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Race to 270: Peyronies & Sleeping Aids

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Aaron looks great in a beard, Monica tells Charlie that his arms look smaller, and Dax reminisces about a time when he thought he’d never be able to have sex again.
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How is your Christmas is excellent a law with a yelp back in business, baby yeah. Ok, we gotta get into the food. Obviously cheesy potatoes. I made em, you made em and didn't eat m. Ah there is rather not even licking the smoking over food and all the drive through runs. This is
you're, gonna hemophilia, juggling I, how great was it to be back in the fold after fourteen days? Not me I'll see anyone Oh, my god is well. You know I was starting to lose it, so it was Falcon. All summer you will have never been so exam, smiled all day. Did you sleep there? I mean I've seaward, a vast I would of not not, as in every other. Theirs somewhere else. If you gave her the same year, what to do, saw the ring, but it was super dusty I guess
maybe maybe one day soon become a receptionists than we can try and given a second find our way to the resumption of business, Charlie. It may could have only have helped you Christmas year, lotta eating. Last couple days tell me what you tax it there's been a development strategy that I could not believe my mouth was a gate remind everyone to because I think the stakes are very important. Right now, Charley was slain. during the whole ride in now and say slang, that's all we ve been he's had a very resounding lead but say that can Mackay and last week Charley was at to sixty five point. Nine, so four point one pounds away and then Aaron somehow drops over six pounds he's at two. Seventy five point.
One, so it just got close Charlie still in the lead, but what a comeback story now now tell his arms a kind of all right now, a lot of food and water early. Now I've got a defend, Charlie, you know, as is code, I have to be created, I'm gonna give Charlie and that it be see option of comments. Some one could say to him and I ask him to pick the worst war that was there. literally. This is what Monica said: ok you're a selfish piece of shit, Charlie you're. Damn you entirely. Your arms are small, no, not smaller If that were not small, be honest. What's the worst one of those be honest, I wouldn't like the dumb or the. arms and I'm not the hours they just like. It was something that she saw and it was so obvious
Albert, allows developing over time. I am only a couple days ago, a smaller just cause maybe it was a diffrent sure nervous It's just a double back on a lead on to think money because we love you, but you know you're smart, even if she said your damn, you got you miss evaluated, might tell you, but Does your arms is right? You really have a panic like are these smaller, ok, listen I'm gonna get. You need to know more than your smart. Is your big, that's something you can look in the mirror and no every day I shouldn't be insecure, I'm whatever I'm, ok, However, I wonder if it's tough luck, I was scared of you know. What you might actually be witnessing is that proportionally the receivers bodies gotten so much bigger than me.
Proportionally they're not standing out as much as they were, but that they of actually remain the same size or I'd, say Charlie. It looks like they're a little bit bigger than last time. I saw you This cabotage needs to be preserved, smaller too early wonder engineering that is arenas logs, yes, told me that you gain or lose half an inch every thirty. No really. I was just learn. His formula has formulated just principle: Erin, have you found that it well yeah great question errand? Have you discovered another half inch of dawn? No, No, I would have loved to have right now. You you gonna happen around your minds. Cuba's decreases. I can see it better, all, that's nice and his eyes, a beggar. I guess it s well beggar following them not a universally also used to not have borders, and I do there's a lot of
in our own failure like this. I have a beard. I feel real manly all round. Yes, our to pinpoint one They re, the God of repeat much everywhere, really are wearing nice. I, like you with a beer. do you like it? Ok, yeah! I didn't. I got my area today no longer now is the beard two months As long ago I took my my love. Go in no one notice yesterday or no one said anything, and I was a little sad that no one's really looking at me. I got a complex and, as a cut, my hair really short. No one seemed to notice that either you're always cunning. Your hair. I cut it again. This morning I may come and if I could see you I know you would you know that that is looking at your instagram last night and I saw the closure of inhuman area errands dark and then I showed Kristen
She goes on an errand looks so handsome ring. I know why you raised I'm so horny for you out or an aim for all everyone around the world Can I tell your own quickly? I forget. Last week, tags you explain. Charlie is looking like a piece of apply but we are four by H. Yeah I saw I was done. A dream that entirely looks like a supply was neither is ever met, Charlie, but she seen the some pictures. Album allows some shortlist photos, as tax on me this morning that she had a dream about Charlie Oh no He was just sitting there eating and she said his chest was a big piece of wood. The food started coming out,
Megan it down, make everything. Ok, so well my little strategy this week- oh my god. Yes, after those crazy results, I started setting alarm at three thirty in the morning lumbering down the hall of my poor Erika and eating, or at least a protein Jake and then I'm on my way back to bed. I believe quickly are no. No, no. How many people suffer gallery. Others the protein is iguana, wake energy, it's a heavy one. I think it's like six hundred calories right back into the car a couple night. I had a peanut butter and jelly. Also no
to put any rights eggs in your sick now should of errands, probably sleeping so much better. A simple matter yeah, I'm seriously better, no yeah yeah every morning I wake up to my email from an Amazon order and it's usually some sleeping aid for oh really, new, ear, plug the highs its uneasily. Every morning I gave earlier they order on Amazon overnight, earplugs headphone. Why supported white that she is just not like you gotta, stop it. You ve, got in said she's taken our own measures. how come you between all the food and other sleeping aids and spread of Cotonou? Unfortunately, Vienna's com, you're going to be a net zero once again, You gonna accounting for the food doubling tripling and think about the more reasons.
I hate that there is a lot on the table for this challenge in modernize friendship. I hear one of them had another conversation after last time were as like I don't know, you're a lawyer. I love it because I love hanging out with you guys so it's vine, but am I feel very unethical participation is very worried about future. I am I kept defending myself by saying this is like offering some friendship raised on the motorcycle track in there's five grand at stake in them, like worried about me crashing, but I do it anyways right, so the whole he's an I can live with myself and go to sleep at night. Is that you did it for fun last year for no money, that's true elected to sixty, which is different, lesbian, so extreme waking, hurry, hurry, ivy,
These are bad bad. Every thirty is a new, definitely a new development. I agree with you, but but I did wonder, demonic. I think it's a little bit of like confirmation by just a little bit like last year. She just I dont, think noticed as much that you got up to do exactly what ever lower near. I like, I noticed all those things, because I was so interest in it, but I think I think virtually the same stuffs been happening. Do you think this is different than last time beyond its a little quicker and I'm trying harder leg last? I guess it was a year ago and then at the trial are had make little little bit of effort every day, and that was enough- and this is more like a sprint- a sprint aspirin the two seventy you dont have a guy. I can't believe me: I've been having right now, it's insane it's in there. How can you be two? Seventy amount ever got. Oh my god. Who owed to, and I have a guy. I think Iraq is to sixty five actually live. One should do in Europe
Hence the Unita result. Adamant you don't know, we got to seventy you'll a great right Charlie, work bonding a little bit. Cuz I've been working out six days a week. I've been going really really hard and my stomach starting. At the same words, it's certainly not a six pack. It's like there's some chub down there, but the arrows are distending and so kind of even with a brown beer belly, but with the arrows excel I was like what I like this guy. This is what you ve got a real power, our petty illicit, our huge fuel tank for something like this feels actually, I know you're not erotic, like area, nobody feels gonna are you in the hot tub last night, when I was telling the peyronie's I mean, were you standing next to it? I know you didn't go in, but were you saying I was on the verge of it and I was like it was so bad. Last time I don't think I was to do it. You know the story about my penis snapped in half
I note your insides here and then and then I noticed about six months later, my penis. There is an area where there was getting deformed and I was like panicking and I like what is happening to my penis in and I figured out how to me about that when it snapped and have one I was getting the vasectomy. So when I got to know Doktor Joseph and who I love, and I should hate by the way I'm having this thing, we're like there's a dent in my penis So he starts like Pyncheon really hard on the tragedies that arise. Where did you get I know I wasn't scared it hurt and he said I I really need to see it erect. See exactly what you're talking about them had a bit of an impasse cuz. I don't think I'm going to be able to get a wreck in your office and go no. Obviously he goes, you go home and get an erection in and take a bunch of pictures and send them. I said you did. Pigs are joining us, but my whole phone
Who cares so I go? I get a nice blazing erection and I take a bunch of different photos from different angles. Send it to me, ok, I see egos come back in the office I go in there and he goes so look that's what I think what you have is called priorities which, by the way, the gross his name for a heinous disease is endemic. Moroni Pepperoni Stick is like all male shaven and everything so What are we gonna do about this dark, Anita? Well, there's a medicine. You could take its, not crazy effective. He said what happened is theirs scar tissue in there. Now it's created blockages in your vast difference in this and that he goes look. It can get more and more deformed and then stop working, at which point I'm in a full panic. Forty two, when this happened the last case option of it's going,
direction where we think you're gonna lose at whether current law, no, no! No! No! I like it becomes so deformed misshapen because, by the way it started curving to the right which again Anyone out there there's those whose parents curse the right. That's fine, I think that's gorgeous, but mine doesn't do that normally those giving concern? How far right is again in Doktor J was nervous too, and he said if it goes that far were you can't use it there's a surgical option. Oh, but it's only fifty percent accessible eighty, their works or you never get an erection again. Oh I allow I am in like real tizzy. He sends we did a surgeon. I have a target. Isn't this is so stressful PTSD? So I go not to make light of anyone through a PTSD doesnt. So
go to the surgeon. He says: look man, it's a really risky procedure in your kind and not very yet he does. I think we just wait. Six months to a year, costs have the time fixes itself- and I was like oh my God, everything's exists and then the other is that we have the surgery. Have those type, the odds me. Being older, have sex, arrogant, work looking higher, I was very panic, so, oh, my God did you think it was like some sort of karma because you ve had so much so, no of anything. I think I felt grateful like. Thank God. Are you think it's another go away? I so magically. Six months later, I notice that dense gone. It fixed itself. It went back to normal, but this is about a year long process
the stimulation of the long year gives along you now. Here's the weird augured, weird part that I didn't tell him the hot tub lifecycle. Last time I I admitted to this, you were so put off by and so was Charlie. There was a period when it looked weird right like where it was curve to the right and had a different shape economy. Horny as I was like. Oh my god, I have like someone else's illuminated. It was like in it look kind of like it had been a warm bag, a kind of look like a porno beans, and I was I clean. You ain't it. I was right to know how you feel, because even somebody else S. It's still a peanuts. just like loaded, morose penis. I have like it's like it's ugly. Now someone might really get into it, we're gonna try to open the door to Hell
about like oh, my god. I have something attractive about myself. I can get a little more bide other than it seems like like I just like. Look of then we all know how tired of this monster. My turn, someone get online and not a little on the whole, a group of people. Yeah, opening up about regular, promote I gotta go. I promised it would have been so interested. Nine appears the way it looked. It was just like it was different and scary, and I was born he's always gonna, be asked at work. Why does everything back to complete normal, but I didn't knowing you during the year where you thought you might not be able to have sex again like? Were you didn't tell me why you ve no music,
this act mega during chips. I was dealing with that all during shooting Chin railways. Ways of this sector me that there is a tax related injury right and it's now loud in it like a mother fucker, it just doesn't seem like you should see it showed how ya see aboard no it Jonah. It should not be in order. I screamed. Ah I was like horribly father. I mean it. Not at all state, if you dare, we are supported by Rev Town genes, my God Monica these comfy and they make my buddy what really nice like cupcakes. That's my number one criteria for buying slacks yeah that it makes your ballot that yeah
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Charlie, you wanna, call and I'd be like knowing you very well. If you didn't get the call, if you like, it could be a grievance later now since bases on ethical towards Charlie, he gets to pack, ok, you're gonna hold the coin. to find out its highly conceivable. Someone is one or or people one in twenty thousand dollars, like I said, disperse fear. That is what committed yeah you park. I did not. All day to day. When I was thinking about it might happen. I thought it was ten grand which is a kick in the deck, but twenty I only got. Ok, I'm going jails, you're gone I won't let it lay on the floor, so you nothing there's any funny business is there. What does that mean real? Who goes first
You get appear in charge now, oh my god. I've never been more scared. My whole life earn you go first, oh my god. Oh my god. Can you guess Now two things, the boy you listen, I need two or three days ago. He was there to seventeen point four with the phone so here you two. Seventy any tax me is the race over. It was so my father. I wanted to eat the falkenham so bet that's all it was about. Was that and he told me that he could eat like a motherfuker the next day, and I said no, no, no Charlie's got to weigh in on Saturday. You got to weigh in on Sunday. I said. Also, let's see what you did to six thousand nine hundred and sixty nine
a girl. What was it becoming? Eight point. Nine whole gonna run around oh my god. What is my God to hold on hold on hold on? This is insane two hundred and sixty eight point nine year, so you ve already deducting the phone. Yes, yes, I got the picture of the scale and its two sixty nine. Point four: ok, whole Lee shit! Dude! You you you by one point, one pounds which also means, if I can just do this math quickly to sixty eight. That means you lost six point two pounds show in.
Last two weeks, Aaron has lost fourteen point. We have to talk about a fuckin sprint to the finish line new and I could tell the cause of his beard and his cue Is it going to be? Is closer to shave that beard off and get a couple extra announcers out a little bit of a tell before Charlie says whether or not he made it two weeks ago I was pretty far away and I think my covered state of mind that Charley was like closer. Even then he was. I think I am where's IRAN, but because of his arms and well pretty far gonna hard and then I was like for search highly had at last week. So when we were both that glows, I've argument happy current easily this week. Why? What did you do not eat this? One hundred and twenty miles a walk in the sun. Do you want twenty fucking miles, then I had a few days or like five hundred or less calories
Oh man, dude. I congratulate all proud EU wholly I'm hand sixties and then also throw in what the toll. Oh wait. Long Erin is which is thirty. Seven point one How do I am so proud you brother needs? guys. I love you. I love you Charlie, this year and whatever happens, you're so high, big near mark and, lastly, the smartest- and I said you got the wrong guy. I know ajar like what he really is the strongest I'm scared for people when they're around each other
I you lose your temper valleys, perfect. These strong, but he's very nice, is incredibly ass. You moreover, even learn. Well, I do and I sure, as hell I seventy two hundred and seventy point seven point: six guide: you
I was blown away, go places, there's no fucking way. They both one proud about the oh. I can't believe I'm so happy. I had a contingency, and so glad I brought up this time, but yours, my contingency plan, fuck, I why new air and got their claws really, concern that Charley was gonna lose, so I had decided I was going to as a consolation. prize. I was gonna, pay him a hundred dollars, a pounding gained which wrote about tat, I know I know I just want you to know. I was not going to let him yeah. I still want to hear, be rewarded for winning. But I was
I had planned and doing a hundred dollars a pound got these guys, but now now you in that country, three hundred further worried about. Why can now only we actually yours, I know only too well. That was a thing and check the scale until last night, because I was eat as doing everything so my if I'm not even close do any more the get up in the middle than I do it all in the towel. I dont want to throw in the towel and I figured Anne had to do. It will work mild like all right, so I'm just going to do what I can and I'm not going to look. Can I be honest, I think the big big fucking breakthrough was Aaron losing muscle I am giving you stopping lifting wait. I know I did and I can see it, I'm here right, it was they now I was co bid, will probably a couple of starting with the lifting yeah building arab and then actually, this last week. I apologise that I have done this
early. I was so fucking crazy. I was far away looking all over for in the town and the freezing cold. I was eating cucumbers and all this shit, and I was peering like Eight times a night. He chose the now chill diuretic Rau. He looked up natural dire groceries happen. I just got all this stuff is a natural diuretic. and I was just non stop. I got that smart. What way worthy besides cucumbers, I may have a cucumber parsley sailors. Those Newberg euros right. That's a black t, lots of coffee pineapple. Yes, the aid. shit, Turner, pineapple and then I completely cut out the salt like we talked about. I took your advice dad I just one word.
I can work in the eight point. I didn't leave the lift a fuckin way either. Did your appetite end a decreasing at all, or did you just get more more miserable? Well, let me tell you this o k, o K. I got a hunch. What's come in here every fuckin day, I'm obsessing about how badly I want to eat certain things and I where these stories going so bad and its deadly not go in there wherever you think it is about air weekly story is not going where I think it is This morning I call Adrian after I fucking got on the scale and did my final away and I was like I'm coming over for them. Falcon Hamon Zebra Data ring. It's like listen, the cheesy potatoes are all gone god damn it
that's about it have the day. I might I'm having a celebratory male than to have back on, because I want to lose more way, but I was like I'm falcon eating today. So here's what I ended up doing, because I was too lazy to go by the ingredients and make arm, cheesy, potatoes and all this time that I spent obsessing about it. I could have made five trays of em, so I don't need any the invoking all day, all I did was think about it until a couple hours ago like well chinese. It is, glad to exalt axes are among the most enormous working serving of homage again, which is already much fry. Gee again with gravy all over a rise in
One tansu Blake a cord of yes, I got all kinds of shit, you know for me and the kids and the kids are all laughing as I know what's going on, so I went crazy right now. Mind you two months ago I gotta ate them Paul serving. I could only half of it. And I were so for their I've, who was almost in tears counter Margie hated right, settle. I would say that earthly by dessert When I was really mad about it. All of this. I really You're right, it's so much like everything right so like ironing sugar. for almost two years- and I I fantasized about like crazy and I commit myself things- tasted assert wine than I ate it and I was like it's.
yeah. I didn't know what I was mad payments cigarettes like when you quit small game and you go back you're right. It's it's everything: man! your brain manages whip up this beautiful fantasy, a memory about everything so I did I ate today and I ain't sure and I only walked a mile. I'm get back at it tomorrow, low magazine, there was fine though the countess was insane. I can't believe you boy mouths My way more than you now is that we might look at them gotta give America's phone number right matters in the keys dear dear, in Europe. We feel that you have children and gives now
ok, so they're gonna seagoing bad news is I'm gonna give you Bolton Graham, but it's give me a check. Now I don't either. I don't have twenty thousand dollars in cash, so that's the only bummer. I guess look for the ten grandpa. Congratulations lay! I could not be happier with the waste auditor and doctor I'm ready for you to get healthy again immediately healthy, I'm gonna, healthier visa. A patch of how many we don't wake up in the middle of the night for now is any more that can starve. In his body, though he's too seventy very looks pervert yeah. He looks perfect question that it's pretty cool to see the
first and last photo. Ah, he wanted for those side by side, but we can't do until the week after a computer. Now, that's right! Oh, I was looking for my first one as well, and only first one. It was, I think I told her twenty fourth from right. Yeah, they weighed myself December. Twenty fourth get a kick out of it that those two months actually, but only page I have as my scale with my penis. right. We are buying pack, but I have a viable body pick up the following week when I was three hundred yeah, this walk out
I happened to look at the photo of you and I we drove him from Texas yeah in March, and I was like, oh my god, he looks so different. It's insane. I was shocked and I feel like I know exactly what you look like at all times, but I was, I thought, oh my god. It's so different here listening, I only saying after fifteen pounds and that looked so different. But last week I was like me till there's at handsomer fucker diverse terminals like oh, my god, errand looks. kills lately there for a while ways at peak. Here you want to keep a girl, I'm here and there truly you of self control. That just do what you need to do her applaud. You get three hundred a year. Now we should. We then the rays Charlie, three of the EC scenario to do thirty, wherever they are literally swat. This divergence abandon a million. I think everyone women
It was hard at the last four pounds was like I couldn't. Anything else was gonna throw up at some point like this. Is them lad, you made it you're alive and your when less than I I excited trimmed down here. Yeah we'll do check in in a few weeks and want to see how ugly errands days on the course maybe not as accelerated and then why not now Mark cucumber and parsley armies I was pretty disgusting yeah. We can't. We can't mean that's all right! No one! Can disgusting Dax things for a pony and up the hut he had picked out ass. A cell phone lost that what's leg quickly, a surplus money on the line thanks for a green. Why? Oh yeah, I gotta say or Charlie's just a unicorn, you can just do it
in my own life. I can only do it like when I I know a movie starts on this date and I'm going to have my shirt off a bunch in it, and I have such a huge motivation to do it. While I'm doing it. I think if I, if I wasn't going to be in a movie on a forty foot screen, I quit right now like I went to the ones I went to Disneyland, they didn't sell one fucking thing that was on. I am I. What do I do leave? I believe I can win the day, Then it was winter and we weren't gone to the pool our best chair. It would have killed. You of the girls were looking at me, a little more about him. we shall be looking at him cause. It's amazing and you I love you boys, you guys are Aaron your ear. Thirty seven pounds lighter cha. Earlier. I fifty pounds have not
my yaller about ten grand richer using their ended, better air dream, ending good job Charlie Year word eyes. Gotcha, we'll find out. We goes bought with the money to and our check in arrest women, Siena Women's and trips, the casino more chinese Yoda, this bad quiet, I was trying to motivate. Grana went no way, no baby. I love you. Aaron congrats Sharia,
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