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2019-01-14 | 🔗

Sarah Silverman (Saturday Night Live, The Sarah Silverman Program, Wreck-It Ralph, I Smile Back) is an American stand-up comedian, actress, producer, writer and benevolent goddess. Sarah sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss the sexual double standard between male and female comics, she talks about her experience as a teenage bed wetter and she touches on her commitment to empathy. Sarah reflects on a moment where she used sexuality to gain power and Dax wonders if her attractiveness was a hindrance in the comedy community. The two have a discussion about the curliness of pubic hair, they dissect Sarah’s misophonia and Dax apologizes for a past interaction that still haunts him.

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Maybe we're a woman's as I can feel you watch him when I feel cold. You ya me and went up I can't go on you come in who me you and me, forever. Silver, do do welcome armchair expert nice, never sanguine intro but left appropriate yea. Really a kid. I believe, TAT,
about one Sears silver men. What I get for us all, my gosh, I feel so onboard comin out swing in nineteen gonna, be, are the top all down ill from here, just sand. Well, you know, Sir Silverman for PETE's sake. If you dont know Sir Silverman than you need to throw your mobile d, I saw the window of your car or just a sum. Google, you get to know our all. That's right, all over your phone out of the ditch and Youtube serious element, but look we're super fans of Sarah Super Cheese, incredible she so funny he so smart, she's, the biggest heart and on issues easy on the ice to yeah alike. I like her and I like it so
without further ado, please enjoy Sir Silberman he's we regarded Monica wonder site star. Do you doubt then do unaware these I enjoy? I like it. I like be too because then I know I don't have to protect. That's right. I don't even like. I guess I'm so- used to go into a radio station right in sitting behind like a desk and then there's the microphone and the headphones, even where, if I go on stern, I feel very physically uncomfortable, like I feel, so suppose you sitting on a couch in the fact that it's a headset yeah they had set the like Jana Jackson thing. They have now that meant that throw you out of here conference on it I get used to it now, your vice. Amazingly again, do you think
I do in fact that that would be something I want you to later, but yeah. I think you have ice in your veins of usages several weeks. My heart, you very, are you kidding well I'll I'll. Tell you this as a perform and others you may lead. Rather I dont believe in developing a thick skin. I'd rather just have a little more perspective on where things are coming from and understand the more or less good way. You're. That's a good way to look, because I want to feel things, but it is. It is interesting because you're right like in order to be effective, there has to be a distance. You know like in comedy. If you want to talk about something you're very passionate about you have to have some kind of wall or distance, just like an emergency worker. As someone who works in emergency,
it's gonna, be more effective if they can separate what's going on because otherwise there going got, you believe you just as you know, and you have to be able to have a kind of distance just like social workers and stuff. You know he did you get in, because you're compassionate army medics and in order to be effective, you have to be able to be slightly less compassion. Yeah, we'll just objective in being objective, is almost antithetical to being motion all an and yeah there's this guy all bloom wrote a couple of different books about empathy, and he said you know. We think of empathy. Is justice, blanket positive thing like a euphemism for any good nature things, but he said in point of fact: the empathy is not useful and he gives that exists
that example. If your surgeon is imagining being in your shoes while operating on you very ineffective, he wouldn't be able to cut in t or she build a cut into you so or or, if you were walking along the beach new, saw someone drowning. You dont rounding. I say it wrong that little be one of many words. I say wrong throughout infects little bit, but what did he said? You know you don't need empathy to act into do good In fact, if you saw someone drowned dean, The worst thing you could do is put yourself. Their shoes because it would make you hysterical right, but the eyes in the veins comment is simply. You have a type of comedy which has so much quiet in it, which I find to be the most scary thing you could do in stand up. There's a few people that you know really do it in
Certainly one of them. Oh interests, you're, aware of that. Obviously riot moments yeah. I learned that from Gary shambling all really hate you. I remember him telling me that sometimes what you aren't saying is just as much a part of it as what you are saying, and you know of course, when you start doing stand up. If you dont have the crowd you'll yield over talk, we'll talk, louder, you'll, talk faster and that's desperation. Slacker act, I'm still in memories of my comedy. Yes, so you have to be willing to yeah have those those moments yeah? I guess I find it to be very brave and in fact we both listen, a stern, a lot and is in in the Seinfeld and abuse love on their. They would he says the kind of people he admires. He admires the comics, there can kind of just sit in those beats and be patient and not panic, and let all that happened in now.
To me is still the most mine blowing kind of companies you can have on state were also it's very interesting, because people are not traditionally comfortable in the quiet moments, and I can give an example of my dad who, when we're on the phone- there is a single beads of silence. He goes on Mama, it's kind of our breaking, even though its you know he's fine, but it's it's because he is terrified of those quiet moments. You know it someone's gonna give up on em were there Conversation will be over like my worst moments of the year are in an along elevator ride with like for strangers. I just find it gruelling.
Are you super comfy in an elegant, our you enjoying the awkwardness of it? That's a sum. I have had interior monologues where I think everybody here standing in silence, I'm not the only one standing in silent, aha, something to be comfortable in and then other times. I will take it. I myself to be the host of the elegant me. Are you can count on the valley floor? Six, I'm gonna make some job because I just feel like they all need. Rescuing, and I do too, and even if I tank it it'll be better than the other experience we were having it's interesting about. I don't know I'm going back to this, but I have been thinking about that in terms of lake being too close to something to be effective. It's it's like you know when I ever cops, wife gets murdered, you'd think he'd be the perfect,
detective on the case, because he's he knew nothing about his. Why you are right, of course, he's taken off the case because he's too close to it. Yes, I've, I've heard you, This point reality and I'd stern. I totally is realised what it was about, and then I didn't really. I am only going as I was watching clips of view in preparation for this. I was realizing how many times you ve had to deal with all that the am tended done with it because of poor. Is that interview all these click bait ass, you think you're putting something the man it was. I purpose not what I was saying. I know I know. Oh my god there and they recently did this to Christian and it was. It was just any. It was a thoughtful, in our view and then I got reduced to some sentence that doesn't even resemble the interview and then that thing of course was incendiary to everyone on all political aids and it just yet
a disaster and no outlet is immune to is, is classier classier them doing, because they're URI, what they're all drowning in desperate the they all got to make money in this word paradigm, which that's requires little icon. It itself quoted inaccurate, but nobody clicks most people are reacting almost solely to a headline. They saw no, no one's reading the full article on anything by what I'm guilty of its haughtily guilty of that. But I do now try to be more aware of it, but but when I heard you make that point, I reminded you have something I always think which is like. I will sometimes be against the death penalty right and then seminal. Marty say or what? If it was your daughter that was murdered, and I say I would that person killed, but we should
have someone that's been the victim of their child dying, be making policy for the country is that's the actual last person cause I'm now so emotional about that there's no way I could have evaluate ray the pros and cons of it or be objective and probably, Ninety percent of staff were sent word to. We are too close to the fire. We are There is the other side of that of of I wish more people who have experienced not having money for health care. Not you know having their having education, be for the rich healthcare before the rich. In all these things, who people who have a at touched, you know I mean Betsy devised, headed any point experienced or or witnessed nostril going to get simply an education in the the richest country in America. You would have a little more information to go on using this documentary on the guy's name is dear
Davis, he's jasmine position and he's black, and this documentary called accidental courtesy, accidental Kersey. I think it's encroach. Here in the seventies he's just ass? He was like a professional musician, so he'd sitting with different bands- and I guess in that late seventies are abies. Country was kind of big, so he found himself in these different country bars and one guy came up to same how great play the piano and then would you like to sit down, have a drink, and then he stuck with him in his body, and he says what are you he and his body now Germany's I tell him tell him he's a no one can tell me, he's the grand wizard the clerks clam and the grand wizard admits to him. He's literally the first black guy he's ever spoken too in his life. He had some are caught his whole life without actually conversing with vipers. He then becomes friends with that guy and he, as if the guy you like
he goes to his wedding. I guess he's gone Declan rallies where they're burning across in in over the years he has reached out to all these different grand wizards or imperial dragons. Whatever their fun dungeons and dragons names are, and he has gotten fifteen of the leaders to leave the clan and collects there the hoods in shit in this house and ditches incredibly cool, and you start relay.
Oh people, you assume a run of the same experience. You do in some people never even met a gay person, or you know that they know what go towards love. Even tromp was a Democrat, but he went towards where he got the love from that's always what happen that way. If you engage, it goes usually pretty well when you engage with love and not saying that's easy or necessary, the right thing to do or that anyone's obligated to do it and it's pretty fruitful. Usually in the end, you see that that you know hate comes from. This is probably boring at this point, but fear and enter the fear. Fear of what is unknown. I mean when on my shall we went to Louisiana and you know this families who all voted for Trump and in own day hosted me for I love you, America Yandah she's sedges, at which they had to Google Jew
I just did not wear their lazier. Unwise bow window was too and she said did you? latin levinus than I do very I heard you meetings yeah running the World war. My honest when I was a little kid. The first people I became aware of that were jewish were our neighbours. When I was five years old and I had heard like their jewish that around, like you, know little apartment complex, it was very well known, they were jewish and I add my five year old brain was trying to figure out like oh, what's what's what makes Jewish and the only thing I could figure out was that they were the only people that drove a foreign car. They drove a beetle bug. Presumably Detroit is, and everyone drove in american car- and I was like: oh jewish people drive foreign cars. That's why they're jewish me now, because that was the.
We that seemed obviously different about them. I mean listen, I might have to you know I was raised by an agnostic at best parents and we were jewish or lessen Silverman, but you know I grew up in New Hampshire All the parents of my friends would say, are you from New York and I go what's your camera here? Let looking back it as an adult. Of course they just like Jews are from New York in that's totally understandable, and I also realise that leg I knew innate Lee, but I didn't know wire. I could have never like articulated this as a kid to show my friends, parents that I is not scary and that I was polite and that you know em. I was nothing I fear you know you had this. I knew instinctively again as you are somehow an ambassador for jewish,
people in their home, and you know my older sister is now a rabbi in a we grew up with no religion, we weren't, but myths fed. We didn't, we never went to a bar mitzvah, we didn't know it that was growing up here. We just didn't grow up with juice at all and she thought being, jewish men being a Democrat, because that also have a friend in our town near the offer sure so you embraced it then you aren't like. I don't know what that is an I'm, not that we don't run from it. You know I did a little Cosette were a lot. I would say at we're, jewish, but, like widow, we're not like, we don't. While a follow where you know you was a kind of qualifying, and then I didn't, I didn't understand why I was instinctively doing that, but oh you're kind of your talking about something and I hope to do there's a weird thread through a lot of things. I hear you say in interviews and then
I witnessed in my own wife, which is really interesting, because you would think reactions are predictable and objectively will go, where another. What what you really see or what I've seen as in depends. So much on what that person self esteem as in their sense of power and all these things, whether or not, though be triggered by something right. So my example is lotta people, hate, android clay. My wife had no idea who he was. I show her a bunch of videos. She loves it like I did when I was young. Oh, my god. I love tat in that my prediction was that you probably loved him to yeah. I remember listening to his records comedian friend in New York and as first Dino, nineteen Ya and I I'm just watching Kristen laugh hysterically, and then I'm also quite aware of that quite a few women fell.
Like he was a massage innocent. He was terrible, nay hated his thing, which I also understand, but I think the main differences that my wife feels very empowered. She doesn't feel like she's power this or a victim? Often she's attained a lotta cultural capital. There's all these reasons where it doesn't trigger anything for her. I agree, but I think it's even more so because I think she would be to not personally triggered, but she would be very defensive of protective of women who are in vulnerable positions if she felt that it aim from us, as a literal are sincere place within him. Right like she was able to evaluate his intentions and she decided his intentions want yeah he's been horrific. I think of sir that scene, Am I take away because I have argued with a few people on here about Andrew displays very poor sink for medium, but but my wife's boss make sure
really dislike salmon always has and might even when you're a kid. You didn't think it was funny the nursery rhymes everything in just never liked them and is a bit. You do Nice is a send up of that archetype like it's. He's in on the job here, pointing out what a douche bag the sky is right. I would love for you to have a mind your show, because I am not sure, but I have to believe. That. Certainly how I inferred it, and so that's how the art was in to me, need further now, but so it could. I could be making a terrible mistake, but he is the EU not. He was very powerful at that time too. So I can understand, like Nora done, you know feeling the way she fell to you know it in a time we're sorry, I live, probably its felt. It may be felt like it echoed genuine experience their time. I don't know why cause I wasn't there them, but
just suffices Eve. If you are a woman who just recently got someone yelled at you on the street, hey Bitch, I'd like to but my tongue in your ass and then the first line. You hear him saying so. I've got my tongue up. This chicks, ass, that's a different, context by which you are receiving that right I mean you, could you could come into it at having just experience, guys being complete, assholes and truly massage this deck, and then you see that- and it looks like more of that- I guess a point in trying to make us the receiver has such a big role in this whole. Lately it like, when you say a guy on the street, says but right now, when I was nineteen in New York, I remember walking by construction workers and getting cat called and looking back at them like and in the guy saw me look back and when not you
when our guys are going well- and I was like tat- it was here you're, so now much older self possessed and I'm just a different MIKE, my commodity isn't is isn't necessarily sex. Did you have like out awake for that either you're wrong about that evaluation that I got so I really like put so now. If I'm judged by my looks it's such a tree and its and if the guy cat called I believe that those who remain wants his tongue am, I always like that, makes me almost crying,
from our move leaders even know if you ve showered he's just trusting that you're clean the first penis I ever saw was my boss at a restaurant. I worked at ended Otto rush matter here and he wouldn't have done. To me now we write em, he they had an innate instinctive what they can get away with it with whom they can get away with This is something where I I I didn't tell my parents. I didn't tell anyone about it, for so many years, and I can't figure out why but the he must have known at least in eight why you know because gosh, if he had done it five years later, I would have been vocal about anti as you'd ashamed him dramatically. Probably yet. I certainly wouldn't have internalized that shame and so I mean it- is it's very interesting what we innately no as humans, what he innately knew, what I did as a kid
ass. Being like the jewish get Arriv all those things that we don't know why we know them and we couldn't articulate that we know them, but we do be ass. Well, I was thinking other similar day. Monica nine talked about it at length and I'm in training of a way to bring it up on here, but it's so dicey, but I'll just say from my very own experience. So I was was it as a kid in the guy who did it? The whole reason I was even around the sky repeatedly was: he had to go cart that I really wanted to buy and he kept saying that He was gonna. Sell me this go cart for cheap, and so all of the ugliness happens, in four years. I will first, I dont even tell anyone for years and there something's things going on, you know the young male it where I grew up the worse than you could be a playground as a girl, but only worse, and that was a fag, and so I thought- Oh I'm a homosexual now, because I did this thing Brussels. While all these things right and I laid
are admitted to this female friend of mine. Who can tell me about how she had been attacked by a gun? I felt like I gotta, meet her half way and be honest about myself and AIDS older and always in disguise start getting easier and easier and easier, but over the years, yes to talk about and over the years, what I've come to realize is a big bulk of the shame, isn't what he did to me. The big bulk of shame is that I played a when it. I wanted something from this person. I was in a city, innovation that I didn't like, and I knew I didn't like it, but I kept going forward as I wanted that thing and I have to amend. Jim, for so many survivors of trauma like that. So much of the thing you can't elvers, your own involvement and you need to for me. I need to go. Oh yeah, you're eight. Do you really want to go it's ok. You needn't, forgive you
self in then. What I was thinking about was almost all of these interactions. You know, barring those where you get tackled in an alley most of these situations. Someone has leverage over Someone in the leverage is you want something from that person and they recognise that and there are going to try to get their devious plan executed using this leverage- and I think all of us carry on the guilt of having been succumb to the leverage people have ever. Oh she's, ambitious! She was being ambitious, they sat forbid. You wanted something for yourself. Yes, and I bet a lot of people. There were bells going off going. I got myself in a dicey situation. I shouldn't be here, and I think I almost think that's where the bulk of the hearing needs to happen is like you, just admitting a yeah, I ignored my intuition and I really wanted something and that's: ok, I'm a human and that's what we do and we are it's ok can you are still
I can advantage of you see. There is no part of what he did. That was okay, now absolutely now, but I just I find that, like the real, the real stuff you Russell with, or just how to speak for myself, the stuff Russell with his mind mistakes. Not yours, like you, may have done something to me in the past and I'll be mad about it for two weeks. But it's me when I lay in bed, I think I'll fuck. I really was mean that person twelve. No, I'm just carrying my shit. You know last night when, as falling asleep, I thought of something that I did a dynamic that I created with a man that, if it was the other way around, would have been very clearly not ok, right, I'm sure you'll find a razor designed with easy comedian and he's U. He did stand up, he writes now is, is very successful. Great,
guy and I had such sexual prowess. I was very confident and he was very kind of shy and, and he gave me a ride somewhere and I was talking very sexually and very explicitly at him. You know, and it was it like power, I really was remembering those last night- and I was talking about you- know saxon orgasms, and this in that, and I think there is permitted, got off on making him uncomfortable and then he said, will win I come I come or what o me up and weep I love you, but it was, and I m Yeah me down like it was brilliant because I was feeling so powerful in the power was coming from making him uncomfortable. And then he made me uncomfortable in this. Is he dead,
I mean I'm in all that yeah baby popular we hold our coming over the top on the bed raise. I see that now fuckin double that raise. Oh, I don't have great conquered. So I was hoping you'd folder but anyway, at the point being that I thought wow. If that was the other way around, we would we be very familiar with what that is and why it's wrong and Niger is not I shouldn't have Chuck Martin, but you know it's interesting, because these things aren't tit for tat big. As we live in a patriarch way and so that guy had the confidence. Come over the top. You know he just leave from the city lives undesirable. I can always fight back, I I guess and I mean like what I what he said I am. I am I fully support above it and I wish I could member the things I was saying buddy I it was right
yeah yeah resigned, I was I was. I was using by power to degrade him in a way. I think you re wrong Asian values were adjusted as as feeling power in this, as in this world Hain, I think yeah to justify it, but that all are alike when everything was happening this year with me too, and everything- and I thought- oh, my god- I walked into the writer Germany's had joscelyn, I I am your boss and I shouldn't have made you look at my pubic certain work. For me, you was a situation where maybe it, of course, is that this in front of the writer rooms relate now it's ok is. Are you all well? Where is convinced that I have straight cubes really didn't. Believe me. I wouldn't have believed that. But then my friend Chris Romano said it's because it just from like the day already. Is it our flattened yeah, but even under the shower mean there may be a
bit of a wave, but such a stance very interesting out. If you were to lead it grows to its full capacity, I would have had a seal. It's there right now, that's fantastic by because it's been, you know it's winter and I haven't. You gets cold and after what happens, if they just take the beard trimmer and put it on the one hand, but it said a pretty full soul city now, one it's at full length, Arrogance draw you gonna shower Oki yet is it is why I say it straight. I have a mental image of my hurry, probably wrong what words years come from. I know our minds from: oh, oh, no, I'm just picturing a new image if I had it, I dont have a reference point. When I picture like your hair, Oh all, right now, like line five people, think I straighten my hair. I think, as I'm Dewey is spreading stray. As I have said. I wonder if people think that do they think the rising believer you'll, everyone
they acutely. Other women accuse you of straightening urban environment. Like I hear and make up chair for the first time at a thing may go: oh, do you straighten your hair and I go now: it's not currently not only are they don't rover beetle by my firemen tat? What I- an image of my head in its from that film, I was telling you about the other day the commerce sutra they made a movie, and it was. I showed time when I was not a wandering around your movie. It was a regular but it is definitely a soft chorus shower. I now turn a nudity and stuff ray in one like it would be a woman with a would show women with full bushes. Oh boy, is how much I love and who is very long and very straight, which I had never seen restaurant on indian girl. Yes, it was strange now they straightened that only a youth they flatiron the blow ashore why are they took a hot iron to that Many radio sticking straight out. You know parallel to the floor, she was standing
great. Also that's what I was picturing for you when you just said it was. I read it just lays flat now: lakes, yeah, ok, gray, frightened, why Harry, but not currently in it? Did people corroborate when you showed them at your work where they like all your chosen, was like yeah and then Glenn was leg no minor like that too, and she showed man heard her like that to all know what this thing is that there I mean, I guess if out of the shower, I like scrunch dry, that long ramp Gawain made, or do you go to bed with it wet
realize what I do. If I want to have a little body in my ear I go to bed with my hair. Still little d up out of the shower when I wake up its waves really Myers Bone straight, if not unlike your Buick air, it is straight, is three hundred Roma settlements. Peered out of that became a catch very well. What you really want to get you to get a good corral is while its weight you braid Oh, is he could do all braids and then in the morning you release the brain and then it's nice in cramped being currently well. Please do that report back to us to press the nineteen is that the work of my pupil abraded go to bed with it were and braided and then see intercity. I don't think I could braided. I mean it's only like at its longest. It's probably a
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looks you did bring em something that I think about a lot. And this is in no way excuse anyone ship, like it's, not an excuse, but I do know in my own experience its weirdly hard to recognise the power and privilege you have liked You don't ever feel I dont ever, even when I like the director of a movie and clearly these hundred people are asking me questions still feel like I'm fifteen for Michigan either. I just don't. You know what I'm saying it's weirdly hard to recognise that I guess people do see me that way and almost feel ego maniacal to acknowledge that about myself that I well I mean, I think, you're, probably a collaborators that, but I mean you're is this is different. Being the door. The director and said is different from
acknowledging white privilege. No, no, no, no! No! No! But I'm saying even your example where you are at work in all of a sudden you go. Oh I've showed my pubic care to employ ideology. I dont feel that way wearing writers room, I throw out garbage and they feel comfortable, say, in early May, I we weaken Brady mind you. I am I'm the boss that I don't. I don't feel you don't feel like the boss. Do you all right? I have to acknowledge that to these twenty nine year olds. I certainly am I get it wouldn't be. I act in terms of looking at what war world that national conversation around yeah showbiz become residual around. At the very least, you know I it's important to acknowledge it on. I guess what I'm wondering is the moment you are driving in the car. In your same curvy staff? Who did you have a you were recognising that you were in kind?
if an elevated status position of power and why at that time are anything. But I you know, I guess, but when I felt a sexual prowess that I was feeling myself, aha merely mean yeah. I was just now just come. I was just remembering this memory last night as has been abandoned and thinking about. If that were the other way around and yes you're right, we live in a patriarchy in its it isn't the same. It's not tit for tat, but I do also and a mountain worried per se about this, but I want to be conscious of that when women take over it earlier on, we are living in a matriarch ii that it is inclusive and we don't just become old white men, because I think there are examples of that now, with women by Reno addressed in terms. Summits? Is it the person or the power? Others ass, a medium dark female leaders throughout history,
to me there is a lot approved, the same power is correct: you know the new. Is there a reason to be a billionaire, There is no reason that ass other than ego yeah, you couldn't spend it in a lifetime. But what is weird about that, though, is that so that's a very obvious. Yes, that's true, yet fears which motivate so much of what We do they are generally irrational to begin with. So the fact that you could have a kind of a rational, sir, to something, that's your rational. In my case, I have a ton of fear of economic security for whatever reason, just the way I was raised, I obsess about it. I dont need to. I have plenty enough. I need to not think about it. Yet I also unaware of the fact that I can. Imagine having eight hundred million dollars in thinking. I gotta get a billion,
you know, I'm safe is stupid and irrational is because the whole thing is being driven by a fear which is just rich people never have enough money. That's why I'm for, like. I keep my overhead solo because I'm not married, I don't have kids and I need to make sure that I can afford. Like a metal medical care, I'd like to have like a living nurse in my old age, idling live with friends. You know I'd like to have a. I want to be able to live out my years laughing and comfortable and healthy, and so I I d
please think about those things, but at the same time limit number right. Whatever number you decided make would make you feel safe. It just keeps changing right did like you're you're, not oh it doesn't. I don't know I mean I I want to make sure there are a lot of as we all do, a lot of people around me taken care of, and so it's just a guy deftly. I definitely want to have I want to make money while I'm in my earnest near you wanna make Hey while the sunshine- and I I dont know how to tackle this thing. I won't talk. You see yeah like generally, I feel like I know, like the points along the conversation I want to have, but I don't here's what I want to start with. I ran into you at Comic con Five years ago, maybe six years ago, you are promoting the first racket, Ralph your backstage with John C Riley and then christen. I walked.
And I saw you and you had just been and stern and he told them really funny Orient Stern and there was a really sexual part of whatever joke it was, and I can't even really remember now but I like soon as I saw you I went straight to that. I like went straight to my god that thing you did in it was so graphic. But it was your graphic. It wasn't mine. You know I'm saying that I was mowing like Richard Christy's balls. Now it was something more like sexual to you, your own, actuality was a story that involved your own sexuality, and then I just launched right into that right in a kind of the it fell very flat. Let's say that, like I remember number I, although this does not mean we, this is the hilarity listeners. Have that go right? To that thing, I wouldn't I'm sure didn't enjoys better right. But what ok we'll thank you, but this further by the way this, how almost all men you when you make amends
they go this way like prisoners. Emu remember right over four years it's been bothering me and, like I remember she's gonna? Give you look like a very big swaying and discuss guy. There is no pleasantries. I just got right to this perfectly like what you say, that you had had an hour intervened, whatever the very pervious thing you said in that, in our view is what I immediately said. I liked about that interview, and I remember guns, you rarely discussion going. I was a very strong statement, blah blah we walk away, I've molded over four years in here is some other thing area known and alas, I don't remember- I don't remember, but I don't know, I don't think it's incredibly relevant. This is what I I want to go through I then have seen you even watched a bunch interviews with you this morning. You noticed like. If you do any Cohen, you have to answer who you would fuck her great. Ironically, he asked if you'd fuck me that was
like ours. Is, I don't know how I made that list. It was like Tom cell. If you want to Know- and I have no- I really dont maintain can you do something interviews you they just big big. You rightly data dump those to make room for real write that down that's great lavishly, even like specials as soon as their done there out out of my brain remembers one year and Israelis we're d write that, like fans of yours, name remember more view jokes than you do, I do just kind of dump it out after bet right here the way you said you would not have sex with me. That was your answer is because you're married TAT, Cristiani now, but I like even like night, you mean that one area that was probably the inside and now it was really the case. The answer, but I was like how she really producer. Vandam cell work and also
I stand here you guys in also just if it weren't you know, when you're talking it's basically fantasy and like he seems like republic connection. You know I have like there's like that. Yeah. I am to see you want different things than we you want real. I will you can I think, there's like literature on this. You can kind of be attracted to your oppressor, it's kind of like what Stockholm syndrome yeah. I know this is the weirdest thing to put out there right now, but I'm just anecdotally. In my own experience I couldn't look more aryan and I grew up them on the lot of jewish people in West Bloomfield Michigan, and I found that those jewish girls were inordinately attracted to me way more than the block oh yeah and I thought there's something psychological going I'm here, you know something on that objectively, just handsome there's something happening here,
The debate on indifferent, I'm yeah, could it be darker than then the guy who created J date met is way fund, J Day and she's asian. Its jewish guys in eighteen. Oh really, not all, but very much will that's one of the many stoop stereotypes about jewish people. That I like is that they say. Jewish men make the best husbands. We heard stereotypes. I've heard that yeah yeah, I won't say of with myriad types of man right, and I really am I I think you know I'm. I want to grow in inner, unlike figure out what I'm drawn to more, but I do a very good taste in man. I love my axes. I mean I love them young, yet but um
I dont have never understood how you just stop loving someone continuity more on friends with every ex girlfriend I had. I dont like if you loved someone I notice in turn that are very much in mind that, like a fucking, you know, but I I love. I love them like they feel like family yeah like something. Yes for me, a door slides up in like the whole sexual component is complete re on re. But I just love: is though, there I don't understand it evolves. Most people don't have that they they need a separation once it's time. You know what I accept that its evolved, but I also think there might be a fuck a part of me that needs to always know you're liked by the person you know I don't know, I mean it, I'm just leaving it open that it might come from a weakness in the austrian federal, but but I think ultimately and is still
to not be like Ino had all they wasn't something I felt like I needed to overcome and understand and realize it's it's really. It's that it is like the Silverman seems, like the Silverman Sister way right. You we are, but are all Lay out another theory which would be largely depends on how that you exited relationships relationship. So if you're someone who found out they had fucked your best friend in your sister and all this stuff in Babo blood- and maybe you won it- be as loving, but if you are someone that in a relationship has always demanded respects that early. When you leave relationships, you don't feel like a victim you're smiling like one of your boyfriends fucked, your sister and even higher with me respected in time. I I you know I do still love me. I augur, but there was someone who did something similar to that ok
I would by the way, by the way relationship I've been in. It would never occur to me in a million years that he would she and I have been cheated on. I never in a million years thought it, and so it was shocking, but I you know I n it changed me in a way that I wasn't happy to be changed where, like in my next relationship, I said, if you cheat on me, I will order you and go to jail forever, because I wanted to make sure I dont want to ever wonder I want to just no, it won't happen. I I can't imagine doing that to someone I'm with, I don't even see. Other men is sexual beings. If I'm someone I'm. I turn that. Ah I mean I, you know well anymore, it's it sounds like it's easy for you to turn it off. Is it easy?
yeah does. Then I have to ask myself about the relationship by men. Yes, but say something that also even worse. In the last couple things I said, but the other day I was seen. You know a genuinely feel bad for pedophiles, because I am a little. I have never had to talk myself out of an urge towards a child. I just don't Have that I'm not wrestling with that. It's not like you know, I'm stronger. I dont have that no yeah that I can't imagine anything worse than having to talk myself out, but now strain. I've had terrible time with I have to talk mice. All round. She re railway, yeah, yeah impasse relationships for sure. I never had an open relationship, so I've comes, might want sounds like look, I'm like I can't do that. I've got this year when I was nineteen and twenty. I needed to know what every man
his balls look out and where I also when I dated someone, I would say when I'm with you I'm with you and when I'm not with you, you don't worry about where I am I write more, that's how I was too. I was never dishonest about it. I just I knew my limits. I was someone who was rustling nonstop about at the heart of it. I'm horny bigger part of it. I'm approval, junkie need approval from evil. I I I deem is having status or beauty or whatever thing I need that approval, so I'm I've fallen victim to that many times. One thing I will say a bad Jews in general from what I understand the religion of Jewishness is that sex is a positive thing, even just not for recreation, not just for recreating but for enjoyment. Charm, I loved having I lost my region,
as a comedian one I was nineteen o that seems kind of late yeah. Doesn't I also like didn't get my period until I was almost eighteen Tal, real super tiny? Why didn't you just I got boobs like I got my period and boobs in like seventeen and all of a sudden. I was like the sack July's being, but I had never been. I had always been justly quirky funny little scrawny kid. All that's interesting is that coming It's too has a bed wetter till I was like sixteen leaving. That was part of it because I was little. Ah, there's a there's, there's a bit of a mystery with you to me, which is your super attractive. You ve always been super duper attractive since I am I can see in my head the very moment I first saw you run on an episode of weakened, update on sentient live and I was like they ve got a tenant, Seventy eight life like this is crazy
and then I'm one of my first trip so was angels. I saw you at a bar and I was like all my gathers that girl and she so beautiful in person in to know. They eat shows the lane of like hanging out would do then, being a comedian is always felt cure, is to me because I'm assuming you look just like you looked at nineteen when you are fifteen, but you did it so you're like a scrawny. What what kind of kid were you in high school? I was popular in that I was. I got along with all the different clicks and I stayed on the periphery. Ok, so I was liked, but I know many problems with anybody, and I wasn't you know I don't have a boyfriend per salmon. I had a couple boyfriend, but we never did today more than my castle level, but I was just like I wasn't there- were you funny? What was your stock? I would train. I was funny so when you
would get along with people. It was like that was the first, for you are putting forward. Guess Sarah was the funny. Why so I got along and I you know I got along with everybody Uncas any waves, and I was not in in no way threatening to anyone who is there, then I wonder like and what we need turned into the thing you then turned into was there Well, you must have known as now I think most people do. I dont think you do which is so fascinating. I mean you're like yeah, unicorn in that you could have just been like a beautiful actress. That's that I would have loved to be in on Jim. You that's what I wanted. That was my dream, but I learned very early that wasn't available to me. Well, because you illegals are the wacky and yeah yeah yeah, that's true it was there, like. You, see, Jenny Slate started things and staffing
you know how I knew I was very exciting and NBC executive, who was jewish. A man who told me the only attractive jewish woman is Natalie Portman, so she was the only one who- and I love her transcended her regulation- us she was allowed to play people who deserved love a home. You know I talk about this and this is my experience, but believe me, I know that there are plenty of women of color or that are that are just starting to be. Well to also you know that, but they understand too it's like you're, though your mama, I'm gonna, go address ones less. I'm you saw the Lee of Female. Let us show or move remain the, but she did that offers one off and leave the cars one a yeah. Yes, it Sid. The walls are just breaking down, but I mean guy with this was I I was told in no uncertain terms that I was you know I could be the exposition.
Further again, oh, I could say, but you could really or any love good recap. The second act and our answer a bunch of those. I just decided us that I'd rather just do stand up or do my own thing right, because I hear something I've noticed in Hollywood. Now I have to imagine using the two, which is There are a lot of men in Hollywood who they didn't get girls growing up, and then they achieve this level of fame that give access to all these women right and there's something it it's like hard for them to compute. I've seen like the result be many different. Things. I've seen it be massage any on some level, like they hate women, because now the women like them to rage there, so they want it all you are. He came all when I dated him. I remember him saying I would never won a date, someone who wouldn't give me the time of day in high school.
Why no wooden right, like me, an ice gloves very rare for a mandate that yeah only what you see a lot of indian in extends beyond just women, but they may end up occupying this kind of alpha status role, but they were just warrant that person in high school. They have come to know training and they disk mismanaged order that they're doing what they ve seen a move. I don't know it's all clumsy way. They imagine is cool guy oh well, I know a guy is like deadly. Was a nerd and then became very popular he's he's wonderful, but it's like he gets tans anywhere leather jacket because that's what the queer you arrive, abortion yeah it's he has other. So I'm sympathetic, But I'm wondering is you. Weirdly so all through high school, you kind of you. We make our identity right in school for me was I had ninth and tenth grave. I just I continental crazier. Hours six three one, forty long straight hair.
Back programme on top huge, no acme, I was a fucking Herman TAT. My brother convinced me that we needed to get palms because our heritage and have enough body- and I did it- now how herbs, you guys, mildly straight area straight ish I and God bless those two years, because I said oh look, this face of yours isn't gonna get you in the door. You ve got to be funny you can't get a permanent one that didn't work. I like it's time to be funny you gotta be a good dancer. These are the things you're gonna b and those things I put a lot of time into. Luckily then it turned out normal. Looking but boy, those years kind of defined me
Will you open why I ve? No there you don't people who grew up with affluence or beauty and honestly, like my heart, goes out to a lot of them because they do not have skills of relief and they never. I do have a personality and that can't be enjoy. Payable, but clearly when you get nineteen and you go through puberty in our you're very attractive, do you ever agenda data comedian and then then, as I just like every caught, you know and I got a reputation for fucking comics in my defence, women are attracted to smart funny. You know all those things like you know. I I wanted peers, not just peers, but people or green, a war hilarious to me. That was what was attractive to me and its
unfair to say? Well, she fucked comics, and he will he just fucked waitresses. I wasn't drawn to fucking waiters yeah. I was drawn to fucking brilliant wino people that you know is it end and guy is in general were fine. Fucking waiters, as this is not to put down which is, as I've been waitress barrier and it is used broad strokes. They could find every waitress in every town on the road and not get a ribbon, they. Somehow. I was with you in lakes. People who I still I adore, unlike our inner there, still in my life, because their comic Vienna here about, like What will anyone? I wasn't fucking more people than the guys know everyone you would have thought they would have said she only those blank it that's the difference between male and female sexuality. It's like guys get to do why I didn't have a gilt around my sexuality until I was told
two select to me. I was like I remember. I kept Knox EMA, my backpack, so that I could work my face wherever I wound up but, like I said I was sorry guys like what is basically good is balls. Look at- and I didn't seem to me to be- I wasn't getting a fake worse than exchange. I'd everything I got from my own merit Tino, I remember even came no one is going to buy a ticket to see you performed cause you fucked, someone they love. Is this really or simply calculated fuck your way to the top in combat here to be funny, but have you ever like kind of drill down in that a little bit which is you know from me? I have a female friend who's, a comic she's, very funny, and she likes this guy and she was saying, but he but he's not funny. I dont know if, like I can be with someone who's, not funny- and I said well walk me through that, like you're, afraid you're gonna go to a party and he'll be
boring and that kind of embarrass you, you, like your wife, is funny like a that's part of what your attracted dead, honest about? What is happy mean for me and my own ego, which he is I sit in, I said to her and I'd say it to myself. Are you sure that your bothered he's not funny because he's not gonna entertain you as much as you want the approval of someone who is also very very funny and smart, and the only way that it'll feel good is that that the the approvals coming from somebody that you respect and admire you I always do and I like, and we think that action is attraction, but that's bullshit. There's later is going on of attraction that are your ego being fulfilled right, I would say for me it looking for a man. He doesn't. I would like it if he was funny. If he's not funny, that's fine, but he has.
I know that he is not funny noticed. Rather, I do very much not attractive to someone who thinks he's funny and is not funny. Yes, that is that is all right, I'll handle yeah why you would not updated my, other certain, I got my sense of humour from him and he will display it everywhere we went together was quite q in the rough. For me at attack is what, stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare, we are supported by vital farms, I'm so proud to have them as a partner they're. So ethically
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on Crete, necessary for one dollar of vital farms. Pasture raise butter had two vital farms, not come slash butter slashed Dax. Ok, I'm Goin, now all the way back to the sexuality thing, because I am so I've known. That when you're on shows you get ass, different questions than say, I'm out, comics gonna get ass. Do I guess if you notice that, like in I, I super guilty of it. When I have been around you when I was younger, I am very conscious of the fact that your very attractive this is the most exciting patty. This is dead year, shrew like you're, you're, crazy funny. I guess I'm a fan of your comedy, but yours
we're pretty in so I can't stop kind of being aware of that and I think I've always. In some way wanted some validation from you that that extended beyond. Just you being funny, I have to imagine many of the people around. You have had a similar thing and is that it sauce. Diener you even aware of it. You don't seem to be aware of it that some you, I wouldn't I just want to be evaluated on being funny, but there's this sexual component. I would say that at right now in my life, I love being objectified. That's it it's thrilling. At this point I mean Natasha Ledge ERA, this brilliant lover. Every time I would see her. I just do she does something to me, aesthetically that I just my face, hurts from smiling when I just see her and I look at what she's wearing and she just as, and I would just toys like I just want to eat you
a piece of candy like I just, I can't even take it and one point, because you know I'm more than that like to me that such a given as I'm such a fan, but she also is just so aesthetically like it just as she just does something to me chemically. She feel so good. On my eyeballs, I completely endorse I understood when she was like I'm I'm I'm here, I'm a cleaning and I'm an into there was this that you don't need to me because of course they dont reduce managers Yang, but it is true, as migrant women are just fucking demonized, if they, lose their lives in any way or if they, if, if they try to do something, their phase to try to make them looked in MID air ass. Also, there's there's it's like lose lose just by not dying than are punished
yeah I not dying and continuing to live in that you're my faces. I like the way, but I mean it's it's point dear. It's my skin is looser. Can my These are kind of closing a little. I can feel like the my face falling off my peace and I'm trying to embrace their minutes. It's really since aiding it's a very slow moving horror movie age, but I do think that it could have a happy ending, because sometimes I go home, not young and hot out of that, that's not my power, any more of a different kind of power. You know, but it was. My point is if I was talking to you Karla if he was here, I would have a million questions about his comedy. I wouldn't never make him walk down a path where I talk about his looks, but I am oh drawn to talk about your looks, and I have to imagine that's nausea. It may also imagine I need not been I'll deal. I'm sense since that
It doesn't seem like a bothers you, so I remember being on Jimmy Shell in and you know I love Jemmy button and lost as worrying football. Shorter, baseball. Sure leg is my thing at the time you know like, and he does I you always were a football sure something and I- and I remember thinking- and I may be- I said this, but I just said you, you know you know that Seinfeld always wears a button down that really getting home. On the show you going away. Those were a button down. You always have a button down right fucking. What I'm wearing yeah, like, I can't imagine a guy, like every time, Adam Kronos, unusually words. Wrong button down with a black blazer. You never mention that you don't point. Out here now you steal animals not on his shoulder, but yea is always indent Amanda and his ground alert Montana. So it has it. Do you think, being pretty, though
I us stop talking about it, but I wanna keep talking about, and I know what I'm trying to own it and work through it and I'm trying to understand why do in and just call myself out but I saw this at the groundlings when I was going to the railings. I found that the girls or women that were really attractive. We thirdly, had a hard time now that you're ever gonna feel bad for those but I think it elicited some jealousy with the other female CAS members. I think people that were watching the audience warrant, accustomed to seeing someone pretty be very funny, like I think there were just weird hurdles: I noticed that I thought. Oh there
So weird, I never thought I'd be sympathetic to someone who's really attractive, budding comedy it's getting can be dicey where I think what makes people funny is a survival scale that they had developed in child had so alive times. It was the fact kid making a fat jokes before anyone else could the ugly in whatever ugly it ass. You know whatever, and so for me, I would say I was very harry- is gray her suit, was re. You know, especially when I was in a very blonde strawberry blonde world, and I was teased for that. I was a bed wetter and sent to sleep away camp every summer, and so I had a healthy amount of adversity tit too, to make me very funny ride, but there's all, Isn't what look in your looks are not always your adversity. I think then we may be growing up ugly. As you,
yeah you're right. But, like you, Evans Varied. I was very look at you and go like you're, a good looking white guy, all it so hard for you, everybody there's there there's always gonna, be someone who s harder and always gonna be someone who has it not as hard. You know I mean people are used to what they are used to and when they see something. That is not what is from their rolodex of what they know. It's gonna be harder for them to believe. That is not on a woman who looks a certain ways away too. That's not their problem, but I will say a lot of times. You know you might hear a white male. Writer, cattle for me I'll, say comedy or a white male comedy writer who says I can't even get a job anymore. I can't get a job because I'm a white man and to that I say sure you can you just have to be
undeniable. Like everybody else, besides right right. You are to be indispensable, girl and and and undeniable and dumb, and I believe in you. I think you can do that. But you know men don't take that extra data, Oh, not men, men like some mining, but some men, tag. Not all men go I'll it harder for me now, that's not fair and they don't take it that extra step and go this is how it's been for everybody else see and its land. I don't even think it said the boy to her. It's everybody else, we're there not not even close, so I
you know I I only ask were able to take it one more step to see, take it beyond them, their own selves and I'm gonna completing a couple different topics. Actually, because I will say that I've been told by other comedians, I admire like hey Duty, you can't be in good shape like us, not what a comedian is in good shape, which is a weird there's a weird bracket. Black comedians can be a great shame, like Eddie. Murphy was a sex symbol, any dress cool Anita leather suit, and he can do that when white guys aren't supposed to do that.
Very interesting ass. I would say, with your whole thing, is your rock hard ebbs it'll wildly funny ready Murphy, wasn't lifting a shirt showing his Arabs on his poster for his comedy special? He wasn't. There are some people who do that and I find it an end. I think they're funny in its, but there's something heartbreaking about it because it isn't it. You know I remember seeing an end. This is a comedian. Olives, Armenians, Headshot and has had shot was to whatever fancy cars. Are, I don't know anything about cars, miser ready. I know HORIZON Ferrari, those other parts like this and then his foot up on one and that's just not what how many years, unaids an underdog thing, and it isn't cool too, like stop
mean level. Another thing that I'm lucky about never understood it. I dont know I dont know what like what special blood diamonds that other people can't have them you don't like I just an hour. I merrily. I never understood a fancy. Hearts are expensive or things that has never been anything that I've. Luckily, for me, a pin my worth on. If anything, the op I mean I just, I would be so embarrassed to driver ash. Mamsie car have stuff, I dont have storage in my apartment, so it's like, I can't even have stuff. I can't I can't fitted on a shelf. I it goes for binding. They're probably just speaks to you having found a lot of fun invalidation inattention through doing something else like I'm might keep em we're not into stuff. Well, ok, yes, but what I'm saying
I can be mildly sympathetic when I see the guy from Jerry's Delhi and he's in a lamb regaining he's making a real me a lotta getting into this car he's been therefore fuckin, eight minutes and I'm trying right and at first I'm like look at this- dude. I hate this guy, what a loser bubbled up and then again, you know sky, probably isn't funny. He can't dance can't write Willie's on a motorcycle. Any that's what I want it. I know better he doesn't have. The tool is way of. Validation is somewhere deserves a fuckin valet juries daily, and I find it repugnant, but I am also sympathetic like we're all want and deserve love. Yes, we all want same thing. We want like approval in love and people to be attracted to us, not even meaning romantically, just drawn us in we're all trying all these various attacks, Meeks in some of them are really egg on the facie I find the being on the purple. Lamborghini so needs to be it.
Bomber, but also that of ideas on arable land. Ass, expensive car than girls will know, I'm rich and then the like me and then I go wire. Those girls you want year, welder better than no girls, I think, is that it's it's hot vapid watts. Nothing are better than your own. There are many more women than men, men of men, the worst man can find work. They didn't muttered. I really like that is through the lights, my mom finding herself in that situation. I bet she's even ready to date, but her husband died six months ago and I've been talking to her a lot about it and she's, like you know, that's, let's just be honest. I'm sixty eight and I want to catch on whose, like intellectually stimulating and a good time, I got a shop an eighty year old, because anyone my age, it's a guy who's, it intelligent and funny he's gonna be what a fifty year old woman. That's just the fuckin facts on planet earth
yeah. I don't like this dynamic where there are a handful of men who want to be with appear. But like I am there are no, I'm all right all right, so I have friends literally, you could totally date a younger guy, nickel. Thank you. I know you mean that our parliament am just not interested. I eat, oh, oh, I'm so lucky that I could be loved by some one in their right of life. Oh yes, but really be with someone my age I wanna be with someone who knows the aches and pains and perspective of being in your forty is well into for it is yeah yeah well you're, you're, but like so that means I have to be with us Sixty Year old, I think the man at that age I like having you here, How much I don't know I don't know I had this did not go the direction. I thought it would go. I don't think I thought we would talk more about come
but he and were all right- I'm only real, I'm always so interested in that I'm soup. Interested and why we all do the things we view, but things you're talking about our things that aren't my doing. You're right, I'm talking about their recital thing, receptions of me, of which I haven't you can view right. You don't have to do with me more one things, as do with you that I wanted to ask you about because, U n you brought it up a couple times such none, it totally graceless Safeway, but you be the bed, a young and then even after you got fired from s, unalloyed impede the bed like three times a week. Was that or any other l B. I arrived three. I peed the bed three times with three different men and the bad one was a friend
drives is living in his bed to world? Were lovers rides. I rum have woken up in a wet but a couple times, but both of us had blacked out. I don't know who did it we kind of blame each other, but regardless I even when I thought it was her. I didn't really care but zone. Wasn't that big a deal that was your expire, All that was my friend Dave Wrath, who I was staying with him well, as out here now lay and were very good friends and and dumb. If he didn't hook up with someone that I would sleep in bed with him for Macau choose that was the deal is fine and that night we went to a party into really late and I slept in his bed with them, and I woke up at four in the morning and I I couldn't believe it. I peed in his ball evacuation and my heart, and I had it just took me right back to being a cash machines and I just thought if I don't tell him right now: I'm gonna eyes ill
bad. So I just like hit a medical dave. I peed in your bed and he just went to school tool you know now having kids who occasionally pay them yet you're, just so tired in the middle of the thing you're like I don't care, distort the throw towels down to a couple more blanket while rune anything just to get me back to sleep and then we'll fucking deal with it in the morning, but you ve been through therapy is there a known thing for being the bad? Is it like a predictable outcome for some stage wrestling with you? You know I mean with that. I dont know what it was. It was just who knows. Maybe it'll seem like some kind of regressive. I don't know, but but in terms of like being a bed wetter, as can you were the baby of the family right you're, the youngest I was a baby, but my
God was a bed wetter, my oldest as to how bad weather. So maybe you just like genetic with a grand Eureka like your little, we we will all were little until like oh late, growth, spurt, ah ha and then we're like gingham fairly tall and in on them, not small right. You know, I've got big boobs, but I have is totally VLAD. Chested and I didn't grew. I like how to just one summer growth spurt, really late. I just like you know during my o c b, yeah, ok you ever have at no, not that I am familiar with it. So I did the I had crazy OECD as a kid, and I had all these like fuckin routines. I had to do and everything to be done twice and is it was maddening right for us long. So and then I was taught I'm arraign into someone an actor in sheep was telling me that she pulls her eye lashes, outlying regions, her too, that it is an oecd thing in a nice at all. I had OECD when I was a kid or whatever you want
call it and she goes well. You know. Obviously why would you have oecd- and am I No, why do I have a city and she goes out? Will you you pick these weird things that you can control because you're in it an environment, you feel very out of control and then I just kind of went backwards in us. Oh my god. I started doing all that stuff the moment this one step dad showed up in my life and then that just tundra right and until he disappeared now like. Oh, my god, it's that simple, like it was really that's what it was, and I think so many these things I read. I dont know that this is one of those things eating disorders. They're all control is they're all like. I think that's what people become cops because they have no control and there lies a hundred percent in in people. There's literature on asthma bean
The way that kids can control their environment there's a lot of research about it being psychosomatic and it's a way for you to take a little margin of control over your life, and I think so many of these things. We all how right there's all these different outcomes to some very basic stuff that happens to us one I'm noticing as an adult in our the age whereat is, I haven't autoimmune disease, sorry attic arthritis. I have friends who have gout. I have friends who have this, who have that to me? It's like. Oh we're, all allergic to some of the food wheat and it can take a billion shapes mine happens to be sorry, attic arthritis for this purpose Israel's Asia, for this person- is that, but I think at the core of all were probably just eating. Some stuff were allergic to match the outcome,
Similarly, in childhood, it's like you can have any number of things that are a result of maybe not feeling in control on any level we are- and I was just wondering if like bed wedding, was somehow a decision. You were gonna fuckin make whether anyone lighted are now. I am, I am I've, been told different things, because it's it's also muddy and like one thing, I roving told us that I I stopped running the better normal age and then started again when my parents got divorced. But then I asked my dad and sister recently and they said no, I think you always were, but it's just it's a mighty, I'm not really sure yeah, but I mean God. I I wished more than anything I wouldn't with the bed but of course, some part of that yeah, but it certainly suspicious. That is not like more who knows maybe get a physical component. Maybe there's evolve and there that's. You got from your dad who knows, but I think it's definitely curiously
there was a spell after divorce in and there was a spell after getting fired. Ezra right, I mean hereditary. Things can be hereditary. That aren't just physical right, my dad was a chronic bed wetter and is dead, beat the shit out of them every day, and you saw it. Maybe that's connected Ireland Yeah- and you know I have read this type of Mr. Yeah yeah, I cell phone on vat. Here I have that you do it since early teens and it gets worse and worse and worse and worse, and it's fucking real and down. Have you done it? Twenty three m me yeah task dna test. You did it well. I did that finding a roots show, so you have to do and ancestry dot com, but I don't. I don't think this stuff
doubts progressing very rapidly as they get more and more people submitting their learning things really quickly, but one of them. Now, when you do it say you done it went my can. I did it like a few months ago. It I'll tell you if you have the genetic marker for me, Sophronia like they know whether you have it or not from your dna, our online guy, then they now, if I have when they told me, I have wet year wagon. Monica has dry here we have right like you can, like you know, if you have one or dry your waxen there at all. And pretty accurate Monica Troudoviki to jealous. She is a leap. Mussulman when a Brag Bay leaf athlete muscle Mass loud Oh, I'm not put it to use us well, I'd, probably just as well. I get more injuries.
I'm so fucked up my back and shit. Let my knees and it's just I'm in training just to live the rest of my life comfortably and I like playing sports and stuff. But I was like this is so unfair. I was an athlete all growing up in the guys, like, oh yeah, that's why I want to hear more a little just a tiny bit more about me, Sophronia like when you get triggered by down what I definitely learned. Is it because some people, people some people, really crunching in front of me and go? Oh, my god, I'm sorry, I'm I'm! You know, and I go oh, no. It and bother me at all, but its if I, if I have any stress in my body at all, it gets triggered and if I hear someone wrestling with their freedom,
wrapper, or I mean God. I will just say the idea of someone eating an apple in a quiet car harangue thing I can think of in my life. Do you feel about like someone chewing a gigantic Pisa gum is terrible. Now I- and this is just like my dad- it's crazy. I secretly chewing gum iq gum in my car and sometimes I wake up and male night and just sit up in bed and chewing gum wings. Put him in Ireland were yes argument now include here, but in the end there is somebody will achieve gum like the way I chew gum. And it's not, you know it's their mouth is closed and it's not like. But if there is, we know if I have any control like on a show, or something there's no gum onset, because I just a sound people more than anyone. I know chomp gum- and you know, if someone's in my eye line or this, I don't even notice- I'm never never bothered by that right of some.
The corner of my eye is chomping gum. I can't remember a line, a single thing I am about to say, because I am my brain I get Piper focus I get on lately get paralyzed, and then I have to contend with a rage. I can't control ago a rage in my body that I I desperately plead with and I go to play. This is just a person eating you're, not their money, just one as are bereft the smell nine rumble. You know, and I, but mostly what I do is I just to immediately take myself out of this situation. I wanna make anyone feel bad at all, but if I'm in a situation where I am stuck like, if a makeup lady out o job is chomping gum, I'll have to say something- and I just say this is me- I have a well fucking weird thing:
It's not you and I can only just ask if you would not to them around me. I have a fucked up. You must hate having to say that awful saw embarrassing and luckily oftentimes people understand and they go. Oh god sorry totally issue, but it is it's so scary. Cause. I know it's me in it's not fair and I you know- and I can only just hope- that they will be kind even if they dont understand why people pay. If you don't understand something personally, it's very hard for people Do you have any kind of emperor s? Sympathy, yeah yeah, so it's in it so weird and bizarre its nor its clicking a pen case someone's clicking a pen, click, click, click, click, click, click. I mean I it's I go out of me
fucking, mind I want more than any suing ice in just feels like an assault and so bad. To put you in a room, I'm cough, and I want to send Kristen in with a pathway, their acts. Christian us gum in front of me. No, why is the worst the word? There's something about her. It's so aggressive that it doesn't bother me my wedding sense. Now. I suppose I stressed in my body it would be bad and I would have to say something because like she's Kristen Bell, because there have been people that I you know, I am horrified that, after eight because accounting myself in this situation, I mean I want. The shape of water. Did you see that movie idea lovely movie, a beautiful, very now, Michael Shannon's character?
These hard, all, I loved their day, I've loved there was full blown panic deck from because I was watching it with a group of people. I had to block my ears close my eyes. And does he really he bloody lying ways in lying ahead? We let it lying teeth and stuff. I really like, oh my God, Brad Pitt you, I really love as an actor. I will act every this thinking about him. He eats in every movie and I have to I have to block my ears and cause my eyes real, tight and just I can't take myself to another place or ocean little love, and here you that's where he ate in every seen famous I can I can. Allow well, but I I dont have me Sophronia, but occasionally I'll be with Christian, and I honestly, if I turn to the right and Clydesdale horse, was chewing a full pack a hub above
I wouldn't be surprised, that's how loud, no eight anywhere shoot. It is out of control, notice, tat. You have, and I don't know if I'm shocked it's very aggressive and there's a part of me in my miss a phoney air. That would look at them. Think that self King rude, all her intention, she just chewing gum. You know that she's coming from a great place, you know and she'd stop. If you ask Guide, definitely has it because growing up, we would shoe gum any
say only who was to God. I had. I know it's because did he elaborate elaborating? No, he just with shame us into spitting out our gum, but it was be. I know it's because now I know he had missive when it starts in your teens too in it and for me it was hearing my stepfather, who is the kindest most wonderful man you could ever made John O Hara. I could hear his saliva mixing his food in his mouth and that was it taking hold of me. It wasn't him he washed eat
right, but it would I just every night would eat dinner in my room because I couldn t bear pleasure with relationships like for a dinner with the guy will, because I've had my boyfriend's who just say you are being rude and you're just deciding to now. You have all you'd. Aren't you know you're making yourself you'll be. I knew the aid just believed. I walked making it up and then, like I've had boyfriends, who really understand you know like I'm the night. You know what I'm you need: the cereal in the kitchen. Oh, that's me, God, that's thoughtful! I gotta be honest. Before we saw that there was a genetic marker for it. I thought his horse. It myself. I really found it it is our oh, no, you just crazy intolerant of other p intolerance. That's what he said. And I ve been. I know who said that
You exercise regularly yeah and how much of that is for mental, because that bad it back to like people telling me here too, in shape to boot comic. Well, I'm like me, who also say don't get mentally here. Well, that's my kind of point which is like. Ultimately, I have to be me whether another fits into some box like me, mentally I have to work out or I will be on anti depressants. Insists that simple. I need to do x amount to exercise a week or I will need to be antidepressant so there's no option, I'm gonna! I guess I could eat really shitty too, but I cannot live. We be in shaping me funny. They just there saying, don't loyal up your ass. Well, I've done the movie, so they I guess they had appoint aisles it's in the older I give oak, I'm ok with people disagree into my room. Isn't that kind of like one of them
winner of big losers. The desire to be a fair, no I'm not I'm out just like. I am an defiling gonna disappoint you, if you're looking for me to say everything you and crew. Yes, I had the pleasure of performing with you a couple times at long ago. In my brief wrong doing stand up one of the time one of the the said she did. There was explaining that you had done a bit at its head conference in that a TED talk and that there was all this fall out over it and then what even come to realize in the end is that if you were to apologize for this routine, you did you actually just be apologizing to advocates not the people themselves during over this. Oh yes,
yeah, we won't let there's another example. This too, were I don't remember that is a bit on the seller. Someone programme we had meant we challenged people on the show and they didn't wanna. Let us do that and I said you're you're not letting us talk about people who exist in the world and have- and I have them in this because this is comedy and it's an art form that you don't think can reflect the world, but it more than anything reflects the world's. When I heard the Iphone to be weirdly, liberating that's re, oh so when we were gonna have weak, then we did. We had some mentally challenged. People on the show and but yeah insist, you're you're not responding to your, not worried about mentally challenged people. You worried about their advocates,
he and my and as as someone who believes I am an advocate, I think they should be reflected in art. They shouldn t because it means they exist and they exist and their beautiful yeah, yeah yeah yeah. It's weird here that the alternative is like just, I guess, ignore that there, even here, I'm regularly defending the notion of the whack pack to people because I'm like ok, let's is really look at this. So here's where mix of people. Some some of them are attics one guys a drunk. Some of them are mentally challenge. Someone has a speech, impediment Bala, you know like them mean used on the show, because you think they're being made fun of and then My argument is: ok, I'm looking all their lives and they have this purpose. Their famous like we wanted to be famous, they have this whole life. World. They should be worded so their characters in this play. They want to be
character in this play in their having all this fund as a result of it, I'm not seeing how excluding them from that would be kinder. Yeah here you're saying I waiver, I am I'm, I dont have a definitive take honour. I it always bothered me calling Wendy the retort yeah set. I do like how, Howard has so arranged with the times here to say, forget all the time men. He wouldn't never say that today and it's not because its socially unacceptable because he fundamentally changed he would. I dont think he would have any desire to say that word anymore and- and I you know, I think it's interesting- that he is willing to air old episodes where he says that, because I think that's he's exposing something ease on a racing it from history and it really how
a whole new meaning, its uglier. It's either they end. I like the changes like Erik. The measured became Erik the actor Yassir. You know your hand and Wendy the slow adult in Owen and as long as he grows and changes and and dumb lets, the route show reflect that. I think it centres saying what an end to the very last thing I'd like to buy is we're in a really unique phase, where every we ve done, is pretty much accessible at all times now. You know a few. Harlin, you can't just go see a set of his. You can bring it up on you. To be another was like a certain. I can't explain it, but he was free to live a certain time period and then he was free to evolve and then use free to be evaluated on that day. About that thing and you learn it just kind of bring something back and shove it in his face, but We now are in that reality and were comedians in to your point about Howard
were evolving all the guy I used it lets much. I cringe about re I on I mean Three words into ASEAN is like you're kind of job is to take it to the very edge. That's really your job and see if you can stay just barely inside the boundary of that in your particular brand of comedy. As I understood it was your speaking, kindly and then you're saying horrific things in that. Itself is the bit. Is that it's coming at you? It's like yeah, a flower,
That's got shit smell to it. It's like that's the premise that is so sweet suitable railroads well to ensure better formula to what I was doing in the beginning, and it certainly was a character where I would say the opposite of how I really felt aha, and that was the comedy, the contrast of how it was represented, and what, in the explicitness that of how as presented and then my hope was that the to use a math term, the absolute value transcended, because you ve only feel safe laughing at something fucked up. Is it if you know If you feel like that person going back to what we are trying to my days has good intentions: yeah yeah, I know you were there was an arrogant, ignorant Yahoo factor, and that was then. When did the settlement programme was? That was, will all what that was, and then I found I had a real identity crisis.
After my first special because I go. Oh, oh, who am? I am I'm this. I do this thing and it the whole thing about it was the element of surprise it. So if I do that thing that people like about me, there is no surprise it's what their expecting like I got so caught up in worrying about what others want to see an end. It took me realizing that comedy dies in the second guessing and you just gotta keep evolving. We are and you lose fans you have to be willing to his family. Are we willing to bomb because otherwise you're not writing new shit or reflecting who you are now yeah, but there's stuff that I did that I am ashamed of now, not just because it's not it no longer accepted, but because I now have,
our information and I like being changed your eye new information, and I thought I was so woke. I grew up in white New Hampshire with bleeding heart. A brawl parents, and I knew that racism existed and that it was something that I could only understand that I dont understand, but that's as far as it went, and so because I I I do see the fucked up liberal bubble, ness ups of stuff that I did and when I started out, because it was all but
It's time. I know this is wrong, so I can say it right and but it didn't ever occur to me because of my only experience I had to see the world through, as my own white experience, that that could hurt people, and I'm really have no interest in that, and I also believe I can make people laugh without now. You can't make please everybody. Certainly there are things that caught p de I wasn't that I was ignorant to yell worlders, there's party, your brain right, whose that's going. No, that is the Joe, the races of by
the thing to say about racism and yet Luman aiding yet racism. Like my labor, it says thing we're you're, my favorite joke of yours in that period was my ex boyfriend, whose half black eyes is listening to, however, say that I'm so negative, none of these half will have worked it out. What well, because you have to say I it oh- if something there had to be something that was negative, that wasn't bad with something like a fuckin fucked up. This whole relationship at this point friend I with my boyfriend, who has half blacken here, then I say I am being so negative nations that he's F white. Remember that make like negative in some other way, Susan, it others so many ways to look at so obviously, recently you're making me a very obvious joke of why that will be vital to say that the joke in and of itself
but then also- and now this perspective of mine is only a few years old, which is like oh, but that's not to say that if you black in your listening to that that you're not like yeah, I get the joke. They'll be aware of people who truly see yet areas that are really why, yes anymore! go. Oh right, I get it it's true, but it's not funny in its this or that, and also probably, which is becoming more obvious to us. All. Now is even if that's a joke that should be made not by you like rats. That's now I In my own experience, I'm starting to own the fact that I've made a lot of you, said it wasn't, although the Joe, I would end of defending the logic of the joke and never really now's alarm, not the person to say that funding because the whole thing about. I remember hearing about. Like I mean it does christian values like Chris Rock when he had shown HBO
he hired a lot of racist Boston. White guys. Has there raises jokes out of his mouth or growth. Are fucking hilarious and have an and work in the eyes in a new in a totally different way or- and he was brilliant enough to see that in also not you known, he knew these guys. Comics are all one thing you know ultimately lead, but it is kind of I mean you know they were. Actually we can just like that to take those ideas of race and put it through his filter had a whole different, meaning that was brilliant, yeah yeah, I'm in the last roast I did years ago I remember I had to write jokes fur
was he is and, like I just said, like a Fayette I got I didn't want to. I don't want to hurt his feelings. I don't know why you don't even remember just saying, like I'm just going to do racist, indian jokes, because then it's less in a roast, I would rather have someone. Do I'm a cheap view joke, because it somehow nomes are all in all. We are just about writing shitty, roasted jokes about that. Then you know like something that would put in a ring true yet per hectare about my ear, Books are presiding over so I mean in a way I was like that was me saying, like I'm, I'm just gonna want and for a writer for wrong stupid, but why- and I heard you mention something about the role that you notice- that where the roast is sexes, is that the burns
you were all of a sudden all about age, MRI Funny, because I was the one backstage going. You guys, the joke, so you know we're gonna talk about each other very well! You love each other and having personality is like a lot of the guy. A lot of them were had not done rose before, whereas Lake Natasha and I had both done rows, of course, like Jeff Rasmussen, and I of course was laughing but leg, and I think all of us, I think, when you do arose, to spend a couple days in bed afterwards to trying to remember you're so self worth. But I was.
Come on. Let's leave line cited by I'm old jokes, because even the authorised on the day s by I know the guys, you wrote a lot of these jokes. There were like sixty year old, but it is an out. I defend everyone's right to say them with my life, because I was fucking brutal. I mean that what a roast is, but the truth was I did feel hurt I mean I, you know I defend it completely. I would now is so it's hard to express myself without sounding like a victim, because I was a part of it and I was router off to you, but I was just supply, was prepared for I'm Harry, I'm jewish, I'm a whore. You know, like very matter of all tat, and I wasn't prepared for that, and it was like a new world, a new chapter for me
oh my god, I'm getting the Bee Arthur jokes, I'm wordier our role. There was well there's a bunch of weird ways that this job will force you to confront your age. In as an actor that thing that sorts have any means like. I realize I'm getting first cell notice on getting cast a husband. Now I guess I'm all knows that I would be married. Then I'm gonna cost that I'd have children. Now all announcer knows or the children getting. Canada are all to Korea and the job forces you do acknowledge your actual station in life weirdly. Yet like that thing could like, as you say, but you and do a new chapter like, oh god, I'm now here. That's that's something to think about, We entered the thing with roses. Like you, I think it's the people that want to do it. It's awesome rack, it's not for me. I don't
want to feel shitty about myself I drink. A million steps in a day did not feel shitty. That's the voice inside my head. Doing a good enough job to make me feel shitty. I don't need help from any one air and then I also feel like there's this little element of like Roman Colosseum or it's like someone, smart enough to put us all together in the just sabotage each other for the collective amusement. It's like someone's above all of it, is a kind of just answer. The thing about arose was always that it was a group of best friend, yes, and it just is not that anymore and in my friend Brian Moses, created a show called roast battle that is actually putting comedians who are necessarily fame. Set all. But who are working comics? Who are our friends? Ie or access or are updating or are best friends or an it's totally different and at the end of each one they hug
and you see when one slams, the other, the other unwarlike genuinely laughed, and the jokes are so specific. Like your day. Mom Ellen arrived, they know yes and there's something much more beautiful about it like these are people that love each other who share this craft and are brutal to each other, but they you really see that there is no lovely. Asked the yards. It's different, it's kind of the wild, the maid of honor by Chris, then yeah. I see you it. You makes you feel known and it makes you feel loved. I mean I love being teased by people. I know love me. Yes, Monica tease me alone, and I was in joy that, These are aligned changes a little bit less, but now he anticipates the hard for me. Work is that it right. Yeah is near, it is because the same thing like You were saying about the age Joe Blake.
You never know when something's gonna feel personal leg. They probably they very well could have thought like, oh ages, every but ages. That's normal that I totally across the board. That's nothing I feel very confident that none of the men that made those jokes have any ill. Will towards me. Now, I'm right now! You just never know when something's gonna. Do that really feel like look here's what trigger me in a big way of a stranger makes a joke about me. Miles Action has to be every in the world, thinks this about me. That's why it's funny rate this It doesn't even know me, but the thing is so Obviously embarrassing about me that everyone's thinking it and now I gotta go home with dislike handbag of new fears that everyone thinks about me. I don't want that you hand bag of fears like here? It's actually
the strangeness of it. That makes it feels so scary, like that's what everyone's that gives everyone laugh so must arrive. True, I guess I'm these things right, and I guess that's also why some people can get away with certain jokes and other people can't it's because a truth transcends and if it's that you're doing it with love is very different than if you're doing it with fear or hate dreader any. End of actual aggression or negative yeah feeling you know, but it's also this gonna circles back to like never recognising when you ve entered a position of power status over someone else. How tonic hard to be aware of that for me years, it's Kristin going! You have to understand when years delivering your opinion you're a six foot. Three white. Do like it is just visually scarier, you need to counter act that, by being
even more so than maniac. Yes, like I'm going one on speaking like everyone else and she's a year, but you're speaking above them like everyone so sorry for you, you're gonna have to like come under that to make it equal and I'm more and more recognising, like I am a fuckin super entitled tall white guy with blonde hair and eyes me saying something mean is in his pleasure boats watching George Carlin, who was shrubby in balding, say something attacking the power struggle. You know that I as much as I want to just be whatever comedian I want to be that day. I have a certain box. It came with a tunnel privilege and our
reason then there's something I can't do it's not my place. Why there certainly people- and maybe they fall into that aesthetic mere explaining who are stunned by that, because they don't are stunned by the notion of that. They me hurt someone or have hurt someone, because they don't feel powerful, and so you know when even abuse in this, isn't me having compassion for that, but just wanting to understand it when people are abusive, it's because it's not because they feel powerful rights because they feel power less yeah, and even if you are a person of power abuse that power a lot of time,
it's it's not because you think it's because you feel powerful yeah it will it's the same with bullies like as much as I wanna hear, bullies and round the mob hind any. Let me tell you there get near grass hit by dad at home, and so I can't expect people to have compassion for those people, but you know I added guy, on my show, christian Peach Fellini. Who is a Nazi. It was a NEO nazi luck. Yeah, I read his luck credible and he from fourteen and until he was like one of their heads, but not see at least northern hammers and dumb, and he said I said what advice of Europe can give us outlived face with any said, find someone who does not deserve your compassion and give it to them. Because that's what happened to me- and I I think about it all the time, because I think if I met christian Peach Fellini before he changed
would I have compassion for him, and you know I'm I'm not judging myself, yes or no, and I am certainly not telling other people have compelled. For all these eggs. Scumbags hate monger whatever, but they got that way for a reason. Reason: a sad it ino eat their their grown up, some air responsible for what they do. But I do think that change comes more from compassion than from you know, meeting it was equals violence and anger had wound. Twitter users have screaming matches, and people just hating in their no one's gonna change their mind. You're, not gonna, change, anyone's mind Nyc twice by being condescend to them and telling them they're, stupid and hears. Why, in this fact, in this pole number and you might be totally right, but it makes their porcupine needles go up and you can't take and you can't be changed when you're in
offensive worldwide. Protecting yourself, cotton agree with you more, and these things are all there either in one of two states things either in a de escalation state or an escalation state. That is really the only two options, so it's like you have to imagine. In my escalating this thing, or am I d escalating it and that pick Fellini guy doesn't always is less employee, Cellini teacher Lenny. I felt it weirdly was like up, I had a like a moral conundrum about reading that book. I thought this guy has a great message ultimate links. I read the book and then I was I do I tweet about this book and I thought I feel very weird about mean someone some kind of capital or money based on having Bennet shithead
you normally. I was like there's something about this, which is unique, because if the guy Just let's see someone wrote a book about. I used to be a rapist arrived all these people and now I'm not a rapist, it would feel weird. Well that you have been resumed a platform you I called out before he changed. We would think of them very differently than if he then how he came into the relevance, relevance for having change yeah yeah I mean it is it's true, there's something to being changed on your own, not because the world is
on you in your losing work or something on a reserve, and I ended up like loving the book and everything, but I just remember going like I just feel little there's a little. I need to think this through weirdly things. I've done things that I'm very ashamed of and in comedy event just a year that looking back, I was so ignorant and whether whatever the intentions were, but I also know I can't especially in this world array set right. All I can do is be changed by it and spend the rest of my life, making it right in any way that I can- and I see that that's that's some day I learned from christian- you know like he spends his life trying to get people out of hate group. Yes, and so No, it's not a punishment, it's a choice that you want to make this right. This thing that you that you feel complicit em and I think that I'm I'm very moved by someone who can be changed I was raised were bleeding our lives.
Rural and now I am one If I was raised differently, I would have the strength to become something else. I I'd like to think that, but in that's it and that's and I set it in a special like that's how I see myself in people protesting IDA, you know either side or abortion clinic. This is how they been raised. This is everything they know to be true. Here and they want you to feel that way to cut their pattern and about it, but the thing again, I'm more interested in trying to make DEC better than everyone else in there are so many opportunities right now and I'm kicking and screaming on some of them like I have. I have provocative me two thoughts. At times I have provocative ray. I still think races hysterical. I still love those jokes and others. A ton of stuff that I'm having a hard time, but I did have this a little mile breakthrough monarch and I were watching this documentary called White Right
and this English born, but pakistani ethnically woman comes in interviews all these white Nationalists, it's a great deck merits. Unhelpful and what I found was. I was so I've. It was so easy, for me to see that these many of us, The boys, young man that are in this movement have just never had a friend. These were like the first people that were We will only be friends with them where the love is yes in dumb acceptance Pham a sense of family and they were even calling, a friend like on such a short scheduled, like they had not known each other very long, but they would be going like war you're. My friend, I don't want you to call yourselves shit scheme that was like she kept calling herself reed. I tweet surround them that group. And then she'd say it again, and there are like don't say that in the old quickly.
And the guy we built or friends, and I could see and his eyes like he genuinely like, and I was like. Oh he wants a friend so bad. I- and I just at this moment of kind of identity, shattering rules like oh, my god. This is the power of empathy. That guy looks like me, so I'm being empathetic in a way to him that I would never be watching a nice documentary well like. If I was watching ten ISIS dudes talk at my just my level of empathy. The lower and that's just my reptilian brain has evolved to be sympathetic towards people who are most relate to that. Look like me, and I start going like our man, I'm really handcuff by my limited empathy, the way everyone's handcuff by their limited empathy, and that needs to be something We are taught to counter correct for like in a fuckin science experiment like we have a control variable, oh just be worn.
You have limits to empathy ill. We we base what we think on what we know, but we also base what we think on what we don't know and what we don't know is terrifying. You know the will of the fight of the unknown going into something that isn't familiar as humans is scary. So what what is brave is living through it and realizing itself. Now I didn't know- and now I know you lived through it wasn't. It was scary and I was ok yeah, any and before Mama can I became really good friends. I would still have maintained like no accents are funny you're alive, Do any accident you want. And knowing Monica knowing what hearing people do, that accent makes her feel like I now I dont do it as much as I love doing that acts as they do sometimes in the shower, when no one can hear you
yeah yeah it was. We found one single moment where we thought it was acceptable. Its acceptable, always now, but all that happened his eye? I could still make the intellectual defence of it, but I have now had an emotional connection with the person where I go. However, much play do I get out of do we met accent and how many people I may laugh knowing how much it hurts a certain person. Now that it's real to me is just been like. I don't need to do it if you, for instance, did indian accent, because you have a bunch of indian friends, yeah yeah, it's different, then if you do an indian accent because of the good, the guy with it on the problems of the eye, because you ve heard that and then that's where in seven eleven people at seven eleven, our indian- and they talk like this.
That's very different, then you know like if you're three best friends or indian and knew all you know. Ito are reinvesting them Just remember the one time I thought it was worth doing was my brother worked at a place for awhile, where he answered a customer Caroline in people are so angry at notion that they're talking to someone in India and customer care, you know there's a thing right. What, where are you people assume? I brought her to fuck with those be who are basically xenophobic. They would go Where are you right now in my brother would say New York, New New York? and he would do in indian acts in key claiming to be in America just piss them, all of which I thought was weirdly full circle funny. But at any rate it is yet took me
also Galvani, but there are not there again, their racism is exempt. Is it is but he's in turning their own racism on them to punish them to make themselves. But they know the phone it'll be a more open to no certainly not know. It certainly broadly made them more xenophobic and racist asked about it, but it's kind of a good bit just fuck with them in any. Best storyteller You think he said I you, you ve told the funniest stories. I've ever heard: oh yeah, more. Thank you. I remember when I started doing stand up and I did it in front of you. I was particularly nervous. I'm like a really hope, Sir, doesn't think. Likewise, if doing oh, my god, I would never. You have a great way of of telling a story. Oh my god! Oh thank you I'll. Never forget the one about the Morrow
Brando being taken on a tour of their set, a vow of mom Doktor Miranda, Iowa Doktor Moreau, my God LU, LU, LU, LU, soon always a monster logo. Why and it was a real act or not in prosthetics our boy and they had worked together before and he kept trying to say then Marlins only talk to lose touching his face in the zoo worlds. There I just I love you and now did you think like us. You're doing your show. I love you. America were years my big announcement cancelled. Oh I'm sorry. I haven't said it allowed in her other than to the people. I work with. Luck now need to fight.
The workshop, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry did you enjoy doing, allow there's nothing I've ever enjoyed more. This is the first job in my life tat. I would wake up every morning before my alarm is the group I loved working with it felt like it mattered its it mattered to me, and you know we own it. So maybe someone Oh will find a home somewhere, but I am Yam SAM actually superabundant. I'm always I've always been slightly relieved when other jobs get me out and staff there's always a part of me, but this one Super Van de la I'm. Sorry I was gonna say is what I like about that shows. I do feel like you and I are the year. I think much more political than I am your involved. But I do see new something that I think we share, which is it's really easy. They get
so cemented into this identity of left and right in. It appears to me that you are always trying to remember at all times that there are human way before very a conservative oral a girl and you seem to have the same desire. I do, which is less. Ah, my goodness, let's, this chap for a minute and levies. Let's ace everything's different, it is in I'm just being reminded that ninety eight percent of your day is identical to everyone else is like you, wake up. You got to get some coffee or going to take a shit. You might have to get kids ready to go. Got to go drive to fucking some job. You got to sit in traffic if you look at the actual things that are happening in every person's day and were so similar India. We we a mountain out of these associated. You make so much more leeway with someone who has complete different politics. They knew it. There's no reason to talk about politics. Talk about
you do. You know like? Oh, my god, you watch walking dead. Me too. I used a hate Carol now she's my whirl DNS, like it's like that. All you have to do is connect on some level and then your friends, and then you have that all the other stuff you know, there's someone who says is this woman, Mary Cave can never remember named, serves ok, Jamaica, sauces latin in Irish says, and I know it because Mr Rogers quoted her, but she said there isn't any one. You couldn't love once you ve heard their store Yeah. I love you will we did all up is a worse just like we may be totally different, but everybody loves their family, loves their friends and has in Barry, sing story involving shedding, while the one, the one that I always kind a hold up, because I'll get going unlike what, let's all just first start with, maybe the way we we connect and then we can have different open
some people don't know it's. You got to choose a side, and I get Mina mean tweets about that. I'm not taking us out as much, but I will I will just put up before you you know Anthony Scully and Ruth Better Ginsburg those do your best friend re went on vacations together, they fucking went in a hot air balloon together, like it in you, can't say either one of them was the most devout warrior in soldier for their parties. In their political
the algae in their best best friendly. Those two people can be best friends. We don't have to be hating one another, because we have different opinions. I see there's two versions of that. I say when I see the beauty of it and that the reason why there is so much separation and ends and bull shit in our own government is that they don't hang out anymore. There used to be terminals at demagogues thereby begins. When I go to parties that have dinner, they play golf, they talk about their children and it was so different got shit down because of that now they don't. Do that. I see two sides because then also I went to a party and I saw Anthony scare mood she and the mood of the naughty hanging out together, whose overall, the the what's your faces
ERA, Ptolemy Daniels LAW, I'm all right, Reimer dog! I will behave hides a right. I got you guys are friends and their league yeah italian stick together, whatever Jesus this is, fucking show business to them. The bridging showed oh yeah, like in some ways you go. We need them to hang out. We need them to see themselves in each other, because that's what we need and they represent us and trickled down and then another side you go like it's fuckin show. Business them they'd, I'm fucking care. Much like two minds at alters depends there's nobody, you agree, I those listen and this guy I'm same Harris's broadcasts, and he is making this great point that we have actually train. Vision, dough, though both parties have transition into they are now. Eating the person they don't hate, as opposed to nominating the person they love and that's an infection on both
I'd so it to be a liberal at this point is to be defined by hating tromp and I don't think that's the waited to find yourself aiding the weighted, kindness, others by who you love, one whose we Hollis ass. What is the policy you love and you're fighting for? Not all, energies into the policy you hate in the person who represents that it does to me seem ultra productive. Yes, I would say that Trump is living, rent, free and my mind right, like to fight that. Yeah Well, I really adore you and of the times, I've got to hang out. We ve played scrabbled together in Europe. Quite a good scrabble player, which I always respect in someone I imagine that will let me just as you this really as an they'll probably was the most devastating thing that has happened to you at that point: I mean besides like having to go to sleep away camp as a bed wetter. I guess right right, most devastating.
But then in red hung out a window by my ankles as a thirteen year old or you were seventeen story window. That was scary, oh, my goodness by so I would be very wet by one guy on Asset Jake's, yes visiting my sister at college abuse nasal knew he wouldn't pull me in. I was teeny tiny. I was thirteen, but very small and I went to visit him all my sister is in class and he just he must have been on drugs, sure and He pulled me out of seventeen story window, and I remember thinking on this is how allow anyone pull me back in until I screamed enough for him. I was already screaming. I, your yea were the ones no fun, it all closing but say that was the most devastating thing in my but yeah
certainly professional, whereby fashion I remember thinking like am I in show business hides exactly in show business being honoured, but Odin got kind of publicly gave his two cents on why he thought that happened, which I think is really quite accurate, which is the thing that made you not great there The very thing that makes you great everywhere, which, as you are so specifically Sarah Silverman at all times, and that that point of view is a commodity in has proven to be the commodity that it is in its almost huge blessing. Let that happen, I'm just thinking ass. In retrospect, these things that have been in my own life, so hurtful so long to get over for the best That ever happened to me. Definitely in do you feel like as you get older I've feel like. I now have enough evidence that I never know what is the best thing for me.
And I now realize- or I have faith- that I'll always look back on things NGO. All that was supposed to happen exactly that wake us now, I'm here and I love being here yeah. You have that kind of comfort, or I have learned in therapy that try to feel like what has happened and what is happening is for some reason essential. Maybe I don't understand it now, man, that's kind of like what the the great part of religion is for people as lake. While this was meant tap in this is supposed to happen, and that seems real nice. You know, like I levy America getting cancelled like I still don't feel like that was meant to be, but then part of me is like I'm sure I guess it was. Maybe it's supposed to be somewhere else. Maybe it's busted not
be anymore, but right, but I just hope you have the perspective. You pride on your inside of it, but I on the outside of Sars, Overman always be fine. You'll always be a hundred percent. Fine you'll do nineteen different things before now, and the end in, though, all have some significance in some things will lead you to this matter, and I do feel that I've just never really panicked and I've never planned anything or have been like. I want to be here at a certain point. It's never occurred to me. Nothing, that's I mean that's one thing my therapist head till I have you been able to predict a single thing. That's happened in your life and definitely not goes yeah. So why are you wearing a body now we're looking through a pin hall of just what we know the as yet, though I put you in a category with Amy Poor, which is
other people, myself included at times you get so naval, focus that as you're going up the ladder year, forgetting to throw your hand back and help people out and you ve always been just the high water mark of we unite both best friend. Steve Agee. We love me and you have a group of people that you, if you're working their working and I think that's the mouse admirable one powerful thing that is easy to overlook. Azure focused on what's next in the things you need personally, I too constantly be remembering now, let's bring everyone I came along for the ride. I feel like you ve done that really ah admirably thanks, you now friends. Are they not grow on trees? Now they don't you find a few good ones. You gotta keep morale I mean, I think, a lot of my friends of out grown me. A courier rise. That's that's a good thing that we are not making up for me when I'm Why not
You thank you so much at home. In allowing time- and you can I sleep- yeah there's only if you promise to be the bed. I promise I want to be your first positive experience with it like when you, u yell from your bedroom, I beat the bed I'm going. I met with symbols celebrating and I'm gonna have confetti paupers God, I'm gonna give you five hundred dollars cash. Oh my reasons, gonna throw a cake in my face for your amusement to celebrate, nor in for a whole new spin on this. For you well yeah, I will have a positive. There's only one waivers of mine now and now my favorite part of the show the fact check. With my soul, mate Monica bad men- wait. Let's start out, this fact checked by just saying that when we flew back from Chicago.
We were on the airplane with common may, where we were, he was a cop arose ahead of us and when we got off the plane and allay common took the time to remove two or three bags from the overhead. For this a man who was sitting next to him in Bob said you know see that often that's very uncommon. Long live the those are really good jack, as it happen immediately, while is happening. You know, that's the kind of thing I would think of maybe walking down the run in other belittle. Fucking do Hickey walked down the gangway chair, but a thought. Oh, I wish I would have said that's on common to see
but he was right, it was read on the heels might have even still been happening. Maybe I am reminded of eggs. Rob disk up got me with a joke coming into this yeah. Welcome to the vat check. Sarah Sarah says she's special. When you feel you can go on you comin squeeze me, it's you What did zero say changed the brook linens, now seated great Paul Bloom, you said problem said: empathy is not useful oh he's dead, that's so explicitly, but he does. Say he has like a case sort of against empathy and for rational compassion would sheeta whether indifferent different.
Paraphrase a bit too my may have you may have you may not. He might Sawyer just that. It is not its not helpful to be truly empathetic by the definition of empathy in a situation which calls for you to act because you're going right, you're gonna, imagine yourself in their shoes, you're gonna be late yourself, hysterical or rational yeah yeah yeah that there is a difference between empathy and compassion for people and a lot of sociopaths have a lot of empathy score very high on these empathy tat. Yes, that's other able to manipulate people they make and feet. They know what the other person wants to hear. Yeah yeah is its counter intuitive to think that sociopath or highly empathetic now really puts that word. The task, which is kind of uses of blank
positive yeah now and it's not necessarily you said, drown, bang kind. Sarah called you out, but I just wanted to say that with a new word, color is a new word. I didn't know they ve said a little, I hope, Wabi. Why is compiling a list we can put on the website that we need a new thing for him, a start jotting down hasn't, because, while what is supposed to his is ok at this now I just gave him out of love for his uncommon joke, but I'm gonna be a little critical and say he's pretty good. Writing down. Every time we say a podcast or a documentary or a book that we like he's supposed to be right mean that down vigilantly meticulous Lee and imposing on the website, so people can go afterwards. I and I have to say or of a new another lane train or a wind. I don't do that. Don't do that. Well, are you all right, the stuff down white, but it is that we should add to why we wives list. Maybe these words came.
No overwhelm me glossary attic, opening out it s a crossed, yes enemies, attic across roof. That's that's not seen it. Wrong, it's a singer and the same raw saying we're sound. It turns out, I say, Korea, we can't go back to the lab. We can't do now. That's Camilo is double the words you fuckin people say wrong here that sell Now that list of want more embarrassing, know all the listeners or Saint Sauna, but the list is one word yet lot. I got right sounder. During our visit. To other words, I say correctly that no one has correctly lap rang a tan and the internet all, but that's both the correct way to say those reminds me of when you said we in biology blight, hidden avars, we're biology We in the sciences
said they know me Andrew tall and arrange a tan are or adopt, never you'll choose to see them in Korea. Yeah. I have words like that. Yeah roaming. I know what the right way to say it is, but I think it's grow led to an eye, and I feel that way about sang certain areas of the an tree like Missouri, is often pronounced a certain way sure yeah. I won't do that either. Ok, even though I know that's that's actually the gloom flume. I now she's allowed to judge from their your Mozilla. I think, if you're from where you are in the right even if those from their apply when in Georgia did you guys, say or again or organ or again, Oregon interesting fishing in every single person in Michigan says organ the organ trial at the Oregon trail, the Oregon. Try that
we're the air yet was into my family, moved up or again that I have forced to learn to say it correctly. So as or again right, the exits help or a gonads say it re media may get to decide, but there could Organs Oregon, org or gonads organ in forging Morgan Isms or their called arguments in interesting Can I tell you my man might Nokia thing right? Nokia yeah, I use a Nokia rise. It gets Nokia. Jesus, no laws. I once was hired fifteen years to go to go to the sugar ball in like be a part of some paid thing from Nokia or no key.
And I had to say it a bunch of times and I spent hours in my hotel room same speakers it whatever it was. It was the opposite of what about my boy said that we want to be like the mouthpiece for this company, which is also swedish, and it s yeah oh wow
I had the I practice more than I have practised monologues for movies, saying Nokia, Nokia or no fear, but I think it's Nokia, I say: isn't that sound, japanese yeah, I would have totally said: Jappy wow, that's yards instinct. Maybe the Swedes bought it from the diner now and I want to get too in the weeds out it. But you know so. You said: Imperial Dragons is a k, K, K name and I started looking into some K. K K, title reserves. Titles. Yes, positions, positions, correct and said something go through some K: Gregg. These are higher level titles guy. If grand wizard of like that's the most known yeah, that's the highest out is or if you like, an imperial dry,
should be higher than a grand wizard. Now we just as has got the name, Dragonette yeah periods, dragons, lass, ah yap, monitor wizards are higher than I have to say. I nearly the whole thing sounds literally sounds like ten year olds, plain dungeons and dry dies. Our Harry Potter Yang, like it does Fran Wizard Grand Scribe Grand Dragon, grant a great tight grip, grandpa The grand giants is a really great. Giant. This is so stairway goblins. Are there really know, there's nasty he s, all my you guys in the cake? Ok, you ve got a rebellion it as it is making me alone nervous that on a why why we were making? Finally take it now I mean: are they gonna come get me or something
you say this. This is gonna. Get me, I'm way more trouble and what you're dancing around is. We ve now watch several documentaries about KKK you and I know when I, ouch documentaries about the hell's angels, you do not want to fuck with them yeah in the town this person in any hell's Angels chapter is called the sergeant of arms that they give that title to the toughest sky UK. I've seen a dozen or so Hell's angel sergeant arms. I am terrified, I would not want to see a single disparaging thing about them cause there, but I have now watch Ali's KKK, I'll look like out of shape, fuckin heavy, smoker car pounding Every single one of them pain, we watched
together I never seen one guy, they really go. That's a tough customary like know that guy looks like you'd fuck and die in a launcher destroying I'll hang. But listen. I tell my fear, is not an agonising a hey, grew well say my fear is nigh relegated to people who look tough. I know that the people who look weak kin a lot of damage. I kind of like they're changing any move towards Europe is right. I don't want to get the gun dual with anyone. They loved again. The fight with me. Would you you, but you have not challenge them too. If I'm the one that I looked out of shape, I really hate me. So, although they don't that's a sad thing were learning about the plan is that they would be friends with you in two seconds. That's what so complex about all this, because they would be friends with you. There are friends. Would that woman.
Also we are. That is any who, though I do stand by the young, my assessment of the general fitness. Let us leave it at that I'll catch speaking, I watched black clansmen over the brake because it was on Obama's lists of tat movies. It was already clear, and so I watched it with my family. We like the very much road. Oh ok. She said that she lost her virginity when she was nineteen Innua that seemed late am, is wanna, be careful about that guy, precisely why? Why don't
why people to listen, young people are and who may we haven't, had sex and think so, along with o something's wrong? I should have by now that it's late, if you get to a certain point like ever anything's fine yeah, well, two elements that also compound one is just my experience. So anything, I'm saying, of course, relates to how it was in my town. Basically, people generally had sex by the time they were eighteen, and so that's one issue in that's, probably regional, I'm sure, there's different ages of sexual activity that are common in different areas than it does seem to be pretty young where I'm from but set. Get to this in this kind of circles. Back to a problem, I think I haven't figured out how to address it, which is because her her comedic material has been off.
And very sexual. I think of her someone whose very sexual or very uninhibited you know does think there's a bunch of moral trappings surrounding the pleasurable activity of coitus. So I'm making these assumptions based largely on her comedy, which probably is not smart. So I just based on her comedy, I think, oh, I would have thought she got sexually curious at six thoroughly. I see you're so well, it's not like it wasn't a blanket seamen to all people like nineteenth late, but for for her, I feel. Shocked by a year because she so open about being sexual yeah. I figured I just wanted to clarify for years that they should wait as long as they do now.
They can do whatever they want em at all, fine, and that with all then also fuck, when you ready cause its form no round was also there. Ok is bad wedding hereditary. The majority of bed. Wedding is inherited for three out of four kids, either apparent or first degree relative, also whet the bad in childhood, and some scientists have even located, some of the specific genes that lead to delayed nighttime bladder control? Oh yah yah saw those school, that's at her dad did that should be on it, when you re a meek, whether you're mad, when I should add that launder bed wedding
we could also by. We could really do some synergy right now if we can get twenty three Amida added to their kids and they get broken brook linen to do a p resistant, five star quality sheet and advertise of those people who but also an Meehan d on me, and these could have a little Maxie Paley Jaipur, like a reusable Maxie pad yeah would be great yeah. I suppose a lot of our sponsors got up on the Pacific Coca get like you have a little while a seat cover you can order your Pacifica with a little on p resistance. He cover re ignite driving. If you're driving you sleep,
Well, yeah. We need to call a meeting of all small even with our new multi pronged approach, community of better letters. We talk a little bit about OECD in control and there's a book called overcoming obsessive thoughts, and it says anxiety and worry is a permanent feature of OECD and the compulsion are behavioral attempts to manage or controlled anxiety and distressing thoughts. The abandonment of the nearby asthma potentially being cycles, the magic in a way to control their environment, and I didn't find anything on that, but it must be somewhere Mabel. What's so weird is, I think, a journal. They said it in the interview, but what I'm getting at from. There was an entire chapter in the Teddy Roosevelt your fear that dedicated to the conclusion that as most psychosomatic
where they got hold shipment others mind you this book, the Teddy Roosevelt Book, I'm pretty sure it was a Mccullough book, was written thirty years ago. So maybe it's even changed since then, but the wave is written was seem like it was completely conclusive that it was psychosomatic which I had as much care and again you you dont, know you're doing ray I, but I can't I can't I'm made sense to me like one that one of the girls in this chapter that was talking my asthma was she Owen. Roses gave her an asthma attack and they brought roses in to her husband room and she had an asthma attack, but the roses were fake when they were still roses. That was one of the examples they gave. I
get chills, but I feel like I could have gotten chill included. What's a breed she'll state that you got into, I just felt like oh wow, they were meal Molly. I kind of like the moment the court room where they like show a video of the person right yeah or in the sixth sense, when you find out that to his died, he's ok. She said that she's pretty tall and she is she's five. Seven, that's pretty tall for a lady. I think we're all christian Pizza leave me was the head of which Nazi group, you said northern hammers, and it was first he was recruited to join Chicago areas.
Heads cash and he became the group's leader at aged. Sixteen of any facilitated a merger between cash and the hammer skins hammers. So then it was both together all car yeah, oh, What were given race groups a lot of air time. We are talking about race groups, racist, antiracist groups, I would say yeah yeah, I'm, although why it is a raise.
I mean there's no such thing as race, but if you and see the razor, I knew your cock avoid. Oghee cracker whitey, the man, the man well as web black folks in the seventies called Whitey was the man. I thought they call them. I thought that was like yeah. I guess it is right. Yeah, society, yeah, air, honky, Cracker S, franker, who said there isn't any one. You couldn't love once you ve heard their story, her name's Mary Lou Breton. Now I love Marilla written or she do Mary Lou how Mackey come Mackey K, O w and a sea k. I lot of countenance a man lots made popular by Mr Andrews
horse. Oh that's a stamp of approval, yeah, I'm another race thing. We're can talking about like being attracted to your oppressor, o, aha, any uses only that we blew over, but I knew what you are trying to say. A few said that peat girls and West Bloomfield liked you jewel jewish girl, always girls unless Bloomfield like do you, and maybe this cause, you looked really area and I think you are trying to say like there was sums sort of like pathology about you and like Hitler and Nazis, re up our saviour I dont know. I said I didn't say I didn't like you kind of work trying to, and you are about to. Getting scared scared. I could tell you were wanting to, but then you didn't cause. She can't take a little bit of a different way and then you're gonna you're trying to sort of circle back and then you let it go. But I know that
I knew that you meant that we, I just wondered. I guess you know in this. Please stems from my own in securing more than anything else, because I couldn't comprehended they dislike to be right. There is no way that they just liked me yeah, but again it was disproportionate. It was disproportionate, welcome, more of them like me, then Honky Crackers, Chauvelin S, well one layer await an ice Bangor. When I do think is true. They think it's just a forbidden for it an exotic exotic yeah, yeah exotic exotic, also really weird to think of myself as exotic deal I give if, if, if milk needed to be personified, it could just be me now now island, glass, a mail. I would not say that ok, bad bad emails strike. One now occasion
boy and yeah right was gets into the whole thing about the spot, the sole spectrum that joint created transcends skin color, yeah, very self, serving authorities sectoral analysis? I came up with because, of course I want to put myself high on the sole spectrum share, but we did king Clued, that Bill Murray was like a ten on this whole spectrum legs they'll Jackson and Bill Murray are tied on the sole spectrum, even though ones White Montana allow more info lake. Guinea is very nebulous link for some reason. She and I agree on every name any name. We would come up with Like Tom Cruise. She- and I would put him like a one on the sole spectrum right and then to ten Yolanda TAT: okay
Then, like Bill Murray, we're both like fuckin ten, you, SAM Jackson, TAN Jimi, Hendrix TAN married O Bill Murray, is a ten on the sole spect really yeah. Ok, where my aware you first, where were you like an aid on the souls, hey enjoy approved did she signed off our Malaga? She thinks that my on the sole spectrum and dumb, and she's like a nine on the sole spectrum. Ok, ok, you accept that yeah would say she would probably a tan most she's, not a tankers, we got a reserve ten for Like SAM Jackson and Bill Murray. Let me think of a female that is having a hard time or either Franklin's attack on the sole spectre. Ok, right, sir, yeah. You know a thing about white woman matters here, maybe I'll, let you know
I felt like I wasn't it, maybe I'm a mismatch, remembering we should probably vacuum from her what I was, but I was high, ok for away for a cockers or is it like? It's like it's like, It's like rhythm, you know the others like rhythm and a looseness and a comfort in your own scan and ate them mister. Making sends a little by little. We look a bill. Merida psychotic is just like he's liquid in his own skin he's just a smooth and confident in like his own thing I d been you now there's a looseness to the originality that is very soul, false so Did you guys do it for the people and sat down, Yes, absolutely one on Basel, I give peoples. Is it negative? Why think you're? Not I don't.
I would imagine people want to behind the Salzburg. What am I? U can do that you can do it on. You don't lie and we can ask joy what she thinks. You're Whitcomb S, joy, we advise you do but right. I would probably give you five on this respect for rights. They re as negative yeah yeah feels native, am but like Let me tell you something: if blizzard by your own admission, you worn, assimilated, you're, a cheerleader like be us nobody, but you high on the sole spectrum, cause it's like your ear, bucking The convention is finding your own waved a ride. It's not completely. Popular or normal. It
almost parallel email that I think about it. My definition of the punk rock spectrum, people you are doing that are doing the exact same thing that people who are on the chilling squatter doing their finding the group and makes them feel good sure and is giving them approval one, and I knew I was gonna back, not different than the other. I'm sorry, as is not. I know you wanted to be based well. Let me ask you this there's some things. They don't know about you, which is interesting, because I've known you for a while now, but I dont know if you dance won't. There's music played Like you know me, I can't not dance when musics played right at the House Secondly, is it comes on? I am dancing just don't. I don't know that about you. That would end you up or down on the sole spectrum here. What did you want to be on the source?
I don't know. I just I don't know how I you know. I mean I don't think you know me the cloud and you dance around you. Never. Why not? Maybe me so conscious. I make you self conscious now that you down, maybe I feel self conscious will like bill. Murray would dance around if Bill Murray was in the mood to dance. He would dance rife in solid SAM Jackson. That's true Tom cruise would not. I mean he probably I don't even know this item. I mean that's going to devise along I now sued by Tom Cruise. You I don't know other Tom cruise would dance or not. I don't feel like you would well on the way home through you like. He was whether we actually the source, but given that the only spectrum to be top crews of God,
this son of a bitch is such a good actor. The movies in is there so hard to be good him Almost all the lines are cheesy exposition. Her like a threat to somebody there him expressing his anger there very hard. I watch those movies. What are those movies called? Monica act, movie now. The bid is too serious a mission impossible, and I look he runs. This man runs at one point in the most recent movie for upwards of six minutes straight just sprinting. He sprints, don't use friends in every movie. But these prints in the most recent mission impossible, for I swear six minutes straight loud, the almost no actor in the world. Could you film running for six months and still be injured, stood after one minute. If you watch me run for a minute, you'd want to fast forward. So there's something that Tom Cruise here but I dont, have any- has some spectrum they visit. Anna running
then I'm a one on. So it is it's ok. You know that he isn't pegging that specific spectrum- yeah, ok, K, that's true awry, ok, That's all that was all the facts. We can end on this note your way upset about the five. Well, I'm not upset you're, pretty upset. Ok, no back to when I'm not around. You do do some dancing yeah, you do how much dancing I dont know, will you dance when you're in your car? Now you don't? I sing on my car, you sing when you and your car yeah, ok, so your eye on the singing. I am missing inspector, but maybe not I am now I'm not hyaena singing spectrum, because I was sitting in front of you, although I have heard you say in the back seat,
right, it's always gray, using in fact when I we're using my first instinct is to be happy because I want to hear you say, but then it trans, oceans immediately into anger, because here you have this voice, and I could be hearing it all the time in your denying all of us in its selfish greedy in its crew. Well and rude. I guess I am also a hundred ten on the selfish speck on the rude. So so I mean like, as has already been, I could say, a saw, a friend who is talking about wanting to date, some funny you are saying that about ego wore them, I didn't see, is about you go. I said Joe, be certain that it's not about it. Ok, I just wondering if you want to be surrounded by someone funny. That's fine, ok, but if, if in fact you really just want to be around someone funny so that you have the
approval of someone you admire them. Maybe that's not a great motivation. Yeah yeah service might be clear, like. It does not always mean it's. Your eeg can be that funny. People are fun to be around pure enjoyment. Yes hundred percent Ivan. I think it is worth It is interesting to analyze. Why you're attracted to someone tat, you didn't it judges to decide if it is just genuine enjoyment or if it is ego, fulfilment right, it could be both causing a look. It's the same thing happens for attractiveness, might well sure you wanna be with someone attractive because you wanna be attracted to them yet put yet a whole layer of it is that you want, to be with someone attract people think you're at a cat yap. So it is
court know whether your attracted them or whether you are attracted to the notion that you're with someone attract here. That's true yeah because you can be super hot for somebody who's, not conventionally gorgeous bug isn't going to be on the cover of a magazine for their beauty in some people would keep that would keep them from dating that person, because their eagle wants to be with someone that should be in a magazine cover, even if they think that person sexy is hell yeah. I think that happens, yeah yeah! I think it happens every day. Every minute, even these grand goblins man, I don't have the goblins- are brand older, now they might just be re, junior gob was small. Associate goblin. Are I love you palliative?
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