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T.I. is an American rapper and actor. He sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his foray into entrepreneurship as a child, narcissistic patterns and developing desensitization. Dax asks Tip to acknowledge his trauma and T.I. refuses to accept that Dax is a hillbilly. The two talk about imprisonment in the African American community, gearing education to kids' strengths and growing up in a single-parent home. 

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Well can welcome welcomed armchair expert on Deck Shepard and joined by Monica pardner. Monica pad Nancy are so listen gang, here's the store we have a interview with tee, I known as I or Tipp or as birth. Nameless Clifford, Joseph Harris and since we recorded this in view he was on another podcast, instead some stuff about taking his daughter to the dogs. There was a lot of blow back from Matt. I want to state for the record. I have a different opinion than the one he stated in In our view, we don't agree on that, but at the same time find him incredibly fascinating. His story is very, very interesting. It's also worth noting. I think before you listen that I've talked to him since this, and he told me for wherever this is worth that He was exaggerating and also trying to be funny on that podcast. So I dont know how much of that he would stand by.
There. Not really here to say, are not here to say, and in fact, if you would like the trial of that statement where it gets examined in depth. You should check out red table talk with J D, Pink it she had and his wife tiny on and they discussed this at length, but again sooner view happen before that. So, if you're interested in the world of tee I and his life story, how he got where he got. Where worry is today, area Y, all measures really wonderful interview very much sally. SL, we chose to release it and you know again. I don't agree with what he said about that specific thing, but I also like Tipp quite a bit and enjoyed talking to him. So, yes, anything else knows who I am, I think, that's great chest
to be open and honest here. There was a conversation we had privately about. Maybe not releasing this interview right during this hoop law and I very, very happy that we are releasing at. I think his story is increase the blue, unique, and we have not. Anyone on our show thus far that has a life like his so important for, I think for people to be exposed to all different kinds of stories you. So I'm glad that we do me too please enjoy tee? I we are supported by stamp stamps dot com now Monica when we talk about stamps that come. I have to wonder. Still going to the post office dealing with trade think the lines holiday trap Oh no thank you. You know we ve been using stamps dot. Com to mail are all of our merge and makes em so simple anything you can do
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Well, first and foremost, let's just say that you have what a voice you really. I could throw you and encyclopedia right now. Go Tipp, go crazy! Just read this mother fucker me moodiness is so nice many nice to kill every pairs nicely hours. Appreciated is Sarandib D and I want you to know that Monica is from land. I am so you have a comrade here in the attic. That's right will wipe out of it. Let you throw here's. Words can fall apart now. I know where I'm from delude din Do you not alive now? No, no! No! No suburbs of Atlanta outside the perimeter half hour, as I don't language you did. I Yang an M Stephanie live again end. I mean I wish I did. I wish I could say yes, but I just you know
just take a year to run around the suburbs? Well, an anathema you could you and I went to Eugene aid is due to the real ways, not exactly a boy now. Did you watch the show and Lana? yeah, I watch it. I hadn't stayed through like in bench through an entire season. Ah, but because it's a week to week thing is that it is not like a Netflix who, like a stream of level, will you go west a whole year after year in year out, so I usually get about three full episodes season did you. The one where they went to Helen Yes, you dear I did. It was for the german logged timber first year and now I've been there, as has Monica him human up there now and then everybody interested yeah
that's fair him. The noisy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, fucking love that show you think it's a pretty good, accurate portrayal of living in Atlanta. I think a capture, some accurate portrayals at think the perspective from which is being toll is alot differ from my from your own. You know what I mean. I can still see glimpses of myself global you're, an artistic guy. So I guess I am again I'm I'm just on projecting onto him. I don't really know him Donald he's, a very talented brother capture. He captured a viewpoint of the city there. Never been shown before your car. The ever so where people boy was trying to get a haircut,
with his barbie? The barber is an accurate depiction of yea and run like thirty irony that do this heritage get fifty jumper the Hare get anything Bob was the most resourceful people. Ah well I'll tell you. I've spent a bunch Men had landowners younger cause? I worked for GM that neither here nor there, We had to do a lot of car shows in Atlanta and I'm from Detroit, but if you are from trot you be immodest at it. Yes, but you begin mean demonic, a shakedown really by twenty five miles, but it did live downtown Detroit when a graduate high school you know the scenes in Atlanta around like this is often take as fuck is just a guy, stations just hang and at the gas station. I can't tell you how many hours I logged at a gas station just gonna wait for shit to go down in. It always went it always in evolution to yeah, always some bruin at the gas station. True gas station Lucas, yeah and hat wings, bats
born different levels, rice as some like eight hours into party in some people just take off, It is always the intersections of people different different energies, corn moments, beginnings of in apex of coach yeah yeah. Now I think it's strategically. I would have pulled this out towards the end of in our view, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna launch right into a modest area. You come up a lot on here. Oh do you know this? Is it this is filtered through to you now? Ok, here's how you come up all the time. My wife, the strangest list of dream part are you serious, now reigns cities strange, I added I hear all about whatever twelve years ice him a moment. I'll read you the listen. You tell me if you think it strange looking, I see the unifying characteristic Oak, Eleazer, ok, so Vincent and off Rio, Peter English
Rizzo mad and then Tipp YA think I might be like. A combination of like all of them put together in some way. I have a theory: ok Lizzie it she went to private school Then she went straight to musical mediator in the girl and she likes some danger? She is attracted to some danger Ok, so I'm an ex drug attic fuck up early way. So is a little bit a danger in its way out of her comfort zone. I think it might trigger maybe a little. The security like is this: is this bad mother, Fucker gonna like me, or my two goody goody? at the same way. You and I will meet like a goody goody me like o mighty trashy for her. She gonna like me. There's I s, intrigue right hardly had get it right, so I think that danger unifies. That group now can't speak on risen mad, but I know of Vincent Nigher friends and he's a dangerous man, no news man, I think I'm a reformed
me too dangerous. That's her preference yeah you actively, some things in her, you guys words again. Let me start ground lemmings, backdoor context. Here. You guys were on a show called house. Eliza were yeah and you were love interests. For you all. You think about that. You are not poor, make an outing stuff they and poor, well may or may not have been in a new window so anyway, She would there that day. I think I left for the fucking money. I don't wanna there. I don't want to crowd her during. I did stop by new, also quite a quite often, we're going to know you. Ok, I wondered if you even remember me, meanings aren't member meaning, you sure I'm intrigue by you, but thank you.
You're like a very interesting use of a huge grandmothers. Laguna buck variety is cause I learned about them today. I have this problem. Talked him I've this problem, where a generally want to relate to people. Togo I'm not trying to look at the things that we don't Amoco on I'm trying to look at the things that I can really relate to you and feel what you may be a felt that makes it in so I'm gonna propose that you- and I are quite soon at some point. It's crazy, voluntary and all involved water projection which Monica hates, but I think I think you and I have some things. Ok, I'm busy! You will. First of all, My wife likes both of us a lot debts. There's a good start: yeah yeah yeah physical. Tat. The greatest journey begins with the first. Yes, it s now you born you were. You were brought home from the hospital to Alabama somewhere near here. You were born, Elam ever know all tied Raymond? No, not at all, oh dogs.
Oh yeah, Harrier angers, your shifting gears here, because I have no history with element. With Alabama at all, except for I I did sign. You don't want to do the greatest talents that I've ever found in Dobie, who is the king of Alabama I'll, try he passed away. Yeah yeah yeah yeah he passed away, but we still recognize him as the king of but there's machination to elevate Montgomery two weeks now. Is this story apocryphal or did the guy from Creed? Try to commit suicide by jumping off of this is that this is true right. So the the leading from creed. I guess you're steps guessed it. He jumped off of a balcony trying to commit suicide in found him. Why and what he claims is that saved What's the matter continuing to try to Joe ok
talk about, but I can allow Yo Yo Kemal do I was I was more than a joint women. Women both feel good reason. The moaning from above you know because it was a half covered balcony wish Can we hear some moaning and groaning and granting an mumbling? And I look- he looks at me and we go further out into the exposed area and look up and see the person slight his legs, lavishly broken alike, move with his hours. Ella YO was up chill yeah he's there talking to
well he's story really quick, fucking interjected you had an Alabama had on and he said role tie. I might ahead Alabama there. We were that car outside may or could have been an eleven ahead and he was so yeah as each area rats. How is more than I could have been a burgundy Atlanta head. He thought yeah. In a similar colors simulate similar thoughts on the trail, true, still very, very different, You could have been more depth. But that's not the wild. I can. I can I say another thing, so that's not the only interaction that Tipp has had with someone trying to commit suicide. So one time you're. What will you watch in the new now was in my car? I was leaving my house, I was gonna, make it I'll leave my house to go shoot a video Haiti downtown and on the way Yoda. Candlelight emergency emergency was stopping the radio's emergency broadcast, Is someone on the building trying to jump
and I'm already headed that way it sounded listening and as they continue to talk about the person and what they knew of the person in the song, in my spirit just see, if you can help cuz, I know the building is unfamiliar with the radio station in the people who own the radio station. So I called them- and I owe anything I can do. And it was a man. I don't know man dude, he talkin like it, and so I was like I cool I'm on the way up there, so that I park the car and walk up and then the police kind of stopped me at the yellowtail Mcmahon. This I'm coming to Berger here is certainly want me pass a reality through light decrease in here, like the street blot now far ways yet though she ate with the best in the chain badges and she decided Got me into our. You know. It was around the time in my life, where I was kind of known for when the jail, a lot sharks, soul, my name and face- was suspicious light with the cops they lights. We know who you are
You do. It was actually the day before I was going to court or not yet illusion day before I was going to court. As I was a year with Canada, A saying that I heard and find a lot of truth in it. There is no fear in faith. If you step in that all faith, you know know going to happen, but the fact that you willing to take still a no fearing it knows. You prepared that would ever come on earth salaries. Have Vigo positive an egg so you were able to talk to him now. Yeah, he d at all, with their bare gave it a bad turn. You know too busy to go. You go missing. He had why, as forty great that's deal, what to do the legacy living. You aren't like a net positive though yeah. This is what I didn't is. Are we were back zero? The thing is
Why must be light? This move me we heard my voice in my he say, see if you can help. Ah, I like I, like that Meeting, who know me that would get twenty four months of next year. I you know now. Ok so often get about Alabama, but you grew up in a land. I d innumerable grammar, Grandpa grandma grandpa because more there was in New York, where I spent last summer's in New York or my PA any on candy in Harlem Rear Store, can destroy. That was very much smaller than this room. But it was he. Is he also own in a partly building in harmless we're? Ok, so here's starts here's where my projection start. So my my mama. They were divorced ochre, I saw dad, you know in free Why am I left me with your brothers and sisters year? Exodus, my brother's birth? a day, not blown happy? Perhaps how old is he older
Twenty six now, I believe, always much younger Imagine you know my turn early nine September right, thirty, nine September. Might we Missy, I think you may be eleven years younger than me that substantial or even twenty seven knew somebody to our spanish. Thank you so non. You heated fast man. What he's going to like it, ass man on the child, a pretty good and ever does what am I a burst of drugs? situation without dad around to say like good job song, you're you're becoming a man. I really got that from all the deeds around me. Ok, I was like what is ask ride a wheelie, ok get defy. Ok, everything the thing was me up. I need to get that. At least you knew that those were the things that things that you need. Yeah yeah. You actually gave a shit about. What does it take to become these? Yes, I just start star say I'm a man
I started do ass. She did at thought me. Indeed you dig I totally digg what you're saying, and I think you and I did a basically all the same shit where I'm going with it, because we watch is incredible. Documentary Kristen Monica. I called the Maskew Livin in its all about how we raise boys right. Ok, in a basically said, here's in America. How you become a man, make money right, fuck, a lotta checks. Ok, drink excessively or do drugs excessively optional and in fact,. And they turned to me and they are like you, what a cliche you are and I'm like. I am do that the Lisbon, unlike let's go, get it. When I hear that I hear it differently in county ire provide
was this monopoly body. Ok, this man of working and fruitful ass a bride years. You know, I love my pleasure Nuremberg match. Energies. Ok, that's a beautiful! I know you can maximize emotional unscrew level present be present. Yeah, you said, do a lot to Audrey the roses smell the roller than real and defeated, protect like that's, how I heard it like if someone is to stand in the in a critical position, was two different. I always have me and my wife would go back and forth about this all the time she always tells me to shut up. What is the difference, the twin should worry, chauvinism suffer
very fine line there. He would say I do and and it's up to us to be monitoring what side of the line where I sure, as I've been on the wrong side of it, a bunch of tat we all have put to us. We will being shivers light. If we tell our wife a lizard gearing at work, by working. Don't do that. I do it for the both of us, like some, we must see. That is shivers, Other women see that is control, Lincoln Chauvinist I know I don't understand. Where is the line here? What depends on what your lady one year has laddie exactly? Are you interested, though, in examining why you do these things like? Why is it you were you, and I have this code or this daughter or what our role should be is. Does it interest you like where you get this in? Should I graduated, and now I got kids I have. Kids too is not my want to pass on that interest. You I'm always interested in learning and growing evolving, I'm always interested in
I will say that my ways gotten me this far and may I be hard pressed to say that another way would have gotten me father coming from where I come from yeah. I think a lot of it is environment and circumstances. You know, I think at least me speaking. The way that I am or was was indicative to the invite, I had to endure of, of course, and I think the head you place me in a different environment, musk eels, talents and abilities We have morphed or presented themselves indifferent actions, yeah, honey, percent agree because I've had that same when I have often thought oh It's you ended. The party might not be the thing that keeps you at the party, yes or the thing that elevates the party right here. I can do it lay off any definite adjustments that must be made. Yeah
I must say diagnosed narcissists, though, by the way- and so am I understand- that's my addiction, but I was raised by a bunch of undiagnosed Narcissus life against zone. Just think about a stern parent for me, a Grandmama was: complete nurses live in my house Bob M my way at her way lay out. It is narcissism. Muffin. Otherwise, the same way they say the quintessential eggs. Ample of the sand? White Man's household, what it means to be a stern father, like the seventy show. Pops into seventy show yeah yeah, that's a narcissist big, these, like totalitarian and raw arson- raise narcissist, I'm a product of narcissism, but the thing is that they for you- and I were, makes us stronger and more able to adapt. Is that we recognise notices.
And we apply where we need to, and we pull it back where we we can read here, was the breakthrough I had the other day. I was driving a work and, as I was my kid who in our says, I think, about myself all day long, every second of the day, if you have a problem, I run it through how its can affect me. Then I can may be find my way to benevolence and generosity, but it's gonna go through what price I gotta pay. First, would I? Did you say? Yes? I'm willing to help you, but until it hurts me, you re. A self preservation. Type of thing does not necessarily narcissism to me. Now My monasticism, I feel, is more so deeply rooted in the fact there. I have better ideas. They lie like it I mean get so You come to me with the idea that makes me feel like it's better than mine. Not so a did. I won't go with your better idea right wherever, if you have a success, in convincing me of these I'm going to force.
Idea into the execution, because I even my idea of more than I believe in yours, and that also makes me a nurses, well had confirmation that your ideas are good. Let's see you have evidence that so that now now would be a dangerous, the candle, their successful person, the yeah yeah yeah you're gonna go, oh my dear, if, as am unwilling to far off all my performance. Yes, ok, so much. I beg hang up is- and I say this Monica all the time it's inconvenient for people around me. I will not participate in a bad plan. I just don't do it everyone to be mandatory, but it's like this. If you see the fog but I see the destination and you're not willing to follow me. I'm not allowing you to the fog, because I see where we go, and so I should be the one leading edge I can't leave the amount of it. I concur
I have that, though, because My mom got married a few times. Ok, a new dude showed up. Ok with a whole new game plan for the family Experience that ok, it was me my mom from the whole read the whole right I'll guy, her ok. So I was that I was the victim of a lot of bad plan. The union eyes- and I said to myself soon as I was eighteen, I'm like I'm done with fright and bad planning and never following another fucking I'd rather follow getting listen. At least I decided to do that's how I feel you uncle have to deal with the outcome, like whatever the consequences are from this bad decision. I'm gonna have to deal with the outcome. I'm going to discipline myself and be he to endure whatever the outcome is a lot better. If I The disease is a cautious decision of my own country, gray. More stay to arm chair. If you dare
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I coveted money and never play sports. I never really. I don't know how to pop wheelies. I can ride, but I don't know how to let you know I didn't really participate in all of those extra curricular like those leisurely activities as a child When I went ass, I came over school. Put my boosting when I sat, and it was a glass of yeah the example. I was my father when I went to my father every summer and I They have been a lap a luxury. We have cable with all the channels The first time I saw a player dvd player was Medea house and unlimited supply I like you whose from floor to ceiling that the facilities and go to this big warehouse we're out of the like, because he had a candy store So we go this big warehouse, while the convenience stores and everybody by their suppliers and gate like oh see or cases of you. Whose will strawberry Gray been Coca COLA with you? He liked
as you know, to me verses, giving you wanted and when I came into my mom house, we go a groceries from you know the first two to fifty. You know because this food stamps go in there. We will make any work, Greer cheeses in noodles for government cheese, though, is delicious. I never had. Oh my god. I want to find out where to buy another. He came in the brick like Vel Visa, but it was american. Yes, a different level of poor I'd, never actually using. We had of whose steps ahead with Blue we went to the Stoa, we get the elite. Ok, What it is really good. Other stuff is terrible, but the cheese is really unique. Give underrated about it. A lot of people like him relate they want that government alone it and I will never from the government my company wealth I shovelled driveways I was always is It makes money as what it was always about, and you did candy yep for full of great service.
And then you fence some merchandise or you will you know I call it was concierge Violence is like a consignment of sorts, a redistribute of wealth as well that we were poor from poor those kids pair. It's probably only that they were well. At least you say the young inventor of the meat they had become like didn't see, tax someone's come out. I myself did not o daddy okay, so why is the story is always glad. I was known as the guy in school vessel can't handle money. I hear people differ hostility and from events Emma get deceased great, so candy or seminary her a greyhound, lockers indifferent. Did I hear people? I will give them twenty five dollars worth of candy,
if they sold out twenty five, I give them five dollars, so kind of morphed itself into a, application of skills, you know when you dress out for be yes, Archie is when they dress up for PE. Of course they leave they sneakers in their their cannon yeah sure go in the locker room and steal co and bring him back to me, and I will give them. I think it was twenty two dollars for started, Jackie, like twenty five. For some years is twenty five thirty and I would take these items of goods Some areas need absolutely at my avatar and I go and sell them on the other side of town, where my grandmother steady and these keys were two different school,
yes or no one, there is no trial right right. Why? What is ever? Privacy or forty Ray made a profit above thirty s, fifty assist, so you quickly recognised margin. So the king in the air, like a twenty five percent margin, the fence goods had may be a fifty percent. More handing Emma candy merges got up to depict that I saw the candy bars made closer to one hundred percent because, of course, if it's two hundred and ninety nine and they give you twelve candy bars from two hundred and ninety nine- are those first, fifty cents, each other how flu but candy bars are hard to keep inform. Do at a school This wasn't gonna because nobody was the best and most cared about food price quality issue for quality.
Obviously there the fencing Marcie was like a thirty five percent. Thirty to forty percent. I could only get as much as the quality, my ever so if this is a more war and pair of Jordan's yeah, not going to be able to get as much for, and this is a jacket, would stay in our whole on it. Rise, baby get as gives much for but when I ran to crack yeah Harrigan. We go that's what this when I can turn into a drew rang young. This is like forty thousand, raising twelve years old, thirteen other teenage okay. So third, and now you realize? Oh, this is a hundred and this three hundred percent market first year, was at my first wrote. My first play was about a three hundred percent, but I turned fifty to one hundred and fifty one hundred and forty
Can you give a tag and now here's where we're on different sides of the supply chain, but I bought a lot of crack. Okay in my in my youth, it fucked my worldview antonov fucked with your worldview Hausa because I'm sure I just want to see same way that it fucked up to a year. So what you see immediately in again and again it much worse on my side of that equation than yours is oh I'm looking around in well. This is me Armenia, looking at? Who else is buying it? I can't pretend I'm something other than what all these other people are due in, so we're all desperate as fuck, we're in primal mode, the private out for two days. You know the worse layer of being an animal on planet earth me. Begin for me and what I was around I'm trying them thinking in what humans are, capable of what what what level of desperation in what they'll do to feed that speed
where of like. Oh man, we as animal wing it pretty fuckin dark. We need pretty dark when you're pretty low in. Oh for me, was like okay, good Oh a lot of people on this planet are desperate, indian, fucked, up shit and its there's a gnarly sector in it infected but I thought of the world, like I'm a Christian, and I think someone like Kristen, really existed. These believe at your house, you let them live every they're, all fuckin music. Do you, like my view, was so twisted how kind of broke and then get into drugs and cheese. Slowly over twelve years, infected me with the good gadget, the good stuff that, The world isn't just all the people that I was with. I get in so I'm just wondering being being twelve and then up. However, many years before you are like a teenage for me by the time I was twenty one
I was only a record deal here. Yes, is like a teenager, dealing with adults being younger, recognising the frailty of adults that had do permeated some party of incredibly syllable right. That's what I'm saying. Let me incredibly cynical and it also jaded. My assessment of danger right to me, like light you say you ve been some with someone you the two room is incredibly call me like you find me had this cat. You know as we stand on the corner, you know a drive by happens and You guys are managed. Well, I didn't get here as you know, is a bit like literally lives were in danger. Yeah belay mile you fucking cute Emily may is not available by diesel.
The ties decency to some degree, you know that we have seen some which deal with people die. I see so many people cry these people would near and the enemy, and my me is: how am I wrong them? Their cries there's something wrong with me too, but that that that too was my guess that, like so someone close from recovery will die and I'll be like. Yes, what happened there? That's what happens. I don't really know, but in again I'm not overly emotional, I'm a little bit like well there, but for the grace of God go I it's a bomb, but it ain't me today. Did. You know what a hermit branded as they sounded as stated his day. I will say it all the, but I always think it so one is buried there, and his other lady came to tell you say: may you know also is say: yeah yeah. Remember me.
May you know he dad me why they, but there could have been worse. As though his blade is thy. What what what what could be worse demand better lives could have been. It is worth it. But I dont think it makes you or I associate bad just it makes it like if that's a reality of what's going on that, did just getting all right. I mean you know some her more than others would like is. Somebody has to be the backbone in that also when people grieve when their overly sad at death. That is a selfish reaction year up, see it. As you will get to experience this person's physical presence, you're not upset because their in the a worse situation, you have no idea,
But they have no pain, they have no. Currently, we are unaware of the big lightly aware. We know that there are no pay. We noted they don't have the same problems that we have here on earth, so it selfish for only thinking about our pain whenever they think about their paradise, and I think that my cynicism. Let me today yeah, coupled with I refuse two dishonor, the fact that they were here and I loved it. They were great and we had a U norms, ailing. I also think there's like this inclination to write off the whole thing is some kind of tragedy was on a hold on. There was like this great ride like ice. Spyware, or am I think about my children, like I hope. The only thing I ever think about my children is like. Oh, my gonna get to meet these people. That's what I feel bad news had opportunity to. I spent some time time lives. He has a year high level.
You know to develop a real rapport, real relationship with somebody so dope, so great, so significant yeah thing in a very above on the fringe of knowing about nip see, but he was very into entrepreneurial ship in teaching black men how to handle their finances and don't buy this by a four plaques food right that was kind of it is that is that the thing you guys saw odd. I on area have similar message. It is it is. We have conversations about. You know how to evade. Is the ecosystem? Will communities how to generate wealth more socially. Date, because I built brands you from as others, that's weekend I used to talk about. I hear me: how did you take a promise We should not and turn it into a blow clothing lad. So the point item was the house again hoodie, which basically the chief with us again
and I gave it away way- your wars and then people who I do. Have assigned to so offered to pay for right ok, we'll with a after the media, was we more? We just started seven and eight We may not have Minos, Zella Hoodies, that's a good right. And then I would happen. The clothing line by the name of a coup which I still Emma partners in a Coors light. Yellow. I recall is asking us about this. Other thing you have go alone, we have a deal here was gone all right. I got right I'll, let you know So there's no way, I give you a ban, you do aside, and I dig you playing with salt pepper, so you knows that he said. How did you do that I kind of walked them through it. I will you know. I got it to a certain point in our past and off to people who could do to manufacture and distribution. Let me just maintain my equity from that conversation, ITALY too,
the maritime land the store and by all of us, because one thing I never deal with, I never participated in in retail retail, I'm ass. I went to dealers and may seizing Dtlr alive, other retailers and I sold off and let them go sell. It really did at all conceptually. You already have this framework, which is its the candy its. Love you buy a key low, your net and answers there is there on that two guys guys are cut net into two ounces given use by the time you It seven people have cut it right. That was another aspect I want to say about that. Does the drug experiences like you also recognise everyone on the chain supply chain how it sables ITALY diarrhea and share the idea certain too to take on in order to recognise that, like all she's, interesting skin, sugar and sugar and sugar in the monies me made all long me step
and then the retailer things exact same thing right, but that at the last out, they're the ones on the rock the thing I learned in the dough gained as a middle man was the good out the mermaid, in June and the sense of a hustler means buying, or selling her without actually having to buy You know the van, so I know a guy that got for the sake of punishment. Let's just say pounds of kush for two thousand five hundred- and I know this is going to go for four thousand five hundred. Then I'm going to go find a guy. I got it for a thousand and then just you know saying the play. Take the one thousand five hundred I didn't even have to jeopardize the first twenty five. Of my liquid and I walk away we with fifteen on so that tells me to correct demure miracle. If only one in the back. I might wish it was you getting it from cuz. I cut you out. I can probably save me one thousand five hundred, so I think that kind of
It is trying to get closer and closer working hours and closer to the actual source. Yet there are selling kilos Pablo ask Marcella kilos or like a thousand dollars in bulk right yeah. What he'd make love to do it? You can do it in the clothing. Yes, you gave your downward idea. We hollow our deal. You can meet Ralph Loran and be fine. I can assure you, but thing? Is it taught me the quality of garments before I partner? We, the manufacturers and distributors are p. Fifty five did I d partner with before partner with them Jason, whose my partner, in my clothing, we went out, paid our money Zat, our stuff in waited on our samples and she looked horrible fucking her into some. That put my name on it and I put this: oh, you don't owe me so
We skip the latter stirrups by partner room with people who already had infrastructure, set up an act of focus on creative, a marketing. Well, that's the thing where you gotta, please your own self right. If your control freak inside you gotta recognize what you're good at it be trying to do the stuff you're? Not because it is always a time at which see which is hard is most able to do so, especially it like we're saying earlier. If you ve had some good ideas, that of PAN Bout, you start drinking your own cool well? I know what I don't know. I think that's the that that is the first step to brilliance. Gaining knowledge of the things that you don't have knowledge. And Demi mean you you not goes there. In trying to do something that you ain't me to do, that is to say for this piece of land. You see me man, I'll, give you this piece of layer x, amount of dollars, but you have to finish building in twelve months, I'm not going to get there
the nails happening. Regular, okay, well, I'm a new architecture and becoming architect in Germany's general contractor me call him a review of the IRA. Is it s not even him ass? If I were to die, love to see that house, though, if I was it wouldn't even be it would never get, it will never be starting right or because I know that this is a metallic. This isn't what I do. So I will people who are just as towns in what I need is I m it. Would I'm tempted the things that I do? Ok, who's, the wordsmith in your family. Where did you farmer, with what I'm the first them offenders doing issue itself go to jail, there. I was always advance, even as a child for school is a toddler. He's the heavy newspapers and let me read like I just I kind of I don't,
I cut all easy to fundamental reading, writing and arithmetic it just lol owes versus sure o by vows consonants subjects and credit gets? they can achieve educational to the orders, operation in Alger. The witness out ass. She decay real, easy to me for salaries and When you young, initiate country you easy. You become ahead of the curve for the rest of your peers and age group for that it gets The opportunity to hang around older people today they socially, I began to catch up with my academics. Was a of cat socially at a vet the gage age at which different me different experiences, and I was like a when I started wrapper and ten when I actually learn how to write. My songs lie. What a slight had a camel bars
What a hook was. What a bridge was kid in the apartments this week before a candy trade businesses proudly first second grade and I'm outside I'm player with the keys and enable neighborhood. We play football to hand search in the parking lot at the old do one thousand setting hundred, and oh due to deter whose clear outer quarterback. So here tell us I want you to have bag eyes, and could I say what how many yours was far yours in Turkey is like Catch wherever they didn't know the vacuum focus now, if I may just friend rap no, what do you mean? You know they were where he is You put me in a situation in which talking about like I our two paragraphs, we this kind of invention immediately digging out. No, why one thing was more so
what's a me than other air late at night. That is what allow me advanced opportunities and experiences as a key, because my uncle's HU, the neighborhood you a deal data unable to an end at also cannot put into Mamma and what I wanted to provide for my mom guys to see my uncle's on Mother day. She was the first person the with will sat by side refrigerator freezer with automatic ice make in and to get it. I was a bit, I'm so sorry the press home other day driving. Amazon, refrigerator freezer down the A and Dan Street it without put into put insulate making sure that they provide into care of her yeah in the house. Children. So that's what can I say with any? I need to do you know me it began to yes, the first woman you wanna provide for it was so, though, The examples day ass it for me as a youngster, okay, back to wrapping woman August
stay up all night and drink beer and do their thing There are many talk about. Girls. Have girls overnight it out to be a part of their part yeah. You know, of course he go. Come to appoint denial. I may get your ass, but when I, when I showed him a rap they wanted they make thing, you can do the things you can do their stay late. Give me and others who I was to me. There was You know right of passage from me. Those like my pairs into their lifestyle saw with rapid earlier Coup J, I'm back to but I knew him for up and in makes too learning. How to write my own. So I'm ugly said this. What you really want to do you, like everything about it, I'll make sure you have everything you need to make it. So that's what I dubbed over into books. All you need to learn about amuse business letter were published.
You know, I mean yeah right what I felt like I was ready. He caught a case and had to go away for ten years. So then I had to kind of stuff navigate my own way, yeah, words. I say it wasn't until high school for real until I got in the hospital that was a teacher at Douglas High, Frederick Douglass High school. My name is Miss Pearson, don't miss Pearson it, was clear class hooligan that was known is one of the bay a key sure, and she gave me she's Do you have a conversation with me? She knew I was smart and she knew I can rap. So she said you know. Literature will improve your skill set as an artist. You know that right. I was like how to say: songs are better when they're different in the way you make songs different is through words and language and perspective and
so then she said, I tell you what you could just say: hey. I see that girl over there and she's pretty and a song. But if you say from afar, I observe your beauty. That's a better saw genome interest. You dig it as a so wish. She can do appeal to me in L, a man socio. She would further to tell me about metaphors, Dublin Tundras. Similarly, He's antonyms you know saying those things that I can actually applied a tool to my music. So I remember the semester, I feel every class, but I can't
and Miss Peterson's class and an algebra and got called to the principal's office and the principal said is Dr Hill at the time he said, son, you, obviously you do the work you have what it takes. Why won't you just have to face it? I say well see this is the thing you got a building for the kids and trying to figure out what they want to do in life. I already know jolly, given it to me now trying to treat me. It isn't. I feel about what was due to a film. Is there a cure confidence of young? Let me is there to make them conform, break them down make them. You know can do submissive to a certain workforce or a certain authority of this Systems of America. The list was gonna, be better for me, and my life and my family life. Damn they go to work in a job out ass. She why you? teach me how to be at the owner of a business.
Why is everybody? Why do they raise their hands? Why do they ask the kids raise their hands all the time say. What do you want to be mean and what job do you want to have when you grow up right instead of saying which company do you want? What do you want to offer the world that isn't presently existing If that's the bar, then that's how she ago, group is cool. Thinking are registered like this. I told principle means, Give me what I need to be. What I want to be so imma just take what I can use we'll go to the next phase of my life, his image. My answer is so I I dissolve is with ease in a tricky fuckin situation, which is sure he's talking a tip Who's gonna go on to be a great musician right not everyone that school was. If I can grape juice it was. You can tell everyone to go, be tip no bad news for you. It ain't going to pan out true, but I think, rather than I've been a systemic approach to educate, and everyone
Everyone are the same things. How about training yourself to credit? Oh thank until recognise talents in these students and teach them. What they need based on their talents, wise, an evaluation or standard asked. Is there values. What your talent is. Yours a good man- ok so soon forcing you to be good at math without dignity. Good sites, okay, so we need to put them. In a science programme, because there are scientists, obviously, instead of blood They are you suck gives you a good man now made is in hay, as your stress yet a real force which you need in order to become something, because if you do that, you may have the boy successful scientists but you're trying to teach him how to be a mathematician and I worry you know me. I think we have. The school system was more reflection of that we be in a better place, yeah Agri.
You're here, I think, is move that way there getting off of like because you long, Google and fuck and find out everything so anything there making you memory by road anymore. I think they're their spending I'm on my critical thinking and assure conceptual stuff- and I think that's that takes the right ready- is a big part- stamina, technology coding. Yes, yes stay to arm chair. If you dare We are supported by swears baseness where spaces where we made our website correct farms. Your Pod outcome was created on square space by Wabi and needed a beautiful job. Which is easy to do on square space because they have beautiful templates created by world class designers, powerful e commerce function, I'll. Let you sell anything online, you, Billy to customize, look and feel settings products and more with just a few clicks, everything's optimize right out of the box for Mobile, it's a great
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Ok, my last question by your childhood: your cue, you thank you. Your whole life, I'm pretty certain. I saw painters value in really looked at his cue. While you are you're real good you're good looking and you can talk so handsome inarticulate debonair in our day you go there. It is you did well with lady. That's I notice Did you use Ladys to regulate your emotions, your feelings, you're? Well, sperience. I think I can save serve medicating. We, ladies I'm asking as I did the poor is a perspective of a man right now. It's going to be a reflection of his experience as a child with his mom, when I start having kids and seeing how my kids
treated messrs, I learned that I wasn't really nurture as a key. I never experienced all of the physical positive reinforcements. It was our. Please me and Mamma in this together to come up, right? We got to figure out how to get ourselves from this situation into about what you are her partner, not her child candle when it was a fine or notice for allow Jbl. We didn't have a to our. We have put our heads together together, I problem probably going were never figured it out of her own. That's what not my business acumen came cuz. I know I got send it two hours. I need to make three hundred and sixty seven dollars. Okay, cool. What can I do school on the go me. I get made their last it for what it has done. Let that ain't going to work. What else? Okay! Well, let me with the I get. If I have some codes to sell, you know I'm saying I said three coats and call people who use tobacco. I usually sell coach to see if they got some extra money laying around
You know me, I will back against the the I ain't got, but this much to come up with dismay and know how to do it, based on our resources into things. A hare around me. So, be that as it may, Mama Didn't really nurture me. She no force me by the boy, but it cannot even get at nice one! Oh shit! Why did it was a workable this will be an adult by Fred. There is also the car rooted occasion be light there is all I got you which issue ok, how do we get more than enough to get dismally now experience, so because I wasn't really nurtured, as a young chair find myself looking to be nurtured. Background women yeah I see it is more like a resurgence of positive energy. You know that When we go out there, we are exposing and extending ourselves. Well, I can't- given our self, its output, absent.
The of energy and privacy Ok and you have to recharge there. Some way shape form a fashion in order to continue doing it successfully. And he an energy source. I recognise the are usually go to plug into feminine energy yeah yeah a. Let me just cause, I'm I'm a reform. Massaging is ok, ok, good, do it man, I think most men grew the door terms were the area it was. The time of the day was the age of massaging. So I mean you have to exert just like I served diagnose myself as it is. It is a notices. I was myself, is a massage Agnes and as because, aside from my mama in the women, my family. I really had no real expensive relationship with people less. I will fucking them.
No me. I really have like the female free who was just the female friend I, the first year for me, I'm going to add a layer which is like there should have been dad around to be doing half the discipline ray and half the you go. Do this you do that clean your room, all that shit that apparent, but it only came from a woman for me. It just came from my mom. It's everything right you're in the past you see like I was entirely. I never felt like. I was an oh you want literally bought Mama Ferko. Now first car, but, I was born. I was born into a household me Mamma. She didn't have a car. I would have found we get a car. I just got you know it would. By my efforts to my husband, Mr Cox, I feel I even when I was in the past to see I could drive our water and one against
right right? So I never really feel like the kind of guess inferiority I feel like me, a Mamma. We, we ran a household. I call on my old is down. I raise this because the woman she was the errors of the woman she is now. I feel I do my experiences. I was able of her new spheres is: how was she when she had twenty two okay, I M a fifty. Do all we can so, you didn't resent him absolutely alarm upon. I magic wish. We could go to spend more time together, so he could have top a lot of things. I need to know about managing money about. Why thank you, deity. Before there is. He was rail right. When I started doing up. My forever and started again. Some lie regional notoriety. He was rather there she would see. Now yet all seiners, but he still who are worth
was able to see me. Canada. Maybe after was trying to make it a teenager. Let me go to school, get a job in, and I now now gimme three hundred hours for the studio, please play man Imma give it to you, but in Romania for him to see seeming of net. Actually seated it appeared out and turned into something that was great. That was validation for me They told me man, I'm a man. Now, I'm impressed resent I love my dad. He died too is well, I loved him to pieces. By I resented the hell out of our firm early in and to meet us labour members them being apart right, the earliest. Thing. I remember my life. The earliest lie on some of the most vivid memory. Earlier on in my life, was when Mama Gara in new in new pops part me in was there. I was three years old and I was there a gag k he'd like later MIKE. What am I gonna get here
he showed the gun probably know what it was probable sent me however, the tv, while my mom into one lighted, The new rule stayed in air, and I was still watching tv. Hey Matt. You asked me if I had to use the bathroom. Take me to the bathroom set me right back in front of the tv, and I was so engulfed in whatever was going on tv a whole day, some hours ago, were here live out and walked out I said the key. On the picture of the zebra, and I noted, and as you know, what to do, there now. But as you like will. My mom. I want to see my mama she's right now, she's sleeping no more about it and all right, cool when he left. I guess after Michelle went out, I got up and went in there, and some of my mother was like she was handcuffed to a chair. And with a mouth taped up and legs tat is I go up there and I,
the above a manner- and I remember this is vividly arrogant as a mom awaiting your mouth, you thank you. Talk too much, say she up with you. You get in here, so she leaned over lightly. Imagine you of that share, but on your back, like of you're allowed to that cheer on your back scratched over walking into the living. I was watching tv there was a pitcher like kind of high up on the wall of a zebra in front of an x caliber like a car, with a picture of a zebra from the Excalibur, and I was one of the Did my dad and the key to the handkerchief does she was bound to was appear on the pitcher? She couldn't get it so she sees like to get up there and get the key old, oh, so I had to class. Imagine I declare a three oh clam in on this chair that you're sitting up to, like the Hare part a region
to this tv, candid and grabbing a key in bringing to her. For her undue herself three years now, I'm up, do you. I have a hunch, you, I'll bet in like oh yeah, that's the building blocks have made all this thing happen. You recognize its a fuckin incredible, traumatic, managing. I was scared. I d never feel my hours. This is bullshit. This is by like I was in danger, telematics these holdings it's free and Emma Z, dagger. We was just an issue daddy guy. He they stay come back. She begged for you know they like. Such dramatic experienced yes but TAT carried their trauma, and I recognise that accurate, but believe me doing some carrying the three year old trauma of a
the reason you fucking remember it so vividly isn't cause you were unaffected by it. Others should happen that you weren't affected by you. Don't remember that right, there's clue, number one that was fuckin traumatic, ok, that Roma test the bill you to be in the next situation, where you're holding your friend cause. That's the fuckin level. It's like I try to explain to people come enough cope four years ago. I sit ten o create a really high level ride. So it took me pretty five years before I experience nine by doing some joyful and lovely, because I said it appended when you fuckin, take duct tape off moms face three years. All I'm sorry. What do you think's or not? I mean That said, however, have how about this such Roma have recognised year ever again, as others it's a trauma that I have a recognised. Yes, because I could not tell you something you just go. Oh that's life
like oh here's life on planet earth. When I'm three people come in the house, they tie up mom. So this is life. You not go. Oh poor me, I wasn't gone pour me. I was like a while in life. Deeds are fuckin do jurists wearing a hit, your mom and they d, it's scary right and just that's life on planet earth, but that is a life on planet earth debt. It is likely that he has not that's not it does not it dear kid. Your kid seeing you beat up you're no wiser like they now have saloon, but afterwards they are a product of the exception. Not the rule see. This is why I telling I bet you any you. I bet we did a pole. We know the numbers. If we talked about here, we can time I want to hear it. Fifty percent of all boys will be physically abused. Ok, let's right on that way. You know it's either or you kind of it is or it is. I have it. I have it I have experienced or have I witnessed in my family. The experience
any sexual inappropriate behaviour from adult adults to children, early sexually spears didn't guarded, involve like girl people. It was me the keys. I do a sheet. We were supposed to be door ajar, but the arrow seated, but other than that. That's not a problem. I maybe it is now a candle lit my insatiable appetite today It's also a level of somewhat as some kind of a sea being planted in a certain level of trauma. Well, though, so, I'm the same, but I was molested so in my world view like your worldview, everyone gets there. Mom gets duct tape in the rear, Zola. My worldview everyone's molested, unlike get that standard operating procedure here on land or I can do, but I now recognise that is not fucking standard operating procedure that is anything but that need them a boy did that is a penny
these does need to be avoided and it does need to start, but I feel like if you look at the barometer the moment in time. Nineteen eighty three, her ok You do a census of nineteen eighty three, how much of this activity was being done in America? It's far as far exceeds fifty percent. I'm sure I don't think so. I thought I do have big today the budget is. It occurred to you like right now to day. I know it isn't like that, because we ve learned Mord our experiences and evolution. Is human beings have led us into a better civilization, lids, Collyer, yeah, yeah were at that time. All I'm saying is that was a different time and the barometer of right and wrong was fucking broke. I accept that my extractor. I accept that the line on the graph is going like. In the positive at that but also
you're in a percentage of people who experience a lotta trauma. Ok, it's a fat alexeyev there. I can agree with that, and I think we now know that people who have trauma have some pretty predictable shit, hurt people her people, her people here people by we regulate what am I regular imaging may regret means I'm in the house. Mom can't make the Fuckin electricity bill. I feel power, I governors Susie's house, I talk to her. Got game she's on fire she's lit up I'm in control of the situation, I'm not powerless anymore. I'm escaping this feeling of powerlessness is an outlet for me to feel it, I can control this. Yes in that field good. That's Reeve underlined that served in and get drinking is a reprieve. I can control. I felt this way. I do this. I feel this way or I'm in charge of our coke. I know exactly. I'm gonna feel ever done coke.
It's amazing that solidarity, Coke I've sold my share right when I have never done. It is always some weird about putting someone who I saw one of my best phrase it his mom had a boyfriend who snort I saw him blow his symptom outlets, Hooker sink about ok, but resource not go. I know, I know what to oxy Thirty's You make me feel like I like anything, that I know how I'm gonna feel after I do the thing. I think the only open you did, I really hate pleasurable positive experience. We was lying I never heard that you didn't yes sure you here,
Don't worry, I'm in what it is really is linked with this little purpose. It. Basically, all my good tell him about Thou wilt, I gotta go away go. This is passe no ears like rivalry basin as where it was real, fashionable back in. You noticed Avram late nineties to two thousand and ten eleven twelve incredibly oppressively that around Ok, I wonder when I read about you, cause you into jail the success, sure you're fucked turn on the Rockies twice year. And I do wonder of look. Then you have the moment in prison where you went all non sums, his story, because I got all the shit and I'm sitting in fucking. Prison absolutely have to look in the mirror and make those necessary adjustments to yourself and be honest with yourself and kind of like everyone else is not the problem. Is me
one which is hard absolute. Every man has come to their realisation before he had mccammon denominator. The only thing the other she hasn't come and is me right enough is going to change until I change myself yeah. Yes, I did have their moment in prison. Can ask what you, but what were the things you decided? I have got to stop ex wires here. I've got to have got a approach ex wires. First about it. As that things personally things yeah. I guess that behaving as though everything the other people do is because they have a problem or that they are against me, right, you know. Sometimes our visions, like our approaches, our journeys just don't allow and when it doesn't align that doesn't necessarily mean there. You are my opposition, or that you are my enemy is mean it she just didn't work out on this war is trotted next one cuz a lot say.
This is, if I have a company, a website, the app shit, I'm working. And I go to you and I said: hey Dax listening, I got this app man check it out. It's about how to nicked the consumer in a club to the bar or the waitress or bartender, without leaving the section and how did you like yeah? Okay, let me look into it and then you decide to not do it, but it's because of your his like the soul of a fifth having her made him in the face of eye, but a fancy for debts, taxing fucking with me, may yet acts gay. You don't know me, there's gonna shoot I feel I was equivalent to the shit. You know perceive incorrect and I just offend you for one second, because if I'm, u, I can make a very substantial court case in my head which in this, because this is true because Europe, user getting arrested, fourteen years old? I did so
Fourteen years old you pretty much on probation from fourteen years, also, I don't even know you currently on probation, absolutely flog clear, ok to have me two thousand and ill that still twenty years that you're living with this Billy strict restriction on all kinds of different things right so ending the cumbrance. This became who's. The guy in Philadelphia o meet me male up is when I really saw I saw like an hour long documentary and I saw what the trap that had been created for him a I could recognise. I bought drugs all the time. I got no conviction I do have drunk all the time. I got no conviction that I sold showrooms I got. Nor can they ask us on. Why is true? That's recent Zalm. Why this issue? God bless you for recognising with people just they like man, I'm just a better deal. You your lie, you know know all the way people got hold over buying and coke. They got let go think. A lot of people are coming to terms with the fact that
most of us had we been black would have spent time and Harley's everyone in my circle, the White Man's military. You know when you get you no gas the bad own rolled into law in high school, on the illegal side of the tracks, their escape in their coming to Jesus Mobile Is you gotta go remove the two right right. You I carried you have You draw a high school, We feel it has school. You get there. Oh yeah as you do get vandalism charges you get. The south say you fucking erected up. You need to go to Milton yet, structure days they go to the movies they spent about. No four years, maybe years, and they come back and now the slightest clean
in that I understand how to operate as an adult. They understand it gives an issue today was duly had he did what he did it, except their celebrated vetch, despite the celebrated by the nation? the government celebrated in society and communities moms day or by Spain? out of any idea and that their reset yeah redemption. For us. Prius yeah we on the same path. We got those things we got to go to prison and spend five seven eight years and come back and understand: okay, cool. I see what I was doing wrong except for Now you can't vote now. You can't the air. No one is celebrating this, isn't like the government hates as we can get along. We can't get a job in the committee. I also deserve guide you. We gonna do we'll
I don't got to watch him. You know what he went in for you know all that oh shit, yeah and then you have the statistics of RA. It hanging over your hee hee, it's like seventy eighty percent and the image you know, there's a perpetuation of recidivism. When recidivism is at an all time. High is almost like. She were I wanna, get there be appalled part of the go back now. Hackler incentives light for probation officer, parole offices and folks, like his kind like? Ok, let's kick them back is kicking Maggie. I'm going to be on the winning side? And I want to be a part of that twenty percent want to be part of the eighty percent yeah. That is the difference in being a black man x, adolescence entering the verses, me exiting adolescence entering because we are imperfect.
Let you know in a simple terms I draw I lived in Santa Monica partied in Hollywood, I drove through Beverly Hills, Shovin Nights a week drawn if I'm black I'm getting pull. Over impatiently been year. Yet there was a suitcase unalloyed times, as he knows, fuckin beautiful kid gone to his church Beverly Hills. He got pulled over like thirteen times doing nothing. I might oh yeah man. I was drunk all those times I would have been. I would add, felony fuckin, do you as you that is so so I recognize you could be building and then your unflagging probation, so you just in this trap, so, like anything induce gonna, have this huge consequence proud to say that I endured and overcame it yeah because most you're, the Fuckin Twenty percent man felt that a felt bad with unwise varying tenacity to not let them be right
that's good. Ever chip on your shoulder. I think I don T she yard think I'm a combat yeah they did. This is the ear for me, even though I feel like you write a little bit. I'm gonna give yes, that is their action on that in a casino done very well, which, above all, we have a long shot at day. You know they're really get As a part of me, then I have had an opportunity to really take notice of until then by I may you of coming, Light. Even right now are gaining thought about his sheep we speak about it like you, did a lot of more focused couldn't broken out a pressure number of times- and I mean you are. You stepped out of the way of a bus. Other people got here. I mean you is that I think I think has evolved,
Biomass is a little bit different. Had its direct step out of the way our ha, I feel, like tough stepped out away of the book. I hadn't step out, who I got hit by a bus is a value that we have about using a walk again now you ran the method as though this after you, ok so Why did you interview your wife, Might the first episode of this shows me interviewing Kristen, I I listen to it back and I said to Monica. We can't releases- I mean I'm so fucking controlling, oh, my god, like I'm embarrassed listenin to myself, because it's not going the way, I want to go, and I can accept it's over
and ultimately I was really happy that were released because that's the reality as values. Marriage as your truth. Yes, I'm step- and I d rather you to be honest about all this shit freedom to earn the right to live within your truth, unapologetically unencumbered by DES Freedom. My views. I now I can't let people see this sad of me here This is where we are due to say, you may think is bad, but guess what my good ways my bad I'm a product of my circumstances. My me at the time in which I grew my generation lacking What is bad as you see it right appears had they could be right. Give me give me all the credit for being only this bay as rise to as bad as the Sheik, because I know motherfucker you do that
it means we do you be prayer for an opportunity to be controlled by me sad day there there at this side of the spectrum, did I view it? Ok, so your PA gas, which is really fascinating. You fuckin, talk to Alex Joan idea, which I gotta say of course, immediately curious, I love that you talk to Alex. I personally know like Alex Jones. That's fine who cares I think if I knew about him before I talk to him. I probably like me the ok. You know, I found out. I was going to interview and start telling people like Alex Jones, but it all what the fuck are. You veered info wars. No, let me have it so I was with him We like this start Raven, mad, crazy, racist and I didn't really get race
from, although he may have some races views as he may be racist adjacent a I did necessarily give raises wrong again. A delusional little bit just a little bit and tat is talking about these in its document there, but I also feel that you don't get banned from you too, for spreading lies, that's where you guys were connecting which- I was hilarious, so you guys were opposed on Trump for obvious reasons. When it became conspiracy theory. I saw you buy in your lawyer as I already have a little. They have a little overlap here. This is true because I mean I think, they're conspiracies to me. They are rooted in the instinctive notion that some thin day, Fraid about this shit, some snakes, you know to me sums goin on Here- might not know exactly what it is now that I don't know exactly. What I have to do is ask for my own opinion have to come to my own conclusion, but something
Those conclusions are all, but one thing the we instinctively know somethin. Is it right right and here's the other thing we re about. I dont, like Alex Jones, ok I talked to him in two seconds, but I'm not afraid to sit down and talk with somebody that I disagree with. I've been trying to find a stark raving races that I could talk to, and I can't in about it. I don't know. I can't find anybody, there's an incredible caught from Superman to man and and it's a fictional story. I believe this is presented as efficient store at is about backing
the twenties authorities of our. There was a a porter on a train rad and this porter, who was basically like a waiter, whatever butler, further fucking. First class of this train rad, he was a black man and the white man. It was several wipe. He believes it is this. Is it this one, a vertically obnoxious white man who had these fucking
just supremacists thoughts and outward beliefs. So now is like the only person for this supremacist talk too was the port and the porters like mouths. Rima bull roused by term a best avoided the discussion, because I don't wanna make do you know, I'm not tran lose my job made no ways, but he continue to ask my opinion of things so, as you could teach ass for you, you think why people like there's no reason for black men think this. Why people are obviously we're better,
every day in the land is like a file as it had as they will remain low. History tells us, and because this man had sure he heat steadied abroad, he had a job in Europe. He was aware of other civilizations. He was will read it. He knew actual facts, whereas the supremacy was only speaking from his perspective in his opinion, based on things that he heard thought a believer. There were no thanks to support so, as they conversation continue over the over the course of that train right. The reason is car for so many men, because the white man felt like super man and beginning to train, but he knew he was just made. So I bid hope to have that sort of inexperience yeah with the stark raving racist. But I have you come from a k, K, K, love to where the only document we watch it. We love you,
Dan, all I'd love to sit down here. You sure you don't just a similar there's a great documentary by gonna dish, big you, I'm gonna demand the tuna dish beaten me. However, this Heaven above board discussion about why you think they're your would either and superior and how you care repress the facts that I can proceed as to. Why would you think is bullshit any walk away still gray, every convince me that is the best that also gas right. They gotta leg up on you guys are absurd, and then we can do it. If I was in his shoes, I would welcome the opportunity to do that. If I really feel that way, if I really a conviction, yeah
for turn. What over? We watch this documentary call xml scientists it it's amazing. This gives me Mission he's really accomplished jazz musician. He befriended clan like a grand night, and then further course of their friendship that guy quit the clan and he took his robe in any there are more of them and then he went in Ladys are doing this right in his closet has like twelve robes, Are you gonna see? That's returns, the moraine turn them around any doesn't just would like basically what yours, kindness and information. That's the empathy that I offer it is. I just know that these people can just wake up one day and start feeling like this to cause to an effect or in affect or calls. I should. Yeah! Ok, so again I gotta say: expeditiously is awesome. You are very funny. Listen to thank you. Have you guess yeah I'll come on the second absolute tip
and imagine liking someone more my wife's top five I've enjoyed sit down and talk in dealing, and I hope to see a bunch again. Thank you gonna tell you that if introduce yourself as a heel, Billy early yeah, but I see you as a progressive liberal sure, but I broke Der bikes in I fuckin jumped off a dam and I've in I did. I didn't feel Billy shit. You know you know what I and white trash. That's what I want to say you know about us about eyes why I have elevated, but I'm proud of it. I'm proud of the man. You come from debt, Adele, Triton area of society. Do this eat? You just happened to be why you can do it the same level of trauma in the same circumstances that me or any other mother fucker that come from this should have mine has, but you just found a way to translate it
then your culture, yeah Anna, I recognized by the way it's a lot easier for me to climb up the absolute cause. There's now where I meet people? It's like. I want Deasey allay. I got a nice car, I probably just like you but of on board.
I could only me like a doubt. You came from the same smile, absolute that think. They're like ours shouted serve. Evil, especially when is very funny and entertaining when you speak to politicians are people who kind of observed and critique politicians, and they speak to you and thereby well is a Democrat is republican. Why so you against them? Because he's white right now, snouted by Democratic Republic by partisan, so that about black or white, is that a bad, rich or poor. It's not about audio is about decent, indecent, decent people, people to be treated with daylight to be true, decent, more other people's Georgian had a say, appetite their children where indecent people based that they should be treated differently because of the color of their skin because of the origin of their race diarrhoea, eight they did their chew too. She always have an added advantage against other judicial have to work at heart. It shouldn't have to learn
is much. They just feel that they are entitled somewhere to a certain portion of society. Without any effort now struggle, those are the people it I'm again, yeah yeah. I will be able to hide old yeah. That's why drawn ledges is fair, decent people. You seem like a very fair and decent person is. Why would you say he ll? Be there my seat? It augurs well maybe I'll work on it. Well, let's talk again soon. Man is appreciated. Thank you. So much for the experience and the invitation in your great Monica. Thank you. Thank you for introducing me too, the cultures of Duluth he added spend more time in Atlanta moving forward it has come her voice- I the Virginia Highland, our man, so good idea, so many analyses in love
and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men. Well, Do the fact check work. This is a unique fact check. Monica is drinking an ice cold beer. It is one thousand two hundred and twelve. If I already said then out of thirty saying I'm twelve thirty, seven, And on a Tuesday correct, and that's that even the best part arm cherries Monica going to an audition in about thirty minutes. Where is she beer on her breath, and I could not some innovation. I t don't, of course I am, and I want them to think I'm above such mixed messages, because you're coming in dress, nice and people do have the stereotype, like your prior great student, all the stuff which you were I would be, or on your breath and their life tat girl. What
signals and receiving an and I feel really self conscious talking I ate now, I'm like does my breath stink. I hope so I hope is mill skunk you like a nice rich beer, and I regret this disease loving, I'm so proud of you. You know my thing when they would come over anytime neat visits, always implore him. Scarcely views with his family go out to the garage where we have a fridge impound, You were three beer outline. Yes, I want him to do so. At every time is over because he's not an added. He can handle that totally in what a different experiences have if he goes into the closet and just pounds to her beer is by himself dependent time's up like you just drink it on the porch ports drinking cause, it's a thrill to go in there and just have occurred, by yourselves seeker in secret yeah, that's kind of the rounds of the experience and away from me- and I was a fireplace in here
Do you think our new space, or that working you can have a guy come up fix it? I think it does. Work really are used to my friend and lived in here. They off the cat set on fire. The cat that set on fire out said the attic on fire and some one out of it. My interests. So much has been more learning history about the attic. Apparently there was a big blazing fire caused by a cat, not surprise. I now son tat are always up to no good, but I don't like him You don't like. I don't dislike but they are there. There instigators for trouble me. Her videos over my mind, punching people on having a people and the fire cool a friend's cat, her cat she was like. She likes you so much cuz. She was like putting her leveling. Her head army me another who and then she paused and just like, sometimes when she does that she
and I was like in the leg he uses her niceness too, then lower your guard and then sing and he did buy me a needle sharp teeth and you did you buy you? Yes, I mean I did not like it I'm a hand. Oh your hand. She draw blood probably I'm a very closely with you in various either. You're, very united, monitored at ok, yeah. I've been skin the opposite, a pussy the Burma scan year. What we know about, maybe pussy dermatitis oh, that sounds like a condition here: those banks so does pussy baggage Burma's it sounds like a condition. That is a condition it had to think very thick diamond manure, mature anyway, you should have three. Oh, why I think there's like real lines, I have to say, which is very rare and commercial addition. That's ok, you can see lines after Fears are when you, when you drink at the house, you still talk.
You sound normal, but I don't ever have to do more. I think there's only two there and I don't remember what they are. Oh no authority or network, or, if you like, a cigarette in this audition. Oh my god, you're soap buzzed, I've never done them alive or if you would have in the middle, the audition early Hey Jack in the box and gonna go he's my breath. No year now I've been weirdly recently thing just a few moments, go away quickly, but I've had a few spikes of Mumia should smoke. Cigarette so interesting. Not ninety, then, not even like try smoking cigarettes like in that moment. I want to see
right right now, which is your desiring one unanimity with it. I have no idea what it does. I have no idea, but it's happened. A couple times bet you resist, I'm not gonna. Do it. Will you won't like it The weird thing, my cigarettes, as even the first one you have. Even it is heavy heavy smoker, when I would quit and then relapse the first ones garbage MIKE Fuck, I shouldn't have done. That was good in the nine minutes later MIKE. I need another. One yeah one is enjoyable and then the next could trillion our enjoyable and then then your coffee nonstop in you smell like eight year olds asshole and you might get cancer in your likely. Your carrier liability is better and better for it anyway, I'm not do it. I kind of like that. I have a clean track record on those lungs or pink is ago. They are very clear. Congratulations pink here. Will you ve smoked? We'd know
yeah, but also that there are clear, barely verily I dont like we'd right now for you and I've never smoked a joint. Oh, I see you ve, raped, recently raped and then what I was in college and I didn't like a couple times. It was above all, hit that bomb. Why were you ever in college situation? long water spilled inside of a room. Like a dorm room. Is, the rock and staring him ass. The yalu I dont think I experienced that sticky. Speaking of stinky masses boy. The whole family went down with the flu really ram. Through us. Like sermons tat. I mean, or is it Patten's tanks? or maybe the general Sherman underpants, but at any rate, arched Savannah scorched. Who did
sure March Germans marches through Savannah then that I now ok. What do you think he's scorched? Oh, Are you talking about civil war, civil war, running is world WAR, two Sherman tanks. I don't know- maybe not maybe they're, just called Sherman tanks after a general from this of war, I term in March to see was the civil war as well as the Van involved, Georgia? Yes, Vienna, yet kinda, through Georgia, man. I am pleased that it was a civil war general November fifteenth to December. Twenty first answer captured the porter, The Vienna Bow, I ok, a so, but the Sherman tat must have been named after him home maybe, or maybe this it's a common name. Your the guy who design the Sherman tank. Maybe all right well, while you guys are really set
We got really sick and then as a result, I haven't worked out in three. Yeah woke up feeling depressed yea, living gloomy and pessimistic and not in a good mood, but then the interview did they did it? It broke through Sunda, the fog. I thought that the rat and Anna is making me happy. Oh good, yeah yeah. I just really did want to do a dang thing today, our new, like the hallmarks signs of depression. I wanted to stay in my bed. Not one talked anyone want to see any one. I wanted just lay in battle that was my desired state, but I got out of it. I took her kid the school and here we are here and you feel any Hu Jia. T? Ok, what here, nurses TIA? Ok,
So he really was Tipp. Ok, but then he got on a label that Q Tipp happen also be on cue tip from tribe called Quest and so they basically will you you can also be Tipp. Then they came up to me and I was meaning to bring that up in the interview, but we just never got to act as if we were on a philosophical ride. We were that. I am very thing you did a beautiful job and revealing handball. Thank you. It's a great interview and I'm so happy to have heard his story. One of the things that the of the many things that's all some about getting to do. This show is like Here we are talking to Tipp yeah. I could have, I guess, Madame because he acts as well as a great actors. I pointed out, but just general- and I had you know like an hour long conversation with them the other day to discuss the release of the episode and then the his appearance on that other podcast mode. And we both very much respect each other. We disagree about some things which is totally fine, but always I kept thing
how on earth are you haven't a conversation with Lena who's whose wrapper from Atlanta add as a whole then prison brazen, I'm white trash from suburb. Detroit yet and here we are talking- and we have certainly more in common than we don't having come in here and just the whole thing was- I felt like a life's far. Funny and I'm lucky? I could not agree here. I thought that allow when I was tying the Monica Louis yes, yeah. We had a lot of fun conversations just me and her right, and I had that thought many times. How I know world did I get here. Would turn of events has its incredibly lucky yeah it is it's to form one is you feel very lucky which is nice? You have gratitude and then the other thing is like not in a bad way, but, like
no, no one special world just ps3. I also there's other level. That's weirdly, humble thou. That's my favorite part of it. Now the real take away. I mean the LE it's good Hap gratitude, but also owe it Michael J takes a sheer as family gets yeah the S exact Everyone is saying. We just have our own host of issues and flaws and all kinds of things in their different for every person, but no one goes through life accumulating some and more and more and more I mean this is an old old concept. I know Carl Sagan made famous, but just how drawn to myth humans are. And how drawn to story we are in. We are writing a story of our lives and how we get trapped. In those stories alive Zion, it's just. It gives more more evident every time we talked anyone or even the five of a sit around hammer conversation I now and will even say now at the
like you, we? U recognisable, why won't go away you? I know that that is your story. Your story is yes, the world is way cry. But it is as much not that way as it is that way, and it just kind of what story or tell it's interesting, even the when you really sort of birds, I view the whole thing. Even the stories you are using two red tell aha, are the ones that you ve decided, make your identity and you like have washed away the ones that you feel like are real one thousand, aren't adding up to the thing you are. You wanna Be- or this idea view, but though The other stories are just as relevant. We just decided to discard what we want to discard it. I mean it's happening subconsciously, I think, but its fascinating. It is happening, but a lot of people in this way. I really related to Tipp and I want to speak for him, but you know I
have a version of my life. I like to think of his being an outsiders, yeah Adam in yet I'd, be lying to pretend that I live currently in that same story. So I go. I wanna be plain. The same character, that's now in a completely different store that isn't outsiders and tip as well tip is now largely separated from the hardship and challenges that he faced as a kid. Yes, but it's very hard to switch character. Lee Ray you find yourself in the building the one you know em. You know I thought I was laugh, you for this whore, let show me a lot. Will you try to me I also heard you laugh at me and then some laugh with that's true, but Sunday Lastly, you a little bit because you are always related
Oh yeah yeah like you're, always making the comparison between you and other people, and I laugh at Bab it. It's also gray, because that's the truth, there is always something that you can relate to one another person and you just happened to look for it and find it with everybody rye, and that makes me bath? But I think that's like enviable thing to do actually will the care of it is like? No. I have no idea what the black experiences in Atlanta eighties. Don't know. I didn't live there, but I know fear pretty well, yes You know, and I know feeling like. Oh, I better watch out self was no. No one else is yeah and growing up and am hyper mass me ass. You, oh yeah, like masculinity squared so
those things ultimately are a very reliable well well hearing, oh, you bought up Helen Georgia, her aunts, I love Helen, get yourself! the goal told the press, beer Stein, Callin, I would go camping mare ends. We had signed the Jesuits, would it be on the river ear will yeah as we did tubing on on the hoodie address. Very fine love tubing. It's my favorite summer activity, its oh fine, yeah it is, I mean I haven't done it and maybe fifteen. A year, you get an extra two that you put your cooler of beer died, we didn't Elden, you have, in fact, is basically like it is here in a bar with all your friends, but the scenery changes yeah. I love in your pain the whole time here in your to be never to go the bound ever done that I met you.
Peed in the river, while you're tubing must. I am only too like twice a moment all the time it's a fun place. Helen George, yeah, don't place, looks like a movie set Tal done up in a teen hundreds german Leah, exactly exaggerates very german, they do tariff has, but you went there right with Erin yeah. Well, we did a couple. Different car shows that the right and drive through their didn't Aaron live their errand, live right down the road from Helen yeah, met him when I was to being I dont in high school. I dont think you did, but maybe I looked at it of the new man up yeah yeah, but he he le very close to Helen Georgian. We went to place a play air hockey that he in competing in a tournament Juan than the locals, want to kill him crazy. He had to the local Aaron is its avant. What
all things hand, I coordination, so many those stupid bar games. No one can touch him. Foods ball, shovable darts, don't crazy, good, DARPA, Elaine I've! Never ever I think it's one of the reasons I am not very competitive. You didn't with me in your right. I am competitive about certain things: I'm not can better but sporty things yeah, largely because I was with someone a group of some five. Or the mean that was better everything yet, and I was best friends were there and who is better everything physically. I so I just would like. I'm not gonna be good at anything, so not gonna worry too much. But any. I think it was like easy for me to go like oh, that's, errands lane and I have a different line right. I guess, because you had your online, I had my online, which was what skateboarding. Well. He has a much better skateboard than Erin and on a bicycle I'll write it will? Then cars came along and I was better than most of my friends. It cars size. I am competitor young, very competitive in a car yeah, I'm just like a pair of an
is there. Nothing can be good and a, and I think that fair. I have that do like. If I'm in a drawing competition can I dont care at all right because I just know? Oh I'm bad at that. Some! That's fine you know. When we met Erin, I were first becoming friends. We ve tried out for the seventh grade basketball team and I wanted desperately to be on raw and but I have never played right in Erin did not care about being on it and he tat he may the team and lit in any? He didn't you imply, but I did that. I didn't make it yeah within it, it an eighth grade, that's like when I brought carried to my audition in and she got the power What role does like my first audition ever in Atlanta, always whore a like, maybe churches, chicken,
action are but ape, I think, a fast food chain, chicken for sugar was involved because you have to do that chicken, dance and old man in the street yeah. Stay and you it was like bring a friend there. So just so you can have a somewhat interact with basically right and then because she didn't care at all, really know what was going on. She just like follow the instructions pretty. Just clearly, and I was really in my head- you're the act of store. Yes, I just obviously then do a job and she did a great job and then they reached out to my about her and then she did. It was up savage. Make a lot of money fairly meal. I still with here really is rich, and so I think that she went to grad school offer that money to churches, chicken rich. That's right, I never saw it
God what killed you killed why were at that time? It really what I mean we'll. Similarly, air was visiting ally, one time when I took him to audition to be on some dating show. That was on MTV. Like an all. Do you know that now I will actually now and he was like what are you doing you like, he did not understand at all and then so you'll have to suffer for punked. Oh yeah, this, I don't know I'm an agent or anything I'll coming through Backstage Wes. Like anything me ass, I was like a dating shown. Mtv yeah have a girlfriend, I'm in love a brief, but also on stating show fair, and there is a link for the audition you're. Behind this big silhouette, which is like come some kind of thing. Construction, papery Stasi, could see a shadow. Yes, we have to thing and then you would come out from beside than you do more than so. I went first and I did the whole thing and then, when errand because TAT for errand to come out, he just kick
rule. This broke right through through the thing in any didn't want to talk to anyone, zoos using your shot, but he broke the whole we left, we left their analysis they sell heart. I mean his ruin. The whole say: oh, I thought the point was that he was gonna. Get no just reminded me that that could have happened to earn an idea, but it did it. Ok, so you guys tell the story about the creed. Singer Scots damp, oh about his suicide attacks. Yes, so now, I think he's admit he said before about the suicide Scott Step has dia, but then his sword of took it back, always recanting. He is and he sang I just had an accident. He helped me he saved Give me in that way, but he's not saying necessarily that it was a so I dont know what the real natures Can the meat of the story is tip in her?
with a definite on off oh yeah, oh yeah, real role up to row saves oh, and then he did say we talked about in fans of Alabama and as I'm lying on, the ledge blood felt a t ice feet and he looked up and had an Alabama had on. I said role tied and then he looked at me and put two and two together really saved my life right so tube. Does he doesn't wiki hub yeah. He thinks I wasn't at probably in Atlanta hat and I wouldn't work he's right. That seems most Basel, but this they part about memories and people. Two pounds of things is a get real, not enough. Now we can trust any of the interest anyway. No one knows what the fuck they're saying. Self included. You included, we not only what we're saying I know. That's it that was in there. That Gladwell is in me, talking with strangers is how people think they're really good at evaluating other
hey now, but not there and make your eyes in the data they can just see it so obvious yeah. We think there are very good account. Yes, that very unique decision. I know I know I know. I know we don't sack. That's your pessimists! Let your depression! Talking! Ok, thank you were catastrophes in the holy and help it I'm not good at his arms or its circles. Bachelor just went hunting as simple as that, like you would think. There would be no confusion if adieu to just fell off. I'm fuckin thing guys save in his life and he look up, he sees the guy, has a bamboo had on and then he said, roll tied like. I now think that that's all, but to imagine then somehow tip members- may be some role tied conversation, but knows he would never be wearing a mammoth, yes hat, so both people are very plausible. We I mean it will probably happened is he was in a land had. He said something about rural tied in aim heightened stay
I'll carry lies in a heightened state here I would hope so. I was just fallen off a balcony exile, odd and exactly ribands oxidants. We don't We don't know everyone's heightened and then, if he says role tied, I'm sure typical. Like whatever, like he's, not thinking about that portion of it right and also, I think your memory- I don't know this actually, but my gas, would be that your memory is more affected when you're in these high stakes moments, because URI your adrenaline- is operating you're, taking on a lot more information, there are Yo Yo your senses are heightened down. Racine more your hearing, more there's a lot going on, so maybe because of that, the after a fact is like there's no way.
Can maintain that level of precision, maybe I'd or no permanent, say yeah, because, as we like, I witness a cow or useless are useless, others are fairly heightened. Buryin says I think this Call timer display game where I'm like a trident now. Imagine the the bagger at the grocery stores face like I'll, be in the parking lot
they could show me a line up right now and I brought you maybe over fifty percent chance again. Oh ok, so you said that fifty percent of all boys will be physically abused, so I cannot find that synthetic. That's in the credits at the end of the man I ever knew so yeah. I mean I'm looking through these things and I didn't see it. I saw one in six. Boys is sexually abused that I saw, but I didn't see the fiscal I'll go back and look again on double check. It It is mainly the end is about the end. Thing is about like how you get involved, but there's all these, like statistics are puppet through out me. This is this: is it
There are rising. I remember at the end, but maybe it's not. The meek, males documentary is called free. Meek means on Amazon augur that people want to watch fast, free meek, you said recidivism is seventy percent or eighty percent recidivism rate. So sixty per cent of four hundred and five thousand prisoners released and thirty states in two thousand five. This is the last data were arrested for a new crime within three years of their release from prison and said,
seven percent were arrested within five years and by your nine. That number reaches eighty three percent, two souls pretty ozone: ozone yeah those high off. It's really high. Now we're not doing a great job. Now they do a much better job up there in Scandinavia, because there's no focus on retraining now: rehabilitation, exactly and skills for going forward near work. Mental health and now that I am sure that none of it there I now, why should they none of it there Sure some of these places are doing something near now. There was a while and then dad dad I I we were referring to his called accidental courtesy, accidental courtesy anyway hard time remembering Dale Hidell its exonerate title. The tricky title IV, Scott and tip on a patio.
There's no way both for that tied are now they want it now they would not. Acts accidental courtesy, APP, really good, really enjoy. It really get your only halfway through your beer. Will you pound it right now in front of me? I don't think so. Fussy ftp, really bad will take us big of a sip. Is you can manage? How was this big? As I can deal you're kidding? I can't take the accepts or you do you hear how you couldn't shot gonna, be here at a dogs game? I don't think so. You don't think so and I'm not good at chugging. You really the settings. Ok, so you had sixty percent of a beer yeah, so you won't feel anything from a tiny. Where are you kiss that very tired, little white little table the tip of wider close it our thinks what we want,
Good night love you,
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