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Vincent D'Onofrio Returns

2021-05-31 | 🔗
Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Jurassic World, Mutha) is an actor and author. Vincent returns to the Armchair Expert to discuss his new book of short poems, his acting process to find his character’s voice, and being a perfectionist about learning his lines. Vincent and Dax talk about their love for Chris Pratt, their scuba diving experiences, and that they want to collaborate on a project involving Dax’s drawings. Vincent explains that he never gets nervous around other actors and that he wants Dax to move to Europe with him someday.
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World amalgam, Alban, armchair expert on deck shepherd I'm joined by Monica Mouse LAW. That is a Duluth people like it, but do they like secretary mice? my god, they might might be on that lawyers they had heard a yet yes, oh Monica is the duchess of Duluth Secretary of Mice sober. and Vincent De La Frio is the secretary of acting producing writing an direct answer, our old friend Vincent off reels back God bless them through one time was shared with even die, so we can maybe two wanta yeah they're all different right. There the first one was in the attic signal was shared lie. Third, is all mediums he's been. I know exactly what a guy full metal jacket which we have to watch. This was a commitment we made after that. You must see it Jurassic world which you've seen twenty six times to know. Don't need to see that
a decade of law and order. Criminal intent- and he has a book- is a really fun. Weird, of course, could only come from Vincent and off Rio's brain mother stuff in things em, you teach a mother that scares me said: Edward Mother, I now sounds scary, but I have a really good body, butter and body oil. That's called mother, oh really! So what have you say? The name of the book mother, so he's got a new book up. He's got no book out my thus stuff in things mailed. It and you'll get to hear a poem that knocked our fucking socks off from mother. Please enjoyment and in Africa we are supported by The moon, zip recruiter zebra grew day if you're a business owner whose hiring you probably face a lotta challenges when it comes to I mean the right person for your role. I live in abject terror. Thinking of having replace you,
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he's he's just gonna, be twenty four hours long, our paragraph twenty three problems when we like to give a one hour, wiggle room, that's what I Thinking when, just under the ashes under and then he added a dance like forty five minutes, if it's great, if its grey will keep forty five methods crave. The poster behind yeah, I have Deniro which favour posters. It's an italian poster of the deer enter your cut tories, beautiful actual for people haven't seen dear Hunter you guys come home from Vietnam. They ve had a really rough go of it over there. They somehow were introduced to russian roulette and then they start playing it in their postwar life. Right, that's the premises. I recall
you should have merited the film It would have been an academy award winter had I'd. Oh, she had. It was a spin off work. Just me explain importantly gains narrating, the movie without the actual moody plan. Ok, it's even guess this movie ready he wasn't a very smart man, but he had a character that was very appealing to people around. I've got yet. This is a fun game. He was, kind man thrown into a terrible situation and he broke under the pressure. And one day while routinely clean, I firearm and now this is for events and he should get out one day, while route routinely cleaning his weapon under great stress, he saw arms his way to the bathroom word shit. really hit the fan, the other those Montague Roy you up for mental if such ever we're gonna go. But that's part of my
arm is a narrator. Is it's mine? Understanding over I gotta go, it totally works. The other thing is like this sort of like a suspense, because you don't know what movie it is. I mean I thought it was like space jam. Yet was the star of the thing I'm describing. I know it was like a total life is like a thrilling, I really think we're onto something, maybe his release, a bunch of classics where you and I narrate what's going on in its even can using because our memory of its all different so as they are in this scene, but we ve got it wrong. In this sea numb veto finds out his father's very proud of him. He finds out his brothers super, proud of them as a corleone I always shit now. What's this, why do shoot me so proud of him? And then he gives is dogged. The kiss of death there exactly Monica
he's taken even using our brother. When will you see it raised west that is a good followup? It's not the calendar. Even I can. I can make space for its long right. It's very long, both of them but you can watch the condensed version, you can watch all three and one cut as that warfare is out better some people like it. So here's what happens, there's a ton of flashbacks in both movies and they re I mean forget, putting three analysis. table that, for US hacking, irreligious we wanted to and then they put in chronic. Logical order, so you can while insisting flashback doings I ain't never Jane. I know of that version earning enough have seen what back then. I was Yanza so thrilled to see those actors. In anything that mean they could have taken his shit and I would have gone to show not watch absolutely spot. I totally think this movie work separately in a credible way, Meeteth Godfather to
Some people think it's better found in the guidelines that is very merry commonly held that opinion. Now, who is your guy Peter? What performance of Peter to I'm so ignorant, I'm Peter O Toole? Well, the obvious one learns of Arabia. Do you wanna, hear really boring note side. Note like cliff note about that movie, really boring gotcha Hollywood, lore ogoni things. Nothing could be editors name, but she wasn't incredible editor back in the day, and she was they say one of the first people to use the kind of cuts that the new wave of french directors were using their using these direct cuts, Nazi very common thing, but she was the first weight David leaned Chebec get him in to watch it over and over again before he could understand how you can cut from the striking of a match to the desert son like that
because they all previous that all had transitions like? Oh, I didn't know that their that was not the first hardcore movie. Are the French? Did it first Godard and those guys in the early french tractors, but she was like a credible. She did all his movies and she was amazing. Isn't it interesting that there's this, like women, have largely been locked out of Hollywood historically, but there is this great tradition of female editors, like sky daisies Hell even call her co director was it Sally Monkey was that who was turned Tenos director she died tragically of I think he stroke, hygiene, yeah hiking in them, Runnion Canyon, what he has met bizarre, but then Fred Redskins now turn Tenos director and he had with Sally. I think it Sally mink username. Yet I am curious why they were able to get their foot in the door, and I don't know I think they were just like most women. I think they're. Just now. I have to say I know this is
very pc, but I do have to say- and you know me well enough to know that I'm not talking about. I do have to say that things are going better on sats yeah for you, it has to be really start cuz even for and just a nineteen year career, it's so different. Today, it's crazy out different. It is have to assume for you, it's even a bigger its huge. Less hours better work, better people in their jobs. I mean it's just amazing. All I can say is thank God for women to be taking over the phone book because they noted that yeah and even like the talk By the way I participated like it wasn't. Even on my mind, the jokes I would pitch or the thoughts I would have
I've been comedies. I was doing I just. I was completely out to lunch, it's completely different and for the better, it's not like a toxic place anymore. I think it's great. I dont want to save, there's, not Maison guys out there still. I still think that I've been lucky that allotted to produce There's that I've worked with the male once I consider them artists as well. I consider them filmmakers vivid, very fortunate, torpid, some amazing producers, but I do have to say that television sets are a lot more civil these days, yeah. What about hours, though, for you hours, are more civil? I dont like long hours, although you have that kind of the apex experience on criminal in tat, tell people to schedule that goes. When you talk to me. I thought this contraband schedule
there's turn around like there's. Billions of people are not like. We have a union sag after, in that there is a kind of these builtin guidelines that if you get off work, they can work you twenty hours, but you then have to twelve our turn around, but then they can break that once or twice a week. There's these wigwam buddy you're schedule nature. What was it came in I averaged about. somewhere between seventeen and eighteen hours a day every day and night shooting into Saturday. There's no Saturday there's only a Sunday yeah. You got to get up at five hundred and thirty in the morning on the Monday to get to work by six hundred and thirty or seven or whatever additionally for you that wasn't the type of show where, like fuck paranoid, I can go and I could have a pretty good idea what the signal we had a level attitude. I could improv whatever you
like monologues, like I'm sure when you have the script. Sometimes you, like you, say your name at the top of the page, just kept turning pages. It never stopped right. Like multiple page speeches, yeah, it's actually hard to talk about. I have PTSD from it. I know you do. This is your third time on the show- and I have more than anything, wanted to get some of the better stories of me out of it, and I know you're so hesitant to tell them yet because Do we crazy I've, been you weren't, comically, crazy, grown up? I went crazy, but I was definitely a modified, can. We tell the one story about you running the day off or meeting the day off. Why couldn't legal Sir you'll get yeah me or you get up. So I was wondering the bills. Only some things I can say because there's a couple of people that I've made a man's wits yeah. You want to see my gloating or anything I will
say that the work thing was pretty intense like I would be. performing a script I would be reading a script and I would people learning scenes. I had that a three day gotcha so juggling three different scripts and learning three days of work so that I could never get behind. I don't like to be honest, if not know my lines yes well. This is like, perfect storm because it's already a really possible shoe and then added in your we'll call perfectionism like for me. I have a better personality for this cause. I purchase co dang. I can't do it and so I'm going to need an earpiece in you're going to have to cut this shit in half and that's what's going to go down, but you are much better was just left. The show was successful. So it's a perfect storm. I mean also nobody told me about your pieces either.
But even if that had been told you you wouldn't do it correct, probably not because I have a gene that, if anything resembles theatre in any way I have to normalize like if it's something that's like definitely a film seem, then its Lucy goods, But if it's a scene in film or in television where there's a few actors and planes seem actually like you, could do the same on the back of a pickup truck and drive around the city, one another. If it has that kind of feel the. I can't thoughts about, because my issue with- the earpiece has been this. Our job is already so embarrassing in some way, but you hardly field. You're earning the money they're paying you answer Some like blue color genome is like what the least you can do as I get in shape for your movies in you learn your line, you do and the minimal amount that's asked of you. I know we had.
But then you and I had the shared experience of watching someone work with an ear peace whose fucking incredible whip lag like. How does that even work? It's like this! It's I asked in question by the way, because I had no idea- and it was told to me by a very smart guy that sort of like listening to one of your favorite songs on the radio, but you don't know the words to and you you asked sing along to it, because the songs actually queuing you oh what amended the intellectual defence for which I think has merit if your great actor, which is no one they're gonna say six hours before they say it, so there is some reality in truth, the fact that your brains hearing it nearly simultaneous didn't you delivering real life like everything, I'm saying right now is happening simultaneously, so I get the theory behind it and then also this person we watched by the way I we can say exists.
interview talking about is Robert Dounia. In Robert now he said in this interview with SAM Jones DUMBO things on chaplain. I was, I cried Is he prepared Insane lived the life and I've worked? total chaos and find that I'm better in total chaos in so it's like. I can applaud that he's like Picasso. He did normal paintings and then he d Cuba's and even when you and I were working with downy, he is hearing as well There is also improving. So it's like a year's kaleidoscopic, my in that can we evolve African fallen, one thing I found it to be mine blowing. You know I wouldn't work for me. I just realized that when you were saying walled up before you say it can I guess what you can No, he knew so well, I'm having very similar personality. You annoyed by the person reading exactly? Why did they What are they doing or they remain an upside down over there like
If there was another me and I was standing next to them and telling them how to do? I will be fine another me what, if you recorded it the night before and you had the sound guy hit playing your ear. I mean that we're getting what is disaster that you'd, hate yourself, you doubt you'd Bernier inside Garden, leave for good yeah, yeah, ok, so you tell me if this is too much to say cuz, I'm going to some one of them up. I just need to. Let me wander stand the gravity of what was happening and I think I can do it to Safeway, and you tell me if you don't like it will cut it out, but there were The time where you desperately needed the following day off in use- I need this off. You ass were for many times it was told you that was not gonna, be an option then he said why I'm injured They said no you're not injured, and then you and then you proceeded to support here in front of them Can we say that?
but maybe you don't have to confirm or deny that that happen. Yeah, I don't have to I'll, give it all up so what's great, is just how you heard of this in that and other actors using near pieces. Of course, before I met you the job, a giant heard, some pretty exciting things about you and I a little bit of the year meeting you hurt members of the story is recap for you, and so my God, this is the kind of guy will fuckin. Who knows. Going to happen onset and then I'm assuming all the time. Dad's gonna know you so maybe it'll be you and I involved in one of these stories and then we the judge, you're, so sweet and kind? And you can see hit and run you're really complementary. I was like well, this took a one hundred and eighty, you really mellow that you kind of go against what I would normally say it's like generally. Would I someone's an alcoholic they're gonna, be one for
life, if someone's in insufferable dick, they just rarely change, but you really had a huge evolution when you say over your life. Yes, I would say two things. I think there should be no it was written about it several not, but I also think somebody should like the catholic church should give me. Please you could get night. How that sound! Knighted yoga as a journalist Monica was as your question but she's. She doesn't know she wants to ask you that adopting K Monica saw in the theater Jurassic Park three time. She went three now Jurassic, World driving over. It makes more sense Jurassic world yeah, I just of the damage and she went to the theatre three times in a row. One's eyes, I'm, U ones, are moving in the theater three times nonsense. I was like twenty years yeah
yeah, you did it at a time like this. All reasons like I went with one group of friends than some other friends wanted to see it and I loved it may lead us I was really under Chris prior. I wanted you to ask Vincent above Alfredo ask him about proud a little bit here. There's a lot! There is very attractive. You like Christy, like the way he looks, and I like the way he moves, yeah, like the shape of his body. You know what it is. I loved parks and wreck so much, and I always looked at him as like how everyone daddy was just like the funny do face on that show and then he's in drastic world an he shocks you with his body, shape and his movies darkness exactly his x factor yeah I need busily. He would tell his version of what happen
very similar to the wages that he had to change himself to get the parts that he, while he actually said once off stage. This is true by the way is actually a videotape of it before he got the part before he ever knew. Spielberg or drastic world was even a script. He said that he is going to be in the lead in the next drastic and is actually a videotape up. You can look it up. There's so many layers. Of that I mean. There's the yes, one right out of the gates, which is like what you know foresight, but even more of all the movies he was. I gluts dusty I don't even know that would have been in my mind. It's that so peculiar. That's the one I think. Maybe he got a notion of it like I think I remember hearing. Oh there's gonna be a drastic world, but there's no script, there's no, nothing! There's no nobody's cast- anything, I think that's probably around the same time. He did that. and he said, is like. Oh you. Nobody did you get here.
Phone rang up. That Spielberg must be addressed walked off the top of it. I've got an up, and I remember correctly and now visit the two back to back movies with them. They need Magnificent sat right, that's right, so their brows, and they also did my phone the kid he played the bad guy in the kid he's. A sweet Other farmers rise. We I mean he is just these. The real deal believe me: he knows this too. I would love to be able to save him horrible about him. Should he I I mean I really would that's part of I think of him, is like everyone. Hey them and everyone should circlets. I've never been more excited by someone success that I wanted. It didn't get me too literally nothing the guy's, amazing and he's not only because you like the sweetheart, but he shows up too hard worker. He shows up you blots it to be. Great. I think that because he was a wrestler in high school. I think that
You like found their way to wrestling. There were willing to like lose weight and train like that. There are different, Bree Bus. True, I think so too. I think you're right and also I think sportsmen are different breed of people to which he is also that yeah an let's at a third category, he's an outdoorsman yeah. I know to people that can hear anything with anything. and he's one of one is a native american way he can like pick up any object in hidden anything with what is crucial is the same way. I'm really good with a rifle, but this is no Jackie, I'm not exaggerating Chris could draw a six shooter at his hip and flare that right. All inside the playing cards come on launching Monica I swear to you are not yet I love him again.
Already, we know what he can't do magic. You can't imagine you got that item Vince. knows Madge outlines that's my Monica saying we were in a different way when you talk to be jealous that system trajectory my life as I introduce you to someone I love and care about, and then that person quickly is more enamored by you. This is I'm not used to this pattern. I don't know I'm not. Jacques. Never happen before harassed and would leave me in two seconds, for you use even are overheard that she be taken a ring. I must say, though, he knows you now, I'm maybe one of you do Do you know how some people know the Ruby too, like that no it. They see it in their mind when they're doing like they have the pattern down right he's one of those guys. You also speaks German in turn my wife while allow you to speak
slow, german or he's a few days? Setting me up here is the problem Vincent also lies occasionally for his own amusement and you don't know, cuz he's just a great actor, but he told me this elaborate story of hurting his leg, falling off of a helicopter and I know we will be worthy of a building. Yes, that's why I was so your memories off a little bit. Ok, tell me how that's. The way is true where It's a gala got the right ones in your life, where I took a how captain ride in the bottom rung of the helicopter, you remember, got stuck on the side of a build. Yes as we were ascending. Oh ok, So here is a building. Here's the wrong of a helicopter Helga goes up because over got, but you know boy fell out of that.
Carter shattered your Rima right now, a year I remember when I told you, but that's why it's tough with, stickers. Chris is really really good at being straight man he's very, very good out. I've never seen the parks, and actually I try not to see anything that my friends have done well in just because jealousy suffer my gameshow accepted gameshow winner. gains stop giving it we haven't. I about that. I'm here have we now I just wanna Travis what you're about to say with something else now gang. Also, you can finish on Christopher. I just got excited about that now. I want to talk about the game. Show ok, so to me There was a couple of scenes with a couple of gas. I call them scenes because it was like Drum whose like high drop, so
this two things going on with me when I'm watching one is he looked fucking amazing in their seats I now I mean I'm below you. There a hair, but the sheets like how the fuck did that happen. Like honestly, I was like wow it was and it was a different one each time so you ve got to see like a new thing every time and then there was these two brothers and he got in the middle of it. He was like, oh my god. He just if asked story, no, these were these magic brothers, where they had been like raised in this organ
kind of commune they all played by Ngos and they were Bluegrass family ban right? He had rescued someone from a train of, like I couldn't believe our meeting these people exactly, and I think TAT was one of the present me. Other brothers spent his whole life in like a coffin somewhere guessing anyone. Neither of them had ever seen. Television in it was a lie out your quits exactly and the trauma was on leave and then acts gets in the middle and just takes it off the page and just I can't believe I'm telling you the scenes whether guys have been cubicle- oh, my guy, that they sit in, cubicle and closes up, and they do this shot of one of the brothers and that is saying something to him. As the thing closes. That's the thing it's gonna be. Ok, you ok, you're gonna be sure about this. You're gonna get it and his We see the thing closing in his eyes alike,
god my life is about. I was on the edge of my sleep why this fucking eggs from Vince. That basically says. Oh, my God loves been the wheel too I immediately reply. I don't want it talk about ever. How can you don't want to get in your head about? Yes, because get about like what you said earlier view heard your own voice, acting for whatever reason that the spinning wheel experience in particular for me to play a game show house. I just had to In a way I dont know that I've ever had to commit, and I didn't ever want to see. If I wasn't point not because I knew I won't be able to then do it again run. So even talking with you about it, scared the budget's sodomy, yeah and I dont know if he did so, to that end, then you change what you're gonna say, like maybe you're going to say like what the fuck are you doing in spun story we honor, but then you detected, but you could ruin my life like with just why I'm totally fucking sincere about honestly. I thought it really riveting. Yes, then I
get the hell out of the way he was describing. It felt like some french, nor a movie or some examples, I really really has done something I mean the two things are combined. There was also I won't get into a cause. I know what I mean. We do have twenty four hours I don't want to get into it, but there was another episode with a girl and her sister. I think now yeah, you guys like to pull the siblings, family, which is like really high drama. If you think about it, for shark is they're bringing all this baggage and yeah, two women were so sweet and they loved each other so much, but there was this eight in them for each other as well, that you could see the game turned the game world forward. Your like, oh, my god, you're, never going to speak to each other again and that in the suit, because it does you can't have, yeah. It is,
that's forward in this field and he looks it also the many says something like this gonna be ok it's gonna be all we had one lie well, memory. I want it again, raise it's gonna, be ok! really connected with its gonna, be born of the shop. Maybe you felt like I was telling you it's gonna be hook. Maybe, but I don't wanna go off track here, You say that it's not true that you did have that kind of presence on the show when things got rough, well, here's what I thought I was good. It is when things got Harry. I think I do shine in that situation. Ok, ok, I think I told you the most incredible the real out about the experience of the whole thing was that we would find out whether the person, just one two hundred thousand dollars or one four hundred thousand hours in
within nine seconds. I gotta tell you to tune into the the next episode that the most incredible turn of my life. You know like I'm just not to get into the habit. as it, but in a scene turn might be like Vincent be angry at the sun and he's screaming at him, and then his son says something that breaks through and he actually realizes. I left my fault and he feels compassion and tried to turn. Will this had to be The two people are crime. We ve just found this out. They want nothing guys. I want you to remember that. No, what happened today. You have each other, which is invaluable tone in that way. I believe, dream the promo for their necks out, bestowed India You have to imagine how fraudulent I felt every single time I did that I mean yeah, yeah cuz, it's your job. It comes down to you being able to turn that quickly, yeah for sure, but just to reiterate I'm not wrong about his presence on the ship. Nine
I didn't see it did you. I don't think you want me to see it as our pages in the pictures were gorge thank you re, a big wheel behind him and in close and his hair I mean I was doing my hair ass ever shot. I wish eggs you're tired, did look right grants and it's the best hair I've ever seen him. Why was first of all MRS calmed like he was clearly have it had a unified European yeah right, but there's something about Dax, where, like, if used driving, are or he's on a motorcycle or something is not wearing a like. His hair always looks great he he I've got hair. To achieve that. When he's not a vehicle is really hard to do. Pocket was spotted, to arm chair. If you dare we, they are supported by brook
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I want to talk about a couple things. I've seen you in recently before we talk about your book. I'm glad we're here in public form to iron. This out, the good place, I'm watching wretched and I'm like. First of all, I fucking loved. It was so visual stimulating, and then you come in and you I mean phenomenal in it, and I was so thrilled cause you come in? Probably there are now twenty five minutes into the pilot. So I dont even know you're doing that show and then here comes my friend Vincent and he's like a dramatic version of boss. Haug you're Buzz Hog from the Duke boys. For she had just like a scoundrel, a public. scoundrel in you, so awesome in an amended text like? Oh, my god, I love and then is really no response. I guess. Maybe that was your game show like did you just now. I want to talk about it. No, I think I was trying to figure it out.
I, like my intention or no sure I think I was trying to figure out the character, still was still evolving for me. So you think when I sound to you. You are still processing what you would even played. I was bill processing it. A lot like I was still trying to figure out where I was going to go with it cause. I started at a place, I'm you know that I think of these kinds of things. I know it's really boring to talk about acting, but I always like this. no place than I know, I'm gonna be able to achieve something different at the end of it. We like to have some place to go is really important for this. When it took me a lot, I'm trying to figure out where I should start going there and sell it either that or I just forgot to text you by a well now, because there were repeated it wasn't like. I just hate you on the first episode. Men left it at that, of course, not every time. you showed up. I gave you some feedback on it because I loved every time you are on it. I just want to say I had a great time doing that show
as I was surrounded by a credible women, then have inspired me for so long like every day was a joy and You know I love acting in the idea of being at a table with those kind of actresses. I was really happy, what's greatest alike, as you know about me, I'm sure, to self defence mechanism, so not in claiming that I have like a real thought out reason for this, but I just I think much about acting like that's bullshit I gonna live. Let me tell you something: I'm gonna have to ignore. I'm gone with this you I know no we're going. I wear my own or other usual spiel and its lesson I just want to say something before you get going. Ok, Cosette listen important like it's interesting by. I got my daughter. Ok later right yeah has just watch parent for the first time and she's on. I think Second season and we haven't talked about it at all. She called me three days ago.
She didn't know. I was doing this podcast nothing and she He called me for one reason on to talk about your acting in that show really how incredible she thinks you are as an actor and she goes he's really good. Isn t tat, unlike you, he's fucking great and she goes here, but he always papoose himself about it and I might be able that's like Emma, but you I'm fucking great. You are what was that anyone can say. I was not going to say that I wasn't there a shitty actor. I do think I was good and parenthood. I think there is an environment there that allowed me to really do well the way I approach that was that can say that I was going to say why dont have any training or anything. So I dont have an approach. I could explain to you, but now you do and I don't think it's. Billy. I love it like when I hear you and I were not to eat. In the last time I was in New York, splain me. I find this awesome, even though not what do or would even know how to do.
You will sit in a fucking chair in your house and you ll make noises from ours Then you will find some noise or tie on a sound in that's it, then you you're missing the router that first I'll find an event or a person in my life. I start to feel emotional about in the chair when I'm sitting there and then I'll try to instead of getting emotional instead of talking I'll, try to make us out and see if the emotion starts the rumble inside me and when I find the right sound there and its That's the rumble and I can feel myself about two well up or laugh with joy. He. I know I've found the right tone for the correct yeah. That's how Wilson Fisk's voice ended up the weighted through an event with one of my kids
really, which is a very interesting story. You're going to love this because Jeff love the guy used to run Marvel television. There was this thing about red so marvel. What has this thing about doing, Redruth on on the shows which we did re through on criminal intent, every scrap, so I get, and I was there every time it helped a lot, but this was different, like I didn t like to do Fisk without this feeling inside me. this very specific feeling inside me and the director and the show runner and everybody said you have to do it. We. understand. We don't want you to do it if you don't want to, but you have to because it will set a precedent for all the other actors to match. I went to one of them and I was really miserable. I went home and I couldn't leave it alone and I called the boss, big boss,
and I said well, you have dinner with me the next time you in New York and law. It was about three days before the next week. So we had, we went to Alimentari Jeff and I we became close friends over this night. By the way we still are- and I explain to him I said look- this is going to be tough for you cuz it's called, she actor stuff, but I need should. I need you to listen, really carefully, consistent, really important to me, and I told him about this event. In my life that had to do with what my kids and I told him, I attached my process to the event right, and I said so when I make that sound. That's his voice and I cannot sit there at a red through and do that. I just can't hear it would be awful for everybody, it's not being filmed. It's like a freak show it's like
it doesn't work, and he said. Ok, I got I gotta yes or when we had dinner. I think it was like right in the middle of all that what he was still being ironed out, and I think that you too, you are really rustling would like. I do not want to be the annoying needy actor that the world's gonna change. So I, like anything like you clearly, or stressed about. and I remember hearing it and I think, I'm generally the brandy police, that's what christen I do for each other's. I know this is possible Brad. I think we're you know. We bought loser fuckin minds at times, but I heard that and like I totally respected, and I think it's really I would end by the way it's why this whole thing is works in Israel you got a guy like me, were I do best. If you tell me my lines, one second, before the scenes darts and I do it this way, but then one need someone to come in and play the clergy playing and daredevil. We need a very specific type of person to do that and there's a whole specific process in Europe.
Anegada honor got honour, like you can't above you cannibals right, so you're either going to do something that isn't that powerful in you and then you'll be I'll. Do it would every druids and miles of America to promote a show and on on talk, shows or not right? payments always something different like I still do, reaches people wanted. You reaches its argument whenever and wherever helps I'm off for women the judge. Remember I was there for the return in about where we were that's. Where we fell in love, yeah yeah. I think we pass notes to each other. I always there we were already with the two kids. Would learning does abilities able ever needed now I of course had my online storm of thoughts and emotions, which was like probably a if I don't belong here, feelings going into a just with Duvall there and downy in you in fact Billy Bob you dont have those leans? Do you
do you even you like knowing devolves, can be at that table. Reed is your brain busy, this two things one is I dont get butterflies like I'd, never gone butterflies. I push myself. I try to fail as much as I can, when the cameras willing soap Ethan thinks it's, because I have some kind of brain deficiency like Us Psychopathy here there are missing something: that's really important It's almost like a self preservation mode. I mean series the Vega injured yourself. The fact that you are happy to go into six or seven guy swinging clubs like there is a lack of sulphur. red when he went to the magic in the pool Like you all in your trap, rights retreated to escape route to yeah right with my mom standing there watching originating viewers to watching your child. I dared is horrible.
Why was horrible? I imagine one my son's doing that will now under now. So this things there is that where I just don't have butterflies, the other thing is- and I think you can relate to this totally- because otherwise you and be six actual this something about pressure that ignites me and that takes over any kind of nervousness or anything like to be at the table with devout yeah to know, devours gonna play my father and something may his son the idea, was so big bad. Yet was now nervousness because so excited about ignited in a similarly, I agree that when there is a high probability of failure or there's the stakes are high. My brain wakes up way that I can't normally give it to wake up to the sky and then they get kind of confidence? But I forget a few scuba diving, you stupid, I write, but I've done it once you ve done. Ok,
is this thing about scuba Diving, MRS Jamaican guy taught me and for some reason it works for some people on it, doesnt for other people, but this is exactly what you're talking about. So once you start going past thirty four, there's no way you're gonna make it up if you fuck up like I can not fuck up after thirty feet. Your part committed twenty five. You know that you need to blow and not move faster than your boss. basically you won't get the ban to be don't move faster than your box basically, but you still have to have air and pass that unless you like one of those incredible lung breathing freaks right, you dead in so this all Jamaican due to taught me how scuba diving sets me just look up. Man just look up and I was like really that's gonna fuck and help me, and one day I was down like eighty feet with him and I saw a big
a fucking fish and I found it was so far away. I couldn't tell what it was. It was something when those big things at a ridiculously big and stupid drafting like an old dog, it was like an old guy see yet, but to me it was a great white anymore. I just went like. I was eighty feet down and I thought for the first time felt ah, and I remembered immediately remembered what he said and I slipped off my back and I looked up and I could see the sun very little above the water. In the first thing that went through my hands, you can not fuck up, you are dead if you'd fuck up and I went completely com la and slipped back over and I was fine and
whole rest of the dive every time. I would feel that I would look up and I would say, can't fuck up it's the same kind of a thing yeah I twenty you describe that cuz. I the two I had no training christmases movie couples retreat. John Renault was there with his master diver that he met on the big blue, like these guys have been diving for twenty five years. Is everyone done ever yet? Not me, you'll be fine. You know we get the dive master Peter. So I have zero train My fuckin, I can do it in. they may we get down around like forty feet or something- and I have that moment- where am I while you're all in data the aegis hit. You like, oh, that you made a decision and you ve passed the point of no return Ryan. If, rigour right now it's over or if you get your thinking, landfill guy has a few freak out than your breathing gets. Yes that and then the amount of time it's going to take you to surface without going up super fast and giving yourself the bends. How
Can you hold your breath like? How long can you slowly rise forty feet in the water? However, many feet you're down, yeah, it's like being chased by a man. and there's nothing. You can do to beat the monster it just gets worse and worse and worse until the monster each line cannot go there. You cannot see the monster yeah, it's a pretty profound experience idea, but yeah you find out like you right away. Yeah yeah, you gotta, take control your brain in Mexico. There is to know, rights notice and they connect to the ocean when it is on the side when you're on land. It looks like a giant pond, but if you go in it it opens up to a huge cavernous thing and there are tunnels at the bottom of it. That way to the ocean. I've been in mind you, I know yet. I grew to generally like stock was sought, there's so much wildlife in there
like you don't want to, I can have it is fresh water and the other half the solemn feel like it's a really tough die. If you don't have a lot of experience, because the difference between your buoyancy from fresh the salt is it's a trip. You know Leyla and Elias. We went down this Sanofi the whole time. I make no. No, no! No, don't you all the way they didn't go to the ocean. But when we only had one tenth. They were just watching their time and watching them and they went in. They followed the frequent guy, and I asked her father watching disappears and was one of the worst experiences are, but I'm sure I'll be the route of one of your future characters. It was horrible. Ok! So before we talk about your book, something
people- I don't know if they know about your not but like one is you did this play where you would do poems on stage right. That's part of you looking at me like. I got this wrong already. Yea digger Oh fuck, it I'm not going to talk about that partner. I just want people to know that, as we became friends, I would often get tax from you about. Yes, you were pinkos bill. Yes, and this whole world Vincent has evolved Pinkos bill and other characters and they would be these really beautiful writ bizarre tax. Davy me, I'm because progress through whatever situation. Yet, and you're. Actually in the book you are, I am as Captain Shepherd yeah, oh my god, I didn't know that. Yes, you are My goodness me a while in its exactly in the same vein.
The monologues denies the texture it's called gun hand is the name of that particular point. Would call it a poem right, yeah our peace, Sir Journal, like I can't fake journals, fake journals. Please tell me about the stage thing you see that's kind of similar, so that's the thing that Ethan directed and start and end I was in it are friend Jonathan Sherman get an adaptation of a bird top breath play called ball, be a out. It's a very popular play. If you'd know brat feed on your breath. You never heard of it before, but there's no. Fourth wall, David Bowe. We did it like you, a lot of like crazy artists, have done it and now crazy, good. Our I should say so: Jonathan adapted it into display called Clive Ethan play the part of Clive any directive us in it and so there's music in theirs. Is this incredible thing? There are a bunch of doorways each refrain and door was an instrument that was played. Onstage, like the actual door, was an instrument, Lhasa,
what guitar summer piano summer anyway, so able crazy, incredible play, we sold out every night, it was the trip. The whole thing is a trip, and I started to just right on that show I just started to write. I wrote about the point of view of cats and enhanced. In other versions of myself or other versions of myself that could never be theirs. one monologue about for the public to see the real me on film in the real me on stage, because you'll never get to see my blanche to block and it's called Blanche, and so it's just All things to all of these things started coming out of me and they use them. Ask them around in recite them in and then what The musicians, Dana Land, who is a composer and she's one of those people that play like every instrument,
she wanted them cuz, she wanted to put them to music and we put out a couple of albums called slim bone head bolts, which is an anagram, but I'm you'll have to figure that out on your own and we used to perform at Joe's pub in style out every night we perform. We do a forty five minute. I will try to stretch it out too long and get in trouble every time I did it, but it was like we perform these things and that's how the writing started, and so now I'd put new ones and all those from back in the day, an aversion that I use of gun hand. Witches, has a kind of western new wharf feel to it. A peak oil spills ones? I still have them and they will be in a book eventually, I think peak us, but has to be in a picture book yeah. I think that's a good. Maybe you can illustrate oh wow lab really fun. What what's it
now I can ask you directly, but when you would send me those, I generally responded as the character as well, run, and I remember thinking is this. What he wants does he want me jointly am I I love is, or is this just for me to marry even then leave alone, but I now I want to be in the western as well. That's what I love about you is that I never explain myself in trying to figure it out. I've noticed join your questions. I wait Dyke five years later to ask. I see what was that I mean basically is the same way, but a little different. The way Leyla react to them. I sent you shouldn't it is. I handed her like eight of them or something and she read them all in one sitting and she's like ok, she didn't know where to put it yeah now what category does go in? and I remember that she came to a show. It chose pub and she came back stage in. She was like you
I'm afraid I don't know it. Ah, he was blown away. Even I would use those like thing where toward a light did but didn't know if she should or You should save me from it or what do you think we're going through the filter? what is my dad trying to do like because, as a kid you're like what is mom doing you're getting hit serve mom. observe you it's like what are they doing? What's he trying to become X, Y you're, Z
Yeah I mean there's one about a pig, is called picks, can't look up and which is true about most pigs. They can actually look up so nations scuba. They can't scuba right right or for life. That's why the whole thing when pigs fly asshole, I'm came from, which I think is a real fact. So that's a children's, but right now we have down to earth prices of illustrators and that's gonna, be published as children for kicks, can't look up in its been slightly added it to be a more a kind of experience, fer a younger person, but it's actually turned up great and still has the exact thing, but that thing has been treated in retreated. Hundreds thousands talks like it's like
People argue with me about the pigs. Can't look up your full of shit, no, send me articles and I'd like to chat, but that pig can look up, but this pig cat like So it's like ridiculous conversations. Unlike dude it's a fucking, oh right, will you read us? It didn't say now I'll be with you Yes, I want to hear it. Pigs can't look up, but I could pick a pick up one night and raise it into the sky and tilt this pig ever so gently. I could make sure this pig's eyes line up with the stars. Imagine seeing the stars for the first time I want to be treat kindly and see the stars for the first time I love shocked at all. That's been passed around hundreds of thousands of times, yeah I want to hear that woman's. I murmured I gotta so sure it's a short it's so beautiful pigs can't look up, but I could pick pick up
I want to start again because I went up on a word yeah yeah yeah. I went erratic, that's it bitter charm, yeah yeah, you guys like you, I might go figure that out even Never forget that moment. Rather, though I like you, do sitting in those chairs, and I mention the word feared and you guys like yeah, yeah, daddy, I'm not as to minors, you know my reaction was more like it's. A pretty self evident. Work differently gave no relationship with the inner yeah yeah. The pigs can't look up, but I could pick pick up one night and raise it into the sky until this pig ever so gently. I could make sure this pig, eyes line up with the stars. Imagine seeing the stars for the first time. I want to be treated that kindly and see the stars for the first time
I love you, I like it just as much as a way to buy it and children also on my coffee table. What our motion did it elicit an x? I got a very specific one. I got like a magical failing. I can see it in my head illustrated like I can see a year, but I immediately think of the author and I wanna nurture the author early man makes me want to like pick you up and show yeah stars for the first time as well. The path that there have been times in our relationship where you could pick me up and tilted me ever so gently utility If ever I can say the exact same for you stay to arm chair there.
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like these writings and then photographs yeah of myself. One unspoken beautiful that came over on the sample shit that was sent to us yeah, like one of you, have a little bit of a beard going you're you're Canada, pushing your face in your hand in my first thought, was a just just this year. Monica can tell you this year I decided like I'm in The fact that I have gray hair, like I just would like oh yeah. This is a cool thing like I'm gonna we're getting rapidly and I'm getting gray hair and I'm not fighting it anymore and I M excited about it, but I was fighting for quite a while but anyways. I had this great feeling and I was looking at the beauty of your face with all those things in mind. Like look at this fucking face, you underestimate what looking at some
being with history. Does do you and that's really what it is the end its beautiful it is that it's crazy and it works for the book, because it is basically us remove caught like that pig thing was written in what twenty seconds maybe like it's austrian causes, never looking back, never re editing its, although exactly the way I came out here, and that was an interesting thing too to do, but you note, I learned that when I was performing it on stage I would perform. The intense journals once there is a lot of crazy, fuckin journals and of the best answer in the book, but there was a cadence and a kind of energy in which I performed several does one called cat in an electric chair and it's about a cat about to be frightened. The electric chair, and what he has to say before they pulled a switch and the way it's performed hazard. So when I get
it's the editors. They had to find it with my help, and so that's what punctuation is for. it's the the tempo and there is the tuna, yet where are you going to an audio book? I would like to yeah. This is a question for you that maybe I can relate to so I do these stupid drawings yeah. Ultimately, I do four Monica Monica likes there and that's bit, and it's been so encouraging yeah has to be amused. I think so in what I like about. It is every thing I have ever done and I hate using this term, but our Mystically has definitely been out loud in facing an audience and looking for where's withdrawing these pictures does not performance to its just like. I think this would look me. Imagine for you! This would sounding there's something that feels Pierre pure,
or like mine. It's for me right and I like it. I can explain it, but I was telling Monica like I actually have a wife or when I slow down from working like I'd like to dedicate three days a week where I draw I just knew Shelly good. For me, it would be good for you and I'm not but I'll read if he is well we should collaborate, yes, we should just collaborate. So is there a particular a thing your art leans towards I draw people yeah and discuss all over the place. I can draw, are unique help us and you ve got all good now, let's get married says I believe the person attachments yeah, it's very detailed. There is like out small wrinkle by a belly button that like no one, would think that their
all I can say about them is, though the farthest thing from photo realistic, but I can promise you ve never seen of drawing up a person like that's that's all I can We promised that's why I think we should combine to because my things are pretty unique themselves and we should do it. because the idea you during the illustration me doing the words could be like a phenomenal little book. I also think that the illustrations could You're really easy, leaping off point for you to think, because even one draw them. I immediately start thinking of what they thought bubble should say over these people or like what's going on in the middle there, life right now, that's gotta fond of it and I'm not a good enough drawers. I think I have it in my mind and then I execute it. I guess I'm seeing it as I draw yeah was exactly the way I write like I'm, not a good nephritis. I just write what I think and that's it yeah yeah. I love it. I've read so much of what you have written. I love it sincerely and I'm excited to own mother. Is it out ones it out? The eighteenth may eighteen mating. Where do people buy,
everywhere you buy books everywhere you buy books, yeah, Amazon and we're trying to put it lots, little bookstores, the local bookstores and the big bookstores. just everywhere and I'll, be there every time you by when handing it to you. that was passed the deal, but I thought that makes sense of logistically. It makes total. yeah. You would be illogical now to do it that way to adjust the logistically me. I mean is that, where the term being a million place, is it one time you ve met with a camera, that's exactly where it comes from bug sales. Yet I want to show you a picture mention something that reminds me of my cove. It look like this was the may after the beginning, like March April, may right. Ah you don't love this. Look at that
my mom doesn't even lovely tax. I do me yeah. We get opposed to look at that commands. You ve a serious question back of it. Yes, I'm gonna hold this way. You do like another guy, I mean it's, so where the photo in the photo. It actually looks like the cigar superimposed into my mouth for some reason it because I'm a genius photographer this work, but anyway so guides and our miss characterize you. But earlier for a period of our life, we thought everyone, how to get me and I'm gonna. Let everyone now they're gonna have their hands full, so don't try it willing to go down fighting and something about covered for me. Like at least momentarily. Oh yeah. I've been preparing for this my whole life, but this is the thing I I was going to happen like you immediately the world, somehow So there was some weird.
I don't know I lay low if it was. It was weird I felt very responsible in away, but I have to tell you what it's so funny you that you said that, because yesterday I was waiting for my goober cause, I'm like an actor and now it does. You live in New York or because you're an actor, but yet now also get when an hour late. So waiting for new industries to I think they were from another country, and I know exactly where the two guys in suits on Fifth avenue, I'm waiting for an uber and one I swear to God. This is true Ok, this is similar to the helicopter story, but this is true there talking up a curve, and I can hear the Word cove curve covered and then Guy says that the other guy, I told you so, and he goes. What do you mean? You told me, so I told you what happened? I told him, but so go. There was a big. I told you over. Everyone like like this
he's claiming that no his friend like you didn't you didn't tell me I did. I tell you, I told everybody, and I'm listening to this and I'm like I wanted to enter the conversation. Faded core makes absolutely no sense. Ok, there's no way we could have known, you didn't tell everybody, was a bill gates because he did predict that there was a bill gates. There wasn't bill. Gates was just too guys who were in New York doing business, but there very well dressed, not gameshow, well dressed, but very well dressed in a very particular That's why it was so surprising when he said I told you, so they should be seen as friends face. He said you didn't tell these because- did. I told everybody unbelievable. Well I'm the light.
then he doesn't surround himself with. Yes, man cause they're guy, like you did not yet you never get. It was like the guide turned into like sister. You know me up. I am inclined to add those little narcissistic, but I think that's another thing you and I feel very entitled to do, which is If someone's been blowhard, we become the self appointed sheriff yes, remit as help by anyone else out by letting this person know you're being a real blowhard right now. Yet I have to say that I can't talk about specifics as you can. What about me, but because I know some of them and you will not talk about as a friend, I'm telling you got it. So there are still. There is when I'm walking down the street and a memory comes back to me and I have to like shake it off. What I did you gotta get off
in four exact reason. Why you just what you spread, because, like I used to think that I needed to take care of business if there was business to be taken care and again, I'll speak for me. It's from having been forced to be around adults when I was young and couldn't do that watching every one pay the fucking price of this blow hards agenda then become an adult and going like not on my watch exactly I tell you, I told my good friends like easy, like Itunes you guys that I love you. I tell you that be safe. Take care of yourself! It's not for me to just you say how you doing you're. Ok, I mean I just didn't even the other night. I just be careful, be safe. That was the end of my text, but nobody understands exe for my friends. I guess you know me what that is. Because I remember when I was younger and I set it to a girl and she was going out-
that night. I should be safe, be careful and she thought that I meant don't fuck somebody or like like I was trying to the troll her and I'm like. I don't do that like I'm, not that I really mean she does. Why, like Why are you suddenly concerned it? Something's gonna happen and I'm thinking to myself. It's true. Why am I concerned? But it's because of the PTSD from being younger and being in so much that shit does happen, yeah yeah, sometimes I was the cause of it. Keziah that choice. oh yeah, that's the other hardest thing for me to come to terms with this. I dont think of myself as a bad human being now that you're not so, I can only assess, everyone else in the world is being about, as good as I am, and I,
you don't really fuckin horrendous things, so how much I expect of the rest of the world. I know I agree and I think a lot of times. Fortunately, we were lucky that we got through those times for many different reasons, because of what may have happened to the person that got the back end of us like that. Never went to a point where we could end up in trouble right, we're lucky there, oh yeah and also the idea of us being able to. control ourselves as as adults, so we're fortune, but I still to this day there are moments where a memory will come into my mind. I literally have to shake it off. I have to think. Ok cannot think about that. That has just come and take me down. That's the monster. That's gonna chase me down He has any you gotta look up. You look up this is unchanged. The aspect that I love you I am so happy or talk to use. I love that we get excuses right yeah. I just can't wait to be able to come to allay.
I now you're gonna stay here now. You're gonna stay here, there's more I don't think so. By. I think I will come to allay, which is a city say so there's a lot of places to stay the lot options, Let me just say one last thing that I said that about the visit, and I know it's a problem and whatever that I don't from spec, but really good idea that that we do move to Europe together. All of us in the same get a house where we are living together. He hit me with this is He said you know, I'm thinking of relocating the and I'm going to make you guys join me. I said this is a real reverse from you. Won't spend the night at our house and now we're going to commit to cloning. Some
chalet and with her who had given it makes perfect sense to me- ah makes the whole thing tracts. Yeah them well right, then there's a story. You would never tell but ourselves again afterwards there. Yes, yes, you can yeah. Then I'm gonna March this, because I like the idea he admired endeavouring into this collaboration artistically- and I have to have you there to make yes right in Also not far away, which is appointed, I said before, is Norway in Norway. There's ferries and trucks which we so concluded today on the phone most certainly have to be transported by horse and carriage. You can't yeah talking to. I can drive a carriage by the way I can drive the carriage with mules. I can drive a carriage and horses and I could get like a big fur fake fur, but a big fur coat
for a toad and like some kind of like old Amish half unlike drive these elves great who's. Your guy from Terence Poisoner, blogs, I'm hag red I gotta get up like haggard yeah I I am doing. It would definitely movie urban during an indoor. That's what I'm saying she had tried. Have you guys? I love you too good luck! Everyone go by mother. She often things stuff and thanks now my favorite part of the show the fact check with my soul maiden mama got bad men, so we're doing something really fun right now, you'll probably be held a hearing in the performance, I think so very novel, the as yet I'm on the couch and monies in the rocking chair yeah, you're rocky? Yes, so you're not see you're not practised enough at the schedule.
Audio gonna view Euralia I was really want to move around jewels very comfortable, Jerry Mobile and it's very zero gravity Henry and you got your legs tucked up under you so you look like an egg sitting on a rocking chair up. Speaking of me, looking like things that I'm not here are we weren't girls trip neurons, run a girl's trip to oh hi. If a couple days of so fine and lovely, we had a right bags, we didn't have to each host chose, thereby tat. They like takes you into town. It's like a half mile or something it's not that far earlier, for there are some hills. I got work out o about which I was grateful for, but I realise, when the thought of writing bikes was coming up of like hey. Maybe we should write bikes into town as like, ok, but I don't think we really word and then it
seemed more and more probable that we were going to be off then I really had to think about it. No, I haven't act. I haven't done that since I was twelve years old, How will I hope and of course, there's an old adage like writing a bite always do a Bible am sceptical of that yeah yeah sure you didn't write a baking oliginal. No, I guess not really truly, don't think I've been on a bank since I was twelve, oh my gosh so funny to me. I don't guess people right bikes and it's like a really integral part of my cause. It's it's how the other recycle stuff started. I just I love running bikes. I always feel ten when I write a by- and I just can't imagine not having been on one for thirty years. I, like riding banks when I did, I didn't, have any trauma. I dont think from right advice, I did learn in my garage owners,
so those are very small. Space lotta turns yeah almost impossible, by my mom brought it up. The other issue is this like laughing to herself. Thinking about me in the garage krajina arrive. My view was that, because either your parents were ready, you hit by a car or you were afraid to not be good at it in public good question, I think maybe but surely max, I think, maybe mainly the safety of just like all, just like your practice here right and I think- and I was on the older and, of course from Indian let me know how to ride a bike. That's in my head in my head, of course, that played in it's like I'm, like other kids, and I dont know how to do stuff. Other kids know how to do like right, bikes or swam rights and even though that is totally not burn. My beard, because, like as in swimming lessons, is a very young.
available. I bought you buy fried in ever express any interest in writing it. Until I did that, I lack in your garage and I was a fool by greater had a nice bags and multiple speeds but then you know whatever than I subduing, that life intervened, then I was immediately nervous. Nothing I'm without these girls and and I want to sell them down, but I don't really know if I'll be able to handle it. They were Linus Bikes, very nice by over their q basket. On the end, oh sure, it was pretty well ones, ice got on it. I was like, oh my god, I'm really out of control, but then I feel fine. Then I thought I'd send. There were just moments of huge panic like big panic moments, something on it was sticking straight out so for the first big chunk of the ride was just scraping.
lag every time. I paddled from your pic stand alone over from the sea to adjuster. Ok, it was taking straight out. Ok, you, had it all the way down proper age and then no one tightened Rebecca Yep Unama, forensic bike, I'll get you hit it off? It hurt a lot. Unifying upper and yeah yeah. Ok, any blood chafing now blood, but a big, some big, bruising, oh wow, and I don't want to stop using stopping seemed like that was gonna, be too hard ready. So I just dealt with the pain for a while Finally, as a de Amy, like lings hurting all issues like honest stop and so than she helped me, and then we get on the street. That per was really pan again and Chris and of course, goes into this much that you guys
first all go behind Monica, protect me sure, low duckling Andrews to ban that was gray. I did well until I got no overconfident well can I can, I guess something: yeah yeah did you get to town and then have a couple wines and then felt kind of losing confidence because having those Brayley, what happened? from being honest, have regarded out. We did have why there was good I needed to loosen cores overconfident ray, I think, stemming from the fact that you had a couple wines. It's like, I know how I made a year. This is regular and rain are becoming less. Knowing your optimistic. That's why people to rank makes optimistically like fuckin man. I knew I'd. Have this like riding of I ya the road and
Laura very acclaimed bike writer was in front of me, and I'm just gonna following her always ways behind and she took like this kind. She took a turn like a fast turn, but she thread the needles. Oh. There was like a barrier and she went through it was said, area and she do with such easels like I can do that, and then media LEO's. I like doing having heard an agreement, and then I went up on a hill, but I stayed on the by catch. There is no law and all the other on the arrival of the Euro area was a you're one. Of course, the decks I got was Monica forgot how to write abide with just I was hoping for video, so much can't think of anything I'd like to watch more than a couple wines D. Now the gaining. I like all the scenario which you were there
I was thinking about it. I would have word rallying aloud. I will love there and I looked. Oh my god. This is wiser and talking about this I looked the little pre school are huge bike with a big helmet on my head you look just like those little baby in the photo here died out idea. I would want to see that for sure yeah I looked all in my dreams in areas, I would have procured training. We else for you, then about the training, wheels or cause you're, my daughter, so I wish to put. training wheels, I will drive to dinner. Had let the baby have, why, then I would take the draining wheels off. Oh that's mean no, just because you would ve gotten com.
On the one I wouldn't have learned on the way there I wouldn't have real learn. I would have firm position the training wheels. So I gave you a lotta leeway, so you could experience the awkward you're supposed to be doing as they do with my other children, both very good, bye, graters, yeah, and so am I now so do you look forward to writing a binding energy? Would you rather wait again another twenty years like super enthused getting out of sight again tomorrow, but it's so far beyond its going. Well, what I? Yes, it's a time, travelling device that makes you feel like a kid again. That's why I like it is, and I did feel like a kid and I did feel like I was getting a good work out. Two souls like this is great, but then, as soon as I got back into so after the hill, tiny. Now, then I got bygone era, everything's fine, I'm doing great again, I'm confident again yeah you both resumed, but then I almost hit this couple coming and you're got Hannah you by your target, fixation you
we saw them anything don't hit together and then you have staring at them in any way. You stare you go to. Well, I wasn't even staring at the mouth we need them, don't it and then I panicked, didn't count it jumped off and was like and those answers. Arms was a new at this just a baby. You don't even know. Why am I read them still Maybe my daddy gave my daddy. Let's we drink wine on vacation was come on. We're gonna tell you that it's a thing called target vexation and in off road racing. It's a big big thing, also come on in turn in there's a fucking bolder in the way in as much as you need to not have apple that you have to force your eyes away from the thing Europe tariffs or you will drive into as this is that's intercept phenomena phenomenon. Not phenomena are, you could say, either its regional glove we'll so that public,
what happened both times, because maybe the barrier thing you'll be? I was like. Oh my god, I can't hit that in the near the forgers off to look beyond in the middle of it. By the way this, even though, like, when I drive on big brown, big grandson fucking enormous right and I'm tempted to look in my rearview mirror my side meares to see that I'm in the lane, like that, I'm not crossing either lane, and if I do that I'll just cross back and forth back on what. But if I just stare a head in for us that I'm in the middle, the lane, I'm in the middle way entrance stay off, that's good now. I wish I had heard it before, but I this curious because it gonna write banks with you This is the golden we're not gonna, be in the same retirement community, because I plan on writing bike everywhere, my retirement community. Why, too, like that if a board disappoint me ill raw Urien, extreme errors. Why? I'm too can be self conscious,
around. You know you're getting a great I'm great, your friend at it I didn't even outlined today and I am overconfident again great trip. So fantastic trip. Do you know what I'm sad not sad to have met, but it's a big thing: I'm about to have met all the friends reunion. Premier last I do it s an I. Obviously I didn't watcher. I chose my real friends over my actual France. Oh my god, you realize friends over your best for ya. I feel, like that's really good sign, for you. I'd say excited about you tonight I had dinner with curly and then at the end So I think I will even tonight the eggs? You don't want to do it at eleven thirty at now, you're gonna be one event eyes. If you want to have some wine and let him food wine to be by myself.
do over the first viewing air needed to be by myself for the finale, and I need to be by myself for this to occur. The heavy read any reactions. Now I've been away, and so he went to they think about what you did well, how I was writing by well. Christian was our town on this thing and I m o my son air was here in town, and we went with my dad Tom Hansen on the motorcycle, write it about three generations and remember that you know it's sad. That fact: checks now later it will do well. That's how I believed out are a special gassed because it was on right, yeah yeah. Interesting, okay. So yes, so if we talk about it because it was looming, it was gonna be the next day I was gonna go where Tom he answered my father. My thumb picked father, whatever my
My chosen father in the absence of my real father, I was nervous. Custom already doesn't like that. I call my father cause we're just brows he thinks of as brows and we are brows but he doesn't want to be reminded that he's ought not to be made at risk, but I need him to be my dear cousin or have an even probably harder to explain to him is that IRAN is my son and then again even the hardest. Is that Aaron's, his grandson yeah? Did you town we? and he loved it. Ok, so this is a three generation ride. This almost never happened three generations session on a motorcycle right. We had the most special wonder motorcycle right. It was a long one. It was like six hours because we get to the top angels grass hours bullets into this. Oh, my god, this is I'm not as vessels your bike right, but while still it anyway so two weeks ago, Tom Hansen, who again he said
We want he's out on his own on his more cycle. He decides fuck. It I'm gone up this dirt trail. He goes five miles up a dirt trail. He had me replacement three months ago now Gunnar some sandy stuff. Oh no motorcycle fell over. You know this whole story known you, don't is motorcycle, fell over can't pick it up. It's like the wheels are pointing uphill, he's fact, he's five miles up the Gaza Strip away and he says specifically do not send a record send a pickup truck. I didn't need someone to lift the bike up with me and then I can drive it. Right it out and they all k a man. An hour goes by and he calls again other there. He looks down the mountain and there is a big record which can't come up the trail and he's You know I'm seventy one. I have no water like they're like while onawandah sound disparaging it replaces Unos anyways point is getting seegars, are good, Frank Evans eager to drive up
to drive up the trail topics. Monitoring on what is a big disaster. He was super upset that happened two weeks ago. The other day. When we went on the ride, we get to the top Angeles Crest, the roads close to either of the go a hundred miles back the way we just came or time or there is remember that trail we took the God we took a ten mile trailed on the side of a mountain, and he crushed it was great, am grants under great everyone a great, but I was like the they were now on. Another rock filled trail down the side of a mountain, but it all worked out. There was great, the weather was perfect, no incidents, we swap motors those everyone, road everything it was a birthday. This was gonna, say Aaron, who spent two decades on a more recycling his whole life in his TWAIN's, was he wrote, Holly's with motorcycles
thanks. He went barter Barbara all time, thousands tens of thousands hours on horses. He said this is by far the best more cycle. Right of my whole life. It's the first time I've ever been on a motorcycle, not preoccupied. I'd with Whenas where's the bar welcoming. How do I pull over and do a bump he's like? I was present for the whole ride like, and I was like I was is a wonderful reminder of that. That's what addiction is its preoccupation all. Time, no matter what you're doing all the time, all the time in the gift of sobriety can be being present on a more single right and it was we were like twelve years old was. I love that we haven't. I thought I was twelve years every last twelve years Thus, we are in our gas that were reviewing right. Now is twelve years of employing these reviews now and so a fact ex, where we say whether we we give them a ranking
No, I'm not save. We hated love or put a big board up at the end of the year around prices. That seems nice. Ok, I think a good thing, she's putting out here. It's really good a rank. People. Ok then sent Vincent in Africa. Third timer, three people, one of the lives of my life, and I just a doorway. He does. You know how to write a motorcycle yea road, one in chips, that was in my head and, like my picture him, automotive, german boy, Cornelia, having set by the way where we were writing was where we shot. The black hourly- writing binging Pringles. Ok, who was the editor of Laurent of Arabia? If you say the Shepherd Shit,
what, if I told you a fact about yourself, why is true issue that could easily happen? Ok, there's a new call, my ok, an coats and coats and heavy coats that sounds familiar. She is no longer with us. Mr sad lords of Arabia was quite awhile ago. Nineteen, twenty five to two thousand eighteen august- telling you. How would you say, nineteen twenty five a half hour? Ninety three, why? Oh that's a great life? Ok, I love all be dancing in the streets. If I lived in only three by your be biking, a gallery by him in the streets on my way to shuffle board and out, I too will be under began. Taken by the White Man's. Do the trick begins, I'm gonna be doing some wine. oh yeah, here you don't like it just came up in them. Yesterday is a meeting I attended, which is its overwhelming into much for people to get sober for the rest of their life. That's why the one day at a time
something new employees. We Bobby like what am I want my Sunday twenty one out about wanting a merry, both in your like we'll just today. Can you not drink now right and, I always say like I would ever even try to get sober if drinking in my retirement community wasn't part of.
future. I can't live on a planet where I'm not gonna be turned round. A golf cart haven't jack and I have all. But today I am not going to hang. Ok, muskrat, ok, who's. The editor who died of heat stroke and you said Sally Monkey- pretending, oh yes, yeah yeah, believed to diet of heat stroke. So sad and running can unite. Hollywood hills is, but it says so yeah heavily. Truly, she was only fifty set. You that's rough, that's rougher for a fourth and then Fred, Rask Innis was her assistant and he has taken over for all of charity knows movies and he was an error hit and run, and I adore him he's a wonderful China. Ok, what's the anagram of slim, bonehead volt, the album title
sent made. He said, we'd have to figure out the anagrams. I put it into a thing banana growing machine yeah. The back computer was on the goofy, eighties or seventies. Tv show that had at last on a data bank computer, and it did things. It's all right, so you go like Robin. I think it's an interim, what's put it in computer. The penguin is at forty three hundred Digsby oh, what's gonna lambs are a good way. Clues code code, clues o boost glues, tending ok, slim bonehead vault. the anagram that uses all the letters is end filling Elmo's.
Does that mean anything that events now? I don't think there is anything anybody, even the scientists who created the work it does. It says it's it's a pebble ology. Of course it is generic term for a group of NEO, plasmoids particular benign tumors, derived from the end of feeling, activity of blood vessels or lymphatic channels and a failure as may be benign or malignant. Do you think he had one? I know I don't think so
right. Ok, that's you dig it. They try to make it into one word, but I'm thinking this might be multiple. So I think if you didn't eat grouping you my crack, the Cook Robin put in each were ok I'll. Do that this is a pretty good Adam. Was I'm gonna play a clip for you? Will you look for this all find one? You recently saw any war surplus submarines and assorted he's young and all these clear, blue argument in favour of international relations.
It sounded like him, but not as much as I thought. I guess. That's. Ok! Ok, swam swam way. That's the real original word yeah who and mills is the only were limbs. Mills films made. It doesn't make sense, males and then slime that's the other one. More update this really Mills Erin, I so there's a jury red song then get it. We found, I hope, you're laughing. Unless this end of healing Almah I'm not taking off the table, I am and that's all there was all the facts.
And can you believe that in twenty years we never thought to say you're gonna know Siam, surprise isn't that Shockey. So we had a couple hours of singing. Here comes ain't! Ok, I'm glad you no doubt for a year. oh review! You mean I gave him ten out of ten Sars. That's my review! One more update! This really shocked, Erin. I so there's a jury red song, AMOS Moses, AMOS Moses was Tracker hunted alligator for living just hit him on the head with a stop Andrew Louisiana, energy gonna to get answers. It's the goofy a song but the beginning goes. coms MOSS Can you believe that in twenty years we never thought to say here comes a nurse. I am that shark yeah, so we a couple hours of singing here comes ain't. Ok, I'm glad you no doubt for a year and they seem to have lost my voice to the arrow daddy
This took a turn at the plane, was on the ground, taxing and I jerked the yoke up and now we're like a foot off the ground, and I blew it so Vincent's head out of hand, but that the fact check his neck has this bad landing? No problem you stupid, always, I love you. I love you
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