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2018-04-02 | 🔗

Zach Braff (Scrubs, Garden State, Alex Inc.) is an American actor, writer and producer. In this doppelgänger episode, Zach and Dax discuss the unending hardship of being recognized as the other, the first time they were sexually aroused and their mutual love of Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman. Zach talks about his experience of growing up with therapist parents and Dax details his Shaun Of The Dead moment. The two of them discuss the emotional trap of dating “out of their league”, the uphill battle of being a writer and Dax regales the world with his Mike Tyson impression.

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Hello, everybody welcomed armchair expert. Today we have a guess that a lot of people by asking for for two reasons, I think, a they're just interested in him, which is very natural, but even I think more pronounced. Is the desire to hear the two people who look most alike on planet earth sit down and talk to one another, As for many years now go over a decade. Darzac breath often gets ass if he is Dax, Shepard And- and I always get ass, if I'm Zack breath and people are twitter like to remind us of the similarity every few minutes. I think I think we both had a on journey of accepting that embracing it. We will talk at great length about it. Zack breath you know from without a paddle Pont the thorough parent away now gravity, no from Scrubbs and garden state. He has. Brand new show called Alex Ink, which is preparing right now or just came out.
So please sit back and enjoy this in depth exploration of two dappled hangers calliope. Pluralist numerical faction he's not remind trips cause, I'm not gonna, not work for the back right, two years or whatever, but I thought that the apex of our similarity is that we were- and I remember seeing you while I was a member- see when the lot Now let me introduce you, sorry. Zachary rolling we Welby, it's like look in the mirror opposite wrath, welcomed to the armchair expert. I think this is for many folks who, like one end or both of us Is this is a long time and make here? I hope that America wanted this week. I dont think I don't think America's ready for it.
The bee visually in front of them. At the same time, although you picture the picture that you're gonna Marina Take is gonna below people to mine, he asked the unit both talk publicly about the fact that Christian once took out one of those swapping photos of unite into switched our face Inuit Eugene. We can't tell whose phases really weird, though, because I mean we ve, the tired. I think you have bomber design you, but I mean what are largely the same age. Do I'm forty, two butler exhortatory? Ok, I've been told they look like so many people throughout my life, but I feel like as we're aging. We are aren't we are merging and our looks beginning and also you ve, gotten way more success oh and known and its changing in really annoying my life good. Good good and I really want to go through the history of the whole thing. Yes, you let me set out because my earliest memory of it is is Kristen taking that face what picture from a long time ago it was. I think this is so has for some some event, some faint,
see things some fancy, a valley, Woody, some Hollywood fancy event, and I remember all that is funny, because we do come look alike. That was the first time you heard that no, I think I d and so I knew why she was doing it, but I think it wasn't. It wasn't everywhere right now now it comes in my life every two days. I think both of us, if had tweets where we said like if someone doesn't pointed out to me after like a day, I think twitters broken, like I think actually as is not functioning for people. It's funny that on twitter people, like has anyone ever thought let me get you a level of thought. It reminds me of out we'll go places in and mom so say the Christian like. I know this is crazy, but my daughters are obsessed with rose like WWW made a billion for I'd, assumes that minorities are out there for me today when what hurts my feelings when they find out about you This is how you like us. Now.
We have so much and copper. What's bizarre israeli, we look like we have so much in common, and one of the things is that we are both on a show that mixed drama and comedy. So I people must be the guiding holding their heart, I loved you shall go. Thank you so much you so sweet and no, no I'm just the way that it would go. Between comedy and drama Ngos. Thank you. I know that was all belong. And soon I'm not gonna set an improbable little orphan and they like and your wife is, I don't. I don't have a wife, let alone a cute when the log onto my world, where my think most compliments are just a conduit to tell me they, like my wife and I gotta, get through the part where they act like they. Like me, just a very recently Christians from fame is, is really made things difficult for me yeah. Well,
Let me tell you from my cuz: you are a successful before I was in the very first time. This was brought to my attention to my uncle called me. He goes. Oh my gosh. I thought you. Finally, the show of you seen the show scrubbs, unlike knowing his disguise, identical to you and you know. Generally people tell you you look like somebody. I never agree that the other people I'm like. I don't see it people domain with it. I know I at home cabinet. Do you get Tom Cavanaugh? Now you don't you get re remained together. Where we diverge is that I dont look anything like railroad human than you do. Look like a little, but our been diagram overlaps at John Ridder. I think ok, There will be both look a little like a young, John redder, that's flattering: yeah yeah! I get the guy a lot from mom Krueger Chad. Research aggravated ear tag along, I'm not gonna get the Chad now and it was better when you from both of us when your hair was more blonde,
de. I should go as there's some sort of. Why are you opened a dying? I used to get highlights because my hero, Brad Pitt, got highlights so I did you have to fallen off of it, but so uncle says in a watches the show scrubbs and I turn it in and I got to say I was like. Oh my god. That is me not just the visit. Stuff, like that knows in the mouth, but we talk the way your lips moved out like this. Beer is tired. I thing well that's new though, and I now remain for you. I had always had so you do. I just thought it was sort of my complexion and then make a partisan shows are always trying to cover up and, like that's, not gonna. What should we go in for, like maybe he'd Zu tag is based? It was they draw the, but you know that the template on one face taking his replica hell, it's funny. You once said to me, and I always tell people this story because we come from such big different backgrounds. New said: look: what's this dish movie cells itself, we were separated birth. Twenty! I didn't
identical twins, you said I was really you were raised in the in the south. I hillbilly the or reluctantly Luke you were gonna rancher somewhere and unlike EAST Coast, jewish guy and some reason this week we have to go to the opposite. I have to go to work with the help and you have to go to the bottom. It's four for the goal. Bergs. Will we not be great? Is just a body switching calmly with you, and I know, there's no stakes the others have spoken here, those days it's like. Oh no, I look like me, the same thing. What will I do nor, like Emily Dave, number yeah, yeah yeah? We looks exactly like the president, yet until they put a man is a front for the present, but my picture you there, that movie is called nature versus nurture and it was that the movie was it. You know in a committee
way was going to tackle. What does Europe bringing you too? You could make you a jewish guy on one side and a hillbilly on the other. It started as the same. Mrs ride, I ran on I'm one tickets sold for that movie neck. I don't know I haven't pinched get, but so far ass I saw you know Scrubbs, and then I gotta tell you my personal feelings about were oh great. I'm not gonna ever work any ways, and certainly not now Khazars already a me boy. They already got me vein need a second one right off. I would, jealous of you for sure, and then the next time it happened was punted aired. I do without a paddle, I'm in San Francisco with the other two boys, Matt and South, and were their promoting it and a guy We have to mainstreaming us. Oh my god. I'm so fucking say to see your movie, and am I oh thank you because gardens date and without a paddle came out within the same some
I believe I was dating, wanted your coastguards. Bonnie Somerville! That's right! Just a brisk Megan weirder yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I do remember that it was the exact time got. I forgot all about, because I would make those jokes and New Zealand like easy to get You know what I'm here, but that was the first experiences, so you know the same shit he I'm gonna. Can we see a movie something great people are gonna, see without a paddling Almeria. Look so funny, I'm like Europe, it does with money and the other thing do you like standing in front of the wallpaper with the same shirt in the wrong guy yeah. That's a little disappointing. You have your your big what kind of snow swiftly the very beginning near I understand and I'm gonna play armchair psychologist. I just have to imagine if I'm, U K and I'm start getting compared to a guy who's on a reality show Pont not pumped about that. It's like they're, saying you know you look like Richard Gear Leeway. Ledge you ve always been very fit
so I was assumed that they thought I was muscular target. In fact, I was very sorry about that. My daughter go to see my doctor literally yesterday. I walk in and he's really sassy doktor. He likes to be wise as part of a stick and he goes I got to tell you something. I just saw this movie on the plane and I go going in styles, pretty good right. He was not at all like. I looks like you. I'm like Dax Shepard chief saw the plane I got it gives you really really look alike. I know I know he's he's really good shape I don't know you works ally. They obviously because nobody mean, like you, really really good shape and I heard they re a dog We don't know, listen, it goes ones that worse. I know I got it. I got it so many goes going. I gotta room till immunization comes in a room till he goes. The duties like really
they take out because things are. We sure that what we are doing things that blood and rising almost thirty years man, you look nothing like great good. That's me, doctor, like yours, city, Dick, but but but again back to the potentially emotional stuff yeah right of armchair expert, because I feel again. This is my own. This my own perspective in an I'm sure, it's very warped by my own insecurities there, but my perspective was that you do not enjoy that from now. You read that in it. I did. I didn't talk at all. Ok, you're from New Jersey that accurate, yes from South arched, ensures he how clauses that Manhattan. It's about forty five minutes physically eater train that'll. Take it out in twenty minutes in what did your parents do? My dad was a trial attorney corporate litigation. My mom raised for kids and wasn't was a nurse and then decided she wants to go back and get her peach d and, whilst raising for
kids. She went back to school at nights and got her Phd in Cbi colleges. That was pretty amazing wow. So your mom is a very strong kind of maze. Herman amazing in so smart and you find that you are attracted to non deadbeats elusively. Now my mom wishes I was I was. I would so now. I married my mother for really oh yeah why would you want powerhouse, oh she's, strong machine work or work, a hollow company start as again or build this great company. Inspiring, and yet, when I had girlfriends I what will you do today disc and am I I'm out your comment that I really like those that I think I often end up with William. You don't have the most direction, the opposite near
in which you think that is in some weird way of rejection of your mother, or I think it's Hollywood really am just around me not to blame it on the town or is my ticket on my own responsibility. But you know there's so many people in in our industry that are sort of aimless and are and that's who I'm around most As you said, you date, women who are like what would you do it? I, like unarmed premier, I might work out and then I'm I've read Instagram, let's go aid instead that it could be a it's also, I think, are uneasy trap if you have the lifestyle that you have where you're working weird hours and then you're on locations in the new also live in New York, so Someone has going on the more conducive. It is for them to join you for the right, one thousand percent and that's what gets in the way when you, when you know less precise exclusively, was she wasn't in the business, but she had a choice Ireland was for based here and that definitely makes you go a wall. And how do I continued to carry on location for six months or how you gnostic, especially when you're directing you're there?
a longer and so anyway. Just that's. Why, of course, that's the that's one of the trophy reasons. Why actors, often data other actors is because they have a lot to lifestyle. The our and your dad is clear. The bright individual Deanna trial attorney yet, and it he's the reasoning of the business actually because his hobby was he loved theatre. More than anything, a real any. Did that any theatre plays. I was always the star, oh really good, and so I would go as a little kid and watch him and be the start of the local production and how people cheer form- and I was like I want at a dead- looks like a taste yeah. I was on the stage crew out, like the law can help him out on the sets moving sets and then, while I gotta know in my stereotype of I'll attorney is someone who's pretty agro. It was. He was the alpha in nature. Now he was an alibi for sensitive. We know lover, but big hugger of a guy just actually said my dad, was a sensitive lover. But what I meant was when I met with. That he's a patient lover I mentioned.
I intend to never ever Russia doesn't know. I mean that fees men when he's a big softy, hugging kind of guy- and now I mean it- was a tough attorney, I'm sure when they need to be, but he was he was a great day and they stayed married now Now, the ridiculous you find out someone to someone who knows divorcing every day that in what age worry when they get aboard, I was eight that's pretty after you had the whole nuclear family experience for quite a while. I did in that it sucks, and then they would they both meant well, but what they did was they did joint custody a week in a week which is not some eleven will do it's bizarre, but but I don't recommend you can build a life in either place right pretty much. We would be sad on Sunday when you move and then through the courts
the weak you'd get used to the other rhythms of the house and used to the other parenting style and then about Friday. It feels right now and then on Sunday you move again, that's good for me to hear of course. My woe is me stories I had my dad did every other weaken, but now that we can easily drop us off offer my grandparents are. We wanted a bar with him. So I'm like a lapse as bad as well. I think I had it all somewhere between his idea. Maybe that's the way I mean he meant well as they were going through divorce, whatever it happens, but he wanted to involve as possible that I, but I dont think it was. It was good for mental health in a very time consuming. Ah lawyer, right pry the working hours of Indiana occupation, yeah, the loud crusher work, a ton. He worked a ton, we had a baby sitter when we very much all the time full time haitian woman, who taught me Creole, oh really, good, You say anything to us or is that our cultural appropriation? Will we get in trouble? For I don't know, I don't think so. We
Montgomery rate around in your ass. If you're asking minority woman I mean, that's it, that's my wireless I'm trying to think I don't know he was mostly curses she'd yell at her daughter Cynthia, but because they figure my colleague, Linda been Margie setup O with pretty much means, I came here break your face, cannot love your husband slot, perfect sense for you to learn, but that's what she would be Jude for persons who daughter she there. She would have this year, the cutest little daughter and she would scream at her in increased invention, although we certainly, what are you saying You know one another, but we willingly we're running around me like because, if you do your haitian a listening audiences shocks that I notice the raw excited I will say you just far exceeded MAX mutations. What about you? Monica, Did you know any in the media? Gonna look down and I can use China arms around
that is our best still get one word. I was taught my search, my brain for a phrase that she would yell magma, cosy figure. I think it means I'm a breakthrough. So Monica, but just on vacation with Christen, I and Turks, and take us and of course the very first thing I do is I'm picking up some of the words that the guys that work their use and then, of course I am insisting on using them two minutes of great embarrassment to Monica. SAM Wigwam was that the thing that I have to see, if I guess they're, probably they're- probably used to Taurus and trying to be cool it's a sickness. I have. Why can't? I have a hard time not being a part of any group that I'm are the notion that I won't be included is is insufferable too pretty gregarious guy. It seems like to a fault It seems to me one www place. We differ since we have sought the same dna. You are very gregarious, an outgoing and popular and
popular like well, you have a lot of friends, don't you? I think I hear the guy's vary, so you re social, yes, I'd love have, I think, the one thing that makes being on planet earth worthwhile as being as having fun. Yeah, and so you and your wife, you often when you're not working going to peoples- an event. Will that we're not doing? I will say that's right misleading is obviously going to him. You are, I see. Each other is at an event. Does rest assured, that's probably the one event we went to in other, very like body well we're super social. Yes, we're always at someone else's house ranch other forefront. In family riots and we have kids and when you have kids you'll see like everything right, it's all about making getting them preoccupied you can t can lay dreamer somewhere so mom? She continued practice psychology. She had a practice impatience, among, fell in love and moved in with my stepfather they merit and then they both would see patients in the living room no hitting yet, and we were kids, we would ease drop. You know
You like in the ideal abasement like with my mild trains like like listening. I can't believe that what their fighting I don't like it would be the most intense yeah. Therapy stuff is it. Is that good or bad too? To here is a kid. I remember the first time in half There was a couple arguing in the living room and screaming as as companies zoo couple, Sir, my goodness will eventually my parents figure. Like a ball like ozone, as they like. My parenting. Sal is, like others is closed to. Mr France has to consume, get like they hear the goddamn truth erode. She asked how they become the penis in the vagina Jacqueline on Ovum. I don't I don't general alien demand, not say yeah, there's a magic song about baby. I don't know I probably cleaned it up a bit, but even My stance on this, I don't know about that he'll scenario, but then maybe it is welcoming you to what the world really is, which animals
I think it is dramatic at first and then they got a little bit better about picking the hours, because at first it was like you know, after dinner like married couple in living room, but then they started figuring out and scheduling the mostly during the day and your hearing about people sex lives are now. I was legibly Rikers, that's usually a big problem relations. I mean to say that I was sitting there with my ear against the wall, I mean to say: is that when it would crescendo like, are there in the living room and the door closed, but we're cushioned, don't fuck you by then you here or when some woman was was weeping you'd here you know he tried to address the Eco train tracks when someone's crying about red. Indeed, do you think that your mother did you ever at times feel like she was cycle? analyzing. You sometimes, but I would say more often than not, it was good. It was a good thing because they were. She was my mom is an amazing listener, and actually you know what it's starting an older amendment. This is free therapy yeah. If you do
I. Why did I eventually I've been of therapy on my own without being apparent without your mom, which is better of sure? There were times when I was like, oh my god up analyzing me, but I think there were more times in and then not that it was like such a good listener, she's rustling therein and being patient and letting me voice my feelings, Bonaparte's greater global first, I should say I'm very pro therapy, so I think it's a great resource, but I have also heard the stereotype, the generally you know, people that are drawn their air psychology, as a major mean up. You fucked up themselves and then the cycle of you ever heard that now I remember some experience. My I mom was was not that way. Be more delicate about that. So, if you're searching for some healing and because you have some trouble on you got all this place, has some answers. I'm attracted to finding out those answers. I don't mean to say it in the older fucked up and psychology, but clearly of something else. You and there's a solar potential solution. I could see where would funnel and people that were feeling a little bit locks.
The interesting my mom was the this is crazy, but my mom, she wasn't psychiatric nurse first, so she was the night nurse at the v. A psychiatric ward, a Western in Jersey, yeah though, that's a ground zero. Let's have a really really intense job at night mound and by the way she had for kids, I think was so well dedicated to helping people and was so blown away by which he saw this Vienna Hospital. That then she's like I really want to get my phd in. I won't be a doctor, the honors Satan from our arm chair there I gave you ve hired anyone who the question now at that stage I want. I wish I could say ass well
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They would say your spoiled right, I don't know, I mean they're kind of like will give you what everyone at this point and you have a little bit longer leash, because their tired of micromanaging young, you siblings, that are helping you, yeah and also you know. I think they are now the king of the first through so things they were doing that were not working by the time they got to me. There were like illustrate this where this I think they were prime, more more patient with me in and more sp, maybe more supportive of what I want to do and how spaced out, where you guys roughly arrive. My my eldest brothers, ten years old and me so and then my brother is fears in him and then my sister Anna, like roughly two or three Did you idolize any those all them eat it all a bit different? arms. My brother Adam came out to Hollywood. Www Mozilla, he was out here working in Hollywood and I would come out- and I just yet so want to work in the movie even a little kid, and I just he would bring me on satin and I just thought it was them
exciting things. Who did he pursued something and he started in the art departments even to art school, and you see light, and I got in guiding union and start working in our department on on tv shows and movies. It is a sad dresser and and was kind working on really big, shows and then start writing and there actually are. Asked movie that I may not before going style was called wish. I was here inspired by our family and I were- and I wrote that with him he has very good writer but you're that soap. My point is, as I was a kid coming out here, he was bring you bring me on. These amazing sets remains prop houses and use it sucks. I anything at that age right is, like anything, that's getting close to the big, I had no, I had no other interests but accept entertainment. Did no interest in sports had no interest in I mean I liked girls and I liked being an actor and a filmmaker. It's all I want to do and if you act as a kid, my first part was actually in in a pilot foresee bs and it was Gwen its power trolls. First,
it is well oh, no kidding and nothing ever became of her laugh if we want a pilot for CBS Call High about a high school and she was the beautiful cheer and I was the nerdy freshman, ok in ensemble cast Highschool did you date in those showing didn't, but I remember thinking as a fourteen year old boy, that type of beautiful being. I have not yet seen itself Jersey, yeah, she's, nine feet, oh and while she was just Yoshi growth palco at at seventeen eighteen and she was the prettiest thing I've ever seen in my life. We should remember that I did you tell me personally, or did I seen interview if it is to go to camp. I did. I went to a theatre camp called staged or manner, which is when you, when you're a kid in July, Acting in you really want to take it seriously, yeah it. So I got scouted by by agents and that sent me on the additions for that. But when you go there, I'm assuming you're the king of camp, are you like Are you? Are you like? The quarterback of the football team- well, we have what happens is yet because I remained
the two main horn, but I was a kid actor. I, with preparing good, a high and you're, not terrible looking, I not troubling an eleven you when you say that so far and your fucking heart lies beyond oil. As we didn't cover issues that arise, I hate the way look, so I don't know how to do you, love are you up? However, I know when I it's funny, because I we'd both direct ourselves and we have the always have a look at the monitor and your early standing would like. You know, Kate, Hudsucker, now deportment and say: oh, my god of beauty in the fuckin beast in its hard, not so makes it worse rain. We are in the movies, with these beautiful people or just fucking, on a five foot tall screen. It's not you know right now. Has come out in China. I read somewhere some famous actor- was like the second, you can. Let all that ego should go. The happy you'll be, but I'm forty two I haven't yet anyway. So I am also allow the young boys there were already realising. They were gay, a right yeah, so
that made it even more utopia because you're going through puberty and was like thirteen years old you're in this camp, with all these beautiful girls and I'm your eager and thirteen years old, like really going through the change, yeah and things are happening. Half the population is gay and your and I'm getting the leads in the shows socialism. It was like them and then, when you would return to, did you go to publicly again then I ve learned about the guys who we're like lacrosse can I was at the door, it was a real man, like I would really be so depressed when I came back yes, I am a joking aside. I would really go through a depression when I came back cuz, it was been to Heaven. Yes, and I met all the gate. I mean I'm joking. I mean obviously that the girls part was one of them, but was really like here. Acting is cool and hear performing school. In here you don't have to hi who you are, and then I go back and all I got was score to act like a you know, lights and put on all these. All these layers back on ya was a mind fuck my mom, a picture of me yesterday old picture. I found she was. Oh, my god, why you look so sad
and I think, I think, is the day was leaving camp literally. This text it her this yesterday, because I you know was it was like being it was like being yanked out. Utopia of you read this experience, I'm sure you ve met a ton of successful people on this business and what's interesting, deceit What happens is some male actors? Is they were for a nerd in high school? and then they enter show business Then they are brilliant at that, and then they become a leading man and They are in the world's eyes the quarterback, the football team, but they have no experience with that it from their childhood. Are there ten years or anything so they're really trying ANA Ill fitting Jack down and a bunch of different guys who basically women, album. They have every option at their disposal. Yet they had none of that of new challenges as a low, confusing I've seen it kind of warp and weird ways be witnessed that at all you know I'm talkin about vaguely Amy. I I I I had a lot of things. You just said when I'm
suggesting is that you did have those windows. Were you were this thing that happened? to you later in life, for girls, obviously like you and I we more than they should? Yes right were womb people that only way out of our little league now are somehow in our league. That can be there. Confusing, but if you ve had at least this experience in childhood of going to this camp for your kind of the stud a little bit I wasn't I wasn't. I was nerdy and I was nerdy and into the av Club. I mean literally member, I member as mean taking pride and like I'm, the one who gets to set up this projector lands mother factors which they knew, how to put these reels. Sharing. This Bob went now. I just I just remember thinking like they must think. I look so cool, sending it like a guy from NASA yeah. I do. I'm feeling like just become batter,
So I was nerdy in that way. I didn't mean to imply that you weren't, crushing and I've got an unhealthy insane and now, but I'm sure isn't one title: I'm telling them ingredients that that that I did that some of the examples you didn't like that you mentioned might not have in that was I did learn to adapt bacon becoming the class clown. I learned that okay, I'm not going to play, I'm not going to get that cute girl that captain the soccer teams getting, but I'm going to make friends and at least find some females who are somewhere out at me by making them laugh and soda sword, developed being the class cloud and being outrages and beings doing stupid shit? Yes, indeed, you learn a dance because I was and other technical employed. I didn't you didn't. I wish I did. I was watching this girl dance, hip, hop style on something sensing they uphold analyze prosaic I couldn't does I wouldn't you sounded more older? Why I was wondering how club seem. I was watching this woman and be dancing the hypocrisy, and I was like
I wish I could tell me with her ass. She looked so good doing it yeah have you married being funny and good dancing together like just and emulate he's doin, ok, yeah guys he's all right he's a jerk. I was. Fully prepared to support him as an amazing singer and dancer when he crushed at Saint live. I was like we get it. And leave a little for the rest of us right. I know, but, but I just want to make this one because if I can timber is, is it you, but I bet you more than seventy two percent of the country wants to date. Him. That's them certainty crumbling the other thing and acts as wall. It says they asked us. Weekly people really happened. Would you would you dig Dax and its hand is a picture of dogs and it looks a lot like me as you know, an equation, maybe that they are voting on you fucking asshole d, day dogs and then seventeen supersensitive. Now. How do we is it women accurate did you date actually also maintain, Hudson or as I just We are now at a time of that. I did they both those we will ya.
Ass weekly got somebody rail, wonderful folks, both of them, but the thing I've seen that's happened a couple times with, There is, I know, tunnel. Women love them in their success. Its thirdly, made them a little massage monistic, because it's like they not trust it? It's like fuck that you like me now you like me, because I'm this enormous him like there's a good distrust in that think you can we that out by the time you enough experience. Obviously, when you first get famous- and you can't believe a pretty girl icy just because you famous year has re intoxicating by the forty two, especially if you like, I assume, are similar in that were like we weren't tens. We certainly had a appetite for that answer. We're doing everything were juggling and spinning every possible to to get well. I don't want you, but I was walking girl crazy. My life, I mean to me
anymore- was my biggest crush and then I data for two and a half year. I yeah I mean just as it exists, is an example of your points. No, no, but but here's what happened to me on an emotional journey. You know I was trying to get girls that were, by my estimation, better than me, and if I could convince them to like, he then I thought I would be able to believe that I was desirable, are attractive or all these things. I thought that somehow, if they liked me, I would start to me be like me right. Well, that's pretty and then irritating for any anybody. Yes and I'm wondering if you had this experience with Mandy, were I had gotten to a point where I thought all of this person likes me, it's a done deal. I really am no. When I woke up next this person, I'm like, I still feel like a piece of shit yeah I was having a russian wherever you go there, you are yeah in that's a weird first of all its. I guess I'm very grateful to have had that experience has it,
did teach me, but when a man like dated Chris than you found Kristen, did you that big Christian and I can say this by the way- I still think it is most sensational person the world, but I didn't know who Kristen balance. So I met her at a dinner. Are shoot. This was a girl. I realized she was an actress because she had just finished some moving. She was talking about that, but I was like she was talking about some deal. She got at top. Yet, and she was so enthusiastic about the savings at target and I thought of this person's very cute and interesting right. So a really, I will say it didn't do anything for my ego at that Oh my gosh. I wasn't like all if I can get this girl's famous already. If she likes me the maybe I'm a good deal and aid already. I have had the realisation just before that, where I'm like. Ok, that you gotta try another strategy for self esteem concerns not gonna come from someone else year in so you're saying. Did you have a similar feeling? I think, of course, add that expired I went. Oh my goodness. I can't believe this person likes me yeah and not just with mainly with other with other women idea was like wow this. Is it what's wrong with them Mohammed yet? Well, that Monica
what this a lot and others are line and here's my sickness, my sicknesses, this, persons better than me. I get them to like me and then instead me feeling better. I got other prisons and more of a loser than I thought they work as they like me. It actually devalues them as that of the hell you line in any haller renounces. I would never want to be a part of any club that would have me as a member. Yes, yes, yes, which I think is on marks he's quoting someone else, as they are one of the marks or otherwise I think, but I do always lady. Did that like that, that sort of like what the ok can you get this girl, like you and me, like you and the house runner, a hundred percent. It is madness. It's crazy to realign neurotic that. It's that the self esteem thing is an inside job. It's not an outsider right, not a cars, not gonna, give it to you a job in a war that pay check right? They will temporarily made easier longer in that regard, since you ve had this realization o a hundred percent up, you know, did you read said Arthur when you were a kid? No k? Well, the story of said Arthur, as you know, is on this journey for enlightenment and he ends up finding.
Through excess weirdly. You know, and I have found in my own life that I've been lucky enough to get all these things. I thought we're gonna hear me and then they did it, and then I went oh it's something else right, but had not been given the things I would still be on. The endless pursuit of it near, I feel the same way I mean I can. I can report that my times and life, what I'm completely down have not gone away from having enormous success in ya and luck in certainly right. If you tell if you go back in time and you find Zack at twenty years old, he went to North western right and you hey guess what did you're gonna be making this much money and beyond this network and Bob? I am certain that the twenty Zack would be like old and I'm gonna be the happiest guy on my right right right, which would be awesome. If that's all, it's all relatives it you know where you go there you are, and so that brain and and the things you worry about an obsess about in an erotic about her always with union wary where you are and how much money will have in the you know, I've I've met miserable billionaire, some sure you have oh, yes, there is,
you owe you listen a stern. I know your faster than you ever hear. My type he's my favorite MIKE Tyson anytime, he's answer I have, but I remember Stearns obsessed with the fact that he lost five in her mind. Right, like you know how to even go to sleep at night, and he goes Howard, I appointed a billion at the killed himself. I have something that money can buy online. I believe what a fuckin healthy play you dare living in this town. Haven't you made a lot of very, very, very successful, idolize yeah? Absolutely I go oh and by the way that's been another thing I feel grateful about as have met some My heroes and I've seen that this success didn't help in that capacity. You know that they they didn't like themselves more, they weren't necessarily happier yeah. I met some of the richest people in the world. I'm a Brunei who could not be more successful, what they do? Who area who are more miserable? So do you think that your ma their gave you some tool. I had to learn all this and I have had become a drug addict. I wouldn't have picked up.
Now you're sober, and I know you Didn'T- I mean a drinking, I'm sorry still angry about conflict, jail time. I'm very prominently resuming drink thirteen years I mean I feel, like that's a good thing, don't you feel so much more productive I do you know that I can tell you the singular goal I had after a few years sobriety I said to myself: I want to figure out how to be twelve year old Dax, who was just a so excited to walk outside in. Do something like I wanted to recapture my enthusiasm for being planned or that I didn't need to put something in me to get that enthusiasm and for years I was pessimistic. I was not going to get that back and I will They are on seven or eight years. I found myself like fakir. What are we doing? We're gonna go off rotti we're gonna like I'm
the on fire to be on planet earth, which has some I had lost for many many years in that parts really exciting. On reading this amazing book about habits and breaking habits and has a whole section on on aim of learning so much about it, I didn't know they serve before it's time for you how to break habits. Yeah designated at nineteen. Fifty, I think, is around when it was when it started there going on me out on nothing there. They ve vented out of thin air fares there's nothing scientific about. I know that was an interesting though they the whole chapter in this book about analyzing what what's amazing about what works about, and this sort of science behind changing your habits which at which I would have finally fastening or their specific habits. At your attempting to change yeah I mean, I think You came secret, but there's another some private, but there's one, I would say, is out I'd like to be more productive. I get really inspired by me.
Well, not to show in our business, but just by talking to just super smart, successful people in an all several different industries in the midst of fairly fastening tech people recently- and I just feel it I could. I could be somewhat more productive and not be what I think is lazy, or what what? What is your motivator cause? You and I are both writers in Writing- is the worst thing someone can do. It is it's very hard, in fact, it's funny cuz, I'm Golaurens. Who was one of the reasons I have a career grade scrubs in this one of my best friends. He, he's. Writing now he's like a disguised like one most successful tv show runners. There is in his eye there is nothing worse than having a right and is now better than having written yeah, causing quote Lawrence. Gasoline is writers. Are people who, where did you homework for the rest of their lie? Ass, a that way about alma governmental? I gotta remember because,
always nagging right. It's always in the back of your mind. It's just like. I should be writing and I have things that I want to write. This is one of them have it. I want to change. I know people that write everyday and I have never been that person mean even going state was in, was in pieces all over my house for a long time and insert of various stages, and then I got screwed quit my waiting tables job and then they took- me, oh, by the way, we're not gonna start shooting for four months or maybe or media aside. We shut the pilot uniform at window before we found out if we were going a restraining. I forgot anyway. The point is that for months, nothing to do- and I went this is a sign. You are such a fucking idiot. If you don't sit down you're at your dining room, table you're going to have your first big break and if you don't have that screenplay ready sit down the dining table prettier and was like this. The sort of berating mice Oh yes, said finally made me, sit down the dining room table and put it all together for me. It's that way. Every time you just it's it's very very hard to get. My ass
the chair, I remember it's great memory of my mom I was, I knew I was so proud of. The script had written and I remember reading scenes from God. Take my mom like a kidney like Mama our project, and I just remembered this just as great pride at myself. When I made it known finance again, it was just like I look I'd I'd. Look, it's a hunter, twenty days, and I was just about all the things that we really of just promise such pride, so you know that don't happen off If someone does asked me at vice about writing my big trick is I gave myself permission or write something terrible that that, to me is the big hurdle because the daunting nests of having to sit down and write a great scene arise that its very daunting. But if I go, I gotta do is sit down in type out four pages. They can be shitty you're allowed to just go head right. Somebody hitting alike that inevitable, it's not a it's not should he be I'll rewrite it and it will become something good, but it's for me just going you're allowed to be bad.
Bad right. I think that's all that's part of the problem is, is that It has on occasion, worked you now. Comparing it are to that. As this isn't gonna, be that pilot you sold this isn't going to. That movie that people liked this shit so far but I really relate- and I wonder if you have a similar desire, which is, I have almost only men, productive out of a place of fear so either I'm terrified, Linda, penniless unterrified. I won't work again. I'm I'm telling myself I'm a lazy piece of shit, I'm a coward. I would. I would love to be the right from a place of love and happiness and excitement to create in ages. That's not where I work for not an insulted discipline. I think, when I so mad habits and changing how it's just just finding what I would like to get that that, in the spirit of like I'm having this response to lose Zack, why don't you go right?
for an hour like I'd love to change what's happening in that chain. That's making me go, find brain going, find anything else. Yeah yeah, lean refrigerator, yeah jerk off for me, is usually high on that letter colleges get. Jerk off, let's get once a jerk off I'll, be able to write a clear my, but I did not go back your mother and I was an actual, are our good. It does so, I had a good aim, but I'm wondering or I like to believe that you might have left the house with some tools that an average person doesn't get having, mother whose eyeing hollow and also my my my stepmother was a or is a therapist. My stepfather was sick.
Add me. Take a class called the for the landmark for Bulgaria. Our good friend Jes went to all of them and he's pretty much now Laura all all that to us. I love it. I got a lot of people like that sounds colchi, but for me it wasn't at all. It was a good work. It was a through is a three day workshop. My stepmother was supernova used to be asked back in the day. Yes out of like that way I went to all them in he's pretty much now Laura all of it to us here I love it. I got a lot of people like that sounds cruelty, but for me it wasn't at all. It was like a work. It was a through is a three day workshop. My stepmother was supernova used to be asked back in the day yeah sort of like that, which is a little more intense and Americans who might have seen it on the American. I didn't they do asked anymore. They data will. This is sort of a two thousand and eighteen version. Of course I was two years ago and I there's tools. I got in that workshop that I think of all the time and
I recommend that two people actually because I definitely more out of it than I thought I had an in the equipment- a mammoth therapy sessions yeah, it woke as its very it is my understanding of it not by way of Jes is that it is very action oriented it is. Very pragmatic noted deals with a lot of stuff with the voice in your head right and the rapporteur that in an ever think, anyone could benefit from some apparatus, some lever to man is the voices in the our hats and yet and I was very gradually and also I'd, seen at work on my mind. My stepmother had gotten our family into its I'd, seen it sort of help my dad had seen it help other people, and I did when I was fresh college and really was a good set of tools for me, an things? You know she they were always giving my books and and sang and unjust, even quote sudden and and just things too, to try to help motivate mean Anna and allow you know is what put a fire under my ass and got mean it to two to accomplish things have accomplished. Was it hard to get into northwestern? That's funny
on a school? Did your browser aids? I didn't, I didn't mean it had good grades. I didn't crush the ESA tease and I thought that that will I didn't care, but I thought that that would prevent me from getting in, but one thing this cool button with Western is there one of those good schools that will look at the whole thing is again in Ireland, inspired by Like Brown or Yale it unless you have a high enough score northwestern at least ninety ninety three, prided themselves say: look, we was your extracurricular Come have an interview. Let me read your essays. Let me look at everything. Let me look at the whole package by
an interview that I had had a really interesting asked route. Crickets we're glad I was doing a lot of different things I was I was on the rescue squad. I was, I was in a Woody Allen movie. I had I done a bunch of outside the box stuff yeah sent you entered college. Having already worked, did you kind of just proceed with AL continue like I'd. Just to give you an example, I find that this huge difference when christian name, my panic level but never working versus hers, is she's, always work. She worked in Michigan wearable from as like a fifteen year old in outline she had a drop out of college to being a Broadway play, so her only experience with pursuing this. Is u no success, even if it wasn't gigantic. It was a steady little stream of successive you think. Having had some success back in New Jersey Union in approaches with a ton of fear, I always approach with fear, wasn't cocky about it, but I but I wanted to come, but this way I want to I was estimates that murder mystery, and you know I was raised on Woody Allen and any hall and, as anyhow was her like a religion in my family
say he's the jewish Michael Jordan will not right now, but then a ninety mainly through it, but as a child. He was in here now Brooks and in your new Simon were were got heads in my family and jewish Jewish New York, Armenians, and we will go see other players, we go see other movies and my very first These are my seen partners in my first movie role: Thine Keaton Woody on angelic used in knots in german one cinnamon had murmur history, but so I I got that part, and that was eighteen was like war. Are you gonna standing Can we ran useless and ride this year as it would be enhanced pretty dope things to you and I said I really wanted to funds go wandering movies, so I had to have caused. But instead go now, and I can do that. I want to go to school. I wanna get better. I want to learn how to act. I want to learn filmmaking, so I sort of stopped right after my biggest break in and went to school to to
yeah see you need decision? I don't think I could make made that decision on a man like oh yeah. Let's not yet has there's a fork in the road where, where an agent might say you just got in use, played Woody Allen, Nike son you're gonna leave town yeah yeah. I was again one of them I was, I was wide. Eyed owes account my movies and was northwestern. Just Heaven sent must wonder. Requesting was great me. I really liked it. This call is too cold for me. Ok to sound like a monkey jus, but I dont, like called, has, as you know, that the tour in the spring big mistake. Cordial eleven stand in the spring. If you want to go to a beautiful place, gonna to Lake Michigan, the ass- and you know its main. I mean that's Nobel, you not Robin and and then I got there. My dad drop me often took me to edit Bauer and they said dumb you'll. These coats are rated negative. Six, five I went in and when I called ready to negative sixty fire, it's the fuckin when it was horrible, I mean all the school. I had it
great time, and I did so. I made a million friends and I fell in love for the first time in an eye, and I made a lot of student films- and I was I was heaven I was I was. I had a great at an acting teacher, the changed my life and what was your summer camp experience, but it lasted for years out. Imagine yes, more straight boys to compete, wow bomber, re, Liberalisers athletes and stuff. I cannot allow you to sit down at the north western powers. Yeah, there was only they have like a good rowing team at a handsome rowing tv out of Super strap deltoid. They do those things. Are the crew like you're in the Facebook movie solution, then? Will you rob low with rowing? Yes, I fucking love it. Use has sex with his friends mother. Yes, What's that movie love that movie that really hit home from Nigeria What are you guys unsettled Monica fact checks the whole episode and we do it live. So we everything you say, that's erroneous. We will expose mostly just me social go back to the opposite, good that'll longer get since you go you
some months ago, yes, that was what my sister a loves movies and was eighty movies and she would have the aid should have our beaches. Tapes labelled and they were you know all the gold standard. Sixteen candles, weird science, you know pretty pink, every time you on the pantheon, but Oxford, lose was in, the rotation always saw rob. Love rowing in banging might, though, be mixing up. The storyline between man and with it was even would be called class, and that's where you sex with you right. Only elevator. Can you look. You factions, I wouldn't movie, does rob low Bang someone's mom at an elevator? Am I just like this? This is a rate fantasy team members, the first movie we were like. I should not be watching this and I'm feeling things in in my loins for the first time, I can tell you two things one. My grandfather took me to ten when it came out- and I was
I've used once agreed scarface when I was like six in they cut a guy up and those fuckin shower. The chains honours, like only goodness humans behaved. This way like the world gets area for me, but the thing that I'll say that is funny, as is my dad, had one porno insatiable in my Brother was five years older than me. He would watch it regularly will. Might I was out of the house and I would come down stairs and I would see this morning like ten years old and it looked like a homicide, was so scary and weird. It look like that that they were killing somebody in that's my argument for, like you, don't have to worry too much but kids like when they come. I may come on line in really do it's just the grossest weirdest thing. I remember a babysitter taking us to see revenge of the nerves. Oh sure, ensures a beautiful baby sitter. Our message at a story no not really be like I think she's really beautiful period, but also I led the time thought she was. Most people don't want to go. She read the nerves. And
seeing where he has sex in the funhouse would, with random Darth Vader Mass Year in their say, like we ve got more for something like that russian. He says something like all those jocks think about sports, but all nerds think about sex. I got their secret weapon. Because he s Darth Vader Mass Betty. I think Ernie was Betty. She didn't know she thought she was having sex with her hands of Jacques again today. That movie comes on its Alonso on ethical or I do it just like the three were mentioning the other day how wrong revenge. The nerves is legally put these, in cameras in this regard. I all sitting around all day watching the sorority girls shower. I mean we have much for we have ever whatever the fuck that you, I think it's I am for a re examination of revenge. The nerve hinges the notion that they trigger girlhood, that's fucking job we're like the best parts I felt so I've felt warning
point. Really, let's go whatever it's one of the first time in my life I was like, oh my god, what feelings, yeah and in all, fraudsters purposes and my intense verbs in my mind. I was on a t, shirt, Of course, you desire to food law on Baby Serbia, so we go into like a right, eight or CBS next or move here after the movie, and I remember thinking I need to find something in the store that will impress her. This is why I want your manly monopolies Agro Gallagher razors. Nor do I headed the high, where I and I remember I ll never forget long live. There was a matter it was like. I was nine That is what we are talking it wasn't it used to sell them along the rolling lantern batter right, yeah how'd you through the rings on the top, exactly are smaller than a car by were everywhere now. So I see and my brain annoyed when it was, of course not in sheep
because what he's doing in the harbor, let me go what you doing. I gotta see this. And this is all because I think this is going to make her girl. You know what a joy restrictions being began. Yes, man. This is a man, I'm with absolutely. I think, I'm I'm young boy, I'm learning that she's thinking I nodded. I got this little boy yet, but if if he were into something manly, yes, like let's say a lantern battery, exactly we needed to do an area. We will try to make my way, solar cells or from a burden.
You couldn't even lie in the lower than even your road trying to be mainly at him for a present from nothing like little. I didn't I didn't know. I don't have any money on me. I was a boy but in my mind she was thinking like FARC, discuss, manly, absolutely ones God knows little hook, I've I've ever told this story, anyone so your ear. There you go I've residents clues my very first actual thought or feeling was. I watched a school in elementary school and I would pass this very big rock. That was at the corner of two. But every day and I had a dream where I got my first boner in my dream. I just was walking by that rock, and I had this boner and I didn't know what to do that, and I just right grind: did myself up against this right awry humped around here, and I woke up with this nagging boner and I just was like a so confused by the whole thing
is probably I was humpy, my mattress, I'm guessing. While I was asleep, so I woke up with some strange feelings down there and then I would walk by that rock and your life that I had to hit, and I would just try to choose I'm not the feeling I have in the dream, but I couldn't it was just a rock in real life, but I would stare at it like why don't I The hearing that I thought you were saying that you are like shy around the wrong brother, flower another funny, masturbation, storing, comma. I was a kid actor and I was up for a born the fourth of July. Ok, now Tom cruise Now it did in the movie one's life. If you recall the Follow Young Tom Cruise through several areas of his childhood before he's Tom Cruise and know what age they switched, the Real Tom Cruise, but let's say ten years, I'm sure whatever there was a masturbation period of his life and Tom's character figured out long ago. We were saying we humping everybody's humping, trees, humping, a basketball and I got comics was. I did this in front of all.
Stone, I might act like I was mass from your child. I was a child having a mastery of revolvers. Stone am going of all people to high murmured, going I'm the lines like god I'm so because he has very religious he's, I'm so sorry, but it just feels so good music asking God for forgiveness. While he was masturbating and an humping, a tree you're still a book, and so on if your direct, your hiring you? Well, you know how I hold onto the life. You know what I am now looking at you. My first thought was, like you plain Young Tom Cruise doesn't whatever, but then again No, you guys. I'm almost the same knows right. Well, I didn't have this nose at the time I this came later. Ok, if you look at me like twelve a little button knows Yemen's hundred. Have you might my dad as eastern european jewish Bud, My mom was protestant. So that's why I have blue eyes and
but a larger knows. I'm lens word shakes shakes gotta Shasta. She she was a six chicks, a goddess yeah yeah like that yeah I didn't get the. I'm still ninth grade, yet anyone you personally came in. I was, I tell Monica this all the time if I could have growing. If I could, we live in a year, my life over and over again it be seventh grade. There was one year roused like I'm killing. No fire rates and then of subtle but known, and also nearly wines that still growing yeah we're good not enough no Haines brain with those. We should compare caricatures that have been drawn us over the years, though I remember the exact same how we compare in high school. Like ninth grade, I was so fuckin ganglion we're looking a ninth grade. It was a very rough stretch, many ways you leave northwestern young, you you'd, we get a degree in what they may was a bachelor of arts and in in radio television, film, ok,
and you made a student film. I love him. The idea is a good or a bad. I think it's pretty good its pretentious, as are the area as all good student film should be, if you're a student. Let us not pretend you're doing something wrong yeah. I was only able to forgive yourself for that kind of thing. I will it's a lot at old stuff has done, but I was obsessed with Jean Pierre DNA at the time is most famous movies Emily he made a movie when I was in college called delicatessen. Yes, I've seen evidence against any city of lost children and theirs, these Moliere there, like, like Terry, its French terribly yes, I
I learned we wasn't from schools when I looked might look back at my students. Oh my god. This looks like a student filmmaker whose obsessed with Jean Pierre Generic trying to make his own city of lost children delicatessens from, but I think it's pretty decent. I gotta guy applied in God, Grant took to Turkey to make it, and I remember, is that you study that cause. I did anthropology and then I had some elected to burn before graduation, whereas, like I could take anything, I wanted in Ituri come some film history clauses that you see allay ever Nightrobe Projector an almost on a marching possible. I'm gonna Nightrobe Rent in all this and ongoing holy fuck. I could have done this for four years. What was like, I didn't have the balls to trust. You know, did just go Mama degrees, gonna, be war, mind do and throw degree is worthless as well, but I do said Hoddan going like it's. Why you get wet wearing your life. Did you get pump, then I think it bundles. Like twenty old. When you are. I was here for ten years auditioning for tampon commercials with did you gonna? Why were you in it
I concur with what seem to be weighed up. You're the boy ever lied, boyfriends, like honey. You know we know you're bleeding all over the living. I am. I think, though, that it has the boy of this just bought up. Your saw me now, I think, again it's always the boyfriends. Always I guess you're not pregnant. The boyfriend, though, is putting a backpack on music hurry we're late for that. You trip like he's always inciting some soup
I raised lottery is always Waterbury honey. We're gonna go swimming in the in the in the clear blue water, rarely only audition for one or two of those, but I like to say that that in diarrhoea medicine those were the work. My specialities going on those began. The interim I've gone to use, helium went to the groundlings, ended all that's got it yeah. So you come out here immediately after northwestern. I came out here immediately after North West now and went to New York. Ok, I went to New York and then I got I got cast in a production of Macbeth without Baldwin, an antelope ass it and you have a horse. You up your ass. Well, Tell him you know exactly what I'm talking about you just win back to New York and you got cast with all those people. What I was thinking, I don't care if you're, the most brilliant actor allowed was that it contains very opposite to continue bragging about the castle of Schreiber. Michael see hall. Do you say Schreiber or Schreiber Liam rival, Vert Leave Schreiber, isn't Ferber?
Leah Schreiber. It sounds where its bur. Ok, though I think a little Schreiber de LA good. I don't know a year these early or maybe it is be northwestern. I don't know, I just know the guy, so I've been reared. If I do not think that the american aim forever, who else Michael see, Hall, oh yeah, yeah yeah decks tax. We have our Berwin Angela Bassett, Abe, Lincoln. None of Georgia, who is Albert Einstein anyway, I know George, she wore who you might not nobody's Mega theatre director directed it, and this is my they it. I got us the first part. I got you. How can you not see that that's a horse, you up your assets in fucking, credible? It was incredible. I mean you're good actor, but that's that's not kind of I'll. Tell you one thing. I had a great shakespearian acting teacher at North Western, and so I came out with some Sark sharp sword.
Just really liked it. Men embraced it, and you know you think it's like dead poets society when you have a teacher, the just open your eyes, nor am I gonna, gets of Eureka get at Yale and he did that for me with Shakespeare. So when I came out and was dropped in New York and auditioning, we're things when they need the young, the young, looking tigers, he hung parameters. He was gonna beat off the train. I was kind of. I was kind of like a sprinting out of the gate at a college, so a manner I am to rationalize my own great party is your causing them to rationalize Y gotta, good role. What do you say? It's? A very fortunate turned me was the right I was it was. It was big deal I prayed for it. I like I, would walk by the public Theater Lafayette in New York and like give the building energy
getting anything I could do to get together to will it anyway. You got that and you did that play I did the play of as it was in the other thing I was really cool about. It was all those people. I was only a three hundred seat theatre it at the public, and that was really a great experience, because there were some great actors in it and and Levin particulars is one of the greatest american theatre actors. There is so watching him was educational Celso, a bull which I like about em Hussar, he's a beast of a man. He's a strong fuckin eastern european descend, yeah badass he's about us such a good actor and if you ever get a chance. If you listen to this, were according right now we're gonna him record in about ten. If you ever need higher certain warmly myself, history was like that at all events, they did not record. I'm gonna go again he's crazy, I'm Peter, and I learned love from him, though that was my first job at us out of school. Then I got an envy great Barleymeal Caspian and any movie about gave voice guy. Then you were one
the guy who's, gonna gay voice telephony, and I love him to loved small. Did you make out what boys implied that I had gay sex on Ketamine special care special care cat tranquil. I fear, the great right or horse. Don't you want to wake up six hours later, not know what happened. It can't regular, if you like amnesia, you're, gonna fuckin, while my character in peace dodges lonely anyone accuracy, my answer, the peace I'm particular or you know when I hear when actors go when the actors together character in the third person, you don't mean Michael she's, a very version that doesn't exist between about Burma, only about Jerry, sherry. He so funny because at first you think I'll just as gorgeous describing, and so I thought I just gotta love him. They turn when a third, firstly, agenda, something edges, and then what
I found him. I just got to love him yeah. You have to love the characters, your plane, so yeah, unemployed, Jeffrey Dahmer. I had to find a way to let them do it like when you see when you have to do those junkets and you have to talk for for terrorism to taste, you can never watched back as this things you said, and our forty eight you're, like, oh, my God, is selling such a deuce. While my big issue with it is, I feel so fraudulent after I answered the exact same question, exact same way for the fifth time, but I am selling it as if it's the first time I go, you are such a fraud. We also, however, is gonna, see that any put a giggle like home. There's a funny. I just told eleven other people, so you get out too
You have a little theatre, Stanton and I mean to belittle by using the word little bills are very, very successful, right, huddled, Broadway and then what may often go to California, a girl? Ok, it's always a girl. It's always a girl, not my case, but now I went to Sundance with this great relating movie called, broken hearts club, and there I met a girl that I was just. I was head over heels, it was like love at first sight. I was in fact waited with her this body, now is the body was mine. Was the next group, my ninth girlfriend, nor should parliament, my affairs that girlfriend at opposed this again and she was here I was there had no money. My parents loan me five thousand dollars to buy a car I came out here and bought a niece. I use Nissan two, forty insects. Oh that's! A good package was perfect yeah, it's not nerdy. It's very dependable are highly recommend that car real will drive very strange configuration and it was stick yeah, which I love driving
ex I'll, give you a little more get up and go with that small anyone really was a great car yeah. I I have really. I approve of the no. I love I've never had a complete failure. Mingle you're, very your very auto, knowledgeable, yes, and I like that you can appreciate the in the sun Forty, a sex I saw Leggum doing an advert. You'd have to find one that was the vintage I never sponsor. While I would loudness onto forty six only lets you are, there hasn't been made and it was a great car yet and then the Meda another you care, but then made it a model based on that only available in Japan, which was the high line. Some right does matters big drifting. You know your shit, so I moved out here is written tables a place called look Loney. I was a french vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Robertson and Beverly business. Now the like a store. Ok, you know that because stories on merrily, I don't think I will never go if your west of of western
well, if you're in hollywood- and you see a like a store or actually is probably only like a store in hollywood- that's what the best Hollywood that that's, what it was a b. The beautiful restaurant, very fancy it that it is violating. What's in the beginning, the movie exact gardens. Yes, sir, while yet we? U wove that well like a good host, it is exactly the beginning of garden stay, and that was my experience, and tied even more beautifully together. The African America in gay man who is yelling at me, as my manager is the famous thier director George, she Wolf I asked to do cameo helm, really, that's nice if you really have to make up while no women in vain, I didn't wear near peace, but we did where based tunics and I did get yelled at and they would say, if you're late again to get hold of head shots, because it was something bizarre that happens in Hollywood. Is people coming to try and get a waiting tables, job and they're actors? Obviously it's and they were what they want to show off that I'm cute, you know so they'll lay job of
Headshot, with their resume to try and get the job, and so the manager always have the stack of hedge funds and she would say stuff like if you're late again, this guy's gonna throw to getting a job. Who knows, I gymnastic rank european special schools. Who knows that? Conversely, Also. I saw how long along before, arriving and allay before you get Scrubbs. Had you done. Other pilots nonsense. I audition for so many things and got nothing, and I was kind of thinking about like I was really. I was second guessing the move out here. The girl and I broke up and- and I was waiting tables I was in that movie. The movie with a great blaming me with the with the with the boys. Broken outcome was out at the sunset five people would come to the restaurant after the movie and wait that's not your will end. They say we just saw your movie. I too, thank you anyway. You, your gradual, thank you so much. Let me take our special. We have a seared albacore. It was so awkward and I would have other expertise is where I would like going like talk to me.
Germany, like let's move Sunday, Anson much corner and then that night come in and I'd be like waiting on them like neither one of us would say anything. That's nice, it's good to have. Low humility like that, and as I do that I don't know like probably a year ago and then you got scrub, so you young, when you describe how old are you twenty four? Something tat is, if you had given me Jack Shepherd Scrubbs at twenty four wheel, but it has not been a great thing for me. I mean Party was, will just the attention the approval, my ego them me they would have all been very dangerous for me. How did you manage at twenty four being the face on billboard around town. I think it was definitely sharking due to get away from you at all, yet I'm sure there's plenty of theirs people at the time when I'm not early on, but I think when, when gardens
then gardens the head on a one to upon. I had a one to hunt in the ego, got I'm sure, there's people around that time. That would say that I was drunk on the cooling. Listen as how can a human not get drunk on the coup, at that, while we ve all seen people really drunken the glade and how I'm older and wiser now but GAD twenty five six fish after the ones you bunch of those two I'm sure I was cause, is your mind now says he hears what would happen to me? I would that would happen, I'm crushing and tv than foray into films. That's a darling, critical! Everyone loves it its successful. My my projecting power my brain would go. I'm gonna be directing Godfather and a couple years I mean, I would just think it's gotta just this. This this trajectory has to continue in the only place. Next is something fucking enormous, for I yelled
our down of a bomb. Did you even think that so at the time I haven't had a bomb? Yet so I didn't know what it felt like. But again the humans is gathering data right in the debtor you're gathering. Now it can be a little mislead here. The dad I was gathering what and also by debate both were preceded by a zillion knows so ever I have been additions. I was thirteen and I M really got bathing. I got all things are mentioned, but Scrubbs was like the giant NBC Pet yeah than ever one in town past or a movie, everyone said hell, no hell, no hell! No, and then then we make it and it goes the sun handsome becomes as men. Phenomenon yeah, and so it was a little extra, even more so because I was like I've- U R Vindicates was vindicate. Yes, but very dangerous. Yet any of us, as I think that would have an eminent along its my arm chair opinion. When it mean I imagine that he as all directors do they fight a lot of battles to get the movie made. They want to get made and when it turns out to be zero dollars and six cents,
You no longer have to listen. Anyone, that's not a great place for any of us to be that's very wise. I think I think I quickly that another explained for long because then I made a movie I was so proud of, and it didn't do well and it the last case. Oh, but you didn't like. We did not allow image I did, but I didn't think that doesn't have the signature. Z be well twenty or twenty Goldman directed it. I did do some rang a pull haggis route. Then the time adaptation perhaps to the operation before he was perhaps end toning open directed it. I did the soundtrack and I was the lead and I really believed in it, and it was my first bid, a humble biggest peace, humble pie, yeah that some it's a u make experience have had several times. So tell me walk me through wandering through the pain, walk me that this is about Saturday morning, because you know by Saturday morning you go in you can
Vince yourself and that moment that everyone in the world aware of your failure at least idea, had been so much in the movie too, because this was right at the beginning of who is your coastguard? most famous, though no names are what we're Casey Ass like just and bear it and Rachel Builtin. Yes, so as you and Rachel loves, and what can we do to unblithe Danner was in it and Tom Winston Churchill Abraham Lincoln, some Wilkinson, sorry Enrico Fermi. We have travelled, but it's a love story between you and well it is it here's the thing it was very. It was one of them popular movies in italian cinema history. Now ITALY from her it was We always talk about lust and infidelity, and the Italians could handle yeah Americans don't they didn't Elinor like we're very puritanical. You find out well what we are is, or at least what we were at the time of his came out was anymore and an inefficient as they marketed as like
a comedy, but it was a pretty raw look at male lust and infinite much I my character cheated on pregnant, is pregnant girlfriend with Rachel bills and no came to see me no like women. Don't like that? No, no! Yes! I know it was in our earth in in just like the italian version, it was find a fuckin hate them. The character but in more of an italian of way they were able to Their protagonist of the time in an american oil was like thank you for the giant fight I got in with a miserly might offer on the way home, yeah fuck- and I I you just some guy- don't have eight fifty bucks to fight my why this wasn't a love story where we walk off finale Portman. This was like a greedy horrible com. Station on lost and infidelity thanks lot, yak. Never but you haven't written, it knew had directed it, so it is is any party you at least at that moment your ego still salvageable. I imagined cause you're goin, okay, so acting wise. Maybe I cant open,
at movie. But when I do my thing when I write in Iraq did I bet I'm still in the saddle dried the tour? The problem was not problem, but will the London was that I was on Scrubbs clearly have to I am to be writing in directing Melendez. One thing I'm really carry more obvious is that garden state was so successful in so many ways here. My is on the outside was that you were had been given the keys of the kingdom at that we're believing it on one shrieking relate to this. They were all the exact same movie right all right. If you want to make a movie about a guy, come some for a funeral ears pretty fibre, really remember one having a plain passion was like literally like I movement and its, and because I was I was content. Did to me on the show and show was really doing well yeah, so I did I like twenty four zero, something need twenty two issue and for nine years right, whereas guard state had been locked and loaded and ready to go like like set up one year show
a high rate of release that you know it all been strategically done. We are starting from scratch and saving something off the ground. The accident I could never, I suppose I could have- can never firmer footing within. Could you feel and now you're trying to adapt something? I had this adaptation. I did. I was working on and I had plenty that I was trying to get set up and I would get them set up why I once had this movie that was announced You should of the danish film and one point had shown pen and Michel Williams, and it was all Jesus. It was all happening and then of course like so many do, it all fell apart and so is it. Could you feel the clock ticking like a man, the further the way forward and stay. There are less easy. This is gonna get of course, because in this town there isn't much interest in what you did two years ago. Not now has served us absolutely true. Who is aware of that, but but but thank God and- and I was lucky enough to be honest- it puppet show. Yes, I am
as I have something I was so years. I've got a safety net was pretty god damn well, you know, and I love the show I mean I wasn't trying to escape the show I loved the show, but I was a little bit mine fucked in in kind of tangled and not about how to make another movie that I'd written and indeed you have did you have any fear of like you know it's like a ban that makes a great first album of course, even writing that on their whole life and then they haven't a year to make the next one, of course, It's kind of a time when my some of my finally did make myself more effort was wish. I was here and you know I felt I felt it was totally sophomore, I'm kind of thing in that you're trying two in a very different era, make something there. It, has a lot of what people liked about what is one active tissue, connective tissue but also say: hey it's ass many years later on when it makes me so I'm older movie, the audiences when I use like, is different. I would like to bring in more people to this fold and I just trying to do a dancer
of all of that and I think tripped on myself Zaire. So I have to imagine there's a ton of comfort like chips poorly financially, but I can't walk away, goin I did make the movie. I was dying to see that really. How about that that helps the blow yeah suddenly did you walk away from from which I was here. I did I well, I was. I was very glad I was bred Monday about it because it did not do well, but an end and critics did not like it, but I and I can see I can't stand some of the critique of it, but I definitely fella you just said about chips like I feel if I had nothing to do with it, I would love it, that's all you can do and the greatest thing ever having me can I tell you, you have Larry David came up to me: ok in a restaurant lang- oh my God is headed towards me Mobile and he's a hero, mine, church, Russia. When it comes to comedies right place.
For us, the other guy. You haven't, whose legal and he goes- and I don't know, there's no inkling in my brain. The thinks he's gonna know who I am, of course not, and he starts to talk to me and how's your wife Chris about this for the global economy. He says that only wish I was here. You wrote a comment and I go with my brother, Adam Identical real. You wrote that it was like the nicest thing came on and he smiled like that was good movie and he smiled and said. I was like know what even unknown saw the movie Larry they liked it, and I feel ok Clearly, as it is things like that can help and of all things he was complementing the writing of it. He wasn't angli aiding only like you were good number. We were using this this one of my favorite writers was. But with shock you wrote that yeah joining or my one the girls like that of rags. So my creator sprang to each other as usual.
Since we like each other's work, he asked I might my all time. The biggest crush in life is bread. Me too fucking love happier its. I could go on for hours about it. Christen. I go to the academy awards four years ago and I'm walking back to the seed. I've gone p p and as I pass Kristen, she starts pulling really chaotically on my leg and she goes he's talking to you he's talking. You decided, I go what gives up my. My back is too that the Barros Moura for the numbers. I got, what you Brad Pitt is talking to you. I turn around Brad. Pitt is standing up in his robe and he goes we love your movie and I go what then that moment I sincerely forgot that I've made hit run. I forget, I made a movie We love of any makes the heart sign your movie at the Meda, and I have never been more elated by something and then I sit down. Am I see you again, you like us now, you're gonna love the punchline of this, but the second I sit
on the show resumes in its in the in memory. In my party, you say that world war I mean Memoriam right, you got it. I'm smiling ear to ear to the point or Christmas honey honey they might cut to us stop smiling irmak I'll fucking kill Put your face, I'm not going to others too good to be true, I'm thinking he might be talking my garden state. Who knows what I just can't believe it and then as leaving we leave early and I just been down him, and I just can't say how much I compliments Migos ICE Buddy. We fucking laughed our asses off about that movie and I was just no matter. What had happened was an after that I was like this is a big big when, in my life love him too, by the way and in the spirit of things we have in common, I feel like he's. I know he. It's weird Disaze underrated. He's not underrated by anyone, but I I think that he so talented. He really is
you can't. I love examines whether my favorite, ah my gown Hauser Dingle buried. I just love because GonNa Paltrow Dingle buried, they don't, but I, we're just like the how amazing there that sea Morgan Freeman at their dinner table. And yes, that's what he's call yeah that's the moment super embarrassed that the EL training? Yet I am really close, and it just such an I mean in the movie- has so many good things in it, but that that scene wishes uses so natural and gray them any allowed himself to play really embarrassing because, he's really eager right and he goes neural disguise point on Fuckin Jerkin, Oftenest grandma's under parents any such a dork. Let themselves be such a dork and map anyways, any less, o, hot and so fucking honey. I can't stand it I wouldn't. I literally had a fight a picture of him and fight club on my my Jim Wall Inspirator. Yeah that actually might be led the gym. Unobtainable, I think I'll do its bit around
Joker's might with my in my gym in my tablet. My trainer, like him, just like I point to his abs and fight club and he's like you going to have to, really change your life. If you want That's a lot of work ahead of the kind you like, hast thou, my last gardens, they question is, and so was the one thing I was I was jealous. Unresentful about you is that you were taking the Dac shepherd role. There was no chance for me to work as they already had one scrubbs and then doing that ever what my love for bread? It is my love for now department I had afford over my toolbox. Are you just ask my? I thought my heartwood fucking terror open the wiser amateur and then you, got her in your movie, and I just remember thinking the scandal is needed me, I'm gossamer, meaning it is highly idea. I was like he's with my girlfriend, The I felt the same way about her yeah. It's just walk me through it did you. I would have gone into that would just thinking if this movie doesn't rap with maintaining her
failed. While she was it hating, guy, I'll, garner, jealousy aiding Fuckin Bert rounds. I want nothing would have convinced me that anything short of danger within a family. I honestly, of course I had such a crush on her but my whole life- I am, I saw her- do diary and Frank on Broadway and during the curtain CALL Ice ice here that we made eye contact and I was like: oh that's it we're in love. Now, that's like getting here. Pensioners less like the sign velvet did Anne Frank, I I wasn't horny Fran Frank. I was she was her acting with so amazing judicial, beautiful and then we probably didn't make eye contact, but we, but she looked at me and I'd my mind and I was like that's it. I knew untold now you have three, but I always. I never thought that she would Yes, when you're having those casting meanings, you say was over someone like Nellie Boardman, like we always get when you director yours, giving archetypes too to producers in characters and somewhat
Spirit of now deportment now serve like doing I, like Portman Kind, like appears Peter. I was laugh at this, but I was doing Shakespeare in the delicate theatre in New York City on a high. It is from Scrubbs Paradise with leaves a production of twelve night with a lot of cool people and actually Interestingly enough, total side. Note that with a guy who is my seem partner in so many of my scenes was stirred Kay Brown allow, and then he- he had to drop out of the play because he broke his leg and David Herbert Oh my god, hurricanes part he's my favorite and I said Does that moment in the night my whole career, I thought we sterling came round their gaze, so talented, and in a member who meaning broke his leg in that direction. At twelve nine men summit lies no one hiring drowning around boost. He figured it out now he broke his leg on stay. No, you bring on state.
I'm not jumping from the balcony, and certainly no, he didn't she linking up of that size. Have you examples, as my stepmom Bizarre David has amending courage in it is because the cream rises to the crop. If you're as good as strolling came round, it may take some time and it might be frustrating fucking hell but if you're sterling Gay brown, good, you're, gonna work and you're gonna end, you mean you might not be as successful as drinking Brown is currently but you're gonna work. Yet similarly I was. I came up through the whole growlings with most Mccarthy. She never heard of a good bodies. We had a terrible comedy troop unknown, came to see her shows, and then she gets Gilmore Girls and she's just kind of like the fourth led she's, not doing. The thing she can do and unlike this is a weird blessing in occurs- cause she's good and getting a page. Nor even knows, and then it happens in its like think fucking God. She had gone on unwitnessed. That would have been tragic here. So now
Portman, we lost all. I someone tells me, or I realized that naturally was at the same theatre, the delicate data which is chicks, bring the park in doing. I believe it was the signal and ended lily. You been in these same dressing rooms, and I thought this is my in so I sat in the dressing room on it because, when it rains and safe from the park, the shows off so you're like rivers, you're gonna, die, yeah, yeah exactly so it's raining and worth something one dress from going. I'm guessing this shows off. This is the the right my nevertheless my right, her very heartfelt letter saying I'm sitting in what was your dressing room at the delicate theatre in the Middle central park, and I wrote the script and I noticed biggest longshot in the world, but please read, I would love nothing more than for you to consider. I get it here an putty give it to you now get into the right agent, and I had an agent at that I was I was with. That was where you haven't you, gotta whew, her agent rank is a lot of people. Are writing her letters right, but I think we are.
Same agency and we ll Amazon Scrubbs already, so I think that people were taking my calls. Jago still sees like Yes, you know really at that point. Do she's, like is the sweet spot of her career right, but I also kind of got a sense that she was looking to do something totally opposite them. Star wars rights, you d of designing to offset all that to them. That's over I'm back and allay. And they said now he wants to meet you for lunch, so I met her at what was that place across armies. Arby's you gonna Natalie permanent loudly wants to meet. Both story ever told, wants me to add Arby's in a back in the bad news and she'll be having a roast beef double roast, be beaten, shudder. Our horses eyes, other any army left. There is there's one on Sunday up on sunset, I ever next the home deep, I'm an obsession with our reason: they bring it up. I do it
it's because I was John Stewart used to do a whole thing, but Arby's vote in May. I think he hated army hygiene shut, nor to a fight at Arby's on a talk show one time dislike India Camera, while sheets clean and whatever does matter go and he wants to meet you? How and where our? What's? The name of that and a rational across from I think it's gone now, but it was a it was a health food, restaurant the news newsroom newsroom Kafir Gas, YAP Natalie once setting she's a health food, not that sounds like her ass. The other news rose, my through my Robertson, and we had a great come patient, we hit it off, she couldn't even sweeter and we just clicked- and I said: look we don't have any frills we're going to make this movie in twenty five days. I know you're used to fancy your stuff, we're not going to have too much fancy stuff, but if you're down to do this, I think it'd be amazing and she was chewy driving cross country with a friend to go to Harvard Sochi.
I've been she got in the car and ass. I went so sexy motorway driver, your country to get a Harvard university. They decided like at the height of and go to Harvard more amazing, then you're, you're, beautiful movie star in you. I can only take some time off. I am also smartest flock, so I also nurture that I gonna water that plant, so she said yes, so so so then I said: oh, my didn't she drank a country may have to wait so long here if she says yes or no and like within, like a couple hours, her agents had looked. She loved the meaning she's in Bosnia, how exciting, so that was really cool and then, during the film making process you fall in love with her, while first Your name is only thing is that there is a cool stuff was only sergeant I we had like. We had no time for her, so she was a Harvard, so I called Peter saw the garden I said: do you wanna go up to her with me? Mcnally? Can we leave Harvard? So what I mean you got the harbor Romantic was like a MIKE Nicholls moving. It isn't. There was, though, let me some of those rowers early this year of the harbour was against rowers in the river rim backs and Natalie
Natalie Peter sorted out and I went to without partying at Harvard find there the benign fraternity, but they have like these society clubs or something that social yeah like the social network, so we remember Golan bomb. Remember we were up drinking at those things in and then we hung out in her apartment and read through the movie like sitting on the floor with buzzes hangers. I'll hang over the earliest I hang around was they did, but is there is no point during the process of making. We were like I'm pretty sure, she's fall in love, because that would mean now now never want. To be honest, I know you want to different answers, but I I really was I couldn't I was so you're super professional sounds like of where's, but also I was so in shock that she said yes, yeah, yeah that I so professional and so grateful and like home my heart. Every time I talk to her like she was there yeah and she was so cool and zero dealer anything, and we were. You know we had no money midway between have nine dollars. The idea of life
on today is the day I make my move was now my Rayner. Look, I'm not condoning that. You had another someone that your directing I'm only wondering are you, as having finding clicking to the point where you start thinking. I think she might be in love with I knew she was dating guy out. What is a guy? Our seeing are seen as a time. I'm scared visited said so wasn't Reagan on Garcia, he's very handsome. If you're into him, where you're not into our look, I know you will. I can have a conversation with out where I can say you're not into our love. That's true. If you're into have there's been numerous times, while you're telling stories and swiftly if you look up to the corner, your eye like this are remember something yet. This is my ears. Grubs go to a fantasy. Look like those really! I do it's your eyes from You're getting lost in your own eyes was what I am getting is I think I'm lookin at myself. Occasionally have you got it all with me? I gotta by Morocco. Are they don't get me wrong? zero ironic? That was my last question: they haven't I
A couple times got lost it. When I see your eyes, I see my own. That happened to you in all our mental, its trivia. Yet but you you'll, leave a black beard which I could never grow. So I listen, I'm I'm I'm trying to be respectful of your time in there's only two more things. I really want to talk to you about, do any of these down or is american none of that old people. Listen to our sky blossom, Carlos EM. Again, just like I say you got, you can only make a move. You want to see. I like Pakistan or two hours like the one I want, and I like you, and I could talk for days. I do too. This is gone very well. The island May I have more things own as you, but I'm not gonna. This is like an read it. A may ask me anything. I want to tell people and I pray that their familiar with this reference in their products will not everyone sees there's an others a moment in China, the dead which is just in a spectacular movie. You would agree yes, egg, a second area where you ve been with this group of characters for five of them. You know them very well in their their escaping zombie apocalypse and then they come across the group that is identical to themselves through room at that moment,
I mean in its its exact every archetype as them right so funny. So about ten years No I mean I am a restaurant in New York City and I'm with MILAN Act. And a couple other people? It's like boy, girl, boy, girl, boy girl in this restaurant. The weights laid out is theirs boots on one side of the wall and in their boots on the other side in and there's a walk when him between. So it's a mirror image of the booths right, I'm just any as Gemma I'm sitting in the middle of the booth, with my arms out, a waiter passes and the waiter clears frame, I lock eyes with you you're in this. Same exact booth across from me with Bill Lawrence, the gender disbursement is, technical you're in the middle, like I'm in the middle, and I want to say there may be the first time we actually met face to face.
I just had a meeting with bill warns about doing flat, so I knew bill, but I didn't really know you, but we were sitting in mirror. Do remember this. It was not a market. Where was it that? Does it get downstairs? You you went downstairs into thy life. I vaguely remember. Ok, it was that moment in China dead where else like. Of course, this is the first I've ever seen. This, of course, is eating with the exact same people I'm eating with, in, of course, we're sitting the exact same in an interposing booths. That's fine! It was about a surreal is again and then I said, hide a bill, and then that was really that that's funny now. I wish you to remember that. Might my last question is I because I've never been able to answer this for people and I do get asses ready regularly, because I was on the first season upon tat, people seem to think. I know everything that happened on pon after I left, which I don't, but I get asked all the time did Zack Brass punch, somebody on yeah. Do you know I get asked that alot endorsing arise out of it? You get asked that alot they get because, like it's it's I will start with.
Dupine. Some are not enough. I tried to ok. Ok, I, like that's an honest, I think, approaching honestly others. Two categories of people. Ok, there's people when you just gotta brand new car and you ve, learned that a teenager has tagged and ruin the brand new car. In this case it was the carpet was on a poster in your wallet you're a kid yeah apportion. I Levin for us and there's people that would go fuck you, man and those of the secondary will. It was a go fuck you man and then try and punch the person Kangaroo, amend that latter countered here. So I tried to, but I'm, but I was I was I was a square I was so red I was seen read and I was held back aha, who you held back by Donald Phaser. I went on a talk, show
exaggerated the story because he on punked, you know they like to use eighteen year olds that looked young. Yes, you and I told him, Sir exaggerated, inversion of the story. So then it became a bit of a meme like Zack Prof punched kid on hunks, ok, but if you Google, it here the eighteen year old sure I never blended upon him. Ok, I was just wanted to Yeah, ok, great, that clears things up and I feel like I can relay that now. Two peoples who asked me which again and happens more more often than you think about that they ask because we look alike in now, does the punk thing oak? As you worked, as I was on plant yeah. No, I ll leave Leyla jet convinced me that they had the ruined my brand new car now, if they got me mad yeah, and it then at this age you probably will go this fuckin blows. I have insurance.
While lose my money by punching buddy right right, but I wouldn't you are young, you you're, twenty eight. That is why I ve never never had anything luxurious in my life, but I have this brand. New Porsche was so proud of. That literally was the picture of my wall and I was a kid yeah they. What are your trappings like? What with is that it cars rear suckers? You had a fuckin, so we are eight and on a put you on blast, but you in perfect color to really good selection. I, like cars, yachts great deal more than one car. I had a bad idea ever. Eleven for us for for a long time, I'll catch you you just down the are just down the end. If you have to go and not a collector like you right yeah, I want all the cars could never ends. I'll I'll, be driving a new car home and I'll be thinking of another kind of managing a man in your carbon tagged by an eighteen year old, yet you would free,
if I were you I would have gone very bad. It would have been able to nothing good, so yeah, I'm not the least bit none of your reaction. Well, no, I don't. I don't think I should have acted like that, but I still when I still went forget infallible I'll sign. The crash put your contract, I will they look like an asshole, it's ok, yeah. That was not that's good. I like about you, barometers timetable it. As you know, they didn't sign galloping caught because they felt they look like an idiot, and I definitely where are allocated dish You know. What's Saki, I deserved living a dialogue that I really do ya, I only be hard for me to sign that might think it's good for people to be called out when their own, they ve been a douche, and I ve gotten. They got me good. So I was I art,
and asked in Riga, similar everyone. This round blue one, this rule Ashton, you should just tag his car. You know if you have a real. I realise the little bit towards the end of it that it was fake, but that the punks thing was fake. Ah because they were, they were eighteen weeks They were, they believe they they were getting a little too crazy with their performance. Yes, and so when I had a survey Eureka moment and I I reached down the car and with my thumb, I'd just just like that on on the thick on the paint and it came off like it was like that stuff, teenagers, partner cars at prom, yes and I went out, and then I went, ok there's two routes here yet there's there's call this whole thing off as boardroom their whole production, but but, as a director I was, I only have they spend some Yes m and they were hired these actors and they really there's like we're I'm innocent. There was an elaborate production. Yes, I remember me now
thought and then I went out and you just yelled at these tee. Dangers such a do and then the others is a very peculiar. Their situation to find somebody like my conscience or production year, has exactly like don't below their fur, can budget by being, like Ashton, fuck you and give fingers to the fuckin vans that you now say yes and units are noticing others a lot of mirrors around all your second around the Eureka momentarily. It's like those scenes in the movies, like Keyser so say, being like it. I like insert answer yes or no. I saw to vans and I saw all these people that were not act and channels in the ground was the most well lit a parking lot in Hollywood and I Was it really Donald Gowk? Is doll disappear, another foisted upon tat? They never gets told us that you know they shot the whole thing when we're in liquor store, we walk in and Donald is the accomplice right, So we walk in and the first thing
is a giant, a porn magazines, and I go Donald like you. I, like I pointed some girl on regarding this matter: I want to look at that, ah, and I'm like all of you, since when do you not look as if I were twenty six kid letter utility talking about so then I my brow car for others to fix him alone, and then he goes as we were there to give your guess, we're playing poker, cocoanut his where there have been long constructed around the liquor studios. Should we get some crystal oh and unless dial up since when do you drink reinstall, your drink? clue clue during Crystal yeah, so he's like you know, I love Christine
why you struck us running the islands like you can like. I was ridiculous. He echoed switched on you oh yeah, I didn't have the right and then, when we get out there and an in putting screamed at these kids, he disappears Sabena as that Well, that's when I was another clue when I was in his ear. What about you guys are very good friends who is my best friend yeah He might otherwise at twenty seven gives those one clear up. I think that he is one of the greatest guys our minimum watched lily has. Economically rise, but anyway, so thousand other clothes like we're, waited we wait, I'll go I would down have left, is pop back restock earn all those porno mags, there's no turning the Porto Magda. No one could have plenty of them and then pouring crystal on the fire boy. That's great! Well, isn't
As I was about to say, I reset it all. We were because, as you said it all, we I do think we are position to dislike one another. I dont think I never felt Are you running that were position to your position? because we look alike and be more constantly saying we look like they can easily lead to. Like will no doubt about that guy. What we decide here hockey monoxide letter going blunder, yea gay, I tell you I'm going out. I cannot tell you anything new What am I gonna? Do you say that we can get high and low well, but you could look more like that black picture with with with almost fucking. Thirty one in that pitcher forty three now and I bet it should be going gray soon enough, thou that'll help my by your colleague, yours, hasn't Andrea. I have a couple streaks. Do you find the after direct a movie You have more grace. I so great. You just said that cause after chips christen, I want to go. Look at a house. We look at this house. We get back in the car. The sun roof happened to be when a glance in the rear view here to go and reverse, and I go on life God I did
They have a single gray, hair and always in I had about a hundred grey hairs in the top of my head. It really fucking eight that something that happened. It's funny. You look at Obama like two months after the integration into gray, but I think they they showed him the secret Newman light Gray overnight, feel noticeably after I've. I've directed three movies now and after each one. My my beard has gotten now, it's almost all gray. The idea aiming at the second but every behaviour after chips. I was here for growth, stressful ages, you it really does in it. It's not the stress of shooting. For me, it's like when you then get back in the back of the room, it's time to make something out of it. That's words from It's the stress of everything like China, disappoint everyone and everything that the burden of all this money that that you have on your shoulders, the siege Do you have in your shoulders studio? You know one went down the fancy all went down, it's ok, I just go gray and theirs.
One person to point: do I no longer? No one else has far oh poor us boo, hoo law, not saying that it I'm not saying it's we're blessed. We ought to do it but FARC. It's a lot of pressure and ray aspiring filmmaker out there. I'm sure knows that it is all on your shoulders. Yeah, all the glory and then you take it all the more you get aren't when its money bombs, voluble, occasionally I'd be brandy right. I come home and I'd be like lamenting about whether or not they shorten my post period Everything I was gonna lamenting about and then I would say out loud like yes, the job everyone wants. So of course it's for he heart It would be the job everyone wanted if it was a cake. No, it's an amazing job, but it is. It is definitely the most stressful, its wisdom. It's it's the greatest most wonderful job I could ever dream of doing, and it definitely is the more stressful they have ever done so before just tell us the name. Your show oh yeah ties into my new show because my show is about podcast. Did you have to become you like brush
one positive. I know more about it than I see my podcast voices all its grey in israeli towns, what are you doing back? Shepherdesses might actually have read that I'm sure expert voice, saying I wasn't name. It's called Alex Ink Alex Ink Whence on ABC on Wednesday, the twenty eighth grade of and March of March and wednesdays, going forward after the goal bergs at eight thirty. That's a good, leading it's very good idea and not its about it's. A true story of a guy with a very popular pike has called startup out Bloomberg. He documented he wanted to start a business, any nothing about starting a business, so he documented, like a reality, show his whole life of leaving his job with his wife and kids, and starting startings business in his company became very successful, became gimlet media. Is a podcast while yea, I we know gimlet. So it's his story. We option the rights to to season one of start up and turned it into a show about a family and starting a business. Did you directive?
near you? They argued for the ten we made ten women I drafted for the ten year in. Did you love it? I love it. So it's so what I'll love most doing I realize is you know I couldn't whence comes over. I had to take a break because I was toy burn out and then I'm I've loved so much of what I've done, but with a thing I get the most pleasure out of is like going it half hour, comedy ripping working with great writers doing in an insane finally schedule you just cranky now fast, like an an ear, deliriously you're, making up we're even wider shit onset. I think it's really funny and really good technical question. Did you do cross suited single? Can we don't we crush? You were more at a time and sometimes with the kids. We do that, but I try and I feel like the lighting and the cinematography and a style will always be better. If I have the time to to shoot, did you ever see parenthood know you should watch an episode or two are at its entire lacrosse shot and three camera and it looks
so some gps that do it and then your life when he was on Yahoo. He doesn't think we're, not your life. Well, we do Ya Lee Mother cameras in character and we obviously with its head out of the car to, but we not doing that sort of its effect document or a right look, whether some middle grounds between my don't mean sickening, all your parent as he wasn't semi. He may I urge you to read. You decide vigour, eight. I am oval. I love they handheld Documentary STAR, guys know, but but when you're weakens wage costs you when you doing that style. Obviously yes right away because I haven't must show but no his loved by many. It was inspired by the movie right. That is the area that I loved the movie other movies, fantastic degeneracy running lights. Did you like Asher? I never saw anything. Water, you missing the boat like I'm out of anything much parenthood, but I'm very things you haven't. When France, I shall about find that I said that shows unbelievable nets, Jason Koreans, who also bended parenthood. Let the movie was the jumping off point.
Whom he was in Burg Pieper, did both the move. No, I mean I've had a yes, he heard the Roma Herod had been very young, yet run how're directed parenthood regretted the pilot for permanent Tommy Salami let us now his fancy yeah he's the greatest. I wouldn't name right. I've been watching them on Howard Master Class I've been wanting to check that out is a grand. It's interesting, never watched a master class before nor by, but I saw it surround Howard, who I'm been a fan of for many years, did one I thought it could be interesting. Vienna unit can always continued learned from from from great masters absolute, I'm doing an ad from Africa's. You should get money from the outside IRAN, Howard Master Class, getting it, you for easy acts. Her voice over work. I used to be and shall commercials urine Samson commercials. Why was here I've always wanted one of those voice over campaigns in big time audition for them never got to hear my plan,
as I live with someone who is one of the best in the entire world at voice over LEO by comparison, I feel completely inapt in terrible at a ripe and have a good voice. I'm gonna break or otherwise of them you have here. I wonder, and member, the Cardinal toilet paper puppy no it was. I worry that was you. I was really cute golden retriever puppy, yeah, it's the best secret source. Then come in the world and also to remember pure water filters. Absolutely that you pay due informing me or if that's what you would say, Remember that the absence of electricity element I didn't connected to which a weird me, water and out of the car. Not only was there no disrespect to you, but I feel it. Anyone get. No man. Would you agree because you just go? Hey, hey, hey! It's me! It's me. You got kind of acute,
our priorities, and I was there. I was also turns ass. I couldn't I wasn't making the copy work and then I was caught Nell toilet paper. Puppy, who is her like being soft, has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, Oh yeah, you, ok, I do character. Voices to. I was chicken little. Oh, that's right. You're asking my work on chicken little. While you know what I know about chicken level, is it fucking eviscerated my movies, a thorough? We came out four days after chicken little everyone. Others took a little more result, can be big. Downright is a great day and ran little juggernaut. Fear while I was in my father, indirect yet voice still like you Let him alignment on me that children are the best man has ever antitank, largely because you haven't had they got John Fabric on that interesting attracted, it really did yeah. I d J. I can ask you John Favourable, but maybe you ve seen made
I want to do his best movies, the aeronaut anyone's as seen besides hard CORE John Favour offence. Very few people sought, but I'll tell you that really fascinating thing about made. I find is that the first time I saw I hated it because I hated Vince in it because in this is the power of story, he was so frequently of foiling everything they were trying to do that I could enjoy it like. I wanted them to succeed, but he was in favour of character, are not febrile on Vince Bonds. Karen, is such a bumbling idiot right that I'm afraid that he's going to fuck up everything, I saw it and I don't think I like it watch it again on a airplane now we know everything turns out right and I'm like, oh, my god, Franz best role of all time and I loved it in its so crazy. How something can turn like that once you know everything's going be. Ok, I loved it because he for me was trying to thread the needle and do something so heart, which was matched the magic of swingers but make a different movie.
I would like, with the same, to lead gas and of playing the same sort of oil Freida, and I'm like how that's impossible like, and I then but I went online. I didn't. I love this movie in its own way, yeah and you always want to ask John, even though I am only known as an acquaintance, how we then went from made to the third. No, he went out to what else o elf- that's that's all those in the brain, through exacting, makes a hundred and eighty seven guy or audio expectations welfare. I hadn't had a huge hit yet got it in its a welfare vehicles, so they don't really care who directs it. So you know it's a great thing to hop on two and then he makes it much better than it should have been and then you could make any movie wanted. Then he made a thorough and then having demonstrated he could do things with a fax, he'd, everything's practical and that got him into Marvel world here. Yeah and he's, did you see fucking jungle, book yachts, amazing! It's on it's really go. I actually went there. Would you want to cyclical about will be like that, like? I can't do it. I didn't
Spain has year during the one conversation only companies have a habit them. He said I was this fancy directed dinner with, with with him in Samara, Mean ends and deem inches. L was really really of the birthday papers on broadcasting on table talking and it was before, ease wise making their movie any said. Basically, the movies been made, and now for a year I will approve affect shots, and I thought that is so interesting and cool. I don't love and arms and fuck. Here you go out and I don't think I could do that were also. He makes the movie four times so there's a line sketch version of the marine- and there is a previous version of the moon-
Then there is a more detailed version and then they go and shoot the movie with the actor. So he does make it three or four time right which again that level of interest in something, I think is beyond me for that duration, hurry and also. I would think that with what the cool thing about that is by the time in obvious what Disney does so well as by the time by the that will be comes out. It better be good our eco. Yes, then nineteen dollars on it, but also you ve, made it a bunch times and yes, I had it when I was in chicken little, I remember we would they do. They were line, drawing versions of the movie men while you're make leaving the voice in and they for years now made real, I mean I noticed longer than jungle, but four percent for like a three dna movie. Then then they would we, the movie as we were as we were, as we were, as they were animated yeah? So the work on very for you writing it for years, whereas where we were described in we're like, I was make it or not, and that's what it is you while I directed Scooby due for a year, the animated Toby, and it wasn't for me, I M the poor.
As this is so slow you can't really for me. Maybe other people have certainly fabric, and yet you know- There are so many layers between you and the product that you know that the illustrators are. Such a unique thing in their your actors, basically and learning how to talk to them, and it's got it was it was I the opportunity, but I at the animals like this is not what I'm good at I excel best. When I it there and we find it. We don't have our locations. Like how do I, how do I harrowing salvage and I'm a great day salvage person, but any who? upset at all. We ve set it off. I thank you for having me. Yes, thanks for his was a lot of money laundering therapy session. I feel like that's the go, I'm a little concern because I do have to pee and there's no door on the toilet yeah. We don't now what's gonna happen, what wipe, as everywhere, hang out. Why p, I feel like an elderly woman, should probably whilst not bow
Not only am I gonna stay, you're gonna! Listen. Do you want to know if my dream is as good as you and I'm gonna try to then build the mental picture of your penis based on how thick and run we. I think your your austrian roles and no one wants to determine how about that. The gauge I'll try to determine can also low in the yard. If you'd prefer rival poured a party in the earth- and I dont want to use the port workers menus it's worth. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you. You're, a wonderful life state, even if you like to hear my good friend and producer Monica, had been goin out many errors in the plug. Yes, Sir Monica are you prepared? as you in on your computer waves, prepare and reckless banned in Europe. You're very hard on that, then I get angry. I have to let my Russian out somewhere. Yeah, unless it is fair to say that you have a little brat streak, You want me to say that while I do good goodbye shared my parents, which
They sound yours whenever Monica travels home for an extended period time. She comes back and I ask for a kind of a progress report. There's always a couple dark spots on the weak right, yeah, I'm gonna go to your bedroom and staff. Walk I wanna get seal internet threaten has had some bedtime time you gonna hit out for out for you're a good your room, not enough. Here, I think of a daunting honour it out. I was talking about which there were those about was the best part of the whole story that you're you're mad at them, but your eavesdropping on what brazilian about you. I wasn't gonna go down there and talk like an adult, I'm clean there, that's right little child erratic yeah! I can see you said Frozen made a billion for frozen made, one point to seven six billion dollars off by a hundred and thirty million, which is a lot that is, more than a lot of these make
are there? Any movie admin on in May made believe it one point, two, seven sixty alien, yeah yeah. I don't even think of the Nazi noisy and real. That's nothing! That's that the toys just dwarf that the honourable member s words at guys. Think about making a movie think about the toys outfits. The March yeah, that's what we gotta manner by the workers are selling. What's quickly this pit, and idea so we will. Some people have expressed some mum interests and our armchair expert mugs, Gorgeous rob came up with it on his own he's got a great aesthetic data and dumb wooden rob did. That was weird is that ours are virtually left handed mugs because you gotta hold your left hand for the to our sea Yale, yes,
which works for me. Exam left handed, but we decided if we do order, mugs will order them in the correct set up must be well right, handed you had. The brilliant idea got hit. Em we're gonna sell the left handed months. We have about tat, and these are worth a lot, because visa them of eggs that we use here and in the attic are the ones that live by the toilet and hearing what the price they're gonna cost a little extra costs or special. So ever take two thousand dollars a man. This is great in the theory behind this is which was really well articulated by, I think our foreign Troy. I guess hooters used to offer like a bottle- Adam pairing, young and some wings, or something for some exorbitant price. And then it was kind of talking point so
We decided- maybe this no one will ever by one for two thousand, but what is advertised them for two thousand, just as something funny talk. Well, I can you believe, those assholes at armchair expert thing being it too grand for a mug Yang. You know I someone's gonna bow I hope some and we're gonna do something special for these matters. Even extra special or dna will be on the outward. I use them, and then you have a little piece of us with you yeah. What have you to put a price on that? Will you could potentially clauses in the near future? Ok he's had garden state and without a paddle came out in the same summer, and they did come hell it from the island of July and August. Two thousand for the Annie Hall quote. I whenever one be part of any club that would have me, as a member grouchy mark, set that great what I say the singer. Richard marks a new just said. One of the marks brought here and scratch. Oh and he's good for a closer to the exact quote, is I don't want to belong to any club? That would accept me as a member,
different than the anyhow one poetic licence, correct use and seventy two percent of women would want to date us in Temper Lake yeah. I entirely hall right am I couldn't really do anything. I can do any research, but I think you're right, we are actually think that's low. Buying, probably that's gonna, be in height, is of single ninety His name is reality for all lorries darn age himself out of little bit, certainly like. I know very well that he is Nobody thing an eighteen year old wants a data. Forty year old man, yeah I've heard him Polly, you might write, he may transcend age bracket, his soup of evil dances way under any died. Yeah he made
like an eighteen year old with agility and they live in a real or no longer. Ok. Zack said he's reading an amazing book about breaking habits. I'm I'm not sure if this is the exact book, but there is a very popular New York Times. Bestseller book about breaking habits called the power of habit by Charles do Hague D. You age, I Gigi Dear K, do here do head and I think our friend dresses reading at currently o thou make sense because those they both went. A landmark forms. One gap outlets escaped a landmark for
ok Landmark Forum just for low contacts and is anyone's interested and go into this- which I guess I would recommend being well, we don't condone or condemn rugs, were mill experience. We ve not experience, but we have a good friend who had very positive experience there. So if you think you are in need of some breakthroughs, yeah sure try it. Oh God grant it's a three day long course, and then he mentioned EST, thus hands for hard seminars, training and is big. It's a big story line in American. We love yeah, exactly right, so you said Northwestern Polly has a good rowing team.
And they don't talk and growth. Are they not even though they do have y all guy but they're, not even in the top twenty wake us up when you break the top fifty year- and you know what's also new harvard- is sixty railway yeah and there acting like their number one on those social Nairobi. They do a good job. I Undine because my my my head, their number one, I think originally it was like Yale and Harvard, and that was the boat when he was alive. Colleges. Ok, which movie does rabble obeying someone's mom. This is tricky because in both movies class and Oxford blues, he does have sex with an older one, Ah, so that's why it's confusing, but it's actually class writes that its friends whose
boroughs MA and dislike revealed? Oh yeah. He has no doubt when he's sitting with her like a bad apple like I was the shakespearian he sleeps with this year's was unnoticed. Having studied the remember, what is it? That's expire no it's not but but came was told, told banished banishing, nay when you're gonna to me with your mother and killing your father or something right which is edible, you know how it is you don't have to list all the six year place that you know but I was We may be able to note that many are gonna Gregg onward number in revenge of the nerves. You said there screaming, we have mouth or he had Beaver wash
but it's we ve got Bush. Oh, it's bullshit that escape me on the day, but now I m now remember we employ showed much much classier clocked. We got worse that could have been a bumper sticker got Bush when he had got mill come glad. It was ok We have an it's an already and upheld by the way just say: no, no one can get Bush much any more. It's not it's out of love now, as We have learnt the other, not their growing, a big bush. If that, to my knowledge, open up the market for a long time, but I think it once the gambit. Ok in some people still good for them. I applaud them, so you guys referred to a ship, sir that and then you said I like that. That's a derogatory turn, a humble
it's it's from jewish people against us. For me there, including you and caught his eye, the Gentiles at air, yet disparaging term for a non jewish woman. I like when other groups are making fun of us. I embrace it. Some of the names are cute. Like Honky increase her. You know the only somewhat cartoon characters I can live with that kind of thing. Never really been able to hang one on us. That is hurtful as most the ones we are at it. I mean yeah, cracker, comma chicks sounds like some gonna warrior and now he called her someone who looks at God S eager six. I knew I hurt you thanks within so we'll get you city that punt, when you are twenty eight, so the first episode commanded two thousand three new word twenty eight, but you probably than got punt when you were twenty seven, at least but that starts bumping up against my claim that I was unemployed for ten years. So my story is not as good when you point
Sorry, I maybe be deemed you had a quick meteoric rise. You like, ok, I'm I'm like scared to do this one. I just don't know anything about car. The news I hear you say it. I went on the ninety one asleep Alec Skyline was that the vehicle a strange that was only available in Japan. You said highlights yet it was not highlighted at the sky. Ok, a livelier on when you were about to say well, not really. I couldn't find too much. It just said. The two forty a sex is closely related to another s. Platform based vehicles such as the japanese market, Sylvia, that's great line. Eighty aspects desiring anywhere else now know neither did. I trust you over me in this case on her good, but it's the Sylvia,
Sylvia you said: Zadok was twenty four. When he got Scrubbs and Scrubbs aired in two thousand wonder he would have been twenty six reminder arose. One thousand because they are, but I dont think its intentional anything goes any malice like I just think. Generally, we don't really know wars. I hear it s our so old. I understand of rice, you'll start losing dates pretty soon, and then he refers to Keyser so say that's when usual suspects. Yeah people should know that if they want to watch it great movie, re crime twisting and turning movie greedy beneath your belt DORA.
It is amazing, MRS break out raw yeah allies is new. Looking you haven't seen a ok, so is, as you have let you have a real live you. If Libya worry, I did wonder. I brought this up already and I want to bring in a publicly of handwriting it's a problem. Ok that cause masturbation is through line in this episode comes up a lot in its just interesting to me that that there are many movies of young boys coming of age, choking the chicken corrects masturbating and its fine. Just part a boy had we do not see enough of girls doing that right at a young age. Right am, I suppose, if you're a liner body girl, you'd, think you're odd yeah yeah, I can't speak as an authority on this because I have not done any appalling, but I think two things are true
one thing: is it saw always that there has been a patriarchal societies for a long long time and men are afraid of women sexuality. I think because they ultimately are afraid they won't be able to pleasure a woman or that someone else could pleasure her better thing. That's the wet! What gives rise to these really crazy, massage monistic laws around the world. And so I think one is that just fear of female sexuality and that you will be able to control a woman right, Riven Freud. He thought you know if you are horny or were you hysteria yeah, that's one of it. I believe. Second is you'd these all these movies were reference sooner are written by man than male leads its they're telling their child. Yes and there's a lotta jerking off go alone, you're young boy, but I also would propose
that I bet the the rate is lower for women. I don't think that I think that this chemical, that takes over your body, testosterone when you're a teenage boy he's a stronger chemical than whatever is making females horny Now, when kids are of little yeah, I see no difference in the good little kids, I'm around the girls and boys exploring their bodies spree puberty, pre puberty, but I'm talking puberty jerking off your team, yeah yeah, I know, but I think that I think that is a result of society are just. I can speak on that one point: you cannot put a wall of fire between me and beating off. It was gonna, happily the girls still do it, but they're not gonna, be talking about I pulling out their vaginas in front of their friends. That's not acceptable. It is totally acceptable for boys to do that. A hundred percent, but then you just saying that you think the numbers ass, you dont know we'll knife
here's. What I do know evolution airily, the male species, gifts procreate with great fecundity, there's, no there's no expense to it. So are all males in all species can knock up a thousand women if their capable of that and spread their genes reality. Been vastly rewarded, whereas, as a huge time, commitment for raising a child is a woman? You have to proceed alot differently, selected as a part of our evolution, so that's kind of undeniable, yet so other than as a result of that that the male hard wiring envy the reckless motivation to just procreate and half sexes higher. Yes, that is true, but I think pew,
Where do you for both sexes? Is it wasn't your personalized very Brazil? How often you masturbating as a teenager, okay, this is a good example. I dont want to answer that. Ok, because I feel that makes me really uncomfortable cancer and you feel fine talking about it. So what you break these societal chains and let some young listener out. There know that it's just find why these very out that, as a whole reason, I brought this up and right, but I just want to know my. I just thought: maybe we could compare frequency is. Maybe some data set we can go ya must have been a how about this I'll just say yes and it was it a daily every single day.
I don't think ok so firmly allows only most boys. Well, it was when I discovered it. It was when it first happen. You're, what's look at this new yeah, ok, but then Peter dont have any Peter, but I wasn't like oh. This is something that everyone does and gray. I can keep doing this every day. Yes in, although I agree with you that its ever present in media, I still felt all the shame about it is, I think a tunnel boys did. I was trying to quit orbit I'm like it was it was. It was a big preoccupation of mine to stop doing this, and I dont know why we weren't, even in a religious houses, something about was like you shouldn't, be feel good on demand ray
were that comes from right, but I could not resist it was you know me. I just think it's more acceptable for boys hundred percent, and that should be the case. It should be the case and like all these things, maybe the middle is also true. Maybe those things plus may be the drivers and as intense, but you don't wanna concede that now that's fine! If it's not, but that's not even what we're talking about. Ok, who cares if the drivers and hasn't had it still should be allowed o absolute an aid should be presented in the same way. It is with boys or- and this is something that happens-
just may not be as much, but who cares? If not only about its quality over quantity is what Europe will. They gave a rainy sobbing and thank you for being an as honest you're comfortable with, and I apologise if I put you on the spot, I just felt like we're we're beating around the Bush euro. We do have some data in this room. We could at least look at anecdotally, yeah yeah. I love you tremendously maintain connect.
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