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Will Forte (SNL, MacGruber, Nebraska, The Last Man on Earth) is an American actor, comedian, writer and producer. Will sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss turning down SNL, living with OCD and the experience of creating his own show. Dax has mastered the Irish goodbye and Will remembers shooting his first scene of an Alexander Payne movie. Will recalls his SNL audition characters, he talks about getting fired from Letterman and Dax thinks MacGruber is a perfect comedy.

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Well, gummed arm, chair expert, I'm Dac Shepherd. I Monica bad, my Are you do I'm doing good work is coming. Of an argument about whether or not I could land an airplane bragging to shift gears EVA you couldn't land land, but I dont know who else is well on the airplane Stand by that? You use your and actually, I don't actually think I necessarily with land the plane successful I just think. I'm your best bet give it a crazy thing to say when you don't know, who else is there? How do you know you're here we ve already clarified that it there's no pilots onboard, ok, see you think, then the actual person trained yeah. Out of any other per one hundred or so, and you did Sicilian when she heard the civilian population to land the plane. I think I'm a really good bet I think, you're a good bed too. I don't care necessarily the person on earth. Two
by a plain another hour. I'll outcome can be reimbursed on earth, but they went up one percent, so we need to talk with our friend will forte who we're gonna, be bigger fans of so talented for me for my money chips on the table, the sharpest comedic brain in America. I'm going with you for two. I agree. I think he has the most clever bizarre, take on everything, amateur boy that less on earth can get enough of it as always. Catches on us and now they were so weird I'm to kill it. meet him Kelly. Anyways, we'll Forte is here, that's really exciting, other exciting thing is. You will notice that arm chair four theme song is gonna, be slightly different today, because, arm Cherry Chris Jamieson,
we recorded his own version of it and we fell in love with its or gonna play it next. Please enjoy. Will forty and Chris Jamieson take it away? We are supported by bless this mass from Marin. Monica tomorrow night off tomorrow, night organised, Antis, we're gonna, make popcorn organ order. Pizza smaller were Mason course we're gonna go camping in the back yard, Listen blesses mass, which I am. I would Lake Bell at Bagley Junior, my old good buddy Dave Kirchner, so the bread This is like an eye our husband and wife, and I inherit a farm Nebraska and we live in New York City. We think we'll go enjoy the simple life out in the country and, of course it goes terribly wrong in every conceivable way. As very funny you don't like it. Not many shows on tv must show Zaireans either to say this is some funny words. There's not a bunch of funny set pieces right. They show has a ton of them, it is
on tomorrow, night and ABC we come on after blackish, which is following american housewife and the kids all right. It's a his miracle show created by lake, but Endless Meriwether who did new girl? We everyone, love, love, it's a really is It will show and of course are the most important thing is modest. Miniature Maximus mouse is on an episode, so please check it out at I'm thirty or eight thirty central on ABC tomorrow night, using arch perhaps yeah. ouch.
Is there a reason to wonder but always recognise every summer with I've been, has its own story option gowns other highs and lows: silence was like this: we grow them. Grabbed regulates, prepare the man and promptly he's in arms. who is it is it well for day- you didn't word? Basically, I won't do she's go from West to east any time after
two p m in LOS Angeles if it gets really really city out there in an ad attitude, Eighty eight thirty at night. It clears up a little better, yet any time between two o clock and about eight o clock. It's your dad madhouse ends. Ip guys for that. I really wish I gotta got you in here like ten or something else. Why can't? I got a lotta gill? Ok, whatever your original plans, you see, no one of my high school friends is gonna make smaller. I was gonna, go eat lunch with them, which was gonna be on this item. I was gonna be heading or you can have a whole day over here, yeah and then and then he couldn't do it's overdue. tomorrow's vote so that we want to spend the night doings behind. I had to make the most of it. Yet we have a guest room. You just tell me on the way and because I was explained you where we live verses were were at currently young. You said that you had been to Christians old House, yes yeah when you are
You were you in fact boys I was in, for I was in a ratio of fanboys, ok, cod waves. That I mean this would have been pre pray me yeah I've been around for eleven years, so is probably tiled ages ago, right about when you guys were just about start dating ok, yeah, but that house was quite incredible. Oh my god of this beautiful view of the fact, It was right yeah in outrageously big, so I dont know what thoughts you had when you went up there, but when I went there the first time I thought she's really making a lot of money on Veronica, Mars. Yes, but then It turns out. She wasn't. I was the right way. She had the hell. I don't know was spectacular, how it was palatial right, yeah, that's an adjective. We would use air, so I was not going to breed you at all. I wasn't in researching because we know each other guy you're not as much as I do. Two, but we know each other and am I am so delighted. I did
because I'm gonna see there's a lot of counter intuitive stuff interest as well. Let's just start frizzle you're from California, yep grip outside San Francisco place, Lafayette, some Morocco till I was thirteen and then the next town over which is Lafayette till I was still. I went to use Heller First of all, I was delighted to find out that we're both Bruins. Oh, I didn't know you isn't it. I did at some point I didn't know you were, and I like to think I stand to wave of your age. What was agreed years there I graduated in two thousand. I was ninety three. I took first level, the groundlings and I want to say ninety six or ninety seven, while in So I was going to Santa Monica Community College and I went on. I would have been you're like a bottle. Last Sunday covered it, despite a been right before I was in the Sunday company. Ok, so I will still been in the end,
programme, then yes- and I was very aware of you for a reason that is so me, which is: jumping ahead now, but you were riding on the seventy show ya in what year? but that a downward thousands of two thousand yeah right soon. two thousand. I knew tat there was a ground line. You well Forte, who, on the seventy show, which I found that to be mine, blowings mind you just move from Detroit. So the fact that there was someone, you know in our little group. There that I would see was like writing on semi. Shall I just I find that very impressive uninteresting eighty and then I and then even weirder story I heard was You were right in seventy show an you gotta offered Essen out. Will you our dishes for us an hour in you got offered us now in you left the seventy show to be an essential, but weirdly today found out the nationally din and yes, the deck
racked, because when I had heard that when I was an aspiring growling and I heard you were leaving that show as a writer to go perform, NASA. Now I thought I What want money so bad? I can't believe he's gonna leave what I at least assumed was less money. The making more riding on the seventy. Surely the would have made on saying library, oh yeah yeah, so I just as someone who is dead broke. I was so in all of that decision is a terrifying decision to me because the seventy show had to ok. I guess I'll have to jump back don't go up. Yes, your story, so absolutely shocking me that you actually majored in history at you see light and became a financial planner. The timeline is whether you sail idea. Graduated had no idea what I want to do, so I just did what my dad did. Basically, I was on the very bottom floor of the financial industry. I was just. I was called calling for this guy, who was a financial consultant. It was not for
but it, but I also am, I wouldn't say, lazy. I worked very hard, but I also I I guess I get to trouble in situations, and I can justify things to myself I'll, just stay and something that I know is not the right thing. He asked at a certain point. He came up and said I want you to be my junior, I want all room you yeah, so I put you through the series Seven and I realized. If I take the serious Evans, that tests that you have to take like taking your real estate, listen, ok and then you get what you like my bonds or some. Then you can just yeah you can do transactions can I add, its relevant. This was in Beverly Hills to it was Beverly Hills does now tasty Monica that will Forte was
in our favour to media yeah was working environment as fire. Yes, my mean that give me I'm a knowledge. I was just delighted to see that we heard a sort of our how long it was it was. I had for the last like year of college. I was in turning their basically and and then for about a year and a half after college like like right, my first year and a half out of college, and but I just realized like. Oh, if I take this series, seven I'm locked in his all feel too guilty to leave. This guy will have been paid for this. I so I just thought that was the impetus to get off my ass, he was now remember. That was realizing. Oh, I think I want to try many. I think I said I don't.
No, you know people as they always do. You realize you wanted you coming. I don't know. I just use the love s an hour and I think I ve looked back and I realize I probably want to do it. forever, but he exists. Do weird things as a kid right, like you'd regard yourself doing thing, yeah right that kind of stuff never device to record with, but I wouldn't this is so embarrassing. I would when I'd call my here in the morning. I would get distracted. The notion that I was on Letterman and then I would you know, imagine the questions he asking me and then I would answer them in the mirror, and I would just do my appearance on Letterman like all the time. So I don't really know where to file that. To your point, I wasn't like thinking I'm going to be on tv, but somehow I thought I'm going to be in Letterman. What was it like? The first time you went on Letterman, then? Oh, my god I was guilty, I was elated to be staring at him in person and he seemed to like me. You know it can go one way or another, as in our
like. I was feeling that, oh, I'm I'm one of the people who seem to like this is amazing and I just was uncloud now you know it was me, I'm not the highest mom. of this whole right has been that? Yes, I agree They will say I also I have you worked. I eventually worked it Letterman. There was well, you know what, after all to this, this other stuff will be pretty quick, so the so my buddy Scott Thomas had told me about the girl. ok and all the owner of windows. You, yes, it's gotta move that data staff. To do so, he told me about it so is on my radar and I had started writing. While it was still the financial place, she is Smith, burn, fierce and sound assignments. Like a financial point of view, a burning in the name I would willingly was he a part of that, but so I started writing with my friend in, and we wrote a couple scripts
but an got an agent, and then I doing the groundlings and got a job and the Jenny Mccarthy's sketch show which again, this all get so ironic and dovetail because you did you know Melissa. Yet I didn't you MRS Mccarthy, Jenny Mccarthy are cousin, so how weird they aren't. You would then you're for joy that her there could. She was just a yea- and I remember her saying oh yeah- I wanted The groundlings push lands, darted YO. She hadn't varies us talking about how she was going to start the programme, and I haven't you know my head. I'm like that we have been made, but like ninety five percent of people who go to the ground, don't make it. Everybody knows even yeah, but even worse. Yet so I was just like our that's that's nice. You know, not a memory but you're not leaving linking just because the odds are against everybody:
the odds against me at the time. A hundred- and you know I didn't I still at that point- I was in the Sunday company and there is no guarantee that I would get into the actual main fit show. So you know the chances of this person trackers like oh yeah. But you know these guys in the best of luck. Not knowing this person would be the best. Maybe go about really ironic, I'm pretty sure that the very first time she was ever on tv was. We were cops together. It was this huge sketch where, if they needed as many people as possible, is there a ton of people stuck? this tree, and so she and I were cops on the genuine guarding tree branch yeah. The Jenin Mccarthy show. I think I would have to ask her, but I am pretty sure that was the first time she was ever in a sketch or on tv that kind of fun. Well, similar to my obsession with you. Having been a writer and seventy show, I was going through the programme, I Zalm, Melissa,
we're appears. We run a comedy troop together, really add another. Oh yeah, I was blown up. that she had a blood relative that was Jenny, Mccarthy that was just mind. Blowing made her cousin was famous and everything mental yeah brand new to everything. I want. Oh yeah. No, I was no. I was the same way it was. It was so enjoy luxuriate laughed it had, will fare on in sherry, general after when you got him in Sunday, company to go to Syria lay had left a while before cause. I remember I went when I first was thinking about going to the groundlings. I thought I'd check out a show, so I went and the show I thought Sunday show and the people in the show were were will feral Cheerio, Terry I am on a gas,
Oh my god, you note I thought. Oh, this is an amazing click is now going on. These are all going to be like that superstars dazzling occurs. basketball game. You saw Michael Jordan, yeah yeah yeah, I'm gonna go a little further back, because I do think there's all these interesting again counter to. things that I didn't know about you? No one is here from California. I find the unique and interesting, but in high school you or on the football team, you're, a swimmer, yes, yes, me you, you read. I was a very good competitive swimmer as like six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven you're, all ok and I got burn out and I just stopped and then I tried to start up again in high school and I was more like a tough. team cheerleader, arguing for progress with the taking always knew where the dolls were and are you don't even know if ever made virus? But
but then you are also class president. I was clasped yeah my freshman year, class present in this is no assessment of what I think when I look at you just is very unconventional now for a successful comedian to have like any harm, has been accepted in popular and like happy. I just generally speaking you feel like it. outside earn you. You know you can't. I wanna make fun of all the people that you wish. You were right in its. I was just shocked to see that you pretty much crushed in high school. I was a nice person. I was a good nice person, I've. They had a lot of friends, because I was just nice, everybody, no and- and I feel like I've as by best self, in high school in n of college little bit too but college are I was. I would just treat people the way. I would want to be treated, and you know regardless of clicker. Well, you know what what strata they were any high school
Mr, I learned a lot of that for my sister, who is the thing and we register for tickets were nice kids? They were KIDS, endearing, that's just biologically or mom and dad really prioritizing mad. My mom super nice too early at like every. We have a pretty good, loving family yeah. I don't know I don't know where they came from remunerated had to come from my my parents, I'm sure right, but my sister the same way. So I was like she's pico. Ah, how many grades older was she she was to raise older? Ok, that's kind of that's very helpful. Isn't it Oh yeah, you arrive in high school and you're scared, but she was brands with every single person. Everyone loved her is you know, right, beautiful cheerleader, homecoming o relay queen. Did she have cool boyfriend? They took you under their. We did have some very nice boyfriend. She was gonna, get him boyfriends, neighbours, like good people there, like his name,
would never bring home some guy. Who was you ve got like, this guy right. It is always you know if the anytime if she would ever bring home somebody that you weren't super superinduced be more, like always count boring ripe. Whenever these, I don't like jump, railroad tracks, email, hers, yeah, ok, pack of condoms is with a bang and m better people, even written I saw you, I always encumber thing myself and then you join D fraternity and you see allay a dead adjoin. The lamp alpha. I have the stereotype in my head of what someone who joined a fraternity is now getting. I've been proven wrong with my best friend, Nate Tuck was in one slash, two needs the loveliest guy ever, but I do have this mean a weird stare. my head of them being like super. Alpha and chest pounding in you now, occasionally they re being so disease. That
in my mind, what it is or when I've. I can't imagine you being attracted to that, but maybe this letter fraternity where they artsy or something well, it's hard justifying going into a fraternity. When you look back it's you know a relay, it definitely was not like it. super, meet Hetty RAG, maternity and and also going to use the allay. As you know, it's a big huge place. There were some. There were definitely some meat head. RO returnees there, and yet with there were some guys who are either, but there is some there's some guys and I'm still really close friends with The return was like a non hazing. Fraternity. Ok is so but was everywhere then yeah they want, No wait. I mean do yeah. That was pretty rare yeah. and was dead and fraternity. What my dad was a fraternities. I saw a lot of that period was like in some but you were found on the efforts made by our young. Exactly did he
We usually he didn't even to Dartmouth, ok, fine school yeah, I've! That's where I want to go to school. You did. I want to go there and they wouldn't. Let me in really even with because it took us some good gravest, like a pretty conscientious, sir student and and You never did a bunch of extra extracurricular is in sports and staff, so so, where I think my authorities were great, as a teacher, ok, but is really hard to maybe marginal easier when you went, but it's very hard to get an you see allay anything when I went there. The starting great point we're like four point: oh for most kids got more than a four point. Oh yeah, I was not excited to get easy allay. I won T good of Dartmouth First Stamford, which is where my dad went to business school we wanted to go to their death,
or co first then Berkeley. None of those. Let me in, and I went to bed you see, I can begrudgingly and now I can't imagine having gone anywhere else I loved at their will. Also, do you think you would have felt as close to show business enough kind of getting a sense of your personality in you, you seem to play it safe, a little bit right gap. It would be a big leap for you say you were gone to Stanford and you stayed in in northern California that you would have been moved to LA to pursue this. It seems convenient that you happen to be here in growlings was a mile down the street There is no way that I would be in this business right now. If I did not go easy lake thy, I it's, it was hard enough to
be down here: yeah right, where it's all happening and start light like telling my family was really hard, but but if I had to include like oh, I am also going to have to relocate to a different, steady. Yes, as that, just would have been one step too much like you know, owing to go, take this class that the ground was easier when, as I go there, not four hundred miles away from here, but its veto. It something you're gonna do on a Tuesday night ass. Not that may have a commitment really generalizing now, but when I think of you as a comedian, there are people that are just inconstant search of attention. That's me and then our people, who just have a very peculiar point of view. That is comedic, like I think of you, HU as such. Now it's weird about I just think of use
mentally having such a comedic offbeat left of centre point of view, thank you yeah and then but then weirdly some your characters are so that level of commitment and now big they are up. It goes against what I'm saying, but just in general, one I've been around you and in real life you're not trying to crack it is a very sincere kind of guy you're not generally trying to get ten Jesse. You saying that, yes, I think the less common variety of comedian I think you're a unicorn in that way, I feel like we as I was growing up. I might have been a little more outgoing and let louder and more willing to do weird stuff that might get attention in tell I got work as an actor and it didn't want to you. I didn't want anybody, think like look at that guy trying so hard to get. His arms on the other. Ok, but soap, you go to the growlings and you
who become a writer on the seventy show and your party both the one more little things I went from. Seventy show to Letterman. Only land was my second job, and I was terrified to this matter. RO in I was only there for nine months and I didn't do a good job on the show was slightly different. I'll say this shows seem to be a little different than the one that I had watched in high school. I kind of I didn't watch as much in college in them they whenever the CBS anyway, just seem to turn. It was a little less weird as a little more mainstream one thousand one hundred and thirty right. So I was trying to figure out how to fit into the groove there, and I just I was not good at it I'd. I didn't do a good job,
after nine months I got fired. Will before I wanna hear what that experiences likes. I have to imagine it soul crushing, but what this is all feeding into the events that, as an l thing, ok, so then go to come back when, on the show called the army show, which, when thirteen episodes and out then I went to the show called action, which was there was quite like excitement about this show and then for some reason didn't catch on thirteen episodes out. Then I went to third rock from the sun I was kind of like in that. I think it was the third season. I came in kind of toward the end of that road till that show ended, and then they took me over to because it's they were both Carsey Werner shows by the Bonnie and Terry Turner, so they
We are. Seventy show your already young during this period right like you're, yet though I would have been at the time I went to the well, I mean I was. I went it s an out. Thirty two said so. I started. Seventy show that probably twenty nine our thirty, ok and then like Letterman, hauled where you and let him right monies seven. Twenty six yeah, that's pretty young, but there was Roddy Rockland was there you, like two thousand two hundred really three and Carter and Craig the guys who started met your mother, who created that they were. They came straight from from college. They they were twenty one or twenty two also. So there were all these young kids, so I knew it wasn't that I was too young. I just
I just wasn't. Did you like that lifestyle being a writer in a writers, room and then being on set for the show? I loved writing. The only thing was the it's just totally unpredictable. It's it's terrifying in ways, because you don't know how long that the shows going to last so then when I'm at you show- and I was still doing these shows that the groundlings every once in a while I got the Lord Michael's came to show asked me to audition- and I was Terrified- arrives, remembering back to the Letterman stuff and how would you know Letterman was one all time. Favorites s, analysis may all time. Favorites right am I gonna. Crash another dream right right. That was your last. You mix that, together with the fact that seventy show had just gotten picked up for two seasons, you're, like you just
Don't you? How are you getting on and have already eight page checks, yeah yeah? How on earth are you turned out so rare in in writing? They eat the earth or anything entertainment, jugglers, gonna, have that kind of stability if it was a combination of of the stability, but more than anything it is that terror of what, if I don't make it men, might dream is crashed. Yet you gotta completely re evaluate what's next, so I but again journeys in their party yourself like like there, the human, Let me cite a view that is going well. You already have something spectacular, which is like a staff right or on a successful sit com and the hoodie I think you are now gamble something that is so fantastic on something that so unknown,
were you having that kind of mental debate up, oh totally imply the way. Seventy show was the best job of autumn we'd gone at ten and leave it for thirty or five. Why every day, which is unheard of fur, come a writing jobs. So you at a certain point. You did audition in you got offered the the job on Sarian live as a yes, yes, indeed, you initially turn it down. I said no, no, my goodness only gonna catharsis case yeah. I agree, but I said I was like to my friends I owned wherever it I'm gonna make my own short daddy's before into ever. Anything say like I'm, just gonna make my own short films and ah dumb and then Mark Brazil at seventy show it like you said you know: how do you leave this show? What if the heat, he was the one who took away the thing that scared me, which was he said, go an audition. If, if it doesn't work,
You got a job back you're off in how wonderful I didn't have the last thing I wanted to say to have one at that excuse that yeah, so I went in addition gone nerve racking. Is that terrifying? I can't imagine terrifying. I went in with a job that I had to go back to like. I can't imagine how like if this is, if you're goin, in with nothing we're how terrifying out would be so, though, guides it's scary, but the good thing about it, like I've, always been horrible at auditioning. But but with a scenario you like you get to you. Do your own stuff, like it's oh you don't have to interpret. Do we write you think they're looking for you can just bring your three or live s, characters they argue proven and stage at the groundlings right in that that's what you did, how many carriages Europe doing you're supposed to do. Three and three that's kind of the three character: three impersonations I did for characters and too
Presentations nations cuz, I'm not very good. At impersonate Yahoo were your impersonation. My impersonations were Martin, Jean guys. I've I've, dont do a Martin Jean I never did, but it was What is even soundly I think I came in a nice today, mark machine. I've had a cold, so if, if by the courts kind of going away, so it doesn't sound like me, as does the cold dead, if it does, then I guess the corpse got good. The sign of any great impersonation is is how frequently you have to say the person's name who you're impersonating like I had to go to the growlings or doing over Brimley. So I just have kept saying will really think of you heard it enough he's hurt if it's me no sounded like clamour for gaining and when it is like stay too diffuse there. We are.
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It was fifty when he was twenty know that did at his back to the orbital family that but then Wilfred Bramley when he was doing cocoon his. I think and his forty. Ah, my gaze: when a grandfather I is nuts gets in the way it's not as every time I hear he's still alive. It always kind of shocks me I'm, like will know that I was very old when I was young, but your point. He was blind sixty when he was forty days, probably in the seventies. why recently my daughter got into the golden girl she's only five, for whatever reason: shillings a golden curls and I was watching the winter quite young gap, like they're, not grandma's. When I watch it they're they're, pretty young
Who was the other? I'm sorry moaning eyes and it's gonna make sure we get the other impression and was actually was Michael Mcdonald, which I know everybody does Michael Mcdonough worthy. I made it into a weird. You know. I said I Michael Mcdonald, do you do do mash up of Eric? I don T gaze, the term mash up to something that was a thing like that, but it was like. I did. I just kept going to them to do the oil Moby yarmulke who's gonna, to just I, just vague Wang back and forth into between those two songs forever yeah, and then I came back a year later in the end. they only impersonation I did was that Joanie Mitchell did, I said to hook up, will move covers. This is my cover of almost all motor.
Growth to be toppled, and then it was the most of these groups will be no look Why did you go back? Ok, so I, it said no, the first time in the media readmission during that year, I was like I made a huge mistake like that. That was my one shot to do it. You can't now pursue a dream, cause you're scared. He yet you're you're ensuring failure by not new yeah. You must be in a very select group of people turn that show now. Are you do you know those number legs Lauren ever hold you sighed and said by the way you're one of only three people that turned it down. I think it's, I think it's a think of the small numbers. I don't I don't know I feel like somebody else has had two at some point: yeah, that's incredible! It was not as
a crock move, as is its irrational, and I think I d, you know, came back the next year and asked if I would reconsider and aim- and I said I would love to, and so they said, come you'll have to audition again just verb just got through the process of things. I set standards in practice against it. I didn't basically what I did that, but but I came up the impersonation and then did it. So those are the Empress nations the characters. Did. I did TIM Calhoun my faith, my right away. My absolute irate I just What was it? You, Maria just two so go I forced Monica to sit through all the TIM Calhoun. I can allow rather saying why mean force in that you didn't, have an option: share, you're gonna watch those, but you loved their area. I mean you, I find myself doing TIM Calhoun all the time
there are many of them things to get to do that on the show, because the it was one of the first things I did and it's a nervous characters to like it didn't matter. If I was nervous as hell you add those there either having done then the groundlings for so long and still just you owe you do at ten times what you still go. Oh, what if it just doesn't translate the basically the the thing that I used to do it? The groundlings was word for word. Well, they were for the very first time I did it on as an ally was the one that I did at the ground like right may think that one of the things guide, I think that Tina had come. See the show once Tina Faye in our before Lauren had come in its seen, the show that I did TIM Calhoun and then I had also done when the other things that dinner. My edition was this thing called gold man,
the old man in others, people all dressed in gold, and I'm standing on this pedestal and people come up and they're putting money in and I'll do little movement and its dollars may move and then a robber they I'll go to watch, sword, swaller and then a robber comes up, takes all my money and takes off, but I'm stuck there because since they did, Put money in, I can't move shot to I'm waiting. Finally, somebody comes back with the sports in a dollar and I take off to try to find this person their long gone with our mobility. So I get back up, I'm a super sad and then this little kid comes with daddy daddy once when he looks at me says maybe regain the dollar. The tell you maybe I'll, give you two dollars if tell you in song, so I the robber used to be Jim rash. By the way she ass we ve than one of the areas that I sometimes nat. We would all switch round and Maya with
at my, I would be the at my route off it. We are great oh my god, that's a group but anyway, so I this song about out. You know how hard it is to be a gold man and endeared. It's this ever. Is this real feel good song and then at the very end as they like You know your heart or Google, but it don't make me no saint Louis Secret. I spoke out for my father, these bay now the time just out again and I keep a drop out grass Murfreesboro baby. I saw a firmer phasing out back up. Roma families varies Bay baseball phase, Bangkok, I gotta talk tat- is being tackled. These be inventive darker, there's been paper.
Where did you learn, devolves ended just talks and face pain, and so I did that number. My condition that was the very mass dinner my address in Athens I walked off the stage and learn. Learn was standing there and just said. Thank you for coming I didn't know what to say, as I just said that all the Cox walked out. The next thing I heard I had gotten the job. Will you They have like some themes in your comedy in one of them I had then. If I so much with is you seem to have an OECD with singing and songs possess, true church, that a good observation, because the OECD in what way are working well, like
so I find myself this drives, my wife crazy is I find myself singing the same song almost all day long around the house and I'm switching out me the lyrics for cock and balls or Shay in bonds, and I just I just go through the same song Ike. I basically either can stop doing, are not even aware that I'm doing it's almost I you know I would do Somebody to hang like you know. Song these Christmas. It's an arm be Christmas song, but it goes duty. A duty, Do I wonder what mothers daily Barnes ago on earth or other girls. Italy, do you did it You're stuck on that thing and I try to think of new words were, as we heard, principles gives the job. If it ain't broke, don't yeah.
when I see like last man on earth in your character is like singing all these weird songs and play. I just I assume I guess that you're in your house, you kind of just doing it, back your mind. All the time is, are you played with that or what I do like I'd, love thing like when, when I used to be it s, analysis acres and I would just go: do karaoke got every other night maybe every night, sometimes toward the end, we're just going constitute rooms and just think I'll private reality Just the two of us, some muddling. I want the two of us: do a couple averred favourites to warm up and then just deep cut it. so you love singing the word OECD was at triggering because I feel like the sameness of fishermen, oyster other fishermen at sea. Ok, I don't know that
but that is a grey one. I'm all see why used to be very, very bad OECD in high school are Joe Nearby elementary. Yes, I had all these racy rituals. I did like what we hear things I'll. Try to give you the condense version. Is I've done it here too now that but my sheeting ritual was, I had to be bear naked. I had to put my feet on the on the ball and squad. and then I had to do everything twice and I had to take the toilet paper and walk out of the bathroom and touch the wall in the hallway. Shit twice know that I would ship. And there was time to wipe in, for whatever reason I had to take the toilet paper out of the room touch the bathroom wall come back, but then aided mind you m naked. We get a look in the hallway, make sure none of my family members in others re wiping, say you gotta like yes, I'm way. Yes, I had yes, yes, it is sounds like a observation. No one I've. Many people? No one's pointed out the fact that I was walking with sticky bonds, which is a great
thing? Nothing is everyone's thought it didn't just answer, but but I would have them do that twenty. So then I would have all this toilet paper and then I feel very guilty that I'm wasting so much toilet paper. You know, I died, licked my finger, Tipps all the time at the beginning, when new my sister pointed in all yelled at me for doing it. we get into weird things with my eyes, red black eyes, a lot or add to stretch my those are just a million of them. In fact, so I started smoking cigarettes that they started dissipating, but
still have some weird things, and I do some things kind of compulsive, literally interesting, because my staff didn't I've, read a book about OECD and it is interesting that says basically it in you in it just gets. There's some inciting dramatic thing that brings it out. So I think I think, a lot of people. I think most people have some form of it in them, but some just ever worse than others, but but like minded and come out till I think after college I begin I might have come closer to win. My parents got divorced, they get divorce and like ninety three and ninety four, and that was a big deal because at first I was telling myself our least they didn't get divorced. When I was younger
This'Ll be easier, but then there's some scary about like you, you don't know what you want to do with your life is right. As I was graduating end and I got weird job get before I was like. Oh, I dunno what I want to do, but at least I got this family, wonderful support of family and then all of a sudden, that's exploded, and I feel like that that must have triggered something biogas. Is this probably the safest party or life, is returning home for Christmas for Hull, days in its that Unita and now you're. Can it be the one place you have to go feel very safe and not scared has now changed. Yeah, yes, weird yeah, so I'd always are that too, is that it starts when your life is out of control in some way, and then you eat something for you to control, of course completely unconscious of this. But mine started with the arrival of my first stepped out. Who is a terrible person, so that's the I can definitely see it makes.
That's what I was talking to a psychiatrist right and I was in his office and office was organised in a way that was borderline. Serial killer strike. And so I said to him jokingly. You know it's not my place to say this, but I'm I'm assuming there was an some Perrier library or maybe a little out of control, and you may be a little oecd or something to make some kind of joke about it, and he goes well. It's not that's what everyone always thought, because, but there's much more proof now but it is an area of your brain that is kind of were developed and then I was watching sixty men. Some people with super memory of you know about these. People barely had her yes blaring merrily than ever. I really want to read her book, but keep guy have. I could talk about supermarkets for them. m rest of our lives. Yes, but would what they found is that people are super memory, almost without exception. They are all also OECD, so even Mary Lou, her closet is insane. They showed an on sixty men, so whatever they figure the air
we have. Your brain that is also really over developed from memory, is also contributing this OECD. So I think, there's a lot of components to it. I guess yeah, I'm saying, but it's really interesting. They hear your staff and none of that stuff is what I have, but its it makes I will send to me what are you a lot more like its locks it with Do I tell me the one? Firstly, you I'm? No, I won t, I keep hijacking outcomes. Are owner, no gun its stove for sure chat and checking in some kind of rhythm of force, minds of mines for us not to ok and and making sure it's off. making sure it's off and I never the fucking stuff White might have his turn the gas off. I don't know I could. I could just have the stove removed. I mean I don't we never have. I've may be used it twice and have lived in It is extremely urgent and but you'll get out of bed.
I will check in no now I'm a much better. Now can get much better, and sometimes I during check now I feel like I've, I've gotten through the worst of it, but then, but I always thought. Oh, it's just these two things and then checking facets, making sure that it's I dont want to burn house down. I don't wanna flood the house to make sure that you know I have this path. And with the shower facets, also know what that's all about rights and think I don't have that some people have it to such a degree. They came and leave the house and stuff threatens their house like they want their hands the point that the skin falls: orphans yeah I've, I've that general step within its also like. I always thought that the extent of it is just as do those things, but then I realized the older. I get the more we realise. Oh it's it's in every part of my life in little ways like it's it's what makes me not be able to stop working and be
You know when I'm in a worse situation like I don't always need to be working, but when I am working I am working decide about anything else, yeah an end like it or like doing a jigsaw puzzle is the dumbest thing but like if you put me on a jigsaw puzzle, goodbye civilization, I dont know anything exists, except that jigsaw puzzle I've on New year's once it was. I think it was the millennium and I'm do. I jigsaw puzzle that I had to go to the bathroom I came out near just destroyed the jigsaw looming. I have we had not been part of the group for a latter day and a half. Oh, my new new year's was approaching so they are like we gotta destroyed. As the other thing I heard about you and I don't remember the specifics of it, but I heard there was You have some kind of when you're saying goodbye on a phone call, there's some kind of Commissioner, I see the heat, you know what I'm talking about. I would say:
more than that. I'm now really nervous that I just said something that no your feelings and they don't no idea that you ve no, not at that the thing that I prefer no in don't think I'm I'm not as locked into this as they used to be, but it used to be that when I was like at a party I am, say goodbye to each eyes and maybe not did not answer. Maybe what I heard, but it would be like you'd, like view came with me to a party in her lap. So we get it here. Good luck get me out that door. It's like a half hour situation of making sure that each person I talk to you that night as clothes off right, a nice thorough, so just goodbye daisy way home. It's like I remember last conversation in that is my absolute biggest Pepys, I gotta say really. I would never go to you. I would never ever ride with you anywhere ever because it about after you had better because I just leave. I cannot,
and saying goodbye. I hate this stuff that this obligation to wrap everything up we saw each other. We did this and now I'm gonna leave like that whole thing I find so exhausting, and it makes me feel so on Why now Lee yeah, I feel like I'm trying to do that to I'm trying to be better to myself and just absolve myself of that kind of stuff that I'm hanging on to cause. I I think they're gonna go. If somebody didn't say bite me at the end of the night. I don't get mad at them. No, you ever! I just so so now. What now I'm gonna go? The other way is like I'm just a sneak out. Yes, where they could be called a sudden goodbye, stain the attack, no. They can't like has now already, and I urge eyes of some kind. They ve linked some ethnic sitting here and I always cello seed. A christian Micrograms could speak in French,
Let's get out here. I never have the right one and I never say the same one toilets doing Israeli go by but I think I think I think, the care and better yeah. I am better and better with everything I'm trying to get used to break the patterns, and you realize the world is. And was yours linked to superstition at all, because my mind we're all. If I didn't do those things, I was gonna have terrible luck. Vs, as of plain flight came up, it would always be like I need to do this. where the planes gonna crash ride like like. If I was running some of these things would be physical challenges like I need to finish it, certain amount of time or my plane will crash vs in every once in a while. I wouldn't finish in time in my plane didn't crash inside right or like Org.
moreover, I would get on a plane and do crosswords and an like, ok got to finish this and do one round of drop seven and get over three hundred thousand on drop, seven, which is it Madame game that I'm totally into my phone and would usually be able to pull it off, but if I did in the plane wooden crash right, nobody knows the gods are not going to punish every but on this plane because of my outrageous even had three and that yet my Amazon, Vanni Owen jump. If I heard that's on one time, I was one of the worst welcome. Regional, and I had to find a way to hear the song a second time. So it was like a radio twice. Yes, everything for me was twice. the only when any one thing made things uneven and I had to make him even so bizarre out. That's interesting, but you also realise there are other people on that plane who have superstitions too and I'd be home. So I can't control their superstitions and you're right. I never think I'm gonna be the victim of someone else's superstition, yeah, ok, so
You find yourself, it's live. You finally get there in Gordy know what I read for you. The first three years is the really takes you a while to get kind of comfortable and relax their right. Would you have come to find out? Is more more cast. Members talk publicly. It sounds pretty common there's a lot There were very riddled with all this. You know it's when you get when you watch it on tv. You assume all these people are just like having the best time of their life and in some people are like Fred frightening. Came in the same year in Fred was just had no fear of performing. He loved it a he. We we'd get to the end of a season and he couldn't wait for the next season to start yeah. I was like if this hiatus lasted ten years. I'd be fine with that. Yeah province was excited about there's strikes now, as it was so interest here. When I think of you in my mind, I think of Fred quite often because having been the groundlings there are members in any kind of common troop where,
they're, your favorite member, rarely is the person that madness that crushes the most for the audience like there are. Indians, comedians and generally, where we, I think we gravitate like in the groundlings or I have to imagine, aren't life were like the weirder take on something become the things, so I can imagine that they must have loved you during the sketch pitching phase of that because I have to imagine you brought in just the most bizarre ideas and it was probably very entertaining I doing. I would pick some weird some weird things and, yeah frightened. I would write a lot of super weird things together and David sometimes go very well at the table red knock it an old, as you say that becomes though, but it certainly was the case when I was in the sun, accompanied my friend guy. demons in the head. Where does mind of all of us. I have of sketches we're about robots. Is that was a given like of the six
is he brought in on a wednesdays three of them? We're gonna be about robots in your? I couldn't wait to see what was happened a robots this week and they can be a little bit misleading as we would just what he was archimedean uniforms ain't within, and then Z, an audience whose doesn't sit and watch ninety six catches on a Wednesday night, xo they're not die. You see something completely different, so I would imagine it gets harden now, watch. Your step has broadly appealing was difficult, for you do to assess which one of you, sketches we're gonna be big in which were not well, it's my Its thing going in was always like I'm gonna do the stuff that I like. I know that it's not real mainstream, so I have to so just remember:
like not as many people are going to like it probably, but it was like I'm just going to keep doing the stuff. That makes me happy and be prepared that it's not going to be like mainstream hits, and so and sometimes there then that would just somehow break through all yes over a bit, but I was there. I was never attempting to do something that would be a hit fur and audience. It was just like one step that we felt like was fun for us, like Magritte, Mc Gruber, well, he had no idea that people like TAT. We use. That. Probably am I wrong in saying that was your most successful. That came back the most often in staff. I would I think so yet that I mean that's probably the one most people would would know, yank think and also that was like me in your mouth and John Solomon together. Doing that's like of values,
if I may, on it or probably be duper, we would be men and by the way those guys are also very weird but you're. My He in the lonely island. I think I'm gonna get you and weird stuff that somehow is reliable and an yeah. And its subversive, almost began at its very palatable, no less weird you're, just like Yan and will get taken by like some out yet again the box shewn at work, but they cracked that somehow words dear hugely appealing in wig wig is the same way as just like. Her stuff is, though, weird and just like, as we are, that gets, but cheese able to do but in such a way that, like just everyone, loves that yeah barrels the same way in my, I was never able to fully figure out how to do that. I think I think my stuff is more like. Oh you either love it or you yeah yeah. It were you comfortable with their lives,
how human are you? Are you how detaching where you would you have all these different cast? Members in some of them are breaking out in this. Where that did that stuff occupy your thoughts at all, even having prepared myself mentally for that you still like there is there a time that you feel like you did a little professional jealousy but we're all like family over there. So you're super happy for your friends and also you know you're, just human Sophia is always going to be a little. a little bit of like over. Why can't my? Why can't buy sketch be popular winking yesterday evening? That you'd, like rooting against the person, is just like boy. It be great. If I can, if I had that yeah exactly hard over the equation as well: death stay too. If you dare, we are supported by quip money, Everyone is a disaster with their oral hygiene. Ninety percent of folks don't brush their tea for the full two minutes to sit there and count Missy
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joy bird is revolutionizing online for intra shopping, create the furniture that brings you joy today at joy, bird dotcom slice, Dax, go to joy, bird dot, com, Slash Dax and receive an exclusive offer for twenty five percent off your order by using code, the Axe and then so you were there for eight years. When did you do my Gruber? The movie? We start doing sketches and then there is a certain point where Lorn said Pepsi has approached us about doing an essential, superbowl, commercial or Pepsi. I think my Gruber might be the what we should do and we were very excited about that does at that point, wig was on the show. Hater shower the Amber Fred. Like my all, these people are on the cell, and so I think when Pepsi then heard oh yeah, we want to do this for tabling,
but perhaps even a media is like you know what my the lion said. Well tat. He doesn't want to do any more, but I say, let's still just making them would, let's make it so good that they want to do it. And so is it ok we'll go for it and that's cool. So we made these Pepsi ads their origin and then try to them, and they said yes, we do like this all. But then the weird thing was We made three, we shut it just made one first, the first from so obviously like this great reveal Richard deem Anderson a great reveal. The prey was just like that when you go and then there's the second one, which is just the continuation of the story. So it starts in from this story, but you are set up within the first one and then this third one, which is just crazy.
they go well will let them have those do if they want to put him on a website or something like that and then made at the last minute said: oh we're gonna do the second one which didn't make any sense, but the except. The only thing I can think of is that it, they Pepsi a lot more time, but if I hadn't, obviously the first one is the one to go when right anyway, do we end up getting this Her shawl on this law, which was very exciting, of course, is a third of the country's yachting ASEAN. This was Superbowl that was close going into the fourth quarter. We're supposed to be the ad was playing in the fourth quarter, I think, or the end in the third quarter. So's alot of people die
the wrong here someplace, but that's our, but still still very exciting, so Lorn had, I forget which movie studio was, but they said would have you ever thought about em, my Gruber movie, and he asked us and we said, now. That's weird but yeah: let's will start thinking about it and then, as we were thinking about it that studios, never mind they Pepsi DES and said I got near round. We did. We don't have this interest, the attitude that we said we hand but Lauren said, right it anyway, like he's, he was so great about just just. Do it figure out a way to get it done? Can I tell you something I out? This is from the bottom of my heart. That movie has gotten me through so much stuff, because really I promise you because I,
Love that movie? You can't imagine how much I love them. It is the perfect perfect comedy and when I have had disappointments professionally, I say to myself literally a comfort to me so much I go, you know what, if my Gruber didn't make it three hundred million dollars link. That movie is perfect. Should it made to undermine dollars, and I do so much comfort in the I think that, like it doesn't real, it's not actual, The statement on how good the thing was, sometimes just great movies, don't make any money, and I always think of that movie. I always ducas. I went and sought opening night the fuckin sequence where you take, I mean you, those take twenty five minutes, who assemble the eighteen. You meet all these character. it's all their unique things, and at the end of it, you put him in one van and blow them all up in. I go off what are you guys? This is the greatest
brave, as they just literally wasted twenty five minutes for a single joke. I just I admire that movie so much, and so often I've. When I'm feeling As for myself, I think a blue Forte make Magruder and it did make money like. If that will we did make money I'll, let you know you'll, do it really? Does we didn't make a right right, but it was. I always think of that, just to go like our backing. You feel for yourself, Forte made a perfect common and it didn't make it on a money. So it's ok. You know everything they are constantly right, for it was a really good lesson. No to go through that cause. I had gone through some mouth brothers yeah. You know like there were things in that it didn't quite turn out. I wanted to enable the first thing I ever done, and so I didn't really have any control over it may was was love that
but there is a lot of stuff in there that that I feel like I had another crack at I wouldn't I wouldn't do that. I you wouldn't be arrogant to say I'll, say it for you. You actually dont have the brand of comedy that benefits all that well from collaboration. If I can do so, You have such a unique point of view that the only shot at him as is that you at least executed exactly how you imagined it lets me to say I but true lay like there's, there's certain comedy that works really well inquiries or certain points of view. But yours is so specific. I don't think it benefits from having someone else come in kind of put it through another lens. That's yet there was a hard. Let us that's interesting, you say that can take effective. Can it make a little bit sense? Could because Mc Gruber then Lorn your wrapped up in his arms and basically
the air was a a the inner. You know just for she, lighting off everybody and letting us do what we want to do, and and you are Maya and John and I are all three- can I share a complimentary sensibilities, and so so we were able to get it exactly how we wanted it and brother saw him and bombed in the same way that Macgruber but Magruder was an easier pills as long as you like, maybe the none may. I would want done differently the and never have that feeling of like a what would have been if this house this happened. It's usually comforting to at least made the thing you wanted to make yeah you know, and in fact, if you got a prioritize, you'd be better off. I think walking away with something there exactly what you set out to do here
verses, a movie, didn't love and it made a ton of money. I think too, for your life, it its ends up being get more comforting. Yeah, that's that's funny. They that could I I've never made something that made a bunch of taking is right, there was only one aspect of all I know is like situate. How comfortable I am with you're right, but what's greatest you're, not breakable, you keep going. which I think is so much more admirable than someone who purchase. Deals a horse. You either as everyone. I know. I'm sorry. I just got super lucky because Ino after by my group were bombed, the Airbus is very similar to how it felt about after a bombed at Letterman's, like I think it's time to leave s inasmuch as I was, I was turning forty or had just turned, already, I had been there for eight years and think that there is no end to make another movie based on it S. An l characterized some pointing an after leave so just made sensitive to the Muslim,
terribly scary, because you're now leaving the thing that you ve done for eight years, you go. What's nags? Well, we all know what's next, when you leave us announced to do movies, but you just fit found out. You're not gonna, be doing, knows yeah right yet, and I made the decision after the movie bugged. I have to make your checking your fuckin stove nonstop during this area, where you now, as I was very funny, I was, but I wonder I feel in your position it easy to be critical of younger. Won't you probably have been the third lead of a bunch of movies and work, your way up to being the lead of a movie. But I would say that you really cannot do that, because the things that you write truly require that you play the character, cause they're they're. So specific: it's not like you could have plugged someone else intimate Gruber. You kind of turn that over to someone else. I don't go to work. No one, the reason. like last mile or so much- and I use this argument all the time with when Monica Nitrogen-
you're, not comedies and watch ones I like in which ones I don't I the ones most drawn to are ones where nobody else could play the person like if we show you can plug anyone in you, because just the dialogues really funny I'm for never reason less interested but like when I watch master of none I go will only as Aziz could play that person is. There's no show without him playing that role and likewise on last man on earth did you I couldn't do that that I couldn't have been a leader that show, no, I dont nobody knew I had the show ways you're you're mad now. Are we love? Oh my god. Oh thank you know I loved it. In a way where I was like mad at you, I was too like that when I watch you, I can't do it, you do. I couldn't predict what was coming, which the best feeling when watching a comedy, I dont know what's coming next and then the things you're doing good you could have put me in writing room for fifteen hours. I wanted thought of it just it. So I
candy if you're into harmony. Thank you said Osborne S. Now, really, how did so? Having had a couple of heads Take him a couple of arrows how'd you end up with your own show on Fox. The plan was just like see what happens acting wised worst case scenario. I go back to writing, which I loved it that whole process is frustrating and exhilarating. It's just so much fun like it. It's like a little jigsaw puzzle every scripture writing. So
appeals. To me, oh CD, though I knew I knew that and then, when I left us another visit, there was no part of me that was like what this is. The obvious step like I'm, rich people are gonna. There was no demand. Furred defer my acting services right. You know. I've spent a year just kind of not doing anything a kind of by choice, but nobody came came a column right in either and then Sambre called up and said. O Sandler wants to know. If you would do this part in the movie, inevitably was so nice em to include me in this I, but I did part in that's my boy and had a blast and then
the little part in the neighborhood watch movie, ah with a kieva, and so I was so thankful to those guys and then add a nowhere. Nebraska job comes up. Yes, did that blow your fucking mind to be the leader of an Alexander Pain movie, I mean by the way after the year, you there's no way that's what you're thinking on we haven't I've. I've had put myself on tape it when I picked the ones that I was gonna send envied scene. I thought, oh, I'm not super embarrassed of this like this is not embarrassing. You know to me it was I sent her off and I didn't think for another. Second about it, because there was no way I was gonna get this job. I didn't hear anything for like six and I had gone on a trip to Jamaica and I got back and then so we really quick note. It was that you think will goes to change them. Andrea one of expect wives harvesting. I was gonna go somewhere else in this. This travel agents said Ozma,
Let me they said there is this place in Jamaica. That's amazing! This message, hedonism, common Jamaica and it's like up for it, that's an order. Air Kristen leave me alone. I knew loved it at loved. It he'll be back, no, their other place to go now. Pay them super into arrogant, UK with love. Ireland, you already ban I've been a bunch of times, like you loved to the point where you would consider having a little tiny house. There's something. Yes really do you like drinking, I use, do ok, use adopt of stuff. You yeah frown. Recently, all really it's been like six weeks
six weeks and how are you feeling awesome? Awesome? It's the best yeah. I wonder where I dont think you know it's not me, but I haven't ranking fourteen years, and I did no doubt that, as the person that I was talking do said, there were listening currently two year, podcast ok had had said that emit my friend Linsey sheets. I was talking to run the bone cheese inside Mason. I guess he's gonna hear this though I didn't say hello Lindsey so happy to have used an arm chair, but you, Ireland, those a hard place, did not drink, I don't think I'm gonna blow. I wasn't not drinking man. I know that I'm warning you about your future trip. Slay, the admiral I know like it, you get that beamish on.
Help there. I was killing blemishes. I went for the Guinness, ok gotta drink again as and I certainly did plenty of apple boy. I discover Beamish on what happened were awakened. I've only wrong Z, MRS Ungenerously, is that it's not it's more of the. What do you make a blackened ten with you make it with unison like a help it's ok, yeah, oh, ok, just delicious other yummy is all hell, probably more of a bourbon like I do like Jamieson. But, his boot Jack Daniels, Jim Beam. I dont measures are elected, none not even that I've like would further well. After all, these are way fancier than I knew about whistle Peg, oh geez, really get owner whistle pick might be recently some like sexual position ass, something with you. I have a couple of beers back to her ass. She wondered whistle pig I'd, never done that allows embarrassing. Ok, so I enjoy it,
Do you so you you did Nebraska and indeed you have a. In the same round of fear, you had going into Letterman S. Now I mean now at like every step of the process was terrifying like when, after six months after sending in that thing, I heard he was meet with me in the morning I even called maiden said I I shouldn't go, and then I can pick me into. I was so nervous share I went in addition, he said some really nice things about me, Dixon and then that to me was like this is the best thing ever of my career, because this is for sure, where it's gonna stop gap and then and then was hearing that that I was in the mix and then somehow got this call that I was in a I mean I kept thinking even up to the point that we were like two days away from shooting. I just thought somebody was going to pull the plug and just forced him to put somebody else in there I mean it's still like. I still can't.
if that I was able to do that, it has generously experience himself was a wonderful. It was the best. The best experience I mean it was scary, well, it's alligator pain of you won't be so fight every day. What I've heard about Alex entertainers he does a tunnel takes, and I would go into that job. Thinking that I didn't the long mare and that some big mix up happen and now I'm here and then I would be doing all those takes and then I would start going why sock that's what he's doing all these tags so funny. I say that because the very first day there's the scene, it was a bit of a wonder for people who don't earned in the industry. Debts of means something but no cats, and it's just you know following you around and in just one long one little shop. So you, if you they everything perfectly until the very end and then you screw up, align you'd start I'll. Do that My very first off one night. we and there were some people here.
People who their real bad downright warrior, and so the very end of that scene is me thing about these two people and they were actually they did a great job, but it was in other words it was every one was having their first moment. So there were turned out to look for the error, mishaps and it just a bunch of things like we did it like twenty three twenty four times is a lot in assisting came up and said, like I don't think I've ever seen him do some which Not one of you know I I I didn't feel like. I was doing a bad job or anything it you know and that didn't get too bad. It may happen it was. It was really buddy I was gonna say you think there again, your worst fear which there eight or nine. Even thinking about you, they're getting wet themselves there doing their jobs dense right, but you think they're all going how this guy get here. Yeah
waiting for you to fuck up rancor, but after a while you do you just get to nobody end, and they become your friends and you're like we're all just on the same team. Everyone's wanting I want to do a great job and Bruce Turn was wonderful to me. He was just like. It was a delight to hang out with him. He was very supportive and gave great advice and is just it toward the There was like this, the wonderful thing, weirdly, that's the power of vulnerability, whereas if you'd walked in there and you done a bunch of movies, dramatic movies, who knows what his reaction to you would have been but if someone comes in their kind of vulnerable in their their acknowledging, this is a big moment then some wants to take you under their wing and help you
crazy? What a good environment reaction you can get by just being like open about? Let all there are a million things about this movie that I will never forget, but so we shot for. I think it was like six weeks and then the final Weak Alexander pain me that movie about Schmidt, the island in that Jack Nicholson is driving this our v around men at the end of that movie, Alexander Paint, bought that our v and the very final week of our movie, they strapped a camera to the front of that our v and followed Bruce, and I, as we drove the route that we draw
of in the movies, fell so from Billings Montana, to Lincoln Nebraska and TAT was the best thing you because we had finished all the dialogue. I I was now friends with everybody knew just had this week with all these people that you'd become really good friends with, and there is no pressure. and it was some of your dream exit of a party out just a week of closure for you yeah. It was amazing So, based on being in that movie, did that start getting so some murmuring about? We should give him a shower. We did that open a door. To I mean I have no idea as it has, it didn't seem like anybody was breaking down the door ass. He to other things that, but I I at some point be Chris Miller and Phil.
or how do you know those guys there there's those there's some bonkers, talented, aren't they got their awesome and when they first came to town they were going to make my body might Schwartz were performed to aspen Comedy festival, unlike ninety seven and they or maybe ninety eight may came to the Aspen comedy festival. Matt Rice, my agent, introduce all of us and we became good buddies. Ok, then that was my first job. They gave me my first job on that show. Em TVS clone high, oh and I was Abraham Lincoln. So we ve been friends forever and they had just. Time, is deal with twenty ass, though they asked me if I wanted to try to come up with an idea that I would just right, but with these guys did the Lego, Muerren you're gonna be compelled twenty one jump street clarity with a chance meatballs, yet the term either incredible in Yorkshire
But it was your idea or theirs or you guys, all work done into well. I think we all came up at the premise together. We and we had a bunch, a note books in interesting leave. We both had last man on earth ideas, awhile and we we can have brought it up at some point early in the process, and then to said now at the media men we we almost, we settled on this other thing, which was Val Kilmer used to live. It really stayed with me for a couple months in my house, in real life in real life, always good
each other activities that we almost brought about that and then, like five minutes before pulling the trigger on that like we did, Chris was getting his jacket on to leave. We said, let's revisit, there was some revisiting to the last man on earth as we're flipping through the notebooks and something changed where we thought. Oh, we can, if we do it at slightly more organically than this, could really work and then stuff just started pouring out, and then you know a couple weeks later. well it's it some, it's the first comedy for sure that I've ever watched that I had to bench. You know I'm Brazil, I'm grateful that I missed the first year of it because It is so cliffhanger like you. I really got sucked into the story baby to drive driven me crazy to have to wait Also, if you know a lot about tv while you're watching the show there so many things about it that her intriguing. Just like
I get more more aware of it as I'm watching that you guys had an incredible amount of freedom on that show. Every season you Keyser in a completely different place, beer one, was New Mexico right at sea was sad to sign up and then he goes Malibu and then you're that weird Vienne Industrial Complex Yacht like Santa then you're in a I mean that the fact that you guys world out too, that you never gets anchored down to sums stage they bill was in itself. I would like all this is so refreshing, never saw me little elements that aided in it being is original and unpredictable as it was they work I may we would have to fight sometimes for that stuff. Consider that you know it's it's. It is very expensive to keep rebuilding those new things, so we would have to you know that they were they were. They were always so great too.
Ultimately, I capitulated. My word yet is changed position, but it was you know. Sometimes we would have to commit to trying to do a bottle. Episode at some point is to defray some of the costs, but, but even if they were, they were dead. You know, ultimately they were. They were very good and in letting us do what we want to do, even even if they would fight our son, something. Sometimes we work, we're we're pretty stabber arise where all in all it certainly add more latitude than any other. Go Yamaha, you and I feel bad, even saying that, because ultimately they did. Let us do exactly what we want to do is. I am very thankful to box the thing I want to ask you about with last man on earth. Is it so, uniquely your sense of humor threw out you must
Ben Variable in writing it in. I can almost imagine that- and I say this- you have probably been controlling where it was it easy for people to work on the page. I guess that's what I'm wondering is it so it's so clearly your point of view, I have to imagine you're reading a path
and every scrapped or you writing a lot of them. Are I didn't Bric a Brac. Like eight, you know, I was very, very involved in the rating. Clearly I would try to be as involved they could in outlining process, especially the beginning ones, in the end ones, and then then just so much would be going. I was it down. There do editing and you d have to do the music staff, and you know what I'm I'm not playing the instruments, but I have to go down with the music guy and give all the notes and then we'd go through and, like oh take out of tat the sacks yes here and in an area it would be all day every day it was wake up to act at six in the morning, even the stuff that I wasn't in, that have to be there right in overseeing the all the scenes and then you know trying to write in the cracks
well, I'm down there and then, when the acting gaze over six or seven at night, then I'd either right or edit until midnight, and then the whole thing starts over six in the morning in and weekends were added in writing. So it was no is hundred two hundred and ten our work weeks. Oh my goodness
see the kind of man didn't you have a girlfriend or in any that I've I mean it was so hard to have any kind of relationship. I reacted. You know some relationship, but I was just an awful cause. I would feel so guilty cause. I just I had to live super selfishly. I mean it, but that's! The thing is, I didn't have to live super selfishly, but I I mean I was just like and I want to blame and may also deals just. It was just very hard to have a relationship and you would think sometimes. Ok, you know you're you're missing out on the outside world. Can I would see anybody for months and months yeah in so like? Ok, I'm one of the next season our make it so that I can have kind of more of a normal life and you think you can do it mainly. I would you know, maybe start a relationship, a summit
just got up? I can't do it yeah and then then there is the boy tat kind of a tricky relationship with alcohol, but during this process died, develop some bad habits, user only relief, I would imagine vienna- was like Avis, but had started being a real would be to combat stress, loneliness in isolation. Stuff, like that, that's why I can cut it off is once the joke. I canceled those habits stayed with me says, like I M not going to let this show show this alcohol stuff, whose barks here. Take it take about a collar and bring act behind the would share. Yes, I'm Princess Mary in cheek. She just loves you and she always over so high. your view and watching you forgot that shows just the best per year so attractive to
this often get around, and I were our friends- are very Lamb, friends with her husband to reassure me. Do I still say I think tat things, Christians, hot one hand. What am I to yeah, we that's right now, tat we ve Brenda Jamaica too, but we stated Hedonism were, you are broken when the show was cancelled or did help that they just cancelled every single company. They had. Or were you will leave to be off the treadmill? I was super relieved, NEA
You could have never you gonna, let yourself ever quit. I I couldn't let go and Anna got harder every year to motivate yourself for them. I mean it's it's that it made me feel so guilty, because it's like it's the goal when you enter Kommeni is too to have something that you can fully control memory aspect of and, as I was doing it I even even working with this amazing group of actors. And writers, and that everyone on the crew is just as it was just it. It's a fan amp I'm leaving their tonight to go with all these people from AIR Makeup department to an wardrobe to go, have dinner like we still all pads at. Like that's the thing I really miss and obviously for the fans I would love to have given them some closure osier glue.
yeah a closer, but perhaps it was the night my like it was it was. Therefore, I bloating how heavier I was drinking. much. My was it was likely rights angle on newly yeah. I was hating myself I was like it was. It was even with these just amazing people surrounding the I've felt so isolated, no and adjust. It was driving me crazy world that this I couldn't stop. That's the one weird thing is so those people, you can't really is, is closer, you can beat them just the dynamic insists that there a team, but your brain. Us in on some level like there's something about being an actor on the show you nothing do to do with, because kind of, like your kids and they're, trying to wrangle you and it's kind of us against them. Any of this come camaraderie right, maybe dont like the writing, or you do or you don't like this director, but to always have a fly.
The other side of it. It's almost like it. It's isolating in that way. Can you just her about it. On another level, but I mean I would be the person I'd, have to go in and give them all It's an idea, friggin taskmaster cause. I know exactly how I would want it, and I mean these guys are also amazing, so it's it would be so annoying for them to their like doing these legitimately awesome takes that there's a lot of times. We would use those, but I would just need to get a take also of how I thought in my head. So it would Kennedy at times. Drive them crazing I'd feel like such a deck. You'd have constantly bull bar wrangling over everyone. He asked the will. I hope you design, indifferent, mousetrap and keep doing stuff, because as I think I'm your number one fan. Are you already know what you're doing well
We are hoping to do a Gruber related, something worth working at a patriot. Now there would be like an aid. episode, tv thing: none, not a movie. Ok, you'll have me on a play. A dead body I was, I think, we'll have you on was its dreadful. It all asking friends, did those great cameos at the show? Had yes, yes, it was it was. You seem a little codependent to me. It was It is a compromise that is safe to say that if there is the notion that you might like putting someone out or calling in favour like, I am just imagine that making you very uncomfortable. Yes, I cannot tell you how awesome everyone was who can't there ever was so nice had like will Farrell. I don't know, I'm super well, I mean I think he is one of the funniest people. That's ever live
and I think he's one of the nicest people that's ever lived. Minos suspicious, but, like I I I m not like super good friends of them. Are anything I've I've. You know we have a shared past of groundlings in Essen, L stuff, but never at the same time. I've at an I ll always feel like this attachment to him. He private doesn't feel towards make sure you know the fact that he came and did that part on this Joe was Oh the so amazing to me, because he also paved the way for other people to tell sure once and we'll does that, then then I think I am I unless I'm crazy, John him was the next one who came and did something, and then you have to awesome.
well, then you can try to get you know, get the Lebanese and then, by letter you like in the past, will farewell and John here did you know and then and then Jack black. You know we ass Jack black to do. I had sent him this email on his enemies. I love him so much. He is. The swedish government within, like three men had saved. I got an email backs and eight yeah I'll. Do it like the savings. You know. We know that really is testament to how much people respect to a very special If a sensibility you have, I think, our I never run into a fellow comedian or a writer who doesn't think you're a very special The unicorn number I'll pump to watch tat closely I hope I hope I helped you guys so my group- and I hope you do it and I hope you let me play a corpse or like introduce my return. Kill me right away. I would love to regulate threat All one another's re did. Did you see that ball to no? I haven't
will they did your exact same joke and I wasn't even mad at them which joke They assemble a team forever and then they just kill him all tat, really at the exact same joke, I'm sure somebody did it before us to its eyes. certainly never saw. I just would like they're doing them Gruber thing who knows era where the Magruder thing, but it works. So wonderfully again in such great blocking hilarious? Think monarch and I dont know what I want to direct a straight straight drama that has a single joke. Is one Joe? Is you just like you just want castle Iraq? Did you know about it? The insects, even king horror thing in there, just one scene where the bad guy there, like he's in a mere and then they're pulling back and pulling back when I can see more of his body, Moore's body, Moore's body and eyes, I said to Monica me and if he just didn't, have pants and he was peeing
What is the Ultra Y and they did this whole series- show just to show that man urinating in a mirror. I just feel like I could I could. I could laugh for a year on that, but I don't know I got something we all your your ex, very indulgent regulated, so you might do. For my one day tat. Well, I love you. You thought about what I adore you and I we ve always been very kind to me when I bumped into my ways you set you ve said so many nice things. I really appreciate it and just know that I love you too. I think you're so funny. Dainties alright show fucking funny. So I just to hear that from from you, it makes me feel real May I really appreciate a wonderful well, yes, I'm running, you, I can't wait to watch what you do. I hope you figure out a way to do it in a less painful way in key bad, and the world will you'll come back to promote Gruber and will do together. His fingers elaborate. My throat out is a lot of things will
You are now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men, just to bring everyone up to speed? Rob is leaving the attic to go p in a portable party on the construction site that is our future home having less relevant formation- don't you, sir people would be interested to know that nobody here we can wander out loud if he's really going number two near, I notice he walked in weird way and lay out or standard walk. I think of a standard back. I might just be good a walking one evening, the poor hiding a time. Well, maybe when he comes back and what does give an update, ok, my monies unjust appeal: you yeah yeah. I think so. Ok well Forte Bill Forte. Why William Forte
Why do you think the main forte is? Do you think it's scottish? Do you think it's Visigoths were tall fourteen It sounds. I picture a man named forty assembling like a stick barricade with the sharp points at that. Like I'm game, a throne, Sty. Okay, so maybe he's free. I can't make the dope is that I don't know anything about her. Western oil, yes, thank you, that's what the only name. I think I could conjure things landing what's. What's? Barnett Brianna hard. No Brianna Ptarth tar care will always really quick update, while you others already back Zuyder, go Isn t endless whereas die. Did you go number one or two there's never want ok, yeah! I had abandoned so queer. He let me go just been re. The girl resigned proves that fast, but she walks in and then walked right out of my car. How did this happen now? Very?
I hereby area. I think then I want I was Regan for that year. My movements were so effortless. And just all around clean and easy it He was an improvement yeah one in the pro column brevet. Terrier more Wigan ISM, that's right, yeah, I'm ever done either. So my muscle mass went to Helena Hand Basket, but my poops were just clean vegetable filled and it was nice, it said. Oh, do you get the more important that is being able to develop and feel like you had a full Ebay Yes for the. I always noticed when our own or older folks that they're always kind of talking about their bow movements in one stools. Oftener is there on in there get jeer at all and all these different fibre supplements to just keep things moving down there. It's important you're hot day gets relating to. If you are impacted and now g20. Why do you think old folks are having such a hard time
Do you think that that, like just the connection between the lower Gee, I in the brain is just like the others in answers are where now like the year. I think you're metabolism suggests it becomes nothing. Ok, So then the your body is just not process everything's. Everything gets really slow, allow guy like bank, or is it just like there's no connection anymore between bottom half in the top half could be blouse vat or now came we gotta get Sancho back in here. Ask him yeah why all people don't poop so well TAT, says, he was out of fraternity and he said it was a non hazing fraternity, but I don't know what that means, because then I looked it up and you know people really advocating for non hazing in these four.
Recent sororities, like as little every year, someone dies right, there's always a headline once on here. Once every couple years, some big deal a few bozos end up killin another guy yeah. It doesn't seem to happen in sororities. Does it urges that happen? I don't know about killing, but yet it there's some. I think it's like more female types of hazing. Well, although over it, but it's like a non hazing turning but technically they're all non hazing line base you're not allowed to hay gotcha. So it's all behind closed moms the word: let's not talk about this, those bruises kihachi falling down. Auster yeah, I gotta, but I do think that's what he was doing. I don't think so. I think we really wasn't hey. I agree, but the seventy three percent of students participating in social fraternity since worries have experienced at least one
sing, behavior, but little behaviour here. Ah, by luck some of these I'm sorry, I'm sorry website who wrote this, but what constitutes hazing participation in a drinking aim. Now I know seeing or chance. in public no, no drink? Large amounts of alcohol, open standard, well exit unless they're doing like getting way of doing that? I have. I am in a fraternal. I now be awakened at night, nor even closer I value I say, ok, so not of a peer review which Nobel woke me up last night. Ok, I I I don't know that I've been this deep sleep in the last Oh wow, I was so fucking deep, asleep in Delta, was yeah marine on in her bedroom Bell, who had to work early in the morning. They urged me, as I go deal with, that
I didn't know I got. I was so asleep, went away in her bed. I fucking fell off oh, her bad hit my hand on the night stand now, I'm mad. Now, I'm like now, I'm actually awake and it was a painful re entry to a weakness. And then I got her I'll put back when I got back into bed and then started up about ten minutes later and now I'm a little angry. So I kind of walked aggressively down the hallway and then Bell ended up having to get up anyways issue. One intervene that I wasn't gonna be nice. Until this whole thing was a snafu yeah. That's system normal all fucked up, yeah Hannah learn that we can you believe it fell out. I was those leap I tried to lay down on the edge of her bed and fell right yea. It was a big clung. Oh no,
Have you read the tide dies? I would this after deck shepherd past Tuesday evening, with the head injury falling off a one foot tall bad. I have fears. that these things happening to my people, island master accidents will claim a lotta wives. You look at it. You know annually earth. Well, I'm glad you're still at that job, it was close, call any way be awake at night these screamed yelled or Kirsty, now teasing you yelling at my face, that's the added its aggressive like its aggressive, but, like you yeah my face and you never know no yell, even her me yelled in my face. No, I haven't you yelled no. I swore once in your face very high volume. That's nothing girl! You should hear me fight when my brother
Maybe I'll LAR is like really high up. Bagger promise you out of four out of ten ok we'll. For me it was a news, I'm just saying people help each other. I let my parents all the time I am. I hazing them good question would so maybe they really be in your sorority yeah. They shed silly girl most vereker, but yeah come on drinking game is now he's a Friday night. It's fine the university of fine nowadays they need. lest any that are actually hazing like fuckin, you know in people on fire hitting them with a pillow is the case for so bars. The drinking large amounts of alpine, like sometimes they have to like child
whole sure, my good and you could die yeah, that's true! That's bad on the whole handle sing or chant in public. You do hate me about that you're trying to get me to sing and public all the time. That's true, I was trying to get you to sing period. Is using pretty thank you beyond its frustrating that you won't do it. Is it fresheners? now I can see this mark on Europe is like its charm, I ain't no cool about me. No, it's that you have. You have an option at any time to delight people you choose to keep that to yourself. Well, I'm weighing it's like it. How happy is gonna make that person versus how uncomfortable it gonna make me? It's gonna make me or uncomfortable than the happiness. It's gonna provide shore. You say if I was ever in a really terrible mood Would you be willing to saying they get me out about mood? Probably ok but turned
to make, will really make me I'm comforter blogger, but I would killer request, a song now just so we have it act as yeah, ok sailing by Christopher Cross. There are millions of others are one say yeah, I think, makes me your way to work. Ok, I learn it No one at alive show can ask me to sing it. I'm owning a singer if what, if I'm crying and stay mine- and I can go on with the show, the only thing that will help us if you sing either ride like I'm changing to ride like I am funds that we heard in the pool on Sunday owed to help as I like the wind to be free again.
Such a long way to go in there MIKE I'm gonna come soldier. Nor would we go out. Another Christopher for aviation prisoners is very soothing. Roy Orison died at age, he didn't know fifty two, fifty three, fifty three and Wilfred Brimley was a war fifty wine when he was in cooking all my good man there at seven years away. For me, oh yeah, that's trail all mine I might be a reboot of cocoon and seven year and every three years younger than South South oh said from voices that, while no I'm guessing about says now still, I learn some deeds about south, so bankers Zaki, who is it is a deeply he's very talented,
he shot freebie and I love him and he used to come to the movie watching parties worried, freeze, frames on but cheeks. Ok, so I posted the pitcher of South Uninstall Grammy. He immediately takes me god, I'm so glad you're obsessed with south I'm also obsessed with that. I worked with him two years ago and he knew all this stuff about set that I didn't know, one of whom was He trained deeds in Emma may, oh, yeah yeah, so that just notched up even a bit further for me So if he is on an airplane with a neuron the airplane now than he should, he should be in charge of tackling the terrorists, and that is a terrorist attack on just tell me what he would be greater like gifts. If someone they come over them, Is anyone on board and Emma fighter? We have terrorist approaching, the cockpit says, should leap up and get get to go to get to work on these terrorist okay, if if they can-
Nevertheless, we are there. Any pilots onboard breeze, raise your hand are hit. Your call button, no call buttons K. Second to that is any one. really proficient when driving machinery here call button. I met my call button yeah you should. I think he would I have no. I don't know, I don't think he he hangs his head on. His is a vehicular proficiency boys. He good on the eye. easy on eyes, yeah yeah anyway, so what you guys appropriate so bad. I like her. I can't even a man with a skin Cholera, be it's! Ok. If he's getting married still want you to procreate, he can still get married. Well, that's not funny for me why I am raising the kid. This is my kid for you. You guys procreate.
And I always let's not fund for me to have sex with someone. One time is in love with somebody else and getting married all. I disagree. I think there could be a real pleasurable experience, just don't think about his pending, jewels while you geyser he waved the whole thing. As for science, you now share, like it it would then have been decided that you'd to both individually have the most appealing skin color anyone's ever seen on planet earth. If that was just that was a fact. Those scientific fact that Sanjay came up with New Kay and we America we need. We need to see the skin color preserved. You guys need to procreate yeah. So but we have a high water mark. So we know how to compare with all other skin colors against. You guys have to do it for America. Ok I'll, do it.
In the good people of Europe all right. Yet it would be great and then I'll be sad after what does it mean? If what if I liked him and then he had to go get me breathe? That's true! That could be that as it sounds, but ninety nine percent possible sure. But what have you dislike? You know I don't even think I would want to data, but that was physically just. Why didn't you say yeah, I'm kind of fingers crossed it. That's the outcome. We rely that was not a waste of time. No, I don't think it would be a waste of time and Ruby a fun time. Yeah yeah, I do he looks good at it, but you go a step further. Please procreate with them. I guess that's all. I think that's the way we could fit. Ok, I get grade Walter Brimley was involved.
well, wall. That's great is the combines Walter Massa, Wilfer brainwave. You glad to learn. That was great cause. I got confused unlike I bet you completely change heats up like ok, so well. your Brimley either using like the quarterback for the browser, I hope is a Wilfer Bairam illegal diabetic. Emily was fifty one in could care, but which is too young. We agree, he's a living in a retirement mean right. The premises that they live in a retirement community may find these can cook cocoons in in the pool, and They swim in the water with the cocoons in the pool and it makes them young. The holdings are found. No youth, It always has its ground than it does make sense. It doesn't make any sense. There's gotta be like seventy, that's all those all may get they young and virulent tough, but is that why they have to also look kindly young? Well, that's
trusting so you're thinking like just logistically. They had to have someone who could play. I ignore if the whole world is eight, they end up. Looking young, they had a look yeah, ok, that even in that scenario which I could buy into, they should age the mob. Yeah now he's as it does happen. or old age means is very similar to golden girls. Those women were not old, like when you We look at their ages. Now weren't grandma's ray you know, Eldred Leg in their fifties: yeah yeah yeah. I wish I had their exact ages, but yeah that there are many of them were in their fifties. So people go live in retirement. I don't think they do I dont think that before sixty five people don't go to reduce what I mean when you re at sixty five young of sixty fifth birthday, they moved to retirement really well just you know that some people get so security and study abbot. So so people are doing that. I am I. I thought that people general
move into a home of some sort once they can't like really function on their own anymore. Will that becomes assisted living listen, nursing, nursing, home or assisted living, but easy bore on there are they lived in individual homes in a retired, making new people do that in life? Is that is there retirement communities yap. Absolutely when I went with Trevor Robinson to see his grandma, she lived in a retirement, Communion Arizona, my step, grandparents, Barton's parents. They lived in a retrial, canadian Florida and every young there all day world past sixty five, ok, yeah, that's sixty five is still young ash. I mean you know what I'm saying so the right. So there's this whole bracket between living and working and assisted the age of retirement community, which is like sixty five to ninety? so the people and memory nine. Seventy nine is average age, ok of of entrance into a nursing home, ok, great! So sixty five, seventy nine.
There, ain't no retirement community, their shovel borders. You know, pool, I guess they drive off large around bill are doing. They looked so fond until you that's my dream is to live in retirement, communion drive a guy like you do say that I always pictured a nursing home. No, I don't mean a nurse now I want to be in a retirement, mobile home community, a golf cart, shuffle board and pool and hot tub and then booze in drugs. Ok, I mean I just now yeah it's good, as you know how many people have turned down ass a now. I don't know the number. Et Chris Elliot in Accra, Sally yeah, what he was on anyone but he'd. He turned down the first time this really interesting yeah. and oh so this is, I had read it in two sources before I wrote down bunker Jennifer
an honest and currently was offered to now. She made the right decision. She took friends, yeah fuck you yeah. Why crazy? I believe she was really, for I remember right before she got friends, he was in some show where she did sketches. I remember seeing and choose super funny and broad, really falling down in theirs twigs and her hair and other stuff I'm staying here, and I also read I dont have. This is true. I hope she comes on here to tell US men de caraway for eating, but all around us. That makes sense, so I think maybe more. I don't know, but those three are party to imagine. Turning down yeah there is a whole group now people that are younger than me that aspire as much to get on the daily shall. Ah that's Kennedy.
and then, when you name it all the names are like yeah. They ve turned out a ton of fuckin hours, awesome, comedian, The end is a mill to get your own show totally yeah. I do wonder I don't think so, but I wonder if I was fifteen years older I would have been pursuing the daily show. I don't think so. I don't think I was trying to be on us now, but yeah. It is curious, feel like you were. I radically that interested in lake making people look silly, which often that happens on the daily show, which then, but then you It do that right right, I did, and I never was in love with a premise of patent rights yeah exactly four. I wouldn't you didn't like pick get among all the shows you there was no
job I got offered and I did it yeah. So I dont think if you choose between ass, an ally in the daily show, you would choose that rule because it's a little more that rout yeah switches and I don't think my my stick was acting supercilious yeah. But funny right, although I don't know if I came up in an age where I was watching at homes, and all these guys, I might have been thinking. Oh, I could do that yeah. Maybe I would have been practicing trail. You who know did you ever think about the daily show now now. I also never Tiber s now. I never wanted to do that. So interesting. Do you wanna? Do you see be just to be on the use of beast? I know I always love being fund
but I wanted. I wanted to be on a sitcom right leg, Jan Andersson, now and to be on withdrawal from the office or any of those years. I wanted to be a comedic actress right and you thought you see me was a good place to get discovered for now. I just thought I'd get better. Ok. I am also sure that everyone's doing that, whose good comedy like if Amy Polar, is the North star and she created this place. I should get ya and then once I got there, then I just fell in love with a ride and all the boys there and a lot of boys. Romani boys boys, boys, boys, fordable Oak, hey, is an Irish by yes always is its Irish.
By ghosting and french exit of french exit yeah, so I'm shocked to learn. I got it right. Last night, last night I said I'm gonna do an Irish. Goodbye is mailed and I was as I was leaving there's no way. I've got. It's not irish needs a french something out of french exit. French exit Irish by go. Stay There was a new etymology for why it's called an Irish by maybe at his hands any fucking, forget it big by name. That's it. I think that again is trying to figure out like what stereotypes overlap with that. Like the french exit sounds like lofty like I'm do good to say goodbye to everyone rye again be bothered books are you sure exit sounds like that. You know, I think it's a theatre
sounds like animal. I think that's where it comes from, I'm pretty sure that is where Callebaut the theatre term. I gotta mule french exit last night. I think maybe it's a theatre term or maybe am mixing manner but ghosting as them power the most popular one of this era. We rise of ghostly might think of not responding to someone's text message. Oh you think virtually, but that is another form of ammo. She goes to me. We were texting, everything was going rhythmically and then she goes to me up for an origin, the potato famine of eighteen, forty, five and eighteen. Fifty two and the Irish fled their homeland for America at the time distance and technology meant that when someone to America they were gone forever and unlikely they would ever speak to their friends or family back home
rooted in a famine. Departure was sudden absolute so that sad, but but you know you could really make it makes sense if you at a party and they didn't have enough food. I cannot stay here. Gotta, go get a single get up like dinner somewhere. That would really make sense, for I reckon I really good parallel you're leaving hussars no Potatoes party. One are you now and now you can say all the things he s also her. really heard. Tracy apparently loves french eggs Aurelia. What's MIKE says she love of Adam. She loves the french exit, I guess, is indeed the intensity of is for her most most women, don't like a french exit, but apparently she does do the tracing at all levels. Women and ass. It was me word on the street. Don't you think I don't know if you're going to hear people talk from Talking about the first thing he hears girls gone like there's, no am ever doing
You know, frank their homelands, lads starter, as it is have to assume that the majority is no. He stay on the highway, no french exit I now, but I feel like they just don't want to try it, but they might like that they might like it. You don't know, and so you try it for they say as or maybe there's some level of shame about it. So maybe they actually like it but their displaying along. I would never let Kyle French exit Hist. Add Megan, go through the front door like a gentleman, treat me like a lady in company at the front door. Right am I. What do you make a blackened tan, Beth filled Ass, happy with pale ale than add stout. The top layer is best poured slowly over an upside down tablespoon placing over the glass to avoid splashing and missing the layers. Arduous got like pavlovian salvation lacking dangers. Oh good thing, I like them down.
you don't seem to have a little too happy too heavy We have read at irish car bomb, that's my absolute face. again as he's a good chocolate malt air pound it wanted. Make night. We were drinking ETA in Santa Monica o malaise or some there's an iron others, an irish bar they're, pretty popular bar. We and there we discovered the irish car bomb for the first time, or maybe he knew about it, identifies a day we had to. I think there were fourteen, but also So I was like look. These are amazing, but we can't afford to keep drinking these. Let's get the fuck out of here go to save on. We went to save on, we got the Kahlua or Bailey's and we got the Jameson and we got the Guinness and back to my apartment, started doing irish car bombs. I don't Remember the end of the night, but I would I do remember, is waking up in the morning and walking out into the kitchen and was asleep on my futon in the fucking kitchen floor
most hopping, the shot last rounding a being hammered. It was Just my kitchen floor risks covered in dry grass, a lower n n N, now pub dry. Why? Yes, that's me delicious, though, is that the drink you'd have maybe boy if I had to pick like a drink her I would have here when you go around, I'm gonna retirement home moodiness isn't working. I can't driver land, airplane yeah against Bob Drought might be it or jack and diet closer. So tasty, you don't like him, though. Now then for me now. I understand you said people with soup
area or memory super memory are also o c d. So there was a study done in new scientist by somebody Magala, as new scientists noted the right people with ages. I am aren't necessarily better at making memories. They are better at retaining them over time. Maybe the researchers theorized, those memories are crystallized because people with Hs am obsessive. We revisit the past the same way. A person with o seem D might have sesame wash their hands, for example, restricts, strengthens the memories of the process. The research results in order that the brains of people with Hs am like those of people with OECD tend to have a larger Ha dates and put him in a part of their environment, Monica Parliament to areas connected the movement learning. Will you
I got that from the sixty minutes, the episode that they demand super memory- Matt show they said that most people have OECD who have that and they showed her closet, remembering the meticulous and by which she organised her shoes in her blouses and started, but I just I got a feeling, even if I visited my memories nonstop, they know if it rained out on their eighth birthday judges that does that So many years there's already meeting at their seeing it in visual images. I think they are. I think, how else could they that's? What about I mean I do not have a super memory. I think my memories getting bad, but I think my memory works and pictures like. I can often remember what people were wearing like a long time ago. Murmurs nation. I do have, will I'll get spatial stuff, like I remember exactly where I was out on a certain road when I heard a certain
you now yeah, that's curious air, because they they say it's all link mostly boat or factory right, you're smiles at work, though the most memory triggering is smells salutary. Ass. The case for me, that's that's everything. Ok! Well, happy birthday! Thank people, don't know that you're birthdays August, twenty fourth, that it's not even close to home right, but they should be preparing. Oh sure, everyone can prepare to redo alive. Show on your birthday to celebrate is really give we get everyone to commit to a small press. Under five dollars and everyone brought one amount was three thousand present like that's too many press. let's forget about rather than love, wrapping paper and stuff, I decided to collect all the wrapping paper here and we need a jolly good as people well I'll them up on the front of the stage. And then you can't even see us there be a wall of Q presence for the mouse and we'd be somewhere behind their nimby boats are wondering, did the play.
Tape recorder level, and maybe we until I get through Residents pay with the teacher cannon and start blast and free March sounds like a great birthday for you. That's my my birth. They wish is that we celebrate your birthday in that fashion? I don't want anybody to buy me presents that's clear. I want people to buy you present so you're off the hook. Us I want some throw a pie. You for your birthday became the face. Like the rock, like the marks. Broadly, I know I'm familiar with pine that your that'll commuter train. I am not sure that that's what I want for my birthday, but I will tell you about it. We do live georgian or second I'll, take a bite but the face looking at something more about you, so you can do that on your birthday. You heard of your first, I love you love it. I gotta french exit now.