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2019-06-03 | 🔗

Will Ferrell (Anchorman, Saturday Night Live, Step Brothers) is an American actor, comedian, producer and writer. Will sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss the impetus for Anchorman, his reverence for being on a team and his love for Sweden. Will gives the backstory of when he dressed as security at a Lakers game and Dax questions Will about the ways in which he contradicts comedic stereotypes. The two talk about childhood moments that led to careers in comedy, Will discusses his compulsion to put himself in stressful situations and Dax admits to occasionally getting angry at Will’s creative genius.

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Hello, hello, hello, welcomed, arm, chair expert boy we have a big fat yesterday, I dont mean fat in the shape of the guest. I mean in the star power, the legendary comedian, an idol of mine will feral, is here day wholly smokes. What a call to get rob. They was open to doing this by gas as a big one. It was a big one. Course. You know welfare from Ankara, man tell it ignites nights, blades of glory and, of course, arguably top three best. Sarah live performers of all time I mean he's just beast. I worship him and then, on top of it, just a sweet son of a gun. Now here's where the bad news that was a good news, Will Ferrell's here miniature mouse again: okay, she's she's, out of town, I was out of town chords for something not fun she's out of town for something fun, so there won't be a fact check immediately, but we are going to record a fact check, a slap on their another reminder. We still have tickets for Cleveland Detroit in
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For the best sheets ever he's. Now. How are you on the temperature? I'm good, I assure beginning to Chile, for known or now lying I run hot. You do Ria that doesnt shock me at all. Yeah, I run high. No, don't I'm doing a fact. That's the do you ever have the junk it Were you break out into flops? What I dont have witnessed? and I got a lotta co star. Yes, yeah I've had that man where for whatever reason something was asked, I was like all
you really was inaugurated by or I got tease excited I mean really funny bit sure. Am I can't I'm sweating like a pig? Will there's a tremendous amount alighting in a very small react to start with your and basically a hotel? Why we have to do the pre thing of like? Can you just chill it down like sixty open up? The amateur drew help me out yet our yeah yeah. Now, nowadays the cameras look at you and those in the dark, but you don't you I'm ok with this where the general ok, but what I have observed in others- and I imagine it's the same with you once it starts here. Die. I gotta do shouted down he others nosing around the block you'd, have to examine a double eyes or something to stop it and then them apart. As comes in with the coal tell on the back of the neck and ass, like are you ok, argue for an hour using a you ever pudding like paper telling you my journey quite go in there like do you, wanna, take off your jacket and work
Where did that? None of the EU average you're so yet? Well, look at that That hasn't happened me hey originally. I will. If I worked hard enough and it starts. It is really hard to get the horse back in the bar. You like, I will then go to work and I find I'm just sweater all over the next hour. I've had the work out quickly into the shower, get ready for, the event and I can't stop soil is out there like make sure there's a half hour buffer sure, because there's nothing worse then you get out the shower right. You feel you dry off. Ok, I'm dry and then you get in and for the mere may brush your teething us unwed again, and then you really oh, that's medium. While the latter off yes, so, yes, let me just show you couple things that are more energies. Belle farewells. Yes, welcome. Welcome, William, Fair, thank you thank you third, I dog desirable
what I am doing- ordered percent guest in my head- that you would have some opinion about the story. I had a couple thoughts about you before you got here, and one of them was you're going to notice this dog in you're gonna right away. I do you, does it not me You feel well the Mau. It's a very very aristocratic yeah past door, Mass Mastiff, I believe sure, ordain and soon a Dane but its profile. So here It's so handsome! There's a greek growth
Give us a little bit off on the right side or trip there. That is the banking ruined. This doesn't match the roaming high. I mean I was drawn to a strictly over your head right right to do that now for MAC Avelion nervous, and I promised your over your guest. I promise you. I have only altruistic thoughts in motives with this away. I moved into this house you. Thirteen years ago I was I lived by myself. I just broke over the girlfriend of nine years. I was like onion a dagger right. Am I found this or that one on the internet and then it has a matching one, that's we're a stately will make it. He didn't make it all now. I should bring it, though, because it's kind of a pair and it's a whip it, but when I think of when I see that's easy backgrounds, acreage
upon a girl's, yoga, youngest noticing that now rolling hills. Yes, it's guy, and I have this fantasy about like the english countryside and how I would reveal living there were the dog like that. As with the Greek, the column yeah, somebody Gallo carried away when they were padded. I I'm drawn to it also because There was a moment or my wife, and I had three dogs, and we had this amazing photo of all three of them in just kneeling and it looked like they had pose themselves. Ah ha, and I was like all There was a place down in the West Village. That was pet portrait ok, there's a little shop, I'm gonna get that dogs p, let it professional that shared gives that a visa for her birthday right, and so we went and checked it out, and I was like I was thinking
I'm just gonna give her a photo and you just right Jack. No, I need to sit with DHA. That's not going to happen with them. All I do is. I need to see what their personalities are like. It was like tat. We re month, process going oh wow knock answer. She was so instead I was well. On something, and we got set decorator Rodrigo to pain it. She wasn't that thrown back. They didn't capture. Another person order, you needed the pie. No and I blew it- should have gone to the profoundly using less villas. No back to this opening, okay, so as yet another red flag from Christian, because I had a bunch of photos of myself from movies right and then I had these two, dogs, right in and I dont make meaning that the this, but it should take ok, I'm the El Ray. Hell, no real doubt no real dogs and- and she said going, are you haven't geocities issued two eyes right? Indeed, you have a diagnostic now I know under
and having dogs in truly identity, the concept of like there's an animal that lives outside. Let's get it in the house right right in, let's be mean: ok, my friends and to the point where they were sleeper my bed with years yea. I now git it cause. She has watchdogs and now I understand it, but at the time It sees no reason at all. I always got you dear to me. I'd like to have a chimpanzee lit think I didn't understand The same just have an animal on your home. I haven't home. Did you have zephyr growing? then we had one dog fur like a year that we to give away. I was gonna, save this story to like midway. When I wanted, will the cry? Oh yeah, what was that crowds name? Daisy of
The boy gave the rope. What can it was daisy? A mud Jason was a man like that, make it much more emotional that it was amazing. I was when my folks were still together and dad. Musician on the road brought a dog home, dangerous, then hit the road or railway train dog in a two bedroom apartment up. Oh yeah, it's like in his stead. He right. Until we had daisy, just wasn't work yeah minimums, I think, So my now have these two kids and dog India, or how many dates are you gonna be out on the road writer right? That's it you're guy thing to do, but a pretty much yeah and then it just Daisy found a new home. So I do in fact I should get some more info.
Sure. I'm gonna call us my mom next sizes. I would exactly happened to day week, in fact, checker. I fact check these episodes at the end on call your mom I'll find out Now I remember them because I'm obsessed with you- but I do remember all the times we ve ever bumped into each other- for sure, and I remember most of the conversations we had a while we bumped into each other when they first was. Momentarily was represented by Jimmy Miller right your long time manager. Yes, we love Jimmie Dale. Yes, yes, and he brought me to the set of semi brought an I met you there, which I was just at one of the march, those games. Yesterday, oh, you were an. I dug up the Flint Tropics war, Joe you do too, where, because Michigan was one of the teams and I wore my low flint tat because Flint Tropics Anna, let's face it, flints gotten the short into the state yeah yeah, and they still
we'll have clean drinking water, they dont, but no one really cared they'd anyway, you're not really well. Let me add doesn't matter. This is alive. A bit, though, like going to the inauguration of a president. In Europe's I mean they're out of a very big event was happening like this was a game. Eighty three in the NBA schedule and everyone's like looking around the ADI amid tournaments, though it's not that you it's not the sweetest, it was sweet sixty anyway, so you came to some opera. I came to semi pro even prior to that are net and I had done a movie together right, because did then he was written, break flatters me. You know that in you guys it already non blades of salary in so he was my only conduit to you look so when he got back from them. Like. What this tell me is, this happy is seems really is I got a nice guy and I was like well that's all. I don't know it's a terrible already good. Four hundred and sixteen horse power sock this dear,
you in there. You thought for such a good week, topped six hundred well horsepower car care even moved so anyways. You know, therein. I met you and I was just amazed without kind. You are most comedians. I know myself, included. Lazy person lives, hurry up the usual a lot of addiction. You now, with a lot of our young years, myself included you're such an enigma to me that your while it Jack I'm I'm I have to imagine you hate this, but I gotta get at other, went right right, you're, my favorite comedian. I worship you yourself, fucking, perfect and everything you ve done I couldn't like you more, it's like you and Bill Murray should be holding this dog behind me about that. Allow Russia to be the next portrait. Now with that said, I've always been perplexed by you're, always the butter, the joke,
your friendly as all hell you ve been married and with the same gale right twenty three years, you I think you drink the perfect amount from one of I've heard about you, everyone I know about you like how many there's this guy. I think he drank fight on that's the perfect number. You got a little drunk. I leave just in time, yeah yeah did I gather all the right Info data that describes you right yeah? How do you do What is it, what is the secret its yearning? yeah. I know I've been ass. This a fair amount of the lack of the dark comedian stereotype yeah right. I've struggled with coming up with a sink answer that kind of sums it up. I think I'm predisposed to if I'm in a bad mood, I wake up the next day and think of myself who care
Fine yeah, I vote so I'm predisposed to that right. One number to it. It doesn't mean I haven't, had a chip my shoulder. Ok, that how and which is you know, few wanting to do a George Bush one man show, you know doesn't mean I don't mind, satirical e, poking people in the eye. Well, that's true, so so that I enjoy. But I'm not on sulphur meet item not on Twitter and like hey what you ve done, a really artful job of an answer. My wife does is really well too, which is you certainly have opinions, but use done in a way that in my opinion, has not alienated people and has not yet overtly polarizing, which I believe personally is the way to go, because people's ear ears are still open to right right right, No, no, no I'd rather do it through action. Do it through the work
store. Yet, when we were on the show we're doing certain I live, I never will to meet the people. I played just to be perfectly clean about the exactly is it your eggs of you? I would imagine in particular, although I had a trade How come you didn't you wrote? No, we didn't have to do. I gotta we'd know we're ok. Welfare tracheotomy at night now show what you get out of the hospital room and I wouldn't work. I would imagine that person my most susceptible to it would have been George W Bush yeah. You need only eight. I did meet him. One time you did after The show I met him during his inaugural is that first campaign, when you still just governor, ah ok, because here's my anecdotal thing about him, I've. Never, madam. I of course help politically the way you did when he was president right, but I went to a
a hotel in Africa with my wife and turn a manager of this place from Africa. He he's kind of going through some of the different people that have stayed there like bill gates had rented the whole thing Babo Block, and he said. You know the nicest person who's ever come Here- was George Bush yeah every ninety state up at the camp fire. With all the workers told stories in the I'm telling you the friendliest guy. That's ever I've ever heard two yeah yeah, so I have to assume that that that's he's just a really nice guy, probably it. But what what's part two of my answer here, the other thing. I've always had a unique perspective because of my father work and entertainment as a musician who basically work for them pretty forty years, doing kind of the mid level from night clubs to big shows this and that would ensue.
Did he piano and saxophone in but like and having steady work, but then also after school one day? Well, I'm not working at the zones or place. What happened yeah, you're, gonna, new direction, gotta find a new job, and I view the mercurial down nature of what we all do, yes and so it set this thing of ok. This is a total crapshoot, I too, like making my friends laugh in high school. I think that's where we all came from me. Our joy before we can make our friends laugh, that's right and I want to give it a try. I went to college loud normal, but then I can going now. I want to try this, but I'm not gonna stress too much if it doesn't work out, but I never have coveted. I don't know why you haven't. I've had moments were like shit that was funny wow. Had they think that be ass. That's crazy, but I m been like rides,
Don't bring their name up to me no way, there's good versions of Embed Virginia like I'm, a big fan of will forties. Yes, it while you obvious, We must be too, as you were, unless man on earth, to see what I have said very nice things about you, but dear that's a show or had there. He then there is another a feather in your tat. Slew I'll find the person you theatrical rail. If I also flower that it's uh, it's the still photographer on L, a true story, but so I was going to say, though I chose to and I don't wanna project button It shows the Divine myself in opposition of my bad. Oh, like ok, the kind of assess the way he was running his shell right and I
was almost like. I'm gonna do the opposite of that, but I could see where I would have adopted your point of view, the out of like why dont want to go down that road and I dont want to I don't want to live on the highs and lows of all this right round blatantly be late, emotionally yeah yeah, controlled by pursued. So maybe you had a warnings, yeah bookie, actually gave me the best visualize yeah yeah. Ok, he's wait in the car, he. He when I kind of we had coffee one day way back when, when I kind of said so dad. I think I wanna go for this comedy thing and any advice, and he was back, were and if you read this on paper, if that's not a plaque, it be the least inspirational thing you could ever read or heard, but in the
it took all the pressure off trying to succeed so because he had. At that point I was in the growlings and he had seen me perform any like if it was bad is solely on talent. I wouldn't worry about you. I really think the other is something there, but it's there. So much luck, there's! So much luck! So true, and if you fine yourself going down the road just give yours of permission to quit and don't feel bad about an hour. If you go down the road and you're couple years in five, whatever been yours like ours, not happening. It's ok, you can turn around figure out something else to do with your life and you won't be a fool oh you're it'll be the next chapter, yeah
for some reason, though yeah permission from your dad and how will this is probably not gonna happen, rice or I'm just gonna. You know it's that it's the baseball analogy I use this alot. Does the baseball now g of Like Ito, baseball players? If you hold the bat too hard, you'll never hit it, but if you hold it to lose going to fly out of your hands. Are they hold it just with the right amount, a grip, so I was just like oh just be loose with the bat and just have fun, and luckily there was Some work settled had similar to, and I assume someone told me- and I have said it to other Pierre, but it's kind of similar to this thing. I've said when people like I'm thinking about doing it. What do you think, dare I say it out you're, not talented. This is a terrible I No I say this is what the apparently David Letterman that's, what he would say. Real people ask us all like. Don't it's it's Superman
the figures are viewed by emu is kind of you gonna being serious is like I hadn't. You know. I worked at the com in store for ten years before I was anyone. Yeah, it's super hard. It's gotten harder and emphasise. I don't want to. Competition awhile, but he was like in general of his advice and go to your mind, If you'd be happier failing at this than sustaining at something oh yeah, then yeah yeah yeah. But what was interesting knows, I wonder view connected this because your parents got divorced when your eight, I think so, roughly room and You also said that third grade was like the pivotal year of your life. Were you discovered and were really funny you may could make people laugh third grade? Could have you connected the doubts that your aid in third grade yeah?
ok here, because I was going to say one of the things that really appealed to me about being funny was. It was a tiny little sliver of my day that I control of ok, like your rested this. I was very chaotic. The house, ass, chaotic right up dad's were terrible, but I would have these interactions and I could take the reins in I can control the outcome. Ok, like the outcome, would be someone's laughing and happy, and I was very drawn to that. Cairo control yet I mean it obviously was a mechanism to get love right in in a space in my life, where it was feeling stable right bite my existence. It was, I lived kind of a chaotic existence in the sea It's that dirty close everywhere. Aha, just messy Marvin a high, and
you two younger brother had hung heavy undervalues also in the coming years, but here's where once again doesn't connected stereotype. So you would think, though, divorce great technique. Friends, acceptance yeah! You would think class clown, right, no, really good student, ah ha schoolwork. You love turning things in, but that was probably mom, was a two, but my was a teachers were wasn't was never in fact. I talk with my with my mom about this issue. About our own kids, like how do you motivate or my go gang Oman Corrective wrong, but I don't feel like you ever wonder why did you do tat because I never asked you guys do your homework wants? Why Are we motivated? Then she said the single mom working bunch ajar. I don't have time right and I think you guys either took it upon yourself or maybe I intimated that you can create your own path. They'll, be consequences if you don't or whatever, but
yeah. I was just always motivated to turn myself. I'm gonna! U well, but you must have like the approval of the teacher yeah in their heads in the young and all that them right there could be a big motivator yet transversely of again I had the best moment plan yeah, but she also was not round I mean she was so busy trying to care three of us right right that, like you, I was pretty starving for some adult approval. Kazoo could be that could also be like I'm assuming you didn't and groping palatial estate with a divorce single mommy. Remember the show silver bones. Oh yeah yeah, oh you had a triangular trade flow living room. We all now. I really dont know why did any use it? I just stating that that an out and out came up recently. Ok, I was watching a repeat of ALF the other day. It was one of those were oh just annex
wickedly landed on alpha hush. I to see this through yeah an hour of the FBI and they thought that someone in the cast was a secret agent, so there were monitoring and then at some point, FAS on a two way: radio, with a voice actor. Impersonating Ronald Reagan- oh my all and Alpha's, giving him a sentimental speech where they live We bring in string Oh, why about how? So it must, at the height old war. How you know list our differences aside and low he alleys and alien from another planet right, as well as the finally reach across the ILO. If ever you know we're all humans regarding this plan of Anna was like, where health have a good boy. We should use it
now the rose is terrible, Meanwhile, a man is doing the voice and working that puppet that also the next time you stumble across it. I don't get it before the title sequence, because dish off the set in the title sequence in its state, its though there their titles equals for seven year low there on an address in that the dividing just Herr Mozart, you see lights and gradually. No, they left, because no one's gonna notice right more. We don't have to refute. It can't be done. Speaking of people inside of suits, I was just ethic allay kings hockey game and they have a mass got called bailey- lose a lion king of the jungle right thing, doesn't exactly all alike? He says the king of the gap that doesn't make sense now, but he's a lion, and I was there doing.
Braun Burgundy helped commentator during the kings game. I'll kick your sword dresses around and, of course, in the five minute walk it takes to get from the bowels of the stadium up into the broadcasts booth. They have a camera on you the whole also for media and everything that and I've got Bailey. Behind MA am I just up my just like earlier hard chart dislike for Bailey, and you know they're so demonstrative yeah because they ever speak right. It's all day. This Bob. What's up with the hair on the high five tonnes, a high five double high fire, then I'd made it this marriage and common to bear like Paley back off by for an egg like, let me read, em so he's folly we all round and then we stop and take a photo and finally there's this will make voice from inside a Baileys head
the past ah Bailey spoke unwise for you get right, you can for you guy into basely, love and Disney, went there not allowed ever Erik the fourth. All speed, but also- and I just here this morning in the brakes amongst those who work fifteen minutes anyone, but back it was a to better. Apartment there was browser, go all the way park was departments rights regret when you were a kid you covet wealth. Did you like sand the great that that's why that showed me silver spoons, we're so appealing I coveted well yeah. I think the fact
as you have. All your troubles would be God, that's right, yeah gone would be the days of going to South Coast, Plaza Mall and just staring at the toys through the window going some damn you get all of the micro knots ass, the one he has, but once again some sort of innate practical chip. In my brain, where I was like, I just like to live in a modest house. Ok and in fact I remember member once in school, this would be this would be later on, like in high school. I don't you know what the class was, but the teacher was asking what kind of carbon- You like to drive, I don't know what the exercise was in bright and people were like Ferrari, Leah Liberating does not, and I was like a Volvo like oh family man, I was like yeah, I guess so yeah
so anyway, that also citizens starting early with a slight obsession with Sweden. Can we put malady he's only like I'm all road Jerry were Leah. We, I am here which will give you stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare, we are supported by Sonos. You know I got home yesterday, while we were robbed from my trip to Michigan when I walked in the house, there was yacht rock playing in the living room and I thought all my family's in their note they weren't there. Then I walk the patio more yacht rock playing out on the patio I'm enjoying everywhere, I'm going because I'm hearing yacht rock- oh, I think here, yeah rock down by the poor, christening the girls are in the pool. Listen any yacht rock. On so knows it's plain everywhere! Then I took from my phone- and I was able to play on so knows a track that Bob Murdoch and I recorded walls in Detroit of me playing the drums about level three in him playing the piano at about a level eleven put on the zone.
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or pharmacy somewhere else go to for hymns dot com, Slash Dax, that's f, o r h, I m ass dot com site, stacks for whom not coms lodged acts. Guess so, there's there's a bunch of really counter intuitive things about you will, if you just, become aware of you or I threw watching you once, which I assume most people. That was their first impression right. You and then the various movies care to find out that you, an athlete like a really good athlete in high school you're, the captain of the basketball team right you're on the soccer team. You were the kicker, the football team. Don't these things as you may know, a lot about baseball and not even the local baseball. Oh you are a great baseball player. You go up, see us good you're, the tea anxiety, varsity team. Probably right, I hit three Eighty? Oh, my god! It's phenomenal!
eighteen hurts my sooner at eighteen minutes and eighteen strike out, so it either get ahead or strike out there. You go further gold right, you only got one more rules and rattle there also- and I dare say that that's shocking, for any other reason, unlike generally the funny person counter, and to do it, s essentially flooding. Yet I do think of these. Things can end up were unanimously at all. I was like the alternative apple I see boarded a snowboarder guy, not school sports, not school. I One schools bore in junior High did William Ass fond of school sports, while in my towns, I grew up in Michigan and I think, is a little different than Irvine from what I can see from California High schools, Piero just generally kind of nicer to each other. You know like we have good friend who is pretty openly gay and use the heart coming king or the same age were out only was an athlete and excited. I that that would have been at all dicey situation could not go to kind of even attended our high school. You know what I've been driven out gap also the jocks
where the jobs in the most fifties outside way, yeah right. So, yes, I read a king, so the school. They were the kings, it is at all yet so I did. I want to say that, like my my perceptions of Jack, jobs which is a little bit probably skewed going wrong or where I'm from felt like our death ya got in full. You all this, but I think these weird things do they come full circle in your life, in that you fourteen member, all the I always am that's. Why loved personnel, because of the undeniable once again absolute serendipity, the moment that I got put on that show because it was an entire group of people. As opposed to the piecemeal one at a time yes, coming into like this established hierarchy in trying to find and in a low ebb for the show it was, it is very much sink or swim moment, which we didn't really
I understand it was just like. Let's just go, have fun but all pulling for each other, and yeah yeah, and I I also made it very clear thing to the riders which was not was it calculated, thinks I mean maybe a little bit, but also I really felt it was because I keep seeing other cast members say no to small parts and sketches like, and I I double bongo, if he'd a guy to deliver the pizza say two lines here I'll. Do it I even love those small things, because I think I can get a laugh sure at the two. You know, and I I could see the calculus of the show that you didn't need to score every week. In fact, meal and of all out war. My favorite one of the great he saw me at one of the parties that first season and in it very Kevin. You always like you're you're funny.
And tall guys do well, I'm sure, and just remember you don't know through a score every week. Just season. You look back in their ten moments right, you're a great year, yeah like oh, you write an eye. Also learn that a lot of times that one line you had in the one sketch is the one thing. Someone comes up to you on the street and as for sure so, but but also to Similarly, loving watching the other cast, get laughs and, right is enjoying all of that is so, but the team thing mean a stand up like starting comedy Cassini under him drive gotta, you ve got that small piece, a real estate yeah, in knowing that from when I tried stand up like oh geez. This is
it's a long wait group of human being made here to the most by ruins, pretty unhappy very unhappy and to be in it. Again at school, yeah really alchemy you're doing great I'll get angry I mean you ve had to moment is a little blood in the back my throat, but they said that's normal, that's completely! We should have had a year, Europe, you do much, I'm pregnant with an evil. We had two moments and then have to change the dressing in about ten minutes, but I will go, That is that our that's! Why they're male nurses staring out over his, but to be an improvised yeah. You have to go
for eight, because you're so reliant on the other person that it does. I'm really grateful that that's how I came up as well as that you, u relied on each other so much, and if I recall you right out of the gate. Your first episode you have like three or four big sketch like cheerleaders, was first episode No, there was much later out Remember, going like oh yeah, really in the shell, that's kind of a big moment, because I had a very Heavy first show right out of the gate, which was super exciting. One of the consistent Lee negatively reviewed CAS members after that for show your, Yes, oh really. I really bad this guys, the worse told, and so you stumble
brass should also in your brand new yeah, you're Larry, quarterly say: yes, it it first. It was like, doesn't feel so good, but then back to this disproving the theory of what we're talking about here. I just started laughing about it and I just cut out every bad article and just paste it upon the walls, my office, and it was one of those things called me. Most annoying newcomer, oh boy, so I made a plaque. My war? I was like so be it, you know it. He was just a reaction to you coming out with so much. In going out at all hard in clinical kind of analysis. There was a lot of sketches where edges yelled, Those measures are in somewhat defence of the reviews.
So that is more decibel compliant exactly noise. Exactly but, but with athletics, though came the love of the discipline of practice of showing up on time of you know knowing the playbook so to speak, and that is why loved, do not show as well here end in a becomes obvious, though it when, when you have the option to construct the kind of work life you wanted. You then did that from your families from the outside. It appears that you ve done that when you, you have a group that your comments, Coming back to whether to working with Adam. Are you working with John C Riley or yeah and Nancy He seems to be like the biggest win out of all you ve got to do. You know now what kind of getting into zone of, like all the things that I think are funny, but they still funny right of the outside world. Yeah I dont know right, we'll all
the recent history yeah baby ends yeah. I can name the few that have made it too seven. These yeah boiled rice days daily Romani irrelevantly, stating how you know that's what happened? I don't know about this earlier theory, I knew that I want to run by you. One was so you had a run of movies, were they we're pretty much set in other time periods, rightly or wrongly forgive me and then semi per hour and then maybe it ends there. All right you this long stretch of two movies in driving forward was CASA de me. Padre set van was wholly different. Missourians time continued little, but I had this kind of armchair theory about those things was one is: don't you love kind of the cover fire of being able to play at different times where you can explore like machismo
Is it really massage any in a very funny? It's like it's a little bit more innocent you, you can't really making jokes and our time period. No, I I think that it also probably subconsciously is, is kind of playing on the stage of being a kid from the seventies right to cause. I you know now what This was done talking my kids about it too. Like I was, I was asking my our oldest son he's in high school. My do you guys have like a show. You guys all watch Are you guys have the one thing and you like? No, not really here, there's virtue much right, everyone was a bit of this in a bit of that and listened to this person here and it's all a mishmash and they share at all, and I can I remember having butterflies and my stomach waiting for happy days to come. On Tuesday nights. I am your by law,
I'm sure now that such comfort food of knowing get my homework done and why happy days, followed by lover sure it's Saturday night forget about it. Right, love, boat, fancy, island, a hub, the love, those important both our loaded, yeah yeah, two hours, two hours and then movies to themselves right areas like a beginning, a year and that the ones you saw only but but going back into those timezone look as if the one thing I was thinking do as even when you're, like your new in the growlings right in their asking you to come up with characters and at that time. For me, I'm drawing from like an older brother who had it over me, a boss, I hated at California, pizza kitchen, you like one of the things. I think Potentially, that's a problem with comedians in comedy is a lot of the fund.
Or when you're young is like these people. You have to deal with the chairs, their bosses, and that starts to fall away. Yes, it yet pitfall is all of a sudden, your kind of the boss in you're not eating shit from somebody, so you're gonna be running out of media area. So like one of the new reserves, like. I wonder if he's drawn going back to a period where, like he was still eating shit, you know like breeze. Still those guys some kind of power control. No, I mean you know the anchor man is literally was from watching a spell, on Jessica, Savage so, she was one of the first female news gasters to go from first. What a breakthrough on
local news to ascend all the way to the network and had this tragic kind of where she actually is a famous clip of her? And it was you know before this proliferation of cable news, one of the big breaks was when you got to do the live in between commercials on the network. You would read: it was like a minute of headlines. Ok and break t alive and be national and she was drunk on, storing and then had this up in that led to this tragic was she rector car died in a car elbow sources. This horrible little enemy outside of that a man has nothing to point was I was watching a special on her whole life here, and one of the sound bites, was the guy she's to work within Philadelphia Pittsburgh who still even though, is retire spoken. It a new
cast your voice and he was like you have to remember back then I was a real male chauvinist pig I did not speak to Jessica. I did not like her. I did not like a company, and I made it known to her- that this was going to be a tough road, there was any just owned. It all comes. I caches he's been retired for ten year, instills still toxic and so I started serving all be funny, a character who, like even the grocery stores hello. How are you yes I'll? Take the back garden of cigarettes, NL, and all that would be funny a comedy of the first female yeah to break through male world. So it wasn't necessary me thinking about seventies? Has it was day our line, but it is interesting, as you can ever really be aware of why something is appealing. I don't know yet
I like something is just funny together, you that's right. You go down the road you run. I spent a whole lot of Carl Demi Boardrooms, like justice haven't, What an known and American calmly to speak Spanish for entire movie, indeed use be. Eased spoke spanish prior to that. No new data doesn't Highschool spanish yeah, ok, so yeah- that was twenty three days fever dream no literally didn't picked up at six in the morning with the translator with me, he would drive with me. Ok- and we would go home over that days, just in the car. Forty forty five minutes just go through the scene and then on the way home he would drive back when we start the decks day's work. Oh in did you ever have me.
That's why you shouldn't leaders like I can't do some is going to hold it in front of me. They did. There were a couple to dot the very first day of filming. We had to start on a huge monologue. Oh, why so few cards ready, ok and I kind of use them, but then also started. Yeah it was, but halfway through, I was like: why did I why did I wanna do, is so harsher yeah yeah and it's the same with the George Bush, show. Every night I would be hanging in the rue literally hanging, because the top of the show is that if you are number after the inauguration of the new income, president comes they have the exit, meaning and then the outgoing first family is lifted in the Marine helicopter right. So I thought it. It would be really funny. Let's mimic, the helicopter is litter,
he has taken from the White House, is dropping him into the theatre. So I was on a hard line. Impelling it s all right, but so they take me up like two minutes before curtain and I'd be sitting up there. Literally, hang an eye witness do you wanna do. Why did I agree to do How am I gonna remember this? Every minute show every year. I write me and then by the end of you like this is a great thing. I've ever done, yeah wait for tomorrow, night and then back, doesn't warehouse, alighted history Tamiflu? What's your problem? What why that was three months of the year. Oh ah in eight shows a week here. Oh my goodness, and also within the body. The show didn't do myself any favours because Bush
It was known as giving everyone nicknames in his cabinet and so I'd go through. We bring the house lights up, there would say Everyone knows like to give nicknames and what a what we're going It was raise your hand, give me your name and Europe. Russian I'll give you a nickname, and I will just a scattered a shot aroused and, as I really save the le, hardly like almost to the show now the hardest part B out yeah, but I obviously I'm drawn to holding my hand over the flame. As in some way in the do you think, maybe it's like two to keep herself awake like kind of lightning challenge myself to stick like mental mentally. Jill whether they are young. I always feel like there's all these fork in the road. Where am I am, I could start coasting beer scene. I see like a path for me to starting hosting. I better do this thing and on a radio right right, yeah, fat, mixed
why are you doing it? You're not going to do that right will exist, can say my favorite things you ve done and I have a lot of favorite movies ears, but my favorite things are like. I was at a Fuckin Lakers, one time, look over an event, game. There's like six or eight guys in red vast, I'm not sure what they do, but there had the corner of the our third the cinema here to get. This is a good idea, but they're not mean red jacket yet jackets. Your vote is that even mean I'm not yet what they're doing but right and in your hand, like looking over my mother fucker, looks so much like welfare. Immunity must get that a lot in you just you're really mean there there's no real bit beyond into my knowledge beyond. Just you're there in a red jacket, and am I know that is will on honey. This fucking now bats. You're saying you don't want something. An angry I've seen some stuff like that, or am I got. It
Why haven't? I thought the asked them if I can, where the red jacket and just stand there stoic leave for an hour and a half? How did that one come about? was that outfit was a gift o Connor of course, will increase energy. We had a stretch a time when we give each other really weird birthday: gifts. Aha, they gave a full, regular people centred out how they got it. I have no idea but head to toe the pants. The tie, the red jacket- oh, my goodness, and I opened it up- I laugh why do you not like it I'm like now I love it. So much
The problem is not going to actually have to wear. It will be a complete failure, so it took me like that whole season, ok and We do this because I dont want up. If I wear it in they might go. Where did you get that from the right? right. I didn't know how they would handle it, so I snuck in the jacket. Ah I wore at this whole plan in need is a normal seats at sea. We have enough courts, I'd seeds, ok and Chris. And she came with me and he's like okay, so I like so if I get tackled to the ground, what are we do? He's like I'll, just be there with if I get escorted out, we had all this contingency, and so I was like fireflies. I feel I throw up an end So I have everything ready to go. It is to put the clip on tie and the jacket and we're like. Ok next next break next time out we're going for it so I just through it on and just got up and just stood the way.
Those guys stay he with my back to the court. Looking at the crowd, yes and then there's this became this ripple of life. All of us starting new. Real ass will like, who is that Guy euros aim Riyadh and yeah? Yes, I started to try to get out on the court of auditors to the guy's credit who was closer to me. He was like Scan. Have you he's what he's try not to laugh at the moment? I have been told: don't laugh at stuff right and You wouldn't know permission for. No, oh God bless you of. That makes me so how, and so he just said just like you skip just please don't stand the court a great, so I just stood on the baseline yeah. Just super Syria. Yeah and I'm looking around I can see they must have been talking to each other, because I can see the redcoat guys. Gonna ring the court, yes and there on the isle of that year. All them-
king around cutting their finger to their ear like, whereas people are probably consulting like a proteome book in the annex, as I yeah like what, where what's our moves so yet I sit back down and then get a tap on the shoulder, and I notice that Shack was there too. I was like oh he sitting down way over in the corner. I get a tap on the shoulder and those in the guy comes ok, I'm Bolivar embodies was shack. He thinks it's hilarious, he's getting ready to eve. Ah, do you want to throw him out of the game? I go? Ah, yes, that's great, so the next commercial broadcasting just start writing is go health. I stand up and but kind of shift. Over and Anna, I keep looking over it shack in motion.
Knock it off? He plays a long beautifully while even actually yeah he starts to throws hands up like what am I doing, and we do this whole little play where I'm like. That's it come with me, and I asked him out he's so large, so large, a large and he's cracking up ah and then the head of security comes. Are these owners like the guy's loved it made their way they thought of it has no more. They were likely, as you ve noticed yeah. They really appreciate what you did tonight me. Acting like a jack. I don't want to get too lofty with this. It's an art installation It really is a performance. Are you guys? So in my time, with Jimmy Miller, call them up, and I said- I want to be in a re enactment, the worst, the show, the better and no lines. Of course I want to have to act.
Like scream and do all that make them wrong and do all the things you see in a police show reenactment anymore, he lay goes now. This is just like Will you want to be a corpse on a show where you, you are a corpse? unlike a csi type of show, no no. I didn't I didn't get to do that, but I did there was this the show. Are we set it up like? I was gonna, be common, how to tell CBS they couldn't promoted at all. I did a fake name Phil Western and the credits, oh they, but these set up. The shock was the name of the enemy, and we Sarah behold storyline, where I'm like it looks like gonna be a new character and show in the last seen I'm shot mad. Oh, ok, but you did some acting in that he was so does not ordered yeah. Ok, I thought you just what would you do? Bearing up? I thought you were gonna, bring up the fact that what I really wanted to do is you. The d are mower those laws.
Those commercial yet in their own laser super tall weeds and their super tall we worshipper yet and it just usually a guy as like I'm gonna, be the guy pushing the tea or more yes, and we got to the five yard line, but the owner the company was like look. I can't guarantee that this won't leak and we do so To show up on late night tv were unity. Did you make it into a late night? Commercial I feel like. I saw you on bizarre. That would be so great. You know it only works if you stumble across We got to do the lifetime movie, though garrison where yadda, so those are the things that I have knowingly market deal either. Why don't you think of that? Are now better done right, but you ve done some really great things, but I've had some regrets. You have some regrets of moments. I didn't capitalize on oh one time being at the golden globes sitting, pretty close to the front and the first
category up was best song and Prince one, but he was late and it was just in timber like was presenting- and I was like gosh- she just walk up, I grant pull the trigger. I couldn't. What can I tell you, the one I land this year I didn't come to fruition. Did you see stars born? I did ok, you know when she winds. He comes up some stage and pieces pants. When my wife was young. For a golden glove this year and if she was was goin to go. Land and then pay my pants. You know get like a thing and then pay my liaison state like this is so for me, my own insecurity, so my it's so daisy cause people were illegal act, others fucking has steel. Her moment, like he's gotta do here, so that was my right here right, but a rain it by a bunch of people, as it was pretty Do you like that would be a great idea worth in g generally didn't want to make a speech so she's like this will be like how the pressure on me ass. Yet this do this. So
when in this never go out, but that was one that I was like really hoping that I could do that. But I am really curious about your time management Theo I'm your lawyer because clearly you're doing things that earn money the up and those have a certain priority right right and then you're doing things that you seem to be a player that loves playing the game. I guess you're making a hundred million other contract, but you seem the love playing the game in theirs. Evidence of it like the Rosebud parade thing like how did that come about a. We were all watching it at a friends as we have this tradition. We sleep on New year's Eve and we wake up only arose with an eye covenants whose people are dying and look. What's happened, you didn't go like this. Guy's got the good ideas like how did how did that? can come about that came about from us a text from a dear friend. We we share a lot of the same comedy since we've. Just like you and Molly, Shannon need to host the Rose parade in character was like dude. That is a.
An idea yes, and so it took us a while ago, did you get your weep picture to the rose gray LAD one guy. You really liked it and then had to convince shot arrest of the panel, and why mentioned I'm recession and allow these situations like. Where is he making fun of us really that we just pitch? Did that week? We were making fun of broadcasters. If anything, we were gonna celebrate the majesty of the Rose Braden that how much We love it, no matter the fact that no, Higher, see he's coming back and just what you love. It's simple methods and would bore make farmers. Jobs and our lives and our? And yet because of I guess, it's probably that the success of it Then it was like. Let us do the royal wedding yeah yeah we're still thinking of the thing I like you know sure, That gives you guys. I get the Kentucky Derby. The wee wee wee talked about that you did, that
ok, I was hoping our current present was gonna. Do this mill, Terry paraded all that what it mesmer lightnings, how we were gonna hosts that if we can do that, then we were do like telephone where we talked about how to how philanthropic our power it is, and let's see how much money is given the clock, let's check the telephone, a meter, how much money he's given to the area in its day just stated on zero should out there, but that was his fantastic. That, first time we do not end up half the people were. Like these? Are the worst broadcasters are Racine right, some people net? We realise these are comedians. What are you talking about Turkey as wide as he can, talking about his fear of horses for her one of the commons was this may be the last. My grandmother ever watches the prey. Luck, muffled guys have ruined boy like us,
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how much writing goes into it and how much of its strict improve its almost all scripted a harbor, but as is nature, as is the one that happen this year, The fire was all off. We didn't you get around it, I'm right in your yes in your lap, exactly yeah that was tic tat toe. I was so happy for me I'll tell you that I think be sad further people on it and I was like very high before you, but it's so much fun. We talked about the team thing, so we have Andrew Steele who writes it he's in the booth going talk about the fact that you know and Owen Burke is a Ucb guy and works for us. So they'll give us ideas to two riff off, so it's still full ferko moment, though a me actually using the broadcast stuff that I thought I was gonna do right, injured in sports broadcasts Year ice, but then you, you
quickly. You pretty quickly decided that wasn't gonna be free. I just saw that that is just as hard as trying to get into the eye ass. No, I thought well yeah go further me now that we ve taught for so long. I it's not shocking, but again I have probably these silly Michigan stereotypes and my heart rate, so even finding that you're gonna fraternity. As I is it all using fraternity. Yeah he's oh, but you were here and now that I know you makes perfect Sandia and How did you end up in that? That was kind of the only fraternity I probably could have joined delta, tar Delta deed T V What kind of anti fraternity earlier animal yeah was like? We really couldn't get. Anything together for like a really good party. Aha any and it became like a stage for me right. So we'd have Monday chapter meetings
I actually had a Monday night class for some reason- and I was the song chairman witches nothing, but when you have a party, another sorority sing, songs to each other. Ah, so I was in charge of running that here there no reason for the song chairman to ever speak in chapter, so Chap Does the Monday meeting that starts the weak up? All tracheotomy. I order you, God it's odd is catch the area. So I would take these song german reports to be played after for no reason right it was. It was just another way to write, sketches yeah man. I would hear back like yours. I've killed or you do not have one for next week, and so that just became another way you and even be there too. I wouldn't is either all MIKE. I mean you and talk about a pure motor. You couldn't even know witness the success of it. So, while ok,
Where were you at with girls? Did the sports in the being really funny? Did you always have girl friends with all you did it. I was not. There was not a there. Was that beer folk areas far there was not fruitful it wasn't. It really is true. The girls don't like the funny guy till later Yeah yeah, I guess a nice. Oh yeah, so what but your own status and zone can emulate your eye. We ate a lotta like high, will observe funny, P, Johnson or whatever right, and I think at the end of the day I was still too shy to try to even go there. Ok, so then I just would retreat to the comfort of my weird group of friends, ah how once again we'd go to a Friday night Icicle Party not necessarily get drunk but too you know take all of the frozen meets out.
The refrigerator rise, start jamming them into a microwave for no reason yeah and then, when many things in the wheels are would come up and go. What are you guys doing? Like oh Johnny told us to judge, start mark waving self occur, Doktor Johnny, ok hold who does create mass confusion, jar and then just leave so Ryan art installation? yeah? then you're you alive yeah. So when you met their yeah met her in an acting programme. I find this so fascinating
She in she still is right. She's an hour auction. You yeah, she still in. Does it a little bit yeah here and there is my idea of what that is accurate. Like did she talk fast? Can she do that old man? It's not! This is life. Is a movie bomber? Why what our auctions, naive about it and at a ragged and at an agreement on a French, no vividly the in the art world and shall do Our school auction aha, because all these Ella schools have big gala evenings in Zimbabwe, Jeanne exactly Adam? She can pick up the pace. She can't yeah in you down for a minute right. I, when you first, where were any we were. We were still just friends and she got me a job at the art auction house, Elsie Appraisal Corps. Later I was the appraisal coordinated, meaning the appraiser would get their nude walk him Taiwanese. I will write this later
you're the coordinated raised? I would field phone calls some one would say. I have you know something I need looked at: I'd coordinate the appraiser to visit them a high, and I do also type up the appraisals after they were done with them. Had a fantastic moment where the for the present the company was like, because I am at a stretch, rubs leaving a lot more. Ass, a pile of work by minorities and sure my UNAM raised a prey. That's it. I need to talk to you like, ok, he's like I, U or on synergies for at all. What's going on, I was, I am just gonna hit him with brutal honesty. I'm like you're, absolutely right unacceptable. Ok, so you really behind and like I know it's there, it's not good idea. This stuff needs to be done, giving idea. I have no idea when it will be done, but best efforts will be made
to complete the work, but you never went so far as to say don't value this job. No, Ok, you're gonna go all that we are using to promote. You know I managed, but its stunned him so much. He had that. I accept it out our poor. My job reform was things like ok, well, what sort of rushing out of shape up where you got and then I actually got CERN. I lie while still working at that job, but I had no money, so I still had to work at the job for three months, all knowing and people s and allow get going How do I get through his appraisal, my ten dollars or job? That's phenomenon? We met at an end in class, I helped you get a job and began a girlfriend. That's fine observer them was about ORD but ended when at what point Get romantic. Did you from the second matter? I like her. From the moment I met her. I was like: oh I'm gonna marry, I'm gonna marry
You didn't think them all actually and one of those that old it was. It was more like cash, that's that's who I would marijuana v with, but we are just friends and there was sudden some spar sellers, but as I would always be friends, but I had the girlfriend s and now and this person was putting on the full court press of like what what's happening right. Like you drafted. Exactly I am like all were yet understand. It's like those contracts are the first one. Just guaranteed nine shows a man. Then they'll pick you up for the rest, the season, so I don't think we can. I don't know me and I have to know I have to know,
Even I would also talk as friends, and I realized oh we're. Having to our conversation is on the phone rang Cross country, yes, and not having the same comes out of time. Yes with the girl who wants you to propaganda, her. I think, after that, first year in the show, I came back to allay- and I remember that guy really like this girl, because she she asked if we would go Walker, dog and Runnion Canyon and the Lakers are playing its a play off game. As I am willing to mess watching the Lakers all to go, walk her dog as like yeah, let's go, and then you that you would have a beer later. Ok, and so were sitting in your backyard, and she drank a beer in about two absolve good just
one another beer, oh my god, I don't like yeah sure and I'm very have doubled I was not very good beer economical over natural light. We, our dialogue, is bad enter alike. I think I'm falling in love with who is bounty. Mattie lies in the back yard and to her credit bless her heart was like, so I think I still like you. Ah I blow at my God. Oh my god, I just uncle that you're, the one I would man ok usually have now I like, showed all my car. You right away. Sure you drop that this, like a late afternoon, the beers in the late afternoon. I love her and then she just enough- and I thought, oh, we were going to kiss. I go for the kids
I get the cheek and then she was like I just have to let you know too, I'm kind of seeing some wild and out of the house as a whole case. What it what is going on here and then I got pouty and weird a measure that wholesome I came back to allay and we that began the re, courtship and ah, by the end of that summer, was like Is this a thing was in hell yeah in? When did you move you from Sweden Cheek? She grew up here, Oh, she did. You know. I thought she was like a year old, in the Boston you guys, you you, you have like a cottages, we're somehow and universal spend the summer there yeah, that's where we, therefore, but not because you going to visit her homer and no? No, no, they didn't go back to visit when she was growing up that much and so later, in her college years she was. She was back visiting like her cousins and didn't kind of spending a couple weeks at a time and and feeling kind of resentful.
Why don't we go back to hear hear more is eaten yeah and an analytical Sweden? yeah there's somebody s w, I was pronouncing. The Swedish were the easiest way Eden in that so we started going and then I think she was just like. Oh I'm, I didn't get this as a as a child, so I might want to give it to our kid. You also want me on that. First of all, you have three of my top ten boys names have ever hurry. I got all three of them Magnus ship, my brother laws of anger, we always loved that name. It's cool it's in homage to Big Magnus guy, and so we have stood among them, lil among us ah, but little amount this is now fifteen and eighteen, big, probably a big dude. Now did you have this feeling of the first time I went to
I was walking around in Stockholm and for the first time in my life I fell dead average. I was I I am. The data average height here, like other guys, are taller than young. Very few are older than me. Not only that I also well I've never been known to have a sense of style, but felt even more unstable. It, oh of course, because there were bearing these fine tailored suits leather loafer, with no tie MID Sheikh Anna Luck in India, and it was the first time when we worse first over there in the cell phones caught on quicker over. There is a Nokia Nokia was huge and also tomorrow the old, the wire red. Listen. I had the microphone. May yes added Lord. I keep seeing all these well dressed crazy people talking as I wasn't seeing the wires like there's another. Fifty progress is talking about. We got used to that
Two seconds did way. I remember the first few times idea that, like all this guy's bonkers here and now, yeah everyone's Donovan themselves. Magnus pollen feral DM haven't mightiest spam is lives Dad Axel School? gland wives, mothers Maiden name school glance. Scotland, small would whoop schoolgirl like a small forest schoolgirl and awe, and I feel like its evolved, a view that you have just adopted. This whole swedish thing. I love it yeah early, like the eve, embraced it on one of the first time I went over those I this is the greatest place ever yeah super happy. People write all seem to have a good, a good luck on like workin. Real life, and yet we on train going from Barcelona to Rome, and we happen to be stuck in like a six person thing, my girlfriend, I was for girls from Sweden and on holiday and there to vomit Bennett,
Jane students and one in Atlanta, and one somewhere else, and they just hated how much we said that. Could you and please and all these weird like little- customary since several level. A you know what I mean. You know your city needs it ass, they couldn't stand. Economics is fake, yeah and I'm like oh, I kind of like this. It was the first time I thought it. Would you ever job all actually funny thing to? Is the Swedes have this thing of lake? I know exactly who you are, but I'm not going to look at you. Oh, I like back as you were the same Ryan people, that's the and they have a thing. Gordon law gum, which is like not too much and not too little. Longer. It's like perfectly like. If something is law garments like that was that was just write your I did. You go to the vast ship museum now, what's the? What is It is well as the number one museum in Scandinavia, while you mean
what I'm so sorry offers what I'm so sorry. I really love what what's on display, though it's this amazing museum. That's also this amazing story. Oh that has affected swedish culture, which is for four hundred years, this vaska ship, so King Gustaf, Lhasa, winds. Weedin was ruling the world, they were actually a military, an naval power either building these warships and you wanted this extra tall warship harm super tall and like tallest of all out the worship and the architect of the worship was like a king Ok, thank you for a second side now respects you have given us. It is going to Tipp over immediate right. I just told you like we just
rebuilding building. A feeling good is like I don't give a shit you're on key building yeah halfway through construction. Thus it can. I talk to you the frigate we're halfway through now and now. I can definitely see it's going immediately, tipple as soon it will be. Your forgit shipbuilder dies. Son takes over oh boy, he's about to finish it third round of meeting with King Gos stuff, I, like you, my dad evenly sudden look dad, I noticed ever died. He actually right on this one it's going to Tipp over immediately is done. It's been done, but we really should it. Why dont care? Let's do it, Tuesday of next week of a big ceremony, they cracked The ball of champagne they set as sales unfurl. It gets about thirty seconds out a gust of wind exit it lives.
To one side, all the cannons, Russia, that's my hair and it sinks Eyes Burgoyne, where it sits at the bottom of Stockholm Harbour for four hundred years loud so because of the conditions of the silt in the mud for some reason in preserved it in it didn't allowed a certain kind of worm that would nor normally eat through all the wood yeah. So it sat there perfectly preserve a four hundred years, so postwar war to Sweden. Nineteen fifties their flesh with cash because they were neutral. You have to fight the war. They had all this iron ore in they were like. We got a lot of money. Let's dig up the boat so they do this amazing reclamation of where they figure They dig underneath the do these balloons they in they raise it up to the services Lou with balloons, so there it sits perfectly preserved massive warship Anderson
Amazing museum. Look around our. Why and there's over a million visitors a year who come to see the boss a ship, but it's this combination of man, hubris error, but even after Vasile will not give up, so they have a trial. Why did this happen? Oh here once he wants are all he wants answers, even though you have been given that this is a whole builders still saying once again, as I said, it was too narrow for how tall it was built like nope, we think it was which Grass, the other thought it was witches. They try to figure out what ally. But someone tell me because of that moment, culturally, that's why the Swedes have always been they don't ever get to cocky ever at the kind of lead to sharing and socialism in all its might now anyway. Oh yes, my boy
something with with getting sober is basically for a decade. Life was like either a zero out at eleven yeah yeah means over just learning the link between the five and savage finance writer. You exactly bag question, yes about RON Burgundy, because your podcast right right, you're, not sick of that character. No I'm not by the nobody else. Is everybody once that na ha ha, I feel like I've just piecemeal hold him out enough. The end. I have just done, I mean we did the two, these the two movies and then I've just occasionally on him out like a charity. Thea isn't that and then the idea for the part, Garcia people aren't constantly like asking viewed, not you so much good. It's all your lawyer it'll happen in like a junkie order at a live thing will I would run burgundies how Iraq lay
get her over the matter like yeah. I shut down sweating perfume exaggerate, but the medium is so gonna, be a wide open, gearing. Obviously it your own way, but I find myself ass wrong. Burgundy asking cyber security expert yeah. So we have like real great. So that was mentioned, so you have legitimate gas. We have the weirdest array, yeah experts, science, so we interviewed and eleven year old girl on bullying things like that she was lair. She was so funny real and had this great low attitude in one point made RON cry and then weave we ve had like rue Paul. Ah, and then we just did one that was like a radio play where we're like on our way to the park, as we got stuck in an elevator, ah ha with three other p.
For one woman, speaking Spanish, the entirety of all your characters. I feel like personally, would be the one I would want to do- a lot, because it's almost your id against its, I gotta, get to take your id for a while, and then Secondly, I want to ask you this. I have certain characters where I can see. A words I dont know normal it's weird zone so goofy to say that but like when I do agree from idiosyncrasy right right to life. Talking like that. Like all these words, I don't normally use sounding Arabic, Robert, I'm, sometimes way more articulate as wrong, and I'm like oh, I would have liked. Use. That vocabulary word yes, like it's interesting, that some characters lend themselves yeah to improper YO royal right, and there are great moments of recall, withdrawn. Where
all start. Remember distant references to then I'd normally would be like. What's the name of that band rise, then Ronald like Cargo, our job. Google, although it not will won't, know it, but that is so weird thing, so you do in the past. Ask, but you are in a unique position. I, Imagine you have to police yourself, because you are in a position that you could get most things made yes or no? You must have a process by which, if you get on fire for an idea, Do you have like a little window? You like just sit on this for two weeks. Three weeks whatever to make sure that this is something I really want to get up and running. It could happen once it goes. It'll start to it'll start to heat up quickly an end, but yet I've just recently come across things where I thought it was
boy, what a great idea and then got around town and everyone just went no really so, oh eyes, why that's anew? That's why I hear you urine. You are like. Well, you can quite unlike not it's, it's will them its becoming of The movie landing their game right cap. Mohammed Asia is really hard right now, totally given theory on that, I don't know what it was here. It is very easy to see what happened to the forty million dollar drama movies, it very easy to see they disappeared, but they went to tv That is a huge explosion of great drama. That's on television! in the audience. Is there now that film comedies vanish in large part, but you need not seen any of the comedy tv shows up tick they're. All they ve kind of perception of what we view as comedy on tv is also has allotted
real elements to it and some of my favorite share yet Astor Non Arrive and in its great stuff but yeah that super. Funny, ensemble kind of linear through line where you're either like here's a crazy character. I wanna watch go from point a to point, Z, yeah or There's the hang over this crazy premises, Wanna see yes, followed through on, I dont know yeah, I don't know what's happening, but don't we still want to ago, as a group and collectively watch a funny movie. This is the last thing I can say to you I was in New Zealand when ELF came out and I went to see elf with like six people. They didn't want to go I had a dragon yet to over my drugged, Lou. Literally and then I dragged to drugs drug to and dragged to so we're watching the movie. It's so great, this its pact
It's like crescendo win. You am, I here day I like it- I like you so much. I turn around in there is a six year old girl standing on her see well she's, the only another seat thing I like him, so I like him so much Everyone in the movie theater, whose already have a joint thing now also, This is the six year old having the maybe the best experience of her light yet and that shared thing yeah I get real sad to think my girls have that year. You know, I know I dont know if our board of my boys are, like the nine year old. It still is in the animated. Ok right so he'll see the billboard and have to go see that right, but you gotta. Does it senior roles extra the twelve year old is like
so I want to see that oh, I want to eat. His ease affair is a consumer but is still sees more things at home or at a friends house ran the and the fifteen year old, idle short of like using it has social thing, a hurried friends and go see movie its there's, not that thing of like oh, my gosh, I just saw Eddie Murphy and a trailer, and I I have literally have the sea, Beverly Hills come marking, a monk. Outlier literally have to see it yeah, so because you're so many outlets, yeah yeah. Why don't we mourn the loss of that but will I love you, I am so grateful they came in and talk to us when did RON. Burgundy come out, no replied cat. It's out, there is already. I owe you look I what's the exact title of it is the wrong burgundy purchased. The wrong burgundy pod cats. It ok it's out there will. I can't wait to start listening anything else, we need to promote. Let's see what else need to promote,
I need to promote seeing eye dogs for the blind alley. I mean I had something we should stay from out. We should begin. I organised we're gonna. Listen to run Bergen need the wrong burgundy podcast, we're gonna buy. A couple scene. I dogs, there was a charity. I think we still give money to it. It was seeing eye dogs they didn't pass Why couldn't quite get down then almost like they have generally a dark, do be Kurth dogs? It didn't make our welfare thank you so much. I don't know the last time we bumped into each other. We are both doing medical stuff. I was going to see a dermatologist and you write your inability, maybe Saint denis- and I thought this is such an old man weight of bump into each other. Why are you things for giving us your time? Thank for her me.
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