
rose directing- and I got so annihilated this whole week in Hawaii- and I smoke crystal math and dig called, and I got the car accident in, I was so physically sick. By the time I got on the plane to go back home and I had a lay over in San Francisco. and I was sitting at a bar because I could not get on the next flight unless I had like six more drinks of just physically dying, and I mean the court. of this bar and I'm so nervous. At someone from AIDS, gonna see me at the airport drinking and I'm in the way I've got myself in the corner bar, it's a mirror next to me, and I just feel as bad as I've ever felt my life and I go holy shit. I'm doing the thing I've been trying to do for ten years. I am acting, movies, I have money right, have more money than I thought I was ever gonna have read. These are all the
I told myself my whole life, if I had I'd, feel good and I'd feel happy, and I felt the worst I've ever felt. It was the scariest moment in my life, and that was Finally, the time I was like is severely broken and I have to confront it works it because I can't, it really had believed. If I a gym, carries career. I would love myself. I would feel great about myself. I would be happy- and it's very scary yet very liberating- recognise. Oh Jesus, things don't make. You feel different total you now and you had a similar experience in you. around the same time. Yeah I mean. I think that some my stuff was. I had raised the. I think that when the then was on the precipice of getting big in the mainstream through biggest kids. Whatever the creator
all this kind of anxiety in me I can fly, can do anything, and so I started just taking like and those like like the annex roof, prescribes me at first and by the way I traddles others too, they didn't like hypnotherapy in our resolution, they liked it affect late under the blanket all. You know all this stuff and he asked in none of it did anything and such like medicated and all that stuff. For me, my there, like my own personal and I guess everybody's thing is completely different river, but like when I had my kid, my order kid full time I was like Oh, my god. This is like a little human being that, like I'm in charge of any- and it was like a moment, whereas, like you'd like get, you should together because, like you can't like make they obtained x, you can't like be dad. You can't you know like it's like you can't can not like an option.
And so that's like to me if without that? I wouldn't have like been able to. Although a lot of people cause I've watched a million people, we get so by a lot of people do tell themselves that when they have that kid, that's gonna be the thing. That's gonna shit away from that ran I see more times than not that actually adds to the issue, whereas now there's even more stress, more share more pro I think we need more and escaped from these fears. Yet so the band had taken time off that were taken like a hiatus in and this weird because it's like kind of like You know every day you get up in your like like this is who I am so sorry the band and like it, the aggressor, identities, my identity and, like that's, removed from you, yeah, that's terrified. Right again, living in New York. I end up getting I we in Vienna breaking up my first wife and,
and so when I was at the lowest it could have been, but I had this like to you old guy. There was like with me- and I didn't have like an animal don't live out here like it was just like we just it was like a buddy. I'm gonna go do like a sailor move a year. We go to my travel down and we go to her and it was really I was one of those things were also like, and I think I may I was pride projecting this, but I will be having a little Yoda moments with him were. Like you teach me so much about me. I pray war even deprived kid who desist Africa but like for me, it was all you know, and I think that yeah for me. That's what it was for me. It was like a couldn't have gun, like my life, couldn't have gone in the lower like it would look like. I was never do recall how many worrying and annex her head of an annex and do humming, where you take him it s letter
but on others about benzes there, like MRS weirdly, the big kind of secret, that's going on in this opiate Emmett epidemic. It's it's sure. The opiates are an issue but most times, people are mixing an, albeit in a band. It's gonna, be as many people are addicted to benzene in. It's really not public knowledge it, be a really big problem for you to generate? Is it and it's one of the hardest ones to detox from I've, seen friends in a coma with their heart rate at one hundred and eighty cuz they're detoxing and are in a coma, so so that's a gnarly one to be on our yes, I was taken. Mostly leaders, sleep, I think, and I would take it like. So they comes footballs or they come as the bar and I don t I could take like a half a bar or through force of a bar. Aha. What do you think at that time was the source of all this anxiety? You didn't just bio chemically predisposed to anxiety. Yes, yes, yes, but I think very humbly condition. I don't think so, because I don't
If it is not, they do somehow Gower what have we are some air, but I also think that, like you know, what are we gonna call like entertainment, certain, like all that stuff, like doesn't help it that like enhances it right. I think that, like being in a successful thing, in a weird way, is as you would like, your Beaver whoever it is like where you're like people just didn't want you to get better than when you're like head above water. Only to be like he's cured, as is in along, comes up problem, absolutely nobody them. Then you can tell yourself I certainly did. I was nervous that if I wasn't fucked up and wasn't working double time to make up for the fact that I was fucked up, that I actually wouldn't be funnier when we create over whenever I did come to think of it is like others, is part of the whole process totally and meddling with area like with like rain lyrics, whatever like, if you I like a bombed out guy like what about people like you or whatever, and then like it's like for me. It was really this kid because I was, you just got alike, but did you do
help aside from that really, why monitored therapists? I guess I detected therapists but a lot of times. I would think I would either omit- or I thought it was like altered and tourism. really helpful and at four, Is that were really helpful, but no, I didn't It was literally you're just trying to figure it out on your own, yeah and it was lying from a mental places. Brine, not the mouse objective totally but I think also like I was like well, you don't have a band you base. We hang up yourself with a kid like, This is the time where you can like this figure it out, and I mean I have like, and I also think that, like the one of the things that actually helped a lot was I'd atrophied, if you don't really talk about his like you atrophy basic adult things when you like in like in your banned or whatever like. I did not get through narrow
I followed backpacking the European Railway after three these days and light infantilism gear right yet heartily if you like, I don't go to ride out of our lives. Other people totally yeah, you know and in Some ways it was like helpful when you have too much stuff cuz, you like going to micromanage all the stupid stuff, but you know like I was at the point where I was like. What was that you don't need? You don't need to help doing it, and I think that like in taking that's back it, like probably I also think that, like when you're like, I can't get any worse, sometimes like that's for me was hell because I was like now I'd like to know or else to go really, you know me know like yeah, there's no yeah when I've quit and even if I'm quitting like cigarettes, which I have done a million times there is comforting, Goin today's miserable, but in this is the most miserable tomorrow we like marginally, less ms total and then so on and so on. Hopefully, I so never had like shaky,
I never had the like. If I don't do this, I'm gonna you didn't have to get well as these now function when the air and mine was like? Did you replace this with anything else? Are you want anything, that's good now that that helps you look I work out. I get like on the kind of person that gets really indices. The limited budget really innocent intellect three months like where am I gonna, know everything about this thing and then like people s, about a year later. I'm agree talking about people like yeah, but in so I think I did some some of that but yeah mean that more. So I think I do like talk to people, but- and I know it's a different kind of exerting its just different for everybody. These figures are that now you navigate yeah, I kind of like, while also again based on to what year. That's what I'm saying so like Christian, whose very very open which I applaud about
be having depression and she's on ass as our eye inhibitor regret and that's a biochemical thing right, something she had promised so much in or child minds condom. I believe who knows a lot of trauma news, I was molested life, your molested, you have an eighty percent chance of being an attic road that seems like that ship railed, probably early on, so your own personal struggles- I do think- are that. Are there biochemical or may be derived from trauma are now, I think by it I'm a goal- their shame and that for Christian there's there why shame and then she can only and others like a lot of strength, and I think that there was like maybe your ten years it was like it, you don't really like talk about this Conniston yeah publicly now, but everybody or a lot of you
what kind of deal with all of its like now. That's weird about his. You don't talk about it. The outer there's a stigma to it in, like maybe I don't know it's from like being a banner in a guy whenever electors like a week, This thing till it wisely everywhere or memory than the sopranos like Tony Sopranos, to keep it very rightly totally winter. There be totally yeah yeah, so I mean look at me. I find it far more inspiration like I find it far more inspirational that Jim carry may be as wrestling with the tonnage. It is not easy for him, it's humanizing, it isn't. It makes me feel like ok, great, we're all gonna. You know this is this is challenging for all of us just being a human on planet earth. So I don't feel so like we're. Fucked him carry just wakes up. Unease is super prolific and fund. in all these things, and why aren't I that way? I've just find a way more. Comforting to know that peat wins struggles like everyone else, and I also think it's hell. It's helpful to know that, like you're, not gonna get a promotion, that's gonna
fix everything now you're, not gonna, come here to hit a goal of making x amount of money and that's gonna fix anything now, in any view, can share that. I can show that I think you can go Oh, maybe I need to be focusing on maybe like for you and I very similar experience. You have Bronx and you recognize there's not enough. Time day for me to be thinking about all my problems all day, long and get him ready in eating in change and all that stuff, Pride is just you can't do it so you're, either going to totally neglect this kid or you're going to get out of your own head totally and I'm like. I don't want you like in therapy for me not being here, be Astro illegal. Whatever, like the thing, I like to think because of course, I think I'm the great job is apparent. I certainly am giving it a lot more. I'm a say my dad was able to do right and then I like to play,
like will. They will be in there be any way. Yes, what are the specific thing? The idea that the one I loved talking about is a somewhat Kristen done, some Our war, like Bill Clinton, a nation or whatever it was. The point is when Lincoln was born. We get this letter in the mail, It is a letter from bill. Clinton welcomes quenched, instant planet earth and I like this is so bizarre and its framed in our houses. You would do Rockland Richard daughter, rudder, and I was thinking She will be in therapy at some time going like I mean Bill Clinton, not a fucking letter totally welcome. What was I supposed to do the extremity, I'm just trying to think of anything more about like Viana. Do I think about you about all this? It's, like all pretty scary, because now like at nine, is so much more it somewhat, less like black and white like this is wrong, as is right, a somewhat more or less emotional parenting, unlike letting it fell and my god it's what I do not have. It gives boilers, because that is what this blackmail,
I was there last year I just like oh yeah, watching you like. Well, this, is all a mass in the air yeah. In a nutshell, the episode is about someone can get an implant, their child so that they can track them and also see what they're saying and then, of course, the pair becomes obsessed with everything, their scene and Bobo. Oh yeah, insane yeah very loose metaphor for helicopter apparent. Yes, absolutely right, so you guys you bob. I took a big break. Was that did it while before even asked that? Do you guys all share ownership of everything, Yes, you do yes, so we do well aims generous from some of the members. I have to assume yeah I mean I, but I think it will. You write the lyrics, yes, all them, or some of them all all and then Patrick rights. All all the music, ok, so Andean, Georgia's on the free right there. On the gravy train Joseph Jonathan started. Writing music.
And then in any, is just like the easiest. God ever been a bandwidth like giving the painting Gimme the jack on how I came out of the Hitler Amr Way, though here and now its greater didn't. Like rumours ready, you know, although accept police, here every time that please try to get back together soon. We hope one and I am sting fight nonstop like from this. I ask our age, but we heard that you know like that, you to split it evenly and it just seemed like it was like one of those ones, because we were when we started, we were just like these guys in a van you. Don't actually thinking that moment that I'm gonna be giving up. Charity ended a ton of my right right in it, these certainly easier for the man when it's that year had ended. Being super help over the ban. Super healthy for the band and the I didn't say really get to say, was that when you're
Other thing about doing it with like three other guys is that you like shielded when you're doing anything, because you like this These are the three guys you're going through with me, and we can all like Otto One entered this guy inches. There's this guy does the solo, this guy, you know lights and it's like in a weird ways of Baghdad aspect of it is pretty awesome, because your like there's three other people that is it. We have the same life experience of me almost to a tea, with the exception of like the seven percent for the last you're twelve years, they agreed on a submarine with yours,
It believes that like never stops, you know me. I really like you like. When I got home, you have to cherish if you're like me at all, you have to cherish the fact that this is the group of guys that new you before you repeat, whence there's like such a value. That is our yes and hopefully- and I think is the case- is that we all treat each other like when we met each other right. I mean which, with the exception of I think that you know when we did take some time off three years off, we like did a reboot. which was like really awesome because, but there was it was there are big fight or was it just? You know a lot of fights around a little flight, ok and a lot of like talking through managers and all right right now, people are burnt and, like I think Joe, wanted to write a bunch more, which you went often did unlike because he like when we started he was younger than us and then he in any way like a writer and prolific window
I thought you know whatever. Unlike there wasn't the space to do that, and so like you, wanted the space to do that and Patrick wanted to do his own thing. and yet, when he did his solo staff in you heard it. We, like oh shit, women sleep in a little bit on job. I thought like I was like. Oh, I did yeah I was like I didn't know this guy could play guitar like that lets. You know which is cool yeah. I could also see because, like when you happen to you things like there completely different because, like that, it's just theirs, I'll be filtered gave. You guys have a share. You have a collective personality, us all up boy right turn, but then you obviously have such dramatically different totally. So does, unlike you're all adverts for one of gas, they're all like dorky, all like kind of agree on certain things, but yes like when, but when we took the time off, and then we came back. It was a peace. When you start, we sardine man, we were like weren't kids were like basically kids and then, like you, stay likely
because you can click your frozen entirely and I mean my best friend from when I was twelve and weekly, who still my best friend, the secular together. I am twelve year frozen untied. You know these things have like, but it for us, it's weird because it's like you're, it's the person. You work with every day in your leg you like it, but I'm a grown up and then in their like there lay a you're like a guy about evaluating early and your hair and select when we got to do the hard like a reboot like it was like. Oh but he's got kids, everybody like you, saw each other more and was it it was an outdated out of finances originally or what the amount of aid out of life, while life was more fun. Doing that as much as I thought was a drag year, I mean. I think that when so Patrick wrote, this kind of like open letter blah talk about kind of how bummed he was. You know whatever I read it and I was like oh, this is like. I don't want this kind of feel like this. You know whatever we started talking in like it had to be to me it needed to be into all of us.
it needed to be motivated for new me by new music like to go back and be like a legacy. Act is whatever, and you know I think we would awaited if was like just to be allowed right, run only about just purely financial, adding we would away together with those time still young. Yeah so like it was about like new, music and stuff. That would be kind of like extent You come together and you go. I think we do still have some more create yes, yes, yes, slowly and it was that there was a for your break, your three or four years. as you said, your identity is, is at that point had been ten years of mean this thing, how fucked up where you and was four years. Were you did you feel rudderless or were you scared super fucked up when it started? I was like. I don't know what to do as they have no idea. The at all. I mean in here, but also more mass in leading up to the break up your alike,
year after year, was how you like, oh shit. I really gonna needed now totally yeah and I think that. The other time. Also there was like all other ships there happen to like it here became this like all music, aha music were like through echo resolve these ships are having internet was like of super big thing than us and yet and then and then you know like towards the end of the breakers. I'm off as a guy like like just being a dad, I don't really want to go back to like getting you don't have vomica did you have financial fears at that point because I wonder, if ovens, because your dad made a good living and agro broke. I liked the I'm so upset, I'm so few for even when we have plenty of money, I'm so fearful arm obsessed with the two. Oh yeah yeah. That's what I think I better get, but none. I want to say this earlier, because when retirement humanizing thing is that of a thousand there is then I remember watching. I think it was like some loose talking about it. Like Will Smith on
opera and he's talking about how you like worried about money. Just like bow back as word when money than I probably will always be word. What that's right. You know, even the other. Isn't a member that's gonna year to fix that? What were you like doing the math daily like this? Much who had a world where you thirty one, thirty, three thirty, two conservatively of fifty more years left yet, but I think I was like our just Yoda clothing instead, we ever other, but I was kind of like a well. I can like leave this bottle, valley, or I might like I kept like thinking like I could probably rather than do like. I was like I don't really exciting ethic figures about, and I I'm happy a year which is like a happiness, is like I really know how to explain this myself with ten years ago. Happen. This is better than all of it, so I was I was here. I would like TAT man is so I would go to like travel town. Unlike us like this is like really fun
They like, like myself, travel down by the way analyses a train museum in they have a miniature train that you can write reallocated Soto on, and I was like I like myself, men, you're, you're, getting self esteem yeah and I'm confident about like I was, I feel, really good being a dad, and I really legal I like this and I do and if I go back to doing the band, will I be gone over time? Will I be fuelling the anxiety? Well look. I was I don't really want to do that again and I mean like live like figured it out yourself. was worth more than all the other stuff to me wrong, but then I Petros by then you know like we ve got together and it was magic with the first time we like played together. It was like for some reason for whatever it is like that ban like who we are,
for people is bigger than the four people I mean. Why did you guys have rhythm- and I don't mean GAD Toto, and I can put it like- I don't know why relief, but it doesnt have greater than the sum of the air and so like that, a part of it was was great, but there was like definitely like a little bit of a like when we were putting the music that I was like. Are we like about two torpedo C mon. I ran right like regulatory about like exists. Not only are we, like, you know, like brought it up earlier, and I will say that this has been a very helpful thing for me to manage my ego, which, as you said, the blanket and anything about death and allowing you can't even think about, I constantly tell myself: I'm never even got book. Personally, I believe, I'm going to dine at sea at lights out right, I'm not gonna, be able to evaluate nigh legacy people, think of me. I now hear that shit. I will not be heard a witness. There's nothing in it really help me go like none of it fucking matter, but can you imagine
poor pew in it and then having like thirty more years where you can like, like my thing, is kind of like Well, then, what is safety through not trying? the Ngos that are less an account is like doing. Nothing is not as big of an accomplishment is even to strike. The ban would be we're not total. And so when I get it, I imagine the fear yeah yeah an end, but it just worked. It work But like we were like it could be like a corner. You guys are bigger than ever. If you like, you play stadium, yeah sorts bigger, then yes, it's bigger and more broad and is also just different, because ten years. Also like four years time off is really like ten years with the widow, it is now. I know what you're talking about like someone has gone all the way through high school, so you miss that wins of that potato generation and people Yes, I grow generation its broader than ever and its bigger yeah is bigger than yeah. But it's like
but I'm like a crazy person like yours, talkin, about where I'm like every single shone, like This is the one where there are come into it. rarely every single one and then what we play as I wouldn't onstage, it's great and whatever, but before let it happen, but at the same time I very much want to see your face when you walk out. Marine, oh yes, you guys, I'm an editorial staff, we talk, I own, the tray of many hot dogs it'll go on slamming. Neither my picture give nightmares. They're gonna think, minor. All like super stress ie, like you like I've killed. Somebody in nobody knows- or I have, recurring dream where I have buried a body years. Well, I've got away with it and there is a construction project now on this island, where I well that any I hold dream is about getting that body back its
say. I think that secrets yeah, it's gotta, be yeah. I've been. I also think that, because I also have like lots want about my kids in them getting sick or they get shot in the dream. Sure Austrians, have a zillion stress. Dreams are before going on ass. You want your question about relationships because you get a bunch of ETA bunch and it made me think of it because of knowing those guys in them, knowing you in in the value that I personally put on that so I was with the girl for nine years brie and one of the things that I was a heart broken by in scared of his everything posts. Bree someone going to have potentially been aware of me before they met me, and they wouldn't have seen the one bedroom apartment for ten years and they didn't see the like going groundlings in many writers and no one came and I felt like it was. I dont know why dispelling that was so important that that person had they done
that with me, and it was so sad to me that whoever did this with again wasn't in a weird way get to know the real me or that that was my fear of it. So when you got divorced first of all, were you was their shame about getting divorced? Did you feel like? Oh, this is a fact here, and everyone knows I think so. Yeah definitely yeah I mean in the way that, like. yeah. I mean in the way that like no one plant you like why, but my parents weren't you We are getting grow up like divorce was now a ride was not like heavy, but I didn't do it no about a lot of divorces, You know me right wasn't like I didn't come from divorced households, right now. I yet for sure yeah and I think it The celebrity way we're like people like talk about it like ie arise and, like everyone, you know, I'm a magazine yen like wealth, none of that stuff, but whatever it is, what it is yeah. I know your partner weird position where he don't actually want to tell everyone your business, yet you want a career
It's not that business economic, Google, Adsense Reuben on against totally budget did you. Do you find that your could you kind of Assyria monogamous right, you, like long term, Highschool, Grand and then you're married, and then now you imagine when, together along time here along eight years, seven years, gas, unwanted? Yet did these relationships have a pattern? Do you think, or do you think you broke a pattern with Megan or I think I broke a pattern in the way that, like I'm, a different person, you know like. I think that the things that you was quick, nor can we that you fucking move, quick as if I recall your Megan story, you meant she moved in right, yeah like move, she didn't all high or she didn't have any where to go so was like a year, but it was all you guys are given see. Never let yeah ethically by it. but it may always move that fast,
No, now I've got no but like it was always like. monogamy. Meanwhile, you know that commitment is now seems now and it wasn't I'd like a like yeah, I mean, I think that, like with this, I think that, you are released with me, like one of the things with like having it all be so public or like. Maybe it's that you, you know like you know like figuring it out and try to be, the guy. For a kid. You, like one of the things that I did like border the things that are like for sure, my mere like my issue. Yes, the verses were relaxing shared issues and which are not my issues. You know like you're, trying to like my evening after you're, like resentment dissipates, when you get out of relationship like the first bit of it you're like out dated this this, the subtle and then over time that has less impact ye are going like. I guess I can
I wasn't there and I ll show you like. I can liked Ireland and in the rest of your life, is your mistake. She may total yeah yeah so like I think in that way like I'm in a better like I'm, a better partner. Did you make some proactive decisions like ok, I've got another shot at this again and I cannot let myself today again the other a certain like, I think, there's, certain. Yet I think there are certain things that I was like. Well, you should be like you got like whether you're in a ban- you're gonna, whatever you gotta be like you know like in aids damning mild here totally present year, always Kristen I'd like first was. He was kind of opposite of what I always data. My whole life right when we first met. She was very christian and I was scared
raised, kids with someone, who's gonna wanna go to church all the time, and all these weird thing I had all these fears about it, but I just kept kind applauding along those like us at the end of the day, she's a super good person, it's really funny in front of you, but I remember, haven't seen it myself all the time like don't try to defeat this person in this argument to stop trying to make this person a clone of your thoughts in arms ain't. Like I think in the past, I felt like if the girl didn't agree with me, then she must not like me. So I've got a really can we not is branded. I think the way I think not compatible, or why would you want to be with me you like? How can she be opposed everything? I think and still love me, which, ironically now my wife is opposed to every single thought I have. yet it somehow working because you need some, but I heard it in his eyes. Is you yeah, but
Adidas I'd like I don't do this. There was a voice in my head. Going you got to break this fucking pattern right you're in I mean I think that one of the issues for me is that, like I was probably like when everybody tells you like how awesome Your band is, and you are and stuff like that, you like TAT was one of the biggest. Maybe that's gotta get really an addiction but like that was exceeding every like I'm like on my comp like I like it. I couldn't possibly be you know. Stream is all about At the same time, you, like visibility, man boy they have a really like addressed any think about myself at all. You know I mean- and I think that like in having at all blood at the same time it like just through all out in the light- and I mean it's like the divorce, then the band and all What happened at the same time, so it's kind of just like you just have to do
because there's no other there's no other way to like it. I mean like this like theirs is beyond my group. Bottom line, I mean yes, said wallet, happening now, don't youth! I haven't had that kind of like big public break up, but that in a moment, I'm assuming you think the rest of your life. People are gonna, be talking about yeah I've, and I think that any tat, but I am sure only in this way, the anytime, you have anything that goes wrong. We're gonna first, like when you republic thing like one of four seven oh my god like this, is gonna. Go. on forever and the narrow kind of like you realize, and you like how much worse, gonna get in then you'll like it like, doesn't go on forever, The people forget anywhere didn't care an hour later I mean my experience, my most recent experience with that is that so there they did this ghostbusters, reboot or whatever and Patrick loves, Ghostbusters. We all of those who believe that really love ghostbusters, they like you, got money. The aims and we will do it. We love to do a petticoat loves it.
I do with Mozilla knows that and We would like this, you know like were were alike like, positively like to the movie upwards, the small part of it. You know, but like the time, in everything that was the future, so that we felt it in my mind- and I was like I was like oh wow. This is like people like really don't like anything about as young as yes by then, and they were allowed, dare they put women in the year? All noted, like all of you I would ever I was like. Oh my god, you know an end in a daily, but the three best Lastly, the name here what they were like We have invited you guys to the premier and in in my head I might add me: I'm gonna go unlike rose and went reared and excite ghostbusters fans like I didn't like love is sought the movie where it matters like ours is so funny how like he asked of weird.
I am to be you ve done a few songs for movies right, humming. Three. Four, we dance. We did tat, we did the son, a mortals, which is four big Euro six and then we ve written for movies have not happened before, riser, which is an interesting process. What is the pressure like knowing that year Just gonna go right, a song. You wanna, hear ear you it's gotta fit within this already existing thing. Is it stressful? I'll, be right. Those songs will the first time we rode out of giving them the abridge version. So the is First time you wrote, it was like in two thousand and four two thousand and five for Shrek. They had a tempting attempt in would attempt it like it was like not Beatles. It was rose, did tempting song, and maybe stones and We met we mouth like cats, burgundy, Reverend, like they're like you- and this is the sun attempt in we saw the like rendering it
weird and like the song was cool. Whenever they go back to the studio unreliable, they asked us for that right, but they don't know that's what they want they We should give him were weak and you can imagine how Thou dated abusing like that distorts. The hungry said Emily rough worth dismal vigorously, and that was really cool process, because you were there before the temp and they evolve and they were like. This is what it like. You know we're thinking you. What do you guys interlocking? Never really call to be part of the process like tat, but I'm your writing for somebody else's thing, but I and I dont know your processes a ban, but I can't imagine you guys ever said: let's ride a song that was inspirational for. The first half then takes a dark turn, and then ins triumphantly,
no more like we're gonna have a bridge where they can they introduce this year. But in this situation you very much have to deliver what that moment in the movie needs to have ass God. I'm scared, but it's like when you write for a show. It's the same thing, a gear, their to deliver something specific mantling bring your own guess it's right. You got a right and I'm a friend exact, it's really hard in my twenties. I couldn't do that I know how to alike be on board. For that or like be like well that fuckin ideas, you know that I couldn't I could and swallow it uniting well. When I got to imagine, there are tons of critique and notes when you do a song like yeah. Unlike the thing then I like I'll, probably be blown for saying that the thing that I've noticed is with like vice president executives, like in Hollywood, David, Please fuckin notes just to have notes, and, unlike yeah I love
a good note. Like an rate, now you don't even if it's like some minutes, a critique, unlike damn like that, the greater Europe for a note sake drives me fucking crazy. I'm, like I didn't start banned for, like some guy. Who doesn't even give a shit? Who just feels like yes to justify his job? Actually give me, I know you're so that that is absolutely epidemic in Hollywood. Were you have a president? You have all these peace than you ever lower executives and creative executives right in the inn. Yes, they have to just further job by having a thought on something. So even if the you have written a beetle song that there will be notes, most people because they can't just not say anything, but you know, like a hack, I discovered during chips, which was, I said to them hate about this. I go ass. Three really well known writers that you guys love to read this script and let them give me notes- and I will take those notes and they go great
I have to say. Maybe they would have been the same notes, but just knowing that these writers we're just fellow writers that were really He just telling me flaws in my story or flaws in my emotional development, the third act. They don't give a fuck the movie made money, they don't care from ninety minutes. One hundred twenty minutes, knowing that their motivation was literally motivated by story to like. I wonder if there's a scenario which you you guys could have received input from. Other me. positions that have already made really successful songs for movies or vice versa, and has that ever happened like they ever did they ever in the composer NGO here, talk to the composer cause he's got his finger on the pulse of wood. This we did talk to him. Bigger section with super helpful and he was like living. He rallied trusted yeah and he then he was like the others. What the score is doing here. What are you know? It's like that's great that that's awesome wheel the song that we did for there was gonna, be force rack. We did with books,
Hocker Huzza Super musician suit. Like one of my favorite people, one of my favorite producers weren't listening, I mean we rely for higher. I knew better and lie, and maybe it is feared to HANS Layer, away you're afraid you must have to draw a line in the sand when you're scared, like I'm gonna. Stick to this I mean like success is also that this funny drug, where you're, like everything I do like works, now and then like when it doesn't. Do you know like wall, A lot of time as examples year, meaning that we all do better with a bit of oversight. oh yeah general a hundred percent again night channel on. He does sixth sense it such a perfect movie that I think from that point on. He was like. Why don't you to listen? No one ever again visit my own armchair. Oh there's a danger in it. I guess that's one of the things that I love about. One of the things I love by being a ban is like your constantly bouncing ideas and constantly getting people telling me like,
That idea sucks but like we're in the thing. So it's like a lot easier. You're like it's like a real writers room. That's like we're all in it were all invested, no one saying it because their justifying their thing like it's me, search for the betterment of TAT year individual, but it is hard to hear I was working at all. Events like those is the worst or, like you know, like I've ever multiple times report is like me. With our new record, we our records was mad September, fifteenth, repressive January nineteenth and honestly, and we got to like the deadline of like like words. This is what we need to turn in order to have a commodity derivative competitors. Like this record is just mediocre, is not good enough and ethical rough, conversation to have with each other, as a recommendation have with yourself, and I we kind of had publicly to where we were like were pushing the record back three months rather like it gently I agree with you or yet so that's good, but like
Just one of those names are genuine. Ninety guaranteed, but like was the uncle mania mania year. Genuine ninety What is very timely highways, but like this, that the whole thing is is that, like you know, I can't imagine turn into like my kids in me, and I want to be gone for like six months on the record that I think is like kind yeah. I guess I got rough YAP has wiper yeah my own experience just making movies is. I just have to make movie. I wanna see, because God knows, if it's gonna make money, God knows of critics are gonna like a got. There's all these variables. I have zero control, however, and so at the end of the day, I better walk away with something that I wanted to see really bad. You know tunnel, and I have to imagine and albums like that too. It's like yours, so up river from whether or not it's gonna be well received or s people by it and the beauty of. Like anything, does that mean
We differ in the November measure, but like the beauty of the like a snapshot of a time I mean like, and it becomes different ten years later, and if you put out another album, it's like a companion, bees are nodding, his departure would have you know, like they're, all just snapshots. You know like yeah, you live and die by that give Europe pop artist. You live die by like yours, successful your last successful thing, but I think that you like next successful thing is only you know, like whatever like you know like a great song or whatever like it is, is. Is it sir is, is the thing itself? You know I mean like the union like have like three items that don't make any sense and then you have one we're like it. Just like.
please get it back yet the ethical and moral fibre frailer would have like you. It's just like a great song way, right, yeah and luckily for use musician. The expenditure, although it's a lot, I'm sure it's you can kind of keep swinging, gives you get a lot at bats, you'd a lot of bats, but you, get a lot of at bats. We're like, if you wanna major level, you don't get a lot of it, but if you have a lot to strike out the one or to strike out, you don't get a lot of at bath with people supporting it you're like then you swing it on your own. In I mean yeah, so you We ve run more into Berlin tomorrow to Berlin, and I am very grateful that you time on your last few hours before we're having off really enjoy coming to know you over the Hansons and I'm glad I got to know you in that capacity where you, just as nice, human being with kids, who clearly loved his kids and the girl. I can't save it
They stay and if you'd like to hear my good friend and producer Monica Patman point out, the many errors in the podcast uses her eye Monica welcome too the fact checking portion of peat weapons. Are you great great Did you find a lot of stop? Yeah? Ok, the other is a lot of stuff. Like me, a law. This episode took me like four days to get through real yeah. why over doesn't take me average listener thou on staff? Ok, it was I'm glad you're here through their and your own life because of your welcome. Ok, so you guys discuss a documentary about the awkward apartments,
very good document are angry. Our high. We highly recommended yes, and it's called the Hollywood complex soccer, which we do not say, or you do not say and use it. It was on networks and it's not on Netflix any more any more. Maybe never. I don't know that come on and off they licences for periods of time and was at one point on Netflix. That's where I saw well that might be cheap, ok, but he couldn't be true today. Now it's definitely not you today, but you can find it on Youtube. Oh, for purchase Amazon, video, I tunes. I should add that I didn't that same. We like I'd mapping, that's where people go first and Google play Google play anyway, so everyone should check that very attacked it is. I looked.
the pizza bar a little bare behind you doctor. I know I didn't know that he had once there was interesting source, so angels and kings right in New York City first opened in two thousand seven. When he was talking about, did he mention or that I am I remembering reading that Tommy Hill figure was at the opening of it. Did he mention that now that's on the internet quite an esteem guest out on your vein. I wholly up Ara Tom Tom IE, eight, to close down a year in April, two thousand twelve, but then they opened a sack hints low. Creation in Chicago go in two thousand eight, then a third located in Barcelona now and then a fourth in Hollywood.
We know how to open up one in my back yard and much less round Barcelona, so we try so that their success one there still well yeah. Well, maybe earning report were successful, but then in two thousand and eleven norms, the holly with the fourth location high, would opened in two thousand and the Chicago It is the only one that stop Lopez had still open. Yeah there are no better than any bar Ives Darnay. Bp has left. I don't know we don't know now. check it out of your Wendy City. Go over to gibsons, grab mistaken and finish the night out at aims demons, angels and kings angels and kings interlink. Okay, so PETE also talked about how his grandfather-
met Mohammed Ali on a plane member. He found that was the ambassador. Do Nepal or some crazy, no Sri Lanka, stop saying, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't vizors. This is the answer all future claims, but he was. He was a sort of unclear as to why he felt it had something to do with Jimmy Carter, oil guy, but it was because said the Olympics, the summer Olympics of nineteen eighty four hosted by Moscow of the Soviet Union at that time and was sure Maskos in the Soviet Union. It was it he. I think I can say that one hundred percent confidence and our president at the time Jimmy Carter, let a boycott of the Olympic all car
Does the Soviet Union failed to comply with a deadline to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and sixty five countries boycott of the Olympic? Yet we ve been there now for fourteen years or something crazy people still Turner Olympics will come whatever we don't good for the goose may not be good for the gander, so they met. But so what's weird is jimmy- was boycotting the Olympics yet somehow PETE whence his grand add and Mohammed Ali were on air over. There are big. There is an ongoing work. You did you may weren't going there. They were according to pay heed what he was saying as they were recruited by Jimmy Carter. There part of this coalition to convince other countries not to go so I know I think this is so unfair when they ask Olympians to not be apart something wrong. There is also a documentary and they were calling on black athletes not to attend, but then some went and then they gave the black powers. on the podium drama, that more vaguely yeah yeah
You seem so unfair to go to somebody. Ok, you weren't you! Twenty years and now you ve got a fucking shoulder this whole thing. I now fuck you I agree, but then, if they don't do it, then they can. They could also lose their careers. Because of that I don't know a career olympians have other than going to the Olympics. Pass bucks, that's true, it's hard to get endorsements for skipping the eleven after the Olympics and like when we are celebrating people whose to quit the olympic team in protest. Maybe if there were some opportunities demonetized that decision I'd I'd be more sympathetic, but I'm not letting us after Workin high schools and colleges after they after they got to the Olympics. Make to coach that sport yeah again, I still don't know why you hire a guy who quit.
to run your rustling programme and Mr Michigan University. Where aid we can delete this part, maybe or we can keep an end, but he talks about a book that the band one await road or the guy from that band row about Krishna CORE. An aim scoured The airlines cannot find it anywhere brought myself publish in his garage or something maybe the main component of it at four p. Maybe It is mainly a ladder. Oh yeah, a big component of that hard core seen in the early nineties, was Zemin's, inelastic, lotta, guys publishes evenings, oh yeah, friends of mine, had seen there were yeah, basically just made him over at King Gos you now so maybe it. It was more of a he's. Referencing z
probably be hard to find on the internet? Is it short for magazine? I think it's a cooler. In other words, magazine ruler and below in quality, announcing carrot and also the word magazine so lame arouse magazine sounds like Maggie something your parents would read a magazine, a cat, then peed mentioned okay, so p talks about a needed to night crazy, can't what happens? It's crazy concerts really turned out. They had no idea sure. I don't know that rather long ago, that type, No, I was your age or me. I went to Brittany, spears, concerts and stuff and watch friends over and over, not a lot of friends, but he mentions the wall of death and you I should like you knew what that was. But
didn't. I was feeling, but you were, I would get you can. I guess yeah! Ok is it? Is it like you stand on something really highlights some scaffolding further equipment and then you die. You do you do a crowd dive now, but I would have guessed. I would have guessed some sort of crowd surfing nearing to just like us I'd die arms. What we called it, but it's not that at all it's a true reenactment of war. Rob you can tell me if I'm wrong, but this is what the internet says. It's a true reenactment of war was two sides split down the middle charge towards each other. with the hope of survival. Oh ok, I've, never witness the many many a show I attended. The issue is re popular in the Chicago area or something there was robbed whose from Chicago confirms that that was really the wound. Death is popular
Yeah- did people die, I'm sure we would arise? How do you know about the term while the death of people are dying from over? That's my guess. This is a true reenactment. A voice seemed there's some carnage. She her thought. Okay, so you discuss TED Nugent Uncle tab and you shouldn't be adapted his second wife from Hawaii and that's very close, he got guardianship over here. He David a seventeen year old when he was thirty and then made herself made himself for legal guardian with parents permission if you believe each online music, the idea he
asked. He asked if he could do the Baker New Majesty signing over one of my two daughters to thirty Earl Rockstar and allowing cloth, which is what he wore at the time it depends on his person. I have to be a pretty leprous ways of personnel. He'd have charisma burn, I'm gonna gas that her pants palpably wants in very involved in her like careful now you you know that I'm gonna get knowledge, have no night and sang yeah. Maybe we didn't have mother, there alone, I am all the more daylight sprawling she'll, be a Michigan, their Hawaiians, that our culture is a little different than yours of avenue mentioned your favorite biography. Tighten full title is tighten the life of John D Rockefeller senior by wrong journal correct and its appeal.
Only eight hundred pages Leeuwen. You write that up. I feel I need this always closer closure and I always feel guilty. When I say I read a book that are really listen to I've listened to that book three times it still accounts for me it does but I can see where people are like more impressed You read an eight hundred worked and listen to an eight hundred page book, but for me it's because much quicker zone reads it to me. Then I have to read: it shall pay. It suggested that seaside be de Mille owned the park. I assume he met Griffith Park in that's incorrect. Is that what you did because I suggested I think that he owned lawfully? I think that's what park we were talking about. Justice is forty acres or something I feel like when he first moved here, but maybe I'm a friend a laugh impact is now park when Griffith work is right. There behind arise, hard to say, ok, hard to say, but because an autograph parking
Pakistan is nor nor central are no. No! No! No, but do you know who owned Griffith Park first or who now Griffin J Griffith, ah call name is it I should have an American? because what it felt like a guy named one of the girls chaperone resist J granted after like and that all of our further, but I think it's a cool name, and I hope it's right. Ok, so so use you spotted up a lot of stuff.
Bout Rockefeller and the amount of money and in relation to the two to repeat yeah until today, right, USA, yeah, ok, so I looked it up and Johnny Rockefeller, who became the first billionaire. You said that by the time he died in nineteen thirty, seven, his assets equal to one two point: five percent of Americans total economic output. There you go yeah, it was our atmosphere like well, it said to control an equivalent share today would require a network of about three hundred and forty billion dollars boom more than four times that of bill gates. Currently the world's richest man, whose network
eighty six billion, but don't you just tell me about it- I've got a lazy ass. I was. I was told that information Monica found the commercial ways Jeff bases. I only relate to say that by the time this comes a year earlier were allowed to say that by then will be allowed to say. We will then a huge resources IRAN is at the heart of your contractually forbidden ever say that word the name Jeff, may remain in close to you, I wouldn't these that surprised. He was very nice there. and I was dead suspiciously muscular nowadays. According to you, why your side by side vigil anyone who's not down the side by side. Pitcher of him from my twenty years ago, now he he he looks like he had of a body transplant with male Gibson. I wonder fish a person on the website. All that would be great. I think that would be helpful for peace,
the sea was possible. He has every right now of hearing your late twenties in your computer programmer intact at all and using all never look like Miss Gibson and brave heart. Not true! You could, if you decide. Yeah, you don't like enemies, email gaps in order for the example of us now, I'm back! That's not why I just have a little more information than you, because I have not seen him in person right right and you ve seen a picture and an eye. You know your little an accurate that that's. Ok, right is really nice and he's not he's not the richest person in the world, though
I was twenty was I saw you, I saw that he had the title for a minute: yeah, even that's a little but yeah suspicious yeah. Ok, so in regards to you talking about had the industry is changed. The film industry. You said that the year without a paddle came out pyramid, Paramount studios, release, twelve movies and lastly, they released for those were gases for sure yeah. So without a paddle came on two thousand for and released sixteen movies, primarily sixteen movies that in two thousand, seventeen they release thirteen or they do yeah so really with or some of them under an umbrella title like they had PAMELA family. Genes, and these I think so,
How do you believe in Brazil came from the studio, studio, yeah, and I wonder some of them, though, were released just on view. Do you not the utterly? Well when I looked when I looked at the titles almost written down, but that Morocco, nice all yeah, oh and I were but most power of house wrong, my guess, you got me coming across here s. The first time on the visa regime is ok, see you also said, and maybe this is just a miss speak, but you said: jazz originated in Chicago and travelled to New Orleans and asked the other by around ok and I wonder even set it originated in either the voices. I only meant to say that the misses,
maybe in those those I paddle boats in the casinos on them in all its staff cap influencing different regions. I indifferent jazz types would with Michael North and south in Mississippi. Again, I learn that in a jazz history class in ninety ninety five. So I could certainly be wrong at this point. Yeah I don't mean I think if I don't get it events are about is what yeah you can react area us take a rather, there are certain new Orleans now ogre, but it did. It did try and make its way up the Chicago ogre we in then you talked about country music,
is kind of the only gene or the cells, a lotta lying Yanza cds and I looked into that a little bit and we could have gas. This new probably have already guessed. Why cause hillbillies? Don't use computers mouth? would close no because or demographic tad median age is much higher fur country, music, listeners Shariah their marine, their use to going into stores and buying cities and suffer the nose tech savvy lawyer. Or can I just wanted to clarify that? You said m night sham on made the sixth sense and then lay our enemies, but yeah fire restoration decided is to stop listening to people. We don't know em at all. We didn't ask- and we just don't know if that's true at all, to make sure
that was now. The only thing I would say that is true in known. Is that if you make the godfather, your opinion holds a lot more way past godfather than those pre Godfather Yacu, which can be very dangerous for a lotta resell stand by that gang. I think that's true now but we don't know anything about my tongue. I ve never met him, never hung out with him now What I can say my my estimation, movies have gotten precipitously were here. I agree, but we don't really knows why we don't through so many reasons, movies, yelling, sideways here. Ok and lastly, PETE's album releases January nineteenth, and we, really excited about back, as we were like yea that so timely our then this is not going to Time is not timely and honour to apologize
to hammer just said the world, but but visually nothing, no powders. Before big. Let me tell you why you would, you would all everyone, an apology had gone the other way, so that say that they were listening to it in december- and you said it's coming out December twentieth and there was no model February, so their personality, but this is they're gonna learn about his already out. This is only upside, I think if, if you're gonna era, one direction, I think we are in the right direction. Dont tell me hidden part of his supper. We hold me an apology that was at all then that wasn't bad yeah, really took me. Why can't really? I have to reiterate, got along it took me to get through This is a process for you, you're probably get more streamlined right about the hall. The way you attack there, so you don't know a guy two pounds. It just happened to favour a huge chunk of time. It's better than that
very busy. That's all I love you. Thank you.