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Race to 270: Body Bronzer & Big Dan with his Big Chrome Ferrari

2021-02-10 | 🔗
Charlie & Aaron talk about their dream body types, Charlie discusses when his obsession with vanity started, and Monica tempts Aaron with chips.
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Everything's giving happenings giving. This is a real appropriate time to record this episode, because today's to be a real, tough, for air and easy pc for child obesity exciting. This is the weak for update, is so weak this allowed in the mail body episode of armchair expert. It was really find the here from Rob and commercial about our own. actions with male bodies, and I was curious charge. they like. When do you think you started even thinking about? Oh, I want ex wires a body
probably once I started working out, maybe in high school I played quarterback up until my senior year. So really junior you're, going to senior trade or get bigger and bulk up, and so that's when it became more morbid fascination with gaining wake. Who was the dream body type football players, unlike wrestlers bigtime, wrestlers actual. Oh no. I Greco Roman Object those guys so it's more athletes and it was movie stars. Yeah but did you love, is a kid like Swartz, Niggers body in order and then, as I've got, knowledge is gone into like watching all those body, billing documentaries, all the body. Builders. Now that Instagram is out there. We talked about Callum yeah, yeah, big motivator boil adzes goal the motivate our whole generation and I'm gonna include you Charlie, even though your fifty five years younger than me and iron? We were so warped by growing up
with swords, nigger and movies, the previous generations, what they have like Clint Eastwood had a good body anymore, just lean and normal looking in the eighties guy start really getting Jack really carrying around a lot of muscle mass, and I became just so obsessed with muscles. Did care, Aaron you're into hard rock and roll I did not care about Schwarzenegger Iraqis bodies. Oh you did that. I, like a hearing that you so in the bodies. Well yeah. I remember you pay attention to like my stomach. A system egg memories of was abused, Arrowed Miser Europe says the dude. I was obsessed with my stomach in seventh and eighth grade. I went to the beach in all. I thought about was whether my stomach was hanging over my swimsuit or not
Do you have any vanity memories like Charlie, all of high school or looking we had some. My grandma had israelite suntan oil and it was like. answer is go to the beach draw the beach and it was always after work in the morning and that wasn't the summer ended the desire of Walker, Wash Board Arabs flatter, of course, yeah yeah. I thought about it. So much I'm embarrassed to admit. I still think about well yeah yeah. I do not as much I'm I'm I'm definitely embracing like GM, older and whatever it's not can be this for that, but you never really gave a fucking Lydia. I did give a small fuck, but I came off that I didn't talk. Ok, but I in case started to observe the level through you. I've, never never never. Love to be
quite ass, pretty ass brave of you, you were so I felt like I was gay or fire all right and being how we grew up. We yeah- I was I know you and I could talk about their stuff, but of ours like dude. What about Schwarzenegger's bar, now that the world of revenue, I was starting to work, but I'm here I think, was my perfect body and you guys might not even notice those so obsessed with I felt a lane had a boyfriend party, My party, the Amber yeah, there's multiple episodes of here, with a shirt off any. Those are. I were not dog, like six pack, we're talking this big. Like I pick, some big and stout like I came
powerful here, and I always like to fill a powerful and never felt like. I wanted to be tone and right and rip dab Instead it was seen as a burden of feminine where we grew up: yeah yeah, but you number one thing we're on my dad's bow we're just hang in there ever there's no, I desired in my memory, but you never hanging on the pond tomb boat. We were like looking over the hoofs like a group, a high school kids and they are like twice, The bodies like that balkan biceps rise in really nice Arabs, and I was obsessing. Oh my god, look. Look at these kids were twenty five we be so strong that stronger than others and then the thing that me into working out. I was at Laquinta with my family and there was like a group of probably fifty year old, dudes and one of the dudes had such a good body and at the swimming pool, just not even showing off. I think this is just what do you enjoy doing? He bang
Like thirty or forty push up annexed to the boy- and I remember thinking I was going like twenty seven or twenty six and as I don't think I can do ten pushups feeling humiliated by the sky and then when I, at home, I gotta membership to barely Soto, fitness and so began my journey because of this man. I thought man when I'm fifty. I want to build a do some fuckin pushings by the pool. In fact, I'm gonna put some pictures. I was thinking I just poses some pictures of us at the sand dunes, which was fun but oppose some pictures of us topless inner, like twenty to twenty three air, was a roof Ernie at these beautiful, tanned shoulders, Super Harry chairs, so mass and powerful empowering all yet any was powerful, can carry bundles up. It was great, but how to use Charlie you're, so you obviously we share this vanity year, insecurity, ear obsession probably a little of all of it. I don't know,
every day out around like you're a man, son yeah, I mean just upon first visual to prove man had I hear you ve arrived as a full grown mail with big, powerful sure laughin on popping Bison Monica. What kind of obsession did you but you're such an athlete through cheer. But did you think a body like oh, I wish I had this. I wish worse every person, but girl specifically wants a different body than that I was more concerned about my face, but I think that is because I was in good shape, no cause. It changes, which is interesting like when I was in. Junior high in high school. All you wanted was big, Lampert, big fat Natural's. No one thought about Botz. Now, not for me will this is the age gap?
thirteen, your age gap will know I wasn't thinking about, but but I wasn't happy that I had been boots or you weren't, no one other girls, envious of your boots, I think so because they all had boyfriends back friendship circles, envious of your boobs. Well, that's now I mean you'd expect people to get less envious as they ve chiseled out an identity for themselves. Now I think now it's more envious, because they're still good Did you wanna be taller? I wanted to be blonde and the symmetrical phase. You didn't you by your stomach or anything that I need to Rome I regulation now was. We know I have great control
consumers can wrong? So I still don't think about it that much definitely way more now, but I do look at pictures and, unlike oh my god, I wish I could go back to that. Was there any person whose body you coveted journalist, whom yeah I'll avi mov agenda- and I didn't have a thing where I was like- I want that person's body. It was the overall thing like I wanted: their life, the whole thing yeah and so Jan Fischer Finale port. And those people, but it wasn't like ice. I was focused on their body that wasn't a thing for me now. I think I rightly or wrongly, attributed the action I did get with just been tall and heavy broad shoulders because, as my face a amass, that's not why anyone likes me, but I think this body is part of what Its people passed it again. This is what the story it all myself. So then, I think I think the notion of being able to change
body make your body whatever you want, despite whatever your faces, you're gonna stuck with it lets you gonna, get rhino plastic yeah, which I have considered that's gonna, set off design. Our conversation so sad, you so you think you're and yeah you've always been what I would say is healthy, or at least you have the appearance of it. Even if I weighed less than you your top of Bfme, like I don't know, if I want to go topless, I don't just don't think my mental CERN good now shape, I'm the envious I feel like it was one small thing that I can have enjoyed. Not worrying about the love happen, the shirt off the industry. around the old man, I remembered Tyrrell once a nice guy. I think he was like. I know its summer time when I
you with your shirt, rubber, passing, allow the liquor store is all that I want, and I thought tat love had. There's no I've wanted the pack away. This it's for the whole season. A slave was in here like that that I just get rid of this shirts altogether and you would an early work shortlist. When you are river yeah, yeah pictures and when you gotta get your Aaron up there on that Roof SAM can't young say Amelia, there's probably are the picture as point while not oppose the mediators ear, so arrogant emerges in the dunes in Erin famously talks a lot nor sleep, which is there's so much going on here and Sicily, he wiping all admit very heavy snore or earning enough Nor is the lot of noise coming from the respiration. What's I've combination?
Kara and then some very high, pitched squeaky arts will come out occasionally and then the best autonomy talking so I've heard Aaron talk much over the last thirty years. One of my favorite moments was, I can't remember where we were sleeping, but I was up in a here errands sleeping pills. Comes big day Ferrar. and we ve seen this guy Dan. Or do you think Dan was tax answers to them. Tat Miss Hale the gear dollars.
I know it's not like you. We are making fun of you all suitable now living rooms where these out his nose. That's true. We were talking about this. I think it's a big hindrance to be asleep, talker cause. What if you stay a secret or something in your sleep and somebody here That's a scary nervous above them the best yeah certain girlfriends yeah yeah. I guess you just say why was it aiming idler thought your boss, I will never ever do that awake unanimously around the address Gary staff.
So anyways. We were in the dunes and I woke up a little earlier and I was making coffee and I he just here and he's just talkin he's up in the fucking bunk above the driver seat, and I hear Well, I way I was to ninety one when I wait in, it is really work talking about his way. Oh yes, they do. You know what he's really need to know you, Did anyone like form, rather than I gotta say I was just in Monica? You witnessed it as well. His fuckin self discipline out there in the Dunes air ass. I was really impressed to all these ways. They just have a tiny cheat, so we were set now the homeless and crackers and the hum is fine. The crackers were like the arming crackers, as he had a bunch turkey me and I'll pop in slices of cheese on
in which took it to the next level clearly, and he knew it and he never die. I now that I'm I was impressed. I even brought out some chips, Well now I know I mean I have to be entirely seem a little bit. Or you are and brought out some share Dax it and we have a way in- and I said this is not. This is no longer a broadcast and shares, but he wasn t one. You know that ugliest parts of Monica is she's, always protecting. Whoever is not there always very ethical and jolly was very Stillwater protected him. Whatever capacity you're, always making sure that everyone's being someone has to handling here? What, if you slept and eight instead of slipped
well, I gotta websites out. There is talk about mad at me. Our friend Matt apparently does this in the middle of the night he goes and it's a bunch of chocolate ships just raw like mass legal, which is actually my choice of deserve as well, but I dont do it and then that I know of Then I avoided roommate fifteen years ago. Someone would make cookies in the house and she would sleep walking in say she was eating them in her sleep and we were gonna be gone. All the never good in the house when we were a lot of good things and you must have walked in eight thousand. That's bullshit, cooking, ya, wanna, cheap excuse, the area so also this post, I think we talked about it when I go to the dunes, that's my be vacation for my own diet. Ninety almost exclusively ruffled potato chips.
I might add ons that cheese and then did bring any one back to two little bags or refuse. I kept my duffel bag and act on my didn't even Goethe room then thought I was grateful. Ultimately I felt better, but was it hard yeah terms, but I like it. I like now that I'm a little stronger and Gunnar stare at those bag of chips. I swear to gather data transfer Ike. especially where we had sloppy Joe with it's not like one of my favorite thing, but never in my life have eaten it without a beggar ruffles nearly impossible yeah, but I felt good. And I d awareness of the EU tell me what are you doing I'll, go back at me. Go I'm really. You know I might have fallen without some encouraging young. Neither control feels good to like you didn't for all that. Nowhere that no forget about it
I can imagine- was hard for you to eat a bunch. Is this? We now come to the same. I added in some daily peanut butter and jelly sandwiches snack on reviewed calculated how many calories that is think each ones about three. Fifty really that's more than I expected does a hefty j. I must really gets less than acts really you have. I make a big people enjoy, feel electorate to be exactly that. Well, I would feel so guilty pounding peanut butter jelly time on seven hundred calories. I feel the same way normally, but in high school hard math with the Falcons and our strength and conditioning coach would always tell you want to bulk up and so peanut butter and jelly thank you and they called him falcon. Birdseed now is the little. Those like this whole thing is run a thing. They always had an
go to your baby in Jays outcome. Birgitta will not. There fell the murky. I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat a peanut butter and jelly next, my bad just eat it no act beds, and so in my mind, that's how you gain weight and normally candied yeah now to bring them back there. So good giver also give a groan like a girl jeez. That's the fucking bussing on the planet. With volume. I don't have time for that. Ok, but you could get some butter and there, if you do it that way. Now, I'd like to make one, maybe even today at the Richardson I wasted as an apple before thanksgiving. Maybe I could learn a button. Cranberries
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with us all. Let's talk about Williams. now my pins and meet monitor you. He asked the excitements Bill Hattie. Yes, oh, let's go through Charlie started to thirty answer. Two three: six after one week of the programme, Charley was at two forty air was at three hundred after we too Charlie's at two forty four point, eight and arrows at two. Ninety five point: five m lass episode, Charlie, had gotten himself up to forty nine point: seven. Air was down to two. Ninety one point three, which I spoke about a lot mostly very has issued about. So here's what happened? We learned the dunes We were eating well also drinking like an insane amano fluids cause you. I don't know, I just do it out there and when I got on the first day goes home. I just head like eight pounds of water weight and then
following day. I wait myself made lost like four pounds, but I'll do anything differently and I was a little nervous. Air might be in the same boat with our Delhi meets and Saul compulsively drinking fluid. So I dont know how optimistic I am ok, he's gonna say Did you say enough there? No, I wait and when we get back so he is a little advantage over a year, and I was daily last time so, ok so well or play fast and loose. I wanna go with Charlie first our cause. I feel like I don't feel like any big surprise, is our common agenda. He just as I do. I owe you Charlie. How can some color driving me crazy, but a week what I mean by that is so methodical in plotter like there's, nobody is going to come in here and have lost a pound now we know that any hazards which the ice cream like he has his own. Thank God he has the vanity thing. I have you been
alternatively out lumber. Lay unity is eaten ten automatic at three hundred problem. Ireland's of ice. I've been here to beat me the three edited. Ok. So what It did you, I am, I waited Saturday night, ok, late at night, after a big clinic Chinese, in your garage eyes. We know earned Aaron's kryptonite is chinese food, the cheaper, the better evolution yeah. You got a big salt bump off that others. Healthy salts will help us not only to meet an air but I'm afraid dolls in sugar. That's a dream plate of free before away is green week. Four to fifty four and a half Oh boy, really close, so consistent
yeah can be five lie by I'm. Gonna write them, the boy a right to fifty four point: five ways. Like God trail you fifteen pounds was seen see, I don't know if I believe you when you said the last twenty will be. The hard seems to be very consistent, very consistent line up the trap exercises Three, those pounds right by the throat trouble breathing. Very sorry about that. It is the Muslim oxygen from Janeiro by us while ok, so you are fifteen point five pounds away from the finish line. You're doing ray you're, really good job here
your neck. So anyway, now, oh, my god, it's gotta be wider than its Faye. Oh it's already. I think it's it's close. Yet to avoid the same at this, I think we should be doing some a measurement actually of Turkey's magazine, but I think errands also his face is changing a lot. Daphne buncher really cute pictures of us in the sand dunes. Girls agreed, I posted on a lot of girls, were saying I am some. He looked That's very nice, though as I have young people want to be nice. They just say something nice about. You didn't have to make it about. Your look looks like he's so much fun. You only have to teach you know, you're going to say someone's she looked so tall, ok, ok, telethon snow as exciting. but still losses to eighty nine point: seven,
the two nine be there in the eighties? Sixteen point three pounds you ve lost so far, that's a serious chunk away. That's a huge bowling ball. What did you ball with air in what way sixteen civilian Irena Thunder one surprise. Anyone that areas of duty flocked in love, or go other land locked. It makes a sharp left wipes everything out of my claim, the babe. It's really funny you grow up like in parallel, somebody very early point of reference for all of us have never seen anyone else ball or kids like I've, never played darts with anyone, overplayed shelter or abolish the phenomenon of where the EU in a fucking pools.
in Georgia with very little practice. We're all air hockey. Nor do the game right. Assistance also arm wrestling, really big and junior high. I mean it was life or death are back in Aragon, be left handed. Even you be vat. Jack right, left handed, but Jack was allowed in the tournaments later on your own man, a fish and by the way I just want to add that his moniker he would introduce himself is tragic. So I didn't it label him that that was his again uprisen horrible, but ye beat a full grown like six foot to sooner pound encamped Dearborn yeah. He was thirteen in Madame twenty dollars and then the guy
our embarrassment laws that he called Jack FAT in Jack knocked adult for two years, he's. The as you know, is. I know we talked about em all night. We did. We met some. We don't really under way. Indifference, our memory. I can't leave you guys get here. I think you're, both about twelve years away from his, although you haven't had the bad drug abuse that we had, but do we don't? We use our friend. Neither of us can remember he went the highs we have no memory of great gray. What happened? Did he moved with writing the wonder of even went to greener highway, like maybe it'll, never at this river than anyone climate has just made up these stories of the reserve is a dream. There's a really good percentage that that was. None of these things make
in the physical. So what's the game plan for today, what are we doing? I have a game plan tell me, so I don't know what's on the menu, but I assume a ton of delicious stuff. I assume this turkey in there somewhere keep a light man, my normal thanksgiving dinners, would be incredibly a horrible and do usually it wouldn't stop all day and other in the next day. The leftovers are gone. So just a fuckin garbage disposal so amateur keep a light of keep myself. the plan. I love that you guys get enjoy whatever
they are, but I'm gonna just her mind, mayor eating. Can I throw in a suggestion, yeah. I think we should do it to a day to day, so we already worked out before the yeah. I think we should head up to Erics Jim during the festivities and get a little compound love and find ourselves the other started as a joke. I said, I'll work out before and after unease that, during the buzzing you're to fifty four again Charley was the obvious you got to sixty one. Sixty three sixty I feel like it to do so much longer last year than it has taken you this time, as five thousand horizontal. I wasn't trying quite is hard
I am also happy that we discovered that you both have an achilles in this, which is errands, never had a dream. Body type doesn't give a fuck and you do have a dream body types. So it's it's hard for you in that way to gain the way in an undesirable way. Blubber! Oh by the way. This pick me up with which your opinion on this Charlie as a professional, so I get a full see tee heart scan on Thursday, where they put the die in and they can tell you exactly how much plaque you haven't all your arteries and I'm so relieved to report that I have zero percent in all my arteries, which seems almost impossible? That's not what piss me off. I was looking at the little prince now and they said Height seventy four inches and then wait. I was one eighty three that we getting to be a my yes well They didn't fucking, do anything other than get my weight and my high school
Burma is just a ratio of your height to wait. That's it that's all! It is always so I'm in this severely obese category every Oh oh enter it. Oh it's literally just that ratio! Oh, so they don't take any account. Your body fat year exercise. level acted with any any that your muscle mass, yet none of it. So that's not the number like when you think about getting down to six per centres, What is your body that percent? This is just literally how much you way in relation to your high, ok cause. I was twenty four point eight be my where's is probably in the dangerously heavy category is they're. Taking some one that is healthy, doesn't do an activity lean muscle mass does nothing rapidly would be a hundred and seventy pounds yeah. So, Think I'm twenty four pounds: overweight, exactly! Ok, interesting! I didn't know that I don't either. I thought that somehow represented yeah, I guess body mass and there's nothing in every single time. I M in the
way, would endanger its aims, are dark red morbidly over? Why have you read a doctor say anything you like now and it's pretty outdated? They don't use at a time, as is much anymore. What I gotta see and I'm gonna do some subsequent research for this episode. I'm curious what the average American like what the caloric intake is on this day. I think it would be fun to learn that I did just look it up, because I wanted to see how much more people over eaten and then, and so I think, the average salary and take a summer alike. Thirty. Five hundred thirty six hundred a day, regular, ok Basin Thanksgiving, is like a thousand more o a lot today, yeah, but it shockingly not that much more than thirty two or three percent more regularly. I made myself a sandwich today because I don't like Thanksgiving dinner. Yet there was a sandwich shop here.
Allay that made a thanksgiving sob. Oh I now I timer Caprio! Yes, so incredible! Oh my god! It's Turkey's stuffing cranberry manners. in that thing is flock and out his world them like that. So weird, I don't like any of these things individually, both combined so that they haven't you around is not just the area around is one of their signature saying because if you see a cap realities you fucker Why don't you go get the biggest one? They make obviously don't be afraid, Ezra Heavy mandates, that's what I The man is really make all you got you got to drowned it it's kind of like the rectangle sandwich. You really got to get a pile that mail on it just keeps getting better and better. May I am I play today: I'm the most excited about the stuffing the most vulnerable. Are you gonna? Let yourself have like one by though or like, as this is part of the game plan situation like. Can you make a smaller play of the tea?
Steve staff or is it just like I can't have any people could probably why not. Let us have a big played. A health shadows are just like two bites of over. You know. People then tell me the senses getting heavier rather like moderate, you can just you can still either delicious mother is like I can't spoken like to Non annex. I know exactly when they say that that its way more pain, I have a little bit of stuffing didn't know stuffing them no stuffiness vonny yearly. Agitated for a minute but join stock. For like a minute and a half, and then you are aware of the fact that you could be enjoyed for twenty five minutes, that is in self right. May I get is the same as I'm not dying to have a beer right now. But if you gimme three beers, I would you almost anything for a fourth. I wouldn't need it so bad, I think a play by air, but
I love you say no right now, ok see you have see that Charlie will also be there, so it will be there to discourse I'll. Let you know that is a fundamental together legs, giving or love Larry Ivan area to be a cruelly ironic that, where the answer what I'm wondering like what situation, we can manufacture that would sandbag Charlie, like go out to the desert and you can only bring someone through, recent we gotta get the something which would normally you be like. A fog is never enough food there that last desert triplets stress me out, or even your trip out when knowing you'd have room service scared, you your scale weakened with your wife.
a forty five minutes without a meal we get it right, divided at a big lobby, guys happy Thanksgiving unhappy. They have the invading away practices in the summer, you can still make yourself the thanksgiving. I went there and you could give thanks today, of course. In any event, I will love you guys, and good luck to everyone is best. we are also in Lisbon, and why is it dry? Isn't it nice obvious? Why it's not nice you're paying one of the five thousand dollars in your soul wearily all yes, because one is a more noble goal: losing weight is a morning early to do. I know to put the fire and ruins drugs got wind of truly be using a beam.
It seems very few outstanding the avenue imbalance, economic recovery use idea comes out. Otherwise I totally weighted by it's not fair let's look at it another way. Let's see if see. If I can come up with an lg you can sign on, to which I know you won't. Let's say the challenge that to him beans was one person start doing charitable acts in one person had to start steam, from people, route for the person doing charitable. I, like you, were making the person's persons ball. That's a good boy, but Charlie desires. This robust strong, walk through a brick building Lonnie I do I'm in.
Five thousand, all you are now very trailers, everyone's, exactly one guys in a situation to increase that his helpful to you know, you're just gonna be perfect. Anyways, Emily. Everyone has three hundred, I think, Charlie. I dont like it mobile We will do this anyway. That's how I got out of this. Ethically, do you remember yeah, you forgot how justified you'd do anything to justify a blast over there getting boring for you. I love you guys, lovely
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