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Seth Green is an American actor, voice artist, comedian, producer, writer, director and one of Dax's true loves of his life. Seth sits down with the Armchair Expert to travel down memory lane and discuss how Seth got Dax cast in Without A Paddle, why Seth was the worst mark in Punk'd history and Seth's affinity for zero gravity. Seth talks about his experience as a first time director and Dax chronicles the 72 hours he spent on their press tour that ultimately led to his relapse. They talk about their mutual experience working with a real bear, Seth's fame as the Rally's Cha-Ching guy and Dax commends Seth for his unmatched integrity.

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Welcome to the armchair expert, I'm your hosts Dac shepherd. Today, I'm going to speak with one of my best friends, Seth Green, you know said green. You love south Green, it's impossible not to love, Seth Green. He s, men endlessly funny. He is very, very witty, and if your name interview with him, which I've been several different times, you have to really bring your age game cause, he might be the fastest mind in the west. He has a very successful, show robot chicken that he produces in believe rights and directs. He is a voice on family guy. He most importantly, was it without a paddle where we met
and fell in love. Let us recall you now, with some of those stories he's I want my father's heiress ran, sat Green has combined Hampshire expert, it so exciting and up probably no other friend, do I have in show business has been no longer a longer ride bedroom. Will you because you predate like Tom now it was on point there. Ok, I saw you and I'm all are properly like my longest standing show business friends, but you and I at such a unique experience to release it. When I was certainly the most unique asperity I've made, you man like from the get goes on groundlings, we gotta, do it. Didn't we We do what was it like a Tuesday night year cook? gas shower, something I think it's Thursday, but our lost got to do that, which is always lag. Just
again growing as an Improv Theatre, in LOS Angeles, that I was a member of an you and they have guess gas to come in and out they joined the improv team. I gotta go. Luck has many sterling who played Frau in Austin powers as a teacher there, and so she invited me said the colonel It was my first level teacher the ashes of ass, the eye grandma was legendary force. Our common, I lay there was a restaurant called at the Benelux. Just like a fifty evaluate their mean. Do you well? all of the waiters were deep. Improv performers, yes rapid a particular character, that, within the domain of an old fifties, soda hop or whatever the count, but would the explicit goal of being offensive. Ellie as one every song or that I will go to the one in Phoenix I'd. Go, do they're pretty mean you in any way yeah. This was definitely files. I my favourably to hang out and when I found out that all of the people that work there were actors in that they all came from the same school. That was pretty exciting about salt, Mr Go work out there because that's what it's like we met,
and then the menu fucking punch me man, like you, yeah, also a guy. We literally slip my mind where you just because I was thinking no we'd much sense without apparent menacing, alright women. They know you re punked me with the hardest. Mario, I ever had upon what is your problem so stupid, so I was hanging out with a bunch of kids from the seventy show. I'd known daddy since were kids even end. What was on family guy and there woolmer was in party monster soul. After we shot that movie, we spent a bit of time go to the Friday eight bags and then we would go. It was really have higher yeah. There was a really I'm before club promoters were reality stars and there were cellphones others cameras always is a different world at the moment and we would go out Friday night, and we would like go you love it hands.
Nobody knows that and I no. I don't I'm here to my house, and that is a very good thing that logic you but you're zero zero contents are a compliment I dislike to film is one night will is like I'm doing a charity day. I want you to come after. The charter is like a casino knife which areas like You know I don't gamble, but not right right around the time like couldn't, I had had so many, not great, etc. Show you an ash and road had so I was really trying because he's friends with a bunch of my friend I've got no reason to dislike him. I was lying about. We could get along well. as the threat of a message back story. It's the tower hotel as our right now I had just been to this location the week before. For a table read in that exact room, here's how trusting and
not suspicious. I am we pull up to the front of this hotel. There's a massive media van with there extended tower and I said out loud, somebody's filming of their research the Italians over the river that sofas I've got sped side without building. Here we go and the Erika is their Kristensen, whose we were very good friends were yak US scene. I realize really quickly that we work. Can it each other and we both like the lot of the same stuff it or not? in crowds by we'd like made each other a safe place, we're so she was there and there were only
ten people there and I go guys Europe bends. This is an area that I raised a lot of money. It's very well let this area that the immense happening, because we have two films of her exposure reasons. It's it's inordinately bright in there and set mediately. I noticed right away that the entire motive for the room had changed, because suddenly there were a ceiling panel mirrors all over it, as rules were not there last week, and I got weird it's like their right of aid, this all market room and nanny starts trying to get the mood I know this is a party, let's, because the amusing, why? It's guys we was all right away. We cannot music. Is we're not reveal the licence that music and also we're not going any audio for the bit so he's
Try is so preoccupied with getting the lights down in getting the music like pigs. Those guys sabotaging any luck of us right when I walked in Derry handed me a drink recent bullets at least drink, so I've got a stiff, tequila drink in my hand, and I'm already getting a little sassy with its unlike. There should be a way for us to control this light. There's gotta be sanctions. I bet you there's thirty five minutes of footage of him walking around the room. Looking for the light, switch there's a war, but I'm following all of these courts have been notified to the corner by an electrician and little holding in cities, brand new closet things, and, unlike ringing, he's closets Orban, although we can send a life Others, there's cameramen behind the mirrors, he's staring directly into the mirrors driving out the lights LAO.
I mean it was stupid. Added value. Gambling starts right and then you're, not everybody on gambling and hopefully craps. That's like such complicated gave. Yeah submitted doesn't like to do. And then I could says he may come come play with me in man bore China. Like Mig, you go ahead, with this guy is so then he says all stake. You go. I guess that means
What does that mean we get so that they can already see the and the unpleasant problem here right we're going to try to entrap him in the gambling illegally, but he knows he neither wants a gamble on music. Loud laugh, I mean he's quite literally the worst smart we ve had up to that point who are like. We don't have a bit disguise, not gonna gamble. What's so, he gets me on the table and agrees to stake me whatever. That means, and then we roll a couple of eggs and it goes bad right over like removes right away his face drops. It goes pal and not a guy behind the counter says, are that's fifteen hundred dollars and asked in looks at me, like I you're, you're good, for it right and I go. I thought You're stay yeah just until the end of the game. In a moment, I crouched a bunch of numbers. I was like me see how, expensive
keeping a relationship. Guy you're, trying to put a price tag area value that finds out through all my month leaves, and at that point it s fairly liquid without a lot of obligations- and I was like I can cover it. So I know, but I'm gonna start stop playing. So I got off the table and You know this guy had been there the whole night out and as I recognize this guy, but there was so many people in and out of that scene that you sort of recognized and he was familiar enough. So I just thought: if he's here he's got to be here on purpose and then I was like to outside and as I was like outside People in here? Why don't you want a private conversation? On the other hand, we have a great art in the hallway, that's well, let's get a closer, presumably tasting outside and like the first thing he says, is hey man. I gotta tell you
I really like you in student powers of acceptance of mediately radio comfortable, allows like cool eggs you're. So I want to help you out in forty five minutes. This place is gonna get. It was re at law. Sentinel said in forty five minutes. This place is gonna. Get me. Money went off script at that. So I mean these said. I need you, Sir, to help me. I hope you have my leg. This game is this and as it is, I thought it was a charity and the truth is, I really could plead ignorance. I didn't know anything and understand, then he started saying: I know these guys run in illegal game. I know they. Ve been running a game in their dressing rooms, and I go war sounds like you re more detail than I do, and it said it out. We ve seen again: one zero is desired Chinese like so, you gotta help me use get out of here before you
get out now that worthy and before the place gets raided. Then you believed all that. That's why I want to hear it well. I had had a bit to drink and it also seemed entirely new orally you're in the hall fifteen hundred culture. I didn't knows a lot. I want that honesty, wasn't even the analysis through that was, but that wasn't even the thought I had. This don't rush like ok. How do I get everybody out of here in your. How do you go along five minutes? It's all went back to its own. He even said that he was like ok, so you get it but here, now we know whose game it is. We know which asked in game- and I said I don't even know what I thought this was a charity for kids or something this. We go back in there and I think the immediately happens is I gotta catch you're, not like hey man, let's wrap this up,
What do we get out of here would have realised what are you shut down? Your charity amount really gonna finish this game and instead, like we leave, let's go hand in hand with was really interesting about. The show is that you went into each bit. Thinking. Ok, organ! I'm trick this person thinking there is somehow legally liable for something rights but At the same time, you like that, may not work so years trying to get a lot of other things cooking. So like the notion that culture is trying to make, you feel like you owe him fifteen or not, as you know, you just thrown everything other Armand, but now it's getting it's getting really massacre is its bit about him when you ve been playing our now. Is it about this? Well in. It also was like this it's their seven thing. You guys had ever done so I had no idea the showing no idea that astronaut aside projects, That's what I always. I always will mint about the fact that all the actors that came after me when the bit was over and they yelled you got punked. That meant something to them, but the first
and I was in a position of like people were either terrified or mortified or whenever an angle don't worry, got Pont made. They just stare minimise its anew. Coming out in March on MTV People's AIDS. like I'd, do because an increasingly large, why reviews there is normally leave here any prior. Do it was so like would immediately followed me trying to get everybody out. There was awful, we have spent up timeline where within moments of me say: hey, let's get out of here, somebody somersault it s the crazy. They have the right and then doors opened and there's like a half a dozen guys, scream Macdougall Gruner, going to do to get it done over detailed or also walking a tightrope of a weekend were not allowed to act like any official agency right. So we can say we believe we can say were currently where any so. Your hearing, some bullshit, you know
commission, on gambling, that's what force or with and then we are not allowed to. Legally, you can't ever? Let anyone feel like their kidnapped or detained or can't leave so you're. Also being very vague put your thing is: please: leave Europe forward sit down gently on the floor, unaccountable. You know like it there's so many high ropes that worldwide, knowing all the restraint that you guys have because in my mind again probably the only one in this room who is ever not this room, but that room at the time who had been in handcuffs more than once- and I know how that go, and that was the other in my head, I'm crunching all. Have nobody says anything in this room, even if we all got interrogated, though not giving any for and out of it. So this will all be a wash and at worst it's a long night is what I'm thinking Let's get busted me later. He kept it.
back to me the entire time yeah. Does he knew I'd, make him at least well already standpoint in my mind. Actually, I was like there's no way that South Green remembers doing to show at the groundlings with me, but maybe he does and the second the ship was over. You turn around, I was like fucking. U has very flattering were were all on the ground and but you and I are like a foot apart. I and, as I go down on the ground, I look him square in the eye. Adjust shake my head. Ashley Judd, heat style. I don't like not a fuck, your word and we all go home and I right am. I had on thinking this kid's got such a promising career ladder and then were on the ground and our walks around like this but game the dying. No, it's it's the thing and you told and then he says to me: why don't you stand up and tell everybody what you told me outside I've arise.
given the various laws like white, all you, tell everybody what I said, some colorful background, which is relevant is is via this the defining characteristic of south grain from the second, I met him all through the times we ve been friends, and it's only gotten emboldened by every decision. I've ever seen in my integrity number one. I've never met a guy with more fucking integrity. If there's one human being the world that would never rat you out, it is set green seasons of the notion that have you been cruelly complying, hilly just in a weird way without us ever even knowing why this would be the perfect scenarios that all your actions up to that point. In life you have reputation of integrity, and rightly so in sudan-
it is really irony that of all the things you have been, a closet is the opposite of who you are well. It made it easy for me to look good in the Migs Kazakh. Yes, I thought you really shined and that I was very like oh he's a dude. I want on a bank robber, some very weird. I had some soup surprising interactions as a result of that show the people that I would have never thought would give me a second look we're like subdued. So you get part stayed strong, but so very shortly after we shot that episode with you. The show aired almost immediately out her eye, based on the success of that show. I said taking meanings around town. I have a meaning the paramount Babo bother making this movie without a paddle. I had just made its high in job with the predominant I mine and he told me they were developing this three him and I want to do it by the time it got.
casting these other guys? I had already done Scooby due to an like known, Matt Lily for a long time in other the world him and then, obviously I had strong opinions about use a when we got to read together wow In specifically what happened is its duty was like oh yeah. That seems like an interesting option. This kid from this show that's popular. Maybe that's got some value, but I had never in a movie ever? Why had never had a screen task? I hadn't risky long shot. It must have see black at the time, but it slowly it will, as it has a huge gamble for Brill into line and all them. But you got. I would say you got me that role because it once it got to the point where there about to issue contracts bigger like of what we might find out, if you can so kind of from. I was I all the right means. I had talked my winded the job and then officers away you gotta do a screen taskforce very lancing, and now
yet really binding scare you wanna take this fucking compliment whether you like. I was very nervous about having read the script and Steve Brill. The director was really smart and kind enough to go. Oh you're really good at improv. I can make this audition largely in private, I think give a shot in, but that very much required that long character find a year and then also move in the same beats of that scene forward and skill at me, but that fell under your lap because you you already cast an you you're, a part of my screen tests, which was nice of you, but thank God you could improv so well because of theirs, a brilliant accuracy, dont improv, that does not the thing they do and if they were situation like ok, we're trying to get this kid, this Oh you got a problem with him. You gotta join him. They might have said fuck, the hat or just what have sucked at its on my screen test was.
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like gang love. I definitely gotta have a fund audition with you, and I definitely said so- both Brill and align me and murmured and acts in this movie is comedy and everything Yeah, it's a guarantee. Yunkers. All three of us are actors in the same way, so we're gonna start everything from an incredibly honest place, no matter well characters and then we'll be funny, because we all know how Commodore But for me, for my from my point of view, I had never been in a movie. I was very, very nervous and it wasn't like. I had two scenes in a movie. You do the thing with will or like I was in a scene and cheaper by the dozen. I was in a student movie, but I by no means been one of three leads studio movie, shooting in Fucking, New Zealand, and that was probably your twenty fifth movie or some
and I got down there and you guys were both so generous and cause. We were both young guys who had people region but you said, had started doing movies when you were ten years old. Raven saddened, right. There were no Woody Allen movie at what aid south twelve, but anyway Adrian you and better off dead. Better. dad you're, not a better after no I'm thinking of the other one, John Crier. Nowhere you think it gave me long can't buy me waiting to my very favour moving out of the air. Yes, there is little brother. I am just turned. Fourteen, maybe I think I was just about fourteen, I think I turned for do not suffice to say you had had a lot. You had a couple of decades of experience at that point and a well ordered an antenna movies as well, and it was with it was the perfect two guys to end up in a movie which gives you guys are both pretty ego list you're both really hard workers that you have all these
qualities that I got so lucky. You guys are patient with me in. I was able to learn really good at it. Now I had been guide you now that I've some rough scenes in that what was schools that Britain invite us to watch dailies right. So we would you all week, He would invite us to watch what we had found. We'd all sit there, together watch and I remember being and scenes with. You sat originally the first things we shot, whereas like this guy's not doing any like he's not in my mind at that time, I think I was thinking like every seen in a movie here, Jack Nicholson and a few good man like you should be screaming and flailing your arms about, and I remember watching setting thinking is he doing anything and then going dailies and going oh fuck wow. That's what that looks when you put it on a screen, and I really got to like in really rapid order kind of figure out. How that medium works is through watching you through first thinking like
now these are doing and then going holy shit he's doing so much uses it was really great. I think that's already valuable us all seeing what it is that we're making understanding that it It's like a movie yeah and the actors all being able to witness each other you remember what am I many reoccurring, the shortcomings as an actor that pose rumour out and I looked into the lens realizing dailies, it had always became legged drinking game like oh and unfortunately, it was any some of my best scenes that actually be getting somewhere like, and it brings later told me they had to like set aside some digital budget to roads. got my eyes or out of the last year because, like my best take some staring right, sorely words dailies, like Wakeham all like all very, is again he's in the lens that takes such practice. Owen, I'm totally faking it. You know I'm acting like I know what's going on, but I do not know what's going on. Lessons have been good because if
you're staring down the lens and you weren't you ever fired I know that I could have been fired. We were in so deep because they drain eyes were a month and we are in use and they would have been even they would have been told Brill. You gotta make this work and in fact maybe they told Bro you take this work. I don't know they were so happy with the dailies and then we tested so high, yeah. I will never forget this. Is such a good lesson in just purse option, gives everyone of us and we saw a zealous going. All that I'm leaving. I was told it last week, so collectively we thought We literally, we thought were making diner in the wood right. We're, making the big guy isn't even better three actors. We all working really hard to given an incredibly honest, oriented really on the story about lunch, life and love and decisions cared and they got acts, and I go to attest screening and down
You ve been explained it. The whole movie as a whole plays so much sillier and more broaden silly. I would say defining thing we both came to recognises this was made for twelve year olds. it derives did feel really young. You and I, both over the last fourteen years, have come to love that moving away and really appreciate it, and I think at least of big for myself. I come to recognise what people up a movie at first It was just a little bit jarring that we thought we were making one moving. Just wasn't that Jackson, I sat together like practically, really world in having like a really arrival at all
emotional experience. Even worse. It's like Tommy. Why so watching the watching the room with an audience? Everyone like inert is like a board, my heart there watching me to kill my other airlines and they lack not think or jobs like yes answer the best thing isn't watching that movie through other people's eyes and realizing how many people love it and then coming to appreciate what it is that we have made and how much and it is. There is no movie. We could have seen that would lived up to the life experience. We have had made so we got an new Zealand, so we have like. We have made,
Big Herndon Fives, like that, was just of on high eggs, one Authority Ryanair place body. Yet we have these Olympic Gold medal, rowers teaching us how to navigate rapids in a canoe and there's three of us in a boat imports. S is stuck in the middle, so if Willard, I get it wrong which we did regularly weren't going over and these caused by rabbit. I quickly learned how to keep my camera above my head, dumped you get in this bubble when you're doing a movie where it's a, u weirdly, feel like you're gonna, pretend world, even though you physically on a river that is classified something in your brain, Oh, this is for a movie is like Disneyland you're, not thinking at all about the risks or jumping out of high waterfalls and shit, but the crazy thing that happened. Was we about five times? Are we had to jump in at the top of this class for five rabbit? I don't fucking gigantic and we had to jump up these rocks and they were going to film is floating through the rapids right, and we did this three time. I've forgotten, they'd, always search and rescue people in on one
the times set Green DIS here. Well loneliness blame here, there's a swirling Eddie at that at the base of locking world right. Now you have to jump past poor you it and that's exactly what happened and the fucked up thing about. It was I immediately was like I'd get myself out and I started trying to climb this apparent. We re He's a sharp library, wrong, and so I immediately like and just tell my hands apart prior They said if you get sucked under just go with it. It'll spit you out in said, is very calm under fire. As a person in general, is you saw unpunctuality, more fucking, somersault and through the window, so you didn't panic, he disappeared for, like counted tends in, he did not pop up until A quarter mile down the river One gypsies are now racing to him. There was a lot of fun, but that's
even the moment where we realized how dangerous it was because they finally got enough shots of us and then they pull us out, and then they set the stump men in and they're gonna go over in a canoe. They do the exact same thing we ve just on five times in a guy, breaks his head. Open has to get Russia. The hospitals- and I see you in this case an olympic fucking Roer and we go oh Jesus, the Olympian just got her, knowing this latter suffice to say there was all these like really heightened moments. That would never happen in your real, like that were happening daily. For us we're working with a fucking real ten foot bear that's. Fourteen hundred pounds barred the bear was every day was something cool to date. One of the more amazing experience is my life There is one moment that kind of trumps all them for me is that the cap Bart the bear in this horse, trailer and and keep him in there until it's time for him to work, mind you he is not nocturnal, but all of it is a night you so he's grumpy is fuckin, are feeding them abuse, huge saucepan coffee. To remember that I forgot about
It had a huge long saucepan, their feeding them coffee in doughnuts, so eating sugar in caffeine he's so irate ends. This horse trail it always in ages. You here in the horse. Trailer is rocking back and forth on two wheels and dug gotta, go in there. dog the door to a horse, fail this things going fucking King Kong in there, and he goes in there. Did you hear him screaming? Bar turn the fucking trailer smashing around no pin Doug under him, and then you hear bar and then the trailers completely com. it was so amazing. The life experience was so profound. Making this movie in the three of us get so close. We rented a house together, we live together and it shows was. It was the best experience of my life, I think, and then so Of course no movie could they have
aid where we would have felt like had captured this thing. We went through a moment by the time I got to the premier I come in here. Did you really? How can I say what you said when we walked out of that screening? What action I like before the credit, I don't like what smaller less smoke outside my we want outside of the one another's lot, and I really think that corner it does put arms around each other just sort of loud. You go call the police goes there. It's gonna be a boy I've ever that you know I got I honestly. I gotta dress it down about done after the facts. We did how disorder reminded about the way that word of mouth can kill something positive or negative in that, if you're a part of something especially of something, stands a chance of being successful. Even a comedy sake. There's no point, nay saying oh fuck,
I've learned so much sense that right and also now have been behind the curtain and a lot of different capacities on a movie, and I recognise all that stuff, but certainly at that time yeah that's out. I was thinking I use they may neither. What? Where is the big chill where's the Bijou? Without the victor I dont understand there really focused on their joke press to or that they sent us on was to this day, the most epic promotional to have ever been on, say when I folder says five weeks on the road and its pictures for each of the city's Millard was because Lilith had just come off or you were savvy too, but lily in particular was savvy about this kind of stuff because he had just come off. The Scooby do movies that were super successful in. He basically said they at one point said we'd now like to add to the schedule every night that you're in a town you have to go to a baseball game, is about a first pitch or go to the football game. Whatever the sporting event was, we had to do and lowered, said okay, we willing to do that if you give us a private jet for the whole thing So now I'm twenty nine or a man.
I'm with you do arise. We have our own jet were flying all over the country. Everyday learn a new city. It's like we're in the rolling stones. All of a sudden, I would single at the time so we had crazy, like white? If somebody got on the play while you and I don't remember, we found loved you journalism, Duranno love, I think definitely met that momentum and now we're diameter and, as with other member states, to assume that someone is gonna, leave their city or country on your side and then I get offer law will pay your flight bacco or a bus or whenever and then no one, no remember than ours thing. I did leaving Van Eyes airport the very first fly. I think we flew to Dallas first, and I was like two things guys a member smoked airplane, I'm never road shirt was so. I took my shirt off and lit a cigarette. Then we flew to deal with them the target and zero g. I do believe that
a fucking greatest thing ever saw Mozart. Child talk the person into because he knows as these pilots, especially for private, their former military and they ve got some airforce experience, and so, though, climbed you know, like thirty or forty thousand fifty feet into up a parameter, were they steep nosedive fer you, no seven or eight like the vomica. They fell on the agri lies, and yet I have written on my right. yeah. He sends go away in a mass on you, that's right when you that idea. We do know that sends there's an old conversation of leg. How famous Emma can I call centre and go check it out. We re a great reality show for us to do how famous Emma and then we are we just cold call like the present, a paragraph in so we could not guess of is at a dinner, something that's how I wonder who says a mystery when we were filming without a paddle. I call my publicists nose, like my famous it up the disaster mystery around this pressure and not unlike,
not a patter where I had me remained sober up until the last few weeks. I have been over through this whole pass your press Stuart, which was very hard because we're just landing in cities. We're on a private jet, but at night you're at a hotel in their paying the bill c in everyone's thinking it's a great time to drink and I'm just watching these guys get to drink and have a blast for a few weeks. In and something happened are plain broke in Toronto. We had already been there one night, we're gonna forgotten and we're staying at the four seasons there was, but given the nicest place, and so we gone to the airport and Edward, for a few hours and then they it was determined this planes not going to fly you guys out of here so we're flying in the new plane for you and which is so funny. They felt so up. Jeddak about it. I don't know why they like we're so sorry guys, but we're going back. the city tonight at which meant we had no work responsibilities and we got you guys,
very nice rooms. All these very nice rooms were literally two thousand square foot runs and when we got into our rooms where the top floor, we were running into the hallway to say what you re living room in the room at a legitimate, full bar and not like little minimise nano, many bar four fifths of shit right and when I I opened my nor, and I saw that bar. I wait. I'm not gonna, be all that make it did this this is a major exact words. Were we're gonna Abu relapse tonight that you, like. I ask a waiter coming down the dinner and as I we gotta last night, you knew it. good. Somehow, in the city that could get you part, you're gonna have some partner, Overdrive, Canada right in oh, so you got a guy like since,
relapsing keep dizzy of ecstasy and you're like all up I'll find out of this with some steep enabling, on your part, cause like, I said I don't know, abominate any ecstasy and then we're both at the urine on common. Behind my back put your hand your arm around my neck and we were just can play, and then you, just year prior mean into my area lectures I'll go with you here where this is a safe place. We don't have to leave until like ten in the morning. One any element about this as I do all this ecstasy get hammered. I've been sober at that point for maybe two and a half months, and then I say I oppose this shit I'm a hard time going to sleep tonight. He's like. Oh, I have ambient, so he gives me a few ambien which at that point I had never done it now. I did ambient for the first time what we were making without a paddle cause. I had some such intense insomnia, since I was like fifteen years or one about in the hotel. I was making that move out,
Smoking is not we look at which not in smoke anything's. We were so it was so active, it's like I'm gonna need and also I would like to be like the smoke from working now. I, like that, surgical clarity with respect to perform. So what you drank lot? Would you don't normally during or no eyes during every night, an idea singing and I started to go out and you don't you like vodka? You went straight to beam like a real my real drinks minutes. He asked. I was very impressed by your tolerance. I have it doktor alcoholic tolerance, it's a little better, all substance, tolerance of aid yeah. I heard you were gonna constitution for that matter. Alison. Is
Stanley heart rate of a hummingbird sense, or so we get annihilated. I do a bunch of now ambient on top of everything else. I've done and wake up in the morning and we are now late for the jet in my publicist- would normally have probably call my room. He he's em I ate so I now go to his room, Germany's Jason, can Jason's door What do you suggest? We gotta go we're going to airport, and I hear sees walking growth through my here all this metal, climbing into itself. here like plates or dropping what the fuck is going on in there. He opens the door, I am not exaggerating- he has at least ten of those food card. Is that you order from room service it because he was on ambient and he kept Ray ordering his think. As it was, take you like an hour and then they would sell arms. Are you already ory? I don't care. I think this is so just waves of ship it up. Any users is eating need any of it. He was asleep by that. I mean, like all these things arrive and its
our group would just standing room only with room cart and then we get on a plane, and I have a ton of shame and I'm feeling bad. No, oh, my god, you remember that was one thing is they would often offer to. Let us sit in the jump sea while they landed, which was cool thing and he set was recommending or Yahoo. Though, do the September eleven you could ride in the jump seed in any cockroaches by asking- and so I asked all the fuckin time is riding in the cockpit of a plain both during take off landing or in travel, is incredibly unique experience and I tried to get in the jump seat with my shirt still often said, would you put your shirt Remember that is
anyways long long story shortly on the plane ride in the yard from Toronto. My poses thing is we asean eggs and now I Philips and I feel good again and then I end up getting coat by the time I land and then I go on Conan and basically a black out and then I was ass not to come back for several years and then eventually they. Let me back on. You know it's good tax, because you got to get your get your shit together lesson before scrutiny on you were so high tat, his career, ending YE, and this is, as you ve got a long career. How do you consider hard worker and your talents in? I was a hard work, question anymore. Really I get nervous as I get older, that I use don't, try it on I don't know that I have the fire I dont know. I certainly my ego, which is a very healthy evolution. my ego doesn't desire more success for the sake of success. Do you think you find so much status
action in raising kids, that its less compelling the create other things on a prison I am so fulfilled by the experience of being a father. It gives me so much self esteem and I used to search for that self esteem in my career Maybe the fearsome eliza, pretty solid self esteem, and it's weird what that does to your motivation in way, so I dont think I'm I'm done but but I do think I'm gonna have to now find my way back into being productive and and motivated through a pure motivation like for the joy of the process, which I had a taste of that chips. For me, the year I was making the movie, it was just it was a fucking ten from beginning to end. It was like being on drugs with an android, so the process, has appealed to me in a big way, but the notion of being like applauded, or so
braided or successful that that has subsided. Thank God, I think your voice is unique and- and I know you as a writer creator, so I always look forward to your expression. category yeah don't be more. I just think I'll have to adjust what exactly where I'm doing that we did movie, it was really successful by those stand that day was like a ninety million our movie that made sixteen weeks in the top five yeah I just want to go anywhere and there was usually success. One dvd and stuff. Is you took that that opportunity? you also just an italian job, which was a hundred million dollar movie. You know you had just been in Austin Powers movies, like E. Very, very well! and you took your cultural capital at that moment in you chose to start robot chicken, not on purpose. I wasn't trying to do anything
Well, that's that's! What's really fucking cool about it, though, is that, from my perspective back then I remember thinking awhile Seth Kind as the keys of the kingdom in you could have gotten yourself in any audition you. It isn't a really great spot as an actor, and then you dedicated a tunny are focused time and attention to this thing: robot Chicken, which again at the time it was like what is cut network. What does adults when what are all these things in, but you had this super altruistic passion for it. From my perspective, you weren't evaluating whether it was it was monetize or was a commodity or is gonna, be propelling your career, anything you just focused on something you fucking love, which will stop motion, and I remember kind of thinking God is he amidst this great opportunity, and I have- so delighted to see that I was dead wrong and thing has turned out to be a very
sustained long term career thing you ve done. It ultimately has been profitable for you and you are we're doing family guy in all these. It just makes me so delighted that all you ended up crushing like you made it, you may decisions that I thought more kind of counter to perpetuate nuclear and it's really impressive in and in rarely do you see someone just going after their passion without any care the world and be rewarded for it, and I love it and it wasn't even my intent. You know in the end of the nineties, the internet was just sort of on the rise in the idea of making digital content, and that's what I was interested in I'd I'd made a ton of independent film I understood that there is a very basic principle of people will only give you as much money as they think they can make back, and no only invest in something that they think they're some value and unless it so she, its negligible for them to spend that's where I was coming from his like about. We can do something really high quality for no money
because they're zero pressure in this space, yeah, no one's looking at me to fail or succeed here. So we can conduct, as do some, but I dont want to gloss over what is it that gave. A thirty year old, the law, a beloved self assuredness in confidence to do that. It goes back to the intact You think I've seen you in a million situations, you're dead, fucking, honest! You have the best since you're about yourself of any ever Matt, I think we must talk about teaching. We freely button, you just I'm really saying this from the bottom of my heart eat your so admirable and a lot of ways, and I feel like jazz yourself. Confidence is always been really obvious to me and why and how you're a fucking actor? You should be an approval, junkie should be chasing. Any kind of a claim is the length of time you had been in the business or is it just your character or are you feeling you're well with cell. the steam in a way that is allowed you to not chase that stuff? I'm not drain.
In a position to bribe. When I'm just curious, it's more than I dont some, It's not it's not like any kind of competence. It's just there's a certainty in some places like I've seen all kinds of people in all kinds of situations and you're do you think everyone implicit? I did a lot of drugs when I was young and got outside of self Finns had those on micro, cosmic experiences of connecting with the universe on granular level. to realize like everybody's the same, everybody feels insecurity, everybody out of travel around the world and everybody from the most desperate poverty to the wealthiest of opportunity. Everybody has the same. Basic core needs. They just have a different way of getting in expressing its, so that that makes me more confident that I places just my place in our own right to try and be in somebody else's place, nor concern myself with their judgment of me. Most of these interactions are momentary, written and then with respect them.
work I have seen over and over again the difference between a good tradition and a ban on this and when someone is confident and certain you they make you think about. All this would be cool to work with trick yourself into being caught. The faded to make that's with anything or are we I'm american about reducing co2 upon cast where the guy said it is are easier to act. Your way into changing your thinking than it is to think your way into changing your actions. I thought that was pretty on outside yeah, like this dude he's was the late. I'm sorry I on New York, New Yorker journalists, whatever the fuck. He lived biblically for like three years to the lead for the law and then try to become the healthy person on planet needed after two years, We just done all these experiments any said. It's crazy. How much acting those ways will change your mental snake totally. I read this really fascinating. I believe in the new Yorker. It was by a psychiatry
who had met with the new patient and the woman he was many with he's going to his laundry list of things. You don't need you how much you drank coming to you, this ball and she didn't really drink can any drugs. She was a very successful woman and out. She said all I do. Is I chew this nicotine guy? Might you a ton of imply, like twenty four day or something in his our money? a of being a psychiatrist. He has ordered to notice that he can diagnose people's mental condition by what recreational drugs they use and what effect they have so hit. If he has a patient who does cocaine and can fall asleep, he knows of that person has ADHD, because only people with ADHD, and take riddle and our stimuli and then fall asleep, and if people a small, go out a weed and our productive and energized by it. They must certainly are dealing with depression. And he said what's fastened.
and is that people find their drugs that they need that we offer some. We have prozac, we have as our inhibitors all these different things. Digits drugs we made in people seem to find the drugs they need. So for me, I think that happens to be nicotine and caffeine just always been on it when I'm off of it, I'm very negative and have a hard time on planet earth. I'm wondering you love we'd, Andrew productive on we'd. Do. Thank you found your drug extent that I need any kind of drug. I will when I'm work like the I was shooting this when I was directly movie, I just didn't ya. And did you have any waves of? Did your moods during that or no you're pretty high from making them as we have for making the movie. But but you know, what's funny I didn't smallpox till I was in my mid twenties. Oh really, yeah I didn't realize. I had been battling conic insomnia, since I was fifteen.
and I just didn't drink. I told you because alcoholism was real and my family and I didn't smoke pot to discuss it, felt dumb, yeah stoner like, Inter Alia, didn't seem call them at all. I started when I was I think out when I was sixteen. I had asked for the first time and then I got really into psychedelic, but always from a scientific stamps are not in a recreational like. Let's go to the slogan of uranium uncanny about Terrance. I re all of that I was gonna cause. I love the young, some of them, Crimson South America, to focus its the I M in ink Go on article. Eight acid test in all of the young three beliefs lady, I turned out into Charles Macao scale meter like rose and suffragist, read all this yeah. You know from the time I was before I was fifteen. I was going to substances
aha meetings with my mom, you- and I share this amazing similarity to in that we were- is by single mothers. Money money was a big biggest. You and then there is a lot of substance abuse stuff around us would weaken so we go into those meetings. Men see adults sleep and, like just unguardedly, dealing shit, yeah, all around LOS Angeles in Philadelphia. I went to meetings a little kid yeah yeah, barely fifteen years, or I guess I was yes like fifteen right then, and I got all of this information so fast. It made me never want to drink. Made me never wanted her, but I had read so much when I was young and second Alex acid mushrooms. Those were all common themes in things as part of a school project. I read all this stuff about the government study with respect to a second Alex American,
I thought that was walking dominating the idea of having a clinical study that was based on scientific analysis, your body and minds reaction substances under different conditions. That, to me, is really interesting. Let's find out what biological reaction is caused by the stimulus yeah, that's it that's the first made ass. It was just like maiden it's the same festered rain. I did until I got so high new, eventually cross over into the sub item like particle away. like everything is one can hope it yeah I didn't start smoking part. First of all, I didn't. I had a huge periods on Russia's didn't. Do anything right my the time experimented with all that stuff was between like sixteen and twenty one layer is look it up. As ITALY Adam I didn't start drinking until my I was in my twenty is, and I just can't break up in he said to give this a shot. I was just out it bars and stop saying
You know, but it's still not your gmail you're gonna. Be drinker still Nokia and in the pot I only got into because it helplessly but he also function very well on it and you're still productive and you're. Still very coherent like to me, like I I think I was designed to drink alcohol like you can throws much. me as you want I'll still be standing and yes, you norms. I my black out our definitely biogas is on the point about your normal. I don't want that's fair, but it just seems like for whatever reason physiologically. When I did smoke pot, I I'm not. I can only function M M in secure, I'm thinking about what I'm saying if it makes sense, but so that one of the veneer experiences we has while we're on that crazy press to a river, we decided yet lunch and we went to
Chile's anymore parking Elias, we're in Philadelphia, servility mountains zones, it we're like we're pulling into this. Like Chile, legs theory at the window, he's really caught in thought and ngos- oh my god, that's where my mother's car burnt down in front a school bus. It was taking me the summer camp near my mom's beater caught fire while we're all loading into the bus- and I remember that girl that I was trying to flirt with whose, like oh, my god, somebody's cars on fire with Ireland, gimme some space, the most a residue veto. Look away from that car fire, not question whose car that is or who that Red headed woman is running frantically rather burn out any specific by you remember reading article a couple years ago, but you guys renegotiating your family guy deal and made the first tax they sent to South was
congratulations on your renegotiation. I hope you burn down a car in the parking lot of Chile's dissolve right. What are you ve got? It is? It is another thing that really I find impressive about you is there again. Your confidence is so high yields yourself. Esteemed by again. My estimation is always been really impressive and in reality your ears, starting from some places that dont breed tons of self esteem and self confidence, like also that I'm not aiming to be something else. I'm not! You know five for saying. I don't understand why I'm not getting called the play. Some like there's no rightly gear. Also, five, for in Europe. You done really well with. Ladies prior to your wife, I've met all your, not all. I many of your girlfriend's they're, all beautiful they're, not with you cuz you're famous there in love with you like you, you, Europe
and I think it's all this guy yeah this guy, your wife and aware of viable lie bona fide ten. Should he is ass, wild about a Yahoo married again over a proper to marry her little a literal princess we like each other? Yet so often because by you do you you do a lot of robot chicken and then you also of your on the family guy. That's a great that's a great savings right now. It is not just that tomorrow I would say holy shit, I'm still the luckiest on the planet. I can't believe that the yeah cause We have that in our family, which is frozen just out of nowhere. This thing happens all these jobs that's what people not recognised when they got a why'd? You do that job. Or why do you do this? You will recognise air all each other, the same for all of us, you go there. You try your very hardest. You believe, while you're doing it it's the best thing. You have an idea in then
It bears no relation to that. What the end result is or product is this year the lottery not kind of innocence of frozen. Just this, she did a voice and bubble blonde, and we see it in the knowledge that I hope you shit you're in this thing. This is crazy. This thing to area yeah, and so you, what you are you guys in family guy there are sixteen season. Oh my fine. It's a hit Still right is the ideal. Like a giant was now we recorded our three hundred episode. Oh my. Since then in so how is that helped? you make the decisions you ve may well have never given the type solely by levy on my means, no you're, very frugal IRA, where new, without a pat on UK, tailoring your driving a fucking, Honda, Civic and all I care about is cars, and I thought look at the sky is ease of both
if I'd movie, star unease driving a hunter civic. It was manual, it's really good, free and remember. I was driving as legal aid and you go whose douche Moby are. What did you say? Who's Dick had more real as this so you're right, you ve. Never! Even when I met you and you had plenty of money, you had a very modest department, but I will evaluate- and I still I still without ethic- that's actually written there, but I do do crazy. Shit like put the buck and wars You have an elaborate in labour intensive construction, intensive watertight in view of the kind of waters like that was at what in wild when agenda imaginary, purposed, tube armor watermark the thing boy usually went to pay you a lot for is not necessarily the thing that you you always want to do for sure and then, if you're if you make decisions based on the staff that you really love when people see it
you can feel that and then ask me the most attractive version of what you're offering me. I think the audience can tell when you're when you're there, because you need this thing do exist So you haven't. You have your own studio, you that I share with three partners they use yeah yeah, I'm in and how did you you just erected a movie this last summer in Thailand, cracked here? How did you get that over the finish line? How did at such a second, I mean you ve, been through the same, not the same hurdle, so I'd the trip in two thousand nine with my friend in Ferguson, and I had such a romantic the nomadic experience in Thailand when I wrote a movie about it, is that I and down it was all The same Dan is one of the main segment producers for Conan. We invent friends with for twenty years now and you guys have been on em about twelve honeymoons to even out I got together. They yeah yeah yeah. It's me, you know it's like eight years to get them
made. You are trying that law. A lot of things just came up in the way of me ever getting that script, written yeah seasons of Robot Especial. I was directing up a feature that I was. we are pursuing some other directing gig, and then that show I did for Fox dad's. While it is making to show the actress on it, but I had most must cease with Brenda Song Ass like ass. She would be this one character in that time, perfect actually are, and so that reinvigorated me and when, when that show, got cancelled out like Manna better fuckin right, this thing never gonna write it, and so from that moment I started writing. drafts, I went to Vegas seems like the single were sitting in America. You go to the right. You went there to write. I dont have vices like that. So what Vegas provides for me? The hotels are incredibly quiet and I like to stay high enough that you can see the whole alleys
also. It is the only place I know in the country where you can not. leave your room for seven days at a time. No one calls the car I really have anything you need that reserve. I was since I don't gamble change. I gotta hurried since I'm not like looking to do a shit on a drugs. I'm going there to focus becomes an incredibly valuable space. I've got another actually allow writing interesting, but I have always taken the up. that approach. But now you ve got me and you don't think you should go today and I think I should go to do by the right near and I worked out that draft for a while. I had a producer attached to it and I put a plan together. I met these producers in Thailand called living films that about making movies out there for over twenty five years.
Are they experts or they are tie yeah one one guys, american One guys? German? Aren't they both have tie citizenship and they're just plugged in in their heart was in the same place they like this movie. They wanted to help us make it. We knew there an absolute maximum that anyone would spend on this movie the end, and I wanted to make it, and I was really fighting for particular cast, which meant that I could only spend so much on the, and that was that I met with life. Forty an answer I mean I mean hit run for a million dollars which now I ll tell anyone, but at the time then it before it came out in those promoting it. I was clear position were actually didn't want to say: CASA millionaires was anyone, people do get their expectations low or think, like Wanna go, spend twelve dollars on moving because a million eyes I had all these. You know it's all the ways to think yourself out of just letting people receive it. I've been doing my best, because this is already not what anybody he's gonna be expecting for me, it is hard for me, but I've spent thirty.
Is making movies, and only in the last ten years, the first, the first category in my hyphenated comedian, a hot air Do you stand up and be I specialize in comedy, so it's a little frustrating but instead of me being like frustrated by that. I just remember: Ian is only knows what you tell them for the last twelve years, I've been telling them we're watching family guy, also siding out when you're feeling healthy. It's like fuck meant for people to have a nanny Association with you is like so lucky I'd ever been there. Where am I I'm only the guide? This guy is like well funded out of EU till twelve, your version of taxis that guy only grows up he's doing Back Phillips Brochure, not anymore, trying to prove anything else that we're doing just. I imagine there will be a moment if anybody ever Seize this movie just will be whether expect right also on I'm awfully works. Well enough, though it's a drama is amended like so
ways for comparison. Aha, it's a guy who has pre paid a second honeymoon to Thailand for his failing marriage and on the eve of surprising his wife discovers she's been having a year long affair. So, instead of confronting her, he scoops is old, best friend to take the trip and figure out what to do. I love that what what things that you take very quickly to and what things are really hard about, directing the feature for you you're, starting right. Yeah. All of this movie me being able to guarantee the price point the schedule. The result was all me hedging my bets with people and you like a guarantees. I cast people that I was certain about. I tried to stack the deck in my favor in every,
way. I think acting in something that I am directing. I guess I just didn't realize how much I do as an actor between cut and action has we'd cop cut and I would be adjusting everyone in everything and then we'd call action. and I hadn't done any anxious- was thought of your? I just I was not rooted correctly in so I made a point of not calling action so that I could give myself that, like role Lange moment of settling down, but I found that that challenging for sure I had my dp, who I gave very specific warnings to about what to look for in me or what to be aware of like bad habits. Yeah yeah stuff, like my eyebrow Dr Maxwell leg. You do too much brow acting Bradley. Or snow. You give me the money, so I never have had
this on a movie that I made, I think because I've written those things and I really knew them so inside mouth, but parents which I'd I'd I directed show, and I didn't write that shall end as an actor. My job was harder on that show. There wasn't anything. I've written because I'm interpreting someone else's language So there was a moment where I had done something as an actor in a scene and parenthood that are in it. As the episode out striking and such like, We did it and then I watch it and that the Cameroon shot. I design, wasn't working with this thing right, that's the only time I have had this, where I got super self conscious, like answer, I'm I'm both struggling as an actor in the scene, and now I'm also struggling as the director to figure out how to fix what is clearly a poorly designed shot and now people are star We should this, maybe that and that that was very spirally. Like am I need to step over there get my shit find my confidence in combat any defers. Make the decision about the acting.
like the decision by the directive, but that was one little spiral I have where I got super self conscious tat. I had the the benefit you know, making Roma Chicken for so long and producing on the scope of shows that we have, under the studio banner I've gotten to be in the position several times of having a room full of experts that we ve hired on purpose, start to all offer solutions yeah to any given problem- and I I came to realize, because I watched so many directors either. Do it right or do it wrong that you need one voice, yeah everyone will follow, or any of these people want is to do the right thing. Yet they are there because their good at a particular thing, and if you give them
task they will execute a, but you have to maintain your vision. Yeah, you have to be ready in that moment to say are I guess this is what we're doing is making sure that, like you're doing all the due diligence you're, not making that choice out of ego, I said everybody when we started this movie. Look guys. I want the best solution. Even if it's not my idea, I want at all times the best idea for us to be able to accomplish this goal. The goal is always make our days stay on time, stay on budget everybody enjoys themself, nobody gets hurt, yeah, it's not. It's not impossible. ive made over forty movies yet entirely possible to make a movie and have a good time. Yeah absolutely do we have that. I will speak to my people, which was I've done this a couple times words I hate this may be awesome, it may fucking suck. It may be a hit. It may tank
although we know for certain is that work has been the next three months together and that thing we have control over we can make. This is fine as we want or a shitty as we want that that we, actually have a say, and we don't have a say in any of the other stuff make this best memory. We all can how form an advance did you know that Kenya was gonna? Carry you naked gonna have to tell you I could not catch my fucking Brad from the second he wandered into the bathroom. I like This is, it was down to him getting hit the face with your dad resides it's even more fundamental. It's coming like allows you wanna bury what's gonna happen. Sometimes it so funny noted this Lama phobic guys gonna get indicative. It was like watching, hurt locker ever in the second. He gets there and I make it on the floor. You know these you're gettin intimate somehow, hang you will admit at least say he is
he's from a little bit different culture than I'm from and that he was raised and household in its own there's a little more much ease MO, at least in his household, and so he wasn't There is very little acting for him to do in that same, and it was a late seen that I added like in a while. We were already rehearsing like I sent him pages and I like email them, then I take them Hey man, just wrote a new scene, you're gonna hate it let's funny, but when you're directing You have to remind yourself, I think it's actually. What makes a movie gray is that the deep he's making his own movie the deeply it has an idea what movie he's making he's making that movie your coastguards, making a movie, they think they're acting and right, and your sound guy has everyone every one is. making their own movie in their head and all these departments and eat it. Is imperative that you should be collaborative, everyone should feel like their included, but ultimately
the biggest problem that many will be suffering from right is tone, so ones like this one's broadly comedic, and the next thing is like it's all the way over here and that's that's and that sets greens job ass, the directory every seen, even if its swings in theme, it has to be your tone, whatever your tongue to know your town and execute your town. If it's really required for a movie to be cohesive, when you agree, I do it in its entirety. Point earlier, it's much easier. If it's something that I've written cause, I know all the details of it enough to make on the fly decisions about what does does not have to be their yeah and there were moments where they're, like, oh, my god, we're gonna get reigned out. We're not gonna get this thing and we'd have to say: ok, we'll! Let's pick up this thing tomorrow, that looks like this from across. Here we can shoot this, for that that are still gimme in us. Cinematic under fee to get us from early. Yet it's like knowing what you need in editing,
Yes, you, the ability to make decisions on the fly made ass he gave Christopher Nolan or your David Fincher you do, or you're all your current guarantee known. You do have a hundred twenty days to shew, mainly You have the time to make sure that everything you planned is exactly on the day as you and visit it but for almost everyone else. You make a plan you get there. You realize holy shit? No one realised the sun is over here in the sky. At this time we can't shoot in that direction. Anymore, fuck I need, improv To me, that is the absolute joy of a job. Is that does it doesn't matter how? Well you shot list your movie or play pre plan and shot list with your ear, dp you're gonna get there There's gonna be eleven. Things go wrong throughout the day and it is basically like going. Working city now. The crossword puzzle is all day long. Solving micro problems, isn't it out thirteen days on boats yeah,
yeah alone can lose control over weather conditions of the ocean on that day, and you feel like you executed the movie you had in your head. You ve now finished it. You ve ever, did it you ve tested it. And you ve now submitted it to fail. what's the name of the movie change land change land here, ok, which was really only meant to be a placeholder, but then it just became that's it. You are, you are happy with it. I am I mean better or for worse. It's what I say. How to make the am that that's a huge win. There's all kinds of consent: since then I made and things that look different, but there are whole sequences in the movie that look exactly the way a dream them which is like an insane, it's almost uncomfortable to show to anybody, because it is not something that I can separate myself. from its very person. Even though it's not about anything that is personal to me,
did it make you want to do that as much as you possibly can now to drum. I definitely like directing film. I don't imagine that I do a lot of directing for higher. I think it'll be something that I've been involved that you write again. Are you darling, I write or something that I helped about, but I saw I love acting. You know. That's that's really. My favorite thing and the thing I wish I could do more still, yeah really yeah. That's what's funny is the more I mean, like friends of mine, have had for a long time, most of them a sort of less and less interested in acting and more interested in other things in their lives down most of the kids that I knew that were actors are far more interested in either directing or running their lifestyle, Brandt's when certain lifestyle breath yeah, that's the stomach, everything and still the thing that makes me feel the most like myself, like, I said not a couple times that I've never felt more like myself than between action and caught yeah, like that's really when everything makes,
and for me, why? When imagine two? If you go back to your child heard and it was, there is a lot of uncertainty in. I think like ye ll me you had very little say over your environment as a kid right and then yeah, Ultimately, it is a matter for four years old when they all action. You are in charge like you, it's up to you to make all those decisions in you, you pretty much, aren't full control its on it and those moments right. I thought about it. From that perspective, it is a really wonderful moment of total control. That's interesting conflict to so many things out of my controlling them before just me and the only thing that I have control over in that moment, but that's also the alchemy of it as you get sir, make something real with somebody else, that's really my favorite. I think I'm just good playing pretend I had a lot of fantasies about what this career would be. If I succeeded at it- and I had not told myself, you know how money would make me feel. I told myself how
people from strangers would make me feel those things fell fell dramatically. Lord of my fantasy, the thing never even thought about which is ultimately the single best part of this job. Is that I'm in most part, surrounded by other people who left their town to come, pursue this thing with their whole heart and They made it in their inspired and their grateful and the actual community of people I've got to join has been the thing that so dramatically exceeded my expectations and You are certainly at the total height of that list. For me, you, who have just always just brought me so much pleasure. It was so fond of work with you. Like the highlight of my meat acting career? I dont be below the tankers. We we gotta, hear BR talk about fallen in love with Sally The baron Elsie asked what he said was just want and that movie people just saw us fallen in love on film, and I always thought about that. With
a paddle whenever whether someone is like I like them. We as it were you just watch the three of us fallen head over heels reason: absolute lecture them as we were. is solely in love with. Unless there was, it was contagious. I think, if you in the audience, but that point I am you're you're, someone that I have deep gratitude for having met- and you are the highlight of this job for me or by air, over many wonderful friends. We sharing common wax. You know how much I love you. I think I've always been one of your biggest may. I think we ve kiss the far right. We are definitely have you ever had now. Yet we sitting Now, ok, you're right, you're, right, you're right. The last thing I want to talk about before you go and untried I'll try to do quickly if it can be done, good, we're in them. trailer without a pat on what kind of exchanging some of our more embarrassing moments in our teenage years, and you start
talking about an experiment. You had, in my mind, actually exploded out of my ears growing the mission in the two biggest courses of all time in Michigan growing up where where's the beef campaign and then Mr Chang campaign, which was a rallies hamburger. Korea also called checkers in sugar, is the advent of wanting to worry rat in the country, and this kid would behind the counter he be ringing, people up and go to hamburgers one small fry judge and eight was so popular that in Detroit, the pistons at that time were where the champions and Rodman was one of our big stars and he had to Jean shaved in the back of his head, any drove a jeep that had an airbrush teaching you, Imagine something bore me more ubiquitous, determined to Ching. Come to find out in the make up trailer that you were the fucking kid in the Chechen commercial and when you said that- and I looked at you- I went oh my guide. That is you, that's where the story begins,
because, as I recollect you shot, this commercial use don't live in Michigan or the MID West, so you never even saw this commercial air you and you have no clue that fucking Dennis Rodman his shave change. As you had a thing, I knew it was popular further the company, but you have to understand, like I that's that between commercial was the fourth commercial I did with this. At camp same director. I had done like cry shed some light smoking thing like has worked with this guy on the top there and then this commercial becomes popular and so they want to make a second one, and that was like when we realised others. What is blown out, we're to do another job and then alleys started bring, needed there like flagship local,
I'm gonna happen were thereby film, their industrial like their training, that guy got really Sylvia. Yours supernatural relegates the biggest thing was they called me, and I think I was eighteen in doubt. They they said the New Orleans say, were claiming a wild card play off against the Oakland Raiders. It was Superdome, and would I led a cheer super? and they would turn into like a weekend. I'd go visit like possible. They put the about a nice hotel for GS, Airfare YO, you don't even know, like my first day, checking into that hotel in the french quarter, I'm at the door Askin, there's like complimentary jumble lie. They're. Getting my colleague getting my key situated and across the lobby. I see
Richard simmons- and I said oh shit- that's Richard Simmons, I'm so excited and he's looking at me and worth fifty feet depart. He has given me the ugliest we face the who the fuck is that and I I realised that he was in happy, and so I like got so super turned away and I go Richards menaces. Man doggie here he said well, the hotel gave you sweet. I didn't know there are- and I said I do one But even though you knew that the commercials, where success, will you not realised that all of the MID West no right cause- no dad you a little bit of a dog and punished.
the reason I know this in such detail is there is a video beak because you were coming down to lead this chance to the local news. Did a piece, a little slice alike, piece on you and they followed your norland and you are, I think, sixteen or something you weren't into your in a trench, coat phase. Sure you had a trench code on in your watch. Downward bourbon street in super drawn mongers middle aged men are screaming at this little kids. Like writing your face everywhere. You go for armed New Orleans police officers. I just imagine our surreal. It would be to be sixteen years old and travel to normalize in everyone. You're, seeing screaming should Ching Maria show it also, but also remember that they gave me the key to the city right, but that at that, at that point you don't I
I was like I was a woman's regular on an abc sure. That's the best part of the news decided. It was a much better story that you're a no by these are struggling actor. South green Any harm us amazing anonymity, as a result of it, because the judge Everything was so universally popular didn't have any place. In normal reality, so it was entirely separate like my career. A sector in the actor was entirely separate from the myths of the two agenda yet- and I got to speak this light like I've got to because I was so aware of falseness of this law. We remain adulation like that. That was a real. I was all like this momentary pop sensation, India that wasn't even my legacy. That was just this. They know what even connect that to me. They didn't people like you You gonna, give this acting thing.
I believe I was Johnny Carson five years ago. By the way I said, if your bore, please go down South green, you two Robin Hall, it's one of the best, because you'll discover this video about the northern saints and then also you'll, see sets green on Johnny Carson wearing really. It's all converse the converse that were really tower pirate, my dear boy genes above my bad. So did you little genes that you're had been a guest and Johnny Carson talk to him and then this local news figures like a kid. You think you might stick with. Well, that's what I like. I said it gave me emotional plausible, I ability, so I wasn't really affected by the high and loads of being the Chechen guy right. It's just like another part. I got too much money
but I know you intimately and then also to watch this news story, and I see that you again you're doing a great job of navigating that sixteen years old because you're, it's such a bizarre scenario, those either parading you around the city like Mickey Mouse people screaming at you and you're getting to the city and clearly you don't love the term. You don't love your catchphrase teaching yet when it's, fucking, game time you go out on the field and that a new went cause. You almost go on no plan and adequately realised, as I turned to all of the New Orleans cheerleader they were like, will follow you and fucking. Haven't you talking about out there and he's doing the splits karate cakes are you really change lies green gyrating over and over had it out, but I did in the commercial like an acute Al Qaeda we're watching as my battle cry,
Thousand people are losing no shit as if Miley Cyrus is performing, but there's if it goes over like seven or eight seconds. The men everyone's leg a whole. My gun say that that says evolve to be sixteen and on a show and be like. I guess I'll, go it up out of play that role here he was that's all I'm saying is. I would have been pensive. When the guy treated me that way- and I would have been telling them about my abc- show the exact point I'm making as you some out seem to have this crazy Norstar even from being young and pressed. It is Madam president, thank very few people cannot in inhabit the the issues of the Chechen guy, such aplomb, anger. I decided. I would like to be able to do this for the rest of my life and I have seen what it what it takes a lead. Thing, I think, is really one of the best. I ever tell me that you went to MTV movie awards one time by the way, please feel free to bring up any humiliating story about makes
but again is where my reports of your personality that you have you embrace all of your comedic, the review at one time to them to be moving towards a new war, a tuxedo shirt and my remembering those two different things that are the two thousand. I am because you know they they were like be fully this. They wanted I got to go to the empty words. I was like a rock and roll thing. I see people were rock emotion or some other patent leather as such, I am severe words and I saw the pictures of me with a loud pants. there's no playbook id so hoard in your eye on what to do and then the others. Kids happen. I saw asylum on state aid. yeah. Envy pewter from tribe called Klaus. Us yesterday pits this bed where I've got like a full prosthetic legs. Sexy bouncy, boobs
and I were injured, sing, fuckers, he's really or somebody a camera who was somebody with absolute like the whole thing. Was him with no short on in the end so they're like they wanted me attempt to be like all this guy he's, so ribbed, I'm not afraid to take my showed up and then in the copy aids. We both our shores of right away tip, is like I'm having a package and I do it, but it would be funny if I've got like photo real boobs. And I know this is a joke and I just mean taking my shirt ass it in doing on state, so they went on to Venice bees and liberties.
Gonna be one of those illusion shirts that looks like a mass. So I've got that on and on stage like did this bit this quick changeable, this top up and it just bombed just Latin and trying to be funny. It is as dangerous as the stakes are high Angelo. That's her ah yeah yeah. He did have an incredible body, but particular only when you say his name immediately, the he had era He had the most pronounced arrows. I think I had seen up until that point. He only drinking water and then runs wins sprints a hundred times a day and a little pays up well so thank you for coming. In being so honest and open and himself deprecating and lovely. That's! Ok! That's one of my favorite things about you and I think the reason we ve been France along is that we view have been exceedingly often painfully honor.
I also share really it's more, like you're you're, very willing to make certain that all humans are experiencing similar things and that's incredibly compassionate. Thank you. I kind of have the opinion I think this comes from being an aid. For so long is that I've heard people share, triumphs, alot of her people share failures, and I have always learned a lot more from people's values than their triumphs. I dont. I can't relate to what's his ass, winning the tour de France seven times now. I have no relation to that like that, he lied and lived with a lie and perpetuated alike. I can relate to that. You know, I'm saying and now am deeply interested in that guy and now actually feel like. I have something to learn from him. How does he navigate that that that's appealing to me, and so I think, that's why we, both daisy so much
he's these prior number, one right and if you ve ever seen that document or I think it was called paid the black in the watch, that mother fucker right songs is theirs. I've never seen anything like it. He listens to a fucking track like for twenty minutes and then walks into the booth in says those rhymes better. So intricate the references are so deep tat. I am not saying I sat next to him at the arm at Vienna, met balding thing or sheriff? Okay, so christen always gets invited. I don't ever get invited, but three years in a row she get him bite it. I said I don't want to go further on where a tuxedo and then the fourth year she said, I think you're gonna wanna go this year, because let me tell you that our table beyond Say in Jersey, unlike I'm fuckin method, the whole three weeks leading up to it. I am whipping up this fantasy. I'm going to blow his mind he's going to like me so much I'm going to be I'm going to there isn't a chance in hell that he and I are going to be like he and Chris Martin we're going to be thick as thieves
go to this go to this dinner. Kenya West is also at our table, as is such a barren Cohen, I'm ignoring those guys because I'm so hyper focus on Jazzy Jazzy. I I gave my game too for twenty five minutes and I promise you said if we had both gone to the bathroom at the same time it bumped into each other the sink he would know you're sitting next to me it was an absolute strike out. Put it never had less of an impact in another humiliating yeah. Another point I know I know why a referendum is one of the partners in the southern hospitality that restaurant that doesn't make opened an hour. and I got invited to the opening night. I went there and I was obviously their way too early. I was there early enough to get like whenever food I wanna ride. I saw J come in the door and I small place, locked from the front to the back, where I was city- and I was like, oh my god is Gonna be the moment when I get
men like say something called like I myself like an abortion but like all had, and he would unannounced Bowers teacher he never did you say you want to look into the back of the place, be no all, but a spin on one word and then walked straight. The fucker like a letter as we have just and was there doesn't, was not, and he split, and so that's close, is I've gotten so did I? Could you be a little bit better, though, that you guys both had arrived? You early? Are you like? This is that's what they call it gave a diversion. Was he laughed and never came driving licence the We in that I have is that the answer was in the third Austin Powers, and so right right spent like five
takes with her and she is incredibly approaches and super lovely, a nice and she actually was talking Annie. Allege it one of the most hounds of all my God fossil. Why more NATO on young gentleman, I gotta say my favorite performers have ever Dean on TV was when she was on American Idol episodes episode. She sang one plus one, and I fucking had goosebumps from the second answer and I was like the power. This human being is immeasurable. It's crazy what she can do. That's it! That's always an interesting thing. You know they shoot shows like that. Really, you as the audience on the side of cheering for people, even if they're not exceptional, yeah and that a minimum of three someone like beyond, say perform, sort of reminds you. Why really? How do people stay famous every He wants to do this. We are not anybody can do it. Some people get the chance to do it, and then there are some people that are born, for it
and again this kid I gotta wrap this up, as you know, approaches for nine hours, but I had no, you just remind me, you- and I witnessed at a moment like this in real life, while we were promoting without a paddle, they send us to LAS Vegas, for this thing called show us where they and by all the guys who on movie theatres and then there's about three thousand people in this room, and you sit up on this stage. There's all these tables and everyone it's in a paramount movie. That year is there so Seth Matt Nigh, are on this stage. With joy, Carrie known that wasn't there was you mean Bert, oh you're, right you're, right, you're right rests. but Jim- carries their merrill streets, their armies, sky commander it with Sky Captain Manchurian candidate Mean girl, yet Tina phase up their entire, where we are and will definitely the least significant people on this day. They drag. We also got to be were there with them a legit luminary. Yes, we're
Furthermore, runnels, which is great- and we cannot set him up lovely, so we did ok, but in general I will say the audience with it was probably day. Five of this show us things, so they were done right date that it was the worst one of the worst audiences I've ever address that Angelina Jolie was going to be here, so they were not laughing at a fucking thing. Right and people are making jokes and no one's really landing anything and Jim care. starts talking, and he makes about ten jokes that fall completely flat in southern Airbus, like a wild. Not just us look. This is an impossible room and then he stands up on the tape. ball turns around Ben's between his legs start screaming in the microphone will love me. You will and he basically summons the fucking lightning from the sky and said fuck, you guys, I am more powerful than you and he got. Three thousand people to do a one eighty and they were cheering and screaming and laughing, and we were both like. Oh my
God Zeus just came into this guy has more human power than the most humans. But, alas, it was really something away. I wasn't as Maya, it wasn't in particularly funny was like them. Robin Williams thing work just like he said, fuck that, joining my train right now. That's that and it worked crazy. You can't resist me yeah now I more power yeah. I was pretty ass. There was awesome. I love you. I love you back. Thank you, said, ok command
Ok, all right! We are more. The already underway, I think we're going out about like five percent restores kids are old and oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah Fisher stay tuned. If you'd like to hear my good friend and producer Monica headman point out the many errors in the Puglia speeches, her high welcome to the sets green fact check follow up with my lovely friend Monica Patman. I gotta go pretty There was not that much nearer mostly personal stuff right knee. I didn't think I will never be any job. There's always there's something in sets. Punked story you guys are talking about when you punked him asked and kept saying he was gonna stake, Sir,
and he didn't know what that meant. Our Hon I found now I mean I think it's kind of obvious well go ahead and say I spoke to a professional poker you didn't. You called called wonder you I found TAT. I want to be friends with one o, weird secret. You ve been keeping. no I'm telling the last four years you not imagine staking and bowing as when someone agrees to pay for the other persons by ends and in return, splits winnings with an agreed upon percentage. Mature, makes sense now here not to serve in the moment in an already confusing mama sure that, with bad lighting not conducive to looking up, dancing on people find closer than you were talking about part the bear on your movie without a path And you said, he's fourteen hundred pounds and is actually seventeen hundred seventy nine p m
Oh my gosh, I'm so happy to hear you say that, because soon, as you said, fourteen hundred pounds on my she's gonna say he was eight hundred pounds like half as much as he is in my memory. That's great, you guys seventeen hundred pounds? at another fact that you won't be able to substantiate, but the Grizzly bears considered the biggest bare and that is based on mass What's the heaviest heavy spare, the polar Bear is taller, and I do believe they have shot polar bears that are over ten feet, tall, really yeah. Why why'd they shoot him or why are they didn't find it shoot them just cause? They're, really ta logos. People are assholes and used to own spilett, specifically because it was inordinately tall they didn't. They were on a highly we. I just remember you know if you ve ever been in one of these bass pro shops. There are already America there very fun to go into a humane and one which I have like there. There's a lake
inside right like an aquarium lake in theirs and bass, and all this stuff you'd find em were alike and then in the bathrooms. They have all kinds of weird pictures of trophy hunters in the records. I was at a urinal in one and there was a photograph of a bore in Russia that was one thousand eight hundred lb. they had no idea how debate and then I I think there is also in others a guy statues of the poor where's, the big ones that they shot or photographs at any rate. Somehow I know that there are over ten feet all their taller than grizzlies bananas have a day. You said that the Swedes have put you up at the four seasons in Toronto Two, thousands, that's a huge exaggeration. I can already well So I call on really turn overall the rocks yeah, I'm good student. I called, and so
the largest rooms at the four seasons. Toronto, our three thousand eight hundred square, my goodness, there's a pattern emerge. I know, but I dont but the urine, the largest women before us, either I don't know we also don't even know if the hotels the same configuration as it did in two thousand for right. That's a mask that two years ago, a man, but that's amazing. Thirty, eight hearts where food does a very well appointed home yeah, that's a large living spent. Yes, that's a MC mansion and its presumably does one floor. There's no way it's too floor Maybe you could have stairs. Let's hope I once went to a hotel room that had like me no budget budget in whatever that means that that's a rental car chain oh that's, yeah, yeah, that's not provided in no other values a budget, and I think there is- and I think I went to
on and I think resort he's up, possibly be. The amount and has a two story: room Valerie, I'm box, and I with my bad so Seth joked that he has the standing heart rate of a hummingbird hence the average. Lest anyone be concerned right. You know he was joke. You is clear, but I just wanted to give some facts on that average heart rate of a hummingbird during flight is one thousand two hundred beats per minute holy smokes when resting heart rate reaches two hundred and fifty beats per minute. In an average human resting heart rate is sixty two, a beats per minute, I forget the number, but you remember when you and I will listen to the SAM Harris episode and scaling, and they said with the exception of humans, there is a pretty consistent amount of lifetime. Heart beats across the spectrum of eye of mammals.
animals. So I, if there's a limited amount of heart beats a lasting I'd want, is a twelve hundred beats per minute. Re use your way slowly and through time. Right now is that same Harris Arabia lab it was SAM Harris, it was the guy on scaling member, yet he had modeled every animal and he found that you can scale up. from the smallest insect up to humans and then onwards to cities that the pattern still emerges. I remember you are telling me about it. I think I listened it out and for some reason it may have its media lab ok, and then you said that at the italian job was a hundred million dollar movie and the type of cost sixty million dollars to make an urgent hundred and seventy six point one million worldwide. yeah. So it's interesting about the italian job is that it on its first domestic run, it didn't make it to hunt it just shy of a hundred and then
a weirdly which they never do. They re released it like six months later of workable, weakens and then crossed a hundred million domestically interested and then we're yeah You mentioned a podcast that we both listen to wear the gas says it's easier to actuated, changing or thinking man think Irena, changing our actions, and I just wanted to say that that is from the same Harris podcast as predicted in its episode, one ten called the change artist. The guest on that episode is a J Jacobs. You said a lot of about him, those kind of wrong to find the right kind of Roma he's a rider and journal. I agree to do this. It's good you need to. The way I talk, Mayberry irresponsible, he's out there several New York Times best sellers editor at large for Esquire
magazine, and he contributes to em pr and has written for the New York Times, Washington, post and other journals, and so when he lived biblically what she did it was for a year. Al Jazeera. I think I said to you, said three in three hundred percent off as speakers in the other experiment that you reference when he got really healthy, but she did do that. That was supposed to take a year, but it took him two years, because he was so out of shape our took on a year just to get up to base, I guess so indeed he did a lot. He it's an interesting pack. I see that MR it's worth checking yeah yeah, see you guys were both trying to remember a book about psychedelic spy, Terence MAX, yeah. Well, it's ok. He wrote a lot of books, I'm not really sure which, when you guys are afraid to, but
Is it still Simon, no mushroom growers? Guy now? Is it food of the gods, the search for the original tree of knowledge? No, oh boy! Ok! Is it true hallucinations? No, these are all very intoxicating titles, figurative Leon, literally the archaic revival who that that's feels like this. The book I had or a sacred measurements now archiving as our cake revival, or he was written on a box. Yeah he's really dedicated himself to the suicide, There is a great vice has a actually know where this lives. I sought an airplane on a vice channel. Yes, they have their own channel, but one of their programmes is called like pharmacology or something like that. he's in the house. It shows is more lab, then he is like fish or deadhead person right buddy, like
drugs in he. He goes and investigates, and he went down to Mexico in search of hello, Simon than then there's three different ones down there and he turns according find someone to take up this hill, and then they enter this barn and there's just hundreds of thousands of these cells in their fuckin, huge Amr gigantic and his kid. When I did mushrooms martini Oh really, gonna. Just like I did something like the size of a small pizza, and I thought oh Buckler, mother fucker in I've, never done a navy astride right, Sir Knight keep trying to get you to do them near you peer pressure me, but yeah, I'm stone. But first of all I take that as a compliment. Is your thirty nine forty three suggest by you call me or peer? I appreciate it. I didn't mean it. That way that you can take that way, do you eat the whole mushroom and does it look like a normal
no well, you know I've, never even the kind that you eat fresh, that girl off of cash it which he he then goes to Florida by the way, and in gathers those I have eaten the ones that are freeze, dried and there you know, they're all wrinkled up and freeze dried. They are very colorful like the stems have like cobalt, blue in them, the reader annually the stems and the cap, the usual broken up in the bag as they ve been freeze, dried and die. If you want, you can make a tea out of them. but some stems and Capps Anna Mug of water, and then, when you do it that way, it hit you very quickly much much faster than when you eat them. You need them. It's, as I recall it. It's like forty minutes before it has been absorbed in your stomach Do you think the blue area is the most potent I that without any proof, it doesn't seem like that. That is the sill asylum. But I don't really know why that part is blue.
They might even be blue before their raised right. I don't know, but they were there they're pretty crazy. Looking in in Mexico where he found them, her yeah need episode recommended last say you are talking about how you relate to human stories and how easily earned from people's failures more than their triumphs, and then, in doing so, you referred to quote: what's his ass, winning the tour de France, and we all know it's Lands Armstrong, but there is one. I declare that thank you just in case, Although liability wiser is price martyred just keep it, you know did when they try to France That's true, then, I honestly cheated wherever it occurs. before he ever admitted to it, and I had friends who were big fans of his in the way they would passionately explained to me that He was not doping. He's been he's been checked every time. It is
ignoring the fact that there's no way human can win that re seven time there is the compromise shhh unbiased thing. It's like you can ignore the most obvious fucking thing like no one's gonna wind that re seven times in a row. It's so gruelling. I guess so that people want to believe tat. They do this in spite of very on the surface logic you now that's, that's that's a superhero level accomplishment, seventy tour de France. thank you, Mamma I enjoyed that. Did you enjoy listening this s, green yeah Isn't he the sweetest mother Fucker nor here tonight.