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2019-02-06 | 🔗
Will Trump deliver the speech? Will it be in the House Chamber or in a stadium with fireworks and AC/DC playing? Will the Dems implode upon hearing the word "Wall" or wait to meltdown via Twitter later? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, as they discuss Trump's address, what it means moving forward, and how the Left thinks they will stop him.
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Hey folks, here about to listen to our latest episode of daily wire backstage. It's me and Andrew Klavan and Michael Moles, whose terrable an God king Jeremy Boring going to taco all the things you know we're going to answer your questions from daily Wireless subscribers. I think you're going to love it, enjoy it State of the union, you guys, can we even really fake. Last night, I was you know, I'm just I think you'll welcome to today they wired back stage state of the union special spoiler alert. It's not going to be very I'm Jeremy, the God, king of the daily wire Lowercase G Lowercase, k less than the actual God king is watching aw, so spoiler alert he's not get this thing started,
we're going to be with you for three. Yes, that is correct. Three very long hours going to be only this is going to be three one. Slash two: it's gonna be one slash two last year, Donald Trump went for one hour and twenty minutes, and that was considered a short state of the union address but we're going to try to make it go fast with our usual well see if Michael Knowles is wearing his best Ralph, Northam Costume or video cigar jacket of his, which alone should qualifying from public office. And, yes, we will take questions from daily wire subscribers and tonight you can ask questions only if you are a scriber over at dailywire dot com. That's where you want to go hit the subscribe button and become one today. We will be very grateful as our subscribers are basically who keeps us in whiskey and cigars, a tip for viewers, while watching the president speech tonight. As with me state of the union, all the policy missions on the right side of the screen, that's the Republicans. They will stand
open cloud continuously for an hour, no matter what is said and all the pool sessions on the left side of the screen. That's the Democrat, we'll be announcing their two thousand and twenty presidential campaigns contractually obligated to be with me tonight or Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles and Elicia Krauss Haley, I'm here. How are you guys Ready are raring to go. Awesomely ship couldn't be happier, so you do have a little old lady drink there. I think that you look like you're drinking something with an eighty year old woman from the villages, any things that you're drinking, something that a fourteen year old girl drink behind the bleachers at spring, formal, I'm comfortable with that stuff. I don't have to fake my masculinity, whiskey and cigars. All I can say is that this is Delicious with the umbrella I mean you had to go all the way in the air doesn't cup, but thank you. Everyone for watching is Jeremy said if you're a subscriber you, You can go over to dailywire dot, com, login and type your questions for the guys in the chat box. All the
tonight are going to be about the state of the union? So be sure to ask us those questions an only subscribers get to ask them, but anyway, I'm watching can head over now because live on Facebook. We're going to be putting up a pole later, and we want to know if you guys think it's necessary to have a state in the union. Address solo just know your thoughts and the results are going to be read, live on air a little later. Thank you. Asia and hey you guys know. What today is worth birthday ever happy birthday to the God is knowing that Jeremy has to suffer through this on his birthday, he was brutal. How did you plan this this? This is, frankly, the president getting revenge on you. Yes, the end. The president, I'd states himself was sitting around the oval is set in a ton Nancy. I didn't vote for me yeah. I actually had to cancel reservations at the beautiful steak house. Did you with with friends tonight to spend time
you know with you guys? Well, that is the first bit of joy. I felt all day and it's not just any birthday. It's like my it's the birthday. I know this is the birthday. This is the one where everything suddenly goes like it's like that scene, where everything speeds up in good fellows, because something everything is going really fast, and this is the one right before your milestone birthday of forty one yeah. I know your next birthday is sixty believe well before I die, let's make a little money to photo great man and talk about money,
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because you are watching the daily wire backstage join dot com, slash backstage honey, is the smart shopping assistant that helps you save time. Want to go check them out and Joinhoney DOT, com Ben should have used honey when he was setting. My salary equals forty percent fifty percent, or I could have just hired a woman. Seventy seven cents on the dollar installed everything. By the way. You see this breaking news that Elizabeth Warren actually registered as a native American, while she was registering for the state BAR of Texas Supermarket greatest thing in the world, believe all women believe limit. How long ago, with this I mean she registered for the bar in the eighties right. So it's thirty years ago, we've all known this price. He obviously used it to get into Harvard Harvard protects the record. So there's no evidence of this all this is the first time that we're seeing what we all basically knew to be true. Yeah, I mean she she appeared in in a couple of the. The journals is suggesting that they she was sort of the American Indian, Harvard member, and then she said all the people. There said: no, we didn't, we didn't based on this. We her based on other factors, whatever it is, the
act that she lied about this and that she actually put it on an official form, she's toast, you can kiss Elizabeth Warrens chances. But do we now have to listen to her? Tell that story again about her paw paw, nor Mama, whatever by cheekbone and how they had to run away because of their because that's right, they actually told the story of Pocahontas, and then it turns out that have respected father in law is going to threaten her father with a club, and then her mother came into her body over her father and then everybody saying together and then he went off on a ship. I think are presidential hopes were blown away by the color of the wind. I have the document pulled up right here. The whole story was that, oh, this was a mistake from Harvard she never had anything to do with it, but there it is one thousand nine hundred and eighty six April, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six in her own handwriting american indian Sick sure Liz Warren right. There tacular snow for men well,
I guess, she's the second Democrat to blow herself up on the shoals of race. That's true, that's mean in Virginia. She she I mean. Is it possible she's? the person that Ralph Northam photo. Maybe everything everything is about this right now, the only person like the has to be Kamala Harris in the network, so yeah no question clearly she's winning the intersection of war, so much so that Bernie Sanders is being ripped up and down for having, the temerity to even give a state of the union response tonight, because Stacey Abrams is the official response. So this is the third time is given a non democratic response to the state of the union and he's I think, one again tonight, but Stacey Abrams digging official response. It didn't matter when he did it when Joe Kennedy was doing it, but Stacy Abrams did a black woman and that things that he is a racist because he is giving a non official state of the union response. There. People it's tweeting out that he was talking over her he's talking after her like she's talking and then he said, oh she's, great pic and also going to give my own thoughts like you can't give your thoughts you gotta stop with that.
I just want to know. Is he going to do it? Shirtless, like the Soviet Union video as long as he doesn't shirtless singing? That would then I'll go. I don't know if collusion means what they think, that it means pretty standard and go over to the actual Soviet Union and sing american communist song. Shirtless with a risky is with the Ruskies. It's amazing Kamala Harris is surprisingly bad. So far, though, what she does she just has to be good, just to be media currently right. Now that the polls are showing right now that over fifty percent of Americans say they will definitely not vote for Trump. Now that only matches up once he hasn't opponent, you can say you're, definitely not voting for someone and then you vote for them. The other person stinks enough or if you just decide not to show up to the polls, in Stinks Trump Base,
it has to shut up for about two years and what the Democrats be as crazy as they want to be, and she does have some very weird mannerisms in the sense that, like she has the awkward laugh that Hillary used to do exactly like the exact same one. It's very weird, she, social corrupt. I mean there's something about. First of all that Willy Brown story is a genuine stories. A genuine story of sexual malfeasance and and political corruption mixed together. She was interviewing that judge candidate. She is off, it was. It was all for what you did to Ariel the woman, the route he say and if you don't wanna, get raped apart, it'll get drunk is one way to do it to say it was blaming. The victim is just up. Some in the entire article was specifically says: if you, if you are rated as the fault of the rate, is also your risk right by not drinking heavily in the presence of your simple truth, but she has to do this, but because her actual record, as of being a fairly tough process, and so in the modern Democrat Party
in the era of criminal justice reform in the ear of belief, all women in the era of stripping people of due process on these rape cases, she has a liability because she by Democrat standards, is harsh, was actually pretty oppressive prosecutor right. This is why she never talks about her actual professional record. She open once upon the mood mix. What music she like to listen to. She went to a historically black college. It's all just peggy. Golden, she said it's just a mood that she's sitting for campaign because, even if, even if sometimes she was a week prosecutor any process You are going to be dead in the demo, but this is. She does present certain challenges. I think, if she's the nominee and right now of the people who are declared, we have to cover the front no question yeah the bag. She will. She will do something if she end up on the stage with Trump that well before the left. What trump on a stage with Hillary Clinton, was to the right, which is, she will prosecute him
real racing. She will climb a racist to his face on national television and the left will get this same sort of glee from watching that happened that the right God watching Donald Trump? be on the stage with Hillary. I mean that was all throughout the republican primaries, that Who would you rather see debate? Hillary drove a lot of the national dialogue, they're going to be having that exact same convo, Nonetheless, you know she does have this legitimacy problem. There were this authenticity problem which Trump does not and she's positioning herself as the girl from Oakland Launcher campaign on Oakland. It's all intersectional identity, politics launches on MLK Day always talking about going to an historically black college. She grew up from eight hundred and seventy two college in can She left Oakland, her mother was a cancer researcher. Her father was a Stanford economics. Professor, this is not the rough rough and tumble streets of Oakland and by pretend
to be that way she may fall into I Hillary Clinton. I don't think so. I mean Barak Obama had exactly the same problem that mattered in one iota right I mean he he grew up, but not for the up in a knot: minority discrimination, Arian Hawaii. I think what the left creates there. So let the left the left. As you know you you talk about the mood mix, but they all done this Elizabeth warm with the beer and that's all they do. They know what the dentist could be to with the dentist. Let me the old and- and you know I think, that they're making a mistake. I do think that people care about policy. I do think the bomber and is a centrist the first time out and he only can is left after he was elected and I think that people do who pay attention- and she is a far left candidate and I think that's going to help Trump, it will, if you can,
it up right. Really I mean that's really it I mean. If he provides for any sort of target, then she will be famous for demolishing the target. That's in front of her if he can be quiet and just let her talk in the first week had to walk back from Medicare for all generated. Private insurance. Nonsense tend to do that in like the first three days for cancer, so I'm not actually sure that she is a far left candidate. I think that so she understands the temperature. I think she is a very shrewd calculating politician who understands that in the era of Trump, in the in the ascendancy of of people like AOC, this whole freshman class, in in the Congress that there is a major leftward lurch happening in the party right now and she's willing to play to it, especially in a prime. We need to rally her base and she needs to make that Bernie Sanders. I think it back in and divide up. The party I don't think that come out here is is: is an idiot Aug, I think, Amala Harris is a I'll sleep with Willie Brown to get power. But you know this is using power, politicians,
Bill Clinton was, for a few years, a far left politician, pushing Hillary care, and then he loses in ninety four and he becomes basically a center right politician. If you are rudderless, if you don't have any ideological mooring- and you just happen to act- a very conservative or very leftist way. What's the diff, it's, not a. I think that I think that this is a very optimistic. We don't come where, as I think that she is an ideologue who is also clever politician, and she knows where the two are what she's doing right now is. There are several segments of the democratic base. You have to win a a plurality within each and within most in a minority in a couple, and so if you split up into various segments of the Democratic Party to use the five hundred and thirty eight model. There is sort of black wing of the Democratic Party Hispanic at the Democratic Party, the millennium wing of the Democratic Party, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in the moderately. Those are the five categories at five hundred and thirty it has laid out- and she is the who is best qualified
grab some of these in a little bit of the others right so she's not going to do that great among millennials, because millennials don't like criminal justice stuff that she was involved in, she doesn't have to do great there. All she has to do is split the vote a little bit there win, the black vote, wins of the hispanic vote. Not all that if she has a unified block of black votes in in her corner, for the primaries and she has some hispanic votes and should as well with sort of the mainstream Democrats against your violence. She splits that, and let's say he wins at seven thousand and thirty and then let's say with progressive. She only once twenty percent, but nobody else wins more than twenty percent. All she to do is outscore everyone in one category and she runs the table. I mean this was the Trump path to victory in two thousand and sixteen didn't win. Seventy percent of the vote in the primaries one hundred and forty percent of the vote in the primaries, and in most of them he wants twenty five to thirty percent of the vote, because their one thousand candidates, the vote, split enough ways: it didn't matter. That's all she has to do and what she's doing right now is she? taking off boxes so she's doing. Okay, I'll pay, Humm, Vegeta, AOC I'll, pretend that I like IO, CS thing and I'll pretend that she's clever 'cause, that's where the energy is and then grab a couple of those votes and she's really
What she really is, counting heavily on, is doing really well with with black voters in the democratic primary, because I was a bomb is path to victory in two thousand eight she's, hoping to duplicate that the only person who can threaten her there is Cory Booker and that's where what what Michael is saying could theoretically, because for her, maybe because Booker really did grow up the impoverished streets, and he is from Newark such a bad politics is an awful is the problem for him is that he is an awful instance you're terrible politician, who is bad one of the worst politicians I've ever seen in my entire life that's from a guy who actually has a unique capacity to grandstand. He spent his entire career understanding, but now the grandstanding comes off is so false and Sophie that I'm not sure anybody can even buy
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Promocodeshapirostamps dot com. Promo code, Shapiro Guy, lived one block from this office because I don't like to go any place, so they know where I want nobody. Nobody elects to any place. We never talked about this. You know you go home and it's like it should I go out now and now that everything is on your tv, you don't have to go. I ordered soup from across the street delivery. Today it does not. It's been raining raining. You know, there's something about when the car is in the garage you're done. So what do you think is actually going to say in the state of the union tonight? Well, he's got. Obviously I think it's going to center on the border thing. And I think it's going to be actual blocks and then he's just going to build the wall right now. Watch me do it, I'm wondering if
the Democrats are actually going to stand up and pearl honduran children at him. You know, I think at some point he's got to turn around and say something to Nancy Pelosi right. I know I know you hate it when I say that I think Trump is doing something smart, but I really do. I think he has kept a fairly low profile and he has allowed the Democrats. Wait. Wait, let me finish before he's allowed the Democrats to come to be as crazy as they want. They now look like the unreasonable people. He has kept this, so object that nobody, nobody on either side wants to talk about his kept it front and center. And he has made them look like the unreasonable people and I think if he plays that without hammering them, which would be fun trumpian he I think it is. I think it's potentially done something so when you're unconscious, they don't talk like a smart thing or is that you being unconscious with me is a smart thing. Yeah I work in my unconsciousness. I think you have the precise, so my my rule about politics is never attribute to malice that which you can attribute to stupidity, but you don't have that rule of thumb, for you it's never attribute
Stupidity that what you contribute to brilliant. No, I think the trump. I think that Trump is two things that nobody talks about. What people do talk about his instincts because excellent instincts, the instincts of a linebacker? He knows a day like this, he always knows of a running back. He knows where we're day like this and and the other interesting that he has. He changes like people. Don't people don't pay attention to it, but he actually changes to tactics while seeming to be Trump in all the time. This is the part where you're crazy doesn't power crazy, you're talking about a man whose first it was to marry somebody and then having affair with someone in divorce. The first one to marry that one and then his next tactic was to have an affair and divorce that one and then marry the third one so different areas, different area of life. Where were all these kind of things that are potentially smart? The problem is that it's not particularly disciplined and so to the I sent it to the extent that next entity ends to shut down which, if the purpose of the move is to get a state of the union address back and to demonstrate that
I am the only one compromising I offered them the Dhaka deal, they didn't take it they said we won't negotiate while the government shutdown. So I open the government if he actually can now go shutting the government down again at the end of this, then I think it was some high level chess playing you see. Can I shut the government down again? No, I don't think you did, though. If he did, it would be made. If he did, it would be magnificent, then he would be being strategic, making a power play. What I axed think is doing, is just respond. I think you're right when you say that he's a linebacker who knows where the daylight is there. Is it a running back after he's he's water and he finds the crack and and runs down hill I The problem is that that isn't strategy, so I think that found a way out of the shutdown down content of the moment, but with no thought for the next moment where that was. I would go back to why why this would be magnificent if he shuts the government is the only way it's magnificent, what he doesn't the government down at the end of his three week.
To make you to mean open up for three weeks, he said I mean over for three because they said they would negotiate. She was shut down. So now it's uh. We can negotiate and if they don't negotiate, I'm going to shut it back down. If he does, shut it back down that all he really did was revealed that he was afraid of the government shutdown. It didn't actually have a plan, he it is fear this driving his decision make it's just gravity pulling the water through the cracks and pulling the water down hill and not strategy, because the water to find you. So I actually disagree. I think that if we shut the government down, it's gonna be bad from again. I think that I think that the only way that it was ever going to be good is you have to be willing to go through the pain and take as many hits as you're willing to take its running game of chicken. You gotta put the brick on the acceler and just leave it there, and when you take a break off the accelerator, he's already demonstrated, he doesn't like the government shutdown and so what going to do. Ok, I'm gonna shut the government down again, and the Democrats claim the exact same thing and then the minute there's paying the media blame him, and then he says well they weren't willing to negotiate it's
the better the second time that, what the first time it's yeah. That's that's my guess to lie to you know what all of this is just a set up for him to declare a national emergency. That's what and then we get what everybody wants, except for the wall right. We get he's going to blame the judiciary when they strike it down and I'm trying say we shouldn't all. He gets the win medically, because he did the tough thing by declaring a national emergency and the people you didn't back. Him are the Cox who didn't back him doing something that I think is actually constitutionally illegal and then and then the wall doesn't get billed. It is worth pointing out. When we hear national emergency we rightly sort of think of it. Is this crazy thing that shouldn't happen a lot? We do currently what twenty, eight national emergencies, twenty one a yes, it's twenty one, yeah well that That's true, but a national emergency by definition is eight in if that happens immediately. That requires an immediate response that is, that there's already been delegated power to solve what the power of national emergency is. That was delegated the executive branch. There only two statutes under which the President could theoretically declare a national emergency. One is
He could declare that there is a drug corridor along the entire border of Mexico. Even that would not allow him really to. And to seize the property. You need congressional authorization in order to do that, he could. Renovate venting. I mean that he could do, but the idea that he's going to rededicate a bunch of fence funding to build the wall. I think there's real legal holes in that particular strategy, but I don't, I don't think that's designed only. He cares not doing at this point, but what he wants is to be able to say to his people. I did the best that I could and I couldn't do it, but that's judiciary far enough that I was willing to declare a national emergency and I think people will buy it. I mean I think that his base will buy it because they want any excuse to let him off the hook. For this when the reality is. This was a huge fumble from the beginning, shutting down, Let's imagine he had one he shuts down the government they crack. They give him five seven billion dollars you get two hundred and two years from now fifty miles of wall have been built against the promise of two hundred and fifty miles of wall on a twenty seven
one hundred mile border this the win the wind was not worth the price and he ain't when we yeah you'd want more than five billion you'd want twenty, five or thirty well again that that the whole purpose of this whole, this whole game was to paint the I'm a grad to as it not caring about border security which he succeeded in doing right. I mean, except that he should have Spence, if you're going to international emergency, if you're going to suggest that this is the end of the world and it's a huge crisis. Why are you say that he was great cuz. He went silent it's good that you want silence in the last couple of weeks, his democrats making fools of themselves, but during actual government shutdown, why is he not traveling by car to the border and giving a speech everyday on why it was
the prices, I'm sorry sitting in the oval office and tweeting randomly things. I suppose that's not. Actually, I think it's. I think it was a strategy I actually do. I think he was just making sure that he was the reasonable guy. He offer you made a good speech from the oval office me a good offer that the the Washington Post was saying, sit down and negotiate with the guy. He made them look unreasonable. It's a shame to me. You know, make him look everything possible and where it's a week to the to the people of the ordering of already has rebounded for, fairly well, it was pretty low during that shut down. I think there's not a lot of elastic city in his approval rating that he's constantly been between forty two and forty seven percent, basically his entire presidency and by most polls he had very little bounce, since nearly the beginning, like he was at forty eight at the beginning, on average I mean I know, people who cite the outlier Rasmussen poll from daily tracking in the average is always four thousand two hundred and forty three percent. That's fine. It doesn't have to be anywhere, but there all he has to do is defeat the Democrat who is put in front of him in the end, I don't think the government shutdown actually matters. I don't. I think the wall necessarily matters all that much. I think
only thing that does matter is him shutting up for the next couple of years. As I say, and if that strategic, let it be strategic whatever it is. He needs to that, because the more the Democrats talk with Kavanaugh proved is the more people see the Democrats say the more they despise the Democrats and the more they see if Trump, the more they despise trump, if you, stay away from everything. If you just deprive the the media of oxygen, they've got nope used to go, they have to cover whatever the Democrats are doing without any given time. The Democrats have shown that the people who voted for Trump, who said this country, is in a serious precipice. They were right. They were right. They saw that the Democrats are this crazy. I think they always wear this crazy. I think Hillary Clinton was a map Ask for how crazy they were. I think she was look moderate, looking masks. He was felled by her dishonesty in or being a poor politician but behind them they are really this bad. They really were talking about killing live babies. They really are talk. In a social wasn't really talking about ninety percent tax rates. They're, not
and, I think he's doing the right thing? The thing about the emergency measure and it's a week is a week strategy, but it is a strategy and she could delay the decision. Long enough to reach two thousand and twenty and say well in the courts, is all going to believe me. You're going to get your wall which put up an injunction within the first month, I mean there will not be any question of how far it goes yeah. I do think, though, that if Trump came out tonight for the state of the union speech- and he says, opens it up and says my face- Americans, the state of our union is deeply troubled it. In the last two weeks, two states have come out in favor of infanticide, the actual killing of babies who have been born. That's not, you cannot have an abortion once a babe. He is born. Fourth trimester and- and in the last three months we've seen the Democrats as send a brand new crop of of of congressional lead, there's who are openly calling for socialism.
Within one generation of us defeating that would be our existential enemies in the Socialist Soviet Union. Then I, I think that we would all go. What is it the the they're constantly trying to cast him against type everybody tries to casting against type fails, he's never going to start being the nice Una. Fire is not going to happen. There's no world tonight where he says I call for unity and reason to say it. Yeah unity and so much reason it'll make your head spin. Like that's not going to work, I'm the unity prison. He was. He wanted. Two thousand and sixteen the primary then the general, because he was a hammer in search of a nail, as I said, one thousand times and sometimes getting nail and sometimes get a baby all he has to do right now is had a lot of nails. Let it be the hammer, let him go out there tonight and turn around and say directly to Nancy Pelosi. Let him turn around on the podium in front of the american people and say listen. I owe
offer you legal status for all the dreamers who you are constantly suggesting you want to stay in this country, and all I ask for in return is that you give me the money necessary for us to secure that border and you won't even negotiate with like do that, because you don't care about borders. That sounds more like Trump in which works right, but he should do the same thing. He should say there There are several members of the democratic caucus have embraced openly anti semitic positions and the Democratic Party is fine with it and celebrating them like he should list out all the reasons democrats suck because he's not gonna win by listing all the reasons he's been great because people who, like M Rt eight ten to like him- and I don't like him- are you tired or not like him he's got to take he's gonna do exactly did Hillary Clinton, so I need to sell himself correct. Yeah, yes, is he can to? anyone and drag them through the mud that isn't that is his gift in life. Some of us are given the gift of witten brilliance and good, looks, but enough about me, you also have to he has in a unique gift to drag people down.
And stomp on them with cleats, and if he's not he's got a good target, so he's got a great target. If he'd ever been able to direct that, like one hundred percent of the time, he would be an actual weapon, we all used to watch those debates with Hillary Clinton. We all used to say like oh, no, but it was enough because people knew who she was now listen. I think the speech he could make. I don't think he's going to make it tonight because I don't think he think this is the moment. I think he does think this is the moment for it for him to appear reasonable make the speech. Eventually, though, in the other problem is that you run out of time. You only have one chance to characterize your opposition, so the mistake John made in two thousand and eight I thought, ok, I'll, wait, I'll, wait! I'll, wait! I'll wait! Last month of the election, hey by the way, this guy Brock Obama, pretty radical liberals like well, we already been mined out this guy. You said he's decent schedule, nice, family man right exactly. You said these find Mitt Romney made the same mistake in twenty twelve. It was Barack Obama, nice, family, guy, decent, modern things, crazy in any way, and then at the end of the election. It was well actually Yes, pretty radical and he's got a bunch of crazy policies. Trump right now needs to be defining every one of the Democrats like I wouldn't
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spectacular. I mean, as I say like, I can speak, not tight, more highly of chocolatey goodness, that is sure. Is there? No, I got a real. I got to tell you. I love that drug store sushi's with every year, the last four months trying to get them a sponsor from the show. So who is so here's? My actual the question will know what comes gonna say night. It's gonna be pretty blase yeah. I don't know union interested personal note show of hands who hates the state of the union address in this garbage. Just as a general rule, there we go hang on hang on spoiler alert fast, forward to the next democratic presidential administration show of hands who it's the state of the union address, but I don't hate it on princess which are talking that, like Trump giving it or Obama getting it, I hate it. It's monarchal garbage institution. The president of the United States is not the king. He is not a prince he's, not a potent eight
descending into the chamber to the cheers of the legislature, and then people worshipping at his alter taking self these with him, and then the Supreme Court sitting there at an independent branch of government sitting there and in past years, having present rail of them in front of them, and why about them, which is what Obama didn't for the Supreme Court? Yeah yeah, it's it's stupid. It is by words. It is something institute about Woodrow Wilson, which in and of itself means is terrible. If Woodrow Wilson had a dog know what you have a dog Woodrow Wilson is when the worst people everyone here is certainly the worst president in the fight. This is true in no one had done. The state of the union for a hundred or something years except
for George Washington. He gave a state of the union. Address, Jefferson Jefferson got rid of jeffersons like. Let me tell you if something is good for Washington and bad for Jefferson. I love it, I'm in quite sensitive for Woodrow Wilson, which means death for everyone. So I have two questions: will Ruth Bader Ginsburg be there and two? Is she alive? So she doesn't know she's there will respond to republican state of the union. Address is true because I think they only attend. Have a democratic people, don't talk about she's, not partisan, no object! If law abiding, just not a partisan happen anyway, she's the notorious rbg. How dare you, sir? How dare you, if anything, she's a moderate, so this astounding she is undoubtedly undoubtedly The most nakedly partisan Supreme court, justice in modern history- and they end up eighteen Clarence, Thomas yeah, that's origin! It's not real wife is right, actually the issue, but in any case the institution itself is bad, but Betty richer. Question I was going to ask- is what do you expect from the that's more interesting to me? I think from
gonna cut out gives unity speech. Some people might yell or something they'll do this thing where he points to the random folks in the rafters are Bob Bob is suffered. Look at Bob and Bob it's there in christ- and somebody has a handkerchief like all- we all feel bad for bottom round of applause, and that's exactly what I do have to note. It is amazing troller that the one person who is bullied, who he could think to bring to the state of the union address, is Joshuah Trump spectacular. I was desperately hoping that would actually be like, and you know he's been the most brilliant man in the United States, John Miller, and they just got up there and there's a cut out of Trump with a mustache incredible, but but tonight Stacey Abrams is giving the responses that I find more interesting because Stacey Abrams around a competitive race in Georgia, specifically because she did not run. The intersectional race. You did well in suburban Atlanta, basically because She was running on kind of almost Bill Clinton. Ask policy like the idea is to choose a moderate who is trying to bring
altogether she's doing the unity theme, and then she wrote a piece for foreign affairs, and I saw it about intersectionality. Intersectionality is wonderful why we need to be doing american politics on the basis of group identity, and so I think tonight she's going hard to the left. I think that she's she's going go very hard and left she's going to, I would not be surprised if tonight she straight out calls trump a racist if she says no there's a serious problem of racism in America as we're seeing in Virginia as we see in the White House every day with that republican governor north them with that right in this is interesting. To that I mean the typical. Only the response always gets bad reviews 'cause, it's just very hard for, but exactly how is it going to interface had was used to a black woman. They cannot do it yeah writing I mean if you've read, I mean she's, not even given the speech will probably written it right and they writing things about how great it was going to be pre empt. Like really lose all yeah. I mean it was like the Washington Post, like on people, Stacey Abrams she's. It's going to be hello, guys like just just wait. It's going to be incredible, pre written their reviews. It's like,
before Oscar season whatever's, most sjw, film, yeah yeah. I know what is actually seen the film right. Of course, I go. That's how that's? How shape of water ends up winning an Oscar? No actually watch the film, because if you spent five minutes of that film, aside from the greatest and most welcome as well, actually it is. It is legitimately one of the I I think it is the worst thing I have ever seen in this to MIKE Fishman. You have really not into fish fish are fine you're, not even that your pussy would be signed, phobia yeah. I don't. I don't think that means what you think it means yeah. I think that We're going to see the left tonight is going to give us the tone of what the next elections is going to look like right. So we're going to hear this hard tack to the left coming from the rebuttal we're gonna here and even harder tech to love coming from Bernie Sanders and the work, but all too there were about a the races for about on the right track, the putting green but he's kind of finished center.
This is when he's done. Well, it is the basic in twenty sixteen. They basically declared that he was never gonna win another minority vote, and now they have created this narrative that home of one another minority vote right, so they can make way for Connelly Harrison and Quinn. Yeah. The dream was never to win an election. The dream is to recapture not the Obama eight coalition, the twelve coalition. That's when they can about the the a coalition was Obama like not in his basic message, was appealing to the better angels of our That's what he was trying to write. It was a great guy and I wasn't writing up, not remark about bloomer. It is there that routine and then my twenty twelve it was black Americans and White Americans will trouble. Thank you both so much yeah and then that that was his reason and and so no no hello interaction in the modern era has had him a greater opportunity to do good in the world. The Brock Obama struck me. I said this to you on the day the Noordam scandal broke. I said, imagine a country where There's a republican governor for sake of example, and the republican governor had a picture like Northam and it is
happened during Obama's tenure and Obama. Come out and said: listen. We are a country of forgiveness, about a republic governor, yes country of forgiveness, and we understand that context change. Sometimes people do things that are stupid. It doesn't mean that their vicious racist, it means they are ignorant and it means that they are educated and we get better as a country. In the light of that, we have to look at the compendium of a man's life and determine whether that person ought to even condemn his virtually true right, which all of the over should be true, but you could right could have got it right. He could have said as a black man, we have to be a country of forgiveness, black man with a white mother raised by white grandparents who did their best, I'm I'm more than anyone have seen the kapi Cassidy of a man to try to correct a story. They were typically white, and that was the problem with Obama is that he decided in twenty twelve and really as soon as it became president. There was more
and for him to win on the back of polarizing racial rhetoric. It was for him to actually bring the country together. I I would what I observed. What he was doing was that his policies, you a bomb, was a guy who didn't know what he didn't know. All these policies failed if everything he did fail. Every single thing he did went bad and that's when he really went hard. I think on the car ups and the and the but that's certainly getting a third, was cases two thousand nine. That so is so I think that what happened is that he got into office and he came in with eighty five percent approval rating and he thought my whole, life in politics- been pretty easy, read, basically sale from victory to victory. I've never lost my vote right and and and and then the President, for God's sake, right with it in a sweeping victory over a national war hero right, who is eighty years ago, hailed as the Saviour of the Republican Party and John Mccain, the maverick and I just walked all over the guy. By doing nothing, basically- and here I am and here my policies? Why can't we all just get my policies, and I think that within the first month after he started proposing the auto bailouts and effort, he started talking about the stimulus programs and there was backlash. I think that he went oh
well, I guess I'm not gonna be able to do this anymore, and at that point, if you've been a better man is better better person, but he would set. Is people don't like my policies and we can will generate disagreements on policy without me maligning their character and instead what he did. Is they don't like my policies because they are racist? They don't like. The tea party is a bunch of racists, the people who don't like Obama care. So I think that's why we, of course, with Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years, but he masqueraded as something else and that's why Trump was a response. To that and not a pretty response to that by the way you think is there any? Is there any well of optimism menu where you look at that we look at this eight years. Trump Obama was incredibly divisive. Trollish, president, worse in some ways than Trump does not as obvious it's just not as obvious as trump, and now we this guy? Who is no matter how you look at it, he's very, very harsh attitude. His affect is so harsh and in devices. Do you think anything in the american people like when I saw Harold shorts, the coffee guy. I was thinking
You know, I don't think this is the time when a third party can win, but I think a third party can win. I think not this not this election, but I think it is there's a time coming when people start to say you know, the people I disagree with. I live now, store them they're, not that bad you're, not sick of the. U screaming at everybody, I'm sick of everybody screaming. Is there a time when the seventy percent of the PL, who kind of agree? So if they want to show to the world I because the left over for anybody who is financially successful anymore. Really. I think this is a thing like if you're too, financially successful military out, but I mean I OC said that billionaires existence. Yeah yeah. Will I do watch here. You know, there's an internet meme where you see that the guy who has to choose between two buttons many sweating, because he can't choose between two buttons yeah. So they should make that meme accepted Aoc billionaires are immoral and we need to tax billionaires paper because it because which one is it but it, but with all that said like I agree with you that if there was somebody, I really think the in really divided times the only piece
people who can win and create a consensus around them are people who are. Members of institutions that are well respected. One of the big problems we have right now is that all the institutions of America are no longer respected, meaning no one trust the press, no one trust the banks, no interest. Occasional system, known trust. The church is known, trust the police, even the only one there still a certain level of wellspring of respect- is the military and even their left, some mixed feelings about that. But let's say that Stanley Mcchrystal. Would run on the third party ticket, he were to say, listen, I think socialism is off the table, I'm not going to be great success. I think that a merit there's a great country that we can come together around something. I think that I would probably draw fifteen percent of Republicans, and I think that he probably drop ten percent of Democrats and I don't think they did win, but I think that he would win fifteen to twenty percent of the vote of raw I think Schultz right now running as a third party cans. It would win somewhere between seven hundred and ten percent of the vote. So I think it's partly interest he's. Also. Receive much worse for Trump Any, as is for the Democrat. I don't think so, That's right either and the reason for that is because from spaces from space that
aces, has been so locked in like if you're, if you are planning on voting for Trump for reelection, there is nothing that can happen, that is going to sway you from voting for talking about you talking about a twenty percent base. Now I'm talking about I'm talking about Trump space is solid. It is not twenty percent. His base is about thirty. Five percent of the american people are yeah. I don't think there's any lower in that. I think that if you and you can look at the polls in Iowa- is what they were showing was that like, when you catch Trump with Elizabeth Warren, shows that he beats Elizabeth Warren Iowa by fifty two to forty eight hours before we all learned that she's native American, so maybe that changes it looking like those Indians, but now that she's off the reservation the polls make sure, but isn't it goes from fifty two, when you add Schultz to the mix, when you that's not making fun of native american media matters, that's called making fun of Elizabeth Warren's are wonderful and historically victimized in the United States is a white woman. It was not historically victimized in the United States and claims credit of his
Oracle visualization for political purposes, let me explain it for all the people who media management call. That's what I'm saying any clearer about this. So with all that, out of the way now back to our story, when the part when you add Howard Schultz, the polls, what shows that he went eleven percent of the vote and Trump's margin goes from four percent to nine percent, so he is he is taking a because the battleground sector right now the battleground sector, is not the been popular. I'm black, I'm urban, I'm sad because urban white people also vote for Democrats. It's not the population which is solidly democratic. It is not the world population which is solidly trump. It is the suburban population which swung heavily for the Democrats in two eighteen, which is why we got walloped in twenty eighteen population, looks at Schultz who is non threatening feels like uh to normalcy. Candid, it feels like okay well, like I look at and things are so crazy. I just with him on policy more than I disagree, Trump on house, I look at children go,
he's saying some reasonable. I think I like- and I wouldn't I'm not gonna vote for him, but I look at him. He says things like why we begrudging success in this country. I grew up. Poor, yeah and I now run eighty four billion dollar corporation and the is- and it's great because that's what America is and we should stop beating each other over the head of. How is he the only person saying this but he's and in spite he is genuinely an inspiring figure in a totally backwards culture. So he up in the projects in Canarsie. He becomes the head of what builds one of the great corporations, and it'll hurt him. It will only hurt him so one thing I don't know if the president will talk about tonight, but I think we all hope that he does is the second amendment. We have this whole new crop of everybody is running right now, basically is running on some form of of, all kinds of confiscation yep. Most radical den positions, they've ever heard from mainstream candidates- have friends over at Bravo Company Manufacturing, who, I think there is good on these issues as
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able to be used in a life or death situation. Every component of the Pcm rifles hand assembled and tested by Americans to like saving scanner, and they feel a moral responsibility to provide the tools that will not feel the user, but it's not just a paper target, but somebody coming to do you harm to learn more about travel company manufacturing head on over to Bravo Company and F g dot com. You can discover more about their products, special offers and upcoming news. It's probable company, msg dot com. If you need more convincing, find out more about the CMA Youtube dot com, slash. Bravo, company, USA, that is Bravo Company and a few dot com or youtube dot com, slash travel Company, USA. I know the folks running company that the really awesome folks and again, The these are. These are people who are going to help save a life. God forbid. Something should happen to go check them out at Bravo Company and that street dot com yeah. So we do have the subscriber dailywire dot com subscribers, who, I don't think we do enough to say. Thank you to them. We have done one new thing. I do. I give them two additional hours, because we have done one amazing thing for our subscribers of light and that's the radio show which, for anyone
watching who may not have turned in central aspect stage been, is now doing and actually syndicated radio show means two additional hours. Every single day of the Ben Shapiro Show, and the only maybe you can get the show after its live broadcast on radio is at the dot com by becoming a subscriber. The other thing you get to do. Of course, if your subscribers ask us questions on the show. We have Elisha Krauss will be filled in your dance for you we're going to take set, world during the hour after the state of the union address. We want to hear from our subscribers, and I think we have time right now, maybe to check in with the leash and see if we have a few, a few questions ready for it. Now we have some really really important questions, including one from Louise who wants to know. If you can can also your best moonwalks and let the audience rated
circumstance experiences, I would catch shoe polish over. Not all circumstances are inappropriate. This, I will say it around. The office Michael Knowles is known for grabbing. His crotch are yeah, but I've never heard of this Michael Jackson, family Elicia. What's next Carl says that this question is for everybody he wants to know. Do you think the Democrats will come to the table and negotiate with President Trump on the border wall before you know, this new shutdown deadline or of hands are coming to the table to negotiate. I think there's a small chance.
Really? Yes, because there was no stopping it might. I saw no, I think that that's a dollar so up in the morning, maybe today's. What is the circumstance in narrow circumstances that Nancy Pelosi leak loses control of the adults in the party and the people who are on the committee are not such so bad that they, my it's a small. She is the result of the party now she's the adult party right, there's like as I age yeah. No, I mean I mean even by temperament they they know that the new fresh faces in the Democratic Party so fresh, so they should have to live and now general because of Cortez better going is out of control and I never fully crazy. Okay, these are crazy people, the crippling anti semitic. She had a call with Jeremy Corbyn, two days there but anti semite like not. He doesn't hide things out from us and then somebody took to it. So we treated her like you know, you might want to check out his anti semitic balancing, oh yeah.
Happy to go check that out, leave it and more it. You know nine: are there going to be so busy wiping Israel off the map? One more? Absolutely I really want to know fashion question this evening. Where did it Michael get the Gomez Addams Smoking and nobody was nobody single, Miss Adams, as I I got to I, so I got this from my God mother, because only your God mother could ever buy you this sort of jacket. They don't make it anymore and I I think it turns out why it's so weird when you think they're rolling off the factory line and it turns out not not a whole lot of demand, all of which courts did you get it the admin, the one that's out here in our studios. Where is it? Would you single Ms Adams, and at that we check for more? I
real serious one actually comes from warns. It's pretty good! He asked about looking ahead to twenty twenty. If you guys think that the Republicans win back all three branches number one: can they win it all back in twenty twenty and if they do well, they the funding planned parenthood more seriously. Now that they've seen how radical leftist Michael, if you feel that, since the your last question was about there appears. How many times can I say? No, I don't think we're going to win it all back in twenty twenty. I don't think Unfortunately, the Republican Party has not taken seriously defunding planned parenthood. I think really perverse incentive here, which is that it's a great fundraiser. It's a great issue that you can run on. Defunding planned parenthood. They wanted to do it. If the political will were there, they would have done it, and I, the momentum, is moving in the pro life direction, but you forget: I've worked on campaigns in New York republican campaigns. There a lot Republicans out there who don't want defund, planned parenthood, and maybe, as our politics gets more polarized, maybe sometime walkway in the future. There is a chance
but I'm not holding my breath for any of that yeah. This is right. I mean in that, first of all, it's important look at the actual Senate Map, so the Senate Map in the last election cycle was very positive. Republicans yeah, which is Republicans, maintain the majority and picked up a seat. The next set map is not good for public and the next, and it now has a lot more. Publicans and Democrats are up for reelection, and that means is that there is a much stronger chance that the Democrats actually take the Senate. Then there is that Republicans gain seats in the Senate and again, a lot of that is going to be dependent on President Trump down ballot and if Trump gets blown out, then it's going to be an awful awful term. I mean if France blown out and you have the possibility of Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house. Kamala Harris is president and Chuck Schumer as soon majority leader Honestly, things are going to get so ugly so quickly, because Here'S- the I've been talking about this for awhile and Jeremy's theory was basically the Democrats thought they were never going to lose again and one of the reasons they are so angry about Trump because they figured they had built this this code. Is of durable coalition of my
already groups that were going to carry them to victory, was growing minority majority country and all of and Trump stop that and once you built and now she's pressure, building up behind the dam and the goes the speed is going to be. The velocity is gonna, be incredible. The amount of debt, particularly anti religious bigotry- that's gonna, be unleashed if the Democrats back all three branch, all all all both branches of the legislature and the eggs, decorative and then reshape the judiciary to meet their needs. I, if, if Ruth Bader Ginsburg is able to make it through Trump's term and then the next just, is to go, and then the next justice to go aside from Ginsburg is somebody like God forbid tons and the it's a to power shift on the court again back to the left and Democrats, unified control, all branches of government, I mean- I I'm not sure the country and stable at that point really, because I I do wonder whether it'll be possible for religious people to live in the state of California weather, we all have to move whether it is possible for people with high income to live in any place around host but I'm, also aware that religious folks, because rich people will find a way to live, but really
the religious people, I mean, I'm the concerned about this. What what what I'm telling you on this? What I've done it like as a as a religious person, I what I saw on the state of New York with these past this, this anti gay conversion the law, it's not actually about gay conversion therapy. That law actually says in there that, if you, bring your child to a therapist, to discuss is with them sexual identity. Then that person could be process and even a person wants says I want to change right. It's not even about sexual orientation change therapy which, controversial at best and waste of time at most or damaging it most we're talking about Ac you're all goes in and it was a boy and parents is know your your girl actually, and you go to a psychologist for this- that's illegal in the state of New York. Now I mean this is insanity, and not only that, I think the chance that they star
start. Cracking down on religious institutions are one hundred and twenty nine percent, because you use here with Karen Pence right there already going after Karen Pence for having the temerity to go, teach in christian school. It is a voluntary association supported by zero taxpayer dollars and there's an article by Richard Cullen today saying because Ralph Northam may have to step down as governor of Virginia over his yearbook photo thirty five years ago. Mike pence would have to step down, as vice president of the United States and Karen Pence. It should be ousted from polite society for having the temerity to teach your christian school. I should say, though, it just a note of hope. 'cause that does sound pretty dark. I do I think today, just looking at the Democrat field, I don't think we re take anything, but I do think didn't. Trump stands a very good chance of reelection, not against a generic Democrat, but there's no such thing as a generic human right and the leaders right now. I don't think could be a lot less ballpark it I mean let what percentage do you think I mean I know was in its early. None of these, of these numbers are fungible byline money and Vince Change every by the way for the people who are tuning in at home, we're getting very close to the arrival of President Trump in the
how's chamber. We just saw the justices of the Supreme Court taking their seats in for anyone who is taking bets at home. The notorious Bader Ginsburg is not among them. Actually. Only. Four of them are right. So Clarence Thomas didn't show up it's getting it's roberts, it's cabinets, corsets, those really only four who showed up everybody else stayed home because they had better things to do. Unlike us, they're not getting paid by subscribers. I literally had something better to do its my birthday. I know subscribe just to support this man's birthday, my goodness people everywhere here we are here working our fingers to the bone and drinking ourselves into oblivion. Just for you at least you can do is spend nine hundred and ninety nine a month to subscribe for ninety nine dollars a year. We can get the finest in beverage vessels. That's true, but I don't want to say one thing, because I'm the only person who doesn't work for you and so if they Therefore, I'm the only person say this with sincerity. I think you single handedly change, the abortion conversation and over the last three weeks, I think you you did your podcast from the March for life.
One million people listen to the podcasts making it the most coverage at the March for life has gotten in at least the last ok- and I think, probably in the last twenty years, and where is this immediate pushback from the left by target? They usually like to ignore abortion and in particular ignore the march for life, but they saw the kind of spotlight that you're able to BR sing. To that event, they immediately had to pounce and prove just how radical they are an abortion which, I think is such a winning issue for us, I mean I wrote that this may be the most consequential political thing that you've done in your career. I mean I, I certainly hope so because I think is most important issue that there is in America. You know I. I really believe you know. Thomas Jefferson wrote about slavery, that he trembles when he thinks that God's justice cannot sleep forever and that's exact. Yeah, I feel about horse preview. I agree with the fact that God is held out his judgments on us in a country where were killing a million babies. Here, God is a mercy well being, but that mercy it cannot be held off for
never and by the way. Nor should it be if we continue this note, it also is just the underlying philosophy that allows people who are not insane, who are not themselves psychopathic to go forward and say that you should be able to kill babies. The moment before there worn or the moment or the moment after yeah. This is a psychopathic it. You know it you. I remember watching the first lady by the way walking into the house. Chamber now and greeting people on her way to her seat. So we're getting very close, I'm guessing, but Democrats were dressed in white was as the after mentioned earlier. This last time, as many Democrats were dressed in white, there were there were, I remember, watching a movie about the Tuskegee airman, the black, and this actor was playing a senator who was slinging racial slurs and my dog.
I came in and said: is this going insane and I said no, the idea was insane. You can have a psychopathic idea, turn seen people into madness, and I think that this is the abortion thing in it in front of us really. Well, then, thanks for the compliment also, but back to that, I I am interested in hearing. Have your ballpark figure if you had to put odds on from being, we like to say I'm a hundred percent. What percentage reelection do you think? What do you thing also over it's over fifty percent right now, judging by the leading characters? If, if a really good candidate, you know, but they don't work as an example of a very charismatic Canada, I'm sure you can do really well on the ground in places like Pennsylvania, but at the I think that was blowing himself out. I think his self obsessed that that diary that he wrote about himself yeah that was tremendously around Texas gazing at the stars on the right man. Skateboarding is rad, but if you've got a really good look at it, I think they could play. You know a candidate could play well in Pennsylvania, Michigan wherever
and then you have a really good chance. I just don't trust them to do they've driven themselves, so wild they've driven themselves so left. I don't see Harris beating him. I don't see really any of the others, and I think question in this moment. Can a Democrat capable of winning the primaries when the general I mean, what were you on that? I'm pretty much were noises. I think right this minute events are going to change everything. You know all kind, but if the election, I think he's over fifty percent, I think he's got a fifty five percent chance of of winning like this man. I actually he has a one hundred percent chance of winning anyone. Who percent chance of losing. I realize that's a pretty cheap, pretty geeky thing to say, but what I really mean is that we're we're so through the looking glass politically right now, I've been saying for for over a year were were post production because
the reality of the country and the perception of the country about itself are both in in such an elevated height and state at the mill you don't know where people going to vote on the basis of reality on the on the basis of perception of reality or on the basis of virtue signalling about themselves, and because I can't actually figure out from a. I think it changes from moment to moment what a driving need of the american electorate is. Today it isn't doesn't need, like I mean we're. The richest people, we've ever lived, were perfectly secure in a time of peace things. Reality. Things are actually quite the kind of emotional hole that we need to fill the time. That's right, and so with that in mind. I literally think any thing could have we live in the timeline where all things are possible. I agree
that's because I, what I really think is we do not know who we are, and I think that's what's happening right when I walked away well, I I wouldn't say that I think we who we are his change and we haven't quite figured out who what is strange, so I used for the past mistake of the situation. What I will say is that you suburban right who can forget the suburban, suburban women hate Trump yeah? They really had trouble the there. How chickens did show up to vote in twenty eighteen and they got blown out by in the house races. You know, I think that Trump looked at you could hit a weird news cycle. You could hit a cabin on news cycle right during the election and Trump could squeak to victory. I don't see a sweeping victory for Trump, because I think they're just too many states that are off the table Democrats' or start with two hundred thirty electoral votes or something yeah. So I think that the idea that he, when some grand sweeping victory, is nonsense. It is easier to see a sweeping victory for Democrats and it's Republicans, things go while they were on the economy, goes down and from blues for I can this Georgia. He lives Arizona, I he he starts running
competitive in Iowa like it's interesting to watch a certain states move more to the right and center move more for blue. I, was purple state. Now it's not blue State Arizona is moving toward blue state. Pretty quickly, Iowa is is moving more red and so Ohio, which really kind of interesting that a charge really well with with Non College educated white population actually, but with with all of that said, I have to put the odds Try to know better than thirty five percent right now, just because he is who he not made their mind up about this man in twenty. Sixteen and made the mistake of thinking that the election was a referendum on Donald Trump, because he was the one who sucking all the oxygen out of the room, and it ended up not being a reference. Launch ramp up being a referendum on Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump performed exam act like Generic Republican. He was nearly the same percentage is Mitt Romney in virtually every state and he was because, as a referendum on Hillary people decided they like Hillary. They call me later broke week before the election. People decided we're just going to show up for her and we think we're going to win anyway. So why would you possibly show up for her that ref,
when Hillary paid off to his benefit? The question is what twenty is? Is it a ref on him or on the Democrat when you're in the incumbent- it's usually a referendum on you, but it is also possible. This is why I say if you shut, I keep saying this over and over, but it's actually true like. If people around him have the capacity to shut him up for a year and a half, then we have referendum on the Democrat, which is what you want. You want a referendum on Kamala Harris. You want a referendum on data or you want a referendum on whoever it is they nominated. But if it's a referendum on Trump, I think that he loses, but we also have to face down them. The Miller Investigation, which is poor? Probably on the brink of having answers about that, and it doesn't mean nothing by the way it does live between in between here and there. So we're going I think, every time it's time to go and hear from the president. We're going be Listening and will be joining everybody back one hour from now or at the end of the speech.
Eternity next year, nice yeah, with our thoughts. Here's the president! Thank you very much, Madam speaker.
Mister vice president. Members of Congress,. The first lady of the United States, And my fellow Americans We meet tonight at a moment of unlimited potential. As we begin a new congress, I stand here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for all Americans. Millions of our fellow citizens are watching us now gathered in this great chamber, hope thing that we will govern not
as to parties but as one name the agenda I will lay out this evening is not a republican like an agenda or a democrat agenda. It's the agenda of the american people. Many of us have campaigned on the same core promises to defy: send american jobs and demand fair trade for american workers. Two we build and revitalize our nation's infrastructure, two reduce the price of healthcare and pray scription drugs to create
an immigration system that is safe, lawful, modern and secure, ah, and to pursue a foreign policy that puts America's interest. First. There is a new opportunity in am second politics, if only we have the courage together to seize it. Victory is not winning for our party.
Victory is winning for our country this year. America will recognize two important anniversary's that show us the majesty of America's mission and the power of american pride. In June, we mark seventy five years since the start of what General Dwight D Eisenhower called the great crusade, the allied liberation of Europe in World WAR, two. On D day June, six hundred and nineteen
one thousand eight hundred and forty four fifth teen one thousand young american men J jump from this guy and six. Fifty thousand more stormed in from the sea to save our civilization from tyranny. Here with us tonight, three of those incredible heroes: private first class, Joseph Riley. Staff sergeant Irving locker.
And sergeant Herman is I check we salute you. In two thousand and nineteen, we also celebrate fifty years since brave one pilots
do a quarter of a million miles through sp taste to plant the american flag on the face of the moon. Half a century later we are joined by one of the APOLLO eleven astronauts who planted that flag buzz. All. Thank you buzz this year, american astronauts will go back to space,
an american Rockets in the twentieth century, okay, saved freedom, transform science, define the middle class and when you get down to it, there's nothing anywhere in the world that can compete with America. Now we must step boldly and bravely into the next chapter of this great
adventure, and we must create a new standard of living for the 21st century. An amazing quality of life, all of our citizens is within reach. We can make our communities safer. Our family, stronger, our culture, richer, our faith deeper and our middle class, bigger and more prosperous than ever before, but we you must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution,
the brace the boundless potential of cooperation compromise, the common good together we can break decades of political stalemate. We can bridge all divisions, old wounds, build new coalitions, forge new solutions, unlock the extraordinary promise of America's future. The decision is hours to make. We must choose between greatness or gridlock results or resistance, vision or vengeance,
no progress or pointless destruction. Tonight I ask you to choose greatness Speed to confront problems neglected by leaders of both parties over many decades in just over two years since the election, we have launched an unprecedented economic boom, a boom that has rarely been seen before. There's been nothing like it, we have created five point: three million new jobs;
importantly added six hundred thousand new manufacturing jobs, something which almost everyone said was impossible to do The fact is, we are just getting started. Wages are rising at the fastest pace in decades, and growing for blue collar workers who I promised to fight for there. Going faster, anyone else thought possible. Nearly five million Americans have been lifted off food stamps.
The US economy is growing almost twice as fast today When I took office. And we are considered far away the hottest economy anywhere in the world, not even close, hum lowest rate in over half a actually
african american history. American asian american unemployment have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded. Unemployment for Americans with disabilities also reached an all time low working now then anytime, in the
ST of our country, one hundred and fifty seven million people at work. We passed a massive tax cut for work, working families and doubled the child tax credit. We virtually ended the estate tax or death tax, as it is often called on small businesses for ranches.
And also for family farms? We eliminated the very unpopular Obamacare individual mandate penalty. Can you give critically ill patients access to Lifesaving cures. We pass very importantly right to try. My administration has come more regulations in a short period of time, then any other administration during it
entire tenure companies are coming back to our country in large numbers. Thanks to our historic reductions in taxes and regulations,. And we have unleashed a revolution in America can enerji the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the for the
first time. In six, the five years we are a net exporter of energy free twenty four months of rap the progress our economy is the envy of the world. Our military is the most powerful on earth. By far and America. America is again winning each every day.
Members of Congress. This state of our union is strong. That sounds so good. Our country is vibrant and our economy is thriving like now. Never before. On Friday, it was announced that we had another three hundred and four thousand jobs last month alone,
almost double the number expected? An economic miracle is taking place in the United States, and the only thing that can stop it. Are foolish wars politics or ridiculous partition investigations. There is going to be peace and legislation, there can I'd be war and investigation.
It just doesn't work that way. We must be united at home to read our adversaries abroad. This new era of operation can start with really confirming the more and three hundred highly qualified nominees who are still stuck in the Senate. In some cases, years and years, waiting not right, the Senate has failed to act on these nominations, which is unfair to the nominees and very unfair to our country. Now, what is the time for bipartisan action?
Believe it or not? We have all a proven that that's possible in last Congress, both parties came together to pass unprecedented legislation to confront the opioid crisis, a weeping new farm bill, historic VA reforms, and after four decades of re direction we passed via, the accountability so that we we can finally terminate those who mistreat our wonderful veteran and just weeks ago, parties united.
For groundbreaking criminal justice reform, they said it couldn't be done. Here through friends, The story of Alice Johnson. I was deeply moved in nineteen ninety seven AL. This was sentence to life in prison as a first time nonviolent drug offender over the next twenty two years. She he became prison minister in inspiring others to choose a better path. She had a big impact on that press
population. And far beyond. Alice his story underscores that disparities and unfairness can exist in criminal sentencing and the need to remedy this code. Injustice. She served almost that twenty two years and had expected to be in prison. For the remainder of her life. In June I commuted, Alice is sense. When I saw Alice is beautiful, family. Greeter at the prison gates, hugging and kissing and crying and laughing. I knew I did something right, Alice is with us tonight and she is a terrific woman, terrific
Alice, please that thank you for reminding us that we always have the power to shape our own destiny. Thank you very much Alice. Thank you. Inspired by stories like Alice's administration worked closely with members of both parties to sign the first Step act into law.
This legislation reformed sentencing laws that have wrongly and disproportionately harm the african american community. The first step act gives nonviolent offenders the chance to reenter society as productive law. Abiding citizens now states across the country are following our lead. America is a nation believes in redemption. We are also joined tonight by Matt Future Charles from Tennessee. In nineteen, ninety six at the age of thirty Matthew was sentenced to thirty five years for selling drugs
and related offenses over the next two decades. He completed more than thirty Bible studies became a law, clerk and mentored. Many of his fellow inmates now Matthew is the very first person to be released from under the first step act. Please thank you. Welcome home.
Now. Republicans and Democrats must join forces again to confront an urgent national crisis. Congress has ten days left to pass a bill that will fund our government. Protect our homeland. Secure are very dangerous southern border. Now now is the time for Congress to show the world that America is committed to ending illegal immigration and putting the ruthless coyotes cartels. Drug dealers and human traffickers out of be
business. As we speak large. Organ as caravans are on the March to the United States. We have just heard that may mexican cities in order to remove the illegal immigrants from their communities are trucks and buses to bring them up to our country. In areas where there is little border protection. I have ordered, I know other three thousand seven hundred and fifty troops.
To our southern border to prepare For this tremendous onslaught, this is a moral issue, The lawless state of our southern border is a threat to safety, security and financial well being of all America. We have a moral duty to create an immigration system next to lives in jobs of our citizens. This includes our obligation. To the millions of immigrants living here today, who fall, what are the rules and Reese picked it? Our laws. Legal immigrants in search our nation and stuff strength in our society
in countless ways, I want people to come to our country in the largest numbers ever, but they had have to come in legally tonight. I am asking you to defend our very dangerous southern border out of love and devotion to our fellow citizens and to our country. No issue
better illustrates the divide between America's working class and a merry his political class. Then illegal immigration, healthy politicians and donors pushed for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards. Meanwhile, working class Americans are left to pay the price for mass illegal immigration, read use jobs, lower wages, overburden schools, hi hospitals that are so crowded. You can't get in in Prius and depleted social say
fifteen. It. Tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassion it. It is actually very cruel. One in three women is sexually assaulted. On the long journey north. Smuggler's use my guy in children, you twin ponds, Floyd our laws and gain access to our country. Human traffickers and sex traffickers take advantage of the wide open areas between our ports of entry to smoke, thousands of young girls and women into the United States and to sell them into pro constitution and modern day slavery.
10S of thousands of innocent Americans are killed by Lee lethal drugs that cross our borders and flood into our cities, including math heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. The savage gang Ms Thirteen now op h, then at least twenty different american states and they almost all come through our southern border. Just yesterday and MS thirteen gang member was taken into custody for a fatal shooting on a subway platform in New York City. We are removing these gang members by the thousands until we secure our border they going to keep streaming right back in
year after year, hear Americans are murdered by criminal, illegal aliens. I've gotten to know many wonderful angel, moms and dads and families. No one should ever have to suffer the horrible heart ache. The we have had to endure. Here tonight is Deborah Bissell. Just three weeks ago, Debra's parents Gerald and share. Were burglarized and shot to death in their Reno Nevada Hall. By an illegal alien. They were in their 80s. And her survived by four children, eleven grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren. Also here tonight are Gerald and Sharon's granddaughter, Heather and great
granddaughter Madison to Deborah Heather Madison. Please you stand few. You can understand your pain. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you very much. I will never forget, and I will fight for the memory of Gerald and Sharon that it should never happen again. Not one more american life should be lost because our nation fail to control. It's very danger as border in the
last two years are brave ice officers made two hundred and sixty six thousand arrests of criminal aliens, including those charged or convicted of nearly one one hundred thousand assaults, thirty eight thousand sex crimes and for one thousand killings or murders. We are joined tonight by of those law enforcement heroes. I special agent Elven Hernandez. When Alvin Alvin was a boy
He and his family legally immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. At the age of eight Elvin told his daddy wanted to become a special agent. Today he leads investigations into the score. Of international sex trafficking. Alvin says I can make sure these young girls get there justice five really done my job. Thanks to his work and what is Incre sort more than three hundred women and girls have been rescued from the Hara. Of this terrible situation. And more than one thousand five, Five hundred sadistic traffickers have been Pooh
behind bars. We will always support the brave men and women of law enforcement and I pledge to you tonight that I will never. Abolish our heroes from mice. My administration has sent to Congress a common sense proposal to end the crisis on the southern border.
It includes human material assistance, more law enforcement, drug detection at our ports, closing loopholes that enable child smuggling and plans for a new physical barrier or wall to secure the vast areas between our ports of entry. In the past, most of the people in this room voted for a wall, but the proper wall, never got built. I will get it built. This is a smart strategic, see through steel barrier, not
just a simple, concrete wall. It will be dip Floyd in the areas identified. By the border agents as having the greatest need. And these agents will tell you where balls go up. Illegal crossings go way way down. San Diego used have the most illegal border crossings in our country. In response, a strong security wall was put in place. This powerful barrier almost complete, simply ended illegal crossings. The border city of El Paso Texas used to have
extremely high rates of violent crime of the highest, the entire country and considered one of our nation's most dangerous cities. Now, immediately upon its building with a powerful barrier,. In place. El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country. Sim we put walls, work and walls save lives. So, let's work together, will truly make 'em America safe
as we work to defend our people safety. We must also ensure our economic resurgence continues at a rapid pace. No one has benefited more from a thriving economy than women who filled fifty eight percent of the newly created jobs. Last year
you weren't supposed to do that. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. All Americans can be proud. That we have more women in the workforce, then ever before,
don't set. Yet it like this and exactly Congress passed the con institutional amendment giving women the right to vote.
We also have more women serving in Congress, then at any time, for it's great. Thank you. Graduations, that's great as part of our commitment to improving opportunity for women everywhere
this Thursday we are launching the first ever government wide. An issue focused on economic empowerment for women in helping countries to build on one priority is paramount: reversing decades of calamitous trade policies, so bad. We are now making it clear to China, but after years of targeting our industries, stealing our intellectual property, the theft, american jobs and wealth has come to an end.
We recently imposed tariffs on two hundred and fifty billion dollars of chinese goods, and now our Treasury is receiving billions and billions of dollars, but I don't blame China for taking advantage of us. I blame our leaders and representatives for allowing this travesty to happen. I have great respect for president. She and we are now working on a new trade deal with China. But it must include real structure: oil changed and unfair trade practices, reduce our chronic trade deficit and protect
american jobs. The historic trade blunder was the Qatar Stryfe known as NAFTA. I have met the men and women of Michigan Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana Hampshire am in many other states whose green things were shattered by the signing of NAFTA for years. Politicians promise them they would renegotiate for a better deal, but no one ever tried until now. Our new? U S, Mexico, Canada, agreement, the! U S! M c a will, replace NAFTA.
And deliver for american workers like they haven't, had delivered to for a long time. I hope you can pass the U a into law so that we can bring back Manufacturing jobs in even greater numbers expo and american agriculture, protect intellectual property and ensure that our cars are proudly stand with our four beautiful words, made in the USA I'll trade act so that if another country places an unfair tariff,
on an american product. We can charge them the exact same tariff on exact same product that they sell to us, he should be a able to unite for a great rebuilding of America's crumbling infrastructure. And I am eager to work with you or legislation to deliver new and important infrastructure investment. Including investments in the cut
age industries of the future. This is not an option; this is a necessity. The next major priority for me and for all of us should be to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. Add to protect patients, With pre existing conditions, drug prices experienced their single largest decline in forty six
years, but we must do more, it's uh acceptable that Americans pay vastly more than people in other countries for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same place. This is wrong This is unfair. Together we will stop it and we'll see Stop it fast Congress to pass legislation finally takes on the problem of global freeloading. And delivers fairness and price
transparency for me. American patience. Finally, We should also require drug companies insurance companies and hospitals to disclose real prices to fall. Mister competition and bring costs way down No force in history has done more to advance. The human condition. Then american freedom
in recent years. Fight against Hiv and AIDS. Scientific breakthroughs, have brought A once distant dream within reach, my budget. Will ask them Branson Republicans, to make the needed commitment to eliminate the HIV epidemic in the United States, with
In ten years we have made incredible strides incredible together we will defeat America and beyond. Tonight. I am also asking you to join me in a weather fight that all Americans can get behind. The fight against childhood cancer Joining Melania in the gallery this evening is a very brave.
Ten year old girl, gray, beeline. Every birthday, Hi grace Every birthday since she was four grace asked her friend To donate to St Judes Chilled, when's hospital. She did not know that one day she might. Be a patient herself. That's what happened Last year, grace was diagnosed with brain the answer and, obviously she began radiation treatment.
At the same time she rallied. A community and raised more than forty thousand dollars for the fight against cancer, When grace completed, treatment last fall heard doctors and nurses cheered they loved their. They still love her with tears in their eyes, as she hung up a Poster that read last day of chemo.
Thank you very much because you are a great inspiration to everyone in this room. Thank you very much. Many childhood cancers have not seen new therapies in decades. Budget will ask Congress for five hundred million dollars over the next ten years to fund this critical life. Saving research to uh support working parents that I'm has come to pass school choice for american children. I'm also proud to be the first president, we're clued in my budget a plan for nationwide paid family leave so that every new parent has the chance to bond with their
newborn child. There could be no greater contrast to the beautiful image of a mother holding her infant child. Then the chilling displays our nation saw in Reese days. Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon in the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother's womb. Moments from birth. These are living feeling beautiful babies who will never get the chance to share their love and their dreams with the world. And then we had the case of the governor of Virginia where
he stated he would execute a baby after birth to and the dignity of every person. I am asking Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother's room. Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life,
and let us reaffirm a fundamental truth all children born and unborn, are made. In the holy image of God. The final part of my agenda is to protect American Security over the last two years, we have begun to fully rebuild the United States Military, with seven one hundred billion dollars, last year
and seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars this year. We are also getting other nations to pay their fair share Finally,. For years. The United States was being treated very unfairly. My friends of ours. Members of NATO. But now we have secured over the last couple of years, more than one hundred billion dollars of increase in the french spending from our NATO
all allies. They said it couldn't be done as part of our military buildup. The United States is developing a state of the art missile defense system. Under my administration we will never apologize for advancing America interests, for example,. Decades ago, the United States entered into a treaty with Russia in which we agreed to limit and reduce our missile capability. Well, we followed the agreement in the rules to the letter. Russia repeatedly violated its terms. It's been going on for many years.
That is why I announced that the United States. Is officially withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces Treaty or I Inf Treaty, perhaps. We really have no choice. Perhaps we can you go get a different agreement, adding China and others. We can't in which case we will outspend and out, innovate all others, by far
as part of a bold new diplomacy. We continue our historic push for peace on the korean peninsula. Our hostages have come home new Clear testing has stopped. And there has not been a missile launch in more fifteen months. If I had not been elected president of the United States, we would right now in my opinion being a major war with North Korea, much work remains to be done, but my relationship with Kim
John on is a good one, J, Aaron Kim, and I will meet again on February, 27th and 28th in Vietnam. Two weeks ago, the United States officially recognized, the legitimate government of Venezuela and its new president lawn one is there a noble quest for freedom and condemned condemn the brutality of Maduro regime who socialist policies have turned that nation from being the wealthiest
in South America, into a state of abject poverty and despair. Here in the United States. We are alarmed by the new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion, domination and control. We are born free and we will stay free
We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country, one of the most complex set of challenges we face and for many years. Is in the Middle EAST, our pro, which is based on principle, realism not to credit theories that have failed for decades to yield progress. For this reason, my administration red recognized the troops
capital of Israel and proudly opened. The american embassy in Jerusalem I've been fighting in the Middle EAST for almost nineteen years in uh, Afghanistan and Iraq. Nearly seven thousand, american heroes. Have given their lives more than fifty two thousand Americans have been badly wounded. We have spent more than seven trillion dollars. In fighting wars in the Middle EAST, as a candidate for president.
I loudly pledged a new approach. Great nations do not fight endless wars. When I took office, ISIS controlled more than twenty thousand square miles in Iraq and Syria just to years ago,. Today we have liberated virtually all of the territory from the grip of these blood third sea monsters. Now, as we work with our allies to destroy the remnants of ISIS it,
it is time to give our brave warriors in Syria. A warm welcome home. I have also accelerated our negotiations to read, if possible, a political settlement in Afghanistan. The opposing side is also very happy to be negotiating. Our troops have fought with unmatched valor. And thanks to their bravery, we are now able to pursue a possible political solution. To this long and bloody conflict
in Afghanistan, Ministration is holding constructive talks with a number of afghan groups, including the Taliban. As we make progress in these negotiations, we will be able to reduce our troops, presents and focus on counter terrorist, and we will indeed focus on counterterrorism. We do do not know whether. Will achieve an agreement. But we do know that, after two decades of war, the hour has come to at least try for peace,
and the other side would like to do the same thing. It's time. The mobile friend and foe alike was never doubt this nation's power and will to defend our people. Eighty years ago, violent terrorists attacked the USS call, and last month american forces killed one of the leaders of that attack. We are
to be joined tonight by Tom Wibberley, whose son Navy seaman Cragg Wibberley was one of the seventeen sailors we magically lost. Tom, we vow to always remember the heroes of the USS Cole. Thank my administration. Has it decisively to confer the world's leading state sponsor of terror, the radical regime in IRAN? It is a radical regime. They do bad bad.
Add things to ensure this corrupt dictators chip never acquires nuclear weapons. I went through the United States from the disastrous IRAN nuclear. They are. We put in place the toughest sanctions ever imposed by us on a country. We will not of bird our eyes from a regime that chance death. Do America and thread is genocide against the jewish people.
We must never ignore the vile poison Anti semitism for those who spread its venomous. Creed. With one voice, we confront this hatred anywhere. And everywhere it occurs. Just months ago, eleven jewish Americans, who are viciously murdered in an anti semitic, attack the tree of life, synagogue in Pittsburgh. Swat officer Timothy, that. Raced into the gunfire. And was shot seven times, J sing down the killer.
He was very successful. Tim there's just had his 12th surgery and he's going in for anymore, but he made the trip to be here with us tonight office.
Other match in place. Thank you. We are forever grateful. Thank you very much. Tonight we are also joined by
it's survive June. Sabbath. Here uh I did the synagogue as the massacre began, but not only did Judah to Darryl death last fall more seven. Decades ago he narrowly survived the Nazi concentration camps. Today is June 81st birthday
They wouldn't do that for me just to Judas saves. You can still remember the exact moment nearly seventy. Five years ago after ten, once in a concentration camp when he and his family were put on a train and told they were going to and uh the camp suddenly the train screeched, a very strong halt. A soldier appeared June.
It is family braced, for the app salute worse than his father cried out with joy, it, the Americans, it's the Americans. Thank you second holocaust survivor, who here tonight Josh Chillicothe the prisoner at Dachau. He remembers watching through a hole in the Wall- cattle car as a merry chicken soldiers rolled in with tanks to
me, Josh Hill recalls. The american soldiers were proof that God exists and they came down from the sky. They came down from Heaven. I began this evening. By honoring, three soldiers who fought on D day. In the second World WAR. One of them was Herman Zeitchik. But there is more to Herman story: are you after he stormed the beach of Normandy? Herman was one of the american soldiers who helped liberate Dachau.
He was one of the Americans who helped rescue Joshua from that hell on earth. Almost seventy. Five years later, her then Josh you're, both together in the gallery. Tonight we did side by side here in the home of 'em American Freedom. Herman and Joshuah your presents, the z building, is very much appreciated.
Thank you very much. Thank you. When american soldiers said that beneath the door dark skies over the english channel in the early hours of D day, one thousand nine hundred and forty four. They were just young men of eighteen and nineteen hurtling on fragile landing craft for the most momentous. This battle in history of war they'd
did not know if they would survive the hour. They did not know if they would grow old, but they new that America had to prevail. Their cause was this nation. And generations yet unborn. Why did they do it. They did it for America, they did it for us. Everything. That has come since our triumph. Over communist, our our giant leaps of science and discovery, our unrivaled progress towards equality and justice, all of it is possible thanks to the blood and tears and courage and vision of the a Americans and before.
Think of this capital. Think of this very chamber, where makers before you voted to end slavery,. To build the railroads and the highways and, if beat fascism, to secure civil rights and face down evil empires. Here tonight we have legislators from a cross. This magnificent republic. You have come from the rocky Shores of Maine and the fall canning peaks of Hawaii. Why the snowy woods of Wisconsin and the Red Deserts of Arizona from the green farms of Kentucky and the golden beaches of California.
Together, we represent the most extraordinary nation in all of history,. What will we do with this moment?. How will we be remembered. I ask the men and women of this Congress look at the top the before us. Our most thrilling achievements. Are still ahead. Our most exciting journeys, still awake, our biggest victories, are still to come. We have not yet gun to dream. We must choose whether we are defined by our differences. Or whether we dare twenty Fran them.
We must choose whether we squander our great inheritance or whether we proudly declare that we are Americans. We do the incredible we defied the impossible. We come conquer, the unknown. This is the time to reignite. The american imagination- this is the time to search the tallest summit and set our sights on the bright I star. This is, is the time to rekindle the bonds of love and loyalty and memory that link as together as citizens as now neighbors as patriots. This is our future, our fate and our choice, to make I
I am asking you to choose greatness, no matter the trials we face. No, are the challenges to come. We must go forward together. We must keep America first in our hearts. We must keep freedom alive in our souls. And we must always keep faith in a his test today. That one nation. Under God,. Must be the hope and the promise and the lot and the glory among all, the nations of the world? Thank you. You, God bless you and
God bless America thank and that was the president of the United States on wrapping up second state of the union address clocking in at like one hour, thirty minutes whose only felt like seven hours. I had some moments, though I think that may have been and then there are highs there. They were the best he's ever been.
I get. There are certain things that he did there, that we're the best he's ever been and- and some of them were exactly the sort of hammer like attacks that we're looking for that couple moments stick out to me. Obviously, his declaration that America will not be socialist is great, which is great, because Democrats still one run away from that label. Rightly, you can see Nancy plus you sort of softly clapping that allow the little bits off, like Washington, shoals, actually standing ovation for that one yeah, that's right and then the the other moments that they came to mind obvious. Actually the singing of happy birthday to the Holocaust, survivor in the tree of life, survivor and Trump doing his little conducting thing from the employee. But this is a great american moment. I mean that the and it's a great american story, the following story about the Holocaust survivor next to the guy, who helped liberate Dachau, the that's an amazing amazing thing, and it looked this unbelievable country when you come in, great feeling like to great country. The president did his job. So I think the other organs are here is the line that you, the guy on the train, is hearing. That's it's very inspiring right and then obviously his his move on abortion, which I wish she'd spent a little bit more time on me, my very hard on it for the time that he did
did, spend and call Democrats on that issue was right. Now he might. My only problem honestly is that he buried the lead all that stuff all the best stuff was in the last twenty minutes, like you could skip the forty five minutes in the middle and just go on to the end, and that was best stuff. In the speech he he did his immigration thing. We've heard the immigration thing before it's good for what it's worth, but you want long on it. And when he talked about the greatness of the economy in all of this, no that's fine I mean it. The media aren't telling that story. It's worthwhile from to tell that story. He did. He didn't gambit that worked, he played to the egos of the idiots on the other side of the aisle by saying look at all these women members of Congress and they got up and shared themselves. They wouldn't share low black unemployment, low hispanic unemployment, they wouldn't share record employment overall, they wouldn't
they will share any of those things, but you tell them that lots of women are working and you guys are in Congress and extend up insuring the other night. I five minutes just of news, so anything less than that was there and then these democratic, congressman, dancing and cheering themselves forget everything else in the speech it really like him and then on to Moscow opinion. But I I hate all girl power and it's for this reason I we live in. We live in a country where you know women have a probably better shot now at graduating college than men. They have more political power in terms the voting electric. There are more women in college than men. There are more women in college, long shot an and yet admin cheer themselves in a way that would be so oh and becoming. If any other group of people may female, regardless of like no one- is allowed to celebrate themselves except women, and I thought I thought it was a fairly disgusting display for these women,
Alexandria, Koziel Cortez did not clap during the speech. In fact, there are times where she would stand as sort of the caucus would stand in sort of. She was trying to split the baby, but Democrats have been very good on that, but the one time that she's clapping is basically for her. In the spending power she did miss a hyper there's. Nobody. There may be the story of her life. Now that a couple of points for Trump I thought during the speech I thought obviously hey his statements that you know the economy is great. Everything will be great if we can pass legislation an no info geisha like this little. I know right actual stupid. It was a stupid moment. It was. It was a real misfire politically because even his own people are going and I supposed to clap. For that reason, we know was it in the ring. I think it was in the written speech really. I think it was, but it was. It was a real and I'm sure he insisted on it being in there. But it's a mistake, because the entire speech is him flying over the top of a lot of these controversies, and then he sort of dives right down in the middle of one to say everything
If you leave me alone, which doesn't which looks far too defensive, that was one moment that that struck me as particularly bad. I any other moment struck me as particularly bad is when he suggesting that we would be in the middle of a major war with N Korea or not for his presidency will office, which of course, is just absurdity on every level. I certainly agree with you. I think the speech was built like a kind of a mountain he got to the top of it that last twenty minutes was fantastic. I can't help notice and I agree with you about the bad moments. The investigation thing with it. Just like a kind of a clinking note, you know, and the and the thing about Korea was ridiculous. However, however, the story Details is not the story that the Democrats still- and it is incredibly obvious, an incredibly powerful but he's telling the story. This is a great country, and then you know the funny thing about that is this was corny when you say it and it's it's it's as a collegian go jingoistic except, but this is a great cook. I mean it's amazing country in the things that have happened here. It happened. No, where else this is the pinnacle of human civilization on earth. For ever
for Everton and never has life been as good as it is right at this moment and the fact that we have a president who gets up and say it says that after eight years of a present was always kind of waffling around Paula, judging to tyrant, always tell us, we could be great, we might be great, we might someday someday. We could only follow his his lead. We might achieve greatness. Have somebody sit there and say you know what we been handed a torch, we've been handed a flame of, freedom, that people died for from the very beginning, and it's our turn, and we have to do something about it. Just to hear somebody talk like that, it just it's uplift, it was beautiful and you know I wish I wish I could do it more often is a little bit, so we're not gonna be able to see her doctor response, because we don't have we're not licensed to see her response right away, but it cuts off the because now she comes out and start talking about all the problems with America. It seems almost petty mean after he went out there and paid homage to world war. Two survivors Moon, landing moon landing year, old, surviving cancer, and then
yes Stacey Abrams out there talking about what a problem he is in America is in a terrible place and all the stuff is pretty feel good speech. So I you know, I think he accomplishes goal tonight which I didn't think was going to and he and he did yeah yeah. I know I still. I I played the sling on my show today of of Don Lemon interviewing Gladys Knight to some of the national anthem at the super bowl, and she said you know. In my day we sang the national anthem. We prayed when we let's roll. She said things that everybody in this room would say and agree to a and Don Lemon said what you gonna hurt your career, not you're, worried you might hurt your career by singing the national anthem talking to the empress of soul, not the queen of soul, impressive soul. Don lemon is telling her she's gonna hurt her career at seventy four because she sang the national anthem. That is the difference, and it's such a core difference that even Donald Trump for all the problems we have with them can hit that No, this why the woman power thing bothers me it actually, it's a microcosm greater problem you're describing, which is that a country where women are the most successful they've ever been in history shouldn't be selling.
As the women are like. Finally- someone said something nice about women, the what's all celebrate movement, but that's everything that the Democrats, every position they take is that, yes, you stand in the most prosperous country. That's every and you basically try to make the argument that people here are economically oppressed, stand in the country that integrates the health care that anyone on earth today getting a pill. It was innovative in America. Anyone on earth they getting a surgery was intubated in America, You say that we have the worst healthcare system in the world. They they peddled this Contra real reality and then they all buy in. Two hundred and eighty four Manera death around it and then they all celebrate is go there, but they legitimately, I think, Don lemon. I thought just watching the Superbowl you're watching the super bowl and they tried out all these civil rights activist. From the 1950s and 1960s sixties doctor he's king and John Lewis, and and and all these characters- and I thought you're You'Re- tried out all these seventy year old, civil rights, icons,
because there hasn't been a civil rights problem in this country- and you can't find a forty year old civil rights icon because there aren't that, because there has been nothing to stand against, but this perception, pedal by Don Lemon and and all the people who couldn't stand. That during this speech, is that no? No, if anything, if anything, things are worse now You know, at least you know it's amazing. It just occurred to me when you watch that speech. Do you see all these Democrats and they're constantly talking about check your privilege this and check your privilege? That here is the fact: everyone who is born today is privileged everyone who is born in the last thirty forty fifty years in the United States. These are the most Human beings ever question about so check. Your improved
Yes seriously, yeah check your damn privilege, like all these women who are dancing their all look at us. We finally overcome you can overcome a damn thing. Your grandmother's overcame, so that for a great grandmother's, overcame something, and that's really what the speech was about right when Trump was saying when you're paying homage half the people he's paying homage to our people were over the age of seventy right, and he was saying you know our privileges. To be. Their grandkids are privileges to be their kids they're. The ones who did the heavy lifting were just here. Picking up the leftovers. And it's our job to push on to the next generation the one privilege that people will I'm not recognize on the left, is the privilege of having been born here and the privilege of standing on the shoulders of giants. They act as though the earth began spinning the moment they arrived here and that they've had to overcome such terrible burdens. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has not had to overcome upper. Did we live in a country that we live in a country? Neither have I by the way anyone we live in another state, with very rare exceptions. There are some people who have to overcome, but we live in a country where a young woman in her 20s of hispanic origin
go from being a bartender to a sitting, United States congressman and complain right, yeah right into her something to consider herself and say that she's, not privilege and and then when she doesn't now to publish a privilege that she's a Cyst gender woman, as though that's the privilege, yeah, the privileges that you live in this country, with the privileges that you are you are at a time. That is this time and that's why when Trump said, this is what the left number understood about Trump Slogan make America great again It was never about this idea that America was ever at any point in the past utopia. It was about the idea that the people who inhabited America or infused with- idea of an american dream that they were motivated by that idea, and if you want to make America great again, you have to get back to that idea. That motivated people argue. My parents to storm the shores of Normandy? Anybody in that chamber is storming the shores of Normandy. There barely storming the shores of Uc Berkeley. This is the thing that makes this speech so jarring sing for me in this culture, but especially for people on the left, is gratitude
we have utterly lossed. A sense of gratitude is nothing but pride and entitlement that people and so he goes out, he says. Thank you. Thank you for what you did guy, who stormed the beaches of Normandy thanks, for what you did, and it's so we're just not used to saying thank you anymore, and this guy, the billionaire it was nice. Thank you in his life right now, right. It really is and bottom- and you know you you- we always have the stroke, which was about me being an optimist. Think of my life for a minute, I'm a hundred and fifty two years old, I've never seen a major war. I've I've seen race, I've seen racism and I've seen it disappeared. Is it disappear? It vanished. You know he was gone and I think not not personal racism, that's always with us, but but instance, willing legal racism race. You know I've seen all the stuff I've never had to fight. I've never had to pick up a rifle. I've never had to do any of those things and I'm so grateful. I'm so I'd be a jerk. If I weren't enough to that event in and really that, I think that that was the contrast. Who are the people who are standing? Are you standing up to cheer
holocaust survivor? Any american soldiers liberated him? Are you standing up to cheer yourself right for doing yeah yeah, I'm not running for reading the benefits from being born in the richest country in the history of mankind, where nobody stood in your way and where your feet it for Precisely the reason for your complaining about where all of the attention you are getting is based upon the intersectional identity, you say is oppressing you yeah. I know we would pay attention to Alexander because of what has refused to live or any of the fresh faces of the Democratic Party. Were they not members of minority intersectional groups? That is why they are receiving this tension. Their brand new democratic Congress, people wore white folks never did not receiving that attention right. Because in this country right now, we are so sensitive to the fact. We have had a terrible history with a lot of various groups that were bending over backward to say that we're excited that we've, this is a sign that we welcomed everybody in and instead people saying you know what it's amazing, what an incredible country their answer is yeah. You know if this country the center is this country. Is it's a terrible place,
it continues to be a terrible place, and we have to make the country not a terrible place by abandoning the central values that allowed me to be a twenty nine year old, bartender from queens who becomes the most celebrated Congress person in America, a country where no one loses their job on the basis of their race, where no one loses their job on the basis of their. Religion where no one loses their job on the basis of their gender and where, in fact, a person is, is immeasurably more likely to get a job on the base? their gender get a job on the basis of their role, if your license by the Texas State Board, but it is, it is a good reminder and again it is the contrast with the reminder right whenever whenever what's it like, if it's from just said this in the oval office, well, it's been like all right, but the fact that he contrasting that with these Democrats are playing I'm at a time when they are not the victims, they are not the victims, yeah, and you know what the yeah there's a this concept in the military, obviously, with stolen valor people who pretend that they were, they were members in service when they were not, and then they
sealing the Valar. People actually went and fought and suffered and died when they were working on refrigerators, while they were in the army during the nineteen seventies not being there is a lower instance. For example, there is a level of stolen societal valor that is taking place around now related with people in the United States who say that they are victims of a system that has not only not made the victims but has made them famous in many cases rich and has made some prominent San is made them powerful and their claim victimhood on the level of of the people actually were. Victims were up there sitting in the rafters and by the way, Not all of them are Republicans, but I mean people like John Lewis it's alive and and how to mark did not suffer John Lewis suffered okay. So if you want to stand there and say, thank you, John Lewis, I'm with you- and I disagree with John- was about nearly everything right, but if you're gonna pretended that the young fresh faces of the Democratic Party are some help that they've overcome, I think you're. I have to explain what they overcame play. Really, I want to know what they were called. It also leaves at which you're not thinking about when you're thinking about the injustices of the past. We all agree that they were just as in the past, no question about it, but when you think you
about those you're, not thinking about what you can contribute to the future, and I say this to college kids and I'll say I'll, say it like the blackheads I'll say you know, people of your color were attacked by dogs in my lifetime hose. In my lifetime, but the police, the police attack them, you should you thinking about that 'cause, it's not going to happen to you. You should be thinking about connect. Can I get to Mars, can I cure can sir, can I do the next big thing, because once your monitored in that what you have to pretend that the idea of a storm, though so true, which you have to pretend that you're a victim, you can't concentrate on what you can contribute. How can you can make the name? a generation and if pay attention that pay attention to pay hommage to the people who made those Liesman stop doing that yep and also the people who were marching in who are actually sit down. But worse, the dogs were sick yeah. I mean it to to to suggest that you are the equivalent. We are the new civil rights movement. We are the new civil rights marchers. We are the new anything you're, not the new, any anything you're, not the new anything, because the truth is the worst thing that you have going for you. Some people disagree with you sometime, that's the
first thing happening to you is that you say dumb things and people criticize you on Twitter for saying a damn thing and then they get banned and then they get brighter than the other. Or you criticize the press for supposedly lying about you when they're not lying about you and then they praise you for it in real rough life. That's that's the part. That really is. It is upsetting and it's going and if demo, Let's keep doing this routine and from speak? He spoke tonight. Yeah, I'm gonna have a lot trouble in twenty twenty and they think they're in and you're, so right about the fact that he could be that guy. All the time he would be up to sixty percent is from approval. I mean he's The thing that gets always drive me crazy about him is on paper. Doing a good job. The country is doing well we're peace, where a prosperous he's he's doing fine, but he is that pressure. However, there's our of perception, though, is what allows all of this to flourish and through three piece of what we're talking about right now is rooted in perception. One thing the president didn't talk about during a speech tonight, which I think was: why is of them He didn't get into his whole enemy of the people, media thank
yeah. That's the time. Let's get into everything we're talking about here is maintained on the sort of scaffolding of the media and academia which it requires their full time, effort to prop up these false perceptions and have people be able to live in the as though they were true yeah, and it has a double effect because you know see the effect we see that the people strike back. We see that the people don't always listen to the, but if you're in one Washington and you're there every day and you're going to see a cloud that surrounds you. We sometimes wonder why don't Republicans have any guts? Why don't they stand up here? Why don't they stand up? There is because they are living in this miasma oppressed perception that they think is reality and the get out of the sea. The people don't care as much as they do and as well and in fact, as we do, these guys have power because they have power over the people of power over us. What do we do about the fact so the media is with the media. Is we challenge them on free market grounds? We are not anywhere near as powerful as the combined
power of the mainstream press, obviously, but this there's room on the internet. There's room on talk, radio, this room in podcasting for a conservative voices to get out. What do we do about the to me? The bigger long term pro which is academia where our tax dollars are active, contributing it's not a market situation. We are through coercion being forced to pay for practically every young person in this country to be be inundated with? This view that they are either victims or oppressors? Basically, on the on the basis, nothing other than their part. I have to tell you: I was back at Yale over the weekend for reunion and meeting their kids there we were. I was back there and we were talking about the problem of academia, higher education that even at Yale or Harvard, wherever top top schools in the country has been hollowed out and just filled in with indoctrination apps,
actually perhaps especially there yeah actually Yale is probably leading the charge and we were debating some of these proposals taxing endowments pulling funding this. That and the other thing I have a sentimental attachment to my alma mater. Absent that I am bad basically willing to pull the plug on all of these institutions. I think it's basic Leon salvageable the way that the system is set up, the admin This traitors, the ever multiplying administrators that deans the Deputy deans, the deputy assistant, deputy inclusion, dean. All the deans kicking you out of visiting schools and various, did they don't kick me out and visit, but all of those places to say nothing of the faculty to say nothing of the students, the craziest people of all, often of minority of students but a vocal leftist minority of students, I think its base sickly unsalvageable. If we keep playing by the same rules great job at creating think tanks. You've done a great job at new media, obviously, but that I don't think is enough and I think we need
a stronger and more robust solution to higher higher education. So I do think that there are a couple of possibilities that will crop up in the near future. One is the possibility of online education, meaning that spending one ten thousand dollars to go to one of these colleges when you could spend a huh dollars to get the same courses if we can get accreditation. And for these things great right- and I think that there's a case we made if you started in a real online university in which people can pay to get in and then they're weeded out on the basis of their performance in the classroom and then is the way it used to be it at a lot of top law schools. It was not that they actually admitted on the basis of past performance. They basically let everyone in and then they we did people out as they as they performed the you know. That would be one possibility and I think that we should making moves in that direction as a movement and as a people other possibilities that employers, just conservative employers, need to stop credentialing. We need to start going into high schools in recruiting people for internships and then say: uh come work, come learn our business and you'll be employee in a year and a half and you say
done college, and then you can work here and then you have a work record and once you have a work record, you can move place to place because I Poli Sci degree from UCLA, which is what I have they and nothing with my Poli Sci degree at UCLA. Neither does any poly Sci Major in America. Yeah they're full of it. All it is, is credentialing you go to law school. You know. I think we also have to revise the think tank system conservatives created basically to oppose universities, our research centers, but they are all based on non capitalist means of things. Were they all have these old funders who do not know what we're they have? No idea what we're doing this they think of really strong editorial in the wall. Street journal is an incredible weapon. If you go in there and say yeah, I can make you a video, the rich, which a million people a video. What what's what's video I've never heard of it? We and the We need to be more active with the app is doing when they send all of us out to colleges that is
actually taking action, but when you just sit and write articles, it does contribute to knowledge and contributes to a conservative research but they're not reaching out to other people. But again my my real concern is we pay for these yeah for these universities to do the work that they do and we quit anyplace in the most, the most rabid right, winger we'll send their kid to the school have to to get liberal arts degrees, yeah and pat themselves on the back for doing it. I'm so so proud of you, honey that you went to a school got a degree in absolutely nothing, but I want it because, because there is a still a false perception of the value of these educations that we buy into, and we all agree, if you're going to be a heart surgeon, you gotta go to school, but there is almost if, if a liberal arts bachelor bachelors bachelor's degree qualifies you for a job,
that is not a job, but I will know I'm even under strong defender of liberal education, actual liberal education, I love it hope this makes sense of our freedom. That's what we do. It must not pretend that that's what, but that you can now graduate from Yale with honors in English and never read, Shakespeare or Charles. So that's not a liberal. That is not just a moment. Well I mean I want one of the things that actually has to happen. Just on a legal level is that we have to get rid of regulations that prevent people from going into particular industries. So, for example, California, actually has it right. You do not have to go to accredited law school in order to take the bar, so that's good, but most it states. You have to go to an accredited law school in or take a bottle. Who does the accrediting? It's an agency, the government that does the accrediting. So you have a corrupted where Democrats in the legislature decide what the accreditation standards are and a crown that down a bunch of universities were happy to do it because they get to up charge students for the for the pay women, so they restrict the bottleneck in terms of who connect we join particular careers. Getting rid of credentialing is
these single, I mean Peter Thiel was working on right. Getting rid of credentialing is the single best way to get rid of the influence of the of academia on our lives and that's that's a long term project. That's not something! That's going to happen. It is yeah, get rid of the stigma around not going to college, but that's and that's going to happen when you actually have conservatives who I have told run major businesses. Yeah start actually hiring people without reference to the idea that if you went to Yale, you must be smarter than I want to help sell college, because yell requires a higher as a date. It is one of the first things that I did when we started this company and we started having to hire people who were my immediate friends yesterday put together our our first sort of job postings and they brought him in for me to see, and they all said under the job requirements must have a bachelor's degree or higher, and I said you cannot put. And I said well why this everybody does this. I said yes, but I can't live with myself as someone who did not go to college. If I pretend that you have to have gone to college in order to work at this company is simply
It is simply an most most ceos. Don't go to the top schools. They don't go to the Ivy League, it's not it's not a requirement, and all these guys who invented the computer revolution dropped out half of them. You know I mean, I think it's obvious. It's credentialing is exactly what you say and it's why it's? Why we're proud is why I'm proud when my son went to Yale, even though I mean it's funny, I I feel like you guys, you and, and my son went to Yale the last gasp we did. It was held last couple of years really, and yet it is now it's the it's the men in black scenario, if you'll remember that movie with the alien comes each the guy in and puts on his body as a as clothing. That's what the left does. They did to the New York Times. Your time is not a great newspaper anymore. It just has the Nero the body of a great newspaper with this alien philosophy inside yellow is the same way most of our colleges. In the same way, they do not deserve the credit and the staff. How do I get Donald Trump? How do we get ten? First I mean it is a challenge that
many of our elected officials. I mean that is one thing and elite education does a four. Amount of networking and stored at. How do we get these guys to actually talk about this kind of issue because of the end of the day, we actually can't win the future in a way- where you can't spend yes to twenty five years, training. Kids to think one way and then go well. How do we have to you have to build the institutions and ask people to sign on to them? You can't ask trumper or cruise to do the heavy lifting? Yes that you can, you can have them. You know endorsed pro ms that already exist and say you know this is a great career path like you see this right now, there's a big move for trade schools and then the remove for trade. Schools is specifically because there a surplus of jobs in certain air, the country in fracking and in the Midwest, where actually just go to trade school and one hundred thousand dollars a year. If you're willing to move the Wyoming right like I, and so people are recommending that now people are starting to say, go to trade school, don't get a liberal arts degree. Maybe think about that. The problem is right. Now the Democrats are offering you free money and telling you that the end of that rainbow there
going to be a pot of gold that you know you take all the free money and then, after you go to college like a hundred thousand dollars a year. No matter what you do. That's not a true we actually have to start also pushing just in terms of messaging the fact that high achieving high school graduates do better than low achieving college graduates, which is also fine, only true. If again, you don't have to have a college degree, the college degree, especially liberal arts, as always talked about basically a substitute for an iq test is just a filtering system. That's all it is like when we look at somebody's bachelor's degree. We don't know what I actually learned in college. We just know that if you went to UCLA, we can probably assume you're smarter than somebody who wants to see son or something nothing by the way about the liberal arts. Is there liberal arts correct before it needs to be touched? That needs to I thought that I was taught. I went to Berkeley one of the it is being taught, but it's being taught
informally in other settings meeting the great courses plus, for example, right right there right, yeah, they're, they're teaching with all these like ram on some bright hillsdale has course, of course, without and when we buy these course right as women, because we're interested in them like I wrote an entire book just now on pop philosophy. Basically, that's the basically doing reading outside of school. I didn't read any of that stuff when I was in undergrad. That was me deciding I wanted to delve into it on my own and we're fully capable of doing that stuff. The problem is when we link to the idea of a college degree with an automatic income which is a false, which is a false statement. Yeah, if you want to let you studied classic to Gail, there is no part of gold at the end of that rainbow for you, unless you're going to professor in classics at Yale right, that is the pot of gold. This is the big issue. I don't think it's up to Trump and Cruz and those I think it's up to use guys. I think it's up to conservative businessman, because the the notion that a liberal arts education prepares you for a job is simply false, use, that's what I majored in history and italian literature not useful, and I would joke about it.
Liberal arts education is specifically not useful. Actually, if it is useful, it's not a liberal arts education you're supposed to go. You learn how to think about history for four years, and if you are ready to do a job that is any coincidence school or you do something else, but we've created this ridiculous idea that studying Shakespeare for four years to be an analyst in some bank or something like that. It really doesn't do that and I think it's not up to the politicians. It's really up to conservative businessmen to realize hey, maybe a guy who has a liberal education could be prepared for a job, but it that has absolutely no connection. I think we just came up with the next business ideas he better like this. I do want to go to some of our daily wire subscribers because they keep the lights on and keep us in business and Elicia has been fielding. Some sincerely share you with us yeah. We do I have some questions, but first we need to get to those poll results from that Facebook bowl that everybody got to vote in not just subscribers. So that's really cool. The question was: is the state of the union speech necessary? Are
sensors were absolutely please? No, it is the bedrock of society, and I wonder if the game is on, I'm not a sports person, but I thought after the Superbowl, all sports ended for like another year anyway. Here's our results, apparently, eighty three percent, of our daily wire fans. Think that absolutely the state of the union is necessary. Sorry benefits. So many people, I think so highly of we should we take that poll that accredits president yeah, that things will reverse immediately at either side. It was a good useful state of the union address. So I was the state of the union address, is a grand opportunity for the sitting president, it's an OPA unity. They can either take advantage of or or but it's useful for the president, which is why, if your parties in power you tend to like that yeah exactly especially for Trump, doesn't get any media love at all. He just goes over their heads with those fetrick. What's next Elesha
so, please know got nine percent. It is the bedrock of our society got three percent an. I wonder if the game is on got five percent there's holes on your screen. This comes from subscriber Jeremy. Let me say this: if that game still going yeah in the state of the union troops at ten, it was better yeah, I'm not a sports ball person, but I would strongly agree hi. This question comes from a subscriber name: Jeremy, not God, King Jr me but yeah. It's a scrubber Jeremy who says: do you think the Dems really believe half of the intersectional things they say or do you think that they? they're, just saying them to get votes Michael. What do you think But I do think that they actually do buy into the intersectional politics? I think it has been given to them through osmosis and training from kindergarten until college, and they really do believe this narrative that women are incredibly oppressed. I see it. Justin move the millennial generation, I think some conservative millennials have inkling that this is true and
I I don't think it's just cynical. I think I have a little learning is a dangerous thing, so they learn about some of the historical exclusions of blacks in the night. In 20th century after the freedom from slavery, Learn about some of those things and they don't learn, not the tradition. They don't learn about the rest of the tradition. They real. You do buy a boiler plate Marxism. They don't realize that there are other views of the world. You don't learn about other that political philosophies. You don't really learn about your own tradition, and so when you hey, hey Ho Ho western CIV has got to go so that really did sever a lot of education about our own history and now they're just left with this bland ideology. Could they defend why it exists? Probably not, but it doesn't matter Becaus. Unfortunately, for them there feeling strong, but the interesting point that you raise that even even conservative millennials. Even there is this streak of really left wing feminism among conservative women that I pick up on quite often, which I'm sure
sure. If I were paying more attention in other places, I would I would detect the same thing on other intersectional issues. What is that? So? I think that the there's basically two groups of people. I don't think either of these groups of people are the cynical manipulators who just figured I'm going to tell the virtues of intersectionality for political gain. I think that's very rare. I think there may be a few people who are like that. I think most of them actually believe the stuff that they were saying. All these credit, my opponents with sincerity do you think there is a large group of people who don't actually agree on ago level with the intersection of philosophy, but also are sick of getting clubbed club just you getting hit, and then you see it on college campuses a lot and it's feeling where, if you proclaim it, it's it's it's like a mouse show trial. If you proclaim your privilege we let you go. So if you, if you agree with the intersectional identity identity, politics, and then you proclaim that you are a privilege member of side and they leave you alone. So we can all agree that certain so just like most bad philosophy is intersectional. Philosophy starts on
couple of foundational principles that are actually correct and then proceeds to build an entire edifice of falsehood over those correct. Station, so foundation. Number one is that there's been hit. Or victimization minority groups in the United States, which of course is true and found, Number two is that if you are a member of it to victimize, minority groups sometimes are more victimized that a person is a member of one victimized minority groups, if you're a black woman. Maybe you are worse off than you, a black man in a similar situation or white woman in the same situation, maybe that's true, maybe not sometimes it's true. Sometimes it's not but at least there's a plausible argument for and then on top of that they build this idea that the entire hierarchy is corrupt, which is why the victimization itself has become so widespread and in DES get to our society and that the only way to fight back against hierarchies to maintain the group identity is that were originally wrongfully thrust upon you from above right. This is the argument that Stacey Abrams makes net foreign affairs piece. I argued earlier, I I mentioned earlier. Basically, what she says is that group identity was built by the white patriarchy, that there were black people and
some people and women. It was that there a bunch of white men who other bunch of various groups the I right, obviously there's a lot not in on the sexual shovel right on the racial side. That is obviously true, and then she says, well, if there's a policy that targets any of these groups- and they have to fight back while group in to overcome that. So if you are targeted as black folks and you fight back against a lot of the targets, black folks, you obvious I to organize a group of black folks. Now, that's about three slash four true, but you do have reach out beyond your media group in order to reach allies right. The civil rights movement didn't just stop at black folks, The civil rights movement was entirely dependent on reaching beyond black folks by invoking universal principles that should apply to everyone, which is why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day and I'm out the next day right, so that that's one of the the great white the biggest lie of all is the idea that now a policy that is disliked by Democrats is in fact an attack on a group and therefore you have to identify as groups in order to fight back against that policy, and that's where Stacey Abrams goes in, she says: well. You know, used to be that there were laws to prevent the black people from voting. So we
organize as black people, to fight back against the laws that prevent the black people from voting. Okay, I think everybody is basically fine with that agrees with that, and we also I agree that you have to invoke universal principles that brought your group. So it's not just black folks arguing for their. It's also everybody arguing for black folks right, but then she something different. Then she says one is a we've reduced the definition of racism down to legal racism that can be touched. Racism exists everywhere, it's music is all over the place and therefore, if you look at immigration policy, President Trump's immigration policy, there, you also see racism. She actually mentioned the antiabortion law, says the antiabortion law Targ minority women in particular, these minority women have most of the abortions and therefore have to mobilize as black women as a group, because we are targeting the same way. Black people were targeted by voting laws cracking down on blacks, that's fundamentally, anti abortion. Why is not directed at black women? It is that saving the lives of children so now or just justifying a group identity. I, on everyone else,
just the same way that white white people were a group identity attacking everyone else, so you could flip the inside script on his head on the basis of politics. What you're describing, though, is you're describing an this happens. All the time you describing an oppressed group adopting the values of the people who oppress them, which is panic if you think about it and what they should be saying is: yes, we have to gather together as blacks, because you have put us in this situation, but we reach out to all of you who do not put us in the situation and say we are human beings, not blacks, and that's where you have to be going. You have to be. You have to not only opposed the people who press you have to push the values of the people of pressure, because that's what they're pressing with and the That is what the intersection was miss, where we're not far off from Martin Luther King Junior, actually being a pariah because he is not in it. Well, they are. They already done this right and that's what they've done now is they say yeah my wasn't. He was great his great from the stuff. You don't know about right, he's not great, for the I have a dream speech is not great for the call for for unity and treating people as individuals beyond race is not good for any of the. Stuff, which is really good for, is that he
for economic justice during the garbage strike in Memphis right, that's he's really great, he's really great because understood that you need a socialist superstructure of economics in order to achieve a post, racial society. They go to all the stuff. That number does bourgeois white middle class values that are not simply build monuments with exactly the same thing they do with Thomas Jefferson now, which is oh, well What we really should focus on Jefferson is not the stuff that made him a hero. Focus on all the other stuff, because that's more indicative, he was as a person right and it's so they they decided to live deliberately read. Accounts are history to Howard's invocation of american history elation. Let's say here from another one of our daily work: subscribers all right. Matt wants to know what are some things that ordinary conservatives like him can do to influence the big power players in Washington DC without resorting to the radical tactics of the left enter. Well
I think that the two things that I I mean obviously there's all kinds of political action you can take, and I don't think you need me to describe the fact that you can call your congressman and and get in touch with the people who were in government trying opening. What's it like traveling would be a big one yeah, but but I do think I do think that too many people especially the young and the question I get all the time is. How can I convince people this? How can I state this? What they really mean is how can I do it without consequence, and you can't get to the requires courage and requires the paying the penalty of social? You know the social approbation yeah yeah that you have you have to do it. You have to say the words you have to behave in a certain way. You know it's no good to me. It is no good to oppose feminism, I'm very much in favor of women's rights, but I'm very much against the philosophy of feminism feminism. If you don't open the damn door for a lady, if you don't treat women as you feel, women should be treated if you are carrying the culture in you,
your hands. The way you behave is a communication of culture not just to your family, but the people around you and you have to be able to stand as I have stood and be yelled at by women for doing that things that you know are right and be yelled at by your professor and take a little bit of the less grade. Take a little bit of a smaller audience takes some economic issue. Got to be able to do it or they're going to win in the longer. This is the gospel reading this week was about how a profit doesn't have any honor in his own downtown. The real difference is, if a kid It gets into college or whatever and he's kept quiet, and he hasn't really said anything. That's great. The hometown. Kid makes good good for him. The minute that stands for something people are going to start taking. What's Adam, that's not something He feared I mean it's to be feared in that there will be consequences. That's what makes you a man that makes you an adult. That's what makes you have integrity that is there a guy dressed like that alot of integrity? Jeremy, if you don't stand for bow ties and fall for anything. It's also true that I think that since the company has gotten very large and because
with with added degrees of prominent is easy to talk about this sort of sack places that you have to make to stand for the right things were now in a time when people will deliberately take you out of context deliberately winder character deliberately try to destroy. So it's not just that you get to stand, and then people attack you for the things that you're willing to stand, and I it's that people will liberally attempt to destroy you for things that you've never said that you've never even thought, and it's it's it's a dangerous area. I mean you have to decide whether it's an area you want to go into it. I understand people who don't want to go into the right I mean so it makes it isn't anything else to say. I obviously agree on the same business, but it is true that have to consider the sacrifices level that provides is going to have to be made yeah, and that is that your life becomes to a certain extent, not your own. You know basically, wake up in fear every day that somebody is going. I mean like. I know this sounds: will self centered, but it's it's true. I mean were at the point now, where I wake up in fear that somebody is to deliberately take something that I've written. Ten years ago, once
sentence out of context and then will blow up before I have a chance to respond to it on Twitter. Here with you on this I mean I feel, I'm not going to be judged by the killers of babies, I'm not going to be judged by the people who won socialism, in this country- and they can take me out of context- lost millions of dollars, but I'm willing to do and that's and that's something that you're we could do something- I'm willing to do too, but it is something you have to just steal your source for all the time we have to read, and you have to do it on a routine basis, and you also have to make your self harder in a lot of ways that are unpleasant for a good person because he's a good person. You spend a lot of time thing. Think about all the things that you've done wrong. If you're a good person you try to spend when somebody criticizes you, your first the action is. Is that true? Maybe it's true yeah, of course, and there comes a point where you do have to turn into Andrew Breitbart, and it's just like screw it, but I think, for the average person may be there watching this show and there wondering how they can get involved in. My answer: isn't: startup multi million dollar media company, although
I got that yeah, do it, but but a better piece of advice. I think it isn't about what you should do it's about what you should not do if everyone would just stop when the victorian era moralizing lack of grace culture that the first novel written in America is the scarlet letter and we have really come. Circle now, where a person makes a mistake or doesn't make stick somewhere in their life at a minimum. They run spell of the prevailing virtue of society. And everyone jumps on the bandwagon to destroy this person- and I remember thinking this- I have a friend to his father, The pastor- and this is in the nineties. He had to get up on the stage at the church and confess in front of three hundred people that had been looking at porn. This is back when the internet was brand new, and so you know back then
wasn't just like you would like. Now you walk through seven hundred and eleven, you see a little six year old on their smartphone you're, like cool they're, probably playing a rodear. People had rolled up magazines hidden from their mom somebody. His mom had found his rolled up magazine and made such a federal case out of this, because really a lot of these problems started in the church, where masculinity just became the only send that the church cared about, boyhood became the only that's not to say looking at porn is good. It's just to say it the highest evil ever conceived by anyone, which is what it became. I think in the church really lost masculine. I don't think in the Dante scheme of it like it's. A very bottom is very magazine, the ad. So this kid had to get up. Nineteen years old, in front of three hundred people in his church and confess that he had looked at and uh I thought was what he she have said is I'm so sorry, obviously not a good thing. I'm embarrassed that my mom found this magazine. I shouldn't done and I'm just asking you know by show of hands,
who's been there and I actually, I think what would have happened is every man in the audience would have started to raise their hand and every wife would have done. No, no, no, you don't look at pornography and he would have been like and then the next thing, but instead all of them grown adult men sat there like cowards and let this guy take the take this hit, and we did the same thing when a teenage girl gets pregnant teenage girl gets pregnant and we, the Party of life, she shake our heads, humiliation, her her mother should be just We don't want our kids talking to her yet then the question I want to say it show hands how many people have sex before they were married. Then, once you guys, yeah not by your eggs, Saturday, definitions of what is and what to put on yeah. That was dodged, a bullet in their day, but we all live in this kind of common grace, where the truth,
is the majority of our bad behaviors. Don't call the worst possible this, but we all sit. We all participate in the prudish, stoning and shunning of every person who gets caught doing things that we ourselves towards refineries in themselves. Then we will go after them, so it is a law that we know and we're we're back. I would get up and he would be the confession anyway enough. It would be enough. People come up to me at four to watch in the first place. Yeah I do in the first place and its use. The scene is over and we see her face when she is again for about you know. I I of course not, of course not, but it is the same. I always say about race is: is there not not long about the other guy they're wrong about themselves? The other guy is as bad as they think that there were so there just as bad and the left is the same way and I think the right is picking it up now. Is this idea
Hardly seen a guy mean look, there guys were serial killers, not yeah there worse than Maine most of these people who are being attacked, things that are machined of who you who on earth has not and when you're shouting at somebody and when you're shouting them down you're, basically virtue signalling, you're, basically saying it's not made, it is an if we don't get that back. That idea of original scent that the guy sitting next to you is a center and the guy he's sitting next to also with center and if we all jump on the bandwagon of crucifying, the people who get caught up attending the fact that we didn't get caught. That's right makes us virtuous if live in a world where Liam Neeson confesses that he had a horrible thought, forty years ago, he confesses that, as a bad thing. They thought I thought yeah and everyone decides that the conclusion of that is that he should be destroyed. Let's say it's, it is a pagan version of sins. So the religious version of this in is that we all send it's part of human nature.
It's what we do? God built us that way and it's hard to try and overcome that, but we are inevitably going to fail and then, when we fail, then we seek God's grace and his mercy in in that's in and that's what we call redemption, which is the core story of every religious experience. That virtually anyone has ever had from young or to four hundred? This is just this. Is the common religious tradition. Pagan version of sin is you send, you will be punished, gnome I see it, doesn't matter what you do after work, there is no redemption. You can't undo us in it's already done. So what exactly are you going to do about it and this led to a bizarre, a situation where not only do we destroy people for sins of which they have repented or thoughts of which gabapentin we've made it in possible for you to even acknowledge this in because if we're going to destroy you for acknowledging this and you may as well double down to being shameless and being a jerk is actually an asset in the area of public life. If you don't care what anybody thinks and if you care that you send and if you're going to lie or to just say you didn't do it?
then you actually have an advantage in politics, because braising it out is significantly better than just acknowledging that you made a mistake and getting over it even weirder, and this just occurred to me. Did you you guys saw Cory Booker's disgusting, late today in the district, but I did not like was also humiliating for him. Yeah. Well, there's not really any point where he tried to ask now me around the Dc Circuit Court of Appeals nominee, whether she had ever had Lgbtq clerked, which informed I've ever been a judge before there was also a moment. I think extra change where he basically asked her. Do you leave that homosexual activity is a sin and she said why is it's relevant? I'm a judge. That's not my. Why are my personal religious viewpoints relevant to my interpretation of the law and he said yeah, but you it's a sin? Do you? things to send if two men get married, you think it's a sin and she kept saying this is not great question right. Does it like? We have a law in this country in the constitution, you cannot have a religious test for higher office. The US is absurd, but the reason that the Booker was doing. That is because he
that same piggin notion of sin, which means The pagan notion of sin is that if you commit a sin then you will inevitably can't be punished by the person who finds out about this in so he thinks then I only rows version of sin is the same as Cory Booker's version of cent. So he thinks that he thinks that Naomi rows version of center. She thinks that homosexual activity is ascent. Now, most traditionally religious people who read the Bible believe homosexual activity is a sin. That doesn't mean that we don't think a lot of things are sent or that you can repent if that's in or that you can sit and still be a human being and operate in the good graces of society or that the government should get involved right. There are all sorts Cory, Booker actually doesn't Cory. Booker doesn't think that Cory Booker things that if you send you go down and you pay the price and it's my job to make you go down and pay the price so Cory. Booker's version of sin is a christian Baker who won't serve a same sex wedding and that person must pay. That person must be made to pay by the government, and so he, I think the same thing about religious people. You think religious people want to actually target people who believe
religious people who believe that homosexual activities in once you go into the bedroom and somehow prosecute or persecute people who are gay, which is eminently untrue if the things happened on Twitter happened in physical. Life and you some mobs moving from place to place. Hunting all down, dragging them out of their house, beating them to death, which is essentially what they're doing you would notice that you would know the horror of it. You would understand the heart might not stop it from happening, but at least we would be able to see what it really it's winter, because it's a gathering place, but it's not a gathering place for the purpose like normally in from option form. They actually have to have a common purpose hidden but is legitimately a mob without a purpose right and mob mentality is really dangerous, so all it takes is one guy going over there and everybody just rushes over there that I still can't hear you really have a purpose, and it's like a well a bad thing happen. Let's get the my together. I got it bad enough. I got into a conversation on Twitter just last night about whether or not twitter is the real world where a pal of ours said. You know Better is the real world and people need to treat people on twitter like they're, real people
and everybody so yeah, that's beautiful. We all need to be better at each other, like no. I don't agree with this screen. You heard that record scratch? What do you mean? It's not the real world, and I said well, it is the real world because more than fifty percent of people on twitter right under pseudonyms Anonymity does not breed authenticity and the real world. Our relationships typically form around common circumstances, but on twitter they only form over a common reaction to content. Some straked yeah. We like the same thing. Therefore we are on the same side. We don't know each other, so we have no accountability to each other or to the people were going to attack, and so it all becomes the sort of purity right it all is this sort of, and it's always
that's why people are always taken aback when suddenly people are polite to each other on twitter yeah because they understand it's all performing of writers just perform if you're doing in public. Like today, I have an exchange of people to get because the the bears out yeah and run for president democratic side. So if we did something out about how there's an NBC news article that suggested in the title, basically that the that not shelf is about to collapse and inundate all the coastal cities in the world with feet of water- and I just point get that not in the headline and the sub headline did say based on your model- this might happen in fifty to a hundred years. So I pointed down left went crazy because am I suggesting we should Do anything about global warming. No I'm not I'm. Just saying like you might want to say in the headline that in fifty four one hundred years. This might be a problem according to a computer model that has not yet been proved to be accurate right. There is a hell of a lot here. If there's a headline that said nuclear weapons set to go off in downtown Manhattan and then in paragraphs Yes, seven one hundred years from now you to we may be able to something about exactly, and so he bought a gig. You know wrote back to me and his kind of mocking, and I said what he saw.
Something like well this is yeah. I've never seen such a you know, just consider the needs of the next generation. I said now to the national debt and he wrote back well you first and then I actually started conversation like ok, fine, well, let's restructure on our entitlements and it back and forth. If I let it wasn't, my just come in our Sunday special yeah, I saw that you know stop by we'll. Do an hour watch and to know that actually sounds great, but it kinda sucks. Well, that's right! right correct because you lose It is a great routine. I know we're not allowed to mention now. I love the guy, his dad to still the most talented, definitely at least number two, so it it's a Louis C K. Does this thirteen right talks about how we act when were in our car by ourselves. Yes, when right, where it, you know when you're driving and somebody cuts you off in traffic, you start mother nothing? I mean you start yelling going to die, go die you and he says. Would you ever do that in elevator and someone bumped, you never just turned me Seagal die and you never do that. We or in our cars alone on Twitter and that's
physical problems, everything physical presence, looking guy in the eye or even a phone presence. You like having one on one relationship with somebody: let's use a little bit of the time that we have left to talk to a few more subscribers. I often right that we don't get enough subscriber questions in on the show, since, as I've said many times they yes, and and it's not just because I'm a good capitals like philosophically I support the fact that they engage in. But that's not why I love them so much. I love them because that money Goes to me directly much closer. So for that reason which had answer more of their questions. Elesha, do you have a few forest? Absolutely Tom says gentleman and Michael I that politics is downstream of culture, but I'm seeing the distance between the two shrinking. Do you see as well or do I just watch the daily wire too much. I could hear the question out now that the question is you: have you often say politics is downstream of culture, but it seems to me that the the divided shrinking- and you do you say that
as as being true well it will, politics has become a real form of entertainment. This is not the first time this has happened in american society. This, certainly in the nineteenth century, there were a lot of huge pull, ical speeches- and it was a form of entertainment as well remains true. Reality reasserts itself that in a properly early aligned society, politics is downstream of culture. Culture is down. Dream of religion. It's etymologically related to cult when it culture worships defines that culture and in inverted societies in inverted views of the world. Like we see increasingly on the left that goes eggs exactly in the other direction, so Paula, this defines everything it defines. Your culture defines what you do your recreation and it defines what announce to your religious faith, which is why you see, especially during the Trump era, so many left wingers end, new friendships with right: wingers, not just on social media, but in real media in the real air in real life, Bih cause, you've via
I did that which is sacred to them, which is their politics. Well, I think that you know quick distinction. When is so, I think that in the nineteenth century sometimes and sometimes entertainment, took the form of politics today, politics, the form of entertainment, in other words, people had to be entertained by something, but it didn't fundamentally change the nature of politics, meaning that people would go and watch a two hour debate between Lincoln and Douglas, and today people watch a thirty second clip AOC owning somebody or meaning somebody for that matter, I mean that's. What people do politics is actually been shaped. The memory of the entertainment world so well. I do think that culture, politics is downstream from culture. Now we're seeing a merging of the two I mean President Trump is a reality. Tv star right and the next president will presumably be a new form of reality. Tv star, as Barack Obama was with all of that said that that's dangerous to me is that politics itself has taken the form of entertainment as opposed to the way it used to be, which was politics remained its own form. It is people were entertained by it. Now it's that we view
a Youtube clip of a cat falling off of off tile in the same way that we view a piece of political commentary. L is that we I saw this last ignore Rodman did a segment on MSNBC about his you can just which is quite good about intersectionality, and somebody cut a two minute clip in which it doesn't show him talking at all. It's just somebody responding to a claim that we don't know know I made about he doesn't understand intersectionality blah blah this thing that was retweeted by everyone on the left. This was no You might want to check the next thirty seconds when I respond to that. So you know, but it's like no Noah Rothman owned, because we, W W E. In the same way, we watch politics now, since the actual form of politics is changing, and I think there is any doctor or something to which speaks with German saying about perception. Is that because the the arts are such monopolized by the left, they basically
David, what can be in our entertainment as it is to absurd to me? They said the Overton window. Yeah, exactly is absurd to me that every single late night comedians anti trump everyone, not one- is going to come on and say: oh yeah, I, like Trump or Nancy Pelosi is also silly. You know in in the day when Charlton fast and the great Hollywood, conservative and Gregory Peck, the great Hollywood liberal, could be good friends and could both represent the kinds of american heroes that with all respect- and that was it different day, not release, I mean Jay Leno, you didn't really know his politics, we sort of figured. Maybe he was a model Republican, maybe Johnny Carson. Who is a Democrat, a lifelong democrat, no idea. What is politics were negative. Stefan Cole Bear basically fellating now Tupelo. Since I mean it, was embarrassingly Christians, nursing about politics. Ladies you'll have some some hack Democrat on and treat her like she's. Also just bad, it's bad, it's not funny and stuff. I mean it's like the new definition of buddy is just sucking right. I would rather help just trash because actual comedy is immoral
into the new world? Of course? That's true. That's true, Cortana, coming out of the question you want to let's do one more one more question. We do have more questions and your statement just that in front of my mom always said behind every joke, there's a hint of truth and, as we know, people on the left, just don't like the truth, so they won't laugh at it. Donald says: hey guys with Corey Bookers prejudice questions to judge candidate row. Why does it Mcconnell remove him from the Judiciary Committee well, I mean the you know. I I think that the the restrictions are moving. People from the Judiciary Committee are pretty strict, it it's difficult to just center. Somebody also,
So, if I'm a Republican, I want Cory Booker's in that kind of stuff, like I won't Cory, Booker out there every single day being the do. Fifty is here's, what is which is weird fingers in googly eyes doing his spot. I am Spartacus routine. Well. What I love about Cory, Booker, the most honestly is it's like you guys have any watch is where you actually the face, isn't on the watch. You can see the gears turning under Watch Cory. Booker is that you can see every political calculation happening in real time is like if I turn this little guy right here. It turns the big and the big here is where I'm popular. So he does this with everything. Everything has to be rehearsed, one thousand times like and it's over the top. Is the scenery like no one I've ever sat, I mean the guy is John I mean he's a Nicolas cage of power. He did this routine. Today, TED Cruz responded to him after he did this religious back on route and cruise, increase exactly exactly what is it TED said? Well, you know this is what's that we just did and of course you know center. If you- and I are friends,
since we're friends, you know that I would die to protect. Else's religious freedom, and I just thought myself I mean so slow wind up for the middle finger. My friend, because you have got to be kidding me, like you legitimately, just said that this woman should not able to sit on a federal court, because you disagree with her private religious views and then you're saying you would die for her religious freedom, I'm going with I don't believe you so getting Cory, Booker out, no more Booker lots of quite different Cory, Booker the nominee more Cory Booker. So sure and all of our daily where's subscribers. Thank you guys for the questions for making it possible for us to do what we do. I have one last question: hey hey hey before you get to this we've made for like two and a half three hours right now. Is this man's birthday yeah, not a big birthday, it's not forty one, but it is
you're forty and that's a big deal to another year closer to death. I think we have to celebrate that in some way we may be out just a rendition of happy birthday. You guys give me a blue check. Mark finally got blue check work and we can we sing around it. Absolutely absolutely birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear God, King Happy birthday to you. They want it done that for Trump.
Right. You all get to eat this now, knowing that some of my spittal is perfect, it is the weirdest tradition. Isn't it we all said that in 23Andme can find out whether more native american than those? But I don't need twenty three and me to answer you remember let you cut it well, thank you I'll. Let you cut it well, we cut the show, and I will, as I prepare everyone and I slice of this beautiful birthday cake, which is appropriately has the lowercase case. T lowercase K will ask my final question, which is: did tonight help the President yeah. It definitely helped them. I mean question is how much and how much the question is play there is left in the joints. That's always the question for Trump Is there really any upside left for him? If there's outside for a for him, that's available, then he got it tonight. All right. Now the question? The other question is: how long will it maintain? Because how many times have we seen the this
this is the moment that Trump became president and then two minutes later he's kicking himself in the ass and walking around with an accordion like we just don't know now that images in my head. Thank you. I don't think this. I don't think this move the ball. I think it helped is again it put him in a position where he is. He is now in charge of the conversation again tweet some stupid thing, and I think I don't think it moved. It is going to force anybody to move off the dime on the immigration thing, but I do think you know he always is always a chance with Trump that people will take. The look. The american public want a good president. They want him to do a good job. They want him to be presidential. If he can, reconstruct himself a little bit, which I just seriously doubt
you know he he he put himself in a position to do that. I just I don't believe that there's a reason incumbents tends to get reelected and yes that reason yeah we do. We are rooting for the guy. I think tonight was basically a whim. I think yeah. It was a whenever speech, doesn't move the needle out and we'll see if the government shuts down again in a few weeks, we'll we'll just that it is hard to say, but it least wasn't a loss. He didn't hurt himself tonight More, can you ask, I think, there's one other aspect up into that we haven't talked about, and that is he really did expertly play the freshman women, oh yeah, he did it was well done crafted I I didn't really stupid enough to fall for that went right for it. I mean it's amazing, his like so and and one more thing that you're going to love yeah you're here and there don't sit down. This is a set of confetti, cannons, well interesting or correct, yeah in the news today and all the ladies of the beautiful ladies in the audience, you're sick.
All the women here who look under forty not a day over forty into much eight year old little didn't keep falling for that to be human race. What went wrong looks magnanimous. It really works. He wants the audience, doesn't like his comedy routines and it really worked out all of throwaway lines, never best moment every time he does and he's great yeah. That's a bit like the thing where he said they. Wouldn't they wouldn't you know they have it, but they they would sing that to that. You know that little girl with cancer- they wouldn't they wouldn't hear for me that way like that. It's like all of that great yeah. Well, that's great, and I also think that he did a pretty x but I don't know if it was on purpose or if favor just broke in his direction, which is bye, bye frame. Being so many of us arguments the way that he did. He got really show what Nancy Pelosi will stand for and Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez, won't in several places he drew out that distinction, which is
the site, it's simply as a really important Paul yeah. This is a little more the so that's for the stadium is always with the opposition will not stand because you're not spending for black on import over black employment. Who are you? What do you do when you represent, and he did show me that your heart, the definition of a wedge issue right, you will put away data, tries any heat if you nailed it, I will say I don't want anything that he did it was. It was clever. Is that the just all the red meat that we wanted, but you had a bunch of policy prescriptions that I don't particularly like it. He just dump them in there and we sort of glossed over that. But if people were listening- and you happen to be kind of slightly left of center- and you like Gov,
I'm in spending on infrastructure, an you like terra file and you like family paid leave and all this kind of stuff, like guided by the government like actual leaders of drug rings, getting released from prison? I mean, like all that stuff forgot about that was a low moment only that they could go to China. Guys I mean that's, not read me material for the right wing and he got he can get away with that. So this is why a lot of folks said if he had started off his presidency by making a couple of moves across the aisle, he would have little better off. I still think that Democrats were never going there would there would like could. Nevertheless, he wakes up tomorrow in a slightly better position. Then he started off today, ok and then tell the report comes out in two weeks, so see you, then for the backstage tunein for backstage two weeks from now on the whole report brush and then every two weeks from now. I guarantee you when it drops we're going to be doing when it is alright. Well, thanks again to our daily wire subscribers, and everyone is stuck it out this, for you actually may get through the state of the union, which is basically that your 40th
data will see you guys next time.
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