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2021-01-07 | 🔗
Dr. Sanjay Gupta is the first three-peat Armchair Expert guest and an American neurosurgeon, medical reporter, CNN medical correspondent, and author. Sanjay, fresh off receiving his covid-19 vaccination, joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how much we’ve learned this year about human behavior. Sanjay explains the evolution of neurogenesis and why cognitive decline is not inevitable. The two discuss that in order to heal the body you have to heal the mind, the importance of building the resiliency of your brain, and the power exercise has on it. Dax tells Sanjay about Monica’s psilocybin experience and Sanjay tells us that the best thing you can do for your brain is to take a brisk walk with a friend and discuss your problems.
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This good sound like the beginning of radio, Kemal gummed, armchair expert experts on acts. Were we love you, radio, our we do. We wish we are as good as you my now. We were first three p today, right are Alec Baldwin, our Baldwin or our Steve Martin of personnel, yank Martens up there in the teens, interesting he doesn't get as much credit as Baldwin doesn't he's under appreciated, while he's everyone, anything on credit. What that's true! oh, oh, the Martens never bought anything on credit yeah, that's one of them his thing here is cool. I almost the boy, I'm really mad right. Now that I can't say I never knew what I was a stickler for. I didn't use a credit card forever and I did it is actually to use a credit card as you do need to have a good credit score. Not if you don't ever buy anything on credit, then you don't have a good credit score. Will you need one now,
as more gangs who did not know any, who are first, three PETE Sunday, Gupta here, an american neural surgeon and he's a medical report and writer you seem unseen and all the time we ve talked to him twice: love em! We love em to day if any, as a new book called, keep sharp build a better brain at any aid. I've already started implementing some of these tools Well, he planted a seed for me to work, you remember, I said, are you removing enough this holiday break? I wanted to make sure your we're moving. I wasn't because he says number one thing for brain here is moving, keep moving, Monica
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you're not going to wear that bag with great honour, drastic, the saying this backdrop is just a picture for me: I'm in a window as closet actually my best, but it got just so depressing to be. There all the time, the figure least, I could see that they would make me happier which actually really works. I think now What scares me about this image? Your background, you ve selected as it appears to be on the safe our presumably even higher floor and theirs circular rallying, but there's no inlet for a staircase, so I'm a little companions how people are getting up and down so funny as it every asks me like, whereas the staircase and stuff a youth programmes actually come to the there is no inlet you're. Actually right, it's a rail all the way across and it was. purely declarative, interesting and it was my wife idea, and it was funny we just wanted something that looked a little bit distinctive because
it has no function and it's a waste of space, but it was worth it like. You know too do you think a function of reform, but this was clearly just form over function which are like You gotta lotta, yeah yeah, but who knows you know, maybe a bucket could be lower down kind of like exhibition, styled dumbwaiter, maybe that's its design and tat. If someone had to quarantine, that's a great way to bring food up and down really would be now in his hand and another the aperture, maybe two large in the the virus could still Sarah every variety of thank those same aperture set. But it's not worth it These nearly enough, I think not outside of the US shudder bug community now and in the hospital yeah yeah, believes there dock in Africa a lot of time. So the last time we talk to you, it was like really knew in to the pandemic in you are so gracious to find time for us, and during that interview I really thought boy hope this
Verona, doesn't take out Sunday and not because he's gonna get up. Distress. Em out What we demand of updating America seemed like it was too much for me. I couldn't have done it. I dont think I hadn't idea was gonna. Last this long I was reflecting on our conversation before I think this is my own sort of lack of it. The patient- I guess- but if you think it's like a few weeks, I mean you sprint right. Just go out there in your sprinting in your trying to just give it all in and make sure you, u educate people as much as possible, but I thought that there was a good dance it would be. Couple of months you'd, I'm in the United States, where the you know, one of the wealthiest countries in the world to get this public health system, through Sars. We ve been through each one in one here. We are in Eleven months, first, ball how's your hand, because I read about that. Oh sure, I call the bonds in my hand, at one point in quarantine, and then I broke the classical into four separate pieces in four ribs at another point
in our seem. So, like you now the virus didn't almost give me, but by God I almost got got during thing: peppermint you're getting a little restless during quarantine, as I would ask that all this year I felt like I needed more and more offloading and transport, although I wanted, firstly, and look at what was happening at the house package, but in our first conversation I was under the belief food would data, I just was under the belief that I had had it already nets people are, my circle had had it earlier and boy was convinced of that and in fact we all look antibody tests and I was so excited to be vindicated and they I found out, I took one that required three days turn around. They took one. That's like I don't know a day. Turnaround, XO, into the house, and they had all gotten their results in it took like about two or three hours before our friend Eric said. I I don't love you heard, but we don't
Diana bodies, power Lamb. I was so amendment about all so embarrassing that they would have been nervous. Tell me this good NEWS that no one had ever had corona you ve learned. Some Do you know what I did today I would love to find out is very good. Bidding for exciting. I got the first Pfizer. shot? Why did it is great yeah? You know it so the healthcare workers are in the first group of people, so they been vaccinate healthcare workers in my hospital on everyone sort of gets your call and says it's your turn, so I didn't hesitated all but it will. You know so amazing because I've been doing a sort of medical, medium sort of blended lifer closer twenty years. Now,
the world's came colliding together really today, because I was getting vaccinated as a health care worker, but as a journalist because of reporting on it. I even had watched the initial development this vaccine- I talked to the scientists at the in age and at Pfizer, as figuring out how exactly the Saxons going to roll out to talk to the FDA. So I had all this knowledge about it that I think, if I wasn't a journalist, I'd know that it was safe and effective. I know that part of it but, like I am really granular knowledge about this vaccine. and then so was able to really apply that knowledge towards making the decision. I would have gotten regardless, but two We would really like an informed decision, because Tina reporting on a three years. It was kind of amazing. Ok Air again right now real time going to make the same mistake twice and I'm gonna guess I have to imagine people that have been in and out of the hospitals working for the last ten months. The percentage of folks who have to have the antibodies it's gotta be high right well
they ve done. Some studies on this you know is really interesting. The north well medical system in the northeast. During that you know April sort of sir of cases they the care some seventy thousand patients over there. So they had a lot of patience with covered in the house spittle inside in healthcare, is obviously taking care of them and what they found at that point, because they did do antibody, testing surveillance testing and they found that the incidence of covert among their healthcare workers was lower than the general population at that time. Dissolve that they were indoors taken care of covert patients I'll tell you why I mean I think it's just that you can protect yourself. That's one of the great ironies masks and they wash their hands every five minutes. Ria, it's really really. Basically it I mean the masks work really well, it's hard to sometimes can its people. I think we ve talked about this before it's hard to convince people that something so simple would be so effective. You know, I think, were you two expecting that, in order for it to work, it's got to be really complicated
It's got to be really expensive. All these things then in so I tell you masks, and you know you think I must be kidding me and how could it be that simple? This is a pandemic, you know, but the health care workers have a lower incidents than the general population. While add, a layer. You know you're having one conversation, that's very logical and backed by so much evidence that just it works there's. No, really to talk about it works, but that's not. I dont believe what the real com precision is right. It represents law of liberty to people that represents what they perceive as, fear base snowflake left that wants to cripple our economy, but you're on science side saying come on this thing works but you're really not having the same conversation. I dont think what the people who don't want to wear mask yeah. You know I've talked assuming people this year- and you know it's hard to paint with a broad brush why people have
made certain decisions. Sometimes I made the mistake. A sort of short cutting it saying this is clearly a political thing. Right gather people, like you say who say it's an individual liberty thing there, people who say that they simply don't work and by the way you told us not to wear masks in the beginning and now you're saying we're mass. So obviously you don't know what you're talkin about I kind of get that one people are very very clear. Can distant message: and then there are the people who did. It did become sort of a divisive political, too in that one's the one that shocked me. I think, because in order to get the economy open you know, wearing masks would have actually helps her I mean we're, not ass, saying not shut down, we're, saying stay open, just wear masks, so the same p who very much did not want shutdowns, which was everybody a month if anybody want to shut down, but in time they were the same people who said I'm not going to lean into the basic sort of stuff.
where the mask its fascinating to I've learned so much this year about this just behaviour. How we assess risk all this the stuff Yahoo com. like all animals. May we are a little too much brain power at times, but it boils that of a member We did our first conversation and I think Monica you may have brought this up, but I was talking about this trip that I have had with chasing life, and I was really quite taken with this idea Yeah that someone head only about reciprocal altruism, which is idea that you do something nice for somebody without any, of transactional quality to it, and it just feels good. It feels good to do good, and I think people sort. I know that, but evolution narrowly like my would we have selected for that trade like, why would I sacrifice something of mine to make someone else feel good? How does that help me evolution narrowly right, I don't know, but it's
well. I know why, which is the odds of your survival? Being in a group? Are the Essen ITALY higher than in visual right? You have to make certain individual concessions to remain a part of that group you're going to pass Brienza. Yes, behavior and indignant piece of shit, guess what the early hominids they're, taking your ass right up into the savanna, and good luck in these think that, still like you, from an evolutionary standpoint, but still happening. I mean people who do not want to be part group. Are they slowly being selected out? I mean obviously not next What I'm saying over time over hundreds of years. Well, think your book is gonna addressed this explicitly, but yes, so you're not relegated to the savanna where a large predator cat is going to take you down, but you are banned, to isolation and in isolation. You're gonna have very predictable, statistically relevant declines in, all kinds of health thing so you're on the surface
It doesn't carry the risk of getting eaten by We now see the rate of addiction, the rate of all these things through isolation and lack of community, our as probably more people down from now than ever, got killed by lions. I think you're right. It took me ten months stacks disorder. Come to that conclusion. You get this issue. We call right something other than what you said earlier. So I don't know that I'm right on this, but I really like an apology, you're free to be wrong here. You got on it, so I was DIA long about my antibody thing and then we already had a use got all ok, sorry, motor on by the way, when I read another article besides your hand, it said that your wife was complaining about you being a no at all, so the idea that you would admit that were hardly a pretty good at it. To know me is to know I'm Uno at all, so I think anyone in my life could have made that statement. Nobody
just assumed that large groups of people ultimately based on again just the human species selection of reciprocal altruism, would have been intent on wearing masks because it's actually fairly simple thing? You know just to your loops and then them such a thing is, you know you can be part of a movement that can save tens of thousands of people. You just put onto your loops when you go outside, and so many people said, What our pass! I ain't gonna, do it I don't even know what to make lips. I was surprised by that because I always felt like we would pivot towards research. oh altruism, face of some sort of you. No universal threat like a pandemic, an arm chair theory, so I do think that you know we live in the least regulated capitalist exe of all time and in this capitalist society that we live in through advertising. We learn that the individual is celebrated the pioneer the brave explore. These are the hour.
types that this system really celebrates and loves by way, I'm Do it all the time we just this weird tests to see what Hogwarts school you'd be in. One of the things was like a. What would you want people to say about you after you died and I chose bowl, I saw it falls. I'd me ray. I want to be seen as bold and fearless and all this shit, so I think that's. Are to play a role in like war. When I don't put these two loops round my ear, when I'm telling the world is, I'm not afraid, and by the way, I have great compassion for a lot of people who want to send the message, I'm not afraid, because I think a lot of those people were victimized in childhood. Please Don't try to hurt me cause. I will hurt you back that helps me sort of have a little bit of Danny why people might behave that way, but the idea of rugged individualism right, which I think you're sort of talking about and how that was celebrated in either even ads on television. All that light guess. I never thought that it was a total odds with the idea
of still being altruistic, like I can't you be individualistic an altruistic at the same time, or they are the properties that council one each other out and its content this disease is well right, XO I'm willing to take the risk well you're, not just the risk for you. You know you taken a four year spouse your blood. One community, whatever people fundamentally get there right when they say I'm being brave, being brave by and she carrying a contagious disease and spreading at others. Can you justify that? I totally great, but I saw people interviewed Walter, Reed standing outside to show support. And in this interview line person wasn't wearing a mask and they said this and then they said, do you have any one in your life and
did ya my grandparents, who I love and I got to tell you. I saw a real time- click to that person, so I actually don't know that a lot of people have taken it beyond their bubble of their identity and realize none on being brave. On the back of my grandpa. But my grandma right here, I think you're right and I it's not as binary. You know like. I think we want a like sort, have easy way of framing but, like I think, there's a lot of people who They totally believe this pandemic was real. It wasn't like they thought it was a hoax or anything. But statistic I thought you know what I'll be. Ok, you're, not gonna hit me it's more like that. I think maybe you just how we assess risk in general will be ok. You know myself my grandpa so you know whoever it may be, but that was the case with everybody who got Dick right, I talked to so many patients and I talked to family members of people, the died and it was always like they weren't deniers, not the ones, and I talk to
yeah. But then you know somebody get a few symptoms one day and then the symptoms got worse and then they It'd be hospitalized, and then they embarked on the worst days of their life, and it just happens. quickly in and they were shocked and I dont know how that changes, their behaviour going forward. You know who knows, but I think it was genuine surprise to people and right now there's hundreds of thousands of people. Maybe if you look at the models, who are just fine there, totally fine right now in there look at this? In the rearview mirror because their hearing about the vaccine and all then the like we're done, when you go by and we're done behind they're gonna get up. I mean there's no question that doesn't me so many more people still affected and I mean it really I've learned as much about the science here, as I had the psychology, let's talk about them, because that is actually what you have dedicated your life to any written. A new book called keep sharp and I think I am
to start with a kind of a misunderstanding I personally have, which is, if I recall my biology class, I remember but they're being somatic cells and those cells go through my toasts. They can replicate, they can prepare themselves, but that our brain cells are not somatic, so they can't go through self, reproduction or cop in themselves. So the one you're born with that's what you get: when they go away. That's that that was my understanding of it. That's flawed yeah. Is that right or wrong? Well, is it true it's wrong, but that this is a relatively new discovery. So I dont want to say it's wrong in the sense that you know we ve known this for a long time. The idea of now Genesis or any kind of cell genesis and stuff. Like that. How you think about it I mean it's. Evolving. We use study. You know for the most part in terms of why we thought about this incorrectly. For so long is that we studied diseased organs, he studied a diseased or traumatize spun.
court, for example, in your looking for evidence of new neural development, new neural cells, nerd this is whatever may be, but oftentimes happening because it was traumatize or same how the brain when used did the look, get healthy, spinal, cord and brain because we had Better techniques actually study this. You realize that there are neural stem cells, just like the stem cells in other parts of the body, and they can basic We stimulate the production of new, so Neuro Genesis in areas of the brain that kind of need them or are being recruited there, because the activity of the brain there. That's a relatively new thing and it's pretty clear- can happen throughout life. That is so comforting, because I remember thinking would man I blew up bound chow may be different times in my life and flock I'm
taking money out of the principal you know I drain the cash of cells. That was certain that I was sort of thinking right. You know you can have this negative impact on your brain through various things. There's there's no question about it, but the idea that it can heal- repair itself or in someone who has a healthy brain continued to be optimized, I find really exciting and mean that was probably the biggest sort of driver. There was to think Early drove me around. This were really three things I've had a longstanding love affair with the brain. I just love the brain. I love the fact that you look at three and a half pounds, a tissue in that. Memories lived there and your pain lives there in your joy. I don't want to reductions, but this idea that those- does that make you you are contained with this tissue still consciousness is probably a locally contain phenomenon within the brain. Some would argue with that, but nevertheless it's gotta no one on their right, install thing all
other shit, just in support of it? Really, I think so, and in order to improve anything else. In your body. or you know, in your life, really you ve got to get the brain right. That was another big thing in order to best heal the body you ve got to hear the mine, which I thought was fascinating That's what I was going to ask you, but first I just wanted to say that yeah, you start with the notion that cognitive decline is not inevitable and it's never too early or too late to start taking care of your brain, which is what we just talked at, which is it's not written in stone. It can be our shared it can be pathologies, you have a role in this which is very encouraging, I think, and then yeah next. I guess if I asked people to rank which organ nay should prioritize for their health, I have to imagine the vast majority people say heart, that's were all it would start yeah. I think so. You know, and I think there's been a real medical association of Heart Disease, is it is inaccessible Oregon? You can see
we show you the blockages that occur in the blood vessels. My father had operation. I just had a. I just said: the city scan with the dye, and they give you a percentage in every artery of plaque, their calcium score. It's crazy! I was zero. I wasn't your capacity. I couldn't believe My only explanation is exercised. You don't know what else to say that your diet. your diets get right. It's fair. I you much me I'll. Tell you that I really am. I dead had heart disease you're dead? heart disease. Well, if you have a zero calcium. score, and that is a really really good thing. You know that already, but in terms of being predictive of the light we heard of having some sort of corner, the event doctor get certain self each diet, you ve heard of that he's a cardiologist in his big on these coronary see tee scans. Had a law conversation about. He basically said if you have a zero percent. Calcium score Basically, heart attack proof for at least forty five years, you'll be heart attack
a lot longer than that, but you're gonna scan. You know it's kind of interesting to be able to look at a particular scan and say you're likely, They have now having a cardiac event, is x and in your car the space of a zero. I can't the peace of mind and gave me, I think anyone who is in a position to get one I can't think of a better thousand dollars of ever spent my life. I use it to your point for the next four years. I'm like free of that concern. I mean I'm not gonna go, two sizzler and put his hand out there. But you know what I'm saying, I believe, an experiment to see how unhealthy get quick of ETA go I'll hire proven wrong are raised to forty percent. You know it's instincts. Monica had this test unto I'm fifty one. Now you ethics mid forties where you got it this airs l of just turned forty six it for you. so fingers crossed
zero percent ails you, but you know so I like to run and every now I would have some sort of pain and IRAN. Adjustment in emit could have just been frankly reef, wax it can adjustment that I was here think some weight cells having some muscle pain there as a result, but my father had cardiac by password thirty, eight forty seven his father, my grandfather died. Fifty of art attack was always like in the back of the mind, so I got zero percent, two back like when I was around here MID forty, forty five or so we love you and I we need them. bikers think they're cool. Could there one per centres we be perfect? Zero that's together aspire to, but it did give me that. Peace of mind that you know I and having a hard problem in the middle of a run. It was something else it was interesting, but I want to say something because this might actually get at what you're talking about.
Hard versus the brain you know we think of optimizing. The heart. You just said you wouldn't automatically think of the brain, and this is really interesting. This is the second thing that really inspired me on this book, and that is that things that are measurable, take on and added degree of importance, because they are measurable right, so did the Framingham Study and you found cholesterol and lipids and all these sorts of things associated with heart disease and all the sudden they became these huge things to aspire to lawyer, cholesterol, lawyer, lipids lawyer, but pressure on all that and all that's very important, but if I told for example, stress was a bigger predictor of having a heart event, now people like that's gonna, nebulous soft squishy around the edges, and what is there really mean here? How do you quantify stress? That's the problem, so that is the problem but it makes it no less important right and things that are measurable- should be more important by virtue of the fact that they are measurable. They should be
because they are so associated with something like this and that's why, again with but it was all these things people think of the brain. Is this black box impenetrable immutable? changeable as we are just saying encased by this skull of hard bone, and therefore I can't do anything to improve it. You can't prove it diseases all sort of preordained when it comes to things up there in a lot of its because hard to measure. If I had a coronary see tee scan of the brain like we're, just talk about for the heart and I tell you now. Your brain is optimized at this level or here the things you need to do that pretty incredible right, but we don't you. I don't really have that we'll do have. Then they been working out of some of these scientists and interviewed for the book it's hard to get the stuff published because they don't have the cluster two hundred that that's an easy paper to right now: I tell you that you need to have three friends. You need to be hang out with them for this long and it's gonna. Do this,
your brain objectively, it's a harder and harder evidence to collect, but it makes it no less true or no less important, yeah our best diagnostic tool to my now here's the deal salmon, psychiatry, writing, so it's the best. We can do and there's no numbers given you know they might say you're bipolar, but at what level are you? Forty? Are you at two hundred? is your cholesterol, three hundred INA right and then the distinction between pathology and healthy and optimization like. If I told you you could be optimized like amount. Can you have any kind of you know, there's nothing medically raw or does not diagnosis. Here, it's just that. I'm going to increase the reserve in your brain so that way You encounter a problem you're going to be able to tell that problem in different ways- and you otherwise would have that you're going to connect patterns that you would have otherwise missed your goal
to be resilient to something meaning like a muscle when I work it out it stronger as opposed to getting crushed daily events right now are crushing so many people mentally yeah. If they have greater resiliency, then that actually can be turned into an attribute in the sense that it's almost becomes a work out, I'm not so that any. This is good, that's happening to us, but what it does to us in the long run in terms of our brain health is very dependent on how we treat are retreating like a work out or we treating it like a crushing event, and some of it has to do but just how resilient you are in the first place, and that is a buildable thing that, despite the core of it to build that resiliency, Also you point out, which is really plainly lodge a goal, which is, if you have any hope of having to hell heart the this thing to start with this- if you have a healthy brain and you have some the things you just listed. You know if you feel flexible and you feel not overwhelmed and you feel optimist.
All these little things they actually will lead to you, making the time to go, get the heart cd scan. Maybe they help you make a better food choice like you can be in abject depression and then make a great food choice in general. You know you're, probably caught in a spiral, of feeling terrible trying to get a bump from something bad is so starting at the top and having no trickled down approach to everything else makes a ton of sense to me. It all starts in my opinion. I think, I'm policy, I'm biased, a brain surgeon, but everything starts at the brain. The sea activity that you do when you're not in a good head space or whatever you want to call. It is not correct much of an impact on you but d one thing. I want to say, because I am again, I think you you'll understand this- is that when you create resiliency and redundancy or reserve in your brain where I want to Call- and I can tell you how I think that can best be done, but when you do that, I find it to be
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your podcast is because there's only so much you can really convey in the public discourse. I think people's attention span or short, and they want, crisp headline: you know yeah in sometimes everything lives in the nuance everything there. I can give you a crisp headline. You know, and I can give you the five things you should do to improve your brain and I well yeah, but the why, besides the what exactly right, because in what I love, what you just said, which is I'm actually promising you not just Maiden such status quo. It's hard to motivate people to prevent their body from deteriorate, That's not a very incentivize approve the notion of joy, the notion of optimism, hundred percent. That is a life lesson from me. I think, even as a as a doc, I mean we inspire through fear. I think in general we know that, if the eat that
Berger. You will have a heart attack in smoke that cigarette you will get lung cancer and you invoke. This very very hot respond, in the brain in the amygdala, the emotional centre, the brain, which is an immediate hot. You know fiery response the problem is that it's not very coordinated response. It doesn't go to frontal lobes, so you It somebody in response to being told they may have a heart attack who does a week of intense dieting and then stops because the amygdala now is not as fired up, and they didn't really have a plan. They just reacted out of fear comes to the brain. What is so interesting so a headline would be. Do some? That scares you every day get outside your comfort zone in some way every day, any say Why is that? Well, because I could show you your brain. I could surface map it and I could show you that you- have a million roads in your brain and your using. thousand of them really really well all the time.
Hundred thousand roads are great they're gone from your thalamus over here to your expert alone in their coming over here to your temporal lobe. So that's why you can remember songs and you can sing them whatever it may be, but the other nine hundred thousand roads are there they're not getting used as much and when I to get you outside your comfort zone, you automatically start recruiting new neurons Neuro Genesis used using new roads and that sort of reserve means when the roads that you use all the time start to get blocked or you know, need instruction, which happens you, We already have all these other roads there that is sort of but reserve means, and I think that the idea that you can build that now, despite thinking about something you typically think about an and being vulnerable about? It is really, stating in terms of how it serves you now you'll think about things differently. The magically. I find that quite joyous define patterns that I well I do. A pattern there that everyone else mist and it can help buffer
you as you get older from the medical things that people worry about, such as dementia, what to fear motivate, but it does atrophy in some sense right if you're not using the other nine hundred thousand Patty S kind of atrophies, use it or lose it. The practice makes perfect which, true, because the roads you are using will be really really smooth running roads, but change. Builds resilience, and I think that that sort of the key for me I gotta, take something though just real quick on atrophied quick story, the body forgot. I was in the operating room and I was on call happens a lot of times as they say. Somebody is coming to the emergency room in here. story in the show you the scans it was a ninety three euro guy, okay, so ninety three year old person who Hetty blood collection on his head it away. I think ninety three or a person like this is this. Somebody who more, operate on. I mean is this: it's a big big deal and you know if I want to be strategic and be thought
in terms of approaching this They said, while they say, he's very high functioning guy. another sort of stuff- and so do me this Well, it turns out. He had been as a roof of his house, would they leave blower Growing leaves off of his roof. Ok any fell. And he got injured yet a subdued hematoma. He came in the hospital and he was still with it at this point in the blood collection was growing, but he was with its. I won T go talk to him and when I went to go talk to him. Never forget was looking at his Iphone or whatever for just using. because he never reading glasses. I thought I need reading. It has to have a look at this, and I say so: what's going on is a girl? You, nice fell off my if you know what our own authority regions like early elections are happen. In EAST Africa, I'm just been following them up How? So, obviously I functioning guy, like they said so- would take him to the operating room. He's got his
a girl blood collection. So that's blood, that's stunner need the outer layer, the brain call the dirt you remove that you stop what Little bleeding. There is, and for a little bit of time, you're looking at the brain, because you ve taken the blood off the brain. Two: ninety three year old guy. This gets back to your point about. Actually, do you think I saw in this ninety three year old, really high functioning, guys brain. What I saw was a very shrivelled up brain that look get it belonged to a ninety three year old, all railway yeah it head aged. Just like you expected it would age It had almost no correlation to his function the thing that really stuck with me. He was sharp. In fact, I went to is room after the operation, and you were This conversation, I said so whether you know the square, Sperience menu failure. We almost died how you doing, and he said well, he is, I guess, I've learned and all this is present
He blown leaves off the roof. Is just this just really comical thoughtful night. through your guy who's brain was through your brain, but the function was remarkable. We think of our organs having this natural deterioration and they do, but it doesn't mean they can't function like they did when you know you're much younger or makes me think of, two things that people like commonly no right in MID doesn't really matter if the numbers are right, but they say you know like he only use ten percent, your brain or twenty percent, your brain, but forget that the notion that you can have a stroke and they can actually take your motor control and move it to another area of your brain. Am I right in that? That's how it works like they just basically force another area of your brain to do the job, that another area was doing here. I mean you do it basically are recruiting other areas of your brain taken through therapy and things like that. They can basically stir Creating these changes in your cortex, where the motor areas are the brain and
create new areas around that to actually help you move again, but you're, the one doing it your brain is capable of doing it. You know it's not like we're going in and sticking new motor neurons in this area. It accelerating a process that might happen anyway. Right. If you hear didn't. I didn't even know I had a stroke. I just kept trying to move and then even he started moving again, you name Some are told you had a stroke and, like my can move what that tells me. You take one of the four chambers of the heart and then disk jettison one of em and have one to the other ones. Do the job of that right. Cuz. It operates virtually capacity. But what that does but the brain is that there is so much untapped potential just sitting there. There is so much untapped potential and if you build that reserve gee I'm fascinated by this idea of Cognitive Reserve, then that potential is even greater and can come into play more easily. If you start to develop any problems, I don't know
caught HBO Real sport story. They ran a couple weeks ago on see tee. He patients then have gone and done Iowa scar or suicide, mushrooms or ecstasy. and the way the neurologist in that segment described. It is the guy's with sea to either brain is so on flexible and that the pathways are so. How do I say it? Just it's all are using and its part of the condition and that, when they kind of explode, their brain with these different drugs, and they show a minute whatever scan. That is its mri, but they show the brain and the activities of the charge for ages and an electrical storm on these drugs and then, when the brain is trying to reprocess and bring him back down the reality in at the end of forging new highways. That's how I understood it, and I was just curious if he knew about that. Research and could it be that promising and it's very exciting
all the Sylla Simon Research pretty closely, I mean, I think, that the idea was. T. First of all, you know the idea that you develop similar sort of plants. entangles, that people see and Alzheimer's disease, which leads to interference with these pathways, I think, is real and there's very classic sort of symptoms as result of that, with the sill aside, and the thing that struck me. The most was that they were giving people who never say see tee but had referred factory, depression or anxiety for a particular region, in the case of the early trials. It was because these two I had a terminal diagnosis. It wasn't just that they were all the people had a incurable cancer, whatever it may be, and They were super asked about it understandably, but they also warrant bonding to any kinds of the therapies and they but through generations of these antidepressants and anti anxiety, medicine they were in cordial,
the point where they were suicidal, despite the fact that they only had months to live. I mean it was. You know, I don't love. You ve read any these studies. There was one out of n y you and then Hopkins now and, as you see allay they ve added another trial site. I only know by way of the pollen book which he had talks about. The active Scylla Simons actually reduces your connection with your sense of identity. Formulating identity and that it allows you to feel connected in a way. You otherwise care in that connection to the rest of the world to be very helpful to those people You know he had a article in the new Yorker before he wrote his book. How to change your mind called the trip treatment, was based on that exact thing when you after those N Y, you researchers, are to stay this really quickly because it, I think, he's in what you're saying Ed remarkable results. As you know, that's why I got such attention these people, who did not respond to existing therapies. They took us
nor does of suicide and in a cognitive, controlled setting. So there hospital, and they had a cognitive therapies, Errol noise for a trip. I would imagine, but continue what you know it was fastened. They showed me the room you put on this Ipad. She had the headphones for a lot of people. Was I've never done suicide, I've known nothing or done it. Son Jane you have I forced Monica. You know I'm sober. I used to do them. Sixteen years ago in Malta I forced Monica. I was really again, but that until course, if I put you Heather Beautiful group of people, I was in charge of administering- and I was there sober in case. Anyone got scared which we do as a frightening Mona gas first at first, because my hands turn DE grandma hands- and I was not prepared for that- at and also not to make a personal. But Dax was there to protect us and he went to the other
to watch tv because he was feeling as us and they were all getting annoying livelier evaluating whether there are higher now I forgot how annoying that part of it is going on here. Can you look at those wishes? Look at what are you doing anything I bounced into the other room and hoping that when they came on, I would get involved soap about. I miss my window, lay my hands friendly to grab my hands, and I started to panic, because I was really scared to do it. I didn't want to do forever and he had been saying you should do it I'll make you a creative you. No peer pressure me, which I generally cannot be peer pressure, ok, I guess I'll try, but also we went there with the intention of Micro. Doses what does a wasted time. Then we did it. We I had a full. Does you guys did Michael those animals like why the fuck are we doing this nothing's happening so we kept it. Then everyone decided to have a real driven, has little gable than is going to be this amount? Okay. So anyway, it is really caught me up guy, that sort of panicking and having a real panic attack and by then decks came
Also, everyone looked like a cartoon, then Dax came up, you're gonna walk. I just wanna gonna walk. We slow down we talked, I said, look at that house. Doesn't it looks like it's a movie set its it was really funny as she's getting comments. I was on them too, because how on earth? What I know it looks like a movie said: Molly I done is already on our young is my heart: are you even real, but then he said are really wonderful thing, which was you have the capacity to decide whether this is enjoying or not you can pick selling, then I turned to turn around and it was really really life. Changing sundry, please, don't leave planet earth without doing it would be a big mistake. you're not an attic right. You have no. Do you not know how to Orleans did I? But you know it's interesting because I hear this story exactly Monica what you just said, and I think I'm a bit of
control measure yeah. You can't be more of a control, break them Monica right, so that per worries me like to pay the price to get there by what you the grandma hands and all that and having their destinations. I think I did it would be hard. I won't leave your site, I learned from this ok, so I will give it to you and then I'll. Just hang with you the whole time, oh god, how perfect? Also, if you know going in ya, there's gonna be physical changes Abby or you know- I just had no idea- and I thought I was only doing a tiny amount, so I thought colors we're just gonna get a little brighter. It was so much more extreme than that, so I think expectation run a big man. So I'll tell you, when I read the article that the pollen book was ultimately based on and then when back and looked at the research people in that trial, who had the zero, refractory, depression, anxiety, their scores, improved and lasted for months
the six months and in certain cases it was a really profound experience for them, and the people who were atheists were writing things about their experience like I am an atheist but the only way to describe this, as I felt like I was bathed in God's love, and that was quite interest. To me to sort of red people's first hand, perspectives on going through this and also from a medical standpoint. You know like it so you given antidepressant every day. Has all the side effects give us. Those of something like a seller Simon in a cognitive controlled setting, whatever it may be, and it can help really long lasting effects. I mean It's a whole another discussion, but you know I did a whole bunch of reporting on cannabis a few years ago in this whole inflection point between the tens window, if maybe overtones window. Ah terms. Tell me that so overturns Winona pray get it wrong. So it is be humble about this, but overturns window fundamentally is a concept of a window through which everything that is accepted
society can pass through at any. Given time and, as you might imagine, it shrinks and expands and moves all the time and cannabis like cattle. was not something that went through Overton's window fifteen twenty years ago. It was not allowed to pass through and then now. Obviously, it's changed tremendously, but those inflection points between what is acceptable and what is actually helpful to people because of acceptable. We say it's not helpful. My cannabis can actually be helpful. I became convinced that that is I commend areas on people with refractory, epilepsy and things like that. Kids, you know again who weren't responding to conventional treatments. Not only did work for them for some of them, it was the only thing that worked, NATO. We became much of a moral issue as it did a medical issue, and I do think things like there were Simon for depression. M Dna for post traumatic stress,
I'm not a familiar with the applications of Hiawatha. Although you know I just haven't read as much about it, but obviously it's gaining more and more they're doing more. Trials around this. It have to be really effective because it's almost guaranteed you she, your pants. So for me, that's a big barrier of entry. I better some real rail, positive outcome. Is that of metaphor, the oars unknown actually do when you there's a bucket at the front of your bad and there's a toilets everywhere. Yet it really messages like kids to deny system adds at art. I've never doing this just say it s a little bit of a deal breaker for me, although I dont want to be your died illegality. I use arose rooms event, but not that night I feel about. You need a true Sherman for that. Ok,
one thing I love about your book is that it reinforces something that I believe the most. If I have any conviction, it's even if I had to give up things that help me in order. The very last thing I would ever give up. I would leave aid before I would stop exercising. So tell me about the power exercise on your brain personal. It's the the thing that we have actually been able to really gather the evidence around with regard to brain health- and you know it, and there's a lot of other things that are helpful and absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but the thing you're gonna. air, from neuroscientist and stuff. There always going to talk about physical exercise aid because it works b because its measurable and see because we ve been able to collect evidence around it, so people who are in motion and I'll just use that. For now, and I can define that, but people who are more active to have brains debtor. going to have a lot more, these same qualities that we're talking about more reserve, more resiliency,
Bt and F is something that people will often refer to which stands for brain derived, Neuro Trophic factor, be enough. You want media. Now, if I can give it to you in a shot or a pill or anything like that, but your body can make it miracle growth for the brain and well, actually sprang into the brain in response to movement, which is a real the interesting thing and against the only predictable way to increase these nerd Trophic factors which will enable the Neuro Genesis that we're talking about all these other things in a very predictable way. So movement is really key. When I started to think about this book. I have been travelling around the world and in looking at all these various cultures, where Dementia was very rare and love cultures, they had a lotta healthy habits, but one thing that you noticed was that there was a lot of movement in these cultures, they hardly ever sat they were either lying when they slept or they
standing in walking, usually walking frankly, not even running when they were upright, and that was it end you start to talk to these evolutionary biologists about this, and you say you know people human beings really only sad when they got you know it was almost like. It was teleological in the sense that you said The civil lot, when you got old in its signalled these things to your body like hey, I'm old, and some, your body self defence mechanisms started to decrease. Your immune system started the taper a bit all these the basically allowed you to come to a natural biological end which happens to all of us, but it was all. Like the sitting was triggering that as as to the other way around now, obviously for two now in we sit all the time, so in some ways were always sending these signals to our bodies that you had shut down the perimeter defences you now have I'm ready to go,
My body must think. I'm two hundred years old, I'm innocent and lazy boy, half a day. You have a year an active guy as well. You know I mean there is something we set for natural, consistent movement throughout the day, but you and active person. I think you know, and I think it makes a huge difference. But it's really the only proven evidence based way to really improve, brain health increase blood flowing speedy enough, create that reserve that resiliency all that sort of stuff so for me, A body in motion stays in motion. I think of activity not so much as the cure. Two things as inactive he is the disease, mean that whenever I'm about to sit. I do ask myself if I could be standing instead, I really need to set you know whatever may be. However, you incorporate them into your life can make a huge debt. once you know just overall in terms of brain health, I think much more so than cross. puzzles, or particular brain training exercises its like you.
Signalling to the body that I'm here signalling to the brain that I want to stay here. I need to be in a condition to respond yeah exactly, I want to be engaged with this world to keep me as healthy as possible. Thanks as clearly as possible. All those sorts of things you, but some myths in this book, here's one! shocked by someone swamp. Keep your brain, sharp supplements. Are a big topic and I tell you that there are some really good supplement maker, out. There But the reason when I looked at this- talk to a lot of people who have done these trials around supplements a few things for you now one is that it is hard to get the good stuff out of food and put it in a pill. Lack of trying here I mean this: isn't a malign somebody's, really good supplement maker, this just a hard thing, There is this notion that you may have heard of called. Entourage effect, which Sickly means that when you eat food you're getting your
like a peons, yes, whatever it may be, but you're getting lots of other micro nutrients that in conjunction with the biggest active ingredient, are really improve? for letting that active ingredient work in your body, receptors, you know they allow the like upedes, whatever the most active ingredient, is to work best hearted that, when you put in the pill form because you're losing the entourage of micro nutrients around, it sets number one number who is it just a really unregulated business in this country, it was just too bad because again there, some really good supplement makers out there, but because lack of regulation. You get a lot of bad actors as well they're, not elegant about what it is it they're putting into their pills either. It's not what they say. It is it's too much of what they say. It is, in some cases, even harmful, so we don't have a regulated industry, and that is not the problem, and one thing I'll tell you is that there are some.
makers that have been around for a few decades and that something that I immediately gravitate towards because there are these I buy night operations it such a big business right. Billions of dollars are spent on the cities fly by night operations. They come in with these grand promises, and they sell a bunch of supplements for several months or a couple years and then they're gone they're not in service to the customer there in service to just making a lot of money on the other you do have an I'll, send you some of these names I've been around a long time and you spend time with these supplement makers. They deal or at risk of having the same problem of not being able to create the entourage effect in pills, but they do a pretty good job. They can help become deficiencies, people who deficiencies of a particular thing, but overall for your brain eating it versus trying to taken a pill I think, makes the world differ, ok, and that brings me to another one which this is one I was kind of shocked by, which is brains
duper. Foods are math superfluous. advertising sort of term that people can get easily behind. Just like we were saying they want the crisp headline. This is a super food is almost, nothing, that is a true super food and it. Surprise, no one than when you get seven billion people on the planet, that everyone's brains and what they respond to or what they best respond. He's gonna be a little bit different. You know yeah. I mean we want these sort of universal rules. As part of this, one of the things I did. Someone kept telling me to do, and I never done it, but I decided for the best. I would note which was. I was really diligent about keeping a food journal and you write down what you eat and then you spend time you know an hour later how was I to have just riding down how you doing maybe you have your own sort of way of grading yourself like I feel very creative right now or I feel like. I need a nap right now or I couldn't possibly do a challenging task right now. This is the best I've ever felt in we'll find your court unquote Super foods
for me, it was interesting. I offer son sudden found that fermented foods like pickles were a secret weapon for me, when I'm going to sit down and write or do something that's skin. I think it's going to be challenging. It's going to require different parts of my brain. I might have to do novel thinking, I'm not just regurgitate things but the novel thinking part of my day. That's the fun part, the challenging part pickles You know, and I got it that through food journaling and people me different sort of super foods for them, and you can figure it out. You can Individualise. Your optimization here comes crossfire journalism. Is true Sunday that you have a large holding of pickle futures, calmer futures, solely private everyone ground by pickles stage. We
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crossword puzzle. We always here that crossword puzzles are like doing sit up sphere. Moraine preferences are good for developing things, like fluency of your brain Finding using words you no more quickly, and those are great, but maybe setups is the right analogy if you'd still set ups and nothing else, but are not good. That would be very bad, but- You know. If I tell you, I want to give you a whole body work out animal focus on your diadem refocus on all these other things. It would look different than just crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzle are great. But they become a substitute for everything so you should be doing for your brain and law. The one thing he rallied finishing the crossword puzzle on your own isn't nearly as impact full and boosting brain function as having a face face interaction with a friend studies show that having a diverse social network can improve brain plasticity and help preserve end of ability. So yeah
every moment assumes in doing two hours of crossword puzzle would be better for your brain and shoot shooting shit with a body right. I think most people would think that and what you find, and I won't surprise neuroscientist is that when you are shooting the ship, the body all the various things are happening in your brain. As a result, the friendship, the content you're, talking about whatever may be getting yourself outside your comfort zone, challenging each other a little bit whatever it may be. Those things and much better for harnessing in recruiting all these different areas of the brain. If that is the goal, to always be recruiting new areas of your brain. Then it starts makes sense why certain activities are better than activities is not that the other activities are bad, but if I had to put it all together, If you said ok, what is the best thing to do for your brain just gimme, a couple example: I would say, take a brisk walk with a close friend. And discuss your problems
that kind of get set. These things in a way the brisk walk, obviously just in terms of the movement having the real social connection with somebody. You know and how do you determined that it's a close connection because you feel like you can actually talk about your problems, can do that with them body. So I found that really you know why compelling and Z Digest and I started using it- my own life, I haven't been able to see my parents obvious in a long time, because this pandemic, but when I call them. I would quickly say: hey: are you doing in there typically say we're doing. We're wouldn't find you know, and it was very cursory when I started having a more Purpose driven conversation with them in this loneliness expert taught me this in them for help in some way. to be something simple, all of a sudden it can, really changed the purpose and in time, of our conversations
apparently both engineers, as you know, you know of Michigan Background and one day my wife came home and car had smoke coming out of the head and I'm just gonna, dig up. Ok, I bought the bazaar in he see these engines nowadays. I don't know where to begin. I face time my parents and showed them the thing, and here I got this programming at the front and They were so into the next morning my mama sending me these diagrams of the engine, and here did you look over here, and it the wonderful sort of interaction with my parents, It was revolving around something that was just so purposeful and I just felt good for spy learn think about engines, but you know like the number of like really meaningful conversations that I've had even with my family did you have meaningful conversations at them, but you can so procedural in your line, yeah and to say
going to create a purpose driven commerce, as you go again, you guys are privileged cause. You get to do this through this podcast. Nothing. All the time. So maybe the sound so obvious to you, things those Angie. I think everyone's life is a broken record, once you go home from work. It's like we gotta get some food on the table. We gotta get these little John suppressor teased almost impossible. You know this. Upstairs so repetitive that, of course, than the dialogue ends up being informed by the action weird way, you now look, I'm that is well, I mean I'm not preaching here, but if you can be viewed honourable, to somebody in that means asking for help, then it gets for many the concepts in this book, because it does he as the new areas of the brain. It creates in emotional attachment that really fires up your Magdala. The memories are stronger of those types of interactions because you have more of these new
Transmitters are actually impregnating these memories more strongly and your hippocampus there's a physician, ology behind all this there's a why behind all this, but the what which is, what to do is to me very simple, and it makes sense to me is making me wanted are you a thirty second story which is on a movie said or a tv set, the people that of two most memorize names. Probably are the camera operators cause are so often saying Jennifer? Will you Deb to your laughter. What have you nothing began just say like a guy in the red shirt, so they more than any one have to really learn everyone's names and theirs is a guy on parenthood skip YO, Africanus, perfect name for him. His trick he taught me was he hung out in the morning at the craft service area, where people get their coffee in their snack when he would see a new actor that was just there for the day or a background play. Or any one he would have to talk to him.
ask them to hand him something, and he said that he had learned this trick, that if you need something from somebody, you all remember their name and I tried at trick in real life- and I also just went through historically when I'm there is an actor, actually don't need anything from anybody, but when I've been drawn doing things, I need that customers who do this. I need the hare behaviour that I'm so good. I've memorize a hundred twenty people's names on my crew as I need something from also interested but went on. There is an actor me and I don't know anyone spoken name and I had there's something to what he said here create a purpose around that interaction because then it helps you remember yeah you had an experience and asking for help, there's a little vulnerability there, which I think is maybe the key I mean, I'm sure, that's the key to be honest, but whatever it is Tend to remember that? Maybe it's because you have this instinctive gratitude because they just helped you in some way, whatever may be just skin, someone's name and they too
there's nothing to associate that with. I mean you know, you're Dax. Dear me, like her. I would not have been able to guess your names just by looking at you cherisher very arbitrary, I'm it's totally. I got to know your mom, your parents. Maybe it would make sense. You know there be some story there, but yeah. I think you're actually how we remember by the way you can member too much. You know going back to the empty. I may you know when you talk about post, traumatic, stress, one of the things we're stunning as part of these empty m m. A trials was to give people these beta blockers right out we're traumatic experience in a base. they bringing down the level of stress hormones because stress hormones cause, You two really impregnate these memories even stronger, and do you have a campus so fun we had a terrible accident or some terrible trauma in addition, Ask him some beta blockers,
will be less likely to have PTSD later on sort of fascinating, but it's the same thing except in reverse evolution, airily. If you find that when you drink from this certain waterhole crocodile comes out at you, this is very pertinent information to remember. It's not hard to understand why we're so remembering life threatening ethics, exactly exact. Ok, so we hit move so Sundays, five pillars of brain health. We hit move and we just talked about connect, but I would like to talk. About discover relaxing nourish because again but these are counter intuitive well with no As you know, I think that there are a couple of basic rules are do apply, which is why things that what is good for the heart is good for the brain. I do think that is true just fundamentally because these are both highly demand. In vascular structures, the brain. Two percent in your body weight to takes twenty percent in your blood flow
but you have in your blood in terms of nutrients and how your feeding yourself is obviously going to make a difference. But what I think is different about the brain versus the heart, for example. Is that nourishing the brain comes not just in the form of food, but in terms of every sensation. You have every experience, to have is nourishing your brain in some way. Every sensation you take in visual any kind of sensory stimulation is nourishing your brain. So how do you think, nourishing your brain from an experienced standpoint being out nature, for example, You know when you're on nature, your breathing in these things called fight on sides which are nature's own stress, relieving chemicals. That's how h, you're, sort of bus, Strasser wards off potential threats. We have receptors for these fight insides. So that's sensation or a nourishment that you can give to your brain is well. Why don't? You know do you think about nourishment from a diet ray standpoint. Understand what
good, for your heart is also good for your brain, find your super foods like I did. And think about nourishing your brain in terms of all these various experiences sleep in rest. There both important, I think, with sleep. You know you we think about just The body is shutting down meeting the brain is sort of sleeping as well in its and it's not. The brain is actually quite active during most parts of your sleep cycle. and you are actually then consolidating a lot of memories during that time. So if you get it, way out of having his great experiences. Presumably you have to remembering them. If you are consolidating those memories. Well through good sleep. It's a joyful thing. You know that's the incentive is just to tell you that you will live longer, it's that you will have a more joyous life now. Why? Because your can, elevating wonderful memories. It she had before and that's a good thing. You want to remember your life, but it also the pragmatic purpose of of almost creating this rinsed cycle in your brain,
at night, there's various debris in ways that occurs just from natural sailor processes. You want to be able to sort. flush that away again is relatively new science, but almost like the lymphatic system that takes- waste away in your body, the brain. it's a sort of lymphatic system which is far more active during sleep, so what wherever it, whatever it takes to convince people to do this. You know it's super important. Did you mean why we sleep, yes, oh my god, it's fantastic! following its boy- and you know like, I think, the what in the why right like. I could tell you what to do, but I do think like an why we sleep understanding. Why you do it I think it's really good way to learn and then people will follow it. that's, why I'm doing this? It makes sense to me now it sticks. With you you're more likely to share it with your friends, your family
on a personal level. While I was relapsing this year and abusing opiates, what I realize I either wasn't dreaming or if I was, I certainly didn't. Remember it, and then I read that book and I thought oh, I was probably Robbie myself of all this time where I process my fears, I process my memories. I store those here I get rid of that. I don't need it. It's like what It could be an unintended collateral effective that that I would have never even considered right But I didn't know about the relapse. Oh well, everyone listening knows so now I apologize. I I've been so head down and covered. So now you you have no obligation to follow my. I know you're. Ok, yes, I'm totally. Ok, I'm three months clean I had all those surgeries, and then I decided I would that was right away. You write on those opiates were more complex. that, but that was certainly probably what got made a critical mass yeah. I'm sorry,
my friend I feel like. I should know these. I didn't say it to be. A downright just was putting that peace, there while remaining. Why we sleep, I just thought out. This is something probably no one even thinks about with different addictions. Well go people who alcoholics. We know what effect your sleep initially, we know that it robs you of ram. We know it robs you they're, so that's it again. When you learn of the function of sleep and how important it is that then, to ask to be a factor, you can sit turn its not just your liver. It's not just you know your marriage. What is this a lot of stuff going back to the brain, to the extent that you think of the brain, many think of sleep, the liver, you measure your liver function, tests and again in this objective measure with brain. You know, I'm telling you I do not think in as well as you normally do, you're, not remembering as well as you normally do. You ve lost your energy in others, all these sort of vague, nebulous ways. describing it, but it may
no less important and in fact it's the most important stuff for how someone thinks about their life define their lives because we don't have a precise measure of that. It's been hard That's again what I really wanted to get out in this book, I'm very careful not to be too. audacious in terms of high present this, because I wanted to be something that people really gonna believe in I'm not out there sort of making these while conclusions, but There are several things we know to be true in terms how we can, I'll take care of the brain- and I believe, there is a best way to take care of the brain for everyone. If you believe that there is the best way to do this. For you. If you start with that premise, then I can help anybody can help really get you there yet, and I dont think these are big asks. You know it's not like Atkins die or you can't eat more than thirty grams of carbohydrates and data is very hard to achieve, but taking a walk every day is doable
you now getting the right amount of sleep is doable connecting with people. You love is doable. None of these things are painful, really asks, and so I think it's very approachable in that way beyond I think, the reason people do I m is almost for the opposite. Reason in some ways are too simple, so I don't believe it could actually have an impact or two it's always the first thing to drop off your schedule. You get a busy day, so you are you you're gonna get together and do that walk with your body and talk about your problems and that fell off the schedule quickly, because how important could that be? So, unlike other things which are actually hard to doing it. Like. I guess I just I can't do it too hard. It's almost like with these things. Because they're too easy, they don't see like they have the same level of importance have struggled with at even in this book like how to convey that to people, because I write a book like this. as a brain surgeon. As someone who has studied the brain or quarter century and people will say well. It are these
it's too soft. Are they too vague early to nebulous in what I say is look. I think that, if its objective measures that you want we'll catch up, we'll figure that out we're going to figure out how to test differently, had a measure differently and all that and will have paradigms. You have to have a ninety five score on x. You know yeah, but in until then don't we still want to use common sense and understand societies around the world that have hardly need dementia and from them in some way, don't we want the attention, the things that we know must be true or we gonna wait a hundred years for the evidence to do things that can. but now it's a fundamental debate always happening in the scientific world and free. Part of the reason I gotta journalism because sometimes things, move too slow wait for a New England Journal of Medicine article which will take ten years from some idea in some small persons head to the time that is published or you gonna start,
doing things now that aren't that hard to do like you just said, and can make a huge difference that really what it's about. Yet we can't five pain. Actually we try this one. On a ten thing, it's told what the fuck is. Monica nine verses, my six, but I'm not gonna drop. Brigham. I my foot every day until I have that number right. You know and by the way you measurements are a little bit of seven billion people on the planet, just like with pain with everything my cholesterol. of whatever the number is may not have the same impact on my heart. Is your cholesterol of the same number? We ex shortcuts near my favorite romance Apology was just innovates were living on a general a diet of like five thousand calories a day of wild blubber. That's virtually all they ate your data. of coronary disease there. So you just look at the extreme latitude how humans have lived, how they ve thrived in yes, we're so variant. You talk about fatty die.
Try being a bad thing. Everyone would say that the end We know that haven't we talked about this to conversations ago about sugar, You know, and sugar became the substitute for fat because we were a low fat country in low fat, food tat S, a terrible, see, replaced it with sugar and that was actually considered health foods. He immediately were terrible decisions, cardiac disease. This became the number one killer of men and women alike. We obviously have to countries that pre diabetic or diabetic, and we are country it follows a low fat diet. We don't really, but my point is that TAT became the enemy. Sugar became the friend and where did they get us? having measurable. That way can actually be to our peril as well. We know from mentally what's right and that's what keep sharp really all about was in some ways codifying the things be does it needs to be codified in some way? Maybe I'm a good person to do it. I don't know it will see, but to be
This take this journey and say: ok, you know- and I believe this stuff I spent enough. I'm with these neuroscientist I'll, give you the what and the why to explain why these things work and then do with it what you will, but if you do it right, I gotta have a better joyous. Brow full of more resilience in reserve, you'll have life. If you do these very simple things, yeah cuz your body's going to physically. Let you down like I too, am going to fall off a roof with a leaf blower at ninety three. I guarantee that. So you know Let's hope. The one thing you want the most in these latter years is still high functioning. I hope everybody buys keep sharp, so that we can buy Son J a staircase further such must serve about him. I'm deftly doing there now I'm down Rebecca proponents Turkey is an endless
you're a three p, but I think you should go further. Our Martin personnel numbers on here I'd like to talk to you every a by annually, I'd say, agree no semi annually and like every day of it, I Do I dont get the connection so much, especially nowadays they can dig deep, you know I mean. Sometimes I just feel like life gets a lot Cursory, you know, and then sometimes I just want to lean in with some of my friends and have the deeper conversations and you know sometimes they don't. Then you got to like get the bandwidth right cuz. If you want to have a deep conversation, they don't except the worst of the worst, and yet you guys you are such curious people and really enjoy it, while we elsewhere Part of the antidote to the twitter yes and are all going to die a mark TWAIN. I said what was it would have written your shorter letter, but I didn't have the time Heaven it never here that the ideas are for the first time. The other day, it's a quote from some
If I d say who's it from, I think they mark TWAIN, gets credit for everything's and actually anything and lavender yeah. I heard that it was in reference to some else really find what we as a month ago, I just never get a chance to talk to neurosurgeons often and I, Are you here I'm going to so I think tell me recorded this was like days after I had a seizure. so I then has been diagnosed with epilepsy and I don't know what it is ignored. Heckling like what is happening in my brain when that's happening so
I didn't know that, so this is, after all, the time that we just spoken March. She had just had a seizure. I just haven't, like probably Jays, Ella hails she's out on five years. Where are you goodness? I need to do and it is doing these more often creepy, it's not enough. I am he's flop and around on the ground. I am like paddle what surveillance about that and I have had till only. I think that there are both nocturnal there you're a part. The only reason we knew the second, one was a seizure like I had a seizure, and I didn't know it because it was at night. I woke up and I had like design station I peed in the bed and my back was killing. and then I went to the doctor that day and they just like you know, a urine task to check my kidney function,
stop there, like the other. Via this moment, I was wrong. I was lucky peed who care we will be the bed. I don't think it's normal and then a year passed and I had in February in New York, and I was in a hotel room with three friends. They saw it. So that's how we know no one was witnessed. Yes, thank God. So I am always try to be very humble and want to diagnose from afar. But I imagine you had your work up with scans and driven e g as well. We didn't end up doing an e g because minor this too I love was dislike. I don't think we're gonna find, especially as yours for our part- and it just doesn't seem the dual mammogram and she didn't think that Alexander
The most dynamic and others induces easier. Maybe not exactly so, and there is nothing else they can, and just those two points in time was or anything else that with similar about those two points in time, and not that I can say, I mean it's hard because at the first one, I didn't do very good documentation because it got written off very quickly, but I don't think So it's also tricky cause they're happening there. Are they happened at night? So I don't know I'm on medics. she now I've been on medication since February, but I dont know if there are still how the name you nicely by myself. So it's a weird thing will agree. It's hard to put these things. eg. But if you are on medication, you know one thing you can do is you can do a easy on and off to see? If your you know what some point, I'm sure they're going to think about weaning you off the whatever. As the camera,
Thailand and there's a couple of beer and being able to compare it to see if you even having anything micro sub clinical at that point scoring scan was normal. Scan you did that with contrast used it. I Vienna news contrast. Now I don't think so we did all. Has that day like Ben Wednesday, I went to the hospital, they did all those tests and they said everything was They ve, they thought they were very continuity with the scans anywhere third of seizures. Are you not there for video path at dinner? really figure out what caused it it could be an electrolyte imbalance. It could be some sort of sometimes of medicine that you ve interacted with for some reason or whatever it is a substance. I've had friends, it said they were birth control. They had him and then they went off and they never had. One again is that the erroneous didn't hurt. You know that specifically with progesterone, but do you know who knows? I mean you know that a third of these things already a path if there's gotta be some other drivers, but
as a neurosurgeon. You know. We always worry that in an adult too, has a new onset seizure that it's something organic in the brain. Think Strang, the brain and if its that, then it's good, he was obviously and too Is that their much more likely to resolve? you never! So I'm sure you're neurons scared, but you know thinking about getting a e g while on and then off to see if it changes at all might be worth it here and now.
They checked all your labs, you're sodium, an all out than the anthem area, I'm sure they're dies, a mammogram movies double daddy's, though you know a lot about another summit. Last time we talk, he was gonna land, a plane or some figures myself as a primary care positions pilot. I think you're trying to convince me that you should land a plain that I was I was a child was silent than other started that that debate has yet to end by, and we even had a pilot say that he thinks I'd be a good candidate, Jack Sparrow, arrogant yeah that you really need to believe you can do this by the most important thing. Well, great luck with the book the everyone share will appreciate it by and red keep sharp, and we will talk to you again shortly. I guarantee it poor PETE,
her whose, by your guys, thank you now my favorite part of the show that check with NICE or Europe. Now you have a second diary of fat. I have lots of notebooks, oh my gosh for facts. You probably pick up job, because their stylish wish I did actually most of them are given to me. Oh give This was a gift from Amy Hansen and it it has a phrase. Gonna tell us well behaved. Women seldom make history That's that's true. it's true. I don't like those books planning bad seed. For you to be bad, behavior now I do you know what it means of women is to be subjugated we're just talking subjugation. We were
I would say when people are subjugated, they will act out. I dont believe any person can just shoulder being subjugated and not act out right right. There's a million of always act out, but I just believe there's. Limited human capacity of aim. Fucking ruled over now you, then you do stuff, yeah, divers, probably true, you'd find the end outlet came up because we were speaking of a certain married couple were one member of the relationship rules. An iron fist. He just bargain orders all day long at this other person f, and then I theorize at that. Other person must have something going on to get through. I yeah yeah just to get through it. Now I don't know what the thing is on the right, but I just think there's no way this person has taken it up the caboose all day long and then not acting out in some way about, let's be a little more specific, you have decided that this person with having affairs idle thing
based on what I know that this person is having affairs, but this person, probable does have avenues to chance. Their frustration or miserable billowy there is really a boy, you, that's you being bad behavior. You just made history Behavior, though, to make up to break with English, decorum english language, I very decidedly woke the rules, anguish, Yanza behaviour Herman, who made his because of it, I should add, memorabilia what you say: one lives or ability miserably memorable. These already word you memorabilia Billy yeah. I remember what I said whenever ability, let's that's a view of a high ability for memory, ok, member ability or could have like a high level. of member ability, like you always remember, many members oh, ok,
somebody new words for twenty twenty one anyway, I just I do think you tend to believe that avenue is often sexual right in That doesn't mean they're out banging somewhat, but that means they like they're, watching dirty porn to get even or their therein chat rooms. To give you a you know, there's all these little sneaky avenues for folks to be now body without really like him, an affair. You think it's about getting even, but I don't know, I think it's about them. Filling the boy aid. No, I gets about reclaiming your autonomy, person has taking your autonomy you're no longer in charge of when you go here or there or when you eat. Let you know that our colleague ship and so you need a little something to reclaim your autonomy in its best reclaimed if it's in opposition to your oppressor, You kind of subconsciously know what thing would they would
ever allow in you. Do that thing. That's the like clearest expression of your autonomy bags, you're doing something that that person would forbid near forbade, Forbad. Ok, be the subjugate. Her could be like a health? Not ok. and they control the diet of the other one and then their thing would be to let go to quit fucking car if we are to successfully other than ever so, the other. That's out this part just sand and they eat like sixteen crispy fuckin. He put it the fuck. I want you in Siam, yeah, do you anywhere now? Ok, we still on what do we kind of guy just using I always generally things can be sexual I also think you you think it's always and Anon or I don't it's always open, but I think it's very common because the most
mean thing to partners in general is fidelity right. So it's again some level some sums up conscious level. They know it's the nuclear option, yeah well in this particular couple. The person who is gated, yes, has also hack, has a past of adultery funny enough, you guys think exclude from that possibility. Well everyone this person's life made you're right they were in their life frozen life. Now that no funny way either we're, not least because of the I for one am, but because we're trying to keep a general neutron, I keep back I'm. What is the added the parts out that I've said that, but so it gets up laughing, but this dog His life was ruined by the infidelity, yes, and I do believe people learn from the stakes you have, I think, people repeat their best.
ex. Generally speaking, people are in a pattern of repeating the exact same mistakes over and over again their whole life. I think that's actual aid. Instead, I wasn't as the norm, negative most people look at their life objectively. They can see that they ve just they just keep doing the same thing. The key Taking the same stupid decision may keep dating the same woman or man. They keep having this same blow up at their job that they always have. Let you know why are we really the radio we did ok so get into your naughty behavior, but ok go hungry. I'm gonna change. I'm gonna come up with my own sane and it's gonna say historical women seldom. We well behaved why slipped it, but now we are now all or now I owe my own say- that's so man, Latvia, to take something
procreate, a woman's invention, yeah, tackling that thinking, Pringles Demur, TWAIN say I would have written. You are shorter letter, but I didn't have the time. It's actually a french philosopher, mathematician blaze, stuff in a blaze, causes French B l a. I ask you whether you think that bloody players. Have there was going to italian scow Pascal Blaise Pascal Craig, he wrote, I would have written a shorter water, but I did not have the time. but then in an another source, said o Mark TWAIN. One says I didn't have time to write you a short letters. I wrote you a long one block ay Pascal wrote a version of this saying in French and quickly moved into the english language, totally motorway
fuckin appropriated, while this is saying that second version is saying Mark TWAIN said, I don't have time to write you a short letters. I wrote you a long one and then blog a year after the four. After the fact, that too, I would have written you a short letter, but I didn't have the time that infringe than about translated to english lots going on so much do we know it the chronologically who did it for now? I don't know we don't know my camera. I, like the French, guys version better, ok, just for starters. Also, I mean it concerned that had that sentence? written in the age of twitter, gone in the waste basket with every other thing that can you write a sentence like that? That's gonna be repeated. Two hundred years later at this point. Well, Michelle Obama said when Vega low we go high. But she said a gunners, be something. Could you write a line of text that all was
then two hundred years of history, I dont think because the boy William of small text being written, anything and stand out. That's interesting is probably a billion tweets of that merit, I don't know, is that positive or negative is now due to its fine eighty five. It is what it is. Who do you think that was a tweet originally, it is what it is. That is what it is. I wanna make up a phrase. That's new that will Ass, I want to say I have my glass you'll just have made up some. and start my brother. I made up bungee when we are little. Oh, I guess I'm just doing, whereas I am a member ability, I mean. Oh, you did. I want today my mother, Mobility mine, will mean ability. I already forgot it's not it's not memory oh it's well on the member ability.
Oh, I just wonder, clarifies, and he said I got the first Pfizer shock. I want to clarify cause at first when he said I thought he was the first person to get the Pfizer shot Oh right now, there's two show exactly: he got the first of two eyes or shots. Ok within talk about this on Monday, but we were planning on talking about it. On Monday, I hesitate to even bring it back up to be honest, but it did come up in this episode, so I feel that I should the Hogwarts quiz right I wanted, dress it. Although now I'm not sure that, although in the room, So can I address for you? Well, let me know I'd be a part of it. All gaping humming by me, I'm the one who really suffered the consequences here,
saying that this is where my ignorance save me, like. I said stupid things, but everyone knew I don't know what the fuck I was talking. Yes, and I was in a position of power there and he has- and I guess I abuse there you're an expert position. I said some disparaging things about hustle path. Papa yeah, there's a lotta hurt awful populism, why there was a lock and they took a few things from this one J K, rolling, Bihar good for you, look at what you ve done. You ve created a world that people buy into so deeply that their identity is tied to it. Yeah a fictional world. Yes, that, then here when real humans on earth have tied there. I'd Kennedy to and that's quite beautiful thing that there are so many people who care about law and share that mine identify that much him relate absolutely. I love that I feel bad. I add up
Are you felt really bad gas? I talk to you that day. Oh, you had a rough day that yeah his people, They came after you yeah and what you wanted to say what you can't say: you're allowed to defend yourself ever work. It makes you look defensive and, worse is guys. I was just can I dont really have a negative opinion about hovel puffs, exactly and or muffled deaths and I don't I'm just having fun and I wasn't really attacking you but you're not to say that. So that's why I said. Can I thank you as in any other thing. I wanted to say that you can't say, but I can say because I didn't hurt, their feelings is if there was just like you said an example of identity gone awry, which is these things are even exist. Here is my analogy: if you ten thousand people together and had ever I can't afford one tooth before one thousand two hundred and thirty four one thousand two hundred and thirty four down the whole line said one stand over there, Tuesday and over there three staying over there for you over there, and then I go to
Darwin lazy if those people Why dont you talk about to. Is that what you mean? What are you talking about? I gave you this identity twelve seconds ago, actually yeah so that was kind of my thing was like as this is an even a thing that you can yeah, but by, but when people's feelings or her, I don't want to hurt people. That is my heart sadness that came with there is. I am not in the market of hurting people's feelings. When I ran very very sorry. If your feelings were her by the area and we're all of those things like we're so drawn to putting ourselves in boxes, because I think it's a control thing like we like to know think we'd like to nor astrology Arza Agnes. I we like to know our earlier grams. All of these things we like to like yourselves to exactly ended. The real truth is we have pieces of all of the things
I also you know what I really was thinking about this law. I was like it's too detriment, because one person, I'm sure very beautiful, wonderful person among about nor no actually now Scooby in nice there was a comment that very daughter had just been sorted into hustle puff, occur, but all but made real good grades and was exe. I and z so kind of like how dare you say that my daughter was just sorted and the half open my good, and I really want sorry. I really. What are you talking about by wire man? You is the parents. Are there to explain your child that there is no such thing and you cannot possibly hang your emotions on this thing that J K Rolling invented her bathrobe jeez.
Yeah you're, putting yourself in way to vulnerable like idle and understand the kids. Writing you that, but the parent I now come on. I started to feel sad that, like all your I've seen your child and right now, you're saying your child. Has this trade in this trade in this trade, and you know again, the very superficial trades that come from a children's bulk, I'm like that's, not really fair to that kid. If she's walking through life, saying I'm this, I'm just I'm just I'm just like it's going to be a self fulfilling prophecy in the good ways, I'm sure, but in the bad ways to like. I don't think you should walk yourself There is such a goal, It's your train to the model doors or the Syrians, or the Rumpelstiltskin or any of them. I'm gonna boy, this topic now to say one of my Pepe I've been trying to find a good time to air their all great another green, the Africa pudding.
Your twitter or Instagram profile that you're, a republican or democratic or a liberal or conservative. To me you couldn't something that says a lot about you it. It is fifty. Fifty your ear claiming what's unique about. You is something that fifty percent of the people in the country are id like what could be less unique. There might not be saying it that's why they're? U need financing this opportunity for you to tell people about yourself and if the ones you choose to tell people about yourself, as I'm sure, like a hundred seventy five other million Americans theirs. Seen there? That's like saying your. Your mail If you write on their over five four, ok great- cut this country and to people all those over five foreign, all those under that doesn't goddamn thing about you, I see what you're saying and also I don't know that p, or to using the line by line is to really be like this is who I am like and assume you when you were a liberal congrats?
you're. Just like a hundred seventy five million other people and of your declare yourself conservative, like cool your and the other half year. This is not what it ass. He would you think it's crazy people wrote male now. I actually would die whatever you want to write on there. Prior out mail, our female, proud female think is great molested separate thing, which is their statements subjugated. So that's one thing, but to say proud Ebay, it's like bleeding out conservative, proud, liberal parental. What Alan proud of something that everyone is there's nothing there. When I look back fully dissidents, yeah, I think politics. Unfortunately, it does tell people like if someone says Republican and someone's has liberal. I do know some self about them already
I do it is telling me something: it's not like there writing the word purple like it means something show What all of us in our group sharing common is liberal. So if we ve all written liberal unearthing, it hasn't it One thing about me also means that, on the same issue, from the same as Ryan are the same as Charlie, that's actually very poor distinguish serve. You didn't really actually tell you anything about me. It tells You can say about our whole group and look at the difference in our group yeah. But again I dont think this isn't like a dating profile its cycle to line quick thing. I think people are like. I gotta pick the perfect sun and set it up percent encapsulates my personality, like I don't think that's happening. So there kind of picking generic things if they want mean multiple, just but like a joke there. yeah. I guess I just the last thing I would do is in my bio, tell you some that Almost every single other person on the planet is
four chambered heart, o grey yeah everyone's got afford chamber tat. Yeah I mean again. I think that it tells you Above all, it tells you something and in some people are more connected to those believes than others you're more centred. I was going to say I think, there's the same amount. Indifference among liberals is. There is a difference between browsing conservatives uniting there's much difference between conservatives as there are both of early. I dont actually think they really you anything if any category that can be divided in there's only two options. Clearly it until you much is too broad ripe. Its blanket in half of the population Let me hear that your work here we didn't come to an agreement, but that's it s. Okay, we rarely do anyways, I'm sorry helpful puffs. I really am, and I love Harry Potter, and I love I wanted to bring joy to everyone, and I love the house, it that's my last note to people and therefore,
talking about a fake world of magicians were probably not really bad ways. Words be up, imagine ears your wizards, ok, ok, so, oh tens window. He was right, of course the Overton window. Is the range of policies politically acceptable to them thinking? only to the mainstream population at a given time. It is also known as the window of discourse the opportunity It was a model for understanding how ideas in society change over time and influence politics. The core concept politicians are limited and what policy ideas they can support. They generally only pursue policies that are widely accepted throughout society as legitimate policy options. These people These lie inside the Overton window. Other policy ideas exists, but politicians risk losing popular support if they champion these ideas. These policies like outside overturn window Well, I just goes to show that's why are has to move.
culture and society in politicians came yeah, they really can't yeah. So the Arab Isn T in books and literature that all has to move move us along the. I agree, I love that cause. I never heard it that we learn something new Heaven, either gray, we the learned the Mandela fact last night watching a show of rights, it's so funding which is The examples that this person gay world- it's called Mandela effect because for a period of time, many many people on planet earth had heard that mandate? had died in prison and then, eight years later, I was honey's release and everyone's like wait like a significant proportion of the population believe he was deaf and then all the sudden there was so their memory doesn't jive with the reality and they
explanations for why that is the one that many of us identified with that. That was still first of top stuffing, which is not a thing now. There's no such thing as Dover still stepped up stuffing, nor has there ever met and why I know there's not you can't even say Silverstone up something you get when you have an art, I heard no, no, no one can say it because it's not real, come to my house we're having Silverstone stop stuffing. Now it is hard and other funny. One was people think for breeze has to ease in them in, and people are like. No, in another great one was Baxter Sex and the city. Yes in Latvia, will they succeed in a city and they like believe it like oh no something chain, yeah now they're making us It was always sex and the city, but it wasn't it with sex in the city and really these people are just so convicted. in their believes the idea that they could just be wrong.
It is not an option, so they idling they ve come up with all these theories. Yeah like Malta Universe theory because they can't accept that they perhaps are just now. What I was more interested in is not writing either side, also, the one that I really dandified with besides to overstep suffering was, or there the sunshine. On the box of racism, brain had sunglasses on everyone will not everyone. Many people think that has sunglasses on in there like when they take the sunglasses off, come to find out. It's never ever had sunglasses, so immediate interests me as all I bet it was heard it on the great vine that campaign they had for reasons in the sun during a recent brain campaign, and I think they pop sunglasses, probably on the sun, for commercial, but never on the box. I'm really interesting like how there's no way? It's a coincidence that many people have it wrong that there has to be an explanation, and I the real explanation, but they think it,
explanations: the Multiverse, which I don't right and I think our brain or more similar than we want to give credit. ah ha and make some more mistakes, so I dont but the rays Abram thing I think part of his it's a son in our brains. So she saw Lasher AIDS with Son souls one you see it like that were like we edge it should be, and Really it's just our brains are just creating this aim patterns or something what the dashing Coca COLA, whether it has always had a dash, doesn't ever dash. It was really funny it's funny, it's what's it all John Somethin, how do with John Wilson Diego The other shows called how to with John Wilson. Is very peculiar, and I like it it's not like anything else? That's really on right here. I totally agree it. I was getting here. I was very
selected and Now- and I was making me really anxious- the people can't accept that their raw available yeah yeah one had your hot under the child. It is see here We use ten percent of our brains. No Madame myth that some amateurs- that's me the movement of aid is real, quick that that in new wit, diet. Your time, my you said the mainly well blubber, it's called muck talk. Traditional into it and truck. She me of frozen whale skin and blubber mock talk. Is has often made from the skin and blubber of the boat had well, although the boy Google and the north wall are also used, usually eaten raw. Today it is occasionally finally diced breaded, deep, fried and then service this one thing
if thou, when I was talking about that as I want to say, they ate ten thousand in calories up today, because they had to so many gallery staying warm and then environment. You said five thousand. I think it might have been ten thousand some crazy. It said here, the fat, not the protein from animal feeds, provided most of the three thousand one hundred calories required daily for these active people what this article said we were in Alaska by so I had learned. They were called in a wit in anthropology, but US they're called the newbie, yeah, and I don't know, I'm sorry, I e right. I wish I knew more. I don't love that call themselves a newbie or what, but I just kept hearing a newbie up there and I was I will, but those in went anyways and he never figured question mark Question- do Ivan used to go back to Alaska now, because I don't have Google
no other choice but to fly to Alaska. Remember I suggested we take a young, a family trip. The northern lights somewhere to do that, whether that Sweden, Norway Then, when o riskier orally Skype or probably parts in northern candle new demanded. I would love to do that. If we really fun were no yeah, then only goals is sit outside eat. Well, blubber to stay warm suicide, and then watch the northern lights dance around it underwhelming no cause! I told you they one time were visible in Detroit. When I was in high school in, like I heard all my neighbors outside going, what lay people thought many people other than your bar, I, the whole sky was green and it was also about its craze. Any was awesome even with a dose of fear that it might be nuclear fallout. So I imagine just take that away and you know you're safe or even better. However, does it happen?
oh yeah, I like I want to say in the winter months when it's dark very often really cool. I guess I could one on Google but I think you could probably google how many nights a year, the northern lights visible yeah, I'm excited for that and I'm afraid of being really cold, we'll get you like. A real nice north. I like climb avarice outfit. Ok today, when I got the shower, as like man, do I hate being cut. yeah. I really hate it. By my Violation of Egypt double whammy reasons, because my indian culture in Georgia My very warm climber sure am nurture oath. If a double whammy- or I love you, I love you
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