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2018-09-25 | 🔗

The Good Place week episode 2 is brought to you by American actress, comedian, and most lovable robot, D’Arcy Carden. D’Arcy sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss her epiphany about confidence, she reveals which bodily function made her husband fall in love with her and she talks about the struggle with making a non-human character resonate with humans. The two talk about the ethical dilemma of student/teacher relationships, D’Arcy perfects the O’Reilly jingle and Dax, as to be expected, loves D’Arcy’s dad.

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Hello, welcomed, armchair expert, I'm dyin rather is in this- is Monica Lily, Patman Lily pad. He I just cheated everyone be because I didn't remember Monica middle name Lily seconds ago, and then I blew third, in the introduction we had a reset now and cheating, and acting like I remembered at every year, a scumbag scummy, scumbag skimming scum. Are you belong in the bad play? I do speaking of the bad plays in the good place and good, please good place week. We have Darcy Cardan on everyone's favorite, robot, JANET very compelling robot, very alma, two men like nonsense, more wonder. Do I think I have liked a robot so much had an island in the show that had a girl, robot and never heard, I barely no one on the way you would know lolly forty years older than you yet wall
or when I was a kid short circuit, Johnny. Five very, like likeable robot Johnny. Five is alarm on friends: there's a robot for a few episodes MAC and sorry, his name is cheese. And a robot that Joey plays opposite and the show is called makin cheese Poison shows called friends. What are you right enough about friends, we're talking about the good, very good place, weak or common hot, on the heels of of Grandpa TED that we combat lovingly excite? Are children con Grandpapa, tormented, that's right, puppeteer, but today we have Darcy. She is tat. You are on the show she spectacular in real life. I hope you enjoy this ray of sunshine, Darcy, Garden, armchairs, supported by vital farms, my favorite new sponsor, because we actually have been using these delicious eggs pass your raised, which is way better than cage free countries bullshit
can I tell you that right now, Monica tell me I hate to shatter your illusion, the cage, just means that their indoors with one square foot a space, that's the requirement to say, cage, free, Gimme, a break! That's horse, pawky past your raise hands. Albert outside in a hunt, her name square feet, a sunny space and one knows little hands do and all that space Monica LAN eggs, the Roman, the girl as the breed in the fresh air there forging for food there, just in General Hannan around, which is what a hand likes to do in the eggs, are much better because of it when you crack it open, isn't that unlike runny, yellow, it's a nice dark orange, it's rich yoke. Do I have your appetite? We're headed yet gap. Ok, tat s what it means to be bullshit free to get your Cuban for vital farms. Pasture raised eggs head two vital farms, dot com slashed Dax he's
see welcome timeshare expert. You just damn yeah, first of all, first guest ever to just figure out how to get it into the attic without us like getting into traffic in flying down a car. I was I I was proud of myself as I was doing it, but also scared very can add to what perhaps some stairs that had some spiderwebs on them. Well, that sound on this competence is sexy. For me, I might be one of my primary turn on paternity competence and confidence, and the two legs sees its you see. He sees glared yeah, see squared way out. My doing to my close enough, can you hear me. I think I've found here as regards energy here, reading way robs those transcribing the event that your audio, no good, we can monocle. Just read your desire. You allowed its service, we provide equal, are good at best, Roma were still learning a fan. You know that right well, ever now. Let us say that when
see? People socially, hey, loved, the pod right. You know what else you gonna say: Rainy is like no they're gone on in my life. That is shown by that I mean it is like it's something that you're doing it would be a. What Have you ever called anyone out on it? No, I have every episode. No! No! I am on that. Twenty story about that one second. So when I was on point and I am in the chair. Was popular enough that I got to start taking general meetings around town. I was at least eighty percent in the meetings that the people would say in their general. Just why deeds, maybe like all of the show upon her didn't ya? Do you tear your balls seventy percent of the time I thought I was on Jack. They had really no awareness of India's. You have to just let down gently
it just so it was a disillusioning. I was like, oh ok. This is how this townward that have there is this and told them you must. This shows relevant somehow right, you have to meet with this guy and then, of course, they say they saw it. Love shall ye has literally love the show and then didn't you write a bull back. We're! Ok, let me torn Bolsa, I want to you we're, but would you mind pop another term, road Altera? What, but so so big as I think maybe because that was my initial for aid and everything I pretty much discount anything anyone's rights, but for real and a fan, my sisters, and I must never episode with as a team. Now, although once only the head, my little, I listen to this Rogan upset other how many scissors dia seventeen- oh my average attitudes,
Mr Lamy and Marina who are listening now. Oh my god, I dunno exert out I'll, say highly hammer and we must show me sort of grass and then I will say Hi Laney High Laney High Miranda I'm looking for me. Lamy, Miranda Darcy haven't, we have brother, Will William, oh he just got through God. I've been army, it S. Three I get mutable normal name, we all come random memo. Memo da. The day came home she pursuing acting she's Nobody else in my family is is pursuing. Acting servant is pursuance of this. Damn thing she she just wouldn't she just graduated coding school that was a opposite basically of urine ever totally she's a computer programming and she's close out. What is our goal?
I don't know either the world we need coterie, I mean I I usually yeah. Ok is. Are you like what is it exactly? No, no! No. I think I shall raise with the other nations. Oh ok, I just want to hear one Monaco so certain that that was something we needed because more computer stuff is counter intuitive to me, I hear you say that we need more computer, so they re now without like when you more paintings area. Now I don't care about that more or less. I who care about that. Do you know what she wants. It Ultimately, she wants to write a programme that will eradicate keychain this is sort of new for its new career path, where she sort of discovered it recently where she was asking a friend. What, and even wise, and when they described issues like now, I'm gonna make sense to me and then she watched him. You two tutorials in it too, Billy, clicked, oh and then she like signed up for class immediately and, like graduated,
top of her damn class. Well long. Does that take the waiters telling the story? I am. I was this a two week kind ever I think, only three months or former. Oh really, I was quick and she can fully right software. Ah she's, like a little often in the waters like a little dolphin in the water, all my girls waken away ones and Zeros water guy. I wish I had a she's like my best friend, and I dont know how to exploit. You know make sure my siblings and air super close, and I mean don't ask me to describe their jobs. Ask me to describe their hearts Well, that was my son. You describe your sisters, harm me. What's the age difference and leaning is sixteen months older than me, I'm all, while your mom and dad really winner. Reality is talk about that. There are two other coils and then my brother's three years younger than me and then met Miranda. Memo is nine years younger than me all. You guys are closed closed, as can be it almost. It doesn't even makes sense and makes me feel guilty well
I would imagine, was triggering nauseam. Let you take that guy, because a lot of times you can just chuck that age gap ups like well, it's like an ant like you, know yeah, you didn't you never were really in the same house at the same time it s you are we just we were. We were closely she was a baby? Was it would you say it? It started at least or still as maternal carnival yeah. She was mine in my my This is remaining, I think, would describe it the same way, but we felt like this is our baby yeah. We will attacked and raise our still in her value or one day resulting coding here, which I can't exe or your mom and dad busy. They were I mean busy with for criminal lad in that are you out of here? Sums are: where are you from I'm from the barrier? We shut the pie, but of parenthood in Marine, not the show oh, I was at universal, but but that the house
was our parents house on the show, the house they rented for that shoot these people had seven or eight fully sure redwoods in their yard, which just seemed impartiality like no one can have a redwood tree in their yard. Like I'm, a thousand your duty indeed was thousand years old I dont know, did predate cry. Some other hurries predate cry may have predated crazy, but we are at risk of little easy it. With easy trees for sale. You know Monica does faction at the end, that check me too hard for me to give her use them in my mind, and I think we had three redwoods at our. Oh, my god. It's totally top and now you ve ever been flipping through the channels in stumbled upon one of those lumberjack contests like honey as yeah holy smoke yeah. What are the guys doing of using one Monotone ever one one of the one of the contest is or the events
is cutting like a basically a redwood, our Sequoia, he just a huge tree, have to cut off chunks of it right these guys. If in saws that have boat engines in watching them operator is the most terrifying thing in the world and they will cut through this tree like nine times and twenty second, in its, I imagined so much hearted entity that LUX Absolute right, I've never tried to cut a tree the chains or any not even an ax, but I think it's really. Super hard here or along the street. It hardly my husband just did that. He did Oh yeah, I'm such a babe always and he's really really really I don't know a shockingly good looking as in annoy you shouldn't have gotten over just like when you take your breath away a right it? Actually it's funny that you say that, because we I met him. My thought was this guy's too good looking to even be my
friend, oh what fine? I beautiful about I'm, I'm I'm I'm normal are built like a brick should ever say. That's actually that's great. I love that early. One heard that what we have had this that's a couple known to me. The real ogre weed I describe this run. We have in common is her being built like a brick should, as a monk is like that, is the most offensive complement haven't. We is, but I must say it's like the idea of people agreed with me. I know I've been here, probably right, Monica about it. There is a lot that where, unlike that's all I got so live I'll, take it where it word. Where did you first LA guys, what we literally locked eyes at Disneyland, weirdly enough, we were there with them mutual friends, and I mean I guess, I will not say long story short, there's not much of a story to it. It was he was. He was allay friends with these people and I was like childhood friends with these people. So I was going to do.
And so I met him at design and I'd. Do I only knew this though my mutual friend I didn't he also group of friends there, so I was a little bit of like God, man out and she was really nice to me. That's a great place to meet someone because you're gonna be together for like eight hours and you're gonna be standing in long ass. You like that at all these excuses just be shooting the shit. I definitely, and we even had a moment that I totally remember where we where we had to sit next to each other. Run a ride. Oh yes, my original, like a little sleepily sweep your, Disney lay I yeah and you guys do you guys kind and you keep ending up, maybe next to each other. I Neer India remember or some of the topics you guys were bonding over. I do I mean I know it's funny so if you're so long ago- and in it also, I wasn't clocking him as like my future boyfriend. I truly was like. I can't believe this guy's even give me the time of day.
Ok, I'm I'm like a big, weird milling, but I mean a little your head, you surcharges area, and I also I'm fine. I like like myself, but I was like this guy's not gonna, be this. I'm not hit, I'm not for him yeah listen. I felt that way many times, but but you you have you have the gift of cabin you're, really funny, so really disguise the limit right. Yet he does. He recalls like a sort of loud Burke but I did when I mean now, Michael Jesus Christ, but I'm sure at the time I was being just check farming is how he remembers being likeness girls funny. He recalls that I was money again that goes back to your confidence
so, if you let out a big ballots, were you getting into some of the fun or food over it anyway? I am cheese on us. The weird like our corner now get design is not to be mass. It's beautiful it s a beautiful snack, yeah and had you consumed issue corn dogs. I may have had a few. I guess what I'm blaming jacket betrays a chase. Did you forces verbal or was an inevitable? I wouldn't have been an accident. It would not have been in like our Europe. You made a choice. Sometimes you it's Vandyke push out for comic affair. You can do that undermine here. Then you can the bonds of jealous. Will you pop one out? I mean like no, I can you imagine my driving in your car right now, we're like running on the treadmill and all of a sudden like a big loud like citizens, Bert, comes in years, and I can imagine that, because I was doing the o Reilly theme, song and dance.
I changed. The two may boost the singers clearing their thro, his part of, though, all right who signs that goes, o o o Reilly, what everyone Riley, because it means that doing it yours is greater, really make sense. We do murmured. I really hope somehow the folks at all really hear a word of this in just try one. Do you like a small market? I didn't get a car, it could be really virus. What is also clear that are always we all recognise that look I needed later. I haven't even train. Remember they get a distributor out. This is some free press boy that may now they are so like, but back there
built like a breath, is meant for men. Do yeah roads, bridges, definitely internally. What does it mean? I mean I know what it means, but if we sort of breakdown built like a prick, a brick house right, we're your house, I should have an outhouse ill. So I was just explain and Monica it really. What it does is its plain heavily on the three little pigs. So you had a straw house, though Woodhouse in a brick array, a brick, as was the best, the most unwell radio ray I say, and so in there traditionally border. You know shit houses, outhouses we're just really flimsy, rightly to a few pieces. A would be ages pointed mighty drowse. Not there is a will. There is a horrible, affordable, potty out there. So I just it gives you know like anyone who take the time to build a bridge outages very well built. So premium, can arise in like breaking up with somebody interest being like your built like a strike.
Shit house now. That's just it is interesting as I do better. If you like, on jail in on the streets right, we went to universal city, walking just started asking people. Would you rather be too, bribed as a straw shit over there I ve no uniformity, the I even Riverwood you'd want strong and tell me why cause there's also something about the combination between brow, and shit in one, alas, raise its like local NGO like some order than I can like a big old like shit outbreak of Chechnya, outing Abrek, shooting a break shooting. Bread and meat is second home. So then, is like your bid. You look like a big piece of shit. Ok, we will hold on now and once again this year, but I guess what I'm asking is: do you think by chance that, because there's mortar involved in bricks in between the bureau, that
we're thinking somehow that's shit and that in a straw, construction there's no place for many years. It will be greatly straw right, it would hold it together. Actually, shit would be better, was trot and break one. Often, european cow pasture and you'll see their Ex Romania's dung scare within an intellect. Chaucer straw was not digested, proper anything when it I mean this is so goofy, because we're talking about and accept that I built like a brick should have some we're still talking about it, but it is a thing where, where I like it, isn't it, I think, being like enough. What child and being M tall woman and in not being built of straw, It has been for me personally. I have really decided that it's ok to not
He built like straw, yeah yeah me, you know where maybe I have like issues with it when I was younger now and now I am what I am yet by I am what I actually. However, one should right, maybe takes a while to get to your own, whatever it is, whatever, whatever piggies house, you want you are building, will back the Disneyland you you had. You had your pounded, a few corn dogs, maybe some soda, there's bubbles you refuse to embrace this. You let out and you're a future? May he he digs it does exist. It is a display of confidence because its utmost a lot of it. You know what appear to be afraid of, from someone right right around so a real display, an incorrect. You found out your peacock feathers yeah. Do. You think that was one of the moments for him that he collect in. Like me, weirdly I do. I think I think he if he was here right now. Probably say like that. Wasn't the type of girl
he was hanging out with a fine. He was hanging out with like some real hot allay girls problem. We weren't doing a lot for his like brain. His fire rain. I write his upper brain he's upper brain elaborate, his nor the reality I so much for as little brain like on ordinary negative, is not doing things that, yes, I think he was. I think his thought that day was kind of like is this. We are now. I like em, which he would do which he still does like. I advise. The men and women to take. Those swings has even if they back fire. You basically just weeded out a good chunk of people. You don't really want b. I totally agree. I took in their Suno with dating and with like what do I hide from him or her, and what, when do? I tell them this weird thing about me: it's like get to it shut like yeah. Do not do. This slows reveals that yeah yeah do you think
and this is now more of a hard, sir, in question that had you two did, he might have asked you to marry him out. Spot says that would be the ultimate swaying revel hears. Here's a weird thing: ok, painless tat at this on the show before I think you have Jason. I do in front of each mine is, how do you exactly exists, are constantly leaving the room and going in the back yard. I honour, I dont think either of us. Our big too, in general, lucky you coming. I say we don't buy me a specific diet. I dont know about a no. We don't. We just learned your corn dogs on one occasion calls here. I am yet we don't worry. We're not. I dont know why we we, We are in a normal, healthy couple. We pay in front of each other. We can learn from each other. We, u go poop in front of each other, you not proven from each other, but maybe I don't move in front of anyone ever and alive after the. I absolutely agree, I would say I
say if I really, if someone charted it, we had a ratio how much time Chris Deniers and talking India, because she's out busy during the diameter of kids rights with actual one hour shouting time is by beds in the fifteen percent of either she's on the candour I'm on vacation. Ok, what have they? Let's machine, improved in front of me within I'd, say the first seven eighty selling off with her and by the way I am like, I'm a very innately. Codependent person. So this did there would be a deal breaker. The thing you guys got knowing it would be like something like your definitely uncomfortable over. I can accept that. I'm somehow making you on condoms, you're gonna, have to far in you gonna have to poop. This is less. Do they re all? Well, we also would we don't hide the Pope right you don't know is hiding display the Buber you're right, but we are not like I. I need
alone time. You know where that I notice I'm going to put right now and then I close it are ok your preference that he brought doesn't going there for some, though we re at a time After I mean he doesn't care I, this is the weird thing is like we dont care, but we still do this again. This keeps coming back Stern and I wish it were, but he's a big proponent of never forbidden from each other? He thinks it's a great way to keep things. Actually, I not require something to keep it sexy like right. I'm horny imagined I like I don't want your. She should approve in the kitchen or I be bombed by carried out, but that will be horn yeah. You have manner while you some reason why, but, but also in the van, very early stages of dating. We went away to do this movie together. We both get the worst food. Nor was it who boys he was some kind of flu battle, tat right and we're the sharing of army we're like six weeks in updating the unjust she needed my assistants times. Unlike what once that of,
Happily, I forget. If I hear it's weird thing, I really I can't like emphasise this enough. We dont care. If he did, I would laugh sure if I did, he would laugh, but we just it's like a bridge that I don't know we ve been together for over a decade. For a decade in it. Have you not heard the care for one another during some flew semi, but not like a diary, a situation? Ok, that that person just see the big private with that ok Guide and then great. I don't you. Yes, I don't think there's a right or wrong answer Some people think what we're doing is wrong. Yet we in our group of friends, we ve, talked about this parting thing lot, because, like half of us do and have the stuff, I just man! You mustn't, but we're here is my other again: I'm gonna per Jagger, maybe you dont far, and maybe that it that's true for you. You would know how Did you think you could put a number on a per day? Could you put in them yours for day. I would say then the twenties, great yeah, I'm sure
I'm a normal amount. Ok, but I'm not like pumping out ok you're, not a foreign, accurate and I've. I've, ok, but but there's no way to know that your husband's now right, he's telling you this, but I find it very. It is now me as a little suspicion regiment. He doesn't have far, but he doesn't have a reason to like. Like is I'm not? I do not find in or he does Did you just say really really isn't like that? I think I do think, since we ve had a dog, it's like me, easier to sneak out how arise tagging. Take let's go back to the Bay area, the city the bad somewhere around all gloomy am might be. Norther cities were used Ebay. So I grew up in a town called Danville wishes them like it's gonna, creaked, Anville, all Lafayette area,
there's an industry there did your folks do something that specifically require delimited anville. Yet well my dad and mom started. This is pretty cool at any rate. For this call, my mom got started this music magazine in their seventies, really ass called ban which stood for Bay Area Music, ouch and so it was they who, in Vienna in the Sixtys and Seventys like the Bay area music scene, would end the eighties and Ninetys very music, seen as like, very core ya, and so this this magazine and in it did really well it was like you know that was our. That was our whole deal. That was your. How you know that's how he lives It were the hours long language life of someone running a publication mean it was mamore dad the editor were, they call editor dad wise mammals, like mom, was raising for kids and also like I issues like them, I wouldn't say like the brains behind, but you know she was very involved that Brazil kind of at home and kind of shore outwork, Flexible Seattle and once when.
Yet for kids, it was like a lot of a lot of it and, if you're a magazine covering music, I assume than they have to go to concerts late at night like it's a yeah now, which was great because they so we own answers from. I think my first concert I was like five in what kind of music was this magazine If hovering, I understand Bay area specifically liked upon seeing or the like a lot of, Rock n Roll, ok and then also like into the Ninetys. It was like hip hop, adapt to it, you know? Like a cover, would be like queuing who is in the eighties or a journey or something or a lake, or I mean I was I was or you know like in the sort of nineties. Grungy area was lot of lake honey I moved from Nirvana tonight, honey, the rain stacks and, I believe, govern Nirvana through going to a mud, honey. These guys are real ass. They played smells like team spirit over like, while waiting for the show too began in reality. What is Don't you remember that feeling all
probably more than any answer me two years time. I heard it. Where were you? I wasn't. I find more lives house and I warn I've a hive HIV allow the hive aghast? and and a girl and seventy since high school, but so big shot us alive, and I heard song and I loved it in a rock my world, and I could only picture like poison or or or Randy yeah, I pictured huge hair and like spandex, unlike ripped night, you know they're, like yeah poison, I guess his home thinking in Ireland vessels. Hang you Asher its rice, a wonder what they look like I didn't. I mean they delivered That is really my life changed. It is this
she's, the maybe it's not suspicious, but most of those like pearl, jammed, Jaska regulating sound garden they were found in IRAN is good and what are the odds that you're you're? U can sing like risk while an you look like Chris, I kindly Jordan being so good rating. It suspicious write anything of all the people that are not good looking that are made at that time to digest and get the as that. What has happened now, I'm Emily further Sunlike ago out there who can sing like another forget that we just don't give the children. I broadly stop and understand how to say is ugly, but it is to say that they wouldn't let him be on his album covers, and it was Christopher Cross in the 80s I made any savings of him because I think he didn't have a care countenance my way of saying. I think he was a little old man yet and indeed they kept them all right. His album groundwater so useful voice. Yes in people, I think the women again are making some just some share, but I have to imagine women lights Christopher cross little more than man, even a man like that they probably publicly warrant saying they loved requisite,
little like. I love will be used him in high school. I wasn't advertising that any my brow right. I wish she did well treated. Eleven weakly and I my best friend, were driving down the road and was wrong Christmas time in fucking. Came on the radio and it was literally had seen out of Tommy boy were alike. I didn't turn turn and then about mid song. I just go to them Love Undecided goes only go. My sister got this tape for Christmas and I've been listening to it when she leave as energy ass. It was a great asset summits, ok, so anyways. Yes, these guys were gorgeous yeah. I heard the song oh yeah, and I did children If I were to say that my like my idea, and he s a junior higher was like us very wrapped up in, unlike alternative music. I wouldn't have guessed at about. This is a fundamental area. I was so deeply deeply obsessed with
programme in any letter so hard core. Yet there was there was a ton of great music Also like him did you collect record's. Did you have banned tee shirts? Who has your full identity? We? It was also wrapped up in my parents, because we, you know they we were very. Involved in their work. I guess so we would go to countries with them. My dad would get like a box of free tape, cities, records like every in a month before they came out, it would say promotional. I have like a lot of pride in what sure dead. Yeah. That's a really unique thing for free for to have power. It's that are in the museum, austrian capacity at very rare yeah. It was really a cool it was. It was such a cool way to grow up- and I knew it then even nonsense and went out into the magazine when the internet of took over all boys sort of. Like somebody ass, I have to tell you what I mean it was. It was sad because it was like, I think a magazine sort of folded with the internet
it was like, if you didn't figure that out right away. Yet Basically create an online places right which is similar in then. You would be given in a way which, by felt although I should say it's a free magazine or is it just advertisement? Yes, aid for everyone here? Yes, absolutely right to say that I was right. Yeah I also had some other magazines, he had a car, right wing and Computer magazine called Micro time's up like a real abc. No really going is your dad's alive. He is, I feel like I would like. His great and he's always how I wouldn't do not tell us how he's normal I better. I've got some Hollis, Hell, uncles. Ok, but I've gotta get the, I think, he's like six foot or finally be small pond stop all gray, you not really got he's not have logically rate in energy and also like nice once he had kids they base. They shaped up a lot, I believe, but he just there, which is great there
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just twenty five dollars in. If you go to get quip, dotcom slashed acts right now, you'll get your first reveal pact for free with equip electric toothbrush. That's your first reveal back free at get quip CALM, slashed acts, g d Q, do ip dot com, Slash India, so initial really like fascination, music and love of music is coinciding with a parallel interest in movies and tv I or yeah. I think it s. It's like there is something, I was a little kid about, seeing someone on a stage that, like tell supported me, try so whether it's a concert even like ballet or something or play, something where I was just like- I mean to view, I would like lose my mind afterwards. I would just be a like my own little world thinking about like what was it like, How can that stage in what is it? What are you doing now? Where they backstage? Are they like everything
thy round yes. Yes, yes and you use your brother three years younger the act of Visa, your middle child male did you feel like you're, getting enough attention, I mean there's, not theirs, such thing rated right, right, you're, right, sometimes I complain about our union of attention in umbrella barrymores, this broadly honest to say, like there as an array of rain, good, good Irene. I think I think I got a lot of attention and I would go over the toxic No such thing generally funny, yeah! Ok, I got you be you musically yourself at all, yes, but not in a way like I, you know I only in that way, I was in a lot of musicals, but not I'm not like you can say, yeah, ok, have you got it right? Really, I beg you gas workers. I actually did me the guy's rouses Isaac and hold it in a utilise the opportunity. That's really guy, so do you
they're doing what, like I'm nice, will the Adriatic that started in like junior high, I started doing like community theater, but I did we, I'm gonna just my headphones and I'm so scared that lose you guys are gone and, moreover, I am theirs just one ten, why not ten t ever dynamic mountain areas will be the price, when a real real price for you to go tend to right now. If I was room for any video with us three here, I don't know what the real number of its laws if I can offer you so be worn away an antenna like really. Think of the reality of sitting down on the toilet and plop in some out here to me, the great tactic is the first think of something you really want that you don't have the money by well. Maybe that's a house is so you have a number of what you need to get away, so I would be the house that young Kristen women now, ok, ok,
Ok, that's it that's! A lot of I would prove and voting for much. We are waiting to take our twenty thousand. Only those thousand no medium in Denmark. We now want to blame anyone. Does she won't do anything for me right, she's, two principles. I tried offer money all the time to do stuff and she just she's she did wanting entertain right. You really want to play the game with, as will you I was ask your how much to have sex with one of our friends of banana I dont think you ve met his friend and she just would not Nottingham. Let me see me well, I mean, obviously, would it be like the friend didn't know that you're getting paid for? Of course, that's no way to do. I don't know you're over thinking so much the years. The simple promise you wouldn't normally have sex with those in swords. How much to have sex with someone you would normally. I was actually interest. You have to pay someone to have sex with those programmes in all those making way more emotional right, which is a very simple you wouldn't yourself in the head with a pot in life.
I got ology yourself in ahead with that pan any global the pan things that I don't want to be hit in the head by it. Literally nobody these you would never go to a person. We know that is like you would never think all the pan I would never want to hit myself, I'm ahead with it, because that port, what are you talking about? We have tat. You have to get the person in on it right louder. Does everything everything the transparency around Rafe ass, the board? It would not be great. There would not be great idea like oh, why even I wasn't. There are we have many friends in our social circle that don't want to have sex with me at all, and then, if Did they say what's the price at all yeah, it doesn't mean they're, not that they think I'm ugly right whatever they dont want, have sex with me, but then there is a right that they would and I get that there's no emotional baggage. For me, I think of actual act, because How much of that is wrapped up in like not see emotions but like the feeling is amazing, unwanted Yemeni.
I don't know, I don't like advising you guys are just really get into how sausages. May I did I'm just saying how much I have a bite of the yummy socks, but there's no. We now have door, we got the sauce, that's that's really greatly putting it. Oh, oh ones, in our totally off track. It's a stranger, get getting paid two aspects of this year. I will give us a price for their probably yeah. Ok, but I can't know the human and have that beer. It would just be zero die, it would just be a just, would not do it or you would do for free those are below to address ran ah there. For me, there's a for every human I've ever met. Yeah, oh interesting. I'd. I'd have sex with any human being of ever refer either. No most of you have sex with deeds were very. Maybe I did indeed have to pay me a lot. I would I don't want to have sex with a man now. You know now now
it must be must be Crystal clear. I think I like how much delay my face some Brad Pitt, Chaz assured of free share on their you want that a why not right Stop hug him other sorts of grave, I'm for free Maybe I'll? Even bait analyses some like he likes impacts on the lip yeah, I'm there too great make out with Brad I dont, that's I'm out now I don't believe you, I dont really. Neither do I but I mean so honours. Why would I draw the line, but also what? If what if it was for Madeira? Oh you do do all day long could have made up with deeds. I kissed because deal the other day, yes a view, as you have done that before. Why would it you'd do that with your? I don't know I'm getting paid to do that, I'm also trying to fulfil a desire. My sometimes when I'm playing characters they like Guy S, so that any blizzard completely gathering trim My own desire to have bread pits tongue in my mouth along is zero rate to feel his lips
up touching mine, it's a damn it I dont know why that the guiding pucker to just a quick little Tom. I mean, let's go you in that situation before you better having a butter stepping stone. We like how much or what you're out attend desire that he just takes me. The bottom lip into his wife was not anymore. It's just a flush cares right now he's taken my lip into his mouth, maybe a little bit of teeth, sure learnedly rival, maybe a start software there is a thousand. I feel some teeth man in every line. He such a nurses or horny a vast career.
When do you start? What do you do you now that your parents are now pursue this yeah? Not pursue that? I don't need your parents, I've lost the ability to reject any jack as they pursued something how an Irish, when they love, is like a rock band and lake very little What does he's great tennis, tennis, Eric anymore Eric and their great unloved arm Russell yeah, you gonna want ass yet and all his the problem here is often worry. I wages iter the danish and Greek. Oh wow, look even imagine I have My best friends, is a hundred percent greek, very pure Monica, very pure here we d twenty three main results: MAC and down. She hated that. I was saying that I am very well aware that Georgia areas, but also because I was really right- was a hundred yards loud pure, is the worst rated as it is very offensive in triggering scares crowns, races. Yeah mainly media is just about the purity
but there is no hierarchy to me. What, if it's, not better radio hundred percent pure indian piano or why is playing a blind blue eyed boy? It's hard to hear you say: people have the right to submit area that I dont. Yes, not nice place gap, but but the USA, to your parents, I'm gonna fuckin! Do this Anna be an actor yeah, and did you go to college before I did. I went to college for it air southern organ University. Lend Oregon. Oh sure, I've driven through At times we take the back rode up to the wood river ya gotta go through their that's right and it's a big like Shakespeare town. They have that yeah. So it was like a really feel very like a theatre, Nerdy, town, ok, you're in Heaven there I was in Heaven there yet, but I also I was in Heaven there for years, but I was like get me to fucking New York. Ok, but but also I went, I mean I'm guessing. They know nothing about echelon or that town yet or the culture thereby my assumption is their prizes in dramatic
Getting in our Europe. Going like a wider. Now, how are you feeling as confident in your germanic work? As you are your communication you want, I I am or I was like that the yeah I I didn't know what how do I put this? I knew that I was funny and I knew that I could act funny onstage, but I didn't want to be a standard. The answer. I didn't know that there was even another round. Yeah, what wasn't I live? I gotta that was an option that was like. I do. You know that was a thought it was like. You could do that in a enough usually like I watch sitcoms enough so knew you could I do I dont know what I was like I to be, after you must study spear and and though the street plays and like be confident in in all acting. That was like what I was dead. Sat on it. I think for some reason that was like instilled in me early, maybe I'm like, like Highschool Theatre or something ok, something right which is, you know,
Obviously, as we know now, not for some of us have become employed without any sugar. Exactly I mean so many of us have, I think, about the reading of it. Well, I guess it is likes. It goes like no. I dont understand a fucking thing that Indonesia reading another language. Yes in in that that I would be same words. Actually don't understand it like that. That's impressive to meet, people can do, and I just for me was like learning to read music reality knows I can't do it in. There was different levels, even like in my college of people who, like really understood it p worry. There is like this big festival. The big shakes professor, it was almost like. What's the word for money, money, money you? U times in our own yeah great words, both but later near, to understand and be good at Shakespeare in that town was like current so but then get I n. It was great and it was you know it was a great education and then I moved to New York and was like what do I do with it
Yeah yeah, you know, Romania and by There is so much more than just shakes there. We were doing. We were doing like theatre top to bottom and there was one class that was called, but this was like a snooty college in it was great, but there is a class that was like comedy acting. Even that was like I'm talkin to my lanes, rich now taught by a guy that I had a big crash. I owe you, do you a modicum I get into this? Are you Jim They attracted to people like teachers have already ass, am maintaining a I now I mean I think, that's gonna, where the older I get, but in high school and organise legal stems from daddy, She is a woman idea that would be low. Gotta go to outline a nine are now. I don't know no, I mean I didn't alike, with Euro area it some you guys, are like up
we'll junkies like I am, and there the there the arbitrary along the approval, access yeah, that's totally at, but also their so in their Elam confidence. They can't that there, the big to see each other in their element and their teaching. You something you don't know it so sexy. It is in the end, if you think back, like all the teachers you had crashes on, probably not that good, through my now. I just did this. My had a huge crash on this college, professor and she looked him up on face- turned apparently anxious she'd hidden, that does well. I want to know- and he didn't have any picture new- pictures. I still has attracted the answer I was now I mean there's and so what you guys think about the moral implications of updating teacher? That's fine! We meaning, if you're in college,
you know it's hard because in college it felt like it would have been fine, but I'm a college professor. Now guess it depends on age is a big thing, but having you aren't position of power you're. So it's like what's the difference, if it isn't where these things get really tracheotomy, because if the both parties, he's a lover. I dont understand. Why were passing judgment on their sent? Their feels, like I do think in all of our movements that are good and progressive and should be happening. I also think we need to police herself about falling into our puritanical trap, because I think we we as a country are just really puritanical b founded by Puritans. So I think a lot of things feel right, but what's really happens, I know we're just afraid of sex and I just always want to counterbalance when we're just being afraid of sex. So twenty two year old woman, a college is in love with her thirty eight year old, professor, I'm sure a lot
people would say no, he has a power in this in that, but also edition. Only true, is like a bolt people horny for each other. They want to fuck. It is a great memory for the rest of your life for both of them one on earth. We say Ray. I right at the outset that I am a little crazy to me right. I also thing: there's a big deal I shall come to this all the time. You'll hear the story about the twenty four year old teacher. I haven't with the fifteen year old females do now, and I'm like that, Motherfucker totally behind bars, Rafe, but then one amount about the sixteen year old, whose fucking is like hot thirty. Two year old, english teacher am like good on your mail. I went on I five. We feel like that when I heard the venom I know it. But when I was sixteen, there were a few teachers. I wonder Bang and I would not have been a victim like and I would have been stoked I'd be carrying run those VON memories for the rest of my life. For me to have been a big, we re rate, I think, without a doubt. It's like a case by case issue re yes, maybe that's the meaning out away. I value because I think there are plenty of lake. Ok
here again. I know there are eight year. I think there are plenty of boys in high school that could be. Terms for sure. There are plenty of like Dat shepherds that our like I'm down, yeah, well, yeah, well, you're, lard and yeah. Show useful things. Thirty two year old, but but I am a million in owning the fact that there is some kind of weird sexual double standard, where I think the girls are victims in the guys or victors, and that's clearly flaw right. Yeah acknowledging map make clause dicey, We are all over me, get you did you get to hang out any of those teachers. You lie to congregate, looked up with a time, their hopes for the future, but I did hang out with that teacher more than I should have where, like we see what he was in, the sledge Astute, not assume teacher, but he was therefore just like one semester cooled yet
I believe in and out for one semester, and I was barely even your television, barely legal anyone. I would like in using cow yeah yeah, now. I know nothing happened, but we would we would be at a bar in it. We just had like a. We just had a good chemistry by the way he probably also the exacting chemistry ten other college girls. You produce bright, good chemistry. The dew had Canada's again, do you remember the signals? We would send I don't think I dont think I was subtle, really arab and I know I have other moves Monica nobody's going on in your main page, three playbook. I really so you are an aggressor. Not the right where you aren't. We approach your proactive and you like somebody. I think. That's in I ok, I dont again, I don't wanna like debt and talk down on myself because I think
I'm fine. I also know another supermodel and I know I am. I am what I am again Papa, but I think I realized early on. I remember a feeling early on of maybe like fourteen years old, very where I was like- and I have this talk of my best friend Lindsey Rush, who still investment gazing in we we were basically like there will be. There will always be like hotter girls than us, but I think, we meaning anyone in kind of any woman. Can I get who ever you want? Yes, it was. I go hunters. It was a big like d, like something went off my brain where I was like we're, not the hottest girls of his party. But how does guy this party- and I want to make out with him- and I think I can yes- it was weird yes and I'm not sort of trickles into maybe like life. Yes, woods, we're I'll say that I have the exact same thought in its probably arrogance, but I've always thought
if you give me enough time, was somebody like. Yes, I don't think anyone has turned their head. Looking at me on the street, I dont think its ever have come on. I really don't think so in all again in this will help yeah yeah. It doesn't really matter ray. You look like right now. It only matters what you think you look marriage to legislate. I thought I was a sex and I think I'm a sex fame here there you go, that's all that really is relevant, but I thought If you give me enough time was somebody I can. I can figure out how to connect with you. I feel the same way tat. I feel the exact same way and maybe that's why you know him by the way. I think it's largely true yeah, so I think we should have that confidence yeah that they they are enough for any person total if you just have an opportunity to show them who you are. I do I don't know like I like your signal I mean I do. I think that with my family, my kit, my kids, my siblings and I were raised with this weird confidence, and my parents were basically just like you guys- are great and
can do whatever you want. As a thing, my dad would say, to us alight you ready for this year a lot before a play before us. Swim made before something like a big event. He would go. You are the best. You are the king of the war, broad, there's, nobody better than you, and you will see it all the time in a kind of Gaza I gotta get really really. That was like what I would need to hear and then I'd be like yes, yes and the king, world, and then I would like to do the thing that I needed to do. That's probably advice for me call when I imagine myself in that situation with my own kids, I think I would have a much more long. Winded life listen. This is for you, ray it's not further raising manner if they like it lay I try to get into some way to be around seven, probably about eight about like you're out, show yourself. You'll do this I mean that's also great advice. I mean in your I've, seen you your kid you're, an amazing dad and Christians in amazing mommy when you're around, like I put all right all right, but in others
do you think he told the guy, though, do you think you're actually said like I, you are good, looking anything you're that I didn't say something along the lines of like will. We clearly have crashes on each other now I know that's great you. Let me know per right in what was his response. You remember going. I think he was kind of like hearing the police on my head load guy, yeah good fantasy gap, so good and we're I've. We can say if I listen to that now as an adult, what I believe, what is up with this fuckin do that if it came out today it just wouldn't it when people be allowed, saw it got in under the under the daddy, I stay ass. So what his response. He was a little bit like work, but also like yeah, where there is a lot of talking. There was no follow through.
By a year which is probably for sure the best way for this to go down right so I went when you're in your view. Is you see me? The first place used are pursuing it yeah yeah, so that that was the dumb bright citizen of our gaze and started by Polar Amy, Polar Manchester Molly. Only in Robert Simeon Robert Jasmine Programme for these Marcia yeah homo rabies. No, do you she's. A do I mean only limited european markets. Do not ok! Ok, I mean the three days and to do tat I feel like that is probably the title and improbably as the first hour somewhere in Amerika ass. Yes, so that was busy, you see we show in New York was when my brain sort of change. Where I was like. Oh I don't. I don't know about any of this other stuff. This is what I want to do right like I'll. Come valiantly like a jack I'll bet fit a hundred percent right and then did you, I'm not totally Sir Now you see me works how comparatively the girl
but there's levels eyes. Yeah, it's a little! Some! I think it's pretty similar you take class. There did you blow through. Did you like you, well at it. I would say I did well. I did, but I didn't blow through, I feel like I was unlike a slower path which, which honestly does vague. Commissioner, You repeat levels and spoken, make you repeat levels I never had to Ripley. I will say this: I never. I never had to repeat a level, but I did repeat many level. Ah, I loved it. I couldn't get enough of it. I it was my every it was like the. That I breathe. It was like my religion sure it was the thing: will you I'm gonna make it your entire world as it requires that level of dedicate right because you're paying money take these classes you're, seeing shows, and at all hours of the night you're you're making you're you're you're job almost in your life in your social circle and it would be totally takes over. You become obsessed with the people,
since in retrospect, felt so bad for my girlfriend Bree who live with me through national period, and we couldn't do a single thing without me, recognizing that it was a sketch a manner. What we were doing we're at the bank were getting dinner. Everything I was just because I needed the I needed fuck material in any, was all consume it yet and it must have been a drag totally yeah, I'm the same how're you supporting yourself. While you were in New York City with, like a million jobs, I was an nanny that was name best, favorite job too many families and then sort of pounded on one then I ve, no ten being in waitresses like a normal day, would be to jobs and show at night wilder. And did you live in Manhattan, Jason and I lived in Manhattan for the years and in Brooklyn for many years. Ok, was Jason doing during the hearing, so he was using can go
people he was looking gorgeous and he heard it s now doing production like doing m pressure on the digital shorts Oh, really like the long. We only got yeah. Oh wow, and then were you in any way jealous of that now. Proximity, and all that I mean not jealous, It was at a time where he got hired there at a time where friends of ours were being hired is cast and writers. So it was definitely a world are we were all of a sudden. It was like this, this is becoming real, yeah yeah. So did you audition for them? I never addition for at me. I mean either you're a friend or an agent or somebody would be like you should submit to share, and I wouldn't I was I mean. How do you I said a man like submit. I think I think in New York. That was, If you like a more popular thing today. Ok, you would submit a tape of like character all guy, and every year, some one would say you should do it the share and, I would say no
I would be like I'm not ready, or I would basically sabotage, I would self sabotage. I'm like I was, ready, I mean I had a million characters, that's like what we did every night at you. Cv was like bees many as now additions right. I would it It was just a very weird. I dont know what it what it was like to two. I wanted it to badly, so I could not even think to make it a reality or or be told no rain do using part of it was you thought you were going to have a single shot at it like leaving. This will be the one time they about. You. Wait me yeah. If I suck here never watching the tape again yet I think it was that I also think I was cell afraid of of having my like one true drew in that sense I mean doing, unlike fearing the salary. Now, if I submit and they said no. That means my dream is ends yeah. That's it
yeah, a hundred percent, so I was equally immersed in the Groundlings world and what was really weird is that the Sunday company may be before minor too. Before mine, they came in there got my out of that one and it just so happened that they had gotten people. Right before mine, and then they got people right after might think they never to. My knowledge came to, on the issue, which is what generally happened Christian. We got out of the Sunday, so they d never came. So then I of course never not even that I would have been one of the people. It would have offered an audition do, but regardless it didn't happen, but I can't even imagine similar to you had I got an audition what fear level were flying in New York and trying to do that? Knowing exactly what you're saying as well, this is forgot that was the entire game plan. What on earth my doing with my light, yeah that was as terrifying. And then you set a singular go like that. It's Danes
I barely could speak it out loud in that was. The thing is, is if somebody again a friend or an agent or somebody would say like submit this year, I wouldn't be like- will hears it It's all. I want in the world right now, I'm good inside? I would be like That is that's it for me here so and then there was even a point early, like probably, you may lay twenties where like well, I'm too old, now, aha, which is insane re up, but you talk yourself out of it. Yet was really I mean an end by the way. It's all fine, I like, where my life yeah. You know. Well, that's what's crazy that I kind of try to say that often on here, which is like you should be flexible in your life, because it just in my experience the things I got and pined over they didn't have the result. I thought they were going to happen. Then things I barely one to do turned out to be the best things in my life so like have just a modicum of faith in that you're gonna be on a path that look back.
Like so yeah, I'm not only the Mena be so dead, set on it's one thing right and other make. It helps to have skills that, obviously, that you can do multiple. So what makes you moved away so Jason, what kind of ready to move we ve been in New York for ten years and or I had been in ten years for ten years, and she's got a job at funnier die out here, a guy in that we were just sort of looking. We work so many move to allay inward grade and some would move out with job someone just move out to edition in the idea of moving out there, just with nothing was so stressful to me right, overskirt yeah, so we kind of did that in that Jason had something. But I didn't so we were set. We were settled in financially fine, we had a place to live and he had a job, but the first couple years for your work. Be able to go to this use. Ebay raised great yeah, though it's great, so there's so from the listeners. You done the New York City and allay used to be and there's a lot
overlap, but I think I also thought it would be an easier transition into like. Well, I you know: do it not Sunday company, but we have asked that right at Use Vienna MIKE. I've been doing ask added at New York, you see for five years. Clearly I can just like walk onto the stage here yet, wasn't, there was some like We are aware that there are not enough progress, yet it was good for me, the always like a nice little reality, but knowing you had a little almost exactly how to be, it was great, very helpful and then is is good place. The first big thing that you get yeah it is, it is the first I mean that. Yeah I mean I, I got to do a bunch of episodes of broad city which was too said. I came up with Albion wanna at you CV and thus a great show that I love and people are but I owe you know, I was in a few episodes season. It was a small, it was small role, but it was kind of life.
Changing. I was like on a tv show that people loved, but but also it what you know I wouldn't be so excited to go to set, and I was so fund like watch out- you don't wanna do their thing, and I was so so grateful that they kept having me back, but I would I would be set for one day and then I would like a bit they get to do this. Yeah I'm back tomorrow, and so it was it was. Amazing, but I really was like if a member of a government that yeah you- and along the way before you get good place. This is justified. Factory. I don't want you divulge any of his personal secrets, but you are will forties, know they'll hear Bill Haider S. Yes, he's nanny units, it's not surprised me that I just confuses too because their among them, I asked for guys, I think, the most unique perspective. I totally yes, a bill hater, so Europe will hate her name right yeah, I was
in New York, I started babysitting for bill when his oldest daughter, whose, like nine now guidelines, form and sought ah and said that was my family. That was like the family that I was with every day that I you know, when they move to allay similar Timey Alex six months after ass. Ah in having leave them, was like a break up. It was my family like these two. They have three daughters, number, two daughters that we're, like my I mean to say, much children is an insane thing to say, but, like the loves of my life right and most important people in my life, yes and is really hard to leave them, but then they decided bill left us now me they came to allay It sounds like weirdly nanny weirdly, that a consistent source of your own self esteem stems from being maternal, unified, you have to carry your sister yeah. I think that must have made you feel good in some way for share and then taking here these children have you feel good man in order.
One might ask why don't do have fears about? How will I work? If I have a kid, yeah, I do I do I do now is correct. I have therefore- and I'm not even a woman right, but you guys it there, it so complicated and people say it'll be complicated like when he asked as it as a female. You know that at some point there's like this choice, you have to make between career and family and new think like nor down. I don't have to make that choice in this. I can make it work and then there there comes a point where you're like this is a choice. It I have to make yeah and may like to do yeah so much sadder too, for you guys, because, This case scenario, if I'm under by I can I can have a kid at sixty eight why river unwilling dated twenty eight euro, one of sixty eight? That's Dillon
yeah, so whether or not I would even take that option, just the pressure being off of me of like. Why can figure this out down the road? It is much easier does in they talk about the clock over this freezing eggs thing eyes. I like it. I did hear I recommend to all my female actor. Friends are in this predicament. Unlike just go, freeze may rise and then just take your money off of that in that's it we're going to mean it's a great option. It is a great one. Then you really are your schedule later. I I'm o Jason. I a situation which is I we know that I can't I have to have. He asked allocated another welcome regulation can grow even such great Nigeria. We we like it makes it a weird step more complicated, obviously, because you can't like academic pregnant, but also,
you really planet which in some ways you would think as an actor that's great, because then you can planet on your off season or whatever, but I just keep lake pushing it under the rug and being like a do it later and I've been doing for like eight years now occur because I would imagine we parallel alot, which is you guys, do won't kill one of kids like the second, we gotta general, that many words my hot dog has Fayza Yes, you know you want that right and then also you have spent Eve dedicate entire life. To this task of of being honest, said as much as you can guess you love it ragged, but just so you know I wouldn't buy into the fantasy better lever, geek Crystal clear makers. When Christian, not you might look at Christen angle like while she was already sorted. J was already the leader thing at him. She news, you could work and Balboa. That being said, she felt
the identical way that you feel that there is not you're. Not gonna magically feel differently about it, you're just gonna. Take a contrary. Actually at some point is my gas ethical, because belle and I were like well it's pretty damn good, like we weaken travel and we don't after work and weakened. Or to travel, and we have this great life. Just sitting in our lab may well advanced. The whole thing up right now and no matter what Don't think. There's a situation that year urine words, not a leap of faith, just in general, LISA I experience it still stressful, no matter what You might have a number in your at item number. May I wish we had this much in the banker feel much more comfortable about having can then I know if we can't work, we can leave, raises global over what yet it's all horseshit right. You just have to yet in all works out in weirdly, she's probably worked Morrison's having collaborated before having kids and same with media and yet were still there for the kids. So it is very good. He had I- and I know that, but its height it's it's hard when you're looking at yourself, you like the eight would be, I feel it would be, so
easy for me to just sort of fall into the background and disappear. Ah, that's they are right, of course, because that seems to be the easiest thing to happen. If you're not actively throwing gas on the fire rang as business like you, that that's the name, natural state of things is to disappear. I remember I'm here and and and want to clear one thing up, because I asked urge people around here to have kids and young people be like your shaming people for not having to die or be very clear. I have a lot of people on here that I think should be having kids or are fucking society. There are a lot of people having kids that I dont advised Afghans and then I look at someone like you. Who's been nurturing children, since you were a nine year old, you're, the diverse national. The kid and I want people good parents, populating the earth,
a lot of my motivation and the times is that I get some enemies worrying, like Jason, with your girls, he's no genuine log them and they fucking loving. How much has dealt a luxury I mean she's like they are equally obsessed with each other vs yank He feels his rather bs icebreakers totally dear that's buried share in she throws rather yeah she passed down other show she put on for you guys. Last time we like hooked up eating, she was being so funny She knew it you she knew it, but he never ever went to well too many time now. That's the amazing thing, find something that's funny, but she doesn't overdue at which kids don't do very often overdo it. They find the thing that people after and another great and then your twenty right. Oh you want you want me to say something funny way. Now, fuck you yeah! Here's an but the thing they got me that is either you wanted a hungry. He wanted a hog and she said can't busy chill the car is using all the means
regards nor to write. That was great, busy children's Helen and she was leaning like with our help out unlike her hand, on her I mean Jos, exaggerated essay, the way she so funny server so funny, quite real, quick, so bill. You guys are super clause and in your on beer raids, did he did you got that so exciting it was so exciting and it was a funny thing because you know I've been so close. Of him and his family for so long, but we never. We were even though we were doing the same thing we were at such different levels that we truly never even talked about like some day or it was now. I never called in any favours he. Never. We just didn't talk about that stuff, and so, when I got the addition to be on very I almost my instinct was to call him and to be like less not do I think he's gonna be weird and lying. Let's just you know, let's not mix the
I don't want you to have to call me and say like no, you didn't get it or what I'm earlier, but but IE. But then I read the pilot and I character was like so perfect tonight and I wanted to do and the audition was so fond of any call me the day was great because you have any of these things, because Monica does this drives me nuts. I give Monica is anything that we are involved where the ass she has. This, probably you would say better while yearning another. You know, I think, he fears at some kind of nepotism round, like I wouldn't put you in anything in and let you shit, my movie like this, it's not gonna happen. I love you, but I'm not. Gonna is sandbag. My fuckin sometimes been two years of my life. I want to make you happy. I can see from both of your point of view. I didn't. I know that feeling, but also. I also know that you're such a good actor and yours oh great, on camera that like, of course, you're like a lucky to have her. Yes right, even on the good evening
oh, that was a whole ride. Yeah yeah yeah there is a real rollercoaster yeah, because I really like, even before I went in Zaire scoop? Are we scooping read what it means grouping? idle, and I'm going to say I am allowed to say that I was honour or I'm going to beyond would have agreed with, cause. I know I know I was wandering in oh yeah right here. I know Hanukkah's middling, no one! Now before going in that before I was like because it was it not off, yeah- and I was like- I don't know- if I like offer me ever with chips, rosy. Don't even know. If I can do it didn't happen, I didn't audition, I they didn't see me. They don't know. If I were,
look I'm bay. It was me, I know I know MIKE and all that good plays and other writers and set a good place. Just like me. As a person like they don't know. If I can even do this and then I went and on the first day was like I can't Do you yourself it? I was better, be adversary. Let not like you without having anything away, and all you were in a very weird seen that every single person, your position felt the same way. Everybody was like. I don't know what I'm doing, including me. Yes, I don't You are so good you were so. Can you searching for now. I know what you were very happy with with what you see we recorded an hour after left, because you is there for two days and after the first day she came directly here. It is see. Enervate I've been there so many times, my oh, my god, I didn't delivering in its done now in weirdly. I do being offered things is. Where is harder, because this happens to me,
then offer things and I get there like. Why didn't I didn't figure out was a dukes. I didn't audition audition and yet in now and figuring out yeah. Maybe now I'm wrong you. So I think anyone would have that yeah yeah. That's our thing for us to accept is that you, and always will be fucking excellent use was quite often just serve as Santa leisure. Yeah does not yet give up your goal, not not too like break through and shine, but then it's hard as that we are all in the car when, when it's not, you know that I'm timing and laughing and cracking up the camera manner. Never you're like? Well, I guess I'm terrible. While this quit now. Yet the drive you outlined Yes, I guess I've got this. I mean an eyes you more Dr Homes, Morton like battle and not yeah, but let's talk about you do now, because you you about a much harder character than I think people would give credit for or on the service, because you would be like well?
point a robot me. So I guess that's easy. There's not a lot of credit right within a performance of a robot, but then in fact that's probably the single artists thing to do on the sat right because, as an end, sure I don't know how you work, but for me it's like I'm trying to anchored into inexperience. I've had so can relate to the emotions and hopefully bring that Britain that be the worst thing you hear you and your situation. You could not be higher cracked up. That is, tackling. I feel, especially the first season like trying to figure out who JANET was it. We know that, like the way you act is to Lake reacts to what you're seem partner gives you, and yet, unlike tie it to an emotion that you may be felt before, and that truly is the opposite of what I could do with Israel uses its first few episodes the first.
I don't know half of that season. I was like flounder ring. I was well in your mind right right right, but I would have since day one person came home she's like omega. They heard the most amazing girl this Darcy she said. You see. We person, like I heard all about you after they want damn. That's that's all It is all in your head, but God that's a nice, but the feeling tat of panic right where you just like this is I can't give them anything. I don't do it. I wouldn't whole make sure who do you guys know? Oh, I would pull away Ella industry and I didn't want him. I didn't want to like panic him, but I really was like. I don't know how to do this, like what am I doing, but when did you find your because here's what I would say? Yes, I think you could actually play a robot be funny no problem. I dont think that actually would be that hard me. I think, making it third, a three dimensional character that you ultimately were our rooting for in care about her feelings. That's where
you need a level of genius. Thank you. Maybe everything and Jan none. I read your failure. Diana thank you. I was in to you, you and man is love that that's that's a bit besides, cheating increase their right it. But to me it was time re, like these guidelines made for each other is not funny in in its a product of me, carrying about you're, not thinking you're, a robot Davilow Europa at that I mean thank you so fucking I'd say about because I am I'm so am I the show and I'm so like beyond honoured and grateful to be a part of it in the fact that you are. I don't know this is Why have you guys, like you, I'm rooting for a four year old love that sound? I narrative is I'm so glad because I do remember like reading the first scripts when it when it said that we were getting together in having the fear like. I really hope the audience like that
No isn't like mine is emotional. We all bear invested. I an item. I was a hundred percent and it weirdly it will leave you break it down and actually makes sense, because I think a lot of people who are it's important to them that they appear brilliant. They have an insecurity. I have one. I would then choose people to partner up with that. I thought before. Did well on that goal of mine is seen intelligent and so I wouldn't date, someone who thought was stupid because of my own insecurity or not even stupid, but maybe of appeared to be or could maybe somehow my image, but if I was them, smartest person in the world, I'd have z. No fear about being seen as Smarty right and I could quite easily fall in love with someone just for their hard earned money worry about what it says about measly. It known bizarre way that it does so
what is worse than on the shoulder. Snores results show being in love kind of weirdly made sense in the way, I think make sure put it like JANET is so much smarter than everybody else that the difference between the dumbest- you know you hasten like us in a normal small person, not that much to her of the good menotomy but you're, also your plane and archetype of the tin man right you're, in search of a hard right he's in search. Brian, that's was, of course you would be attracted toward each other. Has re is probably the biggest hard on the shelf early and we sort of linked up when When I had been rebooted and I was sort of learning everything and he was really nice to me- there was like we are our likes. You know, souls mess sure, whatever at a point, in a way that I sort of compared to like teenage love there's something wrong. I like your first love, worry you're, just linked for life, for whatever yeah yeah you fall in love with someone initially when you're young. Luckily you dont have this huge
identity cards drawn right where that person has to serve as your ideally faith. In so You can just like someone cause they're nice to you just the feeling. He s got feelings in to have someone. Look at you, a certain where's enough. Yeah, it's kind of pure night is pure a nice Pierre. You were a Europe might, but I had to eat your present. While it is the only nine now I hated subsidiary, but I do want to see you before you got here, you're very grateful, that you are on the show. I hear your voice and it is a wonderful job where Where do you want? Do you have a fantasy? Are you? Are you letting it be, what it is and just waiting to find out? or do you have your heart set up something that's a good question in its a hard question, because its it sort of place into my, like fear of setting goals a little bit. You know him saying like I want that thing. I want to
am, I would definitely say, I'm like rat go, on the ride a little bit, but I also never want to stop acting ever right, so you want to be careful managing the opportunity here and also like hoping that more opportunity comes my way and that's a scary thing about an turn, and also somebody that sort of fines. A little bit of success like later in life. I dont have like decades of willing ups sounds and bubble, unlike no, I just got here in only right and I want to stay here. I want to keep working, really interesting, though, is that you're dead right on that it's almost impossible, well to get invited to the parting asked, but I say you do have to shift your thinking at a certain because once you're at the party actually staying at the Party you're, really good in your nice, did the people around junior a pleasure to work with. I think it's easier to stay at the party than we think it is because word were all we just have a decade of looking
through the glass and a party nice, and I say to you every now we're so you loves you in your crazy talented. So I don't think you're gonna have a hard time stand the parting. I don't think you should worry about snapped the parties. I think you should instead gis if to go back and whisper. My own area just enjoy being at the in party, while in just trust that it's gonna, the sun's, never gonna come up. You're gonna be able to stick around so nice and the thank you so much for saying that, and also just that's good advice well have you back, because I do think that we have laid the groundwork to swinging. Would you that's! Ok. I think we ve laid like a thin little foundation. You're you're going to have you back on the pod cast upon try talking about s singing years, yet it I think we ve, we ve kind of just gently laid out ass. It could be
twenty five years down the road. I will absolutely hook up with Christian and you can have a budget. I can't wait. That's what I'm asking for and as long as he and I get those shortsighted just hug one another dangerous rendered year as together out bourbon front gave out on their land that'll do in other ways to his hurry up and now darling I love you. I love you, don't wanna be around and again, it's gonna high risk when your wife, worse with a bunch of people, just like all sciences, coming over let's see and then right away. Perfect edition love. Haven't you around I right back at you, love you Monica, those boys the stars, and now my favorite part of the show the back check with my soul, mate Monica bad men. You looking at me with a blank stare that says Do you have a side saying anything about you suggested
I'll try to make it work. Ok, first thing that comes to mind. It's my bad Dan L Cry of alarm to cry of alarm to cry of alarm. Do who will grant two. If you knew my fire jack, that's GAD now Roy Problem, where the end well, I was gonna, suggest hit me baby. One more time can you do that another thing now raising her eyes to see how the love Everything you actually I've sang in my presence, a futile the radio on in your good singer. I'm passable worlds, by my standards at that equals good and clear. What was it yeah, maybe may yet one more time Bang Bang. I note that there are not enough of them real words up our word with fact, Shanghai Array
it did one song I was gonna. Do you? Nature do indeed have been lobby in the chair again, but I dont know on the floor. Back in the saddle easy you have won in the well, you just spluttered three too this song. We should actually asked people they hate. These are not. There might be some people just get through. They suffer through it all right. How many redwoods did dice We have in our childhood home three. She did have three attitude substantially back climbed. Well, Astrid ask her mom all guy in her mom said three. Ah, yes, She was right. Three redwoods in her house,
and so in sand at enchanted? My favorite word autonomy in Texas. We are obsessed with things been enchanted, theirs much enchantment down in Austin tax. There really. Evidently there were a lot of opportunities for us to call things enchanted was all Swim holes down there with waterfalls in greenery. It isn't even on earth. That's very nice! the move, your back, a job you. Real terms alone used checking back several. Both, good morning too weird I went from now The only thing on non stop think her, I'm gonna put opinion. It now go ahead and get a tree felling competitions.
Lumberjack competitions, yeah, the process of cutting down individual trees, an element of the task of logic, that's felling and general, but the man these competitions- and it seems irresponsible to me why. I just don't like the idea of a competition for cutting. We should be cutting down trees for spore. Manon will look we my way. We have to have a logging industry, we have pair and we have lumber for wrongs and we can do it sustainably. There's undine unethical about us growing, clear, cut clean and ruining things in old girl. That's bad but that their sustainable ways to farm trees in those needs to be cut down, and I think it's cool. But the guys who get good at it or women. Can I get new contest and see who's? The biggest hot shot declare up your ethical dilemma up, but what, if you know this
takes off ok and then there are gonna, be so many competitions and not enough of joys freeze and their no start cutting down trees. I shouldn't be cool. Let another that's gonna happen all out of them I think any occupation like there should be a honesty and there should be like a roofer shoot out. There should be every kind of trade they should get to get together and see who's the whose does make things fine. I love a good competition that has a three times they champ. You know what it's like to compete as a good time. Is that what you'd go back and relive over and over again that's a good question. No, because it was so stress, fall it was a mean that was- and I already did it to perfection right. So why would there again right on a different vat check. We we're talking about getting arouse during athletic performances, men who yet bone.
The owners, things did you ever get arouse during that you can go now, but I did. I was deaf, really high procedure adrenaline is so intense spite you also have the user of the muscle of elite athletes. We found out another twenty three you mean yeah. So you probably this problem mental, component. You also have that you can function and high adrenalin, I think, can I think, dead, yeah, a lot of adrenaline a lot of endorphins or what's implicit in a chair leading competition is there's a lot of folks. Getting people rubbed up, that's the actual activity of a cheerleaders. They get everyone at a tan, they ve got. A contest of everyone get Nirvana, ten very heightened experience, Pierre, they did actual competitions. I have nothing to do with cheering. You do have to have age here. It's a component, but it's not really. It's not
for the ADI. Something to be I've noticed a pattern here where you there's some level of embarrassment about having been achieved, elite right like there's. Something is there's something implicitly anti feminists about being on the sidelines of a football game: cheer for men to do something so that that and somehow infects your competitive cheer you wanna delineate, Maria totally natural. It is crazy that young girls, Rudy. Now a bunch of guys yeah I guess I mean for larger only IKEA like intellectually, I guess I agree, but really fine! I guess I have. This a new environment. I think you're right would nobody think it has anything to do with the feminism. Why separated has to do with the level of commitment and analysed,
or you also want people to know you oranges in cheerleading hopes of getting on the young the homecoming corridor. Suddenly I wasn't like a popularity contests. It was a sport for you, it wisest part. We worked out in the in the way room every day and lake. Was just really intense, honours even day raped people right to be. Obviously, yes, yes, but as well as a precursor to me, I'm flattered hampered, sports programme, exactly women Sports programme yeah, but it was was getting. There was so there was a lot of endorphins release during those competitions causes such as a lot on your body, absolutely, but nothing, Levine, erotic I know, but I bet them boys dead. We're boys, vows was a co. Add squad, probably I'm sure,
where they were. Also there, like catching girls, almond sometimes tried putting our private sure yeah, not intentionally, but it still happening. Sometimes they had to that's how you caught like there was once and they're, calling them by the Maybe that's what trumpet has made tromp was just a matter for a competitive cheered use, nor even suggested that maybe was is a misunderstanding caught him by the pussy no no, but there was one star where where I was up in the air doing a heel stretch now, a heel stretch is where you're holding your leg up by your ear. Basically, so as a compromise position. Absolutely
and then and then you we dropped down so I'd drop down and someone does grab like these inside, if my sigh and my foot to like scoop me back up its contents, complicated okay weather I know that my somebody's hand was like on the hop inner sigh, the pudding very close bodies else's putting the others some putting in there right. I am aware the pudding, those babies, thigh yeah the area. So there was a brutal, and sometimes it was a guy doing that. Sometimes it was direct contact with your vagina right when you just gotta do What you have to do to stay up in the air so every year around there's some grazing jobs or what it's happening it like you just in a completely different departments. It doesn't feel like you're you're vagina was touch rouse like a party or body. Although your honest, you ever recall it being touch. Oh all that
that's not the whole. Oh, no, I'm at the hall How does that get your attention, like you, you landed on a guy's indoors. Hang there must help, I'm sure it happened. So much happened. Yet we treat this like. It's like a laser beam humans involved, there's gonna be all kinds of screw. Ups, yes said boy is: there's probably been penetration accident on accidents per year, while twice, a scene of oranges gets through it the disco, whatever the victory, is worth that I apologize for, preserving this all the way to again, but I can't resist anyway, so I just want to clarify for people, because we had a lot of talk about break shit house. The Darcy has the best body out smoke, Emma yeah yeah, so very choice was yeah. She has an amazing body and it is
I see, though, right in an era where we are trying not to all very dicey stacy. What, These bodies in general are getting more and more dicey. Even talk of pay are that is like. I want to say: she's got a great body, And yet I dont want someone who doesn't have her body at home going on how? Well I don't know, I don't have her body, you dont you ve gotta choice body, so everyone has who is everyone's gonna choice, but in all honesty I think this so often I'll be on Twitter, like reading people's comments- and I see the pitcher of them and I just wanna tweet everyone, so You know I regularly thank like everyone. So cute humans are so fucking you all of Us Air Yap. I think that's true in that sector in everyone's bodies, fun. Again, SAM Yea yawned, share everyone's bodies, a wonder
John Mayer Mare driver marry her your body. Is one layer that yeah? Yes, oh it's I see, but you know whatever, but its dicey burn it shouldn't be. It should just be the gin and our live in a world words like we're being so considerate that were now not telling the truth either. That's that's that's the tricky road. I think that we now again and weird saying that the truth is that there is a good body type and a bad body type. That's not the truth, but that is the thing the people down there like people are just under estimating, and this is a precision that's hard for me that I feel so proud of you privilege yeah yeah, it's not they have to worry about Laden with. Banning wording boobs in you got Iraq embody. Thank you,
say that, but I do not at all aimed at yeah, sometimes the big boobs as a lever, cumbersome, heavier heavy stress one Lobo now now by China, I don't know you don't know, do you feel like at times like you feel objectified like like that you can at any moment you downplay them enough to subvert the attention. A man is that what you're saying yeah something I just want aware. Regular t, shirt and not like people are. Maybe but women such as my own ego, maiming no one's looking nor Rosa rest assured by all we can hope to do is behave better, but will weaken,
what will never do is rid ourselves of impulse. I like her ear, never you're, never gonna get a guy who see and set a big perky boobs, because we were design I yap as, as is animals at face each other during sex. The boobs became pronounced to replicate what the haunches look like during normal sex between animals is amendments where they get bigger. During menstrual cycle. That is you ain't gonna get rid of that hardware. Now high act on it. Then we got some work to do. Yeah, no bay that success, right, but you're right. We will never live in a world where the people, a nursery of big groups right you- and I want this- feels like some sort of bizarre Are you all right? I don't something we know you well enough anyway, our bodies are great and it can be a great source of pleasure and phone any kind. Oh, I was gonna say, is it I think we
and why I was prefacing with. Maybe I have just come from a privilege, place and or end. So maybe it's not fair for me to say this, but confidence overrides all of that stuff. I believe that I believe that it is. It is in the top. Three things were evaluating for attractiveness, yeah, yeah, leisure, predator, your pride looking for shyness and lack of confidence yeah all the more reason because air exactly when you, because if it is the time for that. A word. If you gonna take a pale and made you really company, our just like decide are gonna be hard for you can. It is very hard, though, it's your laundry list of things that give you self esteem swords, lay our working out even right, being serve as all the angular lobed end up, giving you self esteem and that will make you feel attractive and confident right, but it's not,
there. You can just decide to do in the morning and be that you have to take those. You have to do things yet feel good about yourself. Oh, you thought you kept talking about how you, you'd, like her dad. Just reiterate your obsession with dad love dad so much even theory on that, I don't know why. Yeah I mean you, love man, in general. Like I think you'd, just u swimming you do you like men, noticed though its it is specific, I'm generally interested in women's day, alimony yeah, not like our male gas. I didn't ask Bateman a single question about like about his dad. I mean you, do you ass, my parents, but but the dad, only themselves in is for women, Also, you have daughters, so I'm sure there's something in there where an idea
dad around here, but you're dead, two daughters, so yeah, and I think there is generally a correlation with. I think, the term daddy issues has global irrelevant, because it's completely not a true, I think, like. I think I think a dad plays a really important role and a girl self esteem yeah in confidence. He now like that. No, I do not like. I just don't know. If I really think it's true, I do will, I think, to be loved by the hour. Sit sacks unconditionally for just being you the least have experiences you at least know it that you can deserve love being just you
if you are a a single experience with that near life? How do you know that? How do you not think you might have to be something to be loved? I think it's an experience everyone should have. Is that being just them is enough to warrant unconditional? love, but you can get that from your mom, the opposite sex. Something which the interacting with the opposite sex, you know you could fall apart. I believe that's why, I think I bit, I think the report. I think part of the reason that I have been able to get girlfriends most of my life is that my mom was in love with me, like that lady? I knew I thought I was the sheer near, so I kind of thought the one anyway, you think I'm the ship, because the cause woman, I've ever met things on the ship has to be in them recipe wrong. I guess there a body
came the lyrics to the sting song dunes while she watches that's wrong, that its am commoner, read them up. I'm ok, I prefer using them. When are you gonna read them? So people can hear what the words young teacher the subject of school girl fan. See she wants him. So badly knows what she wants to be in I had heard there is no room, this girls and open page bookmarking she so close. Now this girl is half his age, this girl, these have he's done, stand so close to me. Her friends are so jealous. You know how bad girls gap, times and had so easy to be the teachers pat temptation frustrate she's so bad. It makes some cry wet bus, stop, she's, waiting his
our is warming dry hallmark, I'm crazy song sense close to me loose talk in the classroom to hurt they try, and try strong words and the staff room back usurpation. Why is no use? He sees her. He starts to shake. He starts to cough just like the old man and that famous book by, but I will leave it. And suppose that know that make you horny, because you have all these fantasies about these issues. While you were a lot of on fantasy teacher for teacher fantasies that those where's your motor running the wet. But what was the most got word is dry went by. Stop. Way, laws which is way even though rousing he's got this very warm dry car yeah. It would just be polite,
for her missus gardener had not to yeah. Yeah song when not fly Why today I mean it would but in like a bad way, was this risque back there. No, it wasn't all eyes are here norms. Even thinking about you know, What is more, I more was dated eighth grade, I dont, think things of change very quickly I guess you're right. It actually understand me man. What then tat they ve changed, really quickly the times, the oh yeah, because so many people that are dealing with these current topics, the the warrant ever alive when this was like all this shit was totally fine ray. There are so many movies and shows where the dad was banging the baby sitter. That was just like commonplace. You would ever right, a movie or tv. It was still like you know, like American,
beauty like that was still bad bad. Was still a naughty and bad yeah yeah. It was Joe danger dangerous yeah, but I think it is even less dangerous and eightys. It was more a rope you now I now he had changed. I'm telling you know I'm still further college kid programme. I would like an answer now. You know what it is. You can always speak for, herself, not really, all you can do tat. I can say I would love to have hooked up with one. Why professors in you can say that we need to leave it at that, but one disagrees their disagreeing for their own person. Yeah, that's true! It is it's definitely individual all based Yeah and who is able to make decisions, if there's a power for me. I have some sexism, I really do it out. I have to acknowledge, as you know it does. There is part of me that says that those guys are predators.
And there are manipulating the young female that's yummy, just thinking that your less capable or more more likely to be defrauded than young boy, or that a young boy only wants to fuck anyways with the younger ones like Mary, the reservations yeah. So I have some things that are in their yeah, it's weird, but I do I know I'm time remember when I was super obsessed with my professor. I'm a man having ten Eric the silent. Then you aren't Merriam received that's what I care a member, I had now. I was like, oh just so sexually attracted and which I was, but I think I probably did want to marry him. If I know me, I probably, wanted to marry him? Some Europe, maybe you're right, maybe that would have been terrible. If we had said of yet more even worse- you had sex for like a couple months.
And you really thought it was going that place. Yeah, I'm never going to be dealt with. Every semester is a new gown and I was eighty in Europe for it. I think I may polity pretty heartbroken now at thirty one if that happened, some yeah in this new another interesting gender distinction is like SL, lay sex and love, ex anonymous. There was essay sex and others, and then later sl I, which probably helps far more people there seems to be at least is generally speaking, women seem to be more love. Axing guys tend to be more sexy
oh yeah. I would agree that that's probably and stays in what is interesting is the addiction for women and not just women. The addiction for love attics is the fantasy. I now it's the like the building this life in your head and how you feel in the escape of that life, you're gonna, have the person is not just like getting off normal sex attic war garden. Variety. Like me, wants to get some approval and get out of there. Do you think you can be a law that acts without having then in our relationship over sure honey browser, it's all about the preoccupation with the fantasy ass. He building an intriguing, there's all these different steps in saying they have in SL I or it's like protesting the waters and then you get some little response and then you build this huge fantasy Mason that little response your intriguing and then there's living in this altered state of mine, which is fuelled by your fantasy.
Yeah. It is preventing you from having a real relationships. Others consequences right because you ve you're, now compare fantasy life with a real, a ground, a bunch of different things, yeah yeah yeah, I think you're, a lover I think I am there were doing us away. My life is like a lot of us are a lot of us think you know a lot of us think, like all things, if there's a job that convicts us and make us perpetually happy that there is a bank account number that can make especially happy or a partner that can make us react in just none of those things, sadly, can do what they can do very little period of time yeah. I can get a promotion. You can feel really good for maybe a week or two then does invention LEO diskette. You areas even like when you all her. I was in here and why is it Do have a book that sold twelve million copies to a popular audience. As a professor- and he said, yeah for me
and then you get used to it so you're anything just everything's, temporary yeah, that's true, but I think a partner should make you happy in some ways. Right I mean like that's the point of having one then to be honest like that, if that you enjoy interacting with that person, you're not dependent on that person. To give you a feeling, you just like interacting with the person. I d me that genuine sustainable, but that when I Ok, you, I'm gonna have butterflies of my stomach. That is not sustainable law reality. It is we now mile chemically that that, whereas I of course yeah for a lot of people not wears off. They don't tell themselves, oh that's the nature of a human. They go. This wasn't the right relationship now, John and marketing. I've had it those but our living with very, never wear off, and then they
always whereof Khorasani spoil our alert, you're. Seventeen bad news. It's gone away again, I love you.
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