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Race to 270: Septoplasty and 2X Neck Girth

2021-03-24 | 🔗
We check in three months later with both contestants: Aaron has a girlfriend, septoplasty, lasik and colonoscopy while Charlie’s arms are back to looking huge. Dax & Monica present them with trophies and a framed photo of the baby in the white dress.
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Ok, so this is an update episode. It ended almost three months ago ya at Christmas heard today did twenty acres and three seven yeah. I guess it s we're right! Now a quick update! Monica you just arrived. I did I hopped off a plain, hopped right off and then zip dear Parma yeah. My pick me up our own eyes. ever a mug. Did she like yeah sure, like inasmuch as by virtue of its called Porky hogs now
tags, hedge or we should read much as a board you. It is the portuguese movie from our year, filthy movie and not too, like crucify Elon Musk on here, but I'm just so not offend about test. Oh, I don't know them and make it through this right, because finally nauseous right, very yeah? That's the problem with the electorate, cars that don't piping noise, like the porch pipes in noise to the sound system. Chris seems fine. Oh her currents, fine, totally yeah, but just from our house to the Hansen's, which is five miles, christened the girls of nauseous by somebody out there just cause, there's no shifting gears. Here's what I figured out so in every case you ve never been in your life. First, you hear noise and then you feel accelerate. So, your brain goes on but to accelerate like it prepares its ambitions
when you're in the dunes. If you're looking in the direction that you don't turn you get set What, if you know, if you're watching the path you can turn all you want in you don't get say, that's where the driver never gets itself no noise without it You are sitting there and also your bodies getting tugged backwards and feel grows. I don't feel good But do you know about now? I was also I didn't want it now. She believed she doesn't but anyone who complain was so nice and I also didn't know what to do. We were omelette yeah She doesn't need the money, but I but then I just started shovelling goldfish, my mouth, but I was scared to do that so like a mask freaking out I got to blogger. Is there was a lot going on? She's always actually is again, so I didn't feel to rip at most.
I kissed her school because another website Grandaddy style, backs vaccine, ok, so that Europe do. You have been in Georgia for three or four weeks and spend a tender. The air was out of our labour like six or seven months, he's down Thirdly, we ve been together dates for the cherry. Oh, he does. The idea of us here Well, three months is lots. Have you oh yeah? Well, first of all, I am so delighted with how much people like tat so far. Me too, I got attacks from Weber's, sir. Fact ending dairy farming. I mean I don't know. I can't believe that's how it happened. Herself and listen to I really why the anticipation was real
we're getting. I would always call you after added every, like I told you forgot here and fought a girl so much. Two seconds of any other than his own letter. Someone wrote the funniest thing on Aaron's Instagram when he promoted that episode, the guy right people look up that girl. That beat the shit out of feeling that this happened as me, being a man like like when I was a girl of repose did why reposted the pitcher, the ample said of him, the newspaper it was worth while giving the meeting I yes
If, though, you know my baby, you gotta be willing to give dirty right the best. What about the newspapers in the caption of the photo? It says their weekly correctly, but then in the body of the story, is that may miss Bella the evidence power and they took away. My accolades surpluses said I was for adding Irene. If one thing I remember, diluted the fucking so it's meant so much room for me, but then, for you guys been really phone right It's been a blast, the cell phone, the funding I love you, I just wanna thank
about arm fairies. I go and so much violence, Instagram and although compliments I mean, there's so nice to you there so nice to me. I'm like this can't be happening that every single common is, I think, due emphasis. The guy was. We were face time and I said I wonder how much longer obi rooting for you before jealous. I wonder when they transmit argue their budgets by us. as members, but they delete, loving and so much so nice and all the girls are mass ringing and Charlie, which I'm telling you it's it's so wonderful and then so just today. Ago the last episode came out where we found out the results, and I said the errand that morning I said very depressed at all. I would ve yeah,
we need a new challenge going. I was sad when we stop recording it, and then after listening all was the last year I didn't realize it was real. Until we ve lived, yeah yeah totally. That is true. You like in this little rooms in then you don't really think anything come I'll get something be a product. After that I mean I was so excited to wake up by Wednesday. Listen my God only knows of love, does allow on. I usually get a bit like five on wednesdays. I listened first thing about five, so you can listen and of course the boy just as other be get somebody I so he can listen, but he can they sleep. Anyhow Arthur a better life. I'm so glad you're, not pretending they were too cool to be, like love being honest,
oh! No! No, I think I ever pretended was when you told me Amy Pole ah ha allow It's all in the an entirely. Neither will I I called your life. You know say I thought you'd be a little more going on, as is normal course use. Everyone actually lies in so much wiser. My answer grandma I sort of following your mediately when you, so I guess everyone's of course really curious about the uptake. Of course, and ones not bad All they want is insane. I think I know actual not mean I am eyes, but I'll I dont know number
So I'm excited or look Charlie. You know he started to thirty. What do you think he is today I might get into this? the army? He really did a quick live before I came to be sure. I rarely your arms, a horror of nervousness gates give us a generally of ever since he keeps worm bans in his corner minds at your at a party here. You really level have been really went through. The jungle is cheap. His errand boy is a common desire for girls, honesty and they
You have given us already worried about that. Can you confirm that you confirm rated severe? What does this email equivalent evening? I used to see why not you don't. You know, really have this issue, but the maybe too comment like all you. Ve gained some way now, Florina really about the whole context. So this was the day we are finding out and I was saying, oh no, I was just saying the opposite: Ossing o Charlie, you look smaller in a good way like. Oh you problem, didn't hit because you're looking spelt a good. Were nice smaller,
not small eye diseases, not your fault, it's our for nobody really do have to put the holding in the content. I wasn't just saying like you're. Wasting your legs milder avoided. No, now as it was before my arms, a ban, nevers impressive, is Charlie's. None of us have ever been well, but I have had a couple summers. You know like to read my sleeves a four year, my shirt off like anybody, but I think a couple summer. Go. I wouldn't put the sleeveless. Listen ourselves bear all now you yeah yeah visible yeah. everything will you know you ve been with me for the last.
We're up in Monterrey and you said surgery two weeks ago. I can't work out in its it's all. I think about here barely Jackie Brown, the merry half hour to see how much smaller I've gotten a little wimpy. The minutes. I told you not to protect here, I might say around a little longer pleasurable uprising whenever little state measures now he's only I my eyes are so don't look immediate way to bother by a sure thing is decide that makes me sad yeah, just like you did. You know that Jonah help similar to that. He posted on some pop rights here. Something took a pitcher of ham surfing, I think things over yeah and he was you he'd never heard on, maybe and they were making fun of m or something, and then he posted a really like sweet, genuine housed about
yeah how it made him feel and how he never would go out without assure bond and never listening when other shirt on and then and now he's owning himself he's company, and it just is that's like What is wrong with people should aiming. I just saw clip recently of some asshole interviewing the health and going like, as fat ass, you, ray you're, not gonna, be funny now that you know that look on joint failure appropriately, so like where the fuck do you, I don't know each other bro now is memorable yeah, ok, so Charlie, what you're just looking at him? It's only been like a weeks he was twenty seven or whatever yeah, how Korea the higher. So how are you smiling you there,
five to you. Do you do you ask him pounds in the first week or some other those twenty was on. It was ten, unlike about ten days, ten intent, es. I remember the first twenty we're, probably two weeks. Why? Why why, while disorder blowed I mean it was, I was force feeding so hard. You are like four fold why how they make yeah yeah, they stuff them with a formal, and it is natural. There's a couple bombers: reveals- also have you ever seen like they keep me really many our war. He sought to your two thirty five, as always it to thirty. I gotta say I was really like studying some photos of you
recently, as I do in my free time, and when you came in this competition, you had your start photo any looked phenomenon, but you at the same it coming down was right. It was not yet the vascular clarity is at an all time high. The veins in his shoulders have almost connected across his chest, legal, that's where we're trying media Charlie to one man garden how's that brought the in depth. I fear I don't even know there's a vain that goes across their Above all, we will get to talk to a vast universe, urgently necessary I'll, donate Aaron. We, you finished a tooth the eight point, nine, and it was winner you did good for Europe
I want to say it's a great that horrible yeah. I feel like the song, right now I spent three months while I do realise that had been to ya and in three months in winter, in Detroit, that's what I said in your eye, walking a bunch instep I did have here. You know a year ago. excuse me. Let's hear right now, I'm a hovering between two seventy five and to eighty Great Stillwell thirty pounds a year rate. I was scared. Are you the way you at all no non allied while funnily enough open? It was mostly hovering around to seventy five and I got a little cocky about it My love, I think a success shows where I live,
like an asshole, I got a little gawky, but then, as I pushed to HBO like ok, you don't want to do. I don't want to go down this is detracting from opiates like ones in July, I cannot go through yeah yeah yeah that took account as such. I gotta tell you I never. I don't remember. Of course I've been lighter than that, but I don't remember, feeling so good physically in that context, yeah well, there's also a ton of men. yeah yeah yeah you're. Not so many awry rang right right. There is a lot of procedures again. Some of those procedures kept me off of doing
anything. I call in particular the big, the big MAC. Daddy of the procedures was the deviated society. Other sceptre plastic rules of her lover, the other two three proceeds. Are you at Isaac? Now, I'm all procedures in mind now yeah. I know Monica they made his nose wider? I was gonna. Ask really I have yet. I know your face you well, I was gonna, ask you: do you notice, because I don't notice it it's right here, the Red Iver yeah. I love it yeah, but I was wondering how did they may be wider? Did they put like fuckin aloof like how well you know, I don't have to medical. You don't need and enjoy the big. I don't want to know where they precise proposals, but it looks as if the like, too
It made a little bridge in their out of some material, the Hebrew wider power- I just don't know interest. I give your option just a goner cotton drill. Well, how do you get it to go? Why it filled a whole. I know okay well, over the five years of drugs, yeah. by the way shocked. There was only a right that, speaking about you, didn't really brave thing during this century you didn't take any medication, oh yeah, really hard? I blew my mom. It was offered and wanna come off like a fuckin, some Ghana hero because there was no Dax, are so proud of me, but I was like you know. He said I wish I could do that. Unlike YAP. An eighth I dont have
The surgery you have like he's always getting turned into a robot of half an hour late. For me: it had to be off the day before They put me on the anesthesia yeah. They said, they'll be a lot of pain and you can sign sign your name to get the opiates and that you understand Bubba Bubba, and I told him that I was in there and didn't even have the funny enough that we have sought declined well. even before that, while here's the thing. Ok, I thought I told you this. I am so as they were taking me into the the o r and they had already started the amnesties answers. Ivy, I said the thinking about getting around it.
so can I do in my mind, and I did try to change my mind. Oh God, for a second year, so they're like now due to lay down a ship, sailed yeah. So I did try to change my mind, the air, but once they put tat, I ve a new you're not allowed to change your mind because you're right and you re out cold very shortly- thereafter, of course, VHF. While all this is terrible, but I know that big, if U verse said first, which is to its anti anxiety medication, so make she not fearful of the procedures are generally goes. Verse said then bent now and then the proper fall that actually and soon, as I start talking of nurses, I basically
I'm nervous about today. So I can enjoy because generally mind you Monica all those things happen in about seven minutes. So you're, not you know, you can't do it like they give it to you and you but then they fuck you. I am like all shit. This is my freebie star. Last thing I like twelve minutes up or down. That's what I'm saying empowering early impressive. Thank you. I was pretty parliament, you know what does it back in her Yeah yeah yeah fuck about lives are one hit me with those aluminum baseball below, so
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I like going along at any rate but yeah only seven days and barely any while I was on them and then over India it her fucking. In former days, and I took girl and things are fine. Finer retorted, I am very proud of. You- may the ones doing so that I'm not lying pills of my garage you actually the doses they gave him off its honourable yeah. Because you didn't get it again. I know it's did its job Emile, yeah, yeah yeah. I guess there design I do not feel them. How much do you know either of you don't feel the name is as a rule of turn. Ok, so, but also one of the procedures was you, they went in there and they wanted.
Are you knows that patching holes again? Why hollows and widening? I wish. I could tell you how I tender to now, because I get so nervous when their explaining it to me- and I know, drives most people crazy, like what are you having done, I know a dream as me. Rosy, as I don't know, I don't know their fixing me I'm trying to remember. I wonder if we can reach victory, but between the two of us remember the conversation you had where you are calling what so you had that, then you had Lasik and then you also Alaska, go and ask me
Erin called to checking with one of the nurses before one of the appointments is. He starts asking? Yes, there was for the sceptre plastic. Further knows she says: she's get me. I've checked in making sure everything right the paperwork. So she asked me about Anastasia. Have you Have you ever had honesty that I said yeah three days ago? More. Ask since I got good together ass debate, like your problem myself again should have had a few years ago, so yeah not allergic to it and she said: do you wear contacts? We need to know this one year
thou from anesthesia. So while I did Andy you wanna medical package at the azure down the then she's. Ok here give make this obviously do you have any metal, and your hat- and I felt I won t- tell me imposed to my mouth I just put in. Then, let's see something like Do you realize everything you just?
you really get yourself together. and then she also ass. Like have you been in kind? act with anyone with garage. I just get up Verona right before the eyes are directly for the eyes, but I've got my first shot for the vaccine. Now this mother money and then we were ok and then it became I'm. Also
AMOS over the last year. We have now is a new relays of is a means of one thing you didn't do with the nurse. Look at her ring. I you there was another of seeking of Europeans. Married deception is a sound. They probably already now suppose a million cigarettes, the other public Ruthie. Oh
Ok now I mean your republican Instagram. What honestly that was part of the young? That's almost what led us to getting losing control talking about the result Genesis, I said: did you tell her ear and loving getting married? My aunt, I was out of a part of it The phone related fallen in love. We would have only the aims set out under me a month by God. Yes, oh yeah, I have long beach girlfriend mean obesity B, C Yap end as decks was kind enough to invite her. Another trip up the Monterrey and there was is like Heaven. I love this girl and within the be able to be around everyone here,
You get the meter when we're done here as exciting, as he says, flew in butter. Yeah, listen is lovely and smart and has been in therapy forever in his healthy may. Land now got errand to sign up for ensuring I now that's why I went to her class. Yes, I was. I was so happy to hear. That is incredible. It was incredible. I wanted to tell the geography jail cell. Did you check my insurance because I just got four basic health and not just to stay right under the impression I I haven't had Elles insurance in seven years and I have been the most unhealthy by like those year are the other funny thing is I meter on whatever day you guys arrived, I guess Tuesday or something, and then we can get in the car. Drive to Monterrey. Improving
quickly. I realize there's going to be a problem because I've like bottom a sandwich and cut it up in pieces form and she's. a quick word about. I totally gearing warm and opening up of markets, and I couldn't do it. We got loose, nurturing Aaron difference. Dublin you're does that you have to. Let me MIKE member, maybe I can do, is breakfast like away. I know it is
about thirty new. Like a king, you little game, you vegetarian, with a tiny. Ok, so is people who listen to episode eight the show learned that I have only received a second place be an extra for your life. An errand has this third place, question about characters, hurried away, dirty karate? Trophy zau, I've gotten you guys all baby. I have a man to lead home shit
Why has presented the Normans renewing enormous israeli winner strongest raised two to seven, read all your stuff. Twenty twenty four to thirty two to seventy total gain forty pounds of I mean, I'm frame nine weeks ending neck girth, two times, hedge. Is the gray and air, and what is your set up again when it already from three hundred and six pounds down? Did two hundred sixty eight pounds
eight pounds and nine weeks, poor record and whoever left versus Michael Weekly Pneumonia. I had his shop for those eggs, everything's gonna, tiny That is what I thought I heard tat the guys like having I'm sure we get a pit. Oh yeah will pose some good driving like superlatives. So you got strong arrogant number who confirms the world record early read about it, puts a pitchers up of those You guys, like they're, amazing. Thank you again. I have another present and I hope you won't feel sad, Charlie Puth,
This is something that error and, I believe, means in his life, and I dont think you need an archaic. His errand had he had a spell of depression during covert, and so I just want to make sure you're never without an antidote. So I have one more thing for you as a highly you'll, be getting a big party spaghetti, I told access to make his perfect. Ah come up. Guessing united generally now the abandoned reveals exactly what everyone's by asking me a poke. He does always says world number one. Motherfucker roofed for twenty five year, steel played off of it if necessary. Oh my
my eyes, I was gonna, get those blown. Hang it in my house. As you said, the idea will you leave me alone the turning rather like a monkey boy, what it is about the border? But one thing: are you very very much
part of it hard tongue. herbal babies gathered in a dish. if those eyes- oh my god, back there, it's too, but twenty by twenty eight, some thing. Twenty four amendments, hedge of me, as a bit a wider that brought Aaron some joy during co? Vows, oh, and I want to thank publicly Cambridge. May we got. This idea was not enough time to. Yes, frame bridge executed this in yeah and that is a frame nice. It's fucking gorgeous. So ok and now here's the more info. That's not yours!.
Yours is that your house you and have to travel with it and that's mine, I might even have to cover up their. Would you dig Dax thing we I keep them may the military poster Oakum. Now that I'm angle Bulgaria. Bulgaria, Romania early it wasn't there that we gave you wanna those there. I've gotta forever my phone. My god, you have tons teeth, full racket tease out merely the biggest eyeballs. I thought I was for years.
yes said the man like five. I never read tonight. Not in your eyes are the size of ping pong balls. You already have enough put. A component of areas in your Fuckin brow game is dull! Your ma. Am I much my mom when I was home with instruments so confused by this whole thing? It was like I look old and all these pictures and shoes I get your one there. Why do I look so old and she said indian children look older, that there They look. I do not agree with her, but I will say bees. Eyebrows are very rare. Indeed. I have ruled out there now right right. Even now. I don't do that if it eyebrows, Harry has so much here somewhere,
Little behaviour We gotta just make sure enough. Never never again fog in going on eight may come reviewing these running your bed. When you went over the more you can throw the big, but always right, Roma baby. You know exactly what you said was a good man. Dad. You can be proud of what this baby, this baby listen. Does it Oh wow! Well, your eyes! This was self fine, Fuckin Fernand. Do it again? What's come up with another race, Yo Yo,
Another race people had suggested that they both race to thirty but ear. That was a bad idea that early with fire and now you know why you didn't even diet. Just returned. Before lie, that's a big lower! You still shaven another five. That's my last tigers, you're in love worry rightly, I must have perfection the killers, five pounds, what you mean others about that much more regularity here. Why I'm very bombed? I was working out so hard and then the surgery and then I'm just fuck her Hawaii Prague pushed around Blair brilliant shove me in order that the poor area like gone by and the laser everything'll be pointing at man. Look at ads.
Sinnerman fear. My kids are going to crying, listen to be running up to Charlie's the chaise lounge and acting like he's their dad. If the wind blows really hard to hold on hear what Everyone's urban areas is the most beautiful number one person is the number one human being in America any set a world record your build up. I was worried, you were going to two hundred and seventy five is great. I got nervous weird habit. I was in on the show. That's like that's my pants, I'm always like. I want to protect him, so I'm like I know people were hoping to be at like two hundred and fifty five. So I'm like a man before we get to your thing like fucking winners
I wonder when we make use of eggs clearly like May? Well, letting somebody down like arrives button, a few pounds, Backer India, but no way. Also, you look fuckin incredible. Every time we ass a pitcher people, people think you ve gotta go to cause, you got your fuckin shoulders are bang and now all that really happen, I think, is that you started lifting waits again. in your muscle came back like live, then last plans you now you're just shrivel waylaid mean me that you are holding a vague when you vote earlier. We were given for a moment the grids its lava.
Investing ever shall green, you might be stages just perfectly words. This is on your wall made sure that the air, what does is weird grab your vitamins So why is where's my camera near divided? Want anyone online use, high policies with us, you so bright and early has tag them right. One world record my poor actual bad? He has just been you served I need to Baghdad.
By the way I interviewed Monica dad yesterday he did and unlike trying like get him to understand how I feel about the baby and let you know the pitcher and use like now: What do you think I would have summons enemy like I have that picture of dealt in a white dress? What their pride thousand like me, They came to the live, showed you think, like? Oh, my god that little girl, no white trash rise out of re perverted hurry. I worried world knows I would you want to take care of your either
these actual, but I, while I would let everyone on earth die agreements between here and in their behaviour, and they got a good number of prisoners in Cabinda number one baby. Love? You guys will definitely figure out how to party like this. A more exact will be another raised or they'll. Be more chickens are looming, something something oh come. Our way lobby way way way way somewhere. Quick someone suggested something Why are you don't already here, which is insane for some reason, Aaron you at two thirty would look to skin. You don't look like you need a loose for six pounds Taos.
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