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Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Toy Story 4, Veep) is an American comedian and actor. Tony joins the attic to discuss his tools for combating anxiety, his relationship to religion and being present with his daughter. Dax wonders if Tony ever felt career insecurity and Tony ponders why he doesn’t have memories before 5th grade. The two talk about achieving their dreams and the subsequent lack of fulfillment. They discuss relating to others as a survival mechanism and their shared inability to remember people’s names.

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Welcome, we'll go out an armchair expert, I'm back chaperone joined by Monica Patman, allow our guest today is a tutor Prime time Emmy Award winner nudges a nominee. We get a lot of nominees coming through here. I, like winners, you like winners, even though you're a nominee, we celebrate that. I'm also when you're also winter years, taking up your tony Hale Tony Hale, Tony Hale, he should be eight three hundred billionth time winner Bass he is, he is so dang good now. This is why I didn't get to bring it up in the interview, but you know what movie we watch non. Stop it's playing in the car for on a road trip. Is the chipmunks? so funny he gets christen. I, through the entire movie, he was in a row. development toy story for Vps Gary MIKE No, that's worries one. Those Emmy cease incredibly funny. Archibald next big thing, which is a children book and a Netflix theory, also, we will be in a new play called waking waking at they see.
He Geary Theatre in San Francisco, starting in January, twenty twenty so go. Watch him there he's a be useful person. Adjusts just couldn't have been nice, aren't you gonna, hold them and absorb his niceness please enjoy tony hell. We supported by the mind body, Monica listen listening, people put off Goin in the general working out because their board they got the same old, routine, sometimes easier to stay in their armchair? Will the mind body is here to help the mind body app lets you find in book, fitness classes at all the best studio, and gems, wherever you are be at your neighborhood or wherever you're travelling is great for me, because we were on the road so much and I want a pop into some class lasses. This chassis tight share its a great apt to stay in shape when you're on the road, but it also has tasty things. You can books
like massages, Maggie upon the mind body up as well: no membership, no commitments, just great deals and discounts on dropping classes and intro packages at all the best local studios and gems tunnel variety. Different studios. Try so you're, never board inconvenient. She just search fine in book all in one download the mind body app today at mind body dot. I oh Slash Dax, that's mind body tat, I owe slash Dax he's not. are you on Facebook? What kind of active you do on there. don't do a lot activity. I doubt I like to watch funny videos, people post, all those have soldier.
Coming home very like the wedding proposals yeah. We urge violation, compilation there I don't really post alike, but I'd back I took Instagram and twitter off my phone. I didn't remove my accounts by took off because it was too distracting. Ah, but something about Facebook I can handle It's nice to look through Facebook, but for some reason, Instagram just makes me feel bad all interesting. I look at my waist phone. I get it on my wife from but on my phone, it's just a post. Something They just want to immediately know the reactionary and then you can find myself just returning back to that. you now yeah I'd, say most
people who have been acting for a while and then on shows for awhile yeah. Everyone seems to come to the same conclusion right, which is, as you just can't read that stuff or you'll go bananas. I don't have that willpower thou, so not read at not read. My wife genuinely has a code that I can't down ok can I go. Then this is probably just my own weakness. I just I it's hard to not read it yeah and see people's reactions yeah I don't know about you when I mom deeply interested in myself. I think about myself all day, long sure, error and even as things around me, they're really have. If I see a car fire- and I think, like I'll now I know I've got to decide whether I'm going to get in there and help this person immediately goes through my selfish egocentric filter yeah. I get that. I mean I do that with them
I do have a conversation with someone and walk away and then have a four conversation in my head as to what I think they're thinking about me. Yeah I'll, create a whole narrative in my head as to what their thinking yeah have control over their thoughts is agenda positive or negative feminist. It's probably bo. Ok! Well, I like you, I can walk away and be like if I think it went well like hearing them say well, he's really nice just like grows stuff like that, to kind of self love you're gonna make employees good it's better to walk away and feel like that and, like everyone hates me here, probably accurate that they think you're a nice guy. Maybe but it said
I have like why I can't just walk away and just leave it or if I think something went kind of off, then it's like those narratives can just cycle of just what you I'm sure you've had it. Where you're a direct you can. Maybe you think you didn't do write something on with a director. You think what the directors thinking for the rest of the day, our shared area Narcissus there thinking of you the whole time yeah we'll might reactions are there both grandes. So either the person I met, thinks I'm the worse person they ve ever met in their life and then night think about that for a while. The nails connect dots how they think I mess. I screwed them over some way that is impossible or verse family. There can right. Now that might be one. The top five most interesting people have ever there's no middle there. I don't think I ever approach Reality. It's one of two extremes area. It's very easy to live in those extreme see, ideas,
because I guess they're kind of they like fit in nicely to just story in general which were all really drawn to write. So I guess we basically make ourselves either the antagonists are the protagonists in whenever Exchange Jes Avenant is now we start spinning something fantastical those narratives. I guess it would be nice to not live in the. What, if or all the time I was with this therapists once who said that whenever you find yourself living in the whatever you say not now out loud, and so I was walk round and just say not now right now. I'm talking to Monarch index, that's where I am right now. I now feel my pants, like scrounge yourself, all that kind of stuff get present, which is hard. now, you ever concocted a theory on what's happened or how someone feels about you and then confronted them about it or brought it up to them
there was one time I won't say the name, but there was a time when years ago there was a celebrity that I said something kind of I what I felt as very awkward to ah and, of course, any time. Their name comes up. That's all. I can think about what I said: awkward, let them, and then I remember, with some more award show some event and I went up to them and I genuinely was like hey. I just want to apologize for what I said and they were just like. I don't even remember, eggs, amazing, the train that I have been riding on for the past. You know, however long oh yeah statement. Well, you know sobriety have to make amends to the people you ve wronged earlier speakers, low value at least round, and I can't tell you how many of them I've been like totally fearing putting off, and then I finally call the person- and I say you know that time I did blank and there like most
often there like either they dont remember or their like. Oh yeah. What I don't know fucked up shit, that's fine! You know it's rarely is the response like what's about goddamn, time waiting for this call, which is what you imagine going and oh yeah there at home, constantly thinking about how I wrong them young terrible piece of shit. I am isn't in also recovery. There's something like you have to be careful in this Instead, it can cause damage if you make try to make an immense but yeah dosage, where you know, that's not one to pursue yet phrases and less to do so would cause those horror so there's been a couple of that I've had to buy the way. I have not been on the right side of it a couple times like I've done one or two I was like. I don't think that person feels better now post of how yes, I was more money
evaded out of your own kind of wanting to get off your chest rather lightly and me. What does your always? I think you're may be of juggling don't especially in relationships right, your your kind of juggling a couple things like I may want to call an ex girlfriend NGO. You know, maybe made her feel crazing, I need to own all the gross things about me. My obsession with status, invalidation from people above me and all this stuff, so much train own, my darkness, but maybe afterwards gaunt or maybe that felt to them. Like I was saying I didn't even like you just cause you're. So maybe there it's gotten key. But never like you know, hey. I I need to apologize to you MIKE. I love you wife of twenty to re, read in a hungry. Now you guys bingo deal of that record, as young robbed on Europe
I really appreciate your guys honesty and I really love your aunt just even saying, like the validation of those above you in status and stuff, like that, it's hard to admit it so grouse well, but its everybody has it I'll. Just it's a real gift that you give to people as you. when it how, when you say that resonates with everybody's spirit, all right. Thank you. I wonder if you can, I do is. I know I want you to promise you. I can vouch for three years work, and this is also voting for years, I've been like I'm terrible at names. So bad at names its I really have to put in some real energy convey, scissor not faces and not people stories like. I could talk to someone on a bus and they tell me a story and pretty much remember their story. I just will never their name. I have a hard time, so I ve been working on with that narrative that I'm a bad with names and on it did hit me one day on like parenthood I was like. I know all my bosses names. I've never forgot
director's name- I know the producers above us that are somewhere and at the network, Oh this is somehow status related. Does it oh yeah, he had experienced. I can totally resonate with that the others. For me, as I'm just not listening yeah. Someone might be talking to me and I'm not whatever reason I'm not present or I'm checked out somewhere else, and I'm just not even obviously caring about what their name is really that exercise of repeating their name back here. A few times does click in yeah. I don't know and I think many times if I you know we're in a lot of social situations in this business. To manage something that I don't want to be in, or I feel anxious for distracted. I'm just not really, president listening
but I seem like I am really unfortunate, but don't you think what happens in those interactions often is when you're introducing yourself when the introduction is happening there saying their neighbour, while they're saying their name, your thinking about what you're going to say, Naxa, you kind of miss the name. This happens to me all the time miss the name, and then I'm like. Why can't Ask her to repeated or ask him to repeat. It has just said it so then I just never know the name. I will open to boast of further of you of your room and thinking about something to ask them that their actually saying while they're saying I was talking about listening to my question times are also: where do you live? Who I was talking about? Yeah, there's a camera operator on parenthood, Scorpio Africa
oh well, ordered him nerve and Arthur's Embryo Africa. Now does everybody Columbine his full name quite often Arthur or the full? Thank God, it's no good, but what he would do, because you know can't operators, probably more than any one need not everyone's name particularly like the stand, ends gazillion ass, the sand into moved this mark or land, and then all the guest actors that are there really so trick. Was he hung out by craft services in the morning and he stood by like the coffee and is the new person Wednesday? but he D introduced himself they'd introduced themselves, and then he would say, oh sharing- you and me a Kremer Keziah, If you ever need from somebody, you will never forget their names, so he creates of artificial need, while at crab service allow all morning long and then he's got everyone's next to me. Grab someone Nancy do like make a fitting. I most happy with what I just said Bob. I wonder:
You were born in West Point New Yorkers yeah, but how much time did you spend in the south? Because I feel that in the mix you you grew up entail? Has he yeah my dad taught nuclear physics at West Point, as I read and I was born there, but I was only there like a year of high. There was an army brat, and then he retired, and tell her you, when I was in the seventh grade. Ok and then that's where I spent most of my high school in growing up so he was an employee of the army on the military and colonel and had he, served in Vietnam. He's in Vietnam, and he was now had gone when I was born, but for my brother, my sister, he was gone quite often in what was a prior to teach he studied at West Point, and then I will he when he growing up, he was a big athletes and stuff like that. Ok, I read a lot of historical store.
Action in nearly every book I read about someone they went to western wanting, in always in their class, was like another, an assertion that civil war era, like they're all, had gone to school together, more classmates. What I appreciated, just that and amount of pride when they gathered together, and I love that kind of union that they have yeah yeah. I have, however, I have never had an interest in the algerian military. I mean I will say this My dad and my mom have been always been very supportive of kind of the arts. Yes, my grandfather was an opera singer oil and he also song you a lot of clubs in Miami like club singing and such like that, and so he might data- appreciation for the arts moms dad dad dad dad. Ok, because I e I go straight to a really stereotypical military father area is obvious.
brilliant. He teaches nuclear physics right right. Right ran west point, but then I see that you went to kind of an art see Highschool than you hadn't gotten Archie High School Sue Intel has. I went, took a just a reg high. School- can have very all american, but when I moved in the seventh grade, I was not into sports and in the South Sports everything you, as you know, from Georgia, YAP and so Princeton really know what to do with me. I was having a hard time, a middle school, and then they found this through my friend, Mr Harbour, who lived on the street with me. She told me about this theatre, cod, young actress. The I was just life blood for me like it was a place where and I felt free. I felt like could be stupid and not judge for it and I'm a huge advocate for arts education just because I think, even if you don't when the career like I have yeah, I think certain personality need that environment to thrive, yeah, and I was definitely one of those personalities that new that environment.
Yet to me it feels a oh. I didn't do all that, but it does feel very inclusive to me as possible swore you come try out we're gonna cut you your enemy, physically good enough, for you know, for most people are doing enough in all this, but but yeah Theatre Programme seem the beast soup. And you have the love like it's like they loved sports yeah, like they love that never had an interest but I loved, performing in theater deodorants. what city, where you and in fifth grade fifth grade here's a fun fact. I dont really remember much from six great down, kind. So, fifth, greater. I believe I was a kid. This is gonna. Some dark like I was rich elastically abuse something else that I might ask what we hope is now we're expanse it'll, be my parents were witches and white. My memory, but I want to say
I was in Heidelberg because we lived in Germany for five year. Oh, my goodness is very relevant letter. Germany. I think fifth grade. I was because we live. Berlin for two years. I might a for three. Oh my gosh end, I belief fifth grade might have been Heidelberg. Indeed speak german Now, how can we lived under American? We lay down and american base, and I don't I don't. German. Did you enjoy that part of your eye? I don't remember much of it honestly. I don't, and I dont know why I've been to a lot of therapy. I just don't have much of a memory of interesting. I don't like friends. Teachers do every that deliver enquire with your parents like hey what was what was I like in awe and sometimes sometimes but like it's funny. My memories are attached to pictures like Ryan's I'll, have an idea of what the House look like because of a picture that I've seen over and over and over. I just realises about my memories. Recently I thought there. Memories and arouse I just memorizes photo albums. We have yet. I can't tell you the sunset.
can't tell you one friend I had in mind not that I think I had friends. I just dont, remember much all of my men Is I started when we moved to Tallahassee it I might have been the think of moving around so much. Maybe I didn't attach memories to it right by then invest, maybe emotional eggs. I knew we were gonna. I don't know it's just nothing. My parents fault. I was just for some reason: those din yeah you hypnosis cause. had someone on member Jonathan who had he had this massive traumatic event couldn't remember all the details. I went to hypnosis and then they got him there. They him into his memory on is the european media. Are I've heard of it, but we have what is its this great technique that the youth with allow without people start with PTSD and with certain traumas, memories can get locked ray, and so it's a way to go from the left brain to the right brain. So you will either use these
Others, were you tap each hand or you tap your legs and it's going from left to right. A sensory was, you think, the membrane memory it begins to unlock it's those those thoughts yet kind of? What are you is explaining virtually he was saying that they were building sparklers in a classroom. Exercise in there is a huge explosion in Galicia, really hurt Bob. generally, he would go to this point in his memory in this guy. Had techniques took back to your point, ask you like come more of a love brain thing like what Color were the shorts that such an he won't. You know he ducked and dived him around where it normally it starts looping. That memory is the concept to allow yourself to feel that experience in that, Way to kind through it yeah, I believe so, which is interesting as if you, if you look at what a Dianetics offers our I recall them and grams. In that book, mind you I'm not assigned to the example in the book. Is this
and every time there is a door open. She gets really anxious she its having doors on Gmos yells at her kids, because they leave the door open, doesn't like when the curtains are blowing. If someone leaves a window of involving she Its uneasy when the facets running someone leaves in an anyways. It turns out, you know she was raped. House in the man of the door opened and the curtains or blowing in the false it was on ensued. is connected all these physical things that dramatic events and that you need to go in and disconnect all the things you associated with that traumatic event. Again very interesting idea. Ultimately, when they he turn that over to the American Psychological Association, they they said, there's no science, blindness its and eat theory, but in that
why he was sick man, no recollection she didn't. I remember that she was. She knew she had been abused, which she had never dove into that memory to really take account of every single thing that was going on around her and how that is now connected for the rest of her life area to trigger that trauma of core album, representing that theory correct similar. But but it sounds a weirdly yeah similar your Saint Anthony Hypnosis was saying the way I think about that is the memories are attached to things like if some, struggles with something there is an attachment to that made me think of, like you have now, when he and my one effectiveness by heard that his father, he had a bunny blanket and pleased if this is what I heard this I'd like a beggar maid of Bunny Fur
James, I'm gonna get was I want to see it had bunnies on it or some kind of blanket in his father thought it was ridiculous and threw it in the fire or destroyed somehow. Hence a lot of the bunny stuff happening from land, and it's like that kind of trauma, It was attached to a form of acting out right, almost a rebellion to his father, yes, or something like that interesting, but I'm really curious junior. I, for most, people have fuckin beating even if you ve spent the last five years with these students Zaire, even if you're, just moving from New York to tell a happy would be its own thing, but this feels like a triple whammy. Come from Germany. I can't imagine your american style was on point. You dont like sports, and then you start seventh grade where or moans are online Dusar starting it hair. All this stuff's happening it's gotta, be a rough transition. It was I mean if a modest, it wasn't easy. I was a different artistic kid in the south.
and I am into town. I remember going to this middle school. I won't say which one it was my dad drop me off and he told me later just how devastating it was to drop your kid off and you just felt like he was feeding him to the wolves. Yes, just couldn't find my people and it was tricky and I think, Tina Williams as woman who started this theater it really. I can't emphasize that enough. The gift that, like she gave to me all that stuff is and my daughter's now, thirteen and so she's at the school and the other things that happen, but she's fine, like she's an I find. of putting my own Traum on her. Yes, I'm just like who hit you run, you know what they all you did. I mean a move: Scott, you schools, she's like no, I like my school, but I'm I'm creating this whole narrative tat. I went through yon her and she's like that. I'm fine! It's tricky it so crazy. How I'll watch, He certainly when our first warm was brand new grandma down Christians, mom, whose obsessed with the fact that she's coal
Now I know she runs hot and even if I put her in Jimmy she wiggles out of him at night, she runs hot rarer, grammar This idea that she's freezing so she's in the bathroom with the door in the bath tab on in the water really hot I dont want. kids anywhere where the doors closed and there's another dot. From my my trauma, bright, red line like leave the fucking door open and then you have, Kristen coming and who's got a third thing that maybe his you know her stuff with her mom yeah and I'm looking this little person. You know a months old and a tub representing all this shit for all three of us that none of its having re read write in I just head. It's really hard to stop yourself from going down that path. Isn't it and it takes a lot of work. personal work and efforts, even with my wife like if I find myself reacting some way to her coming from something from my childhood to say this is, Tell my wife is not you know,
mother. He heard some kind of like in it because I'm reacting from a different place and with my daughter, it's like she has her own experience. This is not true ass, he Florida for her. This is in all their right. I would be able to guess, I think, probably pretty accurate. What role you had to snap into their as far as like that, first of all, what were roughly they may during your Fiona me yeah But when I grew up there were only a few options for you. The dunes work. put you in one of these categories, whether you like it or not. When I grew up, everything was just the apex, a homo, be a worse thing. You can do that's what you got cod and if you weren't, one of those dunes aegis, took it on the channel one time yet I'd, say the Sis II new names? All those kind of things were definitely thrown at me. Just purely out of didn't know what category two man right, you re in dress like all their no, and I- and I was
very sensitive continued to be a very sensitive person and donors. They think I got those names lot. I look back at that, though, and my goal who was so to be liked it's amazing how these people we're not kind to me, but I so desperately wanted them to. Like me, almost like a dog returning to its vomit as soon as it kind of seems like you should on me, but I'm going to make it my goal for you like me until I became all things to whoever anybody wanted enough. It's amazing how like even told this one girl so awful, but she had this tragic thing. Someone died very close to her, and this is gonna- was near the school I wanted so bad for her to. Like me, I told her my sister had died. Oh I relied, and by the way she could careless
but I had to live arrested. My experience with her thinking, I had a dead had your way like interests like the depth of that broke. ns of wanting heard this popular girl to lay me a how believable salvage narcissistic that it ought to do that somebody, but just coming from a place of like like me, please, if you like me than theirs Like me domino of loud enough, I had attraction and experience really exact same I mean I didn't tell anyone that Ions sister died, but I- always gonna be with that person wanted me to be and give them what they wanted. So then you become in disposable to them. Yo Yo, YO out totally do you have points, I do have a sister and brother, ok, the life more nervous that have the living sister appeared. Would you Oh, this is my other similar, but now I dive
I mean it's crazy. How I had this mapped out my sister's eight years older than I also she was then off in her own life. So in my head I thought well she's not ever gonna, be my brother was four years older than me so he was a senior when I was a fresh men. How did he adjust to the move was a sports guy. He was very soccer and he found again it's. I love to go back to now ass you I, I really enjoy Tallahassee those beginning specific years, work challenging Sharia, whether their character, divining, ultimately right there can be are in retrospect, yet it's like Those are some very anxious years. I struggled anxiety myself and I play anxiety very yeah. You know better than I think in any lot. Harrogate I mean that comes when you're gonna die. into that party yourself to try to bring a genuine performance. Yes, very easy for me to do panic, anxiety. Codependent sea is very
yeah they're, just really you're gonna hate it, but there's no one better. I mean what, as you're saying, I can see you're like you're quite storm. While you stand next to Julia Times all I just a fucking hurricane of, what's happening in your voice, is ever stable, etc. Oh God, where were the biggest where the biggest that's very nice, but it's like, even with anxiety. However, it's been display, me growing of media words. Like things crazy. I'm freaking out. That's not my life like my life, everything's going on in the brain and I'm trying to keep the shit together on the outside right. Now, I'm back my guys I would watch growing up was like Bob Newhart TIM Conway. Bob Newhart, heads away would watch him and there was so much chaos happening around him and he would just stare Andrews hatless. Like still to him that you knew she was going on his head. You right, just on the eyes and I loved watching them yet that is I've, never really even taken the time to
down what he did but yeah. That's exactly what was happening just his subtleties, and I mean TIM Conway that that I've seen a dentist when he's human Harvey Corpsman Comparison interest in he's, trying to give Nova Kinda Harvey corn and any accidently stabbed zone arm a mile away. at all and so or Ghana. Clearly not a forced. It was just this dance that he did ass beautiful now I don't get too granular about it, but you recall how uses you're a died at regular designer now, just awful it will. I think it was Hence I am sure you go again and I am I say, those so ashamed items. It is so proud, and I owe and I've taught system and my sister's just like white.
I know exactly the girl who I did it to and rise at it too and honestly. She's, probably forgotten that conversation both sides- I she wasn't too concerned about you- wasn't too concern and cut to the same situation, told about only with a celebrity I've been on this train with her has thirty years thinking. She must think she's, probably didn't even think about right. She hasn't updating your wake, a pdf page way now his sisters. I do love the idea, though, that she was flicking through cable and she came across Vive she's, like only gonna, think. I know that guy the guy sister died? Is we re learning your high? He must have noticed. I must add a second, my good Sir Leon ears today to arm chair if you dare
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Proven require an online consultation with a physician who will determine if a prescription is appropriate, see website for full details and safety information. This could cause hundreds if you went in person to the doctors office or pharmacy. Remember that's for hymns dot coms. hush Dax. Ok, we were so weak about Michael o bet, who was a new killer physics instructors? these clearly a very bright person in your mother, though she also was very busy. Yes, she was a staffer. Yes, she or they lived in Atlanta, my parents, they now live in a view of each Florida, but they was do they lived in Atlanta. She worked with a politician, their rank in the jail cell, Bob grams election in Florida, when we lived tallahassean, show Very she enjoyed the kind of political scene. Is it fun for her to watch? You end up on a show, which is all that basque, political yeah. That's really fun for them either.
But they never got arrested. Development had just like our friends love it at the thing I had was my mom saw idiosyncrasy, but she called me and she said. Well, you know it's not it's not my fault. everything you ve done. It goes about as much monster, but in her defence she called me like seven months later and she's like I think we might be really smart. I think happening. I think that it may be. The movies Then I realized I get some Leah, my dear, I don't have your experiences. I mean again very soon but why ruin? Martin short was on arrested and they were like now he s funny. Yes, now that it's a funny little friends like letter, we still don't get it right now, so mom smart, add smart grid? Did you do well scolded outcome? Easy to? You did I think I was an average student. I wasn't like a Torreon, but I was never average be real. That's enough!
yeah, I will say sector. Might essay tease really bad You know you had to scores yeah. I think both of my scores together each equalled what typically one people one score occasion, an age and then the college I went it was a great college, but they Amphora SAM, which is done so close to stand there. There is any quickly sector, but they were cut mercy on me. I think there were one of the only schools that, except me yeah and you studied journalism knowing that it had journalism soap despite him, enjoyed the theatre programme and in high school junior high. Did you you didn't, have any illusions of going to pursue that professionally or did you then? I think I did, but I didn't think I can make a career out of it. So I said Journalism and then after it I was like, while maybe I'll get my toe back into the ninety five I moved to New York. Tried it, but you also gonna masters degree. I gotta MESSENGER Genius and Virginia because I say in my head. I I
that was actually more of an experienced just. I had back to being I think a lot of anxiety about getting back on stage and cannot do theatre again, yeah, that's also apart. Of a reasonable. I didn't do it in college. I just didn't have that confidence visa, and so I wanted kind of get so little more debt, my toe back in Virginia and then went before I went to New York me You were also in fraternity at the first school, Sambo arrive. There was so much I signal Guy kind of attorneys that I'm not going to have to watch like it was a pretty calm. Sanford was a bit like we never drink. in time the embers it was not Christians who was a year was a christian school, but we ever sounds right out of footloose. We would just like that It's really hard, our guy, I am. I would go to parties in just go crazy, but it's funny. How can people say God that sounds what was that? Like? I don't even remember we never really
the desire to like party or drink crazy. We just we went to these dances and just dance really hard. Yet, even though but loosely they were allowed to day. We have hope that the Christians in this story just loved today sufficient I can relate in that I was sober my senior year of high school after a bad weapons grade dear of of thinking, so I was sober at the height of going all these parties similarly, I just I danced my ass off wow. Have you been I know you would be your sober now, if you were you sober from then no, I was sober all senior year and then graduated high school was going to live in my car with my best friend Aaron Weekly Red on the road. That's what I was going to do with life and then we- and he was sober at that time too, and then we made it out. California, we went to a party at you, see be them on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean and the whole day
how about we'd heard these Samuel Adams commercials out of you remember those, but like Samuel Adams as one the best logger of Boston, years in a row? And we were just obsessed with like how delicious that beer must and we walk into this party. We can't we were. There is almost They just brought the Kagan. You want. Some SAM Adams really got a fucking. Do it and then just didn't look back for about a decade? It really wasn't. I guess, until after college I come up, but would have a drink or something like that, but remember any of it. now religion. I eventually excited to have you on assuming you're? U like talking about it, because I'm generally vocally I'm an atheist. We, a mutual friends right
Let me know them right area and am I cannot deny the power of their religion in their life. It's a blatant to me. I can see in Amy that she has Jesus in her heart. I literally see it. I personally don't believe in it, but I see its impact on their life and it seems very positive. So it's fun Mommy dissolved and get a bunch of different atheists in here will lament about that, and I am always curious to give a voice to like what people get out of it for themselves. I love to talk about it. I think I used to be when I first moved out I think I was very much on the defence shouted think put me in the back Five years there has been a lot more of an ownership. because it really is everything for me. That's it each part of my life and the way as for my journey. The way I see it is, I mean, have The relationship with guide and knowing that a power much
later than myself is with me and walking through this life with me and giving me strength and comfort in someone I can just fall apart to and right and knowing that he sees a much bigger picture than I do, is incredibly assuring from a comforting and comforting to man in its also just having a presence that challenges me mean I'm to forgive people that I don't really wanna forgive right and to have a perspective on somebody that is different than that. I dont necessarily want choose Riah like that. I can think of some that I can't stand, and just be able to see that the traits that I can't stand that person? I haven't myself as well. Oh sure you know, and just those choices that I naturally make and I think with this journey with face. I always have that reminder. as its editor, when you're gonna masters questions very hard and of alien rain can say this is well but target
explain, John Presence and just a being that is so, part of me. I also understand when someone somebody hears about my faith: everybody's bring into their own history, with faith over an of weather beaten Emma or you know, somebody in the chair Where did them wronger whatever structure? So I get like there's so many perspectives attached to my faith in its even politically it's very very frustrating because it almost currently implies that you're on the right, if you're yeah and its- and I would not to mention names, but we probably know them no, the name that the faith communities attached to politically in ones. following God, gun talks about kind of the fruits of that is: love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
Dancing to be on full display with the car yet and here's the deal, I'm working on February, free on a good day on the washer, but when it's difficult to find one of those in a community or person that is, someone is being attached to the faith community or whatever, key for me. You know it's really: that's tricky yeah and its I'd. There's a part of me. That's like! Oh, please, don't fine, my faith with that, but I guess again that's where I got the powerless, and so when I can't control that totally totally I can relate deeply in that. I am a member of this house. grandma the iron, can almost guarantee that if he walked into any random a meaning- and I was forced to defend some of the behavior at that meeting- or some of them be no characters that where there is surely you know It is something that is ultimately executed by human beings in that it gets messy Aladdin. It's not the thing I'm drawn to about the programme or you know
so I relate met when you're able, through your relationship with God, to forgive people you in an otherwise forgive her find empathy. in them. Is it because you do of the bond of a word. The children of this same God is that the the that allows you to to become benevolent towards it or is it I think it's more for me, it's more of who am I to not forgive this person when I know how many choices I've made that I feel like I've been forgiven right. Who am I to not give that to somebody else, and I think there is an over. There is an awareness of that yeah say now: When you say it's generally something that annoys you buy yourself, I'm happy to go. First, I hate the guy at the party whose trying to get tons of attention in
course. I want all the attention and every single party sylvia. What is it? What are some of the things you little argue about guide? I would say: that's probably Think about it. I think we all want to be seen. We all want to be known and when I see somebody to your point of like trying to feed off of something at a party, there be attention or a story that they're telling or just kind of get that adoration yeah. I'm very aware of I've done that many times myself, we are trying to grab a party or tried to tell the best story. Sure I'll try to get those conversations when they walk away. Talking about me, you know it's all that bullshit, and so you know, I think you have a keen eye on something that you can resonate within yourself. So I mean I completely get that in its really funny cause. I will say this: my favorite thing is when we, like sixteen people over twenty people over re enforced was remain in the kitchen after everyone's left in the
You can go through the four points, like some going just like that Gregg Dude he was so annoying healing juries cons constantly bragging about his money or some whatever. Oh, no. I I completely miss that, but I care a boy she's, a better than those whom I think and when I find always like there's almost never, consensus, Eleazer Gay shit in the living room consensus it just like whatever person, basically mirrored the things you hate about yourself at that party, but isn't it interesting how I walk by so many conversations- and I do myself but they're always talking about somebody else hush are you know, that sense of theirs over. There is community building technique of talking about another person, yes, which is
fortunate, because nobody wants to say man. I really didn't show up to this party. I've really been judgment hard here for the wrong motivations, I'm not that we work, as that would be a huge buzz killed. But if it's me- small community building to say God. Why did he come? Why Why was she there yadda? We had decided yet along breakdown of like the evolutionary benefits of of gossip being there so many upside. of it the Azure AIDS relationship building its relationship, maintaining it has other worrying. It's a warnings, yes to prevent someone else. Experts some would say it's a warning because I get that which, if I may say telling. Somebody else don't do this, cause. I'm gonna have the reaction exactly like this person,
this and no one likes that. So it's telling you ok, I shouldn't do that if a shaman technique unaware. Yet these are my parameters for you to be my yeah yeah, yeah yeah and then on top of it going like. Maybe there's a real warning in their like. It don't know ever loan him money he's bad with my he's so rhino whatever there could be some beneficial item on passing on to you to say, but then I think also under all. That is we're a social animal who's dying to know where we're at night. Even if we desire to be number one, there's is all this anxiety about. Where am I in the? What strata am I in that made me think of them? I was talking about. This might not have been connected, but it made me think, the whole idea when you were saying about wanting connection? It's like everybody, one to be known, everybody wants to be seen, and I was having an interesting, this recently about fame, aha and how everybody seized as the ultimate trying known my ultimate being seen and how many uncertain
As you have me, many twitter follows you have all that cancer. I was saying how its actually just the opposite four person in whose working in Alabama somewhere anything said to them anything given to them anything encouraged for them and it whatever there's no strings attached, it's just that they can oh, that they are receiving that for who they are and what the good or bad well again, Jolie whenever said to them given to them encouragement, there's always questioning the motives as to where that's coming from right, so actually that the very isolating nicely to place So when we look at fame is the old, it's actually the opposite. I would say that now. There is more known thence, Angelina, Jolie, yes, and just that was a cute. Tangent, but let alone I agree. I there's a sweet spot, I gotta say our least appears to be a sweets. Now, for my vantage point, which is, I have friends that are
who were successful in our business and that does to me appear to be very isolating even in my own, a meaning there's been a couple visitors that were so famous that I could just feel that it's impossible not to be thinking about the person like it's impossible, the person so well known, and so often in this world- that it's not possible to sit among them and not be thinking about them than thinking about what they think about you, and then I was just watching the person. I got my own head for long enough to go, there's no way, percent, isn't feeling this. This is a palpable energy that I'm feeling among my friends who are expecting have morals and all these things ass and I thought, while that's isolating where and not an when you're round people who'd, you can feel are in their skin. Yes, I'm not at that level of yummy there, but I've thereof, people that might like my stuff and you can feel that they're not in their skin and if you want them to be
so I would think it so hard to be present for that person walking into that meeting at that level, a home to focus on wider there, too focus on the material, because it takes a lot. I would think It would take a lot of work to say, while others I can feel Energy Yom feel these eyes, but I need to focus on this and I got an I need a place to come, be honest about had not yet a city, and I will say in those cases it does dissipate like editor a couple or three meetings. It got back down the normal level, but I just thought o everywhere. This person goes in life, there are experiencing this energy and what a gift for them to find relationships that are purely authentic and grounded yes, they gravitate those for the rest of their lives. Ok, you get out. College. You moved to New York City. Having just done your masters degree to kind of refined your voice on steel yourself. It sounds like that's a big
for you, I would imagine it is big move, and I think about that. I don't know if you guys can relate to this. I don't like to travel and I could go to the mall food court for the rest of my life and be fine. I maybe it's cuz. I travel so much as a kid I like structure haha, I like just going back to the same places and I don't I'm just not been explored so for me to make that move. I look back and then I'm like, I don't even know why I did that know anybody We buy yourself, I myself, who have found a sublet in these village for a month from this, I think I was unlike seven different cultures in the first year of just like look in the newspaper, fur, sublet and stuff, and- and I just cannot couched hopped and then I found this place. But I just didn't know anybody- and I am the first show I did with Shakespeare in the parking lot where I do take me to shoreline parking lot. At least I met some friends that way and then just did all these jobs, but I'm amazed that I took that step. Cuz, that's not very much my personality,
but you found it or cofounded a christian theatre company, while you're there, it was more of a. I had met a lot of artists whose faith was important to them. Some of them were not really supported by the church if they were doing what the church deems as pure are. Or something like that. I wanted to do something different and so we would just kind of get together and encourage one another and go see each other's stuff and each week somebody would stand up and give an inspiration whether it be a dance or a song or like them and do a lot of service projects? We would do this thing. I will we make apple pie for shelter at Thanksgiving or something just a kind disease this we know were selling ourselves as the business we would try to gonna get our eyes off ourselves in and ass called the Haven sounds like called, but it was just really just kind of like almost a fellowship right and how many members were there of this?
members on another like people coming. We really have like a membership, but it was like a hundred something a hundred India any of those folks still friends. Yes, very good friends here in what was your pants into employment. I saw that you're on sopranos, which really excites me. I've been dying to make Kristen watch that whole series and Monica Now, over the years we ve been reviewed, some people that had little rolls on it, and I can't we owe you watch as I imagine it's a bit of a minefield of people that are now yeah. I was a nurse on colleges on it, so I guess uncle Junior, his own mass, all sure, but it was just like one blessing, but I was so petrified. I mean done commercials, and I was having a hard time. It took me like six or seven years to find somebody to wrap me for tv and film and said getting this Sopranos little part really is a big deal and I was just so anxious about it. I'm here I'm first time I had a dressing room all that kind of stuff, yes really overwhelmed in what kind of stuff
were you spinning like how is it going to go sideways? What are the things that you fear Zeit perform Its wise, you know it was actually what I specifically remember. I was giving his treatment and when I get in does my handshake? Ok, we'll have done theatre many times in the past. If I have a holding a cup, wait in their own bed from shaking cuz. That's how it go manifest themselves, sometimes yeah. It's always so nervous to my hands are going to be shaking while doing all the cords and all that kind of stuff around him yeah- and I can't remember if I did, but that was a big focus point- was your hands like please just relax the hands. You just brought me back to the fact that in high my early twentyth, I got clammy hands when I was an eye would leading up to knowing I was about to shake someone's early you're. Even worse, keen into someplace. In Austria, we're gonna start shaking hands, and then they would just turn on
really. Oh yeah. I would be like soon as I would think about the fact that they were going to be clammy. They we ask that they would sell flew by while very rough. I asked my love. I can't tell you like how much for my day was spent Robbie millions. I do too the other night I Julio we drive has us award and I was presenting it to Her- and I did a little speech- He came up and got it now stand aside and I've my knees like randomly just started shaking because I was doing extra and that whole game of like China to think about it, maybe calm down, or maybe I should think about it may be. That is. Everybody is looking at my knees just going nuts and if the suit, which probably nobody was but yeah, tell randomly, they distort they just came online and started doing their thing. As that debated. Over times I mean it, you you're more and more and more on these stages and in front of people. In the end, I think, there's I mean not again
like anxieties is something that I've kind of doubt was so I think I have. I have developed a lot of tools on how to manage it. Have you heard of cognitive real, sir. Yes, sir, I've done a lot that Julia tricks. I've got a tricks, I'm actually about to do this, I in San Francisco in January. I haven't done theatre in along I'm? So it's like that if I farmers of creating narratives of what could happen, nuns an example of lake. Don't live in the what? If stay in the now write, using whenever I'm kind of find myself really anxious or tapping the five senses like. What do I smell? What do I see? What do I hear touch and that kind of wakes you up to where you are yeah stuff, like that going really matter like it just doesn't matter yeah sure you know. I remember this was such a gift. I was doing Conan
one time and I left the stage and just didn't feel like it, went really well and thought my story bombed or something I went to Andy and I was like Andy. I just. I still think that was really good, because Tony it doesn't matter, it's just doesn't matter and he said like it's like a paper, boat and the ocean. It just goes away. Yes, and it was such a gift cause. I even so much weight and just things like like the guy. It's just I'm going to that place of there's a great quote, amount get his name wrong. Carlos custom, ETA or something- and he said to me, everything as if it's the only thing that matters knowing at the same time, it doesn't matter at all, and it's like I'm gonna, give myself over to it, but in the matter and it's a cab living in the tension, it does matter doesn't matter like if I'm an event- and I have- and I find myself too much about something I have guilt about it. If I dont care about it. I have guilt about like I can walk into a situation of I care and I don't care
Ryan matters, and it doesn't matter you there's those two can both colleagues the yeah. You can't control kind of back to the cognitive thinking tat These thoughts, emotions vaguely it's like watching like cars. Highway. Oh yeah, there's that thought that this means everything this there's that thought that model can be kidnapped. There's that that I'm gonna fall apart they come and go yeah trying not for me, try not to identify with them so much yeah, really It is interesting because it's like you have chosen a career as have we neglect Mary much could upgraded alive for yourself. Were you weren't any such nations where there are high risk? hi reward or anything, but just the mere fact of additional. As we have done dishes tat. You have to have a game plan. yeah. You have done some mental gymnastics, you're doing to go into a room and
If you belong there and then believe you can do the thing you can do at its best and that moment on these things like will seem to have many different tricks for it. But it does require something I think yet. I think it is enough for you as we changes over time, even the fact that were living in such uncertainty with our clear that alone, as well did we make that choice yeah. Typically, people go on job interviews for two or three months and then have a gig for two or three years. We on job interviews for two or three years and we're lucky. If we get a cake for two or three months, yeah, it's the opposite, yeah, additions used to be its all these techniques, but it's like could use to freaked me out and now I can agree to this place where I, lightly enjoy them the and I think its first set there not to get are all our chief Archie but That's the one time that this peace, but everything is completely my interpretation yeah cause. If, if I do bucket, It's gonna be somebody else's interpretation
so that's the one time that I have total freedom to do my idea of that, yes and then its handed over to somebody else yet a mould, the ILO and that's kind of having that thought about it yeah. I also in the last couple years. I've gotten and appoint words like I finally believe in what I can do and I can go there and offer the thing I do and they may or may not like it. That's that, like there's, no, I have to jump six foot, seven inches or I don't qualify for this thing. It's just I have a thing I offer in May or may not be the thing you're looking for and it's not deeper than that and it so easy to say I mean right. These are things that I wish it. I mean you talking about it so fine, but in that moment, inside damn it where those tools and I'm feel insecure. I'm given these people out of power of my life, it's a constant and for me all add one thing to that, differs to the fact that we do interview for three years to work for two months and also
at our interviews, imagine you can hear the purse before you: why don't? They have some replies, awful arenas? Imagine you there to meet for vice president whatever, and you can hear the entire fucking interview in room, your ass, the last and then the worst is when Cason directors, and by that I mean we obviously have really kind convergence that we work with. But when
Come on big start talking to other people, s Rights York with hindering commercial. Just like so good to see you and your next know me, I'm not gonna, give you that don't do they re Japan Hole in your role. I dont we're gonna, definitely think what is your name decks. Yeah you're ready for you there in an hour for a half hour, had nothing here, they're working with them, then you go in its like once and you like, don't you and I just I know you did a thoroughly familiar- go hey thanks! So much for coming here. That was a thirty seconds that don't do the second seen! No, that's all I know is I repaired. I have this. Why about areas where I was? It was like. Animated movie years ago, and and they were so excited to see me like. Oh, my gosh were so excited you coming and uttered it as we celebrate and I did it
and they just go hey thanks for thanks for coming in- and you can see that expectation just bomb you like sorry as are you- was it outfox for Christian? Something was his name Christian now it was that I remember that was not a fox not drag. It was like a one of those sound platelets recording place, cause. I am one of those things words like they want you in ice age, one of the ice age. They want their offering you this they just want you to come in and work with a couple. The voices in seeing him I got There- is a. I love your stuff. You're going to be so good in this is great, I mean weaken. We know it's you bought and then I just obviously did terrible job cuz. I didn't never never call back. This happened to me three time, stuff, that made me think of leg with the power of words and how people in Hollywood- and I could someone using high when, as ever we just don't the power of our words. I people, through our words than are, though Emma
In addition, the directive at the end of its stood up, started clapping Ngos. Ok, when I book you dead at at at at and I remember anything was all I heard is when I Bucky's I'm reclaim my wife and being like we're gonna get day care in Vancouver Extra Shooting Vancouver. Needless to say, I didn't get nine about, Hunt and brought her out about. I didn't get it, but, as I do, say those words man words. I know people trying to be kind. There's so much power and words and if it's hard to say no also very hard to say no, but it helps the person a few. Let us give them the most benefit of the doubt possible and be most generous you might have really meant it.
totally, and I do not think he I were, I probably know absolutely no. I don't think he was just trying to be kind. I really think you might have meant it yeah, but you gotta have therefore thought you don't know where this is gonna go just those words, because what we're actors, emotional actors, I will hold onto that word- yeah yeah. Now and I will run whether all build a whole next two years of my life, based on that right as the Treasure Gun Vancouver, they knew, namely that getting it doesn't living among. Yes, yes, In addition, even if they dont say words you're searching, are. They smiling you like you're just want anything to let you know like did. I do a good opportunity to imagine you heard chuckle, I will carry that job. They like Dick laughed. I think they're gonna call me back stay to arm chair. If you dare we
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lashed acts and get yourself some awesome and delicious lions main coffee, full discount, applied at check out, So when you are in New York, were you doing comedy yes get comedy there? some group called King baby I'll ride. I was made up of Susan Isaacson Todd, Wilkerson, Geographic and now I'm Jim Why way- and we have this calking baby and just would do sketches and really enjoyed. It was fun or I and then I went to the Barrow group was gonna bear group and it was a gift cause it where they can abroad. Back the Are you play, I think, in the end, he's acting schools a lot of times. It's like a your work, man yeah. Your work is amazing, your great work, and it's like this real kind of heaviness and the burger, but back display aspect. again. I go back to the anxiety, I'm already so living in giving an unrealistic weight and importance.
and anxiety and work aspect to it and heaviness yeah. So too to play back into it is its own challenge is its own work that I have to do I know so. For me, it was like that was so helpful, I'm always amazed, improper, I'm, I didn't really study improved, mainly adjusted just did sketch combat, but to have that free thought of just stuff. Just not judging yourself in just going for and seeing what happens yeah, that's something that I it's hard for me like I, like my don't say that does that's not necessarily have the whole editor in my mind before I put it out rights. If he's out, doing, even though your successful known would not need any of it were doing an improv class just the experience will go being on visas. It has been like such a working with mouthwash. Obviously Craig you see be here when I
came here doing arrested development. It was a big learning curve for me here and I looked back to that extent, I think I've had a false idea of what it was gonna be Inv was just the opposite for me. It was, I think I lived in a lot of insecurity and arrested, and visa was a lot more just like watching people and learning and rather than being intimidated by. I was just kind of learning, and matches even idea. Improv, it's not like bets, it's not too, obviously beyond those, but to be funny. He would just very natural response is like if somebody threw out like. Oh my god, there is a hippo next to you mean something he wouldn't have. He wouldn't feel the need to add something funny on top of that he would always be like. While that's that's on you, or just a very honest spots and being run that many people on deep. I was a real class for me yeah. On. Did you know that Tony was in that Mr Robot commercial, redoubled, commercial, a very famous, I don't! Even if I know it, there are not enough
not knows about it. If fact, so, how did you get on arrested development? What was the steps that got you so I found these kind people to semi out fur stuff other than commercials and at the audition for rested came around and I was such a funny script and reminded me of Christopher Guest stuff, and I was a huge, Christopher Guess fan, but just thinking, That's not gonna happen when you are in New York, I was in New York at the time. You would send VHF tapes sure overseas, no wonder if it s eyes on it and then Mitch Hurwitz describes it that the camera, stopped at my waist and then buster would massage people a lot. So I would I started massaging my knees and he had the thing I like. What is he doing down there because it couldn't see Peters interest so anyway, but then they brought me out? so overwhelmed. Remember them! I got a guy got it and I was not expecting to you shoot the pilot.
They shot the pilot while we were out there, so they brought me out, does a call back in the we shot. The pilot I specifically remember running out of underwear and antibiotic underwear at old Navy, and then I just got engaged to my wife in New York and then came back to New York and ten days before we got married, the show got picked up. We moved out to LA my wife was a make a partisan s now at the time, so she really sacrifice a lot to move our loss, Angeles yeah and we were both this kind of in this right. Let's, let's do it with you, happens. If I talk about this one You don't you ever have that feeling like you talk about something so much that you are tired of no, I do talk about the same thing as so often people are tired of it. So I was really made a big difference in my life because not just career wise, but my whole time in New York. I was like a getting sick my big thing. That's what you want that's what I wanted in my life, I want to say, come whenever arose
go and throws it. But that's it comes come and I got it in a din satisfy me. The where thought was an assassin, and it really scared me- and I really woke me up- and I realized not at the time on arrested, but after arrest was overhead, my daughter and one thing babies. They force you to be present because you have to give them a little guy and I just woke up to the fact that I had not been present for most of my life or police practicing being present, arrested. I gave us such weight. Getting getting the show and nothing can match that weight. And that thing if you're, not practice, and tell me where you are you're, not gonna, be content when you get what you want just not been very practicing that leading up to that and I I'm so thankful, and that's when I just realized how much I checked out with anxiety, checked out with false expectations
and it had nothing to do with the rest of that got to do with a cast and have nothing to do with the scripts. I was on a great show and had to add me. I had to wake up to some things I relate deeply in that for twenty eight years I had a fairytale in my mind, that was making lots of money, entertaining people. Then I knew how I was gonna feel when I was doing my new it cause. I had been fantasizing about it for ever, and the whole behold. I know accompanied the success, I didn't wake up. and feel differently. In the morning I didn't see someone different in the mere I mean I could buy pizza and I don't care what the price of gas was. That was the only thing that practically changed. You know that was incredibly disillusioned,
to me totally in its when you wake up to that cause. You know we ve gotten our dream. Yeah, my dream was to be an actor and when you wake up to the reality of it and that granted so thankful, the butt wait till the best job in the world short, but the unrealistic wait. I've given it. It was really scary to end my default in life is checked. My default is somewhere else. It takes work for me to be where I am and what is your tools used, isolate obesity? I'll, send my head. I think that's a big thing and would dealing with stuff, as were growing up his children, when I was called those names when all that kind of stuff. You learn like Chuck clause that door de disassociation your disassociate, and I think I've disassociated from life a lot and its more for me to say I'm right here, I'm right here in this, so many gifts came out of this, but one was I did this years ago. This charter,
but are to help Archibald. We had we honoured and his fancy. Oh do I love always read that to our kids, Friday, twenty francs, but it's about this little chicken get a card in the mail that says your big things here and he's like where it goes on all these great adventures. But retirees on adventures. I gotta get to my next big thing in this, be travels around with him in his ideologists, be manuals b and then the Andy realizes of the car cars right. Your big thing is here. My big thing is talking to Monica and Dax right now That's my big thing for me to find, the beauty in the ordinary all that stuff? That's that's life yeah in that, and I say it so I think easy to say in almost all really hard to implement, but I think I talk about so much as a reminder, but this is my big thing right here. Yes, I agree and I think I am annoyingly incessantly talking about all this stuff, the emotional stuff what's happening, what are my resentments? Will
oh, what a someone triggering me. What would you you represent for my child all and it must cease- nauseating, but I'm not doing that and I just assumed, if I put it in neutral, all end up coasting to a great place. I want- or I know it, what you guys do. All the time is getting your eyes off yourself in and ask questions and finding out from somebody else we have common, remember another time I was on. I was behind the curtain and I felt a panic attack coming on this is years ago. and I was like oh shit. I have a choice. I can either bolt or I can do something and I'm there is. There was two guys in two guys rotating the curtain Jago out, nor two guys, and I started to ask them questions and aware you guys from Hell been doing here, and I remember specifically sang or someone should do. A documentary behind the curtain just gonna see what happens but just drilling them with questions of their public cod.
I just guy doing this and then the curtains opened and I went out getting my head off me. The answer me us like took me out of that. Panicky. The cool thing is that this book became a cartoon on Netflix in it. For me, I guess in September Archibald sees everything like a big thing around and he sees the best and everyone. The best answer, situation he has a yes and attitude towards life. Everything is a big thing and he is just my role model He's super cue to on his awesome, he's a little he's, a little dingy bodies to so sweet of. You followed any of bill, Haters interviews yeah, so the one about were with the anxiety kind of making it a friend or just kind of like the silly monster. That's come up the avenue any stern. He talks, about time on saying live, I mean it if it was torture Vrain at so I've there's also a great book for grasping for air time
but he talked about his panic. I think one time he had a panic and ran all the way from thirty rock to the West Village, or something just in panic, as called grasping for air time, and it was a play on obviously aired. Let us now, but also his anxiety, yeah great title. Yes, The counter intuitive. I think all of us on the outside assume all these powerful Farmers are just like have some level of confidence and self assured us that, and then they dump the beautiful thing. all this is the factors thing so hard can be turned into something productive. It was not an easy bath growing up in the south. There was not an easy path things I ve my own family stuff. There was an easy, but it's like to use it and to create stories and hopefully find often the citizens are characters like what a great thing yeah No, not easy, but like its call to see the full circle? Sometimes so?
come of a russian development in development is, as everyone knows, it's called sensation. It's such a brain shall I was laid on it, which actually alike cause. I got the kind of binge area so so Annie and wonderful, and then what what an incredibly talented group everyone there you know, had the ability to have their own show when it ended, there's a good gap between that and veal. How many years, maybe so cheers and you worked in, you are busy through all them, but were you did you have any pan? like all, and I de the month after arrested was cancer. We bought a house and my daughter was born. Oh and I was like oh well cause he eats no, I think, even though I know we're freelancers and even though I know where job to job and arrested was never secure and ratings. You get very used to say. sure yeah very used to having a job to submit that, and I got familiar
with it and then when it cancer. I was like woe that scares the really scared me at one time. specifically without we're, gonna have to sell our house, and it was just it was very. It contains two big, but it was really tight and right after we bought her house, the market dropped, he doesn't seven began it because you bought in two thousand sexy S aim here and in it were. It took nothing ten years to get back to the price that we sold it all revile and so on tricky time and then it will two thousand and eleven as one weep Cameron Ok, so them before they can. You touched on it here. Daughter arrives them. I have to assume that we had a similar experience, which is Oh the fantasy. I had about having the tv show money that feeling I've I was gonna, get actually exists within this. The subtle human just a desire. I had to be present with my daughter and finding that it was really challenging to be present with her and that's like,
that like no, I want to be here, but I found myself just checking out out of fear. and am I ready for this and what the hell's happening and where is the money gonna come from, I was has acknowledged the no this my daughter. I want to be her unjust that constant tension. So if anything Does that reminder of like right now you got your face, something you really need to be working on and then that's. Why got into some therapy Europeans? I don't know about you, but I am I'm pretty goal oriented. So it's like you have this baby. You bring them home and you're like ok, they're, going to sleep, the first three or four so I guess that's gonna happen. You know we got
get them on their stomach. We gotta Rome on their stomach and that's what we're gonna do we do that. We will have many minutes a day right and then we're looking for when they can pick their back up or just I offer us a monitoring that reigns in working on the answer. We got that. Ok, I'm like ok, now schedule a roll on her back radio. Then she got a crawl and then she gonna walk, and I had a nice still have to do this. As I stop the checklist of development start, because all its making me do is look forward to that. Next thing that one accomplished, Yaya And- and I just have to go. I know this is the thing. Every moment is the thing and all for me. First of all, I love that There is a real beauty to that of just like cause to me. That's treasury, those steps history, my challenge, in addition to other stuff, but it's like I the fact that I see something and create a whole narrative of what I think that's gonna become? This is happening, so this must mean this. Is the direction she's going in or does it and it's like
wait. None of this has happened. Tony awry, was just be right here, the thirteen it let's not create this whole narrative when she's twenty one. You know it's like all known to stay here, yeah, that's! It is key. sent for me. I would imagine you are always on high alert for any proof that she has anxiety. Frank's eighty and because of there's addiction in my family, guy, codependent, seas and kind of things, not feelings. if for me, so the challenges, Look around the corner as to what's coming right at this. this thirteen, this might be good now, but winds again attempt yeah, what's around the corner, that something's is going to happen, and that is blessed with a big challenge for me as well. I will say- and I'm sure you can relate to this its given me- a purpose that I've never I've never thought. I could love something I a door, my wife, but it's more of a part, it's a partnership that we have with a child. There is It's crazy love, ya and purpose
for living that was set so amazing you yeah my thought on it is it's like it's. The first thing I ve link, my identity. To that, actually is substantive. There is a real. I dented there her father, their father is a real thing. It can't be taken away by and b c or by opening box Is there anything? It's isn't. Is one of the few identity touch them I have that- are actually legitimate yeah, also. How supernatural it is me not to get back into the God thing: yes do it as supernatural, it is just creating this baby and how everything had to work together to meet the intelligent force. That had to come from that, but also the love that I have for this child is such a regime. For me of how much the love God has towards me. As my father- yes, it's,
reminder of like wow, I believe the levy as from you. So much more. Yes, you know, and that's always reminder from none to get into nor none. I like them, eat emotional, but workers I'm kind of experiencing similar things, but through a different route, which is, I would imagine when you feel unconditional love for your child. Then you go, That's how God looks at me. I don't need it. beating myself up to the level I'm beady myself, yes and theirs. I love you said that because this therapist once said to me is all the self negative self talk? We do our any says you know of Lloyd was eight and she came up to you and she said dad. I'm feeling can insecure, I'm feelin this. I would be like honey you're, so work Everything you're, so loving, you're, so beautiful talk to you is like talk to yourself, like you would your daughter if she can up to you like that yeah and it's like yeah. I don't talk to myself that well, there's no domestic. Imagining how I self talk just imagine
What I would say to my daughter, untried, saying that you yourself, oh my other virginity what, then, is a aid which is like I met many times. Someone said down for the first time and they just got out of jail, they killed their best friend, drunk driving. My first thought is who this person's struck Elaine? I can't imagine the weight of this. I have compassion. I have love I have here. Let's, let's make sure this happens, and I we say like God, if I could treat myself half as nice as I would treat a newcomer at a meeting the area. I would be so much happier right. You have such a ban. for community around you, it's nice when you have having a child of like by doing this alone. They are another kind of thing I can fall into a kind of like How am I gonna screw up? I just you'll. Have the force in reality, only force in her life and going back to God of, like he's with me, were not meant to do this alone. Right now feel again,
I mean to get into preaching about bananas salmon, we're on a time to people who don't believe and voice, but I actually really appreciate you're, not telling other look. All the data is saying this is how to fix your life in our society. There is such a praise of independence, and so I can do this means and we forget healthy dependence. Yeah it's ok to need each other. It's ok to say I can't do this alone. I can do this by myself, yeah, it's so prized. Do your point that I in the past have found myself like just leaving out really crucial people to anything I've done that was successful. I can't even got a horrid all that, because that is the price they did of self man raises this in that ran in Egypt. Have you no use leave certain people, our stories like whose kidding, who, like so many nobody and where they are. When now woman
Celebrate you for violent times. Can I please don't employees or you'll be there eight year old child, talking the is another thing that we started LE little late right. You seasons out and then we We both watch it where, like a well, this is hands down the best comedy on television and has been for years your guises relationship, just kind of grew and grew and grew, and obviously you spent the mouse time with Julia of any of the closure, and I know she's been on here her and I just worship her like she's ungodly or my she's she's, there's some. things to say about her, but the meeting comes to mind? Is who's ever number one in the call she'd sets the mood for the entire experience she's, obviously number one. She said an environment of hey, you throw out an idea, even if it's about it yeah, it's welcome were a family work, our team, let's be Kind- and I cannot tell you
What a gift that was the show because we ve all been on ever job words. Sometimes entitlement of arrogance and adjust sucks creative energy out of space everybody's walking on eggshells. the opposite when she really set that town. I am forever grateful for that then she's funny and normal and her family or first priority, and all that yeah, she's, shockingly normal I've, elevated or to such a level of talent that I think I'm shocked that she's according normal plan. As a producer of she talked about this, but you'd work, the writer so closely that if something wasn't working, you could see her brain just go now this to be shifted in this needs disc, and we need a mess this up like it needs to be. She had that part in her that was like addresses to mechanical sounding a writ a higher she had like a structural aware, yes, varying she's very invested in politics as she was like this doesn't sound, grounded this isn't some believable yeah in all that kind of stuff. The show
also has an idea? I still don't know it's a mystery to me and I am grateful for that. It exists, but it as some cover fire in that you guys get away with absolute martyr. I mean I just the last season by us. I mean they get away with murder deal theory on why you know yeah I do because, she's an awful human being. Billina is an atrocious, a human being really. Everybody is everybody's out for themselves, even Gary's out front sofya, and so they dont have any empathy. she uses school shootings to help her campaign the right direction. I mean when I read those like her, yeah, but it's You know it's coming from her, so it's just it's. So it's awful, I think that's kind of the permission that would have she has no sensitivity to it right right. I just wondered if you guys, as the actors, if there was ever like, is this the day like what you know
is this: a dynamic go was probably that was I remember that day when I roll out- and that was that was tricky one, but I just I just remembered who it's coming. I mean it's, this is not. Saying this: the asses a take on people using an atrocious event for their own good, which happened which happen yeah yeah. Absolutely. but it was it was there was that, as there is a lot of those times and for funny enough, my character was given the faith based and mission of, like a kind of the religious Right foundation of her campaign. Jerry was Gary's now his fate, as import dimension, has just said awful stuff to me about that. That's funny! Ok, so, Archibald, what's a vault name of the Netflix, show Archibald next big thing: Archibald Next big things that's currently on Netflix and then what else when ass, he got commoner? What else
on the pipeline, I'm trying to stay present. That is The thing to side note that's as three languages. It not a trigger. But it's a question you do get oh yeah and you're, not only trying to work on being present for your encourage to not the address the hustle, always a hustle in its and I fall into that every day I'm only asking because I'd hate for you to be here too proud something they gave it a lot of nerve. So glad you did. I mean I got a nice, but it made me, but it made me think of that there's play I'm doing in San Francisco, weighty wavy at the American from eggs and baby eczema. Mary was about this guy used at the end of it life is written by Willy now slightly One person show this nurse comes in half way and we have a really fun stuff together, but at some announce it. Gone kind of end of life and thoughts and thinking about life. like I sets. Will you have to memorize two hours nonjurors, it's an hour
steal one hour. It's I'm stayin present. I'm trying to stay here cause it's like up. My narrative goes these place of opium going to pay for a public panic attack. I know it's like a fire tat kind of thing. I dont want to live in that because I really love theater and annex it about it if you ever taken programme and all I've heard about it at about a kristin- is very open about it. If she's like hosting an award show. She takes it then, as zero effect on her, like alertness, there's, no there's no body sensation to taking it. It just prevent sure heart rate from getting to a point where your brains start shifting thinking from frontal lobe of yeah Gillian Brain he's an incredible success with it, that's really good dear. Actually, mine is more that I'm gonna go blank that all everything is just going to you're just going to forget it. It's just me on that state. She yeah! That's it think? Where am I
You should have that fear, nothing. Anyone setting out to be sold for an hour. She doesn't have you. You can just then decide what the rest of the play. Energies are. Your improv glasses now said I think, but that's a friend of mine takes it might look into it. I've convince mice My story about myself, as I need to feel a little that panic to be alert enough to do the thing I knew well ya out might be a lie like maybe do just fine without having that little bit a panic, but I think that not a lie because anxiety, redirected excitement. I mean there is something our net men not always, but like four theater, I am sorry about a year. The anxiety gets a redirected right, there's apartment don't want lose that and I you think, that's what you're kind of doing so like in my case, I'll generally get of a healthy dose of it before our lives shows like we're gonna Nashville this weekend will do this lie back to back in,
It's all improv in that does nothing memorize. So I need to be a little panic to Fuckin wake whatever parliament rain of them was fast. But, situation. Words like you're doing abhorrence. I dont know that you need that. You know what do you go to win or either of you go to when you you're about to walk out? Will you ok, you get very overwhelmed you go matter, and it's like you now. This were spending on a planet. In that case, there's a there's. Three things are dismayed. in all live and everyone man, that's nice too. I will force myself to do my transcendental meditation mantra, just breathe for five minutes and then the big mega help is our friend bomber back plays live most of the shows and if we lock into what he's playing he so beautiful, so impressive that we will forget were about to go out, or at least that happened. Air me, if monarch and I start smiling
and screaming about Bob's brilliance, then I'm like over totally good. We can walk out there now cuz we're just we're just now going out to celebrate how great he just wasn't and everything else. Just one slash two a kind of my. What are you I never get nervous. I mean I get nervous all the time when, like you're acting and things are performing, but I never get nervous for these lives shows ever mainly has you're doing all the heavy lifting adopted do all that much men I just feel like This is something we know how to do, and there is no risk. What's gonna happen for supporters talking and other persons, or at with the very least you can say like tell me about your hometown and let them talk. Man figure in a like. It just drew ever do or say something on the podcast worry it's out and you wonder, oh shit. What could that become for sure outlets also happens. Things have become
Is it something that you have to kind of you have its techniques to be like? Let me not to jump on that train. You know and can create the catastrophic scenarios and stuff my big technique there is. Is anyone in my friendship circle not notice about me. Does my wife not knows well made? This is anything new to anyone. I care about in do. I know their reactions in. If I can honestly, No, the people that I have in my life will think nothing of this. Then I just have to let it go and you're going to be loved the exact I'm a little more right now. It may not be loved by as many strangers, but I guess that's ok but we generally dont ever police in the moment. No, it's after one were editing words like what are you key boy? Do you not cause in the moment you want to just be as vulnerable on? Oh,
in your eyes, honest as anyone in the world, and then we have to decide what stays and that's where it gets like. She really Those part is a little on the edge, but generally we have good as one time we courtesy of work on and she pointed out, but Monica said we have to ask so acknowledge women, the justice human as men in the end, all You know why I knew that people weren't gonna like it and he had a response and immediate response that I thought was beautiful and good and helpful to people. So I left that and for that reason, and then I said in the fact check why's that I know no one's gonna like that, and I normally would have cut something like that out, but I left it as sort of active. Her papa said that people in Care- and I did not- She was and how I was wrong. But I understand, is a mere but but you feel misunderstood, and at a large yeah
great, there's nothing that made me think of them. I get the box breathing. If you guys heard the box braids when you kind of do face that overwhelm thing as you breathing for five hold for five without for five, then rest for five and its load. Your heart beat down. That's that's also go to sleep technique. I've used it, but it's actually think in this one. It's like remember three seconds. I hold firm seven seconds or phasing in the next. EL for viruses things. So then the breathing is pre Gwig than the hold is the same as the exile, hence also spouse, deregulator shit, yeah, that's going! I admire that. You kept than in thank you meteor another, as I was, was an honest response. Even a few questions to human thing, yeah, the first time she had through that? So I had already shit the bed publicly many times with the years, whether I tweeted
something or whatever, and so I have felt that ran before ensue. there's no getting out of how it feels the first time you go through the ages, its painful you in it hurts the oughta be misunderstood, or for people to draw conclusions about your character, based on some yeah Will Tony we love you. We were trying to get you now, for I want to say year we've been reaching out. We are just huge fans, I think you're, so brilliant, I'm so excited for whatever you do next it'll be something I hope you at least now operate from a place of like oh yeah, I'll stay and play, I think I'm getting more to a place actually of, even if I'm not employed I'll, be ok right there, that's out of there. That's right like to be yeah you're right, that's probably even better had he helped me well, but it's not natural, but some definite workin on that plane, your wife. Those also had a lot of success right. She won an amusing ass. You want, and I mean besides publicity stuff she'll do make up.
That's really curious. First in a moment is now being advised, but with Loi. These are years where I'm DR to travel and to real gift to have her with Loi Riots and she loves it I adore you you're in his eye, ants and told me nicely here and hope you come back when you what everything you do next, when I love it, I thank you for creating a very comfortable environment, our pleasure ass and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men. I cleared my throat just before we started in it sounded like I went in its own identity band, is that from star wars, noise
it's more like a war battle song is done. Didn't I associate it with on flying footage. Ah, like roads were to flying footage unit. you need to do it's from some thing yeah, maybe a famous scandal is gets a hard thing as it's hard to google that, because you bid putting down down down down now with men? Don't unbundle yeah, don't or they think you, men dawn the name over and over over all dawn, the name like Don Johnson, oh dawn Johnson or day w and female dawn, yet like dawn soap right. Yet I tell me it has little that, even though you just took approved Yeah, that's it warmer nervous about. You said there is a view, you wait in your tummy still hurts that tells me of an intestinal
in fact some micro microbial something or parasite. Oh, I haven't seen it the great movie you have it living inside is: can you described the pain Amir? The amber adjusts feel ok, yeah, oh, what have you had today? I haven't hasty, the sandwich. Oh yeah, yeah waited. Did you make you another one? Guy posted a pitcher of? Oh I'm, sorry, but she had posted a pitcher yesterday of your breakfast, so you're getting a daily bread and cheese. I got two days in around that setting aside it. Could she did it again? Ah, it's a tasty sandwich. You think some might have interpreted and now I already didn't feel great before the silent. Now when you went downstairs, you went into the basement to use the term Now it is dogma, my dribbling, it's not fair. I just want to point out a couple. A few things.
First of all, you down in the basement the corner of the house, and then you just started boy Erna podcasting yeah because of a long list of it, but the basement is under your bedroom and you can hear every thing if you're in your bedroom somebody's in the basement working out, you can hear the whole work out. Oh boy, when you hear me work, and it is, as I see it, is global, get to good use and throw you can everything top? down down time, all of it all gone Johnson, the hop from soup denotes from down to Johnson, so I was nervous. You are going to be able to hear me right you're. You actually thought I could hear. Maybe some splashes, that's all I hear some water splashing which, by the way, if I could hear
and water actually splashing from downstairs in the corner, the basement, I would come down to high five. You know a black hole shit. You really fucked up that bore started this girl out. No is yes, it is people merrily, leaning right now, really probably their power eating breakfast lunch Ordinar! You don't an interesting that you go into legged Dennys. I harbour whatever and sometimes airplane like a light, not offensive music on the overheads yeah. Do you think there ever played upon God cares. Prime outright. I guess how cholera his hands ass, if I don't think so, maybe you could play Malcolm Gladwell above the loudspeaker I started. Malcolm Glad was passed. Us needs us, I listen to one episode that I had been recommended multiple times on memory called Free, Brian Williams. The episode is called that free Brian.
and here's where I was just completely wrong and they argued with you and said that talking to strangers must have had a chapter about memory. Cuz I saw him on talk, shows discussing memory which in now I've now learned. I was watching him talk about that episode of the podcast. It wasn't from his book. I was dead wrong. This is been a great spearmint in getting over the pain of being wrong. Ass to urea kidding lag it any easier. That's really good, actually yeah, but we will quickly. I want to talk about that at the outset that I listened to him out, well, yes, I mean, because we actually talk about memory. In this episode. Ok gray, with tony hell, I wrote down, we talk about memory, talk about Malcolm episode, then we must have done it. You must have yeah they're back No! No, it's really good and it is about how we know we predicate all of our seas.
On our memory. We think it's infallible and turned out nobody's memory is in fact, while some people are better than others, they did say that, even if we don't think it's infallible, we think it's like seventy percent accurate right. I don't think for even for real is like people who were somewhat critic, of memory still proud. I think there is seventy percent yeah I mean in their these things called flash, bald memories which are like these big events. Memories, like nine eleven and you know, Kennedy assassination somebody blowing the hours is like a time stamp. Yeah, and then they did. This really interesting experiments that Malcolm talks about where they took a bunch of people after nine eleven the next day they collected their memories and then a year later they got them again now what happened on nine eleven and then, like ten years later, they did the same thing in the.
So much variance in the memory? Ah ha and people are adamant that right. The literally read a piece of paper. Their handwriting and say, like I don't know why. I would have said that. That's not true and it's like is just so interests, take what our brains. You know. I wrote a ready, long document, the day of nine eleven you'd area. I have it all. We should read it on here: don't seem brag year convenient, but I pretty much immediately went from this is horrific to all the governments can seize this up unity and we're gonna start harassing people and make it possible to fly like I basically was Lyra gonna get carried away like we always do and have an outsize reaction to this and start invading people that seems be your Emma somewhat surprised that that's a through line. Even you thought that back then wow
I I merely just went like a whirl everyone's on full till we all are afraid. And we all are very sad that this happened and were prolegomena. Heaven outsize reaction to this- Lange, because there was this moment too, and I could feel it in it. They broke my heart. The the whole world was with Us oh yeah, around the world they were doing candle. Oh yes, the whole world was with us. We had an opportunity to show like the mouse evolve reaction ever and we could set the course for The world should respond to these things yeah and it was just a missed opportunity. Might my my argument- was always instead of spending three trillion dollars on the war effort, Afghanistan, Iraq, what if It immediately immediately sent a trillion dollars to Afghanistan for schools in programmes to help people come out of poverty. What the whole world would win like wow
it's a fucking reaction, that's like Jesus the inertia where you know who would love, who us Americans, I would say, half if not more, are Americans but would hated. It would never have allowed the lap I agree, but it was its wind. When isn't does an opportunity like that come on becomes up once every eighty years when something this horrific happens right in the whole world's watching, and we Certainly we we reacted. The exact same way forward ten thousand years of civilization? We, what happens when when when something horrific goes now, we respond with equal violence or or more so we know the outcome, I mean we ve done me. We ve run the experiment a trillion times and it just that's more and more and more and more violence. No one's ever taken that kind of injury and said we're gonna send love is a response. I mean we just will. I just don't think I know it's a bummer, even though people like,
There's a reason: everyone loves the message of Jesus, it's so powerful to build a forgive when it's the most hard to forgive that's the elevated aspirational mine, said everyone should have. Well I mean this is a tricky conversation cause it like yeah. There was a war in retaliation, but it wasn't really award of retaliation. It was a war on a country that had nothing to do with nine eleven. I rise to yeah. They used it as an opportunity to royal everybody. I would again and cost war not on the people that had anything to do with it. By the way, I would still be him in huge favor of justice, so I still think We give a trillion dollars to Afghanistan, to start industries and to educate people about what
I do believe the citizens of that country would be grateful enough to not harbour but Osama Bin Laden its tourist another ten years defined. We are, however, many years because no one was incentivize to help us that he was gone back and forth the Pakistan, but also because we weren't in Afghanistan. We were enough not immediately ass. We went there. First first is how you a hundred percent. We went to Afghanistan first and then, a year later, they built a case for going to Iraq, which was proposed, When the war was not on Afghanistan, it was because that's where oh some, a bid lawn was that's where that's where the booty call was I'll Qaeda Al Qaeda was have Ghana stand and the Taliban was. in charge at that time of Afghanistan and they were saying no we're not gonna. Invest we're not gonna. Look for him! We're not gonna kick out yeah this militia groups first, what happened, which is really fastening. Is this valley, where Felicia's maiming,
the CIA went with a hundred people initially in took over the hardest area of Afghanistan defeated the Taliban in them that the most rugged hardest? What's crazy that this hundred one hundred CIA operatives were able to overthrow by just funding the mujahideen that we'd always tired and they were successful. But then we went with the whole apparatus of the military and only got bogged down or we're still in, but we had a good year of Afghanistan cuz. That's when Pat Tillman quit the NFL to join. Go to Afghanistan in them by the time he went through boot camp? Now they were going to go to Iraq and he no longer want to be a military because he had not signed up to go to Iraq any who anyhow memory brain willing.
yeah and then the psychologist on that at the sewed were saying their collective general viewpoint. The people, the psychologist, who are adept in memory, think Gabardine Williams was just recalling man incorrectly, but he did was lying. Was trying to make himself seem like he was a lawyer or something that he wasn't. He believed that year and then even there's clips of him afterwards apologizing and saying like this was my ego leg he himself, but has been now convinced like he was Why do you look? I guess he made? of Ben there's a chance, Brenner yeah. These psychologists are like now that its consistent with how many works. What he did you guys? Do you also like when you re telling stories like a layer gets added in now that becomes permanently embedded in the memory
so the next time you tell that is the baseline and than some other things can get ye ass yet, and there things specifically with flash ball memories? It's it's extra! Ok, That would have been a flash memory for him. It was a big event right so anyway, yeah. I got to say my my memory of nine. Very strong if you like. I remember most that day meeting and then also my? I am my first. You are so to our worry flying around and helicopters and they were shooting ETA while we are in the helicopter Amy. Well, I've been a video of that actually, but then the landing at this base a bad and us getting off the helicopter and then seeing Apaches comes down hovering writer. of our head and then shoot flares and then missiles took a cave just above us where they had spotted Taliban the year. That stuff is like seared into my brain, but again up. How would I know I know
yeah, it's comin again, I do have video made my honour rooftop, watching them fire into this cave, but but the details might be all wacky and wrong. I have to assume a swell brine Williams. Yeah, it's interesting but it's also leg. In keeping with this whole conversation of letting people make some mistakes like people make mistakes, and that's ok Anyhow, he was talking about M D, are, which is I movement, desensitization and reprocessing two former psychotherapy in which a person being treated as ass, to recall, distressing images that they are then directs the client in one type of bilateral sensory input such ass. I'd to side. I movements or hand tapping is included several evidence based guidelines for the treatment of post, traumatic stress disorder, while Molly
to pull media analysis have found it to be just as effective as trauma focus cognitive, behavioral, thereupon for the treatment of PTSD. These findings are tentative, given the low numbers in the studies, but he was I am at that, but he was saying if changes your right brain the left brain, think it like it switches your brain into different part of thinking right. Somebody was in my head this whole time, and I want to address Amelia I mean I guess, there's no reason to address it to people here, because they listen right, but I just want to say that I am. I was so irritated that so many outlets decided to push a narrative that simply wasn't. She said they wanted to say she was pressured into nudity by some, but your thing, presumably- and that is not at all what she said ass. She sat now in a really pissed me off. I only have guess on here that our like honest and open now fuckin they exhibited through this click bait,
line yeah software, and it makes it something- and I agree but less tell the happy story. Lobby story was pop sugar head said they had a headline similar to that end. I retorted it and said this is not what she said. People who want to know what she said she listened to the episode, and so should the author of this tweet by God the next day they said we were wrong and we ve taken it down, and then they change the headline of their article, and I was like that that is so encouraging s, because it's weird it's like the media is the fourth estate in its there to watch the government and make sure that yeah worth knowing we think, but then, at some time you what's the fifth estate whose rights in the media us, because they all are in seven balance- is a business or business in it's hard for them to go against their financial interests that it is exactly. I was very impressed by me too. I was really happy with their integrity. I was too and then I too
I urge you to respond and you have already responded in the exact way I wanted you to know. I love one I am have already done by would do yeah fine, thank you so that is a bummer that that happen. In that area. May I Everyone here, as I listened to it, they know something lays headlines were horseshit. Am I mean also even when I read one unseen errors. I owe you shouldn't. You should definitely respect CNN and it was like they had. Some direct quotes. What were true then it said like she thinks Jason Mama for teaching her how to challengers some Vienna did they did they Alderson paraphrase which he said in their paraphrasing in fact was not what she was saying that she said he was protective. Then he yelled for a robe amity. sad. Here's how we should do yeah, but it was it Had standards about that,
what she liked and appreciated? Yes, but what they said is not. She said paraphrasing Turkey is tricky, but it is Mickey, and then I also, if I'm gonna, play devils advocate. I also endorse Dan, to some extent like they have to pay, for is journalists. when their when there, you know said, there's there's just things that are gonna, get lost in translation. Sometimes with these stories was trick, but they are cramming it into a narrative so that all these new Allah knows a very popular well known narrative currently is the need to move me ass, Then that people are pressure to do things sexually so they're like, oh, that everyone's clear about that archetype, yeah or that architecture. Let's do it will just planet right in there. This fits perfectly. Everyone knows this story, yeah! That's that wasn't the story at all any well! Oh ok, the hue
half an hour bunny blanket theory. So I found two things. I found one article o one cupful articles saying that when he was a student in Illinois University in nineteen borys. His favorite hang out with a bar called bunnies tavern named after its original owner Bernard Bunny Fitzsimons there. Only four nine by me in club if any of the other most Bernard's GO by Bernie Right Caesar. But this is another one of these situations where no one doesn't bother me Bernard burning, that's that Norway Bunny. Oh, if there's money is a derivative of birth. Here they are ok up. Maybe he liked to tee there's something, though I think it is maybe it's all there he just added up,
bunny any, who so autumn say that's what Bunny is in association with her here, but I have some other one. I heard what you hear about a blank, nor does one too he's saying: oh my god, vessel point of it. So I found one article that substantiated what Tony said said play empire founder, Hugh, Hefner's childhood was spent in Nebraska attached in his earliest years to a bunny blanket. His parents were repressed and was so commonly the case in the bitter years of the great depression, but worked hard to provide security for their children. Young. You developed a special effort animals when he was a kid remember his brother Keith. He wanted to be granary and was a first job that he ever thought of. I think an interesting animal related incident occurred around age six throughout his childhood. He had trouble Special blue and white security, blanket featuring a bunny pattern when he came down with them
asteroid infection? He received a present from his parents to speed his recovery. A wife her Haired Fox Terrier that he named brows. A little box was set up in the basement. boy donated his bunny blanket for the dog to sleep on. Unfortunately, Our died about a week later and the blanket had to be oh like here Who is harp? He was heartbroken, but the imagery seems have stuck with him at some level later he wouldn't know the citizen, Kane Kind of connection here on the bird blanket ass. He went on to create the Bunny empire. Why run and using a mass infection a dead dog in yours, keepsake burnt all within the rocks. Many not reacted. Ay said, I wonder, is horny stronger regulators How did I ever tell you about the toilet,
he's gonna tell you about it. We are watching John Oliver this week and they showed the broom full a toilet. Oh yeah, Brian. I had invented a toilet for lovers, o n it was. The seats, would be at like a forty five degree angle to each other, ok, and then you could hold hands and stuff all. You went poop then, what we realise, because I drew a pitcher of it, what it would look like for the design of a chance. We wonder, like implementation, get a patent for AL I a picture of it then arise. Oh if you raise the toilet seed on it, because it's in the shape when you raised will. It said it would look like bunny, I, the toilet, the bunny, a toilet for lovers, Now that you think that's a good, and that is a good invention, art but they're not connected already. Are they stay? They share a common waste stream. I'm saying like so they join in them out the back. Ok sure the plumbing to go down oh well, sewer main assets
yeah, you guys ever hold hands while you poop, together. We couldn't because there was no toilet. There would accommodate two people. That's why we will you I too like weeds. All we got riches, some we would put our money and lovers toilet. Did you ever proven the tab while she put on it Well, animals have no moon known you as stop thinking outside, but by your wages we are or sights set on a bunny toil. I see a fan, so Tony die looked at those commercial, he dead, the delta, you commercial, Madrid and remember him doing so. Trees in the car and he's like come and dancing like crazy, oh wow, and he looks you know nothing is doing on these dances is doing robot dance and is doing a concept, and then summer walks up to the car opens a passenger seat to get in here the robot or not a robot, Mr Obama, turbo blaring, and then in regard to miss the song yeah and then because the door and that's it
merged leeway to watch its commercial. Actually, bristles like this is weird. Ok. you heard the song, then I'd like it's good, its grey crate, variously great okay, so box breathing. He talked about box breeding and then you said he I you do something similar night sleep right right, right, right, more unhappy, my my hand, hell than my whole de max ale. Yes, you describe that and is actually called four seven eight breathing yours for seven. A good for sleeping reduced. thanks I and II, so you breathe in four four hold. First, seven right well, listen up! It was before
developing the aid? Really literally just in two? Let like your chest. Let's go feels like all the webbing inside your body cannot relaxes, have ever done it when you try right now I'll come over. You ok unremarked its go one, two, three four one, two three four five, six, seven one laughing laughing ass hard, not to laugh it'll, it's a very funny so funny it really funny, but that's all that's. Why you, I love you damn I'm so excited for our thanks. Give a party or three days away from the big bender e t you give fuckin drunk monkey at the house. I ll get shit faced. I want some lines: football love! You back!