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2021-05-10 | 🔗
Seth Rogen is an actor, writer, producer, director, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Seth returns to Armchair Expert to discuss his approach for writing his new book, how awful weed paraphernalia is, and why he started his high-end weed company. Seth and Dax discuss why weed was stigmatized for years, why it should never have been illegal in the first place, and how he’s not afraid to hurt racist people’s feelings. Seth explains getting started in comedy by writing jokes about his grandparents, how he doesn’t understand the tv world as much as film, and how amazed he is when he meets grown men that grew up watching his movies.
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Welcome welcome. Welcome, not shepherd expert, I'm dyin jabbered joined by Monica Mouse high. There, I'm doing fabulous it's Friday, eight and sunny LOS Angeles. Well to Monday. We can be honest, I don't think so. Bright and people are having today monday- and here we are like israel- was as on you keep on working Domingo, dominant resumed. I think that the love, I think remind them that Friday is coming, provided, eminent Fridays, eminent ok for Monica it's Friday and she's in a great mode. Four minutes I've got a case of Monday's, but luckily Rogan is year. One of my favorites returning he's an actor. our producers direct or an entrepreneur in a philanthropists. I don't.
like you and me to readers credits that would be offensive to how events Mckenna offend him. But, more importantly, I'm gonna tell you what he's got new in the pipeline number one. A great book called your book. It is entitled yearbook in its a collection of funny personal essays from south. Any also has a great we'd company called house. Plant house point is a lifestyle Brian rooted in cannabis. That creates an curate, thoughtful design led original products. By the way he showed us a ton of on which you will be to see their fucking gorgeous are just yet like really like MA. The cool stuff. So please enjoy South Rogan. We are supported by a bum bars
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slash Dax he's. This is gonna, be terrible kindest projects it you got a good start, but I just want to get a vaccine and they had got the whole thing down in Berlin email. Anyone I driven out too, like Fucking Alhambra. Some There's an eighty minute endeavour. There's a big thing! that's it? That's a long time have you got one? I have a first one. I found out I'm a triple qualifiers. What are your triple qualifications? Will they opened up for entertainers that was last week I met entertainers, so yeah qualify auto immune disorder there go and then they just opened up like as well to mental health. Slash attics there
I brought you early. The double probably odyssey I just got by recently. So I'd probably was in the window qualification anyway, dead, no reason to feel the slight guilt that I ultimately feel after I do any single thing. I do yeah that's what happened to me as I finally investigating getting an appointment once the entertainer thing, but once that happened it occurred to me, I could have gone for a while for the auto immune thing, and then I found the attic things so yeah yeah, it's interesting! and all of a sudden, everyone had a lot of faith in their government, doing it for properly there's an interesting dynamic it play where, like we all know, everyone needs be vaccinated. You know when you give accelerated too soon. You'll take a vaccination from someone, but ultimately we gotta get there. And the underlying subjects of it is like the government will take care of it with is psychotic to me, which is insane too, for one second say like don't do what you think you should do. This
herb your safety in the safety of your loved ones. The government has this: that's fucking, nuts, I would argue There is an interesting times article which compared how red states dealt with it initially versus blue state. So during the pandemic, the register, we're getting at a higher rates. They weren't worry Mass bah, but now, in that vaccine era, the red states have been fuckin demolishing the blue states, because the States are so concerned about equity, yeah, just like you, gonna fuckin arm in you show up, will vaccinate area. My cousin works in a hospital and she was saying, like a shocking amount of people, don't show up and she was appalled why do you have such a tidies microphone out tonight, because I'm doing an animated show renders a lot of things that make sense. It's a good night, from TAT ever considered. Having about gas I've been spared,
and did recently with trying to record a podcast I'll guy, but I'm trying something that is at least I had I not justify is novel, so I would see I'm like the working it out phase right now, of trying to figure it out, I was wondering if, like the teenage voice in your head, was like you'd, be a fuckin poseur to do it now, because everyone's done it like the voices trying to destroy Are you from ever being creative? It's more like genuinely. What do I feel like I can offer in like in a word where you do this very well and also genuinely like the lasting Wanna. Do personally is interview, my friends, and when I'm bumped up against is my friends are generally the people that one has opposed path. And they already have a podcast yeah and they only have about gas to make given the same interview. You know I'm still like the I've been struggling, but I think I have- and I hope- and I think it's going actually well come up with
to do something that I at least can justify is deferred yeah. I agree with you, I think offer Well, you should do one cuz you're, so unbelievably creative and funny, so something should happen in audio space for you, but yeah weaving How about that, when we thought about shows, we want to produce its like what we don't ever won an interview, Joe again, because we have on There are so many and there must be something else to do and I'm going in a much more like produced direction, also because, like
I would not imagine I'm a good interview hers. I have are dying forming like there's a reason I like it takes years, do two things we years to write, something that I consider to be a worthy of presenting the people. So yeah, like the fact that I could just like sit here, come up with stuff that is digestible is not something that I necessarily there isn't really radio yeah yeah exact. No, I'm much better with like a lot of thought- nordic consideration they put into what I'm doing. Ok, so I've been offered to write a book, but so intimidating and the weirdest way. Wonderful, you ve just lit up He lit up when you were here and I loved it. When you were, we love, we loved, I think you're, the only person who smoked a dubious and we let someone cigarettes and wants to yet as regrettable wage. Where you less cruel, we go beyond the stage. I was silly. It just makes you realize, and watch everything must stand until, like nineteen
Seventy nine just the whole world wreaked like fuckin o Connor YO and like no one was showering? Data makes soap that worked like everything must exercise fuckin staying I know I'm gonna be blinders and it's like a sexy. Seen em like these days they halted stood. That is never wiped it ass. It is entirely right and in the worst bar is their miles. Are the good This is part of no one's brushing their fuckin team in their making now data the germs our life can assert. That notion has not occurred to PDA. You can wash cup out in the toilet, water, no yeah. I do get sidetracked when I'm watching period peace- yeah about ass. Well, your book, your butt, yeah. My hurdle is. What am I gonna do like amazed. Was this sum up my life like I've, learned a lesson and then pass on to you? No, I couldn't do that. Ok, my entire!
also just like it should be funny thousand. It was like funny story. please, I hope are funny I, kind of working backwards from super bad in some ways, and that it was the first thing I wrote, and it was really just personal and it wasn't like heart some wisdom. I was twenty two when we made the movie. I did not have wisdom I even assumed I should be imparting. It was meant to be personal. in the form of entertainment rand? I wrap my head around that actually became much less imitating and much more comfortable feeling, but I do agree that the concept of writing a book is scary until you realized how many of the dumbest motherfuckers in his I have written books, you sell rights. Donald Trump has written several like the dumbest people. There are have written books I think it aggrandize is those who read books. I think this notion that they
Only. Are this like incredibly deep intellectual pursuit cause they're, not entertaining there. Many things- and I do think that's also which we heard about books, is like you general. We know why a movie is being made and it is generally the entertained people, but books do not have that clear directive. Yet they have a veil of academia there's something I think just cause. You read the college when they had on the cell exact, but like Why does my favorite books growing up we're like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and like fear and loathing in LAS Vegas and these books that, like we're just entertaining and like, would make you laugh and would make you be like all ship did you read the Tom Robins books. The answer is hundred percent going to be no to almost question. You asked me if I have not read a tunnel books, so I really approached writing a book as such,
who does not read a lot of books and did that and it to me lived or died as a how entertaining it was at the how just like a movie does Imovie can be trying to convey genuinely the most like deep insightful thoughts in the world. But if it's boring, no one will give a shit about it if you're gonna tell them, story of Philadelphia. You better at Tom Hanks behind the helm exactly so once I thought of it is just like funny story telling that was well thought out. Hopefully I could work structure them in a way that sounded natural, but was funny. felt like you were with me, telling you these stories and again with the goal of entertain new and meet our last really demystify. It's quite a bit I they all having no idea, if any one thinks it's remotely again
block in any way shape or form so like and with all that it might be that fucking tariff also, who knows, but I hope it's good. I think it's funny, but also gives a fuck. I hope that the people who buy it. Thank you you, but you gotta right there that you want to ride, and if, when you read it, when you're done yeah, I did the thing I want to do. Is it's kind of got in there and then maybe I'll get lucky and people love it yeah, but it really is geared towards the reader. Like it's like an unburdened piece of work, My head, I did not feel like. I had some like deep thing. I had two extra dies from myself and end. The reader became the outlet upon which I went there and about which I will do it. Yes, it really is to entertain you. They make you laugh to be an enjoyable expiring, It's the same way you would watch the office or a honeymoon be. That is what the book is trying to do. I want to pull back the curtain hair because then they start singing See my boy. Listen, there's a lot of options. You can have this
jerry hold com. You guys old chap for Awhile Hill, throw some study, and, unlike now, there's no way, I could do that. No did they ever say that to you Basically, there saying someone could write this book broken. You can put your name on it that was never a part for me and I wrote actually I'd say like probably for five chapters of the book before I even went out and tried to sell the book to see for myself. If I wanted to write a book and if I enjoyed reading the book and if it was, something that I wanted to do you know. So it was I put a lot of thought into honestly, but yeah. I knew that if I was gonna do it, I wanted to do it, and I have also written enough to know that it genuinely takes me less energy. I was to write my own work than to try to re write, something that was not written Yale for me in the first place, which was another thing that made it less intimidating once I start to think about is like I
in writing for myself professionally. Yes, I was fourteen years old books, a thousand pages are more at this point. written many films for myself countless hours of stand, a comedy, countless talk, show or ease interactions. And it's like writing for myself, This is something that I've done for twenty five years. Basically, so that was also some once I really considered. I was like this should not b as intimidating and my head as it is welcome that fact a bit of intimidation for me is the time commitment. So did you do this in quarantine? No, I started years ago Ok, I don't want anyone to think that you just through this together, but I was just wondering if that was nor I finished getting quarantine and I probably spent like yeah March April may do like those months. I really like was able to dedicate a lot of time to it I had not just like, but I started working on its yellow two years ago.
Something like that. It's a memoir right, it's sort of a memoir, it really jumps around like it does not follow the story of my life by any means has added starts you expressing an interesting comedy and now you're gonna have to write, stand up and that that stand up should be derived from a source of frustration or pain, and then you decide your grandparents don't care for them too the time I went on to develop a great relationship with it, but the I didn't have the time always affect about them. Yeah. I want your money. They were just not that nice to me. They clearly liked my sister much more, oh and my grandmother, was born like in a caravan. Leading Ukraine as World WAR. One was breaking ourselves. Jew is like at all tough ways the I did not have time for my bullshit. Am I
and father was also he was in the Navy fought in world war. Two. He played professional football for like soft comedy kid. As far as you could get, I would say in a lot of ways day is re prepared to throw an object back and forth with you, but not like a b an audience two year, yeah exactly that's really. Actually, when I started joking around about them, they really loved it, and I think, when I started writing Stanhope jokes about them. They understood I like what my thing was and they probably you'd me as a kid where there are like this little fuckin. Kid is like never going to. find the thing that it runs through. Two heads didn't just going to bother people his entire life. What kind of Joseph you have of about them at fifteen, or were you twelve? When did you take the workshop? I was twelve or thirteen the first time it had stand up in your ordained karate at this point right eye, you're doing Gerardi, I know one thing I remember that call about our interview is that the karate was the source of your confidence, which I do I talk.
don't Roddy in the book, quite a bit at its core Are you having in the chapter entitled the karate id wish, it's all about doing jewish karate, but yeah. I would tell jokes about my grandparents being death in arguing with each other, which they would you all the time and scream at each other and not over. The other person was screaming about and about how at this joke is.
Able to anyone who had an older relative is, like my grandmother Catholic proved, her hair out and the like and afro. I guess kind of you would say, and then, whenever she was back, let's you could just see right through it is transparent and you ve just completely see what she looked like a ball. Oliver, our hair, just like went away and also to think a little bald grandma she's still like that joke. She appreciate less risky run when you on Iraq and Afro that you know about and though not as you're an old lady was sitting here. You don't think about being accolade right. I have a question on that. A little bit of a tangent back. Do you feel really validated Jen
only by the sort of mirrors what you said about your grandparents by think everyone's without sort of started. You started really young you had super. These are really find me movie. Is anything people put you in that box and now you're this insanely prolific, incredibly respected everything, writer, producer actor and do you like yeah fuck, you guys. I told you a little bit like I'm no good, in general, I was support. I would say that the first thing he says like he tells his parents in instead of them train talk amount of they immediately look up a place to go. Take a workshop! More than just your parents, like the world, yeah I'd, say, in general, like I've had in real time it felt like a struggle and it always was going. I will try to work very hard, but I look back at my life and it's like I have no reason to be like religion is a little simulation, any well yellow. It's like I did like pretty successfully
I was having there's not a lot of like voices were really versus tv shelving origami spoke of licence. Like I actually like I'm more mad that I felt my drivers. still still very anything in general. I feel very lucky and I feel very support, and I feel there is a lot of people who incur It's me where, as I have friends Evan, I think I'd like to talk about this. Last time I was on you show: is his parents like outwardly discouraged us from writing, Why would literally be like you're wasting your time? This is pointless and to them I do feel yeah yeah yeah yeah, it's very directed at them. It's not like global to the world that isn't it like to Evan's parents. You know in your business adjure, essentially a statement at the end of the month? You should have his parents see seed on that, exactly
now. They know that you suggest get everybody in general. I feel like people were very supportive and I did not struggle for that long outside that thing, I thought of because you kind of address it, which is you go to this comedy works you're, the youngest person, thereby a decade or more and you said, and then that becomes a pattern of my life were I'm generally the youngest person in every when I go to and then I was Thinking like you're all old man like almost a year, the cute kid on the tv show and at some point you're just not a kid anymore. I wonder like have you noticed anything I just now that you're so established it just another things clicked and which is like you're just very trusted at this point, but I wondering what that transition is we're, like apple many people here are younger than me or the same ages me or this isn't novel anymore will now I very much
Have the experience where I interact with people who do not appear to be that young to me, but who grew up watching my These truly grew up watching my movies, so I seminal. Yet before your virgin came out in two thousand and five. So that's what sixteen years ago. So if you're these three now you were rather like nigh seven when that came out so like yeah, that's got so like I interact with people like that, where it, like oh, like you're, someone in your mid twenties and like super bad has like always been in your world kind of, and that is interesting, but It's nice honesty is now we're being trusted like with our work were producing like uninjured turtles movie. Jago previously was done by bro.
Time is not yet exactly like genuinely like a huge ip and the fact that we would be entrusted with the guy is like I'd say a result of what I now look back on. This account we'd like we ve worked consistently over a very long time and loud, although like we, take big swings like they hit more than they miss so like it makes sense in its honestly things like that, we're doing darkling duck with Disney and we're doing ninja turtles so like there's some things that are kind of like institutional, almost that they wouldn't trust us with this. Unless us having a track record, they should give you d c like if there are any Company, I would want a hand BC over to be you well I'll, be out with the boys we're doing our own yeah yeah yeah. But what you did with the boys to me is what should be done with that world. The DC world did you watch the Snyder TK
no boy now, oh boy, what is it well? What is it another? Fifty minutes of fact in Israel or our young is it. It is four hours. Did you watch it? I did want you yeah. I can't do sat there is so noisy. It's less noisy it weird I mean. I know it's a weird movie, but I enjoyed it like that's funny is like there's so much like energy surrounding it, and then you this watch. It you'll, like that's a good fun, long, people of all our terrain accident. I like it, but it's not bad, it's better than the other ones. Like I get out it's like if the goal was to make a film better than the other one. Then yeah, but light movies are viewed very interesting. We in our society I'd think time, but can I just tell you I am not a fucking snob. I, like everything and unfairness I haven't seen either those all. I can tell you that, when saw Superman I've only while Dorothy
movies in my life, and it got so the flogging Third ACT sat peace was I swear. I looked at my this has been going on for twenty five minutes. Absolutist, smashing, red thousand buildings fall over their level in your eye and I'm leaving, and then you ll eve if he had just gets gruelling for me. No but on the timescale of things like. How often do you pay twenty bucks? for something like a hundred percent. Your monies were of out of it, not that as I order more and more internet site on exactly recent exactly, but we haven't go back. I just want to tell you funny one. So these guys on Instagram, like I don't know what they were doing like day, eighty seven of asking Dax to zoom then day whatever, and then I stupidly said you know view do this for a hundred zol zoom you're. I did something I thought what are do and then they did it so Monica. and I said I gotta- go zoom. These guys are even know who they are.
Gimme, a zoom link- and I There is like seven deeds on a couch that were in. School. They were all fifteen or sixteen in their obsession with me, is solely from idiosyncrasy, I did the matter. Might they weren't this guy, like you and I were asked what the conversation all accolades, but and I was back in its like ghostbusters came out. The here. I was born, I think, and I loved it was my favorite movie growing up and that something that I have to remind myself is that I'm not thing I've ever made a movie robustly like that, but like two kids, how Ghostbusters was always a part of my life. I think I now meet people who, like super bad, was always a part of their pineapple Express, was kind of just like always there Yan they and their parents like which is also weird I would imagine even pineapple has more of like about Lebowski following or something it still
I give you of weed, I dont know if there's been a movie made after it, that would have bumped it out of the movie that you really love. If you love, we hit the zenith, we'd moving issue, it probably still like the most successful. We movie that every year, because it was funny, even if you weren't super India, we like but I love that movie and like I was like an actual move. it was it I mean in this might be disparaging listening, but wasn't like half baked were like a ton of people loved have to make the EU had to be super into that, and I was not, but this was yoga accessible to everyone, yeah. That was really. What we wanted to do is make a movie like. If you smoked we'd, you could really tell it was made people who love weed and if you didn't snark we was just a movie had you would enjoy ass, like I don't need to understand the professions of every single, like I'm, not a spy, but I enjoy James Bond films that was bore. What we were trying to do that's a pretty good analogy,
I wish use it over earmark that want, for your next is by next book is called what is the name your book? It's called yearbook, Yearbook weirdly enough. That was, idea, very nice podcast. Your book about junior high anyway, see ok, so how's plant, another fantastic name for a convent and this is your cannabis. Centric company What I'll do you make coffee I'm saying homeworkers and, unlike what does this mean? Yeah we make home goods and we sell we'd actual we'd in gaol, Fournier only but nationally we sell home goods. That's really consider people who, like design or who smoke we, Iceland,
we obviously every like Jordan, not having a shoe company exactly I had to happen and parallel to that, I like design. I, like my house in my office, to look nice yeah. I was gonna say: let's address your ceiling is so fucking gorgeous. This would have been like wanting to bring it up for the last twenty minutes. Thank you. So much I notice about your wife. You guys infected my wife, because when she worked with Ya'Ll she came back was like we need this couch. doesn't accounts, they haven't, show me return. It was insane looking. They look like if mushrooms, where a couch, oh yeah, how'd, you like New York, New York, Rice yeah, it's a good couch I'd like when I got my own upon
when I was eighteen, I was like so enamored the vague, but I have my own apartment. I really tried to make it look nice it and I would go to free markets and I would go to throw shops, and I would now in retrospect, go and take it at the time I would never hold tat. That is what I would do and I start collect like midcentury furniture. Basically, I think like when undeclared was made. I bought like a HANS Wegner chair. He makes the most comfortable, airs and was a huge virtuous and I happen to live down the block from this. Denmark fifty store on Mailros go to when all the time I would just like a stone to walk around Zaire is so weird. I just so happy here on this planet. What the fuck are you I gotta ask a chicken and egg question. So if a guy is it ten, he has the luxury of like he can fuckin ever
on sharing his apartment. Rightly given that night, I wonder if there is any thought about like what a girl here. This should say something about myself. I would like to think that truthfully, the idea of having a go well over was probably so, for is a terrifying. It was nowhere on my radar guy, those as a genuine love and affinity for hers. Yeah. It really was yeah. I just really liked it. I thought it was cool and tell of Borneo had cool architecture when you film how to cool houses and we'd be in these cool neighbourhoods and, like I remember like being very young and we were shooting in the hills in that house where they a lethal weapon to in that's like everything else. Yeah stilts is beautiful. Architectural house and I've never been in a house like that walk unit for the first time is really this incredible, elect glue my mind. All that is true. That's like an exposure that most people don't have any
So don't you think Morgan when production designers, like they open your eyes to like well, should repay your stuff but really in like two thousand twelve when we were making this is the end is when we designed like the house for the movie and that is really to me, because it was supposed to be like a very high end. Like architecture has gone, art need not have beautiful furniture in it and that honesty was the first time kind of really like head myself over returning. They evidently like. I think I love this. I really really enjoy this. I didn't want to admit it. I think it try some like stupid, like false sense of thinking it wasn't masculine at the time or something like that Honestly, I grew up in a time words like every thought you had. You had to run through the filter of. Why appear gay? If I'm doing this, which I pray, that current generations does across their mind, I am genuinely hope it does not, but yeah.
think I associated loving design with not being a personality trade. I should be proud of. Yes, you should hide it yeah and something that I eventually like, I think I'll get, because I had to do it for my job. I was more able to be like I really like this and it actually all started also like cause. I collect a lot of things and that started with comic books and then comic books would make kind of vinyl figures in toys and then Comic Book shops would sell like toys made by artists and things like that, so that kind of, like open my eyes to like that kind of world of collecting due to collect art. I do have our yeah wow. Oh my glass. This is all sides I dont know about I'm really really. I mean this is kind of what I'm sort of what was alluding to earlier. It's really surprising, like I think people might think or thought that your house, what look like outta would look like the house. Knockdown did her alone.
how then no brazil- I was a well until we were shooting knocked up and I had enough money did not live like that, any on honest way. It's only control like people don't live, Waller cuz they do. There is such a choice. I was, I was fucking broke until we shot knocked up that I had enough money to not, but the house in knocked up is based on my house, and he would literally come and take photos of it. I found them recently likes and like there was so much stuff on my coffee table like beer water bottles asked Tad three with a roach cigarettes, emptied ship bags and Mcdonald. Girls guys like everything, I've ever like Judd would always referred to that, who knows of guy real apart bit, it even though, is covered to set it be like it needs to be a hundred thousand,
I was bored they had like the designers that always you like. I can't believe you live like this. I'm sorry I I very much do live like that, but now yeah, it's not until I could afford to live any other way. That idea makes me think of as well. EL for nine years and we live in a one bedroom apartment. We are both very heavy smokers. ITALY's about I'll have maybe do packs a day, and I try to imagine what it would be like to be a non smoker walk in that department had to be a terrible. I did. I do, I would have these like illegal porcupine of, like China can ashtray that I just like kept stick mass like now not a bit that that- and I are probably aware boy was staring at that austrian thought. I wish there could be another way. I wish I had better those I dont, but truthfully I started collecting like antique ass trees
vintage ashtrays and table lighters and things like that and I would show them to people just to came over. I would post them on Instagram sometimes, and people like I could tell people just really like them, and I, and especially if you've smoked, weed, there's a thing for you now being made for you and the things that are being made for you generally sock there, that I gaining you yeah there. Tie dye or, like you, have like a fucking like the Yin Yang on them in for no reason like it. It's just like dumb hippie shit that is meaningless, they too arm chair there we are supported by NATO, you know, Monica one of my most hated smells is when parents, oh yeah. You know who fights stink native made of cares about the products you put on your body there about stopping the stink the right way. That's
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Join us a tie died. Historians. A grateful did bear that wine, whatever those windbag peculiar, so grateful dead there. Ok, I just really want to try to put a metric on your furniture vileness. So have you read books about design? Yes, I have read books. What do you have a favorite now? What I love is like I've gotten a lonely consumer packaging books from the past because they obviously we created a brand and so yeah. They used to release in the South these Eightys and Ninetys these. I collections of the best consumer packaging of every year in hard cover books that are actually very hard to fight, but you can find them but then I was reading about data rams and these guys Braun the philosophy like those people. I do have their books and books on M that ass, very informative lets us a fascinating to think of apple and
emphasis apple, put on that and how revolutionary that was in, like I gotta imagine forty five percent of their successes, literally that oh yeah, and that something I got so fortunate in that I got like a very, very deep and intimate look into the world of how Apple was created them. When I got to do the movie yeah and I became friends, was Steve Bosnia. and so I got to hear very directly. First, and from the people who were there, the philosophy behind the creation of apple computers- and there was some similarity- As with we'd honestly, at the time, people were very afraid of computers like they were stigmatize because they were generally the bad guys in movies that was like the average persons experience with computers up until the late Seventys was like there, the things that are true
she was in science fiction, Tarzan, two lions issues so ill prepared to talk to anyone that idea and so on out of one apple was doing, was d, stigmatizing computers and making them seem friendly and approachable and honestly, that's a lot of what we talked him, I wonder what we talk. A lot about with our we'd company is that, like people are afraid of, we'd weeds been considered very illicit in a lot of places its, the people of like hidden under their desk it in their drawers for a long time, and we don't think it should be any of those things and so treating it like a good product or something. We talked a lot about cuz that destigmatize. Is it yeah the fact that it's not true with reverence as a product is honestly to me a result of its staff but I say, can and does it help the stigmatization of its a great product and it should be treated as such. Yeah like a nice perfume or something yeah headphones
or anything else. It's way, it's way better than all those brought big perfume doesn't make your brains feel better for a lot of people in so like. In a word where, like that, gets such beautiful packaging design. Consider patient people who own, if your special and feel like it's really speaking to them on a creative, lovely, the ass we should do that more your may I make me think of like what are unique experience. It is when you get something that is really nice. Like I gotta go home at once from France from this company ruby and it came in this light. I probably has a leather, but it appeared to be a leather wrapped box and I opened it up and I felt like I was gonna pull out a crown or something like all of our packaging is very beautiful. I make we sell ashtrays. We saw ceramic ashtrays, we shall table lighters right now. We sold Vinyl box set of records and we made like since you like mix tape on vital to go with the different strains of we all my idea. Yet it's great in there all package beautifully and people have started give them this week and you could see how, through
they are an end, their taking videos of themselves opening them it's so nice guys. We honestly like we wanted to present them as like high end a product as you could, possibly by because the things were generally treated as low and you could possibly by, and we really feel like that needs compensation in some way and so to compensate for how shitty we'd products are, generally speaking in how shitty products, for people who smoke we'd are generally speaking. The idea was to like over correct if anything and really like put as much thought into it and make it feel, is nice and special is possible because people who smoke we'd should feel special and should feel like there being considered and should feel like there's someone out there whose like putting a lot of thought into them in their experience. Yet like the general approach, pretended everyone smoking. It is still seventeen like that. Might there's any kind of elevated for older and all this is making me think
you happen to know the history of white castle in the aesthetic of white castle, no so prior to white castle. People generally did me ground before they ate ground beef meat balls in the air. Should the hamburgers place making me balls nurse big lion. They flattened about whatever that's a history, the hamburger but so White Castle was like here. There are two hurdles: people think that ground beef is low class in two. They think it's really. Dangerous, because at the time it was a little dangerous inauguration of everything in there and it had a pretty bad track record of containing the Lahti call. I want not sell their two solutions for that. We're. Ok, let's make it a castle that royal, that's elevated and the You notice all white castles everything inside of stainless steel, so you go to the counter and stainless steel, all the corporation area, and so that's trying to make feel, like other you're, not gonna, get a call lie here, so narrow environment do an falcon
no! Why? Council! So it worked! It works. You got understand, like hurdles that are in front of you and you can make them strength of myself strays. That makes total sense as do lighters. What else do you sell hear this In short, you it's a car lighter than sits in a block of marble oh my god, I want that. It's like for the desk. It's it's on my desk that Romania's Babylon and pop up in the silicon oh my god, so what you charge it with a usb port or some now it is plunging basically a lamp call right. Ok, then oh, my god, rare as another bottom years was a gift others I've already shit. Why am I a volume has said you have? If you have any hit, I'm gonna send you have no bellowed died right I go out. I am conscious of people's sobriety,
I haven't been pushing it on people unless they ask honestly, because- and I am aware of the fact that, like a lot of people, I know my why, because either, why you ok, then, shall smoke a big old I could procure do we have products coming out like every week or two? We have like dozens and dozens of products in development how's plant has a website. I assume W W W dont how supplant dot com how'd you get there, so big did you have to buy it all someone for not as much as you would think, it was dormant? No one was using our yeah we're yeah, it's very weird. It's part of why we pick the name. Honestly I mean we like the name, but the fact that the domain was a hundred percent available was very enticing bills were again let us simulation levels, especially leading in the little good role and my dad simulation.
Yeah. I got a really good role, maybe the brilliant ass. You been cast your so that european citizens, now I want to know from you do do edibles, like I feel like give. I dedicated my life to this. It would be edibles, but you see I'd like a real affinity for smoking leaf. I do animals just don't feel the same. To me, I think, like the feeling I am looking for. Edibles don't do like I'm not looking to just be like fuckin like fuck off my ass, like I would describe Why we does the right, prescription and edibles? Is the wrong prescription for years? Got yes for me personally life for other people. It might be exactly what they need, but for me. It is not the lenses that I find helpful. Still, the by far majority of we'd products sold is just flower, a really YAP vapourings, more more popular
I dont they personally. It makes me feel a little weird and I don't quite understand what is what it is, and you guys have products, though, that vapour, our edible or no, you just make what you consume. Yeah. That's a good rules In Canada, we have a beverage, that's like eyes, sparkling water, that's great, and we ve heard people very much enjoyment. And as the z in it yeah does two point. Five milligrams of tat she shall have fun yeah, I'm it has no sugar three calories only Goodenough we don't have it in America. We hope to bring it to American. Is it at bars because that would be so cool? I know: thou be amazing. The laws and attitudes. The average per has towards we'd who does not smoke we'd. All the time is completely draconian and based on the lies of racist men who died a long time ago, but whose lies remain and
although they federally legalise, did in my being completely bungled the attitude with which they legalised like we should never have been illegal. The only reason it was ever made illegal is for racist reasons. That's ever rising because it was predominantly smelt are disproportionately smog by black folks. What was the races you haven't got? It was now The drug of choice for where wirelessly men had states is it like they liked alcohol bear as black people. People from south american central Erica indigenous people. They smoked we right and therefore it was a very easy way to criminalize the activities of everyone who was not them. as it was not their preference and in fact their drug choice was a hundred times more deadly and dangerous, then we'd. Well, that's why I'm so pro we'd. If I get a pic between my kids imbibing,
We'd verses, alcohol, they're, not gonna, rap a car on a tree there not getting into fistfight they're, not gonna blackout, armies, Thanks, I don't drink, and it's completely because alcohol, I imagine Yunus. I dont like how makes me feel I don't like getting hangovers in ruins. How I sleep personally like- and it is just on health whereas we is not liar, but Canada is still so much easier to buy alcohol them, like the attitudes have not shifted nearly does it agree that they should have, and I think even people who considered Cells progressive do not understand that their views of we'd are based off of racist lies.
But in an argument with this guy Walter Schaub on Twitter, the other day who usually the head of the: U S, government Ethics Committee, I believe from his twitter bio and he was saying how, if you smoke we'd all day, you got problems, and I was like that is based on racism. The simple as that, and he started DM in me, and I explained to him like your perception of the fact that you have problems if you smoke we'd just so, you know when you say that you are supporting. Lies that were created to control people basically, and he didn't realize and he apologized and treats. Yes, that's great! You lot, that's not possible! Here we go again early happen. You can't get things right ma it's horrify, because I'm like this mother Fucker course of the coming of: U S: ethics, like she doesn't know. I have to tell
Why am I here? I am selling or the guy you made we'd illegal, was a racist piece of shit. He doesn't know that there's more people put in jail for then anything he doesn't know why you like what the fuck was rocking appalling to me honestly and its since even like I was hoping with binding coming in it- would have this drastic shift. It has not you mean, gonna governmental level or international level as well. Don't you think part of that its cause? There's no corporate pressure like the alcohol industry is though mega that they have lobbyists and their helping right bills, and you think, maybe that's part of it will. I think, specifically the alcohol industry is terrified. The way industry is going to cannibalize its business and now you're, probably a large part of the reason that its illegal- and I also think the pharmaceutical industry, probably is a large part of that as well, because they know it will start to cannibalize their business as well. I had a similar experience
you, but with way less victory. So I was of road rays, and I got it into this other guy. Who is racing and he was a retired de agent. have a daughter like twenty seven year old daughter that lived in Colorado, so I said to him God now in retrospect, do you feel like? I can't believe, how much time and money we threw in two cracking down a marijuana you know now, given that Colorado has no problems, any was Ike. Absolutely not, and I might you still think that something, should be going after I'm putting resources. Vine egos absolutely- and I go ok, see you have your daughter in Colorado hammered verses stone. It was absolutely you know It does your brain on my alma gaudy really really easy. You know what does he do ya know success. I didn't tell him in at all,
very much ingrained, and I think it's one of those things that, like people like downplay, I think as a relevant topic Eve and it when I was younger it something that I've think, I'm a shame that I thought about it as much as I did or put as much energy untreated, but I would say people tried to make me feel, shame for it and it is something I probably was slightly reactive to or even in my head was like a my thinking about this too much is something I putting too much energy into The conclusion I have reached is the answer is no lie. I truly love weed. I truly understand. I feel why some people smoke it all day. every day and are still functional, emotionally connective members of our society, and I feel, like people, don't understand that pretty much every night
thing. They ve heard about we'd was created to control non white people, specifically black people, and I also since realizing that again more people are put in jail. Still South America there we were anything. It's insane lazy, ass bonkers. If anything, I'm like not enough, people are talking about like anyone who tries to build you talk about, we do much. My answer is fuck. You know you don't talk about we'd enough, there's more people being put in jail for the ship in anything for fuckin reason, while also like. I think people are semi aware of the racist policies that delivery. it between powdered. Go caning. Crack cocaine, like does things at me like an ubiquitous understanding like oh that's interesting, is the same. Fucking thing
one thing black people gravitate towards in one thing why people in and the penalty is tenfold. I think what we did so big. I think Americans, we don't like it when an infrastructural part of their society that they have lived with every day is based on racism and they like it when that's the answer, and they often will just ignore it as a result of not wanting the thing it doesn't fit into the theory, and that is where weders people are like. How could it possibly all be because of racism we're better than that? That's not who we are we couldn't let that happen must be bad. It must be a gateway drugs. It must be bad for your brain. That is how they reconcile that they live in a society that has many cornerstones to its end. Structure, there are a hundred percent based on racism. Is they pretend they are not and as the results of that things. Don't change
another thing that I notice that America lot is. People are very sensitive towards hurting the feelings of races. Why are all we don't want to say something raise this debate is in because that minority, the feelings of the races like fun, it's racist and we should say it's racist, there's these conversational, don't call, I hate crime that might hurt the racists feelings. What a fucking insane worldwide with an end its all symptoms of the same problem with weed and would not want to classify things as eight crimes is that we are overly protective of the. Feelings of racist people, I don't understand it like who fucking cares? I fuck you. It's I hate crime and, if you don't like it go fuck yourself,
oh, I could get into their. I just had an instagram issue the other day, the sign of one of the women who was killed in the Atlantic shootings. He went to my high school and envy their raising money. I posted this and around a little thing, and then someone was like in don't say it's a hate crime when it's not a hate crime or you're. Gonna be part of the problem that you're trying to fix, like on the show like eats, causing more division, and I was like, I'm not interested in causing division, but I am also not interested in protecting white feelings where six asian people just died and also like the fact that you have the love, during two even say this right now is part of the racist issue. Take away even the shooting itself. The fact that you, a white man, can comment once get technical about the deed Earls. If I wait, wait, wait this disproves your entitlement. your privilege like it all. This is great, so guys I'm a hard man out here. This is great
maybe I'm wrong. I do think There are realities, there's a Tomic realities on planet earth and I think, have this guy shot a bunch of M M because they were asian. You ve got a racially motivated hate crime, but if he shot them because he was going to jerk off parlors, that's who work set them and he was at Evangelical who shame written and now the guy's a piece of fucking shit. There's no question me: wouldn't kill people, because he blame them for his weakness this religion he took on, but it is motivation was that, are we not allowed to draw a distinction between like isn't it relevant of his motive? Was this shame of his sexual proclivities? I mean, I guess you could say then
the misuses had been. Why would he have thought they were so disposable and you could just kill em now? Maybe there's an argument. There, but it is relish The motivation wasn't, I hate asian people it its relevant. If your goal is to protect the feelings of His person gives no eyes the go ahead, I'll fainted away business shit. Why are otherwise irrelevant, but who cares local and eight gripe? I'll. Tell you why if someone goes in mugs, somebody who's a drug, addict and they mug someone cause. They want money for drugs in that prison happens to be low or whatever. If you go, oh, he mug them because they were location Well now, you're not talking about reality mugged because he would amount to anybody who had money gives you wanna drugs like, but I think what I mean, I guess I'd, probably not the best person to speak of a specifically. I dont know if his articulation of why he did this is as relevant as the result.
you, yes, he asked as exaggerates the result is he killed out of asian people in a city that does not have a lot of asian people. He targeted these people, but the question is target and because they are Asian Ardinghi target them, because they were sex workers that he was ashamed. He employed will then the queen, you will be? Why was he a shame that he employed these sex workers? How did he view them? What were the stigma that led up to him? Viewing them as the people that were his sexual outlets again? Are we to take his word for it? That's what we're doing. he's like operating killings or Asia, because research workers, like is that valid, is used. Take on it as valid as the factual reality of what he did boy what I think, I think, there's undeniably quantifiably in enormous uptake and hate crimes against asian sense. Tromp was calling it the China Who are China whatever that's true, and we can stand on that, but I think when liberal start folding any
thing into it. That is actually be ammo by which other people go. There crazy, like now, they're pretending that he hated asian people, but it's even deeper than that, though it is systemic racism that young white males often feel so entitled then their sexual proclivity is a whole bunch of women's fall. Oh, I agree discuss thing that is part of the systemic. Racism is not just that he is sick or he is this. It's part of this built in societal issue where white men are protected. All the time in their feelings are protected in their thought. Protected and then, of course, the reaction of the war that we have. That to me totally raises like, like the share of saying. Oh, he had a bad day. I just don't This is why we would give him the benefit of via there's one thought process that it's a hate crime and then, if To take him at his word, there's a thought process that it is not why
say it would be a shame crime, but why has his take on the situation to be? effective any more than the perception of those who were affected by that's. What is just confusing to me. Is if this community feels as though they were targeted, then it happened and He is saying I didn't actually target them while he did, it happened, My approach is another way. Let's say we wanted to prevent this from ever happening again with the move be to go into schools and blame, the value inequality of Asians two kids and hope that that would stop it or in this case, if we want to prevent this case, we should be attacking the shaming nature of religion. The why did I d incitement of sexuality like if we could get everyone to see Asians as they see
their own in group. What that prevent this crime- and I don't know that I think that I This is a lot about religion, a lot about shame a lot about that cycle. Yet to me it seems race of snow. Guys. We have it out of everyone's opinions, and I respect everyone Dayton, armchair, diffused air. We are supported by wealth, front stones means rocketing, day trading can be a lot of fun. But if you want to grow your long term wealth and make it to the moon, you should open up oh well front investment. The count today decades of data show that investors that trade individual stocks under perform the market- per year, in fact, only one percent of day traders beat the market
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all who really matter who's in there. I want that you're Tommy Lee, obviously no visa. Sebastian stem is timely and lily. James is PAMELA Anderson and I'm the guy who steals their sex tape. When you play a real person, now you're doing all the time you did was. What's the approach? Do you try to get some of the things? Are you just try to find the truth and whatever is written, and do that I think it depends on how much the person is known to have it. You don't have a disaster artist. I played that guy I was playing was a real guy technically, but I actually made myself look exactly like the real guy, and I took some of his views, but no one would know than ever in a million years, so I'd say like it's as helpful as it is when it ceases to be yet you take. What's the idea good about it exactly our gates, you're doing that, okay, good. So I guess we talked about it last time, but I guess I just want to hear your final thoughts.
We already were lamenting about comedy movies in general, and that was pre pandemic. So now, it just seems like ok, all but the last nail in the coffin. What do you think I don't know I mean still like, since I saw you last, I think I'd probably released a few comedies in theatres that have done well. So I think it'll keep happening for some movies, like I think as a filmmaker. You have to consider before this wasn't a question you had to. which is like. Where will my movie, why Don T laugh or if you made a movie pretty much? They wound up in theatres and every once in a while? It became like a straight to video movie. Now, that's not at all. Now there's like dozens of options for a film to come out, and it's just something to be aware.
then, I think, as you're making your film or putting together, your film was trying to conceive of what type of film you want to make ya. The idea of where we'll just live should be weighed as much as you would weigh any other gathering what with John or the budget and that's a we do. Have you those shifted? I remembered the moment whereas, like but tell me an idea. I've only got a great idea for a movie. I might. That is a great idea, but you should be thinking of it as a tv show. If you ever want to get May than you want people see it. Do you still when you get a great idea, is your first sought like this would be a great movie reviews transition and do this would be a great tv show no fully doing both. I find tv honestly like I do not understand that world is as much as films and end to me. I find it to be much more competitive in a lot of ways and much less.
logical as far as what is getting made and what isn't in what they're taking a shot on about their passing on with our films. Like generally, if it's a good script in performer suit, people seem like they are excited about, like we ever shot at getting it made, we brought out what I would consider like v a compelling? The tv packaging is in the past that have been unanimously rejected, where I like genuinely sock and with films and happen sometimes, but with tv seems out with far more frequency. Could I think, there's just so much more available to the people producing it. You know you're. Both things are true. They're making several hundred tv shows in that sense you have much better odds than that thirteen movies are going to make, but at the same time, to your point is very funny. Confusing what they're gonna make the other doesn't seem to be like the obvious recipe, for I know em with movie,
feels a little more intuitive to me, at least as so like? Why would do well in a theater? Well, what would you while the other wild thing is, I'm sure you ve had this where four years ideas pitch, movies and then I started pidgin tv and then explain to me when I left the agent lay all have thy while they laugh once in the data and said well that certainly the twentieth pitch they ve heard today. exactly like all. I got these people and then I found out the numbers and like during pilot season. These people get pitch like a thousand projects. No movie executive ever got pitched a thousand projects, no it so different. Yeah we're very actively doing both yeah. We have a lot of films and a lot of tv shows and development various stages of production. I feel lucky it's like I'm mystifying thing, I'm amazed. I look at the boys and I'm still amaze like at so awesome. It just came out on Itunes and I, like turnover,
Vienna was like the number one thing on Itunes, and I was like I was just like. I've never made anything it's by far the most pop the worst thing: I've ever really hard of making yeah It's fun nominal. I recommended it is how many people yeah thanks. No it's like. We make movies that people like him. I do well, but it's like the tea the equivalent of making one of the most successful movies of the year, which we will never do like it's like they equivalent. I got six hundred million dollar movie yeah, exactly which, like we will Never do you know what I mean, but with this we were able to yet make a show that life is one of the most popular shows on tv, which is crazy and that's it. Very validate, because I remember literally when the first comic came out Evan, buying it going Sony and being like you should make. This it will lead to a movie at the time and what's funny they bought the rights to it. and then they hired Adam developments and taught us and he developed it for years,
for whatever reason it fell apart and then someone else developed it for a long time and for whatever reason that fell apart and then, like ten years later, we got it back and turned it into the show as crazy. It's totally insane fault. I love you. People should, by yearbook by your books and then they by a bunch of very sexy products that we just saw, you didn't see, but I do encourage people to go to house plant dot com. Incredible. You have that url, we got it go there and look at all the truly was it beautiful design, and then I guess, if Lemon California also smoke house plant we'd gave it is available to you feel free to suit picking which ones you were gonna release. I imagine you just smoke like brazilian different recipes. The allotted strange hundreds, hundreds all over the course of years. It's process a bidding growers and then of choosing strain. So I'd say between those two steps of the process: yeah,
a lot a lot. A lot of we and its ongoing is we're always looking for new strains, so I literally have a drawer of, like fifteen different types of red, scheduled like are indeed time I go fuck, I gotta smoked. So three, drains before Monday. I do have deadlines, beverages funny, but I will try to like put them in effect, I'll try to be like okay. This is supposed to be like a sativa that we're telling people is what they should be smoking. During the day, and I got gotta smoke it all day and make sure that it's like a good functional, we its you really don't have anyone here and you say I'm like. I can't believe you did say that re minutes, it's ridiculous. What's funny is like I was doing Stephen kings, but where I took him to Vancouver Miller going around for the day, and we were smoking weed the whole time and there is when he turned to me any like. I don't mean this as an insult, but like.
To me, what is most impressive about? You is your ability to smoke. We prize I get any like I'm a fan of your fail of it. Eggs. You do but light it's really amazing, like or how you are able to process it, and I was like this motherfuckers probably smoke read with a lot of people throughout his life. the chef if anyone has been around a lot of people who were agreed at sea and the fact that I've left that impression on me and made me think, like I shouldn't fight this. It is something I should like shamelessly dedicate hued francs of my like to and not pretend that it is not something that I honestly care a lot about and that I genuinely think this is important, but we all kind of have this little. I think thought in her head is like a world class at Anyting. That's what you're world class at I can smoke with the best of our. I now good luck with everything. Great seeing you again. I hope you will write another burger launch, another company, so we can do it again, no problem about where we're going
Thank you My favorite part of the show the fact checked, with my soul maiden Monica Batman Area according he's recording, maybe you- and this thing now is a harmony, Australia, maybe I feel like we gotta Verlag three attend saga. The morning. You look stunning. I want the audience to know that you got really dressed up for a guest, but that we just had an odd streak. No all hearth streaks come to an end, that's what they say that diarrhoea. They comes to an end unless you have dysentery. Or or lie Ebola I use the females are the male. No, you did. It makes an eagle eye and Ebola
he called Red Green call. We recorded with a very special personally were excited. Ok, I do kind of wanted speaking of special gas, that we love Jas brightly and deeply apparently wants to address bill, not innocent station away of course, but I do not like the mean. Oh, I thought about this. Of course goes people put on the common section like what are your thoughts and I think it's a shame I wish for him and his family. Everyone was talking about I know I don't really want to add that I mean it is their statements like please, oh I neuron, our families does the privacy. So I got all I guess I want to say, might well. I can tell you my opinion on it as a huge success. Anyone whose like looking at it is earlier. In my opinion, you know, unless you ve been married,
on eight years and raised fork. Kids successfully united fishing to say it's. A failure offer for its use. Two human beings came together. They created three beautiful, wonderful, functional children and the best foundations Rockefeller. So exactly as a huge success were I agree I just was. I do even It's almost like like are we doing anything worth saying, don't do yeah yeah, I get it when I still owe Bill exact, same amount course I do. I am more and more I like them both more me too. I love him together, and I love my party to a very special people, I'm grateful that they are continuing to work together and you're. A part of me when I heard was like why they do that they should just Just take it out and are. My vote was just like just separate but dont Donna,
answer. How would anyone know they were separated and arrive at them? People would take pictures and then it be a whole. I get why they had to be open about it, but a part of me- and I think this is just from my upbringing where it's like yeah things are very good, but just you know bad guide on subscriber. I agree, I don't think it's a good and I actually applaud the caught. It takes a lot of bravery. Incorrect While knowing that this was gonna happen, then I'm gonna talk about a new is going to be a thing and they put themselves ahead of that. I think is commendable but seem like every single person. New much quicker than everyone knew about the shooting in Atlanta, or are these other things at our, like? You know really important. isn't my inclination is like a person like always circus people were all discuss. It mongers, but then, just one way to look at another way to look at is like that's cute, the monkeys level
when they love when people are in love in May and they feel sad when I learned so much projection everyone's projecting their own relationship. There ideal relations. Yes, that's like! Oh, no, that didn't work out it will. Mine ever worked out here yeah. I guess I have not known literally nothing about the relationship. I imagine the two of them sitting at dinner, eating a very healthy dinner in their boats. tomorrow and I am only they like a boy you like when these and staff, but they have a chef. I'm sure at any rate, my email fantasy. They they have their look. How much talking about their eating israeli, healthy food in their boats, so intelligent there having like the most stimulating conversations Alla time. That's my famous, I know means putting their fantasies on. I mean it's not fair to them, and many like grabs. Her passion
I am right on the table that they just eat dinner on healthy, then screams for the staff to think there's a code word like Penelope and them everyone has to exit the house last night. I went too far. You know them They claim on the dining room table. I don't want the people who work on that score the owl every time they get like an early age yeah, everything can be better if they just expose the staff to their love now, you're, looking at the lesser they possibly can have sex on the table. If you that's the life, you live, then I'd. Although we don't know it, can we don't know alone of named loud and alive there that another like that moving over anyone works in their house near them off like the royal there are Roy. Yes, I talk about it. Yeah why'd you bring this ok speaking up,
royals White Castle sideways. Thank you. I looked for it. I found it you're right, Americans were hesitant to eat ground beef after Upton Sinclair's than Jungles Longo had publicize the poor sanitation practices of the meat packing industry. So big Ass Rosa, yes, so the founder set up to change the public's perception of the cleanliness of the industry, so they change to small buildings with stainless steel interiors and employs outfitted with spotless uniforms. Yes, it's interesting over the smart report. Tee shirts, with blood it's all over me call growing on. Do you find
do you ever find that you ding ding ding in real life in between, and then you realize now knows that fucking asking what yes even didn't like, I think I was being interviewed or somethin. I threw a ringing out and then like oh Jesus, Easter Egg for people, you know that's true, but for the interview were so can be. Why is he just going Ding Ding Ding Ding naming become too I think even renegades Meno really know whatever I can like a secret languid, that's like the secret man, you in out. What's not, why castle by their boat its meetings and still GA granted or not Joppa. Now that will get us a lighthouse was ok. I read some really thought for comments about power. Oh, like people really took a minute to
behind and thoughtful about that, and I appreciated it is I M in his character defect. They get defensive, easel share, and so they they were just patient kind, Birthnight, Asia. So there's something I ask whether they say that turned you want I'll. Tell you a term is very simple. I only heard from white people not say so I dont trust right. Why people told me not to do something? If someone from that culture tells me they don't like it, then I'll start, and so it was actually people from the native american culture, then You said it now. I M M over yeah buncher Honky in our circle. Tolomeo things I can say is I don't. I just need to know more, and it is on me- and also I have a limited bandwidth- I'm not gonna, spend a full day of my life going through all the pretence Billy triggering words and our lexicon, that's true, but when you, when you hear one is
lagged. Maybe it's worth like taking a little bit of it and for a second to deep dive to know it is what I don't want to this just knee jerk listener. Would anyone like master bedroom and stuff right anyways? I appreciated those comments now I'll nix out there. You are one of the things they pointed out was like the way we use it is like it is it's a it's. An impromptu gather around in it's a very important discussion. Four native Americans in like an impromptu like let's, let's regroup, it's not to regroup it's you know so I mean used properly yeah, we're just a regroup for them. Maybe we shouldn't even be a massive oils. Ok is pineapple Express, but the most successful we'd movie, so the fifteen highest grossing stoner movies of all time see the hard thing is what classifies Estonia movie? Also, how are they?
Jeanne, the success of financially yeah, financially. Ok, the other gonna get Lucy Goosey Estonia, like number one, is tat well, I don't know, maybe I haven't they entered so is the Teddy Bear smoke? We'd yeah? Ok, then, account yeah sure, ok, we'll give him a bit so tat. The second one is knocked up. Now examine, they do smoke a lot of wheat and that movie yeah. I don't think so. We do the bought the guides do and he's stoner them. Sort of the thing is, I know, because I love that movie knocked up so much grimly through
is this is the end. This is anything said, Romans exactly yeah and therefore, as pineapple Express that was, I mean you know, I'm first donor made. This were so thus through stays and confuse, not cheating, drawn called on lacks, did you guys have used, was revised, teach and charm is number ten watchin tongues. Next movie is number taboo, actually doesnt confuse. Do not make this top fifteen that seven, if it might not have been higher grossing, didn't guy doesn't give used and make too much money. We all saw its like swingers, they didn't do, grows they're, not nowhere. Warner Damascus has our big
I don't blame. You said a wine silk or whatever those wine bags or call, though yellow silk, we'll sack of white wine bag. You caught wine cooler, that's it what's it called windbag our wine cooler wine silks, not a thing. I mean, I guess you could why. Why couldn't you receive on a good wine? So, oh, like when I type in wine, so just a bunch of wine comes up. You're gonna get a little more leverage with a windbag wines, skim, oh, what did I say: times will deal, that's what I'm thinking, why wines yeah yeah, I'm thinking about wine skin,
a line and is an ancient container made of animal skin, usually go use transport liquid, such as wine, olive oil, milk, wine, butter or even cliffhanger andean? I gotta go to the Wikipedia page now she is but listen, a wine skin of the pictures. Looking at that is. Our way you were talking is exactly what I'm talking about this little hippy thing that people carried like a flask yards like it looks like a flask yeah, their way, bigger than a flask that they're about this big right, yeah! Ok, ok, you put about one in their future. Maybe two lines can the misleading a force in low, but of course it is also a compound were risking the, and I can think of no do you Tommy scared now grape halves, ripe scandal. I don't think there's a compound word bearskin. Now our hats
and also not private part words. Most. As long as a good woman raw, that's a given us a good one. I googled it. Ok well compound, were taken. What on earth? Ok, so the couch that Lauren sets wife told Kristen to get here is a roach bobwhites. While I knew would have a French arose c h, E B, o b o, I ask said a gross, but why we want a gross papa rush, but can I make a suggestion to the next during the day, and you really like the boy in time. I want you to lean over during dinner in his ear. I want you to say no problem was rehash, the block it so
does this is such a great dinner I've I've I've gone like a hundred dates, as here in this first one. I really like meat is going gray lying in wait. I you're gonna blow, there's a tip for you. I know, but I dont have to teach me it doesn't sound though, when I say so, or was it does? Oh, my god, this is the best I have ever been on meter, you're, so Q, only both the girl. You insist that idea. Ninety two states going poor now will, if you boldly and at the same time as they rose, but what you should walk straight out of that restaurant into a chapel until a white castle, a white Chap Worldwide Chapel, that's pretty much! Oh heads that yeah have you start smoking? Copious amounts are weeds ends in a really I have not.
I'm not a we! Don't we gal and I'm not evade gal, edible girl in a manner and will go I'm online gambling skin go. Have you done edibles now? Ok, so we don't know if you're a notable gradually better I don't think I am because I'm not gonna make it makes you less sharp, which is not what you like. You like to be sharp ideal. Unless you really drunk than you, I mean the ads weird, because alcohol doubling doesn't making shot, but you feel sharp. That is, that is the dust like when you are stoned. You know, you're, not sharp your offices, but on an booze. You think you know actually what you're saying you waiting times at some point. It turned to me realize light on shore herbal remedies. Much sense, For me. That was always way beyond the point. I had stopped being sharp. Ok, I think for most people I think most people.
There is a window where they think they're, still being sharp and then they're not before they realize it. Also, if your with other people ranking to everyone's on that same level. Yeah yeah there's no are outside observer to. I just thought of something, though its interest the noise it is when people are hammered, they think they're, really sharp even worse, is when they recognise there not, and then they certainly hurry it. All the the repetitive, I'm sorry, sorry, my guy just something's, are fucking gonna bet I know I'm sorry even in the Euro area eleven bother me is this link.
so by me, you're gonna feel so much more. It's a harder hit me beg to attend to me and like a Threed, you don't tell me what I am, but I'm a very rough barrage o road. While my love you, I love you, bye.
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