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Ep. 1002 - Biden Speaks!


Joe Biden finally speaks about Tara Reade’s accusations, the media preemptively declare Georgia’s opening a failure, and evidence mounts of the FBI’s manipulation of Michael Flynn.

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Joe Biden finally speaks about our reads: accusations the media preemptively declared Georgia's opening a failure and evidence mounds of the F B. I manipulation of Michael Flynn Adventure here. This is the Bench Bureau Show Shapiro show is sponsored by express Vps surf the web with peace of mind. Sign up now express gps dot com, Slash Ben we're, gonna, get you all the news. In a moment, Joe Biden finally speaks. I Garbo speaks for people who are movie history literate. There is an actress, Nirvana Garbo, very famous silent actress when should finally appeared in talkies. That was the big headline was Garbo, speaks binding, is unable to put together english sentences and has been hiding out in a basement for awhile and had been completely silent about the terrorist allegations. Now he has finally spoken. Any didn't, go awesome we'll get for they have injustice. Second, first: let's talk about the fact that your lounging around right now, but you also need to look decent for years. Meeting that has taking place later today, the boss, doesn't want to see you once again in those ratty old, sweat,
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Tommy John no adjustments needed once you the time John. You won't go back, created, Tommy, Johns outcome, Slash Ben right now for twenty five percent off your order, that is Tommy John dot com lifespan for twenty five percent off right now, Tommy Johns Outcomes, lifespan see the site for details, timing, John Dotcom, Slash, then ok, so Joe Biden terms have roughly twenty four hours a very rough twenty four hours. So here's what happened! at the or over the past, forty eight hours, the dam has started a brake on the terror red allegations of terror. Reed came out almost over a month ago. I believe and made the allegation that back and ninety ninety three when she was a Senate staffer for Joe Biden, he called her into a little used,
word or in the Senate, and there he proceeded to sexually molester, essentially like pick up her skirt and then put his fingers inside and like actual penetration, penetrative, sexual assault and sexual assault by definition and implementation, forcible penetration of sexual assault. So she alleged this and then everybody ignored it, and then she came forward with a bunch of people who she had told contemporaneously. Now that is not this positive for people in the media. The lender stand the word. Dispositive dispositive means that does not mean that the case is disposed of because of these allegations, meaning because you told somebody the time something happened doesn't mean it went down. That way doesn't mean that you remembered correctly, but it does mean that you ve been telling the story for thirty years, didn't make it up in the last five minutes to terrorize originally had a couple people she had told her. Mom just was what she told her brother, her mom into Larry King live and actually made a sort of oblique reference to it back and ninety ninety three and then turn There are two additional people who said on the record that she had told them about this allegation. So all this starts to mount because, after all, the
Credit party has been pushing me believe. All women hashtag me to movement for years, mainly to get from remember nobody, carbon Harvey ones you and how they would for years in the trunk was elected. It was like ok, we're gonna have to get rid of all these bad bad, terrible men. Sure we had Bill Clinton, ensure we a jail Kay ensure we had said Kennedy ensure we had pressed, ensure we have a lot of people were sort of famously around town, molesting, women, but or allegedly millennium. But at the same time that they were important people from we gotta get out of office. Now it's time to change. The standard will hold ourselves to a better standard and they did overtly changing Astin Centre Christian Gilbert and who had been hobnob in with the Clinton's turned on a dime and said: if I've been around when Bill Clinton was doings, maybe we should get rid of Bill Clinton. Ninety eight after over the Monica Lewinsky Polygon stuff. Maybe we should go ahead and on that I will now Joe Biden has the nominee, and this allegation comes for enjoyment. Regional strategy is, will have, will perish statement and I get and then That's all. I know about Regina seizure, silently and media basis. Go along with this chair, a the purse
made, the allegation is not asked on a single national news. Show there's an entire. Article in the New York Times yesterday about this by Ben Psmith has actually been a pretty good job over the north tends to be the editor in chief over Busby now he's reporting over at the New York Times. Is the media calmness and he says- and he says the mainstream american media. Ninety ninety nine for reasons that are hard to explain or excuse today got cold feet on a credible allegation of rape against the present is referring twenty two broader it after He knew TAT four weeks, I'm an exclusive interview. Roderick went onto the only but would listen to her. Mr Clinton's, partisan enemies of the Wall Street Journal editorial page. That move help turn more straightforward allegation into a weapon eyes. Political story. Well Americans watching at home to make up their own minds about wanting to products credibility. There were left with new reasons to shake their headed the media. The same thing is about to happen again. A former Senate aid for Joe Biden tarried has accused the present. Democratic presidential nominee, a sexually assaulted, where ninety ninety three reports have found other account that indicate she's been telling a version of events for a long time. There are, as with wanting to Eric reasons, to doubt her story. There are good reasons not take her out, and yet you wrote
We told me one day. The only offers she's had to appear on television have come from Fox NEWS in call, including a call from prime time has shown Hannity. She has so far turn them down. She said I ve been We just kind of way to get somewhere in the middle, and I want to be pigeonholed. The progressive and I wanna be pigeonholed as Trump supporter CNN, This embassy MSNBC, whose dna even a pandemic, is politics, have covered her. On their websites in hot air, but have not put her on camera reach had there not offering humanity there just doing stories, no anchors, nothing like that. She most like to tell her. To a network television, ankle, she'd, Myers, CBS, Gale king is one she said, but they haven't called so she is plan, to accept Fox news offer for an interview to air this weekend, but with someone a little more up, the middle apparently she's gonna talk with Chris Wallace something that is that that she's been considering. Benjamin, so some of the reasons distortions muffled right now are fairly straightforward. The global chronometers pandemic. There's all women
First tried getting attention mostly on twitter stumbling for with no pr person and no attorney, since I emailed Ronan Pharaoh like four times the point of stocking- and I didn't hear back now of course he's one of the investigators rob investigative reporters on this route, said that she had meant that fairly, not initially responded to our, but they were now actively communicating. Then she found parties going to hear her. I remember this allegation first aired on a Bernie Sanders, probe programming centres podcast by women in Katy Helper, then the internet, which is also a leftist website, reported that a friend and brother of Miss reads recalled her driving the incident. The traditional media awaited in carefully than business insider had reported the rapporteur, which Mchugh at first taken the steward vanity, fair and vanity. Fair wooden public Can you imagine vanity? Fair, not publishing, Christine blazing Ford? Sorry, of course not the broadcast North CNN and MSNBC have covered the story on their websites, but there's been no clear explanation for why Reed was not booked mainstream tv, Sienna Nemo's embassy, declined to explain why they have not been to woman. Who is whether you believe her not one of the few news makers right now who could cut through the pandemic
The posture is all the more strange mean this great he's by then Smith is actually being honest. You're. The posture is all the more strange because at this point is essentially symbolic in eighteen. Ninety, nine, you could argue that NBC decision to hold back LISA Myers is interview with Roderick, had real political consequences taped in January, as the Senate took up impeachment charges against It didn't air until after the Senate voted not convicted. President in February, back then you'll new Americans, we're gonna, hear her voice was on television, but these days judge. Reed story. You can listen to the original Pakistan of you. You can find we're talking about it in different places. So it's pretty amazing that TV has refused to have terror. On and it does demonstrate the via the media. Remember Christine Blasi Fort was put on the cover of time magazine with her face, comprised of various quotes from her about all the horrible things that happened to her in a heroes pose holding up her hand and taking the oath to tell nothing but the truth, the whole truth and material? They won't even have a national tv. I don't
clowns like Sean pen to talk about global pandemic, but it wont have until a reed was making an actual allegation of direct sexual assault against a presidential candidate. Your ruling out on everybody was making those sorts of allegations against shrunk back in twenty sixteen, but when it comes to Joe Biden, complete silence from National TV, so Joe Biden rightly thought he could hide out from this for quite a while it turns out. By the way they Joe Biden is doing more to hide out from the story we'll get to that in just one moment. First, let's talk about the fact that if your car is having trouble right now, the internet has solution for that trouble. You should take care of that right now. Y got like there's not a worse time ever to go to an auto, part, store infers about you, shouldn't have to go to all our hearts or anyway, recorded outcome has covered, got cheaper parts. They better parts, because the party can be specifically matched to your car go check out rock auto dot com. They always offer the lowest possible prices than changing prices based on what the market will bear like airlines do, why spend twice as much for the same part? Chain stores have different price years for professional mechanics and do it yourself as rock ordered outcomes? Prices are the same for everybody. There are
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If you didn't, want to donate them job, you should have donated them, but the idea we're going to keep them in the dark in and make them wouldn't for years on end in the middle of this is pretty ridiculous. It amazing the media, will go totally after Trump about not releasing his tax records for the region. I said meantime from a religious tax records. Having full transparency from presidential candidates is a very good thing. The american public deserves no more by the way I felt the same think about things like Rock college records. I thought that was interesting. It would be good to know what kind of classes, back when he was in college and what kind of papers he was writing, and all that mean something Look we're seventeen, so I sort of like the idea that, if you're in the Senate, on the taxpayer diamond. You have notes that you have donated to a public universality of University of Delaware, public inversely that you should now have to release those, as can do running like this. It seems like a thing you should do, but apparently Joe Biden will not release those records,
Teresa's. I'm calling for the release of the documents being held by the University of Delaware that contained by staff personnel records, except believe it will have my complaint form Well, my separation letter another documents- maybe if other staffers, that afraid of thousands who come to light. Why are they under seal while be released to the public, so binds campaign is denied. The claim from Red Biden says that that the woman The references in the wreckers twenty of this, but you could just released the records you could in abiding today suggested that the records won't exist there only existed the national archives. There's only one problem, people called up the national archives. You have personnel record from Senate offices. This had no that's what we do here: the national archives, so no you're actually going to have to rule those records and binding holding those weapons pretty close to the chest. So all this starts to mount this week. So it's media, don't ask Biden about it for weeks on it right asked Stacy Abrams about it. The Christian, Joel, and boundless camel hair is about it. The less inequality are about it thus trump about it there from about it yesterday and rightly trumpets gonna circumspect about it, considering that
It is usually the guy who Jahannam a brick, and you will clock you directly in the forehead with it. Instead from was actually kind of circumspect, because in France opinion here, falsely malign about the sort of stuff many times and he's not gonna jump to guilt. Well, that's! Actually from being consistent. Shockingly enough, trumpeting listen, I know all about false accusations, I'm not going to suggest the Joe Biden is guilty. Merely an accusation has been that's actually tramping farmer Kansas, Then Joe Biden has ever been on this stuff. Here is Trump I don't know anything about it. I don't know were exactly. I think you should spawned, so it could be. Succussations. I know all about false accusations have been falsely charge numerous times and there is such a thing. If you look ass, if you like a brand cabinet is an outstanding man, but I don't know, I can't speak for Biden. I can only say that I think you should respond. I think you should answer them. Ok, and that is that that is it, that is it
They circumspect answering end from the President of the United States, so in the middle always get them Madame is gaining and then Joe Biden has himself a couple of awful days awful political days. Here is an example. Yesterday Joe Biden was on National TV and Joe Biden literally the dress it on national tv quote, you myself as a transition candidate, my job, is to bring the mayor piece of the world into this administration, she's openly acknowledging he's not actually the candidate for president that he is just a dead person right. You can't than we acknowledge that run. For president, I mean it said that unsafe imagine a future that onstage imagine He has had on the essentials and I got nothing new to offer. You know people know my name, I'm kind of a corpse, and you know if you let me the mayor, Peter president maybe women like I'm right here, dude like if I weren't you people want me they can vote for me. Why exactly would you for a guy who in a general election whose act we commonly Harris or whose actually may be who is actually a micawber jar. Minutes? An amazing statement he's basically betting,
will hate Trump so much that he's elected president. There may not be about that, but it's a horrible campaign tactic suggesting that you are running not because you have a vision for the country or because you add anything to political debate but because you're, an empty vessel was likely to collapse and die. Two years into your term. This is the first time My lifetime, the dvd selection, is actually gonna matter. A lot of jobs. Lex calmly Harris down from pollution guns calmly Harris you will not even run against Joe Biden, yours, Joe Biden has said: he's a transition candidate, job senile and not healthy by the way eurobond, look see now and not healthy, and that is perfectly that is perfectly acceptable to say people's all. That's ages, no not just a plenty of eighty zero people who don't look like Joe Biden. Violent lessons with anyone. Abrams turn amazing violence. He drew he was eighty vibrant totally with it, not Joe Biden here. We all know this. Maybe it's in politics to say this too bad in presidential race. There's no such thing as an politic by the way, Amsterdam leftovers and been speculating. That from is a is a few, is a few
Apple Short of a barrel for a long time so suggesting the Joe Biden does not he's not even Joe Biden of eight years ago. Rachel about Joe Biden cannot string sentences together. I'll show you prove it. Catherine senses together actually enjoy here's. A video yesterday of Joe Biden suggesting that what he wants to do about run a virus is fly, flags had half staff in the White House. This is big suggestion to care. Corona viruses that he's gonna lower the flag to have at the White House. Wealth problem solved Joe, and this was a video the campaign released because they got it. May Joe Biden look good Joe Biden books He cannot stringy sentence together here, Peach himself, no less than twice in the four in the course of about forty five second video. He stumbled over himself and his big suggestion for curing corona virus is he's going to lower the flag at the White House, which is just one problem solved here, Joe here's, the vice presidential, here's, the presidential candidate, the Democrats, circle, noise this morning we have lost more people cruelly vires dead.
Entire Vietnam WAR is lost time the presence of lower the flag on the White House to happiness, to recognise their laws and all they leave behind all those families were first responders gave her large turn safer. If he does not do this presidency promised do a shady thundered? They they thought that this was it that this is a good video for Joe Biden, so he's campaigning is corpse. The problem is a court. Who allegedly sexually molested someone a ninety. Ninety three does not quite as good a candid is a corpse. You didn't do that when you doesn't have us how fictions differ and so what you see is some of the Democrats. Starring come out of the woodwork in it and a bit of a gap. Opening up in the Democratic Party offices led up to his disastrous appearance on morning. So this morning it was really really bad for him. We're gonna get to that in just one second,
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that is an eighty ass you, I t, eat outcomes, lash Shapiro, their free guide, scheduled every product or net sweet dot com. Slash appear once more net sweet dotcom slash sure I'll catch. You start to see the gap open up in the Democratic Party, and this is when Biden has won t be so you have. The the Believers like Nancy Policy. First, I need to say this tape, those natural compiled a, but it's it's totally correct Nancy Policy until reverses Christine Blasi forts and here's what she had to say about Christine Blasi for when Justice, Cavanaugh was being question. Remember, though, the phrase credible, credibly accused of being thrown around a lot credibly accuse. Have you incredibly accused buried there is more evidence. The terror red actually has been telling a story for the same story thirty years than there ever was the Christine Blasi Ford was telling the truth terrorists. Is a much more credible witness and Christine Blasi Ford Flat out Christine,
for me now legation and not a single thing that she said was verifiable. None of it to read at least can point to a bunch of people said. I told them at the time it so here is Nancy Blowsy, suggesting that that Christine Blasi for should be believed that justice haven't. I was probably rapists and then we will hear her on terror. And then will hear her onto our written in. Suffice it to say she is not consistent. There's been some statements from his campaign, not his campaign, but his former employees who ran his offices and the rest that there was never any record of this instead of asking questions, the republican leadership, fears the troops There was never any record and that a noble you ever came forward or nobody really so afraid The truth in their so afraid of woman, said Doktor, Christine Lazy Force for the true said she was still well
that's what she had to say about Christine Blasi for way back when tarried very different story yesterday, plus, whose asked about this and she started getting angry reporters by the way. Did this we ve been told that every time a politician get angry at a reporter ever since Donald Trump, that this is an attack on the free press, listens vicious attack on the free press, putting all of our freedoms at stake. How do Nancy policy here is Nancy Blow You look worse and worse. These days on, Islam is a stressful time for being basically ripped up. And by the media and being forced to two suggestions: needle lecture statue. Question and I don't need a lecture or speech here's the thing. I have complete respect for homework movement. I have four daughters and one son and there's a lot of excitement. Around the idea that women will be and we will listen to their- is also due process and of the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden.
New and Joe Biden turbines. This is training. Yesterday Joe Biden is job fertile Joe Biden, a binding. I just don't know. Joe Biden knows that anymore, both even fence with us but Joe Biden, his job, I'm isn't exactly the case that was being made for bread cabinet, people are saying what here's bunch women Brookhaven anew, and he never never could imagine. He would do anything like disposing. Well. That's not good evidence that you can't say that he isn't one
making me and those are the women making the accusation, Joe Biden has your mind, is not a defence, so some many Democrat begin to begin to buck against and taking Jeffreys from New York. He says: well, you know what maybe we should investigate those? Maybe she take a look at this in a damned starts to break. There's gotta be taken seriously because serious allegation raised by a serious individual and needs to be investigated seriously, but in terms of what the appropriate mechanism is, you know that remains to be seen. I've gotta die deeper into the evidence that has emerged, and I've also got a dive deeper into Joe Biden response- and we probably should hear from him at some point directly as a relates to the allegation arranged. The dams are spreading, people start asking wise and Joe Biden going on heavy wineland. Joe Biden answer questions so morning. Shoebox Joe Biden on this and this morning Joe Biden appears on warnings. Presumably because he thinks he's gonna get a fairly one treatment. After all
Mika and Joe are not exactly warm to president from these days is not twenty. Sixteen anymore and twenty two seen. There are fairly friendly with Trump all the way through the primary, then of course, from turn into Orangemen bad, but Joe Biden probably expected fairly easy treatment instead make abortion ski clocked him with just a cartoon mallet. She she went directly at him and she s precise. The kinds of questions the Democrats were asking about break avenue and by the way people were angry maker, women angry when Democrats were asking this of Avenant or about Donald Trump at least make it since he is holding to us consistent standard deriving the standard is stupid by the way, I don't think the standards should be. If you are asking navigation, you say the allegation is false. You now have to justify why you say the allegation is false Not accuse you of rabies had never happen. You, then do not have to say, but the woman story we should. We should totally take restoring furiously you're allowed to say now that nakedness forcibly crap sorry, I don't know issue That is why it garbage of angry that I've been accused of something I didn't do that holding
human reaction and the fact we live in a stupid time or of your accused of a crime that you did not commit you're supposed to be in some way. Tolerance of the past who is making? The accusation is insane meant that the standards of without the standards set by Democrats. Ok, so Mika Brzezinski, National all the same standard for break Avenue and Joe Biden can hold up to standard. You know why next year, Wine is guilty because no one can hold up to the stand, because the standards idiotic standard is more from the very start, the standard that, if I bench Shapiro, were accused Sexual assault, myself, are you insane? Are you insane person, I'm an orthodox? You have only had sex with one person in my entire life and are married to her, and it was after. I was married to her. Are you you're, damn mind and weaponry that accusation is, is scurrilous it's disgusting, and if I were to say that we would all you're not respecting woman, why the hell should I respect someone's been the false accusation about me region, idiotic standard, but that is the centre. Democrats are using you have to believe all women. Even if you the one who knows it's not true, so no one can hold up to standard and
Billina Joe Biden, who held that standard doesn't hold up to the standard, which is why again, it was the a terrible appearance by Joe Biden for a couple of reasons will get to those in just one. Second, the biggest reason, because anybody whose ass these quest I cannot answer them basically Mika Brzezinski, Astro Biden, Senator. When did you stop beating your wife that that's the famous sort of formulation of questions that cannot be answer? When did you stop eating your wife right? Because the implication is, of course, that you started beating your wife. Did the question itself? Is the condemnation we'll get to that in just one? Second? First, let us talk about the fact that we all have regrets in life. How do we get things so wrongly joining Twitter, for example, life life regrets waste of time, terrible people, but you know it's like you make mistakes, but here's one thing you really can't afford to make a mistake about. That is life insurance. Why? Because, by the time to correct mistakes that we really need to make sure the other life insurance as irresponsible human being? This is why you need policy genius, dotcom policy, make finding the right life insurance breeze. In minutes, you can compare. You quotes from the top insurers and find the best price you could take.
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What happened? Why should we hold you? The same standard here was Joe Biden answer From the very beginning, I've said believing women means taking a woman's claims seriously waste. Forward in and then vetted look into it. This. There. That's true in this case as well. Women have a to be heard and- when the pressure rigorously investigate claims they make Nepal, that principle, but in the end, in every case, the truth is what matters and this The truth is the claims are false. She says standard was that we should rigorously investigate anything in the claims. Are false? That was not a standard. This is not his standard I'm seeing unequivocally never happen it didn't it never happened, but again the reality is that Joe Biden did not hold that standard until five seconds Joe Biden, has completely shifted his standard. His standard was now
as is done, it was I'm not going to I'm. You know. I think that if a woman makes an accusation, then we will believe her but now it's almost may, in which case you totally fully investigate this. Here's a bite seventy thousand eighteen for women come forward in the glaring like to focus nationally. You gotta start off with the presumption that it was the Essen, What she's talking about his real, whether or not you forget fact whether or not it's me worse or better overtime, so Brazil asked is the essence of choosing real you think, she's doing this. And bind says. I'm not gonna question her motive. I'm not gonna get into that at all. I don't know why she saying this. I don't away for twenty seven years. All of us on this gets raised. I dont understand that, and I'm not going, The one in question emotive, Mechano attacker just so whatever she wants to say, but I have to say: look at the facts. Check it out, find out of what she says is true. Regions gave them. Load up. She says, as it pertains Ukraine. Lady for high level Democrat said she should be believed. You said someone like doktor forward to come out the essence of what are you saying has to be believed. Why wiser real for Doktor forbidden Africa, red and binding
binds as I'm not suggesting. She has no right to come forward any woman. They should be heard and then it should be investigated, and if there is anything that is concerned, with what's being said, and she makes the case The case is made, it should be believed, but only the truth. Matters again he's now shifting back to due process, which should have been the original standard, but the problem is that was never whose standard no one can deny that. The point of this no one can uphold the standards the Democrat set for breath, Cavanaugh and so the point many of us we're making at the time that you have set a bar. That is impossible to surpass it is impossible, it is literally the guilt is the accusation because believe all women or women have to be taken seriously, no matter how outlandish their plans go out of their claiming that right cabinet was lining up women in goofing them in high school and they move actually meant not getting drunk but raping people right that the whole thing was ridiculous and ensure, by held by that, and then just another, follow up, make a Brzezinski along the same lines should Stacy Abrams said during the cabin irons. I believe women, I believe, survivors of assault should be supported and with voices heard Christine Gentlemen's Do we believe women? Do we
give women and opportunity to tell their story. We must be a country that says yes every time they now enabled support. You are women. We believed, unless it pertains to you and binds as women are to be We have given the benefit of the doubt. If they come forward and say something that that they said happens, then they should start off with the presumption that they're telling the truth, then you have to look at the circle answers in the end. The facts in this case do not exist. They never happen. Ok he shipping his standard, which makes them look pretty bad, because again, the standard was never capable of being upheld, And maybe Democrats are willing to allow the sort of shifting Stenner it? Maybe it's better for the world. If we go back to a rational standard, I think it is the logistic knowledge. What happened here that the democratic shifted their entered from Nina Berlioz Time magazine, peace in which he claimed that she would form a on Bill Clinton. In order to maintain the propriety of abortion, from we dont care about sexual assault of its democratic. Every woman must be believed when it was Donald Trump, whose authors and then move from that to you not be great due process when its Joe Biden back in the process,
understand. There are no standards for Democrats. None. I felt the same sex, all the way through allegations have to substantiated by actual evidence, attribute standard for all of these things. Should it not here now Joe Biden then Biden was asked Amicable Kinsky about the document release over unit you have Delaware, uneasy stunned that even being asked the question. Now he's really statement train clarify here, he was being stunned. Renewed virtual Joe Biden has a perennial look of being stun these days because he again he is not with us, but here's. Here's make abortions,
Joe Biden, there are no personal documents, but you can't do that. You wouldn't, for example, if you worked with mayor, I work for you and you have my my income tax returns. You had my who, whatever their their private documents, that are not further, they don't don't get put out in the public's. Do not part of the public record. That, in fact, is that any senator vice President President, has in their documents so question. Why did you give him to give us? Your dollar I basically ok with people bruising you're, not just not right now. So what are you? Then you shouldn't turning over body. He put out a full statement today and the goal of men here years, Joe Biden full steam and they put out on Friday morning Quote April sexual assault awareness month every year. At this time we talk. Awareness prevention and the importance of women feeling they can step forward say something can be heard that belief that women should be heard.
Was the underpinning the law. I rode over twenty five years ago, to this day I most proud of the violence against women at so but we are reminded not only of how far we have come in dealing with sexual assault in this country, but how far we still have to go so again, he's being amnesia phrase credibly accused, because I guess now that's the Fraser Use credibly accused of sexual assault. Any opens his statement with here. Often ratings have done for me. I was reliably informed that it does not matter whether you pretty women, well, your entire career that has no relevance to sexual assault allegation as reliably informed of that when it came to both Donald Trump Cambric Avenue. Actually Biden continues. When I wrote the bill, you wanted to talk the issue. It was considered a private matter, a personal matter, a family matter. I didn't see it that way to me freedom from, your harm and violence really was a legal right of civil rights and a human right, and I knew we headed. We open the eyes of the Senate and the nation. We pass the walks in the years that followed. I can. I fought to continually strengthen the law, so we took office and President Obama asked me if I wanted, I told them. I want fought to continually strengthen the so we took office and pay
Obama asked me what I wanted. I told them. I wanted oversight of the critical appointments in the office on violence against women at the deal J, and I wondered senior Whitehouse adviser appointing directly to me on the issue. Both of those things happen, as vice president, we started the it's on US campaign college campuses to send the message loud and clear that dating violence is violence and against the war we had to get minimal. So this is long preamble about all these wonderful things that he has done for for women and then he says it's on us in its on me. As someone who wants to lead this country, I recognize my possibility to be a voice in advocate and a leader for the change in culture that has begun, but is nowhere You're finished, so I want to address. Allegations by a former staffer that I engaged in misconduct to twenty seven years ago. Well, though, the the The reason is that you forcibly sexually assaulted or not the you engaged misconduct? He says they are true. This never happened while the details of these allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault are complicated, two things are not complicated. One is that women deserve to be true. With dignity and respect, and when they stepped forward, they should be heard, not silence. The second is that their story should be subject to a proper.
Inquiry and scrutiny again. There's that shifting standard, appropriate inquiry and scrutiny we do not involve no actual scrutiny and inquiry for Christine Blasi Ford or if the women Donald Trump was involved with or any of the rest of us? responsible news organisations should examine and evaluate the full and growing record of inconsistency in her story, which has changed repeatedly in both small and big ways. But this much bears emphasising she has said You re some of these issues with her supervisor and senior staffers from my office at the time they both men and women and said unequivocally. She never came the main complaint or raised issues organisations that have taught literally dozens of former staffers and not found one, not one who corroborated allegations in any way. Indeed, many of them spoke to the culture of an office. There would not have tolerated harassment in any way, as indeed I would not have. There is a clear, critical part of the story. They can be verified, the former staffer said she filed a complaint back in nineteen? Don't ninety three, but she does not have a record of this alleged complaint. The papers from I sent it but I donated to the University of Delaware: do not contain personnel files. It is the practice of Senate
to establish a library of personal papers, the document that public record speeches policy proposals position taken in the writing of bills, there's only in place of complaint of this kind could be the national archives. There's only one problem with this. This is not true, it is not true, it is it is, Nicole, I'm binder, who is a whose rapporteur for I'm trying see which our business insider she says this is not right. Just as the national archives does not hold records from the personnel office. The office of fair employment practices instead a Senate, historical, often staffers, had the fair employment practices. Records are governed by sent a resolution, mandating the records containing personal privacy, information closed by statute and records active nomination closed for fifty years. That staffer said that the rules for five- a complaint to the Office of fair employment practices were complicated and it was possible. Staff are attempting to do so without proper guidance may not have taken the necessary steps Gettin investigation started. According to the congressional money from ninety ninety five four
Seventy nine people contacted the office between one thousand nine hundred and ninety two one thousand nine hundred and ninety five seeking assistance of those. Only two entered the offices, five step dispute resolution process, which included a formal complaint and hearing if reads complete file to the office for employment practices, the record will remain closed until twenty forty three twenty forty three also it is past the reason that she wants. The University of Delaware Records exposed is because their actual record because she met formerly and informally, with several by an age. According to her, including his former chief of staff, had coffin about her concerns, which included allegations. She was told she dressed. You provocatively and asked to drinks to serve drinks and a fundraiser because Biden like two legs. She please note those discussions would be in any personal files the archive might contain. So it's not just about a formal complaint. It's also about did job. I never mentioned her in any of his notes. He uses to release those notes and now is putting it. Statement lying about how he can't release those notes.
She says, as a presidential candidate accountable to the american people, we lived long enough for the president doesn't think, he's accountable to anyone and takes responsibility for nothing. He goes on and talks about how we need to stop gender based violence, etc, etc, etc. Bottom line is utterly insufficient from Joe Biden, not by his own standard, not by his own standard and by the standards that people held from by them so does that really damage Joe Biden in a race against from you can always pointed Trump on a comparative level. He can say: listen. He has far worse history than I do have bad allegations and a true. It is a hundred percent true. It is also true that Joe Biden was perceived widely by the media is pure as the driven snow, not anymore can be difficult for him to do. Have these allegations dogging him the rest of the rice? Ok, just a moment or get you all of your corona virus updates. We ought, by the way further note honour and your body, Joe Biden, also has now enlisted Chris Dodd to aid in his for female. Vice president, the Connecticut Democrat, allegedly salted. A waitress during his hunger there is famous driver crystal and TED Kennedy.
Work sandwich in waitresses s literally. One thousand a report from Michael Kelly. Writing for geek quote It is after midnight and kennedy- and I are just finishing up along dinner in a private room on the first floor of the restaurants, annex they are drunk their dates Marion blondes leave the table to go to the bathroom the data drunk too. It always get there very, very drunk as a former brass, very waitress, Betty low whistle for some also leads the room. Apparently a woman named Karla Emilio it says that it is told the senators want to see her ask a video enters the room, the six. What two two hundred twenty five pound plus Kennedy grabs the five with reason: Hundred three counterweight resent rose her on the table. Kennedy than picture the table and throws run Dodd, whose sprawled in a chair and then can you jumped on top and begins rubbing his general area against her supporting his weight on the arms of the sea Christine? Is there the whole time and involved in this in this sandwiches dodgy adds says it's not my fault, gay soap
That's the guy. The Joe Biden just chose to help him search from female vice presidents, a good look there from from the Biden campaign. Ok, we're gonna move on to other matters that I think certain people more, namely are we all going to die or not will get to that in just one? Second? First, let us talk about the fact that your favorite devices are a major source of blue light, and this means they're keeping you up at night. If you, if you play with your phone right before bad, it is likely to keep you up you're on your screen. So much now because we are all stuck at home- is very important, protect your eyes from the blue light and give you headaches and keep you awake at night, which leads to greater stress. That was what you need is a good. Looking pair of Felix Gray, glasses there were in situations where you could get more than I stringency headaches common symptoms from spending too much time in front screens of things like glory, vision and tired eyes. Stop with the blue light. Instead get the Felix grave. I have a pair. I wear them a lot, their great many blue blue eye glasses, don't actually filter blue light, especially in the range the matters screens produce. The most at a certain point in the spectrum, namely forty or fifty five nanometers, most clear, blue light lenses only filter about.
Three percent in that range. But Felix Gray uses the proprietary filtering technology to filter fifteen times by light in the same exact range. Actually, online people, marketing blue directly to you with a hard, is sort lens cloth By lessons are much more durable, you actually see people marketing blue light glasses online. Where the film is sort of painting on them, then they start cracking and is our bubbling. They fall apart, really easily not Felix where this stuff is gonna. Last you a lifetime this week only feel x rays, giving you fifteen percent off all glasses. It Felix Gray, glasses, dot com, Slash Ban Catalogue of Felix Greg, ass, his dot com, Slash Ben Answer, Bennett check out for the special offer. If you're screens aren't easier on the ice in the back for a full refund, try them for three days: risk free, that's Felix Gray, glasses, dot, com, lifespan, promo code. Then shipping, in return solely freed Felix, great Felix Gray, glasses, dot com, slash ban use that promo code Ben already. What we're going to get into everything. Corona virus related because the idiotic controversy over when to reopen continues. I say idiotic because we're not actually having intelligent conversation at this point is based
people who want to locked down forever against a few people who want you open everything up in Willy nilly fashion and then about fundamental saying how about we go back to work and tranches and act responsibly. I think that's like seventy percent of the american public at this seriously. Think if you pull people, you say shares our three options: down until there's vaccine and you lose your job and the government will try to pay you. But behind me collapses. Just get out there, Willy nilly and starts moving strangers, or we can wreak responsibly reopen right now. Starting with healthy populations. We can, where mass and we can socially distance having seventy percent of the american population will be in they'll. Ask group we'll get to that. Just a second first, this May we have a great Sunday special, for you is the amity slays super relevance of amity is the author of a fantastic, the forgot man about Sdr. Nineteen thirties, and why all the measures taken during great depression, we're absolute garbage, shows a fantastic, become great society and how government attempts to alleviate poverty giant backfire in a giant fail its deeply relevant at a time when you have the Democratic Party
calling for a wholesale remaining of the economy. Yet again, there's a little bit of the preview. Guaranteed income tends to break up family it- makes it easier to be a single autonomous adult Do you think, I'm you not to stay together. Families need to depend on one another in order to be strong it is really great episode. Really informative episode in her books are really tremendous. Meanwhile, it is that glorious term of the weakening of a shout out to a daily where member today it is lords extra who clearly How to count our blessings in this big, too adorable patriotically, dressed babies are sitting on the floor together, one deep in thought, the other fully, I should be getting photographic, not one, but two examples of the world's most elite beverage vessel. Exceptionally good things really do come in Paris Couldn't we said it better, myself Laura those two are acuteness overload and babies are like thanks for sending in their magnificent pick and good luck. You ve clearly got hands full by the way. I believe that our our offer for two separate leftist years Tumblr is still on the table, so you can
not have those twins, but you could actually have the two leftist years. Even if these twins twins man, ok and check out those leftist years, tumblers right Now, when you go over to daily wired icon, slash subscribe, I believe also we are offering all access members. Twenty percent also go check out daily icon, Slash subscriber to listening to the largest fastest growing here the progress in radio show in the nation yeah. It seems that many in the media have a vested interest in walking down forever and the case making is not that they have a good alternative. Their lockdown forever is even credible. It is not credible. People are going to go out. They are. And politicians understand right now because of the media coverage that the best available option for them, blame front for the economy and then take credit for saving lives by walking down your city or walking down your neighborhood, almost your response the governor, in which case you are looking to responsibly, reopen- and there are some bipartisan responsible governors again you're. Looking at people like our passing cholera, looking at reopening, he hasn't got any sort of media play, because
there too busy the media turning this into a polar ice political issue when it shouldn't be politicized cures narrative, the media are now generating the media. Is that if you want to open in anyway. It's because you don't care about human life. That is the end, and this follows hard on. The job Airlines, Joe Biden, has been saying since the beginning of the week has new line. Is we need to fly flags had half staff that is going to fix everything to play their clip a little butter of Joe Biden stumbling and bumbling his way through that suggestion, within four hours, the New York Times on its front page put a piece jesting that president, from his mean it doesn't care about dead people? There? headline was amid a rising death toll trumped leaves the grieving to others. You trumps really mean and terrible badly. He from yesterday, talking about mourning for every life lost tragically the virus poses the greatest risk to older Americans. Together as one nation we mourn for every precious life. That has been fast, there have been many. There have been many were so hidden by it.
Through aggressive actions in the devotion of our doctors and nurses. However, we have held on fatality red our below hard hit I first not women come city, the vitelli per million right, that's not actually true. We are below UK. We are below Spain, where below ITALY, where novel of Sweden, they tell me per million right, that's not actually true, we are below UK, we are built. Spain, where below ITALY, where novel of Sweden he's being up on Sweden. These days, other than from himself seems confused as to what his actual policy should be to the point here is that the media have ridden narrative. The narrative is view reopen you're killing people and if you call for reopening you're calling for killing people- and so they are going, the gun from here. The headline at the New York Times was, as the death toll from the corona virus over eight weeks surpasses the total american military casualties in eight years of major combat in Vietnam. Mr Trump has led no national mourning that sentence of itself demonstrates how stupid the media coverage is Peter Baker from in your time. This is not a war is not in. This is not a war of choice.
Vietnam is not. We got in a military strategy, decided how many people would die, but does not how this works like that Zig Zag Pandemic Disease Are you insane everybody to anyone who makes it of you? No more comparison. It's amazing! You blasted by the media. If you compare this to the flu because it is not like the flu in terms of deadlines or easy spread But it's a lot more like the blue than it is like the Vietnam WAR the Vietnam WAR was not contagious. Morons No more was about military strategy. What it help the way in which this, like the Vietnam WAR other than their allotted dead people, it is utterly unlike the Vietnam WAR, and yet you keep hearing comparison, because the idea is that its trumps, vietnam- always it's from Katrina its Trump Vietnam, it they had just come on. Just irresponsible nonsense, and again all of this is true being a narrative narrative. Is that you're very mean and very bad. If you try to reopen the economy and the media love picking the nuts they like picking on the people who are being most irresponsible in protest in this sort of stuff, so, for example, yesterday there a bunch of
Its esters descended on the Michigan capital, because Michigan legislators are voting on whether to extend to stay at home orders and any dumbest possible fashion. Protesters show up carrying guns and by the way I will not even this was Miss covered by the media. Here's was dumb about this screaming police officers or attempting to enforce social distancing getting right in their faces, while the police officers are only wearing medical masks, which means that the police officer, protecting others from being infected with medical mask on western and ninety five is not gonna, protect you from being infected by others, because you intake air every time you breathe it getting right in the faces of police officers or just trying to protect legislators and keep people safe is idiotic. Do not do it. It is idiotic and showing up here with guns as though you going to invade Capital is a horrible work. It is a stupid look. I've been seeing for while you wanna protests the stuff go right ahead and protest, it here's how you should do it. You should go to the capital you should socially distance should wear a mass, because the whole point you're making is your responsible enough not to infect tons of other people, you're responsible,
have to be given your freedom, so when you appear to be irresponsible and crazy, all you are doing is giving the other side, the baton to snap you with its really wrong we stupid, ok, that these were bad optics. It was stupid, objects I think most people there are well meaning and in most of the people there are correct that the economy should reopen. But you're really doing the opposite of what you are intending to do stuff like this new media loves it read, the media are totally into it by the way when I say medium is covered. Even this must be frank about this. It is not against the law to come to the capital with the guy, unless they control hostile intent to members them because they're scared of guns and they think the guns are inherently evil. They think it shows hostile intend to shop anywhere with guns. They said an Anti programme rally, Virginia, which involve by ten thousand people bringing guns and involves your actual violence was super super threatening anytime report. We see a gun, they freak out, like absently freak out the same kinds of people who say that have if I to carry my kids school at this is somehow damaging to my child, which is purely in it, but with that's it was. It was a good optics. No also quick note on media malfeasance here,
Every single one of those protesters was temperature check before they enter the building. That doesn't means that it does. Mean their quota virus free, there's, asymptomatic transmission. It does mean that these people were non VI enough to submit to a temperature checked before entering the Michigan capital. Ok put all that aside. So, on the one side you have the people in the media who obviously want to walk down forever, and then you, of people like this or being irresponsible in how they protest and creating them objects and being stupid in then you have everybody in the middle whose, like you know what guys there are serious, this thing in going to have to reopen. I'm a man. Who is to see that the New York Times is. Finally recognising and capitalism raises people out of poverty and it. When you shut down forcibly the world economy, the people get poor again they did In article nine, your times that that sort of tacitly admits this there's a headline, millions who had risen out of poverty are pulled back in by the pandemic. Let's be frank: it's not just the pandemic that is put. People back into poverty governments, forcibly shutting down the free market economy and its people are back into poverty.
And changing free market economy. Conditions based on people not going out and participating in a free market economy its government was the solution to poverty, I'm one and why did millions of people just sink back into poverty during the greatest government enforcement action in the history of mankind? Transnational just wondering just just just worth noting in the real world. Shutting down the economy is actually quite a bad thing. Quite a bad and foolish. For doing a very long and what you're seeing is people who are taking actions that are completely unrelated to responsibility so given use him in California and that the media have created this bizarre perception super bizarre that communism in California, has an amazing jump renaissance in full, It has been evil and horrible Gregg out in Texas, benevolent horrible last. I tracked. California has about five for one hundred thousand population from Verona Virus Texas has three deaths per annum A thousand population from grown virus Florida has six deaths per. Hundred thousand population from grown virus, so why the Gavin some as a hero and run. This answer is a fool when we understand has about the same size,
ass, a governess him until he shut down his entire state and is not there shut down every beach governance, by the way even had walked out back a couple of days ago, given I'm guessing he's going to shut down every state park in beat in the state, because a bunch of people showed up at Newport Beach. As I mentioned, this is like the dumbest possible policy. Why, If you're at the beach, socially distancing from other people that is basically the safest place, it could be right now. Sunlight and free air kill the virus. Sunlight and free air. Keep you away from infecting other people in close proximity to you like this, There is a study from China to count them to cases of the virus transmission in the open air and was apparently to people talking to each other and, like one foot distance with no masks, so given Newsome had walked out back. He said that is that he's only going to close state and local beaches in Orange County, which means, of course, now is closed. Allay county, great ally counties was orange. County is closed, So what are we going to turn rubs handicap in reduction, as I was gonna happen and then there'll be overcrowding there, because when you see
These people, out of certain areas they go to other areas you idiot, they're, gonna, go to the city park. There aren't closed. People are doing that here. In the area where I live, we're gonna drive over to Burbank Rapacity Pasadena. Stick around in L, a county, we're gonna drive we're to another city that isn't completely insane in Washington DC. Official saying the city may not reopen for three months for three months in Washington DC, point in Washington is either of any grand total of one hundred and ninety deaths and the commission the entire city of Washington DC for another three months, based on what to accomplish what. A testing and tracing regiment is only operative to prevent spikes. You know, by the way, when you first gonna see those bikes you first and she, though, spikes not investing in tracing regiment, not most ramp up the testing to millions per day if first gonna see it special cases when people suddenly spike particular area they are protesting contact raising, but can we stop pretending Is utopian solution in which the virus stop spreading and at the Argo blow because of testing and tracing and a country of three
thirty million people or asymptomatic spread of the disease is prevalent and we have over a million cases that we have already identified nine hundred thousand of them that that are still active. It didn't. None of this is going to happen in the near future. So, let's be real about this they're stupid people who just say go out there and swaps bit with your local neighbours, the matter your age, no matter there very few of those very few, Then there are the mediately like lockdown forever, and anybody who suggests differently is evil and terrible There's everybody in the middle and guess what everybody can end up in the middle every single day and was not insane? Is gonna end up in the middle, no matter what the media try to push. Her I gotta listen to Doktor Karen Lindeman over it than yours. Saint George went first and it screwed up because guess what somebody was gonna have to go first, and there's no evidence that Georgia screwed this up and if you just say over there being elevation cases, guess what that's called real. Ready, when you let people out of lockdown, of course, there's elevation and cases. Frankly, I'm kind of shock there. We saw not getting national data when who exact is dying and from what they say:
now today, by the way they demonstrate that the vast majority people who are dying again and who are young. Our people, who, serious underlying conditions? Not just hypertension, if you're under fifty people who are obese, people who have HIV people who have asked if you are young and your healthy, statistically speaking, you're not going to die of this disease, hey, you led the chances of you dying of the seas. I read the stats yesterday are extraordinary low for young people and so we're gonna start. Seeing is everybody dream is like Sweden, that's what's gonna happen and asked the responsible way to treat this she's everybody's laid on it, of course, and then the polarized media production here is is something to behold. Ok time for some things I like and then a quick thing that I hate or not so good thing that I hate soap, things I like today. So there is a series of command two thousand eighteen effects. I believe it is now conflicts. It is many series called Waco about the Waco assault by the federal government, and it is the most jobs. Thirdly, libertarian series in the history of television: I mean absurd
We libertarian because entire Series, basically about how the FBI like Other federal agencies is staffed by people who are self interested by people who want to maximize the budget what was their jobs and how they will use the element of law enforcement in order to maximize their political there, their political upside and take risks with the lives of other people that are completely unjustified. That's really what is about the serious traces, the FBI and its activities from Ruby Ridge through Waco its offer, the Ruby Ridge. Now a lot of people are not old enough to remember Ruby ring. Frankly, I dont really remember wake up perfectly well. It happened in ninety ninety three I was nine at the time and I didn't follow it you closely, but Ruby Ridge. Was a situation in which there was a gun charge that was brought against this guy, who was sort of eight was with accusations where these white supremacist he was it. He was in a sort of libertarian anarchist and he had a
a far up in a place called Ruby Ridge in Idaho, and the federal government came in the eighty ethnic f B. I came in and they proceeded to negotiate with him for like two minutes and then the f B. I got any gun battle. With his son and killed his thirteen year old son. They shot a thirteen year old unto death in kind of confrontation in the woods they proceeded to shoot his wife and killed his wife. Then he came whose convinced to come out by negotiators with the FBI. He was put on trial for the gun charge and he was acquitted. So that is so the F b I went in guns blazing in a situation for gunshot. This underscores a basic point that I have always made when you are calculating whether a war is worth enforcing or making understand that at the end of every law is the threat of death from the government. Every single law, the ever the threat of death from the government, exists at the end of that law. Why? Because, let's say that you have a high flush toilet and you ve,
in a peaceful manner, because you swore that flushes too much water and federal government comes your door and they wanted to find you saying: I'm I'm not paying their fine is older than your problem. They want a leading, my property, they say. Well, then we're gonna come recipes but I'm not going with you at the end of every law the end of every life. If you resist the law, they will shoot you. So knowing that you should take more seriously, the kind of wasn't we make in this country understanding, People are not going to resist the war understand you. Most people pay the fine under getting all that an understanding, but there are certain areas where the, where the there is interesting regulation right, you're going to have to regulate people from damaging each other? if you are doing something that doesnt damage another human being and the federal government, is threatened Murray you over it, then that's that's kind of a big problem, because this year's kind it's that point with regard to the branch of Indians in wake up, so the rush of Indians were not good people making there. The branch civilians were engaged in a cold
in which the leader of the branch of Indians David Course was essentially engaged in in sexual assault of young girls in which he was engaged in polygamy, which was father children by other men's wives with their permission, but some of these women, some of these people were girls, means like more than was fourteen when he married her pretty grows up, but that. But the series makes the point that pretty much all of this was legal and the state of Texas and even the gun charges that the eighty of went into police could have been alleviate with twenty five dollar. Fine can so they went in guns, blazing three it into a couple of hundred thirty people. Seventy six people die, including twenty five children and the serious traces like every step of this in apparently fairly accurate fashion there are consulting with somebody who is inside the compounds and ended up escaping a last minute, merely consulted Gary Messner. Who is this It was an negotiator on behalf of the FBI, the series there's a case may the series is is to sympathetic towards chorus and it should have accepted it.
Really should examine more of that, the best of the course was doing, but as people in the series, went out or theirs national radio hosting series you who is talking about it almost is running commentary. The eighty eight is not indeed is not enforceable. Child abuse agency in the regulations, of course, was abusing children. We have agencies for that right. We have to protected service. It sets out the eighty of straw, the eighty of going in guns, blazing overdone charges that were fairly minute and then basically bringing tanks into the area for police Go. Game is fairly insane. Here's a little bit of the trailer it is its disturbing stuff and again it is a great reminder that we should be very careful about the power you to the federal government, because you never know when that power of the federal government has turned against you and that power is enormous. The government, as I said before, is a giant gun and, at the end of everyone, Is that giant going to be very careful how you deploy the giant gun.
You look to me to be your leader to guide you, honest jury runaway follow, just like you, God has instructed me to stay here and wait for his son. Mrs our time to prove through suffering there, we're worthy of Amerika S occur is demons. Libertarians is series I had ever seen in my life and its and it is fairly well rounded in the sense that correction, obviously nodded in person for ashes, obviously bag. I, but Is it true believer in his own in his own stick and they don't make no he's a cynical user which he may very well. Where he may have been a guy who just want to stop everybody else's wife, and so he created a false prophecy in which he had to shut up.
But he also wife and people went along with it, but the series is pretty free, definitive on its own view that the federal government is responsible for the deaths inside that compound It does not make any bones about the idea that this is not a mass suicide that this was in fact the federal government completely blowing it it's it's worth watching, as it is a in excellent reminder for all those who love God force and are willing to use it in early. Any circumstance is often games until the government decides that you're the bad guy, based on whatever pretext they can raise that day. Ok time for a thing that I hate the utter. An essential dishonesty of members of the media who are taking people out of context on this pandemic thing is truly a store. Is its extraordinary its extraordinary to remember early on president from suggested that the Democrats when gauge nay hopes by blaming him for all the impact of corn a virus, and this became a talking point for the Democrats, who then claimed that trunk was actually saying that corner virus itself was a hoax. He never sent corner
help us out, but this became the talking point and ass. He Pelosi one on tv and repeated every Dayton matter. It is a four Pinocchio claim. According to the Washington Post did not matter it has been. That ever since, to claim that President Trump claimed that corona virus itself was a hoax will now be Democrats have a second round of this suggested cushion or was it even visor to the president? He goes on television and he says: listen. The federal responds to this thing has been. Success story. Not the corona virus is a success story. The federal government thanks to this is a success story, because we responded as governors need us to respond. Here is what our cushion or said we'll explain and then we'll show how it has been deliberately twisted my memory. The media, to suggest that journal We are celebrating sixty thousand american issues that this kind of stuff is Joshua, garbage. Here's jarring cushion on Fox and friends, deodorant we're on the other side of the medical aspect of this, I think that we have achieved all the different milestones that are needed, so they go together
The federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story and- and I think that that's really- you know what needs to be told to again he's saying that federal government success. Here is a story that needs to be told hundred percent rule. Our central all you ve seen you suffer weeks where ventilators we're ventilators Why isn't something about a job on ventilators people can take, events where's. First of all, there was exaggerated to a certain extent, because guess what the death rate on ventilators is. It is by most he's in excess of ninety percent, but beyond our hope that gets what didn't happen Thirty thousand ventilators needed in New York. It was not necessary when from said there can neither men's leaders in New York, he was torn apart for it and we call, as they will have letters were needed. Not thirty. A dot m believe need ten. The federal government got them. The ventilators in federal government has been responsible for getting people the personal protective equipment. Our government has been responsible for seven trillion dollar bail out. The federal government response here has been as active as any response in the history of Amerika and more active than virtually all of them.
And you're, who sang a sort of stuff democrats going to fill Murphy of New Jersey, no ally to the president of the union He says: New Jersey is getting pretty hard hit right now, he says, was in the federal I ve been is giving us the supplies. We need worse, even what we need from the trumpet ministration you for the same message from Andrew Cuomo. You ve heard the same message from Germany, some Democrat J, insulate Democrats ass. The nation has been consistently saying over and over and over. We asked the federal government for this and we got it. Gretchen Whipper in Michigan says this I am frankly I'm shocked that the Trump administration is not cut an ad so far or the from campaign has not cut an ad has all the various Democrats saying we asked for what we need and we got it because that is true. That it carries Filmore, for yesterday, sameness can't break. And his team and in terms of what we ve gotten already interpretive ventilators bed capacity
for the army, core p, p, etc. But we, we are embarking upon a very significant partnership to more than double expand. Our testing amounts numbers in New Jersey by late at the end of may result there. He is Explaining federal government has done its job. The federal government buried led the federalists and has done its job is not trumps Katrina She could find it wasn't bushes Katrina, but this is not trumps. Katrina is from Vietnam. The trumpet ministration put aside the dumb stuff, the transfers in press conferences, because this is from being from and we all get it in any way you press not to get it is being. Deliberately obtuse. We all understand what Europe is and what he has said and we understand what what does we'll get it baby doesn't lying to you here is the reality. The federal government did his job.
Is a success story. The me will not tell that success story. I guarantee that if you do a search for events, waiters right now in the media is just search. The word ventilators at the New York Times in the media You will see is enormous spike in the early days when they we're ventilators, ventilators, ventilated, ventilators and then the federal coming up in the translators and gone when's. The last time you heard somebody a national tv mentioned the word ventilators. It's been awhile huh. You know why, because New York didn't exhausted need for, but it didn't you ass, the supply ventilators. No one has. Remember when they said we ornament of hospital budgeting, marking the federal like ok but we'll get you the hospital bed, you need guess what didn't happen in it over one of the hospital Andrew Como sent away the? U S, navy, ship, comfort! Members! story when a comfort arrived not historically went away. Was it you're a cushion or says it was a success story about a federal government, because it was a success story by the federal government and they continue to work to provide for the needs of states, many of which have been providing for the years needs.
That's ok! So this all leads up to the media. Deliberately misinterpreting pusher has cushion or is very bad he's a very bad die because jarred cushion or works for Trump and he's related to Trump, because he's married to trumps daughter- and this means the cushion- is bad an evil and terrible and no good and very bad by the way. History of american politics. I understand I'm not a big fan of nepotism either, but pretend the drug culture is unique in the history of american politics is a complete absurdity visit this. This goes back right away, the person who is effectively running the country when and Woodrow Wilson went down in nineteen nineteen radiant hardtack and is basically not with us, was Edith. His wife was running the country, his son in LAW, Mackadoo, William Mackadoo, was the second. Area of war under unresolved, the journalist of his time was the Secretary of war and adviser to the President, the Secretary of WAR under Woodrow Wilson, I believe so the so nepotism, the Kennedys the Clinton's. It tell me about nepotism, because it
was the view here is the view yesterday deliberately misinterpreting questioners comments to suggest that he was saying that it was a success that sixty thousand people have died, those are some of the most tone deaf comments. I've heard, from the administration. We know that jar cushion then a sort of the behind the scenes Task Force leader, Corona Taskforce leader, he's been instrumental in this response. This poor response and sixty thousand Americans have lost their lives. So to a call, this a success story is is: is shocking, its cruel engaged anyhow and I'd like to hear you define of his poor really what what? What should they done better? What we're things they should have done better in a for stumping for heavily in inventory, Lastly, the widespread media lie that the federal government's response has been passport is absolutely rebutted item.
Medical, bereft of democratic governor thing. We asked for what we needed. Then we got it from that. They need, and the attempt to we'll what a little saying into yes we're happy additional hours, and that is insane it's totally insane. But again this media basically saying that trumpeted. Add mean man doesn't care about human beings and that's why he wants to reopen and It's all. It's all ridiculous already, so we'll back a little bit Today, with two additional hours of content, we get all the Michael Flynn stuff that will also beginning your questions in the mail bag so go subscribe over daily wired outcome. Slash subscribe of special deal on this the last week by the way when our all access live episodes are gonna be available to non all access members should subscribe right now, because we cannot keep those going May next week. I'm still there answering your questions and wearing t shirts and all the rest, but you're not going to see any of the gun. Shell. As you are actually in all access live member so had an average lily. Word outcome, slash subscribe. This is the bench of.
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