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Trust in the media is at an all-time low. And there’s a reason: Hidden agendas. Partisan politics. Feelings over facts. So where can you go for the important, relevant news that you can trust? Introducing Morning Wire, the daily news show you’ve been waiting for - brought to you by one of the nation's fastest growing media companies.

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Every day, millions of Americans rely on legacy media to provide them with exactly what the media refuse to give the troop. Instead, they ambient hyperbolic headlines and using add hominem attacks in its work. In order to sway the In the direction of their choosing, which continues to me further away from a jet approved and closer to leftist ideal, but to make things a little harder for the establishment introducing are newest podcast more. Wire a daily news show that brings you the facts. First on the news you need to know our aims: liver and alternative new source that you can trust in your podcast, the first episode is available right now on apple podcast, spotted or wherever you wasn't podcast, so go subscriber now and start listening to We started daily where two thousand fifteen, with the intention of providing a trustworthy new source with a conservative perspective directed to bringing you the fast without the leftist bias the daily. Our mission was simple, wring our readers listeners the fact and provide the context necessary to both understand the issues and
the legacy media's predictable, yet increasingly more ridiculous spin on those that are safe began with just for writers. One of them was friends editor in Chief John Beckley, under Johns leadership, we built a powerful newsroom of investor reporters opinion, journalists and writers dedicated to ensuring you see, the news first inform your one opinions instead of blindly repeating what left tells you now. John, his experience and integrity to progress as co host of mourning wire. Following up port from the. U S, surgeon general. The White House has criticized big tech for its role in the spread of what they're calling health misinformation saying that the consequences have been deadly here to tell us more, is daily wires in house in thanks for joining us, communing, John, so deadly consequence, is a false health info online line where he straighten, saying here that looking to crack down they see as misinformation on social media. The specific focus for them is what they describe as health misinformation, usually related covered nineteen right foot.
Haven't we already seen platforms took a lot of action on covert yes, but the administration is saying is not enough. this all started when the? U S, certain general released report, which called on big tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to impose consequences violating the private platforms policies, Whitehouse Press Secretary General, He then followed up saying that the button administration is proactively. Logging misinformation effectively telling companies like Facebook, which posts are problematic and should be addressed or flagging, problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation. Press secretary Saki then pushed for more action from tat companies saying that uses who post misinformation should face broad consequences across all platforms, as we should be banned from one platform and not others? If you for providing misinformation out there, why may be doing this now, while the button administrate.
Is arguing that platforms like Facebook haven't being proactive enough when it comes to misinformation, they're saying, the results of their current approach have been deadly. Present Biden claim recently, for example, that platforms like Facebook killing people buy. Allowing so cool covered misinformation to spread the five one like faced by people killing people. That's a serious charge. Has Facebook responded? They did a spokesperson for Facebook said they will not be distracted by accusations which are supported by the house. what's the big tech giant added that more than two billion people have viewed reliable information about having nineteen on vaccines on Facebook? That's more than other place on, the internet may set Johns commitment to truth, courage in confronting the establishment. Media narrative makes D W. It must read every day and now, morning, where a must listen so subscribe,
morning wire on Apple podcast, spot and everywhere you wasn't depart gasped, so you don't miss Phoebe and if you like, what you hear First, our view help point fellow Americans in the direction of the truth. Thanks for listening.
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