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2021-03-22 | 🔗
Robin Thicke is a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, musician and actor. Robin joins the Armchair Expert to discuss losing his home to the Malibu fires, his time on set of Growing Pains with his dad, and getting his first recording contract at 16 years old. Robin opens up about losing himself after the death of his father, how he was still searching for his dad’s attention and approval, and how important focusing on balance in his life is. Robin discusses what he learned from the commercial flop of his first album and how his partnership with Pharrell started.
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Welcome welcome. Welcome an arm chair expert, I'm dyin, Shepard and joined by major mouse may welcome home made room, I'm home. I missed how we missed you terrible. Oil is likely to be home. I felt guilty about even my parents this morning or you did so go you feel guilty for me. Promotion and guilty. That's mostly, I gotta tell you something: I've loved Robin thinks music bigtime yeah, but I also I had an opinion of women. I dont know what it was really based on, but I found him to be in credibly, humble and honest and a really enjoyed this. I did too, and I thought the exact same thing. I can't I had some preconceived
Oceans can see tat or not right and previously conceive notion. I'm really glad we got to talk to him in those were shattered. Yes, yes, of course, Robin Thick as a singer, songwriter record producer, dancer, music in an actor he is collaborating with numerous are to such as new monopolies, Christina Gula for Rail Usher, Jennifer odds and brandy, marriage oblige and more he's also on masked singer. That's foxier, but most importantly, is here because he is a new era. I called on earth and in Heaven so please enjoy Robin thick. We are supported by figs. Now figs celebrates the one hundred percent awesome healthcare professionals by making Scrubbs they actually feel
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are there I'm glad you're going without buds and going ok, you know lemon my studio, so this works out tat you might shock, though some of the musicians we interview and they ve got, the shitty is set up. Man, Where are you? Are you an ally, I'm in among the Malibu at our rental. We lost our house in the fires, so, whereas though renting and rebuilding Iraq. At that as yet awful were you like away at a hotel? No, we were there that morning. You know my son was getting ready school and my lady was keeping track of it through the night
and in the morning the smoke was so bad in the air. I was like we're not going to school. We're gonna go to your parents house some, so we started packing anyway. about an hour later, we were told that it was. The manager the evacuation, so that when we started to pack everything we could fit It took all my gosh. I had a also are once more. My neighborhood was evacuated. Yet a weird question: ass yourself, like what am I gonna take out here. While I was lucky because my father had having passed away, I had gathered many of his photo albums so that it was on my mind, and so I made sure I got my computer, which has on my music that taken her. I back the computer pact, a few guitar I got my dad's photo albums. I told my son. I was like back. It was most of us. You can. He got like a pair of underwear I passed over it. There is a minimal. It was like
We can get away with the plan for by now, but you know it was that tragic and in its forms as you are driving away. Did you had a sense like it was going to happen? Would you have given the odds at that point? At that point, I was still eighty twenty that it wasn't gonna happen. I mean I I'm an optimist nature. So I just believe now this can't be Neither is knocking Zack gonna come all the way over here to us, you know, but when you we saw from the satellite image, it was literally a bee line. It started the wind just took its great to our neighbourhood and crushed our neighbourhood. How long you live there we had lived. three years I mean we had just had a our daughter MIA. I had moved from the Hollywood hills with a third of an acre with a great deal. You know the bachelor pad and I moved out.
An acre and a half in Malibu overlooking the ocean. It was like this is our dream: family, home yeah, but you know luckily with the properties in good shape and were just wrote ground. Finally, after years of planning, we just broke ground, and so this is a new, positive hopeful. Energy yeah, we'll have a home again Sunday and, I am sure, be listening in like the MID West are going or why would you rebuild their? buyer every half hour email. It is rather questionable just but I guess dislike anything. When you have the memories that we started their minds. The answer- and I felt Love there that we now have is our home, and it's just great for kids, like is just a beautiful property for kids, so we're gonna, rebuild and build fire. Safety could just hope for the best spare me I'm two years older than you, so it were roughly in the be all the same stuff, but I don't you remember: Wyndham Madonna Sean
hence house burnt down and roughly- and he just put an heiress dream on the property and just lived in an airstream forward. The I'd pay very very That would be great. Save a lot of money, but it's I have four kids last week on they can do at an EIA Airstream, not by choice. Was there anything you wish you had taken and there you didn't the irony of it- was that we have a carport sitting out where we put our cars into carport was untouched. I could but every maybe everything in the house I could put under the cardboard and would survive, but no the one thing that obviously This was my piano. I I had had this Vienna twenty years I'd. We owe all of my songs on the animals so that her. Yes, we did. You have like ape superstitious and I like oh, I will never create again, because I don't have that
Oh? No, I need the money, so I have. The luxury do not create a now. There's no luxury to power. Very pretty good. I think when we meet people here that our from ally, it's always interesting to us, because we obviously looked at it from the outside. Monica NED Land. I mean to try and it was such a mythical kind of place and then so dear, to have grown up here, not just grown up here, but as close to you but as mean a character unknown to me now I mean that it is on this that worry, oh yeah. I was close friends with bright eyes green, you guys had a hip hop group for a minute right. Look for like a month we do. At summer we had a hip hop group. He was going to be a rapper. I was going to be Michael Jackson and so we're in a growing pains episode. and that was the end of our of our trading. Yet so obvious
Most people know your dad was Alan thick. I think you and I share a lot of things that we're gonna ultimately cover, but definitely one is My dad is well from what little I know about your dad sounds like there's a little bit similar in that my dad. He was a player three hundred pounds and ball, but he had. He had charm, Piedra drove a corver and he had charm and spent most of his wake. Waking hours dedicated to cohabiting with gales, but and then they were divorced at seven. I guess yes, my mother and Father George, that seven yes well, who did you live with? It was fifty fifty split down merely up. I would go, but luckily, both by parents lived about fifteen minutes away from each other and school was in between yeah rather convenient to be able to go back and forth per week? Did you prefer to be at one or the other? Well, my dad's house, of course, was
who sir and he was gone on the weekends. So once I had thirteen fourteen there, that was the first to be now as this I've been missing. This word. I wanna get a right this time. Is it apocryphal that there was a hot tub in your father's bedroom? There was a hard turbulence. You rooms, he added jim- that also had a sunken in tub with the found in the gym so dead. he was there a family man in every sense, but he did have a few years there, when growing pains was at its height and after he got divorced, there was, window there, their subsidies, the irony who he was playing on growing, pains and makes any kind of think of. Oh yes, again that I learned TAT. Bob Zagat situ above Zagat of it all you, but I wouldn't want to distort it. It was a period, not a lifestyle.
That, wherever you know, he just was a handsome and charming, and he loved going out to all of the golf tournaments tennis tournaments every high. He gave every basket what he just loved Hollywood in everything it had offer. He had come from Canada, so he's like me. This place was like a landing unicorns yeah. It was like John Wayne and that's what he wanted to be. I realize after he passed, I started watching John Wayne movies. For some listen. I realise that that's what my father was doing. The wholesale Ok go alone realized my dad was just doing is version of John waited the whole time. Well, aren't we, all doing were dry.
The new version of somebody and then it goes through our failed turn. It ends up being something novel and unique. Exactly then, we find ourselves through mimicking others that we admire yeah yeah, like your dividend, your best shot to be that thing, but then you cannot help, but in fact it with your finger print, which becomes. Fang exactly now growing up around. All that I know you acted a bit in. You were on wonder years, which is so exciting. If Britain here I've got to be on wonder years, is best shall gave me that's what do wonder you slender years like very nostalgia, aha, whose only if there is not a good when I'm trying to say you like your hinting around. This was your sexual awaken. Now there was something about the wonder years. It was a little before my time, so it would pop up and it made me feel-
cutting Yakima one before the horrible time to bring it on a broader level. There was something about it. They gave me having feeling that I have now named the feeling and not a very good feeling. Ah, do you think it's that it was to mature, like there was something about that was at a time for me to honest or somebody who did you play on wonder years, but I asked the girl to go steady in the hallway and that made Fred Savages character want to ask another girl to go steady, you're, a cattle such efforts. And obviously I assume you would go see your dad onset and your mama sat. I lived only growing pains, said yeah. Luckily, my father lived five minutes to me. I come home from school hop on my by ride my bike to set and then I would ride my bike around that I'd right in the old West Town lay on the security would come.
I mean like tell me to start by be going to pass the Chevy Chace Christmas Vacation House ass. They karate kids house them. Read this house on the lot you know, so I Did lead away very interesting childhood being on those that are in the best part. Is it sounds like you had the presence, mine too enjoyed oh man, I was happy to blast with things like my brother and I were a little different that way my brother to shout away from my father's success. You it made him uncomfortable me in some way. We're me. I embraced it as an opportunity to do. You don't need be around fund people. So when you would do these acts rose at that point, were you sat on becoming an actor? No, I just got some opportunities, but it wasn't. My home music was what I wanted to do for for sure. Like from
age for around ten eleven years old? When I was eleven, I taught myself to play piano Jody writing my own songs and by the time I was sixteen, I had a recording contract. I was chasing songs. As a writer and producer. You know I got off and running pretty early yeah and so the high school experience. What was it like? You know having your dad being the hit. of the day and well in Hollywood. If you out a private school, you probably some other kids there, too. So yeah slow the loans, kid is there or you don't like ordeal Warwick, I remember. Was it the Campbell Hall when an innocent? Yes, this part of the culture in LOS Angeles, that you can end up around some of that flies. Kid was he Jack, He cried the was it back here. You gotta do no good girl, but he was a kid I like to do so.
We became aware of you musically from ok, I don't know a year. That was by always let the evolution album. It came out, you done six and then it was a success in two thousand and seven. It took some time. You're going yeah doesn't seven when it hit what and I really loved it. But the same time, I'm so distracted by the notion that you're Alan Thick Son and I wonder, like I bet it, some ways, it was helped form than another ways. It was probably really a bit of a burden yeah because as a musician, especially you want mystery. You know you want from nowhere and all be about the music you dont want. My dad smiling face hovering above
I use it yeah weighing it up, and obviously I had to contend with some of those challenges, but in hindsight you realize that it's all bs and stuff, it's in your head, really doesn't matter. It doesn't change the catalogue of music. You create and you should embrace those things more than shy away from it here are ultimately the music does the talking much right, gray right. It is a meritocracy in that way. I just thinking in your business Take your story so intriguing yeah, specially an arm, be you know where you come from and it being may be hard scrabble. Are these different things they add to the story? Not only was it a famous, but he was also playing like the squares dad on tv yeah yeah, so you're kind of like will has this guy got all this.
Rhythm, why these alliances on the souls background and his dad's, like the widest sky ever to let you know it's what's funny about that. If you go through my dna, I come from six generations of musicians of jazz, players, my mother, is it soul pop singer, so we ve been trying to make black music six children, I read, I thought, was funny about use you early on worked with Brian MC night and they I they called you Brian MC, why there was something I did just for me. You know soul, music, soul, singers, gospel, take six! That just touched me and I wanted to sing like that. You know I mean I want shouting with that kind of passion with that kind of feeling with that kind of a soul, and so it was really the singers that I just fell in love with it. I wanted, do you like them? This has nothing to do with anything, but do you love their hall? I loved your absolute ILO, Michael Mcdonalds.
They logging now, I'm gonna get to meet any logs. I didn't recognize me first, he came with we're. Do some more? so to get any came in and said hi until me, really My music is nice goes that airlines getting longer good quality granted has just because they, oh my god. Oh my God, a man, you know it's all a lineage or even the beeches. Did you see the radiography Mary Phenomenal so great to have them admit that the reason they were singing falsetto? We speak of all of this whole thing is they were emulate yeah, and so I think that's just natural, the Arab their whole because he was named in Philadelphia, blue eyed, soul yeah and was winning all these archipelago contests as one of the Only white entrance, yeah yeah. I find it incredible now. One thing: that's just juicy for me, because I absolutely love him your phone Denmark was paid for by Alger Roads
only in Hollywood. This is also how I went to a boys to men, Joe to see concert at the Hollywood palladium. I end up meeting a table full of eighteen year old black eyes. I sing for them in the club at the hope, lady. We make friends, we started band together, what I'm like fourteen and two other members of the government, their godfathers algae row? So I end up at their house, sometimes out of hanging out with a little bit and my dad does not want to pay for a demo at fourteen right yeah you soon, it's too soon. I'm gonna give you fifteen hundred dollars to record music now so I'll durrow gave us the fifteen hundred dollars and caught the three songs, tricky Stuart, who ended up producing for beyond, say in Rio in one of the biggest MRS, he was just getting started the time. I got a couple more songs with him because he heard those songs and next door. Brian ignite was recording at the same studio. Brian heard those songs
yeah and thus it all began. Ok, so there's so many elements how your childhood set you up to be where you rat, because the notion you're out at fourteen clubs over people also not everyone's loved, a tool,
from town. Like I said, dad was gone in the way of that question that maybe spy see the weakened kind of long about anything out. I'm here open, kimono, but now that we live in a very scrutinising time and cultural appropriation is a big thing. Is it hard to be a white musician who's been doing some music for this long and now it feels like. Oh, am I gonna get caught out for cultural appropriation, even though I mean I think music is all about pulling influences from other people and other things, but it's just so heightened right now. I feel I can be scary, but you know what this is something about:
music, and especially this generation, because we ve all grown up on hip hop. It's just different now, you know demean end like I've been on BT for twenty years. The eighty was the first to play. My video I had a sprite commercial on, be ability is the only place I Ah so I was on the real husbands, a Hollywood we Kevin heart on BT. So for me, that is my friend that is my home. My new video at the just came out bet premiere even twenty years later. It's still bet is the place that I get the most loved and that is home to me. I think it's it's going to be other white people, maybe are still trying to figure out where they fit again. I think the music does the talking writings ass if you're Eminem known, gives a fuck
and if Year MAC Miller, no one gives a fuck like if you're good in your adding something to it, not just ripping the unjust and symbolic and Justin Bieber. I think this generation, its collaboration, is different from what it was. It used to be Elvis with a band of what guys on stage doing black music now laboured now, there's black directors doing our videos is black, songwriters is by producers and we're on stage when the videos together, it's all a collaborative positive life force, Now and I'm wondering if anyone on the inside saying anything it's only on the outside in those of the people that are still trying to figure out where they fit into this american culture, and we know, but really of you treat everybody with respect and you give everybody the same kind of love and inequality. Then you won't have these questions in your head. You just
the way disposed to treat people anymore matter, it usually takes us an hour to discover this, but you have zero chips on your shoulder. Would you agree Monica just like a positive thing the way of nearly have you stroll further the OECD. In that way I mean I've always been very positive, but I just went through my darkest days of my father and my house. My mentor, my addictions, yes, everything at the same time all hit the wall, and I I don't wanna be that person ever again yeah when you carry those chips, your your suffering, not none of the people. Here you have a chip on your shoulder about offering. Now I have to remind myself to go easy on myself. Guys got the biggest chip. Now it is a gets me. Oh yeah, So I think I was loosening the stern you on stern and then I had found out the you had been sober for some period of time. Right. I guess you,
like at a young age identify. That you are inadequate or anything. No. No. I wasn't until my thirty's, I was in good control of my faculties. You know I was a beer and a glass of wine kind of guy but it wasn t until the turing and the partying in the lifestyle- and you just think you can manage it all you think you can keep going at that pace and then your habits catch up with you yeah opiates. The illusion of being manageable Dante, yes, and the illusion of normal sea, of some form of normalcy. You know you don't have to hide in the bathroom you not falling down. clearing your words, if not on your breath is not your breath, you kid we see it in the eyes yeah, but at least for me personally, even though you're doing, all those things you're not actually present for them in my recent brush with it
doing all the things I'm supposed to be doing and putting the kids the bad, I'm I'm washing dishes, I'm interviewing people and I'm telling myself while this is so managed, and yet now, obviously I have the clarity to say what wasn't really present for any but cuz. All I'm actually thinking about is like where we at one am I taking another one. Where am I going to take another one? It actually is playing in the foreground when my life is playing in the background yeah. I just wondered. If that was your experience will mean I wanna be considerate. I don't wanna be reckless with my statements. I wanna be careful just to be honest and careful about the timeline, because I think it was when I moved out Malibu and April, and I were having our honeymoon because the blurred lines that that was a pill thing that was like pill drinking. My back was heard. He started
travelling along flights and back pain and then it just became a bad habit, but once all the blurred lines madness stopped and I move malibu. I had a really nice honeymoon with, RO for a while, and then the honeymoon slowed down in the drinking increased and then my father passed and now I'm out kind of out of the business I put on fifty pounds. I just kind of lost myself. I was making music, it wasn't even like from my heart anymore and that's where I kind of lost myself for a while, and it wasn't really and still covered head and my mentor passed away that it all became very clear. Ah tat was kind of a bottom. I was functioning. I was doing like you said, but I wasn't tile day. It was more like take care, the kids once they're asleep. I need a drink,
herself to sleep short, sharp but then you're drinking in the mornings than you arguing with your lady and you don't remember what you said and then is this like this isn't a life for a family and I can't be the dad. I would it be like this yeah. What was the experience? Because you were successful for decades right now and then blurred lines is the launch out of a fucking cannon right I mean I am. I remember a song that was more ubiquitous and I mean it just the air, was an avalanche of everything right yeah that can be our demand now, knowing what I know now, I could have managed law better turns out that I also had a child inside of me that needed unrealistic. things I had unrealistic desires and then they got more selfish. The more successful I became the more selfish my desire
as became yeah and with the little therapy in some self realization and Jason. It's the reality slapping you in the face. I have finally woken up, and now I can be myself love myself. I can be the butt of the joke and be okay with it. Finally, that was hard for me. I held on so tight to my music in my art that I couldn't laugh at myself and being able to laugh at myself has become my new superpower. That's what gets me through it's one of the greatest. these. Someone can have absolute, but you know the experiences that you ve been lucky enough to have that I've been lucky enough to have. They are so heightened,
they are very unique and most people don't really experience. As you know, if you walk on stage in your plane, the thirty thousand people- that's just such a heightened experience and I almost feel like to avoid some crash. You just start trying to amplify every other pocket of your life because it so stark in contrast to what you are experiencing, and I think that so people can manage it. If it. If you don't, have those drugs and alcohol to try to balance yourself out, then you will have those issues. My father's lifelong Montrose always balance balance and then, of course, when I lost balance, everything went but a whack, and now that I focused on my balance, I focus on getting enough rest being present with the kids being present in my work, even on the mass singer, making sure that I'm enjoying it instead
being up there like man, I never thought I'd have to do something like this star. Yak is when I started out You know I still thought what am I doing here, yeah, I'm a singer and then now I've totally embraced it. having more fun than ever that producers are happier than ever. So you realize you are standing in your way, yeah and that's what, by, as you have been, I've been in my way for two I imagine there's a layer for you that say I didn't have like my dad hadn't. Never aided and managed that kind of attention perfectly and then I came along and did it bad? My guess, if I were you, I'd probably feel like. I had really disappointed him. On top of whatever I've done to myself were, but with all due respect to my father, enthused therapy, I realised that he was gone a lot by choice and as it son that hurts me I'd. Why do you have to keep going to another
persons party worry. Is that why you hang out with me? Why can you take me places so it through. Maybe I realise that I was still searching for his attention for his approval, and here I am trying to be a rock star. to make him proud of me and because maybe upon the rocks Del he'll hang out with me. The gas station there. We are so ordered by Numa with new, it's not about what you just eight, but about how you eat in general noon. Teaches you about eating your cravings and how to build new habits. So you can ditch your misconceptions and get smart about food and the choices you make basins. Psychology NOME teaches you how to eat. So you can accomplish your personal goal. instead of them long term, because you don't need rules to lose weight, any knowledge. You pick the health goals that are right for you in new
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yeah in that none of these fantasies ever are. What do you think they're not be right? Now, of course, can I asked what he died of heart attack, our heart attacks? The. I was very very sorry about that. Luckily I brought before he passed heaving, though I was drinking a lot. I was going through a gratitude period for my parents. because I was having a tough time. I really appreciate it how they had kept it together for so long, and I had some great talks with my dad leading up right before he passed about how much I preach it had him looked up to him and how I don't know how he made that long, keeping it altogether yeah and I got to let him know how much I appreciated him, so that felt gladly have you found that like for me having kids is also provided this? opportunity to forgive them in all these ways, I don't think I could have if I hadn't had kids even more
so my mom, who were very difficult childhood, isn't the type to deal in em into much emotion, because its overwhelming for her if she has to deal in emotion, so always wanted more from my mom I'll. Give you a little more and now that I have kids and I through the Ringer and Bindon same business. It she's been- and I have so much love and respect for my mom's grace and her dignity and her being her head on his shoulders and not becoming an attic did not losing a cool. You notice. I have so much in admiration from my mother that I dont know I've had until I had children, yeah so helpful, but forgot corral, I'm kind of obsessed with corral. Not now
it's not about music but they're, just something about him. That seems feel like. We ve got like up a car, so among us her something yeah yeah. I did you meet him. How is that friendship and working partnership? My first album was critically received very well didn't sell allowed, but on the inside circles I had a lot of respect in the sole music community, so for row was affair of the first up, and then he was citing his new deal with inner scope, record's four star Trek and Jimmy Ivan who owns it is good wreckers. He was always great pair bring people together. He would put em in them with dray. He would put fifty set with eminent. So he put me with farewell to have for rail. Put his arm around my shoulder and present me to the public that way. Yeah his co sign opened up doors from me and then blurred lines. You know we got lucky with that years later, but
is really just him assuring me into the world saying you gotta check this guy. You gotta listen to this guide. What happened? He just help me on every single were: that's it as long as we just interviewed timber like, and he has the exact same story that between rural and Timberline yeah, that kind of gave him the path. Earlier gave him a neutral, like you know, we're gonna listen, while the great thing about adjusting was that fulfil produce that first album and ages have great record after because I remember hearing also the words some of those refugees must be from Michael Jackson. He turned about and then he did, come on. Just an injustice. Has a ten million selling albums? I mean those are still today those records play in their battle, so they just knocked out of the park with Justin's. First of all, I remember watching Jessica's outline the ATLAS, even this guy, does within an hour the requisite gems garage. Are you I would have been real position to hate him. Like ok, he's leaving this boy ban. I've been doing this for fifteen years. Well, the good thing was it
long hair. At the time I saw myself as some other things. My first time I even went by the name to pick you know I didn't even go by Robin Thicke cuz. I thought I was like Beck. I thought I was the artist our teeth. I thank adjusting uses superstar pop star on the artist and were two different world. Of course. Ten years later here we are, the synergy of everything that you wanna accomplish. You realize that your past or more in its wind fit if they are not, was their someone's career that you want it or that you thought you were emulating. Ah you, no, not really. I think there was somewhere in between Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. My dad's favorite was Bruce Springsteen. That feels very on brand for your daddy
yeah Bruce Springsteen was everything a poet man's man, a man of the people, and so that was a very much a part of why I am. But then I wanted to be the superstar. That of the showman. Michael Jackson, was what about prince, I feel like you were going more after Prince cuz. He was a little sexier and yeah the musician side of I also appeal attic those who so similar. Ok, so, as you said, the last run you ve been on whose yes, every conceivable thing that could happen by the way did not know you gain fifty pounds was that none pleasure, Billy or slowly a media. It was slowly yeah. I just procrastinating like I'll, get back to you and I'll get back to it and then all of a sudden five years went by and at the mass singer was so great for me because it made me,
Get off my but put his suit on go to work will have to see myself in a mere and go gas. What happened to you, buddy yeah, and so then the self hate. The self loathing that kicks in in the solid, like I said, a really wasn't it a year ago, in covert struck in my dad was gone and then my mentor, my executive producer, my best body godfather to my son, was gone, and that was just like I. I have to change by licence live bore. Can you tell me how he was a mentor? Do you have not had won and I'm curious like musically or spiritual, we are in a hurry in every way he showed up and he owned uptown records, which was Joe to see Father him see heavy de guy, all these great music from the nineties. Then he ran bad boy records with puffy. He gave puffy is first job and he meant toward puffy marriage a blind. So he was a soul godfather
music godfather two, so many so he meets me when he's moving to LA to start. His la movie, you've been in New York for twenty years. Puffy is that the height of puffy, fame and Andre comes to me. He hears me something you see something specially if he makes me feel like. Finally, some gets me right. Is it afore? I released any of my own solar music Christ? What age you are then about twenty two twenty threading. We met in ninety nine or two thousand. It was right around them, and so I was just starting to dedicate my time to my own solo music met him and he taught me how to walk how to talk, how to dress seats of the photos. He helped me with every song what it was missing. What I was trying to accomplish with my music as I was all over the place, and he actually several people. What are you trying to accomplish? Then you gonna go here with it,
and then all of his connection, so I threw a hollowing party. I've got may only Campbell, Mariah, carry TAT, Demi Paul Thomas Anderson he'll, say oh at the height of seal. These are the people in my studio, for my elbow comes out of the rain on the wing party, so Andres friends are everyone. and now I'm got long hair and I'm fabulous, and I got all the and not thinking they're, my friends do everybody's love in the music and then the album drops and we don't sell anything. Jimmy I ve spent five million dollars into mine in the arms of total commercial flop, and then that's where the evolution of Robin Thick songs came and that's when I finally started writing my best material was one I fell on my face man, you ve, been ambled the barn charm. The M stood for it s, an art form. To honestly. I know it's
say- and everyone says it, but it's it's so much more Are admirable the wide someone repeatedly git up. Thank you. Thank you. Will you know. But is it like? You were saying you know a growing up in the semi privilege life and wanting to be a soul singer, I probably needed these things to happen to justify its. yeah yeah now my life has justified by music, finally not to harp unblurred lines, but again it was just such a spectacular thing. It was just like a regular In those moments where you like, okay, this is their like. I'm J Z from going forward, yeah yeah you get a little cocky in you. You start thinking everything you touch his gun old and then you were stop focusing on the details and then you just start saying yes to everything. Has the check is big? I will make an excuse for you, which is you had spent twenty years gettin by
you don't know that that's ever gonna happen again is very fuckin tempting yeah yeah, but more than that, I think I just I need it for so long and then, when it came, I was already in a crumbling marriage. You know we were already at our end of the road and then this hit when we were just struggling to hold onto our marriage and then they drinking in the everything magnifies. I just wasn't the person that I said. How to be any more. I had such great intentions. You know when I got started. I was a hippie. I was all about love and equality and positivity and hope, and then all of a sudden it just I lost the message. I lost it. Ain't going to happen, you want to talk about Paula, but I did not have The idea that you guys have been together for twenty one years that yeah that's crazy yeah and you are what fourteen and she was sixteen when you may well, where we met you have. Fourteen and fifteen again better night club formatting another night club owned by David fast? You know
However, as the good life is called the listing, it was a teenager. Now is my spot where, oh, my god, I was with a girl for nine years. She met me. I was a fuckin loser. I then became successful laws with her and one of the things that really broke my heart about that now, working out as I cherish the idea that person knew me from the Gatt endless along for the ride and knew the real me I hated Lucy Map yeah! Well, you know that's what's funny. Is that because we both were in the business we both changed. The business does change your outlook, your desires. It changes the way you think about yourself. It just changes, things and courage
I had so much love and positively in the quintessential Hollywood romance. I helped her with her lines before additions. She helped me with my choruses. When I got stuck, I mean we lives a dream, then it didn't work anymore. The great thing has been lucky enough to find somebody in April who could care less? about that's. Does she likes the father in me if you, like, all the other things in my prayers by since EU, and what a dad I am. She could care less if I ever had a stage again, while the thing that you just kind of sad, which is so true, is it's a business that actually requires you to think about it, self invite you to fucking my way I do much, but it is also The requirement of the job like you can't do up on stage and have now thought about what you're gonna look like not thought about what you're crafting all that stuff self vanity is ugly ugly thing. Yeah I've used
did you embrace getting older. Yet just happen to me: I saw gray in the side of my hair and I was like I think, I'm going to keep it now. I'm ready I'm still working on myself, I'm too extreme with myself either love it or I am. I gonna find as daddy horse in the middle of a neutral ground. We are getting a neutral go. I finally have she added. I flew out of the way this last year because of the not drinking and just taking better care of myself, but really. The best thing, like I said, has just been able to laugh at my imperfections and that in the biggest change that I you know just wanted to be so cool, so perfect and so fly that I didn't want him to know. I had a limp and by me I don't want anyone in order that the now I'm like you know what I'm a dad
letting it Paul wash off and I'm holding onto whatever bit of cool for dear life, like that, it's cool the IRA Riots, Grand rang yourself and then that becomes cool, and that's what I is that when I was trying to be cool, I was actually turning people off yeah I didn't realize it if I just would have been myself and I would have slowed everything down, but I had to be something over time. There's freedom in letting it all Gomin yeah. yeah you're kind of sending a signal like I love me so unworthy of love and your propaganda love me do yes, I had that I'm not so bad Those wars there's word hardware. Ok, so you have a new album for the first time in six years on earth and in Heaven you stand you collaborate again. The threat is for
time since Burma yeah well. Actually we started this record in the same sessions. Is blurred lines back in the day we did three days and we were three songs. This was one of them and then we got together four years ago. Back in the studio added horn, some guitar out of the cooler intro and just made the record come alive, and then I just put it in my pocket and I was holding it until. I finish the album, which I finally did and what was it like this process, cuz life so different. Now it's all very different and I'm just still adjusting to it I put it now mountain there's, no celebration. There's no party, this friends around there's, no Andre, you know no dad, so it's
very new and sometimes it's a little sad. But I keep putting my energy into my kids and into my friendships and the time that I missed with Andre the times I miss with my dad cuz I was drunk or I was hungover. I was didn't like the way I looked and I didn't spend time with them yeah yeah. Now I don't want to ever be like that again and missed an opportunity to spend call. the time with people. I love yeah, so really quick, the mass singer. So here's what I know about the Mask Centre: singer when I thought I'd say ones The week I go on twitter and most of the questions are: are you this week's mass singer? I tell you all that we have all the worst thing or in the you'll know if I'm ever on our guessing. You are it's a real phenomenon that show right. People do
they have to know who it is it's fun whose, when the funniest mass singer thus far well I mean we just actually wrapped last night. Oh you, dear yes, he's in five given audience who know the art in these films from previous shows, all their long, virtually set in so we're just there. The panel we have our social distancing and if you know we attested every day on said everything, so we feel safe and I'm so lucky to have a job which is nice to have a job are we feel the exact same way, yet the fact that we were able to pivot do this will resume has been so lucky, so who was the biggest mass singer the biggest? Well? I guess it's ugly, anybody from this season, of course, but little Wayne was great, I didn't guess, Lithuania he's one of my favorite aren't enough of all time. We ve done six records to get. I was going to say that, as of one may- and I did not realise little way, funny yeah, but you know just having like
Are you a bow in Gladys Night and you know being able to see these people in person sing for us in a bee costume Oh, really is and fun, and the reason that I think it's been a great success choose because the pair we're so goofy and silly we're not taking it serious, except for the journeys and emotions that are coming from the stories, but our up their laugh in our butts off are you proud, as of yourself for guessing Bob Zagat area, because I love of family friend for many years I got Bob too has because he said Falcon. Cocksucker God, I love Bobby, sits a great guy. Oh it's, the dreamiest gig ever it's us just laughing with kin and wearing a suit and trying to guess who's under the mask is the best job over at the hour I'll be get a hundred seasons.
Yeah you're, gonna put the girls. Do colleagues know you'd, have the Arabs right seasons eight through twelve will be for that. You can the circle that, while everyone should check out on earth and in Heaven no chips on your shoulder. Does a nice and positive yeah press it now I'm impressed that you're talking to us after the few years you had their man. It's it's really impressive. Well, you know, I got some great advice from Jay Z to name drop, because what I signed with his management company when my manager passed away- and he just gave me some great advice- is like whatever you've been through. You need to let people know if you want to be embraced. If you want to get back out there, and you want to put your music and put yourself back out there be willing to tell the truth. Yeah- and that was
advice- did the no rhyme at that very pleased. My number one waiting here- oh my god, he is Picasso walking around I'll, be, as also is the he sees the world with such consideration. He is so considerate and thoughtful, just like Barack Obama Michel about like that kind. every room they walk into. They know who they are. They don't change who they are. They give you positive energy and some form of good advice. You know five minutes ten minutes from Jazeera lifetime. Right, you know or dying to have him at least please go ahead. We hang up in his arms. He needs the exposure
really. I think these are just about to make it easier to doing its job is John taken right over there. He would have one point. Four billion dollars have shown that a one point three will listen Robin huge pleasure talking you I wanted to say to you. Do you know when I heard about your story of last year and turning it into this and being tell your truth. What my album and what I've been doing is taking everything life is thrown at me or that I've thrown it myself and turning it into some positive. You know now you're helping people you're. Turning what you ve been through into something positive, and I want you know say thank you and give you a lot of credit for that. It's hard to do. Thank you. Brother gap as you growing up with Austen Green and abandon your dad's on tv again related all, but the funding, Three years in your dad, your men are now you have something to help me
yeah yeah. Now my my records will make sense to you now all copyright a lot of sense. You know I was a funny about that. At that time I had never even try to narrow tried it. When I wrote the song, is it about the dangers and me luring possibilities cause I had started it around me, I saw it as a very dangerous thing and that's what that's all is about. It is indeed dangerous. As most fun things are well. Thank you so much Monica you guys do rather guys like I love.
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during that we're gonna leave him, but if your hearing the diggings and going those did Robin thick you're right now. I give you the wrong vanish. she's. So there's no tell me where the money we simply irresistible we decided. Diarrhoea can really be described ass irresistible. Yet you can't resist when its whenever there is undeniable about its irresistible, and I dont think many people I have previously label diarrhoea irresistible saw Ivy League were on the sound. The novel and provide- or am I hadn t as we are? Who is always strive to do He is an MP. Yours is yet another notch in our and Mps Bedpost up is the worst of our ever meet each other? Two thousand miles is the crow flies
You went to the mall outdone my went to an outdoor mall to just walk away. I'll. Show you now get back to basics, really the remember who brought you to the that's right and our double mask and I went into a store and I bought a mug that has to hedgehogs hugging and it says hedgehogs yeah, I went movers while you are the perfect person had that, but I was also trying to think who else like the viewer to give. that to anyone we know who would you gifted Tristan president? She likes animals alive ass. She does she does, but I'm I want someone would more childlike flower bouquet Maybe Molly would be the perfect presidium had tags, yeah very innocent, I'm feeling guilty right. I should give it to her she's picking me up from the airport. Oh my god, she is, Well, you should every prisoner with that shit, but I wanna drink out of that right now.
You got a minute, then rapid urban scenario. like the left hand amongst we saw and I'm so nine by love of gifts, giving is really conflicted with my desire to keep that adorable mark, be unstoppable forces medium. immovable object. You're here number one calling card is your gift giving and then so a brow oil does the fact that the immovable objects or what will drop to want to keep the thing you bought for herself, with your her running? No, no! No! No! No! No but you're a little mouse. It's like I want that, while I'm gonna get that lamp Yes, I am, but I have now little mouses as I like that land by me that lamp You don't want to buy it for you, that's not what you're asking for that too needs Brad boil! Well, ok, ready is also just a tiny bit where you go like that's way too
Who cares? I want it? That's a little brandy right, you're, staying away. Deferent we have different, we are deferential ready is. Will we have different definitions of brandy, yeah? Well, ok, let's take a few steps What do you want to dance sure? Of course? Yes, ok, here we can break this. So one is, you were spoiled, now, you're, not cashmere, woman of means, but but you are spoiled as a key. Your mom would run upstairs and making milk about green matter. I got a bunch of money from your Graham reigns in my Euphrates boil by my recollection. You got cars given need and have to buy on those things are all true that you just savvy ass. Ok, ok! I do you have any idea now under repeating some stuff. I know about you. I am not a fan
It is all relative. My mama were actually just having this conversation because XIV and said like remember when you are younger you'd, always why staff and I'd say no like she acknowledges that about Georgia like like designer clothes, another line are limited to that's like that in one sure, you're in junior high in high school, that was the shit. Now was not it was, but it I don't know that I could. I can ethically qualifiers device now that I ride out- and I know that, but you are the second
store now came ardor big LA pants from SAM Scurrying SAM goodies. Did you any plans from big lots of things, but all my furniture for college came from big lots: ok right there really trusted name in college, furnishing area, soda pointers very privileged. I wasn't I don't. I don't know whether I would love I know what's tricky. I know why you know why you, as you just said, a relative, because there were other people in your school that were more spoiled. There were kids at Brian Sports cars. Oh, I mean the reason my mom is acknowledging that she didn't do. That is because the my friends got. Those things is a relative to them. He or she writes me like a sure, and they would yet forty shirts, and so I did not feel spoiled
now having like a real time realization. I have the problem, which is, I don't think I deserve things like. I have to. really wrestle with buying more? You know my Mercedes station wagon. I wanted for six years I could have afforded for fifteen years, and I want to buy it for myself. For some reason I was I in you, don't deserve a fucking Mercedes AMD, so eventually Kristen bought it with money. She- and I both may on these commercials, but I dont know that I would ever body- and I realized that's my baggage. I dont think I feel worthy of a lot of things, and so I think your baseline is healthier, like the lamp is a funny. What gives you got like always saw this lamp, but its way too expensive. I'm gonna get it. I think of myself in that duration, and it's just so. For me I would go and aiming at a really want that land, but there's no way I am. I can't buy a lamp, that's expense in autumn, saying like I go to this whole,
they don't have much. Of that. I do I I have a oh, my god. This lamp is so expensive. I can't afford it if I can't afford it right and that's like practical. It's like. Oh, I want that. That's so expensive, but I can't afford it. It's not! Oh, my god, I want that, it's so expensive, so I shouldn't buy it. I shouldn't buy it cuz, it's so expensive.
I don't have that I have like either and buy it or I can't buy it rights right well in tied to some of that, is you don't have the same? Fear of financial insecurity, as I do cause you that much security. So you you, if you can afford it, you don't go. I can afford this today, but what about in four months? What have I not work as much will I be were got were dreadful. I spent the money on this expensive, a lamp and I didn't prepare for the future by. I guess that's in my calculus at all times to if I was only acting you I would not. I would via a lot more scared to make big purchases like that, since I have a consistent job, I feel much more willing
tell em getting in deeper than that. I guess what I really don't have. A fear of is finding employment rights like I realize I really don't have a fear at all that well I'll. Be someone who can't get a job and is probably arrogant and I'm sure it is not so. I'll have the best job, but I know tomorrow I can. I can get it jobs some, where, even if its red yourself exactly now that I'm capable of doing that- and I are widely super scared, sure sure thou be Bobby Gray close. Is that clear? whose, where others appear, when so close those by the with places, almost invisible that peer one Is it not wearing apparel every cent, my past and unlike how long it took place,
and clothes and whenever they can take the sign down, there's never been a car in the parking lot it owes. It is look close for sixteen years. I've lived in the hours yes, but it's not. It's still can and it's in the shadow of my seven eleven with a very decisive but it has its nose. You know I've, I've had some physical objects nations there. I've had a lot of stuff happens that seven eleven yeah Oh, I, like I You were right when Erin I retire. We're gonna we're gonna work at seven, eleven mobility, fine, because we figured out that's where you see that shit like stuff is going down at seven eleven like every forty five minutes in ally, at least I can't speak for other places, but there's much activity. I kinda Billina gathers like people are passed out in some of the little Isles there's this fights there,
is like sex acts going on. There is people showering Kemal and perfect others. I mean it is just there's so much fervour of activity at all tying a ding, ding, Ding sort of. Ah, I was watching with my parents the dark on hotel cease all about her. Oh my god. I me I knew the story about the girl who gets put the water tank but they're just so much that goes on now. Hotel, yes, because it's right off skid row a lot of a lot of stuff of action. A lot of it you might want to consider retiring bear. Instead, we might take a night shift day. Shift or just keep a light. New three and three while guy I have so many ideas about,
maritime another one is what you know about his I've. Long fantasized about when I retire. Volunteering to mould along the veterans, cemetery on will will sure in the forest. I've there I'll love moment grass, so much it is in no is the biggest plot of grass, in LOS Angeles and every time I drive over that pass a blackmail when I do right along more there for a few hours a day, ding, Ding, Ding and I'll. Tell you why? Because you tend to think much more about work about whether goin to about retirement like I'm a little under our order, the meal so miserable. No thanks for Romania! I am saying your order me. So maybe that's why I have about to say I've literally, never ever ever ever thought about what I will do in my retirement
right now that comes with age. I'm saying I dont think is that I think it's back to the knee obsession of having a now so that I can make it to that period were then I don't have to worry. Lay retirement me symbolizes a period we don't send territory, yes, yeah yeah, the false security in that I would like the more the grass work at seven eleven. I also want to drive a cab and not a number of a cow guy, because again people are like people plan to get in an upper. Sometimes people are jumping in a cab because just committed a crime there trying to get away from somebody there's that, like again, it is just a hotbed for action, a cab I knew I had to be normal, that those are your plans, because I dont know that we're gonna be that close anymore. If those are your plans, because I can't be there for any of that- I am not interested in any of the things you
said. It is not for you, but I only work like four hours a day. It's my retirement, so they'll be all kinds of social time. Besides I get it will probably retail demise pretty quickly. Oh, no! No! You Edna! If there is anyone there was born and navigate stressful while situations its airlines Would it make you feel better if we were together at all times like that? Also be interesting, you get in a cab and cabdriver with his friend with them. That would make me. Maybe it is that he has it Several people have an. I have a job at the battle in life because how young, with each other, during each other's shifts in alike, even officially, both employed there were just together, like he's, got his seven eleven vast on, and I don't I'm like a flannel man and then suddenly upon life. I really hope you enjoy
but why do you think you're going to be a part of it? Is that is four hours a day? Nobody like it by took up Galvin, most seniors, take up golfing, which takes like five and a half hours a day, feeling it's gonna change. You really. I did. I do hope you I've got, I guess like enjoy the time we have together, but you think, the worse, I think is a way for me to be of service yeah. I think it will be of service. I think it's gonna harden you a little bit in a way that might make it worse. enjoyable to ok, to have social time. I mean bring the job home. I mean you think that Ok, the things I've seen a whore, recital seven eleven and my cab- that's right, moraine! Certainly back! U R, o my god! This is attempting to cause. This is always kind of there are so many to dream, Sony dangles thinking tangles. This is a traitor.
This is not all morning we had long dark shadow happening about this. I read more conversations with most of in my head about this retirement plan than I've had in real life about my children's up, like I can tell you barely three two one yeah and just any are feeling of money and were that's it. That's a janitor o, the ultimate chatter. I will say the great great strides for me personally over the last few years, I'm all, but over that that's
gray, as you ve seen me. Spend reason I'm in about a beautiful motor alma wanting over a decade that I never would let myself get, and I I don't look at a guy like that- wasn't safe, which is great in the past. I would look at that and said like that, makes me feel unsafe here. Can I ask you love my lamp? It's fuckin beautiful is worth every penny airily. Why is? It is a great purchased and I think it might even be gaining value exactly thank you for saying that it's a great investment that is also you know, you're. You know your whole theory about which comes on my I am. I am almost embarrassed to say it, but this is it came up in this episode were or you're talking about being tall and like, if someone says you're sure you just like it just roles off your back as you could care less cause. You know sauntering Android, it's interesting, because knowing myself I should be getting a little more agitated by you saying, I'm spoiled or abroad.
A little I'd like there's a little something that the peaks but yeah, but but I think for me it's it's that tall analogy. Maybe you're not gonna like this, but I'm just like I'm, not I'm not yeah. That's great. I love there because I don't want it I'm not trying to make you feel bad at all, but is here these? What I think are adorable stories about use, shouting at your mother, that any milkshakes in that just a funny to me and Brad, but in a very key way that as of course Brad yes like make yes. But I'd like a funny thing now also What were we watching? We found out. There wasn't another episode and he had a tantrum, your man that was deserved right, but that don't have a tantrum is. Are you know it's it's it's one of the hallmarks so bright, invest wondering because your leaning into it
Those also make everyone lad, and I was joking. There was a performance really was. Why was let's be honest with thirty percent real and seventy percent performance and the emotion there was real, but that the physical tantrum was all a performance awry, and a great, I kind of like doing a caricature, what you always do it was I want it was no character was bright with your radically to that of acting, and you thought it was me the sab Okay, do you want another? I feel like this is going to backfire but I've one more example. I could be wrong about you being bratty. Was you his family vacation in New York and Israel sharing a hotel room. you just you ever needed, is checked out, move down the street. I it's it's it's funny.
It is a little brandy right here. It is, I think, think you have done the exact And then I'm Brady, but you did you hear me, I constantly em in writing as a bringing up the time my arms really Brady Onset Poor, I'm about to be Brad like I'm, a monetary alert for when I'm brandy- and I am- I am ready for sure- I'm entitled I mom You know I'm delusional entitle. I may I think I have to do anyone else does ignite. I do not have to wait in traffic. I understand traffic is a real thing, but I don't have to wait in an hour and a motorcycle so don't have to I just I am so entitled and I'm so brandy about so many from ok. Then I'm definitely brighter than if you are a good law that weren't the brats remember the brat back. She could be the brandy pack It might be in them. There is no shame in being
the brat pack or you'll does have like, you'll have like a long story that involve like a want of food item that wasn't warm enough for something and obeying a whole thing. I of all the way over There- and I was desiring this thing and then I got and then the motto was bought by the you know the others there's never These are the things I always think are really adorable about you. Don't I always call it out of your way. really revved up about, like you know, a dessert item that wasn't on the menu that they all time low he likes. It will be a thing about all time They know the pudding for awhile is very upset by because its value. yeah. That's all true, now hear me say at my theory is that their funds a bully sail. It is sometimes available at squirrel and other times not tonight. There's no explanation is the sum, the ingredients don't seem that scares to me that this would not be
consistent item. There is very broad me, I guess I guess it is. I never thought of it is broadly, but if that's the definition we're going what then then eat then I am yes like I'm like put out by this menu item. I would at the goose form yeah only lobby was really does not only have it, and this is a bad thing to say, but I dont want like the plague idle. I dont want do not care about the pudding like I like this one hearing lies part of our reoccurring thing is so often I make observations that I do believe you think our character assessment like for me being brandy, isn't even a negative thing. It's just like an an observation about. We feel that there is an injustice, sometimes about very trivial things which
Funny Ambrady, but it's not a character assessment. Is that, like all, I think less of you because you're mad about the bread pudding, I've just observe it better scotch for you. I wouldn't have caravan here, but readiness is considered a negative trade, yeah yeah, but so is entitlement but again I don't think I'm a bad person cause I'm entitled. I think I am aware that I am entitled, although I will say even entitlement is worse to me on the spectrum them readiness for me for Charity I don't know that I think you are. I wooden had said that that I'm entirely me when you use that when you use the example of the car, yes, but I dont think of you is an entitled person. There are people, I think of as entitled people that I now and I would not put you in that category at all. The area was there
rail, because, yes, some people have done nothing and think they deserve a lapse of me is entitled that's what untied the definition is to me So here is my most recent bout with entitlement I drive, although it outta the checking of the hotel for our stay while shooting a neutral and it's a dump it now here's the level on which is a dump. There's no kleenex! like I mean Kleenex, I've, allergies and costly warming else. Am I what please don't even have kleenex and then and then Go my head Y know that sag requires that they put you in at least like three or four star accommodation. So now I'm start going to the reasons that I deserve to be in a better hotel, the myths and building a case for why I am entitled to be somewhere and I'm always trying to check my Brademagus an entitlement. So I want to compose a text message to the public.
Jamie, who I love and is so God damn helpful and wonderful, and so I'm trying to compose this text, for I don't have twenty five minutes where I can basically tell them. I hate this now. I want to be in a much nicer hotel without funny like an asshole in its taking me. how long to figure out a way to do that without sounding, like an ass hope that I just get the idea of. Maybe I should google hotels near me to make sure that this isn't actually the best option I do there and it turns out it was the best option for good. put me anywhere, but I do have a good half hour where I felt like there was an injustice that they were trying to cheat me that they are trying to save a dollar at my expense of not having clean
I will do this whole thing like I've. I've been working on this matter in twenty years and then on. You know what fuck it I'll just paying for my own or tells going forward like I can afford to see someone with kleenex others do it and they will put you know whatever. I have a whole circus, the chatter you have a chapter. I actually think that story is, is brandy but ignite entitled. Ok, I think I mean we're getting into the weeds, but I'm all those where we loved by your own and we love the weeds to me entitled is when you expect some thing they you haven't liked me there's just such a clear difference. Could I mean I just have people in my head who I like they're just so entitled to end it so different to me the being Brad. I don't even know that some of those people are Brady but by unbridled, and I would- and maybe it's me
as I am Brady as we are discovering, but I wouldn't much much prefer Brad in a rather entitlement. Ok, I'm gonna start cause. We start we certainly, now, when we kind of by God. Oh my god, what happened some so exciting happen. This is it a bad check for each then this is a bad joke for Robin that, oh my god. So all these ending beings I've. Recently. We have their way out. Ok, you're not arrive in matter Ivan thing, which I guess the Good NEWS is we talk so much, but we didn't do any facts, which is that trade which is and how I realize I just put up my fax and, unlike so, how long was growing pains, combat air growing pains began?
nineteen, eighty five September, two years before my love for your birthright and final episode April. Ninety ninety two Girls- seven, you could run very informative. my youth, because it takes me from ten years old to seventeen years old and remember, Leonardo Dicaprio designer yeah he was Awayward homeless kid, so sexy sexy. I want to ask you a really weird bizarre question: does they'll be like a young Jonathan height thought experiment moral thought, experiment, DART data, you start Easter dating Leonardo Dicaprio. You guys are even married. Your having sex in the tyrant, sidetrack skull regularly. I see you guys are married in addition to him collecting T rex skulls. He also collects time missions
you tell him. Oh, my god, you are so cute and that episode of growing pains when you are fifteen- and he says I give you permission to go on the time machine. Ngos, the deuce him and me at my age now I wonder, morally rubber here, so that future ok, good advice, for that answer. I just want to see if they can, the Future self give consent to a young Well, here's the thing. I think I think we ve talked about this as far as like, if you were married in your wife had taken. No pictures of herself at seventeen. I what the moral line there to look at those in enjoy them. If she goes it go and look at the their me and
Mary yeah. I am sure a lot of people are gonna have something to say about this. I I think it's fine there's something about going back in a time machine and actually doing it like being a good home them exactly. That's like bats changing the ok, but but but knowing yourself right. So I know me at fifteen You would not be harming me, I'm already fucking, as often as I can, I'm so into it, and I would love the experience I would by no means what I feel preyed upon I now, but just ethically your interacting but teenager minor yeah, that's bad, but the there sure of yours spouse.
I find that. I think I would even why I wished Kristen wanted to stare at the pictures of me in high school. I think it's I mean I feel like that's the deadline along answer, but yeah. I think I think I would be ok with my husband being practice. The pictures of me at a young age cause here's where I would save form. more all debate, stance that you could take us. There is simply no victim maryanka victim that person that has existed for twenty years, and I am really you're already attracted to the person. So none of it is just seeping and it's not like I'm a guy. That random picture of a random seventeen year old, as ha its idea of this person. I know and love and turned out to be this that person, and, oh, my god, they're so cute as a I don't know, I just think it's different or no. We did this
Mercedes, because my question to somebody we interviewed was what, if you HU, as the owner of those pitchers, wanted to release those pictures. Those are technically child pornography. I don't think that's well now I don't work as you. Don't wanna give Father to the Slovak exactly, but it was your husband. You know they're, not do you know there are safe person like bats tat. And they're not gonna, use that sir to become a weird exactly in Ankara, although you never really now has the husband who killed the wife and kids, you never know you don't know. Ok, who is the biggest celebrity who's been on? singer. There's lots of people on site Leon rhymes on Nick card. Aloe black, also so Brian US in Green was
on a wise and their best friends. I really want wish I could play a clip of them wrapping together. You know there were in that rap career, my too, when I just can't find there, and I don't know that even recorded anything they want to just declared they were grew, hurt. Perhaps yeah gun like cowbell, while its way Brian Austin Green Rob saw what he had his own little rat Cloe. Ok, then, I think even rapped on nine onto an hour the peach bit sounding familiar. I love damn I bet you do all the guys, like Ben Ass, lack a little bit yeah. I, like all the guys I like, Jason priestly. I like Luke Perry. I like he was the best for me. So sexy US missile unethical to talk about it, a person his deceased right. Ok, I don't know
No, no, no! No. What is torkoal figure? Would you most want to sleep with I got mine already. I didn't think I was going to be able to think of one, but I got mine. I think I got three, unlike my God, Amelia Erhard. Really, that's not that's not what I would have expected. A casual work. Ok, play about I thought Cleopatra would be in their television, Amelia Erhard she's, a beast she's, so confident she flew across the ocean. No woman had done it or did you know she made it She did disappear or disappear no unhand area, but the tomatoes lost confidence in communist amazement spells a good time in the rack. That's great! Ok! I would pick the obvious. Like easy answer. Is J F K? The Algarve yeah he's your guy well gave kid Junior, as my guy by
in our work and were counting him, so J F K would be up there. I've to suggest ok, give Julius Caesar wait. Didn't Caesar Stab, although he got a market that it Margaret Anthony, stab Julius Caesar and the eyes of March, because he was fucking Cleopatra, I believe finding out maybe I met my next one is gang. Is com or Genghis Khan, as I said in the book and I'll tell you why, because he fought so much, I don't think anyone in his respect for thinking. I dont think I would like that or you would be so good at it as my assumption, but that that
now. I want to turn off for you. I dont, like I'm talking about just the experience now you're, just a physical experience of sex yeah. I mean, I think I would, if it's just sex I'm so unless a good job k on that, oh or what about em out k, I might be very until you thought to turn to my first. Why it's that like vey, especially m like I would be so attracted to his couldn't. You know like what you owe he's changing the world youth but there were they're gonna, be there the other day Has a strong Anthony straw for health care, God, you're gonna, be was arguably better than men gave and as far as is men, how many people? How will you six hundred million people dont think he would want knapsack
with me gone now, using like a terrible now and I'll say that does as he does even look like. He is amazingly these on a hunger strike. I doubt you should get a rare. I didn't these fragile with you. but we all get as other priority easier. He has other priorities, I'm trying to think of like a brilliant sighing, history, like maybe eyes. I may look so crazy. Like would I be scared of him? I don't know but more like Isaac Newton, maybe our Addison Guy, freaky Galileo, the problem with the lot of the the great enlightened, and rather the renaissance people, Leonardo Da Vinci of many of those guys, are gay I'll write. You did have a beautiful body he imposed for a lot of dementia yeah, what it felt like.
Hemingway too to Mantua his offer me then go then those weird yeah, the artist. Ah, I think it would be more attractive to the scientists near. I think I ll stick with Jack there's a phone game. There should be a like. I am aboard, keep thinking on this guy doesn't in people out, I'm just not a brain. Isn't there, but I've been unrisen, hold them. Ok and J F K. This is a very provocative o K. There is a dangerous Jesus. Oh now but you'd have to imagine. If it really was the son of God, he would be transcendent in the Iraq, especially if he is the Son of God I know why why? Why can't the Son of God have sex know he can on, but I don't want to have sex with him. That's like a lot of pressure, which, as I did looking a little wrong. He wouldn't why here
a ban as you now, but but Jesus the real Jesus, the the historical figure yeah? Maybe- by the good one on your lap Mariana Party Mediterranean. Well and I am- and I like- that- probably a beautiful olive skin, soft, beautiful hair tat. Three scared about J, F K. Well lots because you know what they're separates come out about him. That's not great, but also on the crown depiction of him on the crown is not gray like he was not. Nice stir well, that's very well documented. He was a shitty husband, oh yeah, they ran. I added. I doubt the crown shit yeah, the iron gather crowned, is really good research. I think everything on the crown is pretty much exactly correct,
so our noise. They made him breaking new ground without revelation. Oh, you know they were, I don't think they were trying to you. Then they never trying to. I think they're really just trying to show that, but was seeing. It was not great yeah JFK his worst thing, most, probably not even how he treated his wife. There was a sixty aspects on, although that woman who lost her virginity to him in the pool of the White House: ok! Well, we ve set at a level which we really have now, instead to fact checks worth of staff and then a greater exploration,
morally and historically there's no more facts Robin. I really really enjoy him, and I, I guess I'll say maybe this is a nice to say, but I had a different expectation of what the enemy was. Gonna be an who he is, and I was really like. Oh my gosh, I like this person, the exact same experience reversed a lot of preconceived notions. I had about but we want yeah yeah same same same thing and angles aim dinghies, r R. I love you
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