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Daily Wire Backstage: Summer Is Here But Harambe Is Not

2019-05-29 | 🔗
On this, the three-year anniversary of Harambe's tragic end, it's time to once again power through the grief, tighten our boot-straps, and ponder the ways in which we shall keep this republic steaming ahead. Is it possible to thwart the Left's mainstreaming of socialism? Will the Dems ever cease pushing the lies of collusion, obstruction, and cover-up? Will Trump be able to fix the crisis on the border? Can Biden pull off a 2020 win? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, and special guest Texas senator Ted Cruz, as they get to the bottom of these questions and more.
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Hey folks, here about to listen to our latest episode of daily wire backstage, it's me and Andrew Klavan and Michael Moles, whose terrable an God king Jeremy, boring we're going to talk about all the things you want to know we're going to answer your questions from daily wire subscribers. I think you're going to love. It enjoy fake, laugh in three two. Backstage summer is here, but it is not special edition maybe God, King boring, Lowercase G, Lowercase, K in case the world guys, listen tonight, we're going to talk through politics game Thrones Memorial. That literally guys we have nothing to talk about this happen. To me, as always, tonight are been the Nazi leader Shapiro for that Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, the lovely Elisha Krauss is going to tell you how to get your questions answered for the evening. Elicia, hey guys thanks so much for being there. I guess the Zodiac Killer move
me out of my seat back in the price for everyone watching at home? This is a very special episode of backstage in case you didn't see him there with Senator TED Cruz. We're excited to have him here, even though you know being an Okie. I just have to say Boomer real quick, so So if you want to ask him or any of the guys, some questions tonight be be sure to head on over the dailywire dot com and type all of your questions into the chat box on the live stream at dailywire, dot com and remember only subscribers get to ask the questions. So if you are not a subscriber, my main question be why why the heck? Not you, can become one tonight and get your questions in for all of the guys here on backstage and be sure to head over to Facebook, because we have a special. You know very summary, kick off for summer. Really, why are pull over on the daily wire page? The question is: what's the best part of summer? Is it a less work? Be less rain, see the climate change or d the movies.
Well thank you, Alicia and thank you for stealing my Zodiac killer Joe. We are the welcoming very special guest on the show tonight, the beautiful beautiful TED Cruz. Well, thank you, Jeremy. I will say I saw on twitter today. You talked about her and be, and then I guess it's the anniversary of us, killing someone tweeted on this anniversary. How is it that TED Cruz's is still on the loose I almost retweeted right after the election, I actually created a meme called justice for Jack. This very somber portrait. If Jack Kennedy and I started trying to get traction behind it. I wanted the president open an inquiry, but is so far you get nowhere in this
there's a reason I suppressed the Warren Commission findings so guys legitimately nothing has happened since June game of thrones and we what we should again with us. I actually have one thing that I want to talk about, and that's this Amazing story put out by Buzzfeed that suggests that our own Ben Shapiro is a gateway drug to not Baganda happen for me I mean what can you say: they've discovered that if areas Jews working there due magic again so to get this straight, I'm an orthodox Jew who gateways people to the Nazis is that they attacks synagogues limit for it's got man, I'm good, you guys are really sneaky. You choose. It is amazing that after literally three there during a kind of anti Semitism, but I legitimately now
I did not know existed in our country and certainly didn't know existed on the right in our country, although certainly not among conservatives but among right, wingers, but now defined that the less great attack on us is that we are the anti Semites right, it's it's weird to be honest with you, I didn't see that one coming the twist was like zero dollars and sixty cents right there, but yeah. It's been kind of bizarre, considering that three weeks ago I had to file a police report and the FBI arrested, somebody who is a white supremacist for threatening my family and targeting my home yeah. I believe you put out a tweet that said it's time to start bombing synagogue, yeah, that that guy was that has real, solid yeah. In two thousand and sixteen I was amused to see that the Washington Post ran with that piece today about Indiana schmuck piece of garbage who is Swot a synagogue and then they ran the piece that I guess his lawyer contended that the skies wife
once ready column of mine basically, and that this was a gateway to Breitbart NEWS, which is a gateway to storm from which the big jump right there. Quite a do, you really got to jump and that they will. Washington Post ran with that and didn't you write a story for the Washington Post like a year ago. I did In fact, I did write a story in twenty. Sixteen that was specifically about why the alt right is evil for the Washington Post ran. Yet today the Washington Post ran a story about Hyman Gateway to the. Right. So it's kind of weird that sounds very convenient. There been you write code and then 4d chess later yeah, I'm starting I'm starting to This may not all be in good faith. It's starting to occur to me. You know right around the time. Media matters starts. You know, watching every episode of everything I do and then clipping out one minute. Thirty. Second, the second segments out of context to target Maine
This does explain why you let baby has the run free. This I mean it's been it's been quite a year for Michael well, I mean yeah. I actually want to talk, but a I mean. Look. What what this really isn't. All consumers are not use. All conservatives are outside the Overton Window. I mean I'm. How does mainstream conservatives is possible to be? there is a long history. I talked about this on the radio show today, but this goes. All the way back to when they tried to blame Russia for the Oklahoma City bombing back in the 90s. It goes yeah that actually does go back to the assassination of Kennedy when the left tried to maintain that It wasn't communists that that was really about evil right Frederick on race that led to the assassination of Jack Kennedy, really interesting watching this EU election with all these right wing nationalist coming in and everybody complain Angela Merkel complaining out there and semitism when you can't walk around with a yarmulke internally. Well, I'm sure her so there's this study. Did you see the study that she was siting at all the all? These said there are Times Editorial Board cited today in which they suggested that eighty nine percent of Anti Semitic, it's
tax in Germany were the fault of right. Wingers. Now listen and you know our garbage people and they all burn in Hell. Obviously I mean I'm sorry, that's my own yeah, exactly the worst people, but that that's the test that you sure nonsense. They, the if you did its own study last year and what they found was among urban when they reported where or the actual anti Semitism was coming from. They reported that forty one percent of all anti semitic incidents were coming from Muslims in Germany and twenty percent were coming the right wing. So how do you get to? Eighty nine percent in that german and the answer is you ignore all the ones that don't fit your particular study, I mean I have lots of friends who are the Jews? use you wouldn't over in Europe, and I can tell you they are obviously concerned about the NEO Nazis? But there is not. It is not close. I mean when it comes to who are you truly concerned about? Who is a threat to your safety? Why are there you got it every show. I can not every single show in France, everything social and day school in Germany, every single one. Why
she's moving out of Malmo Sweden and moving to Israel, but at five thousand Jews alone last year moved from France to Israel. That is not because of the rap. Right wing in France. That is happening because of the mass migration of Muslims from the Middle EAST, and that is not indicate that every Muslim is an anti semite or anything like that. It is to say that we have unvetted immigration from places by which polls show that there is high levels of Anti Semitism. You should surprise when those people bring their antisemitism with them. Is it speak to the real dislike? The left seems to have fostering themselves the w that this, this group of people, these radical Muslims, who do believe in feminism, don't believe in homosexuality, don't like the Jews or absolutely the things, support them and protect them, I mean the only thing that they have going for them from the less point of view, is that they ate That's the kind of positive as the Democratic Party's defensive element or right I mean Ilmar is she's, not a terror.
Just obviously she I'm not going to call her a radical muslim because I don't know her religious beliefs. I will say that she is wildly anti semitic and the democratic party- obviously making making room her making room for a a shoot to leave and they're doing that. For a reason I mean it's, it's really it's amazing I mean Michael Lauren- is the former foreign Minister for Israel. He tweeted out in the aftermath that a stone, New York Times editorial today in which they blamed, it was amazing. It blamed the uptick in Anti Semitism in Europe and in Germany they blamed that uptick on Benjamin Netanyahu. Really, I'm not joking. They blamed the Prime minister has the perfect cartoon to run with that. They've already got it yeah exactly and so Michael Lawrence weeded out like so you guys are missing. The irony of you guys are the actual antisemites, and yet it is Ben meeting with the Prime minister of the only Jewish stayed on planet earth is causing the it's pretty convenient when the only people who, because the Anti Semitism are orthodox Jews. Like me, Israel, Netanyahu, wearing a pretty short skirt. There been another thing that you and Prime Minister Netanyahu were asking for it.
That's right, yeah, that's exactly right! Well now I am interested though there is. There is a rise, at least from my perspective, a rise in Anti Semitism that I've talked about before how I grew up in in the greatest time, apparently to grow up in the history of ever. Which was the 80s and the 90s and in the 80s and the 90s? I believe that this country had basically whip yes or no Did you ever wear parachute pants, I cannot tell him just I had a pair of parachute pants and I had a lot of neon so much neon and slap bracelets. It was not so not everything, but I do think in the 80s and 90s in this country. We basically had racism whip.
Yeah. Well, I I guess are on the run. No question I didn't grow up in a racist country grew up in a rural town in Texas, where, nevertheless, the most famous sports player in the country was Michael Jordan. The most famous guy on TV was bill, Cosby, most famous person in music with Michael Jackson. It it didn't exist if anything, it's worse now, much worse than it and that's it trio. Hadn't turned out to go Michael Jordan is still okay, good job. I agree. I was the greatest of all time: Jordan, Lebron I'll, take I'll, take Jordan, the hands down Jordan. I mean he has no one else on his team and he doesn't get his coaches fired is often well and he actually made the play tough thing to say it. No reaction here, the rest yeah, the judge, your number Lebron. What I mean this is the man was beaten, Jimmy Kimmel in basketball. Jordan has six right and if the
end of the day, the greatest of all time, you've got to make it to the finals and you've got to win at the end of every game, everyone knew. Jordan was going to get the ball, everyone who is going to be double or triple teamed, and everyone really is going to make find Lebron gets five or six rings. You can have that conversation, but he's not there yet, but there's one other aspect to it, which is the cultural aspect, which is Jordan, defined that sport for a generation in a way that I just don't think Lebron James Lakeland. Now Lebron is freakishly talented I mean the guy is. I strong and fast and amazing. I suspect, ticket out, shoot you. If you guys with his toes. So I want to get back to this issue of the rise in Anti Semitism, but first as someone I said defend himself at least faces the specter of having nothing themselves right. Bravo, company manufacturing your go to yeah they're fantastic, not only are the fantastic John Wick, I see guns lots more. Bravo, company manufacturing comes in.
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creating their product is pretty, does it? How does it cook bacon, but by the way in that video? I over cook the bacon. I had three mags and really two is plenty just going to care. Bravo: company with Jeremy, you were saying you grew up in a non racist, I'm up in a non racist country, country and I didn't listen. I didn't know any choose my vice principle of my high school, the fella named Bill Jolly and he was jewish and he had a jet black big bushy mustache on one half and snow white mustache on the other, some genetic condition, but he was my only real exposure to to Judaism and I went to synagogue within one time. It is a great guy and invested time in my youth, but I never met you, but I certainly also never encountered any animus toward toward the Jews,
and I even had an art. I've distinctly remember an argument I had with you in twenty fifteen and what you were trying to convince me that Anti Semitism is real and I would say one Gore and I was Ok, of course it has been real, but it is not real in our current experience and you say no you're you're missing something, there's something that bubbles under the surface I gotta say I'm Andrew side now, there's a first having twenty four slash. Seven security made that happen for me, but something even if you're right and I'm willing to grant that this was always bubbling under the surface. It's not under the surface. At the moment, what is it about our current political climate that on both left and right at the at the far extremes, what I call the asshole edge? the left in the asshole of the right, there's sort of joined by this, this Anti Semitism. I gotta tell you, though, there aren't mainstream, really republican congressmen and senators who are endorsing the sort of anti semitic ideas that we see. In the Democrat, I will,
the labor with that of cells yeah, I mean I've analyzed it. This way will when it comes to the threat of anti Semitism the threat of anti set, so that if, if somebody's gonna come to your house and shoot you there's a good shot, the person comes your house and shoots. You is going to be a white supremacist yeah, because that's just by numbers so I live in a big way country that is true in Europe. If you're free time gonna come to your house and shoot you is going to be a radical muslim by numbers. That is who it is if you are afraid of governmental policies that make room for all of the worst people in the world is going to be people on the left. The carbon in Britain yeah, that is the Democratic Party in the United States and there's also been an important change. This is not he's the clan they both been around a long time, but not season. The clan are ignorant, bigoted more Jen, and anybody with with a shred of sense gets that I mean cheese, would literally the bad guys and raiders the lost Ark whose face
is melting. They're, the archetype, a bad guy. Nazi Klan guys can compete with it. They can fight for who's rose in a worst service, so that even Hollywood will make films about how bad that exactly. But the difference and the really discouraging thing in dangerous thing is the rise of the antisemitic left. And the paralysis of of so called mainstream Democrats to denounce them that the that the inability I'm I'm you know you have this freshman trio in the house who, who make any, submit a comment after anti semitic comments and the leadership excuse, is it well? She just doesn't know what she say: how about give a little bit go credit when you say it's all about the benjamins, It's not like we're in the movie ghostbusters, and suddenly she was animated by a spirit that made her type, that no, she was expressing a sentiment and anti semitic. Tropes that is only been around a couple of thousand years and we saw actually house democratic leadership. Try to come together on a
simple resolution condemning anti Semitism and the Democratic Party broken half? That is dangerous? what, when you have one of the two major parties so to terrified of its base, but on willing to stand up and speak out against what is it and they're playing it has nine is an anti Semitism too, and that's that's big moves right. So talk. Can you talk about that in just one of the now that everyone, because I stood up for you against some crazy white, now, you can enjoy and now they've all decided. I'm at that I'm jewish opened the party's house, the only I always thought I thought I'd get a gift basket from the women. I only got was this lousy t shirt, but one of the things that people say to me often is you guys call any criticism of Israel Anti Semitism right? Where is the distinction? What is anti Semitism? What is not so the state I'll give the state department definition of an Semitism this stuff, which I think is fairly accurate, so criticizing policy of Israel is not antisemetic. I criticize policy of Israel. Everyone in this room, I'm sure, is criticized policy of Israel again. Do it from the left. You can do it from the right there's plenty of
all season is really can criticize. If you say that the state of Israel does not have a right to exist. That's anti semitism! If you say that the Jews are there, only people on planet earth. We cannot have a state, that's anti semitism! If you see just that you're going to hold the state of Israel to standard you would hold no other country, that's anti Semitism. So if you're calling for boycotting Israel, but you would never call for a boycott, see see all had I'm are you never call for a boycott on a run rate? That you're is that you'll have a Mars saying that we shouldn't what happened as well, but we should definitely boycott Israel. That's anti Semitism, because now you're out basically applying a standard that only applies to the Jews that you wouldn't apply to. Ten what else? In the reason for this Jonathan sacks the route of the former chief rabbi, this of Great Britain, actually really interesting, video on this train Explain why, when Anti Semitism is Anti Zionism and vice versa. So, first of all not every anti and not every criticism of Israel makes you an antisemite, but there is not yet an antisemite have been born, who doesn't spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing Israel that just doesn't exist so
the other. Although there are some who say well, listen. I support the state of Israel All the Jews should go there and not get us to fight their wars right and then they they don't need. Any of that. I also hate it right I am by, but the like, I I've yet to meet any of the MIKE, and yet I'm I'm all for Jews defending themselves in Israel. That's not that's not right, but it's, but what you see is in history, the yes, I might have traditionally targeted the largest collective Jews, so that could have been a cultural, collective do in in Europe in the 20th and 19th centuries it was user to culture powerful. So we will target quote unquote jewish culture, but or that it was Jews, a religion so will target their synagogues, will target jewish religion. Now the current largest collection of Jews is in Israel, so Israel becomes the focal point of the hatred. And again criticizing. Israel is one thing but you're seeing the left embraces. This argument that if you catch your anti Semitism and Anti Israel terms that it's ok so most obvious exam I was in Germany a couple of years ago. There was a synagogue that was burned down and the two guys
who burned down sandbags, radical Muslims. They claim that they do and incentives because they were anti Israel and the court found with them. The court found, They had burned the synagogues because they were anti zionist, not because they were anti semitic. So again that inflation is. Is pretty ugly. I don't want the whole episode become about. No, no more questions you can choose to anti semitic. Sure of course, yeah I mean this is so what is so? What one of the things that that I think people need to pay attention to? is it was funny. I said: listen, I'm an orthodox Jew by definition, not in anti semite and people are like. Well, isn't that identity? Politics! No, because there's word Ortho before you right, ok, meaning that I am a Jew who believes in the principles of Judaism, which means that I care about Judaism. I care about Jews like it long time. Ski is a is a Jew right, genetically his a Jew, the ethnically his you does he care about Israel? No. Does he hate Israel? Absolutely there, a bunch of people who are like that being an ethnic Jew has no. I don't care about that at all. I care more about your principles and values they hold. So the fact that I stand
where I stand for is the reason I'm not antisemetic, not because I was born to a jewish mother or something well. One of the loudest megaphones for antisemitic sentiments has been the New York Times. And just recently I mean I made a joke earlier about their cartoon, but they were forced to actually apologize zinc for running a a boldly anti semitic cartoon, but but we want a little bit further go back, go back to two a year ago, when, when America opened our embassy in Jerusalem, I was their interest. Let that The next day, the New York Times ran a front page story are they headline of which is I'm paraphrasing, remember exactly, but it was essentially israeli military shoots are not palestinian, but they omitted from the article. I read this article on the Senate floor excerpts from it is that these these innocent Palestinians who were shot were Hamas rest, which Hamas admitted on its own website. The these were terrorists who were flying kites with swastikas on and they were, hi. It's with gasoline bombs
over the wall in Gaza to to to bomb if it and and the narrative that the New York Times Tell tells us for some mysterious reason. These israeli soldiers shot these peaceful protesters. I'm sorry terrorists seeking to murder, you are not, will grow in one in one or more made her comments that New York Times ran the headline that she had re open, the conversation about whether Israel was too powerful. That's not the conversation. She's reopen cover recover, comma she's, not made elmers perfect example, which is yet to Macon jewel criticism of Israel, every Christmas that she has made is not about Israel right. She says, That is not not israeli policy anyway. She is that Israel basically buys power in the United States. She suggests that Jew that anybody who supports is drill has dual loyalty, not nothing. She says a criticism of anything that Israel actually does. It's a credit
is right like if you replace Israel with Jews in the sentence would make it mean exactly the nearest thing to a direct criticism of Israel she made was Israel has hypnotized the world. We pray that Allah awaken people to the evils of, Israel. That is not the sort of language you use. When you criticize trade policy, in Germany that is not a language we would apply to any other state. Can I can I just brought in the conversation just a little bit, though I think there is what we saw on this EU election. There is a struggle between people between nationalist people who believe in countries believe that their country is good, would like to keep that and global. It's, let's call them globalists and the old cliche about the Jews with they were cosmopolitan. A bad sense of that word, meaning they didn't have national loyalties. Are they had double loyalties? They wanted a global world run on finance because they were good at that
They had traditionally moved from place to place which made them go to trade and all these things and we're actually living in a moment when some of those old tropes are on the table, but they're actually not connected to James, I mean the Jews, you know as they were in Germany, and they are here with the most patriotic and loyal of Americans. We could possibly ask for, and so when people are saying are putting forward nationalism there? not necessarily putting forward Anti Semitism. There was, a an article attacking or Bonan hungry, as an anti I might make really couldn't come up with an example of anything truly anti semitic he had done. Where is the examples of the pro jewish stuff he is done? Are all of the place is given a lot of money to to choose and choose hungry, say they're safer than anywhere else in the leading, modern, philosopher and proponent of nationalism. Is an israeli philosopher your husband, who wrote a book called the virtues of nationalism. That seems to always be left get out of the mainstream media coverage over
resurgent nationalism versus globalism? Does the for those of us? You know who can at least historically remember you know the the forties. I can't live without my yeah memory, but I can, if there isn't a disco. I have no business with people was a national socialist move and it wasn't really a socialist movement, no matter what right wingers like this, I know actually redefine socialism in my comp, for that it is on standard hello. This is an anti marxist than men and he killed. He was he right wing by european standards and left wing by yes, any killed the socialist wing of the party right, that's what everybody else, but, but no I I mean. I think there is this discomfort because of that history, but really I I believe that anti is detached from the issues of the day. I believe it is a disease in the human mind and in the western mind, maybe specifically it comes up. Basically, whenever people get off track, whenever people lose
use. The the the narrative of freedom and independence and decency that the West representing is the right way, because what what what what seems to me to happen is is just that Anti Semitism is such a shapeshifter, because it really is just trying conspiracy theory. So people rely on conspiracy theories when they're unhappy when they feel like their life, is not in their own control and so for a variety of reasons. A lot of people are feeling that right now, and so they are, Immediate, a lot of those people are immediately going to ok. Well, there is a grand conspiracy and the Jews are behind it. So, from the perspective of the far right did you are the globalists in there. The George Soros is in the Tom's tires. Bernie Sanders is and then from the and then from the left. The Jews are the ultra Nationalists, with the israeli uniforms on and then in the muslim world. The Jews are the people who are keeping everybody down with their evil, little state, it it's amazing how the Jews shapeshift. That way, I really only do have I mean that, because of the box yeah by Jews, they do have this. Amanda Psychological and ethical and spiritual influence on the formation of
the w you hate the west and it's there may and I think, there's an actual spiritual click on it to that. We've talked about this before, but it's interesting to me that you never meet someone with mental illness. Standing on a street corner saying I'm so happy everything is going so well. You also never meet someone standing on the street corner, saying the Jews. Are fabulous all the great science. I don't. We can't talk about something other than it is it is. It seems like we ought to, but but first policy genius I've been working on myself and I feel, like policy is going to get my best work at smaller few professional broadcaster. This conversation makes you want to die. You also want to make sure that your family is taking care of in case you do plots if you're literally sitting at your computer right now, just watching this thing and get game of thrones, Recap and you're afraid you're going to kill over well now
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better sell that check out house. Yes, is there something without, but on the flattery, something this bothering me as I'm sitting here without any flattery, I think we can all say that the people in this room a great respect as a senator Cruz. We all I can We all supported by may have to present within except half of us. Do commercial use has descended to hanging out with us as our country's group. That I'm cuban irish and Italian, like you had to do, was off me again. That makes me feel a little better right. While we have you here, you actually come up on the show quite often, and the reason is because I always on the show point out that Ben has many many many friends in the United I said it and I have I know one guy call you friend on the air, but would actually feel your rating. Thank you you're. The only person that that
I know who has been through the gauntlet of running for national office of running to be president of the United States. Can you walk with like I have, today, but I'm going to make a comment first, because I was sitting here and listening to the product plug which is very cool, and I was thinking about in the world of politics. We don't get to do that, and can you imagine the democratic debates with product just think about it, just think about Bernie Sanders and let me stop and embrace Bolshevik special cameo from AOC. Let me stop endorsed, not Amazon. Get the hell out of this is a hole in territory that you guys are you two employees? Not Amazon is my favorite job
yeah, that's a convenient time there that'll. Never. Actually, I feel a little bad for Biden because they are so good at hair transplant surgery. Now, thank you
just hide. I hope it's over soon. Hopefully catch up with it yeah I think that's the smartest thing he could possibly be doing. What else can you do well also because, like the clown car over there just going the crap out of each other and he sitting over here, just ignoring them? I'm not sure I agree with you, so it almost never works to hold your fire in politics. Correct me, if I'm wrong and she was out pushing back for second on on on them beating each other up. I think there's a possibility that the anti democratic debate you're gonna, be the most boring things on her because they don't because they're not attacking each other, their unified. By one thing they hate Donald Trump and the debates are liable to be one person saying I hate Donald Trump in the next person who really really hate Donald Trump and it's just aft awhile look I mean you know. You talked about the twenty six main campaign. Listen on the republican side. We had our fireworks, I mean when we tell you, I was standing on the debate stage next to Chris Christie in New Hampshire when he unloaded on marco-
and I gotta say that was a moment on that stage where all the rest of us I was just like. Let me read back here and read my paper. You go on ahead and it's not often that your witness to an actual political murder suicide making plays on it. I don't know that will see that on the democratic side I'd ask, although, although I I don't think that come here, some Cory Booker then be able to hold their fire too much longer. I think that that they understand the Biden has sixty percent or what what is it for? ten percent of all black voters. Right now are supporting Biden, so I come out and wants to win the nomination. She's gonna have to open fire on him here. It's at some point. I wouldn't be surprised to judge open on Biden pretty soon on the gay marriage stuff because he voted for Obama. Biden did but if you're buying honestly the worst thing you can do here, just probably legal in the country today, because Joe bye, I mean it's going to be hard the first one who came out and said, write the cascade cascade happens. What I mean yeah,
key and of course, multicore problem. Do is just let them all whine about him and then just sit out and do nothing is the more he talks more gassy mags and if he just hides all the others are took desperate for attention. Yeah. I just don't see them touching him really like unless the media it. Please don't talk about touching Joe Biden. Alright, I'm going to make a confession right here. I think I'm probably the only person in this room Who has been on the receiving end of a Joe Biden back Oh wow, you do very nice pairs and then so. This was that twenty third yeah, so that twenty thirteen I'm newly elected to the Senate and the Democrats are making a big push for gun, control and and they're going all in on gun control and I'm a brand new freshman trying to fight to defend the second amendment. We beat them all back and defeated those efforts But if you remember one of the provisions, there was the mansion to me provision that
was expanded, but I will not as if I know what you're doing, but it was. It was extinct spanning background checks to remember the special transactions between private individuals to it would have extended that if a grand father gives his grandson shotgun for Christmas, that the grand Father has to go and run a background check, and so a number of us because that would fit, and- and I was on the Senate floor and I went to Joe Manchin, who is a really everyone likes Joe is a really nice guy, and I don't I would what went over to jail and on the democratic side of the Florida said Joe. I just wanted to say thank you for how you conducted this debate because you mentioned didn't get personally didn't get nasty argued for the policy. I disagree with policy, but it, but he did it not an honorable principled way. Yeah. So Biden was there as vice president, because he was prepared to gavel in this historic gun, control provisions and ended up getting beaten badly, and I, like the story by
they came around to the Senate floor. I'm talking to Joe on the democratic side and Biden comes by he, put both hands on my shoulders and again is rubbing my shoulders and kind of rocking back and forth and I'm kind of like what like at it turns imagine. He says you know, there's nothing worse, that uh smart republican I'm not usually at a loss for words. I love that I had nothing to say it was really hoping someone would distract the vice president. Then you accidentally voted for the bill. Alright, I give in piercing eyes just got lost other actually. Dividens credit Biden is a charming and funny guy. That's why
policies are terrible, but but he so everybody likes yeah. So that's an interesting thing, you're running for is it in and you're running against. Guys are your colleagues guys who who I assume you're friendly with at least on some level, you have a and I'm sure it's the same when you run against. You know when you're running a certain Democrats, but but probably more pronounced, now running as Republicans and you have to feed each other, you have to highlight each other's weaknesses, yet the highlight each other's flaws. How have you survived that on a personal level? How do you recover those relationships I mean from from all outside for? What's possible, pressed up there from the outside? You have a very good working relationship with the president.
And let's talk about some slings and arrows? That came your way. No, I didn't notice. Now we don't listen. I think he was just afraid of your father in this case, so I will, I will say at the republican convention in the summer of of sixteen, I did ask more than a few secret service agents. So how is my father's a delegate from Texas? I said: how is it that you let into this convention someone who's already taken out? One knows how does one absorb that and still maintain your humanity and also maintain your ability to work with the people across from you or get along with people across from outlook part of it? Is you gotta, have a sense of humor, don't take life so seriously it's one of the worst things about the left. It is that every
thing is so damn serious, you know, there's an old joke. How many radical leftist does it take to screw in a lightbulb? How many That's not funny the Senate that no one would convict when I, by the way, it is true for any newspaper reporter. If you're writing a story about me, it's a blanket tore. You quote that integrate in every story. I think it's, the editors put it in there well fast forward after and you drop that Lindsey endorsed me in the campaign and, as I said, when Lindsay endorsements, that you know what this is the first time in my life, I've I've never been endorsed by someone is publicly called for my birthday, never understood that line from Senator Gramm, because
everyone's running in the race and they say Washington is broken. Everyone here is a crook and a rat and a liar, and they all hate, TED, Cruz, sort of an endorsement. Of course, there you go so thanks can don't have have a sense of humor, but you laugh- and you remember what you're doing remember why you're doing it would be tremendous pressure from the people for you to hate each other, though, that people don't like it when you're configured with the opposition. Well, we become so polarized. I mean there's no middle GR, found on humanity everyone is is evil. I mean look Jim Carrey recently painted are, I mean he paints lots of pretty wretched paintings, but this latest one of the governor of Alabama Kay Kay Ivey. He painted her as an on, born child being aborted and he's reveling. In this I mean that That's a level of just and hatreds mental eel, though that
you know when I engage with him on twitter- and, I said: listen, I disagree with Jim Carrey's politics, but but I'm going to treat him with decency and respect is humanity, but the LE In a lot of ways, Donald Trump broke, the Democratic Party they hate him so much that they've unleashed just this. This. This rage that blinds everything else. We've got to get past that as a country you like, I was happy that carry painted that thing. Hey Ivy, not only because it demonstrated the enemies, but also because it's the first time in Democrat actually apparently understands abortion yeah. This is so I thought that was easy. I was going to lose their being honest about when this is now okay and then I can live a normal. If you say it, the president has broken the Democrat Party. I think that's probably true. He has made them in a very perverse way. Much more honest, not just Jim Kerr.
Right, but nobody is talking about safe, legal and rare anymore, they're, saying safe and legal, and until three days after birth, even even the presses and pretending to be objective anymore, he actually brought everybody out of the Bush is well we'll find The breaking is good or not that the only because it has is. There is something to the patina of civility and let him is over and it's it's because people are now openly doing this sort of stuff. It has ratcheted things up to such an extent that I guess Overton Window for civility used to be here and now, since there is no civility another paper of stability, just as a general principle like I want people to speak passionately, but the character attacks are so it's true that once my problem is, is that it's not as if the left up until this moment was being great we want to put black people back in chains and all this and they had they had that rhetoric backed up by the news media. This Enorme
enormous institution that was all on one side and all trump is done, is bring it into the open. I I think I I I give a pass on this. I don't I don't. I hate the rudeness, I hate abortions. I really do, but at the same time I can't blame. Name him for simply, as with China, and these were symptoms that cause he's simply bringing out what was already there. So Ben has promised a game of thrones. Yes, and I just want to bring that up one more time. Yes, of course, No we're not obviously will go right yeah this first, we have to hear from some of our daily wire subscribers. If you want to ask a question in particular, if you want to ask a question presented or TED Cruz, please become a subscriber go over to dailywire dot com. Slash subscribe, give us your ten dollars. We yeah not expressed this enough. My house flooded, you guys know this recirculating pump broke in my house. My entire first floor got wiped out. I am slumming in an Airbnb, I need you, please go over the wire dot com, slash, Subscribemore
Basically, though, I will say that your subscription money makes a huge difference to our business, because the fact is that the left is on our all the time. The fact is that you are what and allows us to bring you all the different shows every day. This is that only for a week been made a comment at the March for life and advertisers were so upset. The bin was at the March for life that dollars walked out the door and in our business, that's all the money, like that's the ability to keep people boy, that's the ability to keep making at that content and the only reason the were able to survive. That kind of pressure is because we're backed up by the subscribers to say and we're going to put our money on the line to make sure you guys can't be wiped out by media matters, media matters and friends and their fake ally, eight trolls on twitter correct. Well, I will tell you not not not to suck up too much, but look one of the.
Joys of traveling all across Texas and all across the country. As I meet lots of people, I cannot tell you how many young people ask me with almost all amazement. Do you know I thank you. I mean any of it. It's nobody else in politics, nobody, you know. So in Hollywood journal Ben Shapiro, I do tell actually now he's a robot created in a laboratory, but but but it's really good animation. So thanks our daily lives of scrubbers send us your questions. Deletion. You have some to kick us off, yeah, I sure do an. I want to remind people that the God king did promise me off air, but some of the producers over heard it, and if we get more subscribers tonight when this baby is born, I'll get a bonus
So what I said is: listen, I'm just trying to be fruitful and multiply in this very liberal state of California. You guys gotta help me out. God bless you and please name or Jeremy, not on the short list. This question is for Senator Cruz from a daily wire subscriber named Robert. He wants to know what do you think the chances are that the recent pro life bills in different states across the country are able to hold up in the courts. You know, I think it depends. I I'm glad to see states that that are acting to defend life and and and there's a debate in the pro life community is. Is it doesn't make sense to to defend life and to do it, do it incremental way, focusing on initial some of the more egregious practices like late term abortions like like requiring parental consent, so that you know what a teenager needs consent to get a tattoo. But not to end the life of her unborn child? I think there's a lot to be
said for an incremental battle. I think that's part of why we're winning the battle of public opinion. You look at young people that are more pro life today that that then they been in a long long time. On the other hand, there are others who say: go for legislate Should that that that that is, it is a direct direct assault on a rope. You know one of the virtues of of a multiplicity of strategy. This is the way the Supreme Court to Appeals on every year. The Supreme Court's appeals are discretion and the and the court decides what cases to take. So every year that the court will get roughly eight thousand wow. What are called petition for certiorari, which are just request for the court to take take a case in those calm typically, either from federal courts of appeals are state spring.
These laws, particularly the broader laws, are all going to be struck down in the lower courts, because their country to Supreme Court pressed, and so it will be up to the Supreme Court if and when it chooses to overturn it. But the court out of those eight eight thousand cert petitions they take typically about eighty, eight or so about one percent, which means that the justices will make the decision to they want to take an incremental case or do they want to take whole skull scaled challenge in it, and I'm perfectly fine with having a multiplicity of cases for the justices to choose and and any for Joe This is choose to grant certain, so I'm sure we will see some of these cases make it to the court in time. I don't know when they'll take it in the event that row were overturned with that for the Republican Party and in the elections. Well, one of the things, that's worse, understanding on that that a lot of people, the media, never tells you if ROE versus Wade were
return, it wouldn't make abortion illegal right. What are the law in this country for two hundred years is that abortion was a question for the states and and different states have different standards right if row were overturned, you'd have fifty state, you have fifty different standards and nobody thinks, for example, the legislature in California is going to vote anytime still out to prohibit abortion or even in all likelihood to restricted anyway right, I'm part of the virtue of Federalist. You know Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis referred to laboratories of democracy. Fifty states issued safe that fifty different stand. Certain people could vote with their feet and they could vote with their values and- and I think abortion would be a far less did this city of cultural hot button issue if we left it to the legislative process rather than Supreme Court. Nineteen so Seventy three saying you, the people, have no right to decide on these questions were taking out of your hand, so yeah, I think our present divisions alot of its stem from probably wait. A lot of it stems from the idea that the courts are going to
tell us that we can't decide these things are very states already liberalizing abortion law before one thousand nine hundred and seventy three obviously, and the truth is that on a national level, in order for anything to be done by pro lifers would need a constitutional amendment, which is something basically. Everybody acknowledges an also is probably not on the table formally at this point. As far as the strategy I've been saying for a long time, I think it is highly doubtful that Roberts Kavanaugh swing on the court is in the mood. To overrule ROE. I think that is a wild overreach by not pro lifers, but I think that anybody who thinks that, because Republicans, have appointed five of the justices on the Supreme Court That means there's a majority to overrule ROE. I don't even think there's a majority to restrict Casey. I think that I think that which is the secondary case, that that sort of back back a little bit creates, what's called the undue burden, standard Essentia Lee, arguing that these states are not allowed unduly burden woman's ability to get an abortion. That's been used to uphold that were up, pulled restrictions on abortion passed the twenty three, but not before the twentieth week. I I think that people who believe that Joe this Kavanaugh is on the side of over ruling roe- I don't know what they're smoking it empty cigar.
There is there that I I see no indication that guarded you get bigger. I mean that that, in the end, that Indiana case today is a very good indicator that this is the case. There's an Indiana case that went to the Supreme Court. I it included two provisions. One was the disposal of the disposal of fetal tissue that provision was old in order by the court, basically that's fine. If you want to make people, berry or cremate fetal tissue, as opposed to sing in the garbage the abortion clinics, do 'cause they're disgusting then then that's fine, but there's like provision that effectively restricted abortion. Past, I think, is the eighth week and the court simply refuse to take it up and that same bill said they're not allowed to abort a baby for purposes of racial eugenics or disabled eugenics and Justice Thomas. Wrote an amazing summaries about to go through the roof. Oh yeah. Well, I think he's frustrated and I think, has a right to be frustrated he's looking at his other colleagues on the cone. What the living hell is this? Why can't I get even four votes to get a hearing on a wall like this that is obviously designed to stop eugenic killing. In many cases
is of racial minorities and females. How is this possibly not Supreme Court worthy? What is the court going be able to punch on Alabama Georgia how to present day? Of course, all they have to do is allow the district courts to strike it down the name abroad. Remember the precedent that already exists. What can be used and and bye bye, pretty much all legal starry decisis rulings, probably should be going to overturn old case law, is going to be very difficult to argue that under planned parent Casey that you can actually over the Alabama or Georgia or misery stand up. I just think, which is why Thomas Guy not escalate. I think started sizes which, but I know It- Justice Scalia. I got to meet him when I was a student and we asked to precisely about this. We said it the use of you, so big knowledge story. Decisis, you acknowledge precedent, so why doesn't that hold up for something like ROE versus Wade? And his answer was simple, which is certain decisions or so Eagle Ridge
Yes, so historically egregious they simply must be overturned yeah well, this is my Thomas is a better justice, so we started this is kept in absolute principle. It's ridiculous! It should be right off the start is as much a nonsense well, and one of the best examples of that is Plessy versus for Jack was was a decided decision that embraced separate buddy. Well, it was a horribly long decision right the day it was decided in when it was over, ruled that was absolutely right. The constitution protects the equal rights of every person, regardless of the of your race. Look, let me shift okay. You also asked about the political consequences of this, and in one of the things it's important understand, the modern Democratic Party is wildly out of touch, I believe, with the american people the question of abortion. If you take Hillary Clinton's position on abortion, she supports unlimited abortion on demand up until the moment of birth, partial birth, with government funding and no parental notification or consent. Now nationally, nine percent of Americans agree with that. Ninety,
one. Percent of Americans say well. That is not my position. And as far as I know, of the three hundred and forty six democrats running this year, every single one of them agrees with Hillary. That is, that that is required introduced to the democratic primary, and so it's out of step inside ninety one percent of reversed himself and Hyde Amendment fifty five, Years ago, Joe was saying that the Hyde Amendment needs to remain that they will not hide behind them and says there is no federal funding of abortions. There's also fun plan under the lie. The planned parenthood is using things are not abortions but but used to be in favor of the Hyde Amendment. They asked him like two weeks ago and he said no! No, I'm I'm I'm totally in favor of federal funding of abortions, meaning that you and I have to pay taxes that somebody else can have an abortion, which is I mean the founders would be spinning so fast in their grades that they would be digging
new steel tunnels. I mean it's insane look. It was just a few months ago that the video of Ralph Northam surfaced, and it was a radio interview was doing that was videoed by the way who would video radiator, but where, where he argued for not just late term abortion, but abortion after birth and he's a doctor, and he described how is a doctor, he would deliver a child, he would make the child comfortable and then he would disk just with the parents, what to do with the child. The obvious implication to be whether to kill this infant, who is already born. Listen even people who are vocally pro choice are utterly horrify, with that and by the way when, when I spoke out about it, the Houston Chronicle. The head of the editorial page blasted me: instead this is a lie. This is not true. This is not what nor them said and I responded. Here's a link to video and by the way my tweet on it said, watch the video. So you watch you listen to yourself and let me ask a question when's, the last time
I heard Ralph Northern State and national he disappeared. Not not only does he advocate for Post birth abortion, but then, of course, is it his fame yearbook page where, where and let's segue, let's go back to the client, so the yearbook page with one person in Blackface- other person in atlanta- but he doesn't know where twenty is german stamp sheets. You can tell you put your finger on the most important piece of this, so so the media and and popular culture has this. The left. Has this weird fixation with black? Yes, now I guess I look. I grew up in Houston with, but black face wasn't a thing down there and I get that their cultural insensitivity is in a probably not worth doing. Blackface now I'll mention, I think too,
who are the three late night comics and appeared in blackface there, a bunch of Hollywood folks that appeared in black face with fine I'll get the times of change and I'll even conceive. Some of that. What was amazing, though, is when he publicly said his first answer was. He may have been one of the two he wasn't sure which, if you cannot stand up and say unequivocally, I have never in my life warning. Klan outfit Hell is wrong with you in the basin think about the media. They call it the black face. Scandal right. Why isn't lock. The clan scandal I mean he's like you, so could have been a day or two later he changed my. So no that wasn't me, but not a word of that month, because the fact that you have it could be in disguise and also because if all the scandals went into Republican, would be in charge of Virginia? That's why it's down there? That was that was about the most fun we've had in politics. It was amazing too I mean so. The Houston Chronicle asks you. Who are you going to believe the Houston, chronic
or your lying eyes? But they say: well, Ralph n Lion TED Ice in your life, but then they say well: listen, Ralph, Northam's, an idiot who said something stupid on the radio, but you don't need to just focus on Ralph Northam. Look at governor of New York, who passed a law legalizing abortion up to the point of birth, changing the penal code such that, if you kill a pregnant woman you, it is no longer double murder. Your only committing a single murder. What about the that is a law he celebrated it. He let the the buildings in New York up in pink to celebrate the law and virtually every new story about this. What you said they say, Republicans dishonestly claimed that Democrats are but it's in fact systematic. Listen. My quads are real solid from other pouncing. Lately great exercise announcing everyday get up service unless you get great hamstring, which one with our poll out there,
all right. It looks as if less work isn't an option for most of our daily, where subscribers R Facebook poll question was what's the best part of summer. Let's work only got sixteen percent less rain with. Eighteen percent, the movie is was twenty two percent. I mean it's probably because the Avengers has come and gone, and I can't think of another movie I'm excited to see on, but the winner of, what's the best part of summer is definitely climate change with forty five percent is changing out there. I woke up yesterday and my wife phone that. We were going to barbecue. She lies to spring these things on me last minute, and I said, ah it is overcast and rainy I shall wear a long sleeve shirt, not three hours later to climate went and changed so right they say it's going to warm up four degrees over the course of a century. I'm not I'm not exaggerated. It went up twenty degrees by the time after
in case, because I live in my car. Okay, can the deniers keep denying every summer we need to vomit every call factory in China and in urgency. I've been told we have twelve years to fix this thing and it hurts just like world war. General AOC said how dare you believe her when she says, but we and yeah. I don't think that's a random random been there in New Mexico is an island process in Texas. He was an irish fellow Texas Royo. Ever heard of him. Did you happen to see uh his announcement speech in El Paso? He gave part of the speech in Spanish. An AP reported Beto gave part of the speech in his native tongue and they had an issue because Beto is, of course, Robert Francis O Riordan. I had to have some fun with this on twitter, and so I retweeted, I said that is impressive. I have never seen a political speech, give
in Gaelic. I have to say I'm a little offended right now that we have a white man such as Senator rough well TED Cruz here, sizing this. Obviously mexican man named Robert Francis Roar. This is a micro aggression. The the only reason to get away with it is because not one human remember you are working, he got, but it edged right out of the national conversation, yeah one more question Kelly: she gas. Well, it seems as if not everyone everyone, it's pretty upset with the game of Thrones Dino finale. I am glad I never wasted time on watching any episode. We're definitely gonna talk about it, even Jon snow himself, a soap that he checked himself into rehab today. So, but a question comes from Jonathan, a daily wear subscriber. He said he wants to know what you guys think of game of thrones. But what do you think that the next big?
show will be now that game of thrones is over I'll. Tell you what the best show on tv right now is Chernobyl, so good Chernobyl, is kind of another level of television. It's it's so good. It's like band of brothers level, but it's it's so good. Have you seen this no also the stroke. This is your profession. So what's what's the name of the actor I forget is the lead actor? Are there the guy from there I have been a he and I, and also he's been everything now right. He was also in non the one about the queen. She is like Anthony Hopkins level. Great he's one the great I I can remember this thing is just is just it's almost like a documentary or docudrama yeah, and it's so beautifully done, and it's a it's a horror movie. It's a living real right in this film, like a horrible beach, and it's basically about how short soviet communism allowed. The kids like bought the world. This close to annihilation, essentially an it's great, it's about the meltdown at Chernobyl, and it follows the bureaucrat like this one. Grab. The one honest bureaucrat in the Soviet Cyst
who's, trying desperately to tell the bureaucracy to tell a Politburo you need to evacuate this area because even kill three hundred thousand people. If you do not, then you need to bring These workers to do this and they're going to die and then, as it is the street where Emily Watson is a physicist, goes in to it soviet official says you know, this is a real disaster. He says. Well, I have a different opinion. She says before you did this. We were initially store. This is power to the workers, which is on the nuclear for your initial store, and it is an amazing amazing for slowly acting every actor and it is great. The writing is beautiful. It's amazing! It's it. It is. It is the last thing I seem to be any help very lonely, literally I'm not even finished with. Yet it has me on the edge of my seat, every every up to place the track,
so I I will confess than the nuclear meltdown I'm having the most fun watching as the democratic press. You know what the the line, I'm a shoe sales, but they're, actually quite a few of them and as well as that's what they know about running so if they did or around thanks hi. I am a professional but as far as game of thrones, ok did everybody see it? Yes. Well, there is a part of the whole family was when Gandalf. I have not seen I'm going to I'm not saying I'm. I'm dread, I've seen every single and every single week two I saw yeah and I I think for us of all seen all the up. I'm dreading this, because I know I'm in the minority. I like you liked it all. You so wrong, as per usual arrangement, working yeah. I'm going to hear this slowly.
Shorts and I I thought that if I don't first of all, I think there's something inherently damaging about telling a story over that length of time with a input coming in from the pop so I think that no television show, including television, shows I've loved like the wire and breaking bad Yeah really stressed that was all was awesome, but it didn't sustain. I can pick it up in this narrative because, as a as a right writers are we actually you're right he's, not reacting the browser and had all those problems. I thought the penultimate season was terrible, I think was uh Yes, that's right! That's right, however, however, First of all, I knew what I was routinely entertaining every step of the way, every step of the way it was never not entertaining. There was a moment in the mid, of the last season, where I thought I care more, who wins that throne, then I care about that. Twenty election. I was so taken with an anytime a story. Does that it's good? It is a good story.
If you are telling a story- and you are that gripped that carried away, it's a good story. I thought it weirdly. Turned out like Eric, Garcetti and one world, merely imitated real life in the sense that wars begin with big questions and great enthusiasm and racial intensity. And they end with a bunch of bureaucrats, setting up the sewer system, and I thought that that was basically what happened in game of thrones. I thought the tragic love affair, but Jon, snow and Daenerys was absolutely terrific. I was wrapped up in that too, did you see are turning bad I think that's the other thing yeah. That would know that. We don't think that was a set up, but I saw like two seasons ago and when season season, one yeah, I think I started exit with molten gold. I really like yeah you're, suffice hundreds of people. I saw the possibility, I just ignore. That would go there and wrestle when it happened, all the
People said it was a set up. I thought was pretty well set up, I'm I mean, and I just thought it was just a terrific story that really understood power, understood how power works and what it does to people and it understood the randomness of life. I don't think the idea they killed people randomly wasn't quite true, but they gave the impression that they were doing that. I just thought it was a terrific show and it didn't bother me that it didn't resolve in the way that I wanted it to resolve. I don't think that's a story, so here's my problem, I don't even care that brand becomes king, although I think the basic storytelling one hundred and one once you melt the iron throne, you then can't have in the next scene. We choose a king. The entire point of melting, the iron throne, was to break the will to change the whole concept of that we're going to have
things, but I'm even willing to grant them that they don't understand what symbolism is the worst thing that happened in the finale is not brand becoming the king. The worst thing that happens in the finale is that, after the most consequential thing, that has happened in the entire series, which is Jon Snow, kills an area star Garian they fade to black. They fade to black and they say three weeks later and three weeks later, the bureaucrats are sitting right and so what they did is they face the most difficult question that they were going to have to face as screenwriters, and they got so terrified
I was coming up with the wrong answer that they punted and they gave no answer so you're saying you don't think the unsullied would have reacted. Well to that. I'm saying when the unsullied come in Jon Snow does not come out the obvious way to end that story. The way that everything had built to the whole fact of John's actual linneage as a tar, Garian faded to black nothing matters, the obvious way to end the story and you could have could have played every single scene, the bureaucrats brand. You can put one hundred percent of that the same if he kills the nearest tar garian The dragon doesn't burn the throne because the dragon is an animal and doesn't understand symbolism any better than the writers dragon rise to burn Jon Snow any day and he doesn't burn and then now Now his lineage has been proven. Now he is the master of the dragon.
Why is out on that dragon which keeps the insulated from being an issue and he melts the iron throne and he says: look I'm obviously the chosen one. I'm ought history faint magic, raise from the dead, bloodline, the whole thing built for this and I say screw the iron throne, I'm receding into the north. You, guys figure it out and if they had done that and then all the other scenes with the same race sit around here and it still wouldn't have made any sense. That brand is, but I wouldn't have cared because, yes, they rise John of his agency. They robbed him of his agency. They turn John into a passive character in the final season, spends the entire season doing nothing until he kills Daenerys, at which point they imprison him and then forcibly, send him back to the north, which again makes no sense since the end now left and who is the queen there are alright his sister who could theoretically just be like you, we're not doing any of that stuff. The insulator gone to turn him in do a prisoner and then send him back n makes no sense whatsoever. He has to take the throne abdicate the throne factor. That makes perfect sense, because then he's an active care.
Then he he's done all the things he needs to do. Although his it is kind of been a passive character throughout I I mean that yes and no, and he does charge direct into the six thousand person heartbreak guy, but he's a lone wolf, that's fine from to be alone with, which is why I think that's why he could be that's why it would have been satisfying for him to finally say: ok, you know what my whole character has been me being unwilling to step up and take leadership, even though people keep trying to thrust leadership on me. So for just this moment, I have to do it because the only way for all these people to survive that would have made sense there, a couple of beats in the final episode with him and in areas that make no sense that whole conversation with Brent, where is like, but she's still, my queen, you just watch for roast a million that both that ship is sailed. My friend, if you just had sex with her two episode You know everything's hunky, dory right. She was basically like marry me have sex with me, and everything is good he's like no and she burns one million people like now, I'm in door. What now I'm okay, your I run the day to me I mean that's, that's a very confused your site is a mixtape,
I guess we're saying and then the whole final scene with tirion, where tirion gets up in front of the council and unsullied guy is like well great. Warm is like. Well, you don't talk and then like ok and then he proceeds to give a seven minute speech to all of sans's direct relatives. Right. I mean everybody. There is a direct relative. I ran right. Every single person there with I think two exceptions is a direct relatives, is pretty obvious how this particular election is going to go out and when he gets his speech first of all, there's nothing. I hate more in tv, then this this nonsense, where writers justify their own job to the audience. I hate this crap so much. So you have him, give us the only thing that matters is storing the story. Universe shut your freaking head agree that bunch of Non says: Yuval, Harari Crap. I hate that it's garbage it's garbage in sociology and it's garbage when it comes to writer, justifying why I'm watching your show, I don't need you to lecture me on why I just watched your show I got it was entertaining. I don't need you to tell me the store.
The only the only thing that matters and kind, that's it and it and then state and The best story is brand Abreu. We've thrown off a Tower Historias, so good that he set out a season one entire season. Five everything that was he said tearing is saying things like and then he became the three eyed Raven now No one in that room knows what the F Jerian is talking about, because you can no one knows what the three eyed Raven is. Now the only person knows that the three eyed Raven is is made. The sounds, maybe and also sounds sitting right there and she's like well. I gotta be honest, like my story is kinda better than this really my story, once I got forcibly married to this guy, he got killed, got married aterian and then I got shipped off to get raped and I said there, including stories nearest or it's one of the best female characters. Anybody actually ARI is pretty. Aria. Aria has been so basically everyone there, including the weird uncle, who gets up and tries to take the crown for a second has a better story than brand and he's like, but still
The stories are they. First of all, you know what I can guarantee you, the weird uncle. Is: U S center. I don't know. If I don't know when he, when he says story, is everything this hasn't ever been true in Westeros ever ever now. I did say why, right when he says stories everything so yeah, the people are just gonna suddenly, except this weirdo, as I had at the head of the iron from. But my only point my only point, though, is, and- and all of this, I think is- is absolutely great. I would sit and listen to it forever. When little Nell died right. People gathered on the porch of in America waiting for the chapter to come and screaming as the boat came in, they screamed. Does she live or does she died when you do that? Somebody you've got a great job. They did a great job. I fumbled at at the end of what that even the fact that we should be here talking about it indicates what a great I don't think, that's fair what? Yes, they did a great job for eight seasons and five episodes. That doesn't mean the fact that we were that invest. It doesn't mean that they actually carried the ball.
I lost is great for five seasons, but one thing is that this was a new lost based on the world, the roses and the war of the roses doesn't end with you. Take the person with the best claim to the throne and you send them over to Normandy guess what that person does less than a generator. It has to end with the murder of all of your. That's the only way to get what you know. Hollywood has gotten so political they're there to all turned bad things. They could have done. That would have mirrored the twenty two They could have number one made ned stark the king because, like the twenty twenty Democrats. He has no brain and lost his head or if they gave into their political predilections, they could have made the white walkers.
The king and said that all Republicans are not that. That was to be honest, that was my biggest disappointment. The show is the white walkers. I thought I loved. I love that they introduce that like in the first episode, and then it just kind of crept in, and it had a lot of it had a lot of some symbolic valence. The idea that everybody has to unite against death, because death is a threat to every single person and then it just kind of done. I will never be found out who the night king was actually the kid. This is it. This is actually the big problem with the night. King is a character, so somebody pointed this out online, I'm I'm I wanna give credit. I can't member who it is they're saying if you contrast sour on it, I think is rusted out hey if you, if you contrast sour on as a character with the night king is a character. The thing about Sarah is that what's interesting about sounds not Sharon. It's interesting. That sound is how everyone reacts to sound, so in the middle of the battle. Of Gondor you have Denethor who's lighting, his kid on fire, because he's gone crazy from having to make these decisions about what to do with sound
That's been officially out geeked, you got sour man who becomes an actual emissary of the dark bored right. You have a bunch of people reacting in different ways. The problem with the night king is because he is death, there's only one way for the characters realistically to act toward him, which makes it very or in conflict, because everyone is innately united by this, the only Person essentially being certainly makes a basic battery. Is better story. That's true! So a final point on my net stark theory if you think about his central thing, it is winter is coming. So it's climate change, Jay Insley, is going to be the democratic nominee James Lee is the brand of this race
I was just sitting there all uselessly. Okay, we can save. The nomination is like what what what is there a? Is there a nominee? For example, I don't for your excel yeah. Well, it's actually right he's like bread. He he he just released a video. He said his job is to sit and listen to me out there and honestly and off when you threaten to launch thermonuclear weapons of the voters. That turns out not to be good and just as a literal fact, Eric Swalwell campaigns on the slogan I in you, so he actually, is brands control at the end of the show to say by the way is someone who is not a big fan of the game? Phones, the Lord of the rings books I loved movie about just that. The books were just like the law not to militarily yeah. However, however, J Oracle gives a brilliant guy with a vision and put that vision on the paper, and that is the problem in in time. Currently with game of thrones, which undermines it from beginning to end.
Is that there is no vision in it and no- and nobody actually knows I mean this- is the Lord of Light and it's who brings people back Right repeatedly is completely irrelevant and I think that that actually sent them Ella Sandra provides the services will grip in that one episode. How is going with the Spirit, but that's very real, for people like the author- is very real for guys an atheist basically, and it's very real that all the effects of God is there and they know it, but they're just not going In fact, this is going to ignore it, and I think that that is so now it's time for me to piss on George Bernard Martin, so this guy is last book. When did when did last one come out the book? Five him out so long in nineteen. Eighty two yeah I mean like it, came out like seven eight years ago yeah and he sits around doing nothing and not contract by the sixth. For he's it's around doing nothing for years on, and I know and then and then the the did you see this, the series finale came out. And then they him but said. Well, you know I'm to write books differently.
Oh, you are just buy the rights to your stuff and then I'm going to wait forever I hate the ending and then you're gonna crap, all over the people who did the only like you basically abandon the books when it became clear that he had no place to go. I mean I've, read all the books and books, one in three or than the rest of garbage yeah, and he just ran out of things to say and he stopped writing and then other people filled in his place and is mad at them for fillings, where we're just thing is, when Jk Rowling's came out and said that Jon Snow is always good, I didn't know it was a pretty ruthless problem with tv, though the wire is a classic example, the last through the wire. Some of the worst television I've ever seen in the first season is the one of the some of the best. Yes, it's amazing I just entered seasons, pretty there's a genuine problem with writing a story over that much time with p
this. Is it this is Hypercard said, that's a march: first, two seasons are spectacular and then it steadily went downhill. Almost every television show is best in the first season. 'cause, that's the ark, and it's just part of the business of writing tv that you have to throw in everything. You've got in the first episode and then explain over the first season by the end of that you could have done. This is why that's why the fan of the streaming, because the truth the move toward miniseries, which I thought were dead back in the 1980s, is the big thing in the 1980s actually had all these break Miniserie that came out and then they stopped at the miniseries and they went you just series here and that only works for comedy, because you can write the same characters every single episode, but for a drama that that actually has some sort of connection between the episodes. If there's no character develop, Then there's no place to go and if there is character development, then there has to be a termination point for the characters, and so you end up in this weird situation, where basically, you should basically just say three seasons and out
every show here- would have been better at the reasons for the British used to do and it's funny because they only show that's actually about this, and I think it's probably one of the best works of art of our time is the super We should actually about the fact that in tv nobody ever changes and so like tv's actually a lot more like life than books and plays because in a book and or play there's a character present arc, but in real life most people just don't change. They just do different things. So if you're a cop with the same guy when you started, but you had a lot of different cases, it's a lot more like television and in the sopranos. All this stuff happens every so now I've got a revelation and then the next episode like in the sims inspector, exactly back where they started, and that I thought was just genius because I thought that was what the show is about. Not that one does will it work, try to work through all that sees us as an amazing trip to quote the bard things in this fight change, very slow. They ever changed, all which borders and whenever I say the part, it's always done the one that I'm in,
cited about right now and it's a one time thing. It's an event: it's not a it's not going to be a new series. John Wick, three Oh my god, don't don't tell me they wanted to. I haven't seen three all I will say: they're, pretty tough dog in it. So it's all in the preview he's right now, worse, write a horse and also there are three action sequences that open the film and there may be the three best action sequences ever okay, stop talking topic because I'm there, so all my goodness did what yeah on the 31st, we get a finale to deadwood, which I think the first season of deadwood, the first four episodes and then it's just a lot of curse but every now and again in deadwood, there's a great episode. That's right like it will go for like five episodes. We get our garbage and it's a legal. It will pull out those that yeah that's exactly right and you talk about shows with a lot of cursing one of my favorite movies of the funniest movies. Ever I think it's too
american yeah yeah. I mean it's just a I g leading, but I will say when Heidi and I were fairly new, newly married and Heidi, and I watched because she's not a movie person, but she laughs so hard. Shell fell out of the, so we did were on a family vacation with their parents and we're like okay. This is so funny and I guess we sort of got just how much the cursing there is. So I'm sitting there with my in laws watching the like it was really okay, don't don't go down that not what America with your in like and that add up at sixteen yeah. That would be like Mary did. You know I did tell my dad in the movie and I'm sticking to watch, and I said no. This is too old, even not even I cringe during the publish, oh my, so I want to take two more questions from our daily wire subscribers. Since you know it, keep us all in business, so we're going to kick it back over to eat Alecia at Daily Wire headquarters. You can put in your it's not too late to get in a question for any of us were for a senator,
is over at W W W dot daily wired dot com. Slash Subscribe, Elise show what have you for us? I'm sorry, I'm just burning up over here, because I have my own personal space heater, that is my thirty three week old baby and I sorry sorry fetus heart. Doesn't really there. I heard so say that I'm twitter too, but I got like wheat when I got his and hers matching. If it's smoking Jefferson, I'm still really hurt that I got kicked out of the room and this velvet jacket is burning up and I can't handle it anymore, but I will keep it on for our subscribers medication. Room wants to know in this question is for everyone, so I'd really like everyone's feedback, especially since we have a guy that actually ran for president in the room tonight, the quest and it for everyone is. Who do you think is the most genuine democratic presidential candidate? Genuine was genuine. Bernie Bernie is not afraid to fully Bernie Bernie says what Bernie believes. Bernie shouts
Bernie believe Bernie things. What Bernie believes topless in the Soviet Union. No point is Bernie anything other than Bernie and let me plead with the other democratic candidates. Please don't, follow that particular. Then what do you think? Well, I The question ok next question next question: alright, this one is for Senator Cruz and comes from subscriber named John. He wants to know. Can you give us some insight into what it's actually like behind the closed doors of Are people actually civil or is it exactly how we see it in the media? You know talking heads yelling at each other all the time. Varies a lot. One of the things is: there's very little debate come so so like. If you go speak on the Senate floor, you know, you know you you have n visions of visions? Of U visions of Mister Smith, going to Washington and your passionately persuading your colleagues matters. When you speak on the Senate floor, it's usually
completely empty chamber you're. Just talking to the c span Cameron. If you remember the first year I was in the Senate, we were debating, gun, control and and- and I tried to engage Dianne Feinstein on the second amendment and and actually have a constitutional debate where, where her gun control bill specified about two thousand different different guns, that would be bandage and she specifically named which got the band which what and I asked her I said- look you've specified, you're gonna ban some guns and not others, not now the language of the second amendment that that that that that talks about the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That's exactly the same language that you find it in other parts of the bill of rights, including the first amendment, the the the the the right of the people to peaceably assemble to to to to speak- and I said you know, would you allow the same kind of restrictions on the first amendment specify
which books are allowed in which books aren't that you're willing to allow the second and and I'm sort of naively as a freshman thought. Ok, that's constitutional question in the Senate, where the Judiciary Committee we to make these things, and and you may remember she turned and and and roared, I am not a sixth grader it. She got credibly angry with me that I asked this quest world right to liberty. If you've been a safe, but you should be all the you know, I'm talking about okay, great, that was actually pretty. That was so. I have hated by senator my entire life. This is my senator, and that was the best moment. I I I I I actually complement die at all the protesters said said you know what what was that? I'm sorry,
hey. I voted for you just how old are you sixteen? Well, then you didn't post. That was a pretty remarkable only time. I thought that Dianne Feinstein has earned my vote. It was so great for owning small children, so I was like absolutely. I love Diane Feinstein every single moment the Barbara boxer was in the Senate. I just thought well. If I've only got Do that got on the question. It varies a lot. There are some senators sort of like every other group of people there, some senators that are nice- that are funny, you know, there's several of the senators who are running for president on the democratic side who like I get along really well with any club char and Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker, all three of them? I I've had dinner with I've hung out with their other than their policies that there's a perfectly nice people. There are other people who
not so much, and so it it varies quite a bit. Have you ever seen anybody in the Senate change his or her mind, literally on the basis of an illogical constitutional, even off screen I mean even off at off the Senate floor, not often uh. I can tell you a time when I did which actually going back to gellibrand so she and I served served on the Senate. Armed Services committee together and she's been a a leader in changing how sexual assault is is prosecuted. The military and, tragically sexual assault, is been a persistent problem and she's been advocating moving the charging decision for sexual assault kits from the commanding officer to a military prosecutor, still a military officer, but someone not in the direct chain of command. And I went into one of the hearings or Marcus. We had on that, and I had it open mind. I didn't have really a strong opinion on it and she made a whole Series of arguments that number one
we've been trying for decades to fix it in the military kept saying: let us fix it, let us fix it and they weren't fixing it. The problem was persisting. Number two: the argument the military made is that moving it out of the commanding officer would undermine good order and discipline in the military. She pointed out a number of our allies like like the UK in, and Canada and Israel have done this and it hasn't undermined good order and and I list into those arguments. I said you know what that is pretty persuasive and I went and told her afterwards. I agree with so I bill her and she- and I have led the fight to do that. That was really an instance where I listen to the arguments and and was persuaded on, the that makes me feel Nice. Nice things, you can only name one example: yeah Senator Cruz. Just I cannot count the number of times. I've been told that the only show one more from our daily wires all right. Next question comes from Dan.
Congratulations Dan did you and your wife. He says that they are having their first child in June and wants to know what's the best parenting advice that you can give for a new parent. Leaving your family. Your apparent for a new parrot swaddle, all right, all right. So so, let's go back. So we are girls, Caroline Katherine or live in an age when Caroline was born a one of the things I didn't know. So when Caroline was born, she was up all day and at offer up all night and slept all day, and I remember we went to the pediatrician like like a week into it. I'm like there's something wrong with the show. What's going on and and the doctor begins laughing at me and said, look look when when, when the baby is it is, it is in the womb. During the day the mom is walking around it, swaying back and forth ends, and so the baby in the womb is sleeping during the day and then when the mom goes to sleep, the baby wakes up and says for a week or two, the clocks are inverted. I sort of felt relief. Okay, we
we're not doing something wrong, but getting a child to go to sleep. The you will do anything you will end Carol. I like I would do some of the late night duty swaddling, where you wrap the baby tightly in a cloth and it actually simulate being squeezed in the womb and then rock king back and forth. I used to rock Carolina sleep, swaddled and listening to Pavarotti, which, oddly enough comforted her, and so it with the parent of a newborn. Getting your child to bed is a victory that will exceed the highest points in your life. To that point, yeah, that's the ones they recommend swaddling and gesturing and swinging that yep, and so those are. Those are those also and if you don't live near family, make sure that you have a parent come in for the first few weeks to help take place, because this is like. I live very close to my
parents, and that has been extremely helpful for me so that that is definitely a big one. Then as they get older, I won that I'm still having trouble with, but is absolutely necessary, is say no and then stick to now, because it's realize that your kids but you're saying no because you're being mean to them, and the truth is that it is much harder for you to say no, then it is for them to hear now. It is very, very difficult say: no, your child, because half the time you're saying no to something that you also wish that you could enjoy the kid. It's like we're not going to go out to ice cream now, because you are bad, it's like well, I want to take out for ice cream, that's fun, to take you out for ice cream, and I have a good time taking my kids out for ice cream, but you're, acting like a brat I got to do something about it and that's hard for me, it's hard for me to deal with that. Being a parent is a lot, out recognizing when you're doing something for you when, when you're doing something for the kid but yeah I mean the biggest thing honestly is just recognizing how hard your life is going. Become radically shift your life, I mean, as I've said one thousand times, basically the the the sort of Spectra.
Of happiness and misery in life. When your signal single health problems or something when you're single your spectrum of happiness in misery and get up to like a seven inch of happiness and down like a two in terms of unhappiness and then you get married and it looks like a ten in terms of happiness and maybe a zero in terms of unhappiness, because now you take on your wife's problems or your spouses burdens and that's very difficult and then and then you have a kid and all limits are Illinois and then the greatest things that will ever happen to you in your life are the things that your kids do and being with your kids and watching your kids laugh and the first things that will ever happen to you in your life, barn on or off things involving your kids, I can easily say that the three four things in my and my kids, only five and three three or four worst things in my life that ever happened to me are things that involve my kids and I'm not just on the health problems mean, thank God. We we had some health problems, but thank God, there's been taken care of I'm talking about like even when your kids are just being terraba lore mean to each other or horrible, and you have to deal with it and then here's the other thing
trust yourself a little bit, so everybody always has input and advice. The fact is people been in this for several thousand years at this point and yeah, barring cataclysmic Lee bad decision making be fine. I I agree with all of that. I think when you have a kid, it is as if you had been living with what onstage they call a scrim, which is the scenery on it and suddenly the thing goes up. Oh no, now I see the world in three dimensions. I completely agree that you have to stick to the consequences, one of the hardest things if you make, if you make a threat, you gotta carry it out. So that's why you don't send his learned that I don't do this consistently. He getting mail and you don't so that's why you don't want to kill them, because I'm probably not going to do that yeah yeah yeah, because then you have to do it. The other thing is they grow up. You know works with a great line about. Why is passive, Miss and one of the things about kids? Is they are going to be themselves and you can tell teach them your values? You should teach them your values and teach them your vision of the world, but you gotta. Let them become themselves. That is the whole.
Trick, and it's almost like it's almost like being a column where you're going to keep the limits of where they can go. But you're going to let them go up in their own different, their own particular way, and that is one of the hardest things to learn, especially for active people with strong opinions. You have to raise one one, slash two. I raised two of the greatest human beings on earth. But, however, it was my If you were a kid recently- and I was in college- so I, as far as I know, I don't have any kids. I have certainly have any knowledge to any of them, and one of the great lines in the odyssey is it's a wise man who knows his own child. So this is all advice that I've taken in my perspective, parenting, but as for the practical parenting, I haven't done any of it, so I'm not a right, but I, but you know I'm subject I'm gonna lay minister and I people through difficult times in there work in Hollywood, so you're familiar with infants and in my parenting advice that I I give the prospective parents is
among my friends, I'm known as the baby whisper, and it's only because I know the 3S is: is my I'm? The oldest of twenty thousand grandchildren return and my mother raised my whole town there. Always like little around, it's amazing what just wrapping them titans pushing them will accomplish. I've always wanted to try It is also somebody complaining too loudly just grab a blanket. You swallow, but I do have one great piece of parenting: advice for our subscriber and his wife and that's don't get a divorce, is greater voice. Yeah, your your children, you speak about this all the time your children have a plan and it on which they live, and that planet is your relationship with you, wife, and when you choose to sever that bond, you are blowing up their planet and they they will not recover it, and I had this argument with uh close friend recently and he pushed back and said: kids are first it will they
they bounce back you they made out of rubber and all of that's true. People survive people adapt and people survive, but The fundamental damage that you do to a child when you sever from them. The relationship between their mother and father cannot be repaired, won't be repaired when they're in their 30s they're going to struggle as a result of it when they're in their 50s they're going to struggle as a result of it when their grandparents themselves they're going to struggle. As a result of it, there will be a day of their life that isn't marked by the thing that you took away from them in service of self and, ultimately, I think what it means to be a parent is not to serve self highest now. This is, I think, all of that is great advice and and to add to that just to add to that a little kind of souls be nice, your spouse. You know, I mean like the grateful because sponsors do all the stuff. The invisible you know like
husbands proves overhead. Nobody. Nobody ever looks up. You know what was that Chris Rock line nobody's ever says thanks. That is easy to read with this like that works you know, and and and wives, do a million things that it's easy to ignore. That's quite a change, but you know marriage is hard work yeah. One of the things I do not try to do is we try to do date night every week and an actual ger get mad at us, because I'm on the road a lot they say. Why are you guys going out together and- and I tried it with a girl- say look. This is important for you and for the family for us to keep this for long marriage, yeah and and when you all grew up in married have kids, you need to get keep a strong unit. You need to marry a man who loves you and, and who you are best friend of them in the world and and that that that that that that's hopefully I a good example its shape. This is the best advice you've ever given on the show. That's right, yeah,
This guy looked up, whether he was take her advice on parenting, but don't drink and smoke for guns. Don't do nothing else, so thanks everybody for tuning in for another fat, I think fabulous episode of backstage if you'd like participated in the next one. Head over to dailywire dot com, slash subscribe, become a subscriber, we will be back in a mere matter of weeks to talk about some other meaningless crap
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