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2021-08-27 | 🔗
We Are Supported By, hosted by Kristen Bell and Monica Padman is a 10 episode limited series podcast. Each episode deep dives with a woman who has put a crack in the glass ceiling. Episode 9: Reese Witherspoon
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Well. Well, Well, were once a day labeling. Let us see how I can believe it baby, it's Tuesday August. Twenty fourth Dave, our Lord, and the day that my Lord gave us Madonna Madonna. We given aid and as you have an air, nay, we were also given, dare I say more importantly, Monica Lily pad mulatto. Does your birthday? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I did a lot turn this you came here. An earth is hard. Earth is hard, and you for would. You have done a good job so far, they thirty four years on this little planet p planet, her, I'm happier here. Thank you. I mean I could talk all day. about your birthday today, which I probably well, but we have been celebrating. We have you, throw me the best birthday party ever to be fair. Was a pod party. On everyone to freak out. It was a small pod party, but it was miniature mouse and cookie theme
so. If you walked into the house, you would think it was for a six year old, honour percent, yet YAP yet baby, but I did turn thirty four and it was perfect and you got me cookies from across the land. It wasn't just like. What's the best you don't know like we had like shadows flavouring whizzing ratifying compile, flavoured cookies, blueberry pancake flavoured cook. There was all the different types of cookies, and all time, which is one of my favorite restaurants, in LOS Angeles, shout out a shoutout Ashley, who runs all time were so friendly way because we love so much when I had texture. Like I'm gonna need a set of the brown butter cookies Veronica's birthday. She was like stop the presses. I'm gonna take the oh right now, and I want to make a fresh. So I am- and I need you to pick him up at this exact time, so she wanted you to have him when they were warm and that's just an example of one of the people there air about you as the sweet, as they have like a softness, but a little bit of crunch. That's perfect yea as well
and they tastes like Heath BAR there like Brown butter oatmeal is what they are. I love it. First of all he'll be honest. We weren't here last week the amiss do and we're sorry HU, thank you for it for us is worse was to say now. Thank you for waiting for us all. You re you re! Thank you for waiting for us. There was a little girl is a blip, a blip Bt S, but we were a little behind and we needed a favor yeah, a quickness favorite cause to be fair, This person was very much already at the top of our list. We just kind of assumed, like all, will reach out to her when we need. Are you wanna tell anybody hey? Can I interview you and eight weeks? Nobody wants that request and I was like: will we can't even ass like well she's like with beyond sail it? I'm not even ask, although I did ass biotic, we Wednesday as it. Let me check my phone holiday. Back at no. But we were always gonna ask her, because she is the epitome she's, the top of the mountain, but then we breathe
we had an answer and we were like all. Can we also ask her to do it come to more aware- and I'll be damned. She was like you what I'm Lenny, I M tomorrow sure I'll make myself available and she is most likely one of the busiest people on she's running a true, true, true empire. Yes, yes, and she may time for us, which is so flattering and incredible and was thus so her weed and the swedish citizen smart smartest, just joy, inducing Robert, the road gettin shit Don and her name. If you dont know Oh on Wikipedia is Laura. Jean Reese Witherspoon, that's right, she's then Academy award winner. That does not come up. No
there does the golden globes or the British Academy Foma Word at Sagamore Emmy or it doesn't come up that she's one of the highest paid actresses in the world now or one of the hundred most influential people in the world. None of that comes up. We just too much fun chatting am because truly those things are like twelve and thirteen on the list. Of reason, harmless, backed her yes says the reality. Is those labels accolades and awards had been hung on her neck for reasons that we speak about in the podcast. There are very very few people on the planet. who put their money where their mouth is like she does. Who would you so currently said, looks behind her to see who needs help. Who actually says. How can I be systems. Here too, move these ideas. I had about women, women of color people who have been our having opportunities? How can I leverage myself for these
well and man had she been doing it for a while her vertically it so exciting to talk about it in a really is. I hope you guys enjoy it. We had so much fun breath of fresh air birthday. Fresh air birthday Fair, we are supported by Reese. Witherspoon we are supported by is brought to buy athletic greens, the most comprehensive daily nutritional beverage. We have ever try this. ding ding Ding, because I actually just was on Reese Witherspoons Instagram and she had a picture of her husband and he likes athletic greens. That doesn't shock me, has kind of everybody likes authentic grand I mean look. We have said it before it makes you feel different. It just makes you feel writer. Like you take.
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big gun you baby Would that First of all, thank you so Hence we have a man in the room warning gas. Dax knows I've been trying to get on this over our, and he's really has said that this is done. I had a feeling that I have not crashed one of these trigger warning. There's a male in the room. I've not cry. one of these, but I had to cause I'm an opportunist. I love you. I've been trying to interview for four years,
and I'm really glad that you gave it up to these ladys and cries. I found other white man to talk to and it worked out not all the buildings and then will break down. You're I've been listening, you did so great a really into I mean overlook mine and then, Steiner men, and you another when the other day about a woman like your member, but the economist as children, flower rating library, egg yeah, but I gotta say one last thing before I go causes among them. Have this opportunity a love you? It started with fear Fambly, This is how you starts interviews wing on issues where we start. I need you need to know my intentions. I love you. We had started with fear enough, keep a close eye and what I want to say is I Meyer, you so much as a former who decided. Oh, I think, instead of me,
We'll call me and tell me what opportunities are out there. I think I'm gonna go create the vision or my life, stepping the unjust trying to distinguish it from this. Isn't a compliment to you as a woman who did. This is a compliment, my opinion as a performer, who made just incredible statement about how this should all go and then, additionally, the fact that you vote the door for my wife to work in her. God knows at sea fifties as the leader, something my daughters. I thank you and I'm jealous and have fun Bernie. He's out there. This was the best give you could have given showing up today. I can't believe it thank you. We ve been celebrating for a couple days. We had a big party this weekend and we obviously got all many mouse decorations. as she is the miniature mouse it big many mouse party were stored or me, but barely well. Barely. If you call a couple inches, I call it happened
oh no, I know how are you five feet in a half inch or your five too one in every one and a half sorts an inch. Did you yet? How are you I'm fired? You hate see This is why we say eyes I m all, but mighty is real yeah sincerely, and I think it comes from a very practical thing. Tell me if you agree with this, but I have a handful of very strange, hang ups, that I think all come from the fact that I was petite. My bristles go up of some call me sweetie in the grocery store, like the teller or I do not like any one. holding the door for me because to me it doesn't say kindness or chivalry what it says to me, as I dont think you can do this by yourself, so whether it's getting out of a car which onset I literally go into sets- and I tell people like please tell the team- do not open the door. I will sit there and strong.
With the Van door, no matter how heavy it is because I want to know I can do by myself. I think its cause. I was petite. Do you have any of those hang ups Only have like a complex would being stored and feeling like an underdog or misunderstood was something that was really a driving force for me for a lot of my early life, because I never, the Bali Maltese might never made it asked about you. I never made any for instance, except cheerleading? I do the issue we live it. I was a deer later I'd take so much pride and while she was also like a flyer like a crazy commented and yes competitive cheerleader, the big time in fact buys we watched bring it on last night. Someone said like: oh: do you in your daughter's old enough to watch bring it on, and I was like absolutely. I got my free range parenting like all this explain anything to her. The works
oh really, you guys it's not really appropriate for an eight year old, so much sexual references that not even the type of sexual reference that you could then explain like People have sex, that's what they're doing now or let me not that it's being shown on screen but like that's. What this kiss will lead to that's why they left the room, but there were just like high birth. Active sexual references also lot lot. That movies cancelled now oh bring it on still a good movie, but man. Well, that's a lot of movies now Our retroactively oh interesting. I read this article is set Rogan in the guardian. Talking about assessment is older movies. Night wow Mcgowan,
we get this right. We could say that always shouldn't at my mindset. Isn't like that's an archaic movie. That's cancel I'll, just watch it as one of my old faves and I'll go. I'm aghast that I didn't notice. This was inappropriate, yeah. Well, it was appropriate at that time. For me, I'm, like, oh, my god, look how much we ve grown and changed, and I kind of find it empowering I'm so happy South did that interview, because people were scared to admit that they were a part of something that was cancel a ball, and I don't like that. This whole thing with the love my life Matt Damon recently, I feel so trigger by that because I think he's admitting he made. the stake, and some things are irredeemable, there's just no getting around it, of course, but are we telling people they can't make myself? I think a little bit might have to do with the fact that its called Cancel Adam Grant and others
people that are sort of rooting for us to just change the verbiage, a person who's not getting vaccinated, which we in slang say an anti vaccines to re label them as vaccine hesitant. Words are so important. we said, cancel rather than a we made something we should not make and will never make certain types of jokes ever again and it's a real bummer that we didn't realize they were appropriate when we were making them, and this isn't even like bad words or anything like innuendoes, just references that over the past fifteen years, they're just not cool right. Well and thank goodness the lights are on, and most people are going to spend should There is still a lot of people who say one thing, but then However, the Beagle director was blocked the walk and say the things and you look at the behaviour and behaviour is not supported and inclusive anti ends.
and a new set of ideas. It's two parts right like you have to learn. It realize what needs to change and then there's a second part, that's vital, which is you got to make the change? You got to say I'm going to hire a female in this position or an position on this project because I know there's one out there and I'm going to do the leg work to find that person to be a part of the change, yeah walking the walk means stepping into a position of Africans. a position of going. Maybe this isn't the best next move it I'm dying to do. Yeah. Guys should I felt diapers and get a leg upside opened the door for them, because people in the incoming power structure has to buy and right, and that does mean deferring sometimes in that's part of me is,
The next step in this cultural limit, we're all where there is a lack of awareness and there's lemme talk. Now, inside the gate, whereas rubber hit around here, that's so true and you are at the vanguard of it- I mean we won't spend, thought the interview Laughin year? Pillar, yes, but I want to because I am so Are you mad miracles, but only ya? I am so so. So in awe of what you have done, in my opinion, silent Lee for women and for inclusion, you are virtue signalling, you're, not out there being like I'm doing this and my bios, ally, it's none of them, how your rubber to road- and it takes longer to notice that, but by the time everyone started noticing you were doing. You had been doing it for years when I think about the things that I have been able to do, or the key
four level in my lane as a goofy little actress, I have this pillar of someone who's then shovelling the snow in front of me for a while. I just wanna say thank you. Well, I mean look at where YA and John and I won't handlers Europe must include an increase all that really take it in an mean so much to me, because I really recognize you both as people who don't just talk, you do you get in there. genuinely curious, you're not arm chair, doing what you're doing our arms exports via actually doers n. It matters and it comes through your work, and it comes to
through and the people that you interview and the questions that you asked there's a consciousness. I think of an entire generation of women are age and only when the wind that my back and I do get a lot of attention but gosh, I know so many women were doing what I'm doing and changing things step. I sat the ways they can with what they have and so inspiring. It is, I think people probably know this by now, but it important to say that you soldier company, for quite a large amount of money which is so deserving number big number. I was like clapping when I read that headline, because your company is about telling female stories end not only telling m, but hiring and the work that hell of sunshine is doing is so inspiring to me and Monaco. You are the interior
this a virtue, signalling and worth abnormal lifing. Yes, your inception in all. Suddenly you want to see this links. Sick awesome show how more show and then, like p s, it's all about women. It's almost sneak teaching, that's what we like we like to just get in there and not be lost What about it were reiterating all of this because everybody knows who are and knows your name and knows your career, but I don't think they know the building blocks that you ve put in place to get you there and also which building blocks. You really have solidified the people who can notice it when they really analyze your career, like when Dax read that you had soldier company, he was like renews where his that's, a misprint in was like actually it's not because it is a multi media company, and it has this leg in this light in this like in this light and he's like she's put other together like yeah, but you don't hey. I tell guys right anyway. Is this true, and I have to say first
thank you. I do really wanna say women have to earn more. Stop yes, and I consciously went about this about six years ago, going I'm an Herself binders company, because I want to this company also artist Stone Onawandah and I wanted to figure out a way to get artists paid, but also to have fun and also to make a cultural impact create community with social media and the sort of convergence of so many things like women dominant, social media. We are the great we are the great marketers gaelic. They do have a cat store and finally money towards women who are writing, who are so talented, the things that make me happy about that announcement, the banking world and the private equity world
I use something. That's about women and women's storytelling in such a huge way mean that women's right here I was just one just tell stories and all I ever knew to be movies was being actress, though it was incur see, directors, a writer there is nobody- was out there. There was nor a shrine. There was the admires and the like. you didn't know anybody else right away. That was impossible from national to see. I was ever gonna do that. It's a whole other world in starting value women, as creators enable tell her strange voices, I down my purpose no weapons. Your purpose changes do right, you get older. Your purpose keeps changing. You have to keep it brief. You have to keep progressing. You have Look at new media ngo weight. Is there a place for me too? and in a position of leadership here, because I ve been doing this for thirty years- I should know how to staff- and I need you wanna- be helpful.
To the next generation of women. To my own generation of women, you haven't been well served by our business. I do think it takes, though a very I mean hopefully becoming more ubiquitous, but it does take up a very special leader to be like, ok, it's time for me to actually look behind me and see whose back there and who needs help and who to pull in, especially as women. It feels really accomplishing to have achieved what you had achieved just on your own, and it's like I can already did the thing that was hard to do now, to take the next step and do more, it's easy to just not do that step the road that you're on it tries to tell you it's one lane all the time like you're here by yourself, you're doing it. What's your next up? What's my next up, what do I need to do? What I need to do and then you get dear destination in you go oh, I did it, but the whole time you ve been almost tricked into thing.
it was on your own and when you look back like, I think, that's one of the things glorious Steinem set in the beginning. Re, like you, gotta, look behind you, you realize is all this traffic and you can clear the way and you can make someone's road way easier by just doing it because you're the example but be. By building another road and then all of a sudden, the traffickers. free flowing and your opening up women- stories, your opening up jobs outlet this economy for women to be able to do these positions that they might have this talent for, but also there is a new ones to it have like. Why can't a woman, direct inaction movie election gonna put a different spent on it. It doesn't need to be necessarily about what, like women, aren't pigeonholed into just telling our stories about that time. We got our period. Women can direct big budget like Michael Man type movie. We one day will have a female that we can reference paralleled with him. Middle
that's exactly exactly, but before she did it, there really wasn't and by the way, so humanity issue. There are two sides to a story. In fact, there are many many sides to a story because intersection. Eighty is a big big world and there are lots of perspectives that are valid, but women can tell a story that is completely for lack of a better term masculine and nail it they'd you see the opera. Unities yeah, I'm gonna go even further and say I'm as AIDS on these media entities that have existed, that, if you don't have it into some mission, day's work were real You're standing in recognition of cultural shift. You'd have become obsolete. Definitely because consumers are really smart. Audiences are smart miles or smile dancer. Smart kids are so smart. The younger generation yeah, I mean I'm a twenty year old, daughter, her and her friends constantly educate me. I think
Who is in August, how much they know, and literally hundreds formation is coming your way at all moments and how these emphasise it, but learned so much from my kids, my adult children, ass for profit for good. That's, it has to be the shift from like working in the nonprofit world for so long there Comes this fatiguing element of like asking for money for a cause and it just its gets a little draining to both sides. But if the shift culturally was for profit, companies have a for good stance whatever it is just something to have as your passion in your mission statement, along with your for profit company, the world would turn at a completely different pace. Absolutely I wanna go back to something you said Christians you about women's day in their lane. That is something that a real experience when I started this business ends I think that two thousand and thirteen I had started a clothing business and when it was really growing blue and black list,
we had a business and just go out of business and they did a caricature cartoon of all of us. We were involved gowns and they stuck our heads on an Jessica was holding an iron MIKE and I was holding a vacuum cleaner. The whole thing was so ass a thing tat. The tears whose rampart drew that living massive publication- and I have since been enough obligation- and they said sorry, but talking about ten years ago. I'm talking about you doesn't give tee you when we do so. Okay, we're going to be on for no real we're going to do something. Take a swing. Investor owned money are old time, but our reputation and try and do something that George Clooney has done. Robert De Niro dying and jetting lampooned, for it Since little girls is, if you had sex as in one area, we can have success in another, exactly don't even try your life,
key that you had success in one area. You should be grateful. Yeah, there's a several women who said not for me. I don't wanna, be an actress anymore, Two things are entrepreneurial. I wanna have a different kind of life for my family and I don't know think it so limited media can be so punishing the ends. I think it's a great thing that, we just have other ways to get information on its right with information and all sorts of complications by there's a lot of good came out to all the women talking more about our politics. Culture, finance, sober we are supported by is supported by better help better. How kind of comes Then this interview, because we talk about therapy and how easy it is to get now re, that's because of better help. It's because of that. Our help, making great specific therapists
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just being polite and being sweet and being nice and kind, and how did you overcome that in order to be this, like powerhouse, or did you or did you use that as an asset? I have the over enthusiasm scene and at the over friendly though, I would walk into meetings in allaying when I was sixteen and I we overwhelmed people with my excitements I never worried. I wasn't enough. I always worry too much for people to tone it down. As I can get you a hundred really fast but I mused learn hello, walk that dog because- It isn't always appreciate it now. I think people those basic, genuinely exist, is meeting people and I'm genuinely excited about every project and now I'm tired, but was it hard for you to like stick up for yourself, but I think this is everywhere for women. You're told not to do that,
I didn't actually helped me growing up in that they have a lot of different ideas and I, early harm, constructive conversation? People have completely different opinion. When I was really beyond was workin battles that, as the older and more people, and I would see conflict. It didn't feel scary to me to be in conflict with people died. Didn't agree with. I knew how many civil about does it really like an albanian brown there's wondered tat. I always go back. jack operating a war s which is actually negating with people who do not share your opinions and that kind of dialogue, I think, is lost in this extreme culture. I think important any trace those my kids I made my kids gives you a camp in the south. Oh that's great, The other would have been experienced. People who grew up completely different, luring different things, saying and things and how
define the middle and how not to find those people as a direct threat. The moment you find that they believe in something that you don't Perhaps there is another layer which I think that this is what were lacking when we teach people about communication. Is that like? Why don't you find out why they believe in? Maybe it's not at all what you think. Maybe it is like. I don't believe in that. That's interesting what made you believe in that, like the curiosity is something we ve. Currently lost and the meeting in the middle of literally Rhoda children's book about that this year, called the world needs more purple. People trying to realise that both sides sometimes have the same character traits and we can talk about things and we can understand each other and there has to be a meeting in the middle of one of the best things I got from the book raving willingness. Was.
Instead of taking the blunder leading to be right, being open minded that you might be wrong and also on grounds, but think again is really great about that. You ass, we love Adam, make room for doubt that right. Where are we you re always I wanna be. I was I I don't want to hear I am not an expert on that of financial analysts. I dont know about foreign policy that much. I am learning every day, but I also think that this is a really good tool. It should, as you wish, is that so, just in June or the cooler something even share with me. Most able but what you are doing is then opening both sides up to doubt by the way with the minute. You have something like that that you both share, even if its doubt of like ha. I guess I don't have a back up for this. That's real communication.
I won't even deal purple people do that so interesting. There are little dead, serves the right and a little bit of the left, and I find myself going, but what does it have to be this or that? You believe in those bad boy. That seemed like a pre, solid idea over here. We need both. We really do need both. We need imbalances, and I'm sure you guys will co sign on this. I think we need more women, while women tend to look at both sides as like just the maternal instincts were all built with whether you procreate or not, and even if you are
a born assists woman, I'm not leaving anybody out of this fathers can have men can have, but when you have that maternal thing that Mama bear thing you're looking at it from the point of view of the good for all making sure everyone's heard, and it's just necessary right now and taking an emotions. The emotional intelligence element that women bring to the table gets lost among a big group of men. There, like thinkings a smart man, especially, is it's so logical, is all fast mass and there's just the truth of life, which is where emotional beings and you got to take that into play. Yeah and I think conflict resolution. I think women are very good solution, because you have to survive and have to keep going. not looking like the opposition within Turkey is a major I'm not looking for that. I do think we will strive for gender balance, everything nature is watering your hair and fire and dirt. We need that balance
and it's way are we offered to many to happen dozens of yours and I think, if we can course correct to get to some sort of more balanced world, have to think that's gonna, be the utter my face this guy's, I wasn't, gonna write a power while I'm not surprise. You went to Stanford based on that nice sum up and now I want to say that, because people dont know that again back sorry, sorry, we ve grown up under the bus twice We are talking about your And I was like ass- she really fuckin smart. She went to Stamford he's like sheet and I was like I've. Yes, yes,
indeed, don't look at the link. Pretty blonde girl like make all these assumptions. This is what we are fighting against anyway. I did want to go back real, quick to say that when you said you send your kids to camp in the south. I love that and there's Dunbar's theory, which is a psychological theory that you can hold hundred fifty people in your brain, and I had this philosophy on life that a few diversify each one of those People you're gonna be much more of an empathetic person because you'll be able to connect. When you hear a story about gay rights, it's like oh yeah, that's my friend Joe! So of course I want him to have love, and I want him to have this, and I wanted him to have this and you know the muslim ban. It's like! Oh that's, my friend, this, like you need to diversify the hundred and fifty people you keeping your brain and yet. camp, is a great way to do that. I think that's you and me even reading of muslim
representation in stone and and television is so off, it's so big dark. Look at that as just one tiny example of how there's, probably not enough muslim creators inside the Hollywood system to re write that story My brother is a really country. Does easily Sesar member states, peacekeeping and in a peacekeeping understood representation on film is in there greater understanding, even in our country and some you think, Hollywood's really behind in some ways: ass we do other industries that are way more advanced in representation way more advanced in thinking. Technology and cultural shares exerted a work is going on I think it's really right for destruction. I think it's time that we have
review, not land companies, warm people, colourless, running different departments in running studios. What's really interesting how things are shifting so fast to low fat, I couldn't agree more distant, getting sent scraps. How many are exactly the same formula: it's because Hollywood, their selling, something we are all selling something we are selling you in it. payment story and it is a troop and it is a formula all these movies are it's the Cinderella story, it's this story and you can related, but we don't have enough entrepreneurial thinking. Adam Grant, says, don't deja vu thing like do ya. He, like vice versa, the word where it's like, not something that you haven't seen before come up. I think first, what haven't you seen and make it come up there not enough entrepreneurial work. Hollywood, because it is a bit stagnant where having new work
homemakers having these executives take chances with putting money into a project and going. I know you ve, never seen this type of story before I know it's outside the formula, but I would like to make it and hears why it will be successful. Yeah or they're gonna be left behind. here's. The other deal everybody's going to make your own stuff and self publish it pretty much in. Like t minus ten seconds, will result publishing world like look at how much music has shifted to eating last less architecture, around management and representations borders. There publishing someone tiktok and becoming huge yeah and then the river. engineering it and then getting representation, but it's just really interesting and I will say, to young people out there who are losing wherever it so important to know your business for years? I didn't know much about how they would like. I would just work from home and secure my kids and when it started, dig
ensure dollars. When I can problem solved for the parts in it that I didn't understand, it all comes from how its architects they didn't ultimately are. You said we are stalling stories. So how'd you re architect things and make them financially successful. Still commercially viable and I've never been to this conference with all these dunes. like panels, people and when Gentlemen stood up because Young seemed a little lies in he hadn't seen morning showing didn't see. While that is fine, but he is. I love you say about movies, and feminism came over here, He should do anything that just dumb for energy, which my Bennett that you be shocked how many all these ideas are bait into really commercial concepts you're my boy stuff. What are ya I also have the mines as wages for me and my husband
in writing. I and the kid has gone about, or whatever do I really want to turn on average. One really wanted to go to the movies, to see that the answer is no. We don't make it because the under the J People's time is more precious than anything. It's not one or the other. It's not inclusive. for entertaining. Why is at an end and believe that exactly that's what I mean that's, why, like we can't sleep on just female involvement even by I'm the scenes. I can't wait for the day that there is an awesome action movie and it's nothing but blood and grits and muscles, and it turns out its directed by like a petite little very feminine female and it's just like all the men are like wow, like that's the kind of shock that we need to convince people like Elizabeth Banks, do he asked me such a ball, or am I gotta? really is, and she just goes- I mean a region. I am. I talk to her she's in a different place A different thing: she's gotta game show now maybe she's doing
another giant action movie than she's got a whole. It's perfect series and it's amazing and women. doing in doing in doing this generation of women they inside. Recent managed to keep pushing in doing were never again time in our lives. Has there been a shift in education is just didn't work experience as a shifting The way you could call up there is just totally changed telemedicine and so much behavior changed in a really really short amount of time, and I think that it's going to take a little while for us to be able to zoom out and kind of look at it in a the cool way back, she's degree, time to innovate and there's someone
opportunity in that shift for women to get ahead and for us to insert ourselves as leaders in in spaces that we haven't been before. Yes, I want to bring up one thing that we haven't really talked about very much on the show, but that I think, is an incredibly relevant to the topic at hand. I heard you talking to our deity Oprah on Youtube. My love, your interview with her. It was so rates we didn't have to say anything. Could she knew exactly what we wanted to hear? by the way you talk about knowing the business. We tried to prepare all these questions, but we are gonna, be prepared for a breath. And they look in her eye the moment this started was, I know, exactly an interview needs. Let me take ivory. I do acknowledge your we maybe four questions over the course of an hour in fifteen minutes, because she knew what she was supposed to talk about for this content. For this story she was like girls, I got you, I know what felt so. Don't worry
Talk about knowing your business yeah she's amazing, she knows a temper in real needs. It's about food, the EU and then internet politics is the importance of the region, getting your enemies, it's crazy! Let me tell you done funny. Oversight is you're, gonna need this. Yes, so Indy killing, and I were I not wriggling time in a row. We be paintings three mystical beings together and EVA the burmese military Junta, and so I thought, of course, over However, I will make a trailer, no open guy ready and make us share with me and Wendy everyone. Firstly, million. I'm worried over every kind. Holy shit wintry covers every morning ok. Now I remember you, we tried turning on music, emulate Danzig oversight. What are you listening to me?
you know like most andreasen music. I know really don't, listen to music and still it you'd my thoughts, No, no! It's ok! in India. I came in and others as a windy. Did you see jail in her work out of it? I got her black silk. wait. A minute like I know Joe literally doesnt, ever failed to impress me an ogre. Isn't what are you talking about jailers by George Gus ok, yeah, I don't know what do you do? I did she goes testing. How about your brow, my guy, that other guy, but about is amazing. I think, all really Issues like unjustly would eat much already says: COM, never loses an address. Oh,
my God, what you look. This is a perfect example of ideas. Don't have to be mutually exclusive. If you can hold two things in your head and your heart at once up you can like love and be dancing to beyond, say or Bruno Mars and also be worried what's happening in Afghanistan, that you do not have to be One thing is very true. I think it's important to celebrate Dick an here for the people that you love and beef ban, and enjoy line. It has gosh. Life is hard man, something like heavy separately, Ok, I am talking about jailers by be impressed. She looks really It's an illegal by its other worldly and were all just trying to scramble to figure out oh she's, doing Eric back, whose essences she drinking because his so phenomenon, all that her number
her age from what I understand is going up like the rest of ours is flight. Is that's not the visual? but we're getting. I think it is really good character. Yeah yeah, I think her dancing career also helped a tonne. Joseph knows herself she's trying to be cookie That's what I really like about like she's her, which is often we are supported by is supported by article. I was best on the article website, because I am sick of all my current furniture and I'm going to replace at all with article everything is so Sheikh and so sleek and it's just a great go to place because they cut out the middle man. So you save thirty percent over traditional retail prices and you are not sacrificing on quality at all. The stuff is awesome notion, rooms, no salespeople, no retail mark beautifully crafted peace.
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ok, I'm glad we had that light moment, because I ever about its figure to a darker place. You were talking to opera and you and Monday both actually who just of love Monday, so much she's, my hero, she's done so much for me as like an idle but Oprah asked you guys a bow oh a moment where you had to come into your honor for veal, your destiny, and you said it was coming out of an abuse of relationship yeah. I was I catch. We haven't talked about that on here, but I dont know a woman who hasn't at least ten generally experience some kind of abuse physical,
ocean. All mental yeahs means about one in three women experience: domestic violence with so many other levels of abuse and psychological abuse, financial abuse, it's real I was really proud of the work that we did in big little lies to talk about this woman. Who was very upwards. Well, those who is very elegant. She presented a well she's, even tell her best friends that she was in his very weird sexual abuse of relationship, and it was a cycle that she just couldn't get out, as I think it did a lot. You just open up that conversation is so complex. These dynamics, especially the psychological ones, because there are cycles and at some portion of the cycle, things are really good. So, when you're at the bottom of the cycle, it feels like kind of impossible to get out because
You also have this good portion hanging over it like it is confusing yeah and I wanna be subordinate to anybody out there. Who is in the middle of this? There is hope for you there so many resources and literally you're, not alone. I promise you If you tell somebody they're gonna say I had something like that happens me too. How can I give you support You can come stay with me or the I've had girlfriends come live with me because they did not feel saves, and knowing that. There's no shame right, the summit, shame that people put on people. Even if you children and we have to do more to help each other break these really bad cycle? If you can break it, for your stop, you're going to break it or somebody else and you're going to really be able to help and heal someone, and we have to keep talking about it- has to be brought up in me even more places because the psychological aspect in particular it is not like a black guy where you can see it and not.
The ten dentists will tell you that's a black eye and that shouldn't have happened to you know what I mean like. If its gas lighting you will be going to leap in your head going. What did I do to contribute to this situation because you can't make em tactile those little emotional vignettes you have in your life? You can't make them into one black eye where someone could see it and you could get help so org rising emotions, plus when your tangled in your experiencing any form of trauma or PTSD. Your brain is not firing correctly, so continually trying about it. Somebody may hear one little nugget that allows them to seek help or say to their partner, I'm not going to participate in this type of relationship anymore ray, and I think she really as open communication about every single aspect of your life of really get into relationships. Money is that women. Do discuss enough, and I have had several friends you experienced being controlled by now
being the breadwinner by being the stay of her mom, worse, the woman who didn't have a big enough career to stay in it. So during this chaotic, during the endemic had to walk away from work it now there in a back seat position. I can't seem to you. Would they need honoured. The relationship financially is so important that you, having is really open conversation, does the other issue it Why do we not place more value on the raising of children drives me up a wall? Why is there not justifiable amount of money for caregivers and the elderly you're carrying someone's parent inside your home or definitely able child. Why is there no value for that? It makes me crazy. You are a hundred per cent
but that's the other thing we need to start screaming from the rooftops. This is important. This is important, passing laws. Let's talk about it figuring out. What for profit for good stuff can be a part of this like I just do. This punk has called no one is coming to save us about the craziness of the child care system and how Our people who killed the original childcare laws were men in government who were only allowed to be in government because their wives were taken care of their kids. It's unbelievable. It makes me crazy, Those people get a war is somehow the women financially dont benefit from it, but they had the most noble job was to raise healthy, strong men, we well community thoughtful kids to grow, great you been nearly impossible and we put oh value on, and it's just again. If we had more leadership positions, things when really change we'd have their parental leave policies, tool that some
payments really being discussed right now and could actually be a reality. We need more support for people who have to lose their jobs care for children, almost three weeks Number, no we're paying our pants. not remembering our phone number. You can't you completely sleepless I'll, relate this back to social media, there are a lot of dad zones on the internet now that are making it awesome like this dumb, dad pod that I'm a Monica knows I'm completely obsessed with on Tik Tok. Every single video is so hilarious. a parenting, but there's all these dad zones that you can go and we like, oh yeah dad's, has they don't raise the kids to, but like parental leave mom and dad having leave, because the reality is a doesn't stop at just the mom, getting her twelve weeks off, go ahead and give them herons. There's two people to make a baby for a reason, as babies are difficult,
Very very loud It was a very difficult human beings. You need some support, I do not have. Allies were with my first baby and I learned really early life does not. I tried trading muscle room for five months. Sweet emerges nicely and I just did him delirious. I couldn't work. Did my hands you and I lucky enough to have money saved, I didn't have to work, but it's just no one person job. I would even It is not a to a person, job yeah, it's a support system and I actually want to stop to give a shout up we're talking about this in the realm of women, who did ever savings account when they started having children, and that is not true for ninety nine point: nine percent of people, but if you
Who are a woman who is doing ok and your listening to this problem in your thinking? How can I get something actionable out of this? Are there is a great group in allay called alliance of moms lions, amongst works with the alliance for children's rights? It's like a leg of it, and it is a group of about three hundred hundred fifty of US volunteer moms end throughout LOS Angeles, all of the women or men in foster care that were teenagers when they had babies, we've sort of become their support system, so that is driving them. Two doctors appointments there's like a camp once a year where they get to talk to a sleeping, specialist and reading specialist in a little a trainer. About all of these things about how to raise their kids, because the staggering number of kids that are born in the foster care system to teenage foster mothers will just absolutely end up back in the foster care system. There are volunteer. communities if you wanted to be the support system for someone who is having a hard time in your community, a hundred percent. I just challenge you to take five minutes to Google, who is helping be a support system for young families that don't ever savings
how that might need a meal taken to them. That might need to be driven where once in a while. If we really work together, we can make practical change for a lot of these parents. I think that's very well said Anne. I love you? I love you huge Martin up to this period everything that you do to help women and we had to the more we help each other. It's gonna get married, these organisations. Every moment I looked back a going to charge a reasoned, nay in there. always not regime is taken back and be in service, the matters and its aim of her name for a day and age is one. Is they like where my favorite quotes and is also monocles birthday? Am Madonna, an Dave Chapin? Oh my god. What a day even today, beds but everything she says. If your dreams only include yourself, then you're not dreaming big enough. That's the low back her bad. As per every episode. I try to pick a low bow
tattoo, I'm just going to have a bunch of words I'm attending my, but by the end of this, that's probably going to be it on your Netflix show shine on. You had pink on yeah and you guys talked a lot about this phenomena that happens to young girls where they feel like they have to be stupid, to be appealing and how badly. We need to come back that it was the nineties thing about women who was pretending to be stupid. It was like high dumbing yourself down was attractive or some thing yeah, and will we all got really sorted applauded for that? really bother me mainly because, My grandmother was this woman who was so smart and so well read, and she just had almost no opportunities to expand herself and she's a school teacher, but she wanted to be so much more and where she grew up in the experience we have very limiting, and I think God is american women. We have so many opportunities
and you just think about anything. That's going in other countries and how women have no appreciative. I'd education or higher education or employment, oranges, civil rights and It's just another way. We can diminish women if they pretenders to bed were road that ignorance, images you crazy, is a young woman, because, I would say we're just making strides all these women fought so hard for us to. Have you heard the animal is please we worked. So how'd you get here. We have to keep rising so interesting, like I am. Thank you. Thank you. There's no other way to articulate a how much we love you and how much you mean to us.
so many other women, and so many other people in this industry, because the force is not just the fact that you are a female. It is that you are a mole gall and you are a storyteller and everything you do is touched with this level. Of goodness that we are Also grateful for you and I just really hope you thus continue to do this. It is such a joy to listen to your thinking ends. I want Start the holding by saying: are you guys doing Dewey we doing we well, yes, I mean were also busy. This one has like six movies coming up in a raw who so organ doing, sections but yeah, but I think you have little little pod like sections where we get a nice group together and will be a little bit more organised, an experiment in Europe. It is important for us to have an inclusive group
a whole lot of voices represented and we wanted to represent different colours and different backgrounds and different Pradesh professions yeah. So hopefully we will continue to do pods of ten somewhere throughout the year meeting. Will thank you for having me and so fine talk any off and just keep going? I love was that they are under EU us. Thank you, as ever get less you girl thing You were there, I didn't believe girls dinner baby suffer.
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