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2021-06-07 | 🔗
Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Revelation, Under the Skin) is an English comedian, actor, podcaster, writer, and activist. Russell joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how addiction is just amplified attachment, his tendency to use material means to resolve his spiritual issues, and his initial reluctancy about recovery. Dax and Russell talk about their relationship with women, their shared impulse to move towards chaos, and the importance of valuing your inner life more than your outer life. Russell explains how he came to find transcendental meditation, the role community plays in his life, and how our brains are a tangled fishing net.
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Well, come on the market, an arm chair, expert, I'm deck Shepard who joined by Monica bad man held ok, so people like Duchess Duluth they wanted to be minister of mice. Instead of secretary my which I understand why they think that they don't know. Yet they don't know yet your mark that for the listener, ok that little feel better. That's something! Ok, Russell Brain. What an incredibly well spoken human me! Oh, my god, his brain is moving so fast. It's maybe very admirable. Maybe the fastest, also the fastest? I've never heard anyone speak with such command, articulate and brilliant at times, as we discuss in the fact check almost impossible for us to keep up yet beds
money, because it's not just say he's like saying random words and if all makes perfect sense is very cohesive. The clarity is impeccable. I just like can't related all too having bad ability and not make any mistakes. He never gets lost. No, it's amazing news. When you were right back to the Google Chrome Trail, who love cookie here, you do I've never recommended that peat listen to this pod cast at a different speed. I want to listen to it at one point all right. If you want to back down the point, seven five point: five on the swine: you did you use low or no work I'm off your Wilson terrible, but I guess it will really be shining Abed at half speedier talking about what we speak at our quickest here, but also arises is that's true. It suddenly behold. Now, of course, Russell Bran came to my attention from forgetting Sir Marshall. He was made love to my wife, very elegant fashion. You're, really respectable way
and he was also in, of course, give him to the Greek Arthur Hop. He has a new audio book available. Only on audible, called revelation, and just a reminder are bad case is only on spot if I starting July first and to enhance their please get that at its free way Oh no June, thirty. First, if there's even thirty one days in June on don't wait or the morning up, you're gonna be on your computer. You have things to do that. Try to get the app downloaded yeah Let's be ready to hit play. Let's be right, I've got a baby for you. That's right! That's right, and we have a big before for you today. Russell brain please enjoy. We are supported by squares space, not round space, not triangles base. Monica square stay all trusted square. It's one of the most trusted shapes. We haven't geometry. What is where space? You might wonder? Well, it is the
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recommendation, which is a resentment waiting to happen, as we know that either this'll be brilliant or when I also similar or just completely crash and burn, have you had a similar thoughts, or is that just my racket have kind of those source Jane Renee Yeah? Well, when people tell me, are you their love? This person often thing all the time you ve. No account is help her in secure competitive. I'm gonna feel like now. Let's try my best to soar. right on the level of recovery and surrender and lobbying of watchful and vigilant and also they'll generally warmth he same saying side of an outright attack. I think I'd better wealth. So, just like you said I can relate some two people going like? Oh, my god, you're gonna love this guy in in one I've come to find out as now that persons like me then mean me, don't get along that? Well, I hate me.
Yes, I have enjoyed a numb me in my head, but my wife loves you she's, like oh, my god, you're gonna love Russell. He is the greatest guy. I love working with him he's so respectfully so funny in sharpening sober like you again, inclined to like you, but then that sometimes You got the wrong way when a loved one love someone else. We have famous people. it lies in a letter. Greater extent of lack of less inclined, I'm defined by that world is I once wasn't like you know: the work after my eager to live without that of an official stimulation is paying off in any event like when people that you don't know? No, you you have to new yourself. Love could also down glasses. real love, my friends on who show business like, and I am not trying to crash of myself, but those me with a dark night, the protocols of lax. Never you got a table enemy in everyday life.
Those who sign onto your war? When can you are right? I have now been schools that protect me from ass. She writes five had to over the years it's been a while rarely practice letting go everywhere. We working order serve a significant character defect or a significant for something up ass. If we really want to change, I am heartened by the words of this swami, and the I know rather not swamis or brought it up. They're kind of swamis, but his own very, like came about in Mumbai. Serious doubt, shaved had the works all of that like when we asked a murmur might do you feel jealousy and last then things are that still any said. Yes, I do feel allows you to send so come encouraging. What do you do with that? He says he reminds me. I need to move closer to God. I've got to move closer to God, and so
any time. I feel anything I was. What was I to envy? Is your on fulfilled potential projected onto another, as always, I'm living bomber programme and I'm trying to do was right and I lived by pretty much sesame street ethics. These days. Law come to be nice, be kind, no hope, people's feelings, that's better than anybody else ass. I went on transit these simple simple, so I feel like if someone like me, that's on them yeah, yeah yeah. I thought a lot more ease with that now, originally watched you in that film, darker in the name of basic all good people in it Fonda by that still a four year. I exist in the same casting fast get nothing else oh, you know them brilliant and that you would have been better than me and that, because it was a fast talking now
a brilliant light, all the moral ambiguity lacking self reproach. You tend not to have done that I have never known less about what I was doing, and this is where I leave you yeah yeah yeah in the directorate. He wasn't sure whether he won- it's gotta, be likeable or detestable in, I didn't know one way or another. I don't have great instinct, so that's ceiling herb anywhere. I give three completely different characters like we would do this. Take I'm at right now going to be a dick that you hate moving to get that taken them know. I'm going to try to like be real and Bubba. I think they'd landed unkind real one, but it was a very interesting experience like. Let me just give you three options later you can decide. I've had one experience, making a feeling that, and it was so very ancient This makes it a ruthless nurse the machine by the way. You and I speak the same language action came to see it as a real statement of confidence, because
when I'm in situations where I'm nervous people don't think. I know what I'm doing. Of course, I overcompensate and I have a definitive opinion about every fucking thing, but I saw this is a real state of confidence from this directive to go like I'm, not sure which one's gonna play best or help the story. Smitley like I'd love, to tell you that I know, but I don't know yet, and I was like I envy that selfish Ernest to just say man. I don't know thinking about it. Like the sun. I did it when it was a directive is a pre town person. Actually so what I wanna fuck it like it won't cello Emily hello, both of you sorry for the technical content, asian that Ngos are grateful and happy to be here. Are you in England, right now in the light of english countryside is required, rarely sort of amplified domesticated were a friend of mine? What the Un Committee and Steve Crooked, when he so my house, get his
the sarcastically nice house, Gingerbread House and, if a very easy, simple life other more goes on my head, I don't know, I'm a real bad projector. Let me on that real read out the gates. I am a big projector, but the similarities were born in seventy five single mother boy. Friends around fuckin hated that dad in and out a bit both drug attics boast. Art is reality. Tv show personalities, git to act IDA chip on my show, about that you can't wait to hear view did seems like we both had some sex addiction seems like we both have come to terms with some of a massage monistic implications of our past behaviour.
breathing on bringing about you're, my alma gonna think we were like living mirrored lives but separated by the Atlantic twins across time. Facts now began to leave this next part of our life as saccharine. True pseudo gurus haunt costing too Well, even if the next word that we about to speak, I guess the funniest version of this. For me. Would What was it like? What happened and what's it like now? That would be fun for me and I can join you if you're up for that yeah. Let's do it that way, then. Ok, that's do. As I saw a shared, you were twelve steps and I feel, like my life is being governed by undefined by addiction, or rather the set of impulses and appetites underwrite addiction. Now that I'm a person in recovery are recognised, that those appetites can be directed positive,
it seems like such a simple thing by this a combination of animal instincts and a culture that state you lights and directs, and ethics is those instincts, Sesar and cultural fact and behaviors, I think, creates addiction, and I also think addiction is just amplified attachment. Most people are things that are holding their life together. Things are external to them that they are unconsciously devoted to were dedicated to the perhaps ultimately harmful for them, and if I try and change that behaviour they find it challenging address both those of us who have had like real route, one obvious column, bovine down the Haiti's easier at it, hence a crack and heroin, and now, at a house, great big dog of red paint across the face of the essence, at least what you get to learning is what the principles are, in my case,
but I would say that it is that I have a tendency to try to use material means to resolve a spiritual issue, any case spiritual to Wishy Washy a word. I mean self esteem, feeling ok, failing connect you I'll be here well being is so one that interest me because it seems to be the one of the only ones I haven't had that you have had, but I would correlate with something else have come to realize I had, which was. I had a c d right, so I attended ticks. I did all kinds of bizarre stuff. I did you everything twice I had to take a dump naked. I had to take the toilet paper out of the bathroom and touch it the wall. But I had to do that twice and had all this toilet paper and I was new and I was afraid, my family, but you know that was my way of controlling things. you early on, had blame you at a young age, what a yeah early adolescents, twelve thirteen is over. gothic style of eyes. Benjamin in a law, a man
I was ashamed of my body, so I, like the purging side of you, I think I love people. The upper limit think that they event in fact I love. My report aggravated. I felt like yours that paid cease grows the weak. Oh, my god, look at these the same with drugs. I remember my makes that were further down the line with their own particular drug addiction, loping, so already cooled and put off by my evangelism as an early draw, got you got. This is excellent and everyone should be doing is also needs to be taken as a lever to know that if they just smoke free, a heroine I'd like such devotion and enthusiasm for all of which are they space, its spiritual ideas, spiritual practice,
his spiritual solution. So for me, like when I start to understand that the very thing that made me into a drug addict would make it possible for me to be more cover. It was a significant point when it had explained even ice cream base. You can always point two thousand to that when you hang it up. Yes, you are, I had been two thousand for I now in retrospect, feel like twenty. I was pretty young, like as I've seen people come in and get sober. I recognise. Oh, I guess I was on the path pretty early and then you then, would have been on it even two years before so. Twenty seven is that's right. I was very reluctant about recovery is not something that always enthusiastic about. When I was first shiny, I really felt it would be something I defer ashore
all in order to get some self handling all my life and get things back together, but I came to understand. I was shown that they could never be an answer for me entering using. Unlike some not complacent about my recovery, and I mean a man like you get to six Dana colossal friends and people are respect that have gone out yet I suppose the only solve against. I suppose, candy just simple thing to me: one there I'm keeping their very very simple, because my tendency towards complexity, because I'm a tendency to rumination on reflection. It was young, I'm thinking about it like when the first person I spoke about recovery said like, and I feel that now in six months will be imprisoned, alluded asylum or dead. That's it just seemed like a kind of MAC seem to me that didn't see their residents of animals, and you didn't know that is it over familiar trope two people know the language of the twelve statue, jobs, institutions, death, but light
thinking about it as an old man. Now I can see that a lot of things I was doing it was getting worse fast and I you know, like a lot of ass, I left now. I can be very easy. Her someone looks me the wrong way. So the idea to take up a combination of my door and drugs and go into dangerous situations This was not present for a fraction I'll pass authors of give cause fights and the kind of things I did when I should really pray peaceful man yeah, but also some great attraction. Ass in disorder, some wondering like what your relationship is If your mom and with women- and I just wonder if there's any parallel there of that became a source of the steam for you, I think said that a group that, whilst I was in contact with my dad nastier hammer- and I shoot my dad and it's a good relationship
I know he tried Spanish than you know how easy recovery doesn't due to speak out. Leave of people were not love, my mom and my dad, but I work of mostly surrounded by women. When I was a kid, I probably didn't get enough role modeling from autumn, I am also massive adolescent as a child or even as a young man was very varies, serve neurotic about my body of cholera shamed around my body
So I wasn't super like fly as it were a hard one of the things I spent very invaluable in late recovery is, I have formed a lot of strong, honest, open relationships with men. I hope an expression of great respect for women and females caused. My lifestyle is determined by married to my mother and I want to live a life of service around all genders. But, like look, you think about it. If you ve been in the recovery community for while we think about how many fatherless men dealing with now, I have older mile men tours that I have very open and relationships. I have a peer group recovery Pickering Days Mile, sponsor a lot of men, because I once have relationships now that are based on service. I've kind of food
We find myself wondering sick output is inevitably man, but I think you would like this interpretation of Buddhism sign that perhaps even a foreigner will troops could have been misinterpreted for linguistic recent, and a different interpretation is offered by this person is like that you're, instead of suffering. What we're talking about with the first noble trees affliction is that of design. With the second noble true for what they have already said in our chat, my expectation that we have an expectation that life will somehow be different. This attention, the inclusion of but no boys to suggest that both the suffering and the desire can themselves be somehow noble. The third word: Morocco, remember that, of literal whitefoot. We have this fire in us, the fire of appetite the fire of rejection of suffering. This five can be call of aid and directed if the winds of desire to take us towards pleasure, there's gonna be a problem if they take us towards oblivion, that's gonna get if they take those high in our own life resent in our life ass can be a problem. I think, if anything defines attics nobility what you both think about this.
is tat. We somehow have some dna helix of all free, but I see multinational one abrasion pleasure debris, somebody else and once I think kicks in man can't take your can't take it. I also think that in the addiction lie the seeds, these rubber esoteric aspect of recovery. We wanted to not be ourselves. We wanted to destroy everything, we wanted to do truly go, but we didn't know that the culture doesn't give your team play the culture doesnt tell you like or person is never going to be a review. Rony go, that's gonna, be your biggest by always gonna be against yourself. Here is some simple principles. I think we should have been selected light little Dalai Lama's pluck thou. Do when they frio for he is out and got not. For you don't tell this kid, they gonna be fine if they go through college or get a good job for everyone finds an attractive while they really could explore anything. Don't tell him that still this kid, you have to get in touch with the internet, with the eternal that legal, temporary
eight years on, written by something that may seem like chaos, but is actually limitless ness. You might start to find chaos appealing because some wherein you this is resonance this memory, that chaos he's not the order, the reductive none of the self styled Turn its self being this person that sometimes you, forty five bolster with through economic means that all animals repels you your revolted bite. You have to get away from it, but kind ass we come right back. Chaos in and out of everyone else's lives and weak. Don't write that well, even if we think we can, even if we have glorious moment stood on top of me across my kid outstretched wider powers will let you know that Classy Caroline night mouse in the morning like instead for me, like, I feel there are perennial troops founding the many many scriptural theology ideologies well being techniques. Thus, speaking to something else, I think is addiction is anything. Is that we have all three of these bodies
tendencies, I'm sure if we were to look at other doctrines autopsy in terms of analyses. We would find correlative statics having everyone's on spectrum, and the Arctic is just the person that pushed it too far in one of those duration, feel like someone who just observed the Tesla Electricity thing, zap around the Tesla born and electricity issued still like all corners of the cage, I think of the perverse spectator of that thing be yeah. That was ray I was like Indeed, I was catching a lot of it and I was also just kind of in awe of the way you speak. I do tend to think just being around you and attics the you. I think, there's a thought that attics are very based of all, but act shaping all of you guys are operating on some higher level for each year.
the agonies of great you know some higher level, that's like connected to a place than non attics can't really relate to, and that's good for them in that way, but it's not good for them. I think maybe, unlike the wisdom way, that was an example of it very well. There's a lot going on here, It's hard to sum up. This cake right now, like one of the treaty, gives Zadok for sure, but then there's all this other wonderful stuff happening. That's kind of proprietary to Russell really quick, Wendy, we realise that you are virtually that dexterous at first time anyone said anything nice to me around language. I used the phrase grudging he trudge in something like every unexplored. Like thing, maybe, like I grudgingly trudged scores of eleven the teachers, it that's good and I don't want us of paint a picture of a kind of it. The Kansas childhood actually arrive kind. Less.
My name is Schroff road misery staring at a step dad shoes by the front door. of being accessible, remote control, perennially perched on a thigh, never mind, never mind tat. They can control the channel but light that little bit of approval That's me. let them then I used are literally look dictionaries law and are used to write, poetry in law, and then I went to dramas going to your point earlier about that when you say about like how I regard myself so for professional person I'm not gonna professional pride. I say I suppose, about activism of populism in May, to be ok with the rally thing, I suppose they to show people talked about a reality. Tv show those circle. Big brother was bigger, even never big over there and I afterwards to show it.
analyze it. Otherwise this will have analyze. Her heart was anthropology positive down little dumb, jokes and ridiculous hair continent. The things that you would you anticipate and expects before that there had been to a dramas, go another drama school. I like everyone, wanted be one of their cool and sexy brooding actors of vessel. Fifty sixty brand of Cliffs Jimmie Dale All of that, like everyone, wanted to bake by people like you, don't just talking and saying so. I remember the other people their guide. You should do that right. Just of tourism We did so at the time. So here's where I thought it could go sideways. I fancy myself pretty quick with gab, so I could have seen myself getting competitive with you, but you're just so far away is another Latvia or mother level that I'm actually just with pleasure conceding your dominance. Witches is rare and fund for me an armchair expert furs,
I have to pull my very best birth. Do you have to police yourself, and you would be the examples. I had the pleasure of meeting another actor and we got an argument about healthcare and it went on for for five hours and then there was a point where we on an airplane who still trying to argue with me and I pretended I was asleep, and I for the first time I realized. Many of the arguments I thought I want people to stop giving a fuck. It was such a gift. He gave me because I was I owe in my mind if I go through- and I remember all these, these verbal battles have had that. I think I've won. Quite often people got bored or they didn't give a shit. I didn't convince them. It was helpful to me and also Benin relationships. This is like can be the thing that attracts you to me and then I can be absolutely insufferable to be around. So I wonder, do you find that you have to police like give people the pleasurable side and traffic do dull this the sword. That is its not funded debate you you want to know. If you gave me a huge compliment and I would tell you I accept
and am grateful for it, but also I got enough floors tax. There's like this anyway, a hundred activities. You could select trust to do together. You know that I would not be, but I will only focus on the wine years. Your superior over her that's ever take a ride, thereby advanced age. A speaker well be by innocent storm bash, stand kind of hectoring. Those problems that could easily try to someone with a smaller vocabulary and definitely there things I'm guilty of. Definitely there have been times like you are for that I'd been right, but real had just been persistent and tedious, but love for me. This is something you will identify with. Perhaps both of you and from I know of your tax, you, certainly I've always had to solve peculiarly compete in drives within me. Take even the career path me. I love words in language law,
In this I love the poetry, the elegance, the possibilities of language, the holiness way, the implication that there is something else here within our consciousness, expressing itself from a temporary vessel about persona. I love tat. I love comedy. by that committee can be used to strip away mosques and reveal the divine that it can it all for bringing about governance. The catharsis of laughter by telling you too, I wanted to be famous. I feel insecure anymore the court an inferior, wanted? Something done. I didn't want to feel that anymore. I didn't want to feel so. Those two things like the kind of worst aspects of fame and celebrity in our culture finds the same psych fame is a commodity fame disk from the time the irrational it from values from duty, fine, just as of casual for commodities
action in consumerism to extend superficial messaging to everyone to make his all feel inferior both for those things were amazing painlessly, I'm one my recovery has been about, and press were all about journeys. All of us that say that we are on the path and pray that we were in the past is about. Can we continually select from that super state of limitless potentiality, which we now know to be the basic level of reality that we can understand, perhaps one that super state of play? realities. We nothing essentially happens, whereas Cholera Valley told me that the most basic level, all thing matter is relational. We can't even be said to be there at all until it in relationship. Perhaps we can select tabby in positive relationship, let that I got all told me that the moment he comes off that you like he tries not a whit himself to his impressions of himself in Ireland we are lucky to be extreme where the animals that fled for the high ground with the animals that flag for the high ground in the monsoon and the typhoon
Everyone in the end is gonna have to awaken we're all gonna have to awaken, isn't working and is not just working for people to desperate impoverished, isn't it inequality doesn't work for any of us? You ve been the condition and position you ve been for long enough to have met super power successful people in despair. Justice spare broken We were in a position where we can start to. Let go arise that these workers are to let go of that path myself. That says I'll be enough. If I'm in this movie I'll be enough. If these people find interactive even at the thoughts still comes, the forced who comes from a super state of potentially is, I can select to not pursue and I've got you hey man. I speak a lot better than I do it because I find it really really really ought really here. I totally agree
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Kristen in the girls and I were driving home from a friends house. I needed to stop at seven eleven to get some chewing tobacco. I was in there. with its chewing tobacco shootin to ongoing Eiger. so I'm in there, and I know the two as that work behind their pretty well, the gentlemen walk and with no shirt, no mass he's holding a styrofoam container and may immediately start going. No, no, no, no! You get up and he goes look, I'm just any here to get catch up, some of the most amusing way possible- and I am already like a morning enjoyment escalates and he throws asshole for five, those Maura Mary Ellen in everything and I'm like middle of it. I'm doing a voice memo to my friend may, oh, my god, my favorite, seven eleven that shit's going up so I come back,
girls are just seeing a guy, come out, shirtless screaming asshole and then like what happened in it, and I am late it I mean it's like. I just took a fucking hit up the crack pipe and I'm like that's how am I love when the shattering the fan, and I was curious of you to get agitated? in a pleasurable way, when that steps going on here this impulse to move towards the chaos I have it very much and particularly of the format of ill luck, propaganda, sure, less maniacs, I'm guessing. You still live in LOS Angeles from the term, brought like those sort of semi savage people and identify with them, and I recognize you I recognize it devotes. Oversight is like how did you feel after the situation, and how did you behave after the situation? May now right, because
covering because of the principles of service. I can be so serb self, conscious about wanting to help people like, like kind of like I'm trying to get a gold star of recovery there. I would enjoy the chaos of that guy at also wouldn't want people. Think I'm scared, if that my arm omnipresence, will free up that. Can handle designed if their man, I'm with you, I'm crazy like here and there I think I'm gonna put my around in a hurry was going on, since you really need to catch up. This isn't just about the culture busybody catch up a symbolic for something else, I'm guessing what I get in the car and then, of course, we had a big debrief about it. The whole family, Look there's all these different people in the world. Thank god- and there are some people that do well in that situation, could sometimes that situation arises and you want someone there, that's kind of calm and level headed, and I think that's when I have a role. But then, if I'm honest, a lot of it is my excitement, dissipation, that someone will need me to rescue them. So I guess
some element that this could go sideways and I like the guy's behind the counter and I'm happy to step in and get physical with the guy with the catch up. So I think by and he is someone who, like rescues, people ass, I come up to bath so like there's some exciting anticipation that I'll get to prove my val what's wrong with that like when we're doing this of rigorous inventory about numerous defects and floors, I'm reminded by law people much further down the path to me that we have to make room at the table for these assets, nice cool but you're, willing to step up. I think that's cool. I think ass of great value and like a thief, had a childhood and he sounds like you have that was comparable to mine. You deployed there feeling somehow ill equipped and insufficient and if you have somehow found a way to value yourself, an aspect of yourself, a positive bravery, courage, willingness to put yourself in front of a potentially a flying fish there upon the catch up. If he does, he often-
I think that law, the bull and like one of the people, are really helps me. He says what for example, one side- and I do not think maybe I said yesterday of world because of my ego and stuff I can on telling myself. it's out of alignment with my higher principles, because the fact is now, if I'm on a film set the most important person there a way way down that cushy. There's no need for a tape measure to see who's got the biggest trailer and maybe pass me can't have national dress, the opposite! Oh, look at me, what's your wholly to be they like to say before, faced with addiction still onto some too bad for it, and why he has to remind me the now you're good guy why you known whom I guess I'd like your marriage is, is appealing conjecture. I pray. You know how they have. Your girls have got one parent you can handle that shit can often handling. because you never know who might be required. I didn't have apparent this. Can we
There is some order and some route and some structure can pass into the guy that want to catch up like her voice was very much needed and x, meaning what that guy was going through. But there is a problem is Monica the observer. I think it's great and I would feel very grateful that you are in store of I was in the store by it. If you're someone who is super drawn to a situation where you need a rescue someone, you will fight that just so you will be in situations that are chaotic you want to be subconsciously, you're searching for it and the people are and you don't wanna be in those situations are attached to you and getting dragged on them. Kristen is never in a seven eleven and that's happening. Jesus I d have remained unanswered fewer in either of I I couldn't agree with you more and you're a hundred percent right, there's four different, seven lessons I could frequent. I always go that one does that's worth the actions, the hottest
ass, he looked up at the seven eleven I agree with, is a tough one. The point that Monica raises, I think, is a difficult one to deal with entirely because the shadow has to be solved. fell, understood and somewhat lived and already struggle without telling the truth and my own life, not I lived the life I do, which is bound. On all sides by necessary order, however, that the principles of my recovery or the commitments they have made to family, like in France, for example, with a mere when half, of course the Iceman the breath guy he's like her.
I'll yogi? He has a kind of hasn't glorious raw to his hope. Asylum is like he's no stopped at the head in him. He's gone beyond the hedonism to a place of truth of Viking transcendence the glory for the glory of masculinity, the glorious femininity wherever you fall on that spectrum he's embodying the part that he's landed on when I was talking to him and seeing how easy it was like prime owners, the primal. the aspect of his nature, while man via the corrected redistribute, let alone a person like I don't wanna, be sought taking it out in seven eleven slightly less over our member with me line of access of calmness down. When we will go on walks out,
This company was we'd, so go over this fence, or should we go through them all ass, a hold on a minute, ass trespasser, we shall be doing, carries out really mad at it. With me, one thing that you took my earlier someone to sleep, but what's the real problem is the crisis? Trespasser is the real crime nature itself being cut off from Mannheim one about the boundaries in our own minds, our own animals. You're right now, One time, unless it said to us in council in Gaza said to us, You know what it was like when you married him right here yeah, you know, exists Russell, your marrying unwholesome! You know this is far on human rights data search and over
Roger dollars get out of the blue, took up really quick about tee and viewers super into your already into it and Christian. I got into an we fucking law I loved it, and then we had kids in that was eight years ago and I totally stock, as I can't anticipate getting up twenty minutes before they get whatever. These are my excuses, but I did love it and I even got to see you I attended. Some David Lynch Foundation thing in use spoke, and you had this. Great funny runner about, I think, talking to David about in horny during it he said: yeah, that's finding or any. There maybe just wait till after many talked about how great had supposed TM master.
It was all things really really funny, but I'm curious if you could sum up for people what you get out of it. The thing I would like to say about it is: I was one of the people like it can't be, not my brains too busy. I could never achieve a thoughtless ten minutes and it was way way easier than I could have ever expected and totally effective soap. How did you come to find tm and do you still do it? Yes, I stood there. I met Bobby rough. The man who runs the David Lynch Foundation, who is essentially a sort of secular praised, really just lives to teach people transcendental meditation. It's for him is the answer. He loves it. The same is David Ling, Chu Lackeys, evangelical about the tm, even as opposed to other forms of merit. shut up in a less of an event within where something other than what about other types? Meditate oh maybe work back about it. Let's eat everything
it'll a lump sum myself to him. I learned is that you know the repetition of our mantra. They give you silently in your head on the things that really help me was how kind of no secular casual they were about it like you, not. I don't perfectly don't worry about trying to get ten for this man. It is natural for your mind to think you're, Meidel effortlessly think whenever you know, if you think he returned to the mantra now the same way as drugs, if different degrees. I also very much like meditation grace. I try to do tee him at least Once a day for my morning session mantra, meditation simple meditation. I tell ya tax like I also enjoy guided meditations life mass know. J all ran. Das has a whole bunch and teach not Hon You know I like some of that stuff too, and also, I don't have a book so wish to integrate. Promoting in this conversation, specifically based
this conversation conversation about could under the scheme are chats. People do one called above the noise, which is a guide meditation, put costs, which is about really talk about meditative techniques in why that is accessible and ordinary one. The things I start to believe now is this spiritually in a way that would seem quite extreme to become normalized that basic principle. We have to start valuing arena life more than our our life, because I can't see a version of the future where we can continue to count you mean the way we do use energy in the way that we do have organised social and cultural systems in the way that we do so people and vision. it can lead to awaken and collectively need to awaken on four May meditation. In conjunction with survey site, I've had become so solid system
and self. Regarding and only interesting will, I won't go I'll happily sitting do nothing all day long except me to tee. I like a dry spam or life trunk of my head for me, like I'm meditate in order tat can be a good husband and a good father, and I can be a valuable in the lives of other people
and whenever savings should offer the quantified up against some serious internal opposition. Never by my mind this guy universe, importing into a guess, vanishing as your great carrying a liar Riah book about education. So, yes, revelation is your packets of we're here to talk about an workers through an episode revelation under the skin is my pockets revelation is an audible original is like a book. The only exists on audible, that platform code or double meaning. The only person is ready is people are gave it to written down and give its very many of them for copyright reasons. So, like on audible of those book revelation wish you luck. five hour audio book about it. I've got the word book so, but what's a possible synonym, manuscript parchment hit me
radio. Now this book revelation, which is about- and I think about it all the time- still there- a vocation of the sacred in ordinary life, a more vandam Shiva with coal reef, realising life of finding the sacred in every moment, even for example, in a moment in the seven eleven there there's a moment of you, that's adrenaline and excitement by barely a father is I recognize this guy. I am this guy on the same in all my life and protect these people work in particular copy guideline. Account of these are sacred impulses, so the book revelation is about how I, in ordinary life, try to evoke and appreciate and connect with the sacred all the time, because I think that's what I've been doing. My whole life as an attic anyway, and that's what I think if we were able to do it, it would automatically take care of
in some respects and problems of ecological meltdown and all those things, because if you deny that there are all Terrier universal deep principles, then I think we end up in this nihilistic morass, where anything possible anything could be right or wrong. So that's what that audible original isabel if we're gonna try to quantify values what role this community? In your sense, it because I feel like I'm assuming where similar in that I did not want a christian God. I didn't want an all, knowing God I didn't want a god that sets People go here and some people go there. I didn't like any of those options and then, through program, I was forced to find the value of community that I would have totally missed out on in. There are definitely moments were on them. A group of twenty men. well how the hell would. I have ended up with twenty men in a room talking about feelings. It couldn't have existed without this and oh what a shame that
the only real option I can see other than that is go to a church on Sunday to get that experience and it seems like you must have decided that as well and you found it in different pockets as well, but I guess I'm regularly think may I were all missing community in a sense. That is, is probably vital to us in there's no options out there for people. I keep wondering about war, other kind of indigenous qualities and trade that we have that are not being honoured by the way that we organise our social systems and with recourse to sort of simple anthropology, the only type I could claim to understand where events delivering communities of seventy five, two hundred and fifty people. Whether community has a common goal of survival and preservation. Where we are
so an understanding of who we are and how we are in relationship to one another. Now like I'm, not like a mad luddite person, he thinks we should smash these devices, thereby enabling us to communicate across time and space and certainly at least space bottle I do feel that the technology and medicine have operated as false markers in the progress of our kind, because we were able to achieve such elegant miracles in the fields of science. We ve gone that we ve not being regarding process our core values, past the essential fire and all of us. The simple ways that way, communities. There are things that I simply cannot do alone, even though this tie your life or a top of an only child. Understand a comedian are doing
sitting on my own best offer my own. I want people knew me. I need to be in communities. I need to see that even people that are different from me and superficial ways are the same as me in really really important ways. I need to recognise in other people that I'm not worthless, scum and I'm not like some great super do part they have five being just one of them and let live
You unfortunately belong to communities where that made clear to me pre regularly, and I think that any spiritual system that works works because it has one where another aligned with natural tendencies and trade that are involved with us. Evil Lucian is appetite mates environment appetites is drives drives, is addiction crazing these appetites? These tendencies in everybody has to be guided. Lots of people of it seems to me from outside of given over their autonomy over their appetites. They have accepted the policy bows trunks and notions dealt thereby culture that sees them mostly as a consumer. Those who must have been awakened fruit. The pitiful means that we have experienced we lot. We think that have that option anymore.
Buying the things we ve turned to believe in a higher power or hypothesis service of others, Canada and honesty about who we are a willingness to be taught ease up again: Sesame Street ethics. Really really basic values, and I think it is no coincidence that I would desire from dealing with people with chronic alcohol problems that that spawned a mental discovery of this programme was a kind of a collision between the psychiatrist, cocoa and colleagues. Acknowledgement that the only thing to change a chronic haddock would be a kind of a spiritual awaken. the ongoing support for community the Theologians, William James, who believe that all of us a separate from limitless consciousness by the thinnest avails all these potential universe is that I crave that mad last I get when I hear about what prosperity on, and I always gone seal aside in Accra. Do that? Could you to please let me have one he added the empty like an but love winner. William James tells us that all those realms their existing right now
I'll within new within me around us, it's just another frequency that we can access through meditative means, I feel like what we ought to be looking to create a community. Is that, where possible, emulate the conditions of our evolution for hundreds of thousands of years, we have the knees, Hunter, gatherer tribes. For over ten thousand wherever we ve lived in cell communities, post agriculture and as a result of that societies come structured differently and is a huge mental health deficit and a huge emotional Lawson press. Most of all spiritual awesome press in the final analysis, spirituality S, mental health. What else is the point of it? What else is the point of? It is not that the Berlin English philosopher now that God rest his soul.
and though he was an atheist, not fish are used to say mental health and suicide. Social problems, weak pakistan- is individual problems, so you don't ever after go society causing this society causing this opiate crises. But why are you addiction about you? Come there to feel any more. You need to you know what kind of cultural creation we know that we have seen in this over in hibernation of the pandemic, which was a perfect opportunity for us to review the way that we will create coaches. What do we say? There's get back to normal as quickly as possible, was ever anything to aspire to. This was an opportunity to re, evaluate Our relationship with nature in an hour- and we are told we told by your great Chomsky than the political discourse- is predicated upon lively debate between our Paramo as no one ever looked about you, but what about right here?
real new solutions. That are why we organised a sigh. Of course. These things are possible, updated grave, also, data beginnings. Fingers sums were connection. It David greatness, All of us complain about society about the great truth is this: we made it this way. We can change it. If we want to make news of unpleasant, I mean I'm so excited for years under the skin. I'm blame other people. Island got revelation as it promotes knowing your foul actually, because let me tell you some of the provenance. If this conversation I did they order, but would revelation great company lovely people to work with and I've been for a long time doing under the skin wishes subscription model podcast on Luminary this bill. He other you and I are currently engaged in.
Hopefully, is also a real conversation level. Monica me tell me they some treaty with the man the rings on the state of commerce right now like I did it for them, but really I would love to talk about yeah, there's gonna put costs which are talks like amazing people on the left have either or both of you on that for us at some time, unless one day, my guided meditation about the noise and also I do revelations of one off scripted book committees- a book really that I've done exist some that platform because of financial reasons. Let us do you ever have the thought, I wonder. Sometimes I drive because my daily reprieve involved so many
things right and I'll be like driving around in my car, and I'm doing that self analysis of. Why does did that thing in oil? That person apology and I was motivated by this and I'm afraid of that right for the most part, I think others has made me a better person, that's easier to live with, and I do probably measurably better things as a result of all this. My impact is just better because of all this, and then I also sometimes at the thought of like it, my robbing myself of the experience of just living on this planet as a fucking animal by all of this racket in my head in this in endless pursuit to somehow evolve. Like Do you ever? I guess maybe fantasize the notion of being completely answer in that thinking at all about any others that yes anti Fascist, that national, we'll be beautiful. I love the idea of oblivion
my animals that cats and dogs. I think that basically the same as me in terms of dna and in terms of the eventual outcome, we're all gonna die, but they are just relax You re in a worrying projected about the future worried about the past and what does it matter? I'm just an involved. Monkey Byron, K E, the great teacher. She says that God is reality, that's what goodies reality. There might be some facets and aspects of reality that we cannot sustain one aspect of reality. We can certainly ascertained in fact the only one that we can save certain these present is our internal life and zero point clearing that tax. This is the hand you ve been. Do you have been witness exact position? You are awakens orders change would say, miss me. I think about it all the time- and I have you got my practice. It sounds like yours is, you know, get up maritime brave and exercises. Do this
call plug light, live like a man like a young like there's a guy. I work we ve said in order to feel Oak. I reach life yet familiar what you're saying, but I think we have to be particularly Ethel of any men or avenue that we might consider Parisian. If we want to walk down it, it might have aids of a haze. Is that either we without engaging stay to arm chair, diffused air. We are supported by better help online therapy, whether your struggling with anxiety or depression need help with relations jobs or having trouble meeting your goals online therapy might be for you therapies, deafening for us. yes, we rely on it and always always always feel better after it yeah and I got a panicky if I have to
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The other beginning we're working together with building a town did about what color you our away afresh, strongly think together. Who cares what what we did? We pointed this out, above all, he's coming from. Who are these people, like you said terrible for a person that could be cynical to say that, like the ideals, ten did not direction by here's. The things out point out like you. Therefore, why still ok maybe start account what dykes can't have a person at the top of that pyramids. You can't have passed and there you can't have anyone trying to make money out of it. I think the announced that we can ever work are absolute democracy, absolute democracy. If, in a new culture of zero, I recognise that there are aspects of myself, I don't need costs on to other people, but I'll handle we're along with you guys for transparency and clarity, dive tendency to be greedy,
television. All these things so don't put me in a position. How total don't have anyone in that position by what anybody in the position create? the position lights yard. So, like a lot that she'd reserve, I like us. If she was working for me, I could probably This can be read a lot of other thing about the backlog, lane and socially. These ideas are amazing. Lucky heard such incredible books managerial. holding them in AIDS. Yeah yeah he's a locker amazing. So far, no mistake but like if war Where is your peddling ain't enough to get you off the road access than other one man? You still need the rolls Royce. Isn't a rolex is now love them teach us the material world, I ugly. That's all point: Christ was God embodied you gonna have a body there's nothing wrong with that. You go onto the sacred divine commonality anal that, but for me yeah, I suppose, with dealing
something as pure as trying to create a fair and equal and conscious awakened Societe. It means that everything's going to be declared and the principals are going to be pretty plain. You can't have any person who might sword in the back of that month. If this is going to be an opportunity to make money or get fired. Yeah, my thought was like if it had an age structure where, like that's somehow the magic of a, is somehow been an organisation that existed for seventy years with no hierarchy. It's incredible, I feel, like Is we studied more something that its self perpetuating out. Any leaders are mad enough above all recovery. I talk about a twelve steps and how, like you- put them in a kind of modern, colloquial language and try to apply the principles of beyond chemical dependency and then in revelation for baby. I talk about the way that the traditions operate and, as you said, our leaders about trust his servants they do not govern every group is full.
The autonomous, except in matters affecting other groups or the organization as a whole, idle talk about exactly, as you just said, that how could this be deployed to organise society differently? To recognise up with perfection is the entry price? Is gonna, be though party. So I don't want to do is create those kind of roles anymore. I guess you recognise that all of us of the ways of expressing our neuroses in our psycho see someone my eye and lighted the turf that programme, as I tend to pull in these days. I like has found a way round that man like by prevent in any luck because he's a response politics is where you go, maniacs may lead to my advice. Is our problem and clearly you ought to hear you and me with that programme we have other people. We like many others is kicking opposition,
That's it that's all! It's worth image! Processing, guys like you do so that the people are fulfilling. These rules are also afforded other privileges. I think then, there's gonna be trouble and also it doesn't work it doesnt work. We ve tried it with trying with tried ignobly works and it works. The only things that work and simple things of service of awakening of examining the initiative in Ireland recently don't look at the stimulant look at this stimulation. Don't look at the opera, that. Europe is making you afraid or making you cover. It feel the feeling fill the valley and the neurologist even said the way things are you think of his anxiety model, be answer. What is that tightening the chest? Was this disruption in the aftermath? From a spiritual perspective, I've been to bring your attention to it, bring your attention territories in the chest and to see that when you say driving along you're thinking of all the stuff it made me feel like I should advocate to you again. The importance of meditation is positively
and in the morning in particular, because I know they are sometimes when I meditated all astonished that they think him. That's all I've done are made being in a condom, leaning classing airlines, five with a beautiful teacher, teach them right. An almost make an invitation is what, if I should get a gun, I mean only they like to get no legitimacy of this whole spirited, survivalist, but I've got to meditate in is thinking, think it thinking. Sometimes all I do is I stay there till it's gone Guiana, punish myself a thinking summer, setting anytime, you still think it is when the dead. But if you have returned a mantra returned to the rifle, follow the guidance. Then there are points I swear you win. Ah afraid and freedom all that stuff. All these tango stuck. I sprained my good at Stanford. He said I want them survival vices bit ly basic rules, but imagine this grunge version is duty. Goes out survives unease about the camera. May no nice ease opera, the camera himself. You know
Listen. You told me in preparation of one of these trips he hung with ease. I, like I, have a regional folk in Austria, the in that community they have free worse for brain, one is the belly brain one is the hot brain, and the apple on the one that we all live in the whole time. This remind brain is the same. but are used for tangled fishing. That is the same word they use. We have this intelligent This intelligence he's fantastic for understanding, material, analyzing material, create in technology ain't, so good for organizing the fix and morality to underwrite cultures. For deciding what should be the priorities of a culture of these again says mystery ethics. The heart feel the belly under use the minds of the organization that logistics necessary evolutionary step- and at this point, when you have ours, are being revealed to be real appeared again. This is a time and time to open it. once the new paradigms. Oh I got this was
yeah yeah. So everyone go to audible. Please go to audible and enjoy revelation, which you I can only assume narrate yourself. Here you can, you imagine I'm trying to make it the worst person. I could have well we're both friends with SAM Harris, We really funny to hear SAM Harris narrate your thought, but I think he would get every one sentence. Natural, that's, not true technologies. The forty lower talker near the first saga, Brussels, such a play, their part in the pact and the podcast under the skin. I sit man under the skin and luminary molten. Thank you yeah, it's been a pleasure. My wife's as high give her my love and gratitude and appreciation. Yes, she was so fantastic and so cool and so lovely like even all those years ago. Just remember her support.
You gotta snatched up. I got our like ours after that. Well, I may need to ultimately seems it worked out, although I did feel a pang of pine ass. I Russell what a pleasure man good luck with their rights by mediaeval talked in research programmes, which you back cheese thanks
now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden mama got bad. Men are meeting my breakfast. This is while this isn't in episode out, because I really literally meaning Bob's red mill, blueberries Hazel, nut you of ours with my signature, scoop of almond butter and my signature to scoops of college in protein thus seems now to about three months all that's new three months. It's new, but it's also a long time for you to have something that I don't know about now pretty well kept secret. So I guess I'm upset yeah. I thought you might be Cool shoes deal, I'm yeah, Instagram gets me tell people about them, their rum ADI. Does. What are you a hybrid entity? Is in Germany.
They are really cute Adidas and its some partnership with the National Park Foundation. So it has a cute little patch on the tongue that you can remove. Maybe you ve trader my friend, my god. I love trading in this Q. Patch has a little embroidery of old, faithful, erupting aspirin and then is Yellowstone National Park, and it's a ding ding ding you're gonna gaudy Alice tat sort of sand. That is a dingoes yeah. The kind of out of my pal at my normal pilot, the Brown or allow any roman experimenting with a terminal. The sheer really fun
the lower the autumnal Anthony analysis, kids favour colors brown, a real yeah. Oh, my, like really is, is obsessed with Brown yeah. Here he likes brown things and people. I owe to end his. You know three, I guess and that he was looking through my purse. I let him and his sister looked at my person like pick things out in your nose about that. You might as well and in the worst second happened, which did is like you know, the tampon will come out and you have to explain Tampa, but he was pretty disappointed that there is nothing my pursuers brown ah bomber. He was on the search for brown eyes, yes, war. I thought that was it or about course, I've. My brain just went to the gutter he likes Pooh mad like each morning he these on the search in your purse for something brown. He must be thrilled when he goes
nobody ever more air in its inevitably going to be some shade of brown in an probably novel each morning. This is my trigger that immediately the collar Brown is associated with Pooh right yeah, but though the color white is a meal associated with No you're right proposes why it is going to happen to be, and I agreed that its grocer them tube, but no one thinks that they think you white their whitenesses woozy. Now he had now and then- and I think but what that people do think you're scan legs
No one thinks that, yes, I do or that's a moving had say and no all yours can looks like pass. I teach my kids to say. You're askin looks like pastor, even it out. Ok, I don't think that we should get rid of all this. Racial bigotry adjust should be issued even across the board. You know just like every letter rep for everyone. You know Kristen observed that last night and I thought it was an astute observation. So this great, I really recommend inside my bow Burnham it's his journey through quarantine, but he's a comedian in a musician and eating. Credible YAP, but one of the songs is white woman's Instagram her and it is so good in itself spot on yeah burning them sucrose Jose! That's nice! Now, there's like really commonly held stereotypes about white people. Now that you are getting made fun of in its time, yet that's can feel like they're up day
Like I fell, you felt that way. Last I now you're in the shower I was like. Oh, we gotta bring that up. That's housekeeping. Well, the nursery continues. I love industry yeah. Maybe you can t this out over like for very factual, ok guys. We have something big to reveal that I keep forgetting, but eventually our then he may have passed at the point that you remember any more might know more. About Recap, Vienna, as though oh my god, sneezes. Interruptus boy was on the verge of a sneeze there you the soldiers care o when near sneezes about to come. I ve never seen you look like that. Oh my god, like a demand, horror is coming out. You oh my gosh and weak. I would probably weak Jarrell,
Yeah! It's ok! I like us was talk about some facts. Russell brand swallowed, a brand harry trusted, ran trusted. I think we should share with people this. This connection you and I had after we talk to him, which was he is so particular in so quick yeah that quite often you and I were either sprinting to keep up mentally gas and more often not keep enough and then just realizing like it must remain. A great point if you check out for even half ass, I can't you you can recover. You can't read, you can't find the prairie enter now it's moving serve as I'm so twisty intervene early. Eventually that he's taken five other exit sets the right. You just have to wait for him. Finish, lad and hopefully started new thing. I know you can follow gap. That's right again, that's not up! That's
a critique or that that's on our own mental capacity, it so impressive. The way he can digest information and then re purpose it and so great, it's incredible. I really liked him me too. Young Christian always is incredibly nice things to say about him, but that see that's misleading and let's, let's get into that. Ok christen generally sees the good most people, so she tells you someone's great. I dont know I more positive way to say it would be discerning but a name. the way to say it would be like I dont trust people. So I'm more, if I say someone school odds are now comes in with their own baggage, but I would say she castle wider native people. She likes yeah. She likes a lot. More people have seems where do you think you're out on that spectrum, the net
Why is it that you are on one end and she's on the other cause? I don't think so now I think she's on one end yeah me she's on issues like a minor, so ok and then I think, I'm probably like a six! I am prob a five o clock barrier or, or am I am full of or it will do its loading and even feel guilty about its being. Dishonest zombies remain honest, To be honest, business is a number scale as high a very arbitrary and definitely not some one pages wakes. Everyone right, I'm very discerning, I'm sure minds all fear, related Saunders scanning, who, I think, he's going to trick me or more ado, all scandal.
who's out to get me a yeah yeah. I know I don't think that's part of my isn't now uses more. You just don't suffer unending, trusting people or people who I think I do, trying hard to be something that I find pretty repulsive giving it is like seeth through people, pretty quick. Aha. So whether that's that I like the thing that I've seen through, I mean everyone's doing something everyone's gonna, hustle, yeah, subconsciously. Think so! Ok, I don't know how many facts or you don't know so. The bog wine has read books. He had taro in the Spirit of Zan the game,
life he had Tantric Transformation Board that sexual sounds I again, while o another one about sex sex matters from sacks to sue super sacks like a super so from from Sexton Super consciousness. Oh my gosh canoe. What we both watch that, while three was watch a document, can Imagine sex with the bog want to be revelatory like there's yeah, yes, I feel like it has to have some truth behind it. I guess I can't pitcher whom pumping somewhat like. I can't pitcher dooms, it's the people, you can't picture well, that's true, but just your mental image of him
like us laugh he was not physically active at all. Maybe you is reserving Allah's energy explosive, ok budget. Can you pitcher him in the missionary position or you could hear him doing is like seated, maybe like and let him now their person do other than telling him how wonderful it? What like brainwashing them into how wonderful it was. I guess we got our Sheila play more to enter a great, isn't it. slower, yeah yeah, but again I think he just laid there and then the other person gave him tantric sex for a couple hours. It just doesn't look like a go get her. However, I think that stereotyping, Dagmar Non Sheila, was probably in the room instructing everyone how to get it done now. Monarch, Sheila was unquestionably a firecracker buckler, but then she wouldn't be cool with just I setting knows you were because she likes to be the boss well and by the way you're not gonna, be tantric with more not
You're going to have enough nine, a dot m explosion very quickly once she takes control, but you takes the reins: it's over oh, but maybe that's where his skill. He is like not phase. using the unstoppable force and he's the immovable option, why ok now, starting to make sense, ok He has a lot of bugs the women, the book of women from joy, o celebrating the female spirit, Tant Raw, some awareness courage I as a lot longer, he was so young another intermittently creativity, joy, while he's alive,
remember. We learned in that that that he was so young and that document he was yes, he died at like fifty seven or some raising my yes years after he left Oregon formula up when he died alibis. All you can do some fast, my on away. Ok, he was born in nineteen, thirty one thing and then he died and ninety ninety ok. So fifty nine. Why and he had been back in India for a while. So that means during a document it is about fifty or sixty eight six one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight that happened, the poisoning in the movement or the movement. Do you know when he went to Oregon that began it be an indian one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight find out when he went to or eighteen eighty one, eighty Juan, ok
many looks young here. The problem is, he is so much white beard. We discuss the other day, people with beards, arse, very serious cause you care early smile with a beard on, or they have the mouse they been wearing a man. Does there that's kind of funny to you, because I think of you want this is this is a bad guess what I'm going to say it anyways an imaginary You graft people with beer there against people who did one where mask others, a high correlation. You think people with beards all down one. Our mouths, really, I would think they'll be fire with incomes are used to. stop all over their. Meanwhile, the point I was gonna make: really you can't stand a man you're wearing a mass. All! Ok, you are you ve, taken it to another level where you're mad. At that time we might three or four steps all my uncle ammonia mad at anyone, but it's like Russell brand. Oh no! I want you to go fast work as I had it.
is mask on and it was acting as a beard yeah. I realized it made me serious. You debate. They must sell, face, masks with beard, graphics that big here we can ensure that exists anywhere that really it while the other thing is. I want you to tell me your mantra: of course you do tat. It were kills me that I dont know anyone's mantra yeah. I did. I want to see David Walden, his body said, forget they all told each other. They told you,
Oh yeah, I are, he told you guys I yet suspicious that everyone has the same or gas which wasn't the case. When he told me, I was so surprised that you won't say because it so, unlike you to buy into this that so I agree with you, but you can ignore that. I have like the sixth in year practice of mine in the stuff I don't buy into, but you did day in day out, there's much of it. I don't want. I just go along with it, because the alternative I buy into even less rise. I dine without control, is a good enough. Moreover, that I can swallow some shit. I totally don't agree with share, but what's so? things like meditation works. It has worked thus far when I'm gonna work. If you say I dont know why it works. So why would I break one of the cardinal
you haven't told I know, I'm works now, I'm not told one person yeah man, You really now now it's so exclusive yeah, the ads triggering like only one laughed, but What I'm saying like, I can't explain why it works. I enjoy it when it was so, why would I fuck with one of their tenants yeah. I guess I can't imagine they told me that for no reason well, I think it's so you can feel I get extra spiritual arts like yours and noise only maybe they did do that it may be of bought into that and then, when I break that it won't work, I don't know. Maybe I mean we just don't now. I wonder if I told you and then it didn't work if I could get a new one or if they would just be like no, no Second chances in transit meant that I don't like them. If that's what they're saying o the update Oh you just remember why, because its
related a little bit and then I want you to do something that you are saying: you're, not gonna do and all you wanted me to not wash my legs and I am trying it out- or your guy- decided to listen to you- oh my god, so flattered. Given that a try when there were no wonder you thought of this in the shower today, yeah exactly make because you are probably just through muscle memory, you pray on autopilot to have to stop myself while and did you feel like so dirty. Well, I'm only doing it for my legs and my arms. I guess I didn't do my arms lead. I did my armpits and I did all my torso and my private. Ok as a one year. My marries. Ok, I'm sorry! I have to do my neck. why'd, you do it the other, your fees and there you know, but one of the armed Jerry's road, I'm totally used the same system, tits pits and split sandwich
That was really. I know what I wanted to add holes and souls holes in Seoul sure the bottom Murphy up, not you're, so you well well, if you need a cleansing, you can do that. That's what Andrew comes and anyway, I just want you to know that I am I'm trying, Oh well, thank you. I hope you benefit and your rewarded for your experiment. Keep you updated. Also, if you start nursing like on my legs, are they stinks so bad, Yes mam from up here. Please let me know that to my we all want to stand by you and see what kind of smell it it's over. I fancy. I love, you
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