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2019-12-02 | 🔗

Sam Elliott (Mask, The Big Lebowski, Road House, A Star is Born, The Ranch) is an American actor. Sam sits down with the Armchair Expert to talk about fighting fires in Malibu, having a crush on his now wife and his introduction into the business. Dax reveals that his mom is in love with Sam and Sam discusses the evolution of A Star Is Born. The two talk about Sam's mixed messages persona, his draw to Westerns and the changes in the industry.

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Were unwelcome welcomed, arm, chair expert, I Monica Patman product Shepherd Bow. Where would be beautiful man on today, beautiful beautiful man, SAM Elliot yeah, my mother Number one crash of all tie yeah she so cute. When she talks about. Oh she, some SAM Amelia? Who doesn't I love some SAM Elliot? I think I fell in love with him as a boy in mask and then parlay that into roadhouse. Where he's one of the cheeks. Well, no, that's not his, but she gets under our budget or a number of years, gratuitous mail, but cheeks about found butter. But SAM is just one of those legendary all time bad asses silver scream. I came to know I'm on the ranch which is on Netflix. Currently we another ten common anshar such a privilege to sit and talk to SAM, such a sweet person and very Ben apart of so many different iterations.
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It was me, that's my arm idle, a friend of mine, Charlie Curtis, who owns across Fit Jim book. It looks like you a lot better than they have ever said to have those Eartha Charlie's gap, probably thirty pounds, a muscle on me. Ok, I want to start by and from the second we start working together. I thought I would love to get him on the packet but you live in Malibu. I know I'm not gonna, be a pain in the ass NGO. Come do my silly show my attic but luckily, Netflix was like hey about a review and salmon? I said a few ask em all I'll be there party. They have notion their job. Here I was like all of them for their sort of he's into it than great leave Malibu it's it's nice. They're right, it's it's heavens,
Do you want to leave? We've been out there for like forty years through all the shit. You know the fires, the floods, old Malibu, getting pushed out by Nouveau Malibu and we're not finding as much fun as we used to all really we're. Looking north. We have a place up in Oregon and I think ultimately, if we live long enough, Are you earlier? You are now when the fires came last year, you stayed with these data, thought now I would advise of origin the man and didn't resign, you at work or Zaire to miss a couple days. Work is literally out their battling to fire at some point. Like the news. Was there and there's a is, there's a picture of you on your house right,
firehouse environment. The fire department came in about twenty minutes. Effort went over the top a worse and I came over, but our applause, because the house behind us was fully involved all railway and age gusher. It was a strike team Arab, wait when Amy, ok, the military base they will base areas, have not begun an appreciation of the belarussian House on fire, so they came through our place: oh and while I was urged ass, a man we take a patient, completing ended up online. What is where the body would take ends up online and you're stoked about it, but I got to say of all the photos of battling a fire, I'm kind of into that, but go ahead and put that out there. It was cool but a wooden barely know is leaning rig during a burn out property in Germany or she d The year we met. Actually she looting.
Double were Dreader Vienna ratio, oh, while of families, to applaud the furrows, always had a big stick. Navajo rugs collected men given minimum prices I've gotta with animals sheep with three horse observed the time your dogs lost one cat when we re now when I last millennium or in this of tales into one of my questions. I asked you a concept which is you ve, been in really good shape for really long time almost impossible to stay in your shape and I was like what he air routine, what your die nigger I do the artwork the truth. Elucidatory just yard work too hard work.
I ran around for red ribbon. Highschool ran college ran after, but my needs in one hippos now told Minister donor I think a lot of people would have the same. Curiosity that I did when I met you, which is, I guess I probably assumed you are from Texas or somewhere, and then I can to find out that you grew up in Sacramento from zero to thirteen. Right, then you went up to port one grows. Fifty in their report, nourished arose. Gloom Portland. Yes, your dad was a predator. Control they're right for the Department of the Interior. What the fuck is that you a Fisher whirl of truth. They grew up in Texas. Oh my family, El Paso, which I just came back from Mexico. Learned, shooting, ah worth looking at? Where were you working. There were film festival. Actually bread build Bush older
a gun there. Last year with big foot, the man who killed Hitler- oh yeah, big foot, potentially the best title of Amelia time. And now they asked us to come back this year and they scream Butch Cassidy, and it was because it was a 50th anniversary haha. Then this green, this terrible fucking movie that Catherine in the middle on cuz it legacy. It was like a gothic Maybe it was most embarrassing, really fucker awful, I mean look awful so over the top. How good I too easily do that at least a couple times in your life was in this plenary. Did that and frogs than those too, but you take something like that right and then, if you evaluate it in the sense of your career may reeling, but when
look at your life in the import. The real importance like you meet Catherine there was. There was a leg issue right, so those original in bitter goes you oh, you did specifically to be with her and never matter before ashore coming and going on Butch casually. There was a conference for factual, amended the part in it, which never Jerome Kurt Michel, Rwanda, war, yeah, but Cassidy is her kind of break out thing in your their orchard, come in and go on, and that's why I want to be in love. Nineteen seventy that's kind of a dog we'll see you you liked her, then you liked her right out of the gates, for, though towers her long time before the ah ha that was after we all actor yea hard not I owe my generation worker Here's a real testament to Catherine is that, as you know, we ve
I'm through in real life. My mother's number, one heartthrob issue. She I mean she was speechless, SAM's presence which I've never witnessed so exciting Jews giddy, like a girl, Boomer Moon and the best. This is a testament to catherine- is what does she loves you? She was like I'm so glad he's with Catherine the girl. Could she loved Catherine that much as well and she thought if I have to lose him to a woman. This is the one I would pick does allow when you love a man but you're happy to see him with another woman says a lot about that woman. I brought her to set over member rigorously and she came back. I see you Reggie check in front of an audience yeah so dad now a predator controller does mean he's like monitoring, cougars and stuff in misery, kill em, they're killing.
Cougar. There were those guys that my dad was an eagle scout. He took it all very seriously and I think those eagle scouts or scouts forever, particularly my dad. I was in the scouts the boy scouts for a while, and I was in the explorers for a while, but I didn't take to it and I think it can. Justified him right that he grew up in El Paso, hear my mom, both graduated from El Paso High and then they've been generations on both sides. Protecting my mom said, and my dad was just bitten by being outdoors and it got this job, for the fish were lecturers and my mom was going to school at the time. She graduated from university attaches little Paso the night of her graduation. You married this guy, oh no kidding and moved to Marfa Text.
Which today is cool yet his second our place or some very or already now in this beautiful country, but for a woman to graduate from college and then move to Fuckin Marfa. The middle of the desert, FUCK will allay my Mama regard over interim were really getting my mom, similar thing where she graduated high school pregnant with my brother. Do yeah she's like oh shit, I guess now I'm on this. Trajectory earnest were my mom went through. Women did not Laos and Vietnam always a crack earthly. This latter should go in for well in Sacramento. She was a school teacher and she was a little too true. Portland, though important idea,
ok, so she was a woman. She was a diving champion. A Texas diving champion. First life burden, El Paso taxes, real. I shall do my dead men at this Bush Go Washington Park, wishers big Outdoor General Lake, Sledge pool their both live birds, yeah, it's good unmeaning swimwear the issue check it out now, I'm just thinking of it, because your mom obviously was like she had gumption she had dreams was competitive. She had all these things. I often feel very grateful that I have the mom. I have because she's a girl. She is of fuckin workhorse days ago, gator and so I wanted a woman like that. So I found one like that Christian I feel very grateful that that was the model I had. That's the woman's love I wanted, and then I had to go find when those who get spoiled by mom yeah. I think I did too
Catherine, very much liked by momentum with also think my dear what I really love, Catherine, because of who she is no yeah. Well, he married higher crackers only Muslim whenever they tortured, What about that? We never really talked about a lot of shit and then my dad died when he was fifty four. I was off at college in a bar, I was drunk in a bar the night. I did bad there's a scene in a ranch in which I'm chilling Kutcher about my dad having a heart attack when he was out in the field and I'd left him there as we'd had some beef and I went into town, got drunk back there's been made a firm planet Jean yeah. Now you went to university of organ right. You're, therefore amend in Asia. Two minutes I was started, there went away,
and graduated from the Jc in Vancouver Washington Clark College, and then I went back there and it was when I was back there than that I have illusions: arose grow, run the hurdles for Bill Barrowman. Back in the day, I was my avail, Oh that's why you were there. That's were with her Bill Barman related to the Nike thing. Somehow Bilbo Urban is that he is now he's a guy who invented the waffle shoe at university organ. So you knew him. Oh no kidding I knew more in high school. Actually, state finals We went to the state burns. Three terms arose in high school, Burma was always there check out the goods for the younger kids smell, like you, come down to run. For me, that's why I went down her. When did you run? Universal Organ train more than around a hawk competed once ok drained alone
Then you went there in new major din in English and psychology originally, but then, gonna discover Acting Clark is, moreover, you always gonna be an actress into those in Turkey who really do anew neighbourhood theatre. Sorry man is nine years old, who I wanna do the it's. Just that about Gorner, no movie theater in a dark gettin transported it's a very romantic yeah but your dad, obviously what he would. He was very pragmatic right. So he would only goes right were her room till my mom Urim Wonderingly a chance that the classic the kids get a snowball chance in Hell heads we haven't a career and I forgot to tell lies It adds that due to my mom heard, so, did you not perfect like I'm Goin now lay and all that while he was alive, I guess what
wondering is when he died. I think you're always knew that was serious about it, which really were given fits. You want me to go to college and, as probably going to college and not gone south high school. I think part of the reason that he wanted those because his world. He saw these guys coming out of college and had it with he referred to the sheepskin, get no jobs away from the guys. Had been working oil and that was cool. I understood the but the other thing that is, they had the sheepskin, but they didn't a ship that in every field experience deserve the job those gonna work. Yet a paradise. He wants you to be the guy. He resents basically yeah so when he died is I'm sure Saturday Where did it also liberate you to just go? Are I will now? I have no there's no barrier at all
or you can you're gonna. Do it anyway now knows gonna do anyway write a letter. School right after he died, The term I lived and probably it was dead and probably graduate over, like general to term shorter, graduating neighbour. Due to their will Vienna back up there, maybe you could swim through their journey. Hide the view that more later school last my two ass man in my students standing and I knew I was gonna get drafted though- and I saw the recruiters wanted army and Navy in the marine corps. Are males going to join the army, and I had all the ship that you get from recruiters on the kitchen table. I remember going in there one more. My mom had tears in her eyes. She is she's not like bawling her and anxious like fucking, not feeling good about it. She said, please don't random, I urge new,
commander of the AIR National Guard base their in Portland, but join no national guard, now, when you were gonna join before mom was upset, were you joining us The organ I got to join a version of this where I don't end up in Vietnam, or were you at that point? You wanted to go to Vietnam smell, like a water to go, or just one of those fulfill my obligation right. I feel clear, headed obligation to my dad. Gonna military, bad news from playing ball I know that about him. He always gonna feel better. Now Can I ask you a question? It probably will be annoying because it's basically I'm asking you to put yourself into the box. Is that exist today, and I know they didn't then, but when I met you at the ranch, when first things I thought was God this guy is so kind,
in affectionate in loving and we'll talk about feelings, and all these things are certainly not the image I grew up with knowing you from television- and I thought oh, this is kind of cool he's, always played a cowboy in a rough neck in a marble man, but I have a feeling he's he's at least fifty percent hippy. Yeah. It was kind of a fun revelation for me, so back then Would you say you were in either camper your really in either camp or were you I'm not neither camp today, no further camp. So when the air Guard right, but didn't somalian up in California, they're gonna be transferred. Banners Russia was part of that same was the one forty six, their national guard. It was like a support. All really
the whole world man? How long were you in the air Guard six years? Is the obligation oh no kidding, and then so we would like the daily Why would you have to go in the weekends? Ribs wants a once among weekend a month and two weeks every summer, so in a way that a pretty can be you don't get you divan eyes right. You got a job you gotta job used to wear, assured haired wig, already However, my long, I'm the once a month and a half ago there, the Bauer whose name is open it was a sergeant in he was a hurdles because I work I'm gonna work ethic and that at suddenly my dad gave and I go out there on the weekends, chagos roared fucking around in our own,
my nose to some stone somewhere and because of that, this girl at misled on wearing assure headway in the late sixties, what is the path for someone who arrives and allay? Like you know, I found a common theater and then slowly down agent, olive oil is the path and I had a connection before even live Portland. It's a really weird thing. After fifty years of doing this, I can kind of draw a line where everything is connected, somehow throughout the career in one way or another. There was a couple that lives next door and they had a daughter. Who ended up marrying this ad assistant director, the couple cans of town- and he just gotten off of a film with Richard, Brooks called the professionals and they said, there's his kid next to her anything, she wants to be an actor with. You know,
Anyway, we bullshitting talked about billions in that line. They become Billig comes a sweet. Little did you fuck? You know I was gonna, take him up like a cruel acceptance of a cat your invitation, when I saw him, and I ended up working as a day, labour and construction visits at the time- and I am doing some concrete. At his house in the painting, the inside of his Fucking House, one will open a ladder, a ruling of the sea readily entryway guy, comes yellow skin. We're gonna shoot was a guy named Bob Thompson was casting a universal and he took a shine to me. So I go and hang out and arms and offers a good offer. My construction job in a girl like daily and address Listen, do his flowing through people
I'm gonna go and talk to him about the game turned out to be a very close friend, but he shook me my first Asian begun it Dick Batman. First interview that day, best friend sent me on was to meet a woman named Lillian Gallo who's. Also to see his two was at fox, and I ended up auditioning for that contract program. That's what got me in so you would you and what you do like a monologue or some scenes for these people, and they were basically based on that they go you're under contract wearing a view of some weekly. Was it a weekly eighty five dollars a week a week and I span. Eighty five dollars a month for a little bachelor apartment, read out of the back, get fucked, Ok, look sweeter yeah, so your underground reckon they desiccation only cause. I hate come here. Rarely rarely the Universal Programme, the user, kids, Universal Loser contract bears a love intel.
Asian want. You know. I want somebody get into a film, but the thing it Box was based on boyfriends, girl, brands and nepotism. Nobody was taken various areas and then your now exclude. Right from working with universal or by the low new along the way, but they would they were lowered loan. You never get Lobo, ok, I found out how to make it work in it. I did love episodic. You and I were sir I found a worthy script come first, befriended is too bealls in the legal department and they said anytime, you want to come in and look at the scripts come on AL really. I did so, and I'm in the legal department gets a script before the casting people go I'll ride or go through. For these little departure couple Blantyre and earn go down there Spain goes in and say: hey they're, just pardon number such and such common up. They beckoned come reed and we did you.
Feel at that time. What what do you like? Two thousand three hundred and twenty four? Something? Do you feel like I'm killing it? I'm under contract now just felt like I was. I was making a living as an actor that's gotta be a really good feeling. Belgium, credible yeah approval, so you're a very natural fit to be in westerns, new Did you think, like? Oh, that's, probably whirl and upward that come as a surprise, the Arrow affinity form a killer Something about, moreover, spoke to me. An hour. She loved the western films alleged John Ford moving huge for me, but I think the fact that my folks open taxes and no is around, goes on ranchers Jesse. A kind of a natural thing. Somehow I knew you would land in that lane a bit or the that would be something you'd be good at. Did you have at that time, or my case? You know I don't Nicholas K, don't know who is looking up to.
Reynolds, I thought was the king, like we did your hamper with my mail Gary Cooper like. Roger skills as western, but I thought, opposition about Cooper, A man like you seem like a decent Gerda. Many identify, Will it took me a long time to get think we're again. Even go and do the and some natural level. What were you, hurdles was just consciousness think so I think so well and you need brown This is kind of you can underestimate the sharing of being an email do anything could emerge. It's never been about the money doors been about the work, but that shit I would. I would do anything in the beginning right, you gotta do it. We ve got Do it yeah Joe you learn yet kind of maybe perception that, like actors are like
through many great offers and then they're going to have their only picking ET and whatever else in sight. And then the know you need to get out there and say some words in front of a camera. So that really matter, if that's in a diarrhea, commercial or whatever the fuck, it is used to show up on the job right. Earlier ruin term gotta hit us, it was Toyota, You probably were even born. How dare, in the brain beginning bear these costs Oceans, Vittorio too do the sales pitch in the end neighbors for toilet trucks or some one of those little tiny trajectory remain a beginning. At the inn, discuss would jump up and in the air. I totally remember it. Yet they go like this. You yeah, but up off the ground. A hot yeah then do anyway
Yes, yes, yes, like they just one the Westminster dog show you re. It was really late phrase frame on them higher than they were roughly dress, lumberjacks right yeah what they were doing Bavarian lumbered women- and this is, I think, when it is really the first time we know is I'd gone in, and I read for this thing and get a call back in a red for the dirt. Actor in any one minute jump open air. She would see what it looked like when I jumped up. I was, I was nicety, really gonna. Do this again, you guys are going to do this in his speech. Two or three. Mass, For me, I don't think have a convincing jump in me, Sir loved, to give that no hair other great
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black Friday Cyber Monday, you can still use the promo code arm, chair at Brooklyn and dot com for ten percent off an free shipping, anytime, Brooklyn and everything you need to live your most comfortable, your big break out right unless I'm wrong. Gregg me is the lifeguard that go so you're the lead of that movie. Nineteen, seventy eight every four or seventy four. It's like asleep hit re normally Caesar coming, but its it did will remain a made some money, but there was a time. I've also. Suffered from being opinionated At the same time, a very honest and honest an opinion is really a shitty gum. Patient. If you're trying to sweet talk tumbling into higher in further yeah. I think I
proper Lou over the years. This guy's trouble. You know a reputation because of scrip doctrine and just honest with people when we did Lifeguard Ganem Dan, Peter directed and empty, drew a brilliant director and equal a wonderful man- and we all looked at this thing- is like a coming of age, kind of story for Catholic Quinlan, who was her first film, and it was about some guy that wasn't it it should come to his peer pressure and get off the beach where's the sequence in there were. He goes to his by school reunion fifteen year reunion in everybody's, like amazed that you're still of fuckin lifeguard right- and I had this friend that worked at a car dealer- tried to get him to come down and work for the Kurds dealer
this was there was a lot more to them. They have campaigned in Vienna, the one she was an animal at one. She may, with two big busted girl either or a meal speedo across the Turbid ever girl, Shermer, Dream her fall again, reminding zoning for sure most is when you go promoting movie, unlike today, were everything's digital spent six weeks on road. For that film one town, one night, never turn next day promoting or six weeks. You travel these press, kids, and you ve got a shitload of photos by owes the whole thing when you in the town. We spent the next day dune interviews and invariably anybody that your interview ruin has seen the film and more the interviewer
Open with somebody's enemy is movie is anything like. I expected it to be right, based upon the one she yeah the stuff there Written and I'd say I know and then go on and talk about be honest in opinionated, in the prince. Aha, he wrote that shit bill my mom shaved, all that crap. My mind had like an archive on me: inflation when she died stirred gone through it, all that shit upon a burn pile I was, I couldn't believe how fucking stupid of us to paramount again because of that press to her, maybe coincidental, let her know now. Will you immediately aware of their reaction from Paramount? Was that in that you'd kind of burned a bridge? And you think to yourself, I gotta, I got a real the certainly I think, a new through wage and showed a couple dirty loaves. Still today both told me about
cool it alone that where were you indignant or were you embarrassed? I think I was ever indignant linkage for my game from her but embarrassed, and certainly to third was later on down the road, but I feel like I've always done when I wanted to do. Somehow in the end. You know after last year was stars born in the nomination and all that stuff and talking on the phone with Ronnie and really happy and really proud, and all that which meant more to me than anything been said about math time. Anything you do airway, ah ha now in retrospect, it all worked out. Clearly, right all worked out Norman here last year as over? but I am wondering cause. I worry too much
increasingly less. Thank God. I think kids helps with that butcher. The ride is so full of uncertain. In insecurity, and now that, like you, must be able to go like ok, it worked out do you wish? You can go back in time and tat the thirty year old on the shoulder Angola, ages, fuckin, don't work that shit! Stop wasting your time in your energy and even obsessing are worrying they have. A lot of things are drawn from him. Yeah about me, Life in general, when Catherine, I get there were both forties Clio came into the world. Parents are already have, were there right look I've been here edge, resume kids rather than by abandoning our yeah. Why were you always ladder me like this? You can cut off ten years with no, I had Lincoln at thirty eight and I had dealt at forty Will Thompson. If you're lucky enough to be seven, if you, by the way, if I may get seventy five, I would be delighted
see you at least help me to make it too much. On Friday, I will as yet two days away from your word there I see now interesting Lee. I kind of think it's it. I who knows, I don't know what the answer is, but I feel a little bit like it's an advantage for me to be older as a dad, because I think it is I'm I'm thinkin more from the kids perspective. Ah ha, you're, not as what energetic and out their most active what'll, I do Sometimes I have the police myself, I'm like. Oh I'm, I'm kind of dating like a grandad, does like I kind of sit in my lazy boy. Ottomans interact with my talk with them, but you know I certainly would be up more. Probably if I was in my twenties- and I think I was Jesus, their dad sits down the other thing and one of the big differences. If there's a lot of differences between you and me, my phone number, one of your intellect all bullshit knows that must be very true but you're, so full of life in Europe,
your talker and because your intellect here, oh, is interested in. Oh I'm, very quiet by nature miracle the round my family room. Anybody If I get into a situation like this in the economy, they're my way through no yeah. Do you think you're the main button improbably it's a mix, but do you think you were born as a quiet time, work. While it is coming out by myself. When I was a kid, I had a fork in the backyard that was your world been a lot of time there. Unanimity, brothers, sisters or sister, or you do a much older glinda. Five over it was our relationship was she kind to you and she were typical relationship? I think that should probably been better of Heaven, come alone here see and it made all of a sudden broker swamp memorials to you,
physically born in this second to last year of World WAR, two in wages and drastically differ, I think even My forty four years on my mama I've now lived through a lot aid operations of what culture says is clear: what societies what's acceptable, what a dad does, what a dad doesn't do out, You know it's been dramatic in my life and there was no cell phones. There was, you know, fuckin vcr, there's no cable all this stuff they came along and then I think about you and in you, you witnessed even workmen paradigm shifts believable from all. Surely we look at it, Sacramento, but I'd give him my bike. And right over the sacrament, a river five miles away and fish older bankers everywhere river, all day long by myself and come home before Dark Friday, get home before dark, church and
Really you do that anymore. You lived through all the civil rights stuff. You witnessed. All that first hand the quota thing too. Witness huge dumb, often regret that I didn't get on a bus and go down there for some of that. Back of that day, yeah, I can imagine having that. So you see these really kind of quantum leaps in culture and society. I do wonder cuz for me it feels really fast. Like I look at my own group, their stuff, I didn't nine years ago on tv- that, if idle did today, I would be gone, is completely acceptable nets in nine years to me really feels like its accelerating. But I wonder if you don't have that same point of view, because yes, the civil rights of two was really like a lights which wasn't it. It just was like we're talking about this now in things happened daily you're not only
but it's like again with assurances that when that happened, mill or what kind of a ship was yeah? No, I mean all of a sudden and other men. Paralyzes town. We should now have a much the direction. Our laws are bred direction. If we don't get ahold of real quick and we can- really it move fast in move fast, free earlier years, but think of the way thing is set up known in the speed that we're moving out right now, and it's not a good thing, in this whole warfare thing, that's not gonna go away because his fuckin big business de arms big the tyre biggest export really right. Yes, yes, It is on these girls all over the world and stepped back soon. Digging do with them we don't like what they're doing blow the shit out of them with our new. Or better shit so that we can then sell more. That yeah was
eyes an hour that warned of the military industrial, complex, blue, flew yeah. So too that such a bummer that that this isn't a new regulation that you and I have come to in this advocates like this- is something that's been warned for sixty you year, listen move! Now! Let me ask you this. Could you at least compared to me. Obviously there was there is tremendous divide during the Vietnam WAR. Was that divide that feel more or less than what we have today, Oh, I think it was more than they were before. Those men burden that war, and it happened on the Fucking NEWS every night. Previous guys, unloading. His body is back river and forgot, where the place where they bring those transport planes in and take those coffins off every night battle. Footage is a real thing. You know and we're girls like Mcnamara and all those girls trying to justify, there they were were when in this war,
well aware of that one man, it's a hard. For me to draw two hard line or not aware, because I met a lot of decorated soldiers. I meant a lot of guys that were just fucking in the ship that wouldn't serve time although the girls were wounded, no war about a lot of families of men? or those hard for me to talk to heavy against the cause although I think it was a lost cause, but it's hard to retreat from those friendships and Heather opinion at the same time, if that makes any sense Well, it does I've gone on to you are so tourist Afghanistan. I couldn't be more anti or, I think the whole things a fuckin racket. I cannot believe out or a hundred fifty thousand years on earth. This is still how're set. Started. It is maddening movement. Yet
I also recognise that the kids that are there are not a part of the machine deciding these things are not profiting from these laser folks. That are, you know their living inside of a fuckin mountain in Afghanistan. I want to go let them know I'm thinking about them. So for me I can be pro soldier and I can be anti mill. Harry, I think everybody on assure run some level serve. The country serve the greater good care. What it is. Yeah figure something out have everyone get a little skin in the game. Now, when and I told you the sunset when I two idolize, you was mask. I mean that Fuckin movie Gar from Mass hours like that's the dude, so I want to be. He rides, fuckin Harley, he's confident, appoint someone out bodies damn sweet to rocky. I mean the moment where you're, like rock, give me another beer out of the fridge Ngos in there in the tuxedos hang, and I mean what a guy in
with share your right and fuckin Harley, you look sweet, it is it was it was it fun credible? It was incredible. There was one of those there is gully yellow arose at the time and simple shepherd was gone with Peter, but none of it commercial one morning, I worship and make a trader, and she said I stuck in a tough Where were you last night with Peter yeah she's. Getting Do this thing: mass Guineas he's looking very Gary. Cooper, motorcycle, ah ha through your name manner, whatever she said, and I am thinking that then the red or that choosing pull my leg, one or the other. Cover our work properly, later a runaway getting married and I gotta go from ruin. My goon there I gotta get back to town and universal ones,
come in and meet with Peter and movies newer as running the man and woman honeymoon fucking fly home for romanian right. You got it. Man as well believe me: I can't make it ah burka ruminant or gather about sometime in it that evening later she went back up and called Meijer on the phone up it to Deskin, and I will be back at the meaning of, and she got me to go back to. Actors in relationship does not come without challenges because you both recognize you're, both fuckin obsessed with some silly thing, and you know it. You have some awareness that this person has a real big passion other than just you and what you just. Described his played out in our relationship several times where I basically go? They want me to do this. I said no and just her hearing that when I picked you over this thing, she, the Ngos, don't you dare you fucking, go
say yes to that end, she has done that. For me, countless times in its is simple little gesture, but We reminded, I would pick you over. This thing is a prerequisite for two actors to be together route for a long time delivery, and then you gotta indeed you had did you know, share beforehand, What I knew share was really love, sheer aha, which is also aware get married reiterated it, but loved her room afford. Never matter used to watch this I know that you share should work. My mom Mozilla is also important that time and then I came down, and one time I was in Vegas with militia were were stand at the flamingo and sunny and share replant back room in this place. I remember watching them through a curtain, one man,
Women sitting down at the table, owes like sneaking look through some curtain, but always rules a huge sheriff. And they have a opportunity. Work with it was incredible and on with Peter and Laszlo Kovacs was the dp, and you know it just was an incredible experience. Europe's door. What s mind boggling because he was already earlier earlier early early on in his game and in a way spent the four hours a day and a makeup chair, NATO. His meals through strong lush, how many pound loss was a summer time heart and wearing get up but he had never wants complain. Never lose was his bones to complain about anything mordern. I think I only want to lower floors first film to know a man should think she was like fifteen at the time and I'm just
such a heartbreaking wondering unreadable Peter gave me the best entrance earn a film ever dominant Harley. Oh yeah Did you ride prior to that? Or did you go? I started red and I did a pilot for a show called Evel Knievel of Yes years ago, and that was my first time on Harleys, but they were those big souped up brand new when she and I was riding on a drag strip most of the time over in Arizona somewhere first I will read nor I really enjoyed our you. Look. Cool salary couldna looked more relaxed on it now shortly thereafter you do and now I've heard you talk about this movie and again is as we're gonna go I'm sure you're idea of it is so much different. The mine but roadhouse comes about and when you originally read that what are your thoughts I remember reading it? I went back to Fox further meeting on the schedule sure at his office remembers,
thereafter. It read this group a minute enough on paper, boats, what I'm imagining this is pretty fuckin, mindless right right. No, none had not a very complex plot and though minutes it's like the ultimate male fantasy on some level, jar slick really weird. I remember going in and being a little bit, but I really want to get involved in this thing. Gun immorality, hearing to impose direct them, I don't know Rarely have had a lot of experience, went and sat in his office was Joe. I think rowdy was probably there as well. There really is a shudder. Venetian blinds like a big window with the nation blinds on. There were cracked open a little bit and Joe was patient back and forth. Fatima that's one of the things I love about- moving work, module, sure, oh yeah,
because he was a throwback. He was like fuckin old Hollywood little group how I invasion. Hollywood is allowed in huge Martin creative. Yeah, but skimmers in When I why you think I am right for this film issues, you get baggage man, he get baggage, I got a minute ago, could look at begged What do we got in there and just ended up in this incredible experience? You know sways he was fuckin, total southern gentlemen and swedish kid. He could be around and a crack athlete dance uranium is hits and he was a horseman. Oh, we connected really quickly
haha and had a lot of fun, and there was a guy named Benny, the jet Benny Yuquitas, as I am here to Pisco the jet center, which is a you know, boxing boxing, but it was more like kickboxing. I think he was like two or three times, kickboxing champion and he was the girl. We worked out with him. Every idea spoken out, will you you must have bonded over the work ethic, euins ways, one need only look at him to go or that motherfucker must really dedicate to shit yeah we're to redo. That's the part of being an actor. I guess that is really the thing to be envious of it is in fact the movie and all that stuff, but like how do you come together with these two? Ngos the relationship is yeah. You get to meet someone. You do this weird thing above learning, something together take what how who on earth? It's a do that now That time there were you at all, oh, how
being seen where my trying to get to does this thing? Take me back. Does this thing elevate me where you were you juggling? beverages. If you like something you like it hurt, and so is the pork okay. If I can identify with a fart and feel like I got something to bring to it, can't believe it haha. That's why I've always been like a weird sticker for dialogue. Can't believe them it's hard to transform and anything it's worth. Watchin work. Do I'm inherent collaborator at the helm to me the best rarely was rarely was a brilliant collaborator. You know that a man you know better than I do well better than I do. I know I'm well enough to love the guy beyond their own. Oh shit about it all you both have marveled at how sir, in This goes me knowing him for fourteen years. I, while you can saying who knew that
Our motion did, he know there is, or every almost every movie has come out o. My oh he's tour Thirty pounds a muscle now this neighbour? I know he can you do so? It's almost its fatigued with how impressive he is just like if he flies in the next course again with four guys musician, Aung San but a meeting with you right Joey, wonder at home, you into his house. This group, or I got over there in the part, was good, but I wasn't sure it wasn't sure because of sky was directed removed from the floor. Time char, though I went in there not knowin, thing about were, was gonna go other than I was excited have the meeting and in our region. Reconnected right away with an active on the dry. Were unaware of that house like that that brother things some click right away right the chemistry some I was there we got inside and had brought her bottle.
Fiber wine, with lack of guys gonna help very good now, somebody will enjoy sounder There's really early on into the gum relation. Is that when a place for you, he showed me Show me a piece of films that video Digital or whatever the hell. You call it shut the door on your phone of he and Gaga singing and that first meaning the head with her when he went to her home. While that was impression, they says, play some four year, canoe ear, there's gonna weird, but I want you to listen to apparently had been working with his voice. Go till. He worked with and he'd been listenin to a couple of interviews, and it was the thing that you played for me- was him doing me in. Interviews
Not only does it take us from my voice, but San shit. The bed said right at some point in time, right, Turner of Suited, Think you, MR will you read. It is gonna fuckin where there was a bit, many of them, but I think that I left their proper was gonna work. I and also thinking well, if he committed himself to my voice, observed my favorite. Ray arrive. Would that's what Tourism is, I can't imagine I can imagine going you know. I can't I want to use. Somalia is my norstar. I should if they want to be in the movie if he says yes I'll start working with a vehicle coach in output in that time. But to just do it all ahead of time huge gamble where that, obviously worked out, but I don't know something really cool about that. He had already done all bounds. I say what I think of it.
It's uncanny in you know, in fact I've never heard anyone do it was an ongoing bit on the ranch was that they would make people talk like you, but none of us could of the five people that had to do it. No one got within even forty percent of what you sound like Beverly low yeah, but is the minimum lost almost after their but at any rate It's really incredible how similar he is too. You were closed in that movie in There's one see one of the first arrest that what a fine man now strengthen vital looped I like that when I read your assertion and did foreign yeah when she gets out of the car and walked away she turned around. What are you gonna? Get you off the trailer tear textbook earlier. True, Rarely was incredible. Last thing
You said to me: I don't know, drive when we're leaving. You should just trust me man, you just trust me it'll, be happy to be glad. You did right, that's great. I know that he told us definitely the sampling could we ended up gone on a road and the lover gap and about the movie Turner, thing to me that made it magic was like a heat, though the characters, incredible that we know what need idea to use you as Canada a Norstar. We're really hit me was he would he mastered? Specially is being sober. Is the fuckin delay? He was like, was one point nine seconds behind and it was so consistent. He was just like a cat you're, not boa. If things were common Duma little lay in that to me was like rule. That was the one thing that made the performance in group. Some incredible grew in so also you you'd see in versions where he kept messing with it. An you'd, seen versions out we're fine and then-
saw ultimately saw the version. That is an incredible movie on all accounts and what's that like when you like China over there yet voted first hour, In short, I knew there was all there, but it was really a first assemblage Bradley Litter. On told me. I shouldn't even showed you that, but then I went back and I saw it again. We saw two brothers place and I took Catherine with me and we both walked out of here thinking what the fuck, what happened to the part in the part was gone. It was really about Steph in Bradley, primarily all the supporting Blair's had shut really badly so at that point I thought was a lot of fun doing it in a movie probably really good. The music was incredible yeah in that second, wish. I didn't really know what was go on and then we went up to Toronto and we screen it up there.
And I have seen it for quite some time but I'm going to screen as all the other people from Warner Roger and those people were brilliant, but I wouldn't prepared, Do this movie. I looked at my leisure, Stephanie blooming away Bradley blew me away. The music was fuckin unbelievable. This is the movie the camel and all the should know is back and forth a movie and it now the shit out of me way than then we had a q and eight do afterwards backstage. Do the curios up my audience, and I was really like- should early backing Ozma, Boo, hoo, but I was workin really really gotten out at first time they sing on stage together. I was chills everywhere, eyes, watering it they looked at me and she said you can Oh no, you can give me a big hug. You know what a big hug
the era Herbert Public more but rarely dune. He just never quit he never fucking quip he had everybody on his side, everybody trusted them. We've done the the last sequence, the bit in the driveway right. I was my last bit and I rapped on the show, and then he called me back two weeks later text me with text a lot. We didn't talk much on the phone sexual. Another development in your lifetime get his ideal, but you do in this. Last was definitely what is taken it really, I'll be there is originally that was gonna, be her dead and that was the dead. Was gonna talk to her about and the boy Andrews so fuckin good anyway decided that it should be the brother
go on end gone back here and do not let us at last. I think that we probably move they were seen in the movie. For me, in the doing over right, the shoelaces scrubbed bear totally blown away, and it was just it was just right there on her face and we just sat there on the couch and just like this man, yeah only Bradley was like where that trash can and sir across the room. The camera me right there behind, which are very close in such a gift heaters gave me such a gift. There gave the world give, the ads, it's fantastic, your brilliant! That's your First Academy award nomination. Now, how does it feel did did feel like you? Would would have guessed, it like? I was really weird because, while the Jeremy worries go honour that all things going on, we are still working on the ranch. An effect fire when over the top was burn. Two or three houses were at next
no Malibu shut down works in coming home I can do no more real fucking tuxedo trying to get my way back through Everyone is shirt from around the whole work and playing a girl of Warner. One loves posters come around long way Yang. Your fancy me an academy, ordination nominated, you're, not like August Obiang across and bear it was our group friend, exhausted and the rich times were. I felt like I was chasing. It didn't feel too good about the add you prior to that really wanted one, an error, brush my mind, interesting. Whenever there was a girl, an actor that I deserve. A good girl reward awry yell, I swear drank still not sure O. You definitely deserve that. Nomination is no question Europe.
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a charmed existence. You have to be aware of the fact that you have some something you have what you got. You got lucky right, I got lucky you. Ve got some safe, our echo the goose bumps Ba your super, respectful your super protective arranged to treat women, wrote another thing I gotta think from my there. You know You commit to someone pride or have the reason it took to your forty to do it, but you, there's a certain. You know. You're know have to say no a lot more than have to say. No, then a lot of people are gonna say now think earlier on problems. That was the case. Allow
and now you have misunderstood. The aisles now go back to winners revived and early rare, alleging that more formal, but it's a great fuel sources in it sure later that kind of it's weird, it's it's where someone is any time some young girl, crumbs Gaga. About my flow, mostly now it's in there used to be the women in general, about them manoeuvres about their mothers. Do you wanna do myself, although Muslims spring chicken, salad, silks runaway Andrew, she only She told me in the form. Last week she said, I pray for Catherine longevity, but just make sure salmon out as it always a backup plan and heard river. Marilla- enjoy in getting to grips no room there
good, all the time cuz, I don't feel like the old guy. You know what I mean and my body feels like it. My body feels really old, sharper, much scope for too many years, maybe just too much longevity around. Maybe that separates us been around too long, but you go hard to your work and hard on you now work in your fuckin. Driving, Catherine up door again road trip, sir, your maintaining these problems with too much loved to be in a position to discuss, work and endure to bed. Canada. Fruit should the labour so to speak, be out, one of the things I was impressed with by you are sometimes fear. I habit. Is you care a lot used Will care a lot. The ranch good. You asked me to do it. I love culture, absolutely
another part of my hands. I don't know multi camps it come I've, never done one of those that scary. I dont personally watch on multi cams. It comes also. I recognise that the show has of a right, leaning political agenda. I'm not right, leaning myself. I gotta kind of wrestle with that and think about. I'm learning how to act in front of the audience. You no real time with you. I think my first seen on the show was with you and all the. These things I could have gone into with either thinking I should be doing as blah blah blah blah outsell. Monica this the other day. Lo and behold, on a show that I underestimate our last episode of last year long ball. I bet that's The best thing I've ever done to warn of the aiming to gather your there and I'm really, I'm not being over overinflated this you being there is everything your commitment is: not u care so much that you're there. For me, it's not your scene and you're there. In your checking with me and you care, I can feel it and
I pray that I still will care. I think it's really admirable. It's really gracious of you. If you don't care and why bother What does reasons either you're bored or you don't know what else to do or you want the money? Something else, and you know it doesn't pay as well, though given the huge dirt nut. Karen, the nothing that's the end of the road and no cuz. You see it. You know, picture of by feel, like I got to see you and Kutcher become a fucking whore, really fucking, incredible actor. I mean he did some shit on that show that I'd never see M due before any such of powerhouse. Anyway, such a rich life, and so many other worlds, and it's almost like, as is the act in things- are sidelined nexus most mind boggling, what I've always said about him and again he he gave me my first chance nervousness blue and ten years of unemployment
that guy came in my life. So I forever be grateful him more sit in front of the house that I wouldn't be sit in front of without ashen. So in the thing I always told about people was I dont admirer people cause they're, good actors. This is not in me. I can appreciate it get champions. Acting up, Falkiner Wraye, that's another level I'll! Never get too. I see the brilliance that doesn't mean There's gonna be need to be some mouse. For me, too, like idolized, Seymour, look up to him are appreciated and culture. The one thing I saw Meetly as like this one, the fuck. Works hard. We dedicate, he is a work ethic unparalleled, nourishing buddy worker in so he has character. I look at him and I see some old character on I'm not even evaluating the other stuff, but yet he just an incredibly driven hard working considerate. Everything great guy to work with you want that motherfucker on your team
your new and anything that all seem on a Jew room from the top down was brilliant work with. So you have this, you must leave your career is just hard work, earnin stuff all that and yet you have also had this autumn lottery ticket in your back pocket, which is that fuckin voice. So just the voice everything. Is that not the greatest little party, your lunch and credible Drew moorish voice, overstep bill, picky about it and the reason is because my worst associate distinctive move ahead, while those voices it emerges sounds like that's right, rather than a b, easy to do a lot more than I do, but I'm happy. Over time you have represented almost every truck brandreth of solar retreat hours. I love you did dodge IBM Union, Pacific American Beef Council
how many hours of them forward and sharing to board and shabby forward was my first voice or you how many years, even course, renewed bunch alone, since eight off course was at the helm, PETE was run the truth, but the that's another thingabob working for like hers, so we're talking earlier about it's the people. You work with those people that company solid solid family, have you been? I have to imagine at this point. You ve been invited to their homer, mirror growler hole or you have a really I've seen him since early the campaign. But I have some immersion, covering the family, were first started: modish, nor the girl people there this well, this simple fact: There is still a family business almost possible the a family business going more than a generation route. Yeah
and, lastly, of all, the things where does being in Lebowski rank where does introduce in us to the dude that world, where does all that fall, is at fault You mention it again renewed. Given the run down are all great anonymous rigour, to the ranch in one and was the political built. Illegal ban, abode long way. For me right out: Gentler wrestled with weekly an example of that beyond which connects too little to the big labelling a little the basket actually further learn and less frequent, but too little I have noted a little about it. Every once in a while others, a picture of me a little shop online and its from the big Lebowski get nervous, looking right into the land
then whoever it is selected that photo to know and it's always about some right wing. Fuckin thing in a room right either they ve made you the poster pushed for Joe yeah. Well, that's all I can say is that the rosy that was kind of a little misleading or misleading there more. The center in I'm in alt centrist, is what I say it mean if you can't fucking sit down and talk to each other or reach across the aisle what the FUCK canoe server constituents. If you can, we talk about something as urban is gonna benefit by who actually groups in a legal base. It was only the two days or those that from today has never got off the bowling alley anyway, than this voice over further the long speech, a dance like
boys are sitting on. Brothers are sitting right there behind the bar right next to the lens, and I think I did it like. I don't know, I'd been about eight takes and I've given it my best. I pride myself with coming in, ready to work there s one thing about learned and I think that that's why thing that allowed me to get better and I had done set on that scene and I looked at these guys after about a text when I said you guys going to tell me what you want. I've been the best. I can do, and I think, Joe Litter Mansion border if a widower watching you do that burn. Fifteen takes gestures, are they can enjoy I similarly of drink few movies in the two times in my life, I forgot literally forgot to call cut, was one was with Bradley, I'm just
watching him on the monitor. Do this? normally scene and he's so in it and I'm watching it, and I totally forget I'm on a movie, sir. I think I'm just watching the movie and I well, I forget, they're just a moment where he's like out a stop this earlier than he was gonna, looks in the barrel. Oh Jesus, right right, right and then Jason Bateman to one time he just kind of started written and I was like Ya'Ll watches for two hours long. You on a girl, I get a front row seat to some. As good as you. I'm just gonna sit here want, so that's a great feeling getting sucked into someone like that happens occasionally to when you're acting with somebody and they make everything all aware. I asked the burst with hope, and it is it's a really you an airport or row up and left. Look, it's really Fun SAM. I just want to say that over the years have had the pleasure of meeting a ton of my heroes, law
folks. This business doesn't always promote panel this in some way fulfilment. It's kind of count. Intuitive it is, I think, a bit disappointed more than have been happy you over deliver. In every single way, just kind in generous and lovely, and I can adopt I like to do in the ranch lurid couple. I really just enjoyed that audience. Narrative but getting come into work, see you get a hug from you as like. This is a very special thing that I'm I'm present foreign. I'm grateful for black book yeah, It's been such a highlights of get to know. You don't want her to be here. Talk to you, I miss you. I miss you so proud of what you're doing. Thank you I'll, try I'll, try. We will get together and be ass. I'd love, I'd like to get out there to Malibu with the kids and let them come on rash. They did it. And Oregon Willie. I hope I see again soon. I appreciate you come out and he turned pale. Thank you.
And now my favorite part of the show the fact checked. With my soul. Maiden mama got bad men salmon the mother man, is that something now that some do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin, and the flame flam, often mail. You know the madman. He lives on Drury Lane. Drury Lane sounds very english. That's an english nursery. Then at least I think Drury Lane is an actual lane in his above. You are on think so. I'd love to live under a lame sounds jury. You would have major sad, their yeah cozier you're thinking, dreary, dreary, jury In fact, I would even think maybe an english persons accident would make it sound like Drury dreary out yet also sends a Jew, yeah juries, I would not like it. I mean to be Iser when really like it. There anyway causes very rainy and dreary booming
Yeah yeah, I'm England, town yeah, but it's a lovely too it is lovely I studied abroad there I loved it, but it was. How long were you in London tone flowers? stand on that line. Couple months problem maybe too, so we went to London. Would you build a navigate us around with ease way that long ago that I went I mean that was. I would have been two thousand an ok Maybe I'm wrong when this is some cocky, but I'm pretty sure, because I the Euro trip, when I was nineteen winter, bunch of cities and I'm pretty sure I could get from the train station everywhere. I went on but I've heard of Iraqi is cocky. He about a really long time ago, it was I have a good time. Five years ago, yeah twenties coming on twenty six years ago. I do it twenty six year reunion trip.
Well, I have a good sense of navigation, you do and I'm feeling very bullish. Now, if we, Women tested it a bit. It only be about fifty percent I think I could do it in seventy five percent of the places I went and about its really only fifty, but I bet it's fifty ok. Do you trust me now? Ok, creatures, we mammas walkin around all over the place. Looking first step waste. In our day I offered eggs only one way to find out well in twenty six universal, Europe is by the way, I just tell you want funny things. My brother just turn. Fifty a love, em David, happy birthday, David free because these five years older than me. So I know what right around me and so we're taxing about it, and we were recalling my father's fiftieth birthday party and I'm too From my point of view, We were sending him away like that party. What is it daddy hardy? Yes, it was
it was like almost a retirement party or so old. To me, at twenty six, whatever the hell I was when he turned fifty aha and we're both GIS kind of remembering how old we thought he was when he turned fifty, and we had this big party with pictures of him everywhere like he was going to pass and now that I'm here, that's very young. A lot happens in five years. Think about five years ago, a lot's changed think is older. You get the less changes for you right, five years ago. I had kid: You're thirty nine wasn't. Even forty thirty, nine we do have done. There is no! You have one barely barely had made chips then why are you doing here? You're right goes a little baby.
I can change. Is my point: allots gonna happen between now and fifty four you yeah, probably so. That's exciting. Yes, we do have a nice and ride around saying right around the corners now really fair, nobody's because he's my brother and he doesn't feel much older than because we're brothers or your parents feel way older than you filling all people, always you when you're fifteen in their thirty erewhile. That doesn't happen, but let's say when they occur. Twelve, like my brother's twice, my mom was thirty. Does a young lady, very buddy, Now she was an old woman. I bet you, of course, as we do, and here I mean this- is all relevant cause Oh you could. Sam is older than me on the old side of life. You re more make himself consciously listens I do think it doesn't know that its legs you can now. Do you wanna hear like that people? Like me, Think of you, one of the things they think of his old
think ages and real? Don't you amazing people have ideas about people do yeah, maybe as unfair. I do sometimes it's fair, some hundreds air and then but but all recognize it? Here's how I know I can get a perfect analogy. We all know that it's wrong. Basis to say that a black person as well spoken you ve noticed is like oh, they speak well, meaning using the average why person doesn't speak well because, almost exactly like you Similarly, I will watch I can I give you an example of even set on the show. I watch the route Marduk Interview on Charlie rose and at the time I want to say he was eighty or something nurse late. Seventy easy just acquired Myspace sounds like this. Mother fucker is sharp like he understands the future of social media. His I barely understand I'm thirty Razumihin. So I was like I make
point to say how sharp someone is when their older, which is very similar, I dont. I do not think it is because there is an actual rain degeneration that happens the order. You get that's a real thing, some people now for everyone. Send your brain is not going to be at its at its same state as is right now speak, I think you're natures living we're. Finally, your name now I now time that vat is literally science, ok sure so that happen. So when somebody is ninety years old and is it seems to have all their facility is completely intact, it is remarkable that is unusual for some one of that age based on site, but underneath that is, you have to stereotype, you expected them to be not with it and when they were with it seemed exceptional because it actually is exceptional.
Because our science, I dont, think its is exceptional, as we sometimes painted out to be that's ages and where we think everyone nets. Eighty has some mental decline, probably they don't and that I think people aged differently. I think the assumption shouldn't be that some, let's eighty is decline mentally. I think that's a bad assumption to make and that, when sums not decline mentally its shock, that's exact same way is that there is no difference between that and same gay people. A higher rate of HIV. So when I meet someone, I expect them. Nab AIDS won't know. Yes and yes, that's true and know that should be you shouldn't walking in expecting them anything. Ideally, when each individual should get a clean slate evaluation from us right, that's fair, so he turned so Bout, Phil, Bower Man, the Nike guy, oh right, he was gonna, go
on four ham or with the universe, your yeah I'd enough. If people I know who he is he's an american teacher of and CO founder of Nike over his career, he train thirty one Olympic. Athletes. Fifty one all Americans, twelve american record holders, twenty two and see doubling champions and sixteen sub four minute minors he disliked being called a coach and during his twenty four years at the University of Oregon, the ducks track and field team had a Bing season every season, but wine attained for anti doubly titles and finished in the top ten in the nation. Sixteen times as co under of Nike invented some of their top brands, including the Cortez and Waffle re sir, and assisted in the company. Moving from being a distributor of other shoe brand to one creating their own shoes, house and he made a mother real waffle iron. Have you ever any footage of him in Ireland at the ads crazy? Why do
like being called a coach, would be prefer lover doesn't say: maybe you didn't like the ranking of it. What if you're coach announced I want to be referred to as your lover problematic rank, probably a meteor mountain problem Ok, so you said, guns are, are our as hard to do? Are our is incredibly hard? comes, are our biggest export So the U S is notably not just by far the world's largest military force, but also the largest soup higher of arms, but it's not our biggest export, currently the biggest export
is machinery, including computers, two hundred and thirteen point one billion dollars, twelve point: eight percent of total exports and then there's a bunch of others. Mineral fuels, including oil, electrical machinery, equipment, aircraft, spacecraft vehicles, vehicles, number five optical technical and medical apparatus. Plastics plastics waiting, plastics plastic articles is seven gems, precious metals, farmers, soon, a pause and organic chemicals. Those top ten so oh arms is not on there. It I'm talkin fighter jets, tanks, missiles ballistics. I don't just mean like pop how guns right yeah don't see it on here? Ok, out can. I just think about it. This way winner win Trump posted.
And be ass. The big it was their spending a hundred billion just them. You remember that now that a hundred billion that the cap announcing why we have this relationship with Saudi Arabia, and he kept pointing to that. They were going to buy a hundred billion dollars were the stuff and he was he was listening like twelve billion about, I might have. The number is wrong and it was normal, and that was just Saudi Arabia right. It's crazy, well, oh now, largest supplier, so that makes sense I mean it could be in these categories- maybe it's in machinery now why things aircraft, spacecraft NEA, maybe Maybe these him compiled all that. I don't know. I don't know tourism independent research, but I think that what all military industrial complex export is. Ok does bunker busters must, I mean
These missiles that we make like each missile is like fifty thousand dollars. Pieper mine, thousands of them, my there's a lot of money and oh yeah speaking on the military industrial complex, you said was it as an hour and it is his eyes widened house- and that is what they say. Eisenhower was wise in power. Wow what a good nickname her hand. I can tell you one interesting thing about it are our interstate highway system, so that was something that happen under Eisenhower and it was basically sold, is kind of a man. Terry Endeavour and that we need in case we had to transport military stuff and there's some requirement that every X amount of miles. There has to be a straight chunk like a mile or two long, so that air I can landowner. Interstates us
but it was designed specifically to build a LAN jets in our where we may get around the country. Yes, what I had to two goals? yeah one is me, that's pretty much in there that's everything I yeah? I mean you said it was almost impossible to keep a family business going longer than generation, but I did find the list of those, and actually Walmart is one of them ocean the Balkans, ya. What's internet, I've looked at that Forbes top ten richest people in the world list in a long time. But I'm high super interested in who is the richest person the world Memories and said that ever interested in due course go in there. I would find that interesting here. Ok, The Sultan Brunei used always be at the top of that Lessingham Warren Buffett, of course now basis, but anyways about whenever I stop red nose ass. They like ten years ago, you always the decade. I read that list always in that.
Ten five of a more fuckin wantons. Why all the children of SAM Wang their chunk of it put them on, Oh helped him! Why that's incredible! That's a big chunk shuddered! She s Asketh, spin herself silly and that big chunk a chair tat. No one neat thing about their inheritances, its predicated that they have to do it a public works project in bent and building on this yes, all of them to get their inheritance. They have to better at the city, but also very Ville has like some of them museums- and I like best bite paths system, they multi layered, Really, nice public work projects that have been funded by these, the won't yeah, that's invariably warfare and Ben will go visit. Their museum yeah, Why did her Marietta eight hundred million dollar endowment? We had a couple get museums in Atlanta, oh yeah here like,
stray museum history, Museum, Coca COLA, museum, color? Is it man is a great place, everyone should visit a measured swing through the list. Oh yeah, web to Lake Lanier, they had a my mom and dad taste grandma, and we get some kind of a you know and ice cream. We re going Eau De Queuing, a blizzard for sure you don't call him custards over frozen custom, There was a place that opened when I was in high school forget it was caught and it was frozen. Custard and my friends are obsessed with then so I went and I was so excited a home and I was under a while, I was underwhelmed by the custard was called cuckoos frozen custard. It wasn't all clear,
custard. Now is our years Congo, with I've just making up names for Custard Rennie come up. Some a liberation was see, I think those cuddling jeers or something. Oh. I tantalizingly italian spent on the custard yeah. It was an italian custard was it will now be sure. Jawad Lunch, denies. I didn't think cared about ice cream, all that much and then, when we worked in Rome will our net was super into the gelato and he saw stout all the best ones and he found it and we went there. Everything but it was heavenly. I know we went to the best one and Florence. Oh, we found it and went when I studied there. I do thirty one floor had to study, but I went there while I was studying abroad was called the custard the elegance. I remember what it was, but I did by
he shot from the YAP entities on it like the one you got national, don't members neighborhoods around the shirt with ice cream, but it was a class see place. They wouldn't have had major crises on it, You did you see a lot of brass around ITALY, the art, my master, Oh yeah sphere: lots of exposed, during the renaissance. They were these papa you now ITALY has some. Dad you Samson the world will now this Anastasia Apple as a hell of a planned earlier. What's your favorite gelato flavour sash. You know that yours now mine strategy, a teller oh yeah! I love strategy. It allows life either ribbons chocolate. Yes, chocolate chip now think that might be my favorite or strawberry struggle? literally struck.
Draw barriers, I let you ordered it so grand. Ah you better believe I do I go in and I'd go grab see shall bear no dolly won't! Let you ride! She had TAT ratcheted Leah. Like me, an extra legal, why you are very hunger and need issue, the guy sexy you love it I will not now I don't want thanks, opportune and I'm sorry, you get yourself a nice, a blade of structure, Tee find a ball of all the media Goodbye
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