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Stephen Merchant (The Office, Extras, The Ricky Gervais Show) is an English writer, director, radio presenter, comedian and actor. Stephen sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss the pros and cons of being tall and his philosophy on directing. Dax and Stephen reminisce on the pre-internet era when it was impossible to find answers to bizarre questions. They talk about the differences between English and American standards on alcohol consumption and mental health and Stephen talks about the success of The Office and its lasting impact. In the fact check, Monica and Dax reflect on past indiscretions at the bowling alley and they hope the statute of limitations is up.

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Well come welcomed, arm, chair, expert, Monica you to your headphones I'll, show you! What are you doing this is a mutiny or guy. That's how you celebrate our one hundredth such a police about the headphones value. wanted to shake things up for the hundred. Ah, where I would think, though, maybe do not go to the hundredth. Like you know, muscle memory then try some new fangled stuff for one hour. One guy well, don't tell me I did it. We have a very fine guest a Stephen merchant fell in love with him, of course, with the first english office and have never not enjoyed seeing himself the lovely he was so much taller than me visit first thing yeah that was the most extreme height differentiation we ve had here between a and you there was excited it was really excited specially to see both on the same couch.
or was it begs the question? Are they the same species? We don't now we don't know if we didn't get a twenty three Ameer Ali should of. He has a movie that you can watch right now called fighting with my family that he directed he's incredibly fascinating, thoughtful human being and also I just want to remind people that there is still a few seats left for San Francisco on thirty first at the bill, Graham Civic Auditorium. So if you'd like to join the Party armchair expert pod dot com will take it to some techies. else so check that out Please enjoy Stephen merchant we, Our brought to you by third love, who makes a bra that guarantees a perfect fit Monica their fantastic prize, is really hard to get a broader fits perfectly as everyone's breast
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in presenting today he's your Stephen merchant, I'm Dac Schaeffer, that's Monica Batman, you bad you, many radio chosen than you and Ricky had a podcast which I learned it wasn't. It virus that when you guys record mimicry mountains, who does Brazil percent right? And you know that there is in the Guinness Book of records that most consume podcast, in the world do raise, although to be fair, yes, we were podcast pioneers Thank you very much. There were about to other pod costs. So is surprisingly easy to get word reckon I think, there's no other competitive with a hundred and forty down right like there's like that, you know, you know when you are Katy, read the Guinness Book of records that it would be no man with longest.
fingernails on his left, how you like shore, if you're, the only guy whose birth rates are not caught his left hand fingernails, that he has united in the book second places like four feet: we, obsessed at all with the Guinness Book of records. As a kid I hate, I thought my people would by every country year. It would be a thing I wasn't are interested cause. So much of it seemed Lena nonsensical. To me, the sheer remain of playing cards for tend towards older heard on Wednesday, a great model without having an irregular gathers, it's bullshit ones in their own right. That's what I do You know, as I have kids and their munch indifferent things I lament that fell not have that experience, one of them being there this world record because of course now I can use Google who's the tall. Yet I am yes, he answered some while those I was using always close to his name on Walden, huge gentlemen, but I'm here now you would you just google as the it arises, he's got them,
yes, exactly, but then that was your only shot at finding now who the fattest twins were those guys they were, and there are many bugs in the picture, but you see, I think, that's true of a lot of things. Sometimes I find it hard to remember a time before the internet, right and when I think back to sort of early days. When I first was going to say the pub we couldn't upon them no internet, and we would have a conversation about you know who played the dad in ten Wolf We would have no way of knowing unless we went to rent tumult fast boards of the credits. Look at who play that role, because there's no we're. How else are we gonna finance right? It's us I can later implement new like you, that what I want yeah in, and I often think too it's like we ve, we ve denied everyone of future generations of fear, rising, there's no point in guessing right or wrong: concocting, a glorious theory, the tape that doesn't and upholding any water, but that was so fond. How do you think I remember?
the one that went on literally for four years of my friendship, circle super into cars and stuff and mechanical things. We're like how the fuck do they make ball bearings perfectly round. Rises, steel and how is it in, and so my theory was, they must be dripping Morton, in water and must cool all at the same time and make a sphere, but over this went on for years. Finally, one want someone buddy, Michael gonna meet a guy who fuckin makes ball, bearing it's a rod I'm gonna throw it there's a little corkscrew that cuts in announcing all my good, but this was a for your minister there's something quite nice about the moment. A revelation you wondering all those years and- and here it comes in and you'd think of a new theory and floated by everyone and get us. I remember hearing about the philosopher, Rennie Descartes most famous for the. I think, therefore I am and a car. I think it's they caught would just lie on his back for like hours, just staring at the ceiling just thinking about
yeah you know know I don't care how discipline yours a philosopher here, therefore Emily the best and then you just reaching for your phone ashes time. Unlike check of of hopeful bearings may well and also of laws or eve, probably tweeted, some new theory, you wanna, check, ay and drag cases you wanted to use its you are like can, unlike the messenger, that's the perfect twitter length as well. Isn't it? I think, therefore I am then arrive at a great. That would be a great, even sadder, illuminate suite of the day. That relates in the new been over the next day I dont believe someone could say a statement. That's going to be repeated now, four hundred years from now, and also that would have set he D treated before I met people like that. Just been loads of trolls one. I thought me rather oh yeah well done river. You want to call that a finger exactly you'll, never forget, about the rod and the ball bearing, but we forget everything that is on the internet. It just goes in and goes right back out. We lack check on this
the kid remember any other things we talk about on here for controls. Guy have already said this in its close, the Waldo, but it's not, I think, you're confusing it with where's bold, anything with it all this guy, he be very easy to locations desirable society. Yes, there's an is no risk of letting go because you can retrieve exert area and in fact another their changing how they teach kids, which is really interesting, encourages there is no more memorizing dates, ridden, yes, there's a whole new approach which I'm totally supportive of which is now it's like. The whole emphasis is critical thinking, because you have access to everything so too too, to be storing your be no that stuff in your brain, just kind of a waste of time. You could be using all that computing power to yes, yes, come up with thoughts or rioting,
they saw a Indus yeah, ok first hours I will now, though they gotta learn their times table and they get it saved nine times. Seven like that, you know, but where did so? What so was the natural extension that you can always use a calculator on year, If I can use right, do any kind of mental arithmetic. Do you have to spell can give to the way it is now spelling isn't anything anymore? He d have to orbit spelling out they'll have to about learning it memorizing any fire which is by the way was four years a lot today. My life would have wasted learning, spell received water you get when you work figuring out. Bull bearings. You just want to spell received- well, they're like there being taught something, but then the emphasis isn't like row in members Asian met now becomes about like what does that mean? What's the point about what's wrong message of that? How does that apply? To this? You know it's all right. Applications like forget, you're, not gonna, have a test words like what year was the Magna Carta written yeah it'll be more about what the plan
the main look. That's my understand. I've accents year, which I think is a much better use of time, like actually understanding the themes of all these things show how they weave together. In effect you currently in me now. What will happen live always thought that something that would be valuable to teach at school in all sincerity would be how to shoot debate. I don't just mean debate could have you know in a way you others debates, classes of things, but I just mean that the process of having civilized conversation in which two people too, opposing views not to win the argument, but simply the sort of rules of engagement right that you don't just shite? The other person down you here there are when the artisan you respond, his courtiers, you want you, you define the terms of the of the discussion. You
Don't make a straw. Man argued that's right, then you make an effort to be able to make their argument as well as the US exactly. I think that it feels it. That would be a really useful socialists go unused you know we sit here. Thinking are while of course, yes what people do have we can all speak, but no people, it's a really bad at discussing their great at broadcasting and rising. right, where all like a radio and tenants just suddenly the signal my thing is: there isn't a single place about like self esteem? How do you feel good communicating with the relationship right here- leaning vulnerable. All these things that the bulk of your life ends up being a bow gathers zero. Like good luck, mother fucker
Let me thank God, I'm in a because they taught me how to be honest with myself. They taught me how to state my fears how to apologize. I mean basic shit that people should now. I had to be a drug addict to find out. So you before you did that that that the eight stuff you didn't even really have the skills. Personally, I know not now not in, though in a way out of you in the simplest way. We think it's easy to be honest with ourselves right, and I actually would argue its own is not nearly impossible to be honest with yourself, because you responding to biochemical things that you, unless you biology may join. You understand he would serotonin is oxytocin in all this court is all right you, unless you can monitor all that there's
there's one step and in I've talked about here, which I find to be like such a breakthrough in thinking, which is in a very clever step, because all it asks you to do. First, is this list people you have resentment against? The most people can think of twenty people throughout their lifetime. They ve had a resentment against could be a teacher from second grey area would be a boss. You know we have them ex lovers, so column one is just people. You're me of resentment against can't tell is what are they do right? So man it Bob? What Bob do Bob's tries to get me fired. Everyday is always tell the boss if I'm late, bobwhites out to get me at work. Ok, great now what does that threaten in your life. What threatens my economic security like can, finally, that job, I'm fucked right and then the fourth gums, like what role do you plan that? Well, I'm not late Bob's got nothing to say to the boss right, so here's the beauty of it. I dont care Stephen. A few listed two hundred eighty people that you're mad at you will find that these two and eighty people are triggering three fears.
Cops why we are all carrying around about three fears that are totally driving the fucking car around and were largely unaware of it cuz. I, how would you be aware of any ice you made that list and sauce black- and why are well so generally most people matter. They either thought my status was being lowered by them. I thought they were making me appear stupid or they were threatening my economic secured and then I just can go I'll fuck off. I guess. If I dont have these three fears, I got no problems with people. That's a cool road map to hell yeah, well how the fuck, what I have learned of course, learning for the first time and do you find the its easily applicable when you are triggered, know that you can support it? as is happening or does it take you why hours of kind of decompression yet so?
I've gotten better and better at it been doing this for fourteen years by them, and I've been with Kristen for eleven years and where it's really gotten helpful is we can pick her up all day. That's fine! If we're bickering, and I find that I'm actually getting angry or my chest is getting tight ok, someone else is going on here high now, I'm ever get ordinary Choky who took up how I go just let me take ten minutes ago. the bedroom. Ok, while I'm really am emotional now in so I know out of now habit. Some fear of mine has been triggered in in it's up to me now to realise what fears been being triggered in again. There always innocuous rate. Is you think it's about the cupboards, but it's not. the cupboard it somehow about your mom, and it always is it's embarrassing, embarrassingly simple in that way now come out now be honest. I just need to hear the one thing that actually treats my fear not win. The argue
whether it right or bad to leave covered doors, open, yeah, yeah generally bad, generally by just a few the go ahead. You had also someone's gonna fallen here kid it's just this basic stuff. There is a fun interests endeavours to in England in the: U S in it, chin and allow them all. As a member Taylor, I found because no generally of accepted of a concept there. My yes, you're, probably right in the end that when I ain't firstly, our approach to drinking in England, our acceptance of it it's much more common, it's much more power, sort of everyday living everyday culture. Even when you're younger it seemed to me when I first came spent time in America I mean firstly overseer ear when you can drink his is twenty one in UK, it's eighteen, but to me the the demon, ionization of of youth, drinking under age in America. I find in selling american car pop culture is the it's the terrible things to do, and it's this
I think it is good that there was always that feeling, even among kind of adults. You know if you can get away with a couple of beers. So guy you know, he's yeah, you know or whatever. So there was there's never been that demonize nation of booze, the kind of, and even though, and I think, Thirdly, that notion of ass, a sort of all carousing eye on a Friday night wasted drunk going over in the streets is. Certainly something which is both true and that we are so too weak, I am ashamed of it, but I think this power of us now were crazy, whereas I think you know get even in in the states. I don't ivory, rarely find drunken people staggering down the street. On a Friday night, you gotta, Central London or central Just Earl of Friday, night you're gonna see law will be like people just arousing the industry with booze. I remember, as you know, is a kid and I guess I'm running hold. I was I was maybe twelve or thirteen maybe I remember you know, my parents will have a glass of wine with Sunday lunch and you know there was appointed.
but she was like you know. Can I can I try some wine? They will. I am sure- and I try Alas, we went on her way to the park and my bike and I was a little drunk. I read like free, I have what am I was twelve. There was no. There was not the idea that my parents were terrible people. It was kind of like oh he's out his first drink and writing a bike into a tree. Experience as the ethical gonna burn is becoming a May. Its cue, well, I remember, being in a hostile in Venice in there is a kid from England that had joined our little group just by being in the hostile and- and I was drinking on a trip, but I had been sober three months leading up to tat trip in in that came up and It was like. Why were you not drinking in there? Now my warm alcoholic and he's like wasn't me like the confusion he had about me, saying I'm not organise a well. You know what I'm doing. I can't really control how many I drank once. I start right right,
warm anyway, you drink and I go like fourteen cocktails and Ngos will or on Roma I'd, be proud of that like right, you're, the guy he. It was very clear in that conversation, others, a different culture, around this year. He would be excited to tell people he can handle fourteen cocktails and I, as opposed to what I think also I dont know. If this is maybe you could speak to this in terms of sort of the general understanding of american culture, but silly my feeling was, I was going up when you, when you know when you eighteen nineteen, you would go out Friday night and the aim would be to get drunk as quickly as possible, absolute, adding par. I think that was because all pubs back in those is close by eleven p m right. Rice is a hangover I believe, to use the term gravely from, I believe, the first World war when it any more what effect this, but I think it was that we He did people to be clear, headed and sober in the mornings to make munitions now for the first World war. So there was some
of government rule about while the public, those eleven, because that means they go home and they get night sleep and they're not drunk yeah, and that is as always confused me by the right body and that just read on and then was never really repealed until recent years, although generally speaking most pubs close eleven, although I think they are allowed to stay in maybe dance clubs. Maybe study could go to when they had a special licence, but anyway, so what but but but, but what see what happened with it didn't mean that someone had who paints a veil and then for well munitions making in the morning better go home. They just had eighteen points of alien, the few hours that they had before the publicly. Moreover, it was probably a windfall of money for the public is the money per hour. There is doubled their problems, so you know we'd, go to the problem, afraid not an unrealistic. Some of us we're working way. We can get there till eight thirty. We ve got a couple of hours before the public does so you know you'd immediately by two point: two billion for yourself
yeah. Just we better get these in before they call ass doktor said, then there is also something different tools like hard alcohols, not as much of a thing there's it is here. It feels like it's much more of a logger beer drinking culture that the idea of you to have you just peace and results and things I mean it's there, but it's more. Yes, it thinks of. Traditionally, it was always it was beer, get them but do you think there's any relationship between again and I'm not I'm not even suggesting anyway that there's a higher rates of alcoholism in England or here I have no opinion on that. But what is curious to me, a little bit is the English we could say are a little more reserved emotionally Americans right. Yes, certainly terms. talking about their emotions, talking about BS, and I think also the idea of therapy, as with dealing with youth issues through therapy is not really part of british culture emanates there and exists
but is only really since I've spent more time and in the in the? U S and particular LOS Angeles. We will look at me not having a therapy, as being unusual mean unhealthy. Yes, like all really not check in at all, like open Messiah. Actually, she said to me that when we first ordain she was He was concerned because I have had no therapy. She's like this guy has not had any therapy. I don't know if I can veins gotta. It was a real breakthrough in here, whereas, yes, certainly when I meet people in the UK who had therapy it still for a bit like a novelty yeah. Ellie Super serious, like they might be there for something rewrite intense wrong. Everyone golf here, even if you have been a great day so
yeah you can be like us skippin on your way. In other words, I will go in that subject: cocaine and I want to talk about, but it's interesting, isn't it because you ever fill it sometimes there's this idea that I was I've remember it was a document from choice ones about it was about the rise of of therapy and the way that it was It was opened up in the U S and and made more easily accessible and cheaper to the average. in the lake. Seventeen thirty early is that's kind of this. Blossoming of of such of cheaper, more easily available Narrabee was happening and it was interesting that sort of its suddenly it was always marketed if you like, as you need don't talk to someone because of you know you have beings of insecurity. Are you? Are you ok, a group or do you? No? Are you too much of an extra? Where were you this? Will you fall out with your dad and sort of this idea? That sort of thing- had any these symptoms? You must see and actually what you're really describing is
being a lie. The integrating just a personal hundred plan so easily side did, but it was always slightly sold as being that it you're sort of special you are. uniquely Europe hold for nearly half hour, exactly eventually, no you just dealing with like a lot of other people, and some people have were shit to deal with, but everyone has their thing. That's the kind of cool upside of the british character My assessment from the outside is like when I watch world war, two films and I actually recognised that the people of London we're getting fucking carpet bomb rut daily and continuing on, and that the speech that Churchill made that stuff kink gives me. The chill show has a unique character that the English have and I think it something to feel proud of, but then
baggage that comes with that is oh everything's. Fine just keep dealing right in right in everything's, not fine, and this is a challenging experience being I'm going to write what I sometimes wonder in my grandmother or my father sight was very sweet women, but I but now I think she was such an eccentric lady wonder what we do covered, and we heard of sort of cycle likes to Jean, she was one of those Ladys who she she would lower her voice for fear but in our own home and you, commissioner, what what cares about, but no one's list, a lawyer and she, so little paranoid array, the gate, petitions with my grandfather. You know they were both very old when they passed away, but you know she. It was almost like: the friends that maybe they have back in the war when they have a singsong around the piano fatal suitor. the evaporated over time, so I could kill. You
friend needed today, and then they didn't really going, anywhere arrived, she would talk a lot about Tom. I just I I gotta go never laid down in the darkened room. a much much later. We discovered because she had high blood pressure, which is what this anxiety about doctors and anyone coming to the house and innocent, or indeed almost like. There's an embarrassment like that with the Vienna Sorra character. Failure to need assist then, Sir, how this was the grace and ample. So, like I remember my grandmother ass, my father. What would you like for Christmas as a gift, and he said I would love a great new winter overcoat and she said Oh there's no need to spend money on that cause you're dad you'll be dead soon, meaning my grandfather. He lived over twenty years. Where are my father because called between here approaches so that
I no part of it is you know you were born even have a lot of money going on. when money is a caution, and but just the idea that you saw nothing ironic and just wait for your father to draw damn right and then we can pull his overcoat office of his cold boss. Let's let on where to act in an injustice authorities area will awaited olive and look at them. You can be war, but what would I am curious about as if you think there might be any parallel between the other unique again? From my perspective, drinking culture is Japan. Ok, where these gentlemen, who are very very tight, laced at work they drink in a way that most people we know yet has never witnessed in real life. To the point where a good friend of ours Erika did live shows therefore, maybe two years she live in Tokyo
you'd be walking by these row of hedges in their businessmen, or just literally, they were asleep in the hedges in their suit. With their brief cases, they would have just passed out so drunk slept in the bush. In the morning. You'd see men just come. two and exiting the bushes work it's me. It would appear that that might be the debt relief from from the tightness in the. U S: lack of emotional expression and stuff is just like a boilerplate, maybe that the drinking really helps. You know what I'm wondering if there's any any parallel between the the reserve nature, or at least it conventional traditional reserve, nature of the british and then that the joy that they experience at the pub is almost like. If I can need it, man they're gonna, take solution. Yes, yeah yeah! I wonder if it might be right will do anything medicinal, because the key shea of of the japanese businessman is the
They talk about the idea that suicide rates of very high this burden of of of work, and then Emilio Yanukovych most billions on so now, whether no act? That is true, I don't know but again. Monica will find your check that force, but whereas in the UK, don't you know we don't over? We have that sensible obligation and you know it if you went to a kind of working class pub. I didn't think you'd think people were button now I think you'd think they were quite loud and quick, brash and quite could have you know in and actually quite sure, but I think perhaps one of these is the that's in itself a front right. And that actually has still not really talking about yourself right now, you're not really sit there in discussing your emotions, it's really weird how humans or that getting what they need in the mouse convoluted way like. Even when I look at like the english Hooligans soccer guys in the commitment to one another,
in the tribalism in the in the physicality they need, and then the fuckin hugging each other S, robot like what I His like some men who need to hear. I love you and I care about about you and I and I'm gonna hug you like if it did the evening it started that way. Probably ever other thing. Doesn't it's more it's more to me that stops more fundamental, which is that that's that's a byproduct of people who have low status riding feel they have low status. They feel they don't have created value for whatever reason here they just have low self esteem and perhaps justified in a positive whatever's happen to them This is a sense of power right, I mean there's nothing more powerful than star in create a knife and get into a rumble. Ryanair see is this symbol of of MC his and kind of
manliness an attitude and and taking ownership and yeah, but has no it's it's terrified people that kind of are trying to put their stamp on things right. Yes, and I do that is- that is a huge component, but having been the Detroit version of one as a youth. What I really was craving is this group of guys. You know these stupid displays of bravery to around their respect mean. Ultimately, I think all I was truly craving was like they love me and I love the comradeship community and some no one family Otis, the Roadmap right it. That is bad that even as you talk about your wayward youth inside of you, know, gang in my mind, your either a shock or jet might mean that you just kind of low to the grand picking your think, roundly setting ethic dying day, new monopolies, laughs and I,
songs I mean, I don't know any musical one about gang. They knew what was what was childhood like for you, like, as a team nor can I start by saying I'm a bit of a of an anglo fine. Ok, like I have great operation and just interest in the British so has all coming from like a positive, very curious, not critical, yes! Well, my school was a fairly standard. What we call comprehensive, which is like up just a public school, you know confusing leaning in private schools are called public schools there that is it really is easy, but I didn't go to a private school or, but I went away general meaning that public private eggs, I think and about things and kids. This is pretty big unfairly in personal. I think there was such a degree of key keenness, but I, please go a little bit like I wasn't part of any gang. Ok, I got a little. I would drift among
different groups and- and I was sort of welcomed, loosely partly as So the cadets Dorani yeah, like a common code of, do little jig attainable it wasn't really part of any wrangling, and I was always slightly floating on the outside and I promise you know I fell into the sort of Noirtier camp, but I but I could move within the other circles. Stay too diffuse air We are supported by policy genius Monica it sprang. I feel Virgil Virile
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side, when I stood out yet so I didn't, do the hearings in the pink hair and everything else, because I was always standing. Yes, whether we like it or not- and people with every cop for then just and felt free to comment on it jar? Was seen as a victories in is seen as an achievement and the world's enviable if your legs are, you feel short, that's right, but it's funny, because I never through all my teenage years I wish someone had said to me, or you know how him these people are of your height, because I was self conscious about right. I was always of conscience. I always wanted to be shorter ye. I felt like I felt different yes, and it seems so basic but later in life, some people go. No everyone's re jealously evil people yap. If only I had known that there might have been the king about school, will again it's gonna like you want the choice to stand
when you want us when you're feeling confident unfeeling extroverted you on their chosen, then you also want the ability to retrieve data in an use. Really don't have that ability, but I also in all seriousness I feel you may for the same way, but I'm six but seven, so I go into rooms and I've been most people's height, Have you not everyone. As usual, weird advocates what you get beyond six for it starts to get a little bit silly. We have examined the obvious execs you now you just being stupid because nothing really build you a nice, but some of us. It's me either by the idea of sort of people going into comedy, as I did because of be bullied and so on, and we never really put it. But someone said interests. He wants another. There was a little bit of cod psychology which I remembered, which is. Do you think you were into comedy because it
it allowed you to control when people laugh at you, and I thought I was quite a perceptive idea. I dont think it strictly true, because I think I chiefly in the common just cause. I was always a fan of comedy right. Am I could make people laugh at? It seemed like a good fit for me, but I think, probably is overtime. What I realize is why do like his? If you are going to point and laugh at me for being six foot seven, You may well do it as well, because you oh and I saw him on the complex and he was funny you notice of it. It's like an inner mean it yeah yeah. It justifies why there pointing laughing at me as menage. Unlike that, the alcohol, as am I think, there's about twenty things- are good about it up to you being in the common rights. Certainly that's probably one of them a general. I also find that a lotta writers I talk to you and I'm a writer as well as people there. generally desire a good deal of control because of it nothing more empowering than when you sit down and you actually invented entire world. It's gonna abide by the rules. Yes said the yellow hen. I say the things you want. Yes, absolute, I agree with entirely but but
it's interesting ways and it because I don't feel like going. I have to desire for controlling all aspects of my right. If we all went on patient together. I Phyllis, times as someone who just wants to be the person whose kind of slightly organizing things in deciding where we and where we go on the road trip, nor is it the unhappy to concede that stuff. Yes, I'm happy to concede responsibility and controlled in quite a few environments creatively. I know I much tougher to deal with like, for instance, I felt when I was under. I imagine if you was to hang out with me when I was sixteen that I'd be a little bit exhausting. For how could you do like kind of rules that are so relentlessly trying to be funny to the point where, if your memory, a friend who still a friend of mine, said to me every time you know feel funny really Stephen, then they get tired of remember it was a real shock. Many was glad he said it, but he was a very brutal thing to hear and actually I think because I will then try to
We balance I went too far the other way it will be out for a drink just of a full time and I believe yeah we're all gonna die before you get you like thinking a million great jokes like not put our opponent, although they don't even hear that one another that person either loved you so much or they hated you one of the two there's no way the Rosato brothers were somewhere in between. I don't know, that's a bold thing, the as Umbria now back your height one we're second. I bet you experienced this because my wife, by all accounts is miss more famous than I am, but we're in public. I get recognise way more because you can look at her anger, oh, that that woman looks like christening Bell rang, but if you look at me, I'm tall and of, in my noses Brent enough that you got out that's Dac shepherd from Scrubbs, yes, but but I one time Kristen in fact, did a movie with Vince Volunteer and he and
You are a little bit of an argument on politics in the first class lounge and then we were walking through the gate right and we are still very much engaged fitness, are you and I realized for the first time ever? However famous he just is. Naturally you add in that he six? Yes, yes, is so every single person that hurt us ya know each other where we're like. That's me First of all on an argued for up to you, but I can just imagine that even when, like you would be with Ricky Places, who he's so famous, I bet you are you just can't hide rights right, that's right, but then they probably if I was with Ricky, they would be. I they would see This thing, then there, oh, oh, look he's with rickety. Then they decide about the right to move its home. Oh you did my movie might move my resting moving. All using it is, could finally, my family- and he saw all used- reflect how that's wonderful and you got on well with him. I loved him he's a these are also highly talented.
Everyone knows that anyway, but it should have its Zita, almost underestimate, because you it looks so easy in a way he's been in our consciousness along patchy and when you actually work tonight, why the discoveries? he really is well. He has, I think, an x factor which rights and how I define and is basically my first example of it was like Deniro is a key. He'd watch movies, you realize we have Deniro movies are just filming him walk down the sides by God. You can watch that for a long time. Yes, you can, last in Euro, walk for good seven minutes before you. It was a lovely. I used to do film reviewing I was very young, and I- and I am often would send me to the movies that the more senior critics didn't want to go to a hadn't heard about, because they did what about it and they sent me to see. they often called swingers out. No one knew nothing about it and it was seen others Lindy movie and I went to see and actually it first It's just blew me or what I mean. I know he's just let's lightweight where but you just see someone for the first time it
HU, the uneven any Wanna buy shares in them at you just know: they're gonna be a superstar. I, but also it it was film, which I saw even those a film from where I thought I could do things you do not know mean that I could make them as good a swing, as I just mean. Oh, that seemed accessible at seeing doable. right you earlier it was ass, it was a contain movie was Cooper friends. You written script made them of just it felt somehow accessible in a way that amateur snow early their personalities where the star, like blue eyes, it's what a few movies that you see where it was clearly written for the people before an idea right now right would you can tell yet daily, I flung anyone in they weren't gonna, recast, vain, that's right! Isn't it with others that the charisma emphatically screen. Charisma is such it's like I don't know the anyone's ever done successful scientific analysis of what that is because, like we work with them, seminal Jackson, ones,
and subjects and when you meet him is a perfectly lovely man, but you it's not what you mean subjects and in any he seems any different, person to other human being. You put you put a camera on him and this likes Alchemy between him and the Billina, the mechanics of a film camera that, just by the way, hardly any names have also seen the opposite. Were right. Actors who bore me and movies There are met them in real life and, unlike what is going on, is the most sparkly charismatic years than ever and not on learning. Along comes of, it is also all because its nor even to do with looks no I've met. Goes you touch it actors who are very good looking and then give onscreen. They just don't come alive. It's there perfectly fine, but this lack of some. It's weird. It's like at the lenses, a filter for whatever thing may have given that so similar events was so rule when he did swingers it's it's not like, it was cheer scale and technique. That was the he just new heightening screen acting here.
is something fizzing off him back to you directing. Did it make you nervous giving him notes, you ve, directed a ton so that I haven't really was the first he's the first. such a star of his stature, who, I guess you know we'd word for the law of stars, including Deniro. When we did, I shall extras, but they were in for a day or two. It wasn't like they were thinking of it as part of their career resume right. It was just like something they data is a bit of silly for yes where's. This was like it's a movie and Vincent Movie STAR in the big thing, and so, and so there wasn't that thought and they like, but I spoke to him on the phone and he just have excellent notes, donations on on on the character and on the script. There were just one smart and I didn't feel like I was clashing with him. I just thought. Oh, this is really smart analysis of things, and so
in the canary riding into of accommodating his thoughts. It just made it better. Yet movies call value in my family and am how did you? I guess I've always interested comparing kind of approaches. I don't think I want, speak about myself as a director in that regard. Only because I'm worried that it will sign up figured out and I'm not sure that I have always been like the actors are in. It would be to tell you right when some weaknesses, that's fair. I think I think varying what why try? I'm not interested in it being a power game of power play right, I'm everyone's on the same team. I dont want. If you're going to be difficult or diva, I can't be bothered. I'm not interested I'm not gonna screaming show I'm not I'm not gonna from which was that the problem, the best idea, wins, there's no there's! No! This is not a power for me? I'm not interested that are some directors. You know who we're gonna famously basic. their control freaks and they love the sense of
Our gives the bandying people today so that we have no interest are not interesting. That's me we're all payments indirection, it's just that someone needs in order for us to move on. Someone needs to have a final say. I can't be an endless discussion. That's cause. We aim to keep the train on the tracks right yeah. I think, like a made mention to you before I sometimes I would hope that once only since this, because I am quite a coherent person who can express myself quite well, but sometimes in the heat of the directing moment, that seems too, if just can quite put into words. What are these I'm trying Spress, or it's just that confusing contradictory. more should ideas and the decisive. What do you want here? Now, increasingly, I try to be much more clean, incoherent, not times with overwhelm an actor with too much and also
I dont compliment enough. I just I just always forget to say great work, yeah and that's a great mistake because everyone needs that yeah hundred percent. I was the mean, I'm sure you hear this a bunch, but I was the biggest fan of the office that you think that the original office and then That'S- U N, Ricky. What is so beautiful about that show is that it's just it reels you in so quickly with just been when the funniest things have ever ever seen for sure but then, where it went emotionally, I just saw was the most spectacular achievement of the whole thing. It was so emotional. I was so in love with Lucy here and her martens relationship was just so wonderful. The Christmas,
a show, and it was so beautiful and I loved it so much that I just never ever gave the U S office a child. I just couldn't do it like. I watched one episode of it again and of everyone on it. It is brilliantly done. I just thought: I'm not gonna get the emotional voyage. I gotta. others I could do. I sense that this was gonna, be an american version or something, and I think I've I think I robbed myself of it because I'll catch it now on tv. Now that I don't have this chip on my shoulder original less and I'm like coming at its it spectator, they're in its own original right. Yes, absolutely hundred sent videoed bigger easy if you ve loved the right other thing right. I was that the american version, like a cover, version of a great song, Hydro and in the EU. If it's a big rock number, you can actually do an acoustic version in its great, has a slight. It has a different feel or but it can still give you a different but com mentoring, emotion and then, along the way it absorb these other amazing peoples
that's what I like my sure, links in mere these anomalies. We have a right and so then a big. Then it became some other spectacular thing right on its own, which is really cool right. You know Peter surf into its yeah: ok, so Peters, a friend of christian and eyes in so went to his house in England once in his wife, whose name are forgotten. Shoes are very, very popular English show too she stood a number of you. comedies, no one was a big big hit. It was like there you're, all friends or something, and I wish I could remember a bully yeah overtly! Yes, yes, yes, yes, and so sitting in their living ermine. Unlike also how many seasons of that did. You do right, and I know I don't know what it was, but it was like three or force and then at the time of my hand, the office of RE seasons and there's. This is a completely different parent diamond tv in England right, yes, boggles us usually means a greedy little piggy actor touches the actors there don't ever make that windfall of money right now right,
chiefly because there's no syndicated, you gotta, the inner, where a much smaller country of sixty million people plus and we'll have the sort of syndicated way that traditionally is: how is how american actors in tv made their money right? The mass guys got it through syndicates, inasmuch as the success of the show first around and there's no model for thy in England. So what he was the show is aired on the BBC. That's it that's Do we really want you know? They'll streaming came when until streaming in these other things came along right in the EU, Incentives incentive to just keep pushing is gone right. I mean you know, I think, probably for written a regular were writing and directly. all of the episodes- and he was in them I went so it we would you six? research and we were burning and an end in over a year later, we do another six and, by the end of the two c,
we would like, but I dont do. We have it is for this year. I think we were worried that it would just what are repeating itself when you knew there was a hundred million dollars at the end of that, although they are you doin here, a little deeper worse, we would all like in this year s energy, I think, probably because it was the first thing we done. We didn't realize how hard it would be to keep doing stuff. You come up with a with a shudder at that we're where they all the parts worked where the alchemy was right that you just because of it Do you like that every show we do will have this is this is easy absent? not she sent me later when you got. Maybe you should get going as that. That's display hard to repeat that formula when I heard a phrase since when I wish I wish somebody told me the time which was don't quit a hit. The other aspect so was there at all like giddiness or again, the supply me you really uncomfortable is, I think, Ngos we re talking about money, but was there this? Was there a fun sticker shock of coming to this country in going? Oh goodness? Okay, so if we do this show
nine years. I'm like we're gonna make real money all that core crazy, exciting light. But but I I was something of a historian of tv, but it, even Americans you just as a fan. I just you know well, there's nerds, who would just read about it. Yeah when I was young even before you could read research things Instead, I just like ghostly click magazine. From America and they would do, can a joke. He speaks of of all these years. I never even heard all so I felt like I was gonna had was tuned into american comedy and culture. and so I knew when the american version of the office was discussed, the if it ran for a number of years. It was a bit of a lorry win through yeah dumb, but at the same My kind of also I would say to wreck you know it's: that's not winning the Olympics, like the chances of
having a very slim and so just DNA. We know you weren't buying Yeltsin Rolex his cause. You just assumed it was never gonna be out. You know, but but a very, very fun thing to happen now right, helping unbelievable, but somebody vote will because it takes one of the reasons we finish the office first, I'm right if we had slightly kind of art see indeed per sensibility vote. I was one of the great work piece of work and we were very proud of it and we didn't want to burn up the good Well, we didn't wanna. Keep hammering this thing until everyone hated. It believes that it was passed its prime, and so there was partners that followed. It was felt like a record out like here's, this thing and it's a classic yeah you're welcome here, and so I M so, since it wasn't mercenary. You know I'm sure we could probably asked for good, took a change if we done another season, but we'd be no, so so, but what will the America the success of the american version. Is it just took the pressure off paying the bills yeah
she's liberating as an artist. I now exactly is part of it. Also. Those programmes are funded by the public BBC innocence. Yes, that's right! Yes, yes, it three! Besides the people talk about it like a text, I suppose in a sense it is but basely the BBC's funded by what they call the licence fee. Everyone who owns a tv in the UK has to pay for one of these licence fees and allows them to watch tv across the board right loss, the BBC and on the BBC, is paid for by that. So then, is it with. It would get tricky a little bit right if there was a headline that said you and Ricky Worship were making. You will announce even million a year on. This is public money that gives an icy right. What are actually that happens frequently anyway, so not with us, because we have made it with them for a while, but yes you're, so the highest paid stars periodical get hold over the calls for that, and so once once the offices,
regarded the way. It is its immediately a big show here in the: U S right right: do you get any kind of paralysis like oh fuck, we ve got a top this thing next time. Did it led to any kind of writers blockers, help them partner, and in that situation it does- and I remember having conversations where again a little bit more like. What is my years because I remember saying success, of the show in the way caught fire in the purely in the. U K public consciousness was beyond anything. We could have imagined, and so I was smart enough at least to know that that's not something we could rep Kate, obviously have no, it would mean that we can do something good. It just means that the de facto they did that events on charisma of the latter is this other than that you can plan for, and so it's to me that to try and top it was
can it be was a fool's arrogant was a full there, and so it is better to just gonna do something that could sit parallel to it. Just as you said, you guys wrote and directed every single embryos. So here you would have had a writer. Wrong is that even exist in England. Almost never Yamaha, Multi Camera sitcom right now in their way more writers and then cast Absolute where they come down. There's twenty thirty people trot, and am I a while this data and its of it's a real for creative machine. You know, and you are a much more we're like this your little cottage industry in england- you know just to old Ladys running that contains everything is the kind of might of the sort of american machine do I remember hearing that you guys were kind of really inspired by the Larry Sander Shell that was certainly an influence? I think the influences were, I think, on Turkey's part, spinal tap, big influence on him and only for me,
I'm glad you responded to the romantic ETA, because I was always very keen for that, because I loved shows particular common that had a strong, but we might hear wheelchairs, but also friends did we want, and they re seasons and Monica neighbouring and also of I used to love northern exposure. All then we have the first show I fell in love with, loved it. What a loud- and there was the moment where spider her isn't this, what they were the inner where we're doktor, Fleischmann and Maggie. Look, I got it together and I was watching a university and I was the only person who watched that show and I was so giddily excited when that happened. It loved the kind of that the will. They won't may nature for each other's states, a nerdy thing to say there was an x files A cd rom game back years you know when you you know, you'd put the desk in the machine is in your town, land, where very up yet, and there was that there was a x files game that had a little filmed opening
because with the stars, the x files, and then they can go missing right, and then the rest. The game is you as this sort of burgeoning FBI today, has to find modern skeleton, aunt em. And it's well, there's gaze where you know you'd go in a room and like a click and point, and you could examine the room and you could pick up a cop and things that may still fairly basic, but book and you're this detective and- and I was there revealed a lot about me that there's a man but where your car drink countries a female detective you're a guy, did you discover this family? even those who still filmed into bits and then it then they paused and then I'll give you options right and one of the options will be asked A few seem modern, Scotty's car. Ask us here. anything about you know. The other of the footprint of the scene of the crime and in the third world would be like complimentary. A sweater where's this taking aside, I that road, basically within these smiles gave it bill upper. Will they won't relations with these detective? I forget me,
scott- has ordered the good luck. Would is the american Office Popular in England, at all. Or is it here she camps? What is funny because it showed the time was, was much loved. It very quickly became republic articles because we were not known. So we hadn't don't worry. I know we were the underdogs and done so really know. You'd see a newspaper articles, I would say that we make an in America Thou ruin it then there and then the series would begin first years, the American visually. They don't know what there doing this stinks and then, as wreaking I just hung around, longer kind.
we were no longer the underdogs, and now it is time for us to take a big thing that really I think era. Conversion far outstrips the british one we're ok. You know this went home circle as it does a very specific career trajectory elected I've, known species that you start of the new thing and people like you and they like yeah. This is great and then you kind of you compromise, more popular and more well known and sort of people like yeah, ok, yeah here this is cool and then either turn and then it's like this guy again and then, if you hang around long enough, if that doesn't kill you, if you can survive that, then you becoming too your treasure. Then you get a nine motors. Yet again, then it's just like it. You can just shit the bed and you can do whatever you like you that you're below, but when I look at your acting credits, there's really fun ones in their. Those, like you were on twenty four pretty early army literally again, this is what was aware that the office was popular among people, those
people in the twenty four guys, and they said they were fans and we ran into them someone they come down to twenty four hour and we would like we love to show. We were such bans, so we went down there. then there like come here, Nepal, monsieur fixity. You therefore like a hand, someone poppy discourse on exactly what I had imagined was the scenario that lead to you mean on twenty November, almost entirely how I choose my acting, I'm not joking, its literally. What sounds like a fun you to do that again:
That's the beauty of having a couple dollars off exactly disintegrated show. So so this is your first solo directing a feature and what was the impetus for it flow I this is the most unlikely story, because this project or regional aid, because Dwayne the rock Johnson was in a hotel room in England, was making a fuss and furious, fill and saw a documentary on British TV about family of wrestlers from it and who wrestling provincial little theatres in England and all the whole family month that the kids, everyone and the two teenage kids brother sister got the chance to addition for the debate. which ought to see if your wrestling fannys our fewer ressler is the big leagues. That's holier. Yet does it, and so this documentary CUP this their audition process and how much is
and to the family and how they were ruined for the headache. This was going to change everything and I was going to them big stars and ourselves. You gonna help the family resting there's nothing and only the door got signed. I would very much was not expecting the brother have to deal with that rejection, and it was very tough for him she'd been raised, is the sort of it. I was. The potential resting are the family. Meanwhile, his sister You never had that much interest initially goes off because of the Florida has to do it and then this will documentary ends, Wayne coming from a resting family, so they so much as the media can clearly enamoured of this story, and I shall we he reached out to them and can have ended up being tangentially involved in her career cut several years later, and he decides this. Could be a movie and- and I I dont if it is true, but I think he maybe only has to
british people in his phone right. It's me engaged in state aid or what I like. You know in charisma and kind of heat up her body strengthen make up for in Taipei. Speaking the immediate someone is a sort of right Whilst on the keys on one thousand lackeys, so he said a documentary to me- and I worked with him- bizarrely and conquer tooth fairy some years ago, your welcome and hum and so I ended up me with one and we are making this film about this family with actors in it and but telling this girl story with Dwayne as a producer and also in it as himself and Vince turned, and you just like the way it's just such an old conflation of from personal, is an and a british story, but an american story in and outside it This is where we have ended up station there. We are supported by quip, it's time
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but I had the opportunity of their lives as they say in so I cut you off a what Ok, ok, you know where you it's simply a fawning celebration of how we re asking without any kind of critical half piece of Pisa. Although in England PATH is not a good word, though they themselves, gay pejorative puff the poor a puff not on the other after four gave us a bit up a puff piece. You could say I am tend to with recklessly back a little bit me. Everyone confusing and, of course, a fag is assisting separately with rigour and free to say yes, you can say that it is yours, you bring linking in Zagreb would get it, but nobody so so so is actually with easier because they they are really went to me and they are so kind of larger than life anyway, and just the sort of ready made characters which was Why does in rustling? You have to pick and archetype just to have a persona, Roy
that was what was interesting because I didn't know anything about wrestling and I haven't had no interest in it and I didn't want to make it just for wrestling fans, I wanna make of them the appeal to non wrestling, fancier and so But at the same time I had to figure out what it pal because it's such a confusing weird we'll have The reality is so bizarre and the stakes are not there don't want to leave winter living, and so it's it's not like rookie, where he, when he knows how APOLLO creed, you know what that means cuz when she wins emerge, it is only right. So then Europe she wrote, but at the same time audience inevitably wants. The kind of final match its as all the sporting infrastructure ass to who has to have it here as so, then, your eyesight, what are the stakes of a wrestling match? But that's what more interesting and why discovered I should wait for the usual by this- is that in within wrestling voted in the debate. I believe When you get your shop, you have to over that crack right. You you know you you, you there's not going
every rest as a superstar right say so, there's something about you, you're, a persona, you're you're showmanship, your skills Let's ism your story telling ability in the ring. That is the thing which, as they call it, puts you over with the crowd. Yes but then, as I think, it's like gladiator right where he says you know. If you went over the crowd, you win the fight whatever he knew so, and so you could. Even that would things moving. like a weird mix of kind of a Broadway backstage musical when the kid gets her shawl. The big time in the UK is like a little bit sports movie and there's anything could k fable, it's. The weird blurring of your own life, with the fiction of wrestling so like the rock told me that he he for a while, he in John Siena genuinely had a real life beef. That would then be in the ring. That's it you're like bringing this weird element of reality. Is such an unusual. It's so bizarre because you know, I think you you get a proxy bid
yourself up as a as a hero right as as a baby faces. They call them right unusual. That's how you win over your credit. You become known as a baby face and then but mantle someone Toby Toby. We chiefly countries are willing to make you a villain in the next season and you like What's my base loves me, you, and so it's also I haven't been that way. So you re just being Greek, has rights with the same bays? So thanks yeah, that's so fascinating! He was in it. So it's traders himself Vince, as as her trainer on this young very turns out. Trickles. Could Florence Pew place page? Who is the name of the real life resting star and she became ultimately a big started having to be way. So it's only directs the riches story, which has great her brothers, tabled its actual jack light. A new source of trafficking and the parents are played by Lena Hedy from the game of thrones. and Nick Frost whose derisory I love net- the DAS Salem another terrific in it, no one
You use Europe Superpowers Nord out, like are you a game? Thrones Van, I know you're, not no. I haven't. I am an advocate of the visa system, but when do you let's say you are a huge game? Thrones Van? Yes, you are in a position that you probably could call enough people to get yourself onto the sat right right the eyes, what what things if you like noted, you wanted to get twenty four back in the day. Please because I know there's a lot of people that the giver excited about visiting the star wars say: As regards those we will again have I paid a storm trooper and I where's, I think, over time. The more I've been in business, the less of that geek being used to really be that person, and now I think, just I've seen at US such is. My guy has a very mechanical progressively mechanical forces and that other just no as exciting as
used to seem to me, and so I think musicians. I would get more if you told me that we Springsteen was walking, I would freak out, would not, then I will crumble because I'd because I hate it, understand in a his alchemy magic he's, that's Elvis for me. That's Jesus! I dont know how right, whereas, if you told me that a successful act who is coming and I'd be like oh, I M excited made them, but I don't think that in the lower the mystery wouldn't be the same ye I agree in and then the saddest thing of all of it. Probably is you start this thing? Is you love film in time right and then the more more you know about the more we do it the harder and harder against a watch right ear. What we got to let you know I saw what friends I watch, nor the exposure, though, show could not have gone on long enough, in my opinion, no. I find it hard to watch a continuing serious because I feel, like I know,
he's right. Is it just wanna? Keep this enlightened, isn't gonna be a payday if they can do stick seasons? Yes, it's like you know you can. So you start to see the mechanic, but also I don't know I've. I never used to be jealous. I never have career envy or any other stuff, and, as you know, the first I have for the first time really inappropriate. This year, the prisoner was empty. Solve was Bradley Cooper. because I'm like I've, met broadly, he was utterly lovely when I met him. I know it's like this is a very good looking man seems like a very charming guy and a talented actor. and now is an amazing directory. My one of us can like what you that's. What the rules are. Rules are good. Looking guys, Cubby Bacchic lawmaking is saying, gonna get even worse. We ve been friends were hoard long years. I much going like yeah what the fuck did. Oh you, can sing all of his wares here. Would you didn't you couldn't seeing when I knew you ten years as is happening, but it was weird, is because I am, I know him. I love him in route for him now actually
I've gotten to appoint were now I and I've done enough. I. Finally, if you like it, for my I'm good things, I can now actually look at some, I, the NGO, like, of course you can do it here, Just that he's an angel he's got a horseshoe in his ass and he's like, if you probably could discovery could play fiddle next week like and then I weirdly get like racing offers a real life superhero among us exactly. Why would you internalize the movie? I hope their medical have watched. It have been reduced fears- and I don't mean that any kind of I want my money back way. I mean a can of emotional way, so it is it's why every is an emotional story. Additives, so imagine the real test for you. You dont want to alienate rustling vans. Every new also would dont want to make a movie about wrestling. Is now by resting. In the end, I keep them, but that Movie Billy Elliot ever seen how we work in which is not really about ballet right. It's about a young man who do
to be a body that so you do need to have a body to care about. Heaven is the same with this. You don't need to have any interest in wrestling. Won't Stephen such a delay to talk to you. You were so funny on the good place. There was a great delight to see you on, and I think that from the day I assume you did that, because you know my can. I do I know, I can also have say: working with TED was a beginner s, cheers fan. Will those years does that motherfucker deliver? Oh, my god he's ITALY doesn't again it up, I was an episode. While you were very very quickly yeah. That was a favorite episode, because a Monica was in it and be you're in it, but see Darcy got show off. Yes, yes, absolutely she had our favorite yeah. I will come back the next next movie, you direct and we'll chat more about the many fascinating differences between british and Americans
Thank you so much for having now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men think may have already done this one, but you ready, we'll Caesar real, tough cook you with a long history. I'm a little bags like the one you see spit out some truth. Let's get down to it. it may with your best backs. Why don't you help me with your best backs? I aware your best backs viral were I remember hearing that before so I think it's new Pat Benatar, I liked that that's Pat Benatar I believe not allowed denied Wang. No, no! No! You! I thought for a second. It was John Jap. Then I remembered it wasn't pat Benatar
you know what I associate Pat Benatar with the bowling alley return when now- that you didn't really have this experience in your youth right, but I used to go to the bowling alley to kind of like get a hot dog or maybe play a video game or just kind of loiter. When I was in sixth seventh grade It was a real rough place to hang out. There is always a bar, I'm speaking now, specifically about the highland, boldly Maylie. In there is always a bar. So there is adults in their getting pretty plastered. Unlike you know, Wednesday afternoons and stuff sources of Corbett seedy tat those songs were the counter soundtrack. Thank you for that experience. Yeah sure I went to the bowling alley. My I think Pelee six sport there was at a bowling alley, spoil little different care. Why? Because you went to bed, right of friends and what not me I never would have bowling alley. The Napo now we're just gonna hanging in the middle there and you never bold, not when we go there after school
gotta just we'd, also take what we do is behind the bowling alley. There be all these empty fists from the bar, and we take a couple of boxes of them in my and Kevin when the train ran in his backyard. His backyard have fucking train flying through it, so we would chuck v at the side of the train and they would break it was really fun. He also shot is twenty gauge none at the train, one time which is lacking in alike that well it wasn't a passenger car I'll help. How do you now workers, the is just a steel products contain or there could have been a bit when there were whole sure sure I yes well, if there were, he was on an adventure and we made it a little more exciting flats chair. No, Oh I didn't have that we would go to the movie theater and hang out inside outside the movie theater, so there was just like forty five kids standing outside the movie theater, and I thought about that as an adult, those like valid
so horrible as an adult shock to the movie theater why, through a whole sea of annoying teenager yeah, we we did a due on Friday night to the Milford Cinema, Gang very small little theatre in a Strip mall in occasionally like your right. Some adults wouldn't be here to the fact that that was her junior high hang, no, no one would ever go there on a Friday night unless they just realized that right and they beat they sit down to watch splash or some movie, and we would just be tearing the place tat people. fingered people are making shall were screaming and jumping over seeds. There's a fight every now, and then I mean what a terrible environments, a sea, emotional yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, sorry, Milford Cinema, but some of my best memories were there. Did you say you saw movie yeah yeah yeah, we wait. What me would ever movie was out on Friday. I didn't Right is near the box to sit in a finger each other
We normally didn't see a movie adjusted us at every now and then we would like. I told you about bringing on Coyote ugly, everyone. God take us to bring it up, but some of us didn't so we had to go, see Coyote ugly, us are sold out so embarrassing and but for the most part, religious register, There is always like someone who's gonna fight, someone that was always a room. All run right, oh good, that that was the fight would be scheduled during the week the up, and then they will take place on Friday at Melfort Animal, but also we would we go into the idea there that the shopping center and some still occur to cigarette. Sometimes answers are really regrettable, but I'm just I'm here to be dead, honest with you can sum, then we also did and I will be honest- is written by the bowling alley. One time it was a bunch of friends hanging out a bunch of guy friends, an girlfriends it we're watching a movie at a house and all the girls fell asleep at me. So then all the guys and I went to-
bowling alley. This was not that long ago. Urges just embarrassing when a boy bowling alley, an adult hi there? I guess we were probably were like right out of college young adults. Why? I and dumb then we went to the boiling. I we bold and only the left and we didn't pay and in turn, annoy the years not for me it wasn't an for me, but then we were in the car I way we didn't pay their like yeah. It was point under the guilty? Almost went back the next day and pay. There is in prison up soda silver spoons about that and if they were going to dine and dash, everyone knows dine and dash, but I didn't realize people bold and bolted. I didn't either they call it a bowling ball. Try was in shock, so I don't know. Ok them
I have been a real hard situation for it was. I really was like morally than I really pay as you go back and pay, but then am I kind of throwing my friends over the bars where you gonna do just gone and said. Well, we got the car and I realize none of us paid. We all thought the other person paid about. The next is the Boeing I still around. I don't know a pirate, business because all these people are now in the broke, linen Yanks, stillness Super Glinda with this kind of behaviour now on they pay their bills. There are like the Lancaster stores by their That was a bad day. I'm sorry that happen to it happened to me. One of the statute of limitations is such that they hear this, and then they press charges on you. You go to jail if they see me, for I am worth witches for now, but it was back. Then they waited. There was smart for them. The way my work, as God knows what the? U damages, are the pain and suffering,
but if that lady got fire because she she was not paying enough attention to charges for Polly was a butterfly effect because of their the absolute people of die, it's possible all going attract back to you know, though we're gonna have to cereal. Doing is whole series on you Speaking of cereal speaking of work, a first facts, we had a natural the natural sideways. I want armies, a phoney listeners to know how consider we are of them, because I really want to be eating sent these cash use that our next to me- and you have said the Uk Dac- she can't do well yeah, which is the right thing. Tell me just start. I do want you to know that we give a lot of to the misophonia. Is will the other day when I was editing, you were eating and I heard it may heard it the first time I heard how horrible it sounds more losing our natural sideways talking about this, so the
Should we haven't podcast last sag ways, people bridle goes literal, like people looking further two wheel vehicles. This is a recurring theme or restart accommodation, a conversation forget I long bad anyhow, Guinness Book of world records most consume podcast about time. It says the Ricky driven show her and you bring that up. Syria it, was the most downloaded podcast of all time that must have been at that time. Yes, it was much before two thousand. seven Guinness World record for the world's most download a pie cast having gained an average of two hundred and sixty one thousand six hundred and seventy downloads per episode during first month and then, according to the BBC by September, two thousand six, the podcast of the series had been downloaded nearly eighteen million times as of March two thousand eleven the park as had been downloaded over three hundred million
that is a want manually back then, when the sun is a lot for cereals and most download a pike s about time, I asked Brad from simple cast simple cast is are hosting platform and there's a very nice man. Brad runs it ends. I asked him to help me fact check this and he did we do also just so everyone Does everyone knows what's that was timely? I sound horrible in this episode. I must have been sick. There is a long time ago, I dont remember. I said so bad you do but bad that's a weighty work. Bad now it sounds metal, different, corrals o. Sometimes I love when I get a bad cold in my
Voices were horse, smiling ass, screamed in it's a little lower and raspy earlier. I like that when you're losing your voice a little, but that's not what this sounded like it sounded just signally Aki Javier yeah yeah, ok. So I just love you to know. I recognise I'm sorry, ok, but what can I do? I was so Can I went to work right, powered thrill? Oh, I have to make a correction. Ok, correct on Nora Jones episode, I mistakenly said George Harrison was the one who has the very funny with peace in love with peace and low stop sending me fan mail that was Ringo STAR, clip that they always plans turns Ringo style. I got confused, ok, whoops, so with peace and love, peace in love, sorry
sir. He said there were about to other podcast when he in Ricky started. There's Stephen said probably more there's more. I dont know exactly. I asked Brad me has gone back to me about that one, but I did find putting two pew research very rapid source one of the most in two thousand six. Eleven percent of? U S! Population, ages, twelve or older, said they had listened to a part, cast, but only eleven percent warned that many thirty three million right three million folks. Did as in sixteen thirty six percent of people. All my good. over a hundred million lots of people that's great and maybe now more, I heard a number the other day for the total amount of podcast currently out, and it was in like the six hundred thousand ring somebody
this year, for it was a lot was alive. It's great. I loved the barrier to entry is almost not exist Can anyone can do? It is great who is Tal Sky ever Robert WAD low at eight feet, I've been in Chile is. Can you imagine he was so sad that he was just an inch away from nine feet when he died but yeah, he probably wasn't. Agone sanction and he was in a lot of pain, yeah. Well, he had Romagnoli witches I'll. Take you down, I don't know which ones but I've been at a rip. Please believe it or not museum where they had a. A wax irony mouth. It was made of wax, but it was too of robber wall. Why wont allow I want to call on. Why do you always we award LAO so wide low and it was actual size idiots preposterous when you're in real life? Next, that risk
raising three almost four feet taller than me. yeah yeah only a foot in an inch below a basketball rim. No my earnest we're doing primarily because work. Maybe this is the same thing. It says that he had hyperplasia is pituitary, Glenn, Xavier somehow or other boys. Just those overact, pituitary glamour is always cosmo. Tumor is always by to Morrow, then, can they just remove the tumor? So in some cases they can in some cases they can look. Sometimes it's too mashed in the feeling that a few people have said that I could potentially have a tumor based on them.
Being story from last week. So well, let's keep that in mind. I am keeping my amounts for sure so who played the dad and Teen Wolf James Hampton Play, dreamy, Dreamer Hampden. This is very long. good. How do they make ball bearings perfectly round? me, you said a ride goes through when there is a corkscrew, I watched them. Housemaid. Ok, that's where this is the first stage in the process is a cold or hot coming operation, a wire of metal. Approximately the diameter of the finnish ball is fed through a heading machine. This machine it has a metal cavity, the shape of a hemisphere on each side it slams not on the wire forcing the piece of metal into the shape of a ball. The process leaves a ring of metal caught flash around the ball. So the balls coming out of this machine looks something like the planet Saturn. Next, the balls
go into a machine that removes the flash. This machine roles of all between two very heavy harden steel plates called real plates. One real played stationary and the other one spins. The plates have grooves machine to them that guide the balls around in a circular path. One of the place has a section cut out of it. This is where the balls enter and said, the groups, when the machine is running the groups are completely filled with balls ones above has travelled through a groove falls into the open section in the plate and tumbled around for a little while, before entering a different groove by making sure the balls travelled through many different groups, all the balls will come out of the machine the same size, even if there are differences between the groups. As the ball travels through the groove spends in tumbles, the rough edges get broken off and the ball get squeeze into a spherical shape. A little like rolling a ball of dough between your hands. This
raising of the balls comprises the metal, giving the bows of very hard surface lose all reservists dirty because the balls are met all this up patient generates a lot of heat, so water pours over the balls and plates to call them the variables in this process are the pressure that squeezes the plates together the speed late, spin and the duration. The balls are left in the machine properly. Setting these variables with will consistently produce balls of the correct size after this operation, the balls- maybe he treated, this hardens the balls, but it also changes their size. The size of the bearing balls has to be perfect. Some with the millions of an inch. So a few more operations are needed after heat treating the boss next good. There were grinding operation, this same kind, The machine is Hughes with that, but this time the corn contain
Then a brace is growing by the balls travel through the grooves again and get ground down and compressed their final demented. Finally, the balls go through a lapping operation. Welcome, I guess, the same kind of machine is used, but this time the plates are made of a softer metal and machine is much less pressure to squeeze the plates together so the machine uses a polishing paste rather than an abrasive. This process gives about their perfect smooth shiny surface. without removing any more material. The last step in the process is inspection. Obviously, the balls are measured with very accurately deanery to determine if they meet the required tolerance as, for instance, the Anti friction bearing manufacture hers, association, F B, I may has a set of grades: Forbearing Boss, a grey three ball has to be
Erica within three millions of an inch and the diameter must be accurate within thirty millions of an inch. This means that for a grade, three slash four inch ball that I am and I would have to be- between twenty four thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and twenty five thousand and three of an inch and the smallest diameter measured on the ball has to be within three mi of the largest diameter. that why I feel like you should have some kind of sex podcast, where you just a red technical stuff like that, and he other humans listen to but for rules or the other was around yeah yeah just because ever live at all in the ice, enraging yeah, rod and stuff like that are solved. Shiny can shine. Lillian's was triggering interesting. Let's different programmes buying a one. I lie watched and Tele. They make sense of press
so now we know your. We knew every thing about barbarian production now have really impressed by the I never would have been impressed. I'm never press, but I should be impressed by every thing I mean everything is impressive when you really think about it, Yes, it's like we were talking about would build science, the science start taking the start, taking the whole world for tat. We ve been curious how barbarians or are made or if the earth, the temperature of the balls change model. You said they get hard. They get hard. Try he asked. Ok was it Descartes that would lay on his bed for eight hours, just thinking about stuff. Descartes was a late riser, the french philosopher,
like to sleep until MID morning, then linger in bed. Thinking and writing until eleven or so sounds like you here, I sleep ten hours every night without being disturbed by any care they car wrote from the Netherlands Ray live from one thousand six hundred and twenty nine until the last few months of his life and after my mind, has wandered and sleep through woods, gardens and enchanted palace is rye. Experience every pleasure imaginable. I wait to mingle the reveries of the with those of the day. These late morning, hours of meditation constituted his only concentrated intellectual effort for the day. Descartes believe that idle This was essential to good mental work and he made sure not to over exert himself. For early one, she would take a walk or me friends for conversation after supper, he dealt with correspondence or what Why is that so wonderful
yeah I know what I did think about, though the fact that he was riding in the sixteen hundreds and taking these ten, our slumbers share. You know by comparison comparatively in a world without cars or motorcycles are television are really anything emulation other than books. I bet dreaming was a much more exciting proposition. That's true, like I'm a little bit board after eight hours, asleep I wanna get up and like get some coffee and me and get stimulated a little bit. But you know by comparison, if your waking up- and it just got more boring, be awake, why not extend that slumber etc? in Spain and a slumbering state care and come up with, I think for it. Therefore, I am okay, so He said the pubs used to close at around eleven because enrolled where one they need them to be clear, headed in the morning correct
great fun for yes before the outbreak of the war and partly because of the rising support of the temperance movement, urging the moderate consumption of alcohol licensing laws began to restrict the opening hours of premises, but immediately after thou, break of war? In August, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen parliament passed the defense of the Realm ACT, which covered a range of measure to support the allied afford of the war. A section of the act look specifically at the hours in which will it kins heard never said like that, I didn't publicans could sell alcohol as it was I believe that high levels of alcohol consumption would have would have a negative impact on the war effort. It therefore restricted opening our
four licensed premises to lunch: twelve hundred hours to fourteen hundred soldiers mildew our time and later to supper. Eighteen, thirty, two twenty one! Thirty six during the nine three quick mouth, good man, I'm so well, we don't have to do military time for they of to October one thousand October, nineteen fifteen, the british government house of further series of measures ably believe reduce alcohol consumption. Further, a quote: no treating order unquote laid down that any drink ordered was to be paid for by the persons supply so to dissuade rounds of drinks or drinks on credit. That's interesting burn. The maximum penalty for defying the government order was six. its imprisonment, pull that won't help the war effort, I've everyone's it allows up enable bodied young. May I you know my my sexism go straight to these are all from
right now we will be allowed Eminem enough. They would have served women these during all of their can be trusted with alcohol percentage of people in the UK who get fairer, beat you guys, thought it was low. The guardian two thousand ten said almost one in five people has consulted a councillor or psychotherapists. While almost half the population know someone who has, according to a survey by the British Association of Counselling and psychotherapy, which suggested the stigma attached to taking their bees is disappearing. The association says I am two's toward counselling and psychotherapy appear to have changed markedly, since it conducted a comparable investigation in two thousand for the current sir. I found that ninety four percent of people now considered Exe
to build up counselling and psychotherapy for anxiety and depression, compare with just sixty seven percent in two thousand. For so more wonder how many people have seen observers in the EU, the old you ass, the old stars and stripes pro a lot of any person of english people in two thousand ten. Had I wonder what the number is here. We talked about Jack is drinking culture. Then I checked in with our friend Erika and she said yeah that she would be dry. Writing her by common she'd, see. Businessmen, sleeping in the bushes, yeah and then I'll also looked on the internet, and it said Japan is renowned for taking a tough stance on illicit substances. But when it comes to legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, it tends to turn a blind eye. People associate drug abuse. The criminal underworld, while alcohol as glorified for being a part of japanese culture. Indeed, the country's liberal attitude toward drinking means that out
How can we found almost anywhere at any time of the day? It is not uncommon the sea salary man pass out on benches women, swaying from side to side on their walk home or you were ill piles of vomit jokingly, called platform pizza, add trains. days passed us grass for everyone we plan to ill, ok, also, japanese, suicide that came up New Japan suicide rate. As a member, ties in the developed world into us clear. Your visit is that thing were when you were a kid in your friends. Brother came in to say their grandma die,
His teacher hours would allow guideline involuntary laugh about that in two thousand and sixteen There are seventy point, three suicide or where hundred thousand people, that too. Many do manage to many. Second, only to South Korea. Among major thus realise nations, though in the? U S, figures. Thirteen point, five also draw a double. Wars. Are now thirteen divided by seventeen. I can't do it when you present now, maybe now only I gotta find an answer. I close my guess. No, thirteen divided by seven tying.
seventy six percent less pretty close. Now, ok, as in most as is the majority of victims, are man. The most common method is hanging, unlike moneylender upheld the people themselves or forest. Now, there's a broom there's a japanese forests to that's what I'm aware of in them that you too guy went there and in alive stream, music, a famous Youtube kid real repugnant. I've watched the feed and then he went through there and I think he saw some. Hanging in there like yeah yeah yeah, yeah, that's horrible. He got some blow back from my guy would say so. It's horrible among people aged fifteen to them in Ireland, Japan's who says the leading cause of death claiming more lives and cancer. Aunt accidents combined, oh my god, combined yeah, hourly only having seventeen out of a hundred thousand. I have cancer. I know fuel, there are highly how early one thousand Americans die there much healthier than us. I think
that drinking he nor my attic brain goes when you tell me that story about Japan, I think like Why should move their Nord care? I was drunk. That's my first thought I always forget. I cared right ie there I mean they might care the families might care, I'm all now. Zero social stigma doesn't like you. I slept in a bush and found out about it should be quite disappointed, but it sounds like a normal wife in Japan followed her husband, serpent bushy. We like that's true. I mean breaking she'd, be disappointed because then a means what it means like then you're, not home you're, not there when the children or her in you're, not too. That's why it's not just close you're sleeping in Burma. We were just dating. That would have been a big red flag for her. If I slept in a blue yeah big, but that's why? Because, then you not reliable given in Japan. It wouldn't be a thing.
I gather layer when we allow yeah, I guess the Tokyo, is the basic law for suicide countermeasures in two thousand seven and broaden that law with new, more holistic guidelines a decade later sell their working on it. They so have corrodes, she do not occur. Oh, she is now estimated, and laid it literally as overwork death in Japanese? It's ok, Patients will sudden mortality from them it your medical cause of gross. She does our heart attack and strove to distress and starvation, diet, the phenomena on his also widespread in other parts of Asia, so they work alive back off the throttle. Yeah they need a break gimme, a break. Give me a break break meal, be so that bar ok, that's a really good transit. Jim because when you just saying that the first thing that I think I have already said on here, but I think of
helms in the office one the funniest bids on the office. Is him trying to figure out the last bit Tibet Jingle, it's so funny see that wouldn't tightly exactly office cause as soon as you saying that I was like that reminds me of this wonderful should say- and I have already said it: no, but then next thing on my list is I loved the office. You back check the air and I do He stared in the mirror. I love that show some. I am so sad. You haven't watched it yeah. Maybe I will think you sure I will its pollyanna Netflix or Hulu ourselves on that flax, yeah! Ok, I didn't want the british One, so I shall watch that yeah I'll, be glad to hear what you think, because we both will have yeah! Well, but you know the original regional offices. In my top five tv shows of time. You won't eat Currie right, it's too triggering for you
I have. I do yeah stay away from indian food in general, like I've ordered it to the house several times. I love tee Marsala Chicken tv Marsala, teacup ticker. Thanks for helping me in England Boy, they bets the best damn indian they do. You have had some and among the best cuisine there actually here they have a lot of indian food. In fact accusation: so I studied abroad there, and if I call you I was there, with she wanted to get indian food. There is that's why we got it because she was like we have signalled restaurant or two on the nose yeah. If you wanna get barbecue hillbilly, it's just so obvious, o the gladiator quote. If you went over the crowd, you win the fight, that's not the point. The quota is then listen to me. You learn from me. I wasn't the best because I killed quickly. I was the best because the crowd loved me when the crowd me and you will win your freedom.
we want crowded you'll win, you freedom, words to live by that's a great movie here, says the line at my favorite line and remember, as it has the word line in. Oh that's why I think it's my favorite line. I think it's the only wine in the movie, it's the it's yours favorite line you little Well, that's ever been said of all the luck in the world. I get out ones. Your favorites agree point, maybe in Jurassic Park when they said Gideon line that could that's a rival yeah said it seems like you would get married. That line up or some balkan area were probably in some drug movie. They said you wanna, do a line on probably lean towards bad luck back. That's your favorite line from ok! So who
played a storm trooper Prince William and Prince Harry all good job, princes actor Tom Hardy and pop legendary Barlow. They appeared as Serbia prison the last Jed. I do think when Prince hurrying, whatever one would see the ones Megan Markel, no less than a prince. The principal AIM Prince William media. I don't know their names out. Do you think they ve ever gone? They ve ever been some weeks. I know the Red headed one was here in Amerika, so when he was here, I want to use our at a bar and someone didn't know who he was because that could happen to me and then, if the person said Woody DO said, I'm a prince now I'd. How are you They say that after that, technically what he is. ITALY dossiers, but that's not what I'm gonna. Do you darling arm a prince? I would be embarrassed to say that now hey. I'm a points are he's saying that I think he is saying what oh, I work for the world
Ill blah blah blah. I dont know whenever the a thing as he's saying man saying I'm a pretty He is literally appearance. Of course he saying I'm friends, ok, no! Just because you are that, doesn't Then that's what you're saying you want what you do. What role boy can I get you a drink? Sure I'll have him. Greta on the wrong. You know what that is, what we drink or gin Ah, margarita worries that worry from angling, I'm here and there cool where we're part deal live in all right in London, oh well call it what you do their armour prints from one of he's going to you. Oh ok, shall we returned the beverage?
I don't want your acts. Is it's killing crazy? But what shall we ve made him crazy. All of a sudden shall we hire a. I don't even know what We know that there are now about me. She would get my carriage we are not saying that because he cause it he's nothing other than the well known military detail exactly he works and moving on government or whatever it's called royal, something the royal family he's a prince and the royal the royal establishment over. What do they do? I don't know, but they had the thing. Must they don't do anything? I looked at her ammonium, I know, but there's some name that they can apply it. That's what I'm saying. Maggots alike. I got you like you call a trash. Civil engineer me roused himself, like I'm ceremonial engineer,
now. I do really vital saying where I'm a permanent look, they're, probably both great guys, but obviously I dont like monarchies on believe and then some pretty critical, the whole family being browsers, they're just born now they can as another fall yeah, but the whole concede is silly is held. Me share is similar to just being born with a trust fund. That's what I was just thinking like kids, that I've got that killer is born into these things. Here. My kids were beginning to give another you all my money, the royal family good, so they can buy more jewel. They deserve it Megan line France. I love you sound like a mouth away. a white male four miles from Harry Potter? Oh it was here Prince now, but he fell he was he was ill tat. He was well thanks for letting me role play with you. I love that,
it was. He weighs heavy when you turn on me in the sea. Well, I to that. Was lonely. React lofty piece of shit. That's it! That's the natural react reaction in Vegas. If somebody said there print you I'll meet you actually causing princess. but what is it? What do you do? I, young lady, I'm a princess you take it. Royal sniffer. My ass excuse me where's. The bathroom means you there. You playing your kind of like Prince Algeria, ethereal you're you're more like princes downhill, Au Pair. As I see the yeah yeah Schweizer job, maybe name princess- probably I liked her. You know that I parted with her one time I gonna liked her. That's good,
Ok, that's that's all it's over! I'm sorry! I took her doll, have a care o she over it hello gas a sudden, hard at TAT hour stroke due to stress I'm, not I'm gonna make a pledge to you that I won't go down by Karachi Gray. Ok, I chemicals in Paris. love. You.