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Sean Hayes (Will and Grace, The Bucket List, Sean Saves The World) is an American actor, comedian, producer and worlds most lovable human. Sean sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss diffusing hardship with humor, he examines the bedrock for his people-pleasing nature and he reveals the advice Dax gave him that led to his public coming out. He talks about his affinity for matching pajamas and Dax tells the story of how he had butterflies after the first time he met Sean. Sean talks about his journey to Will and Grace, Dax wants Sean to have a baby and Monica and Dax debate why all old people are short on the fact check.

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Welcomed arm chair expert, I'm Dac Shepherd, I'm joined by Monica Pad men and some l, and there is some owls running around the added a mayor, those cute little slippers. I want the little sleigh bells on him and there she is Hence in around here make an all kinds are a guy stop. It can't be. Ten times higher and sometimes the elves there? They start off Q, you like them, and then they get on your skin a little bit. They get rowdy their kittens, whereas because you sir realise in their forty eight years old, the ass. They look like children's. You start looking at their faces and see their features, wrinkles, yeah, sunspots unnerving day, Sean Haze, John, hey John P Hayes
are you love on, will grace been nominated for a million Emmys you'll find out exactly how many in the fact check the sweetest most generous kind, hearted gentleman, truly a good friend of Kristen Eyes and yours, beautiful man Please enjoy John Hays, we are supported by twenty three in me. Monica eyes face rid conversation starter at a dinner party, we love bragging about the many attributes we discovered through our twenty three Amy. Dna analysis is fine first among them is your muscle composition, the alley muscle slowly, muscle mass reed, actually its failure on your part that you didn't compete in the Olympics. I mean- and I look at it like that, but I guess you're right, but for a dinner party starter, I think that's a great topic is Monica failure for not having completed in of the Olympics. Listen it's, though
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who December twenty Fifth get thirty percent off any twenty. Three me kit order your dna kid at twenty. Three me dot com, Slash Dax, that's the number two three and me dot com, Slash Dax; again, that's twenty three amy dot com, Slash Dax, he's John Hays! I welcome to arm chairs experts. We were just learning a lot of interesting stuff about you. One of them is that you have appending p appointment physical therapy of yet more very exciting. To talk about a lot of fans are willing. Grace will want to know that you have a physical therapists. You need to see her yeah. What's the injury thanks and glad you asked the of my right me: ok,
money I was hosting the Ellen Degenerous Talk, show of filling in for her YAP or is it your show now? Well, that's why I thought and it happened, sir, we all do arise when Christian DE actually did the next day I frankly they give her the job. He I think that gives one. I don't know, that's something Ellen does or not. She just says hey. Do you want to do my shone out for not permanently? and then you go yeah, and then you don't hear from our ever turrible that stretch of rhetorical by just like that, how do you feel is a cold in here yeah it is, do you find a cold nearly out you Monica we're gonna get along he's rupees and you know the Juno opera at all. I've been to one opera. Above that conversation, the end there is a there's, a faint Madame Butterfly, and there is a famous opera by a guy named lessons monarchy and it's called the medium. There's a famous area and it goes Come on. I could dance the walls, the release, listeners
they always put overdoing ever an NGO Rogan I got a little too good, for me is what it is worth. I almost thought. First, I think you are making that up, because when you go ego Monica man I got, I heard the de anaemic modes. Dax is coming back that everyone, like those of your brain, works faster than mine. I don't think more egotistical than you are he goes indirectly, but I will first I was like That's italian right is in general operas are italian. They sing it by the way, we're not tyrant, opera, today low We can do that, allows Dreamer conscious whenever a Monica, that's the name. That's a sign.
My way here I was like things I want to get to get you don't care about your personal story. Does not the meteoric rise of your tv show hairs about any that? I gotta know what he thinks about as you're on your motorcycle bill I'll be a failure of light if he leaves without telling us about IRA lots whatever they're all sung in Italian. Are they know not all opposition time? There's french ones, there's German was theirs american ones. There's spanish ones there I completely bonkers, though, that that's the history of that even and I think that people associate there's probably look out and on the answer that there's probably a average. The majority of offers that our time also you're just like me, It's like ninety nine percent of people can be something if I say, oh they're, all blank she's like that's, not true. One percent of the people are factual. I to operate and stereotypes because it just cuts time down. Listen, we all get place debate.
Absolutely I gotta worry about the exception. Every rule of E. I will never be to make a point right. You know, was a tall white guys are entitled Sylvia and you know I met one who wasn't great. Congratulate fucking lanes in general. Tall white guys are entitled. That's true. Look as in the White House. Yeah well, K is the hotel. Is he ok, so, but you, you know a lot about musical theatre opera, all those things because I dont know their people notice about you, but you majored in college and music. I wanted to be a composer of film scores. Yeah, I D. I wanted to do that and I studied piano since I was five and and publish data about twenty years and then I can play nearly as well as I do because I there's no reason have no outlet to play. You know I used to run around parties and people if people knew I play the piano like old play something: yeah, nothing stops a party fast,
They're, not my eyes classical peace is that's all I studied that they thought I was like I'm gonna jam. You know rock jazz Billy jewellers? Down again, I don't Berliner inanity were the populace daddy's lurking in the queen, the prom exact and devise a call, and there like, ok. Well, maybe ask shown Great Great Party now, but I would I would disagree in my own personal, anecdotal experience at your house, which is numerous occasions you in my wife re have sat now the the piano employee What am I brought my mom to amend them you guys you'll start playing and singing, and I will start crying and I looked over my mom and she was fully crying to I finally truly I need to be one of the more moving thing, even like a dead person like meat is so moved by that when you watch two human beings, one opens up their mouth in, it falls what finding another person just moves their hands
like a motion and arduous is generated by two human beings. When you see it, I'm not a lofty person, I'm not mean saccharine too. To humans to monkeys to primates, sit down and look. At each other collective fingers and then fuckin. Just this title wave of melody and emotion. Pour out of both EU, its you'd have to be dead, did not feel it. While thanks, I, you know My anxiety takes our work. As you know, I have a lot of it and sex use features, so I'm sending her naked in the caretaker me take overs like oh, I can't imagine anybody finds anything I say do or any town to have interesting
yeah. I just assume that that is boring. So why would anyone want to U replay panel? So bore it's a fucking, boring rise, so many people, so I just I start from there sure sure, as semi lose employees but up from their free, safe places, tariffs. So somebody says like play: something are just like: ok, here's ten seconds something because I'm most, I mostly right about that, because many oh don't I get ya know nobody wants. I I'm pretty in tune with people's attention spans and level of interest of anything anybody else to say or do at any given time. So, economically, less people aren't interest most people just one. Shiny objects and move on to the next thing in years. So I fundamentally disagree with you about your own assessment of that. Do you think you're dumber? Ok, you know it fuck you and I hope you fuck,
I hope that the piano whatever to call the top of it collapses on top of that same year, tuning whatever that's how I hope I have Scotty just find her that you and your legs dangling out at the top of your baby. Grand piano so tell me why it is that was well tell you why. I think that then, you ve been given a lot of data. That would I could see what you'd have this opinion of yourself. You're very self aware you probably never put anyone out hyper, yes, put to sea make your balls I know is it is an accurate, also lets. You assume people's attention span for you playing. The piano is two minutes. It's ten. You're off on your ratio. I can. I can tell you, having been around you a whole bunch and realise that Europe, way safer than you would need to people find you incredibly interesting, articulate funny well are facing all those why I came today for pep talk now, that's very nice, and I'm not looking for that, but thank you and I just love
are we not we're talking about nine or talking about? What's really I want to hear that I have the same thing, but a man I'm guessing projecting, but all you want is approval. Will I don't mean when you get it it's you can't even bear it. Well, you. I think I think, maybe that's why we're actors and performers are well from my up say perspective. Here's that some of us a love it in can really internalize it, and I think it's awesome, but we supposed to do in seventy goes you're, so funny and you're, so great and so smart. Whatever the thing you would say, we thank you and then about that they keep going on you go, let us move on, remained well, ok, but Villa just back up you're, so smart and funny it isn't that what you're dying here, though all growing up. I think so, but I dont think I need that anymore. Yes, I think my younger self craved it and now I'm in a place run just like Hey! You want to watch a movie London right. I don't know, I mean all eyes
I am going to a barrier dirty laundry. A little bit expose you that the funniest about visiting your house is allied like I would buy surgeon and his fork has lived there. Will there's thou but now ass, beautiful, Ass Mouse andreasen. I myself had the pleasure of being an earlier date, is beautiful car out of all life. Thank you, but the funniest thing that I would put up against any. Second, life gets its ever been put on. Air is when your assets, Shannon Scotty's house in then you say: goodnight VIT, theirs, the night where it becomes very clear that it's time to go because you guys rightly so, are very protective of your sleep. You need to get yours Ras. I'd, never legislate, that's right! So you, you know appropriately you're, very protective of so at any rate, you start getting a couple signals it's time to go so happened to us three different times where we go. Ok, I love you thanks for the dinner, what a great time We should do this again. We
walk out to your house. We get only half way to our car and my wife goes: oh my god forgot, my phone, we turn around. We walk up another twelve seconds. We knock on your door in you, guys open, imagine, but Gmos positively funny. It's happened three times where like do they were. Fgm is under their clothes and soon as you shouldn't during its heritage, very rebel whip. Incredible in their matching pajama zoo. You know what it is tat. I may I say to our time my favorite time every single day is at night when I don't have to talk to anybody. Seen a man you just for Palestinians in silence right, not definitely with fright. And she has to do with a I try to go to bed earlier now, because I can't I never sleep. I feel that you a bunch of times maroon when you're doing Sean saves gash insects. There was no chance in the world, it was hot
Yeah I'd now offers all I dont things our barbarians. Part, I am u I. How can you say that about my friend John Hays he's never done anything horrible, okay, so stupidly we were in sound stages that were literally touching each other or a whole year. That's right we're also good friends right, like legitimate friends, we could not find it I am to see one another and believe over the course of a year ago and that right next to each other, as you get done, you want to go in I order, go home, the users have frontier trailer and take a damp your emails, whatever the thing is, but Mama knew each other. Once I'm in your telling the story in union would occasionally just completely check out you just like. I could see it in your eyes, you'd like wanderer. That's the thing about you, as you always called by the way. That's why so happy and proud of you for this pod cast is because I think this is what your life's kind of been leading up to one of the things that have been leading up to it was unsolicited now yeah, no because because you have always called
me out on shit that nobody else has in your unafraid. Do it and here's the scary part you're, always right? Oh my. Terribly Flannel Berlin drew Monica hiring I now we we, we argue all day every day I know, but you you are because you are, you know, like your little catchphrase on this package is as navigating to the mechanism being human whenever its hidden for some reason, you're really in tune with with how I Think in your other friends, think, but how people think- and I do want to just deflect the complement, a tiny bit to say. First of all, thank you presume it. Secondly, it's it's real really a matter of having sat in a meetings for fifteen years in watching that this point, thousands of people come in and try to work through a problem in navigate way towards being honest with themselves. It's very hard. It's so much harder to be honest with ourselves. Then we give credit for right. It's challenging because you're receiving biochemical impulses, your gear, we're picking your selecting little
details that are just confirmation. That is very hard for us to be objective. But when you ve seen several thousand people, do it over the course of fifteen years, you get a little good, a guy like that. That thing all! That's that I've seen this before yeah he's gotta figure out eventually of my all. My shit comes from just anxiety, constant anxiety, but but I think the route of that anxiety is nature or nurture, or both both both right yeah. I think so because I think in Africa I would like to Know- and I know you have a bunch of brothers right we're, but here's rather than as a kid that wars
anytime anywhere you're, not supposed to do anything to people. Blazer in you is very concerned that you're not following the format, but I'm telling you that I didn't have a warm up just shut. The doors are like these anybody. I know you're enough, everyone loves you and you can also it's ok. If people were upset with you now, I'm good they're, probably I'm so as a kid. You know my dad left when I was about five or six years old, and so my mom raised five kid in eating. It deployed right now he's loan american hero with its words while saying like what that means that he love, he may call it that deployed. There are no. He I've got this similar draft and its own accord left, because I think he just woke up was like
way. I married and I have five kids. I haven't experienced life yet so that's a good time for that to kick in Serbia and so five kids, five kids, three brothers and sisters, that's correct, I'm the youngest of five, and so, but I remember when my dad, when they were going through that my moment they were yelling at each other and screaming and Simon doors and my dad she locked amounts. He took a batten, broke the door down, went out, it's like so traumatic for he had to absorb, and so my mom every single night would sit in the living room in the dark. Couldn't be more dramatic than that. Likewise ain't. You can turn a line on shore, and so she sat in the dark and cried every single night. No and every single night I would go over to her with clean acts, are like mom. You need anything.
And I think that's where it comes from. Why couldn't you ve done that you're fucking bedroom? Why did she have to have all you? Does she have a little bit of a martyr complex as well? How a hundred percent tax it feels like it's really under lay ass tall relay yeah. Part of the reason I think my dad left took his shoes. I was caught like that great recently that since I've known you ve always been in long term relationship, but I would imagine growing up married as we are to our parents. You can escape them, and in having someone that was so hard to care. For that you would be super averse to commitment, but you you haven't proven to be. I think that's me being self aware about myself. Like sure I would like to me now that there is part of you. The number one it wants to give up your youth, which entails chasing manner a MAC case. Women. In your case, you know, you're gonna, give up the Saxony help me in a box. These rights are not over a virus,
so I think I saw in Scotty something I needed not necessarily something I wanted, although I did want him in every respect to the web. Well, there is often a huge chasm between what's good for you and what you desire right, that's kind of what I mean that yeah. So so I think I I was at a point where, just like, ok enough enough, you can spot the bad people and the ban and policies that are probably fun german, not good for your soul and lend our going to enrich your life. So I saw them guiding those like. Ok it time to pick and I'll go a step further, because I really would like to clearly point out what a cat Scotty is, and you are not saying that in the zone and a point that out nice aspersion life, truly the beautiful beautiful human being yet you're so lucky to be sharing this experience with some with that,
he's such a prick? Ah guy and I want to knock him out every had another members. I never would have its not Hayes. Its answer no goal and our nationals together spell high up enthusiastic but back to the desirability in addition, quite often to them being called fun there. Also, just doing your ego and some bizarre way awry orderly. Yet all you now, it's that thing never relationship in his view, crazy person anchor so the crazy version, and so the anchor yeah, because I don't know that it wouldn't work you know doing. Why don't? I will speak for myself. I also in relationships. I have a low opinion of myself, so if I can get somewhere, I've recognizes being higher status. The me then I'll I'll some approved myself, I'm better yeah, because why would this person of pick me totally? But then I'm then with There may still be like myself. So now there just this person whose Paulie
doubts or whatever it is. So that's what I'm kind of in the eagle part of it, too, is like you're, often with people for a very selfish, weird, bizarre reason to make yourself feel you know. I agree with that and at the same time, like first gotta, you know the love is so deep and care for him. So deeply yeah, that's what you just said also turns to gosh. I would give up anything to help this person not for my own ego but yeah boards. What's really bazaars the difference between a very good relationship in one, that's probably not good! Is that thing being with somebody for the right reasons. Weirdly. Your self esteem. Does go up so the thing here like you, thought you could achieve by getting some flashy status. Heavy person always backfire. But then this thing, where you actually like them for genuine reason and then you wanna, be of service to them and help them and protect them and take care of them all
you look in the mirror? Like oh wow, I do like this person re its counter intuitive I tried to think that is. Ok, but you're, the youngest and you have three older brothers, yeah yeah and they we're boy boys from arising in town? They still are parted in each other's phases of Henry Dance, but my face in our lifetimes older, but now. You know that jewels thing that you didn't like a beggar. They they would help him that I've ever they turned me down and forced to shave me when I didn't really. You have growth, yet my face. Ok, and there's a David, how you? No! No! No! No there is we weren't really parentage, so we can have apparently ourselves. You know,
under my mom is amazing, but she was working, and so what did she do? She had a choice when we were extremely on Twitter would have an office job or take a not for profit position at a food banked. It feeds the porn, the homeless. Of course, that's the one she pecked she did so for tat five thirty years. She worked at a food bank that that supply that the northern own food Bank, it with some part of the second harvest, souci does whom you guys we're in high cotton is out a cooler sides, ten issues we have when you one winter, we had the heat turn off and in Chicago so and you can see her breath in the House of Jihad. So I'd get ready for school and I have to like wash my hair and sank in the freezing egos and then we had a phone turn off the car we possessed in the house for mortgage is not Austria for myself, I'm obsessed with money. Yes and I- and I think that you weren't in some of our funds- conversations have banned about money and upset or super does that have to imagine it comes from that.
I don't know he right haughtily. I never want to go without heat again, so much so that you be that it becomes a global recession upset. It also creates a good work ethic it does not, as is with everything, it's usually a double edged sword, and so the good thing is your very productive. The idea, the bad thing is, is Eve, pretty much your entire life over the one winter you didn't have he its amounted to maybe a month of your life, arrive now built forty six years, often like paused, or is that so true yeah me? Do I mean there's a bunch of energy are saying that there is that there is its years of like, and somebody is always better optimally, always worse off, but we we was hard to see someone's worse off the I guess and now, but we the house yeah times dont be worn, their car seeing their breath arise, you're on their bicycles. Anyone living bicycles, scenario, no illegally there once during our poorest someone else like we we slip in our car. Most I just always we slip on our bicycles, most nights, you ETA car. Did you ever feel
yeah, I just did you ever feel zen full, knowing that maybe you could have had more of she wasn't kind of busy helping other people like that crazy, but no. I never felt that until a funny way, just like you just passed during in January. Thank you. See a funny way. I look back like. Why did you zig, when you should exact sick of the office job right, I mean, but but my God are. You can think of no use at all the great things she did from it and what we learn from her helping the poor in the homeless. You know that that's just a joke! You it's like funny, like logically and say that, but emotionally I would have a heart. I would have had a hard time. What, then, yeah, I wouldn't go, I would go office job now, you don't mean it was office and then yes, she did everything else too. You know a volunteer to feed the poor and the homeless through the company that she worked at, but it wasn't, I didn't think of her like on the street
actually applying soup to people you. It was an office gig yeah, but for that company now I can only imagine because I have no experience with it specifically. The way you do, but my assumption would be, it would be hard enough to be gay in the MID West the eighties you're going school and on your classmates are open. Imagine it would be compounded by also being in a family of all boys that urges straight up straight. Do yes, Jackson Athlete so because it's one I feel like I'm dissimilar from my classmates but release their strangers, but on so dissimilar from my family yeah. I know I think growing up the way I did and then on top of that being gay, you know what the fight in me ride by the flight and you either you choose, and I chose that at some point I think I was in college was just like: okay, I'm on my arm could I came out my mom's like we're going to her and she came around like more total one. Eighty a home and she was like
Michel whiling was, I gotta, know no mom and Dad Jesus and you don't have society don't have what did your brother's? Thank you. No different reactions, mostly core, ah they could be to me, probably not to their friends about it. In a sure who knows, I never asked them about that in it. If you could rank it, who it's easy to come on to your sister, we are totally arise of korean and then who's next mom or brothers wonderfully my mom, which has nothing to do with the whole of everything. Society of a mom's number one that's the last person you want to yeah yeah, of course, yeah, and then you know you also looks like even when you started just saying being gay it is in my dna to this. Second, you just asked me so being gay growing up and you ve got a little bit like all. You just said that and I'm the is out who's gonna. Is that ok, you know tat, you starts you still freak out about got. Some things have saluting is that they know
but here it's like being who cares if you're gonna, like it's totally normal one winter without he the changes course, your life and options. So yeah? great urinary now, and you have plenty and shit, and you have no culture on political capital. It's fine for you to be gay twenty five. Of those years. You don't have any of those things. You are very disenfranchise so if one winter can change your life. Certainly, twenty five years of feeling like I have to hide something: You will never hear your gay probably and feel great about that. However, that topic rack at its own bad idea, but you know I don't know why this is at some point. I wanted to make it other people's parliament, not mine, You know how do you do that by? I don't know by planning through an ending strong, an end not being apologetic about it as yet, I was still afraid of areas is a weird thing, some days, you're afraid of it. Some days you're like well screw you, it's not my promise, you
yeah. I guess it just depends, and that is the first reading about being a human. Is you can have a realization over and over again every week, The weakest cereals is just as profound and then by Wednesday. You forgot and near the victim of this thing. Again, yes, like it's, not these are permanent, me. I said I was an ogre hog fifteen years ago, but I have to do it every morning because I will forget I literally will forget it. I'm gay sometimes do you, seminars? Are you fucking, a woman like a beautiful woman and I'm inside of her and I'll go wait and wait. Hold back what's off No, but I was just ass if he had sex with a woman, but then I felt like you know they felt. That was why you can ask me: ok, I have been guilty of this. In the past whenever they would interview someone who was transsexual. The first preoccupation did the key.
The city is. Did you remove your genitals right because they now want to make sure what you look like naked yeah. There's that in a guess also you want to know like will have committed. Are you did is how far has gone? Did you go through the whole EC psychological thing for five years or whatever and it was through listening. The stern were he course would ask that in the past and now he's like of all done it and I recognize what did preposterously. Appropriate. Question asks whether genitals, like I would never say to you. Sean was the length of your dick, but that's even a step, am I to say: have you had your penis remove, yet we feel very entitled to that information so anyway, that just about ass, you have you ever had sex with a girl. Neither my fallen into one of these things were like a straight dude like I don't know, but I try to police myself, I'm inches away from death at my now. I've never had taken the woman. I did you have a girlfriend, though an ice clearer. Now I had one way back to the thing somebody asked me in high school once because I was always kind I'm just like of noxious, and I would like for that purpose.
So my books flying underwear, ensure gonna, beat me up for another. He would laughing yeah, and so this one girls is like yours, so weird and like ok, let me just be like everybody else then, and I just stood there instead, blankly, widely boring yeah. You know, and that's kind of one also another fear of minors being boring lightning how many there that was the greatest line in american beauty. You remember that what was the love affair between the guy found, the bags that was your around and then the girl. Where was badly in the beautiful girl, and he said your anything but boring like their ultimate fear. What be that there will be a wire Mauritania rhinos like oh, that was me and high school. I just wanted to not be boring or right No, I never had sex with whom I had always comes even to damage. I'm scared, like I don't understand it also. You know it didn't help when I was younger and some of my brothers would come come home and black dude. Still, no, my fingers sure it's like what
so just solidified of our. Why would I then want to do that? You're sure? Well, they were really quick. We worry, I want to know your role. Was it that you are the baby of the family. We did they treat you like a baby like today, take care you and look out? For you know my mom probably did a little bit Bulgaria, but no like us, and we were kind of all our on our own and parents in ourselves, and we had the family jester, though probably a little bit, but everybody was funny in their own way. I mean that's happened so cliche, that's how we dealt with all the pain that we went through is so sarcastic and constantly funding and horrible. Like pranks, I guess what I'm curious about his de jure was your sense of humor forged in trying to mitigate stress around you are like a leave my attention now that I looked back. Of course, it was ok
yeah that a series of that was your role. We see, I have old footage I'll say when we're done of me as a kid just smiling laughing through everything like a maniacal, China is, and I'm just like. I am gay. I'm late class people Fine, I sent you my brother me and yet eight in there chair is supported by hello, fresh. We have full Tommy's over here in the attic. Don't we oh yeah, what did you have sweet Monica, I had a ground beef bull go gable, Ogilvy? I like that word had a Saracen cream yeah. I would never it made us Roger Cream if I wasn't told exactly how to do that, it was the worst she's, so bad, why I did something a little less scary adventurous, which was a
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super something religion of drawing gave me and my brother held the handle of the spoon under the fire for a really long time and then placed it their right to my banking begs the motor boat. You fuckin kid, they fucking hate. You get your up my good. Nor was the end. Then one time he was really drunken he the kitchen floor. I hadn't those linoleum tax. Where tiles you know, and he in his drunken state there, nobody did the dishes, so it took every single thirty dish and put it on every square in the kitchen like beautiful mine style, like maybe he was omitted mathematician. We didn't know about Russia. Now, in your adult years, when you became famous and had money did he tried to find euros a debtor? I when I first started to become a publicly known figure. I fell back. The national choir kind of Poland,
Ronald obey dear yeah. Oh, they knew this to an old story. Now, MRS been everywhere, but be I so he he kind happening. Look at them. Didn't, and now he does- and I don't know he's still alive. Yea saliva he's eighties three years on, like that, while, though, I think about this a lot that I while I am on this earth and alive, I will never know the feeling of having a father bright. I mean I'll, never know what it's like to have a male figure. I think that's why even a new, even into my friend Jack, say I see in every straight male potential. Father. You're gonna Britain Riyadh do I do that directors idea that directors every straight male interesting. If your eleven years old or eighty five years old you look for approval is not sick. I look for approval sometime subconsciously from a teenager like a teenager,
guy show anything I'm tattoos and right motorcycles, new relays and things, I'm just Leslie in need of male approve all going good job. You you're cool our Keziah: wasn't getting it right as a kid from melodrama guy, but do you think that most guys do look at that. You know again, like you, I'm trapped in my own perspective of not having gotten it, but I do it seems to me. I have friends who are on a quest to get approval from other men and they did have good dad. So I don't think it's probably a pretty relevant factor and that because, as an outsider as a gay guy outsider, looking into the the dude world yeah you famously well. I remain that's us I'd conversation that Monica I sometimes argue about, but ye I do things in general. Deeds can get along better because you all have China's and can end the worst case scenarios dogma boobs, her vagina, you got a good hour of conversation on your handwriting guys, Dick and yeah
thousands and smelling salts and smelling salts right. I thought I have left us. Maybe it's because you I've heard you say this stuff before, but you it's something. I respect about you, you have this mantra that you say quite often witches and then you die right. This is your money. Are you or that or I'll say you're here Lily for five minutes, and I think that's really and I think, is really helpful and its healthy in its productive surrounding the border of depression and productive. Well, but then another me thinks Annie sometimes you're. Definitely undermining the impact of these things. And day, they do effect that five men ride on planet earth are we need either is there is better or worse life. You can leave behind in some kind of just as a knee jerk always go like one who gives a fuck well, silver, the dad. My own personal thing, was I found a bit so me level
of resentment against my dad. First of all he's if he was a fine dad and as I get overmore more, these issues is a lovely do that did the best he could and he was quite gray quite often so with that sad one of the things I was really resentful, for I could put my finger on it in my twenties. Are rather my thirty's was I finally had to come for something I had set out my whole life to do, and I owned a home, and I had some cool cars in the thing felt like he robbed me of his. I wanted to show my dad what I did I wanted him to say good job son, but its deeper than this, because he did do that. I also to respect him in for the compliment to have residence he had lived a great life and now I lived up his shadow. You norms aim like I became a man like he was and now he's. Patty me on the back and goin boy. You did it now relax
then do at all feel and resentful that, like what you are robbed of that great in the things you ve done, we can ray you ve left Illinois and you're gonna hit tv shown, you have a nice house and that's that necessarily success, but you just doing well Don't you want that moment were the person the approval or the person you always want to be proud of. You gets to pull you aside, say son, you did it, I'm proud of you here I mean sure I guess I mean you know you're a girl and then you die many drink. Applying on your way on the menu die. I think look, I'm already dead on the inside and now I think, that's what you did for me. I think I was. I was just looking for my dad to say I'm sorry and not just like I'm sorry, but like I'm really sorry look, it all worked out, no unchanged for anything because its
because of what happened made gave me DR and sure you know, and ambition and all those things, so I wouldn't change any of it. But what do you mean the debt that that that's just doing well, maybe not success. So if you a ton of anxiety in a movie for the lot anxiety I in that's at maybe core of it are the root of it. Yeah yeah. Then how thankful can you be that it was like that there are also a lot of people that are productive, successful near grateful to have so it's like is valued the only road here. Christians dad is a great fuckin, dad yeah and she's done as far as his I'm, not I'm just saying it's, it's a useful tool to drive your ambition to to to a great deal on the foreign he asked with a great motivator for me to want to succeed the whole notion of waking up in the morning saying I'll, show you yeah. You know domain is powerful yeah, so I think and now and then we I once essentially but the
and now you gotta, because I'm getting through a zone, others interesting if you're going to change now living in a chain. I know well anyway, so charm, I love you. I love you too you're so too. You're so kind you're, so generous, your way more than enough for any one, ok great and not as it is. It has. However, the pickle around her story that you, framework, how now really cool during the You came in ninety five. I come probably everyday. Ok,
have you gain, muster, ok, energy and our invidious story. I bumped into you outside of your shows, shown, saves I abbreviated for time a shown saves and you were talking in then you just wandered off to somewhere mentally, but that was a really weird timeframe, because that was so stressed out because it, my name, isn't a title in the yellow, suffer a remember, being very scary for you and you are not sleeping enough stolen demurely, virtually yelled at yours. John you gotta get eight hours asleep when things that cycles of sleep than happening insulin and all does not like like right now, like I sleep like I'm, not making this eventually to three hours and an eye on international ways is, and that saw get going about it like midnight. I gotta three, ok and then the dishes on the floor gap. And then I will fall back hard at like six or seven in the morning for an hour, and I see great and I'm totally wide awake and I've just surrender
that's my security rhythm. I need you to get more sleep. The idea we have. We had to pull a concerted effort into regular how to get eight hours asleep. Guy I need you to get one amendment, oil, how do you oh yeah? Our little hideaway you're a nice little secret hideaway. I love it, although one at that The profound conversation we had, though, was at the counter. Yes, a very at any other story: Eliza like yes, because I'm the hero. Ok, so so retailers Diana remind you to tell us. We met at play Bulgaria will our nets house that exactly when we met, I had just done: let's go to prison with well, he invited me to the poker game you walked in. Actually the very first time I ever met was backstage at the people's choice, our kids, to whatever I want to show what I remember you and you are very, very nice and, like all that, guy's really famous any so nice, that's what are the odds and then we met at wills and then by my own, a cow. I fell in love with you that night, like our
more driving home feeling, butterfly likely yea was so far. I thought you were so funny and just kind and generous, and having an, I just loved you and then we, He broke off from will and had our own little relationship and then, of course, you umbrella, really good friends and were all friends seldom. We became friends from them yeah and then we would eat lunch together area and then so we were eating at the counter and I was just about to do a Broadway show and the advocate wanted to everyone is, neither that's a gay gay rag, gay magazine, yeah yeah, does like ok and that's my policies. It is like I just I'm so exhausted like from because I was out, but I wasn't out to the press and right and so that's like a whole other podcast right like journey so my brain about being scared to come out and but being ok with gave it publicly than people can shoot me in this bunch of fear and all the stuff. We were getting death threats.
Grace when it first art anyway and like while we known unlike Ellen, who was brave and did all that as I don't know that I want that. You know, I don't know that I want. I don't have the dna to be as spokesperson for the entire community. I don't have that in my blood idea that, like stamina podium indeed this is you know, I'm a funny person who is quiet and get married. This exclusion it because I only I often I often sympathise with, say you when that situation, or often black folks as well words like it's, that sum is expected of them that they have to me the head of a movement at all times and in all interviews and all worries that they should always be pushing message internet site for me as a
elfish Human being. Who wants to do it? I run in the mood to do that day. It feels a slightly unfair. That is the double whammy once First Shorty born gay, which makes you marginalize or you're born black, which makes you martyrs, and then, on top of that, when you get to have some fun to be famous or whatever now you gotta always be political and carry this message like feels a double unfair right. I agree I just didn't. I wish I was like that. I just them not built that way in and I felt guilty about them. At the same time, I shouldn't be an actor yes, what an act and make a living out That's all and do other small things like I do. I have a scholarship fund set up at Elinor State University. I give five thousand dollars a year to Anita kid, and nobody knows that now now cast out Thank you very much. Something like that. I'd I'd do lots of those things, but I know I'm not vocal about it, because I don't want to be vocal about sure that said, I came out into down ten publicly like to the press, came out everywhere else at eighteen years old,
so, where young yeah that's pretty brave, yeah nineteen, eighty eight yeah has The bell, who is the lead singer razor? I try to discuss a little turning to make moves through european other than I don't like TAT game that game that gave me that gave me. No. I am sorry I obeyed please right yeah, so that guy's names Annabel and they had other many many other hits and he I'm getting to you a syringe. Into an he was ever like who's, your inspiration, here's where my inspirations, because he was out and had the number one song on the radio in American England and also chain of fools is an extremely hugely say. That was the others saying that, and I was a window in that case gay as eighty knives like I can make a living like being gay in the arts and being open about it. I was my mind was blocked. That's where it gets tricky that
where the guilt comes from rise. You know how inspirational that person was right and how much confidence. I gave you to be honest in your my own personal, laugh. Then some level right, you think, will fuck. I owe that to whatever seventeen year old kid looks up to me: yeah, that's the biggest gift of all of this right and that's that's. It makes me cry where they will come up to me. Like you know, because of you, until I got unlike what I can tell you about it right now, but I am absolutely but it's incredible. It's very powerful power power of comedy. Common air behind her tower of honest, if both the ads bravery and honest in comedy her both the same? Not they all come from the same place, honesty and commenting yeah, you can only be funny if its honest because he's watching comedians and cars and comedy or whatever is called and Jerry. I will tell you things there concepts bullshit. Well, then he said, Bridger, briars pipe, didn't really talk to him, but thank God he said the pipe talk to him when he's high about
richer. Priors most famous coming routine is like the pipes like you kicked Jim grounds, ass, Jim Brown over here you because it inside votes at his pipe wasn't really talking to him. That's a lie: that's not honesty, Bob! we're earlier that semantics and I'm just saying I dont know that that's the same thing, I'm jogging, I think the funniest comedies rooted in honesty, alright, right right right away. So now two thousand ten. I come out publicly the first time. Of course, gay people, like you, know some some, some gay people now or just like out. We know you can't win Rio where they say he's ok, along and every hour that cause. I do we I didn't come out on their terms. You know India and such like that everything we just talked about right while I'm really different go figure. That the job I might also again. I'm sorry just means you really upset that of all the people that you understand how fucking challenging it is. They should be the last people to be and Lincoln, and you know that
negative ones are the loudest one. So there wasn't a lot of people. I've only been embraced by gay people than H, our sea and glad, and everybody else here, and I would say I contribute by making silly funny Facebook videos with my husband and I hold his hand in public and that's how I contribute idle right should be in any the way that some of us wants me to you. Ve never been in the bow of afloat and gay private operators have through by now, and that's great for those people do that and that reserve vessel that way. But we can't win the thousand and Didn T come out and Dax we're having a hamburger at the counter any says. Let me ask That is before I right before I came out, as I remember that you would agree to do. The interview is the advocate and you are very nervous about it, and I know I have a feeling why you haven't come out yet, and I said why, and he said, you've been kind of keeping that under wraps publicly so that you may
be more available to possibly one day star in a movie or be the lead of some. Thing somewhere, ago in play. The straight may apply to stimulate, maybe thyself over and above its still possibility, but he any goes. I go yeah, I guess so. I was playing the studio game that that's been antiquated. Since Rock Hudson was working that you're not supposed to say one question changed my whole life because how's that working out for you and I was like- oh, it's actually nodded off. So I was like, while how's that working out for you so that lemme go Yount Hoof carers, who cares well exhausted, I'm incessant playing the game of with the press and everything I thought it was like a fund game we were having a sure like nonetheless, to actually do. I am tired is like an even those pond causes like yeah. What you wanna talk about. Commission you will,
in in verse. I also want to acknowledge that there is a crazy, huge double standard and they ve. You ve me bits about there's a bunch of times, which is, if comes out in his very vocally gay, They don't, I'm the to play male weight with very few exceptions. We seem completely on of openly gamers implying a straight person unfound. Yet all of our Ass gay movies are straight, do yeah tell it all of them. Milk is Brokeback mountain all straight deeds and would like damn. I actually believed he was gay. Let's give him in a war. Is such a double standards, so that so I was on the way to the Sang awards decision many many years ago, and it was the year Brokeback Mountain was outbreak. And so I was nominated again. I had one two or three times and is like how can one again I'm sick of me. Even I am I do want to see me anymore. I don't wanna, hear you talk as I don't make any sense. So I
Oh there and in the limo on the way, those what what s right, I better right something I have something to say when I got there so it took a piece of I took over the envelope off my ticket within, and I wrote dinosaur speech sure enough and then saying Argos do Chinese and make our youth can we just like this? I'm so flatter, like? I can't believe I wanna get so I get up there and every surgically arisen audience rank, and so I get up there and to your point I say. First of all, I would like to thank Lee for taking a chance on me because angrily you director, Bro bag. My angling, I like thinkingly for taking a chance at me because everybody knows how hard it is to play a key role these days and I go, but now that I've won for playing a game or think of all the opportunities
I welcome my what lies with point. I was making its the practice in Hollywood, and so this was like twelve years ago whatever, and- and they still do it like love Simon Right, fantastic act or nothing against him. Nothing, it's any actually wants to get a job. It's just a wake up call for The people hiring you know like. Maybe you should cast a wider net and but but but that said at coming this as a gay man, I really truly do believe if you're right for apart, you should do it. Regardless of what you are you're a strike. I don't play gay better find if you're gay gathering place Jake, I find it's. No, I think we're there gear in. I don't think that any actors should ever not try to do a role they want to do, but it, but I do think it's it's up to the people above them going well. Let's just say we're, not gonna. Let gay guys play straight guys, so we should at least like gay guys in their gay. We have some obligation to allow them to work right. I mean I can take map Bomer youse.
A nominal actor and in law ridable, human being very nice and a gorgeous guy yeah, you just I'm so well and grace he goes when they gave him a line. That says character said: if you're looking for a poor on my face, you Fine, when I go you're like a dolphin, it is a wonderful on the inside to an end, but there is a perfect example of an out proud gay guy who can play either yeah so give him a shot of playing a lead, a leading, Madame, Maybe they haven't. I just don't know, but so you leave Illinois. You come to LOS Angeles nineteen. Eighty five, how soon after you get your do audition for willing grace. So I got a story they see. I find myself boring and hurry up. I was music director at a dinner theatre in Chicago, a suburb of Chicago called Pheasant, run dinner, theatre or say one more thing. I used to run your tapes, you had tapes that you had made of your own film compositions and you get them on cassette tape
anyone saw someone perform live when you ran the tape up to this age right, that's crazy! Yeah! I was twenty two I decided to go for a road trip Harry Comic Junior Right, some theatre in Chicago, because I was obsessed with the when Harry met, Sally Soundtrack right now, just I'm like a company like I play then saying another, and so I drove up to see him in concert and I knew his albums and so one of the songs. He said this song was written for me by a guy named mark, shaman and marks right here in the front row and I'm slipping out. You know mark shaman and no so mark shaman Scott Whitman wrote, Hairspray musical arousing mark shaman wrote a million things. He wrote the soundtrack for the bucket list that I was in, whose those compose that it is our what what visa he hero. The beautiful score for San Francisco
mark. Shame is like you now he dwelt on music for smash that you, like incredible, amazing, very, very famous composer, so he's here, we have a collective dedicated to mark, was in front row, and I had my tape with me like an area, and I ran down the mark, shame and why now no one is for I'm friends or at the item for Harry Comic like it's all. We are not all workshop and he just like there's a guy thanks. That's it that's! Sorry, I saw him like legs again for the first time, like fifteen years, you're an embargo did you,
I haven't heard as our fellow run dinner theatre, a musical director and while I was doing fiddler on the roof with an clumps using the cast in the parking lot of my car pact did, the show is right. Have chosen is taken from the heights of mere friend drove out. Didn't stop thirty six hours never been De Los Angeles got out. They had set up that guy. A friend of mine from Chicago were already moved out, had the apartment This is the address cuz he moved out before I did, and so I drove up to Parklabrea. I was like why I don't know what I'm doing here I am. I moved in. I was taking the trash out one day, there's this guy, who is working the casting office, and he said he does what he do. I go, I'm an actor, but I work at the restaurant red
awful, but no no events to read now it's closed long term and an owner wasn't jerk new eyes David. He wasn't kind. You find my friend Raina signing the cash and director says I can set you up with a couple auditions, but if you don't do well Erika so's, I bought pressure pressures like a call back and then a callback right and I'm calling the notebook and, above all this work work work our great and then from there. I got. I don't know how I just stand up at the comedy store a little bit. I was horrible. My opening joke was, you know they say ballet is one of the most difficult things you can do so I say: don't do it? Y know I did. I would stand. There in front of the MIKE for four minutes, maybe which Sri Lanka and pantomime, like thank,
that's where I started up just ask certain specific people I shouldn't, but my body screw you have this put this really big pose, but I didn't my button and I would point out and get back into the post office and then I somehow got Billy's Hollywood screen kiss, which my age as like you got your edition or this independent foam. Do you wanna. Do it has literally seventy five dollars their vows there's something that I was like yeah, I'm not doing anything else like yeah work, so I did that and then new eight months later Tom you haven't the directors like we're, gonna Sundance, unlike what I get a good thing: that's when it was truly independent funds, They had to fly yourselves. I love and no names. If it's all breaking people in front and this
sex lies videotape Vieira and this the same year, mine was there an errand ascii oh yeah, I guess so that happening the audience of one of the screening for Billy's Hollywood. Sprinkle was a cast director from NBC, grace and he said we're looking for a while and I said, watch the movie, maybe you found him, I don't know and then he said, would you fly back and I go? I don't know money to change my flight to go back to La a two audition for something that may remain in me. I do not want to stay here and so stay there, and I got back. They found the brilliant amazing mccormick and then they said you wanna come in report quote the other guy, and so I said yeah really. It was between me and Alexis our cat. God rest his soul. He was such a good guy and there is Syria what year was that stolen same sitcom yes wait: what? What year did it and start shining? Ninety eight sidelined, rear three years, pretty crazy
one, the lottery yeah pretty nuts in just Gimme the historical context, really quick as twenty seven mentally you're twenty seven? When I did the pilot, The first openly gay led characters. Oh Alan's characters really the lead. Ok I'll that came out on a shovel them course ABC. Remember somebody whoever, wherever was cancer, the show famously have you know because of that, and then we know there is a great quote that max much they could create long gray said and opened the door and we knocked down that's cool and was immediately a success. We like a view now we're out of Tuesday at nine thirty after I live in a city, not even a slot. Now it was. There was not a success at first and then the after the first season they ran, and over the summer like they used to do right, and the same thing happened to us. That was happening with friends. They said which was people.
On that in the second sees how their autonomy and the reruns in and then ditches became then it became ahead and how many years was the first run eight years eight years, and you got nominated for how many enemies ass ninety six may, I didn't you want how many of those one just one death was it exciting? I went out and I won one you want to know my nose excited some infinite more enemies than I have it. Was it so exciting yeah my mom was there that was nice, so she got to see some of that in You got to get you in an opera, our opera yeah. No way. No, I'm gonna. Think of my Emmi speech. I you know when you saving, that's. Why, like you know, I am fearful of Miss I've Stallings ice in inherent talking to you because we live in a world now where I know we but I'm afraid to talk. Because you are accountable for every single word. You say so I'm going maybe even accountable in another in a whole other time, space continuum, so in ten years. What we say here could be dug up,
He could be murdered in ten years by something that's evolved, that's a little scary, it is isn't it yeah. That's why we drive home thing about everything I said and then say right and if I offended many will. Maybe this I'll help you retire exciting. You can have a very hard time retiring knowing you, so maybe this will help like in eight years when this gets played in they they kill us. Both it'll be a blessing. It's a nice, I always say to Scotty. I don't necessarily want to die if I did I'm ok ago. Ok. Well, I think particularly because we ve chosen comedy as a field its it is. Is it is incumbent upon you to be provocative, and shake the tree. That's basically the whole point of arrive in so please to many people all the time, and it is that at some point in your life, you gotta go it's the Shanghai show. Now I or the rest of it was for you guys. In fact that is so interesting. I wouldn't hill to be at that point.
I don't know what you're waiting for is no one's gonna knock on your door and say because at the same time for the shown hey show, but let me tell you has the things I want. I think, and the things I want to say are not that can work Gimblet, So what you're in near now three you're about to go into your three of of this new new version. That makes eleven years eleven years of making a great pay check? What what would be the indicator for you that it's time to do it? I knew your yes in b, I don't know, I guess here's the thing I talk just going about their too like what mind what I speak. So maybe I'm talkin about says my mouth like I can't to speak my mind and then I go. I don't really have anything to say right may, like I, like my tiny little life you, as I think more, it's not even really about what you're going to say it's about. When will you say to yourself? I am a
ten percent, fine, exactly how I am and you'll either love it or hate it. That's on you and I'm cool with the results of that. That's the thing I would want you to have. I think I'm almost there. I just. I still have this thing up in my mind where I think I have to please a lot of people the Canada in. I think the reason I end up always give You unsolicited advice is because I think you and I are similar in so many ways so too much easier for me to see or hear the racket. That's going on in your brain is the same. One goes on in mine, I'm also like in fine. This to you are also different, a different person around different people in your life. Oh for sure right, so I am a version of me around you. You know that is more. We talk deeper maybe not on this package that the internet mainly than most people. I do not go to waste
such a silly place with you because I enjoy. I don't talk like this. If anybody well, I hope. You know I really of unconditional love for you, like. I really just admire you in love, who you are as a human being, so there's really nothing you're, gonna do or say that's gonna. Make me reverse my position on who you are Sean Haze. I think I'll shocked. Even if your bonkers I'll go at a weird day, I won't ever. I won't be contempt The oceans are different than I thought he was actually. I know who you are well there's another funny hiccup you We have that. I have which is like you have to do everything I like your sitting around in here, like I should be doing that to for me, the voices almost like all euro lazy piece of shit. If you dont, because you have this opportunity, I unpeopled killed for this opportunity, so fucking sit down right or whatever the thing is and you seem to have that is totally in. I, and I often in take pleasure being around, because you haven't even worse than me, which I like the only way.
That is your. Do these broadway shows in the fucking kill. You often believe our and your excited about for about a week when you're the romantic notion of doing some new one is in your head in your whipped into a ladder about it wrong on the romantic fantasy. You have of it right. Quite quickly, the realities which has a ton errors or tunnel memories asian, a tunnel performances of resting your voice, and I wouldn't saw you Bob. You're China with musical despite promises brown, his promises. I promise this promises. Promises brothers is your idea. Is that it can? I tell you something that acts as a funny. One of the funniest things you ve ever sat in your life to me. Was my mouth. He knew my mom had Alzheimer's and was pretty intense. Then I got my mom's coming to see the show and he goes thank God. It's called promises,
are you Tyler is about thereby stand by that job in the moment at the right time, I think you and I have had some of our best moments like letting off the steam about these hard. Situations in life, one of them being your mother. Who died in January had Alzheimer's form years before she died and you obviously are saddled with being probably in your family, the rock many ways because you're gonna problem, I assume you financially supported her- you either yeah, and you say you have a role in your family bore mom. It can be an oppressive mass to where you're talking to doctors, your gathering, the information you're, making pretty certain decisions for her in
Sometimes you need to go, see your Kommeni buddy and make some Alzheimer's jokes right. Just leave yourself, fuck insane and there's something so cathartic about finding the humor. And these scenarios have there because the other, suddenly the child becomes apparent and there's some Yes, my father towards the end. I was caring for him as well and some of my favor moments are at a certain point he had to start wearing diapers right and I, what changes Dave her and, I would say, gummy little baby and I were declared there. May I go Dinah danger, diaper and I were totally just treat him like
a tiny little baby react. He would be giggly Mary was three Interpol baby lane on his bag and I'd be fucking changes they were, but I wanted just do it like we gonna get through this. Am I do you know what this blows were both of us? I think the last thing you want is your son to be changing. Your diver Lessing, I want to do, is changed as diverse all my let's go all the way. With this give Gucci Gucci relay. Ethical aim is very valid in shit. I've lugging, Simon, lift your ass out. Man. Help me out here, you're wearing a fucking diver Then we would have a damn good, laugh at me now, because I don't know what else you gonna do just let it on every aspect of your life and I added a year I yet to go for it. You can't just half ass an opponent yeah and then even when I just went through it again. With my step dead, like I had a role in that family, we all sat in the room. It was at the end and there's six of us, I'm like I know my role its time them.
Some jokes about this now this is this is rough. We need some levity here after, but would you ever feel the Baltic, as you would make a lot of good jokes during the the hardest Alzheimer's Faye. I think you know you look in therapy. About my mom. For I know it was. You will go a long time. Ok, so I made this is from two hours ago
my mother's on Monday, when I was about twenty four or five, I start making goal lists, and I thought it was so cathartic and I still preach about how it's very important and two questions. What do you want? What are you waiting for right? That's what I was ask people what just specifically, what do you want? You want food right now, you hungry. Do you want tons of money? Do you want a great relationship? You want? What do you say if the write it down, and so I would write stream of conscious things down? I would like fifty thing that I would number them. One was eat better to exercise three common mom more for you, no book up ten commercials. This year, five b, a household name in fact, bigs and then a section on it. I'd have lifetime goals which was hosts. Internet live beyond David Letterman have a billboard with you know like career things,
You think are important, and so my therapist said I told him that he said does not many many years. You don't tell me a catastrophe happened and NGO workers. They all came true, yeah yeah! That's why I'm sitting here a little bit of that, but I was going through it with my mom too. So once I went to therapy to deal with the death of my mom's soul, I guess her spirit. Her physical was still here, so I had to deal with the debt and to ask right yeah her consciousness, her her physical body rang, and so that was really tough, that's a year or two to get over and crying, and it was rough and then to your point. Yes, it's great to make jokes after you he'll from that death, then, while there are still physically here, I think it's ok, like you, said, to find levity within this tragic these tragic moment, and then you have to do a second time with a death, but it's not as rough because
As you know, it's a blessing that they go is what is the point of being here? That is what I am sorry that's what I have a problem with. You know these right to death laws that are now slowly being passed and states. It's like, but they're not applied to people who have dimension Alzheimer's or sitting in a bed Wendy four hours a day. Why are we keeping them alive in makes me so angry? They do not want to be here and we do not want them to for me- and we are left to suffer and sore that so I I want to transfer somewhere, judeo Christian have quarrelled over all religious, but if it's, what purpose is serving to anybody? Yeah yeah makes me very that the listing in in the in the therapist saying, let me guess a catastrophe happened. They all came true, been general, don't you think we all create a fantasy, and it whatever it is. I'm gonna be the president of this elegant to be of a partner at the law firm and when they happens then, also
enjoying life were then I'll, feel good about myself or I'll have proven myself in you're, somehow gonna get some consensus view achieve some consensus from the outside. You might believe it yourself, while here's the problem by, I heard your sang the thing as once you accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You have to now create new goals. You have to create a reason to get out of bed every morning. I guess if you are content, what are you do all day. Well, I personally work from a similar plays. Where motivated out of fear, fear failure, fear of irrelevance, fear of financial in a union of security. I strive to work and be productive and creative out of a place of love in it. Sight met. That's my goal. Now I get that I do that to Eu Animal feed now this about you, but you produce a lot of television shows. You have television shows on the air that you produce and nets That is a labour intensive,
generally bat fun. It's like acting where your plane with another person, its work in producing it. I dont personally Do all of it myself mean, though you have a great partner time, shady acres, and I always think that, because it makes them feel bigger than me It's called hazy. Mills products, hazy, misery. You also we'll go. Do these broadway shows. In their so labour intensive right. The really really hard may still alive. I think I'll guy. In there. And then you are you do twenty? Do episodes of willing grace eighteen monsieur eighteen so All of these are time consuming, which one is the most fun which one do you do you think you would do if if there were no longer pay you for it? Would you do any of them if there were no longer pay me for them? If I was no longer, if I was getting paid to do no found tv broadway producing anything you I would go, do sketch comedy
You ok, they'll theatre for free, ok, ok! I think so yeah, I think so or open like an old game, an open just like it asking store our colleague pillars, reorient warnings on shelves all day long and, like you, have a fake price tag done just that no or open like pillars and blankets, tanneries upon blankets, pills in August. I combine away, but you didn't like five dollars Oh, that's a website domain you own, yet pillows and blankets. Nightcap doesn't like that's great. You go to start up. My yeah love tell us ambling. Who doesn't his brain? Is always anyone always on his reign. If I have lunch with enemies, I am then I had this idea of her children thing and now launching a magazine, you have so many ideas that we have just voted. Children's buckets Carryin October, I mean I made some joke about that when you told me that to use it on our children,
right. That's me writing a book about how to re slatter have time. Today. I don't have time to children's rights. I'm sure you have a great perspective that kids could benefit from it. Sincerely. I don't think I too have I love yeah. I guess I just I want I want you to. I want you to carve out a big chunk, your life for something you would do for free. I really want that for you yeah. Why thank you know its interest. I think you know, I would say like Vegas, you Know- and I will say like you know, when I go to Vegas and I sit down at the blackjack table, I plays three four five hands at one. If nobody sitting there I'll do off play all those hands at one times at least one is in a hard and the game were rife, and so I think that's. Why do so? Many things is because I enjoy being creative, so so things, I'm just wondering what the breakdown is. If you have to sign percentages of how much It is that you enjoy being in the game and how much of it is. I need to
is secure a living for myself for the rest of my life. I think it's everything. It's all. I think, because if I wasn't creating one, I don't know what I would be doing right in the fear of that he could you see that as an exciting adventure? What like? I don't know, I'm gonna do. If I'm retiring scarcely more right, well, which makes me think, there's something there. I hope so yeah that wouldn't my prizes at the end of this August, I tell you what you should be doing. I would give anything you're heroes like I was. Is it fair to say that what's his name, a mentor Marty Short Marty, short yeah. For sure I mean what did I just do cause people couldn't see, and I put my grim leisurely bangs. I just did it with my hang on. You know I'm already entity. Martin are both problem. My two biggest mentor What's really interesting about both those guys as examples there, both guys who many times have walked away. Aren't shore is one of the we would agree very funny.
Ass human beings ever walked Lana awry so without Quest He could be acting all day long every day if he chose yeah yeah for sure he is one of the most centred grounded yell nor more comfortable, and yeah all of it is in. He knows how to just be alive on planet Earth day to day in the moment from the outside, it seems She doesn't feel like there's a clock taking behind him at all times. He just very present in having a blast and in a good mood in so all the time. Do you think, maybe that that's one the things your drawn to about him? Isn't that what everybody is drawing to a volume Antonia strive to have that that, like balance and serenity in your rain in your life. Yes, in a week, we have the same where we say find somebody who has what you want right in and figure out how to
Get it asked aunt em how they got it again, he's also another one where you go as a gay man go. Are you know that book? Are you my mom? Oh yeah, I reckon are you my father in the opposite. That book are you, my mother. I live my life with what we are talking about before You may find I'd try to seek his father figure, I'm always like Marty. You know big such a great but there's also Jimmy Boroughs humor. Is he my father, like you know like there's somebody guys in my life, unlike would be great fathers. Here's where I do this annoying thing that people get mad at me about doing. I'm gonna do to you anyways. Do you think having a little boy of your own could he'll that I think his name is called shine. Four hundred a year they have won? I answer my inner China now, no, I don't I don't look. I don't have the patience. I think you do. You have those fucking, God rest their souls. They both past. Will you Attica
the dogs, the idea that were bonkers say right. They or their cute names, Marian Buzz mad. Buzz and they were high strung right art and they ran encircles embassy. They were not their sheep. She burning non Zion, shepherds, australian shepherds. In the way you and Scotty cared for those little princess yeah here they are I saw one second like this? Is it good home for someone who needs assistance to come, you can get nurtured here. I think I think I would like to know. Neither one of us is a hundred at a hundred percent advocate, but, and so there s God, it was like a deafening. Why can't I more, ok, but, and here the same Rhine either of us like a hundred times more. What can I tell you something? There's never been parents in the history of mankind. It were a hundred percent. That is that you it's like how many people do. We know knuckle heads really, I'm just not sure of this girl's, the one
yeah. She graduated from MIT, yes, she's, the best Doctorate Cedars Sinai, she's, a ten but issue the one in use running up to get the fuck out You yourself, there isn't a one right right right is be with his personal work the shit out of it working like a job, and I know she'll be the one. Why do you want to have kids so bad? There's a quote from a woman that I love and she said I'd rather regret not having kids then have and regret it later gap and again. This is where I get in trouble, because it is seen as like, shaming people who don't have kids in, and I don't mean to do that when I mean it It was when I see somebody who has attended, offer somebody and can help make this world better by raising some kids and who I've assessed as having the patients for a kid
the love for a kid in the generosity. For a kid. I think you could help that's very sweet. I'm gonna make a deal. Ok, if I have a child- and I put all the love and time and effort money- almost sweat and tears into Europe- and when that child becomes a teenager and size to be a drug addict set, my house and fire yeah can. I give them to you. Absolutely ok, yeah desire of girls and I've always want to have a fight with my son, like that old fashion in the in the kitchen, yeah yeah fought the passing of the torch ashcombe there I'll be robbed of that midwestern tradition. I just don't want to roll the Dyson get screwed up kid, because I've seen like so many parents roll their eyes like yeah. I guess see that, but I feel like a couple, things could happen K. One. Is you just can't talk your way into having the perspective of being a to you are one
and the amount of catharsis that happens with your own childhood from my point of view I argue a very quick, as example for Thirty eight years I was mad my dad and thought I was the victim that he left and robbed me of a father six ones into having Lincoln it hit me like a ton of bricks. If, if for some, crazies scenario. I am missing tenure of my daughter's lives. I won't recover I will kill me it'll, fucking, absolutely kill me word. They did just find missing. Ten years of my dad's live right, so it is weird how it flipped to me that I was the victim in the scenario and then I realized he was the victim in and then all this catharsis inhaling came out of that for my eye, I agree with you. I think I'm there too about my dad ya. Think he of course regress regrets like my relationship with me, but I dont know
Oh him right, I've been be like strike, bring him in Monica we have like. How did you do? Organ is holding a new baby he bit, but it would be like striking ever conversation with me now, my neighbour down the street in a year, You know where to begin yeah I've. U All right. I want to publicly apologize for trying so hard to make this a therapy session where I, like, I bestowed unto you something that I thought was going to make your life better. It was, I was relentless, and it was who am I to say all the things I did, of you so much they show you want me to be a better person than I already know. I do has nothing to do a better than now offer somebody. I totally disagree. You. Don't care less about what any thanks whether people are happy only because you you by your own emission of dummy, you have anxiety and you can't sleep and there's these things in and I naturally want you do not have those
now? I know I know I don't either, but I dont know how to do that. Now is my it's my it's. Where I live yeah I have. Let you go, but I do on a positive note what We through the emotional arc of the show coming back, where you are at today. Like so you know, I did that election video with Hillary Clinton and about the election still coming. Fingers crossed up networks out our guy. Has there been a huge number of ethics, but we truly truly did the crew data for free? We didn't have every they re just to get our message on the way. We knew how to do that. Everyone knows that you did a video as willing grace the whole cows yeah, became very viral. Yes, it became that that, like Digital TV or Herpes, very viral verily. I ran yeah. We did it purely to get the Macedonian
together in eleven years of ten years, would ever was, and we thought it seems pretty important to hang up any kind of anything that we were feeling about the shower, and so let's get together for it. When we all wanted to write- and it was, it was a great excuse to get our message out and also to see each other and also to do us. So we did done see later on? We got so good to see you how we ban both Lassie later at any point, while filmy net did you go like oh, this was really forming a year little bit Megan Malalai. She was she said to max much now. Come you know. Maybe we can do the show again because who knows? Maybe we could, and so a kind of started the dialogue on because of that experience, and then what really hit home was the millions and millions of views that video got and then that got the network talking and us talking more serious about it and then area. Here's and I'm wondering sometimes you do like you- have a project in your life in it
a lot of your life. The first go around and you complicated your young any you have aspirations and amusing people do in other things and all others all these complications that can sometimes prevent you from enjoying what was amazing experience and then, after the fact, maybe eight years later, you have a perspective of life. I think even Seinfeld said that there is only regret about Seinfeld Z, wish she could have taken in a breath and just enjoyed making do at all re enter it now much older, going o this time around, I'm gonna just enjoy. For what it is, I started thinking about it. Telling me somewhere else right, a hundred percent. Yes, you do you you learn to appreciate. A far more. Its did mean something different now and now it's more about I'm so glad you said because for me it made me realize: oh, nothing else, matters other than the stuff that just I want to do, and I don't care
about the result. Yeah. Now you don't care about the result as much just care about the creative process in getting out of your body and out of your brain and into the world whether one person sees it or ten million people see it. You you just at that, It is about from me now and right I mean you're young. It is two hundred percent result. Yet I don't you right and I dont care for the results, and I dont care anymore about it, so funny pleasing people, I don't care about pleasing people with the product as much as when I say, peut pleasing people. I met me personally yeah in life, but as far as my creative endeavours, if it reaches ten people, are I don't care care as a wonderful place to work from yeah reading if you enjoy the process that can be taken for it. There are no that's right, so I think success follows you when it comes from the heart and no other place, yes in, I am lucky enough that I can do stuff now, just for the pleasure of doing it, and I think you can.
I too? Am I only wish for you is that you did it a little better yeah. I think everyone wishes that. I think it is a great need to go out on Chinese. I love you, so my love it's. The only thing I feel like I should say is that I was fired from your show. I know, which is my only firing experience of my life is, I got offered it your thing on your shovel and last year, I'm fine with it. Now it was interesting feeling to get fired. The only thing cared about. Is there you and I were involved. I had it been any other thing with a bunch of rangers outer milling, though whatever I was at a table read for forty five minutes and then I got fired and who gives a shit I do I don't know. I don't remember. Of course I remember it, but I asked I most blocked it out because it was horrible that had happened, but I don't know it's like it didn't I I don't
you're the only thing was there was no anonymity to it. For me, I knew many of the people at that table read something that was maybe the only element of it that I was like that's kind of embarrassing, israelite people I know, and then I can't. I can't they were fired. I can already leave if irony that, over a year later, it's pretty funny go now to me was clear: why right cause Nick offer mended and that to me It seemed like oh move. You're gonna make you an me that nothing will they wanted him they wanted. They wanted a moment with star him in why Earthen was doing something they might do that to a person to get you to come on I also want to do I don't know the machinations of any of you. Don't have to weigh, and that was my does. It could be a symbols. I was terrible to tailoring. That's fine, but that's the
only time in being friends for twelve years, whereas I only I feel you there's something awkward between us. You you said to me: oh my god, I'm so sorry nose like oh Jesus. You should never be seen sorry to me and our whole friendship, because you don't ever do anything wrong, but I dont vanity or another guy writer of the show. I guess that's. Why blocked it out, because it has nothing there with me. Are you the EIA Ray? I was working at backstage all the time behind the scenes masterminding. I want to hire and fire from every one billion cubic metres of it. At the end of the table. We bigger you're fired the a funny thing. They come out of that stories. I wanted
the day. Worry, no wonder you guys, you tailor its turn morning. S only tend more able to table red eye leaving all. I don't think you did that good at that. Whatever I go about my day, then I got a call from my agent in she goes. She calls of Gmos. I just want to say like yours, so good at that movie. Like this, I had a screening of a movie like that. We before time issues are you so good about moving thanks. Thanks thinks he has either way you level age goes more more more about how good I was a week ago, the organ, fifteen minutes into how good I am in this movie, all of a sudden something clicks where I go. Oh bad news this coming in in the middle of compliment parade I go, but did I get. Fired from willing grace is because they are going and other direction. I knew it certain stunk, you would not is call me to love. My billows were fifteen minutes right right, airline happen, but it totally fine everything's ring then also even more broadly, my daughter
add something at school and was on the day. I would have been doing the live show in she was like graduating from me. You know her little class in preschoolers. I owe this all worked out exactly. How should the act for sure and by the way it was tainted, are the show that we're gonna do someday? That's right about people need fresh eyes about changing, diapers and Alzheimer's, Yahoo answer the autonomy, the patient, or that you and I should be the dagger you didn't receive. I would like to raise Ok, you changed my little diaper little big. Did you get you I love you Jeanne handled action, and now my favorite part of back check, my soul may go bad. Did facts Just do it when you wanna get to it did facts just do it when you are
that's gnarly really gets who I was, what did it say, the data that song relax? Don't do so saying the whole thou. I think, relax don't do when you are going to relax? Don't do it when you are again? Oh, my gosh can evade our isn't it. I saw it. I don't know I can imagine gone airwaves there in the eighties would be Matt. I don't think I mean something else, we're not hindered by those cumbersome regulations on vulgarity? Luckily, luckily were allowed to make sexual and growth anyhow hangs over that song, but dont relax I want you do get fired up here, but I am relaxing. They have a blank in its cosy, its old chile, here LOS Angeles, as we approach
the sun favoured season of the year reindeer on Mercosur, an the transfer on vixen and listen. It's Chris. Listen here and it's cold, but it's not really cold. I feel really embarrassing. It's cold. It's like seventy. We are saying that it called- is really disrespectful to anyone on these coasts. In sub zero temperatures, we have a little space here, going a Yankee doodle. We all look what the temperature is Monica sixty five hours or more likely you wanna thou art, was cleaning up? That's my second everything and I'm gonna write the ship. Now, I'm ok, the gutter but ear you do have a blanket in your also in a nice thick white.
Overall an eternal neck in along sleeve, and we have a space heater pointed at you. Seventy degrees, yeah. You are just quickly to this, whether that we have here in LOS Angeles. Yes, my skin got and very quickly. After moving while by seeing a couple weeks, oh yes, we will be back in their general trial, run to get their root down. That will be smart. I assume they do that. Should I addressed this thing that came out about me. Sam kids, don't believe in Santa Claus, as is the place to clear that their first thing I want to say about that. I shouldn't even admit it. That I got caught off guard in an interview in the one who was about to lose sight of my girls are first Santa Claus coming. Do I take them season because after about the fourth, I just was line line live. I just said you know what they did not believe in Santa Claus.
There's been some angry parents online. The first thing I need to say- and you ve been witness to this- the first thing is you are not allowed to ruinous for anybody else. Other kids believe in it yeah you're, absolutely forbidden to say anything to them gap, and I've seen in practice, because a lot of their friends believing in they'll just watch them talk about all the different things that are going to happen and they don't they haven't spoiled it for anyone. That's good, oh, no no threat to any one else. Here's what happened for me. I explained the concept to her over the next month. Leading up to Christmas is, as last year she's just started poking holes in the logic right first, it was well. How does he go to every house than was? How does he fit down chimney than it was in no wise in the North pole, all these different things and I was going along. You know going the standard lies. You tell turn had that off and then I just saw at a certain point. I was just looking at her little face and she had this critical mine that was finding holes in the logic, and I was bad.
Sickly, forcing her do ignore her critical thinking and then I just I join my own memory. I don't ever really remember believing and yet I love Christmas. Yes, I've had an I've. Had forty two wonderful christmases, I also thought is that is Christmas about Santa whether or not the he's a bill guy. No, about getting together with your family and sharing love and affection and presents yeah? That's what's great about Christmas the decorations any who so yeah, that's what happened and I understand if you're mad at us, but Minos is my decision that I just at a certain point. I couldn't just keep telling or to ignore that clever little part of our brain that was calling bullshit I they match because their king,
heard you say this or are they mad? Why are they merely Madge gentlemen on Twitter went so far as to say you know that I said every parents, wine to their kids, why haven't said a single thing about other parents? On the same, my own experience very happy for us I want to do it, I know I've zero judgment. I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing on trying to any. Whilst doing I'm, I'm not gonna, be less judgment about what you do with your kids, gas ever, Yeah, do everyone's gonna do what they want to do and they should do that I just thought: oh here's, this unseen best part of it.
Brain at work, her critical thinking and I'm gonna silence that for what victory? What's it getting there still so excited about Christmas, still just as exciting it presents or another thing she's. I remember this when really unravelled. She had asked Santa Fer a present and then saying they had come to our house. Then we went to grandma's house in Oregon and won the presence she told Sanna was under that tree. Just light weight, wait a minute. How did this here he came and he wouldn't he tell grandma to get this thing and now that the lie I was gonna have to. Come on. Let's get me so elaborate. My doing, I think parents generally bay, they almost like me. Oh god, on to Santa like they make Santa Lake Omniscient Andrews, has the ability to know everything at all times and can adjusted
I know you're sleeping naughty or night, as he knows everything, so he these God, who is so if he, if the present appeared somewhere else is just like oh yeah yeah this. And I know Santa knew we were coming here like there's all these there's all these short cuts by just making San as someone who knows ever, a thing you're among you know, you're at the mall you see a turkey dressed his old Saint Nick, and then you leave them on there's a turkey. Also dresses him ring a bell fur Salvation Army. These seats. Before more on the way home? How are use ages now, if I were literally just about saying, oh this guy comes in, and that was the end of the line. I could definitely have just dealt with that, but when it gets into like the teens, where I'm like- daily our early. I now This was really funny. Those one time we were not to eat with SAM Harris and
He was saying they they did. They told their kids. You know I mean, are reluctant to talk about this outlook. He someone's listening and there's a kid. Your car, that's how scared about it. Yeah, oh boy and you got to say when he was telling us christian. I were shot really I'll get over it. You can have one wide make Christmas, fine, very judgment? Yes, so I totally understand people be detrimental me. We're, like mind you, I know you're all about honesty and stuff, but you can fill one time. Why depends on each gear its it's just depended on the kid and the parents and that relationship it's not like it's not bad to believe in. Diana typing. It was so fine. It really was so that's great mine, got ruined my jewish from ruin. That, of course, simply when you're gonna call about the french goods more than one boy was really funny, though, is that on the little org
while the three year old? She knows she doesn't know she knows yet she still believes in which is awesome. I don't think he now as we pulled into Erics houses. We and in that the song was on the radio I he knows when you been sleeping, he knows when you're awake and olives and she goes from the backseat J he knows who were away like yeah. He knows Only I don't even know what TAT meant a lot heard believe for a long time. Yet she seems to believe you she's so funny and fun she's engaging a different part of my uncle. Sheer which is also important, she's, queen imagination, he is, and the other ones just the facts miss
there is a really good. I'm done ever and probably already knows about this, but there is a really good. This american life there's a whole episode about Christmas and Santa and bears ones very specific story. The people should go. Listen to that their this family and the parents were like Super Gung HO about Santa being real, oh cried. They they would create, is allowed a brain I mean a lab bread, ski, Basically the hearing, the kids in the thinking and then like the aftermath of when they found out that he was real. Tromp like some like PTSD Korea. This really enjoy yet great. I think, if you like fear willing to try to us crawl down your own chimney and stuff to perpetuate. I think it's great event in except when you believe so deep believe in something and like an unwavering sands and then that get shattered it in
that is traumatic engines more just saying Santa here, because as it were talking about, but in general, in life, when people lose their it's horrible? I mean that sum is so this you run a risk of this being like that, for kids are ever they realize oh yeah. The cynical side amused like oh. This is all baked into the strategy. It's like you introduce him to concept early disbelieve without proof. Fine, all these loopholes budgets ignore those because your parents said so and just kind of primes the pomp fer you now other others tat gap here again no disrespect. Anyone now fan is great. I think again, I'm envious of people who are religious, it seems to me, was friends friends of mine. It seems like a better way to live for me, I'm about our wide that oil They seem happy or more fulfil all we know now. Why don't? They seem.
Are you happy, but I dont know that their happiness in their contentment comes from bad. Let me rephrase it. I have friends and I can see that they are used in their heart. It looks good like I would have loved to feel that in my heart, be you have other stuff in your heart. That looks good. Ok, let's start O. First of all, I think that you guys Sean you guys have such a nice relationship and the dangers we care. I really love my relationship with him and the Israelis sweetness boy. I think I do I said it, but I was for meat is pretty much love at first sight. Ok, so he talks about the opera little bed and we were wondering what percentage of operas our italian I found one number that was forty one percent
I don't know how accurate that there was a very many members on it. Forty one percent, as the number I saw, but it was born in ITALY, opera. I remember someone telling me if it's not an italian. It's not operates. Something else again knows will be the second time along about this, but someone did tell me I don't like it like: it's not sham pain. If it's not maiden GM feed, our highly exactly, I don't think so. Maybe, but I don't think so Donald Trump is still J from down J. Tromp is six three June. I know you steal. Ah boys got hurt now penalties. Lighting a matter that we'll shoulders must be brought his hell, I mean, but it actually.
It's interesting. Eighty. Six three demands would be normal size now think about it, just a proportional fine, but it makes sense like his essences, big, oh yeah, yeah rarely has a presence, yeah and I'm sure that is part of it I keep his little eyes him. It is a goal, presences large, so I'm sure that's all part of it. It's interesting. I thought he was like fire eleven won't. We don't really talk about it, often but height privileges, a real thing, veered taller, Dude you're gonna get taken more serious. All the time taken, my seriously or you just walk up to a certain point. After that, you look like a fool, giraffe and people are just like all my alluded- freak fine, unhelpful. Then I wonder what the cut off is a mine
say that we have. The land is much higher than you. I know, and I think I ve just came in for an interview you be like alluded. This you'd be so distracted with how to I think it may be a disservice to him to be so tall. These soda, He is like when you first made him. All you can think about is how tall you think that's a disservice. I think that's that's of a cool thing that makes use stand out, no pun intended whelp Internet Palmer, As you can see, you always remember, oh just that by tall frightened and it's like oh yeah back, I sure he's a lot of things like that red hair and tall does. But I guess this kind of thing word imbued sense of conflict, leadership and all those things, I think it is. Certain hide. It starts breaking down. You're like they're gonna, be too tall, cannot can a heart support that
sorry, my leg is easy, a mutation while he is like we have red hair he's a lotta mutations. He does have a lot of mutation this way so goddamn special, but when you see the pictures of wall, dough the guy in the Guinness book. Last, oh, no, not work, although he's very advertised, but the wall, though, from the Guinness Book World Record who's the tall man ever, I think he was eight eleven or something we see a picture that Guy Europe first thought isn't like: he should lead us into battle. It's like doggies, chair, we'll get him his bed. She gonna get him off his feet that this is not healthy. I'm worried about him, but what about basketball players? not worried about them and their very tall. I worry about some of them. He do Santa Rosa, yes specially, like the white centres, some of these white centres, I think that do they have actual manually disorder where you have a a tumor on your pituitary gland like
andrei the giant had now want to see, jack. I don't think that at all, because he so proportionally ease muscular yeah. You know it doesn't look. It looks right, but some of these other folks by this I was worried about their heart and stuff. How cow that's nice, see it a care so much. Thank you. Don't see a lot of talk. I always point this out to you this widely. I'm gonna die my sixties because you don't say any grand pause at like six. Three right, you will never see, we already discusses you shrink. I dont think you could shrink that much well, I I. How much is just can a shrinking just as ever, gonna be six one yeah, I think he's gonna get down to five. Five. Five noise gonna stay this height of about fifty nine years old,
there were no. No, no, no, you shrink some and then you also your back. Even the goalposts, so all adds up to being many many inches shorter, the other you again, you don't well and we just laws on George Bush senior resting.
Is, he, I believe, was pretty tall, even as a grandpa he's like one of the few people have to look towards. Ok on standby, shrinking and scholars is now ok. Ok, what network was Elinor Monica cancelled because of that, as ever she comes out that was ABC. Nbc Sean was nominated for seven Emmy onward guy. Now he couldn't, or a MA am weird. I now appeared I now he deserved that, though I've heard about people taking themselves out of Well, I used to be. Maybe it still is in the actual have to submit so we don't submit it to submit yeah yeah. I want to say Tommy slimy cause. He one like seven years in a row for West Wing director and these started feeling self conscious about it and he stops emitting
That's my dream, wedding, so large that you have to say I'm a social conscience vote winning so much. I just gotta year myself, out of the running, Oh, what a great sideways, so I've never gotten first place in my life. I don't think I was really going through my memory. I don't think I've ever gotten. First place it at anything of hay this year, you Wabi Wabi in me got me downloaded new podcast of two thousand eighteen, which was a giant can take xx, I mean revelations right. I feel so grateful for it, and I was thinking that I really want to publicly thank some of our earlier gas that really help get us on the map. Yeah, everyone knew him on helped us has that our show is good because of our gas. That's true, those folks really
this launch big and they had never heard of it- could have been the worst shown. The world may kind on blind faith took a chance, so things tat, everyone thinks everybody Congrats on your number one, our number. Why will you have it? I've been number? before this year. I see what you're saying the idea. I'm glad you pointed that out. Oh ok! What are the right today states? What do you think they are Oregon? California, it is yeah. I was surprised to all that's great news. Her assistant suicide assist Death- is legal in Washington DC and the states of California Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, Hawaii and Washington. It statuses disputed in Montana, Ochre cool. I guess because we talk in our policy genius ad.
You asked me how I think I'm gonna die, so maybe I'll die through assisted death. Maybe you'll kill me. Ok! Look! If, yes, we do. If you put me in your death plan, I'll, be there for the medium nine thousand one chance I live longer than you will we'll do that. I told you once about this questionnaire about intimate display. Thirty something questions too. To increase intimacy and one of them is, do you do have a sense of how you're gonna die That was one of the questions and I played this at dinner party. We went through all the questions in my my best friend immediately said that she thought she was going to get hit by a car. She was so Adam, like she was just confident like that is that's what it is and then for weeks.
So, every time I was walking down the street, I kept thinking about her getting hit by a car and I did not like that's? Why I'm here is the great paradox of both you and I, which is you, don't believe in any kind of intelligent design or of the universe or Saint neck yeah You have a lot of weird superstitions that clearly someone would have to be. Our job and charge her yeah yeah. I want tomorrow, even me saying: I'm gonna die my sixes, you think I'm doing seen myself and I might die, but I dont think that can happen. But I look, I don't believe in and somebody orchestrated all of this, but I do believe that where you place your energy can come back to you like. It happened to me all the time. That's true you're done about manifesting your destiny near at hand a lot? I agree with that, but again that's another loophole. In my view. No
but I don't think it has to do with them like a person listening and then and then bring it all back around it's just. I think when you put your energies into some thing mentally subconsciously, you start doing things to get there and you you're not really aware that that's happening but of wine roadblocks and Strove could use your new squinting face we ve been practicing monogamy. Nor is there a lot of people, nay squint. They expose their teeth really far and almost do an or an over by. Yeah and we reject they spend their eyes and they lived. There knows the teeth are exposed in the american drop third mandible back in its yet. But yours
buck teeth s kind of a double challenge. Of course look at is ok, just Roquat at the EP towards the end. You say member of the context. But you say that you have a lot of knucklehead friends who say like eating this girl and she's a tan and she's this than she's there, but I'm not really sure in years, and then you say, would you
it's got a just decide and then that's what it is, and I dont think I agree how good a man who sat at the same time that a little bit, I think I mean I mean I. I just think you should be pretty sure before you pulled the trigger on a wife, one relationship, but I believe that will be revealed if you treat it like a lifetime relationship and that'll be revealed, but but but living evaluating, prevent you from fully meeting which actually prevent you from actually knowing what the persons like when they feel saving confident in their best self, see and hear your evaluating someone who you ve not given that security too. So how on earth can you evaluate that puts us trail? That's true, but I bet my other examples. You drop any to people on it on a deserted island.
They're gonna be in love and be partners. Eventually. I now I dont think that having you'd come to love them, I think you might come to love them, but I dont think you will you might you had come to welcome man come again. You coming up we'll go, we sort of background is something growth. There will look it's like the example of arm. You know that you and imprison the option between solitary confinement versus being bodies with a bunch of rape, Mars, is still way more appealing to be bodies would gravely sinners companionship. Yes, I think you did, I think we seek thou and we will find. I think it's a lie. Our life blood, yes and retail, but that's all Necessarily the same as romantic yeah, a homo guess what you prefer: a rise in our relationship. M parents. I now were arranged yeah and they loved each other
yeah. I mean they love each other. Now yeah? But I just think that the endless evaluating of his is the perfect person. I just think that people generally walk around with this romantic notion. Others, a perfect person which I just think as horseshit find someone. That's got some values that you have that you think would be a nurturing, loving partner and you decide to make a go of it together. And then you work out all the details as they can be attracted to you. Personally, Are so many people who, I think, our wonderful in great and I'm not sure I had girlfriends those way more attractive to the Christian when we got together, but I had a different priority list when we got together.
And LO and behold in the other relationships where the attraction actually dissipated in her eyes relationship the attraction grew says all backwards encounter intuitive to me, yeah it just in my experience, yeah anyhow, that's are now as it were. One one thing happen: Instagram last week somebody I'm really embarrassed because it so I dont really respond to comment arm cherries. I don't respond comments very often so don't fit get your feelings heard from our responding but what happened is an hour. I'll be honest here I accidently hosts did Jonathan high on my instagram o intrusion, because I post for our arm chair, Expert Instagram, and I also
sorry guys. I also have access to Kristen Bells Instagram. So my have three instagram accounts on my instagram roads through whose sometimes, while you posts are observed on hers, really goes through the room. I should and so the morning that I was supposed to post on arms exports. I accidentally posted on mine and when, figured it out. It was too late. I already had about a thousand links, our I'll just keep it, and then I shall add two hours, but because of I saw a comment on mine there and it said wish, it says something along the lines of. I wish there were more facts or you stuck more to the facts and it feels like you. Been attacking Dax ass. Being defensive of me, boy,
and I responded- and I'm upset that I respond- I mean look borrowed. This person seems lovely in nice, said, find that responded to her, but I don't like that. I responded to the one comment that I now negative negative one yeah yeah has ever was saying all kinds, a nice step in and I responded to that fall into their trap. Pretty often too, I'm not as much anymore, but we used to be a real brahma. Mine don't normally. I let you know that you love me and you want to clear up right away that you won't be attacked me. I'm sure field, important, but while you are telling a story, it occurred to me what an idiot I am here as thanking those people who were guess on our show, what an idiot I am I needed think, first and foremost, arm cherries.
All the people listening. This gave us at the rear. Then there are the reason we have it gave us this year. The arm chairs gave us- and I am so grateful for the arm- Harry's wanted jerk. I was that I bet you'd been my very first. Thank you. It's ok. Why apologize and I am very grateful and indeed feel, attacked now I don't feel like you're attacking me. I feel like you and I have different opinions, sometimes yeah. I think that, as we do and it's out an attack to break not by counterpoint, nor who in a pay more windows. So ok, that's all them around me. I love you. I love you wait, a minute. Look: who's!
return. Gardner scar, merciless someone left their phone on yeah.
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