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Race to 270: Zaddy Add Ons & Cul de Sac Kickball

2021-02-24 | 🔗
Aaron shares his embarrassing zoom AA meeting incident, reveals that he has covid, Charlie eats a 2ft burger, deep-dish pizza and plays kickball.
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yeah. yeah. So this was my home group a meeting, and I guess he wasn't sober that long ride happier happen. but we just started ourselves like six months ago is gonna, be I assume before you here. We all know we're doing yeah, beginning zoom. So, seven a meetings I wait a little late I log on, but I still have Do my morning shit my coffee, the whole everything was going on. I usually get all this done before I log on, but I turn I video off, but I forgot the mute this whole time. So my screen pretty much, as has my name. By formal, nay, that even area at Saint Michael says the July. Another. Seventy by disposes security, three ADA outside they get started in the kitchen and
was making breakfast for the door and I remember it down to me. Go to the bathroom and I carried my computer, but you are caught first, we housing on because earlier learning years earlier- Are you the levers, that's what was going on in the kitchen to start, so I logged on those governments Lena MIKE like a blow at my nose like crazy. That's what I usually do every morning and I like alive at that time. The dog like sin, mother, Fucker You got your gel out, but I kept here You know, and I thought about a later as like kept hearing pauses like they're saying reading,
works like live. Reading. It can't stop once allied look over there like. What's they keep standing tat service? Does me up I didn't realize that my screen was constantly live from all the noise I was making. So was I So then I got that other way that I totally computer downstairs to the toilets under thank and accelerate Elijah's Falcon had made, Die diary is like just long hours and a company, like God,
we're going overboard. Does I lived a life only you know, like my kids, were over Let us bladder in the twilight our blow in my nose. Gagging a little than the dog came, another toilet arouse like live between my legs, the Elliot economically get out of there. I ve realized the toilet. grandpa buds, unclean exit leg what still trying to blow the Berger, that's always stock in the morning and my nose and
start and then I worry laughing ultimately Ray Oh but then I realized, oh, my god. We are living in a quarter of a second replayed, the entire and I got so embarrassed- I just close the computer and left the meeting. I may mayor minutes, I beg you was of me. I would you,
Any remember beyond that. Maybe I wouldn't like I know I keep cycling through other is almost fucking with us. Like do you know? It's all now he's Yelena her out of the equation is emotional Irene. It's not in other dogs, back organ o, my son, things of you to your and stern. I did not even believe that no one I'll, be out on this I go along like a guy was packed up and there like, average legs or forty people on their meeting, who are they split up into rooms where men could not amalgamating lots of women, mostly women Oh, my god, they muslim men, all so happy. I mean Imagine like anything more than I did you.
Ever go back to that meeting or if so, how long will it take? I think I took three or four days Go to Hell, that's pretty short, total embarrassment. There was hard for me to think. I ended up hitting a different meeting at seven in the more My own group, but I didn't really know these people well MA am for cleaner or re rescue operation clean out of surprise. You are unclear. In your ears, in the middle of it too acute, given that I have heard it out was I I went to turn all my ship bag. I like the video and the mute whatever that's on. I realize like I was finally Donald.
my father- and I wish you would have turned your video on in your just like sitting nude on a towel recovery. Improving order be journeyed on ensuring its accede on you. Dynamite aims. Bond well whatever die instantly words words that we organise our work in your work. As the stories
when you made it at share your strength. The no army six months ago is vast, broom desire to promptly I like a minor heart attack during their first rumoured. Left arm is already a ok so before we have the update about dates, which would be the way and unfortunately we have a twist- we have a plot twist here. You say with great sadness as it affected me personally, which is I think about. There's, there's been a health development call at the park and go bids. Corona
will so sweet air Weekly the last person. Well, I guess it's, my kids first and then after that, I'm here in your planet, so save we were meticulous about it or at least more we were together. I was impressed with your willingness and participation in all the safety protocols, and then you fell in love on the internet, yeah, today, as we were, I love the forums. Lay our was most Evans. Oh you you left on a Monday. and then you are going to be home Tuesday to the next Thursday. Ten days later than you are getting on a plane. This was me tomorrow morning you're going to fly to Dallas Texas meet me. and we were gonna get in big Brown, my new motor home and we were gonna where our wailing Jennings matching outfits which we have
gonna sing wailing Jennings in two or the country and come back to allay so that was the big clam him. I can't remember looking forward to somethin I don't know. I don't think I've ever thy exhorting revival. I've been, why did he fucking they drop of all their know. How you did it. I disagree. You ve had a really celebrate solo year. Your first year sobriety, which has recommended its admirable. You did that and you ve had your birthday in then. of knock on the door tat, and so I want to say it was maybe was it's Sunday or Saturday or Sunday. You started face timing with a gal yeah. Sunday and I let the Sunday night and other we hours some like a five hour.
Based I'm really high school. It was easily fall asleep on there. no you're way out of the labyrinth, errands leaving. No, you yes, barks were flying, and then I scales and hey I'm in the stewardess hustle yeah. I can fly for free. What? What do you say? I just fly there on Tuesday hang out for a few days if its socks others fly, more cost anything. It was a very low risk proposition. The well was more my idea what happened was. I look, the counter MIKE. Ok, I have seven doktor appointments. I wanna be over nine days a year. Because for last time with the kids I got, you can get a post, implanted India fucking gums, a mouse fucking surgery
the day I got back what would have been held over this challenge in a way tat. You can also press for a call on us to be on Sunday as we had a couples. Colon ask be date, also as a kind of sad we're. Both gonna get a call and ask me on Monday I got one on Monday by the solo. The air wasn't doing. It The truth. Is we re? I've been so excited that by coincidence, we both had a glass beyond simply totally unplanned. Yes, this Kismet things urge Israel coming together. Like I mean cemetery, was all the aid. Then I thought you know we plan. I will lose like ten pounds. Cleaning out to those who call ass could be and then another five to six pounds and polyps there would be, taken out and probably the mark?
over last wiser than we are and what an awesome yeah. So I initially tried to set up this meeting with me in the girl from Denver a couple days at the end of the month before Christmas, and that didn't work with her because she had things that were important. And then she has directed me to get their own foggy wanted just come tomorrow. I'll make it happen in our house. Pretty fuckin excited. So in fact she played as safe on her and was tested negative in symptom started. A couple days after being here, and she does the buzz of in for real, like no taste, no smell slow. twenty one hours. She hardly awake for two days barely sar. What?
unravelling of now. You can't get your colonizing, be overzealous he's, as should he come and get tested in the daggers like git fuckin, real. He as it should. not leave thou yet period in Asia, Quarantine, that's what should happen. You immediately now arming others cosmic putting off from fucking and we got on a calendar is over goin on the wailing Jennings expressed your end person who I was willing to The dice in spent three days with, isn't I'm not gonna, spend ten days with without anyone having a choice about it, which for me, even if I was head over heels, somebody that's big shift in the dynamic areas right, zero, baby you're, the Corona Zero, the corona bag spoken daddy. I still feel it may be part of that lackeys simulation. He has talked about.
While you beg the wrong semi only run you gotta get one upgraded, the platinum back. So the only thing they keeps me Andrei now, as the thicket up we're just gonna have to do their trip again soon or big Brown is a common for the weak. Yeah. I was here to stay. I know, I'm aware I got so excited last, but even I am sad. I also still excited and the main thing excited about- is singing lonesome more remain as I operate that huge steering wheel, I'm just gonna fuckin sing it over and over again, as I'm hoping you have some kind of contraption that we could be I'm face time together. oh yeah yeah, we'll do average, because I will fudging Bell some fuckin tunes out with you. state. If you dare we.
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What is most, certainly there so its effects it may exercise. The last few days medically. I wonder if it's not something to be overcame, even advisable to push this through, like if you gotta call the illegal fuck. This call on stronger than his gold. That's usually my thought, but I prefer biker. I know I was dying man and then I look when I got back our like one point miles Upham paisley go about linking combating like collateral arrests, roller coaster that we have that. And I think there is work to be done here. What are known as the Jes to why you and I both in I know, Charlie to some degree, have a lot of muscle memory from a very specific thing, which is you drink more than you're supposed to
and then you get up in the morning. You gotta pay the pricing like buck this, I don't give a shit. I like you, that's how you absolve yourself from your fuckin stupidity gas. Is you just push through all his experience of juice, ignoring pain because you deserve the pain created out, come as no surprise and rain? So maybe it's like some bad muscle. Memory have come out of a black out on your way to work here. I dont have loss of taste herb smell. I'm still hungry and ah my roommate here she hasn't highly nothing and three a few days. I clearly Cancun just get that part of it just lose my appetite, but now I'm starving- and I'm stuck here and you're low point you're like will for this
I have corona and die. I'm certainly eating what I said in my view it what a built in just a vacation. You yeah I've gone over things on my head so many times like shit, I'm fuckin order. Some Gus is right, again and give already what kind of it s aim and those from so bad. It can't be made worse by drinking yes, if new We also see that it can't be worse by some fuckin you're right chicken, and I did I tell you, I won T crazy slip of eating, which is holler, areas, and I think everyone could relate so too in the morning Alison. Its overwhelming that I need. Like some shock, Linares thou wouldst, never fucking Athens with me with. It was so overwhelming. So my first thought was: I have a brand thing of Orioles on the shelf, ten I bought by the guy.
yeah you're, also like goggins over in a crack house casually right, like the shooting Zile at the grocery stores around the corner yeah times. So I thought about it. that, unlike my mouth, I can't Teddy Balkan Org, right. I got me a potato driven by wanted there. I can eat anything grunting on blog you for a second vat that you get up in the morning is bought one foot and fourthly, the other How are you getting real Oreo gives reminders of weapons. Could you be ready with right now? You gotta or relative stranger Gordon's, you didn't your house, I mean there's so much to my mind. A brand new titanium posed in their polyps grow man in Europe, fog warrior is easy to wake up like Tom Cruise than ever.
Good day, we'll get looked over, my kids look into how we can ease up on the shelf so I get in there again, Greece's Monica couple by size, snickers and Falcon eat them, What does the kid all right when you grabbed the three tell yourself you know I am these three stand here, I'm going to actually take them over the couch, because then I, when I'm done I'll, just stay on the couch, exactly what I did so I took him to the couch. I I gotta warmer than during your Europe in your first to ease, acquitted smoking, so I m really fast and advocate days. It's so good,
eating them on the one side of my mouth, of course, and I'm like well, I got to get rid of the evidence, the rappers, so instead of putting them in the trash, I decide to put them back in the bag. so- I got a bag down the river them grabbed the both by the way is yes this when he sneaking, because he doesn't want his female friend from Amber. Does she knows what is going on as I said earlier, I d like beer bottles behind the Sankey at my House, Israel, creaky too. So this was like two in the morning and we been separating she's in one end of the house. I'm in the other returned the stairway of crap It is clear that the Mediterranean partners So now, I'm thinking about how my footsteps creek and around waving her and she's gonna anyway. So I take like five more candies. Then I go back and I eat em all then I go back again
anyway I got like I like fifteen, or so I didn't count, but I'm guessing fifteen or twenty in a bite. Until they were all gone down, we up or another until the end, I all only wanted the snickers in the recent, so there's groundwork, candy their yell, real low point. What about these turtle eggs, suckin, unjustly racketeer, desirable aim of big under So the aid all the rest of the snickers, whatever earnest fucking with me, then I thought you woke up, lad chocolate on my mouth and I had already brush my d in over the night than eight o clock and found a gay Andy. So now now is my slip, but that was over those three days ago. I'm impressed that. Yet there is everything that is unravel. It didn't help
because I thought you know how our minds were guy thought out again: her feet were going out war and already dress and the deeper get a double to foot. Charles How was your weak me by comparison out? I mean it's getting better It was good, pretty standard. We found a good, routine good cycle with this when some local food, you send those pictures, I really had good triggering yeah yeah or was it a foot of was ample barbecues Berger on Hawaiian Rural, a friend that raises hackers, happen, ally guerrilla talk as if a little pop up window to their doing to friends and family. For there,
this night, so we went wild there while it is our twenty four inches of burnt alive, I got one was a cup of tea. Twelve and Serbs doesn't fries the union. Other bidder too, there is another tasty look. A meal known was. Is that deep dish? Oh my god? Oh yeah, oh yeah, You remember that picture in a fuckin bialy have a cigar guile. Yes, now look here thy totally remember seeing him keep mentioned genus. He never been ripe, amass genoese EAST suborners, far West EAST East. Ok, and did you go with my recommendation?
We went with a ton of me. Yet what would you think of the buy? It was delicious. I loved everything about it. They had twenty different types of meet. Those just colony was a call them lovers. I think it is Adam, so we just had a plain one Adam. You know the results are going because when you pick these pies up from Gmos, EAST it's a five pound, the pizza right at least three Gallego rang it through this thing that actual pounds. You know what else is great, they don't cut it. Did you pick it up
the whole thing up our poor sauce, all or just cut it in quarters which, for some reason, felt great did Eric again in Europe, but she did so. She had a quarter, and you and three quarters of all my guy and a crust would tell you any other challenges. As far as like working out an ex expanding too much energy Eminem watch yourself there I did play a game. A kick born the call to sack which really matter cost me a quarter pound regrettable. You That's. Charlie's, cheek by heat, is gone, resist, blanket opposite. Neighbor, kids out their added Israel variety the loss in up instantly regretted it wants. You started sweating. He doesn't give a nectar head ratio. Update so Ryan said. Are we playing cards with Charlie Erika last night? I said: what do you think of that
back in his like. Oh my god, that was the person I was going to say nice if it's wider than his head now, it's like that's happened in head is a pyramid faces beggar to us that this will get in there. She removed filling out it acts as a euralia big face a mental. Twice ass, big MAC, Vulcan Lovey, throw a leather. Yogurt. You could talk any did your way Saturday night as right after that Peter do either of you know your each other's number is Monica is not here, so she knows she is now, for you don't know,
Let me remind everyone: soap. Last weigh in was tricky cuz. We were on my scale the uniform scale and Aaron and dumped in a couple days back then had a big evacuation. Shortly after we were recorded in and got back on the scale, and he was down to two hundred and eighty eight. So we had lost two pounds of previous and if you count that ball movement, but as it stands in his the record book will reflect, are was at two hundred and ninety point. Six in Charlie Curtis was at two hundred and fifty four point. Eight doing makeup either gentleman. I would like to make a prediction: I'm going to say: Charlie has gotten into the low to 60s all wow. I don't want him to be that's my prediction that be a big week. He would have accelerated. I think Charlie's going to be two hundred and fifty nine point. Two
Ok, I must say to sixty one: ok, you wanna make an am protection. Well, I was open, yet a visitor, maybe the aid a little fun food notches. Chicken yeah be a good host. Weren't is cooking up chicken breast in Brussels Browser the time. Ginza me signing food. So that's what I hope, before and now a counterbalance it with cove at which seems like maybe an intentional polluted must come down as an illness Now the claw and ask if you will not achieve anything, I don't think he's gonna pan out in his favour, owing to ninety was a little high last. I want to say to eighty five condoms is when I'm thinkin that's very optimistic view waiting before those candy bars. I there ok, I did my mandate as I had forgotten the Sunday until we texted
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To fifty nine point five. Why did you guess at on the money now? I did point two, three to five point three pounds up. Let me see the pitcher, oh. I can't wait for the listeners to take a look at this I mean I don't understand now you have gained thirty pounds and it's all muscle, what's crazy as like, it's really hard to get those rose coming off your hip down to your dog yeah, sir, and hazards deal very profound they're, just getting wider and wider. I could see if you never stopped, the arrows would just be forefeet. Why, in hand and like all over a ball and why I thought it doesn't seem like guinea. Job is get me in there Let's give him a little compared to the beginning. I've heard that to bolster year your confidence years checking with Jes every now, and then you get that you're. He gives me the confidence and ease the support. Yes, but we got a just
with a picture, can you see it yeah yeah yeah? It was crazy. I want. I don't know if I would have guessed this, but we did a shoulder comparison. Aaron and I right before you left These are in. There have wide range, I think, of myself as having pretty wide shoulders idle ever narrow around a man and then even I urge you to do it in here, considerably wider than Europe. These got like freak as always shoulder some of their land, a fuck. bowing, never ever less aware shoulder to eighty four point: four, to eighty four boy: VOR, damn that's it! you are right, the sheer day darling. I need you to repeat these numbers me once the marker you were pretty close Charles
oh wow. While I do not see this common corona, weak, okay, so Charlie you're, two to fifty nine point five year to fifty nine point. Five to eighty four point, four to one for so long and edges quickly do the math on this. That is six point two pounds over here and then for you, Charlie. You gained five. Thirty. Four point: seven o k o k, while we now this. This is a very high because thus far, Charlie's had more movement every way and yet
you had a ten pound gain week. One air had a six pound loss than we too. Yet a four point: eight pound gain Aaron had a four point: five loss that was neck and neck and then Charlie, you gain another four point: I'm pounds in Erin lost a little over three and then weak foreign. Then, of course we went up everyone socked last week, but man six point two weekly. This is so encouraging. Yeah feel wonder. Well about that. I was really hit art, maybe even a little harder than because I had some company you a couple that, unlike Elsie a couple hours get my papa, your heart, ours is early zone of who I don't. We about is the meat ITALY. After that they get no eight pounds candy. I did
nighttime eating again last night and I think I'm all than in there, but I'm pretty good above their weak. That's your because with yeah dagger than week, one which generally would be the easiest way to lose right. That's insane, while I think the Vegas. Just change. Ass Charlie is currently ten point five pounds away from two seventy and air and is fourteen point four pounds away from two: seventy, while I wanted it to be a little. Can I ask a quick question, Charlie Are you being generous, my hunches. You actually overestimated what you thought he lost well, as you just said, he got me was really down to eighty eight f. dumped, ok, three more pounds. Ok, that's gonna! Where was I? blown away. I am so proud I wish Monica were here so I was in this
I was hoping you are right with. You I was hoping for. Wages is weak, going so fucking shitty than just look at the curve. If I look at the trajectory on the chart guesses, it was a bad way and weak as well. Didn't seemingly nothing's gone since I saw you on Sunday. Well, that's not true. We ve had a quite a good time with your companion. Right has been really nice, creative yeah it's good that might have had something to do with your often feel elevates there that I read it ass. They arrive Oh you don't get a higher rate. I assure her. You'd belongs Workin here the big joke fears that is younger, so I might well. You know this exists, Life is thereby aid. So you know you could witness hearted
After all, around says the crazy rectal bleeding so nervous or one funny things she had hashtag at one point: zombies in areas like what is daddy's angle, sometimes. gales put them on my page to aid, to look it up because, like sexy daddy, you know that about Annie, and so we, having a riot with how sexy medicine cabinet that second, our breathing at night and our throat clear, even more, even do look at areas. I haven't worn a tooth and she's been here and I m- our main the front and even put onward. I am forever to load ludicrous. What's going on, all the bodies like armed is gonna
I can tell a Riah yeah. That's how I might add reverse here is the right way to argue that obsolete I've got a sleeping do of diesel engine blow. I told you of the very first night. I woke up The gods have blocked a minute. Larry, loving, Magda? My dear, has Oji I'd, see most certainly wanted this day in that, whereas there was no way Yes, I like second night, I begged her, please falsely first and she did, but she woke up to my bed thing and had a move it out again. Ok, so now has a new hobby while she's been there, which is when here six and now about an hour, she takes a photograph. MT. I show you one of unparalleled. The video is then saying when a crank this
value The real reason is a middle of the afternoon dear forested Annapolis, any body, It is a pattern I think I got. Maria the photos like a hop upham is sure holding yours you're up when you go to bed nets way what's happening so much movement and that snoring there, the parameters works its way
I guess I've spent so much time when the union, rightly I, whenever nervous everybody, tell me that my shirt come comes off or ignore bright. Amidst upper Your daddy's crazy, what's goin on what's so great is that you did lead with the full honesty in your life. This is the azeri bag. Bright, eyed, ovals efforts, the peruvian packaging. Your imagined at this point, my library, trying to hide the stuff I mean I can't Israel be so uncomfortable exit, fucking, sleeping in a closet and the man. This video to be
but here you're near me on these: aren't you how we have been going on in their eyes? You got Georgians think me uneasy tat. The other thing I MIKE, I promise you, those are normal swords. They go down to my knees. I don't know what's goin on here I mean that is the as has already been flogging fatty shirt right, nub, mother whore, you gotta have no regrets exactly what you want. I love you so my answer you you had such a challenge. We gladly living upright provided a lot of grass Charlie's. That is, we got better and better.
Oh baby baby girl tell her to keep document in Kosovo. I want my Morandi. Ok. I think she has done quite a bit of audio documenting, but he asked me if I cares. Yasmine sneaking, there's a about means Well, you can tweak anything. So I guess largely alike, are the crowd. love it. Oh my god, yeah like some nighttime footage of you in the bedroom. Does it really gets going at night as one that's when you really hit your stride, I talked about, and here they earn talks have torn in his right amazing onto raised. Seventy two! Yes, I said she was having conversations with me this morning. She was trying to wake me up. The guy was here to deliver the word and needed of firewood
neither payment- and I don't remember this- she is like she kept. Ask me. If I was, I now saw worked out. as a handle, the as regards the more that I guess who make conversation about those while the guys fuck you waiting to get back Aren't you going to take us? or I love you and congratulations on your first big when big, where big big lion sign for the ice cream, Breakin out the beneficiaries and then a crunch, a couple more numbers, really quick. So so it's one point. Five more four point: seven divided I for my twenty two percent victory. Oh my yeah, that's pretty pretty substantial yams, pretty big! I'm sorry Monica here to defend you, but- and I feel good about that as pumped scales, the two sixty six
my phone half a pound, the other issues. Really. I was great yeah beautiful to seven he's gonna, look great on there. I have my friend do that way, and I didn't have my phone to take the picture, although I did have a witness and you and I got but naked and let out a couple far Oh, my god, I've been parting so miles to death, so part of society. This area on the Azeri upgrade most eddies charge extra really know what do these before Charlie that Aaron, he had very, very high pitched far at this hour, like your point, a balloon apart. It's that loud, so all junior, I he would far in class All the girls would like,
here is my oral and they all the wayward morning close your eyes, and they have all been roles excited eyes? You ve had a charmed life. That's right I love you desperately really I'll I'll see on face time. Tomorrow, from behind the wheel, a big brown, I can't wait. Messia, let's get back to look back Texas. Let's do it daddy in IRAN and the boy in the ball. Success lover Ladens, gutters, futile. Dwayne later below you guys.
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