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Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars, Party Down, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes in Television) is an American actor, comedian and best friend of the Armchair Expert. Ryan sits down in the attic to discuss his insecurity about coming on the show, his time as a party pumper and he talks about what it was like to get married at a young age. Dax thanks Ryan for being such a source of joy and light in his life and Ryan commends Dax on his growth as a man. The two travel down memory lane and re-hash Ryan’s spectacular crash on an alpine sled, Ryan remembers the moment Dax met Kristen and Ryan insists he is 6 feet tall despite Dax’s skepticism.

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Hello, where everybody welcomed arm chair, expert Monica pad men across for me, is that shepherd many mouse polar bear boy. We have a very special guest today, the most specially could ever have. You must be the most reference person on armchair expert. Wouldn't you think now I think Kristen probably is the most reference, but he's top three that makes sense you think you're on the somethin, their Ryan Hansen started his illustrious career and Veronica Mars Mule, here some debate about what that role was initially. What of it.
Aim, then he was on our party now, which people love that a roll call favorite part around. Shall then he had like four of his own sitcoms bad teacher, but is in bad San Tad Santa to tap. He did three or four thing bad, but they weren't bad. They listen good bad sides, your fists and, of course he is on Ryan Hansen, solves crimes on tv which is on Youtube, and the second season is now just came out. Yeah so check that out please just enjoy the most charismatic physically able person will likely ever talk to get ready to fall in love dear put on whatever pants you prefer to fall in love in the air, but those get comfy pop on some me on these. You might need a second pair right
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Ben getting compliments ever since I put it, and now is the time to step up your watch game, go to envy M t, watches dot com slashed Dax, enjoying the movement he's in love it so much and ears it I kind of hate that I know your wardrobe that I haven't seen you wear that I hate that you hate it. I love it and it makes me feel like I'm like seventh grade girlfriend, I'm really painted yeah, like we both know each other's outfits so well in case. We need to borrow something. First, somebody the air like a day answer any day and a green stripe, shirt you're wearing, I was gonna where but yeah you take it you take it did just don't. Only thing on an ok, absolutely no, and then you spell someday matter at the next to acts of the movie. Are you trying to replace it?
it right itself. You are you all now do have seen by me. Love my favorite movie ever got him so young oh yeah I have here, but I did see it like. Maybe the last ten years are ok you're, not in your you at my ten years older than you hold on. I don't I think, I'm I'm ok, listen the little fast math, thirty, seven, oh you're, thirty seven! So I'm seven years older than you I'm forty four! I love that you guys edit these because actually took you ten minutes to figure out. What you want is a fast math is just edited now, listen Ryan's. Are you to do one single thing expose me. After all, my judge Ba you brought on this one up paint a picture for everyone, so they know what happened you came in and you have a gigantic box. Starbucks coffee. You have some coffee, cake and old fashioned,
at that. Yours, that's right, will not a minor share. Everyone yeah! I thought I heard you say that's for me, they're! My favorite bow wow that have polite way to say that's from many guys. Can I just say rockwork say one and honour this I see it, it is an honour to be here is in I'm such a fan of this show, and I M nervous because I'm a fan of the show, an honour, and I and I love you guys so much and I see you every other day, maybe every day on big fan of you guys, ominously best friends yeah? I just blew by that really quick, but we're best friends and we, you're, the only adult male that I spend the night at your house. One God, pouring it up and is spent
every males how yet another do. I can tell you that you're, the only male friends house I spend the night even spent than either our house eleven hours isn't as accommodating. Is your house your much wealthier than us and have a much bigger, huh, listen. It's been Goin thing really bad. You got an array, no do you their silica, are you kidding we just we just don't we just don't do it well, but in in actuality you would be hard for you and your three children to get comfy at our house with only three bedroom. It's just not a spacious is what, when we go, your house, there is so much bigger room echo wrong. It's their own room like ARM Tracy Morgan. What have you heard about his Alice up a trace? I guess his house has like a hundred bedrooms or something he was stern talking about a hundred bedrooms. You know it's funny when I was trying to remember his name I bought my first impulse was to do
an appreciation of her and then I stop myself. Knowledge is stalked off for a second to do a generalised black guy voice. Clearly, dicey initial! Do it, but when is voices that specific? It's not actually you're, not mimicking his black Monsieur mimicking, as Tracy Mortgage registered, I think there's a distinction to be made from his Britney spears sketched. Remember when she was the big host of certain live, ok, yeah and he is doing that Tracy Morgan, then, base. So you have that as he has any good. Why don't you both show that Green space suit show me get better new girl I'll get my do when I go to as when he's on the news came in How do I make a call
very good. Is it really have any good? I'm not going rate that is seen up when he's on no live on the news he had just come from a strip cover somethin in his day and on his abilities in some of these very core. Is the boss he's the best, but you know he he some undisclosed amount of money from the accident. He was, Oh well, Walmart AIDS? It has to be in the hundreds of millions, because on stern he was talk nobody owns a boo, gaudy vey IRAN. He has some eight eighty thousand square foot house. He has a g five airplane lengthened. Yes, he's bought like hundred million dollars anything worth it? I don't think he was going mad yeah, but he does have quite a bit of my apparent some coined the air. We can definitely spend the night at his house. I'll be invites us yeah trace.
But once it here's that acts as the guy's. Ok. So, let's let us take a walk down memory lane, but some offers outside what your anxiety, let because you, what is what I think is really weird about you is I say this objectively monocle back me up you're, the most charismatic human being. I've ever met. My lot of men, a couple hundred thousand people, are that's a lot of people. The most charismatic mind array, while no I'll take because I'm in the attic number one you're the number one most charismatic person in yet who had all this anxiety about coming on the show? Well, yeah yeah, because you'd do you have a narrative which is what that you're bad at at towering? Take you aiding what I want to say.
Like you think, you're a bad storyteller that half of the day with you as you telling stories Lamb. So it's it's very confusing to me that you have this opinion of yourself. I am a very fearful about because I hate when I'm trapped in a store some Zambia story and I'm bored out of my mind and am I only got the frozen so that I'm so fearful being that guy I'll show onward is hang and it's like. Who cares if we're all I'm not telling long stories right? It's part of Ryan's charm down. Because he's also a little bit self deprecating about every thumb, along alma lots of Deborah good. It is true you do it's it's sweet because it's always totally unfounded, while I'm gonna get to what I think is a lack of value in part of his his. Self deprecation, black evaluates Toolbar, exactly exactly phenomenon veil that I think a little later.
I beg you wait for plain. He also cleverly plays a role in aid. One other friend, growin up employed the same role. In retrospect it was the most genius role you could play, which is, if you say your dumb all the time out loud people expect nothing from you. The wind live. Emu were to come home and you are making our meat loaf in a blunder. She would go. Oh yeah. He does He doesn't know how to do that. I knew, would smile Q and you really Don't have to be held accountable for anything, ok, and I want to know how calculated it is because you're, very smart and yet you're you kind of the thing you profess is that you're DOM and you don't know you couldn't get through school when all these thing here, but by way of navigate the world the way you have as a dumb down. I know I'm not dumb. I'm definitely books Mart. That's that. I know that and that's not my thing. I don't have like these. These, like you, know, think research new things
I know that your words about my mobile than always positive right now, how do we know like monoculture active but we're not gonna, let you blow by such ok. Ok, I'm not going to blow by something so or you bad at school in bad at book. Smarts or did you early on just go out, and I don't enjoy this and now I'm going to say I say got it and the normal expect me to really do anything, because good now they could just be just did enjoy it like a lot of folks did enjoy. I'm pretty bad at you? I we all reach up. Men have no idea what I just read it dyslexic. I didn't understand anything. I read I either I mean. Sometimes it was like four passes over a paragraph before I like understood what was going on here. Yes, I just have one pair
now, don't get moving downward, just not focusing on it like anyone can just reed words and not go through. You have to make sure your focusing on it like. Maybe your brain was just somewhere. I will write. That is for sure. I love to have a good time and have a and- and I wonder, only have a good time. Yes info immense, exactly Monica what I was going to say, which is we now know that you you, like your show Ryan Hansen, solves crimes on television available on you too premium. I think that's what it's called now you, ok, I'm all three of us have been on that programme. We rice boiler learns perspire. You on any given day on that show is often had like fourteen pages, a dialogue, yeah yeah
you clearly have the skills to read something understand because you're gonna have to now relate the intention of that paragraph in front of a camera yeah and you have to memorize fourteen pages. I see what you say. So little incongruous, like you can have been that bad at it, and yet this good at the text of a script. I dont think that memorizing a script is, is the same thing is being like: looks Martin being good at school, but you're doing more than memorizing it, because you are understanding what the intention of that bit of dialogue is. So if your partner says we can work in a break the rules and you go no because might link, but you have to understand what you're really trying to say: yeah. Well, you couldn't be an actor. I gotta the school as what is and what, if I convinced you go the end result of all this, I think it would be if there was a subject that I cared about. I think I would die then.
Oh and like it would be great right, but I don't care about it now, how You were that bad? How did you graduate? Was it? Did you barely gradually? No, I graduated fine. Ok, you remember what your great point once I'm sure was sees ok, yeah. So fine, that's what I graduated will have. You're. Damn you are that army. I think the downfall started in sixth grade. Ok because I had moved to San Diego and six spread from from San Jose O Roon Ample right born in Fountain Valley, where's, Fountain Valley, that's Orange county, alright load Eddie, almost as about five years old. Dad got a new job, he's a pastor up to San Jose, save the DIN Campbell, any specifically a music pasture. I passionately tat S true identity, but Esther,
ah pastor right. Yes, so he music minister, so he does act acquire he does the plays. He does all that in all the arrangements and other diseases, the performing the worship of yes. So can he right and read music never read music and immoral and arranged. I don't know the our rights anything. Ok. What else did he does he play instrument piano pianos pianist in so giant pianist growing now, there's a loaded with a lobbyist were seven. Take that bad! Oh, my god, I'm so glad you brought up your high my favorite moment between right and I may be ever, but at one point you're for your friend and who you always call your cousin Peter Gaza. Peter hands he's not really his cousin. What is thy hands? I got nothing shut up other bigs out what are we did did two hours a shoutout,
Peter Linsey. They live in Chicago now. What's our baby, so Peter was over we're at your old House on Biloxi and down that the topic of our high came up Peter nice. I could lose taller casino, roughly the exact same height, but I think that the dugout idea good again- and so I think either he was referring to Himself- has six three in me, six to or vice versa. But we were the same heights we're like over, whose right yes. We decided measure ourselves on the three of us and it turned out that Peter and I were the exacting might at six two and a half yap they'll get. Then you measured yourself. You. Your whole life have been well. I think I said I owe you guys are young warm six foot in the attic use known as I
I am you whatever they like, I'm six, four in the way you're saying it was, which is great because you'd the nicest person I've ever met my life. Yet there's only there's two zones where you'll get cranky you have you have a competitive streak of its love. I really daring to see that side. Eu during a game a horse is really fun. I could tell when he said I'm six foot that this was a zone that I should be careful around, so you measure yourself in it, as it turned out your five Oliver that measuring tat right now, we re was that's not the best part of the story, so revealed that you're not six. Four years, five, eleven and then forty its later? I'm in the living room, and I said you re walking through like the dining room into the kitchen six foot
Jack I log into himself whenever cheeks full. Never someone asked me if I have to write it down on paper. I'm sick spoken put. I e all who doesn't where issues right or left there let me just choose something with you: listen you do like to debunk everyone. He says that about me to cause I'm five feet, not a chance. We save your rob now. We're just gonna. Take my word for it, I'm six. What does this mean? You're, viper, yes, boy, I'm five, eleven! So ok back two you're yeah yeah, so ok so found Valley motive to San Jose. We lived in Campbell even older, rather have an older brother J love me some ugly love, Jasper, Lamar Jason, how much honour as either you years right all right and you guys rustled everyday growing outbreak. Very
Physical boys, wild boys wrestled, the torture would would come. Maybe the shit out of Iraq, the living he got him every day, which I I love it. I love it. I think. Well, I hated it, but we we we, we had so much fun together. He would beat the shit out of the pin me down to that. You don't spit on. You then knees on the on my shoulders and just like his balls in my face, he just tap it forehead or spitting. I may yet. You have elder brother or even older sigh five years old. There was a deep do feel like that was Ike more vigorously. Didn't do. That is much too or oh, no, twenty four, seven yet he was beating my ass now he would disagree respectfully. I would disagree with him, but, yes, we were engaged in fisticuffs for the first twelve years of my life every day. All back you love that word fisticuffs. I really need now when you I wouldn't where it is that come from fisticuffs tat, word Nor was it a list. Its owner is one word yet fisticuffs one was the cops yeah. Do me? Look at it
there's one of his words. What are your words I of gear, boys, I like what is to come for years. You have a couple. I think I do, but I think this this plan formerly expose your new. We all listen and know what you mean. You're gonna run out towards. Eventually, if you talk for a couple hundred hours, you're, gonna, repeat yourself, so fisticuffs fighting with the fists the results and here's a sentence. The result was an outbreak of fisticuffs, ok, now and directly. You know I am resentful that my brother we have so often, but I am also grateful because it made me very good, ressler, like by the time we started fighting kids, my own age. I was like oh this: is this Zizi abdalla. If I knew I was going to scrap or or some with someone who do, who didn't have brothers I know a game on four main rye had J training me,
and he was bigger than you riding boy. Your heart is better than me: I'm I'm! The little taller is low over six foot. About the in high school and I love telling people that dont know you this about. This is pretty much. What I led with is that you are now get this wrong. Is yours correct me, but the gist of it is you're. The captain of the football team on defence that act, so far it is. May I may I say that we there was probably four of US captains. Look I'm so that the captain, but there's four of us still a cat s, captain revolting em terrible, ok, writers and irritation. Commandment, Elsie straight up. We were too There were three games measure, but we did when homecoming, which is a big deal you as a brake on court towards equal.
Are you kidding? You know I didn't know you do want a beacon. Usual court tell me that I never met either. So during half time, other players go to the locker room. They ever get big meaningful. I had gone to float in me and my my best friend in high school german. Then he was also on court. How many people were on core there's four for couples ok for guidance, making a majority backing in the course of three rack ups, a lot of people play football. You now, several people have come in here? Then football stars simultaneously. Do your football career! You are also on the cheer squad, that's right! I'll! Monica here we go anyway, so it wasn't. Ok, guys tell me, wasn't cheer for high school, there was an ulcer squall star, tube to delineate the different now. In other words, God would be like gum like a traveling Socrates,
it's not really is actually yeah. That's I think soccer would be. That's called like clubs or- and this is also about so is like all the best ones get up try out. I would have to be Big Deal they're doing crazy star. So the way I got in there was my girlfriend in high school Jessica was soldiers were soldiers bigshot to just she was on this also squad. Ok and I would go to the Jews are older than me, so I go and I hang out at the genuine arena in there. You know after practices I'd go like Tom, because I guess I could do back lips are before I was cheerleader already yeah there's another defining characteristic of yours is that you can do back Phillips and you'll. Do them anywhere I'll. Do it Bulgaria, as I know you out this place, my fall by the wayside backlog in so I pick her up and in the did you gotta come on? You jerk sounds a little bigger. I was denied. I was the buggy and there was co, add to your squad and down
I get right now when the when you were being urged to join the squad, do you must of having an older brother and being in a jockey kind of World WAR Ii? A little bit like? I can't do that. That's that's emasculate so now. I'm gonna have to go in how good grain I I just didn't think it was for me because I was doing. I grew up to enquire and ensemble and end, which is like singing and dancing and thence in that largely because of your dad's involvement in the church, my mom, let all the choir throw the church. Since we were like you know, toddlers we were in choir, okay and and then once I got to high school, some friends from church we're doing the the ensemble, let's go, which was kind of cool at the time
and like some of the cool kids would do it, and so I did this in San Diego is insane Diego Yount of all hollow high school shout out the hollow Norsemen Norsemen, any real men. They did a thing. They did a scandinavian call, nor as a nurse I remain of the north them they missed opportunity with the hollow Viking. So, what's going on right, I've been in an isolated hated Edric. There wasn't, but, but none of us, your promise, a prize to me. I don't, I didn't know it done about saying they go until I met you. Maybe it's it's anecdotal, because that was your circle, but Saint Eagle, kind of a wholesome christian pocket of California. What you agree, or was it? Is your guises circle? I don't. I don't think necessarily that that San Diego is no ok. I don't think so. Most of my friends in high school we're not going to church. They weren't now
there they are all my football bodies, as so many of your friends indulge in adulthood who made the journey with you here are you I got rid of the other I sit around now going to help all of that I'm. So I won't we're friends as an as adults. You took me back to San Diego, and I watch is huge production of a that was a christian themed. Christmas show yea. I, like the players were christian performers, so that is Amy's family you're lying I pay me. I was at a border, provided an academic that yeah you, although were just on the prospects of a growing body. I, u can have on like like been there done, that the search her family started, the largest children's
theatre company in the nation. It's called see, Whitey Christian Use, theater, and I will I found out about it when I went to high school and I get to high school Valhalla High School and I are different for the on somebody. Men? Jason is a senior Amy's brothers, a senior and eyes when he's leading the audition. Ok he's like a raggedy. Yes, oh wow, yes, he's always been like a leader he's not directing he's the Lady r D. He isn't georgian and we become best buds. Freshmen in a senior is really weird for become best friends. Yes, what were you attracted to in him d? He blew my. I'd, like you really open up so much like musical theater, I didn't really know what that was right did choir, but I do know musical theatre. Wasn't he should while these blaze and like musicals, unlike different kinds of music, Dave Matthews, I got it all. I need a shitty punk music right, I'd, scar, punk and then we can
and then he would go to scotch shows with me and we'd go like real big fish like we in any way because he had a car. I dont know why do you think he was like a loop tail and creating charismatic and I wanted to what he had? He was so all of that young now that you so talented onstage and you could do all this stuff and use a leader he was like the king of whatever their theatre companies you, I t write or So he took me two minutes. You idea is that when you started performing in place and stuff e- yes, yes, yes, and so I went back to Jason's house. We can, but that I met Janey Himsel lumbered all of his sisters. I fell in love with every single one. Jim was hungry what are the me we'd started dating Amy sister felt her up. Earl, I have both averted, I'm pretty sure all zoo all too, and I think it was over the brow under the shirt which is still pretty good.
Yeah. I remember my first over the broader the sure experiences a basketball game. Mad highland junior high out six gray Mcgovern's an eighth grade and she invited me to do it in Rome. She might you feel, are boobs, but when I got under that sweater yeah and I felt how tight in snug that brow was against the skin. I really thought if I work my hand under that Brazil, it's gonna be very painful for her. I was very worried about how what's! That was gonna pull what a general and I never about, and then I just then I was just kind of roaming around the padded, broad that felt bizarre. And I knew I really wasn't doing when she had asked me to announce. It should exert pressure to come up over the top of it and go down in a kind of scoop, but we read many pot the nipple out, although I would have that would have been a great idea, but again we read up. We were at a live basketball game. Oh my
gaudy in the bleachers under earlier, like making. Now I had my hand it, but if I would go on like this all the way over the top to come too much from the top, I would have apply exposed everything So anyway is knowing whether prime broke bra. If I, if you, if you came down the toilet and was pushing now might bring those those Brazil can be raised. Thank you so that you do. I do Ryan Direct, lock sometime. What's really sometimes suffice to say you you, like girls right away, re, oh boy did I need you. I fell hard. Click quite put it, but I will say about gene heroic and she would want me to say this big shot to Janey she dumped my ass How long were you guys together two months to solid my that's a pretty long time and she was like she bade her Mammy choose her or Jason. Oh really rose before
Why did he blow my mind? Now? There was anything my parents out. We were day. Aha, you maybe orders a little bit weeks. We ginger experiment enough. I dont think well, as you know, my as transparent and I use snuggling stuff like we were by all accounts. You definitely deduce we were yeah, my mom would come in my bedroom in the morning we be snuggling asleep at me with her clothes, I'm sure so did did other brows in other areas. Like snuggled. Or is it just like we're saying that I like whatever well and inland? Let me just be clear: whimsical every night because we did sometimes not know it was more like we be talking
something in the I don't ever really know how it all happened, but you ve seen us together. If we're together, we are touching, we have to be touching. So if we go to a restaurant, it starts with, like my arms, behind him on a booth in them. Before he note he like lays on my shoulder. I brought vice versa. We just love touching each special. It's nice girl, never sexual, but love touching him now tell other but anyways, very, very interesting, unique route through high school, which is you or doing, theatre, singing and dancing. Yet, like seems to be one road, someone would be on, singing and dancing right in that person's knew just generally not on the football team right and an average is generally not on the cheer squad. That's for sure yeah. It was everywhere that, although the churches, I will say that was only for one of the seasons. It was my I think, of my senior year, and it was only for, like I don't know, for months, on account of glass I've never been more nervous and my life than nationals. Yet about
go out and that Lord, oh, by the way. This is also the way how I got on the team. The coaches relate you'd, come on, let's get right and in the next night we need, you will pay for everything. Come dynamic, only if you had a full rights or whether hurt and forgot the end users so dumb there. It's the chicks, Did you ever lie dudes or like to strike eyes right, it's great sometimes you gotta gram crowned by the policy by the outside. Had shut up or that it is up to you, but you gotta do it. You gotta do. Did you workers I asked Monica, like did you ever get caught by the pain? Is her pussy in she said yeah, of course that happens. Did that that happen to you as the catch wherever he gets it, but you don't, you know, you're like really performing unlike of core nail it. So it's not even that call on boards in a way that you are right, then guys are stupid because you stuck, it has been
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background chorus. I was like never really a lead. You liked attention odors like attention, while some people don't, but I love I think everyone does they just want it in different ways in israeli drew really good. Some attention makes me like embarrassed in a little while Now I have to tell me one that's out but less eleven years. I'm is that I get some people do hate attention like they don't want to be looked at. They don't wanna, be fast over against them. Super and secure and uncomfortable, but some people, s now
Look. I don't think the EU like attention for the same reason that other people like attention. I feel like you just like being fine. What you do it's not about the approval, ledges make a distinction, and yet it's in there there's versions of of getting attention right. There's a symbiotic version of getting attention were everyone's benefiting from you getting attention and that's Ryan and then there's like a parasitic attention. Would that's the percentages speaking loud to set up already not yielding the floor, and in that person? Is it just a fuckin salami yeah? Do no Ryan never does that, but he still loves attention as I love attention, but it happens, be symbiotic. Everyone else loves when he's gay attention to ok, yeah yeah. I do like everyone to enjoy having a good time.
It involves me getting attention to. Everyone have a goddamn than a fund that it's ok, that it's like working on both levels, yeah yeah, that doesnt checking need approval. Yeah firms from I that's my I do. I do not think I need approval. I think maybe that's because I'm so secure with my family and my friends that, unlike it doesn't, that brings us to another really exciting chapter in your high school career. You were a professional party pamper, that's right, which I dont even know that we had those in Michigan. Maybe we did in- and I just wasn't in that circle, but but you were employed officially to go to parties and get that money. Fucker started. That's right. I was a party pump in high school. Now I dont think we had. I didn't know the me there. They were for, like rich but mits verse environments pheasants up what I'd never even been to write. My friend who is doing and she's right. You dig right. Am I what Russia?
and I suppose so. I was probably item seventeen. Sixteen, seventeen, ok and yet what would happen if we go to, I would get, did they hire the dj and then they pick a party bumper, or to ok, depending on how laboratories Party was it be rough to be a singular most animals is one o. Really I thought I'd. Oh you prize it even better is that these junior high kids are awkward but think you're, cool and so on out there and can now the blog tyres and the boy microphones and teaching the dances, it was like Macarena and dancing mom's out there in the moms loved? lot of flirting with the mothers with eyes of the dad's. As I come on everybody and I love it, I was getting how'd, you do Back Philips General affords the circle around now back where I attended a wedding, I didn't
new plum duff, so bad people. Let me at their wedding you lame idea of ever ever a t, shirt, Aragon. Anything now now not issued Aragon, which would have been pretty sweet, never shot one new year, the when promoting chips twice on the on the tour once had a maple Leafs game, so awesome, dude and then another time and the seventy six came from the court shootin into the Fuckin upper way, Dachau like really turning it up and for its there's another views better. We I'd stupid, weed we gotta get up, yet we must get them others. Everything I do not for your life shows that's what you're talking about. Not just mean you having him. Oh no! It wasn't talking about that, but that great idea, alchemy. Maybe that could be my bet. I come out and fire the Balkan to show you. I sense and both have ebbing gray, rip back flip firearms hump. That listening to fly me out so first class, unfair
Now we just want to cause I'm a pervert too, but I'd loves talking to moms. When I was a kid at school and junior, I didn't you, I love you. I love you so much, but I will say my body on the football team on the Norsemen Norsemen John right. Ok, he was like he was like a forty year old man so much chest here and you know brow and but Mom's love, Debbie guy. She could, I don't have you ever did it. We ve talked about this for some reason to me: I think everyone's winning. That scenario yeah he's got hair everywhere, mom love, I only good for them, and I ve no ethical dilemma about that, and now they were like fifty year old dad's like with visible, would while they're talking like this is theirs Why did I ran a double standard? Gonna like like it either? I we should be able to prove out on high school
What is there are guys there were like there were. I will not name this person, but I knew someone who is our outrage that so many moms loved Taylor Lautner in those movies when he was six team like they would go with a sign in he would always have assured. Often he was like sixteen seventy get moms the moms will get really horny like to be on the news. Stop there be lines to see those movies in the Momsey, be they called the signs. I I can't wait to say: Taylor Lautner, with assured up with my friend, would be outraged bullshit. If there's a bunch of man yet super excited that there is going to be a girl in a bikini was under age, people be like tat in big deal and big. In the Irish there's a double standard. Has this friend been caught? Cheering for me the younger never never had been perhaps, but it tells me as they would have liked to have rights
sure now, and then they were allowed to really answer temporary felt like what I can't do it. You can't do. That's my guess. Unfortunately, that's not how life works is not, however, an now when did you turn your eyes and Amy okay. This is gonna sound, like bs, so when, when Jason brought me home- and I admit, Jane Jane my by we weren't, I dont think we're dating at bottom went home to the Rustles house and there was a music, Amy Twelve Year old Amy, maybe even a left, knowledge is told twelve years old. I know exactly, she was wearing organised on supervision gross. Now, if you guys aren't girls married
yeah, but nothing happened and we just I just instantly- fell in love with that person. I this is so gross. I wrote like we started, hang in and they talk it. You just my bide. Like words we just connected yeah, you're, soulmate, so maids and fifteen as useful as I wrote in her play house outside. Will you go to problems the day. I met her and you thought you were just being like acute Euler guy, like yeah. The Kyoto target yeah be made earlier yoga Ya'Ll that, but you really did want to take her to her problem at some point now Dinah red intention of doing that, but but again, but I did the other than any sort of Glinda our high school, and bring all the parties and all the buds and all my bodies fell. Mother like like you know she was in nine score in Euro eleven or twelve eleventh ultra tonight. Ok and there's nothing. That's do grades apart
well, we didn't dating until I broke up with my long time. Girlfriend than my body was. I do hope me every day me. It was right during that time and as I waited I can, I can do my buddies one hook up other yeah started doing started gonna any in also cause I've heard. Amy tell Amy was in love with you, the second she she's been in love with usage. Was twelve years old. We shall not when we met its easy. It is so greatly one one sad. Those armenian Jason I going to Starbucks and his toilet reseller whenever we got side and I gave we're gonna stay back and they and we do see out of acquired rights when fall out of a tree and The thought of a tree was glaring. Being a Yo Yo K owes you some beer is following maritime like do you think she lost her footing because she sighed you she I manic. I think your highness,
Can you cut pizza right by you and got flustered and fell like to go even further as like? She was only up in that treating the view yeah she was sure. I'm she tells me she was very jealous of me and Jason and Janey, and all that this is so be they basically through a panther into the Hen house when they invited Ryan ants and over that's from that rustles, because it like the whole family, was in love with you share, whilst airline Paul that moment we're not in love with. They were Skype not already now, and I had a reputation, ok of updating of the christian guys. Being a whore means. I felt a lotta boobs. Ok, the sooner it over the birthright and some dry humping law to draw up a new version grind. I think I perfected MA yeah you're, like the Peter North of the christian growing, that's right yeah I do. We did on a lotta, Jean Jim and I mean it was a matter Jean on gene. It was game on so much money is when we first met. I was like
I was just trying to imagine being on your trajectory through life. Were Christianity was such a big part of your life in a foundation, and everyone in your circle was, and you didn't have sex with people and all these things- and I remember thinking like oh god that would have now worked for me. I just couldn't done that. Maybe sometimes even feeling like oats a bummer variety didn't get to experiment all these things, but over the course of our eleven, your friendship there ve been a couple differ moments, whereas I owe me maybe I missed out on something big, definitely one of the things being like the story of you and Amy waiting to get married and then the wedding night and all those things yeah. I have to say, like of almost made me cry
couple times yet, and I think there is something so beautiful about that, its very special, I'm so glad that we have, to be honest, I'm I'm glad it worked out, because because I how young we were when we got married and that we waited in all this is so beautiful in great. But it's a very hot Harry. I Ruskin. I totally see that- and I see kids at that age now and even myself at that age and it is insane yards. That young in it, but it worked out in it. It was what we're your ages. I was twenty two and she was nineteen yeah and we waited to get there. We would data for four years there were some breakups you're breaking up with her the young I had moved to allay and outside trinity. My thing and as I hear I knew from day one and I told her- by that I mean to marry her or someone does like Amy website. You're, gonna, merrier, yap, so kind of freaked me out a little. That's my broken I gotta be a delay and so does a grey area of sharp
limitation. A hive. We have talked aiming. I've talked about it and while I had a very soon One thing which is, I met my girlfriend, carry in high school, my last your high school, and I was dead in love with her ear it to the point where I was like: oh my god, I found the person already allowed. Freaked me out a lot like not to early defines odorous in that really aid at me. Yes, oh so when I decided it was time to marry Amy up to her dad and he was I absolutely let's do this and I thought I might add yet this is this great, my marilla, I guess we're doing ah ha, and so yes, oh, we got married and we had a very large wedding, which I think I would do different now I was I say Dixon in fifty employees has five hundred people. I don't think it matter at his own, I'm going to the wedding over nine general. These. I want to know what like how many hundred we're like. Oh, is a disaster. I I think it was it felt like it.
I believe in it and supported us, and I think that's a big part of what helps our marriage many ways having that support net foundation both of our parents, it together both of our grandparents. You don't like all the use that ray you know divorce here, which is so while this very, I think, that's very rare. I mean my parents went through a lot of rough stuff, bringing us up and stuff, and there is many times with a definite could have gotten divorce and they did it and they did not. Now I appreciate, as as a guy has been married for fourteen and a half years yeah. There are challenges, of course, and in Thank my parents work through that. I love it. It's it's about one of the things I admire most about my brother and his wife. Yes like go to so many people would acquit YAP Vienna, the absolutely and you can make it work you can make it work, that's really inspiring cell in the four years between high school and getting on Veronica Mars, you had gone to allay yep, want to be an actor. I found you want to be famous no
I'm sure you can either neither ok ploughed back, not need out both So by the end of my senior year I was gonna, maybe go to Junior college. I like submitted some tapes to end CIA, like maybe going to deter leaning his I didn't know what I don't know: what to do and sells a million Euro junior college. My aunt she doesn't Orange County Sheraton Alison what up analysis she, her son was doing commercials and stuff and she's like you shouldn't Addison for this manager. She you, you could do commercial GB great, like cattle, that's great, so I went up and men of his manager and and was an Orange County Orange County yeah almost to allay alma. I lived with my uncle in a closet. I got to put a little matches in a closet. Went to Saddlebag junior college for two weeks to ache suits. Maybe three, ok- and you just said I remember- I went and M- got the books on these books, or so I could not believe how expensive they were. So I got my books
locked out, but this thought, oh you Don T, really neat mash up of being like a bad kid in a great kid, yeah No, you didn't have Christianity in your life. I be rough. I'd be ready. You waited prior. Similar life is my. Maybe I think So I'd be sitting here, seven Uribe alarm charm is sold out. So I start doing not random. Ok, and that brings us to. I believe, one. A very first paid engagements were Dick Simmons worker retired Simmons work out video, I I was paid. You pay a lot of A lot of money is five hundred dollars really yeah foot. One big measurement heard what I just said. So you were in a Richard Simmons work out, video that we're just gonna blow by the no. No don't worry about me,
was so. What am I? I would pretty much do anything jar. Even now, even do podcast bucket yeah went off so yeah. I did Richard Simmons work out, video and dumb to prove it. I brought it The Vienna arrived at by the acres creates obviated. So thankfully known as we just can't watch it, I have one or not, it is. It looks like a seventies porn Armenia's, I shot so terribly yeah, so it so bad and I'm really given it my own, this video to you yeah how nitrogen- and I shall now that that you another box steps and oh it's bad emily- were pardon, I'm being his beating. I guess I was trying to make it the best for everybody and it's a real ragtag bunch right. You got some elderly people on mats. Theirs You know, there's me it was so I mean like I'm, not necessarily
That's my job earlier normal looking be able. He doesn't want like hunks annuity as it may. We want everyone to be just a bit soft and you know I came. I Orange County met with the manager, aren't you you want me to do modeling like print work, genocide on a model? you're gonna. These pictures taken at all these there so embarrassing. I am like China Lopez my I just like so growth it off those sad. I love it. I audition for so much I I got one model you do was pacts on online. Only what's pacts on Pacific somewhere somewhere don't you know what that is only guys guys if somewhere, I was a big deal back loading line. No, it
upholding, store its eye, gum, Antilles or New Antilles, now not being spent in enough time in a mall? That's why? I don't know it s. A big over big blind spot went downstairs. I wonder if they didn't get back son in Michigan earlier I decided I did diving, that day and it was only for online and he made the store now in when, when Christian recounts, your meteoric rise on Veronica Mars, she tells a version of it that you don't agree with her alike, but I guess I wanna get her version out. Let's hear so, she likes to say, Ryan Handsome started as an extra yeah and worked his way up to a main character on Veronica Mars Reg through his unbridled charm and like a belly so but be you of it a little bit different of everyone's very numb. I'm basically was an extra, but I was added extra, so I got I went down in addition to play.
Again, I dont get it. I didn't get it and then they brought me back to play, setting the pilot and that for the first episode back, they needed a dick dick. So these addendum dick and it was the perils of long stay D, Casablanca, us and then there's the Paris he'll. Never Food and additions and there's two scenes in those like a classroom, seem to have a couple lines and then there's the ones in Say: Logan and utensils. That's when I filmed Logan and dumb. And I didn't even get to shoot the other when that audition, for they just cut the scene or whatever. So I was there and then they liked my hair Dan Etheridge. Let my hair yeah, and so they want me back the next episode I say like check it out became like the hawaiian sure, like overdue funny stuff, yeah yeah in you. We just recently re watched episode,
to a Veronica Mars and we wish you performed hell out. There were long and I've got a lotta layers yeah. I, like your nostrils, are flare like yeah Logan, like how could we possibly let this almost miss that the almost didn't do it? Why, as I was stirring, ok in by birdie, Don t. I go apply why'd he no! This is ccd out. This is the dollar. Eighteen in up any do a summer show they were so fun, and so it came down to it that was the star, and I put this thing and, unlike other so ended up girl. We idea I did the chronic Mars bet and then I came back and the director was all this. Already outfits and he was so bomb when I showed up because they really wanted to bear
You are other ends, lovey body also he was the director was your understudy less could do a real losing using down there at the ccd, when I would find it be very challenging, as as I found it to be very challenging because I'm not nearly ass cute as you, but I have a similar personality ear monogamous in like leading towards marriage and clearly a lot of girls in your life, like you at that time, I didn't have many friends and allies I spent most of my time I been allayed during the week. I do my job. I worked for clothing company called jetted idea and then Can I go home and see Amy I'd go back to San Diego, our kind. I know I know really like had a life and allay until she moved up their rights, which was a few years ago. Living there. Yeah yeah answer this of the Ladys. Like me, I dont know Vienna, so they had time for that or, if, like I just never grew, I didn't really
giving some of it blew over your head, or you are aware. Well, when we did break up, I eggs, I didn't called some people call how's your. So we when we break up when we broke up I'd, I'd, go we'd, go out me, my my old roommate and an tussle around the town sure twenty one, your idling lie, don't remember, being I wasn't, I was never et. I was never like. No, not you girls. Tonight I was never I guy right. I don't know I don't have, that is that comes with it now you this, but let's, where this way I've been on many sats, where you come in and do a day or two or something, and then, when you leave all these different women. Tell me like: oh, my god, I'm in love with Ryan Hansen or only AUS heartbroken, now reigns. Married like this is something I've heard. That's nice out of my many ladys mouths. Those people are, what Ryanair and automatic year remaining. I just think gamble voice. God bless!
Do you really got you really cap it together? I think for me it's a guy I really give off of like an hour ago a best friend vibe rather than sexual, but I dont know why I would like to have a sexual thy, yeah. I've had a friend tell me before that. I've zero sexual energy better where you are a little bit a levy so Veronica. My so I saw I end up doing ten episodes that person here and the little one liners little tiny since you're in there, and that was so funny like I get to condemn San Diego for his great out quickly to you and Christian connect. So we connected it away immediately immediately, but not like lead. Now. Let me she was so busy should go back to allay with her boyfriend of news should wait for you to get some of your little boy. Oh my god. And she would go to Mars on the weekend to promote the show and Vienna why to schedule? Oh yeah, she was all of advice really season. Three.
The last season is when we can start to hang out Christian and I the most. So what really connected us was a member a party in San Diego July, fifth, and everybody and we get to the spot. We get their little early because I like to be on time early and she said at the bar by herself. It's some kind of Denmark and She- and I couldn't be- she came, which was so sweet action, have should very busy schedule as star this issue and we were shooting, I think at the time, but she came in and I was crazy and we dance. It was fine because we ve been bodies and then she and season without us using three was cancelled or the birthday party Furthermore, they ve already, I see no reason for no reason what was happening and anyway we have a good time and then towards the end of the night cheese tipsy off of two types of champagne. She's like we're like aiming, I will look at how to move back to allay and gonna find a place which say: will you stay with me and oh, you know you find a place. Ella work now. Ok,
so why, in her situation, where she had a big house in the hills and to use mansion, it was a match guy or the first time I went over. There is like what the fuck are. They painter chronic Mars, so we went there and down and we ve been there a few times shoot sciatica, but little parties there and stuff, but it turns out her boyfriend splitting up and that that was pushed back they're kind of house together forever and I gotta so like either big house and it's just me come stay here until you find a place, and so we did and that turn to two years. Few years there was the best. Yes, oh, we each like weak rejected my sweet weedin, fireplace in two stages, paper economic. At the end of the month, delay didn't gained will find a place. It's anything. What really can exist you is aiming. I had gone to Africa with invisible children, wages, her brother Jason's organization and down. We came back and shorter
Our pictures and were gushing about Africa, how much how amazing it wasn't mind, lung and she yeah she's, obviously as the biggest heart the world, and really wanted to get involved, get involved interests yet very involved. The invisible children and even did like an invisible children episode in chronic Mars. But The first thing I remember that didn't go up here at the end, yeah yeah, yeah, very cool, enjoys we really connected on that. I think that might have been the foundations shortly thereafter. We you and I because you had been living with how long you been living with Christian the IRA. Less than a year yeah, so we saw a bunch of comedy nerds really try to court, her, come and get it out of the house. She was newly and all newly single demanded the pop ratsey really love that today, a love they just want to do with anything we have so much by the commune we had. So we, it was game night after game night it was just the best up there. She is amazing yet, and so this is what
I entered the scene christen. I had met at a dinner and no sparks Ernie thread, and then a week or two later CAS Game go to a kings, redwings kings, I'm with Michael Rosenbaum you're with christian wish. You to write, knows me and Amy. Ok, I'm almost positive Amy was their wall. Here's my collection is maybe maybe maybe at all I know is. I was like I meet you in your cue in your with Christian and I'm like. Oh that's her boyfriend and then I might know, he's gay. Yes, your style always so progressive yeah really Iconium. It allowed them. But at the time you like in a ton of paying in staff, in your do so outgoing and ass, I was actually in pink. I think you're in a lot of pain that night at the game. Burka pay you. Remember me just a bunch of paint. You had an inordinate amount of Hank accrued from all in her out like that.
I'm talking to her and then she's like this. My friend right. This is Ryan, anyone does my friend. This is Ryan, and am I owe the Tsar guy there might not. This is entering, I guess, he's too excited, I'm talking your eye and he's got a ton of pink on holiday and then maybe Amy, as there is then I want to say that I was like. Oh no, he strays wearing this beautiful yeah maybe not maybe she wasn't there, maybe just a nosegay. I differently. You're gay at first? I was like this makes sense. She's, with her gave friend at the the hockey gained, only seems to be very supportive of, we're talking with guys, whatever state
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and there may be a week after that. I wouldn't met you guys out at your favorite Tuesday night restaurant yeah, that's right fire, fly we called that joining the engine on Tuesdays on to what they became intentional, which was hilarious. Yes, and so, when I arrived on the scene, it was culture shock to me because I couldn't fathom letting a bunch of people live with me. The ADI, now is that I was so different, then yeah, which you ve observe problem
more than any one yelling about that, because Christian, I have our version of maybe how much she change and how much I changed and resolve to one another, but really the most objective. Outsiders would be you and Amy. Yes, are you guys are seen as together from day one up and till now, yet two kids and the whole thing, and so let me just say from my perspective out like allow these people live here and as I like, how much run too they pay now they do charge. Like I was so I had. This are apprehensive prison uses recirculated with wild, that's material. It was a joy there we had to pay. For that the cleaning of the house, which was twice a week as we had so many dogs there, thanks very much,
but I was gonna, be them there's no other jars and we we busy took care that Austria's after an movies and all its we just watch the house- and we are mines- were blown by her generosity and still I mean she's the same way. One easy view said many times it she's. What allowed you guys to save up enough money to buy a house In all these things enabled you to start having a family and all these yeah. It's incredible head is incredible and I was slowly every trip over their fine. To this idea years and years, but I was dying, This thing where I was like other all taken advantage of her yes and then I would,
under my lonely house, decorated with Christmas lights, at only I saw in pictures of myself all over the house just totally embarrassing, and then, though, the the quantity of fun enjoy loving companionship she was experiencing was worth billions of dollars, as I came to find out. So I did thought at the whole thing by our citizens really quick example: aid will forget, and it is important to say that you have taken the generosity that you aunt Amy both have taken a generosity that christen bestowed on you and you have paid it forward times, tat. Neither yours, Monica, it's the truth. We definitely learned a lot from Christians generosity we really do, and we end like you said we do. We try r r darndest to leave, opened up your Hausa to people and just to Oliver friends, all the time you make. It suggests fun the hub.
People live there. I've had a few different borders, yeah right arm upwards of ten as amendment no five months at a time shared not not allowed not compared to all who is your longest and have, I think our longest was Ashley Dagestan. He shouted to Ashley Ashley. I think she lived there for about a year, maybe a little over a year, and will you know when we lived with can be? Who are why we laughed was? Could Amy I knocked up by down our trip and income. Is that? Ok, this wing, the baby wing, and that he wanted you to stay out work. We should we should get a place now. Should I talk about quick why my daughter's in his crosbie now when you when we What about Crosbie Erin will maybe think of your parenthood character over right. This is really funny because you guys got pregnant literally like right when I got parent yet right and you went out and did that pile,
Didn't really talk about it again and then we end up having a girl which we thought we were having a boy just cuz we didn't find out. It was like you're having a boy, it's great you're, carrying that way and we're in the hospital with a girl holy smokes more when we would go out to lunch or dinner with people. What do you get a name? William Dax will name Monnier, whoever with would say whatever his name is made that he, and so we are therefore in case then, who I would add, Denham of? U S, captain Crosbie and when I really regalement Amer Crosbie Legalistic executed, right right away with second, our heads in and that's why we named after killing Crosbie, who started the given keys now and she's amazing, but I think a lot of people and might even my closer Goethe pretty Are they their convince your character? Will they happened at the exact same time he added virtually. But what's really funny is so you kind of I've ever had to deal with people think here,
aimed your daughter after character and parenthood, and then your second you're not gonna, make that must again: you're gonna steer as far away my. Yes, so you name your second our Milly after my grandma after grandma. Then you're watching an episode of Parenthood NEA and you realize, oh, my god, that's what Craig Teen Nelson calls Bunnybury Alias carrier is a nickname. I couldn't believe- and I say, oh my God be praised and our youngest daughter, Zeke. The graver Menuhin again is another complete coincidence, so you came into the picture. I remember at the hockey game. You use it to her, giving more gummy signora having more and you like, took her gum out of her mouth and put it in your mouth. She said: do you want some there's, the I'll take half of that. Put my mouth out of her Mouth Ba, Adam Tuesday, we traveled one tooth brush my love,
and and- and so I say There- and I thought it was cool- examine, see a lot of celebrity thy. Words duck shepherd for me to imagine, but I'll, take your word and in their noses egos with can be and with. How is easy is nice in a kind of checking honour. I was happiness resigned, but I would like you know China be big brother than about sharing out that you felt that it always wearing pink, apparently and painful Mingo elsewhere and then yes, you start come around the house and it was cool you. Definitely if I may, please flax a little bit when you start to get a lot more serious, all Ionia Billy. I imagine I did that initiate there was no exposing admiral. I can handle. It was definitely like enough. Nessa was to me, but if other deeds were there, especially man, we're gonna watch something or have a dinner and there in your seat. It was you, let them
out of the sea does in shock me here, which I thought was kind of cool the do about you, madam you can be vertical, but think, but like we all have our seats, I gotta have a seat at the house when I didn't like it. So it's not that big a deal wall out. Let me just say from my perspective, I acknowledge I was wrong to do that, but here's my only experiences like I had had to long term girlfriends before their. If I'm dating a girl and I've got to spend every other night at her house, I want to feel comfortable. There have seen the genes, the Fuckin house in I want a see like I want eyes, I'm a creature rabbit. I want a seat, I feel entitled to have a certain see. God that's. It was probably a huge dick to everyone know, but in my mind I was like now I have some guy. If I gotta be here every other night, I want like there's gotta to be the same, as my house yeah instilling always very very
sweet to me, which I don't know why I always loved you write Rowena get got which we really did have a connection with other friends. I think you it took a long time for you to lessen the Are they actually yesterday, you let us know, yeah and I dont ensures that it was a complement of many things. Went to this whole scenario was very fond of me, also everyone's christian in a goody goody in my mind, but they weren't they weren't, but in my mind they weren't yeah and you guys represented what I was foreseen is going to be a huge stumbling block between Christian Ike, as one of our biggest fights right out of the gates was watching a shell on that couch with everyone in the recent story on the news about someone having a baby like out away
block and then all of a sudden were fighting over? What we would do with our kids and her thing to me was motivated solely on this text that was written a thousand years ago and I'm panicky, like I love this person. How am I going to all raise kids with this personally different world views, and then you guys ended up representing to me that force the writer raw wrong does what it was. Yet it was wrong, but I, but it probably was dramatic of like all this. These are the people steering her towards this thing. That's gonna vault, eventually unravel us or be a wedge between us right, but I always it or do you and I always adored Amy yeah. I think you would you like me almost Edward. You adored me maybe because amy- and I think that's why alot of people like me is because my life now not just the greatest, but I remember one of our first, like within the first few weeks of Christian dating we all went to Vegas guys. Yet a war on and one trip, a nightmare.
Another drink. Then we all hung out in that's when I really have to know Amy. Now it is kind of blown away with how, like I mean your wife, is angelic. She is an angel, the most beautiful human, with the biggest heart ever am. I was just like she was my break through. To be honest, whereas, like oh there's, something real to all this there's something true in real, and it's not like guess I saw from my own childhood like those Christians in my neighborhood again this all my baggage. I felt You're were looking down on our family, as my mom was divorce and we were the shady kids and we were like I I just found Christians the be judge, mental and always thinking they were fucking moral. Superior to everyone, and that was all my bag it and then I looked at Amy and, as I know that person just has the Lord in her heart, Yemen is a beautiful. Giving non judgmental. She she is and what I strive to be like she is the Christian. I think that Christians should be adding to our citizens
yeah she's, like she's Jesus, we're she's Jesus. What a great Europe, all right you, Jesus Head, like smack natural rack, nice. As you see yes, she really. She really really is and man. I love her. So much and yet in it it does because a lot of Christians grew up that way. The judgment away and I I mean I definitely did too. I grew up in the mega church. My dad was a part of these mega churches. You know- and I mean how do I love Debian, that was like my social life growing up until high school was church and I and we We ran that brand that shit yeah another so but yet, but the about a lot of Christians get about rap that they do it the wrong way. Some of em Miasm, somewhat juices any group has, as always the like. I can't defend every one and I would never try to Toronto men. Would you and Christian have these blow out
all my kind, I dont think people real like we try to help. People like it was a long road to get here, but I need you as an outsider, to confirm what are you Where are you over the crazy? I don't even know what you guys are already. We would never been arguments but mean anywhere like the kids in the other, a moment later fighting and they will be ours it is yelling, L, so much yelling and slamming, and then you guys, I think, you're broke up a few times. Raising you get a break up. Each take she's heartbroken she's, crying with get fucked. That guy is the worst thing about. You know he's got but meant it has been so awesome to see. You guys grow together and really I mean she's she's christen she's the best choice and do the best, but you become the best like really like. It's been so good a lot you grow, your heart has just expanded
You were the grants, but that's uh. You know it's an analogy. When I'm on can relate that's right, they can visualize love. You remain inside circle. I've always been this way to my insight circle, but I just didn't my circle is tiny and I do not want any bigger totally I'm just threatened by every outside of young early on. We always double date. It yeah right, so we went to Mammoth, are now clearly remember this trip. I remember quite well we're having a great great tie up and then we went the hot tub we're on the hot tub of your remedies, but I mentioned someone I had dated in the hot tub in that's what set off the crazy fight- oh yeah. Ok, that ended with, I think her when it leave the living room me being in the bedroom and her wanting to argue over email and you guys hiding in your bed
that was a memory of mine and then the longest Dr Imaginable home from mammoth, because we were in my truck and you guys were in whatever we took off somewhere else after that I think, blew out. Northern snow storm coming into? That's right. I do know tat young fuckin trail. Yet will you guys do still get into arguments? They deafening turn into debates in and not blow out arguments. Are you guys used to have it's been so good to see that in your relationship and then also to see you become a billion times more generous, not that you weren't with like York or if you were it's just been so fun to watch you grow as a as a as a man. You became even more manly when I think when the kids, when your kids came about and when increasing got married. I don't know what it was. There is a shift in you that decide really opened up to everyone and to everything is a beautiful person.
Going out there, but men ivy as had been fund a watch. Thank you altering by my recollection. The big turning point was asking her to marry. Getting engage. That's when the fighting stop. That's one like she was no longer jealous of my past during these young and then I'm sure I had an equal level of Vienna, letting some shit go and just adopting the way she lived in getting better results, Livia, seated and all those things, but what she's benefited from from a doubt. You too, she does. The Dep yeah I taught her daughter to tobacco on why she's been doom buggies now and a motorcycle really brought in her eyes, and if there are going to say you about me, you ve seen me at my boy. You ve seen a couple of my explosions, which is rare. Yeah, because now they don't really happened to model, but under went on this guy. You are holding ethical crosbie. I was my eldest daughter when she first when she first was too little.
Labelling and this guy zooms biogas residential you when I say zoom amid the guy, was going. Seventy in the neighborhood you came out there. You almost. I hid his car with your fists when he's gonna end. So he stops and reverses and I in you hand the baby over to me. I was so proud. I love that. I was so in duty. Our knees, I reversals. I guess out of the carbon lead and then again this has happened so many times with you. This is why you're like an angel of my better nature, is we ve been in a cup of situations where I lose my temper with other guys, and then I go home and I so embarrassed by now. I was embarrassed that, like here's, the irony of all of it is like in my mind I might protecting Crosbie. She lives in the street. You have a little kid and I'm like I'm, enraged and feel like I'm protecting your daughter and yet what could be worse for your one year old daughter to see than me?
hand, her, do you and then start screaming mother fucker at a guy, in trying to pull him out of the car. Let's go What do you think he was never gonna get hit by that guy knows is witnessing slut display of violent. You ve talked to me I'd like three years ago. More. Yes, what to do if you have the same thing but like back in the day, especially before kids, I think are still married, but even before it but whenever my brother and I would go out aha, it was like, if anyone's at anything to either of us it was fucking game. Ah, yes, of course, at Wyant many I've been in many fights and I think part of his two people. I think they don't think that you're so keep my men. You're, so cute, newer, alot of pink- and these are my guys, come out of nowhere. I think they can pink one. We want yeah, absolutely my body, my best friend from high school Jeremy, dent so Jamie shadow degenerative. So Germany comes up to allay visit me in
his cousin who was rushing at USC allay is cousin invites us. He was just rushing to a frat party, all black Fraternity party, tat and answer a great will go, be fun, chicks, Adam, and so we go and it's like spy versus pipelines like black and white and we're not dressed like that and just rushing sound, even in the return of these the the his brother. Another way, this bold move tearing some brows absolute hearty when you're still rushing better. That's an error right there right there big right at in their outcome on Alan trauma and and saw his the is fraternity, guys we're, not happy and they were mad dogging as they should have em cause. You know you guys are cuter. I guarantee it like. I don't know Bob damn, but your cuter than everyone there are guaranteed. Jeremy, the Judas funny guy. Nor is the easy ten ok yeah, so I'm mad. If I am fraternity, hosts I heartily getting these to San Diego tens. Roll up to pump the party were pump and the party that is a mad and em.
And though his back as we're not have another mad dog in their picking on Alan there, like punch in instability, would solve. Let's do this and then- and there were like- let's do this- I think they did at first anyone to go outside. We literally go out front of their fraternity and two of em. There was two unto scrape outcast step up and Jeremy. It's one guy all drops the ground. Our armies on about it, so I'm kind of and in me I'm having a little harder retire but hit them, and I just keep us in really land Netanyahu hidden, pretty good here in Amerika Loan starts yelling other measures. Other birds, My guy to Roma always runs back into the fraternity, and in Germany and Automotive. Let's get out here, I'm gonna scurry down, though I and all these guys about look around were like I picture them in Togo like
sure every four currently already being told your party budget goes ensuring around in the desired goal back inside another study for the Rhine honours. Well, that's the party you that yet that you would unearth me that is the competitive jock sight of you believe people. The arm super work is again: you're you're, also acting you're you're cheering go back to a win win. Dax was evolving as it is a good human. I think, and I I deafened had this two games, so we go out again and there was one scenario specifically where we're playing a game. I forget whose house her out now departments zero there that but we're playing this game in an u. I forget what it was, but there was some injustice that you
were so man. You started yelling at this girl. Who is, I can not really even in the group but she's gonna like new to the group branch Friendster into our like, while a band, but I've definitely done that. Jason, my my best friend and I got to fight and stop talking. At least two months over cranium. You guys wine grain of creative cat, maybe whose Himsel plus I don't know where there was a debate and we'd yap, stop talking for a long time, Twa LAO, a lot of your stories that were like you, there's been friendships, have gone, have parted ways. There's a few of them that have been gained. The epicenter is a game Yeah I feel like I when I saw that when I saw you do that. I'm like that is so me. I definite lose my shit for no reason and cares. I want to try to change and it's out a little better. You definitely change like a big time. Yak Zalm,
overthrown mud. Like you now, just like four months ago, you really put bit through the ringer when she could think of her clue and what was again code. Name me as yeah. Ok, here's the thing about! That's what I was just ask. Does me given singers, an idea guerrilla needier their fingers. I know you're gonna do member! I remember this. I don't remember yelling, remember Yelena No, no don't tell me specifically. Do you remember what my issues What was I only alleyway game? It was both economically and yelling at a girl, you're saying dealing at a little girl you ve elder girls, reveal to me it was an area as I have already. I will readily members for sure it wasn't so much that you were yelling occur. It was like
Oh that are, but it wasn't like almost it was. It was that the rules of the game and you she was breaking them or something and you didn't you you know something I got DC cry now. No one cried wasn't like that, and we will have made it sound like that, ok! I think they go now. He doesn't want to stay outside here all all it was. It was even though they do a gorgeous yelling around where it was uncomfortable for awhile and create medium, not learning, because this just happened over Christmas movement. Ripped into my dad can seek couldn't get this game right. I've apologise to my dad relevant over that bus. The upside the downside of families there always going your family, so you feel like you're gonna. Do them yourself, because what there's a lot of fun I've enjoyed more than anything being friends with you for the last eleven years. I've also enjoy, maybe I'm flattered myself, but there has been, from my perspective, a little bit of a big brother thing.
Which I ve never got to be somebody the absolutely an eminent anyway how to put into words. But you have absolute lay a big brother to me. It's been so often last eleven years. Whatever I love my brother, some but he's not an ally with me right and to have you as my big brother. It's been it's been pretty great we're so similar in so many ways were very different, a ways, but just the simple fact is people mistake us for each other, which is so flattering to me. Listen you we vote! indifferent, well, that Jabber YO urges it, but I don't get Zagreb. Yet there are, some I urge you and also Zack Breath, gets Re Romano, which makes total sand sally, and that is that we are here I sure nothing in common relying on all right now, but it's so
me, your wife, who does hair in the film and television business and has had a couple different times, issues a pitcher of her family on her her stand and people have sat in her chair and said, o your friends with that Shepherd all the time which is so funny, and when I heard that I was thrilled This is one of the few times that both people are thrilled me I'd, say, look at in the dim. Merely kid doorbell. You love to sell yourself a year ago to sack some serious mistakes, insane and you're you're a solid cigarette. No, no you're in a pleasure timber sailing put your name now eagerly. I you're alright, nine months. Yeah. Oh mercury eyes see is that as a low Balin than autonomy Agar back down to us eggs, but in this big brother than flapping about her In his big brother little brother friendship we ve had we ve had a lot of fun
We have had so many good times so many good trips, it's been in a lot in a theme of those is you often, which is again, is very traditional for big brother little brother? Is we ve raised a lot of things and you I've seen you have some of the most spectacular crash got banned. I do try to keep up with other things that it should not be drawn up in one of the most spectacular ones. Eggs was eight and a half years ago, and it was your birthday and we were in Oregon. Yeah does any my mom and we went to this downhill, lose thing Mount Hood and there is too to pass. You could take a new in you. Have these like carts and you can put the brakes on the carts. That's all you can really do, can steer them anything right now and first trip down We left at the same time- and I finish before rime and he blew biogas. Very that's the ugly one, Burma and in he was hot about that in the next trip up. I wouldn't like man
Oh just gets fired, apple, yeah, you're up our competitive edge was ignored. So we're coming down this here are we then we left the exact same time and we're coming into this sharp right hand turn in him. By my estimation, I'm going as fast as can be gone through, like physics wise you couldn't go faster through this. This right term were approaching, and at that moment I'm thinking, I'm just on the edge of how fashion good on the scene, Ryan blows by me and I am going to give you the breaks the whole time o fastened, it was already debating whether or not I'm going you fastened. It gives you the stern and then I just see out of my peripheral vision, Ryan shoot pass me on the inside and I think he's gotta be going way to fasten right, as I think that he he flies up to the top of the turn loops out, gets air
boy. Oh yeah flies over me, I'm in the summit to be no there's no top to the two, but it's like half or two, and you fly over me you'd land in my cement runway right, you're coming. Right at thirty may already have companies go right out late, thirty, five, forty miles an hour on a hard plastics lad, now you're pretty fucked up from that accident rate, You opened your hand up, pretty good. I gotta go. I got some scar, her end, but I, but I did get out of the tube just in time, brought out of their gestures, interpreters, pocket, dirt and debris on the tube. In your ear, little sled went flying and then we had to go to the medics station near getting that stability pact. A gap and I backed Andalusia, and I had that immediate thing was like. Oh now I pushed him to harden I've ruined his birthday, but what a spirit? He didn't bother him at all and Bundy jumping right now you
now? You can embarrass me because this guy only crashed one time in a razor. It was a legendary crash, so Rhine and I gotta glamorous, which is the biggest sand dunes in North America, foreigners square miles of sand dunes. It's it's heaven on earth. I now have now been with the Bell Shepherds credit. Times now as it is so find out. It is amazing. It's like mad max out their itself. What you been, I not somebody, think about runner drips them only while gone out. Motor homes is also fund. So, but you and I are there on a weaken, oh yeah, and you You are a little backed up. We ve been there a couple days and you have not taken up. Don't gotta go in your statement, I learned trailers I require Riah, so we think brains like I gotta take shit. Finally, like after two days of being backed up in an we decide, it would be rude for him, Download and Tyler's Taylor or guests right. You gotta go somewhere else yet facilities here, so we drive at night
in the razor to an area campground it's got a porter. Potty rang goes in there. He does is business. My pen desire, look young unload and their job. He we decide to take like the dunes back in the Middle and so and then LO and behold, little jiggling around all day and shepherds gonna. Take it up not adding up who I'm not gonna drive back to that port a party, so I just decide I'm gonna put in the sand dunes, so we pull over. I put in the sand dunes you're back in the razor. I had a bunch of tissue in my pocket just ass. If you're worried about my body, I want my bought a handle that we get back in the the razor and we find this epoch jump right, a perfect little kicker, perfect, all my gas and we we hit this jump over and over again we're getting lady ten times I mean at least
yeah, just we're getting crazy airborne, its landing so softly it haven't. A blast were loving, it couldn't be having a better time and we decide. Let's see how many feet we jumped like it feels it were: jumping fifty sixty feet, so we we get out of that, though the razor and we like, walk off with her feet or take off point or Laney point my how coolly jumped sixty feet or whatever fuck it was we back in the razor or like, let's go back to camp, so we ve already set a record we're not even trying to do anything. Special we hit right hit the job hit the jump at half the speed we ve been hitting it that in about at the apex of our our jump, it becomes really clear that we are going to roll. And over and Ford. We weigh mass straight up any are towards the stars apace, and that is why we are doing it in what we do is distilled rightful
directly towards we're coming just all my old over I never crash. Like other brave we loam ended, we re wrote it was crazy and then we land and we're upside down and its first checks on me right away, because I didn't I answer, but you know, do I guess our he checked on me. I was only where our cows or other brother brother, your brothers, so we like we're upside. Now we on buckle. We get out we're looking at the razor. It is fucked. It's a yard. Salads we ve grenade at all the fun. Ends. Broken off wheels are broken up. I mean it's any common out of that fuckin desert way. So there we gonna walk back to camp in this is years and years ago. Now I know that place pretty well back, then I did not know it well, so we get to the road and we think our camp to the right. We ve got to walk down this road. We walk for at least a mile and a half we get back to that toilet. We were out
and we got out she's always so there we turn around. We come back at forty five in a little later in a Tyler shagging. All them, then Aryan think they notice, but also they see, is walking king. We left in a razor and then we walk back into camp in their like. Ok, what happened and what we tell them. The story and we're like we gotta go get that thing that the dunes and shag is like. Ok, how we can use my sand realm, we all go out and we're like. I hope we can find. We go over the sand dune directly in front of our camp.
The Fucking Razor Was- is literally one thousand feet from camp. We had want two miles for no reason. We were right at camp wearing rats lawyer in a big accident. We ran disoriented, brainless scrambled guys were not even at the punchline of the salary at all others, a couple guys in razors and in their shaggy in his doom buggy and everyone pulls up in shines, their bright lights on the totalled razor, that's upside down and they start kind of evaluating the damage. How we can get this thing back to Camp a graphic over sanding blah blah blah, and in the midst of all this I see that we have landed. Within six inches of my dump. It was right there we wait and ragged la land. If only we could have reached out and touched. I mean what are the Mai, What are the odds of that very slam foreigners
air miles and the third was six inches long. Do the demand ever some fast man? If I did, I think I can you do. It was crazy. You aren't you gonna landed right in I wish we had. I mean what is cited by miles from that. Ribbon around and like we were right. Anything that is always- and I like I now and a new users are distinct smell. Ok, now only getting your career from it because I think also. I think I've really relate to you watching you just being like seven years ahead of you and watching you and I are having common similar like things were. It's not like we're. Not Jim Harry Right or not will fare all know, but we have a certain enthusiasm. That reads is funny and puts us in a comedic category in it's, it's a specific thing, yeah cause
although I will say you are like a trained groundlings comedian can do stand up all of it. I dont have I do I'm not that, like I'm, not a comedian well, but you're a comedic actor and everything you now are in generally. There are funny in yours. Super duper funny in we end up whether the training different or the things I'm doing on the side are different, you know your role and rain Hansen solves crimes is not any different than any role. I verily shut your enemy we're on our Veronica Mars and your regular. And then after that show ended. You release head representation in you can now go, but there's a look. There's a couple lean years in their right between well, so so after us, his three, my wife and I do a little trip. We do, though, backpacking across Europe and the good Africa and other. It was so fun and we should do about suitcases. Why? Back back? I don't know so
and on that job? I get an email from Rob. Thomas saying shows not backed up we're so bombed whatever. Where I was pretty devastating, as am I will among those travelling, we ve already disease more and then, but he's like rediscover that we really it was party down is like I want to see if you were to be a part of it and like I didn't need. I think I responded love to be a part of it. Love described in Riga. George airs. I wanna do your one or two, and so, when I got back from that tribute, we shout the pilot of party down in Robs house, Martin STAR, Martin STAR, Adam, add Martin STAR. Adam Scott. Can Marina Lizzie Kaplan, that's a great hast Emma Jane Lynch, and the next season was Megan Molly and then all these awesome desert it was the best and to be a part of that show. But those kind of actors with huge for me I mean Veronica mars- was my
acting school. To begin with, I learn everything that show the Jason during had Adelaide the intense and they cry all this that it was so great yeah he's the best and Christian watching her the leader of a show. I really got to like take to all that in then party down watching those guys, Griffin and an m. You are intimidated, ya, global or now intimidated a little bit just because they were kind of already in that world, and now they were like established the hours but like housing, from doing it till I get on here, but you did that shout did that jail, and then you had a string of shows by my recollection, where you were the lead of the Shoah, Jessica, Lucas, So that was a huge deal for me. In fact, our network show that you are the lead of. I did pilot season after party down guy cancelled with my long hair didn't get. Giving the so mad like that. I just couldn't get me I cut my hair, like I gotta get my area that, although my thing about my hair was one didn't jobs
rapid was not enough, go back to the same, show that Patrick Adams was on and he got fired from the pilot. And I go back like this is great, but I had already issued by long hair and then I came echo my short and of course oh well, then I got there. Are we just go Lucas whose a buddy already yandah and conferences benefits how many episodes you going to do with a solid, twelve or thirteen yeah and discredit burn? I remember that now is exciting and Patrick atoms moved on to suits and is still doing how that's a lucrative yeah. I would imagine, and then after that was bad teacher, that I think was a slew of pilots. Ok, give me a cup of violets and then I think I did bad teacher bag. Judge bed, Santa Sixty three. Bad around about that around yeah? And then
the same time, you're doing movies and you central intelligent, wasn't your first barber was it. That was my first time ever meeting them and they offered me this pardon. Is that a very big part, but it's fun part of course I love to do it. So what have they seen you in that they bother dirty down all that our future me as far as the comedy world, like anyone, that's how IRAN cannot be came to know you in that circle. Totally and so, and so I got to do- is really fun part central intelligence and had a blast with those issues that are crucial. You sent back and allay, am I guess we shot in Boston, might yet cool see and Ella deeds yeah. I was so like everyone here and then we action. Then up an ally which are exciting and we melick two or three times in which we do but Kennedy we ve got some writers in and We don't know whatever we want to make something, and then Rossen Euro after, like six months, that whatever was Ike emailed me as I am sick of waiting for. Somebody to write something for you. So am I right this way think and it was right, enhances our continent
urgent wow, and am I this is the weirdest original show I've ever bread and within what insulted, it was crazy, it is a most fund, show I've ever done and its and Monica then it season one and taxes in season to seek romanians in serious and your Macau is in season one and two and two yeah a lot of people in Season one in Syria and they get it. Cutting my shout out, I will tell you that its have to explain. Can you explain it all year? I dont think it can be explained, but all attempts to look on so you're playing yourself, Rhine, hands.
And you are you ever crime show in so you're going to do. Research at the LAPD boy. Is that our though, as ours, no you'd only Howard, so radiance itself comes on television? I play rain Hansen, an actor and the LAPD has teamed up with some famous dish actors to help solve crimes in Hollywood, because there's been an up uptake increase right, and so I decided to come up with a detective and help solve crimes and its super weird and Meda, and we talk about my life in and my career and its also some of its fake. But it's real and I go home to my sitcom family. At the end of every episode words like a multi, cam audience cigarettes, entangled errors are crimes out yet Yes, a mere lily S, murder, Emmy winner Summer, when it is my partner,
the first one and then oranges, the new black oranges, new black handmade hand now and then Would Harris's my partner in the second and from those Samir as from the Y yeah Samir comes back this isn t. Actually I'll find that nice was so mad However, I am the battle wires in season two hello just wrong, and one of the questions that I got from. I ask people like owing to be an arm chair, that any question to ask Dax and Monica one of whom was what is in Monica they jes. We talk about all the Daphne they get all rigadoons tell them. Yeah just doesn't like other. We might cause dogs the aid, as my lad majesty's know that he has a really funny story about he's gay bein being taken to a Strip club by somebody in or maybe using like a birthday party. The her stripper undisturbed was rubbing her boobs on his face and he was like Dax. It just felt like hurt. Mysell rub her ears on my face.
How can you imagine that's how sexual it felt ass if she was just rubbing her ears? I my face, and I think that is a real good distinction- the ass for me. So the- we are building an ear out. Then you now you might how did you know, but the show is genuinely hysterical. I really really want people to watch it because you're incredible on the show its also one of the hardest shows someone could star and because I was there in every fucking seen you have did you have to sing and dance to do flipped you have to do. I mean it's, it's crazy highlighting have rarely quack dialogue heavy very They have a dialogue, its deadly, the hardest thing I've ever done, but, like the cool I mean it's so cliche to say, but it is one of the crossings overdone and got to be part of an. I think, Rosson Marshall there,
the third so much to another funding about you, and I is that you have been in every single thing- I've ever directly with the exception of about a boy, but you were in the episode of parenthood. I know that's right, you're in brothers, justice we rode together as lovers motors I go off into the sons and ensuring hit and run you are bad guy. I made you do a flip, a nap worse Boa bridges hit mean that punch me the face he whispered light be punchy me and like it's like fake budgets is far away, but he was getting too hired. You started actually hit me in the vague, like honours, logger all the way of life and then not chips jobs in livestock, one behind the scenes story of check what you and I, to bang eyewitnesses together in tight underpants had to you
wherever a semi, we had due to service the Joe sure thing Euro that I yeah. So I was a little nervous about that because you know I'm Dax is gonna. Be assured often he look like a superhero and this movie and and there's me and I'm in either I'm not embarrass it's fine. Economic growth is fine, but we, but we were both a little concern about where little Whitey tidy, so I haven't smash, shows you gotta have a nice close upon. That is this, where you were getting it absolutely and does so. We both come to talk to each other about it. This is on the day, Emmy right we're about to shoot at an end, and I haven't eaten in thirty six hours or something you know cause I'd I'd shot all my shirt off scenes back to back to back, so I was like really calorie yet so I have no water me. I had nothing in my penises,
mauler than I think I've ever seen in my life, giving then as it with food a hundred percent, because I started writing again, so I think it has to do with blood flow. No with migration. Ok, yeah thing when you dehydrated your penis, isn't more so hot, ok, Beata, because I've I've seen that now because, when I did when in Rome all week, my arm but luggage in depletion, source of five of the days were Gleich Aegean depletion and not horny duck, don't even know. If I can get a boner planet than I would have a We seek our car blowed period. Remember that I would like a whole boxes: cereal geometry boxes cereal. That night I would just be engorged and have a hard on whether I was horny or not. That was the craziest diet. It really was. I was horrible, yet not it was not fun. So yes, I found that on that, when I was I would be carb loading, a boner galore now, and so I definitely was in depletion during that chip scene
anyways you and I were kind of going off it just trying to wake penises up well, so we we found space away from the castle and the extra and the crew in these little creepy little rooms. I think it was an abandoned, a saint asylum beyond virtually it wasn't. So see now we're done rules can a yankee on our things. Separate rooms, Johnny wake him up yeah and I'm not we're not looking for an erection much about her. No just want them to be awake, alert now shared Durham of couldn't I couldn't get Oh, my gosh, it was. Can we kept reconvening beyond any luck now, I'm pretty sure they're like guys, we're ready for you and we come out just like whenever dear Smash Mass. What's funny, Yes, I was like forty one I still cared. I know I think I'll always care, I guess you're but yeah. I just couldn't wait that thing.
Mom you and I would just like a faggot words- can be dying in the tiniest versions of her dogs, the weather eared. What a weird sensation that was! I found it so funny, oh my way, were dying laughing so hard and baby. I had to have as they look at it now is very vague support. Your poor might go the cameras, honour, penises and then beyond. Our penises is Michael Paine staring at the collision penis, but we can't a laugh it because you were in urban areas is together and good. We, I don't think I've ever had the giggles that bad answer that itself on it. If you have you ever feeling down in the dumps, and you can't break out of your doldrums get into some type panties and yet, when you're many brothers any their dismay, big bang and smashes penises together cause. If is anything like what we experience highlighted my year. That was so funny we will in the world how many times we would like them to hundreds of time ass, Smart Yanina, its multiple
ex multiple camera angles of camp. We are doing in a trial, are what are they yeah I'll, write area vote Thank you. Very much. Money goes into ecstasy yeah. Gather Ali who already I wanna, host Amali Party. I will, I think I would. I would love that how'd you know I tried it once you didn't yeah. I wear the hardware cafe just Tom why you got fired from hard right cafe. Why wasn't gonna bring some? I did get fired, Hydra, CAFE. I work in the March store Are you saying buttons and anti shirt was so fond of Zog in Iraq and roleplaying those great to collect hyperactive dia? So I didn't work there. Because the guys were so nice, the owners or the managers like rain. We know you're, not stealing, but your change box that you have to give every night and cannot, as it always wrong
it is too much money are not enough. Money in these areas is always always wrong. My tale of funny anyway, so a bunch of hardware people went out and- and I went with and I was a little younger and there they produce ecstasy deny whenever my ok you're gonna do. I do twenty dollars, and I got my pill hadn t on it and everything pop that baby, nuffin, pretty sure had annex Adrian. Let no headache no hang over. No we'll get the real stuff for you there. Pure M dna and we'll get you guys together and will to see me and what happens I'll. Be there too can guide everyone make sure. Nothing goes wrong? I gotta have Amy site often that even more I want me to do it. Of course we are today- and I do I don't know, but you knew that I think I would rather do mushrooms. You would never than that limit and coke. When I think of it like coke too much be, I think you would any area yeah. I will see odds of the great experience highest with em dna, organic showrooms ie, you know you take it.
Voyage and I love feeling confused ass a boy now. I love feeling that way and like I'm, eight and I dont understand anything but but but ecstasy. Your Molly makes you actually feel. Like you understand things more, you feel more and control than lesson control, even more and control than you feel like right now, ogre a really yes, that's weird, you feel like absolutely positive. You're in the exact right play you're supposed to be and everything's good, but there is a hangover with excess or has a hang. I don't like that. Are emerging. There's no hangovers, no, hang up ahead and anything it's like deprive. I think that I am not an alcoholic because I am. I didn't pretty bad yeah in the other, hangovers be oh yeah! That's why
bringing the morning my own in that, could it once you know I wanted to die in the morning. He it's really answer that the upside of mushrooms is also when you come off mushrooms down. You don't have any desire to do more mushrooms, but most people certainly me when you're coming off of empty. I may you want more, ok, yeah, it's not ok.
After ball exit of the experience. Arneil yourselves earning. Yes, I'm gonna hold you bringing a bang penises until I get through it. I love it. Ok, so from the outside. From my vantage point, I just can't imagine being more perfect person and you don't see you seem to be a perfect person without having to get like all these demons and a headlong like I'm not merely is good of a person as you and it's taking a ton of work, I'm going to meetings and I'm journaling every morning, all the stuff just try to be as good as you is. There's stuff you're rustling. What that I dont see great question: I'm deftly not a perfect person that is so nice of you to say TAT, oh boy! Yes, I I I I I don't you get depressed. I dont see yeah yeah. I think I do have levels of depression that they gave him. No, I had there's been
phases of when I've had that, for instance, when, when my my brother in law, Jason yeah had a little rough patch and by pilot didn't get picked up high. All all this all honours using all with a couple weeks of each other to pilot whatever blockade of. I was in a real dark, dark space, so crazy. Now that you say that I remember talking you I was in, I was in New York writing and I talk to you and Amy on the phone. You said things that made us cry: Aurelia importing Jason and that
situation in just reassuring that people come back from everything. Here, though it was, it was amazing, an end so well said and so perfect at the right time, and I really helped Amy and me I'll. That's very big brother of young children many way, so I think that was the first. I've really realized in the end I jumped under this movie and adjust. It was like doing night shoots and it was there really think that say this was how we have merely at that time to our second right can? It brings a light to everything how crazy, but it's like the best- and you kind of rich, remember why you're here and in so so I have gone through bouts of a lot of work staff, probably right because you get you get scared and anxious about work during your family. You all that other unless I get a real, a kind of low place during pilot season. Of course, even though you use ends up ok, but it's like always really, weird and and I have really low patients,
and I have I am a little in secure, sometimes an ideal with thumb. What are your? What? What are you and secure about our hard time? Imagining talking yeah. I think I'm insecure about being smart enough because I play a Dumdum anonymous on most of my stuff, but I love doing it my terms, and I think I usually be people to the punch. I'm gonna be dumb when I want to be dumb and I Hunter Brasilia, and so I pretty much play that and then break that if someone makes the exact same joke the attic, my thing is I'll, be the first to say, like my wife makes more money than me: yeah right,
or make fun of myself totally. If someone else makes our job, I'm not great. Well, how about like envy or jealousy do you have that really uncle I'm pretty pretty secure and in what I have I'm so almost even dab is I'm so proud of light, my family and my wife and my kids, and like my friends and like what we have going down that it Would it be like jealous of anybody else, another other things like a maid, that's great for them that wouldn't be good. For me, I would be a different person. If that was me, resent acres because Look- and I am glad you have awareness of that, because it's funny because I have friends who have thirty thousand square foot houses elbow on twelve acres, overlooking the ocean her, and when I go there, I'm not jealous of Bennett your house, your old house, in Biloxi,
jealous and gone I want to live in this house. I want to live in this warm wonderful, inviting house in It's very enviable. So I'm glad you don't look at the other stuff and not recognise like what a warm, perfect kind of existence you guys have. Some perfect norms is perfect out. That's all that's right, really sweet of you to say: I'm gonna make you feel that way more uncomfortable, your any book. I gotta think that love about you such a great dad, but there are a lot of great debts. My best friend air Weekly came out to visit. He brought his eleven year old Son, very awkward age, to be eleven to being a new house with a bunch of people we want to: u of Sea fight. I've resigned to the fact that he is shied errand was the exact same way when we were eleven and twelve, where I would take him with me, my dad's for weekend and he'd whispered to me, my dad would yell at him and then he would cry like the whole thing. I was of the old he's just Aaron in, and I know I earned he's perfect on that one
the bottom, but also an input much time into like trying to bring them into the fold. Am I gonna, have you sit in the bedroom and do shit on his phone call? You may like seven attempts to get Wade Become Join us. You're like a bad here, may invites about dislike. I didn't you over and over again and going like. Oh my god, I don't. I have the capacity to do that, I'm so impressed with the type of person that
go out of their way to make other people feel good. Uncomfortable and again, that's not you trying to get attention that, just like your your total, intrinsic good nature that I of so aspire to man. But the thing I really want to say about you is in your group of friends that you are the high above and we are all spoke of theirs about forty of us. I think your Christmas party has at least forty people out, maybe fifty yachting so over the last eleven years. If I had, if I had a list, a hundred most joyous times of my last decade, sixty of those things are at your house. I don't think you'll ever understand the value and warmth and love that you add to all of our life. It's incredible. My most happy joy failed and am do
The right thing moments are at your house, it's the most beautiful place to be. I feel so grateful that Chris introduce me. Do you you're, like one who invasions parts of my whole life? You ve given me like a whole life outside of this group of friends. I came in with them so grateful for it and I hope I'm like ninety years old with you, your big brother, in it I love you so much. I know that, and that is crazy for me to hear that the free to say that and we we feel the same way but you can be a. U give you guys. I saw many people's life, meaning puff guys. It's really generous, and I'm really really grateful nomadic is too you wanna concur moaning. Now I think you all the Shell YAP Monica. I am able to say whether it will be so much more I'm so happy for you that you have found this base with tax and you have this guy. It's amazing
themes everywhere. All Pierre should bring our private parts together. All the rivers revision. I will radios and I love you so much Ryan Hansen solves crime is currently on you too premium. Please watch it. It's so fucking funny and we want you to get third season, because we I want you to buy some toy. Is you know, that's really pie? Am I right or I might get a couple- razors boilers, gamma yeah, let's kick Ryan and I saw Polaris he's a grey brand representative Ambassador Europe, how good he can describe his show. Just imagine how good health sell, those that I'd buy. Zuyder tyres, that's good! That's gotta, Waigel Angela Mars on Veronica Mile largest coming out, yeah, so funny I know I love you and we will do this again. Does your by money to so much Monica. I love you some Ireland roadmap it
it is now I favour a part of the show. The fact check, with my soul, mate Monica bad men check the facts, known MAC, the facts oh right now. Would you bad self? Oh, that's a lovely check. The facts do not in fact over right now by itself. I dont know in on us rock the boat donor, The boat over rang. The bell is, it say, is a power to know is what we would probably call.
Motown. I think it's more of a motel out like seven. These armed be that style. Yes, really good songs, good style, rock the boat. Don't act abode over and I say rock on which a bad self any song says rock on with your bad self. Seven days through a great yes, probably in the seventies, is created, but also has my number of share, I'm always looking for an excuse to Iraq on what my bad cell, of course. However, no special day, yeah yeah rhyme hands in the Basle boy. More special beloved boy- it's so fine having best friends in here, really is really picks up your tube retired to have a tool when your best friends here, oh picks, up your attitude. I took it. The other way. Thank you meant picks up here, too,
I can use you hadn't attitude, oh you're, right there. It's always use a negative way right yeah she has a lotta tube, but you can have a good tool yeah. You could be in a good to hear that reinvent. We should less reclaim it. You have the best tool about this bycatch thanks. Anyway, just rather we did it. We had Am I the long time coming realign token people were ass, gang nonstop. Hello, we hire or new love. We want them to he's busy. Ok was busy any admittedly heads my anxiety about coming uncle. He thinks he's a bad story: technologist, so careering o endearing, yes, core. I now going in an easy joke share. Now it's not correct. He does great story, wonderful stories,
and it was a lot of memory lane and this up aside for you guys a whorehouse fun for you write your hard to check right like how would you gonna call the people at Mount Hood to see if he really flipped out that downhill lose tube right, exactly automatic? I didn't count, the medic can imagine the same. Matic is still working there. What if he while a life for that would be great. I feel like that's a job with high turn. Of our. Don't you, I would do you remember if you seemed a young or elderly or medium I was so focused on Ryan's injuries and feeling a little guilty for having pushed him that far. Ok, but that's another thing you push him He chose to do that and you you took you took it on yourself Do that in your head? Look
I want to go down that things fast as humanly possible. Ok, but if I was being older and mature responsible, I would think right and I are competitive. Maybe let's not raise the bar to a level where someone might have to see the medic. I could have made that choice provided still had fun, maybe cause you knew he was gonna, be competing with it now. I do know that yes and pretty much anything he and I are gonna. Do it's there's going to be a sub text, competition interesting. Do we get into our fight we had during one on one basketball or a game horse. Now one of the items we were in a legitimate fight was about playing the game horse guy and he got real sticking on some thing. He was trying to call foul okay and I didn t, but I wasn't going
we got legitimately mad at one another yeah yeah yeah did at last now long and all maybe half hour here, but I was seeing course things to him and he was Saint course things to me that yeah. This is a fair. All be honest. This is unfair, but for some reason I, I think, it's worse when you're saying course things to him. You do the other interesting yeah. Why not be honest about that? I don't know. I don't know why. I think this circles back to me winning at scrabble. No, it does it all. Now, I'm happy that you want scrabble. Why lost its growl you're very? Have you the opposite had got into the digital was. Actually we opposite? You win all the time, so I am happy that you and all the time, ok, I was here,
be them Molly wine. I wasn't happy that you lost. I was happy that Molly when you're you're, just very you're, very happy, we'll start there you're very happy and then also coinciding Lee. I had lost right dear these are happening without being Molly why'd, you lost that's right, all the exact same time, yeah anyway, but your why? Why woods adjacent? But I I don't know, I think, because this really unpack about there's some juice at the bottom delay. Yeah! Prime, you can be honest. I will be here would be. My guess is: ok tell me your gases, ok, so you know like when I'm course with him with anyone with anyone here any visible. I'm tall, or is it because I'm barium powered by being a tall white, wealthy rich guy? Now, I don't think it's bad,
because Ryan is a pretty tall man, not above six. Why? Where will you know I'm on his side with that, because year, against my height, I have no proof that were near nice debate, but it is. I have. I have proof right la fact like that, just right now, I'm five feet. A great guy will measure you publicly will find the mic. Slideshow. Ok, barefoot, hey most shoes are pretty flat, but ok, I want you know we're talking about your real high unaided by footwear anyway me here, he's, in my opinion, a tallish, wealthy white guys, so there's no difference there. I don't think that's why, and I am happy that your wealthy, her views So what do you think that is that I'm innately more threatening physically or does it feel like a real betrayal of what I'm advertising than I'm nice
the interesting nodes lives like a layer of hypocrisy years, was to be nice for first, but I dont think that you are now. I dont think you you claim to be like MR nice guy or anything bright. So no that wouldn't be hypocritical. I brought it probably is because I care about its roots violent, I'm mad at you, yes way more than if other people are right. I really my issue not yours would like wise when you're mad at me. I find it very uncomfortable. I can't stand it yeah yeah, but but but Ryan Let's go back to Rummy. I yes, but like I guess, I'm I'm projecting, because I know what it feels like when you are doing that to me and it feels, as you said, really uncomfortable and pain fall, so
when I know you're doing that to somebody else, and I don't like it, I'm like I hate that thing you're doing here and I use that word properly. I don't use it anymore, but I do hate it and when Ryan is doing that it doesn't come with that same level of like I dont know that you ve seen Ryan's aggressive sigh sometime. You have no right enough. Sports are generally is brought out during sports logging during game yeah. Sometimes during gate comes at a time and now are your account? How many times have you do you think I've been that way to you, because I have an opinion about how many times that's been. I'm curious. What you're sick steer Seventy all my kid, I think three am I had three year rather than like mad at you and I'm using swear words more communicating. Oh, yeah. Ok, that is so. That means even in
now the level all, and even when I'm talking, ok Susie then we'll worry is horrible. Guy do that. Is there what you are doing to Ryanair horse, our nodded and not at whores downloading swearing adores when you saw it swearing, that's a new, that's like AEGIS new person. Ok, what are that is my goal not to do that letter. That three times are you can report church and k goes the ostensibly a fighting well, my sister, which is of a bad pattern of young people and regards sister or my mom, is the outrages. I guess respectable I don't know what it's now, there's no reason I need to be swearing at you, chair Then on time on the patio we got in a debate about this podcast in the inner workings of this part grass, and I was using some half bombs,
we are in there and I know there is a third and for some reason you like it was in the kitchen until we guy in one big argument after could tan me- and you did those long time ago, the male member, if there were a bomb, spat there might about. I remember that in could tat, although we were poor, in contained win the Turks and cake ozolian sedan? That's true happen that games not good for me to speak for myself who, for whatever reason, I can't play that game and enjoy myself. It's never seems fine anymore. It seems like always. Three people are miserable one person's happy man. That's sad! Do you think it's different than that, while the last couple times you played, it may be the last time we play we, we visited it and I just telling everyone was on edge before we even
art it, because we were afraid of that so you're kind of right, but I dont think it needed to be that way here, we're just already scare that you should try it or something wrong. I mean you can't say we play it for a year straight, almost every day, mink And what would you say, the percentages of of bad outcome, I would say, is about thirty percent. Ok, sir, Affirming good is but nothing to me like a view to say one in three chance. You guys are gonna be mad at each other there, so many activities we could take on that are also found that we just don't get mad at each other, and that seems to be the only one or like predictably people get me mad you're gonna leave
I would like very few words you're asking me like all right: I'm gonna go home and I like great fears with several of those departures that are like every forwards and you're out the door. And then the whole night is have this bad feeling in my stomach yeah we all have we all have a unique terrible characteristics during that day I know I have a bunch of their share of the just does when just as winning he guessed to ever. Vessel show off that drives me crazy in an eye, and I get mood he, u get moody it all. I care by my account, Christians always plodding against me like, even if I don't start off his alive, are happening that is so made up in your brain. You like don't even has a distinct led, yet in already it's the consensus is that she should come for me. Will you think everyone?
coming free, though I do not ask her but yeah yeah. Do you think that Maybe it's my paranoia. Maybe it's the truth. We would mean an objective outsider to observe, name, Sir yeah. We can do that. We can. Finally, put Prolonging up? Do you wanna come? Do there be a referee church? Great great great will. Do tat on the right course of action. Anyway. I wouldn't even does when you get stern, yellow elsewhere. Maybe that happened during horse and maybe right. I think basically, for me being mean to Ryan. Is I get real sarcastic? the time YA, circuiting real sarcastic on, like oh really that you think you be winning if that was that rule had been followed. Really, that's that's. What's deciding this game, that kind of thing!
and then he had sarcasm bag images like a pig toxic affords acts of sarcasm. Ok, maybe like it. Actually. Maybe I would like all this. If I were an audience member gear, I dont think we really got down to why it is right now I'll be mean to people other people are allowed to be mean. We think we ve cracked, it yet weaken circle back Norway and what was your guess again too big to loud. We I mean, I guess it is like an order, be harder. Ready movement does, I concede do like criminals, they would when you re your voice, it's different when the girls in the house are raising their voice. Different, oh yeah, in and from my point of view, Now, if everyone's raising their voice, I am raising my voice to right and it's not that it's not the same now yeah the- and I try to remind myself of that. I am sure that is a part of it. I am sure that, as part of that here it is also just your childhood like clearly your dad, never yelled
right. Is that when I'm learning very let our yeah, he never did, but if he did, it was really bad impact for yes he's when he really got angry. It was always a tan, a harmonised. Times he's operating at a zero like not letting anything rags particularly now mercurial the opposite. A curious now now, but my family's kind of mercurial. You now and weave stormed out as a family of family reunions weave. You know those obscenities being screamed at Christmas, well yeah, which is here and it's kind of an elevated but we have that leisure. Every time there is a family gather. There's always as always loud, there's always so many arguments to everyone for people swearing. No yard and good so line we cross pretty quickly, yeah, maybe that's part of
you're right, because my mom will start swearing. You heard her irritated. Yet I look Ford seen ACT as she's here now directed at me? No, no! It's best to observe her doing it to me I'll, try to agitator easier tall April so that there is a good shot show loser. Yeah. I've never seen her be anything but loving too, and all of the shepherd children and oh she's gotta she's gotta overdrive year. She can get herself and I'm busy that actually I was a kid Would she would occasionally frequency Mohune well that, but she would opt out of her car to stop lighten like challenge a guy to affirm Oh, why man a wee bit terrified and the Carlyle cheeses. I hope this guy doesn't take her up on this proposition that you know, of course, that five for he knows
recalling the mother Fucker get the car mother fucker, you betcha, allow you bet it's interesting. So it's like. I recognise and accept that it's not you guys, don't appreciate nor accept the way I I get. But in my mind it's such a huge leap forward. There's so much progress and how do you know infrequently? I do get angry yeah. I think that's trail yeah by my god. It's been three times a year and last five years my sister got one the other day,
I was the first time in five years and spend a long time since I dropped any of bombs round Kristen yeah, that's great progress is good. We claim progress, not perfection, that's right! That's why I guess it's began. Guy. Does Tracy Morgan's house have a hundred bedrooms now so on stern? That's where you heard it. He said he purchased Thirty one thousand Square Foot House in New Jersey to turn of our houses has a bowling alley. Several pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia display here's one with glee. So I believe how rarely now and a thirty thousand Alan Aquarium to house his sharks, rights, K and,
a million dollar tank ah, but there's six bedrooms in that house now. I believe Brion said the year two hundred, but I got it you know I would. I never thought that I don't know. I said that I just knew that it was thirty thousand square feet. He's had a major sabena, seizures hyperbolic, but we didn't need you get in new cars. Are several cars worth over a million now in a jet a really really expensive jet, but I think I saw on more recent articles. Eight, the house was for sale, oh yeah, I'm so nervous made every nerve, as is their arrest about people's money. I'm very nervous about people anybody is their racism going on is, unlike my more worried about his money because he's black. Now, because when we're watching Silicon Valley, are you care about? Is their money? That's true, they're, all
in everyone's white, except command on Johnny's character. He is pakistani right. He sure is pakistani here. The audit is a nervous for all ports we'll get money so that might extend a lot of black folks like this. Why athletes from really nervous when I watching shows about how much stuff they have, but that that's also the white athletes. They get money cloud that were poor, I'm really nervous that they're gonna cause I what's at thirty, four thirty called broke out, and sooner again I hate put numbers out there in the facts will know it, but I want to say it's in the seventy percent. Ok of NFL players will file bankruptcy within five years of leaving the Lee its preposterously huh. Maybe it this really good point in there, which is the general pattern for people with normal jobs. Is you make very low when you graduate college and then your earning potential
increases, increases, increases tool about your mid forties when it picks out now you ve had twenty years experience of handy handling finances, and then you get the most amount of money ever trusted with tat. Where these athletes are twenty one? They ve never manage a cheque book or made a payment on anything in there, given the bulk of the money. The lover yet yeah
for the ads, not a great recipe for long yeah, yeah yeah, continued wealth, ok, said Tracy, Israel Click Tracy, told Howard about his tank that he loves his mother. Fucking aquarium. He loves marine life. Sound is machiavellian to Pox, alter ego yeah Machiavelli because you said Machiavellian and then Ryan said: oh, isn't that two pox alter ego am shrouded in a cloud of conspiracy. Theories has been widely uttered that to park formed his mark. Go Valley. Mine occur during a state.
In prison where he studied the works of Machiavelli, allegedly, inspire remark: you values attempts of fooling his enemies by faking his own death to park recorded his six studio, album under the Marquis Valley stage, name, which was released posthumously as the wrapper died six months prior to the EL peace scheduled release, resulting in a way the bizarre speculation that Tupac fake deserve that, I just gotta feel like no matter how thorough his plan is to Pox coming up for air to get some ass at some point. I just think year, you're just come in. I am sure you know what I'm saying I just can't see it eventually a slip, because you want to go out and get some ass. I don't happen with
lot. He wasn't given any ass. Well, he wasn't coming Hound a lot of our foreign ogg refund his computer. Dear Emma that part now of behaviour. He was definitely indulging in western porn, but I just don't think people are seeing a mountain about Fucking stuff, you're right, you're, right, you're right, he kept under other two bucks. Has been much longer also Bin Laden had dozens of wives. He had he was well pyramid up, so he might not have needed to surface for Ass S chair We know that army still on that Youporn really interesting, you'd! Think if you had,
self, a dozen wives, you're, you're lust, would be slaked and it just goes to show the bottomless pit that is, human warning, us yeah or just still crazy pathology, the that never enough, it's just never another yeah yeah. I would love to know what he was searching. The gonna go out on a limb. I feel it's like a cheer leaders know somethin exotic like How many was not getting. He didn't have access to one member Michael panel as Ireland who is talking about exactly these price searching like PAM Debbie CARE Michel cheerleader me
which the irony cause like they're, just not allowed to be cheerleaders their correct by him. That's right! The by his rules do things: sometimes he would have not cheerleading knights, and he wouldn't let them all cheer in front of ham and teach them cheers and have them were Bloomerism staff to be on his. Yes, I think all these people that have these rules they live under their- they make an exception for themselves. We're gonna wanna out anybody about, I was around people that that lived in a country where Sharia law- in fact aid imposed that law and these people all drank, and I found that a little bit right at a critical yeah. I think that people were much
I am means they do whatever the fuck. They want general sure there is cause. I know it's not about the rules about wielding power and controlling other people exactly so Ryan. I'm gonna go out in fact check him correct on. He was not an extra because I know why Kristen thinks there to better story. No, no. She thinks that because look when I'm on a commercial and I'm looking somewhere, I wasn't an extra in that commercial, aye aye Bogdan Commercial Audition for it, and I was cast that her theory is. He was started as background and they gave him a wine. That's her exact theory how
ok, so I believe Ryan because he knows if he audition what she did right and if you addition resulting in a new book. It you're not next notes right day player, yeah, yeah, co, starring role for the guidelines are under your Costa, o five wines or undue over those that over five mines are under its would be. It's called a co star will there's also a thing hope featured extra. To me that would be five and under I would imagine than above. Five is again: oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Now now now, as I saw him yet in the real touchy here now, but you look, I don't mean that this out there about you too, but cheer you're a little bit out at high. It's been twenty years since I figured out how to get in deciding where I got my Taft heartily paper. In all the info you re still want to you
when you are auditioning for one line and two lines step that was a long time ago for the both of you by the wind. Never even did that audition for commercials for ten years, and then I went from punk. So without a panel I never like Winton did little rolls on tv shows yeah. So I actually miss the whole under five round that you would normally go through right as your building. They went no work ever Pont than without a paddle, exactly yeah meantime about it right so in that so surely was on an episode of, and he really liked me and then so. He just offered me that all eyes, and then I went away almost immediately after in film without patent God carry out gotta well yeah, so So again, so you're a little lot of that's fine and congrats.
Yeah, you don't wanna call someone in extra when they're, not one right. They really do what, if someone really was just an extra than they had been around in some scenes, and they said noticing I hate that guy's charismatic. Let's give him a line, that's also a great story. Oh it's there's! No! Shame in that version out our. I wait a wonderful story, but then there not an extra anymore will soon as they have the lying correct. But I just think that debate here is that Christian believes he had a regionally been hired as background them and gave him a line, and he say no. He addition to always be. Someone else can speak, which has great because your stories are good. Don't addition to be an extra, you do not be do not Anyway, ok speaking of live shows me, we weren't what you said earlier, that we would measure my height of alive. Show Oh ah ha Ryan said that we should have a t shirt gun,
lime. Show- and we should we a hundred percent yet, and we should shootout arm chairs, swag, exactly rob start order and yet again a thousand dollars, but I can't think of a better way to spend two grand. What's a Marsh Robertson, Mass or release need to look into rentals. When we arrive places money is, no option, how many more money is no object. We have we haven't inside joke about money. Is it the perfect ten and Ryan handsomely argued for a month about whether the expression was money is no option or money is no object, our at their debates, her the first,
these things. In the light of this, I was into six year old, stroll figure something out their boat bright guys. Yet when they debate each other, neither configure up or down. Ok, so howled was Taylor Lautner in twilight. You said sixteen or seventeen and he was sixteen and you are saying that moms like them in your friend like that dear, oh, ok, so how many people were Ryan and Amy's wedding? He says six fifty and she says five hundred, So I called a me and she said that from harm memory they invited seven hundred and five hundred. That would be my high school in a hundred people
royal wedding, she sat in five hundred came and then she asked her mom, but your thought was very thorough and her mom said they bought five hundred white chairs that they knew they could use and run down. So she said it's good proof that there was five fifty cause. They were all full and then there is a little more Standing Room only here. So why would a successful when I now am? I wondered how glad I wouldn't five hundred fifty people never come. No, my when no me there and I'm on television now I'm most curious about what the take was like you may added up. The money people gave them. I wonder how much they walked with good class. Thousands of dollars, even if each guess only gave them ten bucks. That's five thousand dollars weeks, they probably hundred while these are alike, high, schoolers wireless, much safer, shitting gig ease that it was a hundred now you're Talkin, fifty grand they walked with,
yeah, maybe this whole thing was a money making scheme, that's good money making scheme. I do that await scheme guys, because also your parents are paying their footing the bill for this last year. Just interested positive net, positive broadband wow by yourself, thirty ones thousand square for at home with a million dollar shark jar tank. Oh yeah! Ok, so you didn't know person EC son, wherein we wondered, if maybe they didn't have any in Michigan, but there are a lot of Pacific suddenly stores in Michigan. Wow I recognise its now. Maybe they weren't then there's no way for me to know that, but Now, if you wanna go to a pack son in Michigan, even go to Ann Arbor, Graham Rapid Sterling hides no, we Navarre old, interesting story about Nova. Ok, look at the word Novi Annex v. I yes and you know it.
No vi, because there was a train station in no VI back in the day, and it was the sixth station when leaving Detroit so's Oh v, I romanian Roma, Numeral V, I it was. It was stopped number six. Over numbers, sags interested that a great little bit of history Nobody Michigan! I like that Canada is from Nova Michigan. We owe where it's kind of similar to dumbo tell me about them. DUMBO in New York is or not the elephant from the cartoon. Now I'm sorry in New York is down
under Manhattan? Bridge overpass? Oh, it's a store, no demos, an area, oh ok, great yeah! It's an area, its location. How embarrassing cosmopolitan and Hip Toby's now Obama right about exactly what those letters stem foreboded, something like that, like I like it. Ok, so Grand Rapids Sterling I'd know via Granville Byron, Centre, Auburn Hills and Troy or worked in Troy. Lots of them show basketball games in the palace of Ozone hills its worthy bestows played. Do you get a lot in the stouter when I read all those absolutely here that you, man, arbours private hippies town in Michigan, swear Anna, I'm sorry! It's where you of em is named Grand Rapids, which is the biggest
in Michigan. I would had always been to try, but they fell under a million a long time ago and I believe Grand Rapids either a tamilian or above its the biggest city, and they do a lot of product testing in Grand rapids. That was where you could go and get that clear. Pepsi it didn't work out all cool dna tests, ship that I am against Pepsi cause I'm from Atlanta, so I'm a coke girl them Excelsior, Google yeah exactly in the boys, are gonna go not back couple oppose them. Ok was aiming at the hockey game. Review increased in really met kindled. Yes, yes, she was, and she was pretty offended that nobody remembered a whole boy was everyone. Can I had my hands for my hands, for she actually said always find that you didn't but rights and by the way Ryan thought she was so everyone's doing. Ok,
yeah. I was like trying to land at check. I was busy any dead. Yours said. Give I owe to spend all bunch a time like chicken with Amy. Maybe we're all not sitting here. Pasture sir aims yeah, because also, if you saw Amy, you might have started asking her for a calm gum could have happened. Is you love? She was only twenty two at the time. Twenty three pretty soon means of ever seeing yeah yeah yeah, so as in as nice as the day is long shape very eyes, but then Ryan. When a soft me from behind and is pink outfit and is forming go out there. Ok, so we talk a little bit about your growth. Yeah. I, like other. We started this part with this fact checked by the constraining. All my how you haven't really grown all that money. That's right, I'm a bit! That's not true! You have, but I think it's wonderful new should be proud of yourself. Thank you, be in one of the stories is that you,
who would kick people out of your see Christians house? Yours is our after we talked about it. I came to the conclusion that this is a male dominance thing because, as we all want to dinner after this episode- and it was a bunch of our friends, girls and Guys- and I was asking the girls. Does anyone have a seat at the table, but there is that they feel ownership ownership over exactly and now the women did and a lot of the guys were alike. Yeah they at least racking. They recognise that feeling embed instinct, and women are just way more flexible. No more. Territorial, I guess yeah, but I want to add to this came so when he told that story. I didn't remember it, but it also sounded in keeping with who I was eleven years
But there is a much much bigger piece of the puzzle that woman went out to dinner. It was revealed some others only. I know that story. It was Chris LAW, that's what you told to get out of the seat. I once I heard it was Chris LAW like. Oh it's a hundred percent true, I definitely did that. I don't No, that I would have done it to someone else, but Chris LAW, who was on Veronica Mars, whose wanna Christians friends was very cute. He was very young and he was very travelling every five days without any plan an inviting other friends- and I think I had in my head- some insecurity about being older than everyone in this guy kind are represented. Everything that I was nervous. Kristen would be I had wanted and was settling for this older man me gotta, so I think he was very threatening yeah. So that's me.
I cite industry and the laws also a button pusher, so he recognised that I was agitated by M at times and he liked to put so I dont think for a second that he wasn't intentional about sitting in that seek to begin with an eye. One hundred percent, that I definitely would have had a showdown what Griswold the type now level my own having those fears can as interest. He also was laws like oh yeah definitely happened, but I am, but I think he would have done out with other people and ice I even have seen it recently in my house in your heart, you ass. I have a seat in my hands. I dont have a seat in my house, but you have to see to my house. I can tell you where your seat is and what people sitting your seat like a random people, go watch tv with us at night. Air in some it's in your seat. I go oh Monica says there. I do that for you, you don't need to and because That's your spot. It's ok that you have a spot in the other. People will be fine somewhere else, no known
I ain't all agree. I think it look at sweet that you do that, but not so with the facts. You prefer that bought, and we know you do because you sit in exact same spot every single, perhaps because they have nothing to do with the spot and ensure the good spot that thing you have your spot. That's that's right! That's very! In no one's messing with that spam is right. Next to the anti born. I always have about sixteen drinks going. Yeah working flat, water, bubbly water, some kind of like healthy shake. You know some athletic greens shit fixes impair that's right in dumb and I bought that end table and that couch in its my house. So I do feel entitled to sit in that seat. Announcing that makes me a bad person doesn't make you about. Person now. If I go to Ryan's AUS, it's his house, I dont want to sit in his see. I want him to sit in the cap birdseed it's his. How does it mean to be a cat bird and doesn't need to be someone's above? Someone owns the couch someone's. This is ever
I was just there. You should include the communist, try sure, maybe I'm sure that's fine to me. The idle I dont have is that different that when you get in someone's car, the guy who owns the car, the woman who owns the car drives the cards her fucking car? I be perfectly fine with someone. Lawson driving my car, having me swell I go about their. I don't have that about items rate. I dont want some advice my kind and earlier at all in that and if I go in someone else's car, I acknowledge its their car and I'm I'm relegated to the passengers. Also, you know that's not the same thing, because it is identical to me no its, not because a courier protective of new might come on my crash it or something there is that there is a high
risk and I was there. I bought it so I'm entitled to drive at I paid for it saw known who gets to drive it. That's what it is in my mind. I just I just think it a waste of energy to be super concerned with who is it most Who is sitting where I mean look, some spots are better than others or you can like a put your feet out. That's nice! I understand that, but if someone's in my spy, the idea of of saying oh actually that's mice, by can you move universally the nicest way of saying it and you would never do have- are never any me and my house till you're the choice I have to make, because if I have to sit in the middle of the couch with no end table and I've got a somehow juggle my foot I've drinks. I will not enjoy watching tv, so in that case, from deciding like, I just thought. I'd rather not have to be awkward and confront someone about it.
If I accept that and I'm not inviting anyone over to watch tv cause, I'm not gonna, enjoy watching tv holding on five drinks. I do so then, won't have any one over. So for me, the choice is really like. I'm just about where I want to set and then I m many people over. Otherwise, it is gonna, be me so that I don't have to deal with that. I think I value the company over the dregs ranks issue in a hare. I'd rather have people in my life sitting on the couch with me that I, like then, being able to being by myself and being able to reach a drink and priority to hell. Yeah building sound, pretty happy about that, and then also I know what it's like going to a house and feeling like idle know what to do here. Where to sit. I dont know what I'm gonna run a mess something up, and I don't like that in the
all than the let's be very clear. I am. I am the person that you come in. My house, I might go, take a bath go through all the cupboards make whatever you want used the grail go into the grudge, get whatever toys out you want for the kids. It's not like in any way. My house is your on eggshells, but I do sit in a certain seat when I watch tv yeah and the only person has the right to tell me to get out of that. Seed is christian names. She wants to do that, then I'll. Give it up to her she's also paid for the couch. Does high duration effect.
Actions, the more hydrate your body is the higher volume of blood cells and plasma and the more efficiently blood can flow through your veins and arteries, a low volume of red blood cells and plasma can lead to erect how dysfunction, because subpoenas cannot get enough oxygen and nutrient wench blood to maintain an erection. Second, one fluid levels in your body follow your body starts, creating a hormone called an GEO ten sin and GEO Tenzin this hormone causes blood vessels to constrict or taken. This can lead to an increase in blood pressure and prevent adequate blood flowed through the body. This includes blood flow to the penis, wash its hands like there is a scientific basis for this year. Problem, Rhine and I were experiencing yes, that's true max flash the city label at that maximum philosophy. Great well suited to be facility. Flowers are probably that facility.
We want a penis to be plump when the time calls for its they hydrated. That's the take six seven drinks put him next to your favorite place, to watch tv and get hydrated any mere. Exactly oh, we talk a lot about the harder I kept eggs ran worked there fired and I just wanted to add it and get to add a nap said that is to collect target Cathay, T shirts, and how did you have I wish I really knew I don't know a lot by at least twenty Erika due to research by people collect stuff. Ok! Well, I was just about to say I used to love collecting. I really liked a collection and the deaf Yes, some psychological thing you are doing is like almost version of OECD. Real control is air, its controlling there's, something adjacent to controlling, there's something in your life that you want that you
can't have no the search of collecting and getting stuff feels really good here of a gathering. Yak Elsie is to collect, got milk adds, as you know, or yes. Yes, what was celebrities, obviously in yourselves, express that that's the each that shopping scratches for you absolutely out is that when you are feeling the lack of control above your life and environment, we'll get into her a sharp over at Americana, not America, the grown. Will they have a grove in the American as a grove right same company company, but not the same? Ok different experience, you'll get yourself in one of those shops and you'll just start pop in that credit card. Now: ok, ok, I know how to generate armaments and staff, and then is your walk me, your car with many many bags. You feel better. Now an alarm put out there. I d I'm now overspent
Well, what was the bath man? I was really concerned about. By a private or how much money. But I don't owe verse spanned I don't spend more than I have ok, you're still responsible is anyone who has got a five or know about man here be labelled response about some five hundred dollars is like thirty? No, I would never have been worried about a thirty Ehler bath man. That sounds. I saw you mother, throw pillows I, which were those I didn't at that meeting, get em, but how much, whether they were five hundred now grant yeah you're circling the Ceta throw pillows and I was very concerned there were five hundred dollars apiece. I did not get them. Other was back at that store last weekend and there is a new one. And it was three hundred and I held it for about three minutes, and I thought I could buy this if I want it is only through.
A hundred now her four zero offers a good deal, forty percent off and dig I kind of legs sassy about it like I can really by this. If I want you are you are you with your parents, in your with you arrive then I didn't I get it. I didn't get it you don't get it do you feel good about my giving their bad. I feel good about it. Ok, here it would swamis. I would by you that pillow I wouldn't have, and I would now ask you to buy yourself a pill. Now I want you to buy me there and I guess we're not getting this period. I guess not, cannot stay after all right, that's it love you! I love you than a low rain handsome meat, and I love you arm cherries you to night
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