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Portugal. The Man (John Gourley & Zachary Carothers)

2018-07-09 | 🔗

John Gourley and Zachary Carothers are members of the American Rock Band, Portugal. The Man. They sit down with the Armchair Expert to discuss the pressure of following up a Grammy, dog sled culture in Alaska, and the value of paying homage to other artists. Zach and John give insight into recording artists they admire and Dax is baffled at their general lack of jackassery. They talk about the elusiveness of a pop hit, the highs and lows of being "known" and Monica and Dax reach new levels of indecency in the fact check.

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Hello, everybody. My name is knack: chaperone welcome to arm chair experts. I just wanted to say that we had our first alive show last week and it was so fond. Wasn't it long ago. So fine, it was highlight my trip through planet earth. People flew from from Seattle in Portland Families, not our city, and we saw you and we we love you and people made signs in it was by my own biased estimation. It was a fact into our party yeah yeah and course were we were so encouragement. We're gonna be doing some more live, shows we're gonna have a couple coming up in the Texas area: that's a large area, but Tom we will give more he tells us that approaches, but more. Importantly, today's episode has Turkey's named John and Zack that have the subtle stuff. Van call, Portugal, the man
that the data none of data being, but they were so far as you will hear and of course take wrote this amazing song, as they are Portugal, the man please enjoy arm. Chair expert has wrought you buy, so knows we have a glorious sono system at home and it was installed with their programme called up and running the mean first was super duper easy to set us up right, yeah, but let's say your lazy. Like me, more are busy like me, and you live in a metropolitan area. They will come set this up for you for free, absolutely free,
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three- ninety nine three or ninety nine dollars priorities so knows beam now at sono, stout com and start your homes. Sound system today live live. I am a hog like we do he's. I am right now I sat and John who are you know, hyper talents. I'm sure you guys know him them, I'm sure you're, a humming their songs in your head as you go about your Mary way and we were just on the topic of I think because we're we're recording this later spoiler alert. This is usually word. Wherein like ten a m or something right, and I loved a pound coffee during these I was saying- I'm I'm scared because I can't drink coffee during this has never sleep now. Please take it away and when you can, recovery copy has no effect on me anymore. Gotta wish it did. Love is imminent.
Normal o Brien running, get you well as a year ago. Yes exactly start out sick, and then it makes me better You know some grumbling in your lower intestine, ready, marshy. I don't even know if it works, just something I did yeah, I don't even know, but how they can you drink it I mean I drink it right, of our time here thinks a really anyway, you just go right to sleep. Now, probably don't do that either, but sleep very well, which could ask them to do find me me me me Do you earlier you take aiming to go to sleep now, These are now to stir your dear I'm rockstar. Why are you taking drugs and go to bed? I now Alex. I take him to party there were eager island, go up and down there and John. What you're take? Can you drink it right up to buy time as well? Yeah, I'm pretty much any anytime, really easy, while others don't really do much to me.
At just never felt it. Oh really, really do anything really, and here you ever dabbled in drugs, I've been around you ve been roundly seeing people draw, has seen people do drugs or am well I've done all the drugs just yet acts and rock and roll. We really does not address the ass you have it. I ve done everything shy of shooting dope, so I just eat your enough of friendly place if he did want to say that you know you ripped a couple lines in your day. It'll be ok, no one. I don't think we'll bail out of the interview with Dennett we ve done dragged before. Ok any does not, for you uppers is not your thing yet they're. Just I mean it was never effectively. It's like. I just feel no, I think, maybe even done enough.
I'm inclined like our real big chunky Iraq, as someone just see if we can get you up there with anything yet resolution on the road anything. Now you guys, how long have you know one another man to love? You hire entail over twenty years, a thing: oh really, air and holder, yours, I'm thirty, six! Ok! So for some kid, sixteen like high school at that but you're, not my last scar, yeah you are both from. Alas, out do you want that cop show certain Alaska Alaska say traverse there. You go Why not arise. They bow appreciative. Had friends on it, I've, seen it. I really wish you had watched because I need to know if that's an accurate representation of what's happening on the road. Roads. I don't care if I dont believe anything. Anything reality on tv is very real bullets. Also it probably probably that not far off
one of the men that they interact with our armed at his room in many of them are very intoxicated in mid day. Is these peace in our actions are like eleven, a m in their there heavily armed and swims swim trunks and hammered in their honour quad. That is somehow gotten ensnared in like a brewery. Oh sure, some so far, this is pretty. I told him I'd told about suffocatingly right. That's how we met actual there was also an Michigan. So why are you know I've been to Alaska couple, arms and I'm gonna tiptoe around. This is because I don't wanna offend anyone, but I'm certainly as there is a specific state character type with that one. Have left the lower forty eight in search of adventure her or something right salmon is the or or
or they want to be alone the right, which is a specific personality type in folks. I think our brig generally proud that they lived there like it's. It's an accomplishment like they're they're, bearing the elements in their surviving as it ever gone off died as accurate Ok, so you would explain your your urals. Highschool experience, captains of the four halting homecoming Kane re really. I agree here with everybody. You did yeah, ok, a cat king I mean that's quite an honour that was bestowed upon your your great dancer or I regret
a curve? Their idea of our solar, also aid is probably no three, but where I'm from you, you pretty much had to be like on the football team or a basketball style or dating the hottest grown school to end up homecoming King you check any of those boxes MIKE, Miss Mary beyond all right here, you just the together every but he got along with a heart and I think I mean. How we met anyway was seeing him play that you, a planner commons area, is bandwidth. They cover cannibal, corpse and regions. Machine and later in now bring Hamson start having rely dad, it is pretty much like you do. A wider than earning and how we did that that was my hair wanna play. Somebody asked us here who would have who'd have done that they knew procedures. I was wearing yeah, no, knowing you, after all, that I get out of here
Given that our remembered that, at all in IRAN, is it safe to say that you thought he was a fuckin stud? Like did you look up to him at Rio? Just do the crushing I am in front of the student body in holiness is this guy can't sing for share live anywhere. I get help this guy out of it. Now he was just for me. It was it was really I opening a guy. I gonna grow up with dogs that Matias for parents and move a real yeah like pants Randy. I did arrived together really. Do you have a ton of dogs at your house here we had a red Husky? Oh my gosh in let people just cause I've seen a couple, documentaries, weather, but but very animal lovers, other that might think that it is in any way cruel. Those fucking dogs love that right right, oh yeah, they live for it. I mean it's, it's really interesting when you out there with them, because it was my dad's dogs at him. But it's up when we talk about all the time like just
getting them ready to go, how excited they. I'm we're just talk about. Yesterday. I've been pulled out, the sled somebody's gonna, let you go no egg for hundreds of yards just through this chunky ice us now and it takes a while the calm down did you get it? If you can imagine you if you have a dog hey you wanna, go outside it. How much of freaks out dog said team as light, what twont fifteen to twenty five twenty diving Van Gogh yea? They take our in how're, you determining which one is the alpha like do you? Are you bring the often the very front harness yea you haven't. You ever lead dog that Canada directs the team and yeah. Maybe you can kind of sea which, which dog that is I get letters run down. Yeah You can see it in the dog loud as well. I just around the other, the other dogs yeah, and how did your folks get into that. What did they do for a living? Can you make a living racing dogs
So you can my password category did well, they well for sure, but The way my dad got into a was we lived out Nick Road, which was just ass. I was seller and my dad he built it. Jen for Joe Remington Senior and was one of the founders of it. The editor on ok he's a famous last case like Michael Jordan, you hear him and having I act back, that's like the our heroes There is a sad I've never heard either of those names but the uneven out of Alaska fight. I he built a shed fridge already ten and instead of taking payment, he asked if he could have some dogs calling on it to get into it, and I mean I was four years old. He took a straight answer, Trapper Creek, and we went out this way.
Can I see lake at literally icy lake yeah says it off the air. We lived out, therefore, for two years and my goodness got into it. Are the dogs pricey yeah yeah? They can be like what are we looking at five one, assemble a team next year and try this in the thousands and thousands per dog, yeah, Frankfurt, Africa and it didn't. He then get into breeding these dogs yeah yeah, we're she just talk about the editor. I just started a couple weeks ago and his This is why the last year is going to have one of his dogs in the eye, and how long does that race? Last week, I guess we were, around with Henry ten days my mind, Martha, broke tragedies and its needs. A thousand thousand miles led digress. Oh, my goodness So I'm says, with off road re seems to me that that you know that the zenith is, is the Mahars one thousand
in India's knowing that you know if you're the fastest guy out there you're still racing over five foot jumps for eighteen hours and that to me is the height of it. I can't imagine racing for ten days with dogs is my for integrated engine act. Imagine in their sleeping out there like. So what did they? Do? They baby they much the dogs for how many hours a day a match long ago today, by its amidst the charges- right now raise his dark up there he had died, rear you, sleep deprived. These will hate themselves. Is it safe to say that it is, alas, love in the dock our grazing world, Lady and generally mascot. We're we're really proud and a mass of real makes a both aha confusing yeah.
I don't know why I feel compelled to say this, but also saw a really cool discovery. Channel shoes episode about which animal had the best endurance of any animal in the world, nor comparing always- and it was those dogs as the number one- and they can run a seventy five percent for like twenty one hour straight or some crazy, like my colleague right if they buy Muskegs or something they can to track it for life, they don't give a fuck big bright of the air diarrhea not raising Saudi get in the music. If you're, you know, you're not going up the dog kennel. How does it happen? It was not do. I guess I must add that you're gonna sit around and It's really cold outside in the sun goes down here. Two hundred and thirty in the afternoon, yeah you can have. One of the things you can do is pick up a guitar.
I figured out right in you started at what age as a sort of that twelve accolade? I played music before that a plate saxophone long term, for that played a lot of jobs in classical by never listened to that suffer. That was listener, rock and roll NEA, and but I'd never and my dad had a guitar in the closet and stuff. But I didn't dare. I was always in the Zeppelin and the Beatles yeah he's out there. That is relevant. I never thought I could do that. And then I rise on really hard. If you hadn't varnish, are William Blake smells like teens very has asked this sounds I just loved it and I thought of it and I connected with it so heavily, and then I thought yeah that solo. I think I can play you're that yeah and so I broke out of his heart- is pretty much learned. I think that's middle of part of the large appeal of punk forever. Absolutely beer.
So similarly I was sixteen. I think I went, saw mud honey, someone at the very first press of that album, never mind. They played that song, we're all like what the fuck and yes, with the later that week, we were able to play that song in it seem like will fuck this. My favorite thing I can do got a good learners curve, punk rock tellers wholly and as an that's. What made you think I want like play that it may I could come up with my own song yeah, and then you can try that sovereign down it s good smothered in spirit, but well known Yahoo, ban forward you're right Zepplin, if you're, if you're, if you're here listening to Jimmy page plague the guitar at its height Yang industry, John Bonham play the drums. Yahoo like yeah may mission skip this whole thing. Yes early there, that's Brahman, comparing yourself to people in their restart anything rankers. Why would you
Exactly yeah everyone to play music is weak. We grew up away from town so dear to our trips, Gaga, groceries, aha, and we were listening all these radio and it was just the Beatles and Motown and SAM Cook Allow- and it's all so untouchable, and it seems like so long ago, is well yeah like that. I just really didn't know. Much has happened since I me I knew of Michael J simple. Michael Jackson is also untouchable. Yes, it's for me. I was seeing that someone could have made a great Michael Jackson joke right there, you, I just can't constructed, currently amount to much of all, there's something really so I'm read this. This is a lonely childhood now who are you playing with I only musically I'm on your dogs, who are you playing with dogs? Allied a younger brother, you, the hysteria, ok, so your family- and we did weird really he really weird stuff. Looking back, I mean I, I you still walk around the winner
just listening for my sword, rabbits. I've always happen around her and we would have a week would follow. Porcupines brown you're almost now dear Emma this movie with Jody fire. Your attitude and I do not know what sort of a businesslike over did. You love your lying on a journey, So when you, how do you then end up at this, where you home, schooled up to high school or no the school, I'm. U we lit up, connect we're just outside of town. I got you so outside of what town was Scylla, ok, well, Scylla and I went to Snowshoe Elementary, which was handed down connect as well There are small places, yellow how many kids are in your grades in these schools. Cooper landing. There were two kids in my growl, my guy, you must have gotten the best education in our world. Well,
I approve this this case for Europe to be the other teacher thou attacking I never. So when you go to the high school, its acts. Going to in you see him is that is that when you first saw him, are you have class together yet Can I my first real time make in in like a bigger school yeah and he was running rules now right either browser I use your mind, blown so getting on a prison basically hours. Bring me shy growing. I didn't talk to anybody out even seen his band play. I was there was in the background, I'm just gonna, taking all in and thinking I go out. These kids Kim can play these songs. Why? I couldn't somebody write it down. We write new music. What, ah, how soon Seen him. Do you work up the courage to start chatting with? As you know, we were yet we we became friends through a mutual friend that arm and we're gonna. Everybody hung out together.
Aware when others are gonna parties and stop TAT was like I where's the bonfire at For that reason, we did bomblets area without a big bonfire where there are several different spot with overpass. We add the. That enables I alone am all alike. Are you also incorporating a little aquatics with now asked? Not normally there is pretty cold swimming wasn't. Even in the summer you yeah there's like Canada, there's a couple spots swam, but we never did. It is morally parties. Now can just kind of guy in the Middle EAST as a party swimming lends itself to skinny, dipping that the airlines, allergies and yet the Abbe told him ever did that as our lower than make the lakes in Michigan very warm in the summer, and I think I think God for that, a couple get once we have a kind of We met a parties as we would need a bonfires and during a bunch of beer, and we all have our your truck doors open,
lasting meddler, whatever there wasn't a whole lot of people who really dug underneath the surface for music and how we found we started hanging out pretty quickly, as I owe you ve heard of this ban vicious rightly below the surface right and it becomes that becomes the cool thing right. The more the terek of oh yeah asshole So when do you guys you graduate ice cold? You go to college. I went first operating graduate ranch perfectly regulations, as the other things about John, and I would have become for you like you, e Learning ice will first and then I bet later afore? I left him. So what's the aged difference over this There's nobody just departed gear. He left half with you. I waited till egg right before Alison awaits him as I dead, Kennedys and are actually had I'd. Have you through Six I have highlighted raise. I dropped like three weeks before my eyes.
Just with an army on this. It was pretty stupid, ongoing king on the honourable who drops out either as a rare story. It was pretty down and I thought I had a drink with apparent think about Africa Past, but I was, as I might add, never thought in his eye. Is I've never even thought? I thought you could go to jail. You kid become a routine dad. I thought everything you could die here. Ever thought that I would ever drop out of high school. Usually in the grass is mine and ass pretty dumb, but I gotta figure that out pretty grandma my latvian super smart, I snuck in college and can a pretended. I got my JD very quick, and then I went to college that didn't even except JD had to get you to give them your diploma, and I gave them transfer for everything except the last quarter. Ok and eyes pretended like. I forgot them around I'll. Let me just
I just in role, and I pay you get. My classes goes get made like yeah, don't forget to give us that they just gonna forget about it. That's our allows and cause that's great, that's a lesson everyone learns again. I ask is a definite some good ideas, but often have they found that if I just dont fill out some, if I leave something blank on a piece of paper, you leave it to their imagination. Yak area can work that maybe redevelop Victorian and I had ever known to arm chair there, I'm sure It is supported by zip, recruiter Monaco in here when you quit. Could you get too big for your britches into popular famous, which is how long out to the daily? Two to three weeks in two to three weeks, I'm gonna be panicked. Trying Place you yeah by lack, but
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So what are you doing after you drop out? I was pretty much snowboarding and are right and music. Ok, they're working I worked. Constructionem was Karim. Painter yeah and I'm so you were happy. We are also skateboarding when you're good, we didn't have pay. I'll go skateboarding. You about Rapporteur magazine had on, which is the only get you wise. It was our circle of friends. I was in our escape boarding, but I lived a little bit closer. I was in Lhasa, the argue as ways out you're such an Enigma Zack, because the fact that again, your homecoming king in your and escape ordering all this stuff is really I'd. It's it's fracturing my known paradigm about what happens in high school. That's great. We lying People do that with the exception to the rule was so. Is this a little smaller? So it's not like when there's
hitherto tolerating you're, not gonna, be in that town. The G8 hibernation Well supported Tom Brady, rightly air, and this is a very, very Chemisette there together and so that's great, I would imagine the again I'm basing this on nothing other than it gets dark a lot in there attended. Do I have to imagine the imbibing and in getting I drank, is pre ramp up yet yeah, but the airway culturally, it's fine right. If you're fucked up all the time, that's great! No one cares right, they get. It is pretty dark brown dark in in every way. There's does a lot of drug problems and stuff that happened. Pretty quick, really highs beside rate desperate, but it just depends on what your into yeah. We never needed. The sun man we're like our those people that yeah matters are drawing out a guy in Ireland fantasize about moving Alaska, the sun will never come up to half of what towels over them as in the summer, wrapped up the whole time. That's
I was there and I could not stand it already, em in insomniac, and then it was just torture lad like meaning look at the window for a minute, just bright as hell out so weird, yes area, where we grew up with this. It s really bothers, but a lot of it would bring up after safe and in a most pronounced where it is like a physical embodiment of bipolar resentment, humor it's like it's one, gigantic extreme or the other, but a man I can I can imagine that yeah that wouldn't like trickled down somehow the folks when they leave their when you leave Alaska I'll, have told us about nineteen. Twenty and John came down about. I was twenty one. A toilet, Iowa after Zack had already left ear, where did you, go that organ westerner? Again, that's a good start or state if you from Alaska
Yeah, it's still isley rhythm area are arranged mountain. I can see you have our ramrod above you were very yet they liked outdoors. And of the school year. We, look down. I moved out I'd, try college I and starting a band with a bunch of other Alaska. Since we started doing Some people started Laconism online yeah, but we had add that we had no air add is we were all kind of singing splitting up the duties or doing ok? Now we could really think you're fucked up. I was playing music with job for a while and stuff, but once again whose very shy I had no idea this dude could sing. At all. How did you discover this? What we found out just a we got his city, he had started abandoned in Alaska, adding jolt. Always I did. You know that Gorlias singing fora singing for a ban, as I know why does the oasis in John sounds like
God, real bird. I now yet is remotely dieters got pipes. I don't we put it in and everybody we just look well, did you know he could sing? Did you will then we're all friends that we play music together, what we usually just yellow, or something like that I knew could yell and in general your confidence level when you were singing on that seedy that force city. Are you nervous, but I do know that this eat you can do this no, and I saw really weird about it I honestly I got it. I was just like writing music. I like I, like the idea of putting together songs and structuring things out. It was something I always did growing up like. I would. I would take cassette tapes and I would edit song, This is the way I would have arranged it. Ok, so so you're. A competence. Singing was not out of the gates high. Yeah. I had the only reason
this means anyway, was because I just I really wanted to to write my music and I want to find something missing for us all. That was the goal, even though the first bands I looked for a singer for this band for the first few record railway I didn't want to do I still really like doing it. I'd rather have somebody else. Steppin is that true, for both the studio and stage, stage at how are you in a studio, still nervous and I mean it pretty much everything we do. We have the shuffle everything to the right a little bit Justin. Put it in your pocket. I am always a little bit at sea. I never really I'm not the most confident singer. Ah, but I
I just really like measures credibly lovable thou, who want to grant a great yeah come now. I am expecting from there, but I think there is a danger that certainly common and act acting out I'll be onset with people who were, from my point of view, the terrified of acting is so interesting and then they that they have a lot of different tricks. They have to do get in the zone. Where they'll do it? Do you have any you have like a routine? You do for the longest time I didn't face. The crowd of how just gonna play a backward Sayer face are drummer play with him because I really like a genuinely just like playing music jamming yeah like seeing what I do and how can I be written off of each other and it just overtime of color turn turned the audience
and rather than wanting degrees a year and started off a straight up to the ground. I want a couple years later is sideways then, eventually, like our, I ll get that maybe it'll just keep rotating as you aid. Rather, as is our aroma. I guess absolutely still, so you don't have any one you trace was too just fuckin, ignore that there are people behind you and then any other techniques that have evolved over time, yet ever taken a beta blocker. Neither do you haven't ok, so this is there's a great documentary called bigger, stronger, faster and it's it's really asking the question whether steroids are implicitly bad or not. There's not a lot a long term studies, whether they are there not, and then it kind of goes into all these other ways that we accept cheating, one being
you could get lays act to change your eyesight if you're a pilot, there's all these things, we can do to augment. You know whatever professionalism and they went in this long part about most symphony. Orchestra musicians put take beta blockers before they audition, because we know it just helps them profoundly and it doesn't alter anything. It is really keep sure blood pressure from rising to point were now, your brain gets really busy. And I'm wondering if that would be relief for you yeah. That's really interesting. I've met me, I'm down. I have some in my pocket. You ever go to high school overgrazing. I gave him sunny just started singing discrimination Roma living in this zero either. Right now I wish, but really I would really be curious. If you did that, and then you let me know again, it's not mood altering and I think they'll prescribe to people who are really
Fraid to fly away. Africa similar doesn't care, and I got keyword plan takes ever now. It's like when he asked it is. We have to talk the people. Are you happy? I guess it would seem that any time we have to say something to an audience: yeah fucking tariff. The journey that you guys. Iran is spectacular right. It doesn't happen that many many people, and certainly not many people from Alaska, but it is interesting that, because you ve got to this point the people around. You start assuming that you have all these other skills which are unique skills right. So how is that been for you guys that part of it words like ok, guys time to be public personalities, have haven't, follow the its? It is fun because of the recent because low? Yes, we ve got an like. We ve been talking about thirty. Six, I'm from fucking was Alaska, malware, literally pop charts. Right now we aren't you Young tan boy was six backs the places we don't belong.
Refineries. We don't have to worry about love, you love and image, to worry about the US and we can just kind of how we get to have fun with it. We the job Yang enlightens mood enough to where we don't really give a shit. We have a happy where we I m grateful, but we also don't have to worry about You are mean for this place, so you don't feel super compelled to protect me. Weird thing like having a little bit of indifference along long ago, we walk into me any interview do Radio Disney were Nick Nick radio? We do things like that. Its awesome and it's fun like the host on those shows, are so good at what they do and they rarely get to do that because you you're coming with what questions you can ask. I take these off the less right now they are they'll. Ask us what they can and can't talk about it,
it's nothing just answer the question? Yes, but but is there a trap because there is a those upon grab persona. That's where you guys come from and I remember when we were kids like the that than the many different ways, as we work using of being sell out without any real understanding of what we ve meant by that right. There I think, a deeper, deeper level. If you look at what that really was it wasn't about selling out it was about were already a group of misfits. That's. What binds us together is that we feel excluded by the football team, and so here's our little group of people and if you get success way now, you're leaving our little group, Your now you're now on the football team, it's a sum, It is like self preservation, self defensiveness to act, kind of to cool or so let's say like the Grammy's must be a complicated experience for you, guys right, like you get,
dominated for a Grammy EM. If I'm you, I guess my knee jerk is like we don't give a shit about the Grammy's. For self preservation? Does the Grammy's aren't always call, and on that day you're gonna want to go? I don't give a fuck about. There was always is it in the differences. We totally give a fuck about the grail, good yeah, but it's different is: are we care about? The nod from the UK may we an inner and our peers, as as the song that we well. We're super proud to be nominated were super proud to win the award visa. But when it comes like you getting dressed up and and the party, I think that's that's a little, the thing the officials on the ceremony. He is not so much the pageantry yeah. I've been formed. I didn't see it, performed someone white there ass with a vague Grammy. Who did that That was me, but it's not exactly what you're. Ok, ok, it's kind of what you think
I can only visualize so many ways of fake wiping your answer, the trophies of pens and like me, I wanted to have any doubt. Anyone would have gone back to front so bad. So basically, all I was good. Theirs is really Do you like Liam Gallagher moment where he gets Ike, I don't know if it's a moon, man or a Mercury award said he keeps shoving it up. His ass, ok and our keyboard player Kyle have looked at me when, when I got handed the grammy- and I just like- and because we think it's funny embryo idiots, yeah I've, emotion that goes into covered up my ass, aha and how that it was funny, but the camera
away as soon as I brought it to my ass, I was saying earlier I my ass. I love that you're divisions of I didn't want my eyes were. There was no other actually shoving it up. My ass, you think I want it enters its right back to this in our own. My answer that I was sixty nine in Madeira and then I went to a t, I'm back so ok So I guess that's a you're just making your friend laugh. What imagine in a situation like that, where your eyes, it is very easy to be self conscious, like you're on a stage in from all these people you'd, like there's commission, which want to look at bubble data up a little bit of comfort is anchoring yourself into the person. You know right whose right next to you, what is it what's up? yeah exactly wages being ourselves were idiots. I give if we were at their thinking about the fact that we just wanna, Grammy and pop.
In the meantime, what I've been in an alternative category we do get nominated nominated in all turned Esposito, yeah. Well, that's like this. On your up again there a wire is impressive and now did you say goblet Satan or something when what did you, God, let's say like rats, Agar answered the casus manner as oxide I'd is that I just said I you hail said: Elsie Hell Saving, but that it for it again- and I am assuming you're not actually that next year I don't even have funding, work is. That was like a real thing. People are concerned about like this, the Memphis for what it is. You got sentenced to prison because they thought he worships novel yeah? That was a real thing. When I was a kid by people. Where am I am my buddy Trevor, his elder brother had a Ronnie James Deal poster in the basement, and I went down there now, since I was pretty terrified of it-
There was a nose like upside down, crosses and yet was in religious, but like all this is some dark stuff air. Yet as we there's a music, we listen to growing up a hind, so that was the shadow to that and then also was there blow backer reaction to that Canada was black. We ask that yours, we boy like unity being comedies halls and then the other Yelena was oils and tell me what it was tat. It was stupid. The reaction was actually like. Really positive. Ok, everybody man's dubbed it right yeah, it is advantageous. They know us. We ve within a ban for fourteen years, as everyone has been around us knows where idiots that run shit, that we do we Retain ourselves man we're not. Some people had entered thus in timber lake he's?
for tat. Mother fucker can entertained Agnew entertained. Yes, we can, then it were just figure out how to solve it. Yeah do everything off, but we does with. We entertain. Ourselves were really good at that good. Ass. Truly shy of you not to stay in your lame word the Grammy reside, how we haven't gotten them yet, but you haven't apparently have to fill out some paperwork I wonder: if the white ten, ninety nine you they'll go like all this thing as a value of eight thousand dollars, I'm pretty sure we somebody asked a buy it. I already, but I am pretty sure, have like record label cover that for us. I aside to get it in these up my mom, so you one for feel it still yeah yet, which is a phenomenal song. Thank you that yeah, that's how I came to know if you guys, because I've long since become a dad, I don't know any new music and boring.
But that song is gigantic right. It's a fucking, juggernaut, yeah and how to what are the metrics of that these days were? Is it of views and I had a load single downloads, enormous, yet aid they have. I don't know who came up with the air the system to kind of make the the equivalence of what assail you I rise to me and now it so they consider at all out war math that they consider streams and from Youtube spot about authorizing. Shouting is about fifteen hundred. Think fifteen hundred streams equals ones. They'll! Ok, because there that you're, making whatever you're making four cents on upstream or somebody yeah, doesn't eddies heads had its free not advocates a night in our action rather than authentic, lubber, whatever it is, it adds up to a dollar twenty nine purchase on two year, something ok, so in
how many? How many downloads are you guys out with that song or roughly is last time I checked, it is theirs to an fifty million streams or something like that. It's Jonathan, I think that arise almost before the grand me to accept out. I have not even been you gotta grandma. Do they call it a Grammy Bob. I think I've heard emerging at its yards. It's great numbers that we didn't know really existed, but mom far as had been monetize? You guys see that money are now because fuckin loaded or what I am, though they are businessmen who keeps saying next quarter. Annex Korea, here, we have nothing to compare it to yeah, because we ve never really made money from music. We do you know we play. We play shows like that. You can sink to movie Grady, I your license and that's gonna hate it. Now. We ve never had a hit song and apparently as widely different, but we don't. Now you're bad, probably do ok yeah
but imagine your expectations, because with the music businesses, what it is that that's not even you. That's not you're, not expecting that to be your big revenue stream right, you're, going all while that's great now or to or will be much bigger, exactly everywhere. Everything you know thus lost it. Better festivals, more unharassed, more people buy tickets. Yeah, that's all That's the business urine right, yeah he's I've repair. Apparently the song could make us some money, but that right, awesome we're fine before would have. You? Don't really you don't care about money, not really how Now that we ve always lived and it now seems now we always lived. Of our Mediterranean fantasize about having to ski boat and share the you're not interested in Ghana. There. I, like add four four and then I realized like out. I need a house and literally never Marilla car. When I bring cars I don't their seats have a home
like I died out of my girlfriend, my Kyle and I shared Archy worse and I shared an apartment before yeah parent replace literally have walked in the doors, my apartment and, probably five months, a wide there's always were always gone: railways, touring and stuff, and so, but this important on the ass important Okay, great! You want to give out your address in case you on fans to stop by the yeah yeah yeahs. Maybe there's something. Somebody pick up my Amazon packages and Asia that yeah that still off the porch source, that's a service when you're fans with lower paid for more armchair thinks there have to say Thank you to cash out for us supporting a E. I very much appreciate. He ate it and if you haven't heard, we are switching to catch up the catch up is the number one rank app and financing it lets. You do most with your money whether you want to pay people back by an
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A true and winds or download cash. App now thinks catch up. You John. Do you have a home here, the house with my wife and daughter wait a minute! You have a wife and daughter yeah. That's where howled your daughter, ass, she six! Oh wonderful! Is it not the greatest thing of all time. It's pretty fun. We do you that watch John and go like I gotta propagate this. I gotta get one of these, of his adversary, but I've gotta get we lived together for on time all agree on one answer: I lived with his daughter for all you see for Yemen is over for you all my Zeiss, desperately it's. It's feel very, very close she's, my best friend the world as a right. Why do I definitely a definite wanna, be a dad for sure the US? It's tough, now even gone even more because of because of this stuff, but yeah, definitely you're good you, thirty six yeah yeah. I had wanted thirty now get going jacketed mass, mostly bend over to get their stifled,
it's my browser go out any day, but you know how it got up with and ingenuity juggle the wife in Turin so much they join your ear yet any Francis toward with us and our daughter from toward with us for the first time. Here's, how kind my wife things with us? Oh, she does tat all that's great and you like working together here and there is great you. Gotta have smile on your face, this Israeli. Maybe it's why we met as an artist. I do a lot about visual art and she, It was an illustrator in in England and we got connected through another artist she is english. Yes, his breath. Ok, I wanna hit you somethin right now. We often rear enter the world of Anthropology do right now and you have to bear with me I've tell personal stories. Listen, I hate that I get derailed with this, but when I was young, I went on a ski trip to Burma. I met a young lady who that was from England Shoes from Manchester
and we went snowboarding together and then that night we all drinks. Beer together than we started hooking up in the walking closet of my buddies, dad's hotel room things were escalating waiting escalating, something you, MRS moving very, very quickly, much quicker than I'm used to as a sixteen year old kid Lombard, we have said that was always a huge mystery to me. I didn't understand why that went like that years later and in college reading the study about why such a huge number of english women became pregnant by a man. Congeal eyes during world war, two and yet almost no english women became pregnant. I'm sorry, no American women became pregnant by the english G eyes in its because, culturally in England, the woman is the pursuer in the man puts on the brakes, but here course the women put on the brakes on the men are pursuing in sewing Jenny, and I together neither was had a break battle. Betel routers I go, go, go, go
and I was fine like the that's the explanation that I needed that explanation. Does it felt way too good to be true did to happen to you and your wife that makes sense and then I wouldn't say was: is that you're not trying to say that your wife we got with you too early undeceive was at any point? Did you got this gales down to party more than normal? Now me now, you say not, as it doesn't make sense. This is the way we were married: oh ok, mom, he's got a real rosiak honor. I'm really sceptical, not use. That really was a paper. I read in college, but could it be the pregnancy wise? Could that be like you now condom concern. That was, after all, that was never. That was gonna, be universal between both all four parties right, the good. The question is Why were so many magnates knocking up ups is proof that they had sex
does way more sex happening between the american men in the english women than the english men in the american women or american men just one to prove it and british jobs yeah right, yeah, yeah yeah, the british dudes, are the ones that go now. We should wait. It's just cultural. No one to blame, which is today lack, is down talk about advantages talk about America's is gonna. Have the data is approved that they had set our greatest asset soccer? Nobody did you feel
all that your life was like. Oh she's, she's pursuing me as much as on pursuing her. No, I didn't I didn't know she was a girl at first woman. Ok, we first met a story. Just took a super interesting turn online online. I he's got a boner. I was so excited here with a story. You haven't, we definitely email. I didn't know he was a girl or cases. So basically, this ice connected as over email and said you to have a similar art style, you showed me and collaborate on something I'll. The issue is a part of our collective and she had an art going out loud, ambiguous yeah. I didn't know who I was talking to an even more enabled Iverson. You remember her name schoolboy air, yet that's very confused!
I would be certain hours talking to Bob schoolboy. Yet I was I was confused by, but here we are friends for a long time. Over email yeah. This is really gone before you found out her gender, yes wow interest and is preserved. Burning that starts happening in the emails no value is it? Was the video images Are there that we talked about Europe, your boat painters, yeah, ok, and when you meet face to face since last year, was I first recorded. She happened, heard her down the move to a false church Virginia, and yet we happily passing through playing, show him, and I invite her out to choke replaying closer and is a gangster Yeah and be tired when she showed leadership which he showed up, she thought she was coming to an art show ah themselves and yet
she was a boy. So there is a lot of confusion. There was inadequate Asian. While I like that, in how big, where you guys at that time, how big is this show hundreds of people are a thousand took her at the churches. Chicken failure I am now is my freedom. Premiums for the weak every time I blew it. You wind and ninety. She had not heard the churches, the chosen by airy small, we're repellent plan for forty people, maybe yet they re. The second and so isn't that that's kind of encouraging right, because you can trust sir leave her reaction, a lot better than if you, if you are single today and invite as under Shell, who knows right now yeah yeah that could be intoxicating for someone to show Shabazz show with thousands of people wanting to be close to you and they might have a chance I suppose so I owe you never think about that. I'm sure
we're all did does as young man game yeah the ok right both in monogamous relationships yeah. That would be hard. I that to be challenging. I have a similar job where I have to go make out with people in pretend I'm in love with them now and then not have sex with them and our trailer I think it's like, if I don't know yet a lot of people. A lot of people say that asked that's hard and I was I've, never had a problem. Where they, but I mean I know I've been single in the van say it Nevertheless, that is to say about it. I was we have a pretty good rule about why we don't we don't try to detect any its managers, maverick, I guess it's easy. The hearing here, a guy in a bad light. I was anytime. I see we tore the ban that Canada gets real Cecy with ya particular with fans. Right am I come on man, you're, ready, dude in a band. Your idea of
yeah. I see a God. It's already near a handsome in an abandoned partner, so majority shooting fish in a barrel you'd only these machine gun man come on care sealing the power dynamic is just not. I would be glad it. I mean it's ok, so I don't know this is fertile. Around dollar, guys that augurs well for his well. That's really admirable I'm sorry about that. It's really really. I was so young and I just can't agent knots if someone was willing to have sacrilegious, can imagine not doing that
Finally, we also we give each other so much his axe and give each other still remaining. I weren't we never let ourselves get morning. That's on rule number about totally say clouds. Yeah did that logic, judgments sure it says I have given you gotTA agrees Andrea, so, but but but what we would agree, though, that historically right quite often what compels men to do anything weather to build a bridge or a skyscraper per highway is to get notoriety a glory and then hopefully a a woman. The recipe right yeah. I suppose it's it's a weird thing I'd. I didn't like the stones. Ok mainly because of the metal hang around the ledge and rock and roll thing all really cause how sexual he was young. I was never a rock and roll out as much as I like right and rights that you still not like throwing stones,
I like throwing sulkiness where you think we got to agree that the best rock man of all time now like a jack, but that all who is at an end Vito scales, mosquitoes, ok, so Let's just say the Beatles our number one, whose number two beetles floyd- yeah. Ok, whether articles like the sophistication of their music, that the arrangements and everything I don't know it is. I was Superman Rawlinson, as mostly in the lead up one. Then I was in a renaissance, but when I did the song. You know I wake up and get out of bed around Goom girls, modern in anybody in any data the places that song goes it's insane. Five So many key changes in this area is a grass is a movie. I was driving at my car. I heard at night for the first time ever like this is the most complex
it'd, seamless, wonderful, somehow in its totality perfectly all the same tone. Yet it's it's not! I felt the exactly where happiness is warm gun was assigned that led by the Beatles ass. I wonder: that's their she's, no, who Missus March and then, when the mother superior, like em and its aids is at three different song in why, as grandly shore in there recording equipment. Batman did not lend itself to stitching things together, so ass, like they had played pretty big hunks of that seamlessly re added it alot of every day the Beatles really were innovators. They really paved the way for modern music production and and did they were the first to do a lot of things right. You don't. I always had read production to the bare minimum I'm sorry. I can't live like a rock n roll. The actual word rock n roll. What that elicits emotionally to me, is so perfectly encapsulate by the rolling stones
This is a good time. Let us in fact you of it all and if you want, is that great? If, because in the document about them called Hellfire hurricane or something As you know, you there's, a couple great things about one being they were. I mean You you mentioned Liam Gallagher, whatever earlier right within his routine, was kind of that he hated being interview NEWS, a misanthrope whatever, but they were the original that they were just touring? The world are the biggest thing the world leading give a flying fuck in the Ets. Crazy people would continue interviewing them because they were really just bailed out during a butt and then the fact that they would go away to an island just do drugs. For like two and a half months and come out with sticky fingers or whatever album it was here, is pretty incredible: pretty in Asia. Who are you guys emulating? Who are you aiming towards in? Did you ever have a conversation?
yeah. I can't it was for me it was. It was hearing rooting for the first time having just that bring us round. His retains obviously hip hop and were not Hiphop right growing upon the Beatles. Through the reason I was into the fields and the reason I was on the phone. This, probably more than lyrics anxious that I live in the middle of nowhere. I held my imagination and you can create these characters and everything with their music was so visual metaphysical, they're telling stories yeah, I think growing upon Motown and the Beatles these things hearing Wooten was. There was the biggest eye opener for me because I was hearing and we talk about the error. There were half what makes this a handful of guitar does a handful lamps, the stuff they resume
the sampling was. It was just a thick so perfectly that era, even if you don't know the song, you know the sound of a make on a piano from that from that that era and that's what made me want to play music was. I could I just writer, you know it for bar make iron and looping. Can we forget to use draw machines? It was really getting into using that stuff like using more software and yeah things I got in. There is anything to point out here about in general, which is it's ok to be copying people, because in a weird way, when you copy someone It goes through your filter. You can actually copy someone, you know like their earlier, so many earlier and gives us in a storm but ill have legends on almost all these light. We're trying to be somebody sure,
but there was a who or whatever changes you know. You can't help, but passed three or fill term become the thing that you could make right. So you think it is important for people who cannot lighten on themselves and just go ahead and aspire to something in them and let it has three you and become something different it telling when it's it's funny way, think about oasis, I mean just oasis talking about the Beatles and shrug using beetles lyrics and vetoes melodies and stones and everything they did. Its everything everybody's done is built on something else until just a thought they
somebody would think that their folly Original Tom York is not fully original like Grady I, as is now at a nowhere right there referencing things in their that's, that's what music should be and that's where it started its its would. He got three impede cedar and Bob Dylan travelling from town to town, telling stories moved with a guitar. Just this is my experience and then you give it to something that town they create their own thing without progression and talk about their experience within the structure and this melody yeah. So, what's obvious to me about you, John, is that you you? You know the history of all this right and I have to imagine you have a pretty romantic vision of what all that was like Bob Dylan travelling around doing things that you have just a general romantic view about all this stuff. I don't think so. Actually are probably I didn't even listening, telling a whole lot grown up I'll get to be perfectly honest, yeah buildings we learned yet
things you pick up along the way. I mean we listen to listen Roy Everson about when you grow up listening all these radio and everything that my dad given me, like em radio get fifty years in the earlier stuff, you get really blues and bluegrass. You started connect, while that's clearly this song, the iron there was clearly borrowed from this person, and a new here, Smokey Robinson wrote this song for disorders. Yeah and I think, that's it's. It's some kind of lost today and I see in publishing splits when you go into the studio with people is the guy on the couch. He wants twenty percent. This is one of the five people that were in the room whether he played on it or right, and I think the whole idea of the thinking about whose in this room and unlike what is the percentage of people in the room they do. I give the cut to the person on the bus. There was time that story and I picked up a miracle ray. I hadn't had you
divine data, but yeah you have you met you. How do you guys divide shut up? Do all split I take her. I take. You until he does it out. Just wait, leave throw some other than change on the floor. Even now, there is a very small ones. Pocketed a wandering around and lose follows around all the time Ok, so you depends on every side you now, depending on who actually wrote it, but it s not just like me bans going right in its just and even split, no matter what happens Zia righto, we don't take, not all of us under the studio rights? Not what was and when were there. We don't do the roles of a lot of people say we do I play bass in the bad. I hardly ever played bass in the studio. I like help
lyrics? Ah, my guts, that's my thing and we all kind of we do a bunch of different things and everybody has their strengths in certain spots in some people certainly will come in a lot at the beginning and then leave for the end, because, as we all this kind of figured out we're all wildly different people really figured out where everybody does the best, as sometimes I know, about the situation like I'm not going to help the situation, so I was going to Emily. How do you guys navigate to me that the hardest part of being in a band would be the first? The greatest thing would be. The camera You guys are in an army. You have a shared goal and objective in your doing together. That's awesome, but how do you guys navigate egos as yeah there's no earlier, we Will you not our any friction over this fighting all the time there is no good, but his narrowly ego fighting is muzzled. Everybody we share
out of all, we will constantly to talk to each other. Ok, so I'm just gonna am recap a bit because you didn't get into this to get ass, witches interesting and very of all the view, and I am proud of both EU and they have not indeed the alarm aims but clearly we didn't had we done when get after we're pretty nice, but ok and then not even a John, was put off by Mick. Jagger is gyrating hips him and voluptuous lips to some degree. So that's interesting. And then you guys aren't egomaniac switches suspicious to say the least and you're not funny each other Ella. So I guess my question is: what's the engine you know what drives the creativity? None of us are very like technical, except me, Kyle and cause a guy that argue war, player,
He'll play so stay up all night playing playing piano play classical piano so that he works and getting technically better at our guitarist has to we don't really work shops or anything like that. Another about, like we were never the gas it just stated our room and right in the Abbey crack. Listen to get better practice. All we want is we keep wanting to outdo ourselves and we want to write a better song than the last one year an you're not in their doing scales. And what not where I was writing. So it takes a lot of time and to time commandment, rights be massaging all these songs and everything in so
I'm John. Is there anything that about that process? When you started doing a bit, gave you relief at all or or just felt nice, I'm at a thing for me when it came to any work which roused me miss me, I'm a competitive person. Ok, it's it's! I ego! Uneath, there's gotta be a little bit of eager to that right. It's it's! Probably a lot of like wanting their error like and I love the sixties and love hearing all these radio in and say every single song is amazing. How did they write songs and under three minutes, and all of them were so great? It's it's wanting that competitive era of music, back NOME and really trying to do. Yes, it is out yourselves, but push our contemporaries too, to write better signs that I want to have some competition in music, young and old seawater music happening the Beatles famously had the beach boys right there.
It sounds or some big you guys were not better than ie, but there was some rival rain and the result was sergeant peppers, yeah yeah. They pay theorize at that same brain Wilson into a dark place who's your buying, my boys or you can be the beach boys in the scenario. Is there a ban that you guys feel like fuck man that song? pretty got him good, always sets. I was just a little less good, man. I don't really listen to him, but actually no, I won't. He was shot him out, oh really, oh you're, that dark of again about it. That's how come you don't wanna know you're coming for almost share values act. Is there a man out there that you think is doing what you would want Well, I'm not, as drivers must vote. Yes, I feel that some of them Conny Kendrick those guys again rad shit, the abbess narrowly in competition with us, I'm not as competitive, but but I
and there are people like in our areas where we were always rosecrans spasm, because there is that kind of thing. Even if there's a a competitive ban who we may fight for on, you know in the in in the charge entire positions. I still I'm pump that if we're high up, if we're battling for number one number two alive at the world's getting fuckin cooler. Yes, I am all for that. I totally wanna be number one sure, but I want I want the top tend to be filled with a using acts? Leah boat, but, as you said that there is there is, there is some fruit that comes out of competition right
if you're being better than everybody better yeah there at their access. I wish would try harder, and I mean it was I really hate saying this one, because I really like the music I think Andrea empty when they put out their first record. It was Supra super impressive when it broke through to the main stream, and it did this thing. That is so unbelievably rare and one thing that I didn't like about that was they thought they act like it was a joke. They rode through this record? They said. Oh, I was just a joke record. We made the lyrics we're just fuckin around made this great, really amazing record that I mean it's only a huge impact on so many kids and so many experiences that were had by so many people with
This record and they think it's a joke, and this goes lands and is the way, is complete who's, the guys that around every single song, another with halcyon near thinking of in smoke. I am, I am because they did a similar thing. I just heard them interviewed and I think they put out a joke album. They got really popular, but it really was a joke. Album yeah, can anyone they were. They were a kind of embarrassed that it got popular and then they learn to embrace it isn't really trade chains, workers tutorial array chain smokers I have already said yet. If that's what you think, I can learn- derided chains, workers on its pretty fight restaurant, it's ok so this way. I watched a united little research on you guys and I ended up watching this. Video is it. Is it live in the moment, their yap? Now, there's this inexplicable car chase in this video.
And is it's in a nine these four wheel drive Cadillac Eldorado is in my driveway. You have that while we have one the one that ran right? they get so much to say about just backs. I worked for General motors at that time. As a four point, four leader vitiate, I hadn t down, they gave a throne keys. I think they threw a. We threw away the keys to the one they crash and act are yours, causa Chinese ETA get around
as if not their heads in the sand did. Who thought of this idea while who pitch this in what Brazil I loved it sola and am asking these questions as a fact. It was a very kind of one who is preposterous. How did this idea came about, and why did you guys in rather a lot of people talking around a table for this one? It is we join forces with our bodies at widening Kennedy. Who is really? There is really amazing at agency, and we are working together on this outcome. They got that they got time and funding to do to fund projects, they do a lotta commercials, their creatives, but they after there always happened to make people happy and and yet be very specific about their there. Things was their very good at and so to keep them creative a decide they just want to do a project just for fun. Not tat would never without making any money where you were last year on year, like the pro bono law
case than those actually yeah desires like one of those, maybe themselves feeling good about thirty miles yet and and we we have been present gas for a long time. We had often just go out drinking or sit around dinner and come up with crazy ideas, and now we decided actually using internet video Those originated from I just stuff. We grew up with scammers ass. Yet totally its total silence, eyes, enthusiasm as avatars feel for that nets by around totally videos are the best many arguments. Usa. The hell, the age limit how ninety escape movies and, and then always like puppets emigration to methods of peace. Whereas in the area and
and so we want a candid- just- have a ridiculous nineties- video that with that without before anyone to have a giant puppets and why it was really really fun to do yeah in who jumped the Cadillac. That was a start man. They way why they do it. I'm glad you have been in similar, said relations. Do you guys have any interest in cars not attack India are using our own one kind of guy that the the Van retort in Forever- and we have that but we're home. So I suggest that you guys you I'm bosses now yeah, I'm kinda your phone. To sing a funny story. I saw so my wife's friend is this actress. Jennifer Carpenter, Tucson dexterous. She He comes out of the house. She brings her boyfriend. His name is south. I all I know is I've been told these in a ban and I'm slowly
to evaluate like what kind of Andy's n you know, and I go lasso you you two are lot needs a YO, Yo Yo to or whatever hundred fifty days here am. I allow in Europe, yet in a vacuum because I know now, we're in buses we got, we ve got a few buses. Now my Europe rebels get blood set able from EVA brothers did like they become my favorite ban and I'm getting them a bunch of times, but does them what I'm asking, if he's a fucking eighty one dodge REACH Homer and is being very polite, you have to know a lot of people around his mean again targeted at numerous times. I would do you play a play music and bears a cool we're restaurant. You work at it, and indeed I really want to say is now actually like. We were we do well. I don't want a bride. You can't bribery lean carefully, saying things there is. If you do, I get to know that we can
that's your died line, right, yeah down, we know and when we meet somebody and they say there in the band I've never heard of your egg Mouselike Irish, Let's go up. What the hell are. You then you re done. Then they give me a few as unlike ok, I'm like yearn of an or you they're just about to get a bad were bus or urine. Couple wasn't like I'm kind of in your smart enough of the experience and other values like I wouldn't areas like I wouldn't say, do play red rock or whatever yeah we play the ever brothers, red, rocks how you did. I was to go to this. A year ago, at the Red Brown, and it is an amazing place. I've heard it's like the coolest play. If ever emerges as a lot of places named red Rock though, but this is the Red Rock in more in Colorado at all about. I hear it's fantastic. I really regret not going to make a point to go back. There goes the belt they'll do it again, but when did you switch from the the van the bus. What year was there? How is two thousand and eleven to
Yes, we did it. We are in a band before this. We basically did. We did eight years doing three hundred days. The air of a bad night, we lived in it, I wouldn't have houses everything so deserve to be here. We only my out only by it, but at the grand it's really but but tell me, go the first time you guys walk on to a previous to or bus guy. Do look at each other like a yak. Basically, we, yes a ridiculous day the venue that was that the biggest venue in town that we had we had ever play. We had already done to where we could sell out thing out now. I've used it for a hersel. We read it out for cells for today's. We actually add with a light package and we rented audio year for the first time he has the first we're going out on a big tour and if we had figure out how to use it. So I rented out the venue that was always kind of untouchable does work.
Man. This is ours to brag sand and kind of figure out. How to do lighter me. We we're still we're still are true, we still had to load and unload out of, and I had the trailer and am, but we got on the bus is really fun. I try to figure out the audio and we just turned dawn and our song they did not get big. Radio, but it has got it was doing well in Portland yeah. We turn on the radio is right to begin. That saw we'd brought champagne, I love laundry and it was is amazing because I was one of the night drivers. John DR all day? in the van in the van is ours. We didn't sleep very much in, and so I would drive half the night, and so we started off Portland our first show is down in the Bay area and I drive always fucking killed me. So I drive all night and then do the show the next day of use of your past, and so I just The two are like day, one I'm already just tired as fuck the Aeneas.
Never really recover. As I remember downhill, violent, add a few glass of champagne, some shots and I'm going to sleep is waking up. San Francisco alike, eyes. Bass yeah day. Did you think I'll fuck? I can never go back at the wood. What I ve learned, how do we do miss a lot of things? We had a lot of freedom but has also before we had to do. We had pressed, it was before people cared about us and all right, so was really fond driving through the desert on a day off and we'd see what looked like a cave at the top of my eye, Hillis pull Let's go check that out. Yandah we'd see world's biggest blank yeah! Well, it's what we saw all of that shit. All gas stations and we had a lot of fun doing that kind of staff are being being broke and on the road you find very end, steam ways entertain yourselves yeah. I will not. I do many generates a little more material. Yes,
I don't get softer, you wasn't less material sorts flying, Rikers adversity creates most are in some way rights. You gotta Bayonne, groceries figure that is so necessary care around here. Are you like Tom Cruise, do why he does tagging? That's the ridiculous and has he can't go plan by groceries. How does he know what normal people look like yeah? How does he do that? that's why it's actually that much more impressive one. A guy like that does stay relevant, doing great work all that stuff, because it gets increasing its it's. It's particularly hard on comedians because if you look at most comedians their early early part of their career, the most of what their per train as the people that shit on them that their whole lives right like it's, either their Fuckin Highschool principle or this you guys do you know boss. They had right, but that gets further and further in the rearview mirror in you're the boss.
You're the one shit, I'm people urundi, you know you run out under their material and related to oblige. You watch comedic means just traditionally don't age that well because they get you know. Their life gives good. They like ourselves in this area, as in the area they dont, you just hate it private, JANET. You know they ran out of his. U have to drink, we re all in Iceland. I got that all she had done. You know what I'm talkin merit. It's gotta be tough yeah. But to that point you guys have any you know, do you think about the kind of stuff like out if we get her or even even even self fulfilment self actual Alsatian, those things are dangerous for an artist right. Their self esteem is dangerous for thirdly I mean I'm I'm coming to them. I am trying to redefine my point of view with I'm no separating that were I don't have to. I don't have to be so
rate of being penniless due to motivate me to write a script, a guide unplug that right I'd like to write from a place of happiness figure that out, but you guys have those thoughts yet Emily. We worked on this record for three years for years, and there is a point where we are recording, whereas Malibu, nor recording, with with my who is a fuck me here, I'll show and Red Shangri LA we're at regrettably, area and drink is smooth these every single morning. Everything we did with great so good and there's something about that that it just gets this point where every single day that this is read. This is where we got another song like everything was flowing, but it didn't it just wasn't feeling like you have earned a year. We didn't have then struggling it's gonna, be there you gonna be working for. Do you feel that?
work was not as good as previous work. Where you had struggled, I thought it was rather ok, so you do believe you could work from a place of peace and happiness and fulfilled This wasn't rules if we are ready for you re ready for their yeah. I've had the unique pleasure visiting in fact set out there at the Shangri La S, amazing, I mean yes, I had my first thought was: how does one ever go inside this studio to record cause s urine Malibu, it's amazing air is look, is inadequate, as regime is mutational, things that they have an area. As I said it's it's just saw me and of its all recall and staff and everything everything you want and that houses is perfect and did you interact with Rick No, he was gone most, I'm alone I am within hang out them at all. It was really funny that weird- you tried on his clothes when he was in their weary. Madam president, I was in fact we are
more than most people, the song rigs unmentionable is literally Rick's on me, crazy for this one Rick I was a it was. It was really find a really amazing put it there, but we had to Canada go. We too can take a step back, and yet you have total you're right. We were ready for that yeah, so last question I want to ask you guys I have too much when you guys are in alaskan you're imagining what it's like to be any number of these fans that you look up to right. You have a fantasy of what that life's going to be like and what you're going to feel about yourself. If you obtained that and then it starts happening and do you feel like it? It has lived up to that or do you feel like oh wow. I thought I was like. Knocking have to brush my teeth anymore, but fuck. I still got to do that or I'm going to get cabbage the Arab League, whoever had we never really thought we're. Gonna have accomplished
Baker and eager for some reason, I think, washing Nirvana Unplug, a highly toxic, makes a joke about that. Ministering and he's just said something like a big rich rock band. I thought we were supposed to have a bunch of extra guitars and they talks about specifically asking a David Geffen to buy a guitar forum thousands like, maybe it for some reason. I always kind of thought. I was thought that, but then I just figured that I was an idiot, that? I was wrong, so I guess I'd. I'd really. Think of! Is that crazy, now, obviously, no meeting meeting my heroes that they're they're just do pretty, guys lie somewhere disappointing right summer, yeah yeah, I left the disappointing once you ass, if one because you Chad, afterwards about air has ever desire them stories there's only when a few havin starstruck for ah weird, I ain't wreck sure naturally yeah big fan- and I was
super friendly guides us out. He lives up he's exactly what you want. Him he's a lad version of this. Now he is amazing. I he's too eyes into what I did. I expect that without that was one roused like gold and I was a in lay a couple years ago and were Willis where the line hotel, where eating and am I Jesse the odds, are entirely ass on Martin Luther King in your day, all pervading straight from church today, as they were in their just completely dressed up through the night kids, the entire family, our fucking glowing yeah. It is couldn't talk. The rest is like. I was the only other table in their allows them their security team in their family and a man they just beyond this. Now the man Diego scanning me one of these, as I like back, I don't even know.
There is, I guess you greater ease, my number one. You guys now do Jesse Ideas, Ongoloo, I'm gonna documentary hoarding his retirement. How much like em and I have no awareness of how we made the songs out just a fan of them and to see that he goes into a studio. He said play Kanye? What do you got kind of says? I got seven tracks he's like. Let me hear him he's like all right, I'll, take three I'll, take five and I'll take seven, and then he fucking sits there and bobs his head and then he goes He goes into the bulgarian says those rhymes I was like this is not possible. The eggs so rare that it is my favorite thing in the world, is every bit as amazing as Picasso, making those paintings and violent events at the end of his career. It's just mine blowing, even if you dont like hip hop, you have to us a dogma and just watch a fucking unicorn that lives on planet earth. Today that we all get to see it's unbelievable he's good as it gets here is, is bad so
finish up on that thought, though you may be. Are now you know financially, you it may be, none of the worry like you never have to worry about doing that job you didn't want to get. Is there to do? Can you absorbed the safety of that? Or do you still have fear about the future? You have to keep writing emulated. That's the reason we play music is a guy. I just wanna hear good good music out there. The goal was never make money. He has actually opposite the beginning. He always, It wasn't a girl's again guys. I don't know what you're doing I dont know. Why do we use is a mandate for the love of music, who are you when I first gave the poorly we went to shows and c C shows outside of Alaska, like you see in a show for three bucks,
you seen a ban that you know the teacher to ten dollars, some other five dollars and we're watching these bans with twenty other people in the room. Many was just. It was just like seeing him. The scenes are covered cover the size and school. It was this moment of will if they are doing this for gas money, we could do this for gas money right agreed. If we can make it to the next down, we can we can play music and we bought a minivan rice cooker and a five pound bagger rice boom and and that's all we want legalistic galaxies, go play music and have fun but ones you, Wanna Grammy. Do you feel like? Oh, I want to keep winning Grammy's like I like this feeling, and I like
the current me now, we use the recognition yeah, it's not so much that I think we'd is always want to. I just want to make myself happy in an add on want to go back there. I want to write a better saw next time. Yet again, a totally one of one another grandmother, b, bathing. Hopefully they ask us back there. I daresay I they'll give it an abstention. Somehow got away to change that they ass he'll, get me the wrong day, but there still let you in because you had no expectations, you weren't aiming for something you just ended up there and Maybe your song running process was was easy. Before do you have that fear of like oh fuck are next thing has to be good now Does it as I feel it still got so big, there's more shit. We camped rider, at another song that big, they probably won't happen or just resigned. The fact there won't be a that's me that, but
Try to write that song. That song was just. Gunnar Lahti around it was out of nowhere and it's the marble. Let's do it. It's Mister Postman, the melody in the course of an were pre transparent about this there. That is the way you write music. You get these melodies any sack of this. This works. I can again users The way I thought about it, won't we roadie. It was just so. The outer nowhere like we're we're mixing live in the moment in one room, I stepped into a side room and I decided plan that baseline men. We laid it all down pretty much everything on that track was recorded in forty five minutes. It was while just super quick and
just like Jesse designers, and I wish you guys- I've made a documentary about it so that I could be so nervous around here. I hate my. That was the only have you ever done it like that normally takes a really long time here we couldn't try to raise, and I don't think anybody really can do you think they can just re hit songs. You can have it big name menu name will get you everything in the world. Jesse can put out a record and it neither does it doesn't matter how good the song easier if he wants to go to radio it'll go to radio, yes, and that is the way the music world works. You cannot plan on writing crazy or hey. Can't write those things like that's just it happens and it all it all comes down to who else here competing with at the time who else is on the radio em it's what's goin on the world was calm, say, there's only sorry these cap plan for it so we're just going to travel
and a better, so I do think we can do well more. My heroes is Howard stern and if I have a singular plain about him in his interviews that he can't comprehend the people dont think the way he does I killed Will you had to be jealous of this person know you had to be dancing on their graves when you one I'm gonna, except that you guys are just better people, know me you are trying to get laid. You don't seem to care about money and you're gonna, just right from a good place, and I applaud it, and I recognize you aspiration on a lot of ways, I feel like somehow you always did ale delay body by yeah. We're not like. We do good things in his sleep and I would do terrible stay out here. I don't like weep good I'm Emma Ex Scumbag, who still scumbag yeah yeah yeah down scumbag fish? but but because if someone tries to be you they're going to fall very short and then I'm going to hate themselves and it's your fault cuz you didn't
Let them see the skeletons, but that's another over a follower where angels, whether when you up in that that do you I pitcher like Tiger Woods, my have you back on all really overture explain this vote. I give up. Ok Why do you think you have to have a healthy relationship with Boozer, an unhealthy one? It's pretty how they have a brief, highly functioning address it's in the way. Ass. He was He had a drink too much, but I need you May I ask those hard hurdles? Aren't they, has issued I'm talking about like the immense one was given two's. I had this fantasy that if I, if I achieved certain, things are got a certain amount of money that everything life would be easy now it would be downhill, but now the device big battle all day long as you gotta eat three times a day and that's a but there's so hard is almost impossible to make the right choice. Three times
the day, seven days a year. This way too many options you one thing a day. I knew one good thing: it s in your safe and free nice hotel, you gonna go downstairs. I can ever for contain a great opportunity, and then another going out some healthy, but they're gonna sound, like a burger, gave you that you you never leg is. My point is no one ever come and then they take the shackles of being a human offer. You, unfortunately, every awesome if they did whenever which maybe Pillar Tom Cruise, if you like If you can buy an island and live on now, he don't allow cheeseburgers a mile and he has to make three good decisions a day to a man and he made a deal early, very good ones: Disease ripped it whatever years old, is still denied. I do we love Tom cruise. We love Jays Ethan,
for common and in talking to us I know you guys are busy, will come back and talk to me if you, like the rest with another greatly. Neil man now begin my report of the show of extra close upon dears armed cherries, I just wanna postal listener, advisory, but the fact check today It has now very wrong cheese. Sexual talk, so that's not for you to keep moving love you back tomorrow, by a bab. My old man, wow, that's set the scene for people, because this is. This is a listening experience here. It is not a visual experience, but I do think it's occasionally.
Informative to point out what's happening, how sweaty are we right? Now I mean refreshing, confusing I just gotta face. Also I was allowing- and I guess I still am, but I think it's, but it's more than she where he is so- the attic is ball blazing hot or on a heat wave here and we get I believe that you have trouble digest, recycle one ten, one fifteen, some nuts in today its high hundreds, hi hi hundreds at high pressure system blowing through the attic, but it's about ten trillion degrees in the attic and whatever, whatever I don't know, but just because they now that's that's the context back on it. So we get cranky on another blame it on that score. Portugal, the mayor, and they were so nice likes them so much. She made me a little disappointed in my own self. When I heard help our response.
Lay there were handling and an oil or not annoyed. They think they're, like no you're making too big a deal about how nice we are because we're not that nine rife, which means they are nice. I dunno yeah means you're gonna human life from my hunches. They do have skills, everyone does the Alaska State Trooper show. Bring that up. That's in every hurt him commemorated the debts in American Classic when you left it at that, american american Documentary Television Series era NASH, geographic channel came on, two thousand nine went, seven seasons show followed the daily beats, a various bureaus within the Alaska state troopers that's more Zizi lab that I did. I did. It's more seasons than a parenthood. Yeah, one where we could to do said it was a better show: Soviet parenthood and you'll like this, because its clearly or better show you qualify it
yeah, but Yet, as I was saying, but always unity here, ok, the ideal rod camera many many many times, and you said this: the bunch documentaries about it and that there are one is called the great alone. It's on Netflix, another ones card. I didn't, I'd? Tough, his race on earth, the reason you that this is because you are like people can't think some people, may think that its neo cruel to the dogs exactly by then you are saying, but certainly not, but in two thousand T there was a time when I came a document. Are they came out called sled dogs that definitely says the Boil movie that any boy movie a dog millionaire. Said the sale of the same document. Fled dog millionaire. That was it. I commend area about my life.
What kind of man you're. Let me and said was not favourable towards Israel's having not seen the documentary and I'm sure it's heartfelt wonderful. I guess I Don't know that I get behind this title because sled dog sounds like a bunch of boroughs like it's about my dogma, my sled dogs, who I go flooding my fiance did you know that their called sled dogs I do but about sled dogs. It sounds cool. Well, it's not cool. According to this document, there is a saying that they just saying there's some shock is: have that happens with these dogs, including a two thousand ten incident in West, liar, rather lonely ass, Eager Blinkem NEWS and the young was any theirs. He resort and was like, I think, Whistler Black Hominids NBC great snow weren't. They ve glacier and their open all summer,
I was so bad. You are on a glacier right now, Joe we do not manage to do so today, in ten in Sudan in which are reported, one hundred quote unprofitable, unquote, sled dogs work old and buried in a mass grave, terrible am, I right says or any of the documentaries entitled why the fuck. Is anyone doing this now because when I see it, I had my first thought is why the fuck would anybody we? hold it can be out on a bargain. For that long, at the mercy of twelve yeah. In dogs heist on canines. That's true, plus those folks that enjoy that. I can't really relate it's all relevant right or it's all personal. I watch wrestler, I watch, b of sea and I think that I was hoo hoo
why? What I do? understand. I do not understand the draw. The writer makes mail, a logo. Will the yard but cheerleader required a ton of training and then it was ultimately put to the test So the dedication and then trial and then the reward is you fork and just to reduce? two female? You go is a lit all that's any sport, yeah thence rang in their spoils significantly, so using old, guys, train like eight hours a day is a very technical a guy who's, not even alpha bullied type guy. Become amazing at that sport. Does he so athletic? And so dedicated and train so hard, and I just because blood involved. I understand why repellent to you, but but Just you guys are both doing something physical and then testing your scale game with bananas, letting exact same
You just see that and you think all why. But it's the exact same situation. I see what you see and I think it's a silly unconquerable of people's strength. Ah he had heard each other. Yet I get it. Oh how many dogs on a traditional dogs, sled team they had to fifteen to twenty, the sixteen dogs is the sixteen Joe Weddings and senior, who is one of the fathers of the dinner. I hear you now worked with Johns dad. And then he said, Isabella he's like a hero in Alaska and her be my AK bucket, because when you said I kept listening back- and I know I m not hearing it right am. I can't find who is talking about. Also listeners can help me out here. Ok, tweed! If you know her behind got hurt me Serbia Herbie. The love dog
you mention. The the film now our hearts urges maybe with Jody faster. Ninety ninety four drama- and It's about a young woman who has to face other people for the first time. After being, raised by her mother in an isolated cabin, sounds so scary. I ve never seen it's not a whore picture, it's more of a Tarzan movie. Where they find? This is some this rapid creature out in the jungle always now and they of course think she's slow and dumb. Oh, but it turn. But she has her own language and she says chip stay in the wind in its yet ro, I fellow actor to watch it and imagine having to say chip attain the wind. Maybe is unknown actor. You could in joy it more
but I dont excruciating. I think you'd have a lot of second hand, embarrassment, viewing the motion picture, which is not to take anything away from the many accomplishments of now share as I mentioned, the high rate of suicide in Alaska is quite high, pitched imbalances in and out of the number one in the country. Whose neck and neck. When it said according to one of the east, these Wyoming, which was surprised me I didn't, I don't know, I don't get it but yeah. Well, lay there than northern there very northern they're just below Montana, right and blood? snow, that isolation lot of coal lot of what about Montana Well, here's bring about much here's the thing that
people don't realize about Montana. They ve gotten Yellowstone National Park, so in their feeling, blue. They go over the old, faithful. They see that old trusty gal around and they go of this fuck him spout, a water can keep coming along. So can I this theory? That's basically what's happening, ok, I believe we could get some geothermal activity in Wyoming and Andorra Alaska, you're gonna see the vat rate plummet that's right now we have a solution here, but they have a rate into them. Eighteen, a rate of twenty seven, point one per a hundred thousand residents in the: U S ash low rate is thirteen per hundred thousand offshoots double now some correct little more than doubled, correct sir. Let us get on those.
There are and are always gives them geothermal. I gotta remarks, and now you bring up the documentary There are stronger faster, and you said that there is no proof weather. Stairways are actually bad for you man, I just people. I dont want to seem like work, cavalier with stare, It is right because many studies do say that enlarges your heart. That's no good causes, impotence and infertility and other lots of ads that those were the worst ones I saw, but I'm not. I am certainly not pro steroids, but I was trying to relay what the the documentary set, which is it has never been the long term study of it. So it's hard to be. Yes, your heart is a muscle there. Instead, we are making all of your muscles bigger self course. You're gonna get some new and ourselves
and also you don't really need. I don't think you need us super long term study if, if they ve, if they have been able to measure the people's hearts grow but that's the thing they haven't measured, there's never been to stay where they go right. Let me measure your heart, pre steroids and then, let's checking every five years and will measure your heart that hasn't happened. There has never been any volunteers who did decided to do steroids to accommodate a scientific study. There are peep men who go you steroids to name on it. Builders, animal has let me man was light, animal testing. I don't, I don't think they will be able to say if they had no proof of that. I think, what they get, what they can do. Who is, they can observe men's size of their hearts, stare road users and then compared to the mean average size, as I think they can do, Maria nothing. They have identical twins that have wondered steroids.
One dinner, don't do steroids about that. You feel better advice to say I don't I'm gonna believe in steroids for athletics. I do I think what is Jason her tail, trying to turn to crack down on it and then just becomes a young, a contest whose technologies better so, like Russia is not Spartacus Atticus occurring, decorous in Acres Documentary Eugene. Seeing the full force of a government help cheat and how is, I was Guam gonna compete with that. So really, oh you're, doing over that you're not cracking down instead use your cracking down on people. Do not have enough money to have a programme that successful within saying one group is doing a bad things are advantages. Dubai. Everyone can just do bad things. Hey it's, it is tricky very tricky
Ah you, Joe during cop argument here you also said beta blockers, don't do anything but prevent your blood pressure from rising to a certain point which that is the purpose of them, but you can't ass out of your on them and you don't need them. So you're saying if people who want to pass out should take me of arguments. That is exactly remember. Her message received loud and clear. Nine disarranged overdue, that in your bar yea. I appreciate your you care about people and I am the one who knows, I was in high school. Did you guys ever I'm pass each other out? I never. Because I was too scared and an end not able to be peer pressure there right people did at yeah yeah, and we did it not junior high, of course I dont advise anyone. Do it because you you're gonna bank, your head? Eventually, that's what I've been seeing mission of the past, but but would you prefer? that the teens work is what we would do.
Migration even save a strategy because then someone we cannot repeat it actually. Now, I'm just going to say it we were, we would breathing a now eggs excessively like Ben over and then you would sit up early Quicken the asylum put their hands over your nan yeah. Then you would pass out- and I guess I did you were given the choice. Let's just say that they're gonna do it. Would you rather have em, take a handful of patient puckers or go mechanical with their technique or be your preference for years beta backer air, a guy Ok, I'm in explaining when, when John wiped his ass, with this Grammy kind of which we now know, is not really what happened he's here,
is he was like recreating. He said a Liam Gallagher moment and I didn't know who that was, and he that is the lead singer of a way I'm sorry, No, the song wonder why? Yes, I love a does. Of course. I know that with such a huge part here I see no level doing little junior score. I think middle school yeah yeah. I love that software to goody. Like there's a who kick ass documentary called Hellfire hurricane about through several thing. Oh aunt, actually cut crossfire hurried, crossfire heard here that makes more sense, was that's a lyric from one of their song unharassed fire, but that documentary you could obviously I was not alive when they were going around to impress and what not, but they were a whole
fuck you I talked about it, didn't with them right that they were so despondent in every interview, yeah there, Such shit punk rock, like young people loved it and before I saw that oasis and blur is oh. They had they had a kind of a rivalry voices in books and they were Oh shit, heads in interviews in an ideal was like all these guys for get over yourself, but there after seeing crossfire hurricane housing. Oh, this is kind of a tradition and they're gonna we're gonna do what the stones did and then and then I was easier for me to hand adjusting our idea I'll. I didn't know that he was the lead singer. Oasis, ok, I know you said you were made joke and you said quote: I was I was sixteen ironing a trophy and then I went to ATM Ocean. What is our me? Well, I don't know I mean I know what it is, but I just don't know that we should be included in the telecast.
Tell me I'm dyin spheare some something to mouth. Ah,. Yeah. That's what you're not gonna sound is too mild ass to mouth yeah, That's gonna well said so my mom there are lessons to this power. My gallantly that's the thing you decided to censor new, It deserves answering It's a very old mining is earlier and that some sixty my ears like holding hands it's it's almost exclusively done in your in your late teens and early twenties. It's not like you're, never gonna walk you non grandma, Grandpas, sixty nine in it just gets retired. It's like you wanted. How can I can I can on them secondly, the master mouth action and well. I can't speak to that. I'm just show those are my core that you had some reservations regarding the link. You don't know what I'm saying
No, I know what you're saying you walk me through. No one saw so innocent, but you can't actual and walk me through. I did not say it was so innocent. I said of all the things you say not me, I don't say very much growth. Stuff. I mean we're ok, controversial too well, whatever be, who you do all the time and you love to do it so I'm these taxes are party soon. What do you say it? That's? Why? Because I am so. I am sympathetic to the fact that Many of our beautiful arm, cherries, bless them. Maybe I don't know are not the means, but for game and pulling your dick out of the ass. In sticking a right in the girls mouthing getting head while you were,
But for you- and I know that I knew well- I did I knew it back. I don't think any of our not most of the people would think that if they heard that to me, when I was at what could asked to mouth mean eating someone's ass? Oh yeah. That does make a lot of sense. Tat makes the most sense not incorporating This renders the Ok Brazil. Rights of your right with your interpretation of atm, I would have easily said that, as I said it in a movie, I wrote correct, but I would not have put anything in ships that said ass. A mouth, the deck moving, Master Maloney, yeah, ok, boatman. Too far. I will say when this goes sideways and people are mad about it. I did warn you of air. It is very, very hot. Ok so Zack and said for the guy gimme that they won. There were up against us proceed.
How would you like me? I want to know what else they were up against something just like this, but our plan, the chain, smokers gray and maybe you're gonna sing it. Thunder by imagined, dragons and day by sad and Alessio Cholera. Well done boys. They beat out a lot of good. Yes, they did. You mentioned and referred to it as the Memphis for and it's the West Memphis three Cheese Oak. I am today if you enter the documentary that is so good about it is called. Paradise lost. Its three three separate documentaries are following the trial of these boys hurry. They were accused of murdering of two young kids, It was I don't want to get this far wrong. Three three three p m.
Pre Pooh bear some very sad story, but its equally sad that the convict these body, as they basically had Brok posters in there. I don't like that that happen to those boys. Armenia. There are six of those boys ah, he every time you say you said I owe my head. I hear you say I only here down this tunnel radio up turn the radio. Love is in love and the others runaway have. As you know it, least allow yeah yeah air, because I miss you miss you today's will from now on. Could you just embraced in really go. You did I mean
now that would require me to sing a little bit on here, but Europe dramatically better singer than me and I m m- and I'm doing wait a bit longer, who money like a big Zack mentioned, that he thought somebody would have to buy his Grammy, and I actually told somebody else. This occur and I found no proof if I know evidence that you have to buy a Grammy looked pretty hard, but it still may be true, it probably is, but I easy. I feel like naked defects. An academy award. No, then the amateur but but you do have to buy your gold medal, that's that's trainer countries that their underfunded, whatever rain, that is trail, southern, maybe back on steroids. Should be an international fund fund, the gold medals in the you
France a song. I wake up. I get out of bed and you're talking about a day in the life budget, the blues by the blue, you here yeah we're inside my crossfire hurricane, two thousand twelve flags items. You can watch that show good. You can watch it, ok. I was Bah men crossed by her a cane. That's it I don't know. I think so You said that the chain smokers released a joke out there. It is not true, I think, you're getting mixed up, because what they said is they release so their first, our urban moon at their first there album hash, egg cell fee in in one of the single hulls which was a song about social media and suggested that women are somehow more vain and annoying that man and
A were making a jet like the whole. Album, I guess Was- was making fun of people who do that He would say we made a novelty rigour that was, in my opinion, are the most clever records ever made. Obviously not everyone got the joke, so they weren't making oh just like put this weird. We you are sort of there might be two different, but they may have done two different things. I've, done something lyrically. That is exactly what you're saying. One thing that I believe they were describing on Howard Stern was that they had recognised that all the hit songs of the last two years, have the exact same predictable b and they purposely just put out an album of this predictable beat thing like they had, yeah right the code and then they just did it to prove that it would work, but they don't. I get, but it did were rise by feel like the story. They retire yeah. That's in keeping with this a little about link there like because a lot
I guess they also that a lot of back I should like these guys are just broke in. They were like that were literally making fun of people who yap. So it's called the same. I guess I was interested in your both things can be true that big, Those could have been the lyrics on the album. They were being right. Yeah yeah, He mentioned wine Kennedy at agency who helped with that car videos were talking about and I know widen Kennedy. Are you cause you ve ever shot a commercial for them yeah. My first commercial here I did was with them, and it was definitely the most. Herbal lesson, that's a hare. Hair a simple conditions and showed me like the south. It's a certain kind of I got women bear. I meant we had a. We were mermaids and commercial. You were you swim? No, we can spend that the the.
Tail was so heavy tat. You would have say yeah. Oh, we do that we'd have to swim, a tiny bit in the commercial yeah yeah I did not want to. I mean I'm not an amount of its former. What was the top what year was sells, it was shall yeah while sizeable ones. The area can really quick. They were delude, aren't as well who got the job yeah, A lot of people got to see a lot of stuff like Marcia. Now at any point, because it was your first commercial, we, like oh Jesus, I'm already basically doing nudity did you have any kind of like? Oh, I feel a little bit objective. Well, I don't know I'm allowed to say this, then I think I think it's allow, but it was a two day. She, it was seventeen our Diana nineteen. Our day holy.
It was. It was showing taped to your gloody address, and so by an once, we got an hour tail. We could not get out of the tale to pee. Guess group, my yeah, that's not bad, but even the p. Even if it ends and once we got details, we also couldn't move, so they had a care, they moved us on the guarantees and they were moving us around on guiding. It was sailors, winds, liquor raising sociology experiment. It was a really crazy Beth, but by the end of the seventeen our day in the nineteen our day I could, I could just could care Who is seeing anything just Rio, everything, ass, ok, yeah,
Well now you know how to get people and, as you are aware that I must see this commercial you ve seen. I showed the girls all the time. Oh really, oh! No, I would remember I would remember what you're saying its quick it's a bare and that I have on my phone and it'll be longer. For me. Let's say this commercial spot. We calm in the body of the thirty seconds spot mighty fifteen fifty Even a fifteen second spots, gonna become about four and a half minutes spot from high rank. I'm going to talk about, of course, that is NBA Polly dad he moved on to give him. I said, Now the time and the audition yeah, not for the shoe. I am thinking it was so many years ago. What are they can sue you about that? I said that we were In fact what you were in the air and then it was hard work,
so far? No, it was a meeting. Yes I've. Never! I don't think I've ever felt like exhaustion like that, but it was. So exciting and so fine, because with my first commercial Anna was like the craziest commercial I've ever done well, yeah. It was really fun. You mentioned sabotage saboteur o sabotage in in regard to this dislike. Video you and that's. It The boy song and though it was directed by spike gems, whose a beast John till they were crowded with make d at wreck Reuben Studio, and my dears asked the boy thought these two boy while YAP and you can see Shangri LA on the report. This documentary on HBO, yes, the Rick Reuben Studio, they they do a little, they record. There said, then will you can see in it?
Tristan, it's really cool newspaper. You mentioned Picasso, making our in five minutes at the end of his career and I've been in eight. You might be referring to, maybe not the those like a famous story about a woman who goes on to Picasso, a strong ass came to see me something on a napkin for her and that should pay whatever it was worth than in the air, and then he said, then he said I was gonna, ten thousand dollars and she's a beta, then thirty seconds, and he said the emperor has taken me for it. Here's to your money. An early second yeah. Maybe that's what you're talking about, Tom Cruise is fifty six out of some day over thirty six, where he looks good, looks real good that's it would do. Did you ever have a crucial issue now now? Ok, so we found one never good, There is one even before his leg in all crazy or grazing sees doesn't need, isn't it from it does not do it, for I understand them, and I respect it
and down again what a fine time and our lives shell, yeah ass self plan, those folks there, nice as they gave us the nicest evening imaginable. Nor are they really did. We run a cloud pink cloud after yeah. I was lovely to meet our people in person, so I want to thank them. And say I love them, and I want to thank you and rob for making all that happened. I love both EU. Thank you. Let's go a mermaid video go on
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