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Ep. 105 - The Case For Handing Donald Trump The Nomination

2016-04-14 | 🔗
Trump talks about the Bible, the latest on Corey Lewandowski, and the vaunted mailbag (with a stripper!)
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Folks, who finally made it to a Thursday that well yesterday on Wednesday, the leftist media discovered that head crews, when he was solicitor. General of taxes argued against the notion that there is a constitutional right to masturbation this seriously. This troublesome greatly b, as this is what they do in their spare time, but is there any substance to the actual complaint? Not if you know how to read or if you ve ever read the constitution in two thousand for distributors of dildos in Texas attempted to challenges state outlying sale and promotion of obscene devices? According to David Corner mother, Jonesy along the budgets had said he can't publicly cell sex toys my own personal view- and I guess this is probably cruises view too. This is a silly law silliness, however, does not mean something is unconstitutional. There are lots of silly laws, including laws that say, for example, that biological men should be allowed to go to pee in women's bath
showing this is not a constitutional concerned. It's a political one! Another words, you don't want a bad law, don't like bad politicians. The constitution doesn't have anything to say about stupid laws for the plaintiff. In this particular case, they claim that the law violated their constitution, right to privacy. It's a right that doesn't exist in the constitution. It certainly does not govern public sale of marketable goods, There is no constitutional right to pleasure yourself again and there wasn't in there and that's out of reason. A federal judge rules taxes saying there was no federal constitutional right to buying products to help. You pleasure yourself this case with an appeal to a panel of the Fifth circuit is the lesser General's office Cruises office argued. The state. Has the power to help police power to protect public morals. They said quote: There is no substantive due process right to stimulate ones genitals for none.
Medical purposes unrelated to procreation or outside when interpersonal relationships- and this is of course true on just a factual level. As again, we can note the constitution is not in the bill of rights. There's nothing in the bill of rights that mentions touching yourself. Right is not high priority for James Madison in company again that make the law right doesn't mean line stupid, but it sir, really is not in conflict with the federal constitution of the United States. Not only do such laws not violate the quorum pulled substantive due process clause substantive due process doesn't even exist its legal idiocy coined by the left to push for its neighbour things. The left can't point to where the constitution protects sex toy sales for starvation, but they wanted to be there, so it must be dammit and for Freedom of association and religion and freedom of speech. That's that's kind of bothersome, so we're just gonna like ignore that, but really the constitution was deeply focused on whether or not somebody could sell sex toys. In the end, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed. They said that the right to privacy extended to buying products to enhance intimacy.
His office decided not to appeal the case. This means that cruiser prude, rather than a lawyer, tasked with fighting on behalf of the people of the state who voted for the law, that's the least. According to the letter According to note a legal scholar, David Corn, this means he's constitutional idiot to boot, which leads to a question. If circuit court of Appeals ruled against Cruz, eleven Circuit Court of Appeals up held pretty much the exact same law in Alabama the year before there, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, from quote, if we were to accept the invitation to recognise a constitutional right to sexual intimacy, this right would theoretically encompass such activities as prostitution, obscenity and adult incest. Even if we were to limit the right to consenting adults ride, the idea is that if you had a constitutional right sex. However, you please you can never have laws against and says. This is true. This is actually the road where we find ourselves after the Aubert fell decision with Justice Kennedy. The left believes there is a constitutional right to everything they, like and a mandate against everything they don't. The constitution, however, disagrees
never mind the legal niceties. Crews must be approved. He must be approved because left wants him to be approved in May, just constitutional library, must be approved because he's a republican and Republicans are prudes and therefore any Republican who stands up for the constitution is approved or perhaps left just doesn't care the constitution, I ventured to others. It welcomes the tensions. Even ass people, don't care about you feeling. So speaking of the constitution, if you don't where, if you want to know why it is the Brok Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, virtually all the candidates don't know or care about the powers of the presidency under the constitution why they keeps over and over that the president can do anything. You want some sort of God, King model
If you want to know about that, you need to go to our friends at hills. Del college gave a new course presidency in the constitution, its free and you can go there and register hills deal that Eu Slash, Bend, hills, they'll colleges, one of the best colleges in America a great place to send your kid also great place for you to educate yourself about the principles that matter presidency and the constitution is the name of that are of course, go there hills deal that Eu Slash Ben. You won't regretted it's! It's really terrific I want to get you here today on the bench of euros. Are I mean a lot to get too, and I know our producers are already groaning knowing how much time to exceed our mandate, but tough, I'm here in the cameras running so your script, our itself, let's start today with the fact Donald Trump knowledge of the Bible could fit inside a thimble, so Donald Trump. Is some use ass. He said before that he doesn't know what his favorite biblical phrases did, or he said at least it was to private was to private remember whose asked his favorite biblical verse. I just know that there's a private thing that you tell the asking me about a private private, frankly, frankly, Tumblr,
we'll have private it. So yesterday he so yesterday he was asked by radios the same question: what's your favorite biblical verse? What's your favorite biblical passage and Donald Trump proceeds to do what he does best, which is like that character from Pinocchio turn himself into a jack ass, yours, Donald Trump prior row, with great documentation or the daily collar? just now. I know we're looking, it will look in it. A clip is: is there a favorite bible, verse or bible story that has formed you're thinking or your character through life. Sir? Why? many I mean you know when we get into the Bible. I think many so many and help you How can I for an eye? You can almost say that? That's not a particularly like thing, but you know if you look at what is happening to our country when you see what's going on with our country how people are taken advantage of version and how they scarf at a single astronauts and they laughed at our shades and but taking our jobs it taking money they're taking part, you know it
taking the health of our country- and we have to be very fork firm and we have to be very strong- and we can learn a lot from the Bible that I can tell you thank lead in their latin Bible that I can tell you. I have ever learned, anything from Paypal clearly, but you can and so many things that frankly I'll tell you believe me, I know the Bible. Believe me, it's huge. I study it Bigley. Its huge, ok, so duck miracle, What things wrong with a town from says your first of all, due to pagan. So let's take this, let's take the actual versus talking about. Let's actually look at the verse, so I don't put on my Orthodox Jus Bible, Bible analysis hat particularly often Does it not all it's not usually relevant to our talking about here highly relevant. What we're talking about, because Donald Trump biblical scholar is on the order of J Simpson, marital relationship. There are best. Ok, Donald Trump knows less now the Bible than my two and a half year old child, and it does not close. It is not close. She can at least recite certain things in Hebrew
Donald Trump, let it what he says. This is an eye for an eye Rachel for people who are atheists for people who don't know biblical scholars they think an eye for an eye means literally that if I, you in the eye and a knock out your eye. You gotta, have a under biblical lot. You hit me in the eye and knock out my I clearly. This is what Trump things right from says. That is as if you look at what happened in our country. If you look, they laugh at us. They laugh at us, so we should laugh at them should dominate so he out, he doesn't know any first foresaw his favorite part of this verse is actually not the eye for an eye. It's a hand a tiny malformed hand with sausage fingers, but their elite. The eye for an eye languages mentioned twice in the Bible for people who care about the sort of thing, and I think we want you now character chose the trumpets, both in ignoramus in a liar and a bully by the way, because of the way he interprets this. So There are three major religions that use eye for an eye language. There are three major religions that use I for my language, there's Judaism, There'S- Christianity. There is Islam right, the three of them all. Use I for an language exodus. Twenty one says quote
If there are serious injury, you are to take life for life. I, for I tooth for tooth hand for hand foot for foot burn for burn wound for wound bruise for bruise, which presumably means that that Michel fields Condone Bruce Cortland, Ass, Captain Lennox, it's as all these things and then its hasn't Leviticus, twenty four. If anyone injures his neighbour as he has done, it shall be done to him fracture fracture. I, for I too, for tooth ever injury. He has given a person shall be given to it to him. So Trump takes this literally no believing you ever has taken this literally ever in the history of Judaism Tom. It explicitly talks about this, this relegated and in any peers in the section of the Bible, the talked about monetary damages, so the idea is one an eye for an eye? If I knock out your, I I you then take me to court and you sue me for the value of my eye, meaning how much it is damage me and my life. How much damage mean business? How much damage me my personal life, and you have to pay me for that? It's about monetary compensation. It has always been about monetary compensate
and Judaism my mind he says this. The targets, as this has been true for literally three and a half thousand years kid there's just the fact. Tat. Christianity goes further sermon. MT, it is in my religion- and I know a better than drop. Ok now you five specifically says. You have heard that it was said, quote an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I say to you: do not resist one who is evil, but if anyone slaps you on the right cheek turned to him the other also, and if any would sue you and take your tunic. Let him have your cloak as well, and if anyone worse as you to go. One mile go with him two miles give to the one who bags from you and you not refuse the one who had borrow from you. So trump not only rejects the basis of Judaism, rub the legal nature of duties, and he also rejects what I understand to be from a christian friends. The actual ultimate basis of Christianity, which is mercy right. I mean that's, that's the idea of Christianity the Jew, reading, the christian tax. I think there's a second way to read that christian tax, which is that it's actually what we
countries must its eight it's it's sort of up, it's a bucket message, meaning that there is a legal system. It says that if you get hit me, I still take the got a court, but in your personal life, don't take revenge, revenge, isn't the thing to do right. This is the general idea of the Christian taxed you'll in both Judaism Christianity, nowhere does it says an eye for an eye is to be taken. Literally There is one religion there is one religion weren't for an eye is actually taken literally derelict. Is Islam, ok and radical Islam, and I for an actually taken literally, actually implemented in IRAN, In two thousand. Eight is a report from the BBC around you. There a court in IRAN has ruled that man blinds at a woman with acid after she spurned his marriage proposals also be blinded with acid. Punishment is legal. Under the Islamic Sharia Principle of CHAOS, equivalence or analogy which allows retribution for violent crimes so Donald Trump. The guy wants to boot all the Muslims and make sure they don't come in his biblical villains.
Protection is a lot closer to Islam. Interpretation than Judy observe Christianity's. This point out two things: one from doesn't care about the Bible. Like really doesn't care about the Bible, he has its principles and then he fits the Bible into his principles, which is the nature of paganism paganism. Is I take whatever text is available to me? I would take whatever my worship of God. Isn't I fitted into this box that I like to call God goddess? post to comply with my wishes for the universe, not the other way around. Some idea that I have to fill out fulfil gods principles. God fulfils my principles from party feels this way. He already feels like I hit back to tell I do frankly. All I do is hit back. All I do is hit back the women. Went from. Does that routine? He then tries to fit the Bible in their because he doesn't know anything about the Bible. So that's that's point number one about from point number two. Is that he's really bad at pandering, but people are following him anyway, but he's not the only woman. So today we're doing this episode is essentially biblical announced. As with Idiot Republicans sovereignty and have to get a Democrat
they they were. They also pretends, like the Bible, but the truth is they would rather use it his toilet paper than follow it John case. It also pretty to be a bible lover. This is ridiculous because you, here he is using Crown Heights New York. Which is a very jewish area, as you can see, if you're watching the tape every He is surrounded by these. Are orthodox Jews read these. Are these? Are people wearing black cats with beards he's enough? Acidic neighbourhood obviously can see from the from the airlock the past. They dinner on their ears, everybody's wearing Yamanaka, cavvies people actually Ben their lives studying the Bible. This is what they do right in the These communities, you actually spend like ten hours a day, studying the Bible and Tom would involve text John case. It comes,
in and begins lecturing them about the Bible, and he doesn't know anything. It's pretty amazing Harry Go John Joseph who studied Joseph. Would you think about jobs and hear what most important thing Joseph settlers brothers you, my brothers? You met it for evil, but God minute for good,
did you know that I would like to welcome you all struggle. As you know this. Yes using causes brothers, they hated him. You know become part of it. He may have been a little bit of a braggart Joseph, maybe, but they zoom in that direction is badly shaken, sold into slavery and that's how the Jews got Egypt right now that, yes, did you know their sons yeah, but was challenges brothers. You know, like your worship, you know another like right, so we really did they didn't want using Jacob. Take a really set in this venture.
We want to develop further jealousy lie down to you know that you're gay, so that this continues along ok. This is John case Acacia. So, first of all basic biblical analysis, this is John case. It will work. Doing right. Here I mean this is literally the equivalent of a third grade science student walking into Albert Einstein to office and telling him have you ever heard of this thing called Math thing: we're like two plus two equal for heard of that thing now, but I yeah, I have It is a little bit, but have you ever heard of this thing called had ever heard of water and how and how like, if you put two drops of water close to each other, they attract and then the name, and then they become one. And now, when I say tat, I have I know about that
and ass it had been, figures is explaining to them like basic biblical verse, vetted Jews, not sorry to break down Christians. Orthodox Jews were really into the old testament like we're into it in a big way like once a year, we go through the entire Bible every week. At the end of the week, we go three major portion of the Bible not only to the people whose Hawkins you know what Joseph said in all the commentaries and what you have said, and they know it. The original Hebrew any standing there in their bookstore, surrounded by books about this surrender books about this and he's going well error. This book of the Bible, I like it, it's pretty good. Have you heard this guy, called God pretty actual at the level of arrogance that it too x to to do this. It is just a standing, but this is the level of arrogance of some of our presidential candidates in it, and it is somewhat telling John case it trying to browbeat people into compliance with it does the same guy, by the way who says that this orthodox Bookstore should have to presumably hand out a catch.
By hand marital document for two guys. They should have to do that according to John CASE, except the biblical biblical criticism with Idiot Republicans, I was wondering how we could go downhill in this election and we found a way we did you, you thought we in surpass yourselves, we did it. Ok, so. All right so aware of its high. It is time for Reagan, economy, outdoor primal. During an economic, it will say, hello to our friends are vague and I can't really quickly so Reagan was not a complete moron, unlike some of these other folks, and if you like Ronald Reagan, anything the Ronald Reagan good president. Perhaps you'd like Reagan to be associated your emails being given email address, that is your name reagan dot com by going to Reagan, privacy, dot, com, you don't just get to use Reagan Of course you also get your information protected from the government protected from corporations. All this is very cool, stuff Reagan, private, Dot com go there right. Now you get two months for free, your name at Reagan. That comes that's. Ok, so I say,
that we can't go downhill and then we promptly go even further downhill. So today your yesterday, Donald Trump was was speaking in. He was speaking in in Pennsylvania and here's what he had to say to a Pittsburgh crowd about Joe Paterno, who is the who is the it is klippel on it. Really. I just made it to to Joe Paterno about Joe Paterno, who was the if you recall the. Coach at Penn State for fifty years, and who is also embroiled in a sack scandal when Jerry send. Ski who is one of his defence of coaches was molesting little boys in the shower room and paternal heard about it and basically didn't do anything. Here's Donald Trump talking about it, how Joe paternal we gotta bring that back, but he's day about about that. All about that all deal
wise words from Donald, have the Jupiter and bringing that back. How about that whole deal he's out later? He meant the statue because they took down the statue, Joe Paternal, when it turned out. He knew his coat was molesting little boys and didn't do enough about it and Libyan inheres trumpeting put it back up, put it back. These are solid people, and unfortunately there is now a consolidated movement, stark gathering around Trump, and you knew this was gonna come you knew that there was gonna come a point where people suggested that it was just too dangerous to stop from from getting the nomination over Fox NEWS. This had been true for a while. There are a lot of very pro Trump Fox NEWS, hose ranging from Sean Hannity cigarette events
Austrian. A very, very pro Donald, Trump and and Roger Ales is apparently very pro Donald Trump Roger Ales brokered a meat between Megan, Kelly and Donald Trump Megan Kelly has obviously been very hard on Donald Trump disaster. Tough questions trump doesn't like it. She wouldn't you visited Trump Tower and in all put this one on ales, I don't know the full story. I'm not gonna speculators, the motives, but I will say that, if brought Barack Obama hates Fox NEWS and he's hated Fox news for literally his entire presidency, Roger Ales would not have sent Sean Hannity to the White House to make nice with Barack Obama, because Barack Obama felt slighted. This is this is a move, a consolidated move by Republican higher up to now start unifying behind Trump in preparation for Hillary Clinton, and this is not a great surprise. I thought for why,
Now that there would be this move that, as it became clearer, that the Trump was the front runner that there would be this move, there's been a move simultaneously, go to crews, to try and stop trumpet. That seems to be at least I'm getting the feeling that from at least the elites petering out a little bit and that's for a reason. So Stephen Miller is one of the surrogate sweet. We call them yesterday, Stephen Miller's one of the service for Trump is on tv and he says that the only way the crews can witness by treating essentially. But on the second point, which is the moral point, and I am going to make it an I'm happy to make it. It is wrong to disenfranchised voters. Going around the country, making secret deals with inside party officials, elected Giovanni officials and say yeah you're GEO Pay District representing seven hundred. Eighty thousand people support style, tromp and rejects TED crews, but we want you to make a secret pack to nullify the vote and support tat crews. All I'm saying is tat crews, as only one three points marries. Outsiders, Homestake tankers is trailing by two million about soon it's gonna be a lot more votes than that. He has no democratic,
path. The nomination of the only wait till crews can win is by now fine balance that have already been cast, you hit it's not true, the only way tat we can win is by going to delegates. Delegate's are selected and the only way the trunk can win at this point is basically by cuddling, a bunch of people who didn't vote for him into voting for him, because he's gonna come up short of the delegate number but there's case to be made to make in the second. The trump should be handed the nomination anyway that even if he comes up short, I've said in the past. I dont think he should now make the eye this occasion, the nominal, explain why I think it's wrong, because I think that its important do you hear all the arguments so trumpet adjusted to finish up what, for says about, there's no will get into the argument trumps by the way that his unfavourable unfair Rabelais Billy numbers are now nearing. Seventy percent nationwide by the time is I can cycle is over, he will be above a hundred per two hundred and ninety seven percent of people- children who have yet to be born for generations from now will not like Donald Trump down from says: don't worry, I'm just like Ronald Reagan, Reagan. Also, hello, favorability Reagan, the winning bidder
was number one. It was nineteen. Eighty four, the polling wasn't, is good and number two Ronald Reagan was actually not a huge you'd pile of drag here is a here's Donald Trump making the I'm like Reagan case arrogant, thou. I haven't even started on hurry and my numbers are right now than Ronald Reagan. Numbers war would Jimmy Carter. You know Ronald Reagan, Who is he had authority favour ability had he was behind Jimmy Carter by so much everybody said. All this is gonna, be a disaster. Jimmy Carter, I will say is the last person that Hilary want to run against me. I will tell you that, and I know that Would you be wanted to run again. Ronald Reagan he's at all, please let ragged when, and he was so far behind ragged and by the time the election took place, was a big victory and easy victory for rigging. That's what happens. That's what
Ok, so it has so so he says that he's going, we just like Ronald Reagan and he's gonna involve himself in a major come back and everything is going to be just hunky dory, run previously currency who, as I said, looks more and more likely cholera in dealing with Darth Vader when it comes to Donald Trump you he he's just looking around going. This deal gets worse all the time and in trembling cinnamon goes pray. I should not also the deal further. Frankly, you're not gonna like it. If I altered the deal further, so here is rains previous saying he's not being gently. It's a rigged, but the matter Harry Harry says he specifically said you you're, the chairman of the Republic National Committee should be ashamed of yourself. Her what's going on extraordinary, is that. I have no idea historic extraordinary that is given the year we have it in. I honestly don't take it all that personally, but I do have to wear
Fine, though, when a campaign says that they are, and see, is rigging the rule Just not the case. The rules have been sat there in place. They're not going to change, in these states and of the same for the next stage in New York there all out. Everyone knows what the rules are. So I have to respond, though, if the party of which I am the chairman of, is getting attacked. We especially when it's not true ok, so he says all is now here is the case. Here is the case for from being given the nomination, even though he doesn't when it he doesn't get at twelve thirty, seven but he should be given the nomination anyway. So here is the case. Trump will be in the delicately going into the currency. If the nomination goes instead of somebody like crews, Trump is going to claim that he was a victim which is what he does anyway ready wines any wines until he winds. He said this over and over and over he's lying, of course, he's not a victim, the system is the same for everybody, everybody placed by the same rules and if you lose you lose, but from that
like losing any likes to wine about it, a knife or night, so from supporters. Here's the problem here is the problem. Trouble say that it's been reg and his supporters, who have now become idolater as many of them now them, but a good percentage of them had become idolatrous at the altar of Trump. We'll talk about that little bit more later. When we get the stuff I hate. Those people will believe him, no matter they'll. Believe him he'll say that it was rigged. He was stopped. They will believe him now. From supporters are really not particularly conservative for the most part, but any victorious politics requires a coalition review whose head of a tourist coalition it would look like some of the front people in some of the case of people in all the crews. People trump if he got the Norman, If he's not gonna win he'll get his aspect by Hillary Clinton. I mean he will get blown out by historic proportions, but from doesn't get denomination and the possibility of his supporters ever joining the coalition again to create a victorious coalition dropped dramatically. If you can
from from winning the nomination that keeps the trump rage alive for another election cycle. All these people to say gypped. It shows the establishment will do anything to stop outsiders like Donald Trump and then we get it. This whole slow rulings, unama of horror again in four years, whether this is the case that, if that, if we stop trumped now Then. If we strike him down, he shall become more powerful than we could possibly imagine written for years. They'll come back, they'll be it'll, be it'll, be mad, at beyond. Thundered own it'll be it'll, be sausage. Fingers beyond thundered right will just go, get the sequel from support isn't really just about Trump. Obviously it is small but durable agglomeration of the these all right, white nationalists and disaffected white blue collar voters want tariffs and more government policy, largely Some people who backbone Pappy, Cannon and Ross Perrault, what's made from a bigger cans. Then Buchanan or Perot is the fact that there are all these, angry conservatives trump rangers who have gotten
involved in the idea that people are being screwed. We need the guy who's. Gonna come in like like doomsday any just, can absorb all the energy and then refracted outward destroying everything in his path. Right. That's that's the trouble I did they want, they need a nasty guy like Trump and if the crew, So that's argument of one in favour of Europe. Giving the. If you don't do this, they will destroy my conservatism for the future. Will do this again in four years, will just be so enraged that they go after whoever the radius candidate and for years, and they will come back soon. Longer than they ever war because they feel like they ve been victimized in some way. That's that's argued, number one argument- number two- is that of crews- takes a nomination, what's acres get it and then he loses Which I had all along, I think Republic, into the very narrow, shot Miss election but take root. The donation that he loses is actually worst case scenario for conservatives for constitutional conservatives, because if your constitutional conservative from takes the nomination he loses. Of course he was not conservative. Of course he lost his again. He's a bad guy, so make sense that he would lose
if crews takes denomination loses, you got that right. People on the one hand, saying Lion, TAT, stole the nomination and then proceeded to lose. You got the g. Opiates apples from now. On the other hand, who hate crews and hate constitutional conservatives saying the all the wrong guys: the tea party is those evil constitutional conservatives there. Made us nominated crap candidate, why crews and then he loses you need a hand power back to us. We need more yeah between more much Mcconnell and we need more, more Paul Ryan. So what this means fast for twenty twenty twenty? A revitalize trumpeter crowd, waiting for their next moment and economy. Conservative, conservatively scorned by the establishment and the establishment, confident that it can now retake controls. We get into this whole crapshoot again in twenty twenty. If Trump is stopped, and then there's, finally, that the emotional argument in this one I'm real close on and that is trumpeters. You got what you deserve. You gotta, you deserve heard Clayton
use. The h I'll make an quote the other day and MRS Right democracies, the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get a good Nord in other than that. If you are, from supporter- and you ve been bitching and moaning about trump- is being screw of your shot rather, did I think the most telling me you deserve your shot and there's a part of it. Telling me you deserve your shot, pardon me the tears. I agree you should get yours because I want to see you pummelled. I want to see your nasty fascistic off we're Terry God, worshipping movement pummelled to the ground and will be delayed, just to watch. This part me emotionally says that, because there is that you're filling up my twitter timeline and then I know your, but that's diapers some drain, remove myself from that, because I dont think that my personal feelings should really impact the future of the country. So now here's the counter argument to all of that. First, the trump The argument that the Trump rage beyond thundered own they're, going to come back better and stronger than ever argument- and this neglects the Donald Trump will not be the candidate-
for years movements need a guy called around Trump is not gonna, be that guy for years he's already a thousand years old, he'll be a thousand and four by the time for years comes around trumpet. Just a figurehead. He also happens to be a guy who's, really famous one hundred percent name recognition and who are they? Gonna come around and around Tom Tank Radio on immigration is gonna come around. You know that, in a correct, ran Portman. The coup who's. The next figure that this movement requires a figure just like all third party type figures, NEA figure. Huey longer Unita reindeers. Parole or Buchanan who's. Gonna. Be that Nobody on the horizon, whose nearly as successful at consolidating support as Trump has been second the past. Already. The crews loses after winning the nomination and that's just true candidate. It is true for any candidate I rather put up the guy, who I best feel represents concern It is and represents the Republican Party, then the guy who does it works and
you know. Then let the chips fall where they may have you lose. You lose his if he wins who wins. If he established men says well, you guys blew it. Woman will fight it out again with the establishment in four years, and it's a stars want to walk. Let him walk. I mean this is this is what's good for the country is a constitutional concern, running from the Republican Party, not a nationalist, populist, running from the Republican Party and pay its possible crews went if Trump wins then, Well, I don't think you'll be the breathing of the earthquake. Terrible president aunt, I think, he'll have wrecked conservatism, for a generation of crews becomes press you could actually have a constitutional spring. That would be unique certainly in my lifetime. Finally, the the Mencken argument: the idea that democracy is people get getting what they need. Good heart, the majority of people hate Trump Majority of Republicans, like Trump, the majority Republicans never voted for Donald Trump, so damn because he is the notion that part common people know what they are. Deserve to get it couldn't hard becoming people had not selected Trump, they haven't done
and be plurality of common people have selected Trump, not a majority. Trump hasn't gotten majority support. So I dont think from should be handed the nomination. I don't think he's in gets twelve thirty seven. So I guess what the fireworks then, by the way, the consolidation around from continues apace and consulted class is ready to make cash off Trump Carl Rove breaking story Carl Robes American Cross roads is letting donors. No, they think they can propelled trumped victory. If he's denominate to Carl Rove, who says that is the worst thing since, since mould says that he says they did. He can help trumpet All you have to do is sent him a few bucks, so the consultant class continue to get rich off of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the other side. The aisle the process actually is red, the other side, the other process, actually Israel's, Debbie Waterman shoulders, the head of the Dnc. She says that
Laura Clinton is gonna win the nomination. Now right, we won't need the super delegates to decide. This thing here is George, our banks, but I still think that we are likely on track as we go through the rest of the primary and an caucus season to result in an election at the end that will make that will have a presumptive nominee that becomes the presumptive nominee prior to the convention without without the need for super delegates, and that will have the majority of unpledged Golly gets going inside the convention, so I do not think we're. Gonna have a contested convention. Ok, so she she says Mono Contested Convention and the reason she says. This is because she is person we're going to intervene and she is to ensure using her secret, Darlin Yet I skills that Debbie was essential, says that the Bernie Sanders people are still cars to she's she's, not putting the thumb on the scale in favour of Hillary Clinton Mason like Bernie Sanders, go the concern,
is that is this harassment dynamic going on what is your take? You know it certainly completely fine, because super delegates are up for grabs, so to speak all the way until we get to the convention and there's gonna be a. There is always a fierce effort to make sure that they can win those that Canada supporters can win over those unpledged delegates because they can decide we'll all the way up until they get to the convention. But you know using tactics that border on harassment that that feel like stocking is really is really something that I hope our campaigns really condemn and that we make sure that their supporters enthusiasm is fantastic, making sure that
that we will have appropriate contacts and out reaches just great. But you know intimidation is not ok and I'm not suggesting that about that. That's occurring right now, but you're living. We need to make sure that we are careful about how we persuade will you you, you are suggesting that a little bit like, let's be brilliant, a little bit soap, video see putting its time on the scales in paper. Bernie Sanders any contained in favour of Hillary Clinton again Sanders, and you can see is playing out. So Bernie Sanders supporter called Hilary. A corporate at a at aid at a burning, Andrews Rally yesterday, which is of course, oh Hillary Clinton is the woman who was literally at the Goldman Sachs Groundbreaking and was taking speeches for two hundred thousand dollars in front of all of these hedge funds and moss firms then will release any of them so choose on them What of Walmart near enough people recognise this same lady, who rips Walmart as this evil horrible corporate organization that pays people too little and Jack's them shoes bored fervent for several years, so corporate whore
if you're lucky, you think, did Hilary corporate Whore shore a Bernie Sanders what're says that at the rally yesterday, yours would look like secretary quaintness. Better care all will never happen while I agree with Secretary Clinton that Medicare for all will never happen. If we have a president who never aspires for something rather than the status quo. Better care for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic wars were behold it the private insurance industry in that about movies calls Hilary Corporate Democratic, whore hashtag democratic work starts trending. Naturally, this means that the Democratic Party must come in to defend Hillary Clinton. Hilary must be defended at all costs.
So clear mechanical whose senator from Missouri she says its unacceptable for anybody. Anybody to refer to Hilary for more fashion, I mean the only people who should be talking about his wars are the ones who have sex with Bill Clinton and I hears what she says: about the town, and I worry about it on both sides. I think it's really important. We keep the town where should be is unacceptable for anybody to rapid. Hillary Clinton as a corporate whore, and that's what happened. The introduction last night. That rally- and I am not I've heard Bernie Sanders say totally unacceptable. It's totally unacceptable that Bernie founded is just tweeted good. It was inappropriate and unacceptable himself well good for him, but he should have done it some, the podium, the minute. Words were issued. There was a huge cheer that went off when Hillary Clinton was called a corporate whore and that's when. Canada has to step in and go away the minute guys. Remember What really enemy is here? It is the policy,
he's in values represented by TED Crews and Donald Trump we re there by way of an important point for the latter, the enemy is always the right for the right. The enemy is sometimes ISIS, but rarely the left in so in an that's. That's why it's an asymmetric political war. Until Republicans, recognize- that the real enemy to american freedom is the left they're, not gonna, be actually when elections a clear mechanical goes after Bernie Sanders. The entire democratic party goes after Bernie Sanders, Tubby watchments, Let's go after Bernie Sanders charge, our being stubby watchman shields goes after Bernie Sanders everyone in the process. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, as you mentioned yesterday, she actually went out and blamed Bernie Sanders for people getting killed in New York. State Jane Sanders, who is burning, lovely wife, came out and she said it's our bothers We, the Hilary blames Bernie Sanders for gun violence. I think I think the whole everything that she's done around the gun issue bothers me, because Barney has common sense, gun values. I mean he's
he's voted in our food for all the things that there that are even under consideration there. He lost his first election because he said I want to stop the manufacture and sale of of assault, weapons and nineteen. He looks that election by three points in nineteen? Ninety, had the same position, but people understood that he was really even if they disagree with him that he was trustworthy. He won. By seventeen percent. She is trying to make him walk like he's in Vienna RE gun lobby. When he's gotta de minus that he does We care about the sandy hook, parent that really bothers me, it's like a come on. We just don't go there. We don't go and ask people for support in the worst time of their lives, and so that that bothers me, because. The fact is, the Democratic Party is not defending Bernie Sanders against brutal vicious assaults by Hillary Clinton, but as soon
a burning centre supporter, say: she's, a corporate whore, then the entire democratic system, women jumps into save their girl. Hillary Clinton, she must be saved at all costs, and this is really you know it's it's it's pretty amazing how rigged the system is against these centres from the very top- and meanwhile there is an attempt by Bernie Sanders end Hillary Clinton is we mention to turn TAT crews into Donald Trump, so I have said before. One of the dangers of prompt is that from smear the entire republican Party, the entire conservative movement Bernie Sanders you'll, hear him link up true trump and crews and then Hilary do the exact same thing. They're, trying to lump together trumpet crews have almost nothing in common, like legitimately, nothing in common Bernie Sanders the lumping them together York value of the statue of liberty, not a war between us and Mexico in New York,
we pride ourselves on our diversity. We don't divide people up based on where they were born. I was born and raised in Brooklyn became stand up, fight back don't let anyone terrorist style, Vinos near italian pensioners goes on here. I will never lose the values that New York and my family have given me as the Yorkers. We understand what New York values really mean. We believe in the value of hard work, we believe in the value of equality. We believe in the value of a society with the american dream, works for all, not just the one percent, those New York values and the truth is
York values or american values. There is no difference in price, has doesn't my ground here comes Larry Wilmore, the second least funny man on Planet earth running out, oddly on the stage did to do things, but standards. It is like any other crews and from there and is the danger of prompt Where does the same thing? She says that Trump and crews have both burst: open, ugly currents of bigotry inside the republic.
Party. She can't name one cruises down there, but you'll hear her name. Some things, the trumpets known when the front runner for the Republic of nomination was asked in a national television interview to disavow David, Duke and other white supremacist supporting his campaign. He played coy visit the same Donald Trump, who led the insidious, birth or movement to de legitimize. President Obama has called mexican emigrants, rakers and murderers. He wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, and the list goes on and not to be outdone by his primary rival. Ted crows would create Muslim Americans like criminals and religiously profile their neighborhoods.
Projects have burst into the open right. Ok, everyone see, does you'd limping everybody together. This is the problem with Trump ISM is why, in the end, I dont by the letters have an argument as we will all be lumped with Trump, whether we like it, miss why, in the end, I dont by the letter from have an argument because we will all be lumped in with Trump, whether we like it or not. Ok time some things I like and then things I hate and then the mail bag- and you know it may be done for another hour, Harris okay, so first things that I like we're at the point. In american life, where I need calming music like every day. That's if there's no columns music, then or I'll just after I mean we're, we're so here is here. Is the boss wrote a piece then used by good, no french composer about a hundred years later and he uses the DE back peace as as sort of way? we call now the baseline
and he and then he writes a theme over it. It's Ave Maria do is this a beautiful piece? It's really it's quite grants. It wasn't a little bit of it Wonderful, so that's that's Ave Maria this is this is written in eighteen, fifty three,
the. What you're here, neither with the piano, is actually prelude number one and c major by bought from the well tempered forbear, Charles Gould, wrote the theme that soaring over that is the latin text of Ave Maria this. Is it a cello recording, but it was originally written for voice, but it's it's just it's it's terrific as terrific, and you can look it up. It's dirty is very spiritual. Sprite I'm so. Ok that makes you feel good, and then you have to look your twitter mentions. You feel terrible again. So too I'm for what would you not one more thing? I like this one at the behest of Jonathan producer and math, as is already groaning because math is apparently has a perverse fear of octopi, which makes sense deserted the craziest creatures on planet earth. There very odd, looking like Michael more with suction cups and an apparently in Octopus, scaped his captivity in finding Nemo fashion. You made a break for freedom. They found a poster of a sexy female octopus. Half
clad, but when the when the other fish ripped away the poster they found, there is a tunnel to the outside. Here it is what the story was. Apparently, ok, we don't have the actual video, but apparently he left he who made it all the way to the folks at this act, but apparently occupier really smart, which is why they're gonna take over the world which are given election cycle may be the only comfort we have, but the octopi will apparently Octopus, crawl all the way to the ocean to go back to his home, see homeland Homsey and and left a trail of suction cups. Behind him, so that's pretty awesome story. Sorry math is, it is a good start. Time for things. I hate to really on only one thing that I hate that I myself and the or in the toy Lewandowski case decided, not prosecute. This is not a way the shock for anybody who knows how law works, namely not the Trump cards I don't care about law or words. There spell they know the difference between you are and your men like every one of their choice
it is using. While you are, as opposed to while you apostrophe our ii, which is not correct, but it in any case the prosecutors have what's all prosecutors Russian, they look a cases and then decide whether they think there is a likelihood of victory a trial, and they decide whether they think it's worthwhile expanding the resource resources of the state in order to push forward the case they decided with regard to me, I'll fields was grabbed yanked and bruised by Corey Lewandowski and then lied about it. They decide it wasn't worth pushing that case forward. They safer of reasons. One is the resources that it would take basically due to push it is now while in it, in a district with the dossier that has a backlog of literally tens of thousands of cases, many of them very serious, Ok and the other reason is they say that there's probable cause to prosecute, but they did no the likelihood of rebutting Lewandowski, defence, because it's based on testimony from Tromp and Lewandowski, and so they they crafted this false defensive. How Michel have little bomb in her hand and Lewandowski, is going to save Trump from Michel and all this nonsense, and so
that what it really comes down to is number one. What it comes down to is this wasn't a big enough deal criminally speaking for them to go forward. The prosecution totally get that if I were a prosecutor Will we get that decision? I had a very similar situation with his own torrents and it was turn grabs me on national television by the back of the neck. Threatens me threatens me, afterward friends me on twitter these recommend something and then the prosecutors, I've got to go forward with it because the prosecutor said this isn't politically viable. Ok, whatever the trumpeters doing this departed. That takes me off. There's someone people who are in love with Trump who just do not care about basic truth and standards of accuracy like at all. So They say is this means that it is all a hoax. It was almost a hoax. He never touched her Lewandowski was telling the truth from the very outset not the prosecutor, the prosecutors them. Said there was probably cause to prosecute they also. They also said that the that the the they asked.
Corey Lewandowski, for they asked Michel. If an apology would be sufficient. She said the an apology to be sufficient- they will have its core lewandowski. Moon asks it ok, I'll draft, an apology. He started to draft it. They decided to drop the charge Based on that, and then he didn't send to do them really, This is what they said in the press conference tonight I mean come on gang. We need to talk about pure aisle and childish mean this. Isn't it it says that the Trump campaign in a nutshell apparently trump? Actually called up the prosecutor's office personally, tell them historian, also to encourage them to court and quote do the right thing. Is an area where he were. Marilla, though, is ready as a fair bit sway and pull but again I think that this was a matter of bribery. I think this is a matter of the prosecutors looked at this and they said I don't know why this is worth our effort really that doesn't mean the Michel never should Father police report, it's the job of the police and the job of the prosecutors to weed out cases they think are worthy of prosecution from cases that aren't that's, why the cause of the prosecutor, aerial discretion exists. Reason she filed a police report in the first place, as she has said, as I have said, is because Trump
and his campaign were calling her liars. There are suggesting she factual and bruises. There are suggesting the bruise work, even real. She went into document that sexually, Michel has said the cheese, the file, a civil lawsuit against Trump hence Lewandowski for defamation Trump than threatened her and said you better- not do that and discovery will tell her apart. I guarantee thus in discovery from has a lot more to her hate. Then EL fields as in discovery. So that's just it is then that the thing I hate in the end is is that this is the term campaign. The eye for an eye thing from the beginning of the show it applies to trumpet applies to his powers, but their blind little care if got other people's eyes. That's that's really were to come. It's not even an eye for an eye is their blind so and how yet why no one knows they just decided to gauge other people's eyes out and that's how it's going to be ok time for a few entry, from the mail that will start the juicy century first, so this one comes from Gina, so gene is, is a student. I wanna say where to protect privacy, but she says she praised me
watch that you convinced me to wait until marriage to have sex, to be pro life, to be an entrepreneur Have completely aided mean on Brainwash myself, which is great. I get a lot of letters like this and am glad that I can impact folks. Listen, I have morality. Question I'm in college struggling and working as a stripper in a high and club. It is very strict note. Contact rules, no drugs, no touching and only topless- is this wrong in a normally. The answer would clearly be. Yes, here's your argument for why not She says. My argument why? I think it is not wrong. Is other performers, dance for money and little clothing, acrobats, Broadway, no ones, that is wrong. The only differences, I am topless, but in Brazil people, though tablets at the beach american culture says, being topless is wrong for women. Am I being morally relative moral relativism they so that Let's go through that argument, for its first off yes. It is morally wrong for access to get naked onscreen for money. Yes, it is wrong for peace, access to do it. It is wrong for regular actresses to do it. When people go around cancelling clad in a like when men do at either, but let's be real about this Thursday prince between a woman being scantily, glad and amending scandalous
because women are generally not they didn't mail. Responds to nudity and female responds to nudity are not equivalent they're, not equivalent endless. Woman is not responsible for a man's state, Obviously, you know what a woman does not responsible for a man state, but it's not exactly a moral thing to trade off your body for for money. It's not it's not exactly the baseline of morality, where I come from. So what I would say about the argument it in certain other cultures breasts are not are not seen as sexual objects number one very there. If you cultures number even in Brazil, they know that boobies are a sexual object. Number two. They are show object in the United States, so you recognize them. That's just the truth. I mean there's a reason. Women are walking around topless and that's for good reason, because that would put society in a high state of tension outside? So the other and she says the other argument. His men are committee. Dull tree and cheating. I do not see how watching a topless girl dancing we're getting a lap dance is cheating
addition, men are not biologically monogamous. Indeed, sexual variety to be monogamous. Any to experience. Sexual variety of women do not feel suppressed by their wife and girl, for this is an argument that very often made in favour of pornography people's hit upon if you actually keeps people from treating rapporteur over if you stare at naked women online and and Emily do other things, then this will keep you being monogamous. I a wholly disagree with this proposition. The reason is, because men tend to push boundaries, and so what you get is looking at other women all the time. There. Certainly of men. Looking women, its natural, it's just natural manner married, I will pretty. Woman walked down the street. A man looks. And then goes right back to talking with Why does mean he loves her? It doesn't mean, wants to really do anything with her there's just biological instinct men. Look at that once you get, deeply ensconced in sexual rising other women that tends to carry over two ok, I can behave in this way if I'm presented with Opportunity is really that different and theirs.
Article today about women seeing their accepting their husbands treating this is bound to fail. It's bound to fail. It's not going to work because it turns out the love and sat in marriage. Our deeply intertwined and the modern attempt to separate the three has destroyed marriage has destroyed. Saxon has destroyed, love, that's actual happening right now I pornography destroy. Sex in general, because the fact is that men are now looking for Something that doesn't exist. Pornography destroys love because it is Souci had sex from of and destroys marriage, because the reality is that women want to be the object of desire for their husbands, not various their sundry goods on the shelf, so that's my That's that's! My response to that is that you know I really hope you get another job. I think that there are other jobs available to you sound like a nice bright gal. I think that you can do better for yourself, and I think that you, in your future, husband out hope I think will be, will be pleased to know that that is not something that you sided to keep on doing. I think that they are. I know that most good man would prefer that
There are women reserve their sex lives, and this is part of your sex. Life means showing your breast. A man is part of your sex life. What route reserved for marriage, I'm somebody who reserved my virginity for marriage. You say you want to do that as well. I guarantee your future husband will appreciate if you also received a reserve, your nudity for your marriage. Ok, so that's that's one letter, ok, Stephanie It says you say the USA's republic, not a democracy. Can you name other current country? there are also republics, sure version. We all the european countries are republics, anytime you have an elected body that votes on things for you, that is a republic appear, democracy does not really exist. It doesn't really exist in Athens. The idea of a pure democracy was that you would literally get a plebiscite out. Everybody would come out and vote on the major issues of the day and the vote issued by issue we're starting with for debt in places like California, where you have referenda and people voted on specific issues, but most elected countries our but instead of democracies, the problem is, as we have moved, towards democratic values rather than republican values. Small de small are what we.
We ve done is instead of saying to people were letting you for your good judgment. We say we're what'd, you do acts and then, if you don't you, we throw you out, and so instead of letting good people to to make judgments that are independent and based on the evidence we're lucky people and then we're saying we want you to do this stuff that we want you to do based on our thirty seconds of research and the whole purpose of an elected republic is that these people spend a fair amount of time. Actually, Looking at the issues, you have five minutes to spend between taking your kids to school and working and that's why you will like people to do the job for you, it's just like any other thing. You contract out, we contract our politics to people. We trust as why trustworthiness matters It's what you have to know what the ideology of the person is before you. Let them is why dont trust trump penalties, trustworthy, ok, just in right, my quest It is about your stance on government being completely out of business. Do you think there is a certain point in which Parliament should have the ability to impose regulations of safety in the workplace, or should we simply allow that the business of the employers absence in
the jungle and disasters such as the triangle. Shirt, waist factory, fire come to mind when I think about this, and I just wonder when you think of mention step in and regulate how businesses treat their employees and create their products. Ok, so as far as Upton Sinclair's the jungle, the notion that ever there were people who are falling into meat, grinders and being turned into sausages. Nonsense and Teddy Roosevelt said as much time the judge. Was muck raking and it's not true as far as the idea that importers have special regular, nations on them and how they treat their employees, I dont general believe that you need that. The reason for that is because there is such a thing is tort law. If I put you in a position where beam on your head, and I know the beam is unstable. I'm responsible for negligence or family will soon be under the ground. I guess you don't need special body of law. We have an inspector coming to inspect the beams. You don't need that, and if people don't the work in unsafe conditions, they have the ability to strike the abilities can. I am very much in favour of people unionized in striking on the basis of worker safety. If there is a real worker safety violation, this is sort of what they say,
in like normal rate, for example, people working coal mines or in or in sewing factories. We're getting routinely hurt, and so they decided we're not going back there until you upgrade the machinery, that's perfectly acceptable. I don't, see why the Governor is better at regulating business. Then agreements between employers and employees, as well as basic tort lot happier right is possible. One of the reasons why the left seems so happy to march the western world off the cliff. When it comes to us. Migration is because they simply don't understand. Religion then said the majority of the people on the left looked down their noses religious people as possible left just doesn't get. Why Fighting people of such a radically different faith might be a problem. This might come something you mentioned earlier, where you mentioned. No real religious person identifies as anything before the identifies a child of God. This is something I how many roulette nonreligious people, rather heads around totally agree, totally agree. Left doesn't understand and they don't respect the religious values of of everybody, but particularly Muslims, the what actually believed that Muslims are can be bought off by iphones. They believe.
That Muslims can actually just be bought off by you know the by the the nice things that we have in western society and right now, I'm looking for a peace that I think is relevant to this is that there is a piece of Busby that was really kind of fastened where it is talking about their there's, a kid in islamic country, I wonder if I can dig it out, because really there there is one portion of it that was really really telling. If I can find a real fast it Sal at sea, Poohpooh, Curtis, ok, so Its there's another section of this piece is called how to lose your mind to ices and then fight to get it back, is written by a guy at Buzzfeed, about a family who had a kid who is being recruited by ices and talks in this peace, specifically about how the pen, the families, together at the aunt and uncle they went to the kid they said they took the kids in France, and they showed him bunch of scantily, clad women, and they said this is
What you get if you're in the West rightly said this is this is the last the west is these scantily clad women and the kids spawns, which is perfectly what you would think it is? you're religious person and understands how religion mortars I want you. Nope? The sand with their blood is teenage boys. What he says, that these women horn bikinis right because he's a radical Muslim is, want to sort this out with their blood and they said well needle when a kill them many did ya know I do he said, will all had all of them. He said yes, all of them all of them. People are not bought off by money. People want to believe in something bigger than themselves, really believe in the left when, in the value of sexual secularism or they'll, believe in western position or they'll believe in Christianity or Judaism or Radical Islam, and so different, acting Muslims enough to believe you can buy them off with a couple of scantily clad photos from the beach, it's a bunch of who in its end its arrogance of the highest order. It's why bono? What are you saying today about we just throw some comedy ottoman that wins! No! That's! That's not the case. Ok
make a right? My economics, Professor West Alabama, was going over the multiplier effect. The multiplier effect is the idea that if I spend a dollar on a good, you then take that dollar you spend on the different good and that person takes the dollar and spend it on a different go to a multiplier effect. Also known as just trading with each other ask him if that was similar to trickle down economics, with difference, of course, being that, instead of tax breaks, the government spends money towards the business He said yes sort of, and then he said he brought up similarities in the trickled down effect in the fountain effect. Can you give you opinion on why one is better than the other. So they did the phrase trickled down effect, something claimed by the left. The right doesn't. Leave that give money to rich people than the rich people trickle down to the bottom. That's not what they believe. We believe that there is a common set of rules that governs all commerce. The set of rules is, if you prefer, value somebody you get to keep the profit to providing their value it true for rich, it's true for poor. This encourages trade. This encourages exchange there. A fountain effect is the idea you give money to people at the bottom. They spend the money in it or bubbles up to the top. That's not accurate. What ends up happening is that
but the bottom spend most of their money because they're at the bottom rung of society, they tend to spend it on basic consumer goods. Spending on t, shirts and food, and so, if you do that, you end up a common view, take it away from the innovators to Steve Jobs is and give money to people we spend it on burglars. You gonna get more bore more burgers. Unless iphones ran the price, there won't be competition, there won't be people compete, to make the nice iphones the poor people who never to own an Iphone. They will still be spending their money money on ever increasing prices of burgers right because, as they spend more money on burgers Ajax the price up, so the price as she goes up, because another competition to create more burgers and there's under supply and over demand, ok and says, if you could experience day in the life of somebody who has now passed on whose shoes would you step into and why Hitler and I'd kill myself alright Nihil says this might seem, I kind of a random question, but I was wondering that if you were to run for president, who would you It is running mate. Who are your thoughts
on bill little I like the little. What are you thought and gather Mcguinness? Gowns, wild man, Milo YE, Annapolis, Milo. It says some some things that need to be said, and he flirt with some of the poorest people on earth. Paul Joseph and don't really know his stuff very much lasting. Was your opinion on dead pool. The marvel comical character is joking. The game, like my favorite thing, he's kind of what he just said the dark, spider man. Spider man is? Is is happy that all right, He's not crazy, like that nobody here, but if you re dead, poor commenting you reach Spiderman conduct it basically fight quip fight, Quip fight quit this. That's all. It is right that it's just quit that are really are rated for dead people and groups that are really generated for Peter Parker. That's, basically the only difference and finally, a question in this last me to promote my new book We are not told us I'll do it. Where did you get your inspiration for tree legions, and why do I have to wait until October? It gets it's my tumblr data, because my publisher says so and what
and in my inspiration for true legions was I like right fiction, and I do think that like I rand, like tumble off, sometimes the best way to to get across. Your point is by providing a vision of what the world looks like if all of the all of the current day, events are taken to their logical extreme, and so that's what religions, as its you take. Everything is currently happening, any amp. It up by a factor of do and that's what truly Genes basically is well folks. We reach the end of the week, try not to I can ruin everything. Well, I'm gone. Try not to study Bible with Donald Trump Cause. It's just a bad idea. I'm Shapiro. This is the bench of euro
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