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Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Daredevil, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is an American actor, producer and one of Dax’s acting heroes. Vincent sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his struggle during childhood, the series of events that led to Full Metal Jacket and his aversion to sports metaphors. Dax refuses to accept he wasn’t cast in Vincent’s movie and Vincent is disturbed by the dog print in the attic. They talk about their mutual reluctance to owe others in any capacity, Dax implores Vincent to move into his house and Monica loves magicians. 

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Hello. Everybody welcomed armchair expert. I'm Dac Shepherd, I'm here with my good Monica p admin, pay Admin sitting next to her, just for no real realise that it is. Is it your drew's join us writhes, dikes and well, and I can't really say why you're here cause. I want this a guess that was forthcoming to be a surprise but you're to surprise. I came by to shake this guessing. Yes, I guess that's coming today is so important, but he was that's now. What does no more here to tighten our partners, the person we are now this episode we are going to talk to may be the world's most cuddly Teddy Bear a film icon and actors actor sweet Father, a sweet husband ingested generally beautiful human being
Vincent and offer you, as some of you will recall, he's on my wife's top five hall Pass Ass, the top three. Maybe I think she might even be number one for all being honest, em back, and I think you'll understand why, when you here and talk, he just got this enormous heart to matches enormous stature levy did you feel, is rhythm Did you lock eyes with them at any point, not here in the interview but went back to the house afterwards of, did you when you connect with his eyes and feel that magic sparkle little bare yeah? He also revealed something revealed something during the interview that skyrocketed him Tom the miles to find that out in the fact check cigarette? So please sit back and enjoy Legend Vincent and offer you
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he's supposed to look at the dog fish. It looks a little like some kind of site that trick the premise of broadcasters you're. Having a conversation with that dog, I can wear a black cape over my face of that would help out. Look. I know that I let me just just hang on a second back up. I'll get like. I know that I am not. The first went to ever say this, because that would be stupid because you better have a lot of talented and hopefully intelligent people here and there, but the dogs is weird to be right above you like that. Is anybody ever mentioned it before it lay one other person design, as on I've had arrived at
She she got a little distracted by the dog. Well, it's honest, very intelligent woman, aha and this is looking dog over you're right. Try never even notice it. I don't know, that's an alarming! That's the problem! I know it's says I never noticed it so glad you came down a point this out. You know what it says to me, though, is that we have a similar I because you're drawn to the dog- and I pick that dog out, as you might guess, no knock on the door and said free, pitcher delivery. Hope you, like, I actually was online- saw this just won a great deal of oil, a fake
bill painting of a great danger that they will also interesting. They have all the things in this room that you pick the dog. We have some expose wiring, no door on the bathroom, there's a lot happening in here and Europe, nor I heard about a no door in the bathroom road for that Zella. That's what I think that the thing the reason why the dog things so interesting, Because it shows how stupid or you are our dialogue and at its trump cards you you thought about it at all. To the brain deficiency in this room is like extreme known on another committee. That dog is so soothing to me. and I am at your backing to it right. Believe me. I wish I were in your see staring at the thought tat. This is a gift I give to the gas. I want it right behind your head.
But only I'm gonna around crazy. It's gonna drive me crazy, really, gonna! Make me saying, like I'm, gonna kill myself, you want me to pull down, but but if it were behind your head, I'd have a hard time staying connected with you, Grimes so drawn to the photo sad. I you are a good. I think you used a really round about waited gimme, a compliment that you like that engine is that where we landed. Finally, after all that oppress, Scruciating laboriously events of an actual painting is very affordable. If that's what you're getting at yeah, I think I'm twenty twenty five bucks all in on that with the frame, nay Magna, guys who were at the printing house my coming. Every time I think we should make Emily runs I'd like to go to living like five hundred not- and I think I do not want we'll- get him
one first, that one breaks we have an extra one for when did eventually breaks or actually to be honest with you, I want mine have any more than one room, and I know that the convention method is that every room you Ogden due in the house that micro because a dog normally it would follow, you need room, and since this ones, obviously not going to do that- maybe I just have him everywhere. we have a zebra painting. That my mom. gave one of my sons. Its with such an odd present because it was about. three times the size, and it was basically it could have been. The same artist was like a jungle, but now in forefront. Most the frame was filled by you know at the pros, I'll have a full zebra. Ok, I understand that you know like there doesn't even have the same Awesome expression is the danger it had like,
simple like it was stuffed in like those that act as it is actually dinner media, and then they had any citizen brought in its like. We never knew. What do they do? You think that it was. She thought I let them fill in the blank like this will be a great picture to have considered make their imagination go ahead, like that it can pretend either the zebra has been captured. or just had a birthday it's early up to them to fill in the blanks she'd in Red She didn't realize that it evokes no thought of a right right. Boy, you're, either way allowed now say yander if it were, if it truly evoked no thought, I would hang in again above my bed so that at night, when my mind's racing, I could check in with that Dumdum zebra injustice. It be a blank slate then I can. Maybe drift off to sleep this is the longest delayed for me to say. Welcome to the armchair expert, Vincent De La Frio, close friend of mine. Will you go that far
U S wife and kind, and I never know what I'm likely more than you like me, but now stop ass, not trail. I don't even know how much you like him, but I know it's not true. I talk often about how much I love you, but I never know what I'm gonna get with you. You could be playing coy you're, a genius at keeping me at arm's length. So I want more like you really know, and if you read that book the game Peaches met about a trick, women and a liking number. I feel like you're employee on those techniques me nagging, as you please give me just enough in just one I think I'll. Even he doesn't like me, then your blast me with a really nice. The training that the absolute truth is is that I adore you and I hope now that there is nothing about you. I actually I've been thinking about it. I've thought about it at times and there is actually nothing I hate about you, oh, but. What I rely on. Is you knowing that I love you and that's the anything that I care about when it comes when it's
between you and I, like I, don't care about You think about me really. Ok, all I care is that you know that I love you and, and and I think that that keeps us friends I agree with that assessment, but but I shall add their Arza swag I know he loves me so like it's fine everything's, all right it in, and I have to have to remind myself that, because I'll I'll come up with these arbitrary tasks, I'd like to try to test your love. For me, it is one that we bear out in public. Is that I really wish you would move in with us. At least when you're, in LOS Angeles, you know we have an extra room, we have a kitchen, it's a nice sat up, and you have said and on no certain terms under what is the expression in uncertain certain terms. No under no uncertain terms, you will never spend the night at our house right, even if the Los Angeles is on fire
that's the only reason I wouldn't decided to put the fire out unless they write. So you just that's not an option. Although weirdly you have offered that I can state your house in your that when I'd like, we would like that when the difference between those two things, because because I am some weird. I know I don't know guys places. I really have you just be sitting in the bedroom of ours, rocking back and forth from the bed thinking. How did I get visit? Your picture like I when you vanish arbitrarily encounter when I wouldn't I don't blame you either have terms I would ask you guys should be roommates me has Monica will also not silly but our house in its summit. Sometimes it's ridiculous, like she's leaving ourselves at one end and then she's gonna come back at seventeen. She still want sleep there. Yet
I mean I'm trying to think of what the real reason is. I just kind of like naturally, over the years, have realised that my my first reaction to something is usually right and I just stick with it when I've put any rational thought behind it up, I think so having so. now, I'm thinking about it- and I thought about a lot because bring it up constantly yeah. So, They really mean a lot to me if you move it up, but I want to rephrase not moving stay for a night. That's almost scarier, I think, sounds a while ago, one I can offer somebody male offering So have I think that you know what you know, how you know how I would do it. This is how I would do it. I think that s if cramming Kristen became like really good friends- and you know it all friendship, you know was stay. The sandwiches
you're really going for a healthy, whether you I like you more than you like me to write, but in the end that we co bought a place where both family- I would leave with you guys. Ok now, let me see ogres you and I have some of which we have so many similar character, defects, call them they're, not great right. So you and I met on this movie the judge, and let me just give a brief history of that. I got seated next you at the table, red I'd, never met yield. My internal monologue with this is exactly what I was saying. he's an amazing actor, your terrible actor he's wondering how what who made a clerical air. Why is this kid in this movie and for about twenty five minutes? I was telling myself how much I didn't deserve to be at that table red and you in particular where the war had a real issue with it, because you are probably bus actor there and of course, my back, acting was triggering you Bob and then First word, you said to me where
hey. I saw your movie hit and run at a hotel in Romania and I loved it, and I had to go completely back to the drawing board spin. My head. I was not expecting that and then so that of course, really endured me to you and then- and I already was a gigantic fan, but then what really? I think cement cemented, that the bond was that we would be on set and we are both triggered by all the same things. So I don't love when people get in my personal space for a myriad of reasons, but call Captain I movies their adjusting your microphone, that's under your shirt and a third person suggesting your collar and then someone else's fixing up the make up on the back your neck and before you what five or six people are basically swarming? You and no one asked if they could do that again. I know complaining about a very high quality problems. Suffice to say sometimes it gets me little agitated and the only thing they gave me a lot of, comfort was- I would look at you under those in the same situation- get see that you
her blood was also boiling and that you are doing every new could to be kind as well, and I just took such pleasure in it that I almost looked forward to win. They would adjust your our eyes collar for the eighth time before you heard action and I think we had a little bond about that and when we do it is fair to say this very thing and then also now, tribute this, to having a lot of stepped adds that would show up, and you had one step that he showed up in. So I have a really bad authority complex. I just I hate when strangers telling me what to do it's terrible its character defect. I wish I wasn't this way I wifi is a lot easier. Without this hang up, but you seem to have. It is well yes it now you just hit on another thing, which is: if you only half the house, you could be comfortable. There I can relate to back is what I think of it. I don't want to only one shit right, don't wanna all anyone of the thing, and I want someone calling in a favor to me or yachting and it has nothing to do with reality. Zachary just exactly. I have nothing to add
right. So if you have, you did sleep at my house, you be like one of these days. He's gonna remind me that I am yet or how yet or just he'll, be able to say how nice I was relating you stay and have valid expect you to say that's how blacks and remember that time, I let you stay over and they re like an arrow and illicit justice. Scholar he takes forever. So I'm gonna jump right at this thing, because when so, you have a very soon you train in a very specific type of acting, and I think it is become bigger in
the public, then maybe it really is right. There's this term method acting and people. Think of it as or at least I did like Kennedy Louis's. Yes, some guy who's, pretending it set the seventeen hundreds yet somehow is on a movie set, which I've never really been able to make peace with my hat right, and so I think, that's r, r, r r Ike are Layman's idea of what method acting, as is that you never break character, yeah which nonsense. That's not that's right, yeah. No I mean what what they were dead. Day does is not nonsense. He d he's if in obviously caravan, Motherfucker Yankees the who's, the ship and andor, but this thing, that's what he does. You know tat. I am he you now. I can't imagine that he, you know when he's looking in the refrigerator. For something that is like a great method act like I'm sure he doesn't com self, a method actor by any me right. He just does is Daniel Day thing and it works ram and its awesome. The works very well yes, but it has
Can you do with method acting like a seer has nothing to do with an It's funny is that these days, so they ve taken. this kind of Daniel. they image these, these other guys mention names and they they ve said. Ok, I'm gonna be a method: actor like dignity. Louis I'm gonna do damage they Louis thing, which is, but that's what they really become the character and like. Never, again, you know yeah, and I hate to force you to defend the whole thing to me, but when, The annual day is Abraham Lincoln, and then he gets a phone call on a cell phone in the answers it as a rail links. Would you think the mental gymnastics use both Abraham Lincoln. He lives period with technology like a cell phone. I don't know all I know all I know is, I would love to be their me.
It's you. I would love to be there and I would love to sit like offer him like Mcdonald's reserves. You know I mean like right, I'm all right and I'm sure he'll be ok with it. I mean maybe he'd be annoyed. People who don't get annoyed with me very much though, but my think that this is what I'd like to do. You think I'd like to become friends with him? and develop a trap, So here is where your homes, so he knows that you know like, Decent do yeah yeah and in there I would like to do something like that to him. Like a man. Are you like my sneakers? You know like you can, if he's Abraham Lincoln, you can do a lot absolute like to use energy. Did you did you watch your house? aren't you like you, you can do anything like he won't know any wrath to answer you yeah
I will organise a low is mine, like you know, there's a black president. These, like one, I just a man, separated them. I know look really far yeah who drives work too. I had to get here. Yeah do, did you? Would you do and he has a wife, so his wife could clearly calls them as icon pipe broke in the basement and he's like. I don't think that their they fixes the pipes. The basement, I have a fee, as has the rather where Bingley Robbie ACID live as like a plumber. like a year before he could already would fix. It goes a long way around. Well, I did hear- and again I don't know how much of this is mythology at this point or not again, let me just stay. I think he's amazing. There's no question! I could never do what he does, but I did hear that he went and lived in the woods for a few months before last Mohicans and Light North Carolina, which is awesome. I totally applaud that again. I don't know how you would sell it to my wife. Like imagine you telling current hey guys. The to job in September, but I'm leaving a may yeah, I'm gonna live off
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as all the facts are not that not all checks are man that order, though Brooklyn Florida, ok, divorce, yes, Hawaii. Ok, Hawaii Florida ok, every summer Brooklyn with my grandfather, every summer. Aha, like my whole life yeah, I mean I've stopped now, but well, and what did we were still leaving your family leave? We go, we would Pappy, he be so old, deepen its hundreds, you'd still be values and that explains the locals. You definitely have this little bit of a New York City, YAP Sting to you and when the great yeah I always have Emmy most, my relatives are new Yorkers, italian, yet sicilian, yeah, but but
Bob, though, of your childhood in Florida, is at dry for like junior high high school, we yeah the hard years me yes deviant, I see it as a kid. You were shy. Yes, just probably chemically biologically by design a mess, that's who you are right: yeah, I only fall out of a skyscraper or get attacked by a gunman or anything right you're. Just now Your job, in Europe, huge to write me, I've been the size and your seven or somebody I was born and two halves, the engine eighty pounds so is it. Is it suffice to say that the junior high in high school years warrant a blast they weren't join there. They were. They were nothing
I remember very little of it because I was in such a bad way yeah. So I remember. I remember little things but not like there was no there's, no like history that I like, not this long. You know, winding lavish story of those days later I was like flashes and if you were the same exact kid in two thousand and eighteen, what would they be doing with you you probably would have gotten it yeah. I I'd luckily had Dyslexia in an era where they knew what the fuck that was right in no- and I was yeah. That's what I'm saying like now. I think the You barely one have been left to just hang in your room. It is right that this right no, I would probably been healthier. I would have probably been treated better and healthier and probably wouldn't of lived on the streets,
action, probably meant taken care better. I would imagine yeah yeah yours and was what you are. You angry was at the most common emotion. You have now Most common emotion I had was was fear. of the future. Like. Where does this leave? If this is what it's like now where's ago, right in alike,. you weren't optimistic about anything right. but I think they say is like the the definitive characteristic of people depression. Is that generally people, when they think of the future, its filled optimism, even if their delusional, the like girl, probably have a great job and terriers or whatever they think people depression generally like there more than real is hopefully be different. Six years or wherever the thing is, they ve got yeah, but it's a very hard way to be. I would imagine, is hard to be motivated. If you think everything's gonna be turnout, shitty yeah,
I mean I didn't. I never felt like giving up, though it's a kind of felt like I just slip, I think I need to sneak around until time passes like to see what happens ya like try to avoid as much as I can to see what out of jail time is on my side. yeah? Maybe time will be on side but but knowing a lot about you what's funny is that you did criminal intent for years right and so now you have. This really neat bond with cops like I've been around you a dozen times were cops. Love talking to you in euros is incredibly gracious with them and you spend a lot of time talking to them in. I do I'm on the outside my little ironic right, because you as a kid you are probably not in that they work. making your handwriting fat the back so is that a bizarre transition for you.
and be my relationship well thing is more specific than what you say: ok right so. Like I could easily say you know, you're you're right and that's how I know you comfortable that none of you, the truth is that the way that I think of law enforcement is, I I think families are not think of them. Really, I think, of their families, and of that, spend my more involvement with them is that is, we're fallen officers talkin to their families and yeah, and so cops know that about you. They naturally are nice to you yet because you're, you don't have to do it in you. Do it in its two them. It's like a big deal because nobody does yeah. So, oh by the way, everything I'm saying is sincere. I think it's really beautiful. Now I know yachts are laid open, a nice to you, and I get like so many things with you are I'm innocent unite. Is we?
although it was so hard. First, let the light in and then every every inch we let in more and more we go like a well. Maybe all these people would like this. If we would let them like us, I guess that's what I'm saying it is: isn't it wild that you could do something career why's? That would put you in a position where you'd actually have to kind of. open up and be friendly NGO. Like oh, what a nice way, this academic I'm alive, I'm right than would have been nice yeah, yeah yeah. I think that if I if I were to have the the wearer, thought you just do. What I thought was the right thing to do. I think I would have been, I think I would have more friends and I think, but I just I didn't I That's fear me of being question. You know I was also bullied alot cause of my weight when I was a kid and and I wasn't the the brightest Bob on the block in them And they went away, though you're crazy, smart.
In a way of like academics and stuff, like that, I was far behind everybody else in Omaha. You know back, then they just used to push you through school. You don't even have to make good grades like you can have two I don't think I got grades like I can smell, like I just remember saying: oh ok, you're in the next great now I'm like. Ok, let's go to the mix of us. Remember ever going boy. I hope I didn't get a d or beer you know would have yeah. I don't. I don't remember my report cards. I remember anything right. I just remember saying now: you're in fifth grates, anomalous, gay and and then eventually to fill it. You off your browser, the gap that the plan, the podium in you graduate yeah. They gave me this, like Blue, rather than a weird hat. I, like your number seven hundred million, were that. Why did you go to school? The drilling kids like two thousand? Oh, my gosh yeah, oh boy,. stood a cop thing. I just want to say that so there is a special,
the thing that when I think of because there are some cops that really annoy me in there, Other ones that that don't and and they're all shapes and sizes, men, women and yet all over the world. We are all different colours and religions and everything in and in their eyes met. You know a hell of a lot of them in I think of them ass people- I don't you know more than I do lawn worse or so. I think big. because my step dad was firefighter awe and he had caught friends and stuff like that, and I remember couple suicides when I was a kid MIKE. I remember one guy he one captain, he you'll kill them so his gries, the usual away with exhaust kept car run it and put it poses to the window, and and I remember- he was like a friend of the family is like and I'm like- Jesus FUCK, you know, and so
I've always thought it was like real people can commit suicide of Jago through. I may have a high rate of all. That's the guy. I don't know anymore, but it you know, so I think of them ass, like real people. So when are you- to get into trouble. When I was a kid I I got out of it. I I never ended up in prison. I never underpin jail because I you know you're, not people knew your yeah, yeah that I was and he was a really smart. He was a really smart guy in a tough cookie, and here he eventually but I stopped all my shenanigans in you you. I can't remember, I feel about a move. You like it yeah yeah. He was a good influence. All yelling at me he's the only father figure that I have here and you embraced it at some point: yeah yeah, that's great yeah So you barely you, don't even know how you get through high school, but yeah. We don't know it's still mystery and I'd like to find that
by the way, just to see what it says they probably doesn't even know. My name is as slang nummies at present a number seven hundred and thirty four grand repetitive vague. Kinder. Remember this guy, but you end up in New York to move there really quick or know about zeal that Colorado so yeah. So My friend Elio Medina and I cuban kid. We didn't know what to do in our lives and sir we work we we start cabling for a phone company to cable, cable buildings. Phones, ok like running wire. Three I like through everything and through the ceilings down and then putting the red and the grave and a hundred thousand but we made a ton of money J, because we work like overtime and we made a ton of mines is like right after high school and we bought a toy Yoda Corolla,
and we drove cross country till I We had this idea of going to like stance in beach in San Francisco or something because we heard it was really cool there. Yeah and whenever we never really what we actually did make it but it was mad because he thought I was gonna, be here and rarely is here s my bag learn anything happens, gonna, get experiences and and and my dad, my my real father was in Colorado at TAT time in that telling that objects. We finally got two years. I've been country like dirt. In another power he asked I spent Colorado attracted her teeth. Community college
a method as it arise in Asia, and then I just told my dad my dad was involved with community theater and stuff like that needs to do his place. Our time stuff I told him that that You know that I would I was. I was doing magic. I cut into magic. Yeah. I just read that about you this morning and it was that came as a little bit of a shock to me. Yeah yeah, cause magic is not very sexy. I disagree. Magic Monica does have a real thing for magician idea. Non ironically, go to them at the castle. I will I'm too, is afraid too, should be to horny there. I want I haven't gotten yet, but I really want tat. Can you wholesome strings? He acknowledged round? Why don t they all they don't know me their dinner recognizer magician skills, but can I tell you wait doesn't surprise, because when you spend a lot of time in your room, you either learned to play guitar really well. Are you heard magic? One of those two things is probably going to happen.
Your case, it was Madge, is really gotten. I was, I got very good, and am I they make a lot of money. I also my mom was a waitress at the ranch house, which is like a Danny's like predominance and then eventually she waited many. She graduated upgraded Demi Centre, And she supported us, the girls in me and now and dumb there was oh all these cops. In fact, that's how she met George, my step that they would go to, I was asked to eat you now, so she became so. I knew all these cops and stuff and in other wasn't a lot to do in highly of Florida. Yeah but my mom eventually got her dream. Kidney shaped swimming pool in the back yard, which raw which was very small swimming for what it was kidney shake the act, the smallest kid me and requires a rat kidney eyes. Arena bunny, rabbit kidney as yet no end, and so I am, I was
beating so much when I was younger I'm either. I eventually read these books of these old magicians like Blackstone, that the original black in Houdini and Hoddan, and all these guys and I realise how to escape from a mail bag. This is true story, so. I had a sale company, somebody at my somebody that I stepped out. Who is the firefighters, knew at work that sail company and I made them make meals, mail bag You needed a big one, knew that big mailbag and and I was able to get cops over and handcuff me and put a check through an locket and push me into the little
kidney shootings in ice gave all eyes. We lie on earth. Would they go along with this, because I promise them that I could get out of their own? That would be enough for me to show him tat age or in a mail bag and recital we demand they thought like hey. We got all the right, geyser biscuits sideways. We got everyone here. Well, it was an interesting trick because the there's a lot you put extra holes in the mail bag in the bottom so that it filled with water, because if you don't and when you go in water, it presses against you were right and then you suddenly die so much.
You have to wait for the bag to fill up. That's the scariest part, but by the time your pushed in the pool your already out of the cops and everything ok, so you have to wait for the bag to fill up to your standing there holding the chain in the bag is going up and then you just there's a trick and you just push yourself out back. The bag is like you totally have chosen to fight had. So when I did, that starts gazites right. I've got a lot of press and, oh dear, oh yeah and ice in, I started working steady as a magician come on. I swear to God. going into pools and what not only did that I didn't do that at this shows. Ok, That was just too began break. I make an exact the launcher brandy and then the Yom there is, I think, to call the magic ring or something like that there's this is, go organizations all over the country in the world where these there, like magicians clubs, yeah.
I think in the Lord. They were particularly big by the way. I know a few other people from Florida who are also in the magic so they invited me as the youngest member to be able to be part of the magic ring I gotta a sponge bomb move put in a book. Did I invented, and everything really asked stay too from wars arm, chair experts there hello gang, if you haven't heard, were switching to cash app the cash, is the number one ranked up in finance and lets you do the most with your money. What do you want to you, people back, buy and sell Bitcoin instantly deposit your paycheck right into the app or receive a free custom cash card to spend your cash anywhere you like, and now the cash card is more powerful than ever with the cash apps latest feature asked the girl cards boost programme. Let you get instant discounts everytime. You swipe your card right. Now you get dollar off every purchase, you make it coffee shops across the country when you pay with your cash card and it doesn't stop. There
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You re all that is: ok, oh it didn't live up to your high stand out. Monica Taiwan is that, like bad magic and like not even inch, is anyone good, it's just expensive. it is up to the cost of all right, you're, you're more than usual ragists when you're, what it costs a lot of my yeah, but that the good stuff is the stuff it's like round. Your nosey get does like. It costs nothing except for some leading like paragraph in practice will, I hope, overdrawn glad you ve been pacing yourself as your saving tricks for me as we grow older, but I do hope that you will do some magic for me at some point. There yeah that merely when you spend the night probably will never happen. Never what about the magic, though you do a little magic, but I got over the girls. Would you do some for the girls? I have done one for the girls already without you as I did last time. I was here in your kitchen. I made a coin disappear for the little.
Ah, you know what I think they'd really love is watching. You for hunters have shaken around you. I thought of doing that again and I dont think that I would survive it now. I don't want my age now. I think I would panic. I mean the waiting. I still think about that. Sometimes about the waiting for bag to fill up. Oh yes, it's terrible So what are you doing? Magic in Colorado? I did I was gonna say it's funny. You should ask that, because I was gonna say when my dad was doing community theatre. There was this one show where I open the show with a magic at home, and I realized at that point. It was my first time today to ever done. An actual stage show like I'd the magic at parties and get together, and I am at the conventions and stuff but matches where people around
yeah yeah, but this was the actual in. I had absolutely no stage fright like none, I really like zero and I recognize it right away because everybody else around me was shooting the pants like they were doing some stupid like. Melodrama yeah, you know dirty the cross roads or something a play like that arise, I'm stupid and analyse it no at our area. and ass soon ass. It was I ask of you and in that they were ass, You haven't smoke smoke and before they went asked, and I realise that some that I had Cyril and I still don't have any. I still don't have statesmen are now. I need our warm and sayings idea at all. Never then enter yeah. I think it's a mental deficiency you do. I do think that I am.
But it's kind of flip because you were saying you were gonna having anxiety and just real about life. Vs normal life is like a little insurmountable and then this thing that normally is super high stakes, yeah terrifying to people you're like calls a cucumber. That's why I think there's I think there is some wrong wiring yet be the case. Well, it's. Like when I have something in common with somebody which I think I have some stuff in common yeah yeah is I can see it in them and one of the things that I think up is. Can I wish that there were some way? I could let acts. Now like, I wished it could whispers something in your ear and he would never have that fear again but I dont possess durability. Sancho your hopes were her, but I'm just saying that, like It's a liberating because some of the most talented people, like yourself that I know have this kind of have, but a big happened normal you know, state or not.
states, rises, butterflies, sure and you know, I just I don't, I don't know how to the only way that I can, when I teach acting there is Things that you can do to avoid there's ways of thinking about how the approach any day. scenario, any different scene or any different character that you're about to play when the directive is action or to what How you get it come out of your trailer walk across Pat your brother on the back joke around with them, and then, when they act. When the when the directive says action to just seamlessly jump into your performance rather than a mad acting and then I'm acting right, there's a system of how to do that. I just give you a of my own self evaluation. The so something's, I'm totally not zero fear of doing wreck. You in particular, will trigger my fears. because you are so good and the only time I have felt very
of conscious acting like the last seven years. Probably it was in this the jail scene when you- and I are your beating up on the kid and El Camino Christmas and I kept getting taken out of it because I was watching you do the kind of performance I've watched. You do. My whole life random, like oh, that's while them very close to it. Now, like I didn't get that feeling we're doing the judges we didn't have any scenes are vibrant, heavy lifting for you whatever, but this was a particularly kind of heavy lifting seen for you and you were doing the thing that I've kind I ve been in awe of over the years, and I start thinking: oh wow, he just click into a gear, and I didn't feel myself. Could you think you're? So my pretty stark the difference between the two of us right now for lying frame Ultimately it wasn't. I certainly wasn't units is much or is good of a job as you, but that was one of the times where I dig it self consciousness, as I might Look at him do this thing,
just one thing I'll say about my nervousness generally doesn't exist too much, but also I don't. They got a whole lot. Is you know I can, I feel like I know my sweet spot and try to stay in their one of my Fears is- and I applaud you about this- is that I don't cry in real life. Haven't cried in two decades, so It's not even an issue of I'm afraid. I won't be able to access something like what I don't even do that in real life, so how on earth? If I do it, no matter what it's gonna be a fake because deck shepherd doesn't do it right, that's It's probably one of my biggest insecurities Bobby reactors that I just don't a moat much in real life. When sad you know I'm saying here, but you can do that. You'll go right there, and do you do in real life, I mean I try to avoid is much but you can have a good cry. Can you cause? I want a good cry very bad. I haven't had a good crime a long time, but I used to have the crisis when I was younger.
Or like, like Bell Bell, cries often you know she cries when she's happy. She cries when she say I chrysolite. So that's it. That's very close and in the background for her, but without its not far from me like that, Nothing there is. There is some had. I say this without sounding too stupid. There is Nothing I can say, for you, you'll, do anything whether you ve had that more sure not right. Yeah Zodiac you'll do anything you. Let yourself act like a crazy psychopath yo blow your top you'll do yeah you're, you have of weird confidence or faith in yourself that you'll find something eventually that is truthful and you let yourself explore the right yet which is amazing, which is not. I don't feel like. Anything is too far for me to touch right like it's not, it's not that far reach for me, like I, don't really have to reach and bag and plead for performance rise.
It's not it's! In touching distance, yes, yeah in, I won I'm sure it's a combination of things. One is you ve had a lot of great training that you use in you pass on other people. Another thing is you're an emotional creature right this prize. part of it in the recipe and in all kinds of somehow works in you. Previously. Dont have a fear of being on the stage. hearing action, right right, bizarre incredible? I think they're all they all work for each other, yet which thank God, because I've been epidemic career, I've yeah, and if you haven't found this out, let not a great skill at Kinko's now in fact they don't want. You know they know they. Don't me that Ghana person need nor a lot of companies like I've been asked eve. Several places right at lots. Latina don't come back. Their lunch, When I go to lunch regret this lunchtime,
my little girl, Hombre, combat lunchtime all the time, radio, even at a fucking convenience store, I can cut like cut it yeah That is my right and that the only successful careers that other than acting was. You are about, sir and sliced security yet, and you did well at that means you did you weren't fired from any of those jobs. Now I was hired a right and you weren't, you are about her hard rock. I was, I was yeah fora for that was that was the late years. That was just before What's fastening the most oh, I thought happen. Also, after formal, I went back to work after formal jacket. I went back, I didn't quit bouncing entails. I think three jobs in our act and jobs four metal jacket, because you just needed the money or you never really believe. Like others eyes, Ghana, relations, hey all sure, yeah yeah yeah. I thought it was a fluke you of course,
yeah. I'm almost imagine that lasted for away many years after it was obvious that it was. I still think that, like many, I thought I was. Stage of life were ok people, people put up with me, people will put up repay for awhile aha I mean I think I, like you know like now. Embrace yadda, that's longer hooray, hooray like putting up with me for a while. So it's you noticed this is okay, so I think I'll keep my job that I can keep my regulator. Yeah, but you left Colorado. You go to New York in you studied at the actors studio in a couple of other, I studied with a woman named Sharon Chattin, who was with the actor studio in hand and learn to method.
and as we just discuss it doesn't mean that you're walking around like Benjamin Franklin Crap serve as well. Although I came as Benjamin Franklin today owes you knowledge, I loved you and I'm flattered that actually recognised of husband. I sometimes get your Benjamin Franklin, the guy I Neer Alexander Hamilton, confused just a little while the guy at the hotel. This morning I was dressed as an old yazzi. Of these Mr Fitzsimons or a pilgrim, but but got for mental jacket and what did you do you sent tapes to cool break? Is that true yacht? So I was at the front door. I was body guarding for. So sometimes for Danny accrued in sometimes for your Brenner, Besides the manliest man you ve ever met, he was When I met him, he was dying. Ok, I met him on his last show.
and I'll die during that show. Did that his last run of not from your lack of protected? I no not really been killed. It wasn't as as an aid under the trees. Gonna go to the bathroom for combating Colombia, Nectar of Europe. A great question, though: what does a bodyguard do and they have to go to the bathroom ease? You go a new body guard at the bizarre say, let's stay in this corner, come with me. You just tell em, don't move and don't say anything again: they don't draw attention to yourself. what have they were so nervous, so they did want to come to the bathroom with you. You know not just come with you events. I feel better I'm just in there with you, you know that story about a guy. It's a guy named Terry, who was a fire fighter
and he was moonlighting as it as a as a bodyguard and we were in a bathroom together. I won't say what but it was a huge Colosseum and he got shot in the neck. Oh geez, YAP in the bathroom with the person we were supposed to be bodyguard. it was the bullet intended for the person. You are usually ass. She took the guy down, she put it up to his neck right point, blank and no time through the neck in you witnesses yet was like a pig How old were you twenty? Maybe Oh yeah yeah I and then do tackle this scale took it out of her hand and and just told her to back up against the wall, and then the police came and stuff like that and did he die None of your file we want in Europe has rightly rock to the hospital. Ok, the zigzag did that.
I took him profusely the mark. The only problem Dolly sad thing about it is that he was unable to be a firefighter anymore because he couldn t help it He had some nag issues afterwards. Ok, so you yourself, taping, you send these tapes to cool Matthew. Game was walking by the hard rock because, according to be one of the owners of Matthew, walking by Matthew, Nigh Nuth Medina. I knew each other from magicians and stuff. We stop each other out. We go central park and study or lines together and stuff like that. and he told me that he was doing now stand cubic living because his career started before mine. He doesn't like three or four films for me: yeah and even great knowledge and dirty and sky. La birdie fishing question. Yeah yeah great sound, Birdy, Peter Gabriel, and he said you know there's another part available. You should send the tape around like yeah semi tape like where I send it in so he he sorted out for me while end, you know, amongst a three thousand other tapes, yeah yeah, yeah
failing pick my that's really incredible yet has like Christmas did, do fluctuate back and forth between the really lucky moments in your life. You like resist labeling them lucky, because you want to have some ownership over your life. Now I think of them. Ass, like Christmas, like like Jesus. This was like really yeah like if there is such a thing as Christmas. This was Christmas, like their gets easier, the further away from the very lucky event you're yeah, Have you ever had a problem with letting people know about for mental jacket, because it was such a. distinct thing and Matthew did such a distinct thing. Yeah it's hard to its it would it would have been difficult to Ignore that this unit- just meta, because I think that I would have done same thing for somebody, I'm just saying that that the fact
If he did it, he said, look there's this part available. I don't know what it is, but you should you know I'll, get the tape to your kind of rare I'll say that kind of rare. That's that's! Very gracious! for any actor- to look out for another actor, because you're so terrified all the time and you ll never work again and so focused on yourself in your own desires and needs that to me conscious of someone else's kind of miss very big of someone. The power with that there is a lot of people think that that dissipates the more success will you get an idle It does no words like we're both some ice, successful rain. We're not doing this interview my car now right, but you know But where are your car is nicer than this of us always always cars? We shall want organizational and you could actually close, the door if you can have a shit yeah that have a shared sense of English of you, but would explain that dissipates, because ok so were successful and and like I know I
I dont think like that, should ever stop like good doing favours for your friends like trying. you both to careers trying to turn them on. The staff that you're doing in that you're not going in that. Yet you know I mean it's I want to meet at gets easier to do with success me. Just personally. I was so of my own ass about what I needed and it where I had you know. I just had that. Get this thing at this thing. It's only now that I've started fucking, take my hands off the neck of it that I look around and go like. Oh, I should really got on my way to help this person, or, I should know yeah yeah. In weirdly. Therefore, more pleasure derive from that end and self fulfilment weirdly? You come to learn But for me I was in great at the beginning. I think I was competitive with everyone and selfish yeah. But not loading. Now my name is still the same. To you know, what career you what're wouldn't have as unknowable, but certainly.
to do that movie for your first movie. You carry that for your whole life, which is really crazy right. It's not like a pipe fitter. We ever runs like a two inch pipe and do a house in his early career in them for the rest of his life. He will go back as the best fuckin plumber arena like it's. A very unique awesome thing that you can get this in Annabelle, which you, God, at a young age,. In its eyes it in I am, I worked really hard for it in, and I think that that. Like I definitely deserved not to get fired from that show from that John will you are you're, absolutely fantastic in it? There's no quartier, but it's like the the event itself from talking about like actually going in doing in meaning Stanley in doing a big stone like that and stuff. Like that, I mean I worked my fucking ass off yet too. For that part, like two way, once
You got to figure it out to figure it out in a way that that that could be hopefully unique, yeah like even even a tinge, unique like any something about you. You won't look. I'm gonna blow smoke a breast, but it's good enough to just being Stanley Cooper Film and not stand out as the one she reactor and, like you can just go on there in just stay. You know you're right on the level of I order is a huge accomplishment, but then to actually be the most memorable part of his daily Cooper movie is really incredible. It's really I'm sure you won't take their compliment, but but you're that seen as the most memorable seen in that whole movie, and out of easily form It could have gone wrong in a lot of ways that it didn't yeah gliders in yeah yeah. Can anyone comical thing I read that I think are so funny is that it set em Vincent Games, seventy pounds for this movie, which,
the record for them up and swayed gang by an actor surpassing Deniro. Isn't it the stupidest thing you ever heard. Someone is heard, the Abbe opium, as if someone somewheres Kate, like that, the actor Hall of Fame her history society there, like someone, sums get up to king seventy two pounds to be denied for you now I was I was in London and I just like a fuckin worse right- Let us sweets lot hash. Smoke hash gotten much you ve got to get good. I was right the constant I can tell of your time corn, beef hash. I would but I did have corned beef as well as the other, letting this really popular in England, Ryan, one bubble and squeak they caught or they do well, it's bubbling. Squeak is law. left overs from the night before fried in a pan for breakfast thou. and you get the hell out of that
when I want to know about is: is it I'm only curious and how all the stuff impacts real life, like whatever you have a job near an actor. That's great! It is a big transition to go from shy kid in your room in Florida to someone who people now kind of just like right like they're drawn to, and this is like a whole new set of clothes to. Where did you remember that being like an interesting transition or like weird, or did you have distrust of it? All? The more concrete example would be when you're shaking your room, you know it's not like you're going to the problem and stuff right now. Girls, like you, suffice to say girls, random girl strangers. Now, like you a lot we had Happened right yes in that book, incredibly exciting right, oh wow, this is, got easy. That's nice, yeah yeah, and were you would do you stumble through that are you're just like? Oh no, I can on this like it's a role.
I went through a period where I stumbled through it and realise that. like you stumble enough in your ear able to walk ups straight likely, not slacken near to evolve yeah until like a man walking on two legs, yet so I evolved from being a neanderthal too, like a regular person right, and especially with relationships and stuff like that, I mean not really my early on but yeah, my understanding, a lot to correct your wife is really taught you the amount of yes exactly the way we just centre. Twenty first anniversary, really The torrent radiations here, as a group I will say this when my wife met you some very honest about publicly. I think it was. We had lunch, maybe with you in Boston, we're doing the job and we went back up the room. She goes well Has major mojo may It's your major mojo female mojo
mean really you're aware of this and to some degree well very competent talking to women right, yes, yeah in use there's something about. I watch it when you start talking. My wife, like you, smile a lot more your eyes because they are open today, because I enjoy women much more than I enjoyment yeah. Why do you wear wise anything. because you're not waiting for them to attack you well know, you're, not gonna, like trade, your share. I try to get where ship is shared and like run the roost over you, and I also feel like, like the way that I perceived as like I Because I think, because of my sister's drawing up, I don't feel as if I am a threat right while also you do this really
coin adorable thing which is you're such a presence, but then you're. So soft there like a way this is these Teddy Bear not a renegade The other funding now the only thing is that you know I mean they're so awesome to look yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I mean honestly, it's like yeah. You know and so so that's They have your interests PETE just lot right there. You are right. What does that say, you don't get along with bank as you do you have your do. I have some really good friends here, but I never I never. I don't think I've ever been able to I think this in a cost me a lot my career to. If, if I, if you can, we want to consider things in that way, I much right. I do any more, but I think it was, time? I think we all have at one time considered. Oh, I wonder if I would have done this if I don't have a different career, whatever the sharp and dumb, I think old thought it's like that one
when I remember having all thoughts like that, I would I remember that, if I was better at networking of sir is better at being just more and more educated, more knowledgeable about certain things, and you know. during a party is going to parties and not just like for me, going to Hollywood Party was, I would go. And I would zero in on what interested which was usually up beautiful and nothing else would answer that arena and I am just totally burn every bridge around that purse yeah- and lay the man. I thought that that was successful rat like now being really successful. Now, yes, that's kind of what I'm getting too, because what what I'm saying is I found all that very irresistible because it just My core. I was a kid that I felt like an elementary school girls deviant like right or wrong. It doesn't matter, that's what I felt like so I ice,
that's just an endless hole for me to feel like that. You know it's too. except all these girls. Like me, it's like there there's not enough girls in the world to tell me that we're on until all start, believing like it was a long journey to two to feel like Healy MAC? Kid who rhino? Well, I think, I think that when it comes to that when it comes to ask a page, I think we went about as people. We went about things differently. You and I but I I think we need a lot of the same mistakes. Yes, yes and we were all about lucky enough to have found like very strong women who just one take any shit yeah right now, arguably you'd enemy Korean. Where are you today? I would about market he s, not a lot for any rights mecca. Your might not be here. I mean most likely. I wouldn't be here, there's a very good chance. I'd be dead, yes, yet
I would still smell really bad, ok, So there be similarities between now and the right, daddy, a hint of you around right yeah, but I think it's either dead, or you know that that old guy at the end of the bar with a peace deal on his pants, like that, does Ebay, yes, like Bukovsky Unbar fly yeah except furthermore, at a higher and joint yeah yeah yeah yeah. But it is interesting that you, you are attracted to a super strong if a woman you think: that's railways, their sisters, like having some reverie for them. I think it's that the thus strengthen my mom, the strengthen my my wacky sisters, yeah there there being so, you crazy and and strong yeah yeah yeah, and
when you you you when you decided to go, do the tv show criminal intent, law and order criminal intent. Was at her decision, for you realize how I should do tv here. What year was about was different back then yeah. Now every single person. I think that it Super on healthy choice to make all really Algeria in hindsight yeah, and I think I did it Cause I had screwed up a couple other things before that, like I hadn't visa yeah like I had had offers for things tat, for some reason in my head. You know they were stupid to do and I wasn't gonna do yeah and then you know a bit had helped gigantic projects, but you know still today when I think about them. I wouldn't do that like I still when do them right, but but I think then I was, I was vault that that that made me vulnerable right. You are those scared,
yeah and I think that a dick worth I think he might have seen ah good for him now anyway before the Sharia. I knew it was your primary. we're at that point: financial, yeah, yeah, it's scary right! well was scary for me, because I never met. A woman that that I was like I was gonna die for, like current, like yeah, no matter how fucked up, I was no matter what stupid things idea, no matter what you know. Why? I had to overcome the matter. What you know who I was really under this. that- and you know them multiples of me in the eye it didn't matter. I was never gonna not be with my wife right
and that suddenly brought on like oh fuck like I can. I'm not sure I can sustain a career. Ah, I think I'm a little too crazy to have a career yeah like up. You know, Then you can bet on yeah yeah yeah. I think I'm just like. I think, I'm too, I wanted, but I'm a little too. I have a little to enhance yeah and in it, and also that the lifestyle of acting and movies is very conducive to that kind of doctors. I call on MR hide me an alley right now. You can be at home in your one person and in your vowing going to hotels for three months. Then you can really be anyone. You want. Well, that's I these we got, you know so with they sold us. The dear my manager at the time in my region. The time and eight they saw this robot you'll be home, you be in New York. Life would be better, but that's not true. Marinas that you never home and you never see your wife and you never.
You don't see anybody. You have any friendships severed anybody on satin. That's it yeah, because you're doing twenty three, besides Morgan eighteen hours a day and it's like you, have no life. Yes, and I got really really hard for you right yet what year three four five Korea, fifth was a blur and you got to appoint rear like I guess I don't really care if they throw me in jail for leaving, I just wanna die. If I keep doing in nets, because people don't recognize right. you're working a fiber weak, but really Friday night is a night shoots. You're really working Totter deepened Saturday right, and so you got about what twenty four hours off any new sucking reams of dialogue to learn. You are in every single scene of that show how much on that show. I had to stay two days ahead on dialogue. Can that's a lot if you dont show you know right to actually have to be learning, see,
in two days before you shoot them. Why you're shooting other scenes that you ve learned two days before that yeah I have the literally start studying two days before and at no point we're like I just get me a fucking Q Carter and earpiece. You never were willing to do that either and then so you ve never entered my mind either, but nobody told me that that was doable arrived at in now right as you and I watched robber downy, whose very honest about he words in your wig. Sometimes we watched him do these scenes has greatly fuckin incredible our line as through their fantastic yeah yeah. I think it's Romeo but that's a side now, but but when you went through that period of it just being just miserable right. Because I'm going to say you're you're one of the anomalies in my life in its cool, because I like having my worldview challenge, which is in my mind, if someone is ever used excessively like addictive, really and then they don't quit whole stock, it's not gonna work for them, but I
it can attest I've seen you have wondering you don't give a fuck, but at a period it was a little crazy right. Yes, yes, and that's fascinating to me that you, you probably lived the way I did when I was an attic yet you're. You're not weirdly or Are you you're? Not Well, I don't know I mean I have a very normal relationship with all of it now. Yeah from my point of view, I totally do yet, but but I'm not saying that that's normal yeah, like I don't I mean I have like the utmost respect for for your situation and for people. That I know that are similar to your situation, and I I in the highest regard. I but but I think that my issues are. I have other issues right
that are not that have nothing to do with addiction yea and by the way, the where I'm going with this is. It appears to me that the things you found that are really useful to you. Are you meditate now right now, You have been loosely a car kind are away now approach is outright limit. My saying that correctly, coy sort of That work is real hot of anxiety when I say it out loud and so, You did have to go on a path to find some peace and contentment right, but you I was set on a path. You are was ordered by your lovely Beriah sea area. We love her by the way to seize really fantastic she's. Very dutch she's right. yeah. She will not take shape in a great great way. Our way did I not yes MA am comply. Runs your tall ass around the house and I love it knew of endless respect for her. Yes, will yes, come home and
I just stare at or like a dog of ambiguity, because you're better off you're, better off. If she's running the show right, we disagree its bet, it's better for everyone, yeah jeers, a tunnel, respect for you as an artisan. Bulgaria do not worry about alleged, but but but what interests me is the fact that you were using in a way it means as your situation at the time was really painful if we also lost my sister, my step dad in my sister died reading a letter to my dad step, TAT, Jesus, I'm she having an Irishman, died and all in the same in a matter of months in and you have new kids time reared yeah dumb and I'm an eye and they were at home. They wouldn't allow me to go to these services from the shouting when Gimme a time off
So I was, I was full of a lot of anger and anchor stemmed total exhaustion. Yeah yeah and so I abused my my I had a lot of money a lot of money. They pay well on the tv shows and- and I had my relationship was fucked because we never saw two yeah. And so I was just because I have the wife that I have. She just went about her normal shit and said you going to be a dick head, be a dick head in haha. No, I've got a child having on the life and me in your ear and absolute, and so I had like freedom to be that absolute idiot, and I was absolutely she let you get to the bottom basic. I I deserve. there's not a lot of things that I deserve in life, but I did
the trophy for that period of time, but it yeah B. Is there I will read through, though, is: is there anything liberating about finding now? kind of forces you to go, or here but I care about here's, what I don't, because it gets so Grass Amigo. You know what I don't give a fuck about money enough for this. I don't give a fuck enough about working. Are you whatever? That is sometimes having to find out what your priorities are in. The worst imaginable way can be a gift, though right, yeah yeah. I think that I think that it is good that I went through that period yeah, because if I had that would have always been this unexplored part of me. Then I would have never know that I think would have come out eventually, no matter what yes, I don't know if you think about that.
yeah. Well again, this is what I had to find out. My very last drink was, after a very bad, weaken. Why I told you about it. I did every drug under the sun and when I had a lay over in San Francisco, not so physically ill, I mean I could put too fine a point on how physically ill I was. I would have shot myself if you handed me a gun, so I was drinking Jack and diets as quick as I could so I could make it on my next flight back to LA and I was looking in the mirror. At this little bar in I was the coroner so afraid someone from a was gonna, see me drinking and there's a mere right. Next to my face and I'm about to start a movie were making more money than I ever drummed. I'd make a famous People knew me at the airport. I have everything, paper ever wanted and I never ever ever felt worse in my whole life. So that's a unique situation of mind yourself in. I am grateful for because I could have been telling myself if I didn't have those things
I feel this shity cuz. I don't have one million dollars. I feel the shity cuz. I don't have the job. I want a field as she's. I don't have the girl I want. I had every single thing I wanted and it felt miserable and suicidal number grateful that I could have that you know, They didn't do not the the splendor of access to go like. I had no other place to point the finger other than myself yet, which is neat position to be in that I'm grateful. I got to be it yeah and likewise for you, you have a nice apartment. You're, you know you're the boss of that show all those things you're married. You have a kid rules than some masses broken it's not all this they tarnal stuff, I was convinced tat- could fill though the whole yet and that's I'm broke for that. So, yes, I have exactly yeah. So me too, I'm totally Griff, because I think that the illness that I had her or have, and another took care of now. I think, would would have risen up in,
I've me anyway, and an insult I'm glad it happened when it happened, because the The time that I went through was just awful and and. And it lasted for years and years and years. You know, I just thought in, and you know you think you're. Ok, you're, not ok, yeah! just goes on and on and on and an end and I think that life now is just talking was actually having dinner. With my daughter last night and dumb, which was real Quite touching because insist, very Hollywood story room I tell it, namely because she she She lives here now, as you know, what she was he lived at my house, you guys are, unlike you, she's, not afraid, deliver my on us and them and which says a lot by the way about
what about you, ruin, Kristen and and and about her to but. So we wait until she cheat. She said I said we went, we get something and she goes okay, I'll make reservations for men. She made reservations at the chateau, Marmont haha, which haven't them to set for over twenty years. I'm sure like something like that, and you know you tat was like. Like one of the worst periods, my life was shot, shot, hotels associated Just now, there's no coincidence, people have died, there is, and dump, but at this in time there were periods early early on when she was a little girl. That when never movies actually made in Hollywood tat, I used to come out here for months at a time to three movies in a row. This is back, the eighties? And you know that's me. No. I haven't place there. They It is always the same room and you know it's like he asked my place. I stated my stick
so ass a little girl. She was she was there. The running around halls in euros is said to have dinner with her there last night was really quite touching yeah and dumb your price. Occupies a really neat place in her. My man, that's why it does yadda it because it was our. It was daddy and daughter time either. No, no mom, Sir Andrew dislike. But I was telling your because now she's an adult and we can talk about things like this. I was telling her that a lot. that period of my life, like too hey. I wish that I was I wish that I was just one thing that I wish tat I was, and I wish I was healthier back when I was younger. Because there are, I could have helped, I could have done a lot more than I teach now and cause. I really love teaching and I could have probably Written more and been involved, Michael
there could have been much more collective. It's pretty eclectic now, but but it has, perimeters, I think I would have less perimeters had I been more healthy and I think that shit example on energy. It does you I am. I am, as I was telling your last night, that the that, One thing that I that I see in in her is that she's she's she's healthy yeah, you know and that she's she doesn't give yourself and it's really important because my my acting in my career and myself image and my feeling overall in life is so much healthier than it used to be so much more realistic in an damn good for others and good for me, as as we compare,
do what was back than going into doing the judge two things one. I just idolize use an accurate with another thing, as I had heard her grumpy as a mother fucker like that that something I had heard about you and then, when I met you, I await this is the opposite of anything. I've ever heard so clearly some some metamorphosis as happened yeah, you know, but I think I don't think and feel might ever I'd ever gun that that kind of I'm I mean Amber ever being on a film second being unhappy right this is solely criminal and tat. I think it was an eye and I really pushed it so far and criminal tat that the people that I did in fact in a negative way are scarred for life and- and I think that day I think that they can like actually talk real sentences and and
I think my name comes out like every other word, like almost like turrets kind of anything yea. I think I've affected some of those people in a way that they'll never recover rise, and I think that that is caused them to talk shit about me sharp, but this because they want to its involuntary yea area. Here, it's like a seizure. Yes, he is piteously. Yeah, yeah lash, blurred out the scenario that I have some up, but they have no control over right right now here's the things I notice about you now, outside of being a delightful human being to spend time with. Your behaviour on Twitter is honestly Dalai Lama status. The way I watch you handle people who are negative and me, or sky. Did that's your gift. Is you can kind of recognise its misguided and not take it personally like I do,
It's it's very buddhist devolved, something you like you. You have a real way that your consciously carrying yourself and interacting with people in life now and that's a decision right that they come naturally to you now and the decision you want to stand up in a restaurant fight, a guy who was looking at you wrong. That's what you want to do right, that's when you and I have bonded most over right is are- our love for a power struggle yeah, but How did you find your way out of that, because we- there's something very simple that we overlook and we we would all the time you and I and we we have the consciously remember that it exists, and it's this this. Oh somewhere in the room somewhere a tiny, tiny, little threat of goodness, always. and you have to seek it out- you have to find-
that tiny little threat and you have to touch it and pull on it, and you have to act Lee consciously make that choice in that's you forget about that. But then you you're lost YAP. and I think that that is how I think that that has to do with everything that has to do with us sitting right here like I am at a loss of things to say or, if I suddenly bill the wall inside, because you go into an area the conversation that I'd want. If I can go into right and I My first reaction is to build out. Well, that's the guy stands up and punches somebody. I build a wall, try to fuck with me. Yet in us put shield up,
but what I do now days is out immediately try to find that threat somewhere before I go too far at the wall and just That's fine! The thread and pull out of the cave, yeah I think that that that has to do a lot with guess I do a lot with meditation. I think it has a lot to do with truth, but knowing your failures and who you are and how awful you can be in. You know I love your willingness to own all that stuff, but I bet that anything you not. I quit twitter or you do yeah when No, I like a while ago now you do you're, ok, just because it's too much! because I felt like I mean I just simply, I think it was. I think it's too much near. I'm Travis trying to put into more intelligent words, but it's just a bit Martin, and you know I
think I mean I truly was using it to connect. Ah, because there's a lot of what you did a ton about my about a knight yet but needs a little bit of connection you haha, but it's just it's too much. You like me, I think, from what I've seen of your thing, Eurostat, favouring favouring iced people now, you five percent yet, but I read out towards you- can ensnare me pretty easy theirs. I have some mom I have some trigger words, you get well. I've been thinking. I have triggered, choose my daughter's one about it. There's no toleration! Yet us and so that our immediately just say, dear dear debts, meanly NASA and I have I have. The Italian in me makes me want to tell them. First before I killed him charger yeah yeah me too yeah. I want to say something then block them right. I want to know that they heard the what I was going to say. If we weren't as emotional as we are, then we would have just blocked them in, like
and his you're giving them exactly what they want when you respond. That's the other truth. I've I've passed up a nice comment to engage with this person in a negative way, yeah, which they always embarrassing to me. But in the less taunting remarks, because it's really only one like if my family is like a big deal like if they go there and that's really super rare, and somebody will be that God awful yeah I'd rather than just attack me straight on four who I am sure then attack anybody, my firm, because that that I have no tolerance for one but I am, I think, pretty much everyone can relate to it. But anything else I think, is kind of like I mean you know what it's like to be about. situation. You in, like If it does very few people, I think in this day and age that have actually been in you know unless you're like in Syria, you now yeah that their ban in bad fucking situations yeah. You know,
an end. If you know what a bad situation is, suddenly somebody somewhere twitter is telling you that your dick is really not that big a deal. Yes, in fact, when you lay down at night, is very well either well for me, for me, it's ok, I mean I'll just say: look you're, you're, you're this consider this your shot across the bows it's my favorite, then yes, it is right that this is your shot across the bows. Ok, you get this. This is a warning shot. Yes, If you continue with your false information, or slandering me in any way, or they get id hate for harassing my followers in any way, then you're gonna be bought an end, so it in that's. That's it! That's that's the whole thing and but that's like that's the nicest that that I think I could be to somebody like NEA, the last thing I want to ask you is
how dissolved the reverie for you. How do you take it like one year called and actors actor, and you know how much young actors look up to you? What what is how's it feel feels good. You like it well it feels good cause. I know it's healthy, that's a good part about it. That the the negative part of it, is in there shouldn't be anything negative, but that negative part that I conjure up in my mind is that it's not define dwell in really in the end. Has no kind of definition really means So he nothing right, there's no way to quantify whether year yeah I mean you're a ninety seven in Deniro. Ninety six! Yes, if they want, if you wanna talk like if, if an actor, an artist, a painter, musician, writer, even a producer of whatever's, some kind of art.
if they want to talk about art, they want to get into a conversation about it. Then I'm I'm barely controversy, I'm there and I do not tire leg. That's my conversation, yeah! That's worth that's my happy nice, but if they want to start giving accolades and should like that, that's like immediately. Its becomes yap super lamp to me. Yeah, I have no tolerance for what's right, so I will go super supervisor to avoid that. Ok, so but but I think I think I've been smart enough until today did not even tell you, I think, you're good actor. Now, you ve, told me before a banana palatable a budget item, what kind of exactly and but it's not just it's, not just the fact that somebody would tell me I'm a good actor. It's it's the fact that I dont, I only them understand what it means to be that
I understand the means to do it like if you wanna talk about it. Like you know, then the romantic so yeah I'm there and you know I'm willing to like learn anything. You teach me in and vice versa, but you know. Because when I think of good actors, like I think of them, ass, like people, who are you know are are are struggling to achieve a hundred percent in something that they can never achieve. A hundred percent it right and it's their struggle becomes their performance and that's all it is to me so there so you know, then they lose a great actor yet night, because that struggle is like in a strong yeah yeah IKEA struck,
like a mother fucker tee ass. I could even have you hate the movies in IRAN. What am I gonna like sucked into the hall, yet the rustle and the tiger? So even that? Even your nonsense that you go through and we were doing our sitting together in that movie that you talked about earlier. That's at him. When I, when I watch you doing, you think I know that that's a struggle like I know that you are struggling to achieve that. And I know through MIKE, variants. I know that what the outcome is gonna be a performance yeah yeah. that's what you know. Last thing you directed the movie called the kid and it's a western yes and I'm not in it you're sure his uver out yet. Or were actually doing savages. I announced uh yeah, see you don't think I'll be and am still thinking about. Ok, great beer, pretty sure I'm fine, I can mean
find something: ok like Maria adviser, heavier we're doing us design and we're like composers, coming out the words but just gimme some time ago, Gregg Picric! Indeed. You did you love it, making movies hard what we're part did you find hard, and I have to tell you that you know that, but I so think it's like cocaine. I think it's the most electrifying thing you can. Do you mean I think the fortunate thing for guys like ass, though, is that you know if we do get the opportunity to do something we can have friends around when we're doing yeah, which is always a bonus. Not everybody gets that gap, sure you know, I think I, like directors, the mountain movies that I've been on as an actor in the director had basically didn't have any relationship in any of the actors yeah. You know
like the total opposite you just step dad fanatically. So it's like are examples completely different than that totally like everybody on the floor, other than you which is like, was like a really good friend Amadeo or your child, or my child, my daughter: Hopefully that will remain like that, like if they Let me make another one, you know then then I'm gonna do like story. Obviously both gonna be done in the same way as it was extorted. for me, the ass rewarding yeah in it some Chris Pratt, who you're really good friends, was right, Ethan, Ethan, Ethan right thing down here: best friends right. anything new plays together and stop exclude from a lot of things last stuff here and who s doing too hot ok, and in fact, in it I I did a little part in it of us. I played a share, of which I am I to do
yeah. It's just that. You always do exclusively law law enforcement happy to do it and this Dodging sure whose fantastically plays the actual kid in the movie, and dumb my daughter Labour Georgia's in it an agenda we shall see now. well. I hope you, you include me at least in coming to see it since you see I seem to not be I'm not going to act and it appears. I'm sorry already certain. I wish that you just take my word for then I'm still thinking of how gave you know why that is so hard. That's your own shit! That's not my shit! That's that's you! I wouldn't hire me for a western between you and I even if I was directed to think now, but there is one other thing that if I do get another chance to do I'll say this. On on podcast K, I thought
but this wonderful idea really wonderful idea actually and dumb, and it's called the big dreamer and it is about mexican child the mexican child? Well now I thought I was thinking I was. I was if you were under the understanding. I was gonna say that you were honest with me. I'm sorry, I saw an elderly man was really. I might give us going that way as an iraqi area using this story that I'm gonna tell has nothing to do with actual totally different things. Only bout me and I'll try really hard to stay interesting. I have everything to do it now. I actually thought of this story that you that that that that then I would have you be in it. I would ask you to be with you did. It would be wrong while I would absolutely doing yeah yeah, I bought said that I would be Arby's commercial with you. If you asked, I would do Arby's COS
They don't let me do commercials, which is something that I've talked to you about before, and you also ignore it or you agree with me, which is both. A little disturbing forming because my thing is that they don't. Let me do commercials like don't even like radio unevenly voiced, I'm gonna pretty decent voice, yeah like especially when I go. I ask when you get up on the Mai. But I do want your theory, my theory and you agreed with I've whether you agree with its days just your own thick away, but you said, I said it's because you look at me and like why would you ever buy something from the fucking guy like who would want to buy something? I feel like I'm remembering what I thought I responded. What was your response- Thank you wouldn't do it, I digging think that's what's going on? Well, there's two things you ve also kind of edged
or state claim on this you're, a great bad guy. You know your ear raft in plain a bad guy right, so yeah, I'm not gonna, be like you know. If you want to sell me a mattress or something in your light, giggling and bed, I'm unity You just murdered someone a man, you're giggling yourselves Sally right. somebody rousing them a little bit of Europe, but your Leah. That's a hook his hands on the product. Here, yeah I mean I think you could be in a commercial like Citibank, commercial or your bad guy, robbing the bang yeah you're killing everyone, you what's your wallet, there was great yeah the way you did say. What's in your already up, and then you just take their Walter, you shut your mouth. Was you know what I think it is? What is also I think that I know enough about sports ye. Ike. Do
You're not comes up a lot with you. I know by really died so like, but you do know it. I know what you you act like you, no less than you do. I dont Nord error identity as they have you don't know about spotty too. I don't know anything I know, but I have dreams that if I say like that, you know three strikes you're out. You know what that y know. If that is what I want to be one of those guys who this is what I want to be in on, or this for my whole life with such or like playing Blanche and street car. This is something that never get to the it, like you know those guys, like Gimme, a team, Gimme name of team, the bowls of luck in both those fuckin guy that guy's tests keys. Like ten one just like a fifty five in duration,
you know, he's that's like off the jobs human Hanks too. I saw thanks to play a five nine one time in that's like numbers, the people who can do that's better than hassle and forty nine. You know I'm saying I saw them play the star bats was like fifty five. The one guy made a hoop show you couldn't for can believe the guy went down a court. He did a long over. The back, flip innate was out of this world. Those working rise at their stats are, after for control of stuff that you ve never seen before. However, realise could happen.
This is almost Elsa Trump embers, and I want to be one of those guys that can talk like that. I remember in denying the acts that guy went five, nine. Ninety ninety, so that people start common in right, based outcome in their current decline, in that the outcome of this right. Yet, in this motherfucker aims at the Doug disguise gotta glove like a New York blimp, it's like I'm thought its went on one side dry. Any of you know this guy's like on believe they are yet, and I saw a play his brother he's from San Juan his name is the domain goes wreck as he can hit a ball like unbeliever weaken. Do like the two sides in come up to the back slip, my God, this guy can score. He doesn't underbelly of like five nine radically going back to five nine will. Finally, I have one side. I think I can do twenty in a four, be I'm telling you it's unbelievable, and you really want to do that at some point. I wish that will guide. I, like you and I and the personal rename they really the person will remain nameless, but I remember you- and I were we- both we shared Abbas for a minute, and then I called you know. What's he likes you, dog conversion use in use. Manny hit me with some sports metaphors and I didn't know. What are you talking about the area and you are afraid that was going to be a big roadblock. It's it's who is, as we have on crossing chasm, because he was only only going to speak in sports metaphor yet and that never came before. We have now realised communicated just fine, but I do remember this was an enormously large issue for you. It is he hit you at a couple sports metaphors because, like
those guys ever and control, like everything TAT day like, I said, no sports Well, that's weirdly the comfort and rise like they may know all these numbers. It gives them a sense of control right right, but they also have control of like our careers and away they like they merely. They put us in big movies in there acceptance, finance. Then you know there's a kind of guise. You want to say to me. You know you really hit the fly from the number to. Did you see him last weekend, I can't believe they sold out Stratford for Wisconsin. I couldn't believe it. They traded him at five, for we don't believe them others. Let's say I can use a coach in a movie I'd, let you do that, holds biarmia and then bring in radio could just give you a descriptive things that made sense, but your intention would be there. You know like we have all the physicality we needed right. Yeah
alright. Well I'm going to try to get back to the computer and write something where you're like you. You really bring a team back, that'll, be all so yeah you bring them that you breathe life into him, This could be grave revolver, Vincent and offer I love you think, I'm coming to the armchair expert in them. I think I'll. What I heard is we're going to play it by ear. Whether or not you move in you know who's. Can you keep our minds? Open but year you will get. Yes must like you that whenever half that's right, but that still for the good being windows open allow its crowds, drought is not, as it were, locked isn't like it's locked, isn't much larger draft a cat. I fear, feels drafty puts the cockiness cocking Diego's cocking, sorting and caught you'd nodded you're, making a very clear statement that we no longer I opened. It gives a blowdryer coffee. It's like an account quick and there's a trash, the Hague tapes around the winner. Ok, I can accept. I can take a now I'll.
me so much Dan them, and I guess we'll get you back on twitter eventually, so waking and love notes to each other publicly, which I always enjoy night now begins. My favorite part of this fact check with Monica pen. TIM Tim Tim due to poor I like her. She was a do the fact check maybe Are you guys go where the sun was wild thing? Let's do it, Why I thought maybe ran into a high note song again. Could you just last week we saw last weekend,
I have done already, then why I came for their know. How do I turn that into factual makin? check the facts know where no can do. I can check effects of. I give it a for like a Montague much better. Today, you ve kind of shook off shaken off yeah Lamar Licence body just the area here, bottoms feeling better and your eyes or brighter we're all going to benefit from that pigs? Health are right. This one zero body my good Buddy Vincent and offer yeah yeah, I'm I let the cat out of the bag. Okay saved the Gatt. Recorded this a while ago, yeah he was visiting town and he came over to it the party and then we decided take it to the attic
we kind of got em. Through having nothing to do with us wanting to really sit more about other guess, having projects that had to come site with their releases. Vincent of course was had to be generous in just let us get through that here we are why would it age what aged ban? I had just forgotten a lot of stuff. We talked about. Ok and I forgot that this was a very magic heavy episode, all right in you love magician. There really. You sexy, but so interested in me really is I mean I'm happy for magicians that are viewed as sexy. Yes, but I personally can't relate to what the sexiness you think, it's goofy, Well, I just their deceiving- you that's the sexy bar
gears order. You buy into the notion that there's actual magic at play now and then I think they're supernatural and then their special chosen Y yeah. Now now I put it's like they know something I don't. Now it's all I can to ensure ok, I think the teacher things different. I think it's like the way you wanting approval from the person who gives out the approval, like that that's the dynamic of a teacher student inherently yap. That's definitely apart but also their just so in their element. now t sure that their dolphins in waters are knowledgeable, but everything about the rolls almost reversed with unanimous magician, which is the magician, is seeking your approval. They gotta good news magicians, you ve got it it's just
really crazy. Dearie is the dark arts LEO call my Harry Potter out when well, I guess it does apply to parents, potter, love,. Amatory read that I've already told the Terence Pause and urge the party had here lies. I save it of my best friend air Weekly ever comes on I remember my terrans yes, but I dont think you told her story I was gonna tell at land or hear tat. Yes, my best friend era weekly was helped visiting from Detroit. This is barely ten years ago and damn we were at a bar and he was super drunk and Zira awareness of movie actors, celebrities, anything he just couldn't care less about any of it. And now we have this karaoke beheaded Koreatown in here,
came out of the bathroom and his eyes were so huge negroes holy shit. I just saw Fuckin Terence pause and urge the toilet Can I go why I saw Balkan Terence partners at the urinal, and I guess who's Terence passenger vehicles, the magician I got magician Terence Partner who I've never heard of him. He was here you every fuckin magician Hogwarts right at that moment, this guy walks out the bathroom that I mean just barely looks like Harry Potter an area powder was Terence Posture scout. When I see you kind of look like I mean he was a foot taller than him, he was much broader, but I guess he a glasses. That's pretty much. What made
There is cause for second Falcon Terence partners in the toilet. The magician Windsor, well that yeah here boy so funny, Ok, so you mention the book. The game, which is about picking up late landing checks, Yeltsin yucky bark sure it's not a book that we recommend men or lead. No one who was also of its time I'm like. I don't think that book could even come out and gain popularity. Now what was it, eighteen years ago, some that workers room yeah sometime I don't, have the data in front of me, but it was black leather and red satin and had gold writing on the cover
that kind of tells you already do. Judge this book by its color in this case has stir yak as a whole, just as like basely make women give him a little bit of it. egg sure lower their self esteem. Yes said that so that its I give my digging come back, would like a half compliments that they feel sort of relief. Hey you're fucking piece of shit. I, like your shoes, like that would be an example now. Here's an example is that a wig, oh well still looks kind already So how is that Are you like you work out, but that outfit hides a well? Oh, the other, not nice. Sounds like psychological warfare to me, or this is all up? Little nicer, but I don't usually like acrylic nails, but yours look. Ok,
if ever guy had on me in that capacity I gotta kill me is it normally like high towers. What years are passable o cool thanks for your opinion? Yet so I guess the formula is cut jab and Dennis whenever redeeming comment there, the other spheres just altogether. That's mainly, I feel bad about herself and insecurity when you come back with the semi compliment shall be relieved that, even though she has bad hair, a bad nails or a little bit, overweight land still wants, while all just to swap holder summonses something more go to one of my daughters.
they were light on the agri. Like a Christmas tree, I dont, even even in its gruesome ness, I don't see it working on all people like. I guess. I definitely see that tactic working with like the the captain of the chair. Cleaning team who thinks her shit doesn't stink. You can be like a while this guy. Doesn't I don't have the skies approval, I'm intrigue? Why doesn't he like me that that makes a little bit a sanctuary, psychologically yeah, yeah, but like someone who's just shit on all week, long at school and someone tells them at their fuckin purse is cheap. I know, but I'm sure you would go the opposite direction with that person will hear the most beautiful person in here yeah that's a nice thing to say to any one of those manipulate? It would still be the more accurate way to do tat, but maybe because there's a: Any compliment and mare that they're, like
I know my nails- oh, but they can they don't care. I gathered and overlook it says, is terrible I thought I saw structures, storms. the driveway like twenty five miles an hour, but what I saw as they are they did it. U turn in front of the gate, but it looks like they flew into the dirt portion. I was like what type of fur, so we don't get ups deliveries here, that guy needs a drive and off road truck cause. He's gonna kill you wanted to offer him now you re ready. I want a sponsor how you once saw paternity leave, her brains, www, financing, the same brain does right right, sir. Oh, you are struggling with the phrase and the phrases under no uncertain terms. That may think you found it eventually Per se and some other Roy that doesn't sound familiar to me under no answer,
in terms like triple negative there that no, I certainly terms said dab on negative, what the fuck does it mean? There's somebody knows an unseen there, I'm not sure if it means you're you're. Certain of that. these terms, our certain, I think I mean these terms are certain. under no uncertain terms. So That means the super certain right So no, when Andante discussing translates, I want to be more efficient to just say in certain term Yellowhead Michelle, we're gonna, be very clear that one of the books. Ok, so you guys bonded over this idea about not lying takes up things from other people. One of you don't want to other people not. I cleared away
I got a bad guys. We get back to actual real fact that you're hurting yourself are doing, and I also do it sometimes de Mello. You know that were taking. My person will be more than probable. How do you do? It is? Well, though, yeah yeah well sure I offered I would imagine a different times over the last five days of your illness at bringing something send you something. yeah and allow their well. Yes, yes, that's true, but I don't have, I don't have it for the same reason: it's not because you don't want the return. The favor I loved her return. The favour years is more like by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, an imperfect and meeting well, I don't want to bother you I wanna play you win out. Ok,.
yeah, but you know much pleasure you get when you get to help someone also. I want you assume. I get the same pleasure. I know you and I know you don't I do you mean you folks, from I am, and I get great pleasure out of inconveniencing myself- know you you're a great at helping people, but I know the EU don't lie excepting hell you're more european. I came to your house and hung a mere. I went and got so much for me, I'm not saying you and I'm not saying you're, not grateful, but I'm saying do you remember when I came and put I install. You tvs in your house, I was, I was very happy doing that yeah yeah, that's those are the that's the facts. That is the facts. That's trail wouldn't got a bad put it in the truck. I was fun I ask you for a lotta hell or use what we ve learned do enjoy it and you do ass. We don't really have a problem.
nobody. Mostly I've had a force you to allow me to do those things, because I have a truck So you're never going to get those tvs year. I need to have a Costco membership, so I was like, if I don't step in here in regulate you now Such a road you lose Mount up do cops, have a high rate of suicide. Ass. They dont have it's about on a par with the national average, but now else, but it still it's it's those lot articles about it being a problem. because you know they screen fur. They screen for like mental health and personality testing. For all these law enforcement officers cause are about to go deal. But the lotta see and we are witnessing a broken job yeah, but it may now doesn't always
I think my claim is that they were really high rate alcoholism, which I is suicide, You think you must. Why read a book that was written by a professor, I had Joan Barker and anthropologists, and she had written a book on us say was called like behind the thin blue line, and it was all about the culture of of cops looking it from an anthropological ends in all these different customs. They have like right. You know ceremonies that they have like going when an officers. This was it this was back when she wrote this ended her fieldwork, but they had this tradition that an officer was killed in the line of duty. They would go to the funeral, but then they would go to a very public place like a park and they would have a kind of barbecue, but they would get openly very drunk
and time is a weird wait. A process like will now fuck. This were human to watch us, but you know like I was one one thing I remembered about it that she witness that on a couple different occasions, there's a lot of fastening stuff, some marginal back to manage a magic. You ass. You said that there are some magician. clubs and there are, I guess them, ain't. One of some some additions can tell me if I'm wrong about that, although will excited to meet them the society of american magicians essay- am- is the oldest fraternal MAGIC organization and. world. I'd have to imagine that a dude heavy club. Yes, I do. The real sausage turn all magic organization. That mess mean it is boys only or It started as they broke. The state boys can
any place I'd feel safer. As a woman, its reminiscence. What do they do sleight of hand, With a woman in a while, I'm sorry I am painting and disparaging view of magicians. just seemed like one of these things that you practice in your room all why you're good at it seems, like a solitary endeavour, has only been on a soccer team. Yes, that's true, but to even to be very good at anything, even soccer you have to spend some time by yourself. Working on it kicked balls and are you all one- can spend time by themselves as a tennis player and get better. Let's have it as it is this, but basketball. You could work you're sure yeah, but you can't like appoint guard maize laudable around cones us. Yet I play baseball by yourself- are you you have that low machine that shoot off tennis you'd? Let me tell you:
Candide behind its worth off. You could listen to return a ball from machine, pretty good, oh speaking, that so Vincent, When I think about sports as raw before he hates words, metaphor peasant, he saw- and he was Putting a lot of per ten jar and men know ye. I just don't want people to act, and I think that was a real sport. Stuff is made up of sorts. Ok, a colombian necktie. You mention that very quickly. I didn't know it. That was gruesome, yet is it's. A mutilation used in South America were in the victim's throat would be slashed horizontally with the knife or other sharp object, in his or her tongue, pulled out through the open wound, resembles a necktie, but I think there
Colombia, colombian neckties, made their way state side during the Miami code. Cain. Heyday of the eighties. Some people might again some Colombia neckties indeed, and they pull the tongue out. Do they tied into a bow? I dont know that there is enough, time to fashion into what I thought you were all tat would have one of your colombian assassin and you are known for the Colombian both you and it says Jaime tongue sticking out your neck, those so discussed. I do wonder if its ever even happened. If this is just one of these urban legends because think about how much work is properly involved in pulling the tongue in that manner, you always have to be probably a physician so let us how far down our tongues go to your anus, the weak. Definitely size of nice is a good question, making it I've really
ends, prefer you even yet tear yourself again, so maybe two whole things: bullshit, but it does paint an interesting visual. Yan didn't sale is fake site. Chicago smile. You noticed Chicago smile as it stands,. Its equally horrific yours. If you saw America, history, acts or nor I makes a guy put. His mouth occur. Oh yeah. I have just heard that as curbing Turvy Myanmar's, I things also called the Chicago smile. I punished when you just said that my guess was the Joker sure rice. Let's get off this tough, so jumbled, she died at the chateau, Mamma Mamma Mamma, but I don't have anyone. I am sure that people had to be his most famous.
send a die there, though you were talking about the Chateau and Vienna Factory of overdosing year. The dishes is, you know that it's a place of your repute, is a really lovely place. I really liked it. Whenever my birthday a couple years ago, have nice born eyes yards or favour? I just learned in the Robber Williams Documentary the Sun Showtime that he was with him that night, oh area, that he died in the eye. he had been with him and then he went to work on work and mending and then received? The news from a Gostar. In fact, he was part of like an investigation and happened. He there is footage him walking into a cordon Aurelia speed ball, all of it sad it is. I will you said you haven't cried in two years than us.
a true, because I saw you cry what yellow mudslides delineate the differences now twin crime, because I often say I mean I've really haven't cried in thirty years, but you mean light we're like lie Leah like where I can't talk and stop it, I want to do so by why you tell you, but you did see me like here too streaming down my cheese and a voice, a little quivering yeah. Terry got out the real thrill how why it happened here we were showing the kids some videos of what are they call them a flash mobs dislike choreographed dances that people make to certain song yeah like wedding dances, people. Those on one of the proposal was the one that kicked off yes, yes,
Where am I want to marry you it's a burn. Omar saw, I think, boss, can't. You see I'm thinking about, and I get a little about because they bring. You know their hope am little guy sets a woman in the back of a hatch back any puts headphones honour and he pushes play, and then this whole thing just unfolds in the cars driving on the road in more and more people from their life. Kiang joy and dancing, and this choreographed thing in our lips in its overall really sweet, but that was wasn't gonna brought me to my knees. Now, then, that we we turned on airplane version of call me. Maybe where was I guess, The olympic swimmers bunch of Olympian said like we're on a charter flight over the Sochi or some share and ass. I was son was primary, came on and they all did a little choreograph dance to it and then turn around in here in there he is come Out of your eyes. I never seen that before
and you remember what I said why why I was so choked up now. Is that it is so hard to do something. That's volume all in beautiful, and so many people on your high school archive you a fag or a pussy or a wimp, because your letting your heart out and when people, Do that against all odds, really warms. My heart, yeah is very sweet, but it's also pretty interesting, because that's funny, didn't. Remember you saying that and. Idle. When I worship things I'm just I'm just smiling like its makes. Niece really happy, but but. I don't have that thing. You just said right on have this thing where I feel like I me like, I was gonna, be called the any of those bad words: uterus,
yeah. So I dont have this thing like: oh, they like are overcoming mad right. The opening mean a boy where I grew up, Eightys and Ninetys like Then say you loved your friend out loud, your open yourself up to a brain trawl shot in the back later? If it's a hours people, seem to be really threatened by any of that hope. That's changed a tunnel How can we live in LOS Angeles would soon varying Goo Lee yeah- I don't know so I don't know, but I would like that to change. I stand by my hometown a few years ago and I went to this this dam that we use to jump off of, and I can watch these like junior high kids play and it was conclusion them not much. That's that's kind of what I mean. Now a thing. That's really great. Well,
You know I think the two most important things we learned on this fact check is if you want an express lame, Monica heart some slight a hand and some car tricks doesn't have to be card could be of any ok yeah. I want to put any one in a box since I got into a bag and jumped into a swimming pool. Still very hard hardware store. We can take them are you but what a story yeah and then the the a strange. My heart is you, don't do a video and let your heart out in the open yourself up to ridicule and is pushing through I love you. Monica.