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2021-02-22 | 🔗
Viggo Mortensen (Green Book, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Captain Fantastic) is an Oscar-nominated actor, writer and director. Viggo joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why it took him so long to finally direct a movie, his ability to revert back to speaking Spanish based on what he’s doing, and falling in love with ice hockey. Viggo opens up about the comfort he finds in being untethered and his relationship with dementia. The two discuss how subjective memory is and how it’s just a collection of feelings and not facts. Dax asks Viggo about his naked fight scene in Eastern Promises, tells him how he’s been modeling his parenting-style after his character in Captain Fantastic, and in the fact check, Dax & Monica discuss the Britney Spears documentary.
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Well come on the wagon arm. Chair expert, am, I dig up today, We have one of my very, very favorite actors, and I'm not heard him get interviewed a bunch I'm sure you love him as well. Vigo, Mortensen being a Mortensen, is an Oscar nominated actor writer. An director amused fantastic and green book. years ago, Lord of the Rings trilogy, and then my favorite captain fantastic, I'm trying to be like Eastern Bloc, mrs he has a new movie scored written directed. starring Vigo, it's called falling falling Oh John dealing with the early stages, dementia in his conservative father. Now we get into some really fascinating conversations about dimension in the experiences that figure. Has had so please enjoy Vigo Mortensen.
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then they closed places- and I was great except for I sort of felt like I was the angel of death, because every time I leave a country close it down now I'm an enormous Van Vigo, I'm obsessed with all things on pandemic, obsess all things bukovsky, which lead the champagne and then, of course, indian runner. That was his first directive effort. I think it so I sprinted the movies eight, or to see that, of course, that's when I was introduced to you and I promptly found love, I think you're so spectacular, and because I, like you. I know that you don't do this, or at least I perceive that you don't do that you're, not much of a publicity machine. Are you generally? Did you try to avoid it? I do The policy I dont do the amount social Media may then, my mother, very rare, don't matter they sometimes
rises took so long as it's not like you just were pursuing acting for the last thirty years. You also painter in a writer and a poet and a million other things somewhat. That tells me is that you're super interested in being a part of the creation of something. So why did it take so long to direct yeah? It wasn't for lack of trying first time, I tried to get a more humane and I want to direct from screenplay had written was things about twenty five years ago and I've tried many times with different screenplays. I've written over the years, even following took me to three times really to finally get enough money. I didn't you know when it came down to it. I had hoped for a certain way. you and we ended up with five. Now we say shooting knowing or I knew I didn't tell the truth.
We had enough for two weeks and we're gonna keep typical and to its end, Michael producer tomorrow you said you gotta oh yeah sure was up and he says on you can finish. The movie I go when he may eventually is you can finish: shooting S, of course, refit shooting, really well. Maybe not I mean you have the money- oh, oh and utterly forgotten, but there's no. Sometimes you just have to go forward I thought you know I'm tired of waiting. I had only twenty five years, but has been a few There's this movie, so I call it the cinema time affirm my sound. Let me go to Canada. Let's go find these places and I start shooting. Don't you think that give the others all these hurdles of having no money in no time. But then I think the silver lining is like everyone is so much more ownership
because everyone knows what's on the line like everyone has to show up, or they won't work and there's some awareness of that, and then I think that just everyone having a stake in it just makes for such a unique experience. It so special to me on a tiny thing that everyone has to show up. Yeah, definitely and especially when you shooting in difficult candy, I mean we're of the dead, a winter middle of the countryside and. It was tough and nobody's getting rich. You now say I either that year there really into it sincerely. Other though not the griping are in that everybody pulled together knows it was really supported. Was that it was grateful. Now you have a really really interesting child it in that you Robin America for a period, your dad's Danish, then he moved to Argentina as an end I was born in New York City and then, as an infant. My dad a job in South America, and then you get
the job? After then we stay down their most the first decade of my life. I lived in South America. Ok in so you must have a very complicated identity, cuz. So much of my story, I tell myself is like how I'm from Michigan now this is what we're like in Michigan. Do the auto industry blah blah blah blah? But yours is such a quilt and I just wondered zero ten- is really formative. Showed you identify more with that culture than ours or is it a weird, a I'll go because you came back to New York, we'll kids adapt very quickly two younger brothers, Charles Walter, but the movies dedicated and they changing Click Grammy might well to the This was six. I was eleven and Charles was eight when we move That's what happened. My mom move back to where she's from northern Iraq, state and we are flying up there with my mom after this kind of acrimonious, and my mom explained to me an hour then I'll be living with the grand.
Thousand. I will see what happens tender and I said towards the youngest has it ok. He had never spoken to me and my mother to anybody and any other languages in Spanish. Even though understood English My mom would complain she would say I am a member time he's probably before, and I was nine she said. You know. I want your brother to answer me in English. In May Since I know you understand me because I asked him the question in English. We answer me perfectly in Spanish, decide until my said Anne. An English. You know just smoke and much too ass. He goes now. It's a garbage language I go. Where did you buy warriors up so Garbs language? When told you that I just everybody knows that I'm like playing I'm sitting when my brothers, I go to sleep or whatever, and I said I have to speak English, but but within a week he was speaking perfect,
the slang office where words from that moment. From that time that plays perfect. station. You know I adapted to, and I thought I was completely in but everyone, some awesome would say. That's weird how you write those letters were how you do this or how you use that word. What's that word minion I mean so yeah, it's true, if I'm Runnin dodgy team people migrate back the eye on union amnesia. What I was raised was so that's true, why I think I've heard you say that, like began in Spanish, for you is easier to get to the emotional centre of what you're talking about them. When you are speaking in English, it depends what it's about certain kinds of poems. Toys r may be easier in Spanish, it depends, but I also have dinner for my dad and I live some years there and Denmark to. I also have that that's a different culture, different sense of humor and now you're in the role, because you, the older brother, you gotta, help out of taken forward.
strips in the car where we are leaving whatever dad just? Was there and then the game plan talk right, we're gonna, do this scene, ain't gonna, go to this girl, like some quite familiar with that. But I was the middle child and I know, is my brother and I wonder when you're, given the speech on the plane com Therefore, allow you to be going to northern New York on the border of Canada. Are you afraid It seemed like an adventure, but pilot was annoying because I had friendships. Here now- and this is a time but other nineteen. Seventy I was leaving behind forget I mean it wasn't like? Now you every has iphones or semi. There was no internet, there was no, it wasn't. cable, tv. You call it. like eighty bucks for five minutes, yeah yeah exactly and if you could get through. and then on the tv. Now there wasn't like email yeah, I know was saying goodbye for real to life.
We are all life you're, saying, alliance, her every part of your life. You knew just certain the smells the sounds, the language language is important and in things that I cared a lot about like football soccer, but you adapt. I have moved around quite a bit. Did you play sports when you got to the states? I started swim when competitively, I like that areas like a compromise, as many have pointed out, but I swam- and I so was watching tv one day? And I saw them I'd, never seen which was ice hockey and I'm like what the hell is that I'm trying to follow, and I'm like it's kind of like elbows, sticks and really fast and- and I got really into at that time, the Montreal Canadians were amazing. They were here. A golden years and I became interested in their net replaced charter. For me, so I became like of fanatical Canadians Van and stolen. Do you hate
redwings. Now don't hate anyway are you love you can we say, love I'm partial to the original six. Ok awry, that's fair! but I'm not. I'm not even in Argentina is a matter of life and death and it's got really bad. You know so much so that. even before a pandemic. You know you could only have home fans You couldn't have visiting vans because they would shoot each other higher up go. We got killed very famously, I think when he got home I saw that game that was the nineteen ninety four World CUP, in LOS Angeles, I was living there and I went with my son, and that was United States V Colombia and the defender is just bad luck, bar our fishermen. ricocheted and Golly couldn't stop. It was an own goal, he got. I think you're referring to that when he got back to Columbia, he was in whatever his hometown is and he came out of a bar and somebody just shot him for having let that go.
I mean I am uneasy, talk about that's the power identity right there, the now, but I believe he wondered sports or any other walk of life. Let me look what the hell happened in the capital. oh yeah yeah- that's no different than that. Incidentally, but whether returned in politics for sports. I think this thing of the mighty. He made extraordinary it's the best. He said. Why is that? Hey my like the mouse, but it doesnt mean that I care I admire or even cheer when I see a great way by someone else but the I wear a may beliefs, but her all the time and people get really upset some from the guy and I love the wings, but by God I also like the Maple Leafs and they got the best fuckin merge. I wouldn't, so far as to where there's one everyone through you and when you that color in person that blue I've gene,
vape shop in Toronto for David Cronenberg and will not one thing I did on the first movie. I do with them history of violence, as I would want. How to do some kind of violent thing. I was our screen I would put on the canadian sweater through a year and that the final day I have read they gave me signed by the entire drew a maple leafs sway I had to put it on for the photo, but I said the only way I'll do that I can wear a cap. my juggling all of your five year, like Marie Condo in your closet, and you want to get rid of it. Of my address goes out our the hell out of it and I'll take all the hate, for I don't mind, really yeah yeah, but I think that this thing of that sports fan sometimes do when they take it too far. Less tribalism there you and me we're differently, because at this that's where it breaks down for me- and I think there is one thing I have to say- that I feel then Just doesn't just have the United States, but it's one
countries worse noticeably a feature Almost an obligation for all politicians know what straight there to go. On about american exception. and to me those is constructed, constructive cause. It's the same. Both now the United States is is great, yeah, but if not greater than any other place, human beings. Is. Planet earth, you know, and you have a lot to be proud of those people who have come from all over the world that have contributed science, art everything, the scary woman I ever had in my marriage is. I asked my wife what was on our new year's resolution? Listen, she said nothing and I said your work is done Forget all the others dove about how they compare relative to any other country is doesn't matter to me again, I'm an attic. So it's like you start with yeah fuck, and I have a ton of care to defects. I'm gonna try for them. my life, the minimize or so.
Start with. I'm exceptional is not a place where growth and is going to follow It means I got my should it have. You met a girl in a bar, and she said I imperfect eat, walk Well, it doesn't leave you anywhere to go ass. What yours now you're thinking as well. This is the best it'll ever be. If I've already reached perfection and that's it, we ve kept out order were down of the journey up while your tongue, really quick. I think we had to have had the same, a shared experience, which is, I did a movie really shortly after, guys rat Lord of the rings. In fact, we have a lot of your hair and costume, which were the most lovely Kiwis, but I got a sensation for they all blacks which are in, I had never seen rugby, but amazed the hawk like what an some way to do everything we want to do the ritual lized hyper. Humanity, the threads, the shit talk, but it's done This way. That is like it's been made safe through centuries of the hot cup. That's pretty big Tina Turner site. I grew up with that lower and that was wonderful to be in
during that long shoot, I want to see a lot of rugby and Schoolboy Rugby too, and even our crew. You know the way someone might get out. The apparent medicine you know they catch during lunch break. there are even gravel. There was all ball around and they would play rugby and get our money and staff, and I m that shit for one time, as I did in my costume and They ve done now. Love language. Did you ever ask any of the Mowry guys what they were saying in the haka? They told me they're saying our dicks are bigger than yours. It's mostly about their dicks, which I was excited to learn yeah, I lie and is also about fighting it. I'm gonna, kill you and I'm gonna eat you. If I can get this cumbersome payments out of my way, eventually you nice, threatening as laying down the gauntlet, basically what it's beautiful to watch there was I don't have you saw the one they play their Argentina
a bit New Zealand for the first time in its history recently couple months ago and that the Hocker that day on that day was right after the ape man alone had died. The great soccer player and so they came out and they lay down a blank sure like an all, but but with a name- I don't I'm number ten on- they laid it down front of the other team which got them all a motion on you now contains and then made it the most aggressive Hocker, Dan achingly thirty, I did nothing, they keep their here. You go a Trojan horse The best is when I was down there in the all blacks played whatever the tongue and team was in their bull teams are doing at the same time, and I my alma gotta I could could have been there to experience. A common from both sides would have been some mouse that so cool when I first saw as I
as Canada does seem silly and then midway, narrowminded, Lovin scary by Vietnam. I have with me terrified of us on this rig up his beautiful love in one be its carbon. they play really hard. They inch each other, but they can't shake and there's something now polite about it straight now very, very New Zealand do so after you went to college He then lived in Denmark or judges hinted at in court, agony drove a truck he lived in Spain London, England, you have Wanderlust, Regis curious or having split your own life up to that point, intuitive places worry on the search for Where do I wanna be, or is it just wanderlust like being in Denmark is good. I was close to my car would visit them every couple years off. Since I was I to the first time I went there.
and you know I learned the language and I I don't know I had a very good relationship with all my cousins there. There was a connection that I had with my danish cousins. It was particularly strong. And my aunt and uncle asunder I really like being there and since my dad was dangerous, who was but I want to explore, spend some time there and I did lived there for a few years work there and had different jobs- and I like being there- and I continue to go back there alone- When I watch the World CUP I'm always hoping it'll be armenian. Others view s the Workshop Denmark's often work up Argentina's. Almost always there you go lucky you have a lot of pokers in the fire, like mostly aims you get enjoys, you ve lived, there has to second lottery tickets no. I was talking about exceptionalism view, as it means that a lot of countries do that some less than others, but
U S, it seems like it's almost like. I was saying obligatory for politicians to use that phrase at some point and if they dont wrong with them, is not protected because I moved around, alas, been exposed, cultures and languages, I concluded a long time, but it is more important how you are, and why are you are you are you? Can friends anywhere. Really. If you try a little bit, you can find Can you appreciate about any place any landscape and culture? We are open to it. You know you don't go around once you mines will learn, and I M so there's a lot of places. Obviously Argentina. I see you Typically, you know the northeast, but- ally and then there for a long time to survival of the ice I've done Criss Cross country, road trips in Europe. Asylum, Canada. So many times that I know lots of states was lots corners of North America right, but I really like I'd love to go back to.
but I feel that way about a lot of different places. I meant New Zealand spend so much time there and I drove in whenever flew I just wanted to. He asked the illegal camping and fishing, and do things get an old people, and so more places, I go the more places I feel like me. I could be, I could live there. I could. I could be happy here What's the longest you ever lived somewhere, we done that math, where, now, I would say do you. I lived in alliance elegant away from two thousand to the other What was your pocket, where you like a silver like person, I wanna stereo type of you in your ear. Being very elusive by part of the city where you most at home, I was in Venice, most of the today Airway GAO. That makes a lot of sense here. Where do you live you're in love
just right now the outlaws feelers, so right next to the silver like. Where do you live now? We'll have three minutes apart by car, and I also just purchased a house twenty steps away literally hour drive ways now can act as if you were removed. yeah. We have alive a lotta renovation. To do so will say it will, the answer and sticking to worth build about I'm excited. Alexandria were quite thrilled. My wife and I this couldn't be better or trying to take over a whole pocket of LOS Phyllis you're invited it seems like not invite you based on this conversation. You don't seem like an annoying neighbour. That's gonna trouble for now, and I keep myself LE yet,
Ok, the reason I want to know about all the moving around. As I was gonna say I had the opposite reaction to kind of a similar childhood where we moved a lot and I restarted so much that I've been in our current house for sixteen years long as I've lived anywhere by a factor of like eight and words just about to move to a new house. My wife's idea. It's only a third, in brief from our old house and that still scary meal or but- and I just never will ensue I wonder less, I love going places and having like a month experience or three, but I think I crave the roots I am basically beam, sir. equally removed from our current house. Are you homes for Europe, childhood homes. Only one of them. I have is very rose, colored, glasses view of a certain house. I lived in a Milford where I met my best friend where I became, who I think I still mostly em, and yet that place holds. I would have stayed there forever. Maybe
and I still friends is still alive- that guy then he's at my house, but he's a thousand feet away. I sent him to treatment last year. Is a year sober were back in business. It's fuckin awesome tat, his keys, all the people he likes like within ten festival. Ideally school. Do you Have any childhood friends that you still bail out in June, I did lose time with them. I know at least two of them didn't make to what happened in the seventies down there Oh, I don't know exactly what happened. There's one that now I was in England that I've talked to communicate a little bit, but I lost. I mean there was a real several Molly went to the northern Europe and at a time communication I'm at all, that's happened. It was not too late and it took me a long time before I went back to Argentina many years I mean I didn't go back for twenty five years, maybe, but when,
back even though Malware Mcdonald's and their resolve these other things. It still was the same, still smell the same, we'll talk. There were even on the plane flying back twenty five years ago. It was excited and was here, and I stayed up all night sending them. You know talking as if this is so familiar the arts in yourself, and every word every aspect as soon as I landed yeah, this sort of heat, this humanity and me look, I'm a radio walking around which is wonderful and I found a car and some guy is kind of like a half assed rental car. Wasn't I don't know how much of a company was. He probably had like three cars. When I got to Africa no spare implanted if he, but I took it, might do the road trip for days and days around the country and- and I went to places I remembered going to as a kid farms with dawned on that area and it was
It was really wonderful, they go back, but it was. There was funny that What people would say where you front, what are you? What are you going This will give you. Will you talk like my grandfather? because in twenty five years my swear words all my slang what is more about ally and am I sort of sense Structures was that of an eleven year old boy. Around thirty six year old man, you herself was interesting They went off on a tangent. No, I love it when I'm detecting is that you and I have, I think, an opposite batch of fear. So I what I am I mean. We know about used. You have a comfort with being untapped. Third or it seems, like you, have a comfort. So does the fact that my best friend air weekly, a thousand feet away. I am happiest next to him
cause. I remember exactly who either I think I am wanna, be whatever it is. I can't live without that. most of the houses in wanting to be in the same place and I'm thinking of your life, and I am filled with anxiety about how good It's really you whispering around the globe, and I just can't. Include. We must have completely opposite fears. Many I'm not afraid of it. I mean I have nostalgia. I have, are you afraid to be alone? Do you mind being alone now I create trade. Ok, you don't need approval every five minutes like I do. I can spend two weeks and I have done this. many times where I don't even talk to anyone on the phone and I realized. Maybe after few days I haven't said anything so that the song, I don't want to lose my voice, I'm happy, but I think that you know, a memory is a tricky saying and, as you know, in our movie, that's something that's really important. I think that what we do with what we remember. It's more a collection of food.
Then it is a question of facts because you know we think are we hasn't. The present is confusing, never more so than now correspond, but it's always in flux is kind of developing its and define the present The future is completely unknown, obviously as nappy, so we tend to think what list the past you know that videos, I've got but allow me I've got diaries, but you're telling me From the point of view, you take the picture from point of view, everything's a point of view and those things evolve. I think we try to control. passed without even thinking about it, so that we can be comfortable in the present government? vainly trying to make sense of the present day with this data set from the past. Which, if, as you point out as the most subjective thing in the world, my brother and I will be arguing about like it happened in a different house- is, I hope,
do not remember it and it's like it was summer or you weren't, even there. Yes, I was yes and you just start realizing like all this is the most fly. I can't even believe they allow human testimony in a court of law, because I know from my own experience it's so deeply flawed. Then you're right, I'm more latched onto a version that helps me makes sense of why I M here today feeling sway. I think everybody does a man. I think this the grim when he does that and you gotta wander with dementia, then if that's not what you are accumulating to define while you're here to day it must be, I can only imagine, must be terrifying, we'll Dimensions something I mean there's a couple reasons. I wanted to write a story in fine one of them and I was in fact it scream and I was raised some of the money. I was in the middle doing that when I got there the other right this one and it was therefore my mother's funeral. She had had dementia and that something I've seen up close. Then
care, giver and a rope several times. Both my parents must step dad my father and aunts and uncles. I seen it alot and with my mother and father, especially one would you That's the way I was as you do. Do you care about dies, there's a lot of things that are present that are normally present on a daily basis, just think she sadder images of her, and you are also looking at photographs you trading stories, and I was hearing stories, those mayo, but, like you say there, was this the different versions by a different erector set. screw endeavouring direct aim. We were there, we are there but interesting. You put it that way. The stories I hadn't announced, I thought that's interesting. I saw a write them down on the way home. I wonder to remember these things. It made me think how, like you face, how subjective memory is when I look at these notes, This is an interesting structure for some kind of story, maybe a short story. dumping around in time different peoples points of view. What is at stake?
one person in a memory that isn't at all important to another person and say I offers all that stuff. so I started writing a story a minute. It ends up being a fictional fan, in August. I already think about my mother and it became following which is mostly made up. It ended up instead being about his woman and ends up being about a father and son mostly, but for me, then, the heart of the story of falling is the mother she's what their mercy. Are you sure about how they remember her? How one thing see I was there, respecting. What am I saying what Laura Lenny. You place my sister in the story, her relationship with father. They can They bought heads, have differences of opinion some memory, the differing memories of our mother, oh yeah, the dementia aspect. That's what we're suffers from the character man's Henrichson plays. I wanted to with the help of of their religion,
after which I got imagine return under tools. They had for making. I wanted to across what site for a person like that. How that look? but also how that feels to sound. Pay for them. As best I could And, even in the really good movies and one or two this year that the deal dimension as well, and there have been several good for trails of that Dementia Alzheimer's over the years, The one thing that I have always felt that I thought we'd do something else when or that didn't work of these reflect. My personal experience was that they generally show these people that have dementia as being confused one night they show their point of view. Is that I'm confused person by and large and in my experience the people were confused any observers for the most part, the committee,
because they're really seeing feeling and hearing those things that is their present, whether you like it or not, there like they're, they're, they're, happy or sad, but there there that confused when they do tat They get confused as if you correction in life I can give examples. I cannot, for example, like maybe my foot, there is talk, Mimi says he and I had lunch with hurry. He's man looking so good and I know that Harry died thirty seven years ago and your instinct is this Well, dad you know he Harry's been done What time you know that I'm thinking of helping and then then they get mentally confused but upset because Harry dies again right, I'm on the other thing, and it's an instinct that you want to trick them, but you have after realizing that that's not a good idea, if only upset them, then you have to ask yourself, Who am I doing this? For? Oh,
doing it from me? Is it my ego? I want him to be the way he was. I don't want him to make these mistakes. You know what I mean, but no, it's a selfish need to correct him, and it's just a learning experience that you have to adapt and any relation you have to adapt to that other person as they evolve and with someone dementia you really want to be helpful with them. You have to give up. You have to sacrifice what you wish. They were his don't be there waiting more and make them happy source. What do you do so? You just said Harry and I we had luncheon. He doesn't look so good. Sarah saying Harry's dead. You say what do you guys after lunch right and then you have a conversation now you have to give up your mind, that's not real on your lying liners, weird! It doesn't have to be if they're happy give the other person what they need and any relationship, but especially someone has dimension,
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and I was trying to like dad why you eating this fucking hamburger. You know you're not supposed to do that. You know why you doing this. I tried very hard to you know, give him the best shot possible and after he died. My only regret because I was there, I felt good about the whole thing was just like. Why did I waste thirty minutes? that last four months arguing about a hamburger. What a fuckin waste right Maggie him here and then so that my stepfather died of cancer a year and a half ago, and I approach that one would like this is his deal. Hailed pick great. Many wants all have no opinion that he viewed doesn't want to do this. That's cool it's his thing, I'm just here to kind of be present and it when so much better taking that approach, but I would imagine its then they just the extra step harder. Dementia, because again you that you have the illusion that you be helping No dad Henry doubtless keep it on track here. We gotta, you know you think you're
someone slip further into this disease, but it's this. Same thing is arguing about a fuckin hamburger. It's silly and the best thing you can be, but that's any relationship is flexible right. I mean adapt them every person's different. Every day, no matter where they have dementia, math and people with dementia. I've seen a ghost My father was a very source, again- friendly goods into him. I just images easy right and when he got it, became a gown from alone he was eyes balls. You would need to his very skinny and he was he was. We dare you and any would do crazy stuff. You would get up, no one eyed and put on two or three times as in three coats and then he'd go outside and then You know our neighbour would call my mom three four in the morning you say your husband's here where you like four blocks away. Any was shovelling the sidewalk.
they're gonna, do something different. What? Then, when somebody would confirm you would get really angry, even at the very least she couldn't anymore find a place form? Is my mom was getting sleep now. would go there and he was tat. He was tat for the people there. The period towards yeah. He wouldn't eighty wouldn't let them wash em. We learned nothing and he would let me, but I had to do tricks. You know would show a picture and my mom like when they met on very lady and I got me be looking at her and I would start feeding him cookies or something out we'll get him two minutes ago, and then I would, indeed food and then I would that would have argued for granted. He would be interested in, and so he trusted me too. Always but usually and asked him where he would. Let me watch him and stuff. He would do you get up happens, a lot to manage women's well, but specially man
one they lose their. mission. They get really can horny Narrabee right down the up his fame, for he would get a new one night. He got into the bed of some lady do ahead dimension and hand what you got an early was never ends for women. It is never was alongside I'll finish line everything I endeavored at an early hour. No one's gonna even bear with me all over her up, you know noisy and so, nurse comes in and she was probably twenty three twenty four young you know strong. She came in and she died get him out. You grabbed his arm and even though he was literally a skeleton at that point, he was so thin ages It does move on her. He grabbed her arm. Anyone like that he broke her arm. Why this tough young,
woman- and I wasn't there that moment, but I was right after and then when I saw her again, she came back to work with a pastime, I'm! So sorry. This has not happened. I shouldn't have reached so suddenly I mean that nobody would say that, but she was saying was on her because she startled him, like you, a dog. Going slow, very kind of you like that use completely nuts. My dad was a difficult character, fun and could be a human some good story, teller, but he had a It was not always easy right, because your real we com in the fifties did he have abandoned them, but then he could be domineering stuff, but when he got well into dementia. He became very gentle. He was like a child, then he did weird thing to ignite lives in surrounding fisheries in the United States, mostly Argentina than United States had not, in Denmark anymore, and he started speaking
danish only right and not just David but danish from when he was a kid. So weird, all danish, like adsense him a gambler. Just like me when I went Argentina right yeah, but he was like a kid and his kind of Perhaps you you don't know who they remember matter. How do you remember him and he talk to me and he clearly thought I was his dad. Sometimes the thing is there for open to you not terrified, and you just give up trying to make them be something which we all need. Do anyway in life. Just people be who they are trying to figure them out before you start thinking how they should be, and I wouldn't all kinds of things, but have never learned the period where he was targeted, you sound like a little kid. I didn't I I didn't do it, I didn't want the pigs out a thousand times. I can't go on about it and I fire called his sister.
I am the among us. It is talking about. He sounds like is about ten eleven many lives, pigs out what happened because I yeah yeah. Right at the beginning of the war. You know things were tight as far as you. Rationing, the food and all that, and so the garden is the vegetable garden is really important and he was a long one. Danify many forgot to close it the barn pig got out. Pigsty, destroy the garden minutes away, but he never captain and this is something that had happened. Seventy four years earlier, and then one day was, I did do it, He admitted this to me. Oh, my god, I'm burned and I was his dad. I said it's. Ok, we're fine, look, you're, fine, I'm fine! We had some date. We just had dinner. You didn't get it all began. There was that if open to it and you're, not just like TAT, you were it's almost like a priest who could absolve someone of this guilt, but you can
I also learned things that you'll ever learn about your family. I would have never known that story if that happened, wiping the stuff I don't brother and not my kids, yeah If my daughter advising heights authors my brother at some point, she's gonna hear some new share, my mom told me all kinds of stuff. There is another time where my dad was talking about. We can't leave your people this now and then candidate. All people awaiting by the station? Am I what Asian ago used up. time. play calm and again I said what the hell is it? What's the deal with this year, there's no station in that town. She goes yes, but there was one until early 50s or I don't know there was a train, local train, that used to go through that and that was probably because we had visitors from the this island where you know my grandparents came from and they were coming to visit, and so they taken
two trains and there are waiting to be picked up in the war. They were Vienna, gasoline Russia, so they would have gone horse and cart to pick him up wagon and so on now. I know what he's talking about these people waiting at the station. Snowstorm embargo again. The next night I said I'll go get em. Okay, so am I after the kitchen, I made myself in a cup of coffee or something and then waited a few. and when I went back- and secondly is it even forgot it which we could happen. Or your brain up again and he said, walking us Well, what happened- and I said even I've been gone. Two minutes is nowhere could have gone in the station at around. So I said I picked him up, it's a long trip. They were tired, but you're fired, They had a couple sandwiches and some so they said they were retired you're going to bed and that they receive for breakfast, then he said excellent. Thank you.
Meeting, but I learned a story about him and we had some fun and just because for me, that's not real, where It is for him who might say if we're saying that memory is subjective anyway, why is the present day Person with dementia completely believes in and feels profoundly Why is that any less legitimate, the my view of the present yeah, while what thank you we're getting so much of our time. I gotta say two more things: one I fucking love captain fantasy. I modeling my arm parenting after captain fantastic for better or worse we're gonna find out. But the level of honesty. I was like yeah, that's exactly what I like to do like here's, what it is Very good writer direct your map Ross. I can't wait on, makes another movie. He did a great job of their eyes. It was so spectacular desolate and now my very last question in its factor to act or question. So the most
hey missing you ever been in your life, I am sure, is the naked fight. Seen in bath house, which I'm sure you ve talked about a million times are paid to bring it up again, but I watch that guy huh, ok, so let's say I had been cast instead and we're gonna do this song gonna make up my mind, Fleck or do and and I'm gonna go all the way but hype probability of failure, and that seen in a way I mean it's a big swing in its unbelievably itself memorable, you feel so vulnerable in that fight, like others, would be the worst place in the worst situation ever to have two fists fight, and does wonder your faith in Cronan Borg just has to be like yeah. I trust him This is the right scene. I just wondered if with any harder to commit to that one than other scenes, or you are like Norfolk in doing this, I mean I remember: we worked the choreography, while at a time we had to them like you, would willingly sensing
one. It was written. Just said they have this fight in a bat house. so one we're. We showed him the choreography that we worked up ass a week or two before and said you know I was thinking about the scene. I mean practically speaking. I get. sitting there. Like everybody else, you know the tower, but that thousand accurately if we stay on the sly, so wine, I guess not Try to do that really does make sense. I mean that's just the way do you, Wanna falls off whatever. If you do the continuity, that's where it falls. Often so was more just practical concerns about yeah. I would Bobby do things with him or even stories in a strange. You know that I might not trust another director with that scene was tricky to workers They didn't perform and there was also the practical thing once we've done several takes, and he got all this sooner masters. Basically, then he said we do have to do. A couple. Pic
shouts and close shots of some details tomorrow. So after a bit, some of them- and I ok and then the next day was so bruised and it took them longer. Did the bruises then- to put all of tat is on. I should, but those are just logistical thing: I wasn't really freaked out about a concern about it. Going in, I mean cuz. I maybe, like you say, cuz. I trusted him but they just seem to make sense that this would have to be done. That way. The idea, Think I don't ahead articulated, but the odds are you get a couple naked men fighting? They could just go wrong so easily. It could be laugh but you can be like what the fuck am. I want you and that's what I mean by the probability of failure, was a very fine margin that that Z was pulled up is excellently as it was I mean you think David was committed, and I was committed to me as I fighting for my I flew about now. It was also the most memorable fight. Seen ever it's incredible. Have you get a chance
the work on him some days a fun person to be around his very smart and he's got a great sense of humour and he's really good director. Is a kind of Georgia will leave. You alone is trust. The people casts gives them wrong as vital feedback from everybody, their hope you get to meet him. well, listen! I've loved talking to you like once I had I would never bump into you at a Hollywood event. So I'm glad this happen. That may never know, smiling That's true! You dont! Now I will great, following a comes out February, fifth, on voting everywhere. Yes, so everyone should check that out. I'm excited for you mention Gregson performance, their will long live in memory again do you want regret, seeing him whether he horrifies you're or not? It's it's. An amazing. Acting job see the movie for freelance. If nothing else, I see above you arrived the pact friend anyway, it's nice to meet you yeah, take
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plenary it's on Hulu. Everyone should watch your yes, its heart break. It is are breaking in this. So illuminating, the fog in which we all lived in. me having lived through the whole thing with today's set. A glasses was just flat. For gas it at the level of massage any that was just commonplace in every interview. People asking her butter. Boob people are asking her she's a virgin issues too all this tight robe of being polite and everyone talking about the way she wrath, say I'll run. Bad bad is for girl, like the wife of like a senator saying she would shoot her if she could- and you know, even back our IP loved MC man, but even back to her appearance and star surgeon. She's like an eight year. Little girl, and he do you have a boyfriend and she has now. He is why she does boys are mean she so spunky, ass. She
what about me I'm not mean? Can I be your boyfriend, which was so innocuous back there when I watch stuff like that, I don't even think about it. I'm looking at this eight year old little girl having to explore into Grandpa. Why they shouldn't be boyfriend, is the sole and she just says it depends it. So sad, like my god and you said at the best you just you watch this person get chiseled yeah like from the job just chisel chisel chisel chosen until she's, nothing yeah. It is so worth watching. I think it's really good cautionary. EL mean you had a little bit of this discussion. You know this idea that everyone has to walk on eggshells and in that there's cancelled at any moment for something you say: that's wrong like that scare
free- and I don't like that, but it is the pendulum swing from that yeah yeah and were not to the middle yeah, but I'm glad the pendulum has swung in a way that is gonna prevent. If someone said what s make man said to a little girl on tv now he gets cured the other be blown. Yeah and I'm happy about that and will be the people are dissecting or even to like this has happened. A few documentaries we ve watched recently where they they go back to the late night talks. monologues envy and they never he's ever aid. That well- and there is one where the was saying like You know guys always want to know like who. Should they picture, they pick the nice girl, that's a good mother, or should they pick the little slut or sought any was excessive slight in its like? Oh my only
yeah and immigrant. I would watch that stuff in that era in that didn't even occur to me that that was insane and that I guess I think we have progressed and I ve been hard over. The recent progress is because people have been put in a corner to idle ban. I am I'm happy about that cause the stuff I just saw unacceptable and it's not. this man. It was a women's women. It was dying Sawyer, who I mean is a legend, an amazing but everyone, just lived in that were all it was society. That's why I always kind of say: like you look at the systems, monkeys involved in the systems can only be so responsible to a hole in the water. A ruined swim in it is the problem. Was it's got punchy so much of the stuff and then also in Brittany, famously attack that car with the umbrella I was thinking how different be if, if a, if it had been me, that would have happened years before,
what is now like. I would have felt from my childhood trauma. I would have felt like I'm about to be me. What's it even I'm not gonna be molested. I would have the same feeling of powerlessness, and I will not let someone do this to me, and I was snapped years before that I would upon two people and probably the narrative would not have been. I went crazy, it would have been. He fought back tags play. It wouldn't be that I was weak and snapped and was hysterical. It would have been. I fought back I so depressing that is, and you know whole free. Brittany movement is interesting. We don't know the details and- and I don't know whether she needs a conservatory conservator or not whether she needs one I do think it is another layer of massage any because there are like you know. There are plenty of male actors who are crazy, yellowed Martin shamed into a chair
Charlie Sheen melt down and the like that. It's because as a woman, and she was a girl and we think that women and Girls- here, handled themselves when they are in the middle of an emotional situation. It's just the layers yeah. I didn't leave with conviction about whether she should have shouldn't be a part of a conservative, ship, conservatory ship or servitor. It's like a legal conserving tore near. I didn't leave that cause as many lawyers said like you, don't know you don't know. I dont know if she's tried killers of eight times in her life is in danger without their eye. We don't know the details, but it's also like chicken or the egg. Like let's say, that's even trade,
Let us say she has had suicide. Attempts is a big cause, she's crazy, or is it because this made her crazy, runt entrapment, you now young, but I just don't worry about that up his I dont really have a conclusions. I dont know merely enough to make us like that, but the documentary is so illuminating outside of that question here and what we accept with this whole paparazzi think like that. That we could all fall in love with someone's talent in life and then say in ya. We should live in essay. Were three hundred? Fifty people should mob arson physically every type that there's footage of like those papa getting in like crazy fist firing Appstore, where she almost got hit in the note in that were like we accept that is so crazy to me. I know one predisposed to hate that, but I even know that before I had any experience with that, I thought it was grotesque. Yeah any
you just are unaware. I do think this is an enlightening movie to watch or doktor watch, because literally I had to put my hair over my eyes cause. I truly was like this I'm at risk of having a seizure if sterilised because of the flashing, and that's me: watching a movie. That's her life. I could not I it's so sickening. I don't think it's too far to go to say it's an assault. I have a publicly resulting earthenware alike, freedom of the press, yell shared I now where's, so fuckin thing to me: freedom of the press. and there is a popular I see in the dark whose interviewed- and I mean I just- I find that so interesting to also simulation bade her mind how frequency illusion ding ding ding. We just talked about this recently. We were time upon the howl, oh sure, and then it was the lime where's the lie in this guy it is on.
There and you can. You can see that his, Brain is preventing him from being the reality, which is that he he was a part of something that ruined a human, He has some awareness of it like guy he's, yeah, there's a certain love responsibility he can accept before I think it would shatter his self image of Himsel. Yes exactly he comes in and out crises like will. First, he says like think when you're in it. You really can understand what they're going through. He says that met. Then he baseless heroism, you'd show. Ah, oh yeah, this is the fucking thing. I hate the most about properties, they need us and we need that. I'd say that is not your Britney spears a fucking mind our her singing and dancing MAC from you following her that what a bogus you you also see on the very like we see a lot eclipse of her being like. Can you email on killing your bed, then in we cut to them
in our view- and he says she never told us to leave her alone and then the interviewer says what about when she said leave me alone and he said well. She just met for that day. Rights not for ever arise in here, like his brain, has the thing Yeah yeah is our breaking and I wanted to be friends with her, I know, and I started to get really panics by the end, because we're base their basically saying, like you kind of can't get to her because of this situation, she's in where she has these legal guardians, they kind of vat. Everything- and I was like- oh my god, like She- can't even tell her story- This is like other countries shit. This is not something we should allow in the United States is a very
the document. I would highly wreck I've been saying that it's a good documentary, I think kids should be sort of required watching for, like empathy, seed, that side of this industry and what we do to people and demand the same as the tiger thing to that all these things fall under this narrative. Where we love to build someone up, we can't wait for them to crash in its sick that we're all like that it is it is it's like there's some purposes ignore one deserves that much adulation. So now I wanted to swing the other way in them to get humbled. There's something interesting. So I think, there's some programming in our brain that wants us to regulate whose getting too much power yet reason yeah
I think so, and I think also were so hard wired to one story is so that we can make sense of things like yeah, this Tina Idle story. And oh this is the crazy woman story and they like. We just need all these boxes in it so hard to see all the facets of. What's going, and I also think our brains want so badly to be looking up to someone. There we bought desire when you modern alpha, but then are all our brains shack themselves. I shouldn't care this much about them and so yeah swings in other direction kinda have any like mater ivy. We desire or leader like we desire, so that we all trust to defer to yeah. But we do not want that that entity to have too much
control so that this bill easy now until we don't exactly you know, as we get into Jean editing crisper in all this stuff, I wonder if they start expire, animal experiments on people kind of removing some of the staff that Elsa so much because we live so differently than we were designed to live so the reward centre for eating like will they will they choose to augment that? So we don't have the desired over consume at all times, will they fix this status obsession and us because work, social wanna? It benefits people to like it it's gonna change everything if that were to happen and probably a lot of bad ways, but we do have all this hardware and that's not serving us any more like the fact that we did have to be on high alert all the time. We have this whole nervous system designed to dump- his own adrenaline, so you can run from alliance. Will no one s run from a lie in any more in sore carrying all that chemistry around and people with anxiety is solve. Is there isn't a big threats?
Looking, for? There are threats. There are threats, but not like early man, yeah. I mean I think, if you're walking down and dark alley in your woman, like that, you need that lie in a cloth what he fear of high quality to be spiked, I agree but like, zero, zero, zero, zero! One percent of your life will be walking down a dark alley and then your left with the rest of your life, where you're, just in your house, in your the all that chemistry is working out. These fears that are really plausible fears that I don't think you can just cut out, like fear of lie in attacks like you'd, be cutting out fee war and you can, I guess what I'm saying is: will they build a dial it to give you an appropriate amount of fear for living on in this society? So only point: zero users, your one percent, going to get attacked and killed by another human being now,
presently bargain die of heart disease, though not to write about that, so none of its actually related to the real threats, whereas it used to be yeah, and so I wonder if they could dial it, maybe them if you live in a context where you have a fifty percent chance of getting killed by I am you probably should be on highly or all day long right, but if you live in Beverly Hills in a house and you got a whole foods, you probably don't need to be carrying that level of adrenalin around with you, but it's just the same body yeah that the bread me thank kind of connects to the other piece of media that we can sounds this week that I would not recommend more in and of itself a magic show that on Hulu there was a stage show the ran forward,
five and thirty four days or something New York, nay they they filmed. Yes, thank God. They did a great job film in it by the day, and that is hard to do the alley a magic show. It is beautiful: It's not your average magic show like it's. It's a story telling show it's an identity. Frazier S and yeah identity. As such a huge theme in it and what we think of ourselves, what other people think of us, what other What used to not think about us, an EC tied to the Brittany thing. For me, I felt like everyone. Just Caesar's is one thing and then they refuse to look at the whole picture on arbitrary yeah. It's in radipole, It is incredible that show the thing I was most excited about, watching it was thinking how much you are going to like it. Oh my god I mean
It was just a consequence of all the things I like everyone, obviously of magic, and I love the topics he was exploring in it and also just the way it was out of me. I was crying for my five minutes in areas is crying. The hotel magic makes me scared and happy and excited and scared. Just so much wonder, I would give anything to feel about magic. The way you do it would be really for when he was talking about Christian afterwards, cause she loved it. So much as well- and I said, ass people are who we are like. You can aspire to get rid of mere character defects while by, but we also, there are types of people, and I am a type of person where in again because of my history, there is a manipulation, it's not true, and it results in an emotion in. That's me just a trigger
magic is a manipulation, is a tricky in your senses, its deception and that's what school about it and when it's just a girl, like oh cool that disappeared. I didn't think that could disappear. I don't really have any reaction to it, but when it's that that then elicits emotions it like triggers all this stuff in me, but you could choose to see it as all of these things. It I'm walking around the world. Thinking real and write an exact, maybe they're, not and that's exciting. That's doesn't have to be manipulation that doesn't have to be scare him and that's like shrewd, when you take frowns in your walking around in your like. Oh my god, there is a version of the world. This that's.
breaking your brain that's making chemicals release. I don't normally release and have resulted in a lot of emotion for me. So to me that it it's the same. thing it's just like: oh my god we're so obsessed with that the tangible world, in the way we nowhere and there are versions of this world that are now go, and I love that I tell you. I think it either. Joy and how you choose to see, I totally agree for me: there is magic. So everything that happened was a trick that he performed beautifully the eye so talented, but they were all tricks. None was real on shrubs. It's the same reality and you are interpreted differently. You are in charge of the manipulation, not another human being well. I was
not in charge. You are your brain. My brain was in charge, but I myself was: I couldn't stop it. If I wanted to stop it, I couldn't do anything like that like or not arguing that you had control. What I'm saying is. It was your own brain that was seen these other layers that do exist. I didn't see anything what you saw as how light enters your brain bananas, your brain in one state. It assembles a bush in this way, but if your brain is accessing another part of itself, it assembles it this way and you can't say which ones real people have hallucinations on yeah these things. That's not real, I'm not saying it
well, that's the same thing. That's it! That's an illusion that something your brain is creating in that moment, then not existing in those. In your sober moment, it's out existing tests. The person next to me, who, even if that person is on firms, is probably not existing everyone's reality. I guess I like the fact that its questioning its questioning reality, yeah yeah follows really cool. It's so beautiful. I think the message is so beautiful. Oh you. beautiful. Can you see what I'm saying about everyone search crying in their crime because of a tricky performed in? So that's the part that's triggering for me, but I don't see it like that. I see that you see that as a trick. Everyone fee bronze, crying cause they if they think they bought in new and fresh, but be they can chew.
And they are too not feel like there being tricked. They can choose to feel like there being seen right, but then but I also think there is a reality that their not being seen do you think they're happier having felt tricked or having felt scene right so this is all I am saying. This is why there's something different people in the world and some people, like you, which are members of can forget that part and enjoy the emotional part of it, which is beautiful and then for me like me who were manipulated so often to give me an emotion that was bullshit trick. I will always be on guard against that, but that kind. The whole point of this whole thing is like you: have this identity about yourself, it's it is steadfast and there is nothing that can change it and it's you be. You have choices. You can decide whether that's the truth about you moving forward, I mean, of course I answered razors does like using
I I'm telling you you can decide. You didn't feel like you're, the only brown person in your friendship group. You can't The EU is during firms, you said you have a choice and how you choose to experiencing very aha and I felt horrible and I felt so fearful and so scared and so out of control, and when you said that I was like that's exactly right. I can choose in this moment to override some about wiring. Aha, yeah the fear and I did and is also we have that ability. I'm not saying it's easily. Here's using I'm bumping up against its making me emotional and this argument is, I see you,
I see how much you enjoy it and I see why there and I'm happy for you here and the way I am experiencing. It is true to me and you're trying to tell me that that's my choice in that I shouldn't that I should be doing different, I'm nothing. You should be I'm saying if your envy ass, that means you would want it to be different, and if you wanted to be different, I'm telling you it can. if you're saying I'm totally content with that, then great than you can be tolling until they you're saying you wish or would be longer like me, you would love to experience the motion, but unfortunately, because my history, I can't I am I'm high alert for people trying that our line to elicit an emotion out of me- and that is why I am yeah yeah, I'm gonna change that just like you hate the idea of any talking behind your back more so than other people do, and it's because you had great,
reason to wonder if, when you left your five white girlfriends that they talked about you being Brown That was a real, legitimate thing to wonder Ray. I think. Maybe that was subconscious I yeah. Yes style. I wiring about way. Yes, you, and so I don't think you can choose to have that feel in about someone some mental. Absolutely I cannot choose that, but I can have the feeling and then make a choice after that, does it mean that people don't like me you mean this, does it yet? I am I getting bamboozled like I can have the feeling and then I can choose what to do with that. I can choose to say that old wiring I dont need it. I think we can sum this up really usually witches. We both recognised that the people at the end who are having this beautiful emotion
is beautiful. Yeah and you dont mind how they got there and I mind how they got there. I wish it would have been something that was real, because I think you can get people to feel that way. With the truth, but that's not a marriage like it so clear that it so much my baggage because I dont mind when people watch a movie and they feel like that, nor crying at the end, and they see they feel scene, because the movies clear about the fact that its fake, like this, this is instead worry. This is a narrative and if you get this feeling out of it, it's great cause. I just feel like you're up front. You're, not presenting it as a documentary and then, and that just shows how much of its my baggage about on. What's the difference, tween that magic show in a movie there's none and it and it's a magic so yeah, it's not like your dad is telling you that has like made a whole factor.
here, the magic. So you are walking in knowing, like you, wanna, be theirs their yeah you're you're buying into that experience, yeah so you're not getting trick. You, you know what you're doing when you go in. There is much that I just think the simplest way to say this is it, does mother you at all there how they got that beautiful emotion was through this illusion and for me it makes me think that emotion isn't real, because it was an illusion. I think a wages disagree on other. I think, illusions can become a reality anyway. I think it's fuckin awesome. Let me just say that I am, I loved how much you in Christian loved it and more emotional info totally connected, and I think that's all some. It was highly also on Hulu, also things a watch on Hulu, and you know what now that I saw his name
almost positive. This is the person years ago and we interviewed IRA in New York. I saw an amazing magic show there are. We were talking ironmonger like we're going to this matter, show I saw the best magic show last night and he goes Yeah he's fine, but you should really see, and I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure, I'm so upset. I didn't get to see them. Person nor I loved about it is. I was like oh yes, the thing that Chapelle has done so successfully. Is happening in magic now, which is so cool like, but talk about something funny, but talk about something for real
an undue magic but but tackle some exactly. I love that aim YAP taken up, I think, should tell us something new out today, oh my goodness, or something on the instrument to look at your birthday body. Oh oh, wait hold on finding dang, oh Jesus tripled, so many Ding Ding day. This because in the magic show bill gates as their my god I wanted to just I I love so much. We are doing a book talk four moderating a punk, about his new book herself oh, are now It was around this year, Oh, I wouldn't know one another update, when you get the last time this happen where we were talking about another show- and you said it's like when people dont like
who draining they won't shut up about it. Many people responded, there's a term for that called. Don't yuck, my young yeah. My thumb now So I am sorry for me up in your young share. My opinions about a thing is beautiful. but you know you know I am a good, ok, so Vigo and the light seven days, an international phone call would be like eighty bucks. So I saw an ad for eighteen tee in an old national geographic from the early sixties, announcing direct long distance, dialing d, a country's, I believe, calls to the UK were around three dollars per minute. All my you're, the first three minutes, France and Germany, where a bit more, maybe three sixty per minute to Y yeah yeah. I remember gettin busted all the time in June, your hired like meet these girls
I went to traverse city once and I met this cute girl and I talked to her on the phone and it would. I would rack up these bills were outrageous and I give totally busted and then a girl, Jenny, less noise. I tell you about the girl I met in England, it's a landline back then so we couldn't talk. We had utters is too expensive that sweet and penalties that I could you were taken to underwrite your ladder. The Rugby Blair, oh yeah and resolutely oh, my god, Ding Ding, Ding Roguery, yet We talk a lot about rugby and in any one of my fax, is what are they sang in the HAWK surveillance, Jenny Hazel to theirs? I know another June. It wasn't what's merging lizard Jenny Hazel to make clear that ok, the Hata they say different stuff. I say different cepit. Why of them, I found says I die, I die, I live. I live, I die, I die. I live. I live there,
they Harry Man who fetch the sun and cause it to shine again. One upward step, another upward step, an upward step, another the sun shines, oh yeah. They so they say different stop, but that was one of arm. This must be all blacks, cause. It says all blacks, all black, let me become one with the land. This is our land that rumbles it's my time. It's my moment. This defines us as the all blacks. It's my time. It's my moment are dominance, are supremacy, will triumph and will be properly revered placed on high silver fern all
Like silver Fern, all black was only a few teams that do the hocker early. Yet all blacks do Samoa. Doesn't hunger does it? I don't know if there's another one, but maybe Fiji with them all the teams are but yeah. Ok, ok, VA golly that got killed. The Columbia guy, whose aim is ongoing, ask a bar. I think I think Vigo even called his name yeah yeah. He was killed after the aftermath of the ninety ninety four fee for World CUP, reportedly as retaliation of having scored an own goal which contributed to the teams elimination from the tournament. Oh, I want all gunnbiorn, oh sure,
it's cool ass. The first What times I saw. I think I said that in the interview housing. doing so, why she's gains for someone like this is corny in about halfway through my baby, terrified that than the unity of the rainforest city, yeah. I think you also like a cause. You like group there, our group thing. I do. I love drooping anything synchronizing on the early reminded me of Iceland, I cannot answer here waiting. Oh sure, I got formation to man, but I really like that other team was holding hands and holding each other's back yeah. Most
it's that rights about ninety nine percent. The teams they play just have to sit there while they intimidate them, but when they play tonker smaller both teams or do we need an asshole awesome, very color. I thought all the supper Vigo said about. Dementia was really interesting, super vacillating and stuff I hadn't thought about and what I really like kind of attending, because what he would say, paying is the person was dementia is living in their own reality, no real right, but but why room for them down in the EP origin, like most of you know, I'm not saying I M saying, but it's real to them. So what's real, like that's the big question, everything is a perception anyway. That's real to them! It's real
pressure, I really ding Ding Ding vat rates. I tried everything into a beautiful little bow to rugby ball of all border. Tried again, did you Are you about the well, as we say in comedy one minute: ok, that would lead those that those of them to back those, mostly just a review of these two great pieces of content we consumed- and I encourage you wanna see- oh the young- are you can buy tickets for their in and of itself has also underlined in Brittany. One is to be added here again. Good job Hulu love you baby,
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