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Ep. 1027 - The Democrats’ Sham Revolution


Democrats proclaim they’re ushering in a revolution, and insist you join…but they’re not actually pushing radical policies their base wants; meanwhile, some good news on coronavirus!

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Democrats proclaim their ushering in a revolution and insist. You join, but they're not actually uttering a revolution in meanwhile some Good NEWS, uncrown virus. Maybe Girl? The bench Barroso today really sponsor by Express DP and stand up for your digital right to take action right now express gps dot com slashed by looking at it to all of the news in just one. Second, there is a lot of news and a lot of narrative being driven a lot of narrative being driven most of it, false we're gonna get to that in just one second. First, you may have noticed that this is a crazy time. I mean a crazy time, because the stock market has been bouncing around Yo Yo over the past several months you don't know, what's going to happen next mean there's a twist and turn round every corps in this season. Six of trumpets, pretty incredible. That means that you probably want to make sure that you have bank against the possibility of a downturn that you would. You have made the diversification
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for the sins of the past- that you may not have done anything racist. But you yourself are implicitly racist and you are part of the problem. You're supposed to parent notions like the police are systemically racist, and this explained all in a quality inn arrest number you're supposed to believe that America has a four hundred year, unbroken history of victimizing black American, not its labor. Evil, not Jim Crow is evil, but that today is just a continuum and its continuation of past policy in the United States and therefore again, all inequality can be tracked up to an equity. And if you fail to recognize any of this, then this is because you suffer from why privilege that why privilege can only be expunged by repeating the messages that you're supposed to repeat so you're supposed to silence is violence. You're not supposed to keep silent, was shut your mouth you're supposed to parent. Exactly what the left wants you to say because silences violence, and if you something that does not want you to say. Well, then, as we know, speech is violence. The silence is violence and speech is violence. Unless you act is basically a stenographer for the most radical left protesters.
And suggest that you are on the same side now that will not by you off right. You can do all of them, but if you are the many apple S mare and you break from the radical left at any point here well, then you will be eaten by them up, but that is the that is the threat, that is implicit here, and it's now pervaded all of society, and this is why you see so many corporations going out of their way to put out incredible statements, suggesting that no I'm the most anti virus is no I'm the most antiracist. What have you said about George Legend, I'm the most antiracist now this is completely unnecessary. These statements, the reason is unnecessary, is not because anybody is in favour. What happened? George, what it's? Because everybody is not in favour of what happened: George Floyd Americans, feel the need, as a general rule, to point out. One hundred percent of Americans agree that something is evil, that something is evil, because we owe a great red. There's, no controversy, as I said before,
no protest today with people shouting the sky is blue, because nobody actually believes that the sky is not blue. Nobody actually believes the black lives, don't matter so the black lives matter. Protests are a suggestion tacitly, but there is a group of people who actively believe the black lives a matter that is one of the open suggestions that have been made. Ashton culture has said as much rightly says that the reason we protest for black lives matter is because there are so many Americans who believe the black wives do not matter, but there is no evidence of that. There's really, Once the lots and lots of Americans blue black lives, no matter, so what is this really about? It? driving the underline near to that America is inherently evil that America is inherently bad and then, if you refuse to recognise that America's inherently evil, an inherently bad, that the system is corrupt top to bottom. Well, then Obviously you are part of the problem. I have to read you a an email that went out from one of these corporations because it really is astonishing
it's an email from a small company. I assume called Memphis Rocks climbing sent to me by one of our listeners a few days ago in June. Second, and the subject is Saint George Floyd, that is the subject of the email eight days ago, Saint George, what was killed in front of the world? Yes, we call him Saint George, now not because he was perfect, as we misunderstand seems to be, but because, like Saint George England, who struggled to fire breathing dragon, that was the devil. Today, Saint George struggled with the devil of discrimination. He struggled to the fire breathing dragon that, like all fire, stole his oxygen and robbed him of his breath of life. None of us here are Memphis, rocks New Saint George personally, but I guess it's you might have shouted. I can't breathe on any given day to an american and cut off ass. They had cut off the oxygen for so many of his kin. The oxygen of opportunity of equality of that ES. I daresay religious statement me there. We're going to say this is it is a religious taken up again, I'm not gonna jump on the whole. Getting into saying you're getting into George voids background
and or personal life for the crimes committed in the past. I dont think its relevant to what the officer did in this particular case. The odds are committed, an atrocity and that's why George, what he's dead according medical examiner reports. Everybody wants jail. The key here is the email read. The email is basically suggesting a religion. Revival around all of elements in the religious principle that you will be made to to repeat is that America is consistently cutting off the oxygen of opportunity, equality and access for black Americans, and not just that. You are supposed to responsibility for all of this says Memphis rationally reading this, because this is very representative of an entire group males have been going out. Corporations a wrestling match their employees. If you don't than people get mad at you. As a local, Jiminey, Arians humbly contact me this had somebody called in cancelled out their membership today, because we had not put out a statement at all Right silence was violence. They cancel their Jim membership because they, I wasn't,
there were consumers who did this sort of thing ranting if you dont send a statement about a topic completely unrelated to your business then they cancel the membership. But apparently that is a thing. According to Memphis Rocks officer, Shovin was Not the only one who murdered Saint George, like any of us who still harbour grace strategies, no matter how subtle we there's some of them of the knee on his neck. You are guilty where these are religious is a religious call. Any of us areas to the benefits of enslaving people, upon whose bats we built our nation of people who are then denied equal access to the very benefits we read. We bears the weight of the knee on his neck. Any of us here- you know, even in the concentration of wealth in the hands and so few well, so many have so little. We bear some of the weight of the knee on his neck. Rights of this is the call for resolution that it's a class revolution that if you do not believe that it is evil for people to be rich, I did say to America. Then you are guilty of the murder of Georgia. The emails openly saying this is going to one family Memphis, any Memphis rocketing no accident. All this is happening. The midst of a pandemic, the covered crisis in the murder of
George Flight or not separate the entire. World where's mask now each face metaphorically screaming. I can't breathe and no wonder we are not living in accords with got in accord with God's creation, choking her skies. Soiling, her rivers labeling her diverse beautiful people as other. Can you not hear the God had herself triangle precisely perfectly. At this moment I can't breathe. Today's news is not new racial divisions in playing us for centuries. What's new has to be asked We must move from domination collaboration, we must abandon the win or lose remodel, embraced the philosophy of family all is he Brotherhood and a sisterhood we are George Void in Georgia way is us until that is realised, will wrote, we'll all remain master. None of us will be able to truly breathe so that this is from a, I believe, a rock climbing company, Memphis Rocks or or it is from one family. Yes right Memphis rocks climbing and communities that that's what this is in. A way that is a religious revival is message, reaches attend, meeting revival message: that's it that's what that is right there, and that message is now being put forth to all Americans that you are guilt
of George floods, more you'd do anything you're postmark, giving its evil the matter. If you won't say exactly what people in the media would love for you to say, and what democratic politicians would love for you to say, then they will come after you and if you are a if you're a protest leader if you're, not exactly What a protest and wants to say. Then they will come after you, even if your democrat or media leader is this. The did you and racism in Amerika. I have serious doubts. Is this way to make American more unified around things that were A unified around like violence is wrong. Looting is wrong. Racism is wrong, please These- were a hundred percent agreed on all these things, but this is not designed to be a time of unification. This is designed to be a time of division. By accusing at least half of Americans are being tested. Racist if they refuse to endorse the most radical messages about the re making of America. It is made explicit in a column today
by Dana Millbank over the Washington Post, called trumps republican Party? Displays it systemic racism? Does the narrative its being driven, so how are they just their systemic racism, because Centre Tom cotton who claims there's no structural racism in law enforcement, which is true there is. There- is no evidence that law enforcement bodies- Oliver America are structurally racist. There are racist war in law enforcement statistics do not bear out the idea that the police are targeting black people, quite black people, but there's target implacable because their black there's no statistical evidence for this, as in none. That does not mean that there are There are not racists who are out there and police forces doing bad things, but overall the idea that police forces around America are rounding up black people posing an existential threat to black people. It's not true against that mean that there are enormous number of bad runs between police officers and black Americans. Of course. That's true, of course, that's true, but to a tribute that today, neat racism of quantum? What structures is deliberately vague and that sort of purpose here right when you deliberately vague about what you're
using people of then they can't deny it see if you use them of being involved in systemic or structural racism there's no way for them to night, because indeed, but I'm not raise, the governor was an accusing you accusing the structure. What structure where you accusing the structure of America, which institution America which Americans the American who is white and has benefited from the system, but now you may know, I wasn't accusing you like it it's just this. Killer game? That's the whole purpose is up according to Data Millbank, because time cotton suggested that the euro military quash, riding and looting? This means he's a racist. And was now Dana Millbank twist the message he says, the Tom cotton is a racist because he called for equal overwhelming show force unquote by the military to quash racial unrest. It was not quite racial unrest, to quash riding and looting. He specifically set of your protest in against police brutal or even against systemic police. Racism disagrees with, of course,
calling the military on that this prompted house majority with Jim Kleiber african american product of the segregated South and Democrat from South Carolina to court two Tocqueville. The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened and any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults and then Clarence has cotton. Market Saki ought to be ashamed of himself because Arkansas has a racist past. That means the term cotton ought to be ashamed of himself because apparently he's just a product that ass in his tacitly racist and Sardinia Millbank says it was good to see Democrats back in the fight. They been largely out of the debate for the past couple of months because they, how speaker Nancy Blowsy decided not convene during the pandemic. The presidential nominee, Joe Biden broadcasting from his basement did no better. They should be Russia. To engage this battle, presentation grappled with George Lloyd's killing and what to do about persistent police brutality. This much has become clear, There are structural racism in the Republican Party. Structural racism in the Republican Party. What does is evidence of this? That there was a republican chairman in time says who shared racist, stuff, Emmy, structural racism by the way
who doesn't dimension anywhere in her speaking just got primary out of his seat in Iowa, because people like me, maxed out to his opponent, cabins, intra. And then they say I love this from the animal like. This is not the Republican Party of former President George W Bush, who ass we called for America to examine our tragic failures: building, a form of when you call them racist over Hurricane Katrina you're on the left, so I don't buy your new found respect for the anti racism of George W Bush. I think a fuller crap they say it's not. The parties under Mitt Romney says says: Data Millbank, the two thousand twelve Republican initial nominee, who nobly marsh with black lives matters demonstrators on Sunday yeah, I'm old enough to remember what you abide an accused him of wanting to put people lacking back and change black people back in change. So no, I don't buy your nonsense, but this is the narrative. The narrative is Republicans. Are racist Democrats are consistently pushing this narrative. It makes it difficult to push that narrowed on the back of an issue where we all agree by George Floyd was killed in an atrocity and he also should go to jail. If we all agree on that, you can't say rebel, we agree on that, but your racist, you can't do that. Instead, you have degenerated
agreement. The way to generate disagreement is to draw a broader narrative and make extreme demands of human behaviour, and then people don't participate. Then you say that they are a racist and this is deeply affected stuff because, as the meat to preparing. Over and over and over again, the black Americans are victimized by law enforcement. What you are saying is that America's Americans tens, you believe it. I rest Musin hasn't it. I informed the Washington examiner that fifty one percent believe the black people generally receive unfair treatment by the police. Only thirty two percent disagree: black seventy percent, our lot more likely than white forty seven percent and other minority voters. Fifty three percent to think lack Americans receive unfair treatment from the police. The survey found that thirty six percent of Americans believe police discrimination is a bigger problem than crime in low income, inner city areas. Thirty six of Americans. Fifty three percent disagree: it first, while you're insane believe that police discrimination is a bigger problem and crime in low income in inner city areas? That's it that's it that is ignoring position. It is not if you're worried about
Lack of investment in inner city communities of your worry about lack of a tax base. Crime is significantly a bigger problem than Quantico police discrimination. In these intercity. By the way you're monopolies from those communities. That's what caused, according to many sociologists spike in crime, in inner city communities. In the first place, I ve been differential in crime statistics between black and white. In America. For well over a hundred years and then what reasons, for that is because White America said you you're on your own police yourselves and it didn't work as a group called ghettos. Have a Jane lady, whose a left leaning report for the early times she went out. Remove the police when these communities wake unexpected and uptake and lawlessness, but again the ideas that the police are the problem. If you believe that the police, the problem rather than solution to high crime. Good luck to you, but this is this- is the symbolism in its all symbolism. Boy and what we are innocent symbolic fight, because it's not our policy as we ll see, and the Democrats are fully willing to engage in the symbolism of America is brutal, evil and vicious
just long enough to do anything the protesters- one- that's that's the exploitation of revolution here. Yes, we're on your side. We further evolution. We're gonna need like it's. What Kaunda wouldn't where these can take? Wireless router will act like the white people from get out that's we're gonna to do every single day we're on your side, man we're on your side and then oh yeah. You want us to define the police, that's crazy! That is the democratic generally they get to all of that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that having a good HR department is the key to running a great company you cannot afford if you're running accompanying, to not be stepped up on HR, you can't get for not having HR department because one lost, you can really put you in a difficult position. Hr issues can absolutely suck up time. It can suck up money then kill you, but can you afford like an our manager at eighty thousand dollars a year. Seventy thousand dollars here instead right now in this economy, wine check out Bambi, its they'll, be I'm be whose created specifically for small business get a dedicated hr manager, craft H. Our policy maintain your compliance offer just ninety nine dollars month with Bambi. You can change hr.
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it's going cost lives, we're gonna talk about, and second it's all about the symbolism and the symbolism crosses streams. The broader left, his narrative anime. In western civilization. More generally are tremendously tremendously evil, and it starts with sort of things we all agree on, and then it moves to things that we absolutely disagree on. So, for example, there's been this real, which to tear down confederate statues. Now this has been a long time push on on the political left in the United States, and I understand the appeal the confederacy was evil. The confederacy was fighting on behalf of slavery. I get it and I definitely agree with the idea of the taxpayer dollars being used to to uphold confederate statue statues of confederate leaders as a negative. I think, but the question is: is kind of these rights put it whether you rip away the histories that you're never forced to confront the history, and we keep hearing from left that we should confront the history. Well, maybe it seems to me that you might want to confront the history by being able to point to the bad people, the stature of them many in this country. These people are treated as heroes for a hundred years and for decades before that,
and that's one of the things the with we need to move past one having the reminder of America's evils from the past is a good way of teaching people about the past and also why we move beyond it. Instead People are seeking to tear down sketches and then they are seeking to conflate all historic figures. So, for example, London, the picture there, not just tearing down the statues of old confederate generals in London. Two faced, a statue of Abraham Lincoln Interfaces, of Abraham Lincoln would be alive and the names of various people who had been who died in police custody Orban. By police, including people. Like my brown, I am at a loss which end to understand why it is that the black lives matter. Movement wants to lump all these folks together, because not all these cases are the same. They are not. The micro brown case was nothing like the irregularities, which was nothing like debris on a tailor case, which was nothing like the wonder. Castillo guest
All of these cases are very different. Many of these cases are true atrocities and some of these cases, like Michael Browner, absolutely not atrocities use justifiably go by the police officer. In that particular case, lumping all these people together is a cheap trick and then to face a statue of Abraham, Lincoln, the great emancipator. With these slogans Is insane there's a sign hanging around the around the waste of Abraham, Lincoln Statue in London said we need a new world and that's exactly the point for these revolutionaries. Tear down the past. People are defacing pictures, defacing statues of Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill right who fought the Nazis and help to overcome the Nazis. Somebody faces you in the middle of London and they cross out his name and then says, Churchill was a racist. Now, there's a lot of controversy over the level of Winston Churchill's bigotry. But if what you took away from history, is the Winston Churchill's racist because you're a dummy If that is his great contribution to humanity, doesn't Abraham Lincoln needs to be devised and what Europe
talking about the need to face meant of all of western civilization. If Lincoln and ain't good enough for you to have statues and no one is- and that of course is the point. No one really is at the edge of the world, must be remade in real time, and that that that is because this is is so deeply and thoroughly grub. Then it must be torn down. And this is why you see the push from members of left in the media in our political class We suggest that racism in the United States is still so much more threat. Then it is deadlier than in an ongoing pandemic every year than an ongoing pandemic. That fully in saying this can damage has killed? At this point, a hundred and twenty thousand people in the United States in the beginning of March is just the beginning of June. So in three months we have pendant political, a hundred and twenty thousand people with full lockdown. And we've been told, if you go to your business and go to your church, you go visit grandma in a nursing home. If you want, if you go and you go to death, metal grandma are going to kill him Eric and unless you're protesting racism protesting race
is so necessary, because America so evil and western civilization is so evil that it is the racism is a greater threat. Two Americans in America, in twenty twenty nine one thousand eight hundred and sixty five, not one thousand nine hundred and sixty five in twenty twenty the EU should go and you should spread the virus widely among other protesters to fight racism. Here's an Nbc news anchor trying to push this yesterday, I was out and with other positions and nurses in Seattle over the weekend, what we had a doctor's for Justice March redoing were passed now, masks we're making sure if you didn't, have a mask and you had a mega phone. You are protected I ask Mr Mcallister him up url. We want as much as anything for social justice to take the centre stage is poverty races Sunday as a day of actually bigger killers and corona virus by the statistics. So this is the right thing to do, but to do it equally so masks all the time.
Things tat, you can do it. Ok, so much a couple of things. Their poverty and racism are not the same thing. Second quality care too much about poverty. Maybe I should have thought about this. Guy walked out before he put forty million Americans out of work. We want a lot of talk about that. Worry you, but, Is it so? What he's losing is racism isabella, better color than one of our southern need, like a shred of evidence for that film, Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, and to extend lockdown for another thirty days. Meanwhile, he attested for corona virus yesterday, because who's out protesting with people we can get to this in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that you might think anything yourself in a time like this, can I still get life insurance? The answer is yes, you can use it over policy genius, dotcom right now as an insurance marketplace policy geniuses in contacts with life. In short companies on their platform, everyday they're, keeping track of all the changes in the market, so you don't have to which means they can get you cover quickly and for the best price here is how it works. Policygenius compares quote from the top life insurance companies in one place. That takes just a few minutes to compare quote from the top and show
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horrible american racism is on a continuing level. You have politicians simultaneously claiming that if you go outside, you will die and kill grammar in the process, but also fighting racism is so big and so important and so endemic to american culture that, if you kill lotta people, while you still wants, is killed as many people as racism, which is a hell of an hour. Made at some point? You're gonna have to show me it's amazing. There are people were talking about ending lotta, because there, pointing out suicide rises, obiang deaths, people without a job, digests of despair. Their kid suffer knew you can't know. No hey come on come on it as ever most. Death is the only thing that we are worried about right now. We're not worry about any of those other issues, but if you just say who kills more people think wrote a virus with no evidence. None zero, a grand total of according to the Washington Post, fifteen black men were killed unarmed by the police in two thousand nineteen
and many of those running away from the cops and the classification there is not particularly clear. Then I must tell you there's no statistical evidence. This is just irreligious appeal. If route religious happy also nearest, though Murphy making me come Jesus call that you should brave death in order to fight racism, because just how important this is a moment in time. Perhaps unlike we in our nations history there is an overwhelming lot of anger and passion and by the way, it's all been incredibly peaceful, mean overwhelmingly so particularly in New Jersey, wish. Very proud of that? I I I can't imagine what it would look like if we said the people. Actually, you have two you have to stay and we use. Have to ignore systemic racism. I'm sorry for fur, just ignore it just stay inside. You can't go out of voices voice, you you're you're angers. Your resolution, I Canada's arrogant, looks like it's really. This is crazy towns, in literally told everybody to give up their licence
in their business and stay inside and watch their parents die in a hospital alone. You literally told people they cannot visit there. What'd, you literally told people that if they protested against any of this, they were violating your lockdown order. They could go to church or synagogue, but can we tell people not to go out in the streets and yellow George flowed without any actual policy ramifications. Of course, we can't do that. Of course, we can't you it's just that important to say that America is terrible and evil and racist. It's just that important. It really them because remember when we get, as you will see, this is the message, and the way can tell this is the message is that the specific policy demands made by black lives matter protesters are being completely ignored by Democrats. It is all about the symbolic adoption of the language without the actual adoption of any of the policy social Democrats were doing, extradite so ass. They checked Democrats in Congress, there's posts, we passing legislation right. The legislations help fix the systemic racism of the United States, where they actually doing Nancy plus he's a terrible
four of the house, but Nancy Blowsy is very good at coordinating outfits with the rest of the democratic will, with the democratic power Rangers here. So Nancy Policy at the state of the union address. She got everybody up in They re all the women were wearing white to demonstrate the purity of feminism got everybody a cloth which, by the way like if everybody in Congress showed up we're Tat was one day I believe. What in the world are you doing? What do you think you are doing? All these old white people putting on can take loss to symbolise how much they care about black Americans? How do you not find his culturally appropriating imagine if Mitt Romney had done this in a black lives matter protest. You think that it would have left their unscathed. By media, but does anyone think this meal? I got all white democratic Nancy Blowsy putting on it can take off and kneeling for George Floyd. The best part of this is that she then could not get up I'm not getting, because these are old. Why people, who have done nothing to solve the problems? They say the day, that that exist in America are so deep and so endemic and so route that you have to pay
test during a pandemic and widely spread a deadly virus. You need to do all that. It so important. Also we spent fifty Here's one in Congress and We and we have done anything, but at least we're kneeling for you by the way, if you think about off by this you're a sucker seriously, if you, if you believe the Democrats, are solving systemic racism because they work and take what you're a sucker Unbelievable soccer and there's one born every minute. Apparently this is such cheap posturing. It's yours is I'm all on board with president from she had done a photo up at a church. A burned out church with a Bible has a photo up. What do you call this when you have a bunch of all why democratic can barely get down on one knee wearing can take lost, looking like as one percent, where put it chest pieces from a what kind of black Panther Chest set its Third, it some sort on every level acres what it looked like one. We question the incompetent and Nancy plus you couldn't get up, which was kind of worry us again. Just underscoring she'd been in Congress for ever, it's gotten zero things done, but she's virtue, signalling to you. She signalling you here is now suppose you not been able to get
Then you won't even some forty six seconds and then Nancy Blowsy. Literally can I cannot just have an aid come and help her intervene. Have on ideals and then she told him about it laughing it better, not have our ideals and smiling and wrapping await these will take their symbol is incredibly seriously nuts. I'm sorry. This is crazy and also even the very symbolism of kneeling. You know we shouldn't before God a person you're proposing to a person sinned against, but the idea for many of those when you, including democratic, that we are not guilty their kneeling because they're not guilty the really because Europe guilty these. If you're not kneeling, then you are not one of the woke you're, not one of the initiates right. This is a religion. Ritual- and, if you bow, then your demonstrating you are part of Vienna, she awoke and if you don't bow will that is because we're not demonstrating that you have acquiesced in silence is violence Gang Evan, you have
Joe Biden said Joe Biden is, is talking about George Floyd in Saint George global change. The world as we're about to see Democrats are perfectly willing to pander to the radical aspirations black lives matter, but then do nothing. Joe Biden has a key coggan. This here is Joe Biden Tunnel. George Lloyd. Yesterday CBS evening NEWS hard not to agree my charge, you don't public is my charter with the whole world watching your family a reserve, we want to see. That is going to change the world. I think your daddy is going to change the world. I think what's happened here is one of the great inflection points in american history for real terms of civil liberties, civil rights and just treaty put dignity so fair enough. What does that changes like silver democrats? What it means that they posture as more about stay self? Doubt Democrats don't actually believe in any of the policy. That are being promoted, we're gonna get to that in just one second, what a suckers game! Politics is what a suckers game I gotta do is kneel and put on a can take off in Britain.
Everybody who opposes use racist and people vote for you. All you do is keep repeating ad nauseam at the police. Are the bad guys writers and leaders are just acting out of justified rage and people will believe you are. To do is tell those protesters that you're on their side. Then you have to do anything. They want you to do and then not believe you, but only for a democratic. Only if you have the media's backing is pretty incredible. It's pretty incredible We're gonna get more of this in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that you might be worried about personal safety. Days- I know here in LOS Angeles, you know well, people were sort of hiding and looting and ransacking. I was concern about personal security. I know a lot of people or mean why not as a foot, long three black Must those rather's Walgreens roadblocks must that was robbed? And so I thought to myself. You know it a good thing that I know what's happening on my property That's. Why I'm very grateful for ring dotcom ring is on emissions. Make neighbourhood safer their home security products are designed to give you peace of mind around the from video doorbells in security cameras, smart security lighting and alarm systems ring.
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the reality of the news when you re need. Is readers pass from daily wired outcome? You'll get access to exclusive up ads from us. Your part Castro's, as was guest writers in depth, analyses from our daily. Why reporters on top of our regular breaking news, this membership to you? is a bargaining three bucks month, but we joined today the first month for ninety nine cents. You also get access. Mobile app yours, you push notifications for breaking news and special content. And it can join the community of Daily Delaware members are actively commenting in discussing, are content with each other, that is mobile, Admiral access to all the daily? Where news exclusive up ads and more on our mobile, app, often low price, one dollar and best of all your dollar, are getting you. The news you need without the wife to spend so had another everywhere in our common slash, subscribe and join today. Also, now is a great time to prioritize my book. It is coming out July. Twenty first, it could not possibly be more relevant is called how to destroy America in three easy steps. The basic idea is that there is a group of people in the United States, I call them disintegration, would love to see the union come apart, they would love to shatter american philosophy. Is the declaration of independence? Is bad and racist, and so is the constitution. They love to shatter our history,
We don't have a shared history. We just have a history of the exploiters and exploited and you are a member of the exploding class and they love to to our culture of rights and say that our rights are in fact just in an outgrowth of our exploitative system and the exercise of free speech and freedom of the press exercise of free association that all these things are actually just white supremacist. I talk about all of this in my book and I talk about. While this is wrong and I talk about what you can do to All this check out my new book. It's coming out July, twenty first, it's available now for pre order at Amazon or anywhere else books are sold. How to destroy America in three easy steps here, listening to the largest fastest growing the podcast in radio show in the nation, Yeah So, as I say, it is all about the signalling it's not really about the policies were about to see. So what is it It means that when Democrats, your radical proposals, they won't just dismiss them, but I can go along with them and actually have a chance to vote on them. So over the last forty eight hours have been called to defend the police and has been
to watch the media spin on behalf of what he found the policemen defined. The police, it turns out does not mean define the police, it actually just means fundamental health services. What future than the first then I kind of had been on board right. Keep the funding for the police, expand the funding for the police and also make sure that you actually have services to take care of mentally ill people. Which, by the way, I've been stumping forums programme for literally years, mean go back and listen. I've done full episodes on it. On homeless problem, in our major cities, for example, but that's not what they called for in the restating copper. That is because that's actually slogan saying? We need to spend more on social services for the mentally ill and for drug addicts, etc. Sexy slogan defined the police's slogan, because you most go protesters. The ones were out chanting in the street want the police out of their communities there not being ambiguous about this. When when the Minneapolis mayor, who spent the last couple of weeks, begging forgiveness for his whiteness from
black lives matter, crowd managerial! That's what you get! You literally went in a crowd, and you talk about his own conflict in trying to expunge whose own white guilt and all this nonsense, and he was sure for that venues. You wanted just get rid of the police and that not for abolishing the police and bills, shouting and get the hell out here and shame Rachel. The protesters are pretty obvious what they want the maniac The council. Is you the more obvious there are talking about just now? the city policing and bring in the county, which is what happened in camps in New Jersey, bunch people keep saying just like Hamden Agent, Kensington Jersey, double the size of its police force that the most difficult over policed major city in America right now, the double the size of the police force. These went from the city to the county. It was like to and fifty people. Now four hundred eleven people or policing that area someone tell me they defended the police, they didn't. They shifted responsibility for the police to the county, but many up when further its anymore, it's completely reorganise how policing is done period They obviously want to minimize the police footprint, so LISA Bender. I play this preposterous.
It is so astonishing. It really is indicative of worthy mindset. Is we surrender who is the president of the Minneapolis City Council? She actually agreed yesterday that police don't make the city safer police. Do not make the city safer now you cannot. You literally cannot name a case in which this is true or removal of the police has made city safer. It does not exist one of the most robust social science findings ever is that when you remove police from a situation, criminals, one free, that's common sense. Everyone knows this. I have a perfect case in point four weeks: The police were basically told hands off and what happened, riding looting, breaking industry, there's people shattering windows, damage to cop cars that we're out there on the street, then cities will like all you note, we actually can tolerate this any longer. The national guard came in the cop showed up in what happened in to night. It was over and to night. It was over and by the way in area, where they are not doing this Seattle in Portland, for example,
writing unmoving continue. It does not take a genius to recognise that when you remove police from high crime communities, crime goes up not yet again, one of the more robust social science findings in American RE studies is that you, removal of police from black communities in the early twentieth century led to a radical, rising crime which exacerbating inequality, but according to lease of enter the president of the Minneapolis City, council, police, don't make the city safer, they dont wishful thinking and singing imagined. That's what makes the city safer. Here's LISA Better full scale idiot Yesterday at ninety, because understood together with our community and pledged to rethink public safety in our community and to acknowledge that the current Minneapolis, Department is not working, our community, safe really what we plan was to start a year, long conversation with Minneapolis residents to help us. We imagine pig publicity looks like, as we make their short term fixate bar, so clearly needed.
The Burmese. That was the same lady, who suggested yesterday that its I was nine on one because their house is being broken to show this analysis camera it. If someone calls men and one, they should check their privilege, but you have to check the privilege for word about crime. So here's the thing top Democrats have been asked about this fund. The police thing Pelosi and Democrats were asked about Minneapolis City Council, defining the police and looking to basically destroyed least payment from within. Here is a body of democratic, refusing to criticise the Minneapolis City Council for taking measures that are They are going to make matters worse in high crime. Communities I fully support. I can't imagine that happening in a federal way. But let me just tell you that part of that cry. Is a desire for there to be significant higher. Investment in communities. I think the congresswoman answers your question very clearly, but the fact is that we do have a great deal.
Legislation coming down the pike that addresses some of the concerns of our communities across the country. Because of this, An explicit refusal to condemn that right and then come on. Harris was asked on a view about funding the police and she refused to just say well, actually, We say: defining the police, what we dont mean is getting rid of the police or just This would shift social services instead to dodge the question from Megan Mccain and then, of course, twitter trend, Megan Mccain, because Mckenna is very bad for asking the most obvious question: what the hell do you mean by defining the police? Are you the funding the police how're, you defining defined the police guy, assuming removing police, and I congresswoman, Johann Omar Side, bringing it a whole new way of governing and align order into into a community. We need to re imagine how we are achieving public safety in America and to have cities where one third of their entire budget is going to policing, but yet there is dire need in those same cities for mental health,
sources for edge resources going into public schools resources going into job. Training and Anne and job creation come on. By the way, spending money on job training. Job creation is not going to stop criminality. It isn't, it is not going to. U need to stop the crimes that people can invest in communities. You got this all backwards. A precondition to economic growth is not pouring state money into a particular area. We have tried this a thousand times always failed. The precondition to economic growth is a safe and secure neighbourhood and then people bringing their money, and that is the that other as you know it you see all the taxpayers. Leaving is where you think. There's money comes from my group on trees, thyself the Democrats refusing to explicitly move away from the divine the police programme, because they want to again act on these sort of fiery, the fire in the guts hangover, messaging of a Berlin. Meanwhile, you have a widely traffic column by women in Michel, Alexander over the New York Times. For the this is your chance must get it right. There.
A risk losing our democracy for ever and ever recommending a bunch of books about about race in May caught the same, let me that you will see over at Amazon being represented in being represented by the and you get to her real message, which is, we must fight for economic justice and she calls for socialism, and then she quotes James Baldwin was a favor. Saying the necessity for a form of socialism is based on the observation that the world's prison present economic arrangements Doom most of the world's misery, which again is one degree wise in human history is that socialism operates. Very well capitalism dooms, the world's misery. Capitalism is lifted more than half the globe out of abject poverty. We have reduced extreme poverty on planet earth by eighty percent, since nineteen eighty as because of capitalism, because of the rise and socialism and then Michel Alexander talk about Doktor King document with their king socialist and W B D, W Abattoir, founder of the interplay becoming a socialist and our Albert Einstein in Helen Keller and Paul Robeson, all being socialist,
and or communist rubs him with actual, is like a fellow traveller with the soviet communist for a time during the nineteen, thirty and then she is no matter what you think about Bernie Sanders as a man or a candidate, and I wish you much better addressing racial issues. I preparations. We all owe him in here this organizers, a debt of gratitude, I'll Dewey, Dewey His younger black people seem to understand the NEO liberal democratic politics of the past will not take us. We're We need to go, and I supported Mr Sanders by significant margins in poles. We must work to create an economic system that benefits us all, not just the wealthy. Ok, so we are hearing, as for socialism, where he calls for getting rid of the Police- and we are hearing, calls for racial reparations, leading fines imposed yesterday was an article about why we need racial reparations right now. What Americans presumably should be spending money, black Americans, even though those white Americans never enslaved those black Americans. What should the policies be? Well, it would mean black Americans just getting tracks from different organizations which, of course, is not going to solve underlying problems
Many of these communities, problems of failing schools are not gonna, be sought by spending more money. We have tried that problems of family breakdown are not gonna, be solved with the track. That's been true and why communities from the black community as well? The idea that, if you just cancel black student, that, like that's the biggest issue cancelling black student, right now the biggest issues that are not enough: black people arriving from high school. We need to increase the number of Life Americans we're not dropping out of high school seriously. That is a major gap in american light, but we're not an address any of those major gaps in american life, because if you are talking about truly uncomfortable conversations, then you have to talk about personal behaviour, the results in desperate impact or you can just talk about tossing money problems or blending white Americans for all problems. So here's here's where it gets really cynical. Here's what gets really cynical, so the Democrats have been repeating all the rohingya can take loss their kneeling repeating all the slogans, their suggesting the racist. If you dont back all of these are these movements that their their expressing sympathy,
for riding and looting on occasion there expressing sympathy for defined the police. Meanwhile Chicago suffered its deadly estate in sixty years that eighty murders in twenty four hours and you D. I s an idea. As our end, dotcom made thirty first alone. Eighteen people there was murdered on Sunday there was the most since nineteen sixty one Entire weaken stretching from my made twenty ninth through made thirty. First, twenty four people were killed in Chicago another, Eighty five wounded by gunfire nobody's gonna. Remember any these names nobody's going to care because, of course it doesn't back the narrative that America that the big threat you black America is white police, and so here is where the rubber hits the road. The Democrats in there all the messaging and then when it comes time for them to actually mirror the policies like not when I do in any that, because they understand they know these policies not geared towards helping people. They know that the policies that they themselves are unwilling to condemn that those policies are actually bad policies. So what they want is the message America's deeply in systemically race.
But then they act in ways that do not suggest that they actually believe that the system is. Systemically races. They are not going to back the democratic control of Congress and they passed a bill on we're on slavery, reparations and what they think. Americans. You pay, of course not because they know that first of all its unjust and second, some popular Democrats are in control of Congress right now? Have they passed a bill to defend police departments across the country? They have not, in fact Joe Biden. Who, five seconds ago, saying the George. What is going to change the world, which is all well and good? He rejected the call for defending the police openly rejected the call for defining he's yours do here. Is your by naturally think he's going to expand the funding for the police? Do you support the funding? The police know no support de funding, the police, poor conditioning federal aid to play based on whether or not they meet
basic standards of decency, anomalous and when fact are able to demonstrate they can protect the community everybody in the amazing. So there is Washington thing, I'm saying about the police and how the police are protecting communities, but one is Joe Biden signals. Then he said something very different, Stephanie Rawlins Black, who is, I believe, Former mayor of Baltimore at least every rollings lap was the person who suggested that you gonna give space for people to burn in Baltimore back in two thousand fourteen. When people writing she said we have to stop this call to defend the police has just giving trumpet talking point we're because you are left our giving our hearing this nonsense, you're humoring pretending like it's legit, because again what you want is the broad message. What you don't actually want is the policy that follows from the broad message as I've been time. Never we Democrats basically set a controlled fire. They push an area of the Americas systemically Ray, this and that, if you oppose that narrative, then you are evil and racist yourself. You suffer from my privilege specifically, so they could pander for minority votes
and then, when it comes down for policy, like you know, maybe you could take this chrome here. You can see that fire and hope to control it. Democrats sooner or later, gonna have to move in line with the divine the police crap. That's the production over the next five years is welcome a mainstream call, I'm old enough to remember Democrats that they were in favour of nationalized ice healthcare, because that was crazy. Who would say they were what where's. The outlying position of the Democratic Party within five years, becomes the mainstream position inside the Democratic Party watch. It's gonna happen in real time. So here is seventy Rawlins, placing you know it's really damaging for us to call to defend the police. Yes, yes, it is, but a dance with gather brung, you by continuing to say, define dismantle. We are giving Trump talking point. We are eating his base. We all know that we can do better when it comes to policing and I think that it's a missed opportunity not to figure out what better looks like together and a path forward, rather than to again have the litmus test of you know: you're, either forest
poor against us when it comes to dismantling the police departments across the country, so what're Democrats actually pushing, but there actually pushing they push fordable their actual bill includes reforms, making it easier. If you please, officers from his conduct in civil court, so scaling back qualified immunity, which is something that has wide support and prosecuting them for colonel behavior, but also private use of chokehold in certain no not warrants by police nationwide. Again, when it comes to choke old, you're, gonna have to explain whether how many chokehold or submission hold, because sometimes police do actually need to stop a suspect from being violence and made it best way to do that is to engage in a submission hold the bill mandates these embody cameras fine. It creates a national databases, closing the names waters of the parent of abuse. Women, The legal she'll protecting police from lawsuits These are all fairly mainstream proposals. You know seeing anything in here about defending the police, nothing anything in there about defending the police. In. House minority. We recover Mccarthy republican City can comment on
opposed because he hasn't seen the actual language at, but he said that there are three possible points of common ground with Democrat He says I want to work until we get law. This is a moment in time. According to AP, not included Bill is any non toward the idea of defining the police or reallocating police budgets for other social services such as housing, mental health or substance abuse, treatment, which some activist began. Calling for over the weekend. Also, nothing about reparations to bottom line is pen pander, PAN european reminder as the bottom line, her just complete and so pandering, and if you buy the stuff honestly, if you buy, the Democrats are on your side because their performative Lee kneeling wearing Santa Claus, fine, do it but you're sucker, you're, sucker, it's as simple and meanwhile the the media. Can you to a base themselves in front of the american people? It's pretty incredible, so America's newsrooms are being turned over to the work and it is an incredible spectacle. It really is Ben Smith had a piece of the New York Times talking about how newsrooms have decide
they're gonna go full at oral according to Ben Smith, is the Your report an outward than your times, used to be the head of Buzzfeed. He says as America, wrestling with the surging at the moment, the began in August two thousand fourteen, its biggest newsrooms trying to find common ground between a tradition that aims to persuade the widest possible audience that its reporting is neutral, and journalists who believe that fairness on issues raised Donald Trump requires clear moral calls. Now I'll be honest with you I'm I'm in favour letter. I want all the masks off. I think that objective journalism is alive and he's been alive for a very long time. I think there are very few in the journalist worlds. We even attempt objective journalist. I signal I'll have singled out people that I think and pride in past. I think Jack Tapir try sometimes on China, but I think that the vast majority of reporters are not reporters their activists. So I'm glad that now being open about this. The conflict in recent days into public protest at the New York Times, ending in
nation would stop opinion editor on Sunday, the Philadelphia enquire whose executive editor resigned on Saturday over the headline buildings matter too, and the ensuing anger from a staff the Pittsburgh Post Gazette it's been the subject of quiet agony at the Washington Post. Which was the flowery left earlier. This year months after the executive, better Martin Baron threatened to fire him for expressing his views on twitter about race journalism other subjects, lowries use them These organisations called core value needs to be the truth, not the perception of objectivity, I'm so confused by this. What he really that his opinion should be treated as truth, and that objective fact should not be reported to you, because you might make up your mind in a way he doesn't like Wesley Lowry Now review has been winning in a series of battle many over how to cover race, heated, twitter criticism helped retire, euphemisms like racially charged, ok, but sometimes there's a difference in in perception of whether a statement was racially charge or whether it was racist so which is more accurate, that's an
we'll subjective decision, a big challenge of gradually awkwardly giving ground using racist and lie more freely, especially when describing trumps behaviour which, by the way his undercut their own credibility because it turns we have to understand from his line. He is not there saying that his implication is wrong, but that the fact that he said something like then they never treat trumpet the same sort of what did they treat probably very different level of disdain? When it comes to his prevarication than they do any other politician on planet earth, obviously time doubts remain its opinion section after senator time, cottons our bed calling for the use of troops in American Citys. Infuriated the newsroom last week again the euphemisms it called for the use of true to put down rioting and looting and american Citys. It wasn't just randomly sending in soldiers, meanwhile axioms, decided that its reporters are allowed to join protests in a company memo, the chief executive of the politics, new states had he supported staff members Rights March, adding the publisher would cover, bail for any employee who was arrested, for any employee. So he took a rocket a cop and work for access. They're not going to bail you out. Jim Vandam
the co founder and chief executive that access at first, let me say we part we probably support Reggie to exercise their right to free speech, present protest if you're arrested or meat harm exercising these rights access will and behind you and use the family fund to cover you, were assists with medical bills that was sent replied. Employee who had been asked who had asked about the company stance on protesting as part of a weekly practice and access or staff members anonymously, cement questions to managers exciting, exciting stuff. No ethics guidelines at the New York Times said the count. Turtles may not march or rally in support of public causes a movement or probably take positions on public issues. Adding doing so might reasonably raise doubts about their ability or the x ability to function as neutral observers in covering the news, but obviously asked you to things differently we are now watching, as the media basically stripped the mask off himself. We on the right for literally decades your buncher leftist activists disguising yourselves, objected journalists, and I know how dare you we are
so objective. We are journalists being up the Wazir Journalism, ing everywhere down lemon, not an opinion die a journalist Chris Cuomo, not an opinion, die a journalist, gimmick cost and not an opinion a journalist. We are just its journalism, guys reporting and if you attack our opinions, your attacking us as an institution. On the other hand, on the other hand, if we wish to join protests, and if we wish to suggest that a point of view is out, bounds, even though it is mainstream american opinion like America is not systemically racist and that America's history of racism does not mean that America today is institutionally racist. Those opinions, if we just dismiss them as racist themselves, that also objected journalists make, which means they have now redefined, objective journalism and also the right Ocean continues apace, so the real revolution is not happening in terms of policy. I mentioned the demo our nor in the policy proposals put forward by black lives matter, because the patently insane so just not going to do it. Instead, they decided to take out their rage. The woke stirs have decided to take out there
rage at the liberal institutions, they know they can control. They can't control Congress because the Senate is held by Republicans. They can't even control can't control Congress because, despite the vast size, These protests and Oliver virtue signalling you see online. The vast George Americans are not in favour of defending the We see the vast majority of Americans are not in favour of slavery, reparations or re holding the american economy along It was like most Americans, Unlikeness Democrats know this. Democrats are answerable not just to the twitter mob. There are answerable to their own constituents so they're, not them they're, not gonna, get what we want from Congress, but they're gonna get from Congress is a bunch of idiotic virtue signalling, that's what they're gonna get so where can they actually get results in get results in the words of the media, then get results in the world of sport in the cultural sphere. They never by making drew breezes wife apologize for the great set of her husband having stood up for the american flag, didn't get results from bone appetite magazine very important. The editor in chief of Verona
Peat is Madame Adam report. He resigned on Monday after a photo of him in brown, face resurfaced from two thousand and thirteen. It was him dressed. As apparently a poor Regan many former incurred bone appetite. Staffers call for rapid ports resign after the photos, postage twitter by food writer Tammy to Merriam. Very very important. This guy loose his job in his career because he went to a Halloween party, very, very important stuff, obviously was to be obviously he's a vicious racist queries. Racist reports had he not champion an inclusive vision, diminishes now established, put down the pub Square, hang assign round his neck, I'm a racist resign from a job. It's the cultural revolution real time. It's good times is the ultimate it's been at the expense of bone appetite and staff, as well as our readers they all deserve better your food magazine. What are you? Are you, racist food magazine? I'm confused. The staff has been working hard to evolve the brain deposited more diverse direction. I will dwell. I can support network, but I'm not the ones who led the work, I'm not the one
to the work, it was deeply important that he stepped down very, very, very important, stuff, great stuff right there is it. Then This is the way that that everything is going on, because the media is susceptible to this sort of stuff and then Bonaparte put out a put out the black square the black lives matter, blacks, where which is white tax on a black background, if you do that anything you right in the Texas virtuous. This is something that we know My mind went off my mind if you could literally just put anything but the star wars, crawl in white tax, on a black background is now virtuous and woke they wrote. Food has always been political. I has it really, like always, has it so much sure sure everything is political reasonable thing is political. By the way, if you mention that everything is political and it's annoying, then you get traded on Twitter. That's the that's! The idea here
you were there not just going after. By the way food is so political didn't just go after the editor of pornography is William Ellison, Roman, who is forced to apologize. She wrote in your terms, bestseller nothing fancy and choose a columnist for New York Times cooking unless it was to have a feeling that she's probably going be for much longer. Why? What? Because, when she was twenty three she Did a hollowing party in which she dressed up, as in anyone house, Costume Kate, had big hoop hearings but elsewhere Romans? Why? If you are big who parents who periods are fourteen I'm dead serious. The z thing that happened visit this thing that happened. She wore a a costume in which he had big hoop hearings on and, as we know, only latina women where who bearing and so Ellison Roman is no cancel. She treated out. An apology is incredibly embarrassing. Picture was taken in Doesn't it you're just wanting hoop hearings? Lady? I was twenty we are living in San Francisco. This was my son. Francisco inspired Amy Anyone House costume for Halloween. It reaches culturally insensitive
an idiot child who knew nothing about the world how this will be perceived and I'm sorry no. There shall be no repentance. You shall be cast out into the wilderness and cast from a cliff. That's the way it works in the world, the media. Results have been achieved. Racism is being sold in real time, guys is being something about like Jimmy Kimmel gets to keep his job, despite having dressed up in blackface as Karl Malone way back when he's. Okay, totally fine but Alison, Roman, very, very evil. Here's the thing is never going to be enough because once you're in the culturally wokes year is never enough, none of it's never enough! Every you can. You can bend the knee you didn't you're, not gonna, be treated as a person was now absolved of yours in you're, going to be treated as a person who ought to have their head lopped off Jaffrey style. You can mean that start and accept your expulsion to the night watch. You can, but guess what Yang go into the night watch my friend you're, going to a very different place. The woke crowd is out for heads. They are going to get heads
that's where they can do that is by targeting the media, because the media are incredibly responsive to the sort of stuff. Many corporations are incredibly responsive to the stuff because their risk averse- and there are controversy averse the left knows. This is why the left is is ruining culture. A pace is what they are doing So prepare for it and everybody everybody whose working right now in America and is receiving notes from their employers about how they bear guilt for George floods. Death is feeling this right now and if you speak up, you say why I didn't kill George. What I think is evil. What do I have to do with this? Are culturally sensitive, your white, you probably you're, secretly racist, deep down most Americans, no, the scrap, most Americans, no they're, not bad people, most Americans, no they're, not racist, most Americans. No, they pose police brutality and racism. Most Americans know that and that's why the longer this goes, The less it's going to achieve seriously because in terms of housing in achieving anything in terms Actually changing Americans minds, I'm one. Hey change, Americans, minds by by basically casting
people are not racist as racists. For not saying me specific words you want and then by putting a video the people kneeling before their people, not sure how that is a good idea I will be back here later. They were two additional hours of content, otherwise we will see more. Also, I have an all access tonight subscribe over. A daily wired dot com and you come in all access subscriber. Then you too can join in the funny. Ask me questions over the cure. Nay, I wear tee shirts, which of course, are the big pitch otherwise will see you here same time same bat channel tomorrow, I Ben Shapiro. This is Ben Shapiro show if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to we're available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcast, also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including the Andrew Klavan, show, it might go. Motion show and the mat Walsh thanks. The listening Dementia Piero Show is produced by Coltan Hoss executive producer, Jeremy, boring supervising producer. Math is global
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