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The Avett Brothers are an American folk rock band. They sit down with the Armchair Expert to discuss the experience of being in a family band, the balance between touring and home life and the connection between artist and audience. The two talk about how they came to love music and Dax describes the magic of an Avett Brothers’ concert. They discuss the male right of passage, their relationship to religion and the feeling of universal unity.

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Well, go welcome album arm, chair expert I'm joined by my musician sister. Monica Padman today we are talkin with the Avett Brothers, Seth and Scott. I love these two, so much lovely p. I really really encourage people to watch the wonderful documentary about them on HBO called. May it last that Judd Apatow made. They are american folk, rock singers musicians from North Carolina. Their albums include, sadness Magpie, in the dandelions I and love and you emotionalism and then their new album their tenth album closer than Heather comes out October. Fourth, these boys are as pure as good as it comes and they play for us, which is so exciting venture tree. Please enjoy the Avett brothers, not only on the podcast, but boy look them up for when they're coming
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Guys Seward begins now Monica hates when I do this, but I'm fearless about doing this, handsomeness of these brothers is it not fucking overwhelm is a lot for a small attic. The real, the real magic here, isn't just how beautiful you both are, but somehow generally when a guy is as beautiful as y'all. guys, don't like that guy
you know what I'm saying, but you're still likable and TIM's. We get a lot of a man love you yeah, yeah, we'll try to keep this straight for the listener, but obviously Scott just spoke. What am I solution to? This? Was every time you spoke you you would just go. Yeah. I am totally, but then, if I really want to say something, but I don't want to take her. ability for saying- and I could say this- is God S loving, says Broadway straightest musician always sounded removed. We always joke about how when you enter like,
hotel lobby or bird anywhere, where you're in any kind of close or far proximity with Scott. You can hear him. He can't you get here when you say that you can hear the low murmur MRS got oh, but it does perfectly kind of bring up immediately. One of the most interesting parts of you guys is that you share an identity which is a very precarious, fruitful and yet, wrought with all kinds of things. I think, probably that are unique to your situation. as you guys are brothers, your known collectively as it and you share all the credit I am assuming probably a very rewarding thing, and then I bet it's all so complicated. My had to goes immediately to imagining my brother and I doing what you guys do, which is like a your neighbors right and then you're on a bus together. How many days a year
Ultimately, this is Scott by the way ultimately traveling as well as playing shows. I mean I've had a hundred days hundred and a hundred yeah an antonym for most of the folks listening that have siblings. You know as much as you might love your sibling. I bet the majority that wouldn't choose to be a hundred days in one vehicle together. They would tell the people all the time as haven't seen my brother or sister in two years or three years, and I don't see him, but once every every boom Yes, so it's an incredible give, but I also imagine that there's all kinds of interesting things you guys have to navigate layer, but we on the reason that it were so well for us at least I was one of the factors, would be that for anyone listen to this or any one that seen in our age bracket, lay thirty's forties. You think about goodness. What if I had to work? this closely with my sibling. Now as we are now, but they haven't Smith,
last twenty years sort of changing together, we had sort of a very typical, order. Brother, younger brother, dynamic, I think from our teenagers, maybe four years younger, looking up to Scott in looking to him, for example- and that still exists, but when we start work and you start to make an art together. We have gone through a lot of are growing in a lot of our mistakes together and have helped each other process and figure out. What comes next together so on a lesson. Scale, but like a marriage, I will the band is well it's like that. You know you have to change together, figure out how to forgive each other as you're going. So it's easy for me it thirty. Nine has got forty three to be Oda. Do this because we were doing this at twenty nine and Then thirty three and we were doing this it at. 18MM, Dan, twenty three, you know yeah and then some bands will run into the thing where either a manager starts trying to intervene and make peace or even in the case of like Metallica, they brought in that famous therapist to try to glue things together
imagine in the time that you guys have had your Payne's new mom and dad intervene, do you ever get to call from Jim? That's like alright boys, no stop fucking around you! Don't got a great thing here and you're being butthurt about that. You just need to grow up like if they ever stepped in. We never had system enough to have other family Is there anyone intervene? will be the dad. Doesn't it call Sandra Leon where Bob would step into hey guys. You know, there's the deal. And you're wrong and doesn't matter he's right, but the point is that this is writing. That's wrong. I think more dad or mom would say something without us asking like we're spending. No time with him. My say it's not a good directing anything where work we would seek council for mom and dad because of a rift between us, but if there's a rift between us, They could have of an imbalance for either one of us or both of us. You know, and if it's that deep, if there's something going on, it's that big, I'm probably gonna, be
Can council from dead anyway, I just out just just talk that is the day about about. You know dear friend, who recently died, and I just knew it's all a dad. You know, and he really helped, but it's gonNA arguing. I mean, I think that need to look at like. What's what caused this, like? It's probably not whatever point that we think were arguing Ryan by yeah yeah. Well, oh I married you guys above married when you're fine about dishwasher you're, not fight about the dish right bright. May it's hard to like leg. Let that go! Take that other cause. You're learning that moment it is about today's rumour Henry like this is about the dish washer in the cupboard doors right. Have you just did, and especially, if the other one presence that it might not be the doors you can't say, then then it's like it's even one more thing will I know you're not right. I'm right, man waited his Bobby mentioned. Bats are not base player based Ox Ababa, like that sir, he was the one who came in and performers seven either he really push them to get on the road and which was a key for us because
we were so self centered and how we existed like we just expected that the world would come to us and buy did a good job of coal and gas. Let's get on the road and should we need to go to the world so there's documentary about you guys called me last. That's on HBO is everyone to watch. It is one of the most beautiful little journeys. I'm so jealous the whole time watching it. There seems to be enough so that I'm even suspicious of it or I'm like how the fuck did you guys have a dad. You can go talk to then give you guidance and stuff right out of the gate you're, looking at maybe fifteen percent of America's got that right and then you just grew up in this kind of like Concord, North Carolina, it's kind of pastoral and beautiful, and there is just this amazing, rhythm too, that place. That's great. You fresh air and open spaces. You can somehow coexist together and be prolific all that scene. Like a mystery to me
degree where I was like hold on a second here. Is there some hidden skeleton in these guys? I mean it's just so beautiful. It said so enviable you guys get to share together, grandma grandma was a piano player right. She was a concert, piano player. She was head. there shouldn't be the church pianist but yeah she was direct How old is that that was that was in the car table? You has a sixteen seventeen year old. She was massively talented and that was. future. That was what was going to happen for she met Clegg, the vet, richer where's that Grandad yes odious. It's a shame that she was the pianist penis penis penis upward. Vader usually does want so badly hide your favor, where he's a penal Pina, Billina Venus loveliness. So she she was the piano player at the church. Amend they fell in love. Oh that's excited. That is really exciting. Was that
The bombers at fine we're not much better had at all. Well, they weren't Catholic bear. I gotta get anyways grandma was a great Brianna player. She was critical. I remember introducing her to a girlfriend and she was busy in the years of her life, and I remember her poor down with this girlfriend that I was with a long time girlfriend. She pulled me down to the bedside and said she doesn't love me I should ask her a question pertaining something to music you're, going to learn a lot and she answered wrong. My grandmother right in front of her said this and she I'm pretty sure she and this program. I use use her family from Michigan, but she's dead great woman. She was critical. Music was important was a priority. That's why she was like Seth better I'd like a better piano student. I was. I found a letter with an for years.
unless there is a rather like. This is like it's an odd sort of ghostly validation, but it was a letter from her from grandma gave it to maybe my dad, I'm not sure I guess I'm only three or four years. and in others these grandchildren- and she just mentioned me by name and says he seems to Us- to be able to hold a tune there. Really, maybe something and music for him one day or some like that, Why, and I was. I was seriously like like three three or four years old, I was just like yeah yeah amateur annoy. You knew that we were always and we rose really close. You are in that, of course he played guitars well right it. It is mom musical. not she wouldn't claim Billina, ok, but dad did play it you got it you like hesitated they're like well, you know she was always just told we were always told can't sing
maybe her job and music was just being around it and being that person that listens But you know there's a place for that, so I think she was instrumental, no pun intended in being in a music family should intend that plans on their own verily. Don't you sound so nice, even just talking? Yes, even just headphones. Okay, so great, I was gonna, bring this up at some point. You do it right now. I didn't. You may not know the story or maybe do, but it's really funny and I'm referring to Scott, but the first time I met Seth. He was brought to our house, by his beautiful now wife Do I generally that our regular Jennifer and Christian our old time, friends so Jennifer stopped by with their new bow and it was safe? and you know, what's funny, is my mom's in town right now and she was there that night and she reminded me of this last night, so I mean as these are really likeable guy were get non great, immediately in a conversation and then
kind of trying to figure out. What's going on like us, the euro you're a musician is again and I might coolly Do you two are allowed her. This goes because here we do- or we too are now like this is roughly Did you know you invanz to get exhausting he's like? Oh no, we have been vans for a while, okay they're, not in Van you have a bus because we got a couple buses. Got a couple buses, I'm a real goddamn outfit Youtube rabbit hole of like been watching everything you guys have done, but it was just so it's so embarrassing me trying to figure out like what what I was dealing with here, like was Willie Nelson at the house, or about how you didn't know about either of whatever the popular is. A band or whatever, but really
conversation as soon as you know, we were buses. The entire conversation was about what kind of a kind of our what year like what they get house. You know like of the lay out of the seventy two, how about how many thousands of how many bugs out I've ever had still is all you're there. Either the rebels are new or failure and breathe life and Agro, my God, Breathe of Epizootic Parleyed. Only like moral high ground. I can claim as it was. I think it more interest in you cause you're successful. I just got really dialed ngos buzz. I mean I knew it. I knew Jennifer and Chris and were were closed and have been for many years. I guess they moved to allay together and makes yes, so I knew about Chris. None about their friendship and she's like oh, yes, adapts is her. Husband was like Also. You came in with one credit, and so you did say the address they didn't have ass. Being like what we found, love I'll say: I fell in love with you. I can't I want but words in your mouth officer.
yeah, sure I it's. There is no turning back and then I started downloading songs of yours and I had some favorites immediately. I just fuckin love laundry room boy. Does that song hit me immediately, but then When I started seeing you guys live and when I started seeing you live, I was like oh there's a whole other dimension that happens in real life with you guys that is generally. I don't like concerts. I get start getting preoccupied with like this is going to be in an hour and a half how many times they going to come back out and forth with the fucking lighters. Can we just settle on just two years the view you guys and I'm like it's like Tarantino movie. I want two more hours. I've never not been. I choose my daughter's first concert. I took her to as you guys, but you Do something that happens there that he is greater than the sum of your parts in India even getting to watch you guys rehearse backstage before you go outfits such a privilege to witness that and how you'll warm up and everything It's so beautiful. I cannot recommend enough for people,
you're lukewarm on the music, which I don't think you would be? You got to go, see him live, and it's so so special, it's so up at his generic. It's so alive, you really get the sense that anything could happen. Lights administer it's the reason that were in our nineteenth year, whatever this is a man. That is the reason for sure run. scows mentioned earlier. There is no template really, more like to ring that we've ever known what we don't tour for records, we just we just tore yeah. I was just too or I think, that's a response to how good, it is not our show, but how good the experiences for us, and since we did, start and that we were in a van for eight years. You know so, like we had the front row seat for this in in connection, if first in coffee shops in pizza, restaurants in mexican restaurants and bars and whatever and I think we got a taste for it. We got taste seeing this far away like we're sitting right now, we are in the chair and us on this couch like that far away
A song is registering with someone for the first time and it's like really really. touching them for the first time, and it's just like that's the thing that's but and you don't get that making a record. You can you get a different think, make an record which is wonderful. Will you almost like a stand up act where you're going out you're tryin out jokes in your find out, which ones were Ryan? Your developing from this real feedback right. What is special about you, re, isn't worries got just run up. The value of the listeners can underestimated, but may Audience is probably taught you so much about. What's special about you, yeah, no doubt no doubt and it's and it's not as simple as well. People that, like the song, the better the song. There are many layers of this and a lot of we probably don't fully understand, but Much like a stand up. Comedian, PETE Holmes is a good friend and we were talk with him about how when something does hit and when everyone is together, Yuri I do feel like a single entity,
differently than just talking about a philosophical ear, and you know intellectually, it's like this is really happening, really the same in the allies like all the flashlights aimed in the air, join into one being more, the Fuckin ghostbusters, the tractor behaviour, yeah yeah, it's something really special in and is something that can really be put into words in this room. Talking about my eye, yea, where we have to try and try and in some people possibly can. But there is something to that experience and we're not ignore too, We can tell we, don't really think in terms of like when we were tired when we stop for whatever it just it's this open in the thing, because there is such beauty in the connection ya, back to Concord being four years younger was Scott, crushing in high school. Is he the Northstar of what you were going to try to become it away in a way well yeah, because Scott has all been a front man in a way, a hot and always thought of him in that way, and his
like his middle son, now has the same quality like this crazy star, quality x, factor x, factor and also embraces it, and it's weird in his spiritual journeys are there has been an odd little bit with his star quality, so watch in those things virgin like as he grows older, like spiritual wisdom and then that quest run, into the thing that made him want to be out people so much and and then sort of each of them informing the other with where they can both actually be beneficial by the other. Rather than detracted, you know yeah as kids. There is no spiritual journey that your whereof at the time you note and all it is just me me me yeah and Scott- did it so well so handsome and and and was so often he so good at bay. Frontman. I was more, I really to be like a musician first and then maybe like a rock star second, whereas Scott have more of the rockstar. He couldn't turn it off, that's what he is, and the musical qualities would come later sort of balls for that and to make him I mean, I'm speaking up,
validate the show ship yeah innovation, foam of the banjo and then and then really went to a full on study of it, but he salary banjo blow over yet, and I were as like when I was like seven or eight, I was like in love. Let me right, as I'm gonna get really good at this and Scotland twenty or so when he found the banjo in like and then was like. Okay, I'm going to put the work in Yasser Arafat, Perry now have yeah yeah we're gonna, be as great merit in absolutely as again like sky, the great soccer Blair. I want to be a great soccer Blair. You know seem like daddy went into it with a confidence that was either warranted or not, but a lot of times it seemed to the work yeah, so yeah always looking Indian Scott, it does seem like when I look at you, you do wrestle with this duality of being like stone we committed to being humble and then yet you have a job that is very extroverted and does demand that you own your essence. At times toy I mean When I look at it in hindsight, at all, we've done, I kind of drug, the crow
the playing an instrument along behind me and always Ledwith up there, and then somebody help me out. Just let me get up there and and do it and I've got I've got everything it takes a new that I still believe it they more. What that, when we talk about the spiritual Campbell, being humbler, you know it a more willing. Now I want to go Gee wagon? Ok, cruise around sure. I want to be a rockstar and it because I, every bit of it. I know that now yeah I like to have struggled as I went into a spiritual journey It's open my eyes to how funny it always it is and how silly had always ridiculous a lotta? Your music, though, explores that, like vanity debt, orally YO, the song vanity, but you, I assume, did you write that no no Scarborough scattering using it yeah that was the towns, where we can adjust played with that the Singapore. Sort of dictated more of who would do what, rather than the writing of it, right that even
right? There is interesting cuz, it's like. Is there any chance that you were willing to own all that enough in a song but ready to be the face of it? No, then we were talking about this like there's a lot of that of the conversation about ownership of So how do you represent a song that you didn't write the lyrics to you? Don't even you know, for that song. You said that that song exemplifies the minutes, silliness it needed to textures their right to characters. and yet so Why that's? Actually, how introduces always looking at the song is now like perfect, so to be seeing them would have the minor but the silliest of it all. I think that's how I can get on stage and be as bigger rock stars I want to be on stage by just realizing. How funny at all is the problem at all like the transition from being on the road to getting back home. Is it it requires a more great serious business yeah.
And if you guys like over the years of practicing this, if you refined it and got better cuz, it's there to really different metals spaces. Aren't they Whatever sound like, I know, I have to go home and visit types of surrendering that you have to do and say editing, submit submission, complete submission, You have to go straight to work as soon as you walk through the door. Am I mean to tell everybody, ok actually have to be balanced. Four for a minute and then I'm gonna be tenfold the help her here and I'm taken direction from whoever I think it s a dummy. We still have. missteps for sure, but if you guys are on tour- and you say I want to stop at Taco Bell we're stopping at Taco Bell, you have the you know. You had her position to say to her. I don't really care of everyone in this group, family car.
You're not going to tackle now no going around. No, no no talk of book about the ad I'm definitely saw in the revising process. There you re a mean, is definitely a challenge. that kind of goods into another thing them. I'm interested in. I think there's some parallel between like doing movies. We you go away in his little bubble for six weeks, you're in a hotel, whenever a new kind of the UK an exact world. You are. You have a lot of control over that nothing in so I'm at home. I desire that and then, when I'm there, I'm desiring being back right at home, then I guess you're aiming for enjoying being at both places, I'm at home for a long time and then I getting a hotel room in his fuckingawesome for thirty six hours and I'm on your and you're missing your growing up and you're missing it. Yes, and I'm like a piece of shit, I'm selfish, I need to be back up.
housing and get back thousands. It might be a little bit of evidence that is not the place that it there's no geographical and her out. Thinking about how, like you know, our minds initially go to the difficulty of a change in those roles, but you know there is also a lot of freedom, there's, a lot of beauty in being able to be like good I'll, be the boss dislike I can't I can submit admiral needs that then I can. I can provide where was that then the question becomes more about like because of my where's. Your journey on reading words, a wise men and women. I want to be meek and I want to be open and be a servant, but there is a limit on that where you, your wife, has finally like what Can you display the decision up to I'm spun out? I don't know what to do just say. So what are we going to do and you're like? Okay, well I'll, be the boss. Again, you know yeah and it's it's it's weird, but there is. I don't know if there's a revision that can be made to wear like you now you got to figure it out
but in general, do guys find like how long on the road before your like? at home and in how long and homophobia like I get the fuck back on the right to examine every two weeks which we are beyond two weeks now. It starts to get very difficult yet be immensely, it's like that, but then also there's proof in the performances. Unlike the other night, just passed two weeks, ten minutes or less before you go on stage, and I remember I got to get something out of bus or under the bus, and I forgot my code hey my my: like that, like just that, you start getting a little blurred. You know in like maybe like Miss and chords on stage, whatever two weeks of hyper focus and like we talked about the beauty of the crowd like that. stolen away like there's this awesome energy exchange and there's something open where you'd you know that five thousand people are not expecting you to match all of them one one by one, but something in you wants to. Of course you know that they're here for you you're here for them. So, like again, about two weeks of that. You start you know
though I gotta go Kane RON, eventually, you're gonna have to take a one week map right, which is why the two weeks we start taken a logic. Ok knows driving get over that harm, that there exists a skeleton you're lookin for income. Make me happier aythur. I hate the reality of the tools that usually after we're at that point where our brains are gone and will forget, because we're just like struggling to be present things happen? The shows that are. The most may ask loud court. Yes, it's ridiculous! Yet, though the wildest and then the little magic moments dummy. I stepped in the crowd yesterday last night and I have a couple Bro love moments with a couple fellas that were just like life. Changing not friends like we went on stage at a bad stomach, ache, feeling bad. I got up there and got going when I went off the stage and told his energy into me.
Yes and then here I am back and I count but carefully what has happened we ve had than on smaller levels where we Monica has food Is he here we gotta stage in in Dallas, but then there's a few thousand people there and then all sudden I look at Monica's, you don't look green anymore and she's, ripping it and then it's pretty amazing, physical response and the beauty of the moment and the opportunity for connection actually have a physical awhile. Yeah change your camera, but that's also good to keep in mind in general and life like if you connect with someone, you feel better. You physically field, are as opposed to walking around in life. that's what this is all about. Let me see what the whole thing is about. That's why we make art music film to connect Our contribution and our duty above to love people, and our contribution is to make things that relate to people
and through those things, that's all It could actually directly physically emotionally, by connect with and also very boring, connecting vs you, like other p Where can I go? Try to actual voice a literal voice to emotions? People have that. I have that. I couldn't articulate in any other way, but what you guys are doing. Where is the North star come from because you guys aren't deeply religious or are you deeply religious of? Where is this kind of kindness and loves number one would think that all comes from no, I would say that we are deeply spiritual. But mom and dad they raise you there cuz. I could go to a welded they've got like this. southern quality, I could only grass bad is it that is there some countries we know where we're from perhaps some of the the blue collar
treatment of life and the old school sort of southern etiquette makes its way into just your way. Just your cadence, you know, cat? How we are which might be part of what you'd talking about- maybe maybe not, but I think that it it bleeds into. spiritual conversation of how you treat people our parents we taught us that you, to love people though there was not an, I can avert Lee, I went to church go to church. Every Sunday went to Sunday school, but You know we didn't have parents that were like. Do you accept Jesus Is your personal words I want that was never articulated does in any in any kind of fashion. In fact, our member dad full on San. No, it's about being. to each other and loving people and church values? but Elisha Vietnam, robbery and and and and church itself, more or less provided a venue to come together with other people, see that other people are hurting that you know the Methodist church
before we grew up in which is our grandfather was it was a Methodist minister. Now it's an hour, long service, the sermon itself and maybe fifteen minutes. It starts with people shaking hands saying good morning. There's a prayer there's an arch us. It was always a lot of you. No opening the floor of this. personnel cancer. This person is in a struggle with this. This person, whatever like that, that kind of, like a community yellow immunity, medium like that that can deal with the teachings of Jesus at the centre of it, but it felt pretty social and pretty conversational as regards order weave, like people do live times when their hidden that kind of midway point- God willing you make it to eighty nine years old, the midway point around forty. You start other questions and trying to find out? Where do I land in my belief system? Oh yeah and then many many years. It's been an ongoing conversation, at least between Scott, and I Bob and, like all the interview, everyone that's part of our group, but it's in
on by Jesus and it's informed by the towel, and it's informed by Buddhism. In I mean it for my own part, I can say that I'm not sure what the North star is, but I'm kind of open getting it from Andy Griffith. If I need to you, know, you're not going to get it from when I don't know where it is either, but I do get a pretty visceral sense of when I'm not pursuing it, the EU, has a guys know what it's not more than I know rise right, but the more I learn. Unlike Richard Rohr, is a big one in our conversation out, Univee, no scum better! Go into that ground zero. Your answers can monkeys as an apple Kirkhi these roads, call the Universal Christ, which is his overall message of his life. He seventy six. Now, if you search Eminem study. What he's written masala, I put it The overall message to trot overall message. Richard roars, ridiculous you ever lie in a whole book is doing. Is all life's work, really Brain ISA, mystic, ok, he's occurs.
Mystic. What is ultimate message? Is we get caught up in the words we are caught up in and we ve misunderstood the Bible completely. We ve misunderstood what Jesus was trying to the mast the message we have gotten caught up with proving the Jesus is the one verses His meddling with Jesus was an end inviting what the Christ is. Yeah from the man that we have assigned that as a last name? Two rights, yes my guess is or what I've gone from it, your doors writings as if someone calls it weighs bucket hours of the waste but it causes you to live well and treated, love others and then, and forgive yourself and forgive and be able to live kind of harmony, and so it is he is. He had is the same as that is over there and we are getting so caught up with the yeah what we do so we hide Ilidza Mandela's and in so doing it's important to find it in all of them. We are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. That's that
Phil so often people say well your religious, that's bad! If your spiritual, it's good, but that's Connell. I just that when others so much good in in religion as soon as you know, so many lines have been drawn up, call so much trouble, while also I'm I'm a very outspoken atheists you're in yet I don't deny that the data that, when people, do congregate in church. They have all kinds of metrics that trend higher Where's quality alive live longer. All these kind of thing so you'd be foolish to deny that certain values that exists within all these community and we're working together and where the same body, that's that the most important Is that we are? I am you are. We are the same body I like that how can you deny another wii a part of the same. We are, the human race and where one organism that we are one one organism, Incredible, challenging way to think stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare
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What's great about you, is you took a journey? It's not like. You guys started playing the music you do today. In fact, when I watch may it last, I was excited to find that you guys started as kind of a punk rock band yeah. You had a band Nemo right. What led to the transition or what was it that didn't happening that genre. That then there were two main factors and they sort of fortunately or unfortunately, if we're, if you're ass at the time converged, one was the breaking up of that ban. It was five peace band, we're, crossroads at that were young men were out of here school. It's kind of like do or die in a late, late, teens or early twenties. It's like. Are we going to do is, what does it look like to do this? When you do this, when you go from being ask war Taliban into like we're going to be a band that makes it or whatever yeah. What does that mean? You know until what level do I have to start? Looking at this thing as
a grown up business. You know I got not cool or whatever so those were very close, we'd all been playing music for a long long time a decade for me and in the drummer with a claim for a decade. You know Scott I've been right, songs for longer than that and when we broke up it was heartbreaking, like a first love John's carbon rich the whole time? We will never be one of those we're going to do it and so the band broke up that was unavoidable for whatever for the changes that will happen. One of the member of wise yeah just be had been that that mobile excited, energetic afraid. And Scott, and I were also in a bit of a an american roots: music renaissance. We were just real covering like we dont to be looking at
heavy rock music from from from what for New York like we're from Carolina where it's out like this, What's that blonde boy, fuller, Charlie, Poole, Doc, Watson is here way to narrow this down a little bit like, and we were like we weren't, just thinking like in terms of like an agenda like that, we were falling in love with this american roots, music, and so much of it was from right beneath our feet. For me, coming out of that, I was really hesitant to build a ban like I just want his likes me and Scott just means God No one ever break up. Please want to avoid the heartbreak every one of war, the heartbreak out at once. It was like a lesson you learned is never love again, exactly four, that's not working! I was twenty one years old I was like. I don't want to meet a drummer meta based, but where does this means got and sky? play the banjo for a few years by then two to three years and then it was let us assume this just learning Remo Jack, Elliott, songs, Woody Guthrie, songs, Doc, Watson and trying and if that really natural straight away, like our voices together like that without this war,
of distortion in front of us to hide our own, insecure, it is about our lyricism, and all that, like it was like suddenly like. Oh, we gotta be like you: gotta have the goods, yet we got angered and as though we start alleys covers, and we we were trying to rice arms as well, but it's gotten our fall in love with the music that was natural to are or heresy drawback on any of that, not really I really would doubtless do I keep saying dad. I'm upset. I had only to undercut at La Mancha dad some on my mama. Dare both listen, summons, mom, loved, no time period, that new all day lie: Mama, Fleetwood, MAC, matinee lace would be turned upside down dead, brought a lot of George straight to the two. They will have a lot of country. We barely responded that we were all that we were off I'll Hendricks, Applin being our reaction, and then as soon as we could. We were aware of it that no more and then you know as soon as we were aware of it Soundgarden.
copy MIKE Patton. That's all I did I when I saw MIKE Patton for the first time as a kid I was like he's be him, I'm just in a lot of ways he's still the one in a way like artistically he's, still really yeah he's still pretty much more than just create certainly one of those creative numerically one of the greatest singers on the planet, one of them exciting invented. This is the fate no more singer in the more cities, while I don't know than ever heard someone Harold Faith, no more to that level. That was of ass. If you go on this journey of my bad journey, you will boost going to be like ways that there is literally no one else, sick and parent Chevy, suburban, not one single vocalist could be compared to
I know and trust you guys very excited about it and in just know this venture, if you just go on the adventure, if you do it randomly, there is no telling what you'll hear furs year and will you your first might be like. How could I just say like not them screaming, might be not like my bit, all italian in the manner that an entire kroner like it all in all italian, he did this record with the DJ. The Automator Lovage Song make love to your old lady bought at a much like. So that's like gum sort of electronic, but like really sensual and then there's life along. Like that all I M just a he's all over the place, but it's never unfocused. You know so often you'll hear filmmakers admit to this you'll hear all kinds of people you're trying to do one thing you're actually trying to copy something I tried to make movies that were other movies and then just
Help a go through my filter become this new thing uniform trying to literally copy something? No does Canada Bledsoe, he is actually what we did is as a whole. Will you guys trying it when you can? I got back together. Just can be you too. Was there any one particular year, Ramage ECHO, I was looking at a ram Jacko, it songs and he was copying. What got three but ramming Jack's delivery was little cowboy you're like have we ask and somethin by others are really does one one. One rang one record that we were really hung down. We knew the whole record, basically you and it's it. What was its original Jack Elliot End Darrell, Adam Darrell Adams, and you get the feeling from this. record that it was something that they made almost says sort of like Eddie. It's not illegal. Today, regulars agonies records. It got maiden whatever the seventy six seventies that wasn't
like a record like we make now where we go out, and you know focus for months on end or whatever. It was like a two day centre room like this, but up go mice play the song and then sky now, basically based our whole busy ending sixty five. Seventy percent of our show was that record our wine and my mama. The one thing out always add to this- is that was the bulk of this sort of character. What you're trying to do, but in playing the key, in the hat I was at the zoo.
When song in my mind, its order here is a way is smiling at me. That's the way it should be like a leaf is to a tree, so far have a duty to stand up and because the dance, I guess that that back of one medium get you unlike we saw and we started bland like what like. If we do that immediately people are like it so happens. Now, like all Rosalie back the bottom delegate answer, they really do, gives you the documentary where they showed him. Recording Leds Evelyn too in that mansion and all the wrong track. From that are in the four year. He got my ear when the levy breaks in everything his mighty, like thirty feet above me, chills LEO about and nuts, and I have a question for you too far away from a regional ban, the heartbreak and all of that, and
Bob is in your band now. So do you think it's hard for those people to be with brothers, basically to be working in close to and in this relationship, familial relationship in a lot of ways with brothers. Requesting cuz. They know that you will not reach a bond that you guys have yeah brother Bob Stroller, it's hard right. Well, he is our brother, but he can always just be very candid with me about like an alarm he doesn't he kind of knows he just sort of navigate to Norbit's ANA. I think over the years, as has become more stable. Is become more of a like an advantage for them, who like good as it gets us out like this nucleus, and you can trust us, and you know it was like, I think, it'll be harder if they didn't really know our intentions, but we try to lead by example. We try to show them everyone I mean like the Bob is he the closer but like among
the three of us. Even when we try to will judge who is a stable rise. We love you years, our broad Joe, in a way Adele Place, Cello, yeah and jointly with us now for the twelve thirteen This fund is yaller to watch on stage. He can distract me. I can get pulled off you guys when he starts fucking Golan raised is downloading standing where they can get even said that, as he had a struggles now seated in the because he's so used to stand. that dancing with this brute is pretty allow its. It looks like a mad genius is pattern here with Bob Bob as the one that was like gas Bob came down from Jersey to the south and we met us in Sarajevo. As the Glasgow contour and then two thousand and seven he's like I got this guy plays cello, get this cat Bob's instigated comes out of nowhere. He books the whole first tour
there's many more examples after that, but then he brings Joe and Joe on his own shapes. His life to be in the industry and leave IBM mailer leaves out evaluate jack. You know like The thing about us being the nucleus to decry or to worry over will never be as close as Scott and set are everyone is in the offing, have proven time and again their dedication and another dedication, but their worth and how much more they have lifted it because of their involvement. Soldiers commentator relationships. Right, though, when I can't it's me, we have a similar situation with me and Christian and dad swear and my sister yeah what movie with the Collins family So it's like we're all this team, but there are but they're like it I'm never going to be on that. To him, even though its ninety nine percent of the time and like all happy and good, sometimes like oh boy,
I'm, never gonna. Be that what we were. The Romans task right. We need to get bogged down in this scenario. The right, let my my feeling is is, I hope, not yeah. You know, and I feel like we're, we're vote go about and like we need it s, not just lip service. We we believe that we're all want they as and where and even in our group like. I hope that people will come to see us in that I'll, do whatever in the room last night. I hope that they don't feel like they're too far away from us, because we're making. making this thing together. It's a real thing is not just a one man. I've ended the super privilege of like watching eyes, Backstage Enders deaf the laser o hierarchy, that I've waited work and everyone's is Canada will measures there were like teams and their attends to happen, which is a problem but demands of their teams in a marriage right. happens when honour on our worst moments were like, while I gotta have theirs enable him with your kids to do with your kid. I have two police myself cause I'll, be like you. I think moms budget cuts
on this one, I'm tempted to Jane with linking arising in this same day, and I stopped me of them on one: do that book, I'm tempted to no doubt surrendering reflective that should reflect people like we do. Let me know when you get bigger intonations in Townsend, a marriage should liked what our relationship with the planet brotherhood! Tribalism isn't good now and family when that becomes a real thing within a organisms that a good rise. Not do anybody any Bob Opera tat, my brother till the end. A roof is vile. I wear that turns into a badly. only a really negative place So it's tricky. You know one thing I noticed on the album that used to say one thing:
Then it is above one. I've seen in concert were now you change, leered, murdering the city yeah. So I was joke about Doha regard you with a song about tribalism, because it is so lot is yawning. They did make me think of it, and maybe that's what I'm thinking about and its insular. Maybe boys know I love will make sure my girls knows yeah. It used to be my sister Maremma brother and my brother mother is at that time you wrote that song that was yours is about the values, your family right and then an evolving. It's really sweet thing you like took on, and I talk to my therapist about, says a car. I cannot this just traveling. In essence, I don't want to do this on anymore, I'll, see, of course, when this was just the thing I was going to share- and she was like these
setlist Eminem song. Let me see all of our songs It does make me think of the one lyric of it and I think, I'd tax. You lose it annoying when I, like all kinds I'll circle on assembly recover yours and then I'll reach out to you and go lol man. This fucking, it's getting me a new when I get get. Retiring to expel guy got other more, so excited. There's the lyric family. We share a name house at one: go fuc always remember? There was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name my god always remember, there's nothing worth sharing a lot. I have to say cuz we're on the topic whenever I've decided to deliver that, I think okay,
about the name Human I always do that cuz, I'm like this is back to it, but yeah, ok, so yes, yes, but I'm a sucker, my family family. I love and only five people are gonna, live on my property and wanting people on our which I believe are believe those it's a roundabout way of saying everyone x it like there's something about it. I don't think it across is a lot a lot of folks, mind that it would be exclusive rather than inclusive, like it seems very inclusive minute and the angle I'm always come from when I hear the lyric is thinking. I hope that's helpful for someone who is trying to navigate. Having love and forgiveness for someone that shares their name, their India, like without some fuel, for that, I think the message Weird League in it, though, isn't so much tribalism is because we share a name my brother and I have obviously political views, but we are so different. My brother, my sister and I were so different and yet
I'm going to be there for the the end of time, because of this name in common. In that really is the road map. It's there, when you think about that. Your laugh and someone's ride, or your southern I'm northern all that shit. It's like you go in big deal. That's my brother! about the civil war I just thought about it. I was just about Seth being a New York or something I was like. can't imagine what was going on brothers were literally on the other side. Oh yeah, or even as I've gotten more into that history. These generals that were all at West Point together, who are all work for the Us Umbrella, four hundred and thirty. Your friendships were all the sudden fighting each other. It's bonkers. Is impossible now to wrap or has around what it felt like to be there. Ok, now, let's talk about the so really your pathway to success was just this dedication to or in a very quickly became like all. This is the lovely which weirdly
you're a little bit out of the car, because I was in the music industry in general, just shifted to now. If your money is coming from performing generally your album, so you know whatever will annoy unknowing by give it away on Youtube, show You guys are a little ahead of that curve in the end just a little, but Two thousand seven is your first time you guys go on tv and you plan Conan, Rangoon, added gray cardigan with a black, but I'm sure this isn't. He remembered his outfits fly has like an it against cyclopaedia. Listen to me, give you two per memory for Thou. remember. There's a dial is so good fuck you! You are right at the bulls I assume was at an accident, or is he doesn't raising money own? Oh yeah, without, like he's, got car heart overalls on our I'm wearing ragged bone? What are they to get my guard our also may at last I was so preoccupied by a lot of things. One of them being, unlike
leave. I should have paid for this leave. I never I seen a guy look better in some fucking leave eyes. I watch that name thing. As a decrease of my, I need to go to a lonely, no Worley by storehouse biology by everything. I remember you texting me about this f assumed at all. I was furious, arrogant, regulate, where'd, you where you can get your genes alike and their just leave us are you are you there was a serious here? Oh Marilla, GC panting. Finally, oh yeah really is bold arrest. I doubt you guys have seen this budgets and Mama did do some partnership, video with car heart inches. Him hang in man he's gotta skateboard ramp and his backyard he's like fucking grill and tried to pieces Livin as Mamma would run out. Like I gotta be had the tone car hard after CMS it worked, Brandon Gun to me, but you go on tv
a nerve racking is there. Some strengthen always happen one another. The way that I went because we're plain and That night are. We gonna drive to New York, play the show jump back in the Rv Van Van back to Philly, oh to play the show. So it was like this reconnaissance mission is like here we go, we're gonna, get a cone and we're gonna. Do it then its everything off straight to play a CD released for emotionalism, the next night. While so, it was like yeah, you do like bunker down I'm gonna go right, we're doing you know it's like a movie sing. We drive and at all is rose you get into the gig back in everything. It could fail get their riding down to go on stage in and you're exhausted, and then those magical things happening us talking about like that was happening nightly if we were drive and eight hours a day in and plainly shown drowned six hours in us so Those moments We did have some knock down arguments a lot of more about, they were
the process of the younger brother Breakin from the older brother. Insane eight is what I'm gonna do, and that was That was really good good reminder every once in a while that still, but we also were forced to bunker down yeah and our dad said you're going to be your best friends. You're going to be look after each other better than anybody else. Would don't forget that even when you're doing this, so that was good advice. It was my brother. I can remember almost the exact moment I made a best friend who still my best friend, Aaron Weekly, at like one thousand one hundred and twelve, and it was the think the first time I heard my brother like oh he's, got a new yeah he's trying to be me in your younger older five years younger. And I was just annoying, but I do think he was like wait a minute though, but you should I still want. You know it was definitely a very clear moment where the prodigal son story is so good forever, like brother
in anybody, this the self righteousness we have a slave you're born with you, get a slave. Your four years old and I was in you- got a goddamn slave and they'll. Do anything you want them to know. Where is integrity? Is good enough are the Beatles cuz. My brother's, like no, we like the stones and we like prince, so that's out free to make that decision? It was not allowed depriving a kid of the Beatles stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare, pursued is brought to you by square. You know square. They make that little white, yes square reader that helps a lotta business around your neighborhood take payments. They turn their every language has got us marches and did not
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and our Emma Worth it like imply less on early yet early. When you know that half the crowd and gonna doesn't know you they're, just there and you're like I gotta go near and sort of earth. This sort of really do have to own this and earn it that's tricky yeah. we were coming with a lot of just infused comp, We had a lot conference already, where my mind is going to know. We were like we're good. We know we're good and we're going to. We just got to get it an opportunity. remember exactly how I felt at the time. It definitely felt like a big deal able to say that now it is a for lack of a better word. Place enough that, like on a call all my friends will get booked on Jimmy Valen or whatever they are, but about our member. When we got Conan, I mean I called Jeremy Davis when it's happening, we're doing it. You know, like I remember the lead up. It was a great victory. You know, and that's really the most of what I remember about, I do remember being nervous. again, as the younger brother I did set up for myself
between my own confidence about music and thinking we ought to be known, and I believe that Nemo's well, and I believed it for we have some of the goods that would you know. I mean you're at that. That would merit that yeah, and you know you could even make the argument now, depending where your opinion fly but like we did not have the tools that we both like that, we should be on the path to be really well known, yeah. So I've had I pray his few times that I have been nervous at all going on stage because year with you, because I'm with my brother and also by the time gonna have we played hundreds and hundreds of shows, You know we had this great benefit, unwanted benefit. We wanted to be on tv straightaway. We had to play and play and play and play before he was watching. We had to make a ton of mistakes, but a lot of Warren empty rooms, and I was really beautiful I've only have one occasion really since they ever brothers really got gone where I did the torrent situation without got his right when your assumptions born yet yet just before semi indefinitely Mayfield or made this Elliot Smith Correct.
I only album it's beautiful. Thank you. Since I believe the thirteen Jos and in a way it was like invigorating and terrifying, because it's me in her an end politically sound of those where, unlike seven out there the first time I forgot. It looks like in the bird like we're going so far as neither the tourist Charlotte, oh, I was so nervous. Have you got to learn at these round like no? No, it was so unfamiliar to me tat. I went through the cords like. I don't know that progression like six or eight times and there's waynetta and I'm like I forgotten it. I'm embarrassed. I'm also like Emma going. You forgotten your embarrassed like all and then I don't know what happened. I think maybe Jessica like she started, saying it or came to me. What have we did the song and then afterward. I feel like a statue perform together just me and her yet and like as soon as the song is over. I just feel. Like I mean my skin is crawling and she was like than that was like exemplified that she's approach she's got no right
saw good and I immediately Brittany now's breathing again, but she was like whistle did y'all hear. Thank you for coming. Like suddenly I was calm down. I was like okay, maybe we can This, but like that moment was up, was a massive reminder, a how much I take for granted like four. Twenty years manoeuvres at all, like rats got party got Scott. You know, whatever we're good like a wheel was what you know whatever throw me for, of super bowl. What I like it s, a man's got. We can Any thing there's nothing can stop as our really like, there's somethin way down deep and me that that really believes that yeah, wow. That's so interesting! Isn't it great in retrospect to get humbled sometimes like that kind of blessed is the thing you guys have is no question the open way out and out and how fragile, in somewhat yeah yeah just
How much of a kind of a jerk I am for taken four granite at times you be careful to not let that completely bury me, but a good reminder is good. Yeah yeah. ambitious, you can people who aren't ambitious, don't sit down and write. Ten songs for an album, but just the fact you got to start with ambition, right, becomes this really delicate act of throttling that ambition and checking yourself ambition, so I wonder you know is the at all get any movement gobbled up with great care counting now, so we'll probably do this and then it's that you know it. Don't you is being ambushes, runs the risk of everything's, a step Ford, something I don't recall thinking about anything yonder. I recall thinking. Ok, anything beyond this would be icing on the cake to me. It wouldn't have done it a lot of our people that we looked up to the ceiling,
so silly the ceiling right looked around so when we were cell in five hundred six hundred tickets in a cloth. yeah. We had seen our heroes. We saw MR bond, which was my pants projects. We saw pack it out, we saw doubts or junior dies or junior sunny day real estate. I loved sunny day real. So we would say these bans and we would just freak out, now we're in those same places we had seen the bans pack and these out work on light, as it were, right, we're here. We when we could see a way financial there. We could do this yeah now, once you sit there for second you away we're getting way that if we go on more personnel, we could make the stage more like this. sir, what I we have literally done that for nineteen years right is grown every year at seven That's real, that's! What's very, tender and specific to this? It didn't grow and years, it's grown every year nineteen year and I'll us, it is business was Scott, has been brilliant,
in a way that no one receives or talks about. The Scots always had a really good hand on the pulse in terms of we need it and this money to get his person and right now, look on paper looks like we will have less my work with which we will but, and this person is gonna, make the showed this much better to where we're gonna get this much return. It's on us believe in enough in yourself to invest in yourselves grass cells, academic gonna hard to do. It is with Scott sort of introduced metalogy early. I got on board request you, like, oh yeah, let's get a drummer if we get a drummer, oh man, planet, festivals and there's ten thousand people in front of us. If you know how do we grow into the space, I got on oath and afforded this was a great we can't afford not to do it. We gotta do a couple years ago weeks with greater do it. This is a little unrelated, but we agree to do a deal fourth showing no walkie, aha or twenty two thousand cedar. Oh, I will sign onto a bright light they. So we really need somebody will also act and they gave us a big chair and yeah- and it was car allowing us as
we go anywhere, they go K. Brandy Karla, will be able to draw this What can we do to back a man there at least we're save in these be reassured. Every member shows one in four hundred people, while on law for twenty two thousand and one in ten seeds was occupied he was like. We are playing for the people that are here and not at all, not so, and the show was at all remember being added with wine. Would it have been great, though just like you, so what one intensities wouldn't have been great if they were like evenly distributed to all your came by yourselves, polite moved up line in favour. That seats are not going to say oh yeah and autumn contraband can't be this guy. That's the thing I think about earlier, but went like talking about like those early days and and and what it means to get on Conan or whatever scanner a mother's lot recently you have to get
to some level of comfort with campaign for yourself right, which is neither mousie aiding yet its nauseating it. So it's it's, maybe a little less nauseating when you're young and we're like we're talking about this like we saw of a kind of a dumb, haphazard way. I was a bit of a negative Bemba like we sort of accidently accepted the all of touring musician to support. What we We're gonna do. We didn't know. We didn't have the knowledge early to say, hey, look. We got a tour, that's the only way you know in ten years movie streaming and no one's going to care about my records anyway. We got to us like we didn't know that, but we just sort of accidentally found our way into that, and I'm very thankful for that at that time we got company comfortable enough campaigning for ourselves right and now less comfortable doing that, all your leg it away like we were lot. We see it as a part of the like it's a necessity in support of job, but personally it has it gets harder as you get older and you realize how small you are, and you know you have no friends.
family dying, you know cancer and divorce and all the stuff you, you are humbled by life and it get. The harder to believe you be saying- hey look at me. Look at me. Look at me, look at me. You know like we're doing is in a way, saying that look at us look will work and offer you but man it's hard to do that. Sometimes I think we believe that everybody's got that in them, softball start for everybody, not everybody's. We are also privileged that our folks loved us and said you are a sweet, whatever child, planet, child of God, you are, you are and go be that, and that makes you the rockstar and the everybody is allowed that it's there it's within the so I think that for us to go out everyone says to where you it's bachelor, much easier, because we Goin spread them. Ass was like best afoot lodge as well at that's real if economic. Yet, if we're seeing ourselves as the beloved, we are knowing that we are a precious thing, then it then it. ok, but it just is coming from such a different place than that
painting, that would have happened as a twenty year old rice, a total of twenty year old, you're goin. What am I or we may your with your own bs? You know I want out person, I were down in Atlanta. I think yeah, can I choose you in a movie with Melissa, Mccarthy and. how to say like oh, what are you guys doing tonight and we're like all our friends are in town, we're going to go, see their band and they're, like but rather than they were like yeah most because it You guys know them, and where would you like to come with us and remember we knocked on your tour bus and he didn't know. Yes, we saw I then with bringing them to your to her by our armor that she was not a whit like when she was get on the bus. She did not know that she was getting on our bus right and then she had this look on her face that you just couldn't leave. You know because for us it's like this is more likely to like. We have helped like what was the way mere like we're wire you. Why are you here? I love you. I love you,
I do this thing were mullahs. Mccarthy would want to come on your boss, edges, ivy giddy, to be around Europe, one that a very fun special part of this is an area. Is it really? get in we never been more aware that there is no one person that has more or less value than any other, excitement about having her on there. One- is that it so genuine her love for the music so January, yeah no, and there is of there is. I got a built in mutual respect that he had to have the paternity too. To thank her, for
giving me joy, Forgiving AL of US joys exit the bad ego side is like oh getting improve over someone higher status than you, but the pure one, which is nice. Like someone, I really respect, unlike actually digs the thing I'm put down in the were at work here, and we all know that the status thing will evaporate quite quickly when you meet a person and they don't measures in their character. They rarely do you bit, but then we like the full others. I, where you're like a really love you and then you realize that they are through whatever struggle or whatever they they that they're, not receptive or they're, just kind of a jerk shadow like that's really stop playing when that happens. So it's nice that a lot of famous people's lot cuz. I do think everyone's promise, the same thing and everyone gets here and goes. Oh wow, I didn't look in the mirror and love who I saw. I was convinced I would, and now what now the fuck. Do. I feel further insecurities that sometimes come off as as ego yeah to pay When you hear someone says, while they are there a dick because they did this or that I'm like
the judge there when I do know modification laugh but where it's coming from is probably very, very different place, I try to tell myself I'm like when the guy who cuts me off, fucken truck, that's got a nine inch, lift and forty horse tires and flips me the bird is he I merely want to go like that. Guy's, a piece of shit and then I'll think to myself. The guy wants love just like I do, and he just a really away that I wouldn't be two years ago and let's, let me honest, like you're, you like that lift your daddy Irey la higher than that than christening would allow meeting to get his jealousy and that this guy King Bypass shocks yarmulke. I grant you like screw that guy okay, so that's the one thing and then the other really fun thing that I think is is must be a very Special place to get to is getting to work with Rick Rubin
that quickly. In a nutshell, Bout Ya Rick reached out to us because the record emotionalism, I think it made enough noise he loved it. He came to us not saying I want a. I want a producer record, he came to us and I just want to tell you, I think, what you're making is rad and that whether we work together or not that be cool. Just want you to know that. I think it's really special, very pure clear, the invitation. Just if you want to come to the house, then we came to the I said I really like what you're doing and we probably talk more than he did cuz. He asked what's going to happen next or what we thought was going to happen next Remember you asking him what he thought about. Motion. Wasn't my member heads? They are known.
you know all the versions of the songs, a measure that there the best version of the of the songs you know which was like for me. I was like: will Europe Day, it's been relieved with everybody around the eight year light for actually to have ass could be at best. It was the best we had now look back. I see why that was such a valid comments. Then he was saying it without emotion. He what he wasn't saying it do, you know any like he was just saying what he thought, which was it totally makes sense to me now what was the ingredient? He thought that you guys needed to. Fire. What lever did he wanted? A slowdown slowed? I think so. I think we needed space because we were, we were like. We took thirteen days to make emotional eleven leavened. Eleven days, I am a journal Lebanese, we're all awake, recording, mixing mastering eleven days. Why? Because we didn't have time to get off the road and wouldn't have the money we didn't have to have a real and so they for him. He was hey what if we recorded do you down
no deadline, no budget. Let's and he asked it here and that recording that we didn t take the to find the group in all? He could feel that Thus in like you know when What, on I loved you, it was pretty clear. The importance to him find the group was in it Means plan. The intro to ten man for two hours just do do by debt boom bar if that means, by an effort like literally two hours, to find for all of us to become one and that's what we're going to do I was at a time. Rick was it was that moment. For us, where we were courting several major labels none of them made sense because none of them have arrived at CERN in Cologne, Colombia, Rick made sense, does glue like he was brought,
on our own, we're we're making it happen. Business was and we were already planned. Some arenas bars we without a wheeled out any of you know we don't need and we were not used, Rick we're like. Yes, we do want these worth. We send network cross the cross yeah yeah, Where are you invited us to? We went Shangri LA that's, a pretty special at some hollow ground. There are doubts, super special, so yeah, the end of the band, one thousand nine hundred and seventy whatever there's like a description, the concrete there then it'll be six yeah, but you can. You can really feel power that it really does immediately creates a space for you to to get to the bare bones of what you're trying to make rise is really needed in a well. In the movie. May it last you guys record what is my favorite song off that album? No hard feelings? Did that happen in a few, or was that we retake Spladle
right here, because the other a heightened sense of accomplishment when something like that happens like window magic intervenes or something. Yes, you are for the next day. I think it was the next day me and Jennifer running, someone. Was Hollywood, Runnin together exercise and we're just run a beautiful day, and I therefore think and like I not to compare because you can't, but like I remember thinking like, maybe something like when when he used in did, I will always love you are. I am just that match a gamer think alike. Like I'm, always wonder like what would have been like to be in the room when she said that you know yeah and like this song, it's not really comparable and in a lot of ways, but like the magic of it all. happening right. Then, in this one moment that felt incredible. It made me think about that Whitney Houston, recording it. Just how like the magic is in the room. You know you can just feel it felt so good. yeah. Well, I'm very envious of that. To like be a part of that little capsule of
typically unexpected you, don't you never know when it's gonna, whereas gonna strike. You know, I think, like play. Shangri LA is like a place where, like everything is put in place, just in case that moment can happen rights in a year as amazing, now we both have boys and you I feel like earn incredibly good model force. They met, I'm always straddling wishes, because both masculine and varied southern solve spoken, but strong, yet evolve, new version of masculinity, a really think you guys could be the kind of road map. I'm still call a lot of the cave man side of israeli CHE yeah, that's very nice, but I look. you guys are not. I really do think, there's this quality. You have that, I would say you guys are both very masculine, and yet you guys are both very, very just thought, not in the toxic way. So I just wonder: I'm just curious has nothing to do with music. I've been so
Grateful that I have two girls, because I dont want to deal with. You- should contact I am a nose. If he's picking on you, I don't want to deal with any that. I think I don't have to deal with them, but you know just like say at a moment when I might add that this fight is that, while I think it's likely that yet Alto will definitely Ghana screwing scrape over to better, raising boys, like you think about it. Do you think about what you're hanging on what traditional masculinity that you want to pass on and then other ones we kicked to? The curb Masculinity is important, because feminism is so important now that it's important not to forget the masculine e mail. Whatever write up such that we need. I dont know that is as clear as it used to be the year and I think that I'll have to from our family Seth anybody has a boy will have to navigate that and maybe even constructed
you know in a most sincere way can only be constructed so far, but it has to be. You can be built on alive. It has to be sincere yeah. I don't know how that going to be, but I think there should be a clear. Maybe it's a time when, when they come home at a certain age Think, unlike around twelve to fourteen there, workin for about, an hour on the farm What it is yeah it's so many cultures have got this moment for young man where, before they were a boy yeah and for us I don't know you can relate for me, I just recently got through the threshold of okay, I'm a man, yes and a big, the big man is in the driver's seat, and the little man is in the passenger seat the arrival there under law. Guys, you that's all the therapy, but it's the threshold is so so wide so deep and I think it needs to narrow a bit to get it
boys into manhood in a sincere way. I'm not talk about in a dangerous on a talk about about initiation at the right for Sylvia along Langleys idea, life or audio, with pretty pretty rough soccer brags. But on talking about something, that's that's real yeah, a really feel like Speaking from the perspective of a father of a four year old, the inner. So like the specificity, you know your brain in terms of like what might happen. What will you know that violence of this virus might that I have not got to that. Yet I have them on my wood, I think I'll say or what I think I'll do and I have in my mind what my dad told me remember that Crystal clear, speaking, I tend to feel like it is in my son, do Rasa is a masculinity, and I feel like it's in any to rise to her own feminine strength. I think a lot of it has to be based in and manners and respect for oneself, respect for the people, random and Felix order. The character of of masculinity were or feminine quality will well sort of natural bloom on its own.
That being said, like that, what happened with me is I traded a necklace with a and in our major school. He had like a like a little too brass knuckle thing double ring thing I thought Steve Urkel. I had a ride. A necklace will trade for a week. We try to forget, at the end of the week he wouldn't give me my necklace back. So I went home and I'm like ten years old. Like. We got to like a little bit of a push and kind of thing, but it didn't escalate past that- and I was really hurt by this. Much are my feelings, real, because on the verge of tears, but in crime front of anybody school, I got home and ask ourselves what it s like that. They know one told me that, but I knew not unlike don't cry, but I got home in August. I had asked at what do I do and he said son tomorrow as soon as you're, not around the teachers. You walk right up to him. You say give me my necklace back right now or I'm going to punch you in the face. He said, and he said if he doesn't give you that necklace back punch him as hard as you can it right in the nose
just hearing hearing him say that even to even without returnable story now I can feel well, but that, like lightning up like a nightingale telegrams on your hand, you're going to disappoint them, and, let me say, don't have your calendar is it has eleven say: there's agile, I'm not gonna, sit here and say that that was a mistake to tell me that I feel that not going to say that to my I don't know that. I won't say that one thousand and eleven, and he tells me about the kid disrespect him. I might say, Son walk up to him. Punch me to say I don't know what I'm going to say. I feel like I want we'll see. Maybe I won't, but I'm not going to I criticize my dad for saying it, because happened is the next day we in our school. I'm gonna school bus got a school found myself in. bathroom with his friend and water When I said give me my necklace right now and I didn't say anything I said, give him a necklace right now and I
in me. I was ready. I was gonna because model man could and should, write and- and he took the knuckles, often gave him oh good and so that we can have the best of all worlds cause. I do it at the addition have to note that you know heard another city, human and all that, but I was different after that help me because I knew that I stood up for myself. It wasn't a violent suspect, but that push me into inches of myself and getting myself apt to a place where I was going to take it to extreme place. Yet his show that that that are worthy of you told me somethin, you have two or three. You have to honour that it was right in your eyes give me a mega, so I was amped up I'll, never forget. We were watching Monica and Chris and I were watching this documentary called the mask. You live in it's all about masculinity, because this is the right of passage to be a man, make a ton of money fuck a lot of women. drink excessively and fight, and they look at me after this list came out and they're like look at what a cliche
you're right. I just I sprinted towards all those things like ours. Is it This is how you man, ok great, check, check it's so embarrassing and it was just what was. That was the criteria. That was your fault. It's at the times were probably just like there were times where or did it. You know it doesn't matter the clear cut thing like you're, you're, eighteen, you go you're, not a boy anymore. No, no and it's not the violence of it. But it's just it's a it's a trust. It's it's a it's a vote of confidence
were no longer a boy, because we are putting the lives of the everyone in this world in your hands. That is an undeniable ratified. Think, like in the future, a conscription were, men are where everyone has to go away for a year in you, some kind of public work projects make about your money, he's recombine, again annihilate the driver, s Super vernaculars and you're. No, but you go you go. Do that active serve right. It is right. That is the line. You walk right. You come home and you ve made your country better near community. Is there a way? Is there a way to create a template for that living, the least or maybe like there's somethin by like a mandatory one? Ok to your new album comes out what day October forth October. Fourth and it's called closer than together closer than together? And what is the thing exploring in this one. I've listened to several of the songs, love them. Of course, as always, I bleed Avett brothers. Was there an overall theme, personal relationship to
this world. I mean what you just said a few moments ago about us all being one that's really what you know. That phrase was a very profound phrase. This guy came up with the closer than together that concept of being closer, and then together I think that's it just speaks to this conversation. We we continue to have about we are one we need to think of ourselves as one we don't need to. We don't need a terror each other down, we need to forgive each other and we need to and on the golden rule, It's not really a place of like we're, trying to preach to people but about us all, being one Things that I've liked the most of y'all's is win the less, you're passing on is just taking inventory of your own indiscretions. Confusions failings when it's the story. I just feel like no one gets defensive and it's like a story, and I can relate to its in a thing
power of the messages. Just I'm not telling you didn't talk to you talk about yourself. I'm saying that you should defend yourself against whatever comes at, you might be how you love that person, but defending yourself from them, but yeah like it, go around telling other people how they got to be in, and we don't know when we can tell them This is how we have felt it, and this is how we've seen it, and this is Are we living how we mess up rides are shit. You know, cuz. I can connect to all that stuff yeah. I found a lot of the things your own. churches that you've are near dirty laundry? That's the stuff I connect with the most unlikely. I can relate to that big time, well that's the problem. With the bigger picture. We don't lift up the people admitting you're wrong,
haha? I know I'm weak YA, Ali, I'm! Not! I don't do the golden rule, I'm not good at it. Instead, they say no one. I did write. You did wrong. Well, perfect steaks feel like you're, going to be excommunicated at all times or run out of here and everyone's going to look at you some way so horrendous. Take oh hi, see dad told made upon somebody first before they punched you as well, and I did who carry out that at a turn, terrible almost at the end of the fight the person was saying I was just I'm standing there go on. This is me this is the You know I'm saying no, I got it, I got it. I got one that blistered my mind where I punched a kid in it. knock the wind out of them and I'll pick you up at the wind knocked out of him and he was laying on the ground. Parking lot Lincoln. He was going to die. I was watching someone scared for their life and I was like, oh my god, I'm a monster. I don't need
didn't know I had that power yet I am a loser. I am a terrible terrible thing. Yes, I'm capable terrible thing, I was afraid, and I this person even more afraid, I was insecure, afraid, mad hungry the hungry. I show you one you like line is that line as I would have wanted to fight the name of this bag. I wanna fine, we'll, gentlemen. I would love it if you would be open to playing a song or two fora. although internationally about how intelligent, so This is a song. I wrote hospital room right after Isaac was born, so it was like after you know. The
forty, our labour and the emergency situation. I called you during what we had added a day on ya: had a similar sperience, so we're like Mummy we're just in the thick of it, I called I called: and it was very helpful. You increase them both were supersede gravel amazed, Bud yes, oh, then, is born ever based. everybody's good everybody's, exhausted and in that that rare kind of moment of just total exhaustion. There's this. This lie a lot words that goes to my head. You know, and so Wrote the song out, like Alma, like a mandate, my phone, like in the darkness of the room while Isaac is like you know, come and go as already. I just bet. You know like that. For the moment, in general about sleep. Some it's called cease. Actions and railway trestles
but your long and strong local railway trestle dad just a muscle there mama just a vessel. That's a golf ball Nova, Catalan, Nestle, dad just a bear. You can tackle data wrestle gibbets Mama, bona fide Nestle Mamma says no, maybe that'll say yes, or did you do wrong? Well, go confessor, dad! Just a muslim and Mama, just a vessel, you all blue and your mama lack or rattle came out. Looking like a smarter than a battle me in the nose, bleed Mamma and saddle brave, like a sou brave, gone into battle, emotion, golden like a stamp data, cattle, real lag rain and coffee in Seattle, anesthesiologist bid a lamp battle. You all blue and your mama lacking rattle, but about that, but that live so clear. Like a river Ramiro Lucifer's teeth introduce the epidural Doctor Jones. Do you need? I have them referral God say you down to me: I'm a girl, she's long and tall and held the as hell, but the lad went to hell when the little fellow bell boy went ahead, burst into a bell. This nineteen fifty six shaken lag, held yesterday, born and already think in body like afford, and a man like a league in Mama, I'm Bob Van seeking and similar brand new situation, drinking coffee like official second and third year, love in every single ever love, and then it is standing ovation. Further. Are specialists lemme, get close wanna give my son one kiss honest, landed for the future held then Denzil taken up my baby boy, easy and gentle soup for the families, sausage, lentil beans and greens. Aruba, learn dental, don't never sleep, I'm about to go mental but not in so far has been accidental can't keep my life. So it's gotta be a rental pick up my baby boy, easy and gentle strong railway trestle dad just a muscle and mom. Just a vessel meant a car bomb, noble nozzle, then Nestle, but dad just a bear. You can tackle down wrestle, you can have a Bob ten or you can have a castle. Try to change people vote is gonna, be a hassle, don't have to be an astronaut for NASA, but it's always good to get a gown and its actual son have fun with your life is a drama just one
on and all kinds of now you onesie, but then you get pajamas. You know you got me and you know you got your mama eyes, G man such a failure. I can't write a sign for my children. I like this this Scarborough, this negative for your tone of this ok were making these two them. Just now tell him you wrote as far as well Pescara this one and I'm just obsessed with it and I have been ever since. I first heard it and I go so fired up about it that I recorded it like four times before we even got into the studio to record it. I wasn't even finished with it,
I was so excited. I had to three yes through my hands. Through my dad I got a river, the passing raw The song, brazen long, leaner, know its common
When you go when you're gone, happiness come and it seems much like money. People gather around it is gone they go running I'm trying to be here to the now with the past. That has to come who's me back down to slip through my hands
like I did room Like a river that passes it's song bracing for loneliness? I know, what's coming Are you gone these victims of love
hopeless of all fortunate prison in that war. turn on themselves pure sabotage, silver spoon baby Tupperware hearts. silver spoon baby Tupperware hearts, you slipped through my hands like I did through river that pass
rockstar this song bracing for loneliness. I know what's coming where'd you go
I'm pregnant, I M, so breakneck rain raining everyone regner, my right and that everyone here is pregnant. You guys, I am so grateful necessary to sing I love you both. I hope I get to watch you until I'm. Ride. My little rascal up my leg, stop workin guys we're on IRAN or rested on this day. I adore you guys. I love you so much. Thank you just by God, what a good message you guys reddened much better folks in me, wish you tunnel a closer together October. Fourth, we are honored to be your. Thank you for having so glad we made it happen. Awesome and now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soulmate Monica Padman,
Avett brothers AR sexual sexy there. It's a whirlwind of emotions of family, of honesty of self critique. There are very of all they are the almost too fall for me. Sometimes I feel shity. Okay, that's not fair! No one wants that there documentary, which I love so much unlike they killed someone there's so perfect. Now you want them to have some bad thing. I know I don't have the bad thing just cause of doing good near. I guess I just you know what it is like, don't know what it is. I do it's because I feel like it's because you're, not you're, not stop saying that, but you went through a lot to get to where you're at
evolution, so maybe you feel, like everyone needs to have something at critical mass like that in order to get there, but I don't think you're absolutely right. Some people are just born better people, like and seemingly, was just born a better person, I had a really have my life in danger to become a better person. That's okay, there's some certainly. Some wide variety in the way people are born no. No he's better in some ways: you're better in some ways it doesn't better person, isn't a thing he's a clear gas northern area. I don't believe in there you down. The people are born worser with exceptionally boy like psychopaths right, we think they're born. there's something I'd, do something biologically wrong. Psychologically. There's something happening, that's true, but for the most part I think everyone has some very planning, a worn, a narcissist or you become one or you can be nurse,
Ford in Devine one. I think you could be nurtured into being one, and I think you could be probably born with some extra capacity for it I'm just curious. I think about narcissism, a lot very nurse. I know that my lad now when I just my own narcissism find mine is often on the table and I'm thinking about it, but also other people's. It's so easy. Isn't it I actually think for some people, it's so obvious and crazy, but I think it exists in people were that you don't necessarily think it does, for they were all on the spectrum. Don't you media all somewhat nurse we certainly think of ourselves. First right, some of its healthy normal levels for survival- you gotTA, colonel
yeah, but it's a spectrum yeah. I think that's true. so you was talking about Metallica and Metallica therapist Oh, oh, so there's a documentary. Have you seen that document or you that's why we know about right some kind of monster? Yes, they came on two thousand for so the ban was rescued from the brink of its own creative, impersonal disintegration. Through a couple years of intensive group thereupon sessions led by life, coach Phil Towel towle toll. I don't know that of the nine area, be afraid it established the K. That's a big, I don't know, but there's an article about to have using some kind of monster. Now we had, I really want to launch its ongoing Maisie, because the therapy is complete, we lose, is himself inside a matter, It is on the line
every other human wants to be in Metallica, can't be with them and not want to eventually go on stage and be them and so it The way was edited and I'm not making no claim about this persons that I could see as a therapist. I ve no idea, but at least I was presented in the documentary he was gonna, try to justify him staying long after he had mended. That has repeatedly at a kick Amano Metallica. Certain point is that he had like a journal. Many ass, oh geez, did he publishes journal? Some of the entries are in here. Oh so already one or two so day, three today, we attempted the time tested, trust building exercise in which one member of the band allows himself to fall backward demonstrating faith at another member of the ban, standing behind him, we'll catch him began well with Kirk Hammett catching James Hatfield, but
quickly devolved when Hatfield pulled his arms away for the last tekkit and allowed Lars Ulrich to crash to the floor, while laughing you're a fucking How could you possibly get hurt by that short of a fall note nothing less physically dangerous next time and bring ice packs day three day, twenty nine. To build their confidence in Timor. Skills took the ban into the woods for a paintball battle against former basis, Jason new steads new band, ECHO brain, oh wow, Irma, those in the dark. However, during the first skirmish Kirk Hammer refused to pay, he's a painting quote such warfare simulation against my brother, unquote new stared subsequently capture James happier than Lars all rich and force them to recreate the russian roulette scene in the deer. Hunter with Paintball gun, no tag.
should not a good idea, avoid guns of any kind try something more spiritual. Next time on the watch? That document is I in order junior high I'd love, Metallica Errand and I were obsess yeah James Hatfield is who I probably identify. was he was the lead singer in the documentary starts he's returning from Siberia. Where he's been boar hunting for a couple months and drinking like a gallon of vodka every day, incel to gossip I went and saw them. I was a guest of Bradley's to go, see then play in Atlantic City one time and got to hang out with Lars, which it he'll. Ours is a very nice guy he's from Denmark or or HOLLAND, and he came to America to start a band and so I believe I could be wrong, but this, but I think at field- and
Lars generally share writing credit for all the songs of handling us where the voltage about whose you know that I let him fall, doesn't surprise me that those were the band members. So we were, best of Lars Lars is so nice. We wrote on his tour bus to the show we got the I got the sea, find a drum set while ours played, which is awesome, then we all went out to like ban dinner afterwards- had a hotel- and I tried hardest to to get something going with James, feel how in Egypt was. It was not interested in wasn't interests in Bradley either. I ball. They like hurt feelings, and I thought well good for him. He is not a status equally interesting, engaging with us and
I just thought we're gonna bomb, because in the dock marry you, you got sober and as I all this is like a guy who got sober is I had this tough guy exterior? I think he's really. You sweetheart inside really was excited to kind of connect with him on that level, and I did I didn't get to answer as ok Well, you were talking about their family relationship and how they're lucky- and you know they had a they could talk to you and you said, maybe fifteen percent of Erica has that, but so can't find that stat that, like how many kids feel like they can talk to their dads looked, but I couldn't find lower than fifteen percent wasn't half of married people divorced. So don't half of people
dont generally known of their dad, or only others, still talk to your dad like every other week. I think that I think the more the season is like do you have a relationship where you feel like you can get a secret? flights from him or tell him things that our bothering you also genders gonna play factor here, maybe maybe not I don't know yeah yeah cuz, kids probably will feel that they can talk to you about anyting observed girls, but I can see where they are going there. You know all they're going to want to do is like point me in the right direction. That's they won't let off this thing of me going in the right direction, as was just listening to me, yeah in hearing what I'm going through and in empathizing with me, then you get a police yourself as apparent not constantly be China directed into either learning a lesson from the whole thing of trying something different the next time you know
You try to be so constructive at all times. Re erosion make space to just were met with them. Sometimes My mom is a master. She would like complain about something she go. That was so hard ass. She really like really. Let me know she got there with me. She could understand. I was feeling, and then she shipped years until next time yeah. I don't think I had that, but not because of that matter I don't think it's their fault, but I also think I fell Couldn't really be super open about things How about. like my wife, because I thought that would stress them out late, which it would have. I thing right
one time I was really stressed out and I was having his eye issue and I doing twitching. Now it has it's like weird scab Oenis, on the top of my eyebrow it was rare for me and I have heard that was habitat and know what that was, and then I was just about money, and then I was on the with them and something about money. He came up, and then I like starting crying and hung up, and then she called back kind of immediately I was like okay, we're going to help you yeah yeah yeahs, which wasn't the point the conversation, but. is very like indicative of what they do like. I think they are very
pressed up by the idea of me being stressed out right and they want to just be pride. I wanna get yeah yeah yeah, which is nice. It's nice back to that thing. Maybe they could just listen talk with you about what like to be stressed here. Try to solve it. Team ass will not want to solve your yeah, Is so stressful already on them, knowing that I'm faraway doing this kind of crazy thing, and so then, to think like, oh my god, yeah it's not working out. This is our biggest fear. It's getting confirmed like that's awful for them. I get that yeah. How did you know clearing up their brows scale? the doctor, and they gave me some creams eventually yeah.
I have so many creams. You ve seen my medicine cabinet, there's, probably thirty five different. I never been prescribe well, and I wonder if their ineffective of just never stayed the course long enough well known. I expect immediate results I now and that is gonna take a little bit. Although mine wasn't like yours, mine was an infection, which is why I could put some like it was like an antibacterial cream which then fix the infection was escapees. I hope. Amy, Annie who Grendel ball. like I need to see wings Jennifer. I haven't even had a sip, yet what they re anticipated the air like a junkie like junkies, get a little high before They shoot at eight yeah just when they cop they get high. They get a dump of double meaning serotonin.
Why cant ages always like? Now, you think you could trigger the order of the tree Moses. You bought dope over and over, over again bringing ever shot. It is every five He went and bought another barrier buying baby asked. we'll see, but you don't know it is, thing to people who have like Severe severe alcoholism and they have the shakes vacant, his drink water and there's so much alcohol still saturating their liver, it'll release enough to calm. Oh, my god, they're drama makes a new drank a basically yeah disconnect gets some dissipated in a system of that's rough. I've had the shakes many times it is a demoralizing I'm laying in bed in them. I'm like on my side, and I keep my stomach
like convulsing, yes in a more also having a seizure of had that a bunch of times and sweating perfume, how much did you drink to make that happen to be? you know where I may be drink for seven days, straight real. Real hard and then that first night, not drinking Eddie bad, it's travellers, yeah yeah. You feel the feeling is like oh wow. I did it like. I I'm fizz play addicted alcoholic wow. I've crossed that threshold. Yeah, it's very demoralizing, So he talks about his grandmother like Seth, better than Scott all right cuz. He was a musician, and so you know people say like they don't like kay better than the other, but do you think they deal it's interesting because That's two! Generic of a term, I think I've
love, my kids equally a really do, but there are Corey's, where I enter an easier state of flow with each of them so of like Lincoln, and I are doing something: physical, like riding motorcycles or bicycles or something I can get in a real locked in state of flow. Where is Delton, I can get in a locked in state of flow. Just talking like she has the seemingly a very similar comedic brain, which is the point of everything, is ultimately be goofy and so saved from the outside, like oh, he gets better with Delta or likes Delta. More. I don't think that's accurate. I love them both very equally and think about them equally but nations, where yet along better that makes this grandma only had, let's say music with the boy yeah it does makes. That's I just you know, I don't know if everyone's lying or not
and it's not yet tell you to take love out of the equation, because I do think you do love the things that you've spawned the same. Yeah, but liking is different, and I guess that's what I'm saying is like were calling it biking, but I I would think more accurately just be like he's. Ease of connection or easier communication or flow is gonna very right. My brother and sister accused my mother of liking me the most is cuz my mom and I have a very effortless communication or state of uh huh, but I know I think she loves me more than my sister I think she likes your sister, Ah that's great. I would like that I'd be happy to have been everything I'm getting like most. Actually now, not the muzzles. I've never seen interact with their brothers, so I can't include him in this bet right. I mean
she's likes, you guys are the same genuine loves. My brother two pieces of my brothers not generally super comfortable with physical affection, I'll lay out my hand on my mom's lap and let her pet my ear for like two hours, and I love that it's hard for me. Brother to allow her to do that. Yeah. So again you it's not really a matter of her desire to do. It is not more with me right as this your allow a month for it. Do you let your mom, You are you're dead, but you know I mean I mean we're not well. I guess I do when I was younger armies scratch my ato and lay down your picture to your baby. Oh yeah. I did on instigate, but little. address Bobby. Why are you physically intimate with your parents? Neither you're not lay your head in either parents lap now
yeah remiss as an adult wall thoroughly are up a mean it's up to every one it is. It is why can't I obsess about it, because I am putting those kids of mine anytime. their near me yeah and pushes Paulina them here. Am I fuck there there I get to some mage where they're not going to want me to do that. I know cuz I would say like. Oh it's probably because we never really had that kind of relationship, but we did I'm not the same as you really like. I don't think it was as affectionate, that leg were at the table and like. My mom has her arm on me. Like that never happened. We would watch tv together in her bed and she was scratch my arm out like so that was all very much there always hugging. Samba for bad, but it wasn't like hugging and kissing them all day long, but
What it was like a necessary thing before, but then at some point that just fell away on a wire how connoisseur it is sad morning. It's a big part of your big enough party or household that that's gonna like stick around because it even you do a two year exactly exactly so. It comes from like not just you to their ride. Heartily morally Romans dove yeah I come Bentley and watching how she is affectionate with them, yeah, and I just think they're so lucky the way she kisses their neck and cheek, like a million times in a second that thing she does them all the time they giggle, unlike other so lucky, they are You you give an analogy using Taco Bell. I mean it's sort of irrelevant. I just want to talk about Taco Bell for a SEC but yeah. You said if you're on touring, you want Taco bell you're going to get Taco bell, but when you go home you want Taco Bell gonna get talk ride and they just maybe thing about
Hocker bow and I just had recently did you draw the mexican pizza you're you're, completely asleep, on the Mexican. I wouldn't even everything we got there and I was like oh no, I dont know what we add you go inside you, no! No! No! This is like one a m in Michigan right now we were not drunk know. We were going from the airport our hotel occur and we star vows and employ name was drunk driving. I'm just saying I am you went for a wedding, I'm assuming you guys were shipped phased out was a factor that move or through the talk about, but I didn't know it get causes. So many things on the menu and I haven't been keeping up. Yes, it changes quickly. There yeah I was so. What should I ve gotten make us the next competes. You should have gotten for hard taco Supreme in a mexican pizza. What got soft hackers Alex loved ones. I know I like saw all so. Where do you love to regos? I do
Are you sure you love them? Or what's the last thing, you got a hard taco, you made them They were so good and I like that, but I do first soft taco. Okay, I do the nuvaring. That thing is harder, it cracks and pieces fall out of some of the meat falls out. It's just a lot as you know recently, and it has been a decade: Charlie and Eric, and I coming home off roading,
We are so dirty that we decide to go in and wash shop devil. You had yes, our gas, and since we are already inside the wash up we're like or forget, what's but sit dial eat you ain't, then it was the best dining experience. We all three of us kept going like this, is so wonderful that he'd have here unlimited sauce, packets, ass night you're, making a mass, but it's over the tray. Finally, I'm always even those in the committee we were in the car so to have the luxury of just get messy with it also shit. I should ordered another blank we go. I think Eric we ordered two or three times and we all just had the best dining experience husband when I ate in the car with me, but it's like Kathy the movie just can't I was eating the stuff and I was like okay like as good as I remember, I was a little sad about that, but I ate it. But since then I've been
leaving it. Oh interest is weird, it is less. It take way was like ok. Now I want more. A target smell is, as I can. Also as a NATO. He says it's gonna tacos may has a good smell love If you know what you were out, it's how Wabi web and I were in a very deep turnaround package for Jim before him, a letter like Africa, yeah in and while we were picked up a sack of about we here in the same way all bad you're right that was in the stars. Of yours by that interesting cosmic. I have not had that, since I was ten or you're kidding yeah. It's not one of your cheats, crazy, but did you get tacos supreme when I got a cheesy gordita crunch.
these are ones I should have like. I didn't get cheesy Gordita crunch I didn't get Oh, my god, I'm going to have to. That again, let's do it this way I'll catch you, because you gotta, try the mexican Pizza and that yeah it's like five sixty it's so originally priced just it's it's infinitely more expensive than everything else on the manual. Well, that was a quote bunch of obviously not that MR, but for us to really oh, do there's always do that link role, one of those yeah and then it was ten dollars home at all. We could not vote leave it. So that's it. really well yeah I mean the last one was just like people should probably watch Jason Member for car hearts video did you watch I. Why should a long time ago, and then I pulled back up, I was gonna play a but its long ears very law. So I'm like a few real. That's all
yeah, really, no one and all the plaudits over issues come up. Why should I say a little bit of it are just play a little bit o. I can't I don't answer. oh well, that's TED solve their south anyway. It's all. Okay, I love you. I love you,