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Race to 270: 306 and 230

2021-01-20 | 🔗
In this episode, we meet the contestants: Perfect 10 Charlie (230lbs) and Best Friend Aaron Weakley (306lbs). The colorful history of their physiques, rules of engagement and week 1 results will be revealed!
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more than two episodes of armchair expert odds. Are you ve heard me talk about my best friend air weekly? He is one of the greatest loves of my life. We met when we were twelve we're both living was single mothers, both trying to define ourselves as young men in the absence of a father figure, while trying to figure out different ways to cope with very similar childhood traumas, and through this friendship I found my personality. I found my confidence I found my way, but the biggest give we gave to each other was a place to be vulnerable amiss all of our obnoxious, July's feats of rural masculinity. There is also room to be scared and worried in sad. There was unconditional acceptance in a bubble free of judgment in so many ways. I owe my life,
Aaron. We have slammed in and out of each other's lives for the last thirty four years, I took a radical detour through sobriety sixteen years ago. That proved to be our hardest chasm to straddle, but for the last four months. We ve been strolling down the same road again and it has been to quote Erin outrageous. We ve had dozens of moments where we were teleport it back to seventh grade is when such an incredible year that I selfishly want forty more just like it, and that brings us to the show, on the surface sure it's a weight, loss weight, gain contest. But for me it's about securing my oldest most
trusted lifeline and I think we all need those welcome to the first episode of race to two. Seventy indices, not a political pod. No, this is a contest. This will be our first ever they as we call it. A game show romantic. Oh, I love gameshow, armchair experts first game show. So much is tell you what the premise of this show is Charlie and I were sitting around at the handsome
house, I don't know why we were discussing his weight and air weeklies weight, but I said if I were to put down a five thousand dollar challenge. Would you try to get to two? Seventy, and a barren accepted and was willing to try to get down to two. Seventy is this competition you be interested in participating in a new enthusiastically said: yes, oh yeah instantly. And this is perfect. Ten Charlie. By the way I mean I don't know, people have made. That connection. Will that's we're. Gonna get into how the contestants are very, very so people your little familiar with errand weekly, of course s friend here, and we thus run air weakly and then, of course, they ve heard a million times about perfect and Charlie, so we'd like to learn little bit more about perfect and jolly, but before we did at Erin, could you describe how Charlie looks from your opinion, like our assembly,
war. The first thing they came to mind was a fuckin handsome fire man ass. You see on the cover of a calendar, for firemen, promoting via writers. but that was always my first and then that day at the beach, when someone asked him if he was a Viking That would be like that Charlie the third and last and would be perfect answer, and would it be fair to say that you're, a nice dream body since we ve been in high school in Prague, be Charlie's body, oh certainly, as you can we're just teeters on the edge of looking like a bodybuilder, but he doesn't look like a body better. He looks like he's lifted a trillion logs and put bundles honest,
older and climb ladders and just under the old fashioned way absolutely and its faces just fucking gorgeous the symmetry is often darts. It's like there's a mere splitting his faith in half his blessing Monica. Could you just tell from so we get a female back device earlier fire man calendar is pretty good. Charlie is very hot, as we all know he's perfect. Ten Charlie, he looks perfect. There is no getting around it. I'm trying to think if there is even a celebrity that I could a Quaid the prize Charlie, isn't a celebrity well well be after their weirdly. Although this
guys at nearly hot enough. He looks like the crazy redhead. I'm game thrones when he had a big long beard were. I me Sandy was a bad guy and chips for anyone that scene chips. So let's go through a brief history of wire, so gorgeous in your body. So nice urine, Athlete in high school athlete in high school, I am college. What was your sport play? Football aid only about what position I play tied end at George town, all cheesy around I'll, arrange air wow, hey, it isn't. I dont have done working out after graduate a kind of stopped and then got back in, and man that's been since two thousand ten did you get back in because your body was starting to slip or did you keep exercising throughout that period or juice? Take our real, a real break if thou o. While everything started to slip, oh wow,
It is that we need to see a picture of that time. There's some pretty bad ones, so you got back to it, and then, by the time I met you, you and Erika your beautiful wife owned across fetch him yeah. We started that about two thousand and eleven, and I had done cross but may be for two years. At that point we open a german downtown allay and kept running until May this year. So immediately. What comes to mind- and I think Monica you'll have some thoughts on this- is the ethics of this challenge alive Manny far earlier so red or the gates you go like? Is it a good idea to offer someone a prize money to gain would ultimately be forty pounds in a short period of time, hopefully Enzo. You just think are your pain, someone, the kind of ruin their body la I'm, not crazy about. You're, not crazy. Now, but the only way
I can go to bed at night. Is that Charlie last year for absolutely no reason YAP won't. Maybe there was reason what happened last year for the marathon. no, no we're talking your gear, inexplicable wages lasted, but I guess it was. A year ago I got about two sixty the kind of started I was probably to twenty and then slowly gain and way, and then someone I just keep this go and see how far we can get and about the same measures to sixty no reason a cleaning gain likely the muscle mass kept quadrupling in that we were on some family vacations. Were you looked like a silver back guerrilla like your gut was really distended. Yet it was still an eight pack, but it was huge. He was like a wheelbarrow guide.
With muscles on top of it, and then your trap Theseus were enormous. They were coming onto your ears, basically down your shoulder. Yeah can carry maybe twenty pounds in those days ago. Ailing, rob roused. So since you have done that just as a hobby, I thought what he might do this on its own Monica installing amassing do some. He has already done for his own amusement. Ok, I mean that's trill by two Seventys, the most you ever way right, thus, while his heart can't take it all his heart could till now just what is a profession, tat money, these national. What provisional? Are we prepared exactly my point? Charlie's body knows what it's like to be a perfect ten
I'm worried about it getting too perfect, nine yeah sing, I feel very confident, will still be a perfect tenant to seven. That's true I'll, just throw for contacts that good guy are running common when he was winning Mr Olympians, he was three hundred pounds right and you guys are probably the same. Why are you might be a little taller? I wish I was a little taller. I mean I've spent a good six hours in the last week. Looking at bodybuilder, and their weight. Oh you out is to make sure that is possible. And what do you see? because, most those guys we see win their like five, seven or something or a huge three hundred plus
as far as possible. We I one question be, and I think that listeners might be wondering a new sort of touched on it. So are you Charlie going to do this in a way where it's, mostly muscle, I'd like to read the last fifteen? We're gonna be tough to do that, but I'm gonna start dive been pre clean, not a crappy. Yet maybe you're gonna eat like a few pints of ice cream towards the towards, even if I have to tell them. What we should point out now is that we have set up some ground rules as its evolved, and basically we decided that Charlie he's not gonna cheating second drink too sounds of water. The knight of the way, an input on seventeen pounds, he's gonna play fair. Also, because people are lighter in the morning and heavier at night, Charlie's gonna get away, and at night inherent Norway and the more ok. I like that, and I propose this chance to weekly
Weekly was very amendment, meet a meaningful amenable. Do you like it I'm, not crazy. I don't doubt about right. I don't sign Ok, so that's no up in the air, but he agreed to it and unprompted. He sent us his first weighing photo and what's grey Kinda, Charlie and at the same time, but I didn't open it in Charlie had in so he brought it over I immediately start trying to look at the scale of the digital scale on trying to read the way, but I'm seeing like eight eight eggs is bad angle and I'm not laughing and internally as niche, really look at the facts.
Oh, why must take as a third of the photo is the head of errands. That's it acts in demanding, as do his way in any caught. A big portion of immediately showed it to everyone in Europe here Monica the first time we tried this, but I told Erin. I hope you don't mind. I said you know. Monica took a second look in. She said right, yeah strange. I went straight away when I did the same thing. I did not notice. I believe that there is an outlying. There is also no magic. I photo. It is like a dad, takes a pitcher in their thumbs, half way that's what I thought was happening write about it is once you see it, how can I method as a third of the frame, at least is no one
The rosy had arisen ice and, as I wonder, people like Monica that's exactly what he said. Do you like? Let me say it again: you and just just like the air and then you go it's nice. I think this is why you invited me to join and on their cause. You wanted me to say that Erin, it's all my son, that is the head of his Of course you are you gotta tell yourself, this will in fact help with my weight lies the bullet. Oh my gosh bills, my confidence. So errand just kind of workers through your body over the last fifteen years. While let me start by saying that when Erin I graduated high school, we had this same
back bill. You know I maybe an inch taller than Aaron. We were both around two hundred lbs. He was always a little bit heavier than me. Cuz he's got nice thick legs in a beautiful boy and ass. I've always been envious of it, but we were pretty much identical in outline or so the web and then Aaron also roofed for years, and he just had these gorgeous shoulders. I think I sent you a pitcher of him on a school bus lightness cigarette me you look like talking Amelia from Mask yeah Thank God captive around to twenty is most of them. Adult life and had pretty good muscle mass, let's say fifteen years ago. I think that's close to the decline. there were no put me at thirty years, or maybe maybe five years later, but Slowly rave, you wordy set it on here, Europe almost a year sober, so you had a pretty solid drinking problem yet
answer drinking woods. I guess the calories don't agree with you when you get So I remember when two hundred and fifty came, I was like huh how about that? Two hundred and fifty that's pretty Fuck you. You know I was an absurd. It was. It was ok. and then the next markers were to seventy five. I remember that started now. Be ok! and declining muscle my have started, It starts showing up my stomach. There was the falcon Will they, when I saw him three hundred on the scale- and there was always a joke of mine that well fuck it up to eighty amazed- will shoot for three hundred against I am rather judge. I guess I candidate
I have three didn't stop a battle, the highest they saw me the scale, MRS to say I didn't get a little heavier by was three thirteen and that's just now acceptable and more money, three under it was funny. Thirteen was parkin off because I thinking what's next forty three hour, Sir well, and then you came out about a month ago. You like dad. I gotta, get this under control. and I was yeah so come out so you're here for two weeks and complex. I admire your willingness more than any other person. I know we worked out forty days in a row anyway, perfect every single day, and you never
complained in Europe for the challenge the whole time, and so we left to go to Detroit together. You were at two ninety nine point, eight so Loggia almost we're thirteen fourteen bounds, that's great yeah, those thirteen and fourteen pounds is to get me. The three hundred who really nice as real. feeling easy dead, but I was easier to do being around you and all of you guys actually Charlie and Ryan Molokai, the whole crew Eric. We all the kind of work out medication and there appears nice. So then I went back to Michigan with you and then probably kept it in the same We had one really terrible day at foresight or males that'll be its own episode, but probably put on it, but at the time, the eye text you with a challenge. You were there at three o six was it senses
and Charlie. You were at two thirty on the dot right, so this is really close to be. even so you had the game. Fifty pounds for Lord allow foreign already an errand had thirty six. Yes, I'm an edge is worked out beautifully. When was this tomorrow, a bit too. We, the Otmar two weeks, ok you're, so the next up so will have an update about we too. But after week one Disappointingly the next photo sharing did not include the head of his penis. I'm not enjoy the same. At that time we did the next level super hard. I want to take a timid detour on that topic of Erin getting hard, oh yeah. Let's do it causes Absolutely incredible. It's very relevant incredible! So when I was visiting three weeks ago, we went to the
each on a sunday we are splashing around in the waves we are seeing in Hollerin and Charley was surfing and we're all having a blast, and I threw my neck out a pretty severe way, gettin tumbled when he had put put the washing machine Charlie's and was got me area, so I had a real bad neck the next day. I call this misuse that we know who has been swearing by this guy doktor K that fixed her back and I said: can you get Doktor K to come by so he came over the house. He wrenched on me to my absolute shock in amazement. My neck was better in one session. So just a few days before that we were in the german Aramis, and I can't really meant much because my shoulder his hurt for like three years I said Doktor taken, you stick around and work on errand. He said yes and then so errand just gonna walk through the treatment, like the steps also doktor caves in India, man, it's important to say that oh yeah, very handsome, Here are some soul. Doktor K started with my shoulder. He really worked out me. I mean he fucking got on top of me
boy that, because he couldn't get in the laboratory made from the ground earlier I without a walked in right when you use kneeling on your chest, vital areas. You know giggling all dived outrageous. he fucking pop that shouldered just pushed on it so hard till it path. Any cracked, my naturally crack in the no other things. Lingered me, he then went on to ask me: What else is wrong because I assumed use We work on the shoulder. I told them oh, my god, my left, thigh as an air feeling in it for seven years or so? One second idea is the fact that you haven't been able to failure divers, seven years old, the informative of how many things-
we're going wrong the order louder than that, but now that you're sober yearly, clicking they're all these things and we're. Finally, at the leg, that's been frozen, seven years. Ok, the one time in my life that that was a dream. I tried to ignore it because I was in a bad way for a few years. The law time I actually tried to address it to the doktor. I was in the hospital during his stay and they didn't want to mess with that at the time, because there If this is done no, our raids and might even these sickening then someone who lived there life like I have so he started pulling out my leg in cracking more things and I m really quick. The table uses isn't the most robust table when he was free.
in Germany in your whole body, or do you think you're going to collapse yeah, you would think right. Three hundred pounds said on that fog table and then an because he was a problem and, lastly, he asked: is there anything else? you mean bookmark to all really gwig your leg completely came back on line right yeah. I had a feeling in it and I have a feeling till the day as raising ass, crazy, so Every thing he did was so fast and nothing sort of America. I mean this is embarrassing, but I'll just assumed. If I didn't divers, though it will have to be amputated, I assume their customers not circulate boy. Who knows what will have been going on? I was afraid to find out so yeah feeling came back in my leg kind of put me on the spot. Ask me,
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two raspberry to orange in two raw on flavoured declaim. This deal, you must go to drink. L am anti dotcom slush to seventy. This deal is not here on their regular website, go to drink element. D. Are I end K, L Em, an t dot com forwards last two: seventy this deal is only I would for the month of January. I love element and I use element daily and I think you'll love it to get your free sample pack. Now, if you don't love it, they were refund your five dollars. No questions asked I'm so impressed by the way you thought to bring this up with them, because I would not in any world think that some that guy could solve now right. Yes, though, in fact II, ready to go to tackle this problem immediately. He said hurry all lay back down. He said don't be embarrassed
I understand this is a big one, four guys, so he said personal, my pubic air, why Sign was fine. and then the other side was so fucking. Under that. I almost cried when he paused, then it lightly and he's like here's the problem. Oh my gosh, he said take a day rather than any discarded going in this area with the fingers any Chris, something cracked and their life. Where am I, sounded like girl, who are now being things you don't want to hear an area like someone, smashing plastic water bottle, yeah her, but I got
and it was over and went outside and talk to you, and I was like why, my god, my arm, fails grade. My leg is feeling and then the next morning I woke up with a solid fucking, hard boner I think I've gotten that hard of two hundred milligrams of sea hours than the last legs Oh my god. I was that another area of illegals- oh my god, designing was then follow the jury micro. There was no way there happened. It's incredible. You ve had followed boner sense I think that is the most incredible story. Monica it is, it is doctor. K also thinks he's. Gonna hear my epilepsy. Yes, you do. You have opened up
men tonight right. I do ok! So now, let's go through the first week. Charlie tell us You did on week one you started the week at two hundred and thirty and then what was your routine start at two hundred and thirty, which is kind of my regular wait. Don't have to try too hard to cut calories or add calories, that's pretty pretty standard. So for the first week I just ate more of what I already ate. So just can't wait till it's full every meal didn't add too much. I did Adam Breakfast, which is and usually don't eat breakfast How can it it'll as full, really full but didn't change too much in terms of what I was eating just a little bit more of it added basically a meal, you added breakfast yet so when you say you ain't, you really full like, like. Oh my god. Oh my throw up one more bite my might lose at rest. The fine line real found, that's fine playing with fire and then
Oh when you wait in on Saturday night, or did you hit a two forty or ten pounds or a nice game as a great great site on that. gale, two forty in your mind as your pounding all week. What do you think was realistic? I was hoping for six or seven like a pounding today. Ok, when a little over, on your work is through your weak Well, I tried to give very serious about exercising every day, see. I was coming off seeing you, but then, when I went back to normal eating a little, I think I might take in about five thousand calories in a day you're without drinking booze. Somehow I do so much snacking and so weak one. I am. Was it my head so much so mind you have just ever looked into dieting aids is never done it and I looked at the key
diet for our split second and saw a bunch of meat and delicious cheese, and I thought well, this looks like the great so just don't have carbs and start tearing down and I was eating a lot day. Three. I have an oatmeal for yes and I looked at the carbs and I was like while there goes the whole diet or- and this could be education also Charlie, explain how the only way a Kido diet can work. What were the only ones. You don't get a cheat day, it's all or nothing. So I want you to hit ketosis. The car was bumpy out and it takes different people different times, but a week or two to get back in. So you know. get that one day break or you just start all the way out is probably the only diet were doing it. Ninety nine percent, correct, is not enough. It shall be done perfectly when it is cut, tells us what is happening in your body, It's when you switch over from burning car based fuel sources, the fat based see.
And I have to read your body of all your carbs stored up, carbs everything and then it switches over to burning fat and that's why you consume all the fat energy, but it takes a long time to get to that stage at once. You get the carbs, you switch let me go to start all the way back in insolence the big enemy of it right here, which is from the carbs yeah. I just want to add really quick that if you want to look like Charlie he'd teaches twice a day. I wanted it once a day every day, money once or twice a day. Ok, endorphins indoor, like that outdoor, but indoor p, a giant stuck up Love it? So go watch Charlie exercise about ok, so Aaron, so you got it Bob's red meal in the morning you realize ok, this is might not be the right tat. I was right, I blew it I ordered chinese food like five pounds,
it's me later on labour at night, I Arthur of bread, Stag Ed, I was horribly upset. with myself while I was eating at and am I forget, then I can't go back and forth against any getting more and I was like this is my visit, today. What really is happening as I have no idea what I'm doing I mean come on a little way, there's a pariah, every one thousand dollars and I most I can definitely no that eating a large pizza
I need that is in no way help them like caused. So I dont think with even the million giants are out there. I dont think either those items or on any die and right now I think I'm so absurd. That allowed me. I just there's no explanation for how my brain works. It goes to this crazy place and if I don't make a phone call no one here the real me into reality. So I tell you- and I both have this mode. That is just always like an inch away, which is flock everything mode right. yeah, and I and I never know what that's like normal b Yours is the active me that is all
stopping yeah? I think it's more that I also think it's a way to regulate your feelings, even if you're making your feelings worse. The predictability of it is appealing. So it's like, oh, I know I'll be full as fuck in thirty minutes like I know that feeling. So let me let me do what's required to get that feeling and then it's a downward spiral of trying to incorrect that terrible feeling with another shooting option- and I admit, that's who you maybe the next day we're talking, and I saying it allowed fell so ridiculous and embarrassing. I really good. Again I exercised bottom line is the weak one was a ruler, Most airlines still manage to lose six pounds, so I was three hundred and the money aha. So that was crazy because when I saw Charlie
said ten pounds. I was like Algarve game over, like that. Guy's gonna be two. Seventy and just walked in more muscle NOS two, three. We it's all right, although it was a rough weak for you, I do love the symmetry of it now being exactly thirty pounds or aid for each can tab and then collectively, which the meat The part of this contest is that Charlie has been helping. Aaron he's easiest advised him. He invited him to join endorphins, and that was the first act of kindness. I noticed errands yet to send any food Charlie's maybe that's more than but but then collectively we talked in in the three of us decided that probably the best
coach for Aaron, knowing you're never going to get to ketosis, and some of these other diets are going to just be too hard is going the caloric route as Charlie advise maybe start at two thousand five hundred calories a day. That's what you're going to give yourself! So it's not too crazy, although if you're starting at five, that's a pretty steep to climb and then you're going to write down everything you eat, which is a pain in the ass in their my experience, when I've done that, because its upon me ass once I find my like eight meals that I know the clerk and take up. I just repeat em over and over again and then Charlie, advise that each week, Polly Poland backward Do you feel that maybe two hundred dollars a week you can drop, and I just use an outing thing: you're San Loggia, unlike the top ten foods, select them every time and that we don't have to be measured. three enter anything it. You could use new men. You could use our code there again and crank you're dead,
down with the Thirdlove bra and then you're going to be one of my fears, as I was down in my basement, fucking getting my pump on today was a look. I myself and a mere halfway through and I'm like, oh yeah, allow alike, are you gonna start getting fog in huge and is gaining muzzle, but I think we d about I mean I have so much to lose em. I got what you thought on that Charlie. I think you're gonna burn that that first cut down a calories. You don't have as much field of bulk up as much. I think it began It's all notion when people work out there like or if only lost, two pounds, writhing of being four pounds, a muscle generally is horseshit, Only where really were bulk abrogate muscles via up my intake to support more, must, moreover, of the aims of gains. So then the next way and is tomorrow, which is Eric Saudi also I gotta get up in the morning away: ral: thou I'm confused eating. He should do
Sunday morning or Saturday morning. There's a weird advantage there for you, Charlie lag. because he gets one more day of gaining way. That's true. eight hours? Yes, oh Charlie should probably go Saturday night, an errand sugars. The more on Sunday morning, air, but I think I think so. I'm delighted I love to say it all love hearings, actually gives you errand to more nights right. I love them, because I haven't gotten scale, so am I feeling I lost a few more and I have been writing down everything I leave to the best of my knowledge. I've been somewhere between two and five hundred, why that's expressive from five wow, but at the same time
this is what I did last night. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of the south at about eight o clock. It was a rap I ate dinner. I ordered from this place because those craving want his dax. You and I had it so many times I gotta Greeks with a side of euro me off and I was just estimating calories and then I'm sure was quite a bit anyway. It was so fuckin good. I like lick the ball So there is every bit of it, and I was right here right now, as eight o clock and I'll fuck off You feel good what your car outside the house, here, a couple hours of capital broke long ago. You already door through rugs Uganda. Oh yeah, wait for next season, so I was side talking with my neighbour in the back yard, I was telling him about a about the
the two seventy getting around kick out of it, so he told me his thoughts and he's been real good shape and he's like eat breakfast at eight and then stop eating by eight and it's pretty simple, don't fucking eat at night, now. So I went in and guess what I will start the overwhelming Hungary. I was that, I knew what to do and I looked at the book and I like early rapid in their right around twenty two or three hundred calories. I think, but I couldn't stop. So I beg of you. Empty calories, light microwave popcorn. and some salami. in Somalia life.
That's better than the pizza chinese food. They are getting better. We claim progress, not perfect. Actually here so I know that too, and that was in my head, like ok, I didn't grab any of the five bags of doritos and ships that now are there for the kids will. This is where you are a bit hamstrung and I was saying I feel bad as you sent us a video of you throwing away some pizza that the kids TAT had left or it's so hard when you have kids, they leave all this year, yummy macaroni cheese and shit, it's leaped over yeah, that's wrong! I think a lot easier if you're a single, because you can only have in your house perfect stout, but you can't have that cause. Your kids way just made a big pile of macaroni and cheese for him in that girls about an hour and a half ago, like cycle of that sort out, looking at its half of it still in the power, you know that I'm if the throwaway intermittent fasting,
his errand tried that they mean, if you do an eighty eight bearing is most delaying eleven. What's the difference, Zimmermann. Most of those eyes is just that. It reduces your calories, all the shorter. When do you eat, you can only eat so much food within that time. So if you start eating at noon, let's say you skip breakfast. You do new date Then you get sixteen hours, you don't eat, so you can it's so much within that small window. So my approach would be acknowledge what you're weaknesses are and not try to overcome matters much but have an option. So if your star vein, I would just have like six pounds of in Turkey meet and, I would just say, aren't you are allowed to eat into your fall, but you can only eat this in you're gonna get bored after a half pound of it anyways and it will fill you up. So it's like, if you just had one go to it's like yeah, I'm allowed to have a snack, but it's only turkey. Breast
Jen was going to fill you up if you're, just eating chicken breasts you're going to get bored of eating at full before you eat too much versus like two bags of popcorn are the same calories more or less, but you're going to get sick of that chicken, well. I think this is a very exciting challenge. Again, the one additional ethical dilemma Monica it did occur to me that I am basically offering to pay Charlie. trade bodies with Aaron or just a ruin, his body for saves tween, Aaron yeah yourself thirdly, the air which I would do- and I love charlie- but you understand Randy'S- meant my best friend and whatever else only thirty four. This would be. The best thing happened to me and he said We don't know that could be my ideal way. Endorphins good, absolutely explode because of their work. in this big lumbering firefighter around now. I don't even think about that ethical element. What if he loses his business, because people are like authorized
we ve already covered it. When I click on endorphins, it's gonna be made again solid muslim work ago. The irony that he's he's gonna just walk right into Charlie's. Why to a beautiful boy married a beautiful we're just gonna make the switch on no one notices my high level, another girl bureau well visiting. citing challenge, I'm riveted. I can't wait to watch the weekly progress and probably most excited what shall I guess I did enjoy so much when you got two to sixty last year I was just mesmerized by transformation, I'm excited about it. Can I just say very excited about surly game. Forty bumblebees gonna, look awesome, there's no, quite as they have no clothes, but We have some fucking love had two by two thousand dollar wardrobe. So the now the Netherlands can be down of U n. While weekly. I love you to pieces
earlier. I love you Monica. I love you. I love you guys guys love, you save stay and school good luck testing yeah. I wish big gains for Charlie and big losses for weakly and we will find shortly.
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