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Sheryl Crow is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. She joins the armchair expert to discuss starting her career later in life, how breast cancer changed her perspective and her pattern of attraction. Dax wonders about her experience on the Michael Jackson Bad Tour and Sheryl talks about the physiological impact of music. The two talk about meditation, Sheryl declares she’s done making albums and Monica and Dax discuss their enneagram in the fact check.
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Welcome! Welcome an arm chair expert, I'm Dyin Shepard, who joined by minute you're mad man, I'm here hello, hello, do you today we have Cheryl Crow she's, a musician a single songwriter in an actress. She is released. Eleven studio, album six compilations, three live albums and seven number one singles she sold over fifty million albums worldwide nine Grammy awards. Thirty denominations Germany. It was some of her song, please MAX makes you happy have all I wanna do these have some fun every day is a winding road that is a taste array, So my mash up, we enjoyed chatting with her wee wee somewhere for doing it in the corn teen from Nashville from Nashville Tennessee had this was a cross country ep by way of monocles apartment, so please enjoy Miss Cheryl Crow
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My assumption was that you didn't know who I was. Are you serious Your show grow. I wanted me you, so you know who I am this spectacular I mean I knew you were as an actor, but your podcast. Are they like sustenance? me ha. I must thank you. You know have to say you are definitely one of the people over the years. I thought I'd really like to meet her. I doubt I'm never going to, because I will hey, don't leave the house all that often and then be now at all, and now it looks like I was a genius I dont go to any music oriented things and then I thought I'm unlikely, never gonna meter, but here we are in a really excited about it. Every hour and your house in your brain yeah I dont want objectify you right out the gates, but my God are you beautiful, wholly smokes staying here. There was this show last night and asian it was called our country and thinking. I turn it on internet offers like all night,
I don't think so, old, hey! You now wouldn't idea your stuff, I've done and I feel like when it was going down. and then I was you're back and go down not good and your own, musician. I've learned its best for me to never watch anything that I have a good memory about. ten years later. Might that wasn't all that good yeah actually is confronted by things about this whole quarantine thing is since Sweden quarantining over exposed my kids through osmosis to a lot of music. I think that she here it's funny how imperfect it is when you're just really listening. You don't owe me like I'm listening to it with ears that are like open. My kids are hearing this for the first time so cool and then I'll listen, go
first and foremost, it always sounds amazing, so much better their records now and it's so not perfect- is just not slick like how we listen to step now. Seventy seven like his ago, one where are we listening this and you now decide because it's like salmon, the green beans. You're gonna, listen to it and can be good for you, yachts, growing food for your ears and you can't go anywhere. Ask is its core Jeanne. So how old are you kids? There are twelve in nine boys? Oh I'm! So sorry, I'm so happy about girls. I guess I can't imagine you have to do somebody else's here, my own, but I had a deal with that or lots of total. emotional from I mean my kids like they blow up thereof right. You know I mean I observed that yesterday, which is I'm in the house with five and seven year old girls and then Monica who is a woman in my wife, whose a woman and I did so
out of female energy and enact two female dogs anyways, we face time with our friends, kids, all three boys and when they get on peace time that their boys are already doing, aggressive characters are like oh words, daughter, could entertain fuckin stuff in Iraq and unlike like oh so, dangerous negligent, but when my girls have a meltdown, it's a thirty ride, yeah yeah yeah No, we don't have. I hear my boys are adopted and when I was going to a process being single women, I fell for sure I'll, take whatever I don't care what variety and act as a shrug girls, I just thought it would work out that way, yeah, but that boys and I got I got one that was born exact. Three years by a day, so my old, and got his young, brother first birthday
and there are very close in their funny. I mean they love each other, everyone they hate each other. There Pretty a meanness kids go now. Harvey's goods are, but I am lucky and we like right now, virtual school morning they fit everyday Billy. A chicken coop in the backyard. Isn't the best thing ever. I don't waste have to go through this forever ever, but it's been a credible and we ve never but like his learn. How welcome tour bus an eye. Twelve year old took his first steps in the green Room and Ellen too and so they don't know I mean basically, their whole life has existed in between packing unpack being tour or a quick five days in New York or whenever so this? The first time in twenty years? For me that I have not,
I'm not working and I'm gonna be working. It's the weirdest thing, but it's kind of arson yeah. I'm kind of also overwhelmed with gratitude that I don't always have totally with you now. Are you one of five kids dear through two older sisters, I'm one s fork, adapt to order sisters any younger brother, and, in my experience in my town, when there were three boys are three girls. The youngest was batch crazy without, section dangerous, gotten more and more risk take here as they were competing with older. So are you the one that would jump off of this and try every? yeah. You know it's funny how you remember yourself in your kid, and it wasn't until my dad was turning seventy, that we pulled out all the old sixty. major and eight millimeter type and decided. Ok, we're gonna put all that together before it so fatal. You can't see it and all the old photos in
I could not believe me. There was a time of the first kid and lot. Quite a lot of the second key about how it got to me. There wasn't that much every picture, unlike me notice me every video and my bounding into the room and lifting a draft said current wheels in Ireland were being shy and kind of. Like perfect kid watching anxious, fully crap, I can't believe life. I've been like knows me, join the spot. Over here already so he indefinitely my little sister straight foreplay. Oh extremely driven hypercritical of me everything that I did? It was just a noxious Then the boy came along and it was like. We three were like. Ok, it was great.
We love Tommy, you guys, but now we have the boy How much younger was even you he's forty eight years younger? Actually, for all intents, and was the boy until at MILAN, Granddad taught me how to shoot. Guns and super fishing and playing ball and stuff, and then he came along and that was taking care of rightly towards him, so dad played trumpet and was a lawyer and mom was a piano teacher, yes and just her singer. I still has my mom's eighty three, my daddy AIDS and there are great theirs oh married, we face on them every day right now they both always them creative stream way and music. Even still so my dad's played in Iraq Ban until effect there were scheduled Memphis again it maybe kings in August, which understanding will be cancelled
he's so plays, and we all go city and they got a great band, so those viagra where's, our real. There are older guide around. You know he is still right now away islands in the bedroom we're not open a family? In fact, I can safely say I've never seen my parents under asked or even in their end, where all announcing bananas, unaware ones Jessica work were good midway, stern. You know When my little boys were young, you know they would talk about their peanuts and we would call it by its anatomical and they're just like. Why do you at all? That is what it is. Why do you call it anything? cool, their generational Dania, what did you guys conquers? We called it our burden. That was some unisex I had a bird and my sister had a bird
now that it was not our to anything. There was no reference to it at all. Now the fact that they were both musicians is was at a coincidence, or did they say? meat through music. They do not meet their music. My dad was in the service he came home, my mom was: he tells the story of her sitting on the church steps of the Methodist church when she thirteen he said, he's gonna marry her. they did they get married. So I dont know if he knew how musical she was Mademoiselle a bit of a savant. I think he really want the imposition, but you didn't go and study music at school You go to college. You end up getting his degree in law that he too one Europe cannot and can play Chopin is really musical, and my mom, like I said, is she still has an incredible boys bet my galaxies to pay tax. Tommy was eight years old fur people coming home from war war. Lawyer, he ass, they were taken.
The graveyard out I'm town and he would play taps on his bugle still to this day that I could hears that it just lots of tears. You can't it's hard for him yeah an interesting interesting times in other have such colorful stories that I think us that sounds like something from an old? Maybe, but it is enough yeah. I went on a you're so too to Afghanistan and NOS seven and we were in the middle of a comedy. That the base was under attack and then they call this all out to the flight line and they were bringing back to soldiers that had been killed into that were injured and they had to teach us to salute was at night it was raining. It was like eighty five and we had to salute as the helicopters landed. and they played the bagpipes. I don't Now that I've ever had an experience like that. We're out like oh, my god, this
As you know, are realists moment. I think I've ever parachuted in do in my life. It's crazy the power of an instrument. It summed up everything that was happening in this crate. The way that no poem could do or any other thing could do was just like. Oh yeah, that's this! so weird thing I was trying to explain: music is such a physical. Being a male, think we think of it as being physical I remember years ago, meeting Carlo Santana in him saying to me I wash showing you really change the molecules and that we stuck with me because it does change this. shape of yourselves. I mean they and studies on it and it also changes the physical inside with vibrations with hormones myths, just such an inch same thing, and especially as I saw that you ve heard you relate to from a time and you can smell what you smell, you actually have a physical reaction to it like I can hear certain zones and smell the
side of my buddies, Cutlass Supreme unaided. Seventy eight I mean there is physical experience, you know, and that's one of the things I just absolutely as I older. I love so much. I listen to my my kids, what they like to listen to them. Like a will They have that experience. Will they they moved by a melody or are they having this experience with this kind of music. It's interesting jump over you be silly to shoot on any music We one loves. It's all greatly and I do think I saw Crosbie steals a NASH when I was sixteen. And an amphitheatre or steel,
Dan when they were tour with those amazing stew, impositions that complexity all coming together in unity. How many different elements are happening that come to get that? There's something about that that certainly, whether the musics great are not great, it just doesn't exist so much in a lot of popular music. Tat, I think, is a spectacle to behold. Yeah dear point that its physical- so I guess to wind passing over this thing. It's a vibration of this and in magically that encapsulate emotions that we have what a great endeavour you ve been involved with your whole life. It's really Gore! Listen! I so lucky! I can remember my sister. Actually lives here and in towns. I see her at least twice awaken laugh about our house. and we knew we were a problem. Like you and me, we definitely The value of I dollar, my parents coming home from playing we got we needed and I got. My parents come home from playing on the weekends with other bodies.
it be like midnight and they will be listening to records and they be planning and dancing, and the house, of course, was built like every house back then were you heard every footsteps ass. We would sleep on the stairs on the other, out of the wall, so we could do speak in the room with them. and not realizing that without every kid grew up. That's just that was our experience. Well, I have that as early experience. Obviously with video games and tv in technology Is there so much more to do now than just hang out where your parents are listening to you now uniting allowing our various our now that parents can compete with you now they cared a fortnight any right now I'll take my kids are please. If you aren't, I didn't see, my friends is on board,
but yeah now I do. I definitely feel lucky yeah, I'm so curious about this. Obviously, my wife's very musical. She studied music from a bad ass, yeah she's, a bad mother fucker, but obviously she would love my kids to be engaged in music right. It's so fucking hard to get them to take a piano lessons. I'm wondering: did your parents force it on you or did you? Is it something that you just wanted to join them in their forces, and I tell my kids now we saw the same argument. I haven't my mom wine, urgent pianos. This is stupid. I hate it, but money mom and dad we're a unified run on now is harder, been single mom cause, I'm the only one that can argue that they are a unified front. How, with my brother, he got to quit when he was a sophomore, my eldest sister and I could play by ear. So the two of us actually wound up going into music, my little sister, they class
age. She was incredible and she went on to teach, but my little brother, who probably has more talent than any of us just me, hate it just hated it and they finally gave them like? Ok, forget it. Lives too, should also use use. Number four, he had had all their battles frolic. They were over it yeah, so in here school you were popular you, your track star, you wanna beauty pageant. Did you feel those things like on paper? You could acknowledge like. Oh, if I look on the paper and I was on track, and I was an honour society, it seems like he did pretty well in high school. Did it feel that way? I felt like a high school was aware of his head. No reference, for me. It was awkward amino is the superseding girl and I had the relationship to being loved with doing good doing well being the best. Ah, female of you very thing now here and not disappointing my parents, you know
working hard, the sting guy was a huge, Romania for me, so that ever since the disappointment my parents is too slow now, so I think that it took me really to be perfectly honest until I got diners, cancer to figure out that love is not something that you tap dance to get and that was my relationship with my work, my relationship in the universe. I picked people that demand and that of me I mean I've picked some very high. sheathing man. Ah, so I'm not making my therapist no I'm, not your there, I'd like to ask you notice, weekly you'll love my rights there very competitive, it's too bad, we aren't they attic as if he were on. Macao really really feel like. It was miserably like us for our eyes and cry baby, some yelling beating a pillow. I think I did that
the hard stuff after I went through the whole cancer thing. I mean I think I've done bits and pieces over the years, but nothing like that and I really dug down. Do you think you could articulate what about that moment? Caused you to question some of these things where I have a couple of instrument of people that just seemed to say something that resonated at the moment that I could get it for years and in setting meditation. I would do it religiously, then I'll stop doing it for a couple years and then I would change the kind of meditation. I was Cisco about, like our approach, everything- and I start saying this great healer in New York City, one I was living there. He would not say you citing they use deftly intuitively. As I look, everybody has the ability, the intuitive is just
It really depends on. How much do you want to know, and that's one keeps you from knowing he set out a couple of things that resonate with man, and one of them was that you know until you can put yourself first in your life, you will always be at the bottom, and I think that is what was where I had gotten. In fact, I think I had really master. even in a relationship, picking someone that could really manifest that with me of making me seriously the bottom of the heat, The other thing is that awakening emotion, the gateway to awakening. So, if you're somebody like me, it's always been. This is typical of westerners. Anyway, you know, you you fall down as a kid you're not hurt. Just don't think about
Or you know somebody breaks out with you- just try to save as a dont. Well in it everything as about pushing it down the shit down, not dealing with it and not just registers itself in you're somewhere in your psyche in view rather body keeps the score yes, and I believe that there are several really great books. That half were defined. That notion.
when you get the diagnosis, is it that you start contemplating? Oh wow? This could be it in. If this is it did I live the life that I wanted to. I didn't know that experience his annual was gonna die and about it I mean it's mine was so early stage. I think one of the things that copyright and about without Super Fettes minute that point in the game. I was riding a bicycle afterwards I mean I was like super fat, no history and a nice person. I can say yeah, and sometimes you get these little speed bombs in life that are tailor made for you. You know that was that was deaf late night during the first I went in for radiation. This radiologist that I was very still acrimony in my grandmother. Wouldn't have thought her to be at all like into the metaphysical Wu Wu. You now and she said, don't miss out on the lesson, Anna Jessica and what that means- and she said just noticed
and I started learning just like bits and pieces that if you breakdown the body. Rest issues are typically aligned with nurturing nourishment. Obviously, women are born with these breast that actually nurture or nourish children come in with this pre design, and that is delightfully live throughout our lives were constantly nurturing keyboard. President cover families were taken, care of our parents were ten care of all the things and were also being active and then then, if you get into left brass, that self nourishment and that's where mine was, and I do look at NGO cows, the last person I would nurture. I wouldn't let anybody take your amendment lenny by nourish me. I was the fixer Almah relationships yeah, and so you can like that oxygen asked thing when the fight in that comes efforts as beyond that,
is on. You can't put your kids, I'm gonna, get gotta put your numbers jealous. Keyser sounds really simplistic, but really honestly it is that you just don't get your lessons until the second. You get him. You can have the same lessons over over, but there is a moment where you actually get it, and that was mine. Yet would you call yourself a codependent by nature? I don't know I mean, are you had to any grounds? to do more. Research on a lot of our listeners are lottery ass and we ve taken the tests, and I forget what you're not Why now I remember, because we that we haven't than the official tests which we need We did a reality by than I think, but tell us anything. It's really interesting. Actually he's got funny. I went to her. There was before I got into a relation to cows in red at the beginning of it now Like I don't know, what's wrong, I really that's person, but everything about it feels awful unease. Well, that's because Euro six and he's a very unusual run as fast as you can
ok, I'll! Let you just said that he is right about this example, loyalists. I'm somebody. You sticks with people way beyond what could you get a year? I mean I guess in some ways I am. I think, I'm lesson that now I think Jerry aware of it, but if you're value to people is that you can provide nurturing to them right and you can take care of them, then obviously your selecting for a group of people that needs nurturing re. Ask that probably are. You know little destructive by nature yet well, INA interesting. May I pray cancer. I've got a day to really pathological narcissist and that's a term awful and yeah you're not going, and I really want. I understand that just say I'm drawn to them. What happens is that you find people that mere back to you, how you are each other. So let me there is a while saying your rock star You're funny, you're smart, you have your whole
the actual paying. You run your own company, and that looks great, and then waste are willing away all the things that you really feel like yourself, which are you're not really worth being loved you're, not that good, fooling key He knows all that others little voice as its awesome to hear you say that, because from anyone on the outside, I think if there was a most common adjective to describe you from people who, like you would be authentic, I think that would probably be like within the top three most common words they would use and even hear someone that is so clearly authentic to have impostors. There are more to feel fraudulent. Is helpful, really relate above Nancy, human condition in its now related to anything real, real, it isn't real and we, obviously that is part of what I call your mythology.
There are certain things along the way that, for some reason, resonate and you pick it up, and you make that your truth that really it's mythology I mean, I think, when you reach a certain level, success it and you make it all about. I do everything right and if I'm really good and if I write songs that are important and that it is, you know, I feel like you're, good enough and also where's the joy on my gosh. Timmy walking away from whence I have to do this by democracy HANS annually. This is not your life This is what you do in your life. This is not your life. You have to do this and I took a year away from it with that. Knowing this that I may never go back to this, and I came away from wanting to do it again. And I came away from feeling like can really right, stuffed it sucks, but if I like- I'm heading in the right direction. Yeah, and then I made the detours record, which I handed in the label on their like. We like the record. We are thinking I was to hear as much ever record
Diana a meaning say which I really really loved and was really helpful to me that it's just simple language. He said I dont say my career anymore. I say my job because a career as an ego thing, it's an identity thing, your job, aren't you do to make money and stay busy in whatever, and I just started looking through it with that lands and by God my job got more fun because, I'm not me, Jeanne a career when, yes all about appearance, and if I you know downgrade how fuckin important is it just gets more enjoyable, yeah s doing anything other than this guy was asking about sexual me. as we do to social media and Monica you'll relate to this list. To help set. This up was my boy Is there any of my assistant, then all the while she was going to school and got hurt, agree in she's, a family therapist family, divorce, urban and now she does myself
The UN's amazing I was thinking about this business. Girls asked me I was like you know I had to do it again. If I were trying to break now the active social media and your arts and your work. That is that thing. Your document that career your personal life becomes a pervert, and if I had to do that, there's no way, I can do it and if, as long as it's my job and my kids are a part of it, it's someplace I go to do. job, I can still say, writing and performing other as my passion but it is a job and my kids are a part of that they get to come out and they get paid to bring you Tarzan, that's their job. There not apply the social media and all that stuff that goes along with that it reaches so, can you believe in your lifetime. Even in the period you ve been working, how much it's evolve. You know music in professional music,
about fifty years was sent my stagnant. I mean you, you went into a studio, you recall at it and then you did some press when it came out and then you'd perform lie and you sold albums, which people don't. Dad anymore they perform live, and then they have social meat, following an that's, a revenue generate yeah. So just isn't it bonkers that a you must have some gratitude. Even I have some that you kind of were born in the sweet spot that you actually you sold fifty million albums, which a decade or that you does does not happen, and I am no walking poster child for granted. I'm not kidding, because just the mere fact that Was there at the very end of people buying records like Napster sort happening during my second or third record and just fact that you would sell records in you know how many people actually spend their money,
to buy your record in your relationship to that person is in your audience, who spent Vinos. exciting I or forty nine adversity You deliver breaking dinosaur, I didn't I feel so lucky and so removed from, I didn't I feel so lucky and so removed from the whole thing me sad for young artists and not know that feeling of being able to obvious it's great to start on a show you, like thirty million people, the art of you, are when I started. We had ten people in the audience and then we would have a hundred, and that was awesome and then we would build it a thousand and then we'd get an army, and then the army went to abandon all these little stepping stones and all all along. I could be investing in stages. Have you know I think I was before Youtube, and now It is like you have to have your shit together because from the job because
it's gonna be recourse to disappear forever. Yes, I mean you're delivery is probably on the internet. You can look up everything from the time you top into the world to you now. Oh, I think about the fact that I got sober probably a week before people started, recording everything I've found there. Wouldn't we wouldn't be having this conversation. If everyone was recording everything yeah into that's in thirty stay to arm chair. If you dare, we are supported by better help. Sometimes life is stressful and hard and we can all use help may not know how or where to ask for it. So if you're feeling stressed or depressed or one professional help with anxiety, insomnia or any issue affecting your well being better help is available better help. Online counselling offers licence professional therapist specialise in many different areas, including anxiety and depression, and if you like,
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Her saying, as I never met an alcoholic I didn't marry, so I think she kind of in the most beautiful way she really loved her dad in. She wanted his approval and she's one of six kids and he was very busy and so. She liked Narcissus with a lot going on you to fuck and earn that approval, but I think she would now be quick to admit, there's comfort in that, because there a house on fire generally, and so you don't have to look too much at you, because by compares- and there's someone. That's really flocking things up. Royal. All the time it's it's kind of comforting, wonder that played any part of your those early attractions, narrow, Stephanie part of any kind. you know there are obviously varying degrees of narcissism. Then I think we all have aspects of it and then I think their people that actually more pathological. I found in most of the important
in ships that I had were extremely high performing high, achieving narcissism. That's the thing about that that you eventually become part of the shadow, around. Then you know man, it's extremely lonely, the thing I got used to be lonely- and I was constantly in and in several of our relationships, just used to being expendable people getting relationships with our senses are generally. There referred to his echoes and that's the person that mirrors, to the narcissist, all the things that they wanted me, but that they art and its It's always a dangerous spot to being zoo. Are any minute gonna be tossed. that picture of what they want to be, but they are becomes do glaring. So you know it's not a joyful place of. If you don't run through generally toxin reckon men, I mean every person than I have loved. I still
You know I don't have any the terrible feelings about anyone. I mean that sounds really work. but you know there was a reason that I love them. Yeah yeah, so I will say about myself: I'm a great false advertising. So you meet me in public and I'm pretty going and I'm I'm silly, and I liked the horse around come to my house, and you realize what those places fuckin spotless like a little suspiciously spotless any gonNA, wiping down counters and stuff, so I'm selling this very carefree dude and then in fact them a model all controlling and no c b, and I have come back with that. Some gales probably have been like wait a minute. This is really what you advertise, so I just wonder when I look at you from the outside. Knowing nothing
you I ages. I imagine, and a lot other guys think this is like that's a fucking cool, chick she's, a musician, she's fuckin, chill she's down for a party. Do think at any point you, maybe you you needed more than you felt like you are entitled to say or that you would be the fund. person. If you said I also have some needs that need to be met. All that's the thing I mean you know, and this is very different in their deserve. And, yes, I think one of the things has always than attractive about me from the ghetto was all that you're talking about yeah and yeah its eternal for people. When you start having needs, and you weren't. We notice and you wanna be appreciated and it's an inconvenience. And yes, you know one of the things that I've had seven, we were so you don't seem like the type that you need. Fuel take care of you yeah. I had the same problem yeah. You know that
and that's what I intimacy thing comes there s another area, not sexual intimacy, but just intimacy. revealing yourself your true south. That's the scariest thing ever man, that's what relationships are tailor made for earth. Nicety. That's You know where you see yourself when you learn must set yourselves but being intimate and allow yourself to be vulnerable, and God ass. The horrors that still challenge for me. You know I've been doing and Barbara people are narcissistic. Let you off the hook from having to be intimate. Big cause. You don't really have to be known or seen you just and be smart and by others, things you were when we first met you your vulnerable that super inconvenient and so yeah. I mean, I think I think people that make me not have to be intimate, and that's that's my challenge. That's my walk. You know yeah, ok. Now I want to ask you a couple of career things, so you you got a college, you do major and music right
in some capacity, classical Deanna, Jolly Classical Vienna, wonderful. I watch boats Whitney Houston documentaries in the last three months. I watch the Taylor Swift Documentary and then I thought to Alisha and I'm talking to you and man is similar then he the approval, when the being the best performing the that long liners, our pleas unable pleasing I don't have you watch tailors documentary, but you get a realist shut up about how fuckin lonely that is in there and in it, takes so much courage to say I'm not having as its sounds like you. You know what the world thinks like fuck, you bitch, you got it all wrong. What do you mean? This is an area in having things a lot of courage ago, like one long. He so you can the amateur we want. But this is a lonely experience for me here they saw her. I mean us, that's her
did you and yeah. I mean, I think you already, especially if you're successful, there's a propensity for people whose they shut up and said We are here. What are you saying, don't be alone here, your politics, but I want to hear about how to press. You are at the core and everything you're still a person and that the court that you're still a little person he oh yeah, we ask that, informs the big person and their decisions and are they see themselves? You know and there's a big big difference between complaining and being honest because gas leak part of me. I feel this obligation so for a Christian I tonnes, people look up to. Sanaya is like couple goals, and that is always made me so uncomfortable because I'm like look, I'm not a delight. Bad news. She's not always a delight. It's a fucking beating. Quite often it takes a ton of work and I just need to be vocal to you, like you're, not at a party and meet your Kristen bow you're gonna meal meter, but
Can I go to couples therapy and then it fucking blows a lot of the time, and so I just feel an obligation to say that, and so I don't think anyone is complaining as much as going hey just so you know, if you don't do the inside work, all this shit doesn't add up to much. It doesn't fill that hole. It is so so true, and there were years and thank God, people are taking that now that you know how I attacked early on in the clear about struggling with depression right if even imagined, really until outdoors wipe tipple came out and talked about before Gregson people. never talk about depression, and we know that the countless, but it took a long time before people would actually met yeah. I spent a lot of time in therapy I had to soar the things in my life that took me down you know and that I could not manage and to be able to talk about that freely. Now is truly a gift and
I commend Taylor and anybody else because, generally, if you're not talking about it and your acting out situation, that I think that went into it breaks my heart that their people like that that can't be helped because their people around them that down want to alienate the pay check or them you know the moneyed train and all that stuff when really work, just people Now there are broken, like everybody else, yeah. I think it's the coolest thing people can do and I think for every one person insane shut the fuck up your rich there's, twelve other people, depression that are embarrassed by that they go fuck. Why look up to sheriff Grove she's got it. I don't feel like such piece of shit. Well, it's funny the relationship to money I can run. I was a kid wanting in Andorra. Sweater has every kid: how to my parents, not my parents were their great people, but you know then we're just gonna go by me in and worse by our. So by the time I our money, baby sitting nobody's worrying or a sweater
and really my relationship to money. Is it's interesting when I started making money it became such a source of fear. for me, because you, the more money you make, the more you stand paying tax is and the bigger You're, a ban crew, That is an actual like I'm overwhelmed by how much I don't know about money, and it wasn't like. I would discuss, spend it ray, I wouldn't go by a fancy car. I didn't care about fancy, cars and and listen. I am for every single day, and I am extremely grateful now especially the international where people have lost their homes right before Cronan virus even happened, but it's like you said, is not going to fix it. Thank you. Now, at the end of the day, is gonna. Make you happy you like. I love the presidency in the mere ok. So from me.
Outside. I would imagine a lot of people would Dave just always remembered you been successful, but I was interested while reading about You yeah kind of a long walk there, which is. I have to imagine useful and a lot of ways as far as It wasn't a light switch right. You were writing Mcdonald's jingles, which you must of love dry. I read that you made forty grey. And off one ear, I actually was a school teacher. I taught elementary public education can apparently six music and Saint Louis and ISIS singing a ban on weekends? I was engaged to Kristen Guy, who you know, we're in a band together where he would like drink smoke. I, like Mr personnel and the next day I'm sorry Lord I'm gonna change my ways either tat. So that is the only way we shall get married in Saint Louis. I can teach in job, he gets a job and then
get into a ban and he's like, if you're not using the Lord than forget it. Now, as I go for this too much too much so I for two years. I started getting some special work and I got a commercial for Mcdonald and made way more than I have made two years of tea. doing so I started doing more than to move to allay my tape. To every I mean this is how totally a naive I was I was like. I have a great tape. I got it Thomas Guy, I'm too ray studio in the greater LOS Angeles area, technologists and eventually start getting some work, and Johnny Malthus, Album, I think, back about Johnny Matheson, learn the coma the errors that, like you, got all now, you ve done it. You ve made it I did. I did it, I say again get higher than that. In the end, I voted some singers Ivan about the Michael Jackson Tour, so I could
asked, and I want to get a year when one on the road for eighteen months, with her on the back, you're. So that's what that was one, in particular our like how cool the ban on the perimeter of something that gigantic It was my boy I didn't even owner passport. I mean we ve never been out of the country, so I mean The family in the MID West literally I drove out until LOS Angeles thank EE. If I'm really nice, if I just really work hard, everything is going to work out the waste, as do and I mean I think, part of the night, the that of in my favor- who takes their cassette tape to every Ray City of forty million people but yeah, I think that works in my favor and then getting the Michael Jackson to was just feminism. Credible and obviously Alaska about him back for me. I gotta tell you why Jim every. Not even listen is strangely
the dry assurance sure, I got to watch in and seeing with him and see what some people are so tat in two. The divinity of inspiration and also so bogged down in just the fragility of ego. I mean there's just like yes with almost every great cars and that magnitude, and even looking at Whitney just that that horrible pull that as one of the reasons we lose people along the way it's just. I can't imagine having that kind of stardom we now, I wouldn't even one it yet well, and then also just the duality that these people have again when Michael you oughta documentary, you see the the elaborate circus
That was going on to perpetuate all that stuff and how much mental must have occupied so much of his mind and yet he's doing these other thing. It almost seems like there's no way someone could do both those things at the same time in yet Danny. people do yeah, that's it so, while here so I when I started my purse Frederick, even when I was thirty, I was already like elder statesmen when I came out that all that details tat a great because I already knew our was already sermon adult by that time oh yeah, and that would be a big asset of it all. But I was wondering because I started working professionally at like twenty, eight or nine, and I had been an ally for ten years trying and I was definitely starting to accept the fact of this is not. This is not going to happen where you certainly have those fears were, I came on Michael Jackson, tour and I couldn't get arrested. I had all these record levels interested in
hop server at that, wasn't what I was doing. Does anyone know how to do that? You know so I wouldn't waiting tables and those like two or three years, and there were now and I slipped my cassette tape sustained. Pretty sure at a party and that's how I assigned I've been turned down by NASA gets no q, so yeah, and I may, the record with with his pretty sir, which I shall like was really slacken. It does not sound like staying whose fantastic, but I wasn't sing and so that record never came mountains and by that time unthinking this isn't gonna happen and wound up paying out with some friends we start recording and I start making a record and Vanessa record I want that was the record that can now and I really hurt I think, on that record the two cent musical record that I thought would ever get radio I so yeah. It was really shocking, but the thing that idea and that I have always done up until really since breast cancer busy, I just never stopped working. I mean we
toward at it, started to blow up I won Grammy's and then really blew out that I never stop to say. While we discussed working up working working, you know was like we drove through picked up some Grammy's in the next day when you're in San Francisco playing it was like. It never happened. So I never really only ever. Never internally fell ok, I deserve this. It was just part of my whole. You know I said yeah, I mean if I can go back now, there are several not several their people, above all on the way that I would tell me I thought you know if I could go back in Vienna that I don't know, do you do look at NGO. Had I been hard ask what I have said stained or was it the nice guy that didn't pay people office were kept me a fool it is well so I don't know, I guess I looked back yeah I do I wish I would have been more present. I wish I could have absorbed a little bit of the joy from it back on.
We now you know so handicapped by being a woman right, so, unlike you're assertive and take care of your your ship. It's not seen as that is seen as you're. A big charity are all these. Things ready as other layer that the outings not really dealing with me out here and in our God forbid. You can laugh like that. yeah. You know now, I think, a little a little, not in her birthing exchange a little. But yeah that was there was a rude awakening, because I can remember my second record by starting My producer flew home on the second day and No, I didn't like the studio. Is this really unhappy unnerved, and so I called my manager and he psych you don't need a priest or just produce yourself. You know what you're doing and when he called the record. I once if she's gonna producer, they were just like what that is no. She can't she can't produce and justice
idea that a woman wouldn't have the wherewithal to know what makes a great record and what does it it too risky devil woman in charge. I may I think some of that has changed by now. I hope but took a long time yeah. So I'm your most recent album threads lemme transition by saying is. part of that thing, the regret of not being present for me personally, as I just had to go. All I have is like. I just want to love process so much, and I just want to forget about results in the the more I've been able to do that. Not always. as you know, that the better at all is- and I just wonder it is that been your journey as well as just a law love the experience of create. The music and definitely the last two albums were that for me, and particularly the reds, because there was a moment when I went worked with Chris Kristofferson, who have known.
For many years, and we were doing a fortieth anniversary for us is limited. I say we go and we want to record as many of his songs for posterity as we can so that he and his master said went on and you know it wasn't, making short term memories. he had issue that kind of replicated dementia or Alzheimer's, and to be around someone who could tell you everything about sixty the seventies and eighties people experiences, but not remember as having recorded something five minutes ago, if so jarring, but also witnessing the three of music and how it really tethered him too. He was in his past me. It's just. I can't even explain what an personal woman it was for me when I came home from Boston. I called my phronsie Jordan. I said I I want to come war musical experiences that tether me. To who I am and and where I am from, and why I'm doing what I'm doing
that revolved around James Taylor and croaking people, who I laid under the piano and looked at the albums and listen to the records over and over? the needle knew you know. They were my way around town. They were the reason that I saw myself leaving and every care has that story the people that are so important in that they never met, and I was lucky enough to meet them and asked them be apart. This record, that's with record is it's the most incredible thing into me? What seems obvious, but the settlements you going, oh no. I earned all these relationships and now I'm gonna Fuckin party with these people, regardless just for the sake of it. yeah and in others the funny thing was about it like we didn't? We start out with a list of people this new and I talked to save the producer. Steve Jordan is just ridiculously off the hook, amazing
he said you will make a lessons. I know I just want to write songs and I want to listen and see who comes out in them and I want to remember all the people that taught me on a play by ear, who taught me how to play guitar, because I wanted to learn that song and an that's how it started in that's actually where it wound up as well as at the end of the day, I was so nervous about people thinking oh she's, trying to like make an album. That is just a list of people really wasn't. In fact, after we did the Johnny Cash song, I told you, Does it I dont we're making around this? Is it for me? nothing after this that can help the weight of this project or means songs. Yes, albums never does yeah. I couldn't do it through church. Now, when you work with him, you say to him like can be one of those fuckin tasty legs like New York
thing, are you come up with an idea or how does like a collaboration with handwork actually see as their only central were learn the first acts that I have a word to her than when I came out. It was like Nirvana Pro John Hall back are, I am, and I was doing this other thing and I was tragically not here. I have, and accepted by any of those people, and I felt like I was invited to the party Did I mean the guy was to clean around the edges? Are now I mean I just felt like at all outsider but my router all steeped in like this other thing anyway, set was like in the wrong stones and in Willie ends. Brito brothers, and I mean somebody artist- that I loved and they started kind of embracing means Rolling stones asked me not to ninety six or seven to comply with them, and I just developed relationship mostly with Keith. After that
play with them, so I called him and we ve covered before that. I could actually called Jane said and said I want to do the worse. Its song, he wrote was on steel wheels. Were my favorite country solves ever, and I said you can hear it would require it with me. She's, like I'm sure he word, and so we went to New York and Steve. The producer plays in the extent of wires and produces does records to he's record, so we spent three days in New York hanging out recording and laughing, and just I mean the guys so everything that you hope is gonna, be there nothing. I can tell you that would surprise you, except for the fact that he's really we were he's he's so well ran he's read everything, including the Bible. Guy is he's just incredibly smart and so on really a joy could have taken us like three or four hours recorded sign that we really do you like to add three eyes: that's autumn and then Stevie next to sing was DV. Next I mean for me
fleet would Magda me says my mom's happy well clean House, learn that, yes, she I met her at a grand niece. I think actually was nineteen ninety, since it was the grandmother the year that my first wreck one a bunch of awards. I met her and after party and we said we should get together horse. I'm like no, you don't understand I have the shuttle egg and the shawls we know it college in ending he communist without do some producing for her. So I worked with her in his weight than on the road with her. I was like in the co, then which is it out, but I love and under Her- and I mean I could safely say she's even though I dont see her now she's a sister from death. What is it sister?
from her mother, mother, mother, she's, fantastic she's. Actually, the first person I called after chris- and you said I have a song- wonder if you do with marriage- is absolutely I'll phone. Ok, when I asked you a couple stupid questions Are you benzine right now? Did you watch tie your king? I washed segregate, doesn't trust after it. Oh you did worse. It is one of them all to go to jail. Ok, I was with you. I've been watching the good, I had some people say: ok, you gotta watch, that's incredible and it is so great. I went some tiger to an reading the over story. To that book. No, do you know tat is the tree. The yeah yeah sounds stupor, boring, but incredible by its really eliza. My ass, I mean it's incredible
I tried to read all the Pulitzer Prize, winning books, still on the slower, so reader, which is great for nine twelve year old, is he hatred look unslung reader I hated reading, but you will some day like get ya, but that's a great that's. I've replaced and watching with that, for the time being, until finish. What you're? I really hope we get to do some person some time limits. Have you ever come to allay? We love Nashville, we did alive show we did to live, shows there like three months ago If I now actually lives, when oh really yells Turkey's meddling and Margaret. I know she known Martina for years and lover actually units an interesting thing. Maybe national fourteen or fifteen years ago I had her had friends in the business and Is there ain't that many women there is Madonna, Paul Abdul and then
along the way there were other r r is the came along like through Lilith and stop that not people I hung out with goods, and it wasn't a naval look really living, whereas was in road and Munich here and there, incredible women here from them and their friends were, you know we hang out and see them. Jerks, Bentleys wife is really good. Friend of mine and Keith earns wife is really good friend of mine, that's funny to hear You guys know funny. I know about here actually she's. That's your letters. the greens have what I'm Kristen Bells husband, but I think that's everywhere. I can live with it. and then the last thing is, do you still do tm? I dont know here I have been doing for the better part of sixteen years mindfulness ok medication I studied with them. And I m sure I Salzburg wrote, compassion, shrimp faith and shrewd mindfulness and is basically basin breath, and
just ass. You know noticing- and she actually told me something once that was on that Tipp of being grateful when I went SAR I've been going through a venture staff, and she said you know the thing that can change the whole trajectory of your life is whatever the tape loop is, is stopping and saying Thank you for infinite possibility and just concentrate over over, and I do it all the time like when things are really hard. I can understand why says the gang? Thank you for infinite possible because you limit yourself by what it is you know or expect, or what you envision for yourself and that can be some smaller than what can be man. I've seen it credible things happen just from that posture of gratitude So I love that year into the the posture of gratitude. I'm so all about that in an infinite possibility,
that's the kind of meditation that idea. I said last thing, but I live. Do you like the fact and I'm not asking who it is because I dont really care? Isn't it fun that my favorite mistake has a law around it in the same way as yourself you're, so vain, yes, people ask me who mother mistake is about now is a warm baby people speculated about yours obeyed? Yes, yes and I used to get asked that a lie like using now and peoples. I always do better than that, and I will never tell ya know I like I just like that you have a song that has in water and then and then than on the topic of um you're. So vein. I bet you think this song is about you. This is a personal issue. I have with that song is about em. Yes, it is about ain't that right and you ever my favorite mistake is probably knows that songs about
Ok, guys it wouldn't be a! U people think it was right rice, now the time we should admit to people that we dated four six half bad. It's about me. The eyes of the songs to be about him. He thought one of Taylor. Swift songs was about him. Why notice he wrote all and handsome is fifty so bad, but does he case when I heard her singing than I thought I want to tell you that act, Shepherd was Cheryl we'd like you and I'm so tickle do have met you at skating. Each of you said this is your last album are approaching, realise our my. We don't need to make them declaration. Who knows where we live in America, see we can do what we want. Some of my descent record some time and it might end up any and I had fourteen challenge data. Actually this is what can I look at it? I'm gonna keep writing that song.
Now and then, if people want to put together a playlist as new sounds I put out, and we can call it an album that is in great, ok, wonderful via the inviolable. Fifthly, I will stay. Save you stay healthy, or will we adore you and we will talk ain't you guys stay to arm chair. If you dare we, our support Where did by Sea Vd M D. I use their products nightly model. You can't stop me from using their Hawaii P. P m. I just love it's in a little. I drop boom boom boom haunt you later this morning hasn't been easy for anyone but for those of you now suddenly having to play the part of apparent and a teacher, it's a special kind of hell, but on board
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from sea beady empty and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men, hey, you're wearing your them colors on accident, I'm not Are you a them get? You have multiple schools Europe for now No, I didn't go to you of em, but I have a warm spot in my heart for it share. I guess you can lie other skew adventure, we like Stamford upon any at all there I am a loyalist, So I have to be loyal to my school right. We did find out where Cheryl Crow legs now, but she lives in Nashville. So she probably likes you t yeah, but she went to Missouri State College or some trees. Conflict is cheaper,
Yes. Are you brought me? I didn't ask her if she pronounces it Missouri, I am Friday. I want to think about that I wanted to, but I did because I thought it would annoy you. So I decided magic. I'm sorry that you feel I have said. Stick up my say things. You could suit everyone. We had fun with Cheryl YO. We did most conflicted while talking about people's looks but far over well How good she looked just knocked me off my chair. Her skin is beauty ten years younger than me, she looked barrier. how about living by now? All that all, but she looks much younger than her actual age who numerical wage wait till I get that stuff there do with them. At the genome weigh up every time we interviewed someone they're gonna like followed their cheer, how young little baby you now parenthood.
on Hulu right, it's made its way from Netflix over to Hulu. Yes, and I found out in it- and I was watching as I went to sleep, I turned on the pilot and looks so different man. I got the same of course of any look. Young you look way younger also than your numerical age now now bite you Do I look like a baby boy, yeah playing grown? How I mean what was at two thousand ten? I remain b, I want to say I was like thirty three or four. When we started our guy yeah you, you look like a little baby and it's funny one of our friends, someone posted a pitcher of her and she looked so
She just looked like a baby girl and it was shocking and she and getting kind of upset about it. She didn't like that. Everyone's reaction was like, oh my god, oh good, she felt like now. She looks old was the subject. I think there was multiple things. I think some people said Oh you ve, aged gray, ok, and then I think maybe that made her feel like. Oh then, I didn't look the world right now. Wait I'll find a way to make even the most bulletproof compliment negative now so did area or feelings. I just said just now that you look, you know you can say. Nor did it do you fear about looking old. I have heard fear about looking old yeah. They dont currently yeah yeah. I haven't really thought about it much more or less couple years. Also, I don't either and then every now and then I'll get very scared. Like I was showing someone recently a picture of my parents. I was like looking through old stuff and I found this picture.
I must have been five or something, but I was with my ma and choose your current age. She was around my current Asia and the parents always do to you sure so young ass. She is she also looks very, very good for her age by she still looks dead. and there's a part of me that I think when I see that, for a long time, I've just been like laundress go, look this forever and I'm not gonna brawling it. It was the mice, examined to you now yeah, where the damage is done. I guess the age thing I dislike more, what it represents just that, I'm in closer to the end. Not so it's not like that. My vanity is going on on attractive now that I'm older cause, thank God for men. You know Joe,
early were accepted as we age, and so it's not the stakes aren't nearly as high, but I'm an actor, and I do think about those, that's a role I couldn't play anymore or maybe, if someone wouldn't hire me for that now now he should have grandkids and shows I do Gaza is the outright even though a baby although joy has a grand ahead in her show em yeah like I know it's when Windows existential topics, aging and death in getting older I've never really felt it until sort of recently euro. So you benefit from hanging over generally people are much older than you eschew, so you're, always the youngest in the group as too that's why it's like wine years always has only cravats yeah, its harder I in so for me, Everyone generally everywhere interviews younger than me, which is mine, fuck yeah, there's all these benchmarks that make me feel older, so used to be that, like the football players in the NFL were so much older than me and then at one point
I was older than I am. I could see I was older than yet they look so maybe I feel like they looked older, even though I was much older than but anyways. Now Certainly there is many coaches in ITALY that are my age, I'm like oh wow, so now, I'm in identifying with the coaches and then that's pretty much Arap less well. I guess our presidents will be very, very old for the next four years, either of our President's Yankee Mayor p. He ended up becoming president yeah he's younger than you by a law. So that's crazy ass. There should be a president younger than me, but also there should be out on about his old. Let us move you gotta young gun in there. I well are it's happening so share all. She said that there are some studies that music changes the shape of yourselves. I found a couple of things about music and it's a fact I'm an arena
great. I just want the listener to know. What's going on, you had a jail manicure that you picked off over the last two hours. two fingers left here on the couch and there is just a big big pilot breasts on the floor and accept your college, but I am also noticing your ear computer picked up quite a bit into Bristol. Oh, that await flow. Voyage dizzy grows you out nodded. I know very well. We are not at all because one. I know that I found this. How recently that one time Kristen put her fingernails on your plane. You didn't like that. My active dinner and I don't love fingers. So if the next year Cartwright knows a pile of finger, now clippings either be a little more to you in Russia that now I really goes. Keep him in addition, some rose doubt biomass, initially scattered about the floor, but just gel man
cure residue. You don't my notice little bits of pain, even though it looks to me, it looks like fingernail does look like from your nose. You ok it had the effect of music on our body. Chemistry is particularly fascinating. Our bodies effectively contain an internal pharmacy that dispenses various chemicals to help us deal with life's challenges. For example, if you're in a dangerous situation, you'll receive a shot of adrenalin. To give you energy, we do something which is good for you. You have dose of serotonin, which encourages you to do the same thing again. Research has revealed that music holds the keys to your bodies, pharmacy, and can promote or suppress the release of these chemicals. For example, loud and rhythmic music can increase your adrenaline levels, which will help to keep you awake during a long, boring drive, but in the
of insomnia, relaxing music and hope you drop off to sleep by reducing the amount of quote: vigilance, chemical, nor adrenaline in your system, just half an hour of common classical music at bedtime can help you to reestablish a healthy sleep after and then so there's this experiment. There is an experiment, professors, nor an hargraves put music speakers on the top shelf of an end of an oil wine display in a supermarket to see a different sorts of music could influence the choices we make. The display consisted of four shelves, each of which had a and wine, on one side and a german wine on the other, the wines on each shop for mashed for price and sweetness dryness. So there was a fair competition between the two, trees, then all they had to do was changed to music, occasionally and monitor which wines were bought when each type of music was playing. The results were astonishing, with no music playing. The french wine was slightly more popular.
Then the German, however, when they play german music through the speakers, the german wine so twice as fast as the french law when they played french music, the french bottle sold five times as fast as the german ones. While it also kind of proves that the french culture is three and a half times is appealing, is it so that much drastic, but it also when no music plays French he's got a little old guy already got an associate. France would want exactly, even though the Rhine values their exact way. I think we are near or a precondition to think of wine and brands. Think of what we inscrutable german music, I'm hearing, polka bump bump bump bump bump in life, do anything, I want to get away from that music and then here. You did you know the French Like CAFE, music, I wanna be ETA. face have been wise it. So the power of their cultures feels like death. When it german, music and the people.
They get away. They bought that german wine right up voices rose yeah, yeah, just the subconscious that we urge us not in charge. Oh, you long refers in good drugs or alcohol. I think regulated. My mood was music and hop in my bed and put on that new wave, music and just dream about being in love, and I would feel it I now I think for love. Attics music can be harmful. Is it really a really takes you into that fantasy land deserves? We are for normal attics. Do this. When I hear either Bob Seeger or Wayland Jennings on a warm summer day like in Miss again, I can taste be hasty. No, it does music. Does time travel you it's like visceral. You can feel the way you felt in that mom, anxious crazy. So special, that's one thing human! I can do that. Animals can whale sing, songs, I guess, but not to the
well that were may go, is no, no, no, no, no, no ok, so any grams. Yes, I wanted a city the tests before into this backdrop, but then we didn't. I won't break down these people other types of crime, and then you can tell me what you think you are and then I'll tell you what I think I am, and I will come back next week. Having done the tests vulgar one type one or any, Graham one: the reformer, principled, purposeful self, controlled and perfection mystic dislike sloppiness, an air attracted to order and high standards for self and others as type. type to the helper, caring, generous people, pleasing and intrusive, dislike solitude and impersonal dealings attracted to service and making personal connections type Threed. The achiever adaptable self developing efficient, an image conscious
like ineffectiveness, and lack of ambition attracted to success and recognition moves you you think so far. Ok, you think, ok type for the individualist, intuitive expressive individualistic and ten for mental dislike uniformity and regulation, attracted to creativity and putting their personal mark on thanks. Oh boy, do of the options on leaving leaning, anchor, ok, type, five, the investigator perceptive, innovative, secretive and detached
dislike intrusions on their time and space attracted to death. The learning zone demise Tab six, the loyalist committed, responsible, anxious and suspicious dislike unpredictability and rapid change, attracted the clear structures and foresight. You you don't think herbs and not more than military RO. This is interest. Ok type, seven. The enthusiast spontaneous versatile, talkative and scattered dislike limitations her teens attracted a new possibilities and excitement. That is not me now. Is that you do you think a beard, the wanderlust pardon me new possibilities and excitement be like Green excited, dislike limitations and teens, but I like you, I am a creature, have yeah and I know
Sarah. We call you spawned Hany ass. We like I'm. Never like! Oh you gonna do all right. I like I'm, not I don't like that very thoroughly and I don't think you're scattered. I don't think so over another figure. This ok, bait, the challenger could be they in due time, the challenger self confident, decisive, wilful and confrontational, oh boy, like in decisiveness and indirect, Miss attracted to strength and strategic action sadly year, you and you wonder. If I'm attracted to strain, I promise emotional? Now I know you are control over ones being master of oneself yeah. no. I do like that yeah like when people seem like they haven't figured out, even though I know nobody has figured out, but that there are trying to have it figured out.
And that their color, like regimented in in control of themselves yeah. You know it's kind of Friday and I guess we'll say here my dad has just the most plan of anyone. I've ever met real and my mom always gives my dad that cop was via me, See here is my dad that complement and its true- and I do like that in people- your I bet- that's from him- is interesting. It so interesting. I hope If your parent, your complementing your spouse in front of your children,
really met. An IMF really makes in it. For me for me anyway, I like remember those moments. Ok type last one peacemaker, thus on US coms, breakers com, reassuring agreeable and complacent dislike tension. Conflict attracted to harmony instability. That's not us boring! Well! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! Not I've ever born a law, which is why I feel like there's two I gravitated toward her. I love that there was one that I thought was. Certainly you and not me, and then I love that there was one than I thought was both of us right. Ok, see on this one key or the challenger up and the individuals who that would lose yeah did the individual's was type for intuitive expressive, individualistic and temperament
tall dislike uniformity in regulation attracted to creativity and putting their personal mark on things that a sound like you yeah, but I do think the challenger ploy more sounds like me, I mean I would like it to be the other one more? In truth, it's more the challenger, I think, you're pretty challenges to. I did too. I have wonderful if I would get on a test. Don't you think it would be more accurate than one of us to take this test? Just have ten people read that list and say what you are and see if there's like total consensus among them but that no you maybe, but I also wonder like what it is. We decided to become verses. What instincts. I totally rakers of Euro area like to drastically different personalities through yeah. When I was inadequate when I'm not yeah, I know I guess you're supposed to take it as Gama Vive. No one noticed that you ve. What have I been here
when a lad argue that I think it's who you are now yeah, guess what who needs the number of their when they were in their twenties, doing God, you need the number now that apply to yeah. I think it's here. You are now, but I I'm curious about who Oh, you are at lake age. Well because I think that's right and should people what they think our number is and depending on the social or like. If I ask our friends here and there and it's like one we're getting validate results or they dissuade us in the sorrow. You know a be really interesting if we asked a bunch of people what they think our number is and depending,
the socialists are like, if I ask our friends here and then my friends from home. I wonder if it'll be the same. Oh yes, you, if I asked my Michigan friends to explain, mean use a bunch adjectives. I doubt that any of my current friendship circle would use the same as other than maybe funny would make it into both. Was yes, but that's probably scared about that. Like does it mean or just like knowledgeable yeah, we don't have any personalities, we're just like decide until now. I think everyone was similar to their group on some level, though be a level within their group now, but overall will be like some general movement towards the group. I think you are like finding your niece within the group may be here and needed more in a certain way and one group, then you are in another, so that thing shines more and that group will there's one I've. Always thought is like if you consider yourself, liberal or conservative as a team.
Before, there's really camps and something you define about yourself and then you join the liberal camp, you're kind of been forced to get even extra liberal so that you still feel more progressive than your peers. Cuz. That's a feeling you're familiar with, or, conversely, if you're conservative but then now you're you're, actually in a group of conservative people, but you still to feel uniquely conservative, I feel like you can drive people further indirections when they find quoth. There twice tat: first failure when he think Kristen Ass, re, Thou Bergen, Thou power, type to its carrying generous people, pleasing and intrusive dis, like solitude and impersonal dealings attracted disservice and making personal connections yeah. It's not a perfect description of her, but certainly a lot of those qualities.
It has also type nine. Is peacemaker com, reassuring agreeable and complacent? I don't think. That's her either dislike tension in conflict attracted to harmony and stability, are but a good indicator of what one yours. If you hear no, no, It is in the description like in a lot of these. I hear pejorative or what I would say as Georgia complacency. They add. I thought then the other one seem to just have all positive words in the description the ones like that. You tell him. Design some of those words pejorative or pause. I do not think a lot of people would read the challenger and think it's all positive right, yeah proposals, I'm positive to me. I like stuff, like this one hour, I so Tipper Gore. She said it was kind of one of the first people to sort of speak pub.
clay about depression and sort of put it on the radar yeah. She frequently spoke about her own experience with depression and treatment following the near fatal injury of her son Albert, along with her work in mental Gore was a part of several other initiatives during her time. A second lady I bet I would feel triggered if someone was calling The second lady all of its not good, thick yeah, even the first. Ladies, a rough yannick, her ear green, ok, so the phrase is sister from another. Mr you guys are botch and all that up all his brother from another mother sister from their MR ok, I'm that's all that was all he had. We straighten that out. At the end, I'm sure a lot of people work. crime, a sister of another mother, thereby going around town using them before rolling well arise, can at them like their crazy near so you saved a lot of you I love you. I love you.